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. 7A . Si P C i V ! ! 2i JS5 - - « w 1 . w » 4 if " 4 4 V. - «.- • ?« r -- ii J.3LS, »••«.» f 1 II II IX JUk i J I J M M M LI » H ' , ? j V . i v - V ' V ' , B? : . » : • if Ju THE CIRCLE CIRCLE BOARD 1963 Editor-in-Chief Danica Miller Faculty Advisor Mrs. Harford Powel, Jr. Jonell Briggs Cynthia Kimball Marie Fox Sharon Seeche Lucinda Hannon Ann MacCready 3 I r: ■ r I Miss Eleanor Tucker She inspires us with her energy and sincere interest in each student, and we will always be grateful for her warm smile of encouragement. The Senior Class of 1963 affectionately dedicates this yearbook to Miss Eleanor Tucker, a true friend, a wise counselor, a great woman. Mrs. Crane V WMftHMig MM T - J 1 ' V English Department Mrs. Minoru Fukushima B.A. Radcliffe College Miss Ruth Stevenson A.B. Smith College; M.A. University of Richmond in Virginia. Mrs. John H. Sisson A.B. Vassar College; M.A. Wellesley College Miss Margaret Way B.A. Honours, University of Cambridge, England 8 Miss Olthje Christine Von Erpecom Diploma-Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London; Study at University of Florence, National Theater of Bergen, Norway; Old Vic Theatre School of London French Department Mile. Marie Baratte Baccalaureat-es-Lettres , University of Rennes; B.S. Dumfermline H.S.; M.A. Edinburgh University Mrs. Wayne Frederick B.S. in Education, Southeast Missiouri College; M.A. Columbia University and The Sorbonne Mile. Germaine Arosa Prix d ' excellence de diction et de comedie, Paris; Middlebury College School of French; The Sorbonne Mrs. Oscar Witten University of Frankfurt; The Sorbonne; Graduate School Columbia University 9 Miss Edith Jones A.B. Middlebury College; Graduate work at New York State College for Teachers, McGill University, and The Sorbonne History Department Miss Mary Minard A.B. Smith College Miss Elizabeth Foulke A.B. Bryn Mawr College; M.A. University of Pennsylvania mfflBmmmKffimmm m Miss Margaret Howland A.B. Barnard College; M.A. Bryn Mawr College Mrs. Thomas Bees A.B. Smith College; M.A. Yale University Mrs. Paul DeGavre A.B. New Jersey College for Women Miss Blair Danzoll A.B. Wheaton College 10 Miss Dorothy Judd B.S. College of William and Mary; M.A. Columbia University; M.A. Middlebury College Mathematics Department Miss Carolyn Goodwin A.B., M.A. Smith College Miss Erika Niemann Free University in West Berlin; Studienseminar in West Berlin Miss Dorothy Dains A.B. Pembroke College Miss Judith Bratt A.B. Vassar College Science Department Miss Pamela Tinker B.Sc. Sheffield University; University of Leeds Mrs. George McKinley B.S. Boston University 11 Music Department Miss Gertrude Tingley, Miss Margot Warner, Mr. Raymond H. Coon, Mrs. Charles Stable, Miss Lily Siao. I J Mrs. Harford Powel, Jr. - ART Bachelor of Design Harriet Sophie Newcomb College Dr. Hans Sidon - BIBLE A.B., B.D. University of Dubuque; Ph.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Mrs. Mary Baker - LIBRARIAN A.B. Vassar College; M.A. Radcliffe College Mrs. Dorothy Quintal TYPING, 12 BOOKSTORE MANAGER Mrs. Walter Greenall, Jr. LANGUAGE TRAINING B.S. Boston University Physical Education Mrs. J. Kenxick Butler, Mrs. David Pynchon Miss Shirley Ritchie. Missing: Miss Harriet Dick. Infirmary Miss Marian Perkins, Dr. Michael Gravallese, (Lucy Crane), Miss Kathleen Ayre. House Advisors Mrs. Capen Abbott Mrs. Lillian Ellis Mrs. John Levo Administration Mrs. Sargent Potter Miss Eleanor M. Tucker A.B., M.A. Smith College Miss Isabel M. Hancock A.B. Hollins College; M.A. in Teaching, Radcliffe College Mrs. Lynwood Howard, Mrs. Marie Bonde. Miss M. A. Louise Robinson, Mr. Gardner Sutton, Miss Jane Sullivan. 14 Mrs. Malcolm Sachse, Mrs. George Richards, Mrs. Matt Novak, Mrs. Caroline C. Eaton. Kitchen Staff Edith Wight, Laura Scanlon, Emile Roy, Mr. Bonde, David Brooks, Walter Croteau. Miss Logan, Edith Egerton, Chris Boyle, Rose Prestose, Crys tal Craig, Louise Weingait. Maintenance Men William McKee, James McCann, William Campbell, John Loszewski, William Schubert, Mr. Butler, Ernest Turton, Donald Wrigley. 5ENIDR r;LA55 17 DJAMILLAH AIMAQ Aimaq and Sons Co., Kabul, Afghanistan Djamillah is Abbot ' s only student from Afghanistan. - " Gee that was fun. Can we do it again soon? — Everyone seems to like my fuzzy skirt.— The bell is awfully loud, now that it works. — I didn ' t think that the test was hard, but then I didn ' t do that last question. — But I really do think firedrills are fun. " It has all been fun. SUSAN LOCKE ARCHER Saint Paul ' s School, Concord, New Hampshire Sue, Arch " Really? " W.U.S. Representative 2, New Fidelio 3, Library Commit- tee 3, 4. Class Play 3, Talent Show 3, Davis Hall Marshal 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Fidelio 4. Sue Archer is usually practical and organized — " It ' s too expensive . . . There ' s no sense in wasting it . . . Why shouldn ' t I wear cotton skirts in November? It ' s not winter yet. " But not always, for example, if you ' ve ever noticed the stars in her eyes or that secret smile. Sometimes she ' s quiet and says she ' s shy. " I ' m tired . . . It ' s not my fault . . . I ' m not essentially a talkative person unless you get me going. " But how can a Saint Paul ' s faculty brat be shy and retiring? Sue also likes horse radish, is the " Tweed " type, is called " Tooze " and declares vehemendy, " This year I ' m picking up after Ann! " I really have no idea why I ' m on the ground. Yesterday I broke a branch. 18 ELIZABETH FRANCES BARTELINK 15 Ridge Road, Concord, New Hampshire Bizzy " Here I come with my machine gun. " Honor Roll 3, New Fidelio 3, Ski Club 3, Griffin Cheerlead- er 3, 4, Cynosure Staff 4, Fidelio 4. A Dutch maid, she shares her smiles with everyone, es- pecially that special guy from North Carolina. She is an accomplished musician and an enthusiastic sportswoman who shines in her native New Hampshire mountains. Of quiet nature, she weighs all evidence before arriving at a verdict. Renowned for her prowess on the knitting needles and acclaimed for her feats in Math., she is always happy to help and encourage. An avid supporter of the Griffins, on Field Days she is most likely found cheering on her team. One who enjoys the beauty of song, she contributes her talents to Fidelio. An affirmed lover of nature, she has seen sunsets over Eastern lakes and Western plains. With warmth in her heart she is headed for the higher places in fife. SUE LOUISE BOUTIN 707 Estates Drive, Sacramento, California " Gee - W-h-y? " Debating 4, Cynosure Staff 4. " Can I come in? I want to ask you w-h-y .... Gee, that ' s tough. In California you don ' t have to take Achieve- ments. Do you think my hair is too short? Do they really have that many calories? Are you kidding? Do you mind if I use your scales? Gees Louisel Are you really going to stay on your diet? " Yoga — it ' s so inspiring! 19 know you like to read over people ' s shoulders, but .... JONELL BRIGGS West 10th Street, Chadron, Nebraska Jo ' Erp ' Class Play 3, Talent Show 3, Corridor Proctor 3, 4, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Cynosure Staff 4, Photography Club 4, Circle Board 4. Her room? Should have seen it after the prom. To keep from making her bed, she sleeps on top. " Jo-piles " keep the floor clean. Snatches from her conversation — " It ' s only a half inch above the ground when I kneel. Got a picture of you We didn ' t have to know old Avagadro ' s number after all. University of Nebraska won! I ' m going to P. A. Existentialism. The Greeks, back in . . . You say she drinks Instant Expresso? Runs a smuggling ring on P. A. address books? Remember the excitement when she announced, " My horse had a colt? " Well, that was nothing compared to when her zinnias had buds! MARGARET CADMAN BROWN 138 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Margy " Well, I ' ll be — Heavens. " Class Play 1, A.C.A. Representative 2, 3, New Fidelio 2, Cynosure Staff 2, Varsity Softball 2, Numerals 2, Fidelio 3, 4, Day Student Proctor 3, Treasurer of Class 3, Bazaar Executive Committee 3, Varsity Soccer 3, 4, A Society 3, Secretary of A.A.A. 4, Choir 4. On a weekend you can usually find her on one of Abbot ' s sports fields or getting ready for a dance of some kind. She ' s a popular girl, for she can always carry on an interesting conversation. No mattei how depressed or unhappy you may feel, she never fails to find a few words of encouragement. She is never sad, because she finds joy in seeing and making others happy. U And for those of you who just tuned in, our new ballon queen is ... . Starlight, starhright . 20 SUZANNE BURTON 66 Central Street, Andover, Massachusetts Sue, Susie B. " Oh, you ' re kidding. " Class Flay 1, Day Student Proctor 2, Sub-varsity Lacrosse 2, Head Chapel Proctor 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, New Fidelio 3, Sunday School Teacher 3, President of the Day Students 4, Fidelio 4. Who is this Susie B.? She is a day student ... a most hospitable one too! She is Head of Day Students, and that means that she is responsible, alert and reliable and kept very busy. Susie B. ' s spare time is spent in her studio creating, for she has oodles of artistic talent, and she spends the rest of that time putting in and taking out her contacts, eating Fritos, hamburgers on English muffins and tuna fish, and being humorous; she has a divine sense of humor. She insists she is not athletic in spite of her collection of varsity lacrosse and hockey certificates and the numerals on her blazer. Cute, fun, well organized, thoughtful and spirited are all good adjectives to describe Susie, but they are still not good enough. JUDITH GOODRICH BUTLER 1823 Mountain Road, West Suffield, Connecticut Judy " I ' m so excited! " Corridor Proctor 2, Class Play 3, New Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4. Idol — Dr. Kildare. He has intense blue eyes. He is soooo attractive! Always found — Anticipating vacations, weekends and Sat- urday leaves and those P.A. blind dates — " Oh, that Senior-Mid prom. " Peeping through keyholes. Her Bible — Airline Guide. She ' s a walking-talking ency- clopedia of flights, airlines, numbers, etc., etc. Achievements — The distinguished writer of Ten Minutes on Third Floor Ahhy. The boundless capacity for doing nothing. She does the least in the most amount of time. " I found all the Ninas. " Those Tuesday afternoon Math, conferences ... A million stories from the same three plots, but always without an end. A typical hospital room, never a speck of dust out of place, and oh that smell of Seabreeze! Heh — heh — heh Airplanes are my favorite people. 