Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD)

 - Class of 1944

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Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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AQQXVEDEQUX Illbll'ullPd hy CV 0 CSOIHOI rms NINLTLLN HUNUHLII md FUHIY FUUH H6efd8QI1 CSDCAOOJ ABERDEEN, MARYLAND VUl.l I VII ! WI X35-If 1 I ll D ' - Cl nf F cc Ifllfl Jn We We C'a 0 44 wx h +C oco1Ca'fe+ I wsue of fkrrrvedercu 'ro MRS MARGARET PRITCHARD wno ha wo iced uw V My for Hue bene-M offax H S emo wh oupu -f ,Dff - f , .es 5 , 'S ' ' He , . , 9 ,r eems X ,. . . . . ls. +G exore 3 our bwhcere Thanks To Dr Sfevens e c r' ar ae we a The DGSf H15 classes w1+h us had an added personahfy Tha? wall hve forever IH our memorxes ,F -i We, The members of fhe C5655 of '44, wish For his h lp? Ubi fh7, ye ' U 5 In 1 If ll V' Bhmche Z He e-rch Law VV' N wax f oF a fV1:3F v 111.16 ISV! JU! nlllf' .PL .- r- DV' ff '."f:"'f M H"-J 1 9' W ff1r'TC,pr7 f- W' ," '1wfAA," V"J"f-'1 pwfwf- "'i"'i-E g Leif: Dv" "---3f"W"f-"S VI gifa EHR L1':f1f+"1. 'wry E ,Jn rw E gf+Cr . . 'n ,av S 1 ie---M ' Qffxfzfi fcffe R993-SEFID' A2 fs Taking Over 'he rob of Edlrorun Chlef from has sfandards of lasf year s book 'ro Hue besf of hrs abrlnfy We musf nor forger fha? George Adams heading Hue busmess sfaff has handled fhe fnnancaal sufuarson equai 'ro fha? of our pasr business managers even wnrlw Hwe effeds of The presenr conflnd abouf us broflwer, Henry Vrzalilc has arfempred To keep up Hwe yea 111004 Cgjtafyf Seated Duguud Grucr Leslie IN ss Reed Cronun Cfulonc Jones Justms Wertna Standing E Wrugnt Kelly F Wrugnt Ball D Bo vmaw E Wagner Rogers Adams Pyle 8 lfOIlCll I HENRY VRZALIK Ednor In Chfef CLYDE KELLY GEORGE ROGERS ArI Ednfors JEANNE LEE JUSTUS Snapsho+ Eddor fllerarg I ROSE MARIE RAY ELSIE WAGNER ELEANOR GRIER RUTH DUG-UID EDNA JONES usfness CSB! KENNETH PYLE BETTY JEAN LESLIE EDWARD WRIGHT PHYLLIS WERTMAN cgypfsts DOROTHY BOWMAN PATRICIA MCNUTT RUBY BALL THERESA TOBIN GLADYS BLEVINS 7 ffr - Icsanff ANNE CRONIN YYen n Rf A AYY nljQfiii"ij I neY enlIYYinYnYTfAmgI Q-Im ' Saff Q - aff SEXWOQ UMS5 UIIIUIH ' DEDICATED TO THE SENIORS TT ho DT TL v n 3 o 'J wee an Tr TD Qreo a y TUL T yn lirlurn n C y d SVTTOV y Dal O we Fav g v IT e a 0 JR a T n e arerTTnTcf1nl T a e Te m eaoe Tor T oe poor Frm mer 'eye w l PT member ThaT diy when Raloh QU Tet day M cy a Tghed e ara at b vc Tu n Tn glye a ban UU ang ou a Ll N wo O9 The rambe hmlgrer' T A H S Exam Came and wenT Cl rYTlghTy oo yea ared and T e a r wa e a e ' e newesT pupil wae Mmlcev T-louse and she soon became a popular member oT The 5emor u aug no ye To nn Po em WT a TQ arewe DarTy You l alwayb re moe Thf da e re T e a TQ hmoa 5 w en T oy ou an egg nn Freeman o neT GTG T-ly elm orore T Rosle arg her oloTa1 awed a good deal oT C mmem e oeclaly Tram one Mr Narcls Orloslce T-low abouT Gross sTnc:lcung has hang Through NT M Vey 3 or'7 T'le wa ThaT bad when he wa Tye Too Nobody will ever TorgeT KenneTh Pyle ahd hw elogaen argument To geT hlm ouT oT Classes especually hnsTory The sensore MT There now and low smug oh l see several crooked halos' Becau 0 oT Thexe ana aThe e mo1de5Thero will always be a memory oT The class wr l be a oea a T mem y oe aube aTTer all as sand and done They e ore good scouTs 10 f fl -7 U Ijfill L JC l'. D: " T' 0' Seb'embwr, l94L. Yr T .ww Ere hme :nil Thr- Snnh yin. do Ile r Trwey-. Everwoc. y nn The b Q ld T a' -,Ti 3 fy Tnll 'eu fel' ' Q "sh fr an Ego " . NT wo d ,r fo' S ' ' Ola ' T ll 2 ll X, we you urairliiefz r"'V"WL.ETY .Wh T" rg M Then, Pd l y The ..y, M gge, era g A . - 0 by 'hrfuwn -L-,-jbqhx W1-I W Ther T, E. Sfofomore- ard m do llfb, ,Tyr T l, To hes, Th ,. S. "T OT haylrwg ywur .U "-'Tgil fin The v,-z'i1'1g pfope. 'T , , f 4 Coober Threw The whf-lcey IJTTTTQ Eh MM C Neill T room? Nev' T. we'e Jun'f"e. Flaw I-ff Y! F T-l The E E55 TVTCVTV 551 V The Deg 'lv' " ln il ende"'f? TC lu-arr? T' my yum' " T ' V q y knewTh f :ff - T E 1 1 T res I l o . . . -, , GDC 'heh 1. were hlgh and. A T eefors. TQ44 yrjh l I' T -QT TM, ' p w,w'3T CT K: T-T y, B lay, Th ilass, Yo 1 "ge db U A ..b,r Zh b' T ll T . l ' A me T r' X, ybfo h Eavr .l'ly' h, he b,'Ts T T f ' V oz' n ' l, T. ' l A 'la Q 2 o ', '73, Q--o,,l 97, ' ' ' A X'T 1 T l T ' -l CT44, IT 'l', xl sn, or T C L, ' ' ' , ,Ir ,TTy CGIIIOI 11818 I V11 TON IVIACNESS Maggie If nth ver of ne r ions ghs uw x woe sem il I V P 7 I Are we r re Id nn q1est1on" HE NQY VRZALIK Hank nk till and qood loo mg ns kno yn thronc 1 the sehool for ns smootun H has n Iled very capably his Job as Edrtor un Chu 1 1 d rs other ofiees 4 ll In J PATRICIA NICNUTT 1 1+ y n ov 1' ante Irqent members of the C r-711 fzsurer KENNETH PYLE Ken Ken has handled the money of the Sensor Class very wlsely for the last tx o years He IS also knox n for the nnscfnevous tx nnkle an his eyes and his many arguments 11 GEORGE ADAMS llBuddy" Having a reputation as being the class l'Romeo" George is seldom seen without a girl. RUBY BALL Ruby When at comes to good danceng Ruby as the person who kno s how at should be done JLADYS BLEVINS Gaddue The amp of tne Sensor Class ns usually seen playung 1 Joke on someone or on the athletuc Held where she as 1 prominent figure DOROTHY BOWMAN Dottie Dottie a vnvaclous and well Inked member of the Sensor Chss IS seldom seen vvuthout her an s parable eompanuon Pat 12 IVIADFLINE CHALONE Mldge Mudge IS a lolly Sensor gurl who mtends to ursue a stenographlcal career ln vyhnch she has