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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1945 volume:

■ THE 1945 CIRCLE yearbook ot Abbot Madefy Mdovev, massac et- Wteno DEDICATION Walter E. Howe Kate Friskin In these years of war and necessity, it has been Miss Friskin and Mr. Howe who have kept ns mindful of our cultural heritage. They have given the best of their work to us in order that we might better enjoy and find in- spiration from our school life. It is through their wisdom and understanding that we have been encouraged to be creative. This encouragement has made us discover a part of ourselves that we never knew existed. YYe have learned to appreciate and, in this way. have become aware of the beautiful, as well as the necessary, things of life. Thus it is that with all humility and deep love, we, the Class of 1945. dedicate our Yearbook to Miss Friskin and Mr. Howe. It is many years since we first came to Abbot, and as time goes by, we recognize in it it ' s full strength and meaning. The roots of our school are buried deep, and we see in them the long history and rich tradition to which we have fallen heir. We could be likened to the young leaves of the mother tree, for were we not privileged to be a part of it for a little while, and to draw upon it for strength and growth? The trunk is perhaps the most important part of a tree, and thus, it could represent our intellectual life. Through guidance and deep love the best in each one of us has been brought out. We have gained in purpose and in steadfastness. We discovered the course we wished to follow and were given every chance to continue in this direction. And then, since our roots and trunk were sound, many branches, repre- senting other interests and activities, came into view. There have been ma- terial things to show for this action. We have created, we have interpreted, and we have produced results worthy of our efforts. We also needed food for growth, and we found a wealth of air, sunshine, and happiness to feed our bodies as well as our minds. And so, Abbot has provided for us all that is necessary for any develop- ment. We came to school uncertain and unsure of ourselves: but now we leave it confident and strengthened. We feel we are better able to meet the great demands which this confused and tragic world must make upon us. PROLOGUE MARGUERITE CAPEN HEARSEY A.B. Hollins, M.A. Radcliffe, Ph.D. Yale Principal The new President with the ten word title. " I advise ymi to start your source theme ahead of time. " . . . " At home. Sunset Lodge. Six-fifteen. " . . . " Why yes, I ' m sure it would be all right. " " 7«4e 1n utk ...0o Ontellectual Jdijf rr I .ell : " Do you think she ' s the college type? " Right : The products HILDA RUBY BAYNES B. es L. University de Paris French ' ()h, ma petite " . . " cocoa for the colds " . . calling Dr. Kildare . . " Voyez-vous. " MARY CARPENTER B.A. Ed. Boston University Physical Education Energy big brown eyes . weeping Cal- purnia first aid at Intervale. FACULTY 1945 JEAN HOPE BAYNES Financial Secretary " Are you there! " . . . " This isn ' t the day for hanking " . bookstore at 2:15. LOUISE LORIXG COFFIN A.B. Radcliffe College Biology, Physics " Weell " . . .personality in little frogs and worms. . . " This ittv-bittv molecule " . . . " label it. " VERA FISHEROVA BECK (Mrs.) A.B. Rockford College Ph.D. Charles IV University Spanish " I thought the class as a whole was slipping " . . .conversations after lights. . stunning blue and black. HOPE COOLIDGE A.B. Salem, M.S. Columbia House Superintendent What would we do without her?. . " Heav- enly goo, strawberry shortcake or ice cream ? " . . .wholesale market. MINNA CALHOUN (Mrs. A. D.) A.B., M.A. University of Minnesota Mathematics Six o ' clock walks ..trips to Baronial... February 24th . . . Cal ' s gal. MARY ELAINE DODGE A.B. Mount Allison, B.H.S. McGill Homemakinn " Sweets and sours don ' t mix " ... " Goo- night " . . .crises in the lab. DOROTHY A. DUFF Saint Mary ' s Hospital Resident Nurse The fortune teller . " All right, dear — speak to Mrs. Brown — this is my day off " . busy and efficient 105 lbs. [8] KATE FRISKIN Glasgow Athenaeum Pianoforte, Music Theory " I know it ' s difficult, hut it ' s not impossible " " Oh, goosey " , talking hands. MARY GAY Graduate of Boston Museum of Fine Arts History of Art " The face is always divided into three parts " a story for every occasion. . . passion (?) for modern art. EDITH HEDIX A.B. Radcliffe M.A. Yale University English Fluent flutist. . .choirboy face . ners. GRACE AMY GOODMAN Melbourne College Assistant in the Administration Office Flying fingers. . . " Can ' t the radio be a little softer? " . . Hollywood ' s most ardent fan. WALTER EDWARD HOWE B.M. Virginia Institute Director of Music " Frances? Elinor? Ah, Mary Jane! " tortions during recitals like Christians. " FACULTY 1945 square cor- con- . " Now you sound BERTHA MORGAX GRAY (Mrs.) Curry School of Expression Dramatics, Speech " Coordination of mind, voice, and body " . . . " Do you think they can put it over? " . . . apartment in Andover. BARBARA HUMES Sarah Lawrence College Assistant to the Principal Invitation to the dance... " I ' m Barbara Humes " . . " Is there anything I can do for you? " ISABEL MAXWELL HANCOCK A.B. Hollins College Mathematics That accent . .regular inspection. . .well-fed corridor parties. . . " I think I can get the cur- rent fixed " . . . nephews and airplanes. ARNOLD M. KENSETH A.B. Bates College S.T.B. Harvard Divinity School Bible The Bible Four class " My little town of Ballardvale " green bag and galoshes. !) ELEANOR XIXAS LITTLE A.B. University of Kansas B.S. Columbia, M.A. Radcliffe . Librarian From Kansas via Radcliffe . . " Oranges are too much work for breakfast " . . .travel troubles. MAID CABOT MORGAN (Mrs. Patrick) Hans Hofman Art School Studio Art Perplexed " Oh my dear " . the leopard skin matrimonial bureau . " Well, it has mo- tion. " KATHERINE MACDONALD Bouve School B.S. Ed. Tufts College Physical Education " Koki-Koki " faculty or student? " Make it suggestive " . " That ' s all we have time for today. " CATHERINE PADWICK B.S. Boston University M.A. Middlebury College English " Shall we rise and shine? " .. . " Are all ten little toes in bed? " . Ipana smile. HARRIET E. McKEE A.B. Vassar College M.A. Columbia Latin Our classicist. . . " I talked to Miss Hearsey about that " ... trips to the College Club. GERTRUD RATH A.B. Hollins, M.A. Texas Assistant to the Principal Youth springs eternal . . " It was on the blackboard " .. .notes in mailbox. . . " Think of the boy from Minnesota. " MARION RUSSELL McPHERSOX Xew York School of Social Work Executive Secretary Alumnae Association Business Principles " People " efficiency plus . full of life weekly trips to Boston . .pretty clothes. ANNE RECHXITZER Ph.D. University of Vienna History, French " French II, bring your workbooks " . . how can she live without water?. . .Homestead trotter. . .cigarette shortage. HELEX OUXFORD ROBIXSOX A.B. Smith College Latin FACULTY 1945 Wounded in action. " Good Xoon. " .strategically placed. [10] LOUISE ROBINSON Cambridge Conservatory of Music Assistant to the Financial Secretary Do you need a ticket for Boston? " . You ' ll have to send for some more money. FACULTY 1945 ANNA ELIZABETH ROTH Ph.B. Syracuse M.A., Ph.D. Radcliffe History " " Now arc you sure of that? " . . James G. Blaine, the man from Maine . Quaker Oats vs. the Quakers. GERTRUDE TINGLEY Studied with Mme. Povla Frijsh and others Voice " You sing: I ' m hoarse today " . . afternoon teas . that hack. ELINOR LITCHFIELD STRICKLAND Leland Powers School of Dramatics Dramatics The pillowcase dance . promotes budding talent . .corridor parties. ETIENNETTE TROUYE B. es L. Sorbonne French " Eef you had studeed your lesson " .. .ro- manticist " Ooh, thees clas- . " CATHERINE JANE SULLIVAN A.B. Wheaton College Ed.M. Boston University Remedial Reading " Don ' t let ME disturb you " . . Friday per- fume . . " I ' ve been in here two times today. " ELEANOR MORIN TUCKER A.B., M.A. Smith College ( ' hemistry, Mathematics " Opposites attract " . . .aids the stricken Aunt Tuck . .infinite amount of patience. ALICE CURTISS SWEENEY A.B. Yassar College Director of Studies, English Sweet Alice Ben Sweeney . " Have you ever thought of a state institution? " . . faculty sense of humor. DOROTHEA WILKINSON University of King ' s College English Far away look. . . " What do you read, my student?. . Words, words, words. " 11 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Betsy Broun, Vice-President .Mi; -; .June Kiirth. Treasurer Shirley Sommer, Secretary Beatrice Van Clere, President SENIOR CLASS SONG We are proud to present our colors, Green and white bears our name. Together we ' re ever forward Bearing high our honored name. In the future though paths may differ We no spirit then will hide. Our hearts will always be united As the class of Forty-five. BARBARA BROOKS BALL " Barb " 2660 Westwood Parkway, Flint, Michigan v.i ' ,.;- ,:, Smith A.A.A. Board ' 4.5, Head of Basketball ' 4.5, Head of Pidelio ' 4.5, Study Hall Proctor ' 45, Numerals ' 44, Posture Marker ' 44. Immaculate. ..gum and Hershey bars... " Oh Kid " .. .bridge fiend. BARBARA BEECHER " Beecher " 6 Lone Pine Road, Biltmore, North Carolina 19 1,2-45 Wellesley Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Senior Play ' 45, Draper Dramatics ' 44, Posture Marker ' 45, Numerals ' 43, Head of Badminton ' 4.5, Fidelio ' 44, ' 45, Cum Laude. Lengthy showers. . basins full of clothes . pearls of Juliet . . physics problem child . she ' ll jo doun in history. . ,speedy(?) ROSALIE VIRGINIA