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woes-our, vnu-.1 vrequzs, rumro mmf NBIVPGIT, ELI QQQQQQ - HUAPOLIS, HIE -.' Xxx' xx s s s X m XX Li," Y 1 r sur Jun, CO s 'A , Wmx. "guy, 1210 Greendale Ave., 3339 Needham, MA o2192 L 2M May 1993 Director of Naval History KSHl, Bldg 220-2 Nash ington Navy Yard wash ington, DC 20374 N-I Gentlemen: f I am happy to donate five i5J cruise books to the Naval lb Historical Center: H USS LL LL Lind IDD-703j Med Cruise, 1965-1966 USS Abbot IDD-6291 Med Cruise 7f11f58-11f13f58 t-....--....,,,-mm USS Biddle IDLG-3Llj Med Cruise June-Dec., 19744 ' USS Dash iell IDD-6592 Med Cruise March-Oct., 1959 USS King ZDLG-1Ol Viet Nam 1967-68 Yours very truly y 55192255 1 E. Andrew Wilde, Jr. S ,ff Cdr. USNR IRet.l Op f S X MW gy .1551 Noes-our, VIRL'-I vrmuzs, rumro mm? A 1 1 ff I, I ROI: Anmvoms, mn ,W f f Q , R..- . -- Q-Q-- - 71 xx, X W Q XX P, ' ' ' 3 C 'ml Wm sw Jun, C0 fN.-gg ,mf -ff ' 0 I 'W mm. U' DEM, 'A-N-1 ,W L mmiznom, nw I fb L o-.N o and """""""-- ---- --.te1'lZ?:------ H' "" -X .ll --- -..- X V - Q ' '.::::: V 1 III' A N X S ' f", op q x K X X N ' J cumss, com-'zz Juan, rxwzcm lax PIREAUS, emznca 516' , uzxuunnwuaf ,- Azgggs Q UAPIZ8, ITALY umm, rzsuvon GIBRALTAR 5? "a kb! 'f g s -1 4 P A f f 1 ff J, . If f C, f 1 f I USS ff f I U S S ABBQT QDD 6295 77ledcZ2fmcmemz wwe NOV MB ,Ianm RUN M05 CO 102 l I f P . Qitf f Sqlifivl iflli f '- ffllfffi Mlf's.Q:- H91 hurs: X' r maui .. - m In . as an II'-lfhlilfi TOT li 'Rf " 'V Q ,IPRQJX 1' W In X . His' ut Count' I 1 staff 19-H. In Maxi ,L ' LCDR Prom ms, 5 COMDESDIV 102 f" ff! CAPT. ANDREW D. IACKSON IR., U. S. NAVY The Commodore was born in Crystal City, Texas, June 12, 1914. After graduation from high school in College Station, Texas, he enlisted in the Navy at the age of eighteen and served aboard the USS ARIZONA. After two years of service he was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in june 1938. Upon being commissioned he was ordered to the battleship MISSISSIPPI and after serving as a Gunnery Department Junior Division Officer for ten months, he was transferred in April 1939 to the USS ST. LOUIS. He was "B" Division Officer there until June of 1940 when he was selected for pilot training in lighter-than-air craft. It was at this time, june 2, 1940, that he married Miss Betty Polyanski at Annapolis, Maryland. He underwent pilot training at NAS, Lake- hurst, New Jersey, until August 1941, when he received his wings. He was promoted to LT G in une of that year He remained at Lakehurst as an instructor until anuary 1942 when he was transferred to BLIMPRON 32 where he served for a year and was promoted to Lieutenant In anuary 1943 he became Executive Officer of BLIMPRON 33 In August 1943 he was ordered to the staff of Commander Fleet Air Ships Pacific as Chief Staff Oflicer where he served until August of 1944 In March of that year he was promoted to LCDR From August of 1944 until April of 1946 he returned to afloat duty aboard the USS PORT- LAND serving first as First Lieutenant, then as Navigator, and following his promotion to Commander in November 1945, as Executive Officer. After this tour of duty he was sent to the General Line School, then located in Newport, Rhode Island, as a Navigation Instructor. In August 1948 he received his first coma mand, LTSS NICCOOK, a San Diego based DMS. Upon being relieved as the Commanding Officer of the NICCOOK he took command of the USS LLOYD THOMAS, a destroyer whose home port was shifted from San Diego to Newport while Commander Jackson was CO. From hluly 1950 until September 1953 he was with the Navy Department in Hlashington, D.C. first in the ONI and then as an Industrial Mobilization Officer in the Office of Naval Material. The next six months until April 1954 were spent as 1 student at the UK oint Services Staff College in England After graduation he served on CIINCNELM Staff in London as Foreign Military Rights Officer In August of 199.1 he returned to the L S for duty as Logistics Officer on the Staff of COMPHIBGRU ONE in San Diego He was promoted to his present rank of Captain on 1 uly 1951 In November of 1951 he relieved Captain L XV NX oodville Ir as CONI DESDIV 102 He has two children Andrew Douglas III aged 16 and David Lee 13 . . J . 1 1 . 1 - 4, Yr ' i 1... J . . . L . . . . J ,.,. Y , M F 1 l J. . ' . 7 '. 5 ,, 1 . . I , I 1 , . 5. 