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4 X 3 N 'f's'f' 'fil21:'Vf?'3i'! L , ,425 1 fx I 3id""" 3 . f m V f -Ellswgtupsx 1- Qfggssff- f 9,4 gf- .M- Q- 1- 1' f J , gliia'-,155 ai wfv+1's-fffwf .,, 2. Af, ,, 1 My L . K ,f1...'...,Q, K ,. .ff ,suave-,v-Vg an--'fqnfg' wi 4 fe ,1- "fiQ"g-Pffiqsf ,+'PTwz+ fav' ' Pnl, . 4 Fave 1, W ,V M- , - 'uw-"f , ,.i-2gflfAfK- X. . . .V A+ an , -2 f , J " ? 1 fp ' g .jfw - ff V A K N,,am., vw' 5 f N, ,ba -. 7 J Q-ff" 'K Q :I- f-,nu-v-1-f .D Q' K wg , . . I ki Q F, ,V as V if gf : wg sg , A ig- fwr " ' , - " I '4 . f ' 4 V 9 U I L Y A ,,,f,Zfslg K '-jg' 1'-' '1 khan an 71-if 5 E 5 i , 4 li 2 E E a 5 1 4 2 v 4 7 fffraffffj W 3,'eg',,VA'-g5j?n31f , '- ,gf Wy. 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A ..,,, ,W H-Q-n""'-wwf f'V""g' wk A, .. . , iw' ,ie ,S 4' www., M" www 419' .JL-up kgrfm F-..n1.. ...Quad -.- L-'-u4.,,,,,,g W 5 "T""'-ff--a...,,1 '-A -...Q 4' K Qmwc ,X W?-...Q 5 L' 1 V 1 I 'Y "Q 9-rf' ,MJF A 'S f T - -.J , ' ,L A ., -3 ' I A, "' 'W-N4 V ,,.' i 'V ' ' I I .5 fj"""-vn::.f:4T"' "'4"5'B-....'fq.4 ' A M-ug' f W 1 1-4-,,,3 ' ,q Q f A ,ev T1 fl HL 5'f"'A -"--ww-1-J' F A wi., A ,, J. M 41- THE I964 WOL ERI E Published By HENRY ABBOTT REGIONAL VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL FACULTY . . SENIORS . UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES . . ATHLETICS . . OUR PATRONS CGNTENTS Page 9 Page 29 Page 55 Page 67 Page 77 Page 95 .W va . NN . , Q.,-'us vw - Ljfa V' , 39 ,L - . 141 ' ' 2 , ,' ' 1. ' ' . . lv 'ff fa ' 1' 'tw wj,Jgg:'? ,,,s'.ij W , , , .- .nilf 1 'X -' , ' ' A ,- 'f K Mr' kr '5 Y w F ' M 'if'-.ii -- 43.5 . -ar -4 ,, M -j 5' ww, - W' df' .A-IM 1 ww Aff '55, ' :V J 421- , , V ,, U ,ff --Y., " " 33f'11"',f?i' f f 1 L 'x 'xiii 'N A - wr- .Q xg - ij! K ,. ,Ag A H S, 1, ,w ' L 2 , .mil frggpyf , q 42 , Q 5i '?1,f:f' ' 5632, ' ' A .Q 9, ' -fr Q X 1 ' iigmzzf ., Li G f .4 . " Q X , if-E-N. 'jg V we ff 'mf 5 Q 3 Q Ln -,..v'2 ' ' ,-,J lf ., M" W - "'A 'T - 5,14 5 wif may ' ' .Av 54 '-I ' 'Fifi , L-1 Q if 5257 H X1 4-'ff ji V ew. U ' ' -S I M ,.. fr ,gg 'wc is up 1, . 2. A? .'g4,js ,:gy,M My 4 - f 5"2'ff R ,af ,in fu .N ,1 2 Q' y Fir ly , Y l"5f24l'f-wf51Q. wx 'M ,gf ff 9 fffzgpii 1.50 xy? , fa. My ' 1A?"5'x M 4' ,M Q .A J 3, my ,Muze 5 ,YA ,. VM- - gf, HZ"-g 9- ., f - 441 'KA-3,15 V 7.5 M.r, :,:ffff-H. N rv W' L.-lx V 115 I F' H' fr iff' zcggqm L WWQK , ,ff IN MEMORIAL AND APPRECIATION The hrittal assassination of john Fitzgerald Kennedy, the thirty- fifth President of the United States, has provided a moment of tritth when man siiddenly is confronted with himself. How long this mood will prevail or how deeply it has penetrated into the pithlic conscience remains to he determined hy fittiire history. Bat we do know that for a time, the people of the world have heen forced to look inwardly at themselves while hamhly paying their respects to the martyred Presi- dent. As it is pathetically characteristic with good things which are taken for granted itntil 'they are removed or missed, so it was with the late forty-six year old President. The coitntry learned, in death, how ex- tremely popitlar Mr. Kennedy and how mitch the nation and world had either conscioitsly or anconscioasly heen influenced hy his idealism, integrity, strength, coiirage, and personality of yoiith. The great tragedy is that not only has the coiintry lost a President, hat also a family is left withoitt a father. As the memhers of the Class of 1964 leave Henry Ahhott Technical School, soon to start life on their own, they come to realize the many things that their parents have done for them. It is with deepest gratitade to oar parents who have provided its with knowledge, inspiration, and reassitrance - remorse for the late john Fitzgerald Kennedy, a devoted and wonderfitl father, whose ideals and standards will he goals for fittnre generations to strive to attain - that we dedi- cate the 1964 edition of "The Wolverine." 5 MR. JOHN A. ROBINSON Director On behalf of the Staff, I extend to each and every one of you con- gratulations and our best wishes for success and happiness in the years ahead. The education and training that you have received at Abbott Tech. have prepared you to meet the problems of the technological areas that lie ahead. This attainment has been made possible by the devotion of your parents, the conscientiousness of your teachers, and by your own determined effort. What you have received here is yours. Build on this foundation for a more satisfying life for yourself, your family and your com- munity. ..,-'-"""' ' John A. Robinson Director 6 MR. PHILIP N. HADLEY Guidance Coordinator Mr. Otto A. Truderung is Supervisor of Adult Education and directs that program at the school. These programs include supplemental trade training for those employed at the trade, related training for apprentices, a Technical Institute pro- gram leading to an Associate Degree and re-train- ing programs for the upgrading of adults in speci- fic skills. Mr. Truderung was formerly head of the Archi- tectural Drafting Department at the school. Guidance Coordinator, Mr. Philip N. Hadley Mr. Hadley is the director of admissions at Henry Abbott Tech. It is his job to test perspec- tive students, to interview them and their parents, and to assist each one individually in choosing his shop. Mr. Hadley also acts as counselor for the students by helping them with personal as well as school problems. MR. OTTO A. TRUDERUNG Supervisor of Adult Education MR. HENRY WENT Class Advisor We the class of 1964 are deeply appreciative to Mr. Went for his generosity and friendship in his untiring efforts, guidance and inex- haustible patience has made our school years a pleasant memory. 8 1 E 5 2 i H M sg 5 Ss E as 5 E as fs 5 E ef 3 as 5 if si r Q ff 5 ff 2 5 S 5 4 ff Q 12 Q ff Q in 2 3 if if Q Q 3 Q 3 1 BLUEPRINT READING R E L E E Blueprint reading is a course which pertains to all areas of the technic field, and is extremely important to the tradesmen as well as to all men industry. The primary purpose of blueprint reading is to acquaint the student w. a working knowledge of the symbols and expressions used in industry. In order to attain these objectives the course is divided into three phase To understand and interpret a blueprint intelligently, to understand and interpret and express ideas through instrumental sketches and finally to be al to gain a working knowledge of your own speciiic trade. MR. J. ARTHUR SETARO l l Ducfxrlo The science course at Henry Abbott Tech breaks down into four specific ises. In the freshman year, a general earth science is given dealing with earth and its components, the atmosphere, the other planets and the verse. In the sophomore year, basic trigonometry is taught in preparation for a dy of mechanics which involves force, motion, power, energy, and machines. addition, a study of the structure of matter is covered. During the third year, chemistry, electricity, magnetism, motors and ierators are taught. And finally, in the senior year, a metalurgical course is offered. Here we rn the properties of metals. Also, the types and their uses as well as the :ct of certain chemicals on them. MR. J. L. GAUTHEY 'rl 4.,,,'g A ,Q G fi Xl we E:MC2 ECONOMICS AND CIVICS MR. DONALD D,ANGELO With the never ending changes in our civilization a better understanding of economics is needed for successful living. In our study of economics we are becoming acquainted with investments that can be made with our funds. We also gain a better understanding of how our government functions in connection with our economic life. If every student could just learn how to spend or invest his money wisely then that mission taken upon by our instructor Mr. Donald D,Angelo would have been accomplished. English, required for four years, is designed to provide each student with a better understanding of himself, his environment, of cultures other than his own, and the ability to intelligently read and express his thoughts orally and in writing. "Undoubtedly the most singular aspect in the spectra of man is his capacity for growth: to be alive, a thing must grow, when it ceases to grow, it soon ceases to live. Life is essentially development and growth, and, con- versely, to develop and grow is to live. Hence the primary concern of educa- tion is with growth - the growth of an individual who has capacity to develop. Its major aim is to provide the conditions under which native endowments and capacities can be properly developed. Without this inherent capacity for growth in human beings, education would be impossible, when properly under- stood and utilized, it is this that gives vitality to the whole process of learning. The task of education is not to provide students with an abundance of infor- mation, for the possession of knowledge must not be viewed as an end in itself. Education, to be successful, must become a way of living that stimulates and inspires learning by active effort as naturaly as does education outside the formal confines of the classroom. Otherwise growth of the right sort - growth which involves the full development of the individual -will not take placef' ENGLISH AND SOCIAL STUDIES MR. THOMAS E. BRATTER ENGLISH AND DRIVER'S EDUCATION MR. THOMAS MACEK Civics, which is a study of our government in action, provides the student with a knowledge of the many phases of our government and the services it provides: To understand the problems and the functioning of American goernment it is necessary to inquire into the nature of relation of the states to the nation. How are powers distributed between the national and the state governments? How are new states admitted into the Union? What are the important services rendered by the states to their citizens? These topics per- taining to the federal system of government are being taught as part of the civics course. Vitally important in our rapidly changing world is a comprehensive knowledge of our English language which enables us to communicate and relate technical knowledge. Students in the early phases of the English course learn the fundamental parts of speech and their proper application. A study is also made of writings to analyze methods of expressive thought. 14 We live an an age when the growth of scientific discovery is almost explosive. ln all fields of science, the amount of factual information is increasing so rapidly, that it puts an awesome burden on the student. To develop even an elementary understanding of the scope of science requires a study from every area of scientific thought. During this period of vast tech- nological advances, it is no longer safe to assume that a particular branch of science will never have an application in a specific trade area. For this reason we must develop a good basis in the fundamentals of all branches of science with the realization that in years to come, none of this knowledge will be wasted. MATH AND SCIENCE MR. NORMAN PIERPONT MATHEMATICS MR HEINRICK BRACKER With the ever-increasing need for engineers in the wake of automation, math has become an essential requirement in almost all fields. To meet the rising demand for mathematical ability, Mr. Bracker offers a curriculum ranging in content from beginning algebra through analytical geometry and calculus. Content and method of instruction of the courses are revised to meet today's trends and needs. The late President Kennedy repeatedly stressed the necessity for physical as well as mental fitness, a strong mind in a strong body. In conforming with the national theme of physical fitness, "Coach', Garamella has stimulated and promoted an awareness of the need for physical titness in his gym classes and athletic activities. Calisthenics, tumbling, and gymnastic games, are all a part of the emphasis to build stronger bodies and create stamina. At the same time, the student is developing skills on the parallel bars and horse. CSome mention of the trampoline?J Fall, winter, and spring sports provide sufficient exercise, knowledge of the rules, practice of sportsmanship, and building of strong bodies: LIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH GRADE Push Ups Sit Ups Pull Ups Squat Jumps FRESHMAN .,........ 