Abbott Junior High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Elgin, IL)

 - Class of 1954

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Abbott Junior High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Elgin, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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342 me fm' GW E., I 95 4 ABBOTT Jumon msn SCH0QL EU 'U 7 QP f 55 OPQLUOI' Since most of us have taken a trip to Neverland, we decided to invite our hero Peter Pan and some of his companions to visitAbbott Land. We want to show them our administration and faculty, our students, our classrooms, clubs, and teams. We hope they will be as impressed with the opportunities for learning and fun in our land as we were with our glorious adventures in Neverland. THE EDITORS gx 521 f' ' 5 fx. i Ctlfl .x4c!minidfrafi0n J g6lClftkg - MR. MARVIN E. BERGE, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Z' I l 2 BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. R. B. MADES, Principal of Abbott ,..-odH,2':'f A ...J MR. ORRIN G. THOMPSON, Superintendent of Schools Vincent Coleman, President, Albert F. Billings, S. Mills Eno, Raymond M. Pearsall, Edward O. Southard, Frank D. Urie, Donald V. Valentine, Chauncey H. Wells, Willard Beebe, Secretary . 4 QC!! HARRY BARNES Social Science, English WAYNE BLOCK Physical Education. Coach MARIAN CONRO English, Health, Newspaper NORMA DUNCAN Foods. Cafeteria ALVA HARRISON Indusuial Arts CHARLES HAYCOCK Art mf' -L 'W' 43" IA NE HOKE Latin , English, Yearbook JACK HOTSENPILLER Mathematics, Coach IEA N HOVE Orchestra ROSS HULMES Mathematics, Coach LENORE KASTEN Clothing ,A DOLPH LULEK Band INEZ ROBINSON Mathematics SHIRLEY SHEFFNER Social Science, English MELVIN SWIEDARKE Social Science, Visual Aids BERYL VAN ARSDALE English, Health STELLA WARD Science MELVILLE WRIGHT Industrial Arts GCI! f DELORES MILLER Physical Education ELLAGENE MORGAN Vocal Music, English LaROY MORNING Social Science, Health, Coach MARGARET NELSON Library, English, Math MARGE RADLOFF Speech, English ELDEN RHODE Mathematics, English ALICE BAEHR Nurse HENRY KROGH Counselor Cldlhg BETTY LOU KOCH Secretary WILMA HAHN Speech Correctionist 7 Kfdzirieri E MW mm Mimi.. l nn. ,1- e 4 ':44::w ,i,Q mr 1 f jxffxql I x , Su 1 iki !' Nina WM if H Q -My 'Ng 19 Him 'H Si 5533 mf "-1 3 W3 Q N Z- HM fag sv? 'sz N f,, ,Q M A 3 ' , -. ' gig nf , x iff' J .wg-N r, fa? we mt , as 7,5 'a Q 'ai fi: ig, '- mud gy HOME ROOM 103 Fa 2 Ai EJ' IS as f ,At 5, I gb : i A ' V12 7 Pl 9 f .f i' 1 L f5'-- .rf sq: I I , t f Pi sf RIS- fi' s 1 , f lf' 'iii' figs' ' - . . . .Ax, , ., ..,. fi A . I if ' lt al l iii, ,V" V VV 2 47 3 , , . 1, if fy, W 3 ,-1' 5 14, ' 3. 1 , 52 . pig: 1 J' C - y it it ii , , OOK., :Oh A A H g l, I ' K t. 2 -- Ni: l: 3 5: K JAO '-'. ii ei N 'leg r - ft, 1: , ... - --.'.-mem. .7 " ' ' m'L' LOZO - ' ' ' t :,: H I ', .: im' 'L . tl . 'fy if O O ' "OO ' .- I it . A O " ' V ' O'-g' 'rf Ag 'ff WBA DICK AHRENS Ambition: Airplane pilot: Pet Peeve: Homework PAT BELL Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Conceited kids CHARLES BURNIDGE Ambition: Architect: Pet Peeve: Cousins PHOEBE BURT Ambition: To be a gym Teacher: Pet Peeve: Hot-rod cars DORIS CHANDLER Ambition: Nurse: Pet Peeve: Freckles SANDRA CULVERSON Ambition: To pass ninth grade: Pet Peeve: Smart people BILL EGGERT Ambition: Game warden: Pet Peeve: Dancing KEITH FOLLMAN Ambition: Airplane pilot: Pet Peeve: Getting up in the mornin . MERILFN FOLTZ Ambition: Bus driver: Pet Peeve: Boys MIKE GALLAGHER Ambition: Speech teacher: Pet Peeve: Social studies NEIL HART Ambition: Playboy: Pet Peeve: Girls FRANK HENKEMEYER Ambition: C or po r a t ion lawyer: Pet Peeve: Long assiiniments ARY HG'P Ambition: To have fun always: Pet Peeve: Sound of the alarm clock IIM HUMPHREY Ambition: Scientist: Pet Peeve: Pen and pencil "crooks" JOANNE IURS Agibition: To live a happy life: Pet Peeve: "Show o s" RICHARD LUNDY Ambition: Aviator: Pet Peeve: Conceited girls BARBARA PARRY Ambition: To pass algebra: Pet Peeve: "Show-offs" DICK PARTRIDGE Ambition: Sportscaster: Pet Peeve: Band BERNICE RADDATZ Ambition: Singer and dancer: Pet Peeve: People who bra gHERMAN REHBERG Ambition: Airplane pilot: Pet Peeve: Homework DALE REINKING Ambition: Surgeon: Pet Peeve: Conceited women JOAN RIC ARDS Ambition: English teacher: Pet Peeve: Misspelled words SANDRA SCHULT Ambition: Private secretary: Pet Peeve: Funny people JIM SEEGERT Ambition: Hobo: Pet Peeve: Small blondes EUGENE SPELLER Ambition: Mechanic: Pet Peeve: Social Studies RUTH SYMONDS Ambition: Sin er: Pet Peeve: Tattle-tales THOMAS gf!-IIES Ambition: To have sideburns: Pet Peeve: Cheer- leaders JOY WAIDLER Ambition: Nurse: Pet Peeve: Brothers EUGENE WOOLCOTT Ambition: To be a chef: Pet Peeve: Big shots FAYETTE ZIMMERMAN Ambition: Guitar teacher: Pet Peeve: Sisters SONJA AGUINIGA Ambition: To be in the air force: Pet Peeve: "Hoody boys DONALD BRADLEY Ambition: Football player: Pet Peeve: Girls BRUCE BURNIDGE Ambition: Farmer: Pet Peeve: Long assignments JACK CIRRINCIONE Ambition: To become a millionaire: Pet Peeve: School ROBERT COQUILLETTE Ambition: Pilot: Pet Peeve: Girls CHARMAYNE ENGSTROM Ambition: Scientist: Pet Peeve: Boys? GAIL FRANK Ambition: Airline hostess: Pet Peeve: Homework JUDY FRISBIE Ambition: Championship swimmer: Pet Peeve: My sister ALECIA HARKINS Ambition: Pianist: Pet Peeve: Homework JEAN HEMPSTEAD Ambition: Graduate from college: Pet Peeve: Jamming lockers RONALD HORN Ambition: To be a Marine: Pet Peeve: School CHARLES ISIBUE Ambition: Pilot: Pet Peeve: Girls NANCY KADOW Ambition: To be a nurse: Pet Peeve: Silly boys ROGER KARSTEN Ambition:Mechanic: Pet Peeve: Girls who go steady TOM KLEISER Ambition: To be a farmer: Pet Peeve: Girls CRAIG KOWALSKI Ambition: Driver: Pet Peeve: Brothers SUE KRAEBBER Ambition: To be a college graduate: Pet Peeve: Boys who wear their jeans low. DONALD KRAMER Ambition: To be a man: Pet Peeve: Assignments GILBERT NORE Ambition: Own a hobby shop: Pet Peeve: Model railroads JIM PAYNE Ambition: Engineer: Pet Peeve: Girls who nag JUDY ROBBINS Ambition: To pass math: Pet Peeve: Teachers and grades BEVERLY ROHR Ambition: Housewife: Pet Peeve: Boys who tease ROGER SCHUELKE Ambition: Chemist: Pet Peeve: Girls DICK STRUVE Ambition: Engineer: Pet Peeve: School RONALD SWAIN Ambition: Pharmacist: Pet Peeve: Long assignments DELORES TEETS Ambition: Private Secretary: Pet Peeve: Boys LINDA THRUN grmbitionz Private secretary: Pet Peeve: Conceited oys SHARON TUCKER Ambition: Music teacher: Pet Peeve: To practice CAROLYN WAGNER Ambition: To get through college: Pet Peeve: Older sisters RICHARD WILLIS Ambition: Vetinarian: Pet Peeve: Girls GAYE WINBIGLER Ambition: To graduate from college: Pet Peeve: People who are alwa s late CAROL ZORNOV3' Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Work WMA Qu Q HOME ROOM IOI : s 1 V .1 gf t,': if I ' , V ' ' I .AV : 1 VV J,. L V ,i Es C - 3 or A lsf yy ' g gf - D' f ilso C it '45 1 t ' it M' ' A' sl-if c ., if t , ':-- f MX lx V xxx ,f-'JP diff 255 .,g,, ,1:,, , t- - - Maw: ,m::,:3:s H .ifsmsrsfl SL? 'X :Q T551 W5-ai?