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 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1959 volume:

Aftl ?w!Wt THE CIRCLE ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS °Uf , T o fta too w r r oj£ 4ic twx $ es ruoFu cV n c£ f (£ , b fti as Tzm Game As 5 M AS I ' m 7Wtoa§q tO TH KMOtAtMTtAj arm Go rut to Jt o oar a i UtCftti AOrHWG sXrfrcrtA ha h n faesa f met mtv 7Z rtcjtAf ro r t ADMINISTRATION Mr. Gardner Sutton, Comptroller; A.B. Harvard University Miss Isabel Maxwell Hancock, Director of Admissions, Mathematics Miss Eleanor Morin Tucker, Director of Studies, Chemistry Miss Catherine Jane Sullivan, Alumnae Secretary; A.B. Wheaton College, Ed. M. Boston University Miss Hope Coolidge, Dietician, House Superintendent; A.B. Salem College, M.S. Teachers College, Columbia University Miss Mildred Alathea Hatch, Director of Residence, Latin ENGLISH First Row: Mrs. Paul Werner, A.B. Bryn Mawr College; Mrs. Alexander Crane, A.B. Bryn Mawr College. Second Row: Miss Kathleen Von Tress, A.B. University of Pennsylvania; Mrs. John H. Sisson, A.B. Vassar College, M.A. Wellesley College; Miss Hilary Andrade-Thompson, A.B. Honors Degree London University, Certifi- cate in Education Cambridge University HISTORY Seated: Miss Janet Fraser, A.B. Wellcsley College Second Row: Mrs. Richard Norwood, A.B. Wellesley College; Miss Marion McEnery, A.B. Wellesley Col- lege, M.A. Boston University MATH First Row: Miss Carolyn Goodwin, A.B., M.A. Smith College; Miss Isabel Hancock, A.B. Hollins College, M.A. in Teaching, Radcliffe College Second Row: Miss Dorothy Dains, A.B. Pembroke College; Miss Joan Adaskin, A.B. Western Reserve University, Ed.M. Boston University SCIENCE Miss J. Pamela Tinker, B.S. Sheffield, England, Diploma in Administration, University of Leeds Miss Eleanor Tucker, A.B., M.A. Smidi College Mrs. George E. McKinley, B.S. Boston University Miss Janet Bolen, B.S. Madison College fe yi 1 FRENCH Seated: Mile. Germaine Arosa, Prix d ' excellence de diction et de comedie, Paris; Middlebury College School of French; The Sorbonne Summer School Second Row: Mme. Jacques Tallot, Licenciee-es- Lettres, Universite de Rennes; Miss Edith Jones, A.B. Middlebury College, Graduate work at New York State College for Teachers, McGill University, and the Sorbonne; Mile. Marie Baratte, Baccalaureat - es - Lettres, Universite de Rennes, M.A. Edinburgh Uni- versity . SPANISH AND LATIN Miss Dorothy Judd, Spanish; B.S. College of William and Mary, M.A. Columbia University Mrs. Paul C. DeGavre, Latin; A.B. New Jersey Col- lege for Women Miss Mildred Hatch, Latin; A.B. Boston University, Graduate Study Boston University Miss Harriet McKee, Latin; A.B. Vassar College, M.A. Columbia University BIBLE AND SPECIAL ENGLISH Mrs. Walter G. Grcenall, Jr., Language Training; B.S. Boston University Dr. Hans Sidon, Bible; A.B., B.D., University of Du- buque, Ph.D. Graduate School of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Mrs. Horace Scldon, Bible; A.B. University of Wiscon- sin, M.A. Hartford School of Religious Education Missing: Mrs. J. Theodore Whitney, Language Train- ing; A.B. Smith College i 8 MUSIC First row: Mrs. Charles J. Stahle, Accompanist; Miss Kate Frisian, Choral Music, Piano; Studied at Glasgow Athenaeum, and with Sophie Weisse, D. F. Tovey, and Tobias Mattay Second row: Mr. Raymond Coon, Organ, Piano, Theory of Music; New England Conservatory of Music, Studied with Heinrich Gebhard. Boston; Miss Gertrude Tingley, Singing; Studied with Mme. Povla Frijsh, Percy Rector Stephens, Isidore Luckstone, Solo appearance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra Missing: Miss Gertrude Ehrhart, Singing; Studied with Isidore Luckstone, Solo appearances with Boston Symphony and Handel and Haydn Society, Joint re- citals with Nicholas Slonimsky, Carol Salzedo and Eugene Goosseus; Mr. William Schneider, Violin; Mus.Ed.B. Northwestern University; Mrs. Richard R. John, Flute; A.B. Wellesley College, Graduate Study at Columbia University and London University. ART, LIBRARY, DRAMA Seated: Mrs. Mary Howe Baker, Librarian; A.B. Vas- sar College, M.A. Radcliffe College Standing: Miss Margaret G. Howland, History of Art; A.B. Barnard College, M.A. Bryn Mawr College, Graduate Study Radcliffe College; Miss Patience Haley, Art; A.B. Oberlin College; Miss Olthje Chris- tine Von Erpecom, Speech and Drama; Royal Acad- emy of Dramatic Art, London, Study at University of Florence, National Theatre of Bergen, Norway, and Old Vic Theatre, London PHYSICAL EDUCATION Seated: Miss Shirley Ritchie, B.S. New Jersey State Teachers College Standing: Miss Janet Bolen, Mrs. John K. Butler, Miss Dorothy Judd ADMINISTRATIVE AIDES Seated: Miss Elisabeth A. Quimby, Miss Norma J. Hunt Standing: Mrs. Frank DiClemente, Mrs. Arthur Neu- mark Missing: Mrs. Frank B. Brainerd ADMINISTRATIVE AIDES L to R: Mrs. Harold Bond, Mrs. Spencer Hurtt, Miss Marion Crozier INFIRMARY Miss Julia Kathleen Ayre, B.N.; Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Post Graduate of Toronto Hos- pital for Consumptives Dr. Charles H. Hollis, M.D.; A.B. Harvard University, M.D. Tufts Medical School Miss Marian G. Perkins, R.N.; B.S. Simmons College, Children ' s Hospital School of Nursing ADMINISTRATIVE AIDES Seated: Mrs. Henry E. Davies Standing: Miss Alice Blake, Mrs. George Richards, Mrs. Caroline Creed Eaton ■ Y I V BUSINESS STAFF L to R: Miss Louise Robinson, Mrs. Arthur R. Luce, Jr., Mrs. Arthur Quintal, Mrs. Malcolm Sachse 10 DRAPER ART GALLERY ABBOT HALL MAPLE WALK HOMESTEAD DRAPER CYMNASIUM Miss Ritchie, Class Advisor, and Senior Class Officers E. Hall, Vice-President: Z. Makepeace, Treasurer: A. Travers, President; L. Smith, Secretary. 13 ( farMc 9 4 9 P9 jp9 JUDITH BARRETT AGOR Echo Valley, Mahopac, New York 1958-1959 " Judy " Fidelio 4; Senior Drama Group; Soccer Varsity 4. W.U.S. Representative 4. " I got a red Indian. Only — more days. Hudgie. " Pet peeve — Dirty tea glasses, bells, bells, bells, fire drills, wee hours. Foibles — yelling too much at football games, leaving cuds ' rounds. Noted for — Red-skins, newspapers, dogs with squeaky noises, tape recorder. GALE BARTON 164 Lowell Street, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Missy " Class Secretary 1; Treasurer of Day Students 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Proctor 1, 2, 3; Chapel Proctor 2; Hon- orable Mention 1, 3; Fidelio 3, 4; A.C.A. Representa- tive 1; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Basketball Varsity 3; Fencing Varsity 1, 2; Hockey Varsity 2, 4; Tennis Varsity 2, 3; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4. " Oh! Heavens! Terrific. Really!? It ' s Friday. " Pet Peeve - Dead tennis balls. Foibles - disappearing. Noted for — tennis, that hot rod, down on the island, " SHEENA. " 14 MARGARET LOUISE BEEBE 43 Chester Street, Nashua, N. H. 1956-1959 " Peggy, Beeb " Corridor Proctor 2; Chapel Proctor 2; Debating So- ciety 3, 4; Vice-President and Secretary of Debating Society 4; Fidelio 4; Honor Roll 2; Honorable Men- tion 2. " You ' re kidding! Ah-er — please get out; I ' m studying (?). In Europe ... " Pet Peeve - R.C. at P.A. Foibles — keeping her saddle shoes in a box. Noted for — Frankness. iii i i ' i ii i i m i ELIZABETH EWING BELL 5235 Westminster Place, Pittsburgh 32, Pa. 1956-1959 " Lolly, L-Bell " Class Secretary 2; A.C.A. Representative 2; Class Treasurer 3; Chairman Davis Hall Marshals 3; Hock- ey Varsity 3; Lacrosse Varsity 3; Numerals 2; " A " So- ciety 3, 4; High Honors in Athletics 4; Fidelio 4; Pres- ident of Athletic Association 4; Student Govern- ment 4. " Dear face. Betch ' a cookie . . . " Pet Peeve — " Are you really a twin? " Foible — That -Nock. Noted for — that sophisticated ? look! 15 SUSAN ELIZABETH BRADLEY 5 Central Lane, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Brads, Sue, Susie B. " Fencing Varsity 3; Numerals 3; Proctor 1, 2, 3; Debat- ing Society 3; Commencement Play 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Day Student Dance Committee 1, 2, 3; Cheerlead- ing 4. " Where is he? Guess who I saw . . . no! Fiddlesticks. Skipperdee and Me. " Pet Peeve — anti-phillipacademi- ties, french pizzas. Foibles — Persistency, talking about . . . Noted for — Eloise. « 8 ' ills Ul IS =-- % ■ HPP «. " Haw SUSAN MARGARET CALNAN 14 Gloucester Street, Boston, Mass. 1955-1959 " Maggie the Cat, Calby, Muggsie, Sue " Numerals 2; " A " Society 2, 3, 4; Soccer Varsity 2, 3, 4; Softball Varsity 2, 3; Class Vice-President 2; Com- mencement Play 3; High Honors in Athletics 3, 4; Stu- dent Government 2, 4; Vice-President of Athletic As- sociation 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Honorable Mention 1, % 3 . " I ' m pooped! My mind ' s made up; don ' t confuse me with the facts! " Pet Peeve - Tab Hunter, B.M.O.C. ' S. Foibles — brains, choice passages from " Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. " The Chesterfield Commercial. Noted for — being in the nosiest crowd, Eddie Fisher, her wit. 16 CAROL ANN CLEMENTS Sunset Rock Road, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Clem, Reb " Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Fencing Varsity 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Day Student Dance Committee 1, 2, 3. " So— oo what?!! Tough; likewise! My baby! Just play- ing. Pet Peeve — conformists; hypocrites; cats; chil- dren (?). Foibles — reckless existence . . . Noted for — the convertible that runs in extremes. Speed on horses. " Bewitched? Bothered? and Bewildered? " SHARON LOUISE COOPER 2419 49th Street North, St. Petersburgh, Florida 1956-1959 " Coop " Numerals 3; Chapel Proctor 2, 3; Hockey Varsity 3, 4; Lacrosse Varsity 3; " A " Society 3, 4; Treasurer of Athletic Association 4. " Pick a winner . . . any winner. Shape up. That ' s the breaks. " Pet Peeve — snow, (in any language.) Foi- bles — Redheads, ham bones. Noted for — " The Queen of the Choral Class, " those " during dinner naps. " 17 FAITH WENTWORTH CRITCHLEY 48 Salem Street, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Crick " Day Student Proctor 1; Honorable Mention 2; Honor Roll 2; Numerals 4. " Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! Thank Heavens! Yes. No. UnHun. " Pet Peeve — Magpies and such birds. Idle chatter. Foibles — that virtue, keeping her eyes and ears open and mouth closed. Noted for — quiet wit and subtle humor, that Gobel Look . . .!!! ELIZABETH RODGERS EVANS Quinta Patricia, Calle Altamira, Urbanizacion Country Club, Caracas, Venezuela 1956-1959 " Chica " Commencement Play 3. " Go away and let me hibernate — I wanna sleeeep! Chas. Hoy es viernes, gracias, a quien? " Pet Peeve — those dreadful, dreadful unmentionables — composi- tions. People who go around pouring water on people trying to sleep. Noted for — artistic talent! Spanish, the cuatro. 18 MARILYNN RANSOM FAIRFAX 222 Corlies Avenue, Pelham, New York 1956-1959 " Randy " Head Chapel Proctor 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Class 4; Senior Parlor Librarian 4; Courant 4; Debating Society 3; Honor Roll 2; Honor- able Mention 2. 3. " Aw, poopsie! Wake up and die right. " Pet Peeve — bad spellers when it comes to Marilyn . . . n! Foibles — that svelte look! pouring water on sleeping roomate. Noted for — brains, free gum chewing, and midnite typing. MARY REGINA FELTWELL 26 Woodland Road, Sewickley, Pa. 1956-1959 " Molly, Mol, Folly " W.U.S. Representative 2; Hockey Varsity 3, 4; Tennis Varsity 3; Numerals 4; New Fidelio 2; Fidelio 3, 4; Proctor 3; Bazaar Committee Head 3. " Oh you dumb spastic! Surprise!! Wow Dow! " Pet Peeve — dish water-type vegetable soup, " oogers " . . . Foibles — caramels, gritting teeth (at night), daily ex- cursions and tourist tours to the food store with the big Coop. Noted for — love of nature, sturdy browns, the Sunday-morning Salvation Army look. Nicotine fi-ts. 19 JOAN CROSLEY FISHER Burlington Road, Muncie, Indiana 1957-1959 " Joanie, Fish " Proctor 3; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Commencement Play 3; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Social Committee Chairman 4. " Ya Ya Yaaah! S ' OK, Queen. That ' s right. " - Pet Peeve — Dusty mail box, narrow minded people, short beds. Foibles — starting socks, Saturday morning wash woman look, " Spider, " Blue Grass. Noted for — Broth- ers, Fisher Home Reducing Plan, Legs — mile long — terminating in slippery slippers. SUSAN HAFFNER FOURNIER 64 Bigelow Street, Lawrence, Mass. 1955-1959 " Sue " Day Student Proctor 3; Numerals 2; Tennis Varsitv 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball Varsity 1, 2, 3; " A " Society 3, 4; President of " A " Society 4; High Honors in Athletics 4 " If you only knew him . . . " Pet Peeve — the human (?) race, ' in by eleven, ' screeching girls. Foibles — cor- ner shots, but it ' s a woman ' s per-something-or-other to CHANGE her mind! ' Noted for - athletics, " Rebel With A Cause. " Problems (?). 20 MELINDA LOUISE FOX 210 Heights Road, Ridgewood, N. J. 1956-1959 " Lin, Foxie " Proctor 3; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 4; A.C.A. Representative. " Howdy . . . cheerio! Suuure — help yourself. I ' ve saved some. Susie — the gum ' s on the dresser. If only people could read my typing! " Pet Peeve — waking up — anytime, fire-drill formation, English comps. Foibles — singing off key (?), generosity! Noted for — weekly shipments, (having the figure of a Seventeen on a Shoestring). r t t A ' ' 1 1 ' J j $ SUSAN STEPHANIE FOX 1307 Springlake Drive, Orlando, Florida 1956-1959 " Foxie, Suzes " Class Treasurer 2; A.C.A. Representative 2; Class President 3; Track Varsity 3; Choir 3, 4; Fidelio 3, 4; Secretary of Student Government; Class Singing Group 3, 4. " Got any food?? I ' m dieting this week — during meals only. " Pet Peeve - " Shh! Wait till I finish . . . " (Yale Yale! Yale!) No, I ' m the other one — S. S. Fox sails again. People who no own any gum . . . people who no own any more gum. Foibles — robustly chewing gum. Noted for — the voice, " friends " — Andover, Brooks . . 21 DIANE GERROS 45 Rutherford Avenue, Haverhill, Mass. 1956-1959 " la Julia, Ger, Di " Commencement Play 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Debating Society 3, 4. " It is not Haver Hill! You ' re pushing it! Kool! — cen- sored — . Ya viene . . . " Pet Peeve — Squares, getting caught, conformists, window shades. Foibles — of course not! That enthusiasm! Some adults misunder- standing rules. Always found — everywhere. Noted for — The Posture Princess, Hacking, wandering, Elvis, Jimmy, Ricky. SUSAN RHODES GOODWILLIE Turkey Hill, Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 1957-1959 " Goodwill, Sooz " Class President 3; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Chairman of Bazaar 3; Class Singing Group 3, 4; Senior Drama Group; Vice-President of Student Government 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Honorable Mention 3. " Doodle-bug, dollpuss. Be serious!! Squnch. " Pet Peeve — Sunday Morning spinster gatherings, Inter- state Bus system, personal posted letters, (excessive use of powder and toothpaste.) Foibles — Bartlett Pears. Noted for — Macy ' s best. Battle with the bulge. 22 ELIZABETH GREENE Seroe Colorado Aruba, Netherlands, Antilles 1955-1959 " Liz, Jerry " Fidelio 3, 4; Victrola Committee 4; Librarian of Fi- delio 4; Proctor 1; Senior Parlor Committee 4; Com- mencement Play 3. " Oh Godfrey! For Pete ' s sake. Hey kiddies! " Pet Peeve — Empty mail boxes, cold weather. Foibles — Grace line Cruises, classical music, writing letters. Noted for — Aruba, Dutch Boys, Latin American Music. ALMA GREW Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Grewsome, Aim " Proctor 2; Chapel Proctor 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Hon- orable Mention 2, 3; Prep Play 1. " Zut alors! Neat! Heavens! " Pet Peeve — Foot Class; Locker Combinations; Sniffing during study hall. Foibles — studying; Talking in the library. Noted for — Finger nails; Biking into school at 7:59; Horseback riding; Speaking French; Those fabulous boat rides to Europe. 23 ELIZABETH HALL 241 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Conn. 1956-1959 " Betsy, Bets " Class President 2; Class Vice-President 4; Proctor 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Class Singing Group 3, 4; Commence- ment Play 3; Tennis Varsity 2, 3; Numerals 4. " Got any food?? . . .! I love sour balls! " Pet Peeve — There ' s always tomorrow: for dieting! Foibles — Look backward, Angel. Food fanatic. Bones. Noted for — that giggley giggle! Betsileena. ELIZABETH WHITNEY HARBJMAN 231 Chestnut Street, North Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Betsy, Bets " Day Student Proctor 1; Commencement Play 3; Ten- nis Varsity 3, 4; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; High Honors in Athletics 4; Day Student Singing Group 3, 4; Chapel Proctor 4; ACA Representative 4; Debat- ing Society 3. " Hey y ' all! What-cha-doin ' ? Fabulous! Just one of those things. I ' m in love??