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% - • r y» v . ■fSBE . £ ■ . " ♦J |J. — . y i£ • ' ¥ ' jto?Km- M ' (3» fipr WJ T. » 7 h 1 m « M MUM % r ■If 1 r J? t W i k j r : |fl i ' I If f ■ % 1 ' ' ' • ' ■:■■• i j • jj$ ' l " " w ■ " C in M .... f ■ ji ?le . . ■ t Editor Margaret Howes Art Elizabeth Samel Photography Deborah Marum Wendy Ewald Literary Anne Dillard Ann Aldrich Jacqueline Frazier Business Jessica Leuenberger Mary Schiavoni Faculty Advisor Mrs. Robert Ceely 33 - 81 SENIORS FACULTY 17 - 31 UNDERCLASSMEN S3 - ©5 ©e - 107 ATHLETICS 4 - j| r 10s - lao ACTIVITIES 9999999999999p9999J9999u aL9 9 9 9 9 9 S 5 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 6 9 fc 9999 ' 99§b 999999P999999 v .9999999999999 99 9999- 99999999999999 999999 9 999i -, — ] .--S . ■ i ' V v ' - .. - — — — 1 -ii-tmrl-ii- i ttJiJ t J JiJ.f.juuuuJ . -i , ADVERTISEMENTS iai - 132 WWSfeK mm. " " ■ We returned for our last big year. We knew that suspended sensation between summer and the Fall Term ahead. We knew what was to come and, for the most part, it looked good. Those of us who ' d been here for three years had known two different admini- strations and the prospect of the third one was promising. We had a young headmaster, and the challenge of shaping a new beginning. September 17,1968 ' tlie beginning . . . " As I watch the moon Shining on pain ' s myriad paths, I know I am not Alone involved in Autumn Oe No Chisato Human Relations happened in the Fall and all of us were scared or nervous " Meet people " they said so we said hellos and fell into T groups (Sensitivity Training) " What animal do you think you are like? " Trust and mistrust, personal experiences, feelings, emotions, fears. Anger and hurt " Confront each other- find out why you each feel the way you do. " Many floundered in the quicksand of emotion caused by the removal of all intellectual fencing. " Who is the most important person in the world to you? " " Me? " " I like you. " Some cried. Not many laughed. Finally, exhausted, we formed a big friendship circle and stood quietly with each other, drained. • Jt SL Or L . 1L 9 m : ' r ' M « ,v l " «fl£ " 5 End of Fall Term The wealth of enthusiasm over a new way of life at Abbot burst into mixed feelings as Fall term progressed. Student Government exploded into two wary factions and a movement for serious evaluation started. The power shifted hands quickly and a new era began. All was not trauma, however. Witness: Due to circumstances beyond our control occurred: Wild Bird Pie Party, mock elections, and Long Lasting After-Effects of History Exams. The highlight of our career was changing the furniture in the faculty room— with the recompense of no T.V. or mail. The call of the outdoors was strong, and sleeping in the courtyard, a snow dance before field day and fire escape activities satisfied our Pantheistic desires. " Jabberwocky " accompanied Come Ye Thankful at Thanksgiving Vespers, and P. A. came through in the end with carols and serenading and a pre-Christmas snowball fight. We left for a much-needed Christmas vacation with the Halleluia Chorus ringing in our ears and a great deal of hope for a real NEW YEAR. 11 Winter Term We started on the assumption that we had blown it and the hope that we would create a new Abbot, with a capital A, one b, and two t ' s, if necessary. We presented the student body with a big question mark, and for a term we ran a mara- thon questionnaire. " What kind of government do you want? " , " Are you in favor of co-ordinate ed- ucation? " , " Would you like to have upperclass- men proctor in underclass dorms as well as house- mothers? " Town meetings and re-evaluation committees gave every student a chance to voice her opinion before the new constitution was written. The out- come of this action was a government that better reflected the desires and needs of the students and a new respect for Student Government. We received two creative days, the beginning of co-ordinate class scheduling with P. A., con- crete proposals for our school through exchanges with other schools, and FOUR MORTON STREET. Dedicated to Hedonism are the following: the Senior ski trip, Rowen and Yeaton Laugh-in, Pig- let on the tricycle, the Senior Snack Bar, and the Prom. Attributed to the Great White Father— four feet of snow, deposited at convenient intervals. The most frequented day spot continued to be the Mill; the night spot, the Senior Parlor. The zilch, kitchen raiding, full bippies, movie watch- ing (Fall of the Wild) and MacDonald feasts were inspiration for theatre of the absurd plays. It was the ' Time of the Season ' for an exhibitionist on School Street, and seven-course dinners in 4 Morton Street and in the Alcove ' s frying pan. Contusions and Abrasions abounded, and Helene ' s singing echoed in the purple-dyed corri- dors. 10:30 curfew on Saturday nights was en- joyed by some— others heeded the cry of kitchen duty or knit one, bead two. We left for Spring vacation after four too many history papers and one anti-climatic week. We had only one term left to go and the weariness and satisfaction of the two behind us made us realize how little time we had left. 12 ' . ' 13 14 It was a long and difficult year; some of us were hurt by lessons we learned too well. Now we wonder what we are leaving behind. Whether it is good or bad, we know we did what we could in our own ways. We graduate with hope and under- standing that while we learn from the past, we must look to the future for the meaning of our lives. We believe in it . . . And so we dedicate this book to the future. 