1 Us 1 N ,f .. COMMANDING OFFICER CDR. ROBERT M. POND, U. S. NAVY The Captain was born in San Francisco, California and comes from a Navy family, his grandfather having been a Rear Admiral, his father and uncle both Commanders. His brother is now skipper of the USS AUCILLA. Captain Pond attended the University of California at Berkeley, receiving his commission from the NROTC unit there in 1943. Commander Pond's first duty assignment was with the USS BOYD fDD-5441, then being commissioned. He served aboard her until March, 1945, in the capacities of CIC Ofhcer, Communications Ofhcer, Assistant Gunnery Officer and Fighter Director Officer. During this tour of duty the BOYD partici- pated inithe following major operations: Central Pacihc Raids 119431 Asiatic-Pacihc Raids 09411, attacks, assault and capture of Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands, Hollandia, 1fVestern New Guinea, Marianas, Mfestern Caroline Islands, Leyte and Iwo Jima. After the war, Commander Pond served with the Executive Department at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, ttntil 1948. He then was assigned as Operations Oflicer for Com- mander Destroyer Squadron 11 with the Pacific Fleet and participated, among other things, in the evacuation of Shanghai. Upon the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, June 1950 he participated in all types of operations as Chief Staff Officer and Gunnery Officer for Commander Destroyer Squadron 11, who was a task group commander in command of all U.S. destroyers in the XVestern Pacific. Since 1951 Commander Pond has served in turn with the Fleet Operational Readiness Divi- sion of the Ofhce of the Chief of Naval Opera- tions, as Executive Officer of the USS HAMNER tDD'718j in the Pacific, and as Gunnery Officer of the USS ESSEX QCVA-91 in both Atlantic and Pacific waters. He assumed command of the USS ABBOT on 19 April 1958. Commander Pond is married to the former Miss Kathleen Alice Kellar of San Francisco. They have three children: Judith, born 19475 Allison, born 1950, and Robert, jr., born 1958. If ABB It v My L. t., . 11. L, xl g.. , ,Ax w ' 's A gt. .,X N. Y , . . 5, -.Fla 'N T' N. Epi'-Q. N,! U' an XR MANDINQ inter :TA -S' .hp ,Img inlflflsffj' ' Html V F st Ron Ieft t Right It tl g ames F Griffin SC' It Commander Frank Korh USN! Commander Rrheit NI Pond ISN Lieutenant NI urns X X l ISN Lt KI gl Rudolph H Daus ISN Second Ron left to Right Ensign Burnet S Simonton I SN Fnsxgn Ceorge C Nlullm ISN Fnsign Imes B Roberts LSNR Lt K1 gy S Ihurnessen ISN Fnsign joseph F I us ISN Lnsi n Richard S Stoddart ISN Robert L Fallis ISNJR ABBOT WARDROOM Commander Robert M. Pond USN Commanding Oflicer Lt. Commander Frank Ixorb USN Executive Ofhcer Lieutenant Marcus A. Arnheiter USIN Operations Ofhcer Lt. Rudolph H. Daus USN Gunnery Ofhcer Ensign Bennet S. Simonton USN . Engineering Olhcer Lt. g. ames E. Griffin SC Supl 5 Ofhcer Lt. gy on S. Thurneysen USN Communications Olhcer Lt. Charles W. Morrill 3rd USNR , CIC Oflicer Ensign ames B. Roberts USNR , . .. . First Lieutenant Ensign joseph F. Skowronek USNR , ASW Oflicer Ensign Robert L. Fallis USNR , . Electronics Material Officer Ensign Edward C. Yuskis USN . . , .. Damage Control Assistant Ensign Richard S. Stoddart USN Assistant Communications Officer Ensign George C. Mullin USN ..,,, , Assistant First Lieutenant I ll: - Q1.a,--Minn... v.. Una ,fr I,cII In Rnghtr C H. Frcclnrnu, NH 102 Olmrfltimlm 7 hlllllllill XIIIIIKWX IJ. Illflxvill, ll., INN, ffJXIlHfSlblX 102, I.if'lllC'I1Lilll Iohn 3 I, lb!-NIJIX' H12 llmlmg lAil'lllL'lIIIIll lbzuifl li. FCIQHSUII, l SN, IJFSDIY , Ofhcc-1. 1 COMDESDIV 102 ,, ., 4::g'fVZi,iQ ru. -vs I Z 102 I A I1 Lcfl to Right: Moran, SNS, flmkcrllzun, SHI, Whitiorrl, RMC, BlICl1Yi1liC, TN. w .rg ,, , First Row, Left to Right: C. D. Fiqher, W. R. lining, C. G, Nagel. A. P. Nlclntvre. I. L. Alford. sewmi Row, Left to Right: J. n. sf iiif lcra i.. H. Whitford, H. E. in-oemsef, W. A. Sremz, w. M. Hudson. Missing: J. ca. isamncid. H. E. Broernser Chief Boatswain's Mate W. M. Hudson . Chief Radiornan L. H. Whitford Chief Radioman C. G. Nagel, Jr. . . Chief Machinisfs Mate A. P. Mclntyre .. . Chief Fire Control Technician G. D. Fisher ..... .. . .... Chief Electronics Technician W. R. Laing .... .. Chief Boilerman W. A. Stentz . .. Chief Yeoman J. B. Souders . . .. .. . Chief Comrnissaryman J. L. Alford . ..... . .. Chief Ship's Servicenian J. G. Barnfield ........ Chief Hospitalman s 5 '-IL. X Q...f. . - 'IQ A--'VA L IIECI4 I FIRST DIVISION ' E . 1 First Row, I.L'iI In Right: fzllllllillgllillll. BWI, Ilnlznrlvl, SY. XILCVUIIIIN. SN. I.IOSd, NIIHCI' UNI? 981111111 R ' ' I . ,, . ww, I,cfI In Rlgllli ILIINIQII XIIIIIIII. Cahill, SN, I-illiull, SN. LXI1Ch, SN, Curr, SX, Yallcriu, SX, SlxL'l'If, HXINX, Miles, SX, Sulinkrm, BNISN, Nleklcd, SN -, ' , 'A A A I I DECK I Iqygl Run, Irll In I-Ugly! IIIII UNIT, llllmlxxill, SN, Bull, HM2, ffillllill, SN. Lewis. H-O., ILXIHKN XIIIIIIVI VXI" kr Ii I I I V , , , .III I1 lim , If-It In Rlglulz ligxkus, SN, Sllllllflll, SIX, Cusick, SA. ",f.II-,IIQIII 'IR Ifffuuzvl, N lxflllhlllll, NX, Il4'gr'1Ilr'. SX, Al2IllQl'S, SX, Iflwigll Nfllllill. ,J 1, , L ,A Ax f SECOND DIVISIGN Y Q. -,vw QUfXRTERNI,'XSTFRS ' First Row. Left lu Right: Duzcx, QXISN, Iillflfllglilll, QNII, linsiggu Fzlllis, Sc-cond Row, muki HY Left L0 Right: Rowlnml, SN, LIL GUNN ER'S MATES 1 W A N, ,: ,.,, ff. . A ,.,.,,.M.w:" ,V v ,,M1:,, ff " g , "" ' -.f , . V ' If 7,5 vii ' I ., 2 f ' 1 ax 2 First. Row, Left to Right: White, CHQ, Whalen, CLNV2. Klein, KLNI3. Cihnmness, GM3, Slagl cc c ln ' Ye, CMS, Donnclly. GMI. S 'ond R nv, I,ciI Right: Fmign Skmvmnck, Stzmsbcrrv, SN, Sirc, SX, I"l'CfI1ClIC, SN, Hook, CLNISN. Hlllwill, SX4 Rzxmlalll. CLXISN. l'C!I'igO, GNISN Sirois, CMSN, licwxilt, GNISN, Lynch, bl. 