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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1939 volume:

■ l l ' I ' i • " I THE ABBOT GATE FIVE - YEAR - DIARY June 5, 1939 One last word before I pass through the Abbot Gate to return no more as a student. I have recorded on your pages only a small part of all I have come to know and love here at Abbot. She has given to me keys which will open to me the gates of the future. As some of these will unlock the treasures of the mind, may you un- lock the treasures of the memory. May your pages make live again the joyous days spent within the Abbot Gate. And now, dear diary, I think I shall name you Uz Gisicte and leave you as a record of the life of the GlaAl off 1939 at ALbot A(xdle4fi4f Andover, Massachusetts . . . and never will I forget Mrs. Gray who taught us how to walk, stand, and sit; coached our -plays with patience and love; and understood us and made us do our best. Never a Chri I wont think of Dickens ' " Chris McKeen Rooms, make us laugh and So real a friend is dedicate my diary stmas will come that her annual reading of tmas Carol ' ' in the How she could cry all at once. she— I think Til to . . . Mid. Qfout MRS. BERTHA MORGAN GRAY ABBOT HALL THE MAPLE WALK THE ABBOT FOOT-GATE . . . today I suddenly realised with sorrow that " Commencing ' means leaving friends among the " fCLCUUM as well as the stu- dents . . . but by continuing to follow the in- terests and ideals they have instilled in me I plan to hold their friendship fast — al- ways » » • . . . at last . . . an invitation to Sunday night supper with JVI16A yH ' 6XZ ; l6£4 ! . . . having openly envied the Seniors this privilege during all my underclassman years, it is now my turn . . . and I do hope she reads J Al. % f f f Wi nnie ther Pooh " ! . . . Some- | jw h ' B how Miss Hear- ■ Tf C ini Mil a sey means quiet p J|l| v fl evenings, spark- ling and produc- tWw i five conversations, an at-peace-with- % ; § .» the-world feeling, and a knowledge that I have in her a wise and understanding friend who is interested and anxious to help every girl whose life she touches. Her friendly voice, her smile, her nearness to us all . . . these qualities are Miss Hearsey . . . and it is Miss Hearsey who makes Abbot seem almost like home . . . MARGUERITE CAPEN HEARSEY Principal M. Dorothy Baker, M.R.S.T. English Jean Hope Baynes Financial Secretary Ruth Stephens Baker, A.B., M.A. French, German Hilda Ruby Baynes, B. es L. French Mary Carpenter, B.S. Physical Education Hope Coolidge, A.B., B.S. House Superintendent Mrs. Eunice Murray Campbell, A.B. Business Principles Mary Elaine Dodge, A.B., B.H.S. Household Science [12] Mrs. Hannah Richmond Duncan, R.N. Resident Nurse Mary Gay History of Art Kate Friskin Pianoforte, Theory of Music Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Dramatic Interpretation, Spoken English Marjorie Hill, A.B., M.A. History, Office Assistant Isabel Maxwell Hancock, A.B. Mathematics Walter Howe, B.M. Choral Music, Pianoforte, Organ, Theory of Octavia Whiting Mathews, A.B. Spanish Music Barbara Humes Assistant to the Principal [13] Francis Merritt Painting, Modelling, Drawing Laura Keziah Pettingell, A.B., M.A. Problems of Democracy, Latin Mrs. Jeanne Vical Miller, B.Ph. French Mrs. Roberta Gilmore Poland, A.B., M.A. General Science, Physics, Mathematics Rovvena Lincoln Rhodes Physical Education Assistant Gertrud Rath, A.B., M.A. Assistant to the Principal Winthrop Horton Richardson, A.B., B.D. Bible Louise Robinson Assistant Financial Secretary Helen Dunford Robinson, A.B. Latin [14] Virginia Paine Rogers, A.B. Spoken English Catherine Jane Sullivan, A.B. Remedial Reading Laura Huntington Smith, A.B., M.A. History Margaret Snow, A.B. Librarian Gertrude Tingley Singing Eleanor Morin Tucker, A.B., M.A. Chemistry, Mathematics Alice Curtiss Sweeney, A.B. Director of Studies, English Lucile Burdette Tuttle, A.B. English [15] We greet them many times each day But never really know How much they see, how much they hear, Or where they sometimes go! . . in an unusually -pensive moodj thinking how the bonds of our ( uldA i may be the bonds holding us longest to Abbot . . . the class is the circle within which we movej giving our most real and probably our most lasting joys . . . 1934-35 . . . never have been so scared in my life . . . horror of the un- known; namely, roommate!. . complete awe of the lofty seniors. . ambition five years hence. . .home is so far away . . dumbfounded by so many new faces and names. . .first Thanksgiving service . .what if we forget our verses?. . . peeking through the rails at Prom... will our day ever come? . . . final exams . . . old girl next year! 1935-36 . . .class picnic — treasure hunt — Mary Elliot ' s barn. . .Miss Comegys and Miss Jenks carrying on after the loss of Miss Bailey. . .New England winter at its best. . .wedding bells among the faculty. . .first floor — Juniors predominate — walk away with song contest . . . Abbot opens her doors to Miss Hearsey! 1936-37 . . .the year we usher at the Prom! Haste thee, Avril and bring with thee!. . .Miss Hancock arrives, sling and all, accent included ... Miss Tucker initiated by an unruly fourth floor. . .no snow. . . pray for no rain at Intervale when our turn comes, after seeing the seniors float home. . . April at last!. . Prom and wheedling dances from suddenly hard-hearted upperclassmen . . .next year the whole world will be ours! Ah men! 1937-3? . . senior-mid year. . .very grown up, yet still able to enjoy the new-girl-old-girl party and the Tin Man of Oz . . . Me- morial Service to Miss Chickering. . .Christmas and Mrs. Gray reading aloud in the McKeen rooms. . sleigh-ride to the Kirkshire . . . March and our tea dance with the seniors — prelude to the prom. . .Griffin Follies. . .such talents ex- hibited!. . .prom — what bliss to be a senior-mid! [18] PREP CLASS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Left to Right: OFFICERS Patricia Morriss, Charlotte Eaton . Joan Wyatt, Elsie Williams Mary O ' Connell, Dorothy Barlow Marilyn Menschik, Muriel Clark Eleanor Cole, Annette Curran Student Government Representatives Eleanor Cole, Elsie Williams, Mary Carroll O ' Connell, Mary Dickson, Joan Wyatt, Muriel Clark, Gloria Caldarone, Janet Dwight, Marilyn Menschik, Charlotte Eaton. Other Members: Dorothy Barlow, Helen Barss, Patricia Morriss. [19] President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Betty Harris, Ruth Rathbone Madeleine Grout, Dorothy Harvey Joyce Curran, Jessie McCreery Betty Killian, Peggy Rabling Jane Davey, Barbara Hill Student Government Representatives Top Ron: Emily Mills, Dorothy White, Beverley Winslow, Martha Tyer, Virginia Smith- ers, Miriam Calder, Ann Zeitung, Madeleine Grout, Julie Nelson, Bonney Wil- son, Patsy Selden. Second Row: Margery Martin, Betsy Fowler, Jane Davey, Verniece Moody, Marjorie McClel- lan, Betty Killian, Betty Harris, Margaret Stuart, Ethel Ann Bolton, Helen Stott, Marjorie Dean. Bottom Row: Eleanor Rafton, Mary Ellen Finneran, Lucia Tuttle, Natalie Cregg, Barbara Hill, Peggy Rabling, Ruth Rathbone, Dorothy Harvey, Jessie McCreery, Joyce Curran, Barbara Young. Absent: Margaret Little [20] President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR-MID CLASS OFFICERS Peggy Prudden, Doris Jones Beverly Brooks, Gloria Randolph . . . . Sue Long, Joan Waugh Sally Bradley, Peggy Prudden Left to Right: Joan Waugh, Dorothy Fiske Student Government Representatives Sue Long, Sally Bradley, Betty Hosford, Doris Jones, Peggy Prudden, Nancy Whittier, Gloria Randolph, Joan Waugh. O ther Members: Beverly Brooks, Dorothy Fiske, Mary Martin. [21] SENIOR-MID CLASS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Jacqueline Proctor, Mary Howard Shirley Hamilton, Jeanne Cowles Sally Cole, Adeline Waterhouse Priscilla Williams, Molly Chase Joan Webster, Anne Rivinius Student Government Representatives Top Row: Suzanne Chadwick, Winifred Wiglesworth, Andrea Warburg, Lee Burnett, Elaine Dalrymple, Barbara Fowler, Betty Weaver, Jane Littauer. Second Row: Betty Ellis, Mary Spaulding, Eleanor Balcke, Amelia Shields, Nancy Harrison, Barbara Brown, Phyllis Campbell, Marcia Colley. Third Row: Nancy Wilson, Margaret Meyer, Dorothy Schwiebert, Marie Bertram, Joan Killian, Evelyn Gottschalk, Margit Hintz, Priscilla Williams, Nadene Nichols, Carolyn Bittner, Margery Wick, Christine Robinson, Carolyn Cross, Ruth Poore. Fourth Row: Eleanor Knox, Phyllis Crocker, Marcia Wheeler, Frances Chandler, Danna Whit- lock, Anne Schoepflin, Betty Moser, Mary Dean Naff, Marguerite Hall, Gertrude Wind, Jane Wilson, Doris Sawyer, Ellen Spear. Bottom Row: Joan Carlson, Elizabeth Travis, Patricia Elliot, Kathryn Bixby, Anne Rivinius, Adeline Waterhouse, Jeanne Cowles, Mary Howard, Jacqueline Proctor, Molly Chase, Joan Webster, Dorothy Garry, Priscilla Russ, Sally Cole. Absent: Gisela Bolten, Nancy Eccles, Shirley Hamilton, Rachel Whitney. [22] E. Martin, Treasurer; C. Parker, Secretary; L. Pierce, Vice-President, C. Skinner, President SENIOR CLASS CLASS SONG Tune: Anchors Aweigh Thirty-nine is marching on, Banners on high, We will swing along together, Sing her praises forever and aye. Our class we ' ll honor long, Cherish memories true, Bound by the bonds of friendship We will e ' er be true to Thirty-nine! [23] Ellen Wentworth Alden " Blondie " 3 Wentworth Court, Waterville, Maine 1937-39 Colby Giggles . . . fascinating dimples . ..innumerable trips to Tabor. . .chubby cherub. . .giggles and more giggles. . .Vice-President of A.A.A. . . .and, what ' s more, a few more giggles. Garden Party ' 38, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Student Council ' 39, Vice-President Athletic Association ' 39, Numerals ' 38, L.B.A. ' 39, Gargoyle Enter- tainment ' 39, Prom Committee ' 39. Barbara Bellows " Bellows " 18028 Winslow Road, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio 1936-39 Flora Stone Mather Second Boake Carter . . . plus frog in the throat . . . five-pound box of bobby pins . . . de luxe from Shaker Heights. .. " Dear " Aunt Matthes ... per- sonal rendering of " This Can ' t Be Love. " Senior Play ' 39, Philomatheia ' 39, Numerals ' 38, Christmas Party ' 37, Gargoyle Hockey ' 38 ' 39, Gargoyle Entertainment ' 39, Garden Party ' 38, Gargoyle Entertainment Committee ' 39. [24] Barbara Bobst " Bo " " Bobo " 173 Lovell Road, Watertown 1935-39 Our singing lady. . .hair-styles — varied and ultra . . .continuous fun. . . " Sh! it ' s Sunday night " . . . Williams find a better gal! Choir ' 36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Fidelio ' 36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Aeo- lian ' 36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Secretary Senior-Mid Class, Secretary Gargoyles, Senior Picnic Committee ' 39, Christmas Party ' 38 ' 39, Prom Committee ' 38, Class Book Board, Gargoyle Entertainment Com- mittee, Choir President ' 39. Lucia Bayley Buchanan " Luscious " " Lush " 5525 Dunmoyle Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1937-39 Smith Catching laugh . . . poetry . . . dimples . . .pageboy . . . lantern. . .chasing posters abroad. . .guaranteed to cheer. Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Garden Party Committee ' 39, Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 38, Draper Dramatics ' 39, Entertainment Committee ' 39, Advisory Board ' 39, Christmas Party ' 39, Odeon ' 39, Head of Badminton ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Numerals ' 39. [25] Olive Irene Butler 159 Lowell Street, Andover 1936-39 Tall, dark, need we say more? .. .eyes. . .good- natured. . .smooth brother, McKeen 1 :15 daily. . . " Gil " (lys) are in style this year. Fidelio ' 36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Odeon ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Student Government ' 37, Senior-Mid Play ' 38. Frances Elizabeth Cross " Frannie " 11 Proctor Boulevard, Utica, New York 1937-39 Smith " Time(s) " marches on. . .silver-toned soprano. . . ready, willing, and able if she ' s not engaged. . . literary powers for Courant. Choir ' 38 ' 39, Fidelio ' 38 ' 39, Hike Leader ' 39, A.C.A. Advisory Board ' 38, Christmas Party ' 38, Courant ' 38 ' 39, Secretary Student Government ' 39, Business Manager Courant ' 39, Costume Com- mittee Senior Play ' 39. [26] 1937-39 Mary Virginia Curtis " Curt " 101 Federal Street, Salem Eleanor Gascoigne Daniels Smith 1938-39 78 Chestnut Street, Andover Long hair and lashes. . .passion for skiing. ..phe- nomenal goalie in hockey .. .gorgeous red, hand- knit sweater. . .perfect for wear as Fire Chief. . . famous brother at Bowdoin. Fire Chief ' 39, Varsity Hockey ' 38, Numerals ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Aeolian ' 39, Fidelio ' 39, Senior Picnic Committee ' 39. Quiet — until you know her. . .ski addict. ..sweet trips. . .rivals Leland in knitting socks. Fidelio ' 39. [27] Nancy Elizabeth England " Nannie " 1 Ledgewood Road, Winchester Carolyn Scoville Fisher " Fishie " Lakeville, Connecticut 1934-39 Dramatic finesse voice. . .dignity. . hello, Annapolis. 1934-39 University of Wisconsin . .dancing . wish for ability. . .beauty, nautical Abbot. . President Junior Class ' 35, President Junior-Mid Class " 36, Choir ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Fidelio ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, A.D.S. Society " 38 ' 39, Treasurer A.D.S. ' 38, ' 39, A.D.S. Plays ' 38 ' 39, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Prom Usher ' 36, Prom Decorating Committee ' 38, En- tertainment Committee ' 39, Numerals ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Class Song Leader ' 39. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. . .that COLGATE smile . . .shines at skiing, skating, hockey, and tennis ...inspiring talks in A. C.A. .. .infectious giggle ...sense of humor .. .slight (?) leaning toward Reverie. President of A. C.A. ' 39, " A " Society ' 38, Numer- als ' 35, Chevrons ' 38 ' 39, President of " A " So- ciety ' 38, L.B.A. ' 37 ' 38, Choir ' 37 ' 38, Fidelio ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, President of Senior-Mid Class ' 38, Tea Dance Committee ' 38, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Varsity Baseball ' 35, Vice-President Class ' 35, Advisory Board ' 36- ' 39, Head of Ping-Pong ' 38, Class Student Government Representative ' 36, Secretary L.B.A. ' 38, Christmas Party ' 35- ' 38, Secretary Class ' 36, Prom Committee ' 39. [28] Henrietta Johnston Fletcher " Pat " Forest Hill, Lexington, Virginia 1937-39 Ho 1 1 ins Southern accent. . .liking for the North... es- pecially Hanover. . .extended Intervale week-end . . .sweeping lashes. . .restricted week-end. Varsity Track ' 38, Numerals ' 38, Secretary Ath- letic Association ' 38. Patricia Ingersoll Goss " Patsy " 2936 Torrington Road, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio 1938-39 Bennington Dark curly hair . . . swell sense of humor . . .room with gorgeous French posters. . .frequent trips to Exeter .. .enviable English themes. [29] Virginia Montgomery Halsteatl " Ginny " 783 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, New York 1937-39 Harriet Melissa Mills Kindergarten School " Got anything to eat? " .. .magazines .. .sweet, with a helping hand . . . first to vote . . . chocolate grahams . . .perplexity plus. Senior Play Production Committee ' 39, Proctor Bonus ' 38, Gargoyle Entertainment Committee ' 39, Garden Party ' 38. Emily Katharine Harris " Kay " Annandale-on-Hudson, New York 1936-39 Radcliffe Former Sherman kiddy . ..literary light... quiescent mischief behind dignity. . . similarity to " Dizzy Dean " . . dark hair, brown eyes, smile. . .person- ality plus. Numerals ' 38, Courant ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Business Man- ager Courant ' 39... Choir ' 38 ' 39...Fidelio ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, President Senior-Mid Class ' 38, Honor Roll ' 37, President Student Govern- ment ' 39, Varsity Baseball ' 37 ' 38, President Junior Class ' 37, Gargoyle Song Leader ' 38, Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 37, Varsity Hockey ' 39, Gargoyle Entertainment ' 39. [30] SSjIffli ;i» iBl8iliip|ii l l ' WlMSmiSMMi I Dorothy Moir Heidrich " Dottie " 115 High Street, Peoria, Illinois 1936-39 Connecticut Twin brother at P. A.... plus accompanying con- veniences. . .basketball ability at Abbot. . .inter- est at Yale. . .prom-trotter here and there. . .chair- man here . . .chaperon there. Floor Committee Tea Dance ' 37, Varsity Riding ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Numerals ' 38, Chairman Prom Deco- rating Committee ' 38, Head of Basketball ' 38, President Philomatheia ' 38 ' 39, Rec. Room Com- mittee ' 38 ' 39, Fidelio ' 38 ' 39, Tea Dance Com- mittee ' 39, Captain Griffins ' 39, Entertainment Committee ' 39, Prom Chairman ' 39. Marjory Luce Hill " Hill " 15 Glen Eagles Drive, Larchmont, New York 1937-39 Vassar Kansas City and all points west. . .heated argu- ments . . . high eyebrows . . . sophisticated air . . . illustrious head oi Courant . . .her Williams man . . . poetic talents. Fidelio ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Courant ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Editor of Courant ' 38 ' 39, Varsity Hockey ' 37 ' 38, Honor Roll ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Senior Play " 39, Numerals ' 38, Garden Party ' 38, Cum Laude. [31] Joan Hubbard " Joanie " 94 Concord Street, Nashua, New Hampshire 1937-39 Wellesley Kelly green ... adores prunes — entailing, unhap- pily, pits ... fluffy angora ... great Danes... RAVENous locks. . .blue eyes. Fidelio ' 38 ' 39, Choir ' 39, Q.E.D. ' 39, Head of Archery ' 39, Numerals ' 39. Leah Mae Johnson 148 Adams Street, New Bedford 1938-39 Wheaton Friendly . . .knows all the answers ... a very present help . . . virtuoso at the piano . . . the eyes have it . . . gayety. Draper Dramatics ' 39, Press Chairman ' 39, Fi- delio ' 39, Senior Play Production ' 39. [32] Mary Adams Koch ' ' Cherrie " 797 Goodrich Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 1938-39 Radcliffe Girl of Golden West. . .writer of extra special poetry. . .sense of humor. . .neatness. . .debut. . . mice. Press Chairman ' 39. Barbara Clark Leland " Snuggles " 635 Andover Street, Lowell 1935-39 Blue phaeton. . .the knitting business. . .Donald Duck. . .continual good humor. . .trips to Ber- muda and points south. . . " Chester " fields. Posture Marker ' 35, Honor Bonus ' 35, Nominating Committee ' 36, Treasurer Class ' 36, Numerals ' 36, Day Scholar Entertainment Committee ' 36, Fidelio 36 ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, " A " Society ' 38, Aeolian Society ' 38 ' 39. [33] Marjorie Ruth MacMullen " Mac " 25 Brackett Road, Newton 1937-39 Wheaton Eyes like two drops out of the Mediterranean . . . marvelous sense of humor. . .jitterbug. . .musical ability extended only to " Gleeson " Club... at- tractive smallness. . .sympathy plus continual dues stews. Student Government ' 38, Proctor Bonus ' 38, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Nominating Committee ' 38, Philomatheia ' 39, Secretary-Treasurer Philoma- theia ' 39, Treasurer A.C.A. ' 39, Advisory Board ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Class Book Board ' 39, Christ- mas Partv ' 39, Senior Picnic Committee ' 39. Eleanor Martin " Bonnie " 25 Grayfield Avenue, West Roxbury 1936-39 Long