15 MLLE GERMAINE -A.R.OS-A. When Mademoiselle Arosa leaves Abbot, we will lose an excellent teacher and a dynamic individual. Her unforgettable wit and enthusiasm combined with her talent for imper- sonation not only aided her students through reams of French grammar, but also captivated the whole school at her farewell performance. Mad- emoiselle Arosa believes that life is giving; there can be no estimate of her gift to the faculty and students of Abbot. Principal Donald A. Gordon If you can dream— and not make dreams your master; If you can think— and not make thoughts your aim, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those imposters just the same .... Rudyard Kipling 18 Dean of Academics Miss Eleanor Tucker Dean of Students Miss Christine Von Epercom Head of Permissions Mrs. Dudley Fitts Dean of Admissions Mrs. Ford Duncan Director of Food and Housing Mrs. Lynwood Howard ■ mm Alumnae Secretary Miss Jane Sullivan 20 Mrs. Timothy Home Mrs. Robert Ceely Chairman Mrs. John Sisson Mrs. Malcolm Johnston Miss Jean St. Pierre Missing: Mrs. Bruce Bugby Mr. Garret Kaufmann 21 fj Mile. Marie Barratte Chairman Mile. Germaine Arosa Mrs. Christopher Kirkland Mrs. Wayne Fredericks Chairman Miss Dorothy Judd Mrs. Jon Kaiser Mrs. Donald Burgy Chairman Mrs. Marion G. DeGavre 23 Mrs. John Bennett Mr. James Lynch Chairman Miss Carolyn Goodwin Miss Ruth Harris • V Mrs. James Whyte Chairman Mrs. Joel Salon Mrs. Robert Hoyt Music Miss Margot Warner, Mrs. Charles Stahle, Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Art Mrs. Harford Powel Speech and Play Production Miss Meriby Sweet Photography Miss Wendy Snyder Wk: Modem Art Mrs. Stephen Perrin 27 Religion Mr. Frederick Pease Infirmary Miss Kathrine Ayre, Miss Marian Perkins Physical Education R to L: Mrs. Angel Rubio, Miss Shirley Ritchie, Mrs. Fred Harrison, Mrs. J. Kenrick Butler. Bookstore Mrs. Dorothy Quintal Mrs. Edgar Johanson Librarians Mrs. James Couch Mrs. Ronald Valentine Draper Housemothers R to L: Mrs. John Rose-Dilly, Mrs. Stanley N. Mumma, Mrs. Gerald Trenbath Seated: Miss Irma Clarke Missing: Mrs. Glenora Chittick Outside House Housemothers R to L: Mrs. Estelle Goggin, Miss Laura Parker, Mrs. Capin Abbott Seated: Mrs. Olga Tompkins 30 Off Grixetrd :. M 00Wmmimmmm Ann Alexandra Aldrich 17 Ridge Road Bronxville, New York What has she got in that little blonde head? Wonderful thoughts which can never be said. Barbara Jane Allen 103 South 21st Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Once upon a time Loving set me free Rod McKuen 34 Margaret Ann Beal 260 East Chestnut Street Chicago, Illinois Love is something so divine, Description would but make it less; Tis what I feel, but can ' t define Tis what I know, but can ' t express. Beilby Porters Nancy Gwyne Belcher 554 Valley Road New Cannan, Conneticut It is not raining rain to me, It ' s raining daffodils; In every dimpled drop I see Wild flowers on the hills. Robert Loveman Nancy Macfarland Bennett 1012 Trenton Place Wilmington, Delaware I don ' t care who I am Where I go or why Just as long as the sun can shine I ' d rather live than die. Jay Wendy Nye Bensley 143 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts 36 In the sun that is young only once, Time let me play and be Golden in the mercy of his means. Dylan Thomas J V Diane Elizabeth Best 33 Sears Road Wayland, Massachusetts I had wanted a quite testament and I had wanted, among other things, a song. Robert Creeley 37 Barbara Niles Bitner 6 Hemlock Drive Greenwich, Connecticut I will be the gladdest thing under the sun. I will touch a hundred flowers, but not pick one. Bonnie Joan Bodenrader 11 Castle Heights Road Andover, Massachusetts You will always find some Eskimos ready to instruct the Congolese on how to cope with heat waves. St. Martin ' s w. % Katharine Wingate Boynton 32 Long Point Avenue Duxbury, Massachusetts Three things filled this day for me, Three common things filled this day, Cows on a hillside all one way, A buttercup tilted seductively, And a lark arguing with the sun. Joseph Auslander Diana Cristina Brainerd 97 Reservation Road Andover, Massachusetts . . .my object in living is to unite my avocation with my vocation. . . Robert Frost Corless Anne Brown 1 Indian Hill Cobleskill, New York Some seeds the birds devour, And some the season mars, But here and there will flower The solitary stars. A.E. Housman Nancy Butterfield 61 Court Street Exter, New Hampshire A little ray of sunshine A little bit of soul And just a touch of magic . . . The Mamas and the Papas Carolyn Dale Cain 21 Lantern Lane Weston, Massachusetts The one damn time (7th inning) standing up to get a hotdog someone spills mustard all over me. Robert Creely Anne Jordan Cashin ACCRA Department of State Washington, D.C. there were lights and laughter at the feast and the motions to and fro of the people as they go And there were many voices at the feast But I remember yours— who spoke the least. Witter Bynner 41 Jennifer Cecere 211 South 18th Street Richmond, Indiana I ' m looking up and at the sky, To hear such wondrous voice, Puzzly, puzzle, wonder why, I hear but have no choice. John Lennon Diane Alyse Coggan 101 Florence Road Lowell, Massachusetts What was our trust, we trust not, What was our faith, we doubt Whether we must or not We may debate about. M. Bishop Susan Regina Cohen 208 Kenpza Avenue Haverhill, Massachusetts Teach