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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1932 volume:

LIBRARY — OF— ABBOT ACADEMY Jh ..jict it THE CIRCLE 1932 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOYER, MASSACHUSETTS TO MISS JEXKS Of all human qualities there is one supremely prized — the ability to be a friend. This is meant not in the ordin- ary sense of the word — the merry smile, the cordial word. The true definition of a friend is one who. aware of other people ' s failings, can still offer unbiased friend- ship; one who continues her loyalty and fine attitude toward others in their absence as well as their presence. Criticism from such a friend is sincere, and, if unfayor- able, deseryed. and therefore not resented. Add to this characteristic unfailing sympathy and the ability to make people respect as well as loye you, and there you ha e a friend almost too perfect to be true. As a class we have decided to dedicate this book to you because, to our minds, you represent what we all striye to be — a good friend. FANNY BIGELOW JENKS X w a, Q X H O DC O w S z w w HF " H j ■ 9 ■■nl lfr j H mT j fcAflr io ' r 7 MISS BERTHA BAILEY w O a!. o Q i D a : u An Appreciation To Miss Kelsey and Miss Mason : — It is beyond our small powers to express just what it has meant to us as individuals to be the members of the last Senior Class to have the privilege and honor of associating with you as friends and pupils. We have noticed that those who try sincerely to express apprecia- tion have been actuated either by gratefulness, by esteem, or by af- fection. We find this to be a most noble custom worthy of our purpose and worth v of you. To you, then, we devote this page of appreciation in gratefulness for daily contact with you; in esteem, because you form a gloriously strong force, yet have continued to maintain feminine tenderness; and in affection, for no reason sufficiently tangible to be expressed, yet for reasons which are of all others the most weighty. With the utmost sincerity, The Class of 1932 . , , , . ,,. , . , . , , v . . . ■■ fe y ' j - 1 ' 1 19 3 2 The Abbot C i r c I Senior Class Officers | — . — ■ — ■ — i 1-L % iHl ; : H 4 I i tfrj i HH ■■■ E ■ J vBtti HI Leonore Hezlitt Secretary Katherine Cook Vice-President Lucy Drummond President Atossa Welles Treasurer 15 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 HELEN " STEARNS ALLEN Hdc 6 Stonehedge Rd Smith College Q.E.D. 30, 31, ' 32 Secretarv-Treasurer Q.E.D. ' 31 Posture Honor Roll " 30, ' 31 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Athletic Council ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Senior Banquet Committee ' 31 Track Team ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Choir ' 32 Student Government ' 31, ' 32 Chevron ' 31 , Andover, Mass. Four Years Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Gargoyle Secretarv ' 31 President of Class ' 29 Gargoyle Club Basketball ' 31 Vice-President of Class ' 29 Vice-President of Class ' 31 Assistant Hiking Leader ' 31 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, 32 Northfield ' 31 Head of Dav Scholars ' 32 A ' Society ' 31, ' 32 " You ' d better ask Helen. " We wonder how manv times a day we hear that! And the nice part about it is that she can always tell us. Helen is a born leader, and those who have seen her playing basketball, or broad-jumping in track, or arguing in Q.E.D., or heard her singing in choir will realize her accomplishments are not at all limited. ELIZABETH ROSS BIGLER Betty 428 Liberty St.. Newburgh, N. Y. Scudder School F ::■. Years Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Entertainment Committee ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 30, ' 31 Class Treasurer ' 29 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 President of Fidelio ' 32 Accompanist of Fidelio ' 30, Aeolian ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Secretarv-Treasurer Aeolian Student Council ' 31, ' 32 President " A " Societv ' 32 Griffin Basketball ' 31, " 32 Griffin Vollev Ball ' 31 31 Griffin Track ' 30 A ' Society ' 31, ' 32 30 Chevron ' 31 Secretary Student Council ' 32 Christmas Partv Committee ' 31 Griffin Entertainment Committee 32 Senior Play Committee ' 32 " Good and true and jolly too. " We would be quite lonely if it weren ' t for Betty ' s joyful smile. Her splendid leadership of Fidelio has made her very popular with us all. What would we do if she did not have a duet to play at one of the recitals? Wherever Bettv is she is always doing her best and joining in with the spirit of the occasion. 16 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle HARRIET BOLTON " Harry " 128 Prescott St., North Andover, Mass. Wellesley Odeon ' 30, " 31, ' 32 President Odeon ' 31 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 Christmas Party ' 30 Gargoyle Hockey ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 31 Five Years Numerals ' 31 Class Secretary ' 29, ' 30 Advisory Board ' 31 Varsity Hockey ' 31 Secretary of AC. A. ' 31 ' Northfield ' 31 Prom Committee ' 31 Second Vice-President Student Government ' 32 Five vear plans are not always successful, but Harriet ' s certainly have been. Just think how demure she seems, when, as a matter of fact, she manages to have the kind of time that tells us that all is not quiet on the second floor front! ELIZABETH MAY BOYCE " Be try " 154 Main St., Andover, Mass. Four Years Philomatheia ' 32 " A " Societv ' 31, ' 32 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 Varsity Basketball ' 31, ' 32 Athletic Council ' 32 Treasurer of Class ' 30 Advisorv Board ' 32 Head of Basketball ' 32 Griffin Basketball ' 31, ' 32 Numerals ' 30 Track Team ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Chevrons ' 32 Elizabeth came to us a shy little girl who hardly dared open her mouth. And now look at her! Her name is Bettv, she ' s captain of basketball, in Philomatheia, " A " Society, and all sorts of other things. Yes, Betty, we surely do take our hits off to vou ! 17 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 VIRGINIA BROWN " Jinny " 303 Court St., Keene, N. Erskine Les Beaux Arts ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 " A " Society ' 31, ' 32 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Athletic Council ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 Varsitv Hockey ' 30, ' 31 Baseball Team ' ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 31 H. Five Years Numerals ' 29 Vice-President of Class ' 29 President of Class ' 30 Treasurer of Class ' 31 Student Council ' 32 President A. A. A. ' 32 Head of Golf ' 30, ' 31 Chevron ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 31 Nominating Committee ' 29 Secretary-Treasurer Gargoyles ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 31 If we should take a Salem Street walk next year, we would stare in consternation at the deserted buildings, shut-up houses, and desolate campus of Phillips Academy. Then would come the dawn and the mystery would be solved. Jinny Brown is gone! But what about us? We ' ll miss her too. Who ' ll be our fashion-plate par excellence? Or who could ever fulfil her place as beloved President of A. A. A.? And who could ever imitate her " Eeeee! " ? PAULINE HOLT BURTT " Pauly " 9 Avon St., Andover, Mass. Four Years Senior Play Numerals Hiking Leader ' 31, ' 32 ' 32 Chevron Abbot Birthday Committee 32 30 32 31 31 Katharine Gibbs Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 " A " Society ' 31, ' 32 Secretary-Treasurer of Class Athletic Council ' 32 Basketball ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Baseball Team ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Any good times to be had? You can bet your last cent that Pauline will be right in the middle of it. She just loves a good time — such as putting pictures together in Fidelio. We ' ve also heard of her good times with Johnny ! We only hope that she doesn ' t lead him as merry a chase as she leads some of us in basketball. But then — perhaps we ' d better not go into that after all. 18 7 9 3 2 The Abbot C i r c I e KATHARINE COOK " Kttty " New Bedford, Mass. A.D.S. - 31, ' 32 President A.D.S. ' 32 Vice-President of Class ' 31 Vice-President of Class ' 32 Entertainment Committee ' 31 Three Years A.D.S. Plays ' 32 Gargovle Song Leader ' 32 Northfield ' 31 Student Government ' 32 Senior-Mid Plays ' 31 Spanish Play ' 31 I have heard that in the dim dark ages Kitty was our " enfant terrible ' ' — but she certainly has made up for it since. We who have seen her in dramatics might think that her future lay in that direction, but to anyone who happens to be around at mail time, it is obvious that her future is more definitely assured. HELEN MILDRED CUTLER " Helen " 9 l Summit Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Miss Whee lock ' s Class Book Board ' 32 Philomatheia ' 31 Vice-President AC. A. ' 31 Advisory Board ' 31 Student Government ' 31 Nominating Committee ' 31 Stage Manager Plays ' 31, ' 32 Two Years Christmas Party Committee ' 31 Varsity Tennis Team ' 31 Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 31 Numerals ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Proctors ' 30, ' 31 Prom Committee ' 31 Why do our plays go so smoothly? Why, that ' s because Helen is stage manager. Who comes quietly forth with a suggestion that solves the problem at hand? Helen again — she certainly is efficiency personified. She also has a very subtle sense of humor, and is generally chuckling at some little joke all her own. We can forgive her little weakness for playing tricks on others, for her own good nature makes us like her so. 19 The Abbot C ? r c I 19 3 2 LUCY DRUMMOND " Luce " 26 Locust Lane, Bronxville, N. Q.E.D. ' 31, ' 32 Honor Roll " 30 Athletic Council Head Basketball Christmas Partv Y. Three Years Varsity Riding Team ' 29 Griffin Riding Team ' 31 ' 30 Numerals ' 31 ' 30 President Senior-Mid Class ' 31 ' 31 President Senior Class ' 32 Griffin Second Basketball Team ' 29, ' 30 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Second Varsity Basketball ' 30 Class Book Board ' 32 Student Government ' 32 It seems a little unnecessary to put anything under Lucy ' s name after all, doesn ' t it? We all know what should be said about our noble President. However, we ' ll fool you and not say it. We ' d much rather mention what a good friend she is, and how much evervone likes her. And did you ever see Smithy dearie lead her? And what is it about songs that come over the " rec " room radio? And what became of those ribbons that she used to keep on her screen? PHYLLIS FREDERICK " Phyll " Greenlawn, Long Island, N. Y. Two Years Courant Board ' 31, ' 32 Class Book Board ' 32 Phvl-Ass! You didn ' t forget your English paper again! And are vou and Rockwell ever going to be on time to Courant meeting? Well, never mind, we all love you, especially when you put on that timorous, yearning expression before spring- ing some perfectlv awful pun. And when you go off in one of those literary dazes, we never mind it, because we know the result will be so perfect! 