Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD)

 - Class of 1943

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Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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R R E 1,7 U E PLJBLISHED BY NINETEEN HUNDRED AND EORTY THREE f7fJr1cl11r1 fllffl A4111 ABERDEEN MARYLAND ' DN ' 1 Nz 11 A 'vnvbkilf V C E .WN V I 57-fu' 4S'l'lII'Ul' Cjfrlss OE . h ' A ' ' DF ll 1 lf!! INN wi OUR ALMA MATER K Senior Class L5 x Yearbook 7 'ws we -' 11-"" ffifgjm . Q QC, presents the mx, Q as f 5 K S r v' s - X A s uw For her help ond guldonce In This yeor book ond other progects we the Closs of 43 deducote thus ARRIVEDERCI Mrs Louello M Coole 6 or if gQOCl1'l'lI I fo II Il ll to Dssroels hos sold The secret of suc cess IS consustehcy of purpose Moy you so constantly keep before you the goals which you hope fo reoch thot even m o wor torn world success ond hoppmess wvll be yours Affectronotely Louello Meode Coole 7 F70 I fl 0 C711 .wx o 4.9 J . . , 'G We the closs members of 43 wnsh to thank Dr Stevens for hrs help ond guldonce during our yeors un Aberdeen School He hos enruched our lessons with o personality whuch wlll unfluence our Iuves for unto the future 8 V i.- 's , . I I ' To The Members Of The Closs Of 1943 Smcere wishes for your continued uccess ond good fortune wherever ond however you moy be coiled to serve your country ond yourselves E H Stevens 9 X Q . . . V C lqzcscka cu!! E l-l Sf v s Prlncl o Mass Thelma C McVey Counselor Social Economics Mrs Louella H M Coa e Sensor Adviser Englush Mass La Rue L Schnauble School Secretary Commercial Mr EarlC Price Actuvu I s lndustruaIArts Muss Mayfield Walker Sclence Muss DorothyM Brooks Mathematics Muss Mary Loulse Moore French Latin Mass Muldred H Gebhardt Home Economncs Sclence Mrss L Vlrgunsa Brnnsfuelcl Socual Economncs Englash Mrs Marlon L Muller Musac Mathemafucs Mrs Alefha Wlllard Music IO D' off f71c' fl Dr. . .. eer- ' 'pl m XJ FACULTYS MOST FREQUENT SPEECH Mr Stevens 'Now Senator Sorghum and the b hoys Mrs Coale Now people please remember your absence slnps Mass Schnauble Get out at class untnl you know how to behave Mass McVey Get rad ot your cud' :ss Bnnsteeld Let s get qunet Mass Walker Get ready to take notes Mass Brooks I want your undnvnded attentuon Mrs Maller Go out unto the hall and come back more qunetly Mr Prnce Go downtown for me quietly Mnss Gebhardt Keep quuet Mnss Moore Now lwant you to cut your talkxng out Mr Stevens Teaching P D to Sensors Mrs Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Coale Wrutung htm adallyletter Schnauble Readnng magazrnes McVey Teasnng people that can take It Brnnstueld Collecting snlver dollars Walker Look ng tor dutterent types ot blrds Brooks Readung books Mrs Muller Swimming and reading Mr Price Foolung around shop Mlss Gebhardt Dancung Mass Moore Looking tor a room I0 Aberdeen and cookung i: 1.-L...T.. Hs ty Sw t .tl V V M' ' ' - ' ' YI? . 1 . -Y THEIR FAVORITE PASTINIE ff, I ll fi "'l"l""lk! v to ' I JICIIIIIIIPI C 100 O fl! 'IKIS Muss S Helen Cronnn Mrs MarleW Tolch Mrs Helen M Price Muss Mary Jane Waltz Mrs Eugenla H Johnstone Mrs Mary B Harwood Mass Bessue Forwood 12 Mass Betty R Kennedy Mrs Sarah S S Spencer Mrs CorneIuaG Sloan Muss Lelna Vogts Mnss Helen L Pastorfueld Mr James R Wrught Mrs Hazel M Burnett CJ- - CSB-I I 70 - ' , ' 4B- ' . . ' . SA- . . . - , . ' SB- . ' . . 6A- . . - . ' . 6B- ' , ' - . . M- . . ' - ' ' 7B- . . ARRIVEDERCI LEO VRZALIK ROGER STAPLES Edltor Busmess Manager Under the able leadership of Leo Vrzalnk the year book staff has worked constantly to put forth o bugger and better book We trned to Inmate some orugnnol ndeas Into our book in an effort to make It better Wnth the full cooperation of the teachers and pupnls we were able to make our efforts success ful and publush a larger and more durable annual 13 ws- " sf cfiof 11610 LEO VRZALIK Edator no Chief LELIA SHAW Assnstont Edltor JERRY KRAJCA Art Editor lf0I'flIy C111 IZEEEEINGTON P Co Cholrmen of Lnterory Stoff JANE STANDIFORD DOROTHY FORD FRANCES CURRY IIIFSN CS! ROGER STAPLES Busmess Monoger MARY FORD Assnstcmt to Monoger ROSEMARY Lo PENOTIERE BILLY RIPKEN Jypfsls ELEANOR BROWN SHIRLEY PRESTON FRANCES KOTRAS YEARBOOK STAFF Seated 'left to rnghfn Lo Penotuere, Ford, Stoplcs, Vrzollk, Cronm, Brown, Reed Storwdmg 'left to right' Preston, Show, D Ford, Borrmes, Ripken Stonduford, Kotros Krojco, Mrs Coole 14 641' 9 ff BARRY CRONIN.. A. A. R. 1 I. A. A. 1. Q. S. I. Q. D. R. B. S. 1. B. A. I. B. 1. D. Soooehot Editor -1" ' Y ff 8 ...- - A ' F8415 .'.' DU!! -Hg 9 J-7 A 6 Senior C ass T X ' K , I, I 1 2 Q, Mi? 57 ' C fm, X ff j fy f f N XM SENIOR CLASS As the graduatung class marched slowly up the alsle to the strauns of Pomp and Curcumstance on thelr faces there was a panorama of expres snons truumphant scorn strugglnng to overcame the bewulderung sense of loslng something precnous a feelrng whuch few were wnllung to admzt As we marched up the ausle memories came crowdlng back of the many tumes we had marched an here and now thus was the last tume The faint memories of school plays and musncals from the freshman year Ah' That was a mad year every day brunglng some brught new adventure a new wlsecrack a new prank to play on the teachers We glorued In our reputation as the most mrschuevous class In the school When sprung came we rushed unto sports taknng over everythung we trled Everythlng gave way before thus confldent crowd We watched the sensors graduate and paused a moment to thunk wnth glorious exultatson of the tame when we would be graduatnng We came troopnng back the next fall as proud sophomores Thus year we were more steady though more ready to accept a lnttle responsibility Through the year we contnnued our trnumphant march over everything In our path broken up by the separatnon of the sections we dudn t let dlfferent home rooms separate us too much ln the sprung of thus year we developed a feel :ng of great rmportance as we were the prlncupal factors an school elections We gave a banquet for the sensors and toasted them an thenr last year nn grand style Flnally our senior year arrlved We were kept busv wuth the many dutnes that we drscovered went wrth the numerous prnvuleges of benng senlors The addntuon of new war courses also kept us worknng hard By thus tnme we were more serrous more dependable Not that we went around with long faces Oh no we stull lnked our pranks and lakes It was stall fun tryung to get the marks wuthout donng the work but we dimly realvzed how much depended upon us the future generatuon and the realrzatlon made us stop to think once In a whsle The processuon came ever onward to receive those duplomas that make or break a future On every face was the determlnatson the fanth that wrll assure a brught and promising future for Amerlca 16 I - 1 I ' , , Our junior year, we settled down considerably more. Although we were I ' 1 4 - 11 11 - - A , . ' 1 ' 1 . . . . , 'ill' 4 rx, 1 Ull 11015 ALLEN BALDWIN REED J Chsck A versatsle person with a pleasing p rson alsty well lsked by his classmates good mixer Hss occassonal puns and other h morous extractions set the class into rolls of laughter but he had tsrne to do a good sob as president of the sensor class l-lss creative mind makes hsm an excellent student MARY BETH GRIER Beth The scamp of the Sensor class always getting into scraps but somehow managed to get out of them liked the sob of sensor vsce pressdent because st requsred Isttle work We believe that Miss Walker of all the teachers will be mast brokenhearted at Beth s departure ELIZABETH ANN BARNES Betty Dark ysvacsous Betty ss usually plan nsng something to start a lsttle fun Her soft wosca and good dancsng which show that she s somewhat on the musscal ssde are part of the secret of her likeable personality Her eat penmanshsp has gsven her the sob of secretary twsce during her four years sn high school ELEANOR INA GERDA BROWN Eleanor Small in size but a typical livewire . . . Eleanor can chatter as fast as she can jstterbug, One seldom found her in study hall pondering over a book but behind those blue eyes is a good bit of knowledge which has helped her to take care of all the senior wealth of '43, 17 W ll' l, HELEN ANNETTE BENNINGTON "Patty" Here's our Pat . . . a natural born leader . . . duvided