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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1967 volume:

ptA 4 -T f, a year of nights, a month of days -. " . , ' . 1.1 Octobers drifting into mays you set your sail when the tide comes in i i fl 2%J w •S w jsH . WB Sii fe Wr •- ' Hf S K M ■ j I vl If • V - then you just cast your fate to the wind u u 6 1 the circle abbot academy andover, massachusetts editor maggie wilde art julia alvarez elizabeth bonan ann mckeever photography diana bonnifield hannah whitney business anstiss bowser sarah birdsall faculty advisor linda sevey miss eleanor tucker, acting principal, 1966-67 a perfect woman, nobly planned, to warn, to comfort and command; and yet a spirit still, and bright with something of angelic light, —wordsworth 8 so now you ' re old you ' re wise you ' re smart you ' re just a man with an open heart you wonder how it might have been had you not cast your fate to the wind . . . faculty english mrs. John sisson; mrs. timothy home; miss jean st. pierre; mrs. malcolm Johnston; mrs. jonatha ceely. history miss mary minard; mrs. oscar witten; miss madge baker; miss georgina huck. 10 latin mrs. paul de gavre; mrs. John kaiser. Spanish miss dorothy judd; miss karen buhler; mrs. merrill. trench mile, germaine arosa; mile, marie baratte; mrs. wayne frederick; mrs. allan gillingham; miss edith jones. science miss helen smith; miss carolyn kellogg. art mrs. harford powel; miss lindasevey. mathematics miss carolyn goodwin; miss sylvia kuzminski; mrs. John bennett; mrs. barbara vickers. director of admissions mrs. ford duncan. ML 1B " secretaries mrs. Joseph o ' brien; mrs. richard abbott. A, ; %- I m M U - t 1 SB 1 director of students miss Christine von erpecom language training mrs. waiter c. greenall. Wo - o c,.: ' •% o o v ' o o o • housemothers mrs. guy howe; mrs. dorothy denstad (head of permissions); mrs. gerald trenbath; mrs. lillian ellis; mrs. shez; mrs. grace nevins; mrs. estellegoggin. bookstore mrs. dorothy quintal; mrs. sorota. athletics mrs. rubio; miss shaw; miss ritchie; mrs. butler. music miss warner; mrs. roberts; mrs. stahle. switchboard mrs. richards; mrs. mc carron; mrs. o ' neill. 15 16 the time has such a way of changing a man throughout the years and now i ' m re-arranging my life through all the tears alone alone alone . . . seniors 17 julia altagracia alvarez 85-1 1 avon street Jamaica, new york ' how far that little candle throws its bea ms! " rita barbara achin 72 harland avenue lowell, massachusetts " do what you want; come what may ' 18 Claudia anne arragg 68 high plain road andover, massachu setts " good nature and good sense ever joined " sarah Coventry beale 508 east avenue newark, new york " little lamb, who made thee? dost thou know who made thee? " the lamb blake 19 i . i •• 11 v " ■ ' " faith whitney beane off alden street duxbury, massachu setts " there was a star danced, and under that i was born " elizabeth victoria bennett 233 broad street claremont, new hampshire " without love and laughter there is no joy " sarah wentworth birdsall 115 main street andover, massachusetts " my youth is bent by the same wintry fever dylan thomas elizabeth janet bonan martin dale greenwich, Connecticut " reach me a rose, honey, and pour me a drop in that there crystal glass " 21 diana bonnifield 48 south turkey hill road westport, Connecticut " ' had a pleasant time with my mind, for it was happy " louisa may alcott anstiss elizabeth bowser putnam road holden, massachusetts " live! live! live! life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death " auntie mame laurel anne brown lamar park, r.f.d. 4 hattiesburg, mississippi " never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. then you will see how low it was. " dag hammarskjold laurian eileen cannon 525 lighthouse