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They stood numb with apprehension. Before them stood a rose stalk throwing shadow like a sundial; an hour traced itself, another, the line of dark dissolved, all the garden began to mingle, move. No magic had happened; yet something had happened, or was about to . . . Miss Jean St. Pierre " glad and young and forever turning with hope of new moons and springs with understanding of winter and hidden moons she ' s always there. " e.e. cummings m i THE CIRCLE 1X8 Editor Claudia Whitney Literary Diane Driscoll Diane Russell Art Caroline Payne Business Marcia Owen Deborah Webster Photography Ann Doty ti. . . m Underclassmen Susan Foord Elizabeth Gaines Margaret Howes Advisor Mrs. Robert Ceely V Abbot Academy Andover, Massachusetts ' There was an old gentleman just going by, and Pascal asked him whether he an the balloon could take shelter under his umbrella. So, from one umbrella to anothei Pascal made his way home. " The Red Balloon 8 ■1 L , ■dL p i ■ it 1 . B Miss Eleanor Tucker Acting Principal 1967-1968 How happy is he born and taught That serveth not another ' s will; Whose armour is his honest thought, And simple truth his utmost skill. Sir Henry Wotton Mrs. John Sisson Mrs. Timothy Home Miss Jean St. Pierre Mrs. Robert Ceely I Mrs. Malcolm Johnston Mile. Marie Baratte Mile. Germaine Arosa Mrs. Allan Gillingham Mrs. Wayne Frederick 1 11 Latin Mrs. Paul DeGavre Spanish Miss Dorothy Judd ■ ; 1 1 I ! i 1 4 1 L m ML ' £ - - f 1 ■a Latin Mrs. Jon Kaiser Spanish Mrs. Richard Merrill 12 X Mrs. Oscar Witten T Miss Mary Minard Miss Madge Baker Miss Georgina Huck Mrs. Peter Kehrli 13 Miss Carolyn Goodwin Miss Ruth Harris Mrs. John Bennett Mrs. Harry Vickers 14 Mrs. Joel Salon Music Department Seated: Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Standing: Mrs. Charles Stahle, Miss Margot Warner Art Mrs. Harford Powel, Jr. Religion Mr. George Andrews Speech Miss Meriby Sweet 16 Photography Miss Wendy Snyder Physical Education Mrs. J.K. Butler, Mrs. Angel Rubio, Miss Shirley Ritchie. Mrs. Robert Lovely Librarian Mrs. James Couch Infirmary Miss Marion Perkins Dr. Richard Ramsdell Miss Kathleen Ayre Language Training Mrs. Walter C. Greenall Director of Students Miss 0. Christine von Erpecom Director of Admissions Mrs. Ford Duncan Assistant Academic Dean Mr. Gordon Lameyer 18 Director of Permissions Mrs. Dorothy Denstad Alumnae Secretary Miss Jane Sullivan Director of Food and Housing Mrs. Lynwood Howard 19 Bookstore Mrs. Dorothy Quintal Mrs. Stephen Sorota Mrs. William Stieritz Mrs. Joseph O ' Brien Mrs. Fred Harrison Mrs. Arthur Neumark Assistants in Residence Seated: Mrs. Capen Abbot, Mrs. George Nevens Standing: Mrs. Wilton Tompkins, Mrs. Estelle Goggin Assistants in Residence Seated: Mrs. Gerald Trenbath. Mrs. Guy Howe Standing: Mrs. Lillian Ellis, Mrs. Mildred Bartlett 20 Mr. and Mrs. Jes Bonde Switchboard Operators Mrs. Thomas McCarron Mrs. George Richards Mrs. John O ' Neill The Maintenance Engineers The Gentlemen of the Kitchen The Ladies of the Kitchen 21 22 ■ v R . i i .jni J 23 " That is why, walking across a school campus on this particular morn- ing, I keep searching the sky. As if I expected to see, rather like a heart, a lost dove, hurrying toward heaven. " Truman Capote 24 I " Those who have the largest hearts Have the soundest understandings; And he is the truest philosopher Who can forget himself. " William Hazlitt Margaret Adams 155 Willadel Drive Belleair Clearwater, Florida " The resolved mind hath no cares. " Herbert Barbara Dale Ainslie 122 Clive Street Edison, New Jersey 25 . . 4 • 4 " It knew now where it was going, and it said to itself, ' There is no hurry, we shall get there some day. ' ' A. A. Milne Paula Addie Atwood Maple Street, R.R. 1 Litchfield, Connecticut Susan Deforest Barton 405 North General Pershing Street Hammond, Louisiana " If I believed the world were to end tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today. " Martin Luther 26 Mary Eleanor Blomquist 24 Tapoan Road Richmond, Virginia " The only true education of man is responsibility. " Jackson Lynn Suzanne Black 9 Wolcott Avenue Andover, Massachusetts " And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. " The Prophet 27 Elizabeth Ann Briggs 23 Arundel Street Andover, Massachusetts " Her glossy hair clustered o ' er a brow Bright with intelligence and fair and smooth. " Lord Byron Susan Gaines Bolton 9 Arcadia Road Andover, Massachusetts " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " Thoreau 28 " Every tear I ever cried turned to pearl before it died. Every pain that in me burned forged to wisdom I had earned. " Jane Crichton Brown 138 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts v Barbara Elizabeth Camp 8 Litchfield Lane Champaign, Illinois " Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, altogether past calculation its powers of endurance. " Thomas Carlyle 29 Nancy Ann Carmer 6 Phelps Street Lyons, New York " All life is activity and joy