BENTON " Ros ' lie " 9 Salem Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1!) J . ' - University of Colorado Yearbook Board ' 4.5, Fidelio ' 44, ' 45, Bazaar Committee ' 43, Numerals ' 43. " The Rose " . . . pink Dr. Dentons at Intervale. JOSEPHINE CORNELIA BERNARDIN " Jo " 11 Abbot Street, Andover, Massachusetts l ' .) ' ,l- ' i : Vassar Day Scholar Entertainment Committee ' 4 2, ' 44, Head of Deck Tennis ' 45, " A " Society ' 44, Chevrons ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Bazaar Committee ' 44, Honor Roll ' 41, ' 42, Posture Marker ' 41, ' 42. Pre-Interrale casualty. . . " Oh, honestly, Josephine " Georgie ' s just like Gene. [13] MARTHA ANNE BOYXTOX " Pete " 70 Sumner Street, Newton Center, Massachusetts 1943-jS Wellesley Fidelio ' 44, ' 4.5, Librarian of Fidelio ' 45, Honor Roll ' 44, ' 4.5, Yeakbook Board ' 45 Study Hall Proctor ' 4.5, Choir ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 44, Cum Laude. Bubbling laughter .big brown eyes with a f winkle rabid ice hockey fan . " Who has the sports section? " ELIZABETH WILKIN ' S BROWN " Betsy " 587 Church Street, Xaugatuck, Massachusetts 1943-45 Wellesley Yice-President of Senior Class, Numerals ' 44, Varsity Hockey ' 45, Hiking leader ' 45 Assistant Manager of Senior Play. Giggles. . . Yale rooter . . " Oh Grace " . . " What teas Ann going to tell us about the Gestapo? " 1942- ESTHER LILLIAN BUFFERD 121 Church Street, Torrington, Connecticut • ' Sarah Lawrence Fidelio ' 44, ' 45, A.D.S. ' 44, ' 45, President of A.D.S. ' 45, Draper Dramatics ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 44, Chairman, Senior Stunt Committee. Connoisseur of all . . . " My prized possessions are 1111 books " . . . letters from Jean . .French blues. ANN CARD Bl ' SHNELL " Bushmill " Williamstown, Massachusetts 1942-45 Barnard Editor of Yeakbook, Fidelio ' 45, Draper Dramatics ' 44, ' 4.5, Numerals ' 44, Entertainment Committee, Senior Stunt Com- mittee, A.D.S. ' 44, ' 45. " It ' s positively demoralizing " Dark Waters. . .Padding!. . . Padding? . " We ' re emotion all 1 upset " . . .future physicist. [14] JANET NOWELL CRAIG " Craiyic " 150 West Main Street, Westl oro, Massachusetts 1 ' J ' ,. ' - ' ,■-, Fidelio ' 4.5, Numerals 44. " tcish Daddy would call " . . .Air-mail from Paul, our slur in modern dance. ELIZABETH DICKERMAX " Lribby " 22 Moorland Road, Williamstown, Massachusetts 19 ' ,.:- ' ,.; Mt.ffolyoke Fidelio ' 45, Hiking Leader ' 45, Study Hall Proctor ' 45, Num- erals ' 44. Numerous devoted s . .Beethoven fiend proud uncle. . Greek enthusiast even temper. NANCY DODGE " Ande " 20 Toppans Lane, Newburyport, Massachusetts 1942-45 Pierce Secretarial School Numerals ' 44. Lobster in Baronial . .V-mail from Phil. . .movie magazine. 1942-45 ANN CAMILLA DORSEL " Dorset " 3551 Holly Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio Pine Manor Study Hall Proctor ' 44, Numerals ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Chev- rons ' 45. " Terrific " . . . " Hcy y you all " . . devout Democrat . . " My Heart Belongs to Daddy " . . .hockey games with St. Marks. [15] 1942-45 GRETCHEX GAY FULLER " Gretch " 89 Pinckney Street. Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts Art School Entertainment Committee ' 44, Class Song Leader ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Choir ' 43, ' 44, ' 4.5, Fidelio ' 44, ' 4.5, Courant ' 44, ' 45, Class Secretary ' 43, Class Treasurer ' 42, Class Vice-President ' 44, Senior Stunt Committee, Head of Senior Dolls, Bazaar Com- mittee ' 44, Study Hall Proctor ' 45, Honor Roll ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Numerals ' 44, Hiking Leader ' 45, Posture Marker ' 42, Cum Laude. Art-Major . page long letters from B-29 ' s. . .Boston trips to the doctor (?) . . .photogenic genius . . coffee and peanut butter. JULIA GAGE " Judy " 100 Great Pond Road, Xorth Andover, Massachusetts 19i0--io Bennett Posture Marker ' 45, Day Scholar Stunt Committee ' 45, Nu- merals ' 43. " WM, I don ' t care " . . .silent commuter from Xorth Andover. . . " OKvoooo. " ELIZABETH WING GRAVES Grarie 39 Plaza Street, Brooklyn, New York 1942-45 Wettesley Fidelio ' 4.5, ( hevrons ' 45, Numerals ' 44. " Oh, honestly " .. .brunette in the evening .. . " Oh, did the bell ring? " . . .our blonde Brooklyn bombshell. 1942-45 PHYLLIS VAX XOSTRAXD HARDOX -Ph y r Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Connecticut Siccetbriar F Stud idelio ' 45, Secretary of Class ' 43, Varsity Hockey ' 44, ' 45, . tudy Hall Proctor ' 45, A. A. A. Board ' 45, Numerals ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Chevrons ' 44, ' 45, Varsity Track ' 43, Hiking Leader ' 45. Blondie. and Gus (Jr.) ... " Do you know where Pat is? " . . .neatness. [16] BARBARA JANE HASERICK ' " Barbie " 19 West Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 1943-45 Fidelio ' 45, Vice-President of Student Government, Club Tennis ' 44, ' 45. Boogie-woogie ... Rhapsody in Bluv. .old maid until she ' s thirty-thret — she says, .tiny waist. HELEN HODGES 1 ireezie 306 North Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1941-40 Wellesley A.C.A. Board ' 45, Day Scholars Stunt Committee ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Fidelio ' 45, Secretary of Class ' 41, Senior Play, " A " Society ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Chevrons ' 45, Honor Roll ' 42, ' 43. Mud sense of potter. . chic. . our French collaborationist. . . " Let ' s whip along. " MARY JANE HODGES " M.J. " 306 North Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1942-4 Brtjn Muter Assistant Business Manager of Yearbook ' 45, Basketball Varsity ' 45, Numerals ' 44. " Hi, Miss Carpenter ' ... " Are we in a good mood today, sistey? " ... " Let ' s go to ' spats ' today. " JOAN HOLDSWORTH " Joanie " 80 Chestnut Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1942-45 New England Baptist Hospital Fidelio ' 45, Posture Marker ' 45, Study Hall Proctor ' 45, Var- sity Track ' 43, ' 44, Numerals ' 42, " A " Society ' 43, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44. Mood-indigo. . " For I ' m Marblehead Forever " , .biology wor- ries. 17] JEAN LOIS JONES ■422 Cumberland Street, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Wtf-tf Smith Study Hall Proctor ' 45, Numerals ' 44. " Oh listen kids " . .the mice. . food and more food. . . " Oh, I know it. " MARY JANE Kl ' RTH " Emjay " 477 Prospect Street, Methuen, Massachusetts WJ f l-i5 Mi. Eolyoke Class Treasurer ' 45, Eidelio ' 44, ' 45, Choir ' 45, Varsity Hockey ' 48, ' 44, ' 45, Head of Ping Pong ' 45, School Song Leader ' 45, Chairman New Girl-Old Girl Party ' 45, Chevrons ' 45, Posture Marker ' 42, ' 44, " A " Society ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Vice-President of Senior Mid Class ' 44, Honor Roll ' 43, President of Junior Class ' 43, President of Prep Class. " Sx " . . .red fire engine. . . " Hi ya, Bung " . . oh, the prom! . . . " Shake ' em but don ' t break ' em. " RUTH SUE LAZARUS " Ruthie " 4192 Rose Hill Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio Skid more W ' f 3-b5 Fidelio ' 44, ' 45, Head of Wardrobe of Senior Play ' 45, Head of Archery ' 45, Hiking Leader ' 45, Numerals ' 44. " But I don ' t understand " .. .beautiful sweaters ... sense of humor!. . .violin virtuoso. . .napkin ring twiddler. SALLY DREW LEAVITT " Levi " Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vermont 1941-45 Radclije Fidelio ' 44, ' 45, Courant ' 44, ' 45, Editor Courant ' 45, Senior S tunt Committee ' 45, Senior Play, Draper Dramatics ' 42, ' 44, ' - Entertainment Committee ' 45, Numerals ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Chevrons ' 45, Honor Roll ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Cum Laude. " Why don ' t I hear from my blind date? " . . .the joys of modern communication at Intervale. . .passion for Gravel Gertie. . .intel- ligence -plus. [18] SUZANNE LELAND . oome 59 Phillips Street, Andover, Massachusetts lU ' ,. ' - ' ,.-, Briarclifi Fidelio ' 44, " 4. " , Senior Play, Numerals ' 48, ' 44. Snow shovelling troubles. . .Saturday morning rehearsals... " Where ' s J oanief " 1943-45 ANDREE LUCE 43 Exeter Street, Forest Hills, New York W ' hcaton A. A. A. Board ' 45, Varsity Tennis ' 44, Clul Tennis ' 45, Nu- merals ' 44. The cruil . " You lie " .next summer ' s nationals ... " Never lead away from a king " . . .pud-o-fud-fud-a-dud-o-dud. . . " Don ' t fence me in. " GRACE ELIZABETH LURTON 238 Mamaroneck Road, Scarsdale, New York 1943-45 Connecticut Secretary of Student Government ' 45, Senior Play ' 45, Fidelio ' 45, Courant ' 45, Honor Roll ' 44, ' 45, Prom Committee ' 45, Hiking Leader ' 45, Study Hall Proctor ' 45, Posture Marker ' 44, Numerals ' 44, Cum Laude. Gruesome laugh. . .naturally curly hair .. .reversible clinch board ... " ' » just looking for my lore, Jack. " ANDREA LYONS " Andy " 1314 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts 1945 Wellesley Fidelio ' 45, Choir ' 45, Posture Marker ' 45. Fast talking. . handsome brother Jack . . .birthday presents galore . . . Cape Cod rooter. [19] 1941-45 MAR.IORIE CHRISTINE MILNE " MUme " Bos 86, Manchester, New Hampshire MARION ELIZABETH MARSH " Biz " H3 Lodges Lane, Cynwyd, Pennsylvania t94S-45 Bennington Numerals, Bazaar Committee ' 44. A.D.S., Draper Dramatics ' 44, ' 45, Senior Play. Christmas Party. Senior Stunt Commit- tee, Entertainment Committee, arsity Basketball, Head of I ' r. ' in Committee, Yearbook ' 4.5. Pearl of Senior Class .prom worries pert on Hurt . " May I present Newbury Hordi ? " life of the party. MARIAN CABOT McIVEB ■Mac " 32 Fair Street, Cooperstoyn, New York 1943-45 Wheaton Numerals ' 