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LIBRARY — OF — Abbot academy Jo.. 3?6 ' f? CA tZ l J ui c zjJC (s Xjl, f IT Co am c U c il It THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER MASS. ♦ THE CIRCLE ? r7 ' jp t K PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 193 1 We, tbe Class of 1931 affectionately dedicate the book to Miss Rebekah T lunroe Chickering our loyal friend REBEKAH MUNROE CHICKERINi. X c fpff? " . ' - ■ ■ 1 • Mr V . 1 ' ' • b M •4 pM:; 1 1 J f -. . 3Li jni 33 3 1 1 " i 1 ■■ mX t -.Izz ■i 1. -J ■ H C EC MISS BERTHA BAILEY w l O ei O Q Z D — I The Abbot C i r c l e 19 3 1 Senior Class Officers Doris Allen Secretary Katherine Allen Vice-PreuJent Frances Scudder President Gertrud Van Peursem Tr t ., , 11 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 DORIS ALLEN " Skip " 131 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, Mass. Four Years Class Secretary ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Fidelio ' 29 Spanish Tableaux ' 29 Centennial Committee ' 29 Skip ' s petitenessdoes not prevent her from making an ordin- ary amount of noise, as you know if you have been on the third floor front. The two Aliens — Skip and Kay — make a great pair at dancing, and especially at tight rope walking. They never fail to fall off and let us laugh! KATHERINE ALLEN " Kit " 118 School St., Manchester, Mass. Two Years Draper Dramatics ' 30 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 Northrield ' 30 Student Council ' 31 Numerals ' 31 Discussion Group Leader ' 31 Vice-President of Senior Class ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Senior-Mid Banquet ' 30 Stage Manager of Senior Plav ' 31 Spanish Play ' 31 Volley Ball Team ' 30 Gargovle Basketball Team ' 30 Merit Committee ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 Senior Play ' 31 Kit ' s good humor is only one of the many reasons why evervone likes her. When she and her roommate get together something funny is bound to happen. Have you ever heard Kit speak Spanish? " She ' s an expert at it, as we all learned from the Spanish plays. 12 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 MARY ANGUS 119 Main St., Andover, Mass. Simmons Five Years A.D.S ' 30 ADS. Play ' 30 Senior-Mid Plav " 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Fidelio ' 28, " 29, ' 30, ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 27 Northfield ' 30 Mary can do Scotch dialect to perfection and has added touches of humor to many of our plays. She is perfectly at home on the stage whether reciting or acting. This has helped us to know you better and we are very glad, Marv. 94 Hillside PI Columbia Riding Team ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Numerals ' 28 Gargoyle Track Team ' 28 Varsity Hockey ' 30, ' 31 Four Chevrons ' 30, ' 31 A A. Council ' 29, ' 31 Prom Decoration Committee ' 29 Q.E.D. ' 31 MARY BACON " Bacon " Tarrvtown, N. Y. Four Years Head of Riding ' 29 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 29 Gargovle Vol lev Ball ' 30 " A " Societv ' 30. ' 31 Captain of Gargovles ' 31 Senior-Mid Plav ' 30 Class Book Board ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 30 Mary is one of our best all-round good sports. She is ah ays willing to work, which perhaps is the secret of her success with the Gargovles. Whether her ability as a hockey plaver ; her persuasion as a debater, or her powers as ringmaster, Mary ' s success is undisputed. 13 T I D e Abbot Circle 19 3 1 MIRIAM BASS " Bni: r. Deerpark, Greenwich, Conn. Barnard Four Years Philomatheia " 30, " 31 Choir ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, " 31 President Choir ' 31 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Class Book Board ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28, 2-? Centennial Guide Committee ' 29 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Senior Banquet Committee ' 30 Riding Team ' 28 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Winter Sport Team ' 28 Spanish Entertainment ' 29 Society Banquet Committee ' 30 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 For the first time in the history of Abbot, Choir has been organized as a society, due mainly, to the efforts of Bunny. Any one who takes Senior Lit knows Bunny ' s abilitv to write. This quality has made her a valuable member of the Class Book Board. Have you ever been in the Senior parlor when Bunnv is in a teasing mood? METTA LOUISE BETTELS 3284 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. Skidmore Two Years Chairman of Entertainment Committe ' 31 A.D.S. ' 31 A.D.S. Plays ' 31 Bible Recitations ' 30 Metta has been splendid as head of our Entertainment Com- mittee! She just seems to have an inexhaustible supply of original ideas for parties and dances. We know Metta loves dancing and we wish her great success if she chooses a dancing career. 14 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 CORA BUDGELL " Budge 1 1 " 4 Aldcn St., Danvers, Mass Garland School Two Years Advisory Board ' 31 Choir ' 31 Fidelio ' 31 Volley Ball Team ' 30 Spanish Play ' 31 Here comes the star pupil oi the Spanish Department. We wonder if in the future we shall hear of Cora in Spanish Opera or as Ambassadress to Spain. There is one thing, Cora — you are too quiet. Don ' t you think that you ought to explode more — a la psychology class. Cora, how tall was the narcissus sprout when you cut it off ' EMILY BULLOCK " Em " 340 South Main St., Andover, Mass. Smith Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Student Council ' 28, ' 30 President of Class ' 28 Five Years Draper Dramatics ' 30 Ensemble ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Plav Committee ' 31 " Good morning, Emma " , says an aristocratic looking lady in a gray squirrel coat. Don ' t you know who that is? That is Em Bullock. Isn ' t she a corking actress? Wish you weren ' t college prep, Em, so that you could have starred in our Senior Play for us. We feel sure that sometime in the near future we shall hear of Em as the leading society ladv of the elite four hundred. 15 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 MURIEL RUTH CANN ' Rut bit " 268 Locust Ave., Freeport, L.I . N Y Four Years Fidelio " 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Choir ' 29, ' 30. ' 31 .Folian ' 30, ' 31 Fidelio President ' 31 Centennial Committee ' 29 Abbot Birthday Committee i Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Ruth is the songbird of the class. If you want someone to sing in a recital, in A.C.A., in Choir, or anywhere else just ask Ruth and she will certainly do it well. Why shouldn ' t she? She is President of Fidelio. Besides her beautiful voice Ruth has an engagement ring, another thing no one of us has. Here ' s good luck to you Ruth Remember us to Sewie. will VOU ' NANCY CARR " Nance " 63 Main St.. Bridgewater. Ma Smith Griffin Track Team ' 28. 