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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1960 volume:

p tg? E$ 9fe -«3 C§0 C O 0$ cgD y4 J7K 1778 s PHILLIPS ACADEMY O Jr S,B1 %nr OLIVER-WENDELL- HOLMES LIBRARY I f» - fe- l yi j4x t ' s t JLl ■ ss 585 ? f . ( Dedication MR. DAVID ROBB " An honest man, close-button ' d to the chin, Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within " MlVP,?. MRS. ALEXANDER CRANE, Principal ' The learned eye is still the loving one i r ■ ItaL ?■ ' « V . ■ Jt fc» «g 4 ' V, ANTOINETTE HALL TAYLOR Donor of the Infirmary . - I Miss Hilary Andrade-Thompson, English B.A. Honors, London University; Certificate of Education, Cambridge University. Mrs. Mary Howe Baker, Librarian A.B. Vassar College; M.A. Radcliffe College. Mile. Marie Baratte, French Baccalaureat - es - Lettres, University of Rennes; B.S. Dumfermline H.S.; M.A. Edin- burgh University. Miss Janet Bolen, Physics B.S. Madison College. Mile. Louise Courtois, French Baccalaureat-es-Lettres and Certificat d ' apti- tude a l ' enseignement de l ' anglais from the Sorbonne; A.B., M.A. Mt. Holyoke College. llllllllJIII, Miss Dorothy Dains, Mathematics A.B. Pembroke College. W » ■ ■. ' ■■ ' ' ,.-■ ' " ■ ■ Miss Carolyn Goodwin, Mathematics A.B., M.A. Smith College. Miss Isabel M. Hancock, Director of Admissions, Mathematics A.B. Hollins College; M.A. in Teaching, Radcliffe College. Mrs. Paul C. DeGavre, Latin A.B. New Jersey College for Women. Miss Anne Harriss, English A.B. Bennington College. Miss Mildred A. Hatch Director of Residence, Latin A.B. Boston University. Miss Margaret G. Howland, History, Curator of John-Esther Art Gallery A.B. Barnard College; M.A. Bryn Mawr College. Miss Edith T. Jones, French A.B. Middlebury College. Miss Dorothy Y. Judd, Spanish B.S. College of William and Mary; M.A. Columbia University; M.A. Middlebury College. 8 Miss Marian McEnery, History A.B. Wellesley College; M.A. Boston Uni- versity. iii! iiiifc Miss Georgia Anne Mcllwaine, Mathematics A.B. University of Chattanooga Mrs. Richard Norwood, History A.B. Wellesley College. R »r " S goyP Mrs. John H. Sisson, English A.B. Vassar College; M.A. Wellesley College. Miss Harriet E. McKee, Latin A.B. Vassar College; M.A. Columbia Uni- versity. 9 Mme. Jacques Tallot, French Licenciee-es-Lettres University of Rennes. r g!(J Miss J. Pamela Tinker, Biology B.Sc. Sheffield University; Diploma in Edu- cation, Sheffield University; Diploma in Administration, University of Leeds. Miss Eleanor M. Tucker, Director of Studies, Chemistry A.B., M.A. Smith College. Mrs. Paul Werner, English A.B. Bryn Mawr College. ADMINISTRATIVE AIDES Back Row: Mrs. Frank B. Brainerd, Miss Elisabeth A. Quimby, Mrs. Caroline C. Eaton, Mrs. Henry E. Davies, Mrs. Arthur Neumark. Front Row: Miss Alice Blake, Mrs. Malcolm Sachse, Mrs. Arthur R. Luce, Jr., Mrs. Arthur Quintal, Miss Louise Robinson, Mrs. Frank DiClemente. Missing: Mrs. George Richards, Mrs. John O ' Neil. Mrs. Walter G. Greenall, Jr., Language Training B.S. Boston University. Mrs. J. Theodore Whitney, Language Training A.B. Smith College. Miss Olthje Christine Von Erpecom, Speech and Drama Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, Study at University of Florence, National Theatre of Bergen, Norway, and Old Vic Theatre, London. Mrs. Harford W. H. Powel, Jr., Art Bachelor of Design, Harriet Sophie Newcomb College. Miss Catherine Jane Sullivan, Alumnae Secretary Miss Hope Coolidge, Dietician, House Superintendent Mr. Gardner Sutton, Comptroller and Business Manager Dr. Hans Sidon, Bible Miss Yi-an Chang, Piano Miss Gertrude Tingley, Voice Mrs. Charles Stahle, Accompanist Mr. Raymond Coon, Organ, Piano, Music Theory Missing: Miss Margot Warner, Choral Director; Miss Gertrude Ehrhart, Voice. 11 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Janet Bolen Miss Shirley Ritchie Mrs. J. Kenrick Butler INFIRMARY Miss Marian G. Perkins, R.N. Dr. Charles H. Hollis, M.D. Miss Julia Kathleen Ayre, R.N. HOUSEMOTHERS Mrs. Harold Bond Mrs. Mervin E. Stevens 12 SENIOR PARLOR DORMITORY ROOM 13 ALICE COLE ANTHONY 65 Westwood Rd., West Hartford, Conn. " Give every man thine ear but few thy voice " 1958-1960 Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Yearbook Committee 4; Honor Roll 3; Head of Posture Week 3. — CORNELIA POPE AUXIER 2016 Cordova Ave., Vero Beach, Fla. " Tomorrow ' s a new day, work and back to bed again " 1956-1957, 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 1, 3; Fidelio 4; Class Play 1; Debate 4; Presi- dent of A.C.A. 4; Sunday School Teaching 3; Choir 4; Treasurer of Class 1; Executive Committee for Bazaar 3. SALLY BABB 66 West Rd., New Canaan, Conn. " Gentle in method, strong in performance " 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 4; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 4; Fidelio Librarian 4; Editor-in-Chief of Courant 4; Head of Ba- zaar Committee 3. 14 SALLY ANN BARNGROVE 63 Pollard Rd., Mountain Lakes, N.J. " Quiet as she may seem, one can never tell " 1958-1960 Head Chapel Proctor 4; Senior Drama Group 4; Senior Parlor Committee 4. JUDITH PARSONS BEECHER Bobolink Lane, Greenwich, Conn. " There was never a saint with red hair " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Class Play 2; Senior Drama Group 4; Griffin Team Cap- tain 4; " Rejects " 4. MILLICENT DIANE R. BETHUNE Salem Rd., Topsfield, Mass. " Beneath her mild exterior, there is a spark of mischief " 1956-1960 Day Student Proctor 1, 2; Class Play 1; W.U.S. Representative 2; Numerals 3; Fidelio 3, 4. 15 WENDY BOLTON R.F.D. 1, Boxford, Mass. " Why take life so seriously, you ' ll never get out of it alive " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 1, 2, 3; Vice President of Class 2; Social Committee 2; Secretary of Class 4; Honor Roll 1; Honor- able Mention 4; Class Play 1, 2; Commence- ment Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; " Re- jects " 4; Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; Sunday School Teaching 2,3. SUSAN ALICE BRENNAN Great Pond Rd., North Andover, Mass. " Her blush is guiltiness, not modesty " 1956-1960 Fidelio 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 2, 3; Varsity Softball 3; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; High Honors 3, 4; Class Play 1, 2; W.U.S. 3; Honor Roll 1; Honorable Mention 2; Song Leader 1, 2, 3; Secretary of Class 1; Vice President of Class 3; Head of Day Students 4; Executive Bazaar Com- mittee 3; Choir 2, 3, 4. CYNTHIA COBURN BUMP Surplus St., Duxbury, Mass. " 1 sighed and looked and sighed again " 1958-1960 Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Secretary of A.A.A. 4; Treasurer of Class 3. 16 «w JULIA AMELIA CABRAL Pte. Trajillo 57, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic " Confucius say: Girl with beautiful eyes soon put man on blink " 1957-1960 Davis Hall Marshal 3; Class Play 2; Senior Drama Group 4; Head of Bazaar Committee 3. AMELIA COMAS BACARDI 194 1320 esq 15 Biltmore, Havana, Cuba " Laugh, and the world laughs with me " 1958-1960 Fidelio 4; Dance Group 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; W.U.S. 3; W.U.S. Chairman 4. ■.I QlRO BARBARA LLOYD COOPER 15 Indian Rock Rd., New Canaan, Conn. " Tobacco is a dirty weed; I like it " 1957-1960 Cheerleader 3; Senior Drama Group 4; A.C.A. Representative 2. 17 RUTH EVELYN COX 424 High St., Bethlehem, Penn. " The good I stand on is my truth and honesty " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; New Fi- delio 2; Fidelio 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 4; Numerals 3; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Gargoyle Team Captain 4; Class Secretary 2; Fidelio Librarian 4; Head of Bazaar Committee 3; Honor Roll 4. ALEXANDRA MARIA CRANE 9 Abbot St., Andover, Mass. " I will lift up mine eyes unto the hill " 1956-1960 Varsity Softball 3; Numerals 4; Class Play 1, 2; Yearbook Committee 4; A.C.A. Representative 2; Vice President of Class 1; Griffin Cheerleader 2. MARGARET LANDENE DANIELSON Cutler Rd., Andover, Mass. " As full of spirit as the month of May " 1956-1960 Chapel Proctor 2; Day Student Proctor 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 3, 4; Soccer Coach 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3; Basketball Coach 3; Varsity Lacrosse 3; Lacrosse Coach 2, 3; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; High Honors 3, 4; Class Secretary 1; Treasurer of Day Students 4; Bazaar Committee Chair- man 3. 