'I ., SN, Fnlllkm-1', SN, NLIIHIYLIIIO, SX. X RADIONIEN ff' Fixsl Row, I,cfl tu Right: Fnsign Sffltlflllll, Wlmilforrl, RMC, Huclwn. RUC, Nfosltek, RNI3. Decker, RNH, Lt. 1j.g.5 IIIIIIIHCXSCII Sccmnl Row Iclt Lo Riffht' Robinso RMSN l I. . . , . 4, . . n, , MCYcx, RHSN, ,IIIIWHM SN, Kilslmfm, SN, K:1Qpcrmvic1. SN, Clurrimre. Simmons, RMSN. Clnllahnn, RMSN, Carev, SN, lv . num, Ifll In IQIUVIH iw' I aim, Rlbl,f,.1x1 . A. . ' pn ,sf-mm! Run, l,f-Ir In Iligglfn llmign Nhurill, O'Conncll, RIJSN, Meency, R J A , YQ, f',Iu11y1,1v1. HN' f..ll1I4'l SN RI! X " I, RDI, Spwhr, RIJSN, Iwrvis, SN Showalter, DSN, RADARMEN Lqixm , -W SONARMEN TORPEDOMEN : Q vm ai, N vp I X i b ,ui I ' if . vi If Q I I Q e 8 2 ' ,ef 4 .. v V M, ,,,. , - .,., ' f' I I . 'i 4 I. 6 WPC A f ' 4,'l V 4 fi w, First Row, Left tu Right: Powers. 803. Qtranh, TNITZ, XVilson. SOS, Moles, SO2, Andrew, SO3. Sctuntl Row, Lcit tri Right: Ensign Sktmrmick, SIJZIII, SOS, Stanley, SOSN, Ellison, SN, llnxis, SN, Nlcflorinitk. TMSN. 'va-1 I Y xg 2 44 2 First Row, Left to Right: Stevens, SN, Howell. SMSN. Second Row, Lelt to Right: Givens. SMI, Lt. fig., Thurneysen, Ensign Fallis. Third Row, Left to Right: Cockerhain, SML Xvittwer, SM3, Smith, SMSN. X 4 2 Ill R, SIGNALMEN ELEKW' fry '. ff N ,fl "5 x w5,, 'N. A ELECTRICIANS IC MEN 'TL- ". . L. i SCUIX, I-N, lcvl. PN, Nluluw , U -, - , Q , f First Row, Left lo Right: Audi, NIR2, Womhuli. NINII, Sccmui Rmv, Left U1 Right: Ensign Yuskis, LaRose, FN, Hammond, FN, Stoll. FN, Aillilill, FN, X 19-1 av 1 4 ,, Pnsl Rmv, IMI lu Ruglml: Sluckm. l-,XIIZ lxnumz IzN!2. i'Illl'll. ICXII, Xllxkliifi, IC12. linrcm ixilfnlU.lllX, lfXIIl, Sumnul Run. l.4'Il In Riqlll' lfmigru Nllxkix, lmmu, FN, KIUSC, FN ' ' ' ' ' lm IN K lm I X llillmlnm IN A" GANG ..--.,, A, in M, FORWARD FORRARI' FIRE ROOM ENUM A' Firxl Row, I,cIl IO Right: lklillg, Blk, Iluklin, IHS. Shrink. IH2, fiziilignli. 1513, liiwig Siiiimiton. Scuvmi Rim, Ii-Il IO Right: llmgcllc, FX, Iiuiguiii. FN, lhiwlgiizi, FN, HOIL, FX lkluix IN fllilLilHXill IN lJOOch.uIR IFX AFTER FIRE ROOM if fi fi Q , ug 4, ii Fins! ROW, l.c-il lo Right: Laing, I5'I'Cl, Sumh-i's, l1'I'3, Silllllllll, liilfl, Shook, BT2, Kingren, I' I 'i Ihsi Si F - . W l T F, N! 'gn OHIIUIIIUII. Scroncl Row, Luft ln Right: lJ',"Xiliic'O, FN. llcvmi. FN. Pipo, FN, l,:awi1-mc-, PN, Him-s, IH 3, Lmigmuir, INK, Hcrlmlock, FN, Foy. FA. Missing: Landers, BTI. XV, - M, "RW XRD Rum! :T V FORWARD ENGINE ROOM A ,1J'I'f'f R f nf' A. L1""' XI if fini' AFTER ENGINE ROOM u 431.- Itrst Row, I.c'll to Right: Nlsitnlnitk. IKYQ, lox, SFI, Xltkccgtmt. 8142. Itlfmrt. SVG- bccfmcl Row, Left lu Right: Ensign Yttwlxiw. XY1l1hct, FN. Cllcnltms, FN, Nlillrl, FN, XN'hit:lkcr, FN, Richztrtls, FN, Hutmtm, FN. SHIPFITTERS YEOMILN +-.ww l.tgIt to Right: Couture, SN, Cztllinan, M, I... YN3, Howard, SA. Soden. SN, Nye, SN, Stctntf, YNC. X, "L. gif lg. un? wtf' Lo I t. +4 .lg I . ' Q wiivm--HR, 1 ,,.,-..,. 1. , First Row, Left to Right: Scgurrzi, SX, lknrilcs, SN, 'liustin, CS2. Scumd Row, Left lo Right: Lt. fig., Grimm, Bettis, SA, Nlarliu, SN, Smulcis. CSCI. COOKS gg, ,Rn , HIP'S SERVICEMEN -. -Y ?' ,-r::n- L First Row, Left to Righti Knylf, SN, Leach, SN, Casale, SN. Semin! RN. Lt. Griffin, Tedford, SH2, Acniiilmrwrzi. SH3, .Xlfui'd, SHC TQLL rll K -4. N.. STOREKEEPERS HOSPITALMAN -fn ,, , I xx --w 4, 7, 1 V, 4 ,, ,, W T by t 'gf 3 Q-A 1 ,V Lt. 4143.5 frlfhn H ...H ur mgnl: Strauss, SKK, Mann, NN. Hzmnrm, SN. Sccond Row, Left to Right: 'Ti I' 2 ' ' , Nmnvpsrm, SKI, Kckarncx. SY, lizirzm, IH2. I ., 4 U0 'Kb fs, Wk 'Sr Row, Ir!! to Ri4f'flIf Nui STEWARDS NIAILVQX fi r- I 5 wx, SN, HMI. SN. 51-:mud Row, LL-ll Lo Rxghl' Lt U gp fllfflll IIUIIVI NIJ" Siummm NIJ! lun! Sli NIA u Ilul - P . V -V RM . , ' , J , swag: QINIUII, IX. ,X Q U 'F ll: I . an 1 WZ, Left to Right: Lewis, R. W., SN, Bow Hawk, Beiu, SN, I-Qnginecr, Roddy, SN, Coxswain MAILMEN GIG CREW Left to Right: Blackbuurn, SN, Howard, SA. X M ft: f. , , f ' , 2-ffff g . ix , . " A Q . 'Y i f , B left f-we t' "The sea is so wide and my boat is so small . -Prayer of the Breton Fishermen Engulfed in a typical Newport fog, we cautiously stood out ol Narragansett Bay at 1030 on ll july, our voyage already delayed two and a hall hours by the zero visibility. There were eight ol us then-all the ships of Destroyer Squadron I0-steaming in a double-diamond forma- tion en route to Annapolis where we arrived at noon on the twellth. Most of us spent the evening in XVashington after surmounting the ortleals ol a sudden squall on the Severn B r r r . l . y noon of july 14, 35 midshipmen had descended upon us, bearing enough additional gear to cause the DC.