already made much progress g"'-. -4. Lv- ANJNE CRONIN Cronin Smal and blonde Anne IS looked up to by the Semor Class as bemg a person of great dependa 'rty and efhclency Thus she has rnghtfully earned the reputation of being one of the most pronunent members of the class QUTH DUGUID DLUQI6 Ruth doesn t exactly wear her heart on her sleeve hut she does faithfully wear an Army Arr Corps pun' Exew though quiet she believes that a little non sr-nse now and then IS relished by the wisest men BILL FITZPATRICK "Fitz" Thus blushmg red headed boy wnth the swell personality IS admured by all the gurls, but alas, the Navy wrll get hum as soon as he graduates 13 PAULINE l Ol l ADAY Polly llne s w l the benlor or Hnyv iy she s all ws lwglnwg glves :nn resslon Vvlewever Dv Stevens 1 lted l Ind run 63 cl ll xms 1 questvon of actfng as postman ELEANOR GRIER Grier prnde und loy of fn Senuof s ood s ll nt eouncnl president does well nn inytnng sle undertikes K wonderful sport frlend o everyone In school MARVIN GROSS Bull Moose Marvin the lnve vvure of the Sensor Class as fxtwfully lived up to has I'CDlli'ltIOl1 as class vvlt for the four yevs of has hugh school rxreer ANN HINDER Toy The backbone of the Army us the nor' commns sloned man' soy as she IS known ns the hrst Sensor to get a diamond" Best vlshes, Toyl' 14 -7' an P' ei' JEAN HOLDEN Holden n e Sh IS of he fev S n ors ho started thenr careers before graduatzon HELEN HOUSE Nhckey Nhckey as a newcomer thls year but one that ha made many frlends She as the only Senror taklng Junior subjects th refore she can almost b clalmed by both classes WALTER HOWLETT Buzzy Always ready with a wnsecrack short stout good natured when the ire whnstle blows There goes Buzzy' GERTRUDE JOHNSON Trudy Gertrude one of the few general students s very quuet rn her classes When you see her In a group talklng and her eyes dreammg you can be sure Butch as ID the conversation 15 l Llea " is oulet but is lik-d by all. e ' one 1 v ? l Y. A . . . A- .. - H N- X - ' KS 4 I . I Q ' .- . . . , V -f' ' ' ': f 5 1 A-V . ?' a 4 . 44 W - ,. . ,,- , i .J s-1-' h u ' 4' A Q ', rl " - . , . X e--- l - A , ' I . .. f ,A A - rn V . s Y U H rv ' - - f f - . ll H .. ,, i , , . -,' Xl H ' ' ' Y 1, 'fi . ul EDNA JONES Joncla Good thlngs come ln small packages We are uncluned to agree when we remember how capably Edna has hlled the post of edltor of the Blue and Gold Trnm petlte long glistening page boy bob JEANNE JUSTUS Jeanne our queen Ralny days hold Ilttle terror for thus merry sovereign who has a buoyantly cheerful dlsposutlon that matches her laughung green eyes CLYDE KELLY But yet he made a thousand frlends es and by Heaven he kept them An why not? Pleasant drawl artustlc ablluty are an lrreslstuble combination BETTY JEAN LESLIE es Dependabullty IS Betty Jeans middle name We le always been able to count on her suggestions for p ograms library actlvltles and just plain good un 16 xl 4 ff ll - - H u If ' r 1 u - Y I Au d ' I . . .. mL ff ll " 11 - 1 - 'I w ' ly I . . . . . . f . GEORGE MUSKA There was a young fellow named lVluska Who stlrred up a terrlble fusslkal He just thought he d try It lllavlng always been quaetl Then calmly went home on the buslkal V Rl INIA NORRIS Ginny One of the most qulet members of the Sensor ass Ginny has 1 charm all her own ROQIF RAY lshme and rain at olee her srnles md te s Rosle elther loves or hates It s 1 pretty strenuol blt It eera y lS E " Ufnafmzeb ...,a i 1 GEORGE ROGERS Another artlstlc member of the class George comes and goes as he pleases and IS usually seen wlth a cheerful grm for everyone 17 HAROLD SHIPLEY The old and well-worn quotation l'Silence is Golden" fits this Senior to a HT". QDNA Tl-lOlVlAS We wonder who will take the place that Edin has so ably fulhlled in the ofhce as Dr Stevens assistant THERESA TOBIN Toby Toby probably possesses more energy per square inch than any other senior This accounts for her success on the athletic field ELSIE WAGNER Waggie At the very sound of Nlairzy Doats Elsie comes running The Voice of the Senior class has an unmistakable giggle and is usually seen scarnpering about A H S running errands for the teachers 18 PHYLLIS WERTMAN Tmsh Tlsh IS famous for her Tarduness lncessant running around Shmmg copper tresses Happy go lucky personalnty LDWARD WRIGHT Ed one of the best athletes an schol and one ofthe hrst to receuve hns Bug A has done a very good Job as Athletic Assocuatuon President as t ell as IH other school actlvltnes FQEEMAN WRIGHT The Sensor boy with the Mode! A con tlnually chauffeurung the gurls or teachers Mrs Parrushs pet worry 19 WHO LL BE WHO IN I952 As we Turn The pages of a Ihuclc red volume of Who s Who In I952 our eyes slowly sfop scanmrg Ihe pages as we come Io erlann Tamullar names The hrsf of whIch IS ANNE CRONIN HappIly marrned for several years Anne spends parl hme Iravelung around Io The dxhferenl Naval Bases ROSIE RAY Havung lusl' published a book on How To Be Happy By Laughnng Rosle IS preparIng anolher on her recenl advenlures In Indna HELEN HOUSE Muclcey has lusf opened an exclusrve school Tor +he sludy of many dnlferenf languages Who are +he s+udenIs7 Why males of course' GEORGE ADAMS Due Io has buslness abIlIIy we now fund George as head of large chaIn of grocery sfores under +he headnng of George B Adams 81 Sons P S Yes he hnally marrled KENNETH PYLE Realuzang a llfelong ambuhon we now fund Commander Pyle slahoned as head of a Navy Base IH Eloruda MarrIed7 Buf of course MARVIN GROSS Dud you