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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1966 volume:

wm % $ $ « tm k r 4 " -4wu 1778 • £3 ft PHILLIPS ACADEMY » OLIVER-WENDELL- HOLMES g I LIB RARY I Mj perampUcra 3 ■ 3 - f ' --J ' v " s » -iff Is V p IV. f ) L 0r v- C A T I! 7 V A r Of %} ' V£ Y U •« Hi I « o-V u tf l r ' re fi v THE CIRCLE " My, My " (2nd verse) " My Conscience " Copyright 1954 by Ogden Nash. Originally in the New Yorker; " Kindly Unhitch That Star, Buddy " Copyright 1935 by Ogden Nash; " Introspective Reflection " Copyright 1931 by Ogden Wish; " What I Know About Life " , line 5, Reprinted with permission of Curtis Brown Ltd. taken from " Versus " ; " The Calendar-Watchers, or What ' s So Wonderful About Being A Patriarch? " ; 4th verse, lines 1 2, taken from " The Private Dining Room " ; " Kind of an Ode to Duty " Copyright 1935; " In Which The Poet Is Ashamed But Pleased " , 9th verse, 2nd line has been altered; From " Versus From 1929 On " by Ogden Nash; all poetry reprinted by per- mission of Little, Brown and Company and Curtis Brown Ltd. The Circle Board 1966 Editor-in-Chief Barbara Paris Business Board Nancy Warlick Donna Wlodkoski Photography Board Lonnie Somers Margy Ryder Art Board Lee Haselton Martha Bayles Copy and Layout Lorinda Burling Ellen Ross Underclassmen Drewry Hanes Roxanne Wolfe Martha Shapiro Louise Huntington Faculty Advisor Miss Linda Sevey 5117334 3 Warren Osborne Jessie Leunenberger 1 1 111 4 1 - What fortune set with side by side, My scope so narrow, hers so wide? We owe to this sweet dispensation Our mutual appreciation . . . Faculty I would live all my life in nonchalance and insouciance Were it not for making a living, which is rather a nouciance Mrs. Crane 6 F ENGLISH Mrs. John Sisson ENGLISH Miss Jean St. Pierre ' irey« umofll ENGLISH Mrs. Jonatha Ceely ENGLISH Mrs. Malcolm Johnston FRENCH Mile. Germaine Arosa FRENCH Mrs. Wayne Frederick FRENCH Mrs. Oscar Witten FRENCH Mile. Marie Baratte FRENCH Miss Edith Jones w l «v - HISTORY Miss Mary Minard HISTORY Miss Madge Baker HISTORY Miss Georgina Huck m HISTORY OF ART Miss Linda Sevey LATIN Mrs. Paul De Gavre LATIN Miss Blair Danzoll SPANISH Miss Dorothy Judd SCIENCE Miss Helen Smith SCIENCE Miss Carolyn Kellogg MATHEMATICS Miss Carolyn Goodwin MATHEMATICS Mrs. John Bennett MATHEMATICS Mrs. Barbara Vickers MATHEMATICS Miss Sylvia Kuzminski ART Mrs. Harford Powel SPEECH AND DRAMA Miss Olthje von Erpecom BIBLE Dr. Hans Sidon MUSIC Miss Warner, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Stahle LIBRARY Mrs. James Couch psl PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Rubio, Miss Ritchie, Miss Shaw, Mrs. Butler LANGUAGE TRAINING Mrs. Walter G. Greenall BOOKSTORE Mrs. Dorothy Quintal HEAD RESIDENTS Mrs. Lillian Ellis, Mrs. Dorothy Denstad, Mrs. Isabelle Trenbath HOUSE ADVISORS Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Shea, Mr. Van Note INFIRMARY Miss Avre, Dr. Ramsdell, Miss Perkins DIRECTOR OF STUDIES Miss Eleanor Tucker DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Mrs. Ford Duncan DIRECTOR OF STUDENTS Miss Christine von Erpecom 10 ALUMNAE Miss Jane Sullivan, Mrs. Frank DiClemente FINANCIAL Miss Louise Robinson FINANCIAL Mrs. Perry Wile, Mr. Gardner Sutton SECRETARIES Mrs. Richard Abbott, Mrs. Joseph O ' Brien SWITCHBOARD Mrs. Richards, Mrs. McCarron, Mrs. O ' Neill Mrs. Lynwood Howard, Mrs. Jes Bonde KITCHEN Miss Logan, M. Moran, J. Malcin, E. Davies, C. Craig, M. Snow, C. Boyle MAINTENANCE J. Butler, D. Wrigley, J. Loszaweski, J. Keith, J. Moher, E. Turton, B. McKee, P. Corey 11 I! 12 Seniors Well I have learned what life is, something about which you cant conclude anything except that it is full of vicissitudes . . . 13 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Cornelia Gaines, Ellen Ross, Nancy Whitehead, Deborah Stone. CLASS SONG March on, sixty-six march on, Carry your banner high, Fling it to the sky, Going fast, shooting sparks all the way. March on, sixty-six march on, Over the finish line, Victory sublime, Tread with might, with our light blazing the wav. Triumphantly we sing, Long may our voice ring, Forever echoing for years to come. March on, sixty-six march on, Time is quickly sped, Bravely forge ahead, Carry on to the dawn of the day. 14 And now, this five-time Fidelio re- ject will sing. Student Council 1; A Cappella 1,2; Class Play 1. JOYCE ELOISE ABBOTT 3 Maple Street, Wilton, New Hampshire ' Life is real! Life is earnest! ' Henry Wadsworth Longfellow " To everything there is a season, And a time for every purpose under the heaven: A time to weep, and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance; . . . A time to get and a time to lose; . . . A time to keep silence and a time to speak; Ecclesiastes Library Committee 4. " How do you hold a wave upon the sand? " It ' s easier than holding the package of bouncy gaiety bombing through the hall waving a letter or desperately looking for lost French notes. A sun always shining with warm rays of humor, sym- pathy and understanding. " A flibbety gibbet — a will-o-the-whisp . . . " Yes, I do stop talking . . . sometimes. MAURICIA ALVAREZ 85-11 Avon Street, Jamaica 32, New York 15 BEVERLY DECATUR ARMSDEN Kittery Point, Maine Honor Roll 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2; Bazaar Com- mittee Chairman 3; Current Events Club 4; Circle 4; Drama Workshop 4; School Announcer. The dust settled. Pushing the debris aside, Martha emerged instinctively into the clear And smiled, and took a bow, And made a revelant pun. Martha clambered to her desk Which was askew with complex treatises and artwork, But she was distracted by a lonely lady bug on the window And sat down and wondered how it worked. ' the tide always turns " Student Council 4; Proctor Council 3; Class Secretary 3; Proctor 2,3,4; A.C.A. 1,2,3, President 4; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 1,2; Entertainment Com- mittee 2,3; Photography Club 2,3,4; Seraglio 3,4; Madrigal Society 3, Co-President 4; Varsity Tennis 4. There was a little girl A little girl was she, She launched her boat one day The world for to see- She found A sunny roof, A lonely roof, A green hat. She took A book Qf philosophy, A smile, A symphony. And she stood on Her toes and danced, And wondered, She stood on Her toes and wondered. MARTHA BAYLES 94 Summer Street, Weston, Massachusetts Ach y fi! 16 % The Sound and the Fury Honor Roll 2,3,4; Proctor 2; W.U.S. 2,3; Entertainment Committee 1; Cynosure 3,4; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. ROSE JANE BENDETSON 3 Arlington Terrace, Haverhill, Massachusetts Listen to the mockingbird chirping Freudian concepts . . . come awn you guys, we ' ve gawta do this right — so I ' ll get the bowls . . . Rosie gets the prize for the most considerate day student ... I love to go a-wandering across the soccer fields . . . during the wee hours of boarding school existence . . . only the Blue Book is exempted from her reading list . . . the lively one. Honor Roll 2,3; W.U.S. 4; New Fidelio 2,3; Fidelio 3,4; A Cappella 2; Library Committee 4; Current Events Club 3; Cynosure 3,4; Class Play 2; Lawrence Teaching 3; Varsity Tennis 3. Here lies: Judi . . . Bricks . . . Aard . . . one third of the triple terror . . . energy enlimited-Bounce! Bounce! . . . Carribbean affairs . . . " It ' s been real " . . . guilt . . . Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids! . . . putty in her hands . . . " And I think I ' m Going Out of My Head " . . . the omniscent Peanuts Calendar . . . V.P.? . . . TGM . . . Need we say More? Beware! I ' m out of hibernation! KM JUDITH JANE BRICKER Woodway Ridge Lane, New Canaan, Connecticut 17 My Sin New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; A Cappella 2; Archeology Club 3; Seraglio 3,4; Circle 4; Varsity Lacrosse 3. LORINDA BURLING 39 Fairmount Street, Nashua, New Hampshire " I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow. " Bob Dylan Walking down a ski slope, an XKE passed me . . . " ever notice a boy ' s expression when he sees a girl driving a XKE? " Lorin was pluckin ' her guitar and singin : " . . . break my finger? — I don ' t have to play in the recital — boom, boom oo-wa oo-wa . . . " " she has a Feudian Water Complex " . . . wants to enjoy life, love, and set design . . . " DUH! " " She ' s got everything she needs, she ' s an artist, she don ' t look back. " Bob Dylan Fidelio 4; Debating 4; Archeology Club 4; Drama Work- shop 4. What are little Nans made of? Black and blue marks, Fluffer-nutters that are stale, No time to open last week ' s mail, Voices that crack when you don ' t know your song. Exeter who? My hair just won ' t get long! Lsat weekend — wondering what you might have missed, Smiling and laughing— " Look world— I exist! " Ho, Hi, for a fair young lad . . . NANCY ELLEN BYAM 43 Fiske Street, North Tewksbury, Massachusetts 18 Hey — what ' s with these plastic cigarettes? Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 2; Photography Club 4; Archeology Club 3,4; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. ELIZABETH AYER CHAMBERLIN 1001 Arrowhead Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Ayer, Eeyore — A thump — crash — another knee gone, and another day. Laughter, popcorn, and song — simultaneous. Curls, it always curls, it ' s never straight. I mean — you know . . .? Does the snow really get that deep? The spell of the Amazon . . . only, my eyes are blue. Climb every mountain, ford every stream . . . A.C.A. 3; Choir 4; Fidelio 3,4; New fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 2; Library Committee 3; Archeology Club 3,4; Seraglio 3,4; Madrigals 4. " All in girls? " " You gonna be up late tonight? . . . But you just talked to him . . . Hey, turn off the heat ... I think I ' ll have some coke first . . . No, I ' llh ave a pickle . . . bet we have a fire drill . . . ready? ... (2 hours later) — Ouch! — Hey what are your clods doing here? — Yeah, probably . . . ' nite. " MARTHA MANSFIELD CHURCH M.R. 23, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ' the sign is where? " 19 So who cares if it ' s only returned for extra postage! Library Committee 4; Current Events Club 3,4; Archeology Club 4; Cynosure 3,4; Class Play 2; Lawrence Teaching 3; Varsity Soccer 4. PAULA VICTORIA CORTES Apdo. Aero 7289, Bogota, Colombia Daily short-cuts through the apple orchard . . . food! . . . Hey, where did it all go?? Tom, Dick and Harry . . . will wooden skis do for a start? Try and try again, and if you don ' t succeed, try some more. It ' s a sure thing, Spanish- style. A.C.A. 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Current Events Club 4; Archeology Club 3,4; Circle 3; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. Can you see Peigi in Russia?? . . . 3-inch heeled Danish wooden shoes-clomp, thud . . . I ' m in a mood for a fight . . . she set her hair? — you must be kidding ... a dog fight!! Let ' s get out of here! . . . " Reunion in ' 75-bring all your kids. " The morning after the night before. MARGARET DONAGHY 466 South Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont 20 ¥ ■rN 7 Going out on a Zim . A.A.A. 3; Library Committee 4; Archeology Club 4; Cynosure 4; Class Play 1,2; Varsity Softball 3; Coaching Tennis 1,2, 3,4; Coaching Softball 3,4; Griffin Songleader 4. VALERIE DE PEYSTER 1145 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, New Jersey Once upon a time there lived an honest-to-goodness Griffin. She existed on coffe ice-cream with butterscotch sauce and rode around in a Saab. Like the pied-piper she led other Griffins around to the tune of a conch shell. She wrote kooky letters and played cards day and night. Her orange ghost will haunt Draper Castle forever. Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; A.C.A. 2; W.U.S. 2,3; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 1,2; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Archeology Club 3; Cynosure 4; Class Play 1,2; Class Social Chairman 2; Lawrence Teaching 3; Gargoyle Captain 4; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4. And any chance-seen face whose loveliness Hovers, a mystery, between dream and real; Things usual yet miraculous that bless And overwell a heart that can still feel. Loving the light-eaved eyes in those wild hues! Walter de la Mare Guess who called! LUCY SANGER CRANE 9 Abbot Street, Andover, Massachusetts 21 Lines? W.U.S. 3; Current Events Club 4; Photography Club 3,4; Dress Committee 4; Class Play 3; Lawrence Teaching 3. SUSAN DOUCETT 605 Genesee Street, Olean, New York I heard a sudden cry of joy; " Hurrah " , She said . . . " Gone, five pounds more " A knock, and she walked in the door. " How now, another book " , she said. " Perchance a new one I ' ve not read? " She moaned. The missing " T " . Oh, dear, And thoughts of spring and things next year. Student Council Secretary-Treasurer 4; Class Secretary 1; Class Treasurer 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; W.U.S. 3; A Cappella 1; Bazaar Executive Committee 3; Current Events Club 3,4; Cynosure 3,4, Editor 4; Class Play 1,2; Sunday School Teach- ing 3. On ne voit bien qu ' avec le coeur. For Happiness is big yellow chrysanthemums, ... a quiet smile saying everything she can ' t (unless it ' s Circle-ating . . . Respectfully submitted), . . . cheering for Exeter on the Andover side, . . . " Summertime an ' the livin ' is easy — the Wolfeboro laundromat and Hill School, . . . sounds of a harmonica — " sweetah den de music of a lovesick mockin ' -bird " . I tell you panthers do walk on cat o ' none tails. And I tell you, Sadie, there ' s toothpaste dribbling down your arm. " Nothing happens unless first a dream " you see . . . Qui a bu boira. SARAH LOUISE DOWNS 59 Tennyson Avenue, Nashua, New Hampshire 22 " Who d ' ya think you are, Santa Claus or sumpin? " A.C.4. 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2; A Cappella 1,2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Debating 4; Archeology Club 4; Cynosure 4; Drama Workshop 1,2,3,4; Varsity Softball 2. JULIE MARIE DUPONT 50-C Washington Park Drive, Andover, Massachusetts Bits of colored slivered fragment glass retaining prism softened hues: crimson ambering glowing hot and yellow warming green pale deepened, cooled, to icy blue; Shift and snatch a pattern intricate that pauses, poses, trembles, shatters. There is no pattern. Kaleidoscopic magic— rare and fleeting Beyond my mind. Wizardry of mirrors. Honor Roll 2,3,4; Proctor 2,3; W.U.S. 2; Choir President 4; Fidelio 3, Librarian 4; New Fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Archeology Club 3,4; Courant 4; Class Play 2. Shelley: a small dynamic combination of determination and sparkling humor ... a pensive frown . . . unwavering political views ... a strong musical strain throughout, which led to the organ-ization of Abbot . . . straightest of straight hair commonly mistaken for naturally curly . . . watch her! she ' s going places. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH ERWIN Western Point, York, Maine My cup runneth over . . . 23 The great out-door life! Proctor 1; A.A.A. 2; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Debating 1; Class Play 1,2; Varsity Soccer 3,4. LOUISE MILLER FLETCHER Sperryville, Virginia Hunt through Wooded Forest in Jaguar convertible leads to new roads; but it ' s a long wait for certain Southern Gende- man . . . censored ... so light up lady-like cigarettes with S.F. Matches. Rendezvous with Play Spirit adds Good and Plenty confusion: beware of low flying balls! The fox appears and leads way to civilization and culture at plane station. Honor Roll 3; Class Secretary 3; A.A.A. Vice-President 4, W.U.S. 4; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Class Play 2,3; Sunday School Teach- ing 3; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity La- crosse 3. Judy is missing, where can she be? She ' s not in the bushes, she ' s not in a tree. " I ' ll look in the bathroom " , but no, she ' s not there. Ah! She ' s deep in her closet. " Oh, What shall I wear? " But don ' t be mistaken, there are other things, too, That only ol ' Froeber, our roommate, can do- Like laughing her ' dog ' laugh and popping her toes, And she will find friendship wherever she goes. JUDITH ANN FROERER 227 Roslyn Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina " And then Munghk. " . said the Nurg to the 24 ' It ' s been a hard day ' s night. Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 4; Photo- graphy Club 3,4; Debating 3; Archeology Club 3,4; Cyno- sure 4. KAREN LEE FULLER 43 Lincoln House Point, Swampscott, Massachusetts Karen . . . Pookzie . . . " Did someone say diet? " . . . peanut butter and jelly, potato chips, Munchies, not to mention Napoleons . . . And what college will it be this week? . . . he ' s nice . . . No, I don ' t bleach my hair! ... A curtain of Tab cans??? . . . Fill your urge . . . Who me? . . . myster- ious trips into Boston and leaves unlimited . . . indecision . . . " You ' re the One " . . . what ' s his face . . . keep on danc- ing and smiling. Class President 3,4; Proctor 4; W.U.S. 3; Choir 4; Fidelio 3,4; Photography Club 4; Seragilo 3,4; Class Play 2,3; Drama Workshop 4; A.F.S. Committee 3; A Cappella 2; Bazaar Executive Committee 3. Inside a glossy hardened damask shell- impervious to mild touching glance that skates and slithers off— What is there? Slick and stylish coating smooth and sealed; Are you solid? My lining is of nestling ruby gems in pulp of crimson glistening warm and bright. Tart and wry my pomegranate laughter Sweet and sour the berries of my mood. Facem Praetendit Ardentem CORNELIA GAINES 51 Buttonwood Lane, Darien, Connecticut 25 Immobility through Scotch Tape. W.U.S. 4; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 4; Archeology 3,4; Club 3,4; Lawrence Teaching 3. ANN ELIZABETH GARTEN 465 Fort Gray Drive, Lewiston, New York Annie— a great golfer . " No dessert tonight " . . Budgie plays with fire " . There was a little girl Who had a lot of curls All over her round head And every night She set them straight Before she went to bed. constant dieter . " Isn ' t that cool? " noisy? . . . . " The Fat Debating 1; Archeology Club 3,4; Drama Workshop 2. " An old witch explodith a pinch of gunpowder in the wings whilst waiting to go on. " " Oh Asnodeus Give me a cat And a toad and a bat And a nice pointed hat A Tuppenny ribbon to Wear ' round my neck, A diller, a dollar A ten o ' clock scholar And an oven big enough To bake the whole coven Except for me Wheel " — from a nadrigal by Randy Echols ciao Only 113 days ' till Halloween. ANN HOWARD GOULD 225 East 62nd Street, New York, New York 26 It may replace conversation complete- ly. MARGARET DREWRY HANES Pfafftown, North Carolina W.U.S. 2; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Circle 4; Class Play 2,3; Gargoyle Songleader 4; Varsity Tennis 4; Sunday School Teaching 2. The mantel round her waist did not conceal Red stockings, and a spur upon every heel. She kept the other pilgrims all in gales Of laughter, listening to her merry tales. Geoffry Chaucer A good heart always does a little extra. Carl Sandburg Honor Roll 3; Proctor 1; A Cappella 1,2; Photography Club 2,3, President 4; Archeology Club 3; Courant 3,4; Circle 4; Class Play 1,2; Lawrence Teaching 3; Sunday School Teach- ing 3,4; Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 2,3; Fencing 3. " Whenever I ' m a shining knight, I buckle on my armour tight; And then I look about for things, Like Rushings-Out, and Rescuings, And Savings from the Dragon ' s Lair, And fighting all the Dragons there. And sometimes when our fights begin, I think I ' ll let the Dragons win . . . And then I think perhaps I won ' t, Because they ' re Dragons, and I don ' t. " ' . . . and it came to pass LEE ELLEN HASELTON Tallwood Road, Augusta, Maine 27 V ' Come right in heh, heh ' Honor Roll 2.3.4; Student Council President 4; Class Presi- dent 2; A.C.A. 2,3; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 2; A Cappella 2; Entertainment Committee 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Current Events Club 3; A.F.S. Committee 3; Seraglio 3,4; Madrigal Society 3,4; Class Play 2,3; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Lacrosse 3; Varsity Tennis 4. BARBARA PEACE HAZARD 20 East 94th Street. New York 28, New York " There are those who give with joy. and that joy is their re- ward . . . And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures . . . For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed ... It is when you give of yourself that you truly give . . . " Gibran A.C.A. 2; Current Events Club 3,4; Debating 3,4: Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 3,4; Lawrence Teaching 3; Class Play 2; Varsity Hockey 2. Blake . . . Lindsay Girl . . . Canada . . . Bud- for flow- ers? . . . S.I.N President . . . that notorious weekend date . . gTeen sail . . . " zoo?! " . . . Exeter experiences . . . Shalimar . . . " Humper, tomorrow we diet " . . . G.A.S. . . . chocolate chip cookie parties with Ninna . . . that Princeton man . . . " but I ' m only 5T " ! " . . . Cambridge . . . dramatic readings of Sartre, Hemingway, and others . . . " blow lunch ... our littlest blonde . . . " The Spider and the Fly " . . . Sahmy . . . censored . . . JEAN BLAKE MAX HAZZARD 179 Seven Bridge Road, Chappaqua, New York " And we ' ll have our own private zoo . . . 28 " Would you like some anti-freeze? ' W.U.S. 2, President 4; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Com- mittee Chairman 3; Photography Club 4; Archeology Club 4; Cheerleader 4. LAUREL CHAMBERLIN HINCKLEY 108 Country Club Road, Melrose, Massachusetts Mouse, Mousus est The little blond mouse with feather in cap perches happily on a chair and expounds upon Maine summers, especially S.W. Harbor. She ' ll be sailing one moment and then next thing you know, she ' s on the soccer fields at Hebron. There ' s never a dull moment. When she ' s not reminiscing, she ' s eager- ly listening— " Gosh, really? " or busily writing letters— " I only got three letters today. " The phone rings— " It ' s for me! " And, of course, it is. The little mouse keeps smiling. Current Events Club 4; Photography Club 4; Cynosure 4. Humper . . . clogs . . . Bud . . . Sewickley . . . S.I.N. . . . " Oh, swimming in a pond " . . . the faithful one from Willis- ton . . . Shalimar, 8 ice-creams and still hungry . . . honorary roommates . . . " drop trou " . . . those contests across the hall . . . poison ivy . . . the Bird . . . " guess what I just got? " . . . rather fight than switch . . . " Play With Fire " . . . ELIZABETH HUMSTONE 14 Richmond Road, Doublaston 63, New York " My windshield wipers have fallen in love. " 29 Pygmalion City. Class Vice-President 3; A. A. A. Treasurer 4; A.C.A. 3; Library Committee 4: Entertainment Committee 3; Bazaar Executive Committee 3; Current Events Club 3,4; Archeology Club Secretary-Treasurer 4: Cynosure 4; Varsity Soccer 4. LEE JOHNSON 904 Zodiac Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado Class Treasurer 2; Photography Club 4; Archeology- Club 3; Cynosure 4; Drama Workshop 2,3,4. A stitch in time saves nine. Hers always seem very fine. A Rolling Stone gathers no moss And yet WBZ often must bear a loss. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, But then most people don ' t plant them on a seat. Late to bed, early to rise Makes a girl unhealthy, but wealthy and wise. A little work, a little play, And so she goes on each day. " Fawn " Emerging from the known into the unknown— " But Mrs. Denstad we just cleaned up the room " — scatterbrain — all I ' m getting is a pressure cooked education — Sallie and Anna are my roommates this year — I just finished my English paper — the one due two weeks ago — " One night as old Saint Peter slept He left the door of heaven ajar When through a little angel crept And came down with a falling star. " " Let loose the hogs of authority FRANCES REDWAY JONES Wheat Lane, Darien, Connecticut 30 Wooof Honor Roll 1,3; President of Day Students 4; A.C.A. 3; Ba- zaar Executive Committee 3; Cynosure 2,3; Managing Editor 4; A.F.S. Committee 3. SUSAN LEBACH 10 George Street, Andover, Massachusetts " Beagle " running down the hockey field — bemoaning an empty mail box — high ranking member of the no mail (male?) club, I hate True Fruit Club, Shindig Society, door show dramatics — history reading while everyone is at Cochran — The Cynosure, Stu-G Susie — worrying, won- dering . . . first in college, last to class — Lebach! Proctor 1,4; A. A. A. 2; Fidelio 3; New Fidelio 2; A Cappella 1,2; Photography Club 2; Class Play 1,2; Social Chairman 4; Sunday School Teaching 2,3; Lawrence Teaching 3. Miss L . . . Jeanie, Geni, or Wonder Woman when it comes to making friends? . . . mail . . . " Who loves you today? " . . . J ' s . . . " Oh, you make me SO mad! " . . . hubris % " triple terror " . . . Bellport, West Hartford . . . scandal sheets . . . spells well . . . cinnamon sugar . . . T.G.M. and S.W. forever . . .! JEAN STUART LIPPINCOTT 4120 Southaven Road, Richmond, Virginia " Well, you see it ' s this way . . . ' 31 " All right, boys, lights out. Proctor 2; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; A Cappella 2; Archeology Club 3; Drama Workshop 4; Class Play 2,3; Lawrence Teach- ing 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Varsity Hockey 3,4. DEBORAH LITTLE 1170 Indian Hill Boulevard, Claremont, California Please, Seniors, don ' t forget to check in and out o f the bath- room . . . pizza walks . . . Pinkerton ' s jackets . . . who kicked the hole in the wall of room 4? . . . scratch three times and whisper low ... I think I hear a P.S.O. . . . UNCLE Illya . . . hey, Debbie, what ya doing with that shower curtain wrapped around ya? W.U.S. 3; Library Committee 4; Entertainment Committee 3; Current Events Club 3,4; Debating 3,4; Archeology Club 3, President 4; Cynosure 4; Lawrence Teaching 3; Varsity Tennis 3,4. e =mml . . . " Stanley, I presume? " . . . Tell me, Sir, your opinion on life, love, and the state of the union " . . . " Mrs. Butler, why do we have blue gym suits? " . . . Alabama . . . Pink! . . . " Why don ' t colleges love me? I love them! " . . . Tennis net if mobus strip s. . . . " It snowed during the second set " . . . " War vole " . . . " Who, where, when? " . . . " What are we celebrating today? " . . . Mary Margaret. MARY MARGARET LIVINGSTON 12 Country Club Road, Birmingham, Alabama Mazola oil and wine vinegar punch— a ' Northern tradition? 