-X some concern, Soon the squadron was headed down the Chesapeake in an orderly column, out through Hampton Roads and to the open sea where we set our course for Bermuda. This was to have been an enjoyable cruise-stops at Gibraltar, Cannes, Trieste, Ancona-all on this visit to the Mediterranean. WHS Th ' was 0045 on 15 july. The Captain was in his sea cabin, Mr. Simonton e time the OOD, Dazey had the Quartermaster watch, DCl'1l1S was at the helm. Stubblefield was watching the steam pressure in Nam Control. Everything was running quietly and well. And then a messa e was flashed to us from COMDESRON 10-we had been ordered to proceed 3 back to Norfolk. At the moment, no one was sure why. But the Chiefs picked up a news broad- ' ' ' c ' Ad S cast on TV before breakfast. It talked about a revolt in Iraq and the fact that the Unite tates had landed troops in Lebanon. It all htted together when we arrived in Norfolk and read the press. The prospects were not good and we all knew it. Our squadron was put on our l e ulated that we were hour alert and much scuttlebutt naturally ensued. The Norfo k papers sp c to escort an amphibious force to the eastern lNI ed.: there was talk ol disembarking the midship- ' ' ' ' A d water- Nleanwhile we loaded to l00U capacity of ammunition, fuel, food, stores, an men. . . L U we were ready to go at any moment. Liberty was granted on the base in Norfolk. but even this went by the boards when there was ammo to be loaded on l7 july. r f f ' ,: ,, . ..,. ,V .f . .,,., t H W , sl 51: 5: ,awre-W"f f.lvfg,E,1y.--'-':"' " Y- . -'.,1f :j' 4- lg A f r f' " . ' 'ilff i s .. . '.'t' . ' .a i ,,.., I I ...,- 1 l :.k if 'h" ' iw if ,'.' "ft 1 if ' ' lf T. ..,. - ,.. xl- T A , V AA-. .llb ,W t f- 5 l 'Q 20 1 Un I8 -Iuly we were briefed about a possible iiiovt-tiit-iit ol an ampliih. lorce to the Beirut area. But then we were ortlered to tliree days ol "ops" in the Virginia Capes area with the Benham and the Antietam. The latest news we reteived informed us that the tension had eased in the niiddle east. ,-Xt l730 on 22 July, orders arrived which sent us to Vieques in the Carribbean as an eseort lor 'TRQXNSPHIBRON 8. This was lor :i practice landing alter which the entire unit might be sent to the Med. Twerity-four hours later we rendez- voused with the Benhzim and the Antietam and headed south. mi Qkss, C. 55 Www l . ,W it .. 'Xl f' -- "L I DESRON I0 anchored at Vieques early in the afternoon of 26 July. It was extremely hot and we would all have preferred to be on our way to the Med. The 28th found us participating in an air shoot oll' Culebra and we spent the night anchored off the small hamlet of San Ildelonso. lVe conducted a sur- face shoot on the 29th and returned to Vieques. We departed Vieques at 0930 on the 30th and proceeded to Roosevelt Roads for refueling, then cranked our speed up to 27 knots and arrived along- side the Sherman in San -Iuan at 20f4U. That we enjoyed San juan is an under- statement-it was our first real port on the cruise and it was pleasant to get ashore after our prolonged delay at Norfolk. l punvlvrvw ,ww-...Q ,,,,.,ww-W' ,.-vw' ,es -wt, 1 V ,, .y X r 1 Q ,- ' fi 5 f 'O 5 i it ff-H , f. i' ii . Q v " Y I .K C ' ' f W, 3, y t Q f' f " 2 l " i gg t Y XVQ got underway from Sun Juan on I August and set ri northczutcrly course. Our next stop was to be fiiiJl'ZlilHl', but since most of thc ships in DESDIV 102 wcrc running low on fuel, we were dctticht-tl from DESRON I0 to proceed to Ponta Dclgztdzt, :Xl0l'CS. It was on the 4th of August that Doc May, Izitcr to ride with us, pcrlornicd Qin zippt-iitlcttoiiiv on thc Hwlc Th . . Q Abbot HIIYQIWI' was printcd lor thc first time on 4 August. n 'g -:..1..i...4L,gz- put 1 S i I X0 -I D , -. nn pn f. VO" If -E- f.. I fi Xxx A, '59 fi 5 ml ..- 's I. C r 1 X W, it J- -R Zfffjf X, lg Z4 I ,. Q? I J .,LA W ' 1 S 'f ' 9mL K XXQQLC X Q 423,25-Z H2945 t 1 w-31 X ' x X I E 7 2? 'life' Q! Zvansmo X The night uf six August found the ,Xhlmot in clttrkt,-m'cl ship. XVQ sccurctl all power pussihlc :ind rzttirmcd our water in ot-clcr to toriscrvt- incl. YVC ate Jicnict hincht-5 nn thc 7th, and finally I zlrrivctl ill Puntzi Ilclgzidu to fill our thirsty iutrl tanks at 1730. at, b 'Nm' X , ,mf Q ,Z V, .',,' fff' ,J'Y,g,fj'5 ,W f 1 .414 fa -7 'f- , , fy , arming thc .