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gw :3!!! q .gw ..59 o a u u u . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mw u w. Dedication Juniors . Sophomores Activities Autographs Seniors . Honor . qr .,.V A:akmea$ : pr? 1 HEUIEHTIDH a ' :1: . He,the Seniors of the Class of nineteen hundred and forty seven, dedicate this annual, the Abhiscan to our principal Frank E. Wernzenski. we are grate- ful for his kind advice and skillful leadership which has guided us through these importani years of our lives. Ir. Wernzenski was born at Granton, WisconSin and attended the Granton Public School. Upon grad- uation from High School he entered Central State Teachers College at Stevens Point. While at college he became an outstanding athlete, and captained the college basketball team. He graduated in 1929. And became principal of the Berlin City Graded School in the school year of 1929-30. He taught at West- field, Wisconsin from 1930 to 1936, and came to Abbotsford as science teacher and athletic director in the fall or 1937. He became principal' hhre in January, l9hh. Hr. warnzenaki has also attended a summer session at Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois. HmllNil!!!INIHHIEIHIHIHQHIIIHHHHIHHIIEEI" W 4 143th fix 'EA HUWIHISTHHTIHH Julie Adams Superior State First Grade ES 14 Rosalind Kramer White water State . Commercial Teacher Senior Advisor Librarian Pep C1ub 7W JOhn Hanson Stevens Point Part Time Music Roy Handricks Stevens Point Freshmen Adviser Mathematics Science John Ravy Eau Claire State Social Studies Junior Adviser Coach Arthur Pynnonen River Falls Agriculture Part Time Minnie Schueler Oshkosh Fourth Fifth Grade Marie Short Stevens Point Sixth Grade Byrl Roe La Crosse Seventh Eighth Grades Frank wernzenski Stevens Point Principal Chemistry Physics Bessie Thompson Charlotte Vogler ' -V Eau Claire State Stevens Point , , - Thir d Grade - L Sophomore Advis or . 4 , English Biology Forensics NeWSpaper Annual Winifred Hartzell Eau Claire State Second Grade Second Semester Gretchen Maha University of Minnesota Home Economics Second Semester Meredyth Kelsey Stevens Point Home Economics First Semester We just shake hands at meeting With many that come nigh; We nod the head in greeting To many that go by. But welcome through the gateway Our few old friends and true; Then hearts leap up and straightaway There's upen house for you,- Old friends, There's open house for you! Gerald Massey SEHIHHS eniov Qfasp Bernice M. Bailke...Entered from Colby High School in l9h6. Shester J. Bunkelman...Box- ing 2. Chorus 3, b. Pep Club h. FFA Basketball 2, 3,h. Mmmlh. Hmz,3, h. Football 2, 3, h. Base; ball 2, 3, h. ' Arthur J. Bialkowsky....P2p Club h. FFA 2, 3, h. Box- ing 2. FFA Basketball 3, h. Chorus 3, h. 121 Charles P. Cathcart..Annual h. Boys Quartet 3, h. Pep Club h. Newspaper h. Pep Club Treasurer h. Forensics l. Rose H. Bialkowsky.....Band 3, h. Pep Club h. Pep Band h. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, h. Chorus 1, 2, 3, h. Ramona C. Eggert p WWwWMWL-mw Janet R. Frederickson..Vice President 2. Glee Club 1. Pep Club h. MargarLt I. Hingiss Vane L. Gokey Jr.....Annual Senior Editor h. Football l 2, 3. Glass President 3. Donna M. Hinke........Class Secretary and Treasure h. Band 1, 2, 3, h. Pep Club h Pep Band 1, 2, 3, h. Chords Cecelia D. Hackel LaVerne A. Karstenl.a...FFA 3, h. Newspaper h. Base- ball 1, 2, 3, h. Football 2, 3, h. Basketball 3, h. 121 Betty J. Koerner.......Glee Club 1. Pep Club h. Annual, b. Chorus b. Newspaper h. Edna E. Loeffler....Entered from Marshfield High School Pep Club h Secretary. Cho- rus 2, 3, b. Glee Club 2,3. Margaret A. Leichtmam...... Annual h. Newspaper h. Charles M. Lo cks......Vice President 3. Football 2, 3, h. Track 1. ' Ruby J. Lindberg..Glee Club D'N 3. Girl's Quartette 3, Annual h. Cheerleader Chorus 2,3,h, Newspaper Mary Ann Michlig......News- paper h. Glee Club 1. Cho- ,rus h. Annual h. Pep Club ho Geraldine-R. Neitzel...Glee Club 1. Newspaper h. Annual h. Band 