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tWikk i £ iiiWi ms Ti. r : j J 1 P « 1 PI P « 9 9 11 9% m% 9% 9 V W », • ft ft - .- ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft . ft ft s. M — « 1 f 1«X - ■ THE CIRCLE CIRCLE BOARD 1965 Dorothy Gaines Emily Birdsall Kathy Staples Elizabeth Foote Ellen Ross Louisa Huntington Co-Editors-in-Chief Assistant Editor Carol Reische Business Board Karen Smith Photography Board Art Board Underclassmen Margaret Warshaw Joanne Hyde Margrit Krakauer Anne McDermott Margaret Donaghy Caroline Cleaver Faculty Advisor Mrs. Harford Powel, Jr. nuestra querida amiga, Miss Judd! Mrs. Crane ENGLISH Miss Margaret Way B. A. Honors University of Cambridge, England Mrs. John Sisson A. B. Vassar College; M. A. Wellesley College Miss Ruth Stevenson A. B. Smith College; M.A. University of Richmond in Virginia Miss Jean St. Pierre A. B. Wheaton College; M. A. Columbia University HISTORY HISTORY OF ART Miss Marv Minard A. B. Smit h College Miss Elizabeth Foulke A. B. Bryn Mawr; M. A. University of Pennsylvania Mrs. John Harrington Graduate of University of Vienna; Graduate work at Wellesley Miss Laurie Smith A. B. Wellesley College MATHEMATICS Miss Carolyn Goodwin A. B., M. A. Smith College Miss Judith Bratt A. B. Vassar College Mrs. John Bennett A. B. Pembroke College Graduate work at Harvard Miss Sylvia Kuzminski B. A. Merrimack College Mile. Germaine Arosa Prix d ' excellence de diction et de comedie, Paris; Middlebury College School of French; The Sorbonne Mile. Marie Baratte Baccalaureat-es-Lettres, University of Rennes; B. S. Dnmfermline H. S.; M. A. Edinburgh University Mrs. Wayne Frederick B. S. in Education, Southeast Missouri College; M. A. Columbia University and The Sorbonne Miss Edith Jones A. B. Middlebury College; Graduate work at New York State College for Teachers; McGill University; The Sorbonne LATIN SPANISH Mrs. Oscar Witten University of Frankfort; The Sorbonne; Graduate School Columbia University Mrs. Paul De Gavre A. B. New Jersey College for Women Miss Blair Danzoll A. B. Wheaton College; Graduate work at American Academy in Rome Miss Dorothy Judd B. S. College of William and Mary; M. A. Columbia University; M. A. Middlebury College SCIENCE BIBLE SPEECH AND DRAMA Miss Pamela Tinker B. Sc. Honours, Diploma in Education, Sheffield University, England; Diploma in Administration University of Leeds Miss Helen Smith B. S. Central Connecticut State College; M. S. Cornell University Dr. Hans Sidon A. B., B. D. University of Dubuque; Ph. D. Graduate School, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Miss O. C. Von Erpecom Diploma-Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London; Study at University of Florence, National Theatre of Bergen, Norway, and Old Vic Theatre School of London ART LIBRARY LANGUAGE TRAINING BOOK STORE and TYPING Mrs. Harford Powel Bachelor of Design, Harriet Sophie Newcomb College Mrs. Mary Baker A. B. Vassar College M. A. Radcliffe College Mrs. Walter Greenall, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy Quintal MUSIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Charles Stahle, Miss Lily Siao, Miss Margot Warner Miss Louise Shaw, Miss Shirley Ritchie, Mrs. J. Butler HOUSE ADVISORS INFIRMARY Mrs. Capen Abbott, Mrs. Frederick Fishback, Mrs. Lillian Ellis, Missing: Mrs. John Levo. Miss Kathleen Ayre, Dr. Robert R. Ramsdell, Miss Marian Perkins ADMINISTRATION Miss Eleanor M. Tucker A. B., M. A. Smith College Assistant Principal, Director of Studies Mrs. Ford Duncan A. B. Connecticut College Director of Admissions Mrs. Eldon Mayer Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education Director of Residence SECRETARIES SWITCHBOARD Mrs. Richard Abbott, Mrs. James Couch, Mrs. Henry E. Davies, Mrs. Caroline C. Eaton. Mrs. Richards, Mrs. O ' Neil, Mrs. Gilliard ALUMNAE FINANCIAL ■ y Miss Jane Sullivan Mrs. Frank DiClemente. Miss Louise Robinson Mrs. Perry Wile, Mr. Gardner Sutton Mrs. Lynwood Howard, Mrs. Marie Bonde. KITCHEN STAFF J. Feinauer, R. Stickney, T. Ward, J. Bonde, E. Roy. M. Logan, R. Vayanos, M. Dolan, E. Egerton, C. Craig, N. Fitzgibbon, I. Buchak, C. Robertson. MAINTENANCE ®g J. McCann, E. Turton, D. Wrigley, P. Corey, J. Butler, J. Keith, J. Loszaweski, W. Schubert, W. Mckee. 10 11 So, the Adams family does not live here! 1962-1965 Class Plav 3; Photography Club 3; New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4. Sweet 21 and never been kissed ... What a turn on . . . Sunday walks . . . That is obscene . . . red convertible Mustang . . . What a turn off . . . the Beatles . . . Cambridge . . . James Bond . . Bump . . . Levi cords ... As it were, ... Cool . . . St. Mark ' s . . . ya gotta have heart . . . What an ill mannered child . . . It gets ya right here . . . Charlotte Bronte . . . Comic Relief . . . Clumsy . . . How embarrassing . . . the classic face . . . Bread and Butter . . . motorcycles, V.W.S. . . . ho, ho, ho. KATHERIXE ELIZABETH ABLER Little St. Mary ' s Road, Libertyville, Illinois ELLEN MARY ADAMS 57 Sherman Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 1964-1965 History ' . English Problems galore I don ' t know the way to the Abbot food store ' On third floor — a girl from Exeter Receives a call from Dean Kesler Noisy trucks below at 6 A. M. Same old rot for breakfast again. As long as you ' re up, get me a man 12 : m H We suspeck you play wif dollies. 1961-1965 Rat; Class Play 1; Class Treasurer 1; Class Social Director 2; Debating 2,3,4; Varsity Hockey 4,2; Gargoyle Cheerleader 2,3,4; A Capella 2; Numerals 3; Photography Club 3; Cynosure 3,4; Current Events 3,4. It ' s so elegant So intelligent What shall I do now? What shall I do? I shall rush out as I am, and walk the street With my hair down, so. What shall we do to-morrow? What shall I ever do? - T. S. Eliot MARTHA BABSON 29 Montview Road, Chelmsford, Masschusetts JANET BARKER 5435 Lake shore Drive, Littleton, Colorado 1962-1965 A Capella 2; Varsity Soccer 4; Secretary of A.A.A. 4. There was a girl who had no curl anywhere on her forehead. And when she was good, she was very-very good and when she was bad, she was still pretty neat. Unlike Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, Ted kissed her in the front office and made her cry. Though Humpty Dumpty once sat on a wall, Janet would always run down the hall. And instead of having a great fall, she knocked down the fire extinguisher. Frankenstein and whiffle bats — that ' s what little girls are secretly made of. Imagine!! Little me-Miss Teenage America! T 13 ' didn ' t do it! ' 1962-1965 Class Play 2; Fidelio 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; School Social Chairman 4. Emotions recollected in tranquility — Thanks to the human heart by which we live, Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears, To me the meanest flower that blows can give Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears. Wm. Wordsworth LAURA CAPRON BECKVOLD 4 Cedarcliff Lane, Poughkeepsie, New York VIRGINIA BERTSCHE 2230 Edgewood Drive, Augusta, Georgia 1961-1965 Ginger; Class Play 1; A Capella 1,2; A.C.A. 1; Proctor 1,2; Cynosure 1,2,3 Business Manager 4; Numerals 2; A Pin 3; Basketball Varsity 3; Lacrosse Varsity 4; Library Committee 1,2 Chair- man 3; Fidelio 3,4; Treasurer of A.A.A. 4. Ginger is rather like a tiger lily and sometimes like a sprig of heather, but there ' s also something birchy about her, a bit of spice. Bertsche is on everything she does. Her ability to lose herself in the library indicates possible budding genius. Ginger adds a special flavor to every group of pe ople. B-e-r-n-s-t-e-i-n, with an ei, not an ie. 14 T 9 J J I You sure the bus stops at this corner? 