wonder al Chrnslmas TIme who Ihe happy Sanfa Claus was slandsng on The corner up+own'7 Why yes Thls was Marvun whose favorufe pasflme IS amusung chuldren' CLYDE KELLY Afler havIng desugned Ihe now famous Kelly Bomber we hnd Clyde manager of The new Kelly Alrcrafl Eaclory JEANNE JUSTUS Now sIngIng nIgh+ly wIIh FUZZI9 Buzzne and has famous hepcafs Jeanne spends her spare +Ime 'rryung new hanr sfyles Ihaf wIll please Ihe cusfomers ,ANNE HINDER As The owner ol a smarf dress shop on Broadway we fund Anne Iravelang annually back and Torlh from Parns And no'r alone GEORGE ROGERS HavIng always had greaf arhshc abIl1'ry George IS now a second Io Walf DIsney Address Box 423 Burbank S+udIo Hollywood CGlI'lOFHld BUZZIE HOWLETT When nof runnIng around Ihe counlrry wllh George Buzzue puls In fume af DIS now famous record shop on BasIn Slreel EDNA THOMAS Havrng a greal Ialenl for Ialung care of people Edna wIII un doub+edly be a greaf success In fhe Nurssng QFOIGSSIOD EDWARD WRIGHT Afler havIng spenl Ihe las+ few years ID The AIr Corps as a Lneuf Edward wIIh hIs wrfe has now se++led down on +heIr counlry eslafe FREEMAN WRIGHT WI+h a nIce church a confenfed WIT9 and Iwo preI+y chIldren we can readuly see why Reverend WrIgh+ IS so well pleased wII'h lufe 20 I . . . I ' I . . . II . II . 'Q I II - II . . '- I . . . , . , . . " . . , I I 1. I V ' I X '-' I Z I I I I I - 1' I i. I . -n I n PAT McNUTT PaT our Tall nlce lookung redhead now has Top bllllng aT The new Earl Carroll show JusT Around The Corner N1ce7 Um h h DOT BOWMAN IT you ever wondered whal The aTTracTlon rs aT a cer'Tasn large resTauranT an Balhmore :T could be DOT The charmsng hosTess GLADYS BLEVINS Now a physical lnsTrucTor aT a well known gurls school we oTTen hear reporTs oT Gladys greaT popular1Ty wuTh The glrls BILL FITZPATRICK Enroylng single blessedness we oTTen caTch a glance oT Bull on one OT has hasTy Traps To and Trom New York where has new Broadway show SomeThlng For The Gnrls rs shownng HENRY VRZALIK lEsq l ATTer spending several years un The Marune Corps he leaves To become head oT one oT The largesT shoe concerns In The counTry We can easnly undersland why Hank looks aT The world Through rose colored glasses GEORGE MUSKA The Sheuk or The WolT as you wash George now has daxly courses Tor young ladies and men on How To GeT Thin ln Ten Easy Lessons EDNA JONES As secreTary To one oT The largesT buslness men rn The counTry Edna s THERESA TOBIN Toby The smalIesT member oT our class IS seen Trying To con cenTraTe on a very 1mporTanT oTTnce 'ob buT more Than once a quesT1on slides :Ts way nnTo her mind Should l accepT The proposal or sTay puT7 P S She accepled RUBY BALL ATTer several years oT dancxng Ruby has Taken over Ar-Thur Murrays Tamous dancrng school rn New York Malor1Ty oTpup1ls males oT course And she ns quxTe a success we mnghT add PAULINE GOLLADAY Was snngle and gay Happy To sTay UnT1l SHE saw HIM one day And whisked hmm away JEAN HOLDEN Could you nmaglne who The gracious recepTnonnsT was aT The new El Swank HoTel7 Why Jean Holden oT course whose husband boughT The place Tor Thenr 5Th weddrng anniversary MADELINE CHALONE As LleuT IU The Marnnes Madelune was greaT bul as a house wrTe she s wonderTul ELEANOR GRIER ls now SecreTary oT Labor ID The CapuTol She assumed Thxs posnhon when M Perkuns and she had a plTched baTTle on The WhuTe House lawn Muss Grier oT course emerging Trrumphanlr IT IS sand ThaT The Washxnglon bug wngs Threw up Their hands In horror' BuT whaT could They do7 21 doing a swell job. Married? No. ProspecTs? PlenTy. Q QUD JOTHNSON W N mr rnnmia pr or NIR TNIA NOPRTS W n T Q 'mer TNure aTThe WaTTer C VN G Gnnxf HA OLD SHIPLEXT P OTe r TS1 H a HINDU DIALELT GT Th Aberoeen Un ham, Q TudenT eicapade BETTY J LFSUE Who us Th hanu me Neva CTT Cer who 'UST arrwved mn Town wwTh eT x Je-an7 Car y u nnaqmne u RUTH DUGUID We T nd Rnfrh n a ofa O uno To Engmno I5 she aTone'7 WhaT or mu Thwnk bhe 5 noT wearnnq ThoQe wwnqx Tor noTh1nq PT-TYT US VVCRTMAN MILTCN VACNVSS Q he oeyf eTTer T T we Tmo DonT ou ParTner A e V Hnw Ave T 'viurcier AT The Brwcqe Tables by Tho e Two rwThaPT auThomTuew Q Tre T bnciqe I and ThaT They have row made enough re e and are cor'nTorTaolv QeTT cd P The QunT y GSTGTGQ ELSIE WAGNER AT er como eT nw vera! Vee Q QT cohege we Tnnd Eisue Teachunq aT a very exduswe grrT C eo n aT ma D Tne STM Shwne B ughT ETme7 We ma e n rr 5 e wc Vee Qhe ea L nT TeT ne QT Thern T u E Thne aw we fome To The end OT The nanneQ 0 Tho e rn QT Tanwnhar To u we once aqaun C ace The Dock can on The heh Tc MO mer To en ey 22 CP T. E I V. 3- Txcx na fe, 14n'f Agni-n Us hef Serial D?--TTTCT' a' 'nc F5 N0 Yen 5 Tm:-f DLJwj"r'H- Cove". WF T? Fir 'he Tvf 'T 'D ' Tx efewion, V Com-.ei-. f Q X -- Q ff Q GNN, hf- LJC'X'kTV'T6' L , ,T 6, 5 , R Teil Hcexulai 'P fabhln Ten. TM fs' ' is Yff f'3'ne CFITQ iinl QT, "E f, R ' ' 4 V we C' fnl lf, , X , P if vef:7Tv. He is ahe dean QT The Stas-n' ceilx' and 'X noreo Tor The RTT! wITh which he ni Fw 51 . S. . - . 1 Q , T 1 1 e , ' B TT . 3 T ', --TLTGH ebceol Cbnqfm Tanons. -- , fi C ' T T C F r T. ' 1 K - . , . , ., '1 e - n T ' A 9 E5 A T fran: Y f 5 C 0 T, To w T ' , 'T , ' ' ei f bm, minion Q TISS' . 'O TU' , , ' R T11 vw , Fr in r ' V. - - T , T .2 i fe " I fi ' A ' ' , ' ' 'ss h, TE C Fnfx' . 