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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1942 volume:

Anno 1778 • PHILLIPS ACADEMY ■frllllp S»o° u OLIVERWENDELLHOLMES LI B RARY m 4 9 € fe± p • $ j|j - $ The changes which are sure to come, We do not fear to see. r ' ■ PUBLISHED AT ANDOVER ' :;: ' ■:■ W MASSACHUSETTS, U. S. A. Because we love her and miss her; because she helped us all and was an integral part of our school life; because she worked tirelessly to make the library useful and attractive; because of her love of what was beautiful and true; because of her devotion to her family and friends; because of her complete unselfishness and all the rare tilings she was, we, the Class of 1942, as a small token of our affection and gratitude for her contribution to our lives, dedicate our yearbook to MARGARET SNOW May 6, 1901— January 5, 1942 " The old order changeth, yielding place to new, and God fulfills Himself in many ways lest one good custom should corrupt the world. " Just twenty-five years ago our country entered the last war — the " war to end wars. " The reconstruction period was borne cheerfully because people com- placently thought there would be peace and democ- racy forever. Now in 1942 we are plunged into a war involving the whole world, in which not only our ideals and those privileges which we take to be the fundamentals of democracv are at stake, but our very survival as well. All of this spells change — in our mode of life, in our habits of thinking, in our expec- tations for the future. All of this requires courage, imagination, and steadfastness of purpose. With the thought in mind of the " changes which are sure to come " to us all, but which, nevertheless, " we do not fear to see " because we know that without change there can be no growth, the Yearbook Board of 1942 gives its volume of The Circle into your hands. s PEAKING of changes . . . ! We came to Abbot with long skirts and short hair, and lived on the floor! Many are the fourth wild tales told of that first year! We were organized into a class, but spent most of our time getting used to Abbot and standing in awe of the Seniors. Time passed. Our numbers thinned and new girls came to fill in the ranks. We moved down in Draper, and some of the lucky ones went into Abbey. O Senior Mids at last, and sporting new yellow THE STORY OF THE CLASS sweaters we thought the last w eek of school, with the transfer of the Senior Parlor. would never co me. And as for being Seniors our- selves—that just seemed impos- sible! But finally September, nineteen forty- one, arrived and how important we felt! Humbly we set the pace for our younger sisters, whom we now present, and seriously to the end we took our jobs of being Seniors. OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO PREP CLASS They came to Abbot in a year when all was in the process of changing, not only in the school, but also in the world at large. However, thev weren ' t aware that thev were the beginning of a new and different day at Abbot. They got off to a good start and soon " belonged " as much as did the Seniors them- selves. Leaders of the Preps: Presidents — Alary Jane Kurth and Madge Twomey; Vice- Presidents — Jean Russell and Sally Leavitt; Secretaries — Josephine Bernardin and Janet Redman; Treasurers — Gretchen Fuller and Nancy Ferns. OFFICERS: Leavitt, Fuller, Redman, Hodges, Ferns, Twomey (Kurth, Russell) " Just Preps ' Oh, no you don ' t! Not a double exposure! [8] JUNIORS AND JUNIOR MIDS They are the " in-betweens " of Abbot, but they hold their own! We sympathize with them for we were in their position once ourselves. They are just getting used to Abbot ways and yet they are not old enough to be an " old timer. " Never mind! Their turn will come soon! Junior and Junior Mid Leaders : Presidents —Frances MacDonald and Molly Hubbard; Vice Presidents — Priscilla Stevens and Mar- garet Travis; Secretaries — Catherine Feeney and Elizabeth Colson; Treasurers — Charlotte Iceland and Betty Bertucio. OFFICERS: Leland, Travis, MacDonald, Hubbard, Bertucio (Colson, P. Stevens) Jolly Juniors All [9] SENIOR MIDS OFFICERS: Bacon, Bennett, Lehmann, Pearson, Beckman, Zimmermann, Hill, Ohnick How enviable is their state! They are on the brink of the best of all their Abbot years. Well do we know what they are feeling: that next year holds all the richest and dearest that Abbot has to offer. We pass on to them all that was ours and wish them success and happiness. Senior Mid Officers: Presidents — Margaret Hill and Ann Bacon; Vice Presidents— Betsy Bennett and Sallv Zimmermann; Sec- retaries — Marjorie Lehmann and Mary Alice Beckman; Treasurers — Anne Pearson and Barbara Ohnick. [10] " Love in a Cottage " First Floor Old Wing The Knave of Hearts " Second Floor Old Wing Third Floor Wing [ii] CLASS OFFICERS Louise Clark, President Gretchen Roemer, Vice President Dorothy Erkert, Secretary Ann Zeitung, Treasurer With a step that is steady and strong Forty-two comes marching along, True to the colors we bear, The yellow and white so fair; In bond of fellowship true, That the days and the years cannot sever, United in purpose we stand, We ' ll sing it once, We ' ll sing it twice, Our class forever. Nineteen hundred and forty-two! This is the year in which we pulled together the strings of all our years at Abbot. We are prepared now for col- lege, or for some specialized study. We feel that we have almost reached that exalted state of being ' ' grown up. " We face with confidence the next step. We take our leave with regret and yet with a subtle satisfaction, as we join the large band of loyal Abbot alumnae. [12] OF 19 42 IRENE PEIRSON ABBOTT " Abby " 123 West Main Street, Palmyra, New York 1940- .2 Pine Manor Junior College Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Aeolian ' 42, Christmas Party ' 42, Griffin Basketball Team ' 42. Maker of queer noises . (?) cackle. . .nice eyes. ' Mezui " . . .it ' s unkenny. . .soothing MARILYN KNOX BARLOW " Marilyn " 9 York Street, Andover, Massachusetts 19kQ-k2 Wheaton Posture Marker ' 41, Chairman Day Scholars ' Entertainment Committee ' 42, Numerals ' 42, L.B.A. ' 42. Draws for our theme pads. . .Beverly boys. . .dates every week end. . . " Say, kid. " SUZANNE IRENE BATES " Sue ' 923 East Kearsley Street, Flint, Michigan 1939-U Connecticut College Vice-president Junior Class ' 40, President Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Chairman Abbot Birthday Bazaar ' 41, Co-chairman Senior Prom ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Courant ' 41, A. A. A. Council ' 41, A.C.A. Council ' 41, Senior-Mid Play ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Children ' s Christmas Party ' 41, Senior Play ' 42, President Student Government ' 42. Cute executive. . . " I haven ' t seen Miss Hearsey about that yet " ... baby hair. . .first feather cut. . .smiling friendliness . . .dismayed " Oh " . . .chem troubles. 4f$ [13] CLASS M % MARY LOUISE BERTUCIO " Bert " 63 Park Edge Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts 1940-4-2 Vassar Numerals ' 41, Secretary Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Varsity Basket- ball ' 41, Griffin Varsity Tennis ' 41, ' 42, L.B.A. ' 41- ' 42, Presi- dent A.A.A. ' 42, Christmas Party ' 42, Executive Board Stu- dent Government ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. Griffins ' " racqueteer " and " basketeer " . . . " Hats! " . . .a dish of buttercrunch . . .raincoat, crew cap, and moccasins. JANE ADAMS BISHOP it T ' " Jatue New Canaan, Connecticut 19W-U Hollim Courant ' 41, ' 42, Business Manager ' 42, Honor Roll ' 41, ' 42, Head of Hiking ' 42, Numerals ' 42, Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 42, Senior Play ' 42, Art Editor of Yearbook ' 42. Cum Laude. Posters for posterity. . .honor roll. . .originality plus. . .im- mortal rabbits. . . " Oh Golly! " JANE AUDREY BITTEL " Pinkie " 7343 Constance Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 19W-42 L.B.A. ' 41, ' 42 " Pink and Stink " . . .beautiful eyes, cute suits with big sweaters. Oberlin buttercrunch cones [ 14 OF 1942 ETHEL ANN BOLTON " Pam " 128 Prescott Street, North Andover, Massachusett s 1937-42 Edgeivood Park Junior College President Prep Class ' 38, Prep Play ' 38, Numerals ' 39, Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 40, Senior Prom Committee ' 42, Children ' s Christmas Party ' 42. Angelic femininity . . . blushing beauty . . . our kindergarten teacher of the future. . telephone calls, telegrams, and " spe- cials " at Intervale. . .fraternity pin. . .intellectual love letters. JEANNE McCLELLAN BOWERSOX 232 Baltimore Avenue, Cumberland, Maryland 1940-42 Smith Bazaar Committee ' 41, Fidelio ' 42, School Song Leader ' 42, A.D.S. ' 42, A.C.A. Board ' 42, Senior Play ' 42, Honor Roll ' 42, Hiking Leader ' 42, Chairman of Song Book Committee ' 42, Cum Laude. Actress and singer. . .worker with Honor Roll attainments. . . persistence taught her to knit, now she ' s a whiz at it. . .perfect as Browning. MARY MARGARET BOYNTON " Mary Peg ' 76 Sumner St., Newton Centre, Massachusetts 1939-h2 Wheaton A.C.A. Advisory Board ' 40, Griffin Entertainment ' 40, Bazaar Committee ' 40, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Numer- als ' 42, Fire Lieutenant ' 42, Griffin Hockey Team ' 42, Child- ren ' s Christmas Party ' 40, ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 42. Sweetly sympathetic . . . brittle bones . . . promptness and neat- ness. . .history blues. . .River ' s enthusiast. m 1 [15] Q CLASS GLORIA CONSTANCE CALDARONE " Glo " 96 Vermont Street, Methuen, Massachusetts 1937 - i2 Erskine School Numerals ' 40, Posture Marker ' 40, ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, A.D.S. ' 41, ' 42, Draper Dramatics ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. Really funny .. . " When the mush begins to rush " ... lovely dark eyes and hair . . .one of our dramatic stars. . .often " The lady in red. " LOUISE CLARK " Wesey " Oakshade Avenue, Darien, Connecticut 1939-1 2 Merrill Business School Treasurer Junior Class ' 40, Odeon ' 41, ' 42, Draper Dramatics ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Christmas Party ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Student Government ' 41, ' 42, Manager Senior Play ' 42, President Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Prom Com- mittee ' 41, ' 42, President Senior Class ' 42, Yearbook Board ' 42, Gargoyles Tennis Doubles ' 40, ' 41, Hiking Leader ' 42. Witty Wesey ... supreme manager of pla T s. . .our dignified president. . .Katherine Hepburn of ' 42. . .appetite, figure troubles. . .South American prom date. HELEN WOODS CRAIG " Craigic " 150 West Main Street, Westboro, Massachusetts 1939-k2 Boston School of Occupational Therapy Senior-Mid Play ' 41, Choir ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Aeolian ' 41, ' 42, A.C.A. ' 42, Yearbook Board ' 42. Pert nose. . .beautiful brown hair. . .giggles. . .full of fun. . . musical ability. [16] OF 19 42 MARJORIE MELLON DEAN " Midge " Kensington Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1937-42 Edgeuood Park Junior College Fidelio ' 38, ' 42, Class Treasurer ' 38 Numerals ' 39, Prep Plays ' 38, Philomatheia ' 41, ' 42, President of Philomatheia ' 42 Treasurer Junior Class ' 39, Secretary Junior-Mid Class ' 40, Varsity Baseball ' 40, Head of Day Scholars ' 42, Student Gov- ernment ' 42, Ex-Officio Day Scholars Entertainment ' 42. Suits her name. . .Brown week ends. . .plenty of giggles and dimples. . .gardenias. . . " Well Kiddo. " 19W-J MIRIAM MALCOLM DOUGLAS " Mim " La Vale, Cumberland, Maryland Swarthmore Honor Roll ' 41, ' 42, Abbot Bazaar ' 41, Odeon ' 42, Business Manager Yearbook ' 42, Cum Lande. Honor Roll girl . . . always cheerful, helpful, and dependable . . . oranges. . week ends by air. 19U0-W MARY ELIZABETH DUNAWAY " Betty " 120 Silver Street, Dover, New Hampshire Smith Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Senior-Mid Prom Committee ' 41, Aeolian ' 41, ' 42, Secretary and Treasurer Aeolian ' 42, Chil- dren ' s Christmas Party ' 42, Senior Entertainment Committee ' 42, Fidelio ' 42, Honor Roll ' 41, ' 42. Bass voice. . .tall and smooth. . loud and lengthy laughter. . . neat clothes. . .wit and musical talent. 3f$ CLASS BETTY JEAN ENGLAND " BJ. " Ledgewood Road, Winchester, Massachusetts 1939-4$ Pine Manor Junior College Numerals ' 40, Treasurer of Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Entertainment Committee ' 41, Rec Room Com- mittee ' 41, A.D.S. ' 42, Secretary Student Government ' 42, Executive Board ' 42. " Oh Gee " . . .perfect features. . .petite. . .a " swiftie " on skis . . perpetual fog. 19W-W DOROTHY JEAN ERKERT " Dee Jay " High Point Road, Peoria, Illinois Mac Murray Senior-Mid Play ' 40, Senior-Mid Prom Committee ' 41, L.B.A. ' 40, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Secretary Senior Class ' 42, Secretary Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Senior Prom Committee ' 42, Fire Drill Lieutenant ' 40- ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 41. Horse enthusiast. . .knitting fiend. . .good looking clothes. . . nightly laundry. HELENTY RUTH ESTIN " Her Longwood Towers, Brookline, Massachusetts 19U-Jf2 Tennis ' 41, Numerals ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 42. Smith Perpetual diet... " Oh don ' t be so silly " . . resemblance to Sonja Henie. . the alto section ' s leading light! [18] OF 19 42 MARY ELLEN FINNERAN " Melon " Greens Farms, Connecticut 1938-42 University of Wisconsin Advisory Board ' 39, Varsity Riding ' 40, Treasurer Junior-Mid Class ' 40, Griffin Entertainment ' 40, Senior-Mid Plavs ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Rec Room ' 42, L.B.A. ' 41, ' 42, L.B.A. President ' 42. Amherst rooter . . . baby cut . . . seen skipping every Friday . . . cheer up, Melon, and meet the son halfway. 19W- i2 FRANCES CAROLINE FLINT " Flint " St. Paul ' s School, Concord, New Hampshire Vassar Courant ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Varsitv Baseball ' 41, Honor Roll ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Editor Courant ' 42, Griffin Hockey Team ' 41. Cum Laude. Courant, 7:15 History of Art Room. . amazing mind. . .cat craze. . .Abbot ' s pianist. . .Hedy Lamarr. . . " Hey, Flint. " VIRGINIA SANDRA FONG " Ginnie " 2116 Sixth Street, Sacramento, California 1 9k0-k2 Wellesley L.B.A. ' 41, ' 42, President L.B.A. ' 42, Bazaar Committee ' 40. Orchids and airmails from California. . .quick and quiet. . . " Sacramento the gem of the Ocean. " ,4ff 19 V J j J o o Tf% 1938-42 ELIZABETH JANE FOWLER ' ' ' Bet seif Norwood, Massachusetts Smith Griffin Entertainment ' 39, President Senior-Mid Class ' 40, Prom Decorating Committee ' 40, Numerals ' 40, Chairman Prom Decorating Committee ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Secretary Student Government ' 41, " A " Society ' 41, Chevrons ' 41, Fidelio ' 40- ' 42, Q.E.D. ' 41, ' 42, Vice-President Student Government ' 42, Hiking Leader ' 42, A. A. A. Council ' 42, Senior Play ' 42, Captain Griffins ' 42. Sweaters and socks to match . . . " if it ' s good to the last drop, what ' s the matter with the last drop: " . . .neat as a pin. . . Abbot ' s special. MARY LOU GILBERT ' ' Mamie L? " 1253 Murdoch Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 19 ' i0-lf2 Endicott Junior College Prop erties Senior-Mid Play ' 41, Numerals ' 42. Unique shoes. . .knack for knitting. . .hair " do ' s " . . . " All this and heavenly goo " .. .alluring tresses. . .photogenic. . .color schemes colossal. MARGARET ETHEL GOODMAN " Mar go " 1833 Riverside Ave., Marinette, Wisconsin 19U-42 Vassar Courant ' 42, Cum Laude. " Margo " with the curly brown hair. . .stop off in Chile for skiing. . .South American mementos. . .one-year Senior plus brains. . .quiet affability. . literary genius. . . " Oh, say. " [20] OF 19 42 1939-A2 ELIZABETH MARGARET GORSUCH " Bette " 648 Adair Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio American Academy of Dramatic Art Draper Dramatics ' 40, ' 41, A.D.S. ' 40- ' 42, Treasurer A.A.A. ' 41, ' 42, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Varsity Hockey ' 42, Prom Decorating Committee ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Rec Room Committee ' 41, Head of Golf ' 41, Hiking Leader ' 42, Chairman Senior Corridor Stunt ' 42. Actress Supreme. . .our Katherine Cornell. . . " Have you heard this one: " . . .Zanesville rooter. . .wit. VIRGINIA CLIFTON GOURLEY " Jini " 168 Prospect Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts 1939-42 Wettesley Draper Dramatics ' 40, ' 41, Varsity Baseball ' 40, New Girl- Old Girl Party Committee ' 40, Numerals ' 41, A.D.S. ' 41, ' 42, Secretary-Treasurer A.D.S. ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Hal- lowe ' en Party Chairman ' 41, Abbot Birthday Committee ' 41, Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 41, President A.D.S. ' 42, A.D.S. Plays ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. Dramatics . . . vivacious . . . " How mundane! " . . . vocabulary that would wow Webster himself. . .sense of humor. . .nud- goo, nudgoo. x5f % [21] ,df % CLASS DIANTHA FLETCHER HAMILTON " Di " 141G 25th Street, Two Rivers, Wisconsin 1939-12 North western University Treasurer Junior Class ' 40, Posture Marker ' 39, ' 40, A.C.A. Advisory Board ' 40, Numerals ' 40, Griffin Entertainment ' 40, Bazaar Committee ' 41, Senior-Mid Play ' 41, Prom Decorating ' 41, Q.E.D. ' 41, ' 42, Griffin Hockey Team ' 40, ' 41, Head of Archery ' 41, ' 42, Senior Plav ' 42, Secretary-Treasurer Q.E.D. ' 41, ' 42. Always say " Di, " and you ' ve got something. . .beautiful re- presentative of T ' Rivers, Wiscons ' ... " Where ' s my co-atr " . . eyelashes. . sports from archery to basketball. 