20 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle MADOLINE HARTWELL " Mad " 1938 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Col. Two Years Varsity Basketball Team ' 31 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Advisory Board ' 32 Choir ' 31, ' 32 A. A. Council ' 32 Numerals ' 31 Head Deck Tennis ' 32 Basketball Team ' 32 " Mad " Hartwell — but that ' s just a nickname, for if anvone could hear her laugh and say " My dear, what a riot! " they ' d agree that Mad ' s clouds don ' t last when the sun is shining. And Mad ' s voice has not only charmed us, but every one around her enjoys hearing her sing. FRANCES PAGE HARVEY " Fran " Hanover, N. H. Two Years Posture Honor Roll ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Class Book Board ' 32 ' 32 Athletic Council ' 32 Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Baseball ' 31 Special for Harvey! Special for Harvey! and the maid comes tearing down the hall with the latest from David. There does seem to be something fascinating about those endless sheets of vellow paper. But win does it get you so mad to be told you look like a dutiful school-girl? We all know that ap- pearances are deceiving. You don ' t like to dance by an) chance? And who is the blue-eyed, baby-faced girl you ' re always hanging around: ' Wellesley Odeon ' 31, ' 32 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Ensemble ' 31, ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 31 Basketball ' 31 21 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 JOYCE COMPTON HENRY " Jercc " 29 Central St., Andover, Mass. Wellesley Five Years Club Riding Team ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Numerals ' 2 9 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Senior-Mid Plays ' 31 Prom Committee ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Club Baseball Team ' 28, ' 39, ' 30, ' 31 Two Chevrons ' 31 Second Varsity Hockey Team ' 30 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Varsity Hockey Team ' 31 Club Hockey Team ' 30, ' 31 Second Varsity Riding Team ' 29 Courant Board ' 30, ' 31 Honor Roll ' 29 Senior Banquet Committee ' 31 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Society Banquet Committee ' 31 " A Society ' 31, ' 32 Editor-in-Chief Courant ' 32 Secretary of Class ' 28 Posture Committee ' 31 One of Joyce ' s weaknesses is dogs and horses. She knows all about them, and we come to her for information all the time. She not only draws clever little sketches of them, but she writes very amusing stories about them, too. And speaking of writing, we are looking forward to the day when Joyce will be a famous authoress! LEONORE SARAH HEZLITT " Hezzy " Winchendon, Mass. Les Beaux Arts ' 31, ' 32 President of Les Beaux Arts ' 32 Christmas Party ' 32 Three Years Senior Play ' 32 Secretary of Class ' 32 Class Book Board ' 32 " Well done is better than well said. " Leonore is a lady of few words, but the few she chooses to say are well worth listening to. Hezzy thinks she is fat, but we all know that she is happily endowed by nature with a nimble form as well as " smooth " looks. Her defying way is charmingly handled and is not to be taken at all seriously. Added to these accomplish- ments is her artistic ability. 22 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle CONSTANCE HOAG " Connie " 61 Mount Vernon St., Boston, Mass. School of Boston Museum of Fine Arts Four Years Les Beaux Arts ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Varsity Hockey Team ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer Les Beaux Arts ' 31 French Plav ' 30 Honor Roll ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Griffin Hockey Team ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Riding Team ' 29, ' 30 Senior Play ' 32 Chevron ' 31 Class President ' 30 President Senior-Mid Class ' 31 ' 32 Treasurer A. C. A. ' 31 Northfield ' 31 ' 30 Christmas Party Numerals ' 30 " A " Society ' 31, ' 32 Advisory Board ' 31 President Student Government Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Class Representative for Student Government ' 30 Prom Committee ' 31 A modest, dark little person with hair a la Garbo and pointed out to awed preps as the " Head of Stu G " . What, Head of Student Government! We expected someone vaguely resembling George Washington, Solomon, or a Puritan fore- father. But the preps don ' t know what power and influence over our truant natures that modest, dark little person has! Oh yes! Also what hidden talent (not so hidden after all) this prominent member of Les Beaux Arts possesses. And wait ' til ou see Connie in the Senior Plav ! ELIZABETH ELAINE HOLIHAN " Betty " " Ho, " ) " 30 Morton St., Andover, Mass. Smith Three Years Fidelio ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Aeolian " 31, ' 32 President Aeolian ' 32 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Da) Scholar Entertainment ' 32 Numerals ' 32 Did vou ever see such twins that weren ' t twins? They don ' t even dress alike, (an unprecedented behavior in twins), but isn ' t that inevitable in the case of two such different types of beauty? Though they both play the piano, honors go to Betty as the most accomplished pianist. At our recitals she comes forth with these terribly difficult concertos, or what- ever they are, that just make us ashamed to play even chop sticks! Betty is also President of Aeolian — and a very good one at that. 73 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 MARIE ALICE HOLIHAN ■•Holly " 30 Morton St., Andover, Mass. Smith Three Years Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Class Secretary ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 ' Miss Holihan, go on with the translation. " Yet in the face of the gravest difficulties (Algebra and Latin) Marie preserves unruffled calm, staring with those clear, hazel eyes past any such temporary annoyances. We enjoy such ' savoir- faire ' , Marie, also (we are just bursting with clever French expressions) ' la belle figure ' . But tar from being beautiful but dumb! You ' ll find she ' s a whiz at tennis, and we suspect other lights hidden under the proverbial bushel! MARY IRENE HYDE " Min " 22 Elm St., Ware, Mass. Five Years Northfield ' 30 Prom Committee ' 31 Secretary A. A. A. ' 32 " A " Society ' 31, ' 32 Philomatheia ' 32 Athletic Council ' 32 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Dance Committee ' 31 32 Numerals ' 30 Advisory Board ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 32 Chevron ' 32 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Club Basketball ' 31, ' 32 Track Team ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Club Volley Ball ' 29 Centennial Committee ' 29 Spanish Tableaux ' 30 Nominating Committee ' 29 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 When everything seems so distressin ' Min ' s mouth has a way of expressin ' What her eyes always say At the start of each day — So here ' s to our Min with much blessin ' ! 24 10 3 2 The Abbot Circle CYNTHIA WELLS JAMES " Cyn " 203 Marlborough Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Smith Two Years Griffin Basketball Team ' 31 Q ED. 32 Captain Griffin Team ' 32 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 Athletic Council ' 32 Cyn has a way of depreciating herself till we ' re almost ready to believe she ' s as awful as she says she is! But some- thing always turns up that proves her quite wrong. For instance, that about " best dancer " . Wc were almost readv to lead her to Arthur Murray, but we ' re going to make Arthur learn a few things from her instead! When Cyn is rushing around worrying about that History Test we always know it ' s all right. The more she worries the less there is to worry about! SUSAN PARKER JOHNSTONE " Sue " " Susie " Woodstock, Conn. Vassar College Volley Ball Team ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Captain Volley Ball Team ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Spanish Tableaux ' 29 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Bible Entertainment ' 30 Northfield ' 30, ' 31 Honor Roll ' 30, ' 32 Four Years Head of Croquet ' 32 Hockey Team ' 31, ' 32 Deck Tennis Team ' 31, ' 32 " A Society ' 31, ' 32 Philomatheia ' 31, ' 32 Honor Bonus ' 31 Chevrons ' 31, ' 32 Choir ' 32 Athletic Council ' 31, ' 32 Varsity Croquet Team " 30, ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 32 Susan never was particularly crazy about Physics, but she worked hard and got through much to her relief. She hated those tests which she was sure she ' d fail — and hardlv ever (if ever) did. Susan likes to write, too, and more than once has pleased the always critical English department. 