18 ADRIENNE MARIE DAVIS 235 Laurel Ave., S.W., Atlanta 14, Georgia " Her very foot has music in it " 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Fidelio .3, 4; Dance Group 3, 4 Assistant Director Commencement Play 3 Senior Drama Group, Music Director 4 A.C.A. Representative 3; Vice President A.C.A. 4; Sunday School Teaching, pianist 4. JANET DENNISON The Old Stone House Middle Haddam, Conn. " The best of healers is good cheer " 1958-1960 Commencement Play 3; Secre- tary of A.C.A. 4. ®%ie ELIZABETH TAYLOR DEXTER 409 Bayview Dr., Rte. 13, Clearwater, Fla. " Her ways are ways of pleasantness " 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 4; Fidelio 3, 4; Dance Group 4; Cheerleader 3; Debating 3; Sunday School Teaching 3, 4; Bazaar Com- mittee Chairman 3. 19 MARGOT DIANE DRAYTON 632 North Bay St., Manchester, N.H. " I never met a man I didn ' t like " 1957-1960 Chapel Proctor 2, 3, 4; Dance Group 2, 3, 4; Dance Coach 3; Commence- ment Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; De- hating 4; Executive Bazaar Committee 3; Graduation Dance Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3. " Jgn B 7 ANNA DUDLEY Exeter, N.H. " A fair exterior is a silent recommendation " 1958-1960 Chapel Proctor 4; Fidelio 4; Honorable Mention 3; Honor Roll 3; Herald Tribune Representative 4. PAULETTE JEANNE DUFAULT State Sanatorium, Rutland, Mass. " With a smile like a pearl " 1957-1960 Chapel Proctor 3, 4; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 4; Class Play 2; Com- mencement Plav 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Brooks Play 3. 20 W L MARY CALVERT TRUXTUN DYER 3 Pie Alley, Marion, Mass. " A good folly is worth what you pay for it " 1957-1960 Tennis Varsity 4; Numerals 4; Class Play 2; Commencement Play 3; Debat- ing 4; W.U.S. Representative 4; Graduation Dance Committee 4. MARGARET ELSEMORE 11 Main St., Dixfield, Maine " Golden opinions from all sorts of people " 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Brooks Plav 3; " Miss Chords " 3, 4; Class President 3; Choir 3, 4; President of Student Government 4; Honor- able Mention 4. MARY ALICE FELDBLUM 18 Nassau St., Great Neck, L.I., New York " Let ' s start a riot " 1957-1960 Numerals 3; Basketball Coach 3; Soccer Coach 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; De- bating 4; Sunday School Teaching 4; Senior Drama Group 4. 21 ' 4JP «. P%, sB B j ■-- ' " " A SARAH PHILLIPS FOOTE Cornwall Bridge, Conn. " Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Varsity Fencing 1, 2, 3; Varsity Archery 2; Varsity Tennis 4; Tennis Coach 4; Class Play 1, 2; Commence- ment Play 3; Yearbook Committee 4; W.U.S. Representative 1; Sunday School Teaching 3; Numerals 3; Prom Committee 3; " Miss Chords " 3, 4. SHARON LYNNE FURNEAUX 5 Morelands Terrace, New Bedford, Mass. " What a plague is love " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 1; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Chapel Proctor 4; Sunday School Teaching 4; W.U.S. Representative. KRISTIANNE GRAHAM Box 44, Woods Hole, Mass. " Why not mix a little folly with ivisdom " 1958-1960 Fidelio 3, 4; New Fidelio 2; Varsity Archery 3; Commencement Play 3; Brooks Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Di- rector of Prep Play 4; Yearbook Committee 4; Honor Roll 4. 22 JOAN THAYER HAGERMAN Holderness School, Plymouth, N.H. " A smile that lights up the dullest room " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Fidelio 4; New Fidelio 3; Numerals 3; Class Play 1, 2; Commencement Play 3; President of Class 2; Vice President of Student Government 4; Bazaar Executive Committee 3. BARBARA ELIZABETH HEINDEL 4225 Stratford Rd., Youngstown 12, Ohio " 1 don ' t let my studies interfere with my education " 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 4; A.C.A. Rep- resentative 4. ANN PERFECT HODGKINSON Demesne Farm, Doddington, Nantwich, Cheshire, England " A merry heart, a cheerful countenance " 1959-1960 Senior Parlor Committee 4; A.C.A. Representative 4. 23 ALICE MARY HORN South Main St., Centerville, Mass. " She doth little kindnesses which most leave undone " 1956-57 1958-1960 Dance Group 4; Senior Drama Group 4; W.U.S. Representative 2, 3; A.C.A. Representative 4. JANE ABBOT HUMPHREY 595 Hopmeadow St., Simsbury, Conn. " Her delight is in sailing ships " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Student Representative for New York Times 4. CLARISSA PHELPS HUTCHINS 1046 Pequot Rd., Southport, Conn. " Confidence is the companion of success " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 3, 4; New Fidelio 2; Class Play 2; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Choir 4; Vice President of Class 3; Social Committee 3; Prom Commit- tee 3; Honor Roll 3; Honorable Mention 2, 4; Head of News 4. 24 MARY ELIZABETH HUTCHINS 501 Highland Rd., Ithaca, New York " Music hath charms " 1958-1960 Fidelio 3, 4; President of Fi- delio 4; Choir 3, 4; " Miss Chords " 3, 4; Dance Group 3, 4. TERRY LEE HYDEMAN 980 Arlington Rd., York, Penn. " Carefree as the wind " 1957-1960 Soccer, First Team 2, 4. SARA CHITTENDEN JASPER 115 Hampshire Rd., Syracuse 3, New York " Short hut sweet " 1958-1960 Chapel Proctor 3; Treasurer of A.C.A. 4; Honorable Mention 3. 25 ALLISON DIANA JENNINGS Wahackme Rd., New Canaan, Conn. " I can keep a secret, but the people I tell can ' t " 1957-1960 Varsity Tennis 2, 3; Class Play 2; Senior Drama Group 4; Debating 3, 4; A.C.A. Representative 2, 3, 4; Sunday School Teaching 4; Combined Orchestra 2; Gradu- ation Dance Committee 4; Parlor Commit- tee 4. HANNAH JOPLING R.D. 14, Bywater Rd., Annapolis, Md. " No one ever tells me anything " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 1, 2; Varsity Lacrosse 2, 3; Hockey Varsity 3, 4; Numer- als 2; " A " Society 3, 4; Class Play 2; Com- mencement Play 3; Vice President of A.A.A. 4; " Rejects " 4. ANNE WEBSTER KALES 8 Morven Place, Princeton, NJ. " The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool " 1957-1960 Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Hockey 3; Varsity Lacrosse 3; Numerals 3; " A " Society 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; A.C.A. Representative 3; Treasurer of A.A.A. 4; Class Treasurer 3; Bazaar Executive Com- mittee 3; " Rejects " 4; Honorable Mention 4. 26 SUSAN ANN KASSLER Lafayette Road West, Princeton, N.J. " To love the game beyond the prize " 1957-1960 Varsity Lacrosse 2, 3; Numerals 3; " A " Society 3, 4; Class Play 2; President of A. A. A. 4; Sunday School Teaching 2; " Rejects " 4; President of Class 2; Prom Committee 3. CAROLYN VIRGINIA KENT 135 Cliff St., Burlington, Vt. " My mind is my kingdom " 1956-1960 New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Class Play 1, 2; Senior Drama Group 4; Courant 3, 4; Chapel Proctor 2, 4; Choir 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Honorable Mention 2. v LINDSAY KNOWLTON 41 North St., Grafton, Mass. " All the world ' s a stage " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Varsity Tennis 3, 4; Numerals 4; Class Play 2; Senior Drama Group 4; Co- Director of Prep Play 4; Senior Parlor Committee. 27 mk 1f »v. k ■ GILLIAN BREWSTER KOHLER Thornhill, Kohler, Wisconsin " Never a dull moment " 1958-1960 Fidelio 3, 4; Archery Varsity 3; Varsity Soccer 4; Commencement Play 3; Social Committee 4. CO DEBORAH MARIE C. KRICHELS Apple Hill, South Lee, Mass. " Then she will talk, and how she will talk " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Davis Hall Marshal 3; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Varsity Track 1, 2, 3; Class Play 1, 2; Debating 3; W.U.S. Representative 1; A.C.A. Repre- sentative 2. mw. w Li ™ " W k X i BARBARA CAROLINE LEWIS Loveland Rd., Norwich, Vt. " Rich in thought and character " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 3, 4; Fidelio 4; Varsity Hockey 4; Chairman of Bazaar Committee 3; Honor Roll 2; Class Secretary 2; A.C.A. Representative 2. t 28 SUSAN LOTHROP 6 Harriman Ave., Reading, Mass. " A little rebellion now and then is a good thing " 1956-1960 Day Student Proctor 2; Chapel Proctor 2, 4; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Nu- merals 3; Class Play 1; Yearbook Commit- tee 4; W.U.S. Representative 4. mi V EDITH MAY LOTT 23 Crystal St., Greenwood, Mass. " Always be true to one, not to two " 1958-1960 Fidelio 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Sec- retary of Student Government 4; " Miss Chords " 3, 4. HEATH MALONE 193 Main St., Andover, Mass. " He hath given her ability to perform " 1956-1960 Day Student Proctor 1, 2; Cha- pel Proctor 2; Dance Group 2, 3, 4; Numer- als 2; " A " Society 4; Varsity Tennis 1; Class Play 1; Cheerleader 3, 4. 