is the normal accompaniment of that activity. " Feuchtersechen Julia Lowell Carlson 5 Chapel Road Orono, Maine " People fall into two categories: people who like delicatessen and people who don ' t like delicatessen. " Herb Gardener " We share an archangelic cigarette and tell each other ' s fortunes. " Garcia Lorca Dorothy Leavitt Cheney Bombay c o Department of State Washington, D.C. Caroline McAllister Cleaver 332 Windsor Avenue Glen Ellyn, Illinois " Round like the zodiac revolving, Were strewn with laughter White and black. " Garcia Lorca 31 " The days that make us happy make us wise. " John Masefield Bonnie Lovering Cook 408 Moylan Avenue Box 129 Moylan, Pennsylvania Mary Constance Coughlan 5410 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa " When I die, mother, tell the whole world. Send the blue cables Northward and Southward. " Garcia Lorca 32 H i i 31 ■ 1 0} ■bP T • 1 • . 1 ■ ■ 3 • • 1 -1 u u «t " A clean fire, A clean hearth, The rigour of the game. " Charles Lamb Juliana Hinckley Crane Main Street Barnstable, Massachusetts " Stupid man, you ' ll never get all the leaves in that truck. " Bill Deborah Anne Daley 15 North Balch Street Hanover, New Hampshire 33 " Preciosa flings away her tamboura. and runs and runs and does not tire. " Garcia Lorca Annette Elinor Davis 410 Himalaya Street Reno. Nevada MMMi I " She does silly things and they turn out right. " A. A. Milne Judith Randolph Dillingham 250 Wailupe Circle Honolulu. Hawaii 34 " Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest experience of existence. " Sydney Smith Toby Elizabeth Dondis 176 Underwood Street Fall River, Massachusetts Ann van Brunt Doty 26025 Thirteen Mile Road Franklin, Michigan " For no reason at all, I felt magnificent. " A. A. Milne " Second star on the right and straight on ' til morning. ' ' Peter Pan Diane Driscoll 84 Middlesex Road Buffalo, New York Anne Whitney Fellows 6 Circular Street Springfield, Vermont " My heart is where the hills fling up green garlands to the day. " Wendell Philips Stafford 36 Elaine Beth Finbury 9 Maplewood Terrace Haverhill, Massachusetts " Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing is so gentle as real strength. " Francis de Sales 37 " One must not tie a ship to a single anchor, Nor life to a single hope. " Epictetus Ann Elizabeth Finn Box 188 New Castle New Hampshire " Whom are you seeking Alone at this hour " " Never mind whom I seek, What is it to you? " " I seek what I seek, My joy and myself. " Joanna Elizabeth Frost 50 Fairbanks Avenue Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts A ■ 6sr " The moon in open spaces lit, Dove of the quiet clouds is showing. " Garcia Lorca Sally Elizabeth Hamm Stonehaven Drive Athol, Massachusetts Cheryl Lynn Hammond 105 South Main Street North Brookfield, Massachusetts " These are the believers in open spaces; Life and their coffer are never empty. " The Prophet 39 " Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action. " Benjamin Disraeli Elizabeth Keeney Handy 183 Main Street Hingham, Massachusetts Christine Regina Harley 104 60th Street, N.E. Washington, DC. A star stands cold and strong; this one will die for a friend. " Margaret Anne Howard 1 50 Leonard Street Annisquam Station Gloucester, Massachusetts " I have been a wanderer among distant fields, I have sailed down mighty rivers. ' ' Shelley Hollis Hebbel 17 High Street Ipswich, Massachusetts " It sits looking Over the harbor and city On silent haunches and then moves on. " Carl Sandburg 41 " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " R. W. Emerson Sharon Anne Hughes Davenport Ridge Road New Canaan, Connecticut Louise Margaret Hunter 110 West Via de la Reina Merritt Island, Florida " I dare a man to say I ' m too young, for I ' m going to try for the sun. " Donovan " Seven cries, seven wounds. Seven big double poppies, Cast opaque moons, In the big dark rooms. " Garcia Lorca Simone Huval West Centennial Drive Marlton, New Jersey " Nothing is finer for the purpose of greater production than a gradual ripening of the intellectual powers. " Keats Cynthia Johnson 14 Garrison Road Hingham, Massachusetts 43 " Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. " Shakespeare Cheryline Lewis 2302 Burton Street Richmond, Virginia ,gf. 44 " A friend is someone who understands why you like your strawberry sodas without strawberries in them. " Peanuts Lynn Dean Marsden 9 Lockway Road Andover, Massachusetts Jacqueline Sabina Mathiot 450 North East 52nd Terrace Miami, Florida " Yet without doubt You have been formed for love. " Garcia Lorca 45 Jacqueline Frances McGinty 7 Cheever Circle Andover, Massachusetts " He cries every day, this afternoon I tried to help him . . . I whacked him one on the arm . . . " Lucy " She stands on crumbling walls below wine skies, Overlooking the craggy mountains and looming bays, And is part of a delicate world, Flying free with delicate happiness. Anne Elizabeth Moses 77 Whitewood Lane Rochester, New York " A man finds happiness