me to hear mermaids singing Or to keep off envy ' s stinging And find What wind Serves to advance an honest mind. John Donne Marjorie Lois Cummings 112 Mayflower Hill Drive Waterville, Maine When the voices of children are heard on the green And laughing is heard on the hill My heart is at rest within my breast And everything else is still. William Blake I Susan Curry 1 Welthian Court East Greenwich, Rhode Island . . .oceanchild, calls me So I sing a song of love, . . .seashell eyes, windy smile, calls me, So I sing a song of love The Beatles Madelon Mary Curtis 543 Andover Street Lowell, Massachusetts Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Doctor Seuss Sheila Ann Donald 1684 East 81st Street Cleveland, Ohio This world belongs to the energetic. Ralph Waldo Emerson Anne Clay Dillard Blue Hill Millwood, Virginia Rejoice at your life, for The Time is more advanced Than you would think. Marilyn Grace Dow Blue Mill Road Morristown, New Jersey An un ' xtinguished laughter shakes the skies. Homer Janice Eklund 21 Galligan Road Lowell, Massachusetts I dare a man to say I ' m too young, for I ' m going to try for the sun. Donovan Deborah Leslie Elliott Box 1852 Delran, Aramco Saudia Arabia Virtue and genuine graces in themselves Speak what no words can utter. William Shakespeare Nancy Jane Ettele 19 Chester Road Darien, Connecticut Perhaps the sea ' s definition of a shell is the pearl. Perhaps time ' s definition of coal is the diamond. Kahil Gibran J 47 Wendy Taylor Ewald 284 Moross Road Grosse Pointe, Michigan Two roads diverged in a wood, And I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all difference. Robert Frost Joan Cammie Faro 11 Marilyn Road Andover, Massachusetts Little Charlie Chipmunk was a talker! Mercy me! He chattered after breakfast, and He chattered after tea! Helen Cowles Lecron Jacquelyn Gay Frazier Calderwoods Far Hills, New Jersey The mouse that roared. Lord Wibberley Margaret Rowland Gay South Bristol, Maine The truest wisdom, in general, is a resolute determination. Napoleon Marianne Gerschel 755 Park Avenue New York, New York I am a part of all I have met; Yet all experience is an arch where thro ' Gleams that untravelled world whose margins fades Forever and forever when I move. Alfred Lord Tennyson Elaine Ann Giblin 5 Hidden Road Andover, Massachusetts Be not like a stream that brawls Loud with shallow waterfalls, But in quite self— control Link together soul and soul. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Sara Lee Gray 164 Middle Street Old Town, Maine Not that she loved work less, she loved fun more. Elizabeth Melanie Gifford Brooks School North Andover, Massachusetts I had rather be any kind o ' thing than a fool; and yet I would not be thee, uncle. Thou hast pared thy wit o ' both sides, and left nothing; in the middle. ,.,.,,. William Shakespeare Eleanor Marie Haynes Wilmington, Vermont Jill came from the Fair with her pennies all spent; She had had her full share of delight and content. Eleanor Farjeon 52 Susan Waite Gurganus 3 Beechcrest Lane Cincinnati, Ohio What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. They are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life ' s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. Addison Gali Lynn Hagel 670 Solano Prado Old Cutler Bay Coral Gables, Florida When he brings home a whale, she laughs and says, that ' s not for real. Robert Creely Jane Heifetz 3 Heather Drive Andover, Massachusetts One of the pleasantest things in the world is going a journey; But I like to go by myself. Delphine Kan Ho 25 Stanley Village Road Hong Kong Hiding in a bunch of lilies, pretenting to be embarrassed. . . she peeks out to smile. Li Po Frances Lefferts Hoff Box 164 Setauket, L.I., New York The worst day of all is the day in which we do not laugh. 54 4 Margaret Ellen Howes 351 Lake Park Drive Birmingham, Michigan So there you are— stark raving sane. Tom Stoppard Elizabeth Cashing Hoover 268 Rose Lane North Canton, Ohio When you ask why I dwell here docile among the far green hills, I laugh in my heart. My heart is happy. Li Po 55 ik ' - 9 ' :T% ' TO i, i it Ellen Vail Junker 33 North Main Street Southampton, New York The light of love, the purity of grace, The mind, the music breathing from her face, The heart whose softness harmonized the whole,— And oh, that eye was in itself a soul! Lord Byron Helene Katherine Jenkins 970 Lincoln Place Brooklyn, New York Living with yesterday will get you through tomorrow. Mary Louise Ketcham 1 Cherry Lane Westfield, New Jersey You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will, But the scent of roses will hang ' round it still. Thomas More « ■ ' Linda Lacouture 240 West Dixon Avenue Dayton, Ohio Always laughing, never sad. . . sometimes naughty— never bad Jessica Florence Leuenberger 1975 Garland Street Denver, Colorado I wept because I had no shoes, and then I met a man who had no feet. Unknown Margaret Sater Lord 120 Ten Acre Road New Britan, Conneticut to see, to speak, to laugh, that is the substance of me. Carol Loebel Topsfield Road Boxford, Massachusetts What in the light ' s form finds her face, makes of her eyes the simple grace. e.e. cummings 59 . t% Deborah Michele Marum 58 High Plain Road Andover, Massachusetts Somewhere a magnificent tiger walks crystalline in the sun. E. Junker A V j | -%. Susan McArdle 47 Central Street Andover, Massachusetts But it ' s difficult to catch an excited sort of beetle you ' ve mastaken for a match. A. A. Milne 60 Deborah Robbins McClure Box 108 Northfield, Vermont There must be magic, Otherwise, How could day turn to night? And how could sailboats, Otherwise, Go sailing out of sight? 