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-N:',V g! . r. .. O 1. 10 $2:F:::g 3., 3:23:13; 32:23 xmazm T Our Anguul Simple litt'ioi memories, Right here in this book. v4 1., Aim ; v , uiqu u u;q;oi+ . . gmnadmmmmaE-JK t .. Egananggggxgzzmaxxgggzmgz : g Will give you' great pleasure I It you take the trimetg look. Seniors, Juniors, Sophoinbros, 33' ; gaggxzmmvmxaaii Freshman aim here, Jtvoo. Their pictures, are put' in this hook, Just for me ind you. All of our activitiu, .. .- Aw . aa-. :4 In this book yawn um mt 1- why our Aimualn, Just an good u 11: can bc. $23; ' Tiger." Ellenbo aka: ZEEEQijEIRCG :. x ME :7; Il$z s $g 4gaa: Ti PERICLES DEDICATION 103 'Dedication To our social science and physical education teacher, Mr. Vernon Ellis and the first football team of Abbotsford High School, we, the staff of the Abhiscan of Nineteen hund- red and forty eight dedicate this annual. We are most grate -ful for his kind advise, understanding and sense of human in the starting of our first real football team. Also, to the great number of boys who put in time and effort to help get a team started. Through their effbrt and Mr. Ellis' ad- vice and instruction may it be the best in years to come. Back Row: J. Loucks, D. Jakel, A. Uhlig, D. Zobrak, B. Laabs, L. Cathcart, D. Borreson, W. Miller, and H. Laack. Second Row: Mr. Ellis, E. Mittlestadt, L. Bunkleman, G. Venzke, I. Klieforth, F. Blanke, B. Hemphill,' W. Schauer, and D. Kieser., Third Row: J. Venzke, A. Schmirler, HM. Wilke, M. Kauffman, F. Wilke, and D. Schauer. Fourth Row: R. Keller, L. Bauer, J. Vetter, G. Laack, M. Strom-m beck, D. Hulse, J. Steffen, B. Steffen, and R. Uohn -son. CICERO VIRGIL 103 Frank Wernzenski Mr. Wernzenski has been principal of the Abbotsford High School since 1944. He teacher physics and chemistry. As students, we appreciate his kind advice and skillful leadership which has guided the most formative years of our lives. ' 103 7W Mr. Handrich was born'at Wild Rose, Wis- consin and attended school there. He atten- ded Stevens Point Teachers College, taught at Pay Sippi and then joined the armed force for three and one half years. When he return -ed from services he received his degree and came and taught at Abbotsford, Mr. Handrich ifteaches math, algebra, and is the junior ad- visor. i noy Hanafiek. Mr. Ellis' home town was in Juneau. He went to Juneau High and also to Winona, Minn He worked in Milwaukee and then went to St. ENorbert, De Pere. The first school he taug- ht was at Fox Lake, then at Horicon and then she joined the army and after two years he ta f-ught at Cambells Port. he came here last 'fall. Mr. Ellis also played with the Pitts- eburg Pirates and Milwaukee Chiefs. Mr. Fllis Qteaches American Problems, citizenship, .and ?geography. He coaches football, basketball, hand is the freshmen class advisor. .Vernon Ellis 'Mr. Juneau's home town was 7in Ashland. He went to elementary school at Hubbell, Mich' -igan. Then he moved to Eau Claire and finish -ed the rest of high schoOl there. He also taught at Eau Claire and also taught with the Army Air Forces Technical Training Chanute Field during the war. Mr. Juneau dir -ects band and chorus. ' -Herbert Juneau -Mr. De Jong was born in Webster, Wiscon- sin and attended school at Webster and River Falls Teachers College. After serving in the armed forces for three years he taught at Do -rchester and then came to Abbotsford and is teaching agriculture part time here. : .Hugo De Jong 103 Mrs. Kelsey's heme is in Star Lake. She went to Junior High at Sayner and High School at Eagle River where she took University of Extension and finished the course at SteVens Point i C S i C i. She. was asked to Join the Signs Zeta honorary and Science organization' in which she received her key. Mrs. Kelsey has taught home so. here. for three and one half years. . Mrs. Kramer's home tawn is in Milan, Wisconsin where she attented 'grade school and attended high school at Abbotsford. She graduated from White Water State Teachers college. Mrs. Kramer teaches commerc- ial subjects and is the senior class adviser, Mrs. Vogler was born in Menomonie, Wisconsin and attended grade and high school at Menomonie and Eau Claire, She also attended tea- chers college at Eau Claire. Mrs. Vogler taught the fifth grade at Stanley before her marriage in 1940. This is her third year here in Abbotsford. Mrs. Vogler teaches English, biology, dramatics, forens -ics, newspaper, and annual work and is the sophomore class advisor.- r 1er Charlotteon RossiindsKramed Meredith Kelsey LINCOLN WASHINGTON ; HONORS -' xfieonice Marquafdt Honors To you, who climbed the glass Mountain and slew the dragons-- Whose sword was ever sharp and Colors gay in the tournament-- Let our fragile goblet be Raised in a toast of honor. For honorable above many things Is extra effort summoned for This living game. And then, In the old gesture, let this Vessel be dashed into an Infinite splinter of pieces, Adjuring you to-remember long That we were proud of valorous Service rendered, and your gallantry. Anonymous Shirley Passe Arlene Hoesley' George Venzke ED'ConovsCD SHAKESPEARE DICKENS SENIORS Xe 1x. :xx : .-r'xta . ' g$h gt. W Poem The Seniors of '48 We are the Seniors of '48, Reserved, mannerly, and sedate. We set examples in all the schools By being obedient and following rules. We never whisper or loiter in halls, Chew gum or scribble on the walls, We never slam lockers or bang the doors, Shoot spitballs or throw paper on floors. we never argue or disagree, But are Just as good as good can be. We're never afraid of impending doom, For we never whisper when teacher leaves the room. We mind our manners and know our places And never ever make funny faces. We're quief In band and chorus, too. Never do anything we shouldn't do. We never smoke or drink or so, The boys are OK! so nice, you know. The girls are ladylike and severe No funny stories they tell or hear. We never holler, complain, or fuss. The teachers can always count on us. We never cheat, or peak in class, We get good marks so we will pass. We love all tests and themes and such. A six weeks test is not too much. We thrive on work and Work and WORK. From our duty we never shirk. We study more than we ever need. "We like to study" is our creed. We never call a kid a fool 'Cause he likes to go to school. We do our work as we are told Never are boisterqus or hold. We are studious, orderly, and sedate-- The dignified seniors of '48. None of our class is a high-flyer--- But then, I always was a terrible liar. Leonice Marquardt . .Sgniov Qfassfxi MCH Leonard Bauer Football 4. Letterclub 4. Baseball l,2,5,4. Classplay 4. FFA 1,2,5. Chorus 5. Class pres. 2. Bill Colby. Basketball 2,5,4.' Chorus 1, Letterclub 4. Shirley Fasse Chorus 1,2,5,4.2 Glee Club 2,5. Band 5,4. Class Play 4. Class Sec. 5. 