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LIBRARY —OF— ABBOT ACADEMY ». .. .££. Cj 33 OMsi Lt) dlt tcvj ?D 3 3 THE CIRCLE «£» 1933 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS TO MR. HOWE Just try to visualize any one of your acquaintances, male or female, occupying Mr. Howes very special niche in our school life: or rather, don ' t try — nobodv could. Endowing a large and refractory group of girls with musical intelligence and interest is a task requiring faith, hope and charity. Mr. Howe has all three and a very nice sense of humor to boot. He ' s not just someone to teach us hymns and school songs. There are a thousand-and-one occasions for which he is indispen- sable: Christmas, Easter, at Graduation time. . . .but why go on? Those who are part of the school realize how very much he means to us. Those who aren ' t can ' t begin to understand. The Class of 1933 in dedi- cating this book to him want to express some small measure of appreciation for the part he has played in our life at Abbot. WALTER EDWARD HOW I t-J DS u 32 — X -J w z w w ■ c a: Q z en m j f - • • 0mm ■ ' ■ ■ -4$. ■ i ■ ■, - " P. ' A - - " V . ' ' v MAPLE WALK MISS BERTHA BAILEY 19 33 The A b b o t C i r c I Senior Class Officers .M. E. Burnham E. Sage E. Tompkins B. Worth. President 15 The Abbot C i r c I 19 33 MARGARET BLACK " Peg " 560 Marion Ave., Mansfield, Ohio Ashland College Aeolian " 32. " 33 Secretary A. A. A. " 33 Draper Dramatics ' 32 Senior Plav ' 33 Two Years President Aeolian ' 33 Athletic Council ' 33 Entertainment Committee ' 33 Hiking Leader ' 33 Christmas Party ' 33 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Society Banquet Committee ' 32 Club Golf ' 33 A. C. A. Pianist ' 33 " Hey. your main sheet ' s dragging. " Ah, here ' s Peg Black! No matter where Peg is. she is amusing someone She a ' so does quite well by the piano. She knows all the A. C. A. hymns and even gives lessons to those who wish to know how to play with more than one finger. And the mail that just pours into her box! Here ' s to Peg and her good nature! JANE NEWTON BURNHAM Fiske Hill, Southbridge. Conn. Katherine Gibbs Treasurer of Class ' 32 President A. D. S. ' 33 Draper Dramatics ' 32 Student Government ' 33 Gargoyle Hockey " 32 Varsity Hockey ' 33 Three Years A. D. S. " 32. ' 33 A. D. S. Plays ' 33 Vice-President A. C. A. ' 33 Numerals ' 32 Varsity Riding ' 32 Tea Dance Committee ' 32 Christmas Party Committee " 33 Entertainment Committee ' 33 Advisory Board ' 33 Fidelio ' 31. ' 32 Secretary-Treasurer Gargoyle ' 32 Nominating Committee ' 32 Keep away from Jane when there ' s an axe around ! But. really, Jane, we were thrilled by your interpre- tation of Josefa in " When the Whirlwind Blows " . Aside from drama, Jane knows the hard knocks of Student Government (and shall we say riding, too?). Neither has warped her sense of humor, just ask anyone. 16 1933 The Abbot Circle MARY ELIZABETH BURNHAM " Bee " 8 Glen Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Three Years Les Beaux Arts ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 President of Class ' 31 Vice-President of Class ' 33 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Christmas Party Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Class Book Board ' 33 Student Government ' 33 Publicity Manager of Senior Play ' 33 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33 Choir ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Senior Banquet Committee ' 32 Society Banquet Committee ' 32 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 32 Honor Bonus Senior Play ' 33 " Once upon a time there was a lovely young girl who was as good as she was beautiful " This ancient hyperbole can be applied to Bee after a fashion. She ' s not too good or too beautiful but she certa ' nly is lovely to look at and of the variety that couldn ' t make an enemy even if she wanted to — which Bee doesn ' t. Also at the risk of embarrassing the afore- said, we will add that she ' s about one of the best sports in captivity. There, Bee! How does that make you feel? HELEN SAWYER BUTTRICK " Bucket " 15 Wolcott Ave., Andover, Mass. Chamberlain School Four Years Philomatheia ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer Philomatheia ' 32 Numerals ' 32 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Fidelio ' 29. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Senior Play 33 " Bucket " — such a funny nickname for the dark- haired day-scholar commonly referred to as " smooth " by us adolescents. However, in spite of the annoyance this may arouse in our sage elders we insist that it fits. Bucket never says an awful lot. but she ' s terrib ' y good-natured, which is ever so much more important. Being attractive and agreeable all in one person is an unbeatable combination! 17 The Abbot Circle 1933 CATHARINE SEBRING CAMPBELL " Katrine " " Kay " 32 Glen Ave.. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. Smith College Three Years Vice-President Class ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Odeon ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Choir ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Fidelio ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Senior-Mid Plays ' 32 Honor Roll ' 30. ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Griffin Entertainment Committee French Plavs ' 32 First Griffin Basketball Team ' 31. ' 32 Numerals " 32 Second Griffin Basketball Team ' 30 President Odeon ' 33 Head of Winter Snow Sports ' 32 President Choir ' 33 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Griffin Riding Team ' 31 Second Vice-President Student Government ' 33 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 President Class Book Board ' 33 Prom Committee ' 31 Head of Senior Banquet Committee " 32 Honor Bonus Head of Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Senior Play " Honestly, it was just simply foul. " With these famous last words and her own inimitable patented laugh. Katrine comes just simply bounding out of class. i This is just Katrine ' s philosophical way of accepting an A double plus, or something equally hard to get. i She does other things, too — so well and so painlessly that they seem annoyingly effortless. . .man- aging the Class Book, for example. But we love her in spite of it all. Here ' s luck. Katrine! LOIS TARBELL CHAPMAN 67 Chester St.. Newton Highlands. Mass. Chamberlain School Four Years Numerals ' 30 Senior Play ' 33 Children ' s Christmas Party ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 32. ' 33 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 31 First Club Team Basketball " 32 Second Club Team Basketball ' 30 There ' s a sun setting somewhere in the west: maybe a campfire and a drowsy saddle horse will complete the picture of contentment for those big blue eyes to rest upon. But don ' t be misled by all this sleepy descrip- tion. If you could see Lois in a basketball game, you ' d know what a lively game she plays. 