-Xorcs O1 thc Sth, Def 1 1 DESDIV 1112 unix 1,-11 all C1113 on thc 11Lh .md 10111 thc 5211110 clay with IJESDIV 101 fm 1XvI11J11'5. gf ? at k, X f ar, ,If , I I I jtf .!f XX 9 All 5,5 xl '.p.J' 'T ' 1 ll - . Up until now we had been with the midshiprnen on watches in all the spaces and we were anxious to see them per- form. The night of 13 August provided us with th,e opportunity and they enter- tained us well with "The Saga of Mark Armhghteru or "Don't Go Near the Abbot." il 'T if 7 ZX .f af .. ix 'V X Q f-'i"V?gQw,. 4: V ' f 'X 6 4 it of v-""' 'K t if , X 'f 4-.X b 6 2 k i "- , ' , A, - , x . I - - X 5 'tn' X x, -S . -X-.. r ' --- -M s - 5 f'5f5,.E- if N . -g-,-- -.v,, " ff f -,- I X ---6 fa If .- ., :-,.,- ,f -,.. wil f AVVALEW0 THQSE suots - On the Hlh we arrived in Naples to "turnover" with DESDI 1 . V 362. The midshipmen were ll'2lIlSiL'lTl'Cl to the honleward bound ships as we took ollf on tours for Rome, Capri, Vesuvius, and Sorrento. Naples was our Hrs! Med. port :incl it was all over much too quickly. NVQ officially joined Task Force 60 on 20 August and than was a day to remember: we screened, lifeguardecl, replenished, relueled, hred at a sleeve, and plane guarded for the Saratoga that night. But we learned quickly that this would be a rough-and-tumble outht and We were pre- pared for anything from then on. 'Ja' -.J' to 'XXX . , i--1 RH k 1, K S ml" , . L lw V cf gcgsa t A .,w,w,., , ' N AS A?Qv'3'Xs'!4 Q i 9's4 5 gg-E, Q. ll? Fifi 3' 02 az.- Whfi QM it ,- lxfyf jr, V53 Piss, Ll? Cixi lt .-1 -. XX m dx ' R H: III I PM II- Capri MI' IIIIIQIIII I Xcrqmed .tum lhal IIQIQ pre. I , ., .I ...,....,.p.-fy, . I I , I Ili! 4, ' I X w- I I I -4 1' ' I I I A We were able to get two days I' 1 of anti-submarine exercises , ' while not busy operating with I I the Saratoga. One day when we ,go I were especially successful, the ' ' USS Pompon sent a message to the Commodore that we were all very proud of. J ff - 14.464 MESSAGE BLANK nssunv Frm non-1 uz-sz: HEADING INCOMING NDTG 29 AUG 58 VIA VOICE ABBOT AND THE SULLIVANS HAVE BEEN THE MOST ACCURATE PERSISTENT ANTAGONISTS TO-DATE ..... rbW'Wo" WB:' 'EAT' nusmue vnscenencs 3:35555 gy 1fL25Zf29 I LHI WK INDTG 29 AUG-UST 1958 I'NONE- ' T0 mm U.S.S. POMPON I COMDESDIV 102 iuromhnon 2 co IEXECISSEZSICHAPI NAVTIOPERI clc IcoMMI:EEaIicIsI Gun I lt? I ASWI ENGI oc I:l:l'.I:I suv IwlEDI:5I1IcuoIooDI IXIXIIIIXIIXIIIIXIII IILII 'E Yoon FIIIGIFEEEIUPERIASWI CIC ICOMMISSEJIESI sun ITZIEVIMEDICNAPI soo I Q,lIf,AislRlqA1'1:9N I XI IXI I I I I I I I I I II IDIGQQIUGIQSS vnono mo. :an nf-su It was on the 27th of August that the Sherman, Hale, Roan, and Royal were detached with the Essex to transit the Suez Canal and assist with operations in the Formosa area. We oper- ated with the fast carrier group until 29 August when we were detached to proceed to Beirut to relieve the Hunt as a gunfire support ship. We thought that W the assignment would be for mJ2Z.l,fwwm5,,azf1i7,, '7"'t'2' M.. fum 0 ' 1 .,. - f, W, ,, wsgafm ' M 1 ,.,.,,4u, MMWW .,,,,, 'X' a week or ten days and we hoped gi W 'r ' M M J that there would be liberty. "'i t 't , X. V f,,' ,af f , I fe if i s, - 21 f . , ff ,f x 9, f 'r Y' 'f fyvpi ,- M ti . E.- 1,11 ' ' ' I i 7 ",,, 5 C C- - -rv 5 X V , f mv, 41' , ,wp 6 M ,, ,, ,, A MW, f"' wfz,1'ffff'We , 9 ...iv f fr fw, ,, ,,,,,.. .0 , , f, J , ,, we aw, 'ffaffwffb mv me Ww ipf' If ,,aWI7', ,'.,3fl,r',f ww " ,, Ziff rf "Q I 'fff' "mu " " ' f U , ,, Y' "'f , 'ZA 'I , V,,V.. ,f ,,,,,,, I I, ,,,, 47 f f' ' 5 V 2 K , V X X Z XX f X 4 4 ,fn f fri Z Z I 2 'Z if A o ' n U C- tslgf fA,VAI.FR'0 X! gl il we S TQ!! S. C 5 1 XY I f , 's W, 'Q I J "1 .Nth -- lh .T ol AUQ111' ' NXETHIRH. K , Au' X- h Hale. RQ Mari dmched wi xc. zramir the Sui mst muh operamf A ma. We mv X .pr uarriergm, gn: when we wat :mimi no Bent, li A Anifdl' 7 kk! zivushr 7- Rx ::l.f if fi' . X "C Ni if :f .ifmf X45 Q yr g :Nj if 2-N A fx Ka , D 5. ff 5 IL '15 3 r fo 'Z- N3 WM S7 X E I , lv 'asv ulvwwfq- 'jlfiflfi' 3, rwvrs 'tw We lay at anchor in Beirut for over three weeks. It was an excllent opportunity to paint and repair while things sim- mered in the capital city. And we did get our share of liberty. The Navy-Marine Stadium Fund Anchor Pool paid off 35300.00 5541 HMI- J I ..guusP' to Mr. Arnheiter. ESSA BLANK msunr F3500-1 ua-sz: """"" ' HEADING ' T ' OUTGOING 2 4 1 Q 4 2 Z VIAfHAND THE DIVISION CDR NOTES WITH PLEASURE THAT THE ABBOT COMPLETE! 23 CONSECUTIVE DAYS IN PORT WITHOUT A SHOPAT REPORT X THIS INDICATES T0 NE THAT THE CREW OF THE ABBOT REALIZES THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AS AMBASSADORS OF GOOD WILL AS WELL AS CITIZENS OF THE USA X WELL DONE roirjioo ' 'Y 'Ew6""" VWVEOM-Al onsfmas 'iiffiicf Rugsgo gy I LHI WK I241Q42Z SEPTEMBER 1958 IDEFERREJ .D. JACKSON JR. Finn ro COMDESDIV 102 I U.S.S. ABBOT M5654A'noh T SHIPEI ELECT' IST MAIN RE- L., CD EIIZCY SEVL Itfbifir NAV OPU4 CII! COMM RIJNICS GUN LT ASW ENG DC PROP SUP MED PAIR Y CDO OOD 3 , YI ,Y W . E 5 x x x x x I I gg tcm ISIIEEIFITGIFsL:tGIoPrnIAswI uc ICGMMIEERRIQI sun IEANf1lIMEuIcnAPIsooI CLIISSIIICAIEON I 5 HOTCQITTOITIRTI R TITTI-'0IkiI1I I I I PLAIN-2410422-SEPT !S N BQUHI K 1 wan paint X Sim- x Xfld nkwm. 1 fund Sjlriltlhl-50 X TVhiIe at Beirut we cultivated a Tvarnl rehnionship xvidl the OHKQH andinen ofCknnpany B, lst Airborne Battle Group, 187th Infantry.TIkrspent niany happy nunnenm on'1hen hUT' overlooking International Air- porn and they undoubuxHy enjoyed their mips to the ship for suini eaH, dinner, and a niovie. MESSAGE BLANK nzsumi nm non-1 fu-51: iiREiES:::i:TTE" "" 'E E " I...