'Class V. Pres.2. Annual 4 . Dean Hawks Band 1,2,5,4. Annual 4. Newspaper 4. FFA l,2,5,4. Chorus 1,2,5,4. Pep Club 4. Class Play 4. Donald Hoesley. Donald Hulse Football 4. Letterclub 4. FFA l.' Francis Kadonsky Chorus 44 Classplay 4. Annual 44 senior e594? Ge5ew1eve Bail Chorus 1. Band 2. Jane Dolan Chorus 2,5. Glee Club 2,5. Annual ' 4. Newspaper 4. Lorinda Giese Thorns 1,2. Glee club 2. Annual 4. Newspaper 4. Pep Club 4. Bill Hemphill Newspaper 5,4. Annual 5,4. Pep Club 5. Football 4. Track 5. LetterclJb 4. 'Shirley Holtzhausen. Batty Jensen Chorus 1,2,5,4. .Glee Club 2,5. Classplay 4. Don K1656r. Basketball Football Chorus Annual 4. Gen. Manager NeWspaper Letterclub Junior - V. Pres. Freshman Sec. Treas . l,2,5,4. Baseball 1,2,2. Lyle Bunkelman.r Football 4.- Letterclub 4. Pop Club 4. FFA. 1,2,5,4. Chorus 2,5,4. Track 3. LaVila Eggert. Chorus' 2,5,4. Annual 4. Newspaper 4. Glee Club 2,5. 2 Bernadine Gust. Class Play 4. Arlene Hoesley Chorus Pep Club Annual Newspaper 4E1aine Kuhn, Band 5,4. Ray Johnson Basketball Baseball 1, Football Letterclub Class Pres. 2. , 2, J IrVe Kliaforth Football 4. Baseball 1,2,5,4. Basketball 1,2,5,4. ,Letterclub 4. Class Treas. 4. W ilCN3 Betty Kuehnast. Chorus 2,5,4. Glee Club 2,5. Annual 4. Newspaper 4. Newspaper Editor Leonice Marquardt. Chorus 1,2,5,4. Glee Club 2,5. Annual 4. Pep Club 4. Class Play 45 Arnold Schaefer. Football 4. Letterclub 4. "Baseball l,2,5,4. 5 Chorus . FFA. l,2,5,4. Class.Play 4. Willard Schauer. Football 4. Letterclub 4. FFA. l,2,5,4. iGeroge Venske Track . 5.4 Class Play 4. Class Pres. 4. Football 4. Letter Club 4. FFA 1,2,5,4. Beverly Lindberg. Newspaper 4. Annual 4. Ray Mohan. ElAine Schaefer.v Chorus 1. Annual 4.. Newspaper 4. 43111 Steffen ,Letter Club 4.4 LFootball 4. Basketball 2,3,4. Class Presidentl. Fianklin Wilkek FFA l,2,3,4.1 ' Chorus 4-: Pep Club 5,4. Annual 4. Ncws4aper 4. Lorraine,Lueth. Newspaper 4. Annual 4- 'Mernajean'Moore Band l,2,5,4. Chorus 2,5,4. Glee Club 2,5. Annual 4. Newspaper 4 4. Pep Club 4. Donald Schauer. Football 4. Letterclub 4. Basketball 4. Baseball 2,5,4. FFA. Pres. l,2,5,4. Vergene Timm. Chorus 2,5. Glee Club 2,5. Annual 4. Newspaper 4. Class Play 4. Melvin Wilke FFA 1,2,5,4. Chorus . 4. Pep Club 5,4. Baud 2,5,4. Annual 4.4 'Newspaper 4. 103 ah . efasn thvoFgesvc It is April 1, 1960 and by the use of a P 80 we shall start off on our trip from the Abbotstrd airport to locate the members of the class of '48. At the airport bidding us good luck and farewells are Irve Klieforth, owner of the large Standard 011 Station, Lavila Eggert skating star of the Koller Skating Rink in Marshfield, Ray Mohan, a prosperous farmer, besides our married classmates Elaine Schaefer and Genvieve Beil with Manny and their three lovely daughters. Just as we board the plane we see Elaine Huhn hurrying through the gates with her three sons followed by Laverne. As pilot of our plane, we find Francis Kadonsky with Shirley Fasse acting as co-pilot as usual. To help us on our travel is Betty Jensen the air hostess. We slowly circle Milwaukee where we find Bernie Gust taking short -hand dictation from head man, Franklin Wilke, at the Schlitz Brewing Co. While in Milwaukee, we stop at Marquette University where Verg- ene Timm is teaching psYchology class. Our next stop is Just outside of Milwaukee at Willard Schauer's chicken ranch. From here we journey to Chicago where we talk with Don Hulse, owner of the HTA tHulse Transatlantic Airwaysi. As we leave we meet Mernajean Moore employed as lab technician at the Killum Quick Clinic. Also in Chicago is Bill Steffin, an employee at the G E Company, Jane Dolan, lab technician at City HOspital, and Arnold Schaefer pitcher for the Chicago cubs. Next we stop in Hollywood where we see Ned Kennedy alias Dean Hawks. We then visit Lorraine Lueth a fashion designer for RKO Studib. Deep in the heart of Texas is Lyle Bunkleman owher of the Bar PM.- In Oklahoma City we stop and get gas at the B111 Colby Super Land and Air Service Station. For some entertainment we stop at Atlanta, Georgia where we hear eLorrinda Gieee singing for the Six Fat Dutchmen. At New York we stop in at Don Kieser's famous Stork Club. Out at the football field is George Venzke, right guard of the New York Gi- ants, practicing for a big game. At the Atlas Muscle Builder Co. is Beverly Lindberg doing secretarial work. In Reno gatting her sixth divorce is Betty Kuehnast. She has at tlast deeided to take up residence there. Teaching English at Nevada State is none other than Professor Ray Johnson. In order to locate the other members of our class we must leave the United States. At Berlin, Germany we find Leonice Marquardt, teaching Math. Don Hoesly is now first cashier at the Berlin Bank. In Paris, France we find Shirley Holtzhauaen secretary to the mad scientist Pierre Lafayette. Another resident of France is Leonard Bauer, financial accountant at Monte Carlo. We now leave for Arabia to see Melvin Wilke surrounded by his beautiful harem. Flying over the Pacific we spot a small island where Don Schauer now lives. Guess the women are still giving him a hard time of it. Back in the States we fly directly to Minneapolis where Arlene Hoesly is still faithfully studying. It is September 25, when we finally circle the Abby air port to make our landing and discharge our former classmates on the.runways of life. QCCM 9X23 Q'Q lcasfamenf Declaration of Independence In the course of human events, it becomes necessafy for the pre- sent Senior Class of 1948 to dissolve the scholastic bonds which have connected us with one another, and to assume worldly responsibility; thus declaring ourselves independent of academic ties. Articles I, II, III We, the mighty Seniors of Abbotsford High School, in the County of Clark, and state of Wisconsin, do hereby deem it proper to publish, pronounce, and declare this to be our last will and testament, as we are passing into the Great Beyond to embark upon our worldly tasks. 