61 Elizabeth Kemp Miller Greene, Maine There must have been a moment, at the beginning, when we could have said— no But somehow we missed it. Tom Stoppard 1 i m i Jr.. mu Katrina Moulton 370 Beacon Street Boston, Massachusetts Life is like an onion; You peel it off one layer at a time, And sometimes you weep. Carl Sandburg Georganne Mueller 5 Cedar Street Camden, Maine What are you playing at? Words, words. They ' re all we have to go on. Tom Stoppard Carol Hodgdon Nimick 712 Irwin Drive Sewickly, Pennsylvania Let us, then be up and doing. With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still persuing, Learn to labour and to wait. Henry Longfellow 63 Alison Jean Nourse Calumet Lane Marblehead, Massachusetts I make it my rule, to lay hold of light and embrace it, whence I see it, though held forth by an child or an enemy. President Edwards Helen Adams Paffard 106 Beaver Road Sewickly, Pennsylvania Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule. Alice Ann Petree Covered Bridge Road Stocton, New Jersey Wonderland is still there waiting, Alice, It didn ' t die with Marilyn or Kennedy (though the Rolling Stones have killed it once or twice)it ' s living somewhere in the sticks. Rod Mc Kuen Cameron Peters 201 Dale Street North Andover, Massachusetts King: Margaret, they tell me that you ' re something of a scholar. Margaret: Among women I pass for one, Your Grace. A Man for All Seasons Robert Bolt S3 V A " ■■« J m mrn X? ■ l. ' r 65 Mary Catherine Phinney 59 Farrwood Avenue North Andover, Massachusetts So little girl. . .make wishes, or prayers. Be careful, be careless, be what you wish to be. Maria Emilia Pico 2059 Cacique Street Santurce, Puerto Rico Alright if all the hippies cut off their hair, I don ' t care, I don ' t care. Dig, ' cos I got my own world to live through and I ain ' t gonna copy you. . Jimi Hendricks 66 Dorethea Eaglesf ield Rees 157 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts I had a pleasant time with my mind, for it was happy. Louisa May Alcott Enid Rockwell Pine Brook Road Bedford, New York From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere. Dr. Seuss 67 Stephanie May Ross Main Street West Hampstead, New Hampshire " Our helper He a-mid the floods " , wafted out across the commons in the tempo of a football march. . . John Knowles Elizabeth Linn Rowen 20 Spring Park Avenue Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts And what you want is to give more than you can get. . .And nothing can harm you-unless you change yourself into a thing of harm nothing can harm you- Carl Sandburg 68 Elizabeth Susan Samel 33 Houston Avenue Methuen, Massachusetts Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. Mark Twain Deanne Bryant Sawyer 1 Peabody Street North Reading, Massachusetts Burning with pain, I brought the honey home. My eyes closed with pain, I followed the voice. For the bee flew over me singing, It found our honey. James Michner 69 Mary Elizabeth Schiavoni 96 Haseltine Street Bradford, Massachusetts This is your special day- Today was made for you, Every color, every hue, should Proudly be arrayed for you. Louis Untermeyer Nancy Steele 601 Woodland Drive Greensboro, North Carolina Were I myself more blithe more the gay cavalier I would sit on a chair and blow bubbles into the air. Robert Creely Mary Scott Stewart P.O. Box 66 Easton, Maryland What makes you dream, pretty girl? What is your heart ' s desire? The Sandpipers Mary Julia Stichnoth Box 255 Lincolndale, New York And on that cheek, and o ' er that brow, so soft so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, The tints that glow. Lord Byron 71 Sarah Sykes 167 Pleasant Street Bass River, Massachusetts m What they ought to do is cross electric blankets with toasters and pop people out of bed in the morning. Helen True Pamela Gillingham Teal 8540 53rd Center N.E. Seattle, Washington Were there a heaven I would have gone long ago— I think that light Is the final image. Robert Creely V v .,. 72 Jenifer Robertson Treneer 1805 Green leaf Boulevard Elkart, Indiana A tree can be a different kind of friend. It doesn ' t talk to you, but you know it likes you, because it gives you apples. . . or pears. . . or cherries. . .or, sometimes, a place to swing. Joan Walsh Anglung i. .»,tflrtf . Catherine Warren Viele 63 Argyle Park Buffalo, New York I see a land where children can run free. Exodus Jennifer Lins Van Anda 247 Germonds Road West Nyack, New York Most arts require long study and application; but the most useful art of all, that of pleasing, requires only the desire. Charles Reade 74 Leslie Ellen Weidenman Midlane South Syosset, New York If life an empty bubble be How sad for those who connot see The rainbow in the bubble. A.L. Gordon Sandra Vail Waugh 249 Old South Road Southport, Conneticut We spun about, Till the whole world was flying with laughter, And looked up to the sky That fled by on Lancer ' s feet. And somewhere I heard The piping of Pan. Ellen Junker I ' i, Lindsay Lane Whitcomb 61 1 Dorseyville Road Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Never a lip was curved with pain That can ' t be kissed into smiles again. Francis Hart Janice Natalie Wohlgethan Box 1733 c o Aramco Dhahran, Saudia Arabia I am the Lizard King. I can do anything. The Doors Dale Collins Woods 417 