0 ' S ' F' . f . d a SVQTTT 1i'TaTce, IT 5 sh - T R ,T T, C195-FCS glrfs. Dc, , 0 b'Te vo , Tsie. , .. . ' T , e T , T S, O. H, 'T e., ' ' ,T S 7, f fandhef QV? V Te . ORCHESTRA MEMBER WEAK NOTE HIGH NOTE USUALLY SEEN rqf fkoarn oady Br l y wrnar lvlaoellnr CV e uqn Paullne Colladay Eeanor Crlor l a v n 5 l'l T Helen l-louse Waller Howlell G r me J lan or r-ora Jo e Jeanne Ju u Clyde Kelly Belly Jean Leslle M llon lvlaqness lralvl George Muslca VT qlnua Norms Kenrellw Pyle Ro 46 Ray George Rogers Harold Shrpley Edna Thomas Theresa Tobln Henry Vrzalllc Elsue Wagner Plwyllrs Werfman Edward Wrnqlwl' Freeman W lglwl or Dm e Jolwnry Marr G C s Clog wo wealer Jr F ennen Tallno Drurnnn Paqeo w lfa l- r e Planes Wrrlrng le++er Gr clung Pa a+ Worne Bluslmnq lvllclcev Hank Temoe Baseball Clnernxslry Buclcy Brunelle Maurzy Doal Navy orr Fords n lauqlnn HD VFTTI' FT Aol y Soinnlw Slceplng 5 HIPQ V' Slcelclwrnq Cornrn Tree HT lory Bo llreeol Q Trarnunq a wave ulelnes A E oauely r Sulence Mallw lvlonllorung Busunes Abllnly Ambmon Cur s Afhlelucs Slcuppnng Classes W lf Mo a ee n dqe Ei lv' C A PO Tele L, moary G llweB8fE lrllw rnoyle C D C only Bu A Baldwln lvlar L a x C CJ TPQ CG lm 'vl nnq Al N Leflers Cnas ng Ma y VVTNW Rullw Gall ng a Pa Ar and 'rlwe o Po lroorn Wrllw Kelly Runnlng errano ln Foley s Ne lmrg Sway no W lrBelly Jea ln Wlwle Glooe Haullrg Tea lne Sf-C' .1 1 ni Fl" Fr-pnqp Lfafmq RUOV :Q ' Di flrsfg A' gay-ffl Ol X r Vw?" SL rl lf ,T Cr: DCFO ly Bri , , If L. ,rd ln Nail' -' T alone f 5 Tea Ind SI A -g3lmqQ P- 55 Cla'- Arn C"fx'4V S llorf Qglifc-ri.. B5'r'brlr A Ruin D la Air arp Tl.: Ano We fgfq was Blll Elrzoalrlil A Blanae ., ,yf lf- "i'J'Tf lr 'N L, A 81 P ' ' ' ll 1 Ta : TPQ ln Tlwe OTTTCA Ll ' l- S 1 Prev'wwr1a'fTy Dgaglnq yl r ll Ora Clrrwnfnq 'ulf-' l1fa'T4"al lllll' lpjfqnblp Arne Hinoef Harrx Ewgaqerrenr Rings Dawnwgwn Je " olocr Slwfr' E?" DVC-zzllanlf . A l Qlaga F7 c T , I , Ir T I .5 fi ' 1 ' J 2 ' . e ' 2 6 lr Y 2 T2 T T , Smlmnca+Ian Eno lslw Samara lp' I Y ,p 4: , Of Y 'f Slagrlklrg ln :L-Urgln -3 3 lal slyl 'Q Me ', 'rlera-3 Cf fl-Q layer, o r L , . y . O ' N i I as ln llne lbr r' T . .QM . 'll Of' 'C+' l f lvlee ' gs Palfc' GNU? r roooerf L o, 'r T af" 'r af -- N nl ' ' ' T. ll r , ' I Jr. . .D, f 5 ss :I F ' A l l M-1 - V o r V.. X F AT Q , . . . . T ' s ' .5 H Q I. . . I S . . I I I+ I - . HP , , . . , r' ' ' Q r 23 SENIOR CLASS WILL We lhe Senror Clas ol IQ44 ol lhe Aberdeen Hugh School Clly ol Aberdeen Slale ol Maryland Delng cl young rnlnd an men ory oo male publrbh and declare l as our law wall and lealamerll George Adams leave hs helghl lo Joe Morelz Ruby Ball oewlowe her da c ng abllnly oe Shirley lylorloln aoy B yy Ils her al l a ly lo ucule Pre Dorolhy Bow man awards her calrn nalure lo Gwen Ruchards lyladelmne Chalone leaves her helghl lo Bye yn Tucker Ann Cronrn euornlla her drry ng abrlllv lo Qldr ch Fellar u Duguuo awardx her Arr C r nnle e ls lo Dorn urne rll llrlzpalrrclc leayee ha red an rr Dorm Prexlon Paulrre Colladay granl her wwy wrlh lylr Slevenb lo Loulse Veeder Lahor Cr c r l he lc FO han lo C orla and Lellne ue a yr wllr y e h rn c levou wax cl e wn UF a Ann Hlnder leave her engaoernenl r ng lo Belly Wesl a mn wr hr r lf oKa hlenper er a H 3 DX S lcure lo Hynelc Zace avr xr 1 L Eddre Dwy r Orches ru o Laura Ju lu P3 J P 1 y l Belly Pres are af 6 ram lnlereel lo Mary Shecl 76 Ke rr w c y ew nw S n lVlcNulnelpl1ly glyr mar lo H n'nl r Lullle and Sylvia Pre len e rge Mu 3 o iory fy D n rc rnla Norrr wlll c lyf nnelh Pyle or enl h Jr l 0' yr Bc er E cc-fe i wlln C e n o er ow Ll m c w n Hir lo Sh olef heoelully hunn Jcl'1F'!'15 Reed hrs gurel nalure nw Th mi yes e e nl e c ce' her o olher Howar b rnll Belly e ye n aol le Le ler Coen Pla Wagner pre PP hc lnomg abil M7 lo Herman Hood lf rhor lylclnlyre and Ennrnw Th rno n l WfllP' io' ie o hoc lo Lcu Kracw owaro W lan wal P3 w pooula ly by beslowng rl on Gm rr uno Raym hd Wrlmrn n Pre nnan Wr ghl o idly leave h P rd TO C ge Creswell n HJL, e W now al Bell Wcrlhrnglor THF SENlOR CLASS OF I944 Wrlne es LaRUE S PARRISH MARJORIEJ REED Lawyer ANN CRONlN RUTH DUGUID ELSIE WAGNER 24 L I rl r ' p 5 .I 1 - 4 5 W VN , I -. h'i 1' " f , : W , -3 'S ' V, . l . , ,' rx I " . .' . 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George Rig, sorr lfly ay f rdz hlk. blons halr TO Brlw: lr E . f o 7 ,I , I Q . L-9 H r If ,Q '. ' . Edf 'f fxgif ihfplac E hgvlll a , lr d. lnerela l ',-, 'lr vue, A' her bofgleroup nalure lo A Kraus. Haw-'y Vrgaill lfa fo- Iwi necld g wllly l as' , .. 1, lla r,zrf3' J. , lb '.l ' , 5' - 7 l e f cf N xo . Rhyfg 5 ar be-H ".' 1 hr". lr ol belno :fl , lm 'C l ,Q Q, Bl l ll un' fl? ,cly earlw Ilh hlf, W Lrlff lc E L ' , ala Wh' Q f ' I 0 ,K 'lk --lx. -e e ' ah., f, 2 Y. Ao l ' eor ' Hele e ff Llge her lrle lf sermon Vly lo , , ' 1. l ' , as L- . . gt UXVDEQUMSSMEXV THE JUNIOR CLASS S Fl Y VOW FOW FOW YOW Veeder G Shue Drauss Meeks Burns Boyer Justus D Preston Sheckles L Shue Mrs Parrish Little B Preston Thompson Rausch West E Tucker Moltz L Preston Richards Pender S Preston Miss McVey Worthington Wllharnson Coen Fejfar Hood W Tucker Thomas Morlok Mitchell Whnt Reed Krajca Zacek Irey Irwm Srmth Moretz President Oliver Boyer Secretary Laura Justus Treasurer Dons Meeks 26 1 A f V , f , , f , V , , - ' Ci 1 A , V ' , , I , , - f , V 491 1 A V I 5, f ' , , , A , A , 4 Vice-President ...,,........,.,.................,,.....,, . , Doris Burns THE SOPHOMORE CLASS st n I' YOW YOW YOW YOW Willoughby Cronln Carr Vesely Collette Asher Cook Holcomb Coen Welsh Mlss Zlttel Nllss Walker Peters Nlorrls Smnth Gerdom Armstrong Fox Breeden Delapp Jewell Schantz Cook Fuchtner B Dorman Caudlll C Dorman Jacobs Nlntchell Bowman C Wright Pyle Cullum Duff Presldent Ellen Asher Vuce Presuclent Ann Ray Secretary Patrlca Welsh Treasurer Maman Cronln a Mary Vesely Cynthia Cook Dorothy Coen Marty Wllloughby 5 Mac Collette Bully Carr Gene Holcomb Gene Holcomb d MP . . I . f I . I . I I I I Baldwin, Brandhoff, Mrs. Miller. 