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Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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if Ln NK ex -. 1 f 1 x , J 'f , Him H K 1 4 K ,h '- rf., " '- 572 ' ., Q,-'Z ' r -1, -L 4 r 2445-515 , pf.: ' wr- M: I 'nl x b. a N ,f , 1 A H35 iff rj . if 11 .wg V ,W Y :.,!!, 1 ' -L A ' .' v I 5 1 , I 'us Y - ' K, P -V . 9, Kim, , J .. x ,. .Mx gff Q E P1 s '51 . F . , 15, , '- A , A '1 '- si ga, -K4.:vr.' - 1 Jim: 'usxwznim mx 1,., , . fw- rg,J. ,z- H ' " f 'L BBQTSFQRD H1cff,Hk 4 e fi fi A 4 it I L! r , NA-. .., .-Y-....,,-,-,Y--,-,-., H, gg- if - Li- 1 O Vi is iAB1iQTsr5oRDYW151coN3'1N 'QD VT I ! 'f "T I I 1 Y'f7f7GfT7I 1 s.. i 1 'I 11 I -4 , - ,V- I E3 .... ........ Mary Dolcxn 1wf2rM4l ,fwP 5 V , f if , Q5SLqNlE'QSS , AMAGER .... ..... G erald Carlson Q 1, fb ...., .... .... M rs. Berenice Harris k .gy i 4 'Eg , H131 HAQR' PLA LOQLLLZZ 2:32L x:i+ 5:i4 W STAQE. L f. KI-fNGLfl 5 ASSOCIATKS AICHITIYS f lficlllfllf IAU CLAlll 1wlxDNuN 9!Dlf'fv'frv4:7v' 5 - 2 -51 ,5 To Herbert Iuneau, our principal, who has contributed so much to the advancement of our school, we gratefully dedicate this 1952 Abhiscan. As music teacher for two years and prin- cipal and music teacher for three more years, he has worked with us, providing that extra stimulus which has made it more pleasant to follow his pathway of inspiration and education. P- --- " --.,- --.- ,,?2",f?" ,-, -1.-T,,,,,, ,,.- -,.- -,,.---, 4-7, - H Ei' L13Q'y?.L."""'l'.f.. 'OFQZ -- , ,-, 351971-J ,,--.,-m ,L'35?l1' s L, - W- 'D' - OV?" .-,.L ft "VC - 24: if - I I I Iss-Ie! I I I I I I I g I I ' I I 'QI,.'.+-531 TI I I , . IQ! D ' I E 493' I I I I -2f.?'j'3'3'f'1 NXT VXI I I ' I I I nf. V. -QI- -. , Xu in I, E 51 5 if-'ff-'x-rr Q1 gfafvfv mfsfv-Lf -:Af ff :fi w .f -inf f- 4 J 3 WDMEI ' A ijfi' I 1 I, I .V ,LJI I If :wsu Qfifp 0 O ,I 1 Q. If v" ,-..,.. -..:1:f,-A' - ' ' l f? IW n I - . H- P a 1 -1 " . I. 'grail H --Tf"Ls- I hr -9 MEN ' 1 9 'er' . ggggya V I 7' MEI' I 5' or: ve. I F In 'ons In , -f! ..,..l I III? - ' I ' I ' I I 3' 'T' 7 ,. 4 Ig 0 0 o I -.----, .5EII 4"- "si5gm'g- ,4t-MN 33.--Q-I , I AM , 5.1- of I .IQ .-I TIT'zI I I ' , '13 I U I I! W A 3 ', QD - I P' . II l in 5 0 DQ, I-4 I . Q 1 -A .I f II I ' Q 'O ' N - -- I-f --A '- '--I --- X- ---Q - A244 to "I . I - F !II1,- I Q 4 !I"S , 7 I I ' :J . -J j, I , E' I . I A ,I . 1, II Q' I IJ ' nl 'I LAMINATRV ww Auule , m , -1 :YI in '9 :gb r I 'I 'f J ky Q " 1'-0' PIL- 0 II. Uv I ' ' fl ,-L 1 I 1 3---NIs'4.' e L I I I ,K W D, I 1 MQ Q I Q If If an .. . , 1- 7 I- , - . . A- I-r I.L. I ., LI, ET' A, 5 . I I4 IP .IE I If I I - IH Q' IEQ- ---A I- -R---I I if ss O I 1 QI - ,J ff ,IZ I 1 I. I I ff I . 'S f a ' ' I , ivan:-cvzrvaivaqvzgumqg - .1 I , ' 4. I I 'f.'f.T.2'f.'2'1IwgfjM-I I-' I.l.,.' ' I 1 , ' 1 .. .-.fn II I Y If! fgu XL I I fr - 1 'I , A ' A :wr - - :bl A l , A' ,, .' r-S9 I -,, U 43ll1 Y? ' FIU' ' 'I , I-. In J Y I . - "'-img? ' ,f ., 4 'f ij! " , 'D+ ' 'X -Bzucn rrezs 11 I ' - A 'Oi' - ' , SY in I-IALL' If I7 rv:-Ie MALI. VJ' E , um - - I Q -1, I O . VL.A.Tr-cam -f I 'I Q I M I 1 I Y M ' ' LN 1: E 2 '- ' - ' -I IFE! YL- fknvnol. ' ' L' A' V O G gl - ' ,I mf! M-K I -N, I.. f -f- - . I N ."" ff , NJTB: sTAIz IN - , . I I I I,-1 . I, O U nm I04, LIMILAR Q 'I I ,E V V -ro sieve. A-53-z Y-I ,f .M LJ ' 4 Y 2 E I fa ' 0 N Y . ' -I MY I zs'- 0' 'X ' En'-DL-B 5' , , . . . 56' T. fu . , , , 3 , , 5' E 3' O' QQ' on T' . '- 45 W -4 ' f " f" '9' . - --- I -2" 'IL' f 1 -- - ,. ' I Wiz I '+ I , I I ,I ,nw-.'Z,..I 'A' ,- U I ED svuu.Az1'o-az:-5 91595415-st f ' , I I I - . ' Wy-- ,U 4 :suv su.: ' , num eu..-.-v ,umm I - I . ' I I I I I I I , I 5 I ' I I ' I 1 I 1 I I I I I 4 7 I ' ' I I I I I Ir:-of Griaya- v,'-Hyx' 6'A.y,- bf' v'- uh," slal' Is'--3-' ,-LI'-nV1J' mek QV3' ILIIPQ-fu Is'-43' n -Ma'-big-41. Jz' ,.... . -- - -1------I -- ' ----- - --' - - '- - I I ' l ' I I A m A ess-,A+ H H- ,wi -H , - - v I ,- TIIIVII7 UIAII Bama! of Zclacalfian HERBERT IUNEAU Supervising Principal HANS AMACHER Director WALTER IACKSON Treasurer VERN HEMPHILL Clerk il' t. ROSALIND KRAMER, B. E. Commercial Wisconsin State College, Whitewater She teaches more than she P reaches." W sczmz aww, HERBERT IUNEAU. B. S. Principal, Music Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire W "Wisdom is the principal thing." l f i S M.. BERENICE HARRIS, B. E. English, Library Wisconsin State College. Superior University of Wisconsin "A man says what he knows: a woman says what will please." Daniel S. Harris, Iohn Speth, Michael S. Mravik, Link Walker Ioyce Rannow, Rosalind Kramer, Herbert Iuneau, Marvel Thiede, Bernice Harris 63 lOHN SPETH, B. S. Science and Math Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point "A story! God bless you. I have none to tell, sir." Q. . If.-P t Y M s' ' 1 I '41, 1 'S . S -. 'Tig I I r' U ' J i ,,, l ,.,. 5 ..., ' ... ... 1 - A MICHAEL S. MRAVIK, B. S. Agriculture Wisconsin State College, River Falls "There's a lot ol horse sense in this world: the trouble is the horses still have it." MIM!-M LINK WALKER, B. S. Social Studies, Physical Education, Coach Wisconsin Eau Claire State College "As large as life and twice as natural." IOYCE RANNOW, B. A. English, Physical Education Northland College "Fair words never hurt the tongue." Y X n l DANIEL S. HARRIS, PH. B. Social Studies University of Wisconsin "All the historical books which contain no lies are extremely tedious." 4? MARVEL THIEDE, B. S. Home Economics The Stout Institute "Her ways are the ways of pleasant- ness and all her paths are peace." bu'r'rz-.zwur STZLLT . 5 - , -4--dvi-Y 4 IT-L lDlWhiLL A Am-Q in-LQ-iNLgLFL 1- bf' , TEL-15.1 , I 6 i I I I 25 3 O O , Q I I-Q I X I Z MJ i Z I .1 4 3 f X YLMQHNA I 0 1-,. ' XX Z - I A 5 ggxu Ho I I B Q f I .J I --, X 1 Maura Q IEQQAI E I A N " fIn.s-r fmooz Lx.. moo'-o" 5 5 . 5 5 D- ' 5 J 4, L' J- ? rx, , I' j . M: .-.I .4 vt j I I . A", . I 3 I X I: I I I I L X X y N , v.L.'ae.-1' ' - I I 0N+"'JEv-DT , , VY , , A 4, Y I A 'Q fb L Hlfbll- ' ,s IILQLISM X A ' ' -i' "" W" ""f"?"""'1"" """"'g.?:"--A'-':.:.:: -f'- "-' "lf :I W 'T"' """ " ,"' ' ' "'741,ll' . emsnuc-I o' Shawna. -f yi-I-OH P195 , -1--i- I 'APPzox. Q'-o" BLLOW ,, 64' - Y GZADL M To-ns POIVJT. I I , .., N , i--I I X I , I Cgxlnni. --Q-MIN We Im W - I Af -II I UI +I, G t "' I my 0 I ef fi K V' v-' , ! ARLENE CARLSON Salutcrloricm IEAN WITT Valedictorian Jawa Sifmiewh MARY DOLAN Sulutcztoricrn K SHIRLEY ERICKSON DOROTHY WILSON Honor Student W X X W CONGRATULATIONS FROM LUKOWICZ STUDIO .AND THOMPSON OIL COMPANY ed! 'hi' Honor Student, DAR Award 139' .fikeall ,weweaeimliiaZ'ecf... an qntli' 'Y fur C W2 ROBERT L, ANDERSON ,,Bob,, "This little man is not very tall, but he's full ot the dickens in spite of it all." Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Football 3,45 Class President 4: Letter Club 4. FRANK L. BERAN "Frankie" "He's a hunter: women are his game." Basketball l,2: Baseball 1,25 FFA 1.2, 3.4: Chorus 4: Iunior Class Play 3: Pep Club 1. RUTH MARY BUDRUS "Ruthie" "An innocent face, but you never can tell!" Library Club 3,45 Annual 3,4: News- paper 3,4. ARLENE RUTH CARLSON "Still we stared, still our wonder grew. For one small head carried all she knew." Band 2,3,4: Glee Club l,2: Chorus 2, 3,4: "Belle of the West" 3: Pep Club 1,2,3,4: Library Club 2,3,4: Head Li- brarian 4: Iunior Class Play 3: News- paper 2.3,4: Ass't. Editor 2,3: Annual 2,3,4: Associate Editor 4: Forensics 3,4. I .li rev' 'asv' DAVID CARLSON Dave "He's always feeling at his best, when he can be the constant pest." Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1,2: FFA l,2,3,4. M A R Y D O L A N "Speedy O' Dolan" "Men are like socks, they have to be changed often." Band l,2,3,4: Annual l,Z,3,4: Editor 4: Newspaper l,2,3,4: Editor 2,3: Chorus li Glee Club 1 Forensics Z,3,4: lunior Class Play 3: Pep Club l,2: Library Club 3,4. CONGRATULATIONS FROM AFKEND'S IGA STORE AND THE COAST TO COAST STORE ,.... ,,, f-fr 4 ,f , 5 , f I 4 f K 44 dwafrawrzfwm SHIRLEY IEAN ERICKSON "As brimful oi mischief, wit, and glee, as ever a soul can be." Marshfield Senior High School 1,2, L1- brary Club 3,45 Head Librarian 3: Secretary 4: Abhiscan 3,45 Associate Editor 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Secretary 3: Abby Flash 45 Iunior Class Play 3: Forensics 3,4. ' W ' fha-nf CLARENCE WILLIAM GEARY "Bill" " I can stop anything that comes my way but a woman." Football 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 FFA 1, 2,3,45 Reporter 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Abhiscan 3,45 Abby Flash 45 Iunior Class Play 35 Boys' Glee Club 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Band 3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Class Treasurer 15 Class President 2. IOSEPH INTRIBUS Uloen "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Football 45 Traclc 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Treasurer 35 FFA 1,2,8,45 Cheer Leader 35 Vice-President 4. LAVERNE F. KALEPP "Vern" "Kind of shy, but an all 'round guy-" Chorus 3,45 Belle of the West 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Abhiscan 45 FFA Vice-President 4. MARILYN IANE KIESER "Always spik and span, ana neat. A nicer girl you'll never meet." Chorus 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Pep Club 1.2.35 Home Ec. Club 3. DOUGLAS C. KNIGHT "Chet" "I never let studies interte my education." Football 2,45 Class Treasurer Club 3,45 Iunior Class Play 3. l,2,3,4i re with 45 Pep give-'fi CONGRATULATIONS PROM THE ABBOTSFORD HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORE AND RADIO STATION WIGM, MEDFORD abd' 49" ni' -any J, I-'Wa . Q, 'A Y I K JJQL- , ." 1 ..r..1-"fb -.Xia5 '1a.N 1 X' 'f 12.0 '...z'f9I ,F 12 Ifix 'X please don't rush me!" 144 ' ww wwzmzamczah WTI: lAMES RICHARD LAMONT im "lust a minute. till I adjust my halo" Football 2.3: Basketball Base- ball l.2.3.4: Letter Club 3.4: Class Presi- dent 3 Chorus 12 ROBERT ARTHUR LEICHTNAM "Bob" Hrs wits go round and button up his back." Chorus l.2.3.4: Pep Club 3.4: Class Secretary 4: Cheer Leader 3: Boys' Glee Club 1.2: FFA 3.4. LILA MAE MESKE "Messire" It you dont like my gate. dont swing on it." Girls' Glee Club l Chorus 2 3 4 "Belle of the West 3. Home Ec. Club 3. Pep -f"'l" nfs ,,4 N lofts 6' is 4 C . Club 3. BARBARA ANN PETERSON "Barbs" "Work fascinates me: I can sit and look at it for hours." Band Chorus 2.3: Glee Club 1: Home Ec. Club 3: Pep Club l.2.3: Vice- President 1: Belle ol the West 3: Li- brary Club 3.4. MARY ANN PINTER "Sis" "Why let the devil have all the good times?" Band l.2,3.4: Girls' Glee Club 1.2: Chorus 2.3.41 Class Queen 2: Pep Club l.2,3: Belle of the West 3: Library Club 3.4: Abhiscan 3.4: Abby Flash 3. GORDON B. PROUGH "Dober" "He smiled and said. "Now. girls. Football 2.3.45 Basketball Chorus l.2.3.4: Class President l: Iun- ior Class Play 3: Boys' Glee Club 1.2, Belle of the West 3: Letter Club 3.4: FFA 2.3.4. CONGRATULATIONS FROM CLARK ELECTRIC CO-OPERATIVE. GREENWOOD, AND DR. E. I. SCHMIDT sd 'S -Pgf. qui' 1-dl' Um ' :fem IAMES G. RANKL ,,hm,, "Love is too simple a game for a brainy man to play." Pep Club l 3 4' Class Play 3: Track 3 4 DONA IEAN REINWAND "Smiling face and twinkling eye: you simply cannot pass her by." Spencer 1: Band 2,3,4: Cheerleader 2.3, 4: Class Play 3: Letter Club 4: Home Ec. Club 3. '-11' T" ALICE N. REMUS HAHYH "Let the boys go their way for all of me, they need not stay." Band l,2,3,4: Library Club 4: Pep Club 12' Abby Flash 3 IOYCE L. SCHAEFER "Ioycie" "A ready smile, a helping hand. a soul that strengthens friendships band." Chorus 2,4: Home Ec. Club 3: Library Club 3,4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Abhiscan x 4 X . .v"' RAYMOND GEORGE S C H E M E N A U E R I m a senior. I gotta act digm- fied " Football 4, FFA l,Z,3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4. Baseball 3.4: Basketball 2.3. OWEN A. SCHRAUFNAGEL "Schrauf" "I study when I'm in the mood. but I'm not strictly a moody guy." Baseball l 2 3 4 Football l 2 3 4' Bas ketball l,2.3,4. Class Treasurer 2, Vice President 3: Letter Club 2.3.4. CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE ABBOTSFORD COFFEE SHOP AND BUS DEP AND STEFFEN'S SUPER SERVICE I WX .0-Ky' 'ix OT Jmauwndwgaeh... I.-3' I P-4 av -'ve-HW' np- 'ru-' CAROLE D. SMITH "A good line makes the best con- nectionsf' West Milwaukee 1,2.3: Chorus 4: Ab- hiscan 4. MURIEL D. SPROTTE "Muzi" DALE "Eat, drink, and be merry, for to- morrow you may die." Band l,2.3,4: Pep Club l,2,3: Home Ec. Club 3: Abhiscan 3.4: Abby Flash 3: Girls' Glee Club 1. TOELLE "Dale has only three cares in the world: his car, the moon, and his girl." Football l,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4. YVONNE UHLIG "CaIdonia" "She was cut out to be an angel, but somebody ran away with the pattern." Band 2,35 Chorus 2,3,4: Class Play 3: "B" Team Cheerleader 2: Girls' Glee Club 1: Home Ec. Club 3: Pep Club I. 2,3: Abhiscan 3,4: Abby Flash 2,3: Bel- W le of the West 3. DARLENE E. WELDON "Shorty" "Full of pep, full of lun: she's a friend to everyone." Girls' Glee Club 1: Chorus 2.3,4: Li- brary Club 3,4: Pep Club 1.2: Abby Flash 3. MILDRED MARGRET G. WENDTLAND Hmmf "I never worry, I never fret, it I can't remember I just forget." Band l,2,3.4: Chorus 2,3,4: Pep Club 1.2.35 Girls' Glee Club 1.2: Library Club 3.4: Home EC. Club 3: Abhiscan 3, CONGRATULATIONS FROM FELKER SERVICE STATION AND STHECKERT MANUFACTURING COMPANY 97' W md' DOROTHY ANN WILSON NDN., "Beauty -1- Brains 2 a rare com- bination." Colby High School l,2: Chorus 3,4: Belle of the West 3: Iunior Class Play 3: Forensics 4: Pep Club 3.4: Vice- President 3: Library Club 3,4: Treasurer 4: Abhiscan 3.4: Abby Flash 4: Editor 4: Girls' Trio 3 Girls' Sextette 4. ,ameffwgmuw DONALD L. ZOBRACK "Smokey" "It's better to sleep in the class- room than waste a perfectly good night." Chorus 3,4: FFA 1,2,3: Vice-President 3: Football 2,3,4: Basketball l,3: Base- ball 1,2.3.4: Letter Club 2,3,4: Pep Club 3. IEAN MARIE WITT "lecmnie" "She aimed for the top and went a little beyond." Chorus Z: Girls' Glee Club 1: Foren- sics 2,3: Class Secretary 2: Class Treas- urer 3: Library Club 2,3,4: Secretary 3: Treasurer 4: Pep Club l.2,3,4: Abby Flash 2,3,4: Ass't. Editor 2.3: Abhiscan 2,3,4: Iunior Class Play 3. 