North Fifth Street Indiana, Pennsylvania For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. Kahil Gibran Suzanne Nash Yeaton 14 West Knoll Road Andover, Massachusetts I wish my home were as big as a hotel so that all my friends might live within. Splendor in the Grass Best Sykes Best Sykes Secret Sharer Paul Brown Barefoot in the Park Bensley Dow Curry Teal ' ve Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me Whitcomb, Wohlgethan, Sykes The Sun Also Rises Paffard Weidenman Hoover Haynes A Thousand Clowns The Senior Class Misty Dow Woods Beal Loebel Purple Haze Cecere Cecere Cecere The Fan- tastiks Aldrich Jenkins Bodenrader Donald Exodus Weekends Coggan Cohen Marum Samel Heifetz Gerschel Steele Bodenrader Animal Farm The Dining Room 78 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Best Pico Hagel McArdle Gene Hospital Gerschel Gerschel Gerschel r a I I Heard it Through the Grap e- vine Gray Ross Gray The Zoo Story The Alcove Mrs. Sisson ' s Tuesday English Class Senior Parlor 1 1 a i ting Godot Coggan Dillard Howes for Laugh- In Rowen Treneer Hagel Steele For Whom the Bel I Tolls Wohlgethan Cash in Masse Kitchen Raiders Send Me Flowers Howes Leuenberger Waugh Best No Gone With The Wind Barr O ' Hagan Shagnan Buchanan Mugler Marx Prout Wei man Santos Whipple Masters Titcomb Fitzgerald Smith, Loring Witherspoon Rueda Smith, Lovetta Brummer Kelley Fink Liberatore McCleod Bowles Masse Dr. No. Rizzo Ramsdell Long Day ' s Journey Into Night History Papers Sex and the Single Girl Mrs. Bennett £E The Name of the Game History of Art Best and Curry Check-outs With a Little Help From My Friends Ewald Wohlgethan The Spy Who Came in from The Cold Mrs. Johnston Miss Von E. War and Peace Ewald Young and Passionate Aldrich Brainerd Peters r- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Moulton Faro 80 Lrjffii Sports Illus- trated Gurganus Sawyer Donald Leaving on a Jet Plane Gerschel Pico I Funny Girl Heifetz Brainerd Lacouture :. I. Bookends Frankie and Julie Paradise Lost Faculty Room Phone CORE k Little Women Belcher Boynton Haynes Lord The Group Jenkins HHnun Mission Impos- sible The Agony and the Abbot Ecstasy June 7, 1969 April 15 Waiting for Mac ' s Class Plays Breakfast at Tif- fany ' s Bennett Butterfield Moulton Blood, Sweat, and Tears Moulton Gray Night Flight Day Studs MacDonald ' s 81 •- •J Hit « -■way ■s 0f • Kgy. j» • ' ., • First Floor Senior Mids First Row: P. Huttenberg; S. Lindgrove; A. Ben- rends; M. Boynton. Second Row: P. Sandford; M. Lawton; N. Quick; L. Sweitzer; A. Smith; E. Huhn. Standing: L. D ' Arcy; S. Stein; D. Prudden; S. Hoy; M. Rickenbacker; W. Underhill; N. Grassi. Second Floor Senior Mids First Row: A. Ruff; S. Joseph; L. Doyle; A. Kramer; K. Giesemann; A. Gares; R. Ingraham; S. Gun; A. Salam; E. Straus; A. Freeman; M. Cheney; L. Breed. Second Row: Y. Bissell; H. Bennett; T. Solomon; S. Johnston; D. Bernton; J. Bailey. Third Row: S. Dantos; M. Rosen; A. Snelling; S. Urie; A. Hale. Missing: A. Rudolph. Third Floor Senior Mids First Row: K. McDaniels; C. Stone; M. Markley; T. Hinkle; E. Andrews; C. Johnson; M. Brook; C. Steele; G. Armsden. Second Row: D. Davison; A. Crowley; D. Watson; J. Jouett; S. Perkin;S. Cleve- land; A. Taylor. Third Row: P. Mendenhall; A. Baldwin; A. Nicholson; G. Luster; J. Williams; V. Knap p; D. Chisholm; E. Gaines; P. Cerf. Missing: A. Hale. Senior Mid Day Students First Row: K. Durham; S. Rowan. Second Row: J. Hogan; F. Amore; D. Maloney; J. Cohen; D. Anton; L. Contarino; T. Elliott; D. Naman; J. Swift. Third Row: G. Smith; C. Niziak; S. Bowen; D. Collins; L. Moore; C. Johnson; P. Mallen. It was A.G. I, for whatever that would be worth. A time for new faces, new places, new feelings . . . It was great to know we could break away almost any weekend we wanted- Freedom! The Day-Stud Room Became a den of iniquity as the class buttfiends established themselves in a cloud of smoke. Blind Munchies sprang up from the dunes of Crane ' s Beach to conquer the mysterious castle. " Mix-mix, mingle-mix " — would you believe the annual P. A. rock-out in Davis Hall — a blast? " Spoon a prune a day my little chickadee. " " Did you see who walked her back from chapel? " " Get a load of those sandy clams! " First Term Officers: D. Rudolph, S. Urie (Pres.), D. Prudden. Second Term Off icers: 1st Row: D. Rudolph, M. Cheney (Pres.). 2nd Row: D. Prudden, S. Cleveland. Up with mushy-mush!!! It was Parents; Weekend and what could we say except that it was one hell of a weekend And Then we wondered whether those great expectations we had felt the first few weeks were so great. It was an awkward month and the turkey time break was a welcome relief. We returned only to find ourselves in the midst of the midterm grind. Then there was the class play or was there? " Hark the Herald Angels shout, No more days ' till we get out. There will be no peace for men, Abbot girls are out again. " One down and two to go! Once again, we returned with expectations- Things had to get better. They couldn ' t get any worse. January was a blank nothing. With a new month there were new things. For fond admirers of entities on the Hill an extra hour on Saturday night could mean a lot! It started to snow and snow and snow No Classes!!!!! Snowball fights on the Sacred Circle. Two whole days to create and an extra one attached for " independent study " . " Does he or doesn ' t he? " -Abbot Prom ' 69 We crawled into McKeen Saturday morning for our S. A. T. ' S— Toothpicks in hand