2 Senior-Mid Plav ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Nancv made a successful stage debut in the Senior-Mid plavs as the querulous Italian woman, Mrs. Bonelli. In fact Nancv is quite a linguist, as Madame Craig can assure you. Nancv has long been an important member of our class and if she has a weakness — perhaps it is her faith in beauty creams. Four Years Honor Roll ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Hiking Leader 31 16 The Abbot Circle 19 11 ABBY CASTLE " Abe " 2085 Maine St., Quincy, II! Universit) of Geneva Philomatheia ' 30, ' 31 President of Philomatheia ' 31 Second Varsity Hockey ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 30 Athletic Council ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Senior Banquet Committee ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Christmas Party Committee ' 31 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 31 Society Banquet Committee ' 30 A good remedy for any one who feels blue! Abbv will brighten your downcast spirits. Many a time have we looked over in the dining room and seen the whole table laughing uproariously while Abbv tells about some wild escapade. The good old days are gone for ever. Before, she used to help her sisters get ready for parries. Now it is Abbv who gives the latest information about night clubs here in the East ' And — we are quite sure that you didn ' t get your person- ality from a correspondence course! Two Years Head of Hiking ' 31 Senior-Mid Plays ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Class Secretary ' 30 Prom Committee ' 30 Senior Plav ' 31 Posture Committee ' 30 Abbot Birthdav ' 30 CONSTANCE CHAMBER LIN " Connie " Stony Hill, Windsor, Conn. Three Yen 5 Class Treasurer ' 29 s Philomatheia ' 30, ' 31 Posture Committee ' 30, ' 31 Abbot Birthdav ' 30 Centennial Committee ' 29 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet ' 30 Senior Banquet ' 30 Society Banquet ' 30 Honor Roll 31 Connie and Bunnie are devoted roommates — both old standbysof Philomatheia, both fond of reading. In fact Connie has a collection of modern literature large enough to start a Connie ' s interests are not limited though ! Have you noticed the beautiful gardenias she wears? 17 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 FAITH CHIPMAN " Foi " 56 Brimmer St.. Boston. Mass. M:ss Child ' s Art School -lent Government " 31 Choir 31 Vice-President of A. A. A. Athletic Council " 30, ' 31 Head of fl v rorts ' 30 Varsity Hockey Team ' 31 Three Chevrons ' 31 Club Baseball Team ' 29, ' 30 :-. Four Y. Fidelio ' 28, " 29. ' 30. 31 Class Book Board ' 31 Numerals 28 A ' Societv ' } Club Hockey Team 29. ' 30, ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 30 Head of Baseball ' 30 Prom Committee ' 30 :- Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Class Secretarv Class Vice-President ' 30 Le Beaux Arts Societv ' 30, ' 31 French Play ' 30 Senior-Mid Plav ' 30 Dance Committee ' 30 Abbot Birthday ' 30 Society Banquet Committee ' 30 S r.ior Play ' 31 Faith is known for her versatility. Any time you want an art editor or a member of an ensemble, ask her. Besides that, she is Madame Craig ' s pride and joy as the most fluent French speaker. She can swing a hockey stick and a baseball bat effectively, too. Her good disposition is a saving factor in many an argument. FLORA COLLINS F Volcott Ave.. Andover. Mr Five Years ADS. ' 31 Senior-Mid Plav " 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 ADS. Plav ' 31 St :or Plav ' 31 Fidelia 28 2 Honor Roll 31 Flora is another of our day scholars who shines in plays. She does character parts splendidly and makes a most at- tractive gentleman. Flora also has a fondness for history. How do you ever keep all your history courses straight? The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 CLEMENT CRUCE " Cltm " 400 West 20th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. University of Oklahoma A.D.S. " 30, ' 31 ADS. Plays ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Advisory Board ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Two Years A.D.S. Secretary-Treasurer ' 31 Senior-Mid Plays ' 30 Senior Pla ' 31 Honor Roll ' 30, ' 31 Griffin Basketball Team ' 31 Clem has won great fame at Abbot as a talented actress. Or perhaps we should say as an actor, for it certainly is as a handsome young man — priest, squire, or professor — that we remember her best. Clem has an excusable weakness though — the honor ro! I ! MARY ELIZABETH DIX " Betty " Alden Road, Andover, Mass. Two Years Senior Play Committee ' 31 Eolian ' 31 Day Scholars Entertainment ' 30 ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Betty is one of those enviable day scholars who has had a nice time daunting her many dates in our faces. She is also one of the two taking the music course, and has a very pretty voice, as we learned at the Day Scholars ' Enter- tainment. 19 The Abb o t C t r c 19 3 1 EVELYN FOLK " Ev " 75 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. Boston University Five Years Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Senior Play ' 31 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Honor Roil ' 31 Advisory Board ' 31 Philomatheia ' 30, ' 31 We have heard Ev ' s name on the honor roll so much that we could never forget her, even it we wanted to. " Ask Ev " has almost become a motto among the Academics. At Intervale we found out what a good sport Ev really is ' Vassar Q.E.D. Hockey Fidelio 30, ' 31 Varsity ' 31 ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee Gargoyle Baseball ' 30 Class President ' 28 Centennial Committee ' 29 Christmas Partv ' 31 Class Cheer Leader ' 29, ' 30 President Dav Scholars ' 31 BARBARA GRAHAM " Chub " 6 William St., Andover, Mass. Five Years " A " Societv ' 31 Hockey Club Team ' 29, ' 30, ' 3! Student Council ' 31 30 Numerals ' 29 Riding Team ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Class Vice-President ' 29 Winter Sports Team ' 29, ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Gargoyle Cheer Leader ' 31 Prom Committee ' 30 Gargoyle Secretary-Treasurer ' 29 Chubbv manages to be sociable with the boarders and still keep her dav scholars on the straight and narrow. We think of Chubby especially as Gargoyle song leader, or racing down the hockev field. But sometimes she has made us envious, too, with her fascinating tales of Exeter. 20 The Abbot C i r c I 19 11 HARRIET GREGORY " Harry " 224 Forest St., Winchester, Mass. Vesper George School of Art Three Years Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Choir ' 30 Prom Decoration Committee ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Senior Play ' 31 Treasurer of Class ' 30 Dance Committee ' 31 Gargoyle Basketball ' 29, ' 31 Discussion Group Leader ' 31 Philomatheia ' 30, ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Ensemble ' 31 Track Team ' 29, ' 30 Treasurer A. A. A. ' 31 " A " Society ' 31 Second Varsit) Basketball ' 29 arsit) Basketball ' 31 Captain ot Varsit) Basketball ' 31 Christmas Partv Committee ' 31 Athletic Council ' 31 Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Harriet and Audrie are roommates, and much alike in many ways — both tall and slender, both fond of dancing, and both accomplished actresses. Remember the handsome voung hero Harrv made in the Senior-Mid pla ' Harry ' s lively disposition and beaming countenance make her the life of any party. AUDRIE DRUSILLA GRIFFITHS " Aud " 164 Field St., Torrington, Conn. Columbia Four Years Abbot Dramatic Society ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 President of A.D.S. ' 31 Secretary and Treasurer of A.D.S. ' 29 A.D.S. Plays ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Student Council ' 29, ' 31 Head of Archery ' 30, ' 31 ' 30 Advisory Board ' 31 Senior Play ' 31 ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, " 30, ' 31 Spanish Tableaux ' 29 Elocution Recital ' 29, ' 30 Yice-Fresident of AC. A. ' 31 Junior-Mid Representative ' 29 Vice-President Senior-Mid Class Entertainment Committee ' 30 Christmas Partv Committee ' 30, Northfield ' 28, ' ' 30 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 28 Head of Discussion Group ' 31 Hockey Teams, Gririin ' 30, ' 31 Prom Decoration Committee ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 First Club ' 30, ' 31, Second Varsity Draper Dramatics ' 30 Athletic Council " 30, ' 31 Centennial Committee ' 29 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 The stage is a fit setting for Audrie s delightful personality Main times we have marveled at the ease and grace with which she performs a difficult part Aud and Ham have a reputation tor being most entertain- ing hostesses, too, explaining why their room is always full. :i The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 CAROL GROSVENOR " Wild Acres " , Bethesda, Md. Two Years Fidelio ' 31 Q.E.D. " 31 Carol ' s one of the best sports of our class, as anyone can tell you. She is always ready for anything, even if there is danger of a joint falling out. Wherever Carol is you will hear shouts of laughter. That " haw-haw " of hers is enough to put anyone into hysterics. How will Q.E.D. ever get along without its " left-hand pounder " ' DOROTHY HUNT ' Dot ' 25 Pearl St., Whitman, Mass. Pembroke Two Years 1st Vice-President Student Government ' 31 Q.E.D. ' 31 Xorthrield ' 30 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Choir ' 31 Head of Proctors ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Volley Ball Team ' 30 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 Dot is one of our musicians. She sings in Choir and Fidelio: and what would AC. A. do without her as an accompanist " - ' She also uses her mighty powers of persuasion, gained through Q.E.D., to instruct the proctors. How is it, Dot, that you have callers on the nights when the bovs on the hill are not allowed to come down? Dot is so good-natured and amusing that Room 36 is always a favorite meeting place. 