'We, in order that the present Junior Class will do Justice, and provide for the common welfare of this institution of Learning, do hereby give and bequeatht our intellectual achievements to the Juniors. We give to the Sophomore class our ability to get along with our teachers and our fellow classmen. To the underclass Freshmen, we give the little old red school- house, for we are sure that they will enjoy it in the following years. We bequeath to the faculty, the great misfortune of losing such a talented and genial class. .Now that we are graduating, we also be- queath to them, many restful nights and peaceful dreams. The individual seniors leave to the following underclessmen their most prized possessions: I, Leonard Bauer, bequeath to Harold Goelden my quiet voice. I, Genevive Bell, bequeath to Elaine Deenicke my ability to get to school on time. Lyle Bunkleman, bequeath to Mae Vrana my big mouth. William Colby; bequeath to Robert Bowen my long legs. Mary Jane Dolan, bequeath to Janet Uhlig my graceful walk. Lavila Eggert, bequeath to Blanche Schaefer my dimples. Shirley Fesse, bequeath to Theresa Ellenbecker my long hair. Bernadine Gust, bequeath to Darlene Pascoe my shape. Lorinda Gieee, bequeath to Donne Leichtnam my size. William Hemphill, bequeath to Kenneth Baumgartner my smooth- with teachers. I, Arlene Hoesley, bequeath to Frances Schauer my smoothness. I, Donald Hoesley, bequeath to Greta Lueth my red hair. l,ishirley Holtzhaueen, bequeath to Loretta Zahorke my ability to no es. . I, Elaine Huhn, bequeath to Barbara Wilkins my abilityt o blush. I, Donald'Hulse, bequeath to Alfred Uhlig my Managable hair. I, Betty Jensen, bequeath to Marne Krause my friendly attitude to -ward my fellow students. ' I, Raymond Johnson, bequeath to Galen Laack "that" sophomore girl I, Francia Kadonsky, bequeath to Walter Miller and Evonne Thomp -son the soundroom's privacy. I, Donald Kisser, bequeath to Georgine Bialkowaky my line. I, Irve Klieforth, bequeath to David Borreson my place on the has -ketball team. t i tI, Betty Kuehnaat, bequeath to Rowena Schaefer my ability to keep qu e . I, Beverly Lindberg, bequeath to Donald German my giggle. I, Lorraine Lueth, bEQueeth to Jean Laack my shyness. I, Leonice Marquardttbequeath to Janet Baumgartner my bad temper. 1; Raymond Hohan, bequeath to Joyce Bostad my ability to keep a straight face. , I, Mernajean Moore, bequeath to Rowena Schaefer, who has atantdd ittiozhso long, my twirling suit, ambitions, and everything that goes w em. 14k3 :WEil cont. I, ArnoldHSchaefer, bequeath to Charles Schabfer my pitc ing arm. I, Elaine Schaefer, bequeath to Louella Venzke my ability to keep a boy friend. I, Donald Schauer, bequeath to Norbert Martens my technique with the girls. I, Willard Schauer, bequeath to Ralph Keller my bashfulness. I, William Steffen, bequeath to Bernard Laabs my Romeo Technique. I, Vergene Timm, bequeath to Virginia Bender py long gkirts. I, George Venzke, bequeath to Melvin Bitters my wavy hair. I, Franklin Wilke, bequeath to Charles Hinke my interest in farm; ing. I, Melvin Wilke, bequeath to Allen Baronsky my FFA Basketball suit and guard spot. I, Dean Hawks, bequeath to Kenneth Anderson my back seat in the assembly. Blue and Silver. White Rose. Never mislead, advancement ahead. CLEMENS POE The class of 49 has taken great interest in-many activities. Many have taken part in basketball, football, music, and a class play. Ten students participated in the class play. . We received our class rings the early part of November, most -of the students were well pleased with them. The Junior Side Show tBreakfast in Hollywoodl proved to be the most successful at the Carnival. . .Seeing this is leap year the Junibrs elected a queen for -their prom. They are all waiting to see who the king will be and -are having a grand time preparing for the prom. A new member has also been added to our class Whomuwe.all' welcome, . . . . - , PASTEUR EDISON SOPHOMORES ms sawm pm Back Row: B. Shookman, M. Hingiss, B. Mittlestadt, D. Ger -man, D. Zobrak, K. Barmgatner, C. Hinke, A. Uh -lig, and A. Schmirler. Second Row: D. Laack, R. Grambort, N. Martens, I. Huhn, J. Laack, W. Miller, B. Laabs, E. Bush, B. Lysda- hl, T. Ellenbecker, J. Wilke, M. Wephfer, and a Steffen. Third Row: S. Mohan, D. Kieser, L. Zahorka, L. Neitzel, R. Leichtnam, J. Baumgatner, D. Leichtnam, E. Thom -pson, M. Scheel, E. Daenicke, R. Schaefer, B. Beggs, and J. Uhlig. The sophomore class the largest class in school having ab- out 40 members. We started the year by getting 4 new members, Bruce Mittl- estadt, Donald German, Janette and Kenneth Baumgatner. Janette and Kenneth are twins, the only twins in school. The sophomores are very sport-minded. Our class has many members on the football team. We also have quite a few members on the basketball team. Three of the cheerleaders, Rowene Sch- aefer, Evonne Thompson, and Jean Laack are from the sophomore class. We have many members in both chorus and band. Four members, Gordon Knight, Barbara Beggs, Theresa Ellen- becker and Elsie Bush, participated in the annual forensic con- test. LONGFE LLOW HAWTHORNE FRESHMEN 7mm W hBack Row: K; Anderson; J. Rahkl, H; Goelden; D. Keener, L. V Pinter, D. Borreson, F. Mauritz, J. Van Rooy, R. Bragg, and K,WIQgersellg Second Row: M. Krause, N. Giese, M. Vrana,' R. Carlson, f. Phaneuf, F. Schauer, J. Bialkowski, L. Stettler, SiiSeidel, D: Grambort, D. Haderlein, and B. Wilv - n3. ' Third Row: R. Bowen, D. Wilson, B. Kalepp, V. Treankler, C. Dolan, V. Mueller,'B. Schaefer, M. Bitter, and E Baronsky. The Freshmen had a good time on their initiation. The girls; 'had to wear their hair in rags, dresses on backwards lqng stock-, ings, and two different shoes. The-boys had to wear kerchiefs around theitheads, makeup, and-tyg differegt,shq9g,q--V-Ve Bobby Bowen had t6r propose to Jorgene Bialkowski deaf and dumb. Frank Mauritz had to walk up some steps blind folded. Jim Venrooy Kenneth Ehrenreich were blindfolded and had to put makeup . on Ruth Carlson and Carol Dolan. . Everyone had something to do. Now we are looking'forward to einitiating the Freshmen next year. . We have our football player-David Borreson, an A team cheer- ;leaderrcarol Dolan and three B team cheerleaders: Shirley Seidel, hiirginia Treankler, and Darlene Grambort. . . Our candidates Lawrence Pihfgr and Jofgene Bialkowsky were. Tcrowned carnival king and queen With 11,000 votes. We had a side show ealled ?rhe Big OReration;"7 ' . ,NSH hthD ELEMENTARY 3 10 Back Row: Front Row! I. Dorn, B.