18 J933 The Abbot Circle MARGARET CAMPBELL CHASE " Peg " 315 North Geneva St., Ithaca, N. Y. Cornell Two Years Odeon Society ' 33 Club Song Leader ' 33 Posture Committee ' 32 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33 Choir ' 32, ' 33 Club Hockey Team ' 32. ' 33 Numerals ' 33 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 32 Club Track Team ' 32 Peggee — was there lots of mail? Who says she can ' t tear in from one of those divine picnics, at 5:58. put up the mail, and appear intact, if perturbed, at dinner? She also obliges the school by keeping the Choir and Fidelio altos on pitch. In a few years all mentally ailing or just declining friends and relatives can be candidates for Peg ' s psychiatric intentions. And wouldn ' t we all love having our morbid thoughts remedied by Peg ' s cheer- fulness? ROZILLA SNOW CHASE 15 Chamberlain Terrace, Waltham, Mass. Pembroke College Two Years Fidelio ' 32 Christmas Party Committee ' 31, ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Odeon ' 32 French Play ' 32 Senior Play ' 33 Second Club Team Basketball ' 32 German Play ' 33 If you find a horde of people collapsing weakly with laughter, just sort them out and you are bound to find Rosie in the middle. Not that she tries to say funny things — they just come out, and there you are. Other attributes: knowing when to stop and will power. But what ' s the use? If you know Rosie you don ' t have to be told! 19 The Abbot Circle 1933 ANNE THORBURN CLEVELAND 9 Abbot St., Andover, Mass. Two Years French Play ' 32 Senior Play ' 33 Gargoyle Basketball ' 33 Honor Roll ' 32 Numerals ' 33 Vassar Art Editor Courant ' 32. ' 33 Art Editor Class Book ' 33 Second Team Basketball ' 32 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33 Gargoyle Volley Ball ' 32 What would Abbot do without our talented Anne to write so charmingly for the Courant, to illustrate it, and. in fact, to do any artistic job that needs to be done? But these accomplishments by no means sum up her achievements, for none of us will forget her in the French and Senior plays, and, somehow, we are never surprised when she makes the Honor Roll. ANN COLE North Andover, Mass. Vassar Four Years Class President ' 30 Q. E. D. ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 President Q. E. D. ' 33 Posture Committee ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Athletic Council ' 32 Head of Tennis ' 32 Senior Play ' 33 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Cum Laude ' 33 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Third Vice-President Student Government ' 33 Senior-Mid Play ' 32 Head of Day Scholars ' 33 Chevron ' 33 " A " Society ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Numerals ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 32 Honor Roll " 30. ' 31. ' 32, ' 33 Griffin Entertainment Committee " 32 Merit Committee ' 33 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 Honor Bonus ' 32 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 30, 31, ' 32 Varsity Tennis ' 30. ' 31, ' 32 Griffin Tennis Team ' 29 Second Varsity Tennis ' 32 Day Scholar Musical Comedy ' 32 We can say so many things about Ann that there wouldn ' t be room for them all, so we ' ll mention just a few characteristics. One: brains (and not the hor- rible horn-rimmed, superior kind, either!) two: good looks, (don ' t you like curly blonde hair and brown eyes?) three: acting ability, (the Senior and Se- nior-Mid plays) four: popularity, (just ask anyone in Abbot or P. A.) and five: skill in athletics, (dem- onstrated on our pond and at Intervale). We can go on like this forever, but everyone — except Ann herself — knows all these things anyway. 20 1933 The Abbot Circle OLIVE MAE FRENCH " Punch " 125 Woodside Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Connecticut College Three Years Entertainment Committee ' 31 Choir ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Secretary-Treasurer Aeolian ' 32 Aeolian ' 31, " 32. ' 33 Fidelio ' 31. ' 32, ' 33 Varsity Hockey ' 32, ' 33 Griffin Song Leader ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Christmas Party Committee ' 32. ' 33 Athletic Council ' 33 Griffin Volley Ball Team ' 31 Griffin Archery Team ' 33 Varsity Deck Tennis ' 31 Head of Ping Pong ' 33 Numerals ' 32 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 32 What, another letter from Lancaster? Leave it to Punch to tell you all about Pennsylvania — not to men- tion Bantam Lake. Well — no wonder! Look at the veritable undulating waves of that hair, and the sparkle of those brown eyes. Punch is also the one who keeps the Gargoyles from making all the goals in hockey. We know she ' ll be a " bienvenue " at Con- necticut next year. MARCIA GAYLORD " Mike " 44 Fairfield Ave., Holyoke, Mass. Two Years Les Beaux Arts ' 32, ' 33 Senior-Mid Plays Advisory Board She ' s quiet — she never gets hysterical — in fact she ' s refreshing! There. Marcia, we don ' t want to liken you to Coca Cola advertisements, but the word fits! She ' s in a class by herself, literally, when it comes to Spanish, and figuratively, when it comes to always hav- ing something nice to offer the hopeful chance ? t visitor by way of internal fortitude. Be it ever so trite, we insist upon wishing you well, Marcia! 21 The Abbot Circle 1933 MARY CAROLINE GUPTILL " Guppie " Sudbury, Mass. Ttvo Years Numerals ' 33 A A 2 Secretary-Treasurer Tea Dance Committee ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 32 Gargoyle Captain ' 33 A A 2 Plays ' 33 Fidelio ' 32, ' 33 A A 2 ' 32, ' 33 Gargoyle Basketball ' 32 Senior-Mid Plays ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Athletic Council ' 33 Senior Play ' 33 Varsity Ping Pong ' 33 Well, Miss Guptill, it ' s a good thing we all like you a lot, it sure is! Because being good-looking and clever all in one fell swoop is a most dangerous thing. In fact, it ' s the kind of combination that is generally conducive of a nice brightish, greenish envy. How- ever, bein ' s we all want free tickets to your premiere as an actress we promise not to be mad. Here ' s to you! ALICE HAYES HILL " Nit-Wit " 15 Glen Eagles Drive, Larchmont, N. Y. Swarthmore C our ant ' 32, ' 33 Choir ' 33 Class Book Board ' 33 Honor Roll ' 32, ' 33 Two Years Fidelio ' 32, ' 33 Club Hockey Team ' 32, ' 33 Posture Committee ' 33 Numerals ' 33 Secretary of Class ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Did you hear a soft, southern voice expounding great subtleties? It belongs to Alice, the girl of the Honor Roll, who put the atmosphere of the sea and ships just as it appeals to her in her work for the Courant. And by the way, have you ever heard Jean, Peg, and Alice discuss at length the merits of Shakespeare from beneath the disguise of oranges, apples, and puns? (The awful word is out.) Well, let ' s drop that in say- ing — good luck at Swarthmore, Alice! 22 1933 The Abbot Circle LOUISE PICKETT McCLARY 17 Prospect Terr.. Malone, N. Y. Syracuse University Two Years Senior Play " 33 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 It ' s no use, Louise, you can ' t hide your light under the proverbial bushel. Furthermore, just because still waters run deep is no proof that murder (or good dancing, poise, and brains I will not out. Such a lot of quoting, but it ' s really just a subtle way of saying sincere, nice things about someone who ' s so modest she might otherwise be embarrassed. Here ' s luck. Louise! CATHERINE McDONALD 123 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. Katherine Cibbs Five Years .Numerals A. D. S. Society A. D. S. Plays Senior-Mid Plays ' 32 Senior Plays ' 33 French Plays ' 32 e all know and approve Kaye ' s fame as an actress —whether it be warden. Englishman, or burgomaster that she portrays. We also know that that glorious red hair isn ' t wasting its beauty on the desert air. For. speaking of jealousy, how do you feel everytime she comes to an evening society meeting from a dinner engagement and all ready for a date? 23 The Abbot Circle 19 3 3 FRANCES WARE McGARRY " Fran " Merriam Rd.. Grafton. Mass. I assar Three } ears Q. E. D. •31. ' 32. " 33 Treasurer Q. E. D. " 32 Student Government " 32. " 33 Athletic Council " 32. " 33 President A. A. A. " 33 Vice-President A. A. A. " 32 Abbot Birthday Committee " 31 Advison Board " 32 Fidelio " 31. " 32. " 33 Numerals ' 31 Honor Bonus " 32 Christmas Parr - Committee " 32 Hiking Leader " 32. " 33 Griffin Tennis Team " 31 Varsity Hockey Team " 33 Fran is one of the best " all-round " members of our c ' ass. She is as good on the hockey field as she is— well, just anywhere else! Her room is usually full of peop ' e. either because of an important A. A. A. meeting — Fran ' s president of A. A. A., you know — or just because her " socialness " naturally draws people. Fran ' s halo of golden hair is most becoming, but is hardly compatible with her vivacious personality. Ensemble " 31. " 32 " A " Society " 33 Choir " 33 Senior Plav ' 33 BERTHA NORTON Skowhegan. Me. Two Years Aeolian ' 32. ' 33 Committee for Gargoyle Griffin Partv ' 32 Griffin Vollev Ball Team " 32 Varsitv Basketball Team " 32 Head of Hiking " 33 Fide ' .io " 32. ' 33 Numerals " 33 Member of the A. A. A. Council " 33 Shhhh! Who ' s that playing the piano so beautifully? Why. it ' s Bertha of course! She ' s one of those com- fortable musicians who hadn ' t a lot of temperamental oddities which prevent her from making friends. She always has a smile for everyone, and more than once, unwittingly, perhaps, cheered up some downcast per- son. We thank Maine for sending us such a repre- sentative. 