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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1935 volume:

itf sw THE CIRCLE 1935 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR ( LASS ABBOT ACADEMY AN DOVER, MASSACHUSETTS To Miss Carpenter Remembering, as rhe parting hour nears, The thousand little things you ' ve said and done Unconsciously to ease and smooth these vears, Spontaneous, but remembered every one, W e long with speaking thoughts but perverse tongue To thank you for them and for everv dav; But most deserved praise is never sung, And everv full heart finds no word to saw We will remember how vou smiled at us On meeting, all vour comforting way, Your gracious manner and — because we must — That lock of hair that alwavs went astray. For proof we leave vou — more than hearts alone — This Book, dear Carpie, for your verv own. " " V «W W.71 If - • •, ' : ' ■ . .• ' . x V FACULTY Esther Comegys. A.M. D:jk Mathematics F -NNY BlGELOW JeNKS. A.B. I :stant to - Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Spoken English Bertha Adaline Grimes, A.B. Chemistry, Household Science RebekahMlnroeChickering. A.B. Lirerarure, English, History Octavia Whiting Mathews. A.B. Bible, Spanish Helen Dlnford Robinson. A.B. Latin Ruth Stephens Baker, A.M. French, German 10 Helen Dearhorn Bean, All. Historv Florence Butterfield House Superintendent Mrs. Marie de la Niepce Craig French Kate Friskin Pianoforte, Theory of Music Walter Howl, Miis.B. Choral Music, Pianoforte, Organ, Theorv of Music Jean Hope Baynes Financial Secret. r) Mrs. Beatrice Whitney Van Ness Drawing, Painting Constance Clifford Ling Rhythmic Dancing 11 Helen Tileston Chickering, A.B. Latin, History, Mathematics Mrs. Hannah Richmond Duncan, R.N. Resident Nurse, in charge of Infirmary (Photograph by Bachrach) Regina Maria Hughes, A.M. Physics, Mathematics Evelyn Mann Rumney, A.M. English Margaret Snow, A.B. Librarian, Curator of John-Esther Galh ery Mrs. Eunice Murray Campbell Business Principles, Stenography, Typewriting Mary Gay Historv of Art Gertrude Tingley Singing 12 The Awful Truth for the Faculty Name Miss Bailey Miss Comegys Miss Jenks Miss R . Chickering Miss Mathews Mrs. Gray Miss Grimes Miss Robinson Miss Baker Miss Bean Miss Butterheld Mme. Craig Miss Friskin Mr. Howe Miss Carpenter Miss Baynes Miss Ling Miss H. Chickering Mrs. Duncan Miss Hughes Miss Rumney Miss Snow Known by Everyone Timidity Serenity Dramatic Instinct Puttering Husband Marcel le Mince Puns Giggle Petiteness Incongruous Names Eagle Eye Discords The- White Suit Prince of Wales Devotion to Flitting Hat and jacket Starch Clothes Punctuality (?) Blush Pet Aversion Plastering Anything but Wellesley Noise Mrs. T. S. Eliot Well-dressed statues Responsive readings Red finger nails Rolled Stockings Argument Generalizing Onionlessness Hopper room gossip Inattention Noisy sopranos and flat altos Profanity Class Treasurers Broken moods Speeding Misplaced headgear Gum Single blessedness Fourth Floor Reputation Saying " It ' s a serious offence " Well, it ' s perfectly simple ' ' " I ' ll ask Miss Bailey ' ' " Now, we like that don ' t we? Yes. " Young ladies do not — . ' " " From within outward " " You know, someone actually — . ' " This is an insult to me and the entire class ' " Ourrez vos Biicher ' Not quite passing!! ' ' We can always try it ' ' " C est francais qa, mesdemoiselles? " " Gather me up in a spoon! " " Oh, fudge " " Now, I ' ll tell you — " ' Ehe, ehe " What does the music say to you! Haw " Now tell me all about it ' ' Did you put — . ' ' ' Has that got onions in it! ' ' That ' s what I ' m here for ' ' L3 fa pew Class Song Here are some girls, who are real Abbor girls, Who will strive for the school thev adore. Never desponding, we ' re ever resolving That up to the heights we will soar. Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder, We sing as we swing on our way; So, we know the white and blue Will always thrill our hearts, On, we ' re marching on — We are the class of ' 35- 16 F. McTernen S. Smith P. Noonan J. Dawes President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Class Officers Patricia Noonan Shirley Smith Frances McTernen Jane Daw i s 17 PRISCILLA EMILY ABBOT " Pri " 1817 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigan University Tivo Years Brilliant playing in hockey, good looks, enviable wardrobe, to say nothing of such things as good- nature, and general likability! Divested of these, we find Pri is still intangible. Perhaps that ' s a characteristic of Michigan. Anyway, we want some more from the same place. Odeon Society ' 35 Entertainment Committee ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Baseball Varsity ' 34 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 35 Fidelio ' 34 DORIS WOODING ANDERSON " Bossy " 94 Poor Street, Andover, Mass. Two Years There is an expression, " Tis nice to be natural when one is naturally nice. " Example — a girl named Doris who bounces into your pathway with a loud " Hi, " and a laugh that sort of bubbles forth from a smile between two dimples. The " Cheerful Cherub " has never been more truly personified. Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 Q. E. D. Society ' 34 Aeolian Society ' 35 Fidelio ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee Chairman of Day Scholars Enter- ' 34 tainment Committee ' 35 Day Scholars Entertainment Com- Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 mittee ' 34, ' 35 18 MARY FLORENCE BARLOW " Mickey " 855 Salem Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Katharine Gibbs Two Years It is a mystery to us why Mickey shoul d at anv time he subject to spells of melancholia, when she is our class smoothie, one of our star hockey players, and, when not on the hockey field, looks just like a Vogue fashion plate. Is it because someone does not appreciate those lovely eyes, Mickey? Varsity Hockey Team ' 35 Hiking Leader ' 35 Senior-Mid Plays ' 34 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Decorating Committee ' 34 Advisory Board ' 34, ' 35 Entertainment Committee ' 35 Odeon Societv ' 34, ' 35 Fideho ' 34, ' 35 Society Banquet Committee ' 34 Club Hockey Team ' 34 Fire Captain ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet ' 34 Committee PHYLLIS BRADFORD BROWN " Phil " 22 Mountain Ave., Lewiston, Maine Two Years This gal from Lewiston, Maine we want you to know is well worth looking at twice or perchance three times. Imagine fly away blonde hair, black eyebrows, blue eves, and a cute profile. May we also mention that she has a gorgeous figure and a sunny personality. And there must be something about Griffin captains that makes the lads flock round, even though they never get their fill. Varsity Basketball Team ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 34 A.D.S. ' 34, ' 35 Secretary-Treasurer A.D.S. ' 35 Entertainment Committee ' 35 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 Draper Dramatics ' 34 Head of Basketball ' 35 Honor Bonus ' 34 Athletic Association Tea Dance Committee ' 34 Hiking Leader ' 35 Captain of Griffins ' 35 A.D.S. Play ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Athletic Council ' 35 Prom Chairman ' 35 19 CATHLEEN BURNS " Katy, Kate " 267 Main Street, Andover, Mass. Smith Four Years She can draw, she can paint, she can write. She ' s got dimples and a devilish expression; she makes bad puns and also the Honor Roll. You raav have heard her operatic soprano making Studv Hall re- sound as from a steam whistle. Aha! that gave it away! Yes, it ' s Kate, and we ' re betting here and now that Katv comes out on top. Fidelio ' 32, ' 33. ' 34 Odeon Society 33, ' 34, ' 35 Club Track Team ' 32, ' 33, ' 34 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Class Book Board ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee Draper Dramatics ' 34 Treasurer Senior-Mid Class ' 33 ' 34 Cum Laude ' 35 Honor Bonus ' 34 Honor Roll ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 33 ' HELEN EMERSON CARY Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan Oberlni Three Years Helen ' s consuming passion seems to be Art. We confidentlv anticipate the appearance of a criticism of the late Italian Renaissance in a few more vears, but in the meantime we enjoy her poetic abilitv as revealed in Courant. We lament her woeful mutila- tion of the King ' s English, but there seems to be no cure. - hen more outlandish innovations are produced, Helen will produce them — vaw-vole! Secretary Treasurer, Les Beaux Fidelio ' 34 Draper Dramatics Scenery ' 34 Arts ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Numerals ' 33 Les Beaux Arts ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Senior Play Stage Sets ' 35 20 BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN " Tubby, " " Beeclra " 43 Morton Street, Andover, Mass. Smith Four Years " Bur why do vou call her Tubh J " Oh, ir all goes hack ro long ago — you know how nicknames will persist. " For Tubbv is no longer living up to her name and never will again if she has her sav about it. The Beedra of the present suits us perfectly with her well-known grin for everybody, her unchanging good humor, and that laugh, — or should we say explosion! Gargoyle Entertainment ' 33 Senior-Mid Class Council ' 34 Prom Decoration Committee ' 34 Prom Usher ' 33 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 34 " A " Society ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Christmas Party ' 35 Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 34, ' 35 Day Scholars Entertainment ' 34 Day Scholar Entertainment Com- mittee ' 35 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 33, ' 35 Numerals ' 34 Treasurer of Junior-Mid Class ' 33 Secretary of Junior-Mid Class ' 33 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Q.E.D. Society ' 34, ' 35 Secretary-Treasurer Q.E.D. ' 35 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Proctor Bonus ' 35 Badminton " 35 Gargoyle Volley-Bail Team ' 32 French Play 35 ALICE GUERARD COOPER " Coop " 770 Park Ave., New York Citv Katharine Gibbs Two Years " Coop " to some may suggest chickens or cars, but to us it means a combination of trips to Bermuda, smooth