21 ELIZABETH ANNE CADBURY 117 Main Street, Farmington, Connecticut Betsy " Why? - Crum. " Class Song Leader 2, 3, New Fidelio 2, A Cappella Group 2, Class Play 2, 3, Corridor Procor 3, Varsity Tennis 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Singing Director of the Talent Show 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Treasurer of A.C.A. 4, Choir 4, Varsity Hockey 4. Cadbury (Betsy) — kad ' bury — n. [Eng. meaning gay and vivacious; also pertaining indirectly to chocolate] 1. rosy cheeks. 2. Harvard weekends. 3. spidery chapel talks. Colloq. — adj. 1. prone to fits of giggles, blushes and occasional screams. 2. gay, vivacious and interested in other people — esp. " people " people such as those who work at Miles General - my - Hospital, or those who work at the Audubon Camp of Maine, v.t. 1. to sing — esp. choir and Fidelio songs. 2. to chase insects or scan trees for birds. 3. parler Francais. JOAN HARDENBERGH CARTER 1320 Rahway Road, Plainfield, New Jersey Joanie, Carts " Nuts! Good Grief I ' Honor Roll 3, 4, Fidelio 3, 4, Talent Show 3, eights " 3, 4, Choir 4, Treasurer of A.A.A. 4. ' Intoxic- File Name — Carter, Joanie Size — tiny Hair — blonde Eyes — very blue Distinguishing Characteristics — The cheeriest " Hi " in the school . . . the insatiable appetite for apples . . . the gigantic Princeton banner . . . the tiger shortie pajamas . . . the continual supply of cookies: " My mommy sent me more food " . . . the talent for inventing words: " I ' ve got a quest, " — " Okays " — " Have a cooks. " Note — Joanie can be singled out in any group as the one with the understanding of the meaning of acheivement and of excellence. Her curiosity is boundless; her energy in pressing the high standards she sets for herself is boundless. Caution — Her cheer and exuberance are infectious as is her intense dedication to whatever she is doing. — Proceed with care. 1 A 1 - B ' 1 BK m m - ' Wm J Urn- £d m t Hungry? 22 Moreover . FELICITY ISABELLE COLBY Campus Road, Clinton, New York Lissa, Lis " Be a chum. " Sue Class Play 2, 3, A Cappella Group 2, New Fidelio 2, Modern Dance Group 2, 3, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Fidelio 3. She entered fall ' 62. " Oh great, a whole extra closet for leotards. At least we ' re not living at the bottom of a fish tank this year. Now listen — this room is going to look individual. Now, what I see is green velvet canopies ooh how about a big cobweb over the ceiling? Wallpaper? It ' ll only take six dozen blotters. " Tripping in from ballet class she says, " There was this divine boy on the subway. He was reading his copy of Mad, and I was reading mine. " About school — " Do you really think Leonard Bernstein would come to the Abbot prom? " Being chums is fun. SUSAN COOLIDGE Argilla Road, Ipswich, Massachusetts " Chortle, Chortle. " Corridor Proctor 1, 4, Class Play 1, 2, A.C.A. Representative 2, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Library Committee 4. There is a warmth in Sue ' s quietness, a quickness in her humor, and a simplicity in her words. To share her laughter is to join with her in real understanding, to speak with her is to be all at once yourself. Hers is the rare gift of friend- ship, of knowing you in your own truths and sharing with you the honesty of her thought of doubt and the suddenness of her humor. And always there is fun in her — " Come for a non-caloric pickle and flatbread party — I ' m sending for the four-foot giant in this ad — I ' ve always wanted a horn that sounds like a bus — I ' m so excited about everything! " To know Sue is to have a fuller measure of your own joys. Oh to he dancing at Lincoln Center with Leonard Bernstein. I ' m the one in the sneakers. 23 EMILIE EVANS DEAN 42 Atlantic Avenue, Cohasset, Massachusetts Mimi, Mimer " You know what I mean? " Debating 2, 4, Modern Dance Group 2, A.C.A. Representa- tive 2, Class Play 3, Secretary of Class 3, Corridor Proctor 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, President of A.C.A. 4, Numerals 4. " Hey you guys, it ' s awfully hot in here. Why doesn ' t someone open a window? " " Mimer, you ' re the closest. Why don ' t you? " " Golly, I ' m writing a letter. " " On a painting? " " Yeah. Don ' t you think it ' s more interesting that way? " " I know. It ' s a good way to get rid of another one of your water-color and ink paintings of a lighthouse and rocks, too. " " Well, you know. " " Hey, did you go downtown today, Mimi? " " No. I wish I had, though. Wouldn ' t you love some pop- corn right now? Or some fruit salad with cottage cheese? Or even an apple? " " Well, we don ' t have anything, so you ' d better stop dreaming. " " Yeah, I guess you ' re right. I ' ll never finish this letter, though. I feel so uninspired! I think I ' ll go to bed — I can ' t wait to dream on my pillow! " ROSE MARY EUSTACE Zacatlan 8, Col. La Paz, Puebla, Puebla, Mexico Rosita, Rosie " Ay! " Class Play 1, Modern Dance Group 1. Rosita is always good company for listening to records and dancing to the music of the " Cha-cha-cha, " and also for those midnight chats about vacations and HOME! — not to forget those little " food-parties. " She sparkles with her feminine ways and manners, and she is always prompt in answering her correspondence. Rosita often finds herself thinking " angelical " thoughts — Latin boys with green eyes and dark hair. She can usually be heard saying: " Ay, Maria, chula! — Are you through with that magazine? — In Mexico we ... " And one of her favorite occupations is cutting out pictures from magazines while munching on chocolates. Nothing like a good smile to keep up your energy! 24 don ' t mind my school — it ' s just the work. LORNA MAY FISHER Ponus Street, New Canaan, Connecticut Lorn " Tough. " Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Talent Show 3, Davis Hall Marshal 3, Current Events Club 3, Griffin Captain 4, Var- sity Tennis 4, Library Committee 4. You might call her the happy wanderer — from tennis courts to ski slopes to lacrosse field, " all roached out " in the country house where Jay turns to her, " you think I ' m a farmer huh; I ' m a lover. " Then there was Sakonnet, New- port, Bluehill, Provincetown — fife at Abbot was almost as exciting — Middlebury, Colgate, Trinity or Dartmouth. She ' s not necessarily a stickler for the rules but a stickler for Griffin victories. " Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone. " Paint brush in hand, she walks on smiling. DERORAH WHITTIER FITTS Hidden Field, Andover, Massachusetts Debby, Deb Class Play 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, Varsity Lacrosse 3, Courant Board 3, 4. Debby finished washing up the milk cans. Then she swept out the bam and washroom. She stood for a minute with her hands in her pockets on the edge of the platform. The last of the cows were disappearing over the hill. " The farmer " stepped out beside her and thanked her for help- ing. Debby shrugged her shoulders and laughed, embar- rassed at being thanked. He headed for his truck, and she dropped to the ground and took off after the cows. Out in the pasture Debby propped herself against a big, black and white shoulder. She took out the letter she had received the previous day and with a stubby pencil began sketching on the envelope. Ha, ha! I ate the porridge! 25 Nice cow. SONYA KAREN FLACK Wilderness Road, Tryon, North Carolina Kasey, Flako " Where ' s the food? — Y ' all hush up! " Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, New Fidelio 2, Class Play 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Varsity Lacrosse 3, Varsity Soc- cer 3, 4, Numerals 3. " Umph! It ' s morning! " Kasey collapses out of bed and crawls over to me. " You still asleep? " she asks with one eye half open. " Umph! That ' s amazing! " The breakfast bell having rung five minutes ago, we amble down to the meal gracefully tripping over one another. " Oh well, " Kasey mutters, " I always was a spaz. I think that ' s why Ricky likes me so much — I ' m always falling at his feet! " CHARLOTTE EUGENIA FLINT Brooks School, North Andover, Massachusetts Carla New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, Courant Board 3, Editor-in-Chief of Courant 4, Choir Ac- companist 4. There sits in a field of undulating winter wheat a Hamadryad. Her fingers, chilled, trill forth on a recorder a high melody of a distant Scots fantasy, until the ear at last abandons the melody and chases the whistling wind. Up jumps the Hamadryad and is off on the wind, a breath of genius. First, into the philosophic pondering with eye- brows raised in question until the words, " One can suppose ... " And next, into a dark gloom-filled room where only yellowed ivory keys and dust are, until her fingers begin and Bach breaks forth then Chopin, glimmering, and the room is light. We are foolish enough to stumble into her practicing room and apologize, " Have we interrupted? " " Of course not, silly! " our Hamadryad says and smiles as always she does, for there is in our Hamadryad a joy in living intrinsically interwoven with her spirit as are her locks ofttimes with the waving wheat. ■••v r - ' y V . m . . . in the clover Grin and bear it. 26 MARIE ELIZABETH FOX Powder Point Avenue, Duxbury, Massachusetts Ree Debating 2, W.U.S. Representative 2, Class Play 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, " Intoxic - eights " 3, 4, New Fidelio 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Fidelio 4, Circle Board 4. A tall girl with a quiet, infinitely calm expression on her face walks out of the library. A swift smile to a friend, a group of hats on her room ' s walls, an enthusiastic dental floss fan, a high " Intoxic — eight, " an accomplished ac- cordionist, an early morning departure to Hotchkiss, ex- tended vacations, sailing, sailing, sailing and more sailing are all typical of Ree. A steady, industrious, and devoted friend if Ree. MUTHONI GITHUNGO Post Office Box 2863, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa W.U.S. Representative 2, Library Committee 3, Photog- raphy Club 4. " But I want to be a doctor! " a capital undiscovered ac- tress, the delight of every African Exchange Student on the East Coast, hence sovereignty over third floor telephone. She is a lover of children and a gende poetess, the delight of the Courant, but resolute upon occasion. " Everyone has color! " She speaks French and German by means of Kikuyu phonetics. She would sleep indefinitely were it not for a keen understanding of the intricacies of the alarm clock. " Will you have tea? " " I will bring water. " " Can I wear these colors together? " She appears upon special occasions, a beautiful ambassadress wearing a long hand-sewn " muthuru. " " When you come to Kenya, I will show you. " Arf! Arf! 27 Jambo from the wandering scholar. JAN ARLENE GLEASON Shawnee Hills, Wheeling, West Virginia Glease " Nobody loves me. " Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4, Current Events Club 3, Talent Show 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, New Fidelio 3, Debating 3, Fidelio 4, Head of Senior Parlor Committee 4. Up with the bell, " Rabbot Abbid, Rabbit Abbit, Abbot Rabbot, oh heck! " Breakfast — those little packages of raisin bran. Neatness — " Don ' t sit on the bed. " " Listen you guys, have you heard this joke? " " Hey, slow down you Yankees. " Diet — she ' s on one day and off the next. " I ' m just like Charlie Brown, nobody loves me. " " I had my horns re- moved. " " Tee-hee " " He ' s a weenie. " Smoking hour — " C ' mon Humstone, I ' ll teach you how to smoke. " " I can ' t stand playing tennis with girls!! " " Pass the prunes please. " Constantly suffering from laughing spells. " We are not pigs. " Barking at night. Mes exercices " Yeh Weez, I have them on. " Cupid arrows for Exeter. " May we have a mo- ment of silent prayer. " LOIS JANE GOLDEN 292 Blossom Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts " I just don ' t understand. " President of Class 2, Modern Dance Group 2, 3, Debating 2, Class Play 2, 3, Honor Roll 3, Griffin Cheerleader 3, 4. " But I just don ' t understand. Why can ' t our room be done in purple? " she said as she carefully pasted a giant picture of J.F.K. on the wall next to Brubeck ' s. " You know, someday all you ' ll have to do is push a button, and any- thing will happen. I think everything is based on science, " she continued as she sat in the middle of the floor cutting up pictures for her art course. About boys? " All I want is a sensitive, intelligent, creative, gorgeous hunk, " she sighed as she threw the P.A. address book under the bed. And then she said, " That ' s my cat. She ' s fat. " and walked out into the world. I ' m not a sore loser — I ' m sick. Why doesn ' t the crocodile smile? 28 KARLA ELIZABETH HAARTZ 60 High Plain Road, Andover, Massachusetts " I ' ll be over at the stable. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Day Student Proctor 1, 4, Class Play 1, 2, Numerals 3, Current Events Club 3. There she is every morning standing on the chapel steps, while everyone else goes in, and philosophizing about the lastest on boys, horses, school, dances, horses and the next vacation to a small, loyal bunch who brave the cold, rain or snow to listen. It ' s a mystery to them how she gets so much done in and out of school. During the week she goes from teaching Sunday School to riding in horse shows, to plan- ning a party or going to one. Still she manages to arrive bright and cheery every morning to stand on the steps and talk about it all. HARRIET LUCINDA HANNON 1803 Pecan Street, Texarkana, Arkansas Cindy ' Tall ... " Debating 3, Library Committee 3, Photography Club 4, Cynosure Staff 4, Co-chairman of Library Committee 4, Circle Board 4. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lucinda who wanted to go to magic places like Mexico, Vander- built, Cornell and the Mardi Gras. Her magic words were Ned, Murf or Harry. But with magic words she needed a magic diet. Every three weeks she asked, " Does she make you eat? " And more often she said, " Y ' all going downtown? Get me six Cadbury bars and three packages of Double- mint gum. " To keep in shape for her magic journeys she wished " we could take walks instead, " or " didn ' t see why we couldn ' t have a golf team. " But with folk music, violets and lilies-of-the-valley in paper cups and wishes on stars, Lucinda lived happily ever after. Don ' t you dare step on my foot. Did you say fore? 29 ELIZABETH ANN HARRIS 19 Pilot Park Lane, Riverside, Connecticut Annabelle " What a day! " Vice President of Class 1, Social Committee 1, Class Play 1, 2, 3, Modern Dance Group 1, 2, 3, Cynosure Staff 1, 2, Corridor Proctor 2, 3, New Fidelio 2, A Cappella Group 2, Fidelio 3, 4, Madrigals 3, Talent Show 3, Chairman Bazaar Committee 3, " Intoxic— eights " Leader 3, 4, Numerals 3, Choir 4, Secretary of Class 4. The cutting of the scissors echos crisply as Ann hums (in an intoxicating voice) " I Could Have Danced All Night, " followed by a chorus of " Its A Great, Big Wonder- ful World. . . " Ahh, here ' s a good picture. I just love those tinted stock- ings ads. And this caption is perfect in Sue ' s birthday card .... Whoops! don ' t want to be late for the Gargoyle-Griffin soccer game. C ' mon Gargs! gotta change quickly, must re- member to order the flowers for Mrs. B., and bring along some lemon drops for energy in the game. Now, just my soccer shoes . . . Whew! I ' m ready — 111 have to finish Sue ' s card later — busy day! Hi there! . . . butterflies . . . original birthday cards . . . dance lover . . . inevitable interior decorator . . . enthusiastic! ANNA HARTMANN 10600 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas Honor Roll 2, 4. On the floor of the room bestrewn with books, papers, and bubble gum wrappers a pink bathrobe and a very puffy hairdo sat, working furiously. Abruptly she slammed the book and shoved it aside. " What a stupid assignment! " She reached for her history text. " I went to the library three times this afternoon, and there wasn ' t one reference book left on the shelf. " AAAH! What? The biology word list? All right. When I ' m through. " She walked to her bureau and began setting her hair. " Oh, I ' ve gained so much weight. Look at that! Abbot makes me ugly. " When the nine o ' clock bell rang the pink bathrobe shuffled out of the room. " I ' m so tired. I can ' t stay up until eleven. It ' s ridiculous. " Hi there! 30 Miss Stevenson, I always take this route to the batliroom. HILARY HAYES Phillips Street, Andover, Massachusetts " Horrors! " Class Play 1, 2 3, New Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4, Courant Board 3, 4. With her news-reading in chapel, her early morning gaiety, and her comments in classes she makes us happy. Her beautiful art work and hilarious stories distinguish her from any sort of person. She is very special, and no one is more loved. KATHERINE ELIZABETH HILGENDORFF 217 Webb Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Kathy " Now look! " Honor Roll 3, Cynosure Staff 4. Kathy is extremely industrious. — " I ' ve spent a whole hour on my homework. It ' s time to go to bed. " She ' s very concerned about her appearance — " If you have dessert, I ' ll have dessert. — I have to air my packing box because mothballed facecloths dry out my face. — It ' s lucky I can see without my glasses on. — It ' s sun - bleached. —No one can use the scales today; they ' re recuperating. — Could I really get into the movies for under twelve? " She ' s su- spicious. — " Who took my pillow? " And she can get mad at her roommate. — " If this place isn ' t picked up by the time I get back . . . ! " You say there ' s a message for me from Telstar? 31 This is the life! BARBARA BROOKS HOFFMAN 463 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, Darien, Connecticut Barb " I wish I were at Kanga Mangas. " Class Play 1, 2, Corridor Proctor 2, Numerals 2, Student Director of Class Play 3, A Pin 3, Lister 3, 4. Gosh. I ' m skinny. Does anyone have any White Moun- tain bread? Darn! It ' s snowing — Kanga Mangas will be closed. O.K., you can come in if you don ' t talk too long — I have a Spanish test tomorrow. That History test! I thought I knew everything, but I cannot write in grammatical sen- tences. Thank goodness that crisis is over! Sa SARAH HOLBROOK 601 Poia Place, Sewickley, Pennsylvania " Yeah Nick ' W.U.S. Representative 3, Class Play 3, Current Events Club 3, Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4, Varsity Lacrosse 3, New Fidelio 3, Gargoyle Captain 4, Fidelio 4. Life is excitement, enthusiasm and carefree laughter, an exuberant personality that wants to " be free to live and love as it chooses. " From moonlight sails to warm southern telephone calls to Beta weekends, Brooks scarves, Yale rings, Colgate mugs and Harvard garters is her idea of how to live life to its fullest. To play a guitar, to walk barefoot with long brown hair blowing in the breeze, to live by immediate emotions and, someday, to hop a train for the deep south is to live by the thought " she lives litde who lives by rule. " Candid Camera? You ' re kidding me! Love me, love my teddy bear. 32 CAROLYN HOLCOMBE North River Road, Milford, New Hampshire Carrie, Little One " Come on you guys. " President of Class 1, 3, Varsity Softball 1, 2, Class Play 1, 2, 3, Courant Board 1, 2, Secretary of Class 2, Numerals 2, Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2 3, Varsity Tennis 2, 3, New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 3, 4, " Intoxic— eights " 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, A Pin 3, President of A.A.A. 4, Choir 4. Carrie, her quick smile and continual bounce have left their mark in many places. The Athletic Association and varsity teams will never forget her co-ordination and lead- ership. These activities spilled over into the summer when she taught tennis with the Harvard pros. Life at Abbot consists of many callers and constant phone calls from dutiful admirers, while vacations often consist of four dates in three days. As " The Scarlet Pimpernel " would say, " The best things come in small packages. " CAROL FONTAINE HUMSTONE 14 Richmond Road, Douglaston, Long Island, New York Humper, Hump " Don ' t forget to positive think. " A Cappella Group 2, Modern Dance Group 2, New Fidelio 2, Current Events Club 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Honor Boll 3, 4, Li- brary Committee 4, Sunday School Teacher 4, Senior Parlor Committee 4, Cynosure Staff 4, A.C.A. Bepres ' entative 4. Feminine, naive, disorganized — that ' s Humper. She ' s easy going and good natured. She never writes HABVABD without putting stars around it. She studies perched on the side of her bed. DUBING THE DAY: " 111 never make it to breakfast. - I ' ll pick it up later. — All right Gleason, where ' s Yiyi? — They said my clods were beyond repair. — You ' re neat — I ' m not preaching. — There ' s beauty in the bellow of the blast! " AND AT NIGHT: " Were we barking? - Hey you guys (hoarse whisper) — No Mademoiselle, I just can ' t see where I ' m going. — We threw it at the night watchman. — But Mrs. Ellis, there was a bat out there Tonight I ' m going to dream about . . . . " Which way did he go? Anotlwr one of those stories. 