24 19 33 T he Abbot C i r c I • KATHLEEN CARRITHERS PALMER " Kae " 167 Main St.. Andover, Mass. Bryant Stratton Two Years Varsity Basketball ' 31. ' 32 Senior Play Gargoyle Basketball " Kae Palmer? Oh yes. the girl with the hair. " anil then the assembled multitude heaves a mighty sigh of longing. ( Kae ' s cot the most gorgeous curly hair. I And you really ought to see her perform on the bas- ketball field — not that that pertains to the beaux cheveux. They ought to let the rest of us wear roller- skates so we can keep up with her! Best of luck, Kae, in everything you do. RACHEL CREELMAN PLACE " Rach " Somerville. Mass. Vassar Five Years Odeon ' 32, ' 33 Northfield ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Numeral ' 31 Christmas Party ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 32 Prom Committee ' 31 Nominating Committee ' 31 Posture Committee ' 31 Centennial Committee 29 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Bits of Yiddish I ? ) dia ' ect and laughter. .. .enter Rachel of the well-known golden locks and sunny ways, about as Yiddish as nothing at all! Smitty may be in the offing but you never can tell — Rach ' s got so many friends. Personally. Rach. we think vou and Smitty should open a school for interpretative dancing, just judging from various hilarious successes at wrecking the " rec " room. 25 The Abbot Circle 1 933 HELEN BULLARD RICE 14 Winthrop St.. Marlboro. Mass. Five Years Philomatheia ' 32 Student Government " 33 Vice-President A. A. A. " 33 Secretary-Treasurer " A " Society ' 33 Head of Baseball ' 31 " A " Society ' 32. ' 33 Numerals " 30 Chevron " 32 Senior-Mid Plav ' 32 Secretary Junior-Mids ' 31 Athletic Council ' 33 " There ' s only a few of us left " applies to Helen in two ways! First, she has dwelt within these hallowed halls for five years, which is more than most of us have done, and second, while the good dispositions and good tempers of many are flying out the windows. Helen ' s remains unchanged. All our diet addicts gaze upon the fair Helen ' s figure with ill-disguised envy and wonder why they aren ' t naturally slim and slender. As a dancer Helen ranks at the top of our list. And how sorry we are she couldn ' t go to Intervale with us. JANE BRADLEY RITCHIE 4 Arundel St.. Andover. Mass. Four Years Numerals 30 Club Basketball " 29. " 30. " 31. ' 32 Bible Recitations ' 29 Senior Play ' 33 When the little red car comes through the gates, general opinion has it that Jane Ritchie has arrived. How we ' d miss that essential part of the Circle if it weren ' t there, and even more so its occupant, for al- though she ' s quiet and unobtrusive we couldn ' t get along without her. We ' ve heard you excel in the culinary art. among other things. How about it. Jane? 26 1933 The Abbot Circle ETHEL WHITE ROGERS " Effie " " Eddy " 49 Orchard St.. Belmont. Mass. Weber College Four Years Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31, ' 32 Numerals ' 32 Head of Croquet ' 32 Athletic Council ' 32 Senior Play ' 33 Christmas Party ' 32 Entertainment Committee ' 31, ' 32 Baseball Team ' 30 Ethel is a hard person to mention individually, as she is always with Hazel ! But have you ever seen her in her green skating outfit? She, it. they, (underline the best word, although they all fit I is, are stun- ning! Ethel too, makes her quiet appearance around school, but when she and Hazel are in their own sanc- tuary (room 30) — well, need we go on? Ethel wields a mean croquet mallet, but after all, why shouldn ' t she? She ' s head of cro quet. ELIZABETH ROGERS SAGE " Billie " 10 Westway, Bronxville, N. Y. Vassar Two Years Senior Class Treasurer Fidelio Entertainment Committee ' 33 Aeolian ' 33 Advisory Board ' 33 Tennis Varsity ' 33 Really. Billie, we hate to bring up anything as trite as physical features, but you icould do well to have your hair and eyelashes insured. However, we won ' t make any bright remarks about getting mail, and so forth, thereby forfeiting the wicked delight of seeing Billie blush. And we do wish you all the good things in life. May you " live happily ever after " , Billie! 27 The Abbot Circle 19 33 ALICE DeHAVEN SCHULTZ " Shuts " Si Ledgeways. Wellesley Hills. Man Smith College Four Years School Song Leader ' 33 President of Fidelio " 33 First ice-President Student Government " 33 Cum Laude " 33 Numerals " 31 President Choir " 32 " A " Society " 32. " 33 ■ss Song Leader ' 30. " 31. " 32. " 33 Senior Play " 33 Senior-Mid Representative. Student Government ' 32 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee " 32 Senior Banquet Committee " 32 Chevron ' 33 Senior-Mid Play . Accompanist for Fidelio " 33 Chairman Tea Dance Committee ' 32 Aeolian Soeietv ' 30. " 31. " 32. " 33 Honor Roll " 31. " 32 Christmas Partv ' 32 Vice-President of Class " 30 French Play ' 32 Posture Committee " 31 Club Volley Ball Team " 31. " 32 Class Book Board " 33 Abbot Birthdav Committee " 32 Honor Bonus Fidelio " 30. " 31. ' 32. ' 33 Club Basketball Team " 33 If you were to walk down an Abbot corridor some day. and by chance hear the name " Shuts " , you would hear it followed by a deep, envious sigh. For there is nothing she can ' t do. and. whether it be throwing a basketball, drawing, playing either difficult selections or rhythmic melodies on the piano, or acting charm- inglv in a play, she always has an awed and admiring audience. And hasn ' t she managed Fidelio and the school singing well this year ' CLARA BOURNE SHAW 94 Hawthorne St.. New Bedford. Mass. Three Years Treasurer of Class " 31 Courant Board ' 31. [32 Business Manager of Courant " 33 Hiking Leader " 33 Stage Manager Play " 32. " 33 President of Class " 32 Numeral- I President of Student Government " 33 Tea Dance Committee " 32 Treasurer A. A. A. ' 32 Gargoyle Basketball ' 33 Abbot Birthday Committee " 32 Prom Committee " 32 Advisory Board 32 Honor Bonus " 32 Christmas Party Committee " 31. " 32 Entertainment Committee " 32 Merit Commute- P. sture Committee " 33 Nominating Committee " 32 Just the thought of Abbot ' s blonde " chief executive " which, translated, means " the thing-that-makes-the- wheels-go-round. " in itself brings ideas of competency, enthusiasm and general congeniality. Also Clara, be- sides keeping us all on the " straight and narrow " , has time to make friends with everyone, and. along with some great basketball playing this falL she is the manager of the senior play. :. : 1933 The Abbot Circle CLARA ELIZABETH SMITH " Smitty " 116 East St., Methuen, Mass. Four Years Fidelio ' 31, ' 32, ' 33 Q. E. D. ' 32. ' 33 Secretary of Class ' 31 Numerals ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer of Griffin ' 32 Athletic Council ' 31 Class Book Board Posture Honor Roll ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 31, ' 32 Secretary Student Council ' 33 Griffin Hockey Team ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Honor Bouns Griffin Riding Team ' 31 Griffin Baseball Team ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 32 Prom Lsher ' 31 Prom Decorating Committee ' 32 Posture Committee ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31, ' 32 Smitty is one of those goodly souls who falls in nicely with any plan that ' s afoot. She sometimes seems a little quiet, although quite often after light the gentle titters (?) of Rachel and Smitty are wafted into the cold night air. It ' s not everyone who can successfully business-manage anything, but Smitty ha certainly proved that she can. Er-something. possiblv our little noses, told us Smitty likes " boloney " sand- wiches. How about that, now? ELIZABETH CARVER SNYDER " Billie " 219 Christopher St., Montclair, N. J. Two Years Advisory Board ' 32 Christmas Party ' 33 Griffin Basketball Team ' 33 Treasurer A. A. A. " 33 A. A. A. Council ' 33 Second Varsity Basketball ' 33 President Philomatheia ' 33 Philomatheia ' 32, ' 33 Chairman Entertainment Committee ' 33 Can you imagine, peering under your bed some night for your last before-you-go-to-bed look, finding a virtual Miriam Hopkins, or shall we say Blonde Ve- nus, stretched at full length in wait for you. her un- fortunate roommate? No — well. Marty didn ' t either, but there she was. And, Billie. besides being our fashion plate, is both a good sport and good in sports, and didn ' t we envy her her Hartford trip? 29 The Abbot Circle 1933 ELIZABETH ELLA TOMPKINS " Betty " 157 Migeon Ave.. Torrington. Conn. fire Years Choir ' 33 Junior Vice-President 30 Senior Secretary ' 33 Philomatheia ' 33 Hiking Leader ' 33 Fidelio ' 30. ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Junior-Mid Secretary ' 31 Senior Play ' 33 Christmas Party ' 33 Prom Committee ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30. ' 31. ' 32 Even if Betty is the tiniest of our noble seniors, she has more pep than all the rest of us put together. hat ' s more. " Teddy Bompkins " has cut quite a " figure " around Abbot for five whole years. Betty has designs on the internes at Yale. In ' t-her-n ' awful-gir! ? MARIATTA TOWER 32 Phillips St.. Andover. Mass. Welle slex Four Years Fidelio ' 30. ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Aeolian ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Secretan -Treasurer Aeolian ' 33 Head of Tennis ' 33 Athletic ' Council ' 33 Honor Roll ' 29. ' 30. ' 31. ' 32 Numerals ' 30 Chevrons ' 32 arsity Tennis Team ' 32 Varsity Badminton ' 32 Ivy Oration ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 32 Senior Plav ' 33 " A " Society ' 32. ' 33 Griffin Tennis Team ' 32 Varsity Croquet ' 32 arsity Deck Tennis Honor Bonus ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Play ' 32 S inter Sports Team ' 32 Second Griffin Club Basketball Team ' 30. ' 31. ' 32 Cum Laude ' 33 Advisory Board Since everyone knows Mariatta ' s marks are phe- nomenal, we aren ' t going to say a word about them. • Note: this figure of speech is commonly called " prae- terito " . Ahem. Miss Robinson. • After all. no doubt she ' s been over-lionized in this line. please pardon pun i and there are plenty of other nice things that can be said about Mariatta. As a matter of fact, just try not to — much harder! Good luck. Mariatta! We hate to worry vou. but vou ' re doomed for success! 30 1933 The Abbot Circle SIONAG JEAN DOUGLASS VERNON " Dopey " 65 Brookfield Rd., Montclair, N. J. Vassar Two Years Fidelio ' 32, ' 33 Honor Roll ' 33 Club Hockey Team ' 32, ' 33 Numerals ' 33 Q. E. D. ' 33 Senior Play ' 33 Club Baseball Team ' 32 Club Croquet ' 33 Jean, besides being about the most stunning mem- ber of our class, is one of our star hockey players. She also has the astounding ability of getting A ' s in Algebra — not to mention other things. And, since she has one of those keen senses of humor, she is never at a loss for a snappy come-back. MARGARET WALKER " Margo " 37 Oakes Ave., Southbridge. Mass. Two Years Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Numerals ' 32, ' 33 Griffin Captain ' 33 Varsity Track ' 32 Griffin Basketball Team ' 32 A. A. A. ' 33 A A 2 ' 32, ' 33 Varsity Basketball Team ' 33 Senior-Mid Plays ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 32 A A 2 Plays ' 33 What on earth would the Griffins do without our Margo to captain them, and so to excel in basketball and in everything else that their score mounts sky- high? But we also love her because of her winning way. and because of her ability to keep us in stitches so frequently. And what aboot the " heather " , Margo? 31 The Abbot Circl 1933 HAZEL ROSE WALTERS -Volt " 50 Charles St„ Roosevelt. L. L. N. Y. Columbia Four i ears Odeon " 32. " 33 Secretao -Treasurer Odeor. Numeral 31 Griffin Basketball Team " 31 2 Head of Volley Ball . Christmas Party ' 31 - Athletic Council " 32 Draper Dramati - Club Volley Ball " 31 - We just have a feeling that in a few years the Humane Society will have a new member and a new branch of activity: " the Mission for Musky II and Instructions as to their Food and Bath. " Isn " t that right. Hay-zel? She might have a Forum there. too or don ' t they argue in a Forum? And shall we ever forget her skating, her orange ski-suit, and above all. that menacing movie camera of hers down at the skating pond? BETTY WEAVER " ITeaver " Grand At.. Newburgh. N. V Froebel League School Three Years Second Varsity Hockey " 31 Numera- Junior-Mid Representative Student Government " 31 Christmas Party Committee " 31. " 32. " 33 Gargovle Baseball Team " 31. - Chevror- Head of Hockev I Varsity Hockey " 32. 33 Senior-Mid Plays ' 32 Philomatheia " 32 Vice-President Senior-Mid Class " 32 Senior Play " 33 5i retarj A. C A. ' ■ Athletic Council " 32 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committe-- Entertainment Committee " 32. " 33 Prom Decoration Committee - " A " Society " 32. " 33 Hiking Leader President A. Q A. " 33 Advisory Board " 31. ' 32. " 33 Posture Committe Abb t Birthday Committee " 32. " 33 Weaver? Oh yes! Well, what can one say about a girl like that? Let ' s see: for one thing, she ' s an abso ' ute tonic for all blues of any shade, and for an- other ' promise not to tell! » she ' s capable — on! in the spooky, alarming way. And such a tainted yrung person: the way she plays " Adeste Fideles " just haunts you! You can probably think of various and sundry other talents yourself. By the by. Miss Weaver, how does it feel to be a connoisseur in the field of wish-bone collecting? 32 1933 T h e A b b o t C i r c I ( MARTHA WHIPPLE " Whip " 15 Beacon Hill. Nashua. N. H. Vesper George Art School Two Years Athletic Council ' 33 Advisory Board ' 33 Head of Riding ' 33 A. D. S. Plays ' 33 A. D. S. ' 33 Entertainment Committee ' 33 Christmas Party ' 33 Senior Play ' 33 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 hip is one of these people whose contagious grin makes her loads of friends. You should see: first. Whip in her riding togs I ' member the Fashion Show ' . ' ' i and second, the pleased expression worn by any horse she decides to ride as he prances under her skillful management! Good-naturedness is certainly a quality worth mentioning and one with which Whip has more than a mere nodding acquaintance. And is there anything that Whip won ' t do for you? KATHRYN EDITH WHITTEMORE " Kay " Summit Rd.. Port Wa-hington. N. Y. Three Years Fidelio ' 31. ' 32. ' 33 Editor-in-Chief Courani ' 33 Griffin Archery ' 31. ' 32 Athletic Council ' 32. ' 33 Hiking Leader ' 33 Courant Board ' 32. ' 33 Numerals ' 33 Head of Archery ' 32. " 33 Christmas Party " 32. ' 33 Class Book Board ' 33 V ithout this efficient literary genius where would our Courant be? True there are others on the Courani board, but it is Kay ' s enthusiasm and unflagging per- sistency that brings the whole into the finished form in which we know it. And then — you ought to see her uphold the Grif- fins ' standard in archery, and don ' t we all enjoy her movie camera and its results? 