4.5. AC. A. Board ' 45, Study Hall Proctor ' 4.5. " Oh, she ' s a doll " . " Hoir can yon be so dumb in this little world of atoms, particles and molecules? " " Who, who??? " James Fenimore Cooper Friday nighter. Briar cliff Cluli Tennis ' 43. " 44, ' 4.5, Lidelio, Choir ' 44, ' 45, Posture Marker ' 42, " 44, Numerals ' 43. Entertainment Committee, A. (A. Board, Study Hall Proctor, Christmas Party, Hiking Leader ' 45. " Ray " of sunshine. . " Oh, kids " . . .Bats about Afountbatten . " mini a lettt r " " Remind me to cut my JOAN MITCHELL " Mitch " Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Connecticut 1942-45 Vassar Numerals, Posture Marker ' 43, Bazaar Committee, Varsity Track. " A " Society ' 44, Chevrons ' 44, ' 45, Head of Hockey, Head of Rec Room Committee, Senior Stunt Committee, AAA. Board, Hiking Leader, Study Hall Proctor ' 45. Coke bottle bar. .S.A. feet history genius. . .always hungry . . . " Oh Thrill Girl " of Deerfidd. [20] KATHARINE SIDWAY MILFORD " Kitty " 49 Jackson Street, Little Falls, New York 1943-45 Mt. Edyoke Numerals ' -14, Posture Marker ' 44, ' 4.5, Fidelio ' 45. " Oh my, those brothers!! " .neatness, .malted milk tablets " Don ' t chew those nails. ' . ' . ' " bouncy walk. JEAN MILYEY " Jeannie " 87 Chestnut Street, Anclover, Massachusetts 1942-45 Mt. Edyoke Numerals ' 43, Posture Marker ' 43, Honor Roll ' 43, ' 45. Blue teddy-bear coat . Sister Susan " Oh, girls. " HELEN NOR R IS " Church " 2733 Ordway Street N.W., Washington, D. C. 19 il- ' i ' i I University of Sen- Hampshire Head of Riding, A. A. A. Council, Numerals, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Bazaar Committee ' 43, ' 44, Study Hall Proctor, Hiking Leader ' 45. Riding enthusiast " Hi, there " Washington wedding... Humming " Bum ami Coca-Cola " under breath. 1942-45 HILARY PATTERSON Horizon Farm, " Andover, New Hampshire Wissar President of Student Government ' 45, Yarsitv Hockey ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 43, Yarsitv Track ' 43, ' 44, Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Vice-President of Senior-Mid Class, " A " Society, Rec Room Committee ' 44, Courunt Hoard, Fidelio, Griffin Cheer Leader ' 44, ' 45, Chevrons, Senior Play, Cum Laude. Major " A " " Hell, I can always change my religion " brother vs. the ransom. .. " Nobody respects my authority " .. . pink and brown dress. [ 21 JESSAMINE RUGG PATTON " Patty " Schenlev Apartments, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 19J -4 Vassar A. ( ' .A. Board ' 44, Senior Play, Christmas Party ' 4.5, Numerals ' 45, Old-Girl-New GW Party, Senior Stunt Committee, Study Hall Proctor. Lazy siring of the hips dark glasses and Robin Hood hats. . " Were you satiated? " . . .Pittsburgh belle . . " room-mate. " ANNE MARIE PERSSON " Ami- Box 125, Guatemala City, Guatemala, C, A. 1943-46 Raddiffe Fidelio ' 44, ' 45. Guatemala ' s Chamber of Commerce .. .whiz with the knitting needles . Jane Eyre. JANET REDMAN 88 Elm Street, North Andover, Massachusetts 1941-45 Vassar Yearbook Board, Study Hall Proctor, Choir ' 44, ' 45, Firlelio ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 43, Posture Marker ' 44. Xenons hands .piano virtuoso ... " Bui they ' re not worried about me. " MARY ADAMS ROBBINS " Molly " 43 Argyle Avenue, Babylon, Long Island, New York lU ' i. ' - ' , ' , Katharine dibits Eidelio ' 44, ' 45, Senior Play, Bazaar ' 44. Numerals ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Chevrons 45, Hiking Leader ' 44, Old Girl-New Girl Party, Study Hall Proctor ' 45. Perfectionist " cunnin " . nitty tongue hysterical imper- sonations ... " who ' s got a flashlight? " .. .ittie Jimmie those diets. [22] NANCY BIRD SELINGER " Nance " New Canaan, Connecticut 191g- ' ,- Smith A.C.A. Board ' 45, Fidelio ' 45, Yearbook Board, Christmas Party, Numerals ' 43. Strange fascination for Exeter tops on the piano " Who is Mr. Kenseth? " -Spell it! " CYNTHIA HARVEY SMITH " tinny " 14 Rockridge Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts 1 ' .) ' ,. - ' ,. ' , Wellesley Senior Play, Posture Marker ' 44, ' 45, Con rant ' 45, Treasurer of Senior-Mid Class, Numerals ' 44, Chevron ' 44, " A " Society ' 44, Hiking Leader ' 45, Study Hall Proctor, Entertainment Committee, Head of Hiking ' 45, Head of News ' 45, Vice- President A.C.A., Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, Head of Deck Tennis ' 44. Wonderful complexion . . .athlete. . .Abbot ' s Kaiienborn . . subtle sense of humor . immaculate rootn. SHIRLEY ROBERTA SOMMER " Shirl " 137 Brown Hills Road, Rockford, Illinois 1943-JfS Wellesley Fidelio ' 45, Senior Play, Business Manager of Yearbook, Secretary of Senior Class ' 45, Prom Committee ' 45, A.C.A. ' 45, Honor Roll ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 44, Study Hall Proctor, Christmas Party ' 45, Cum Laude. Calm, cool and collected . . .gorgeous clothes. . .abundance of mail . . .graceful figure. . . " I must see Terry today. " SALLY MARTHA SPEAR Spearie 45 Franklin Street, Rumford, Maine l ' t ' ,1-1,-, Barnard President A. A. A. ' 45, Fidelio ' 45, Old Girl-New Girl Picnic ' 45, Study Hall Proctor, Student Government ' 44, ' 45, Hiking Leader ' 44, ' 45, President Senior Mid Class, Bazaar ' 44, Treasurer A. A. A. ' 44, A.C.A. Board ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Posture Marker ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Chevrons ' 44, ' 45, Varsity Bas- ketball ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Varsity Baseball ' 44, Christmas Party U. Plaintive blow pipe. . .school " spear it " .. .Wheaton week-ends . . . " Hi ya, Maudie " . . .up in the air over Tedder. . .magazines and cokes. 1 23 MARY LOU STEGNEB " Steggie " 603 North Perry Street, Titusville, Pennsylvania 1948-45 University of Michigan Choir ' 45, Fidelio ' 44, ' 4.5, Numerals ' 44. Noisy Joints .kittenofmen famous hula dancer . one dozen roses duel; collection. JOAN SWEENEY " Swiss " 04 Central Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1940-46 Sarah Lawrence " A " Society ' 42, Varsity Hockey ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Head of Badminton ' 42, ' 43, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 41, Vice- President A. A. A. ' 45, Varsity Baseball ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. Sieiss cheese ... Auntie Joan. . .Bowdoin rooter. . .cigarette holder . nnrationed shoes . .muscles. MARY JORDAN TAYLOR 33 Highland Avenue, Middletown, New York 1943-45 Briarcliff Gargoyle Captain ' 45, Senior Stunt Committee, Entertainmen Committee ' 45, Study Hall Proctor, Hiking Leader ' 45, A. A. A. Board ' 45, Varsity Basketball ' 44, ' 45, Numerals ' 44. That blush. . .huge grin... walks around the circle .. .always ready to lend a hand . . . " (lo report yourself to Stu-(i. " MADGE MARY TWOMEY 20 Haverhill Street, Andover, Massachusetts I ' J ' il-45 Simmons Head of Day Scholars ' 45, President of Prep Class ' 42, Treas- urer of Junior Class, A.C.A. Board, Numerals ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Honor Roll ' 42, ' 43, ' 45, Cum I.aude. Glamour girl slouch... let Madge do it .. that sailor boy... " What? " 124] BEATRICE VAX (T.EVE " Bee " 8 Lake Avenue, Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado 1942-45 Stanford President of Senior Class ' 45, Vice-President of Junior Class ' 48, Numerals ' 43, Posture Marker, " A " Society ' 44, President of Senior-Mid Class ' 44, Varsity Track ' 43, ' 44, Draper Dra- matics, Chevron ' 44, Fidelio, A.D.S. ' 44, ' 45, Hiking Leader, Study Hall Proctor, Prom Committee, Chairman Senior Play, Yearbook ' 45. " Joan, where ' s the soap? " . . . ' lar pres weekends in Boston . " Oh, dear ' My little sister Helen " . . .popu- . " Old 1 ' an is a irom out man " CHARLOTTE ROSE WELLES " Holly " New Canaan Country School, New Canaan, Connecticut I942-45 Smith President A.C.A. ' 45, Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Draper Dra- matics ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, President of Junior Class ' 43, Secretary and Treasurer of Senior-Mid Class ' 44, Hiking Leader ' 44, Nu- merals ' 43, Fidelio, Choir ' 44, ' 45, Study Hall Proctor ' 45, A.D.S. ' 44, ' 45, Christmas Party, Entertainment Committee ' 45, Griffin Song Leader ' 44, ' 45, Cum Laude. Dill pickles in cologne. . . " Tell Barbie to get me some food " . . . " Oh, dar, how clev " . . those summers in Timagami. I943-45 Post-Graduate NANCY EARNSHAW STONE " Stonie " Headley Road, Gahanna, Ohio Smith Senior Play ' 44, Numerals ' 44, Fidelio ' 44, ' 45, Gargoyle Cheer Leader ' 44, ' 45, Varsity Tennis ' 45, A. A. A. Council ' 45. " Hymn to Apollo " . sharp clothes . always early for dates. . . tennis whiz, .aviatrix terrific diets. She did it again! [25] Honor A. 1944 Elisabeth Colson Patricia Damon Aagot Hinriehsen Janet Hitchcock Alva Houston Molly Hal .hard Nancy Mclvor Elizabeth Rich Cum Laude. 