only by walking his own path. " Anonymous Katherine Fleming Nelson Sachem Road Weston, Connecticut Florence Joy Newcomb 28 Shaw Avenue Rockland, Maine " There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestial ball, And that is to have either a clean conscience, or none at all. " Ogden Nash " Only one person in a thousand knows the trick of really living in the present. " Jameson Janice Ann O ' Neal Todd Hill Hinsdale, New Hampshire Marcia Gail Owen 8 Colonial Drive Bedford, New Hampshire " Gentleness and cheerfulness, these come before all morality; they are the perfect duties. " R.L. Stevenson I I . • " And she flung herself into the open to catch the fullness of the sun with her face in the wind. " Nancy Hibbard Roberts Tyme and Tyde, Flanders Road Box 47 Stonington, Connecticut " Adam and Eve and a bushel of figs Meant nothing to Nelson who was keeping pigs. " Lawrence Durrell Caroline Pierpont Payne 120 East End Avenue New York, New York Patricia Rockwood 32 West Otis Road Barrington, Illinois " Bear patiently, my heart, for you have suffered heavier things. " Homer Diane Stanley Russell 317 Front Street Marion, Massachusetts " Oftentimes I have lost myself wholely on the track of the burning that wakens awareness of things. " Garcia Lorca " Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity, " Addison Anne Robinson 570 Seminole Drive P.O. Box 704 Winter Park, Florida " You asked how I was feeling, Was that some kind of joke? " Dylan Katherine Ann Sackett 92 Dave ' s Lane Southport, Connecticut 51 " You are a lover of things and people so you took up work where you could get to as many of them as possible; and it just turned out that there were too many of them and too much that moves you. " Herb Gardener Joanne Regina Sapienza 23 Wildwood Road Andover, Massachusetts Karen Jordan Sawyer 1 Peabody Street North Reading, Massachusetts " She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that ' s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes. " Lord Byron 52 Kathryn Harriet Schoettler 1632 Fourth Street Port Edwards, Wisconsin " She searched The touch of springs, And found Concealed imaginings, She sighed For so much melody. " Wallace Stevens Marguerite Siedler Schnepel 1 1 Glenside Road South Orange, New Jersey " Sail little boat out across the sea- only don ' t forget to sail back again to me. " 53 " I did not stop to think that one wave is inevitably followed by another, even larger and more powerful when the tide is coming in. " John Knowles Karen Lee Seaward Gerrish Island Kittery Point, Maine 54 " My soul, be not disturbed by planetary war, Remain securely in this contracted star. " Elinor Wylie Martha Toby Shapiro CINCUSNAVEUR Staff Box 7 FPO, New York " I had to sink my yacht to make the guests go home. " F. Scott Fitzgerald Shirley Rae Sullivan 1 Bancroft Road Andover, Massachusetts " Who would know where? And the sky slammed its dark on the brawl of the forest. And the lights cried on in the high hallways. " ' Garcia Lorca Madeleine Whitcomb Todd 3701 Chain Bridge Road Fairfax. Virginia Lynn Adelaide Trenbath Black Hall Acres Old Lyme. Connecticut " Come all ye good people with a snap crackle and a ho-de-ho-heau. " Pogo 56 Karen Elizabeth Urie 21 Manton Road Swampscott, Massachusetts " I can see it shining somewhere — take me there and make me a part of it. " The Fantasticks , V) m w . ' Deborah Rae Webster 4 Chadwick Circle Andover, Massachusetts " No tears, no fears, no ruined years, no clocks. " The Doors 1 I " I Pamela Claire Weidenman Midlane South Muttontown, New York " What is talent? Reason manifested gloriously. " M.J. De Chenier Claudia Whitney 2 Grace Court Alley Brooklyn, New York " She believes in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that ' s no matter, tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther . . . And one fine morning . . . " F. Scott Fitzgerald 58 " The wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. " e.e. cummings Katherine Wilbour Wies 220 Damascus Road Branford, Connecticut - X 59 " A small hungry child, told to grind rice, instead gazes at the moon. Basho 60 Class Officers First Term: H. Paffard, W. Ewald (pres ). A. Dillard SOIMDDLCII CLASS Class Officers Second Terra C. Nimick, W Ewald (pres). A. Nourse. M Gay Day Students Standing: J. Heifetz, E. Giftord, S. Cohen, D. Sawyer. D Coggan, E Rowen, E. Giblin. B. Bodenrader. D Marum. C. Loebel. C Peters Sitting: J Faro. E Samel. D. Rees. S. McArdle. S Yeaton. M Schiavoni Missing: D Brainerd Third Floor Old Wing First Row: MS Stewart. J Eklund, D Rueda, M Lord, M Gay, S Gurganus Second Row: D Elliott, S Donald. G Mueller, M Ketcham, C Viele. C Brown, J Frazier. L Lacouture, J Treneer, N Bennett, B Bitner Missing: S Sykes, C Bowles Second Floor Old Wing First Row: L Whitcomb. N Steele. J. Cecere. N Butterfield, K Moulton. K Boynton Second Row: S Ross, M Beal, D McClure, E. Hoover. A Dillard, C. Cain, E Haynes. W Ewald. A Nourse. M Dow. N Belcher. Missing: A Aldnch First Floor New Wing First Row : E Junker, E noth, S Waugh Second Row: P Teal, M G. Hagel. Third Row : M Gerschel Missing: D Best. Miller. F Hoff, J. Stich- Curtis, J Leuenberger, First Floor Old Wing First Row: H. Paffard, C. Nimick, A. Petree, D. Woods, B. Allen, S Curry, M Howes Second Row: D. Ho, M Pico, N. Ettele, M Cummings. L Weidenman, E. Rockwell. S Gray, J. Wohlgethan, A. Cashin. Missing: H Jenkins. 