(!) " Pet Peeve — those younger boys! Brilliant people. (!) Foibles — have to be in love; una dramatis personae. Noted for — fem- ininity, her long eyelashes. 24 DEBORAH HAYES Phillips Street. Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Gertie, Debbie, Debs " Day Student Proctor 2, 3; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Day Student Singing Group 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Day Student Dance Committee 2, 3; Soccer Varsity 4; Numerals 3; Senior Parlor Committee 4. " I don ' t give a $ ) . . . Howdy gang! Got the pun, hun? Oh! Deborah Stop! " Pet Peeve — physicals; those chosen few. Foibles — who? me? Beatnik orgies. Noted for — acting, that May Britt Look! ' ..■ DOROTHY CLARE HENRY P.O. Box 615, Manila, Philippines 1956-1959 WUS Representative 2; Proctor 4; Fidelio 3, 4; Com- mencement Play 3; Yearbook 4; Bazaar Committee Head 3. " You think so? You think not! You bet . . . Unfortunate Face! " Pet Peeve — physics — meta and otherwise. Tovaritch In Paris — Your Friend And Mine. Foibles — smoke screens and pulling shades down; common sense in always being right. Noted for — Mr. I.; Good voice! — mid afternoon ice cream sandwiches. 25 H IS - Ws C: ' m ■V •Jj ■ 1 %iSj i 1 + Y ' CAROLYN JOYCE HITCH Burnt Mill Road, Chadds Ford, Penn. 1955-1959 " Carol, Hitchley " Class President 1; Class Vice-President 2; Student Government 1, 2; Courant Board 3; Editor of Courant 4; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Debating Society 3; WUS Representative 1; Proctor 2; Victrola Commit- tee 4; Head of Riding 3; Beatniks 4. " Peggy! Next week we ' ve GOT to get organized! " Pet Peeve — the 8:05 calisthenics! Foibles — phone-calls- every-Sunday-or-is-it-every-night. Noted for — pony- tail, frankness. JAY PUTNAM HOLLAND 112 Glen Road, Rockford, Illinois 1956-1959 " Suzee " Proctor 3; Commencement Play 3; Chapel Proctor 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Beatniks 4. " You bud — . Nood-nick! Stella — Stanley! Pierre, Pierre, darling .... Momma Mia! Hey! Begone — there ' s a phone call for US. " Pet Peeve — pea pickers and grapefruit elbows. Foibles — golf, horse racing; champagne in The City; wads of chauneesses; a grey sweater. Noted for — " a secret admirer! " Pooh-Pooh true member of the Pulverized generation. 26 KATHERINE BEERS HOLT 9 Plymouth Road, West Hartford, Conn. 1957-1959 " Kathy " Class Secretary 3; ACA Representative 3; Davis Hall Marshal 3; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Treasurer ACA 4; Chairman United Fund Drive 4. " Oh . . . you know what I forgot! (?) " Pet Peeve — stray thumb tacks in her path; 10:16! Foibles — other peoples tooth brushes; a sea of clothes; her hyro- glyphics! Noted for — 7:16 rising bells; dressing room- mate for breakfast; Hiawatha of Hartford; constant cheerfulness. FRANCES EVELYN HOOPER 82 Edmunds Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 1957-1959 " Kandi, Frannie " Debating Society 3, 4; Fidelio 4; Yearbook 4. " Stupid cupid! He loves me ... he loves me not . . ? Cottin ' pickin. ' Good grief!! Phone call for meeee? ZZZ . . . ZZZ! " Pet Peeve - 9:30 lites! " To the Rec Room! " Foibles — boys! boys! boys! Talking — always alking. Noted for THE college weekend; coffee time; ;mile; phone calls. 27 AL ICE ELIZABETH IAMS 16 Mount Street, Bay Head, New Jersey 1955-1959 " Missy, Iamscovitch " Class Treasurer 1; Corridor Proctor 1, 2; Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Fidelio 3, 4; Courant 4. " Comrade Nicoleffsky . . .! " Pet Peeve — Polly and Peter Prep, P. E.! Foibles — studying in the bathtub; scintillating school spirit; good English and candid opinions. Noted for — Aphrodite in a Sheet; airy ear- lobes; cool cheveux; weekend in Cambridge; the Pen- dleton Look. 1 (f : ■ ' ■ .. CORNELIA WOODBRIDGE JONES 189 Glenwook Ave., New London, Conn. 1955-1959 " Connie " Class Treasurer 2; Executive Bazaar Committee 3; ACA Vice-President 4; Student Government 4; Proc- tor 1; Honor Roll 1; WUS Representative 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Choir 3, 4. " Hey, that ' s neat! Thanks muchly! " Pet Peeve — writ- ing letters, no phone calls! Spiders. Foibles — spell- ing! Procrastination . . . saving compositions ' til last minute and then — |)@! Noted for — her New England a ' s; friendliness; " Is there really a 25 foot squid in the lab? " 28 ELIZABETH WATERS KELLOGG 59 Phillips Street, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Elsie, Els, El, H20 " Proctor 1, 2, 3; ACA Representative 3; Day Student Dance Committee 3; ACA Secretary 4; Bazaar Com- mittee Head 3; Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Commencement Play 3. " He ' s Really Nice! . . . we ' re just friends. Hi there! Dancing Cheek to Cheek - Oh! What A Beautiful Morning!! " Pet Peeve — Pessimists! People who can ' t smile. Conceited Harvard boys. Foibles — Conceited Harvard boys! Singing off key. Noted for — P. A. Plays; laugh; that enthusiasm. MARY TOBY KUHNS Davis Hill Road, Weston, Conn. 1956-1959 " Mary " Corridor Proctor 2; Head of Catholics 4; Commence- ment Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Tennis Varsity 4. " You said that right ... I goobled it! I ' ll be in the Rec Room . . . " Pet Peeve — empty mailboxes; diets!!! Foi- bles — letter writing; eating. Noted for — Biddeford Pool; feathers; Rec Room sessions; smile. 29 CONSTANCE ELIZABETH LAURENCE 1957-1959 " Connie, Con " Honor Roll 3; Corridor Proctor 3; Honorable Mention 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Head of Hiking 4. " Yo Rinny! Turn Over!!! Actually it ' s the best . . .! I haven ' t the foggiest. Somebody up there likes me.(?) That class is a fight!!! " Pet Peeve — " noises " from above; snoring! Foibles — mops at midnight, walk- ing, fresh air, Exeter. Noted for — jello! pricked by a thorn; pretty hair; Exeter. LINDA LOBB 25 Silver Street, South Hadley, Mass. 1957-1959 " Lobb, Lindy " Brooks Play 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Choir 4; Senior Drama Class; News Supervisor 4. " Be seein ' ya. Who can I write to tonight??? What ' s the use of wondering?! " Pet Peeve — Neat rooms; lines! lines! lines! " freedom; " spiders. Foibles — beaches; football games; fellows!; sniffing; 1 AM grand entrances. Noted for — Sentimental Journey; Big Brown Eyes. 30 MARY LOUISE LOCKWOOD 283 South Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont 1957-1959 " Mel, M. L., Bear " Prom Committee 3; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Cour- ant 4; Fidelio 4. " Wait till I get my . . . pocketbook. I want a wee-ad if you pie — ase! Hey bebe! Nance, the breakfast bell just rang! " Pet Peeve — no " wee — ads " at A-bbot; petunia pickers; coo — ing pidgeons. Foibles — tea (instant); fire balls; one of those things! Noted for — catsup and potato chips; special technique in weigh- ing; " soulful brown eyes. " LYNN FRANCES MAHONEY 37 Greenwood Street, Amesbury, Mass. 1957-1959 " Fish, Mahone " ACA Representative 3; Head of Davis Hall Mar- shals 3. " There goes the captain of the Gargoyles. You ' re right, neighb. Fa - Fa - Fa. Here I am, you lucky people! " Pet Peeve — clashing color schemes. Foibles — slippery coat hangers (?); cynical remarks; omphal- oskepsis; cheery morning temperament. Noted for — mass clothes washings; story romances; Elvis; her fan club; cough! cough! 31 MARY ZELINDA MAKEPEACE Marion, Mass. 1956-1959 " Zee, Zeedles " Proctor 2, 3; Class Treasurer 4; WUS Representative 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Hockey Varsity 4; Ten- nis Varsity 2, 3; Numerals 4. " Actually ... it was rather embarrassing!!! " Pet Peeve — hypocrites; ' inneresting, inneresting, inneresting . . . ' Foibles — the Weed; membership in the Window Rat- tlers League of Lady Snorers; not getting up in the middle of the night! Noted for — That chic sheepdog effect; above — knee — length dresses; Tabor. PATRICIA ELIZABETH MARVIN 485 Mountain Road, West Hartford, Conn. 1956-1959 " Patty, Mervin " Chapel Proctor 2; Varsity Archery 2; Varsity Tennis 3, 4; Dance Group 2, 3, 4; Numerals 4; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Yearbook Staff 4. " That isn ' t cricket! I DON ' T believe it! can you just imagine that!? ... oh golly — don ' t crump now. " Pet Peeve — open windows and mirrors. Foibles — out- landish laugh; having extra time for Pleasure Read- ing; name tapes — on everything: toothbrush! Soap? Noted for — Marvin Apples; learning to walk on those high, high heels in a sheath on the stairs. 