her time as President of the Student Councnl and co-chairman of the Lnterary Staff of "Arrlvederci' ',., IH the midst of all actlvn- tnes: danclng, sports, and school organizations . . , Pat has also managed to keep her scholastic record highf HENRY HANSON BOYER Henry The class warbler who frequently entertalned has teachers 'nn the mrddle of class duscussronsl wlth snatches of popular songs a Bu h Rlverlte who naturally has a passlon for all water sports often heard saylng Come on lets dance lncudentally Henry us especn ally proud of hrs new front tooth LORETTA JANE BRANDHOFF Jane One of the smallest members of the sensor class Always was donng sornethnng for Dr Stevens or Muss Walker competent llbraruan who wants to become an elementary school teacher Jane us a trustworthy and dependable person ROSALIE HELEN BREEDEN Rosle A very qulet sensor but a home runner ln softball not overly studlous but then who s wull probably mlss belng the sole owner of the last seat ID every room amlbxtuon to become a mechanuc Rosalle would make anyone a srncere frrend 18 GEORGE ANDREW CHINARIS George The seneor who was here one Clay and gone the next three constantly amused the class by has contunuous asudes never seen wuthout a car and seldom seen without a gurl George s technrque lS envued by many of has classmates NORMAN CHAPMAN COEN Norman Our senlor boy who belneves that at as better to be seen than to be heard regular par tncupant rn sports and a star rn soccer cooperatuve student who always made adequate class preparatuon Norman ts always a dependable and lukeable person even though quiet reigns ROBERT BARRINGTON CRONIN Barry The Casanova ot the sensor class ta and good lookung cutezen ot the huge metropolls of Perryman ardent camera fan who as very adept at takung flash pictures snap shot edttor of ARRIVEDERCI Barry s ambutnon ts to become a Naval oftrcer JAMES JUNIOR CULLUM um A commercial student who started every class with has well known gtggle quiet and bash'ul on the surface but who knows has an ward l'eelungs9 When we wanted errands done we usually called upon Jam and has pal Duck who used an under nourished bamtam as a means ot transportatlon 19 'A E Ei.lLAl Ell-1 CUNUNAINCQ Cunw Hur w mi class nwenilucrs xx it xc ss on to some any 1, L N k CLS 0 l F I1 V C, it L t at iri x 0 c c hu ma ra ixe iri as rw isset tt the senior c oss FRANCES REBECCA CURRY Kiss A star in sports and our fastest runner seer- at all school dances possesses a least o tricnds because of her generous and pleasing good nature A though Frances participated in all school activities she seldom had to worry about her marks DOROTHY ANN FORD Fordie The girl with a dozen sweaters always dressed in good taste can actually hit high C when she sings , . . Not only is she a whiz at decorating, but also a tip- op student-f-especially in French, Could it be that her French book holds some special charm? MARY ANNABELLE FORD Mary A real individualist . , . the only senior who has red hair , . . possesses talent for the busi- ness side of life . . . perpetual "money raiser" for school activities , , . one of the school's best monitors . . . Mary is truly a capable person? 23 Yr if QUSSIE llxENE GOODMAN Gus A cry attractlyc senlar who trles ta gct the rn st a taste for brlqtlt Colors vwerclal a a ctwarmlng gtt loxes tv da wce dwesn t always C L 7 V fl lS l we cal already see Gussle as ner boss s favvrlte secretary QQCJFR l,ANlfAxl2 llfal JTED l-'loggle Blue eyed curly headed lad from the country not much on tlnc solld slde but measures 6 feet 5 Inches from head to toe possesses corn cob plmlosoplwy wlwlcn contlnually causes nas llsteners to laugh l-laggle rnav assume an attltude of belng bashful but cont lee really control hrs tomato red blusl1es7 EDNA MAY HARTZELL Edna uret and serene nature wlwlch ns pleasant to see among some of the ruffled temples we be hold a lfmomebody who IS also an excel lent student gentle but ever ready smule wlll make someone an etflcrent secretary or an excellent wlte DOROTHY MAE HUGHES Susle Darts to some and Susle to others our one student who actually calls Dr Stevens Grandpop well known on the athletlc fueld, especually ln fleld ball can take a yoke and grve one rn return a "swell" trlend to everyone 21 MARCELLA BLANCHE HUMMEL Marcella A newcomer whom we welcomed thus year . , possesses a qunet, determlned nature , , . does not spend her tlme n ldle chatter We haxe our own theory that her dreamy look IS a result of her thoughts of her home un Pennsylvanla FRANCES KOTRAS Amy Meet the Blue and Golds Edutor rn chuef lust one of Amy s many accomplushments recenved her nuckname for beung one of the Llttle Women durung her freshman year unobtruswe efflcrent and capable can be counted upon to do every job well We can now see Frances behund glass doors labeled Muss Kotras Prryate Secretary JAROSLAVA LEONA KRAJCA Jerry Our classmate wuth a New York accent an excellent decorator who us usually seen wnth a ruler an one hand and a pencil un the other Art edutor of the Arruvedercn made a habrt of dodgrng Henry the chnet mom or a cooperatuve student and a loyal friend ELLEN MARIE KRAUSS Ellen A go rl student who rs the envy at most at the gurls because of her peaches and cream complexron successful busuness manager of the Blue and Gold possesses a sense of loyalty appreciated by her fruends u uolly auuet but really has a fun loynng nature 22 ROSEMARY ISABEL LA PENOTIERE "Rosle" Dependable "Rosle' '.,. a ready smlle and a friendly nature . . , full of school spirit , , . a good student who also takes part ln all school actlvltles a lltterbug who IS seen at all school dances Rosle wlll make her way ln whatever fleld she chooses because of her llkeable personollty ROLAND BIDDLE LONG Shorty Our sensor who IS seldom seen wlthout a gurl frlend possesses a speclal knack for sklpplng classes known for has sense of humor and good dlsposltlon Shorty has a flne school splrlt because he IS never too busy to do a favor for a fellow classmate EUZABETH ALDEN MEARS Llbby Dr Stevens able asslstant showed a Interest un a vanety of school actlvltles possesses the skull necessary to become an ex pert beautlclan dark eyed brunette wlth a soft volce and lust enough temper to make a very llkoble Lubby ELISKA HENRIETTE NOVOTNA a A flrm bellever ln varlety always neat and cooperatlve adept at playlng the plano efflclent typlst keeps us ln suspense by talklng Czech a has a sunn dlsposltlon and a true sense of good sportsman shlp 3 l, ,f 1 . . H ,, H ,l ll H l , . , . n V H , ll H ,. Ell - ,l ., HEI' H ,, ,, , . , v 3 35? MARY LEE OLIVER Marx Lee Our bluc eyed blcnde wha spends a great art fer tum an the lrbra plays the ouano dunng her spare moments a grad student who got along well wrth both teachcr and c assmates Mary Lee s chref desnre rs to becrm a teacher DORIS NORMA PRESTON uret an the surface but the center of a great deal at fun a good student and a whlz at the typewriter always funds frme to keep up the morale of the soldrers b attendlng U S O dances SHIRLEY ANN PRESTON w A group IS berng entertarned undoubtedly S n s responsrble never a dull moment Shrrley pravrdes the laughs laughung brown eyes has her serrous moments Sh racy wlll make ner way In the world through her sparkllng aersonaluty WILLIAM KENNEDY RIPKEN up The Mayor af Jtepney double wonder on the athletuc held does not even get to frrst base when he as surrounded by members of the opposite sex Rub IS an excelent student and a likeable fellow 24 ARTHUR ELLlS SCHOFlELD "Duck" One of our prize male cornrnerclal students . , , always seen with his partner "Jrm" , , , able to see the "sunny-stde" ot lrfe , . . has an infectlous laugh . . . wore a patroIman's belt wrth great ease . . . We prophesy a buslness career for "Duck", LELIA RUTH SHAW Lella Four years from Mrssrsslppl has almost lost her southern accent although qulet those brown eyes have a rnlschlevous twlnkle capable and dependable asststant edvtor of Arrlvedercu always wrllrng to help another especrally rn homework Lella s fnend ly nature and cooperatlve splrlt have won her a host of fnends JANE ANNE STANDIFORD A small lndtvldual who rs responsnble for those dellghtful afternoons at the Arr Rard Headquarters possessor of pretty brown harr and eyes saves the day for the rlght answer very