to keep our eye-lids open. It was the midnight hour as our own Smokey the Bear did her own thing! " Goood things are busting out all over! " Two down and one to go! And then it was Spring 85 Day Students L to R: J. Liversidge, D. E. Hill, M. McCabe. lallen. S. Hershfield, C. Comins, J. Tatleman, L. Russem, B. Levine. D. Sammataro, L. Bistany, Abbey House Front Row: H. Lacouture, A. Hyde, B. Rassman, A. Galusha, L. Hynson, B. McConnie, C. Moulton M. Walker. Back Row: M. Stever, l ' Schultz, K. Ho, D. Street, ' S. Browning, H. Kropp, S. Salmon, P. Haskell, C. Lund, D. Sailing, M. Treneer, L. Comley, J. Kranzler, J. Fletcher, G. Ridd, A. Johnson, S. Gay. Second Term Officers L to R : N. Phillips, B. Richards (Pres.) , S. Rollins. First Term Officers Standing: Pt. Teal, S. McCouch. Seated: C. Pollard (pres.) French House L to R: S. Dampier, S. Rollins, R. Raser, J. Martin, C. Pollard, D. Huntington, L. Pope, T. Sartorius, C. Kennedy, S. McCouch, Pt. Teal, S. Foord, S. Ingram, N. Phillips, F. Baxter, T. Wasilewski, M. Partridge. 89 And . . . Honor is not Dead! Scarves were made for all P. A. For their cold necks we knit away And Shirley H. Gay wed on her birthday. At the lamentable death of Anastasia Sara Ingram had a mild heart failiah. Initiation was smokey and chocolatey, too, But all the new girls did pull through. P. A. boys were warned one day That away from French House they must stay. (Mrs. Abbot and Dr. Chase collaborated to keep us chaste.) 90 In study hall We had a ball. We drove Ma Parker Up the wall. Sex education proved quite a success To keep the Juniors out of a mess. Praise the Lord, Oh my soul, At Christmas Vespers From our lips did roll. The Junior class play Was deemed a success With acting and lollypops Both at their best. For water conservation We get a star. With three in a shower Water goes far. Abbey House was all in dismay When they found their kitchen had been taken away. With enthusiasm we went into prom- serving. With courage we faced an experience unnerving. We began to calculate and deduct So that our math projects we could construct. 91 Sherman House Row 1: S. Reynolds, M. Baird Row 2: L. Spinosa, A. Sweeney Row 3: E. Mish, L. Pennink Row 4: C. Olive, E. Hall, S. Machie, L. Brecheen, B. Shapiro, K. Nourse, A. Shaine, B. Masse, K. Lilly. Missing: K. Streetter. First Term Officers M. Couch (Pres.), H.Coxe, E. Padjen. Cutler House Row 1 : K. Snowden, D. Roth, J. Russell Row 2: A. Reynolds, H. Coxe, S. Dougherty, S. Godfrey Row 3: T. Walker, L. Calvin, M. Parke 1 1 1 o ffj L 1 n Jkk Bk • 1 Jm ce W 1 1 92 Day Students 1st Row: J. Rappaport, L. Spader, K. Brainerd, J. Gibert, M. Rogers. 2nd Row: V. Harrison, N. Axelrod, A. Broaddus, A. Phillips. 3rd Row: E. Padjen, B. Urdang. 4th Row: R. Bodenrader, M. Couch, S. Eusden. Missing: J. Mosca. Second Term Officers M. Baird (Pres.), A. Broaddus, E. Hall. You ' re so nervous when you arrive you can ' t really see who the people are and where your room is and you keep wondering how that one upperclassman knows your name and where you ' re from and everything else until you ' re re- minded for the umpteenth time that she ' s your old girl and the haze remains until perhaps three mornings later when you ' re finally in the right class with the right teacher and the right book and the right state of mind to begin . . . finally — and so you do but before you know it you ' re being asked to write passionate love letters to cer- tain unsuspecting souls from P. A. and stuff crack- ers in your mouth and whistle or chew three pieces of bubble gum and make it bubbleable and then you begin learning some of the rules— re- member next time there ' s a bell ringing at 2 a.m. it ' s a fire drill not a broken clock and be sure to put your tie shoes on and run up to Draper back- wards or something and you have experienced the tie shoes long enough to rejoice when the rule is abolished. And eventually around your third week you ' re begging Miss von E. to come hear the house out about the roommate situation and you wonder who all those people in the Sherman Rec. Room are and what they think they ' re doing until you find out it ' s the Prep day studs ' room, oh well— soon you acquire the idea that you ' re old and experienced and it ' s high time you broke a rule even if it may be a trivial one so you go out to the hockey field with the rest of your daring friends and make all possible noise so as to attract those great Will Hall type lovers. It ' s always worked, at least until you got caught, in which case you mumble something about just being a Prep and not knowing better— which doesn ' t al- ways work. Of course there ' s always the classic P. A. mixer which consists of two problems— one geographical: Davis Hall? Where ' s that?, the other the habit of mixing the wrong mixed-up people. But the discussion following is really the best part— my toes are killing me! He wanted to be a Businessman! His peach fuzz kept tickling me blahblahblah and yet the academic life if flower- ing—have you done section 56 yet? Oh, we are only on 48? What does she mean do a speech on a controversial topic and have everyone convinced of your argument in 3 m inutes? And the creative days— are the Greek Classical Period type term papers creative? And the year progresses on with small joys of life like thinking the thumping in your walls at night was your friend in the next room spelling something in the code until one day you walk into your room and find a couple of men with exterminating devices. 