1. Cheerleading 3. Arthur J. Peterson Annual h. Class President 3, h. Newspaper h. Band 1, 2,3, h. Chorus 1, 2, 3, h. Pep Band 1, 2, 3, h. Pep Club President h. Forensics 2, 3, h. George R. Nikolay..Pep Club h. Basketball 1, 2, 3, h. Annual h. Football 1, 3. Baseball 1, 2, h. Forensics l; 2, 3, h. Newspaper h. Ann D. Preller......Band l, 2, 3, h. Cheerleader 3, h. Chorus 3, h. Pep Band 1, 2, 3, h. Annual b. NCwspaper h. Glee Club 3. Joyce P. Paul........0horus 3, h. Glee Club 3, b. Allen E. Schra fnagel...... Annual h. Class President 1., Newsphper b. Basketball 1, 2, 3, h. Football 1, 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3, h. 121 Calvin J. Strombeck.....en- tered from wausau High School. Football Basketball US Navy January 6, 19h3 to May 25, 19h6. Entered Abbotsford. ' $Delle R. Wilson...Forensic u. ; Laverne L. Venzke....FEA 2, 3, h. FFA President 2. FFA Secretary 3, h. Member of Student Council 3. J Rosella E. Wunsch.....Class Secretary and Treasure 2. Newspaper h. Annual b. Donald E. Vogg..........FFA 2, 3, h. Loretta E. Zobrak....Chorus 3. II W4 7am Red Rose meow Navy Blue and Gold With the ropes of today we will ring the bell: of tomorrow .w. 'w Maw... HUHHRS " cemna' Hackel W J oycg: Pa 121 Honor Students I As the phrasel "Honor Students" is mehtioned in school the general thought centers on, the scholastic ratings of" the students of the school. while the great importance of our Scholastic Honors cannot be l denied we must also remember and apply great importance . to the word Honor in its other senses. We must remember that the fundamental principal of an upright charabter 13 that virtue which we all know as "Honor", a virtue that implies loyalty 'and courage, truthfulness and honesty, Self-reepect, justice and generosity. As we enter into our school life we should remembe; that it is a keen sense of honor that aids us in all our work and even a greater sense of honor shOuld be applied in our play. we shohld attempt to ,train ourselves to do our duties with faithfulness and promptness. By doing. this e even the boy or girl who is naturally careless and undependable can be self-educated into a sense of honor regarding any work that is undertaken. , It is not possible for each person to become a scholastic honor student bht is we live a life of the virtues listed above it is truly possible for each of us to become highly regarded "Boner Students." Ii . .efasp :ppoiagesvb We, the members of the graduating class of 'h?, look fruitfully forward to the future; We know not What opportunity holds in store for us; but, whatever it may be, we hope it is ' substantial. Some, we know, will remain as tillers of the soil, while others will go to the cities-of rekuoun to seek their fortune and fame. Scattered over the United States will be one of us, employed 'here; or living and working somewhere. And so as I make my joumey'through the United States in the foregoing year 1960, I'll let you in on what my classmates are doing and where they may be. Date: Summer of 1960 As I start 1w journey, I am leaving on the train from the beautiful city of Abbotsford where we all graduated. The train is packed but suddenly I see a familiar face. Why yes-- Mary Ann M. and she's going to a special hairdressers meeting. I asked her about . Betty Jean K. and she proudly beams "She's a married woman and yes it's that High School flame Carl B.' At Minnesota I hears that Donna H. has a well-knovm gossip column in St. Paul "Hitting the High Spots with Dink." Hy next stop is at North Dakota where Laverne V. is hard at work in the Harvest fields--and he is now 6' 3" tall--l His pal Art B. is also there-wondering when he will meet his dream girl; On to Montana is a well-known fellow-- William B. running "Willies Weasel Ranch". Ramona E. is living in the state of Idaho and is married to a rich politician. While at Washington are Charles L. and Vane G.