4th -ee , . ' , , , . Bl B2 B b 27 THE FRESHMAN CLASS lst n r FOW VOW FOW VOW FOW Radcllffe Durant W Slngleton McLouqhlln Kretlov Drlre Pyle Leftrrdge brlfhth Snlth J Slngleton Turnbaugh Loffhous Shenk Burns Cook Creswell Vlcarl Dul? Whltloek Stanley H Hoflner Hall Revls Huob Freeman Martln Reeves Mrs Swayze C Grler H Cronvn Kleln Zytt Slmon Long B Preston Halstead Miss Brlnsfield Mrs Ranmen Walls Harrlngton Keen Norris Drasyk H Slngleton Shlpley Ferrell Wanltshka Vaught Hall Morrls Duck Hassan Holden Thomas Hart Rash Lamb House Wheeler Osborne Wllson Manley Hoffner Magness Meeks Hayes A2 Presndent Woody Whllloclc Gladys Stanley Aa Dacey Lilly Vlce Presldenl Elalne Dull Helen Hoflner Wayne Cook Secretary June Vlcarru Vlrqm a Hall Jael: Freeman Treasurer Dons Creswell Paulme Revls George Huob 28 Brown, Krajca, Beachboard, E. Preston, J. LaPenotiere, Murphy, Loynds, Ball, Courtney 4th ---V , ' It , U , I' , , . ' , ' , , ' , Sth V V I, ,l I, I, , l , ' , , , , Al b 2 . . . . E !JU7fW7!E5 STUDENT COUNCTL Seated Leslue Tucker Justus Grier Preston Asher Standlng Whrt'ok Krauss Mvss McVey Boyer Wrnght Jones Stanley Vesely Lrlley Presudeni' Eleanor Graer Vice Pres denf Jeanne Lee Jusfus Secrefary Edna Jones BeHer s+uden'r confrol and recreahon were fhe Two mann fhoughfs behind fhe Sfudenf Councul fhus year These were The reasons for fhe purchase of movle prolechon equxprnen+ and baskefball equrpmenf 30 ' , Y Treasurer .. ...,.....,. .,..,. .... .,,...,.. , . . Henry Vrzalik LIBRARY COUNCIL Seated Cronin Armstrong Burns Leslle Miss Walker Wagner Brandhofl Standing Dull Slmon L LaF-'enotlere Wertman D Preston L Justus Cook Creswell Thus year even lhough lhe Councll IS conslderably smaller lhan an laller years lubrary work has progressed vusl aboul lhe same as usual Thanks lo donallons ol books and back copues ol magazlnes lrom lrlends lhe quanlnly ol up lo dale reading malerlal IH lhe library has nncreased The Council has also purchased books wllh money granled by lhe school board lhrough a play enlllled Dollle and Dalfy and nol lo lorgel lhe lnnes on overdue books Durnng a shorl absence ol lhe lacully sponsor Mlss Walker lhe presudenl and olher members ol lhe Council carrled on lhe work very successfully Vnce Presldenl Dorls Burns Secrelary Belly Sue Armslrong 31 1 X , Presidenl . ..........., ...,.,,. . ,. .. ,. ..,.,...... Belly Jean Leslie ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 154- ., -. Durant Jacobs Wrnght Grier The Aflnlelnc Assocvahon has been quufe successful In :Is worlz ihls year Money was reused for and spenf on much needed aflxlehc equxpmenl' and :Is presence was really appreczafed by all flue sludenf body 32 BOYS SOFT BALL ll Ill " """' ll lll "" ln "-' 'ww IH Ill ull li Iii ICI?" lst row Jacobs M Magness K Pyle F Wrxgnt Rogers E Wright S Pyle Irey Reed Zacek Boyer Carr 2nd row B Dorman Lamb Bowman Wilson Holcomb Hood Felfar Caudlll Duff Nye Huob Mltchell D Pyle 3rd row W Sungleton Durant Moretz White Coen Hoffner Manley Leushman Cullum S Magness Irwm Hart 33 SOCCER Sea ed Adim Tucker K Pyle Srnlth Z1 ek Hovlett Jacobs Standlng Nloretz Wrlght Collette Boyer Vrzallk Fejfar Reed Curr Thus war llme learn played whenever nl found lame and had a fairly good season losing only lo Bel Arr We wanl 'ro congralulale 'rhese boys for qolng ahead and producing a Team under such cond: hons The sludenls look forward To The fume when they can play wufh oul war reslrnclnons 34 t r 3 , , , , L Q l. , . x ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 ' , . GIRLS FIELDBALL W? HS-nn.-ns-..w-..n Seated Simon Cook Wllloughby T Ray Bowman Wertman Blevins G Shue Baldwin 2nd row Nlaclntyre Asher Coen Rlchards Nllss Reed Pender Fyle Klein Meeks 3rd row Hasson E Grler Zytt House H Cromn Loynds C Grler We had qurle a lol of fun prachcung Fxeldball In The Fall and qulle laler an lhe season we played lhree games wnlh Bel Alr The scores were close IH all games buf we were defealed We hope To do belfer nexl year 35 1 ee we 1 1 l ' " ' - , 1. l I - V, .M ,f ii fx, I . , , l ' . l ,ge A - V V A ' E -, l - - X .. -V 3 . ' ' ..a-ad-......., .,..,e. I 1 - ' , ... - . .. . . B X 1 1 1 ' I I I I ' 1 h 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 4 i V 1 ' 1 1 I ' I 1 ' ' DEFENSE CLUB tid mr o 1 Nutt Tiiovv 15 Cao The ouroobe I ihis c uo iv fo malice everyone aware of his dufy as a good ifizen and Tha? in order io orepare for fhe fu+ure we musf buy wa bonds and sfamps 36 w As 1 B fwiar, Mg 'C' f per. mdimg 'Schmitz Lfsftridge Hiob Little Teacher -Miss Mcvey, Miss Bririsfieid. Q Ok . I . .F . r X . FIRST AID CLUB Seated Loynds Moltz Standmg Wamtshka Martm J LaPer1oture Russ WGIFCF Zy' Many m+eres+mq clasves were spew NGGVHIUQ how fo render 'r'mrs+ ald m case of accudem' or sernous uliness We emoyed mos? bandagmg and arhfucual respwafuon 37 BLUE and GOLD STAFF Seated Hlnder Norms IVlcNutt Jones Duguad Ball Blevnns Standing Chalone Muska F Wroght Bowman Ednor nn Chu l Edna Jones Assusfanl Ednlor Rulh Duguld Business Manager Pal McNuH Curculafaon Manager Theresa Tobun Social Edufors Dorolhy Bowman Madeline Chalone Jolces Freeman Wrlghf Sporls Edrlors Gladys Blevmns George Muslca Proof Readers Mrs Parrish Gerfrude