blond hair. . .glamour girl. . .college affilia- tions. . .always in a hurry. . .even to P. A. prom. Treasurer Senior Class ' 39, Secretary Senior-Mid Class ' 38, Treasurer Junior-Mid Class ' 37, Hiking Leader ' 39, Varsity Hockey ' 39, Numerals ' 38, Senior Plays ' 39, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, A.D.S. ' 39, A.D.S. Plays ' 39, Draper Dramatics ' 38, Visitors Day Program ' 38, Senior Picnic Committee ' 39, Garden Party Committee ' 38, Griffin Entertain- ment ' 38, Prom Usher ' 37, Rec. Room Committee ' 39. [34] Florence Ames Mooney " Mooney " 1952 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 1937-39 Stoneleigh Smooth clothes. . .tidiest of third-floor rooms. .. favorite Page in the Yale Record. . .fluent Spanish . . .happy birthday, dear Mooney, happy birthday to you! Senior Play Production Committee ' 39. Sheila Mary Seiva Moore Fort Williams, Portland, Maine 1938-39 M.I.T. might. . .spelling. . .appendix vacation. . . at home in forty states. . .speech classeS. . .resem- blance to Joan Crawford. [35] Ann Brooks Oakman " Annie " 15 Geddes Heights, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1937-39 Rollins Petiteness. . .long blond hair. . quiet cyclone... holds own on stage, dance floor, horses. . .known by twister trail, winter week-end. . .which league Annie, New Haven or Michigan? Fidelio ' 38 ' 39, Tea Dance Committee ' 38, Senior- Mid Plays ' 38, Draper Dramatics ' 38, Entertain- ment Committee ' 39, Chairman Rec. Room Com- mittee ' 39, A.D.S. ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Advisory Board ' 39, Christmas Party ' 39, Griffin Entertain- ment Committee ' 38, Athletic Council ' 39, Head of Golf ' 39, Prom Committee ' 39. Polly Ann Pancoast The Hotel Pancoast, Miami, Florida 1936-39 Wellesley Interested in music. . special interest in Dart- mouth band . . .visits to Nashua are always fun . . . what, no accent?. . . " won ' t you have an orange, straight from Miami? " Senior-Mid Plays ' 37, Draper Dramatics ' 37 ' 39, Tea Dance Committee ' 37, Prom Decorating Com- mittee ' 37, Senior-Mid Treasurer ' 38, Deck Tennis ' 38, Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 38, Num- erals ' 38, Entertainment Committee ' 38, Vice- President Student Council ' 39, Riding Head ' 39, Athletic Council ' 39, Hiking Leader ' 39, Secretary- Treasurer Aeolian ' 39, Secretary-Treasurer Grif- fins ' 39, Riding Varsity ' 37 ' 38, Aeolian ' 38 ' 39. [36] Carol Elizabeth Parker " Ca " " Parkie " 147-37 Ash Avenue, Flushing, New York 1936-39 Connecticut Friendly feeling for P. A. .. .basketball guard... guiding light of Class Book. . .train acquaintances . . .wardrobe we envy. . .white orchids to " Ca " . Editor-in-Chief of Class Book ' 39, Secretary Senior Class ' 39, Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 38, President Junior-Mid Class ' 37, Hiking Leader ' 39, Varsity Basketball ' 38 ' 39, Choir ' 38 ' 39, Fidelio ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Aeolian ' 39, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Numerals ' 38, " A " Society ' 39, Varsity Base- ball ' 38, Senior Picnic Committee ' 39, Senior Ban- quet Decorating Committee ' 38, Class Marshal ' 38, Garden Party Committee ' 38, Gargoyle En- tertainment ' 39, Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 38, Prom Usher ' 37, Rec. Room Committee ' 39. Mary Ann Patterson " Patty " 24 Johnson Road, Andover 1938-39 Sweet Briar Curls and then some... smile with dimples purple skirt and sweater. . .quiet but friendly, sense of humor. SiSS " [37] Patricia Elizabeth Perry " Patty " 250 East Division Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 1938-39 Connecticut Army bracelet mystery. . .Annapolis visit. ..natu- ral mop of curls. . .Midwestern corny trill... completely lovable. . .happy " comme " lucky. Lloyd Pierce " Piercy " 35-05 163rd Street, Flushing, New York 1937-39 Vassar Weak voice... poise, witness Cum Laude . .bridge... scholastic ability Business Manager Class Book ' 39, Vice-President Senior Class ' 39, Odeon ' 38 ' 39, Secretary-Trea- surer Odeon ' 39, Student Council ' 39, Varsity Hockey ' 39, Head of Hockey ' 39, Fidelio ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, French Plays ' 38, Numerals ' 38, Honor Roll ' 37 ' 38, Ivy Speech ' 38, Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 38, Assistant Chairman Benefit Committee ' 38, Ath- letic Council ' 39, Hiking Leader ' 39, Draper Dra- matics ' 39, Cum Laude. [38] Audrey Elizabeth Rugg Audie " " Ruggid ' ' 521 Hudson Avenue, Newark, Ohio 1936-39 Denison University Effervescence plus ethyl. ..drama. ..fanatical pas- sion for state that ' s round at both ends and high in the middle. . .lawnmowers with rubber wheels. Varsity Track ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Head of Track ' 38, Varsity Basketball ' 38, Numerals ' 37, " A " So- ciety ' 39, Chevron ' 39, Treasurer Junior Class, Vice-President Senior-Mid Class, A.D.S. ' 38 ' 39, President A.D.S. ' 39, Original Plays ' 37, Senior- Mid Plays, Draper Dramatics ' 38 ' 39, Senior Play, Garden Party ' 38, Entertainment Com- mittee ' 38 ' 39, Advisory Board ' 38, Class Book Board ' 39, Captain Fencing Team ' 39, Gargoyle Entertainment ' 37 ' 39, Gargoyle Captain ' 39, Honor Bonus ' 38. Adelle Sawyer " Sadie ' ' 840 Broadway, Bangor, Maine 1937-39 Bouv ' e-Boston Matinee idol. . .optimistic. ..favorite nightspot — ■ " Leon and Eddy ' s " ... " don ' t get Icky " etc... nimble-toes on dance floor and track. President A. A. A. ' 39, Varsity Basketball ' 38 ' 39, Varsity Track ' 38, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Draper Dramatics ' 38 ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, A.D.S. ' 39, Student Council ' 39, Executive Board ' 39, Nu- merals ' 38, Proctor Bonus ' 38, Christmas Party ' 38, Fidelio ' 39. [39] Elizabeth Main Scanlan " Bobbie " " Robert " 42 Hickory Drive, Maple wood, New Jersey 2936-39 Hollins Perpetual motion — as with camera and otherwise ...tweed jackets. . .dinner trips. . class crier . . .supports " Lister. " Athletic Council ' 38 ' 39, Treasurer of Council ' 39, Q.E.D. ' 38 ' 39, President of Q.E.D. ' 39, Numerals ' 37, " A " Society ' 39, Student Government ' 38, Hiking Leader ' 39, Varsity Baseball ' 37 ' 38, Head of Baseball " 38, Varsity Basketball ' 39, Senior- Mid Plays ' 38, Senior Play ' 39, French Plays ' 38, Class Book Board ' 39, Christmas Party ' 39, Gar- goyle Entertainment ' 37 ' 39, Chairman Gargoyle Entertainment ' 39, Senior Picnic Committee ' 39, Proctor Bonus ' 38, Merit Committee ' 38, Nomin- ating Committee ' 38. Charlotte Norton Skinner " Kiki " Lakeville, Connecticut 1935-39 Mt. Holyoke Infectious giggle . . . tall men . . . smooth figure . . . black shoes. . .cute. . .songbird. President Senior Class ' 39, Student Government ' 39, Choir ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Fidelio ' 37 " 38 ' 39, School Song Leader ' 38, Gargoyle Song Leader ' 39, " A " Society ' 38 ' 39, Numerals ' 36, Chevrons ' 38 ' 39, Odeon ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Secretary-Treasurer Odeon ' 38, Class Book Board ' 39, Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Head of Hiking ' 38, Tea Dance Committee ' 39, Entertainment Committee ' 38, Gargoyle Enter- tainment ' 37 ' 39. [40] Constance Smith " Connie " 511 Hoffman Street, Elmira, New York 1935-39 Harcum Junior College Affiliations with Duke, Bo wdoin, Princeton. .. marvelous smile . . . skiing prowess . . . lots of fun and energy. . .excels in dancing and all sports. . . fondness for ship rides and all they contain. Secretary Junior Class ' 35, Treasurer Junior-Mid Class ' 36, Numerals ' 35, Varsity Track ' 35, Var- sity Hockey ' 37 ' 38, Golf Team ' 38 L.B.A. ' 38 ' 39, President L.B.A. ' 38, ' 39, " A " Society ' 38, ' 39, Secretary and Treasurer " A " Society ' 38 ' 39, Prom Usher ' 36, Honor Roll ' 38, Senior- Mid Plays ' 38, Prom Decorating Committee ' 38, Class Book Board ' 39, Chevron ' 38, Draper Dra- matics ' 39. 1934-39 Jeanne Waugh 18 William Street, Andover Wellesley Green LaSalle — and where it takes her... movie- goer, especially P. A. .. .effervescent laugh... talks in history — and other places too. Odeon ' 38 ' 39, President Odeon ' 39, Senior Play ' 39, Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 38, Junior- Mid Vice-President ' 37, Day Scholar ' s Entertain- ment ' 36, Numerals ' 35, Student Government ' 35, Prom Usher ' 37, Class Book Board ' 39. [41] Mary Woodman " Woodie " 276 North Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire 1935-39 Mount Holyoke Astonishing vocabulary .. .motherly instinct... piano playing. . .sewing. . .writing poetry. . .firm believer in higher education . . . namely Harvard . . . ideal Alpha girl. Fidelio ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, President Fidelio ' 39, Choir ' 38 ' 39, Aeolian ' 37 ' 38 ' 39, Advisory Board ' 38, President Aeolian ' 39, Christmas Party ' 38 ' 39, Stage Manager Senior-Mid Plays ' 38, Chairman Production Staff Senior Play ' 39, Chairman Bene- fit for Second Century Fund ' 38 , Vice-President A.C.A. ' 39, Nominating Committee ' 37, Numerals ' 38, Honor Roll ' 37, Head of Hiking ' 39, Cum Laude. [42] 9niesuMiL e Sure a little bit of Heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away; And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair, They said, " Suppose we leave it, For it looks so peaceful there. " So they sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow; They ' re the finest ones than can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains ' round it Just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished, Sure they called it Intervale! February 4-7, 1939, Intervale, New