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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1970 volume:

•MMMtoNMMMM N «MM «waiMaMMM ! HEJro ■ I ■ ? A,vV - ' ? ' ! ' i " T iiiiittmiiiTiiiifcir Tlie Circle 1970 Editor Jane Jouett Layout Susan Johnston Photography Francine Amore Literary Tamara Elliott Art Maura Markley Business Virginia Knapp Faculty Advisor Mrs. Stephen Perrin • 3 - . " -%. m r It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wis- dom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. Charles Dickens I etcvilty " a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his in- fluence stops " Henry Brooks Adams Principal Mr. Donald A. Gordon I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an " Honest Man " . George Washington Director of Studies Mr. John M. Buckey Dean of Students Permissions Director Mrs. Florence Griffith College Counselor Mrs. Herbert Finbury Admissions Mrs. Jon Kaiser Miss Priscilla Peterson -A.dixiinistra,tion Business Administrators David I. Mead, Richard Sheahan Richard C. Griggs Dietician Miss Sarah Proctor Business Manager Mr. Gardener Sutton Alumnae Office Miss Jane Sullivan Mrs. Frank Diclemente Elnglisla. Chairman Mrs. John Sisson Miss Jean St. Pierre r I UK ; i . la ' I J ' - , ». •. ' ' ' -, 1 Mrs. Malcolm Johnston Mrs. Timothy Home Mrs. Bruce Bugbee Mr. Paul Dyer Mr. Peter Stapleton % M. Ronald Giguere Mrs. Christopher Kirkland French Mile. Marie Baratte Chairman of Modern Languages Mr. George Krivobok Mrs. Wayne Frederick JSiDStnisli Mrs. Donald Burgy Mrs. Susan B. Clark Let-tin Missing: Mrs. Jon Kaiser Chairman Miss Dorothy Judd Chairman Mrs. Paul DeGavre - M HiStOry- Chairman Miss Mary Minard Mrs. Robert Lloyd Mrs. Oscar Witten History Mr. Stephen Graham Fliil os oid lei y Philosophy Mrs. Edward Hosmer Humanities Mr. Stephen Perrin ' % Chairman Miss Carolyn Goodwin Mrs. Peter Hayne IMISLtll. Mr. James Lynch Mrs. John Bennett Science Mrs. Robert Hoyt Chairman Mrs. Joel Salon Mrs. James Whyte Fine -A-i ts Art Mrs. Hartford Powel Photography Miss Wendy Snyder Ceramics Mrs. Gordon Bensley 18 Art History Mrs. Stephen Perrin Drama Mr. Brian Davidson Music Mr. Rowland Sturges Missing: Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts M iss Priscilla Peterson Nurses Miss Kathleen Ayre Miss Marion Perkins Physical Education Miss Shirley Ritchie Physical Education Mrs. J. Kenrick Butler 4 Physical Education Mrs. Fred Harrison Dance Mrs. Angel Rubio | «%• 20 Bookstore Manager Mrs. Dorothy Quintal Librarians Mrs. James Couch Mrs. Ronald Valentine Assistant Bookstore Manager Mrs. Edith Johanson 21 t m Draper Housemothers Standing: Mrs. Kathleen Ross-Dilley, Mrs. Stanley Mumma Seated: Mrs. Gerald Trenbath, Mrs. Glenora Chittick mmmmmmmm Hall House family Mr. Mrs. David Maynard Outside Housemothers Mrs. Capen Abbot, Mrs. Olga Tompkins, Mrs. Lynwood Howard. Missing: Mrs. John S. Curry, Mrs. Estelle Goggin In just- spring when the world is mud- luscious the little lame balloonman whistles far and wee and eddie and bill come running from marbles and piracies and it ' s spring when the world is puddle-wonderful the queer old balloonman whistles far and wee and betty and isabel come dancing from hop-scotch and jump-rope and it ' s spring and the goat-footed balloonman whistles far and wee 23 i 24 Hey look us over, lend us an ear It ' s Abbot Bazaar time come again this year. We ' ve all been working Planning away It ' s gonna be great So mark this date It ' s on the tenth of May. Look out here come the Gay Nineties Rootbeer and all We ' re getting ready Let ' s get on the ball. We ' re depending on you To pull us through So give us all you ' ve got Good things are busting out all over! 25 %A I , LJ: i . %. l Sun warm on my back My heart light as I walk away. Return is no necessity Destination no crutch. Put your life In the journey. M % M ■ m ' ■ ' m mm I t ' mtiL Seniors Francine Michelle Amore 89 Burnham Road Andover, Massachusetts So glad to extend handfuls of dawn. —Tim Buckley Abdy Anderson The Warren Belstone Okehampton Devon, England Anderson ' s at it again! —Anderson 32 Elisabeth Lawson Andrews 46 Lone Tree Farm Road New Canaan, Connecticut " I feel there is an angel in me, " she ' d say, " whom I am constantly shocking. " ■Ferlinghetti Diane Lee Anton 3 Hemlock Drive Chelmsford, Massachusetts One sweet dream, pack up the bags, Get in the limousine. Soon we ' ll be away from here. Step on the gas and wipe that tear away. —The Beatles Gay Gilbert Armsden Pepperrell Road Kittery Point, Maine It knew now where it was going, and it said to itself, " There is no hurry, we shall get there someday. " -A. A. Milne Amy Carlton Baldwin 807 San Luis Road Berkeley, California Sun-treader, life and light be thine forever. — Robert Browning Anjelica Behrends c o Creole Petroleum