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1 9 4 4 Whhlax ' dad fsoJt oji)fm( l)iO hjJL " ASBQT AGAK r U0W c « ' w £+Uesi into- uMdeA,4ta iH j, that uau tncuf, j,a jp-ntlt ta tiolden, UuUuf rr ABBOT ACADEMY, ANDOVER, MASS. Because she welcomed us and helped us in our first and hardest months at Abbot: because no trouble of ours is too small to lie unnoticed or forgotten by her: because she is never too busy to give us clear advice and good counsel: because she has made a double contribution to our life at Abbot, stimulating the growth of our minds and spirits as well as our bodies: and finally because she has given us sympathy and understanding in abundance, we dedicate the Yearbook of the Class of 1944 to MARY CARPENTER This year has been different. It is set apart from other years, for it has been a war year in which victory or defeat have hung in the balance. It has also been a year in which we have begun to realize the part we must play in the rapidly changing world in which we are soon to take out- places. Materially we have been comparatively untouched by the war. We still have the neces- sities and manv of the luxuries of life; vet our thinking, our speaking, and our writing have been moulded bv todav ' s events. We face an un- known future the verv mvsterv of which dares us to fashion it into something finer and greater than the world has ever seen. Now is only the beginning. Tomorrow we go forth with a better understanding and a fuller comprehension of the great work which must be ours to do. We go on to the mastery of a forbidding and formidable future with this challenge to guide us: " . . .turn your undying face To where the future, greater than all the past, Is swiftly, surely preparing for you. " " £ Ue into- fyHdertitatidUut " Here at Abbot we have been most fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work in peace. Here we can reach for new goals and discover broader horizons. In a world of suffering and misery we are among the favored; we still are free; we still possess " life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. " But if we disregard the responsibilities inherent in these precious rights, if we use these privileges callously or indifferently, we shall pay for our neglect even more dearly than we are now. Here we have begun to understand what our responsibilities must be. The Student Government is one field in which we tentatively exercise these new-found obligations. We are learning self government, how to live with people, how to understand their weaknesses and to sense their potential strength. The Christian Association has shown us a practical way of helping others less fortunate, and the Athletic Association in strengthening us physically is building up reserves which will make us better able to carry out the tasks which lie ahead. Likewise our war service groups, together with the other extra-curriculum activities which we enjoy here are giving us the practical training and the appreciation which we will need if we are to take our places in a democracy which is fighting for its very ex- istence. We have been well-guided along the difficult path to wisdom and maturity, and as we stand now at the threshold of adult life, we are grateful to the faculty for helping us to " enter into understanding. " MARGUERITE CAPEN HEARSEY Principal Poetry and waffles by Sunset ' s roaring fire. . . inexhaustible fund of stories. . smile for every- one. . Winnie the Pooh. . friend and helper to us all. MAY DOROTHY BAKER Saint Mary ' s College English child care... " Now let ' s all pretend that we ' re little children of five or six " ... thermos bottle of tea. HILDA RUBY BAYNES B. es L. Universite de Paris French " Quiet, girls. This noise is outrageous " . . hair to be envied. . .sympathetic. . . " alors. " MARY CARPENTER B.S. Ed. Boston University Physical Education skirts and jackets. . speed. . " I ' ll make a note of it " . . .the gal on the flying trapeze. J HAN HOPE BAYNES Financial Secretary checks and railroad tickets. . " Did Miss Robinson say you could? " . faculty tables too slow. LOUISE LORING COFFIN A.B. Radcliffe College Biology faculty pigtails. . .daily quizzes. . . " Well " , ing countenance. . " Lulu. " bear VERA FISHEROVA BECK (Mrs.) A.B. Rockford College Ph.D. Charles IV University Spanish radio. . " No habla en ingles! " . . .Czech representa- tive. . .first casualty. HOPE COOLIDGE A.B. Salem, M.S. Columbia House Superintendent business-like manner . . .points, points, points, rationing worries. . . Primpie. MINNA CALHOUN (Mrs. A. D.) A.B., M.A. University of Minnesota Mathematics wonderful conversationalist ... " Now you must think " . . . popovers. . sense of humor. MARY ELAINE DODGE A.B. Mount Allison, B.H.S. McGill Homemaking tailored suits. . measurements. . .jokes at dinner table. . invaluable help on stage sets. [8] BERNARD T. DRKW A.B. Bates College M.A., S.T.B., Boston University Bible a man .. " the great profile " . . .discontinued class. MARY GAY Graduate of Boston Museum of Fine Arts History of Art intriguing hats. . .wonderful stories. . " Now, girls, when would you like vour test? " DOROTHY A. DUFF Saint Mary ' s Hospital Resident ' Take one every hour " . . frequent Baronial trips . " Where is your hat today? . pills, pills, pills. GRACE AMY GOODMAN Melbourne College Assistant in Administration Office weskits ..cheerful disposition .. " You ' ll have to ;isk Miss Humes " . . . " G.G. " RUTH LOUISE ELYEDT Bouve-Boston School B.S. Simmons College Physical Education wonderful tables. . fondness for square dancing. . " Have you your walk cards up-to-date? " KATE FRISKIN Glasgow Athenaeum Pianoforte, Music Theory " But, dear, it is so simple! " . . expressive eyebrows . . . " Who clears? " . . .speed. . . " very promising. " BERTHA MORGAN GRAY (Mbs.) Curry School of Expression Dramatics, Speech " Girls, what precedes speech? " . . hats and shoes never enough time. ISABEL MAXWELL HANCOCK A.B. Hollins College Mathematics teas. . neatness personified ... " Good mawning. class " . . .pecan rolls. LUCRETIA LAWRENCE HILDRETH A.B. Mount Holyoke Librarian " Did you take that book from the reserve shelf? " . P. A. man! swank roadster. . . letter-a-day. [9] WALTER EDWARD HOWE B.M. Virginia Institute Director of Music puns quiets us with discords cute doesn ' t someone tell me these thin_- •Wln BARBARA HUMES Sarah Lawrence College . 