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y u V t THE CIRCLE - $ V 1934 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS To Mrs. Duncan Well, Lena, and what is it today? Cold? We ' ll fix that up. Come right in here. There I have some nice ... " " Oh. no, Mrs. Duncan. I ' m all right. I onlv wanted to . . . " To come and see me? Well, isn ' t that nice of vou. It ' s so nice to have . . . " " But Mrs. Duncan, we want to dedicate our book . . . ' " And vou ' d like to discuss it with me? I ' m honored, Lena, reallv. Well, ... . " (desperately) " To you. We want it dedicated to vou. " " Oh. Lena! " This brief scrap of conversation between our dear nurse and class president took place when Lena went to tell Mrs. Duncan that we liked her so much we wanted to dedicate our class book to her. The first thing she thought of was her picture. " But. Lena . . . you want my picture in vour book? " And now that the picture is taken and printed, we ' d like to say it really doesn ' t do her justice; in fact, no picture could. That kindlv. busv. efficient air which is so characteristic of her and makes the infirmarv a place to which we love to go, is hard to catch in a photograph. Just the same, we will never forget it, and when we pick up our nineteen-thirtv-four class book some forty or fifty vears from now and see her picture there, she will be as dear to us in memory as she is now in realitv. It would be hard to forget one who has been such a help to all of us, certainlv, in more ways than one. Although we go to her for our sick bodies, somehow she manages to administer to our sick souls too. Our Mrs. Duncan is more than nurse, more than doctor; and in dedicating our book to her we mean to tell her that above all she is our friend. MRS. HANNAH DUNCAN H O ca X UJ a. Q mfi. 1 w . ■ " A I 1 Y ' , ■ l ■ N. ml i ft MAPLE WALK MISS BERTHA BAILEY illsl ll I S 19 34 The Abbot Circle M. Morrill V. Holden M. Rogers L. Hamilton Senior Class Officers Lena Hamilton Virginia Holden Margaret Morrill Marion Roger;, Presidetit Vice-President Secretary Ti easurer 13 The Abbot Circle 19 34 JANE MATHER CAMPBELL 32 Glen Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y Smith Tuo Years Campbell! One of the outstanding adornments of the Class of ' 34. but if she had her way about it you ' d never guess it. There ' s no need to enumerate all her accomplishments ' since we alreadv know them) but giving full credit where it is due, we all agree that Jane is a trust v friend and a good one. Fidelio ' 33, 34; Editor-ir. -Chief of Cot rant ' 34; Choir ' 33, 34; Student Government ' 34; Vice-President Abbot Athletic Association ' 34; Cuurant ' 33, ' 34: Christmas Party ' 3 1 : Hiking Leader ' 33. ' 34; Honor Roll ' 33, ' 34; Tea Dance Committee ' 33; Senior-Mid Play ' 33; Senior-Mid Class Council ' 33; Honor Bonus. ADA ELEANORA CARLSON 3 Highland Wayside, Andover, Mass. Five Years " Won ' t vou please pav attention? and do put some spirit into vour singing. " Who else could this be but our able song leader? In spite of the fact that Ada ' s a day scholar she seems to get around plenty at Abbot as well as in her town. We wish you luck, Miss Carlson, and hope to see vou at our 75th. U- douuLtJUULf Gull itu frnafco Cjxcuj. u u - - m-j ?TMZk - -hucuJJxLc f jk jj Head of Basketball ' 32; Tea Dance Committee ' 33; School Song Leader ' 34; Class Song Leader ' 3 ' 0, 31 Y I £ | U3a 2 - ;33 - Athletic Council ' 33, ' 34; Senior-Mid Play ' 33; Day Scholar Entertainment ' 33, ' 34; Numerals ' 29 i -|-jr — y. . larsity Track ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Christmas Partv ' 34; Secretarv-Treasurer " A " Socien ' 34; Chevrons ' 33, ' 34 U JT jIa(JJT Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 33; Odeon ' 33, ' 34; Fidelio ' 30, ' 3L ' 32, ' 33, ' 34: " A " Society ' 32, ' 33, ' 34 rW j Choir .33, ' 34; Club Basketball Team ' 31, ' 32, ' 33. ]4 1 9 34 The Abbot C i r c I Wellesley MERCEDES CLOS " Chichi " 25 Prospect PI., N. Y. C. Four Years Our Chichi is just an adorable surprise package. She is like a rambling old-time mansion, where you rind yourself in a few rooms which open into others, and on and on thev go big ones, small ones, light and dark . . . nor have we vet come to the end of them. She is a very unusual sort of person. Whatever vou do in the end, Chichi, be sure to let us know about it. We ' ve guessed long enough, as to what it will be, and we ' ve all agreed on one point: It ' s sure to be unusual. Head of Track ' 32, ' 33; A.D.S. ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Head of Hockey " 33; Class Book Board ' 34; Captain of Gar- goyles ' 34; " A " Society ' 33, ' 34; Varsity Track Team ' 31, ' 32, ' 33; Prom Committee ' 33, Varsity Hocke) Team ' 31, ' 33; Tea Dance Decorating Committee ' 33; Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 33; Entertainment Committee ' 31, ' 32, ' 34; Numerals ' 31; Athletic Council ' 32, ' 33, ' 34. A. v «v - . - «vb ■v.X - jlV " » { U c - - jk.«- «k v oOk KATHARINE ESMERELDA DAMON Kay 24 Alpine St., Maiden, Mass. Katharine Gibbs Three Years " Here ' s to you, Oh Kay, The captain of our team, " thus saith the Griffins. But for the rest of us there is a bit more to say. W 7 e remember well three short years ago when a little bundle of happiness landed on the fourth floor. Since then Kay you have been one of our shining stars always ready to help and cheer us up. We ex- pect that soon you will be the gracious president of a " Designing Concern. " And the Class of ' 34 will never forget the wild tales of Old New Hampshire. Varsity Hockey Team ' 31, ' 32, ' 33; Choir ' 34; Varsity Baseball Team ' 32; Student Governmem 34. Club Baseball Team ' 32, Varsity Ping Pong ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, Varsity Clock Golf ' 31 ; Secretary-Treasurer Griffins ' 33, Griffin Captain ' 34, Athletic Council ' 33, ' 34; Griffin Party ' 32; Prom Decorating Committee 33, bbot Birthday Committee ' 33, Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Draper Dramatics ' 33; Senior Mid Play 33; Courant ' 32. ' 33. ' 34; President Senior-Mid Class ' 33, Junior-Mid Treasurer ' 32; Honor Bonus ' 34; " A " Society ' 33, 34; Senior Play ' 34; Christmas Party ' 31, ' 32, ' 33; Hiking Leader ' 34; Numerals ' 32; Chevrons ' 33; Class Book Board ' 34; Head of Hockey ' 32; Society Banquet Committee ' 33; Business Editor Courant ' 34; French Pla ' 32, Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee 33 " Vl •fcO 15 3r v The Abbot Circle 19 34 ' I f. SARAH DEAN " Sheet er " 354 North Main St., Andover, Mass. Roll ins Two Years Skeeter ' s a quiet person until you get the doors closed — and more than once we ' ve heard shrieks issuing from Sandy ' s room. Mutual acquaintances perhaps? " And, Miss Dean, just what is it that gets you over the high |um|V " " Oh just being small and smiling, I guess. " Track Team ' 33; Secretary-Treasurer Q.E.D. ' 34; Secretary-Treasurer Griffin Team ' 34; Q.E.D. ' 33, ' 34. O - . o? J yu » r IS ' V ff, MARY AGNES FLAHERTY " Flit " 2512 West 17th St., Wilmington, Del. Smith Two Years " Hoorav for the Irish " we cry and it is echoed by a loud Ha! Ha! Ha! Who is that? Frankenstein 3 No, mv dear voung ladies, it is not. Hiding behind that veil, a set of beautiful white teeth, a lovely smile, and famous eyes is no other than Flit. Tho ' but two vears old to us, she is a part of everything important here at school, including charming (?) operas at nine o ' clock. Nice going, keed, and keep it up. mJCr " " Iw 5 V First Vice-President Student Government ' 34- Class Book Board ' 34; Honor Bonus ' 34; Vice-President l J Senior-Mid Class ' 33; A. D.S. ' 33, ' 34; Senior-Mid Plays ' 33; Draper Dramatics ' 33, Tea Dance Committee ' 34; o Prom Committee ' 33; Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 33, A. D.S. Plays ' 34; Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 33. Numerals ' 33; Christmas Party Committee ' 33, ' 34; Advisory Board ' 33; Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 33; , ) ;S Societv