Corp. Apdo. 889, Caracas D.F. Venezuela In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in an invincible summer. —Camus H ol lis Elizabeth Bennet 1 7 Linden Lane Duxbury, Massachusetts The smile that you send out returns to you. — Indian wisdom Sarah Burns Bowen 230 Johnson Street North Andover, Massachusetts A little sun-burnt from the glare of life. Deborah Ellen Bernton 4 Oxford Street Chevy Chase, Maryland You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. — Khalil Gibran Marion Sanford Boynton 32 Long Point Avenue Duxbury, Massachusetts No one can tell me Nobody knows Where the wind comes from Where the wind goes. -A. A. Milne Leslie Taft Breed 159 Phillips Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts Is it so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun, to have lived in spring, to have loved, to have thought, to have done? -Matthew Arnold Pauline Cerf 1000 Sunset Drive Lawrence, Kansas If for just one moment You could step outside your mind And float across the ceiling, don ' t think the folks would mind. —Traffic Megan Brook Box 124 Cape Porpoise, Maine What is the night; Almost at odds with morning, which is which. -William Shakespeare Dorcas Chisholm East Hebron New Hampshire If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain. —Emily Dickenson Margaret Rice Cheney American Consulate General Bombay 26, India A Chinese philosopher dreamed he was a butterfly, and from that moment he was never quite sure that he was not a butter- fly dreaming it was a Chinese philosopher. —Tom Stoppard Susan Kay Cleveland 190 East 72nd Street New York, New York The positive always defeats the negative, Courage overcomes fear, Patience overcomes anger and irritability, Love overcomes hatred. — Swami Sarasvati Janet Ellen Cohen 14 Thresher Road Andover, Massachusetts Tell me a lie and I ' ll cry for you. Tell me of sin and I ' ll laugh. —Tim Buckley Deborah Louise Collins 6 Tamys Lane Andover, Massachusetts I wandered lonely as a cloud . . . When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. —Wordsworth Lisa Elena Contarino 76 Hillside Road North Andover Massachusetts Mortals are equal; their masks differ. —Voltaire 41 Anne Townsend Crowley 77 Henlopen Avenue Rehoboth Beach, Delaware I do not hunger for a well-stored mind, I only wish to live my life, And find my heart in unison with all mankind. Stephanie Helene Dantos Maple Lane Conway, New Hampshire One is amazed By a water-lily bud Unfolding With each passing day, Taking on a richer color And new dimensions. — Naoshi Koriyarla Lynne D ' arcy 63 Hawks Hill Road New Canaan, Connecticut Rest your head inside awhile envelop peace . . . reflecting forests of warmth - fields of smiles. -Chip Debra Ann Davison 205McKinly Thomasville, Georgia You are not only good your- self, but the cause of good in others. -Socrates 5? 43 Lisa Marie Doyle 930 Central Road Rye Beach, New Hampshire I ' m taking the time for a number of things that weren ' t important yesterday. —The Beatles Katherine Durham 8 Stonehedge Road Andover, Massachusetts For her own breakfast She ' ll protect a scheme, Nor take her tea without a stratagem. — Edward Young Tamara Lynne Elliott 5 Midland Circle Andover, Massachusetts Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther . . And one fine morning— — F. Scott Fitzgerald Alexa Perry Freeman 1286 Willow Lane Birmingham, Michigan I am of the universe And you know What it ' s worth. —John Lennon Elizabeth Gaines 51 Buttonwood Lane Darien, Connecticut You can say I want to be free. I can say someday I will be. James Taylor Anne Marguerite Gares 35 Rutland Court Rutland Gardens London S.W., England En somme, ce qui m ' interesse, c ' est de savoir comment on devient un saint. Camus Karen Maria Giesemann 3ACalle " A " 6-50 Zone 10 Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows. -Orpheus Nancy Tilton Grassi 12 Laurelwood Drive Shelton, Connecticut All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own. —Goethe Abigail Grout Hale 918 Timber Branch Parkway Alexandria, Virginia To stand for the constant presense of process And always seem the same; To be steady as a rock And always trembling. — Howard Nemerov Susana Gunn P.O. Box 945 San Salvador, El Salvador Her ways are the ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. Proverbs III. 17 ■255 - Theresa Onnie Hinkle 1267 East 16th Avenue Columbus, Ohio I can be right, And I can be wrong. My whole life is in my song. I am everyday people. Sly and The Family Stone Julia Elizabeth Hogan 5 Porter Road Andover, Mass. The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. Ralph Sockman Susan Hoy 800 Berkeley Road Wilmington, Delaware Come run, jump, skip-along Sam A very happy man I am. Donovan Elisabeth Marie Huhn R.D. 1 Ashville, New York I praise loudly, I blame