29 JOYCE CLAIRE MATTEIS 27 Lincoln St., Kensington, Conn. " Good humor teaches charm to last " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; New Fidelio 2; Fidelio 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Courant 3; W.U.S. Representative 3; A.C.A. Representative 2; " Miss Chords " 3, 4; Vice President of Class 2, 4; Honorable Mention 2; Social Committee 4. JOYCE MIRIAM NASSAR 60 Hidden Rd., Andover, Mass. " Happiness, the twin-horn of Devotion " 1956-1960 Day Student Proctor 1; Chapel Proctor 4; Numerals 3; Class Play 1; Debat- ing 4; Yearbook Committee 4. BARBARA JANE NORR 143 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre 59, Mass. " She ' s a nonexistent weenie " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Honor Roll 3; Hon- orable Mention 3. 30 CHARLOTTE PAMELA PALMER 64 Elm St., Lynbrook, N.Y. " Only weeds grow tall " 1958-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Debating 3; Secretary of Debating 4; Yearbook Commit- tee 4; Sunday School Teaching 3, 4; Honor- able Mention 4. ATHANASIA PANAYOTAKOU 127 Lykourgos St., Athens, Greece " Good things come in small packages " 1958-1960 Dance Group 4; W.U.S. Repre- sentative 3, 4; The " Abbot Rabbot " 4. A H VIRGINIA CONANT PRATT 221 Rriarwood Crossing Lawrence, L.I., New York " Flirtation, attention without intention " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Dance Group 4; Numerals 2; " A " Society President 4; Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3; Class Play 1, 2; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; A.C.A. Representa- tive 1, Head of Walks 4; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Graduation Dance Commit- tee 4. 31 DIANE IONE RALPHS 5 Crest Rd. West, Rolling Hills, Calif. " We that are true lovers run to strange capers " 1956-1960 Chapel Proctor 3; Debate 3, 4; Head of Sunday School Teachers 4; Class Play 1, 2; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Numerals 3. PHYLLIS BARRIE ROSS 226 Heather St., Manchester, N.H. " All things won by diligence " 1959-1960 Corridor Proctor 3, 4; Com- mencement Play 3; Brooks Play 3; Debating 3; President of Debating 4; Chairman of Bazaar Committee 3. MARCIA LEE SALIBA Gardner Ave., Andover, Mass. " From her fair flesh may violets spring " 1956-1960 Chapel Proctor 3; Day Student Proctor 1, 2; Fidelio 4; Numerals 4; Class Play 1; Honor Roll 1; Honorable Mention 1. 32 T AIDA SHARABATI P.O. Box 90, Damascus, Syria " Eyes — bright and as black and burning as coal " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2, 4; Debating 3; W.U.S. Representative 2. CAMILLA ADELAIDE SHERMAN 1709 Wisconsin Ave., Racine, Wisconsin " The first duty of a woman is to be well-dressed " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Secretary of Class 3; Chairman of Social Committee 4; Bazaar Committee Head 3. CYNTHIA LLOYD SMITH Little Compton, R.I. " I can believe anything, provided it is incredible " 1958-1960 Dance Group 3; Commence- ment Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Chair- man Senior Parlor Committee 4. s rS 33 MARY-CANDACE SMITH 1809 Roma Ave. N.E., Albuquerque, N.M. " Good humor makes all things tolerable " 1957-1960 Fidelig " 4; Courant 3, 4. NANCY ANN SMITH Prattling Pond Rd., Farmington, Conn. " She will give the devil his due " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2, 3; New Fi- delio 2; Fidelio 3, 4; Tennis Varsity 3, 4; Varsity Softball 3; Numerals 3; Head of Senior-Mid Talent Show 3; Class Play 2; Commencement Play 3; Head Yearbook Committee 4; A.C.A. Representative 2; Hon- or Roll 2, 3, 4; Honorable Mention 2, 3. OLEA CHAPMAN SMITH Sandy Hook, Conn. " Whenever you get the urge to exercise, just lie down until it passes " 1956-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Varsity Soccer 3; Numerals 3; Class Play 1, 2; Courant 3, 4; W.U.S. Co-Chairman 4; Sun- day School Teaching 3; Class President 1, 3; Bazaar Committee Chairman 3; Honorable Mention 2, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2. 34 SUSAN MANN SPALDING Main St., Vineyard Haven, Mass. " My kingdom for a horse " 1956-1960 Fidelio 3, 4; Class Play 1, 2; Varsity Track 1; Choir 4. KATHY CAMPBELL STEVENS 83 Academy Rd., North Andover, Mass. " Flee from the crowd and dwell with truthfulness " 1956-1960 Day Student Proctor 1, 2, 4; Chapel Proctor 1, 2; Class Play 1; Senior Drama Group 4; Numerals 3; Varsity La- crosse 3; Varsity Soccer 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Honorable Mention 3. ANNE COOPER TARBELL 15 High St., Belfast, Maine " Imagine me preferring books to men " 1958-1960 Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 3, 4. 35 DOROTHY TOD 98 Fairway Dr., Youngstown, Ohio " They mocked me for too much curiosity " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2; Dance Group 4; Numerals 3; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Yearbook Com- mittee 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Honorable Men- tion 2, 3; Walk Leader 4. ANN COLEMAN TWITCHELL 151 Ledge Rd., Burlington, Vt. " Patience, and shuffle the cards " 1958-1960 New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Senior Drama Group 4. ANN DeHAVEN VALKENBURGH 201 Newton Turnpike, Westport, Conn. " The pen is mightier than the sword " 1957-1960 New Fidelio 2; Fidelio 3, 4; Courant Apprentice Editor; President of Class 4; Secretary of Class 3; Executive Ba- zaar Committee 3; " Miss Chords " 3, 4; Honorable Mention 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. 36 ELIZABETH MITCHELL VAN WINKLE 31 Centre St., Rye, N.Y. " With quiet inattention hear him prate " 1957-1960 Varsity Archery 3; Class Play 2; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Graduation Dance Committee 4; Honor Roll 2; Honorable Mention 4. SARAH JENNINGS VON DER HEYDE Hawks Hill Rd., New Canaan, Conn. " No more appetite than a bird, You know, one of those eagles " 1957-1960 Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Prep Play Director 4; De- bating 4; Yearbook Committee 4; W.U.S. Representative 2, 4; Honorable Mention 2, 4; Honor Roll 2. W BRENDA BALDWIN WALKER 271 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. " Eat, drink, and he merry for tomorrow we diet " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 3; Fidelio 4; Class Play 2; Commencement Play Sunday School Teaching 2; Honor Roll 2, Honorable Mention 3; Social Committee Bazaar Committee Chairman 3. 3, 3; 3; 4; 37 SUSAN RICHARDSON WALLACE 2 Dartmouth St., Winchester, Mass. " Good order is the foundation of all good things " 1958-1960 Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Co-Head of News 4; Honor Roll 3; Honorable Mention 3. X r SUSAN GOODWIN WEBER 99 Maher Ave., Greenwich, Conn. " A mighty hunter and her prey is man " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2, 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4; Numerals 3; Hockey Coach; Tennis Coach; Class Play 2; W.U.S. Representative 2; Class Treasurer 2, 4; " Miss Chords " 3, 4. MARGARET DODGE WILKINS 299 High St., Newburyport, Mass. " In quietness lies hidden friendship " 1958-1960 Chapel Proctor 3, 4; Varsity Track 3; Varsity Soccer 4; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Courant 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4. 38 SUSAN TODD WILKINSON Auldwood Lane, Rumson, N.J. " Like a bee she loves her Honey " 1957-1960 Corridor Proctor 2, 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Com- mittee 4; Choir 4; School Song Leader 4; " Miss Chords " 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Honor- able Mention 3. HI P :33L r» V 7JV LOVING MEMORY OF OUR CLASSMATE, PRISCILLA POTTER " It matters not how long we live, but how " 39 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: J. Matteis, Vice-President; W. Bolton, Secretary; S. Weber, Treasurer; A. Valkenburgh, President; Miss Hancock, Class Advisor. SENIOR CLASS SONG In the years to come we never will forget The standards you ' ve set for us here, And the class of ' 60 carries forward yet A torch ever burning through the years. The memories . . . the friendships true We ' ll treasure our whole lives through. Your loyal daughters ever we will be As onward we march behind the blue. 40 THE CHAPEL THE DINING ROOM SENIOR MID CLASS OFFICERS FIRST TERM Seated: S. Hill, President; L. Bacon, Vice-President. Standing: K. Stahlbrand, Secretary; C. Ule, Treasurer. SENIOR MID CLASS OFFICERS SECOND TERM Seated: S. Knight, Vice-President; G. Hodges, President. Standing: S. Smith, Secretary; L. Low, Treasurer. DAY STUDENTS First Row: C. Butler, M. Harriman, S. Fox, E. Hyde. Back Row: J. Benedict, S. Hill, C. O ' Brien, M. Farnsworth, D. Easton, E. Keegan. 