-A Y , -Y J. ' ' 'E5'54:'f?H. -xr, gr i. T I Iii . ' ' is: . if: ' af Vi sfV3i:,:gf f fs-.tml t.:5f-ff: f L ,. f,. ' , - ' 1.253 1" - ertiiw s Q- l -fr 15532 P Mwbl? , 'Yi ' ,E Lg: -', Y' 'sive-f:::::s:: - . ' ,a.,,f,,,, 1 ...J- 'gsff ue- 4 . - f-.1,, ' s , s r v - : ag 1 ..,, :M ,, V ,X mx, I R I - Q :," A , - - . R ,.t' ffl ff ,: ws. ,g If .L 1 , 1 ' Y' :TjiE.,:Q1" ., i' r A Q ii- . , ,V , ,sf gi? K 3 I f s ,if As, A " ia 022. , , -1 W, f, M W ft. V H ,Q V V. I .,':. , , 4' ,, ' - ,. 1, L ' K kk-' Q O'k' f ,, , K .1 ,L , '- " " JEVS' ' -gjig, i, 'mi , 5 ,1 gift: 4' 1 I .,,, s ' , A, 2 s.: ,RV H V -NV V , ---L f: -ffv f 4" , XVVXV .: V V I V : V: V i is-,,-15,-eggs. VL - t ' . , ' 9 I ":' '?' -I ' , " ii:,, , J .,. -I , s A :N I A I f 1 x 1 l , .V If' i r en: WMA Qu e HOME ROOM 2 ,si iiii 'li T7 O, A A O if . f L :OOO A K 'Y i, iili iii - f E Ffh' J' -O 'l ' O. .., I 'P gi hO O VOO "1 O ii O Q J ,fp " ,l ' , ' , kL,."A gi gs- ," L I af 5:96-a .sums O ' 'ravi A 'A . 4 iBfl 'i15li5 OO W e-?"' f O i OO OO if ,.,W gf I ,A 1,.1 i f O' , O " ' 7, ,Q xi U A J , O 4 Q Q L Olilf J A - is! ,., 5 . P W 5 K '.L. L X b K iw n o wa A pp -1 ew i A O fain O h O.OO h O ww O xi! . V-OW' , O ' iff - fir' fr' S O 1 " A - 'E A lil: 1if!i?fff-l A ' 'ff' ' X f K I iw T J gi g y OV g O O OOKOOV J H . V A Q 5 f mi 'kh ' OO f , 1 is, O Q OOO.: Q 1 -is::O:O.:!'O,+ A A Al fll GLORIA AGUINIGA Ambition: Doctor: Pet Peeve: Some certain people BARBARA ANDERSON Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Third period study hall GORDON BANWART Ambition: Professional baseball player: Pet Peeve: Fourth period English HARRY BRODDE Ambition: Electrician: Pet Peeve: None DONNA CLARRISSIMEAUX Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: English MERRILL CORK Ambition: Mechanic: Pet Peeve: English BARBARA DIERKING Ambition: To travel: Pet Peeve: People who crack theirbgum N DORWALDT Ambition: To get an "A" average: Pet Peeve: Not enough alggbra omework RONA FRITZ. Ambition: Mechanic: Pet Peeve: English GAIL GOMERSALL Ambition: Stay blonde and marry a blonde: Pet Peeve: Jealous boy friends BETTE HEMPT Ambition: Traveling reporter: Pet Peeve: Sixth period slip taker ALAN JOHNSON Ambition: Own hot hods: Pet Peeve: School SUE JONES Ambition: Go to college: Pet Peeve: Some people RON LAMZ Ambition: To be a success in life: Pet Peeve: Money fnot enoughj. PAT ANCASTER Ambition: Nurse: Pet Peeve: Seventh grade gym class. DUANE LANDERS Ambition: Gun smith: Pet Peeve: English CAIDL LORENZ Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Homework TERRY MCDONALD Ambition: Basketball plger: Pet Peeve: School JUDY NEUSCHWAN ER Ambition: Own horses: Pet Peeve: Social studies PAT PURDY Ambition: A red Cadillac: Pet Peeve:Boys who crack their knuckles BILL REUTER Ambition: To be a millionaire: Pet Peeve: School BEN ROYER Ambition: Coach: Pet Peeve: Towel throwers JUDENE SCHULTZ Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Homework HELEN SMITH Ambition: Nurse: Pet Peeve: Homework JACK SUNDERLAGE Ambition: Engineer: Pet Peeve: Work JIM STARK Ambition: Policeman: Pet Peeve: Too much home- work ELLEN TILLERY Ambition: Airline hostess: Pet Peeve: Math PHYLLIS VAN BUREN , Ambition: To 'go to college: Per Peeve: 'ITwo'timers RON VOL Z , Ambition: Play pro basketball: Pet Peeve: English PRISCILLA WALLACE Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Some people JIM ASHLEY Ambition: Pharmacist: Pet Peeve: None NORMA BAKER Ambition: California, here I come! PetPeeve:Elgin DICK BATES Ambition: Jet pilot: Pet Peeve: School CHARLES BIERMAN Ambition: Engineer: Pet Peeve: A certain ninth grade irl g BETTY BROWN Ambition: Stay in algebra: Pet Peeve: Phone no. 1012 KEITH CARLSON Ambition: Girls: Pet Peeve: None JoANN CARTER Ambition: Sin in movies: Pet Peeve: Mixed Chorus JACKIE EESKINE Ambition: Nurse: Pet Peeve: Homework DALE FURNESS Ambition: Baseball player: Pet Peeve: Umpires EVERT FREY Ambition: Chemist: Pet Peeve: Sisters JOHN GEBELT Ambition: Electrical engineer: Pet Peeve: Teachers' pets NEIL GROSSNICKLE Ambition: Doctor: Pet Peeve: Equations NANCY HABERSTICH Ambition: Pass algebra: Pet Peeve: Homework DAWN HESS Ambition: Pass ninth CECIL HOLTZ Ambition: Carpenter: Pet Peeve: Girls grade: Pet Peeve: Homework KLINNERT, BOB Ambition: Mechanic: vacation BCB LANGE Ambition: Drafting engineer: Pet Peeve: "E" on report card WILMA MOSER Ambition: Army nurse: Pet Peeve: Her boy friend's girl friend JACKIE NICHOLS Ambition: To get through high school: Pet Peeve: People who stare LAVONNE NITZ Ambition: To leave Elgin: Pet Peeve: Dishes Pet Peeve: Getting back from ALVIN ORR Ambition: Pilot: Pet Peeve: Taking a bath JACKIE ROCKWELL Ambition: To make a million: Pet Peeve: Boys??? JIM SHALES ' Ambition: Marry a blonde: Pet Peeve: Brunettes SHARLENE SMITH Ambition: Stugy law: Pet Peeve: Dishes AUDREY ELLMEYER Ambition: Go to college: Pet Peeve: New York Yankees NANCY VOLLMAN Ambition: To pass algebra: Pet Peeve: People with more brains than I BARBARA Wl-IIPPLE Ambition: California or bustl: Pet Peeve: Boys GERALD WILLEY Ambition: Artist: Pet Peevezl don't have a pet named "Peeve" GENELLE WILLIAMS Ambition: Soda-jerk: Pet Peeve: Boys who crack knuckles IUDY STOIENTIN Ambition: Illustrator: Pet Peeve: Homework WMA Q-6. Q HOME ROOM 203 .sr K t. I 1 tt: Eb -:-: v A I .:. T .t A If Vg - A ' t 'Zi j , I ,.- I, I ' s if L, . ,rn . L t 55 iii tl- ' ' ' if . 1' g??""' - ' ,sf-. L A ' f A is V Q I r Q A 'P v V g ff ,igy , I Vg ,Q V Q J , , If '-r ,mtv 1 la, O if 5 ' f ,f ki O' , we if if A I , t . A it A ga t l I fr'-f Q . ii' -. - it .Q kqlg ts-f E53 1 'rf A 4' ':', i ., :.A.f?zi -1- .ff H :" ' A 'Ei r . I A 'rr -P ,, . 'i fffi' ' A A I x,Q:f"7t"r'j'fHt'f'ff 7 fi , Y K nh :iz 11 ,Q ,, .Q .D: wi vi I . . figs rg: qt , ,, .fi:?,,g ,fm zz- .Kg -, I -z-, it 4 Q, K Y?-fri. il A . . I A A ,E,. A r H It A tti zz: " f I Vtli rll: trtl I, . ' f'l?' !:"i-Q iff' si t ir'. 1 , 'ig f Pg.. V I Nas :A WMA Qu Q HOME ROOM 208 ai self , :.::.' .h A A ,. '.1, Q.. ' . ' W F 5 .V 4 t A 5 X . ,- :fai n 5 :R V: if A " -1K',-' E . . is ,krr K ' ff.-I .1 , 'N 'MA A w O , I O as i I ,ft - 1 .. - '-1? 'Q W V , V, i : : A ' : A f ' - 'Ai' . V I fe .i ' fa' i- - - JV.: , r, 1' - if J ' if f i , A i ' a, - We O - '- A 'A Atti' K: '-.,k A31 LTL! ' 3 If , . E, il-V J e iw: 2 Vt 5 Ohw-Vi in x ' . :VV ' 1 A ' we-4' A x ,uv , is , w g, I ,A ---'V I 4-ui .nl N A - A '93 " 4' fl' A 3 ' - I . S " , if J A ' ' . N , t i v ,K M P f- I , fin' K J 4 t I V: Vkkihikr , I :E 2 0 U S: any V 1 V- I . I :i x x,., is S- , ' Q 'ill -L -, 'E "" .. V K, ,al 5 N fy V A 1 ! '5 . , ' ..