-Loughead, B. Armstrong, J. Lewis, B. Lindberg, P. Ven Rooy, D. Ellis, and P. Olson. P. Kelley, G. Thompson, ;M. Kieser, A. Marcott, D. Krueger, J. Schmidkunz, and D. Weetz. Miqs Adams home town is at Withee, and she Went to grade and high school at Owen. She graduated from Superior State Teachers Col- lege. She teaches the first grade. 103 l Second M Back Row: D. Ven Rooy, J. Hansen, C. Amacher, J. Doerr, J. Brecke,-and B. Hartzell; V Second Row: W. Schade, S. Danicke, G. Goldamer, S. Weller, K. Dallenback, K5 Dietsche, and K. Kalepp. Third Row: J. Veits, A. Scherer, J; Laper, L. Hoffman, J. Zink, S. Keller, B. Ellis, and L. Rueden. Absent members that day. 1Third grade S. Lindberg ' ' ;Second grade S. Miller,. J. Van Dreel, B Pittsley, 3nd L. Lueth. age. She teaches Second and Third. Mrs. Hartzell is a native of Chippewa Fails here she attended Eau Claire Teachers 00135 103 Back Row: C. Weller, B. Danicke, S. Kaiepp, and G. Kuenzi. Second Row: J. Kalepp, J. Seidel, K, Seidel, H. Velker, P. Nacker, and L. Ehrenreich. V Third Row: B. Reichensamer, B. Uhlig, M. Lewis, P. Dohm, R. Gust, and J. Wayner. $rs. Thompson attended the Teachers College -at Etu Claire and Stevens Point. She is teach -ing the third and fourth grades. E. Kloth, A. BronkhorSt, B. Kozlowski, M. Inger- .Back Row: 501, and N. Ingersol. Second Row: A. Kauffman, C. Klieforth, A. Schmirler, D. 01- sen, L. Pupp, J. Reichensemer, 31d D. Van Dreel. Third Row: J. Lang, D. Anderson, M. Scheel, D. Foltz, and S. Zink. Fourth grade The fact that there is no picture of the fourth grade is because the students are divided between two teachers Mrs Tompson and Miss Scheuler. 03 M4 W Back Row: J. Armstrong, D. Ven Rooy, C. Knight, A. Pollack and D. Treankler. Front Row: M. Hinke, W. Scheel, J. Weideman, D. Geiger, M. Schields, B. Dohm, H. Melvin, C. Moberg, S. Hart -ze11, A. Zink and S. Kalepp Miss'Sbhueler'Q hbme 3town is in Abbotsford, where she attended grade and high school. She graduated from Oskosh State Teachers College. ,At the present time she is teaching the four- th and fifth grades. 103 Back Row: ,Second Row: Third Row: g.igaellenback, B. Hoffman, R. Morrow, and B. e . J. Grambort, R. Schiebe, C. Kieser; H. Kale- pp, B. Leichtnam, N. Olsen, and D. Ven Rooy. A. Janda, B. Scherer, E Kuenzi, J. Geiger, B Lamont, and M. Wepfer. ' Miss Short's home town is in Neilsville where she attended grade and high school. She grade uated from Stevens Point Teachers College and now teaches sixth and sevehth grades. .26 Back Row: H. Kalepp, K. Pollack, M. Bailke, L. Janda, H. Ingersol, H. Amacher, and T. Vetter. Second Row: J. Seidel, H. Kalepp, J. Alexander, F. Schields ' L. Phaneuf R. Reichersamer and D. Karau. Third Row: Y. Eggert, D. Treankler, D; Miller, J. Witt, B. Bailke, G. Anderson, and A. Nilolay. The seventh grade students are divided between two te- achers Miss Short and Mr. Rowe. 103 Back Row: Front Rdw: ZWW Lamont, L. Kalepp, and B. Anderson. M. Kieser, M. Dolan, B. Peterson, D. Klienstick and Y. Uhlig. :College at La Cross. He teaches and eigth grades. Mr. Rowe attended grade and high school at Granton.and Neilsville. He went to Teachers the Seventh BEETHOVEN VAN DYKE ACTIVITIES Mg? Roll on you Ramblers, forward to the fight With your colofs flying, we will win this game tonight, Yu Ra Ra For al-ma ma-ter, raise that score sky high. Fight to the 'end, we'll always defend the orange and black of Abby High. VBack Row: F. Kadonsky, L. Bauer, A. Schaefer, G. Venzke, hnd D. Hawks. Front Row: B. Gust, V. Timm, B. Jensen, S;.Fa -sse, and L. Marquardt. 344:4; aw i The Seniors presented there class play on January 29th. It was a three act cOmedy play, which centered mostly around the fact that Ned Kennedy was bringing his financee, Miss Jones to his sisters home to meet his'family. His sister Mrs Aimee Smith had been visit -ing her mother Mrs Kennedy, and came home un- expectedly to find that her husband Bill Smith had been out celebrating and had brought a com -plete stranger, Jimmthobinson home with him. Then DaisY'Montaine a dancer comes to get her curls which Bill Smith had taken the night be- fore. Of course Mrs Smith and Mrs Kennedy th-. ink she is Miss Jones, and think the real Miss Jones an imposter when she comes. At the end after Bensen, the butler, Lucy the maid, and the cop finally reveal a number of things, everyone is once more happy. Aimee Smith Shirley Fasse Bill Smith Francis Kadonsky Bensen Leonard Bauer 'Lucy Bernadine Gust e;Jimmy Robinson George Venzke Mrs Kennedy Leonice Marquardt Daisy Montaine Betty Jensen Ned Kennedy Dean Hawks Cop Arnold Schaefer Miss Jones Vergene Timm 103 Back Row: FrOnt Row: G. Schraufnagel, C. Schaefer, R. Gei -ger, G. Laack, M. Kauffman, and G. Lueth. M. Jakel, J. Vetter, R. Keller, and E, Kohl f, I . ' ' tt tThIh'thfee'aet mystery-bomedy play was pre- sented by the Juniors on April 8. As the play began Joe Hardy and Eddie Canf- 1eld by a cottage at the lake and bring their wi. -ves, Laura and Mabel, there fer a nice, quiet vacation. 