42 DRAPER FIRST FLOOR O W First Row: C. Nassikas, K. Magid, L. Barnes, L. Lynch, N. Levin, D. String- fellow. Second Row: M. Cohen, A. Savage, J. Smith, J. Paffard, M. Hale, S. Roth- well, H. Reppert, J. Owen. DRAPER THIRD FLOOR O W First Row: L. Low, E. Holloway, C. Ule, P. McClennen, E. Ely, S. Craig, A. Lynch. Second Row: M. Barton, A. Teve- paugh, J. Morton, M. Perry, L. Scott, G. Hodges. Back Row: S. Knight, J. Goldthwait, J. Draper, M. Upton, J. Purser, T. Naetzker, L. Erickson, S. Smith, C. Marshall. DRAPER SECOND FLOOR O W First Row: S. Matthews, S. Davis, B. Osborne, A. Buerger, P. Edson, E. Wanning, A. Fahnestock. Second Row: D. Evans, K. Kopelman, S. Stouffer, D. MacCorkle, L. Lister, P. Rogde. Back Row: D. Carpenter, C. Eaton, E. Christelow, M. Bidwell, J. Jordan, K. Stahlbrand, J. Spurgeon, L. Bac- on, S. Nicholson. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST TERM Seated: B. Crane, Vice-President; D. Wheeler, President. Standing: J. Davison, Treasurer; H. Field, Secretary. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SECOND TERM Seated: M. Wells, President. Standing: B. Marshall, Treasurer; C. Matthews, Secretary. Missing: A. MacDougall, Vice-Presi- dent. DAY STUDENTS Seated: B. Marshall, K. Krakauer, G. Haselton, C. Laaff, B. Crane. Standing: M. Currier, K. Grant, N. Gillingham, L. Moriarty, M. Concemi. Missing: M. Sweet. FRENCH HOUSE First Row: M. Wells, D. Wheeler, E. Wood, A. von der Heyde, L. Cor- son, E. Foster. Second Row: J. Thurber, G. White- head, R. Bradley, B. Brown, C. Ab- bott, E. Worcester. Back Row: M. Mason, H. Field, S. Boynton, A. MacDougall, K. Krause, C. Thomas, V. Crane. 44 ABBEY HOUSE FIRST FLOOR First Row: C. Blake, E. Moulton, J. Davison, C. Field. Back Row: M. Hill, S. Allen, R. Bart- lett, E. Bohlen, K. Grant. ABBEY HOUSE SECOND FLOOR First Row: C. Dow, N. Matthews, M. Henry, M. Lyman. Back Row: P. Ware, P. Gray, J. Gil- bert, C. Fisher, A. Conrad, C. Wilk- erson. ABBEY HOUSE THIRD FLOOR First Row: K. Feldblum, L. Learned, C. Kerr, M. Osborne. Back Row: L. Swanberg, R. Kaiser, N. Hill, K. Cecil, C. Everett, F. Muller. 45 PREPARATORY CLASS OFFICERS FIRST TERM Vice-President: A. Harris President: C. Holcombe PREPARATORY CLASS OFFICERS SECOND TERM Secretary-Treasurer: M. O ' Rourke President: J. Goehring Vice-President: M. Powers DAY STUDENTS Front Row: D. Fitts, M. Kimball, C. Kimball, M. Rrown. Back Row: H. Hayes, S. Burton, C. Bennett, K. Haartz, I. Vardavoulis, S. Seecbe. Missing: C. Flint. SHERMAN First -Row: M. Power, J. Goehring, D. Miller, B. Hoffman, R. Eustace, A. Harris. Back Roiv: W. Joline, C. Holcombe, E. Moulton, M. Moore, C. Krippen- dorf, S. Coolidge, M. O ' Rourke, C. Davidson, C. Stern, D. Youngblood. 46 AIRPLANE VIEW OF ABBOT ACADEMY - , V -If- , " ' , ■ i jm SOUTH HALL (SUNSET) ABBOT HALL SMITH HALL DAVIS HALL From School Street 47 STUDENT FORUM Front Row: C. Flint, E. Wanning, E. Hyde, C. Stern, M. Danielson, J. Matteis, A. Davis. Second Row: R. Bradley, C. Abbott, E. Lott, J. Hagerman, H. Jopling, B. Marshall, M. Lyman. Back Row: F. Muller, C. Krippendorf, C. Marshall, E. Dexter, A. Sharabati, S. Babb, K. Stahlbrand, C. Sherman, S. Roth well, S. Knight, B. Lewis, K. Stevens. STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: C. Auxier, J. Hagerman, Vice-President, M. Elsemore, President, E. Lott, Secretary, D. Wheeler. Back Row: A. Harris, B. Crane, S. Kassler, S. Brennan, L. Bacon, S. Hill, A. Valkenburgh, C. Holcombe. 48 F l COURANT BOARD Seated: C. Kent; S. Babb, Editor-in-Chief; Mrs. Werner, S. Matthews. Standing: J. Owen, O. Smith, S. Boynton, M. C. Smith, M. Wilkins, M. Powers. CIRCLE STAFF Seated: A. Anthony; N. Smith, Editor-in-Chief; D. Tod. Standing: C. Palmer, K. Graham, S. Von der Heyde, S. Foote, S. Wilkinson, J. Nassar, S. Lothrop, A. Crane. 49 © Hi • f%f f ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Front Row: K. Krakauer, E. Moulton, C. Nassikas, C. Auxier, A. Davis, J. Dennison, S. Jasper, A. Jennings, S. Craig, E. Wood. Back Row: A. H orn, E. Keegan, S. Allen, C. Everett, H. Field, B. Hein- del, A. Hodgkinson, D. Carpenter, P. Ware, D. Miller. ACA OFFICERS Vice-President, A. Davis; Treasurer, S. Jasper; Secretary, J. Dennison; President, C. Auxier. V L WUS OFFICERS O. Smith, Assistant to Chairman; A. Comas, Chairman. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE Front Row: S. Von der Heyde, A. Panayotakou, S. Seeche, O. Smith, A. Comas, C. Davidson, C. Kerr, C. Nassikas. Back Row: E. Wood, M. Dyer, L. Furneaux, G. Whitehead, R. Bartlett, S. Lothrop, G. Hodges, L. Lister, A. Conrad, M. Powers. 50 SENIOR DRAMA GROUP Front Row: S. Barngrove, C. Sherman, J. Beecher, S. Von der Heyde, M. Wilkins, C. Kent M. Drayton. Second Row: K. Stevens, M. Feldblum, S. Kassler, B. Cooper, A. Jennings, E. Van Winkle, A. Horn, A. Davis, S. Wallace. Back Row: A. Anthony, V. Pratt, C. Smith, P. Dufault, C. Hutchins, D. Ralphs, L. Knowl- ton, J. Humphrey, K. Graham, W. Bolton, A. Twitchell. Missing: R. Cox, A. Comas. ■ SOCIAL COMMITTEE Seated: B. Walker, C. Sherman, Chairman, L. Bacon. Standing: J. Matteis, G. Kohler, A. Harris, B. Crane. DEBATING SOCIETY Front Row: M. Drayton, S. Coolidge, M. Dyer, D. Ralphs, M. Feldblum, A. Jennings, C. Krippendorf, H. Reppert, A. Buerger, P. Ross, Chairman. Back Row: K. Kopelman, H. Field, M. Power, J. Nassar, M. Cohen, C. Auxier, S. Von der Heyde, E. Wood, N. Levin, C. Palmer. THE FIDELIO SOCIETY Front Row: S. Davis, C. Nassikas, S. Craig, D. Stringfellow, A. Valkenburgh, B. Osborne, M. Hutchins, President, A. Dudley, C. Kent, E. Lott, K. Graham, L. Lynch, A. Fahnestock, S. Matthews. Second Row: P. Edson, P. Dufault, B. Lewis, B. Cox, A. Comas, M. Perry, M. Elsemore, L. Scott, S. Spalding, D. Krichels, L. Lister, N. Smith, J. Matteis, C. Auxier, A. Davis. Third Row: G. Hodges, C. Ule, H. Beppert, E. Dexter, S. Hill, C. Eaton, A. Tarbell, B. Walker, S. Lothrop, M. Saliba, J. Benedict. Back Row: S. Weber, G. Kohler, C. Bump, S. Wallace, A. Hodgkinson, S. Wilkinson, C. Hutchins, J. Purser, M. Smith, S. Brennan, S. Foote, S. Babb, M. Bidwell, L. Erickson, D. MacCorkle. Missing: A. Lynch, J. Jordan, J. Paffard, M. Bethune, A. Twitchell. i J rf Y THE CHOIB Front Row: D. Stringfellow, C. Auxier, K. Grant, S. Spalding, S. Allen, M. Elsemore, P. Ware, L. Scott, M. Hutchins, C. Kent. Back Row: S. Hill, C. Thomas, S. Wilkinson, C. Hutchins, S. Brennan, M. Bidwell, C. Eaton, H. Beppert. Missing: J. Jordan, L. Lynch, A. Lynch, J. Paffard. 52 GYMNASTICS ABBOT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION S. Kassler, President H. Jopling, Vice-President C. Bump, Secretary A. Kales, Treasurer TEAM CAPTAINS R. Cox, Head of Gargoyles J. Beecher, Head of Griffins " A " SOCIETY W. Bolton, C. Butler, M. Harriman, S. Brennan, M. Danielson, A. Kales, S. Kassler, H. Jopling, V. Pratt, President. 54 n -i n n n -i -i -i -i - 55 GRIFFIN FIRST TEAM TENNIS Front Row: K. Graham, E. Lott. Standing: N. Smith, M. Dyer, E. Bohlen, D. Car- penter. Judy Beecher and Caesar GRIFFIN CHEERLEADERS Front Row: S. Matthews, L. Lynch. Standing: H. Reppert, L. Scott, D. MacCorkle. 56 GRIFFIN FIRST TEAM HOCKEY First Row: A. Anthony, C. Ule, A. Kales, L. Corson, G. Hodges. Back Row: S. Kassler, S. Spalding, L. Erickson, H. Jopling, P. Rogde, R. Marshall, V. Crane, M. Upton. GRIFFIN FIRST TEAM SOCCER First Row: R. Osborne, M. Wilkins, M. Danielson, L. Lynch, M. Rethune. Back Row: S. Rrennan, A. Crane, G. Kohler, M. Feldblum, J. Renedict, P. Dufault, S. Hill. 57 GARGOYLE FIRST TEAM TENNIS Front Row: L. Knowlton, C. Kerr. Standing: S. Wilkinson, A. Hodgkinson, S. Foote, J. Draper. Rusty Cox and Lister 4 % G • 5 c GARGOYLE CHEERLEADERS J. Spurgeon, H. Malone, D. Tod, D. Evans, L. Bacon 58 GARGOYLE FIRST TEAM HOCKEY First Row: E. Wanning, J. Owen, J. Hagerman, C. Kimball, E. Holloway. Back- Row: A. Savage, S. Rothwell, J. Paffard, A. Fahnestock, S. Weber, C. Bump, M. Hill. GARGOYLE FIRST TEAM SOCCER First Roiv: E. Hyde, K. Krakauer, C. Butler, W. Bolton, D. Tod. Back Row: K. Stevens, O. Smith, S. Fox, H. Malone, M. Harriman, S. Davis, M. Sweet, T. Hydeman. 59 MODERN DANCE GROUP Seated: C. Laaff, A. Horn, A. Panayo- takou, L. Lynch, L. Low. Middle Row: A. Comas, E. Bohlen, E. Dexter, P. Edson. Back Row: M. Hutchins, V. Pratt, M. Drayton, T. Naetzker, L. Lister, A. Lynch, A. Davis, I. VardavouJis, D. Tod. Missing: H. Malone. 60 Notice. Those persons who feel favourably disposed towards the establishment of a JFtwalt Pft ' gfc rltool iii the South Parish of Andover, are requested to meet at Mr. James Locke ' s on Tuesday evening next, the 19th inst. at six dfclock, V- M. ANDOVER. FEB. 15. 