93 By now you ' re into the spirit of Abbot and you get so deeply involved with the politics and government of the school and so upset that you don ' t have a chance to voice your opinions that when you do— you forget them! and yet life con- tinues with the small compensations like knowing next year you won ' t be the youngest and the year after that you won ' t have to go to study hall and in the one last year after that you ' re going to be a senior and you ' re hoping your class can be half as good as this year ' s senior class at remembering you, too, were once a prep. 94 95 i m mmmmm ef0 » «. . w 1 4| % J 4, ft 1 % T- ■ , . --«• »,, I E W " Griffin Captain Sue Gurganus and Caesar AAA Sara Gray (Pres.) Happy Paffard Deane Sawyer Griffin Cheerleaders Left to Right: Debbie Sammataro, Joan Faro, Madelon Curtis, Leslie Weidenman, Lindsay Whitcomb, Amy Baldwin, Nancy Phillips, Susan Foocd, Jessie Leuenberger. Itli ' % T ■ Gargoyle Captain Sheila Donald and Lister Gargoyle Cheerleaders Bottom to top: Helene Jenkins, Dale Woods, Debbie Prudden, Alice Petree, Liza Gaines, Lisa Contarino, Sondra Johnson, Toby Solomon, Melanie Rosen. G-RIiF ' jF ' lJNrS Front Row: Jessie Leuenberger, Mary Stewart, Betty Huhn, Marilyn Dow Back Row: Nancy Bennett, Marcie Rickenbacker, Carol Nimick, Durrie Watson, Jenny Martin, Ann Phillips, Sue Gurganus. Front Row: Sheila Donald, Virginia Knapp, Dean Sawyer, Alice Petree, Margie Lord, Jennifer Van Anda Back Row: Sally Browing, Helen Jenkins, Jena Treneer, Claudia Comins, Sue Cleveland, Debbie Huntington, Liza Gaines, Happy Paffard, Wendy Ewdld, Fiona Baxter Missing: Beth Samel " . ' . G-RIiririisrs Front Row: Jackie Frazier, Chris Pollard, Debbie McClure, Katrina Moulton, Lindsay Whitcomb. Back Row: Sue Curry, Lucy Pope, Ptarmigan Teal, Mary Phinney, Cindy Niziak, Madelon Curtis, Leslie Weidenman, Lynn Rowen. a--A.R,a-OYi .:E]s Front Row: Linda Moore, Suzy Rowen, Cameron Peters, Margaret Gay, Denny Maloney. Back Row: Suzy McCardle, Lynn D ' Arcy, Nancy Ettele, Sara Gray, Susan Cohen, Diane Coggan, Gretchen Smith. Missing: Sue Yeaton. G-RIiririi - s Front Row: K. Moulton, M. Howes, A. Hale. Back Row: M. Phinnev Gurganus, M. Dow, T. Hinkle. »»«sy, 1. Treneer, S. ■ . " TmL— G RG-O TI-iEIS ' t k Front Row: H. Jenkins, J. Treneer. 2nd Row: G. Smith, S. Cleveland. 3rd Row: S. Gray, F. Amore, S. Donald. Missing: H. Paffard. - ' ' — - 105 J Griffin Tennis E. Straus, C. Pico, C. Cain, K. Geisemann, S. Joseph. W i ji - ■ - ' : r. ' - TTL ' 1 f • - - 1— T- j .. il Ballet 1st Row: L. Schultz, A. Petree, N. Phillips, K. Ho, J. Cohen, P. Mallen, B. Rassman, L. Whitcomb, D. Woods. 2nd Row: D. Sammataro, D. Elliott, S. Browning, J. Cecere, M. Gerschel, J. Martin, L. Contarino, E. Straus, A. Gares. 3rd Row: B. G if ford, L. Sweitzer, D. Prudden, L. Weidenman, D. Brainerd, P. Teal, Pt. Teal, A. Dillard, N. Belcher, D. Naman, G. Mueller, D. Chisholm, J. Leuenberger. Missing: B. Samel, N. Bennett, C. Peters. 106 r Gargoyle Tennis K. Boynton, A. Cashin, P. ' , S£fagS Rockwell, S. Gay, B. Richards. Fencing L to R : N. Grassi, S. Curry, G. Hagel, M. Stever, Maestro La Rocca, C. Moulton, D. Coggan, S. Ross, K. McDaniels. 108 109 110 A.R.A. Officers A. Aldrich, H. Jenkins, J. Treneer. Missing: C. Pico. Social Committee L to R: S. Reynolds, B. Andrews, S. Waugh. WI3DE3 HORIZONS v j H - W.XJ.S. EX CHA 3STQ- E S MOVIES ETC. Inner-school Committee Heads L to R: L. Rowen, M. Gay, S. Cohen, J. Eklund, N. Bennett, N. Ettele, M. Schiavoni. Outer School Committee Heads L to R: H. Jenkins (chairman), L. Whitcomb, S. McArdle, B. Bitner. Missing: M. Beal. 111 Library Committee Front Row: B. Bitner, S. Gurganus, A. Freeman, S. Bowen. Back Row: C. Pollard, M. Ketcham, D. McClure, C. Steele, S. Donald, M. Schiavoni, G. Mueller, M. Gerschel, E. Haynes, P. Snelling. Current Events L to R: C. Pollard, P. Mendenhall, P. Rockwell, G. Hagel, M. Ketcham, G. Mueller. Debating First Row: Y. Bissell, J. Treneer, S. Gurganus, S. Joseph. Back Row: E. Junker, C. Loebel, IV). Ketcham, S. Dantos, L. D ' Arcy, S. Donald, P. Huttenberg, G. Mueller, J. Van Anda. Spanish Honor Society Seated: P. Partridge, S. Gun, B. McConnie, A. Ruff, S. Ross, Pt. Teal. Back: K. Viele, C. Pollard, H. Phillips, M. Markley, F. Baxter, S. Urie, M. Cheney, S. Cleveland, J. Swift, G. Hagel, D. Elliott, N. Steele, A. Dillard. Missing: C. Pico (Pres.), Mapin. Spanish Singing Group L to R: S. Gun, S.Joseph, C. Pollard, K. Giesemann, B. McConnie, A. Ruff. Math Club L to R: M. Dow, S. Donald, D. Ho, S. Gurganus, N. Phillips, S. Rollins. Center: D. Coggan. Archeology Club Front Seated: K. Nourse, A. Sweeney, E. Mish, D. Naman, C. Calvin, B. Bitner, G. Mueller, H. Coxe, L. Spinosa, L. Contario, P. Mallen, M. Couch. Second Row Seated: C. Peters, B. Shapiro, A. Reynolds, M. Parke, D. Roth, S. Eusden. Back Row: M. Stewart, A. Shaine, S. Ingram, D. Sailing, J. Martin, S. Reynolds, A. Broaddus, T. Walker, M. Baird, S. Machie, B. Urdang, E. Hall. Astronomy Club First Row: L. Whitcomb, M. Dow, J. Martin, L Spinosa. Back Row: J Machie, A. Nourse, S Donald, D. Sailing, S Rollins, E. Hall, H Bennett. Ski Club L to R: J. Van Anda, V. Knapp,S. Browning, L. Breed, S. Gray, W. Bensley, M. Cummings. Talaria Missing: P. Howes, J. Eklund, J. Frazier, A. Petree, D. Woods, B. Hoover, S. Curry, S. Gray. otm rifl ■ »■ " " ' ■ " " ■ mwS WHm Wmmm ' ■ mi " k immBKBm Choir Front Row: D. Rees, D. Mallen, B. Rassman, D. Huntington. End Row: M. Curtis, D. Ho, G. Armsden, M. Boynton. Third Row: B. Hoover, E. Bradshaw, T. Waslilewski, D. Watson, J. Frazier, M. Schiavoni. Standing: D. Best, S. Sykes, H. Jenkins, A. Nicholson, P. Howes. Missing: J. Swift, D. Elliot. Laureate L to R: S. Johnson, D. Rudolph, D. Watson, R. Rowen, G. Armsden, C. Niziak, C. Johnson, E. Straus, L. Gaines. GOTJR,AJSrT D. Brainerd, D. Coggan, L. Breed. S. Cohen, P. Teal, M. Cheney. J. Heifetz, D. Best (editor), C. Johnson, K. Streetter. L to R: J. Leuenberger, A. Dillard, D. Marum, M. Schiavoni, W. Ewald, B. Samel, M. Howes (editor). Missing: A. Aldrich, J. Frazier. 