63 JUIllOff CLASS Class Officers Seated: M Cheney (pres.) Standing: E Andrews. L Breed French House First Row: M Lawton, S. Perkin, S. Lindgrove, S. Stein Second Row: S Cleveland, M Markley, L Waller, M. Stone, D. Chisholm, E Gaines Third Row: V. Knapp, J Jouett, A Gares, P. Cerf, D Prudden, A Baldwin Cutler House Kneeling: D. Watson, G. Luster Seated: A Freeman, S. Johnston, L Breed, Mrs Howard Standing: A Anderson, A Rust, R Ingraham, P. Men- denhall, E. Andrews, M. Cheney Day Students Front Row: D Antonopoulos, S Rowen, L Moore, J Cohen Back Row: G. Smith, S Bowen, F. Amore, C. Niziak, J Hogan, D Naman, P. Mallen Missing: K Durham, L Contarmo, D Collins, C Johnson, D Maloney, V. Williams Abbey House First Row: Y Bissell, S Joseph (obscured), A Rudolph, N Grassi, S. Gun, A Kramer, K Giesemann, E. Straus, M. Pike Second Row: T Solomon, M Rosen. D Bernton, C Steele. A Crowley, L Garvan, L Doyle. C Stone Third Row: T Hmkle. A Ruff, N. Salam, G. Armsden, J. Bailey, S Brightman. H Bennett, A. Snelling. S Urie, M Boynton, M Brook. 65 Class Officers P Teal, S Foord (pres ). C Pollard. PRMflTd CLASS Day Students Seated: L Bistany, L. Russem, L. Kiely, S. Hershfield. Standing: N Phillips, J. Tatel- man, D. Mallen, J. Liversidge, M. McCabe, D. Sammataro, C. Johnson. Sherman House Front Row: D Street, F Baxter, S Ingram, K Kilborn Seated: K Ho, C. Pollard, S Browning, L. Pope, R Raser, S Salmon. Standing: C Kattar, P. Teal, G Causey. H Kropp, A Rollins, S Foord, J Martin Missing: B Rueda 66 67 68 i 2T t r i i v ii i WraJiM MMa 11 fcJK,- A . V t V lllMlllll II III 111! ' " 111 1 1 1 n. urn mm 69 " Rich people, I want to see you all out on the street for volleyball . . . " Herb Gardner 70 Ski Club Front Row: L. Breed. A. Fellows, V. Knapp, A. Davis Back Row: S. Gray. L. Black. S. Browning, F. Newcomb Advisor: Miss Sweet Missing: M Cummings Fencing Left: D Sawyer, V Knapp. J Eklund Right: Maestro La Rocca (instructor). D Watson, N Steele, S. Ross Ballet I First Row: A Finn. N Phillips. M Gerschel. E Finbury, L Black. E. Briggs, H. Hebbel. M Shapiro, J Mathiot, L. Contarino, J. Faro Second Row: D Elliott, S Huval. C Peters, D. Marum, M. Curtis. L. Weidenman. J. Dillingham, D. Brainerd, L Moore. K. Schoettler. P. Weid- enman. J. Cecere Third Row: A Petree. N Butterfield, J. Leuenberger, J Carlson, M Todd, A Robinson, M Owen. A. Dillard, A. Davis, A. Doty, P. Teal. E Rock- well. B. Cook. G. Mueller. N Belcher. S. Barton. ' c. Cleaver. C Whitney. K Wies. J. Stichnoth Team Captain Joanne Sapienza and Lister GflRGIlf. TEflm Basketball Front Row: H Jenkins, M Adams, H Paffard Back Row: J Sapienza, S Donald, S Gray, S Cleveland Missing: S Bolton Cheerleaders Front Row: C Harley, D Woods, D Webster, P. Weidenman Back Row: T Solomon, M Rosen, J Dillingham, A. Davis Missing: H Jenkins, E Finbury Soccer t Front Row: G. Smith, S. Cohen, S. Yeaton, S McArdle, E. Briggs, D. Webster Back Row: J. Brown, L. Marsden, S. Bolton, S. Gray, A. Davis, C. Whitney, L. Black Tennis I Front Row: K. Seaward, A. Rudolph Back Row: E. Finbury, K Sawyer, A. Cashin Hockey I Front Row: D Sawyer, M. Lord, T. Dondis, A. Petree, S Browning Back Row: S Donald, V. Knapp, C Harley, J. Sapienza, K Wies, H Paffard Missing: F, Baxter Team captain Juliana Crane and Caesar Gfllfffl TfiHl Basketball Front Row: C Nimick. T Hinkle, K Moulton, S Gurganus Back Row: D Watson, M. Howes, J. Crane, P. Rockwood Cheerleaders Front Row: A Finn, C. Stone, D Watson, L Weidenman, C Cleaver, S. Hamm Back Row: L Whitcomb, J Leuenberger Missing: M Curtis, S Curry 74 Soccer I Front Row: C. Cain, E. Hoover, K. Moulton, M. Phinney, M. Shapiro Back Row: J. Crane, C. Loebel, E Rowen, A. Moses, P. Rockwood Missing: J. McGinty, J. Frazier, D. Marum, L. Hunter Tennis Front Row: S. Joseph, D Best, K Giesemann Back Row: J. O ' Neal, M Pico Hockey I Front Row: J Leuenberger, M. Dow, A. Fellows, S. Gurganus, S. Waugh, A. Anderson Back Row: C. Nimick, C. Johnson, S. Sullivan, C. Cleaver, D. Daley, A. Finn Missing: S. Sykes " On to the club, the scene of savage joys, The school of noble good-fellowship and nois e. " W. Cowper 76 Student Government Kneeling: M. Cheney, F. New- comb, E. Finbury, L. Breed, S. Urie, L. Pope Seated: M Adams, K. Seaward. M. Shapiro Standing: C. Pollard, C. Nimick, J. Brown, S. Foord, C. Lewis, A. Dillard, W. Ewald, L. Marsden, E. Briggs, A. Finn Advisors: Miss Baker, Mrs. John- ston Core Kneeling: C. Nimick, K Seaward, M. Shapiro, M. Adams, L. Pope, S. Urie Advisor: Miss Baker Proctor Council Kneeling: K. Seaward, M. Shapiro, M. Adams First Row: M. Lord, K. Nelson, R. Ingram, F. Baxter, S. Gurganus, E. Straus, G. Armsden