33 MARY HENDERSON JASPER 115 Hampshire Road, Syracuse 3, New York Mare, J asp " I love him! — Really suave. " New Fidelio 3, Talent Show 3, Fidelio 4, Senior Parlor Committee 4, Social Committee 4. She will always be remembered returning from vacations with stars in her eyes and a smile stretching from ear to ear as she stands thunderstruck in the doorway and cries passionately, " I luff him! " She will also be remembered saying: " I ' ve got my Syracuse accent back. — Should I pack my banner? — I set my hair every night. — Pat ' s my idol! — Look at my circles! — I ' m going to pin my straps together with frat pins. — Help! I ' m bleeding blue blood! — Wall to wall carpeting, chandeliers, French doors opening out onto a balcony. — That ' s the most horribly depressed letter I ' ve ever written. — I ' m gonna die. " Things to remember her by: Paper clip chain; boys, boys, boys; neat, neat, neat; the towers; frustration pictures; a curiosity killer; slapping slippers; whiney voice; midnight cokes; forever alienated by her Syracuse friends; cute smile; a love of life. Mar MARY EVELYN JOHNSON 26 Main Street, Newton, Connecticut " Hi cat! — True. A.C.A. Representative 2, New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 3, Choir 3, 4, " Intoxic— eights " 3, 4, President of Fidelio 4, Social Committee 4. You may hear a voice, beautiful and pleasant, softly singing snatches from " West Side Story " or a chorus of " Ebb Tide. " Even if you didn ' t know Mary, some things about her would be evident from a casual observation. She smiles easily and laughs often, a sign of her inner happiness. She listens intently to the girl beside her, a sign of her understanding nature. It would require a more detailed study to discover her propensity for writing reminders to herself, especially at two in the morning — " Set breakfast. " She is a storehouse of obscure and little-known facts — " Did you know that F.D.R. had a dog named Fallah? " She is a good friend. Forty percent fewer cavities. . I ' m lost 34 MARY LOUISE KASE 10608 North Range Line Road, Mequon, Wisconsin Weezie, Weezer " I ' m frustrated. " Modern Dance Group 2, Debating 2, Current Events Club 2, W.U.S. Representative 2, Talent Show 3, Varsity La- crosse 3, Cynosure Staff 3, 4, Numerals 4, Sunday School Teacher 4. " Wizzi Kase and her mattress have disappeared. WHERE is Wizzi? " " Wha ' do I do? Quick! Wha ' do I do? Hide Me! ' " Weez? She ' s gone. — C ' mon out. ' " WHERE is Wizzi? I can NEVER find that girl. " " Oh! ... Ah ... Hi Mrs. Ellis ... Ah . . . Fancy meet- ing you here. " I ' m tired of chasing around after you every night! Get to bed! " " ' Night Mrs. Ellis. " Weezie is a vivacious blonde with a terrific sense of humor. She ' s a natural athlete and on all varsities. She ' s been known to keep a History class in hysterics. She ' s funny, as heck, especially when laughing. She can always pull a smile out of a bad mood. Weezie ' s insatiable curiosity opens many doors, (ahem . . . locked doors?) She is into everything and out of nothing. MARSHA KETCHAM 1 Cherry Lane, Westfield, New Jersey Muffie Varsity Tennis 3, New Fidelio 3, Class Play 3, Talent Show 3, Fidelio 4, Social Committee 4, Photography Club 4. That pitter patter of little feet is Muffie approaching. ■Slam " Where ' s van Aubel? " Smile appears with a wrinkling of the nose. " You ' re cute. Why don ' t you lose some weight? " Plop Books are dumped on the bed. " I still say our room is green! " Hunts for a comb to run through her hair " I saw the cutest dachshund today. " Puts on her status symbol " It ' s going to be a busy weekend, I can tell. " Sets the alarm " I ' m getting up early tomorrow! " Grabs some Chanel No. 5 " You know, I think P.A. has just got to go co-ed. 1 1 Last Saturday night I was 35 Good evening, Mr. Murrow. You caught me unaware. CYNTHIA FIFIELD KIMBALL 66 Bartlet Street, Andover, Massachusetts C. C. " Hi lover. " Class Play 1, 2, W.U.S. Representative 2, Numerals 3, Hockey Varsity 3, Talent Show 3, Debating 3, 4, Cynosure Staff 3, Circle Board 4. C.C. is someone who will make you happy and relaxed the minute you meet her. As you get to know her better you will find that this optimism is not just easy-going, there is an understanding of people behind it. She gets inspiration from her Astronomy Club (star gazing), from the specimens of Art found around our campus and that up the hill. One special inspiration is P.K., who is no longer up the hill but who has gone on to bigger things. C. C. will go on to bigger things, too, her Biology notes and knitting bag tucked under her arm, with a cheerful twinkle in her deep brown eyes, and a mind full of happy thoughts of the big wide world. MARGARET REVELLE KIMBALL 66 Bartlet Street, Andover, Massachusetts Margie " Guess what happened!? " Class Play 1, 2, Fencing Prize 2, Talent Show 3, Cynosure Staff 3, 4, Debating 3, 4. She sparkles in good company. When she is gay, she is hopelessly jolly; when she is touched by a sad scene, she soaks up three or more handkerchiefs. Her sincerity is baffling. What she hates most is dishonesty. She has a determination to get at the roots of something she doesn ' t understand. She gets great satisfaction out of arranging things, and she goes at it with the earnestness of a dog trying to find a good place for his bone. am not knitting booties! Now all you have to do 36 CHERYL ANN KRIPPENDORF 1 Clifton Park, Marblehead, Massachusetts Cherry Numerals 2, New Fidelio 2, Honor Roll 3, A Pin 3, Varsity Lacrosse 3, Library Committee 3, 4, Fidelio 3, 4, A.C.A. Representative 4, Varsity Soccer 4. Cherry has brought a lot of special enthusiam with her to Abbot to pass modestly on to us. She is a true friend; a girl who understands people ' s needs. She is sensitive to the world around, quick to appreciate others, quick to see the truth of the situation, quick to make the most of it, slow to criticize, slow to lose her head. There ' s a lilt in her stride and a twinkle in her brown eyes, a readiness to discuss anything anywhere — even over a guitar. Wheth- er she ' s in Math, Physics, soccer, lacrosse or Fidelio, she makes others glad they ' re there too. In her four years she ' s had little to complain about — except the luck of the Grif- fins. If every Garg were as ardent a supporter, the Griffins wouldn ' t have a prayer. ANN RUTHVEN MacCREADY 26 Bourne Street, Middleboro, Massachusetts Mac Gargoyle Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Talent Show 3, Circle Board 4. Ann — that sweet innocent smile — " But my type is a blond Paul Newman! " " Now Ann, as the Ouija says, this boy is good enough. " Ann — the organized type — " But Peggy, we ' re not late — Has anyone seen a black fountain pen? " Ann — her favorite course is art — " Who ' s watching the screen, I ' m watching the teacher! — Don ' t you like my new painting? — But I like moody colors! " Ann — the intellectual — " Guess what, I ' ve got a Chemis- try test tomorrow, funniest thing! — ' Sleep, sleep, the in- nocent sleep. ' " Ann— the extrovert — " World, come and get me! " Little girl with a little curl What did you say your name was? 37 ELIZABETH MORLEY MARSHALL 918 West 6th Street, Red Wing, Minnesota Poops " Hey Babes! " A Cappella Group 2, New Fidelio 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, Class Play 2, Current Events Club 3, Vice President of Class 3, 4, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, " Intoxic-eights " 3, 4, Sunday School Teacher 4. Clomp, clomp, clomp — here comes Morley back from the bathroom in her usual attire, lacy nightgown and clods. " Don ' t faint you guys, but I ' m going to set my hair tonight! " Outfitted with curlers and pink socks (to guard against the cold), Poops leaps into bed. " Aaaaah, clean sheets. " Poops thrashes in bed. Silence. " ' Night, Poops! " Morley, commonly called " Poops, " is unique in many ways: her phobia against contacts, her fluency in the French language ( " Nighty-night! Oops! I mean Bone New- Wheat! " ), her frequent " I don ' t get it! " , her individualistic walk and her characteristic " Tee Hee. " We all love Poops! PATIENCE WISTER MEIGS 575 Ridge Road, Hamden, Connecticut Paishy " I just can ' t get organized! " Sitting upon the floor her legs sprawled amidst a clutter of books, papers, clothes, boxes, and musical and athletic paraphernalia, this New England maid exclaims, " I ' m so dis- organized! " How true! And her roommates are not surprised that she " does not know what she has been doing with her- self all day. " Yet they are always taken aback by the slyness and brilliance of her innocent-sounding hints — " Gee, I ' m hungry! — Who ' s making that crunching sound? — Can I have some? " But then what can one expect from a person who eats lobster for breakfast, who sleeps with her eyes open and who loses the same pen every day? Should have seen his father! 