3 5 z- z o z Cti ■ a o ■fllD-n °P -i 1, At this point, we would like to thank these people, without whose help, this book could never have been completed. Hult Studios Mr. Linwood Card Mrs. Robert Ceely Nancy Bennett Betsy Hoover Nancy Ettele Nancy Steele Prissy Sanford Liza Gaines Jane Jouett Nancy Quick Anne Gares Chris Pollard Sue McCouch Sandy Rollins Kim Streetter and The Alcove 120 fictor ' ian dressing own. Our own quilt obe printed with ?afy sprigs and iny roses on a •eam-coloured back- round. 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Ewald, Jr. Gretchen Frazier Mr. Mrs. W.R. Gurganus Mr. Mrs. Matthew Hale Mr. Mrs. David Ho Mr. Mrs. J.S. Hoover Timothy P. Home Mr. Mrs. Benjamin T. Howes Mr. Mrs. George Ingram, Jr. Charles F. Kennedy Dr. James F. Kiely Mr. Mrs. Clarence E. Knapp Dorothy Kranzler Mr. Mrs. C.C. Leuenberger Mr. Mrs. Joseph K. Lilly Mr. Mrs. Roger M. Lindgrove Dr. Mrs. John McArdle, Jr. Andre Meyer Mr. Mrs. Howard F. Moore Mr. Mrs. John E. Mosca Mr. Mrs. Oscar Padjen Dr. Mrs. David W. Parker Mr. Mrs. L.R. Partridge Mr. Mrs. Stephen Phillips Robert W. Phinney Mr. Mrs. Alberto Pico Mrs. Brooks Potter Dr. Mrs. Ernest W. Mr. Mrs. Warren K. Mrs. Henry E. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Jane Rutherford Mr. Mrs. H.H. Salmon, III Mr. Mrs. Theodore Samel Mr. Mrs. Webster Sandford Mrs. Frank J. Schiavoni Mrs. Charles D. Snelling A. P. Spinoza Richard Steele John J. Teal Rivers Ross Ruff Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Sumet Techapaibul Juliette Tomlinson Mr. Mrs. George M. Urdang Paul Van Anda Mr. Mrs. S. Tompson Viele Anonymous 122 ■■■ 8 ™ 7t£ iVt %p cs flR.Jiy iSm2«ttH UjttLgrftt i g o% MTj- Bk Iw BKSJ IJd O 89 MAIN ST., ANDOVER aK S? r?e o PHONE 475-4821 olde andover village 93 main street andover, mass. gifts accessories a shop full of surprises OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE free Delivery - andover. Lawrence, No. Andover CLINTON E. RICHARDSON 93 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS OISIO Compliments of THE NOTION SHOP THE ANDOVER BOOKSTORE 123 Telephone 686-4171 ence EaipeTHlniiie ESSEX COUNTY ' S LARGEST NEWSPAPER The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune is published daily in one of New England ' s finest, most modern newspaper plants located at 100 Turnpike Street, North Andover, Massachusetts. It is one of the few major daily newspapers printed by the offset process which offers readers amazingly clear reproduction for easier reading plus full color pictorial features. EAGLE-TRIBUNE CREATING PROCESS Offset — Letterpress Specializing in booklets, brochures, advertising pamphlets, folders, catalogues and political printing. Telephone 683-3091 124 ws lavn 3 OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE OF CLEAN Total Fabric Care Dry Cleaning Service 77 Main Street Andover, Mass. 475-1564 THE NINE DO MORES Do more than exist — live Do more than touch — feel Do more than look — observe Do more than read — absorb Do more than hear — listen Do more than listen — understand Do more than think — ponder Do more than talk — say something ANDOVER CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE, INC. 68 Main Street, Andover, Mass. SMART AND FLAGG The Insurance Office for over 100 years Olde Andover Village 91 Main Street Tel. 475-6161 THE HARTIGAN PHARMACY Andover, Mass. 125 Our Policy • Finest Quality Fashions • Low thrifty Prices " Featuring Smart Fashions For the Young Miss " DEBS DEN 4 Main Street Andover, Mass. Tel. 475-1591 Compliments of HUGHES PHARMACY Andover, Mass. As Usual The Unusual Compliments of the ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE Typewriter Sales and Service THOMPSON ' S 77 Main Street Andover Fine Writing Paper Greeting Cards — Candles Party Papers ) Andover, Massachusetts f u im 1 KNOWN FOR VALUES Shawsheen Plaza GR 5-6120 THE COSMETIC STUDIO The Finest in Cosmetics 43 Main Street Andover, Mass. Tel. 475-4748 126 THE DAME SHOP, INC. INTIMATE APPAREL FOR MOTHER AND DAUGHTER 48 Main Street Andover BILLINGS, INC Jewelers 36 Main Street Andover Compliments of LIGGETT REXALL DRUGS Shawsheen Plaza Shopping Center Andover, Mass. 127 Compliments of WOOLWORTH ' S Shawsheen Plaza Andover, Mass. LOOK PHOTO THE ANDOVER SPA OPEN ON SUNDAYS! The most colorful, handsome, casual clothes for young ladies will be found at MACARTNEY ' S VALENTINE FLORIST 1 Elm Street Andover, Mass. 128 Compliments of CLARK J. 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Interstate 93 and Rte. 133 Andover Call 475-5400 Function Facilities — up to 750 people 132 4 • Winston- Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina LINWOOD R. CARD, PORTLAND, MAINE MRHI ft V — %| ■ ■ •% -■•- " - m 5C " - I Pa JlI i •Sj k4«kMHMk " 2 ft •- • t M t ' - . ' f % f j - : • t J jS ► + jfajF m M 5 BI I v I t i . «£ 9 - HI fni tJ ilfUl

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