1961-1965 Class Play 1,2; A Capella 1,2; Fidelio 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Sub Varsity Soccer 2, Varsity 3,4; Sub Varsity Softball 2, Varsity 3,4; Numerals 3; A.C.A. 3; W.U.S. 1, Circle 4; Athletic Charm 3; A Pin 4. Will someone please come back to the kitchen with me for more dessert? Oh ho ho. Where are my books? Lost: two Caesars, three Great Poems, etc., and onlv six pairs of glasses in four years! Hey people! Guess what!? Emily made it to chapel today! Free meals at the coffee mill. Characteristics: quiet, individualistic, insatiable tummy, American Parliaments. EMILY KNIPE BIRDSALL 115 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts ANN MIDDLETON BRADSHAW 138 West End Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey 1962-1965 A Capella 2; New Fidelio 3,4; Choir 3,4; Choir Pianist 3, 4; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Sub-Varsity Tennis 2,3, Varsity 4; Library Committee 3,4; Photography Club 2,3,4; Proctor 2. in Maine . . . for a piano Let ' s lesson Skiing in Vermont and sailing . . . Wednesday-into Boston Mixers! ... I hate bugs! The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost It ' s easy when you get the hang of it. make some popcorn . . . No more P. A. 15 And now, for my next number 1961-1965 Class Play 2,3; Honor Roll 3; Courant Art Editor 4. Dramatic Society Chairman 4. Out of a background of nudes, Moving through lavender sheets au courant, She shapes an identity. With cucumber sandwiches - a spot of blood-a taper — TONI LYNNE BRAINERD 97 Reservation Road, Andover, Massachusetts JOAN WILSON BRAZER .566 Wees Street, New Canaan, Connecticut 1962-1965 Hockey Varsity 3; Tennis Varsity 3; Cheerleader 2,3,4; A. A. A. 3; A.C.A. 3; Varsity Pennant 3; Sunday School Teacher 3,4; Current Events Club 4; Library Committee 4; Numerals 4. A Clomp, Clomp, Clomp. Deep Steel blue eyes, Set in a visage far away, Suddenly explodes — ignited By the Spark of friendship. Warm beams, and laughter — Life flames in Joannie. Dear Mom, army life isn ' t really so bad. fci k 16 Wait, haven ' t got to the punchline yet. 1961-1965 A Capella 1,2; Tennis Varsity 1,2,3; Soccer Varsity 2.4, Sub-Varsity 3; Class President 1; Class Song Leader 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 2; Numerals 3; Fidelio 3,4; Choir 3,4; Sherry Sippers President 3,4; President of A. A. A. 4. Sherman House, meet the Daff, gueetarist first degree. Tony, Timmy, Ted and Jeff, and F with Mrs. De. Third floor French, and winter walks. Wose, and Marf, and male. Curse that girl, the fire escape, and the Doc is put in jail. Pate de foie, and Axilla Room mood, the faculty room dessous. The Sherry ' s pres., and cyclop ' s friend , but am I boring you? Busy, busy with new strums too— he teaches Bible and ' s related to you?! Tho ' not an academic grind, Daff ' s aesthetically inclined. LUCINDA LEE BUXTON 193 East Rock Road, New Haven, Connecticut CLAUDETTE CHIPMAN 70 rue Charles Laffitte, Neuilly Sur Seine, France 1963-1965 — Claudette is the typical example of Parisian so- phistication and suaveness. Her beckoning smile, mystic blue eyes, and coquettish dress have gained her the reputation of Man-killer, Sr. around the Ivy-League. Continental characteristics: she ' s never on time; she must wear French shoes. Nothing seems to ruffle her air of savoir-faire except spilt coffee on J.M. ' s letter sweater. She ' s anti- pink and her pet expression is . . . Bull! If she ' s not writing letters to Alex Martinis , you can be sure she ' s in the phone booth: Hello Paris! A real MARVEL ! ! ! Motto: L ' Amour, toujours l ' amour. Good night, Teddy Bear! ' A 17 Thinking of you! 1961-1965 Class Play 1, A Capella 1,2.; Honor Roll 1,2,3; W.l ' .S. 1; Proctor 1,2; Varsity- Fencing 2,3; New Fidelio 3; Library- Committee 3.4: Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Sub-Varsity Softball 3; Fidelio. A petite Oriental Princess with raven hair, a winning smile and twinkling eyes. She likes the little-girl look or the simple sophisticat- ed look in spike-heels. As regular patron of the Honor Roll — you can always hear her say, Holy Mackerel! I ' ve got TON ' S to do. wonder if . . . ; a worry wart. When J.S. Bach or philosophical ideas aren ' t exploding on the brain, she ' s thinking of Don, Tom, Ned — Andover, Exeter, or Harvard. Her mottoes: chuckle. Laugh like crazy ! ! Good - nite. Sweet dreams ! ! ! ! CATHERINE LUISE CHOY 1820 Warner Court, Topeka, Kansas, 66604 ALLYSOX DAVIES Harbor Bluffs Road, Hvannis, Massachusetts 1963-1965 Ally; Debating 3; Proctor 3; Photography Club Current Events Club 3,4. Honor Roll 3; Library Committee 3; 3; Cynosure 3. Editor-in-Chief 4; Lending and borrowing, so much to do, New York in the spring and Hvannis, too. We have to lose weight! Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, A friend who excites and is charming. Griff and a roommate! What are those scraps covering the floor? Don ' t step on that, it ' s Cynosure! Let ' s have no mistakes! Do we have to go back note? 18 Life is an enigma. . 1962-1965 Proctor 2; A.C.A. 2; A Capella 2; Honorable Mention 3; Library Committee 3,4; Class Treasurer 2,4; Fidelio 4; Cynosure 4; Photography Club 4. She cracked her shin, and from her mouth A howl escaped, both north and south And east and west, ' til all did fear They ' d lost their little Emily dear. But soon her tears did cease to flow. She rose ,and in a happy glow, Of Bufferin she took twice ten, And Emily was smiles again. With thrashing arms and stamping feet, She rocked out — dig that crazy beatl EMILY WILLIAMS DAVIS Middle Haddam, Connecticut HANNAH FORD DEMAREST 5 Scarsdale Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 1962-1965 Chairman of PACBRA; Class President 3,4; Honor Roll 2; Honorable Mention 2,3; Varsity Hockey 2,3,4; Varsity Softball 2; Numerals 2; New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 3,4; Choir 3,4; Madrigals 3,4. We came, we went: met friends and parted friends, Yet there was that moment in between. Between the dawn of sun and moon, Day came, laughing blue-eyed. Blue-bells set off by russet morning, Dark dawn set against light laughs and cloud-dreams, Another day, tomorrow-changes, An still there remains the reassurance of the sameness Of the earth, our very own universe. And smiles again to happiness. d =$ I ' ll meet you at the Inn at 8:00. 19 know something you don ' t know. 1961-1965 He drew a circle that shut me out- Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in! — Edwin Markham Things she says and are said about her: 1. Wende ! ! 2. You jail bird - what does it look like from the inside?? 3. Boys, you can have em! ALISON BUNCE DODD 43 Summer Street, Andover, Massachusetts BARBARA DOW Blue Mill Road, Morristown, New Jersey 1962-1965 Fidelio 4; Library Committee 3,4, Chairman 4; A Capella 2; Fire Runner 3; Honor Roll 3. 8:00 A. M. Has the chapel bell rung yet? Barb, I think maybe it has. All the teachers are gone. 8:03 A. M. We didn ' t empty the wastebaskets again this morning. I guess it ' s my turn to hide them. 8:04 A. M. Should I put my hair in pigtails, or just stick a head- band on? I don ' t care, Barb. Let ' s leave. We ' re going to be late. 8:05 A. M. Full speed ahead. It says here they sold Abbot! 20 For the Snark was a Boojum, you see. 1962-1965 Class Play 2; W.U.S. 2,3; Class President 3; Class Vice President 2; Honorable Mention 2,3; Current Events Club 3,4; Head of Demerit Council 4; Vice President of Student Government 4. It isn ' t really anywhere! It ' s somewhere else instead! .... Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone? . . . because there ' s something about those southerners? . . . That Frumious Bandersnatch! . . . Happiness is brushing your teeth for twenty minutes and misery is discovering that you have used someone else ' s toothbrush. Tom, Tom, the piper ' s son He learned to play when he was young But all the tune that he could play Was, Over the hills and far away. DEBORAH DOWNS Tennyson Avenue, Nashua, New Hampshire MELANIE FALES 205 Main Street, Woodland, Maine 1961-1965 A Capella 1,2; Photography Club 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; W.U.S. 3; New Fidelio 3: Fidelio 3; Debating 3,4; Varsity Hockey 3,4; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Cheerleaders 3,4. He called me blond?! - But Marf, What ' ll we do about our bottle collection? — I know, I should stay out of infirmaries, keep away from Boiler Rooms, and watch out for Latins. — P.A. vespers, and The prom. — Oh, I have nothing against Maine, but that Miami . . .— But why should this kind of music make you sad? — Always going or coming in train stations — No Girl-Next-Door looks could flatter a gym suit like that — Just stay calm, collected, and Cool. A mere bump on the bannister of time. V 21 But, Miss Ritchie, why can ' t I play? 1962-1965 A Capella 2; Softball Varsity 2,3; Basketball Varsity 3,4; Field Hockey Sub-varsity 3, Varsity 4; Numerals 3; A Pin 3; Library Committee 3,4; Current Events Club 3,4; Caesar 3,4; Cynosure Board 4; Vice-President of A. A. A. 4; Archaeological Club 4. Happiness is a hockey stick, or basketball or baseball glove, and SO Broken Bones. Happiness is a bike ride and healthy knees. Happiness is being a Griffin — and a good one, too. Happiness is friendship: A friend is someone who likes you . . . Someone who smiles at you in a special way. Anglund Deryl is a friend. DERYL MARLICE FLEMING Cowles Road, Woodbury, Connecticut ELIZARETH CAULDWELL FOOTE Cornwall Rridge, Connecticut 1961-1965 Class Play 1,2,3; A Capella 2; Numerals 3; Class Treasurer 3; Prom Committee 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Proctor 3.4; Fidelio 3,4; Varsity Softball 3; Varsity Soccer 3; Circle 4. You ' re a devil at everything; and there ' s no kind of thing in the versatile world but what you can turn your hand to. — Cervantes I ' m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there ' s a pair of us — don ' t tell! They ' d banish us, you know. — Emily Dickenson How do you spell your name? 22 Ten demerits AND NO Saturday callers? 