32 ' I thought you said vacation. ' Library Committee 3; Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 3,4; Lawrence Teaching 4. HOLLY ASHLEY MAX 482 Front Street, Hempstead, New York " All in, girls? " . . . " Yeah, gotta finish this letter . . . but it ' s freezing in here! I think I ' ll get some cookie dough . . . want some old Tiffin? ... I get the side without the dresses. " (2 hours later) " Good, I ' ve been looking for them for a week. ... I bet we miss the bell tomorrow. " Class President 3; Proctor 2; Bazaar Executive Committee 2,3; Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 3,4, Editor-in-Chief 4; A.F.S. Committee 3. Who ' s the girl in knickers and wooden shoes? She just emerged from messy bed in racoon coat waving Dartmouth banner, reading " Cynosure " . Inside information: summer ' 67 will be found touring Europe by Honda, getting " Satisfaction. " She also dropped " Help ' ful hints about trip south combatting S.F. and " Happie " summers. Finally identified: at midnight rendezvous of Play Club, discussing the fact the " Illya " too few summers. " Culture Shock! " MELINDA EARL MILLER Box 236, Essex, Connecticut 33 mffgkhpdscedmw " ?! Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Cynosure 4; Sunday School Teaching 3. JANE VALENTINE MINOR 12 Walker Avenue, Rye, New York No, Jane, there ' s nothing wrong with humanity. Why, you saw for yourself in Paris, the modern Sodom. Life is just water running through the gutter, and isn ' t it pretty? If the whole world were that ideal, he . . . who could be wicked? Why, certainly not funny-looking little people with French names and things. Honor Roll 1.2,3.4; Class President 2; Choir 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2,3.4: A Cappella 1,2; Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3; Photography Club 3,4; Courant 3, Editor-in-Chief 4: A.F.S. Committee Chairman 3; Class Play 1,2; Varsity Tennis 2,3,4. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference. —Robert Frost BETHE LEE MOULTOX 10 Pinecliff Drive, Marblehead, Massachusetts Je pense, done je suis. 34 -; ' »» " Oh, Peigi, there really is a Santa Claus! " A.C.A. 3, Treasurer 4; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 3, President 4; New Fidelio 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Current Events Club 4; Cynosure 4; Madrigals 4. JUDITH ANNE MUSTILLE Brookside, Willard, New York What — me worry? So what if I haven ' t gotten a letter in three weeks . . . tough noogies . . . just in case Bobby Vinton drops in for dinner, give him garbage . . . Bob Dylan can Rob the house — Baby, let me follow you down ... to Cornell. Honor Roll 3; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Library Com- mittee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Photography Club 4; Debating 3; Circle Editor-in-Chief 4. Rain has fallen all the day. O come among the laden trees: The leaves lie thick upon the way Of memories. Staying a little by the way Of memories shall we depart. Come, my beloved, where I may Speak to your heart. —James Joyce BARBARA DICKSON PARIS 6204 Wyman Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota Greetings from God! 35 ' It ' s a boy! ' Honor Roll 3; A.A.A. 3,4; Choir 4; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 2; Current Events Club 3, President 4; Cynosure 3,4. MARY PORTER 3 Ridge Drive, Port Washington, New York Perched on the calendar, Snoopy, knew that he had been hung up in a room full of happiness — the smell of chocolate, the clink of k-nitting needles, the rustle of news- paper, the splat of someone running into the wall, but above all - " Bahh. " W.U.S. 3; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Archeologoy Club 3,4; Drama Workshop 3; Lawrence Teaching 3. Eradica: PH . . . " I ' m Baby Huey. " The Lettermen . . . " I just want to get into bed and dream, you guys! " . . . " Oh, this mail ' s no good! " . . . " Eat, sleep, and be merry, for tomorrow . . . " " I ' ll swim till I can ' t swim any more! " ERICA SUE RITTER 1093 Ocean Avenue, New London, Connecticut " Look! Up in the sky 36 Always behind. Honor Roll 3; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 4; Photography Club 3,4; Debating 3,4; Cynosure 3,4; Drama Workshop 4; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. KATHLEEN MARGARET ROAN 110 Bolivia Street, Willimantic, Connecticut " With a smile on her lips and a tear in her eye. " -Scott A " gray-headed old woman " bombing around in a white Cadillac trying to catch up with the Lawrence bus, yelling " France or bust " and taking pictures all the way. That ' s Kaye-spelled with an " E " . Choir 4; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3; Photography Club 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Seraglio 3,4; Cynosure 2,3,4; Class Play 3; Cheerleader 2,3; Griffin Captain 4; Varsity Hockey 4; Varsity Lacrosse 3. Pinky, Runk: Sugarloaf — U.S.A. " Who said that Maine was out in the sticks? Momma Corn and Pop Corn, Room 230 . . . A.G.A.A.? But I like Andover! So, I ' ve never had a Sunday caller! H. and D. Club anybody? Lee, want to take a walk? Who? Lucy and I? We ' re the best of enemies! Happiness is being ORANGE!! " There are times when only a dog will do for a friend. IDA CATTLEY ROCK 477 Main Street, Lewiston, Maine 37 what a day for a daydream Fidelio 4; Play 1,2. New Fidelio 3; Photography Club 3,4; Class BARBARA EASTWOOD ROEDIGER Glenby Lane, Brookville, New York " Boy, am I peeved . . . only two study halls a week! . . . I ' m still working on my History reading from two weeks ago . . . who put a dent in the front of Mrs. Crane ' s house? . . . what happened to Brenda Starr today? . . . Modern dance is fun— we ' re all spastic together! " Class Treasurer 2; Class Secretary 4; A.C.A. 2; W.U.S. 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 2; Library Committee 4; Photography Club 3; Seraglio 3,4; Circle 3,4; Dress Com- mittee President 4; A.F.S. Committee 2,3; Class Play 2; Lawrence Teaching 3; Varsity Hockev 2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 3. The vellow chi cadee flies overhead And beckons you to join her on her way. Her pleasures are for others to enjoy. With her feathers preened and neat she sings To all the world her joyous songs, And knows what little things to do To cheer companions in her flight. ELLEN LOUISE ROSS 25 Linden Lane, Duxbury, Massachusetts Another Side of Ellen Boss 38 Blessed are they that sit on a tack, for they shall rise again! Proctor 2; W.U.S. 1,2; Choir 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 1,2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Photog- raphy Club 3; Seraglio 3,4; Cynosure 4; Circle 4; A.F.S. Committee 3; Sunday School Teaching 2,3; Class Play 1,2; School Songleader 4. MARGARET HARLOW RYDER Box 635, Cotuit, Massachusetts It ' s Sunday morning and the chucklebunny lines up her carrots at the window. Bang! Bang! Bang! She ' s laughing as usual. " C ' mon, Marg, we ' ll be late again! " " I ' m coming. " (Wait 10 minutes) Marg appears in her bedspread and real cobra shoes. " You guys go ahead, " and the chucklebunny disappears down the corridor, but the glow of her smile remains. W.U.S. 4; Library Committee 4; Archeology Club 4. See Scenic New Hampshire by bus — By George! Whose got the story now? Oh, you silly boy! But, Minnie, I wanted you to be a Griffin, too. What ' s that you said about the Art History teacher? PAMELA JANE SEVEY 11 Brookmont Drive, Wilbraham, Massachusetts " Anyone else for the treasure hunt at Oak Island? " 39 Tee Hee Honor Roll 3,4; W.U.S. 4; Courant 4; Drama Workshop 4; Sunday School Teaching 4; Lawrence Teaching. LOUISE ANN SHIMMEL Apt. 99, 166 Morningside Drive, New York, New York Wizi . . . Wizzle . . . Here ' s that Tiger! . . . lots of fun . . . Reese peanutbutter cups . . . Boston and Bailey ' s . . . brussel sprouts ... a perfect essay ... 