1945 Barbara Beecher Martha Ann Boynton Gretchen Fuller Sallv Leavitt Grace Lnrton Hilary Paterson Shirley Sommer Madge Twomev Hollv Welles ae Senior Browsing Room .1 - News Gretchen Fuller Good Housekeeping Cynthia Smith Esq jure Mary Jane Kurth Etude Marv Jane Kurth Glamour Hilary Paterson Fortune Hilary Paterson The New Yorker Shirley Sommer Vogue Shirlev Sommer Sporting News Marv Tavlor Life Ann Bushnell Mademoiselle Phvllis Hardon Charm Beatrice Van Cleve Wee Wisdom Sally Leavitt Laffs Marion Marsh Theatre Arts Marion Marsh Parents ' Magazine Pattv Patton 127 1 Remember! September 13 — Abbot opens and the elements react in the form of a hur- ricane. September 11 — Preps harvest fallen Flagg apples. October 1 — Motorcycle corps invades Abbot. October 3 — Dorsel reigns in study hall. October 15 — Bushnell and Paterson en- tertain two Marines. It ' s too bad they had striped socks and curly hair. November 1 — 16 rave for Rosie; 156 coo for Dewey. November 8 — Leavitt predicts. " Girls of Massachusetts. Curley will be vour next Governor. " « November 11 — Andover-Exeter game. Abbot lipstick vs. Andover victory. Xorember 22 — We still don ' t know what happened to the Thanksgiving song. December 3 — New Vogue hat styles come to Abbot. December 12 — Beecher ' s classic re- mark, " I ' m not absent-minded. I ' m not careless. I just forget. " Energetic Preps " Oh Molly, it isn ' t fair " " Mmm " Abbcl archers Our sensible felt classics Rec Room Wrecks That sock! 28] " Paths to the classrooms first " January 11 — Sign on bulletin board. " Lost two boys. One black, one white. White in canvas traveling bag. Black has initials. Please claim. Hereafter check all luggage. " January 19 — Miss Roth: " What was the movie made about Andrew Jackson? " Bettv Graves: " Oh, you mean ' Wilson? ' " January 26-29 — We stagger through Critical Period. January 27 — Abbot white has gone to War. Leavitt revolutionizes literarv world. THE NEW BLUE COU- RANTUM January S()-February 1 — Intervale. Need we say more? February 9 — Blizzard hits Andover. Phillips shovels us out (for a nom- inal fee) . February 11 — Poetry worries. " What are patterns for? " February llf. — Prom invitations. " Sen- ior Promenade Dance. Mile Miss Hearsey. " February 17 — Male shortage (before and after) . March 3 — Molly overcomes Governor Dummer with the polka, but we all wear our boots. Sparkling Burgundy " May I present Newberry Hovde? " " Now as I was saying. . . " [29 1 " A Little Bit of Heaven ' After all the patient (?) years of waiting — Intervale! Will we ever forget it? The suspense of that four-hour trip would have killed us if it hadn ' t been for the popcorn and the crazy bridge hands plus the fact that each hill got bigger and bigger ' til finally (ranmore raised its vicious head. (Oh! little did we know!!) And by the time we ' d relayed our- selves to the Inn, we were more than ready for the first of those many divine, enormous meals. Then Cranmore!! All of Miss Carpenter ' s assurances back in the comfortable Claremont flew out of our heads. We were weak! Jaws dropped, goggles were ad- justed, and some frantically bought tickets for the " half-way mark. " But it looked cruel and wicked! They certainly loved us that day — sprawling forms clut- tering up the slope and sitz-marks dotting the trail. We had fun, but don ' t forget those fabulous les- sons from the tall blond — not that they helped ! ! ! The movie that night was good for laughs — Twinkle Watts et al. Then bed — with the day-scholars ' hair in rags and Bee ' s frantic gong ringing through the halls. Then quiet??? Wednesday: Esther ' s pick-ups, Miss Hearsey ' s evening reading, the marshmallows and Levi ' s col- lect telephone call. And Thursday morning Miss Hearsey saying that she " ' had meant to ski, but the snow and wind were just too much! " At least the storm was a blessing to somebody! The trip back was hyste rical : bridge again, making and frantic learning of our songs, and the mad rush to get off the train. No, we never will forget Intervale ! [30] [31] WEATHER Hurricane fol- lowed by a col- lision of Saturn and Mars. THE FUTURE TIMES ABBOT ALUMNAE EDITION Vol. 19, No. 45 AXDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS May 21, 1965 FLOODS OVERRUN HOLLAND Reported by Correspondent Mitchell Joan Mitchell, foreign correspondent, reports that as soon as she set foot in Holland all the dikes broke and the country became flooded. They are investigating the causes of this phenomenon, and Miss Mitchell has been recalled, as it is believed that the future safety of Hol- land hangs in the balance. BIG THREE ASKS: WILL HERMIT MAKE ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE? The official spokesman for the Big Three announced today that the Conference has placed an appeal in Theater Arts to hermitess Esther Bufferd, requesting her not to forego her annual appearance in civilization. In past years she has abandoned her cave in Lonely Valley only at the spring equinox, leaving a trail of poetry and paintings behind her. The Conference feels that her cul- tural information will prove invaluable. Last March recluse Bufferd was quoted as saying, " Theater Arts is my only communication with the outside world. " FLASHES FROM ABROAD Reported by Correspondent Boynton Today, in Sing Lo, China, history was made as Miss Cynthia Smith, that patient lady from Wellesley, Mas- sachusetts, converted her 1500th Chinese woman. At the ceremony honoring Miss Smith was an Abbot class- mate of hers, Miss Holly Welles, another missionary, whose courageous work in bringing musical and the- atrical art to the Chinese has been hailed from all quarters. FLASH: Miss Elizabeth Dickerman, after digging for fifteen years in Crete, has unearthed the original snake goddess. Wise men from all centers of learning are rush- ing to see this famous wonder. LATEST NEWS FROM THE PEACE CONFERENCE Reported by Boynton President Paterson and Secretary of the Navy Two- mey admit that they are disturbed about the recent revolt staged in Guatemala. The instigator of this revolt is Ami Persson. Heated discussions are being held at the White House. Paterson is setting a new precedent by insisting that she will run for only one term. The soul retainer of Law and Order at the Conference are the hysterical remarks of Robbins the Cabinet jester. THE WORLD OF SPORTS A list of the United States Olympic teams for 1965 was released this morning. Women seem to be in the lead. Two well-known sports women, Mary Taylor and Sally Spear, took the honors in basketball. Barbara Ball is the trainer of these two girls. Both of them got their start at Abbot Academy. The track team is well taken care of, for it consists of Joan Holdsworth, who will be re- membered as the young lady who broke the records at the IT2A Meet. In a furiously played singles match, Andree Luce conquered a jinx and won the U. S. tennis nationals. Miss Luce played a fast, loose game, which might be called the most spectacular of her brilliant career. Yesterday afternoon at Falling Downs Helen Xorris won the annual steeplechase. The race was close, until Miss Xorris, abandoning her mount, cleared the last hedge to come in several hundred yards ahead of her closest competitor. Advertisements Have you lost your ring? I am a whiz at trailing lost rings (and returning them). . .Nancy Stone Lost and Found: One head, belongs to Betty Graves (she thinks: it might be Beecher ' s). Rest-A-While: The perfect home for women who wisely scorn the companionship of men (Old Maids). Apply : Barbara Haserick. [32] THE FUTURE TIMES S.D.L. STUMPED IN NEW YORK Expert Sally Drew Leavitt of " Information Please, " known to thousands as S.D.L. , last night failed to answer a question put to her for the first time since she joined the program five years ago. To Miss Ruth Lazarus, Cincinnati schoolmarm, goes the distinction of being the one who asked the unanswerable question. After Shirley Sommer, master of ceremonies, read the famous question, a tense, expectant silence fell on the audience and was broken only by guest expert Andrea Lyons ' appropriate comment, " Whew! " SUICIDE BECAUSE OF THWARTED LOVE This afternoon the body of Miss Ann Bushnell was found lying on the Abbot circle, where she landed after leaping from the second step of Draper Hall, fatally breaking her neck. The direct cause of the suicide is not known, but it is believed that it is because of unfortun- ate love, since recently a malicious young woman, Patty Patton, stole Miss Bushnell ' s man. POWER PLANT EXPLODES AT PIGEON COVE A violent explosion rocked Cape Anne last night when the power plant here was completely destroyed. The cause of the explosion is not yet known, but it is believed that an assistant physicist, Barbara Beecher, might have had something to do with it. She is known as the " mad scientist ' and has been working alone on an experiment with a generator and a voltometer. The only casualties were Judy Gage and Suzanne Leland. The explosion is being thoroughly investigated by super- sleuth Josephine Bernardin. THE MYSTERY OF THE MODERN KITCHEN Solved by world famous homemaker: Nancy Dodge Advert isemen t CHIC HAT SHOP Miss Mulford, Proprietor All styles and varieties Scintillating Revolutionary Book of the Century Club Hails " REBMA REVEROF " by Mary Jane Hodges HIGHLIGHTS IN THE WORLD OF CULTURE Miss Marianna Marsz, Miss Carlotta Welles and Miss Beatrichee Van De Cluster, who have recently distinguished themselves as three of the greatest ac- tresses of today, appeared together last night for the first time in Gibsonworthybung ' s popular Heated Harem The highlight of the performance occurred when a pearl ring was thrown to Miss Marsz by a handsome admirer. Miss Welles and Miss Van De Cluster are still hopeful. Miss Janet Redman, alto singer, and Miss Nancy Selinger, expert pianist, have brought the world of music closer to everyone. During a recent recital two young gentlemen were seen to swoon. Miss Gretchen Fuller, famed artist, held her new exhibit in her temporary home in Arizona. Free drinks were served in the cocktail lounge. The twilight of the season of the social world was the going under party given by the former Miss Phyllis Hardon for her daughter, Augusta. Miss Marjorie Milne was the charming hostess at a tea given for Mountbatten on Saturday. Miss Marian Mclver gave an enlightening talk on the perfect home life. NIGHTCLUB SPEAKEASY RAIDED Miss Mary