25 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 ELIZABETH HOPE LATHROP " Betty " " Bits " 436 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Sarah Laurence College Literarv Editor Courant ' 31, Posture Honor Roll ' 31 Athletic Council ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Plav ' 31 Three Years ' 32 Head of Riding ' 31 Head of Golf ' 32 Second Hockey Team ' 31 Senior Plav ' 32 Numerals ' 32 " She did her own thinking and needed little advice. " Betty not only surpasses most of us in dancing, but can always give us points in singing. Don ' t let her dignified looks deceive you, for she can outdo almost anv one of us when it comes to riding. VIRGINIA LAWTON " Honey " 47 Forest St., Torrington, Conn. Three Years Philomatheia ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer Philomatheia ' 32 Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Class Vice-President ' 30 Senior Play ' 32 Chairman Entertainment Committee ' 32 Numerals ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 Prom Committee ' 31 Society Banquet Committee ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Griffin Baseball Team ' 30, ' 31 Honey has personality plus, a good sense of humor, as well as being the Senior class ' s Irish beauty. Can ' t you just picture Honey disporting among the little bacteria after she has left us and has secured a position in a laboratory? One thing ' s certain — whatever she takes up she will succeed in — good luck Honey! 26 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle HILDA WOOD LYNDE 195 Main St., Andover, Mass. Five Years Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30, ' 31 Senior Banquet Committee ' 31 Ensemble ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Plays ' 31 Centennial Pageant ' 29 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 French class just couldn ' t get along if Hilda weren ' t there to giggle at everything (or nothing), and as for Study Hall!— well , maybe we ' d better not go into details, but we do wish you the very best luck in the world, Hilda, and we feel sure that either the giggle, or the piano playing, or " that artistic touch " will take vou successfullv to the end of vour iournev! Vassar College Courant Board " 30, ' 31, ' 32 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Class Book Board ' 32 Treasurer of Class ' 29 Treasurer of Class ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 29 Posture Committee ' 29 FRANCES WARE McGARRY " Fran " Merriam Rd., Grafton, Mass. Wellesley Two Years Q.E.D. ' 31, ' 32 Advisory Board ' 32 Treasurer Q.E.D. ' 32 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Student Government ' 32 Ensemble ' 31, ' 32 Vice-President A. A. A. ' 32 Numerals ' 31 Athletic Council ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Griffin Tennis Team ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 " Perseverence is the secret of success. " Fran is full of liveli- ness and suggestions when she is not studying, but " hands off " until she finishes! On the tennis courts, Fran is a verv familiar figure, and there is no doubt that we will be proud of her in later vears in that line. 27 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 DOROTHY ESTHER MOORE " Dor " 93 Prospect St., Berlin, N. H. Connecticut College Two Years Senior-Mid Plav ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 31 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Well, Dot, we agree with you, the Latin is certainly ter- rible! But if we all worked as hard and studied as conscien- tiously as you do, we ' d all be Prize Pupils and have the (scholastic) world at our feet. We all appreciate your ready friendship, but we ' re afraid that some of your playfulness is left over from those dear old days when you roomed with Nemo! CLARE MARY O ' CONNELL " Clare " 17 Wolcott Ave., Andover, Mass. Wtllesley Five Years Aeolian ' 31 Grirfin Song Leader ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer Aeolian ' 31 School Song Leader ' 32 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 31 Curly black hair, (the envy of the whole school) big gray eves, and many admirers — who could it be but Clare? And these are but a few of her attractions. We won ' t forget that voice of hers in a moment, or the recitals in which she played , or the beautiful ladies with which she illustrates her books — and particularly the delightful poems set to popular tunes! Centennial Pageant ' 29 28 19 3 2 The Abb o t C i r c ELIZABETH ANN PALMER. " Bttty " 71 Walworth Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. S.irjh Lawrence College Two Years Editor-in-Chief Class Book ' 32 Honor Roll ' 31, ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 32 Senior Play ' 32 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Senior Play Committee ' 32 Aeolian ' 32 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Chairman Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Grirhn Entertainment Committee ' 32 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Ivy Oration ' 31 Honor Bonus ' 31 Whenever we get depressed or wonder how on earth we can be the simply perfect girl, good-natured, good-looking, and studious, and school-spirited all at once, we look at Betty and begin to struggle anew; but somehow she stays far ahead of us. We who know how hard it is to find time to practice and study too, congratulate Betty on playing as well as she does and practically leading the honor roll ever) semester. As if this weren ' t enough, she ' s about made the Class Book. CAROL EDWARDS PIKE " Chawul " 132 Dotrandes Ave., Riverhead, Long Island, N. Seu- Jersey College Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Choir ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Song Leader ' 30, ' 31 Q.E.D. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 AAA. Council ' 31, ' 32 Three Years Senior Plav ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 30, ' 31 Honor Roll ' 31 Society Banquet Committee ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Head of Ping Pong ' 31, ' 32 Varsity Volley Ball Team ' 31 Varsity Ping Pong ' 31, ' 32 Oh yes, Carol really is a student of Abbot Academy even though she does pursue her own calm, unruffled way ignoring completely all that displeases her. We have all heard Carol ' s truly golden voice, and are not likely to forget it. " Dirt is so temporary, " isn ' t it, Carol ' : 1 29 The Abb o t c i r c 19 3 2 ELIZABETH CAROLINE PIPER " Be trie " 75 Westland Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Three Years Odeon ' 31, 32 French Play - 30 President Odeon ' 31 Senior Play ' 32 Secretary-Treasurer Odeon ' 32 In her literary moments Bettie does some reallv good work which is the wonder and delight of English V. She never gets ruffled or upset about things, and has never been caught studying — yet the results are always gratifying. With that faculty she ought certainly to get along noblv when she goes forth into the cold, cold world. LOUISE HOPE PORTER " Wec t " 8 Lennox St., Beverlv, Mass. Eastman School of Musk Two Years Aeolian ' 31, ' 32 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Plays ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 31 Louise plavs the piano — jazz as well as classical, and oh what jazz! She loves and learns the old jazz numbers as well as the latest hits She ' ll play any old one you want to suggest. Louise has a weakness, too — she never hears the breakfast bell because, well, she doesn ' t even hear the rising bell! 30 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle EUNICE HOLCOMBE RANDALL " Euno ' ' 44 Van Buren Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Mount Ho yoke Three Years A.D.S. ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Play 31 A.D.S. Play ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 30, ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 32 Elocution Recital ' 31 Eunice ' s good nature and willingness to enter everything whole-heartedlv are known to us all. Eunice and Susie may be seen together any old time dining at Ye Food Shoppe, out for a nice long walk, or wandering down the corridor arm in arm. After Eunice leaves us, she will probably explore every nook and corner of England, and then settle down there to " live happily ever after " . DOROTHY ALICE RICHARDSON " Dot so " Boston Rd., Billerica, Mass. Wheaton Two Years A.D.S. ' 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 A.D.S. Play ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 30 Elocution Recital ' 31, ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Senior Play ' 32 Senior Banquet Committee ' 31 What would we do if we couldn ' t run into Dotso ' s room Wednesday afternoons for f6od? Never mind the calories, Dot, for we love your sunny disposition and enjoy watching you in dramatics. 