32 LAURA HOKE McGEHEE 4539 Logan Ave., Exten., Hubbard, Ohio 1956-1959 " Missy, Miss-Miss, Mahee " Choir 2, 3, 4; Fidelio 3, 4; Senior-Mid Drama Group 3; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Dance Group 3, 4; De- bating Society 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Social Committee 4; A.C.A. Representative 4; Proctor 4. " Susie ... if it ' s tooo tight I ' ll positively crump! Eliiii — Yale! " Pet Peeve — Gnats with complexes; early morning foxes. Foibles — Perpetually playing cupid. Making " gapher faces. " Noted for: Her Hairy " Sam- bo; " a love of life; scintillating southern sentiments. Coffee breaks. y y A + V j fy 7 DIANE MONTGOMERY 428 Main Street, Epping, New Hampshire 1956-1959 " Dee-Dee ' Honorable Mention 2, 3; Honor Roll 3, 4; Proctor 2 3; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4 W.U.S. Representative 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Fidelio 3, 4 Class Singing Group 3, 4; Vice-President of Class 3 Courant Board 4. " You ' re pushing it! Hey, bud! Stanley! " Pet Peeve — cerebral convolutions flattened out. The grubby grey! Foibles — slippers; hanging muscles, Mogen David wine. Goldfish. Noted for — being knee high to a grasshopper; the hand jive! A miniature boho ho! ho! and a peapicker. 33 E. DUNCAN WOOD MOOSE American Embassy, Khartoum, Sudan 1957-1959 " Dune, Moose, Dearing " Honor Roll 3, 4; Debating Society 3, 4; Varsity Soc- cer 4. " Oh no! Not you again. Exactly. A-plus-tarde. (Sure to be sarcastic) " . Pet Peeve — hippocrites; candids; poetry; class! Foibles — Night prowling; views of democracy; grinning like a Cheshire Cat; not getting caught!!!! Honor Roll and infancy. Noted for — beau- tiful brains. The friendly approach! Enthusiastic atti- tude towards sports! That Innocent Look. Laugh! Nv V ADELIA ANN MORRIS 216 Norwood Road, Annapolis, Maryland 1957-1959 " Annie, Mouse " Davis Hall Marshal 3; Victrola Committee 4; Beat- nik 4. " Yeeeah! But if I ' m good ALL the time — what will I tejl my grand-children?? (?) Annapolis isn ' t that far! But I thought all seniors could sleep through break- fast. " Pet Peeve — ' Free ' Wednesdays! Foibles — Raspberry sherbet and big tablespoons! Sleep — walking: FIRE! Noted for — " Some just didn ' t fit in! " International ski bum ambition! Powder fights on third floor. That Big — Brown Eyed Look! 34 SANDRA THOMPSON MOULTON 390 Lakeshore Road, Beaurepaire, Quebec, Canada 1956-1959 " Sam, Sandy, Samantha, Moult " Proctor 2, 4; New Fidelio 2; Fidelio 3, 4; Commence- ment Play 3; Fidelio Librarian 4; Choir 4; Senior Dra- ma Group 4. " I oughta go practice. What on earth! Eh? " Pet Peeve — Nosey People; Depressed People; Letter Writing; Foibles — Frankness; The Knowing Look. Noted for — Our Musical Genius . . . Clarinet, Harp, and oh that voice!!! Piano, that wide awake look, sarcasm. Abbey Alumna. The Slave behind the Scenes. CYNTHIA NICHOLS Deerfield, Massachusetts 1955-1959 " Cynny, Cynth, Nikoleffsky " Class Song Leader 1, 2, 4; Class Officer 1; Class Song Committee 2; Chapel Proctor 2, 3; Corridor Proctor 3; Numerals 3; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; New Fidelio 2, 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Hockey Sub- Varsity; " A " Society 4; Brooks— Abbot Play 3; Griffin Captain 4. " Let ' s commit suicide and jump out the library window! Comrade Iamscovitch . . . " Pet Peeve — freckles; Kresge ' s. Foibles — Debutramp slouch, " Deerfield yearbook. " Noted for — Cynical Cyn. " Would I kid you, Syn.? " That piercing dining-room laugh. 35 ANN KILBOURNE PATCH 820 Moore Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1958-1959 " Patches, Patch, Bridgette " Beatniks 4. " I just flipped! Flipped ' ah tell ya ' ! No, indeed, Ma ' am ? " Pet Peeve — " Sincerely yours " when it should be Love! Unanswered telephone, church bells, rain, the law. Foibles — Foreign affairs; talking during study halls, getting letters. Noted for — hamburg — er, walks, Abbot Mixers. CHARLOTTE SARAH PAULL Howard Place, Wheeling, W. Va. 1956-1959 " Char, Chotzie " Chapel Proctor 2, 3; Fidelio 2, 3, 4; Choir 3; Corridor Proctor 3; ACA Representative 2. " Why hasn ' t he written??? Gawds, drat it! I ' m lonely — have a sip. Sorry chum, I can ' t see a thing without my glasses! " Pet Peeve — People that can eat and not be fat; sports; cold weather. Foibles — Punctuality; chewing gum fanatic; hatred for the closet door, pulled down shades. Noted for — Her closet, Wheel- ing, Coffee, Being a Democrat. Spanish — trips to Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, etc. " Making like a bird. " Earrings and shoes. 36 NONA HANES PORTER 1924 West First Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. 1956-1959 " Begone " Honor Roll 4; Director Junior Play; Head Talent Show 3; Bazaar Committee Head 3; Chairman Can- terbury Club 3; Debating Society 3; Debating Team 3; Commencement Play 3; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4; Prom Committee 3; Victrola Committee 4; Editor of Yearbook 4. " President of South ' n Club 4. But we thought All seniors got breakfast in bed! Zee, bebe!! Am I really getting a Havad acsant??? Good grief — more! " Pet Peeve — Pseudos! Foibles — " Lamb chop! " Noted for — The Continental Manna; A li ' l ole South ' n Belle raisin ' Yankee h ' ll! % t mm BARBARA LEE QUIMBY 1 Goodrich Street, Bingham, Maine 1955-1959 " Barbs, Quimbo, Babby Lee " Singing Group 3, 4; Davis Hall Marshal 3; New Fi- delio 2; Fidelio 3, 4. " Zoot! Such a chunk! Lursh. " Pet Peeve — Bloody tourists; Hickya ' s. Foibles — Chatam; Excuses; Brooks; never wearing slippers; Pink walls with blue bedspreads. Noted for — Calling Chris. Invading the Andover Shop. That " starved " look. Eating contact lenses. Living with Nanny for a year! 37 f " - ' »«H| TACIE NAIRN RANSON Martin Road, Rye, New York 1956-1959 " Tacie, Tace " Chapel Proctor 2, 3; Proctor 3; Commencement Play 3; Senior Drama Group 4; Victrola Committee 4. " GRUNCH Yes, I see what you mean. Vive le Mona- co. " Pet Peeve — Glasses guards; fire drills; moneyless moments. Foibles — Weeds; the eternal gabber; For- getting theme sentences. Noted for — The Grace Kcllv Look, Theatrical Aspirations, Man Hater. HOLLY McGAVOCK ROBERTSON 6712 N. Washington Boulevard, Arlington 13, Va. 1957-1959 " Holly " Fidelio 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Proctor 3; Honor Roll 3, 4; Latin Play 3; Prom Committee 3; School Song Lead- er 4; Courant Board 4; Fidelio Accompanist 4. " Don ' t worry about it. " Pet Peeve — Mass confusion; big feet. Foibles — Organization; Writing letters to J.C.; hand- jive; Noted for — musical ability; common sense; That " well-groomed " look. 38 JEAN ALLISON ROUNDY 28 Wolcott Avenue, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Round, Jeanie " Honor Roll 1, 2; Honorable Mention 2, 3; Day Stu- dent Proctor 1, 2, 3; Chapel Proctor 3; Fidelio 4; Com- mencement Play 3; Class Secretary 1; WUS Repre- sentative 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Day Student Singing Group 3, 4; Class Band 3, 4. " Oh Earth! It ' s not collegiate. " Pet Peeve — Lilacs; horses; Spine Class. Foibles — Physics, being late, driving without a license. Noted for — Having a pit but never a pot; that Red-Hot piano. i l] JOAN KAREN SANDFORT Warwick, New York 1957-1959 " Jo " Senior Drama Group; Chapel Proctor 3, 4. " Oh! No! You ' re kidding, Where are my glasses? Apol- ogize! Apologize! Apologize! " Pet Peeve — breakfast, half open doors; a dark room; people that don ' t eat. Foibles — Talking in study hall, pills. Florida com- plex, radios, Studying Arsene Lupin. Noted for — A dental fanatic; interest in politics; bobbing for Bob: Food from home. I 39 ELISABETH ANNE SAVELL Mere Point Road, Brunswick, Maine 1957-1958 " Tina, Savanelli " Choir 3, 4; Commencement Play 3; Proctor 4; New Fidelio 3; Fidelio 4. " Oh, grump! He ' s so dear. That ' s not the object in point. Ya wanna hear about my operation? Well . . . ' Pet Peeve — The little girl look. Foibles — Late- morning riser. Speaking when spoken to by other study-hall-talkers. Talking