Hampshire [43] Abbot, Abbot, I ' ve been thinking What a fine world this would be If you could all spend your week-ends Up at Intervale with me. Jleaswl m PaAMwa Lush (appropriately shocked): Sadie, did you eat without your shoes? Sadie (unabashed ): I certainly didn ' t eat with them! Connie described the lights in a theatre as " gondoliers. " Maybe it was the company! " Fish, " singing lustily, " Sam and eggs for breakfast! " Nannie (on viewing Intervale ' s male contingent): There ' s your chance to go steady! Mr. Emerson (as Annie returned from a " quick one " on the twister trail): Been snowing in them thar hills? Continuous performance — daily through midnight: " Happy birthday, dear Mooney! " Annie: Bo, Bellows and I have bunks. Bobo: Hm — furnishings to fit the personality at Maple Villa! een in Connie late-ly learning subtle fascinations of — poker. Riddle — guess who! Sitting on the back wall in the movies, reminding us of six black cats on Hallowe ' en. Answer — Ca, Bellows, Bonnie, Leland, Hill and Waugh. Miss Hearsey catching on, oh so quickly, to the art of tipping one ' s sugar into one ' s tea. Significance — he really cares. Roger defending himself against a literal bombardment of snowballs on the station platform. Fishie, Kiki, and Mac on snowshoes for the first time — and to their horror Miss Hearsey ' s camera catching all the downs. (There were no ups!) Nimble dancing feet in ski boots until the novelty wore off, or maybe it was the strength. Then came socks! Connie and Sadie in circles to ' ' Hold Tight. ' ' And Well Aeu i tf-QA fd The thrill of seeing feet of snow — and Intervale. The beauty of the mountains in the bright sun of Saturday morning. The excitement of the ski tow and the heights to which it could take us. The brilliance of the moon as we rode to the movies. The Sunday night supper under the pines and stars, with an open fire and frankfurters to cook. The peace of sitting together before the fire as Miss Hearsey read aloud and Woodie played the " Moonlight Sonata. " The ties of friendship made and strengthened by our days of common experience and comradeship. The mingled joy and sadness of returning to familiar faces and places. [45] 9ritesw.ale M(ma£ Tune: Sweet Rosy 0 ' Grady I once knew an Indian Who exclaimed to me, " I don ' t get this skiing game, It ' s foolish as can be! Woosh! you go, then climb a mile! " Well, maybe he ' s not wrong, But if I could stay at Intervale I ' d ski my whole life long. Tune: Take Me Out to the Ball Game Take me back to New Hampshire, Take me back to The Inn, Give me some skates and skis and poles, Give me some snow to fill up the holes Where I fell while doing the Christie; Think nothing of broken knees ! For we ' ll soon be back to our books And to memories. Tune: Merry Widow Walt% We ' ve been skating, we ' ve been skiing, We ' ve had. fun, Broken bindings, aching shoulders, Now it ' s done; Though we ' ve left no broken limbs Up among the hills, Ne ' ertheless we ' ve left our hearts Where we had spills. Tune: The Old Apple Tree There ' s a little old Inn in New Hampshire Which will live in my memory, Where we had flapjacks for breakfast, Where we shared our Simmons mattresses, Where we skied on our pants and our knees. Say good-bye, say good-bye, Say good-bye to the swift Twister Trail, We ' ll remember when we ' re eighty How we coasted down at sixty ' Round the pines and the peaks of Intervale. [46] More good food and lots of fun, Good ski trails and lots of sun, Snow-mobiles and ski tows too W ith toboggans there for you. Have you done your English? " Ugh! A French test! " " Catch that kitty! " " I ' m starved! " Turn the vie down! " " Oh! I ' ve got two! " " Shhh! ' " Come on, Gargoyles! " " Come on, Griffins! " . . . indecision . . . doubts . . . fears . . . hasty telegrams . . . program rush . . . hall enhanced by lantern light . . . garland -festooned trellises much too low for god-like youths to enter by . . . corsages sentj some leisurely y some breath- lesslyj by well-meaning escorts . . . yards of ribbon flowing from tiny bows coyly placed in smart coiffures . . . Circle an open thoroughfare . . . music with a Spanish touch . . . au revoir till we meet again Miss Hearsey and Dottie Heidrich, Chairman « « • § cma As we look back on Abbot years And call to mind our joys and fears, The friendships made, The experience shared, Intangibles to which we cling, We see the meaning of this ring. Though soon our paths will lie apart Though new careers for us will start, We, unafraid, Hopes, unimpaired, Can face whate ' er the years will bring Because we have our Senior ring. May this reminder keep us true To our ideals, and hopes renew; When doubts invade And we have dared To falter at life ' s unkind sting, May we be strengthened by this ring. Charlotte Skinner j nee a cma Recall, O Tree, more than this sheltered life When shortly it is done. Recall that here we half-perceived the heights Awaiting to be won. The careless days of childhood lie behind; Our lives stretch on before. We glimpse new realms, and our untried, young minds Would hasten to explore. If visions, touched by Truth ' s harsh breath, should fade, If Wisdom proves unkind, Destroying that sweet, blissful, trusting faith Which lulled the dormant mind, If, facing light, to a far kindlier shade Our aching eyes would turn, Recall to us the will which here was ours To live, and living, learn. Marjory Hill [51] tluMmfiA-ufi RING SONG Years rilled with loveliness of life, Of work, of play, are centered ' round These walls, tradition bound, here where Deep-reaching happiness was found. Days spent in following visions bright, Days rilled full of sun and laughter, Of learning how to live with life — These will stay whate ' er comes after. These years will be within our hearts, A heritage we ' ll not forget. Our gleaming rings reminding us Of standards high, which here we set. Mary Woodman TREE SONG Live and grow O thou, the noblest of nature ' s peers, Reminding those to come of conquered years, That they, through love of thee, new faith may know, Live, and grow. Live and sing, Thou minstrel of the winds, new tales and old, Of work accomplished and of joys untold. To those of future years our spirit bring, Live and sing. Live and pray, Spread out thy sheltering shade for great and small, And with thy benediction bless them all. Retell the treasured meaning of this day, Live — and pray. Mary Adams Koch [52] . . . Q.E. D.j Stu G Council and Yearbook Board meeting all announced for the same moment! . . whafs a girl to do? However — where would we be without our many and OCietieA, giv- ing opportunity for extra-curricular effort on the things which interest us most . . . STUDENT GOVERNMENT Supervises general order of school through Executive Committee, Council, special committees and proctors. . .discusses suggestions and petitions regard- ing school disciplinary system. . sends representatives to school rating com- mittee. . .conducts all elections. COUNCIL Top Row: J. Davey, M. Prudden, A. Sawyer, J. Webster, L. Pierce. Second Row: D. Jones, M. Howard, C. Fisher, E. Alden, R. Rathbone, B. Hill, A. Rivinius, B. Harris, Joan Waugh. Bottom Row: C. Skinner, J. Proctor, M. Woodman, F. Cross, Secretary; K. Harris, President; P. Pancoast, Vice-President; D. Sawyer, C. Eaton, E. Cole. ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Welcomes new girls with a party. . . holds vesper services . . . conducts Golden Rule dinners for increasing contributions to various worthy causes . . . gives a Christmas party for needy Andover children . . . plans the fall Senior teas. OFFICERS M. MacMullen, Treasurer; C. Fisher, President; M. Woodman, Vice-President; J. Proctor, Secretary. ABBOT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Every girl a member. . .rival teams. . .Gargoyles and Griffins. . .promotes efficiency and sportsmanship of all, rather than of the few. . .furthers inter- est in sports and physical fitness. OFFICERS E. Alden, Vice-President; A. Sawyer, President; H. Fletcher, Secretary; E. Scan- Ian, Treasurer. [54] » [55] CHOIR Under the direction of Miss Friskin. . .leads morning chapel singing. . .sings for Sunday vespers. . .enjoyable traditions such as singing carols at the old folks ' home and in the corridors the morning Christmas vacation begins. Back Rote: B. Brooks, P. Crocker, N. England, B. Bobst, President; C. Fisher, C. Parker, K. Harris. Front Row: F. Cross, M. Woodman, J. Hubbard, J. Proctor, D. Jones, C. Skin- ner, E. Travis, M. Hall. Absent:]. Nelson. FIDELIO The " glee club " of Abbot. . .directed by Mr. Howe. . .concert dances with Exeter and Governor Dummer . . . anthems at Christmas and Easter services . . . and commencement. Top Roiv: K. Harris, E. Daniels, S. Bradley, L. Pierce, J. Hubbard, A. Shields, J. Carlson, C. Bittner, M. Meyer, Joan Waugh. Second Roiv: C. Cross, G. Randolph, B. Brown, B. Fowler, F. Chandler, A. Sawyer, J. Littauer, B. Leland, N. England, D. Heidrich, E. Travis, Pianist; M. Woodman, President; A. Oakman, J. Proctor, H. Stott, M. Dean, P. Crocker, M. Howard, M. Hall, C. Robinson, P. Williams, J. Cowles, M. Curtis, D. Schwiebert. Third Row: C. Skinner, C. Fisher, C. Parker, A. Rivinius, M. Grout, L. John- son, S. Cole, D. Sawyer. Bottom Row: D. Jones, M. Chase, M. Hill, S. Long, A. Schoepflin, R. Poore, B. Bobst, B. Brooks, F. Cross. Absent: O. Butler, N. Eccles, S. Hamilton, M. Little. YEARBOOK Conferences with publisher, photographer, engraver, each other. . .pasting pictures. . .hours of writing — drawing — snapping candids — eavesdropping — talking. . .last minute rush! Back Row: L. Pierce, Business Manager; B. Bobst, Art Editor; C. Parker, Editor- in-Chief; A. Rugg, Literary