31 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 DOROTHY REINHART " Dot " 42 Salem Sr., Andover, Mass. Smith Four } tars Treasurer AAA. ' 32 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 32 Choir 32 A.D.S. ' 31, ' 32 5..retarv-Treasurer A.D.S. Draper Dramatics ' 29, ' 31 Centennial Pageant 29 Hockey Team ' 31 Track Team ' 31 Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Senior Plav ' 32 A.D.S. Play ' 31 Vice-President of Class " 30 ' 32 Tea Dance Committee ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer of Class ' 31 A Society ' 32 Numerals ' 30 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 29 Dottie came to us full of that Chicago attraction that fascinated us immediately. And her personality plus her vitality makes her one of the cutest girls in the class. Dottie is very serious and is forever asking questions which charm the faculty completely, and send us into stitches as the familiar " I don ' t see why? " comes out. Her ambition, we hear, is to become an actress, and from what we have seen of her acting, we would place her in stardom at Hollywood right away. And after all, Dottie, " why not? " DOROTHY CONVERSE ROCKWELL " Dot " " Rockwell " 606 West 122nd St., New York, N. Y. Smith Tuo Years Literarv Editor Courant ' 31, 32 Christmas Party ' 31 Gargoyle Captain ' 32 Hockey Varsity ' 30, ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Numerals ' 31 A.D.S. Play ' 31 Baseball Varsity ' 30 Class Book Board ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Dottv of the Karacul curls is our class mascot ' which is it — Scottie, monkey, or goat " whose nimble gambolings in the pastures of Great Wit chase away any midnight blues we might have when the wolf rings the doorbell. As for putting pep and points on the Gargoyle ' s side, Dotty is all there! But it ' s a plain case of brains vs. brawn, I ' m afraid, for Dotty gets A+ in Algebra and can spell ! How she can spell ! And she ' s on the Courant and ' now vou know why it ' s so good the dear old Year Book! 32 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle KATHARINE BRIGHAM ROTH " Kay " Andover, Mass. Suarthmore four Years Class Treasurer ' 29 Head of Skating ' 32 Class Representative for Student Government ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 30 Griffin Volley Ball Team ' 30 Club Basketball Squad 31 Kay left for a year during her Abbot career and then came back again for the finishing touch no European school could give. And the wonderful stories she brought back with her, too! Snowy days on an Alp and glorious moonlight nights in a enetian gondola! We ' re terribly jealous of you, Kay — but very glad you came back! GEORGIA KNAPP THOMSON 10 Forest St., New Britain, Conn. Wellesley Three Years Numerals ' 30 Second Varsity Hockev Team ' 31 Honor Roll ' 30 Varsity Hockey Team ' 32 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 30 Head of Riding ' 32 Head of Croquet ' 31 Gargoyle Baseball Team ' 30, ' 31 Athletic Council ' 31, ' 32 Posture Honor Roll ' 31 Winter Sports Team ' 31 " A " Societv ' 31, ' 32 Chevron ' 32 Courant Board ' 30, ' 31, ' 32 Senior Play Committee ' 32 Georgia hates to work hard but she has to in order to pass those dreaded College Boards! Some day, so she thinks, Latin will be the death of her! Why Virgil ever wrote the " Aeneid " she can ' t imagine. Miss Kelsey ' s room is right opposite Georgia ' s and is a constant source of anxiety to her— but she ' s learned what to do when company in her room is a little noisy — she just shuts her door! 33 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 RUTH HOWE TYLER " Rut hie " 24 Park Ave., Wakefield, Mass. Wcllesley Two Years Senior-Mid Secretary ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 Varsity Hockey Team ' 31 Student Government ' 32 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Advisory Board ' 32 Choir ' 32 Griffin Hockey Team ' 32 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 Odeon ' 31, ' 32 Numerals ' 31 Griffin Track Team ' 31 Posture Committee ' 31 Senior-Mid Plav ' 31 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 31 President AC. A. ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 32 " Joyousness is nature ' s garb of health " . Ruth has a certain magic for producing smiles. If anyone is waiting to laugh just find Ruth. She is fulfilling her office of President of A.C.A. very successfully and efficiently, and we all enjoy listening to her rhythmical songs in recitals and on the corridor. ELIZABETH FRANCES VINCENT " Betty " Shelley, Mich., R.R. 4 Garland Cooking School Three Years Odeon ' 31, ' 32 Senior Plav ' 32 Fidelio ' 31, ' 32 Northfield ' 30 Choir ' 31, ' 32 Chairman A.C.A. ' 31 Senior-Mid Plays ' 31 If you want to learn anything about the Philippine Islands just ask Betty. She lives there when she ' s not in the states trying to get an education. She ' ll tell you all you want to know — especiallv about the food found there and how it differs from that found at Abbot. Betty is a real songbird, too, and we always enjoy hearing her sing. 34 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle ATOSSA FROST WELLES " Toddy " 118 South Pine Ave., Albany, N. Y. Smith Two Years Philomatheia ' 31, ' 32 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 President Philomatheia ' 32 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 31 Honor Roll 31, ' 32 Senior-Mid Play ' 31 Treasurer of Senior Class ' 32 Draper Dramatics ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 31 For Toddy life seems to be a dream of things half-seen and soon forgotten, except when it comes to dates (aha! triple meaning!), and we hope someday life will be a different dream come true. Meanwhile we thank the Things That Are for having given us two years full of laughter over the " breaks ' ' and puns of our not so erring sister. JULIA WILHELMI " Judy " 54 Kent Rd., Duluth, Minn. Smith Two Years Class Secretary ' 31 Head of Proctors " 32 Q.E.D. ' 31, ' 32 Numerals ' 31 President Q.E.D. ' 32 Club Track Team - 31 First Vice-President of Student Government ' 32 Hockey Varsity ' 32 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 32 It always makes Judy perfectly furious to be told anything except that she is fat and has buck teeth! So of course s he has an awful time at Abbot because we all appreciate those Pro- portions and that Face! But " beautiful but dumb " doesn ' t work in her case, for Judv is one of our best students, as well as the President of Q.E.D. Yea, Wilhelmi! 35 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 HARRIET PRESCOTT WRIGHT " Harry 108 Oak St., Shrewsbury, Mass. Two Years Odeon ' 31, ' 32 Hiking Leader ' 32 Fidelio ' 32 Head of Chapel Proctors ' 32 Choir ' 31, ' 32 Honor Roll ' 31 Ensemble ' 31, ' 32 What would the Senior Class do without Harriet? We couldn ' t have our regular enjoyment in studv hours in the form of hearing her violin from the Music Bav when she ' s so faithfully practicing. She ' s a great help to Mrs. Estaver in Ensemble, too. How many times have you heard a violin trying its best to compete with one or two pianos and a vocal lesson in the Music Bay? 36 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle Class History The beginning of our famous class started five long years ago with the goodly number of six. Many were the wild tales told of us while we were in Sunset — throwing people into tubs of water was a common occurrence, and water fights were staged at least once a week. How big we felt when we had our first class meeting — a real organ- ized class at last! No longer were we the school babies! We were fortunate enough to be able to take part in the Centennial celebration — and what a celebration it was! The high light of our third year was our debut of the prom — but only as ushers. Of course when we started our Senior-Mid year we were allowed some of the privileges which are granted to the two upper classes. There was our exciting tea dance, the Senior prom, and our own banquet. But what can ever compare with our Senior year? We came back feeling the heavy responsibility of high and mighty Seniors. The year turned out to be filled not only with responsibility, but with unlimited pleasure. First there was the Senior picnic, then right after midyears we traveled North to Intervale — The Intervale of our dreams for four years. Passing over the lameness and bruises which we acquired there, we also found bacon-bats, flapjack parties, sleigh- rides, not to mention hikes into North Conway. The Senior play was a great success, surpassing all expectations, and the prom followed in its turn and was considered by one and all the best dance ever held. Graduation looms up as the great climax of five years ' work. We shall march down the aisle with our " ' little blue books " thinking not of what has passed, but what awaits us out in the wide world. Virginia Brown Harriet Bolton 37 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Class Will We, the Class of 1932 of Abbot Academy, being as we believe of a sound and sane mind and memory, do make and publish and declare this to be our last will and testi- mony. We leave to individuals : 1. Dot Rockwell ' s girdle to Doris Marchand. 2. A membership to " Goodwife and Mother ' s League " to Clara Smith. 3. Frances Harvey ' s loud laughter to Betty Weaver. 4. A silencer for Catherine Campbell ' s nose and a booklet on, " Care and Feeding of Roommates. " 5. Atossa Welles ' moire pillow to Caroline Guptill. 6. Lucy Drummond ' s scales to Barbara Worth. 7. Dorothy Rockwell ' s hair to Gloria Grosvenor. 8. All our lipstick to Beverly Macfadden. We leave to the Faculty 1. To Miss Moses a package of Kleenex to wipe her glasses ofFwith. 2. Dotso Richardson ' s " Palmer Method " to Miss R. Chickering. 3. To Miss Bailey a dumbwaiter on which to carry Star ' s food upstairs. 4. All our appendices to Miss Grimes to add to her laboratory collection. 5- To Miss Robinson an extra pair of glass eyes. 6. To Miss Patten, who has begun to collect pins, we leave a small box to put them in. 7. To Mrs. Craig we leave a pair of track shoes in order that we may hear her coming, and a pair of suspenders. 8. All our old braces to be made into chains for Miss Carpenter and Miss Hopkins ' Ford. We leave to the school : 1. Frostila with which to make our hands as alluring as Miss Patten ' s. We leave our heart and hand to the ladv of the Dedication. 38 N Jj I ' ' ' ' « . vss Hoa£ As Others See Us C SmiLk ViRceah Qfloo- re Dorxraell fWderick Harvey Randall CJoorestorce T ucr r lanzeo c OOK The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 3 14 = = -. — U -.