Banquet Committee ' 33; Merit Committee ' 33, ' 34; Nominating Committee ' 33- 16 19 34 The Abbot Circle ELIZABETH MORSE FLANDERS " Bens " 118 Main St., Andovcr, Mass. Vassar I it t tan Did vou say that you noticed a bright smile and some lovely blond curly hair? The first guess, and I ' m right — thev belonged to Betty Flanders. Oh ves, and she ' s versatile too. Nothing from painting scenerv to skiing seems to stump her. Such ac- complishments linked up with a charming person- alis surelv points toward something great. Honor Roll ' 30, ' 31, 32, ' 33; Numerals ' 32; Captain Griffin Hockev ' 34; " A " Societv 33, ' 34; Track Team ' 30, ' 31; Les Beaux Arts ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Day Scholar Play ' 32, ' 33; Senior-Mid Play ' 33; Senior Play ' 34; Secretary-Treasurer of LB. A. ' 33; Art Editor of Class Book; E ntertainment Com- mittee ' 34; Posture Committej ' 31, ' 33; Griffin Baseball Team ' 33; Honor Bonus ' 31, ' 34; Senior-Mic! Tea Dance Committee ' 33; Class Secretary ' 32;Society Banquet Committee ' 33; Stage sets of Senior Mid Plays ' 33, Prom Usher ' 32; Abbot Birthdav Committee. DELIGHT DAWSON HALL " Dee " East Haddam, Conn. Columbia Three Years The kind of a girl who ' s popular everywhere she goes and with evervone she meets? That ' s Deedee. The interesting kind of person who has a deep appreciation of all sorts of things, and the kind who ' s apt to know the most fascinating people " : That ' s Deedee, too. Not only is she all that but she can do most anvthing you could possibly think of. She is in short, the perfect all-around girl, with accomplishments galore to add to that. Art Editor of Coimint ' 32. ' 33, ' 34; Draper Dramatics ' 33; Editor of Class Book ' 34; French Pla) ' 32 ; Da) Scholars ' Play ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Head of Archerv ' 34; Secretary-Treasurer of Gargoyles 4. Head ol Skating Captain Gargoyle Hockey ' 34, Varsity Hockev ' 33, ' 34, Club Hockev Team ' 32, Hiking Leader 33 Honor Bonus; Numerals ' 33; " A " Societv ' 34, Advisor) Board 34; Honor Roll ' }}. 34. Senior-Mid Play ' 33. Ath- letic Council ' 33, ' 34; Varsity Baseball ' 33; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 33. Manager of Courant Pla ' 34, Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 33; Society Banquet Committee ' 33- J7 f 1 J, ISE HAMILTON " Lee " Limestone, Maine Five Years . . . Words fail us when we try to describe our president. She has proven to us that more than good potatoes come from Limestone. For what could be better than her efficiency, smile, and per- sonality? As far as we know, she is the onlv pain- less, class verse teacher existing today. And what happens to a case of blues when she comes its way? The best of luck to you, Lena, Mav we be a patient of vours in the near future. v Junior-Mid Student Government Representative ' 32; Senior-Mid Student Government Representative ' 33; Treasurer Junior Class ' 31; Advisory Board ' 33; Treasurer Abbot Christian Association ' 33; Fidelio ' 33 ' 34; Philomatheia ' 33, ' 34; Vice-President Senior-Mid Class ' 33; Honor Roll ' 31, ' 32; Senior-Mid Plav ' 33 Basketball Varsity ' 30, ' 32, ' 33; Baseball Varsity ' 32, ' 33; Hiking Leader ' 34; Basketball Club Team ' 31 Baseball Club Team 30, ' 31; Christmas Party ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; President " A " Society ' 33; " A " Society ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Draper Dramatics ' 32; Head of Winter Sports ' 33; President Senior Class ' 34; Abbot Birthday Committee 31, 3?, ' 33; Numerals ' 31; Chevrons ' 32, ' 33, 34; Prom Usher ' 32; Student Government ' 34; Senior Play ' 34; French Plav ' 32; Class Book Board ' 34; Basketball Gargovle Captain ' 33; Senior-Mid Council ' 33; Entertain- ment Committee ' 33; Honor Bonus ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Posture Committee ' 31; Posture Honor Roll ' 32; Gargoyle Entertainment ' 33. ELEANOR HARRIETT HARRYMAN " Fl " 1027 South 7th St., Charleston, 111. Vassar Five Years Everyone is so fond of Eleanor it seems impossi- ble that she should be in charge of our conduct, morals, and so forth. The fact is, that she is one of those people who are liked, no matter what his duties or positions are, even such an unenviable one as hers. We know that Eleanor feels much worse than we do when she has to speak to us now and then. Eleanor ' s absence from Abbot will make it a good deal emptier than most of our gradua- tions and the underclassmen will be as sorry to lose her as her classmates. Junior Student Government Representative ' 31; Junior-Mid Treasurer ' 32; Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Draper Dramatics ' 32, ' 33; Children ' s Party ' 34; Senior-Mid Play ' 33: Odeon ' 33, Senior Play Stage Manager ' 34; President of Odeon ' 34; President Student Government ' 34; Club Hockev Team ' 33; Baseball Club Team ' 33; Numerals; " A " Society ' 33; Prom Usher ' 31, ' 32; Hiking Leader ' 34; Honor Bonus ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Chev- ron ' 33; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34. I 18 19 34 U 0j 4 LaJU uJ ku U- cLajjulcx. xXs oUl idL ' jLjUo IRGINIA HOLDEN ' ' Jinny Hampton Hall, Cranford, N. J. (Lo AJUL Podunk Two Years So much could be said about Jinny that one hard- lv knows where ro begin. As forward on the var- sity hockey team, as vice-president of our class, or as a member of Philomatheia, her enthusiasm and capabilitv affect her fellow workers. When Jinny walks into a room you automatically smile, be- cause vou know vou will as soon as she speaks. And did vou ever see a Fridav night when Jinny wasn ' t in the " rec " room, or a tea dance or Prom on the hill ro which she wasn ' t invited? Vice-President Senior Class; Fidel io ' 33, ' 34 Student Governm matheia ' 33, ' 34; Senior Play ' 34; Varsity Hockey Team ' 33, ' 34; He: Committee ' 33; Numerals ' 33; Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 34; Ch mi t tee ' 33; Society Banquet Committee ' 33; Posture Committee ' 34 — flu s ELEANOR CASSANDRA KINSMAN Sandy 384 High St., Newburyport, Mass. Smith Two Years Congratulations on your success as head of riding, Sandy! But Sandv is such a grand rider th at it was probablv no trouble at all for her to set an example for us would-be equestriennes. And how we all envy you when we see vou drive around the circle in that snappv roadster of yours in which your mother had so thoughtfullv driven up to see you! Best of luck at Smith next year and don ' t let West Point take up all your attention. Basketball Club Team ' 32; Philomatheia ' 33, ' 34, Second Basketball Club Team ' 33. Nun Entertainment Committee ' 34, Head of Riding ' 34, Posture Committee ' 33; Entertainment Committee Christmas Partv ' 33. 19 " n o r d, 5 «- » , .C 0 -rV. 4 At vl 19 34 " l, — NANCY POPE MARSH ' Nanko " 155 Center St., Danvers. Mass Smith Four Years Bubbling over again with wicked glee. Nanko? Is it in telling something related to — well, a certain country north of us beginning with a capital " C " ? We all love her spontaneity and ability to keep us so amused, and as for envy of that most excellent repartee in the mediums of puns skip it. ust lass Book Board ' 34; Fidelio ' 31, ttee ' 33; N Hockev 3ook Board ' 34; Fii iL Cc 42 U 1 d BaqQuetCommiti ■ Team ' 33 ' 34; Second Varsity ' 32, ' 33, 34; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31; Les Beaux Arts ' 33. 34; umerals ' 33; President Les Beaux Arts ' 34; German Plav ' 33, Hockev 33; Senior- Mid Plays ' 33; Head of Hiking ' 34- MARGARET GAYDEN MORRILL " Peggy " 209 High St., Newbury port, Mass. Erskine School Four Years Vi hen Peggy ' s name is mentioned one imme- diately pictures her as one of the manv characters she has portrayed on the stage. As president of the dramatic societv she seems to belong behind the footlights. But Peggy ' s influence is not limited to the dramatic art bv anv means. The way she suc- cessfullv acted as secretarv of our class shows that. W ell all be there to see you on your opening night, Peggy ! ■ lr ADS. ' 31. 