Editor; M. Mac Mullen, Literary Editor. Front Row: E. Scanlan, Photographic Editor; C. Skinner, Ex-Officio; Jeanne Waugh, Assistant Business Manager, Absent: Constance Smith, Literary Editor. [56] [57] P. Pancoast, D. Heidrich, S. Cole, L. Pierce, L. Buchanan, J. Webster, N. Harrison, B. Ellis, A. Rugg J. Hubbard, E. Scanlan, H. Fletcher, A. Sawyer, E. Alden, M. Chase, M. Hall, R. Poore, M. Woodman ATHLETIC COUNCIL Made up of athletic directors and association officers together with heads of major sports elected by the student body. . .arranges sports program. . .field days. . .Gar- goyle-Griffin awards and points . . . HEADS OF MAJOR SPORTS HEADS OF MINOR SPORTS Hockey Lloyd Pierce Archery Joan Hubbard Basketball Shirley Hamilton Badminton Lucia Buchanan Tennis Molly Chase Croquet Ruth Poore Kid in g Polly Pancoast Deck Tennis Joan Webster Baseball Nancy Harrison Hiking Mary Woodman Track Marguerite Hall Ping- Pong Betty Ellis Golf Ann Oakman Skiing Sally Cole OFFICERS Skating Gisela Bolten President Adelle Sawyer CLUB CAPTAINS Vice-President Ellen Alden Secretary Henrietta Fletcher Gargoyles Audrey Rugg Treasurer Elizabeth Scanlan Griffins Dorothy Heidrich [58] " A " SOCIETY Two hundred and fifty points plus a High Beta rating is required for membership . . . privilege of wearing the A. . .annual picnic at Ipswich. . .four hundred and fifty points for a blazer! President Secretary-Treasurer Marguerite Hall Constance Smith Gisela Bolten Sally Cole Carolyn Fisher Barbara Leland Charlotte Skinner Carol Parker Audrey Rugg Doris Sawyer Elizabeth Scanlan Elise Duncan Mary Elliot BLAZERS, 1938 Diana Greene Mary Toohey B. Leland, E. Scanlan, D. Sawyer, C. Parker, M. Hall, A. Rugg, C. Smith, S. Cole, C. Fisher, C. Skinner [59] ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY Originated in 1924 by girls interested in dramatic expression. . .started this year with rehearsals for " Curse You Jack Dalton " and " Everybody ' s Husband " . . .presented a short skit " He Came Seeing " at A.D.S. special chapel. . .studied the art and applica- tion of theatrical make-up. President Audrey Rugg Sally Cole Nancy England Evelyn Gottschalk Adelle Sawyer Eleanor Martin Ann Oakman Jacqueline Proctor S. Cole, E. Martin E. Gottschalk, J. Proctor, A. Rugg, A. Sawyer, A. Oakman, N. England [60] D. Jones, B. Leland, C. Parker, M. Woodman, M. Curtis, B. Bobst, P. Pancoast, E. Travis, Miss Friskin, Adviser AEOLIAN Holds meetings in the music room where fine records are heard, Old English rounds and madrigals are sung, and Miss Friskin plays in her own inimitable way. . .pre- sented a Christmas cantata at a special chapel service ... oh memories of hysterical rehearsals . . .founded in 1927 by music lovers. President Mary Woodman Barbara Bobst Mary Curtis Doris Jones Elizabeth Travis Barbara Leland Polly Pancoast Carol Parker [61] C. Robinson, K. Bixby, A. Warburg, E. Balcke, M. Hill, J. Cowles, K. Harris, F.Cross COURANT Founded in 1873 ■ .publishes in February and May The Abbot Courant . . .selects and edits the contributions of students, members or otherwise. . .presented a discussion of the work of Dorothy Thompson together with selections of her writings at special chapel. Editor-in-Chief Business Editor Marjory Hill Frances Cross Eleanor Balcke Kathryn Bixby Jeanne Cowles Literary Editors Katharine Harris Christine Robinson Andrea Warburg [62] LES BEAUX ARTS Founded in 1935 for the purpose of studying the great masterpieces in art and discover- ing wherein their greatness lies . . .made up of girls most interested in all forms of art . . . has studied this year Egyptian art particularly, presenting many of its outstanding principles in dramatic and scenic form at special chapel . . . took trips to museums in Boston. President Constance Smith Ellen Alden Carolyn Fisher Marguerite Hall Joan Killian Jane Littauer Margaret Prudden Priscilla Russ Doris Sawyer Betty Weaver Jane Wilson J. Wilson, C. Smith, B. Weaver, D. Sawyer, J. Littauer M. Prudden, M. Hall, P. Russ, C. Fisher, E. Alden [63] ODEON One of the two oldest societies. . .founded in 1905. . .represents literary interests of the school. . .specialized this year in the poetry and plays of English authors. President Jeanne Waugh Carolyn Bittner Lucia Buchanan Olive Butler Charlotte Skinner Joan Carlson Molly Chase Lloyd Pierce O. Butler, L. Pierce, C. Bittner, M. Chase, J. Waugh, L. Buchanan, C. Skinner, J. Carlson [64] W. Wiglesworth, B. Bellows, D. Heidrich, M. MacMullen, E. Spear, G. Randolph, C. Cross, B. Brown, P. Crocker, Miss Tucker, Adviser PHILOMATHEIA Philomatheia Society. . .founded in 1924 to aid the development of interest in girls with a natural bent toward science. . .trip to rubber factory. . .experiments in Chem- istry Lab. . .chapel service debunking cosmetics. President Dorothy Heidrich Barbara Bellows Barbara Brown Phyllis Crocker Carolyn Cross Marjorie MacMullen Gloria Randolph Ellen Spear Winifred Wiglesworth [65] J. Webster, J. Hubbard, S. Hamilton, E. Scanlan, Miss Smith, Adviser, A. Rivinius. B. Moser, M. Howard Q. E. D. Debating society founded in 1920. . .usually gives two debates a year. . .conducts the giving of the daily " News " in the dining room. . .holds press conferences. . .elects press chairman. . .gala parties. President Elizabeth Scanlan Gisela Bolten Shirley Hamilton Joan Hubbard Joan Webster Mary Howard Betty Moser Anne Rivinius [66] HONOR A— 1938 MARY REMINGTON ELLIOT CUM LAUDE 1938 MARGARET COMSTOCK JEAN CROSS ELISE DUNCAN CONSTANCE THURBER JANE VOGT 1939 MARJORY HILL LLOYD PIERCE MARY WOODMAN [67] % am GRIFFINS Tune: Washington and Lee Swing Come all you Griffins, come and fall in line, We ' re going to have a simply wonderful time We ' re going to show those Gargoyles we won ' t yield, And we ' re the only team that ' s sure to win the shield, We ' re going to yell and yell for th ' orange and black For all the Griffins want to come right back, We ' re going to send those Gargoyles back to bed! The Griffin Orange and Black! GARGOYLES Tune: Ohio State Marching Song Marching, marching down the field The Gargoyles on Parade; Setting earth reverberating For we ' re off to make the grade; Banner green and mascot so bold, Sportsmanship and valor uphold, so, Hail, Hail to Victory For the Gargoyles will win today! [68] . . . the 1939 Winner will be announced to- day . . . here ' s hoping! . . . anyway Til bet on the team that hasn ' t let a chance go by of taking advantage of the infinitely varied pXjLfyfo program that Abbot offers . . . CLUB CAPTAINS Dorothy Heidrich, Griffin Audrey Rugg, Gargoyle WINNER IN 1938- GARGOYLES SONG LEADERS Elizabeth Travis, School Charlotte Skinner, Gargoyle Barbara Leland, Griffin VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM K. Harris, E. Balcke, M. Curtis, L. Pierce, M. Spaulding, M. Howard B. Leland, E. Martin, C. Smith, J. Nelson, C. Cross VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM M. Hall, A. Rugg, A. Sawyer, C. Parker, D. Harvey, E. Scanlan [71] VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Beverley Winslow, Winner of Singles Doris Sawyer, Kunner-Up HORSEMANSHIP P. Pancoast, P. Williams, D. Heidrich, J. Curran [72] B A D M I N T O N P O s T U R E M O D E R N D A N C E [73] However perfect the finished production may seem, there are always little back- stage slips that (we hope) are noticed only by the director, the cast and maybe Mr. Robb! Think how our impressive hero must feel when his lines and his actions de- mand the withdrawal of the ring and the license from his pocket and he discovers too late that he has forgotten both! What happens when a barrel is to be rolled out from behind a screen, but after a feverish search it is discovered, to the horror of all con- cerned, that it has been standing in full view of the audience all the time? And then to have the onlookers find to their great amusement that there is no bottom in the barrel ! Even if this incident has long been forgotten by the audience, we doubt if it has left the minds of the cast of — oh dear, we forget — was it one of the Senior-Mid Plays? We know there are at least two Seniors who remember a sudden crash in the mid- dle of their heavy love scene. It was only a picture off the set falling onto a table, but it must have seemed like the crash of the whole performance to those involved. It ' s always encouraging when the main character makes his grand entrance and all the decorations fall dramatically on his head! Why do telephones and doorbells always ring long, painful moments too late when the lines make a big issue of them? Or brother fails to indicate departure until sister sets him off with a start toward the nearest exit with the unexpected question, " Where are you going? " There are many accidents that are amusing to look back upon, but oh, how tragic they seem at the time! Yet what would amateur shows be without them — and in spite of all, " Gray " days make Grade A plays! [74] . . . in desk cleaning today found many old play -programs which spelled 2u ; IGM1XaZicA ' . . . " Quality Street ' s trick chapeaux . . . nearly cooking our own Goose with our Talon Troubles . . . Jack Dalton and his glamorous sister . . . hearing Dieguilla ' s fandango as the women had their way . . . THE ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY presented on December 10, 1938 EVERYBODY ' S HUSBAND by Gilbert Cannan Eleanor Martin Adelle Sawyer Jacqueline Proctor Audrey Rugg Nancy England Sally Cole A Girl Her Mother Her Grandmother Her Great-Grandmother A Maid A Domino The scene is a girl ' s bedchamber and CURSE YOU JACK DALTON (or The Villain Still Pursues Her!) An Old-fashioned Melodrama by Wilbur Braun Mrs. Donna Dalton, an aristocratic