clothes, and special delivery proposals. With Coop in the held let all aspiring humorists retire in favor of our champion story teller. Here ' s luck to the getter, and we know she ' ll male continue to get them. Athletic Association Tea Dance Committee ' 34 Gargoyle Basketball Team ' 34 Basketball Varsity ' 35 Advisory Board ' 35 Hiking Leader ' 35 Senior-Mid Plays ' 34 Co ur a in ' 34, ' 35 Senior Play ' 35 Numerals ' 35 Posture Points ' 34 Senior -Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 34 Prom Decoration Committee ' 34 Christmas Party ' 34, ' 35 Chairman Entertainment Commit- tee ' 35 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 21 CLAIRE ESTELLE CREGG 506 Prospect Street, Methuen, Mass. Com el I Two Years " Oh, dear, I just know I flunked that Algebra test! " And Claire, giving us all a gloomv look, collapses feebly on the couch of the senior parlor. All this, my friends, makes us extremelv annoved, because Claire is very rarely known to be defeated in a mathematical boxing bout, or, we might add, in anything else she happens to go after. And put- ting two and two together (apropos of algebra) we wager right now that without benefit of anv or all of those scrumptious cars, Claire of the golden head is going to get somewhere. Day Scholars Entertainment Committee ' 34 ANN CRAWFORD CUTLER " Annie " " The Shining Light " Abbot Street, Andover, Mass. Vassar Five Years If vou hear a shriek of laughter anvwhere around, it ' s probablv the result of one of Annie ' s witty remarks (not so the puns). If vou see someone being enthusiasticallv patted on the back, she ' s probablv just gotten on the honor roll with a 99 average, or starred in a play or written a swell story for Courant. All violent discussions, and libelous nicknames are directlv traceable to the same source. And it ' s also a known fact that she ' s universallv beloved. Honor Bonus ' 35 Chairman Senior-Mid Toast Com- mittee ' 34 Fidelio " 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Student Government ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 " A " Societv ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Junior-Mid President ' 33 Varsitv Track Team ' 33, 34 Club track ' 32 Club Tennis ' 33, ' 34 Varsity Tennis Team ' 34 Christmas Party ' 31 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 34 Senior-Mid Secretary ' 34 Head of Dav Scholars ' 35 Honor Roll ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Courant ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Cum Laude ' 35 Numerals ' 32 Chevrons ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 33, Class Book Board ' 35 Draper Dramatics ' 33, 34 Senior Plav ' 35 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 Dav Scholars Entertainment ' 34 33, 22 JANE GOODWIN DAWES 47 Mt. Vernon Street, Cambridge, Mass. Wellesley Four Years For one small person, Jane certainly is a pillar of strength. But we shouldn ' t be so literal. Jane is the ideal sort to have backing a class for four years in more ways than one. Her playing at recitals, her prompt attendance at hockey and fun at Fidelio can hardly be easily forgotten. A gifted raconteuse, she has beguiled us with many tales of her near and dear. By the way. Jane, when are we going to meet your brother? Senior Class Treasurer ' 35 Fidelio ' 33. ' 34, ' 35 Q.E.D. ' 34, ' 35 Advisory Board ' 34, ' 35 Head of ' Ping- Pong ' 35 Entertainment Committee Hiking Leader ' 35 Posture Points ' 33, ' 34 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Decoration Committee ' 34 Numerals ' 34 Senior-Mid Banquet ' 34 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Christmas Party ' 33 Honor Bonus ' 34, ' 35 Committee 34 ELAINE WHITNEY EATON 12 Highland Road, Andover, Mass. St. Lawrence University Four Years Will you have two blue eyes, some wavy blond hair, an intriguing wrinkle of the nose which ac- companies a smile, and a su-mooth dancer? How many orders? Sorry, — wecan only accommodate one, for we have only one young lady who answers this description one hundred percent. That ' s right, — it ' s Elaine! She certainly has a way of making friends " pronto " ! Hiya ' laine! ♦ President of Senior-Mid ' Class ' 33 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 President of " A " Society Aeolian Society ' 34, ' 35 Treasurer A. A. A. ' 35 Athletic Council ' 35 Gargoyle Song Leader ' 34 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Honor Roll ' 32, ' 33 35 Draper Dramatics ' 34 " A " Society ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 32 Posture Points ' 32, ' 33 Chevron ' 34 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 34 Gargoyle Baseball Team ' 34 Treasurer of Junior-Mid Class ' 33 Advisory Board " 34 Chairman Gargoyle Entertain- ment Committee ' 35 Day Scholars Entertainment Com- mittee ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 35 Proctor Bonus ' 35 23 GERALDINE EICK " Jerry ' 1 164 Mt. Vernon Street, Dedham, Mass. Five Years Warning to all German counts, barons, etc. : Ger- aldine has set her cap for you. Beware when you find a person who is loads of fun, abounds in hospi- tality (not to mention magazines), and has a shoul- der just right for weeping on. P. S. You may expect twins. President of Aeolian Societv ' 34 Aeolian Society ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Vice President Abbot Athletic Association ' 35 Student Government ' 35 Athletic Council ' 35 Vice-President Junior-Mid Class ' 32 Fidelio Society ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 Gargoyle Entertainment Commit- tee ' 34 Numerals ' 33 Posture Honor Roll ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 35 Proctor Bonus ' 31, ' 33 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 PHYLLIS SEYMOUR HARDING " Phil " 28 Emerson Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Smith Two Years We have wondered for a long time why Phil doesn ' t provide herself with some Chinese nail-protectors, for no Mandarin of any dynasty could have boasted J J . such long and tapering appendages. In fact, she seems to stress the " unusual " motif — noticeable at times in French. ( " For French of Parys was to here unknowe. " ) And we mustn ' t forget that Phil is likewise an accomplished dancer and a brilliant hockey plaver to boot. What will the Griffin for- ward line do without her next year? We dread to think. Varsity Hockey Team ' 34, ' 35 Club Tennis Team ' 34 Captain Griffin Hockey Team ' 35 Numerals ' 34 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 34 Chairman of Senior Play Floor Christmas Party ' 34 Committee ' 35 Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 34 Stage Manager of French Play ' 35 Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 34 24 SUSAN SYMMES HILDRETH " Susy " 371 Highland Ave., Winchester, Mass. Two Years When we see a skillful skier with a jauntv Tvrolian hat bearing down on us, we are not misled We can tell by the cheerful grin that it ' s Sue, our en- ergetic A. A. A. president, and teller of little Audrey stories. And when we feel the need for jazz, Sue suits us to a " T " . In fact she suits us all the time. President of Abbot Athletic Asso- ciation ' 35 Aeolian Society ' 34, ' 35 Student Government ' 35 Secretary of Senior-Mid Class ' 34 Posture Points ' 34 Hiking Leader ' 35 Second Gargovle Basketball Team ' 33 Varsity Riding ' 34 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 34 Numerals ' 35 Gargoyle Entertainment Commit- tee ' 35 Christmas Party ' 35 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 ANNE HURLBURT " Bunny " 304 Main Street, Glastonbury, Conn. Five Years How would you like to meet a person with pep, personality, plenty of acting ability, a dash of cute- ness, a knack of inspiring her class-mates to sing under her leadership, and — yes! — and a way of saying things and making queer grimaces so that vou have to call timeout and laugh. " Impossible! " cries the gentleman on the left. But if said person will kindly come forward, we ' d love to have him meet Bunny, who fits this description to perfection. President of Abbot Christian As- sociation ' 35 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Choir ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 A.D.S. Plavs ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Class Song Leader ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Draper Dramatics ' 34 Senior Play ' 35 Secretary of Abbot Christian As- sociation ' 34 Student Government ' 34, ' 35 Advisory Board ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 34, ' 35 Gnllin Song Leader ' 35 Christmas Party ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Chairman Senior-Mid Tea Dance Floor Committee ' 34 25 ELEANOR JOHNSON il FMie, " " John " 47 Central Street, Andover, Mass. Cornell Five Years Introducing Miss Ellie-belleanor Johnson, the famous authority on hair-waving, knitting, com- posing operettas, dissecting people, interior decor- ating, adopting children, and being in love. Miss Johnson is also the author of the well-known series, " How to Get Mad and Do Algebra Scienti- fically. " And there is also the special volume en- titled " How to Be the Best Captain the Gargovles Will Ever Have. " Captain of Gargoyles ' 35 President of Philomatheia Society ' 35 Vice-President of Junior Class ' 31 Treasurer of Junior Class ' 32. Secretary of Junior-Mid Class ' 33 Day Scholar Student Government Representative ' 33 Chairman Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 34 Day Scholars Entertainment Com- mittee ' 35 Day Scholars Entertainment ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 Senior-Mid Decorating Commit- tee ' 34 Stage Manager for Senior Play ' 35 Christmas Party ' 31, ' 32 Honor Bonus ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' ' 34, ' 35 Athletic Council ' 35 " A " Society ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 33 Chevrons ' 34, ' 35 Posture Points ' 34 Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 34, ' 35 ELIZABETH GRAY KENNEDY " Zette " 452 Deering Ave., Portland, Maine Mount Holyoke Two Years For calm, impervious dignity, our " duchess " up- holds the honor of the senior class admirably. But don ' t be