32. ' 33. 34; Senior Play ' 34, President A.D.S. ' 34; Treasurer of Junior Mid-Class ' 32; Senior- Mid Plav 33; Nominating Committee ' 31. 32; Numerals ' 32; Posture Honor Roll ' 33; Draper Dramatics ' 32; Secretary of Senior Class ' 34; Posture Committee ' 32; Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 33; Christmas Partv Committee ' 34, Proctor Bonus ' 34; Hiking Leader ' 34; Honor Bonus ' 34; A.D.S. Plays ' 32, ' 33. ' 34. 20 «• Vo 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle Wellesley CAROLYN MUZZY " Carol " Waterville, Maine Two Years Carolyn is one of those restful people who greets you with a smile. However flurried the rest of us may become, she glides calmly through our midst like some serene spirit. Someday, Carolyn, you must stop a little and share with us your intriguing personality. Ww X AJCl y far 4u J UUf 43tAJ rf buk tCLrrAuA Philomatheia ' 33, ' 34; Advisory Board ' 34; Secretary-Treasurer of Philomatheia ' 34; Chairman Enter- tainment Committee ' 34; First Club Basketball Team ' 34; Numerals " 33; Second Club Basketball Team ' 33 Senior-Mid Plav ' 33. SARAH MARGARET O ' REILLY Sally 244 West Main St., Lock Haven, Pa. Smith Three Years " On the west bank of the Susquehanna " etc., etc. We ' ll never forget that description, and will never forget you, O ' Reilly, either. We ' ll vouch for your capability, personality, and popularity any time and anywhere. Again we can shout " Hurrah for the Irish. " Do be a good girl at Smith and don ' t spend too much time at Yale. nouu ,juul JiG A- - IJl dl 6 Tl fieudf julusvH-cD i Uj rn Ccujujuloo Itouc4a Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Secretary of Senior-Mid Class ' 33; Head of Golf ' 33; Business Editor of Omrtint ' 32, ft-f A , p » r« i ,!,•)) ' 34; Senior-Mid Student Government Representative ' 33; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32, ' 33; Choir ' 33, K -•- «— . jT ■KXJ • nus ' 34; Posture Honor Roll ' 33; Student Government ' 34, oli . . lan Play ' 33; Chairman Senior-Mid Tea Dance Floor Com- U K-XsA ( GLXJl Cj — -Ls Ufs x GJ- ouudh — - •33, ' 34; Christmas Party Committee ' 33, ' 34; Honor Bo President of Abbot Christian Association ' 34; Germa mittee ' 33; Senior Play ' 34; Hiking Leader ' 34; Athletic Council ' 33; Prom Decoration Committee ' 33; r Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 34; Posture Committee ' 34; Senior-Mid Banquet Committee 33; Bible CX L Recitation. 21 The Abbot Circle 19 34 I i-WU nit— — - ANN RICHMOND PLACE ' ' Annie " 333 East 57th St., N. Y. C. Bennington Four Years No one that has been in Abbot during the past four years will hesitate a minute to recall Ann Place. Was there ever a more individual person with so much style, charm and personality? Or could anyone forget her collection of frogs on bracelets, pins, and numerous other articles. Life ' s sure to be grand for vou, Annie! on . «3,IUI 2L Student Government Representative ' 34; Vice-President of A C.A. ' 34; Courant Board ' 33, ' 34; Hiking Leader ' 33; Class Vice-President ' 30; Senior Mid Play ' 33; Athletic Council ' 34; German Play ' 33; Numerals ' 33; Abbot Birthday ' 31, ' 32; Honor Bonus; Fire Captain ' 34; Gargoyle Baseball Team; Head of Golf ' 34; Tea Dance Committee ' 34; Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 33; Christmas Party Committee ' 32, ' 33- 1 -Miu«, iuui y uk+ UUlCUJ Jut A, Ujulu A mL Jo UMApl ) JW u tUX do) ' RumMc. BARBARA BICKNELL RITZMAN " Barbs " Durham, N. H. Smith Two Years a patented air, and belongs to Barbs, that unassuming charm combining popularity, It ' s very good will, and a verv bright and keen sense of humor that reaches us in just the right spot. She has a very appreciative following around Abbot because we can ' t help realizing how many interests she has. Odeon ' 33, 34, Secretary-Treasurer Odeon ' 33, Treasurer Student Council ' 34; Senior-Mid Plays Council ' 33; Honor Bonus ' 34 34; Christmas Party ' 33; Honor Roll ' 33, ' 34; Secretary- 33; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 33; Senior-Mid Class 22 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle MARY ELIZABETH ROCKWELL North Andover, Mass. Vassar Five Years When we think of that ' " smooth " day scholar we all turn green with envy, but Mary has such a pleasing personality combined with her good looks, that it is a pleasing envy instead of a disagreeable jealousy. And didn ' t Mary make a grand head of tennis this year? Yes, Miss Rockwell, we all bet on vou to succeed wherever you go and in whatever vou do. Fidelio Society ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; " A " Society ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Philomatheia ' 33, ' 34; Numerals ' 30; President of Philomatheia ' 34; Head of Tennis ' 33, ' 34; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 33; Chevron ' 33; Treasurer of Senior- Mid Class ' 33; Honor Bonus ' 34, Business Manager of Class Book ' 34; Honor Roll ' 32; Griffin Tennis Team ' 29; Day Scholar ' s Play ' 33, ' 34; Varsity Tennis Team ' 33; Posture Honor Roll ' 31; Day Scholar Student Government Representative ' 33, ' 34; Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 32; Abbot Athletic Association ' 33, ' 34, Tea Dance Committee ' 33- MARION ELIZABETH ROGERS " M.imt " 401 North River Rd., Manchester, N. H. Five Years Marion, one of our five-year old " grandmothers " will always stav in our hearts. Who can forget her as a chic Parisian, our capable treasurer, or as the lucky girl who has interesting callers from a cer- tain Northern University. Here ' s best of luck to you, Marion, and don ' t tear Manchester up too much. A.D.S. ' 33, ' 34; Senior Play ' 34; A.D.S. Plays ' 34, Nominating Committee ' 31, ' 32, ' 33; Vice-President Junior-Mid Class ' 32; Numerals ' 32; Treasurer of Senior Class " 34; Proctor Bonus ' 31, Day Scholars Enter- tainment Committee ' 32, ' 33: Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 33; Honor Bonus ' 32; Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 33; Student Council ' 33; Christmas Party Committee ' 34, Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32, Sec- . retarv-Treasurer of A.D.S. ' 34. 23 JU — v XV l GW X O- — A Tm The Abbot Circle 19 34 MABEL WINIFRED SAVAGE " Mol " 28 South Main St., Sharon, Mass. T hree Years Did you ever see a dream dancing? Well this isn ' t a dream but Mollv floating around the rec- reation room. And dancing isn ' t all bv anv means. W ho has kept A. A. A. running smoothlv? Who helps keep Griffin basketball up to scratch? Who breaks Abbot track records? (chorus) Our Mollv! Good luck for always, Mollv, and we hope the ship comes into harbor soon. President of Abbot Athletic Association ' 34; Fidelio ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Griffin Song Leaier ' 33, ' 34; Choir ' 32, ' 33, ' 34: President of Choir ' 34; Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 33; Posture Committee ' 33; Christmas Party Committee ' 32. ' 33; Abbot Birthday Committee ' 33; Numerals ' 32; Griffin Entertainment Committee ' 32; " A " Societv ' 33; Athletic Council ' 33. ' 34; Chevron ' 33; Athletic Tea Dance Committee ' 34; Hiking Leader ' 33; Varsity Basketball Team 32, ' 33, ' 34; A.D.S. ' 33, ' 34; Head of Basketball ' 33; Varsity Track Team ' 33; Senior Play ' 34; A.D.S. Plays ' 33, ' 34; Student Government ' 34; Honor Bonus ' 33; French Play ' 32. AJwGVfl t X0L Q MAJUu bn. ' RUTH ELIZABETH STOTT " Rut hie " Williams Hall, Andover, Mass. Smith Five Years W hat would we ever do without our smiling Ruthie to make us laugh at our troubles? Or how would the dav scholars ever get along without her able guidance? Then, too, when before have the Abbot courts seen such a fast, energetic, and suc- cessful tennis player? Anyhow, Ruthie, old dear, we know that vou ' ll succeed; and we hope the fates are good to vou. Head of Dav Scholars ' 34; Entertainment Committee ' 33; President of Q E.D. ' 34; Senior-Mid Student Government Representative ' 33; President of Junior-Mid Class ' 32; Honor Roll ' 