Johnson Vlrgunua Norrrs Paulmne Golladay Thus year we followed fhe example which lhe l942 43 Sfaff se+ for us by having fhe Blue 81 Gold prlnfed anslead of mlmeographed as lhose of preceeding years had done We succeeded an publnshlng an Issue every Two monfhs and also galned lhe lnleresf and supporf of mos? of The sfudenls af A H S The paper usually carried a sum mary of all lhe umporlanl evenls around school and up 'ro dale dafa on currenl romances All an all 'rhe paper has been a greaf success and we hope 1+ wall be even be++er nexf year 38 Alumni Edilor, ,ff,fff,ffffffff.fffQ.fff.ffff ....,.. .,RubyBall DANCING CLUB S f1 Y YOW FOW l'0W FOW Smith Meeks Burns Shue Blevlns Tobun Mnss Reed E Tucker Cholone T Ray Wulloughby A Cronin Grler House Krauss Pender M Cronm Fyle Welsh Armstrong Ruchards Rausch Morlok Worthmgton West L LaPenotuere Maclntyre Thompson B Preston Nye C Dorman Morrls Norrls Jones Ferguson Wagner Duguud Ball Breeden Peters Mitchell Duff B Dorman E Wright Zacek Muska F Wrlght Hood Adams Boyer S Pyle Manley K Pyle Irey Irwrn We mel lo dance and teach others to dance A number of records were purchased with the club dues 39 D I' .1 .I ' I' . r I I' ' , . 4th -- ,- ', , ,- ', , , ,. , DRAMATIC CLUB lst row Long Brandhoff Hyde Klein Brown Duff Sheckels Znd row Preston Vesely Cronin Leslle Wertman 3rd row Vlcarl Price Beachboard Fox Felfar Cullum Teacher Nllss Zuttel On display Kretlow Arms 3kll'TlbO Halstead The members of lhxs club enloyed lhe work of preparlnq several plays llwls year and learnxng l'l1e arf of make up Class programs were arranged fo bring oul lhe dramallc ablllly of each one of us 40 is lo lil l :ll l - l a or l 4--N MONITORS Seated Crier Leslue Wertnwan Mnss NlcVey Standanq Wrnght Justus McNutt Thal s only 'rhe lrsf bellll No drunks berweer classesl' You carl go lo your loclcer Brea If upl' Sungle hlel' One sfep a+ a hme" These are Iusl a few of 'rhe momfornal saymgs fhal newcomers 'ro ihrs school wall hear as fhev pass from class To class All nn all lhe monvfors have worked harcl To keep order rn The halls buf anyone can undersfand haw hard 1+ IS 'ro malce your bosom pals foe The marl: 41 Q I .. . l H!! k' .. PATROLM EN lst row Huob Jacobs Carr Reed Cook Pyle 2nd row Thomas Howlett S Magness Adams F Wrnght Cullum Foreground M Magness As usual The pafrolmen help keep order on lhe school ground and help fhe luffle chnldren cross 'rhe sfreef They have also been acflve nn lure drnlls and prachce our rands 42 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 A 1 1 - 1 - BOYS VOLLEY BALL Seated Moretz Flchtner Jacobs Clarence Mltchell Pruce Shupley Hart Kelly Reed House L Smuth Kretlow Durant Charles Mltchell 2nd row B Dorman Rogers K Pyle M Magness Adams Lamb Howlett S Magness Hoffner Zacek Irwln Bowman White 3rd row S Pyle Fltzpatrlck E Wright Nluska Manley Irey Cullum Hood Fejfar Boyer F Wrlght Wllson Holcomb Carr 43 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 'W - 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 - 7' A 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - PING PONG CLUB Players Mitchell Hand r Simon l-lo ncr L s o od C l L Holden 2nd row Coen L Justus Preston Flchtncr House S lVl1gn ss 3rd rov Hasson C Gruer Baldwln Jacobs Crlffrth Whitlock W Cook Carr 4th rom. D Pyle d TH la t qaro was enloyeo by more than lnlrly people Some of u nad played before ol'l'1ers were lust learnlnq We held two tournaments Carolyn Slmon won The amateur and Clarence Mulclwell the orolesslonal and also sclwool clwamouonslwlp 44 " ' ' Q , ' , ff e , ls' row Mis Mivey, C. C ok, B. Gcrdorj J. H I an rcs-well, . , M. Durant, J. Justus. - , . , , A , , . t Q . JY- . V , ' H, , , 1 I , ' , . , . M , Rec . is c 3 .e ' ' ' 1 ' . u l l , . CHESS and CHECKER CLUB x.. Zn r 1 rovx Turnbough Hayes Hart Wnlinansorw rov Mrs Muller Whmte W Smgleton Revxs P Magness Vaught Moretz Freeman row Meeks Rash Osborne Coen Byrne Leaslwam Lwmb ow etom w w Icy Jewell Kent Thus club was newly orgamzed 'rhws year Joe Morefz won our Checker 'rournamerv Severe of us have acfually learned +0 play Chess 45 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Seated Hoffner Mrs Raninen Hall Radcliffe Norris Singleton Keen Kralca Thomas We aclually loined Hue American Home Economics Associahon Each one of us had a very enloyable lime sewing on a prolecf making presenfs for our parenis and baking cookies for soldiers in hospilals 46 Standing-Stanley, Courtney, Shenk, Ferrell, Drasyk, Hall, Harrington, Shipley, Walls, Reeves, Morris GIRLS VOLLEY BALL s row 2nd row Cooper Baldwin J Justus Tobin Bowman Blevins Chalone Hmder House B Preston T Ray Smith Gerdom Dugued IVIcNutt Tucker Armstrong Wagner Cook Welsh G Shue Teacher Mnss McVey Thus was the tlrst time most ot the gurls had played Volley Ball but at really made a hut with them" We played quite a few games wnth Havre de Grace out ot whnch we lost one All ID all Volley Ball as one ot the favorite games around AHS 47 3rd row---Willoughby, L. Justus, D, Preston, Morris, Coen, Maclntyre, Thompson, Burns, Worthington JUNIOR FIREMEN Left to rlght Adams Schernechel Everett K Pyle Hovlett Reed S Pyle Wright say wnlh greal orude +ha+ lhey have luved up 'ro fhe name of Fnre Fnghlers all The way lhrough We are also proud of The fad Thai a sensor G B Adams as The Junuor Chref 48 The Junior Flrernen have had a hlghly acflve season, bul we can PATRONS PulaJo1n LaPenoluere Lgrraune LaPenohere M Po emary LaPenohere amw l hn H Bcafhooard M and Mrs V Ch ud and