Second Row: C. Nimick, M. Dow, C Lewis, B. Camp, A. Crowley, B. Allen, S. Waugh Third Row: D. Chisholm, D. Russell, A. Nourse, C. Johnson, N. Roberts, S. Foord, A. Ruff, A. Doty Missing: A. Fellows, J. Stichnoth, P. Snelling, T Solomon, M. Markley, A. Anderson Cynosure Seated: A. Davis, K. Wies (editor), B. Cook Kneeling: K Urie. J Carlson Back Row: D Webster, P. Weidenman, A. Finn Social Committee A Finn (chairman), S. S. Ingram Advisor: Mrs. Trenbath Waugh, R. Ingraham Circle Board Standing: D Webster, M Owen, C Whitney (editor), D Driscoll Seated: A Doty, C Payne, D. Russell Advisor: Mrs Ceely Courant Seated on Piano: P. Weidenman, M. Cheney. D. Cheney (editor). D Russell. D. Coggan Standing: E Hoover. C. Lewis. L. Hunter. B. Cook Missing: Contributions Advisor: Mrs Sisson Abbot Religious Association Seated: C Lewis (pres ) Standing: J. Frost. D. Webster, J. Dillinghai.. Advisor: Mrs. Bennett Abbot Athletic Association Officers Front Row: J Sapienza. J Brown (pres). C Harley Back Row: S Bolton. J. Crane 79 n «» Choir Front Row: H Jenkins. L Black, T. Dondis, J Brown, J. Frazier. J Frost, B. Camp, S. Sykes. P Wiedenman. B Cook. M Boynton, G Armsden, K Seaward, K Urie. Back Row: K Wies, M Howes. M Todd. S Hughes (pres). A. Davis. S Barton, E. Hoover, C Whitney, M Curtis, D. Rees Director: Miss Warner Fidelio Officers Seated: A Davis(pres ) Standing: J Sapienza, M Todd Director: Miss Warner Talaria Feet of: J Eklund. S Curry, M Howes. E. Hoover. A Petree. D Woods. J. Frazier Missing: S Gray Folk Society Front Row: J Cohen. G Smith. D Maloney. D. Antonapoulos. J Faro, A Davis (head) Back Row: C Niziak, L Waller, Watson. E Andrews, D Brainerd, S Johnston, S Curry, E Samel, D Best Bacchantes First Row: C Cleaver, M Shapiro (head). J Frost Second Row: B Cook, M. Todd, S. Hughes Third Row: A. Davis, C Coughlan Y.W.C.A. Volunteers Kneeling: J. Stichnoth, S McArdle, M Lord Seated: S. Huval, M. Owen, J Sapienza Standing: S Waugh, D Webster (head). E Finbury, E Haynes, M Adams, D McClure. C. Nimick, K. Nelson Missing: C Lewis, L Marsden World University Service Kneeling: L. Marsden. M Phinney, L Pope. M. Gay, A. Cashm, A Crowley Seated: K Urie, L Trenbath (pres), J O ' Neal Standing: M Beal, A Dillard. J. Jouett. L Waller. D Chisholm, K Schoettler, P. Mallen. B. Camp Missing: S Gurganus, B. Rueda. J Mathiot, K. Sawyer, J Faro, K Ho Photography Club L Black (pres ) Advisor: Miss Snyder Spanish Honor Society Kneeling: N Phillips. K Seaward. A Ruff Sitting: S Ross. B Cook (pres). C Cleaver Standing: D Russell. S Cleveland S Une. K Viele. A. Dillard. M. Pico. D Cheney Missing: K Wies. S Bolton Advisor: Miss Judd Astronomy Club Seated: K Nelson. S Donald (pres ), A Finn Second Row: B Ainslie, D. Woods. J. Ecklund. A Nourse Third Row: B Bodenrader. J. Stichnoth. M. Dow Advisor: Mrs Salon Archaeology Club Seated: D Brainerd (pres ) Standing: A Petree. D Woods Debating Standing: A Aldrich. G Mueller. V. Knapp. S Donald. D Marum. C. Hammond. E Junker Seated: D Russell (pres ). C Payne On floor: M Ketcham. M Blomquist. C. Niziak C Lewis Current Events Standing: E Rockwell, G Mueller, M. Ketcham, G Hagel, B Allen, A. Dillard, N. Steele, E. Samel, D. Marum, M. Beal, N. Bel- cher, E. Giblin, C. Pollard, K Nelson, L. Hunter Kneeling: P. Atwood, C. Lewis, M. Blomquist, H Hebbel, J McGinty, M. Phinney, D Cheney, M. Schnepel Seated: N Roberts (pres.) Missing: J. Frost Tolkien Society Standing: J. Faro, J. Eklund Seated: V. Williams, N. Ettele, E. Glfford (pres) Missing: D Rees, G Mueller Advisor: Mrs Ceely Library Committee Seated: M. Schiavoni, C. Hammond, G. Mueller, P. Atwood (pres), J. Eklund, M. Gershel, J. Liversidge, S. Rowen Second Row: M. Blomquist, S. Gurganus, H. Hebbel, J. Frost, A. Petree, B Ainslie, T. Dondis, M. Phinney, D. Woods Third Row: E. Giblin, D. McClure, S. Donald Advisor: Mrs Couch 83 84 IK GARM Of 85 a Time of l 86 87 " It all seemed most majestic and mysterious when they sat down in their own circle. " Frances Hodgson Burnett Most of us came to Abbot for better and for worse, willing in spirit if not in flesh, and if we grinned a lot it was merely because our braces had not yet taken the desired effect. No natural beauties we. Naivete flourished. Blase meant only that someone had mispronounced the ignominious blue blazer, which our mothers had bought for us in hopes that we might some day be class officers. Our housemother was Mrs. Levo, renowned for her red slip- pers and a bookie-like fetish for time and numbers. " Five minutes to go, girls. " It was to no avail that we said " grakup " after lights, for the wrath of both Gertrudes descended upon us in the forms of fire drills and bells. By the end of the year, however, most of us had been enlightened by Kathi ' s weekends, Miss Smith ' s tales of ancient Greece, and the ' prep ' . Oh days of blissful in- nocence and watermelon rinds. Supytalpes terram superabunt. Junior year divided our forces into two distinct camps, to be brought