--Charles is a. professor of higher Mathematics and Vane is president of the Wingle Dingle Electric Co. located at Walla Walla. Over to California where I was just in time to see Loretta Z. taking a screen test for Warner Bros. production "The Typical One." By the way at .Reno, Nevada Rosella W. has a beautiful office at which she is "counsellor on marital Problems." And. Rose B. is just on her way to that famed Divorce Court; by the way its her 5th trip too. Careful Rose. Do you remember Ruby 1...? She is now Mrs. and is living in New Mexico. When I stopped at Utah I heard that Olive S. was making her residence there. She's still looking and hoping for that "man of her dreams". Good luck, Olive. At Texas is a large Cattle Ranch under the ownership of our school mate Margaret H. and her husband. In the beautiful warmth of the South is a pretty office girl with that Southernyou-all drawl. Who could it be? None other than Janet F. and she is working for Charles C. the great , Executive of Birmingham Steel Corp. At Florida on the sunny beach is Margaret L. on- her vacation from her duties as 3 Powers Model. I continue m train trip and w next stop. is in New' York where I get a. new permanent and manicure at Madame Anne's Beauty Salon- which is operated by Ann P. Continuing on to Ohio Ism told that Miss Edna Loeffler is the Kindergarten teachersst the Cinncinnati State Graded School. George N. has consumed so many Wheaties that he is new president of Wheaties Foundation. Allan S. has been associ - ated with the Boston Red Sox Baseball team as Catcher for the last few years already. Leon '6. is still going to school, trying to get his Bachelor Degree. Laverne K. is studying to be a Social Studies Teacher, maybe he's trying to take Mr. Ravy's position at good old Abby! Proceeding further into Iowa is Calvin S. a. civil Engineer, end he is slightly bald. Uhet happened to your curls, Cal? I have finally decided to come back to good old Wisconsin to see how new of our school pals I can find in our home state. Here I--- find Cecelia H. Married to Bank P. and living on a farm near Milwaukee. Art P. is the fam- our radio announcer on station WAJP of the Wisconsin Network. Good luck Art. Chester B. is the great FFA farmer with one chicken, one car, is pig and a rooster, Gerry N. has. finally. decided she's get married and settle down to a quiet peaceful home life. This is a. question She's beer; debating ever since she was a Seniorll Donald V; is still trying to tune that Fourth cylinder on hieold-chev, the same one he had in his HI School days. Joyce P. is a housekeeper for her chaming-husband and child, living near Stratford. U Dells W. has been married for quite some time to Arno and they are the proud parents of six deer little children. And now ly journey has been completed and I wish ,each .and every one of you-- all the luck and success in the future, though you may not end up in lifeias you are prophesied. i Leonard Bauer William Bush. Lorrinda Giese Bill 'Maxine Hemphill HOffman ?Betty Jensen 1 Geneveive Beil ALL Bernadine Gust iq L , Shirley Elaine Holtzhausen Huhn Raymond Francis Johnson . Kadonsky LOrraine Lueth Neal. Ridderbusch Willard Schauer George Venske Leonice Marquardt William ' Steffen Franklin Wilke Betty Ly Beverly Kuehnast Lindberg Merna Jean Milton Moore Prien Elaine Schaefer Melvin Strombeck Melvin . Wilke Bunklgman Genevieve Bailke Fred Joyce Blanke Bostad Patricia Yvonne Dolan - Fricke Marguerite Jakel Ralph Keller Marcella Carter Eleanor Kohl Virginia Bender Ly 1e Cathcart Elvira W Goelden Glen Jensen Greta 7pm James Vetter 0 3X39 M ,. 