— -. U - - - - - H 35 - H H £ - - - - - C rt - H i - « ' - w: s. = o E Si Z • i — tt ■ i?si8a SO y — - — - - -. a $ a z = " DuU.S— ■ W — - v. Z s — J OH 1 II - Sf3 y; ' - c - - « S3 U t£ M o a - -- s 5 pel ISM .1 lew in bone hiiiii ill 1. » " J 3 C z 1 2 - — £ - ' ■g " " — , ■ J3 % -5 j? u - « eS - - s. Study H.ill 1 1 CO COfl We. us hers Never Those lem. An elephai 3 u £ r: bf £ -— — c i j j v - -i • --S " " : - c : £ ' -: 3 9 t 5 - -»» « S s; 5s -§ »• - - 5 - ? $ fe « : i J $ i . 5 :: S is - 5 ? i s s «» : j s i, » o r— i - ' .- t c t § g « J C ? C £ " i 5 ■ S !? - - i b t ai? S a 5-5 O I a a g c ■s. 2 i S Z Z v- — -r. tt Z v. 40 O n Z Si ii S - Z W 2; «S «a g U 10 3 2 The Abbot Circle LU J3 ss c JC a. : ' ?§ 8-w.S . y c — — -3 • n — a u ' S - — S 3 y O fl n Dili il.StE « •j P 2 u - - g c = u c j — c u - .- 5 — u- — C t - s «- 9 3 jj I U (J O — u r " -» ■yi N - -; » o Q-r o W5 i- -. - Another inn Elocution te Brunette Mannequio With mallet Dancing sch Wild Irish R Minister ' s c 3 ■ Q. - C £ - JQ — u r i u Manchester Night club Maine WOOC 1 lead ol Orp Kindergartei 33 u — a U u 1 Ul Lighthouse University o Pollj Morai School teacl E - — «s = — — 3 2 c ■.- O C •A 3 a o 5 A ' — - — 3 u if. - z . o — w I J: .tc «2 s J3 - c H = ! i O £ 3- o SJTi= 2 co 3 tc no Q- u •= tc »■ c — cj V2 1 u ■ c rt O o ■ — grs Kt2 « =i uj H 2. CO = " 2 - W — - . — .- tc U O cti — U O " •• o E Z o " a ' — — f S .i u. cj LS.s.H S?8 s - c - 2 — 3Hw ' J-i- ' J3 O H tc 2 = c.S « oS tc .2 l) P 4 . 60 -- ■- " u — tc tc w M M - M W h V : J = E o o t, - £ i 2 ? e « ' 3 ■ ' a 3 j - » a § c U — Ci J B T3 tr. i tc £ ' to ° O «! U) K O J : 2 h Q -i J5 H W ■ — = - - 2 EI :c - s § ' • «? 5 iv 5t -w O S -i o « O -: -i.c —2 4!o 3 " a 1 OnS • 9 S T- . 9 : S -s 5 ■; o . a- o o C5 O O E X ' — Si o - . U Q - — — " J H H :: c II [O J ;- 5 9 - 5 - £ H - ■ ■ ' — - -- Z " [iS Qp Qjg atxj Z j - H j z j □ — n 2 , — H — T-7- - c ' rtguHO u 3 H - z -J X — 3Coq53w a fc4StJcu2u —.-J U m22o«ieQ ;EcuQu«Uwi-JtiiQQCi 4( bS cq • i 41 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Class Statistics Done Most for School Most Athletic Class Grind Cutest Cleverest Best Dressed Class Bluffer Most Literary Most Artistic Most Musical Pessimist Optimist Best Looking Prettiest Best All-Round Girl Most Drag Most Capable Most Indifferent Most Versatile Most Absent Minded Most Temperamental Typical School Girl Best Figure Sob Sister Meekest . Best Xatured Best Dancer Smoothest Most Playful Personality Xeatest Most High Hat Most Busybody Best Smile Constance Ho.:g Dorothy Rockwell Susan Johnstone Dorothy Reinrur: Dorothy Rockwell Virginia Brown Carol Pike Phvllis Frederick Hilda Lynde Betty Palmer Cvnthia James Bettv Lathrop Julia Wilhelmi Harriet Bolton Lucv Drummond Virginia Brown Betty Palmer Carol Pike Dorothy Rockwell Phyllis Frederick Mary Hyde Eunice Randall Julia Wilhelmi Clare O Connell Dorothy Moore Frances Harvey Cynthia James Leonore Hezlitt Ruth Tyler Carol Pike Bern- Palmer Virginia Brown Dorothv Richardson Betty Bigler -: 19 3 2 The Abbot C i r c I Senior Class Song Class of thirty-two, Class of colors white and scarlet, To you we ' ll be true And above the rest You ' ll hear our voices Ringing loud and long To the red and white, O ' er the world we ' ll Sing your glory To you we ' ll e ' er be true, Oh class of thirty-two. Tree Song Just as this lovely tree Can ne ' er unlovely be Within the charmed circle of this place, Our love and memory O Abbot dear of thee We ' ll hold forever in our fond embrace And may we, year by year — Our lives first rooted here — Prove worthy of this circle ' s boundless grace. Phyllis Frederick 43 kOC-K u E LL H IL-DA L U-«-U I od A •V I Be. .oNNie - H iTnii T f a- i — H " J n n. il- Ge«r» ' «. « r ' C ' f " " Beltle. " Hr r. e 3 ;fc ■ o J h [ ' , Ring Song Tune: " Merry Widow Wait ' Here ' s a symbol Of the Class Of thirty- two. The ring of gold That binds us To the Abbot blue. We will e ' er remember The memories thev bring And forever treasure Our Senior ring. 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle Intervale Intervale! The very word makes anyone at Abbot who ever has the chance to go there sit up and listen! Going to Intervale for three days after the mid-year exams is the Seniors ' privilege at Abbot each year. Sometimes, just before we leave, some few girls think that perhaps they would rather not go. They usually do go finally (they are unluckv if they don ' t!) and would they have missed it? Just ask them and I can guarantee a very decisive " no " ! From the moment that we get on the train to go, until we get off when we come back to Abbot, excitement reigns everywhere and everybody is supremely happy. This vear we didn ' t think there would be much snow, but when the train drew into the Intervale station we knew that we would have plenty. In one day, in fact, almost six inches fell! As usual we began our fun by driving to the " Bellevue " in a huge sleigh drawn bv four horses. From that moment on we were busy at all times doing many and varied things. The skating, sleighing, skiing, tobogganing, " cuttering " , and trailing were all enjoved by everyone — especially by those who had never before been in a place so well suited to winter sports. We had the annual climb up Mount Surprise, and also the " flapjack " party in which there was a race to see who could eat the greatest number of " flapjacks " . Are we or aren ' t we surprised to find that Helen won the race? But then, it would never do to single poor Helen out! What about all the rest of us who had nothing less than steak and fried potatoes for breakfast? or two or three helpings of pancakes and sausages? We just couldn ' t help being hungry and, as far as I can see, no one so much as thought about calories — they just ate and ate! We were obliged to retire at eleven o ' clock and, after a busy day out in that famously invigorating mountain air, no one objected strenuously to going to bed. There is nothing much more thrilling than was the walk to North Conway after supper for a soda — especially when it was snowing hard and the world was covered by a thick white blanket. This sight, those of us who saw it would say, was one of our " big moments " . Another sight, never to be forgotten bv those who saw it, was the sunrise up over Mount Washington. Miss Bailey brought the attention of all of us to this magnificent picture, and the memory of it will remain with us always. We Seniors want everyone of you under-classmen to be sure and take advantage of these three days full of fun and overflowing with good cheer and surprises next vear. Don ' t miss the experience because it comes only " once in a life time. " 49 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 A Day at Intervale 7:30 A.M. Someone rings a bell in the corridor. 31 A.M. Silence. 7:32 A.M. Smell of steak drifts upstairs. 8:00 A.M. Drummond tells Rockwell to get up and shut the window. - 30 A.M. Rockwell shuts the window. 8:31 A.M. Brown and James go downstairs. S:59 AM Miss Bailey comes downstairs. 8:59 1 2 A.M. Everyone comes to breakfast. S:5b 3 4 A.M. Steak! 9:15 A.M. Announcements for the day. 9-15 1 2 A.M " An eye for an eye " — we all trv to sign for trailing. 9:30 A.M. Moore and Randall go down the toboggan chute backwards. 10:00 A.M. Tvler goes riding on " Mollv " . 10:01 A.M. Tvler gets discouraged. 10:02 A.M. So does ' Mollv - . 10:30 A.M. Trailers are off! 11:00 A.M. " Molly " catches her hoof in the railroad track. 11:001 2 A.M. Miss Bailey falls off the driver ' s seat. 11:01 A.M. Congratulations all around. 11:30 A.M. Band of trailers come in to thaw for awhile. 11 :31 A.M. Brown melts entirelv upon discoverv of a letter. 12:30 P.M. Who said lunch- 1:30 P.M. Who said lunch ' 1 :45 P.M. Connie works it off by going down hill in a dish-pan. 1 0 P.M. Half of us sign for sleigh-riding. 2.05 P.M. " Jingle Bells " in four or was it 5?)keys dies away in the distance. 2:15 P.M. The other ' better? half decide between falling on skates or tripping over skis. 3:00 P.M. Neither, by gosh! 3:30 P.M. Phyl — ass. no more candy! 4:00 P.M. Special for Kitty! 4:01 P.M. Special for Kitty! 4:02 P.M. Special for — oh, well, this is getting tiresome. 4:30 P.M. Drummond: " Will vou all phase come to song practice? " 4:45 P.M. Drummond: " Won ' t you please come to song practiced " 5:00 P.M. Song practice: " A little bit of Heaven fell from out the skv one day " . 5:02 P.M. And landed " BANG! " 5:05 P.M. Coordinate! 50 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle 5:05 l A PM. Cooperate! 5-05M P-M. Coordinate!! 5:06 P.M. Oh well . . . 6:00 P.M. Dinner. 6:02 P.M. Miss Bailey announces flapjack party in one hour. Uhm!! 7:00 P.M. Where is some more stationery? Are the colored post-cards cheaper? What is " snow " in Latin, Judy? 7:15 P.M. Brown and Bolton set out for North Conway. 8:00 P.M. All set for the flapjack party. 8:10 P.M. Cathedral Woods! This way, don ' t forget! 8.11 P.M. Burtt and Lathrop (from the inky depths of the woods) Help! We ' re lost! (They really were!) 8:15 P.M. " Flapjacks! " We shriek and stampede to " Wyehut. " 8:17 P.M. " Flapjacks " — we moan. 8:18 P.M. " Flapjacks " . . . inaudibly. 8:19 P.M. Helen Allen . . . twelve— 8:20 P.M. " Fifteen! " 8:21 P.M. " Six— teen! " 8:22 P.M. " Sev . . . en . . . teen ... " 8:23 P.M. " E-i-g-h-Teen! I ' ve beaten C. Grosvenor! " 8:25 P.M. Miss Bailey (after considering one thing and another) isn ' t quite so sure that this is an accomplishment. 8:45 P.M. We begin a long trail home — singing, shouting, telling stories of great adventure in the wilds. 9:00 P.M. One by one we are overcome by the vagrant yawn and retire . . 10:00 P.M. But not to bed! As a fitting close to a day at Intervale — and what a day! — we tell ghost stories. 11 :00 P.M. All lights are out and we talk ourselves to sleep. So ends a tvpical da at Intervale. Wouldn ' t vou like to have been there? 