efflcrent as Presrdent of the Lnbrary Board surprlses everyone wlth frequent wltty remarks We wonder how so small a gurl an possess so much personalrty ROGER STUMP STAPLES Stoop lf you have heard a great commotlon rn the school It was not a wrnd storm lust Staples Presrdent of Athletxc Assoclatlon u of vltallty energy and orrgrnal ldeas kept has friends and also the teachers un a con tunual state of confusron Undoubtedly he belongs ln Hollywood not as another Gable but as a publucrty agent 25 '?lCHl -4 1 if I ,K DOROTHY ANNE TONER Dot c style gurl of the senlor Cass always seen wlth new clothes or hour ornaments made a hobut ot being euther late or absent seems to be IH good standing with the No x Dot as really a clever person PATRICIA PHILLIS VEEDER Patsy Lou s Constant pa o chotter box who sornetlmes talks so tost we cant understand er full of pep ond vngor fast trock stor who was also able to get out of tlght rounded by books frequently rnussung from class Patsy as known for her cheerful outlook un lute and her ready glggle LEODOLD FRANK JOHN VR"ALIK eo Competent Edltor In Chuet of our yecr book has o vonotung vonce whlch has been a source t humor for us hopes to become a succe sful drattsmon Leo s shy person alutv together with has scholostuc abuluty and versatlluty have won hurn many friends HELEN MARIE WALSH Plpsqueak One of our entertoaners who I-cept classes from becommg u usuolly seen strollung unto school five minutes Iote every mornung and afternoon Pupsqueoks keen sense of humor kept both teachers and pupils In o good mood most of the fume' 26 I ,. ,, Th " " ' I . . . X I E ,,,, X . I ,, ,, , . I . . . X , positions" in fseldball . . , never seen sur- , . . .. L , I o . . . , s . - ,, . ,, A d II , . . ' ,, . , ,, Jaffa JANICE WERTMAN Janrce A new comer to our class the envy of the gurls because ot her long naturally curly haur the envy of the boys because of her tr: ab: It her heart belongs to the Navy We all have learned to luke Janlce because ct her truly good nature RUTH LOUISA WORTHINGTON ou Patsys closest pal frequently seen rushing down town durung lunch hour known for her athletuc obrllty We can already pncture Lou wearnng a whute nurses cap and smlllng at her patrents HELEN ZACEK Helen A shy unobtrusuye member of our class likes to dance and thats not all she can really dance always neat an appearance and well dressed very effxctent un corn merclal arts Helen us destined to become a successful secretary 27 il 1 . .qr' ' Q. 9' 9' 4-4 if s-wx June Stonduford Jonet Cummings Mary Lee Olvver Edna Hortzell Norma Preston Leo Vrzolik Roger Holsted Henry Boyer Borry Cronrn Bull Ripken Helen Bennington Dorothy Ford Ellen Krauss Rosemary Lo Penotiere 28 BABYHOOD 21. Helen Zocek Frances Kotros Jerry Kropcc Betty Bornes Jane Brondhoft Allen Reed George Chinoris Sensor Snaps k, e- ,Ji 29 Y Sensor Snaps 30 GREATER ABERDEEN Years later we fund a greater and better Aberdeen Mayor Staples does very well un presudung and cannot be bothered by a councul whule governung Greater Aberdeen Hus only assustant us Henry Boyer who also serves as a guude for umportant personages who vusut To the south of us we have Mr Leo Vrzaluk presudent of New Bata Shoe Co and hus worthy assustants Muss Helen Zacek and Muss Ella Ncvotna un the suburb sectuon of Belcamp Jerry Krauca attracts much trade by her unterestung advertusung sectuon of the Scandal Sheet eduted by the Shaw and Standuford Publushung Co Muss Gussue Goodman owner of the Bel Aur Avenue Bus Co seems to have competutuon wuth the Inter County Bus Lune operated un the suburban sectuon of Havre De Grace Be sure to hear Beth Gruer temperamental genuus creator of famous way Muss Shurley Preston provudes the apprecuatuve laughter for the program by beung paud to sut un the front row at every broadcast and laugh We hear that Allen Reed presudent of the Punutentary s stull th source of awful puns Mr Coen tulls the soul of near by estates wuth munuature tractors made by James Cullum C7 Co Entertaunment us provuded by Halsted Dude Ranch wuth Betty Barnes and Norma Preston teachung dudes how to rude Helen Bennungton models the latest un the famous everlastung lute suuts un Dot Ford s smart shop on Broadway To learn the latest dancung steps be sure to vusut Muss Eleanor Brown s studuo on Howard Street over the beauty parlor of Muss Eluzabeth Mears creator of new Curly cue permanents We fund Dr Worthungton performung tactful operatuons un Aberdeen General Hosputal We fund that Muss Dorus Hughes us the new athletuc coach at Aberdeen Unuversuty 31 popular moron jokes, every Wednesday night on Station C-O-R-N on Broad- ! A 11 - 11, - e We hear that Mlss Frances Curry owner of the Newer Theatre as encouragnng the school chnldren to hook by lettung them In free Professor Rnpken prlncnpal of Aberdeen Unlversnty as trynng to ruun Newer Theatre s busnness by checklng the role too frequently Mass Janlce Wertman IS the new math teacher at Aberdeen Unlver snty and the boys are wuld about her Commander Schofleld of A P G IS trylng to urge the return from France of Sgt Long who seems to have forgotten hrs buslness there George Chlnarls and Dorothy Toner are co starred In the pxcture Here Today and Gone Tomorrow whlch as sure to be a hut nf the players show up often enough to flnlsh the plcture Barry Cronnn owner of the Cronin Photographic Studios has no compet: tson an has busuness on Rogers Street or In has other studlo ln the suburb of Perryman Flash' Mnss Helen Walsh was forced to lump from her dlsabled plane last week but she landed safely because of the good srlk manufactured ln the La Penotlere and Krauss Factorles The trouble was traced to the mistake of Mlss Rosalse Breeden the mechannc who put the wheels on backwards Muss Edna Hartzell IS the receptuonlst at the newly enlarged Service Club at A P G Books on Romance and Love can be found IU Olnver and Brandhoffs Publnc Llbrary on Lexsngton Street We hear that Mayor Staples flnally realizes that Mass Frances Kotras hus secretary has been dolng all the copy work He forgetting he had a secretary found the work and assumed that he had done It hlmself Mass Marcella Hummel owner of the Tasty Eats Restaurant has created a new dash called Strawberry Moon Mass Mary Ford ns runnlng qunte a show for the Ford Motor Co of whuch she ns president The kuddles are grateful to Mass Janet Cummnngs and Patsy Veeder owners of the Chewy Chewlng Gum Co for making the cheapest gum an town llO stacks for 4' 2 centsl 32 1 1 ' ' ll Il Il ' ' ll I 1 , , . - V A 11 11 - , . . , . . . . , ,, ,, , . . . I I T 1 I I ' . . , I 1 ' I , , 1 1 . 1, 11 I '1 SENIOR CLASS WILL We the members of the Senuor Class ot Aberdeen Hugh School un thus year of our Lord nuneteen hundred and forty three beung ot sound mund and body do hereby reguster at thus tume our last wull and testament We trust the honorable Dr E H Stevens actung as executor ot our estate wull tauth tully carry out the tollowung bequeathments Betty Barnes unwullungly parts wuth her fun lovung nature and bequeath ut to Jean Holden Helen Bennungton leaves her appealung smule to add to Freeman Wrught s slow smule and he doesn t know whether to be pleased or not Frances Curry would luke to leave her fancy dance steps to Kenneth Pyle ut he wull accept them Eleanor Brown wullungly leaves those extra pounds l7l that she us always talkung about lmystery to everyonel to Gertrude Johnson Jane Standutord guves her daunty manner to Edna Thomas Lelua Shaw leaves her vanushung southern accent to Cecule Wullungham who us decudedly northern Dorothy Ford happuly presents to Anne Cronun her many dutferent haur styles and the trouble that goes wuth them Ellen Krauss sodly leaves her momentary chatter to Pat McNutt Marcella Hummel reluctantly leaves her pretty blue eyes to Paulune Patsy Veeder leaves her many snapshots of boy truends to add to that other suster Louuse Veeder Lou Worthungton bequeoths her chewung gum habut to Ruby Ball who wull try to manage despute the shortage Mary Ford wullungly leaves her pretty red haur to Ann Roberts who wants a change Rosemary La Penotuere leaves her school spurut to Jean Justuce Janet Cummungs decudes to guve up her many brught necklaces to Edna Jones who can wear them all at once nt she wushes Eluzabeth Mears leaves her tungernaul polush kut to