25 .,..,... . . . 30 ......,, ,.,,,., 4 ...,....,....,.., . 75 SOPHOMORE .,...... 35 ........ ...... 4 0 ...,..,, .,...,. 4 ..,... .,.... 9 0 JUNIOR .............,,... 50 .,...... ,...... 1 10 .,.,.... ......, 6 ...., .,,,.. 1 1 0 SENIOR ,.,......,,....... 75 ..,...., .,.... 1 10 .,.,..., .....,. 8 ...,., ...... 1 1 0 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. DANIEL GARAMELLA Q 17 AUTOMOBILE DEPARTMENT MR. ANTHONY SYMRSKI 1?-'F ' l I-5' L3 I we 5 QI 'T sv 32. T! mic - PCT. L 5 . . . , ' 732- 1?-'f: -"M W ' iz . gt- X v Q? J :I k nga.: ,,, . . . 1 , 'lu x- Students entering the Automobile Department for the first time have little knowledge of the internal combusion engine. All that is known is that the engine makes the car go. The Automoble Mechanic course at Henry Abbott Technical School recognizes all the possibilities that a young man may meet in his employment situation. The work of the first year is basic, cover- ing fundamental principles and practices with set-ups specially prepared and with visual aids. During the next three years students do the Work under close supervision on jobs brought into the shop. ww l MR. JAMES STACK The Carpentry department is divided into two sections. One is the theory and the practical work done in the school, during the Freshmen and Sopho- more years. During these first two years the students learn the theory of the trade and how to handle their tools under the direction of Mr. Thomas Dardis. The other section is the Junior and Senior section. These upper classmen having learned the theory of their trade and the handling of the tools put all these into practice outside of the school. For during these last two years the students build houses and other odd jobs for the people in the Danbury area, under the direction of Mr. Walter Went. All these years of the different train- ing has one main purpose, which is to help the Senior as he leaves Henry Abbott Tech. a fit carpenter for industry. So that he can make a success of his life in this field and also to be a credit to his parents, teacher, and his school. CARPENTRY DEPARTMENT 3. lc 5 e MR. THOMAS DARDIS MR. WALTER WENT N. X. DRAFTING DEPARTMENT MR. H. ALBERT HUNFALVY The Making of a Mechanical Draftsman Here at Henry Abbott Technical School Mr. H. Albert Hunfalvy, is successfully turning out more and more capable draftsmen every year. This year, he has the largest drafting class he has ever had, in twenty- four years of faithful service, he also has the largest graduating class in the history of the school. In four years he successfully changes a freshmanis mind into a man's thought, so that he may be able to accept the responsibilities of a man able to take his place in industry. The Drafting Trade has become a very technical and demanding field, but Henry Abbott will always be ready to fulfill industrial demands. in-f r . fA The whole world of electricity is so broad that most workers find it necessary to specialize in some small part of the work. Some become linemen for power and telephone companies, others go into factory work, installing, serving and maintaining the many electrical devices used in modern industry. Perhaps the widest span of electrical work is found by the journeyman elec- trician employed by an electrical contractor. He may be wiring a new home store, or oiiceg he may be hooking up some motors in an industrial concern or wiring a large sign on a roof. He is continually meeting new situations which call for real problem solving on his part. He must demonstrate and apply a real understanding of basic knowledge. Throughout the four years the student receives training in shop and theory to provide him with the basic skills and necessary knowledge so that industry can develop him into an experienced journeyman, and later a supervisor in the world's most expanding industry. ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT MR. JAMES WILD MR. HENRY WENT -if INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MR. GINO BONFIETTI Although the class of 1964 will be the fourth to graduate from Industrial Electronics, it will be the first to complete the four year program. The student has a variety of choices from which to select in the field of Electronics which includes radio and television servicing, or Htroubleshootingj' to electronic engineering. Radio and television are only two branches of elec- tronics, but their fundamental principles can be applied to a multitude of industrial devices. The two departmental instructors do an excellent job pre- paring students who have little difficulty being assimilated into a rapidly expanding field. The freshman and sophomore classes, taught by Mr. James DiMeglio, learn the basics of electricity through the principles of alternating and direct currents, construction of vacuum tubes, transistors, and some radio "trouble- shooting." In the junior and senior years, Mr. Gino Bonfietti, department head, teaches the principles of circuits. Upon completion of simple circuits, more complex circuits and systems are studied. The graduate from Abbott Tech's Industrial Electronics Program can either go directly into industry as a technician, or may continue his education in a technical institute or college. ...,.. i MR. JAMES Di MEGLIO MACHINE SHOP Expert and skillful machinists emerge through the patient, precise instruc- tion of Mr. Proulx and Mr. Blackburn. The beginning machine student learns first the quality product is the goal of his labors. First year machine shop students are taught the use of lathes, milling machines and grinders. Introduction to the various machines is facilitated by student projects for their own use or shop use. From construc- tion of small tools for his own use, to fabrication of new parts for repair of shop machinery, to rebuilding of parts and repair for all outside jobs, in every product form follows function with precision the keynote. The second is reserved for a wide variety of projects which give the machinist invaluable work experience in advanced machinery technique. MR. ROMEO PROULX MR. FRANK BLACKBURN MARY CHEVALLIER OFFICE STAFF Somewhere, in all complex organizations, exists a small nucleus whose only purpose is to insure smooth functioning of the entire cell. This duty lies with the Office Staff. The necessary evil of forms and paperwork must be correctly done and a communications network must be efficiently run. The office is where the telephone calls must be coordinated, information dissemin- ated, funds correctly audited, and data centralized. The Office Staff must be telephone operators, mail carriers, typists, book- keepers and information automations. They must know rules, regulations, mathematics, and English. They must be able to interpret all the complex forms or decipher reports. Many times their tasks are difficult and drab. Other times they can prove to be easy and exciting. Under the direction of Mrs. Chevallier our ship of state has kept a smooth and steady course. 'WM lf' Q a LORNA FISHER KATHERINE HANFORD DOCTOR AND NURSE Two of the most important people on the Henry Abbott staff are the school doctor and nurse. They are: Dr. Henry Blansfield and Mrs. Alberta Weinheimer. Although they are seldom seen and almost never heard from, these people are always there to treat our ills. Mrs. Weinheimer, who is on duty at the school handles all minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises incurred in the shops. More serious injuries are referred to Dr. Blansfield. We the class of 1964 wish to express our appreci- ation to them for all they have done for us. ,-ll""'-,K ALBERTA WEINHEIMER, R.N. ff? ,ff :Se i e e t I DR. HENRY BLANSFIELD, M.D CAFETERIA STAFF The best part of the school day was when the bell rang letting us know that it was time to eat. We had been sitting in our classrooms and working in the shops trying to subdue those feelings caused by the odors of delicious food which filled our nostrils, but when the signal was given we could resist no more. We charged in a body through the cafeteria doors to get at those, cakes, pies, and various treats. Under the supervision of Mrs. Mann, new and delectable dishes were prepared to satisfy our varying tastes. The pleasant smiles, quick service, and individual attention made meal times pleasure times. After we finished eating, we sat too contented and full to move. We could always count on the bell to bring us out of our moment of repose and back to work. Needless to say we always left the cafeteria slower than when we came in. HAZEL MANN RUTH THORN RUTH BALLARD JEAN HEL1T CUSTODIAL STAFF Our school building, nine years old but new in appearance, was our pride and joy. Its trim lawns, immaculate classrooms and halls were and still are something to see. The fresh paint, clean windows and spotless walls made learning easier. In the winter, the building was warm and well lit. Flickering lights were quickly replaced, the snow was removed and the ice sanded. In the spring we lounged in soft grass to relax. At night, when we had our dances and other extracurricular events, we could count on the help needed to be sure everything went smoothly. This help was from the custodians. The hard working custodians kept our school a show place and made it a home away from home. They could be seen at all hours scurrying about repairing, cleaning, and doing other duties. We were proud that they were a part of our school life. was MR. JOHN JESIONOWSKI ra ,f""'h' e :,V Q awww' Q ZV- . 'Ti 3 A MR. GEORGE DUFAULT MR. THOMAS RUCUS MR. THOMAS BALASH , ,J .A f .f e,f-,Hurwitz-zfr1t a --'- wMf,z1iMm, yswf , ff QM' Nw w Wai K, :- I 1 M , , 4 ws -4- X, E 2 3525 if IEW uri KI! s F K, 3 .M if: A,?,,.V,. ,.2q. L lu . 