1939-42 BEATRICE MABEL HARDY " Betty " St. Augustine, Trinidad, B.W.I. Radcliffe Secretary Junior Class ' 40, Choir ' 40-42, Fidel io ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, Bazaar Committee ' 41, Draper Dramatics ' 41, President Aeolian ' 41, ' 42, Editor-in-Chief Yearbook ' 41, ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. Quiet efficiency . . . dimple in chin, devil within . . . guiding star of our Yearbook. BARBARA ALFORD HILL " Bah " Madison Heights, Anderson, Indiana 1938-42 Smith Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Senior-Mid Play ' 41, Odeon ' 41, ' 42, Bazaar Committee ' 41, Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Enter- tainment Committee ' 41, ' 42, Numerals ' 41, President A.C.A. ' 42, Executive Board ' 42, Posture Marker ' 42. (iood looking sport clothes. . .wonderful A.C.A. head... " He ' s just a cherub " ... Ya ... Indiana accent ... Jimmie Stewart devotee, for special reason. . .gargantuan guffaw. [22 OF 19 42 1940-42 LOIS WOODBRIDGE HUDSON " Lo " Main Street, Freeport, Maine Wellesley A.C.A. Advisory Board ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Chapel Proctor ' 42, Christmas Party ' 42. Spontaneous laughter plus expressive shoulders . . . " He ' s in the army now " ... dazzling smile. . .yea for Yale. . .letters from " pop " . BARBARA WESTBROOK JOHNSON " Ba " 21 Royall Street, Medford, Massachusetts 1939-42 Chamberlain School Fidelio ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. Smoothie complexion. . . " tall, dark, and dancin ' " . . .costume jewelry. . .clothes galore. 3f$ [23] CLASS $?% NINON LACEY " Nin " 54 School Street, Keene, New Hampshire 1939- 2 Art School Numerals ' 41, Senior-Mid Play ' 41, Draper Dramatics ' 41, Odeon ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, President Odeon ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Griffin Entertainment ' 40. Goon-child. . . " You ' re so cute! " . . .histrionic inclination... Shakespeare quoter. JANICE CAMPBELL LENANE Jan 224 Bruce Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts 191±l-k2 Chamberlain School Fidelio ' 42, Day Scholar Entertainment ' 41. " My brother Jack " ... lame knee. . .knits her sweaters... feather haircut . . . sunny disposition. LOUISE SHEPARD LESLIE " Lou " 26 Thorndike Street, Beverlv, Massachusetts 19k0-k2 Wellesley Posture Marker ' 41, Abbot Bazaar Committee ' 41, Choir ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Aeolian ' 41, ' 42, Varsity Hockey ' 41, Numerals ' 51, Yearbook Board ' 41. Sense of humor. . heavenly voice. . cheerful (?) early morning smiles! [24] OF 1942 ELIZABETH McLEMORE LOVETT " Idbby " Camp Custer, Michigan 19kl-h% Wellesley Fidelio ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. Smiles the while. . Pooh patronizer chem trials. . .patching for pals. Army officer dad CHARITY MOORE LUMMIS " Cherry " 125 West Fourth Street, Roselle, New Jersey Griffin Varsity Hockey ' 42. Hood Pictures with lengthy inscriptions. . bright red pajamas got any food? . . .Yale. 1939- J, 2 ELIZABETH SPAHR LYTLE " Betsy " Craftsbury Common, Vermont Bryn Mawr President Junior Class ' 40, Choir ' 40, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Head of Fidelio ' 42, Numerals ' 40, " A " Society ' 41, ' 42, Head of " A " Society ' 42, Varsity Hockey ' 40- ' 42, Head of Hockey ' 42, Varsity Basketball ' 40, Gargoyle Basketball ' 41, Gargoyle Tennis ' 40, ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Draper Dra- matics ' 41, Prom Committee ' 41, Abbot Bazaar Committee ' 41, Odeon ' 41, ' 42, Yearbook Board ' 42, Secretary A. A. A. ' 42, Honor Roll ' 40, ' 42, Cum Laude. Versatile, petite, and cute ... all round girl our prima donna of the golden tresses. that evebrow [25] CLASS f fc THEODORA HYDE MANNING " Theo " 71 Berwick Street, Worcester, Massachusetts WliO-W Wheat on A.C.A. Board ' 41, ' 42, Vice-President A.C.A. ' 42, Fidelio ' 42, Q.E.D. ' 41, ' 42. Enthusiasm for the West and horses. . .adorer of airplanes and George Sanders. . .small and cute. . .brown suit. MARGARET ROSS McFARLIN " Mac " 95 Elm Street, Andover, Massachusetts 1939- 2 Wellesley Numerals ' 40, Philomatheia ' 41, ' 42, Treasurer of Philo- matheia ' 42, Varsity Hockey ' 41, " A " Society ' 41, Day Scholar Plays ' 40, ' 41, Head of Croquet ' 40, ' 41, Assistant Business Manager Yearbook, ' 42. Big black car. . .ski enthusiast. . .commuter. . .good sport. JEAN McKAY " Mac " Lake Shore Avenue, Beverly, Massachusetts 1940-W Wheaton Philomatheia ' 41, ' 42, Children ' s Christmas Party ' 41, Prom Decorating Committee ' 41. Great trials over English History. . .Oh, it ' s harder to get up every morning!. . .cute smile. . .sweet disposition. 126] OF 19 42 MARILYN MENSCHIK " Lynn " 387 Kinderkamack Road, Westwood, New Jersey 1938-42 Connecticut Treasurer Prep Class ' 39, Vice-President Junior Class ' 40, Numerals ' 40, Varsity Golf ' 40, A.D.S. ' 41, ' 42, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Draper Dramatics ' 41, Varsity Golf ' 41, " A " Society ' 41, ' 42, Gargoyle Basketball Team ' 41, Chevrons ' 41, Student Government ' 42, Captain of Gargoyles ' 42, Vice- President A. A. A. ' 42, Varsitv Hockev ' 42, Prom Committee ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. Numerous accomplishments modestly hidden. . .leading Gar- govles to victorv . . . Princeton interest. . . " Have you seen Bah: " EDITH NINOMIYA " Edie " Pelham Manor, New York 19W-h2 Smith Varsity Baseball ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Treasurer of A.C.A. ' 42, Yearbook Board ' 42, Rec Room Committee ' 42, Odeon ' 42, Fidelio ' 42, Head of Baseball ' 42. Ede the Swede. . .courageous spirit. . .admired and loved by us all. . fun and high spirits. RUTH ELIZA RATHBONE " RuMe " 64 Central Street, Palmer, Massachusetts 1938- h2 Skidmore Prep Plays ' 38, President Junior Class ' 39, Student Govern- ment ' 39, Chapel Proctor ' 39, Treasurer Junior-Mid Class ' 40, A.D.S. ' 40- ' 42, Numerals ' 40, Griffin Hockey Team ' 40- ' 42, A.C.A. Board ' 40, Griffin Entertainment ' 40, Christmas Party ' 40, Hiking Leader ' 41, Senior Stunt Committee ' 42, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Posture Marker ' 41, Varsity Hockey ' 41, Chairman Senior Prom ' 42, Art for A.D.S. Plays ' 41, ' 42, Draper Dramatics ' 41, Senior-Mid Prom Committee ' 41. Beautiful hair. . .femininity " Nobody loves me (?). " .hamburger with onions. . [27] CLASS s Q$ GRETCHEN PAULINE ROEMER " Gretck " Youngstown Country Club, Youngstown, Ohio 1940-48 Vassar Treasurer Senior-Mid Class ' 41, Honor Roll ' 41- ' 42, Varsity Basketball ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Varsity Baseball ' 41, Secretary- Treasurer Gargoyles ' 41, ' 42, Courant ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Bazaar Committee ' 41, Student Government ' 42, Cum Laude. Perfection from Pittsburgh. . she wanted wings... A ' s her way .. Intervale casualty. . an apple a day... " It ' s foolish but it ' s fun " . . . Gretch the wretch. JANE ETHEL RUTHERFORD " Janie " 174 Pennsylvania A venue, Crestwood, New York 1940-42 SHdmore A.C.A. Advisory Board ' 42, Odeon ' 42, Hiking Leader ' 42. Quiet and friendly. . .cheery smile. . .always dependable. BARBARA BURR SANDERS " Bobby " 134 Langley Road, Newton Centre, Massachusetts 1940-42 Katharine Gibbs Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Prom Decorating Committee ' 41, Pos- ture Marker ' 42, Children ' s Christmas Party ' 42. Contagious laughter. . love on a whim with volumes of male . . . " Vive ma Frangais! " . . . " This too will pass. " 128] OF 1942 THTRSA BURR SANDS " Sanely " 70 Undercliff Street, Yonkers, New York 19JtO-42 Connecticut Fidelio ' 42, Chairman Entertainment Committee ' 42, Q.E.D. ' 42, Senior Play ' 42. That platinum streak. . unlimited amount of conversation in one long gasp. . .family woman... " How Green was mv Key. " MARGARET ELIZABETH BIRSE SIME " Mag the Hag " Hotel New Weston, Madison and 50th Street, New York 19W-J t 2 Barnard Q.E.D. ' 41, ' 42, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Choir ' 42, Senior Play ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 42, Fidelio ' 42. Always bubbling. . . " Scots wha hae wi ' Wallace bled " ... aspiring actress. . .Swiss ' s double. EARLINE DENTON SIMPSON it CI ' 9? ozra Manhasset, Long Island, New York 19W-42 Senior-Mid Plays ' 41. Connecticut Still (?) waters run deep. . .giggler. . .effervescing epistle from frere. P%, [29] CLASS ■A A RUTH ELLEN SNIDER " Ruthie " 66 Priscilla Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 1939-12 Wellesley Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Griffin Tennis ' 41, ' 42, Head of Deck Tennis ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays 41, President Q.E.D. ' 42, Senior Play ' 42, Press Chairman ' 42, Fidelio ' 42, Children ' s Christmas Party ' 42, Posture Marker ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 42. Word studier . . . French troubles . . . sparkling eyes . . . loyal Bostonian with Harvard flavoring. MARGARET COVENTRY STUART " Margi " 501 West Maple Avenue, Newark, New York 1938- 2 Pine Manor Junior College Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 40, Numerals ' 41, Fidelio ' 40- ' 42, Senior -Mid Plays ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 42, Chairman Rec Room Committee ' 42, Choir ' 42. Wonderful figure. . .our fashion plate. . .everlasting bag of chocolate cookies. . .perpetual vagueness. . .magazine addict. ANN TAYLOR " Tay " " Arke, " West Woodstock, Connecticut 19k0-k% Swarthmore Posture Marker ' 41, Draper Dramatics ' 41, Numerals ' 41, Griffin Doubles Tennis Team ' 41, ' 42, Head of Tennis ' 42, Senior Pla,y ' 42, A. A. A. Council ' 42. Horses and tennis. . sprees at Middlesex. . . " Have you heard about the Masseys? " [30] OF 19 42 1939-U2 EMMA ANN TODD Emmy Seabright, New Jersey Choir ' 40- ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, Numerals ' 41, Griffin Enter- tainment ' 40, Draper Dramatics ' 41. Sweetness and generosity. . .radio. . .knitting. . .songstress. . . born dancer. JULIETTE PERRIN WESTON, II " Judy " Peraleda Ranch, Santa Clara, California 191 1-1$ Stanford Horses and pears. . ranch in California. . .pictures and more pictures. . .typical " girl from the Golden West. " 1938-U2 ELSIE WILLIAMS " Ei " Northwick, Southampton, New York Cornell A.C.A. Board ' 39, Vice-President Prep Class ' 39, Varsity Hockey ' 40, Griffin Entertainment ' 40, Numerals ' 40, Posture Marker ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, " A " Society ' 42, Chevrons ' 42, Songbook Revising Committee ' 42, Children ' s Christmas Party ' 42, L.B.A. ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 42. Our New York, Southampton socialite . . . trouble with golden locks. . .giggling spells. . .Harvard promoting. . .eerie feelings. m m [31] CLASS ROSE SANDRA WIND " Rhody " 426 West Elm Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 1939-U2 Vassar Class Song Leader ' 40, Griffin Entertainment ' 40, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Griffin Song Leader ' 41, ' 42, Bazaar Committee ' 41, Numerals ' 41, ( " lass Song Leader ' 42, Rec Room Committee ' 41, ' 42, Yearbook Board ' 42, Prom Committee ' 42, Senior Play ' 42, Q.E.D. ' 42, Entertainment Committee ' 42. Dream dancer. . .friend indeed. . .songs with swing. . .coiffure connoisseur. . .spectrum shoes. ANN ELIZABETH ZEITUNG " Annie " 721 Broad Street, Meriden, Connecticut 1938-W Mount Hoi yoke Vice-President Junior-Mid Class ' 40, Varsity Basketball ' 40, Numerals ' 40, Gargoyle Entertainment ' 39, Varsity Hockev ' 41, Senior-Mid Plays ' 41, Odeon ' 41, ' 42, Fidelio ' 41, ' 42, " A " Society ' 42, Treasurer Senior Class ' 42, Hiking Leader ' 41, Secretary-Treasurer Odeon ' 42, Posture Marker ' 41, ' 42. Personality plus. . basketball whiz. . . .lingering laugh. soft spot for Colorado [32] OF 19 42 RING SONG TREE SONG For us the time has come to take our leave, And for the work we ' ve done our rings we re- ceive — These are the symbols of our hopes and fears That mark the end of all our Abbot years. For us the mem ' ry of many happy days, Returning after we have gone on our ways, Will make us stronger, keep the purpose clear Which we discovered while we studied here. For us the counsel of those who helped us learn What were our standards, which the way to turn — Untouched by change, whate ' er the future brings, Lies in the circle of our Senior rings. — Frances Flint Not just a tree we leave behind A Spirit leave we too, An upright thought of Abbot born, We hand it on to you. The tree we plant for you to keep. In memory guard it well, Our loyalty is rooted here, The love we cannot tell. This sapling may in after years Have grown like those we know, Thoughtfully planted by other girls So many years ago. While through the years this tree will live May none its coolness shun, We ' ll carry on the heritage In Abbot years begun. — Margaret Sime CUM LAUDE Jane Bishop Jeanne Bowersox Miriam Douglas Gretchen Roemer Frances Flint Margaret Goodman Elizabeth Lytle Doris Jones Emily Mills Jane Philbin HONOR A 1941 Emily Ruth Poynter Mary Alice Purcell Adeline W 7 aterhouse [33] A BBOT 1941-42! What will we remember about it? First of all, beloved faculty faces were missing and new ones took their places. School opened to the hammering of carpenters and the smell of paint. The new dining room was used for the first time, the new library was still very much under construction and part of the Class of ' 42 returned for two months to the fourth floor where it was born! Because of the war, the outlook and emphasis of the school was somewhat shifted. Societies were pushed into the back- f THE STORY OF THE YEAR m ground to make way for defense courses. Fire drills gave way to air raid drills and blackouts. Sugar was scarce. The soup course was omitted. We conserved paper, cut down on parties, and bought defense stamps. " Hoard- ing ' ' and " priorities ' ' became familiar words. Other words and phrases hitherto unheard of crept into our vocabula- ries. There was an air of alert- ness and of eagerness to help which was evident throughout the year. The fundamental traditions of the school were not altered, but Abbot swung into a wartime tempo. OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO THE Marguerite Capen Hearsey, Principal Parties at sunset, with Tinker on field day, poetry classes, amusing anecdotes, and gadgets for black-outs and air-raids will ever be reminders of the leader of Abbot, Miss Hearsey. These things, her friendly council, and gay smile have endeared her to the whole school. [36] FACULTY AT ABBOT Getting acquainted with the Griffins ' new mascot In the faculty, too, this has been a year of change, for with the return of familiar faces has come the wel- coming of many new ones. The functions of the front offices and their occupants play an important part in an Abbotite ' s life. This she discovers early in the fall when she joins the Wednesday after lunch queue for a week-end permission from Miss Rath, signs out or sends a telegram through Miss Goodman, or when, in going to buy a ticket from Miss Baynes, she is told by Miss Robinson that she has overdrawn her account and she has no money to finance her trip. Then comes the prom with per- haps an application entered in the blind date department and partici- pation in the pre-prom fashion par- ade, both under the auspices of Miss Humes. To Miss Coolidge our student betakes herself for all requests from pins and a table cloth for a play to peppermint stick ice cream. Canteen classes, vitamins, and good meals are her specialties, so Miss Rath takes care to preserve dainty appe- J. Hope Baynes Financial Secretary 309 West 86th Street New York City Grace Goodman Assistant in Administration Office Abbot Academy Andover Barbara Humes Assistant to Principal 23 Chestnut Hill Greenfield, Massachusetts Gertrud Rath, A.B., M.A. Assistant to Principal 735 Yale Avenue Swarthmore, Pennsylvania W Louise Robinson Assistant Financial Secretary 82 Ames Street Lawrence, Massachusetts ♦Margaret Snow, A.B. Librarian Rockland, Maine ♦Died January 5, 1942 [37] tites with " foodless parties " ! Palates are satisfied bv Ellerv Queen and the Hit Parade instead! Novels, plays, themes, and vocabu- lary constitute a busy year for the English department. In studying lit- erature of today essays even on slang and Hollywood are discussed, at which time Miss Sweeney admits her dilemma over the headlines ' Louis Kayoes Hunter " , and spends a week end reading her first movie magazine from cover to cover ! Miss Wilkinson inspires her classes with a passion for words, and few Mrs. Malaprops are to be found in their ranks. Besides her English classes Miss Baker is the guiding light of the course in home nursing. Tea and the symphony constitute very pleasant Sunday afternoons in her room. Miss Tuttle has many fascinating stories of India at her finger-tips which she tells with gusto. Thursdays and Fridays find Miss Sullivan ' s enviable gray coupe parked outside McKeen. This is conclusive evidence that vocabulary, reading for speed, or achievement tests are in store. Alice Sweeney, A.B. Director of Studies, English 175 Berkeley Street Lawrence, Massachusetts M. Dorothy Baker English 177 Englishcombe Lane Bath, Somerset, England Luctle Tuttle, A.B., M.A. English 29 Draper Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts Dorothea Wilkinson English 14 Waterloo Row Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada ( ' heera from the faculty C. Jane Sullivan, A.B. , Laura II. Smith, A.B., M.A. M.A. Remedial Reading, Psychology History, Problems of Democracy 97 Knox Street 83 Main Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Medfield, Massachusetts This year Miss Smith was very much missed by the students in her history classes. In her absence Miss Roth did a wonderful job in carrying on discussions on governmental devel- opment, and the storing up of dates! [38] Time: Second Period Place: The Circle Were you ever inspired to the point of wishing to be a polyglot? The Abbotite who was has found her op- portunity — dictionaries in almost any modern language and a staff of teach- ers who rearrange the words and idioms into grammatically correct sentences with amazing ease. In fact, Miss McKee so enthuses her class, that when Valentine ' s Day arrived they burst forth in lace, red hearts, and Latin! Although she and Miss Robinson spend most of the morning conducting Caesar ' s Gallic Wars or carrying on Virgil and Cicero ' s ora- tions, second period is their recess and they never fail in their jaunt around the circle. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner bring strange echoes from the various cor- ners of the dining room. Comments on the weather and emphatic " si ' s " or " oui ' s " are the most audible parts of the conversation, although Miss Baynes ' table lays claim to interesting discussions of politics and the news! Miss Rechnitzer ' s guests are even so fortunate as to have a menu each evening. Senorita ' s Spanish table may not have a menu, but the games which they play teach them everything on and around the table. Poor Mile. Trouve is being introduced to Ameri- can food, and is still trying to acquire a taste for that delicacy, the hotdog! Word problems, algebraic equa- tions, and hexagons are the complex Hilda R. Baynes, B.esL French 309 West 86th Street New York City Anne Rechnitzer, Ph.D. French, German 685 West End Avenue New York City ESTRELLA FONTANALS EtIENNE TrOUVE Spanish French % International Telephone % Dr. Edwin V. Reischauer Telegraph Corp. 15 Longfellow Road 67 Broad Street Cambridge, Massachusetts New York City Harriet E. McKee, A.B.,M.A. Helen D. Robinson, A.B. Latin Latin Abbot Academy 77 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Andover, Massachusetts Gloucester, Massachusetts 39] issues presented to students by Miss Hancock, Mrs. Fischer, Miss Tucker, and Mrs. Poland. Under their guid- ance the answers turn up as they should and A is proved equal to B. Miss Hancock also conducts excur- sions to the observatory for star gaz- ing. With her interest in stars, her superstition concerning rabbits seems quite incompatible! Besides algebra, Miss Tucker teach- es a class of would be chemists, to whose antics in the laboratory the other occupants of the building can testify by the smell! Miss Tucker is also renowned for her stride and her jokes posted on the first floor bulletin board. Mrs. Poland ' s class in biology chill the blood of the rest of the school with their discussion of dissecting. On Friday night, however, nature is set aside and Mrs. Poland conducts the dissecting of an engine in motor mechanics. For the future career girl Miss Dooley ' s classes fill the periods with dictations, speed tests, and numbers. For those who would be housewives, Miss Dodge ' s homemaking class is designed. There un even seams are contended with and overcome. A student doesn ' t have to be talent- ed to enjoy " the Arts " at Abbot. Per- Isabel M. Hancock, A.B. Mathematics Boonsboro Road Lynchburg, Virginia ■I Jn Mrs. Roberta G. Poland, A.B.,M.A. Physics, General Science, Biology 126 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Eleanor M. Tucker, A.B., MA. Chemistry, Mathematics 166 Christiana Street North Tonawanda, New York Mrs. Irene Fischer Assistant in Mathematics 12 Priscilla Road Brighton, Massachusetts Gay May Poles M. Elaine Dodge, A.B., B.II.S. Household Science Kentville, Nova Scotia Mary Dooley Business Principles, Stenogra- phy, Typewriting .S41 Prospect Street Lawrence, Massachusetts 40 ] Forward to classes-. ' haps she can not aspire to the choir, but there is always Fidelio or Choral under Mr. Howe ' s supervision, and she certainly doesn ' t have to be an artist to enjoy the art studio. If an inhabitant of the third floor misses her bed animals or hears blasts of music from above, she will, upon applying to Miss Hatch and her art class, find the cause of her grievances on the fourth floor. It is, however, in Miss Gay ' s classes that the history of the art practiced in the studio is studied, slight though the resemblance may be ! Under the direction of Miss Friskin and Mr. Howe the music studio is kept active with piano lessons and practicing, while Miss Tingley coaches her singers over in the John-Esther Gallery. It is at the Sunday concerts that the fruits of these efforts are enjoyed. The girls who think " the play ' s the thing " see Mrs. Gray, the director of Abbot ' s dramatics. Those not born actresses join the company to work on properties. Although the dress rehearsal is invariably reported " aw- ful, " the performance never fails to surpass all expectations. The call of the sports world is an- swered every afternoon as the Gar- goyles and Griffins, coached by Miss Carpenter and Miss Elvedt, get in training for the final tests of skill on field day. Pinnies, hockey sticks, ten- Kate Friskin Pianoforte, Theory of Music 300 West 108th Street New York City Walter E. Howe, B.M. Director of Music 1 4 School Street Andover, Massachusetts Gertrude Tingley Singing 32 Milton Road Brookline, Massachusetts Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Dramatic Interpretation, Spoken English 17 Mayflower Terrace Newton Highlands, Massachu- setts Mary Mills Hatch Mary Gay Studio Ait, Curator John-Esther History of Art, Appreciation of Gallery Art Edgewood Farm Duxbury, Massachusetts North Andover, Massachusetts [41] nis rackets, and balls are the material evidence of the activities. On the side, Miss Elvedt is the conductor of the not quite so popular foot class and the author of the current " posture marks due Saturday " notice on the hall board. Fire and air raid drills and explana- tions are Miss Carpenter ' s specialty. Out of a maze of stairways, entrances, and exits she has evolved a system which works without a hitch. Ski room, posture classes, a merry twinkle, and a brown tweed coat are also associated with her name. Have you a cold? Do you need some cough drops or a box of Kleenex? Thus Miss Duff and Mrs. Coon are kept busy by the ceaseless comings and goings at the infirmary. It is with regret that students have had to say good-bye to Mr. Gibbons as he leaves for his new parish in the west. The interesting discussion in his Bible classes will be missed. Mary Carpenter, B.S.Ed. Physical Education 57 Wilkinson Street Putnam, Connecticut Ruth Elvedt, B.S. Physical Education Assistant 67 North Hancock Street Lexington, Massachusetts Dorothy Duff, R.N. Resident Nurse % Graduate Nurses Club 317 West 45th Street New York City Mrs. Howard Coon Assistant Nurse Andover, Massachusetts The impartial judges HopeCoolidce, A.B., M.S. Rev. Beainard E. Gibbons, House Superintendent J.D. 5 Simon Willard Road Bible Concord, Massachusetts Wausau, Wisconsin LUCRBTIA HlLDRETH, A.B. Idbrarian 6 Linnaean Street ( lambridge, Massachusetts Anna E. Roth, Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. History, Problems of Democracy 73 Union Street Eranklin, Massachusetts 42 ] In Memoriam MRS. HANNAH RICHMOND DUNCAN October 23, 1886-August 6, 1941 She was our friend and helped us all in many ways. To her we went, not only when we were sick but also when we needed advice and help. She made the infirmary a haven where we found peace and comfort. Even though she had serious worries of her own, she was always cheerful and brisk, ready with a kind word or a helping hand. We shall always remember Mrs. Duncan as a bright and shining light in our life at Abbot. [43] FALL TERM " But they went in easily! " " Where is Abbey House? " a timid voice asked in the lobby of Draper. Immediately a welcoming horde of A.C.A. and Student Government rep- resentatives rushed to the rescue, and one more frightened newcomer was made to feel at home on her first day at Abbot. The Abbot Christian Association is indeed an integral part of the school life, for through it the desire to be of help to others, which is in the heart of every girl here, is ex- pressed and fulfilled. This year es- pecially the organization, led by Bah Hill, gave its never failing aid and encouragement, from throwing bean bags with the Andover children at the Christmas Party to dressing dolls and packing toys for Hindman. A.C.A. ADVISORY BOARD Top: Hill, Manning, Pearson, Strater, Hudson, B. Rutherford, J. Craig, H. Craig, Ninomiya Bottom: Mclror, J. Rutherford, ' Council, Bowersox, Howard, Smith, Bennett (Packard, Waleri) 44 ] STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Left to Right: Dean, Bacon, Bertucio, Bates, Manning, England, M. Hill, Fowler, Clark, Tuomey, MacDonald, Menschik, Hubbard, Roomer, B. Hill Student Government, headed by Sue Bates, and made up of the various organization leaders, successfully voiced the opinions, suggestions and needs of the students, forming a strong link between students and faculty. All feel indebted to the Council members for their help in Digging in Miss Hearsey and Tinker chaperoning Resting after fun maintaining the high standards of Abbot. The first Saturday back at school was brightened considerably by the traditional Old Girl-New Girl Picnic at Pomp ' s, when group singing, girls falling into the pond, and baseball, with Miss Hearsey pitching, were the highlights of the day. That night " bluejeans " escorted " skirts " to the A.C.A. party for new girls. The school was divided into groups, and each group asked to depict, with the aid of newspapers and pins, a nation- ally known figure. Admiral Byrd, complete with snowshoes and hood, I ' mm! Food! was easily the winner. A floor show by old-girl talent, doughnuts, cider and " Good Night Ladies " completed the evening. [46] After this happy day of getting acquainted, new and old settled down to a more routine life, interspersed with helping Miss Woolley with tulip bulbs in the new garden, Senior breakfasts at Kirkshire, and Saturday luncheon rides, canoe trips and nose- bag walks. Then on one of the last sizzling days before fall set in the Seniors were off for Ipswich and their long anticipated picnic. They walked barefooted on the sand, saw the bus drivers go wading, watched the full moon rise over the water, ate divine food around the fire, and as the embers died away they sang -...,■. Come spring — come tulips all the best loved songs. Then back to school and corridor stunts in their honor in Davis Hall. Very early in the year the Abbot Stuffed with a Kirkshire breakfast Careful! Picnics are more fun with food! [47] Athletic Association takes up its duties in the field of sport. It was