1 tsistant to the Principal tireless organizer shades. . .gone are King Arthur and his knights W. rcestershire sauce. HARRIET E. McKEE A.B. Vassal College M.A. Columbia Latin projects pep up our Roman heroes . renowned for travels Greek-lover. Sherman reunions. JEAN " KATHERINE NEVUS A.B. Wheaton English early morning pilgrimage to Baronial appen- dectomy quizzical glances track star. GERTRUD RATH A.B. Hollins M.A. Texa Assistant to the Principal ■Watch Mr. Howe ' " " ' 0, you beautiful doll ' " wonderful help on Senior Stunt . MARION " RUSSELL McPHERSON Executive Secretary Alumnae Association Business Principles lots of dresses " Girls, that ' s the left motion s, not the right " full of pep . " Xow take this down. " MAUD CABOT MORGAN Mrs. Patrick Hans Hofman Art School Studio Art those still lifes earring- " We ' ll have to do something to that corner " ... wonderful sense of humor. ANNE RECHNITZER PhD. University of Vienna History, French citizen, now early spring sun tan " Parlez franeaU " early, early, bird ..lost baggage. HELEN DUNFORD ROBINSON A.B. Smith College Lata no recitations on birthday constant smile one way table-traffic. A v [10] LOUISE ROBINSON Assistant to the Financial Secretary " Gargoyle or Griffin " . . guardian of the cash box. ANNA ELIZABETH ROTH Ph.B. Syracuse, M.A., Ph.D., Radcliffe History term tests. . . " Now are we sure of that? " . . .mid- night snacks at Abbey. CATHERINE JANE SULLIVAN A.B. Wheat on College Ed.M. Boston University Remedial Reading little green roadster. . perfume ... " Read page seven as fast as you can. " ALICE CURTISS SWEENEY A.B. Vassar College Director of Studies, English " Now that is the catch " . . suits. . . " Poop, poop-a- doop. " GERTRUDE TINGLEY Studied with Mme. Povla Frijsh and others Voice mamma to all her girls, taste for lush hats warm heart . . " Now look, lamb. " ETIENNETTE TROUVE B. es L. Sorhonne French Philippe and those V-Mail letters. . French bomb- shell. ELEANOR MORIN TICKER A.B., M.A., Smith C ' hem istnj, Mathematics that plaid suit. ..keen sense of smell . . .cartoon enthusiast. DOROTHEA WILKINSON University of King ' s College English inspiring English classes .suppressed twinkle., tea-drinker. Ill] Tr aining for a Better Future with Student STl ' DEXT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Hack Row: Travis, Hinrichsen, Nicholas, Hitchcock, Hamilton, Hon ncii. Spear. Second Row: Berlucio, Hubbard, Damon, Van Cleve, Col son. Front Row: Bentley, Finney, . . Brown, Pierce The Student Government Council has played a very active part in our school life. It has been an invaluable link be- tween the faculty and the students. With quiet efficiency it has instituted new ideas and changes. The bulletin board where notices, formerly made at school meetings, are placed, has been a time saver and a very helpful reminder each day. And other changes have been made. No longer do we listen to symphony concerts in Boston with wan and pallidly artistic faces. Now there is the bright bloom of Helena Rubinstein or Elizabeth Arden on our lips, and our morale has soared. In early fall and late spring we wander without stockings the ways of Andover. Seniors may lunch at the Andover Inn on Saturdays if they have the ready cash. Faculty and student tables have been used at Sunday meals. As a group of our own representatives the Student Govern- ment has made these changes. The Council is our executive body — the center around which revolves our school life. The Christian Association has also been busy. The services on Sunday night have been changed to include more music. The Christmas Party was again very successful and very strenuous. Any girl who has ever attended it has perfected to a high degree the art of catching two beanbags and a basketball at the same moment. At Christmas the Old Rec Room blossomed into a toy shop with all shapes, sizes and descriptions of dolls. There was everything from bouncing, [12] Government, A.C.A. and A.A.A. blond, blue-eyed babies in pink and white to startling rag dolls in plaid suits. The A.C.A. Board was kept busy wrap- ping and tying up packages until almost the hour of depart- ure for vacation. This spring the Red Cross Campaign was very successful, and Abbot helped to send the Andover quota over the top. Spring housecleaning uncovered old books or new and unneeded books for Greek Relief or the U.S.O. Most important of all, this year the A.C.A. chapel services have left a deep and profound impression which we shall never forget. The talks about Northfield interested us intensely, and Northfield will certainly have a large Abbot delegation this year as a result. Some unusually good speakers at vespers have added variety and stimulated our interest in hitherto unexplored fields. One of the most out- standing occasions was that on which a discussion was held between a priest, a rabbi, and a Protestant minister. Repre- sentatives from Germany, Belgium, and China were note- worthy among our vesper service speakers. The squad walks decided on by the A.A.A. have left us with hardened muscles and the beginnings of a star track team. Because of the number of girls filled with ambition and the love of walking, the points have had to be rearranged. The cherished shield now hangs in the New Rec Room, tantalizing Gargoyles and Griffins alike. The Athletic Asso- ciation has given us this year new enthusiasm and spirit for sports. ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Back Row: Lange, McMurray, Travis, Hinrichsen, Woodams, Ilcidctiramp, Paradise Front Row: Campbell, Hill, Spear, T. Mastrangelo, Waterman, Janet Mitchell, Smith, P. Thomas ABBOT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION " Back Row: Sweeney, M. Stevens, Honnen, Spear, Hamilton, Reid, Nicholas Front Row: Mclvor, Good all, P. Stevens, Cakill, B. Doyle, Smith [13] Working for a Better Future War Service classes have taken on a greater importance this year. They were undertaken willingly, for there is the prevailing urge to " do something. " In First Aid victims were bandaged enthusiastically and thor- oughly, slings were slung neatly and square knots tied. Week-end themes developed from the wide range of possibilities in Miss Elvedt ' s problems. Meanwhile surgical dressings overflowed the infirmary basement, and the knitters seemed to be outfitting a regiment. Members of the Child Care group gladly returned to their not-too- distant childhood, becoming regular hellions between the ages of two and six. Vitamins in our diets were carefully checked and rechecked by the members of the Nutrition Class. We expect them to announce the discovery of a new vitamin c 2 3 which is contained in carrots, cabbages, and cod-liver oil. In sewing, needles were threaded with great energy and willingness. Some learned how to " sew a fine seam " and adorable outfits for children were turned out. There is still a stampede and then, after a moment of silence filled with sheer delight, the cries of " P-48 " or " No, B- ' -24 " rise to the Sewing Child (arc Knitting First Aid [14 through War Service Groups heavens. These avid aircraft spotters wait all day long for the sweet throb of airplane motors. The Mechanical Drawing Class, looking quite professional with T-squares, drawing boards, and triangles, floundered through the interpretation of orthographic drawing. Columbus made no discovery as exciting as our own triumphant discovery of a " hidden line " ! We worked hard at these classes, knowing that through them we were helping or shall help the war effort in some way. Although our achievement now seems small and insignificant, it was a starting point. Discussion Groups were a source of much enlightenment. Our knowledge of the facts of the war were strung into a comprehensive pattern. Meeting in small groups as we