misled; there are delightful quirks of originality beneath that imposing braid. And music! It will be no surprise to us to hear that Zette is giving concerts all over the world about six years from now. Her singing has charmed us in the few recitals when we have been privileged to hear it and we predict a successful future in the years to come. Fidelio ' 34, ' 35 Choir ' 34, ' 35 French Play ' 35 Aeolian Society ' 35 26 J RUTH FRANCES McTERNEN " Fran " " Framtie " 25 Wolcott Ave., Andover, Mass. Five Years " Sugar ' n spice, ' N everything nice, That ' s what little irls are made of. " We hate to borrow from Mother Goose, but the verse is just right, even to " little girl. " Something the verse doesn ' t tell you about Fran is the regu- larity with which her stories appear in the Cottrant, and that kitten smile. Evervone at Abbot, not to mention P. A., agrees that Fran is adorable. Secretary Senior Class ' 35 Secretarv-Treasurer Odeon Societv 35 Odeon Society 34, ' 33 Class Book Board ' 35 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Senior Play ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 34 " A " Society ' 34, ' 35 President " A " Society ' 34 Christmas Party ' 34 Posture Points ' 32 Honor Roll ' 31 ' 35 Treasurer Junior Class ' 32 Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 34 Second Varsity Basketball Team ' 32 President Junior Class ' 31 Prom Usher ' 33 Numerals ' 32 Chevrons ' 32, ' 33, ' 34 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 Gargoyle Song Leader ' 35 Honor Bonus ' 35 Day Scholar Entertainment Com- mittee ' 35 Proctor Bonus ' 35 Prom Decoration Committee ' 34 Secretary-Treasurer Gargoyles ' 35 DORIS KIRKYVOOD MORE " Dotty " 28 Fern wood Road, Larchmont, N. Y. Two Years Dottv is not onlv a forward on the hockev team J ' and a teller of funnv stories. (When she and Pat get together — what a team is there, my countrvmen! There are those who claim that laughing gas is less effective.) She ' s the perfect all-round girl with the art of dispelling all kinds of gloom — just the sort of person to whom we wish all kinds of luck (not that it ' s necessarv!) and to whom we are awfully sorry to say good-bye. Captain of Hockey ' 35 Varsity Hockey Team ' 34 Athletic Council ' 35 Numerals ' 35 Gargoyle Entertainment Commit- tee ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 34 Abbot Birthday Committee Christmas Party ' 35 Odeon Societ) ' 35 Fidel io ' 35 34 27 MARGUERITE PATRICIA NOONAN " Pat, " " Patsy " 420 Lincoln Ave. East, Alexandria, Minn. Welles ley Two Years " Pat, let ' s look at vour profile. " " Oh, stop it, please! " We can ' t understand it, she ' s got the cutest profile, but she won ' t let us look at it. Cruel woman! Still, the full face isn ' t so bad either, and vou should see her hold forth in " Curfew Shall NotRingTonight! " Even if vou ' ve just flunked vour algebra, she ' ll make you laugh. It ' s a great art being a cheerer- upper, and she ' s certainly got it down pat. Dignities of state (class president you know) weigh lightlv on Pat ' s capable shoulders, and we ' re laving our bets on the best Senior President that ever was or will be. President of Senior Class ' 35 Student Government ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Senior Plav ' 35 Q.E.D. Society ' 34, ' 35 Fidelio ' 35 Prom Committee ' 34 Entertainment Committee ' 34 Christmas Party ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 34 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 35 1 LUCIA ELMORE NUNEZ Bancroft Road, Andover, Mass. Wellesley Two Years Favorite recipes — take a cup of good humor, a tablespoon of excellent brains, a dash of whimsi- cality, a sprinkling of odd adjectives pronounced with great gusto, flavor well with perfectlv awful puns, and what have you? You ' ve guessed it! It ' s Lucia! a concoction guaranteed to please every- body, and when we sav evervbodv, we mean everybody. Fidelio ' 34, ' 35 Secretary of Abbot Athletic As- sociation ' 35 Courant Board ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Honor Roll ' 34, ' 35 Honor Bonus ' 35 Varsity Track Team ' 34 Varsity Basketball Team ' 35 Senior Play Propertv Committee ' 35 Gargoyle Entertainment Commit- tee ' 35 Numerals ' 35 Correspondent to Phillipian ' 35 Cum Laude ' 35 28 Smith CLAIRE RUTH OPPENHEIM 81 Sunray Street, Lawrence, Mass. Two Years Claire is one of those Lawrence day scholars whom we get to know through the medium of the senior parlor. Who will ever forget those grins of hysteri- cal joy on Claire ' s face at the latest sally of Dossy, her aide-de-camp? Or that original(??) dance step, executed in the senior parlor to the slight detriment of floor and carpet 3 Claire also has a sly, oh most sly sense of humor all her own, that various of us who are on the " inside " have come to appreciate. Draper Dramatics ' 34 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 Day Scholars Entertainment Com- mittee ' 34 { LILLIAN JEAN PALMER 167 Main Street, Andover, Mass. Four Years A brief glimpse of twinkling eyes, peering out from under a very Frenchy bang, a familiar, cheery " Hi, dear! " , and Jean from good ol ' Canada is in our midst. We ' re certainly going to miss Jean next year, but the question is will Jean miss us? For you really can ' t blame us for wondering, considering the alarminglv regular arrival of certain letters, just how soon it will be, before she goes back to Canada for good. A.D.S. Society ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 Dav Scholars Play ' 33, ' 34 Senior Plav ' 35 A.D.S. Plav ' 35 Fidel io ' 34 ' , ' 35 Numerals ' 34 Gargovle Basketball Team ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Gargoyle Track Team ' 32, ' 33. 34 29 RUTH SIBLEY PRATT " JRufbie " 109 Central Street, Andover, Mass. Tito Years Who can probe the mysteries of those talks about the " Crystal Ballroom " and the " Casa Loraa Orchestra, " when Ruth and the gang get their heads together? But even if, mv friends, such se- crets are not for us, it would not require the powers of a Sherlock Holmes to realize that blond curls, lovely coloring, and a bubbling laugh are the stuff that popularity is made of. even when not seasoned, as thev are in Ruthie ' s case, by a liberal sprinkling of intelligence. A.D.S. Societv ' 34, ' 35 Fidelio ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 Draper Dramatics ' 34 Senior Plav ' 35 A.D.S. Plav ' 35 Abbot Birthday Committee 34 Dav Scholars Entertainment ' 34 ELLEN MARIAN RIYINIUS 346 Main Street, Winchester, Mass. Vassar Tuo Years One doesn ' t usually associate brains with big blue eves, but we herebv nominate Ellen as exception number one. To wit, she designs her own clothes, is a whiz at phvsics, and can certainly convince the male sex of the value of these attractions. And dare we mention those evening lullabies to that cotton P g ! Q.E.D. Societv ' 34, ' 35 Head of Riding ' 35 Numerals ' 35 Griffin Hockev Team ' 35 Griffin Riding Team ' 34 Entertainment Committee ' 35 Christmas Partv ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 34 Senior-Mid Plav ' 34 30 ALICE BEST ROBINSON 30 Chedell Place, Auburn, New York Vassar Three Years Alice is one of those people with a decided taste for things literary- Some of us perhaps can think back several vears to the time when Alice first came to Abbot, and used to hold " colloquia " in her room over crackers, peanut-butter, and Beau Geste. We also have great admiration for Alice ' s cleverness at the piano, and we would rather hear her play a Brahms waltz than almost anvbodv we know. Aeolian Sociecv ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Secretary-Treasurer Aeolian ' 34, ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Fidelio ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 DORIS BARBARA SCHWARTZ " Dossy " 118 Franklin Street, Lawrence, Mass. Smith Two Years Dossv, our class bluffer! We ask you if vou remember Dossy, slumbering in the senior parlor, franticallv embracing three or more pillows, or that famous kick of disapproval when the world was treating her pretty shabbily? We all look upon Intervale as the great exposition of Dossy ' s quaint humor and musical ability, just in case you didn ' t happen to know that she plays everything from Beethoven ' s Moonlight Sonata to Gershwin ' s Rhapsody in Blue. Yes, indeed we venture to say that in this respect Dossy will continue to make a " play " for attention. Day Scholars Entertainment ' 34 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 34 31 KATHARINE SCUDDER " Scud " 133 West Ninth Street, Claremont, Calif. Vassar Three Years We all like to be famous for one thing, but how would you like to be famous for several? We know someone who is — take a bow, Scud! She ' s noted for the queerest mixture of things, such as athletics (some javelin thrower), brains (no comment nec- essary), obstinacy (just try and argue with her), and plenty of pestiferousness (watch your hat). We don ' t want to mention too many things, but could you ever forget that laugh? First Vice-President Student Gov- ernment ' 35 Editor of Class Book ' 35 President Senior-Mid Class ' 34 Varsity Basketball Team ' 34 Varsity Track Team ' 33, ' 34 Head of Deck Tennis ' 34, ' 35 Numerals ' 33 " A " Society ' 34, ' 35 Chevrons ' 34, ' 35 Athletic Council ' 34, ' 35 Hiking Leader ' 34, ' 35 Fidelio ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Choir ' 34, " 35 Honor Roll ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Cum Laude ' 35 Honor Bonus, ' 34 ' 35 German Plav ' 33 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Draper Dramatics ' 34 Senior Plav ' 35 Philomatheia ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Merit Committee ' 35 Posture Points ' 34 Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 34 Archery Team ' 34 Basketball Club Team ' 34 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 34 French Play ' 35 ' SHIRLEY WRIGHT SMITH " Shin " High Street, Farmington, Conn. Tuo Years The senior class of Abbot Academy presents for the approval and admiration of the outside world (vou know the kind of thing we mean) its Vice-Presi- dent, Miss Shirlev Smith! Item: great enthusiasm for everything, also