masterfully headed this year by Mary Bertucio, who presided at the first meeting (when the new girls became Gargoyles or Griffins) with such grace and poise that everyone knew it would be an extra special year for athletics — and so it was! Two important members of the A. A. A. were Betsey Fowler and Mari- lyn Menschik, who made fine captains of the Griffins and Gargoyles respec- tively, and led their teams with out- standing sportsmanship throughout the year. Lynn ' s team started out Betsey Fowler and " The Goat " , Lynn Menschik and Lister way ahead, but no one can be certain of anything until the year is over when the shield will tell the whole story. A.A.A. COUNCIL Fowler, Menschik, Stuart, Gorsnch, Bertucio, Pettengill, Lytic, Roemer, Taylor, Ninomiya [48] Gargoyle Hockey Team: Ohnick, Barlow, Menschik, Lytic, Griffin Hockey Team: Boynton, McFarlin, Flint, Fowler, Man- Bishop, Corkran, Pettengill, Zeitung, Damon, McMurray, ning, Williams, Haynes, Bentley, Lummis, Howard, Lehmann, P. Stevens Leslie, Gorsuch Fall Field Day came on November 15 before anyone realized that it was time to welcome in the winter sports season. In traditional style the Gar- goyles, with Lister in the lead, and the Griffins with their goat (which no one got, in spite of everything), marched to the middle of the circle, serenaded the faculty gathered on Draper Hall steps, and continued to the athletic fields. Very important on Field Day, as well as on all other school occasions during the year, were the Abbot song leaders: Jeanne Bowersox for the school, Bunny Shaw for the Gar- goyles, and Rhody Wind for the Griffins. The fact that they had good voices as well as leading ability made them unusually well fitted for their Shaw, Bowersox, Wind [49] jobs. For years to come Jeanne ' s name will probably be blessed at Ab- bot because with the help of her com- mittee she revised and brought up-to- date the Abbot Song Book. The Gargoyles came out ahead in the final hockey games. It was a hard struggle from the very beginning, and the contest was so close throughout the season that rules and even safety were disregarded for the first few weeks. Poor Miss Elvedt had to start her first year at Abbot by trying to recall to the Abbot Amazons impor- tant points which they had apparently forgotten during the summer. She Molly Hubbard, Gargoyle Bert Bertucio, Griffin was frankly appalled at first, but she succeeded in bringing order out of chaos, and the season eventually produced some fine games. Members of the varsity were: Anne Corkran, Betsey Fowler, Bette Gorsuch, Hon- ora Haynes, Peggy Howard, Louise Leslie, Betsv Lvtle, Marilvn Men- " Come along schik, Barbara Ohnick, Pat Petten- gill and Joan Sweeney. The tennis singles match was not so quickly or so conclusively decided as was the hockey. The school was tense and excited as it watched the incomparable game between Bert i ™ i and Molly, saw Bert take the first set and lose the second 12 to 10, and finally as it heard that the entire match would have to be postponed until another day because there was no time for the third set on Field Day. and march! " Two days later Molly, the Gargoyle, won in a beautifully played match. This was a terrific upset, for the Griffins had won the tennis singles every year for several years. The Gargoyles were also successful in the tennis doubles. Another sport which is rapidly be- coming more and more popular is Straight shooter archery, which was one of the con- tests on Field Day. A number of Abbot girls won national archery awards during the fall term, among them Marilyn Barlow and Diantha Hamilton. Marilyn, together with Esther Smith, brought additional glory to the Gargoyles by winning the archery. Edna Nutton, Gargoyle, won the badminton. The Griffins won only the croquet, ping-pong, and deck ten- nis. Elinor Cahill, Ruth Goodall and Josephine Bernardin were the winners respectively. Needless to say, the Gargoyles went wild over their successes, and the 51 Gargoyle: England, M. Stevens Griffin: Snider, Taylor Griffins, in spite of their initial set- backs, quietly remembered that the year was only one-third over, and that much could happen in the six months still remaining. Members of the athletic council were hostesses at the tea which followed the Field Day events, and in the midst of many reciprocal serenades and team songs awards were presented by Miss Hear- say after dinner in Davis Hall. And while the fall program was pro- gressing, work on the new wing and the Library was quietly (?) and slow- ly, but surely proceeding. Before the underclassmen knew what was hap- pening twenty-four Seniors had de- scended from the fourth floor and were comfortably settled in their spacious and attractive new rooms, with pink tiled bathrooms included! And from then on there were two stairways to the dining-room instead of one, and the faculty began finding it hard to get to meals on time ! The Library was the last of the new wing to be completed. The second week in December, under Miss Snow ' s careful direction, the books were moved to their spacious new home with a loss to the students of only two periods of study time. Gargoyle: Clark, Estin Griffin: A. Garratt, Replogle [52] " Gammer Gurtons Needle " The Abbot Dramatic Society pro- duced two novel plays — the famous " Gammer Gurton ' s Needle, " starring Virginia Gourley as Gammer, and " They ' re None of them Perfect, " starring the whole society. No one will ever forget Jeanne standing on one leg, swaying dangerously, and talking on and on. The fist fight be- tween Gammer and her neighbor, played by Sally Zimmermann, was likewise memorable. The A.D.S. chap- el " Jepthah ' s Daughter, " which was based on an Old Testament story, was one of the most moving produc- tions which Mrs. Gray has ever directed, despite the fact that it was played without costume. Special men- tion should be made of the perform- Jeanie intent on evil! [53] ance of Betty Jean England, who played the title role. Other chapel programs were pre- sented by C our ant, Aeolian and Philo- matheia. Courant discussed " The Psy- chological Effect of Radio in Modern Warfare " which sounded alarming but which turned out to be highly illuminating. Philomatheia presented ' The Place of Science in Defense, " from the point of view of conserva- tion, nutrition, search, invention, etc. which proved to be full of valuable information. Aeolian gave a Christ- mas program of various Yuletide customs in different countries, and of ' ' They ' re None of Them Perfect " A.D.S.: Menschik, Rathone, Pettengill, Caldarone, Ziinmermann, Gorsuch, England (Gourley, Hill, Bowersox) carols played by the members on hand bells. Under the splendid leadership of Frances Flint, Courant put out an Aeolian: Hardy, H. Craig, Burdine, Pearson, Barss, Nutton, Shaw, Leslie, Stuart, Abbott, Dunaway, Les Beaux Arts: Williams, Barlow, Finneran, Bittel, Robillard Lehmann,Bertucio, Fong, Erkert [54] Odeon: Howard, Rutherford, Zeitung, Lacey, Hill, Courant: Roemer, McLain, Bishop, Goodman, Flint, Peter- Hoyt, Clark, Ninomiya, Lytle, Douglas son, Lovett, O ' Connell, Beckman, Bentley excellent magazine this year. The stories were appealing, and the poetry — why Abbot is running over with Keatses and Shelleys ! L.B.A., Odeon, and Q.E.D. dis- continued their meetings after Christ- mas in order to take an active part in the defense courses. Society members thereafter joined the rest of the school on Friday evenings when they lay stretched out on the floor being tied into knots by eager first aiders, Philomatheia: McFarlin, Dean, McKay, Ware, Q.E.D. : D. Hamilton, Manning, Wind, Sime, Fowler, Haynes Snider, Bevier, Sands [55] or under " Lily Belle, " the 1930 model Buick, where they showed up as very unskilled mechanics! All of this certainly represented a change from the quiet room with someone reading a play by Shaw, for instance, typical of former society meetings. Hardest of all, parties became things of the past. And speaking of defense, five regu- lar courses were offered at Abbot in response to a general wish on the part of the students to prepare them- selves for greater usefulness in the national emergency. These were First Aid, Home Nursing, Motor Mechan- ics, Canteen, and a current events group — " The World Today. " They turned out to be real work, and it Underclassmen make scrapbooks for hospitals Not slumber time Home Nursing Scene [56] Motor Mechs make sparks fly Canteen cookers Choir: Top: Robillard, Pearson, Bowersox, Leslie Middle: Shaic, Todd, H. Craig, Stuart, Rathbone Bottom: Lytle, Peterson, Sime, Hardy, Bennett (E. Garratt, Houston) gave the graduates a marvelous feel- ing of achievement when their names were read out in chapel as having successfully completed the course. Broken arms, flat tires, or feeding five hundred people at a moment ' s notice no longer seemed unsolvable problems. Suddenly, just as the fall program was settling nicely into a regular routine, everyone began dressing dolls or practicing songs for Christ- mas. As always, the choir did a great deal to make the exciting days preced- ing Christmas vacation a favorite time of the Abbot year. Everyone will long remember how inspiringly they sang the Magnificat at the Christmas Service, and all went home on December 19 in