'Y Z, A X in 2? ,fy arf v 'E 9 is A AB ,ml if 4-al .,,. ' fx , . , 1- 4 My Q 973 ,,L 5 1:25 y .,:. gy W gi 7'1wwr7g m f N iw , ,Q .1 sf A 3 V ii: 1 gf, X ' Sw, ifwiai VJ M A A J mf- E M-W, lqli ' Q ,L , H X Q Ptfxss J' peak? '21 ,Q f ' sr: my 28 South Avenue Drafting Dept. Danbury Executive Committee 3, 4 . . . Junior Dance Committee 3 . . . Year- book Committee 4 . . . Basketball J ayvee 1 . . . Basketball Varsity 2, 3, 4 . . . Co-Capt. 4 . '. . Basketball Intramural 2, 3, 4. JOHN J . BOGUES "BOGIE', Future Plans: Mechanical Draftsmen A ROCCO A. ARBITELL f'BULL" Echo Valley Road Auto Shop Newtown Executive Committee 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball J.V. 1 . . . Basketball J .V. 1 . . . Basketball, Intramural 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Gas Station Owner 40 Liberty Street Auto Shop Danbury Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4 . . . Cross Country Manager 2, 3 . . . Soccer Manager 2, 3. PAUL BOTELHO Future Plans: Marines RICHARD M. BALLARD GGTINY3 7 - Benedict Road Electrical Dept Bethel, Conn. Junior Dance Committee 3 . . . Rifle Club l. Future Plans: Radio Repairman 30 ALAN W. BROSZ HAL!! 20 Austin Street Electronics Danbury National Honor Society 2, 3. Future Plans: College Bound DENNIS JOSEPH CARUSO "CARUS" 50 Portland Avenue Carpentry Georgetown , Gymnastic 3, 4 . . . Co-Capt. 4 . . . Soccer 4. Future Plans: Furniture Business ALBERT CAPELLARO G G 9 3 79 Mill Plain Auto Shop Danbury Future Plans: Army WILLIAM V. CASAZZA "RAGS" 46 Miry Brook Road Electrical Dept. Danbury Honor Society 2, 3 . . . Varsity Golf 1, 2, 3 . . . Captain 4. Future Plans: Seabees DIMITRI H. CHABER "DEE-DEE" Danbury-Newtown Road Electronics Danbury Soccer 2, 3, 4 . . .Track 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Waterbury Technical Institute WILLIAM JAY COVILL GGBILLYS Sandy Lane Carpentry Brookfield Future Plans: Carpenter GEORGE A. CHABER HBEAR7, 10 Peace Street Electrical Dept. Danbury Class Vice President 3, 4 . . . Executive Committee 2, 3, 4 . . . Student Council 2 . . . Yearbook Committee, Business Manager 4 . . . Basket- ball J ayvee 1, 2 . . . Captain 2 . . . Basketball Varsity 3 . . . Basketball Intramural 2, 3, 4 . . . Soccer 3 . . . Track 2. Future Plans: Electrician WILLIAM JAMES CYPHER GSZEROQ7 48 Town Hill Avenue Carpentry Danbury Track 1, 2. Future Plans: Navy 32 KENNETH R. DANISE Sunny Acres Road Bethel Executive Committee 3, 4 . . . Yearbook Ass. Business Manager 4 . . . Intramural Basketball Coach 3, 4. Future Plans: Waterbury Technical Institute CHARLES DITTRICH Marjorie Manor Danbury Yearbook Committee 4 Future Plans: "K. R. D." Electrical Dept. JAMES W. ELLIS LCJIMQS 15 M Town Hill Avenue Auto Shop Danbury Basketball Jayvee 1, 2 . . . Basketball Varsity 3, 4 . . . Cross Country 2, 3, 4 . . .Soccer 1,2 . . .Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: College 6 GFATSQ 7 Drafting Dept. . . Jayvee Baseball 1. Move back to New York and Live GEORGE A. ELWELL "GEORGE" 4 Mary Ann Drive Electronics Danbury Dance Committee 3 . . . Executive Committee 2, 3, 4 . . .Honor Society 2, 3, 4 . . . Vice President 4 . . . Gymnastic Team 3 . . . Physical Fit- ness 3 . . . Co-Captain 3 . . . Rifle Club 1. Future Plans: Undecided 33 JOHN DAVID GLORIOSO "BANANNA" 6 Oak Street Drafting Dept. Danbury Track 4. Future Plans: College ANTHONY FANELLI "FOOCH" 52 State Street Carpentry Danbury Executive Committee 2, 3, 4 . . . Student Congress 3 . . . Student Coun- cil 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Vice President 3 . . . New England Federation of Stu- dent Council, Tufts University 3 . . . Yearbook Committee Co-Editor 4 . . . Basketball Jayvee 1 . . . Basketball Varsity 2, 3, 4 . . . Basketball Intramural 2, 3, 4 . . . Soccer 2, 3. Future Plans: Politics FRANK J. GODFREY EGG. Glii 12 Grassy Plain Street Electrical Dept. Bethel Future Plans: Undecided ROBERT L. GIUMARRO "GYRO" 17 Hoyt Street Carpentry Danbury Future Plans: Carpentry . .... X ' 34 25 Washington Avenue Electrical Dept. Danbury Gymnastics 3 . . . Student Council 1 . . . Yearbook Committee 4 . . . Basketball Jayvee I . . . Cross Country 2 . . . Track 1, 2, 4. "BILL" Rocky Road Electronics Brooklield National Honor Society 3, 4 . . . Yearbook Committee 4 . . . Cross Country 3, 4. TONY J . GRAMMATICO sADUCK77 Coal Pit Hill Road Drafting Dept. Danbury Dance Committee 3 . . . Executive Committee 4 . . . Student Council 3, 4 . . . Yearbook Committee 4 . . . Basketball Jayvee 2 . . . Basket- ball Intramural 3, 4 . . .Track 1, 2. Future Plans: Navy PATRICK HARTY "CAT-NIP" Future Plans: Navy ALAN CLARK HALL "SNAIL" 16 Second Hill Road Carpentry New Milford Future Plans: Carpenter WILLIAM HOWARD HATCH Future Plans: College Bound 35 BARRY WAYNE HAUSER HLUMBERJACKH Kent Road Electric New Milford Executive Committee 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Waterbury Technical Institute JOSEPH LAHOUD, J R. "HUCKLEBERRY" 62 Patricia Drive Drafting Brookfield Executive Committee 2 . . . Student Council 3, 4 . . . Yearbook 4 . . . Co-Sports Editor 4 . . . Gymnists 3 . . . Baskeball Jayvee 1 . . . Basketball Intramurals 2, 3, 4 . . . Basketball Varsity 2, 3, 4 . . . Co- Captain 4 . . . Baseball 1, 2, 3 . . . Co-Captain 3 . . . Soccer 3, 4 . . . Co-Captain 4. Future Plans: Air Force X ROBERT M. ILLER GSBOBH 7 Milton Road Electronics New Fairfield Dance Committee 3 . . . Physical Fitness 2 . . . Riile Club 1, 2 . . . Basketball Intramural 2, 3, 4 . . . Cross Country 1, 3, 4 . . . Captain 4 .. .Track 1, 2, 3, 4. . .Captain 3. JEAN LAFOUNTAINE "J OCKON 52 Rowan Street Drafting Danbury Gymnasts 3 . . . Yearbook 4 . . . Basketball Jayvee 2 . . . Basketball Intramural 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball 2, 3 . . . Soccer 2, 3. Future Plans: Air Force 12 Beaver Brook Road Carpentry Danbury Basketball Intramurals 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball Jayvee 1 . . . Baseball 2. Weston Road Georgetown Rifle Club 1. DOMINIC MARIANI JR. "CORKY" Future Plans: Army WAYNE R. LOCKE "WAYNE, 11 Old Newtown Road Electronics Danbury Executive Committee 2 . . . Honor Society 2, 3, 4 . . . Student Coun- cil 2, 3 . . . Basketball Jayvee l . . . Basketball Intramural 2, 3, 4 . . . Cross Country 1, 2 . . . Soccer 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Waterbury Technical Institute RICHARD E. MEYER "RICKY" Electronical Future Plans: Army VICTOR LUNDBERG HVIC99 V 33 Chestnut Street Machine Danbury Executive Committee 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Navy 37 55 Nashville Road Carpentry Bethel Baseball 3, 4 . . . WILLIAM B. MITCHELL 'lMITCH" Gymnast 3, 4. Future Plans: Marines KENNETH A. MICHAEL CGKEN9, 13 Hilltop Manor Electrical Danbury Future Plans: Norwalk College "MONTY,, 457 North Main Street Drafting Danbury Yearbook 4 . . . Basketball Jayvee 1 . . . Golf 4 . . . Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4 . . DAVID J . MONTESI . Soccer 2, 4. Future Plans: College or N.I.T. THOMAS ALEXANDER MIRTSOPOULOS G5GR K,, 38 Abbott Avenue Auto Shop Danbury Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4 . . . Executive Committee 2, 3, 4 . . .Yearbook Committee 3, 4 . . . Gymnast Team 3 . . . Captain Soccer Team 2, 3 ...Soccer Team 1, 2,3 . . .Track 1,2, 3. Future Plans: Gas Station Owner ROBERT MORTARA S 6 R'r7 7 46 Mill Ridge Road Carpentry Danbury Gym Team Captain 3, 4 . . . Soccer Team 2, 4. Future Plans: Moving to Georgia Because of Sweetheart JOSEPH ANTHONY NAVRATIL Fairfield Drive Electronics New F airlield Rifle Club 1, 2 . . . Gymnastics 3. Future Plans: Electronics Technician RONALD NATALE S GNATE5 9 20 Chappelle Street Electrical Dept. Danbury Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Basketball 2, 3, 4 . . . Basketball J. V. . . .1, 2 . . . Intramural 2, 3, 4 . . . Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Yearbook 4. Future Plans: Undecided THOMAS C. PALMER saTOM79 89 Liberty Street Electrical Danbury Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Electrical Technician in Navy LOUIS JOHN PANNOZZO JR. "LOU, 12M Terrace Place Drafting Yearbook Art Editor 4 . . . Gymnastics 3, 4. Future Plans: Art School or Service FREDERIC S. PLATT "FRED', Pomperau g Avenue Machine Woodbury Future Plans: Serve with Navy Reserve JOHN PITCHER ' 'PITCH' ' Obtuse Rocks Road Machine Brookiield Center Basketball Dance Committee 3 . . . Yearbook Committee 4. Future Plans: Army PAUL RONALD PRovosT "PAUL" 131 Park Lane Machine New Milford Student Council 4 . . . Yearbook Committee 4. Future Plans: Undecided J' Q .22 me J PJ. Dana Road Danbury GEORGE RUSSEL "GEORGE" Drafting Dept. Class Vice President 2 . . . Executive Committee 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: Service Bound PHILIP RAMEY "PRES', 71 Elm Street Machine Dept. Danbury Class President 2, 3, 4 . . . Soccer 3 . . . Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 . . . Baseball 1, 4 . . . Yearbook Committee 4 . . . Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: College Glenville Road Electronics New F airfield Rifle Club 1, 2 . . . Student Council 4, Treasurer 4 . . . Physical Fit- ness 2 . . . Soccer 2, 3, 4 . . . Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4 . . . Gym Team 3 . . . Baseball, J. V. 1 . . . Varsity 3, 4. DONALD WILLIAM SAUER HSKIP97 Future Plans: College GEORGE B. REPKO CGREPH 11 Cedar Street Electronics Danbury Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 4 . . . Student Council 1, 2 . . . Radio Club 2, Secretary 2 . . . Dance Committee 2, 3 . . . Northeastern Youth Citizenship Conference 3 . . . Track Manager 1, 2. Future Plans: College Little Bear Hill Road New Milford Yearbook Committee 4 . tive Committee 2, 3, 4 . Future WILLIAM FREDERICK SCHMIDHEIN GGFRED77 Electric National Honor Society 3, 4 . . . Execu- . Class Secretary 2, 3, 4. Plans: College or Work HAIDER SAMEH 'IPYRAMIDU 54 Liberty Street Electronics Danbury Riile Club l . . . Audio-Visual 2, 3, 4, President 3 4 Yearbook 3,4... Soccer 1, 2. Future Plans: Air Force Career JOHN SCHRODER "JOHN', 123 Great Plain Road Machine Shop Danbury Future Plans: Army FRANK SAUER "TARZAN" 43 Austin Street Carpentry Danbury Future Plans: Carpenter ROBERT SCRIBNER HSCRIBEP 80 Westville Avenue Electric Danbury Future Plans: Work SAMUEL MICHAEL SUROVY "SAM" 8-A South Well Avenue Carpentry Danbury Basketball J. V. Future Plans: Service, Undecided JOHN SEBJAN CSG0gi59 22 Locust Avenue Electrical Danbury Future Plans: P.G. Course, Auto JOHN THEWLIS JR. 11 Wooster Heights Electrical Danbury Yearbook Committee, Sports Editor 4 . . . Chairman Basketball Dance 3 . . . Master of Ceremonies Winter Dance 4 . . . School Announcer 3, 4 . . . Basketball Manager 1, 2 . . . Basketball Sportseaster 3, 4. Future Plans: Radio or T.V. Disc Jockey 43 ROGER J. THOMPSON MROG97 126 South Main Street Automobile Newtown Future Plans: Army JACK E. TRAVERS HJACK77 11 Maple Street Automobile New Milford Future Plans: Undecided JAMES TOMER SCJ IM!! 7 Belmont Street Carpentry Danbury Student Council 4 . . . Executive Committee l, 2, 3, 4 . . . Soccer 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4 . . . Track 2, 3 . . . Gym Team 3. DAVID L. TRESSIC UDAVE77 71 Elm Street Carpentry Danbury Yearbook Committee, Editor 4 . . . Student Council 3, 4, President 3 . . . Dance Committee 3 . . . Intramural Basketball 3. Future Plans: Further Education ROBERT WARNER EGBCSS77 40 Pembroke Road Machine Shop Danbury 5 Rose Lane Danbury Gymnastics 3. Future Plans: Undecided Bethel DAVID WATERS 'SMUDDYH Future Plans: Army Newton Road Gaylordsville MICHAEL TROY 5 C 7 7 65 South Street Electrical Dept. Future Plans: Stevensonis Service Station Machine Shop WILLIAM J. TYLER GCTYJ, Future Plans: Broadcast Engineer 45 Electronics 25 Beechwood Drive Electronics Danbury Rifle Club l, 2 . . . Physical Fitness Club 2 . . . Soccer 4 . . . Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 3, 4 . . . Track l, 3, 4, Captain 3 . . . Intramuarl Basketball 2, 3, 4. CARL A. wiLLR1cH swoon Future Plans: Electronics EDWARD R. WEBB "EDDIE,' 41 Abbott Avenue Danbury Rilie Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3 . . . National Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: College Bound 385 Main Street Electronics Danbury Executive Committee 3, 4 . . . Physical Fitness, Captain 3, 4 . . Dance Committee 3 . . . Student Council 2 . . . Ski Club 3 . . Track 3. EDASON E. WOODWARD Future Plans: Industry or Navy RONALD .I . WILLIAMS UCOWBOYN Christian Street Automobile Bridgewater Student Council l, 2, 3, 4, President 4 . . . Student Congress 3, 4 . . . Track 3 . . . Soccer 4 . . . Intramural Basketball 3, 4 . . . Yearbook 4 . . . Executive Committee 2, 3, 4 . . . Gymnastics 3, 4. Future Plans: Chrysler School MARTIN ZAHARA f'ZEKE" 40 Beaver Brook Road Electrical Dept Danbury Gymnastics. Future Plans: Paratroopers, Telephone Company RICHARD VERTUDES "RICH,' Melrose Avenue Drafting Dept. Danbury MICHAEL CULHANE '4MIKE" 16 High Street Electrical Dept. Bethel DOUGLAS DOHAN "DOUGH Ta'Agan Point Drafting Dept. Danbury 47 CLASS CFFICERS PHILIP RAMEY GEORGE CHABER President WILLIAM SCHIDHEINI Secretary MR. HENRY WENT Class Advisor Vice President THOMAS MIRTSOPOULIS Treasurer CLASS POLL DONE MOST FOR THE CLASS Tony Fanelli DONE MOST FOR THE CLASS Dave Tressic DONE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL Dave Tressic MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bill Schmidheini CLASS BEST ATHLETE Joe Lahoud BEST DRESSED Gean LaFountain BEST STUDENT Alan Brosz BEST LINE Rocky Arbitell POLL MOST RESPECTED Dave Tressic CLASS WIT Bill Cazzasa MOST SINCERE Bill Covill MOST ARTISTIC Lou Panozzo if Q CLASS SPOLL MOST POPULAR Phil Ramey MOST DEPENDABLE Ron Williams MOST CLASS SPIRIT Tony, Fanelli MOST AMBITIOUS Haider Sameh THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Executive Committee - L. to R. Standing - Kenneth Danise, Seated - George Chaber, Tom Mirtsopoulos Rocky Arbitell Anthony Fanelli Barry Hauser, John Bogues, Victor Lund- Ronald Williams, James Tomer, George Elwell Edason berg Philip Ramey, Tony Grammatko, William Schmidheini. W00dHfd- The Executive Committee was composed of senior class officers, the class advisor, Mr. Henry Went, and two representatives from each of the six shops. The elected shop members were Rocky Abritell and Ron Williams, Automobileg Tony Fanelli and Jim Tomer, Carpentryg John Bogues and Tony Grammatico, Drafting, Ken Danise and Barry Hauser, Electricalg Edason Woodward and George Elwell, Electronicsg Phil Ramey and Vic Lundberg, Machine. Class officers were Phil Ramey, president, George Chaber, vice-presidentg Tom Mirtsopoulos, treasurerg Bill Schmidheini, secretary. Eliicient functioning of the senior class required the following duties: flj Raising funds for the class treasury, Q21 formulating class policy, C33 determining class activi- ties throughout the year, C41 planning for graduation festivities. After discussion by the committee, conclusions and recommendations were pre- sented at monthly meetings to the class who determined final action. ? 1Qg 4 X at -f mo, , , ,A .M K V X ,,,,,.....,..--iw-w E-aw :fin .WS W LP I .,,w if, t , 5, an :gg .. wife M fm .i wg X wif H-fa ,. J wi-figzlfuffyi ,fm . . . P W .-ffsflgf,-f f K SEK' Aamg- f fi QS Q f Wi Q 9, X 'iq fr Salk 5 qi Q? Q T R, 5 1 we-1 V ff J ,X ' 1' fig ,A .Q , Q 355' as h 5 S ..,, . QQ Ezfff' X H1 S --Tfii'-P' 2 fs f r K V KS 5 3 ,W M f wf.i,1m,. 5 .-fisssfffbi' F254 , I -.1, Eg, ixifu.. Af R , A , NLS 3 gzg--bf-sfffsff-E if: :usWSx 'Ai Za 'vgimilss k'1i"i:1fff'1,ff 1 4- L, 'L Q A ,,::,, , Jil gm, - 1isisaiy3f:f.gZjfgw ,H P ' , Wifiif- ., .X X . :Magi : . .- : . , mt , Q . , f I Y fl? 355- ' - :??:L'f5?ifEFQ5X5, E! fi X X ?5Z+w ' mgggggg. , f1.f,Gy5e7m,.-,g- was , if , L A A ' . k .. - f. i--if :fw Q T 3- Qs Www 1, L, 4 f gi. W S X ,wx 5.53: ' .N 5 Ls.- 35 N R . ,, ma " fx ,- ., - ' '--- '- :"'w!E::.E f . , , ' .. 'xi WJ: fu +54 ,. '- .QL rw ,, Q, . -ij: k wgffgx QF CLASS 0F '65 junior class officers and advisor -'Y' ,mi E'-3? .- -3- -.gjm:.W,x1. , 5' Q gffii, X fag JOHN ANDERSON JAMES ANDREWS WILLIS BALLARD PHILLIP BANKS STEPHEN BARNA 1 -V" LION EL BASCOM ...,.-W' DAVID BASHER ROGER BERTA LOVITZ GEORGE BIRCH dig wwih' ,M-.. 4 GREGORY BIRD JOSEPH BONNACCI JAMES BOTELHO BRO. MATHIAS ROBERT BUCKO THEODORE BURCH .Ay if-5 , ,,-fx'-Di 'Yigpf r-v-95 DONALD BUTERA LEWIS CALDWELL JOSEPH COLLINS RALPH DANISE JOSEPH DEEP 1-3 127' EDWARD DeLISLE LAWRENCE WILLIAM DONNER RODNEY DOWER JOHN DOWNING DiTOMMASO ,gi SR V g X J 4 K , I I A Vl 0 I S, .: JA 2 i 1-bf at 2. 5' A A , I yi A A ., ,, ggi, .1 5' , ' 6' ff? ' ' f mf ,vw ,dk f Sfwigfffjm f Ri -A 'wp ' T V ,iz 3 g ff iigkiz ' JOHN DUNN DEAN DUPAS FRED ERICKSON ROBERT ERWIN FRED FELICISSIMO , 0' SEAN 1. .HE 2 "' 1 E5,RA ,,.V:: f V": Zfz '- REIS FITCH ALFRED FRANRO RICK FOWLER MICHAEL GARTEN CHARLES HAND ' --I. GARY HANLON THOMAS HOPKINS CHARLES HULL RICHARD KELLOGG PAUL KENNEDY .l YM' all 4""'2!' "NL ' qi' GEORGE KIRKLAND ROBERT KETCHAM KENNETH KNAPP THOMAS KOWOLSKI JOHN KUBICA ROGER LEACH TERRY LEACH RALPH LEARLY NORMAN MARROTTE JOSEPH MATO RONALD MAYO fig w-wil f"'LT I K, - SX may I , ROBERT MILLER MICHAEL MORRISSEY EDWARD MOUARI THOMAS LECHNER ROBERT Mc NAMARA WILLIAM MOYLE GARY LUND RICHARD MEAD JOHN MURPHY .islam .ln f-of www-n CHARLES NELSON FRANK NEVES JAMES NORLING FRANK PEREIRA WILLIAM PETERS X ,.Lx .. 'M ," df5,a E W' i JAMES PISKURA WALTER HARRY PUGNER ROBERT REPOLE CHARLES RENOLDS POGONOWSKI --.Sv-. ,, ff Q A-4'-r ,...,,, avi N-av' DAVID RICE ROBERT RILEY GARY ROSS DOUGLAS ROWE PAUL SALGADO B Q 3' L.. 60 FRANK SCHREIDER I ROBERT SCHEMELTZ DENNIS SCRIBNER LOUIS SHULTZ CLAUDE SILKMAN is I 4 1' we awk -J NEWELL SIMMONS SAMEUL STIETZEL KENNETH STOORZA DANNA TAYLOR DENNIS TAYLOR 'riff' LOUIS TENCZA CHARLES TRUESDELL X S L I I ' M1 cf R I if I '-gf 'X TIMOTHY JIM THORNE FRANK TOKARCHIK THOMPSON ROBERT TOWNSEND V'-111' 'FWF ALLEN TONNESSON EDWARD TUTTLE BERTRAND KENNETH VIOLETTE VEILLEUX LEE WHITE ' JOHN WIACELC WILLIAM WOODEN MICHAEL WRIGHT PAUL GANIO CLASS OF '66 Q 'lf W If l L . S. AUTO HOMEROOM 10 grade Seated - S. Samodia, J. Williams, G. Villane, J. Miller, R. Read, Mr. James Stack. 3rd row - W. Schoonmaker, W. Shook, L. Sassetti, W. Hyatt. 2nd row H J. Tani, W. Mc- Martin, E. Shadeed, S. Echarct, M. Machado, D. Palmer, A. Donald, D. Caponera, F. Farris, C. Ladson, G. Collier, R. Chaber, G. Brant. ,L CARPENTRY HOMEROOM IQ grade First row L. to R. - Neil Miller, William Heering, James Keith Covill, Gilbert Letellier, Thomas Hanlon. Keegan, Walter Straiton. Second row - Mr. Thomas Dardis, DRAFTING HOMEROOM 10 grade Seated - W. Card, R. Skeen, J. Titus, Mr. Albert Hunfalvy. Roraback. 3rd row - M. Gillotti, P. DiDomenico, R. Bjelko 2nd row - A. Cirone, J. Tuoli, W. Walter, E. Szymanel, J. W. Luhman, P. Dardis. ELECTRIC HOMEROOM 10 grade Seated - C. Paterson, M. Goncalves, J. Glidden, F. Jones, Straiton, C. Popilowski, S. Korona. 3rd row - M. Hanna, W. Mr. Henry Went. 2nd row - T. Travaglin, S. Watkins, R. Chovau, D. Ryan, R. Harty, B. Walker, K. Kusen. M. .2 'Ir' ,Q ..w?5.w ELECTRONICS HOMEROOM 10 grade Seated - J. Lambert, K. Lapan. R. Sedor. 2nd row M R. row - Mr. James DiMeglio, G. Murdock, D. Furbruch, A Joyee, R. Rocheleau, L. Duval, C. Schirmer, G. Ockel. 2nd Lounsbury. MACHINE 10 G. Bennett, G. LaCroix, J. T. Pinckney, R. Tomascak, 3rd row - E. Bates, R. Seated - T. Roman, V. Barney, McDonald. Znd row - F. Gozzi, P. Gillotti, Mr. Romeo Proulx. HOMEROOM grade Guido, B. Daehenhausen, W. Warner, H. Miller, D. Swan son. CLASS OF '67 9, HOMEROOM 103 Front row -- L. Bama, R. Fairholm, D. Barchi, K. Sutoy, O. Moffett, Mr. Bracker. Third row - L. McGee, H. Matoes, J Gill, E. Tatroe, P. Kubisek. Second row - J. Reynolds, J. Buck, E. Lathrop, J. Vanleeuwen, D. Hayes, D. Ferris, R Pugner, P. VanDyke, C. Champlim, I. Perkins, R. Wood, W. Williams. A - .. 445. A lib. 4- HOMEROOM 201 lst row - D. Randall, C. Tani, A. Reiske, S. Lorentz, A. 3 J. Sedor, P. Robertine, M. Marks, G. White, J. Swanson George. Middle row - P. Snopkoski, B. Danise, R. Grant, R. J. Miller, A. Simmons, P. Winter, M. Lucas. Okarmus, J. Tavella, J. Lasky, Mr. Thomas Bratter. Top row M wg. Wf- HOMEROOM 200 Top row - R. Erickson. B. Galvin. R. Dimgcc. L. Potter. D. Nimer. Bottom row Mi Jo sph Sutuo R Fanghidd T Martian. P. Mzirkzin. Zntl row - E. Luskowski. W. Louns- Morey. H Morriscy C1 Benwiy J Skelton burg. D. Anderton. G. Lynch, B, LcWzirc. A. Johnson. M. mv. Hs ti1' 4 .v Q l kk ,QU 5 Igvflff i 5 Q 'lf 43. 66 Nl In --.""-l"' .ilk iv mas 'QA' WJ, illnlho """'l.n. "-2: --sz :km K rw v --4 , 3, ' - 4255? v is :L ,. in E!- X. 1. ui Glu nf Hn Z A5142 V k . K 1-: WOLVERI E EDITORS GEORGE CHABER KENNETH DANISE Business Manager Assistant Business Manager DAVID TRESSIC ANTHONY FANELLI C0-Edi tor C 0-Editor JOHN THEWLIS JOSEPH LAHOUD Sports Editor 68 Assistant Sports Editor YE RBOOK STAFF Seated - Frederick Platt, Paul Provost, Anthony Gramma- tico, Ronald Natale, Patrick Harty, Louis Pannozzo. Standing - Haider Sameh, Charles Dittrich, Jean LaFountain, Philip Hatch, William Schmidhcini. CLUB This group of seniors are another part of the success story of our yearbook. Each member sold in excess of S100 in advertisements and without these funds we could not have produced our yearbook. These members deserve give our thanks and congratulations. Ramey, David Montesi, John Bogues, John Pitcher, William a good deal of credit for their spirit and interest. To this club and to all those who sold less than S100 in ads we IK." Seated - Thomas Mirtsopoulos, Mr. Bratter, Anthony Fanelli, Bogues, David Montesi. George Chaber, Joseph Lahou Patrick Harty, Anthony Grammatico. Standing 4 Kenneth John Thewlis. Danise, Haider Sameh, David Tressic, Edward Webb, John d, YEARBOOK. COMMITTEE The 1964 yearbook committee, under the guidance of Mr. Went, faculty advisor, voted unanimously to alter and ex- pand the format of the yearbook. Not only is the yearbook larger in size and has more pages, but it also includes the introduction of color, individual junior class pictures, an em- bossed multi-color cover, and individual pictures of gradu- ating senior athletes. The most stupendous of all innovations is the decision to have a 'gJune Supplement" which will be distributed in September. In order to finance these additions, the cost of the yearbook exceded 33,200, compared with 31,700 spent in 1963. The money was raised by an intense advertising campaign and revenue from yearbook sales. Tony Fanelli, assistant editor, was the class leader and sold 3325 of advertising. Those selling more than 3100 were Pat Harty 131703, Ken Danise 131603, Tom Mirtsopoulos 131553, Tony Grammatico 131303, Dave Tressic 131303, Ed Webb 131303, George Chaber 131253, John Bogues 131203, Joe Lahoud 131203, Haider Sameh 131 103, Dave Montesi 131053, and John Thewlis 13100.3 Co-editors Dave Tressic and Tony Fanelli were respon' ible for production and formulated policy. Other senio who played important roles were business manager Georg Chaber and his assistant, Ken Danise, who deposited fund billed customers, and originated the advertising section. Cc sports editors Joe Lahoud and John Thewlis accumulate: wrote, and designated the layout for their section. Bill Hatcl Bill Schmidheini, and Ron Williams served as editors-a large and performed various tasks throughout the year. A editor Lou Panozzo created the cover and did the art wor Junior Mike Garten combined his photographic talents wi Haider Sameh and snapped the sports and candid picture This yearfs edition of the Wolverine is the product of tl senior class. Aside from the numerous discussions in Engli class and the Sunday afternoon sessions, there were weekly meetings, a pre-school meeting from seven to eig o'clock, and other activity periods on Wednesdays. Speci: thanks go to two of our favorite secretaries Joan Wilhel and Barbara McMahon girl friends to the Co-Editor Tori Fanelli and the Business Manager George Chaber. CO-SPORTS EDITORS JOHN THEWLIS, JOSEPH LAHOUD 70 ""ii.1' EDITOR AND ASSISTANT EDITOR ANTHONY FANELLI, DAVID TRESSIC ff? I 1 --...EI IS K... BUSINESS MANAGER WITH ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER KENNETH DANISE Cscatcdj, GEORGE CHABER 71 STUDENT COUNCIL ll-. df' Qllll? lifflllil. ll Standing - K. Lapan. C. Hand, B. Donner, D. Dupas, W. Moffett, G. Murdock, B. Leware, D. Anderton, B. Danise, J. Baxter, R. Guido, Mr. Philip Hadley, Advisor. Seated - A. Grammatico, J. Lahoud, A. Fanelli, D. Tressic, P. Provost. The Council holds membership in the Vocational Tech- nical School Student Council Congress. The Connecticut Federation of Student Councils, and the Student Council of the Western Connecticut Conference. The chief aims and objectives of the Student Council are: l. To promote good citizenship. 