Janotska Kurth, singer and bubble dancer in the Scorch Club at Lawrence, was arrested last night for over-exposure when one of her bubbles burst. AIRPLANE CRASH AT CLOCK MOUNTAIN A report has just been received of the crash of a Douglas DC3. The pilot was Ann Dorsel, but luckily she and the crew escaped unhurt. Radio News Lurton and Brown, the two famous comediennes, at eight o ' clock, Station NTTS. Advertisemen t Nigkt Club Head-lines. Featuring the two charming hostesses: Rosalie Bent Twig and Helen Hidges. Extra attraction: Steggie-Lou, Queen of the Hula. Advertisement Is your speech clear? Do you enunciate well? Do you use expression? Come to Mine. La Jones and she will correct these faults. [33] OFFICERS— FIRST SEM ESTER Virginia Finney, President Harriet Bentley, Vice-President Nancy Thomas, Treasurer Sally Allen, Secretary Senior-Mids The Senior-Mids have spent a year in preparing themselves for the privileges and responsibilities of Seniors. Although it is not easy to watch the Seniors go off to Intervale and Baronial, your spirit has never wavered, and your patience has been an inspiration to us all. You already took your first steps toward the cherished goal in your Prep and Junior years, but this year has been differ- ent, for you have already begun to feel more like a class. You have received your class sweaters, written your songs and received the Senior Parlor. While we were at Intervale you had your brief moments as leaders of the school, and you exper- ienced a little of what you will have to do next year. We know what it is to be underclassmen and will never forget the thrill which accompanied our slow realization that we no longer had a Senior I t Floor Old Wing: Fryling, Graf, Sonne, P. Thomas, Wegrzy- nck, Robertson, Gotham, Hinrhman. 3rd Floor Wing: Fisher, Co pel and. Hill, Stearns. Allen, Barrett, Teeson, Mills, Little, Livermore, Mitamnra, Malott, French, Merrick, Doyle, Twomey, Xorth, Rairdon, Boirne. [34] Second Floor Old Wing: Biddle, Power, Brumback, Wiggin, Troub, Wright, M. Summer, Hogan, Sullivan, M. Hour. First Floor New Wing: Whiteomb, Hellweg, Finney, M. Greene, Ross, Keefer, Leinbaeh, N. Thomas, Burton. Class to look up to. There are many bits of advice which we would pass on to you; such as learning to bend zee knees before attempting Mt. Cran- more, and getting your source theme done early. We do not hesitate to leave the responsibilities of upperclassmen to you, for we have great faith in your ability to execute them seriously. And so, Senior-Mids, we wish you every bit of happiness and satisfaction possible, and may your Senior year be the most successful yet. We are the class of ' 46. W T ith purpose clear and true Our yellow banner wave on high Behind the Abbot blue Marching together ever on Throughout our future days And loyally united be With ' 46 always. OFFICERS— SECOND SEMESTER Ann Hellweg, Secretary Georgia Lee Mills, Treasurer Muriel Greene, Vice-President Nancy Thomas, President wl It 35 Juniors, Junior-Mids Our Junior year does not seem very long ago. We remember Kow we used to wonder if we ' d ever be Seniors. We envied them with their many privileges. Yet we kind of fretted a little at all the Senior duties we would be undertaking. How awe- stricken we were when the Seniors talked over the heavy assignments at dinner time, and daytime would bring them carrying a preposterous number of books around. " Notice in the Senior Parlor " always aroused our curiosity. Don ' t worry, Jun- iors and Junior-Mids, you ' ll be Seniors before you know it, and we envy you, for your best years are yet to come. OFFICERS Mary Pierce, Mary Emery, Presidents Susanne Rabbins, Vice-President .hine Brown, Deb orah Peckett, Secretaries Christine ran (loeben, Dorthva Hall, Treasurers Junior Mids: Back Row: Aulis, Peckett, Lyford, Kolins, Derby. Third Row: Weston, Emery, Turner. Second Row: DeCesare, Karelitz, G. Greene, Front Row: N. Barnard, Lewis, Weldon. Absent: B. Barnard, Dean. Juniors: Back Row: McLean, Flather, Campbell, White, Cole, Sears, N. Kay, Kreis, II. Taylor, Sawyer, Pierce, P. Barnard, Schaejfer. Fourth Row: Kimball, Tread iray, B. Mitchell, von- Goebcn, Mclror, Morse, Goddard, Hemsath. Third Row: Long, .1. Brown, Hamilton, Flues, Sides, Huntington, Peek, Olivers, Barrel!, Lunt, Sinclaire, S. Bobbins. Second Row: Hall, Gould, Dowd, Brirner. Front Row: Miller, Gierasch, McDuffie, Con- nable, Hanly, Sackett. Absent: Flowers, II u mason, Bodgers. [36] Back Row: DeLong, Koines, Dake Second Row: Whitaker, C. Stone, Cookman Front Row: Macartney, J, Kay, Mellersh, Absent: Bisgood Back Row: E. Howe, Jackson, Robinson, S. Smith Second Row: Russell, .V. Elliot, Moss Front Row: Black OFFICERS Jane Jackson, Barbara Dake, Presidents Muriel Mellersh, Salley Macartney, Vice-Presidents Nancy Elliot, Tatiana Russell, Secretaries Ann Robinson, Elizabeth Howe, Treasurers Preps How can we ever forget those first days of our Abbot life? We were Preps living in a new world, and Abbey was our comfortable home. We often felt left out of things and looked on enviously at such events as the Senior Prom and the departure for Intervale while we were taking our exams. Draper Hall was somehow overwhelming. Outside of meals and mail, it seemed to mean only the front office where continual typing took place. It was the building where " The Seniors " lived. You are young and carefree now and have been involved in many pranks, but Preps, there ' s lots of work ahead. You ' ve got a great deal to look for- ward to in your future years, and we ' ll be thinking of you. Good luck. [37] STUDENT GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Back Row: Beatrice Van Cleve, President of Senior Class: Charlotte Welle , President of A.C.A.: Sally pear. President: of A. A. A.; Madge Tuomey, Head of Day Scholars Front Row: Grace Lurton, Secretary of Student Government: Hilary Paterson, President of Student Government: Barbara Haserick, Vice-President of Student Government " Matty Itsiancltel . . . UtteteiU. and actuutieA. " LJ - Left: " One at a time, please ' Right: " Ok, I can ' t bear it! " STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Back Row: Sweeney, Jackson, Pierce, Emery, Haserick, Lurton, N. Thomas, Finney, Dake Front Row: Tiromey, Welles, ( ' . Smith, Paterson, Van Clere, E. Brown, Spear CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION COUNCIL S. Sommer, Fryling, Holly ]Velles, President: Saury Selinger, Secretary: Patton, Mclrer, Cynthia Smith, Vice-President: Wright, Long, Jackson, Finney, Marjorie Milne, Treasurer: Mclror, ron Goehen, Mitamura, Kimball Absent : H . Hodges The Student Coun- cil, made up of repre- sentatives of each class, of the Athletic Association, the Chris- tian Association, and the Student Government officers, meets every Wednesday to discuss any changes that might be made and any questions that have been brought up. It superin- tends Sunday night suppers, chooses corridor proctors, helps with nomina- tions for class officers, and is an im- portant part of the Rating Committee. By working with the faculty in many matters, the students and faculty are brought closer together and are able more purposefully to understand each other. As a result of these weekly meetings we were allowed to wear lipstick to the An- dover-Exeter game! We certainly felt wonderful when our football heroes stood gazing at us with their mouths hanging open while we proudly climbed to our seats in the grandstand. [40] A.C.A., as always, holds its important position as one of the main organizations of Abbot. It has done an excellent job this year with Holly Welles as its competent president. The Vesper Services, headed by the students, have been most enlightening. During one of them all the Xorthfield girls gave us a clear and concise picture of the conferences held in June. According to custom, each Senior dressed a doll for the Hindman Settlement, and they were packed up with other presents in time for Christmas. The Christmas Party turned out a grand success with full attendance. Each child present, with great enthusi- asm, received his qj her gifts from Biz Marsh who made a wonderful Santa Claus. The A.C.A. meetings after Sunday night supper were abolished this year. To replace them, members of the board have taken charge of the week-day chapel ser- vice on such days as Columbus Day and Lincoln ' s Birthday. A.C.A. sponsored the Red Cross War Fund Campaign and we can say with pride that Abbot contributed 100%. . Journalism at Abbot has been flourish- ing this year, as never before. One was first aware of the change when a huge sign appeared on the bulletin board ad- vertising THE NEW BLUE COURANT. Sally had a particularly harassed look about her, and one could hear her mumbl- ing about deadlines, going to press and all the other jargon of the literary world. Then the day arrived when Courant ap- peared in our mailboxes, and Sally ' s harassed look was replaced by one of pride as she lovingly fondled her product. And Courant has changed. There are more stories, and better ones, with wonderful illustrations, as well as an enlarged staff. We, of the Yearbook board, were equally busy, trying to produce what we hope will be one of the best yearbooks that Abbot has ever had. We have had difficulties getting our materials and films, and there is always the problem of finding extra time. But it has all been worth the effort, and it is with great pride that we say that we were on the Board of the Circle for 19-45. COURANT BOARD Paterson, Fuller, .V. Thomas, Leavitt, C. Smith, Burton, Liter- more, Lurton YEARBOOK BOARD Van Cleve, Boynton, Selinger, S. Sommer, M. J. Hodges, Red- man, Benton, Marsh, Bushnell