'Suddenly, Mrs Effie Forrest, a neigh- bor, brought distrubing news,-Weary Beet; as the cottage was named.1s haunted: A ghost appeared, 'and from then on there was Shivers, suspense and thrills. Characters , ,Eddie Canfield Ralph Keller Mabel Canfield Greta Lueth Joe Hardy Galen Laack - Laura Hardy Rita Geiger Bill Maynard Kauffman Marie. Marquerite Jakel Magnolia Eleanor Kohl -Effie Forrest Jim Vetter A. G. Stevens Chgrles Schaefer 103 79,4. Back Row:- J. Venzke, D. Zobrak, D. Hoesley, K. Baum- gatner, F. Blanke, F. Mauritz, M. Hingiss, L. Pinter, G. Knight, and M. Wilke. Second Row: Mr. De Jong, N. Martens, J. Wilke, D. Koer -ner, L. Geiger, D. German, L. Bunkleman,R Mohan, F. Wilke, P. Wilson, and R. Bragg. Third Row: K. Ingersoll, D. Jakel, R. Goelden, G. Ven -zke, D. Schauer, A. Schaefer, J. Loucks,D Hawks, J. Rankel, and A. Baronsky. MOttO . LEARNING TO DO -DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE Colors National Blue and Corn Gold. Officers Donald Schauer----- ----- ---------President. George Venzke-- ------ - ---------- -Vice President. Arnold Schaefer--- ------ -- ----- --Secretary. .Dean Hawks-- ----4--------- ----- -Treasurer. 'John Loucks--- ----------- --------Reporter. Melvin Wilke----- --------- -------Sentinel. 13:2 ngw W? Th6 Newspaper staff has many new members this year. Altoget- her they have 32 members who are doing their best to make the newspaper successful. The officers of the newspaper are: Editor- Betty Kuehnast, Assistant Editor-Gayle Schraufnagel, Advertising Editor-Eetty Jensen, Sports Editor-Donald Kieser, Front page Ed- itor-Barbara Beggs, Editorial' Page Editor-ArlEne Hosely, Fourth' Pane Editor-Evonne Thompson, Circulation Manager-Rowene Schaefer. Back Row: B. Shookman, M. Kauffman, R. Schaefer, E. Schaefer, M. Moore, B. Hemphill, D. Kieser, L. Lueth, L. Venzke, P. Dolan, and C. Dolan. Second Row: L. Giese, B. Lysdhal, D. Grambort, E. Lindberg, E. Jensen, S. Seidel, M. Scheol, B. Kuehnast, J. Dolan L. Eggert, V. Timm, and J. Uhlig. Third Row: Y. Rricke, B. Beggs, J. Laack, A. Hoesley, E. Thomp -son, D. Leichtnam, G. Schrufnagel, E. Kohl, and B. Kalepp. QWW 'The Annual staff this year has 22 more rembers than it had lest year. This year the annual staff with the assistance of Mrs Vogler plans on making a bigger and better annual for the stud -ents. Pat Dolan is the editor of the annual and has been doing her part to put the annual qver in a big Kay. Back Row: M. Kauffman, G. Laack, E. Daenicke, R. Schaefer, E. Schaefer, M. Moore, L. Marquardt, R. Keller, D. Kisser, L. Lueth, L. Venzke, P. Dolan, L. Neitzel, F. Kadonsky, and B. Shookman. Second Row: R. Geiger, J. Bostad, Y. Fricke, B. Beggs, J. Laack A. Hoesley, T. Ellenbecker, E. Thompson, D. Leicht- nam, G. Schrufnagel, E. Kohl, B. Kalepp, J. Uhlig, and C. Dolan. Third Row: L. Zahorka, L. Giese, E. Lysdhal, D. Grambort, S. Seidel, B. Lindberg, B. Jensen, M. Scheel, B. Kueh- nast, J. Dolan, V. Timm, and L. Eggert. tnmwmme 0.3 Back Row: J. Steffen, J. Wilke, M. Wilke, W. Miller, C. Hinke, D. Hawks, E. Kohl, and I. Huhn. Middle Row: B. Fasse, G. Lueth, L. Venzke, B. Laabs, G. Laack, S. Seidel, and B. Shookman. Front Row: J. Daellenbach, A. Nikolay; D. Miller, M. Moore, M. Janda, M. Dolan, and A. Janda. Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: F. Schauer, J. Bostad, M. Wepfer, L. Bunkleman, D. Hawks, G. Knight, J. Laack, and J. Uhlig. C. Dolan, R. Carlson, P. Phaneuf, B. Beggs, M. Sch- eel, M. Moore, B. Kalepp, and D. Pascoe; B. Wilkins, A. Hoesley, E. Danicke, R. Leichtman, V. Mueller, L. Marquardt, B. Jensen and L. Stettler M. Wilke, F. Kadonsky, G. Laack, D. Kieser, D. Borr- eson, C. Hinke, W. Miller, D. Koerner, O. Leiders, M Kauffman, B. Shookman, and H. Laack. ' S. Passe, S. Mohan, M. Janda, E. Bush, J. Baumgatner P. Dolan, L. Venzke, M. Jakel, R. Geiger, E. Lysdahl E. Kohl, and B. Bowen. D. Kieser, V. Bender, E. Thompson, D. Leichtman, B. Schaefer, T. Ellenbecker, G. Lueth, S. Seidel, D. Gn -ambort, and J. Bialkowsky. BettY Jensen Barbra Wilkins Shirley Passe Eleanor Kohl Pat. DOlan ' Jorgbne Biakowsky -Back row: M. Kauffman, D. Haw s, M. 7Yep 'er, B. 00 .an. Front row: S..Fagsel J, Biakowsky; B, Jensgn, E,WKohl, B. Wilkxng, Back Row: Second Ron: Third Row: Fourth Row: L. Giese, L. Marquardt, M. Moore, h. Janda, R. Eragg, E. Shookman, M. Hingess, J. Vetter, R. Keller, A. Uhlig, C. Hinke, O. Lieders, J. Wilke, H. Laack, J. Bialkowsky, and C. Dolan. G. Laack, D. Pascoe, J. Uhlig, M. Jakel, J. Paumgatner, E. Push, D. Leichtnam, E. Thompson R. Leichtnam, M. Scheel, B. Lysdahl, L. Ven- zke, E. Mohan, G. Lueth, and L. Pinter. R. Grambort, V. Bender, J. Laack, D. Kieser, B. Wilkins, B. Kalepp, V. Mueller, L. Stettley M. Krause, E. Daenicke, T. Ellenbecker, R. Sch -aefer, B. Beggs, and D. Laack. . P. Dolan, A. Hoesley, R. Geiger, J. Eostad, V. Treankler, S. Seidel, D. Grambort, G. Schrauf- nagel, F. Schauer, and E. Kohl. Jim Vetter---President Patsy Dolan---Vice President .Martha Janda-Treasurer. Elaine Daenicke----Secretary The Pep Club vhas a very fine organization this year they put on the Homecoming in fqotball season and they sold pop and candy bars a football and basketball games. The Homecoming was quite a thing the first one in many years. There was a dance and Melvin Strombeck was king and Gayle Snkraufnagel was queen. 103 eniov efasso G icevsfa Pres. K. Anderson V. Pr s. C. Dolan Treas. B. Wilkin Sec. D. Grambort Advisor Mr. Ellis Pres. B. Millestadt V. Pres. E. Thompson Sec. R. Schaefer Treas. E. Danicke Adviser Irs. Vogler Pres. P. Dolan V. Pres. J. Vetter Sec. G. Lueth Treas. H. Laack Advisor Mr. Handrich Pres. G. Venzke V. Pres. L. Bauer Sec. B. Jensen Treas. I. Klieforth Advisor Mrs. Krammer 39 Zea team Shoot en Fight: fightt fightL ' Keg team Fight! fight! fight: Yea team Shoot em high; Shoot em low: Come on Abby Fight! fight: fight: Let's 80, Who for? Abbotsford. 0. palm eR. Schaefer The Cheerleaders of Abby High, were considered this year some of the best around. The A team Cheerleaders were chosen by the class and pep club officers, the final 5 were picked, Evonne Thompson, Jean Laack, h Carol Dolan, The 5 received new jackets to complete their uniform The B team Cheerleaders volunteered to cheer for the Be team squad. They were Virginia Treankler, Darlene Grambort, and Shir- ley Seidel. V ' . 