2. To provide a forum for the expression of student opinion. 3. To provide an opportunity to develop leadership. 4. To prepare students for intelligent participation in school affairs. 5. To promote the common good. 6. To promote better scholarship. 7. To coordinate and regulate school activities. 8. To maintain rules of good order. 9. To create better school spirit. IO. To develop high ideals of good conduct. The Council is also responsible for the Management of the Student Activity Fund which is used to promote the general welfare, education and morale of all pupils and to finance the normal legitimate extra-curricular acti- vities of the student body. OFFICERS B. Moyel, Sec. B. Skeen, Ass. See. J. Norling. Vice-Pres. R. Wil liams, Pres. J. Williams, Asst. Treas. D. Sauer, Treas. NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY The Artesian's Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed at Henry Abbott Technical School in 1956. Its pur- pose is to stimulate all students to try to attain the qualities necessary for membership. These qualities include scholar- ship, leadership, character and service. The president of the National Honor Society for the 1963-64 school year was George Repko, with George El- well, vice president, and William Hatch secretary. Other senior members were Edward Webb, Wayne Locke, Alan Brosz, and William Sehmidheini. During the year at an induction ceremony the following students became active members: Scott Erwin, Ralph Dan- ise, William Moyle, Richard Fowler and Frank Pereira. NATIONAL NSR SOC? X 'I : M .-1. 7 1 Q Ys L5 U William Moyle and Frank Pererra HONOR SOCIETY .. Standing - Mr. Thomas Bratter. E. 'Webb, F. Schmidheini, W. Moyle, W. Hatch, R. Fowler. Seated - R. Erwin. F. Pereira, G. Ellwell.'G. Repko, W. Locke. RIFLE CLUB 3---fn. Set' Standing - M. Garten. T. Thomson, H. Potter. Mr. James Stack, Advisor. Seated J Downing, L. Ditomaso. RIFLE TEAM The purpose of the Rifle Team is not only to teach marksman- ship, but also to instill within the young student the need for safety. This organization meets at the State Armory where prac- tice and meets are held. RADIO CLUB . it 'NY' Standing - L. White, F. Pereira. K. Stoorza, Mr. Bonfietti. J. Lambert, L. Duvel, R. Sedor, H. Hamstch, R. Joyce. Sitting - P. Winner, S. Lorranze, ,, ' ,5:,,.?k , t wffiffif N. 'N' -W .4:'s.vsv'eWM-M-...a I 5 1 "--.. The Henry Abbott Technical Radio Amateur lub is under the supervision of the Electronics nstructor, Mr. Gino Bonfietti. The Club is in ts second year of organization and is involved n citizens band radio and radio theory. Mem- ers are striving to form more home radio bases. R. Iller and W. Tyler 0,1 fn' .ff UDIO VISUAL CLUB ,449 As fo 2 Back row -- B. Leware, A. Johnson, A. Galvin, C. Schermir, L. Duval. Front row - H. Sameh, R. Mayeo, J. Casalone, R. Fowler, F. Peariera, R. Sedor. 0 ,.....- sf MW' sz ,ww-'FV ,,.-M" ywWd,4,,.,. I , M V ,F 1, ww, M ..,. M45 1 if t W H 'A SQL, x,,,.j?',,gy H55 Q? 5 Fi i Z f, S if wi .W 1 CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY Top Row: Allan George, Joel Lambert, George Murdock, Bottom Row: Dom Mariani, Jim Ellis, Bob Iller, Carl Willrich, Ward Hyatt, Alan Lounsbury, Coach Bratter. Middle Row: Bill Hatch. Leroy McGee, Phil DiDomenico, Will Moffett, Claude Silkman. Tech began the season under the leadership of co-cap- tains Bob Iller and Carl Willrich both season veterans. The early season response was one of the largest in re- cent years. Every afternoon visitors to Tech would see our runners going through their calisthenics and running exer- cises. While not running every meet Coach Bratter noted the progress of every runner. Co-captain Bob Iller improved his own and the school records several times. His best effort was against Ridgefield in the time of 12:35. Co-captains Iller and Willrich, plus Mariani, Silkman, Ellis and a fresh- man, Moffett, were the consistent scorers for Tech. THE SCOREBOARD TECH? OPP. MASUK ,.,..,..,. .... 2 3 33 BREWSTER .... .... 2 4 34 BETHEL ........,.,.. .... 4 1 19 RIDGEFIELD ........ . . i .... 37 24 JOEL BARLOW ,.r... ,,.. 3 4 23 NEW MILFORD ...... .... 4 2 18 WILTON ......,...,,,... .... 2 2 34 NEWTOWN ,,.,.. ......,...... ,.,. 1 8 43 BREWSTER ...,.,.,,,,.,,...,,.,......... 21 43 CLASS B SECTIONALS ,....... . 346 l4f25 W.C.C. CHAMPIONSHIPS ,,,,,. 100 4X8 ffLower score win CARL WILLRICH ROBERT ILLER Y 'uf I. :S QIA,1f-5" I . fl INT COACH BRATTER AND CO-CAPTAINS DOMINIC MARIANI JAMES ELLIS WILLIAM HATCH ,315 f " It , TV gi L 4 73, f N' f , .,.:- L H 4 P4 1 4 , my :. . .4 C1 '. W Wi.-VJ - - ,gk 1' 'F' ' A 7 V 41 xi, ,S K if Z., ,- my 5 - , ,3 I .f f I 'if 1 if f gf -. , ' 31 . 1 3, M ,-' A 2, W , Q-wk ,fy-I I ' ,. ui? - . .Hai V J iff 1-. Ax fgigg- r. 'N .'pQ'wf - Ag f- H 7 7 ,I ' , ff w, I - y .mmm-yy .u,,'f.,,f.- . .qv 'F' 1 1 Aw: I ik' pwzvgfgsz, ' 1 21" f 551- x. A--Vex: , f f :fs I 5:24 QW ,..jv5" I Q-gr iff--.M N 7 fl V, " '4,.- . '27 L.. ' , New I . If - 1 rv If 3' 3 fx ,M 'fi w ., 45 1 J- .A 1 , A 5 3,3 I 'wf M 53 gf? 'Q 'M . Q yy fm- ff p ,f fy, , My' ff ff ? T V Y"'1f "4 Y" - T 38' 'V' 3 A I Eff ,fifi t if . if ixmgfk. 1 . . f . Y I .7 14 - ,s4:4+.??L 'fr 2 'if .v , .X K. QR. A 'flaw' 1 .QQ ff 4 - fy ' 2 ff' if M' 1 'jfs ' " A - A 1 " ' I , I : ff ' f vi, .V A ,"' Y , V L 4" lick 1" , fiff w N7 A "fI-W' ' .ff S Qy,,,,,, , j 'sw Y , 4,4 ,, ,: 1 , , 1 ,Q I. 5 -I I 5 I., , ,, f. 1. .fe Q, I., ,, V- 'L 'flf?w-ffe:f?- , , if 'f.5fl9'f5?'? A , f f .ah . V1- ,'x,3p,fh gf I ' M., wb-,fjjiq I ff 4.5, ' , Q31 wg "?f,?g45"f I - .Wi ,igllqffjwq V-LJ, x.., ,x W I .,,,w, 'egg 1, ',f,.Wf, v ,I I V ,:gr:'- 1" "5 k I 'fs 4 f n .,,f!2+f1 ' '34 - v x gff-.M Y eq -'A-if m A A' f-qw ,waf-.1.": ff 45- VI- ,A ww ,fa n . 'I ff-'4,f,, -,A-,k, ., f J I , 3+ lx" 'ff' 754 ii: .. -41, ' I 1 57 'ff if is jf' 7 a'-3, 'eil' -'AR ,QF-:ff I J , ? SOCCER Nav' Miwww pmlvww-""....,.,. V . W. A . 7 ,. .. ,, ,i,,a.,,V.V .J , ,, .M gn, ,M ,..L1.AAA,7y:g,3gg,g,,,, ...H ,.,..':?Abfw ..-M ---ff .,. . H ,, .L V -W .V M ..-. MZ.. I ,W ..,......,, ,M M -f ,,....-Mefatr-W"".Vn" f f H133 VV..,..-ev-fW'.-,.,W.'..4fa1-w MM, VV 'AMN A ...,.... MW- A . ,,,,,. . - , ,.,.S.W. . - ,.,,...M..s.W N VA,JW,.wM"MQaAuawamawe-vmxw-W,,,,4, ..,. W .V . , ,V 34 :jg,,Qi,,,.,,.,t.,V.a,t..M.,,,..m MQW ,,.,,H,,.,,..,.,x,:5ng,,,,, UV, M M, ...W- ' fM5'::'iifh?I? ?'ZS'1.1.':.'L'?.'J-15'-'5M,M.f Til' .:15.u-- wr.,-n:,Q?'.!.Z'.z.uW ...MAy,3'1'33'i,"i1'f ,V M-..,.,.:J: Af M,.,.Af7:Qf',"r: .. A-Aww Y W' an ovwM'M"""mV , 'M 'K-i""",.,.,V-4AV,...,.,..,.,...,s-fmWA w...,., ,..,,...w-G, ,,",,-1.-aw ' 'A Ma . , V V ...M a,.Vgy,Afw.,.,.,.,.a..wggg, .V.. .,.K,.,,,u,,-,,,,,.,.....:,A-V, .. ,,..,....,.,, Vi, ,,mg,ydVV H M , . A. AV H V.w,,m-nw W. .,....-M M MMM ,,,..a....wV,fV. wk WMMM, wk ug y H- K "' V " Afes--fwwm' wf""",.,...-saws, .mm.,,,, ,s,..,.-1-1-'-1-1-"',,,g. Q. Wagga- wg 73, MV,A5fyw-fj gm, .V .519 pw: 543, , ,,,,,,,.,W..,v..i.w ,.,A.v,W,c,,,f ,,.,..,.uw-- W. M, A WW ,, H ,Wm-VV HV-wfM"""1aM.ww'M'f"" .a,...Af+----f-w0j,,,,. .... wb-A 57,'..,,..,.y.V. .MVWMM 'ff"",.a.,,LZ.,.w.,,a..,,.,, If gyiv., ,. ., . M., . .....,,. ewfgif-f-W ,,,.,,1.,-4f-v-1-'ffe',"",,,,,,,,,,-t..f..1Mw.l.v3- .. . M.. ...M k ,,,.A. . - , i... W 2' as ,,..,.,'T'.,i5f2'a.-f1mv192,+gr5.1'.,,,,,a MWA f ze -erm, 2... .3,.,,, M... A we ef .V VA A ujwaaw V as-nun! 'K' an! ' ' have V ,V V+. V - , V - V A L4 - ' V Am V- f ' wg. ,M .. .aw , ,aw-F , .M , .,..- V Af. -W 1 .,,,,9,.,,. .,.. A.. . ,,..,,, ,.., ., ,. M W . , .H ..VV, .V .,.,V,..i ..,.,fm . .V ,,,, ....i.w. ,i WW, ,,.. AV "f'W"2..q..,.WV,,.Mm ..,...4.a,,.wA,,,. .,.VV.v.,.c,. , V. ..,. ,,. . M. ,, ,,,.,,., - ,, U.-,.,...a,. M ,m-m,-AVW....5W .,,,W,...W...M.. ,M,,,..,,,,.,.. H-M' ws.. , , WV. . AV . , ,,f-A A- VV . ,, ,W i -V A f ,ws M.. M M...-4, Ay- M,m,,,.,:,: wbM,,,,,.,a..i..w-gr-553-,,,,,,,..,1 .m,.,V,.,. ,i.,.t.- , fl Aww .WW-,,.-W . ,Wage .W.,....... ff-ef . N., i .M-. VX f .Mm-n,..,,.y3Ld-A,,. Mfwj-f:1:..A --ff -f-N -' 1' Nffwrwaw 17" eww... AA- ..W.wV1V 'cf' 7 ,.,a,,,...,..,,,.,.m.A -":i.,......-W .g.:11i.,,.,. , .. Wg iizmf A A aww. Wa, Vgixww., M ,, G M S , , ,W ,hu-fwmfwv, WM , ,.,,..,. is-we .. , . M, ,Va ML, m,,,,a....QQAwm A Mn, ,T g I JWJHW H,-:mAvV1'WwmwM"m"5J"?-we-me1::':,M...,-rm-Ax.z.z:'z:.':,,.V,v V-M fr -M-'f',r'V:e5,.e.. ,,,., ,W . - . , VV , n.. ,, ,, .... V. . V Ly., , -- H AVMV-.M-fem' V --W--w-MH "V,,.-.M,..,., WMA ..Mm2..V-V, K, VVAM"-Sfvwg, ,,'....,,,...,,,1,.f.,.mQ.. M I V, V VA Wa... V, . VV V JW ,,,:2.7::y Standing -- R. Kelloge, D. Chaber, M. Haniva, S. Erwin, C. Danise, R. Guido, D, Caruso, R. Williams, J. Lahoud J Willrich, D. Montesi, R. Mortara, W. Locke, R. Miller, D. Tomer, D. Basher, D. Sauer, P. Salado, A. Tonnessen. Dupas, R. Harty, Coach Daniel Garamella. Kneeling - R. Soccer Team Has Undefeated Season The soccer team concluded the most successful season in Tech's history by posting an unblemished record of 8 wins, no losses, and 2 ties. Having coached all of Tech's soccer teams, coach Garamella has an im- pressive five year record of 29 wins, 7 losses, and 5 ties for a 759 percentage. THE SCOREBOARD The coach started practice the first Monday of school in September and was greeted by 40 odd hopeful candidates, most of whom had limited experience with a few notable exceptions: Co-captains Joe Lahoud and Jim Tomer, seniors Bob Martara, Don Sauer, and Ron Williams. The biggest problem of finding a goalie was solved when Dave Montese, an inexperienced senior, volunteered for the challenging job. He proved himself well suited for the position throughout the season. Everyone worked for the good of the team. Sophomore inside Manny Goncalves led in goals by kicking a total of nine during the year, many of which were set up by wing Don Sauer. Joe Lahoud, also a senior, made school history by being the first halfback ever to score. He did it by kicking first a 40-yard goal and then two games later came back and booted a 50-yarder into the nets. Bob Mortara and Ron "Cow- boyi' Williams were also mainstays on the team. Playing their last game for Tech were: Joe Lahoud, Jim Tomer, Dave Montesi, Carl Wilrich, Bob Mor- tara, Dennis Caruso, Wayne Loche, Demitri Chaber, Don Sauer and Ron Wil- liams. lt can be said without a doubt that this year's soccer team upheld the proud reputation of Henry Abbott Tech. HATS 3 2 3 2 3 1 1 2 2 1 Watertown . Kaynor Tech Wilton ......... Wright Tech Watertown . Newtown . . , Wilton ......... Kaynor Tech Wright Tech Newtown S , S E N I O JAMES TOMER JOSEPH LAHOUD RONALD WILLIAMS DAVID MONTESI DONALD SAUER CARL WILLRICH Ll ,W If Xi, Af'f'r , f ' . . ,fl A' if Pi' .... 