67644 Ufficm CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE ABBY THEATER AND SKELLY SERVICE STATION I. Intribus,, Vice Presi- dent: R. Anderson, President: D. Knight, Treasurer: Mr. Speth, Adviser, R. Leichtnam. Secretary. The year is 1962. Let us stop at the home of our local pharmacist, Owen Schraufnagel. Don't look for Dona Reinwand! It seems she has deserted Owen and is now a famous authority on cheerleading and the author of the book, "How to Use Your Personality." He is entertaining guests, among whom are Iames Lamont, who is still trying to get a girl who will support him in the style to which he is accustomed: and Douglas Knight who is up for the week end from Las Vegas where he directs a chorus girl show. We wonder how he ever pulled himself away. It seems TV has gotten to Abby so as we turn on the set we are about to watch a new television show, " Review of the Nation's Great." The first thing we see on the screen is that classic quartet, Yvonne Uhlig, Muriel Sprotte, Mary Ann Pinter, and Lila Meske with their singing commercial, "The Colby Park Theme Song", sponsored by the Pontiac Motors. The Master of Ceremonies, none other than Gordon Prough, who is now the biggest, money maker at MGM, introduces the first guest, the President of the United States, Ioe lntribus. Before he appears, the band directed by "the Harry Iames of '62", David Carlson, played the national anthem. Everyone recalled Mrs. Harris's home room back in '52, and stood up. Following the president's address, Donald Zobrak, that inspiring senator from Wisconsin, who is fighting for the return of Prohibition, and Shirley Erickson, the Republican presidential candidate were featured next. Our TV camera switches next to notables in fields of science. Naturally the first person we see is that great inventor, Robert Leichtnam, who has done so much in perfecting television. At present he tells us he is working on a jetmobile that will travel on land, sea, and in the air. Next comes Professor Iames Rankl and his wife Marilyn Kieser, The world has been waiting to hear from him for he has just returned from his trip to the moon. This review, of course, would not be com- plete without the appearance of Mary Dolan who has risen to be Nobel Prize winner in the field of medicine. Her chief con- tributions to the world have been her cure for spring fever and love-sickness. Also, Frank Beran is presented as he has developed a bee that will not only collect pollen and make honey, but will pack it and deliver it directly to your grocer, thereby eliminating the middleman. Next featured is that great New York Yankee pitcher, Raymond Schemenauer. Carole Smith, who recently swam the Gulf of Mexico. exhibits some fine swimming: Robert Anderson, the nation's tallest and top basketball star, and Dale Toelle, the 'football player of the year, also appeared. Bill Geary and Ioyce Schaefer, the great opera stars gave a fine sample of their talent. Dorothy Wilson, a noted Holly- wood star, presents LaVerne Kalepp and Barbara Peterson with TV awards for their fine acting in "Six Husbands Too Many." Arlene Carlson, the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for her service as a WASP, and Ruth Budrus, Commander of the WACS were the final figures to appear on this review. The concluding theme song by that famous composer, Alice Remus, was another sensation, comparable to her others, including, "Laugh-- ", inspired by "Cry", no doubt. As an added feature, Robert Leichtnam introduced his very capable assistant, Mildred Wendtland to whom he attribu- ted much of his success. As we are about to leave, lean Witt enters. She has just resigned as President of Smith College to take over the duties of Supervising Principal at Abbotsford High and Grade School. She said she felt that she owed that much to her home town. Class motto: "We build the ladder by which we rise. Class colors: Old rose and silver Class flower: Carnation GZWMWJZZ... We, the Class of 1952, of Abbotsford High School counties Clark and Marathon state of Wisconsn b ' f d I ' 1 . 1. emg o soun mind and memory, and not acting under fraud, duress, or the undue influence of alcohol or anything, do make, publish, and declare, this to be our last will and testament, in the manner following, that is to say: We hereby revoke, annul, and cancel all other and former wills and codicils by us at any time made: To the FACULTY we leave the resounding echoes of our laughter, better known to them as our "cack1e". To the IUNIOR CLASS of Abby High we leave memories of all the occasions they helped us celebrate. To the SOPHOMORE CLASS we leave our smooth, well-worn, "lines", to be used on students and teachers alike, that is, to wit, our ability to talk ourselves out of and in to anything we want. To the FRESHMAN CLASS we leave our scores of thumbtacks, well-carved desks, and bushels of pencil shavings. We lleave to them our well-used and beloved high school of the said city, county, and state, to honor, and cherish for many ong years. We as individuals break all bonds as a class and group, and do bequeath to the understated underclassmen the fol- lowing: I, ROBERT ANDERSON, will my tiny features to Donald Albrecht. I, FRANK BERAN, will my knowledge of bees and honeys to the freshmen girls: also one quart of sweet honey to faculty member. I, RUTH BUDRUS, will my dimples to Dennis Iakel. I, ARLENE CARLSON, will my smile to Mona Hinke. I, DAVID CARLSON, will the privacy of the store room to Anne N. and Weiner K. I, MARY DOLAN. will all my returned test papers to Phyllis Lapp. I, SHIRLEY ERICKSON, will my pep in American Problems class to my sister, Ora Lee. I, BILL GEARY, will my singing voice to Iohn Intribus. I, IOE INTRIBUS, will my willingness to co-operate with the teachers to Lyle Hoffman. I, LAVERNE KALEPP, will my ability to blush to Wanda Scheel. I, MARILYN KIESER, will my sobriety to Stella Venzke. I, DOUGLAS KNIGHT, will my appetite to Virgil Lueth. I, IAMES LAMONT, will my sport shirts to my sister, Betty. I, ROBERT LEICHTNAM, will everything I have learned in school to next year's freshmen. I, LILA MESKE, will my interest in Colby Park to Mr. Harris. I, BARBARA PETERSON, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Harold Kalepp. I, MARY ANN PINTER, will by curly black hair to Edith Carlson. I, GORDON PROUGH, will my joke book to Gerald Pinter. I, IAMES RANKL, will my studious look to Bonnie Leichtnam. I, DONA REINWAND, will my cheerleading suit to Angie Zink. I, ALICE REMUS, will my quiet manner to Mary Shields. I IOYCE SCHAEFER, will my aid to a greater library circulation to Gerald Kalepp. f I, RAYMOND SCHEMENAUER, will my worn-out book covers to my brother, Elmer. I, OWEN SCHRAUFNAGEL, will my pitching fwool to Ierome Vogt. I, CAROLE SMITH, will my ability to get to school on time to my brother, lack. I, MURIEL SPROTTE, will my sleepiness in school to anyone who stays home nights. I, DALE TOELLE, will my car to the driver's education class. I YVONNE UHLIG, will my dancing ability to Dale Zobrak. I, MILDRED WENDTLAND, will my long blond hair to any brunette who wants it. I, DOROTHY WILSON, will my high soprano voice to Tom Vetter. I, IEAN WITT, will my brains to all future Abby students. I, DONALD ZOBRAK, will my laugh to Arlen Utke. 1 V' WAY. WV: nf ABIOISIW IM panes I-:viii us mms ww n.r'rlxwfnscmm:.' E1 lanky, ine. amgg Q. mugs ,,'V E H 16? 