holiday mood. [57] for Intervale . Can ' t you tell: First glimpse of Utopia WINTER TERM A dismal three weeks set in when the school returned on January 6th. completely exhausted as usual. But Smiling in spite of bad luck mid-years were soon over and the great day arrived when the Seniors took off for Intervale. The first inno- vation was the mad dash for lip- sticks, with both Miss Hearsev and Miss Carpenter joining in! The second was headquarters at Kearsarge — but near enough to Intervale to make no difference at all. The days were a wonderful jumble of skiing, skating to music, eating far beyond normal capacities, trying hard to snatch some sleep, and discovering new friend-. " Aunty " Pam ' s unending special-, telegrams and phone calls served as the only link with the out- side world. A broken ankle was the [58 Monett and Zimmermann in " The Maker of Dreams " only casualty, but poor Gretch was confined to crutches for weeks after a very sad group of Seniors returned for another semester of work. The Senior Mids ' annual presenta- tion of plays in honor of the Seniors brought a welcome escape from toil. Bunny Shaw as " Pompey dear, " and Betsy Bennett as the sweet Lady Violetta were outstanding in " The Knave of Hearts. " The other plays, " Cottage for Sale " and " The Maker of Dreams " completed an excellent program which the Seniors and every- one else thoroughly enjoyed. One definite innovation in this year of change was the prom, lengthened into a whole week end instead of end- ing most sadly at twelve o ' clock Sat- urday night as before, and coming on March 8th instead of late in April in order to fit in with the new speed-up schedules of many boys ' colleges — an important factor! There seemed to be a great scarcity of dates this year, but by the time the day arrived, the boys arrived too. Tea and dancing in the new recreation room were en- joyed in the afternoon, and after a quick supper of hamburgers in the basement of Draper — strictly a hen party — the formal dance was held in Such a serious receiving line! [59 Bewitched, bothered and bewildered! the beautiful new dining room. Es- corts at church and at Sunday dinner caused quite a commotion, and then, alas, at two o ' clock curfew sounded and many dejected girls found them- selves either hopelessly in love or hopelessly out of it, but deserted in either case. On the Saturday before spring vacation the Seniors presented " The Barretts " —a complete triumph. Bette Gorsuch as Elizabeth not only played her part; she lived it. Jeanne Bower- sox as Browning portrayed the daring unconventionality of that character splendidly. The supporting cast was equally fine. Every year Abbot sends delegates to the Northfield Conference and their reports stimulate interest among the students for the following year. Their " Good Night " meetings and their occasional vesper services keep " The Barretts, " presented by the Class of ' 4 2 l«o] the group very close throughout the year. Contrary to all expectations, bas- ketball, not skiing, was the sport of the winter season, especially among the Griffins who began to take their turn at success. Members of varsity basketball were: Mary Bertucio, Hon- ora Haynes, Marjorie Hamilton, Mol- ly Hubbard, Edith Ninomiya and Ruth Snider. The other major sport during the winter term was modern dance and, languid as it sounds, there was nothing in the physical education program more strenuous ! At the end of each season of sport one of the most exciting announce- ments is the winners of the two hun- dred and fifty points required for membership in the " A " Society. " A " Society — Top: Zeitung, Williams, Lytle, Leh- mann Bottom: Haynes, McFarlin, Menschik, Folwer Northfield " Goodnight " Meeting Gargoyle Basketball Team: Zei- Griffin Basketball Team: Bertucio, tung, Lytle, Estin, Ohnick, Men- Snider, Hamilton, Richards, schik, Hubbard Haynes, Ninomiya [01] SPRING TERM All winter prospective skiers looked in vain for snow. As soon as they gave up hope and packed their skis away for the summer the snows came! Yes, spring arrived robed in white, but before long the golf, tennis, riding and baseball majors were well launched on their spring sports pro- gram. There was a strange new interest in Fidelio this year! Could it have been caused by the presentation of " H.M.S. Pinafore " with the masterful aid of Phillips Academy? At any rate Dance for Victory! the show was a great success and was repeated by request for the benefit of Andover ' s defense efforts. And now before this story draws to a close, the Yearbook Board Spring at last! .bring out equestriennes! [OS] Fidelio: Betsy Lytle, President; Frances Flint, Accompanist would pause to present itself. Its one goal has been to produce a good record of 1941-42. Betty Hardy, its most efficient Editor, even succeeded in getting the rest of the Board to working the night before spring vaca- tion ! Happy was the day on which the final copy went to press. " Three loving pairs on the same day unitedV Yearbook Board: Craig, Wind, Leslie, Douglas, Hardy, Ninomiya, Lytic, Clark, Bishop, McFarlin Finally Abbot ' s Birthday, Field Day, final examinations, Rally Night, the Garden Party, Draper Dramatics, the last student recital and Bacca- laureate Sunday passed in too rapid succession. Commencement Day ar- rived at last, and fifty-seven proud Seniors in blue gowns joined in their Cum Laude: Flint, Bowersox, Douglas, Bishop, Lytic, Roemer (Goodman Farewell to Abbot [64] last ceremony together. Sorrow and joy were so mingled that no one knew whether to laugh or to cry. For it is a serious time, when youth goes forth to face the world for the first time, especially when that world is at war. No matter where they find them- selves next year, all will feel the war, and all will remember with happiness and gratitude their years at Abbot. . . . on our heels a fresh perfection treads, A power more strong in beauty, born of us, And fated to excel us. . . . [65] Most Poised Best Dressed Betsey Fowler With utmost poise and utmost style Our Betsey ' s always clad; Perhaps that is the reason why She ' s known to many a lad ! Most Intelligent Gretchen Roemer Gret ' s minus horn rims, And plus good looks, She knows all things That fill good books. Most Respected Most Tactful Most Popular Louise Clark She ' s a leader we can laugh with, Love, respect and honor too Greater tribute we can ' t offer, President of Forty-two ! Best Musician Frances Flint Frannie ' s our musician, Who tickles the ivories, And sends our spirits soaring As she wanders o ' er the keys. Best Artist Ruth Rathbone With palette and with paint brush Creative Ruthie works; Behind her every product A trace of genius lurks! Bette Gorsuch Best Actress Most Ambitious Bette, backed by ambition, And dramatic ability, May find her place near the footlights And another Bernhardt be. Most Conservative LlBBY LOVETT Here is a girl who ' s travelled far, One whom even Jamaica knew: Most conservative we call her, Major interests rabbits and Pooh! Most I D radical Jeanne Bowersox Seeking some advice To guide us on our way, We turn to Jeanne, most practical, To hear what she would say. MOSTS AND [CO J Best Figure Theo Manning Theo without a diet And minus care and woe, Wears size eleven always, With nary a bulge to show ! Most Personality Mary Berttjcio (Sue Bates) Most Fun Her laugh — Her grin — She ' s genuine! Mary Berttjcio Most Attractive Margaret Stuart Dark hair and emerald eyes. Distinguish this lovely lass; And just a hint to show you why — She ' s most attractive in our class ! Neatest Thtrsa Sands Sandy ' s always spotless, From platinum streak to toes; We wish her art were something That every woman knows! Most Personality Sue Bates (Mary Bertucio) Scintillating Suzy As head of our Stu G Is noted throughout Abbot For her personality ! Best Dancer Rose Wind Rhody trips the light fantastic With exceeding glee, Round the Rec Room she goes whirling Smooth and dextrously. Cutest Mary Lou Gilbert And who ' s the very cutest In the class of Forty-two? None other than our glamour girl- The lovely Mamie Lou! Most Versatile Most Beautiful Betsy Lytle Blond, blue-eyed, beauteous Betsy, Can do just anything; At sports and studies she ' s on top, And you should hear her sing! BESTS OF ' 42 [67] SENIOR MIDDLE CLASS t Ann Bacon % Miss Ann T. Bettle, Box 273, Oak Knoll, Lake wood, X. J. Helen Sedgwick Barss Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. Mary Alice Beckman 202 Bedford Street, New Bedford, Mass. Elizabeth Weld Bennett Marion Road, Middleboro, Mass. Mary Elizabeth Bentley 22 Hamilton Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. Margaret Yvonne Bevier Box 199, Georgetown, British Guiana June Marion Burdine 404 N.E. 26th Terrace, Miami, Fla. Natalie Corwin 42 Nathan Hale Street, New London, Conn. Mary Jean Craig 121 Berkshire Road, R. No. 3, Pontiac, Mich. fPatricia Anne Daniels 111 Chenault Avenue, Hoquiam, Wash. Lydia Davis 44 Curve Street, Waltham, Mass. Catherine Feeney 180 Hillside Avenue, Berlin, N. H. Elizabeth Garratt 3 Ridgley Terrace, Jamestown, N. Y. Sylvia Hall 640 Great Pond Road, North Andover, Mass. Jean Coppes Hansen 12 St. Joseph Manor, Elkhart, Ind. Honora Haynes 45 Hill Top Road, Weston, Mass. f Margaret Hill 16 Caro