3,62 wil? N, . if' '- if ' i f " '- , x ' f f, 45' i Ms T' " .. 1 M W Q : .. ff'-1,-QMQW 1 km ark, , ,A i ,MVf,,Wl:1 R '- " . 1 will? 5 1 5 , 2 , 3 5 .. , ?'Kq?8gki:'5i?igg5M3f?lr?P??f' f-M fm, WUI.: f. K H, , .-L"l'fQ1'a-"-""'Q' ,,, '.Q. vx4xfg'L?f"k'f' -Lfffezm .K ks 'gf A ., J' "'-e.'f'-f.,?:- ., vf,,q5x,,fmm"T-.1 4.1 A .. , V.wa.q,ig,V ,u.. sci ff - .. ,- . .- ,. L'- Q55 wiW5?g2i -g' n6 1'x: S'.":Lf 'Wt W sg , Z v v - F- I aiafiwwz-g.E,fmQisT?51us.M N :H - X - qv I 1 1 1...-............. 'N --.--. -.--.....,,, H ' 'Anim A A :Q ' K X2 Q, , HX 1, HM 1 '1'-r -'1--1-1 ww-1 ,, TT: ME., , K 1 . ggz ,I , A A R i 2 5 . 1 v 1 X '..C'f,, ,I 7 l ' -5 A H 2 1 .W -K Q. . , ,iv . - l Q -A l MJ ,f f ib ww: iw"-k'f , awwuwifsliwwsi ' . ' v K , , , ,W,,,l 5 . -MH 'Numa Av Mi- w- A I-5 iii iff ' W WG' fidiwk ' 5 - Q I Zglim' V34-aw 's"fiLis..z- ' x ' ,i4gf3iSf??f'f'f 7 N ' . Lf Aw' - "-' JA -- -1 Y -R .X w-Q Aww ' Q , .. ff, -SM neil 1. W an 'gf' Q, 4-,Q ZB.ff?ie1w,efL1g:Sm " V ' 'eg WAYNE LOCKE N, . . , pw, . -A Ra Qty ff' xiii fx ,sb xy 1 Wgmlq ,, ,, . . I ' 1 V . ,VL K ' 'g'Ql"n?, ' S'w5f"'v L,-, , flvfxw 1' 1 Vx 1. MQV, - W W,4, ,gm 'L gf .N 'S wg P ' W. A ' A A ' '5',-'1:Z:' 1 - 7 mv El, 1 l sw-2, fi f5n'Ll,s-11Js'i7 ":45"' 1 :-1-11- A . f W' L. " I "" 7.3 1'97Tfl::fff,g555Q5 ff gf,,Q?fQf-M1451-'?1w:fi:7fK f,-gif? Q ?lkx24Lf9li?3i " 'V , .Q ,, ,M R. WH -V ,M gf? ff"f'W L, -h3',,f ,- ' .ME A 5iig,..:1WgjKf4,ljfiz1? , w ggff X. ,l ,L ' M .ggi M ' ' " 'E Am , F J - - , A N -. QA V' , ,.,w,N -lim?-Q' 'T V Iii ,L f fx-ff',r+I 'L k " ' ' , fl A ,. iffw5Ttf'f" fi 2 1 15511 f , K 'LY rim' . ,, ,. A 'W-1 Nw kgfeffv " , w " f LY . 'fd' ff 'fn ffm? . 1 fanwli 2, M119 Af" ' ,N -Jw-. 1 DENNIS CARUSO DIMITRI CHABER ROBERT MORTARA 82 VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL anding-Coach Garamella, A. George, B. Harty, P. Ramey, J. Ellis, . Ryan, P. Snopkoski, S. Lorenz, I. Perkins, J. Thorne, J. Bogues, With his two stars and Co-captains, Joe Lahoud and John gues, Coach Daniel Garamella of Henry Abbott Technical Ehool had formed a tentative starting lineup by December. No Prognosticator looked for Tech to be the powerhouse highly competitive W.C.C., but as it stands, the Abbott ch. team of 63-64 was clearly the most outstanding quintet . the area. Getting invaluable help from sophomore flashes Bob arty and Charlie Ladson, Coach Garamella had accumu- Eed seven straight wins in the conference by mid-season en All-State candidate Bogues was injured. Definitely the most potent scorer and the most proficient bounder, Bogues' injury proved disastrous as the Techmen opped a big game to Ridgefield, league leaders. What is unbelievable is that the game turned out to be a rprising nip-and-tuck affair. Why? Team players of the likes of Phil Ramey, Harty, and Ivy rkins rose to the challenge and showed fantastic determi- tion and drive. This is the type of team that Tech. was. A ooth operating unit which literally dominated the W.C.C. ng with Ridgefield. The decisive game was at Tech. gym against a strong dgefield squad which was undefeated. It was do or die. As you all know, Co-captain Lahoud put on a one-man ow, establishing himself as undoubtedly the best player in league. J, Lahoud, P. Kennedy, C. Ladson. Again there is a story underneath this outstanding wing it being that Harty, Bogues, Ladson and Ramey worked smoothly and efficiently and fed Lahoud until the Wolverines had decisively proved their superiority. The true quality of this fine team showed itself in the W.C.C. playoff, again against Ridgefield. Behind the entire game, the Tech. squad was in foul trouble and inexperienced reserves came off the bench to win it for Henry Abbott Tech. Now recognized as a top notch quintet, the Wolverines were starting to be taken heed of throughout the state. Drawing a fjye in the first round, the Wolverines, under mentor Garamella, prepped for the upcoming game with rough Middletown, who went all the way to state champs. The rest is history, a season full of hopes and brilliant performances eradicated by a lucky shot with 10 seconds to go. Now that the Wolverines are out of the State Tourney and three seniors have played their last game, they are for- gotten. But the sparkling performance of Lahoud in clutch situa- tions, the bruising rebound of Bogues, and the steady, all- around play of Ramey, will linger with local fans for a while. For this was a team and both Bogues and Lahoud have unani- mously made the All-Conference team. And All-State nomi- nations are coming up. Congratulations to a great team led by two great co- captains and a coach in the true sense of the word. To us the Wolverines are state champs and they deserve it. SENIOR PLAYERS 9 ? 2 C 0 C A P A T 1 N S ""-sv' "'-uv-.5,L.f JOHN BOGUES JOSEPH LAHOUD half!! M31 PHILIP RAMEY JAMES ELLIS 84 Coach Garamella arranging a basketball game. SCOREBOARD WE TEAM THEY 71 .... ,.,..,. .NORTH SALEM . 4.., ..,.. . ..47 65 4,.,, .. .. ...... NEW CANAAN ...,,. .,.... . .48 50 ,......a ,4,. . . .MASUK ....,.,........a.. . ...... .35 84 ..,. .. . . ..WRIGHT TECH ,.,. . .,., ,...26 58 . .. .... .JOEL BARLOW .,..,, .57 61 ,...a,a .. .. .BETHEL ......,... . .... ...31 61 . . ...NEW MILFORD .. . 42 57 .. . . . ..W1LTON . .......41 57 .. . .. .RIDGEFIELD . .......60 82 . .NEWTOWN . .....32 79 ......MASUK .,.....45 58 . . .. JOEL BARLOW ... .......52 81 . .. . ..... .BETHEL . ...44 78 . . NEW MILFORD . .... 41 71 .. . . HWILTON . ....52 62 . RIDGEFIELD . . ..... 52 78 . NEWTOWN . . . .... . .27 PLAYOFF FOR W.C.C. 62 RIDGEFIELD . .. .. .. 58 TOURNAMENT 48 . . MIDDLETOWN . , 50 85 L F 0 A Y - A rw s L 86 7 87 X JEE VEE JV. BASKETBALL TEAM Standmg Coach D Angelo S Watkins I McGee B Dachen- R. Ryan. B. Schmeltz. F. Snopkoski. Absent-J. Baxter, D. Swanso hausen P Tallman A Chaber B Moffett J Iucsky W Lounsbury, WE 59 34 , 38., 40 43 25 , 38 , 30 . 88 48 .,.. .. 29. .,.. ,..,, . 37 ., , 62.5. , 35 ,..,. , ,..,. . 25 ,..,. . 46 ,, ,. 59 ,,., . 56 ...,. SCOREBOARD TEAM N. SALEM .......,... ,NEW CANAAN MASUK ., .... WRIGHT TECH BETHEL , .. . N. MILFORD ,,.. WILTON ,.....,,... RIDGEFIELD ..., IMMACULATE MASUK ,.., .... . BETHEL . . N. MILFORD WILTON ,, . , IMMACULATE , NEWTOWN .... . ., RIDGEFIELD . NEWTOWN ., , , THE . ....... 2 .. ........ .3 ,. ...., .3 f, T2 H1 .. ...2 , ,. .22 ,,..3 ., .2 U3 M3 I5 ...Y V6 0 a 'Q Xvhg L r' . . J . xr, K D X n.' 442 ,.f'F' .5 Mig' f vi V4 HA W QW -V is lv- .T - ' lA, mf ,nag X I1 "Ay ll REX 311 kqgg ,f gem 5 QQ! 5 ff 'Z' x N NA, . fi i Qf Qfg 'E 1 ' x... N, S X fa fx . v F xy mM G N un HEERLE DERS Left to Right-R. Dower, H. Pugner. W. Woodin, B. Danise. J. Pugncr and Mr. N. Peirpont Advisor. . f . . L ,L 92 GYMNASTICS The strength of our democracy is no greater than the collective well-being of our people. The need for increased attention to the physical needs of our youth is clearly estab- lished. The softening process of our civilization continues to carry on its persistent erosion. ln answering this challenge, we look to our schools and colleges as the decisive force in a renewed national effort to strengthen the physical fitness of youth. Henry Abbott has answered this call with the formation of our Physical Fitness Club. , 'Q Nkw v ,wg 1 .J Q' M N""-X-., ..,, 'M-W . lllu., . iiiliii gsm-, 12 .1 A ' A 4QmmmwwNWM , O Q ul 'Q M53 .L ff J ,,: X ii:iw,I,5.V9Yfff,5if Wgiiefiff mmwwt gg fifsfl fill A f'f:1,f5, 'f R Mi W if 1,9 f. 'ff JL L' ,A 'YK , f , . ,x , 1' 4 f rw 'Q F , 'Y H 1,4 v :WM ' 1, W sw' sf f 1 fx , ,M in ffyf Q ' vu, 'f 1 . Q., fm '?,,, ., 1,4 sw Q, ,Zn jf rfrffrizan i I . fs,-,Q ,5r?sif1mivru05,"J A'-f?Z!4TH!i2 fm f i ff r52'1?m , .Iwf2afrffsffz a2 ' ff, if new H31 ' 1 f1.f ,J ii??VEx?fTIfi" 2, Ffmmuwfw gmfafxcsff ff li M mm 1. 5 7' 1 , Zvi 'f M. 3. H, 1 f gf 1 5 lg, ls ff 1, 6, I-! uf 1 av f, ,. 1-Wm: zzaafw -W 'Ii gfienw 4 ,, N12 ' 3:51, ' "3aL1'x.'..4, ,Q 'f " ,ya fy aj- yi wV'.,1: ' A 137,53 J 34" w'?H'H?9 WH? RICH JILIIQI1 HGOIJHKH Wim ff ' I fl? Nm, ,' g-..- . .""w -Rm. nm ,NWN MMM, R. REBELLD CUSTOM TAILOR Formal Wear to Rent for All Occasions All New York Stock --Latest Styles JL Weights Personal Attention 16 LIBERTY STREET 'Q DANBURY Wi? CONNECTICUT QQ? .W wx' if T f 1 Phone 748-6029 , 3 A 5 . f fzmwtw-a,2,.C t,,...., If-fu..,T .,,. ,MWM,.,MAWm.wmw,mwWMW...m,.... BEST WISHES SOUTHWORTH'S Chrysler - Plymouth - Valiant - Renault - Peugeot ROUTE 7 NEW MILFORD BROOKFIELD LUMBER CO. ROUTE 7 BROOKFIELD, CONNECTICUT SP 5-2541 SP 5-2542 SIDNEY N. TERRY Compliments of THE CAPITOL MACHINE 8: SWITCH COMPANY EASTERN STATES IRMER'S EXCHANGE INC. 201 Greenwood Avenue Bethel, Conn. VAL'S DRIVE IN Home of the I5c Hamburger Route 7 Danbury-Brookfield Road OPEN ALL WINTER 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. 195. -. .w5,'2'LT i175' el ' ,zS'f,.m m a. ' ' '?r"' I 5 Q in ,f - - 110' Compliments of NEW MILFORD TRACTOR COMPANY, INC. Farm di Industrial Equipment Authorized John Deere Sales dk Service NEW MILFORD CONNECTICUT Compliments of BURNELL PHARMACY GEROW'S GARDEN CENTI New Fairfield Shopping Center Phone 746-3062 Sawmill Hill Road - Route 37 New Fairfield, Conn. I Phone 746-2506 EMPIRE-ELECTRIC-PRODUC' RIDGEFIELD NEWS STORE COMPANY, INC. Newspapers - Cigars - Stationery "'5'ruG9e 93 Triangle Street Telephone 438-3635 Danbury Connect Compliments of WATERS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Paving Contractors NEW MILFORD CONNECTICUT Compliments of UNION SAVINGS BANK 226 MAIN STREET DANBURY, CONNECTICUT Compliments of VERNON N. BRONSON 81 SON Plumbing - Heating VALLEY SPORT CENTER ROUTE 7, BROOKFIELD BULLOCK MARINE SALES, INC. Chris-Craft - Johnson Motors - Glaspar Lonestar Donphy X55 - Inboard-Penbo Riviera Cruisers Boston Whaler - Cox Trailers Danbury 775-2446 LAKE CANDLEWOOD BROOKFIELD, CONN Newton 426-2895 E. PAUL KOVACS 81 CO., INC. Excavating, Grading, Roads, Lake Dredging, Drilling and Blasting Sand, Gravel Fill and Top Soil NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT Compliments of G. P. TOOL 59 James Street Danbury, Connecticut Compliments of THE CONN. DAIRY Route 25 New Milford, Connecticut CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1964 BEN'S MEN'S STORE 41 White Street Danbury, Conn. GABRIEL VILARDI Formal Wear to Rent Tailoring COMPLIMENTS OF Q, Mllllg Q' ff ,NUHID Wu A.....,.,.. , ..-. ,V 'lg W 1 ,6--H if J. x . 0 i 2. ' 53 " 21 I 2: E Q ga 4 P 'if '-QQ, ,S-' .ill-SQU, ' 'I O' LOCAL UNION NO. 525 INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS I B E W DANBURY CONNECTICUT w.,.l"f'f I'-425 14 if if L '.w'.w L Compliments of C R O W N S T U D I O OFFICIAL CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER CLASS OF 1964 Compliments of 30 CROSBY STREET DANBURY, CONN THE DANBURY-BREWSTER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Tir- X 2 Compliments of RIDGEWAY SHOPPING CENTER Frank and Philip Mazzucco COwnersJ ,,..1.4v""" V ' ,NA.,..--A-f"" . ' A tr PADANARAM PKGE. NILS LAYTON SIMONE, R. E. TAYLOR MADE HOMES SKANDIA DEL. RAY EPHARDT BARBER SHOP KNUDSEN UPHOLSTERER For Fine Furniture And Carpets CONGRATULATIONS TO in Danbury ITS THE CLASS OF 1964 ADDESSI JEWELRY STORES Inc HENRY DICK 81 SON 147 Main Street, Danbury, Conn. 136 Main Street 78 Main Street, Brewster, N. Y. 1 I DANDREA S TEXACO SERVICE SUGAR HOLLOW ROAD DANBURY CONNECTICUT BEST WISHES FROM ACME LAUNDRY INC. 32 STATE STREET DANBURY CONNECTICUT N. R. 