-"' f H l 5. t , My i ,x I 1 3.3, .I V: 5 4 , BETTY ANDERSON Ambition: To be a model: Pet Peeve: Smart alecks JUDY BARRINGER Ambition: Go to college: Pet Peeve: Conceited people CHARLES BRANDT Ambition: To be a pilot: Pet Peeve: English DAVE CAREY Ambition: Architect: Pet Peeve: Flirts EVELYN COON Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: None JANET DOWELL Ambition: Raise horses: Pet Peeve: Science MILLARD DUNTON Ambition: To be a farmer: Pet Peeve: People who steal my jokes .JOYCE FAYNE Ambition: To own a bakery: Pet Peeve: Eighth grade boys RALPH GROSS Ambition: To be a jet pilot: Pet Peeve: Girls! ! ! SANDY HANKINS Ambition: To be a nurse: Pet Peeve: Squeaky clar- inets DAVE HECKERT Ambition: E1ectricalEngineer: Pet Peeve: People who don't know what they want. CAROL HOPP Ambition: To become clothes designer: Pet Peeve: Dull boys JUDY JENKINS Ambition: To sleep more than four hours at a slumber party: Pet Peeve: People who sleep at slumber parties DAVE JENSEN Ambition: To be a football p1ayer:Pet Peeve: Women who can't make up their minds RONALD KOEHN Ambition: To be moderator on "What's My Line." Pet Peeve: None RUTH LLOYD Ambition: Go to California: Pet Peeve: Mice BOB LOWERY Ambition: Naturalist: Pet Peeve: Girls BOB MARQUIS Ambition: To be an engineer: Pet Peeve: Teachers CAROLYN MILLER Ambition: Bowler: Pet Peeve: Bad bowlers JIM MORTON Ambition: Chemist: Pet Peeve: Long assignments JOANNE NIEMANN Ambition: Secretar : Pet Peeve: Conceited boys BARBARA RANGE Ambition: To pass from 9th grade to 10th grade: Pet Peeve: Coriceited boys BEN REDMON Ambition: To be a basketball star: Pet Peeve: Innocent people JIM RENWICK Ambition: To become a state policeman: Pet Peeve: English DONNA SCHABERT Ambition: To be a private secretary: Pet Peeve: People who pretend DAVE SINNETT Ambition: To be an engineer: Pet Peeve: Homework HAZEL SYMONDS Ambition: To become a nurse: Pet Peeve: Science GERMAINE TREADWELL Ambition: Go to college: Pet Peeve: Bashful boys! NANCY WERRBACH Ambition: A naturalist or a missionary: Pet Peeve: Books TOM WRIGHT Ambition: To be an engineer: Pet Peeve: Homework CATHERINE BRADLEY Ambition: A certain 7th grader: Pet Peeve: Science JOANNE BRAUN Ambition: Go to college: Pet Peeve: Showoffs CARTER IOHN Ambition: Professional football player: Pet Peeve: School JERRY CIRRINCIONE Ambition: None: Pet Peeve: Studying JERRY COOPER Ambition: Professional singer: Pet Peeve: Science CHARLYN ELLIOTT Ambition: To graduate from college: Pet Peeve: Boys who giggle JOHN EMRICH Ambition: Concert comet player: Pet Peeve: Annoy- ance by a certain sister DENNIS FEUCHT Ambition: En ineer: Pet Peeve: Homework KAREN FSLLMANN Ambition: Airline stewardess: Pet Peeve: Getting up in the mornin JERRY FRSST Ambition: A Mink rancher: Pet Peeve: Girls RUTH GENZ Ambition: Majorette at E.H,S.: Pet Peeve: Jerry Cooper in home room JACKIE GREENAWALT Ambition: Graduate from college: Pet Peeve: Boys who cross their le s BARBARA HOEPE Ambition: To graduate from college: Pet Peeve: School tests RAY HOLMQUIST Ambition: Graduate from college: Pet Peeve: "Oh those school tests! " JANE HURD Ambition: Success in life: Pet Peeve: "Gum chewers" ARTHUR LUDWIG Ambition: Vetinarian: Pet Peeve: Being called "Artie" LARRY MADES Ambition: Mechanic: Pet Peeve: Big tests in school VER JEAN MEYER Ambition: Missionary: Pet Peeve: My little brothers JOAN MORLEY Ambition: A private secretary, later marry the boss: Pet Peeve: Being called "Io Ann" ALICE O'C NNELL Ambition: Go to college: Pet Peeve: None LOLA PARR Ambition: To be a secretary: Pet Peeve: People who take credit for thing? they didn't do. CHARLOTTE P ISS Ambition: Nurse: Pet Peeve: Homework ROY RASMUSSEN Ambition: Test Pilot: Pet Peeve: Other schools ROGER RITTER Ambition: To graduate from high school: Pet Peeve: Eighth periods SHIRLEY SCHULD Ambition: Secretary: Pet Peeve: Homework LOWELL SHELTON Ambition: A geologist: Pet Peeve: Pushing in line in the cafe NANCY TURNER Ambition: To get enough money to pay back alll owe: Pet Peeve: People who borrow money and don't pay it back MIRIUM VOLLE Ambition: Missionatry: Pet Peeve: Homework BETTY ZABRA Ambition: To be a "Wave": Pet Peeve: Some certain football player IIM ZIMMERMANN Ambition: None: Pet Peeve: Girls in general WMA Q10 2 HOME ROOM 205 1 K A A l if mf R t ts 3' in ' , ' .V f wig 'X :I - , z. J 1 'IJ of' Y I . ' , t .:. v ' -: his L .Y fi. ll, 497 453255 , ,gh ' .k..1vg:r:::'.:::i1'f' ffl it f 4 '- ,. , Args 1 gl.: A . :::. iiitbyl f yyty ' E Vk-,Vk A' sbs fissifs rzeii 1 I asm gl 6 it 'lg ' g" O Q I 5294114 Qu Q HOME ROOM 3 ROW ONE: Darwin Begalka, Gordon Burkart, Bob Burney, Bradford Erckfritz, Bill Fee, Lucille Freise. ROW TWO: Mary LouGil1espie, Lynn Hampel, Mary Ann Highland, Edna Jepson, Karen Karsten. ROW THREE: Billie Lee Kline, Doug Kranwinkle, John Lapp, Bob Leith, Gail Lowry. ROW FOUR: Clark Lund, Gail Perkins, Janet Ricketts, Allen Schmidt. Diane Schmitt. ROW FIVE: Sonja Steen, Neil Stef- fens, Mary Withers, Owen Wright, Herb Parrish. L st,Y A L lj . M ,ihhk r y, y l s J J R T X' t,,s V-1' Y' 2' is R i Q J :Q J :L X r ra, ,R so ng, t R, J J 2 1 R 3 vial, A J IS ,dh I .654 "3 T "7 w . W Q f 5- R ' H J X i 'f X W -r rn' kg! r s i. .sys lg: . ll L L HOME ROOM 100 L5i'ffQ'.fZQ2Z? R is " X Row ONE:Lei1ana Ackman, Vivian Ben, Sa1Cas- 'H'-s - A V X V tora, Warren Danielson, Tim Devine. ROW TWO: ., J Z' Bob Durrenberger, Ed Engelbrecht, Ray Goff, Avis ' y L , Hahn, Larry Hearn, Row THREE: Mary Henley, Q41 , , O in wisely J y fy J , L I y N I Q yy ' xx in ' Vlls Ronald Hoppe, Rosemary Kaptain, John Lawrence, R4 K -' 2 ,Q V ' X 1 Peg Marquis, Dennis McKay, ROW FOUR: Larry "+- L'-X rrlsi gk I Y ' .X.,.1-.J 12, ' x Michelson, David Miller, Gerald Nitz, Linda Peter- KT' ' ' V K, . ' son, Pat Prevenas, Janice Rydell. ROW FIVE: Mae P+ 1' ,7 2 Q'!Y ' Wendt, Larry Williams, Patricia Zirk. R ' A '- 4' N 3 I KU' 'iw . P .ff 4 x . f ' K A K ,,,, -,Q .., 7 5 M A I - i K I r X 1: A h, l My y I V 1 In . n .Ts 1 Q, ' E "al i 'E N' 7 , a 'n if ' -V . , K 1 '- ,, KM s 4 ' V , , TL... ' s ' ' 2. f R g.-H 3 I, , . V ' ' ' ' ti 11 ' . . 'N sa A B' A 'J , R f t ' w e -1.r I.. V f. A H z 'ities W -I H. Speller, Jeanne Stark, Carol Stevens, Nancy S gigkflt Qyracle i 222 1, 52? Z ,T 5 at 2. 1: IH. ' 5 fam. Q-Q no ,, c , L J J . Y rel ' Home Room 207 - N , f ef Row oNE: Jane Barman, Caroline Bittinger, Dick ,V T V V A . JV' Boncosky, Donna Bown, Leland Cork, Donald DeFoy. ' f-"1 V - , V 5 V V. Q VV V Row TWO: Lmsrswick, Bonnie Fay, Tomueumger, oo.i. J : ooo ltll F Q, of . R R 5, ' 5 J Joyce Hilty, John Johns, Darlene Johnson. ROW V ,. J M x, THREE: Tom Johnson, Donald Johnson, Diana King, Judy Kotchuck, Diana Larson, Dorothy Long, ROW FOUR: Clara Mauck, Charlie Miller, George Palmer, Michael Rehberg, Jeff Reinert, ROW FIVE: Phyllis Taylor, Betty Vogt, Judy Whipple, Richard Wood- cott, Mary Keller. ., , V K We F ,. , Q., 3 J' at W , 'X J. M rrr. .. - MJ ' J? 1 . V J V, J ' mmf .Via c., . , V Q V7 , V,'V,, V J X VV V VV ..V, V VV V C: VV V , tj-V i f , so s,,, may J R F A J R : fl 'l ik +V if R aka , -'af R ' at Jr' to 15 . , - J gil, 2 in ' 5 J if ,. ff? vi. ff' 1 J ' Qi' V ' 5 751. ,x r I e Y fm 5 HOME ROOM 202 ROW ONE: Carl Bittinger, Judy Bittinger, Charles Carlson, Barbara Chandler, Jeanette Chislert, ROW TWO: Mary Cowan, Robert Cutler, Barry Fohrman, MarciaGreen, Judy Hall, ROW THREE: Fred Hanley, Ted Hodges, Barbara Hollister, Bruce Hudgens, Jack Johnson. ROW FOUR: Francis Kallina, Mildred Marvin, Rose McConney, David Morley, Norman Paulin, Allen Perry, ROW FIVE: Charles Rosene, Jackie Siegrist, Linda Sonneborn, Betty Jo Stephens, James Waller, Barbara Watzlawick. pf 9 'J fi 4. 