softly. -Catherine II of Russia 50 Pamela Verne Huttenberg Harbour House Towers Box 306, Apt. 805 Freeport, Grand Bahama To see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has thought. —Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgy Ronnie Ingraham Winemark Avenue Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts Oh wondrous light Light, light, lighter You give all your brightness away And it only makes you brighter. Incredible String Band 51 Carla Anne Johnson 48 School Street Andover, Massachusetts The reason why birds can fly and we can ' t is simply that they have per- fect faith, for to have faith is to have wings. J.M. Barrie ,-r ' ffTT v T Sondra Elaine Johnson P.O. Box 112 Wise, North Carolina A bird does not sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song. —Joan Anglund Susan Parsons Johnston 174 Turtle Back Road New Canaan, Connecticut The door to happiness opens outward. Kierkegaard Sylvia Nelly Joseph Apartado 63 San Salvador, El Salvador This is a wonderful world and you can ' t even waste one day, so smile, sing and be happy. —Jim McGinnis 53 Jane Fredrika Jouett Estate Elizabeth P.O. Box 270 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Wish I was an English muffin ' Bout to make the most out of the toaster. I V -Simon and Garfunkel NERVATIONS Catherine Virginia Knapp 438 Jerusalem Road Cohasset, Massachusetts Strong and content, I travel the open road. —Whitman Amadea Elizabeth Kramer Headlong Hall Farm Centreville, Maryland I cannot help but sense the beauty over all and feeling thus be joyful. —Eric Gulliksen Marsha Leverett Lawton North Street Litchfield, Connecticut You must enter into The small silences between The leaves, You must take your time And touch the very peace They issue from. -John Moffitt 55 Sandra Westover Lindgrove 21630 Knudsen Drive Grosse He, Michigan As she f l?d through sun and shade The happy winds upon her played. —Tennyson Gay Luster 12 Norholt Drive New Canaan, Connecticut If growing up means it would be Beneath my dignity to climb a tree I ' ll never grow up! —Peter Pan 56 Pamela Marie Mallen 6 Buttenwood Drive Methuen, Massachusetts Silences make the real conversation be- tween frields. Not the saying, but the never needing to say is what counts. —Margaret Lee Runbeck Denise Maloney 8 Stirling Street Andover, Massachusetts I ' ll let you be in my dream if you ' ll let me be in yours. •Bob Dylan IH Maura Ann Markley 256 Tanglewood Drive North Canton, Ohio Stir not, whisper not Trouble not the giver Of quiet who gives This calm-flowing river. —Patrick McDonough Priscilla Dellevie Mendenhall 3123 Sleepy Hollow Road Falls Church, Virginia Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower, We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. —Wordsworth 58 Linda Mary Moore 8 Lillian Terrace Andover, Massachusetts had too much to dream last night. Sandra Ann Murray Greenacres Lane Rye, New York You ' ll never see the world aright Till the sea floweth in your veins And you are clothed by the heavens And crowned by the stars. —Incredible String Band 59 Deborah Jean Naman 13 Marwood Drive Andover, Massachusetts My love, she speaks like silence Without ideals of violence She doesn ' t have to say she ' s faithful, Yet she ' s true like ice, like fire. -Bob Dylan Adelle Roberta Nicholson 7 Sherburne Road Lexington, Massachusetts Give me where to stand, and I will move the earth. —Archimedes Cynthia Ann Niziak 121 Hidden Road Andover, Massachusetts I love a broad margin in my life. -Thoreau Sandra Ethel Perkin 325 Likeland Grosse Point, Michigan One green day she left her wings And cut away her childhood strings But dropping smiles along the trail She left a trace: I will not fail. -Tim Buckley Deborah Prudden 88 Summer Street Hingham, Massachusetts Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. —James Matthew Barrie Nancy Leona Quick 96 Willard Grant Road Sudbury, Massachusetts She played as many games as games there are —anonymous Marcia Frost Rickenbacker 5 Glenside Terrace Upper Montclair, New Jersey A face I know is beautiful— With fire and gold of sky and sea, And the peace of a long warm river. —Carl Sandburg Melanie Jane Rosen 387 High Street Fall River, Massachusetts The great essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for. -anonymous . 