Ann Hunder Mary Lee Oluver leaves her place un the lubrary to Gladys Blevuns who mught fund tume to use ut Jerry Krauca leaves her stuck to ut abuluty to Peggy Manley Gussue Goodman unwullungly guves to her suster Geraldune the car keys Beth Gruer sadly leaves her dare devul actuvutues to her suster Eleanor who seems to have enough of her own 33 I 1 . A . - . C Golliday, who likes a change of color. , . , . Shnrley Preston leaves her hearty laugh to her slster Lorralne who would prefer that Shirley keep nt Dorls Hughes leaves her way wlth the teachers to George Rogers Dorothy Toner leaves to George Adams her passlng abnluty Leo Vrzallk leaves has curly halr to hus brother Henry Frances Kotras glves her commerclal ablllty to Theresa Tobln Ella Novotna sadly leaves her odd puns to Ruth Duguld who IS glad to recelve them Henry Boyer gnves has false tooth to Clyde Kelly who doesn t thlnk he ll need lt Roger Staples unknowlngly glves Walter Howlett has notnceable ego Bully Rlpken leaves has athletlc abullty to George Muska Norman Coen and Helen Zacek leave thenr shy personalltles to Rosle Ray who can t understand why Jane Brandhoft leaves her love ot good books to Vlrgnnua Norris who gladly accepts Rosalie Breeden reluctantly bequeaths her back seat ln every classroom to Bull Futzpatrlck who doesn t want to be noticed Edna Hartzell leaves her Servuce Club attendance tothe dances to Betty Jean Leslle Norma Preston leaves her typlng abxllty to Betty Unger Helen Walsh glves her dry sense of humor to Howard Byrd to make has lakes more splcy Janice Wertman guves her math ablllty to her sister Phyllns Barry Cronln and Roger Halsted leave thelr height to Robert Kelthly George Chlnarns leaves has here today and gone tomorrow personaluty to Harold Shipley James Cullum glves hrs rosy blushes to Tommy Carver who many tumes needs to blush Roland Long glves hls method ot staylng out of classes to Dorothy Bowman who doesn t mnnd Allen Reed leaves has slow manner to Madelnne Chalone Arthur Schofueld leaves hls guutar to Edward Wrlght On this flrst day of May A D of l943 Witnesses MAYFIELD WALKER LOUELLA M COALE Lawyers DOROTHY FORD JANE STANDI FORD 34 1 1 - 11 - 11 11 - 4- 11 . , I , . 1 . . , . , 1 - - - - 11 11 1 , , 1 . . . , . I . , . H H 1. , . , . - - - 11 11 - 1 , . I . ,,..,f" Z Cs N f Juniors Soplwomores Freshmen R XE wfwfg L A p i I f I ' Q4 G' ' ff N!N N00 A 1 5? - W f 4 U P 4' O4 1 J o Junlor Class Presldent Lorraune Preston Vice President Edward Wrlght Secretary Edna Jones Chaurman Ceclle Wullangham Secretary Ann Cronm Treasurer Kenneth Pyle Chalrman Lorrazne Preston Secretary Ruth Duguud Treasurer Geraldine Goodman Upperclassmen how long we have wanted to be called such' workmg together Instead of mdlvldually Wuth the electron of class offncers we started to do bag thmgs We under took the yob of a tumor senior banquet whlch went over wnth a bang l lt was every but as dlffacult to plan and carry out as we had antucnpated 36 l Treasurer n. ....... H. . .D ...,...... lilenneth Pyle Cl C2 Our forty four students are duvlded unto two sectuons Cl the academlc and general and C2 the commercial ln Cl with Mass McVey for the homeroom teacher our lnduvudual personalutles and moods vary causing the class to be un a continuous uproar As a whole we have a very good spnrut of sportsmanship and democratic feelnng In C2 we progressed considerably despute the fact that the commercnal fneld was new to us However we found at very Interesting and our home room teacher Mass Schnauble has proved a sincere friend We welcomed her at the beginning of the year and hope she has learned to luke the harum scarum lnfe of Aberdeen Hugh School Altogether we have watched the sensors and tried to adopt ourselves to the ways of upper classmen so that we could easily step unto thelr shoes next year We now realuze that our goal ns nn vuew but we must work hard because of the many unter class actlvutues besndes school work Now we are looking forward to the time when we can hold the proud name of SENIORS ' Junnor Class Seated lleft to rnghtl Muss McVey Justus Manley Holden E Wrught Jones L Preston Pyle Tobln L Preston Ball Unger Mass Schnauble 2nd row lleft to rughtl Blevuns Goldutay Leslue Wagner Wertrnan Norrus Dugan Thomas Goodman Wnlllngham Roberts Ray Cronun Gruer Chalone 3rd row lleft to rughtl Shnpley Magness Gross Howlett Kelly Muska Vrzaluk F Wrught Adams Brann Craver Futzpatrnck 37 . I I , U , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 - 11 11 I - - 11 11 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Sophomore Class Chanrmen Vice Chaurmen Secretary Treasurer Reed L Justus O Boyer B Worthnngton B2b B20 E Tucker S Maltz S Rausch S Rausch R Smuth G White J Moretz H Chalk Reporter Athletuc Assocuatnon Treasurer Justus G Rnchards F Cordes B2b B20 Bl B2b B20 The Bl gurls were Worthungton Bo t Chalk very unhappy as there were only 4 boys an the class We were stationed In Mass Moore s Mass Walker s and Mrs Muller s rooms respectively The B2 s had theur Halloween party and 0 very good tnme The Bl s Hallowe en party was postponed untul Chrustmas Next came Chrustmas brnnglng Santa Claus and parties particularly the latter The Bl s had two Chrustmas partues because they had none at Hallowe en The B2 s had 0 Christmas party wnth excellent decoratnons lwe thoughtl 38 Bl J. . , , Bl L. B. ' . ' D. I . H. The Sophomores came back to school in three sections 1 I .' A ' b I Next came the lovers heyday brunglng paper lace and plump cuplds The Bl s had a valentnne party Then the B2 gurls assembly whnch was very entertaunung and unusual was glven The boys were qurte femnnnne and charming nn theur unusual sprung styles durang their assembly On April Fool s Day the Bl s fooled everyone uncludung themselves wlth a wedding IP S lt was a fake l Easter bonnets and rabbits brought partles to all three rooms next Soon on nts heels came the last day of school and flnal partles Next year we ll be older and wnser junnors 'We Sophomore Class lst row lleft to rughtl Muss Walker Mortez Smlth Justus Worthnngton Rausch Tucker Moltz Preston Boyer Reed Chalk Mnss Moore Znd row 'left to rrghtl Krauss Thompson Fyle Cornwell Shue West Ruchards Pender Mclntyle Preston Burns Bolt Schekles 3rd row lleft to rughtl Creswell Gulbert Wulllamson Thomas Coen Tucker Felfar Denton Zacek Brantner Kragca Mutchell 3Q . , . , , . . . 1 1 , . . , . , 1 . . 1 . . , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A Freshmen Class A2 Boys Presudent Brllv Carr Vvce Presudent Ralph Cooper Secretary Kenneth Davls Treasurer Gene Holcomb A2 Gnrls Margaret Wnlloaghby Dorothy Coen Mary Vesley Elnora Turnbaugh Al Ann Zula Ray Cave Betty Cooper Cvnthla Cook On September nnnth nnneteen hundred forty two sixty tour wrde eyed eager students reported for the first tzme to thenr homerooms In the Aberdeen Hrgh School After only a week of hlgh school lute the dreaded day arrnved unntlatuon boys wrth bows and gurls with pngtauls and lupstack evervwhere What a snght we made' 1 Al the academuc sectuon consusted ot ten boys and seventeen gurls wuth Muss Dorothy Brooks tor a homeroom teacher Norval Vollrath was the student councu' representa tuve Al smotto was Vunu vudu vuncu meanung lcame lsaw I conquered An Algebra Club was form d wuth Betty Sue Armstrong as president and Jam s Fletcher Ray Cave and Anne Zula assustants un plannung programs AZa the gurls general sectuon consustung ot eleven gurls had Muss Muldred Gebhardt for theur homeroom teacher The gurls served a breakfast as part of theur home economucs course and Mr Stevens and Muss Schnauble were guests A burthday party was guven un honor of Muss Gebhardt A2b the boys general sectuon consustung of twenty sux boys had Muss Vurgunua Brunsfueld as a homeroom teacher The usual otfucers were elected and Wulluam Dorman was the student councul representatuve lt took tume but soon we belonged and became part of every actuvuty We have three years before us and wuth much hope and tauth we look forward to the day when we shall be luke those proud senuors But now beung almost sophomores we have the untentuons of teachung the new class of freshmen how to become a part of A l-l S Freshman Class Seated lleft to rughtl Muss Brooks Mutchell Davus Holcomb Turnbough Coen Vesley Wulloughby Cook Cooper Carr R Cooper Jacobs MussG bhart 2nd row lleft to rughtl Cronun Rav Fox Breeden Asher Smuth Arm strong Muss Brunsfueld Gerdom Morrus Welsh Delop Parush Welch 3rd row lleft to rughtu Huff, Jewel, Brown, Burns, Pyle, Cullum, Ford, Morrus, Dorman, Cove, Schantz 4th row lleft to rughtl Brandhoft, McCarnye, Zula, Wheeler, Caudull, Wrught, Vollrath, Duff, La Penotuere, Peters, Unger 41 1 1 1 , 1 . 