1 year + Diet = + 30 lbs. . . . " Excellent " " What are you getting dressed for now? " . . . Around the world on a Fender guitar . . . T.G.M. . . . A bubbling personality . . . Library Committee 4. Ruthie — has a good thing going and she ' s sitting on top of the world ... he loves me ... he loves me not . . . another letter from Joel, has ist das liberhaupt? Her candor and sincerity are a strange chemistry (dirty word) — " I ' m just compatible, that ' s all. " RUTH BARBARA SISSON 103 Lincoln Parkway, Lowell, Massachusetts " Oh, Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? " 40 Whaddya mean again?! off in the bushes A Cappella 2; Library Committee 2; Current Events Club 2; Cynosure 3,4; Courant 3,4; Class Play 2,3. BARBARA ANN SLAYMAKER 15 Stoner Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut Here lies: Babs . . . Slayze . . . one third of the triple terror = double trouble . . . does she or doesn ' t she . . . tunafish and cinnamon sugar . . . swivel-hips (that walk) . . . SAS . . . Weebie! . . . S.W. . . . Armor vs. the Weakness . . . " Intimate " . . . S.I.N. ... " A taste of vanilla wafers " . . . " Dear Abby " . . . TRAF . . . hidden genius . . . black lace . . . Anyone seen my V.P.? . . . TGM. Class President 1; Class Secretary 2; Current Events Club 3,4; Proctor 3; A.C.A. Secretary 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2; A Cappella 1,2; Archeology Club 3; Cynosure 2,3; Busi- ness Manager 4; A.F.S. Committee 3; Caesar. A song to sing, and a crust to share with a friend or two; A smile to give and a grief to bear with a friend or two; A road to walk and a goal to win, An inglenook to find comfort in, The gladdest hours that we know begin With a friend or two. -Wilbur D. Nesbit What? I ' m in above my head? ELLEN BARBARA SOBILOFF 1282 Highland Avenue, Fall River, Massachusetts 41 ■ - ■Bi » M Alemand left and alemand right. Honorable Mention 3; W.U.S. 1; Class Play 1; Circle 4; Drama Workshop 1; Coaching Tennis 3; Varsity Tennis 4. LOXXIE SOMERS 10 Nutmeg Lane, Andover, Massachusetts Resident of Andover, if you please . . . that ' s Lonni without an " e " . . . perpetual guest for a hair style . . . acute aversion to prep-school boys . . . somehow manages occasional mix-ups with those Latin lovers . . . College men, hmm . . . cynical? Last seen delivering letters to the " Gods. " Class Treasurer 4; Proctor 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Lawrence Teaching 3. They say that you ' re robbing the All-American girl with clean teeth and mind, sparkling in contrast to the masses, and if you aren ' t careful you might get pinched. You never know what these Latins will do. Did you ever go to the University of Mexico? Don ' t argue with me. I know everything, and I was there. God, Deb, that ' s good. DEBORAH MAUTHE STONE 33 Lee Run Road, Poland, Ohio " I guess I ' ll never learn to speak Spanish! " ill! 42 ' This is the life?? Proctor 3; A.C.A. 2; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 2; Library Committee 4; Current Events Club 4; Photography Club 2; Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 3; Lawrence Teach- ing 3. CYNTHIA JANE TAYLOR 55 Grandview Circle, Manhasset, New York Cwinny: " The CO. in here is ridiculous. " Eat, sleep, and be merry, for tomorrow . . . " Down on your knees 3rd floor Abbey! " He ' s a long, tall Texan! She ' s a Tigress . . . pecan pie . . . room 42, haven for animals. Happiness is Cindy!! W.U.S. 4; Library Committee 4; Photography Club 3,4; Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 4; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. " I ' ll give you a penny if you spell it right. " This year I decided to kiss them, and look . . . stuffed Harry-real Ted . . . I ' m going to be a doctor, a secretary, an archeologist . . . who needs college? . . . Vinegar . . . Bill ' s gift = her love. NORA SOPHIA THEOHAROPOULOS 11 Ionias Street, Papagos, Athens, Greece Grorba the Zeekoropolis 43 WINK SANK or " I ' s pink with the think " Honor Roll, 2,3; Class Secretary-Treasurer 1; Class Secretary 2; Proctor 1; A.C.A. 4; A Cappella 1; Entertainment Com- mittee Chairman 3; Class Play 1,2. EMMA WELLING THOMAS " The Hypothenuse " , 33 Catherine Street, Newport, Rhode Island The five minutes to go had gone and " Finkie Winkie " became involved in a society devoted to writing an Ancient History notebook. She was a charter member of FLATIO and the Mockingbirds, and once she sang Christmas Carols on the roof top. (Who did spill the coffee ice cream?) She rang a few doorbells while running away from the iron gates, but trudged mournfully back to look at the stars and dream of Bermuda. " The tide always turns for him who waits. " Library Committee 4; Current Events Club 4; Photography Club 2; Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 3; Sunday School Teaching 2. Jelama: BT time! . . . " Go ahead, I ' ll go to the library. " 10,000 men . . . " Guess what I got - no, what I got! " " She has nothing to be shy about! " Kid her! King of the Ridge! Love, Melba and Chives! LAURIE RREED THOMSON 73 Sargent Road, Svvampscott, Massachusetts " Don ' t you dare! " 44 Four sheets to the wind Honor Roll 2; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 2,3, Chairman 4; Cynosure 2,3, Copy Editor 4; Sunday School Teaching 2,3; Lawrence Teaching 3,4; Dress Com- mittee 4. LUCY LIVINGSTON THOMSON 514 Main Street, Harwichport, Massachusetts Honor Roll 2,3; Student-Council Vice President 4; Class Treasurer 3; Proctor 2; A.C.C. 3; Library Committee 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Ski Club 2,3,4; Cynosure 3, Feature Editor 4; Lawrence Teaching 3; Sunday School Teaching 3; A.F.S. Committee 3. Any place but New London! Bombing down Aspen slopes enthusiastic — exhilarated — daring " ... don ' t want to go to the mixer! " Flying across the ocean to France . . . Greece Seeking knowledge — understanding " Where ' s Timmie? . . . the library " Staggering back from Boston on the bus back to responsibility " must get organized — only Cambridge is much more fun . . . and I ' ve got all Sunday night! " Sailing off again in a golden ship to Never-Never land " Proper dreams! " " good night my little chickens Would you believe that a girl thinking of going into Physics has two callers every Sunday? But then . . . ' Lucifer ' is very complex . . . she has green eyes ' till she takes her contacts out. And what with two rooms — one full of three roommates — the other " proper dreams " . . . you see, Lucifer was a fallen angel. " I still believe that people are really good at heart. " Anne Frank Hondas and sailing are pretty good too . . . and bus rides to Lawrence. Keep on dancing . . . and " being interested in things and people. " BARBARA CORWIN TIMKEN 606 Montauk Avenue, New London, Connecticut 45 Abbott RABBITS did you say? Honor Roll 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2; A Cappella 2; Library Committee 4; Photography Club 4; Archeology Club 3,4; ' Drama Workshop 4; Class ' Play 2,3; Sunday School Teaching 2; Lawrence Teaching 3,4; Varsity Tennis 3; Varsity Hockey 4. ALISON WHITCOMB TODD 3701 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia Lisa . . . Holland-England . . . continental breakfasts at 10 o ' clock at night . . . tiger nig . . . Oh, those foreign men! . . . Terez . . . Spanish with a French accent . . . Gary and indecision . . . but you can always spend your honeymoon on our island . . . W.U.S. 3; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; Library Committee 4; Current Events Club 4; Photography Club 3; Debating 4; Archeology Club 3,4; Drama Workshop 4; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. The oriental doll said to the dead teddy bear, " No offence but . . . " Darn it all . . . No thank you, NO cookies for me, but . . . I ' ll have one anyway. If I gain any more weight, I ' ll have to wear a size 5 . . . Pillow fights after lights . . . Keeps on talking even in her sleep . . . Who me. NANCY DIANE VALENTINE 75 Plymouth Road, Manhasset, New York 46 ' It helps! A.C.A. 4; W.U.S. 