Mrs H Zacelc Helen Zarelr n Mr J Pe Mr ano Mr P N Hood M and Mr Q P Boyer Ueorge B Aoam Jr E' V' ME 6 Vcu r ano M L a LQ: Vrzalw Mus Rulh Hamm or and ann BUG EUC Mrs C Noyalny M Sleve Ycagcr C Geolzel B Ohm Jury Kralca Alrre Lekman B Horlcy Mr Mnldred Par' rer r and Mr P no H w Ma lon M e Pay Sm lh C W C ano M J C Sheclcels Dr and Mr E H Sleyens Mr and Mrs Edward Rurhards Mr and Mrs M ss I Qrdon Mr and Mrs H H Holden Mrs Bunella O Pelerson Mr V1 'for GUIdICS Dr Harry lvms Qllucer J B Ray Mr and Mrs H E Pyle Pvr Louis Van Pallen Cpl Mlclcey Gabler Mr and Mrs G L Wagner Mass Thelma Mass Blanche Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs McVey Zlllel Waller Leslre Alfred Tobin J W Cronin E B Duguld Col and Mrs W E House Mass Mayfleld Wallcer L+ Wm R Cronln Mr and Mrs Allen B Reed Miss Marlorue Reed Mrss Rulh Reed Johnny Reed Mr Howard Sheffer Donald Irey Slraughh Mclnlyre L P Hynelc l Zacelc Mr and Mrs May and Mrs D T Cooper Mr and Mrs H E Dahm Mrs George Hughes Mass Mary Hughes Mlss Vlrgunua Ray Charles Wrlghl Tommy Ray Mr and Mrs Rlchard Cronin Mal and Mrs G F Hyde Mr and Mrs W S Asher Mr and Mrs Oscar Jacobs Mrs Shirley Mrlchell Albon R Fuchrner Jr Mr and Mrs Fred Baldwrn Mr and Mrs Waller Smufh Muss Anne Charles Smnfh Carlfon Dorman Bull Dorman J Freeman Wrughf Ann Roberfs Gerry Goodman Lorraune Presfon Kennefh and Barney Mr and Mrs Juluan M1+chell 49 1 .cr f , 1 . F. . . 1 1 . l F. S. . . E-4, s ' C , . ' 5, . Sf-. f .Lo , Q' Mru Earl. Pzce .r. l '. . l l Mlfa lvl- - rg Mr, f f . . M. rrf. 'eo Vrz lik Ml - A , Pvl. fr Al. Mr, a d s. . Har 's 'lfr Mr, . . ' W Jr Mr. J rs. X f' M , A lrhf ' l o lell Mr. and Mrs. E L. Pelricls Mr. and Mrs. J, A, Werlman, Jr. Mr, lMrs. . A Mrf, r' L. ill r Mr. f ' Mrs. . Mr,-L I E . Miss X' I ' . . . l rs. . . MM , s. . . Mi-,ln . r . .. '. i . ' . . J. . . 1 . . , , , , Pyle N fZ11.'u5fr'f1f1f1.w Cxji 10111 Uflnl .' CVSVIIIIXDSXIULY CSJIIIl!1S!I mls '1..l ,Q 9. 'H MB? v3-f. -K-3-f. v-4-1. N3-w 5'-3-ff -vin -v3-n NC-n .v-C-f. -vi-1. -v3-1. .WC-1, A .1-CJ, .W-f. .4-f. NC-f. N3-n N3-f. .14-v, M-fa -vin A53-f. ,J-f. .-4-1. :J-L -vi-f. W W -X441 H-3-ff -14-n X411 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I944 FROM VIELE ffm! COMPANY LUMBER HARDWARE DU PONT PAINTS FEED Complumenfs of W N ADAMS ffm! SON ABERDEEN MARYLAND - I I giohdvxfvbndnnl-ufvinwlnwlvaolnnifsnkwhwkrdoQ-OvwvhMonkdndnwrnhdndndoohdnwhnhnhdndndwwhnhnkmnhdoohdndodnfwlvwf-Ufafvlvwwlnrvlvwfvhfvhfvlvw CompInmen+s of MARY ABSHERS BEAUTY SHOP ABERDEEN MARYLAND PHONE 64 BLACKBURNS SERVICE STATION TEXAS PRODUCTS MOBILOIL W A L T E R G C O A L E GENERAL MERCHANDISE FERTILIZER AND LIME FLOUR, FEED AND FARM MACHINERY PHONE CHURCHVILLE 30 "0""O""l" Complimen+s of F. O. MITCHELL AND BROTHERS PERRYMAN, MARYLAND '4"1"'I"O""C"'O""P"O'W"'O"'4"4"U"UP'fV3'f"Ui'"l""O""O""O""I""!""l""l"'O""i"'4"3'O""F' "l"'i"l'V9"'4"l0"O"'0"W"'0'0O'3'90"0"'O"'0"'0"U9'"0"'0""O""0""9""O""f0'-'l""8""9"'40'W0FWv'O'W'W"40'4"4v'F'1'V0"9vV9U0WU8'W'09'W'08'UW 12 Q Q Q Q 3 3' Q Q 3 3 Q Q Q Q - Q Q -..gb Q - Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3' 3' Q Q 3' 3 3' Q Q dw' 7? 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OUR BEST WISHES TO EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF I944 GRIER S ESSO SERVICECENTER Complumenfs I ATKINS TAXI ONE ABERDEEN MARYLAND WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE ABERDEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE FREDERICK PERMANENT WAVING "8'U8'U8"l'W0U9vU3"'8'U0"'3v"0'U8"U8"'W4'80"8'00'U9' U'U"'3"UQ'U8'U'0UU8'4'0vi'W"64"'8UUW"6'U0"U8"l'8" I ' o PH l24 PHONE 24I-J M f - . . .Dev . . . 5:5 1:9-fw0fww3-f -4-rv?-fav?-ff ABERDEEN MARYLAND MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM a n d FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP DOMPLIMENTS THE SENEOR CLA ABERDEEN RESTAURANT ABERDEEN, MARYLAND MELVILLE SCOTT 81 SON VIELE BUILDING if 4, 2: if 21 T GENERAL INSURANCE 5 3, 5 ABERDEEN PHONE 23l Q- 5' 5- "8v"8"'9"'U'"0"E'0't'0"'8'E'8""8""0"E'8"'0'UU'EU8'1'8'1U8"VU0'8'U8'l'8U"80'8'U8""t"'8'LU80U8',U9'"8"'80"80"0""8"ES in 5, 3' HRLST A4XfIOfX,'Xl, IMNIX Z' - 3' ig, if 3' uw v1 5' 1 KN if' TE - if, 2' if 2' T' - if ZF if 3' if 35 S' A 1 2+- 5' T O S S 5' S' if' ik' is Z' Z' S14-om-soA-anaowennonanooaoanwmoanannoaoanannanaenaannonwannaooamwmaeoanmen4-o-4:-em-om-,omQnnnannsnwannnnnsnnanwsnnonmanwonnaonoqnannannonnanocnnsnnon 3 -i 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 P 4 - - A 4 n , n ' . 4 , 13 4 fl 4 n - o 4 0 - 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 A , H "f""'l" Compllmenfs of LOUIS J. WASE SANITARY MEAT MARKET ABERDEEN, MARYLAND MARYLAND GARAGE F ROWE 3. s FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION LJ XCHEVRGLET SALES SERVICE H O M E G R O C E R Y GROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE ABERDEEN MARYLAND P H O N E I 5 3 Complnmenfs f BERMAN S DEPT STORE ABERDEEN MARYLAND If 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3 3- 3- 3- 3- 3 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3 3- 3- 3- 3 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- 3- T3 "0""9""f""f""O"3'0"3'0"f'0""0""0""O""l"L'i"'W"0"'90"0"U9"'W"9Q"'!4"'0""8"9"0'P"0"3'9' '6-"t0f'9"'W3'9"3'9""9"O"0""0'3'0"'0"'?'l'9"l'0' '4"3'O"'O""U""9""0" COMPLIMENTS UNIT 128 ABERDEEN AMERICAN LEGION if 3' 5' 5' in if 3- 3- if if S' Z' 3- 3' 3' 1- Z' if 1- 1' 2' 3' 3- Z- S- 3- S' Z- 5' Z- Z' Z- Z' 3, 3- Z- 1- Z' 3- 3- Z- Z- S- 1- 1- Z- 3' Z- 1- 5' RY ILIA UX Sw 4 -X -E -Z -E -E -E -Q 'E 4 -E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E 'E -E 'E 'E -E -E -2 -E 'E -E -E -E -2 -E -E -E -E -E -E -E -E -E -E E f A 'E -E -E 'E 'E -E -E 'E Wh AM lm AM am AM A BM AM .M AM .M .M AM .M AM .M M AM O AM AM RM Fm nm AM BM AM .M .M .M .M AM AM AM fm 5 E BATTE ROAD SERV CE SOUTH END ESSO STATION ABERDEEN PHONE 283 Complumenfs of THE GENERAL STORE OF BELCAMP TOILETRIES GIFTS NOVELTIES BELCAMP MD VVAlTER KELLNER P p Complimenfs of BELCAMP GROCERY STORE G-ROCERIES MEATS PRODUCE BEER and WINE BELCAMP, MD LEO A VRZALIK, Prop Wvvwwvvwwvvwlwvwvwvuwwvwvwvvwvwwvvhw-UPLd-wekvavvwvgvvgvuwvgvuwvwvwvavvavvavvw van we .wc-1, 34.7. wc.. 