nonsense in her sleep! Noted for — Pizzas, plaids, and people liker; Santa Catalina; The lipstick-less look. Her smile! f. KATE MEREDITH SIDES Hidden Road, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Kitty, Kit, Kate " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Honorable Mention 3; ACA Presi- dent 4; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Softball 1, 2, 3; Proctor 1, 2; Chapel Proctor 2; Class Vice-President 1, Class President 2; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; Day Student Singing Group 3. " I ' m just not mathematical! You ' re up, beautiful! " Foibles — Eraser muncher; Leaving gas on in Chem. Lab. Noted for — That sailing ambition; Her first chemise; Her naturally uncurly hair. 40 LAURIE LEE SMITH 20 Johnson Road, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Laurie, Smitzel, Smit " Fidelio 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Honorable Mention 1, 2; Fencing Varsity 2; Chapel Proctor 2; Courant 3, 4; Numerals 2; Class Secretary 4; Commencement Play 3; Gargoyle Cheerleader 2, 4; Debating 3. " No kidding! Let ' s go, snow. What a groony group. " Pet Peeves — Mixed-up boys; Lawrence Welk; Babies. Foibles — Speeding; Being intellectual but wrong; Neurotic friends; Noted for — Frankness; Pro- crastination k JOAN ELIZABETH SYNNOTT Westover Road, Stamford, Conn. 1956-1959 " Syn, Schnotzky " Class Secretary 2; Class Vice-President 3; President of Stu-G 4; Choir 4; Hockey Varsity 4; Softball Var- sity 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Honor Roll 3; Debating 3; Numer- als 3; " A " Society 4; Singing Group 3, 4. " HI-HO Tafarino. Who ' d a thunk it. You ' re kidding me. " Pet Peeve — NikolefFsky ' s inferiority complex. Foibles — Worrywart; Cursing; Empty mail boxes. Noted for — Bowlegged stride; Holes in her sheets. 41 NATHALIE FERGUSON TAFT 345 Mockingbird Valley Road, Louisville, Kentucky 1956-1959 " Nat " Davis Hall Marshal 3; Commencement Play 3; ACA Representative 3; Dance Group 2, 3, 4; Debating So- ciety 3; President 4; Cheerleader 3, 4. ' Ma foi! Tomorrow ' s gonna be a draaag. Well, I ' ve got big bones. " Pet Peeve — Brownies. Foibles — Andover; Buying; Noted for — Scoops; Maine; Teddy Bears; History in a bathtub. f ' ELSIE BUCKINGHAM TAYLOR Ashalot, Bemus Point, New York 1955-1959 " Else " Prom Committee 3; Social Committee 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Proctor 4; Chapel Proctor 4. " He ' s so precious. Gracious! Woops! Where ' s your psychology? " Pet Peeve — Johns; Squeaky doors; Dull flashlights. Foibles — Tall tales; Fic kleness; Imita- tions; Elizabeth Arden ' s; Noted for — Cartoons; Her White Knight; Hair-dos; Writing letters. 42 JANE ELIZABETH THOMPSON 53 North Woods Road, Manhasset, Long Island, N. Y. 1957-1959 " Janie " Class Treasurer 3; Tennis Varsity 4; Fidelio 4; Fidelio President 4; Choir 4; Proctor 3, 4; Bazaar Committee Head 3; ACA Representative 4; Commencement Play 3. " Oh cursed I was ever born to do this math problem. " Pet Peeve — Chatterers who interrupt her studying chores. Foibles — Snoring like a piglette; That slouch. Noted for — Avoiding Abbot walks; School spirit; Antic disposition. wan ANN BROWN TRAVERS 227 South 17th Street, Richmond, Indiana 1956-1959 " Annie, Zig, Trav " Class Secretary 3; Class President 4; Proctor 2, 3; Davis Hall Marshal 3; Fidelio 4; Commencement Play 3; Executive Bazaar Committee 3; Numerals 3. " Alio bebe. You ' re kidding man . . . " Pet Peeve — Train rides from Indiana; Unlearned Verses. Foibles — Counting days until vacation; Fresh air. Noted for — Passion for Middle West; Red Lanz Dress. 43 MARY DEARING WARD 903 Wise Street, Lynchburg, Va. 1958-1959 " Crow, Dearing " Gargoyle Captain 4. " I hear you knocking. Fa Fa Fa Fa! Greetings and salutations. " " Didn ' t your Mommy ever tell you? " Pet Peeve — " smacking, " Happy Birthday! — when was it, anyway? Foibles — omphaloskepsis; tree-climbing; al- ways being late; sleeping under bed; Noted for — her " little " people; studying with fingers in her ears; chasing her train of thought around the room. WINIFRED ALLING WARD Ward ' s Point O ' View, Westhampton Beach, Long Island, New York 1957-1959 " Winkie, Hips, Winx " Dance Group 4. " And he asked me to seven things! " Fa — Fa — Fa! Good news! I ' m sorry, New York, New York, it ' s a wonderful town! Foibles — Day dreaming; college men; omphaloskepsis; eating; smacking; Food store; Rock ' n ' Roll. Noted for — Ralph; hair in her face; Princeton weekend; Paris; her Seventeenish clothes. I 44 NANCY HUNTINGTON WARDWELL 29 Water Street, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts 1956-1959 " Nance " Head of Riding 4; Senior Drama Group 4. " Bad motorcycle, Hi, cat! Boo — booboo boo! " Pet Peeve — laundry lists, people who don ' t knock on my door. Foibles — letter- writing, Marlboros. Noted for — Chanel No. 5, fire ropes, a mathematical mind. k. " " ■ K-i ] 4 CATHERINE WHITING WATSON 48 Grove Avenue, Madison, Connecticut 1956-1959 " Cathy " Corridor Proctor 2, 3; Fidelio 3, 4; Choir 4; Tennis Varsity 2, 3, 4; Numerals 3; " A " Society 4; Secretary of AAA 4; Victrola Committee 4. " I don ' t believe it — ! Ye gads. " Pet Peeve — Playing in piano recitals; thin people. Foibles — gorging on bologna sandwiches; Saturday lunches; Simple Simon. Noted for — Grandmother ' s homemade goodies; scoops; black flats. 45 SUSAN VIRGINIA WHOLEY 140 Main Street, Andover, Mass. 1955-1959 " Wholby, Sue " Head of Day Students 4; Varsity Softball 2, 3; Execu- tive Bazaar Committee 3; Commencement Play 3; Numerals 2; " A " Society 3, 4; Fidelio 3, 4; Modern Dance Group 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Band 3, 4; Class Vice- President 1; Proctor 1, 2; Chapel Proctor 1, 2, 4; Day Student Singing Group 3, 4. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. " Let ' s bug. Got the true picture. Hah there you all. " Pet Peeve — Foot Class; Cats, and people who like them; Anti P. A. people. Foibles — Having a pit but never a pot; Laughing during sad movies. Noted for — Those drums man; Homework done by 7:30. " •w f " -- $$5 SHERRY WEYMOUTH 10 Brushy Ridge Road, New Canaan, Conn. 1957-1959 " Weymouth " Choir 3, 4; Fidelio 4; Honorable Mention 3; WUS Head 4; Yearbook 4; Commencement Play 3; Head of Posture Week. " I ' ll croak. And that ticks me. " Pet Peeve — Rock and Roll; Fire Drills; Disorganization. Foibles — Collect- ing pennies; moods; Going to sleep while roommate is still talking; Noted for — musical ability; lovely Grecian features. 46 SUSAN THERESA YUDICKY Box 276, Amherst, New Hampshire 1957-1959 " Sue, Suze " Beatniks 4; Chapel Proctor 4; Commencement Play 3. " Fa — Fa — Fa. Wha da we do now Ma? Gazooks. Ye gads. " Pet Peeves — Conceited people; Insincerity; Foibles — Smacking; Diets; Older Men; Lose one, gain three; Omphaloskepsis. Noted for — Exeter; Green Hair; Saturday leaves. Abbot, your praises ringing, To you our song we ' re singing, Our banner blue we are carrying through. Onward in loyalty, Purpose and unity, Hands joined in friendships that will last e ' re we go. Sing proudly r 59, Always our torch will shine Lighted before us And blazing ever o ' er us. Burning in constancy, With spirit and harmony, We stand together as we sing through the years. 47 HELP1 SENIOR MID CLASS OFFICERS FIRST TERM Seated: O. Smith, President; C. Bump, Treasurer. Standing: C. Hutchins, Vice-President; C. Sherman, Secretary. SENIOR MID CLASS OFFICERS SECOND TERM Seated: M. Eisemore, President; S. Brennan, Vice- President. Standing: A. Valkenburgh, Secretary; A. Kales, Treasurer. DAY STUDENTS First Row: M. Bethune, K. Stevens, H. Malone, M. Danielson. Second Row: M. Saliba, A. Crane, S. Brennan, S. Lothrop, J. Nassar. n ' . jJ DRAPER-FIRST FLOOR N W First Row: P. Ross, K. Graham, A. Dudley, A. Horn, A. Jennings. Second, Row: J. Hagerman, D. Ralphs, A. Tarbell, V. Pratt, T. Hyde- man, S. Spalding. 0 ryC f» ry Ljj DRAPER-FIRST FLOOR O W Firs Roto: R. Cooper, E. Lott, M. Feld- blum, M. Drayton, W. Rolton, A. Pana- yotakou. Second Row: S. Barngrove, C. Sherman, S. Kassler, S. Wilkinson, J. Beecher, A. Twitchell, A. Sharabati, D. Krichels. DRAPER-SECOND FLOOR O W First Row: D. Tod, S. Jasper, H. Jopling, N. Smith, J. Matteis, A. Valkenburgh, A. Anthony. Second Row: B. Lewis, S. Weber, C. Smith, A. Kales, S. Wallace, J. Hum- phrey, S. Foote, B. Walker, M. Elsemore, J. Cabral. DRAPER-THIRD FLOOR O W Front Row: P. Norr, S. Von Der Heyde, P. Dufault. C. Kent, A. Davis, C. Palmer. Second Row: L. Fumeaux, O. Smith, A. Comas, C. Auxier, J. Dennison, M. Dyer, M. Wilkins, R. Cox, M. Hutchins. Third Row: E. Dexter, S. Babb, L. Knowlton, C. Hutchins, M. C. Smith, E. Van Winkle, C. Bump, G. Kohler. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST TERM L. Erickson, Secretary; G. Hodges, Vice-President; E. Holloway, Treasurer. Seated: F. Rainbolt, President. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SECOND TERM Seated: S. Rothwell, President; C. Ule, Vice-President. Standing: E. Wanning, Secretary; S. Nicholson, Treasurer. -Z " y bsQirt itrta Tc ooK lint 46iT)i thinq . . . DAY STUDENTS First Row: E. Hyde, D. Easton, M. Harriman, S. Fox, C. But- ler. Second Row: J. Benedict, M. Farns worth, C. O ' Brien, S. Hill, E. Keegan. . jij i FRENCH HOUSE First Row: S. Davis, A. Lynch, J. Owen, B. Osborne, E. Wan- ning, K. Johnson, L. Lynch. Second Row: J. Morton, D. MacCorkle, H. Reppert, L. Bacon, C. Marshall, E. Christe- low, S. Rothwell, F. Rainbolt, G. Hodges, K. Kopelman. apre XaM ABBEY HOUSE-FIRST FLOOR First Row: E. Holloway, S. Craig, C. Nassikas. Second Row: S. Knight, L. Ericksen, J. Gold- thwait. Absent: D. Stringfellow. ABBEY HOUSE-SECOND FLOOR First Row: S. Matthews, M. Cohen, L Scott, L. Lister, N. Levin. Second Row: J. Smith, D. Carpenter, M Upton, C. Heilner, J. Paffard. Absent: J. Purser. ABBEY HOUSE-THIRD FLOOR First Row: A. Fahnestock, C. Ule, M. Perry, S. Stouffer, L. Low. Second Row: P. Ropde, K. Stahlbrand, M. Bidwell, S. Nicholson. PREPARATORY CLASS OFFICERS FIRST TERM E. Foster, Vice-President; B. Marshall, Treasurer; B. Crane, Secretary; D. Wheeler, President. PREPARATORY CLASS OFFICERS SECOND TERM Seated: R. Bradley, President; J. Thurber, Vice- President. Standing: G. Haselton, Secretary; M. Concemi, Treasurer. y ■ j | 1 " H " J k fll J " ' rgr r TT V m K ] ■ 31 B r ' T l ' m ' Hi .1 DAY STUDENTS First Row: K. Krakauer, N. Gilling- ham, B, Marshall, B. Crane. Second Row: M. L. Currier, K. Grant, M. Sweet, L. Moriarty, M. Concemi, G. Haselton, C. Laaff. i L SHERMAN Firsf Row: B. Brown, R. Bradley, E. Worcester, M. Mason, V. Crane, L. Corson. Second Row: E. Foster, D. Wheeler, M. Lyman, C. Thomas, A. MacDou- gall, J. Thurber, E. Bohlen, C. Abbott, E. Wood. :Z o Jftttifty oSfMiztD. 53 jrdon ' f SENIOR COUNCIL Left to Right: C. Jones, K. Sides, S. Calnan, E. Bell, S. Fox, Secretary; J. Synnott, President; S. Goodwillie, Vice-President; S. Wholey, G. Barton, A. Travers, E. Hall. ' 43 3 J V ? J £? % 5MCCTY TIEO vfi wg fee uno eomiw " STUDENT GOVERNMENT Bacfc Row: E. Foster, R. Bradley, D. Wheeler, J. Thurber, F. Rainbolt, G. Hodges, O. Smith, C. Ule. Middle Row: C. Jones, S. Brennan, C. Hutchins, G. Barton, J. Fisher, S. Rothwell, M. Elsemore, S. Calnan. Front Row: E. Hall, S. Wholey, S. Fox, Secretary; J. Synnott, President; S. Goodwillie, Vice- President; K. Sides, E. Bell, A. Travers. 54 ' r TUB CjbVCSllT wtts sof BtDUNt 15 S K CHOIR Back Row: S. Hill, H. Reppert, L. Lobb, M. Ridwell, H. Robertson, S. Weymouth, S. Brennan. Middle Row: J. Thompson, J. Synnott, C. Watson, L. Scott, E. Savell, C. Thomas. Front Row: Miss Frisian, D. Montgomery, M. Hutchins, S. Moulton, S. Fox, L. McGehee, C. Jones, M. Elsemore. FIDELIO Back Row: G. Kohler, L. Smith, L. Lobb, A. Travers, S. Foote, S. Wilkinson, S. Goodwillie, G. Barton, C. Hutchins, S. Brennan, S. Weymouth, S. Wallace, M. Fox, C. Heilner, B. Quimby, C. Paull, M. Hutchins, A. Davis. Fourth Row: N. Porter, J. Roundy, E. Dexter, S. Weber, A. Tarbell, S. Spalding, C. Bump, K. Sides, M. Beebe, B. Walker, S. Hill, A. lams, L. McGehee, R. Cox, A. Valkenburgh. Third Row: C. Watson, J. Matteis, D. Montgomery, M. L. Lockvvood, S. Moulton, H. Robert- son, J. Thompson, President; E. Greene, K. Holt, C. Nichols, J. Agor, M. Feltwell. Second Row: M. Elsemore, C. Clements, F. Hooper, M. Kuhns, D. Henry, S. Fox, C. Jones, E. Harriman. Front Row: N. Smith, E. Savell, E. Bell, J. Synnott, S. Wholey, E. Kellogg, E. Hall, E. Lott. CIRCLE STAFF Left to Right: D. Henry, P. Marvin, S. Bradley, Miss Quimby, N. Porter, Editor-in-Chief S. Weymouth, F. Hooper, C. Laurence, J. Roundy, E. Taylor. Missing: S. Holland. COURANT BOARD First Row: D. Montgomery, C. Hitch, Editor-in-Chief; Mrs. Werner, H. Robertson, A. lams. Second Row: L. Smith, M. L. Lockwood, M. Fairfax, D. Moose. T A W i? AM? SENIOR DRAMA GROUP First Row: J. Agor, L. Lobb, D. Montgomery, C. Nichols, S . Fox, S. Goodwillie, M. Kuhns. Second Row: S. Moulton, T. Ranson, M. Fairfax, J. Sandfort. ' i) ft ' •If I: IUi m.« «B1 . r w , DEBATING SOCIETY First Row: A. Jennings, M. Elsemore, N. Taft, Chairman; Miss Von Tress, M. Beebe, Secretary; D. Gerros, F. Hooper. Second Row: K. Kopelman, D. Ralphs, E. Dexter, A. Sharabati. D. Krichels, C. Palmer, D. Moose, P. Ross. UJIIKT WAS UJROMG with THE ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Officers: K. Sides, President; C. Jones, Vice-President; E. Kellogg, Secretary; K. Holt, Treasurer. r 7 £ fottESTS Ft FtuBO u)tTti fiUiHMS,and Wo itt6 sky ' s rn lS uiirrt -tse JTtbFuSS TO 66 ■ iS£. JSStO f ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION First Row: S. Davis, A. Jennings, L. McGehee, E. Harriman, B. Marshall, A. Davis. Second Row: S. Stouffer, E. Kellogg, K. Sides, C. Jones, K. Holt, J. Thompson. Third Row: J. Smith, J. Thurber, L. Bacon, L. Fox, A. Kales, D. Krichels, S. Knight. 58 » m WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE Back Row: S. Fox, S. Nicholson, S. Brennan, J. Matteis, A. Comas. Middle Row: J. Owen, Z. Makepeace, S. Weymouth, Chairman; J. Roundy, J. Agor, E. Wanning. Front Row: A. Panayotakou, C. Nassikas, S. Matthews, D. Montgomery, A. Horn. Missing: C. Thomas. 13 Kafir ojn.r 0njf. WUS Chairman— Sherry Weymouth 59 ( k .. - 60 ill 1111 Ill 111 Lister, Mrs. Crane, Caesar ABBOT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION S. Cooper, Treasurer; E. Bell, President; S. Calnan, Vice-President; C. Watson, Secretary. T RlV€ 5 L0U LY child ten If ? 3P " A " SOCIETY G. Barton, S. Brennan, K. Sides, E. Bell, S. Cooper, S. Fournier, President; S. Calnan, S. Wholey, E. Harriman, C. Clements. At- ' urn ■ GARGOYLE CHEERLEADERS D. Tod, S. Hradley, N. Taft, Lister, D. Ward, L. Moriarty, L. Dexter, L. McGehee. Dearing Ward and Lister fw - GORGOYLE TENNIS VARSITY E. Harriman, C. Watson, S. Wilkinson, L. Knowlton, J. Thompson, M. Kuhns. %■ GARGOYLE HOCKEY VARSITY First Row: J. Synnott, L. Bell, S. Cooper, S. Weber, R. Cox, E. Hall. Second Row: S. Bradley, C. Bump, G. Barton, A. Travers, J. Paffard, S. Rothwell, M. Felt- well. SPf£rme3 Z .W GARGOYLE SOCCER VARSITY First Row: W. Bolton, M. Har- riman, D. Hayes, E. Greene, M. Sweet. Second Row: E. Hyde, D. Tod, S. Calnan, S. Fox, C. Butler. GRIFFIN CHEERLEADERS L. Lynch, E. Kellogg, D. Mac- Corkle, H. Reppert, Caesar, C. Nichols, M. Feldblum, L. Scott, S. Wholey, S. Matthews. Cynthia Nichols and Caesar 9jt t $ GRIFFIN TENNIS VARSITY S. Fournier, N. Smith, V. Pratt, D. Carpenter, P. Marvin, E. Lott. GRIFFIN HOCKEY VARSITY First Row: A Kales, H. Jopling, B. Lewis, C. Nichols, C. Clem- ents, B. Marshall. Second Row: S. Kassler, C. Heilner, J. Beecher, Z. Make- peace, M. Fox, L. Erickson, K. Sides. •4-iiiiis. • A eoy i (to ukc i° GRIFFIN SOCCER VARSITY First Row: M. Kohler, J. Agor, Nassar. Second Row: J. Felclhlum, S. Hutcliins, S. Hill, F. Rainbolt, P. Dufault. Danielson, G. K. Johnson, J. Benedict, M. Brennan, C. MODERN DANCE GROUP: Left to Right, Front Row: L. Lynch, N. Taft, M. Drayton, S. Wholey, A. Davis, L. McGehee, A. lams, A. Lynch. Back Row: S. Fox, E. Kellogg, M. Hutchins, C. Ule, H. Malone, W. Ward, C. Smith, A. Comas. f U- KI6HT. -X ' Mt GOT ,T v p Cr Peool d ' H fan coHe m UHf« s IM. % ' ■ 7 2 oKV) fc s wx , I wP a - sfe : KIT T V Hr I " IT, KoOP-et 1 " " ■■ • Les GfpLi tftof Roc GrfoiJin lu+ffia ' V +,ona $ W Lou«UV«lJoW % w Lie K+ ? y chu«-A-w %= £ 1 r GOoJ Grief 4 of zvforti . ' •■ wHeRdtd i coo»«ub Pw «r r f VW SAOE TH M6S a) T THC ' fA, vV lerl- i. lencL 9i " i5 U ve bOK ApPeTlT- WiLL eV 1 (C v oN : ' P k A f B fU!] ) The. BeaU-fies oP SPrtNQp lis 5 a d ;-:- but -thafs Lite Abbott, Charlotte— 3 Maple Street, Wilton, New Hampshire VZ O Anthony, Alice— 65 Westwood Road, West Hartford, Connecticut f - ' c J %r Auxier, Cornelia— 2016 Cordova Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida vc - Babb, Sally— 