did, we were privileged to ask more questions than we could ask of lecturers on the platform. In these discussions the ideas presented by outside speakers became clarified, in some cases, or when they conflicted a definite reason for this clash of opinion was understood. The discussions, we feel, were an important and necessary part of our school life, for we must understand the world in which we live in order to work for a better future. Mechanical Drairiny S urgical D rex i n gs Airplane Spotting y ii frit ion [15] Working for a Better Future These five organizations have provided outlets for further ventures into the fields of art, literature, and drama which will rise to greater prominence in the years to come. Courant has presented its material vividly and well; alive, swift sketches have increased interest and amusement. This is one of the bi-annual miracles of the school year. A.D.S. presented scenes from Victoria Regina when we were swiftly projected into the atmosphere of plush and marble-topped tables. We felt it was one of the best per- formances A.D.S. has ever given. The Choir has earned our respect and gratitude for their wonderful singing at vespers. And each year we marvel at their courage and endurance, when they arise at 5:00 to sing Christmas carols in the cold, cold morning of the day we depart for vacation. Fidelio sang long and hard, practicing for the concert with Governor Dummer Academy. After that snatches of Gilbert and Sullivan permeated the air as the two per- formances of ' The Pirates of Penzance " came nearer and nearer. Members of Fidelio became real " slaves to duty. " Last of all, the Yearbook Board has struggled with people, places and events. We hope that we have presented this Abbot year as fully as priorities would allow! YEARBOOK BOARD Back Row: Honnen, Bvland, Lange, M. Stevens Middle Row: ( ' . Leland, Houston, Calvin, Mclvor Front Row: Reid, Hubbard COURANT BOARD Back Row: Paterson, Leavitt, Cadmus, Fuller Front Row: Hcidenkamp, Paradise, Travis, A. trangelo Mas- 16 through the Fine Arts r i Mbj|,f f f f 77 c Fidelia Society ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY Hitchcock, Bnfferd, P. Stevens, Welles, Honnen, Frank, Holmes, Emerson, Melvor, Marsh choir Welles, Clark, P. Stevens, Calvin, B. Doyle, Waterman, G. Stearns, Milne, Baylor, Boynton, Travis, Hitch- cock, Redman, Houston, Damon, Fuller [1 ' ] Through exercise and sports, building Griffin Hockey Team: Baylor, Paterson, Reid, M. Hon i, Mi- M array, Welles, WaOdns, Ein- 11(11, Savage, N. Thomas, Har- don Gargoyle Hockey Team: Hitch- cock, Lyons, Joan Mitchell, Selinger, Rich, H. Hodges, Graf, Lcaritt, Kurth, P. Stevens, Damon Gargoyle Basketball Team: Malott, J and Mitchell, Clark: Honnen, Norris, Taylor Griffin Basketball Team: Cahill, Spear, Ball, S. Robbins, Hamilton, Goo-tall £ € fe Gargoyle Tennis Team: M. Stains, Emerson, Hubbard, Hous- ton, Milne Griffin Tennis Team: Haserick; Emery, Luce, Bemardin, Mclror N . T . v W. [18 endurance and physical fitness Hockey was more exciting than ever this year. Orange practice balls flew through the air, demolishing sticks, shins and other obstacles, to the huge enjoyment of the P. A. boys on the stone wall. Even in a snow storm the Gargoyles were able to carry oft ' top honors on Field Day, but the Griffins made it very hard for them. The basketball team played Punchard High School and beat them by quite a wide margin. The Gargoyle team crashed through to a victory, much to the surprise and dismay of the unsuspecting Griffin basketball stars. Tennis lovers played until the snow came in the fall. Then, eager for new games, they were caught in the spring snow storms. Fall Field Day showed the Gargoyles on top in tennis singles, the Griffins taking the doubles, both matches. The first dance classes brought sore and aching muscles. Some hard-stretched members of the class could not laugh for several days. However, soon everyone became limber and ready for the dance routine at the end o f the winter sports period. Gym classes did drilling and exercises that the WACS or the YAYES could well admire. At the gym demonstration those who jumped, climbed, or balanced, no matter how proficient or confident, made the audience break into a cold perspiration each time they performed. Sadly enough for the Modern Dance Gymnastics [19] and developing ideals of fair play Griffins, the Gargoyles won the competitive gymnastics. Tumbling too was included in the winter sports. Somer- saults over one, two, three, four, and five ( ?) people, merry- go-rounds, and headstands amazed us. We all have a very soft spot in our hearts for those on the bottom of the pyra- mids. Spring sports went too swiftly. We seemed hardly to have begun them when they were finished. The baseball teams looked like professionals with their hits into th e far field and their long slides home. Each team played hard for its side, encouraged by the enthusiasm of the two captains. With the invaluable aid of Lister and Gus Jr. respectively, the Gargoyle and Griffin leaders saw their teams safely to the end of the year and the final award of the Shield. Work- ing with them, the cheer-leaders gave us songs with vigor and vitality to help the teams along. The " A " Society is made up of girls who have worked long and steadily at sports and walks, and have reached the goal of two hundred and fifty points. Those who are privi- leged to wear the " A " have a real sense of achievement. Sports this year have taken on a new seriousness, and a new purpose. More than ever before we recognize the need for strong bodies well-equipped to answer to our bidding. Baseball G,p, Tumbling [ 20 ] for a Better Future " A " SOCIETY Spear, Coodall, Damon, Xorris, Cahill, Emerson, P. Stevens, Hamilton, Honnen, M. Stevens, Travis, Mclror Reid, Sweeney, Hubbard Elinor Cahill, Captain of the Griffins Priscilla Stevens, Captain of the Gargoyles Holly Welles, Griffin Cheerleader Pamela Clark, School Cheerleader Nancy Stone, Gargoyle Cheerleader 21 " Qo. QvOU to. A a Ue Jtututf " We feel that we have truly " entered into understanding " here at Abbot. We shall need all of this understanding when we leave the familiar ways and faces, the planned and well-ordered life we have found here. It is hard to break from the smooth, well-worn paths, and it is even harder to break out new trails. This is the first real step we have taken alone into the complicated business of living. It is a moment of hesitation, perhaps of doubt, but it is pregnant with the promise of fulfillment. Now we are more self-reliant than we have ever been before. The training which we have received here is ours to draw upon, according to our individual needs. W T e have received a set of high standards; we have had given us ideals of courage and endurance; we know how to face difficulties, to see the unpleasant as well as the pleasant with clear, steady eyes. All these we have to help us live better and more nobly. We go forth to conquer, with an eagerness to plunge into the struggle. We go forth with a buoyant step and high hopes. But we leave with a feeling of poignant regret. We know others will follow us. We know that more and more will come. But we wonder if it will be the same. We wonder if they will experience in their last year all that we have felt and we hope that at the end of their Abbot days they too will find the same gateway to " nobler living " which we have found. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Molly Hubbard, President Betty Jane Bertucio, Vice President Elinor Cahill, Secretary Nancy Emerson, Treasurer Prep Class We remember our days in Abbey when we were young, carefree, and " brattish. " It was such fun. Abbey was the " new building, " comfortably ours. Draper seemed large and awe- inspiring. Suddenly we became the Seniors, and now we are leaving Draper which seems, curiously enough to have shrunk. You have these years still before you. Preps. AVe envy you. OFFICERS Presidents: . . Broun, Pierce Yiee Presidents: S. Robbins, Barrell Secretaries: Flowers, Dowd Treasurers: . . Brown, Schaeffer (Top left below): Brimer, Flather, Gierasck, P. Barnard, Dowd, Sawyer, Kimball. (Top right): . . Brown, Rodgers, Barrell, S. Bobbins, ( ' hirers. (Bottom left): Schaeffer, Flowers, Pierce, Campbell, Sinclair e. ' Bottom right): Campbell, Sides, Sinclaire, Badgers, McDuffie 24] Junior Junior-Mid Class We were Juniors once, and we know what it is to be just stepping into Senior-Mid year. We remember with what deference we looked up to the Senior Class ahead of us, for they had actually arrived! We wonder if you have felt the same. We are " com- mencing " this year, and so, in a sense, are vou. « OFFICERS Presidents: BenUey, Finney Vice Presidents: Hogan, II ill Secretaries: N. Barnard, Graf Treasurers: , .V. Thomas (Top left below): Emery, Leinbach, Peckett, Finney, M. Greene, Graf, Burns, DeCesare, P. Thomas, Turner, Olswang, X. Hone, .V. Thomas, Fillebroien. (Top right below): Kimball, Maris Tuomey, French, G. Greene, Hardy, Dean, .lulls, Weston, N. Barnard, Lewis, North. (Left bottom) : Johnson, Hill, Derby, BenUey, Gorham, II. Stearns, Hogan, M aloft, Weldon, L. Doyle. (Right bottom): Fryling, Mills, Kingsbury, Merrick, M. Sommer, B. Doyle, G. Stearns, Waterman, Burton. Absent: B. Barnard, M.Howe, Tittle, Power, Whitcomb. 25 Senior-Mid Wfc shall never forget that sudden swift start when we woke to find ourselves Seniors; and still the utter improbability, the fantastic strange- ness surrounding that sharp realiza- tion. We start again when we find ourselves leaving worn, familiar, long- FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President: Beatrice VanCleve Vice President: Mori Jane Karth Secretary: Hilary Petersen Treasurer: Holly Welles (Top left below): Coe, Backer, M . Bobbins, Haserick, Livermore, Stegner, Allen, Marsh, Sullivan, Luce. (Top right below): Dorset, Spear, Milne, Fuller, Xorris, M elver, burton, E. Broun, Boynton, Dicker man (Bottom left): Paterson, Bushnell, Iloagland, Welles, Patton, Hardon. ' Bottom right): Smith, Benton, A. Persson, Madge Tuomey, Lazarus, Teeson, Cross, Bufferd 26 Class haunted ways, ways no longer ours, for you will make them distinctly and definitely yours. You have this year of successful preparation for " going forth to nobler living, " and we wish you success and happiness in your Senior vear. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President: Sally Spear Vice President: Hilary Pater son Secretary: Holly Welles Treasurer: Cynthia Smith (Top left below): Leavitt, Redman, II. Hodges, Knrth, Mitlvey. (Top right below): Selinger, Mai ford, Janet Mitchell, Jones, Taylor, Ball. (Bottom left: Graves, Dodge, Craig, Joan Mitchell, VanCleve, II olds north. (Bottom right): S. Leland, Clark, Sweeney, Whxffen, M. J . Hodges. Absent: Gage, S. Sommer, Troub. I ) NANCY ANN BAYLOR " Tut " 273(i Van Dorn Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 19 ' i- ' - ' i ' i University of Nebraska Fiilelio ' 43, ' 44, Choir ' 43, ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Christmas Party, Draper Dramatics ' 44, Senior Song Leader, Hiking Leafier ' 44, Track Varsity ' 43. " Fitch me " .. .three-yard laundry line Sunday nights... red Doctor Dentons with mittens . the infirmary blues. ELIZABETH JANE BERTUCK) " B..J. " 63 Park Edge Avenue, Springfield. Massachusetts 19 1-44 Simmons Vice President Senior Class, Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, Properties of Senior Play, Numerals ' 44, Secretary Junior Class, Prom Committee ' 43, Entertainment Committee, Hiking Leader, Senior Stunt Committee, Bazaar Committee. Occupation — Farmer. " I saw A-l today " . . contagious laugh- ter. . night life . " Can I hare this baby " . ANNE BULAND " Nan " 3!) Monroe Avenue, Larchmont, New York l ' J ' , - ' , ' , Smith Fidelio ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Yeakbook Board, Honor Roll ' 44. Senior Parlor during " lights " absent-minded . . cheerful. . . " (). yesss " ANN BRADFORD CADMUS " Cad " •219 South Avenue, New Canaan, Connecticut 1943-44 Middlebury Fidelio ' 44, Courant ' 44 Another New Canaanite. . big brown eyes and bigger smile those return addresses . . " Tomorrow I go on a diet " ' . [28] ELINOR CAHILL " Herby " 10 Highlawn Avenue, Lawrence, Massachusetts 1940-4 J Vassar Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, Bazaar Committee ' 43, Entertainment Com- mittee ' 44, Numerals ' 42, " A " Society ' 43, ' 44, Varsity Basket- ball ' 43, ' 44, Varsity Baseball ' 43, Secretary of Senior Class, Captain of Griffins, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44. " You sketches! " . . .colored Herby. . .lore (?) for .skiing. . .maes- tro of the keys. . . " Now if everybody did this — ■ " . . .sports every- day? 1942-44 JACQUELINE WILLARD CALVIN " Jaequie " 2120 Center Avenue, Bay City, Michigan Smith Fidelio ' 44, Choir ' 44, Numerals ' 44, Business Manager of Yearbook, Abbot Birthday Committee ' 43, Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, Cum Laude. (hem wizard . " You know what I mean, the what ' s a ma-jigger " . . .full mail box . Navy A ir ( ' orps preference . PATRICIA MILDRED (HANDLER " Paddy " 5 Orchard Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1940-44 Numerals ' 43, Day Scholar Stunt Committee ' 43, ' 44. A touch of Merric England! if you can ' t irear it on i our nails, there ' s always your glasses. . . " Oh, Pooh! " . . merry giggles. [29] ELIZABETH COLSON " Betty " 115 Lawrence Street, Methuen, Massachusetts V.i ' ,l- Va ssar Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, Secretary of Junior Class. Abbot Birthday Committee ' 43, Head of Day Scholar-. That beach-uagon .. constant trips from Methuen . . Day Scholar ' s worries . our coloratura. . . " nerer heard of such a thing . . " 0, you fiend " . PATRICIA QUINTASIA DAMON " " Pasig " Tamworth, New Hampshire 1940-M President of Prep Class ' 40. Fidelio ' 48, ' 44, Choir ' 44. Numer- al- ' 41. " A " Society ' 43, Vice-President of Senior Mid Class ' 43. President of Student Government ' 44. AC. A. Board ' 43. Hiking Leader ' 44, Honor Roll ' 43. slalom ace. " You dumb stools! " .. curly-locks " It ' s not