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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1936 volume:

i - V -V °»lvU THE CIRCLE ■v. 1936 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS For all her quiet life flowed on As meadow streamlets flow, Where fresher green reveals alone The noiseless ways they go. Her path shall brighten more and more Unto the perfect day; She cannot fail of peace who bore Such peace with her away. For still her holy living meant No duty left undone; The heavenly and the human blent Their kindred lives in one. She kept her line of rectitude With love ' s unconscious ease; Her kindly instincts understood All gentle courtesies. The dear Lord ' s best interpreters Are humble human souls; The Gospel of a life like hers Is more than books or scrolls. From scheme and creed the light goes out, The saintly fact survives; The blessed Master none can doubt Revealed in holy lives. John Greenleaf Whittier Reprinted through the courtesy of the copyright owners, Houghton Mifflin Co. H We Must Not Mourn We must not mourn for her who was Youth ' s Spring, For her whose wise and gentle patience beamed With steady warmth upon each wakening Young life, until the Beauty it had dreamed Grew strong within each heart and growing, knew The larger vision of her spacious skies. W 7 e must not mourn for her who held Youth true To its own strength, drew it with smiling eyes To dare its own potentiality Adventuring courageously for good, — For her who, still believing, lived to see Mature, her garden of young womanhood. We must not mourn for her. Her life was spent For Youth and crowned with its accomplishment. Helen Danforth Prudden ' 13 Our Miss Bailey Dear heart — suddenly still — Your book of life was beautifully written. Stinging, the tears which fill Our eyes, Against our will they flow, Knowing you would not wish it so. Soon, all too soon, the story ' s ended, Just in life ' s afternoon. Reverently the pages we retrace. Commanding strength is there, rare grace, And ever as we read, we see The radiant beauty of your face. The love to Abbot which we bore, Most gladly given to you, Was lavishly returned with more. Dear heart — so strangely still — As the great royalties of friendship Like a vast sea come rolling in, Your undying self will wake and thrill In those Elysian meadows, fair and wide, Which men name Paradise. Frances Swazey Parker ' 86 MISS COMEGYS MISS JENKS FACULTY Ruth Stephens Baker, A.M. French, German Mrs. Eunice Murray Campbell, A.B. Business Principles, Stenography Typewriting Jean Hope Baynes Financial Secretary Mary Carpenter Physical Education Helen D earborn Bean, A.B. History Helen Tileston Checkering, A.B. Latin, History, Geometry Florence Butterfield House Superintendent ' Rebekah Munroe Chickertng, A.B. Literature, English, History 10 Mme. Map ie de la Niepce Craig French Mrs. Hannah Richmond Duncan, R.N. Resident Nurse in charge of Infirmary Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Dramatic Interpretation, Spoken English Bertha Adaline Grimes, A.B. Chemistry, Household Science Kate Friskin Pianoforte, Theory of Music Walter Howe, Mus.B. Choral Music, Pianoforte, Organ, Theory of Music Mary Gay History of Art Regina Maria Hughes, A.M. Astronomy, Geology, Physics, N Geometry ii Barbara Humes Secretary Octavia Whiting Mathews, A.B. Supervisor of Day Students Helen Dunford Robinson, A.B. Latin Evelyn Mann Rumney, A.M. English Margaret Snow, A.B. Librarian, Curator of John Esther. Art Gallery Catherine Stone. A.B. Speech Gertrude Tingley Singing Mrs. Beatrice W. Van Ness Drawing, Painting Alice Sweeney, A.B. English 12 Class Song Onward still and upward Thirty-six will aim, Striving for the highest, Led by Abbot ' s name. Higher ever higher Will our banners rise, Till our crimson colors Mount up to the skies, And we ' ve kept the standards Abbot glorifies. Tree Song Ring Song Grow strong and tall, dear tree, And may you ever be Our symbol of eternity, And memory. Reach deeper in the earth, That we may find your worth In faith and tears and human mirth, And memory. Stretch higher to the sky, As wings outspread to fly, The wind and storms of life defy, In memory. Eleanor Wells Let this narrow band of gold Like a story-book unfold All its memories of old. Let it on my finger rest, Always to remind me lest I should fail to do my best. Let me ever hold it dear, Let me journey without fear, It will keep those memories near. Let me onward ever strive, It will make old friendships thrive, It will keep the past alive. Anne Dodge 14 M. Trafton A. Russell E. Sargent S. Wright Senior Class Officers President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Anne Russell Elizabeth Sargent Sylvia Wright . Mary Trafton 15 MIRIAM ADAMS " Mim " Derry Village, N. H. Sarah Lawrence Three Tears " Here she comes. Give her room! No, she ' s not a movie-star, but the mail must go through. " Yes, Mim is our very attractive post-mistress, but that ' s not her only talent! Certainly not! She can dance most superbly, and can she play hockey! What ' s more she has a brother at Annapolis and a ? at West Point. Entertainment Committee ' 33, ' 34 Fideho ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Q,.E.D. Society ' 35, ' 36 Numerals ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 35 President Q.E.D. ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- tee ' 35 Prom Committee ' 35 Varsity Hockey ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 SALLY BURNS " Floss " 14 Wolcott Ave., Andover, Mass. Four Tears " Flossie, got your Latin done? " The question goes unanswered as we hear a familiar, " Don ' t call me Flossie. " But " Flossie " just seems to fit such a radiant person and a head of almost too curly curls. We wish she would write a book of How to Look like a Vogue Fashion Plate, or better still, Exciting Week- ends. By the way, Sally, we haven ' t been long in finding those latest week-ends have been to the tune of " Alexander ' s Ragtime Band. " Philomatheia ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 Day Scholars ' Entertainment ' 33 34 35 Vice-President Junior-Mid Class ' 34 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 Numerals ' 34 Chevron ' 35 Prom Usher ' 34 " A " Society ' 35, ' 36 Fideho ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 16 CHARLOTTE TILLINGHAST DANE " Charl " 3 Serpentine Trail, Larchmont, N. Y. Duke Two Tears Meet Charl — our golf enthusiast, Entertainer-in- Chief, and Special Ambassadress to Ireland! How we do envy you those knitted suits, Charl, and the flair you have for wearing them. When, in moments of stress, we flush and stammer, we also envy you your mastery of the social graces and your charm. P.S., Here ' s to the appendices and Annapolis! Floor Committee School Tea Dance ' 36 Q.E.D. ' 36 Head of Entertainment Com- mittee ' 36 Head of Golf ' 35, ' 36 Athletic Council ' 35, ' 36 Floor Committee Senior-Mid Tea Dance ' 35 Children ' s Party ' 36 Griffin Entertainment Commit- tee ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 35, ' 36 ANNE-LAURENCE DODGE " Annie " " Anastasia " Newbury, Mass. Four Tears Red-checked shirts are this year ' s most important skiing style. Ask Annie. Also ask her all the ques- tions about the care and feeding of ants aunts, and the knitting of sweaters and socks. Annie is not only our authority on these, she is our pleasantly firm Stu. G. President, our friend in need, and our favorite story-teller. We can ' t imagine Room 22 without Annie ! President of Student Govern- ment ' 36 President of Q.E.D. ' 35 Q..E.D. ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 " Treasurer A.C.A. ' 35 Draper Dramatics ' 34, ' 35 Christmas Party ' 34 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 35 Society Banquet Committee ' 35 Secretary Junior-Mid Class ' 34 President Senior-Mid Class ' 35 Advisory Board ' 35, ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Plays 17 r JaH « V i it WF ' StatEl MARY DOOLEY 391 Prospect St., Lawrence, Mass. Two Tears Sparkling eyes, a dimple in her cheek, an adorable lisp, and a never-failing good nature — that ' s Mary to those who know her. And when she drives (?) that car around the circle! — All we can say is, " You ' d better watch your step. " Secretary Senior-Mid Class ' 35 Class Book Board ' 36 Day-Scholars ' Entertainment ' 36 Odeon ' 36 MARY MILDRED EASTLACK " Deede " Parlin, N. J. Two Tears Deede ' s certainly one of those good things that come in little packages. But being small just makes her even cuter. We all know what wit and good humor she ' s forever startling us with — those puns! Incidentally, we ' ve heard that there ' s more than one midshipman who is still quite infatuated — How about it, Deede? Student Government ' 36 Tea Dance Committee ' 36 Advisory Board ' 36 Vice-President A.C.A. ' 36 18 LUCY HAWKES South Main St., Andover, Mass. Wellesley Two Tears How our skiing has improved under our exalted head of A.A.A.! She ' s a wonderful teacher (we refer you to a certain " purple pants " )! And this outdoor-girl is very clever inside, too; her knitting is the world ' s eighth wonder; and, as for those Algebra problems — then, too, one look into the " Inkey " depths of those brown eyes is enough to send any man for a goal — or Lucy ! -;:■■[:. JKf ; T. President of A. A. A. ' 36 Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 35 Athletic Council ' 36 Philomatheia ' 35, ' 36 Secretary-Treasurer Philoma- theia ' 36 Student Government ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 Draper Dramatics ' 35 Numerals ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 35 Fidelio ' 35, ' 36 Class Book Board ' 36 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- tee ' 35 Spring Tea Dance Committee ' 35 Christmas Party ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 CLARA MACFARLANE HOLLAND " Clarie " 1 12 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. Five Tears For school spirit, a wonderful sense of humor, and just the best of sports, we refer you to Clara. You see, she ' s our five-year plan personified — and a most successful one! She has extraordinary artistic ability, too — the rapid way her left hand writes and draws fascinates us. Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- tee ' 35 Prom Usher ' 34 Junior-Mid Song Leader 34 Day Scholars Entertainment 34, 35 Abbot Birthday Committee 34 LBA ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Student Government ' 36 Class Book Board ' 36 Numerals ' 32 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 President Junior Class ' 33 Vice-President Junior Class ' 33 Vice-President Junior-Mid Class ' 34 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Choir ' 33 19 MARY FRANCES CORNELIA MAHONEY " Franny " 54 Elm St., North Andover, Mass. Five Tears Mary Frances, when it comes to shooting baskets, making perfect Danish face-vaults, or swinging up the ropes like a young Tarzana, we salute you! And we doff our hats to your acting. It ' s the best. Secretary-Treasurer Gargoyles ' 36 Head of Basketball ' 36 Athletic Council ' 36 Day Scholars ' Entertainment ' 34 35 36 Draper Dramatics ' 34, ' 35 Treasurer Junior-Mid Class ' 33 Vice-President Junior Class ' 32 Prom Usher ' 33 Numerals ' 32 Chevrons ' 34, ' 36 Day Scholar Student Govern- ment Representative ' 35 Abbot Dramatic Society ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Secretary-Treasurer A.D.S. 36 Senior-Mid Play ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- tee ' 35 " A Society ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 PRISCILLA BRUCE MAILEY " Pri " " Pris " 63 Salem St., Andover, Mass. Five Tears " Yo leo lady Oleo lady oh — O leo lady oh " Yes, that ' s Pri. Although most of the time, Pri ' s shy as they come, if you can get her to imitate the hog-callers, you ' ll hear plenty of noise. With that gorgeous hair of yours you ' ll be a second Jean Harlow some day soon. But whether you choose Hollywood or domesticity, we wish you luck. Numerals ' 32 President Philomatheia ' 36 Captain Baseball ' 36 A. C. A. Entertainment Com- mittee ' 36 Fidelio ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 20 MARION STANTON MOONEY " Mooney " 1952 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. Smith Three Tears It must be the Irish in her that makes Mooney so wildly witty. She can actually make a pun amusing — and, of course, artistic. As for tact, Mooney always says what she means, but she usually means the right thing. Some day she ' ll be a famous epi- grammist, satirist, and humorist, but meanwhile she is spending her time keeping the Seniors lively. Christmas Party ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Numerals ' 35 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 President Class ' 34 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- Fidelio ' 35 tee ' 35 Head of Archery ' 35, ' 36 Prom Decorating Committee ' 35 L.B.A. ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 President L.B.A. ' 36 Treasurer A. A. A. ' 36 Athletic Council ' 35, ' 36 Smith HELEN MARIE O ' BRIEN " Hawee " 11 Ridge Rd., Lawrence, Mass. Two Years Hawee — our sum-oothie day-scholar — has cars, looks, personality, puns, and winks galore! She ' s another member of our class that was a " visitor " at Annapolis. Hawee has, at times, the most " Angell " ic expression, but you can ' t fool us, no matter how hard you try. Hope you ' ll " come up and see us, some time, " Hawee. Class Book Board ' 36 Griffin Entertainment Commit- tee ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 Varsity Tennis Team ' 35, ' 36 Day-Scholar Entertainment ' 36 Odeon ' 36 21 ROSALIE HARRIET RAPPOPORT 52 13th Ave., Paterson, N. J. Smith Three Tears When you see a small, dark-haired girl with a good- natured expression bearing down on you, you may be sure that this is Rosalie. With her acting ability, she has given us many enjoyable moments. And, did you ever hear of her cute little brother? We ' d love to meet him, Rosalie. Numerals ' 36 A. D. S. ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Play ' 35 A. D. S. Play ' 36 Fidelio ' 35 BARBARA REINHART 1 ommy Main St., Andover, Mass. Erskine Five Tears Introducing our illustrious Head-of-Day-Scholars, who ' s known to everyone for her charming per- sonality and grand supply of diplomacy. These make her our favorite — and she ' s game for any- thing, be it algebra or a six-foot ski jump. We look forward to seeing our dimpled darling as our lead- ing dramatic actress in ' 46. We know that ' s not a mere dream. A.D.S. ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 President A.D.S. ' 35, ' 36 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 " A ' ; Society ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Play ' 35 President Junior-Mid Class ' 33 President Senior-Mid Class ' 35 Prom Usher ' 34 Numerals ' 33 Chevrons ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- Secretary-Treasurer Griffins ' 35 tee ' 35 Draper Dramatics ' 34 President Junior Class ' 32 Student Government ' 34, ' 36 Advisory Board ' 33 Christmas Party ' 36 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 33, ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Senior Play ' 36 22 ELINOR ROGERS ROBINSON Oxford, Me. Four Tears She may be quiet, she may be modest, but she fits to a T the old expression, " Still waters run deep. " We can envy her cleverness, too, for it will probably bring her success in whatever career she chooses. But we can ' t dismiss El without a word about those large and beautiful eyes. Don ' t you wish your own were like them? Courant ' zs, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Class Book Board ' 36 " A " Society ' 35, ' 36 Numerals ' 33 Secretary-Treasurer of Student Government ' 36 Secretary of Class ' 34 Treasurer of Class ' 33 Chevrons ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays Honor Roll ' 33 Society Banquet Committee ' 33 CAROL CAMPBELL ROCKWELL " Carry " 658 Osgood St., North Andover, Mass. Bradford Four Tears Versatility personified! — for our Carrie can do ' most anything at all! She can sing as well as play (her sonatas are positively uplifting), she ' s a wow at tennis and squash, and one of the best song leaders we ' ve ever had. The best of sports, she c an take all sorts of kidding about her most original sweater and skirt combinations, and she can dish out some of the best puns. In return, Carrie, we ' re betting on your heaps of personality and ample supply of brains to carry you places ! Editor of Class Book ' 36 Secretary-Treasurer Griffins ' 36 " A " Society ' 35, ' 36 Fideho ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Philomatheia ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Play ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- tee ' 35 Varsity Tennis Team ' 36 Captain Tennis Team ' 36 Prom Usher ' 33 Numerals ' 32 Chevrons ' 35, ' 36 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 Senior Song Leader ' 36 Griffin Song Leader ' 35 Athletic Council ' 36 Day Scholars ' Entertainment ' 33, ' 34 ' 35, ' 36 23 ANNE NAOMI RUSSELL 500 Chester Ave., Moorestown, N. J. Four Tears If you are ever blue, Anne will fix you up. She has a most contagious giggle and what a smile! She is very artistic and, oh yes, she sings and can speak Spanish. Why, if we didn ' t know she came from New Jersey, we ' d think she lived in Cuba. Yes, sir, Anne ' s our class president too, and we wouldn ' t trade her for another! Class Book Board ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 35, ' 36 President of Class ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 Vice-President A.C.A. ' 35 Senior-Mid Plays ' 34, ' 35 Draper Dramatics ' 35 Floor Committee School Tea Dance ' 36 Fidelio ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Choir ' 35. ' 36 L.B.A. ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 L.B.A. President ' 35 Treasurer A.C.A. ' 34 ELIZABETH SARGENT " Sarge " 35 Washington Sq., Salem, Mass. Wheelock Two Tears " Have you heard? We ' re going home next week! " It must be Sarge, wandering around with a ball of yarn under her arm and her needles clicking almost automatically. She is probably dressed in a pair of shorts, ski boots and a red flannel muffler. Circuses are never very far away when Sarge is around; but they ' re nice circuses with plenty of good sense and variety. Treasurer of Class ' 35 Advisory Board ' 35, ' 36 Vice-President of Class ' 36 Christmas Party ' 35. Senior-Mid Plays A.D.S. ' 36 Student Government ' 36 Numerals ' 35 24 SALLY SGATES " Scales 99 4 Boylston Terr., West Medford, Mass. Three Tears Sally has the most infectious grin we know. And she never stops with just a grin, there ' s always a chuckle or a friendly word behind. She ' s just " Sally. " There ' s no other word that describes her adequately, but when you find a word that means friendliness and sympathy and a sublime sense of the ridiculous, you ' ll have a synonym for " Sally. " Senior-Mid Student Govern- ment Representative ' 35 Choir ' 35, ' 36 President of Choir ' 36 Fidelio ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Q..E.D. ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 Treasurer of Junior-Mid Class ' 34 Society Banquet Committee ' 35 Vice-President A.A.A. ' 36 Secretary-Treasurer G E.D. ' 36 Student Government ' 36 PATRICIA COOMBS SMITH " Pat 99 Fort Sewall, Marblehead, Mass. Two Tears Pat, the girl with the great big smile, has a mind of her own and keeps all of us well informed about it. We hear a great deal about Marblehead and " Lennie, " butwe ' re never bored for Pat ' s remarks are always unexpected, and are enlivened by references to Chaucer. She ' s the sort of person we know will be a success because we know she just couldn ' t be anything else. Advisory Board ' 36 Christmas Party ' 35, ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 Class Book Board ' 36 Q.E.D. ' 35, ' 36 Fidelio ' 35, ' 36 25 PAULINE CHAPMAN SPEAR " Polly " 156 Winchester St., Brookline, Mass. Vassar Three Tears Personality and Polly are the same thing. Both are made of brains, unreasonable blonde hair, and shrieks. Polly adds an angelic voice to this list of attractions, and indulges in every conceivable form of music from lullabies to " Soup of the Evening. " She is continually surprising us, for her laugh is never the same twice, varying in tone, mood, and length of duration. Life would be very dull without you, Polly. Cum Laude ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 Fidelio ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Entertainment Committee Courant ' 35, ' 36 School Song Leader ' 35 Gargoyle Song Leader ' 36 Senior -Mid Plays ' 35 Numerals ' 34 Draper Dramatics ' 35 Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 35 ' 35 Ivy Oration ' 35 Honor Roll ' 35, ' 36 Advisory Board ' 36 Class Book Board ' 36 A.C.A. President ' 36 Class Treasurer ' 34 Chairman of Senior-Mid Tea Dance ' 35 Student Government ' 36 Varsity Hockey ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Choir ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 CAROL HELEN STILLWELL " Tony " 71 Winsor PL, Glen Ridge, N. J. Mount Holyoke Two Tears " Who ' s that little girl with the big eyes? " " Why that ' s Tony. " For a little girl, Tony has a lot in her. She ' s capable of making quite a bit of noise, and, on the other hand, she can be as quiet as a turtle. She ' s talented in dramatics and all her studies. Ask Tony some time about certain letters she receives every so often. I bet she ' d blush! HHHHHHMHMMHIHMHhHB k Class Book Board ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 Senior-Mid Plays ' 35 Honor Roll ' 35 Treasurer A.C.A. ' 36 A.D.S. ' 35, ' 36 A.D.S. Play ' 35 Numerals ' 36 Christmas Party 35 26 MARY LEWIS SWAN 22 Thorndike St., Beverly, Mass. Three Years Mary is such a grand all-round person that it ' s hard to know where to start to tell about her. She plays a wonderful game of hockey, she managed the Senior Play with its hundred and one details, and one morning she got half-way down to the dining- room before she remembered that she hadn ' t put on a skirt! It ' s quite unnecessary to say that Mary is our class musician, and that we don ' t know what the Senior Class would have done without her. Ill Varsity Hockey ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Captain of Hockey Team ' 36 Aeolian Society ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 President of Aeolian ' 36 Secretary A.C.A. ' 35 Student Government ' 35, ' 36 First Vice-President of Student Government ' 36 " A " Society ' 35, ' 36 Athletic Council ' 36 Varsity Baseball ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 34 Chevrons ' 35, ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 34, ' 35 Secretary of Junior-Mid Class ' 34 Stage Manager of Senior-Mid Play ' 35 MARY FRANCES TRAFTON " Traftie " 323 Minot Ave., Auburn, Me. Mount Holyoke Four Tears We should like to award a special medal to Traftie for being relied upon to do the right thing at the right time. She ' s pretty good at making us take our chap walks. We ' re looking forward with great pleasure to seeing the frivolous Mary of 1946. Treasurer of Senior Class Secretary of Junior-Mid Class Student Government ' 33 Aeolian ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Secretary-Treasurer of Aeolian ' 36 Varsity Hockey ' 