drive north palm beach, florida " mute and magnificent, without a tear " dryden " no flowers, by request " 23 ' ■ rhonda marie carrington 1 000 west fayette street martinsville, Virginia ' music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory " shelley ruth anne chamberlin 18 dunklee street concord, new hampshire " twas her thinking of others made you think of her " e.b. browning 24 sara delano kittery point maine ' charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul " linda ann cregg 46 sunset rock road andover, massachu setts " misery is when you find out that there ' s no such thing as santa claus " r " " ■ 1 ■ Bfl y VB ■ n 11 ft H I r i£ { o- sssfc jgy | I , ■, « o o « ' ' •• " o, V V»ooo» ' oo».«V«V»l- ;» O o9 00 ' Y.o i »■ j v — — A ]B ■»OOOOOV - O ,s ■)OoO oo ' c ,o % ooo oe » c .b A »i3. ' x r B ' W W - - — oooo = ° ' . ■ oooo»o° e: c . ■too ooo ° ■ i oo o o o o ' ■» o o o o o o H .. n n O O 0 1 s S. f Z ■ a o o o o « HUoooooo« Booooooo ' r e oo »oooo« 10 )6 ...Jt Ice , i.lo c l " i •! i9 «ooooooo • J ' »ooo«» - " o 1 It 1 - ■ £S i aTi m % ' Jl ---J $m jl " 1 y , r - . mm m j rc- T 2 . - " " ' r T-f - k 25 diane elizabeth denuccio 295 main street north andover, massachu setts " words are the weak support of cold indifference; love has no language to be heard " congreve candace Joyce eidam 35 nesmith street lawrence, massachusetts " sine amore jocisque nil est jocundum; vivas in amore vocisque " 7 charlotte elizabeth elmenhorst p.o. box 409-13, calle 8-25, zona 1 guatemala city, guatemala, c.a. " you laugh and you are quite right for yours is the dawn of the morning " 27 susan Caroline gallagher stand ish street south duxbury, massachu setts " shall i compare thee to a winter ' s day? thou art more lovely and more temperate " william Shakespeare felice marlene forrest 4510 north Jefferson avenue miami beach, florida " in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed " the prophet 28 margery jane goldman 1015 highland avenue fall river, massachusetts " swing low, sweet chariot, let us not wait for the Cadillacs " gertrude dorsey green 217 sumter avenue summerville, south Carolina " and all i ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover and quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick ' s over " 29 marilyn woodrow hadley 460 fairfax street denver, Colorado " we may be fighting a losing battle but we ' re having a lot of fun trying to win. " georgia trances hall 27 lincoln circle andover, massachu setts " she was just seventeen macartney-lennon jean elizabeth haley 11 chandler circle andover, massachusetts ' happiness is a snowman ' priscilla eldridge hammond 4851 tilden street, n.w. Washington, d.c. " you ' ve got to live. " p. scoon zorba the greek judith taylor hannegan r.d. 2, farmington long grove, illinois " branches of wisteria circumscribe a golden grin— " 32 nancy hoehn 1 1 pine street Winchester, massachu setts 7 had too much to dream last night ... " carolyn oakes hansen 41 woodland road lexington, massachusetts " sophistication is more than a state of being " 33 Catherine brooks hoover 286 rose lane north canton, ohio " you can ' t rationalize emotion ' nancy marie howe 9 smithshire estates andover, massachuserts « A " when i was seventeen it was a very good year " frank Sinatra priscilla howes 351 lake park drive birmingham, michigan " what harm is it to kiss, to laugh, to play? " candace howes 351 lake park drive birmingham, michigan " now this is the Law of the Jungle— as old and as true as the sky; and the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die " 35 louisa boulton huntington 73 allison road Princeton, new jersey " some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do i " alison hurst 863 park avenue, north winter park, florida " and he sits and thinks of the things