1 - 1 1 11 - V - - V - 11 V 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 11 - o ' o " 1 1 , . . , , . . . 1 1 1 , . . . , 1 1 ' I . , - . 1 ' 1 11 V 11 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 -V - 1 .1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - SNAPSHOT CONTEST ELLEN ASHER Throughout the school year cameras were heard clicking in and around the school Students were snapping favorite poses of their friends and classmates A contest was held to and the judges proclaimed Ellen Asher s the best Ellen enthusiastic and energetic has proven herself a worthy member of the academic section of the freshman class Her even temperedness and executive ability makes her an adept leader as well as a congenial follower Endowed with the ability to concoct all sorts of clever ideas Ellen always comes through and saves the day gust when the class is in a spot 42 S X ,M determine which snapshot would be considered "the winner," I I V - I I ll II ' ' II' ll X. .4I .e -I' All 5,511.15 uk. 11.4 9'-P -J 44+ 0UfSIdG Activities 37 ng .C .- YT r 1' VJ .7 and F fb , HfH!!',' . . . 1 j ffug Inslde Achvmes 4 I 'rg fn X u ", xx 9 1' oo I 0 I ' 'if' STUDENT COUNCIL Presudent Helen Bennungton Vlce Presedent Roger Staples Treasurer Frances Kotras Sponsors Mass Thelma McVey Mnss Dorothy Brooks The meetung will piease come to order these famnllar words are heard un The Irbrary at Iunchhme every Tuesday 46 Secretary ...................... Gussie Goodman ll ' ' II . . Our Student Councnl was started an l939 when we were freshmen Through our four years at A H S we have watched at grow as lt seeks to be of real service to the students lt 4 representatsve body made up of all homeroom chaurmen the upper class presndents and other student leaders Mnss Thelma McVey and Mass Dorothy Brooks are our sponsors Any student who wlshes to do so may attend a councll meetung and present a problem whuch he feels should come to :ts attention Thus year we had our fnrst gurl presndent she was backed by a group of cooperatuve officers At present we sponsor the point system and publish the handbook In the future we plan to purchase a movue projector for the school We are also Interested In the morale of our school and wsth that nn mnnd we have established a new system The deflnuteness of the new system ns making our school run more smoothly The Vnctory Corps which has been co sponsored by the Student Councnl and :ts own councrl has Inspired the students to do theur best toward the war effort ln the future we challenge the council to proceed onward to bugger and better thungs that wnll grow unto a heritage of whlch we shall all be proud Student Council Seated 'left to rnghtl Tucker Miss McVey Kotras Staples Mnss Brooks Willoughby Standung lleft to rvghtl Jacobs Vlullungham Smuth Dorman Reed Boyer Vrzallk, Standuford, Reed, Preston, Goodman 47 ' ' ' . 's a I , . ' 1 I of passes which grant to worthy students necessary permissions. . , T LIBRARY COUNCIL Agann thus September as nn prevnous September s the lnbrary staff assembled to begun a new year s work Many new lnbraruans were added many old ones had gone Wsth the elec tuon of our offlcers we settled down to holdung monthly meet lngs catalogung new books and taking nndlvudual turns presnd Ing over the lubrary ln November under the dlrectnon of our co sponsor Mass Brunsfueld the staff gave a three act play Seenng Double Thus netted us a conslderable profnt wuth which we purchased many much deslred books All through the year under Muss Walker s careful durec tuon we made book reports sponsored projects and trned to make our readnng matter appeal to the students We hope that the students have derived as much satnsfactnon from using the library as we have from serving In at Voce Presndent Roland Long Secretary Cecale Wnllmgham Sponsors Mlss Mayfield Walker Muss Vlrgnnla Brlnsfueld Seated 'left to rlghtl Mass Walker Muss Brnnsfneld Schekles Wagner Burns Justus Standnng 'left to ughtl A Cronun Leslxe Wullmgham Johnson Arm strong M Cronun Tucker Krauss Vrzaluk Oliver Long Standuford 48 I 2 ' l ' 1 I - 1 ' l - 1 J ' ' ll ' ll I I ' I A I - - I I I President ................. . .... Jane Standiford I ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose at the Athletuc Assocuatuan durung past years has been to provude tor an untegrated athletuc program for Aberdeen Hugh School Each member at the hugh school us expected to pay dues to help tunance the program for physucal tutness Because ot the lack of transpartatuon faculutues thus year ut was umpossuble to sponsor the program of comp tutuve sports among other hugh schools of the county However we were able to have games among varuous class teams of our own school Presudent Roger Staples Secretary Lorraune Preston Treasurer Lelua Shaw Seated 'left to rughtl Roger Staples Presudent Lelua Shaw Vuce Presudent Lorraune Preston Secretary Eleanor Gruer Treasurer 49 . , . S , , Vice-President .................... Eleanor Grier BLUE ond GOLD Ed tor rn chnet Fronces Kotros Assnstont Editor Rosemary Lo Penotlere Sponsor Mass LoRue Schnouble Thus yeor wos he trrst time thot the Blue ond Gold our school paper wos prlnted by the prlntmg offnce It wos pub lushed once every two months by the DZ sectuon of the sensor closs lt olso contorned odvertusements for the frrst trrne 50 i -' - ' ................. Business Monoger ..,................ Ellen Krouss We tried to revuew all the hugh lrghts of student actlvutues such as student council athletics the Vuctory labrary news sectuon news and our many other Interests We have trled to pave the way for next year s Blue and Gold staff and hope they wall contunue to umprove the paper and that the results of theur efforts wrll be of Interest to every student of the hugh school Clrculatlon Shurley Preston Socual Gussue Goodman Eleanor Brown Jokes Norma Preston Sports Edna Hartzell Arthur Schofleld Proof Readers Muss Schnauble Helen Zacek James Cullum Ellska Novotna Seated 'left to rnghtl Hughes La Penotlere Katras Krauss Goodman Standung 'left to rnghtl Brown N Preston Cullum S Preston Walsh Miss Schnauble Zacek Novotna Schofveld l-lartzell 51 - - 11- ll- I I I , . ' ll! 11 - - - Alumni ..... . .............r...... HelenWalsh I I I SOCCER lst row 'left to nghtl Caudrll Carr Cooper Pyle Ford Mntchell Jacobs VVl'19 ler Downs Ind row 'left to rlghtl Reed Halstead Schofreld Cullum Boyer Coen Rlpken Long Staples Vrzallk Cronun Chmarls 3rd row lleft to rughtl Kralca Fltzpatrxck Pyle E Wrlght F Wrrght Mr Prlce Adams Gross Carver Howlett Grlbert Coen Smlth Due to a lack of transportatlon caused by the present gasolrne shortage the soccer team of l942 was unable to travel to other schools an order to partncrpate according to the regular county soccer schedule Confronted wnth such unpleasant circumstances we lthe squadl took advantage of our lnmrted trme by duvldrng the squad trme and agaln into two teams then proceedlng to engage rn rather hard fought games which at tlmes caused brlef feuds and arguments Although thus type of opposltlon furnlshed no great thrills It could be classlfled as better than nothrng Soccer teams for the past three years have captured the county champlonshlps and undoubtedly our team of 42. would rf grven the opportunrty have repeated such performances In a blaze of glory 52 , . 1' I I I I I I , , , , , - . . I . , I I . . I I . I ' I I I I I F ' 4th rcw 'left to right' Mitchell, Reed, Zacek, Boyer, Tucker, Chalk, I I I I I I - ' I I I I I FIELD BALI. Seated 'left to rlghtl Wllllngham Tobin La Penotuere Bolt Roberts Standung lleft ta rnghtl Blevuns Roy Cooper Mnss Bnnsfneld Ford Olmver Wertman One of the trnumphant games of Aberdeen Hugh School We have had the honor of holding the Harford County Champlonshup for the last tour years faculutues we have been unable to compete with other tueldball teams However under the Ieadershup of our new coach Muss Vlrganna Brlnstleld several school teams were formed thus glv :ng each player an opportunity to partncspate nn an equal number of games 53 . . , This year, because of the curtailment of transportation I ' I ' I I 1 1 - Spring Activities 4 WWW g? vw-W. Ofw wgwnwumn V 'Q-as WQMLQ WWW maxfpfm, W' GQHWGW' w..,M,,,,,......, .Fiji a, F i i x ,fir . 