-1 :no wp .ann mu , Y, 1 INCOMING Q 7 1 9 1 Z Z VIA P NR 351 REFERENCE YOUR MESSAGE CITE 0611462 PLEASURE THE INVITATION EXTENDED EY 4 MARINES AND 4 SOLDIERS WILL BE FT DAILY COMMENCING 7 SEPTEMBER 1958 X THIS HE!-DCIJAPTERE ACCEPTS .ZITI-I THE CREW OE THE U.E.S. ABEOT X THE Poem-I0 LAHLIHG AT 1623 HOURS THE ENTIRE ew-IAIID APRRECIATETHE THOUGHTFULNES5 OF THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THEM FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT THEIR SHIP . . . . . THE IJ.E.S. AEEOT AMD THANKS ID61146Zl' ABBOT CREW DESIRE? CORDIALLY INVITE 4 'AARINES AWD 4 SOLDIERS VISIT ABBOT DAILY .WHILE AT EEIRUT X TU INCLUDE EEIWI CALL TOUR OF SHIP, DINNER Arm -ImIE...ETe... I '0' '6'JQTT'FImzTS'i"AQWBiwZ QEPTE-IBEH use TIRTWE mm" 'W' COMAMLANFOR BEIRUT Im u.s.e. ABEIOT IIFURHATION sHlP'1 'V zLfcTf 151 E 'nun' I I nf- I j co -IEXECI ssc IcHAvI suv IOPERI CIC IcauuInoulcsI Gul I LT MGI DC IvRovI suv IMEDI PAJRI coo I oonI I TXIXI IXIIXIIXI I IIIII IIMIII E con IEEIIEEIFETGIFSLQGIOPERIASWI cnc IcounjI:E:TEEI cus ITAGVIIMED 'cvuvI soo I CSAESLFIT-AS.lON 5 XI IX I I I I I I I I I I I I 37141102 SEPT 1956 ki gp I , ' I ,X I 'wi 0 L .. hdtv Ji-1 I I ' 'Li .,,-f,..k '81, ,Vx ' M., ,4....,,- az, If X rf ff! 0 ,fwfr I wflvfmkfgq, M f ff ,, ,,f, , ffm! Y H if Mfg 1. u . w L.: 1 , ,'., Ev ' Nfwlay, Siv f E ,,-- ,l.,4,,, ' vs I ' gf' e ff: gliggii I " fi wif - , V 1 4 F v. 4 ,'v , iff K. X 1 ,si f 5 ww ka 's 71. 4 . 97 f"Qs. 1 fx' , XX'l1r'n our work WHS clone Miss Nadia Ciamul pcrformcd wilh hm' :alluring charms, much lo our Cnjnymcnl. shwrs! E naw 5- wv U ., A- P Hrs H' e XX gf? The xxetthcr mms plelsant ln lllll mtl IIIOXILS wut sho 1 thc lou lstlt lm Sniper at Beirut l'll+s Phula Sailor A Ph11adelph1a sa1lor servlng aboard a destroyer anchored 1000 yards off Be1rut Lebanon was wounded slxbhtly by a bullet late Saturdav as he watched a moue on deck the U S S Abbott Author1t1es bel1eved the bullet was fxred bv a smper M3Ch1HlSlyS Mate 3!C Joseph A Domotta, 20, of 2326 N 3d St , was struck 1n the left shoulder Domotta was treated and re leased for duty Domotta, the son of Mrs Samuel Davxes, of Beirut Slug Hits Local Crewman MHChlnlSt s Mate 3 C Joseph A D1Motta USN of Phlladelpml Pa a crewman aboard the New port based destroyer Abbot was Y PP ently flred from shore wh1le that warshlp was anchored off Belrut Lebanon Sept 13 the Navy re xealed today D1Motta was h1t ln the left shoulder by a 35 cahbre steel Jacketed slug whrle he was watch mg a movxe performance in the Abbots forecastle He was treat ed aboard the ship and wa: not hospltalxzed The Naxv descrlbcd the wound as superflcual Capt A D Jackson Jr of 087 Boulevard Mxddletown, Destroyer Dunsion 102. Wlth the Abbot as hrs flagshlp conducted an lnvestl gmon The slug had penetrated ln a sharp downward arc to a c' pth of one mch Lt Allyn G May of 447 Broadway Newport medical offlcer aboard sald the bullet apparently curved hlgh ln the alr before plungmg mto D Nlotta s shoulder The Abbot was anchored 500 yards from the shore at the tlme Cmdr Robert M Pond of 26 H 'cfferson Road Brenton Vlllage sklpper of the Abbott stated th shot was undoubtedly fired from the sholr- The Abbott left Newport Iulv ll for duty In the Mediterranean Its Sp9C1flC task IS to pxovxde sup- port fol Amemcan forces ashore m the Bemrut area. l ll . O . f I 1 ,L I U L , ' ' Z , ' 1 . BQ' 5 " '-'- Q wx '., v- A . , , , . 1 :L , A 1 li on "' .' '. lh'1L IS til. ' .- . f v ' 1 ' waunded by a stra bullet, a ar- . . ' . ' ' . ' a . . i- ' Q , - 1 Y . A ' l ' . . . ' . . ' - v . 1 . v r ' - ' .. ' - 9 1 . I X y L. . K ' Y V 1 Au ' 7 u ' t l ' H, a 1 1. A, :J D ' . . 1 I - y . . ' . ' f ' l 0 . Q O V. 7 . . . . . ' l ' ' . . 1 . J 2739 W Harper st, began hrs three-year enl1stment 111 Aprrl, -1956. A 5 ""-.. KR ' K5 'Q Nlh-1--.1 'W ' El NVQ- were honored by the visit ol Mr. Hulzslz-ous, President CililIIlfJlII1'S iormer Minister of Pinlocnl. vs 0 1 si' xv 535 W W if W f if XX 'SQA Xxxq S 'X Y S Yr ax oxs tow N ot f fa.. x 'itfixxxxlxxxx Xviaxx 1 Xxx 80 xx xx K X 'A 0 S-jxxgyg Xmxxx xxxc Sxxxxxxxxxfagxfxxx xxxxxx XNCXXKOCXX 'xxxr svxwxx-C+ zxxxxx Tx 6C+xV05Cx Abhxxx xtxxxvuxx sxxxxxc Sxxt- x".xx'x' vixxCx'xCxxx'x? Xxxi MX xxxi' xxxf xx QYXSCLX gxaxxqca xxxxv xxxxxxxxxx xxxxcxx xxXxxx 'xxxxhg Q1xx'X.i' ' I xxxcg xdxxxcd xxxx xxxxgxxxxx-5 Vxxxwxx xxx XA' W lux Vswxuxvxx HA MIME N HH In Ik - X,.Qxj5xxxxxx,4 . I xxx x-Xx'.xx"3,Q xxx Xxxc fxX3Xxxx'x Q Xuxxxxxxxg, - 1 IH' xx i H261 ,I 'Yxxc sxxxp jcxxx xxs Xuxxxxxxxx-3 xx'.xx'x-V: VMWSQ MNC VAN' CIQWQ. C. 