103 103 , Q M 4L9 Was?! 54y7$M 11 .777 W! 565 42:51!wang , 6+5; 4 A an: - ' Loze- 51,719er AiygoJ gain M4, We ' 99g, ,5 - wgo 775 Old GAA" 103 X was ! l 22$? ngadligyd; 7h;7 Bernice Eialke has been employed at the Coffee Shop for the past year. Arthur Bialkowsky is working as a cheese maker in the Laabs Che- ese Co. at Milan. Rose Bialkowsky is working as a secretary for the Laabs Cheese Co. at Milan. Chester Eunkelman is working as a cheese maker in the Laabs Ghee ese Co. at Milan. Charles Cethcart is doing mechanical work at Steffens Super Ser- vice garage in Abby. , Romona Eggert is working as a secretary for The Abbotsford Loan Corporation in Abbotsford. Janet Fredrickson has moved to Spencer and is remaining home doing nothing in particular. i Vane Gokey is attending his Freshman year at College in Eau Cla- ire. Ie is studying to be an electrical engineer. Cecelia Hackel is working as a secretary for the Laabs Cheese Co. at Milan. She is getting married in May. . Margaret Hingess is employed at the home of Mr and Mrs. Jack Kel- sey of Abbotsford. Donna Hinke is working in Chicage doing typing for The Times Corp- oration. La Verne Karsten is delivering milk for the Medo-Dairy Farms of Abbotsford. Betty Koerner is employed doing night operating in the telephone Co. office at Abbotsfprd. Margaret Leichtnam is remaining at home doing nothing in particul- ar. Ruby Lindberg is married to Bill Sossaman. Edna Loeffler has spent her time working as a waitress in Millers Quick Lunch Resturant in Marshfield. She is engaged and plans on getting married soon. Charles Loucks is in The N. R. O. T. C. at the University of Wis- consin. ' Mary Ann Michlig is remaining at home doing nothing in particul- ar. Geraldine Neitzel is married and is living at Medford. George Nikolay is foing to State Teachers College at Stevens Po- int studying to be a History teacher. Joyce Paul is remaining at home and plans on getting married. Calvin strombeck an ex-navyman is married to Jean Neitzel and is working on the police force in Wausau. Lavern Venzke is attending the U. of Wisconsin taking a short co- urse in Agriculture. Donald Voge is staying home and working on his fathers farm one mile north and two miles west of Abbotsford. V U Della Wilson is now married to Arnold Fasse and is living in Sheboygan. She is working in a shoe factory. Allan Schraufnagel is employed at the E. J. Cranes Feed store. Arthur Peterson is attending his Freshman year at College in Minneapolis studying to be an announcer. Ann Preller is working as a secretary for the Employers Mutual ' Insurance Co. of Wausau. PHIDIPPIDES HERCULES ATHLETICS fr 14x 637M W KW These pictures are taken from the game with Spencer. It was the boys first have of the season. Abbotsford won 19 to O. In the first picture Irve Klieforth, is pictured in the fore- ground, with two unidentified Spencer players. Donnie Schauer and Bruce Mi- ttlestadt are shown in the background. The next shows Jim Vetter; No. 48; Leo -nard Eauer 42 and Mel Strombeck No.58 running interference for an end around play. The lower left hand picture sh- ows Jim Vetter going around left end, Mel Strombeck behind referee Bill Koz- oloski. Don Kieser No. 50 and Leonard Bauer No. 42 are running interference. The last picture shows Don Kieser car- rying the ball for a first down around right end. 50 7W The people of Abbotsford waited for 10 long years for another football team and were finally rewarded. Abbotsford 19--5pencer O. No. 1 On the afternoon of September 19 a strong Spencer team invaded the Abbotsford "11". Neither team was able to score in the first quarter but by half time Abbotsford had hit pay dirt twice and had also collected one extra point to take a lead of 15 to O. The third quarter was another scoreless one but in the fourth Abbotsford coll- ected one more touchdown to bring the final score 19 to 0. Bauer, Strombeck, and Vetter scored one touchdown each, with Keller contrib- uting the extra point. Abbotsford 50--Medford 0. No. 2 On Sept. 29 the Abbotsford team. toured to Medford ,and land- ed Medford a 50 to O heating. The first half was a hard and close -1y fought battle with Abbotsford edging ahead 6 to 0. In the second half Abbotsford got their machine rolling and raised their score to 50 and holding Medford scoreless. Kaiser and Hohnson scored two tou- chdowns each, Keller, Vetter, Strombeck and Wilke collected one each and Klieforth booted two extra points. Abbotsford O--SpenCer 6 No. 3 Abbotsford lost a thrilrer to Spencer on Oct. 4. The Game was played in ankledeep mud and a driving rain, this slowed the game down very much; The first half ended in a O to 0 tie, but Spencer came be -ck in the third quarter to make a touchdown and succeeded in holking Abbotstord sporeless throughout the game. h Abbotsford 6--Loya1 35 No. 4 A high spirited team left Abbotsford on the afternoon of Oct. 9 and traveled to Loyal only to return a beaten team once again.Loyal was hble to score 55 points and allowed Abbotsford to cross the goal line but once, the lonely Abbotsford touchdown was scored by Vetter. Abbotsford lQ-slldford 2 No. 5 With revenge as their motto the Medford "Bees" invaded Abbots- ford on Oct. 15. Neither team was able to score a touchdown in the let, half although Medford Was able to paste Abbotsford bhck.and get credit for a softy. In the second half Abbotsford racked up three touchdowns and 1 extra point, Kieser collected himself two touchdowns Vetter one end Klieforth added the extra point. Abbotsford 12--Port Edwards 36 No. 6 Homecomingllil The boys from Port Edwards clawed out a hard fight, and a hard earned victory from the Abbotsford "11". The score hardly tells the story. We found Port Edwards on top after one half of hard fighting, one touchdown was the only difference. When the end of the third quarter came around, Abbotsford had the score all tied up 12 to 12, but had lost the services of their quarterback Don Kieser, he had hurt his arm early in the quarter. In the 4th quart- er Port Edwards trampled through the Abbotsford team for 24 points, totegd :p with a-56 to 12 lead. Kieser and Strombeck scored for Abb -0 s or ; Abbotsford 12--Mosinee 40 D No. 7 The game opened' very fast with Abbotsford gettin 12 oints and Mosinee 27 in the first quarter. In the remainder 8of thg game Abbotsford was held scoreless but Mosinee succeeded inhgettinggl3 points for'themselves. The