rery cold out. " . raisins. NANCY EMERSON " Emy " -2-21 North Ferry Street. Titusville, Pennsylvania Numeral- ' 4-2. " A " Society ' 43. Chevron- ' 43. Tennis Team " 4-2. ' 43. Prom Committee ' 43, Bazaar Committee ' 43, Enter- tainment Committee " 44. Fidelio ' 44, Vice-President Senior- Mid Class, ADS. ' 43. ' 44. President ADS. ' 44. Draper Dra- matic- ' 4-2. ' 43. ' 44. Senior Play ' 44. Chairman Senior Stunt Committee. Treasurer Senior Class ' 44, Hiking Leader, Christmas Party. " Ptople trill say ire ' re in lore " . our future Katherine Cornell " Tin Voice ' of the Turtle " . ELIZABETH NORMA FRANK -B. Frank " Puritan Apartments, Louisville. Kentucky 19U-i i Skidmore Numerals ' 43, Fidelio ' 43. A.D.S. ' 44. Draper Dramatic- ' 43. ' 44. Hiking Leader, Senior-Mid Play ' 43. Louisville ' Irani . . food supply. . handsome brother drama derotee . . .bridge games . [30] 1939-44 RUTH HELEN GOODALL " Rulhie " 214 Main Street, Sanford, Maine Skidmore " A " Society ' 43, Treasurer of Junior-Mid Class ' 42, Varsity Basketball ' 42, ' 43, Hiking Leader, Tennis Team ' 42, Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, Numerals ' 42, Chairman of Rec Room Committee ' 44. Lovely locks. . .calling hour and Fred. . .snappy shoes. . .that (jiggle . . gran ' ma . 19W-M MARJORIE LOIS HAMILTON " Ham my " Limestone, Maine Vassar Fidelio ' 44, " A " Society ' 43, Head of Basketball ' 43, Chev- rons ' 43, ' 44, Abbot Birthdav Committee, Varsity Basketball ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Varsity Baseball ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, President of A. A. A., Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, Cum I aude. End of Hamiltonean Era... " Air, gee kids! " .. .big Maine potatoes . " auntie " . . .violin virtuoso. . . " I thought I ' d split! " VIRGINIA VEY HEIDEXKAMP " Ginny " 538 Glen Arden Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1949-44 Sarah Laurence Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, Senior Play, Con rant ' 43, ' 44, Head of News ' 44, A.C.A. Board ' 44, Senior Stunt Committee. " Diroon " . alarm clocks at • ' A.M. .. .Applesauce fiend... scrubs pan continually . . .dining with Frankie. AAGOT HINRICHSEN " Ricky " 823 California Avenue, Wahiawa, Oahu, T.II. W -44 ■ Vassar President A.C.A. 44, Numerals ' 43. Fidelio ' 44, A.C.A. Board ' 43, Abbot Birthday Committee ' 43, Draper Dramatics ' 43, ' 44, Hiking Leader. Hawaiian Poi. . .West Point weekends. . .calm awl poised... La iid y . [31] JANET ELEANOR BITCHCOCK " Hitckie " St. Botolph ' s Rectory, Cambridge, England . ' ' , . ' - ( ' ambridge University President Senior-Mid Class, Varsity Hockey ' 43, ' 44, Varsity Track Team ' 4.3, Vice-President Student Government ' 44, A.D.S. ' 44, Chairman Bazaar Committee, Numerals ' 43, Draper Dramatics ' 44, Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, Cum Laude. Father-in-law wilh black-market diamond. . Science and Living- ston Larvae. . . " Oh, nausea! " . . ..she know the ropes . CYNTHIA JOAN HOLMES " Homely " 5050 Middledale Rd., Cleveland. Ohio 1943-44 Smith Fidelio ' 44, A.D.S. ' 44, Senior Play, Numerals ' 44, Christmas Party ' 44. Talented actress. . .svelte and streamlined. . .demon dancer... dotes on Dnden . the Navy. MARGARET LOUISE HONNEN ((II ■ H II eeme 1524 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 1912-44 Stamford Varsity Basketball ' 43, ' 44, Bazaar Committee ' 43, Enter- tainment Committee " 44, Numerals ' 43, " A " Society ' 44, Vice- President A. A. A., Varsity Track ' 43, Head of Basketball ' 44, Yearbook Board, A.D.S., ' 44, Draper Dramatics ' 43, Senior Play. Senior Stunt Committee ' 43, Head of Track ' 43, Hiking Leader ' 44. " Aye " . . " What cooks with this deal. ' ? " . Army, Navy, Coast Guard or Marines? . ripped ski- pants ALVA ELIZABETH HOUSTON " Al " Hidden Road, Andover, Massachusetts 1 ' . ' , I- ' , ' , Eidelio ' 41, ' 4-2, ' 43, ' 44, Choir ' 41, ' 4-2, ' 43, ' 44, Tennis Team ' 43, Day Scholar Stunt Committe e ' 4-2, ' 43, Yearbook Board. Versatility. superb singer. Army interest . colored Biology drawings . Betty ' s advisor tiro-week boarder. [32] MARIANNA HUBBARD " Molly " 41 lo Sassafras Street, Erie, Pennsylvania V.i ' tl-y, Lake Erie College President of Junior, Senior-Mid, and Senior Classes, Fidelio ' 4.3, ' 44, Numerals ' 42, " A " Society ' 43, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44, Varsity Tennis ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Yearbook Board, Chairman of Prom Committee, Chairman of Senior Play, Honor Roll ' 42, ' 44. " ' Judas Priest " . .tennis champ. . .versatile president. . . " I ' ve tjot sixpence " . .Swede, .sweet potato piper. RUTH KIRSTEIN " Ruthy " 21 Aborn Street, Peabody, Massachusetts HI ' ,. ' - ' , ' , Smith Numerals ' 44, Christmas Party ' 44. enviable clothes .magazine maniac. .Punchard specials. . . tiro years knitting a green .sweater . . .diet-breaker . MARIA FREDERK. ' A LANGE " Fritzi " 1501 Broadway, Paramount Films, New York City Wlfl-U A. ( ' .A. Board ' 44, Fidelio ' 44, Yearbook Board. Bazaar Committee. " lionet child " . " You ' re an angel " , .morning bath. . lore! golden tresses CHARLOTTE LELAND 59 Phillips Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1940-U BrynMawr Fidelio ' 44, YEARBOOK Board, Bazaar Committee ' 42, Trea- surer of Junior Class ' 42. cheerful . . .at home in a bioloyy lab . formaldehyde Bertha is a constant bodyguard! [33] RUTH STEVENS LYONS " Cubby " 1314 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts Mi-Hi Wellesley Fidelio ' 44, Honor Roll ' 43 Poison iry victim. . .domestic. . .bathroom harmonizer. . .cheery giggle. ALMA JULIA MASTRANGELO " A " 211 Hey wood Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts 1 ' ■ ' ,. ' - ' , ' , Wellesley Courant ' 32, ' 44, Fidelio ' 44, Honor Roll ' 43, Numerals ' 44, Draper Dramatics ' 44. Impressive English themes .)■ .Chem trials. . . " Oh Gee, that ' s swell! " . . . " Holy Cross " . THERESA MASTRANGELO " Terry " Prospect Street, Lunenburg, Massachusetts 1942-M Smith A.C.A. Board ' 44, Fidelio ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Christmas Party ' 44. " Honestly " .. .ticklish. . .dancing in the Rec Room. . .glamour lochs. . .curly eyelashes . NANCY LOCKE McIVOR " Mclve " 13 Auburn Street, Concord, New Hampshire 19U-U Smith Numerals ' 42, A.C.A. Board ' 42, Christmas Party ' 42, ' 44, Fidelio Librarian ' 44, Draper Dramatics ' 43, Hiking Leader ' 44, Honor Roll ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Treasurer of Senior-Mid Class ' 43, Editor of Yearbook, Tennis Team ' 43, A.D.S. ' 43, ' 44, " A " Society, 2 Chevrons ' 43, Cum Laude. versatile genius ... prehistoric man .. .Lady in Black .. .coffee fiend . . .nightlife. [34] EMILY PROUTY McMURRAY A line Turner Hill Rd. , New Canaan, Connecticut . ' } .