1962-1965 Dar; A Capella 2; Honor Roll 2; Cynosure 2,3,4; Debat- ing 2,3,4; Tennis Varsity 3; Photography Club 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Fidelio Librarian 4; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Co-Editor in Chief of the Circle 4. And what you want is to give more than you can get . . . And nothing can harm you — unless you change yourself into a thing of harm nothing can harm you — Carl Sandburg DOROTHY GAINES 51 Buttonwood Lane, Darien, Connecticut ELIZABETH HEYBURN GAMBLE 1303 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware 1961-1965 Junior Class Play 2; Numerals 3; Cynosure Staff 2,3,4; Chapel Proctor 2. Robin . , . Come with me, to the sea — Summer ' 64 . . . GOLDWATER GIRL . . . Prep Year Probation . . . Chorale 1,2,3,4 . . . Here Jesse . . . Sheep Dog Look . . . Preppy?! . . . Parli- ments in a Benson-Hedges box- That ' s class! . . . Lacrosse on the beach . . . Vermont and Horses . . . Polly, where ' s my RADIO? . . . Little Miss Sundial . . . I ' ll pay you 25c to set breakfast . . . Con- federate Flags from 6 miles south of Mason-Dixon line . . . No, Delaware is NOT a part of Maryland! . . . Mysterious signs and mysterious boy friend . . . But Miss Smith, that ' s ridiculous! Close the DOOR, people . . . G ' bye y ' all. What do you mean, there ' s no GREAT PUMPKIN? 23 You are getting sleepy, sleepy . 1961-1965 Betsy; Debating 1; Vice President of Class 1; Fidelio 3,4; Choir 3,4; A.C.A. Treasurer 4; Soccer Varsity 4. Titian beauty, regal bearing, Stewart plaid is what she ' s wearing. Laughter is her high-held banner. Super friendly is her manner. The Harvard game-four is a Sprite??? Her singing is a pure delight, From timid Prep to Chapel talks. From bike, to car, to country walks, She made us smile, she cured our frets. Happiness, your name is Bets. ELIZABETH MARIE GIBLIN 5 Hidden Road, Andover, Massachusetts GAIL JUDITH GOLDSTEIN 96 Cottage Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts 1962-196.5 Goldy; Class Play 2; Debating 3,4; A Capella 2; Honor Roll 2; Honorable Mention 3; Hockey Varsity 3,4; Numerals 4; A.C.A. 3; Library Committee 3,4; Photography Club 3; Cynosure Feature Editor 4; Griffin Cheerleader 2,3,4; Current Events Club. Anatomy of Package: 1. Mouth — for talking, and sometimes eating 2. Heart — for understanding people ' s problems 3. Brain — for concocting alibis and studying (?) 4. Hands — for fidgeting, and occasionally writing 5. Legs — for playing hockey, dancing, and visiting after lights 6. Spirit, lots of it — especially for the Griffins Don ' t good things come in small packages? But Mrs. Ellis — I did clean it this morning! 24 ' Happiness! ' 1962-1965 Class Play 2,3; Library Committee 3,4; Current Events Club 3,4; Photography Club 3,4; Honorable Mention 2; Bazaar Com- mittee Chairman 3; Church Leader 4; A.C.A. Skit 4. C. Faye . . . They ' ve been mooching again — all my popcorn too! . . . Third Floor ... It takes all night! . . . Eric ' s got the mumps! . . . Good grief — how immoral! . . . neat and cool . . . I ' ve shrunk! . . . My P. A. boy . . . Those prom pictures! . . . Dr. Chausable . . . split ends . . . I ' m cutting my hair — again! . . . Little Innocent . . . Door prize at Exeter . . . chips and oysters . . . Jolly Green Pigmy . . . It ' s raining in Harvard Square. CAROLYN FAYE GREEN 11 Ocean Avenue, Marblehead, Massachusetts LAURA JEAN HALFORD River Street, Norwell, Massachusetts 1962-1965 Class Play 2; Debating 2; New Fidelio 2; A Capella 2; Choir 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; Language Laboratory Proctor 4 Junior year unofficial fire drill . . . Elizabethan anything . . . Don ' t stay up too late, dear . . . illegal tea . . . coftee jello and worse on April fool ' s . . . 222 and 224 . . . crumpets and companion- ship . . . Whistler ' s daughter . . . forever singing . . . strange old books . . . bluejeans and Greensleeves. Dost som etimes counsel take— sometimes tea. 25 This is innocence? 1964-1965; Wherever she is there is sun and time and a sweet air Peace is there Work done. — Brown eyes . . . Full of surprise. Analyst and confidante . . . third floor transplant . . . Hair as black as darkest night . . . California slang . . . Are you serious!?!? . . . Abbot ... a brave, new world . . . — Ah, but the fresher faces! ' Is it true, ' Thou ' lt ask, ' some eyes are beautiful and new? ' ' Some hair — how can one choose but grasp such wealth? ' — CLAUDIA MARIE HALL 68 Kearney Street, Manchester, New Hampshire SUSAN CAPEHART HARNEY Ovre Ullern Terrasse 42, Oslo, Norway 1962-1965 A Capella 2; Honor Roll 2,3; Honorable Mention 3; W.U.S. 3; Library Committee 3; Proctor 2; Photography Club 3,4; Current Events Club 3; Entertainment Committee 3,4. ... You weave high-hearted, singing, singing You guard the threads of love and Friendship For noble figures in gold and purple. And long after other eyes can see You have woven a moon-white strip of cloth, You laugh in your strength, for Hope o ' erlays it With shapes of love and beauty. — Edgar Lee Masters But you must wear your rue with a difference. 26 Mother please — I ' d rather do it myself! 1962-1965 Bina; Class Play 1; 4; Drama Workshop 2,4; Courant 1,2. a flush of blond hair moves by in moving remains serene and even gentle moving towards a book a pen a thought a thoug ht of cheeriness a thought for the necessary of a song or anything else A Capella 1,2; Choir 1,2, Editor-in-Chief 4; 2,4; Fidelio Honor Roll DELIA-MARIA C. HAYES Phillips Street, Andover, Massachusetts ANTOINETTE HOPKINS Route 25-A, East Norwich, Long Island, New York 1962-1965 Toney; Fire Lieutenant 3; Honorable Mention 3; Chapel Attendance Taker 2,3. Slow smile . . . hurried conferences in the mail room with Bee . . . shiny, swinging hair . . . Let ' s just nip in here for a minute . . . alone in New York, TOGETHER! . . . Love me, love my dogs . . . banged-up legs . . . How about going into Boston to see some more movies? ... A Friend indeed. Hit 27 For those who think young . . 1962-1965 Debating 2,3; A Capella 2; Club 2,3,4; Vice-President of Class 3; Bazaar 3; Fidelio 4; President of A.C.A. A.C.A. 2; Photography Executive (co-chairman) She looks exactly like a broom, said Ellen, walking in the room, And sitting down upon my chair, began to curl her curly hair. But screamed as in the mirror bright, she saw a most amazing sight: A three-leg dog in Princeton banner approached her in alarming Manner And Ellen, fainting on the bed, a final faint Aooga said. And to this day she might be dead if she had not been rescued By Cocoanuts. ELLEN FOSTER HUNTINGTON 73 Allison Road Princeton, New Jersey JOANNE PAUL HYDE 85 Marbleridge Road, North Andover, Massachusetts 1961-1965 A Capella 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Numerals 4; A.C.A.; Fidelio 3,4; Circle Board 4; 1st team Softball 2. Who ' s that yelling, what ' s the noise Oh, it ' s Hyde, she ' s slashing boys Eternal laughter, never a frown How can anyone be such a clown? She ' s a famous producer and a cigarette lighter A lover of song with a jab like a fighter She dashes about, always something to do Greeting more friends both old and new. Short skirt? Not really. 28 Just seventeen . . . you know what I mean 1961-1965 Class Play 1; Cynosure Photography Staff 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Photography Club 4; Circle Board 4. Voices O there were lights and laughter And the motions to and fro Of people as they go . . . And there were many voices Vying at the feast, But mostly I remember Yours — who spoke the least. — Witter Bynner But laughed the most! MARGRIT RUTH KRAKAUER 9 George Street, Andover, Massachusetts JESSIE LOUISE KURZON 75 North Main Street, Uxbridge, Massachusetts 1963-1965 WUS Representative 4; Gargoyle Cheerleader 3,4; Fidelio 4; Fire Runner 4; Honorable Mention 3, Honor Roll 3; Soccer Varsity 4. A place for everything and . . . another Kurzon on the front page . . . Fourth floor French philosophers . . . Guess what? I ' m in love . . . The little one who says she can get in for half price . . . So what if he ' s married? . . . Roses and candy with love from ... II faut voir avec le coeur . . . Champagne, candlelight, and . . . Steven . . . cheers! ' And a Happy New Year to you, too . . . 29 •Hello Dolly ... 