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Photog- raphy Club 4; Dress Committee 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4. ELIZABETH WALKER 2471 Del Lago Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Love never ends; as for prophecy, it will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. —First Corinthians; Chapter 13, verses 8 13 Choir 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2; A Cappella 2; Archeology Club 4; Cynosure 4; Lawrence Teaching 3,4. Flourish: Prokofieff ' s Concerto 3 (accented by thundering footsteps). Enter: Play Spirit Over woods, over roofs, Thorough Beich, thorough Boston; Over Bills, over butts, Thorough Saks, thorough stacks. I do wander everyware. BONNIE REAU BOYD WARE 3 Woodley Road, Winnetka, Illinois President of the Play Club 47 You put something on it. Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3: Archeology Club 4; Cheerleader 4. JANET VIVIENXE WARING 6 Woodcroft Road, Short Hills, New Jersey If I don ' t get a phone call! It ' s been three weeks! . . . Kelsey Point ... on the rocks . . . Help! . . . how was your weekend . . . rah, rah, football . . . tiger in your tank . . . I ' ll never finish the sweater . . . hates boys(?) . . . cronic horse lover . . . Right! . . . Your brains will fall out! Honor Roll 1,4; Class Vice-President 2; Vice-President of Day Students 4; Choir 4; Fidelio 3.4; New Fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 2: Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Circle 4; Class Play 1,2. " Say ' good luck ' seven times " . . . reserved seat in the library . . . spring vacations at Killington . . . " Susie, let ' s do our math! " . . . camp girl-she loves the woods . . . cold moming walks to school . . . " That ' s the PA chapel bell— I ' m late! " . . . and Gary. I dreamed I was a football player in my maidenform shoulder-pads. NANCY WARLICK 12 Judson Road, Andover, Massachusetts - 48 " 1 got you, Babe! ' A.C.A. 4; Current Events Club 3,4; Photography Club 3,4; Archeology Club 3,4; Cynosure 4; Snuady School Teach- ing 3; Lawrence Teaching 3. SALLIE RICE WATLING 950 Brooktree Road, Santa Barbara, California A careless shoe-string in whose tie I see a wild civility Does more bewitch me than when art Is too precise in every part — " Delight in Disorder " , Robert Herrick Proctor 2,3,4; AA.A. President 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Cheer- leader 3. Masha, Marchia, Chia, Cheese: The little black-beady-eyed eagle, an IBTC reject, sits on 4th floor Draper, munching on . . . cucumbers, a Wil- liam ' s " Triple Purple " special, P.B. cups, pecan pie, spaghetti, and Carter ' s Little Liver Pills. " Boy, am I fat! " it observes and begins its 79 sit-ups, eagerly awaiting its 8:00 call from P. A. Tired, the creature lies down on its bed. It is time for eagles to dream. Do all eagles dream of coons? . . . No, not all, just this very special one. " S.B.D. " MARCIA RICHARDS WATSON Comegys Bight Farm, Chestertown, Maryland 49 Joy in the morning. A.C.A. Vice-President 4: Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Photography Club 3; Archeology Club 4. XAXCY RANDOLPH WERTH 928 Main Street, West Newbury, Massachusetts " Blow on the coal of the heart And we ' ll see by and by . . . ' ell see where we are The wit won ' t burn and the wet soul smoulders. Blow on the coal of the heart and we ' ll know . . . We ' ll know. " —Archibald McLeish Library Committee 4. Good Glory Moses, my room looks like a Jackson Pollack . . . O.K., Charlie Brown — what color would you paint the background? . . . Would you like some soup, or maybe some popcorn ala cream cheese? I ' d offer you an exploding cigar, but it ' s a fire-hazard. METTIE MICHEAUX WHIPPLE Greenash House, Chiswick Mall, London, England I ' m not chewing my fingernails?! 50 My shoehorn has freckles! Class Vice-President 3,4; A.C.C. Chairman 4; Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Class Play 2; Lawrence Teaching 3; Varsity Hockey 3,4; Varsity Lacrosse 3. ANN RHODES WHITEHEAD 16 Edgehill Street, Princeton, New Jersey Duckie, Nancy . . . Princeton . . . I ' ve got a tiger in my tank . . . S.I.N. . . . dart gun . . . " The Aquatic Roommate " . . . G.A.S. . . . Annie . . . short and sweet as usual . . . See you! . . . Squam . . . multi-colored striped tights . . . the maids . . . it ' s a fire hazard . . . yellow convertible Karmann Ghia . . . " So Near to Me " . . . Michigan for the weekend . . . .Charge!! Honor Roll 1,2,4; Class President 1; Proctor 1; Fidelio 3,4; A Cappella 1,2; Archeology Club 4; Cynosure 4; Class Play 1,2; Varsity Hockey 4; Varsity Tennis 3. Stormy life combatting S.F. . . . I can ' t help dancing . . . Lucky Strike brings wild weekends, notorious prom date ... " I Believe in Yesterday " . . . Midnight Playclub Raider . . . gin and bitter lemon . . . mad seamstress . . . summer means tennis and freedom . . . Great Escape plans . . . lover ' s concerto . . . Oh, rats! ... I was going to get so much done . . . the best weeks have eight days. . . " We ' ve Lost that Lovin ' Feelin ' " . ' It ' s my life and I ' ll do what I want " . MARTHA THOMPSON WIES 220 Damascus Road, Branford, Connecticut 51 " Shall I sing or just show my pro- file? " Entertainment Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Current Events Club 4; Lawrence Teaching 3; Nursery School Teaching 4. MARY ELIZABETH WILSON Colonia del Valle, Gonzalez de Cosio 16, Mexico, D.F., Mexico For I am come to gather light from hidden spaces in the night, to give a golden square for living, while crystals stimulate every moment into motion. I am come, so let us sit among the rings and things of nightingpeople, fall be- tween the cracks and crevices of clippings to rise again when our stars mask the eye that lies. Hola! Honor Roll 2,3; Proctor 2; 1- idelio 4; New Fidelio 3; A Cappella 2; Current Events Club 4; Cynosure 3; Circle 4; Drama Workshop 4; Class Play 2,3. A darkling pool of tranquil mirror surface- sometimes reflects the outward face of things; Yet refracts the penetrating shafts of light that never touch the core without response. Serenity disturbing— until a shimmer in the lake ribbles and shatters into a rainbow splash of laughter. Disturbing most of all when still. When crystal water bends the light and makes its beams to disappear in depths unknown. There ' s no book like a frigate. DONNA LEE YVLODKOSKI 438 East High Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 52 Now, all 1 need is a crewcut. Fidelio 3,4; New Fidelio 2,3; A Cappella 1,2; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Class Play 1; Varsity Soccer 3; Varsity Lacrosse 3. SUSAN DAWN WOODWORTH 289 North Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Beyond the great big black gates dwells Dawn, " Abbot Agony " is her autobiography. Black circles smudge her eyes, her face is wan- Results of a four year catastrophe. However Pep talks are now antiquated, Dawn has graduated . . . Finally. W.U.S. 4; Library Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3; Cynosure 4; Class Play 1,2. See that girl dressed in pink . . . only her hairdresser knows for sure . . . cow eyes . . . Anyone for the Coffee Mill? . . . Watch out for the elephants . . . Oh, but he was so-o-o cute . . . You ' re cool . . . she discovered God in the PA chapel. What about the other side? CYNTHIA STAGER ZOLLNER 249 Highland Road, Andover, Massachusetts 53 £■ 4 p 0g J • 4 »• Underclassmen Behold my old companions, my playmates and my peers Senior-Mid Class FIRST FLOOR First row: C. Hoover, L. Cannon, S. Hamilton. Sec- ond row: A. Bowser, T. Braddock, G. Ray, D. Green, L. Wallwork, S. Smith. Third roic: S. Stichnoth, D. Bonnifield, P. Howes, P. Hammond, R. Wolfe, P. Jones, S. Stewart, J. Wam- mop. FIRST TERM OFFICERS L. Rudman, J. Schneller (President), F. Beane, S. Delano. SECOND FLOOR First row: J. von der Heyde, L. Tavares, A. Miller, M. Goldman, J. Schneller, F. Forrest. Second row: C. Moore, S. Delano, E. Rud- man, C. Hansen, L. Sulli- van. Third row: E. Bennett, J. Singer, A. Robertson, S. Cobb, J. Moris, F. Beane, A. Hurst, R. Carrington, S. Beale, R. Maelntyre, S. Gal- lagher, C. Elmenhorst, J. Marks. 58 THIRD FLOOR First row: N. Porosky, E. Bonan, W. Lavenas, C. Welch, M. Major. Second row: S. Shapiro, J. Hanne- gan, J. Alvarez, W. Os- borne, J. Phillips, C. Lam- bert. Third row: N. Hoehn, B. Read, M. Kaplan, C. Howes, R. Chamberlin, W. Morrissey, M. Hadley, L. Huntington, E. MacGregor, A. McKeever. SECOND TERM OFFICERS C. Hoover, L. Cannon (President), C. Moore, Miss- ing, S. Beale. Day Students Seated: R. Achin, H. Whit- ney, D. DeNuecio, N. Howe. Standing: C. Eidam, P. Pendleton, M. Wilde, G. Hall, G. Niziak, E. Tuttle, J. Haley, C. Arragg. Miss- ing: L. Cregg, S. Birdsall. 