'X i ar , ff' 3 I R S X COMPLIMENTS OF THE SECURITY STATE BANK AND LAABS CHEESE COMPANY Presents "THE PERFECT IDIOT" get Dramatis Personae Margaret Tennyson, mother of the household Anne Nikolay Iackie Tennyson, her son ...... Arthur Marcott Rhodora, the maid ............. Marlene Weix Roger Tennyson, father ot the household Iames Seidel Walter P. Latherby, soap manufacturer lack Alexander Daniel Tennyson, young genius Fred Shields Arthur Barnard. principal ........ James Laabs IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing: D. Kalepp, Vice president, I. Laabs, Secretary, D. Albrecht Linda Barnard, principal's daughter President, Mrs. Harris, Adviser, L. Ianda, Treasurer. Miss Baker, teacher ........ Darlene Treanlcler Donna Miller Ieannie Wilson, Iackie's girl . .. OraLee Erickson A Policeman """""""" Donald Albrecht Dr. Hockhorst Von Bart, a psychiatrist Aloysius CPutfl Witomski, star athlete Gemld Carlson Carla Carlson, Puff's girl .. Geraldine Anderson Miss Booth' G newspaper reporter Margaret Huhn . A K. ly I M . f..,.. .. IUNIORS TOP ROW: I. Seidel, F. Shields, T. Vetter, H. Amacher, W. Bub L. Laaclc, L. Phaneut, W. Marcott, H. Kalepp, G. Carlson. ROW Z: D. Paul D. Miller, I. Vrana, A. Schaefer, M. Huhn, B. Zobrack, M. Weix, R. Reichersamer, 1. Alexander, C. Peissig, M. Venzke. ROW 3: Mrs. Harris, Adviser, B. Bailke, G. Anderson, O. Erickson, D. Remus, A. Hoeft, D. Bercm, B. Kcrlepp. D. Tregnkler, A, Jacobi, D. Baronsky. ROW 3: G. Schreiber, I. Lacrbs, L. lcmda, D. Albrecht, D. Kalepp. S. Bush. 4 0 2 s . O Sa WML rg' C Rosemary Noonan sings a solo In the Ag. shop gl Sophomore cheer leaders Danger! Men at work! -wv..,,,,5-3' Learning to sew a straight seam What! Not finished yet? CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: B. Leichtnam, Treasurer, N. Olsen, Secretary. P. Lapp, President, Mrs. Rannow, Ad- viser, I. Voigt, Vice President. The graduating class of '54 had a successful drew many laughs from the large audience. Our school year during 1951 and 1952 as Sophomores. homecoming float, "Let's Scalp Those Spencer Our initiation of the freshmen, the first social Rockets," won second place in the parade and event of the school year, was a huge success and added five dollars to our treasury. TOP HOW: D. Ialcel, B. Grammer, K. Haderlein, A. Utke, R. Morrow, M. Wepfer, R. Graffunder, R. Marcott, I. Daellenbach. L. Hoffman, A. Graifunder, E. Kuenzi, E. Carlson, H. Kalepp, C. Remus, B. Schraufnagel, B. Lamont, I. Grambort. 1. Budrus, I. Gauerlce, P. Zahorka, A. Zemski, A. Ianda, I. Geiger, R. Noonan, MIS. RCKUHOW, Advisor. C. Kieser, N. Olsen, B. Leichtnam, P. Lapp, I. Vogt, S. Venzke. COMPLIMENTS OF NIKOLAY LAW OFFICE, BOWEN TRUCKING SERVICE, REICHERSAMER SHOE STORE, AND THE HOLTON CHEESE FACTORY. W Y ,l Hae N. Wilson, President: R. Garbarski, Secretary: We Wrote the Play Ourselves S, Danielson, Treasurer. Q , f X , . ns, f All Dressed Up!!! All Dressed Up!!! COMPLIMENTS OF DAN1ELSON'S DRY CLEANERS, KALEPP IMPLEMENT, HUTT, ELECTRIC, AND THORNTON FINANCE CORPORATION, MFDFORD 3 YW 4 TOP ROW: B. Anderson, C. Moberg, M. Leichtnam, C. Knight, K. Smiley, R. Gcrrbarslci, 1. Weideman, W. Scheel. S. Hawks, M. Pecher, A. Zinlc, D. Geiger, M. Bush, B. Brodhagen, J. Beran. E. I-luss, S. Farning, B. Dohm, S. Hartzell, M. Shields, C. Remus. I, Lange, R. Garbarski, N. Wilson, S. Danielson, M. Hinlce. With fifty-four green freshmen to initiate, the sophomores had a busy time initiation night. But we were even busier. The largest class to enter Abby's halls, we made the most mistakes. Our first venture, a hard-time party to honor the soph- omores was a huge success. Our members are already active in all school activities. , 3, .ME . TOP ROW: 1. lntribus, I. Rueden, D. Treankler, G. Pinter, R. Brown, C. Waldhart, l. AIITISUOIIQ- Mr. Harris, Adviser, K. Larson, M. Lueddecke, D. Thompson, R. Weix, R.'Scheibe, D. Bowen, E. Schemenauer. A. Hull, K. Schaefer, D. Bunkelman, R. Denzine, B. Beil, D. Vesley, V. Lueth. N. Melvin, I. Smith, D. Zobrack, G. Kalepp, C. Peissig. J! ' , 1951 gg N Xl eif :HI- ..r7"""'Y ' I !,,. X ,ff gli-E -'JQ:,,4 We won't forget . . . ' M I X fx ' xlxll The drcrmcxtic signs . . . Ulgiof N V YM The colorful floats P- - How the wind blew cmd blew . . . K U I xy -1' -f ' , .Nxt - ' H-M.-. And the fun we had . . . SH Asm.u..:,v 2501- x AST. eras Q vszuv- f ff 1PA.cE -zv Q 'yi X, Xi? - ' Xxn XX , X ...- I xx! gnu' eAsr. 5.7 No.1 EALA Ta -:tru w-VA-- CL r...'Lv-ctu Ex -'re' -we-q mcuooi. f ff:-Luc. Gunn I 342' rw CAV 1 H ff f .23 I g rn-D. 4 A vawfignr-13...-l..i 7 .rzv-40" K , z-,5 1-'Tu F ' Li H-, ,,,-..., ., 1A 1 . 1 'i 'iv 7 Ei-. fall 1 3-75 :Z fly 'Hanna -.f....' 4: ' S-8 ... - n...4' - A - Li sm. ap'-6' ki. , Y .. . .-- W . f if -QL-.if-A :,:- r Pr xl .L.a4.:w , 5 , Ll l-'A --f - 1 40,1 :L 5-rargqug 21.44,-C ,-I l-ew am 6zAv?' ' fr - A A JA' M V M A L Y ' "f""' "TRW ' .J ,'n'Q4-mx , Qfg- Q' aw . Y - ,V 1. 1 ' -r 1:4EA.."' '- LUIIP w F Ljy- LHYZPQALKE SEE 'GEL' Sv? L .- -V-- .w - . A -,,,,.g , AY 7 Y 7-7. - -- --- - mf- --A-+ - 7 ' wf'TH1d1'1f1s-,am-1f5!afZ,, YH, W , - , L ,,,. - - Y-- 1, . Y ---W- A N U E ' L E .. 'E V fs. N 3 Xl 5 Q A L E1 'B' . . oA -WMVA ,- .M A me-F ewan 4: Vz 7 ,.Q...,,.. F-f , P J - K. coma eu.L "f- WA- 11.4 fp? aqua, 513.241-la74",7 I V ,YY 1 , .-...., L J,- ,, Y fmf Y j .f- - V , 'E Q........... , y . 4 : Xweu Tr -- vi' . ? 9.51 Wu-n hifi E MF? lf' V 1 Y, V-L 11- .LE M.-H I ,- v X I: I - - V W' ML"H 1-.L SAME gm :rr-1,-fs eve- , l 'ff ' W' I - was zum- gf , 'I "'x:"'lTDz.1 -4--v T - z pg rv K 1 'l T f rg iii 7- A.. mm 1 1 ' V- , - . l . I - 1 i EE 7: , :ln 1 fi I Ei - r N VLA-1'rar.v EL. Now'-A nd 1 FI H iv """'-?""' ' I A I I Ilni I " li ' 1 - ' l LJ F:-L H W nm- ,, , ,,,, ,I Y.-A :avg S- EL va--Q34 2.-1111: .