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I I X I I I I I I gwlnnOnwO-wdnn5-1oOonPwohn6noOonOow0onlo:4nn0nnO-1wOnnOmvlodndndnnhwbwhnhobdndwdonhdoobohnhdndnnhf-lambda:-On:-Jenin:-lnfvlnoMoOnf4nn5n HENRY TARRING 81 SONS E ABLISHED usa? FUNERAL DIRECTORS FURNITURE AND GENERAL ELECTRIC HARDWARE REFRIGERATORS ABERDEEN MARYLAND ONE I E DELL 81 COMPA Y DRUGGISTS ABERDEEN MARYLAND Complnmenis f ALBERT W. SISK 81 SON MILITARY OUTFITTERS "ARMY STORE ON THE CORNER" 37 BEL AIR AVENUE wwowwwwdwvvwwvuewwwvwvvww-wwvwvewewwwvvwI-o-H-o-II-w-wf-wwwvww-w-WPI-e-I-www W"'P"PUl""P'1'U!"1"'l"UOU'l""W"f"'i"'O"'O'U00"i'W"4"U0'UQU"WUf0UO'UW'4'W"4"Ub"4"0"UO"'4""Q""1""O""9'l"!d"F',"O""l'H'0""W"0'H'9""8', ZTUWUWWU 12 I I I I I 3' I' I I . I I I U, I 'U -4 it I I , l 1 I I I - I I I 0 I I 2 I I I I I I I 3' 5' 5' is gL08'w05fwfv0f:f'5'wf400Cvwfv0fwv0nf-0f1000o0'wv0n00nh9nfv3n-'Uwfv0fw-U01-4-fwfvlfwf-3-wf4':f4'vf4-wf4'wfv9fafv5'wf4f':f4-wfvifwMnwhwindwohwinwhokdodndndnwkwwdndnnhdnnhdo I-an A-a-me-If-on Compllmen+s of WESTERN MARYLAND COLLEGE WESTMINSTER MD THE UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS Ton-as ASS OF I944 VISIT OUR DINING ROOM FOR A GOOD MEAL COLONIAL HOTEL HAVRE DE GRACE MD Complnmenis of WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY LARRY CONNOLLY CHARLIE KELLER STANLEY MARTIN GENE COWELL Uhl'9""0"'-'U'"9""8"'-'80"0""0'-"4"W0UNUH'4'0W0W0U"8'W0W"4'08'U9"9"8'W"8"40'0"4vU0'UP'40W0 "0"'0"'6""0"'0""0"0""t"'-'9""0""9""9""0""0""0""9"'9"'W'U""9""9""8"'0"'U"1'i"l'9""8"'!""0U0W'0'U0'W"0U'8"F'0'W"00"4"4'U9"U"i"P"i"4"8'UF'0' , . If our Junior College, College of Business Adminis+ra+ion, or School of Law can be of assisfance +o any member of your class, please feel free +o call upon us. ll II , . ohnlnnlndodododnwhf-Mdnfvifawhwhw0':fvlvwv0nM'::4nn0nf-ln00nrvlnrvlnn5v-n4nn0of4nf-5ow9'wMnhf4nn5of4nw0owlnwlnw5nf4ow0nn8v:f4oobwnhmlonkwo8o05nw8of4n Yi! -E -E -E -S 'E 'E -2 'E 'E 'E 'E -2 'E -E 'E 'E -2 'Z 'E -E 'Z 'E 'E 'E fi fi 'Z 'E 'E 'E 'E -S Complnm 'rs f THE HARFORD DEMOCRAT w N c 0 m pl m e n + S f WESTWOOD FARMS DAIRY PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM ABERDEEN MARYLAND Where Every Brie Is Jusf Rlghf FORD S RESTAURANT ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Sea Food-Chicken and Sieak Dinners Our Specialiy PHONES 262, 2I2, 238 FOR GOOD FOOD HUTNER'S RESTAURANT LUNCH AND SODA FOUNTAIN ROOMS FOR TOURISTS ABERDEEN, MD. 09" '40 'O' "0""04"'i""0""O""0""0""O"'9""0'-"'l""0"'0""F""l"'l""0""9""0'"8""8"'9"'8"UB"'V'00v'FwP'W'0F'4"0'W'W'0PWvW"P'0W'00W"10W'W'0W0WwtMV3' , If 3' 3' 1' ' 3' 3' 3' 5' - f' - sl 3' 1' f' 3' . 3' - i' 0 Q' 2' Z' 0 - -. 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If Z- 5- 2- if if 3- 3' if if 3' if 3- 0 3- m Q- C .. if , Z' . -. 3, in : Z- ff 2: Ln S. if in if if S' ' 2- if' 3' if if 5' i if S' if Z' 3' Z- Z' 3- 1' 3' 3- 3' 3' Z- 3- 3' Z' 3- 1- 3' 3- 3- 3' 3- 3- 3' 3' Z' Z' 3- 3- Z' 3- 3- Z- Z- 3- 3- Z- 5' i' 3' 3- i- S' 2' 3- 3' 3- 3- i- THE C ASS 944 CLASS 1 I L f la f 1 1 E T0 TH -i 'E -E -i -l 'E -Z -X -E 'E -E -E -E 'E 'E 'E 'E -2 'E -E 'E 'E -E -E 'E 'E -E -E 4 -E 'E -2 -E -Z -E 'E 'E 'E -E JE 'E 'E -E 'E 'E -E -E 'E 'E 'E sw L 3 O KW Wild ww on N it in if ie it iw if' 'E- 1? 2- it Z' if ie in if' 3' 5- 5- it in it fe if Z' S' it it if 5' if it it is if is it 3' if if S' if Z' if 2- it S' it if it A S ICD S'fLJfD Market Street L P H I A PA KfY 7911 ILADE N455 100 PH Zfk miintiiiiiiiiiii355555tiffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii HW W AM W AM W M M M D W BM Wu MW E W M T W MW A W M R I W' M M W 0 M W P W M R n W Ay - M O W NM W M C W AM N my HM W W W HM my M Q K oh0P:w0enk08ow0ww0w09-w00n00nwPvw0of4o09nn0owlow0nw0nw0nw3nw0n 'O-nfvkwfvlnrvlvmrvlvarvi-wfvivafvioJnnMf4-ar4n08n0Mn8oo3owMw8o0low4oc4nnk:oUnc4nnhr4nnlnf4nn8-s ACADEMY RECREATION CENTER ABERDEEN, MARYLAND New :: Modern ': Sound Proof RESTAURANT 81 BOWLING ALLEYS POPULAR RESTAURANT PRICES "Bowl For Your HeaH'h" K RTZ P CITY TAILORS DRY CLEANING CHRIS P SMITH Colonial Motor Company If I- If if' I- 2- S' I- If if I'- I If S- I- I'- 3' I' if- S- If If if if Z- I' I' If If I' if Z- 1- i- S- 53. "f""0'-"W "l""0"L'U"'9""l"4'i""C""0""9""0""8'E'f"'4""9""!""l""U"1'9""8""9""9""R""U'0F'1'ul"4'U0'W"O"W'0'UWW"W'4Q'tv9W'F'f"8'VWW"l"F'i"l' YL . . 'E I -S 'I fi -E -2 -E -E 5 I -I -E 'I 1, I L. Q . -I c 'E Q o - I 3 ' 5 E. 'I E? .E 1 -I I -E 'I -S fi 'I 'I . 'E -I .E , 'I ii' 23' I' Z' I' Z- I- Z'- I- If If Z- if' I' 3' S- 3' if Zh I' if' 3- I' -onnannonnonnonacnnonnowonnonnmoannonncnnonoamonncnnonnon.nf..of..-o-.1-om-cm-4-me-nfs-H-on-annonnonnonanoonnonnswannonaomamonoamaononncnwnnosnncn 31... JOHN H. 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Suggestions in the Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) collection:

Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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