63 Suzanne C. Rowan 209 Salem Street Andover, Massachusetts Hitch your wagon to a star. ■Emerson Andra Sue Rudolph 3 Hopkins Avenue Beverly, Massachusetts Imagination is the begin- ning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will. -George Bernard Sha w Andrea Jenay Russ c o Marcona Mining Co. Apartado 1229 Lima, Peru little did I know the work I was to do or the love I had to show —Donovan tjM k J L ■ „ ' ■ ft- . Antonia Maria May Salam 145 Pickney Street Boston, Massacusetts If you smile at me I will understand ' Cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language. -Crosby, Stills and Nash 65 Priscilla Sandford 1275 Denmark Road Plainfield, New Jersey Walk together, talk together ye peoples of the Earth. —American Field Service Anne Kidder Smith 3221 Pine Ridge Road Birmingham, Alabama sun, the earth is turning it ' s turning around and love is the axis. —Donovan Gretchen Cole Smith 158 Dale Street North Andover, Massachusetts I lit my purest candle close to my win- dow, hoping it would catch the eye of any vagabond who passed it by. And I waited in my fleeting house. -Tim Buckley Adrienne Celeste Smelling 2949 Greenleaf Street Allentown, Pennsylvania The hills and the sea and the earth dance. The world of man dances in laughter and tears. — Kabrir Toby Ava Soloman 67 Raynor Street Lowell, Massachusetts To live is good. To live vividly is better. To live vividly together is best. —Max Eastman Christina Brewer Steele Upper High Street Peterboro, New Hampshire There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. — Robert Louis Stevenson ■ Hpi H cj 1 % -%fc Hl „ - jL r m M lSf r m Q BH E 52 M m • m W m + ' - J 68 Susan Skillings Stein 1405Caballero Road Arcadia, California I travelled ' round the world to find the sun. I couldn ' t stop myself from having fun. —Traffic Catherine Cake Stone 246 Hollywood Avenue Rochester, New York Were I so tall to reach the pole Or grasp the ocean with my span, I must be measured by my soul, The mind ' s the standard of the man. — Isaac Watts Elise Claire Strauss Pleasant Point Portsmouth, New Hampshire It is a funny thing about life— If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it. —Somerset Maughan M KtL 1 1 i Lisa Courtnay Sweitzer 2837 Arizona Terrace Washington, D.C. Life is far too important ever to talk seriously about it. -Oscar Wilde 70 Josephine Jayne Swift 6 Timothy Drive Andover, Massachusetts Sing, sweetness, to the last palpitation of the evening and the breeze. St. John Perse Anne Caldwell Taylor 171 South Dawson Avenue Columbus, Ohio I had no reason to be over-optimistic, But somehow when you smiled I could brave bad weather. -The Who 71 Wendy Ann Underhill 157 Greenfield Hill Road Fairfield, Connecticut A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. —Charles Dickens Sandra Ann Urie 21 Manton Road Swampscott, Mass. I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother, and I found all three. An old verse 72 Kristin Bea Whyte 3 Hidden Road Andover, Mass. Happiness runs in a circular motion. —Donovan Florence Durrie Watson Comegys Bight Farm Chestertown, Maryland Those who love deeply never grow old. They may die of old age, but they die young. Arthur Wing Pinero 73 Jennette Williams 749 Park Lane East Meadow, New York .... a kind of Coney Island of the mind, a kind of circus of the soul. Ferlinghetti 74 Let It Be Sue Hosmer ' s Philosophy Class Here Comes The Sun Urie Comley Straus Rowen Hoy Delta Lady Anne Smith Lynn Waller Just Like a Woman Davison Sweitzer Anderson Born To Be Wild Niziak Niziak Niziak Midnight Rambler Tootie Teddy and the Abbot Security Guard Volunteers Huhn Williams Amore Naman Something in the Way She Moves Anderson Solomon Anderson Solomon She ' s a Lady D ' Arcy Bowen Perkin You Can ' t Always Get What You Want Mrs. Finbury Highway 61 Revisited Breed Anton Catch If You Can Dantos Urie Watson Cheney Jouett 75 Get Off My Cloud Snelling Nicholson I ' m Looking Through You Mesdames Griffith, Chittick, Ross-Dilly Nothing Is Easy Williams McDona c ' s r M ion hib mi «o»v Cinnamon Girl Luster Rock Around The Clock Luster Baldwin Stein Solomon Me and My Baby Sandy and Rhys Sandy and Rhys Sandy and Rhys Impossible Dream College Parietals Graduation In My Life Todd Hayman Johnson Bennett Anderson Garvan Stone Brightman Williams Waller Pike Rust Bissell Bailey McDaniel Quick 76 Evil Ways Day Studs Matchmaker, Matchmaker Mendenhall Markley Enterprises, Ltd. Yellow Submarine Anton ' s Car If I Had Wings Gaines Contarino Freeman Bridge Over Troubled Waters Mrs. Bennett Miss St. Pierre Mrs. Hosmer Stoned Soul Picnic Hale Cerf Luster Williams Finch Hair Ingraham Comley Solomon Moore Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl Durham Maloney Grassi Williams Are You Experienced The Lucky Ones Sweet Blindness Mallen Chisholm Salam Up Against The Wall Celotto The Hawk Fox Swanson Perkins Shea Cahill Baldwin Someday Soon Freeman Cerf Cohen Foxey Lady Anderson Miss Minard Doyle ■■ ■p . IK P 1 Wm-y o BEaC - sSjkiKa 2S3 .•- ram t -■•■- .