1 ; x "10 ,,., 5223 w, Elaine Charles Gayle Donald I y L Orv1lie k John . Lewis Lieders Loucks Bonnie Darlene Mai +1791 P2 scoe Schaefer . Schraufnagel Venzke YOUTH Langston Hughes we Have tomorrow Bright before us Like a flame. Yesterday A night-gone thing, A sun-down name. Oliver Wilson And dawn-today, Broad arch above the road we came. We march! Merle - Gosse H Barbara Begzs Theresa Ellenbecker Tommy Hoffman Doris Kieser -Donna Leichtnam Ronald Grambort Elaine Hapfensperger Jack Leichtnam Melvin Hingiss Euaine Daenicke Charles Hinke Robert Ingersoll Beverly Lewis David Lindber Andra: Schmirler Courtland Lueth Lois Neitzel Seidel Loretta Zahorka Norbert Marten Rowene Schaefer James Venzke Dennis Zobrak walter Miller Donald Scheibe Jam S, Steffen Esther Bloom harthel Scheel Qfasp afisfovgo The Freshman class was given their initiation September 20th by the Sophomore class. The girls were green bows iL their hair and the boys wound their ribbons around their heads. The girls carried baby dolls, Wore old dresses ani mismatei shoes an; SCChS. The boys WLTG old shirts, overalls, mismated shoes and soaks. The; carried toy guns. All day the; had to bow to the other classes and do any tasks for them that was asked. In the afternoon everyone had to do some- thing on the stage. B -rnie Laabs rocked a doll and sang to it. Eo- wene Schaefer made a go,d looking gertieman, although the suit was a little large. Some of the kids had to feed each other spaghetti across the table with blind folds on. Nice gooey mess. In return, the class gave a dance in honor of the sophomores. Mr. Hardwich was Master of Ceremonies. Almost chryone got out and danced and e er body en oyed it. For the ca nival the class gave three short p1a3s. Billy Joe Shookman had a nen version of "Little Red Riding Hood." The freshman queen, Elaine Daenicke won the Homecemint- queen- contcst. She chose as her escort Wally Miller. The Freshman class is quite Basketball minded. Rowene Schaefer is a cheerleader. Jim Steffen is a sub for the "A" team. Bernard Laabs and Jim are on the "B" team. Charles Hinhe, Alfred Uhlig, Wally Miller, and Andrew Schmirler are also on the "5" team. The class is well represented in chorus and a few are in band. ELEIHEHTHFW IF Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when all men about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, And make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, 0r being lied about don't deal in lies, Or being hated don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good nor talk too wise, If you can dream--and not make dreams your master; If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim; If you can neet with Triumph and Disaster And treat these two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the W111 which says to them: "Hold on!" If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, 0r walk with kings--nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; 'If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And--what is more--you'll be a Man, My son! 2.5 Kenneth Anderson Darlene Grambort Vera Mueller Virginia , Treankler Kenneth Ehrenreich 'Richard Hoffman Phyllis Phaneuf Melvin Bitters Darlene Gosse Kenneth, Ingersol Shirley A seldel SWW Bobby Anderson Harold IaVerne Beatrice . Bailke Kalepp Kalflr'j Marilyn Claryce Keiser Kleinstick . S2! Robert Dale Phyllis Barbara Leichtman Lindbgrg Peters on Raymond Rae Ann Owen Pupp Ryder Schraufnagel , J ack , Harold l? 5' Alexander Amacher GeraldiL Marvin Norman Yvonne Anderson Bailke Derzin Eggert Bernard Harold Louis on Wayne Hoffrran Ingers'ul Jancla Kalepp Robert Peters Ann : Kenneth Hogef Nikolav Pkane f Pollack ReLcherSamer James Frederick Darlene V , Seidel Shields Treankler Vatter 26 James Dallenbach Jeanette James Geiger Grambort Carol Kieser Bonnie Leichtnem Barbara Robert Scherer 2 Schiebe Frank Hemphill Ethel Kuenzi Beth Schraufnagel Donald Maurine Van Rooy Wepfer Sandra Danielson Suzanne Mona Hartzel Hinke Neil Melvin mary Dwight Shields Treankler Robert Morrow Gerald Kalepp Dorothy Van R00: Joanne WEideman Allen Brunkhorst Lucianne Pupp Allen Kauffman Billy Kozlowskl Jack Reichersamer Donna Andersbn MArVin Neal Ingersol Ingersol Charles Klieforth Delores Olsen marjorie Anna Mafia Ryder Schmirler David Van Dreel .1 aim; ,, ' 3 Jo Cari" Richard Voelker Ven Roqy Seidel Sandra Lindberg Dondvan Van Dreel Noel Schraufnagel Robert Reichersemer Gladys' Kuenzi Lois Ehrenreich Karen Dietsche Iynette Hoffman Joyce Jusenius 'Beverly Daenicke