32; Senior-Mid Plav ' 33; v y-L 3P QjJL- retary of Junior Class ' 31; Draoer Dramatics ' 32; Numerals ' 31; Abbot Athletic Association ' 33; Abbot Birthdav ' 32; Chevrons " 32, ' 33, ' 34; Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 32; Dav Scholar Entertainment ' 33; Tennis Varsity ' 33, ' 34; Posture Honor Roll ' 32; Q E.D. Society ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Second Vice-President Student Govern- ment ' 34, Christmas Party ' 33, ' 34; " A " Society ' 33. " 34 ; Track Club Team ' 31, ' 32; Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Head of Deck Tennis ' 33; Prom Usher ' 32; Secretary-Treasurer Q. E.D. ' 33; Honor Bonus; Ivy Oration ' 33- 24 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle etHei - ' BEVERLY SUTHERLAND " Bev " St. Andrews PI., Yonkcrs, N. Y. Welles ley . Three Years Just think of a combination of Alice in Wonder- land and Little Nell in an algebra classroom and you ' ll have Beverly to perfection . But there ' s a literary future ahead for her. We predict that her Sutherland Saga will make us all proud to sav that we once knew her. So here ' s to a particularly prom- ising starlet, and mav she fulfill everyone of our lofty expectations! Courant ' 33, ' 34; Senior Play ' 34; Draper Dramatics ' 33; Senior-Mid Play 33; Treasurer A. A. A. 34. ( cjLT- ELIZABETH UPTON " Libby " 221 Forest St., Oberlin, Ohio tlU«t( Oberl in Two Years We ' re all beginning to suspect that we ' re har- boring a person of future fame in our midst. Libby has the real artistic temperament; she has the fine, deep sensibilities of an artist, and she doesn ' t have them for nothing, because she is one. Quiet, rather absorbed, she suddenly comes out, everv now and then, with a startling piece of literature, art, or a thoroughlv original idea. Yes, Libby, when you burst into flame, we ' ll all be ready waiting, the very first ones to clap you on to the zenith ! 6U V Fidelio ' 34; Secretarj A A A. ' 34, Art EJitor Class Book ' 34; Les Beaux Arcs ' 33, ' 34; Club Track Ulv. i k z 33. Entertainment Committee; Senior-Mid Play ' 33: Secretary-Treasurer of Les Beaux Arts ' 34. — I alas uUiU buMtkJk ' liii, MJL AadtAiM.. 25 The Abbot Circle 19 3 4 u f 6 Hutu, j J J nhLLUoL Yj jU l - MARY ELLA WHITNEY k 71 ' BP ' 1 Pine St., Darners, Mass. V-. . V . ftj : e wonder what Marv is thinking of when she 7 91 l J 4 1t lt4s V s ts ra P r an wide-eyed, gazing into space. Her rf J D (j ' f future, perhaps; and although we don ' t know what -J j VttS s -Ct4 she intends to do, it would not be hard to picture Cys J J - L. ' Mary some years hence. Her calm acceptance of Q x y 4 - ' f K f-Cl C t yS things makes the flightier of us think wistfully of Aj lj lj i U s homes, firesides, and the pleasanter and quieter r v l£ l Ok AJbfiAJ GL A ty things of life in which Marv seems to excel. S STS s 6-AJc CuTLa C»i " es Beaux rts 34; Fidelio ' 34; Advisory Board ' 34; Athletic Council ' 34; Head of Entertainment Com- mittee of Children ' s Christmas Senior- Mid Play ' 33; Head of Croquet ' 34; Party ' 34. BETTY SCUTT We were all so sorry when we returned last fall to find that our president of Stu- dent Government was not going to be with us. It wasn ' t just that she held this im- portant position, but that she was such a perfectly wonderful girl. Her goodness, and beautv of character were such that she was liked bv everyone. We have all missed vou, Bettv, an awful lot! SARA MAXFIELD Along with Betty we miss another member of our class — Sara Maxfield, who was unable to finish this year with us because of her health. Although the Gar- goyles fought hard and tried to appear cheery the Fall Field Day, they felt lost and sad because of the departure of their able leader, Maxie. And the entire school misses her pleasant smile, her wild western tales, and her sympathetic ; ' Sure. " y o Ny We hope to see you at our Fiftieth. if y ■ ' 19 34 ' The Abbot Circle W c .tv V ' XJ ' j V « • One Year Girls P. Lambert J. Tracy E. Wheeler E. Caldwell J. Fortr P. Harding D. Lambert A. Caldwell F. Heffernan E. Barium C. Estes to - 0«-- 27 ; v- ( T ° " vwJ The Abbot Circle 19 34 $ s " a o a: a 5! 5 O R «y 35 14 5 J a a £ 5 g t- -J S ± a v. O c -a w -t-j SC U t 5 J— £ -J O 3 a- — u S ca rs J : U 3 « •- 0) Q E -a C ac ac y o 3- -= Sol .5 ac a — -m o as o H Q o p o -a G w ao c c o - a- H c -a c — -c: ac u Q £ Z od T3 U CD 2 y " «» E - 4 i ■ » h U o X c -a T3 H o o - a Li -a o o a. £ a u £ o -J ac -o a. -5 n a. o O c pp c u c i 3 O DC u w u u rt ja -s. -0 — 5 1 u Ih r- O ar - ac 73 £ u - ac — O - oa Z U H u E o u ac -£ Q CO ' JJ 5J c o H st Z j j w sa a. U w z 3 Q u o o c U Z o Q CO 3 u w Q Z O -J " s oi Q S S -C o -a c - 1) 1U Z 2 ac H a. H OO Z Q I H es: tu Q Z H H H U EC E z X Z c J X z S [ z tu G O ac " - Z z 2 w " 2 a S 2 - ad D pd S Q z z en (J -a r3 u M 2 N D Z h c od u x: ao o 0; - Od ac - C O H O u- o. Z -J 3 cd c ed CO J N h o o -o o o O u C Dd C c Q 00 o O aS z c 5 ac b to Q Z od -: X H D to J , oS I tU t: D tu aS — H H o H to 5 ■ " § = a jl z o H a. D H tu sc N J tu tu z H aS 28 19 34 The Abbot Circle Class Will We, the Class of 1934 of Abbot Academy, being, as we believe, of sound and sane mind and memory, do make and publish and declare this to be our last will and testatment. We leave our quiet and odd moments to Jane Dawes. We leave Ruth Stott ' s laugh to Mickey Barlow. We leave our Friday night fish to Star for Saturday morning breakfast. We leave Ann Place ' s lipstick to Betty Joost. We leave all our curlers to Alice Robinson. We leave our dauntless courage to the Preps. We leave Mary Flaherty ' s mellow contralto voice to Bunny Hurlburt. We leave Chichi ' s hair to Phyllis Brown. Wc leave our baby talk to Helen Tow r er. We leave Nancy Marsh ' s letterless days to Alice Cooper. We leave Chichi ' s reserve to Polly Spear. We leave our drag and dignity to the Senior Mids. We leave our grey hairs to the Senior-Mids. We leave our red and black nail polish to Miss Friskin. We leave our moral theories to Miss Bailev. W e leave a few slammed doors to Miss Bancroft. We leave our flitty moments to Miss Ling. We leave our heftv muscles to Miss Carpenter. We leave all our blue paint to Miss Bailey. W e leave our historical past to Miss Bean. And lastly we leave our youthful frivolity, enjovment of life, and complete sense of irresponsibility to the school in general. 29 The Abbot Circle 19 34 Class Statistic s Mosi Athletic Cutest Cleverest Best Dressed . Most Literary Artistic . . Pessimist Optimist Prettiest Best All-Around Most Drag Capable Versatile .... Absent-Minded Best Figure .... Meekest ... Smoothest .... Best Dancer Personality Neatest Most High Hat Class Clown . Most Likely to Succeed Done Most for the School Best Looking Most Temperamental . Chichi Clos Virginia Holden Betty Flanders Ann Place Jane Campbell Bettv Flanders Marv Whitnev Ruth Stott Virginia Holden Lena Hamilton Marion Rogers Lena Hamilton Betty Flanders Libby Upton Sarah Dean Carolyn Muzzy Sarah O ' Reilly Molly Savage Marv Flahertv Chichi Clos Virginia Holden Ruth Stott Betty Flanders Eleanor Harrvman Katharine Damon Ada Carlson 30 19 34 The Abbot Circle The Perfect Abbot Girl Hair Eyes Nose Lips Teeth Eyelashes Complexion Eylbrows Hands Smile Protile Virginia Holden Katharine Damon Barbara Rirzman Sarah O ' Reilly Mary Flaherty Mercedes Clos Nancy Marsh Mary Rockwell Ann Place Beverlv Sutherland Elizabeth Flanders 31 The Abbot Circle 19 3 4 Class Prophecy Look! Who ' s that dark and Noble man Who takes his Place beside our Ann? The world is full of fun and wits, On top of which our Nanko sits. And sad to say we are afraid — uh — To tell you where we saw our Ada. When next we see our friend Ruth Stott She ' s back at Intervale on a . Molly says, eyes full of tears, I meant to have fun for twenty years. Tickets to see Miss Skeeter Dean ! She ' s America ' s famous high-jump queen! Jinny ' s in Cranford, we have heard, Peacefully settled with " Dicky Bird. " Our Sal has wealth and furs of mink She ' s never seen a kitchen sink. The voice of Flit has