- T Si . Sl-t y Ss TwjiSk . r s - X af Fall " What is there in the birds, the birds, the birds, crying down on the north wind in September, acres of birds spotting the air going south? Is there something finished? And some new beginning on the way? " -Carl Sandburg 79 We came back. That first day, in September, was a marvelous mad dance of the faces we had kept with us all summer, along with a tremendous multitude of new faces. The Circle was filled with people, and the walls of the Senior Parlor were sparkling white and echoing our voices. We all talked that week, and very few of us listened. The core of our class was formed then, and things soon began to move around it. f t 80 82 84 As October eased upon us the walls in the Parlor began to take on a brownish tinge, and any attempt to look out the window was hampered by the grease that settled there. It was indicative, somehow, of what was going on in our minds; a final layer of something was added on to whatever we had accumulated thus far. Soon the class polarized; those with iron lungs remained in the Parlor during the day and ascended to the closet at night. It was a time of growing, when all of us made cautious sorties into things that could be said to transcend Abbot. For some strange reason the pressure mounted: perhaps it was the applications in our mailboxes— a sort of sweepstakes entry due January 1st. Shoulders slouched against the rain, we walked the route towards classes which were to stimulate, and yet we came to understand completely the meaning of " Waiting for Godot " . It was a nocturnal time, when typewriters picked out history papers at 3am and later. If you timed it right, you could arrive in the Parlor just in time to receive the guard ascending from the kitchen. Nothing is better than bread and honey and milk to help forget the pains of American colonization. I .■% Thanksgiving came with a most unusual ceremony that left most of us truly moved. For some it was the first inward glance in a long time. We left gratefully, and came back with tales of the Stones and Laura Nyro— everyone had a good time. 90 H The stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas was indescribably endless. Last minute applications hung over us and we were driven to escape by some relentless force. We spoke little and listened less. The cloud in the Parlor thickened. Then, finally the term ended, for some it ended with three exams on one day. There was a sudden burst of candlelight, and the ceilings echoed with " Hallelujah. " The longest haul was done, and we were free. M M .. Winter win ter (win ' ter), n. [AS.] 1. The season of the year, in any region in which the noonday sun shines most obliquely; the coldest season of the year; hence, cold weather. -Webster ' s New Collegiate Dictionary Winter began i n- decisively, with three days of gradual reassimilation granted us before we took the icy plunge. It was a riotious time: hysterical conversations lasting long into the night, and we began to talk once again to friends we had left behind in the Fall. Then suddenly, it ended, and we were left with the bitter taste of January in our mouths. The days were brittle; brilliant flashes of pale sunlight that glittered on the snow. We tried to for- get the cold, some by run- ning, some by standing still. The month passed quickly, and we watched it go with great relief. With February came Spring, a kind of soft mocking that only emphasized the waiting we felt. Something was different, or missing, perhaps the snow. The awesome self-searching we had done the winter before cast its shadow on this winter, and we were encouraged thinking that that lay be- hind us. Amid many undercurrents of flurry came the Prom: for some it was an ordinary weekend of frustration, for others it was fun. It was a time, that month, when closets again be- came hospitable, where we could for- get. Within a few weeks there was a definite cloud over our minds. I March came, holding hands with November. College acceptances dribbled in, but most of us were still left waiting. We had two and a half weeks before we left, a time when those of us who had run stood still, and those who had stood still re- treated a little. We waited some more, and looking back, we realized for the first time how long winter had been. The weather softened, and the snow turned into puddles that reflected the sky and the swelling branches of the trees. ■K t man +t iim i-- „ — . Ketll Mo-use 1st row; Laura Shultz, Anne Hyde, Dori Street 2nd row; Abby Johnson, Debbie Huntington, Nancy Mackinnon, Heidi Kropp, Candy Moulton, Carol Kennedy 3rd row; Ruth Raser, Lucy Pope, Helen Lacouture, Rod Goldstein 4th row; Sara Ingram, Judy Fletcher, Bill Rubel. Missing; Joni Blaxter, Elizabeth Webster, Ann Woodd-Cahusac " Now that you ' re going to be an individual, be individual. " We ' re back. New faces . . . Phyllis and Dave . . . Harriet Jones . . . Pete Smith . . . Bill Rubel . . . new places . . . the Butt Room . . . Hall House . . . Chapin House . . . new privileges . . . smoking all day (eventually) . . . Boston on