22 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 CATHERINE IRELAND " C.itbie " 400 South Melcher St., Johnstown, N. Y Two Years Eolian ' 30, ' 31 President of Eolian ' 31 Senior-Mid Plavs ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Advisory Board ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 How manv times Cathie has kept us spellbound by her wonderful ability as a musician! She certainly is a fine pianist and organist. Now we know wh he makes such an able President of Aeolian. No matter what the odd job — ushering, selling Xmas Tuberculosis seals, or collecting money — Cathie is always w illing to help. Too bad we didn ' t have more ice this winter. At Intervale Cathie showed every sign of becoming the champion skater of the class of ' 31 MONICA KEITH " Billu " 138 Lancaster Terr., Brookline, Mass. Five Years Fidelio ' 27, ' 28, ' 30, ' 31 Spanish Plav ' 31 Billie is adorable looking and captivates everybody with her quiet, winning manner. I ' m sure she has not missed a dance on the hill. Her clothes bespeak her artistic sense — need we add that she is in L.B.A ? Les Beaux Arts ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Class Book Board ' 31 23 r i i) e Abbot C i. r c 19 3 1 Advisory Board ' 31 Northfield Delegate ' 30 Hockey Team ' 30, ' 31 Captain of Varsity Hockey ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 31 VIRGINIA LILLARD " Ginny " Front St., Marion, Mass. Two Years Discussion Group Leader ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Student Council ' 31 President A.C.A. ' 31 Numerals ' 30 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Christmas Partv Committee ' 31 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 30 Ginny is a peach — liked by one and all. She has enough school spirit and pep to supply the entire school. As President of A. C. A. Ginny has many painstaking duties, but she exe- cutes them all without complaint. She is an invaluable mem- ber of the hockev team and Abbot certainly will miss her next year. We have heard that Room 56 is interested in turtles. How about it? MARY JANE MANNY " Marie Jeanne " 731 Spring St., Michigan City, Ind. University of Wisconsin Four Years Treasurer ' of Class ' 29, ' 30 Philomatheia ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Secretary of Student Council ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Prom Decoration Committee ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 31 Discussion Group Leader ' 31 Christmas Party Committee ' 30 Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29, ' 30,31 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Centennial Pageant ' 29 Mary Jane is a conscientious worker and the shining light of the college division. She has held numerous positions testifying to her sense of responsibility. But when Mary Jane and Harriet get together, as they frequently do, we have discerned a gayer side to Mary Jane ' s nature. 24 r k Y) e Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Chester St Jackson College Fidelio ' 27, ' 29, ' 30 Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Spanish Play ' 31 Winter Sports Teams 31 CHARLOTTE MARLAND " Chare " Ballard Vale, Mass. Five Years Ensemble ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Honor Roll ' 30 Numerals ' 31 31 Charlotte ' s good nature and shy little smile have made her one of our best loved day students. Everything she does- fr om English themes to math problems — is done carefully and neatly. Perhaps that explains Charlotte ' s beautiful play- ing on the violin. LISETTE MICOLEAU -Liz " 55 Weymouth St., Providence, R. I R.I. School of Design Christmas Partv Committee ' 31 LB. A. President ' 31 Second Varsitv Hockev Team ' 30 Club Hockey Team ' 30, ' 31 Club Riding Team ' 30 Winter Sports Team ' 31 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 30 Entertainment Committee ' 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 31 Society Banquet Committee ' 30 Chairman of Prom Committee Senior Banquet Commmfttee ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Lizzie is just a little girl, but she is growing up and even at her tender age she is the honored captain of the Griffins. She and Betty Turner went as counselors to a camp last summer and that is where Vic comes in. He refuses to go out, too. I hear that Lizzie knows a boy who knows a boy who — But uh go on? No one with light curly hair, blue eyes, and an irresistible smile could keep the boys .i .i Two Years Les Beaux Arts ' 30, ' 31 Captain of Griffins ' 31 Varsity Hockey Team ' 31 Riding Second Team ' 30 Track Team ' 30 Prom Committee ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Athletic Council ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 31 25 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 FLORENCE NORTON " Flo " 183 Madison Ave., Showhegan, Me. Three Years Odeon ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 President of Odeon ' 30 Basketball Varsity Team ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Club Basketball Team ' 31 Posture Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 ' 29, ' 30 " A " Society ' 31 Secretary AAA. ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee Posture Committee ' 29, ' 30 Athletic Council ' 31 Class Secretary ' 30 Advisory Board ' 30 Gargoyle Croquet ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Track Team ' 30 Winter Sports Team ' 31 Numerals ' 30 Flo is a poetic genius and Secretary of A. A. A. She is one of the few people who can combine dream and reality success- fully. A long time ago I used to think Flo a quiet soul, but now I know differently. I am afraid it is Aud again who is upset- ting the laughing box. Have you ever noticed Flo ' s hair? No, is isn ' t a wig. It ' s really real, natural ringlets. MARGARET O ' LEARY " P ' ggy " 187 Moffat Rd., Waban, Mass. University of Geneva Four Years Fidelio ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Numerals ' 28 Griffin Volley Ball Team ' 28 " A " Society ' 30, ' 31 Griffin Basketball Team ' 30 Grirfin Cheer Leader ' 30 Secretary A.C.A. ' 30 Advisory Board ' 30 President Junior-Mid Class ' 29 Presid ent Senior-Mid Class ' 30 President Student Government ' 31 Business Manager Abbot Courant ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Prom Committee ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Chevrons — One ' 31 Merit Committee ' 31 Dance Committee ' 30 Peggy ' s undisputable popularity? Why, it is just the natural result of a sunnv disposition and cheery sense of humor. That is why Peggy has fulfilled her position as President of Stu G so ablv. Her charms have not gone unrecognized by our friends on the hill either, as you know if you have been in the " rec " room on Friday night. 