1828 MADAME SARAH ABBOT Signs like this were posted in prominent places around Andover to urge the founding of an academy. This developed into Abbot Academy. • , MR. WARREN F. DRAPER 61 mv v : - ' r : s i ■■ Ask m m • -S-v ' -. --, . ._ ' . 0 ' g rfh f ' u yf y " y|P : hi ' We won ' t fall down. . . . ' " But we did fall down! " THE CLASS OF 1960 ALICE ANTHONY CORKY AUXIER SALLY BABB SALLY BARNGROVE JUDY BEECHER MILLIE BETHUNE WENDY BOLTON SUSAN BRENNAN CINDY BUMP JULIA CABRAL AMELIA COMAS BARBI COOPER RUSTY COX LEXI CRANE PEGGY DANIELSON ADRIENNE DAVIS JANET DENNISON LISSA DEXTER MARGOT DRAYTON ANNA DUDLEY LOVES coffee ice cream, Weekapaug, Dominican Republic, rum, skunks, perfume the Army, money, money and more money, the Food Store " brown speckled eyeballs " the jewelers, guitar meets Biology — but even more, T.D. animals, sly people Flo Kate, hiding cocoa, dimples, being queen for a day New York, singing, Gershwin to look ahead, the Abbot glide, Old Spice bottles, candles, corn-pads, merengues, tropical sun and moon, Revlon heavenly good, Jordan Marsh ' s and Filene ' s basements, Bacardi Rum obsequious names, coffee, South Sea Islands and their inhabitants tea sandwiches, Clarence (R.I. P. ), Pocono, private parties E.E. Cummings, her color choice, Spanish, chipped beef New York and Maine, stimulating people, the casual approach, T-birds sleep, jokes, " Birdland, " " Scotch " " Madison " ' Teanuts " lemon squares, Durgin Park, Filene ' s Base- ment, brawls, fermented cider disabled football players, daily mailbox dusters, " and all that jazz " people who send packages, fancy hair- dos, bananas, neat rooms PAULETTE DUFAULT Volkswagens, Fidel Castro, Rats MIKE DYER MAGGIE ELSEMORE Lovie, the Weavers, Jules Feiffer, French restaurants, steel bands, excitement; Thursday night study halls, spectator sports, symmetry; HAS AS PET PEEVES barf-green walls, bed-bugs storm pipes, warm-blooded room- mates, too much champagne served with breakfast, Mexicans fried eggs at a French table moles, sabres, and bracketteers Biology, rattling radiators, fat people people who don ' t like animals, children, smokers, weasels eating powdered cocoa her shadows, flat tires, short boys tie shoes, that know-nothing feeling Bed-bugs, mending furniture, moustache kisses, dirty snow people sitting on her bed, Manifest Destiny, unplucked eyebrows, bells and schedules pit dweller, Coley Moley, the Bracketteers Griffins Susie ' s crooked nose, plutonic relationships the solvable, foot class, hypocrites, neurotic people conceited boys, frogs, tea dances, bells; separate faucets for hot and cold water, unsynchronized watches gurgling radiators, dissecting worms, frogs and grasshoppers, vegetable dinners; moppish pony tails, fire bugs, stamp lifters daily mail from " across the street, " cheering both sides at E.-A. games, taking 2 hour to wash hair the duck pond, the big ride, obse- ques, Fat Queens those whose olfactory organs are tinged with brown People who can ' t break rules " discreetly, " Fenway 70 CONFESSES THAT WILL MISS Julia ' s snoring, Hey Lady! fire ropes, candles; Snow plows at 4 A.M., posture pictures IS ALWAYS FOUND absent minded, looking for something, shuffling around in the dark in the wrong place at the wrong time drying underwear on the radiator illustrating Great Poems store fronts, lantern swings Biology Pease 9, ' 58, Merry, amazing crawling across the dining room roof with Susie " Jacopo " the made-by-others schedule the patter of little feet in the early morning, " Lady Chatterley " fire ropes, raids, baking for W.U.S. sales, her private chapel service Belafonte bathtubs, the no-neck monsters the night watchman P.A., the Griffins and the tiffins those Abbot lunches snowhorses, B.B., Lester Lanin? breakfasts the snow horse, the hang rope six-handed bridge games and smoke- blue Sundays lending scales by the wrong people doing Biology in snack bar, retrieving her clothes from the bin on an escapade into the night blushing and explaining why, s-s-s-shing in the big chair, awake making chipmunk faces, closing bureau drawers talking rather loudly, thinking about a little island in a cigarette box asleep at 7:15 A.M. near Susie, at home, on the big couch in the Day Student room procrastinating AND STILL HOPES TO sail around the world on her own schooner see the South rise again get the green paint out from under her fingernails duel the mule to teach Biology at Abbot to baby sit at Walloon Lake to be an old maid have a quiet Day Student room speak French, stay blond love human race to fit in her black and gray suit to be seen by the field, meet Paul Newman relinquish her position as " monkey for the week " not to be able to get to school because of a snowstorm take that " Sentimental Journey " looking for glasses, hungry, dreaming, washing never pass Biology, recover from soccer eat a pizzaburger with Woo Woo Ginsburg drinking tea, sitting on her chair, worrying run into all her old friends about what to do next again in " Inner-Sanctum ' in the library see LA. and Sandy Koufax pitch patent her diet signs the Baby D ' s, the beat room, Bracketting Twetches the spirit of freedom Abbot lavishes brushing teeth, munching chocolates upon one . . . my advisees next Christmas in Mrs. Crane ' s office have a Buddy travel around the world, meet Kruschev, have her own teeth at 90 hear from Frank Sinatra 71 THE CLASS OF 1960 MARY FELDBLUM SALLY FOOTE LYNNE FURNEAUX KRISTI GRAHAM JOANIE HAGERMAN BARBIE HEINDEL ANN HODGKINSON ALICE HORN JANE HUMPHREY CLARISSA HUTCHINS MARY HUTCHINS TERRY HYDEMAN SALLY JASPER SUNNY JENNINGS HANNAH JOPLING ANNE KALES SUSIE KASSLER CAROLYN KENT LINNY KNOWLTON GILL KOHLER DEBBY KRICHELS BARBIE LEWIS SUSIE LOTHROP MIMI LOTT HEATH MALONE LOVES the best of everything; Grotdummers, CHLA, N.Y. taxi drivers, yellow drivers; Princeton Triangle Club, Huntsville Hockey Team, those lumberjacks that certain guy from N.H. cooing pigeons, Thursday night study halls pleads the 5th amendment convincing Americans there are ghosts Saturday night entertainments, Paris indescribable nothings; Milk new shoes, Pluto, General DeGaulle iceboxes, sleep denim jackets, black nylons, Italian hair-dos, Romano Thursday night study halls, vegetables, red couch, brown skirts Thursday night study halls, spring term squish heels, eating powdered cocoa gullible people principles, Florence and Catharine, " damn straight, " " Do-o-o-o something! " sleep, Saturday buffets, EDP chunka chocolats, the " Miss T, " the Cape and Silver Beach pickles, cheese, male mail, foreign cars Tom Lehrer ' s Alma Mater, slippery European men pickles, people E.E. Cummings, early morning walks existentialism, farm boys, bull sessions hot, sunny days at the Pass, water skiing, southern relaxation HAS AS PET PEEVES seeing % of " Sunset Strip, " non- believers; liver, clearing breakfast, white jacket zippers; " the chubby beebee " cool prep, heifers, used wedding rings people who call no. 7 little, one- sided gin games, defeatists; her loud voice, cheese souffle, choral chewing gum and sucking sweets loudly, fingernails scratched down a blackboard philosophical poets, student recitals, people who think she ' s naive dusty mailboxes, roommate ' s mid- night soliloquies, Dexter Watchclock Co. the " Herald Tribune, " telephone bills, Algeria anyone else ' s will power, growling stomachs, conceited men classical music, " why don ' t you wear lipstick? " , book borrowers chewing gum loudly, loud bedside clock, " April in Paris " breakfast, Danish rounders, playing flute in Abbot plays people who think they ' re tin gods, moon face Mack the Knife sports and peeves done by room- mates, hair bands " three things, " narrowmindedness, required church imitations of Shellev Berman, analyzing letters, " potent " orange juice and the fat queen the usual the frog, the shot, the lost sense of humor snapping gum, little fat heads Lexa, Mondays Wednesday morning toast, gymnastics The man with a line, acting with- out thinking, Monday themes 72 CONFESSES THAT WILL MISS the " Big 8, " pyromaniacs Florence, the ski room, the studio his fat face T ' ain ' t very likely Sunday walks with little no. 7, Abbot skiing early morning hours in the John, pen in hand everyone at Abbot two big rooms escapades of 4 room above, Boston Hill skiers Monday 1st period volleyball the bells, a messy room, A.D. ' s alarm clock the movies every Saturday bickering with roomates, chocolates from Exeter the damn spot, the slope of her Abbot bed Sunday morning ' s squealers those " pick on Ann D nights " the fire escape pencil stubs in chapel, the parlor paper the Baby D ' s and the beat room IS ALWAYS FOUND everywhere in general but nowhere in particular with Weebes in the slit wall in room no. 