Saturdays . . . pants . . . only two days of assembly . . . the " new " Coffee Mill. Laura Mae and her Barnyard friends . . . crunchy walks after lunch . . . CarWashCarWash . . . No-Dozing for us . . . someone answer the phone! . . . Paul is all again . . . Group W . . . early morning walks . . . beef fondue . . . Moratorium: armbands, candlelightjeaves ... sign me out for church... dodidodido . . . truckin ' on the line . . . Zepplin . . . Field Day . . . Stoned Soul Picnic . . . steady stream of traffic flowing through Honor Board . . . some would rather fight than switch . . . Hall ' s Angels . . . serenity at Chapin House ... is everybody happy? . . . overalls cover all . . . Peanut Butter Cups . . . the Emotional Crisis (E.C.) . . . thusly name-taped pacifiers . . . Jorian ... we do kazoos . . . bell-bottomed blues . . . Mind Over Matter . . . Natural High . . . Hallelujah! Winter t erm was like an elastic stretched to the fullest then it broke. Yet they continued pulling the separate ends. Again they broke. Debbie Huntington Responsibility Day . . . It ' s a bummer . . . Kathy — " And she got the urge for going . . . " Mount Pleasant " . . . It ' s a bus! . . . really tense . . . Who ' s to say what ' s normal? Certainly not your eye . . . can I bum a Marlboro? . . . friend or . . . Communications Breakdown . . . E.C No Way . . . " All those noble thoughts don ' t belong, You can ' t hide the truth with a happy song . . . Just call on your rainy day man. " . . . Seated: Kathy Gilman, Elly Bradshaw, Hattie Hawkins, Debra Kelsey, Martha Cronyn, Jennie Martin. Standing: Sybil Ridings, Susan Baybutt, Megan Treneer, Emily Schroeder, Holy Tytell Missing: Linda Hynson, Peggy Partridge, Tottie Wasilewski First Floor OrstiDei Second Floor Draper Debra Pope, Abby Johnson, Margo Stever, Candy Kattar, Brownie Richards, Linda Hynson, Trinka Galusha, Sarah Gay, Karen Ho, Susie Foord, Susan McCouch, Stacey Milton, Shelby Salmon, Didi Sailing, Mimi Walker, Cindy Lund, Martha Caverly, Gayle Ridd. Missing: Linda Bistany, Sally Browning, Nancy Phillips, Chris Pollard, Sandy Rollins Tliirol Floor 3Dretr er» make-up your sports cut in Basketball at 3:25 With- out Fail! . . . tunafish . . . when is a snow day . . . Sunday sensitivity . . . high implications . . . " Once there was a way to get back homeward " . . . Kattar ' s noteworthy wall . . . Puerto Rican Power ... is there a Mac ' s order? . . . Maria from Groton . . . Butt Room transformed into obnoxio us green of sorts . . . Andy Ruth 1 1 1 muralizes . . . Prom: high point of term? . . . what ' s this-another date? ... big bang for future Bazaar . . . wombats . . . SATs . . . Rassman and Kranzler absent at assembly . . . give me five . . . who ' s on the list . . . check the stars . . . E.C. . . . tumors ... " I ' m very happy to announce that the new vice-president . . . " it ' s been a long cold lonely winter " . . . Yes I know that sunrise It ' s bound to shine in my backyard someday And the wind it will rise up And blow my blues away. " James Taylor Luis Crouch, Peggy Haskell, Sue Dampier, Tara Sartorius, Maggie Smith, Lucy Viele, Bea McConnie, Adison Techapaibul, Ann Wool- handler. Missing: Lynn Comley, Lillian Coolidge, Candy Kern, Kathy Kilborn i H Day Students 1st row; Anne Spader, Liz Spader, Mary Ann Sullivan, Cindy Johnson, Caroline Chisholm. 2nd row; Claudia Comins, Margaret Couch, Dianne DeLucia, Karen Pernokas, Amy Rogers, Susan Macartney, Joanne Mosca, Elizabeth Urdang, Pamela Caverly, Mary McCabe, Nancy Cohen, Selma Hershfield, Sara Ingram. 3rd row; Brett Cook, Martha Rogers, Vicki Harrison, Kim Grecoe, Elizabeth Kent, Jennifer McLean, Laurie Woodworth, Christina Landry, Joan Liversidge, Barbara Levine, Denise Mallen French 1st row; Lucy Gorham, Debra Roth, Rosalind Munro. 2nd row: Nina Dorsey, Mama Park, Brenda Friend, Pricilla Woods, Lucy Flint, Nanpy Pinks, Jane Dewey, Laurie Camosy, Susan Nast, Sandy Godfrey. Missing: Holly Cleveland, Cindy Olive, Jane MacDonald, Joyce Johnson, Susan Stone, Barbara Walker. Our story started off quietly for most members of the Junior Class. Shortly, however, an individual from the renowed Abbey House felt the need to distinguish its ' reputation. Thus we offer a reward to any girl who can tell us what really was in that paper bow. (A case for a true sleuth.) . . . The fall days became only a memory of the beautiful leaves blanketing the campus. The whirlwind of Christmas— and we were returning from vacation; all looking forward to ' tinter worm ' (as our fairy godmother would say). Abbey House continued to head the list of the ten most wanted houses. After creditable espionage work by ' unknown ' members of the ' staff, the notorious Abbey House ten were finally brought to justice. They are now members in good standing of the American Cancer