Abbotsford scoring was done by Vetterand Keller, one each. "'69 I40 H mm Back Row:, Mr. Ellis, A. Uhlig, K. Baumgatner, A. Schmirler, and K. Anderson. Second Row: D. Laack, B. Mittelstadt, B. Laabs, D. Schauer, G. Laack, D. Zobrak, R. Grambort. Third Row: J. Steffen, R. Keller, I. Klieforth, J. Vetter, and D. Kieser Abbotsfords 1947-48 basketball team----the squad of which so much was expected went through a very disappointing season, much of which was due to the loss of 4 brilliant prospects who quit the squad ea- rly in the season. The members of the squad who remained did a very good job of filling in. The scoring honors were very evenly distribu- ted, with every member of the lst "5" capturing the honors in at least 1 game. The Ramblers closed the season with a record of 9 wins and 12 defeats and third place in the SC conference. Abbotsford 54--Colby 19 An early season win over Colby gave the Ramblers a auspicious start. The speedy Abby team plowed Colby under with the score of 54-h- 19. Vetter and Klieforth were top scorers for Abby with 12 and 11 po-. .ints respectively. Abbotsford 2l--Loyal 58 Loyal handed Abby their lst setback of the year in a fast and vfurious game at Loyal. The Abby "5" were swept off their feet early in the game when Loyal rushed them and were near able to settle down, after that. I Basketball icont.i Abbotsford 27--Dorchester 29 For the let conference game of the season Abby tackled to meet a imighty Dorchester "5" at Dorchester. The Ramblere controlled the game for 5 quarters but in the 4th quarter Dorchester hit the hoop from all angles and the game ended with Dorchester on the better end of th the scoring. Klieforth passed the losers with 8 points. Abbotsford 57--Medford 28 On ahother conference game the Ramblers downed a tall rangy led- ford team 57 to 28. Scoring honors were again captured by Klieforth who sent 5 field goals and as many free throws for 15 points. jAbbotsford 55--Westboro 5? , The Ramblers traveled to Westboro to meet the Weetboro quintet 1n bbys 5rd conference game of the year. It was a nip and tackle ball ame. All the way with the lead changing leads many times. When the ame went off the Northlandere had A 2 point edge and the Ramblers tdrcpped their second conference tilt. Kieser dropped 18 points thro-, hgh the hoop for Abby. lAbbotsford 5'7--Edge.r 49- Abby traveled to Edger for another nonconference tilt but found the Edgar teem too tall and speedy. The Abby "5" was soundly troaned by the Edgar boys 49 to 37. Kieser and Klieforth were top scorers for abby with 15 and 14 points respectively. Abbotsford 26--Rib Lake 52 The Ramblers traveled to Rib Lake for the next game of the season and absorbed their 2rd straight defeat tothe tune of 32 to 26. Again IKieeer and Klieforth sparked Abby with 10 and 8 points respectively. Abbotsford 52--Unity 22 The Abby boys finally pulled themselves into the win colume byi trouncing Unity 52 to 22. Keller and Kieeer were the big guns for Abby with 15 and 14 points respectively. Abbotsford 56--Marathon 40 A long trip over to Marathon proved to no avail after Abby lost a thriller to the Marathon boys. Baumgatner, Vetter and Klieforth ecc- ounted for 50 of Abbyb points withilo each. Abbotsford 28--Colby 39 . Abby traveled to Colby for the next game of the season and once more returned home defeaten. Abby played very bad bell and were unable to hit the hoop. Keller reached up 8 points to the high for Abby. Abbotsford 34--Loya1 31 Back on their own floor the Ramblers succeeded in downing Loyal 54 to 31, Keller captured the scoring honors again. Abbotsford 40--Withee 23h Kieser was high with 17 points and Abby rolled on to take up an- other win for the Ramblers. vBasketball icont.i .Abbotaford 37--Dorchester 35 With revenge in their eyes Abby met the Dor-hi basketball team on 'bey'e hone floor. The game was a close one with each team taking the lead several times during the game. But Abby proved to be to much for the Dorchester boys. Klieforth Abbys center was the outstanding player on the floor with 15 points for Abby. 'Abbotsrord 42--Meqrord 40 In a hard fought battle the Abby Ramblers downed the Medford Quin -tet 42 to 40. The Abby team led throughout the game and did a nice bit of stalling in the final minutes of play. Kieser and Klieforth the senior scoring twins lead the Abby team with 14 and 15 points. Abbotsford 47--Westboro 49 tovertimei Abby met Westboro in Abby for the Host thrilling game of the sea- son. Both teams were tied at the half. Abby pulled ahead by 1 point in the 5rd quarter and the game ended in a 57-37 deadlock. The overtim proved fatal for Abby who was not aule to score but Westboro did score two points to win the game.' Again it was Kieser and Klieforth with 29 poihts together, 15 of these were by Kieser. V Abbotsford 55--Rib Lake 55 Once more the breaks were against Abby and they were downed by the boys from Rib Lake 55 to 53. The lead exchanged hands many times dur- ing the game, but Abby was finally downed.'The high point nan for Abby was Klieforth. Abbotsford 55--Unity 54 The Ramblers anxious to get back in the win colume traveled to Unity to meet Unity in their new Community Hall. Abby turned the eve- ning into a very disappointing one for Unity by benchinr them 55 to 54. Klieforth had 17 points and Kieser 16. Abboteford 56--Marathon 41 Centinenal game! The Marathon boys proved to be too much for Abby and downed the Rambler 41 to 56. Klieforth got credit for 12 of the Abby points to be high. The.armory was decorated very pretty and the band played and marched. Much credit must be given to Mr. Juneau for training the band to do so well; Abbotsford 68--Granton 54 Play-offs with Granton representing the'gouthern 3C and Abby the Northern two eVenly matched teams clashed to fight off for 5rd place. Klieforth and Keller shared the spotlight for scoring with 14 and 11 points. Tournament Abbotsford 27--Edgar 38 The Edgar Quintet lived up to their expectations and run Abby un- der 58--27 the game was close the 1st half. But after that Abby fell behind and never trom then on were they able to score the Edgar boys. bbotsford 29--Athens 47 The Athens Bluebirds upset the Ramblersto.take Abby from the tou- rney running. Keller was high for Abby with 8 points. This camt to end the 1947-48 basketball season. The Ramblers com -pleted their season with a record of 9 wins and 12 loses. The team elected Klieforth as their honory captain. Klieforth V J. Steffen D. Kieser K. Baumgatner Schauer 55: 3444453 'Back Row: G. Venzkegd . Keller, R. Handrich, I. Klie- forth, and B. Laabs. ,Second Row: L. Bauer, J. Steffen, A. Schaefer, D.