to- gether only by Crusades and the Merchant of Venice on a prune pit studded stage. French House and Abbey were the scenes of our microscopic journeys into awareness. It was there that most of us learned the effects of cigars, cigarettes, and jello, inhaling into shoe-filled closets and steam-filled bath- rooms which all but defeated the purpose by extinguishing the cigarettes in the moisture. The Black Pig reigned on a scalding French House roof, home of the best-tanned girls at Abbot. It was here that Mrs. Van Note first dis- covered the potency of Ex-Lax and boiling bras, while Abbey held revivalist meetings with burning wastebaskets. The junior dance was something to get USED to, but at least most of the braces had come off. It was a year when no one really thought, but everybody enjoyed themselves immensely. It culminated in a final Abbey-French underwear party on the French House roof while watermelon (again) shone in the moonlight. 88 If our Senior-Mid year can be less aptly described, it is only because most deeds were better left undescribed. For those maudlin sentimentalists who enjoy destroying already trite phrases, it was for some a winter of discontent. There were a few who withdrew a little, began to think (Remember, all is re- lative!), and were more unhappy because of it. Nevertheless, it was not a passive year. People who had spent the last two years longing for the out- side world, finally began to act. The great escapes became so frequent that special doormen were posted by the Library door each Saturday night; a tour of P. A. by moonlight. Hand in hand came Boston and Experimenting; the two worked together. Spring term and the Bunny Burp Bar arrived and left us without the barkeeper. That was one birthday party which was celebrated in style. It is di fficult to describe the Senior year when one is not able to look in retrospect. People have done more, but at least they are more secure about it. We have become more honest, both to ourselves and to others, and this breeds a sort of spontaneous truce which has replaced the hesitation of previous years. It is nearly impossible to write the history of a het- erogeneous group forced to fit into a homogeneous mold. Exploits are easy to describe, but the essence of a class, if there is such a thing, is far more subtle. It is possible that we no longer break rules for a reason, but rather let reason break rules. This then, is a history of the class of ' 68, a class which, I like to believe, has begun to learn what it means to stand by oneself. " The soul of a journey is liberty, perfect liberty. " D.LC. Name Regret Immortal Utterance Famous For How I Won The War Adams Ainslie Atwood Barton Black Cheney Cleaver Cook Coughlan Crane Daley Davis Dillingham Dondis Doty Driscoll Fellows Finbury Finn Frost Stu-G minutes That I couldn ' t take four periods of badminton That Mexico isn ' t closer to Connecticut That I don ' t have a motorcycle to go with my leather jacket Didn ' t have a chance to apply to Penn Blomquist Abbot Stevens dance Bolton Missing snow day this year Briggs Ask Lanie Brown Going " on campus " Camp Winter ' 67 Carmer PA dieting Carlson Elephantiasis The fourth act Beich Algebra 1,2,3,4 . . . Iowa Returning A pathetic scribble Prep year history class The sound of the trumpet That I ' ve only been here one year That they all aren ' t with me Judy ' s gone Being a Vermont maid Haverhill The Set " I never saw Miss meet the Pinkie at their midnight rendez-vous Hamm Drinking smoking Hammond Food Handy Pig tables Harley Abbot Stevens Hebbel I went to an Exeter dance Howard Accidently taking Art History instead of Math IV Y ' all Latin IV is fun 1 Get that cake out of the library! Let me entertain you 1 Let ' s to have an " Hmmm . . . " Ooops 1 I ' ve got to study 1 Hey, did ya check in? Look you guys. Eat it, grandma! Oh man . . . I ' m not apathetic . . . just creatively in- different. I ' m so sad cause I just feel so bad. I haven ' t made one yet. I don ' t have one Good one! Silly Ciao Let ' s sneak out tonight! Honokukulede, Guaba I ' ve seen worse, but I don ' t remember when! You ol ' roote 1 Aesthetically pleasing St. Paul ' s is bad luck! Can I have a bite? There certainly isn ' t much to do in Boston! Moan-n-n-n I want a cigarette! Well, maybe. No joke! My sneeze Guess who I got a letter from today! My father ' s going to kill me Chief fire builder Making flowers and birds Reading Late English papers My knee La neige tombe TV Check-ins Long red hair Mickey Rooney Loud laugh Dum-dum sports Sinister Indian cig- arettes Making the front page of the Phillipian Profound relationships The Andover Inn My Greek experience Mono-Cancer Crush on Cross Bikinis Our (famous?) room Cleaning up the after- math Strictly platonic Rabbit ears and a crooked smile Skipping Fidelio The only runner to sleep through an entire fire drill Striped jerseys and blue skirts Ability to consume large quantities of food Visiting A. Davis and S. Hughes Red hair " Listed