51 ' S. if VVVVVVVVV U M 4 4 s , . i 4- HOME ROOM 204 ROW ONE: Terry Abem, John Adams, Sharon Ballard Roger Baumgartner, Dick Bla nk , James Brockman. ROW TWO: Jim DeMien, Marilyn Elliott, John Fair- child, Ruth Hartman, Virginia Hileman, Toby Hines ROW THREE: Nancy Karsten, Tom Kluxd al, Glen Lovejoy, Ericka Melchior, Bill Merriman, Carol Moss. ROW FOUR: Karla Petersen, Pat Ross, Bill Rubenstein, Nona Rushing , Charlene Smith, Mary Smith. ROW FIVE: Betty Strackany, Gene Stuart, Gordon Swabach, Yvonne Vogelmann. ,- ,Var A OO O O ,219 'Si R V V g,O,O:,O Q 5 if V ,255 Wil K V iv V XV , LO,1,ja,O ar - ., ' --J Fi r .O O W S A l 'P .a O W is O -3 , Ji , r -H L , , V O x XM O O. , 5 r -1 ' S A O ,V I V594 VVV O f V '73 V 2. 1. 2 I ., . 'V in - p L xx ' U -w w , e' 4 . .r ' '- v , '?g', -5 ' VgVXOff V 'N V " I F' " "l l 5' 2 j L , .. .5 Q F ga O V V 'V V V g '?j.,,,V OOOO f f is J V . V A iw , 1. JO wg ,VO Y, 4 , " S 5 S ntit . H Y W gr, ,. pr Y' gf 'f E O4 .O he O K,,fO Y'ak,i O 'R O as V: :O 1 . ' -I r - f' -,1' f..V K O fig: V -5 , V Bti OO r O O: f2'E'? iili N if A11 ,Q O A O , rg ' kg , HOME Room 210 V ' a ii O V V ROW ONE: Loretta Aguiniga, JudyBurnidge, DeweyCain, Nan- O O V',O, O ' -fa cy Carey, Janice Crain. ROW TWO: Jack Deuterman, Jean V fi OOOI' 4 9 O Dorwaldt, Saundra Fabrick, Joyce Flentge, Thayne Groff. E S V ' ' i'ri VV it ROW THREE: Audrey Greve, Sharon Hayward, Don Hess, Jon i'i,, I 'V V ,O O.iO, Hoffman, Lester Jones. ROW FOUR: Jim Lamp, Jean Lopez, .,, V R 5 O RO V V Jack Oehler, Leonard Pasholk, Suzanne Preiss. ROW FIVE: fa ' ff VV, ' S T W VVVV V V ,VI V Margaret Stuart, Ruth Ann Sweet, RobertTrolson, JerryTrygg, V 1 ir, .O , V ,O ii', 1 O Qs .- gf Joel Volle, Freddy Zimmerman. Q Irri ',OO ' L '4 " ' I 3 O s4,k O A' fx' - R 1' R519 if -' , V . A O - he ' F 4' l ,O O O O OV 9 V, - - S Y OO,V - 5 'fi .52ff?fO S ...A p S R i , 'Z glial? HOME ROOM 105 ROW ONE: Joyce Baker, Robert Barron, Bruce Blosat, Judy Burt, Leonard Busche. ROW TWO: Dick Carlson, Omer Cork, Bonnie Covey, Judy Dierking , Vera Forbes. ROW THREE: Tom Geske, Dale Hackett, Sally Heine, Larry Koth, Carolyn Koyn, Glen Kreinbrink. ROW FOUR. Roberta Liden, Janice Markowitz, Janice Moc k, Mickey Musik i ch , Robert O'Connor, Judy Parren. ROW FIVE: John Reuter, Kay Richards, B111 Schwartz, Elvin Spicer, Dale Thomas, Joyce Willis. its Q Q4 I . 4.1 V 33 .W 1 wat .:. -, ,fl'rf,cR' ,aae 4 . ., ERP 1 ij li' ,, E ,, 4. , - 1 - iw-3 42,50-1 igrsgi - lisp- . ff Jaws, I 'J'-5 WR: W gl' 5 ': trait-, '- ' "'v5?f3':'704 JH" '1 ' 7 ., i A Kaya R, S K, af T 3,511 I A V -v ff: e f Q r.. iw O 43. ,Vw M A. S .Y 4 xx, 249 ,Q - ka' if Si'r-TA Q 'fi' f it . Fig qi +35 A re- l I . 'Lg 1 3 .f t fhffllf ' -. ,, is -,aff ,x fx -5. -f -- fg Q y , ,jg 1 tv ...fv- M-J ' 5. Q Q, - ay , i O 7 E, :i 1 at .. X 5 fa..-f' 1 , ,faq K ,E .xx -O ... . , , N, 'S if .,,. - ffieiiiset.-1? 1 ' A , : raft! ' J . if -, ,1 Wd 1 42, ,g i K' NMSNETIC HUNSTER ellen, fa 0 .05 .4 s sy HU 152 , Q Q HOME ROOM 102 ROW ONE: Duane Anderson, Kay Baker, Judy Beldin, John Bunge, Diane Carlsu-om, Marjorie Daneau. ROW TWO: Mike Green, John Hartman, Bill Henley, Dennis Lange, Wm. Leonard. ROW THREE: Julie Leverenz, Peggy Logan, Wm. Marlow, Clive Robinson, Sandra Sabin. ROW FOUR: Dennis Schabert, Sharon Schiebel, Roger Schrarnm, Jerry Studt, June Troupe. ROW FIVE: Shirley Tucker, Joel Van Wambeke, Sandra Warrier, Thomas White, Judy Wright, Eli., - Q flrlff VKKL 775 ' 15125 f " -,,i , 51 ,','.. '- ' ' -ff - f iid., A S fa- aiii 1 ., f .. All an ze- 'Av' . '1!"V fl EA . E? ".f'3w- V: --'V' ' J' , ' J, , 555 i'- 'V i K R ' W 9 V. , gigs: ff-z J ., , ,V Q A , , -as M ,W Q: i"i f ,J . f d,s,u J J ' 1- . A ' " ll . ' ' f Y fi. P J , R A J ,J .J V A ' S Q SWF!! 'Em A J A P Q fiifi -if ri - . E V :sae-vi J i if -E I - at -, " .. I -H H gggg P A' A ' ' 1 '- K J gh 1 gg A r JJJ it si ,J, L A -9 a 1 " ais JJ W:- 'ziss . af 2. r 14 H A fl .J J' JJJJ 'I . A lyi A 1 ,fi EM A T ',, - J- 3 f J f jr X .J V- in k Vg ug K , O: :O J "' J :O A K. JVAI I Q ,- I - K V g A . ' A ' L 'W A 3 as A,-1, , J- " ' S' T f :J A O 'i S ' LP' 7 ' I ' f - ,,,. . , if rf - J ,f 'Q' H . -'HI I 5' 4 K ' ' 'AW' yJ. ' . F' , ru EH il! .EERE 'f - f: 1 ', I ff 5, ish U 'G' L a n J JJ as Jfi r . f 5 6 V HOME ROOM CAFE ROW ONE: Sanford Anderson, Fred Arnold, Lawrence Bonner, John Bowman, Dorma Broecker. ROW TWO: Betty Bross, Mich- ael Bufkin, John Fischer, Joy Grossnickle, Charles Hesse, ROW THREE: Larry Kagel, Henry Krusemeier, Ju d y Ju d s o n , Judy La mphere , Phyllis Landers. ROW FOUR: Nancy Leatherby, Marcia Lind, Pat Morton, David Neberman, Lawrence Powers. ROW FIVE: Hobart Riley, Ronald Rovelstad, Marion Somers, Charles Terry, Laura Tucker, Grant Welty. if if iraq in i' ,? ev? . J ' 3 2.3, Y . ,gf Ee ellen Qu Q HOME ROOM 106 ROW ONE: Ronald Alvine, David Armstrong, Phyllis Berry, Donald Edwards, Marilyn Fitchie, Mona Foster, ROW TWO: Morgan Graham, Larry Gunn, C ha r le s Harding, Alan Haseman, Jimmy Heath, Judy Kohl- hagen. ROW THREE: Bob Lauder, Janet Me rr i ma n, Gail Moreschi, Jack Nieman, Raymond Petersen. ROW FOUR: Wilma Peterson, Frank Rosborough, Linda Rusk, C a rolyn Schultz, Roger Smith. ROW FIVE: Eugene Stemwedel, Sandra Thies, Ted Walters, Suzanne War- ner, Betty Zimmerman. QE ii .4 we QF r iam- sxyift S 'X lb. ' " -r z, N- . - ga gi 4, t rg , -'Z' ai:-y 'I' '1 7 -5' Ima' r u ' 3 ,. A " "2 215 14- 'ZZ'-izi : .1-,R . N R 4 -:tam ,f a ' ' 15- ' " .ef V 5? i if :-11563 , rss' "ff ' A . -- E, Q 1 al. 'iff . K.. . N 151 ,ee 3,3 1 5? J' W H A L V , 1. are .21 it at st.- , V gl 4, gif. 'V -' , ,, . e :gt i.,- - " - . Wg: , Mt 1-5 'Q 1 K, J 6 .. -. X 3: 5' yt. ,ez--f J My Wifi Y? QW it wave ,QA N, it E g gi? ,Lg Q P' Shag 3,5 if , 15' mf 1-ww t ,V - . t , A- ga -. th af , 'b 3, .zsrgf , X R, at s , fksigg, '1 sg 51. ' A t' , " Si? R HOME ROOM 209 ROW ONE: LarryAnderson, Barbara Baker, Gordon Bazsali, Lynn Brinkley, Darryl Carlson. ROW TWO: Bob Chamber- lain, Linda Divan, Sandra Eby, Joan G riswold , Jeffrey Howell, ROW THREE: Wesley Humborg, Judy Lindorfer, Barbara Mengler, Robert Mogler, Jeanne Parry, Mary Jo Pease, ROW FOUR: Jim Peterson, Sally Schramm, James Siokos, Dee Ann S ta mba z ze , Sylvia Stevens, Charles Stewart, ROW FIVE: Paul Stewart, Charles Troupe, David Trumbo, Bruce Webb, John Wendler, Jerry Witt, 9Uel'LfA QQ 2 HOME ROOM 200 ROW ONE: Bob A nderson , Marvin Baker, Bonnie Bates, Nancy Baumgartner, Ronnie Bentley, Jon Christensen. ROW TWO: Howard Folkman, Patricia French, Cheryl Furness, Dorothy Greve, Louis Kramer. ROW THREE: James Liessmann, Mike L udwig , Bobbye Martin, Ion Morte lla ro , Dick Patch. ROW FOUR: Jerry Pepin, Cynthia Preiss, Donald Rodholm, Sue Schroder, Nancy Siokos. ROW FIVE: Richard Stewart, Janice Turner, Barry Vecchio, Ger- ald Werrbach, Donald Ziegler. 1lAe H fr . Q lx E! - z q , 3 . at E , ,B Q' , ' X .af ,, 1 I 'Ven' . jfs t I ! lr " ' L 1,-all tet, i B alan. auatfflh I ii i 'P an it.,." Q A ,,' -if - .V fzil A A' In V-Q X- if ,V -::.. . A my ,gg 5?i?:'fi-37 5 in-:fr 3 in k' ' V. .555 . : Q ' ff: li, . ,. gi: -I Q ,B ,fa:.f,,-.,. f,-at . .- . , ..ti 'nw --:fy , L a ,, Y " at Q' L 'ki' A W EE my is .f,, ., ., 5 5. . , - had is 5 .s . , ., if af' 1:,. sv f :' n 4 . f ,. if el " s 2 4 k 94' .S if 4 r 4 ,dz i r Q in if A f Q' it ' W 'Exif' J " -:L -. ' , -' T7 5. J- 2: ' ke I--Q . 