Court, Redbank, N. J. Joan Holden 286 Genesee Street, Utica, N. Y. Margaret Howard 335 Highland Road, Pottstown, Pa. Ann Hutchinson Hoyt 335 Ocean Drive West, Stamford, Conn. Janet Seaton Humphrey 1401 Bath Avenue, Ashland, Ky. Barbara Kaufman 1506 Boiling Avenue, Norfolk, Va. Marjorie Ann Lehmann 41 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Barbara Cook Lindsay 6 Argyle Street, Andover, Mass. Anne Locke S5 Howe Street, Methuen, Mass. Sara Ann Loughridge 521 Woodland Road, Mansfield, Ohio ( ' nt liia Lovely 25 Cherry Hill, Springfield, Vt. Hilton McLain Benedict Road, Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N. Y. Cornelia Prouty McMurray Turner Hill Road, New Canaan, Conn. Edythe Louise Monett 639 Scotch Plains Avenue, Westfield, N. J. Edna Louise Nutton 10 Carisbrooke Street, Andover, Mass. Mary Carroll O ' Connell 1 Punchard Avenue, Andover, Mass. Barbara Lucille Ohnick 7326 Bowlyn Place, Seattle, Wash. Mary Agnes Wilson Osborne 379 Highland Avenue, Upper Montclair, N. J. Jane Elizabeth Patterson 24 Johnson Road, Andover, Mass. Elizabeth Anne Peterson Cornwall, Lebanon County, Pa. Patricia Pettengill Box 507, Harwichport, Mass. Patricia Elliott Pierpont Watertown, Conn. Jean Replogle 6 Forest Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. Ann Hobbs Richards 54 Warren Avenue, Plymouth, Mass. Althea Robillard 419 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. Elizabeth Hayden Rowley 2889 Weymouth Road, Cleveland, Ohio Bettye Rutherford 174 Pennsylvania Avenue, Crestwood, N. Y. Themis Athanasia Sarris 59 Dana Street, Amherst, Mass. Jean Schubert 6 Chandler Road, Andover, Mass. Katherine Elizabeth Shaughnessy 25 Dusenberry Road, Bronxville, N. Y. Florence deGraff Shaw 9 Bacon Court, Bronxville, N. Y. Louise Avery Swenning 155 Prospect Street, Berlin, N. H. Marilyn lsabelle Tapper 60 Babcock Street, Brookline, Mass. Anna Winifred Tucker Deepdene, Smith ' s Parish, Bermuda, B.W.I. Helen Constance Walker 666 Philadelphia Avenue, Chambersburg, Pa. Catherine Forrest Ware Hamilton, N. Y. Isabel Simson Wiggin Rockholm Cottage, Annisquam, Mass. Joyce Barbara Yoffa 3 Hopkins Avenue, Beverly, Mass. f Sarah Prince Zimmermann 1530 Edgcumbe Road, St. Paul, Minn. tHad planned to take a fifth year, but took April Tests, was accepted by a college, and was gradu- ated from Abbot in 1942. Had planned to take a fifth year, but took April Tests and hopes to be accepted by a college so that she may be graduated from Abbot in 1942. [68] JUNIOR MIDDLE CLASS Elizabeth Jane Bertucio 68 Park Edge Avenue, Springfield, Mass. Nancy Emerson 221 North Perry Street, Titusville, Pa. Norma Betty Frank 101 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. Anne Garratt 3 Ridgley Terrace, Jamestown, N. Y. Ruth Helen Goodall 214 Main Street, Sanford, Maine Shirley Ann Harrison 45 Pleasant Street, Methuen, Mass. Marianna Hubbard 4115 Sassafras Street, Erie, Pa. Margaret Schmelzel Janssen 45 East 85th Street, New York, N. Y. Nancy Locke Mclvor 13 Auburn Street, Concord, N. H. Mary Ann Moss Parkman, Wyoming Lucille Wilson Packard " The Ledges, " Ashland, N. H. Nancy Bishop Palmer 735 Bleeker Avenue, Mamaroneck, N. Y. Martha Ann Strater Ogunquit, Maine JUNIOR CLASS Marjorie Hope Atwood 60 East Emerson Street, Melrose, Mass. Rosalie Virginia Benton 9 Salem Street, Andover, Mass. Charlotte Bowes 31 Lowell Street, Andover, Mass. Jean Bunten 40 Wildwood Street, Winchester, Mass. Elinor Marie Cahill 10 Highlawn Avenue, Lawrence, Mass. Patricia Chandler 5 Orchard Street, Andover, Mass. (Twickenham, England) Pamela Hudson Clark 11 East 68th Street, New York, N. Y. Elizabeth Colson 115 Lawrence Street, Methuen, Mass. Anne Charters Corkran 415 Westover Road, Stamford, Conn. Patricia Damon Tamworth, N. H. Julia Augusta Gage 100 Great Pond Road, North Andover, Mass. Marjorie Lois Hamilton Limestone, Maine Alva Elizabeth Houston Hidden Road, Andover, Mass. Charlotte Leland 59 Phillips Street, Andover, Mass. Frances Tenney MacDonald 64 Edgemont Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. Marjorie Christ ine Milne Londonderry Turnpike, Auburn, N. H. Helen Norris 32 Everett Avenue, Winchester, Mass. Carol Paradise Hidden Field, Andover, Mass. Esther Davis Smith Brooklawn Park, Bridgeport, Conn. Sally Martha Spear 45 Franklin Street, Rumford, Maine Marion Hoyt Stevens Windermere Terrace, Short Hills, N. J. Priscilla Stevens 72 Great Pond Road, North Andover, Mass. Joan Sweeney 64 Central Street, Andover, Mass. Margaret Houle Travis 285 Migeon Avenue, Torrington, Conn. Virginia Ann Walen 68 Salem Street, Andover, Mass. Edith Upson Walker Collingwood Road, Bridgeport, Conn. PREPARATORY CLASS Edna Selma Beck 21 Ridge Road, Lawrence, Mass. Josephine Cornelia Bernardin 11 Abbot Street, Andover, Mass. Betty Doyle 14 Holman Street, Laconia, N. H. Lois Doyle 14 Holman Street, Laconia, N. H. Nancy Beardsley Ferns Chateau Brittany, Scarsdale, N. Y. Gretchen Gay Fuller 37 River Street, Boston, Mass. Helen Hodges 306 North Main Street, Andover, Mass. Elizabeth Sutherland Kurth 300 North Main Street, Andover, Mass. Mary Jane Kurth 477 Prospect Street, Methuen, Mass. Sally Drew Leavitt Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vt. Ann Reagan 120 East End Avenue, New York, N. Y. Janet Redman 88 Elm Street, North Andover, Mass. Jean Joan Russell 171 Mason Street, Wollaston, Mass. Madge Mary Twomey 20 Haverhill Street, Andover, Mass. [69 1 We wish to thank Mr. Johnson and Mr. Adler of The Warren Kay Vantine Studio, Mr. Johnson of The Andover Press, Mr. Fitch of Howard-Wesson Engraving Company, and above all Miss Rath, for their helpful interest and cooperation in the 1942 Yearbook. 70 ] BEST CO FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLINE BRANCH BEACON WASHINGTON STREETS Official School Outfitters Many of each season ' s fashion successes are originated by Best ' s and we are exclusive agents for some of the most important British sports specialties. Now is the time to purchase Oriental Rugs They cost relatively less than Domestic Rugs or Broadlooms We offer an attractive selection of 9 ft. by 1 2 ft. Orientals in Antiques, Semi-Antiques and Moderns for Zo each You are invited to inspect our large and varied stock of Persian, Caucasian, Turk- estan and Chinese carpets, all sizes. BROOKS, GILL CO.,™ Rugs, Broadlooms, Furniture 28-30 CANAL STREET, BOSTON SHAWSHEEN DAIRIES, INC. SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE ANDOVER, MASS. T. P. KELLEY, President and Treasurer Manufacturers and Distributors of MILK CREAM BUTTER ICE CREAM SCHOOL JEWELRY WATCHES JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician The Smartest Line of School Jewelry in Tov, n Certified Repair Service 56 MAIN ST. ANDOVER, MASS. " The Biggest Little Jewelry Store in the State " Telephone 929 KODAKS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES WILLIAM POLAND Athletic Qoods Outfitter for Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy 48 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. 1 ANDOVER INN «1 " A Treadivay Inn " n Where all the year a cordial welcome tx awaits you. COMFORTABLE ROOMS REAL NEW ENGLAND FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES L. G. Treadway Geo. M. Brakey Mgr. Dir Res. Mgr. WESSELL ' S CLEANERS of QUALITY TEL. LAW. 25275 LT tided Andover 1855 uJnauia Q)aia n Thirty-one Main Street - Andover Lln l M C aijlutci tAtjitect cJ-ualitu and C iule THE ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Andover, Massachusetts Compliments of J. E. Pitman Estate 63 Park Street Tel. 664 When pur Yearbook Course 9 i chanted by HOWARD -WESSON COMPANY 44 Portland Street, Worcester, Massachusetts Ateiv Cnalandi Jlataedt CoUeae ZnaftaaesiA. CAPitol 1217-1218 Joseph P. Eaton Co., inc. DEALER IN BEEF - LAMB - POULTRY and VEAL HOTEL SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON, MASS. PLAY A FIBER SEALED TENNIS RACKET Tickets - Tours - Cruises Winter Sports Trip for Abbot Seniors at Intervale MRS. SETH C. BASSETT 27 Merrimack Street HAVERHILL, MASS. Lowe Co., Inc. PHARMACISTS § To the Class of 1942 S. S. PIERCE CO. Boston Est. i8ji Home of Delicious Candies Batchelder Snyder Co., Inc. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ▼ Producers Distributors of FINE FOODS Warren Kay Vantine STUDIO, Inc. Official photographer for The Abbot Circle 1942 ««««««««««««o 160 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON e - - P CAMTAGE TRADE Qjho, MAIN STREET • ANDOVER ■ MASSACHUSETTS DRESSES — SPORTSWEAR THE Hartigan Pharmacy § Main and Chestnut Streets Andover, Massachusetts GOOD LUCK 1942 from the SENIOR MIDS Qualite Avant Tout! Michael Jay ' s Shop SPORT - DAYTIME - EVENING DRESSES for the DEBUTANTE Forty-one and Forty-three Main Street Andover, Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND Congratulations from A. D. S. Aeolian L. B. A. Odeon Philomatheia Q. E. D. TODAY ' S YEARBOOK NOOVERJ n ™ . . . aims to present one year of educational history, interestingly written, well illustrated, and permanently bound for future reference, giving in word and pic- ture the complete story of your school or college year. hool or coll , THE SCHOLASTIC EDITOR THE ANDOVER PRESS, ltd. ANDOVER • MASSACHUSETTS (Member( est Jj . j 1941-42)

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