38 7 have an announcement. Nita ANITA MAXWELL MILLER 26 Madison Street, Auburn, Maine " It ' s gotta be around here somewhere! ' Cynosure Staff 2, 3, Corridor Proctor 2, Debating 2, Class Play 3, W.U.S. Representative 3, Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3, New Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4, Assistant Managing Editor of Cynosure 4. There is a girl in the Senior class who has a heavenly sense of humor. Her name ' s Anita. She ' s fun to be with, witty and amusing. Besides this she ' s intelligent! — " I punctuate by instinct. — Wasn ' t All ' s Well That Ends Well written by Aesop? " This girl with rosy cheeks and cocker spaniel eyes may be found knitting on her bed or sitting on her window seat mixing Fizzies. DANICA MILLER 217 Park Avenue, Meadville, Pennsylvania Dani " Crum whiz. " A.C.A. Representative 1, Class Play 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, Bazaar Executive Committee 2, Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3, Talent Show 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Editor-in-chief of the Circle 4, Photography Club 4. Recipe for Danica Take: 1 pr. of stylish shoes a chic dress (a D.M. original) and a bright orange poncho Stir slowly and add: a shy smile a calm exterior with an excitable interior a partiality for airplanes and a love of the Arts, especially music and absract painting Sprinkle in: an occasional last minute rush to meet a Circle deadline and ? quick snap of a camera Garnish with a large quantity of efficient self-possession, and bake on the deck of a Sailfish in a two-piece bathing suit until golden tan. Serve with intellectual curiosity and an interest in " dif- ferent " things. Yes, and her name is Kitty Puss. 39 Tomorrow I ' m going to shoot the whole hoard. c NANCY HUSON MOLL High Meadows, R.F.D. 8, Concord, New Hampshire Mole, Mod " Forget it. " A.C.A. Representative 2, Modem Dance Group 2, 3, Talent Show 3, Bazaar Committee Co-chairman 3, New Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4, Photography Club 4. Mole spends much time thinking about stupid people, New York and vacations. Quite light on her feet, she spends the rest of her time sneaking into room 136. She makes a good Holly-go-Lightly in dancing leotards and sunglasses. She ' s also one of the Instant Expresso fans on the second floor. " Where ' s the queen? " " Gee poopsie, are you sure you don ' t mind? " She writes and speaks el Espanol like an Argentinian. She keeps a large tree in her room for hats and anything she can ' t get into her closet. " No, I don ' t do anything to my hair. " MARGARET ANNE MOORE Northern Blvd., East Norwich, Long Island, New York Peggy " You just wouldn ' t believe it! " Class Play 1, Class Song Leader 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, New Fidelio 2, Fidelio 3, 4, Corridor Proctor 3, Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3, School Song Leader 4, Sunday School Teacher 4, Gargoyle Cheerleader 4. " Good morning to you! Good morning to you! Breakfast? But the bell didn ' t ring, did it? I hate you! But, you just wouldn ' t believe that woman! " " I wanna talk to ouija. " " The ouija ' s a liar. He tells the truth to everybody but tr us. " Haves, will you please tell me the truth about Yale? " " Here she comes, Miss America! " ( in her Mt. Hermon nightshirt, of course, or is that the tough black turtleneck?) " Say I don ' t eat much? " " Peggy! " " All right, I ' ll go on a diet— tomorrow. I really will. Good night. — Ann. I wanna say ' good night ' to Teddy! " . 5 , ' ' Z , . ' . l ' } m The afternoon after the morning after the night before. Tiddly-winks anyone? 40 ELIZABETH WATSON MOULTON 39 Warren Street, Salem, Massachusetts Bo. A.C.A Representative 1, Library Committee 3, Library Committee Co-chairman 4. Two bottles clink as a hand encircles their necks. " Emily you rat, stay away from my Cokes! " " But Bo, I ' m starving. " " Have a Jujube. " " C ' mon have a heart. Our weekly supply of goodies comes tomorrow. " " Tomorrow I have a piano recital. Mass panic! I ' m going hysterically out of my mind! Feel my hands— they ' re freez- ing! I wish it were Saturday, and I were going to a Harvard game. Oh clutch! It ' s almost 9:30! I ' ve got to go pop some popcorn for our after lights party. " A long pink shirt with a Snoopy on the back flew out the door. EMILY LOUISE MOULTON 39 Warren Street, Salem, Massachusetts Twink, Em. " Where ' s your J and M. " Corridor Proctor 1, 2, 4, Class Play 1, 2, A.C.A. Representa- tive 3. A groan at 6:45 every morning: " Nanny, will you please shut the window? I just don ' t want to leave my bwankies. " Remember those Bullwinkle bubble baths at 7:00 every night? How could we forget? " Twink, what think you of Miss Minard ' s history tests? " " Shot her in the back, I did, I did! " " Linda Lee got three letters. Do you realize what that means? Horatio is off!! " " Twink, what are you doing? " " Oh, nothing much, just looking for split ends. Do you think my hair will ever grow? " " Nanny, can I ask you a question . . . about Math? " " I ' m getting punchv again! " " Use a little J M! " It ' s gotta be in here somewhere! 41 Do you think Bullwinkle will pet rid of the circles? FREDRICKA SAWYER MOXON Oley R.D. 1, Pennsylvania Freddie, Moxie " Quietly pounding around. " New Fidelio 3, Fidelio 4, Photography Club 4, Cynosure Staff 4, Library Committee 4. " Freddie? " . . . " Whatie? " She enjoys crowing every now and then, especially when she thinks of Harvard. Everyone ' s always " quietly pounding around " and " Watch out for the plaster! " " Mole, will you knock? " In the short- est nightshirt at Abbot, complete with pocket for cigarettes, she is the most charming " Cliffie. " " Lord, will you look at that blond streak! — Briggs, if you are going to jabber in Spanish . . . ! — Good Lord Briggs, what have you done to yourself? " She ' s another second floor Instant Expresso fan. And there is always Saturday night and Sunday morning. MARIA MATILDE PASTORIZA Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic " Adios. " Talent Show 3. Sweet, green-eyed Maria — always dreaming about those Pachanga parties and about the people back home. Maria, the darling Dominican, famous for her calm ways and her Spanish accent. One can always find her — she is either writing letters or singing " Amor Mio " in the shower. One can always hear her rattling away en Espanol about, oh, things. Like: the merengue, the beach, moonlight serenades, by-gone conversations, cats. Maria, the perfect lady, who always has a comforting and cheerful word for everybody. Yes, she ' s nice, and she has added a Latin touch to Abbot. He Dicho. Should I or shouldn ' t I? After all that work, it ' s smeared. 42 MARGARET POWER U. N. Misson, P. O. Box 3921, Frere Hall, Karachi, Pakistan Meg " I ' m on another diet. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Class 1, W.U.S. Representative 1, 2, Debating 1, 2, 3, Class Play 1, Student Director of Class Play 2, Director of Bazaar Play 2, Cyno- sure Staff 2, Corridor Proctor 2, 3, Secretary of Class 2, Director of Prep Play 3, 4, President of Class 4. Re: Candidates We the class of 1963 wish our Senior president to have certain qualifications. She must have bright blue eyes and dark curly hair, a quick smile and a strong sense of re- sponsibility and leadership. North Carolina, diets, Radcliffe and drama (pretty much in that order) should dominate her thoughts. She must be willing to listen to other people ' s problems and have a sense of humor that makes the best of any situation ( " I like to have fun, that ' s all! " ) She must enjoy the arts, particularly theater, and must have positive ideas. Resolved: That Meg Power is the only candidate who reaches these qualifications. SANDRA LOUISE PRICE Hamilton, Bermuda Sande Cynosure Staff 4. She ' s studious: " No, I ' m not going. I have to study. — I set my alarm clock last night, but ... — At least I know my Bermuda history! " She ' s sophisticated (?): " I still can ' t shimmy. — Is this dress too much? — Now wait a minute — that could be taken two ways! — If you think I ' m gonna show you, you ' re nuts! " I wonder how Joan Baez did it? 43 No, I don ' t tease it. BETTINA JOHANNA PROSKE 1309 Avenida Magdalena, Apartment Cll, Santurce, Puerto Rico Bee, Teen " Huh Huh — I just don ' t believe it. " Modern Dance Group 2, Sunday School Teacher 2, Vice President of Class 2, A Cappella Group 2, New Fidelio 2, President of Class 3, Honor Roll 3, Chairman of Bazaar 3, Library Committee 3, Fidelio 3, 4, " Intoxic-eights " 3, 4, President of Student Government 4. " I can ' t stay awake another minute, but I have to get up in the morning. " The chair in the bathroom is waiting for company. " Oh, no! I ' m late to breakfast again. " Re- member your diet. " Pecan pie and Toll House specials are my only exceptions. — What ' s happened to the German sausage and rye bread? — Would you like some dried prunes or All-Bran? " Her eyes almost disappear as the catchy twinkle spreads to a winning smile. A pleasant clinking of bracelets adds to the cheery atmosphere. " Hey, Teen, where ' d ya get that pretty dress? " " It ' s just my Puerto Rican Mu-Mu! " " Wait a sec, I forgot to take off a paper clip — only 23 more days. " " Problems, who ' s got a problem? " " Let ' s go down to the Rec Room. " Off again- ready to understand and give advice; always appreciative, reliable, and courteous. " Gee, I ' ll check on that with Mrs. Crane. " JANE RUTH REYNOLDS 1200 Hardscrabble Road, Chappaqua, New York Corridor Proctor 2, Debating 2, Class Play 2, 3, Talent Show 3, A.C.A. Representative 3, Current Events Club 3, Cynosure Staff 4, Library Committee 4, Caesar 4. A broad smile, beautiful dark eyes, flappy flats and a " perhaps. " are Jane. She is a capricious Caesar, gifted writer, ski snow bunny, Aunt Jemima, fresh-air fiend and always an understanding listener. We know Jane by " It must be somewhere in this bureau drawer! " — " the mid- night ride of Paul Revere " — " Do you understand?, No, I don ' t think you do. " — " I ' m in such a good mood! " and a dozen doughnuts for Lorn. These are Jane — a thought- ful and true friend. And all this just for a blind date. 44 George, it ' s got to he around here somewhere. LINDA LEE RICHARDSON Hillside Road, Greenwich, Connecticut Lin, Rich " I don ' t believe it! " A Cappella Group 2, New Fidelio 2, Class Song Leader 3, Madrigals 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Choir 4, Chairman of the Social Committee 4. Found in the hotel suite with wall-to-wall carpeting, chandelier, and balcony, Linda may be arranging blind dates, clutching her monkey, or burrowing through the ac- cumulated mail, books and clothes