35, 36 Numerals ' 33 " A " Society ' 35, ' 36 Secretary-Treasurer of " A " So- ciety ' 35 Chevrons ' 35, ' 36 Varsity Baseball ' 35 Fidelio ' 33, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Play ' 35 Athletic Council ' 34, ' 35, ' 36 Honor Bonus ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Christmas Party Committee ' 36 Fire Captain ' 36 27 ELEANOR DAWSON WELLS Box 259, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. Wheaton Two Tears Behold Eleanor, our literary genius! At some time or other we ' ve all been rather envious of Eleanor ' s descriptive powers and poetic ability. It can ' t be the climate in Jamaica and it can ' t be the fruit down there because we eat bananas too, so it must be that Eleanor has brains. In spite of all this, Eleanor knows a good joke when she hears it. Editor-in-Chief of Courant ' 36 Courant Board ' 35, ' 36 Secretary of A. A. A. ' 36 Athletic Council ' 36 Class Book Board ' 36 Treasurer Senior-Mid Class ' 35 Honor Roll ' 35 Honor Bonus ' 35 Griffin Entertainment Commit- tee ' 36 RUTH BABETTE WITTIG 100 Hillside Ave., West Newton, Mass. Mount Holyoke Two Years Even the tarn can ' t conceal her red hair. Now you know who it is! She hasn ' t the characteristic bad temper, although she plays a mean game of ping- pong. You frightened us all for a moment, Ruthie, when you announced your engagement! You ' ll probably beat us to it at that; and we ' ll guarantee that the brains under the red hair will get you places. Senior-Mid Play ' 35 Class Book Board ' 36 Q..E.D. ' 36 Senior Play ' 36 28 SYLVIA ANGELINE WRIGHT " Syl " 20 Prospect St., Norwood, N. Y. Connecticut College Two Tears We don ' t know whether it ' s Shredded Wheat or Rice Krispies that gives Sylvia her blonde curly hair and gorgeous complexion. She hasn ' t confided in us yet. There ' ll come a day we hope! It might be added that Sylvia ' s is the only flourishing P. A. romance. To be sure, others have budded but never bloomed. Senior-Mid Play ' 35 Prom Committee ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Commit- Society Banquet Committee ' 35 tee ' 35 Fidelio ' 35, ' 36 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee Philomatheia ' 35, ' 36 ' 35 Christmas Party ' 36 Choir ' 36 Secretary of Senior Class ' 36 Chairman Prom Committee ' 36 29 Perfect Abbot Girl Hair . Sylvia Wright Eyebrows Miriam Adams Eyes Lucy Hawkes Eyelashes Anne Russell Nose Carol Rockwell Smile Patricia Smith Teeth Mary Frances Mahoney Lips Mary Dooley Chin Sylvia Wright Complexion Sylvia Wright 30 One Year Girls LENORE JEAN BUCKLEY 680 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. ELIZABETH PARTRIDGE DRAKE 12 Roanoke Rd., Wellesley, Mass. " Oh, Mother, stop it! " PHYLLIS MARY FISHER 24 North Terrace, Maplewood, N. J. 31 LOIS HOLMES 652 Hough St., Barrington, 111. JEANNE BEATRICE MacCREADY iog School St., Taunton, Mass. " Oh, it ' s simply lovely! " GRACE WALLACE NICHOLS 10 Nelson St., Auburn, N. Y. " Well, sure, I think I can do it. " 32 VIRGINIA NOURSE 105 Larchmont Rd., Melrose, Mass. IllSISfillfe.. ' !..: . ANN NORING ROBINS 13 College St., Canton, N. Y. " Prof! " BARBARA SOUTHER Beverly Farms, Mass. JANE KNOX HOPKINS 306 East Main St., Titusville, Pa. 33 Class Statistics Best Looking Smoothest Prettiest Cutest Neatest . Best Dressed Best Dancer . Most High Hat Most Capable Most Versatile Most Literary Most Musical Most Diplomatic Most Original Most Athletic Most Poise Most Personality Most Likely to Succeed Most Temperamental Best Natured Optimist Pessimist Class Cynic . Class Clown Class Bluffer Class Punster Cleverest Noisiest .... Wittiest Best Sense of Humor Man-Hater . Most Absent-Minded . Most Artistic Done Most for the School Most Dramatic Meekest First to be Married First to Elope Helen Marie O ' Brien Helen Marie O ' Brien Mary Dooley Mildred Eastlack Mary Trafton Sally Burns Pauline Spear Miriam Adams Anne Dodge Pauline Spear Eleanor Wells Mary Swan Barbara Reinhart Patricia Smith Mary Swan Barbara Reinhart Anne Dodge Eleanor Wells Miriam Adams Elizabeth Sargent Marion Mooney Ruth Wittig Lucy Hawkes Patricia Smith Sally Burns Eleanor Wells Eleanor Wells Pauline Spear Eleanor Wells Anne Dodge Priscilla Mailey Anne Dodge Anne Russell Anne Dodge Mary Frances Mahoney Elinor Robinson Anne Russell Lucy Hawkes 34 Class Will We, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-six, being momentarily sane and in our right minds, do hereby bestow upon our worthy successors our worldly possessions as follows: We leave Polly ' s operatic tendencies to the Flaherty twins. We leave Mini ' s dance steps to Gisela Bolten. We bequeath Mooney ' s correspondence to Marge Williams. We leave Ellie ' s sophistication to Lucille Freeman. We bequeath Mary Trafton ' s sense of humor to Plunkett. We leave Elinor Robinson ' s silences to Pondo. We leave Pat Smith ' s love affairs to Lil Seiler. We bequeath Sarge ' s foggy moments to Millie Collens. We leave Tommy ' s tact to Joan Todd. We leave all our more graceful moments to Cole, Skeeter, and Pett. We, the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-six, being momentarily insane, bequeath to our Faculty, in appreciation, the following: We leave Annie ' s ants to Miss Jenks for her Biology class. We leave our ankle socks to Miss Comegys. We leave all our merits (if we have any) to Miss Humes. We leave all our " larks " to Miss Friskin. We bequeath Sarge ' s stockings to Miss Carpenter for her gym classes. We leave all our short change to Miss Baynes. We leave our early hours to Madame. We bequeath our week-ends to Miss Hughes. We leave Annie ' s hooded bathrobe to Miss Butterfield. We leave our " dates " to Miss Bean. g Witnesses: J i . f dX J U VC 5 2 - ?. 5 35 Class History The class of 1936 has always had to struggle to make itself heard, especially in the line of Christmas verses. There are only four of the people in the class who started it off on its course at Abbot. Now in the Senior year, our numbers have grown but we are still a small and, let ' s say, select group. The class ' s Prep, Junior and Junior-Mid years, chief characteristic was, of course, to impress people that we weren ' t the babies we were supposed to be. It was in the Senior-Mid year that we began to come into our element. Besides such major incidents as the Tea Dance, and being able to go to the Prom, it was full of nice little things like getting our class sweaters. You can ' t quite describe the Senior year. It is rather satisfying, though, to be told that you are responsible for setting good standards for the rest of the school. It gives one an important feeling. Things that we had waited for so long, like Intervale, really came and were not disappoint- ing. The happiness of Intervale and the time when Senior rings are gained come only once in our life. Our class has not done anything startingly different from other classes, but it is the people in the class, who each and everyone will make it different from the many other classes. There will be only one Annie Dodge, with her side-splitting stories of her family, although there will be many Stu. G. heads. There will only by one Anne Russell with her bubbling laugh although many Senior presidents. Last but not least, we are Miss Bailey ' s last Senior class, although she will not be here to send us out from Abbot. I believe everyone of us feels that Miss Bailey has not gone, but is still proud of us when we try to carry out her ideals for ourselves and for Abbot. We, who have heard so many of her beautiful morning chapel programs, praying for those who are in need, doubt, or sorrow, praying for peace, and praying to God to guide the rulers of our country, cannot help feeling this. I can see, without half trying, Miss Bailey stand- ing in chapel perhaps putting a spark of humor