'rAl.ERlco INC. Compliments Of THE MAPLE HOUSE 125 White Street Finest in Colonial Furniture D . anbury, Connectlcut Maple - Cherry - Pine Phone 748-2654 187 Main Street, Danbury l I iw . CT1 V,-Wim, GEORGE A. REPKO Plumbing A2 Heating -- Cellars Pumped Phone: 748-2858 11 CEDAR STREET DANBURY, CONN NEW MILFORD INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. General Insurance di Real Estate 38 BANK STREET NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT Compliments of SAVINGS BANK OF DANBURY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BONGO'S WESTERN AUTO 84 DEPARTMENT STORE AUTO SUPPLIES JEWELRY HOUSEWARES SHOES HARDWARE CLOTHING TELEVISION STATIONERY FREEZERS PAINTS GUNS 8: AMMUNITION EST. 1900 M. J. STAVOLA AND CO., INC. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Foundry Scrap - Light Iron Scrap New Haven Railroad Siding 307 WHITE STREET DANBURY, CONN. Compliments of NORBERT E. MITCHELL C0 D. GIGLIOTTI 81 SONS Fuel Oil Bottled Gas 13 Liberty Street Danbury, Connecticut Danbury, Connecticut .,..,. FENNZUII. """' HARRY HARRIS co., mc. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Automotive Parts 62 Equipment Complete Line of Garage 62 Service Station Equipment 92 WHITE STREET DANBURY, CONN. TALBOT VENDING Compllmenfsd il,-, '21 f iff? Vending Services FIRESTONE STORES for Schools and Industries RAILROAD PLACE DANBURY, CONNECTICUT DANBURY, CONNECTICUT 746-9960 F. R. CLARK, Prop. B A R D O - P L A TT IN C . I CLARK S SERVICE STATION Quality Clothing and Sportswear Atlantic Services Repairs-Accessories-Batteries 153 Main Street Route 37 ' New Fairfield, Conn. Danbury, Connecticut FLORENCE c. DOLLAR -'--D, ' r IIC 5 ': 5 -9--7 l E Q f ,QI REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE ,Q 13:-T F j' if Country Properties 4--N. 5 el j Our Photo Files Save You Motor Miles Mgt .3 7 if P' -xfyk F I ,GL EMMA M. COLLEY, Associate L'.,.,,,n4. -' P Phone 832-2034 - 544-8322 GEORGETOWN, CONN. "rr-- fs- 1- it -, , Q Q1 ..1w,.f ?iE Q i :Q2I f 'sfff: aww' ., - 1 ff'f'f',:.'55 522' -14 fl fm fL: GARDNER BROTHERS Building Contractors and Carpenters R.F.D. 3 NEW FAIRFIELD DANBURY, CONNECTICUT Howard - 746-9210 Stanley - 746-9816 TO THE CLASS OF 1964 GO OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE THE MATZ LUMBER COMPANY Telephone 748-5659 212 WHITE STREET DANBURY, CONN. Compliments of NEW MILFORD SAVINGS BANK NEW MILFORD CONNECTICUT BRANSON SONIC POWER Ultrasonic 62 Electronic Research 62 Manufacturing Telephone: 744-0760 MIRY BROOK ROAD DANBURY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "'64" SIMONE RADIO 81 TELEVISION Danbury's TV Center" Telephone 748-9203 52 DIVISION STREET DANBURY, CONN. PAMBY MOTORS INC. 36 DANBURY ROAD RIDGEFIELD, CONNECTICUT JEEP - STUDEBAKER Sales 6: Service Telephone 438-6525 438-6526 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1964 GULLIVER OIL COMPANY North Street 66 and all LOCAL PHILLIPS DEALERS A L L A N ' S Men's Boy's Official Boy Scout Dist. 78 Main Street Ridgefield, Connecticut Compliments of MESSINGER SADDLE BETHEL CONNECTICUT PAUL KOVACS TIRE SHOP INC BALI. 8. Rouen BEARING 40 SOUTH STREET DANBURY, CONNECTICUT COMPANY Texaco Gasoline 8: Oil Recapping 62 Vulcanizing Front Wheel Alignment CROSBY ST. 81 MAPLE AVE. Wheel Balancing Ji Towing DANBURY, CONNECTICUT ROBERT AND PAUL KovAcs 'vu ,429 :J gr fx T:Sl'h uv. 1- ', Compliments of S. SUSNITZKYE CO. BORDEN MITCHELL DAIRY 11C white Street Danbury, Connecticut Danbury, Connecticut DATA CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. Instrumental for Research vuf""'-T .3 . L in ly I . , gg 'g g HA.. 1' . A- - -- '- rp' -4 -1 ' gif fc? ' -ea 1 , - Q- -2 : W K, ,K ' 'T' isijn Q - , ' .v-' -A . PN: .Q ,Q Y, 'T ' TTT 'TTT TH GAR PRECISION PRODUCTS DIVISION HELI CO1L CORPORATION DANBURY CONNECTICUT Fine Foods Liquors THE GREEN OLIVE Cvmplimenfs Of RESTAURANT DICK SHANLEY, Prop. D A N B U R Y F Q R D Route 7 Brookfield, Conn. REPKO'S PROFESSIONAL SKIN DIVING BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1964 Home of the Aqua Lune BROOKFIELD HARDWARE G 101 Westville Avenue "The City Store for Country Living" Danbury, Connecticut ROCANO'S Sporting Goods Sportswear 22 WHITE STREET DANBURY, CONN. Compliments of TOP HAT BAR 81 GRILL Qi Y 109-111 SOUTH STREET X DANBURY, CONN. RAY PACIFIC WENGROW'S JEWELERS MEN 8g BOYS sHoP .Use Your Crew, Berkshire Shopping Center, Danbury Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry - Silverware rookside Shopping Center, Bridgeport I0 White Ctreet Danbury, Conn. TED'S SERVICES Lawn Care - Garden Plowing Chain Saw di Sickle Bar Work - Snow Removal Telephone 748-81 16 lin,-my., lri.,i5x?.Bill mi? I 4 - ' HAUSER SERVICE COMPANY Refrigeration - Air-Conditioning - Heating Telephone 244-8475 NEW MILFORD CONNECTICUT ELMER M. LEWIS Complimenf-V of CARPENTER MARTIN'S ATLANTIC Remodeling - Additions - Alterations - Cabinets SERVICE STATION Guaranteed Prompt, Courteous, 74877668 Redball Service 9 Abbott Avenue Newtown and Plumtrees Road Danbury, Connecticut Danbury, Conn. 748-97" HARRY'S PRESCRIPTION J. THAYER BOWMAN, .IRI PHARMACY QE Insurance - Real Estate l 'I l Q, gf . 240 Main Street 226 Whlte Street Danbury, Conn. 743-3081 Danbury, Conn. 748-7 WEbster 8-2770 GIGIS SPECIALS MRS. W. WARE LYNCH REDDING RIDGE CONNECTICUT HUMPHREY BROS., INC. Suppliers of Nationally Advertised Auto Parts PAINTS AND EQUIPMENT Complete Machine Shop and Electrical Service for Automotive-Marine 62 Industrial - M I XX I ssnulcs IX ,A-iv , I Phone 748-3591 ,1 Nf-Sa x-if 348 MAIN STREET DANBURY, CONN. 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Wllllllll Z I Qnnulxb U7 LTI P-l I F11 wt" O O Z Z Compliments of PIONEER CLEANERS North Street Danbury ELL CLEANERS Num 1"-f W 4 X MINDY'S CHEVRON SERVICE General Repairs Phone 748-4313 75 Greenwood Avenue Bethel, Conn. W , K or w eE 2fafi.i Q 2 5 3 7 3 f re 7s'sr1s1"1ffi --V :, 14' 'A 'uFeEf'f:g1: . 1 . V. 5 gel'-ji 3253361 5 5 ' A - -2 X . L , iM..,,,, A. J, ,,,,,1 A 5 X Ht, ' p.,g?2g,,4,Z55fff?vgSgg 5-2.:w-mitlfwl-is .iuffarf 53115-sw Ir H 1 ' miie l1wf2f-Sszsieztlfe wxiwigwz f- ' K ' aiegfgw gsggr, w mzsfkef g,-gi 1 V 1 5 1 1 , . 1 8 - fi 1- gf.W,.1ig:f1ff .L lewis- -1555 gig -7 g rf. if , if if - - EQ f Y W, Mi.,-4- :. I ii , K - if I 1 I" . ,E-fix " , - .,.... ' I 3 - r f! . -' .. Jag, 1 .. A Q M .- l,rl. ,,ll,,rlV I lwll X:a,iEX L, ,,r,, W ,l, l ,lb, , , .: . H. ..--. E ,---,: I , ,:, .: -i,.,A,A ..--,..- ...zz 5 .---.. -1. gausi-1'e-safes-nge Leg,-E .:-,.-se:.L ..,, , .. .. ::"'-3 3 :H-, :2 F1' - n , 3Q? ::iz:E-get .. 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BILL'S AUTO BODY SHOP Hnbury's Oldest Electrical Construction 25 Padanaram Road, Danbury Collision Work A2 Painting FRANK GERMANARO and Padanaram Road Danbury, Conn MILDRED I. CLARK L V T0 THE BEST THE BARDEN CORPORATION Barden Precision Ball Bearings DANBURY CONNECTICUT BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1964 DRAKE ENGINEERING COMPANY, INCORPORATED DANBURY CONNECTICUT Compliments of SEGA READY MIX INC. ROUTE 7 NEW MILFORD GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS T0 Automotive Distributor GORDON TAYLOR 743-2751 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "'64" TERRY LUMBER COMPANY QQ? X -' S 2 521 5 DEPOT PLACE 'D' Ogg: "1 BETHEL, CONN HUMBER SUNBEAM HILLMAN ROOTES DEALER STEVENSON'S TExAco, mc. ,f i- : co I STEVENSON S QUALITY CARS Phone 748 3589 214 GREENWOOD AVENUE BETHEL, CONNECTICUT BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE STONE'S COLOR CENTER Paint - Wallpaper - Art Supplies - Drafting Supplies - Slide Rules SINCE 1885 12 NORTH STREET DANBURY, CONN- Compliments of BEST WISHES Fuel Oil - 24-Hr. Burner Service N E W E N G L A N D General Construction Ready-Mix Concrete FURNITURE CO. Telephone 748-9231 150 MAIN STREET 207 GREENWOOD AVENUE DANBURY, CONNECTICUT BETHEL CONNECTIO THE DAN-RIDGE CHEVROLET CO. 70 MAIN STREET, DANBURY, CONN. New and Used Cars 70 Main St., Danbury, Conn. 146 White St., Danbury, Conn. YOUR AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET DEALER fe, 1f,..m,'r -f., ww Mmm '-k, Q ml Compliments of GOODFELLOW-ASHMORE, IN'C. 54 MAIN STREET DANBURY, CONNECTICUT MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 'I' GOOD LUCK "'64" Q 14,0 from H. A. T. s. ,, GARTEN'S .aff 'IA STUDIO or ART f f II 1 jj N. 746-9563 13 Kingswood Road Danbury, Conn. Compliments of LIGHT ROCK SPRING WATER CO 9 BALMFORTH AVENUE DANBURY, CONNECTICUT MU RRAY'S AUTO PARTS Nationally Advertised Auto Parts, Supplies and Equipment Complete Automobile Machine Shop Service . -24995 ,A -. , Hg U T 0 uf W.. IZKAZLDQJ PA RTS Telephone 748-5639 164 WHITE STREET DANBURY HOUSATONIC TRACTOR CORPORATION Case and Oliver Equipment ROUTE 7 NEW MILFORD, CONN. Compliments Of z 5e55f,f,5,,Af, I WW' CONSORTE 81 CO. Up-to-Date Restaurant Service Distributor of Bakery Products VALHALLA 34 SHELLY AVENUE NEW YORK BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '64 F MASSON'S JEWELRY STO THE HAMILTON PRESS, INC. Phone 743-1845 We Have Supplied Printing To Danbury's l Danbury, Connecticut School System for Over F zfty Years 743-6562 Craftsmen of New England B Q B M A R 1' I N THE TOPSTONE FURNITURE CO. EVINRUDE - First in Outb I . and Homelite-4 Cycle Manufacturers of Early American F urnlture '- Reproductions, Custom Designs Phone 775-9250 42 Sugar Hollow Road .-.:g.4-. Danbury, Connecticut Route 7 Brookfield IONSOLIDATED CONTROLS CORP. Durant Avenue, Bethel, Conn. Phone 743-6721 Take-Out Orders of All Sizes Q and Booth Service Mon.-Thurs. ll a.m.-ll p.m. 1 5 NAPou Plzzenm -b ,- W9 it vb Fri.,Sat., Sun. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. 25 Main Street Danbury, Conn FRANCES CLEANERS 50 HIGH RIDGE AVENUE RIDGEFIELD, CONN. Telephone 438-6708 We Call For and Deliver If you desire the best in dry cleaning quality and service - mending work - open seams and button work - alterations of all kinds - CALL US - VALLEY FARMS DRIVE-IN 'Pizza-Grinders - Bar-B-Q Beefburgers Hot Dogs - Shakes - Sundaes Bar-B-Q Dinners Telephone 426-5775 BAIPBE CU smomcnzs Jute 25 '! """I l"" Newtown, Conn. Compliments of JOHN P. PREVIDI CO. I We Always Have Time To Be Friendly 217 MAIN STREET DANBURY, CONNECTICUT , Ii, I-fn Telephone 743-2771 MARIC'S DINER Booth and Counter Service Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinners Across from New Milford Theatre 51 Bank Street Compliments of CARPETS 81 COLOR INC. JOHN W. CONGER Contractor Residential - Commercial - Industrial Installations - Taping - Repairs - Alterati Member of Fairfield County Homebuild. Association 6 4. Telephone 426-5 322 P 6 CEDAR HILL ROAD Brookfield Connecticut NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT BOWERS REALTY McGOVERN'S PHARMACY Real Estate ' Insurance Thomas F. McGovern, Christine M. Nichu Registered Pharmacists Telephone 354-5401 l Telephone 775-9633 Litchfield Road, Route 25 New Milford, Connecticut Route 7 Brookfield, Con K.E.B. SERVICE STATION Phone 438-2 Mobil Gas and Mobil Oil Tires - Accessories- Washing- Lubrication Phone 438-2040 Danbury Road Ridgefield, Conn. C. F. KORKER PHOTOGRA Ridgefield Photoshop 89 Main Street Ridgefield, Q13 1 Compliments of DURSI MOTOR SALES, INC. Your Chrysler, Dodge, Dodge Truck, Simca Dealer 51 MAIN STREET 748-5621 DANBURY, CONN. Donator of the Driver's Education Car A-F MARKET Candlewood Lake Road Brookfield, Connecticut , C-FQ' 'U'v'gVQ'0'0 0 Sc . A. bo, BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '64 GREEN ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., INC. Electrical Supplies-Motor Control Telephone 748-5648 m:.3'9', Q., 69 Main Street Danbury, Conn. REYNOLDS Compliments of A N N ' S D I N E R Brookfield, Connecticut HOME FURNISHINGS Serving Homemakers Since 1889 Phone 748-3515 ll-15 Rose Street Danbury, Conn. 