-.1 -.2 -.nj " -,pin , li' ' '--' L A Lg" ""' ' ' Lp: 4,5 ' Q 1 aw MCW4- -L-4'1'fW" A .355 iggfusu Tap. LH. A - 9 1-' WA ,qgvn-:ION FfKI.lNGLER 8: ASSOCIATES Pq- aacfe Scfaoaf gaaullfaf wJ LOUISE R. WARNS Grades seven and eight Taylor County Normal, Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point LAVONNE IOYCE. B. S. Grade two Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire MINNA SCHUELER, B. S. Grade five Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh PRINCIPAL HERBERT IUNEAU BESSIE THOMPSON Grade four Wisconsin State Colleges, Eau Claire and Stevens Point E R M A V I R C K S Grades six and seven Taylor County Normal, and Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point EILEEN HIRSCH Grade one Taylor County Normal MYRTLE KELLNER Grade three Taylor County Normal, and Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point Qaafe Une Va1entine's Day, 1952 Christmas, 1951 Christmas, 1951 Hullowgenl 1951 MISS HIRSCH TOP ROW: I. Thieme, I. Scheel, W. Hoffman, P. Schade, R. Hodd, D. Goldamer. L. Schraufnagel, I. Hodd, A. Weideman, L. Kalepp, I. Streck- ert, E. Anderson, D. Krueger. R. Cole, B. Brunkhorst, M. L. Hopperdietzel, R. Dorn, E. Harris. COMPLIMENTS OF HOME BAKERY: CARTER'S IEWELRY, PAUL JENTZSCH, 'af" -X Min rrf:r',LmLQQM.DAM.v Mrnzc-Dfw Christmas Program Qaafe 74410 Christmas Program Chr1stmas Party MHS. JOYCE, TEACHER TOP ROW: L. Hessel, M. Bumann, T. Hoffman, L. Bobbe, M. Harris, K. Randall. Fl. Nerlzel, D. Holtzhausen, A. Voellrer, L. Wiese, M. Weller, N. Klieforth, L, lensen, 1. Marcott, D. Laack, C. Paszek, C. Geiger, M. Hutt. COMPLIMENTS OF BEZAK SHOE STORE, ABBOTSFORD TRIBUNE. ABBY CAFE, AND BOOTZlN'S ELEVATOHS L Q' Halloween 1951 Christmas Program, 1951 it , 5 v 'li . Homecoming, 1951 Christmas Party, 1951 Y - TOP ROW: Miss Kellner, B. LaaclcL N. Kelly, L. Lindberg, D. Goldamer, M. Kieser, I. Olson, M. Kelley. S. Nikolay, I. Wiese, I. Hodd, B. Brunkhorst, D. Melvin, K. Schrczufnagel, S. Waldhart, H. Weideman, M. Christenson. H. Zanlc, S. Iohnston,,G. Anderson, K. Wilhelmi, S. 1Danielson, G. Bczrgenquast, R. Voelker, R. Lewis. COMPLIMENTS OF MARGE'S FLORAL SHOP, WHITE HOUSE MILK COMPANY COLBY MILLING, INC., AND SCIDMORE JEWELRY, COLBY Q'aaJe'7!wee.. P' Ha11owe'en, 1951 Homecoming, 1951 U' Christmas Party, 1951 Christmas Program, 1951 TOP ROW: M. Scheibe, T. Streckert, K. Zink, D. Gasch, I. Waldhart, K. Bobbe, B. Brodhczgen, A. Vog Ier, D. Hutchins. Mrs. Thompson, P. Pupp, H. Leonhard, M. Seidel, C. Koehmer, R. Kalepp, S. Iuneau, N. Zank, I. Welley R. Leichtman, 1. Schommer. R. Wojner, E. lensen, W. Lindberg, K. Weisenburger, D. Viets, M. Wiese, K. Schauer. COMPLIMENTS OF ROMMINGEH BLACKSMITH AND WELDING SHOP, MEDFORD, CUHTISS STATE BANK, MIDGET CITY MARKET, COLBY, AND DR. RILLING Qaaiegawz... ,ui Qaeda awe Y 4 , 3 Christmas Program, 1951 Ha11owe'en, 1951 Q Christmas, 1951 Homecoming, 1951 ... l. A- . TOP ROW: B. Armstrong, A. Marcott, D. Krueger, C. Warns, I. Zink, S. Keller, L. Hoffman, I. Lewis T. Dorn, B. Lindberg, B. Neitzel, I. lohnston, G. Thompson, D. Hodd, M. Kieser. P. Kelly, F. Archambo, F. Wilson, B. Loughead, Miss Schueler. COMPLIMENTS OF EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP, DR. CHARLES HINKE, DORCHESTER STATE BANK, AND HERMAN HOLTZ FEED STORE. Q46-cfoi 5121: am! Seuen Manx Christmas Party, 1951 Christmas Program, 1951 Hal1owe'en, 1951 TOP ROW: I. Van Dreel, P. Naclcer, R. Uhlig, G. Seidel, E. Kloth, K. Seidel, E. Wilhelmi, D. Van Dreel, I. Wojner. Mrs. Virclcs, S. Mueller, B. Plttsley, S. Weller, L. Lueth, 1. Waldhart, G. Goldamer, C. Amacher, S. Daeniclce. R. Reichersamer, P. Erickson, K. Leonhard, R. Neitzel, I. Viets, W. Schade, D. Lapp, K. Kalepp, 1. Laper. COMPLIMENTS OF SElDEl.'S CORNER: JOE B. MILLER, MEDFORD LAUNDRY, AND WOLF HIDE AND METAL COMPANY, MEDFORD Qfwcfedgeaenanclgigfrl... St. Va1entine's Day, 1952 Hallowe'en 1951 Christmas Program, 1951 'rf' u A , I. "" TOP ROW: B. Daeniclce, C. Weller, D. Waldhart, D. Van Dreel, G. Reinwand, N. Ingersoll, A. Pollack, K. Pahole, ROW 2 Mrs. Warns, L. Pupp, I. Reichersamer, R. Warns, I. Voelker, C. Archambo, S. Kalepp, L.. Ehrenreich, G. Kuenzi. ROW 3: D Keiser, N. Schraufnagel, A. Brunkhorst, S. Fults, A. Schmirler, S. Welhelmi, D. Farninq, C. Klieforth, N. Laack, ROW 4: I Kalepp, I. Lange, D. Olsen, M. Scheel, D. Anderson, S. Zink, P. Dohm. COMPLIMENTS OF HARRIS GROCERY, STETSONVILLE FARMERS UNION CO- OPERATlVE,- V. A. THOMAS, FLORIST, AND NEWBURG'S APPAREL. MEDFORD 8 CJ TOP ROW: K. Schraulnagel, Miss Kellner, R. Leichtnam, 1. Weller, M. Seidel, N. Zcnlc, S. luneau, Miss Schueler, C. Koerner. B. Bronlchorst, A. Voeqler, D. Hutchins, K. Bobbe, C. Zinlc, D. Gash, S. Waldliardt. M. Kelly, B. Laczck, D. Goldczmer, S. Niqolay, L. Lindberg, M. Christensen, l- Olsen, N- KENY- 4 WJ' 1-1' TOP ROW: I. Van Dreel, Mrs. Thompson, C. Amczcher, G. Goldcrmer, 1. Waldhcrrt, Mrs. Wams, S, Wellef B. Pittsley, Mrs. Joyce, C. Warns. S. Mueller, P. Dohm, L. Ehrenreich, K. Kuenzi, C. Weller, 1. Kolepp, D. Krueger. G. Thompson, S. Dcreniclce, S. Keller, A. Mczrcott, 1. Zinlc, L. Hoffman, B. Neitzel. COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY: STIEBER GARAGE, COAST-TO-COAST STORE, AND GRUENER'S BAKERY, MEDFORD ljfmdleu M id alan 9 ' f Girl Scouts at Wausau More Girl Scouts Christmas Mrs Thompson Program and Gxrl Scout Xia I 4' 'I Jw 52- " .lv 1 ,X ,, .Q 9' "' ' ,ff "X 7 . , Y-W -,xx 4' X A-' 1 ffff xx' 7 7 -. ' LW4v':.Y-P' Z 4--V 4- +Aae :vv.,g-L, -f+-? + X K 4 f X :omg :AV ,Q 7 7 ' I ,V I '--- 7 X . ff' A I x ,Q , ' WSW ..:cJuN'rix:.arL.L5l-alr-sa - I1 7 .Y 7 fwrcldt fsiuw 1' Mfr, an-rs 7 .Z4 :A AITAA? N ck -5 -4, :A fc:-re ' E. .!,-, 4., --157777 1:73 42' - f 3 43 f , Y.. ,.,, ,. , 4 747 1 X j N mer uzmvsn ,cj 1 f ' ff ' - 1 ' - Pr o fo - ' f .. , X ,N , . 1' ' I Y : - V ' ' 7, 7, 7 o 0 0 7 f ' -Ai J aan: 5f,L. . - 7 '1'E H L f , 4v I L I 4 If .lu 1 1 L-LV 4 L N' Hliiiff f- Jw ,C li-SLLL fm Mwn 9-3L :2f.:, x?-, '21 H H -JP 52:11 7 A Au - Q, X . 1 .f.---- ' W 1 7,77 ,...1--.-., ,LHMLK7 . . 1 E- 7-7-' 777 Q W ' , Y- L+ 1 9 J fl . ,J rd , 7 rg.-4,L,.p77w7, :N .:.,vw... z-' N - N E 2 O! ,N - -4 5--'-1 f .Lf -4 'A ,,,l: -gg N,., M . ,,,.,, ,, ,, .7 7 LL 4 A new ru. sz:-re , ' ' Y . l -- '1 , ,W V. ,,'f4!In., ' A "' 1 'f'F""'a' ""W'if.ux 'K' -'- -1-1, N---17 v - .Y l T -- T f -F-'fy-v f f-7-csgjfgg -' coz :napa AA-G W A 7 1 1 wnx K sag- 5-5' 2. f 1 1 SINIILAZ TG S'A.Il ELE1 5,4 ey -- ' QPPESVTT SIVE L+ N 7 7 A , , v-vu. arg. gibgg'-piffg -777777 7 7-7777777i77 7 7, . N. ,,1--,-1.. ,.-,, A,.-g,7.s,.Y,.1.-,,,,- 7.. . ,, AWN- M . YY -Y . +.. ,- 7 1 -- , -, , 7 41 ELL , , ,, , i Y , Z- . -.Y , , Q v , r Y. - 1 J U U 1 P-l 1: L - 4 L. 1 , 'l W Q -. 1. 1: Ve C U- o' +- --- -- vi- f - --f- if Wg' "' F' 1 1 -1---v - 4U A-SPHAL.-r' szoau. -------M - , I . v.1-Qu 4 LZAVEL zoo-4: , Q - MET Lo' u-rE1Z2Fn.h-same 'fr MFT eip-4 sravd V217 v' MET' 2762- .1 PZXV " Aff 1 ' di'-vv A -ll Y "1 ' V , ,7 7 X , X x bllib .14 In-1. ,Eu-j ' - Y Y 5 f-ir-5 ' if MQ V vain- i. T"V ' " Y A v-1 ,y tl IgA A ' QXH, f 'Z 7 - 7 7, Y 7 - Av.,-F 7 7 Q- fx -.1 7 .Lily 3: 1- -M-, 'N f A 01, v Y cami fsuug A A """' hm' Y XQQL' ' 1, , L 7 7 sglnkizx 7 7 Y .