into an announcement by the tone of her voice or by the expression of her face. I think the thought that has guided many of us this year is, " Would Miss Bailey have wished it? " and perhaps that is a good thought to take out into the world with us. 36 The Awful Truth for Seniors Name M. Adams S. Bupns C. Dane A. L. Dodge M. DOOLEY M. Eastlack L. Hawkes C. Holland F. Mahoney P. Mailey M. MOONEY H. M. O ' Brien R. Rappoport B. Reinhart E. Robinson C. Rockwell A. Russell E. Sargent S. S GATES P. Smith P. Spear C. Stillwell M. Swan M. Trafton E. Wells R. Wittig S. Wright Class of ' 36 Known by Clothes Curls Winks Bossy Gillis Profile Dimple Her brothers Remarks " Sunny " { " Sonny " ex P ression Hair Ankles Those looks Henry VIII ' s wife Poise Leaky pens Skirts and sweaters Giggle Stockings Grin Novelette Squeals Empty baskets Musical genius Helpful attitude Whispers Little curl Lithp Wise-cracks Ambition Mona Lisa Co-ed college Bohemian Soap-box orator Size 12 To be a big girl Dartmouth Green Key None Also none Corner Algebra teacher Second Peggy Joyce None Broadway Librarian Three corsages Dramatic thought Job Rhumba Lion -hunting Squee Latin teacher Church organist Buckingham Palace Loud voice Intellectual Toe-dancer 50th Reunion Probable End Post-mistress Teacher at Abbot Club-woman Republican Size 42 Cynic Dartmouth Green Key Brown house-mother Circus Limelight Bathing-suit mode) Old maid Enthusiasm Hollywood News-stand Hot-house Dramatic action Lady of leisure Waltz Duck-hunting Wall-flower Chorus girl Jazz band Down Maine Cheer leader Platinum blonde Wrestler Old ladies ' home Famous Utterances ' ' You ' ve got a letter " " You know — " " Not this chicken " " Honest to Gonnies " " Got your Latin done? " " Gee, fellows — " " Tell me— " " Hi there " a tjx »s ' Hiya ' " Hi " " I bet you didn ' t think of that — " " Boy, Hardy " " I don ' t know " " That ' s swell " " Well— " " I ' m not proud " " He, he, he ' " " I ' m going wacky " " Oh, Bother " " I ' m sorry, but — " " No soap " " I won ' t tell " " I don ' t remember " " Papa Howe " " Skip it " " Well, I mean— " " Oh, gee " " Hi " 37 TrtO. ' itv S M U H«.««.t • »; t. I « v, o O. sai- ' ™i l ic Intervale Songs (Tune: The Man on the Flying Trapeze) Oh, we slid through the snow with the greatest of ease, We daring young girls on our snow-shoes and skis; Our actions were graceful, all farmers we pleased, And our ski-pants are well worn away. Oh, we read True Romances till midnight or more, And we sent picture-postcards galore; We walked (gesture) to North Conway by light of the moon, And we hated to come back so soon, Ohhhhh — We slid through the snow with the greatest of ease, We daring young girls on our snow-shoes and skis; Our actions were graceful, all farmers we pleased, And our ski-pants are well worn away. (Tune: The Music Goes ' Round and ' Round) Oh, we got into the train, And the wheels went ' round and ' round. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, And we got out there. Oh, we piled into the sleigh, And we merrily whisked away, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, And we jumped out there. Oh, we got into our skis, And we fell on the backs of our knees, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Listen to the groans come out. Oh, we got into our skates, And we did some figure eights, Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, And we landed here (gesture) . Oh, we ate some juicy steaks, And we lost our tummy aches, Um, um, um, um, um, um, yeah, oh yeah And so we called for more. Oh, we climbed back into the train, And the wheels went ' round and ' round, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, And we landed here. (Yelled) And so will you!!! 42 J$ r-iMP 8 Hi , -sS fc IM I In the Sleigh at the Station A View from Mt. Surprise Mim and Hawee INTER VALE I " Carpie " Sally, Mary, Carol, Annie A View from Mt. Surprise Off for a Ski ' Waiting at the Gate ' MORE INTER VA LE Shooting the Chutes ' We ' re on Our Way " (Tune: A Little Bit of Heaven) Sure a little bit of heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away; And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair, They said, " Suppose we leave it, For it looks so peaceful there. " So they sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow, They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished, Sure they called it Intervale! 45 E N M R S The Senior Middle Class Song (Tune: Vagabond Song) 37 ' s marching Onward always marching Striving for the best we know We ' ll be loyal ever To our school we ' ll never Be unfaithful or untrue. Raise our banner green up to the sky Never let its meaning to us die Abbot, when we leave you We will not forget you 37 ' s marching on. 48 President Vice-President Treasurer President Vice-President Treasurer Margaret Bain Marjorie A. Boesel Charlotte Boynton Corinne Brooks Patricia Burdine Nancy S. Burns Harriott Cole Mildred deG. Collens Thelma Cutter Barbara Daniels Eva L. Doblin Catherine Forbush Sally Gage Dorothy E. Hamilton Ruth A. Hill Cynthia Holbrook Senior Middle Class Colors — Green and White OFFICERS— First Half Sarah M. Sheldon sophronia vlbberts Elizabeth Swint OFFICERS— Second Half Priscilla Richards Charlotte Boynton Elizabeth Melcher Elizabeth Inman Elizabeth Joost Barbara Kelley Eleanor M. Lancaster Barbara Lee Elizabeth Melcher Je ANNETTE H. PARTRIDGE Geraldine J. Peck Edith H. Peden Mary E. Pettengill Barbara Pierpoint Ruth Pond Jean Rae Barbara Randolph Martha E. Ransom Jane W. Rice Priscilla M. Richards Louise Risley Ruth H. Rose Anne J. Sawyer Lillian J. Seiler Sarah M. Sheldon Ellen Simpson Jane R. Stevenson Louise B. Stevenson Martha Sweeney Elizabeth J. Swint Joan Todd Grace S. Vibberts Barbara B. Waite Carol L. Whittemore Marjorie L. Williams Mary Wilson 49 if 1 1 K ■ - " • : - M ' SB E. Wells L. Hawkes M. Mooney Abbot Athletic Association OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Lucy Hawkes Sally S gates Eleanor Wells Marion Mooney 52 H. Cole M. E. Pettengill M. E. Ransom M. Trafton G. Peck C. Dane C. Rockwell E. Wells L. Hawkes M. Mooney M. Swan F. Mahoney Athletic Council MAJOR SPORTS Head of Hockey Head of Tennis Head of Basketball Head of Baseball Head of Track Head of Riding . Head of Croquet . Head of Archery Head of Golf Head of Badminton Head of Ice . Head of Snow Head of Pingpong Head of Deck Tennis Head of Hiking Head of Griffins Head of Gargoyles Griffin Song Leader Gargoyle Song Leader School Song Leader MINOR SPORTS CLUB CAPTAINS CHEER LEADERS Mary Swan Carol Rockwell Frances Mahoney Priscilla Mailey Geraldine Peck Mary Pettengill Marion Mooney Geraldine Peck Charlotte Dane Martha Sweeney Marjorie Williams Martha Sweeney Ruth Wittig Kathryn Humphries Mary Trafton Martha Elizabeth Ransom Harriott Cole Elizabeth Swint Pauline Spear Martha Ransom 53 I i i ! lit .1 «i9L . Jtk Hp " A " SOCIETY B. Daniels E. Swint H. Cole P. Spear S. Burns M. Swan G. Peck C. Rockwell M. Trafton B. Reinhart E. Robinson M. E. Ransom M. Sweeney F. Mahoney President M. Collens R. Rose HOCKEY TEAM M. E. Pettengill E. Drake P. Spear M. Swan Captain H. Cole M. Trafton B. Melcher S. Sheldon 54 BASKETBALL TEAM Martha Ransom, Captain Marie Appleby Catherine Forbush Diana Greene Phyllis Saunders Elizabeth Swint E. Swint M. Appleby P. Saunders M. E. Ransom D. Greene C. Forbush TENNIS TEAM Caroline Rockwell, Captain Helen O ' Brien Joan Todd H. M. O ' Brien G. Rockwell J. Todd 55 CLUB CAPTAINS Harriott Cole Captain of Gargoyles Martha Ransom Captain of Griffins H. Cole M. E. Ransom CHEER LEADERS Martha Ransom School Cheer Leader Pauline Spear Gargoyle Cheer Leader Elizabeth Swint Griffin Cheer Leader P. Spear 56 M. E. Ransom E. Swint 1935 Blazers Ann Cutler Frances McTernen Eleanor Johnson Katharine Sgudder Helen Tower 57 ... 