'WF KELLOGG-FARWELL CO. Artesian Wells Pump 62 Tank Installation Service Bennell B. Kellogg, Rockwell Road, Bethel Sherman B. Farwell, New Fairfield, Conn. David W. Disbow, New Fairfield, Conn. MACK'S MEN'S STORE Quality Clothing and Furnishings Telephone 748-7571 l 225 Main Street Danbury, Col 746-9300 New Farriield, Conn. H O Y U E N DANBURY MUSIC 81 BOOK SHOP Chinese 62 American Restaurant Full Liquor Permit Books of All Publishers 280 Main Street Danbury, Conn. 268 Main Street Danbury, Co CORVENS PAINT 81 WALLPAPER Complete Line of Sapolin Paints -Featuring Birge, Trims, Wall-Tex, etc. - Wallpapers ALFRED A. CORREIA VALENHNE VENTURA 99 TOWNHILL AVENUE DANBURY, CONN. MODERN SHOE REPAIR ERCOLE PETRELLA Telephone 748-3989 11 Keeler Street Danbury, Conn. GOELZ ELECTRIC SERVIC- Installations - Repairs R.F.D. :H:3 New Fairlield, C 2'N,- 1 X" X a Ju ' A4 I 4 q qt rmploneer 748-3535 -X ,Nxxdx L EAHYI' I I GAS wmen HEATERS T LUNY'-9 AUYOMATIC HITERUD GAS IIRVICI "ma" "W 'I ml m .saiIa' rE E5Ll? ,' 5P1 130 WHITE STREET DANBURY, CONN. ST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES DANBURY PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Distrbutors of Plumbing, Heating and Kitchen Appliances 19-25 Delay Street BURNS DRUG AND SURGICAL Incorporated DANBURY'S REXALL STORE Free Prescription Delivery Over One Million Prescriptions Competently Filled FEDERAL GLASS CO. - Glass of Every Type - Wheel Chair Sales 8: Rentals Walkers - Crutches - Abdominal Belts Sick Room Surgical Supplies .uto Glass Furniture Tops ' lindow Glass Sliding Glass Serving the Danbury Aff!! l' D lelifgifass Thercinufminane 143 MAIN STREET - ESTABLISHED 1925 H DANBURY, CONN. 748-7983 flain Street Danbury, Conn. IENDLY STORE UN THE 6REE NEW MILFURD, CONN. ELGIN 4-5549 J' :'M:'::'- 'EPS T0 SATISEIXGX ti , it W gg, it J site ,ww 7 A .1 gg A s is s rrt , D ,wwf dl A tttt t,tt , I i 5 3? I M- 0 ni Fx A S, t ,Q "'-. in his r , Z BEST WISHES TO ALBERT Mlssenvs THE CLASS OF u,64v A Friend SEGA SAND 8g GRAVEL Telephone 354-4438 RICHARD'S TEXACO STATION ROUTE 7 Full Line of Services Texaw Pf0dUCfS NEW MILFORD, CONN. Hayestown Road Danbury, Conn. Compliment of WHITE STREET CONSERVATORY FLORISTS Flowers for Every Occasion 182 WHITE STREET DANBURY, CONN Compliments of COLLINS AND MORROW AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance MAIN STREET DANBURY, CONN. IN JoHN's MARKET BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "1964" YOUR P.G.A. STORE JOHN DEEP, Prop' FEINSON'S MEN'S STORE Choice Meats - Groceries Frozen Foods - Vegetables Visit Our Varsity Shop North Street Danbury, Conn. In me UPWV Paff Of the Sfvfe BEST W,S,,ES T0 CHAYES DENTAL INSTRUMENT CORP. THE CLASS OF "1964" Manufacturers of Dental Equipment and Precision Instruments A F R I E N D , Mlry Brook Road Danbury, Conn. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "I964" DENT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 6 ROSE STREET DANBURY, CONN. BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF "1964" PUDELKA'S STORE 318 DANBURY ROAD NEW MILFORD, CONN Tel. EL 4-7947 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "1964'f REPUBLIC FOIL INC. SOUTH STREET DANBURY, CONN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "I964'I UNITED REPRODUCTION Complete Printing 01 SOUTH STREET DANBURY, CONN Success to the Class of '64 from DANBURY, CONNECTICUT BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "1964" FRONTIER STORE 16 LIBERTY STREET DANBURY, CONN. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "I964" HAWLEY'S PAINT STORE "Paint Doctors" Dealers in Dupont Lucite Paint DANBURY CONNECTICUT BET WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "I96-4" REEVES SOUNDCRAFT CORPORATION DANBURY CONNECTICUT T0 THE CLASS OF "I964" BARD PARKER INC. Manufacturers of Surgical Instruments and Precision Parts IN DANBURY SINCE 1933 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "I964" DUAL LITE Emergency Lighting NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT ec,mw.1r,:f1mm:,,me1wm1r4wmf,sa,- 1 . .wfwf-mN.I ,ku ,kky , ,k,,k-,, ,5,,,wwQ:.wsse4,'ftff2:wafwfw,f3f,,g,1g512id4gpf.4,,mg,,- BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF "I964" HOLMAN INC. PL UM BIN G DANBURY CONNECTICUT PATRONS SHRACK'S GULF SERVICE STONYHILL PACKAGE STORE JOHANNA MELTZER ROTELLA'S SERVICE CENTER ENTERPRISE SERVICE STATION A FRIEND DANBURY MACHINE BURN'S DRUG STORE RECORD FAIR NEW YORK BAKE SHOP MODERN GARAGE NEW FAIRFIELD MARINE LYNN I. MATHEWSON BROOKFIELD LUMBER EDWARD GRANATIN STONY HILL MARKET LAVELLE'S WAGON WHEEL MOE'S WEST STREET SHELL Wy PATRONS NEWTOWN AUTO PARTS MILLER - STEPHENSON LOPES FOOD MARKET J. J. ARNOLD AGENCY SMITH'S PHARMACY DALEY'S JEWELRY STORE STONECREST PACKAGE STORE WILTON MOTORS CORP. MR. AND MRS. J. SAMEH ALLTRANSPORT, INC. MELVIN PAINT STORE BROOKFIELD BARBER SHOP HAYESTOWN DINER CORSET 8: LINGERIE SHOP CLEO'S DRY CLEANING SERVICE FRANCIS TAILOR SHOP DANBURY SHEET METAL BILL'S MEN'S STORE HEYMAN HARDWARE COMPANY MARTIN'S MEN,S STORE MACELLETTI REALTY AND INSURANCE MIDTOWN CHEVRON STURDEVANTS PHOTO SHOP Ai!" W fha PATRONS PETTITS MIDGET MARKET LAYOK'S FOOD MARKET CHET'S SERVICE STATION WILLIAM MANNING, CONRACTOR PAUL MORTON, JEWELERS CAMPUS ATLANTIC SERVICE RAYMOND'S DRIVE-IN CONRAD W. KASACK WILLIAM HATT DONALD M. BRUNETTI BOUTIQUE COIFFURE DR. MILTON J. ARONDS JACK SEIGEL AGENCY FELIX COTE, BARBER SHOP SADLER AIRCRAFT B. W. SMITH Sc SONS SAL,S BARBER SHOP ART 8: VINNIE'S BARBER SHOP PARK AVE. 66 SERVICE STATION DIVISION ST. PACKAGE STORE CUNHA MOTOR SALES, INC. PAUL RUOPP SERVICE STATION DR. HENRY J. SHOWAH MAIN STREET SERVICE CENTER PATRONS UNITED AUTO SERVICE ELM SERVICE NELSON'S HARDWARE TOMANIO,S RESTAURANT BERNIE'S TEXACO STATION ATLANTIC SERVICE INDEPENDENT MOTORS A FRIEND NEJAMES FOODLINER COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND STANLEY'S DINET NEWTOWN BOWLING ALLEYS A. SEGA 8z SON A FRIEND COUNTRY HAIR STYLISTS GRASSY PLAIN CHEVRON ROBERT SALES COMPANY ALDORADO RESTAURANT OSSIE'S FEDERAL WELDING SERVICE WETY'S BARBER SHOP ANDYIS AUTO COACH WORKS INC H Qsw?5'x VARSITY BASEBALL BASEBALL TEAM K Left to Right, lst row-H. Morrissey, W. Ballard, B. Leware, Coach Walter Went, D. Swanson, J. Williams, M. Morrissey, D. Sauer, P. Kennedy, L. DiTomaso, J. Wiacek. 2nd row- J. Lahoud. W. Mitchell. P. Ramey. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD This year, Tech had only four seniors on the baseball team. TEAM WE THEY And, as can be expected with inexperienced teams, there were Newtown "'i""""" 5 "'A""""tA' "" l l 4 many errors. These cost us several games, many of which were Masuk , n'AA"""' "AA'A"""""' 7 l very close and went into extra innings. However, the squad did field Nffw Mllfold "4" t"t""' ' 4 5 one of the finest pitching units in the league headed up by control Rldgefleld ve'----.--- 2 3 pitcher John Wiacek. John will be returning as a senior next season. 10521 Barlow 'n"'t J' ' 't""""""' 2 6 He has come to be known as the little man with the big arm. An- Wllton """"'l'l' ' ' ' """""' 6 0 other star of the team was senior Joe Lahoud who hit three homers Bethel """'l'l"l"" """'ll'l"" 5 2 this season, one of which was the longest ball hit in the Tech field. Masuk . """""""" 'l"l"l"" 6 3 It was over 400 feet. Graduating seniors are: Phill Ramey, Bill Nfiw Mllford "'l" fyflwv """" "" 3 5 Mitchell, Joe Lahoud and Co-capt. Don Sauer. Rldgefield "'t"""" f Q ' '. """'t"" 8 2 Joel Barlow ...,........ .,......., 5 6 Wilton ..,..............,... ,.,............ 2 3 Bethel .....,......,....... .......... 5 18 TOTALS WON LOST 5 8 WM N an A254 I 1 ,f 1 - VG 'L C. . in f if ,ffgiwi3"" 3 . 'Q i GRADUATING SENIORS QR GRADUATING SENIORS-1. to r. -Bill Mitchell, Phil Ramey, Joe Lahoud, Co-Captain Don Sauer VARSITY TRACK .13 Back Row - Left to Right: Orkel, Iller, Potter, Schneider, Miller, Moyle, Pogonowski, Ellis, McGee. Front Row - Left to Right: Nimer CManagerJ, Wood, Hyatt, Basher, Silkman, Murdock, Willrich, Moffett. The track season began under the able leadership of co-captains Claude Silkman and Chuck Hull. Both men set an exhausting pace for their teammates to follow. Silkman, in the 880 yard run, tasted defeat only once in the dual meets and Hull consistently out- distanced every opponent with the javelin. Every meet had its high points as we saw each man put forth his greatest effort to win. The record book shows that during this sea- son 6 HATS records fell by the wayside as Silkman, Hyatt, Moffett, Moyle, Pogonowski, and Willrich bettered any previous efforts of HATS trackmen. Perhaps the highlight of the season was when HATS battled Bethel to a 70 - 70 tie. It was in this meet that HATS was first called upon to run the hurdles. Without any previous training or experience Moyle won the low hurdles and Pogonowski won the high hurdles - a true example of what the will to win can accomplish. Willrich, our winningest veteran seems to have passed his point scoring ability to Moffett an outstanding young freshman. These two men scored more than W, of the total points brought home during the season. It is evident from the effort and improvement shown this year by every member of the team that HATS is out to win. As was so often heard in the locker room after the last meet, "Wait 'till next year!". THE SCOREBOARD HATS Opp. 43 Ridgefield ..,... 79 56 Barlow .,...,. 66 44 Wilton ...,. 78 70 Bethel .....,... 70 92 Newtown ........ 30 70 Masuk ,.............. 43 39W New Milford ,.... 82M to Right: B. Iller - Co-Captain, B. Ellis, C. Willrich - Co-Capt SENIOR PROM june 23, 1964 wiv' 6: ,A A Y, w, , A fm ik Q5 V M iw V+? "7? ig. r Egifggf :sig 5? 5 5 'lf .,, 5 -Mu' F. -v. ATHLETIC BANQUET Best Sportsman Awami SENIOR CLASS NIGHT f 1' ' xiii A ia A , ggi . Y 12 -: k R I -A - 'Sidi kzA:rmW.7 A: - Ni? ' A- Qa2'f,2fvf ilgwwfwf, Mm, ., e V W. 4,55 NA W M, uns-in Eff-5wf,fS--1, . , ,MQ,,,S.,Q,:g A 7 ag?-V3.5 Sm EES f W kyfr f, If ff jg-if , S , A .. gf, ff , X wwf' ' , L gr , w -QsSf f 'W1. . ,ffmy,DkgiM, K ,LV - Lfx' Sf Sv'fSw,gg,w.f V. , V . , -ff : gggwzzwqfglg,wgkg - :J'ff"1T- Efff. , 5, ' " 3 ,- f' .ff'.'15f:g: . . .. , ,, 9 3. , ,. - " ML . ,, Y 42, is-2 5 5 5 i ', ea:-fz,,-me-,W:sy--:::m. S 2 . Q ww-wfv, f , , 1' V- -'E'-za. Vfdf - ff-me.fsiziufgsigisztsefr ' Swv ,wi - ' ' '..,-ZW :.i".."Z',1:-'vis 5: V ' :JE :'.:-,ui-:',, gfrfs' gyugigi f 1 1 .J f . , ' ' ff --'-wikgifns 5 -b ,::- V ' -S -12, 1- jj - A : '5::f93'I5 '1E' V ut ':. 5Y.Li51?I5iqs:3Ef':f : Aa f f: w yvlawmai -f 2:35311-es ,vw-lm. S, 1- ,-4 pn Q wsmfyefigg' M5,,QM4X2 if MZ GRADUATIO DAY fx, Sum, W W, S , . 'M-LP . X . '.m,1-fxiwfvzsaml Hgf2Lf1W4.mMmymi 5, " - - 2sBw..2K4mS,MS, Z 151mfX5m:S,5m.:: pw .kwvifr AmM-.1m1S,-,A1S,W -f .. 1 H ' Wyg gmt .,,. il,L.?2QSS,..lg g ' www-wQ.fs S S S wfwhl , -f MW ,mx , WSQSY 3' bww X Y fm- A,., ,, , I. S 1,-My S ff,,. fy .HN ,. ,A V U U Sfgg2i:z1..f:+2if Jw 1s21Eg.4SLzf gviai-,xx igfwzp S 11,1-f zfi4ifzLSamszQ GRADUATION DAY ff, . gf' K 5 4 ' , 1' ,s 32 EL ' 3312 . V ,- I ei?i.: ' 'ff' ', -- :vw , 4 1 fiinif E ' . 'n P ,, nn, , 2? M, '31 ,ki ' if 5 . .X V1 rl 'E .', x LW' 1,2 I ,-1 -,A 1.1 , A Yi, ,,--,K fair, -- ' 4 5 r s-L Iii! :iff 507 ,J gt fw K mild? 13 if nv ff. EMG ,ff 'lf . H' , ul

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