1 - in i A ,3 ' 5 '- -1 X Q , 5 5 . S 5 . - 1 V ? 2.1, ' ' . 3 5 W Q ,jig i ,Q -422 fri: ., ' ., EY'r'rM .Q Q 52252 L ' " 5 1' " ix :-. U " H A i' .' L ill Y fi-' i . , ' -ex' 1 . 1 S 2 w 5 ' ,A A ,, M' sf 'I - ..1 . if: gf. -gl , M, i2,ggg4.,g,,LJg ,H J X . 1' -I un-Y..-an-.-als--R. , A x F I-Ek , ' ' " 9. "jj Q if ' -- ' " ' ' wg., ,. '53, 54 THE DEFENSE CLUB Presldent James Cullum Vice President Arthur Schofueld Secretary Esther Mclntyle Treasurer Dorothy Bolt Sponsor Moss Vnrgfnca Brnnstneld The Defense Club sponsored by Mnss Vurganua Brunstueld was formed for the purpose of promoting a greater reallzatuon of our part un the war effort Our dauly sale ot war bonds and stamps averaged S50 OO Although nn our busnness enterprxse we realized no :mme dnate profnt from the handlnng of much money rn the future we shall receive our reward that of lute lnberty and the pursult of happuness after the present world conflict ns over Seated llett to rughtl Mass Bnnstueld, Mclntyle, Johnson, Cullum, Scho fueld, Crover, Bolt Standnng llett to nghtl Thompson, Good, Llttle, S Preston, Carr, Moltz, B Preston, Cornwell 55 Assistant Treasurer ..,..,....... Gertrude Johnson , , I I T THE STAMP CLUB The main Idea ot the Stamp Club ot l943 was to gave xntormatlon and encouragement to the followers of the very popular hobby ot phulately The hobby at stamp collecting has enlarged our vusuon broadened our knowledge and rn various other ways enrnched our llves As we examune the pages between the cover ot an album we duscover that we are lured unto a world of enchantment We see the world at a very small cost through stamps As a phllosopher once wrote Twlce happy as the man who collects postage stamps tor he has two worlds ln which to lnve Ottucers Presldent Norval Vollrath Vuce President Ray Cave Treasurer James Fletcher Sponsor Mass Loulse Moore Seated lleft to ngl-wt' Vesely Cave Mlss Moore Valrath Vrzallk Standing llett to rught Jewel Parlsh Coen Caudlll Huff 56 I I Secretary .....,................... Leo Vrzalik , X T ART CLUB The Art Club was organized wrth one mann purpose In mlnd that belng to create nn the munds of those Interested a greater appreclataon for the beauty In nature and the objects around us whlch build an envlronment for our everyday work Ot course the dltferent members were Interested an varuous fuelds ot art Some of us studled cartoonung others preferred dress deslgnnng lnterror decoration commercnal advertlslng and free hand drawing Slnce one s personality ns reflected ID hrs drawings we have had a great opportunity to express our thoughts and by so doing translate them unto a worthwhlle form All of us drd not produce a masterpnece of tune art but we dld develop a deep appreciation for those thnngs which are created wnth good prunclples of art as a background Secretary Treasurer Sally Rausch Reporter Ann Charles Smuth Sponsor Mass Mvldred Gebhardt Seated lleft to nghtl Mltchell Kralco Reed Mlss Gebhardt Rausch Zulo Smnth Standlng lleft to rughtl Schekles Standuford Holcomb Davus Ford Shaw 57 I I 4 I I I I I l v I President , .....................,... John Reed FIRST AID CLUB Thus yeor for the fnrst time o Furst And Club wos orgonuzed It grew ropudly nn membershup untnl nt had to be duvuded unto two sectnons wnth Mass Walker os sponsor of one sectnon ond Mrs Muller os sponsor of the other The members hove proctuced bondognng from heod to foot Before the yeor wos over they were olso oble 'ro put on ol! ofthe different kunds of splnnts ond to gave ortufnciol respnrotnon Presudent Jerry Krogco Sponsors Mrs Mormon Maller Mass Moyfneld Wolker Seoted lleft to nghti Schontz Brondhoff Fyle Cook Wullunghom Dorman Tobnn Srondmg lleft to rughti Hughes Lo Penotuere Muss Walker Gerdom Fox West Armstrong Krolco Novotno Fltzpotnck 58 Vice-President ........,........... Ello Novotno b THE BLUE AND GOLD CLUB The Blue and Gold Club was organuzed to gave tlfe under classmen an opportunnty to study school pap r crganlzatlon and publlcatuon lt was also our oblectlve to help the regular Blue and Gold staff We publnshed a luttle paper entltled The Blue and Gold Junuor Here we endeavored to present a cross sectlon of students opinions and Ideas on varsous school pr lems The freshmen and sophomores have learned to tvpe cut stenculs and to work the mlmeograph Our goal as a club was to pave the way for a larger and better Blue and Gold for the future Presndent Betty Unger Secretary Peggy Manley Treasurer Ruth Dugund Sponsor Mass LaRue Schnauble Seated 'left to nght' Chalone Norris Dugund Manley Unger Holden Znd row llett ta rrghtl Muska Fe,far Muss Schnauble Magness Denton Brantner 59 . 6 . A I . , . . . . A , I I Vice-President .............,.... Herbert Denton DANCING CLUB Presvdent Gussue Goodman Vnce Presndent Eleanor Brown Secretary Eleanor Grler Sponsor Mrs Louella M Coale Organnzed for the purpose of learnnng and teachnng others how to dance our club took :ts place In the role of school actuvutles Those of us who had danced before helped members who were anxnous to learn Many of us had on opportunnty to practnce new and dufferent steps Varlous methods and ndeas were used for choosing and selectmg partners Among the most popular was the matchlng of famous characters 60 Treasurer .....,................... Oliver Boyer Il ll ' ' I During the course of the year we bouglwt new records to be used for school purposes Attendance at our regular dances Improved as a result ot the efforts of the dancing club Seated 'left to rughtl Justus Rnclwards Shue Tucker Boyer Brown Goodman Gruer Boyer Cooper Ray Pender Krauss Morns Blevins Znd Standnng lleft to rnghtl Hartzell Welsh Cronm Wagner Preston Krauss Gruer Delap 3rd Standmg lleft to nghtl Unger McCarney Wheeler Pyle Reed Wrught Staples Halstead Cronnn Adams Tucker Wrught Pyle Brown Pres ton La Penohere 61 I I V I V I I I Zacek, Thomas, Barnes, Toner, Mrs. Coale, Kotras, Ford, l-lummell, Breeden, I Q V I I I I I I I I I I - I I I ' DRAMATIC CLUB Presldent Roland Long Vuce Presndent Anne Roberts Secretary Phyllns Wertman Sponsor Mass Dorothy Brooks After a successful year we owe many thanks to Muss Brooks for her patlence wnth us durnng the past months Under her durectnon many of the members have become quute good at usung make up They can gxve one the appearance of an old person a young person or almost anythnng they wash She also has taught us the art of arranging stage furniture how to stand so that the auduence can hear and the secrets of good acting The club gave a program at an assembly and also at the P T A Both were rather successful Thus pleased all of us because we worked very hard to make It a good show 62 Treasurer ....,.......,.... Margaret Willoughby The following poem sums up the activities of the club: On January l9th we all swarmed unto room 2 To see lust what the dramatnc club would do We gave It a name That had lots of fame And elected our officers too We had lots of fun Smearung make up on Doing plays and puppets too Wllloughby P Wertman Asher Ollver 7nd row lleft to rughtl Jacobs Smlth Gllbert J Wertman Justus Worthmgton Franco Duff Mortez 3rd row lleft to right! Thomas Ford Cullum Brann Morrls Zocek 63 H H V I I II ' ll - I ll ' II l Seated lleft to rightl Leslie, Cranln, Mlss Brooks, Roberts, Long NALMOST EIGHTEENH P Directed by 2 - i-it fs N x Mrs. Louella Coale and Miss Dorothy Brooks On May l4th lwith the permlsslon of North Western Pressl the cast of the sensor play ALMOST EIGHTEEN felt the thrall of the curtaun s open mg for one of the last perform ances un whuch the class of 43 ess' would partucupate The stage settrng was the llvung room of the Barry home where we met Eddle Barry lreally Roger Staples! who was almost eughteen sympathlzed wnth hum nn has many problems hrs relatlonshup wnth hls :deal Ann and wnth Sally has quarrels wnth the handsome Tommy Granvulle hrs desnre to become a second Bang Crosby has dnsgrace so keenly felt when the domnnatlng Mrs Granvnlle and Mr Merrltt the professor anded by Mass Dalrymple added to Eddle s humlllatson We laughed wlth Eddne but we heaved a sngh of relnef when he came out on top ln Mr Wnlluam Barry we saw a typical father who showed has loyalty to Eddue aim even though he could not 'Weill' always understand the modern M generatlon G r a c e Barry Eddnes mother was always ' 'P truce Eddles older slster my amused us when she became embarrassed because of her younger brother s conduct 64 -. -Q .iff . . 