59 Junior Class FIRST TERM OFFICERS Front row: K. Wies (President), B. Back row: E. Handy, L. Finbury. Briggs. SECOND TERM OFFICERS C. Pavne, K. Seaward (President), M. Shapiro. Missing: A. Moses. Abbey House First row: B. Ainslie, C. Harley, C. Lewis, M. Todd, J. Frost. Second row: S. Huval, K. Nelson, M. Shapiro, L. Hunter, A. Doty. Third row: P. Atvvood, J. Robinson, A. Robinson, D. Russell, J. Calfee, F. Wood, T. Kaupe, D. Driscoll, D. Daley. 60 French House First row: A. Davis, B. Cook. Second row: K. Schoettler, A. Fellows, C. Payne, D. Chenev. Third row: L. Trenbath, C. Whitney, A. Moses, E. Handy, K. Wies, C. Cleaver, K. Urie, K. Seaward. Day Students First row: D. Webster, B. Briggs, D. Webster. Second row: J. Sapienza, L. Marsden, K. Sawyer, J. McGintv, L. Black, E. Finbury. Third row: A. Fisher, S. Sullivan, S. Bolton, J. Crane. 61 Prep Class FIRST TERM OFFICERS Sitting: E. Hoover (President). Standing: D. Elliot, J. Treneer, K. Barr. SECOND TERM OFFICERS Sitting: E. Giblin (President). Standing: J. Leuenberger, S. Cohen, M. Gay. Abbey and Sherman First rote: A. Pe- tree, J. Leuenber- ger, . Belcher, S. Sykes, E. Haynes, M. Stewart. Second row: K. Barr, C. Cain, C. Chagnon, M. O ' Hagan, A. Dillard. Third row: M. Beal, D. Mc- Clure, M. Cumm- ings, H. Jenkins, D. Elliott, S. Gray, J. Treneer, J. Ek- land, M. Gay, E. Hoover, J. Ceeere, J. Witherspoon, M. Gersehel, S. Ross. Day Students Sitting: S. Yeaton, S. McArdle, D. Rees. Kneeling: J. Faro, C. Peters, M. Curtis, J. Heifetz, M. Phinnev, S. Fitzgerald, S. Co- hen. Standing: D. Marum, D. Sawyer, C. Loebel, E. Gib- lin, L. Rowen, M. Prout. Missing: D. Brainerd. 62 ■ 63 V A 64 Sports Indeed, everybody wants to be a wow, But not everybody knows exactly how . 65 Athletics Seated, first row: D. Green, J. Sapienza, J. Witherspoon. Seated, second row: J. Froeber, M. Watson (President), M. Porter, C. Moore. Standing: L. Johnson, L. Crane, I. Rock, E. Rowen. Dance ■a i V V ' t V ' r H Seated: E. Thomas, M. Ryder, B. Armsden, B. Hazzard, W. Osborne, L. Black, S. Huval, A. Petree, J. Faro, L. Huntington, M. Shapiro, E. Briggs. Kneeling: J. Wannop, F. Forrest, J. Bricker, J. Waring, B. Slaymaker, M. Curtis, L. Cregg, M. Donaghy, J. Mustille, J. von der Hyde, D. Elliott, M. Wilson. Stand- ing: P. Howes, B. Paris, G. Hall, A. Hurst, A. Davis, M. Todd, A. Doty, B. Roediger, S. Delano, C. Elmenhorst, S. Stichnoth, N. Porosky, E. Bonan. 66 Ski Club B. Timken, P. Rock, C. Moore. Fencing Maestro La Rocca, N. Werth, M. Hadley, D. Wlodkoski, L. Haselton, M. Goldman, C. Hansen, D. DeNuccio, J. Alvarez. 67 Gargoyle LUCY AND LISTER HOCKEY Standing: N. Whitehead, L. Pendleton, F. Beane, M. Porter (co-captain), E. Ross (co-captain), P. Hammond, M. Miller. Kneeling: N. Hoehn, K. Wies, D. Green, A. Petree, J. Sapienza, L. Huntington, J. von der Hyde, S. Lebach. TENNIS Standing: J. Singer, D. Hanes, S. Bolton. Kneeling: B. Arms- den, C. Paine. 68 Teams CHEERLEADERS First row: J. Waring, S. Stewart, J. Froeber. Second row: H. Jenkins, J. Treneer. Third row: K. Seaward, D. Webster, C. Hanson, M. Ryder, E. Walker, A. Davis. SOCCER Standing: M. Church, N. Howes, R. Rendetson, R. Read, L. Crane (captain), R. Ware, L. Cannon, M. Major. Kneeling: L. Rlack, L. Rudman, J. Rrown, L. Johnson. RASKETHALL D. Hanes, J. Schneller, J. Froe- ber, D. Green (captain), R. Rendetson, L. Pendleton, L. Crane. 69 Griffin PINKY AND CAESAR HOCKEY Standing: M. Wies, A. Todd, L. Thomson, M. Watson (captain), M. Todd, M. Whipple. Kneeling: F. Jones, L. Hinckley, C. Moore, W. Osborne, D. Little, P. Rock. TENNIS Standing: L. Haselton, M. Livings- ton, V. dePeyster. Kneeling: B. Moul- ton, L. Somers. Teams CHEERLEADERS First row: L. Hinckley, A. Finn, J. Leuenberger, D. Little. Second row: C. Cleaver, D. Stone, F. Forrest, M. Curtis, S. Cobb, G. Nizial. SOCCER Standing: B. Paris, J. Mustille, P. Cortes, M. Wilde, L. Fletcher (captain), D. Woodworth, J. McGinty, J. Crane. Kneeling: C. Erwin, H. Whitney, C. Hoover, C. Taylor. BASKETBALL J. Crane, L. Fletcher, M. Wies, M. Watson (captain), B. Hazard, J. Du- pont, P. Cortes. MHMHI » A 1 a : ... b - ,rl k - HIE 1 b ' ff ' L ' J5 « t l l V f ka R fii J. wy !■■ ■ 1 ; " 1 ...» ,.», .1 til 73 74 O Duty . . • Thou so ubiquitous And I so iquitous . 75 Student Government FIRST TERM Kneeling: C. Gaines, N. Whitehead, E. Briggs, B. Armsden, S. Lebach. Seated: B. Hazard (President), Miss Minard, B. Timkin (Vice- President). Standing: E. Rudman, S. Downs, E. Hoover, K. Wies, M. Wat- son, D. Elliott, J. Schnel- ler. SECOND TERM Kneeling: C. Gaines, N. Whitehead, C. Moore, J. Leuenberger, B. Armsden, S. Lebach. Seated: B. Haz- ard (President), Miss Min- ard, B. Timkin (Vice-Presi- dent). Standing: K. Sea- ward, M. Shapiro, S. Downs, J. Lippineott, M. Watson, E. Giblin, X. Warlick, L. Cannon. Proctor Council FIRST TERM Seated on floor: D. Green, M. Shapiro, M. Gay. Kneeling: J. Frost, L. Sullivan. Seated: J. Leuenberger, Miss Minard, B. Timkin, B. Armsden. Standing: M. Lavenas, C. Whitney, C. Gaines, N. Whitehead, M. Miller, J. Lippineott. SECOND TERM Seated on floor: A. Fellows, L. Sullivan, D. Green, C. Lambert. Kneeling: M. Gay, M. Shapiro, B. Armsden, M. Major. Seated: M. Watson, Miss Minard, B. Timkin, J. Lippineott. Standing: K. Barr, H. Jenkins, E. Handy, N. Whitehead, B. Hazard, M. Miller, C. Lewis. 76 CORE. FIRST TERM Seated: B. Timken, Miss Minard. Standing: M. Gay, -B. Hazard, T. Lavenas, C. Whitney. A.C.A. Representatives SECOND TERM Seated: Miss Minard, B. Timken. Standing: D. Green, C. Lambert, B. Hazard, B. Handy, H. Jenkins. Standing: C. Lewis, S. Bol- ton, B. Armsden (President), E. Sobiloff, N. Werth, J. Mustille, E. Walker. Seated, Second row: A. Robinson, M. Wilde, M. Donaghy, S. Beale, A. David, S. Gray. First row: E. Thomas, H. Jenkins, L. Trenbath, C. Lambert, L. Cannon, C. Chagnon, C. Moore. Standing: J. Witherspoon, C. Cain, E. Ross, R. Wolfe, J. Calfee, S. Stewart, J. Haley, W. Osborne. Kneel- ing: Second row: C. Elmen- horst, P. Sevey, N. Theo- haropoulos, L. Hinckley (chairman), K. Urie, J. Bricker, R. Maclntyre. First row: C. Lewis, J. Froeber, E. Giblin, A. Garten, E. MacGregor, A. Fellows. W.U.S. Representatives mm 77 A.C.C Social Committee r MP Standing: E. Briggs, M. Wilde, C. Cain, J. Leuenberger, M. Shapiro. Seated: D. Cheney, Mile. Arosa, N. Whitehead, C. Moore. Standing: J. Cecere. Seated: J. Lippincott (chairman), S. Cobb, J. Brown. First Row: L. Marsden, S. Bolton, L. Cannon, L. Cregg, L. Sullivan, L. Elmenherst, L. Travares, B. Paris, P. Atwood, C. Lam- bert, D. Woodworth, L. Fletcher, L. Hinckley, M. Church, M. Alvarez, K. Roan, P. Sevey, J. Eklund. Second row: S. Cohen, A. Robertson, E. Ross, P. Cor- tes, L. Thomson (chairman), E. Ritter, C. Taylor, H. Max, N. Valentine, A. Todd, R. Maclntyre, J. Haley, R. Sisson, S. Hamilton. Third row: J. Bricker, D. Hanes, N. Morrisey, S. Gallagher, V. dePeyster, L. Johnson, C. Zoller, L. Crane, L. Thom- son, R. Wolfe, N. Theo- haropoulos, A. Garten, L. Pendleton, C. Arragg, H. Whitney, M. Major. Library Committee Cynosure Kneeling: L. Thomson, M. Porter, M. Miller (editor), E. Sobiloff, S. Downs, S. Lebach, B. Timken. Second row: M. Goldman, A. Mil- ler, L. Rudman, B. Hazzard, B. Slaymaker, N. Theoharo- poulos, M. Shapiro, P. Cortes, M. Wies, K. Roan, S. Shapiro, H. Max, M. Livingston, J. Bricker, N. Porosky, L. Cannon, M. Ryder. Third row: M. Had- ley, L. Bonan, S. Gallagher, V. dePeyster, I. Rock, K. Fuller, C. Cleaver. Courant Circle Standing: D. Cheney, A. Miller, B. Slaymaker, E. Hoover. Seated, Second row: L. Shimmel, B. Moulton (Editor), -L. Haselton. First row: C. Lambert, C. Moore, C. Erwin. Kneeling: R. Wolfe, M. Ryder, N. Warlick, W. Osborne, L. Huntington, M. Shapiro. Seated: D. Wlodkoski, M. Bayles, L. Somers. Standing: L. Burling, L. Haselton, E. Ross, B. Paris (Editor), D. Hanes, J. Leuenberger. Photography Club Seated: H. Whitney, C. Hoover, C. Arragg, L. Haselton (President), A. Finn, L. Black, N. Theo- haropoulos, B. Moulton, P. Rock, B. Armsden. Stand- ing: L. Hinckley, K. Schoet- tler, E. Walker, K. Roan, S. Doucette, M. Ryder, C. Gaines, J. McGinty, R. Wolfe, B. Paris, J. Brown. Current Events Club Standing: B. Paris, P. Cort- es, N. Valentine, L. John- son, D. Wlodkoski, M. Had- ley, A. Robertson. Seated, second row: S. Shapiro, S. Stichnoth, M. Porter (Presi- dent), J. Schneller. Seated, first row: M. Donaghy, J. Mustille, M. Livingston, L. Thomson, E. Sobiloff, C. Taylor. 