Association . . . Shortly thereafter, Smoky Bear Pinks and mild mannered cronies extinguished an invisable fire in French House. (Many felt that they should have aimed in the direction of Abbey House.) . . . The atmosphere was tense; the rumors frequent— the big bust became a reality. No words can express how we felt as a whole or individually. But we left for spring vacation slightly changed . . . Spring term evaporated in a storm of events— Moratorium Day, Earth Day, students strikes all gave us an opportunity to show that apathy has not engulfed us all. Thus, towards the end we finally buckled down ... We thank several parties for keeping Honor Board active but ask that they concentrate on a different organization next year . . . Though fewer in number, we are greater in spirit .... Right on ' 72 -A-lDlDey 1st row: Susan Lilienthal, Gwen Fowlkes, Kathy Snowden, Alice Sweeney. 2nd row: Aleta Rey- nolds, Ellie Mish, Victoria John- son, Mellisa Baird, Linda Calvin, Lynn Graham, Sally Bloodgood, Susan Machie, Abby Shaine, Nadine Price, Libby Pennink, Ann Mendenhall, Penelope Stone, Helen Coxe, Liz Hall, Sandy Reynolds, Jess Straus, Karen Nourse. Missing: Jennifer Bloch, Mary Cummings, Babette Masse, Karen Awad, Dorothy Lagemann, Jeannie Russell, Kim Streeter Cixtler House 1st row; Lynn Brazer, Ginger Chapman, Wendy Aird, Jane Cashin 2nd row; Kate Tomlinson, Ha O ' brien, Barbara Willis, Charlotte Mason 3rd row; Karen Lewis, Mary Webb, Noreen Markley The first conquest is to find the rooms where your classes are . . . but how? The only rooms you know about are the rooms in your dorm or the daystudents room . . . The learning of names of your classmates . . . and remembering . . . following your old girl around the school and thinking you ' ll never make it because the school is just plain too big . . . and she ' s gabbing about Mr. this or Mrs. that and the frightening tales of initiation and the P. A. mixer and you keep asking " What ' s initiation and what ' s a P. A.? " . . . And then the famous mixer finally arrives . . . the auctioning off at the Addison Gallery and wondering who ' s going to ditch who first . . . and then the morning after . . . " Do you like him? " . . . " Did he, hmmm, assume you ' re a junior? " . . . " Did you get a handshake instead of a kiss? " . . . Then the sign-ups for the remaining dances of the year . . . Upper three classes . . . ONLY . . . The wondering of how you ' re going to last through four days of sports a week . . . outside ... as the days grow colder and colder . . . until Thanksgiving . . . Brrr! . . . and the faces are getting a little more familiar . . . Rumors of a Two A.M. fire drill and getting your coats and shoes out, thinking you ' re all prepared— it doesn ' t come . . . until that unexpected night . . . The continual breaking of those unheard of rules . . . Parents weekend . . . showing your parents the " New Abbot " yet you ' re still wondering what the " Old Abbot " was like . . . Learning the names of the Will Hall boys and actually finding yourself fighting over them . . . Sherman House vs. Cutler House vs. Day Students . . . but the faces are getting more familiar . . . the anticipation of the snow and then it finally comes . . . and comes and comes . . . " Why don ' t they call a snow day? " . . . Winter term is such a hum drum drum drum . . . but the faces are getting all the more familiar . . . The Prom; our envy of those upperclassmen and the closest you can ever get is serving ... oh well! There are always the tips! . . . The countdown until sprjng vacation ... 3 weeks ... 2 weeks . . . Spring Term! . . . pull yourselves out of the snow drifts . . . Spring fever sets in and P. A. seems all the more interesting . . . When is our next dance . . . And Graduation ... are we invited? . . . but as the year draws to a close you realize all you ' ve been through together . . . some things you laugh about . . . others you just think about . . . and the faces are actually familiar . . . Sherman House 1st row: Connie Petty, Buzzy Rollins, Susan Urie, Mardi Hudson 2nd row: Dorinda Davis, Susan Costa, Molly Prescott, Kathy D ' Abre, Kim Whittemore, Jane Pugh 3rd row: Betsy Coward, Liz Robert, Anne Weisman, Leila Percy .rffflfr. ■:fa W- % sd I.