changed a mite She ' s singing opera every night. Lena raises pigs for fun And has ten daughters but no son. o Marion, after men from habit, Did us proud and caught a Cabot. I sav, do call Miss Flanders in To paint a portrait of the king. 32 19 3 4 The Abbot Circle Reading script is quire a job, But El is quite above the mob. W c hear from Pokey in the West, That she likes Kirkwood quire the best. Swirling modernistic art The future has for Libby ' s part. A squalid house, a messy dress, That ' s our Chichi, oh my, yes! Dynamic symmetry chews a bone, When Dee goes galloping off on her own. W ho ' s that scribbling for the press? It ' s Caroline, or we miss our guess. At last our Barbs has found her place, An efficiency bureau she does grace. The ribbon supply is getting low, For Sandy wins in each horse-show. Jane is high in the ranks of fame; By writing books she ' s made her name. Peggy ' s fame is firm at last; She ' s made Marie Dressier a thing of the past. While looking for Mary we came upon a hut And there she was living as Mrs. - — . Beverly concocts delicacies over the stove W bile children leave the house in a drove. If you ' re lost in the mountains far away And find an old lady, we ' ll bet it ' s Ka 13 £ V The Abbot Circle 19 3 4 Senior Class Song For us arose the Abbot towers, Their beauty, strength and grace are ours. And to the school we all adore Sings the Class of ' 34. So may our hearts remember thee; So may our liyes thy tribute be; Strong, true, and beautiful. And braye, and free; So mav our hearts remember thee. 36 19 3 4 T h t Abb o t Cir c I Ring Song See in that band of gold- Memories bright and clear Memories sweet and dear Which we now hold. Symbol of friendships true, Pleasure and faithfulness, Ring, which we now possess We sing of you. Think such a little thing Memories so dear can hold Kept when the years are old In this dear ring. Nancy Marsh 37 The Abbot Circle 19 3 4 Tree Song Tree which we consecrate here in our hearts, Plant firm thy roots in the life-giving soil; Lift high thv young green leaves, and higher still, Till silver bark is bright against the blue, And tall and beautiful thou stand at last. So would we plan our lives, although our roots Be planted deep away from air and sunlight: Reaching always for what we know is higher, Till we too stand at last in our full growth, May we be beautiful, lovely as thou. Beverly Sutherland 38 19 34 The Abbot Circle Intervale On the bright Monday following mid-year exams a train pulled into Intervale. We, the 1934 Senior Class of Abbot, crowded out of it and made a dash for the sleigh. Although there were thirty-five of us, we squeezed in somehow; and as two big horses drew us along the snowv road to the Belleview, we looked at the countryside and breathed in the clear cold mountain air. Running into the hotel, we glanced around, warmed our fingertips over a crackling fire, then scrambled after our baggage and hurried up to find our rooms. No time was lost in changing our clothes. The quiet valley of Intervale soon had Abbot girls shuffling about on snowshoes or gliding along on skis, poking into all its nooks and crannies. We slid quietly along on skis through beautiful woods. The trees were very tall, old, and stately. Long shafts of sunlight coming down through the lacy roof of needles touched the snow here and there to a diamond-like brilliance. The following morning we experienced a typical Belleview breakfast. It consisted of fruit, cereal, muffins, double orders of steak, potatoes, and coffee and triple orders of griddle cakes. However, after a morning of skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and skating we all seemed to be able to manage double orders of everything for dinner. That evening we went to a flapjack party in the Cathedral woods. It was cold, very cold, — eighteen below, in fact. The sky was filled with stars and seemed exceptionallv black because of the contrasting snow-covered countryside. When our guide had led us across the tracks and into the pine woods, an indescribable eerie atmosphere closed in about us. The trees were nearly the same size, rising some thirty feet to the lowest branch. There was no underbrush, just large tree trunks here, there, and over there — nearly artificial in their evenness. When we looked overhead the stars seemed entangled in the lacy branches. And the cold was the biting kind that makes one think of the wolf ' s dismal wail, and a lone trapper lost in the woods, — perhaps in a place like this where all the trees are the same for miles. The cheerv fires certainly were a welcome sight and we ate our pancakes with gusto. On the third morning a light snow fall veiled the mountains. But that afternoon as we assembled to say " Good-bye " to Intervale and mount the train, the clouds suddenly parted, allowing the glorious sunshine to flood the valley. It was all so wonderful; we had ha ' d such a marvelous time; and we did hate to leave. Di in hi H u.i. 39 19 34 The Abbot Circle Intervale Songs (Tune: Shanghai LiP) Last year we heard them talk about it We knew that it would be such fun And now we ' ve been and know What fun it is to go, for Winter sports at Intervale. What glorious skating! Exciting sleigh rides! Skiing and moonlight walks Flap-jack parties at " ZERO " weather All at Intervale. We ' ve memories that will last forever Remaining fresh down thru the vears Reminding us anew Of friends and frolics too In ' 34 at Intervale. (Tune : A Little Bit of Heaven) Sure a little bit of heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away; And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair Thev said " Suppose we leave it For it looks so peaceful there. " So thev sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow, They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And thev placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished Sure thev called it Intervale. 41 19 34 The Abbot Circle Intervale Songs (Tune: Build a Little Home} Oh we came to Intervale Just to have a look around, And we found that Intervale Was a heaven on the ground. Then we started out on skis And we tried our luck on skates. And we walked to North Conway When ' twas dark and rather late. There was starlight, There was moonlight There was skating after dark. There was a sunrise When they called us And we got up with the lark When we had to take the train, There were farewells, there were tears, Back to Abbot once again Keeping memories through the years. (Tune: Wooden-bead, Puddiri -head Jones} Oh Senior-Mids, life ' s well worth living, Wait till you ' re seniors as we. Then you can go to Intervale To skate, to toboggan, and ski. You ' ll soon get used to exercising When the temperature ' s minus three. You ' ll learn to like your daily tumbles, Bruising and skinning your knee. Yesterday we donned snowshoes, then Climbed up Mount Surprise. After lunch we trailed a truck, And the snow got in our eyes. Maybe you think that you ' re no athlete Well — neither did we, Wait till you get to Intervale, There you just have to be. 43 s:e T e C r .v V J « F t rt r 4 - rf 3 o It 3 r7 ■C5 d V f 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle Senior Middle Class Colors — Blue and Whiil President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS— First Half Elaine Eaton Cecile Van Peursem Ann Cutler Cathleen Burns President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS— Second Half Kathryn Scudder Frances McTlrnen Susan Hildreth Helen Tower % Priscilla Abbot Miriam Adams Doris Anderson Mary Barlow Phyllis Brown Cathleen Burns Helen Cary rbara Chamberlain tty Clough A Ate Cooper Claire Cregg Ann Cutler Jane Dawes Natalie Doucet Class of 1935 Elaine Eaton Gerai.dine Eick Georgeanna Susan Hildreth Martha How e Ann Hlrlburt Eleanor Johnson Elizabeth Kennedy Frances McTernen Doris Moore Patricia Noonan Lucia Nunez Claire Oppenhlim Jean Palmer Ruth Pratt Virginia Prest Rosalie Rappoport Ellen Rivinius Alice Robinson Ann Russell Doris Schwartz Kathryn Scudder Mary Seem Shirley Smite Margit Thony Helen Tow i r Cecile Van Peursem 47 The Abbot Circle. 