'Awww I, "'1 I All I 1. 6 UI 1 Qxxxd 5Xx0xC Xxxf x'xxxxxxxxX xvxxxxx xxwxxxxxxx XQXQ WC x,gg'v.m. Xxcudmf. 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" usssms num: i l T: Y wlrlglir Y Y-Y YK3 ii i YV AI4AVYfDPP0 sun uwv 'MMG INCOMING 273919 5 4 z VIAQ KR NR 7526 THIS IS THE ERESITENT X THREE MONTHS AGO I SPOKE TO YOU AS YOU UNIERTOOK THE IMPORTANT TASK OF HELPING LEBANON TO MAINTAIN ITS INIEPENIENCE X YOUR MISSION HAS NOW BEEN PERFORMED X WE HAVE WRITTEN A NEW HONORABLE CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF AMEHICAIS IEDICATION TO FREEDOM X PARA X LET US RECALL WHAT HAPPENED X A SMALL NATION WAS IMPERILED BY OUTSIIE INFLUENCES X IN ITS MOMENT OF TF RIAL, LEBANON APPEALED TO US FOR HELP, WE PROMPTLY RESPONIED TO MEET THE NEED THAT HEEL WAS MET AND MET QUICKLY X THE UNITED NATIONS ALSO ACTED TO STRENGTHEN THE DEFENSE OF LEBANON X AS A RESULT OF YOUR PRESENCE, ANIITHE FAST ACTION OF THE UNITED NATIONS THE NEED IS PAST AND YOU ARE NOW WITHDRAWING X PARA X TWO GREAT LESSONS HAVE BEEN TAUGHT X FIRST THE UNITED STATES IS A FRIEND TO THOSE WHO WISH TO LIVE THEIR OWN LIVES IN FREEIDM X MESIAGFIIZANII BO I 'mR'AI:f I5AI'O5'fI54z OCT 19537 fTE.U'5gEg5!23Q233v I I I 24+ ELL LL L 3 Owfnpmsnm 'RW OOIIISIATAELT Im INCOMING 2 7 1 O 4 4 z VIAQ KR NR 9756 W'oRuAT1ou SIXTHFLT C0 IEXECISQEFIESICHAPI NAV IOPERI CIC GUN I IlSWI ENGI DC M X I XI IX I I XI I N IT I I I I OINCSPECONINIE SENDS QUOTE IIELL DONE ONQOOTE TO ALL COIINIANDERS AND UNITS CHIEFIFLAG FLAG I ELECT- ENG! 5 DQR ISQEILIEIOECOIIIPEIEATIOILCICIEOLAMIHOIICI wIIMI'I,MwICH4PIsQo OF SIXTH FLEET NRO PARTICIPATED IN THE LEBANON OPERATION x TO THOSE E ' CONCERNED MY EXPRESSION OF PRILE AND SATISFACTION FOR THE OUTSTANDING S AND MEN OF SIXTH FLEET CARRIED OUT RHEIR TASKS IN THIS VITAL OPERATION. MANNER IN WHICH THE OFFICER Twfob IvT'T DATEITIME E 'X -' --A W2432Zf 27I DOO IBAQ2 I m2I45IIe422 QCD Ol?i1LLIEETAifTDI MWWEOONSINTHELT I SIXTHFLT OOIIRHIRLANTXOOMGEN FLT MARINE FORCE ATLANTICXCINCNELMXCENCLANTFLT no IlxfcIS""'SI I I I I WWI TS' ' MAIN RE. E 5 Y ssc can NAv oven cIc comm Romcs Gun LT Asw ENGI D I In I I I I 5 I ,.TI .. I I I I I I I I I T C PROP' sup- MED PMR ma WD, ,tm 4 'W X m xg - ..: - 'fig V X u fu. , ,Say As we hoislcd thc gih 1 1 ' , 1 1 'ricd LIWLI' umny - " us cu 3 Bcirul, when wc dqmllul lm' l'irgw on 23 SClJlL'IllllCl'. XXX' ' Q '- donc our job and alum- il well. '1- 'UD' -Q- g Q' -M X AX PERILS OF MESS COOKING lag " 'Q QQ W I J!! f '75 if? if i ,A XS Fl 1' 3 5, vb X., g A 1cns and all its ancient euuty intrigued us. XVQ :n'1'ix'cd L 'rucum on 243 SCIJICIIIIJCY and "Q up ulnngsiclc thc Grand Canyon for il lcmlcr period last- ing unlil 5 Novcmbcr. n n u n W fn, 3 n r Q 7 Q 5' L k ' E ,NYQ AU u --gg BOT - 1 "- 7 1, " "1 ,?k ,X , r. .'.j:Q "x',V.Q I ,' , E QMXX rl -X 75' b 4 X Qt P1 N Q? K txcl V r X- , 4 f fa I, fy r , ,ff 3 Q x gf ' , , f X ,M W ff rw' ,. -. xr --' . V ' ,. 4 ,-1' 4 if 4 L v V s X I 'l: 2 u-4 9 ff f fry:-yy I X ,W fo , LM.-f AMW, ,ff um V ,f f w, ey , Q f if a'gLgL'- ' f ',f,f12w1!Vif f wayf,-1? r V X g ,,.4,f,f, ,ff-f :W , Wh Q- M . ' p,.,. r' r e v " , N 0 I yt. . , 0 Cv w lf 'fr-- ' X -T Il' G22 ff M , 5. ,, N 0 5 f - .East . e Z' lo From Piraeus, we joined Tusk Force 60 lor a nine dzty exercise. Hy this time we were tairly adept at handling tt major replen- ishment in spite of the fact that it was one of the roughest days we encoun- tered. 1' . 1 .---QW if -mix" " f-. Q..-Q M "' X F 'est--p F I i t X x 4 k A, MESSAGE Ln- Jku' an ll - A if HU-. . .AJV :Vi r ,7 fn 'Q A XX'-4 l. : e l "Wur- S m Eli: VI " X.x r-.Max K 1-Qm.l K" E1ms"'TfffN X I Ixi 1 58 Xxjlfgx- ,vl I I L' We- I X a N 1 4 D I . I 4 'Q .fi X Vi I 1 4- MESSAGE BLANK ,, Q ozsurn Fm 2100-1 oz-sz: : -W iilj : H - i Wx-: HEADING INCOMIHG NDTG 7 OCTOBER 1958 VIA VOICEXSEC TAC XVC pmticipzitcrl in a two-day "strike" Cxcrcisc wharf- our pri111z1ry role was XSXV. Tha' FSS Power WELL DONE T0 YOU AND T1-IE ABBOT gninccl il sub Contact some sixty miles l'l'0lll 115 only to lose it clue to i11opQ1'z1tive gear. XVC wcrc- orclcrecl to Close ll1C Power and 11111146 thc kill. This wc clicl. A IHCSSZIQC from the Screen Tbwio ICW0 WFJMAN WEf""E -':'EiDE"cE 'E'-BASED B' I Co111111:111clc1' sent to the R M LH UK TONDIG 1958 'NONE' ClOIlllllOtlUl'C COHgl'flILllZllGd CQMDESMV 102 us o11 our rapid work. INFGRMATIO swf, uecr- 151 mun ne- co Exec ssc can :uv oven cic coma RONICS sun LT Asw sms oc mov sud uso mn coo oo S x x x x 1, x IL.