Shirley'Ann Daenicke Gloria Goldhamer Charles Jusenius 1H Franze PM Karen Dallenbach Bbbby Hartzell ge he were on taken yet; School This also Northern We wefe going good for For 10 days we We resumed school again doing his part---v----- Was held at the High School was dismissed at won championship for the "Henpecked Henry" to Medford to have their Senior graduation pictures Abbotsford Our team also won District Championship. Our school year had finally begun. m m. m . h t h r m m e t D. e s i W m e W M A 0 m 9 t a g n a b a h t .1 W .1 e t m S l O O h C 5 On November 13th the seniors that didn't have their pictures An FFA Banquet was given December 11th at Colby in honor of the FFA boys Our Christmas program, consisting of a dance and refreshments that were- Our short vacation was ended as school started again January 6. The playoffs between the Northern and the Southern divisions were held January 21 was the end of our lst semesters work in school. During the last week in October everyone was days when the school was closed because of Polio. The Senior Class play 7 , 23 noon and it was the beginning of a happy vacation for most students. was ready to settle down for another year of school. preparing for the carnival that was held at school October 31. auditorium December 3rd in both the afternoon and evening. served in the Home Ec. dept., was held December 17. was the start of our 2nd and final semesters work for this year. asked to stay within the limits of our homes. took the school bus February 1h at Medford. and their fathers. the 16th. division. S E ..T.. IV. ..H to n O S l a S r a e h e r g n i t m s H a b S H e h t d n u 0 ,f 6 id 02 l f O l l a f e h T Monday, Wednesday and Friday with only thirteen members. Gradually . Mr. Hanson has added new members until the number. has grown thirty one . the Homecoming Basketball game, the Annual he Music Festival at Some of the main events which the band has taken part in was Spring Concert and we are looking forward to t the Christmas Program, Medford. R. Bialkcwsky, M. Prien; W. Miller, P. Dolan, E. Kohl, J. Wilke, Row-2 A. Peterson, B. Kleinstick, B. Shookman, M. Wilke, B. Laabsl W7 3 S. Passe, L, Venzke, D. Hinke . D. Hawks, G. Iaack, G. Lueth, E. Bloom, J. Steffen, Mr. Hanson, How 1 A. Nikolay, M. Dolan, G. Schraufnagel. M. Moore, The chorus has appeared in the Christmas The H. S. Chorus, under the dirgction of Ir. Hanson is composed of about fifty voices. ledford 1 Row 1 G. Lueth, R. Schaefer, E. Daenicke, D.1eichtnam, E.Loeff1er Program, the Spring Concert and the Music Festival at . Jakel, n. B. 88338, L. Eggert, B. Kuehnast, J. Dolan, M. Janda, S. Fuse, Mr. Hanson, . R. Lindberg, D. Hawks, A. Schaefer, A. Peterson,- P . Dolan, R. Leichtlm, A . Bialkowsky, V. Tm, J. Uhlig, B; Jensen, 1.. Marquedt, D. Hinke, A. Preller. J. Laack, D. Kaiser, D. Pascoe, S. Mohan. Row 1; ll. Wephfer, 3-. Shoolcman, M. Prien, Row 2 E. Bush, R. Geiger, L. Bunkelm'axi, W. Miller, C. Hinke. C. Bunkelman, C. Catheart, B. Kleinstick, ll. Scheel, Raw 3 ,L. Vehzke, R. Bialkowsky, J. Paul, . e S 5 a F . S m r e b Au n .1 ya on .: m 0 n . P ., n 9 S n B J . no Let me go where'er I will, xsic still It sounds from all things 012, m Frvm all that '5 fair, from all that's foul. It sounds from all things young, Peals our a cheerful I hear a sky-born song. Not only where the rainbow glows, Nor in the song of woman hearl, But in the darkest, meanest things There almay, alaay so ethlng sings. 'T is not in the high stars alone, Nor in the cup of bydding flowers, It is not only in the rose, It is not only in the bird, the redbreast's mellow tone, Nor in the bow that smiles in showers, But in the mud and scum of things 1n Nor Thbre alway, alway something sings. Ralph Waldo Emerson A. Bialkowsky; C. Cathcart; A. Peterson; D. Hawks. In the freshmen class we have ho students; The. three that were- elected as class officers are Bernard Lube, Barbara Beggs, and James Steffen. Oar freeman class thinks that they have chosen some very efficient class officers. - . ' Bernard lambs, our c1433 presidentxvas born in Curtis: on AJuJJ d, 1932'. He has few dislikes but one or these is being asked questions. - . V 4 v Barbers Begge our vice president is the only freshmen girl with black hair and brown eyes. she participates in many high school activities, Barbara was born in IaCrosse on October "20, 1932.