--- L , ' K'-rar 4mm.a.F. gJ,no56I' """"""' '94 , T., ,-,,.,- , ,D ,.--,1I,,1,1-ff '--fivvv Hnmr' 1 armfqnw ,51Tn15: 171.9 --W ,W . ' -17 U -+ 7 740,15 1 ,L+ 7 -Wh M 7 7 7 7 Isarsf-iiiafi. .T . A ,- ,. 1. - nf- iogmf-1 '1':L20'1W26Qi ...A , XA - MEJT C,LvAw15u , I S 1 1. 1. Q 'fa' .. - ' 'iNTlAN4- A LDV-l VOQTIGN QMHTTEV 'IO NORTH KITLHEN WALL bv.,- pmsx- any Nr. 7. Q- Q- 7:7 f Il... - A 7 7 7 -555 :f-- ---W iff -7- 7 7, bw 7 'ir A-, -- -- - --f----- - Hz- A - +ve-1 -'i' --' ' 1: '-':': "T'."'f -""' 7 ' -f- V fx--, f'-f-A -- , . 1 ' , 4 -V ' '----'- - - ' 1if'1"1"' 'M-"""f 7 7 7 7 Y t Y 77, ,, ,,,,,, G., , W, , ,K Q ewmfcv nun, 7 7,77 - ff ,1-'-- ' - , A , , X.,-17 7: 7-7 7- ,X 1. -Y-' ' '7 1 . J A' , ,A , ,Q u. Y f ' 1 ' - ' A, ' YALE Dlilk 7 V H ' ' 7' 7-5--v,f--f--SH - ' -.-M.-n.A-rrsv fm aa.:-4 H 1 V 5 1 H i 'J A " --gn - . - ff - I I 1 Y V v . -- f - ' .. V 7 -- 1 -, ' N 1:1-lc ' - 5 ' sac ,111 s-1 7 r, - g Q 3 3 iegpzvrn sf 73 A , - - ' F H i'f 6, U 5 ' PM cw-A :L ax. an-412 , , Ig . - ---f - -- gfhf- .7 ,A , , , 1-3777, 7 -- - ' --ti .- ,, , 4-' x ,VY ,T i.. ' '1 1 ?., tl.- I-'N X I anv1:..oc'.3,e4.'.iV:'f,e.w.,g,f , lb, X 'u 7 777777 v 77,777 ,A ,,,, ,7,77,,,, ,7g, 1' 771 fimff'-!g,,fL- -,-,g-...El-541F'iSM.l'r.Lfii .--.--f -- --- N- -- ll' 514 1 Lauren nm,11.lL.94-:pi-' a I V 7 77 H 7 I , 7 c , - , """,.- fsnnaiauv' '- O L4 -3 - ' F - A 5 - ' ' 5 .1 A L e ffe 1 . - Q' T' ' ' ' W ' " " " + f ,M q..,,,' G vm u A Q 1 -J v 3 A v 7 1 'r a Q Xa T S li Y, TQ wr MN 'GB' A D 9 0 'I' 9 L Q L U Ll X 6. H 6 4 A 9 5 - "' W ' 1,7-, WA- --'- .H WY-- -gi -2. -SAT 171, -.1 , 1 LGT V, I 7 77 777 7 f' - -Y ff-'N f' -- 'a 12, 17 ,HJ 4 5 - - L. . Q muwn F Hamm! Slay Top row: I.. Mcske, M. Sprotte, Y. Uhlig, D. Remus, M. Wendtland, I-. Schaefer, E. Carlson, R. Budrus, D. lakel, S. Bush, W. Marcott. C. Knight, M. Pinter, S. Hartzell, M. Shields, B. Dohm, C. Moberg, B. Schraufnagel, M. Wepter, D. Albrecht. S. Danielson, A. Zink, C. Remus, R. Noonan, N. Wilson, P. Lapp, B. Lamont, B. Leichtnam, G. Anderson. B. Zobrack, M. Huhn, C. Smith, M. Weix, D. Miller. .,,1 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Top row: B. Geary, A. Nikolay, Mrs. Harris, Adviser, S. Erickson, G. Carlson, ll Wiff, D. Wilson, M. Dolan, A. Carlson, O. Erickson. COMPLIMENTS OF WlNG'S DRUG STORE VOLUME VI ABBOTSFORD, WISCONSIN, OCTOBER 17, 1951 NUMBER I Honor Roll Siudenls The Play's the lhino !"' ning This year's Honor Roll is based on the average of all your marks. An A receives three points, a B. fvfc ' and a C, one noir' " point' ' The Ju' r our Home- ir. Harris is .s appointed 'men. They trlson and lee ls will ap- 193 hat things 011 ig can be Roll , 1952 y e, bonfire ' 'V Will be Sand captain. Corrie rking on Geral Virgil June l Maurin Beverly egg' 7' Ann Ja ,Vere Robert ' ' Joyce Ga Toel' uackg Adelle St Gerald C. left Donna ary, James 'La Louis Jan Darlene T Fred Shiel. Ora Lee E1 Geraldine I George Sch Audrey Hoe Jack Alexan Anne Nikola, Arthur Marc V Donna Mae B 2.00 seniors a policeman, were D. tor D Knight Knight started this first ffontinued on Page 47 D. Aobrak, Joe Intrlbus Dru, ' - A lDI'6Chf,j Dr. Hockhorst Von Barf, a psychiatrist, Gerald Carlsong U First D- Miss Booth, newspaper reporter,.,Ma"f A -1' e T ng B ct. 17, is the Jean Wm ............ .. 3.00 saret H111111: and Rhea" C, names' ' Q the School Dorothy Wilson ....... 2.50 Marlene W D E, CarlS0"'sh- lar E crowd Shirley Erickson .. 90" , Blldfus' , 5- Bu eichtflcm' g eu R Moberq , B, L D , - James Rankl . .... 5' Hari! fkson, C- B Lamofl' 1 Year 5 ac Arlene Carlson . M. Shieldswilf, S. Eric 'ller P. LGPP' ' A Carlson' TW the or- Frank Beran ..... TOP ROW- Geary, I- Knight, D. M1 G1 B. Dohm' M Weix, ' vorthwhne' Mary Dolan ............... NikO1aY,C- B Schfaufflaq Wepleff ' Ck Oduced so Barbara Peterson ......... .. Zmk, A. ' Jando, . ' B' Zebra ' A. Huhn' N Wilson- Ericksoflf ' the Dal'- M ' S I Danielson' M' 5. RcmI10W' O' teachers- a S- qson, M' ' .--nent will be elected. Jean Witt, of the senior clai named general manager of the zine sales campaign. The can will end Oct. 22. Our quota has g . set at 1,000, and if we pass that mark the Curtiss Publishing Company will present our school with a plaque. Each salesman will receive credit toward many worthwhile prizes. To the high- est salesman goes the certificate of achievement and 53 credit points. The eight highest salesmen will get their re,..-..A in 0 In-in +A fha haclznf Hull W1 D, Remus' D' 1 -. the cheer- .- .onowsz - squad - Dona Reinwand, Donna Miller, Anne.Nikolay, Beth Schrauf- nagel, and Norma Wilson. B squad .- Mary Shields, Suzanne Hartzell, Betty Lamont, and Bonnie Leichtnam. School Song .Roll on you Ramblers, Forward to the fight, XXYH-Pu nur r-nlnv-Q Plxrinu W ...c .moby Flash takes this opportunity to welcome you and to wish you a profitable and successful year. A Plea! The Abby Flash staff decided to have a printed paper this year and this is our first issue. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed working on it. We will attempt to keep the news as interesting and up-to-date as possible, The success of this paper, Mnvnnvnv- rlonnvwrlc nn VOTY Ula hand Selden Rana! TWIRLERS Liechtnam, B. Schraufncrgel, G. Anderson. TOP ROW: M. Pinter, A. Carlson, I. Laabs, B. Geary, C. Remus, D. Reinwand, Y. Uhlig, W. Scheel, E. Carlson, Mr. luneau, Director. C. Peissig, D. Kalepp, D. Carlson, B, Kalepp, A. Zink, A. Remus, C. Kuenzi, D. Iakel, E. Kuenzi, B .Peterson, R. Reichersamer. I. Weideman, M. Sprotte, L. Ianda, A. Marcott, I. Armstrong, S. Bush I. Gauerke, B. Lamount, M. Hinke, I. Daellenback. D. Miller, M. Dolan, A. Ianda, B. Grammer, I. Lange, M. Wendlland, l- VOSUCSY. COMPLIMENTS OF SEBOLD CHEVROLET AND LEN GREIBER, HERFF-JONES REPRESENTATIVE ...K SEXTET D. Wilson, W. Scheel, N. Wilson E. Kuenzi, E. Carlson, S. Hawks 'Bancf MB. IUNEAU, Chorus Director TOP ROW: I. Kalepp, M. Bush, R. Warns, R. Brown, M. Lueddecke, S. Hartzell, N. Wilson, Mr. Iuneau, Director. A. Pollack, M. Liechtnam, I. Voelker, C. Peissig, A. Hull, S. Earning, B. Daenicke, N. Laack, K. Smiley. S. Miller, E. Huss, C. Archambo, D. Anderson, T. Streckert, C. Remus. COMPLIMENTS OF ABBOTSFORD BEAUTY SHOP, H. S. ELECTRIC, COUNTRY CLINIC, COLBY, GEAHY'S GENERAL STORE, CURTISS C' 1 ., ru SOPRANOS TOP HOW: L. Meslre, M. Pinter, M. Bush, C. Moberg, M. Wepfer, I. Weidemcm, S' Hawks' A Hoenf M4 Shields, B. Leichtncm, B. Grammef, W- Sfheel, M. Wendtlond, 1, Schq 1 997, R. Noonan, N. Wilson, D. Wilson. 