66 West Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Bacon, Linda— Smith Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Bamgrove, Sally— 63 Pollard Road, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Beecher, Judy— Bobolink Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut Benedict, Jane— 80 Bartlet Street, Andover, Massachuetts Bethune, Millicent— 145 Salem Road, Topsfield, Massachusetts Bidwell, Mary— North Parker Road, Greenville, South Carolina Bohlen, Elizabeth— 324 Livingston Street, New Haven 11, Connecticut Bradley, Robin— 17 Jewett Lane, South Hadley, Masachusetts Brennan, Susan— Great Pond Road, North Andover, Massachusetts Brown, Beverly— Box 28, Woodstock, Connecticut Bump, Cynthia— Surplus Street, Duxbury, Massachusetts Butler, Carolyn— 98 Cheever Circle, Andover, Massachusetts Cabral, Julia— Pte. Trujillo 57, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic Carpenter, Deborah— 15 West Street, Fair Haven, Vermont Qhristelow, Eileen— Hidden Meadow Lane, New Canaan, Connecticut Cohen, Marlene— 42 Vineyard Road, Newton Centre, Massachusetts Comas Bacardi, Amelia— 194 1320 esq. 15 Biltmore, Havana; Cuba Concemi, Mary— 121 Osgood Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts Cooper, Barbara— 71 West Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Corson, Linda— 2013 Church Road, Flourtown, Pennsylvania Cox, Ruth— 424 High Street, Bethelehem, Pennsylvania Craig, Sherry— 131 Main Street, Box 458, Nantucket, Massachusetts Crane, Alexandra— 9 Abbot Street, Andover, Massachusetts Crane, Bethiah— 9 Abbot Street, Andover, Massachusetts Crane, Valerie— Manchester Center, Vermont Currier, Mary Louise— 61 Chestnut Street, Andover, Massachusetts Danielson, Margaret— Cutler Road, Andover, Massachusetts Davis, Adrienne— 235 Laurel Avenue S.W., Atlanta 14, Georgia Davis, Stephenie— Long Hill Road, Woodbridge, Connecticut Dennison, Janet— The Old Stone House, Middle Haddam, Connecticut Dexter, Elizabeth— 409 Bayview Drive, Route 13, Clearwater, Florida Drayton, Margot— 632 North Bay Street, Manchester, New Hampshire Dudley, Anna— Exeter, New Hampshire Dufault, Paulette— State Sanitorium, Rutland, Massachusetts Dyer, Mary— 3 Pie Alley, Marion, Massachusetts Easton, Dorothy— 93 Andover Street, Andover, Massachusetts Elsemore, Margaret— 11 Main Street, Dixfield, Maine Erickson, Julia— Inagua, Bahama Islands Fahnestock, Ann— Sycamore Lodge, Roslyn, New York Farnsworth, Martha— Porter Road, Andover, Massachusetts Feldblum, Mary— 18 Nassau Street, Great Neck, L. I., New York Foote, Sarah— Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut Foster, Edna— " Pine Hollow, " 10 Cherry Street, Wenham, Massachusetts Fox, Susan— 17 Appletree Lane, Andover, Massachusetts Furneaux, Lynne— 5 Morelands Terrace, New Bedford, Massachusetts Gillingham, Natalie— 63 Highland Road, Andover, Massachusetts Goldthwait, Joan— Saint George ' s School, Newport, Rhode Island 75 Graham, Kristianne— Box 444, Woods Hole, Massachusetts Grant, Karen— 18 Tewksbury Street, Ballardvale, Massachusetts Hagerman, Joan— Holdern ess School, Plymouth, New Hampshire Harriman, Martha— 231 Chestnut Street, N. Andover, Massachusetts Haselton, Gloria— 82 Holt Road, Andover, Massachusetts Heilner, Christy— 135 Fisher ' s Road, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Heindel, Barbara— 4225 Stratford Road, Youngstown 12, Ohio Hill, Susan— 12 Forbes Lane, Andover, Massachusetts Hodges, Margaret— 106 Dover Road, Wellesley 82, Massachusetts Holloway, Elizabeth— 14 Marshall Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Horn, Alice— South Main Street, Centerville, Massachusetts Humphrey, Jane— 595 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, Connecticut Hutchins, Clarissa— 1046 Pequot Road, Southport, Connecticut Hutchins, Mary— 501 Highland Road, Ithaca, New York Hyde, Elizabeth— 169 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Hydeman, Terry— 980 Arlington Road, York, Pennsylvania Jasper, Sara— 115 Hampshire Road, Syracuse, New York Jennings, Allison— Wahackme Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Johnson, Kathleen— 575 Main Avenue, Bay Head, New Jersey Jopling, Hannah— Bywater Road, Annapolis, Maryland Kales, Anne— 8 Morvent Place, Princeton, New Jersey Kassler, Susan— Lafayette Road West, Princeton, New Jersey Keegan, Eileen— 52 Lincoln Street, Andover, Massachusetts Kent, Carolyn— 135 Cliff Street, Burlington, Vermont Knight, Sarah-1445 Fort Street, Montreal, P. Q., Canada Knowlton, Lindsay— 41 North Street, Grafton, Massachusetts Kohler, Gillian— Thornhill, Kohler, Wisconsin Kopelman, Karyl— Messenger Lane, Sands Point, New York Krakauer, Kathrin— 9 George Street, Andover, Massachusetts Krichels, Deborah— Apple Hill, South Lee, Massachusetts Laaff, Carolyn— Reservation Road, Andover, Massachusetts Levin, Nina— Crow Hill Road, Mount Kisco, New York Lewis, Barbara— Loveland Road, Norwich, Vermont Lister, Linda— 29 Norman Road, Hamilton, Massachusetts Lothrop, Susan— 6 Harriman Avenue, Reading, Massachusetts Lott, Edith— 23 Crystal Street, Greenwood, Massachusetts Low, Loring— 198 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, Massachusetts Lynch, Andrea— 5577 LaGorce Drive, Miami Beach, Florida Lynch, Linda— 5577 LaGorce Drive, Miami Beach, Florida MacCorkle, Danna— 35 Forest Drive, Springfield, New Jersey MacDougall, Anne— 190 Middlesex Avenue, Wilmington, Massachusetts Malone, Heath— 193 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Marshall, Caroline — 918 West Sixth Street, Red Wing, Minnesota Marshall, Berry— 141 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts Mason, Martha— 62 Hoodridge Drive, Pittsburgh 28, Pennsylvania Matteis, Joice— 27 Lincoln Street, Kensington, Connecticut Matthews, Suzanne— 38 West Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Moriarty, Lynne— 154 High Plain Road, Andover, Massachusetts Morton, Jane— South Road, Rye Beach, New Hampshire Nassar, Joyce— 60 Hidden Road, Andover, Massachusetts Nassikas, Constance— 239 North Gate Road, Manchester, New Hampshire 76 Nicholson, Sandra— 46 North Street, Grafton, Massachusetts Norr, Barbara— 43 Columbia Park, Haverhill, Massachusetts O ' Brien, Cordelia— Sunset Rock Road, Andover, Massachusetts Osborne, Barbara— 32 Moon Hill Road, Lexington, Massachusetts Owen, Julia— 11 Crescent Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts Paffard, Jane— 106 Beaver Road, Sewickley, Pennsylvania Palmer, Charlotte— 64 Elm Street, Lynbrook, New York Panayotakou, Athanasia— 127 Lykourgos Street, Kallithea, Athens, Greece Perry, Mary— 118 Hazelcraft Avenue, New Castle, Pennsylvania Pratt, Virginia— 221 Briarwood Crossing, Lawrence, L. I., New York Purser, Judith— 275 Riverside Avenue, Riverside, Connecticut Rainbolt, Faith— Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Connecticut Ralphs, Diane— 35 Crest Road West, Rolling Hills, California Reppert, Helen— Shingle House, Route 1, Ossining, New York Rogde, Phyllis— 15 Foxcroft Road, Winchester, Massachusetts Rothwell, Susan— Nonquit, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts Ross, Phyllis— 226 Heather Street, Manchester, New Hampshire Saliba, Marcia— Gardner Avenue, Andover, Massachusetts Scott, Linda— 55 Arnold Road, Wellesley Hills 82, Massachusetts Sharabati, Aida— Damascus, Syria Sherman, Camilla— 1709 Wisconsin Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin Smith, Cynthia— Little Compton, Rhode Island Smith, Joan— 21 Arbot Street, Wenham, Massachusetts Smith, Mary-Candace— 1809 Roma Avenue N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico Smith, Nancy— Mt. Spring Road, Farmington, Connecticut Smith, Olea— Sandy Hook, Connecticut Spalding, Susan— Main Street, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts Spurgeon, Joan— 35 Linwood Avenue, Newton, New Jersey Stahlbrand, Kristina— Cross Road, Boxford, Massachusetts Stevens, Kathy— 83 Academy Road, North Andover, Massachusetts Stouffer, Stephanie— 145 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, Connecticut Stringfellow, Dorothy— 5880 Huntly Road, Richmond, Virginia Sweet, Meriby— 15 Hall Avenue, Ballardvale, Massachusetts Tarbell, Anne— 15 High Street, Belfast, Maine Thomas, Caroline— The Brick House, Ring ' s Island, Newburyport, Massachusetts Thurber, Julia— West View Farm, Charlotte, Vermont Tod, Dorothy— 98 Fairway Drive, Youngstown, Ohio Twitchell, Ann— 151 Ledge