5. . ., ' ' wa. :Q ' .4 - If--n,, . r ,, .. . ,s,,5ggg, Sim are ., gs? X 5 rr be W 5' Q ,V ,, R- ,Q ' , , p sf! 4 2? 1 F iiir I eie. V- 4 RZ'- s ' ? 1 M .B 3 'i if A k z l . .... v 'B ,,g,, 'S 9, s 5 'H A 0 3? it r 3 x ., 2?-yr? 1:2 - ' t-Q: -.,+ ,M - L' V ,, Y 4 . .. L-, .,-R.. t , ' , 1 1- ' 3' . 5 ,:---,f.. . rg . ,, . , .f , ' .4 - f Q :Q lt: , 41 , .. -' x -' u ' " ' it if X an + x 1 . .,t ,. Q Q N ,S 'F S' as . " I -I " or 'fr ' if 'Y- f if ' E is as 4- K 'r ghi 'N I s 2 X j', fait' , Y x -. ' ' D' - --M ' . 'Vai TSP - 5 or rr A if ,Q . 35? an .rs-1 s B 6 :K ' 5 ,- .. Z H" tfs..'fi.4f??"-2333 . I W HOME ROOM 206 ROW ONE: Judy Archer,Don Barber, Leonard Blakesley, Mary Cook, Brian Enos. ROW TWO: Bill Griffin, Larry Hansen, Jerry Hartman, Mike Hayward, Mary Ellen Jens. ROW THREE: Thelma Johnsen, Sharon Johnson, Diane Kachelmuss, Jimmy Knake, Nancy Kraeb- ber. ROW FOUR: Teddy Kruse, Ingrid Lukas, Richard Marsh, Judy Miller, Sandra Nagel. ROW FIVE: Larry Rich, Gwyn Snow- white, Tommy Starrett, Mary Ann Steffes, Roger Stetmer, David Williams. Q 1 s Q ' sf Cenex! round! . 1953 clothing department Iasmon ww-. Cooking can be fun' -..,,UJ , - 1...-sei An experiment in Health class. ' I: v' Tableau in Speech C1ub's Thanksgiving Assembly 'Ewan May dance - "A Night in Mexico' -. Mr. Mades stars in Christmas faculty Prgduction ..I l Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, " 5 riff IX Q .xgcfiuified f A0 K NNN N XX gm ' i A T an s9! .,,,, Q- 59 hw. ,5X W tw I I 7. :YF we Kg-V U vig, U In 2 ,X 1- i H' L N H J' ROW ONE: Howard Folkman, Jack Deuterman, David Carey, Millard Dunton, Larry Hansen, Mike Bufkin, David Armstrong, Bill Fee, Bob Cutler, Sanford Anderson. ROW TWO: Marjorie Daneau, Judy Kotchuck, Audrey Greve, Judy Judson, Carolyn Koyn, Doug Kranwinkle, Jack Sunderlage, Charlyn Elliott, Sandy Hankins, Judy Hall, Marilyn Elliott, Nancy Carey, Jeanette Chislett, Judy Dierking, Joy Grossnickle, Janice Crain. ROW THREE: Mrs. Radloff, Judy Burnidge, Judy Kohlhagen, Jean Hempstead, Joanne Carter, Judy Jenkins, Jane Hurd, Barbara Hoppe, Joanne Braun, Judy Barringer, Marcia Green, Barbara Hollister, Joanne Jurs, Nancy Kadow, Bette Hempt, Jackie Erskine, John Bunge, Larry Anderson, ROW FOUR: John Emrich, Jim Ashley, Keith Carlson, Cecil Holtz, Craig Kowalski, Jon Hoffman, Sue Kraebber, Mike Gallagher, Gail Gomersall, Jackie Greenawalt, Charles Burnidge, Don Johnston, Warren Danielson, Dick Boncosky, Saundra Fabrick, Lynn Hampel, Larry Kagel, Frank Henkemeyer. IQQQCA ROW ONE: Jim Humphrey, Jim Leissmann, Hobart Riley, Larry Rich, Neil Steffans, Clark Lund, Roger Schramm, Alan Perry, Bob O'Conner. ROW TWO: Bob Trolsen, Gail Moreschi, Julianne Leverenz, Judy Lamphere, Jean Meyer, Barbara Whipple, Sharon Hay- ward, Jeanne Stark, Phyllis Landers, Bonnie Covey, Janet Ricketts, Jackie Siegrist, Mary Withers, Joan Morley. ROW THREE: Nancy Vollmann, Charlene Smith, Gerry Willey, Roberta Liden, Janice Mock, Phyllis Van Buren, Roy Rasmussen, Joan Richards, Alice O'Connel, Yvonne Vogelmann, Clara Mauck, Judy Robbins, Wilma Moser, Lola Parr. ROW FOUP4 Barbara Hoppe, Peggy Logan, Larry Mades, Art Ludwig, Tom Wright, Jim Lamp, Nona Rushing, Germaine Treadwell, Genelle Williams, Nancy Turner, Jackie Rockwell, Pat Purdy, Gaye Winbigler, Kay Richards, Joy Waidler, Fayette Zimmerman. Mrs. Marge Radloff is sponsor of the Speech Club which has 120 members, The year has been a busy one, opening with the fall initiation party, "Trip to Mars," The club sponsored the Christmas dance, "Tinsel Twirl" and participated in the Christmas Can- tata, "Gloria. " Other activities included radio plays, the Thanksgiving assembly of one act plays, Christmas one acts assembly, two 3 act plays by ninth grade classes, and 3 one act plays by all classes. The Junior High debate tournament is always a highlight of the spring activities. The year ended with the annual spring trip. ANNUAL STAFF Work begins in the fall with the taking of pictures. From then on the staff is constantly busy with planning the book's contents, art and copy layouts, identification of pictures. By the first of April the yearbook, with its photographs and carefully checked copy, is in the hands of the publisher. The big day of distribution, eagerly awaited by students, is in early June before the close of school. Photographers were Mr. Aikin and Mr. Mades. Miss Betty Koch did the typing. Mrs. Hoke was the sponsor . gg-can 95 and led JAIIQJ 63:6 ,,. LEA- its THE SCOOP STAFF The newspaper club publishes the school paper each month . Meetings are held each Wednesday noon to prepare for the forthcoming issue. Activities for the year included sponsorship of a school dance and the annual sportsmanship award . Miss Conro was the advisor. Editor . . . . . . Ben Royer Treasurer ....... Pat Purdy Asst. editor . . . Neil Grossnickle Art editor .... Charmayne Engstrom Secretary . . . . Jane Hurd Sports editor ...... Tom Wright Z7 UA. J4L60ff Galen,-a The Abbott orchestra, directed by Mrs. Jean Morgan Hove, contributes much to Abbott life. In September the string ensemble played for a stringed instruments demonstration. The group took part in the Christmas Cantata and played for P.T.A. and an assembly. In the spring they joined the Larsen and Ellis orchestras to form a combined group of one hundred thirty-five players to perform at the Northern Illinois Grade School Festival at Maine Township High School . They also participated in the Elgin Junior High Schools music festival . President . . . . . Jane Hurd Vice President . . .Judy Jenkins Secretary . . Nancy Vollman PERSONNEL FIRST VIOLIN: Jane Barman, Jack Deuterman, Alecla l-larkins, Barbara Hollister, Francis Kollina, Janet Ricketts, Lola Parr, Sharon Tucker, Nancy Vollman, Mary Withers, SECOND VIOLIN: John Bowman, Betty Bross, Judy Burt, Barbara Chandler, Judy Dierking, Jack Fischer, Lucille Freise, Henry Krusemeier, Phyllis Landers, Patsy Morton. VIOLAS: Charlyn Elliott, Joy Gross- niclde, Virginia Hileman. CELLOS: Fred Arnold, Judy Jenkins, Edna Jepson, Sue Ellen Jones, Nona Rushing, Priscilla Wallace, BASS: Jane Hurd, John Johns. PIANQ Roberta Liden. WINDS AND PERCUSSION: Leilana Ackman, Merilyn Foltz, Neil Gross- nickle, John Hoffman, Cecil Holtz, Joanne Jurs, Art Ludwig, Larry Mades, Ben Royer, Tom wright. Z8 34. ,466.,ff Band The Abbott band, under the direction of Mr. Lulek, provided fine music For many activities during the school year. They participated in the Christmas assembly and presented an assembly program in March. Other activities included participation in the band solo and ensemble clinic and in the music festival during the spring months. They collaborated with the high school band in a concert and played in the Memorial Day parade. PERSONNEL FLUTES: Merilyn Foltz, Judy Beldin. CLARINETS: Larry Mades, Carolyn Wagner, Sandra Hankins, Joanne Jurs, Sandra Sabin, Joel Van Wambeck, Betty Strackany, Dee Ann Stambazze, Robert Mogler, Jimmy Knake, Dawn Hess. CORNETS: John Emrich, Tom Wright, Ben Royer, Janet Dowell, Larry Anderson, Nancy Haberstitch, Gordon Swaback, Gordon