33 The Abbot Circle 19 33 BARBARA ROBBINS WORTH 17 Garden Ave,. Bronxville. N. Y. I assar Three i ears President Senior Class " 33 Q. E. D. " 32. ' 33 Treasurer Senior-Mid Class ' 32 " A " Society ' 32. " 33 arsity Tennis " 31. ' 32. ' 33 Chevrons ' 32 Numerals " 31 President Senior-Mid Class ' 32 Class Book Board " 33 Tea Dance Committee ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 32 Christmas Party ' 32. ' 33 Entertainment Committee " 32 Honor Bonu« Student Government There are so many things that can be said about " Madam President " " — ' " Barbs " , to you — that we don ' t know where to begin. Everyone knows that she and Dotty Wrenn are an unbeatable combination at play- ing Contract. Barbs " s personality plus her looks make it a foregone conclusion that — oh well. ' ] assar Fidelio ' 31. ' 32 Numerals ' 32 Varsity Hockev DOROTHY LOUISE WRENN " Dotty " Brooklyn. N. Y. Three 1 ears ' 33 Griffin Hockey Team " 31 Abbot Birthday Committee " 31. " 32 Team ' 32 Fire Captain ' 32 Prom Decorating Committee ' 31 Odeon " 33 Tea Dance Floor Committee " 32 Dotty has so many things we might capitalize. Perhaps one of the most important is her outside in- terests which extend even as far as Deerfield! Come o " nights, we can a ' mest always find Dotty in the " rec " room tripping the light fantastic or knitting in- dustriously. As for her popularity, it would be foolish to attempt to do it justice, so we hope she won ' t mind if we just chuck the whole thing! 34 1933 The Abbot Circle Class Will We, the Class of 1933 of Abbot Academy, being, as we believe, of sound and sane mind and memory, do make and publish and declare this to be our last will and testiment. We leave Betty Weaver ' s wish-bones to Mary Flaherty just in case he doesn ' t come. We leave Margo Walker ' s monocle to Ann Place with which to watch for callers Friday night. We bequeath all our Intervale mufflers to Beverly Sutherland with which to quell her unseemly boisterousness. We leave our contract bridge scores to the new girls as intelligence tests. We leave all our letterless days to Evelyn Kleven. We leave our collective adipose tissues to Charles in hopes that they will be fondly cherished. We leave a pulley to Miss Moses with which to obtain her glasses from the fourth floor. We leave Alice Hill ' s appetite to Miss Friskin. We leave all our dangling participles, split infinitives, and mixed metaphors to Mr. T. S. Eliot in hope that Miss Chickering will thus come indirectly to appre- ciate us. We leave our eyebrow pluckers to Miss Bailey with which to root out vicious crime from our midst. We leave Star the bird. We leave Rosie Chase ' s gum with which to stick Star out of the dining room. We leave to Star our fancy collection of assorted mothballs. We leave Miitzi as a one-man entertainment committee. We leave all our heather for new dining-room centerpieces. We leave our finished jig-saw puzzles to beautify the day-scholars ' rooms. We leave all our cold cream to calm the troubled waters. We leave our class-book to the Faculty for arm rests during chapel. Lastly, we leave our dialect behind and we leave a great deal to your imagina- tions. Editor ' s Note: Resolved: that a pun is no longer the lowest form of humor. 36 Cuoi Lko ii»-L .( CrUcUlllUvC N M-dOAAb VW«y Kao T.j. Cracks FeeJ , U re ous BoarJo V «.l £c| ipifs 6 Rt « ,h ( ' ( e huAi! MlLMrtuclujjr Lffiu- oiri i«ruS i © 3 5 © e c s Mi |S c: -© = . Ss-«J a £. t § bl = | ' • A. . " V. V — a — o a V — c E a - ' « fe; Cf) A, Ott QQ - " . t,0 CO« j V „ i C; | Q ■ •M a ■ 1 » a. i - eg sq - fca a 8 li-c 5 " a J, a K O m kl ta U 5 J T » S c s 5 , © ss ' c: — = , , =:$ $ ?$ c. .-. - •a = tmi Z ' " C D ' — 1 3 u u - m o 5 f. " 2 k. B. g d fi. C CO s- ,0 x s E 0) • 7 03 c O ' C S-i - Efl I — — — J. 2; ' s t- " » B » — 3 ■ — — z — . U- EI . — B j.., « ' . 1m ■ " x Z J- jj g = z r OP X u BE 5 7 — " - u ■- - - s 5 i U S 7. 7. — 7 C3 ■a B = q 3 5 - ? S y - a) - : — - — B ' 3 X — r r t 3 = ■ •- •.- (3 B 3 J-. ■ -I X c ?r ™ •: t-, CUpS CUP, t I ■— B - r Zt 3 — ' -; ' -C X CC • b- — B o u a o -= x =3 J3 U B 1) J. BO ? w - D O 2 as BO — ■ D — k. •— I u- 2 - 2 f - — b S « " k S -?- : E ir " " ? - ■ S O S £Q en E£ S CV. i B E u i- i, EC ■ 4) — i. = J- — — td o ■ b a iJ i =3 ■ | " ? = J. • ' ' r 3 4, ■ . T " " ' — v 3 BB -3 — ' tit •- i. i c £ T : 1 li S — — w X. 1) .- S3 S o C- — ■ ■ — g ao il C3 c i. - « B Ih 1 M.i, peak oa S - i C3 " c - — -4 kl ; ■ | -, — 00 ■r. BD " B - f — " 3 b M X Ml u .r r - Si 3 oa 5 r 3 — .-; .3 " Z. S = o CD B S = - - J, V B 3 k- - E moil- ing t li | E Lj j- C -3 x p, X — " - 3 i 1 ! x •- f " S " - = S 2 x » — - — C r v C r-: :J; J; -ii- sS=:--c -i-i-c- .i. i © ic — c " — z: J J J d c S J J J -iJ -c : c z: , -U SC w w = — . ISSiiS z 38 19 33 The Abbot C i r ■ I Class Statistics Done Most for School Most Athletic Class Grind Cutest Cleverest . Best Dressed Class Bluffer Most Literary Most Artistic Most Musical Pessimist Optimist Best Looking Prettiest Best All-round Girl Most Drag Most Capable Most Indifferent Most Versatile Most Absent-minded Most Temperamental Typical School Girl Best Figure Meekest Best Natured Best Dancer Smoothest Most Playful Personality Neatest Most High Hat Most Busybody Best Smile Wittiest Most Diplomatic Most Self-Control Class Clown Clara Shaw Margaret Walker Mariatta Tower Dorothy Wrenn Alice Schultz Elizabeth Snyder . Carolyn Guptill Kathryn Whittemore . Anne Cleveland Alice Schultz Lois Chapman . Margaret Black Barbara Worth Mary Elizabeth Burnham Ann Cole Ann Cole Clara Shaw Helen Buttrick Alice Schultz . Anne Cleveland . Margaret Walker Mariatta Tower Ethel Rogers Bertha Norton Margaret Black Elizabeth Tompkins Carolyn Guptill Rozilla Chase Betty Weaver Olive French Carolyn Guptill Frances McGarry Mary Elizabeth Burnham Catharine Campbell Barbara Worth . Clara Shaw Rozilla Chase 39 Teddtf 6 r p v v? V?°M tee m The Abbot Circle 19 33 Ring Song precious ring You seem too small to hold The memories untold Of which we sing. • Within your curve Lie sun and dappled shade Where well-known footsteps fade- These vou preserve. You are a frame For smiles that confess A warmth of friendliness Ever the same. O Abbot ring Now as I see your band Of gold upon my hand Of these I sing. ' ■ Anne Thorburn Cleveland 42 19 3 3 Th e A bbot C i r ■ I e Senior Class Song Colors: Green and White Abbot, we ' re marching on to cheer you — Cheer you with a rousing song. We ' re an army strong and true, Volunteers to serve for you As with banner bright we swing along. ' Thirty-three! " Thirty-three! Thirty-three! May we ever be a credit to the green! The finest class you ' ve e ' er seen pass Is marching on to bring new glory to Abbot. ' Thirty-three! Thirty-three! Thirtv-three! 43 The Abbot Circle 19 33 Tree Song When Autumn dyes your leaves, When others take our place, By gold and scarlet leaves, Help us remember! When snow weighs down your boughs, When twigs make glittering lace, By silver-crusted boughs, Help us remember! When sunlight warms your buds, When all the circle ' s green, By joy of springtime buds, Help us remember! Now as we look our last, At sights so often seen, Tree, while friendships last, Help us remember! Anne Thorburn Cleveland 44 The Abbot Circle 1933 Mr. T. S. Eliot Looks at Intervale (with apologies to Intervale) I Squashy exotic fruit Somnambulant on hibernating ashington. She rose red with cold feet Gesticulating euphonious epithets. Because there were fritters for breakfast: Oh that this too too solid flesh would melt! On a souvent besoin dun plus petit que soi. — Black and blue — And a choice of sausages and Boston cream pie, (Dieu; L ' etrange peine) II Omniscience, repletion and fetid broiling gloves on a raucous radiator. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Ill The woods are never silent. In the hush Of the high places, solemnly there goes In endless undertone the statelv rush Of music IV Down-a-down derry The gliding swoop of vagrant curved planks The force of friction over the total normal pressure Like Gabriel glistening greenly in his gaberdine. Then tumbling torsos crashing in confusion Upon the whiteness poured in rich profusion. Snow in her neck Sorrow — Sing sorrow, but good prevail Prevail ... V Food again. Bland moist pallor of potatoes gravy-stained Like varnished absorbent cotton. And a maid (Oh Dea certe) with an acrid smile like a fritter with pale lemon sauce. VI The skyey night .... Concealing congealing puns. For the pun is mightier than the sword — They were caviare to the general. Sweeney lost a scarf, 48 1933 The Abbot Circl Aggressively flamboyant in an orgy of plaid. Then sheets toast-like Crackling. Supple winds corrugating his pillow Cause each particular hair to stand on end. And subterranean ululations like ink-wells rolling down the cellar stairs. VII Now rosy-fingered dawn buffs her fingernails Along the magenta afghan. (quality without frills) Ophelia take three lumps with cream. Hey nonny nonny Also willow weep for me VIII Car 540 Everybody loses when timber burns and Baby Ruth stimulates the gums and rules the waves without narcotics Musterole. But the conductor had an aquiline nose. The rest is silence. IX Oh — whell, let ' s go back to Harvard. M. C. A. C. J. V. Intervale Songs (Tune: Let ' s Turn Out The Lights) No more calories and fat. No more bruises where we sat. What a time we had. although we ' re none the worse for it, at that! No more breakfasting at nine, (Steak and flapjacks so divine). Shouldn ' t mention them, but not to would have been an awful crime. Let ' s hope our Irish dialect Will soon be quite forsaken; At first we thought it most select, But now we know we were mistaken. Back to studying once more Feeling better than before. Senior-mids, please don ' t forget that there ' s a treat, for vou in store. 49 T he Abbot Circle 19 33 (Tune: Dunno) Ho ha! he he! We ' re back again, you see, And if anybody ever had a good time It ' s we, we, we! We ' re back in old Andover, And black and blue all over — We ' ve really never been so sore before. So here ' s a bit of good advice: Keep your feet right on the ice, Here ' s to you, here ' s to you, Senior-mids! Intervale is the nuts, it ' s the berries, it ' s perfection! (Tune: Sweet Sue) Looking wan and pale We struck Intervale. Thirty-three ... on a spree . . . Nothing else to do — Just get black and blue. Oh please! . . . .my knees. . . . Now at last we know Where good seniors go. Intervale surpasses all our wildest dreams, So we ' re back, you see, Happy as can be, Thirty-three. . . .from our spree. . . . ! (Tune: A Little Bit of Heaven) Sure a little bit of heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away; And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair They said " Suppose we leave it For it looks so peaceful there. " So they sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow, They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished Sure they called it Intervale. 50 53 C ) in ►J J ou l Q G a! O z XI 1933 The Abbot Circle Senior Middle Class Colors — Green and White OFFICERS— FIRST HALF President Katherine Damon Vice-President Lena Hamilton Secretary Sarah O ' Reilly Treasurer Mary Rockwell OFFICERS— SECOND HALF President Mary Elizabeth Scutt Vice-President Mary Flaherty Secretary Florence Walker Treasurer Sarah Maxfield Betty Ballantyne Jane Campbell Ada Carlson Mercedes Clos Joy Condit Katherine Damon Sarah Dean Mary Flaherty Elizabeth Flanders Delight Hall Class of 1934 Lena Hamilton Eleanor Harryman Virginia Holden Cassandra Kinsman Evelyn Kleven Nancy Marsh Sara Maxfield Margaret Morrill Carolyn Muzzy Sarah O ' Reilly Ann Place Barbara Ritzman Mary Rockwell Marian Rogers Mabel Savage Mary Elizabeth Scutt Ruth Stott Beverly Sutherland Elizabeth Upton- Florence Walker Mary Whitney Senior Middle Class Song For us arose the Abbot towers, Their beauty, strength and grace are ours. To the school we all adore Sings the class of ' 31. So may our hearts remember thee: So may our lives thy tribute be: Strong, true, and beautiful, And brave, and free; So may our hearts remember thee. 55 57 M 3 £ J. z a. 3 o z -as O J2 p; Sec 3aJ s. s. QJ ■ in y-S 19 33 The Abbot Cirri " A " SOCIETY M. Rockwell F. McGarry A. Cole B. Weaver A. Carlson B. Stott B. Worth A. Schultz L. Hamilton, President K. Rice M. Tower ATHLETIC COI V II. N. Tower, B. .Norton. K. Whittemore, 1. Walker, 0. French. M. Savage, l. Tower, S. O ' Reilly, K. Damon, I.. Hamilton C. Cuptill B. Snyder F. McGarry, President H. Rice M. Black M. Whipple R. Stotl 59 The Abbot Circle 1 933 HOCKEY TEAM E. Leslie. D. Wrenn. D. Hall. B. Weaver. S. Maxfield. F. McGarry V. Holden. J. Taylor, K. Damon. Captain. O. French. J. Burnham S. Hamilton M. Walker BASKETBALL B. Norton M. Savage, Captain H. Tower K. Palmer 60 The Abbot Circle 19 33 CHEER LEADERS M. Chase A. Schultz M. Sa age Head Cheer Leader 61 The Abbot C ire I 19 33 B. Sage TENNIS M. Tower. Captain B. Worth PHYSICAL EXERCISE RECORD W£EK ENDING n d It V OK. WALK II uoJKl " toes WED SamJI UHmT WttVEMD " ' ■in (Ml y jo l " tuu. 2 THUR5. CixiS Still r»»fc (jU? FR aC of daB " sfcj?j- 5 AT. d cK ilo 8 (adcK uuic VQCotccu--XXXX Xjs i tl Wk 1U| , Hiy Co pi jrtM (SdjuCiJ Ol " ball " IQQ uaogjLo , RWsi Uxa S-Cjnj T JtaJ C i ci q (DO- : t. 0kc avSf i UU.(lq 3 CsLuI T Hu3 , Hiss ( jaaZEi y) 75 62 19 33 T h e A h b o t C ire I Bradford Day Wild scramble (like breakfast, only different), mad rush, and so on (pro- nounced, etc. etc). Over the hills " n far away we galloped gleefully in groaning gusses (busses to vou I whilst singing a merry tune or two. Well, this short per- ambulation Inning shortly been disposed of, we pounced on the Bradford " Cookie " and while Peg Black bemoaned the fact that thi hadn ' t broken in three pieces Bradford welcomed us with hearty harmonies. More scrambles (no, not this time) a snake dance is executed while you follow the girl who ' s following the girl, who ' s (there ' s something about a green hat in this, but it must have gotten lost in the rush I. Conversation flows in wild shrieks in every room while crackers, jam, and other household utensils evaporate, and you discover that " your girl " knows Mrs. Smith ' s youngest son ' s brother who lives in Ea-tern Rhodesia where you spend your summers and she has been just six blocks from you all that time. After a marvelous dinner we tripped the light acrobatic to the strains of Pink Elephants. The orchestra was grand, the girls we met we all want to see again and when seven-thirty came Abbot was genuinely sorry to have to sing the Good Night Round and say " Au revoir, Bradford. " " Circle " to vou but " Cookie " to Bradford. The Perfect Abbot Girl Hair Eyes Nose Lips Figure Teeth Eyelashes Complexion Smile . Eyebrows Hands Disposition Sense of Humor Poise . Fran McGarry Kay Campbell . Ray Place Bee Burnham Ethel Rogers Clara Smith Billie Sage Barbs Worth Alice Schultz Ann Cole Betty Weaver . Peg Black Jean Vernon Billie Snyder 63 65 9 3 3 T h e A l l o i C