26 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 CAROL PIKE Care Mrs. May C. Lupton, Mattituck, L. I., NY. Colunibi.i Two Years Song Leader ' 31 Choir ' 30, ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Q.E.D. ' 30, ' 31 Varsity Volley Ball ' 30 Carol is our song leader, and we ' ll certainly say she ' s a wonder. Remember Bradford Day and Christmas carols, and all the other times she has labored with us? And she even made song practices pleasant with that smile of hers. Hawaii sent a wonderful representative to Abbot when Carol came. I wonder what a certain little, vet effective, person will do when Carol is no longer around to make her life miserable. LINDA ROLLINS " Lin " 75 Church St., Winchester, Mass. Three Years " A " Society ' 31 30 Advisory Board ' 31 Fidelio : 29, ' 30, ' 31 Senior-Mid Play ' 30 First Club Hockev Team ' 29 Head of Track ' 30 Honor Roll ' 31 A.D.S. ' 31 Athletic Counci Numerals ' 30 Senior Plav ' 31 A.D.S. Play ' 31 Yarsitv Hockev Team ' 30, ' 31 Club Track Team ' 30, ' 31 Think of Linda and you immediate ly think of a medium sized person gliding smoothly around the rec room in perfect rhythm with the music. Linda is an excellent hockey player too, and a worthy member of the " A " Society, tosav nothing of being way ahead of us in psychology. 27 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 MARCIA RUDD " Marsh " 320 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. Columbia Five Years Arm Band ' 28 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 29, ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Vice-President Class ' 29 Second Tennis Team ' 30, ' 31 Gargoyle Tennis Doubles ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Ensemble ' 31 Eolian Society ' 30, ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Head Ice Sports ' 31 Rumble! Rumble! Boom! Boom! What is that noise? Oh, it is only Rudd playing the traps. Will you ever forget her, in the middle of the " sacred circle " on Gargoyle-Griffin Day? The muscle acquired in drumming must prove useful in tennis, too, as anyone knows who has seen her play. Marcia is one of our five-vear girls, too. Will you feel very lost next year? FRANCES SCUDDER Fran 101 Alston Ave., New Haven, Conn. Mt. Holvoke Senior-Mid President Class Book Board ' 31 Northfield ' 30 Honor Roll ' 30, ' 31 Choir ' 31 Track Team ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 31 Two Years ' 30 Senior President ' 31 Student Council ' 31 Courant Board ' 30, ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 First Club Hockey Team ' 30, ' 31 Numerals ' 30 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Fran always manages to accomplish with a smile those thousand and one things she has to do as our class President. And that ' s not the only thing, for she certainly sets us a good example. Besides Stu G, Courant, and playing hockey, her name frequently appears on the Honor Roll. Fran even finds time to wrestle with her room-mate and take a cold tub every day. 28 The Abbot Circle 19 11 JANET SIMON " La Petite ' ' 124 Henry St., Manchester, Conn. Three Years President Class ' 29 Head Tennis ' 30, ' 31 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 ' 31 Ivy Oration ' 30 President " A " Society ' 3! One Chevron ' 30 assar Philomatheia ' 29, ' 30, ' 31 Varsity Tennis Team ' 30 Athletic Council ' 30, ' 31 Editor-in-Chief Class Book " A " Society ' 30, ' 31 Numerals ' 29 Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 30, ' 31 Second Varsity Tennis Team ' 31 Janet ' s happy chuckle and good brains are saving graces on many occasions. She certainly did a lot of work organizing the Class Book and we appreciate the results. She ' s always held her own on the tennis courts and the Gargoyles let out a sigh of relief when she steps out on Field Day. MARY SMEAD " S me a die ' ' 620 Nesslewood Ave., Toledo, Ohio Wellesley Courant Board ' 30, ' 31 " A " Society 30, " 31 President A. A. A. ' 31 Posture Committee ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Varsity Hockey 31 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 30, Gargoyle Archery ' 30, ' 31 Three Years Student Council ' 30, ' 31 Athletic Council ' 30, ' 31 Head of Hockey ' 30 Posture Honor Roll ' 30 Two Chevrons ' 31 Second Varsity Hockey ' 30 31 Winter Sport Team ' 31 Gargoyle Track Team ' 29, ' 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 31 Senior-Mid Representative Student Government ' 30 Who do you suppose that " Mercury " can he, living down the hockey held, dribbling the little white ball? Of course that is our fleet-footed President of A. A. A. Mary is equal to any job and always ready to tackle one. Her stories in Courant have delighted us, while her posters on the bulletin board prove her artistic ability. 29 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 DOROTHY STEVENSON " Dor " 709 South 24th St., Quincy, 111. Two Years Griffin Hockey Team ' 30 Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Senior-Mid Tea Dance Committee ' 30 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 30 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 Prom Committee ' 30 A.D.S. ' 30, ' 31 Senior Plav ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 31 Class Book Board ' 31 A.D.S. Plav ' 31 Vice-President Student Council (2nd) ' 31 Honor Roil ' 31 Merit Committee ' 31 Chairman of Abbot Birthday Committee ' 31 Dot is one of the cutest girls in our class and picks the loveliest shades of brown and green to blend with her wavy chestnut hair. Her sweet disposition and readiness to help have won manv warm friends for her, and I ' m sure Abby will vouch that Dot makes a perfect train companion. GERTRUD VAN PEURSEM " Gtrt " Care Dr. A. L. Still well, 30 North Bridge St., Somerville, N.J. Hope College Two Years Class Treasurer ' 31 Q.E.D. ' 30, ' 31 President Q.E.D. ' 31 Club Hockey Team ' 31 Track Team ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Northfield ' 30 Entertainment Committee ' 30 Gertrud came to us ' way from Arabia. That is why she has such colorful settings for her English themes. We are honored to have Gert for our Class Treasurer and don ' t hesitate a bit to entrust to her our fifteen times forty- eight dollars. 30 The Abbot C i r c I 19 11 DOROTHY WELCH ' Dor " 58 Summer St., Andover, Mass. Five Years A.D.S. ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 29, ' 30 Senior-Mid Play ' 30 Senior Plav ' 31 Fidelio ' 27, ' 28, ' 30 Dot ' s specialty is character parts — from an old loquacious Irish woman in the Senior-Mid play to a haughty Duchess in the Senior Play. We enjoyed those games of " I doubt it " at Intervale, Dot, even if vou could fool us. NANINE GRIFFITH WHEELER " Nan " 35 East Bay Street, Jacksonville, Fla. William and Mary College Two Years Advisory Board ' 31 Posture Committee ' 31 Odeon Society ' 31 Nanine shines in French, but she is much too modest to mention it! You see she went to school in France, and since then she has been a great help in French IV. Nanine and Nancy are together so much that Madame is constantly getting their names mixed. 31 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 MARIE WHITEHILL " Tommy ' Grand Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. Two Years Philomatheia ' 30, ' 31 Head of Hockey ' 31 Secretary-Treasurer Philomatheia ' 31 Hockey Varsity ' 31 Baseball Club Team ' 30 Archerv Yarsitv Team ' 31 Archerv Club Team ' 30, ' 31 Clock Golf Varsity ' 31 Clock Golf Club Team - 30, ' 31 Senior-Mid Play " 30 Senior Play ' 31 Draper Dramatics ' 30, ' 31 Fidelio ' 30, ' 31 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 30 Andover Christmas Partv Committee ' 31 Numerals ' 30 Honor Roll ' 30. ' 31 Posture Committee ' 31 " A " Society ' 31 Entertainment Committee ' 30 Athletic Council ' 31 Hiking Leader ' 31 Class Book Board ' 31 Here comes Tommie with her cheery smile and her sunny disposition. We know that there is always going to be some- thing doing if she is around, and why not? What will the school do without her to coach hockev next ear? Who, then, will win all the letters? Tommie is the champion Backgammon plaver, a member of Philomatheia, Fire Chief and all sorts of things which show how verv versatile she is. 32 The Abbot Circle 19}] Class Will We, the class of 1931 of Abbot Academy, being as we believe of a sound and sane mind and memory, do make and (will trv to) publish, and declare this to be our last will and testimony. We leave to individuals: 1. Peggie ' s tact to Louise Wallburg. 