- James Steffen, our secretary and treasurer was born in Reeds- field, November 22, 1932, He is 5 feet 2 inches tall, has brown crew. cut and blue eyes. - , Freshman Class Officers: Mr. Handrich, adviser; BY. Laabs, President; B. Beggs, Secretary ac Treasurer; J . Steffen, Vice President. 1.5 The Sophomore's have been very prominent in school activities during the-past two years. We have been represented in every phase of school activity, on the basketball, baseballeand the foot ball teams,'and other music groups. Also in forensics. 4 ' - Our side show at the Carnival was one of the best with a full house at, every perfomance. ' We always manage to have four or five members of our class on the honor roll. Their were a good number on the football team and two on the basketball squad and five on the baseball squad. In band, chorus and other m'zsic groups we have a large number. ' As we look in the future we see much hard work and labor ahead. But through it all we see the start on the road of life paved with a Ilittle experience from our school life and a vast supply of knowledge from our education. Sophomore Class Officers: J. Vetter, President; D. Jakel, treasurer; M. Jakel, Secretary; Mrs. Vogler. Advisor; C. Schaefer, Vice President. The Glass 05-'h8 has taken a great interest in musie, athletics and school activities. The Juniors have failed to take part in forensics but they have shown an enthusiastic interest in basketball. They have shown them- selves victors in the class basket ball tournament. This is the year of our prom. Each member has shown their operation and willingness in putting on this prom. We are all looking forward to our Senior year. Junior Class Officers: D. Kaiser, Vice President; Shirley Fosse, Secretar5; R. Johns n, President; L. Marquardt, treasurir; Mr. Ravy, Advisor. Senior Gfasso The Seniors as a class have a large per centage of the students participating in Music, Athletics, and Forensics. Our participation in the events of the school year include- An act for the Main Show of the Carnival held October 31, 19h6, the annual class play held on December 3, l9h5. Those in the music- department took part in the Christmas program held December 17,19h6 the students entered in the Forensic Contest held March 20, 19b7. Our school year will be concluded on May 20, 19h7, as we take our final examinations and turn in our books. May 23 is our gradu- ation day after fbur years of work in high school. . At a Class meeting held during the first part bf the school year, the Senior class chose as their class colors, "Navy blue and gold", the red rose as their class flower, and as their Motto, With the Hopes of Today we will Ring the Bells of Tommorrow. Senior Class Officere: V. Gokey, Vice President; 8. Hinke, Secretary treasurer; A. Peterson, President; Mrs. Kramer, Adviser. Hmwwg .. g Cathcart, 'Ruby Lindberg, James Vetter, Bill Allen Schrauf- Rosella Wunsch, Charles Charles Cathcart, ler decided to publish Arthur Peterson was elected editor and was put in charge of assignments and distribution. ded to publish a schocl Arthur Peterson, Gayle Schraufnagel, Art Peterson,' Hemphill, Iaverne Karsten, Mrs. Vogler. Probably it isn't everything you expected but let us remember that the Seniors of "h? started an Abhiscan, which can be NEHSPAPYR produced greater and greater as the years progress. with the assistance of Mrs. Vog James Vetter, Geraldine Neitzel, Betty Koerner, Mary Ann Michlig, Barbara Beggs, Betty Kleinstick, Margaret Leichtnam. Gayle Schraufnagel, Ann Preller, George Nikolay, Rosella Wunsch, Donna Hinke, nagel, Ruby Lindberg, Betty Kleinstick, Vane Gokey, Mrs. Vogler. Margaret Leichtnam, Mary Ann Michlig, Betty Koerner, George Nikolay, Bill Hemphill, Ann Preller. Donna Hinke, Geraldine Neitzel, A newspaper staff, the paper every other week. .1. C e d a W t .1 T a e V. 1 O O h C S e h t f 0 E n m .1 g e b e h t t A This is the first year that the Abbotsford High School has produced an Annual for a great number of years. Newspaper Staff Sitting Standing Yearbook Staff paper. Sitting: Standing: PEP CLUB lst rov- Rowene Schaefer, Elaine Daenicke, Donna Leichtnam, Barbara Beggs, Jean Laack, Doris Kieser, Darlene Pascoe. 