51 3E r t . k 1 9 M The Abbot C i r c I Intervale Songs (Tune: Sleepy time Dunn South ' ) P. ile moon shining on the fields of snow. Abbot girls singing soft and low, Needn ' t tell you so because you know It ' s Intervale we love. Cold winds blowing through the tall pine trees. Even tho ' it ' s cold we don ' t freeze, ' Cause we always do just as we please When we ' re at Intervale. Skiing, skating, sliding, sleighing and such, We love it all so much. Bacon bats, and flapjacks, steak, and the rest — Which do we love the best " Everything we do up here is great And we don ' t have to hesitate — Saying this we all cooperate It ' s Intervale we love! (Tune : Ooh That Kiss) Intervale, what a time we had there Though the ice was bad there In the mountain air Intervale, all the food we ' ve eaten Surely can ' t be beaten Of our weight beware ' Oh those rides when we ' re trailing behind a horse, Oh those slides were lots of fun of course ! Intervale is the big attraction Gives a swell reaction See vou there! 53 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Tune : A Little Bit of Heaven ' ) Sure a little bit of heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away; And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair Thev said ' " Suppose we leave it For it looks so peaceful there. ' ' So they sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow. They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished Sure thev called it Intervale. Way up north at Intervale We forget P. A. and Yale, That ' s because we ' ve so much else to do! Lots of muscle on the make We lick our chops and eat the steak Let this be a warning unto you! Wrapped in blankets ten feet deep That ' s the way we get our sleep Bedsocks, and hot-water bottles too. When we go off in a sleigh No one cares how much we weigh — Senior-mids we wish the same to vou! 54 19 3 2 The Abbot C i r c I Senior Middle Class Colors — Green and White President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS— FIRST HALF Clara Shaw Betty Weaver Virginia Chapin Barbara Worth President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS— SECOND HALF Barbara Worth Catherine Campbell Alice Hill Jane Burnham SENIOR-MID CLASS SONG Abbot, we ' re marching on to cheer you, Cheer you with a rousing song, We ' re an army strong and true Volunteers to serve for you As with banners bright we swing along — Thirty-three, thirty-three, thirty-three! Mav you ever be a credit to the green The finest class we ' ve e ' er seen pass Is marching on to bring new glory to Abbot! Thirtv-three, thirtv-three, thirtv-three! 57 1 ! 1 ■ " - t - ;l S 4 ' i • , v — — i 4 H Bfe- J l VHhara ' I- 1 «W » 4 HI jr mm i VI l i fct » .fflu 4 • (T HI " 7 9 1 4. L " J4| Py V J HP . H A to u u Q Q O Z w 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle Class of 1933 Margaret Black Caroline Bullock Jane Burnham Mary Elizabeth Burnham Helen Buttrick Catherine Campbell irginia Chapix Lois Chapman- Margaret Chase Anne Cleveland Ann Coll Olive French Elizabeth Gay Marcia Gaylord Carolyn Guptill Alice Hill Lucile LeYine Ruth Mai ley Louise McClary Catherine McDonald Bertha Norton Katharine Palmer Rachel Place Hllen Rice Jane Ritchie Annetta Robin Ethel Rogers Elizabeth Sage Alice Schultz Clara Shaw- Clara Smith Georgianna Smith Elizabeth Snyder Elizabeth Taylor Betty Tompkins Mariatta Tower Jean Vernon Margaret Walker Hazel Walters Betty Weaver Martha Whipple Kathryn Whittemore Barbara W or i h Dorothy Wrenn 59 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Inventions A. Rolled-up shade to be fastened around forehead in the form of a becoming festoon, (old Gaelic word meaning " first one " — also probably the only one) When home- work is not prepared, subject pulls chain, releasing shade, which falls down and envelops subject. This reveals a large sign, " ABSENT " ; a casual glance by the teacher will satisfy her that we are not there, and probably never were. B. Small square in front of Miss Bailey ' s desk, equipped like a " sinking orchestra " . The floor automatically sinks every fifteen minutes. This is, of course, worked on the non-stagger system — you don ' t stagger out of the office, but merely sink through the floor in the appropriate manner. A green light hung directly above the sub- ject ' s head would provide the required ghastly effect. We suggest carrying your copy of Hamlet with you. C. Bed in the approved roller-towel fashion. Everv Saturday bed rotates. New bed comes into view. Snap opening provided every ten feet. Unsnap, get in, sleep, get out, snap. Due to the continuity of sheets, blankets, etc. bed never has to be made. These last a school year. D. Alphabet soup for Miss Chickering ' s spelling classes. A practical course, not only in spelling, not only in getting people to eat soup, but in actually getting them to notice what was in the soup! Example: Miss Chickering: Phyllis, how do you spell " mediaeval? " Phyllis: There ' s a carrot in the way, Miss Chickering. Thus all the bad spelling in the school could be blamed on Miss Butterfield. E. Dictaphone outside Miss Kelsey ' s office with a small resume of the day ' s little morals and epigrams, to be turned on after lunch to amuse those who are waiting outside. At regular intervals there should also be a still small voice whispering " come, come, come " so that the next in line could enter the office. By the time it came to be our turn to go in, we should all be Perfect Ladies! F. Did you ever think of the only real way to be assured of complete warmth on cold days? The method is so simple as to be positively childish, yet how easy it is for our great and ponderous brains to overlook such Simple Ways Out! Take the contents of one of those dry-hot-water bottles, swallow them (the contents), and then the next time you are cold, quickly run to the fountain and swallow two teaspoons of water, no more, no less; jump up and down twenty times, and there you are! From head to heels you are thoroughly warmed, and this is guaranteed to last at least two days. (N.B. : As we can readily see that this would put several people out of business we hesitate to suggest more than one or two people doing this.) Mrs. Duncan, Miss Butterfield, Mr. Scannell, and Charles. 60 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 ABBOT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION D. Reinhart F. McGarry V. Brown M. Hyde Treasurer Vice-President President Secretary ABBOT ATHLETIC COUNCIL A. Cole, E. Boyce, S.Johnstone, F. Harvev, C. Pike, B. Weaver, M. Hartwell, G. Thomson. K. Whittemore P. Burtt D. Reinhart D. Rockwell F. McGarry V. Brown M. Hyde C. James President 62 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle H al i l b Tt- ' f t S - JbIbb ' • ' wIBb ■ b b " " 1 id 1 1 l b b KVv 0T 1 M l CLUB CAPTAINS Cynthia James, Griffin Captain Dorothy Rockwell, Gargoyle Captain ■J ■■ BM. 1 | Bk Bfl BB Al B B bI B m BB B|B M «l If Pa H bVI I w B B - B »- " — B IT if 1 Bv 1 Pf B Jl K J m B BT i 1 H 1 r Bf 1 Bfe B BT BBBBBBBBBBBBY Bft ' W V r n • A " SOCIETY D. Reinhart C. Hoag M. Tower E. Boyce M. Hyde G. Thomson A. Cole J. Henry V. Brown H. Allen E. Bigler, Prtsidtnt P. Buret S.Johnstone 63 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 HOCKEY TEAM J. Wilhelmi E. Gay G. Thomson D. Rockwell C. Hoag M. Clos H. Bolton J. Henry B. Weaver, Captain K. Damon O. French BASKETBALL TEAM Helen Tower Marv Abbie Hollands Elizabeth Boyce Florence Dunbar 64 Mabel Savage 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle H. Cutler TENNIS TEAM A. Cole B. Worth CHEER LEADERS K. Cook C. O ' Conndl O. French Head Cbcer Leader 65 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Bradford Day This year it was Bradford ' s turn to come to Abbot for our annual Play Day. We tried out a new plan for entertainment this year. Instead of Bradford ' s spending a whole day at Abbot, the girls arrived at four o ' clock in the afternoon to stay until seven. Upon their arrival, we exchanged greetings as usual by songs, and then followed the rush for " our group " . Both Bradford and Abbot were divided into separate groups, each group having a certain color. The corresponding groups of the two schools at last found each other, were taken through the receiving line by Abbot group-leaders, and then up to the Seniors ' rooms. An orchestra which had been engaged for the afternoon was an unusual treat, so after much talking and showing the Bradford girls around the school, we all danced in the " rec " room until time for supper. Supper was served in McKeen Memorial and the orchestra supplied music between courses. At about seven we were very reluctant to have to say goodbye to our Bradford friends, but we hope that they enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did and will want to come again. Fall Field Day It was the day of the Harvard-Yale football game so most of the players were absent, but thev made up for it by sending telepathic messages of sympathy and good wishes! The Gargoyles and Griffins marched around the circle and around Draper Hall to the basketball field where we froze our extremities, although we were warmed in- wardly by excitement and anticipation. The Gargoyles won the first team game after an exciting contest between very well matched players. The Griffins retaliated by the winning the second team game. In fact, they won the hockey and everything else but a couple of the minor sports such as clock-golf and driving. The final score for the after- noon was 55-20 in favor of the Griffins. The Gargoyles, however, are teeming with hidden talent, which is bound to appear in spring sports if not in the fall ones! 66 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 ABBOT CHRISTIAN " ASSOCIATION " C. Shaw, Treasurer H. Cutler, Vice President R. Tjyler, President B. Weaver, Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL V. Brown, F. McGarrv, V . Chapin, R. Tvler, A. Curler, H. Cutler, L. Drummond, K. Cook, A. Schultz H. Allen J. Wilhelmi ' C. Hoag, President H. Bolton B. Bigler 68 19 3 2 T h o e Abbot C 1 r c CLASS BOOK BOARD H. Lynde P. Frederick F. Harvey L. Drummond L. Hezlitt Asst. ArtEditor Asst. Lit. Editor Asst. Bus. Editor Ex-officio Art Editor D. Rockwell E. Palmer H. Cutler Literar y Editor Editcr-in-Chief Business Editor NORTHFIELD H. Allen K. Cook S Johnstone C. Hoag H. Bolton 69 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 Fidelio J. Burnham, A. Hill, D. Reinhart, E. Gay, E. Holihan, C. Campbell, E. Palmer, C. O ' Connell, ML Hyde, E. Lathrop, E. Randall, S.Johnstone, L. Drummond, F. Harvev, C. Smith, J. Henrv H. Allen, C. Pike, I. Arms, M. Hartwell, H. Lynde, E. Bigler [Pr-.s . A. " Schultz, H. Wright, K. Cook, V. Brown, R. Tyler M. Tower, . Marsh. A. Hurlburt, D. Mann, O. French, T. Porter. M. Burnham, C. Bullock, F. McGarry Helex Allex Isabel Arms Elizabeth Bigler Virginia Brown- Caroline Bullock Jax t e Burnham Mary Elizabeth Burnham Pauline Burtt Helex Buttrick Catharine Campbell Ada Carlson Ann Cole Katharine Cook Ann Cutler Lucy Drummond Anne Dudley Olive Frexch Elizabeth Gay Madolixe Hartwell Fraxces Harvey Eleaxor Harrymax Joyce Hexry Alice Hill Elizabeth Holihan Ann Hurlburt Mary Hyde susax - johx ' stoxe Elizabeth Lathrop Hilda Lynde Ruth Mailey Nancy Marsh Frances McGarry Frances McTernen Dorothy Moore Mary Elizabeth Moore Clare O ' ConxelL Elizabeth Palnier Carol Pike Elizabeth Piper Rachel Place Louise Porter Euxice Randall Dorothy Reinhart Ella Robinson Elizabeth Sage Alice Schultz Elizabeth Scutt Clara Smith Ruth Stott Elizabeth Tompkins Mariatta Tower Ruth Tyler Elizabeth Vincent Kathryx W hittemore Dorothy Wrenn Harriet Wright 70 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle The Ensemble H. Wright F. Harvey H. Lvnde C. Chapin F. McGarn ' H. Tovver E. Eaton 71 o Tr—t " ! " ' " The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 § % i 4q£ (fir . . " t- 4( L • .j»- If 1 P. Frederick H. Lvnde COURANT BOARD D. Rockwell E. Lathrop C. Shaw J. Henry G. Thomson ABBOT DRAMATIC SOCIETY M. Morrill E. Randall M. Clos D. Richardson D. Reinhart K. Cook, President 74 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle Joyce Henry ' 32 Phyllis Frederick ' 32 Dorothy Rockwell ' 32 Alice Hill ' 33 Georgia Thomson Hilda Lynde Katherine Damon The Abbot Courant Literary Editors Business Editors Elizabeth Lathrop ' 32 Anne Cleveland ' 31 Delight Hall ' 34 Kathryn Whittemore ' 33 Business Manager Sarah O ' Reilly Clara Shaw President Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Richardson Eunice Randall Carolyn Guptill Margaret Walker Abbot Dramatic Society Katherine Cook Dorothy Reinhart Margaret Morrill Mercedes Close Mary Elizabeth Moore Jane Burnham 75 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 B) | ■V ' fl A - m fl H b • ia ■f J ■ " - 1 ' -31 mr WM A ■ : a8 I MriftA P m£s )k «■ AEOLIAN " A. Schultz L. Porter E. Palmer C. O ' Connell M. Tower E. Bigler E. Holihan, President O. French 1 ' m M k J ■ It m % M , I, J H IB LA y Wi i fliW m Br " 1 BBwL k Bl 1 I i J E 19 Hi V I ■ 0ft V 1 I i If 9 11 nil I ' nil • ■ II ' : IB 1 1 LES BEAUX ARTS Elizabeth Scutt Elizabeth Foss Constance Hoag Mary Elizabeth Burnham Carol Bullock Leonore Hezlitt Virginia Brown 76 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle Ptesident Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bigler Clare O ' Connkll Louise Porter Elizabeth Palmer Aeolian Society Elizabeth Holihan Olive French Mariatta Tow . n Margaret Black Elizabeth Gay Bertha Norton Alice Schultz Les Beaux Arts President Secretary-Treasurer Constance Hoag Doris Marchand Constance Zinn Virginia Brown Leonore Hlzlitt Carol Bullock Elizabeth Foss Mary Elizabeth Burnmam Elizabeth Flanders Elizabeth Scutt 77 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 E. Bovce H. Lawton PHILOMATHEIA B. Weaver H. Cutler S.Johnstone A. Welles M. Hvde 1 " ft -l ftwYV EflK B H H ■ p ' ■ ■ ■ 1 " • Vi ' ■■ ' ■ j Iflf , y jk . ■; In J t 1 ' " • R. Tyler E. Piper ODEON H. Walters H. Wright H. Bolton, President F. Harvey C. Campbell 78 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle President Secretary - Treasurer Helen Buttrick Mary Thompson Bettie Weaver M ry Hyde President Secretary-Treasurer Hazel Walters Frances Harvey Elizabeth ' incent Catharine Campbell P hilomatheia Atossa Welles Virginia Lawton Susan Johnstom Helen Cutler Elizabeth Snyder Elizabeth Boyci: Florence Dunbar Od eon Harriet Bolton Elizabeth Piper Isabel Arms Marie Holihan Mi ye Hi rook Ruth Tyler Georgiana Smith 79 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Q.E.D. A. Cole H. Allen C. Pike L. Drummond B. Worth F. McGarrv J. Wilhelmi, President C.James t. IX 1 L f AJfe ■■; A wfiJrllfl 1 W+- • W f 4. CHOIR H. Allen, R. Tyler, H. Wright, C. Pike, E. Lathrop C. Campbell M. E. Burnham M. Hartwell, D. Rockwell, S. Johnstone A. Schultz, President O. French D. Reinhart 80 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle Q. E. D. Society President Secretary-Treasurer Cynthia James Barbara Worth Jean Hume Mary Abbie Hollands Marjorie Prest Julia Wilhelmi Frances McGarry Lucy Drummond Helen Allen- Ann Cole Ruth Stott Carol Pike Ch oir President Carol Pike Alice Schultz Dorothy Rockwell Helen Allen- Dorothy Reinhart Olive French Molly Savage . Alice Schultz Elizabeth Lathrop Ruth Tyler Madoline Hartwell Elizabeth Vincent Susan Johnstone Margaret Chase Mary Elizabeth Burnham 81 Honor MARY BACON A DOROTHY HUNT FAITH CHIPMAN Z- MARY SMEAD GERTRUD VAN PEURSEM FRANCES SCUDDER 2M£dbii ' 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle The Senior Play THE CRADLE SONG " By G. Martinez Sierra On March 15, 1932, the Senior class presented the Cradle Song, a two-act plav bv G. Martinez Sierra. It is a very unusual play giving a pleasing glimpse into the life in the Convent. The first act opens on the nuns seated near the grille. It is the birthday of the Mother Prioress, and she has been receiving many presents. One of these presents turns out to be a baby. After much controversy, the old doctor who has been attending the nuns for years, decides to adopt the child if they will take care of it. The second act is 18 years later. The child has grown up and is leaving the Con- vent to be married. The young man she is to marry comes to the convent and is pre- sented to the nuns, who approve of him highly. The parting is sad because Teresa, the girl, is leaving, and, in doing so, is taking away with her all the joyousness with which her presence filled the convent. This play shows the great sense of mother-love felt even by the nuns who h.iw taken vows to renounce all earthly things. It is both touching and charming. 85 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 CHARACTERS Sister Joanna of the Cross Teresa The Prioress The icaress Mistress of the Novice: Sister Marcella Sister Maria Jesus Sister Sagrario Sister Inez Sister Tornera Antonio The Poet . A Country Man . The Lay Sister A Monitor A Monitor Nuns .... Luc Katharine Cook Dorothv Reinhart Elizabeth Lathrop Carol E. Pike Pauline Burtt Constance Hoag Bettie Piper Betty Vincent Virginia Lawton Leonore Hezlitt Clare O ' Connell Elizabeth Palmer Dorothy Rockwell Dorothy Richardson Mary Thompson Mary Abbie Hollands Drummond, Hilda Lvnde, Helen Allen, Atossa Welles Scenes Act I Room opening upon the Cloister Act II Parlor of the Convent Coach Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Stage Managers Helen Cutler Scenery Mr - Scannell 86 1 Q 3 2 The Abbot Circle Abbot Dramatic Society Plays DUST OF THE ROAD Bv Kenneth Sawyer GooDNf.vx On December 8, 1931, the Abbot Dramatic Society presented two plays. The first of these, " Dust of the Road " by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, was a one act play based on one man ' s desire for money. Peter Steele has been entrusted with a certain amount of money for the son of an old friend. He has kept the money instead of giving it to the boy when he should have done so. It is Christmas Eve, and his conscience bothers him a great deal. A tramp enters who shows him how wrong he is. At the end Peter and his wife, Prudence, are quite ready and willing to give up the money, and lead a happy life after that because of it. Peter Steele Eunice Randall Prudence Steele Mary Elizabeth Moore An Old M n Mercedes Clos The Tramp Katharine Cook THURSDAY EVENING By Christopher Morley This is a delightful comedy with its setting in the kitchen at the home of Gordon and Laura Johns. It is the maid ' s night out and both the mothers-in-law are there for dinner. An argument ensues which is settled by the mothers-in-law. It is a sprightly play and in pleasant contrast to the " Dust of the Road. " CHARACTERS Gordon Johns Ann Dudiev Laura Dorothv Reinhart Mrs. Sheffield .... Margaret Morrill Mrs. Johns Dorothv Richardson 87 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 2 Senior -Middle Plays HEARTS TO MEND By Harry A. Everstreet On January 19, 1932 the Senior-Mid class presented three plavs. The first of the series was " Hearts to Mend " , a Pierrot and Pierrette Comedy. The love of Pierrot and Pierrette had lessened and their hitherto happy life is endangered. However, a tinker, skilled in the art of mending hearts as well as pots and pans, made them happv once again. This plav was greatly dependent on the pantomime which was executed in a most pleasing manner. Pierrot Pierrette Tins-to-Mend-Man Ann Cole Alice Shultz Mariatta Tower THE VALIANT By Holsworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass The second play, " The Valiant, " is a story which everyone knows. It is just one more poignant proof of the power of filial love. The acting in this play was highly commendable and surpassed our highest expectations. We were all convinced that, in truth, the valiant taste of death but