matron, who has a heart of stone Eloise Dalton, her daughter, who has a tender heart Jack Dalton, our manly hero, who has a heart of gold . Anna Alvarado, who has a heart of granite .... Eggbert Van Horn, a deep-dyed villain, who has no heart at all Bertha Blair, -poor but honest, who has a heart filled with goodness Richard Blair, her brother, who has a heart filled with hope Scene: The Dalton mansion on Fifth Avenue, New Nancy England Eleanor Martin Adelle Sawyer Jacqueline Proctor Audrey Rugg Ann Oakman Sally Cole York City (No restraint upon your applause. The audience will be permitted in due measure to give vent to its natural impulses at all times during the play, although it is respect- fully urged to reserve its principal outbursts for the fall of the curtain. Ladies and gentlemen do not need to be cautioned concerning the cracking of peanuts during the performance. Others will refrain from doing so. Do not hiss the villain; only throw tomatoes. Babes in arms not admitted.) The management thanks you. Director, Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray [76] THE SENIOR MIDDLE CLASS presented on February 18, 1939 Three One-Act Plays in Honor of the Seniors Miss Fanny Willoughby Miss Willoughby . Miss Henrietta Turnbull Miss Susan Throssell Miss Phoebe Throssell Patty A Recruiting Officer Valentine Brown The Caller The Laborer The Poet The Clerk The Policeman The Servant Emma Kitty Peter . Yetta Goldstein Mrs. Bonelli Mrs. Ole Oleson Mrs. Patrick Haggerty . Mrs. Tammas MacPhairson Tommy Browning . A Visiting Nurse Largo Johnson . Mrs. X. Y. Smythe QUALITY STREET by James Barrie THE LOST SILK HAT by Lord Dunsany RICH MAN POOR MAN by Bertha Burrill Anne Rivinius Mary Howard Amelia Shields Evelyn Gottschalk Elizabeth Travis Patricia Elliot Gisela Bolten Jeanne Cowles Bettie Weaver Joan Carlson Gertrude Wind Nancy Eccles Marie Bertram Eleanor Knox Molly Chase Doris Sawyer . Joan Webster Betty Moser Shirley Hamilton Danna Whitlock Anne Schoepflin Christine Robinson Adeline Waterhouse Marguerite Hall Phyllis Crocker Barbara Fowler Director, Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray [77] Bernard Ingals Eunice Ingals Noel Derby Leo Day Rhoda Julia Murdoch Mrs. Bradley . Hugh Ingals Ronald Murdoch Lois Ingals Bradley Ingals Dagmar Carroll Elliott Kimberley Robert Stevenson THE SENIOR CLASS presented on March 18, 1939 THE GOOSE HANGS HIGH by Lewis Beach Adelle Sawyer Nancy England Lucia Buchanan Mary Curtis Elizabeth Scanlan Marjory Hill Marjorie MacMullen Lloyd Pierce Dorothy Heidrich Ann Oakman Audrey Rugg Eleanor Martin . Jeanne Waugh Barbara Bellows Director, Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Properties . Sound Effects Posters and Programs Wardrobe . Scenery PRODUCTION STAFF Mary Woodman, Chairman Virginia Halstead Florence Mooney . Barbara Bobst Frances Cross Messrs. Tyler and Hammer [78] Concha Puerto . Juanita La Rosa Santita Dono Belen Angela Pilar Dieguilla A Village Girl . Adolfo . Don Julian Don Cecilio Pepe Lora Guitarra The Sacristan DRAPER DRAMATICS presented on June 3, 1939 THE WOMEN HAVE THEIR WAY by Helen and Hurley Granville-Barker Audrey Rugg Elizabeth Travis Jacqueline Proctor . Gisela Bolten Evelyn Gottschalk Constance Smith Leah Johnson Polly Pancoast Jeanne Cowles Adelle Sawyer Lloyd Pierce . Joan Webster Gertrude Wind Mary Spaulding Stage Manager, Sheila Moore Director, Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray [79] JUe Panima Jlumw Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come I do not fear to see; But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, And to wipe the weeping eyes, And a heart at leisure from itself, To soothe and sympathize. Wherever in the world I am In whatsoe ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts To keep and cultivate; And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life While keeping at Thy side; Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. [80] . . . the kids were in " b ' fore lights " trying to decide what the score was on the tea dance . . . who made time and how . . . how some of the drips ever got into the stag linej and other r lCL C . . . decided to " go hag } next time . . . no bull! . . . 19 3 9 CLASS Ann Oakman, Most Personality Nancy England, Best Looking Kay Harris, Best-All-Round Audrey Rugg, Class Wit Marjorie MacMullen, First To Succeed Connie Smith, First To Be Married Carolyn Fisher, Most Absent-Minded Kiki Skinner, Best Figure Sadie Sawyer, Best Athlete Carol Parker, Best Dressed STATISTICS Bonnie Martin, Best Actress Nancy England, Best Dancer Lloyd Pierce, Most Poised Marjory Hill, Class Poet Kiki Skinner, Most Popular Florence Mooney, Most Pessimistic Kay Harris, Most Versatile Mary Woodman, Class Musician Barbara Bobst, Class Artist Connie Smith, Most Attractive s J IP E c u E u E S I rt X 3 u X u cu Uh 00 N §- G G o o ox g c o E u E o u 0) oS os u .0 0- u bo — c G J— i 3 O-, D x - G -T 3 J O O G — -r cu O-X — i 4- CU X =1 n. U u, X cu -3 3 t-i - O o oo U U hC G -3 cu fac CO - rt ■ X O O -5 u 4 -T3 os G O, bo c — oo OS x E « 3 C3 4- rt O os U bO 3 l 4-1 X 4- rt O-l . G — ' — I 3 rt g-os-rj-rj o G cu , U G 00 X •—! •-H OO , , 3 X u -3 o o D o J? G 3 O o — rt . 00 00 Dh CO - X 1 hO 5 u 4 i oo o d n be d u d M o OO X O- tx ri u X 4-1 O oS : E W W O H D O PQ X H H D UJ 35 a c 3 O u oo bO a c C X 3 O -3 3 O X u i X o X X ho c si X 00 g 2 S m w w rt 3h x Pc ■ u -3 - c : X 4-1 U O u E o c o o d u -3 - c -r c o 5 t; W : co 00 oo - 3 u OTJ d X O 4- rt bO S " 2 too bO rt C — ' d 0 7 rt G s X X X I- b E 00 G a, « E 1-1 " -M , O.S 3 " X - O id " P u 00 -H bo £ be oj L» X - - 3 q « x -x U 00 O +H OO Q X bO OJ bO UH cq coH: u X X -3 G Cu a, X - 3 u £ o d u - 3 iJ « ' te x! u O «- oj G m-, X nr. O « G X 00 00 u 00 X G .0.9 G-3 ai in U O = X -3 - G C OJ 00 U O gj O -S L t 3 -d " aj} 5? bJD bo— mh .3 C «- rt ° ' i ° c ' d u oo - -3 u d O u " X 4-1 4- O M d o «-i . o X — +- O 00 H-3 : Hh bO 3 U O •t; o 3 3 Ph DC -3 bO PL, G -M O X ft u -r! O — ' T3 o jy tj rt O 3 £ tl U CQ CO CO u u O 4-. X X rt oj X o o -3 3 rt g fe « u X rt X «-• Oh- Oh «m pJ 4 «,. cu X cu u u X 4- « i x y H- G E cu P ffl u 3X J U X X oo c !fi y - bo w k " s. =, , 4- •- ? o d x o x 6 4J " 3 3T3 O Ji 6 " EV o u u G G H-H OJ X 4- c 00 X eqDcoDcoQeQDC cucQa.hJOZ Q fc G 8-2 cu -a §£ 6 s 4-1 Oj g cu cu X cu CO. 4-1 p- 4-) m-i ) cu c« qj 4-1 1) X -3 X t« bO 3 a E Sjs Si rt u ox: £ u 3 Cu5i ScoDhUO-C DCcO J Ih O X -3 (h Ih Vh 3 O cu U . CU X ho cu 4-1 jj t -»— 1 MH " 0 u — — 1 cu " 3 4h c 3 O CU T3 X CU rt cu X cu X DCHO CU 3 • S 3 £ 3 bO G u u u bO G O ■S X U V4-, l-J — « X O G H G U X u rt - 3 u x iJ 5 -3 ?i O d J- -3 " U 3 (3 O 3 a. QuDUQciK T3 C X IS m cu- " G G -if bC- " " O 9 P o - 3 bo cu t« jv o u -3 " - - U 3 c 3 E X .3 rt bors 3 o rt X G X o 4-) cu G 4- -3 G oj cu bO G rt 03 U --H r ti x G 00 , G G bO G 4J oS G O J4 ' -VOOCU m CU3Cu oS2nCU- 3 XoSCO UG 00 q ? l-J -3 u u 00 d 41 -a i , X u uj u O 3 3 CU t i •- .is — H H 00 4- 3 J5 c u c boXJ 3 rt G .2 JH CQPPfO«UUQWtJHpL, T3 x OS U CU ' 3 00 4- Vh .-h 00 , — 1 .ij vh O os cu os h 5 oS O Q 00 =! S n:n:xl c cu 1-1 U 4-1 oS OS . 5JiSSS G oS x E hC3 3 O i cu • - . G -y j j 4U MHHH(l|fl K0000o0o0t l 4-J C B3 O rt Uj 00 O cu (-J U M 3 u, 4-1 oi rt OJ t u «-, G U oS f-! bO X-G -S bO d .tl rt [84] A fyoce in o m tf-l u i Johnny Quill . Black-eyed Susan Sweet William(j) Sun Flower Indian Pipe . Bridal Wreath Fringed Gentian Tulips . Samphire Baby ' s Breath Na " stu " chum Elderberry Bachelor Button Fern(on) Shamrock (jrom K.elly) Violet Butter and Eggs Crocus Morning Glory Lady Slipper Polly hock White Orchid Trailing Arbutus Hyacinth Tiger Lily Bouncing Bet Jack-in-the-Pulpit Forget-Me-Not Date Palm Dog Would . D anil ion Wisteria Trillium Prairie Flower Moor Heather . Marygold Sweet P Alden Bellows Bobst Buchanan Butler Cross Curtis England Fisher Fletcher Harris Halstead Heidrich Hill Hubbard Leland MacMullen Martin Mooney Oakman Pancoast Parker Pierce Sawyer Scanlan Skinner Smith Waugh Woodman Daniels Goss Johnson . Koch . Moore Patterson Perry [85] a et t MuAJe Art for Art s Sake The Belle of the Blue Ridge . Undecided .... Study in Red Fair Harvard . Flat- Foot F loo gee It s Going to Be a Great Day The Cherry Hop My Buddy Sin gin Sam . Johnny -One-Note . There Is a Tavern I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze You Go to My Head Georgie Peorgie Puddin and Pie Keep the Sunny Side up Nice Work if You Can Get it Sweet Violet Sailor Beware . I Cant Face the Music Riding High . Cry Baby Cry And the Angels Sing Let Me Whisper . T ve Taken a Fancy to You Any Old Time Stop and Consider . Life Is a Song There ' s a Picture in Your Eyes You re an Education Dream Dust .... Ten Little Miles from Town Why My Heart Says Sing . Where in the World The U.S.A. and You You re a Natural Merrily We Live . Halstead Fletcher Patterson . Connie Kiki Bonnie Franny Koch Audie Fish Ellen Drunk P.P. Annie . Ca Mooney Woodie Snuggles Nanny Bellows Polly Bobbie Bobo Pierce Curt Mac Harris Hill Daniels Goss Butler Hubbard Leah Moore Waugh Sadie Lush [86] Vkz i em 193$-f939 m ReuiewL OCTOBER Monday 3 Saturday 8 Sunday 9 Saturday 15 Sunday 16 Friday 28 Saturday 29 Sunday 30 NOVEMBER Tuesday 1 Saturday 5 Sunday 6 Friday 11 Saturday 12 Sunday 13 Saturday 19 Sunday 20 Monday 21 School opened a week late — Hurricane! It ' s an ill wind. . . Old girls met new girls at Abbot Swing Party — games, dancing, fun for all. Senior Teas — gained three pounds in three hours ! Miss Hearsey spoke on " Minorities and Majorities. " Senior Picnic at Ipswich — wading, baseball, hot dogs, big fire on the beach. Conviction that we really are Seniors at last! Vespers led by Mr. Richardson. Need we say more? Nobility as