2nd row- Edna Loeffler, Janet Ulig, Gayle Shraufnagel, Ann Preller, Beverly Louis, Art Bialkowsky, George Nickolay, Donna Hinke, Charles Hinke, Mrs. Kramer. . 3rd row- Janet Fredricksdn, Luella Venske, Pat Dolan, Mary Ann Micklig, Betty Koerner, Eleanor Kohl, Franklin Wilke, Billy Shookman. hth row- Greta Luth, Rose Bialkowsky, Bill Hemphill, Charles Cathcart, Art Peterson, Chester Bunkelman, walter Mueller. In the early part of the school year a Pep Club was for ed un- der the guidance of Mrs. Kramer. The thirty - six members chose the name "Abby Peppers,"' and officers were elected. Those elected ucre: President-Arthur Peterson, Vice President-Ann Preller, Secretary-Edna Loeffl r, Treasurer-Charles Cathcart. Chebrleaders: Donna Hinke, Gayle Schraufnagel, Rowene Schaefer, and Ann Prell the entire Pep Club really gave of cheers for our team. w Wwwm . er backed up by out with plenty -R. Schaefer G. Schraufnagel M. Moore 5 V v a . ., 1n;- . :4. Top Row Left to Right: C. Bunkelman; D. Voge; W; Schauer; F. Blanke; A. Bialkowsky; O. Wilson; D. Schauer. Second Roh: L. Bunkelman; C. Lueth; M. Hingess; A. Schaefer; L. Karsten; J. Venzke; B. Bush. Third Row: J. Leichtnam; J. Wilke; F. Wilke; R. Ingersol; J. Loucks; D. Jakel; G. Jensen; N. Martens. Fourth Row: M. Wilke; L. Venzke; D. Hawks; L. Bauer; G. Venzke; M. Prien; A. Pynnonen. This year has been a very active year for our FFA. Regular meetings are held every month. Of the thirty students enrolled in Ag., all are FFA members. Our goal is to practice brotherhood, honor rural opgortunities, and responsibilities, and to develop those qualities of leadership which a future farmer should possess. To accomplish this goal our FFA has participated in judging of livestock at Eau Claire and at OWen. In addition our chapter has helped sponsor a joint banquet with the Colby and Dorchester chapters. School letters and emblems were given to top ranking members. Chester Bunkelman received the Star Farmer Award. This award consisted of a gold wrist watch which was given -by the Northwest Distributing Co. at Colby. All FFA members have farming projects and many of them are testing milk and keeping records of their herds. 2 13$hT$R 33!! aver. , ., , me. .. egg , mmg . J boned coat, llies the ranks Ell colonel dead, "Play up: play up! and play the game 9 h dust and smoke. d his banks, and Honor a name, Henry Newbolt dare forget. a t h g .1 1 We d n .1 l and play the game W o the host Dehind: hand on his shoulder smote play up! and play the game and the last man in. sons must hear, Red with the wreck of a square that broke; While in her place the school is set, Bear through life like a torch in flame, Or the selfish hope of a season's fame, Every one of her . - n i w 0 t h C m w ..r. t d n a e m 0 t n e T And the regiment blind wit The river of death has brimme And none that hears it This they all with a joyful mind And England's far, But the voice of a Schoolboy ra "Play up: play up An hour to pl'y And it's not for the sake of a rib "Play up M h g .1 n O t e S O l C e h L n .1 h m h S S e l h t a e r b a S e a h T The sand of the desert is sodden red, This is the word that year by year, A bumping pitch and a b The gatling's jammed and the But his captain's And falling fling t Basketball Team Setting: D. Lewis, G. Nikolay, T. Vetter tMgr.t D. Keiser, A. Schraufnagel. Staniing: R. Johnson, Coach Ravy, I. Kleiforth. Basket Ball Schedule Following is the list of games and theLr respective scores pla3ed by thg Basketball Squad this year. Abbotsford Oppogent 2 Tues. Nov. 12 Abbotsford at Colby Fri. Nov. 15 26 Abbotsford at Loyal Tues. Nov. 19 28 Abbotsford at Owen Fri. Nov. 22 28 Loyal at Abbotsford Tues. Nov. 26 . Lb Westboro at Abbotsford Fri. Dec. 6 38 Rib Lake at Abbotsford Fri. D60. 