230 with Chestah, Ahthah McAhthah writing letters, any choice place that ' s available looking out the window, fighting the Civil War where she shouldn ' t be opening and shutting the window in her room trying to regulate the heat digging up blind dates collecting for the New York Times reading the New York Times doing exercises, not ready in the front office pestering Mrs. O ' Neil in the John, brushing teeth on the telephone consoling advisees at the wrong time wearing a wig or a black mantilla wandering bowling, bracketting AND STILL HOPES TO meet S.K. paint a Post cover knock his other front tooth out, retain my " oot " and " hoose " do so many things but none to tell find new fife in New Jersey go to Boston Hill speak with an American accent get into Fidelio fully collect ride a bike across the circle travel around the world return to Borne keep " Cook ' mg be an 87 pound weakling squash the " weenie, " be queen for a day sing the right note sing Jeannette Isabella at the Met win an argument with ASW go to the " marvelous party " P.A. poisoning pigeons in the park going to church, those " divine " P.A. boys, that b-i-g trunk room next door P.A. campus, the snow flakes S.W.A.C, Misschords, Florence Not being ' at P.A. in ' 61, psychological discussions with Marcia, Pease House ' 56- ' 59 in a state of confusion, under beds wearing turtle-necks and going barefoot at the dentist at the SCS, " on the road " in her roomy ' s messy room trudging up the hill, in the Key Club catch up on history outside reading go to Greenwich Village to smile in class picture and be queen for a day know the why ' s and what ' s lose 10 pounds, marry a doctor make a trip to Ponca City, Oklahoma 73 THE CLASS OF 1960 JOICE MATTEIS JOYCE NASSAR BARBIE NORR CHARLOTTE PALMER ADA PANAYOTAKOU GINNY PRATT DIANE RALPHS PHYLLIS ROSS MARCIA SALIBA AIDA SHARABATI CALLY SHERMAN CINDY SMITH MARY-CANDACE SMITH NANCY SMITH OLEA SMITH SUE SPALDING KATHY STEVENS TANGIE TARBELL DOROTHY TOD ANN TWITCHELL ANNE VALKENBEURGH BETH VAN WINKLE SARAH VON DER HEYDE BRENDA WALKER SUE WALLACE SUE WEBER MIG WILKINS SUSIE WILKINSON LOVES photographers, Porsches Brooks, continental men, Fridays life, love and the pursuit of happiness Mexico, . . . etc. " the wonderful town, " arguing back scratching trader vies, Birdland, Louis and Keely, Stowe messy rooms, surfers, N2, cooloo zooloo, nites not at Abbot controversial conversations boys with cute nicknames camels, closets, slide- " rules, " to analyze band leaders H.L.S., S.K.S., S.L.S., mails and males, senior coffee Johnny Reb BDS, weddings, rings, RHVFD no. 1, Guatemala, A. B.C. problems radio, messy rooms, long Thanksgiving weekends, leaves cats, pants, and freedom fake pony tails, storms urchins, mail, weekends to be on time, stockings, to play the role HAS AS PET PEEVES persistent pests Andover boys, the bull slinger orders to cut one ' s nails college application blanks, calories American boys Dorothy ' s open drawers, cookies, Filene ' s basement Worshipping every day and twice on Sunday, kleptos, B and D, late train ranting radiators dumb brunettes, deadlines Gratin bien lave, Phenolphthalein, " do you live in a tent? " Abbot . . .en masse stale cigarettes and open windows answering letters fanny exercises, rationalizing, bum knees long speeches, kleptos, sports, Abbot- eers, preppy conformists, pork " Oh! I thought you were a Prep! " bad kidneys white sneakers, checking out kleptos, 6:45 A.M., messy rooms Virgin ' s bubble gum, Heat! Washington ' s, outer spacemen, Mr. Porno ivy, bracketteers money long fingernails, the highland fling, bracket food, tall men painted pinkie nails, chocolates for breakfast food freedom, southerners, close harmony jello, stuffed animals, and the Air Force Academy E.S.P. people who pick on gullible people piano stools, nicotine stains, U.S.S. Perry noisy snowplows at 6 A.M., a per- petually empty mailbox thousands of split ends, dropped stitches rollers, writing letters people who don ' t write letters, small rooms, Sunday afternoons people who " riot in Africa, " before chapel scallops and olives and snow and . . . 74 CONFESSES THAT WILL MISS those pick on AnnD nights the Day Student gossip fascinating voluntary sports, Baby D ' s and weenies scene at dawn on the circle fighting for W.U.S. getting up at 6:45 A.M., Dottie-e-e! senorita sneak, raids, dining room ' s garlic smell the inconclusive corridor confabs the " Martian, " Peace 12, ' 58, peroxided streaks her names, black birds, citizens at Abbot happy Sunday afternoons the rising bell the vacations the olive bottle, Muzzy, Moley Muley raids, senorita sneak, secret police Miss Hatch Jacopo, giving advice, decorating D.S. room raids, senorita sneak, Saturday leaves Our Lady . . ., and B. and D. Pit dweller, saber- tooth and iron- haired kids third floor jam sessions the Baby D ' s, the beat room heavenly goo and toll house special Abbot Sundays " red Indians " E.C. and Sunday C. walks, Miss- chords, the midnight music of rattling radiators Roommate ' s messy room IS ALWAYS FOUND drinking coffee, plucking the same 4 chords on the uke in the " A " Shop in double-entendre conversations, reforming procrastinating getting unintelligible phone calls not at Abbot in wrong place doing cerebral calisthenics in the little room in a quiet, comforting and expressive state of confusion always late on her way to the snack bar head and shoulders above the crowd, looking at her bulletin board Discussing " chat " dreaming and looking for froobies on leave in cubicle 106, in front office with Terry in D.S. room nowhere, especially at the right time making a mess, at the dentist. . . . unchaperoned with Piper Cub spazzing and being gullible in the red plaid dress sleeping with her animals loing fanny exercises looking out the window where she ' s not supposed to be " Running Bear " sitting on the radiator AND STILL HOPES TO snow worm attend Brooks be a non-existent weenie do many, many many things go around the world get to breakfast on time, read Freud and be an intellect ascertain the answers attend P. A. summer school catch her plane? see Abbot ' s social life improve forget food bring a cigar to smoking hour Doesn ' t everybody? look 21, have a neat room make Fidelio, clear out lower classmen during study hall become a 40, become a Boston beatnik join the P.S. league drown out Joice ' s uke reign supreme as the fat queen find a truthful " red Indian " be wicked conduct a successful diet sit on the " ri ght " side in church win the race to vespers squish her icecream to make spiral nebula 75 Friedemann Stutz Gerlingen bei Stuttgart Bruckentor 6, Germany Through SAVE THE CHILDREN Federa- tion needy children are sponsored in under- privileged and disaster areas in the United States and in free countries overseas. Mr. and Mrs. Bonde 76 Abbott, Charlene M.— 3 Maple St., Wilton, New Hampshire Allen, Sally E.— 105 The Vineyard, Kenwood, Oneida, New York Bacon, Linda E.— Smith Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Barnes, Laurinda— 13 Winter St., Plymouth, Massachusetts Bartlett, Rebecca A.— 3628 North Van Ness Boulevard, Fresno, California Barton, Margaret W.— 1806 National Ave., Rockford, Illinois Benedict, Jane D.— 80 Bartlet St., Andover, Massachusetts Bennett, Cynthia E.— 36 Salem St., Andover, Massachusetts Bidwell, Mary A.— Route 7, Hickory Lane, Greenville, South Carolina Blake, Charlotte H.— Stanwich Road, Greenwich, Connecticut Bohlen, Elizabeth H.— 324 Livingston St., New Haven 11, Connecticut Boynton, Susan R.-U.S.O.M. H. S. Division, Box 32, Navy 150 c o FPO San Francisco, California Bradley, Robin— 17 Jewett Lane, South Hadley, Massachusetts Brown, Beverly J.— Box 28, Woodstock, Connecticut Brown, Margaret C— 138 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Buerger, Anne L.— Old Sands Point Rd., Sands Point, New York Burton, Suzanne— 66 Central Street, Andover, Massachusetts Butler, Carolyn— 98 Cheever Circle, Andover, Massachusetts Carpenter, Deborah A.— 15 West St., Fair Haven, Vermont Cecil, Kitty C.-Box 161, Easton, Maryland Christelow, Eileen— Hidden Meadow Lane, New Canaan, Connecticut Cohen, Marlene— 374 South St., Needham, Massachusetts Concemi, Mary— 17 Cyr Drive, Lawrence, Massachusetts Conrad, J. Andree— Avenida Sajo No. 7, El Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela Coolidge, Susan— Argilla Rd., Ipswich, Massachusetts Corson, Linda R.— 2013 Church Road, Flourtown, Pennsylvania Craig, Sherry— 131 Main Street, Box 458, Nantucket, Massachusetts Crane, Bethiah B.— 9 Abbot Street, Andover, Massachusetts Crane, Valerie— Manchester Center, Vermont Currier, Mary L.