Bazsali, Tim Devine, John Hartman, Bill Leonard, Charles Stuart, Wesley Humborg, Judy Wright, Thayne Groff, Charles Carlson. BARITONES: Audrey Spellmeyer, Bill Eggert, EB ALTO SAXOPHONES: John Wendler, David Carey, Roger Ritter, TENOR SAX: Donna Schabert, EB BARITONE SAX: Delores Teets. HIENCH HORNS: Neil Grossnickle, Art Ludwig, Dick Partridge. BASS CLARINET: Sandra Culverson. TROMBONES: Tom Thies, Jon Hoffman, Mike Green. BASSES: Diane Schmitt, Charles Bierman. PERCUSSION: Cecil Holtz, Jim Lamp, Leilana Ackmann, Duane Anderson, Jerry Witt, BATON TWIRLERS: Sonja Aguiniga, Jeanette Chislett, Ruth Genz, Marilyn Elliott, Karen Karsten, Ruth Lloyd, 29 MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus of fifty-three members, directed by Miss Ellagene Morgan, provides programs eagerly looked forward to by Abbott J. H. They participated in the Christmas Cantata, an assembly, the operetta, Tulip Time, and the all Junior High Music Festival. ROW ONE: Millard Dunton, Gene Stewart, Bill Rubenstein, John Fairchild, Ron Lamz, Bob Leith, Fred Hanley, Norma Baker, Germaine Treadwell, Judy Barringer, Nancy Carey, Jean Meyer, Joanne Carter, ROW TWO: Mike Gallagher, Rob- erta Liden, Sue Kraebber, Jack Sunderlage, Don Kramer, Jim Humphrey, Larry Mickelson, Jim Ashley, Keith Carlson, Jim Shales, Don Johnson, Joan Richards, Alice O'Connell, Charlene Smith, Nancy Vollmann, Jane Hurd, Barbara Whipple, Joan Morley, Jackie Greenawalt, Gail Gomersall, Lynn Hampel. ROW THREE: Bruce Hudgens, Craig Kowalski, Doug Kran- winkle, Ron Swain, Jeff Reinert, Charles Burnidge, Gerry Willey, John Adams, Nancy Turner, Jackie Rockwell, Carolyn Wagner, Janice Mock, Saundra Fabrick, Gaye Winbigler, Nancy Kadow, Mary Ellen Cowan, M iss Morga n, director. our oicea BOYS CHORUS The Boys chorus had thirty-five members this year. They sang on the school radio, for an assembly, and in the all Junior High Music Festival. ROW ONE: John Johns. Jerry Trygg. John Gebelt, Norman Paulin, Clark Lund, Sal Castoro. Charles Rosene, Leland Cork, Dale Thomas, Owen Wright. Ray Goff, Eugene Woolcott. ROW TWO: Bob Coquillette, Bob Trolson, Don Dorwaldt, Joel Volle, Bruce Burnidge, Roy Rasmussen, Dick Ahrens, George Palmer, Jack Oehler, Bob O'Connor, Chuck Carlson. ROW THREE: Don Hess, Keith Follman. Larry Williams, Dick Boncosky, John Ernrich. Leonard Buesche, Allan Johnson, Lin Elswick. Tom Hettinger, Gordon Swabach, Allan Perry, Richard Woolcott, Miss Morgan, director. GIRLS CHORUS The Girls chorus, directed by Miss Morgan, numbered over one hundred this year. They presented the tableau scenes in the Thanksgiving assembly and participated in another assembly and the all Junior High Music Festival. ROW ONE: Carol Zornow, Judene Schultz, Donna Clarrissimeaux, Edna Jepson, Jeanette Chislett, Judy Whipple, Beverly Rohr, Dawn Hess, Bonnie Covey, Jackie Siegrist, Virginia Hileman, Dale Hackett, Sharon Hayward, Rose McConney. ROW TWO: Ruth Sweet, Charlene Smith, Sharon Tucker, Jane Barman, Joyce Flentge, Mary Hopp, Linda Peterson, Darlene Johnson, Dorothy Stone, Judy Kotchuck, Carolyn Koyn, Priscilla Wallace, Jean Hempstead, Nancy Werrbach, Pat Bell. ROW THREE: Phyllis Taylor, Margaret Stewart, Diana King, Billie Kline, Mary Lou Gillespie, Rosemary Kaptain, Karen Karsten, Barbara Watzlawick, Judy Burnidge, Diana Larson, Janet Dorwalt, Janice Rydell, Donna Bown, Betty Jo Stephens Peggy Marquis. it sm, ROW ONE: Diane Schmitt, Mary Ann Smith, Judy Stojentin, Judy Parren, Bonnie Fay, Janice Crain, Jackie Nichols, Barb- ara Parry, Karen Follmann, Linda Thrun, Karen Karsten, Caroline Bittinger. ROW TWO: Jeanne Stark, Helen Smith, Bette Hempt, Wilma Moser, Carolyn Miller, Clara Mauck, Charlotte Preiss, Jackie Erskine, Barbara Hoppe, Lavonne Nitz, Mary Henley, Ruth Hartmann, Phyllis Van Buren. ROW THREE: Gail Perkins, Bette Brown, Ruth Genz, Ruth Lloyd, Joyce Willis, Judy Hall, Karla Peterson, Yvonne Vogelmann, Sonja Steen, Janice Markowitz, Marilyn Elliott, Gail Lowry, Su zanne Preiss, Bernice Raddatz, Fayette Zimmerman, Ruth Symonds. 31 1 4 f r 1 l l S v r I modern uriic Waziferd Modern Music Masters, o national organization, is sponsored by Mrs. Jean Morgan Hove, Mr. Adolph Lulek, and Miss Ellagene Morgan. The club endeavors to promote good school citizenship through the medium of music. The group sponsored the operetta, Tulip Time, in March and the football dance in the fall . Meetings are held each month with an initicmdrio-arty for new members in February. The school year ended with a trip. Tom Wright . . . President Sue Kraebber . . Program Chairman Roberta Liden . . . Secretary Ben Royer . . . . Membership Carolyn Wagner. . . . Treasurer Jane Hurd . . . Historian E ome oom elareden fa fiued SEATED: Bob Cutler, Sanford Anderson, Larry Hansen, Jim DeMien, Dick Boncosky, Nancy Baumgartner, Saundra Fabrick, Jeanne Stark, Charlyn Elliott, Doug Kranwinkle, Joan Richards, Sandy Hankins, Wilma Peterson. STANDING: Roberta Liden, John Bunge, Larry Anderson, Mr, Mades, Carolyn Wagner, Ben Royer, Jim Shales. The home room representatives, headed by Mr. Modes, represent the 535 students at Abbott in planning proiects, programs, and policies for the bettennent of our school. The biggest proiect of the year is the financing of the yearbook which has been clone the last I several years through the annual magazine subscription drive. This year S700 was netted from this drive For yearbook expenses. 32 .xdcfiuified are aacinafing Speech classes present the 1 ily Style. " Masquerade initiation party - Speech Club. p ay, "Thanksgiving Fam- Student Mouse. Scene from the Christmas C antata, "Gloria, " presented by the Speech and Music Departments. s enjoyed the Christmas play "Nut Even a .Spaorfa i ,Z :Z '2.""-up X earera of f6e gfue ana! gfofal I9 3 gchfion ROW ONE: Evert Frey, Ronald Koehn, Dick Partridge, Rich Willis, Jim Seegerr, Keith Follman, Jack S under lage , Ron Swain, Mike Gallagher, ROW TWO: Tom Theis, Jim Payne, Ben Royer, Craig Kowalski, John Carter, Chuck Block fmascotj, Roge r Schuelke, Jim H u mphre y , Merrill Cork, Dave Sinnett, Cecil Holtz, ROW THREE: Bob Marquis 1ManagerJ, Jerry Cirrincione QManagerJ, Dick Ahrens, Roger Karsten, Jack Cirrincione, Dave Jensen, Jim Shales, Ron Fritz, Charles lsibue, Don Bradley Uvlanagerj, Tom Wright, ROW FOUR: Jerry Cooper, Keith Carlson, Dick Lundy, Ray Holmquist, Mr, Block, Coach, Roy Rasmussen, Herman Rehberg, Jim Morton, Charles Brandt, Jim Ashley fManagerJ, The 1953 Abbott ninth grade football team, coached by Mr. Block, enioyed a most successful season . Starting slowly in their first game, narrowly winning by a score of 7 - 6, they rolled on to 5 wins, 0 losses, and l tie. This was the first undefeated season Abbott has had in some time. No player can be singled out as responsible for the successful season as the victories were the result of team play and team work. In the offensive line Keith Carlson, Herm Rehberg, Dave Jensen, Ray Holmquist, Jim Morton, Tom Theis, and Jerry Cooper did outstanding work opening up holes for the backs, Roy Rasmussen, Roger Karsten, Jim Payne, Dick Partridge, and Ben Royer. Defensively, Jack Cirrincione, John Carter, Ron Swain, and Jim Shales helped plug up many openings to keep our opponents from scoring. This Abbott team will be remembered as one of the finest this school has ever produced, and we are awaiting the coming of the next season to see them in action at Maroon field playing for Elgin High . Abbott 7 - Ellis 6 " 28 - Wheaton 'I3 " 14 - Larsen I4 ' 27 - Dundee 6 " I4 - Larsen 0 ' I4 - Ellis 7 IM I6 Coach Block demonstrates some kicking techniques. 