1962-1965 Betsy; A Capella 2; New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Class Secretary 2,3,4; Proctor 3; Griffin Cheerleader 2,3,4; Current Events Club 3,4. She digs in her garden With a shovel and a spoon, She weeds her lazy lettuce By the light of the moon, She walks up the walk Like a woman in a dream, She forgets she borrowed butter And pays you back cream! — Edna St. Vincent Millay ELIZABETH BONTECOU LAGE Boston Post Road, Madison, Connecticut BARBARA HOLMES LAWTON Washington Boulevard, Oswego, New York 1963-1965 Debating 3; Library Committee 3,4; Sunday School Teacher 4; Current Events Club 4. Barb, Barbie . . . the yellow halls . . . double whammy . . . OsWEgo ... a depressing day . . . Bahbaha, wheah is youh bathwobe?! . . Sloth! . . . Ridge Acres has trees! . . . anything but orange, yellow, and brown . . . vile . . . further demonstrating the lack of communi- cation . . . the twelves . . . that curly, warm brown hair . . . Emo- tions . . . number 373: Bleeding Feet . . . Bazarov was a man . . . barking dogs . . . three strikes and you ' re out with the brainy B ' s . . . Abbot is EASY . . . eleven o ' clock tweed. Oh, 1 was just BORS standing here. 30 ' Any time . 1962-1965 Leigh; Class Secretary 2; Debating 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3; Class Treasurer 3; Proctor 2,3,4; W.U.S. 2,3, Vice-President 4; Library Committee 3,4; Cynosure 2,3, Copy Manager 4. Oh where is it ... I know I left it here ... If someone took it Runs up to third floor Abbey. Who took it? . . . You guys, I can ' t find Jonnie ' s sweater . . . He ' s gonna kill me . . . two tie clips, the ring, and now this . . . But I ' m just a little kid — I want my sweater . . . ' Stead, have you seen Fleetfeet? . . . Who Wussed away my Sweater? ... As Demerit Council ... Five days later: No, No, No . . . (hysterical giggle) It ' s in the closet. LANGDON HUNT LEARNED 38 Canterbury Hill, Topsfield, Massachusetts SARAH CHOATE MASSENGALE 130 Goodwives River Road, Darien, Connecticut 1963-1965 Hockey Sub-Varsity 3; Debating 4; Current Events Club 3,4; W.U.S. 4. RECIPE: Stewed Massengale Take: glasses, skinny face, two mended legs, a little body, one red hat. Sift all together (carefully, please). Cream in: a rarely used desk and one record player constantly b laring Beach Boys and Kingsmen. Bake in the infirmary for 6-7 weeks or until done. Let cool in Draper for a year and a half. When cool, frost with orange hair. Yield: ( funniest thing ) pseudo-surfer. ' Look Ma, no cavities! 31 Need your wig warmed? 1961-1965 A Capella 1,2; A.C.A. 1,2; Varsity Soccer 2,3; Softball Sub-Varsity 2; Numerals 2; Class Vice-President 2; W.U.S. 3; Fidelio 3,4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; A Pin 3; Choir 3,4; President of Day Students 4. How many humble hearts have dipped in you, And scrawled their manuscriptl Have shared their secrets, told their cares, Their curious and quaint affairs! — Christopher Morley Little One NANCY SCHOFJELD McARDLE 47 Central Street, Andover, Massachusetts ANNE STONE McDERMOTT 89 Knox Street, Lawrence Massachusetts 1961-1965 Class Play 1; A Capella 2; A.C.A. 2; WUS 3; Current Events Club 4; Circle 4. Get up, lazybones, here is another Day: (Orange and Green Striped Socks perhaps, Or Yellow Hose, such as those of Malvolio ' s.) Ho hum, classes. On the window seat with the afternoon And books and cushions and Sunlight and Daydreams. Well, next Saturday we ' re going to Boston. That should be nice, Don ' t you think? Hmm . . . Evening, then night time, and Deep Quiet Thoughts It ' s nice to go to sleep when you can hear the Rain. Well, I never would have believed it! ' 32 Let ' s see, the amount of energy equals . . . 1962-1965 A Capella 2; W.U.S. Representative 3; President of W.U.S. 4; Library Committee 3,4; Photography Club 3,4; Sunday School Teacher 3; Current Events Club 3. Don ' t you have the waste paper baskets in your room? They ' re in the closet. What happened to Lee ' s clock? It ' s in the closet. Where ' s Barb ' s blanket? In the closet. Where ' s Baba and Teddy? In the closet. Where ' s the radio? In the closet. Where ' s Lee ' s typewriter? In the closet. Where ' s her history book, 17 pens, and 2 packs of paper? In the closet. Where ' s Lee . . . ? MARTHA ANN MOCK 801 Elm Street Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ALLISON CONSTANCE MORRILL 311 Glendalyn Place, Spartanburg, South Carolina 1962-1965 A Capella 2; A.C.A. Debating 2,3,4; Current Events Club 4; Class Play 2,3; Fidelio 3,4; Choir 4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Vice-President of She ' s the red-head wearing the madras dress And clutching her violin tightly. She ' s on her way to P. A. again, Late — but only slightly. She ' s got the ivy league disease, Each weekend ' s spent with a beau. Shp cares for plants and reads about Pooh. (When here she ' s a grind, you know!) So if this description seems funny, It ' s not. After all, this is Sunny. Calm amid chaos. 33 The fastest draw in the west. 1963-1965 Varsity Hockey 3; Library Committee 4; Fire Runner 4; Sunday School Teacher 3,4; Current Events Club 4. time for a little something Livi . . . Beaches . . . those Saturday leaves . . . what cars?! . . . but you know my luck, I ' d get caught . . . Olive and Pickles . . . that notorious weekend . . . the Cleopatra look . . . social failure? . . . Exeter banner . . . Belmont Hill — someday . . . I ' ve got so much work to do . . . 5:00 a.m. alarms . . . obey that impulse. OLIVIA DEBOLT MOTCH R.R. 1, New Richmond, Ohio POLLY VANDERFORD OSBORN 140 Beach Bluff Ave., Swampscott, Massachusetts 1962-1965 Class Play 2; A Capella 3; Proctor 2,3; Sunday School Teacher 3,4; Current Events Club 3. Out upon it, I have loved Three whole days together; And am like to love three more, If it prove fair weather. Anonymous Friendship — so deep to be thought of everlasting gold wrought of too dear to be bought of — and yet given at the price of a smile, a word, a thought clasped in agreement. Anonymous ' It ' s been snowing a lot lately 34 ' Hey, you ' re rocking the boat. ' 1961-1965 Class Play 1; Softball Varsity 2,3,4; Tennis Varsity 2,3,4; Numerals 2; A Pin 3; Athletic Charm 2,3; Gargoyle Team Captain 4; A.A.A. 3; W.U.S. 2; Vice-President of Class 1; Cynosure 2,3,4; Photography Club 4. An honesty unfeigned, A heart unchained, A madness well restrained. — Christopher Morley Likes: sailing up in Maine, sugarless gum, sports Dislikes: boys, down Maine Known for: high-pitched giggle, green bookbag, library ' cubby hole, organization-plus HOPE PARSON 104 Hidden Road, Andover, Massachusetts KATHRYN JANE PLATZ 99 Grandview Avenue, Auburn, Maine 1963-1965 Debating 3; President of Debating 4; Secretary of Class 3; Fire Lieutenant 4; Drama Workshop 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Bazaar Executive Board 3. Kathy . . . Sun Worshipper . . . Favorite Color: Kelley Green . . . It ' s about the ... ... One of the cooler guys . . . Oh, Barbara, please ask your mother to send those cookies . . . Okay you guys, now cool it . . . Sarah, will you shut that door! . . . Debating, skiing, and drama . . . Not that it ' s my record player or radio or anything . . . Do you think I ' m getting thinner? . . . NO!! ' But of course! 35 Rockout 1962-1965 Class Play 2; A Capella 3; W.U.S. 3; Varsity- Softball 3; Photography 2,3,4; Bazaar Executive Committee 3; Class Vice- President 3; Secretary of Student Government 4. Once upon a special time a smiling young Anne Ra-hilly was bom in a field of Tiger lillies. Ben from New Joisey (at east side west side) brought her to Abbot where she attracted desirous Tewksbury boys and Joe Bazooka. Anne and Abbey sang Burma and Puff with the uke, her baby. Anne and Ellen were caught in the Rye by term papers and prom memories, but she snecked them up and she rocked out ah-ou-ga-ing ever since — still smiling . . . with apologies to George, Marlon, and the gang. ANNE LAWRENCE RAHILLY 335 Woodland Avenue. Westfield, New Jersey CAROL ANN REISCHE 61 North Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 1963-1965 Debating 3; A.C.A. 3; Library Committee 3; Current Events Club 3; Assistant Editor of Courant 4; Circle Board 4; Enter- tainment Co-Chairman 3,4; Archaeology Club President 4. So all their praises are but prophecies Of this our time, all you prefiguring; And, for they looked but with divining eyes, They had not skill enough your worth to sing! For we, which now behold these present days, Have eyes to wonder, but lack tongues to praise. — William Shakespeare Would you like to see my spider collection? 36 ' Popcorn? . . . I don ' t smell any popcorn! ' 1962-1965 Class Play 2; A Capella 2; Proctor 3; Softball Varsity 3; Hockey Sub-Varsity 3, Varsity 4; Fidelio 3,4; Photography Club 3,4; Library Comittee 3,4; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Numerals 4. Longest hair in the school ... I hate to be an I-told-you-so, but! . . . Ohio and India . . . loyalties divided between Andover and Exeter . . . Franklin ice cream ... I know what you ' re going to say, so just don ' t say it. . . . hockey and Softball always for the Griffins . . . nurses ' training ahead . . . train rides to Toledo ... an old, old friend at Brooks . . . Bwadshaw!!! REBECCA RUTH REYNOLDS Lalit Kung Society, Navrangpura, Alimedabad 9, India CATHERINE BAYNE RICE Box 710, Borger, Texas 1963-1965 Debating 3; N ew Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4; Choir 4; Griffin Cheerleader 3,4; Griffin Team Captain 4; Modern Dance Teacher 3,4. Dancer, singer, a laughing passionate lover. — Sandburg Cambridge is her destination. Dancing is her occupation. Jelly doughnuts by the peck. In the morning she ' s a wreck. Magic between the sugar and spice. — Elinor Wylie ' Did somebody say Cambridge? 