good-nature for everyone, sufficient dignity to impress a rambunctious class, not to mention sudden flashes of Shirtian humor. We ask you — who wouldn ' t approve! Vice-President Senior Class ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee Hiking Leader ' 35 President of Odeon Society ' 35 „ ' 34 Posture Points ' 34 Odeon Society ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 35 Student Government ' 35 Numerals ' 35 32 MARGIT THONY 166 High Street, Winchendon, Mass. Three Years If there was ever an over-worked adjective it ' s individual, but when we come to Margit we just have to use it. She has the most delightful whimsi- cality, and a Puckish sense of humor that surprises you at every turn. No dull moments with Margit! She has a way, too, of making people feel like potential geniuses, which is reallv one of the finer arts of life. Of course we ' re nor the onlv people who realize all this, and we fear that the competition is going to be a bit hard for the poor " Lion Tamer. " How about it, Margit? Editor-in-Chief of Courant ' 35 Honorary Member of Les Beaux Arts Society ' 34, ' 35 Class Book Board ' 35 Secretary-Treasurer of Student Government ' 35 Honor Roll ' 35 Senior Play ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Fidelio ' 34, ' 35 Courant Boa rd ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 34 Griffin Tennis Team ' 34 ' HELEN HENRIETTA TOWER " Towse, " " Toicsie " 32 Phillips Street, Andover, Mass. Wellesley Four Years For school spirit, athletic excellence, quantity of puns, dependability, and generally being a brick, our energetic Towse can ' t be beat. Two things any- one thinking of Towse is sure to remember are her stalwart arguments contra powder and pro " M. " We look forward to seeing the belipsticked and berouged Towse of 1945- Honor Roll ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Day Scholar Entertainment Com- mittee ' 34, ' 35 Orchestra ' 31, ' 32 Ensemble ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Head of Badminton ' 32, ' 33, ' 34 Head of Ice Sports ' 35 Varsity Basketball ' 31, ' 32 Gargoyle Basketball ' 33, ' 34 Varsit) Track ' 32, ' 33, 34 Badminton Team ' 33, 34 Numerals ' 32 " A " Society ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Philomatheia Society ' 34, Chevrons ' 33, ' 34 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Senior Plav ' 35 35 Winter Sports Team ' 35 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Decoration Committee ' 34 Honor Bonus ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Senior-Mid Class Treasurer ' 34 Secretary-Treasurer Philomatheia 34, ' 35 Junior-Mid Class President ' 32 33 CECILE WILHELMIXA VAX PEURSEM " Cile " Bahrein, Persian Gulf, Via Bombav Oberlin Three Years " Cey-seal, this is andante cantabile, not allegro con moto, " complains Mr. Howe somewhat im- patiently, and Cile listens with that calm, cool, and collected expression we all envy. But our good- looking head of Stu G. doesn ' t alwavs seem so angelic. You can see a diabolical twinkle in her eye whenever there ' s a good joke coming, and when it ' the twinkle) reaches her mouth — well, even serious Stu G. meetings turn into highlv en- joyable sessions, just on the strength of that grin. President of Student Government ' 35 President of Fidelio ' 34. ' 35 Vice-President Senior-Middle Class ' 34 Aeolian Societv ' 33. ' 34, ' 35 Fidelio ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Accompanist for Fidelio ' 34, 35 Pianist for Abbot Christian Asso- ciation ' 34, ' 35 Ensemble ' 34, ' 35 Ivy Oration ' 34 Senior-Mid Student Government Representative ' 34 Merit Committee ' 34, ' 35 Chairman Prom Decorating Com- mittee ' 34 Prom Usher ' 33 Christmas Partv ' 35 Honor Bonus ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Honor Roll ' 33 Numerals ' 34 A " Society ' 35 Varsity Hockey ' 34, ' 35 Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 33, Hiking Leader ' 35 Senior-Mid Play ' 34 Draper Dramatics ' 34 ' 34 The Perfect Abbot Girl Hair Eyebrows Eyes and Eyelashes . Xose . Smile Lips Teeth . Complexion Profile Hands Claire Oppenheim Frances McTernen Ellen Rivinius Phyllis Brown Eleanor Johnson Phvllis Brown Katharine Scudder Priscilla Abbot Phyllis Brown Alice Robinson 34 One Year Girls Betsey Armington Christine Barnes Marjory Brodie Evelyn Chappell Irene Fitch Helen Heald Anne Humphreys Elizabeth Murphy Barbara Symonds Post Graduates Elizabeth Chandler Laura Chedel Natalie Doucet Joan Henry Ruth Hollands Virginia Hollands Elizabeth Jordan Cynthia Maddi x Helen McDonald Barbara Nevins Virginia Page Shirley Powers Carol Prudden Eliese Strahl Mary Dei Wk ki m Jbajn Wilson 35 The Supreme Court Sits It was upon a Thursday night The faculty were meeting, And in the rooms aboye their heads Ful l fifty hearts were beating. For this, it happened, was the night The faculty ' d decided To talk of seniors and their ways And what girls should be chided. It was Miss Bailey who arrived To ope the judgment hall. And after her each teacher came, Assembling one and all. Miss Comegys came loping in, And Madame in her booties, Miss B. with l ' Illustration, And Duncie from her duties. Miss Bean was there with H. Belloc ' s Life of King Charlie One. Miss Grimes and good Miss Carpenter, Her daily dozen done. Then came the Misses Chickering From Van der Stucken ' s lecture, And all wore faces graye and sad, As you can well conjecture. " I think that alphabetically We ' ll bring up each girl ' s case. You all agree? " Miss Bailey said, And glanced at every face. " Miss Abbot is the foremost then. W hat are her misdemeanors? Now speak up every teacher plea c e W ho in some class has seen her. " Most every one swore Pri was fine, And there was small contention. But Chickie shook her winged hat, " She doesn ' t pay attention! " 36 " This must be fixed, " Miss Bailey cried, Bur passed on to another. And Mick and Dossy Anderson Were found to be no bother. The same was true of Phyllis Brown, ho shone in mathematics, And stood the foremost of the group Of Algebra fanatics. " And what of Katie Burns? " was asked, And up spoke good Miss Baker. " She asks so many questions that Sometimes I ' d like to shake her. " " Well Helen Cary is the next. " Miss Baker beamed her pleasure. " Her German accent is a joy I cannot hope to measure! " When Tubbv C. and good ol ' Coop And Claire had all had praise, " Now what, " Miss Bailey said, " of Ann? Let ' s hear what each one savs. " Then Chickie smirked, Miss Baker beamed, Miss Comegys grinned her pleasure, And all agreed with one accord That Annie was a treasure. " And what of Jane? " Miss Bailey cried. Miss Baker took the floor. " If she would learn Tl est ' and ' C ' est, ' I ' d ask for nothing more. " Of ' Laine and Jerry, Sue and Bun They spoke with approbation, But fought on whom El would perform Her first great operation. Next Lizzie K. and Frannie Mac And Doris More and Pat Were warmly praised by everyone, And that was all of that. " But Lucia, " Chickie said, " has used Such great big words just lately, I find to my embarrassment My Webster helps me greatly. " 37 Claire Oppenheim and Jean and Ruth Were voted swell dav scholars, And everybody spoke with awe Of Ellen ' s many callers. They all agreed that Alice ' s love Of music was just sweet, And Dossv ' s everlasting doze Was certainly a feat. Then Scudder ' s laugh was criticized, And Shirley ' s niceness praised, But, when our Margit was brought up, The very roof was raised. " She drew us all, " they wailed aloud, " In rompers childishly, And put us in the class book thus, Alas for dignity! " They all praised Towse ' s sportmanship, And couldn ' t help but feel It would be swell to spend their lives In Araby with Cile. And, when at last the Court broke up, ' Twas voted that they would Give every girl her ring, and thus Get rid of her for good. 38 The Awful Truth for Seniors Name P. Abbot D. Anderson M. Barlow P. Brown C. Burns H. Carv B. Chamberlain A. Cooper C. Cregg A. Cutler J. Dawes E. Eaton G. Eick P. Harding S. HlLDRETH A. HURLBURT E. Johnson E- Kennedy F. McTernen D. More P. Noonan L. Nunez C. Oppenheim J. Palmer R. Pratt E. Rivinius A. Robinson D. Schwartz K. Scudder S. Smith M. Thony H. Tower C. Van Peursem Known by Her dog Cherubic Expression Moods That hair! Puns Walk Laugh Allowance Clothes Beaverette Expression Her Brother Worries Twins Them Physics Limberger Cheese Bunnies Blush Regal bearing Tea dances Spit curls Gestures Vocabulary Paintpot Boners Blinking " r " s " Rapt expression Strut Chortle Friendliness Unexpected remarks Sticktoitiveness Profile Ambition Journalist Prima Donna Prom Trotter Marriage for love ••Who ' s Who " Italian Manuscripts None Males Go West Great Novel Ha rvard Musical World Baroness Get thin Skiing Bernhardt Great Doctor Metropolitan Interior decorator Veterinary Actress " Johnny " Dartmouth Carnival Canada Drive a Deusenburg Matrimony Poetry Green Key Weekend Adventure Librarian Great artist Second Miss Carpenter Social Worker Probable End Cat and Dog Hospital Angel Social Service Worker Millionaire Consuming passion Organ grinder Nun Rhythmic teacher Mae West No. 2 True Confessions Chorus girl Lebanon Baron less Fat Snow drift Rabbit Farm English teacher Boyish bob Kindergarten teacher Little fat rascal Circus clown Dean of women Schwartzwald Air Hostess Shank ' s Mare Alimony Wool worth ' s Wrapper Ostrich Farm Principal of Abbot Carnival barker Fan dancer Artist Model Head of Harem Saying " Egad! " " Ha, Ha, Ha! " " Oh for heaven sakes! " " No, really! " " Sadist! " Do you get the point! " Gad " " And he said — ■ " " Oh why am I so careless! ' ' " Hello, Angel! " " Honest to Gory " Hiya ' ' ' ' It won ' t be long now! ' ' ' ' am so unhappy " Plug " Squeaks ' ' Just wait ' til you fall in love! ' " Yes ma ' am! " " Oh swell! " " I ' m so cozy " " It ' s the nuts! " " Ma ' am " " Coy like a herring " " Hello, dear! " " Well, all right " " Oh, deah " And so on, and so forth ' ' " Subtle like a kick in the teeth ' " Let me sn-nicker! " Woe is me! ' ' " Oh you cute thing! " " What the Sam Hill! " " Pretty good, boy! " 39 Class Will We, the class of 1935 of Abbot Academy, being, as is generally