Road, Burlington, Vermont Ule, Carol— 5 Lock Lane, Town of Rye, Port Chester, New York Upton, Mary— 39 Fearing Road, Hingham, Massachusetts Valkenburgh, Ann— Newtown Turnpike, R.D. 201, Westport, Connecticut Van Winkle, Elizabeth-31 Centre Street, Rye, New York Von Der Heyde, Sarah— Hawks Hill Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Walker, Brenda— Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Connecticut Wallace, Susan— 2 Dartmouth Street, Winchester, Massachusetts Wanning, Esther— Ulster Landing Road, Box 284, R.D. 3, Saugerties, New York Weber, Susan— 99 Maher Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut Wheeler, Dorothy— Brushy Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut Wilkins, Margaret— 299 High Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts Wilkinson, Susan— Auldwood Lane, Rumson, New Jersey Wood, Elizabeth— 49 High Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts 77 f vrKo S Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Agor Phillip S. Babb Edwin Lex Bacon John W. Barclay James L. Barngrove, Jr. G. Grenville Benedict John Bidwell Frederick W. Bradley F. Thomas Critchley Horace Davis William P. Dudley David J. Fox John Fox Charles R. Greene James H. Grew Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Admiral and Mrs. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Malcolm B. Jones Stillman A. Kuhns Daniel MacCorkle Rolland F. Mahoney Edwin W. Marvin John S. Mason Charles B. McGehee Mrs. Robert M. Morris F. Porter Glenn H. Roundy , S. Braymer Sherman, Jr. Fred Tod, Jr. . John A. Thompson Charles F. Tr avers 78 eo pC hewU of oUr TfcckMS .. • ♦ I CoNGKAT4 t GttA i A C G6 i 9 CLASS OF ' 61 = 4 Xudb la MISS CHORDS WILL APOLOGIZE Compliments Of MARUM ' S 81 Jp Neso u e s v n om ? Compliments of SUZEE and DEE-DEE (Buds) 82 BEST OF LUCK from THE 8 n 1 KEITH BARBOUR BILL BEVIS BILL CRUIKSHANK ANDY ENGVALL MITCH GAIL JOHN HARTNETT GEORGE HUGHES SKIP MOSELEY COLIN SANDERSON CHARLIE SAWYER ED SHAPIRO f WILLIAM F. HITCH, Pres. LIGHT and POWER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 202 N. DuPont Road Elsmere :: Delaware Compliments Compliments of of THE CURLY TOP BEAUTY LOOK PHOTO, INC. SHOP Telephone GR 5- 3711 BEST WISHES SEALTEST ICE CREAM JERSEY ICE CREAM CO. LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of ALLEN QUIMBY VENEER CO. 85 Congratulations to the Class of ' 59 FORD ' S COFFEE SHOP Main Street — Andover Where the Abbot girls meet Compliments Of the ANDOVER SHOP Compliments Of , VALENTINES 166 N. Main Street ANDOVER GR 5-2929 Compliments of " Tomorrow A FRIEND is Gonna Be a Drag " THE BEATNIKS Compliments Of THE DODGE ASSOCIATES, Inc. Care of Trees and Shrubs 268 Main St. - WENHAM, MASS. Telephone Hamilton 858 Reservation Rd. - ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone GReenleaf 5-0841 86 87 YOU CAN TRUST Cuticura Cuticura is the world ' s best known name in skin care. Every product is unique, superior. Cuticura Soap . . . for softer, smoother, brighter skin. Cuticura Ointment . . . for overnight relief of blemishes and dryness. Cuticura Medicated Liquid . . . for daytime use on blemishes and summer skin discomforts. Cuticura Squeeze-Bottle Talcum, with G-8 . . . antiseptic, deodorizing, exquisite. Cuticura Squeeze-Bottle Shampoo . . . for brighter, more manageable hair. At your druggist. POTTER DRUG CHEMICAL CORP. - MALDEN, MASS. 88 4L WRIGHT DITSON SNEAKERS CW) $4.25 fiFT ' a Jl All sizes including 1 1 ffi ffi XsL Available in Navy or White f S C €M l fr WRIGHT DITSON Wedding Invitations Complete Service 462 Boylston Street Boston 16 — Massachusetts Fine Stationery and Engraving GIFTS GREETINGS CARDS S. S. PIERCE CO. M. T. BIRD CO. Est. 1831 BOSTON, MASS. 39 West Street, Boston Home of Delicious Foods 1286 Beacon Street, Brookline CONGRA TULA TIONS To The Class of 1959 TWlTl YOUR YEARBOOK LITHOGRAPHER Portland Lithograph Company 252 Spring Street — Portland, Maine 89 D ' AMORE ' S SHOE SERVICE Expert Shoe Repair Opposite the Library F. A HISCOX CO., Inc. H HM.i Department Store Household Linens, Rugs, Blankets, Curtains 60 Main Street, Andover JAMES Hair Designer 66 Main Street ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Telephone GReenleaf 5-0970 THE COFFEE MILL Breakfast - Luncheon • Supper 125 MAIN STREET Andover Mass. MACARTNEY ' S Clothing for Men and Boys Ladies ' Sportswear 5 Main Street - - Andover, Mass. 90 Telephone GR 5-1855 ANDE ' S Compliments Of BEAUTY SALON Thirty-one Main Street FRED E. CHEEVER Andover — Massachusetts Ande ' s Coiffures Reflect Quality Real Estate and Travel and Style " Things Different ' Clothes and Accessories of the Better Type A hi 4» M Andover, Lowell -Mass. fr a YOU ' LL FIND IT Since 1859 AT TREATS ' ' TREAT HARDWARE CORPORATION LAWRENCE LAWRENCE ' S MASSACHUSETTS NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND ' S LARGEST HARDWARE STORE INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTOR 91 357 North Main Street SHAWSHEEN ' Where Drycleaning is an Art ' THE FURNITURE BARN WILSON ' S CORNER North Andover Mass. ANDOVER PLAYHOUSE Essex Street Andover MARY ANNS CARD SHOP Fine Yarns and Greeting Cards Personalized Stationery 92 MAIN STREET Andover Mass. SMART FLAGG, INC. Insurance Exclusively Merrimack Valley ' s Leading Family Department Store " 11 Main St. - ANDOVER, MASS. 309 Essex St. - LAWRENCE, MASS. Telephone GR 5-6161 BANK BUILDING Andover 870 Main Streets ' Businessman ' s Luncheon Served 12 to 2 CHARLES STEAK HOUSE, INC. A. C. Kostandin, Pres. Private Dining Room For All Occasions Routes 125 and 133 NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone MU 2-7732 92 THE RAVEN BEAUTY SHOPPE 28 Park Street — An dover Telephone GR 5-1136 We pride ourselves on our Scalp Treatments — Facials Hair Stylings and Permanents — Opposite the Fire Station — Corsets — Elastic Stockings — Hosiery Lingerie — Surgical Supports THE DAME SHOP 40 Main Street, Andover Telephone GR 5-1658 ANDOVER COUNTRY STORE and Quaint Olde Coffee Shoppe ANTIQUES - - GIFTS MORRISSEY TAXI SERVICE Paul W. Collins, Prop. Telephone 59 32 Park Street ANDO VER MASS. Telephone GR 5-0059 Andover Inn at Andover, Mass " SCHOOL JEWELRY WATCHES On the Campus of PHILLIPS ACADEMY •• •• •• •• •■ •• PRIVATE DINING ROOMS For Your School Functions JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY 46 Main Street ANDOVER - MASS. 93 Education, knowledge and experience are your treasures which no man can NEW HAMPSHIRE take away from you. May you ever increase this wealth and may it bring HIGHWAY HOTEL you happiness. Protection for your life, your income and CONCORD, N. H. Tel. CA 5-6687 your worldly possessions is our business. Please call on us. 85 Motel Rooms " Quality Protection — Unexcelled Service " GEORGE F. EBERLE, DUDLEY P. BAMERICK Coffee Shop Lounge 106 Brooklea Drive Fayetteville, N. Y. Insurance — Bonds COMPLIMENTS OF THE ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE SALEM COCA-COLA BOTTLING C0. INC. Saleir Depot New HamDshire 94 ERRIMACK ALLEY NATIONAL BANK Continuous Community Service since 1814 Andover Georgetown Haverhill Lawrence Merrimac Methuen North Andover MASSACHUSETTS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Compliments of A DAD 95 LAWRENCE WHOLESALE DRUG CO. Lawrence Massachusetts 96 BEST WISHES for Happiness and Success Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Gerros Trading here you save with safe ty. a full and complete line of — REVLON BEAUTY AIDS FOOTWEAR CHANEL PERFUMES Style and Quality L ' fcNTHERIC TOILETRIES REINHOLD ' S THE HARTIGAN 13 Main Street Andover PHARMACY Andover Mass. 97 SPECIAL . . . Student Tours to Europe College Week in Bermuda Apply for Details BASSETT ' S TOURS 37 MERRIMACK STREET Haverhill, Mass. HILL ' S HARDWARE ATHLETIC GOODS Main Street Andover, Mass. BILLINGS, INC. Jewelers — Opticians ANDOVER MASS. JOHNNY ' S SUPER MARKETS, Inc. 43 Park Street ANDOVER MASS. " Your Local Specialists In Sports " WHITWORTH ' S Rubber and Sporting Goods Store 581 Essex Street Lawrence, Massachusetts DALTON ' S PHARMACY Andover Massachusetts Good Luck ' 59 PHINNEY ' S 98 COMPLIMENTS OF BEEBE RUBBER COMPANY GARDEN STATE FARMS, INC. Peter and Edythe Sandfort MIDLAND PARK NEW JERSEY 99 f V i t ' M lis , rr pp Jeff, Ted, Buzz, Tony, Jim, Nat, Bruce, Chris Dedicated to the Class of ' 59 THE DISCARDED DISCORDS 100 AU ■-

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