4 n r I I - r 1 - . . , 5 s, . . Il ' Il ll ' Il I ' 4 H I A , I 1 . . . 1 . . . ' . ' . I I . . ll ' I ll ' ' ' ' fl ' Il I ' I ll Il ' ' ll ll . I 4' - 11 - 11 " " ' V gg..-'Ni W' . S, . Q- mf: frpikiv ,giiilm x if rj . . g Q l I My ix 5 ' iv, Q - 5 . Mun' W A ,K v I ' K .ssHw' Y' t A 11 - 1 11 I . ' ig, -. , s n. , .A ,Wg r 1 "tak1ng up for her son". Bea- 9 .4 - ff M f ff - 1, V Q r 2 ft' A laugh was heard from the audience every time George, the lazy uncle, walked into the room. ln spite of his faults, we could not help liking his "happy-go-lucky" nature. We were also interested in seeing whether or not Mabel Warren would "catch" George. "ALMOST EIGHTEENH will be remembered by directors cast stage crew and members of the senior class as a high spot ot the year Eddie lAlmost l8l Roger Staples Mr William Barry lEddie s fatherl Allen Reed Mrs Grace Barry lEddie s motherl Dorothy Ford Beatrice lthe older Barry l Helen Bennington George lthe lazy unclel Roger Halsted Sally lAnn S rivall Lelia Shaw Tommy Granville lEddleS rivall Henry Boyer Mrs Granville lthe domineering society ladyl Mary Ford Mabel latter Georgel Dorothy Hughes Mr Merritt lthe professorl Barry Cronin Mrs Dalrymple Rosemary La Penotiere 65 I I ' ll ' Il ' I ' Il II ' Ann lEddie's ideall ................................. Eleanor Brown , . . VICTORY CORPS Along wuth boys ond gurls from oll over the country mony pupuls of Aberdeen mode opplucotuon for membershup un the Vuctory Corps In order to become members ut wos necessory to be engoged un some octuvuty reloted to the Notuon s wor effort Supported ond guuded by o commuttee composed of porents teochers ond pupuls our members pledged to perform communuty wor servuces wuthun the reoch of eoch unduvuduol s obuluty ond experuence As port of our Vuctory Corps program pre unductuon courses uncludung pre flught oeronoutucs mechonucs ond electrucuty were odded to our regulor curruculum Emphosus wos ploced upon the umportonce of courses un mothe motucs ond the scuences ln oddutuon to our regulor competutuve sports for both boys ond gurls o broadened progrom for physucol futness wos oruentoted ond developed Eoch pupul un the hugh school lunless he suffered from some physucol honducopl portucupoted un othletucs three peruods every week Wuth Lueutenont Roymon from the Morylond Munute Men un chorge cu mulutory compony wos formed guvung the boys of Aberdeen Hugh School on opportunuty to drull ond leorn mulutory procedure Our oim os members of the Victory Corps hos been to unite in the total wor effort ond to prepore ourselves for future services to our country. 66 MAY COURT I QUEEN Janice Wertman Attendants Senlors Sophomores Gwendlyn Ruchards Dons Burns Dorothy Toner Dl Gussne Goodman D2 Juniors Freshman Maruan Cronin Mary Vesley Ann Roberts Dorothy Bowman May Day Pageant The Sprung Fanry and her assistants prepared the settung and supervlsed the crownung of the Queen of the May T entertain her Malesty and the ladies of the court they evoked the many Inhabitants of Toyland to perform Dolls of every description Colonial French Ballet Scotch Norweguan came nn numbers and danced both merrily and prettuly for theur Queen 67 2 46: H ul . 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I I I ' PATRONS A Frlend Mrs J E Geary Mrs F O Mltchell Carl Freeman and Mrs A F Rupken and Mrs M Cullum and Mrs Howard Olrver N Paul Cronln Wllmer Cronun Mrs Tervls Greenland Mrs FrankW Standlford Mrs John W Rrchards and Mrs Edward Brandhoff r Rlchard Soule and Mrs W R Schotleld Mrs Marlon L Muller and Mrs Allen C Lewls and Mrs Roger Gllbert and Mrs Harold Avenll Mlss Paullne Burns Offncer Ben Ray Mr and Mrs HarryL Craumer and Mrs B G Halsted W Kendall Duff J Alvln Sample T J Welsh and Mrs L A Vrzallk and Mrs F Srmnk and Mrs J Vaters Louls Kralco and Mrs J Hoza and Mrs A Ulehla Mrs M Muska Mr and Mrs Hynek Zacek Mass B Lrzal Mr and Mrs Charles Novotna Mlssl Ordon and Mrs Mr and Mrs Cyrll Kotras Mrs L Cabllk Mrs J Rypar Mr and Mrs Davud F Ollver Mr and Mrs John Kromer Mrs Maude Graham Mr Harry Walker Mlss D M Brooks Mr and Mrs John W Mears Lt and Mrs W M Stephens Mr and Mrs Earl Prrce Mass Mayfleld Walker Mr Burdell Preston J Dr R A Tressler Charles Hlob and Mrs H L Bennungton r and Mrs R L Toner and Mrs Thomas Carver and Mrs J C Shaw Mlss Ellzabeth A Keller and Mrs Ollver P Boyer and Mrs H H Boyer and Mrs H A Barnes and Mrs A B Reed Marvln Gross and Mrs Wllllam Kollender Ball Fntzpatrlck Mrs Sadls Gardner Capt and Mrs C B Goodman Margaret Goodman Mr and Mrs C A Brown Mr and Mrs Burdell Preston S Mrs NellaG Mrnnlck Mr and Mrs A D Sanner Mrs Mary E Sonner Mrss LaRue L Schnauble and Mrs Archle L Tharpe and Mrs J E Worthrngton Carlton D0Orr'nar1 Wllluam Doorman and Mrs Alfred Tobln and Mrs Emmert Tobnn Mass Dorothy Brown Mass Madelle Brown A and P Tea Company Mr and Mrs Howard Wrlght Mass Lourse Moore Mr and Mrs Luther Hummel Mass Ethel Evans Lacy and Atherton Helen Shepherd Roxue and Lucllle Bartlett Marcella Hummel Pvt Cyrll Bellensky Mnss Vlrgunla Brunsfleld Mnss Thelma C McVey Mess Mnldred Gebhardt Mr Donald Lewls Mass Helen Cronln Mr and Mrs J T Ford Mlss Forward Mrs Buelah B Adams F and Son . . , Mr, ' Nl , . . . Mr, ..,' Mr, . Mr. , , Mr. , . . Mr. . A ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' . Mr, ' ' Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . . , . ' Mr. . . . . , ' Mr. ' Mr, . Mr, . ' ' M . ' Mr. ' ' ' Mr, . . . ' . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' , . . . Mr, . ' . . , , Lt. and Mrs. J. C. Mims Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Wertman Mr. . . . ' , Mr. , Mr. . ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . , . ' Mr. , . Mr. Mr. . . . ' Mr. ' ' Mr. .." Mr. . ' Mr. , . Mr. . ' Mr. , ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . . , , r. 68 KDUCD1HCDOCNKDO-C:-0-QixjxiXx30Q-o3cx91x30C03o31CD1m3031rCXm3rxCxx31K1:31hQ17Q0C1b31 BUY War Bonds and Stamps CONSTRUCTION COMPANY THE HARFORD DEMOCRAT ABERDEEN, MD BEL AIR, MD Compliments of MERRELLS, Inc. Stationers to the CIcJss of I943 EMPIRE :Sf Compliments f COCA COLA BOTTLINC: WORKS HAVRE DE GRACE MARYLAND HECHTS HARDWARE STORE r f W HAVRE DE GRACE MARYLAND CHESAPEAKE COURT COTTAGES ONE OF AMERICAS FINEST ROUTE 40 HAVRE DE GRACE MARYLAND CHARLES C NELSON TELEPHONES 567 568 Q ya-04:30-G1rCXJCJ03-KKDO-QDOCXKZJOZQKDKb302030C1x3021m24xGoQcbC1bQ021bC1r30C1rCxb-Q1b24r34r303i QHCJOC1 N 11 yb30-iDo20Z1J3031b3KD1b54h:1K31bCD4b31KD1hcg J3054KD03-1mCXb30c3-1xCxb3fhCDfxD050CXxQ-fbC, bg JC54 Hg 7C?P3P3XN'517Q'71DC71?37CDiiiiP3PE47iX7317C?l'C31PC7fCPi7CD17E17Z1J'i1KD1Kjl347'i4PQ717517EPEi7'3iPiOlEl7l'ff P9 . O X I i 2 X 7, X 1 X P' Y V Deolers in Y x l-lordwore, Points, Vornishes, Enomels, l-louse Furnishings, X Elec ric Appliances, Roofing, Spouting ond Sheet Me ol ork I I X I Mono ing Owner 730C7l3030303cb31x30CD1l303iJCXbC1KD1J3J-CD1D-Cb4AsD031b-34:QD4J34:31bZ1KD1bCD031vCbcx31r51:'g wCD4K7h30nDcz-31KD1KDOG-0Cxx31Cxx3oCxKDOCxx303cxD0-CJ-rH 5C3OC7YQD'1l515CD1YiXiQ5Kii!C3R!'CXil5!'31PQX5Q3K5l1'CXYC71PK'34iQ51K345434ik7730'C-PiK3KYCXK315Q3iP?721RYJKlC?!X h l l ' To t e C ass o 43 l om tokung this opportunity of wishing each and every one of you the best of luck in your lite's work. Remember always, "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Florence E. La Penoti Every Harford High School graduate has had 4V2 years more education than the average man and woman in Harford That s why the Harford Gazette us the favorute newspaper of Harford s young people Compluments f C B OSBORN 81 SONS ABERDEEN MARYLAND MARYLAND GARAGE D F ROWE C7 SON for economical transportation SALES SERVICE PHONE l68 ABERDEEN MD X 1 l I u u I 0 . . 