79 Archaeological Society Standing: A. Chamberlin, R. Wolfe, P. Hammond. M. Wies, F. Beane, L. Rudman, J. Robinson, S. Shapiro, J. Schneller, R. Maelntvre, D. Brainerd, M. Hadley, S. Stewart, S. Delano, C. Arragg, J. Mons, S. Gallagher, A. Doty, E. Bonan, L. Johnson, A. Hurst. L. Wallwork, M. Livingston, (Presi- dent), F. Forrest, E. Finbury, M. Kaplan, K. Fuller, M. Miller, R. Chamberlin, V. de Pevster, C. Cleaver. A. Todd. Second row: H. Jenkins, B. Cook, X. Valentine, X. Theoharopoulos, P. Cortes, B. Handv, A. Finn, A. Davis, C. Harlev, X. Bvam. G. Rav. C. Lambert, B. Read. S. Grav, T. Brad- dock, K. ' Welch, P. Sevev. Seated: J. Mustille, P. Donaghy, A. Robertson, A. Garten, A. Petree, P. At- wood. M. Church, C. Whitney, K. Urie, J. Phillips, A. Fellows, C. Payne, T. Lavenas, S. Huval, D. Russell, H. Max, C. Erwin, D. Driscoll, L. Hinckley, E. Ritter, S. Hamilton, B. Hazzard, W. Osborne, N. Hoehn, I. Thompson, M. Todd, C. Taylor. Entertainment Debating 3 V ' ft j !: i9 Standing: J. Leuenberger, J. Schneller, D. Driscoll. Second row: M. Todd, J. von der Hvde (Chairman), L. Cannon, R. Maelntvre. First row: S. Stichnoth, E. Haynes. Standing: J. Schneller, X. Byam, R. Wolfe, G. Calfee, M. Livingston, S. Stewart, M. Hadley, D. Russell, E. Bonan. Seated: F. Forrest (Co-chairman), J. Singer (Co-chairman). Kneeling, second row: T. Braddock, R. Maelntvre, J. Mons, K. Roan. First row: J. Alvarez, P. Atwood, X. Valentine, G. Ray, J. von der Hyde. 80 Seraglio B. Armsden, M. Church, E. Ross, B. Hazard, L. Burling, C. Gaines, P. Rock. Seated: M. Ryder. Coronach C. Hoover, D. Green, L. Huntington, D. Bonnifield, N. Porosky, B. Read, J. Hannegan, A. Miller. Choir D. Little, D. DeNuccio, B. Hazard, N. Warlick, C. Eid- am, M. Porter, C. Erwin (President), P. Rock, M. Kap- lan, L. Huntington. Second row: A. Todd, N. Valentine, C. Gaines, C. Whitney, D. Rees. Front row: C. Hoover, K. Urie, H. Jenkins, S. Bird- sail, B. Armsden, M. Ryder, J. Mustille. members: J. Mustille (presi- dent), B. Armsden, M. Bayles, S. Birdsall, E. Bonan, A. Bow- ser, J. Bricker, L. Burling, N. Byam, R. Carrington, A. Chamberlin, M. Church, S. Cobb, L. Crane, D. DeNuc- cio, J. Dupont, C. Eidam, C. Erwin, F. Forrest, J. Froeber, K. Fuller, A. Garten, M. Gold- man, D. Green, N. Gaines, J. Haley, D. Hanes, C. Hanson, B. Hazard, C. Hoover, L. Huntington, M. Kaplan, C. Lambert, D. Little, M. Major, A. Miller, J. Minor, J. Mons, C. Moore, B. Moulton, G. Ni- ziak, B. Paris, N. Porosky, M. Porter, E. Ritter, K. Roan, I. Rock, B. Roediger, E. Ross, M. Ryder, E. Sobiloff, C. Taylor, L. Thomson, A. Todd, N. Valentine, J. Wannop, B. Ware, J. Waring, N. Warlick, M. Watson, N. Werth, N. Whitehead, H. Whitney, M. Weis, D. Wlodkoski, D. Woodworth. Fidelio 81 Dramatics Our Town The Merchant of Venice 82 Antigone C T-- -- m ■ ■ ■ V • • • T35 j ■- ..k 1 A-.Ill Orphee The Gondoliers 83 EXPRESSIONS This is true. Tough Nuggies Rock Out MOST LIKELY TO BE HEARD Hanes Livingston Hazard BEST THING AT ABBOT Vacation Seniors Me HISTORY TERM PAPERS Uncle Wiggly in Conn. No-Doz Forget It WIT B a vies Hanes Ryder Margret, the maid WHAT I DID TO ABBOT Nothing I ' ll take the 5th. Strengthen the IBTC 84 HAS DONE THE SCHOOL IN FOR THE MOST Anna Revam Watling Gould WHAT ABBOT NEEDS Co-education Separation of Sex and State Senior Year Abroad TALKS MOST AND SAYS LEAST Bvam Sobiloff Livingston MOST LIKELY TO BUY BEICH Sobiloff Ware Paris ABBOT RAA RAA Walker Crane dePeyster 85 S?c aS »T - » 86 Prom . . 7 could of if I would of; But I shouldn ' t, so I douldn ' t 87 88 Li 5 « V 3r ' B § % i 89 90 91 92 Advertisements 93 Compliments of DOYLE LUMBER COMPANY CHANDLER ROAD ANDOVER WOODWORTH MOTORS, INC. CADILLAC - CHEVROLET SHAWSHEEN SQUARE ANDOVER V 1 I THE SHOE TREE 1 ANDOVER 94 Visit and enjoy . . . Our Gift Shop 100 Beautiful Guest Rooms Indoor and Outdoor Pools Dining Room Featuring A Friday Night Buffet Cocktail Lounge Talaphon 475-5400 SHERATON-ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN RTES. 133 93, ANDOVER Marguerite Marshall Marjorie Portors DRESSES SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES THE VILLAGE GREEN DRESS SHOP 2-4 Johnson St., No. Andover, Mass. THE ANDOVER BOOKSTORE ANDOVER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CO. INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 475-2647 % Coffee tll Breakfast — Luncheon — Supper 125 MAIN STREET Andover Mass. 95 THE DODGE ASSOCIATES Care of Trees and Shrubs WENHAM MASS. A. R. Retelle Andover Office 475-0841 - BOSTON - GEO. W. HORNE CO. ROOFING CONTRACTORS best wishes from THE ANDOVER INN CHAPEL AVENUE a Treadway Inn - ANDOVER, MASS. DYER-CLARK CO. DISTRIRUTOR ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT 266 Lowell St., Lawrence, Mass. Tel. 683-2467 8 LANZ BOE JEST THE YANKEE LADY Olde Andover Village Andover COUNTRY HOUSE LADYBUG 96 Nature Gave You Seamless Legs Gives You Seamless Stockings ' (But not free, of course) 97 The most colorful, handsome, casual clothes for young ladies will be found at MACARTNEY ' S ACCESSORIES FOR THE FASHION MINDED MAN 93 Main Street Andover Village 475-R544 HAMEL ' S, INC. AUTOBODY REPAIRING PAINTING ACCIDENT APPRAISERS 66 SWAN STREET METHUEN Tel. 683-0695 98 ©ML Mf ». ' • ' : 6? GOVERNOR DUMMER Our Policy • Finest Quality Fashions • Low Thrifty Prices Please ask for what you don ' t see THANK YOU ' Featuring Smart Fashions For The Young Miss " DEBS DEN 4 Main Street Andover, Mass. Tel. 475-1591 99 100 Compliments of DALTON ' S PHARMACY PHONE 475-4621 Ol DE ANDOVER VILLAGE (BIfe $tllage ghrfavc gtpp free Delivery - andover, Lawrence, No. andover CLINTON E. RICHARDSON 93 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. MASS OISIO Compliments of McKINNON SON MOTOR CO., INC. 219 Winthrop Ave. Lawrence, Massachusetts INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS Tel. 686-9766 101 orc t olde andover village 93 main street andover, mass, gifts accessories a shop full of surprises THE DAME SHOP, INC. INTIMATE APPAREL FOR MOTHER AND DAUGHTER 40 Main Street Andover PHINNEYS RADIO TELEVISION STEREO SALES SERVICE COMPLETE LINE RECORDS 93 Main St. Andover, Mass. 475-1175 ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE, INC. DISTINCTIVE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 11 Main St. Andover Phone: 475-1822 BILLINGS, INC. JEWELERS 36 Main Street Andover 102 HARTIGAN PHARMACY, INC. 66 Main Street, Andover, Mass. Phone 475-1006 OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 Main Street ANDOVER MASS. DANA ' S SPORT SHOP Everything in Sports 62 Main St. Andover Hill ' s Hardware Athletic Goods Main Street Andover, Mats. Compliments of LOOK PHOTO REINHOLD ' S FOOTWEAR HOSIERY 13 Main Street — Andover 103 35 MANCHESTER STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS FRANCIS J. MZIAK Pres.-Treas. INTERIOR DESIGNERS and Home Furnishers Ely £f ttfcto f jflppe, 3«r. AMERICA ' S FINEST FURNITURE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1966 THE ANDOVER SHOP Tailors and Furnishers IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES CAMBRIDGE ANDOVER convenient offices • 61 Main Street, Andover • Gaunt Square, Methuen • 108 Main Street , N. Andover 104 105 BILLINGS, INC. JEWELERS 36 Main Street Andover 106 PATRONS Dr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Bayles Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bendetson Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bricker Mr. and Mrs. Mareus K Bryam Mr. and Mrs. Elmer A. Burling Mr. and Mrs. George A. Byam Mr. and Mrs. Harrie R. Chamberlain Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Cortes Dr. and Mrs. G. M. Peardon Donaghy Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Haselton Pro] : . and Mr: . John N. Hazard Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Hazzard Mrs . Emily B . Minor Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Moulton Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L . Porter Dr. and Mrs. Anthony N f. Mustille Mr. and Mrs. David R. Roberts Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Rock Mr. and Mrs. William F . Slaymaker Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stone Mr. and Mrs. William S. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. George B. Thomson Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Derych H. Waring Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Warlick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick A i. Wies Dr. and Mrs. John B. Wlodkoski A Friend 107 108 A fBOOUCT OF unter COMPANY 331 ' NDlANA AVENUC WINSTON SALEM. N C illINO

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