37 Far, far away 1962-1965 And, gentle in their manner, they Do bold things in a quiet way. vi ANTOINETTE BEATRICE ROCHE 41 Avenida Avila Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela MELISSA CORINNE SCOTT Stuyvesant Oval, New York, New York 1963-1965 Missi; Class Play 3; Honor Roll 3; Fidelio 4. Greenwich Village anarchist. Die Wanderungen — hospitals and army camps, interns and second lieutenants, protest songs on the guitar. Think I ' ll hop a freight to Cincinnati. Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high ... Small pleasures, small pleasures, who would deny us these? White Austin Healeys and black nightgowns . . . long earrings . . . black lace stockings and pink ribbons . . . platinum nail polish . . . the ingenue look — windblown hair and pierced ears . . . the color — white for purity! Now for tonight ' s freedom rally 38 ' But of course Goldwater will win. 1962-1965 Class Play 2; A Capella 2; Fidelio 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Library Committee 3,4; Proctor 2,3; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Circle 4; Cynosure 3,4; Current Events Club 3, President 4. Wait for me, I ' ll go with you. I ' ve just got to get my hair cut. I ' m NOT a Mainiac, I wasn ' t born there. I ' d love to, but I have to go study. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Isn ' t that cool! Have to go to the current events meeting now. KAREN WOODBRIDGE SMITH 328 Blackstrap Road, Falmouth, Maine SUSAN GROVE SPANGLER 1100 Reading Boulevard, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania 1962-1965 Class Play 2; A Capella 2; Sunday School Teacher 2,3,4; Fidelio 3,4; Library Committee 4; Proctor 4; Photography Club 4, Parents ' Weekend Play 4. Tank. The Reverend Mr. Black. Chocolate pretzels. Ray. Horseback riding and the bubonic plague. I don ' t like to fly. Telephone calls from Exeter. Cow eyes and tipped hair. Tanker Overdue. THE Proctor. Chesty and . . . French records. Telephone calls to Mercersburg. Michael, taught us all we know. Me? . . . never! 39 ' Every school has a resident bully who is 1963-1965 Tunket; Class Play 3; Drama Workshop 3,4. The svelte, blonde, peaches-and-cream skinned girl sat watching the greatest play of the year, Papa Tor. More than anything did she want to be up there acting, for this was a wonderful gift, a marvelous talent for acting. She had brought her knitting with her, the sweater for — oops! who is it for this time? The scene changed from the heroine ' s boudoir where she was meticulously setting her hair to the scene of culprits in the boiler room. The curtain closed — intermission. The sponsors took over — one for Lavender and Pink and the other, oddly enough, for baked beans weeping on the Willows. Alas! the hour of departing arrived. The ghost writer rode off into the sunset. MARTHA LEE SPAULDING 35 Stephen Drive, Pleasantville, New York KATHERIXE EUGENIA STAPLES Hemlock Road, Hanover, New Hampshire 1962-1965 Class play 2, Honorable Mention 3; A.C.A. 3; W.U.S. 2; New Fidelio 2,3; Fidelio 3,4; Choir 3; President of Choir 4; Circle 4; Courant 3; Photography Club President 4; Archaeology Club 4. I dwell in a lonely house I know That vanished many a summer ago And left no trace but the cellar walls, And a cellar in which the daylight falls, And the purple-stemmed wild raspberries grow. Robert Frost Abbot Female Seminary — no trespassing! 40 You ' d better believe it, sweetheart. 1963-1965 Debating 3; Fidelio 4; Library Committee 3; Sunday School Teacher 4; Griffin Cheerleader 3,4; Current Events Club 3,4. Cici . . . actually and obviously . . . Who sins more? . . . yellow shirts . . . onward and upward . . . Should I pierce my ears? . . . prophesies for daily living . . . It sorta makes you want to shout . . . the short apple tree . . . Hurry up, Barbara . . . luncheon . . . shredded-fig-leaf . . . the Raggedy duh doll . . . green hair . . . the massive missive . . . Abbot is EASY . . . So long. Sweetness. ALICA ROBILLARD STILLMAN Ridge Acres Road, Darien, Connecticut KATHERINE LYNN STOVER 2304 Sheridan Boulevard, Lincoln, Nebraska 1963-1965 Class Play 3; Debating 3,4; Library Committee. Senior-Mid: Kathy, from the Midwest, was lonely until she met a fellow Nebraskan from Stimson House at P. A. One day after buying for quite a while, she was told he climbed trees. Hysterically laughing, she and her raincoat took a bath. The blond Cecily will never forget the Andover Prom; neither will her seamstress but that sounds dreadful and Kathy isn ' t. Senior: P.A. plus Stimson equals Stanford. All is not lost as the house- master at Stimson is a family friend and the year shows promise. Every morning: Hey, you two, it ' s 7:00. She hears people out- side all the time . . . dreaming of her mounds of mail and the wind whistling across Nebraska? Good luck, Kathy! You should see what ' s on the other side! 41 Oh, how I hate dieting! 1963-1965 New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Choir 4; Secretary of A.C.A. 4. Marjorie: A little work, a little play, To keep us going — and so, good day! A little warmth, a little light Of love ' s bestowing — and so, good-night! A little fun, to match the sorrow Of each day ' s growing — and so, good morrow! George Du Maurier MARJORIE STRAUSS 190 East 72nd Street, New York, New York RARBARA SUHR 14675 Horseshoe Drive, Saratoga, California 1963-1965 Proctor 3; Photography Club 3; Current Events Club 4; A.C.A. 4. Demerit Council 3; WANTED Alias — Barb, Barbie Physical description — height: 5 ' 5 , weight: unlimited (even Stu-G can ' t find that out), eyes: brown, roving for surfers, not skateboarders, hair: brown to blonde to blonder Identifying characteristics — baby blue crew socks, ear tuned to the Beach Boys, Last night I dreamed about ... Pet peeves — New England weather, 11:00 lights, snotty P.A. boys, Does she or doesn ' t she? Last seen — Coffee Mill, P.A., or Ice Cream walk 42 Ichabod, it ' s been a hard day. ' 1963-1965 Honorable Mention 3; Current Events Club 4. Dear Ichabod, I had the most dreadful moming— I flunked an English test, flubbed up my Latin translation . . . But the thought of your smiling face brightened up my day. I just adore men with freckles and that thatch of red hair really kills me. As I sat in study hall tracing pictures I kept seeing your deep blue eyes. Alas, I must leave to wash my hair, per usual. Be good. Love, Rosie ROSEMARY CATHARINE SULLIVAN 91 Concord Street, Nashua, New Hampshire KAREN MARIE SWENSON 16 Auburn Street, Concord, New Hampshire 1962-1965 Class Play 2; Honor Roll 2; A Capella 2; Class Treasurer 2; New Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4; Library Committee 3,4. In days of mold when nights were cold, there lived a distressed damzel, Karen of DuBarry. Cocoanuts, the local witch, had cast an evil spell on Karen, restraining her from rocking out with George and the boys. But Karen, mincy girl that she was, ran off to better grounds, via Marlboro country. Rodding on her trusty bike, Karen searched for happiness. A noble prince, Sam, found her and desired her. Alas, Karen was even more distressed! She often ran into Sir Hoodsie Diksie on his steel gray steed and his court jestors, Marlen and the Nose. But true-blue Sam, never faithful, smeashed out Hoodsie, friends, and Hinks. They lived ever after. May the dragon smile on them. Rockout 43 Wednesday ' s child-loving and giving 1961-1965 Choir 1,2,3,4; A Capella 1,2; Class Play 2; Tennis Varsity 2; A.C.A. 2; Class Treasurer 2; Fidelio 3,4 — President 4; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Drama Workshop 3.4. Prep: short, curly hair. Naive dreamer. Saturday afternoon discussions across the hall. Always singing. Junior: long hair. Still dreamer . . . not so naive — David and Lisa meet. Holly Go-lightly. Still singing. Senior-mid: long hair with bangs. Idealistic dreamer. Always in the wrong bathroom. EXERCISE DIETS galore! Parties, Young starlet. Strange letters from up the hill. Still singing and dancing. N ' ever seen without a book in one hand. Senior: straight hair — still carrying book and singing. Dreams come true. Weekends with bad boy and company. BARBARA SYKES Pleasant Street, Bass River, Massachusetts ANNA ELIZABETH THAL 79 Sunset Rock Road, Andover, Massachusetts 1964-1965 Anna is a combination of opposites. She either sits brooding or talks machine-gun fashion. French is fun, but biology is de- spaired of. Her room is full of goldfish who subsist entirely on flat Norweigian bread. Also, there are traces of mouldy cheese. Although her Latin vocabulary ' is annoyingly large, Anna is a good friend and a boon companion. 