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N 2 , Q ,Z 3 A M 2 Q - O Q A 0 - O Q Q N 0 S o Q 5 O Q ,O , ,,wywfgs0fswf YV xxbo-qxK51xrwKw:x ' Q ifm3021343-03-1bio-QD-1X31l-QDOZOCHOEOGOCXmCXmCXbCXbCXxCYb20CD03-1KD0C7-OC0CxrCH031bC-1HCH031bCxbi1 7-3031 'gnu-1 51 fx gmcxmoccxaccxxcocxxocxyryramomcocwcooooooccaooocxworxbocxncpcmocwocwomcnfxbcmexoocvooooocgoooc my SHOES From the Foctorv Durecf to You A HUNDRED THOUSAND SCHOOL GIRLS LIKE SADDLE OXFORDS FOR EVERYTHING FROM MONDAY CLASSES TO SATURDAY NIGHT DANCES S49 Iiata FACTORY SHOE STORE BELCAMP MARYLAND Compliments f W. CONNELLEE PHONES 262 212, 238 TWO GOOD PLACES TO EAT HUTNER'S RESTAURANT or HOME Lunch ond Soda Founfom ROOMS FOR TOURISTS ABERDEEN, MD xC0-30Clx20c31w21x303rm3031KD4x-34h3020Cb1wZ04D021PC1r317COCDOC-1r30G0-CD030Cb030C-1rCb03030-cDOC1 Rexx, I-g,rQ KD-Ocx 45030434KDKKD-OCX:-Cb0G1KD1KD1KD1KD0CXxD031x34KD-1mCD-cKD1mCX7-4D0Q1bCYm4D1m31m31wCD-1w31m31x21x31x5- D-CD-04, rG03oCD0-4304.24 - xxcix xjxwcx ,K fAxf :mu A 'po-Tux, M Q Q Q Q Q I Y N Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q - . - rv I - , Q Q Q . 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I I I HC! X31LxxD01DOCJOCbixcxhiofboiir3030C70CD03030502-rixixx5J51i1rJ1X3x51Cxx-c3031a-C71r51K3-1K 7531! 'wxbofiboiboim m31xDoCb0C70'Q51KDOCH1 H-mix!-xD031xcDoCxrCD-021mCyCXx30C5o34K3CXrCbsCxh31r3bCJoCb1r31h303cx1J-Q-1r31x31bCx DRINK P013 ULAR CL UB Dlsuclous GINGER ALE FLAVOR THAT PLEASES TOPS IN FAMOUS MAKE APPAREL FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN THE ISI' HUB FOR A GOOD RELIABLE JEWELER TRY SVEJDA S 2340 E MONUMENT STREET BALTIMORE MD d I O6 -I S5 OO U Il x Ig III Il A Si , . I Il I 1 I F I . . , 1 Estoblnshe 9 We remourmf your du d - -d I I4 Lmtmgs . up C I1 d d You get more for less money here SmoIIer Prof ts - Low Overhead - Personal Servuce y7lY37l0l03Yl0lf7CX5li1Y3KD4ifKD1llfYEP50lJl0373Di0l17i1Di13E1PE17Sf7lPE1KDCYEif KDOCDOCDO-Cxx iQ Compliments of W. N. ADAMS 8k SON I 89 1943 K ALES ERVICE ATISFIES CANNED FOODS ALBERT W SISK 8x SON Q l 1 ' ' 1 ' - 1 ' WITH OUR SINCERE BEST WISI-IES CORDIALLY YOURS STEWART 8 Ell JENKINS' 20 W REDWOOD STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Monufocturers of ABERDEEN I-IIGI-I SCHOOL RINGS ond PINS "bwQ-0, --. -.Si -Y , Q fq'boC.pA-L,w--Lg'-xi . 'j rsuga-X xs- I 1 I x3-02043bCb0C031h3cK3w3fr3173051r31bC0cD4mQ1x3t7Q1b21h34K1 x73'KYl17i031lZD'Ki'CJ1KDOliZiJ31P3ilKKD17CX7ZK3Z1l21P3537303K737i03OEK?KD'17CX!i03KD'KFCNCPOZOSK Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q L1 K1 HOOD COLLEGE HENRY I, STAHR, A.M., DD, LL.D PRESIDENT Accredited college for women. AS. ond BS. in Home Economics. Teocher-training courses to meet speciol needs growing out of the wor emergency. Twelve modern welleequipped buildings. I25 ocres. For Cofologue REGISTRAR HOOD COLLEGE FREDERICK Run Right to READ S For oll your Drug Store Needs 226 N WASHINGTON STREET HAVRE DE GRACE MARYLAND The Unlversuly ol Baltimore Extends Congrotulot ons TO THE CLASS OF I943 If we con be of ossustonce to ony member of your closs pleose feel free to coll upon s H Piiiibibiibibibiiblibi !20Z1Kf1iK30iXi3 Q Q Q Q Q Q 35451131 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q . Q F - Q Q . ' I Q - Q . Q Q - D N Q Q Q Q ' Q Q C Q Q 2 I Z S D Q 5i1iliZ02150Z1lC31liK737CZK5Z037Z1751!2ii0E3CDf7Zlli1 woe YTPCD1 KfXi173iZ1i05iP3OZ4PZ03X3KP3bii73PCXK3i3K1DZ051PE1PZlKK30CXC7'O3i7Z1PZlbZfbkD0CDIlC7131K 74.POL3730lEKi1!Z'O35f50CDi5f'3fif'5iPf54if'51 lCb0CJOCD1rCZv0G0303tKDOCb0-CJ-OCXr3r303x3cG03r2ri0G1Cxx3031r3i31Cb0Cix3C-nrC1lQ1G1m3iJ-G1731 ik Complnments of F. O Mitchell 81 Brother PERRYMAN, MARYLAND Compliments of Western Maryland College WESTMINSTER MARYLAND vi? H KDOC lCXKD050317204D1K3xG05iKD1KD0C70-G031KD-1KD1JSOQDOCOZOGOSOQDOCXKDKmCD05fKD1C203030503-1rCXh5031rZ4731r51m51Kyx5r31r31x31mC-1 13043 Q Q O Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q l 3 xt xt Q Q O Q Q C5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q O 2 . 5315biibiibiibifbifbibiiiiPCD1bC?4i1lZ037Z15317C7iDiii'054KD173DZ1iZ137Z17i1J50375Kb43iY5KP5OEKbQD'0C71!E1bf?1!EiKPC?KDC7OE1iKY37Efb3133P3n xCD030CXr30cD0-C3031xQZv0CD-OCDOSUG-0-303031:-31rC5030CXKD1KDOCDOS1K3-0-30c3hCJOCXxG0-G1xD031bC1hC3x31 Where Every Bute Is Just Rnght FORD'S RESTAURANT ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Sea Food Chicken and Steak Dinners Our SpeclaIty Ou Best W shes To Each Membe ofthe Class of 1943 GRIERS ESSO SERVICENTER HOME GROCERY Grocernes Meats Produce ABERDEEN MARYLAND CARRS TAXI CASE SERVICE I I g 24 HOUR SERVICE PHONE 320 ABERDEEN MD A i3ig2!!lk,J!llg2lKJ1bf2Of2l2iXi1P'ZK1ZP51lCDKbZ'1ZK H lg! igl gl' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q C N Q U, ' II E 0 Q T3 o ' Q 'EQ 3 ' I H23 fl 2 ' " ' rn -- o Ig gg 3 3' - I 3 W I 3 'Eg o Q U' Q '1 Q II II Q I Q. Q Q, I 2 JICDXG1 b21b54l30CP47C17CD1J5031r34x'3D1b304D1m31K3KhCDtb3tm31K31 JC:-OCX bCnQ03h3131b-3J-31C03x3DC0c3lC1h3l3JCXH3rHG03cx3l31Q1x31K3h33-Cho-CD0-3-0-LD0-CX:-3063-1131 Compliments of The White Globe Phnlodelphno Boulevord ot Fronklln Street ABERDEEN, MARYLAND EXCELLENT FOOD REASONABLE PRICES COURTEOUS SERVICE Village Restaurant Mr ond Mrs RobertT Schneider Props WE SPECIALIZE IN SEA FOOD IO PHILADELPHIA BOULEVARD ABERDEEN MD ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll - . Q . ll ll ll . ' ll l 3 xt A xt ll ll - V ll Q L ll ll Q . Q ll ll L Q ll Q . ll g,o4K34,C,,O4,.O0O0O4,Q0Q4K90O0o0434,o0cx,oocz,cx,oo-ocx3c:o1morrJmworxcbocbocyrxcnwwooowwcbwxbmrcnmxcbocxxoooooooocxfcx cccoococ 3:5 331illiii721721KDK7CXP3KD1!iK75'C73750'3730i17' Il7373P3PZ17333fP30E173J3P3ll73 FOLEY'S PHARMACY Prescription Specialists HAVRE DE GRACE, MD. PHONE 290 J. DAVIS, QA-Afef Gifts for aII Occasions Jewelry and Watch Repairing a Specialty I42 N WASHINGTON STREET I-IAVRE D GRACE Compl ments f COLONIAL HOTEL HAVRE DE GRACE MARYLAND BUICK AUTOMOBILES LEE S GARAGE PERRYMAN MD I , E I I Phone 263 I I I I 1 I O I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I a!KIlf!Il0K1'.I '!C?0K1l0iY?Ili3kT2i!KIi5LTJ0K1li!l'I'iPiiY20'CP1Pf2iPfl50kT2i!1JiPfl5175f7f2i?'1l0f245C2i?K.TiJ30KIli?fIi?f51 Lx :ol I bCb1lGOCb11-3tb-31b302030G021b31b21PCX!CXh-3021h31r31K3Kh311-C-1hCbiKD1bCXrC1J-G1KDOG1b-GOG030Cb031bC-1KD1 I'1'1 ITIFI BEL AIR RECREATION CENTER Lu ches Bowl gAIIeys B IIIords BELAIR MARYLAND KELLEY BEVERAGE COMPANY CARBONATED BEVERAGES ALL FLAVORS PEPSI COLA DUB L VALU ORANGE Havre de Grace Maryland II CORPORATION BALTIMORE MD Dredglng Consfruchon Englneerlng DISTRIBUTORS OF Sond Grovel Stone C ecol og 754DE5513ifiiiPCXX31X3455473731DCE33051P51,ChiX303iiiP5051XCD13333351737312i5i!Z1iii30Z0431iZKP31PE1lZK7CDilCbii31lZ1liOEi7315051, 3 Co pli e ts of I I I . .. Q n - In - I I I Q I I I I I I I I Telep one R22 I I I I I I TI-IE ARUNDEL I Q , . I I . . . . S - - II ond I I I I - - 3 ond 3 ommri SI I 5-A. HA. HAY, AY.. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q LUMBER HARDWARE VIELE AND COMPANY ABERDEEN I69 DU PONT PAINTS FEED COMPLIMENTS TO THE SENIORS ABERDEEN RESTAURANT ABERDEEN MARYLAND MELVILLE SCOTT and SON GENERAL INSURANCE VIELE BUILDING Abe dee Phone 231 WESTWOOD FARMS DAIRY Posteuruzed Mulk ond Creom REFRIGERATORS ICE BOXES ABERDEEN MARYLAND 1 I - F n I I I I I I I ywgvofeo-:xr-:im-:-WZA, : ld P30l30ZOE1Z1Z3CXlCI7CD034 iDO3Z03050EK3iD3KD03lEO30Z037C7K7EOZ1i1iKlZ1iiPCDilCb1lCX7CD1bCJ1l3!CXlEK 332251535135 33351 Pi13'CD'K7'CDO'EOSKYEfi'i03KP3331233031i31Pi47li750202020SO'E1730iKKDK7iil3KYE1Z4Pl17li21lEK7i1PZ1 PLYMOUTH DE SOTO COLONIAL MOTOR CO. CHRIS P. SMITH Phone 56 PHONE T84 ABERDEEN, MD. NEW TASTE THRILLS MARYLAND R E STA U RA N T NEXT TO ESSO STATION HENRY TARRING 8 SONS Etblhdl 9 FUNERAL DIRECTORS FURNITURE AND GENERAL ELECTRIC HARDWARE REFRIGERATORS ABERDEEN MARYLAND Lady Ruth Beauty Shoppe M ZOTOS FREDERIC FISCHER PERMANENTS ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CULTURE bi 721if551ifKDOCjl33ZOZOCE7Z1ZKiZ1lEO3733ZiZ1i7ii7547i1P51P372iYZiYiK?51Z17ZKl5174DOEKX33Z1751351333ZKJ'E1lZiiZiP51P513EOE'03ZK COC! s o is e 88 I Phone I I5 Ido oe Turnbough, Proprietress I I Phone - 30 Aberdeen x31CNr-3021KD031KD1n309cm-31iNiNKNCNKD1fyfJxCxm:0CxCHmG1fHiX130-CJ03I03t20CJ12l Compliments of BERMAN'S DEPT. STORE ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Compliments of ' LIVEZEY LUMBER CO. ABERDEEN MARYLAND ACADEMY RECREATION CENTER ABERDEEN MARYLAND RESTAURANT C1 BOWLING ALLEYS E DELL 81 COMPANY DRUGGISTS ABERDEEN MARYLAND I I New Modern -:- Sound Proof Populor Restouront Prices Bowl For Your Heolth P. J. 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