Absent : N. Stone 41] Abbot is trying to contribute her share to the war effort, as she has been for the past three years. In- stead of the airplane spotting and Red Cross and nutrition classes given last year, we have knitting and sewing classes on Wednesday evening from eight to nine. At the present time there is an urgent need for knitted cloth- ing. These classes are for different coun- tries such as Czechoslovakia, France, Great Britain, Russia and Holland. The most interesting class seems to be that called " The World Today, " which makes a point of studying various sub- jects of national interest. Each month, this group of girls, helped by Miss Hear- sey, Miss Roth, and other members of the faculty, holds an open forum in Davis Hall. The subjects that have been dis- cussed are the election this fall, the race problem, and Germany after the war. These forums have been popular and there are lively discussions after the talks. The Saturday evening programs have often supplemented these forums, so a very clear knowledge of world affairs is gained. Cynthia Smith has done a wonderful job with the news, having taken almost complete charge. Three times a week in chapel a Senior-Mid gives us a brief ac- count of the world news of the day. On April 28 nine representatives of this group went to Boston to take part in a discussion on Trade Relationships in the Post War World. This meeting was spon- sored by the United Nations Association, and eighteen prep schools around Boston took part. Through these war service groups, we have come to feel that we are making an important contribution to the war effort. " But it doesn ' t phase me. Where ' s Primpy ' s knitting? [42] ' Now that ire ' re settled the problems of the world. ' But the firsts- haven ' t been served yet! " In this past year, we at Abbot have been most fortunate in having many gifted men and women help us shape our thoughts and opinions. Vespers on Sunday evenings have been nothing less than in- spiring. We shall always remember men such as Dr. Cleland, Dr. Calkins and Mr. Baldwin, not only for their keen humor and presentations, but also for their in- sight into the deep problems of life and their clear interpretations of a number of Biblical passages. Our Saturday evening programs have brought many speakers and artists to Abbot. We have obtained a better knowl- edge of the arts through such programs as Spanish dancing, Chinese and English theater, dramatic interpretations, and concerts by distinguished musicians. And, of course, we will never forget Miss Friskin ' s recital, one of the most eagerly awaited events of the whole year. Our comprehension of the world events has been increased by such excellent speakers as Mrs. Paul Robeson, Mrs. F. M. Taylor, and Mr. William Averitt. We were particularly fortunate in hearing Miss Margaret Walker read us some pas- sages from her own poetry, which brought us greater understanding of the Negro and his problems. All of these people have contributed greatly to our prospective, and we feel indebted to each one of them. They have provided us with many searching thoughts and have given us a wider appreciation of our world and its opportunities. With their experience and ability to guide us we feel ourselves better equipped to meet the demands of the future. [ 43 CHOIR Back Row: .V. Kay, Lyons, Kurth, Redman, Milne, Fuller, Stegner Front Row: N, Barnard, Lewis, Ross, Power, Roynton, Wright, M. Sommer Absent: Welles, Rodgers We shook when we had our voices tested for Fidelio by Miss Friskin and Mr. Howe. Then we waited for the list to appear on the bulletin board, and there were the usual exclamations, " Oh, I can ' t bear it. How did she get in? " But we really began to feel at home after the 1 first rehearsal, especially when Mr. Howe enforced his deadline ultima- tum. We chose Barbara Ball as our presi- dent, and Mary Jane Kurth proved to be an excellent accompanist. Instead of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera with Phillips we had concerts with Governor Dummer and Exeter. After the rehearsals for Christmas carols were over, we really set to work. The corridors of Draper re- echoed all winter long to strains of " Braid the Raven Hair " and the " Merry Widow Waltz. " Our concert with Governor Dum- mer was a great success, any way you want to look at it. The boys entertained us royally, and we all had a good time. We let Exeter do the travelling for the next concert, and they arrived to set up a particularly high standard for future con- certs. We wouldn ' t have missed this year of Fidelio for anything, although we don ' t think it will miss us too much next year, judging by the sounds coming across the circle from New Fidelio. FIDELIO Barbara Ball, President: Mary Jane Kurth, Accompanist; Martha Ann Boynton, Librarian [44] " And just what would you like? " The neighborly spirit One of our most interesting Saturday night programs this year was the presen- tation of three one-act plays by some up and coming actresses in the Junior and Junior-Mid classes. A.D.S. had their eyes open and undoubtedly were framing ideas about the future. Miss Strickland, as director, receives special merit for her work and very favorable results. In order of appearance the plays were Courtin ' ( ' hristina, The Neighbors and The Clod. We will never forget the agony we endured when we were praying the Union soldiers would not discover the Confederate hero; or the final tense moment just before the gun went off! Courtin " Christina provided some won- derful comedy, and the surprising Irish brogue impressed us all. The Neighbors was equally enjoyed. Great was the curiosity of the rest of the school when during the preceding weeks we would walk by the Tiffin or Rec Room and hear strange noises issuing forth. However, we were soon able to put two and two together, because every so often there was written on the blackboard in conspicuous letters, " Neighbors. ..Tiffin Room at 2:30, " or the like. The fact that every so often someone was not at sports because of play rehearsal also gave us a clue. At any rate the final productions were a great success and were highly appreciated by the many onlookers in Davis Hall. " What ' s your trouble, mister? " [45 ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY Bushiull, Graf, Marsh, Esther Bufferd, President: Hogun, Van Clere, Bentley, Welles Bush continually putting up her hair: Holly getting Biz out of the mess she ' s made of her knitting; over in the corner Bee learning to knit on bobby pins; Hap- py so absorbed in her book that she for- gets her cues; Barbie Graf concentrating on her four lines (and we mustn ' t forget her dog ' s bark); and Pete and Esther in- tently listening to Mrs. Gray give them a few pointers on their scene together. . . yes, out of this conglomeration came Moorborn, one of the finest plays that has ever been produced by A.D.S. None of it could have been done without the skill and patience of Mrs. Gray, and to her we owe our thanks. Of course artists tem- peraments will clash, and there have been many times during the year that we could have quietly wrung each other ' s necks. But somehow we managed to get over the crucial points without any drastic hap- penings. Yes. A.D.S. has put up with a lot of shenanigans from us this year, but after all is said and done, it has all been loads of fun. It is the general opinion that after a play the club just dissolves, but that is not so. Meetings are held on every other Fri- day, and of course there is a gala party whenever the occasion calls for it. The spirit that exists in this small society and the companionship it fosters are enough for three or four societies, and we hope that it shall always be that way. Morbidness and old maids The " Bio Three ' [46] Before the wood " But I need to be loved! " A strange now-you-see-it, now-you- don ' t wood; an impish, unpredictable old man; a cast ranging from a bored socialite to a matronly old woman; put it all to- gether, mix it up and you ' ve almost got the plot of the Senior play, Dear Brutus. Of course, a plot wouldn ' t be a good plot without a point, and the point of this one was — a second chance. The rehearsals were lots of fun. Besides learning lines and watching for cues, there was the usual knitting, gossiping, writing letters, and an occasional would-be-critic intently listening and voicing opinions about the progress, backward or forward, of the play. It didn ' t seem possible on March 17 that the day was really here. The panic of missing cues and forgetting lines was evi- dent — but need I go on? The play was a great success under the wonderful leader- ship of Mrs. Gray. It was she who led the cast (and audience) victoriously through, managing to keep her wits about her in spite of the mysterious wood and it ' s odd occupants. Art has been thriving this year under the able guidance of Miss Gay and Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Morgan holds forth on Saturday morning with her " abandoned pupils. " There have also been many in- teresting exhibits at the John Esther Art Gallery. Do you see four hands? [47] ABBOT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION COUNCIL Back Row: . . Mitchell, Xorris, Stearns, Beecher Second Row: Xancy Stone, Treasurer; Phyllis Hardon, Secre- tary; Sally Spear, President; M. Taylor, Joan Sweeney, Vice- President First Row: Luce, Ball, C. Smith, Bernardin, Lazarus " I wealth ojj oik, 4a haJu i . . . Ua xinedA rr Left: The doubles are winning! Right: United we stand. ' The Year of Sports Hockey this year broke in a new teach- er, Miss Macdonald, who proved to be a