once. Warden Holt. Father Daly James Dyke Josephine Paris Dan .... Wilson, an attendant Katherine McDonald Helen Rice Carolvn Guptill Catharine Campbell Ruth Mailey Marcia Gavlord 88 19 3 2 The Abbot Circl THE WORKHOUSE WARD By Lady Gregory The last, but by no means the least, of this delightful series of plays was " The Workhouse Ward. " It was quite the most hilarious bit of acting we have seen here in a long time. One will always remember its wit, dialect, and flying feathers. Mike McInerney Betty Weaver Michael Mirkell Margaret Walker Mrs. Donahoe Annette Robin We congratulate you, Senior-Mids. 89 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Contentment It was after ten one hot summer night in August — or rather it was a hot night everywhere but on the water. The sky was covered with stars — some shining brightly, others seeming to twinkle in and out in the distance. The mast-head lights of many boats swayed silently back and forth, as they were rocked by the incoming tide. From the club-house on the nearby shore the faint music of an orchestra drifted to me over the water. I imagined myself dancing to that orchestra, and yet was glad that I was not. Lying on my back on the forward deck of the " Wanakah " , I was superbly happy; I was contented; I forgot my worries, and I lazily took notice of a beautiful night on the water. In the city it would be unbearably hot, but out here where I was a cool breeze fanned me at intervals — just enough to keep me cool. The moon was full — a very beautiful sight and, as I watched it, it seemed to sway back and forth in the heavens, when, in reality, it was the boat which rocked. The tide was almost full. I could hear the waves lapping up against the rocks on the shore, although where I was the water seemed almost still. A few ripples here and there were the only evidences that the tide was really coming in. I could hear voices — ex- cited and happy, I supposed — mingling with the distant music. There is nothing in the world like a silent evening on the water to carry distant sounds distinctly for long distances. I could almost understand what they were saying, but I soon tired of trying to listen and turned my attention to a small sailboat, a cat boat, which had suddenly loomed up beside me out of the darkness. I could hear only the ripple of the water as the waves lapped upon the bow, as the little boat glided silently through the water. A beautiful sail — so graceful and so silent ! Suddenly in the distance, around the cove, came the rhythmic chug-chug of an outboard motor. Nearer and nearer it came, until finally it scooted past me and as quickly passed into the darkness as the chug-chug became softer and softer. Finally I could hear it no more. Soon a large rather bulky looking rowboat came toward me. In it were three old grey-haired fishermen who were coming home after a whole day out in the cove. They were singing, although rather off-tune, to themselves. I think they were singing something about " Sweet Adeline " , although I could not dis- tinguish the words. I wondered how many fish they had caught, and how much patience they must have had to stay in the cove all day. They disappeared, and the plop-plop of the oars grew fainter. I lay dreaming for a while, thinking of nothing but my contented state of mind, of my complete isolation from a hurrying world, and of the wonderful though simple happenings about me. My attention was roused for a minute. From the boat next to mine came the plop-plop-gurgle of bottles being thrown into the water. I concluded that the crew on the " Mabe II " were enjoying themselves. At different times during 90 19 3 2 The Abbot Circle the evening I heard the same thing happen again. I hoped that they were enjoying themselves as much as I was, but I doubted it. I heard a distant fog horn which meant that the early morning would be foggy. A whiff of air brought me a delicious odor of tobacco smoke, and I remembered my father. He was happy, too, and I got up to join him before slipping under my white sheet to go to sleep on my bunk and dream yet more of the water and its silent boats. Elizabeth Palmer Two Loves QA Sonnet) Two loves have I and both are passing fair; And both I love with all my strength and heart. And yet I do not know how I can share Such force of love, and from them be apart. The one has eyes of ever-changing blue; Her hair is gently ruffled by the breeze; The moonlight tints her face with silver hue, As joyfullv she stands among the trees. My second love is almost always sad. Her voice so clear I love to hear her sing. But at the times when she is very glad, New hopes and inspirations she can bring. The first of these a shaded pool is she. My other love the e ' er inspiring sea. Georgia Thomson 91 Our Own Advertisement Section RACKETS All Kinds (TENXIS, ETC.) With the proceeds we support nearly all the charitable institutions in the country. If you learn to enjoy DANISH GYMNASTICS just THINK! You can fall from aeroplanes and make Perfect Landings! FRANTIC FRAU The Human Alarm Clock Wind her up at night and she will always wake you up in the morning at any hour! THE HARVEY WORKS • Jive you PROPORTIONAL, and, if not, what are you going to DO about it? Only can tell you! D. C ROCKWELL, Inc. Our Own Advertisement Section TEACHERS! Are you getting tired of the remark, " There are only twenty four hours in a day " ? If so a flashlight is a sure and economical present to give to the complainers! Patronize the DRAPER HALL EDUCATIONAL COURSES how to clean thirty-five rooms at once with i MOP i CARPET SWEEPER i BROOM DOROTHY DICKS Richardson) Advice free on the following subjects a. When to give candy to children. b. How to tell the different varieties apart. EXPERT ON THE PRICE QUESTION GRIMES ' S Ground-Fine Coffee STRONG BLACK POTENT Apply after meals The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Suggested Titles for Essays (Wilson, pp. 62, 63) The Care and Management of a Cat Fairy Tales Music in Nature .... Canals Intensive Poultry Culture The Object of Education- Modern Dancing .... The alue of Tact .... Should People Have Secrets? Your Favorite Game The Girl of Today Birds in inter On Being Lucky . The Use of Sunday Emigration Country Life vs. City Life Forecasting the W eather .... Listening-in W hy Should e Study History? The Uses of Flowers . Honey Present day Football .... The Care of Books ... Thinking Power in Animals . Learning French Furnishing your own Room Famous Women in History .... " A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing The Future of Aviation .... The Abolition of the Steam Locomotive Qualities of a Good Business Man The True Friend Packing for a Holiday Your Favorite Book Ask Miss Bailey Life at Abbot Carol Pike Ask Mrs. Duncan Plucked Eyebrows Does anvbody know? Wreck Room Table Talk Weight and Age Parlour game! Is the bride of tomorrow Summer, too! B — in Latin Where ' s My Blondex? December eighteenth Vice Versa, too That ' s Easy Faculty Meeting Yes, why? We know! Lawton When the ma il goes up We don ' t care Mid-year Exams Learning, did it say? September eighteenth Those Abbot girls C+ Bolton Rockwell Just tired Lends you her only evening dress Lipstick, Undies and Hanky Yearbook, we hope 94 19 3 2 ' The Abbot C i r c I T ED H AM Br E N Mr. M INARD Ch A PPY Dav I D Bi L L S 1 Ch U CK P j ENNY Cab C ALLOWAY L O MBARDO (G U T) Cop L EY Ban D WAGON Car N IVAL Win T ER G ET O i UT C H UCK Dav I S Gori L LA Nob L E 95 The Abbot Circle 19 3 2 Parting Hymn Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come : I do not fear to see; : But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, : And to wipe the weeping eyes; : And a heart at leisure from itself, To sooth and sympathize. Wherever in the world I am, In whatso ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts : To keep and cultivate; : And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life : While keeping at Thy side; : Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. 96 Advertisements William Poland Successor to H. F. Chase ATHLETIC GOODS OUTFITTERS FOR PHILLIPS ACADEMY f odaks a?id ' Photo Supplies 40 Main Street Telephone 92c, ANDOYER. MASS. T. P. Kelley. TnasurtT E. C. Williams, President OUR MODEL DAIRY Exterior Hew of Our Model Dairy SHAWSHEEN DAIRY, INC. SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE, AXDOYER. MASS. Manufacturers and Distributors of MILK • CREAM • BUTTER ■ ICE CREAM " Say it with Flowers ' J. H. PLAYDON Florist Full Assortment of SEASONABLE FLOWERS and PLANTS at all times Member of Florists Telegraph Delivery •4 Store: 60 MAIN STREET Telephone 70 ANDOVER Greenhouses: LOWELL ST. Telephone 71 SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE BLOUSES For SUITS and SEPARATE SKIRTS Crepe silk and satin back linen — pongee — dimities and mesh. Si. oo. S2.00. S2.95 Sizes 34 to 42 inclusive. 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Bassett 37 Merrimack Street, Haverhill We Serve PARKER ' S 4 Qoffee ► because it is E UAL to the best BETTER than the rest Expressly blended for Abbot Academy by Parker Coffee Company 200 Milk Street, Boston When ADVICE or ASSISTANCE is needed in any of your financial plans, you will find the Officers of this bank easy to approach. Checking Accounts Savings Accounts ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK ANDOVER : MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF The Stratford Shop AND The Warwick A. G. BUTLER • CLEANSERS DYERS • 94 Main Street Andover. Massachusetts Insist on MONARCH BRAND Super-Quality Foods Sold only thru Independent Grocers Reid, Murdoch Co. Established 1853 SOMERYILLE. mass. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASS. . ' .» y :.--wm 9KB : ' VV ' 1 1 ' ■ BE wwum m H9 ■ ■ ■ HI Ml ■ ■HI ■ n do ■ ■ ■

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