they knuw ne and the forest, alone together— " Pamela greenlees jones box 1486 harlowton, montana " how glorious it is— and also how painful— to be an exception. " alfredde musset marjory ann kaplan 15 rocky ledge road swampscott, massachu setts " the mad music of pleasure danced like a bacchanante over the hills of life, and mocked the slow silenus for being sober " 37 matilda lavenas u.s. steel international, ltd. caixa postal 8047, sao paulo, brazil " we ' ll sing in the sunshine, we ' ll laugh every day " Christina nell lambert 1815 drakestone Oklahoma city, Oklahoma " breathless, we flung us on the windy hill, laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass " the hill rupert brooke 38 elizabeth grace macgregor 360 east 72nd street new york, new york " i ' m a believer . . . " 39 rachel macintyre 81 east main street trumansburg, new york " there are two days in the week about which and upon which I never worry, one of these is yesterday . . . and the other is tomorrow " robert j. burdette mary jane major box 203, rr 2 willimantic, Connecticut " she speaks like silence without ideals or violence she doesn ' t have to say she ' s faithful yet she ' s true like ice I like fire " love minus zero no limit bob dylan 40 joan peabody marks 75 howell avenue larchmont, new york " a smile is a whisper of a laugh " ann mckeever box 353 pebble beach, California " keep cool; it will be all one a 100 years hence " the sceptic ralph waldo emerson claire anne moore 11 sias lane milton, massachusetts " le plus precieux de nous-meme est ce qui reste informule 42 ann willard miller 90 york square new haven, Connecticut " and i am waiting for the lost music to sound again, in the lost continent in a new rebirth of wonder " 3M " gail ellen niziak 121 hidden road andover, massachu setts " ' wish i were the headlight . . . on a westbound train. " 7 didn ' t start the crazy foam fight! " j I wendy brown morrissey 16 shirley avenue goffstown, new hampshire " a child said ' what is grass? ' fetching it to one with full hands. " M, WWA 1 ™ z T •• u A ML M Uk f — » ■ X m r . phyllis lea pendleton 64 salem street andover. massachu setts " life is sweet, brother, do you think so? " warren st. clair osborne manor wood apartments 7 south burlington. Vermont reason is not measured by size or height but by principle " 44 jane appleton phillips 30 chestnut street salem, massachusetts " put not asunder man ' s first word: wonder . . . wonder ... " 45 • H| K M " ° ° - Hi pB -Ai - 1 1 H9N L a 1 ' - v? H la ft 1 .■([ [■l a B ' " ■ IBvK. HBi t ' ■oflfi HfRB m »«v i MSI • I jEp MEt HwT. 1 Rag 9fl gflB SI I ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■F BD ' ifllBI - BlBF ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■V TflHk H • ■■■■■%! lTvS nk ■■ ■■■■ ■w 9A4 f ■■BB9B bBibp41K £ flV fMriE i 4 gerda winston-pettus ray 119 essex avenue montclair, new jersey " ' know my mind and i have made my choice; not from your temper does my doom depend; " fatal interview sonnets edna st. Vincent mi Hay nancy marion porosky 10 lincoln circle swampscott, massachusetts " have my visions, too . . . in my own way, also, i am an artist. " the moon and sixpence w. somerset maugham 46 barbara read berry hill road oyster bay, new york " ' was and i no more exist here drifted an hedonist " ezra pound alice wright robertson 430 high street fall river, massachusetts " the time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, the way to be happy is to make others so " Juliet schneller crosstrees hill road essex, Connecticut " to ever ihing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven " ecclesiastes mm elizabeth jane rudman 34 bellevue avenue bangor, maine " live free . . . and beauty surrounds you; the world still astounds you ... " 48 susan abby Shapiro 29 goddard circle