2. Cora Budgell ' s quietness to Jeanette Riemer. 3. Abby ' s eyebrows to Jane Hurlbut. 4. Evelyn Folk ' s place on the honor roll to Dot Wrenn. 5. Marcia Rudd ' s exuberance to Marv Jessop. 6. Nanine Wheeler ' s talking ability to Grace Ann King. 7. Virginia Lillard ' s vocabulary to Virginia Arnold. 8. Billie Keith ' s week-ends to Ginnv Brown. 9. Harriet ' s love of light literature to Bettv Piper. We leave to the Faculty: 1. All our odd moments to Miss Patten. 2. Ruth Cann ' s baby talk to Miss Ward. 3- Our French accent to Madame Craig. 4. All our mail to Miss Bancroft. 5- Our love of Abbot coffee to Miss Grimes. W e leave to the school : 1. All our old medicine to the Infirmary plants. 2. Our Thayer-McNeil shoes and lisle stockings for the new girls. 3- All our History charts to the future seniors. 4. All our Hygiene lectures to the incoming preps. 5- Our rhythmic costumes to those who aspire to the beautiful. Lastiv we leave: Our general helpfulness to those who may desire it. 33 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 1930 Calendar 1931 September 17 Opening Da v. September 21 Miss Bailev. September 23 Old Girl-New Girl Dance. September 28 Miss Bailey. September 30 Senior Picnic. October 5 Miss Cadbury. October Corridor Stunts. October 12 Rev. Mr. Beane. October 14 Senior-Mid Picnic. October 19 Rev. Mr. Henry. October 22 Faculty Recital. October 26 Rev. Mr. Stackpole. October 29 Bradford Da v. November 2 Dr. Fowler. November 6 Levitzki. November 11 Prof. Warren E. Moorehead. November 15 Dr. Barbour. November 19 Gargovle-Griffin Day. November 23 Dr. Cutler. November 26 Thanksgiving Service. November 29 First Faculty Recital, Mr. Howe November 30 Dr. Calkins. December 2 Dr. Ellsworth. December 7 Dr. Wilson. December 9 A. D. S. Plays. December 13 Children ' s Christmas Party. December 14 Christmas Service. December 17 Miss Bailey ' s Birthday Party. January 11 Dr. Burnham. January 13 Dr. Haridos. January 18 Rev. Mr. Noss. January 20 Senior-Mid Plays. January 24 Royal Dadmun. January 25 Miss Bailev. Februarv 1 Miss Kelsev. Februarv 2-5 Intervale. February 8 Mr. Trowbridge. February 11 Winter Carnival. Februarv 14 Alumnae Luncheon. 34 The Abbot Circle 19 11 February 15 Rev. Mr. Church. February 17 Second Faculty Recital, Miss Ward and Mrs. Estaver. February 21 Dr. Stone. February 24 Third Faculty Recital, Mrs. Estaver. February 28 Dr. Boyd Edwards. March 5 Compinsky Trio. March 7 Fourth Faculty Recital, Miss Ward. March 8 Dr. Gilkev, D.D. March 10 Senior Plays. March 15 Miss Bailey. pr 5 Easter Service. A pr 1 7 Arthur C. Pillsburv. Apr 11 Miss Stone. Apr 1 12 Prof. Kirtlev F. Mather. Apr 1 14 Fifth Faculty Re cital, Mr. Coon. Apri 1 15 Song Competition. Apr 1 16 Miss Coit. Apri 1 21 Spanish Play. April 25 Miss Nichols. May 1 Dr. Dorizas. May 3 Dr. Cutler. May 4-6 Alumnae Advisory Committee. May 5 Radcliffe Choral Societv. Ma 6 Abbot Birthday. Ma) 9 Senior Prom. Ma) 10 Miss Bailey. May 12 Frances Homer. May 13 Wellesley Party. Mav 16 Dr. Tweedy. May 19 Joint Faculty Recital. May 20 Spring Field Day. Ma J 23 Society Banquet. May 24 Rev. Dr. J. C. Carlile, D.D. May 26 Vocal Expression Recital. May 27 Senior-Mid Banquet. Ma) 31 Dr. Barbour. June 2 Senior Banquet. June 6 Rally Night. June 7 Baccalaureate, The Reverend William Franklin Anderson, D.D., Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church. June 9 Graduation, Herbert Edwin Hawkes, Ph.D., L.H.D., LL.D.. The Dean of Columbia Universit) , 35 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Class Prophecy The class of nineteen rhirtv-one Went our to sorrow and to fun One June day long, long ago: Thus what we quote is reallv so: Skippie is to Eddie v . j J. And very happy so she said. Kay Allen bv her laugh has fame, And all the world now sings her name. Mary as all other actresses should Is reallv being very good. Bac has horses of her own From little colts to those full grown. Bunnv ' s written such a book That all who pass her turn to look. Metta ' s still attending football games, Collecting long lists of men ' s names. Cora runs a tine girl ' s school Where extra week-ends are the rule. Em has travelled far away Where the world seems always to be May Ruthie and Sewie are happy yet; There ' s not a thing that they regret. Nancy has long, long hair; Thev say she did it on a dare. Abbv. a well known comedian, Has her own circuit now to run. 36 The Ab bot Circle 1931 Connie runs a big book store And ' s still collecting more and more. Faith came out two years ago And has a very faithful beau. Flora with her mighty voice Of any part can have the choice. Clem has written a dictionary Her extensive knowledge not to bury. Bettv Dix conducts a symphony Much to her own and others glee. Evelyn still goes to school And gets A ' s as is her rule. Chubbie is a gay voting thing And now she wears a diamond ring. Greggie ' s got two more men But she seems undecided again. Aud is making them beg for more And quite outdoing Ethel Barrymore. Carol runs the R.K.O. Gives us all a knockout show. Dottie Hunt, married at high noon, Is still away on her honeymoon. Cathie, the artist of the year, Plays music to give atmosphere. Billie has a little flat; Now the boys know where she ' s ar. Ginny ' s teaching Sunday school And says she knows the golden rule. 37 T b e Abbot Circl e 1931 Mary Jane has achieved at last The mechanical man desired in the past. Charlotte with her gay, red hair Can smile and get most anywhere. Lizzie runs a small boy ' s camp And still retains the power to vamp. Flo. spurning societv as a bore, Spends her time in trying to draw. Peggie has a pair of twins And lives in an atmosphere of dins. Carol ' s writing lots of songs And exciting perfect throngs. Linda reviews modern books From Hugh Walpole to tours bv Cooks. Marcia and her famous traps Fill in the svmphonic gaps. Fran to India has returned And from Gandhi manv things has learned. Jan is managing societv And makes a hit with every he. Smeadie now has won her fame Bv running in the Olympic Game. Dottie publishes a magazine, The finest one we ' ve ever seen. Gertrude is treasurer of the USA. The President savs she ' s his mainstay. Dot Welch goes to all the proms, s staying out late never harms. J8 The Abbot C i r c I 19 11 Nannie to the Army ' s wed, She likes to be the fair co-ed. Tommie takes parties to Intervale Or teaches youngsters how to sail. The Class of 1931 Went out to sorrow and to fun One June day long, long ago Thus what we ' ve said is reallv so. 39 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Senior Somethings D. A. — Delightfully Amusing K. L. A. — Keeps Laughing Always M. S. A. — Makes Scotch Amusing M. L. B. — Much Loud Bang M. E. B. — Makes Eyerything Bustle M. L. B. — Moderately Lanky Biped C. L. B. — Can ' t Lose Bashfulness E. L. B. — Endless Long Brilliancies M. R. C. — Married Right Connoisseur N. W. C. — New Wonders Coming A. L. C. — Always Losing Chipman C. C. — Can ' t Concentrate F. C. — Fascinatingly Charming F. M. C. — Foreyer Making Comments C. C. C. — Ceaselessly Calling Cathie M. E. D. — Means Eyerything Directly E. A. F. — Eyentually, Always First B. G. — Banteringly Glib H. G. — Hypnotizes Gentlemen A. D. M. G. — Always Does Much Gabbing E. C. G. — Eyer Ceaselessly Giggling D. H. — Deyastatingly Hilarious C. Y. I. — Continuously Violates Ideas M. K. — Man Keen 40 T h e A b b o t C i r cle 19 3 1 V. L.