1 I 1 j Tl : ' !j A ! AEOLIAN Parting Hymn Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come : I do not fear to see; : But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, : And to wipe the weeping eyes; : And a heart at leisure from itself, To soothe and sympathize. Wherever in the world I am, In whatsoe ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts : To keep and cultivate; : And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life : While keeping at Thy side; : Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. 60 Fidelio Society Martha Elizabeth Ransom Margaret Plunkett Jane Hopkins Jeanne Sawyer Sally S gates Sarah Sheldon Ellen Simpson Patricia Smith Pauline Spear Martha Sweeney Joan Todd Mary Toohey Mary Trafton sophronia vlbberts Evelyn Ward Barbara Waite Marjorie Williams Sylvia Wright Fidelio is the glee club of Abbot. It meets twice a week in Abbot Hall to practice the songs to sing at Christmas and Easter. It also sings at Sunday night services once every four weeks. Last year in the late spring the society took part in a concert with Phillips and it plans to do so this year also. Mr. Howe directs the society. President Pianists Marth, . Miriam Adams Elizabeth Inman Margaret Bain Elizabeth Joost Barbara Bobst Marian Lawson Joan Brown Priscilla Mailey Nancy Burns Grace Nichols Barbara Daniels Geraldine Peck Susan Darling Ruth Pond Eva Doblin Margaret Plunkett Mary Elliott Barbara Reinhart Nancy England Jane Rice Diana Greene Priscilla Richards Dorothy Hamilton Anne Robins Lucy Hawkes Carol Rockwell Clara Holland Anne Russell Jane Hopkins 61 B. Bobst N. England M. E. Ransom A. Russell G. Nichols J. Todd J. Brown M. Plunkett P. Richards S. Wright A. Robins P. Spear Choir Barbara Bobst Joan Brown Nancy England Grace Nichols Margaret Plunkett Martha Ransom Priscilla Richards Ann Robins Anne Russell Pauline Spear Joan Todd Sylvia Wright 62 M. Toohey E. Sargent A. Russell L. Hawkes E. Duncan N. Burns B. Reinhart C. Holland A. Dodge M. Swan B. Daniels M. Eastlack E. Robinson P. Spear Student Government OFFICERS President Anne Dodge First Vice-President Mary Swan Second Vice-President Clara Holland Third Vice-President Barbara Reinhart Secretary-Treasurer . . Elinor Robinson Nancy Burns Barbara Daniels Anne Dodge Elise Duncan Mildred Eastlack Lucy Hawkes Clara Holland Barbara Reinhart Elinor Robinson Anne Russell Elizabeth Sargent Pauline Spear Mary Swan Mary Toohey 63 C. Still well M. Eastlack P. Spear M. E. Ransom Abbot Christian Association OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Pauline Spear Mildred Eastlack Martha Ransom Carol Stillwell 64 R. Wittig P. Smith P. Spear C. Holland M. Dooley E. Robinson C. Stillwell E. Wells C. Rockwell A. Russell H. M. O ' Brien L. Hawkes Editor-in-Chief Carol Rockwell Class Book Board Ex-Officio Anne Russell Eleanor Wells Patricia Smith Pauline Spear Literary Editors Elinor Robinson Art Editors Clara Holland Mary Dooley Ruth Wittig Anne Russell Helen Marie O ' Brien Business Editors Lucy Hawkes Carol Stillwell 65 E. Robinson J. Todd M. E. Ransom P. Spear A. Robins R. Rose E. Wells M. Williams G. Nichols Courant Board Editor-in-Chief Eleanor Wells Business Editor Pauline Spear Art Editor Marjorie Williams Assistant Business Editors Ruth Rose Elinor Robinson Grace Nichols Martha Ransom Literary Editors Ann Robins Joan Todd 66 R. Wittig A. Dodge C. Boynton A. Robins M. Collens P. Smith M. Adams C. Dane M. Wilson President Secretary- Treasurer Q. E. D. Society Miriam Adams Sally Scates Miriam Adams Charlotte Boynton Mildred Collens Charlotte Dane Anne Dodge Cynthia Holbrook Barbara Pierpoint Ann Robins Sally Scates Patricia Smith Mary Wilson Ruth Wittig 67 J. Rice M. Dooley B. Randolph C. For bush M. Eastlack S. Sheldon E. Ward S. Vibberts P. Richards H. M. O ' Brien Odeon Society President Secretary- Treasurer Mary Dooley Mildred Eastlack Catherine Forbush Helen Marie O ' Brien Barbara Randolph Sophronia Vibberts Priscilla Richards Jane Rice Priscilla Richards Sarah Sheldon Sophronia Vibberts Evelyn Ward Odeon is Abbot ' s literary circle. In their meetings the members discuss current novels. A corner of the reading room has been put at their disposal, and there they often post articles that are worth the attention of the rest of the school. 68 M. Plunkett L. Holmes M. Lawson M. Swan M. Proctor M. Trafton L. Seiler Lois Holmes Marian Lawson Margaret Plunkett Aeolian Society Mary Swan, President Mary Swan Madeleine Proctor Mary Trafton Lillian Seiler The girls who show a great deal of interest in music are chosen to be in this society. They meet in the music studio, where they discuss the lives and works of great musicians, sing some of their songs, and listen to selections from their well- known works. 69 - ■■ ' ■; ' -: yi - : f.-x ' » . i ! ■ . E. Swint E. Inman E. Joost S. Wright N. Burns M. E. Pettengill L. Hawkes P. Mailey S. Burns C. Rockwell Philomatheia Society President Priscilla Mailey Secretary-Treasurer Lucy Hawkes Nancy Burns Sally Burns Lucy Hawkes Elizabeth Inman Elizabeth Joost Priscilla Mailey Mary Emily Pettengill Carol Rockwell Elizabeth Swint Sylvia Wright Philomatheia is a society .made up of girls scientifically inclined. This year they have been studying photogr aphy and the art of developing and printing the negatives and have been experimenting with pictures they have taken. 70 A. Russell C. Holland V. Nourse M. Mooney J. Partridge G. Peck B. Daniels E. Melcher Les Beaux Arts Society President Secretary- Treasurer Barbara Daniels Clara Holland Elizabeth Melcher Marion Mooney Anne Russell Marion Mooney Geraldine Peck Virginia Nourse Calla Owen Jeannette Partridge Geraldine Peck Les Beaux Arts, as the name suggests, is the artistic element in the school. The society attends exhibitions given at Phillips Academy. From time to time it reports on some of the pictures to be seen here at school. 7i C. Stillwell M. Toohey J. Brown P. Burdine J. Stevenson E. Sargent R. Rappoport H. Cole B. Reinhart F. Mahoney M. Sweeney Abbot Dramatic Society President . Secretary- Treasurer Joan Brown Patricia Burdine Harriott Cole Frances Mahoney Rosalie Rappoport Barbara Reinhart Frances Mahoney Barbara Reinhart Elizabeth Sargent Jane Stevenson Carol Stillwell Martha Sweeney Mary Toohey This society has, as its members, girls who possess marked ability along dramatic lines. The society discusses plays in its meetings and is coached by Mrs. Gray in the fine plays that it presents at the beginning of the second quarter. 72 1935 Honor A ' s ANN CRAWFORD CUTLER GERALDINE EICK ELEANOR JOHNSON MARGUERITE NOONAN LUCIA ELMORE NUNEZ KATHERINE SCUDDER HELEN HENRIETTA TOWER CECILE W. VAN PEURSEM 1935 Cum Laude CATHLEEN BURNS ANN CRAWFORD CUTLER JOAN HENRY LUCIA ELMORE NUNEZ KATHERINE SCUDDER MARGIT THONY HELEN HENRIETTA TOWER 73 THE ROMANCERS By Edmond Rostand CHARACTERS Percinet .... Straforel, a bravo Berg amin, father of Percinet . Pasquinot, father of Sylvette . Sylvette, daughter of Pasquinot Swordsmen .... Negroes .... Torch Bearers Musicians Servant to Bergamin Harriott Cole Anne Sawyer Martha Sweeney Barbara Daniels Patricia Burdine Ellen Simpson Elizabeth Joost Marjorie Boesel Charlotte Boynton Barbara Waite Thelma Cutter Geraldine Peck Barbara Randolph Jeannette Partridge Barbara Kelly Scene: Where you will Adjoining gardens of Bergamin and Pasquinot Music played by Director Stage Manager Scenery Joyce Hansen, Catherine McKallagat Bertha Morgan Gray Priscilla Richards Mr. Tyler 76 Suzanna Smith Daisy Case Nancy Smith Fan Brown Mrs. Hawkins Sally Gage . Virginia Frost Maryella Newcomb Gilda Gay Mrs. Wells . Helen Curtiss Anna Boyd Dog Scene: SUZANNA SKIDS By Carolyn Barr characters Ruth Pond Dorothy Hamilton . Ruth Hill Marjorie Rutherford Charlotte Boynton Sarah Sheldon