- ' - Connecticut Secretary of Senior-Mid Class ' Ui, Varsity Hockey ' 43, Draper Dramatics ' 43, ' 44, Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, Numerals ' 43, Treasurer of A.C.A. ' 44, Head of Hiking " 44, Christmas Party ' 44. Aussies . . . happy-go-lucky . . . year-round raincoat and magazines. . fun. oranges NANCY WOOD NICHOLAS " NikC ' 200 Maple Street, Rome, New York 1942-M Connecticut Secretary of Student Government, Fidelio ' 44, Head of Rid- ing ' 44. Dimples. . .those contact lenses. . Harvard . . smooth figure. . . combs and combs. INKS ORTEGA-SAMPER " Nes " Calle 75 No. 11-92 Bogota, Colombia, South America t9 ' i- ' - ' t ' i I ' nircrsidud Jarcriana Bazaar Committee ' 43. Bolivar versus George Washington. and someone else at Harvard . . sleep hater. . .chem blues. . . CAROL PARADISE " Parry " Hidden Field, Andover, Massachusetts • ' ' " - J) Connecticut Numerals ' 43, Fidelio ' 44, Courant Board ' 43, ' 44, Business Manager of Courant ' 44, Draper Dramatics ' 42, ' 43, Honor Roll ' 43, ' 44, Cum Laude. Old Faithful .. literary genius hockey enthusiast " Has Rosalie gone home yet? " . . . rigor. [35] KATHERINE WILSON PENDLETON " " Bunny " 1917 Jackson Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa 1943-M Mount Holyoke Head of Senior Dolls ' 44, Honor Roll ' 44, Cum Laude. " Now in Sioux City " .. .smooth dancer .. . " Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit " . . .theme always done . EVA PERSSON oth Street Santa Clara and Avenue Reforma, Guatemala City, Guatemala, South America 1943-M Radcliffe ( ' Item irhiz ..knitting. . .Swedish with a Spanish accent... platinum blonde. ELIZABETH PERKINS REID " Seedy " Bedford, Quebec, Canada 19 -M Smith Hiking Leader, Captain of Ho ckey ' 44, Numerals ' 44, Secre- tary of A. A. A., " A " Society ' 44, Yearbook Board, Varsity Hockey ' 48, ' 44, Christmas Party ' 44, Bazaar Committee. camera shark . .ski expert . . " eh " . . . " Up in Montreal " ... B.T.L.. SHIRLEY MAE RHODES " Shirr 3 Carmel Road, Andover, Massachusetts ; ;_;_;; Middlcbury Day Scholar Stunt Committee ' 43, ' 44, Fidelio ' 44, Numerals ' 44, Bazaar Committee. Calm and collected . . .Biology whiz . " Hare you seen Alia? " . . . Oh, dear! [36] ELIZABETH GILBERT RICH " Gil " 24 St. Austins Place, Statcn Island, New York I ' .) ' ,■!- ' , ' , Skidmore Varsity Hockey ' 44, Captain Varsity Hockey ' 44, Senior Stunt Committee ' 44. First on crutches. . .expand or bust. . . " That ' s sharp " ... nose exercises. . .lopsided grin . PAULA HAZEL SAVAGE " Tyran " Burnt Oak, Kidlington, Oxford, England 1943-U Senior Play, Hockey Varsity ' 44, Draper Dramatics. " Casual " . . .always on time. . . " Hide that food " . . red light. . . " Does my slip show? " MARION HOYT STEVENS " Steve " Windermere Terrace, Short Hills, New Jersev 194.1-U Vassar Honor Roll ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Numerals ' 42, " A " Society ' 43, AAA. Council, ' 44, Treasurer of Senior-Mid Class, Senior Stunt Committee, Head of Tennis ' 44, Tennis Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44, Wardrobe of Senior Play, Fidelio ' 44, Year- book Board, Hiking Leader. Jon Whitcomb profile . . Teddy Bear . endless diets . . " Ah " " 0, piffle " . PRISCILLA STEVENS " Butch " 75 Great Pond Road, North Andover, Massachusetts 1940-U Vassar Varsity Hockey ' 43, ' 44, Draper Dramatics ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, A.D.S. ' 43, ' 44, Varsity Baseball ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Treasurer Prep Class, Vice-President Junior Class, " A " Society ' 43, Chevrons ' 43, ' 44, Gargoyle Captain. Hutch . . " Where ' s the food? " . Mr. Brown ' s burr. .Mozart ' s Hondo. " Everybody to his own taste " . [ . ' 57 ] NANCY EARNSHAW STONE Headlev Road, Gahanna, Oliio 1943-U Vassar Fidelio " 44, Gargoyle Cheerleader, Senior Play " 44. The Gargoyle ' s pep. . . Vargu photos . " () gosh, irho said thai? " . . .baseball and " bombshells " JULIA TAYARES " Julie " Trujillo City, Dominican Republic, West Indies 294£--44 Connecticut Eidelio ' 44. " Queenie " . . the rumba expert. . .smooth hair-do. . .many ear- rings. . chem troubles. MARGARET HOERLE TRAVIS " Margi " 285 Migeon Avenue, Torrington. Connecticut Vassar Vice-President Junior Class " 4-2, Honor Roll ' 41, " 42, " 43, ' 44, Choir " 43, ' 44, Draper Dramatics ' 43, ' 44. Numerals ' 42. " A " Society ' 43, Vice-President A.C.A. ' 44, (ourant ' 44, Edi- tor Courani ' 44, Bazaar Committee ' 43, Hilcing Leader ' 44. President of Fidelio ' 44, Fidelio ' 43, ' 44, Cum Laude. Blach stockings " Hi there " wonderful iranlrobe. . .oranges and oranges future author. CHARLOTTE BOWES TROW " Botcsie " 31 Lowell Street, Andover, Massachusetts 19W-U Endicott Eidelio ' 43, ' 44, Properties of Senior Play. Teller of tall tales knack for knitting . " I ' m waiting for someone " " I heard from George " . ri.s HARRIET CARRIE WALLER " Harry " 130 South East Street, Kewanee, Illinois 1942-44 Mount Uolyoke Draper Dramatics ' 43, ' 44. Choate and prom-dates . . early to bed at Intervale. " This gives me a large charge " . . . weekends in New York. MARTHA WATKINS " Martie " 589 Love Lane, East Greenwich, Rhode Island 1943-44 Bradford Junior College Constant gum chewer . . " There " .. .personality plus... hangs out the window. . " Guess what — . ' " SHIRLEY WOODAMS " Dodo " 1722 Edgemere Drive, Rochester, New York 1U i. ' - ' t ' i University of Rochester Secretary A.C.A. . . Eidelio ' 43, ' 44. . .Chairman Entertain- ment Committee ' 44. Flying bug. . .corresponds with all services. . . " The kids back- home " . . " male " every day. Class Song of ' 44 Onward we ' re marching, Class of ' 44 Our banner red and white will wave forevermore Standing together proudly without fears Classmates united, facing future years. We hope to lead you ever to the best Strong and untiring we in wisdom ' s quest Looking ahead to all that is in store For us as Seniors, Class of ' 44. [ 30 ] Abbot elopment . . fond!. . .deep interest. . .rapture while there ' s rationing?. . .Gargoyle despair, .pigtails. . .don ' tsiton the grass! . . .funny game! [40] ()ff to Intervale . lots of nor paint . . .on lop of ( ' ranmore . . bitter cold going throw h the ice? burlesque! wailing for P. A.? [41] Look, girls, a man! . . .painted women . in the station . . .the return of the natives. . wild women in the wind . . .cuddle up a little closer. . Vie got sixpence [42] ■ c ' i Governor hummer pays us a visit. . .what, no clinch ' ! ' . " Dahmn " . . posing. . .successful concert and front ron- dis- play. . . " climbing over rocky mountains " I 43 J Now we relate, debate, create, Versatile Venus Alva Houston Personality Plus Mollv Hubbard Cutie Pie Easv-on-the-eves Vogue Forgetful Flora Janet Hitchcock Fritzi Lange Louise Honnen Marion Stevens ' Unbounded Domesticity " Xancv Bavlor Ingenious Infant Savoir Faire Magnetic Mademoiselle Class Wit Xancv Bavlor Cvnthia Holmes Pat Damon Martha AVatkins [44] our coming fate and graduate! Olympics Queen Our Bernhardt Class Bard Kitten on the Kevs Marjorie Hamilton ( Vnthia Holmes Nancv Mclvor Elinor Cahill Devil with the Paint Brush Nancv Mclvor Career Woman Man-hater Going Places Class Songstress Wedding Bells Patricia Damon Gil Rich Molly Hubbard Alva Houston Julia Tavares Shirlev Woodams [45] Ring Song Tis true this is a band of gold, But deeper meaning