on her bed to go to sleep. But no matter what else she ' s doing, she ' ll be talking. Every Friday afternoon, with a chuckle " Good-bye, clods! " she heaves her sturdies to the furthest corner of her closet. She wheedles information with " Come on . . .. tell us! " Afraid of the dark, she cultivates her circles late into the night. Never a dull moment, her motto is: " Don ' t just sit there - WORRY! " In front of the mirror she ' s nutty, " Am I getting flat! " or suggests, " See? My bangs are kind of straight! " Perhaps she ' ll clench her teeth and say " Oooooh, makes me so-o-o mad! If I don ' t get a letter 111 just crumple . . . . " BARBARA LEE RUGEN 16 Pin Oak Way, Falmouth, Massachusetts Barb " As I was climbing up a tree ... " W.U.S. Representative 3, Current Events Club 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Class Play 3, Head of W.U.S. 4. The silvery blasts of Big Bad Barb shook the walls of Abbot. " As I was climbing up a tree . . . . " Oh dear, Barb ' s been composing again. " Guess what, I got twenty- eight letters from Dave today. Poor Mike! Poor Kit! " She disgustedly kicked her script, then timidly asked, " Kasey, sweet angel, is that a little cupcake I spy? " She clenched her fists; " Flack, if you don ' t give me that cupcake, 111 smash your face in! " She switched the radio from Elvis to Beethoven, then suddenly cocked a quizzical ear, " Oh, great! Hide the radio; the Procter ' s coming! " Monkey see, monkey do. High sty — le 4: ANITA MITCHELL SCHENCK 47 Crane Road, Scarsdale, New York " That ' s large of you. " Corridor Proctor 2, 3, Class Play 3, W.U.S. Representative 3, Cynosure Stan 3, Editor-in-chief of Cynosure 4, Library Committee 4, Sunday School Teacher 4. With a cheery " Hi " she rounds the mailroom corner, a stack of freshly printed Cynosures in hand. Who is this dark-eyed girl who spouts Chinese and adores art, crunches animal crackers, stimulates conversations and reads Time magazine, and who is always heard saying, " I ' ve just got to get organized! — You have written that article, haven ' t you? — Is it there — is my contact in? " Who is this girl who is deeply interested in the world around her and who loves the sunrise and the pounding waves of Waterford? We know by the smile and the blazing blue Hotchkiss jacket that she ' s Anita. MARGARET EILEEN SCHOCK 209 Washington Boulevard, Sea Girt, New Jersey Eileen " Hey, people, please be quiet! " A.C.A. Representative 3, Davis Hall Marshal 3, Cynosure Staff 3, 4, Corridor Proctor 4. She cheers all around her, she radiates a quiet con- fidence, she works hard, she plays hard. A firm supporter of the good, she searches for the better. Abbot is nice, but only 300 miles from home. With the world her prison she must comprehend its every nook and cranny. From Greece to California, from Latin to Spanish, she explores its cul- tures. Her curiosity is not limited by fear of the flock; she thinks as an individual; she acts according to a well- trained conscience. Uniquely, she is, at the same time, an understanding listener, a loyal friend. At Abbot nearly everyone reads the Cynosure. So who ' s new this week? 46 SHARON LEE SEECHE Sutton Hill Road, North Andover, Massachusetts Shar Class Play 1, 2, W.U.S. Representative 1, Varsity Tennis 2, 3, Courant Board 3, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Num- erals 3, Fidelio 3, 4, Talent Show 3, Vice President and Treasurer of Day Students 4, Circle Board 4. A quick natural wit is mighty rare, but when it comes to Seeche, there is none better. That is Miss Seeche to you. With a flair for the unusual she has a knack for coming out ahead of any situation. Sharon is the actress at both ends of the hill and has the best " ad-lib " on campus. She is an up-and-coming artist — poetess and painter. She has made the best of her lot as a day student by devoting herself to becoming a permanent fixture in the life of every boarder. We all thank her for that — even Pooh! And for her next trick — who knows? CYNTHIA IRENE SORENSON 492 Crestwood Road, Fairfi eld, Connecticut Cindy " Hmmm ... I don ' t believe it. " Talent Show 3, Current Events Club 3, Treasurer of Class 4, Cynosure Staff 4. Found on and around third floor front, the Cinda Sorensena is die only one of her kind here at Abbot. Tins species shows no sign of life until 7:00 A.M. Her day is ordinary because this girl likes night life. Starting at 10:15 A.M. one hears the enraged voice of her roommate, " Sorenson, have you finished fratching around yet? " " Don ' t get me flustered. I only have five more curlers to go. Hey, may I borrow a piece of bubble gum? " She then proceeds to practice on her bargain pool table. Finally at 11:00 P.M. she settles down to catawalling folk songs with her eternal guitar. Free-and-a-haff-efvun Huh? 47 CHRIS OLIPHANT STERN Hermitage Farm, Lyme, New Hampshire Crystal " It ' s so divine. " Class Play 1, 2, 3, Corridor Proctor 1, 2, Varsity Lacrosse 2, Class Secretary 3, Bazaar Executive Committee 3, Cur- rent Events Club 3, Ski Club 3, 4, Secretary of Student Government 4, Varsity Soccer 4. To be the well-dressed woman of the world is the aspira- tion of every girl. The essence of beauty — provocative eyes, shining hair, many clothes and happy smiles contribute to her Liz Taylor appearance and savoir-faire. To be a leader is to have personal worthiness, constructive responsibility and sincere enthusiasm. To understand people is to know boys — from Exeter to Florida to Paris a well-traveled girl is able to fit easily into any foreign situation and add to it a personal touch of friendship. LAUREL UNDERWOOD STEVENSON R.R. 1, Box 13, South Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, Illinois Laurie " Jahwol. " Sunday School Teacher 2, Cynosure Staff 2, 3, Library Committee 3, Managing Editor of Cynosure 4. " Was that the bell to get up? " " No, Laurie. It was the bell for breakfast. " And so another day begins for Laurie — a little earlier, perhaps, than it should have. She will put on her favorite Thrift Shop skirt with one of her brother ' s menshirts, and after two cups of black coffee for breakfast, she ' ll face classes. During the afternoon, she ' ll be found in the rec room, dressed in her blue-jeans and sweatshirt, listening to Josh White. She ' ll end the day as late as she began it. " Please, Miss Stevenson, it won ' t take me more than ten minutes to shower, wash and set my hair. " She laughs at this absurd statement. She ends her day with that wonderful notorious laugh. They dropped the bomb. 48 Espresso? We ' re making it in the bath tub. NANCI ELIZABETH SULLIVAN 91 Concord Street, Nashua, New Hampshire Nanny " But Em, this is only my third shower today. " Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. Out of the room, down the hall, and into the shower, " Why Em, this is only my second shower today! " Fidelio ' s most talented reject. The big question: " Was I singing or talking then? " . . . " No, I wasn ' t talking, I was sing- ing! " " My, did I sleepwalk again last night? " Notice the natural greenish-mauve tinge of the eyelids and the symme- trical folds under the eyes. Max Factor ' s models couldn ' t create this effect! " Egads 103! Must diet. I ' m getting so fat! " Picturesque Nan, leaves for sports bundled up in four sweaters, sweatshirt, longs, scarf, gloves, and with her classical comment of, " If I were crippled they still would make me take sports, " saunters out the door. " Miss Tucker, I should like to drop — . " " Thank you. See you next semester. " Exit stage right. JACQUELYN LEE SUTTON 91 Winding Lane, Avon, Connecticut Jackie, Suts " That ' s gross. " Class Play 3, Varsity Tennis 3, 4, New Fidelio 3, Business Manager of Cynosure 4, Fidelio 4, Gargoyle Cheerleader 4. Jackie is most often found with a comb standing in front of a mirror and is alway hungry — has an insatiable ap- petite for gum. The subject she worries most about is boys — that Yale weekend at Harvard! Her best sport is talking on the telephone for hours, but she was an active participant in the field hockey games on third floor Abby after lights, and she is the miniature pool table champion. There ' s always the mad dash for the Sunday smoking hour — " I need a cigarette! " She is that notorious " Hartford girl " and is the president of the I.B.T.C. She always wants more clothes but needs five trunks to get home for vacation. " I can ' t find the Ninas! " Popcorn parties after lights. The voice that carries for miles — " Babes! " Won ' t someone please turn off the sunf Bookworm? 49 LETITIA UPTON 500 Ridgeway, Saint Joseph, Michigan Tish " I ' m allergic to vegetables. " A.C.A. Representative 2, Modern Dance Group 2, Class Play 2, 3, Cynosure Staff 3, 4, Current Events Club 3, Var- sity Soccer 3, 4, Davis Hall Marshall 3, Library Com- mittee 4, Sunday School Teacher 4. Historical Outline of Tish I. Appearance. A. Hair— brown, medium length, always being brushed. B. Eyes— gray blue, usually closed from lack of sleep. C. Neat and Clean— at least one bath shower per day, " expensive " figure. II. Habits and Characteristics. A. Amherst Theta parties, Exeter weekends, and Yale dreams. B. Bubble gum chewer, grape juice worshipper, prune addict. C. Backward-slanted bouncy walk. D. " Humstone, you ' re so queer. " E. " Resissless our team thweepth onward. " III. Personality. A. Cheerful. B. Innocent looks can be deceiving. C. " This really interests me. " JACQUELINE MARIE VAN AUBEL Liberty Street, Madison, Connecticut Jackie " Funniest thing . . . . " Class Play 3, Talent Show 3, Library Committee 3, Photog- raphy Club 4, Griffin Cheerleader 4. " Funniest thing, " said Jackie, munching on corn muffins, " I think my hair is a different color today. Study? I ' m taking a medical leave this weekend. " ackie ' s full of wisdom, unproved theories, and advice — you ever get in an embarrassing situation, just laugh. " You could ask Jackie what her attraction for Austin Healeys is caused by, or why she knits such large sweaters, but you know the reason is at least six feet tall. Perhaps most often you might hear Jackie question, " What day are we today? " or " What shall I sign it? " Personality plus — that ' s van Aubel, with a small v, please. Have another? How to look like a Seventeen model. 