Elizabeth Melcher Nancy Burns Jean Rae Corinne Brooks Elizabeth Inman Elizabeth Swint Efchen von Falkenheight An alcove in the town house of Mrs. Curtiss THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT By A. A. Milne characters Martha Elizabeth Ransom Mildred Collens John Mary Hero Heroine Chief Villain Bad Man The Man in the Bowler Hat Scene: Mary ' s sitting-room Mary Emily Pettengill Jane Stevenson . Joan Todd Marjorie Williams Margaret Bain 77 The Faculty Play CAPTAIN APPLEJACK A charming, remarkably well acted play to say the least — just imagine an at- mosphere of pirates and such, made even more entertaining by our faculty taking the parts. Dreamland would certainly be the place to be if it always proved to be as thrilling and wonderful as did Captain Applejack ' s (our Miss Stone). We only wish these plays were a weekly occurrence! Lush M. Snow Poppy Faire Helen Bean Mrs. Agatha Whatcombe Marie Craig Ambrose Applejohn C. Stone Anna Valeska Evelyn Rumney Mps. Pengard Kate Friskin Horace Pengard B. Humes Ivan Borolsky M. Carpenter Palmer Eunice Campbell Dennet J. H. Baynes Johnny Jason R. Baker Pirates J. H. Baynes, R. Hughes, A. Sweeney, N. Sweeney, H. Duncan, F. Butterfield, H. Chickering, R. Baker. P. Minard Director: Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Stage Manager: Miss Bertha A. Grimes Prompter: Miss Helen Robinson Women ' s costumes furnished by Abbot Girls, Inc. Men ' s costumes furnished by Burns and Minard Stage setting by Tyler and Company 78 i . ' ;.! THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN By Sydney Howard A Comedy in Three Acts CHARACTERS Dr. Haggett Susan Abby Mrs. Haggett Ada Warren . Tallant . Rosen Davenport Director Stage Manager Scenery Anne Russell Carol Stillwell Barbara Reinhart Ruth Wittig Polly Spear Patricia Smith Lucy Hawkes Elizabeth Sargent Helen Marie O ' Brien Bertha Morgan Gray Mary Swan Mr. Tyler, Mr. Hammer This was an amusing, delightful comedy, which had a certain amount of mystery to make it very interesting. From the arrival of the telegram to Abby ' s startling revela- tion, this charming play held us in suspense. Congratulations, seniors, for such a grand display of fine acting. 79 WEATHER Colder and Snow Abbot Alumnae News LAST MINUTE SOCIETY NEWS Established 1936 JUNE 8, 1946 Price: $5,000.00 Fashionable Wedding Remains Close Secret The wedding of Miss Sylvia Wright next Wednesday is still veiled in mystery as the name of the lucky gentleman has not been revealed. The maid of honor will be Miss Carol Stillwell, famous tap- dancer, who will wear white tulle in contrast with the bride ' s gown of black satin. The bouquet will be caught by Miss Ruth Wittig, who is the Interpreter of Lingo, Jargon and Slang at the City Court House. The bride has received many expressions of good-will from Miss Jenks and Miss Comegys. CLUBWOMAN TALKS ON MODERN ART In an informal talk at the Radical Club yesterday, Miss Pauline Spear spoke in defense of the modern art which has re- turned to " the conservative trends of deBlock. " Miss Spear is a well-known artist and decorator. WOMEN ' S GOLF CHAMPIONHIPS Cable from Ireland — Miss Charlotte Dane won the world ' s Golf Champion- ship today with a score of 36 coming and going. FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT NAMED BY DEMOCRATS TENNIS DOUBLES AT WIMBLEDON The Woman ' s Doubles Cup was won today by the Misses Rockwell and O ' - Brien, who defeated all other entries. The score was: 6-4, 7-10, 1 1-8, 10-13, 17-22. PARIS OPENING SUCCESSFUL A. Russell ' s and P. Mailey ' s Paris open- ing last night was a brilliant success. Their most outstanding design was a new evening dress of pale pink with bright stripesof orange. Among the distinguished guests were Miss Rosalie Rappoport, American ambassador to China, and Miss Mildred Eastlack who is spending the season on the Riviera and who has won the title of " Best-dressed Woman in the World. " GIRL SCOUT COUNCIL MEETS Girl Scout officials met yesterday to decide who should present Golden Eaglets at the next open meeting. It was decided that Miss Frances Mahoney should present the Eaglets and Miss Clara Holland should pour tea. Famous Movie Star Quits Studio for Stage WILD HORSE UPSETS RODEO The annual Rodeo was upset by a wild horse today. Fortunately, Miss Elinor Robinson succeeded in reining him in before he climbed into the stadium. Miss Robinson also won the bareback event for women. Miss Francesca Rand, in private life Miss Barbara Reinhart, announced today that she will leave Hollywood on Satur- day, to devote her unusual talents to the New York stage. Her first appearance will be in the revival of the Greek drama, " Agamemnon. " Miss Rand will play " Ophelia. " ADVERTISEMENTS peautp iHjoppe Coiffures by BURNS Knitting Shop Proprietresses SARGE and SALLY Nominee Promises Excitement At the Democratic Convention held in Newburyport today, Miss Anne Dodge was chosen a candidate for the Presiden- tial election this fall. Miss Dodge will run on a wide plank. She expects to abolish close-ups of senators, and use close-ups of movie stars instead. She will probably appoint Miss Miriam Adams the first woman Postmaster General. CONCERT BY FAMED PIANIST Miss Mary Swan made her American debut here last night. She has already been recognized by Europe. The concert was extremely enjoyable, featuring " The Music Goes Round and Round. " Miss Mary Trafton was the official page- turner. SPEEDER ARRESTED Miss Mary Dooley was arrested next January for driving three cars at once blind-folded. Trial on Thursday. NEW VOLUME The tenth volume of Miss Eleanor Wells ' Tea for Two will be published to- morrow. Price. Ss-oo. AFRICAN EXPLORERS RETURN Mr. and Mrs. Patricia Leonard arrived on the S.S. Smith today from Cairo. They have spent ten years in the wilds of Africa shooting Ourebi. They are bring- ing several elephants for the Public Zoo in Marblehead. WINS BEAUTY CONTEST Miss Marion Mooney was chosen the winner of the Beauty Contest held in York Harbor yesterday. Miss Mooney wore a very stylish bathing suit of pink and sunset blue. Faculty Movie House Feature Picture Ceiling Zero Smiling Through I Dream Too Much . Rose-Marie .... One-Way Ticket In Person .... Broadway Melody of 1936 The Littlest Rebel . Spring Tonic Lady of New York . A Night at the Opera Here ' s to Romance Grand Exit Way Down East Starring Miss Comegys Missjenks Miss R. Chickering Miss Friskin Miss Baynes Mrs. Grav Mr. Howe Miss Butterfield Mrs. Duncan Miss Hughes Miss Tingley Miss Humes Miss Stone Miss Snow 83 Junior Middle Class OFFICERS— FIRST HALF President Mary Toohey Vice-President Anne Flaherty OFFICERS— SECOND HALF President Calla Owen Vice-President Margaret Plunkett Marie Appleby Joan Brown Daphne Craig Jean Cross Eva Doblin Anne Flaherty Catherine Flaherty Patricia Hotghkiss Marian Lawson Barbara Lee Calla Owen Margaret Plunkett Madeleine Proctor Phyllis Saunders Mary Jane Smith Virginia Thayer Mary Toohey Evelyn Ward Carol Whittemore 84 Junior and Preparatory Class Barbara Bobst GlSELA BOLTEN Sarah Cole Susan Darling Nancy Dodge Elise Duncan Mary Elliott Nancy England Caroline Fisher Lucille Freeman Irene Ginsburg Diana Greene Marguerite Hall Kathryn Humphries Dorothea Karnheim Gloria King Barbara Leland Linda Loring Mary Lindley Murray Ann Pillsbury Priscilla Russ Doris Sawyer Jeanne Sawyer Charlotte Skinner Constance Smith Jeanne Waugh Elizabeth Weaver Muriel Wood Mary Woodman 85 Addresses and Advertisements As A doer Used At Home Before Distinguished Doors When Sterling Is Not Enough Your Guide to Safety Sleep Like a Kitten It ' s Toasted The Skin You Love to Touch Shipshape Good for Jangled Nerves Ok ' d by the Keenest Eyes in America The Pause That Refreshes Mrs. Dooley ' s Nightmare The Fast Pace of Modern