36 ROW ONE: Dale Thomas, Mike Rehberg, Ron Hoppe, Jim Lamp, Billy Fee, Bob Cutler, Dewey Cain, Tom John- son, Dennis McKay, Bob O'Connor, Ray Goff. ROW TWO: Dick Woolcott, Barry Fohrman, Jim DeMien, Jeff Rein- ert, Bruce Hudgens, Tom Hettinger, Mickey Musikich, Larry Michelson, John Hoffman, Allen Schmidt, Clark Lund, Mr. Hotsenpiller, Coach. ROW THREE: Gerald Nitz, Charles Carlson, Don Johnston, Bob Barron, David Morley, John Renter, Doug Kranwinkle, Bruce Blosat, Bill Merriman, Darwin Begalka, Jack Oehler, Mr. llulmes, Coach. fAbsent - Omer Cork, John Aclamsj, This year's football squad, coached by Mr. Hulmes, became one ofthe finest eighth grade teams we have had in recent years. There were over thirty boys who played in at least one of the four games . The season's opener was a rather disappointing game which was lost by a score of 6-0 to Larsen . The team then rolled rather easily over Ellis twice and met Larsen in the final game of the season . A win in this game would have meant a share of the city championship. After an exciting and hard-fought game in which fumbled kick-offs and penalties at crucial points plagued the Abbott team, the score was 7 - 7. Abbott 0 - Larsen - 6 " I3 - Ellis - 6 " l3 - Ellis - 0 " 7 - Ellis - 7 Coach Hulmes gives a blocking assignment. 37 2Uel'LfA QUJQ goofgaf ROW ONE: Roger Schramm, Larry Bonner, Howard Folkman, John Bowman, Donald Edwards, Bruce Webb, Gerald Werrbach, Dick Stewart, Charles llesse, Alan l-lase m an , Chuck Stewart, G 0 rdon Bazsali, ROW TWO: Charles Miller, Mr. Hotsenpiller, Coach, Wesley Hamburg, David Trumbo, Ted Walters, Duane Anderson, David Neber- man, Jim Leissman, Don Barber, Grant Welty, Tim Bates, Jim Peterson, Bill Griffin, Dick Patch, Larry Powers, Mr. Morning, Coach. ROW THREE: David William s, Larry Anderson, Dick Marsh, Mike Green, Larry Hansen, Mike Bufkin, Roger Smith, Frank Rosborough, Mike Ludwig, Fred Arnold, Jeff Howell, Bob Chamberlain. The squad numbered forty-seven boys when practice started in the fall . The boys were all eager pupils and tried hard to learn their plays in time for our first game with Larsen. We lost that game in the closing seconds ofthe first half when Larsen scored their sole touchdown. The boys then hittheir stride and rolled over Ellis in their next two games. The final game of the season was a sound defeat when we bowed to Larsen 25-O. '1 Abbott 0 - Larsen 6 " l 9 - El l is 6 " 26 - Ellis 6 " O - Larsen 25 Coach Morning teaches some important fundamentals in tackling. 38 K - A tense moment at the free throw lin Calisthenics are fun! QM ' Saorfa Mrs. Miller "weighs in" girls' health class. Ninth grade cheerleaders make a snappy formation Mrs. Miller calls a jump ball THE GOLD WMA gracle Z?a5Lef6a! ROW I: Bob Marquis Uxlanagerj, Craig Kowalski, Tom Wright, Jack Sunderlage, Harry Brodde, Tom Kleiser, Merrill Cork. ROW 2: Coach Block, Gordon Banwart, Herman Rehberg, Charles Brandt, Roy Rasmussen, Dick Partridge, Dale Reinkingtlvlanagerj. ABSENT: Jim Payne. Ray Holmquist. Gold Golds Blue Blues ll 357 Out of Town Games 28 Abbott '- II Il 260 Reserves Abbott Ellis Grey Larsen Green Ellis Red Larsen White Larsen Green Ellis Grey Ellis Red Larsen White Abbott Blue Ellis Red Larsen White Ellis Grey Larsen Green Larsen White Ellis Red Ellis Grey Larsen Green Abbott Gold Barrington Wheaton Barrington W . Aurora Marmion Dundee Barrington Wheaton Barrington W . Aurora Marmion Dundee Tl-IE BLUE ROW I: Don Bradley fManagerj, Jim Humphrey, Bill Reuter, Don Kramer, Dale Furness, Dick Bates, Jerry Cirrincione fManagerj. ROW 2: Charle s Isibue, Jim Morton, Dave Jensen, Keith Carlson, Tom Theis, Roger Karsten, Ben Royer, Ronald Voltz, Coach Block. ABSENT: Ron Swain, Millard Dunton. V-NQL1 6 - Lost 3 Abbott Average Opponents Average Points per game Points pg game 43 .66 40. M 3 " LQ! 6 Abbott Average Opponents Average Pam P2 gems PMS rar 902 39.66 42.66 Won 4 - Q 2 Abbott Average Opponents Average Points per game Points pg game- 43.33 39 .5 VM4 - L91 2 Abbott Average Opponents Average Points per game Points pg-r game 38.66 29.16 Coach Block's teams provided the fans with lots of thrills during their very successful i953-54 season . ROW I: Jerry Trygg, Bob Cutler, Owen Wright, Ray Goff, Fred Hanley, Bob Leith, Mr. Morning, QCoachj, ROW 2: Doug Kranwinkle, Bob Barron, Don Johnston, Charles Carlson, Ron Hoppe, Tom l-lettinger, Tom Johnson. Fifty-one boys participated in the eighth grade basketball program. The four Abbott teams competed in the city league which was divided into two sec- tions. These boys showed marked improvement during the season, and Abbott school can look forward to their greater success as ninth graders. Wins Losses Eagles T 5 Zephyrs Blackhawks 5 6 Ramblers 4 7 6 5 gg A grade .gafelgaf BLACKHAWKS ' ROW I: Bob Durrenberger, John Lapp, BillFee, Richard Wool- - cott, Clark Lund, Mr. Hulmes, fCoachj. ROW 2:N6l1SteffCnS, Bob O'Connor, Glenn Lovejoy, John Adams, John Lawrence. EAGLES ROW I: Gordon Swabach, Durward Cain, Toby Hines, Sal Castora, Carl Bittinger, Mr. Morning. ROW 2: Roger Ritter, Jack Oehler, Micky Musikich, Bruce Hudgens, Jim Delviien, Glen Kreinbrink, Dick Boncosky. RAMBLERS ROW I: Mike Rehberg, Dale Thomas, Charles Rosene, Lester Jones, John Fairchild, Mr. Hulmes. ROW 2: Bruce Blosat, Bob Burney, Allan Schmidt, Darwin Begalka, Bill Merriman, Jon Hoffman, Tim Devine. TIGERS ROW Iglohn Wendler, David Trumbo, Gerry Werrbach, Charles Stewart, Roger Stettner, Mr.l-Iotsenpiller.ROW2:Barry Vecchio, Roger Schramm, Dave Williams, Roger Smith, Ted Walters, Grant Welty. Forty-two boys participated in seventh grade games this year and were coached by Mr. Hotsen- piller. A fine spirit kept most ofthe boys out all SBGSOD . even tl ggrcwle KCQJLJACCK LIONS ROW I: Larry Hansen, Mike Bufkin, Howard Folkman, Donald Edwards, Mr. Hotsenpiller fCoachj. ROW2g Bob Chamberlain, Wesley Humborg, Brian Enos, Bill Griffin, Jeff Howell, John Bunge. PANTHERS ROW I: Bill Leonard, Hobart Riley, Dennis Schabert. Larry Powers, Mr. Hotsenpiller. ROW 25 Donald Rodholm, David Neberman, Raymond Peterson, Dick Patch, Frank Rosborough, Mike Ludwig. 1 l BEARS Duane Anderson, Lynn Brinkley, Don Barber, Ronald Bentley, Mr. Hotsenpiller. ROW2g Larry Anderson, Fred Arnold, Gordon ' Bazsali, Larry Bonner, Sanford Anderson. Won Lost Bea rs E -T Panthers 6 5 , s Lions 5 6 ' Tigers 5 6 42 PROJECTION CLUB Abbott's Proiectionists, sponsored by Mr. Swiedarke, operate the school's projectors. Anew item of equipment, a fine opaque proiector, was purchased this year partially from funds collected from our magazine drive . LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Oh, what interesting books and magazines can be found in our library! These students helped Miss Nelson, our librarian, keep this room the helpful and attractive place it is: JoAnn Carter, Hazel Symonds, Ruth Sweet, Joyce Willis, Kay Richards, Janet Ricketts, Carole Lorenz, Jeanne Stark, Pat Zirk, Jackie Nichols, Clara Mauck, Bonnie Fay, Diana Larson, Carolyn Wagner. loecia K .Services BULLETIN MONITORS Carole Lorenz and Shirley Schuld distribute the daily school bulletin to the home rooms. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS Mr. Ballard and Mrs. Harris prepare tempting dishes each day for our big student body. The new steam tables, installed in the fall, aid in serving a variety of both hot and cold foods. TWIRLERS Band twirlersthis year were Ruth Lloyd, Ruth Genz, SoniaAguiniga, Marilyn Elliot, Pat Kar- sten, and Nancy Chislett. mage .fdggofl Mr. Ehlertand Mr. Moellerare getting ready to sweep the halls . These men are responsible For keeping our school clean, warm, and in good repair. HALL CHECKERS Bill Eggert, Dale Reinking, and Dave Carey check in students for pre-school appointments with teachers. ' 4 I 0 .14 ine? 3400 ATTENDANCE OFFICE Girls who worked in the attendance office helping to keep records straight were Evelyn Coon, Betty Hempt, Nancy Kadow, Jean Dorwaldt, Nancy Werrbach, Phoebe Burt, Marcia Green, Dorothy Long, and Mirian Volle. LOST AND FOUND Jim DeMien, Sal Castoro, Dale Thomas, and John Hoffman assisted the student body in re- covering lost articles. They were on duty each morning, noon, and evening. JUNIOR RED CROSS Mrs. Ward is sponsor of the Junior Red Cross. The annual membership drive was held in Nov- ember. During the year gift boxes were filled for overseas shipment, and the group presented pro- grams ot the Old Peoples Home. President ........ Carolyn Miller Vice President . . . .Tom Theis Secretary . . . . Carol Zornow Treasurer . . . . Evert Frey SCHOOL STORE David Heckert sells a student some school supplies. Our store is open before school and at noon tosupply students with paper, pencils, note- books, and other school needs . Nancy Kadow fright on stairsj, student director of "Teen Time" is abouttocrown Gail Gomersall queen. Others in the group are Gordon Banwart, Mike Gallagher, and Barbara Whipple. CC 77 een ll'I'l0 One of the ninth grade speech classes presented the three act play, "Teen Time," on Thursday, January 28, under the able direction of Mrs. Marge Radloft. The comedy concerned a group ofyoung people trying to get a "Teen Haven" opened and deciding who will be their queen. All the problems they had to solve added up to an evening's entertainment of gay fun . Characters were: Gail Gomersa I l , Jackie Greenawalt, Jim Ashley, Germaine Treadwell, Norma Baker, BarbWhipple, Mike Gallagher, Gordon Banwart, Charles Burnidge, Gay Winbigler, Judy Barringer, Joan Richards, Sue Kraebber, Jim Humphrey, Jack Sunderlage, Jackie Rockwell, Mil- lard Dunton, Charmayne Engstrom, and Ron Lamz. The Abbott school orchestra under the direction of Mrs . Hove played before the production and between the acts . G or d o n B a n wa r t, Barb Whipple, Mike Gallagher, Gail Gomersall, Charles Burnidge, Judy Barringer, Jackie Greena- walt, Jim Ashley, Germaine Treadwell, Millard Dunton, Charmayne Engstrom, Craig Kowalski, Joan Carter, Ron Lamz. Joan Morley, Sandy Hankins, Sue Kraebber, Jim Humphrey, Joan Richards, Pat Rockwell, Jack Sunderlage. 46 T7 57 U u ip ime Tulip Time, a delightful, romantic oper- etta with a setting in Holland, was presented by the vocal music department and directed by Miss Ellagene Morgan on March 19. The interesting plot, the charming sets, the colorful costumes, the melodic score, and the expert direction of Miss Morgan added up to one of the year's finest programs. CAST Hans . . . Jeff Reinert, Jim Shales Aunt Anna . . Roberta Liden, Jane Hurd Katrinka . . . Judy Hall, Norma Baker Hendirch Van Oster . Michael Gallagher Christina ....... Judy Barringer, Jacquiline Greenawalt McSpindle .... Douglas Kranwinkle, Larry Hansen Ned Baxter.Jack Sunderlege, Gerald Willey Dick Warren ..... James Humphrey, Larry Michelson Student Directors .... Joan Morley, Germaine Treadwell Pianists . Mary Ellen Cowan, Sue Kraebber, Jane Hurd, Roberta Liden H00 .X4CC0llI'lf of .,zz.,.,., A three act play, "On Account of Larry," presented by the ninth grade speech classes and directed by Mrs. Marge Radloff, was presented on April 9 and I2 in the school auditorium. The comedy was well chosen and well cast, the action was fast, and the situa- tions humorous . The production was skillfully directed by Mrs . Radloff. Liz . Irma . Queenie Dotty . Bunny . Janie . Di. . Mrs. Austin . . . Miss Brockway . . Fanny . Goldie Aunt Clarissa . Larry . Julius . Voice . Student Director ........... CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . . . . . Judy Jenkins . .Judy Frisbie - Wilma Moser . . . . Fayette Zimmerman . .Ruth Lloyd - Barbara Hoppe . . . . . . .Charlyn Elliott . . . . .Genelle Williams . . . Pat Purdy - Barb Range . Jackie Erskine - Joy Waidler Jo Ann Jurs - Phyllis Van Buren .Charlotte Preiss - Carol Hoppe . Evelyn Coon - Doris Chandler . . Joanne Braun - Ruth Genz . . . . . . Roger Schuelke . . .Charles Brandt . Frank Henkemeyer . . . . . . . Bette Hempt The annual magazine s ub sc r i p t i o n drive in the fall nets m one y for our yearbook, free assemblies, and many other school projects. High salesmen this year were: SEATED: Fred Hanley, Judy Archer, David Armstrong, Dick Boncosky, Donald Rodholm, Jerry Pepin. STANDING: De nnis Feucht, Barry Vecchio, Joy Waidler, Karen Karsten, Mike Rehberg, Carole Lorenz, Nancy Werrbach, Audrey Spellmeyer. During the winter, intra-mural basketball games were held between home rooms during the noon hours. Winners of the ninth grade were Home Room 2 SEATED: Gordon Banwart, Bill Reuter. STANDING: Harry Brodde, Don Dorwaldt, Alan Johnson, Ron Fritz, Terry McDonald, Ron Lanz. gzfellfii 3 el'l'l0I'I'l QI' The annual all-school spell-down was held in the spring. Four winners from each home room met in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade semi-finals held during noon hours. The twenty-four winners competed in the finalsat an assemblyon March 9, with Carolyn Wagner from room lOl emerging as the champion . SEATED: Carolyn Wagner, Ver Jean Meyer, Joyce Flentge, SEATED: Judy Kohlhagcn, Marge Daneau, Sally Schramm, Joyce Willis, Evelyn Coon, Carol Hoppe. STANDING:Charles Judy Crawford, Sharon Johnson, Diane Kachelmuss. STAND- Rosene, Jeff Reinert, Jim Shales, Miriam Volle, Nancy Voll- ING: Jon Morrellaro, Janice Crain, Doug Kranwinkle, John man, Millard Dunton. Lawrence, Jeanne Stark, Jeffrey Howell. 1, 1- gf v A VU "v K .- 'A l, .,fl',1A'iV ,Af -- fx n b I ti 'ii' R' H' ., , G1 - .. E A , V W -6- as, 'HRH Ea-f Ia? ,Q 1, ff' , A 1 ' j . I A 9: l ..!4CLfl0LUL6lgeI'lleflf 'sb f 'Sym ug" ' X "The characters from the Walt Disney motion picture PETER PAN appearing herein are used through the courtesy of Walt Disney Productions. Copy- right I952 Walt Disney Pro- ductions." Q: . I xi, P K' A Q' ' fl ', , 1 Q ' 1 N L t L. K X I 1 if - . ' N 1311 YEIRIUUIS 1

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