19 3 4 Senior Middle Class Song Here are some girls who are real Abbot girls Who will strive for the school they adore. Never desponding, we ' re ever resolving That up to the heights we will soar. Shoulder to shoulder and bolder and bolder We sing as we swing on our way So, we know the white and blue Will alwavs thrill our hearts On, we ' re marching on, we are the Class of ' 35. 48 The Abbot Circle 19 3 4 ATHLETIC COUNCIL M. Rockwell, M. Whitney, N. Marsh, K. Scudder, M. Trafton. D. Hall, C. Kinsman, A. Carlson, H. Tower, A. Place M. Clos E. Upron M Savage, President J. Campbell K. Damon A SOCIETY L. Hamilton M. Rockwell M. Savage A. Cutler M. Clos K. Damon D. Hall E. Flanders R. Stott : McTernen, President A Carlson E. Harrvman 50 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle HOCKEY TEAM D. More V. Holden C. VanPeursem K. Damon E. Clough P. Spear D. Hall M. Clos, Captain J. Taylor P. Harding s GUT - « •• 7 - BASKETBALL TEAM P. Brown S. Scott J. L. Hamilton A. Carlson, Captain M. Savage 51 z 2 S. 9 z Jd z b til o U 7 « - Z U z U s -•2 Tji- x £l wu j ft ° » FY 19 34 The Abbot Circle Fidelio Society President Cathleen Burns Jane Campbell Ada Carlson Katharine Damon Lena Hamilton Eleanor Harryman Virginia Holden Nancy Marsh Sarah O ' Reilly Molly Savage Ruth Stott Mary Whitney Elizabeth Clough Elizabeth Seaman Elizabeth Kennedy Clara Holland Helen Tower Georgeanna Gabeler Mary Trafton Ann Russell Kathryn Scudder Eleanor Robinson Geraldine Eick Jane Dawes Jane Taylor Cecile Van Peursem Ann Cutler Barbara Chamberlain Elizabeth Caldwell Margaret Estes Ann Hurlbutt Elaine Eaton Dorothy Hamilton Eleanor Johnson Sally Gage Caroline Rockwell Sally Burns Elizabeth Wheeler Pauline Spear Priscilla Mailey Elizabeth Upton Natalie Doucet Mary W ' olf Martha Howe Frances McTernen Barbara Reinhart Phyllis Lambert Ruth Pratt Jane Forte Frances Hit i ernan Sarah Scates 55 The Abbot Circle 19 34 i t % f t " pi ? M| fc KJ If i 1 CLASS BOOK BOARD K. Damon N. Marsh M. Flaherty E. Flanders E. Upton B. Sutherland L. Hamilton D. Hall M. Clos Class Book Board Editor-in-Cbiej Delight Hall Business Editor Mary Rockwell Ex-officio Lena Hamilton Elizabeth Flanders Art Editors Elizabeth Upton Nancy Marsh Mary Flaherty Literary Editors Katharine Damon Mercedes Clos Beverly Sutherland 56 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle STUDENT GOVERNMENT A Place, V. Holden, E. Johnson, J. Campbell, A. Dodge, M. Savage, A. Russell, S. O ' Reilly, A. Hurlburt L. Hamilton K. Damon M. Flahertv E. Harryman, President R. Stott B. Ritzman CHOIR A. Carlson, S. O ' Reill) . N, Dducet, K. Scudder, E. Caldwell, J. For to, C. VanPeursem, E. Kennedy, P. Spear K Damon J. Taylor A Hurlburt M. Savage, President J. Campbell C. Estes 57 The Abbot Circle 19 34 ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION A. Hurlburt A. Russell A. Place S. O ' Reillv, President 58 19 34 T he Abb o t Circl e Recall Like a swift arrow shot from the blue His lithe body pierces the clear green water. The dim depths quiver — Then close him round While fragile bubbles eddv upwards without a sound. The fingers of the water -siren are cool upon his flesh, And the voice of the water-siren weaves a subtle mesh. The purple quietness is soothing; But the sunshine niters through. With a gasp He tears himself from her close embrace And foams upward to feel the warmth upon his face. Life spills over him and he thanks the " ONE " While he clambers drunkenlv over hot rocks baking in the sun. Mercedes Clos 59 The Abbot Circle 19 34 re F% p e Fom you sVirVxc, fa© H c Ko«c Woe Vov oV«. Sexxk. " iVi al " s ooV» y " the vj Ol ' TTO v-v 3 — 1 U C2 e- v " eN l ro C3 c » B. Sutherland D. Ha COURANT BOARD E. Robinson A. Cutler S. O ' Reillv A. Place J. Campbell K. Damon Editor-in-Chief . Delight Hall Beverly Sutherland Sarah O ' Reilly Alice CooperS Z3 j rxw Courant Board Art Editors Literary Editors Ann Cutler Business Editor Katharine Damon Assistant Business Editors Priscilla Hoadley 60 Jane Campbell Margit Thony Sally Scott Ann Place Eleanor Robinson 19 34 The Abbot Circle ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY M. Clos A. Hurlburt M. Morrill, President M. Savage B. Reinhart M. Flahertv Abbot Dramatic Society President Secretary-Treasurer Ann Hurlburt Mabel Savagi Mary Flaherty Ruth Pratt Frances Maho ; j Margaret Morrill Marion Rogers Mercedes Clos Barbara Reinhart Phyllis Brown Frances Heiternan v iU .A x j Xu v ,o w Ur - v w OC3T - L c u o X a U — — H UJ U t«. c o o a£ l 2 W X H O uj a- a o u H H u o t 3 a O Q 19 34 The Abbot Circle Philomatheia Society President Secretary-Treasurer Lena Hamilton Virginia Holden Cassandra Kinsman Helen Tower Elizabeth Barnes Mary Rockwell Caroline Muzzy Kathryn Scudder Martha Howe Eleanor Johnson Elizabeth Wheeler Phyllis Lambert Q. E. D. Society President Secretary-Treasurer Jane Dawes Ann Dodge Barbara Chamberlain Ruth Stott Sarah Dean Patricia Noonan Ellen Rivinius Jane Tracy Doris Anderson 63 u 2 C .5 1 3 c Z J J o w - - o 3 = — — W U o z c w Q c 1 9 34 The Abbot Circle Aeolian Society President Secretary-Treasurer Cecile Van Peurs..m Elaine Eaton Georgeanna Gadeler Mary Seaman Geraldine Eick Alice Robinson Mary Trafton Natalie Doucet Jane Forte Susan Hildri.ih Mary Swan Odeon Society President Secretary-Treasurer Cathllen Burns Elizabeth Clough Mary Florence Barlow Ada Carlson Eleanor Harryman Barbara Ritzman Frances McTernen Alice Caldwell Dorothy Lambert Shirley Smith 65 The Abbot Circle 19 34 ,y» -g • - J ' | ■ V PVW A v Ww M W M WT rm ■ B W " ' m •! M " " - ■P P " " 1 R B ■ j H " ' 1 oH H BHffi i g 1 . y M. Whitney A. Russell M. Thony E. Upton N. Marsh C. Holland B. Flanders H. Cary Les Beaux Arts President Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Marsh Elizabeth Upton Elizabeth Flanders Clara Holland Ann Russell Marion Mooney Margaret Estes Helen Cary Ernestine Look Mary Whitney Geraldine Peck 66 19 3 4 The Abbot Circle Big Leaves In Andover, Massachusetts, there is a certain alley, hordered by clapboard houses entirely devoid of architecture, which has been nick-named the " Cabbage Patch. " Despite its tilth and disorder, there is something rather fascinating about this little street. Perhaps I like to walk through it because there are so many children that roll in its dust, that have imaginary regal processions along its cinder length, that sit hunched up like lost mushrooms on stones that were once meant to mark boundaries. There is one house that is larger and more imposing than the rest. It leers down with an ugly grin over a rank growth of weeds. Usually the shade in one of the two windows above the door, is half down, giving the house a malignant expression. Several weird foreign trees grow in the neglected yard. About a week ago I was walking through this alley on my way to school. The morning was chillv, and the sun was reflected by a soft fuzzy coating of frost. A very slight breeze was amusing itself by twirling a few leaves from their insecure position on the branches. It seemed to be having especial fun with a certain tree in the yard of the uglv house. This tree had very large leaves, perhaps eight inches across, which seemed to have been killed bv the frost the previous evening, for thev drooped from the sinuous branches. The playful antics of this earlv morning breeze were all that was necessary to send showers of big leaves gliding gracefully to the earth. Three little children, residents of the " Cabbage Patch, " were running to and fro, trying to catch the leaves before they touched the ground. Impelled by the spirit of the occasion, I laid down my books and caught a few leaves. The warning voice of a chapel bell put an end to my caprices and sent me hurrying to school. Delight Hall 67 1933 Honor MARGARET BLACK CAROLYN GUPTILL JANE BURNHAM A FRANCES McGARRY ANN COLE P ALICE SCHULTZ CLARA SHAW 0 ELIZABETH SNYDER MARIATTA TOWER BETTY WEAVER BARBARA WORTH Choose yoor team 19 34 The Abbot Ci re It The Senior