7 made this just for you . 44 ... and my date was this high. 1962-1965 Debating 2; A Capella 2; Honor Roll 2; Fidelio 3,4; Library Committee 4; Photography Club 3,4; Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3; Sunday School Teacher 2,3,4; Cynosure Business Board 4. I have been chewing bubble gum, acting cheerful and friendly, limping, taking Saturday leaves, going to Exeter, growing my bangs — and also: I have been laughing, I have been carousing, Drinking late, sitting late with my bosom cronies. — Charles Lamb WENDY ANN TRENEER 1805 Greenleaf Boulevard, Elkhart, Indiana ROSEMARY CAVERLY TYLER St. Paul ' s School, Concord, New Hampshire 1961-1965 Class Secretary 1; A.C.A. 1,2; W.U.S. 1,2; A Capella 2; Class President 2; Social Representative 3; Prom Committee 3,4; Fidelio 4; Cynosure Managing Editor 4. Vice-President of Class 4. For that elephant ate all night, and that elephant ate all day. Do what we could to furnish more food, the cry was still more hay . . . misery is when you have two jars of peanut butter and nothing (?) to wash it down . . . you meet the NICEST people in a VW . . . Gentle men ALWAYS seem to remember blondes, LAUGHING blondes . . . the happy wanderer . . . sensitive youth, to itself rebels . . . She carries the sun in a golden cup and the moon in a silver bag. J got ' im! — and then it all started. f i r , f i W ' I 45 Here ' s mud in your eye. 1963-1965 Photography Club 3,4. Even- night before I go to sleep I have my own private movies. That ' s how I get to sleep. I make them up about boys. Sometimes It ' s boys I know and sometimes it ' s not. It ' s fun. And when I fall asleep too quickly, I feel cheated out of my movies. But since it ' s the only way I can fall asleep, I do it anyway. And we say Good night Suz — and sweet dreams. SUSAN CARRINGTON VANDERLINDE 10 Rope Ferry Road, Hanover, New Hampshire LESLIE SUSAN VEASEY 22 Eastland Terrace, Haverhill, Massachusetts 1963-1965 Class play 3; Varsity tennis 3; Photography Club 3; Sunday School Teacher 4; Current Events Club 4. I met a little Elf-man once, Down where the lilies blow, I asked him why he was so small And why he didn ' t grow. He slightly frowned, and with his eye He looked me through and through. I ' m quite as big for me, said he, As you are big for you. — John Bargs ' My Funny Valentine 46 Tomahawking is an extracurricular activity? 1962-1965 Class Play 2,3; A Capella 2; Library Committee 3,4; Photography Club 2,3,4; Proctor 3; Demerit Council 3; Sunday School Teacher 2,3,4; Current Events Club 3,4. Cherokee Sioux . . . Sioux . . . Exeter . . . third floor . . . John on the bathroom door . . . Mona Lisa . . . tracks across the circle ... I got him on the thirty-seventh try .. . The Astronauts . . . spelling notebook . . . Aspen . . .History of Art in the closet . . . If at first you don ' t succeed . . . water ballet . . . gum wrappers . . . white Levis . . . Denver Prud — Rocky Mt. Herald . . . Dress-as- you-go mornings . . . Captain of the Abbot Swim Team . . . hand knit sweaters . . . ahayeagahahhyzechagabado after Achievements . . . Lonely Bull. SUSAN FULLER VOORHEES 170 Downing Street, Denver, Colorado MARGARET ROSE WARSHAW 16 Carisbrooke Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1961-1965 Maggie; Class Play 1,2; A Capella 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; W.U.S. 2; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Fidelio 4; Vice-President and Treasurer of Day Students 4; Assistant Editor of Courant 4; Co- Editor in Chief of the Circle 4. Tact? Charm? Wit? Grace? . . . intellectual curiosity . . . BRBBDS (Better Relations Between Boarders and Day Students) . . . hockey roll-ins . . . Warshaw! Watson! and Wies! ... A pixie haircut (that subtle elf look) ... to strive, to seek, to find, and then to wonder . . . Well at least somebody noticed . . . and for your birthday, a lovely can of fruit cocktail . . . founder of the reciprocal food trade agreement . . . But, but, but, your honor, I ' m a good driver! ' Dinner was awful! 47 You say you were smoking unintentionally? 1962-1965 Class Play 2; W.U.S. 2; Class President 2; A Capella 2; Debating 3; Honor Roll 3; Lacrosse Varsity 3; Cynosure 3; Proctor 3; Bazaar Executive Board 3; Fidelio 4; President of Student Govern- ment 4. Thrice upon a time, there was a girl named Bulbie Wartson who, in terms of pills, was a hypochondriac. Consequently, every morning after hanging a can of fruit cocktail out the window, to dry along side of pickles, she would grab her little yellow bucket and hop into the shower in an outfit from Bonwit Teller ' s. By working very hard in Wyoming, she attained the goal she had always worked for; eating apricots out of paper cans, followed by a good strong shot of pure prune juice. Still with his eyes on the world. Christopher Robin put out a hand. — A. A. Milne SARAH ANN WATSON 64 Woodridge Drive, New Canaan, Connecticut c? Sb VICTORIA WEBER Ames Hill, West Brattleboro, Vermont 1963-1965 Debating 3; Library Committee 3,4; Episcopalian Sunday School Teacher 3,4; Current Events 4. Presenting: A thin dark-haired girl is muy espanola. Joan Baez? No, not quite, but different she is. She thinks pomegranates are in there and cool; She likes stop signs, and wears ribbons and hats (But only when listening to Harlem Nocturne ! She talks in circles and lives the same way — Dreams of Denver and beaches and spring term at P. A. Seven, Eleven or Doubles 48 Wallflower 1962-1965 Heidi; Class Play 2; Honor Roll 2,3; Varsity Fencing 3; Library Committee 3. The silence of French House is broken by a bell ringing. One bed creaks and suddenly there is the crash of a pillow descending. Wake! For the sun who scatter ' d into flight the Stars before it from the Field of Night drives Xight along with them from Heav ' n. Having reassured herself that her roommate has not slept through the bell, she gets dressed. Someone enters a senior-mid room. Heidi, it ' s time for reports. Ugh! How ' s your term paper? Equally ugh! What are you reading? Something New. Wit sharp as a knife, but never cutting comes into play, and there is laughter. I ' m going to bed now. But it ' s only 9:30. So? Good-night. MARY JUDITH WILSON 34 Dartmouth Street, Beverly, Massachusetts SUSAN WINET 846 Sutter Street, Palo Alto, California 1964-1965 A.C.A. 4. Walking down the third floor corridor, I caught a glimpse of a room that looked much more like Waldorf ' s best than Abbot ' s norm. The girl inside was one of those California girls, it you understand the connotation ( Don ' t sweat the small stuff. Am I right? ) She was the one that was always getting ALL the phone calls between 9:00 and 9:30. Everyone knows Sue. She ' s the friendly one, who has the noisy friends in the corner room, who ' s an asset to any table because of her grace (?) and charm (No joke). She has friends from HARVARD, and from the far right, and, by the way, a father who looks like Atlas. She ' s the one-man AA football team. Remember her? Let me entertain you. 49 Cinderella 1961-1965 Class Play 1,2,3; A Capella 1,2; Honorable Mention 1; Honor Roll 2,3; Choir 3,4; Sherry Sippers 3,4; Fidelio 3,4; Madrigals 3,4; Cynosure 4. To her classmates, Robin is shy, intelligent, quick to respond to a greeting with a smile. Her humor is a combination of wit, matter of factness, with a pinch of sarcasm. Her friends know her as a sympathetic listener with intelligent advice. Her habits are ring twiddling, exaggerated hand and arm motions to express a thought, and a slightly quavering singing voice. This causes people to ask, How could she be so nervous — she has such a good voice? Her answer — Simple. ROBIN HART WOOD 46 Devon Road, Fells, New Jersey GEORGIANNE YLITALO 4961 Quebec Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 1962-1965 Talo; Class Play 2,3; A Capella 2; Fidelio 3; Fidelio 3,4; Choir 4; Sunday School Committee Chairman 3; Cheerleader 3,4. Dance 2,3,4; New Teacher 4; Bazaar The Phillipines. I learned how to make a bed. Riding and Ballet. I cut bangs. Mono. Coffee and cake. Buddah. Double bubble. Our plumber. Time spent between the scales and the mirror. Algernon. I ' m in love T again? And I bought another coffee cake. Reahly, Dahling . . . 50 At last - Freedom! 1962-1965: Liz. Class Play 2, A Capella 2; Honor Roll 2, 3; Courant 2, Art Editor 3; Drama Workshop 3; Bazaar Executive Com- mittee 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Choir 4. Oh thou unsubtle Rubens woman! University of Michigan has thee, Complete with all thy accoutrements, Leaving us out of thy life Which before meant so much, But now can only be seen as through a glass darkly. ELIZABETH GRAY EDER 2631 Devonshire Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan SEXIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Seated: Miss Judd. Standing: H. De- marest, R. Tyler, E. Lage, E. Davis. 