— Very Likeable M. J. M. — Much Judicial Mind C. A. M. — Careful And Merry L. M. — Looks Mischievous F. N. — Fulla ' Notions M. J. O. L. — Many Joyful Outlandish Larks C. E. P. — Contradicts Everyone Perversely L. R. — Likes Royalty M. R. — Mischievously Rebellious F. E. S. — Friendly Entertainment Sure J. G. S. — Just Goes Smoothly M. E. S. — Makes Everything Smiling D. S. — Delightfully Scintillating G. V. P. — Gives Veritable Prestige M. D. W. — Many Daring Whims N. W.— Never Wilful M. H. W.— Makes Hockey Worth-while 41 T h D € Abbot Circle 19 3 1 In a Nutshell LlSETTE MlCOLEAU Griffin meetings Full of tricks Middy and bloomers Camps and " ' Vic ' s " . Marie Whitehall Head thrown back A twinkling eve A pair of skates Spirits high. Metta Bettels Crew races Football games A raccoon coat Boys ' names. Frances Scudder A delicate puzzle Intricatelv designed A husky voice A brilliant mind. Florence Norton Brown eyed, wistful A golden cobweb Stones of Venice Waters at low ebb. Monica Keith Chiffon and ermine A deep, low moon Pearls and Dukes A wedding soon. Abby Castle A sparkling beach The brilliant sea A merrv laugh A heart care-free. Margaret O ' Leary A subtle note Rides in a sleigh A clear blowing wind On an autumn da v. Faith Chipman Soft black velvet Princes and crowns Ladies in waiting Long flowing gowns Carol Pike Mvsterious Deepening snows A blood stone A dying rose. Kay Ireland Lace and velvet Pale rose and green Apple blossoms A lovely dream. Dorothy Hunt Spring Flowers A dav in May Gold-brown hair A laugh that ' s gay. Doris Allen Soft gray squirrel Glittering lights Gay Paree June-moon nights. Audrie Griffiths Bouquets of flowers An opening night Loud applause Jewels bright. 42 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Senior Class Song Sing out, oh class of ' 31, Class of the Roval Blue, Sing to our Alma Mater Ever so loyal and true; Bound by the bonds of friendship, Our class we ' ll love and praise, Memories we ' ll cherish of Abbot And of those happy days. Tree Song Tune: Slumber Boat Lover of the wind, the rain, Friend of bird and sun, From thv beauty may we gain Beautv for each one. Sway, branches, sway, Growing toward the stars; And when we come back one day, Beautv will be ours. Miriam Bass 4} The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Ring Song- 1931 (Tune: I ' ll See You Agahi) Now we gather here, For June is drawing near. Happy for what we ' ve begun, Our work and fun Have been well done. We ' ve a golden ring Across the years memories to bring; In our heart we ' ll always hold Svmbols of our rings of gold. They will help our lives to mold. Our rings. Miriam Bass 44 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Class Statistics Most Likely to Sucu i d Done Most for School Most Athletic Class Grind Cutest Cleverest Most Brilliant Best Dressed . Class Bluffer Most Literary- Most Artistic Most Musical Most Popular Class Clown . Quietest Pessimist Optimist Most Self-Confident Best-Looking . Prettiest Best All Round Girl Most Drag Most Capable. Most Versatile Most Indifferent Most Absent-Minded Neatest Most Diplomatic Smoothest Best Dancer Personality Wittiest Frances Scudder Margaret O ' Learv Marv Smead Mary Jane Mannv Lisette Micoleau Marie Whitehill Clement Cruce Faith Chipman Carol Pike Miriam Bass Lisette Micoleau Catherine Ireland Margaret O ' Learv Carol Grosvenor Nanine Wheeler Nancv Carr Audrie Griffiths Miriam Bass . Monica Keith Catherine Ireland Marie Whitehill Margaret O ' Learv Mary Smead Faith Chipman Linda Rollins Carol Grosvenor Dorothy Stevenson Margaret O ' Learv Audrie Griffiths Linda Rollins Abby Castle Katherine Allen 45 The Abbot Circle 19 11 Intervale Intervale! It is a magic word with a magic world behind it, one that we had heard of but never imagined as the white and perfect land we found. We began the moment we arrived with a sleigh ride to the " Bellevue " where we were given a, welcome. It didn ' t take us long to change into our ski-suits but it was a long time before we had exclaimed enough over our own and each other ' s novel out- fits. There was enough snowshoeing, skating, skiing, " cuttering " , trailing and what we called " tinpanning " to last us our whole three days. At night some of the more venturesome went to North Conway for a soda and a look around while others of us went skating, and one night there was a " flap-jack " partv! Our morning began with the never to be forgotten sight of the sun coming up over the mountains, throwing a pink glow over Mount Washington. Miss Bailey it was who introduced us to this novel sport of sun gazing and never before had we seen anything so inspiring. Then the most exciting climb up Mount Surprise on snow shoes with a bacon bat at the end of it in the " Wyehut " up in the woods. We couldn ' t get enough to eat or sing enough songs we were so happy. And the moon — Oh that moon! It was a full one and seemed, against the deep snow, a kind of special secret to be divulged only to the lucky Seniors of Abbot. Our last glimpse was of Mount Washington, glistening pure white with the sun just coming up as if to say, " Good morning, so sorry you are leaving " . But not our last glimpse, no, for Carol has it all, yards and yards of it in her mov- ing picture camera, from our train ride up, to the bus that got stuck in the snow by Abbot gate, and we all have it under the heading " Wonderful Memories of 1931 ' ' - 47 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Intervale Songs (Tune: I ' ve Got Rhythm) We went skating, We went skiing, We had great fun, Who could ask for anything more? We had pancakes, And had lots of aches. We had great fun, Who could ask for anything morer Trains and horses, Gains and losses, Black and blue marks, Lots of gav larks; We had moonlight And played at night; We had great fun, Who could ask for anything more? (Tune: Nobody ' s Sweetheart Now) Oh the Seniors went away For three days of play. What we did, where we went You ought to know bv the cards we sent. Snowshoed and skied and ate, You should have seen us skate! Private car, whole hotel; - Of all our joys we can not tell. No callers, still less mail And vet we adored Intervale! 48 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 (Tune: I ' m Yours ) Do you like to ski, And do you like to skate? If vou really do, Whv then, don ' t hesitate, You will find a place right near vou, Go to Intervale. Anyone can see Just why we loved it so. At night the moon looked down And bathed us in its glow. Everything was simply perfect, Up at Intervale. And if we look a little tired and weary, Please don ' t ask us whv. Memories will always linger And perhaps make us sigh— For we never can forget the fun we had; Thoughts of what we did Will make us very glad, And we ' ll always love our days back In old Intervale. (Tune : Blue Again) Blue again, ' cause we ' re home again, And we ' re oh so blue now we ' re home again, Got to buckle down to work again. Sad again, school again, After play we ' ve got to work again, That ' s why we ' re blue again, So blue. 49 o ' The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Impressions of Intervale A jagged line on the ice glistening in the soft light like a frozen, forgotten steel rail. Thick, impressive, lonelv pines almost panting in their effort to he upward; straining upward. The hauteur of a lofty mountain so far away as to seem mist, - startling in its very whiteness; a mirage. Echoes of raw, brilliant )azz sung to an orange colored moon and left on a stiffening wind to die. Miriam Bass 51 u Hi Q Q si O z - The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 President I ::e-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Middle Class Class Colors — White and Scarlet OFFICERS— FIRST HALF Lucy Drummond Katherine Cook Ruth Tyler Hilda Lynde OFFICERS— SECOND HALF President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Constance