4 'C of BASSES TOP ROW: H. Brown, D. Carlson, L. lcmdcr, L. Kclepp, B. Geary. R. Leichtnczm, H. Schemenauer, !. Smith, C. Peissig. H. Marcott, 1. Armstron , W g . Marcort, 1. Lacrbs, F. Bemn. ND HENNEHIES AND NORTHLA H INN GARAGE COMPLIMENTS OF AIKEDDTQABBCTSFORD LCCKEH PLANT ALTGS rke E Carlson, I. Lange TOP ROW: I. Gcue , . K. Smiley, M. Leichtncxm, A. Carlson, C. Smith, D. Miller. ' D hm, A. Ianda, M. Hinke. A. Zink, M. Kexser, B. o li! pn. , E. Kuenzi, A. Graffunder. R. 1 I TENORS TOP ROW: D. Zobrclclc, Don Zobrclck, G. Prough, D. Vesely. N. Melvin, A. Hull, E. Schemenauer, S. Bush. ' n Peissig. D. lcxkel, G. A nderson, Y. Uhlxg, Clayto COMPLIMENTS or HERMAN H, KOITSEDO-FARMS DAIRY AND , ATTORNEY, COLBY OFFICERS: O. Erickson, Vice Presidentf I. Witt, Treasurer: A. Carlson, Head Librarian: S. Erickson, Secretary. Now in its second year, the Library Club con- tinues its work as a service organization in keeping the library neat as well as attractive. To promote better care of textbooks, they sold attractive plastic book covers. Iunior class members received pins, which were purchased with the proceeds of a Leap Year Dance they sponsored. .fl a .L A -' iff" ' i TOP ROW: E. Carlson, C. Knight, R. Budrus, 1. Budrus, B. Grammer, A. Schaefer, B. Anderson, D. Miller, M. Dolan. Mrs. Harris, Adviser, B. Bailke, B. Dohrn, S. Danielson, C. Moberg, A. Jacobi, B. Brodhagen, R. Noonan, M. Pinter, A. Nikolay. A. janda, D. Wilson, M. Wendtland, I. Schaeler, M. Weix, A. Remus, D. Remus, D. Treanlcler, G. Anderson, D. Baronsky. COMPLIMENTS OF BOBBE IMPLEMENT COMPANY AND THE COLBY THEATER 42 14. F.F.A. BASKETBALL TEAM - Top row: S. Bush, M. Venske, R. Brown, G. Pinter, R. Scheumenauer, D. Paul. F. Beran, I. Kalepp, R. Weix, D. Treankler, Mr. Marvik. Boys who live on farms and are studying agriculture may become members ot FFA. They engage in many activities, including individual and group projects, educational trips, etc. Their basketball team, shown above, had a successful season. Top row: I. Intribus, D. Knight, G. Pinter, R. Brown, D. Carlson, G. Prough, D. Zobraclc, C. Peissiq, H. Kalepp. R. Graitundei, D. Paul, D. Treanlcler, A. Utke, R. Leichtnam, R. Schemenauer, D. Bunkelman, M. Venske, S. Bush. K. Larson, My. Mn-Nic, Adviser, K, Schafer, 1, Rueden, D. Thompson, R. Weix, I. lntribus, D. Vesely, G. Kalepp. OFFICERS --- G. Schrieber, Treasurer, D. Albrecht, Secretary, B. Geary, President, F. Beran, Reporter, R. Marcott, Sentinel, L. Kalepp, Vice President. F msg I -E. 620414 .furry ! 3 1 -fllfrnls This year the Home Economics Club became affiliated with the State Future Homemakers of America. With proceeds from the sale of Christ- mas cards and greeting cards they are planning i to buy more equipment for their department. Early in the year they made a trip to Green- wood to take part in the FHA Rally. l 11 .. - TOP HOW: R. Gcrrbarski, H. Kalepp, I. Lange, I. Beran, M. Leichtncrm, C. Remus, M. Bush, D. Geiger, P. Zahorkcr. I. Weideman, A. Hoeft, A. Schaefer, A. Graffunder, 1. Geiger, M. Pecher, D. Bercrn, M. Weix, R. Nooricm, E. Huss. D. Bcronsky, B. Bcrilke, C. Remus, I. Gcruerke, R. Gcrrbczrski, S. Hawks, C. Keiser, A. Zink. E. Carlson, E. Kuenzi, Mrs. Theide, Adviser, A. Zemski, B. Kalepp, COMPLIMENTS OF DUKE'S BOWLING ALLEYS, PECKSTEIN'S FOOTWEAR, MEDFORD, SCHMIDT THE CLOTHESMAN, MEDFOHD, AND MUNDT'S HUDSON-WILLYS, MEDFORD Uuiican MARY DOLAN our editor 'ft F19 M "Thank you, 'snap' Lukowicz, OUT OWU for your fine pictures and helpful cooperaiionf' pqzeiud... BILL GEARY "boy photographer TOP ROW: C. Moberg, I. Intribus, W. Marcott, D. Knight, D. Kalepp, I. Laabs, R. Leichtnam, I. Rankl, I. Smith, D. Albre B, Geary, C. Peissiq, M. Venzke, R. Marcott, R. Weix, I. Intribus, I. Armstrong. ROW 2: Mr. Harris, Adviser. A. Zemski, Leiclrinam, C. Remus, I. Gdllefke, l- Wifi, B. Grammer, S. Erickson, G. Carlson, I. Rueden, D. Treankler, D. Thompson Lapp, D. Miller, A. Nikolay, A. Carlson, S. Farning. ROW 3: E. Huss, 1. Weideman, A. lancla, S. Venzke, P. Zohorlca C Kglepp, I, Lange, M, Bush, R. Noonan, M. Weix, D. Remus, D. Treanlcler, B. Kalepp, G. Anderson. O, Erickson. ROW 4: Dohm, D. Wilson, I. Geiger, B. Schraufnaqel, N, Wilson, S. Hartzell, M. Shields, B, Leichtnam, D. Reinwancl, B. Lamont, Zink. ROW 5: I. Kalepp, C. Peissiq, D. Paul, D. Bowen, S. Bush, N. Melvin. ht M P H B A The plaque held by lean Witt and Shirley Erickson was awarded our school by the Curtiss Pub- lishing Company for magazine sales amounting to Sl,ll7,20, the best our school has ever done. Pictured above are, standing: Ronald Brown, high salesman, Iames Laabs, junior chairman, Gerald Carlson, high salesman, Edith Carlson, high salesman, David Carlson, high salesman, Arlen Utke, sophomore chairman: seated: Ronald Weix, high salesman, Iohn Armstrong, high salesman, Iean Witt, general chairman, Shirley Erickson, senior chairman, Beverly Brodhagen, high salesman, and Sandra Danielson, freshman chairman. 4 Top row: S. Bush, R. Marcott, I. Alexander, T. Vetter, G. Prough, l. Smith, I. Armstrong, V. Lueth. Mrs. Harris, Adviser, A. lana'a, B. Grammar, E. Kuenzi, M. Weix, S. Erickson, C. Knight, M. Dolan, Mrs Rannow, Adviser. N. Wilson, D. Wilson, A. Carlson, M. Hinke, O. Erickson, D. Remus, W. Sheel, S. Danielson. M. Shields, S. Harrzell, A. Nickolcry, D. Miller, B. Schrcrufndqel, M. Bush. STANDING: S. Hartzell, B. Lamont, A. Zink. B. Liechtnam, M. Shields, D. Reinwand, B. Schraufnagel, N. Wilson. ...ZJZMGZML 541 TOP HOW: I. Laabs, L. Ianda, H. Amacher, R. Reichersamer, Coach Walker. G. Carlson, W. Marcott, l. Alexander, D. Zobraclc, F. Shields, T. Vetter. D. Knight, L. Laack, D. Kalepp, D. Toelle, O. Schuaufnagel, H, Anderson: 1, Intribus, G. Prough, D. Reinwand, D. Albrecht, B. Geary. COMPLIMENTS OF LAlVlONT'S SERVICE STATION A047040 PEPPIEST and FRIENDLIEST loc Inmbus Q 1 f SHAPLIEST Ruth Budrus BRAINIEST and MOST Ll TO SUCCEED . . . lean Isl' '77 vw I 3, Ll' , ' 1 Nj, X tx 0- '- 0 5-1 .- 's AA ,li :lf ntl 1 Q BEST SENSE OF HUMOR und BEST SENSE OF HUMOR SMILINGEST BOY . , . Gordon Prough Shirley Erickson MOST POPULAR, MOST ATHLETIC ,fl F 'Z 423 MOST ATHLETIC cmd SHAPLIEST BOY , . , Dale Toelle cmd SMILINGEST GIRL . . . Dona Rein v? -,ii BRAINIEST BOY ond MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED . . . Frank Beron . f PRETTIEST GIRL rothy Wiison 5 2 MBST and BEST I, I 1 f Do HANDSO DHESSED BOY , . . lim Lamonz In "sr 3 Y' 1 0 . n .Q Q 1 ""lllnfI' xxx 911 intl" annul-' PEPPIEST GIRL Yvonne uhng ' in . RESSED GIRL BEST D Mary Dolcm Jwfiwha TALENTED cmd MOST POPULAR BOX , . . Bill Geary ' MOST ...ff 'J d MOST FRIENDLIEST cm TALENTED GIRL . . , Arlene Carlson ,R ' BIG SHOT I ' Bob Lerchfnum f4+r, " 2af'5,,,2Poouj 'QA ' 54 4415 IF, IEST nwww ff H, waist fi .5-9? W , ., , RXE4' M ?+, 13 1+ 4 1 , w Envy' 4 M - ,f 1 saw wi If -J P-aj ls 27 fiw Yank 1 -was, AN, , H p W V Y X wb Q14 m .K -J lg.. H , A A w. -4 ,wx , ' x 4.-, M? WZJZ 1 Q5-io' 1 1 ' 1 f , 1 fw 1 f 4 , 4 Wim FW: J, ,' ,Lk ,i Mex " ,W H -- H1 -09 1114 VY N 1 X 1' L . Q T31 1 ' f ff I 1 1 X ' " f-1 ' 1111 . . MM1' 1111 T.2.L"':" I ' ' if . va X , ' 1 :2,9!l"11..