— 61 Chestnut Street, Andover, Massachusetts Davidson, Cynthia M.— West Lake Rd., Skaneateles, New York Davis, Stephenie— Long Hill Road, Woodbridge, Connecticut Davison, Judith J.— 239 North Adams St., Manchester, New Hampshire DeStaffany, Muriel— 311 South Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Dow, Carolyn L.— Waldingfield Rd., Ipswich, Massachusetts Draper, Judy G— 7715 Whitefield Place, La Jolla, California Easton, Dorothy— 51 Andover St., Andover, Massachusetts Eaton, Cynthia M.— 2 Church Street, Belfast, Maine Edson, Priscilla L.— 2121 Vermilion Road, Duluth 3, Minnesota Ely, Elizabeth B.-3020 Bronson Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Erickson, J. Lee— Inagua, Bahama Islands Eustace, Rosemary— Zacatlan 8, Colonia " La Paz, " Puebla, Puebla, Mexico Evans, Dorothy A— 1713 Third Ave., New Brighton, Pennsylvania Everett, Cynthia— 162 Center St., Concord, N ew Hampshire Fahnestock, Ann C— Sycamore Lodge, Roslyn Harbor, New York Farnsworth, Martha C— Porter Road, Andover, Massachusetts Feldblum, Katherine— 18 Nassau Drive, Great Neck, New York Field, Carol A— 280 Rumstick Point, Barrington, Rhode Island Field, Hilary D— 19 Fox Hill Lane, Darien, Connecticut Fisher, Christine-Ellen— 205 South Center Street, Marshalltown, Iowa Fitts, Deborah W.— Hidden Field, Andover, Massachusetts Flint, Charlotte E— Brooks School, North Andover, Massachusetts 77 Foster, Edna R.— " Pine Hollow, " 10 Cherry St., Wenham, Massachusetts Fox, Susan— 17 Appletree Lane, Andover, Massachusetts Gilbert, Julie A.— 27 Spring Glen Terrace, Hamden, Connecticut Gillingham, Natalie M.— 63 Highland Road, Andover, Massaschusetts Goehring, Jacqueline L.— Bolton Road, Harvard, Massachusetts Goldthwait, Joan— St. George ' s School, Newport, Rhode Island Grant, Karen— 18 Tewksbury Street, Ballardvale, Massachusetts Grant, Katharine M.— Blinn Lane, Middlebury, Vermont Gray, Pauline-153 East 82nd Street, New York 28, New York Haartz, Karla E.— 60 High Plain Road, Andover, Massachusetts Hale, Marianne D.— 3021 Golf View Drive, Vero Beach, Florida Harriman, Martha B.— 231 Chestnut St., North Andover, Massachusetts Harris, E. Ann— Pilot Rock Lane, Riverside, Connecticut Haselton, Gloria L.— 82 Holt Road, Andover, Massachusetts Hayes, Hilary— Off Phillips St., Andover, Massachusetts Henry, Margaret L-— c o First National City Bank of New York Juan Luna, Manila, Philippine Islands Hill, Marcia M— 841 North Main Street, Rockford, Illinois Hill, Nancy E.-Old Post Road, Bedford, New York Hill, Susan B.— 12 Forbes Lane, Andover, Massachusetts Hodges, M. Gray— 106 Dover Road, Wellesley 82, Massachusetts Hoffman, Barbara— 463 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Holcombe, Carolyn— 35 Amherst St., Milford, New Hampshire Holloway, Elizabeth W.— 14 Marshall Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Hyde, Elizabeth A.— 169 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Joline, Wendy H.-55 East 72nd St., New York 21, New York Jordan, Judith V.— 707 Thomas St., Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Kaiser, Karin R.— 980 Hale Street, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts Keegan, Eileen— 52 Lincoln Street, Andover, Massachusetts Kerr, Claudia— 44 Highland Street, New Haven, Connecticut Kimball, Cynthia F.— 66 Bartlet Street, Andover, Massachusetts Kimball, Margaret R.— 66 Bartlet Street, Andover, Massachusetts Knight, Sarah J— 1445 Fort St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada Kopelman, Karyl— Messenger Lane, Sands Point, New York Krakauer, Kathrin A.— 9 George Street, Andover, Massachusetts Krause, Kathie— 8 Elliott St., Exeter, New Hampshire Krippendorf, Cheryl A.— 1 Clifton Park, Marblehead, Massachusetts Laaff, Carolyn D.— Reservation Road, Andover, Massachusetts Learned, Lauchlan M.— 296 High Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts Levin, Nina S.— Crow Hill Road, Mt. Kisco, New York Lister, Linda E.— 29 Norman Road, Hamilton, Massachusetts Low, Loring— 198 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, Massachusetts Lyman, Martha C— 59 High Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Lynch, Andrea— 5577 LaGorce Drive, Miami Beach 40, Florida Lynch, Linda— 5577 LaGorce Drive, Miami Beach 40, Florida MacCorkle, Danna— 35 Forest Drive, Springfield, New Jersey MacDougall, Anne C— 190 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington, Massachusetts Magid, Karin A.— 20 Norris Lane, Scarsdale, New York Marshall, Caroline P.-918 West Sixth St., Red Wing, Minnesota Marshall, E. Berry— Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts Mason, Martha L.— 62 Hoodridge Drive, Pittsburgh 28, Pennsylvania Matthews, Nancy C— Rosebrook Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Matthews, Suzanne— 38 West Road, New Canaan, Connecticut 78 McClennen, Persis— 2201 North Central Ave., Phoenix, Arizona Miller, Danica— 342 Highland Ave., Meadville, Pennsylvania Moore, Margaret A.— P.O. Box 156, East Norwich, New York Moriarty, Lynne E.— 154 High Plain Road, Andover, Massachusetts Morton, Jane A.— South Road, Rye Beach, New Hampshire Moulton, Elizabeth W .— 39 Warren St., Salem, Massachusetts Moulton, Emily L.— 39 Warren St., Salem, Massachusetts Muller, Frederica I.— P.O. Box 155, Newtown, Connecticut Naetzker, Terry A.— 4 Park Lane, Lakewood, New York Nassikas, Constance J.— 239 North Gate Road, Manchester, New Hampshire Nicholson, Sandra— 46 North Street, Grafton, Massachusetts O ' Brien, Cordelia F.— Sunset Rock Road, Andover, Massachusetts O ' Rourke, Maureen E. C— 22 Split Oak Drive, East Norwich, New York Osborne, Barbara M— 32 Moon Hill Road, Lexington 73, Massachusetts Osborne, Marthe— 32 Moon Hill Road, Lexington 73, Massachusetts Owen, Julia M. D— 11 Cresecent Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Paffard, Jane— 106 Beaver Road, Sewickley, Pennsylvania Perry, Mary T.— 118 Hazelcraft Ave., New Castle, Pennsylvania Power, Margaret— United Nations Mission in Iran c o American Embassy, APO 205, New York, New York Purser, Judith S.— 275 Riverside Ave., Riverside, Connecticut Reppert, Helen P.— Shingle House, Route 1, Ossining, New York Rogde, Phyllis A.— 15 Foxcroft Road, Winchester, Massachusetts Rothwell, Susan G.— Nonquit, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts Savage, Anne D.— 23 Mowbray St., Bay Shore, New York Scott, Linda— 86 Jacobus Ave., Little Falls, New Jersey Seeche, Sharon L.— Sutton Hill Road, North Andover, Massachusetts Smith, Joan H.— 21 Arbor St., Wenham, Massachusetts Smith, Sybil P.-203 South Willard Street, Burlington, Vermont Spurgeon, Joan B.— 35 Lin wood Ave., Newton, New Jersey Stahlbrand, Carolyn K.— Cross Road, Boxford, Massachusetts Stern, Chris O.— Hermitage Farm, Lyme, New Hampshire Stouffer, Stephanie L.— 145 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, Connecticut Stringfellow, Dorothy S.— 5800 Huntly Road, Richmond, Virginia Swanberg, Linda R.— Woodway Ridge Lane, New Canaan, Connecticut Sweet, Meriby— 2 Stinson Road, Andover, Massachusetts Tevepaugh, Ann C— 4212 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Virginia Thomas, Caroline— The Brick House, Ring ' s Island, Newburyport, Massachusetts Thurber, Julia B.— West View Farm, Charlotte, Vermont Ule, Carol— 5 Loch Lane, Town of Rye, Port Chester, New York Upton, Mary R.— 39 Fearing Road, Hingham, Massachusetts Vardavoulis, Iris A.— 173 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Von der Heyde, Abby C— Hawks Hill Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Wanning, Esther— Ulster Landing Road, Box 124, R.D. 4, Saugerties, New York Ware, Patricia— 31 Ridge Road, Concord, New Hampshire Wells, Mary D.— Tiffany Road, Norwell, Massachusetts Wheeler, Dorothy T.— Brushy Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Whitehead. Gretchen— 16 Edgehill Street, Princeton, New Jersey Wilkerson, Cathlyn— 363 Mayapple Road, Stamford, Connecticut Wood, Elizabeth M.— Box 631, Newburyport, Massachusetts Worcester, Elizabeth MacP— 406 Vanderbilt Road, Biltmore Forest, Asheville, North Carolina Youngblood, Donna S.