51 .. •l. ' ' - ' CLASS SONG Abbot, our strong foundation, Abbot, our inspiration, Abbot, the school that we all do extol; Through years of work and learning We ' ve kept the torch fire burning, Working together to attain our goal. All you have given us, our steadfast memories, Joyous, we will carry through the years; As the class of ' 65 we strive to hold our standards high ' Mid memories of friendships and laughter and tears. 52 a Wm A 1 - 53 54 55 Senior-Mid Class CLASS OFFICERS, FIRST TERM. N. White- head, M. Miller | President), J. Froeber, B. Timken (missing). CLASS OFFICERS, SECOND TERM. E. Downs, C. Gaines (President), L. Johnson, B. Armsden. Draper FIRST FLOOR NEW WING. Standing: M. Rvder, L. Fletcher, E. Barker, M. Livingston, C. Lashnits. Sirring: M. Wies, D. Little, L. Hinckley, J. Froeber, M. W a t s o n. Kneeling: M. Church, H. Max. M. Miller. FIRST FLOOR OLD WING. St anding: V. De- Peyster, M. Donaghy, E. Ritter, A. Garten, L. Thom- son, A. Todd, N. Theo- haropoulos, N. Valentine. Sitting: N. Werth, K. Ful- ler, C. Taylor. Kneeling: B. Paris, J. Mustille, J. Waring. L. Burlinc (missing: A. Gould.) 56 SECOND FLOOR. Stand- ing: M. Porter, J. Bricker, J. Abbott, B. Hazard, L. Thompson, B. Timkin, E. Walker, L. Haselton, A. Chamberlin, A. Whitehead. Sitting: D. Hanes, S. Watl- ing, E. Sobiloff, B. Moulton. Kneeling: C. Erwin, E. Ross, I. Rock, B. Hazzard, S. Downs. THIRD FLOOR. Standing: B. Ware, R. Bendetson, D. Stone, E. Thomas, C. Gaines, G. McKenzie, S. Doucett, M. Bayles, L. Johnson, M. Alvarez, J. Lippincott. Sitt- ing: L. Shimmel, F. Jones, M. Wilson. Kneeling: B. Armsden, D. Wlodkoski, K. Roan, P. Cortes, J. Minor. Standing: D. Woodworth, S. Lebach, L. Crane, B. Roe- diger. Kneeling: L. Somers, C. Zollner, J. Dupont. Day Students 57 Junior Class FIRST TERM OFFICERS: J. Schneller, L. Cannon (President), M. Wilde, E. Rudman. SECOND TERM OFFICERS: Standing: C. Hoover, S. Gallager, S. Delano. Seated: A. Miller (President). Day Students Standing: N. Howe, M. Wilde, L. Cregg, H. Washburn, S. Birdsall. Seated: H. Whitney, C. Arragg, D. DeNuccio, J. Haley, L. Pendleton. Missing: G. Hanson, G. Niziak. 58 French House Seated: A. Bowser, C. Lambert, L. Huntington, D. Green, J. Singer, E. Rudman. Standing: C. Hoover, A. Miller, M. Goldman, A. Dickerson, B. Read, R. Wolfe, P. Howes, R. Mac- Intyre. M. Major, J. von der Heyde, R. Tavares. Missing: C. Hansen. Abbey House First row: J. Schneller, E. Bonan, X. Porosky, S. Shapiro, D. Van Duzer, F. Forrest, V. Brown, C. Moore, S. Lando, P. Jones. Second row: S. Cobb, S. Gallagher, C. Howes, L. Can- non, F. Beane, M. Hadley. Third row: L. Sullivan, J. Alvarez, S. Sticknoth. Fourth row: T. Mons, J. Wannop, A. Robertson. Fifth row: S. Delano, J. Browning. Top of steps: S. Beale, B. Barker, R. Chamberlin, M. Kaplan, C. Elmenhorst. Prep Class FIRST TERM CLASS OFFICERS. C. Whit- ney, J. McGinty (President), M. Shapiro. SECOND TERM CLASS OFFICERS. K. Sea- ward, S. Bolton (President), J. Brown (missing). Standing: J. Crane, L. Mars- den, J. McGinty, S. Sullivan, J. Brown, E. Briggs. Seated: J. Sapienza, S. Bolton, L. Black, A. Fisher. Day Students Sherman House Standing: S. Flaherty, M. Todd, B. Cook, C. Cleaver, A. Moses, P. Hopkins, K. Wies, C. Whitney. Seated: C. Payne, K. Seaward, L. Hunter, M. Shapiro, A. Fel- lows, D. Cheney, A. Davis. 60 V W 62 63 Student Government FIRST TERM. Front Row: M. Miller, C. Whitney, J. McGinty, N. Whitehead. Second row: M. Wilde, Mile. Arosa, Miss Minard, L. Can- non. Tliird row: N. McArdle, R. Tyler, D. Downs, S. Wat- son (President), L. Buxton, H. Demarest, E. Huntington. SECOND TERM. First row: N. McArdle, H. Demarest, Miss Minard, S. Watson, L. Johnson, K. Seaward. Sec- ond row: A. Miller, S. Dela- no, C. Gaines, E. Hunting- ton, D. Downs, A. Rahilly, L. Buxton, R. Tyler. Demerit Council [j|r]ll % 1 - JrV4m J WjM f ™ 1 m 1 B%k ' Jf | H llll D IB MP 1 m fr W IlI i T» jw B 1 ■UVy ■ (i m ■¥» ' IMS m S i FIRST TERM. Fron rou;: S. Erwin, C. Hoover, F. Beane, D. Downs (President), L. Learned, E. Sobiloff. Second row: D. Green, Mrs. Hutton, F. Beane. Third row: B. Armsden, K. Wies, A. Davis, D. Stone, S. Flaherty, E. Foote, M. Livingston, S. Spangler, M. Watson. SECOND TERM. First row: M. Watson, S. Erwin, B. Armsden. Second row: C. Taylor, F. Beane, Miss Minard, L. Sullivan, E. Sobiloff, K. Swenson. Third row: S. Gallagher, D. Green, D. Downs, S. Flaherty, D. Stone. 64 A.CA. Officers Social Committee M. Strauss, A. Morrill, E. Giblin. Seated: E. Huntington (President). M. Major, R. Tyler, J. Lippincott, L. Beckvold, M. Fales, M. Spaulding, S. Flaherty. A.CA. Representatives Kneeling: S. Lebach, K. Seaward, G. Goldstein, M. Church, B. Armsden, B. Suhr. Standing: D. Green, J. Crane, J. Hyde, F. For- rest, A. Dickerson, B. Cook, B. Hazard, F. Mustille, J. Scheller, S. Delano. W.U.S. Representatives Seated: S. Massengale, J. Kurzon, N. Valentine, S. Spangler, M. Mock (chairman) L. Learned, J. Brown, R. Bendetson, C. Lambert, S. Downs. Standing: L. Hinck- ley, E. Walker, C. Gaines, P. Jones, M. Livingston, M. Todd, L. Crane, S. Voor- hees, E. Ritter. 65 AAA. Officers J. Barker. L. Buxton (President), D. Fleming, V. Bertsche. Athletic Council First row: F. Beane, M. Porter, L. Buxton (Presi- dent), V. DePeyster, J. Crane. Second row: C. Mo- ore, D. Fleming, V. Bert- sche, C. Rice, J. Sapienza. Ski Club Seated: J. Schneller, L. Rock, K. Platz. Stand- ing: E. Barker, B. Bar- ker, C. Moore. Missing: J. Barker. 66 Cynosure 0 ESH ■ PM I rl ami . i . t - I% ' a Jt A ( lll Ih MS liSft . IflJk r v x •I ii J ? 1 p I K ,il ' {J s«i , r.Tti r • : 1 1 i i ' ■11 1 B Firs£ rou;: E. Sobiloff, L. Learned, R. Wood, R. Tyler, A. Davies (Editor), V. Bert- sche, G. Goldstein, S. Downs. Second row: M. Babson, D. Green, S. Lebach, J. Haz- zard, P. Cortes, S. Winet, C. Taylor, H. Max, M. Mock, D. Gaines. Third row: K. Roan, D. Fleming, R. Bendetson, J. Bricker, I. Rock, C. Hall, L. Thomson, D. Wlodloski, M. Hadley, E. Gamble, L. Thomson, B. Timken, M. Miller, E. Adams, K. Smith. Courant Circle Standing: L. Haselton, B. Moulton, F. Forrest, B. Slaymaker, C. Moore. Seated: D. Hayes, C. Reische, T. Brainerd. Kneel- ing: C. Whitney, M. Wilde, A. Moses. Missing: M. Warshaw. D. Gaines, M. Warshaw (Co-editors), C. Reische, M. Krakauer, K. Staples, K. Smith, E. Ross, C. Cleaver, B. Foote, M. Donaghy, L. Huntington, J. Hyde. Missing: A. McDermott, E. Birdsall. Missing: Mrs. Powel (Advisor). Photography Club First row: E. Davis, A. Ra- hilly, J. Barker, L. Hunting- ton, S. Spangler, R. Rey- nolds. Second row: C. Arragg, W. Treneer, L. Has- elton, K. Staples (President), S. Harney, K. Roan, I. Rock, E. Ross. Third row: B. Armsden, S. Voorhees, K. Fuller, N. Werth, S. Dou- cett, H. Parson, S. Watling, S. Vanderlinde, N. Valen- tine, C. Green. 67 Choir Last row: G. Ylitalo, A. Todd, A. Bradshaw, C. Rice, A. Morrill, L. Halford, R. Wood, K. Abler. Second row: L. Buxton, B. Hazard, M. Strauss, E. Giblin, L. Johnson, X. Valentine, H. Demarest. Front row: D. Little, N. MeArdle, E. Eder, K. Staples (president), B. Armsden, B. Hayes, B. Sykes. Missing: R. Reynolds. Fidelio Back row: X. Whitehead, B. Ware, C. Gaines, A. Still- man, G. Ylitalo, J. Dupont, A. Chamberlin, M. Bayles, D. Hanes. M. Warshaw, J. Hyde, E. Giblin. Fourth row: E. Foote, E. Davis, L. Halford, R. Wood, A. Todd, R. Reynolds, A. Bradshaw, M. Strauss, V. Bersche, M. Scott, K. Swenson, A. Rahilly, K. Staples. Third row: J. Lippincott, M. Watson, X. Warlick, E. Ross, K. Abler, E. Eder, J. Kurzon, W. Treneer, A. Morrill, Sherry Sippers E. Huntington, L. Beckvold, D. Gaines (librarian). Sec- ond row: X. MeArdle, D. Hayes, M. Fales, N. Valen- tine. C. Choy, B. Moulton, S. Spangler, J. Mustille, B. Dow, J. Bricker, D. Woodworth, E. Lage (librarian). Front row: C. Erwin, B. Sykes (president), E. Sobiloff, M. Church, K. Smith, H. Demarest, L. Crane, R. Tyler, S. Watson, D. Little, B. Armsden, L. Buxton. Seraglios Last row: D. Gaines, L. Buxton. Front: R. Reynolds, A. Bradshaw, R. Wood, M. Fales, B. Sykes, K. Smith. C. Gaines, E. Ross, L. Burling, M. Ryder, B. Hazard, I. Rock, B. Armsden, M. Church. 