brookline, massachusetts " ' feel there is an angel in me, she ' d say, whom i am constantly shocking " jill bette singer 1360 south street Portsmouth, new hampshire " maturity, among other things, the unclouded happiness of the child at play, who takes it for granted that he is at one with his playmates " dag hammarskjold susan marie smith r.d. 1 dillsburg, Pennsylvania " ' hope you understand i ' ve a long way to go " John Stewart sandra Stewart 33 shady lane, chappaqua, new york " some think i ' m looney; i think i ' m normal— 98.6 " h.p. susan Catherine sticknoth lovell street, p.o. box 255 lincolndale, new york 51 " put your faith in what you feel, and not in what you see " lemon tree will holt rosa felicia tavares (lyn) 167 pleasant street new york, new york " the woods are lovely, dark and deep. but i have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep. " linda trances sullivan 91 concord street nashua, new hampshire " when irish eyes are smiling 52 elizabeth dorrance turtle 5 morton street andover, massachu setts " mon ame a son secret, ma vie a son mystere: un amour eternal en un moment concu " jane cowan von der heyde 128 west hill road new canaan, Connecticut " and in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures " laurie anne wallwork 177 Philadelphia boulevard sea girt, new jersey " weVe all grown older come, see where we have been ' rod mckuen Joyce kathleen wannop c o Creole petroleum corporation cabimas, estado zulia, Venezuela " music is love in search of a word " Sidney lanier 54 Catherine helen welch 848 paxinosa avenue easton, Pennsylvania " personality and humor go hand in hand " hannah lawrence whitney 14 hidden field andover, massachusetts ' thus endeth the mourning iesson " telmah to. grovel 55 margaret mary wilde 40 corbett road andover, massachusetts ' don ' t touch me! don ' t question me! don ' t speak to me! stay with me! " waiting for godot samuel beckett 56 •«« •• ••■»■ ■■»•■•■ ■ ■4i •■•■••■-■ ■0«a ■••■■ ft •■ roxanna whitney wolfe box 1134 litchfield, Connecticut " paused and i said, 7 will turn back from here, no, i will go on further— and we shall see ' . " the woodpile robert frost 57 people are talking about ?i pro class beane rudman schneller high heeled sneakers hoehn howe niziak things we say and are said to us g.b. ha ha keep off the grass hihawaya class song ? take your pick it ' s all over now, baby blue exodus done most for abbot schneller rudman goldman done abbot for most day studs great escapers pomf ret debate team what abbot needs most an extension campus in palm beach 59 what abbot needs least a pappagallo shop on campus us places we have immortalized the ritz carlton, suite 509 flash ' s most likely to be seen on a train heading towards new haven major major major most likely never to get caught doing anything bowser hoover major whitney wilde most likely to get caught doing anything cregg osborne hamilton sound effects cannon osborne welch sound affects forrest Stewart von der heyde you know I can hear you when the water ' s running bennett niziak pendleton talks least and says most hansen delano gallagher lavens day trippers birdsall turtle whitney wilde most likely to be a day stud major mc keever macgregor osborne most likely to be seen in Cambridge miller miller miller most likely to believe bonnifield jones p. howes 62 mail-minded bonan howe Stewart male-minded hurst ray elmenhorst how i came to abbot i applied as a housemother on a honda in vain why i came to abbot it ' s only a block away from the a-shop i wanted to meet g.f.b. what we think of andover boys who? things we are looking forward to June 5 June 5 June 5 f Ut ' : s ■ t ' r «. ■J • « • 1 r 64 d unaerciassmen 65 class officers wood; finbury (pres.); huval: doty. third floor back row: russell; davis; dillingham; mathiot; owen; addams: hamm; hughes; carmer; Johnson; wood; atwood; hunter; huval; cook. front row: sackett; cheney; camp; harley; coughlan; Wiedemann; roberts; Shapiro; newcomb; hebbel; cleaver; paine. CD 66 second floor back row: schnepel; seaward; wies; trenbath; howard; barton; handy; robinson; moses; schoettler; fellows; finn. front row: hammond; whitney; carlson; robinson; nelson; dunlop; lewis; frost; doty; ainslie; o ' neil. day students back row: bolton; webster; finbury; sapienza; robinson; brown. front row: briggs; black; mc ginity; sawyer. class officers stichnoth; leuenberger (pres.); gay; nimick. 1 c 5 first floor draper back row: fink; brummer; bitner; lacouture; masters; smith; hagel; moulton; lord; viele; gerschel. front row: hoff; macleod; liberatore; Whipple; best; belcher. abbey house back row: marks; pico;dow; miller; nourse; mcclure; gray; wohlgethan; burterfield; donald; mueller. front row: woods; santos; smith; hanes; gurganus; petree; Stewart; whitcomb; mugler; elliott. french house back row: ross; cain; cummings;dillard; howes; sykes; Jenkins; leuenberger; treneer; witherspoon. front row: hoover; gay; beal; Steele; alien; cecere; nimick. class officers Johnson; waller; cheney; ingraham. Sherman and abbey back row: waller; garvan; cheney; solomon; giesemann; snelling; urie; doyle; breed. seated: cerf; anderson. front: ingraham; bennett; salam; todd; kramer; pike. daystudents back row: niziak; rowen; bowen; Williams; hayman; Johnson; contarino. front row: Johnson; antonopoulos; mallen; smith; durham; naman; maloney. » -»• V i 4 V 1 72 73 74 organizations 75 first term back row: cheney; howe; cannon; beale; Stewart; green; leuenberger. seated: cregg; beane; schneller (pres.); rudman; hoover. first row: huval; gay; hoover; finbury. C D E c CD o c D second term back row: ewald; sackett; hoover; howe; cannon; beale; schneller; Stewart; green; lord; anderson; solomon. newcomb; cregg; beane; rudman; hoover; seaward. christian association mac gregor; hoover (pres.); delano; stichnoth. social representatives Stewart; doyle; dillingham; butterfield. w.u.s. back row: marsden; butterfield; ross. seated: trenbath; wallwork (pres.). library committee back row: mac intyre; robertson; wolfe. seated: gallagher (pres.). archaeological society petree; jones; chamberlin (pres.). entertainment committee hanes; pike; nimick; leuenberger; driscoll; moses; carlson; todd. cynosure rudman; bonan; hannegan; wallwork;stichnoth; goldman (editor); major. bacchantes todd; hughes. frost; Shapiro; coughlin; cook. cleaver; wood. coronach missing: porosky; hoover; miller; read; green; bonnifield; hannegan; huntington. courant calfee; cheney; miller. bonan; hunter; moore (editor); hadley; howes; hoover; alvarez. 81 nrnrnr in in ; in in i in in 82 sports 83 c G) tennis howes; pico. robinson; miller; stack. cheerleaders carlson; finn; whitcomb; leuenberger; niziak. forrest; macleod; cleaver; curtis; hamm. hockey gurganus; daley; leuenberger; cain; nimick; dow; cecere. finn; moore; andersen; fellows; osborne. basketball howes; moore, waugh; gurganus; nimick. soccer Shapiro; bowser; hoover; hunter. moses; wilde; marum; rowen. tennis finbury; singer; sawyer; goldman; payne. basketball sapienza; schneller; witherspoon. howe; green; major; cannon. cheerleaders seaward; webster; raper; treneer; Stewart; davis; Jenkins; hansen; dillingham; solomon. Q (Q O CD soccer rudman; whitney; read; davis; bolton; marsden. raper; howe; brown; major; webster. field hockey huntington; beane; lord. von der heyde; wies; green; fencing chamberlin; hansen; von der heyde; singer; marsden. dance back row: wannop; leuenberger; moses; Stewart; delano; howes; todd; wolfe; elmenhorst; porosky; davis; marks; whitney; blakesle; ecleaver; belcher. middle row: stichnoth; marum; peters; owen; finbury; forrest; lambert; stichnoth; hunter. front row: wiedenman; black; finn; briggs; Shapiro; cecere; hoover. 