member " Taking Chinese at PA. Nigeria Dialed 24 In self-defense class I haven ' t even won the battle of the bulge yet I got a single Applied early to C.C. and got in Letters from U.P.I. With my TV guide In my Maidenform bra At Middlesex Making paper flowers With Judy Dillingham With God ' s assistance Pride and Prejudice Reading James Bond during exams I didn ' t The alleys of Andover By going to Greece Became so immature Breaking rules Crazy cookies With a can of Beich a Diet-Pepsi I only told myself Playing " turkey " Sur les skis avec mon bouteille du vin By selling bagels Spiked the punch at the Officers ' Club I put a bomb in the fac- ulty bathroom By staying up all night Losing weight I couldn ' t have done it without Lynn and Kathy Black Power I haven ' t the faintest idea No bread or desserts 90 Name Regret Immortal Utterance Famous For How I Won The War Hughes Diets I got this letter from Paul Problems with Paul Paul. Paul. Paul Hunter My misnomer Chuckle Holding a red flag ? Huval 1 had but one fling Honest to pieces Old news 1 used scruple tactics Johnson The mixer You must mean the other C. Johnson The other laugh With bubble gum Lewis AA cups and not being born with clothes on Are you mad wid me? Blushing stomach 1 learned to sleep alone with the lights out, with- out Tarbaby Marsden Mathiot McGinty Moses Nelson Newcomb H. of A. Cold snow That I never got to San Francisco Duke of Venice My bangs aren ' t long and my blue jumper is wearing out Exercising culinary tal- ents at inappropriate hours O ' Neal 1 got the room opposite Mrs. Howe Owen Paying a dirty old man $20 for dirty old bal- loons Payne Restraint Roberts 1 don ' t have a gumdrop tree Robinson That 1 never lost that ten pounds Rockwood Being a new senior Russell Thanksgiving vacation Sapienza Nothing Sawyer Second in tennis two years in a row Schnepel Summer doesn ' t last year round Schoettler Didn ' t break enough rules Seaward 1 have no regrets Shapiro Core notes Sullivan Will you help me fill in this one? Todd Prep year Trenbath We got the room op- posite Mrs. Howe Urie Spring 1967 Webster Applying early to Goucher Weidenman American history Whitney Bent curtain rods Wies They wouldn ' t let me be What ' s the problem? Tab | e =3 in biology lab Bein 9 a day-student Cono banane Mario Her principles Carlos Look, sweetheart Excuse me, sir, have you seen the balloon man? Well, pin a rose on your nose! This is the last sacra- ment, tomorrow I ' m going on a diet! I dunn-no Oh spit ' Graham house Gargantuan coat and candied violets My blue jumper Taking sabbaticals Avoiding the question Syrian bread And then I just gapped Her caviar canapes Are you kidding me? My gracefulness on the board of trustees I could have just died! Hell ' s bells! Is that your arm? What a doo-doo! Good grief! If I have to go to Si- beria . . . I give up! Stu-G spelled back- wards is Guts! J.H.C. Kiss you, I don ' t even know you! I ' m thtwee! I ' ll do it later! After three weeks I be- gin to worry . . . Well, I have to make the decision. We better hot-foot it outa here! I understand There certainly isn ' t much to do in Boston! Sticking my foot in my mouth Our famous room, our famous food Raving denuncia- tions Original A-shop skirts Leaving after lunch Halloween mask Washing my hair in the sink High spirits at 1967 prom Telephone calls at 9:25 P.M. Killer hips Senior diet Sighing Charge account at S.S. Pierce Mind over heart Fiddling Black dresses Expressive feet Going to Yale weekend Slapping neighbors on the back Took Art History Didn ' t make my bed for two weeks I loaded my heavy ar- tillery with a little self- knowledge and under- standing I smiled With Murine I slept With a golden shovel; learned how to dance Not shaving my legs The Last Resort With a pill from the in- firmary Green and Love Power I was a day-student New friends in the kitchen With oatmeal for break- fast Ignorance is bliss Excedrin Won what? Which one? Gary I didn ' t Daddy Dropping Math Skipping class The crescendos of life Cynosure propaganda 91 Long Distance Runners Finbury Seaward Unsealed Spirits Cheney Payne Weidenman Cup of Sun Camp Dillingham Josie the Maid O ' Neal Owen Rockwood Victorians Barton Huval Mathiot Romantics Driscoll Sapienza Busselled Sprouts Finbury Payne Sullivan Whitney Wies Class Shrinks This Hallowed Ground Newcomb A.V. Center Todd Bunny Burp Bar Whitney Coffee Mill John French House roof Miss von E ' s office Library Entrance Born Free Sullivan ' s Bar Grill WPAA Daley Harley Lewis Russell Todd 92 Yes ' m Yes ' m Coughlan Hammond Hughes Mrs. Kerhli ' s class Infirmary Excuse Coughlan Russell Sullivan Trenbath Chewed Shoes Greatest Show on Earth Blomquist Carmer Hughes Lewis Huval Schnepel McGinty Urie Robinsom Webster Dramatis Personnae Cheney Coughlan Hunter Todd Urie Do-Bees Adams Ainslee Briggs Carmer Crane Finn Hammond Hebbel Howard Don ' t-Bees Coughlan Davis Harley Russell Weidenman Coined Phrases Black Pig Crush Smush U.S.E.D. Wasted Loved Ones Calfee Cary Dunlop England Fisher Flaherty Harvey Hellin Hopkins Kaupe Knapp Litman Raper Robinson Sackett Simmons Tenanbaum Wood Soul Sisters Davis Harley Weidenman 93 Dr. and Mrs. Albert S. Atwood Dr. R. Wallace Baxter Dr. and Mrs. John M. Beal Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Belcher Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Black. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blomquist Mr. Eric I. Brainerd. A.I.A. Mr. and Mrs. Winston C. Briggs Mrs. Alexander B. Brook Dr. and Mrs. Myron Carmer Mr. and Mrs. David M. Carroll Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Causey Dr. William H. Caverly Prof, and Mrs. Raymond Cerf Mr. and Mrs. William B. Cleveland Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Coughlan Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Elliott Mrs. Edwin R. Fellows. II Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Finbury Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Frost Mr. and Mrs. John S. Garvan. Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Garrett G. Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gurganus Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Hamm Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. George Ingram. Jr. Dr. Richard A. Katz Mr. Howard Ketcham Dr. Christopher L. Landry Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Lindgrove A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Loughridge Dr. John F. McGinty Dr. Richard A. McGovern Dr. John K. Mallen Mr. Andre Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Moore Dr. and Mrs. Jay B. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Nelson Miss Florence Joy Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Newcomb. II Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owen Dr. and Mrs. Andre J. Paradis Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Perkin Dr. Robert C Ramsdell Lt. Col. and Mrs. Malcolm Roberts. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rollins Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Rudolph Mrs. Arthur W. Ruff Rust Cadillac Co. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton H. Salmon. Ill Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M.H. Samel Dr. Joseph A. Sapienza Dr. Nina E. Scarito Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Schnepel. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Seaward Mr. R. Ashton Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Urie Dr. and Mrs. John G. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. Whitney Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Wies 94 " Blow your horn — even if you don ' t sell a clam. " American Proverb - 95 Compliments of Clark J. Sawyer, Inc. 96 qovefcMerti 99 u . BEST WISHES to the Class of 1968 SHERATON-ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN Andover, Massachusetts SHERATC MOTOR T Compliments of Liggett Rexall Drugs Shawsheen Plaza Shopping Center Andover, Mass. Compliments of Russem ' s Lawrence, Mass. 100 LANZ BOE JEST THE YANKEE LADY Olde Andover Village Andover JOHN MEYER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 The Andover Shop CAMBRIDGE ANDOVER THE ANDOVER BOOKSTORE With illiam 5 OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS SMART FLAGG THE INSURANCE OFFICE FOR OVER 100 YEARS OLD ANDOVER VILLAGE 91 Main Street Telephone 475-6161 101 Compliments of Marum ' s Retail Compliments of the ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE pan DDL GDC 2± THE DAME SHOP, INC. INTIMATE APPAREL FOR MOTHER AND DAUGHTER 48 Main Street Andover ,6 e olde andover village « j 93 main street 1 )V andover, mass. gifts accessories a shop full of surprises Now that you ' ve found a way out, good luck. Class of ' 70 102 W. R. HILL, INC. GOOD HARDWARE PAINTS, HOUSEWARES, GARDEN SUPPLIES 45 Main St. And over, Mass. 01810 Tel. 475-0102 • 61 Main Street, Andover • Gaunt Square, Methuen • 108 Main Street, N. Andover 103 School Portraits Audio Visual J-ook iJ- noto £XuLc£, Una. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 256 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. 683-5322 93 Main St. Andover, Mass. 475-1452 PHINNEYS RADIO TELEVISION STEREO SALES SERVICE COMPLETE LINE RECORDS 93 Main St. Andover, Mass. 475-1175 OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY GRECOE JEWELERS Watchmaker Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 Main Street ANDOVER MASS. Our Policy • Finest Quality Fashions • Low Thrifty Prices DEBS DEN 4 Main Street Andover, Mass. Tel. 475-1591 PHONE 475-4821 OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE (®lbt $tlla 9 plater £lpp free Delivery - andover. Lawrence, no. andover CLINTON E. RICHARDSON 93 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. MASS OISIO Compliments of Hughes Pharmacy THE HARTIGAN PHARMACY Andover Mass. 104 4 • W nstcn-Solcm HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Corolino LINWOOD R. CARD, PORTLAND. MAINE Ill i, m-

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