lies untold, Of truth and virtue, high ideals, The prize of friendship it reveals. Our eager wishes to attain Have led us in the past to gain A will profound, a vision clear, Creating love and faith sincere. So strong and firm this little band, That binds our lives in heart and hand, May we in future vears ahead, Remember paths that here we tread. —Shirley Woodams Cum Laude, 1944 Jacqueline Calvin Nancy Mclvor Marjorie Hamilton Carol Paradise Janet Hitchcock Katherine Pendleton Margaret Travis Honor A, 1943 Elizabeth Weld Bennett Honora Haynes Jean Coppes Hansen Joan Norman Holden Themis Athanasia Sams [46] May Dorothy Baker 177 Englishcombc Lane Bath, Somerset, England Hilda Ruby Baynes Andover, Mas.sachuset t s Jean Hope Baynes Andover, Massachusetts Vera FIsherova Beck Andover, Massachusei I s Minna S. Calhoun i Mrs.) Andover, Mas.sachuset I - Mary Carpenter 57 Wilkinson Street Putnam, Connecticut Louise Loring Coffin 150 Church Street Newton, Massachusetts Hope Coolidge 5 Simon Willard Road ( loncord, Massachusetts Mary Elaine Dodge Kentville, Nova Scotia The Rev. Bernard T. Drew 71 Elm Street Methuen, Massachusetts Dorothy Annie Duff 60 Le Marchant Road St. John ' s, Newfoundland Ruth Louise Elvedt 67 North Hancock Street Lexington, Massachusetts Kate Friskin 300 West 108th Street New York, New York Mary Gay Duxbury, Massachusetts (J race Amy Goodman Andover, Massachusetts Faculty Bertha Morgan Gray ' Mrs.) 167 Parker Street " Newton Centre, Massachu- setts Isabel Maxwell Hancock Boonsboro Road Lynchburg, Virginia Marguerite Capen Hearsey •20 Abbot Street Andover, Massachusetts Lucretia Lawrence Hildreth 6 Linnaean Street ( ambridge, Massachusetts Walter Edward Howe 14 School Street Andover, Massachusetts Barbara Humes 23 Chestnut Hill Greenfield, Massachusetts Harriet E. McKee Andover, Massachusetts Marion Russell McPherson 100 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Maud Cabot Morgan (Mrs. Patrick) HI Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Jean Katherine Nevius 81 Broad Street Flemington, New Jersey Roberta Gilmore Poland (Mrs. Burdettel Deerfield Academy Deerfield, Massachusetts ()n leave of absence, 1943-1944 Gertrud Rath 735 Yale Avenue Swart hmore, Pennsylvania Anne Rechnitzer Andover, Massachusei t-. Ilelcn Dunford Robinson 77 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Gloucester, Massachusetts Louise Robinson 82 Ames Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Anna Elizabeth Roth 73 Union Street Franklin, Massachusetts Catherine Jane Sullivan 97 Knox Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Alice Curtiss Sweeney 175 Berkeley Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Cert rude Tingley 32 Milton Road Brookline, Massachusetts Etiennette Trouve % Mrs. C. H. Dawson-Di- enne 137 Bank Street Suffolk, Virginia Eleanor Morin Tucker 166 Christiana Street North Tonawanda, New- York Lueile Burdette Tuttle 29 Draper Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts Dorothea Wilkinson 14 Waterloo Row Fredericton, New Brunsw ick, Canada Senior Middle Class Sarah Allen 33 Warren Street Salem, Massachusetts Suzanne Badgett Andover, Massachusetts Barbara Ball 2660 Westwood Parkway Flint, Michigan Barbara Beecher 6 Lone Pine Road Biltmore, North Carolina Rosalie Benton 9 Salem Street Andover, Massachusetts Josephine Bernardin 1 1 Abbot Street Andover, Massachusetts Martha Boynton 70 Sumner Street Newton Centre, Massachu- setts Elizabeth Brown 587 Church Street Naugatuek, Massachusetts Esther Bufferd 121 Church Street Torrington, Connecticut Ann Bushnell Williamstown, Massachusetts Pamela Clark 11 East 68th Street New York, New York Elizabeth Coe 11 Germain Street Worcester, Massachusetts Janet Craig Westview Farm West borough, Massachusetts Patricia Cros Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elizabeth Dickerman 22 Moorland Road Williamstown, Massachusetts Nancy Dodge 20 Toppans Lane Newburyport, Massachu- setts Ann Dorsel 3551 Holly Lane Cincinnati, Ohio Gretchen Fuller 74 Mt. Vernon Street Boston, Massachusetts Julia Gage 100 Great Pond Road North Andover, Massachu- setts Elizabeth Graves 39 Plaza Street Brooklyn, New York [47] Phyllis Hanlon Canoe Hill New Canaan, Connecticut Barbara Haserick 19 West Boulder Street Colorado Springs, Colorado Joan Hoagland 983 Memorial Drive ( ambridge, Massachusetts Helen Hodges 30(i North Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Mary Jane Hodges 30 ) North Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Joan Holdsworth 80 Chestnut Street Andover, Massachusetts Jean Jones 4 ' 22 Cumberland Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania Mary Jane Kurth 477 Prospect Street Methuen, Massachusetts Ruth Lazarus 4192 Rose Hill Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio Sally Leavitt Vermont Academy Saxtons River, Vermont Suzanne Leland 59 Phillips Street Andover, Massachusetts June Livermore 2217 Selwyn Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina Andree Luce 43 Exeter Street Forest Hills, Long Island, New York Grace Lurton 238 Mamaroneck Road Scarsdale, New York Marion Marsh 123 Lodges Lane Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Marian Mclver 32 Fair Street Cooperstown, New York Marjorie Milne , Box 86 Manchester, New Hampshire Janet Mitchell 6 Woodcrest Avenue Millhurn, New Jersey Joan Mitchell New Canaan, ( onnecticut Katharine Mulford 49 Jackson Street Little Falls, New York Jean Mulvey 4 Carisbrooke Street Andover, Massachusetts Helen Norris 32 Everett Avenue Winchester, Massachusetts Hilary Paterson Horizon Farm Andover, New Hampshire Jessamine Patton Schenley Apartments Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ann-Marie Persson 5th Street Sta. Clara Y Ave. Reform a Guatemala, Central America Janet Redman 88 Elm Street North Andover, Massachu- setts Mary Robbins 43 Argyle Avenue Babylon, Long Island, New York Nancy Selinger " Apple Trees " New Canaan, Connecticut Cynthia Smith 14 Rockridge Road Wellesley Hills, Massachu- setts Shirlev Sommer 1367 Brown Hills Road Rockford, Illinois Sally Spear 45 Franklin Street Rumford, Maine Mary Louise Stegner 603 North Perry Street Ti t usville, Pen nsy 1 va nia Gail Sullivan 106 South Street Foxboro, Massachusetts Joan Sweeney 64 Central Street Andover, Massachusetts Mary Taylor 33 Highland Avenue Middletown, New York Carolyn Teeson 149 Chapin Street Southbridge, Massachusetts Marian Troub 1564 Asylum Avenue West Hartford, Connecticut Madge Twomey 20 HaverhilfStreet Andover, Massachusetts Beatrice Van Cleve 8 Lake Avenue Broadmoor Colorado Springs, Colorado Charlotte Welles New Canaan Country School New Canaan, Connecticut Lois Whiffen 450 West 24th Street, Apt. 12B New York, New York Junior Middle Class Marv Burton 33 Afterglow Way Montclair, New Jersey Betty Doyle 14 Holman Street Laconia, New Hampshire Florence Pryling 406 Seminole Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Janet Kingsburv 547 Fellsway East Maiden, Massachusetts Joyce Merrick 19 Ravenscliffe Avenue Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Georgia Lee Mills Cranmoor Manor