88 there never was there couldn ' t be I a place in time for men to be I who drink the dark and laugh at day and let their wildest dreams blow away . . . d ance 89 f 1 1 92 PATRONS Dr . Mrs. Fred G. Arragg Mr. Mrs. Douglass N. Howe M r. Mrs. James M. Beale Mr. Mrs. Ralph E. Hurst M r. Mrs. Seon Pierre Bonan Roberl E. Kelley M ' s. Howard B. Bowser Mr. Mrs. Ian K. MacGregor M -. Mrs. Eric 1. Brainerd Andre Meyer Dr . Mrs. Daniel W. Coughlin Mr. Mrs. Francis J. Niziak Mi ' . Mrs. Louis C. Eidam Mr. Mrs. Charles Owen Mi ' . Mrs. D. G. Fink Mr. Mrs. Alberto Pico Mi ' . Mrs. Herbert W. Finbury Mrs. Brooks Potter Mi ' . Mrs. H. P. Forrest Mr. Mrs. Clark J. Sawyer Cc )l. Mrs. L B. Gallagher Mr. Mrs. Richard F. Schneller Mi •. Mrs. John S. Garvan, Jr. Mr. Mrs. D. T. Sullivan, Jr. Mi ' . Mrs. William Goldman Mr. Mrs. M. Jennings von der Heyde Dr . Mrs. John S. Green III Mr. Mrs. Jesse M. Waller Dr . Mrs. W. R. Gurganus Mr. Mrs. Stephen Whitney Mi ' . Mrs. George F. Hall Mr. Mrs. Martin Williams Mi ' . Mrs. Arthur E. Hamm Mr. Mrs. John J. Witherspoon Mi ' . Mrs. Frank H. Hammond Mr. Mrs. William G. Wood Mr •. Mrs. J. S. Hoover Compliments of a Friend Anonymous 96 LANZ BOE JEST THE YANKEE LADY Olde Andover Village Andover COUNTRY HOUSE LADYBUG PHINNEYS RADIO TELEVISION STEREO SALES SERVICE COMPLETE LINE RECORDS 93 Main St. Andover, Mass. 475-1175 THE ANDOVER BOOKSTORE PHONE 475-4821 OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE (®lbz Pillage inte j8pp face Delivery - andover, Lawrence, No. Andover CLINTON E RICHARDSON 93 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. MASS OlSIO olde andover village 93 main street andover, mass, gifts accessories a shop full of surprises 98 SAM ' S DELICATESSEN Our Policy • Finest Quality Fashions • Low Thrifty Prices DEBS DEN 4 Main Street Andover, Mass. Tel. 475-1591 BILLINGS, INC Jewelers — Opticians ANDOVER MASS. 99 SMART FLAGG, INC. THE INSURANCE OFFICE FOR OVER 100 YEARS OLD ANDOVER VILLAGE 91 Main Street Telephone 475-6161 THE HARTIGAN PHARMACY Andover Mass. WILLIAM ' S 100 best wishes from THE ANDOVER INN CHAPEL AVENUE a Treadway Inn - ANDOVER, MASS. OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 Main Street ANDOVER MASS. Compliments of McKINIMON SON MOTOR CO., INC. 219 Winthrop Ave. Lawrence, Massachusetts INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS Tel. 686-9766 ANDOVER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CO. INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 475-2647 As Usual — — The Unusual Compliments of the ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE 101 Marguerite Marshall Marjorie Portors DRESSES SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES THE VILLAGE GREEN DRESS SHOP 2-4 Johnson St., No. Andover, Mass. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 The Andover Shop bailors anb Jfurnisbcrs IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES CAMBRIDGE ANDOVER Compliments of LOOK PHOTO, INC. DYER-CLARK COMPANY ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS GEO. W. HORNE CO. ROOFING CONTRACTORS 102 BEST WISHES to the Class of 1967 SHERATON-ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN Andover, Massachusetts 103 104 Compliments of DOYLE LUMBER COMPANY CHANDLER ROAD ANDOVER THE DAME SHOP, INC. INTIMATE APPAREL FOR MOTHER AND DAUGHTER 40 Main Street Andover Bay State Merchants National Bank Where " Your Business Is Our Business " 35 MANCHESTER STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS FRANCIS J. NIZIAK Pres.-Treas. INTERIOR DESIGNERS and Home Furnishers (Stye $tufrfl lpp]», 3ttr . AMERICA ' S FINEST FURNITURE 105 106 107 .,-:••■■■;••;■■•■ I 9 ■■ ■ ' ■ " • ' ••■

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