supposed, fairlv sound in mind and body, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. We leave Alice Robinson ' s adoring expression to Annie Dodge. We leave Annie Cutler ' s hats to Eleanor Wells. We bequeath Towsie ' s cosmetic inhibitions to Jane Rice. We leave Lucia ' s sweetness to Polly Spear. We leave Jane Dawes ' brother to Lillian Seiler. We leave Scud ' s laugh to Miriam Hamilton. We bequeath Helen Cary ' s walk to Mary Trafton. We leave our wild week-ends to Elinor Robinson. We leave Zette Kennedy ' s Madonna-like moments to Carrv Rockwell. We leave Ellie ' s love affairs to Priscilla Mailey. We bequeath Cile ' s poise to Marion Lawson. We leave Margit ' s originality to Jean Rae. We leave our devastating grace to Margaret Bain. We leave Katy ' s cynicism to Priscilla Hartman. We leave our puns to the Senior-Mids in the hope that they will elevate them to our intellectual heights. We leave Mrs. Duncan ten demerits for not wearing her hat in zero weather. We leave Miss Carpenter all our dumb-bells. We leave Miss Comegys our defaced official notices. We leave Miss Chickering a pair of bifocals in order that she may better concen- trate on her devoted classes. We leave Miss Grimes all our juiciest tid-bits. We bequeath to Miss Robinson Margit ' s stride in order that she may be more punctual to her appointments. We leave Madame our spikes. We leave Mr. Howe Rudolf Friml ' s love lyrics in order that he may come to ap- preciate us more. We leave Miss Baynes our villainous leers. We leave Miss Ling our excuses. We leave Miss Rumney our boy friends for we know that she will take good care of them. We leave Miss Snow Tubby ' s explosions in order that she will have real cause to blush. Lastly we leave the school in general in the lurch. 40 Class Statistics Bi st Looking Smoothest Prettiest Cutest . Neatest Best Dressed Best Figure Best Dancer Most High Hat Most Artistic Most Capable Most Versatile Most Literary Most Musical Most Diplomatic Most Original Most Athletic Most Poise . Most Personality Most Likely to Succeed Most Temperamental Best Natured Optimist Pessimist Class Cynic Class Clown Class Bluffer Class Punster Cleverest Noisiest Wittiest Best Sense of Humor Man-Hater Most Absent-Minded Done Most for the School Phyllis Brown Mary Florence Barlow Priscilla Abhor Frances McTernen Shirley Smith Alice Cooper Phvllis Brown Anne Hurlburt Ellen Rivinius Margit Thony Helen Tower Ann Curler Margit Thony Cecile Van Peursem Patricia Noonan Margit Thony Helen Tower Cecile Van Peursem Patricia Noonan Katharine Scudder Marv Florence Ba rlow Patricia Noonan Doris Anderson Mary Florence Barlow Cathleen Burns Ann Cutler Doris Schwartz Cathleen Burns Margit Thony Katharine Scudder Ann Cutler . Patricia Noonan Cathleen Burns Margit Thony Cecile Van Peursem 41 Ring Song In holding you, my ring, I see Two circles in my heart. In both these Abbot circles here I know I have a part. The one is smooth, a dappled lawn. The buildings stand around— White-pillared Abbot, long McKeen, And Draper, ivy-gowned. The other circle, larger still, Is one of friends so dear, Who, warm and true, will closer grow With every passing year. Lucia Nunez Tree Song Poets sing of loveliness, Forests greenly cool, Why has vet no poet come Abbot to extol? Charm of sylvan grove have we, Lofty aisles of pine. Sun-enchanted meadows ours, Glad hearts to enshrine. Where our hearts must e ' er remain We will plant our tree. Ever thoughts of it will wake Tender memorv. Ann Cutler 45 Intervale CAVIAR TO THE GENERAL But look, the morn, in russet flannels clad, Peeps out the side of yonder Johnny door. Wake we our neighbors up; but by my advice Let us impart what we have seen tonight To no one. But for this, I could a tale Unfold, whose slightest word would freeze thv young Blood. For sleeping in mine comfy bed, Mv custom always in the night, upon Mv slumbrous hour mv roommate stole, With juice of cursed ice within a glass, And in the gapings of my night-shirt poured This leperous distilment. Something too much Of this! Let us to breakfast. Thrift, thrift, Horatio, is forgotten, since steak and fried Pancakes do warmly furnish forth The breakfast table. And later, " Oh, That this too, too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into the perfect Figure. " Then under this most excellent Canopy, the air, look vou, this brave o ' erhanging Firmament we shall ski. We pause upon Yon sterile promontorv and ponder. " To ski or not to ski; that is the question. Whether ' tis nobler in a snowdrift to suffer The chills and drippings of outrageous icicles, Or to take weight upon our ski-poles And m arising break them. Ah! this is The very ecstasv of love of skiing, Whose violent properties upsets itself And us, and leads the legs to desperate 46 Undertakings. Oh, my prophetic soul! I ' m down again! ' ' The air bites shrewdly. It Is a nipping and an eager air. What hour now? I think it lacks of twelve. Indeed it now Draws nigh the season wherein the stomach Is wont to warble unmelodiouslv. Less art, more matter! . . . After dinner soliloquy: " What is man (or Abbot girl for that matter) That his chief good and market of his time Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more! Now whether it be natural otiosity or some Craven scruple of thinking too precisely On the two-mile walk to North Conway, A thought which quartered hath but one part Healthv exercise and three parts aching muscles, I know not. Shall we expose what is mortal And unsure to all that skates, and ice, and Other perils dare, even for a Viennese Waltz? " And still we go. (Fell down her snowy trophies And herself onto the heartless ice.) The night Draws on apace. My neighbors ' spirit in arms, I doubt some foul play. There ' s beds awry, And my two school-fellows, whom I will trust As adders fanged, thev wear suspicious mien. Let it work, for ' tis sport to have The piebedmaker hoist with his own petar. An ' t shall go hard, but I will delve one yard Below their blankets and there deposit Midst the snowy sheets an icy lump, that Swift as quicksilver it courses through the natural Gates and alleys of the sheet. Pandemonium reigns, And in its midst, the clock then beating one, " Rest, rest, perturbed spirits! " quoth Miss Bailev. The rest is silence. 47 Intervale Song (Tune: A Little Bit of Heaven) Sure a little bit of heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away; And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair, They said, " Suppose we leave it, For it looks so peaceful there. ' ' So thev sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow, They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale, And when thev had it finished, Sure thev called it Intervale. 49 Intervale Songs Intervale where everyone is gay, Lots of fun throughout the live-long day, Skiing, skating, sleighs, toboggans, too, Lots of food to eat, lots of things to do, We broke a trail up over Mount Surprise, We ' ve had our share of heavy exercise, We ' ll always cherish happy memories Of dear old Intervale. (Tune: Walking in a Winter Wonderland) We have skied, we have skated, We ' ve acquired lots of muscle, We ' re spotted black and blue, But we ' re here to say to you Just wait until you get to Intervale. We bumped into the trees upon the mountains, We fell into the snow drifts down below, We froze our feet and then we froze our noses, But still we sav to you we ' re fond of snow. Repeat Chorus: We have skied, we have skated . . . 51 The Senior Middle Class Song Onward still and upward Thirtv-six will aim, Striving for the highest Led bv Abbot ' s name. Higher ever higher Will our banners rise, Till our crimson colors Mount up to the skies, And we ' ve kept the standards Abbot glorifies. 54 Senior Middle Class Colors — Red and White OFFICERS— First Half President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Miriam Adam-, Sally Burns Charlotte Dane Anne-Laurenci: Donci Mary Dooley Mildred Eastlack Georgeanna Gabler Miriam Hamilton Priscilla Hartman Lucy Hawkes Clara Holland OFFICERS— Second Half Martha Howl- Frances Mahoney Priscilla Mailey Marion Mooney Helen Marie O ' Brien Martha Elizabeth R wsom Ros Mil R appoport Barbara Reinhart Jane Rk i I i inor Robinson Caroline Rockwi i i Anne-Laurence Dodge Georgeanna Gabeler Elinor Robinson Eleanor Wells Barbara Reinhart Lucy Hawkes Mary Dooley Elizabeth Sargent Anne Russell Elizabeth Sargent Sally Scates Patricia Smith Pauline Spear ( ROL StII.IAYI I I Mary Swan Mary Trafton Eleanor Wells Ruth Wi inc. Si i vi ' ku.ii i 55 H unV E. Eaton G. Eick L. Nunez S. Hildreth Abbot Athletic Association OFFICERS President Susan Hildreth Vice-President Geraldine Eick Secretary Lucia Nunez Treasurer Elaine Eaton 58 H. Cole C. Dane M. Trafton K. Scudder G. Peck H. Tower E.Johnson L. Nunez S. Hiidreth E. Eaton G. Eick D. More M. Mooney J. Dawes E. Rivinius Athletic Council Head of Basketball Head of Hockey Head of Tennis Head of Riding MAJOR SPORTS Phyllis Drown Doris Mori; Harriott Cole Ellen Rivinius MINOR SPORTS Head of Croquet Head of Golf Head of Ping Pong Head of Deck-Tennis Head of Badminton Head of Archery Head of Hiking Geraldine Peck Charlotte D i Jane Dawes Katharine Scudder Helen Tow i k Marion Mooney Mary Thai ids Head of Griffins Head of Gargoyles CLUB CAPTAINS Phyllis Brown Eleanor Johnson 59 " A " SOCIETY C. Rockwell A. Cutler C. Van Peursem K. Scudder H. Cole H. Tower F. Mahonev B. Reinharr E. Johnson E. Eaton M. Trafron B. Chamberlain F. McTernen M. Swan M. D. Wickenden HOCKEY TEAM M. Trafton M. F. Barlow C. Van Peursem C. Prudden P. Spear D. More P. Harding M. Gallon J. Henry 60 TENNIS TEAM Cutler Harriott Com Helen O ' Biui A. Cutler H. Cole H. O ' Brien CLUB CAPTAINS Phyllis Brown Head of Griffins Eleanor Johnson Head of Gargoyles SONG LEADERS Paim im SpeaR School Song Leader Anne Hurlburt Griffin Song Leader Francis McTlrnen Gargoyle Song Leader Hurlburt P. Spear I McTernen E. Johnson 61 1934 Blazers Ada Carlson Lena Hamilton Katharine Damon Mary Elizabeth Rockwell Ruth Stott 62 Parting Hymn Father, I know that all mv life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come : I do not fear to see; : But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, : And to wipe the weeping eves; : And a heart at leisure from itself. To soothe and svmpathize. Wherever in the world I am. In whatsoe ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts : To keep and cultivate; : And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the dailv strength To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life : While keeping at Thy side; : Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. 