50 IRIS ALEXANDRA VARDAVOULIS 173 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Li ' l Vard " Poor Baby— Ba-a-arb! Kasey! " Class Play 1, Modern Dance Group 1, 2, 3, Talent Show 3, Fidelio 4, Gargoyle Cheerleader 4, Social Committee 4. " Barb, Kasey! Where are you? " Clomp, clomp, clomp. Vard plods down the corridor to our room. " I got a call from Al last night. It was rather embarrassing because Tom answered the phone; Dick was in the living room; Stacy was at the door; and Chief y was in the playroom. Greenleaf didn ' t mind, though; he was too busy mixing my drink. " With a fist full of cookies she continues her dis- course as she dodges the A.C.A. treasurer. " Oh dem poor babies. " NATALIE WARE 10 Auburn Street, Concord, New Hampshire Nat " d ' ya — eh. " Corridor Proctor 2, 3, New Fidelio 2, Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Fidelio 3, 4, Bazaar Committee Chairman 3, Vice President of A.A.A. 4, " Intoxic-eights " 4, Choir 4. One often finds a subtle twinkle in those large, shining dark eyes which contrast beautifully with her naturally golden streaked hair. Attractive and admirable, she pos- sesses a mature attitude and tactful reserve; she ' s sensible. Nat ' s talented musically and is also known for her beauti- ful sweaters, skirts, blouses — you name it; she makes it. — " Nat, could you help me with my knitting? " If you ever want to feel uncoordinated, watch her at athletic activities (especially tennis, skiing, and lacrosse). She ' s bright green with Gargoyle blood. Familiar are her white bucks instead of saddle shoes, those Groton and Noble and Greenough scarves, coke and coffee. One can sometimes hear her say, " Should I have plastic surgery on my nose? " She ' s " Sleepy " and a " Concordian, " has a rewardingly pleasant smile, laugh, and never loses control of a situation. All of these are typically Nat. And to all my fans . Wonder what he ' s doing now? 51 HELEN GILLETTE WATSON Comegys Bight Farm, Chestertown, Maryland Hellie " All ' s I need is ... — Oh baby! " Class Play 2, Treasurer of Class 3, Head Davis Hall Mar- shal 3, Honor Roll 3, Lacrosse Varsity 3, Corridor Proctor 3, New Fidelio 3, Vice President of Student Government 4, Fidelio 4, Varsity Hockey 4. " Hey you guys, do you know where my pencil case is? It was right here. " (opening and slamming of doors, stomp- ing of feet to next room, throwing of books). " Where is it? Will you guys look? " (several grunts, great shuffle of papers). " Where is that pencil case? " " Well, Helen, where did you last see it? " " Obviously on my desk. " " Helen, it ' s under your arm! " " Yeah, so it is —ha, ha. " (several chuckles and giggles). Typical of Helen: That Elvis Presley smile — " Yeah " — " I ' m frustrated. " - " Shut up (Donald Duck talk) - THE idol — " Hey you guys, it ' s about that time. " — the sympathe- tic listener — that all revealing gymsuit — " Hey Little One, what walk today? " — right grip 82 — chinning on the shower rail — Abby pulley system — " Te quiero " — " It ' s our kind of movie " — " All ' s we gotta do is .... MARY GAYDEN WILKINS 299 High Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts Maidy " Hey you guys ... — What am I going to wear? " Corridor Proctor 3, Griffin Cheerleader 3, 4, Secretary of A.C.A. 4. Unique in her ability to worry forty-eight hours a day, Maidy lives in the library. When struck with the urge to pull herself away from her beloved retreat, her first destination is the mirror. — " What am I going to do with my hair? It looks just awful! " Always asking advice, she listens very sweetly looking up out of her big, brown, innocent eyes, and then she proceeds to do precisely what she wants. When a person remarks on the twenty-two inch waist, her first reaction is, " But my hips ... " The major portion of her vocabulary consists of the words " Peter " ( pronounced Peta) and " Poor Mashmi, " a reference to the mammoth white bear that sits on her bed. Maidy ' s greatest talents are her magnificent Wednesday morning chapel talks and her unequalled ability to enter inevitably into the middle of a conversation. get mine vicariously. Won ' t somebody please push me? 52 WW r Mm ' - ' -:0 : - ' : ' M CHARLOTTE NANCY WITTS 11 Mareton Road, Oxford, England " Well, actually ... " Librarian of Fidelio 4, Choir 4. Passport for Miss Charlotte Nancy Witts. Height: 5 ' 6 " . Weight: Medium. Eyes: greeny gray-blue ( " depending somewhat on my tem- perament " ) . Hair: Dark. Nationality: English ( " Not British! " ) ? Occupation: Visitor to " the colonies. " Peculiarities: Eyebrow which raises with alacrity (some- times dangerous!); partiality for trans— Atlantic boats; excitement at " magic doors that open when you walk in front of them; " series of unfathomable remarks: " Cor what a mouldy swiz! " " It ' s fuggy in here. " " Ooh I say, how posh! " " Well quite! " ALICE EMORY WOOD Centreville, Maryland Emory Courant Board 1, 2, 4, Modern Dance Group 1, 2, Choir 2, Class Play 2, Cynosure Staff 2, Fidelio 4, President of Choir 4. Silhouette: a slim wrinkled nymph — green tights, scarf, peaked plaid hat, the inevitable, best-beloved green jumper, straggly brown tresses raining down . . . tea and butter cookies (plebeian tastes!) . . . gaie danseuse: elfin in early morning starlight, fluid in spiral drifts of Strauss, frolicking in a frothy polka . . . " She ' s over at Homestead " — where else prithee?! . . . conjuring pale pipers on black paper with stolen pastels; penning poetic fragments: wisps of whimsey and of melancholy, romance, protest, joie de vivre . . . " The Biology word list waits the queen ' s pleasure " . . . footprints on the snowy Circle, footsteps in the streets of Cambridge . . . harpstrings — " Toujours la musique! " Where ' s my teddy bear? Mit harpe. 53 DONNA SUSAN YOUNGBLOOD 75 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, Massachusetts Class Play 1, 2, New Fidelio 2, Courant Board 3, 4, Fidelio 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Vice President of A.C.A. 4. Nothing escapes her except herself (meaning that she has a terrific amount to give ) . She is a minor explosive type, a reactant mettle. You ' d know her anywhere because of her under-the-breath humming of ancient Corinthian tunes, her spurting laughter, and tell-tale fingers. She tells twice as much with her fingers as with her face. She stirs things up. She is also known for her delight at discovering a good book, for her naturkal fly-by-night room, for her passion for shortbread and tea, for her little black scribble book, and for the parting phrase, " Sweet dreams. " And I heard the leprechaun laugh. Senior Class Officers mm M f § m Standing: Ann Harris, Cindy Sorenson, Morley Marshall. Seated: Meg Power, President, Miss Tucker, Class Advisor, NDERCLA55MEN Senior Mid Class FIRST TERM OFFICERS N. Hopkins, J. Lang, President, G. Steimle, H. Paffard. SECOND TERM OFFICERS B. Parson, M. Coleman, President, L. Waltuch, S. Localio. FIRST FLOOR L. Pattberg, G. Gruver, G. Walker, I. Bever, M. Finnigan, A. Brooks, M. Foley, J. Harney, M. Travers, S. Froeber, C. Hewitt. Front row: E. Paffard, R. Monatt, S. Localio, M. Webster. 56 : s. SECOND FLOOR A. Hill, L. Stevenson, G. Steimle, P. Bossi, S. Van Winkle, H. Coolidge, L. Perkin, M. Corn- stock, P. Pedersen, D. Kiarsis, J. Schwiebert, M. Coleman, M. Low, J. Proctor, R. Richards. Seated: L. Bingham, D. Thomson, L. Griswold, M. Hinckley, J. Emerson, L. Mack. Missing: C. Chamberlain. THIRD FLOOR M. Bateman, L. Eynon, S. Almy, A. Shlossberg, S. Woodward, L. Porter, L. Waltuch, P. Carrick, J. Sharrock, P. Morrill, S. Trafton, M. Chase, C. Barker, A. Johnson, K. Jones, N. Hopkins, K. Reinhold, E. Wright, C. Tilney. Seated: G. Overbagh, K. Abler, M. Sturgeon. Missing: M. Deutsch. DAY STUDENTS M. Durham L. Clark P. Roversi J. Foster N. Poynter B. Parson J. Meyers D. Barraclough A. Anderson F. Laaff Junior Class FIRST TERM OFFICERS E. Davis, R. Tyler, President, N. McArdle, L. Learned. SECOND TERM OFFICERS K. Swenson, E. Lage, D. Downs, S. Watson, President. ABBEY HOUSE K. Swenson, H. Demarest, J. Barker, W. Treneer, S. Spangler, P. Osborn, L. Learned, F. Green, A. Morrill, A. Rahilly, L. Beckvold, E. Davis, S. Watson, L. Eder, K. Smith, K. Staples, D. Gaines, J. Brazer, L. Mack, A. Bradshaw, E. Lage. Front row: C. Choy, E. Huntington, R. Reynolds, S. Voorhees, G. Ylitalo, E. Hubbard, G. Goldstein, B. Dow. 58 FRENCH HOUSE M. Eubanks, S. Harney, H. Wilson, A. Roche, V. Bertsche, A. McDermott, S. Umphrey, L. Buxton, M. Babson, A. Hopkins, D. Fleming, B. Sykes, R. Wood, L. Halford, R. Tyler, E. Foote, D. Downs, M. Fales. DAY STUDENTS A. Dodd, M. Warshaw, E. Giblin, M. Krakauer, H. Parson, C. Couch, E. Birdsall. Seated: J. Hyde, R. Gamble, N. McArdle. Missing: T. Brainerd. 59 Prep Class FIRST TERM OFFICERS B. Barker, E. Sobiloff, President, W. Thomas. SECOND TERM OFFICERS S. Downs, S. Lebach, M. Wies, President. DAY STUDENTS B. Hayes, L. Sommers, D. Wood worth, L. Crane, C. Zoll- ner, J. DuPont, B. Roediger, D. Ogden, N. Warlick, S. Le- bach. Missing: L. Haselton. SHERMAN HOUSE E. Sobiloff, N. England, A. Gould, S. Downs, E. Barker, M. Wies, F. Loria, J. Lip- pencott, W. Thomas, B. Armsden, J. Abbott, M. Ryder. Seated: B. Moulton, J. Bendetson, V. DePeyster, L. Fletcher. 60 □RGPNIZATIDN5 Student Government J. Lang, M. Coleman, N. Hopkins, L. Waltuch, N. McArdle, S. Watson, D. Downs, R. Tyler, M. Wies, E. Barker, E. Sobiloff, S. Lebach. Seated: M. Dean, C. Holcombe, C. Stern, B. Proske, President, H. Watson, M. Power, S. Burton. Demerit Council First row: M. Finnigan, M. Deutsch, D. Kiarsis, J. Meyers, S. Froeber, K. Jones, L. Clark. Second row: S. Coolidge, E. Schock, J. Briggs, F. Moxon, N. Ware, H. Watson, Chairman, M. Marshall, K. Haartz, S. Seeche. Third row: E. Birdsall, E. Davis, H. Demarest, M. Warshaw, E. Foote, V. Bertsche, S. Harney, C. Choy, M. Eubanks, K. Smith. Fourth row: L. Learned, S. Schenck, J. Lippincott, M. Wies, L. Haselton, L. Fletcher, W. Thomas, S. Lebach, M. Kimball, E. Moulton. 62 A. C. A. Officers D. Youngblood, M. Dean, President, E. Cadbury, M. Wilkins. J , Vj, J . Representatives Back: E. Davis, S. Van Winkle, H. Paffard, B. Parson, J. Brazer. Seated: E. Bartelink, C. Hum- stone, M. Dean, C. Krippendorf, E. Moulton. Front: N. England, B. Armsden, B. Sykes, E. Huntington, A. Mc- Dermott, A. Johnson. W. U. S. Representatives Back: R. Richards, M. Warshaw, H. Parson, P. Morrill, F. Loria, M. Conistock, L. Pattberg. Seated: F. Moxon, E. Schock, B. Rugen, Chairman, M. Githungo, K. Flack. Front: K. Staples, L. Learned, M. Ryder, S. Watson. 