13 36 Withee at Abbotsford Thurs. Dec. 19 27 Abbotsford at Medford Tues. Jan. 7 39 Unity at Abbotsford Fri. Jan. 10 35 Dorchester at Abbotsford Tues. Jan. 17 28 Owen ab .Abbotsford Fri. Jan. 2h 27 Abbotsford at Rib Lake Tues. Jan. 28 35 Colby at Abbotsford Fri. Feb. 6 28 Medford at Abbotsford Mon. Feb. 10 39 Abbotsford at Dorchester Fri. Feb. 15 21 At Athens Abbotsford vs. Colby The l9h6-h7 Basketball season was a highly successful one for the orange and black-clad Ramblers. The Ramblers has a seasons record of 23 wins and 3 losses two of these being sustained by Medford. The Ramblers walked off with the BC Conference Chanpionship by defeating Colby, their traditional rival the tune of 38 to 28. The Ramblers also won the district tournament by defeating a tall-rugged team from Edgar. After trailing at the four-minute mark the Ramblers spurted to win by a 38-33 score. In a Regional play-off the Ramblers qualified for the Sectiona;- tournament at Stevens Point by trimming a lanky Rudolph team kw a 61 to 35 score. In the sectional play-ofFS the.Eamblers defeated the Redmen from- Rib Lake For the fourth time this year and thus qualified to meet Stevens Point in the Sectional Championship finals. The tall and talented Point quintet defeated Abbotsford by a 62-3h score. The season for l9b6-h7 was a very successful one and the work of the team was much apyreciated by the school and town alike. Basketball Squad lst. Row: G. Nikolay, D. Lewis, R. Johnson, I. Kleiforth, D. Keiser, A. Schraufnagel, T. Vetter tugr.t 2nd. Row: 'L. Bauer, D. Schauer, B. Colby, J. Vetter, B. Steffen, Coach Ravy 3rd. Row: J. Steffen, B. Laebs, H. Keller, L. Gosse. ?W The High School baseball team, is at the time of this writing be- ginning to loosen up for the coming spring season, Many of the players on the team are veterans of an American Legion Junior baseball team which was organized last summer. With the addition of several other hopeful candidates the squad promises to be of excellent quality. The team will be wearing uniforms this spring, something that has not---- tbeen enjoyed by previcus school teams. Bottom Row: R. Johnson, L. Bauer, J. Vetter, D.tSchauer, I. Kleiforth. Back Row: A. Schraufnagel, R. Keller, A. Schaefer, C.'Bunkelman, L. Karsten, D. Keiser, Coach Ravy. 4a 50 HDVERTISIHE Kalepp Brothers Ice k Fuel Case Farm Machinery Abbotsford, Wisconsin Compiiments Telephone 33 M m r k . m M nm A Locker.Plant Specializing in Fancy Hennery Eggs Berger's Northland Henneries Cold Storage Abbotsford, Wisconsin Electrical Merchandise Motor Repalr Abbotsford, Wisconsin w d r e m m F O n C 0 f u 0 a r m e D b m, . c m. d n a u m a M m m A has contributed to this publication ymouth Class of 19h? Sales Service Texaco Products Phone 17 Compliments of Dodge and P1 Steffen's Service Station Abbotsford, Wisconsin Wisconsin Colby, Wisconsin GOMPLIMENTS of Service Photo Iamont's Service 0 t M Mr .10 us 3 mm me mm C 'Phillip 66 Products Wisconsin Abbotsford, Wisconsin for alley reservatlon Abbotsford Wisconsin 5 m S .1. m m m e C m m 1 d m w m o a a c t o . b "n b A Abbotsford Service Studebaker Planned ' Abbotsford, Wisconsin factory Your Studebakef Dealer R F. D W 0 C 7. h 9 1 R E m E D U T 5 service your Studebaker Parts. with -Service fhone how for Whole family Dairy Cows Footwear Excellent shoe repair Reichersamer'd Shoe Shop The Annual S aff wishes Christensen Sales Co. L. C. Chrlstensen Co. 6 C m e S n o .1 t c u A n .1 s m u R r o F to thank those who contributed to the success of our yearbook. Farms for Sale with Pure 011 Pure 011 Station Telephone 78 W S H HUI n" D" E n Tl U n" v- and .nvxaaw, ' n:

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