64 " Ill President Doris Anderson Mary Florence Barlow Christine Barnes Nancy Burns Barbara Chamberlain Evelyn Chappell Ann Cutler Jane Dawes Sally B. Davis Natalie Doucet Elaine Eaton Geraldine Eick Mary Elliot Georgeanna Gabeler Dorothy Hamilton Lucy Hawkes Fidelio Society Clara Holland Martha Howe Anne Hurlburt Eleanor Johnson Elizabeth Kennedy Frances McTernen Priscilla Mailey Doris More Elizabeth Murphy Patricia Noonan Lucia Nunez Jean Palmer Ruth Pratt Martha Elizabeth Ransom Rosalie Rappoport Barbara Reinhart Cecile Van Peursi m Priscilla Richards Alice Robinson Caroline Rockwell Anne Russell Sally Scates Katharine Scudder Polly Spear Eliese Strahl Martha Swum y Barbara Symonds Rosamond Taylor Margit Thony Mary Tooiii v Helen Tow i r Mary Trafton M RY Dl I It KI Di N 65 M. E. Ransom E. Kennedy C. Van Peursem E. Murphy S. Scares A. Russell G Gaheler A. Hurlburr K. Scudder M. D. W.ckenden P S N. Doucet C. Madden pear C Barnes P. Richards Choi oir President Georgeaxxa Gabeler Christixe Barnes Natalie Doucet Axxe Hurldurt Elizabeth Kexxedy Cyxthia Maddex Elizabeth Murphy Martha Elizabeth Ransom Priscilla Richards Axxe Russell Sally Scales Katharixe Scudder Paulixe Sfear Eliese Strahl Cecile Van Peursem Mary Dee ickexdex 66 P. Noonan M. Swan S. Vibberts S.Smith G. Eick S. Hildrech H.Cole M. ThOny A. Cutler N. Doucet C. Van Peursem K. Sc udder A.Russell A. Hurlburt M. Toohey President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Student Government OFFICERS Cecile Van Peursem Katharine Scudder . Natalie Doucet Ann Cutler Margit Thony Barbara Daniels Ernestine Look Sally Scates Harriott Cole CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Junior Class Junior-Mid Class Senior-Mid Class Day Scholar Representatives Mary Toom j Sophronia Vibberts Mary Swan Fr u s 1 i ion i -i 67 M. Swan A. Hurlburc A. Dodge A. Russell Abbot Christian Association OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Anne Hurlburt AnNe Russell Mary Swan Anne-Laurence Dodge 68 F. McTernen C. Burns A. Robinson B. Chamberlain L. Nunez K. Scudder A. Curler H. Tower M. Thony P. Noon an Editor-in-Chief Katharine Scudder Priscilla Abbot Ann Cutler Cathleen Burns Class Book Board Literary Editors Alice Robinson Art Editors Business Editor Barbara Chamberlain Assistant Business Editors Ex-Officio Patricia Noon an Frances McTerni Lucia Nunez Margit Thony Phyllis Brown Helen Tower 69 L. Nunez E. Wells A. Cutler B. Armington P. Spear M. ThOnv E. Robinson Courant Board Editor-in-Cbief Margit Thony Ann Cutler Literary Editors Eleanor Yells Lucia Nunez Art Editor Betsey Armjngton Assistant Art Editor Carol Prudden Business Editor Alice Cooper Elinor Robinson Assistant Business Editors Pauline Spear 70 C. Burns P. Abbot D. More R. Hollands S. Smith F. McTernen M. Hamilton Odeon Society President Secretary-Treasurer Priscilla Abbot Mary Florence Barlow Cathleen Burns Mary Gallon Shirley Smith Frances McTernen Miriam Hamilton Ruth Hollands Doris More Barbara Symonds SOPHRONIA VlBBERTS 71 E. Rivinius A. Humphreys E. Chandler B. Chamberlain P. Noonan A. Dodge S. Powers J. Dawes President Secretary-Treasurer Miriam Adams Elizabeth Chandler Jane Dawes Anne Humphreys Q. E. D. Society Anne-Laurence Dodge . Barbara Chamberlain Patricia Noonan Shirley Powers Ellen Rivinius Sally Scates 72 R.Pratt R.Taylor F.Mahoney H.Cole E. Murph A. Hurlburt B. Reinhart J. Palmer Abbot Dramatic Society President Secretary - Treasurer Barbara Reinhart Phyllis Brown Ann Hurlburt Harriott Coli Frances Mahoney Rosamond Taylor Elizabeth Murphy Jean Palmer Ruth Pratt 73 C. Rockwell S. Burns L. Hawk.- M. Howe M. Brodie H. Tower E.Johnson J. Herir) K. Scudder Philomatheia Society President Secretary-Treasurer Eleanor Johnson Helen Tower Marjory Brodie Sally Burns Lucy Hawkes Joan Henry Martha Howe Priscilla Mailey Mary Emily Pettingill Caroline Rockwell Katharine Scudder Sylvia Wright 74 B. Daniels H. Can C. Prudden M. Bain A. Rus ll C. Hoi Ian J G. Peck Les Beaux Arts President Secretary-Treasurer Anne Russell Helen Cary Betsey Armington Margaret Bain Barbara Daniels Clara Holland Ernestine Look Marion Moon i i Geraldine Peck Carol Prudden 75 M Swan N. Doucet S. Hildrech E. Earon D. Anderson M. Trafton A. Robinson G. Gabe!er G. Eick C. Van Peursem President Secretary-Treasurer Aeolian Society Georgeaxxa Gabeler Alice Robixsox Doris Axdersox Natalie Dolxet Elaixe Eatox Geraldixe Eicr Susan Hildreth Elizabeth Kexxedy Mary Swax Eliese Strahl Mary Traftox Cecile Van Peursem 76 1934 Honor A ' s JANE MATHER CAMPBELL KATHARINE DAMON LENA LOUISE HAMILTON SARAH MARGARET O ' REILLY MARY ELIZABETH ROCKWELL RUTH ELIZABETH BINKERD STOTT 1934 Cum Laude JANE MATHER CAMPBELL DELIGHT DAWSON HALL BARBARA BICKNELL RITZMAN 77 nmw Mil I I. II k The Senior Play " DEAR BRUTUS " By Sir James Matthew Barrie Everyone is probablv more or less fond of Barrie, but the witchery and charm of his " Dear Brutus, " must surelv linger in our memories as one of the most delightful events of the year. The acting, the dialogue, the entire atmosphere caught and en- chanted us. The idea of midsummer ' s eve with its strange traditions and mvsterious happenings; the odd little man, the last of Merrie England, is irresistible. Secretly we should rather like to venture into the Enchanted Wood, if only to see what we Might Have Been. 80 DEAR BRUTUS A Comedy in Three Acts ' The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings. " — Shakespeare CHARACTERS Mr. Dearth Mrs. Dearth Mr. Purdie Mrs. Purdie Mr. Coade Mrs. Coade Lob Matey . Joanna Trout Lady Caroline Margaret Ann Cutler Anne Hurlburt Elizabeth Murphy Margie Thony Helen Tower Alice Cooper Jean Palmer Katharine Scudder . Patricia Noonan Ruth Pratt Frances McTernen synopsis of scenes Act I. Lob ' s House Act II. The Wood Act III. Same as Act I Somewhere in the north of England there is a legend that once every year on Midsummer Night, a strange forest appears, and that those who go into it will have, for a few hours, the life they might have lived, if, at some crucial time in their past, they had chosen the other turning instead of the one they did. A queer old Puck of a man who lives in this region conceives the idea of inviting some guests to his house at just this time of year, and seeing what happens when this second chance is given to them in the enchanted wood. And not only does this old man Lob gratify his whimsical curiosity, but those who witness the play are per- mitted to look on as well, and to see each character as he MIGHT HAVE BEEN, and then to see his return to what he reallv is. Director . Stage Manager Floor Committee Scenery Bertha Morgan Gray Eleanor Johnson Phyllis Harding Helen Cary, Mr. Chi i vj u. Mr. Tyler 81 THREE PILLS IN A BOTTLE By Rachel Lyman Field Tony in " Three Pills in a Bottle " is just the sort of charming, imaginative, old- fashioned child whom everyone is fond of, and we all experienced with him a real pleasure in meeting the souls of those everyday people. The fine acting of the entire cast made the fanciful but brief experience realistic for the audience. CHARACTERS Tony Sims .... The Widow Sims, his Mother A Middle-Aged Gentleman His Soul A Scissors Grinder His Soul A Scrub Woman Her Soul Carol Stillwell Barbara Reinhart Priscilla Mailey Frances Mahoney Priscilla Hartman Sally Scates Ruth Wittig Jane Rice CATHERINE PARR or Alexander s Horse By Maurice Baring From the minute the curtains drew apart to show Henry VIII, English monarch, posing a knife on his egg, the breakfast room was electrically charged. Rich argument " Alexander ' s horse was white — no, black! " reached a crisis when the lovely blond page took execution orders. How Catherine escaped we don ' t quite know — a splendid glimpse of sovereigns on high domestic seas — and lavender tights. CHARACTERS King Henry VIII Catherine Parr A Page Anne Dodge Rosalie Rappoport Elinor Robinson 82 ROSALIND By J. M. Barrie " Rosalind " is one of those engrossing plays of mistaken identity, though it holds no element of mvstery for the audience. The smallness of its cast made every character necessarily outstanding, and the three principals rose to the occasion with excellent performances. CHARACTERS Dame Quickly Mrs. Page . Charles Anne Russell Georgeanna Gabeler Caroline Rockwell SPREADING THE NEWS By Lady Gregory Lady Gregory ' s " Spreading the News " proved to be a jolly Irish comedy with all the brogue and action and gay costumes that such a setting should have. The vil- lage folk were made very vivid by several bits of fine character acting. CHARACTERS Bartley Fallon Mrs. Fallon Jack Smith Shawn Early Tim Casey James Ryan Mrs. Tarpey Mrs. Tully A Policeman A Magistrate Lucy Hawkes Mary Trafton Marion Moonev Miriam Adams Elizabeth Sargent Polly Spear Sylvia Wright Clara Holland Martha Ransom Sallv Burns Director . Stage Manager Scenery Bertha Morgan Gray Mary Swan Mr. Tyler 83 Hamlet and Eggs A hush lav over all the class; No breathing stirred the air, And then the calm was broken by The creaking of a chair. We sat and looked with hollow eves Where Chickie kept her station. " Yes, girls, " she said, " I ' m sure ' twill be A nice examination. Tomorrow vou will come at five — The C. P. Senior Classes — Prepared to take an oral test, I hope that each one passes. We will recite respectivelv — Priscilla, pay attention — Upon the works we ' ve read this vear, But what I need not mention. " What awful visions filled our minds, And made us cringe and cower! For sure on " Hamlet " and the " Ag " We ' d spent full manv an hour. But when the bell had tolled the hour When we were meant to meet, Both crammed and empty, bright and dumb, Each girl was in her seat. And Chickie prancing to her desk Could smack her lips with pleasure. " We ' ll start on ' Hamlet ' first, " she said, " He ' s really such a treasure! Now, will you tell me, Eleanor, Why Hamlet acted mad? " " Oh, ves, " said Ellie, bright with pride, " The truth is that he had A common ailment of the mind, Cyclothvmia — the same. It is a form of psychosis. The svmptoms I can name. " " Oh, pray don ' t bother, " Chickie said; " This class is as a rule Conducted to teach literature; ' Tis not a doctor ' s school. 