Toms River, New Jersey Marjorie Sommer 130 Edgehill Court Peoria, Illinois Gertrude Stearns 60 Lawrence Street Gardner, Massachusetts Joan Waterman 49 Central Street Athol, Massachusetts Deborah Wiggin Rockholm Cottage Annisquam, Massachusetts [48] Ann Autis Dockray Lane Wakefield, Rhode Island Barbara Barnard 14 Cabot Road Andover, Massachusetts Nancy Barnard 12 High Street Andover, Massachusel t s Harriet Bent ley 22 Hamilton Road Scarsdale, New York Nancy Burns 877 St. Ronan Street New Haven, Connecticut Barbara Dean 8 Kensington Street Andover, Massachusetts Beverly DeCesare 510 Prospect Street Methuen, Massachusetts Ix)is Derbv R.F.D. No; 2 Lowell, Massachusetts Louise Doyle Foster Circle Andover, Massachusetts Mary Emery 1429 Hill " Street Ann Arbor, Michigan Sallie Fillebrown 71 Clinton Avenue Montclair, New Jersey Virginia Finney Thunder Hill Ruxton P.O., Maryland Barbara French 276 South Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Frances Gorham 87 Green Street Augusta, Maine Junior Class Barbara Graf Madeira, Ohio (iretchen Greene 1485 Lexington Avenue New York, New York Muriel Greene 2480 Sixteenth Street Washington, D. C. Ann Hardy -270 Park Avenue New York, New York Ann Hill 16 Caro Court Red Bank, New Jersey Patricia Hogan Lisbon, New Hampshire Margaret Howe 440 Osgood Street North Andover, Massachu- setts Nancy Howe 885 South Prospect Street Burlington, Vermont Katharine Johnson 16 Hawthorne Road Swampscott, Massachusetts Greta Leinbach " Go-Al-Do Lodge " Reading, Pennsylvania Jane Lewis 11 Pasho Street Andover, Massachusetts Frances Little 197 Shawsheen Road Andover, Massachusetts Janet Malott Lilac Lane Lawrence, Kansas Sally North 18 William Street Andover, Massachusetl s Doris Olswang f! Orleans Road Valley Stream, New York Deborah Beckett Franconia, New Hampshire Sally Power ISA Still Street Brookline, Massachusel t a Harriet Steams 60 Lawrence Street Gardner, Massachusetts Mary Jenifer Thomas Lancaster Pike Post Office No. 5 Wilmington, Delaware Nancy Thomas Fox Run Road Norwalk, Connecticut Barbara Turner Lake Road Norwich, New York Mavis Twomey 20 Haverhill Street Andover, Massachusetts Jane Weldon 1 Johnson Road Andover, Massachusetts Ann Weston 121 Great Pond Road North Andover, Massachu- setts Hope Whitcomb West Road New Canaan, Connecticut Patricia Barnard 12 High Street Andover, Massachusetts Katherine Barrell 206 Johnson Street North Andover, Massachu- setts Ruth Brimer 8 Orchard Street Andover, Massachusetts Jane Brown 308 Court Street Keene, New Hampshire Joanna Campbell 1511 Upper 11th Street Vincennes, Indiana Lucy Dee Olivers Kennedy Street Lawrenceville, New Jersey Helen Dowd 18 Pasho Street Andover, Massachusetts Prep Class Edith Flather 45 Abbot Street Andover, Massachusetts Ann Flowers 628 Isabella Street Wilmette, Illinois Lois Foster 2626 Genesee Street Itica, Xew York Emily Gierasch Johnson Hall Phillips Academy Andover, Massachusetts Margaret Kimball 50 School Street Andover, Massachusetts Sarah McDuffie 260 North Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Mary Pierce 404 Third Street Avon by the Sea, New Jersey Susanne Robbins 87 Stanley Road Swampscott, Massachusetts Patricia Rodgers 1 Forest Place Glendale, Ohio Shirley Sawyer 60 Bartlet Street Andover, Massachusetts Cornelia Schaeffer 101 Warwick Road Bronxville, New York Renate Sides 89 Bartlet Street Andover, Massachusel I a Mary Carroll Sinclaire 201 Bine Street Corning, New York [49] BEST CO FIFTH AVENUE ' YOUTH IS OUR SPECIALTY For three generations Best ' s has been outstanding as school outfitters. The store with the young slant on good clothes, where fine quality and moderate prices prevail. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Boston 16 — 458 Boylston Street Kenmore 2425 Brookline 46 — Beacon Washington Sts. Aspinwatl 2337 CAPitol 1217-1218 Joseph P. Eaton Co., inc. DEALER IN BEEF - LAMB - POULTRY and VEAL •fr HOTEL SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON, MASS. SCHOOL JEWELRY WATCHES JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician The Smartest Line of School Jewelry in Town Certified Repair Service 48 MAIN ST. ANDOYER, MASS. Thank you Class of ' 44 AfioUaei fjcuyi SHOP ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS S. S. PIERCE CO. Est. 1 831 Boston Home of Delicious Foods HILL ' S HARDWARE Athletic Qoods Outfitter for Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. ANDOVER INN " A Treadtvay Inn " Where all the year a cordial welcome awaits you. COMFORTABLE ROOMS REAL NEW ENGLAND FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES L. G. Treadway Mgr. Dir. Geo. M. Brakev Res. Mgr. ARROW CLEANERS 58 Main St., Andover, Mass. Badminton ' s the ideal game You can play summer or winter ... out- doors or indoors. Wright Ditson equip- ment for doubles and singles is priced right. " Better Buy the Best " WRIGHT DITSON THE ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Andover, Massachusetts Compliments of J. E. Pitman Estate 63 Park Street Tel. 664 Dalton Co., Inc. PHARMACISTS § To the Class of 1944 THE Hartigan Pharmacy § Main and Chestnut Streets Andover, Massachusetts Your Personal Effects are Valuable (more so than ever at present price levels.) ARE THEY INSURED against all risks? Ask us about this broad form of policy. SMART FLAGG INC. Bank Building Tel. Andover, 870 Andover, Mass. Andover 1855 (Security tfafan Thirty-one Main Street - Andover Llntlo Loijiuro Atdleciocuaiitij CC C tiiL ' e TV CMK1AGE TRADE Qjhop MAIN STREET- ANDOVER- MASSACHUSETTS DRESSES — SPORTSWEAR Tickets - Tours - Cruises Winter Sports Trip for Abbot Seniors at Intervale MRS. SETH C. BASSETT 27 Merrimack Street HAVERHILL, MASS. Tel. CAPitol { Hugh D. Stanwood Gertrude K. Donovan Peter Luongo FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 66-72 Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON WiAiU+Uf 1 044. £uoc U THE SENIOR MIDS Phone LAFayette 5600 TYLER KEY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN FRUITS AND PRODUCE 33-35 Faneuil Hall Market Boston. Mass. M. F. FOLEY COMPANY Boston ' s Real FISH HOUSE Oriental Rugs Your choice of thousands from THE HOLY LAND TURKEY PERSIA CHINA THE CAUCASUS INDIA BOKHARA Antiques or moderns BROOKS, GILL CO., ' nc In the Wholesale District 28-30 Canal St., Boston Q ujd Luck to the Class from A. D. S. of ' 44 FORD ' S PASTRY and CANDY Birthday Qakes 14 MAIN ST. ANDOYER r SSMX f ' l ICECREAM Manvfactvred and Distributed by Jersey Ice Cream Company Lawrence, Mass. Warren Kay Vantine STUDIO, Inc. School and College Photographers 160 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON When your Yearbook Course Si. chanted by HOWARD-WESSON COMPANY 44 Portland Street, Worcester, Massachusetts Aleut CtUflastdfa JlaSujeAt Golleqe, Zncj ucuue U, Printers of THE CIRCLE and many other fine publications for New England ' s outstanding schools and colleges v The ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS I

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Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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