— 600 Asylum Avenue, Hartford 5, Connecticut 79 Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Babb Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Bacon Mr. and Mrs. William W. Barton Mr. and Mrs. George N. Beecher Mr. and Mrs. John Bidwell Mr. and Mrs. Morrison McK. Bump Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conrad Mr. and Mrs. John G. Drayton Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dudley Dr. and Mrs. Dexter E. Elsemore Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Eustace Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Goehring Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Karl Haartz Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Engelbert F. T. Krichels Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Magid Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mason Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Matteis Mr. and Mrs. Louis McClennen Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Martin Norr Mr. and Mrs. S. Braymer Sherman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Tevepaugh Mr. and Mrs. William M. Van Winkle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Ver Bryck Mrs. Frederick E. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Alden R. Wells 80 If music be the food of love, play on! " Duke, Twelfth Night GOOD LUCK FROM the 8 ' n T and the Sour Grap of 1960 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 FORD ' S COFFEE SHOP Main Street — Andover Where the Abbot girls meet Real Estate THE ANDOVERS - BOXFORDS Georgeton Area MRS. DAVID L. DARLING, Mgr. Office 66 Main Street Gr. 5-1430 ANDOVER Dr. 2-2114 ROYAL McBEE CORPORATION Data Processing Division ELECTRONIC DIGITAL COMPUTERS PUNCH-CARD ACCOUNTING PROGRAMS RECORDS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANAGEMENT CONTROL Offices in Principal Cities 81 HILLS HARDWARE ATHLETIC GOODS SALEM Main Street Andover, Man. COCA-COLA Salem Depot MORRISSEY New Hampshire TAXI SERVICE Paul W. Collins, Prop. Telephone 59 32 Park Street ANDOVER MASS. Telephone GR 5-0059 THE FURNITURE BARN WILSON ' S CORNER North Andover Mats. COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES STEAK HOUSE, INC. MARUM ' S RETAIL A. C. Kostandin, Pres. Private Dining Room For All Occasions Routes 125 and 133 NORTH ANDOVER, - MASS. Telephone MU 2-7732 (Closed Mondays) 82 J. P. EATON WOLLASTON PROVISION, INC. Tel. Tel. CApitol Richmond 7-1217 2-3452 BEEF, LAMB, PORK, VEAL and POULTRY 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON 9, - - MASSACHUSETTS rrtERDOUJBRooH moTOR inn PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE Kenneth Wheeler Langley JLteJ S Gifts • Casual Wear • Imports Meadowbroolc Motor Inn Donald James Langley Portsmouth, New Hampshire GEneva 6-0620 or 6-2700 LAMPROS BROTHERS Lawrence Massachusetts With Greetings from the FOUR-FOOTED FRIENDS At Abbot ANDOVER, MASS TEL. GR. 5-2929 FLOWERS FROM THE HEART " 83 BEST WISHES BEST WISHES from from HURRICANE HILL Your Friends on the Compliments WEST COAST of LOOK PHOTO, INC. Loving Memory of BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1960 Dopey - Doggy THE ANDOVER SHOP, INC. Tailors and Furnishers Imported and Domestic Compliments of LADIES ' CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES A FRIEND 84 Congratulations CLASS OF 1960 from CUTICURA WORLDS BEST KNOWN NAME IN SKIN CARE Cuticura Soap Cuticura Shampoo Cuticura Squeeze Talcum Cuticura Medicated Liquid Cuticura Hand Cream Cuticura Ointment Cuticura Snowy White Medicated Cream Cuticura Laboratories -:- Maiden 48, Mass. 85 ERRIMACK ALLEY NATIONAL BANK Continuous Community Service since 1814 Andover Georgetown Haverhill Lawrence Merrimac Methuen North Andover MASSACHUSETTS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Best Wishes from The Sealtest Foods Division of NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION Lawrence -:- -:- Massachusetts SMART FLAGG, Inc. Insurance Exclusively BANK BUILDING Greenleaf 5-6161 MAIN STREET SPECIAL . . . Student Tours to Europe College Week in Bermuda Apply for Details BASSETT ' S TOURS 37 MERRIMACK STREET Haverhill, Mass. 86 Compliments of MARY ANN ' S CARD SHOP ANDOVER DONUT Fine Yarns and Greeting Cards SHOP Personalized Stationery 92 MAIN STREET - - excellent do nuts - - Andover Mass. Corsets — Elastic Stockings — Hosiery Compliments Of Lingerie — Surgical Supports THE DODGE ASSOCIATES, Inc. THE DAME SHOP Care of Trees and Shrubs 268 Main St. -WENHAM, MASS. 40 Main Street, Andover Telephone Hamilton 858 Reservation Rd. - ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone GR 5-1658 Telephone GReenleaf 5-0841 D ' AMORE ' S Vr . F SHOE SERVICE «gr i8(lio 1 Andover Inn Expert Shoe Repair l L C r jwadwoM I?m vjr Opposite the Library k ANDOVER. MAS STTS. jm? ROBERT N. FRAZER, lnnkuftr On The Campus GOOD LUCK - CLASS OF 1960 UNITED CHAMPION of BEDDING CORP. PHILLIPS ACADEMY MAKERS OF GOLD SEAL Catering To Parents MATTRESSES - BOXSPRINGS HOLLYWOOD BEDS -CHAIRS And Guests Of DEN SUITES - LOUNGES - ETC. ABBOT ACADEMY 400 MERRIMACK ST., LAWRENCE, MASS. 87 Compliments of - - - - DOUGLAS T. JOHNSTON CO., INC. (Investment Counsel) and The Johnston Mutual Fund, Inc. (A Mutual Investment Company) 247 Park Avenue New York 17, NEW YORK Compliments of FRIEND 88 LAWRENCE WHOLESALE DRUG CO. Lawrence Massachusetts 89 90 Wedding Invitations Complete Service Fine Stationery and Engraving GIFTS GREETINGS CARDS M. T. BIRD CO. 39 West Street, Boston 1286 Beacon Street, Brookline Compliments Of WRIGHT DITSON 462 BOYLSTON STREET Boston 16, — Massachusetts S. S. PIERCE CO. Est. 1831 BOSTON, MASS. Home of Delicious Foods ,f ' " " " iiHiS!!!!!!!!! ' If III i a:!!l! iff | i plli ' ) ' !!! 1 - % ■ t imuiinn " !!!!!!! " " ; ' uii t! fitiiiM — " ;; ;-;! — ' ■ " ; " " » a " " " " ? ' " " " ' .11 .4 (ilftfltlMMMtllttlMitltilitltiiiMi lilSIICilliiiiniiMii iiiinaiiiiE lllllllllll!lllllllllllHIIIIIIII.,|i, . ii? 8 « ' ..4% m Mpi m m iiiii llpllllli HJ si ,. , 91 Telephone GR 5-1855 ANDE ' S BEAUTY SALON Thirty-one Main Street Andover — Massachusetts Ande ' s Coiffures Reflect Quality and Style F. A HISCOX CO., Inc. Department Store Household Linens, Rugs, Blankets, Curtains 60 Main Street, Andover MACARTNEY ' S Ladies ' Sportswear 5 Main Street - - - Andover, Mass, ' YOU ' LL FIND IT Since 1859 AT TREATS " TREAT HARDWARE CORPORATIO LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS LAWRENCE ' S LARGEST HARDWARE STORE NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND ' S INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTOR 92 SCHOOL JEWELRY WATCHES JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 MAIN STREET ANDOVER -:- -:- MASS. 357 North Main Street SHAWSHEEN ' Where Drycleaning is an Art " DALTON ' S PHARMACY Andover Massachusetts ANDOVER PLAYHOUSE Essex Street Andover PHONE LAfayette 3-5600 TYLER KEY Wholesale and Retail Dealers in FRUITS and PRODUCE 33 Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON 9, MASSACHUSETTS Merrimack Valley ' s Leading Family Department Store " 1 1 Main St. - ANDOVER, MASS. 309 Essex St. - LAWRENCE, MASS. Telephone GR 5 6161 93 7U Q uti£ ( attlCftita Co. Best Wishes ARLINGTON - MASS. The care of trees for to 1960 over 60 years. from Landscape Planting and Construction MARY ' S and KATHY ' S — Large Tree Moving — PARENTS Spraying, Pruning, Fertilizing (l8%) 10 MAIN STREET HOUSTON Jewelry Store HOUSTON, TEXAS 94 95 Compliments to the Class of I960 H. J. NASSAR MOTOR CO. 320 South Broadway LAWRENCE - - MASSACHUSETTS FINE FOOD COCKTAIL LOUNGE SHAWSHEEN MANOR 349 North Main Street ANDOVER - MASS. MODERN ROOMS Telephone GReenleaf 5-5800 OFFICE SUPPLIES - FURNITURE STATIONERY ANDOVER STATIONERS 94 Main Street ANDOVER MASS. Most Complete Line of SCHOOL SUPPLIES Tel. GR. 5-3151 " Your Local Specialists In Sports " WHITWORTH ' S Rubber and Sporting Goods Store 581 Essex Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Compliments to the Class of 1960 MR. and MRS. FRED TOD, JR. 96 ;-;-v © 7 ■. i j v ; " v • ' ■ ' ' A. •;■•■: I : :? .t . ' -:•■. -»-■: ■ ' , . • -r » ' . ■. V r%_ % € % At] Qak.,kornbu%i oj K m. ' aa 40U. Gj+V-all. 97 Compliments of A FRIEND S H B CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES To The Class of 1960 PI STB EL LOTHROP-STEIGER STEEL COMPANY INC. FRAMINGHAM - MASSACHUSETTS Distributors of Stainless Steel 98 As Usual — — The Unusual Compliments of the ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE BILLINGS, INC. Jewelers — Opticians ANDOVER MASS. THE COFFEE MILL Breakfast - Luncheon - Supper 125 MAIN STREET Andover Mass. Compliments of A FRIEND Trading here you save with safety. a full and complete line of — REVLON BEAUTY AIDS CHANEL PERFUMES L ' feNTHERIC TOILETRIES THE HARTIGAN PHARMACY Andover Mass. FOOTWEAR Style and Quality REINHOLD ' S 13 Main Street Andover 99 ror. cv%ofd mf-aChorxi TtllSSchaTjils fffilfi m V W=? ' -f- } %,; - - .lit. fWH! ■SO |P :: fe fc " ; s ABBOT HALL The original and for a long time the only school building, was built facing School Street in 18 9. It was named in honor of Madame Sarah Abbot, whose generous gift made its construction possible. 100

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