- U t CDR Ft?G I OPERIASWI CIC IcouMIii'6:igslI GUN MED ICMAPI S00 I 5 XI IX I I I I I I I I I I I I PI-A""'NDTG70CT5 ,WL , i 2 D i r UK' :l1'1'lx'c-cl :xl Czumcs on I4 Oclulmvr lin' Ll two we-Uk Sllly on the Rivicru. Ona- :again YV C covcrn-cl up thc- suns ol thc last OIlL'l'1llillg' Inn-riml :xml rvalclia-cl thc ship for our l1N:1x1s-.Mlnn voyzmgc. UC ff! 'NJN' 1, ,.i,1,, 1.1 1.14- .141 7'xs. V , muff, ff . ,, f , , . U , ' -" " nifty 4 .-' b ,. --f f , 5 V 4, J V 6 , :kr ,,., ..y,ulf' 4, ff ,lublrk-rim: I "'jj',,,,.-wi Q 'A-wwmaw 3""Fx- Xt? Q, ' , 3 X X" Q M M f iq W Q 7 0 s f ' YV? M fx' , W iiff ' " ' AAIALCRIO 0 I I I X I Kiki ilu, M Wan .N III 4 X :llf L ' -.31 'Im I I .-'I ' 1 , ss kafwkigggi, RL. 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E CDR ISTAFF LT SEC OPER ASW CIC ICOMM RONICS GUN I MAT I MED ICHAPI SDO I 'X X I I X I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I2L'1SSIF'FIII'10N 2621302 ocr 1958 Q M 24' w 5 Q' fn 'mm A iw ,, While ut Colle 'Iuzm wc 1'0- Ceivccl thc nn-ws lllzll IDICSRUN 2 would lac lmu' claws lzllc l't'llL'YlllQ us. Our spirits lniiglm-m-cl, how- cvcr, wllcn wc lczlrnvcl that wc wcrc to spa-ml our c'Xll'Ll days in Bzlrcclunal. 22 5 2. 2:1 . ,wi f 'M fa X f ,QM ,LW 4 I 1 ,Y . K S , dz Nw- ,,1.. g ' mini Vu I Q , 4 I 4 4 i. v K ., Y ., W , . Q- B. J. ve . I R ,xxx 6- it , -:...., v at , Q 3 , . MW- f - J - , ef-X 1- t- 3 H .I an , - K ,, JM 4 N . . 5 6 ., J- ,yvym QW i V .. U 6 ig -A jj ,.,. :-. R A A R 9' 1, . N y Q t . -,-fx-f . my N. - -'-' V.-3.1 , ' -1 , . '- 5515 ! f ' J' f i If ,, . A , ' . fx ""- ' Q + 4 9 X! ,t 1 ' " Q if 11' V' .x -Q 55' fi- ,fa i ,Qs s ' if :,. Q . ,'l5,s. Q l L '- 3 K., ' 5 ' . .. N5 4, fi- M V 3 " it i 4. 1 Q- t b K1 D Q. 5 D- ' 'Hit iff' ' ' . 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HALE 5 co IsxzcIs2i::IcnavI uv IoPsnI cnc IcouuI:I5ieigiI nun I E1 IAswI snoI oc sur IuznI :ISHI coo I nooIx 5 x x x x ICNIEFI run I n.AcI I I I zv.scv,I I zua1I I I I CL,ISs,I,CAIi5IN ' Q can Is1urI tr Iszc ov:nIAswI cnc IcouuIuou1csI sun Inn neu can sooI P L A I N G7-II-X-IIIIIIIIIIII eznovs D I We got underway in the middle of the morning on the 4th and "chopped" to CINCI,AN'I'FLT from COMSIX- 'I'HIfl,'I' shortly thereafter. We soon 'joined the xV2lCffliIll2iW whom we were to accompany home. It was to be a rather long voyage and we had many drills scheduled to help the time pass more quickly. WVe refueled twice from the Wztccamziw, had it chance to fire our guns, participated in division tactics- zmd then it got rough. I I I X llys ft 4T'o+Qs-,l-,t . 'SNS 9 " ' 'f V ' V , -- en-.- ,,,,1..,..Mf .e-Fx- , f , VL, . , , N, "M 4 f fm , 4 ..,, .. , W I Y 4' 0' -'T W ff' I ,AW I M 1 , M' fe fm..L:-1 s fa. I R I I - - -R I tr.-. wf:,.,..a 2 4 f-Z K L G v 4Vrr f V I 7' X 1 7 X I Now all hands stand by for In-:Ivy ro-blurb! UESSKI nr ,. .rl Nm :ug g gy, Q, E' filf ff? I YAQF 55 X H 1 The wczntluvr mnlinuc-cl rough, but we clicln't conxpluin-wc: wore un mu' way home zmcl wc wznmcd no :nuke il fm lime. As wc rc'IIc-c'lc:cl buck, wc felt that ull in :Ill it was Zl good cruise-wc had visited scvcn cfnn1uIcs,I1nd Ix111 uruh1wvuy lor Sixth Plcct Cllmcluzlicmlls rmrwly NI! clzlys. llllll crmrltrilmlllvcl tr: tlle sunhihly ul HIC Nlkldlc Eustzund hvlpcd thc-I,chancSc rcsnrrc lxuncc lo IhLIl'SlYHfHIUTH cruxntry.'Il1uS it vvas with u IccIh1g cd sulhlncthun that wvc tied lqu along- skkflhc Chwcudc at Pim Cine at cxucdy 0836 on 13 Novuubcn ME SAGE NK :Jesuit Form zxooelaisv """"'o 'ND' ' S "' 'Ass' ummm ' ' INCOMING 1318202 VIA MR NR 1517 IT IS A PLEARHQE TO SEE THE SMART SHIPS AND SPIRITED DESTROYERNEN OE LIGHTNING TEN SACK IN NARRABAY X THE FORCE JOINS ME IN WELCOUING HOME OWR WELL TRAVELED BROTHERS OF MANY SEAS AND ARABY X E B TAYLOR ... 'RIRITOD cwo veomu onzmne rnzcsozucs RELEASED gy 1958Zf13 llov DC' PC l13182Q5Z 13 NOV 58 IROLITINE rnou T0 ,x1'v'IN OOIITWFRLANT I COIIDESRON VI USS FORREST SI-IERN1ANfU:S BENHANI naronnmou SMIP'i ELECT- IST MAIN RE- g. C0 EXEC SEC CMAP IIAV OPER CIC COMM ROIIICS GUN LT ASW ENG DC PROP SUP MED PAIR CDO OOD CHIEF FLAG FLAG ELECT- ENG ASS Q' CDR 'STAFFI LT SEC DYER ASW CIC ICOMMIRONICS GUN 'MAT MED CMAP SDOI CL IFICATION T IIII I III 'ill' IIIII PLAIN-13'182Q5z13Nv ABBGT CRUISE BOOK STAFF ILNS. R. S. STOIJIJART USN, EDITOR A. SMITH, SN WILSON, SO3 POWER, S03 VALERIO, SN NAI'lJRANO, SA GI'1NERI'1llX, SN COIITURE, SN BLACIQBOIIRN, SN CROsP,Y, SN FRECHRTTE, SN X U 1 " I I I I I I I I Q I I I I 1 I I I I I X I I , I I N I L! I i?'I"IxN I I ji . fs-zws:::g.L.44M, I I I NORFOLK, vinci vwques, ruearo nxfepig .NBIIPGIL LI. HUAPOLIS, MIR ' wx 1 ff X If I ,.. ,,,, , 4. S "'-"- - ------------ ----.n.:::g-,-.1 I ,I W X. fJ x xx X nxt ! D xx Y' , - 2 qm.Go1n SAN Jw, sro neo i Wax. 'ali AZORBS UAHB3, ITALY 1 , PAIN f - ' f ............,,- .... ul 3-t2::::::.:.-:bu NR: I I, I . X 1 X BKIRUT, IEBAHOH of g' K cms, GOI-FE JUAN, FRANCE GIBRALTAR Pmmus, cannon UMW nguuumaux 1

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