68 Current Events Club First row: F. Green, S. Massen- gale, G. Goldstein, S. Veasey, K. Smith (President), J. Hazzard, P. Cortes, S. Downs, E. Sobiloff, Miss Minard. Second row: O. Motch, S. Voorhees, J. Brazer, D. Downs, R. Sullivan, N. Porosky, S. Shapiro, C. Lambert, L. Huntington, D. Fleming, D. Green. Third row: V. Weber, B. Suhr, J. Schneller, M. Goldman, M. Porter, P. Hopkins, A. Mor- rill, M. Livingston, S. Watling, A. Davies, E. Lage, A. Still- man, B. Lawton, L. Johnson, J. Bricker, L. Cregg. First row: D. Little, L. Thomson, C. Taylor, E. Ritter, N. Valen- tine, C. Erwin, H. Max, M. Church, J. Hazzard, C. Reische (President) E. Sobiloff. Second row: C. Arragg, P. Donaghy, M. Miller, D. Fleming, A. Robertson, M. Major, C. Hoover, E. Rud- man, K. Seaward. Third Row: C. Whitney, A. Garten, F. Forrest, B. Cook, A. Moses, M. Wilson, N. Theoharopoulos, S. Harney, J. von der Hyde, J. Schneller, L. Crane. Fourth row: P. Jones, K. Staples, A. Hopkins, M. Todd, C. Cleaver, S. Flaherty, R. Chamberlin, J. Mons, S. Galla- gher, M. Livingston, S. Watl- ing, G. Mackenzie, A. Davies, A. Todd, F. Jones, A. Chamber- lin, L. Burling, L. Haselton, B. Timkin. Archaeological Society Library Committee Debating First row: F. Green, L. Learned, B. Dow (President), K. Smith, G. Goldstein. Second row: D. Denuccio, S. Spangler, L. Mock, J. Brazer, S. Voorhees, C. Choy, H. Max, M. Church, B. Timken. Third row: D. Fleming, L. Cregg, K. Stover, V. Weber, G. Niziak, A. Bradshaw, O. Motch, W. Treneer, K. Swenson, R. Reynolds, L. Thomson. First row: K. Platz (President), G. Goldstein, M. Fales, S. Massengale, J. Singer, M. Babson, J. Hazzard, F. Forrest. Second row: K. Roan, K. Stover, A. Morrill, M. Hadley, M. Livingston, S. Flaherty, B. Suhr, S. Stichnoth. 69 Dramatics The Cocktail Party The Window Boy Dr. Faustus 004753562 70 71 72 i;w M| 73 Gargoyles HOPIE AND LISTER CHEERLEADERS ——— — i: K AIJIiOT CAM !SE L. Walker, M. Babson, M. Fales, J. Brazer, J. Froeber, G. Ylitalo. 74 Griffins CATHY AND CAESAR CHEERLEADERS D. Little, G. Goldstein. Standing: M. Watson, I. Rock, D. Stone, L. Beckvold, A. Stillman. 75 Gargoyle Teams s o c c E R mEtk N. Howe, M. Krakauer, E. Foote, S. Voorhees, M. Major. Standing: J. Brown. C. Cannon, R. Bendetson, L. Crane, J. Kurzon. TENNIS S. Delano, L. Pendleton. Second row: H. Parson, H. Washburn, B. Barker. H O C K E Y M. Warshaw, O. Motch, N. Whitehead, M. Porter, L. Huntington, D. Gaines, M. Babson, E. Ross, M. Fales, J. Brazer, D. Downs, D. Green, S. Massengale. 76 Griffin Teams s o c c E R Kneeling: R. Wood, L. Buxton, N. McArdle, M. Mock, S. Woodworth. Standing: M. Wilde, L. Fletcher, E. Barker, E. Giblin, C. Rice, E. Birdsall. TENNIS B. Moulton, M. Livingston, B. Sykes, L. Haselton, J. Bricker. - r v 1 - . t « it t %s 1 1 v H o c K E Y V. Bertsche, J. Dupont, A. Hopkins, R. Reynolds, M. Watson, H. Demarest, R. Sullivan, B. Dow, J. Hyde, S. Watson, D. Fleming, E. Sobiloff, G. Goldstein, D. Little. 77 Basketball Gargoyles Griffins Seated: L. Crane, D. Green, J. Froeber. Kneeling: J. Sehneller, B. Barker, M. Porter. Rear: E. Davis (Captain). Missing: D. Gaines. Front: D. Fleming (Captain). Second row: M. Wat- son, J. Hyde, A. Diekerson. Third row: V. Bertsehe, N. McArdle, B. Hazard. Modern Dance Fire row: C. Reische, D. Downs, M. Fales, M. Spaulding, L. Cregg, B. Lawton, V. Weber, L. Beckvold, O. Motch, W. Treneer, C. Stillman, S. Voorhees, G. Ylitalo. Second row: T. Brainerd, B. Armsden, B. Sykes, K. Weis, B. Hazard, E. Huntington, H. Demarest, A. Rahilly, B. Hayes, R. Reynolds. Third row: S. Harney, F. Jones, B. Lage, E. Ritter, L. Burling, J. Haley, C. Elmenhorst, J. Mustille, B. Roediger, M. Ryder, B. Slaymaker, S. Flaherty, E. Thomas, V. Brown, K. Stover, S. Veasey. 78 Fencing H. Max, M. Wilson, D. Wlodkoski, A. Hopkins, L. Haselton, S. Spangler, L. Learned, J. Kurzon. 79 W i ttimmfihi Mi .to ■J 80 f v y 81 82 Prom 83 That Was The Year That Was « Hai rlem y y Must an a P J GETTING 84 «vro Nj tf S « C OU£GF 85 MAINE HUNTING AND FISHING AT ITS BEST! CHAIRBACK MOUNTAIN CAMPS P.O. MONSON, MAINE Excellent Food - Comfortable Beds Beasonable Rates SEND FOR OUR FOLDER ANNE JIM ERWIN PHINNEYS RADIO TELEVISION STEREO SALES SERVICE COMPLETE LINE RECORDS 93 Main St. Andover, Mass. 475-1175 BEST WISHES to the Class of 1965 A SHERATON-ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN [s .MOTOR. T Andover, Massachusetts 86 FLOWERS FROM THE HEART Andover, Mass. Telephone 475-2929 27 MAIN STREET Compliments of LOOK PHOTO OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 Main Street ANDOVER MASS. ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE, INC. DISTINCTIVE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 11 Main St. Andover Phone: 475-1822 DANA ' S SPORT SHOP Everything in Sports 62 Main St. Andover Compliments of MA RUM ' S RETAIL 15 Union St. Lawrence, Mass. 87 88 r I gifts accessories a shop full of surprises olde andover village 93 main street andover, mass. REINHOLD ' S FOOTWEAR HOSIERY 13 Main Street — Andover Marguerite Marshall Marjorie Portors DRESSES SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES THE VILLAGE GREEN DRESS SHOP 2-4 Johnson St., No. Andover, Mass. THE YANKEE LADY ANDOVER AT 89 MAIN STREET Old Andover Village ANDE ' S BEAUTY SALON Thirty-one Main Street ANDOVER - MASSACHUSETTS Ande ' s Coiffures Reflect Quality and Style WRIGHT DITSON Division of Spaulding Sales Corporation GIRLS SCHOOL and COLLEGE OUTFITTERS 462 Boylston Street Boston Massachusetts 89 BRIDE GRIMES CO. INDUSTRIAL PIPING SPRINKLERS HEATING EQUIPMENT LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS DYER-CLARK CO. DISTRIBUTOR ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT 266 Lowell St., Lawrence, Mass. Tel. 683-2467 8 GEO. W. HORNE CO. ROOFING CONTRACTORS H. BRUCKMANN, INC. Hardware — Building Supplies — Paints Farm and Garden Supplies 158 South Broadwav Lawrence, Mass. ANDOVER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CO. INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 475-2647 90 Compliments of McKINNON SON MOTOR CO., INC. 219 Winthrop Ave. Lawrence, Massachusetts INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS Tel. 686-9766 HAMEL ' S, INC. AUTOBODY REPAIRING PAINTING ACCIDENT APPRAISERS 66 SWAN STREET METHUEN Tel. 683-0695 Compliments of DOYLE LUMBER COMPANY CHANDLER ROAD ANDOVER 91 from your friendly neighborhood hoods BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1965 THE ANDOVER SHOP Tailors and Furnishers IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES CAMBRIDGE ANDOVER 92 GOOD LUCK ' 65 From the Parents of CLARK PRODUCTIONS THE ANDOVER BOOKSTORE Y£V , 93 THE DODGE ASSOCIATES Care of Trees and Shrubs WENHAM MASS. A. R. Retelle Andover Office 475-0841 - BOSTON - nit us soon, at our new L ocation The Olde Andover Village Main Street — Andover, Mass. 35 MANCHESTER STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS FRANCIS J. NIZIAK Pres.-Treas. INTERIOR DESIGNERS and Home Furnishers Sly $ittifoi mP 3h«- AMERICA ' S FINEST FURNITURE 94 HARTIGAN PHARMACY, INC. 66 Main Street, Andover, Mass. Phone 475-1006 BILLINGS, INC. JEWELERS 36 Main Street Andover Compliments of A FRIEND THE DAME SHOP, INC. INTIMATE APPAREL FOR MOTHER AND DAUGHTER 40 Main Street Andover 95 % (Hoiitt jMtll Breakfast — Luncheon — Supper 125 MAIN STREET Andover Mass. THE ANDOVER PLAYHOUSE The most colorful, handsome, casual clothes for young ladies will be found at MACARTNEY ' S Hill ' s Hardware Athletic Goods Main Street Andover, Mass. 96 • « A Compliments of A FRIEND o icqllo 97 best wishes from THE ANDOVER INN a Treadway Inn CHAPEL AVENUE - ANDOVER, MASS. Compliments of A FRIEND 404 SOUTH MAIN STREET - ROUTE 28 ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 475-1996 Edward A. Romeo Ids to nes MOUSE AND BARN • COCKTAILS — LUNCHEONS — DINNERS — SPECIAL FUNCTIONS • 98 PATRONS Dr. and Mrs. Fred G. Arragg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beckvold Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bendetson Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Brainerd Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Burling Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel H. Cortes Mr. and Mrs. Ross O. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Eder Mr. and Mrs. John G. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Foote, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hyman P. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Froeber Colonel and Mrs. Leonard B. Gallagher Dr. and Mrs. Karl Garten Mr. and Mrs. W. Selby Harney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Huntington Mr. and Mrs. John E. Massengale Dr. and Mrs. Jay B. Moses Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Motch Dr. and Mrs. Merrill G. Reische Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Sapienza Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Schneller Commander and Mrs. Sumner Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Halsey Smith Mrs. Clair G. Spangler Dr. and Mrs. O. Sherwin Staples Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Kneeland Swenson Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. George B. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Vanderlinde Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walker Mr. and Mrs. William B. Watling Mrs. Priscilla Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Wood 99 100 A PRODUCT OF unter COMPANY 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON SALEM N C J i ,rj± ,i • r S mm m, 9 .: •»■ .UlHIllii

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