86 But let ' s return to where we stopped, And Ann, I ' m sure, can sav Why Hamlet jumped into the grave On ' Phelia ' s burial day. " " I ' ve often wondered why myself, " Said Annie, deep in thought. " He might have hurt an arm or leg, Or got his doublet caught. But if he ' d onlv used his head, I ' m sure it ' s safe to say He would have used a glider, and Gone down an easv way. " " You disappoint me, Ann, indeed! " Poor baffled Chickie cried, " But, Lucia, tell me how the king, The queen, and Hamlet died. " But Lucia, simpering, demurred, And, maiden coy, replied, " The Andover mother ' s darling girl Knows not life ' s sordid side. " So Chickie, puzzled, turned to Scud, And asked her pleadingly, But heartless Scudder onlv cried, " HAW! HAW! HAW! Don ' t ask me! " " Why then perhaps, " said Chickie now, " Cathleen will try and say Whv Hamlet spurned Ophelia ' s love Within the hall that day. " " I ' m sure I cannot answer why, " Said Kate contemptuously, " Love is a lot of rot, I think, And men especiallv. " " Then, Cecile, will you tell me now, — And tell me quickly please — Where Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Took Hamlet overseas? " And Cecile, dozing there, did not So much as raise her head, But yawned and mumbled ' neath her breath, " Arabia, " she said. Poor Chickie, swooning in her chair, Was limp with indignation, " This will not do at all, " she said, " I ' ll ask just one more question. 87 " So, Doris, will vou tell me why Upon that fatal night Our Hamlet met the ghost, and got Himself in such a plight? " And Dossv, wakened from a nap, Spoke with a drowsv head, " Because he hadn ' t sense enough To be at home in bed. " " Ker-plunk! " reechoed thu the room The noise of Chickie ' s fall. And Ellie rushed out hurriedly An ambulance to call. But Chickie, ere they bore her off, Revived enough to saw " What would mv friend, T. S., have said, Had he been here todav? " A Write -up to End Write-ups PATTY POLLYANNA PARAGON " Precious " Foul Feathers Corners, Idaho At Home Seven Years (Four to Six on Friday ) So much could be said about Pattv that we hardlv know where to begin. Pattv is one of those restful people who bubbles her way through life. Besides being an ardent athlete, she is a faithful friend. W ho is it whose sweet smile, winning ways, dancing dimple, and pleasing personality will linger fondly in our memories? Our Patty of course! And her daintv dresses and ethereal bonnets are the envy of us all. Here ' s bushels of love and kisses to one of our number who will go far. (Away, we hope.) P. S. Her eyes are limpid pools of loveliness. Head of Parlor Croquet ' 35 Senior at Miss Bailey ' s Table ' 35 Harpsichord Solo at Commence- ment Recical ' 34 Sandwich Making Committee ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, 35 Third Griffin Ping Pong Team ' 35 Shifted Stage Scenerv in Prep Play ' 29, Also Lights Tea Pourers ' Honor Roll ' 35 Tea Server ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Robbie ' s Official Radiator Ad- juster ' 30, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 Robbie ' s Official Window Opener and Shutter ' 30, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33. ' 34. ' 35 Robbie ' s Official Cicero-Bust Dust- er ' 33, ' 34 Secretary-Treasurer Abbot Drive for Abolishment of Waste Paper and P. A. ' 34, ' 35 Honor R (Special Dispensation for Conspicuous Helpfulness in Wearing Rubbers ' 35 Voted Abbot Teachers ' Perfect Pet ' 34, ' 35 President of the Abbot Chapter of the Society for Propagating Popular Interest in the Preser- vation of Purple Potted Pansies ' 35 « X Will HAYE To HENove or«e »Ae«.r -•- - " A Forrest Strahl A snappy GREENE DODGE swings in at the ABBOT gate. A DARLING girl stands on the steps of the CHAPPELL. The Villain named Gill HAWKES his horn, and the imPRUDDEN girl PLUNKETT herself beside him. With the GAGE reading sixty, they THONYs out of the circle while Miss Bailey cries, " No MORE of that, NEVINS DUNCAN my DAWES again. ' ' With only a GALLON of gas left, the villain sees the SARGENT and gets COLE feet. So he CARYs the girl off to some BROWN BARNES like a PECK of potatoes. " DOUCET down while I FITCH you some RICE, " he says. " WAITE, I ' ll MCTERNEN JOOST a minute. " " Get thee hence, BAIN of my existence, I disDANE it, I ' ve just EATON, " quoth she. " Do not MADDEN me, PRATT, " he says, taking a.PAGE for the RANSOM note. She was DOOLEY impres- sed, and pleaded, " Have a HARTMAN, SPEAR me, SPEAR me! " Then he HEALD her close, saying, " TOOHEY or don ' t we? " as he GABELER a HOTCHKISS. " That BURNS me up, " says she, WARDing him off. There is a RUSSELL at the window. " I SAWYER PETTENGILL, " cries HENRY, the hero, and he shoots the villain WRIGHT away. " LEE me have a LOOK at you, MAHONEY, are you STILLWELL? " says he. " HuRAE, come INMAN, " she exclaims, " I ' ve been enJORDAN myself. So off they SWINT together to SCATES on the EASTLACK. The moral is: ALL ' S well that ends WELLS. 90 The Abbot Nursery We refer you to Mother Goose. There Was an Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe Multiplication is Vexation Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross There were Two Birds Says Aaron to Moses Hot Cross Buns Dr. Foster Went to Gloucester A Riddle, a Riddle The King or France Went up the Hill Pease Porridge Hot Pussycat, Pussycat Sing a Song of Sixpence A Diller, a Dollar Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick What are Little Girls Made of The Man in the Moon Come, All Ye Brisk Young Bachelors I Had a Little Sister I Had a Little Husband ... Dance, Little Baby, Dance up High .... Miss Bailey Miss Comegys Miss Jenks The Misses Chickering Miss Mathews Miss Grimes Miss Robinson Miss Baker Miss Bean Miss Butterrield Madame Craig Miss Friskin Miss Bavnes J Miss Carpenter Mrs. Duncan Miss Hughes Miss Rumney Miss Snow Mrs. Grav Miss Ling 91 Advertisements and Addresses earns a store that meets, at moderate prices, the fashion demands of discriminating collegians and debutantes with day, evening and sports costumes, and their correct accessories. R. H. STEARNS COMPANY Tremont ni Temple Place TICKETS TOURS CRUISES All forms of TRAVEL in one office. Mrs. Seth C. Bassett HAVERHILL, MASS. Commencement Presents — Dance Favors Dance Programmes Novelty Jewelry Athletic Awards When in need of any of these things write for samples or catalogue. C. B. DYER Makers of fine school jewelry 234 MASSACHUSETTS AYE. INDIANAPOLIS ii Qompliments of SENIOR-MIDS in Qomp lim ents of NORTH AMERICAN CREAMERIES, Inc. = Quality Foods ■■ Ganem ' s Market 392-396 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE. MASS. " Where Quality and Service Predominate " FOR OYER 28 YEARS. THE LEADING MARKET IN MERRIMACK ALLEY Th e HARTIGAN PHARMACY Main and Chestnut Streets ANDOVER, MASS. IV ( I.ASSROOM SCENE, 1885 Whispering was frowned upon fifty years ago too, but you can ' t really blame the young ladies . . . you see their graduation pictures had just arrived. J l ' POXT photographs have been a source of pride and pleasure to fair graduates-to-be for more than fifty years . . . not only at Commencement but throughout the years, as they recall the friends and activities of the last vear at school. AIME DUPONT Photographers to I he Class of 1935 509 FIFTH AYFXIF, NEW YORK ESTABLISHED IX 1884 CAPitol 1217-1218 Joseph P. Eaton DEALER IN Beef, Lamb, Poultry and Yeal Hotel Supplies Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market Boston, Mass. Qompliments of a Friend VI T. P. KELLEY, President and Treasurer OUR MODEL DAIRY Li. i Exterior View of Our Model Dairy SHAWSHEEN DAIRY, INC. SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE, ANDOVER, MASS. Manufacturers and Distributors of MILK, CREAM, BUTTER and ICE CREAM W. J. Morrissey Taxi Service PARK STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 8059 VII Compliments of a Friend vli IT WITH FLOWERS " J. H. PLAYDON FLORIST MAIN STREET. ANDOVER, :NL SS. Telephone 70 " Class " Note- Cherry Webb Fashions Win Cum Laude Honors ! LOWE CO. Inc. Pharmacists To the Class of 1 93 5 VIII Privately Printed The Abbot Circle is a fine example of a limited edition, privately printed. The staff of this book and an increasing number of other private publishers have been turning to organizations which specialize in the production of fine brochures, magazines, and privately printed books. For more than a century The Andover Press has served such publishers, planning and printing class annuals, descriptive booklets, genealogies, and other quality publications. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Andover 143 To assure complete coordination in the production of this book the engravings were furnished by the printer. MARJORIE POORE ' S Bradford, Mass. y lotnes that are Different and Unusual BARTER ' S HOME MADE CANDY, PASTRY AND ICE CREAM 43 MAIN STREET - ANDOYER Tel. 742 Walter E. Billings Optician and Jeweler 36 Main Street - Andover, Mass. w Z )t Ibooktx obit fill Costume Co. fppip THEATRICAL IMPORTERS anslf AND MANUFACTURERS GOSTUMERS • HA " ERHILL. MASSACHUSETTS Miller ' s Shoe Store Reasonably priced Abbot shoes and high grade repairing. 49 Main Street - Axdover. Mass. Tel. 531 Telephone Capitol 7768 7769 C. D. BULLERWELL WHOLESALE FRUITS and PRODUCE 7 New Faxeutl Hall Market North Side BOSTON, M iSS. Axdover Open Door Tea Room Serving daily both noon and evening a full course dinner for fiftv cents. STEAK AND CHICKEN DINNERS, SI. 00 SALADS AND SANDWICHES Accommodations for Overnigrht Guests CALL AT J. E. PITMAN EST. 65 PARK ST., AXDOVER, MASS. FOR COMPLETE LINE OF MOORE ' S PAINTS and VARNISHES X CROSS COAL CO. FRESH ROASTED DAILY AT CHiCAGO AND BROOKLYN .J OHN SEXTON ZrCO. Coffee Merchants for Over 50 Years Our 7 few " House of Fashion " INVITES YOUR INSPECTION DRESSES •95 " h-95 $5-95 Hiller Company XI TWO ROPED-IN DADDIES Compliments of ODEON Compliments of Philomatheia Compliments of A. D. S XII Compliments of Les Beaux Arts Compliments of Q. E. D. SMART FLAGG INC. BANK BUILDING ANDOVER, MASS. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Stock and Mutual Companies Tie INSURANCE OFFICES FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS Compliments of Aeolian XIII The HARBORN SHOP GIFTS • DRESSES • ACCESSORIES ACTIVE SPORT TOGS 17 MAIN STREET, AXDOYER WATCHMAKER JEWELER John H. Grecoe A complete line of Abbot rings and pins. Incomparable repair service at no greater cost than ordinarv work. 45 MAIN STREET - ANDOVER ' ' The Biggest Little Jewelry Store in the State FOR FIXE SHOE REPAIRING GO TO W. J. REYNOLDS 2 BARNARD STREET ANDOVER. MASS. Compliments of a Friend (Sunup Sbams H tattonerp ALWAYS ON SALE AT THE SCHOOL BOOKSTORE Ruth L. Hammond ' 29 Custo m Dress m a king ALTERATIONS— REMODELLING HOSIERY LINGERIE by VAN RAALTE 352 North Main St. Shawsheen Village D. L. Page, President J. W. Con ' roy, Manager G. S. Twlor, Treasurer Telephone 475 Page Catering Company Established 1880 442 BRIDGE STREET LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS Insist on MONARCH BRAND Super-Quality Foods Sold only thru Independent Grocers Reid, Murdoch Co. Established 1853 SOMERVILLE, MASS. XIV Add resses FACULTY Bertha Bailey, B.S., Principal Andover Esther Comegys, M.A., Dean .... 424 Monroe Ave., Scranton, Pa. Fanny Bigelovv Jenks, B.A., Registrar, Assistant to the Principal 66 Summer St., North Brookfield Rev. A. Graham Baldwin . Rebekah Munroe Chickering, B.A. OcTAVIA HITING MATHEWS, B.A. Helen- Dunford Robinson, B.A. Bertha Adaline Grimes, B.A. . Helen Dearborn Bean, B.A. Ruth Stephens Baker, M.A. Mme. Marie (de la Niepce) Craig Helen Tileston Chickering, B.A. Regina Maria Hughes, M.A. Evelyn Mann Rumney, M.A. . Mary Gay Andover 72 Central St., Andover Andover 77 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Gloucester 146 East Haverhill St., Lawrence 255 Homer St., Newton Center 28 Fremont St., Plymouth 183 Dartmouth Terrace, Springfield 72 Central St., Andover 420 West 116th St., New York City 35 Tennis Court, Brooklvn, N. Y. 132 Rivervvay, Boston Mrs. Eunice Gould (Murray) Campbell, B.A. 136 Highland Ave., Somerville Mary Carpenter . ■ . .57 Wilkinson St., Putnam, Conn. Constance Clifford Ling 201 East Kirby Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Bertha (Morgan) Gray 17 Mayflower Terrace, Newton Highlands Walter Edward Howe, B.Mus. .... 14 School St., Andover Kate Friskin 601 West 113th St., New York City Gertrude Ting ley 32 Milton Rd., Brookline Mrs. Beatrice " hitney) Van Ness .... 91 Francis St., Brookline Jean Hope Baynes Louise Robinson Margaret Snow, B.A. Florence Butterfield . Mrs. Hannah Duncan, R.N. Faith Lucena Meserve, M.D Jane Brodie Carpenter, M.A. Mrs. Laura Cheever Downs Apt. 93, 21 Claremont Ave., New York City 82 Ames St., Lawrence 63 Masonic St., Rockland, Me. 108 Boyd St., Newton . Andover 26 Central Ave., Weston 26 Morton St., Andover Bancroft Rd., Andover Priscilla Emily Abbot . Miriam Adams Doris Wooding Anderson STUDENTS 1817 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. R.F.D. 3, Deny Village, N. H. 94 Poor St., Andover XV Betsey Harriman Armington 26 Salisbury Rd., Brookline Margaret Barbara Bain 139 Chestnut St., Norrh Andover Mary Florence Barlow . 855 Salem Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Christine Myron Robinson Barnes . 1510 Forest Ave., Evanston, 111. Marjory Carlyle Brodie . 668 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, P.Q. , Can. Joan Brown .... 345 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Phyllis Bradford Browx 22 Mountain Ave., Lewiston, Me. Cathleen Burns ... 267 Main St., Andover Nancy Schofield Burns 14 Wolcott Ave., Andover Sally Burns 14 Wolcott Ave., Andover Helen Emerson Cary (6 Tomioka-cho, 3-chome, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan) 6 Church St., Bradford Barbara Chamberlain 43 Morton St., Andover Elizabeth Chandler 2901 Grant Rd., Washington, D. C. Edna James Chappell 158 Highland Ave., Middletown, N. Y. Evelyn Frances Chappell . 51 Linden St., Middletown, N. Y. Laura Annette Chedel 160 Washington St., Middletown, Conn. Harriott Cole Alice Guerard Cooper Claire Estelle Cregg . Ann Crawford Cutler Charlotte Tillinghast Dane Barbara Daniels Susan Lambert Darling Sally Bradford Davis . Jane Goodwin Dawes Anne Laurence Dodge Mary Dooley ... Natalie Evelyn Doucet Elise Isabel Duncan Florence Bertha Durfee Mary Mildred Eastlack Elaine Whitney Eaton Geraldine Eick Mary Remington Elliot Nancy Elizabeth England Irene Marion Fitch Eileen Mary Forrest Georgeanna Gabeler Sally Gage Mary Sharp Gallon Laura Diana Hope Greene Dorothy Elizabeth Hamilton Miriam Ada Hamilton 371 Johnson St., North Andover 770 Park Ave., New York City 506 Prospect St., Methuen 9 Abbot St., Andover 3 Serpentine Trail, Larchmont, N. Y. 24 Maugus Ave., Wellesley Hills 238 South Main St., Andover Harwichport . 47 Mt. Vernon St., Cambridge Newbury 391 Prospect St., Lawrence 675 Broad St., East Wevmouth 1360 Park Lane, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 348 Central St., Fall River Parlin, N. J. 12 Highland Rd., Andover 164 Mt. Vernon St., Dedham Holt Rd., Andover 1 Ledgewood Rd., Winchester 70 Russell St., Manchester, N. H. 198 Jackson St., Lawrence 12 Locke St., Andover 100 Essex St., North Andover Plandome, L. I., N. Y. Kennebunk, Me. Limestone, Me. 290 Elm St., Oberlin, Ohio XVI Phyllis Seymour Harding Priscilla Letts Hartman Lucy Hawk is .... Helen Gill Heald Joan Henry Susan Hildreth Clara Macfarlane Holland Ruth Hollands Virginia Louise Hollands . Patricia Hotchkiss Martha Stratton Howe Anne Humphreys Kathryn Kip Humphreys Anne Hurlburt Elizabeth Inman Eleanor Johnson Elizabeth Joost Elizabeth Pierson Jordan . Barbara Hicks Kelley Elizabeth Gray Kennedy . Marian Elizabeth Lawson Barbara Lee .... Ernestine Look Helen Elizabeth McDonald Ruth Frances McTernen Cynthia Madden Mary Frances Mahoney Priscilla Bruce Mailey Marion Stanton Mooney Doris Kirkwood More Elizabeth Coreille Murphy Barbara Nevins Marguerite Patricia Noonan Lucia Elmore Nunez Helen Marie O ' Brien . Claire Ruth Oppenheim Virginia Page Lillian Jean Palmer Geraldine Julia Peck . Mary Emily Pettengill Margaret Hutton Plunkett Shirley Elizabeth Powers Ruth Sibley Pratt Carol Daneorth Prudden . Jean Rae 28 Emerson Rd., Wellcslcy Hills 3000 North Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. South Main St., Andover 15 Webster St., Nashua, N. H. 846 Centre Ave., Reading, Pa. 371 Highland Ave., Winchester 112 Chestnut St., Andover 83 Genesee St., Hornell, N. Y. 62 Genesee St., Hornell, N. Y. Granhv, Conn. 14 School St., Andover 10902 South Irving Ave., Chicago, 111. Holt Rd., Andover 304 Main St., Glastonbury, Conn. 21 Germain St., Worcester 47 Central St., Andover Southold, L. I., N. Y. 122 Windham St., Willimantic, Conn. 150 Hawthorne St., New Bedford 452 Deering Ave., Portland, Me. 28 Temple St., Belmont 117 East St., Methuen 115 Main St., Andover 123 Chestnut St., Andover . 25 W T olcott Ave., Andover 234 North Beacon St., Hartford, Conn. 54 Elm St., North Andover 63 Salem St., Andover 1952 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 28 Fernwood Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. 28 Godfrey Rd., Upper Montclair, N.J. 59 Highland Terrace, Brockton 420 Lincoln Ave., East, Alexandria, Minn. Bancroft Rd., Andover 11 Ridge Rd., Lawrence 81 Sunray St., Lawrence 69 Maple St., Hornell, N. Y. 167 Main St., Andover 1 Highland Wayside, Andover Box 466, Madeira, Ohio 21 Crofut St., Pittstield 6 Quimby St., Haverhill 109 Central St., Andover 1 Sutherland Rd., Montclair, N. J. 333 Otis St., West Newton XVD Martha Elizabeth Ransom Rosalie Harriet Rappoport Barbara Reinhart Jane Wengate Rice Priscilla Manning Richards Ellen Rivinius Alice Best Robinson Flemington. X. J. 52-13th Ave.. Parerson, X. J. Main St., Andover 19 William St.. Andover 21 Madburv Rd.. Durham. X. H. 346 Main St.. Winchester 30 Chedell PL. Auburn. X. Y. Elinor Rogers Robinson Oxford. Me. Caroline Campbell Rockwell Anne Naomi Russell Elizabeth Sargent Anne Johnston Sawyer Sally Scates Doris Barbara Schwartz Katharine Scudder Lillian Jane Seiler Sarah Morse Sheldon Patricia Coombs Smith Shirley Wright Sniith Pauline Chapman Spear Jane Rolston Stevenson- Carol Helen Stillwell Eliese Helen Strahl Mary Lewis Swan Martha Sweeney Elizabeth Jane Swint Barbara Symonds Rosamond Taylor Margit Thony Mary Elizabeth Toohey Helen Henrietta Tower Mary Frances Traeton 658 Osgood St.. Xorth Andover 500 Chester Ave.. Moorestown. X. J. 35 Washington Sq.. Salem Glendale. Hamilton Co., Ohio 4 Bovlston Terrace. West Medford 118 Franklin St., Lawrence 133 West 9th St.. Claremont. Calif. 459 Richmond Ave.. Maplewood. X. J. 169 Bishop St.. Xew Haven, Conn. Fort Sewall. Marblehead High St.. Farmington. Conn. 156 Winchester St., Brookline 646 Washington Rd., Grosse Pointe. Mich. 71 Winsor PL. Glen Ridge. X. J. 85 Sutton Manor, Xew Rochelle. X. Y. 22 Thorndike St., Beverlv 64 Central St., Andover 1109 Hopeton Rd., Wilmington, Del. 248 Pleasant St.. Marblehead - Magnolia Terrace, Springfield 166 High St.. Winchendon 43 Abbot St.. Andover 32 Phillips St., Andover 323 Minor Ave.. Auburn, Me. Cecile Wilhelmina an Peursem Bahrein, Persian Gulf. Via Bomb. Care Mrs. Maxwell, 45 West High St., Somerville. N.J. Mary Jane Yarney grace sophronia ibberts Barbara Belden aite Evelyn Taylor Ward . Jeanne W augh Eleanor Dawson W ells Mary Dee Wickenden Marjorie Lewis Williams Jean Wilson- Ruth Babette Wittig Sylvia Angeline Wright Milford, Del. Sunnvledge. Xew Britain, Conn. 33 Pearl St.. Bridgewater 240 Hawthorne St., Maiden 18 William St., Andover Box 259, Kingston. Jamaica. B W. I. 202-5th Ave. East, Roselle, X. J. 343 Tillou Rd., South Orange, X.J. 14 William St.. Andover 100 Hillside Ave.. West Newton 20 Prospect St.. Xorwood, X. Y. XVIII . . . A uto graphs . . .

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