guest — the Countess of Listowel! Hallowe ' en — witches, ghosts and goblins smarty all made merry at a party! Mr. Howe in skirts baffled the entire assembled multitude. The Reverend Vivian T. Pomeroy. Cold shape! Faculty Reception — Faculty doing the worrying; Seniors the hurry- ing! Welcome to Miss M. D. Baker, Miss Hilda Baynes, Miss Coolidge Miss Hill, Miss Rhodes, Miss Smith and Miss Tuttle. Kingsland Marionettes — at which we are introduced to puppets from every land and of every age. A.C.A. Candlelight Vespers. Miss Childs of Choate School spoke at special Armistice Day Chapel service. Our last torchlight parade; also heart flutterings — but not our last. Mr. Baldwin led vespers — P.A. ' s favorite chaplain. Fall Field Day postponed because of rain; Senior corridor stunts by those seniors not on week-ends. Dr. J. Edgar Park, president of Wheaton College, speaker at vespers. Fall Field Day two days late — vision confused by green Gargoyles and orange Griffins. [87] Wednesday 23 Seventy-fifth presentation of our traditional Thanksgiving Service. First School Tea of the year in the Rec Room with A. A. A. hostess- ing and presenting awards for fall sports. Thursday 24 Thanksgiving holiday ending in a blizzard! DECEMBER Saturday 3 Saturday 10 Friday 16 Saturday 17 Sunday 18 Monday 19 Tuesday 20 JANUARY Thursday 5 Tea Dance for upperclassmen followed by Hampton Institute Quartet concert — beautiful songs by beautiful voices. A.D.S. plays — melodrama returning to its own! Aeolian conducted chapel and sang a beautiful Christmas Cantata. Christmas Party for Andover children — the sort of thing that makes one feel good inside. Excited squeals from many a tot — Santa Claus — happy faces. Christmas Service — entire school in white — impressively lovely with great lighted tree and a shining star overhead. Christmas Dinner — great undercurrent of excitement — table songs — ice cream in Christmas molds — carol sing in McKeen Rooms. Vacation! Enfin! Bumpy bus to Boston — many good-byes called across the station. Saturday 7 Sunday 8 Saturday 14 Had to come back four days early because of lost time in September. It was an ill wind! " Oslo to the Midnight Sun " — lecture with movies. Was Deep in a Dream most of the time! Mr. Richardson — " Consider the Lilies " . . . Two-piano recital by the Friskins. . .Our great expectations justi- fied . . . inspired playing by la soeur et le frere! Saturday 21 " The Magic of Words " by Hugh J. Coleridge MacKarness. Now we know how we should speak, but will it do any good? (I hae me doots!) Miss Emma Cadbury — a living example of Quaker goodness — spoke at vespers on the refugee situation in Austria. Recital by Miss Tingley and Miss Spencer, harpist — an inspiration for aspiring singers — the harp a thrill. A.C.A. vespers on the biographies of Mrs. Compton of Illinois, Dr. Harrison of Arabia, and Jane Addams of Hull House. Midyear examinations! Was between the dark and the daylight most of the time. Sunday 22 Saturday 28 Sunday 29 Jan. 31 -Feb. 2 FEBRUARY Saturday Saturday Sunday Saturday 3-6 11 18 19 25 Intervale — Senior Paradise! Dance Recital by Lotte Goslar. There ' s everything in a dance, es- pecially if that dance is modern. Senior-Mid plays. Talent scouts missed getting many promising stars under contract by not being here. The Reverend Carl Kopf— " the man with the lamp " — excellent talk. Student Recital — talent plus! [88] MARCH Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Friday APRIL Wednesday Saturday Sunday 4 Henry IV Matinee — Prince Hal! All the world loves a lover. Falstaff! All the world loves Falstaff. 5 Mr. Basil Mathews — a good talk made better by an English accent. 11 Governor Dummer Glee Club— Fidelio Concert. Fidelio travels twenty miles, sings — dances — travels back again with tales of a good time. 12 Neighbor Boynton Merrill of West Newton spoke at vespers. 18 Senior Play — " The Goose Hangs High " but the applause brought the house down ! 19 Northfield Conference presented at vespers. If enthusiasm means anything Abbot may be well represented in June. Alumna of ' 38 — Mad die Proctor — one of the speakers. 24 Vacation — the glory of the spring! How sweet — for in the spring a young man ' s fancy turns, we hope, to. . . — ! 5 Back again, one day early. It was a very ill wind! 8 Maeve MacMurrough — fascinating monologues of interesting people and places. Never shall I fogret the seasick lady — or the one with " plate " trouble! 9 Traditional Easter Service with a perfect address by The Reverend Vaughn Dabney of And over-Newton Theological Seminary. Tea Dance for the " little girls " — said to be a well-flung fling! Miss Friskin and Miss Susan Ripley, Abbot ' 28, gave a piano and violin recital for benefit of Second Century Fund — " outstanding " — " lovely " — " exquisitely varied program. " Exeter Glee Club-Fidelio concert at Abbot. Grand time. Senior Prom and Tea Dance — dancing and dancing and dancing and — dates ! Abbot ' s Birthday— great bustle and preparation for gymkhana, fencing demonstration, program of music and drama in McKeen, folk dancing around the Maypole on the Circle, Bazaar for the build- ing fund. New dormitory excavations are in process, by the way! Sunday 7 Miss Sue Weddell, of New York, spoke on " How Big Is Your World? " Friday 12 Societies Banquet — Q.E.D. presiding. Saturday 20 Senior-Mid Picnic — senior-mids come into their own at last. Recital later by speech pupils — dual personalities unsuspected. Sunday 21 Mr. Howe ' s organ recital — " Papa Howe " in top performance as usual. Saturday 27 Field Day— Senior Banquet — beginning of the end. Tuesday 30 Final exams — horrors! Where is my optimism? Saturday Thursday 15 20 Saturday Saturday 22 29 MAY Saturday 6 JUNE 2-5 COMMENCEMENT— GRADUATION— COLLEGE BOARDS TO COME! [89] GlaM % iU We, the most eminent and versatile class of Abbot Academy being, as we believe, possessed of as adequate sobriety and as comparatively sane mentality as could be ex- pected after a senior year, do hereby bequeath our begged, bought or stolen posses- sions and assets as follows: First, to the Class of 1940, 1. Our able shoes to be filled. 2. The Senior Parlor and privileges. 3. Intervale ( ' nuff sed!). 4. The Senior couches which hold books and pillows very nicely. Second, to some individuals, 1. Our medical supplies to Mrs. Duncan. 2. Our sweepers and dustmops to the dust chute. 3. Our letterless days to whoever wants them. 4. Ellen ' s dimples to " Riv. " 5. Bobbie ' s spirit to the 1939- ' 40 new girls. 6. " Stu " Harris ' s tact to Andy Warburg. 7. The time Mooney spent on her homework to Jeanne Cowles. 8. Cherrie Koch ' s mice to Emily Mills. 9. Fishie ' s Sing-Sing banner to Ginger. 10. Our movie magazines to Miss Sweeney. 11. Our typing ability to Betty Hosford. 12. Lush ' s lantern to the lovelorn whose love ' s labors are lost. 13- Mac ' s pussies to Miss Rath. (Gacoo!) 14. Bobo ' s meekness to Anne Schoepflin. 15. Piercey ' s gymnastics to Miss Carpenter for her scrapbook! 16. Audie ' s wit to " Madame Abbot " hoping that she will smile some more. 17. All our extra closet space to the new dorm. 18. Connie ' s roller skates to Theodore. 19. Our wisdom teeth to the preps. 20. Kiki ' s ' 38 prom date to Duchess. 21. Bonnie ' s and Bellows ' voices to New Fidelio. 22. Our dark glasses to Charlie. 23. Pat ' s elevator romance to be managed by Libby. Third, we ' ll take with us, 1. Our big moments for posterity. 2. Our posture marks as a daily reminder. 3. Dottie ' s twin brother — though we leave Abbot " Art " less. 4. Our class sweaters to wear on rainy days. 5. Our college entrance units — we need them all! In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our last will and testament, this fifth day of June in the year A. A. 1939. x , 7 . , ,. . Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Nine Witnessed: linker [90] 1 he firms represented in the following pages have contrib- uted to the success of the 1939 Circle and well deserve your patronage. BEST CO. FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLINE BRANCH Official School Outfitters We specialize in the important prep school and college fashions and have many exclusive import specialties. J S. S. PIERCE CO. Est. 1831 Boston Home of Delicious Candies THE Hartigan Pharmacy Main and Chestnut Streets Andover, Mass. SCHOOL JEWELRY WATCHES JOHN H. GRECOE Watchmaker Jeweler Optician The Smartest Line of School Jewelry in Town Certified Repair Service 56 MAIN ST. ANDOVER, MASS. ' ' The Biggest Little Jewelry Store in the State ' ' Compliments of J. E. Pitman Estate 63 Park Street Tel. 664 ORIENTAL RUGS Antiques and Modern Broadlooms and Chenilles 30 grades — 500 colors Custom Furniture and Draperies The services of our Decorator or Rug experts are at your command. Estimates furnished. BROOKS GILL CO., Inc. WHOLESALE RETAIL 28 30 Canal S t . , Boston Tel . Laf . 