Play THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST " Bv Oscar Wilde The climax of Abbot dramatics, the Senior play, came on March thirteenth this year. Oscar Wilde revels in a most complicated plot which comes out very nicelv in the end. John Worthing, who is Earnest in London and John at Woolton, is in love with Gwendalen, the daughter of Ladv Bracknell. Her ladyship objects to the match be- cause Earnest, as a baby, was found in a bag in Victoria Station. At Woolton, Algy, John ' s friend, appears as Earnest, John ' s imaginarv wicked brother, to play a trick on him, but falls in love with Cecilv, John ' s ward. Gwendalen arrives and while talking with Cecily discovers that thev are both engaged to an Earnest. But, the entrance of Algy and John shows them that there is no Earnest, a name of which they are very fond. Lady Bracknell arrives quite suddenlv and approves of nephew Algernon ' s en- gagement to Cecily. But Gwendalen mav not many John. At this moment Miss Prism, Cecily ' s governess comes in and Ladv Bracknell recognizes her as the nurse who lost her sister ' s child twenty-eight years before. It finally turns out that John is that child and Algy ' s elder brother, and after all his name is Earnest John Moncrieff. We all enjoyed it very much. Congratulations, Seniors. 71 The Abbot Circle 19 34 CHARACTERS John Worthing Algernon Moncrieit Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. Lane, Burler Lady Bracknell . Hon. Gwendalen Fairfax Cecily Cardew Miss Prism .... Merriam, Servant Katharine Damon . Mabel Savage Virginia Holden Lena Hamilton Elizabeth Flanders Sarah O ' Reillv Beverlv Sutherland Marion Rogers Margaret Morrill Act I. Algernon Moncrieff ' s flat in Half Moon Street, W. Act II. The Garden at the Manor House, Woolton Act HI. Drawing room of the Manor House, Woolton Time: The Present Place: London Director Stage Manager . Music arranged by Seen en Bertha Morgan Gray Eleanor Harryman Kate Friskin Mr. Tyler ENSEMBLE Leader, Kate Friskin First Violin Second Violin Trumpet Piano Drums Elaine Eaton Helen Tower Jane Forte Cecile Van Peursem Elizabeth Barnes CHORUS Jane Campbell, Cecile Van Peursem, Katharine Scudder, Margaret Estes, Eliza- beth Kennedv, Elizabeth Caldwell, Ann Hurlburt, Natalie Doucet. 72 19 34 The Abbot Circle Abbot Dramatic Society Plays Sophistication, tragedy, and comedy were presented us this year by the Dramatic Society in an unusual program of excellent acting and interesting settings. FLEURETTE AND COMPANY Madame Dupour (Marion Rogers) managed to out-trick Mrs. Margaret Paynter in every move on behalf of " Fleurette and Company. " On close scrutiny we saw that under her veil of sophistication our Peggy Morrill was Mrs. Paynter. THE MINUET Molly Savage and Evelyn Kleven made an excellent and pleasing contrast as the tragic Marquis and Marchioness in " The Minuet. " The jailer (Barbara Reinhart) was so real we had a great desire to hiss at him. THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Comedy in an exciting spirit was given us in " The Marriage Proposal. " Bunnv Hurlburt as Natalia Stepanova and Ivan Vassiliyitch Domov (Marv Flaherty) made a most convincingly unromantic couple. Chichi Clos ' s lusty shouts of " Champagne! Champagne! " as Stepan Stepanovitch Ischubikov, the father, ended an evening of real enjovment. 7} The Abbot C : rcle 19 34 Senior Mid Plays BETWEEN " THE THE SAVOURY By Gertrude Jew: :■■ Besides excellent character acting, this play gave us an opportunity to see life - lived in the kitchen. Life in this kitchen must have been one " pan throwing cor.:. .frer another, with the Cook bossing everything and doing nothing, the Parlour Maid getting her enjoyment from family arguments, and the two of them ;;r.::r.Ji E-. r:i;: :; : z r :: K::;r.r ' •!...: :.:.; r.t: - :; ' .i Ian Con s -. The PiiLor Mud . ..i:r..rt: r.r:- The Ejtchex Maid i . " r 7 ; THE PRINCESS JtRIES THE PAGE Bv Edx a T incent Mii.i ay r ' trr 5tc:r.£ :r.: it ' .:z ' " : ■ r;r ;: v. ; :-. . ■ . •: :;. ; : re: tha : : still had beautiful princesses living in castles, and handsome pages sneaking up to see them in dark lovely towers. E or . baracxei - convincing, and we con- gratulate vou Senior-Mids on your acquired royalty. Tr.I . - Lir:..i ' ■ ' - - rz- ' z ' 7 fi 7; j.r H : : - J - • s :i : - r. i. r i : r. . : . c ::l : S.ixr z .... - . .: . ' . :; Mary Florence fitolow 7f:?7 :.;? 7 - : " 7 - ---: 7 : ' . i. 7 .-: 5- : lt : i . : : ,:- ' :• " :.■ " THE LOVING CUT Bv A ua Brown " The Loving Cup " depicted the mutual feeling among the inhabitants of a small communitv in desiring to patch up the broken love affair of Cynthia and Andrew. We . re all sorrv nice old Dr. Brentwood had to give up his cup but it did go to a worthy cause. 7 ' . ' .7 : ; ?5 is 7 ■■• ■ : : 7 Jobk C Tdoctks Timmixs S NOW : Mas. Peck -. ■ . ■ L I - : - 7:? ? :7 ' M 7 ■•■ ■■ : s- Abel Polz.aju i . Peck - 7 : e: • - l TTM%T - ■ . ■ ' 7 : - fi ■ Hr : ; • T ' h e Abb o t Circle 19 3 4 Hands Small, plump, capable hands Smoothing tangled hair on fevered pillows. Old, gnarled, shinv hands Twitching and cold in a dry, nervous heap. Heavv, square, blunt-fingered palms Cleaning the last dish in murkv water. Large-veined hands, huge and hard, Streaked with grime from stoking a bloody-faced furnace. A clenched pair of yawling fists Enclosed bv ringers, pale, perfumed, and young. Paint-smeared, spatula-hands, tanned from the sun, Skillfullv tleet in sea-blue tones on a palette. Lanquid, snowv-palmed, ruby-tipped hands, Distractingly posed on a sheening blue-green satin. Grevish, loose-skinned, hungry hands Clutching a dripping brush on a filthy floor. All over — right now — these hands are moving In the world; patting it, slapping it, pinching, pushing, Spinning it ' round its ancient orbit, Exhorting, distorting it, crying for a living in return! Elizabeth Flaxders 76 rF TtiK KfiDM ' T BEEN ftBBPT fiCltLTV; The Abbot Circle 19 3 4 Shattered Pride It was a lovelv hotel with a carp pond in the garden behind it and a handsome head-waiter. These were the first things I noticed. Later I discovered that the food was delicious and the view from my bedroom window simply " scrumptious " if I mav coin a verv descriptive word, but the first two facts took precedence in mv mind. Always eager to learn, I at once set out to investigate the fish in their large cement-rimmed pool. Carp are large and grav, with inordinatelv large mouths and bulging eves, and their unmitigated ugliness strikes terror into the hearts of visitors who watch them goop (mv own expression) at bits of bread, and I was no exception. My next step was tentativelv to essav an acquaintanceship with the head-waiter, but apparentlv this was impossible. Mavbe it was because his name was Georges. At anv rate, all mv rather timorous advances fell on barren ground. Georges ' s good looks remained unimpaired by any acknowledging smile. The morning that I broke my soft boiled egg into an egg cup which was evidentlv not meant to contain a liquid and carelesslv allowed the gooev substance to flood the plate beneath — that morning, I sav, I noticed a smile hovering about the lips of the august maitre d ' hotel. But alas, I realized with mv usual astuteness that he was laughing at me instead of with me. So it was with rather forlorn hopes that I perceived that Georges himself was to wait on our table that memorable noon. Moreover, the tables were set outdoors on the terrace, as thev always were on fine days, and that pleased me immensely, al- though I disliked bees getting into the jam and their buzzing futilely. The meal ended with cooling liquid refreshment, of which I did not partake. So instead I strolled, to be frank, swaggered, around the grounds aware that there were more than one pair of eves fixed upon me, but especiallv one. Arriving at the carp pond I suddenly took it into mv head to ascend onto the cement rim and walk pensively around the idly floating carp. What a dramatic figure I imagined myself, as I " probed the inky depths! " But, alas, the fascination must have proved too great, for I missed my foot- ing, teetered this way and that, and finally fell noisily into the carp pond. Ah, it is only too true that the fall of the mighty is great, but it is also true that the rise of the fallen is sudden. At least it was in mv case. I was onlv aware of a strong hand ig- nominiouslv seizing me bv an ignominious garment of mv apparel, and then I was on mv feet, dripping dejectedlv, with Georges ' s arm around me and a sympathetic grin on his face. Indignantlv I thrust him awav, then ran weeping and disgraced to my mother, for at the age of six one ' s romantic illusions should be dispatched into the cruel world onlv if labeled: Fragile — Handle with Care. 