63 Fidelio First row: Miss Warner, Director, C. Holcombe, L. Mack, I. Vardavoulis, C. Witts, Librarian, M. Johnson, President, P. Moore, Librarian, L. Griswold, N. Moll, S. Van Winkle, A. Miller. Second row: J. Car ter, J. Proctor, N. Ware, S. Holbrook, M. Brown, J. Sutton, J. Foster, F. Laaff, K. Abler, L. Waltuch, P. Pedersen, P. Bossi, M. Coleman. Third row: A. Hill, L. Richardson, C. Hewitt, G. Walker, S. Seeche, L. Stevenson, A. Harris, J. Butler, H. Hayes, E. Wood, I. Bever, P. Carrick, K. Flack. Fourth row: M. Bateman, M. Jasper, A. Brooks, E. Bartelink, D. Youngblood, E. Wright, D. Miller, D. Barraclough, C. Flint, C. Humstone, B. Rugen, E. Cadbury, M. Marshall. Fifth row: P. Meigs, S. Burton, C. Krippendorf, M. Ketcham, S. Archer, P. Morrill, B. Parson, D. Kiarsis, J. Schwiebert, B. Proske, J. Gleason, H. Watson, F. Moxon, M. Fox. Choir First row: C. Flint, K. Abler, M. Brown, L. Mack, B. Sykes, C. Holcombe, J. Carter. Second row: L. Richardson, L. Waltuch, A. Harris, L. Stevenson, M. Johnson, P. Moore, P. Carrick. Third row: E. Wright, N. Ware, G. Walker, M. Fox, E. Wood, President, E. Cad- bury, C. Witts. Intoxic-eights M. Marshall, M. Fox, B. Proske, N. Ware, A. Harris, M. Johnson, C. Holcombe, J. Carter. Debating First row: L. Learned, D. Gaines, L. Fletcher, A. Morrill, L. Halford. Second row: B. Armsden. C. Kimball, Mrs. Davies, AdNisor, M. Bateman, Presi- dent, M. Kimball, A. Gould. Third row: M. Dean, L. Waltuch, M. Chase. M. Travers, P. Morrill, S. Froeber. M. Deutsch. Missing: M. Power, Secretary, J. Gleason, S. Stafford. Social Committee Standing: I. Vardavoulis, B. Bendetson. NT. Jas- per. Seated: L. Bichardson. Chairman, M. Ketcham. M. Johnson, C. Chamberlain. Photography Club Back row: D. Miller, C. Sorensen, F. Moxon, J. Briggs, M. Ketcham, M. Travers, L. Harmon, L. Stevenson. Front row: N. Moll, J. Van Aubel, Mrs. Ellis,. Advisor, M. Githungo, L. Bingham, J. Harney, President, G. Gruver. Missing: Mrs. Powel, Advisor, B. Parson. Astronomy Club H. Watson, C. Sorensen, T. Gleason, K. Hilgendorff, J. Reynolds, Miss Hancoclc, Advisor. S. Boutin, C. Witts, B. Hoffman, M. Githungo, E. Moulton, C. Kimball. 66 Ski Club Standing: E. Bartelink, President, Miss Ritchie, Advisor, L. Clark, P. Car. rick, C. Stern, N. Ware, C. Holcombe. Library Committee Standing: M. Comstock, F. Moxon, A. Schenck, L. Upton, C. Humstone, Mrs. Baker, Advisor, C. Krippendorf, B. Parson, C. Couch, S. Coolidge, V. Bertsche. Seated: A. Brooks, L. Hannon, Co-chairman, R. Richards. E. Moulton, Co-chairman, M. Durham. 67 Circle L. Hannon, J. Briggs, A. MacCready, S. Seeche, M. Fox, D. Miller, Editor, Mrs. Powel, Advisor, C. Kimball. Cynosure Back row: N. Hopkins, E. Moulton, E. Schock, C. Humstone, L. Upton, J. Briggs, J. Reynolds, L, Stevenson, J. Sutton, A. Miller, L. Hannon, S. Seeche, E. Bartelink, S. Boutin, A. Hartman. Seated: S. Price, J. Butler, Miss Sullivan, Advisor, A. Schenck, Editor, M. Kim- ball, K. Hilgendorff, R. Gamble. Front row: D. Gaines, M. Coleman, B. Parson, V. Bertsche, G. Steimle, D. Kiarsis, A. Hill, L. Eynon, J. Lang, L. Learned, C. Hewitt, H. Parson. Courant E. Wood, P. Pedersen, A. Johnson, P. Meigs, D. Firts, C. Flint, Editor, H. Hayes, L. Golden. Missing: Mrs. Sisson, Advisor, D. Youngblood. 5 cz : A. A. A. Officers N. Ware, J. Carter, C. Holcombe, President, M. Brown. Athletic Council J. Lippencott, E. Barker, H. Demarest, P. Carrick, H. Paffard, J. Brazer, J. Carter, N. Ware, C. Holcombe, President, M. Brown, Mrs. Butler, Advisor, L. Fisher, S. Holbrook, Miss Bitchie, Advisor. A Society C. Holcombe, M. Brown, N. Ware, B. Hoffman, C. Krippendorf, K. Flack. 70 LORNA AND CAESER GARGOYLE CHEERLEADERS V SARAH AND LISTER J. Sutton, M. Moore, S. Froeber, P. Carriole, M. Babson, J. Brazer, A. MacCready, I. Vardavoulis, A. Anderson, J. Foster. C. Chamberlain, E. Lage, E. Bartelink, C Hewitt, L. Griswold, L. Beckvold, M. Wilkins, J. van Aubel, L. Golden, G. Goldstein. 71 GRIFFIN CHEERLEADERS Griffin Teams E. Birdsall, J. Proctor, D. Miller, L. Upton, M. Marshall, C. Stern, C. Buxton, M. Wilkins, L. Golden, M. Brown, K. Flack (Captain), N. Poynter, N. McArdle. G. Goldstein, C. Holcombe, M. Dean, H. Demarest, A. Hopkins, S. Burton (Captain), K. Haartz, H. PafTard, L. Perkin, M. Durham, L. Eynon. Missing: C. Hewitt. 72 Gargoyle Teams M. Travers, L. Bingham, G. Walker, D. Kiarsis, C. Krippendorff, C. Flint, M. Fox, A. Anderson, P. Bossi, A. Harris (Captain), A. Hartmann, L. Pattberg. S. Holbrook, P. Moore, E. Cadbury, P. Meigs, L. Richardson. H. Watson. M. Kase ( Captain V D. Fitts, J. Sharrock, F. LaafF, B. Hoffman, M. Babson, P. Carrick. 73 M. Coleman, C. Barker, J. Sutton, B. Parson. Missing: N. Ware. Gargoyle Teams N. Ware, C. Krippendorff, J. Sharrock, H. Watson (Captain), M. Ketcham, D. Fitts, S. Hol- brook. Missing: P. Meigs. 74 Griffin Teams V. Clemens, P. Roversi, J. Gleason, L. Fisher, S. Boutin. C. Holcombe, S. Boutin, C. Stem, S. Burton, K. Flack (Captain), M. Marshall, L. Fisher, M. Brown. 75 K % BN» v ' BmA ' " IB i l Iff " 1» A. » I I 1 vsaift .JHs fi ADVERTISEMENTS YOU Know vsMA-t } CHARue rowjm I THINK He ' s GoitslG TO NllSS IT . 86 At Abb«ttteaJty everybody read ' s ThA Cynosure HARTIGAN PHARMACY Main at Chestnut THE ANDOVER BOOKSTORE Billings, Inc. Jewelers 26 Main Street Andover Phone Gr 5-0742 87 a m yq g R£Cdh FOUND6D1872AJlJ||:|||l s m I - » ■-•«♦»£% YALE ' S Humor Magazine For Abbot Girls — Subscription only $2.50! The Yale Record 904 A Yale Station NEW HAVEN - - CONNECTICUT WOW! The Coffee Mill Bakery Treats by Breakfast — Luncheon — Supper Susie Sweets at the 125 MAIN STREET OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE Andover Mass. 89 Main Street Telephone 475-0753 Hill ' s Hardware Qy HS Xhw flowers Athletic Goods " FROM THE HEART " Main Street Andover, Mass. Andover, Mass. Telephone 475-2929 27 MAIN STREET 88 89 Robert Stanton Fox Naval Architect ti Yacht Broker DUX BURY, MASSACHUSETTS Sign of the best in banking service JVXerrimack valley National Bank ANDOVER GEORGETOWN HAVERHILL LAWRENCE MERRIMAC METHUEN NO. ANDOVER Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System best wishes from THE ANDOVER INN CHAPEL AVENUE a Treadway Inn - ANDOVER, MASS. 90 MARY ANN ' S CARD YARN SHOP Fine Yarns and Greeting Cards Personalized Stationery Olde Andover Village MAIN STREET ANDOVER - MASS. REINHOLD ' S FOOTWEAR HOSIERY 13 Main Street - ANDOVER Mr. and Mrs. Myer N. Sobiloff 91 SMART FLAGG, INC. THE INSURANCE OFFICE ANDOVBR FOR OVER 100 YEARS PLAYHOUSE OLD ANDOVER VILLAGE Essex Street Andover 91 Main Street Telephone 475-6161 ■■■■■■■■■ This Is A Linen Counter Although textiles are hot related to yearbook printing, this small magnifying glass for fabrics is a convenient tool for printers. It is used to examine negatives of the pictures which appear in your yearbook. The inspection of negatives is but one of many steps we take to maintain high quality in the production of fine year- books. Portland Lithiographi Company 252 Spring Street • SPruce 2-0131 • Portland, Maine - 92 Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs.Hy Waltuch Lampros Bros., Inc. The 600 Essex Street Yankee Lady LAWRENCE - MASS. ANDOVER At 89 MAIN STREET Old Andover Village Center Morissey Taxi Service Paul W. Collins, Prop. Featuring - CASUAL WEAR DRESSES - SKIRTS - BERMUDAS - SLACKS - SHIRTS - BLOUSES - 32 Park Street SWEATERS - SUITS - SEPARATES - ANDOVER MASS. HANDBAGS - SHOES - HATS Telephone GR 5-3000 93 Compliments of LOOK PHOTO, INC. " Things Different " CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES MICHAEL JAY ' S Andover, — Mass. Best to the Class of ' 63 From the Class of ' 66 404 SOUTH MAIN STREET - ROUTE 28 ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 475-1996 Edward A. Romeo I d s t o n e s HOUSE AND BARN • COCKTAILS — LUNCHEONS — DINNERS — SPECIAL FUNCTIONS • 94 Telephone 475-1855 ANDE ' S THE DODGE ASSOCIATES BEAUTY SALON Care of Trees and Shrubs Thirty-one Main Street WENHAM MASS. A. R. Retelle ANDOVER - MASSACHUSETTS Andover Office 475-0841 Ande ' s Coiffures Reflect Quality - BOSTON - and Style Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Moore J. P. Eaton Wollaston Provision, Inc. 13-17 Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON 9 - MASS. Capitol 7-1217 -:- -:- Richmond 2-3452 95 The RICHMOND TOWNHOUSE Newest trend in the housing market is now available in a beautifully coordinated low cost package. 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Durham Captain and Mrs. Oliver D. Finnigan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. James W. Fletcher Dr. and Mrs. C. Franklin Green Mr. and Mrs. Karl Haartz Mr. and Mrs. W. Selby Harney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett H. Hayes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Humstone Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hyde Dr. Clifford G. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Kimball Dr. and Mrs. S. Arthur Localio Dr. and Mrs. J. Wister Meigs Mr. and Mr s. Donald E. Merriam Dr. and Mrs. Milton J. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Clark F. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Franklin M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Moll Mr. and Mrs. Emil J. Pattberg, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Power, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Schock, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Seeche Mrs. Frank R. Shlossberg Mrs. Clair G. Spangler Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sturgeon Mr. and Mrs. Van Allen Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz A. Ver Bryck Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Wagner Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Weis Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wilkins Mrs. Priscilla Wilson 99 .( A, ff ' | v • ' •: .-1 • • , ■ .:.t ■.:,,: 1 ■ SOI AJ?

Suggestions in the Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) collection:

Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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