ii c I • List of Fidelio M. E. Bl ' RMI M C. Burns S. Burns C. Campbell J. Campbell A. Carlson B. Chamberlain M. Chase R. Chase A. Cleveland E. Clough A. Cole J. Condit A. Cutler K. Damon J. Dawes E. Eaton G. Eigk D. French G. Gabeler S. Gage C. GUPTILL L. Hamilton E. Harrim A. Hill . Holden C. Holland M. Horne A. Hurlburt E. Johnson E. Kle i;n E. Leslie F. Mahoney N. Marsh S. Max field F. McGarrv F. McTernen E. Morgan B. Norton S. 0 " Reill R. Place B. Rink h art A. Robinson ( ' .. Rockwell . Rogers A. Russell E. Sage M. Saa v«-i: A. Schultz K. Sc UDDER M. E. Scitt C. Smith R. Stott J. Taylor C. Tompkins H. Tow ER M. Tower M. Traftan C. AN I ' ELRsr.M J. ERNON F. Walker K. III I I EMORE D. REfiH 67 The Abbot Circle 1 933 STUDENT COUNCIL J. Burnham, R. Stott, M. Rockwell, B. Weaver, B. Worth, H. Rice, F. McGarry A. Cole, A. Schultz, C. Shaw. President, C. Campbell, C. Smith, M. E. Burnham CLASS BOOK BOARD M. E. Burnham M. Tower A. Hill B. Worth A. Schultz A. Cleveland C. Campbell, President K. Whittemore 68 1 933 The Abbot Circle ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION E. Stutt J. Burnhum L. Hamilton B. W eaver. President 69 The Abbot Circle 1 933 CHOIR F. McGarry, E. Leslie. A. Carlson, S. O ' Reilly, I). Rogers. A. Hill, M. Savage, C. Holland, M. Chase, A. Schultz E. Tompkins M. E. Burnham C. Campbell, President 0. French A. Hurlburt B. Sutherland COliRANT BOARD A. Cleveland S. O ' Reilly C. Shaw K. K. Damon Whittemore. Presiden t 70 1933 The Abbot Circle Choi oir President Mary Elizabeth Birnham Ann Hurlbirt Olive French Elizabeth Tompkins Frances McGarry Elizabeth Leslie Margaret Chase Cecile VanPeursejm Courant Board Catharine Campbell Ada Carlson Sarah O ' Reilly Una Rogers Alice Hill Mabel Savage Clara Holland Alice Schultz Editor-in-Chief Anne Cleveland Beverly Sutherland Jane Campbell Kathryn Damon Art Editors Literary Editors Eleanor Robinson Business Editor Clara Shaw Assistant Business Editors Sarah O ' Reilia Kathryn Wiiittemor? Delight Hall Alice Hill Ann Cutler n Place 73 The Abbot Circle 1 933 M. Whipple M. Morrill ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY M. Walker K. McDonald M. Savage M. Clos C. Guptill J. Burnham. President A. Hurlburt N. Marsh E. Scutt, LES BEAUX ARTS M. E. Burnham C. HollaiH President E. Flanders :i 1933 I h e A h b o t C i r ■ I e Abbot Dramatic Society President Secretary-Treasurer Ann Hurlbirt Margaret Morrill Mercedes Clos Mabel Savage M h Flaherty Jane Burnham CAROLl G PTILL Catherine McDonald Margaret Walker Martha Whipple Marian Rogers Evelyn Kleven Les Beaux Arts President Seer el ar v- Treasu rer Nancy Marsh I ky Elizabeth Burnham Clara Holland Ann Russell Elizabeth Scutt Elizabeth Flanders Elizabeth Upton Marcia G lord Ernestine Look Helen Care 13 The Abbot Circle 1 933 A. Schultz AEOLIAN SOCIETY 0. French B. Norton E. Sage G. Eick M. Black, President M. Tower C. Smith Q. E. D. SOCIETY J. Vernon B. Worth A. Cole, President R. Stott F. McGarry 1933 The Abbot Circle Aeolian Society President Secretary-Treasurer Alice Schultz Olive French Bertha Norton Margaret Black Mariatta Tower Elizabeth Sage Geraldine Eick Alice Robinson President Secretary-Treasurer Clara Smith Jean Vernon Barbara Worth Q. E. D. Society . Ann Cole Ruth Stott Frances McGarrv Sara Maxfield Sarah Dean 77 The Abbot Circle 19 33 ODEON E. Harryman D. Wrenn M. Chase R. Place C. Campbell. President H. Walters R. Chase PHILOMATHEIA B. Tompkins H. Rice L. Hamilton B. Weaver E. Snyder. President 78 M. Rockwel H. Buttrick 1933 T h ■ 1 h b o i Circle Od eon President Secretary-Treasurer Eleanor Harryman Rozilla Chase R i ii: i. Place Margaret Chase Dorothy Wrenn Marion Houghton . Catharine Campbell Hazel Walters H zel Walters Barbara Ritzman Ada Carlson Ethel Rogers Una Rogers Philomatheia President Secretary- Treasurer Betty Weaver Cassandra Kinsman Virginia Holden n Rockwell Elizabeth Snyder Helen Buttrick Lena Hamilton Helen Rice Betty Tompkins Katharine Sc udder Caroline Muzzy Honor CONSTANCE HOAG r VIRGINIA BROWN HELEN ALLEN 3A LUCY DRUMMOND ELIZABETH BIGLER RUTH TYLER ELIZABETH PALMER 1933 The Abbot C i r c I The Senior Play " THE PIPER " By Josephine Preston Peabody The Great Day in Senior dramatics — the Senior play, of course — came March 14, 1933. The play, " The Piper " , by Josephine Preston Peabody, is one of our favorite childhood stories come to life, and how we all enjoyed it! Everyone knows how the Piper charmed all the rats out of Hamelin. and then didn ' t get paid for it. Many have sympathized with him when he. for revenge, charmed all the children away by his fascinating music, even little Jan. the lame boy. In the play Barbara, a Hamelin girl, is in love with Michael, the Pipers friend. When she is being taken to a nunnery the Piper arrives just in time to save her by playing a tune which makes all the townspeople become a trifle demented. How- ever, everything ends happily: the children are all returned to their parents, and the only thing that is regretted is the disappearance of the Piper, who was com- missioned bv the " Lonelv Man " to be a wanderer over the earth. 83 The Abbot C i r c I 1 933 The Piper Michael-the-Sword-Eater Cheat-the-Devil Strolling Players . Jacobus, the Burgomeister Kurt, the Syndic Peter, the Cobbler Ha -. the Butcher Axel, the Smith Martin, the Watch Peter, the Sacristan Anselm, a young Priest Old Claus. a Miser Town Crier Yeronika. the wife of Kurt Barbara, daughter of Jacobus Hans the Butcher Axel the Smith Martin the Watch of OF OF Wife Wife Wife Old Ursula Jan . Hansel Ilse Tride Rudi . Kino Burghers Nuns Prie» - Children Me N AN Burgher CHARACTERS Strolling Players Carolyn Guptill Ann Cole Mariatta Tower Margo Walker. Catharine Campbell of Hamelin d Women Children uns. Prie t Catherine McDonald Betty S eaver Margaret Black Lois Chapman Helen Rice . Ellen Willard Jean ernon Elizabeth Snyder Kathleen Palmer Hazel Walters Ann Cleveland Martha Whipple Ethel Rogers Clara Shaw Helen Buttrick Rozilla Chase Elizabeth Tompkins Dorothy Wrenn Jane Ritchie Sally Cole Alice Schultz Bettv McDonald and Children L na Rogers. Alice Hill. Louise McClar- Elizabe Marion Houghton. Frances McGarry Barbara X orth. Marcia Gaylord Benjamin Cole. Larry Barss. He ' en Barss. Ann Boyce. Eleanor Cole. Douglas Murray. Arthur Sweeney. Carol Murrav. John Sweenev SCENE: Hamelin on the Weser. 1284 A. D. Scenes Act I The market-place in Hamelin. Act II Scene I Inside the ' " Hollow Hill " . Scene II The Cross-way?. Act III The Cross-ways. Act IV The market-place in Hamelin. Director Stage Manager Music Scenery . Bertha Morgan Gray Clara Shan Kate Friskin Ann Cleveland. Mr. Hammer 84 193 3 The Abbot Cin-l Abbot Dramatic Society Plays THE ARTIST By A. A. Milne It was December thirteenth when A. D. S. presented their three plavs. The first. " The Artist " , was artistic in every sense and it was very amusing to think a mump was at the bottom of it all. Mumps can be very uncomfortable, but these were all in fun. CHARACTERS He Mabel Savage She Anne Hurlburt WHEN THE WHIRLWIND BLOWS By Essex Dank Soon the curtain rose again, and we were in the midst of chaotic Russia. With every moment tense and the experience of each character a studv of human emotion this play was beautifully presented to a thrilled audience. An excellent piece of acting. CHARACTERS Madame Elizabeth Androya Carolyn Cuptill Josefa ........ ....... Jane Burnham Anna — Madame Androya ' s Maid Margaret Morrill THE LOST SILK HAT By Lord Dlnsany So that we wouldn ' t crawl around Abbot with minds completely overcome 1 deep darkness and falling axes. A. D. S. knew just the play with which to turn u- back to normal. It was based on th° ridiculously true situation of the insulted " man about town " who has left his silk hat in the possession of the inciter and finds himself in the street with spats, cane — and no hat. He urges the passing tramp to get it for him. then the poet, and so forth. Alas, he is so misunderstood! CHARACTERS Caller .... atherine McDonald Laborer Margaret Walk,. Clerk . Martha Whipple Poe t Mercedes los Policeman Mabe] gavajtc R.i Th Abbot Circle 1 933 Senior-Middle Plays ■aid? Mis ' Elsworths little nephew is coming to live with her THE NEIGHBORS Hadn ' t you he Poor Mis ' Elsworth, all alone, and havin ' so many cares already. So all the Neighbors scurry around to collect clothes and odds and ends for a surprise shower to be held that night when the boy was to arrive. Even grouchy Ezra forgot his corded wood long enough to produce a little chair (of whose or- iginal purpose we were a bit suspicious). Well, all was in readiness after many humorous incidents, when who should walk in but Mis ' Elsworth herself! Some other relative had taken the boy. Poor Mis ' Elsworth, she really had wanted him. Every part was well acted so as to bring out the hilarity, as well as a touch of the sadness of life. CHARACTERS Grandma Mis ' Diantha Abel Ezra . Peter Inez Mis ' Mohan Mis Trot Mis ' Elsworth Eleanor Harryman Katharine Damon Sara Maxfield Marv Flahertv Beverly Sutherland Margaret Morrill Nancy Marsh Jane Campbell THE SLEEPING BEAUTY A Fairy Tale Retold By Margaret Ellen Clifford The scenery, costumes, and superb acting were highly responsible for making this plav as utterly charming and amusing as it was. The new dialogue in our old fairy tale, reminiscent of A. A. Milne, was delightful, giving a livelier aspect to the story. Who knows? Was it merely after the drowsv after-lunch period when the Prince, stamping in. awoke the cabinet meeting which returned to its discussion of the installation of pumps, or was it the traditional one hundred year spell cast by the witch? At any rate, we know we enjoyed the play immensely. Congratulations. Senior-Mids. CHARACTERS The Princess Betty Flanders Ladies-in-Waitinc Florialis .............. Ada Carlson Bettina ........ .... Barbara Ritzman Marcaretta ............ Evelyn Kleven Celestina Betty Scutt Angelica Sarah Dean Amaryllis ........ ..... Lena Hamilton The Kinc , Delight Hall The Queen Ruth Stott The Cabinet Richard Carolyn Muzzy Will Virginia Holden Fred Elizabeth Upton Phil Man- Whitney Frank Ann Place A Herald Sara Maxfield The Prince .Mercedes Clo« 86 1933 7 h e A h b t C i r c I c Senior Privileges L E s S kGE Ba Ha X TER T 0MM1 R OLD T Burn ii M WKR (M. E.) Ch A RLES Whippl E D S PORTY A VE Gupt I LL Cn T EED U CK R uss Fre WOR N T CH H Theo D ORE Wr E NN J Joe A CK Y Ye We a R V ER L W OODY E E Pl A B L CE ACK Jul Mi D E s K E E AN Walk No E R R TON Fra Nk D ICK Sirs i) Clevela H Whittem Mc Ga Cam S E N I R P HAW R D LL RE RY EELL S CHULTZ Ch Palme Gay C McCla A R L R SE ORD I.E Y 87 The Abbot Circle 1933 Her Majesty The Queen Once I had the unforgettable experience of seeing a thrilling winter ' s night skv from the rocks of a wave-kissed shore. At first there was no hope of a moon pene- trating the thick, billowy, silver and grey-lined clouds that seemed hesitantly to threaten to kiss their shadows, which were making the almost-too-peaceful watei darker still. From the edging of these clouds we knew that there was a moon wait- ing behind them for an opportunitv to burst forth in her quiescent glorv. for the semi-halos trimming their fleecv vet compact masses shone with a pellucid, golden light. W e seemed to be watching one of natures quiet struggles, and the sea too appeared to be watching, reflecting faithfully, yet as if it were a dark mirror, the slow changes of the skv. For now the horizon grew darker, while the center of the celestial arc. almost directly over us. grew ever more shining while its gorgeous nebular mass seemed to part as if to make way for a queen. And a queen the moon was indeed, when she finallv presented her entire face to us. after having coquetted in a graceful and statelv manner from behind her screen. The now double rank of clouds receded about two steps more, leaving Her splendid, golden Majesty scintillating and bowing in a blue-black hall that set off her beautv to perfection. She seemed peacefullv and regallv to accept her triumph over the cruel clouds that had been depriving her of her just admiration, and to reward our waiting for her with even more splendor than it is her wont to bestow upon us. And while she was thus presiding over her court, we left her and her approaching shadowy host, before we should witness the sad yet beautiful eclipse of her smiling countenance. Catharine S. Campbell The Symphony A crash, and when its echoes died, a pause. A clear, high note rang through the quiet hall. And then a lilting harmony was heard. The sound grew greater, and new notes now filled The crowded hall of breathless listeners. A piquant, haunting melody made all Feel strongly, to the very depths of them. That life has mingled joys and sorrows too. The symphonv went on. It grew in tone And suddenly it stopped. A second ' s still. Then came applause, and then the spell was lost. Mary Elizabeth Birnham 88 19 33 The Abbot Circle Parting Hymn Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come : I do not fear to see; : But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, : And to wipe the weeping eyes; : And a heart at leisure from itself, To sooth and sympathize. Wherever in the world I am, In whatso ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts : To keep and Cultivate; : And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life : While keeping at Thy side; : Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. H9 Advertisements Compliments of SENIOR-MIDS T ie Name . . . Cf)almer£=Jfflurrap is a guarantee of service and satisfaction. Bux $f)otograpf)er 91 Newbury Street Boston, Mass. Telephone KENmore 4810 Something to write home about . . . the new Spring fashions at Cherry Webb ' s Lawrence. Massachusetts " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " J. H. PLAYDON FLORIST MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone 70 WILLIAM POLAND ATHLETIC GOODS KODAKS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES 40 Main Street Telephone 929 Andover, Mass. Compliments of A. D. S. MILLER ' S SHOE STORE An DOVER Mass. The Hooker-Howe Costume Co. THEATRICAL Importers and Manufacturers COSTUMERS Haverhill Massachusetts w. E. BILLINGS OPTICIAN and JEWELER A nd over Massachusetts WRIGHT DITSON FINE ATHLETIC GOODS 344 Washington Street Boston, Mass. Compliments of Les Beaux Arts Telephone capital 7768 C. D. Bullerwell Company WHOLESALE FRUIT and PRODUCE % 7 New Faneuil Hall Market (north side) BOSTON, MASS. w. J. Morrissey TAXI SERVICE •8 Park Street, Andover, Mass. Telephone 59 The HARBORN SHOP GIFTS - GOWNS Accessories Children ' s Specialties 17 Main Street ANDOVER Commencement Presents Dance Favors Dance Programmes Novelty Jewelry Athletic Awards When in need of any of these things write for samples or catalogue. C. B. DYER Makers of fine school jewelry 234 Massachusetts Avenue INDIANAPOLIS Compliments of PHILOMATHEIA Compliments of Q. E. D. Compliments of AEOLIAN Compliments of ODEON Joseph P. Eaton DEALER IN BEEF LAMB POULTRY and VEAL Hotel Supplies Wholesale and Retail 13-17 New Faneuil Hall Market Boston. Mass. Parker, McCracken, Potter, Inc. WHOLESALE COFFEES an d TEAS 45 Commercial Street Boston. Mass. EDELWEISS JOHN SEXTON CO. MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS CHICAGO BROOKLYN THE HARTIGAN PHARMACY OQ3 Main and Chestnut Streets Andover, Mass. SMITH » COUTTS CO. PRINTERS Date Due 9 1933 ear boo

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