2923-4-5 Telephone 7159 Lawrence Fruit Produce Co. Inc. Wholesale Dealers " If It Grows We Have It " 34 FRANKLIN STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. I es Ipsa Loquitur . . . It is a matter of common knowledge that a reputation for fine quality . . . Speaks for Itself. For that reason yearbook staifs at the leading educational institutions in the east engage the WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO for fine portraiture and a complete yearbook service. • It has been a pleasure to cooperate with Miss Carol Parker and her staff in portraying pictori- ally Life at Abbot Academy, as presented in this edition of the CIRCLE! Q.Warren Kay Vantine Studio, 3 160 Boylston Street . Boston Shawsheen Dairy, Inc. SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE ANDOVER, MASS. T. P. KELLEY, President and Treasurer § Manufacturers Distributors of MILK CREAM BUTTER ICE CREAM Batchelder Snyder Co., Inc. Boston, Massachusetts Producers Distributors of FINE FOODS The Hooker - Howe Costume Co, Theatrical Importers Manufacturers COSTUMERS HAVERHILL MASSACHUSETTS CAPitol 1217-1218 Joseph P. Eaton Co., Inc. DEALER IN BEEF - LAMB - POULTRY and VEAL HOTEL SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market Boston, Mass. Compliments of a Friend 1837 102 YEARS IN BUSINESS 1939 CAPITOL 5320 W. H. Lerned Sons ' ' The Third Generation of Buttermen ' ' BUTTER, CHEESE and EGGS 87 AND 89 FANEUIL HALL MARKET BOSTON, MASS. ktetW ' : ' .: : JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 West Washington Blvd., Chicago, III. - Telephone MONroe 7080 Commercial Artists, Photographers and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black and Colors Everybody Likes . . . BUSHWAY ICE CREAM Quality for 57 Years THE ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Andover, Massachusetts Lowe Co., Inc. PHARMACISTS § To the Class of 1939 CARL E. ELANDER 56 MAIN ST. TEL. 1169 GLEANING PRESSING REPAIRING ALTERING OF ALL LADIES ' GARMENTS High Quality Work Moderate Prices Tickets — Tours — Cruises Winter Sports Trip for Abbot Seniors at Intervale MRS. SETH C. BASSETT 37 Merrimack Street HAVERHILL, MASS. Thank You ! " thirty - niners " with best wishes SHOP Forty-three Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Smith Coutts Co. Tr inters § 4 Park St. - Andover Qood buck, Seniors from the SENIOR-MIDS L. B. A. ODEON Philomatheia A. D. S. hank you! (fAbbot cAcademy . . . Hope we may still merit your business through the many years to come. %aven Beauty " Parlor Printers of the 1939 CIRCLE and publisher of New England ' s superior annuals, among them . . . The M. I. T. TECHNIQUE Boston University HUB Wellesley College LEGENDA Phillips Academy POT POURRI Northeastern University CAULDRON Wheaton College NIKE Deerfield Academy POCUMTUCK THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS FACULTY Marguerite Hearsey May Dorothy Baker Ruth Stephens Baker Hilda R. Baynes Jean Hope Baynes Mrs. Eunice Murray Campbell Mary Carpenter Mrs. Constance Parker Chipman Mary Elaine Dodge Mrs. Hannah Richmond Duncan Kate Friskin Mary Gay .... Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray . Isabel Maxwell Hancock Marjorie Hill .... Walter Edward Howe . Barbara Humes Frances Merritt Octavia Whiting Mathews . Faith Lucena Meserve . Mrs. Jeanne Vical Miller Laura Keziah Pettingell Mrs. Robert Gilmore Poland Gertrud Rath .... Anne Rechnitzer Rowena Lincoln Rhodes Winthrop Horton Richardson Helen Dunford Robinson Louise Robinson Virginia Paine Rogers . Laura Huntington Smith Margaret Snow Catherine Jane Sullivan Alice Curtiss Sweeney . Gertrude Tingley . Eleanor Tucker Lucile Burdette Tuttle 20 Abbot St., Andover 177 Englishcombe Lane, Bath, Somerset, England 28 Fremont St., Plymouth . 309 West 86th St., New York City 309 West 86th St., New York City Prospect St., Topsfield 57 Wilkinson St., Putnam, Connecticut . 5 Morton St., Andover Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada Andover . 300 West 108th St., New York City 132 Riverway, Boston 17 Mayflower Terr., Newton Highlands Boonsboro Rd., Lynchburg, Virginia 21 Centre St., Brookline . 14 School St., Andover Chestnut Hill, Greenfield 64 Woburn St., Reading Andover 26 Central Ave., Weston . 136 Hancock St., Cambridge 1654 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge 87 Oak St., Reading Hollins College, Virginia 26 West 76th St., New York City 43 Cedar St., Taunton Ward Hill 77 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Gloucester . 82 Ames St., Lawrence . 16 Garden Rd., Lowell . 83 Main St., Medfield 63 Masonic St., Rockland, Maine . 97 Knox St., Lawrence 175 Berkeley St., Lawrence 32 Milton Rd., Brookline 2 Mauser PL, Ilion, New York . 8 Plympton St., Cambridge [101] UNDERCLASSMEN, 1938-1939 Eleanor Balcke Dorothy Barlow Helen Barss Marie Bertram . Carolyn Bittner Kathryn Bixby Gisela Bolten . Ethel Ann Bolton Sarah Evelyn Bradley Beverly Brooks Barbara Brown Nancy Lee Burnett Gloria Caldarone Miriam Calder. Phyllis Campbell Joan Carlson . Suzanne Chadwick Frances Chandler Mary Pomeroy Chase Muriel Clark . Eleanor Cole . Sally Cole Marcia Colley Jeanne Cowles Natalie Cregg . Phyllis Crocker Carolyn Cross . Annette Curran Joyce Curran Elaine Dalrymple Jane Davey Marjorie Dean Mary Dickson Janet Dwight . Charlotte Eaton Nancy Eccles . Patricia Elliot 10 Holder PL, Forest Hills, New York 81 Salem St., Andover . Hidden Field, Andover 256 Grove St., Montclair, New Jersey 27 South West St., Allentown, Pennsylvania Sunset Rock Rd., Andover South Main St., Andover 128 Prescott St., North Andover 79 Maple St., Hornell, New York 18 East Hickory St., Hinsdale, Illinois 20 Johnson Rd., Andover Southborough 96 Vermont St., Methuen 1509 South Elwood Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma 8 William St., Andover West Falmouth 91 Montclair Ave., Montclair, New Jersey 40 Howard St., Reading 287 Hillside St., Milton Lloyd Neck, Huntington, New York 371 Johnson St., North Andover 371 Johnson St., North Andover Saunderstown, Rhode Island 129 East 69th St., New York City 340 Hampshire Rd., Methuen . 15 Fresh Pond Lane, Cambridge 11 Proctor Boulevard, Utica, New York South Main St., Andover South Main St., Andover 14 Park St., Methuen 7 Tuxedo Rd., Glen Ridge, New Jersey 8 Kensington St., Andover 238 Woburn St., Reading 238 Woburn St., Reading 9 Abbot St., Andover Main St., Andover 2 Oranje Boulevard, Batavia Centrum, Java, N.E.I. [102] Elizabeth Ellis Mary Ellen Finneran Dorothy Fiske Barbara Fowler Elizabeth Fowler . Dorothy Garry Evelyn Gottschalk Madeleine Grout Marguerite Hall Shirley Hamilton Elizabeth Harris Nancy Harrison Dorothy Harvey Barbara Hill Margit Hintz Elizabeth Hosford Mary Howard Doris Jones Elizabeth Killian Joan Killian Eleanor Knox . Jane Littauer . Margaret Little Sue Long Margery Martin Mary Martin . Marjorie McClellan Jessie McCreery Marilyn Menschik Margaret Meyer Emily Mills Verniece Moody Patricia Morriss Betty Moser Mary Dean Naff Julie Nelson Nadene Nichols Mary Carroll O ' Connell Ruth Poore 309 East Broadway, Haverhill . Greens Farms, Connecticut 15 Sutherland Rd., Montclair, New Jersey 122 Forest Ave., Glen Ridge, New Jersey 80 Winter St., Norwood 67 Brown St., Methuen 62 Brewster Rd.. Scarsdale, New York 47 Main St., Andover 17 Orne Square, Salem Limestone, Maine 121 Newcastle Rd., Rochester, New York 45 Pleasant St., Methuen R.F.D. 3, Pontiac, Michigan Madison Heights, Anderson, Indiana 20 Shadow Lane, Great Neck, New York North Thetford, Vermont Kinderhook, New York 27 Ten Acre Rd., New Britain, Connecticut 334 Robin Rd., Englewood, New Jersey 334 Robin Rd., Englewood, New Jersey Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, New Jersey Charcoal Hill, Westport, Connecticut . 89 Shawsheen Rd., Andover 25 Middlemay Circle, Forest Hills, New York 45 Sanford St., Bradford, Pennsylvania Ill Main St., Andover Foster St., Littleton 103 East Lincoln Ave., New Castle, Pennsylvania 387 Kinderkamack Rd., Westwood, New Jersey 45 Seminole Ave., Forest Hills, New York Kinderhook, New York Andover St., Ballard vale Helme Hill, Washingtonville, New York 197 Forest Ave., Glen Ridge, New Jersey Portland, Arkansas Greenspring Ave., and Bannister Rd., Baltimore, Maryland 38 High St., Peterborough, New Hampshire 1 Punchard Ave., Andover 370 Ames St., Lawrence [103] Jacqueline Proctor . Margaret Prudden Margaret Rabling Eleanor Rafton Gloria Randolph Ruth Rathbone Anne Rivinius Christine Robinson Ann Rogers Priscilla Russ Doris Sawyer Anne Schoepflin Dorothy Schwiebert Anne Selden Mary Louise Sheedy Amelia Shields Virginia Smithers Mary Spaulding Ellen Spear Helen Stott Margaret Stuart Elizabeth Travis Lucia Tuttle Martha Tyer Andrea Warburg Adeline Waterhouse Joan Waugh Elizabeth Weaver Joan Webster . Marcia Wheeler Dorothy White Danna Whitlock Rachel Whitney Nancy Whitiier Margery Wick Winifred Wiglesworth Elsie Williams Priscilla Williams Bonney Wilson 78 Glen Ave., Newton Centre 1 Sutherland Rd., Montclair, New Jersey 1273 North Ave., New Rochelle, New York Alden Rd., Andover 243 East Adelia St., Elmhurst, Illinois 64 Central St., Palmer 346 Main St., Winchester Oxford, Maine 1105 North Main St., Laconia, New Hampshire 130 Broadway, Haverhill Bartlet St., Andover 91 Valley Rd., Larchmont, New York 101-05 Herrick Ave., Forest Hills, New York . 42 School St., Andover Groton 217 Chestnut Rd., Sewickley, Pennsylvania Salisbury, Connecticut 34 Kenwood Ave., Worcester Baldwin Terr., Rumford, Maine Williams Hall, Andover 501 West Maple Ave., Newark, New York 285 Migeon Ave., Torrington, Connecticut 40 Prescott St., Torrington, Connecticut Sunset Rock Rd., Andover 34 East 70th St., New York City 12 Berkeley PL, Cranford, New Jersey 18 William St., Andover 169 Chestnut St., North Andover 39 Park Ave., Wakefield 96 East Fourth St., Corning, New York 503 Speed Ave., Monroe, Louisiana Lakeview Avenue West, Brightwater, New York 41 Pine St., Danvers 13 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, New York 8 School St., Bradford, Pennsylvania 405 Bridge St., Cynthiana, Kentucky Post Office Box 807, Southampton, New York 18 Newton St., Brockton 11 Rangely Rd., Winchester [104] Jane Wilson Nancy Wilson Gertrude Wind Beverley Winslow Joan Wyatt Barbara Young Ann Zeitung . 11 Rangely Rd., Winchester 14 Lafayette St., New Brunswick, New Jersey 426 West Elm St., Brockton 190 Ocean St., Lynn 37 Cedar Rd., Brookline 45 South Fulton St., Allentown, Pennsylvania 721 Broad St., Meriden, Connecticut [105]

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