- 1F.jL'Lij,. i -H , if -A 1 15 - ' fl :QL A ' 1 N 1 1-1-:bg 1 1, J 1 I ' I , I E 111 , 1 1, 1 ,F V 1 '1 :-1-1- :"L9w1 fb 1 4 . iw 1+ , 4 1 1, 1 A 1 13 E? 12 ,fi , , .1 FE 4 Vi I um"'F""':g::g'i-:TvW1E?i 1 X -1 I 11 F 1 ' ill 1? LII il :I ' ' 1 ' fi if ' Ii? " Lg -:fix .QA A ' fi - , T' H Q ' i1 'Qi L, 11 'i - 1 xv., '-:H 1,15 1 , v X31 5 L ' X ' ' ' 1-7l ". h 1 ' 1 , N Q11 3 . ' I EN..'T..Z-2 'Zin . I KMCA5, ammo: Abc-xi FII 1 f .4 , --,-, ,. H - ul.. V lr 'L ' 1" -Qf ' 1 1' 1 E 5' 1 X .1 i 1 IM Q 1 .1 '. ' A , 1 .. avr? f-7':14x.f-.0141 '1 ' fwii 4 bw? 151 ' Q k 20112- : 1 - 4,11-25 11 LQ, .W FYJE... 3 1'H:.11 5570A 1 4L..:.z -r43:',,-5 1 L bf-1'vv ni ' Q 1 ' 1 A Q ll ll 1 ' I ' , il 'M fi Q I--.N 1 V: L - -ii 1 ' 1 f , 'Z E5 W ' ' ..,17"T'I 11 1 L' !f"x f' -yi :A 1 ...- Lf T - A A-, L.f.:,-Av-xff-f,4L 4' 1, 3, , ,V V? LARRY LAACK JOE INTRIBUS Right guard Defensive line backer SEASON'S SCHEDULE Abbotsiord 6 ............. .... E au Claire St. Pat's 0 Abbotsford 2 .. ..... Eau Claire B's O Abbotsford 12 . . . . . Greenwood 6 Abbotsford 13 .. ...... Withee 0 E COACH Link Walker BILL GEARY DONALD ZOBRACK DF-I-E TOELLE Cenref Fullback Left half KALI Fullback Right half A ' LOUIS IANDA Right tackle SEASON'S SCHEDULE Abbotsford 19 ............ .................. L oyal 0 Abbotsford 31 ......................... Auburndale 12 Abbotsford 12 ............................. Spencer 14 CChampionship gamel OWEN QCHBAUPNAGEL IACK ALEXANDER ROGER REICHERSAMEH Quarterback I 8 -2 nl ,g r- "A" TEAM STANDING: D. Kmghr, F. Shields, T. Vetter, G. Prough, H. Amacher, R. Reicherscrmer. G. Carlson, Coach Walker D. Toelle, D. Kcrlepp, O. Schrczulncgel, L. lando, 1. Alexander. "B" TEAM STANDING: Coach Walker, R. Anderson, T, Vetier, H. Amacher, R. Reiclzersczmer, G. Carlson, C. Wczldhcrf. H. Welx, l, Armstrong, H. Mcrcotr, S. Bush, G. Kclepp. ,,--M, . 2 M if 2, QQ ' Q ZZ fr uh-"" if lx M Ear: 4 l"'i TOP ROW: Coach Walker, R. Anderson, I. Seidel, W. Bub, R. Schemenauer, F. Shields, I. lntribus, C. Waldhart. L. Laaclc, B. Geary, L. landa, D. Albrecht, T. Vetter, O. Schraufnagel, G, Prough, H. Amacher. 1. lntribus, R. Heichersamer, D. Kalepp, D. Toelle, I. Alexander, D. Zobraclc, W. Marcott. ...liaaedall l A ln A TOP ROW: H. Graflunder, F. Beran, 1. Laabs, R. Marcott, 1. Vogt, C. Peissig, R. Schemenmler, I. Armstrong. W. Marcott, G. Carlson, O. Schrautnagel, 1. Alexander, R. Reichersamer, S. Bush, COGCTI WUUCGI. R. Anderson, D. Zobralc, L. Laaclc, D. Kalepp, B. Geary. 'Wray Nha gwue Clarence Kramer, Ianitor joe Prestabok, Vet. Trainer in Clarence Klieforth, Bus Driver Darrell Bobbe, Bus Driver K I .1 A- ' --n-qg.-lv-tnn.4e4 . 1.1.1-Je.s.n.,f..'f. V-11" " "' ,F , ,1 . I ,,:4 ff wmwyi, u 4 Q Q F 4 :L -1' E i i .x "Sf.'-.fl ' ,V V ' ' 1. A... .L 3 fs ' rflxf- ,gd ,x ' fs.-.,...,..s so mf' '- PLL E.tlYLgA-q4C-ll ,tif ever, SEPTEMBER DECE . A rl' t SUN r :rioN 'rua U hui ' -ff lbiualna W ,J ..-vf'-, School starts with record enrollment of 162 on Aug. 27: seniors, already looking forward to graduation have their pictures taken on the 20th: soph- omores initiate the freshmen on the 21st, with our first school party that lUI1iO1'S present qredt thectrical px evening: football team wins three straight. -- start worrying how to spend the Christmas program on the 19th, parti' ball team wins 2. loses 35 long tw: x. ..,saL4g.1H. V .. l 5 Q' vgqggg ,-,.,f,wA, liiluvsr- -VJ-H ' M' ' ' .w--kV V ,- M ' V, ,MF 5 ,,.1.,. I W, ' 4 Lghpqrmf L l i my-. V Y,.,,,-- wisp. ., Back to school on the 7thg first ' t k Curtiss magazine campaign otf to fine start on the 8th: Safety Clown 523131132821 in fznlhi ljgzne Could Cop here on the 10th: Memory wizard shows us how on the 29th se re- ' ' member last night? We win three more football games, but lose to Spencer M on Homecoming night, 14-12: at dance, tears are more in evidence than laughter. NOVEMBER SUN :wiv I TUE -il, , QLQI' . ' l fl. s...Q.-Q--Nrgir-M--'f'3WmQ',ffm . . it xv , fxiwxw 3 ,E Ll, l vs. iii 1 rl-EL: E 3-in l SAI Q l , ,, , , . , , l ,Wx l 'V l Yrrr ' 5 'V WY YVVYV ' 'V 'nf , . s 5 f-,.., hx A i , Wx" A K. mwswemsfr s.s..,m,ug. , . , . fl. rw, .4 3 'i ,, ,,, . CL. Off to a fine start Teachers Convention on lst and Znd: juniors receive class rings on the 6th: SCHOOL ADDITION VOTED on the 14th: Coleman "The Singing Marines" enterldirt Puppet Show on the 19th: basketball season opens with one Win. tW0 LW? YGUY dance On the 22nd: bdslff losses: Thanksgiving gives us two vacations this month. VICWTY Over Dorchester to GMET Alhf heartbreakers at tournament. dduction, The Perfect Idiot, on the Sth ,iyrmoney on the 7th: Grade School min High School on the Zlst: basket- rvleek vacation begins on the Zlst. TARY 'semester ends on the 14th: annual 17011 tell from the pictures? Basketball MARY Pm l sm: ,All on the Zlst: LibIGfY Club hold ,N I team 10595 2, WlHS 2, i1'1ClLldlDq fd tournament on the 27th: lose two I fl r , MARCH , f-aw : fc? T' z TT" ' . . f T' A A ' f. .1 ie' L , 5, I 4 ' 1- 1 -5 g .. 1 4 in ve 35.5 gy. . , 1 i W ""'W+'-"4-sr..,.w,.,4,,.,,,,,,.,i.,,,,1-,,,,,,,,,,g, ,-,,f.,,,..uw'-V--w --' A 7. 1 W f, as , ' ff, Z X . Q it A month of contests: Edith Carlson and Marlene represent our school at district FHA demonstration contest at Spencer: Edith Carlson wins on the 15th: Ora Lee Erickson and Mary Dolan win "A" ratings in 3C Forensic contest held at Abby on the 18th: spring begins and we lose another day due to snow storms. APRIL 'WKHBQQ lt's Easter, so it must be spring: we enjoy short Easter vacation, but who cares. with less than 6 weeks leit? Music Festival at Spencer on the 19th: solos and ensembles at Medford on the 26th: work on the new addition begins: also baseball season. MAY SUN MON A TUE XVED THU FRI SAT " t,t.w4'f44rks,9Bgqg,Q,.z,g,JX f , ., , ,hLk,.,,,,,,,K, W,-J-pus'--" J., A' ' A 1 4 X- p A f fr K da twk. ,i .f f s +s - f ,ef A y y t .nf - is 9 Y. 4 fs - Music and graduation and no more school for three months: Music Festival at Medford on the 3rd: the 1952 Abhiscan should be out any day now: graduation on the 15th: the Zlst arrives, and school's out -f we think. tAt least that was the date when we wrote this 'way back in March. In o mt' G C'-'?C7X?3U?f'f'5 ' -Y' vrf"cQgr':L""':r7' ? Pe-r:1,5g3 Mpff' 1 3 214-"9F' Q'f.,.S ZS' M 3 f- .- .P f' 5 fNErk?JgELgO"ff,:- CN' 1 T '- q-JN2 I' o FSP' S+ QA? V: fr H' ,g Z2 3,551 rv ri.. : + - K m 32 ALS L "' 0' us Ea' avi P? QE ,eff 5-' E o 'V' 0 ru f-' 5' is 5 ff ff My-5 " 'V 7' T5 X.lxiLlJu.'t Sf. Y F L.-9 :- E U Q.: N -0 Uk1fek,,,,u.WLK uuwv-J LX.L+L 6.4 yqbvaa -8 rv 'LX 5' W ' E Bfwfg, Emi? 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Suggestions in the Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) collection:

Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 5

1952, pg 5

Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 28

1952, pg 28

Abbotsford High School - Abhiscan Yearbook (Abbotsford, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 30

1952, pg 30

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