great success. Dressed like us in dainty feminine costume of longs and jacket, she was taken for another girl more than a hundred times. But she was not the only thing hockey broke in. Sally Allen ' s teeth and entire visage suffered losses at the furious onslaught of the Gargoyles. How- ever, it was one of the best hockev seasons in years, and there was great speculation as to who was going to win on Field day. After a feverish game and much roaring from the sidelines, the Griffins captured the final honors. The Gargoyles however have won steadily throughout the year and are nothing daunted by one defeat. Next year will find them fresh and flushed with new aspirations against the Griffins. GARGOYLE HOCKEY TEAM Lyons, Kurth, F. Broun, Fisher, Sears, Graf, Briimback, Mills, Leuvitt, Bonne, J. Mitchell, Lazarus Basketball ' ' carried on as usual " with only the average number of casualties. We find that it takes a few brains, too, to play this game called basketball. What " The sun is a-shining! ' GARGOYLE BASKETBALL TEAM Malotf, hunt, Norris, Mitamura, M. J. Hodges, M. BarreU Taylor, 50] GRIFFIN HOCKEY TEAM Derby, Finney, Helhreg, M. Robbins, ronGoebcn, Paterson, Roirdon, Sweeney, IV. Thomas, Hardon, Chivers, C. Smith TENNIS TEAMS .V. Stone, Emery, Haserick, Luce, Milne, Selinger, Jones, Bernardin. Absent: Rodgers, Welles. GRIFFIN BASKETBALL TEAM Karelitz, Ball, Dorsel, Goddard Marsh, Spear, Jackson with pivoting to the left, and throwing to the right, underhand not overhand, left hand not right hand, and backwards not forwards, the ball was lucky if it landed within thirty yards of its intended destina- tion. But with a little practice and a few simple exercises, we soon became quite proficient at making baskets, and looking one way and throwing the other. This is a very tricky game and thrilling to watch. One would never realize the long hard hours of practice that have gone into per- fecting the ease and speed with which the plays were executed. Tennis this year featured quite a few up-and-coming stars. Our professionals practiced feverishly, perhaps too energeti- cally, for when Field Day came around, they seemed to be incapacitated, so the singles match was postponed. The excel- lent doubles matches, however, made up for that lack. The war has hit the tennis people hard in the guise of the Victory Ball. It looks like a tennis ball, feels like a baseball, and acts like a hunk of lead. However the champs did very well, even with this handicap. Sports At long last a pathetic little snowflake ventured into the neighborhood of Miss Carpenter, and we all dashed to the ski- room, slapped a little wax on the old boards, and were out on " Suicide Slope " before that flake ever reached the ground . But we didn ' t have to wait long for some real snow, and when it came it really did. Th ere were afternoons when we had to shovel to the ski-room before we could get our skis, and there were also times when we would vainly try to do a stem turn with the snow around our waists. A Gar- goyle-Griffin competition was held on the hockey field, the most spectacular fea- tures of which were the potato race and the backward race. It was obvious that the yogi certainly had nothing on us at Abbot. Strive as they will they could never have equalled the peculiar positions that we attained that afternoon. It is odd how quickly one can completely entangle himself in skis and poles and snow, but how long it takes to get out. However, we finally found ourselves skiing over and across tufts of green grass, so we turned to gym and dance. We thought we were in condition, but Mary Taylor, Captain of the Gargoyles Phyllis Hardon, Captain of the Griffins [52] Holly Welles, Griffin Song Leader Mary Jane Kurth, School Song Leader Nancy Stone, Gargoyle Song Leader our aching. muscles soon told us otherwise. Many a groan was heard before we could again sit down in peace. But soon we were shinnying up the ropes and leaping grace- fully (?) in dance with the greatest of ease. The Spring Demonstration came all too soon, and the audience hardly recognized their Suzy doing all those impossible things. " Why my Suzy couldn ' t be doing that — but it certainly looks like her. " Baseball in the spring could have helped out the Dodgers with the experts it produced. Speed balls and curves and long home runs could be seen every after- noon. Many a sore finger and sore head were suffered before we could finally stand up to bat without quaking and in the field without dreaming. The tennis professionals once more took to the courts. Our track stars closely resembled the Olympics with their jumps, their runs, and their flying disci. We were all amazed to watch the latter sailing through the air with apparent disregard for the laws of gravity. Yes, this year we have had fun, and without knowing it we have contributed vitally to the great future of a strong, healthy nation living in a world of peace. [53] Epilogue From the hills we have brought you, oh Mountain Laurel, From the far away blue of the mountain ' s side, From the clear mountain air, oh Mountain Laurel, We have brought you hither with us to abide. Bring to us beauty, oh Mountain Laurel, A clear vision of heights unclouded by fear, That our lives may be strong, oh Mountain Laurel, As the mountains stand firm from year unto year. We plant you with purpose, oh Mountain Laurel, A symbol of how we would grow and have grown From our roots here at Abbot, oh Mountain Laurel, May they bind us forever, oh tree, like your own. Tree Song by Barbara Beech er [54] Faculty Hilda Ruby Baynes Andover, Massachusetts Jean Hope Baynes Andover, Massachusetts Vera Fisherova Beck (Mrs.) Andover, Massachusetts Christine J. Brown (Mrs. G. T.) Andover, Massachusetts Minna Calhoun (Mrs. A. D.) Manila, Philippine Islands Mary Carpenter 57 Wilkinson Street Putnam, Connecticut Louise Loring Coffin 150 Church Street Newton, Massachusetts Hope Coolidge 5 Simon Willard Road Concord, Massachusetts Mary Elaine Dodge Kentville, Nova Scotia Dorothy Annie Duff (it) Le Marchant Road St. John ' s, Newfoundland Kate Friskin 300 West 108th Street New York, New York Mary Gay Duxbury, Massachusetts Grace Amy Goodman Andover, Massachusetts Bertha Morgan Gray (Mrs.) Andover, Massachusetts Isabel Maxwell Hancock Boonsboro Road Lynchburg, Virginia Marguerite Capen Hearsey 20 Abbot Street Andover, Massachusetts Edith Hedin West Dennis, Massachusetts Walter Edward Howe 14 School Street Andover, Massachusetts Barbara Humes 23 Chestnut Hill Greenfield, Massachuset t s The Reverend Arnold M. Kenseth Ballardvale, Massachusetts Eleanor Ninas Little 7138 Olive Street Kansas City, Missouri Katherine Macdonald 66 Grove Street Putnam, Connecticut Harriet E. McKee The College Club 40 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Marion Russell McPherson 3 Summer Street Andover, Massachusetts Maud Cabot Morgan (Mrs. Patrick) 141 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Catherine Padwick Andover, Massachusetts Gertrud Rath 735 Yale Avenue Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Anne Rechnitzer Andover, Massachusetts Helen Dunford Robinson 77 Mt. Pleasant Street Gloucester, Massachusetts Louise Robinson 82 Ames Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Anna Elizabeth Roth 73 Union Street Franklin, Massachuset t s Klinor Litchfield Strickland 71 North Prospect Street Amherst, Massachusetts Catherine Jane Sullivan 97 Knox Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Alice Curtiss Sweeney 175 Berkeley Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Gertrude Tingley 32 Milton Road Brookline, Massachusetts Etiennette Trouve c-o Mrs. C. H. Dawson Di- enne 137 Bank Street Suffolk, Virginia Eleanor Morin Tucker 166 Christiania Street North Tonawanda, New York Dorothea Wilkinson 14 Waterloo Road Fredericton, New Bruns- wick, Canada Senior Middle Class Sarah Allen 33 Warren Street Salem, Massachusetts Anne Barrett 86 W ' illow Street Garden City, New York Harriet Bentley Box 187 Chappaqua, New York Barbara Biddle Orchard Avenue Weston, Massachusetts Patricia Bowne 2 Seward Avenue L ' tica, New York Ellen Brumback 4404 Miner Road Ottawa Hills, Toledo 6, Ohio Nancy Burns 377 St. Ronan Street New Haven, Connecticut Jenny Copeland 1103 East Main Street Grand Junction, Colorado Louise Doyle Foster Circle Andover, Massachusetts Inga Elliot Box 433, Panama, R. P. Virginia Finney Thunder Hill Ruxton Post Office, Mary- land Anne Fisher 27 Wellesley Street Weston, Massachusetts Barbara French 276 South Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Florence Fryling 406 Seminole Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Frances Gorhain 37 Green Street Augusta, Maine Barbara Graf Madeira, Ohio Muriel Greene 2480 Sixteenth Street Washington, D. C Nancy Hellweg The Hotel Grosvenor 35 Fifth Avenue New York, New York Ann Hill 345 Broad Street Red Bank, New Jersey Elsa Hinchman 31 Devon Road Lawrence Park West Bronxville, New York Patricia Hogan Lisbon, New Hampshire Mary Howe Six Town and Country Clayton 5, Missouri Katharine Johnson 16 Hawthorne Road Swampscott, Massachusetts Patricia Keefer 18 West Market Street Danville, Pennsylvania [55] Greta Leinbach " Go-Al-Do Lodge " Reading, Pennsylvania Frances Little 197 Shawsheen Road Andover, Massachusetts June Livermore 2226 Vernon Drive Charlotte, North Carolina Janet Malott Lilac Lane Lawrence, Kansas Joyce Merrick 19 Ravenscliffe Avenue Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Georgia Lee Mills Cranmoor Manor Toms River, New Jersey Amy Mitamura 208 West Newton Street Boston, Massachusetts Cynthia Noone 3 Second Street Newburyport, Massachusetts Sally