Hoag Helen Allen Julia W ilhelmi Dorothy Reinhart SENIOR- MID CLASS SONG Class of thirty-two, Class of colors white and scarlet, To vou we ' ll be true And above the rest You ' ll hear our voices Ringing loud and long To the red and white, O ' er the world we ' ll Sing vour glory. To vou we 11 e ' er be true, Oh class of thirtv-two. 54 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Helen Allen Virginia Arnold Elizabeth Bigler Harriet Bolton Elizabeth Boyce Virginia Brown Pauline Burtt Katharine Cook Helen Cutler Lucy Drummond Anne Dudley Margaret Farniiwi Phyllis Frederick Patricia Hall Marjorie Harger Madoline Hartvvell Joyce Henry Leonore Hezlitt Constance Hoag Elizabeth Holihan Marie Holihan Mary Hyde Cynthia James Mary Jessop Susan Johnstone Grace Ann King Elizabeth Lathrop Class of 1932 Virginia Lawton Hilda Lynde Frances McGarry Ruth Mailey Lona Mathes Dorothy Moore Clare O ' Connell Elizabeth Palmer Elizabeth Piper Rachel Place Louise Porter Eunice Randall Dorothy Reinhart Dorothy Richardson Dorothy Rockwell Agnes Sibbison Georgia Thompson Elizabeth Turner Ruth Tyler Elizabeth Vincent Louise Wallburg Atossa Welles Mariette Whittemore Julia Wilhelmi Dorothy Wrenn Harriet right Frances Harvey Susanne VVelte 55 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 The Two Ships A cloud sailed o ' er the deep blue skv Like a phantom ship on a lofty sea, Bearing ancient treasures from far-off shores To the mvstic land to be. The cloud changed shape and the ship was gone; It faded away with the wind. I pondered, " Was that the way of life? Was that to be my end? " Then another cloud went floating by, And as I watched it, more and more It took the shape of another ship, Far lovelier than that before. My heart leapt up; yes, that was the end Of all our earthly strife. The first ship signified Life and Death, The second, Eternal Life. Catherine Ireland 56 T.C The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Abbot Athletic Association H. Gregory Treasurer F. Chipman Vice-President M. Smead President F. Norton Secretary 57 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 " A " Society C. Hoag F. Chipman H. Gregory H. Alien M Whitehall L. Rollins S. Johnsrone J. Henrv V. Brown M. Smead J. Simon M. Bacon F. Norton B. Graham Prtsident Sccrctary-Treasurtr Since 1917 the " A " Societv has been promoting school spirit, good sportsman- ship, and leadership. It is composed of girls who have won their A ' s by having at least 250 points, given for making various athletic teams and taking the required number of walks and rides. In addition to athletic points, scholarship, school spirit, general con- duct, and posture are considered in awarding the A ' s. President Secretary -Treasurer Faith Chipman Margaret O ' Leary Mary Smead Helen Allen Virginia Brown- Barbara Graham Janet Simon- Mary Bacon Harriet Gregory Constance Hoag Susan Johnstone Linda Rollins Marie hitehill Florence Norton Joyce Henry 58 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Cheer Leaders C. O ' Connell C. Pike B. Graham Head Cheer Leader 59 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Hockey Team L. Rollins R. Tvler D. Rockwell F. Chipman M. Bacon V. Brown M. Smead M. Whitehill V. Lillard L Micoleau B. Graham ALnitizer Captain 60 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Basketball Team F. Norton E. Bovce H. Gregory Captain L. Drummond Manager L. Hamilton 61 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Tennis Team A. Cole K. Howell B. Worth 62 The Abbot Circle 19 11 Club Captains Mary Bacon, Gargoyle Captain Lisette Micoleau, Griffin GiptJin 63 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Bradford Day On October 28, Abbot was transported " en Masse " to Bradford for our second Play Day. Things started well with singing and the usual rush to find " our girl. " Atter a few minutes in the girls ' rooms, wewent out for the various games. There were all sorts of things to do and every one did something. Fate must have been against us as it soon began to rain, making it necessarv to cut short the sports scheduled for the morning and to call off the afternoon events entirely. Lunch whic h was to be a barbe- que out of doors had to be eaten in the dining room in shifts. It tasted just as good ! We spent the afternoon in the gvm dancing, plaving bridge, and singing. In spite of the sudden change of plans evervone enjoyed herself and had a good time doing the unex- pected. Fall Field Day The spirit was keen on Gargoyle-Griffin Dav and a close score kept it so to the end. The Gargovles met the Griffins and paraded out to the tennis courts where a lively game was started. At the same time finals in the minor sports tournaments, croquet, golf, archery, deck tennis and ping pong were played off. We used the new driving net in golf. First and second teams in basketball showed their skill in good games. Both plavers and spectators were whole-heartedly enthusiastic. By this time the total score was a tie and each hockey team went out determined to settle the score in its own favor. The result was a cleanlv contested game in which the extra practices of the season made themselves evident. The final score of the day was 45-35 in favor of the Gargovles. In the afternoon the faculty met the teams at tea in the " rec " -room, and the same room was in the evening the scene of the awarding of numerals, " A ' s " , and chevrons, a fitting conclusion for a happy day. 64 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Abbot Christian Association 1 F B wi 1 1 M Kf ) ■ I 1 il w 1 1 [ 7 J 1 1 C. Hoag Treasurer A. Griffiths Vice-President V. Lillard President H. Bolton Secretary 65 The Abbot C 1 r c I 19 3 1 Student Council K. Allen, B. Graham, V. Lillard, F. Chipman, H. Allen, B. Weaver, A. Griffiths, F. Scudder, M.Smead. E. Harryman, D. Stevenson, M. O Leary, President, D. Hunt, M. J. Manny. 66 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Northfield K ' B H v W 1 L v JJ I " ' H tl Jll L jf i ; | M » 1 1 ' tf V J 1 — ■ J G. Van Peursem K. Allen M. Hvde R. Mai lev D. Hunt M. Angus A. Griffiths V. Lillard F. Scudder S. Johnstone 67 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Class Book Board IK X II i | K j F. Scudder M. Keith M. Bacon Ex-officto Assistant Art Editor Assistant Business Manager M. Bass D. Stevenson J. Simon M. Whitehill F. Chipman Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editor Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Art Editor 68 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Ensemble F. McTernen F. McGarrv C. Ireland H. Wright F. Harvey M. Harger H. Gregory C. Marland F. Chipman H. Lvnde M. Rudd 69 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Fidelio Society Helen A LI 1 X Mary Angus Miriam Basn irgixia Brown- Cora BUDGELL Emily Bullock Caroline Bullock Jane Burnham Pauline Burtt Helen Buttrick Catharine Campbell Ruth Cann Ada Carlson Faith Chipman Ann Cole Katherine Cook Mary Elizabeth Dix Anne Dudley Evelyn Folk Olive French Olivia Grant Harriet Gregory Audrie Griffiths Carol Grosvenor Patricia Hall Eleanor Harryman Madoline Hartwell Frances Harvey Joyce Henry Elizabeth Holihan Katharine Howell Dorothy Hunt Mary Hyde Catherine Ireland Susan Johnstone Monica Keith Barbara Kidder Elizabeth Lathrop 70 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Virginia Lillard Hilda Lynde ( ii rlotte marland Nancy Marsh Ruth Mai ley Frances McGarry Dorothy Moore Mary Elizabeth Moore Florence Norton Clare O ' Connell Margaret O ' Leary Elizabeth Palmer C roi. Piki: Elizabeth Pipi r Louise Porter Eunice Randall Dorothy Reinhart Ella Robinson Elizabeth Mary Rockwell Pauline Rogers Linda Rollins Marcia Rudd Alice Schultz Mary Elizabeth Scutt Agnes Sibbison Clara Smith Dorothy Stevenson Ruth Stott Jane Sullivan Elizabeth Tompkins Ruth Tyler Gertrud Van Peursem Elizabeth Vincent Marie Whitehill Katherine