-Kieser and D. Schauer. At the time of this writing baseball season here at ,Abby has just been nicely started; Therefore, anything that was said would be merely guesswork. However, 46 boys reported for practice and coach Handrich expects a good season. ' 55 1.03 Back Row: Hemphill, and L. Bunkleman. - Third Row: J. Loucks, D. Kieser, R. Keller, F. Blanke, B. Mittelstadt, A. Schmirler, and J. Steffen. Jim Vetter ------------------- President. Ray Johnson ------------------ Sergeant-at-arms. Don Kieser ------------------- Clerk. George Venzke ---------------- Vice President. Jim Vetter :was elected president; George Venzke, Vice-president; Don Kieser, Treasure; and Ray Johnson, the sergeant-at-arms. It is hoped by all the members that the A-Club will continue on each year. The A-Club is the newest club at Abby High. It was organized by Coach Ellis at the end of our football sea- son. Participants in athletics primarily formed to pro- tect the letter, to increase sports interest in the sc -hocl, and to better sportsmanship. Mr. Ellis, B. Steffen, D. Schauer, K. Baumgat- ner, W. Schauer, I. Klieforth, and G. Venzke. Second Row: J. Venzke, D. Hulse, L. Bauer, J. Vetter, B. 56 FRANKLIN GUTENBERG ADVERTISING 103 ADVERTISEMENT Do you have the post-tournament blues or the pre-prom jitters? Do you have that run-down feeling resulting from overwork, overplay, overeating, and oversleeping? Or maybe, when you have at last decided to tell off the faculty and let them know who's running this school, you sudienly turn green and remembering you have an appointment else where, do an about face and with knees knocking crawl out the door. Still you may be one of those who are-tired of being unecessarily persecuted by big bullying teachers; tired of being forced to toil over huge books, pencils and reams of paper under the watchful gleam of Mr. Handrich; tired of being the insignificant puppydog to people WHO seem so stupid and ignorant. For remember, at the age of 16 ithru 21 you know more than you ever will. If your troubles fall into any of the above categories, try TIL- LIESE BUBBLE BOUNCER LOZINGES. They satisfy, they rival the finest of opium in all China. Buy them at your nearest bewling alley or see their exclusive agent Don Hoesely, for details. TILLIES have helped such noted people as Ken Baumgartner and Pat Dolan in their ordeal of the JUNIOR PROM; Jim Vetter, Jim Steffen, and Reno Schaffer after trek return from Wausau; Jean Laack, in her frequent trips to Athens; and yours truly, after writing this article. SIGN BELOW IF INTERESTED: Congratulation to ?he Class of 1948 Security state Bank' Abbotsford Colby H. C. Zank Locker Plant and Market Fancy, fregh, and frozen meats, fish, poultry and sausage. Probessing - Curing and Smoking Good food and Good Service Coffee Shop HOFFMAN'S VARIETY STORE Ready to wear, Kitchenware, Cosmetics and Novelties Abbotsford, Wisconsin Berger's Northland Henneries Cold Storage Locker Plant Specializing in Fancy Hennery Eggs Abbotsford Wisconsin Compliments of Steffen's Service Station to the Class of 1948 Dodge and Plymouth Sales Service Texaco Products Phone 17 Abbotsford Wisconsin THOMSON OIL COMPANY Marketers of the leading Gasoline in Abbotsford SPENCER'S GROCERY Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Congratulation's Graduates From Gokey's Barber Shop Meats. V. L. Goke; Prep- Footwear for the CLIFF'S Whole Family Excellent shoe repair Reichersamer's Shoe Shop Standard Service Abbotsford, Wis Kalepp Brothers Ice $ Fuel Case Fann Machinery Abbotsford Wisconsin at DUKES' ALLEYS Phone 4 for alley reservation Abbotsford Wisconsin CENTRAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY kUTUAL DES MOINES, IOWA M. CL Thompson District Agent Abbotsford Phone: Q-J Frozen foods Fresh meats - vegetables Quality foods Clover Farm Abbotsford Wisconsin Fine Foods at all times Abby Care Abbotsford, Wis. O p F Lumber Company is at your service Ph 44 Abbotsford Wisconsin 103 Compliments of Kaisers Barber Shop Danielson Dry Cleaners Abbotsford, Wis. COMPLIMEHTS OF DOYLE'S Photo Service Abbotsford Wisconsin Abbotsford beauty Shop Cathryn Brunkhorst - manager Phone 46 Northern States Power Co. Telephone 50 Abbotsford Wisconsin For Fine Quality Food Bi - Rite Store Abbotsford Wisconsin For Fine Bakery visit The Home Bakery Abbotsford Wisconsin 103 X Compliments of WING'S DRUGS Abbotsford Marshfield Telephone 55 WHITE HOUSE MILK COMPANY, INC. Felkers Service PACKERS OF WHITE HOUSE BRAND Goodyear tires and batteries - EVAPORATED MILK Shell Petroleum Prod. SOLD AT ALL Tel. 816 GREAT A. P. TEA CO. STORES Manitowoc. Wis. West Bend, Wis Dr. E- J- Schmidt I Coast to Coast Store Dentist Finest Hardware from coast to coast Abbotsford, Wis. Abbotsford, Wis Q42 Congratulations to the 01353 of 1948 From Lamont's Service Your Phillip's 66 Distributor Abbotsford 'Colby . L Butt Electric Co. 4 Dresses - Lingerie Wholesalers of Electric Supplies Hosiery - Shirts Fixtures and Appliances For the Farm, Home, and Industry Bill's Clothing Abbotsford, Wis. Dr. J. A. Billing Abbotsford Tribune Dentist Quality Printing Abbotsford, Wisconsin Abbotsford, Wis x 103 J I4Mawlcvm! WWW go. RETHAIVLVDI'STRIBUTOURS I921 --------------------------------------------- 1948 AFTFH XOUR SCHOOL DAYS EXPERIENhE TS A GOOD TEACHER. PHONE 42 AFPOTSFORD . WISCONSIN WALDHARDT'S GROCERY Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Groueries - Cold Meats Abbotsford, Wis. Phone 14 THE. ANNUAL STAFF WISHES T0 THANK THOSE WHO SUCCESS OF OUR YEARBOOK. CONTRIBUTED T0 THE HOLMES BRYANT U I Ux 9 ?'2 ... Ag XUW UTOGRAPH s w . FlM ,

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1948, pg 60

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