Living Watch Your Weight Thrift That Fits You to a T Your Hands Will Lead a Lovelier Life The Life of the Party As Smooth as the Swoop of a Gull Front Page News .... Knees W in Out Annie Dodge Annie Russell Dooley Mooney . Polly Syl Trafty Tommy Hawee Sarge Dooley Mim Carry Trafty . Char ' l Pat . Flawee Ellie Sarge — again 88 CLASSROOM SCENE, 1885 Whispering was frowned upon fifty years ago too, but you can ' t really blame the young ladies . . . you see their graduation pictures had just arrived. D UPONT photographs have been a source of pride and pleasure to fair graduates-to-be for more than fifty years . . . not only at Commencement but throughout the years, as they recall the friends and activities of the last year at school. AIME DUPONT Photographers to the Class of 1936 509 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK ESTABLISHED IN 1884 Qompliments of SENIOR-MIDS The Racquet Used Fifty Years Ago and Grip Recommended by a Tennis Authority The new permanent- surface tennis court was ready the first week in April . . . Abbot girls now can start the Spring season three weeks earlier, and play later in the Fall . . . This means more healthy, invigorating exercise, and better tennis . . . Congratulations to the Academy — and to its forward- looking trustees. F. A. N. A Game of Lawn Tennis Fifty Years Ago (From an engraving made about 1875) LOWE CO.. Inc. Pharmacists To the Class of 1936 Cross Coal Co " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " J. H. PLAYDON FLORIST MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone 70 CAPitol 1217-1218 Joseph P. Eaton Co., Inc. DEALER IN Beef, Lamb, Poultry and Veal Hotel Supplies Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market Boston, Mass. W. J. Morrissey Taxi Service PARK STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 8059 The HARTIGAN PHARMACY Main and Chestnut Streets ANDOVER, MASS. MILLER ' s • Come Buy Your Shoes at Miller ' s Shoe Store 49 Main Street Andover • Sport Shoes Evening Sandals SHOE REPAIRING Compliments of a Friend WATCHMAKER JEWELER John H. Grecoe A complete line of ABBOT RINGS AND PINS Incomparable repair service at no greater cost than ordinary work. 56 Main Street - - Andover Compliments of ODEON Compliments of Les Beaux Arts TICKETS TOURS CRUISES All forms of TRAVEL in one office. Mrs. Seth C. Bassett HAVERHILL, MASS. Insist on . . . jHcmard) l ranb SUPER-QUALITY FOODS Reid, Murdoch Co, Established 1853 SOMERVILLE, MASS. Compliments Aeolian Compliments of Philomatheia Always the Newest in Academy Jewelry at Walter E. Billings 36 Main St., Andover Watch Repairing Optical Service The HARBORN SHOP GIFTS DRESSES ACCESSORIES Compliments of Q. E. D GANEM ' S MARKET 392-396 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. " Where Quality and Service Predominate ' ' ' FOR OVER 29 YEARS, THE LEADING MARKET IN MERRIMACK VALLEY AVIS SANDERSON Breck ' s Scalp Treatment Eugene Permanent Waving Good Yearbooks Don ' t " Just Happen ' X HEY may vary tremendously in size, design, and cost, but all successful yearbooks have one thing in common . . . they represent hours of careful planning and painstaking workmanship . The Abbot Circle is no exception. The staff has worked long and diligently in order to make it an interesting and accurate record of the school year. It has been our privilege to assist in the pub- lication of the book, working in close association with the members of the board. We wish to take this opportunity to thank them for their co-operation and to congratulate them on the results of their labors. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Gordon Hosiery For every costume and occasion Service and sheer chiffon 69c— 79c— LOO Irma C. Beene Dept. Store 6 Main St., Andover GALL AT J. E. PITMAN EST. 65 PARK ST., ANDOVER, MASS. FOR COMPLETE LINE OF MOORE ' S PAINTS and VARNISHES Telephone Capitol 7768 7759 C. D. BULLERWELL WHOLESALE FRUITS and PRODUCE 7 New Faneuil Hall Market (North Side) Boston, Mass. • Make us your headquarters for Electrical and Hardware Supplies for your room. • Remember our Cosmetic and Sta- tionery departments too. BEN FRANKLIN STORES 2L 10c $1.00 SMART FLAGG INC. Insurance of Every Description THE INSURANCE OFFICES BANK BUILDING ANDOVER, MASS. Bride -Grimes Co. PLUMBING SUPPLIES Steam Boilers and Radiators TOje oofeer=J otoe Costume Co. THEATRICAL IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS COSTUMERS HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS »S W «4WA« H. S. SIMMERS, Registered Pharmacist Compliments of A. D. S Commencement Presents . . . Dance Favors Dance Programmes Novelty Jewelry Athletic Awards When in need of any of these things write for samples or catalogue C. B. DYER Makers of Fine School Jewelry 234 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. INDIANAPOLIS THE RAVEN BEAUTY SHOP Add resses FACULTY Esther Comegys, M.A., Dean Fanny Bigelow Jenks, B.A., Registrar. Rev. A. Graham Baldwin Rebekah Munroe Chickering, B.A. Ogtavia Whiting Mathews, B.A. FIelen Dunford Robinson, B.A. Bertha Adaline Grimes, B.A. . Helen Dearborn Bean, B.A. Ruth Stephens Baker, M.A. Mme. Marie (de la Niepce) Craig Helen Tileston Chickering, B.A. Regina Maria Hughes, M.A. Alice Curtiss Sweeney, B.A. Evelyn Mann Rumney, M.A. . Mary Gay Mrs. Murray Campbell, B.A. Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Catherine Stone, B.A. Walter Edward Howe, B.Mus. Kate Friskin .... Gertrude Tingley Mrs. Beatrice (Whitney) Van Ness Mary Carpenter Barbara Humes .... Jean Hope Baynes Louise Robinson Margaret Snow, B.A. Florence Butterfield Mrs. Hannah Duncan, R.N. Faith Lucena Meserve, M.D. . Jane Brodie Carpenter, M.A. . Mary Elizabeth Dix 424 Monroe Ave., Scranton, Pa. Assistant to the Principal 66 Summer St., North Brookfield Andover 72 Central St., Andover Andover 77 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Gloucester 146 East Haverhill St., Lawrence 255 Homer St., Newton Center 28 Fremont St., Plymouth 183 Dartmouth Terrace, Springfield 72 Central St., Andover 420 West 1 1 6th St., New York City 175 Berkeley St., Lawrence 35 Tennis Court, Brooklyn, N. Y. 132 River way, Boston Prospect St., Topsfield 7 Mayflower Terrace, Newton Highlands 53 Elmore St., Newton Center 14 School St., Andover 300 West 108th St., New York City . 32 Milton Rd., Brookline 91 Francis St., Brookline 57 Wilkinson St., Putnam, Conn. Chestnut Hill, Greenfield Apt. 53, 39 Claremont Ave., New York City 82 Ames St., Lawrence 63 Masonic St., Rockland, Me. 108 Boyd St., Newton Andover 26 Central Ave., W ' eston 26 Morton St., Andover 27 Myrtle Ave., Greenwood STUDENTS Miriam Adams Marie Winsor Appleby Margaret Barbara Bain Barbara Bobst Marjorie Ann Boesel GlSELA BOLTEN R.F.D. 3, Derry Village, N. H. 409 First Ave., Asbury Park, N. 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Y. 105 Larchmont Rd., Melrose 1 1 Ridge Rd., Lawrence 50 Mason Drive, New Britain, Conn. 44 Belcher Ave., Brockton 1 Highland Wayside, Andover 14 East Fifth St., Corning, N. Y. Box 466, Madeira, O. 6410 Wilkins Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. P. O. Box 336, Derry, N. H. 21 Crofut St., Pittsfield St. Paul ' s School, Concord, N. H. 78 Glen Ave., Newton Center 333 Otis St., West Newton 727 Columbian Ave., Oak Park, 111. Flemington, N. J. 52-1 3th Ave., Paterson, N. J. 1 18 Main St., Andover 20 William St., Andover 21 Madbury Rd., Durham, N. H. 54 Montvale Rd., Newton Center 13 College St., Canton, N. Y. Oxford, Me. 658 Osgood St., North Andover 213 Centennial Ave., Sewickley, Pa. . 130 Broadway, Haverhill 500 Chester Ave., Moorestown, N. J. 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Suggestions in the Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) collection:

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