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Marie (de la Niepce) Craig Helen Tileston Chickering, B.A. Alice Curtiss Sweeney, B.A. Mary Gay Mary Carpenter Constance Clifford Ling Mrs. Bertha (Morgan) Gray Walter Edward Howe, B.Mus. Kate Friskin Mrs. Ruth (Thayer) Burnham Mrs. Beatrice (Whitney) Van Ness Jean Hope Baynes Louise Robinson Dorothy Hopkins, B.S. Florence Butterfield Mrs. Hannah Duncan, R. Faith Lucena Meserve, M.D. Jane Brodie Carpenter, M.A. Mrs. Laura Cheever Downs . N. And over 424 Monroe Ave., Scranton, Pa. , Assistant to the Principal 66 Summer St., North Brookfield .72 Central St., Andover Andover Andover 77 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Gloucester 146 East Haverhill St., Lawrence 255 Homer St., Newton Center 28 Fremont St., Plymouth 183 Dartmouth Terrace, Springfield 72 Central St., Andover 175 Berkeley St., Lawrence 132 Riverway, Boston 57 Wilkinson St., Putnam, Conn. 201 East Kirby Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mayflower Terrace, Newton Highlands 14 School St., Andover 601 West 113th St., New York City Old Ipswich Rd., Essex 91 Francis St., Brookline 93, 21 Claremont Ave., New York Cirv 82 Ames St., Lawrence . 23 Lancaster St., Cambridge 108 Boyd St., Newton Andover 26. Central Ave., Weston 26 Morton St., Andover Bancroft Rd., Andover 17 Apt. STUDENTS Miriam Adams Doris Wooding Anderson Margaret Barbara Bain Mary Florence Barlow Elizabeth Rhodes Barnes R.F.D. 3, Derrv Village, N. H. 94 Poor St., Andover 139 Chestnut St., North Andover 855 Salem Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 15 North Main St., Essex, Conn. XIV 19 34 The Abbot Circle Phyllis Bradford Brown ... 22 Mountain Ave., Lewiston, Me. Cathleen Burns 267 Main St., Andover Nancy Ann Burns 14 Wolcott Ave., Andover Sally Burns .14 Wolcott Ave., Andover Ann Byron . . 1206 Asbury Ave., Winnetka, 111. Alio Wyman Caldwlll (American Legation, Lisbon, Portugal) 875 Park Ave., New York City Elizabeth Adams Caldwell 209 North Franklin St., Titusville, Pa. Jane Mather Campbell 32 Glen Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Ada Eleanora Carlson . .... 3 Highland Wayside, Andover Helen Emerson Cary (6 Tomioka-cho, 3-chome, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan) 6 Church St., Bradford Barbara Chamberlain Mercedes Maria Clos Elizabeth Clough Harriott Cole Alice Guerard Cooper Ann Crawford Cutler Kathryn Damon Barbara Daniels. Sally Bradford Davis Jane Goodwin Dawes Sarah Rives Dean Anne Laurence Dodge Natalie Evelyne Doucet Elaine Whitney Eaton Geraldine Eick . Clara Margaret Estes Mary Agnes Flaherty Elizabeth Morse Flanders Jane Aurelie Forte . Georgeanna Gabeler Sally Gage ... Laura Marguerite Gallow w Delight Dawson ' Hall Dorothy Elizabeth Hamilton Lena Louise Hamilton Phyllis Seymour Harding Eleanor Harriet Harryman Helen Frances Heffernan Jane Herrick 43 Morton St., Andover 25 Prospect PI., New York City 222 North River Rd., Manchester, N. H. 371 Johnson St., North Andover 770 Park Ave., New York City Abbot St., Andover 24 Alpine St., Maiden 24 Maugus Ave., Wellesley Hills Harwichport 47 Mt. Vernon St., Cambridge 354 North Main St., Andover Newbury 675 Broad St., East Weymouth 12 Highland Rd., Andover 164 Mt. Vernon St., Dedham 29 Fern St., Auburndalc 2512 West 17th St., Wilmington, Del. 135 Berkeley St., Lawrence 115 Allerton Rd., Newton Highlands 12 Locke St., Andover 100 Essex St., North Andover . 11 William St., Andover 43 Bartlet St., Andover Limestone, Me. Limestone, Me. 28 Emerson Rd., Wellesley Hills 1027 South 7th St., Charleston, 111. 9 Lexington St., Framingham 5 Hidden Rd., Andover XV The Abbot Circle 19 34 Susan Symmes Hildreth Ruth Amelia Hill Priscilla Ross Hoadley Virginia Holden Clara Macfarlane Holland Martha Stratton Howe Hope Taylor Humphreys Anne Hurlburt . Mary Elizabeth Jamison Eleanor Johnson Elizabeth Joost Elizabeth Gray Kennedy Eleanor Cassandra Kinsman Evelyn Gladys Kleven . Dorothy Pingree Lambert Phyllis Lambert Ernestine Look . Ruth Frances McTernen. Mary Frances Mahoney . Priscilla Bruce Mailey Nancy Pope Marsh . Sara Alix Maxfield Marion Stanton Mooney Doris Kirkwood More Margaret Gayden Morrill Carolyn Muzzy . Patricia Marguerite Noonan Claire Ruth Oppenheim Sarah Margaret O ' Reilly Lillian Jean Palmer Geraldine Julia Peck Ann Richmond Place Ruth Sibley Pratt Virginia Prest Rosalie Harriet Rappoport Barbara Reinhart Jane Wingate Rice Barbara Bicknell Ritzman Ellen Rivinius Alice Best Robinson Elinor Rogers Robinson 371 Highland Ave., Winchester 147 Main St., Andover 10 Lancaster St., Cambridge Hampton Hall, Cranford, N. J. 112 Chestnut St., Andover 14 School St., Andover Holt Rd., Andover 304 Main St., Glastonbury, Conn. 429 Ridge St., Newark, N. J. 47 Central St., Andover Southold, L. L, N. Y. 452 Deering Ave., Portland, Me. 348 High St., Newburyport 25 Roxbury St., Worcester Forest Hill Ave., Lynnrield Center . 309 Dodge St., Beverlv 115 Main St., Andover 25 Wolcott Ave., Andover 54 Elm St., North Andover 63 Salem St., Andover 155 Center St., Danvers 420 West 17th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 1952 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 28 Fernwood Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. 209 High St., Newburyport Waterville, Me. 420 Lincoln Ave., East, Alexandria, Minn. 81 Sunrav St., Lawrence 244 West Main St., Lock Haven, Pa. 167 Main St., Andover 1 Highland Wayside, Andover 333 East 57th St., New York City 109 Central St., Andover 55 Russell St., Melrose 52-13th Ave., Paterson, N. J. 42 Salem St., Andover 19 William St., Andover Durham, N. H. 346 Main St., Winchester . 30 Chedell Place, Auburn, N.Y. Oxford, Me. XVI ( 19 34 The Abbot Circle Caroline Campbell Rockwell Mary Elizabeth Rockwell Marion Elizabeth Rogers Anne Naomi Russell. Mabll Winifred Savage Sally Scates Doris Barbara Schwartz Sara Elizabeth Scott Katharine Scudder Mary Seaman Shirley Wright Smith Pauline Chapman Spear Ru i h Elizabeth Binkerd Stott Beverly Sutherland Mary Lewis Swan Martha Sweeney Elizabeth Jane Swint Jane Taylor Rosamond Taylor Margit Thony ... Mary Elizabeth Toohey . Helen Henrietta Tower Jane Tracy .... Mary Frances Trafton Elizabeth Upton. 658 Osgood St., North Andovcr 658 Osgood St., North Andover 401 North River Rd., Manchester, N. H. 500 Chester Ave., Mooresrown, N. J. 28 South Main St., Sharon 4 Bovlston Terrace, West Medford 118 Franklin St., Lawrence 32 Wareland Rd., Wellesley Hills 133 West 9th St., Claremont, Cal. Bunker PI., Wantaugh, L. I., N. Y. High St., Farmington, Conn. 156 Winchester St., Brookline . Williams Hall, Andover 66 St. Andrew ' s PI., Yonkers, N. Y. 22 Thorndike St., Beverlv 64 Central St., Andover 1109 Hopeton Rd., Wilmington, Del. . 48 Garfield Rd., Melrose 80 Magnolia Terrace, Springfield 11 Sherwood PI., Scarsdale, N. Y. 43 Abbot St., Andover 32 Phillips St., Andover 414 Union St., Hudson, N. Y. 323 Minot Ave., Auburn, Me. 221 Forest St., Oberlin, Ohio Cecile Wilhelmina Van Peursf.m (Bahrein, Persian Gulf), Care Mrs. Maxwell, 45 West High St., Somerville, N. J. Elizabeth Sarah Wheeler 110 School St., Concord, N. H. Mary Ella Whitney . . 41 Pine St., Danvers Mary Jane Wolf 538 Harvard St., Rochester, N. Y. XVI] tf.rJy) m 1 ) A ) ■ EHsHiHSHPttF SWBK £i£3p ; r w •■ £ £» gggSti ■

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