-V % ' il WW I I KH I ■v 3 ■ - ' » 4J C W -A ' .. M i • --• 103 We left with no thought of coming back, but soon we found ourselves to- gether again. It was our last Spring, and yet it seemed merely an extension of o ur last winter and our last fall. y n 104 We waited, with the distinct impression that the end of the waiting would be as nebulous as the thing we were waiting for. tf JIIII 105 Winter melted into Spring with scarcely a jolt, and the time slipped quickly towards that hour when we would leave the things and the people we had come to know and love. 106 Take what we can before the land says it ' s time to go Each to his own way— I don ' t mind Best of luck with what you find But for your own sake remember times we used to know. Jethro Tull 108 Fettrons Andover House of Carpets, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Broaddus Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Cleveland Dr. and Mrs. R.H. Clifton Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Contarino Mr. John Cox Mr. and Mrs. G.M. D ' Arcy A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gares Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hale Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Huttenberg Mr. and Mrs. George Ingram, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Johnston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John K. Jouett Mr. Charles L. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Knapp Mr. Joseph K. Lilly, III Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Lindgrove John S. Mason Alfred Naman Oscar R. Padjen L.R. Partridge Frank S. Perkin S.B. Pinks Flower Shop Robert A. Street Mr. and Mrs. Rainey S. Taylor, Jr. Mr. Alfred Tytell Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Urie Woolworths Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr, Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Olde Village Mr. and Mrs. 109 Emptiness is the Senior Parlor without the Seniors. Class of ' 71 110 ■ ■ Thanks to Franny for the Macs " The future is a mysteriously wonderful thing that pulls you away from your past. But don ' t forget the little things that were left behind. " Junior Class " the cherry bloom has gone— a temple in among the trees, is what it has become. From ' 73 to ' 70 111 ijiiiS§f%Pi ■lftjr Lawrence Ea peTHbiine Lawrence Eagle Tribune New England ' s largest daily OFFSET newspaper, serving Greater Lawrence, communities, in Essex County, Middlesex County and Southeastern New Hampshire. Winner of Editor Publisher award for outstanding offset color reproduction in its circulation class. 112 ' ■■% X V Webber Lumber Company Sheraton Rolling Green Motor Inn W. R. Hill, Inc. And over Best Wishes . . . Russems Lawrence Taylor Shop Andover The Shoe Tree Andover Andover Co-op | f Williams ' Andover I i Best Wishes to the Class of 1970 Dr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Rosen • 4 Construction Company, Inc. 2604 Washington Rd. Kenocha, Wisconsin 53140 general contractors Home and Abroad Andover Compliments of Jouett Insurance Agency, Inc. P.O. Box 270 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00801 Fieldstone ' s Andover 117 Special Thanks Anne Crowley Liza Gaines Rob Christie Grant Gibbons — for a good attempt Bill Brenizer Len Stewart The U-Room The Running Horse Farm 118 The Andover Shop Andover Cambridge Compliments of Cole ' s Nursing Home Inc. 10 Summer Street Andover, Mass. Fred and Terry MacDonald Lantern Brunch Inc. Olde Andover Village Andover, Mass. 01810 Compliments of Coffee Mill Restaurant Andover, Mass. . . . Fred and Terry MacDonald ) ■■■■ ■4 1 ' d J Compliments of Philip Keller Foundation North Andover, Mass. Billings, Inc. Andover Intimate Apparel for Mother and Daughter The Dame Shop, Inc. 48 Main St. Andover, Mass. Tel. 475-1658 Grecoe Jeweler Official School Jewelry Jewelers Opticians Certified Repair Service 46 Main Street Andover, Mass. Andover Bookstore, Inc. Andover 120 K. P. Thompson Andover The Yankee Lady Andover School Portraits — Specialty LOOK Photo Service PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 93 Main St. Andover, Mass. 475-1452 475-2232 Sam ' s Delicatessen Andover Smart and Flagg The Insurance Office for over 100 years Olde An dover Village 91 main St. Andover Tel. 475-6161 Compliments of The Andover Gift House Phinney ' s Radio — Television — Stereo Sales and Service Complete Line Records 24 Park St. Andover, Mass. 475-1175 Lelia ' s Andover, Inc. House of Clean Andover Macartney ' s Casual Clothes for Young Ladies 122 Best of luck to the class of ' 70 The Day Students Kl.j A psi-i y) i ' £ v . Interior Designers and Home Furnishers The Studio Shoppe, Inc. America ' s Finest Furniture 85 Manchester St. Lawrence, Mass. Francis T. Niziak Pres. Tres. -V ■ Pikk ARABIANS All breeds of horses have some Arabian blood. For your selection choose ARABIAN HORSES which have 100% Arabian blood. You can enjoy all the qualities for which these fine horses have been famous for centuries. Top bloodlines in the remarkable animals are available at SHEHEMANO FARM 256 Tanglewood Drive North Canton, Ohio 44720 H. E. Markley, Owner Phone: 216-499-6273 a • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina LINWOOD R, CARD, PORTLAND, MAINE ¥ ' " ■ ' Ifp, ' rjMK • v i Wl X V .. UV ■teiSa «flSf» I fetf ..:

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