North IS William Street Andover, Massachusetts Sally Power 12A Still Street Brookline, Massachusetts Phyllis Rairdon 3724 Sulphur Spring Road Ottawa Hills, Toledo 6, Ohio Luetta Robertson 900 King Street Lafayette, Indiana Betty Ross Thetford, Vermont Marjorie Sommer 130 Edgehill Court Peoria, Illinois Harriet Stearns 60 Lawrence Street Gardner, Massachusetts Gail Sullivan 106 South Street Foxboro, Massachusetts Carolyn Teeson 149 Chapin Street Southbridge, Massachusetts Pollv Thomas Post Office Box No. 5 Wilmington 99, Delaware Nancy Thomas Fox Run Road Norwalk, Connecticut Marian Troub 1564 Asylum Avenue West Hartford, Connecticut Mavis Twomey 20 Haverhill Street Andover, Massachusetts Sophie Wegrzynek 66 Tennis Place Forest Hills, Long Island New York Hope Whitcomb West Road New Canaan, Connecticut Deborah Wiggin Rockholm Cottage Annisquam, Massachusetts Genevieve Wright 9 Prospect Street Norwood, New York Junior Middle Class Ann Aulis Dockray Lane Wakefield, Rhode Island Barbara Barnard 14 Cabot Road Andover, Massachusetts Nancy Barnard 12 High Street Andover, Massachusetts Barbara Dean 8 Kensington Street Andover, Massachusetts Beverly DeCesare 510 Prospect Street Methuen Massachusetts Lois Derby R.F.D. No. 2 Lowell, Massachusetts Mary Emery 14 29 Hill Street Ann Arbor, Michigan Gretchen Greene 1435 Lexington Avenue New York, New York Joan Karelitz 34 Lakeview Avenue Haverhill, Massachusetts Joy Kolins 42 Lark Street Gloversville, New York Jane Lewis 11 Pasho Street Andover, Massachusetts Sylvia Lyford 6 Ross Road Scarsdale, New York Deborah Peckett Franconia, New Hampshire Barbara Turner Lake Road Norwich, New York Jane Weldon 1 Johnson Road Andover, Massachusetts Edith (Ann I Weston 121 Great Pond Road North Andover, Massachu- setts Junior Class Patricia Barnard 12 High Street Andover, Massachusetts Katherine Barrell 206 Johnson Street North Andover, Massachu- setts Ruth Brimer 3 Orchard Street Andover, Massachusetts Jane Brown West Swanzey New Hampshire Joanna Campbell 157 George Street Rochester, New York Lucy Chivers Kennedy House Lawrenceville, New Jersey Janice Cole 6 Cheever Circle Andover, Massachusetts Nancy Connable 110 South Prospect Street Kalamazoo, Michigan Helen Dowd 13 Pasho Street Andover, Massachusetts Edith Flather 45 Abbot Street Andover, Massachusetts Ann Flowers 628 Isabella Street Wilmette, Illinois Barboura Flues 410 Birchard Avenue Fremont, Ohio [56] Emily Gierasch Johnson Hall, Phillips Acad- emy Andover, Massachusetts Barbara Goddard 20 Trowbridge Street Newton Centre, Massachu- setts Diane Gould •210 South Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Dorthea Hall 54 Paris Road New Hartford, New York Nancv Hamilton 141 6 Twenty-fifth Street Two Rivers, Wisconsin Corallie Hanly 1415 Cloneurry Road Norfolk, Virginia Emily Hemsath 424 South Johnson Street Ada, Ohio Sally Humason Weed Street New Canaan, Connecticut Joyce Huntington 103 Aviemore Drive New Rochelle, New York Natalie Kay 93 Beaumont Avenue Newtonville, Massachusetts Margaret Kimball 50 School Street Andover, Massachusetts Mildred Kreis West Street Litchfield, Connecticut Helen Long ( ollege Place Williamstown, Massachu- setts Sarah Lunt 3 Payne Street Ipswich, Massachusetts Sarah McDuffie 260 North Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Janet Mclvor 13 Auburn Street Concord, New Hampshire Carolyn McLean 2400 Butte Avenue Duluth, Minnesota Mary Louise Miller 29 Scarsdale Road West Hartford, Connecticut Martha Morse 39 Maple Hill Drive Larchmont, New York Mary Lee Peck 17 Wolcott Avenue Andover, Massachusetts Mary Pierce 404 Third Street Avon by the Sea, New Jersey Susanne Robbins 26 Mostyn Street Swampscott, Massachusetts Patricia Rodger 1 Forest Place Glendale, Ohio ( ' arolvn Sackett 15 Dell Way Larchmont, New York Shirley Sawyer 60 Bartlet Street Andover, Massachusel t s Cornelia Schaeffer 101 Warwick Road Bronxville, New York Harriet Sears Rockwell House, Phillips Academy Andover, Massachusetts Renate Sides 89 Bartlet Street Andover, Massachusetts Mary Carroll Sinclaire 201 Pine Street Corning, New York Helen Taylor 10 Lenox Place Middletown, New York Geraldine Treadway " The Crossways " Stockbridge, Massachusetts Christine von Goeben Otter Rock Drive Greenwich, Connecticut Marion White South Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Preparatory Class Brigid Bisgood 826 East Water Street Elmira, New York Margaret Black 33 Elm Street North Andover, Massachu- setts Nadine Cookman 580 Blossom Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts Barbara Dake Hidden Field An dover, Massachusett Grace DeLong 1262 Perkiomen Avenue Reading, Pennsylvania Nancy Elliot Holt Road Andover, Massachusetts Elizabeth Howe 440 Osgood Street North Andover, Massachu- setts Jane Jackson 182 Serpentine Road Tenafly, New Jersey Jacqueline Kav 203 Elk Avenue New Rochelle, New York Tina Koines 149 Atlantic Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts Salley Macartney 8 Stevens Street Methuen, Massachusetts Mariel Mellersh " Rally wood " Godalming, Surrey, England Marguerite Moss Post Office Box 231 Athens, Georgia Ann Robinson " Old Farm, " Long Hill Road Groton, Connecticut Tatiana Russell 675 Great Pond Road North Andover, Massachu- setts Shirley Smith 58 St. Paul ' s Road Hempstead, New York Charlotte Stone 24201 Cedar Road South Euclid, Ohio Ellen Whitaker Southdown Road Huntington, Long Island, New York [57] BEST CO. FIFTH AVENUE YOUTH IS OUR SPECIALTY For three generations Best ' s has been outstanding as school outfitters. The store with the young slant on good clothes, where fine quality and moderate prices prevail. " Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. 1 Boston 16 — 458 Boylston Street Kenmore 2425 Brookline 46 — Beacon Washington Sts. Aspinwall 2337 CAPitol 1217-1218 Joseph P. Eaton Co., inc. DEALER IN BEEF - LAMB - POULTRY and VEAL HOTEL SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON, MASS. SCHOOL JEWELRY WATCHES JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician The Smartest Line of School Jewelry in Town Certified Repair Service 48 MAIN ST. ANDOVER, MASS. ANDOVER INN " A Treadway Inn " Where all the year a cordial welcome awaits you. COMFORTABLE ROOMS REAL NEW ENGLAND FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES L. G. Treadway Mgr. Dir. Geo. M. Brakey Res. Mgr. Compliments of J. E. Pitman Estate 63 Park Street Tel. 664 Phone LAFayette 5600 TYLER KEY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN FRUITS AND PRODUCE 33-35 Faneuil Hall Market Boston, Mass. FORD ' S PASTRY and CANDY ICE CREAM Birthday Qakes 14 MAIN ST. ANDOVER M. F. FOLEY COMPANY Boston s Real FISH HOUSE Oriental Rugs Your choice of thousands from THE HOLY LAND TURKEY PERSIA CHINA THE CAUCASUS INDIA BOKHARA Antiques or moderns BROOKS, GILL CO., ' nc In the Wholesale Distrirl 28-30 Canal St., Boston sjZtS sJ ICE CREAM Manufactured and Distributed by Jersey Ice Cream Company Lawrence, Mass. Dalton Pharmacy DRUGGISTS ANDOVER, MASS. § To the Class of 1945 THE Hartigan Pharmacy Main and Chestnut Streets Andover, Massachusetts Tickets - Tours - Cruises Winter Sports Trip for Abbot Seniors at Intervale MRS. SETH C. BASSETT 27 Merrimack Street HAVERHILL, MASS. SMART FLAGG INC THE INSURANCE OFFICES for over one hundred years BANK BUILDING - ANDOVER, MASS. Tel. 870 Andover 1855 Thirty-one Main Street - Andover e P CARRIAGE TRADE Uhop DRESSES— SPORTSWEAR Tel. CAPitol 7090 Hugh D. Staxvvood 7091 Gertrude K. Donovan- Peter Luoxgo FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 66-72 Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON J V. To the Class of ' 45 iDAY Success be yours in a world at PEACE! " THINGS DIFFERENT " MICHAEL JAY ' S ANDOVER, MASS. ■ r t " : r -- S. S. PIERCE CO. Est. 1831 Boston Home of Delicious Foods HILL ' S HARDWARE Athletic Qoods Outfitter for Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. ARROW CLEANERS 58 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. FIRST. . . in A m erica n Ten n is The Wright Ditson Champion- ship tennis ball — official in the National Championships for 58 years. " Better Buy the Best " WRIGHT DITSON THE ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Andover, Massachusetts Warren Kay Vantine STUDIO, Inc. School and College Photographers 160 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON )t ' One i t a 7 M4 td 7 Ac IZwte 7V fate Oxdict - More than a thousand year books have borne the imprint of New England ' s Master Craftsmen. Many business managers and editors of year books in the school and college field have written us in appreciation of our cooperation and helpful sug- gestions. This, of course, has been very gratifying to us and we are looking forward to the years ahead with the same spirit of helpfulness to the business managers and editors of the future. 7 nced£ev S t a utfy @o Ptfra uf, FORMERLY HOWARD-WESSON CO. 44 PORTLAND STREET, WORCESTER 8, MASSACHUSETTS NEW ENGLAND ' S LARGEST COLLEGE ENGRAVERS Bolton Smart Co., Inc. WHOLESALE PURVEYORS OF CHOICE Beef - Lamb - Veal - Pork - Poultry Fish - Butter - Cheese - Eggs and Relishes LAfayette 1900 19-25 South Market Boston, Mass. Qood Luck to the Class from A. D. S. of ' 45 Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 1945 at Abbot Academy. We are grateful for the opportunity to have had a part in producing this volume of the ABBOT CIRCLE. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS i$ ■ WBMB H lUHli mSm M m m Taj bhb Si I H H HI tiiPA, SsCflf $ I ■■s» ■ I ; ■ma ' ■.•3 ■ Ma ■■ ■I ■ ■ ■ ■ Hi ■ ■ i ■ ■ ■r ■ : ■ i •ii.HTi.N.i ■1 ■ l HH . - J ,-wa . m ■ H I ■)Th

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