Whittemore Dorothy Wrenn Bigler Accompanist 71 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Courant Board ■1 1 ■ l 1 1 || I l ' I r I 1 IB 1 i ijUf 1 N» l u m ' IB I i It I HI B H k J f m H H 1 41 1 T -I r 4 m a - ,J| tf " V 4 J fl H H. Lvnde G. Thomson J. Henry F. Scudder M. Smead 72 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 The Abbot Com ant Our two publications of the Courant each year trv to give an idea of the interests and activities of the school through the eves, or rather pens, of the girls themselves. This vearwe have a reputation of 58 years to uphold, and as we look back we find it an interesting chronicle to continue. Frances Scudder ' 31 Joyce Henry ' 32 Phyllis Frederick ' 32 Literary Editors Mary Smead ' 31 Elizabeth Lathrop ' 32 Dorothy Rockwell ' 32 Business Editors Margaret O ' Leary ' 31, Business Manager Georgia Thomson ' 32 Hilda Lynde ' 32 Clara Shaw ' 33 73 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Abbot Dramatic Society L. Rollins M. Angus M. Whictemore F. Collins D. Stevenson C. Cruce A. Griffiths, President M. Bettels 74 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Abbot Dramatic Society The Abbot Dramatic Society was inaugurated in 1924 by a group of competent girls who wished to further their dramatic interests and abilities. Each year the society presents a play for the school and during the year meetings are held at which plays are read either bv our very helpful and inspiring coach, Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray, or bv the girls. The Dramatic Society has been verv devoted to its interests, and the enthusiasm with which it was begun has been steadilv increasing. President ... Secretary-Treasurer Metta Bettels Mary Angus Virginia Arnold Linda Rollins Audrie Griffiths Clement Cruce Dorothy Reinhart Dorothy Welch M riette Whittemori: Dorothy Stevenson Katherine Cook 75 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Aeoli mn R. Cann E. Bigler M. Rudd C. Ireland, President E. Holihan C. O ' Connell 76 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Jleolian Society The Aeolian Society was founded in the Spring of 1927. Its purpose is to bring to- gether those students who are interested in music. It is customary for the members to give a program in the Spring term before the entire school. During the past year the Society has studied the opera, the lives and works of some of the great composers, and has also practised ensemble playing. Miss Beatrice Ward, the faculty adviser, has done a great deal to help the Society in its work. President Secretary - Treasurer Catherine Ireland Clare O Connell Betty Bigler Ruth Canx Alice Schultz Betty Dix M ARC! A RuDD Betty Holihan Marietta Tower Olive French Louise Porter 77 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Les Beaux Arts M. Keith O. Grant C. Hoag L. Micoleau, President V. Brown 78 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Les Beaux Arts Les Beaux Arts was founded in 1925 and is made up of those girls mosr interested in art. This year, during our meetings, we have alternated the discussion of old and modern woodcuts with free hand drawing in the studio. Les Beaux Arts has a bulletin hoard where each week a number of the society puts a few pictures of her own choice for the school. President Secretary-Treasurer LlSETTE MlCOLEAU Constance Hoag irginia Brown Carol Bullock Mary Elizabeth Burnham Faith Chipman Elizabeth Scutt Elizabeth Foss Olivia Grant Leonore Hezlitt Monica Keith 79 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Philomatheia E. Folk H. Gregory M. Whitehill M. J. Manny A. Castle, President V. Lawton M. Bass C. Chamberlin 80 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Philomatheia Philomatheia was founded in 1924. Its aim is to bring together those girls inter- ested in science and to arouse among the student body a similar interest. We are greatly helped in this work bv our faculty advisor, Miss Mason. President Abby Castle Secretary-Treasurer Marie Whitehill Janet Simon Miriam Bass Mary Jane Manny Harriet Gregory Constance Chamberlin Evelyn Folk Virginia Lawton Atossa Welles Patricia Hall 81 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Od eon E. Vincent F. Norton N. Wheeler E. Piper, President H. Bolton 82 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Od eon Odeon, the oldest of the societies, since 1905 has represented the literary interests of the school. This year the study of modern novels and the style of their authors has proved most fascinating. President Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Piper Dorothy Bolton Florence Norton Harriet Bolton Elizabeth Vincent Nanine Wheeler Catherine Campbell Ruth Tyler Pauline Rogers Harriet Wright Marjory Harger 83 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Q. E. D, L. Drummond C. Pike H Allen C. Grosvenor G. Yan Peursem Prisidtnt B. Graham D. Hunt M. Bacon 84 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Q. E. D. Society O.E.D Q.E.D. Society, founded in 1920, is chiefly a debating societv with the purpose of promoting interest in the study of current events. The societv judges the evening news which is given by the girls of English III, English IV, College English I and the One Year Girls. This year with Miss Rebekah Chickering as our very kind and helpful advisor, we have had several interesting debates. At our open meeting the question was " Whether the United States should join the League of Nations " and is one I ' m sure we shall never forget and which will also be a help to us in later life. President Secretary-Treasurer Gertrud Van Peursi m Helen Allen Lucy Drummond Barbara Grah m Carol Pike Mary Bacon Julia Wiluiu.mi Carol Grosvenor Dorothy Hunt Mary Henderson Frances McGarry 85 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Choi oir O. French P. Rogers C. Pike H. Wright D. Hunt F. Scudder C. Budgell R. Cann M. Bass, President C. Campbell F. Chipman 86 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Ho nor RUTH BAKER CORNELIA GOULD A JANICE LOVELL ELIZABETH STOUT 37 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Senior Play THE PROFESSOR ' S LOVE STORY " By J. M. Barrie This love story was made unusually interesting by our two great actresses Miss Clement Cruce, who played the part of Professor Tom Goodwillie, and Miss Audrie Griffiths, who played the part of Lucy White, his secretary. Flora Collins played the part of Dr. Cousens and deserves honorable mention. Being the professor ' s friend and realizing that the professor is in love with Miss White, the doctor advises Goodwillie to leave his work and visit his sister at Tullochmaines. Contrary to all expectations, the professor leaves — with Miss White at his side. Many serious and amusing situa- tions follow before the professor finally realizes his love for Lucy. The second act opens in the picturesque wheat-fields at Tullochmaines. Evelvn Folk plaved the part of Miss Goodwillie who has been disappointed in love, and therefore tries to keep her brother from realizing his love. The Dowager, played by Harriet Gregory, imparts to Lucy a brilliant idea of hers to make the professor fall in love with her. Up to this point Lucy has not tried to make the professor declare his love for her, but now she decides to take the dowager ' s idea. The humorous side of the play was brought out bv Dorothy Stevenson, who was Effie, the professor ' s competent maid. Abby Castle as Pete, and Faith Chipman as Henders were Effie ' s two lovers. Marie Whitehill as Sir George, the Dowager ' s stepson, and Dorothy Welch as Lady Gilding, his wife, were also amusing characters. 89 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 CHARACTERS Professor Tom Goodwillie Clement Cruce Loci White Audrie Griffiths Effie Dorothy Stevenson Miss Goodwillie Evelyn Folk Dr. Cosens Flora Collins Lady Gilding Dorothy Welch Sir George Gilding Marie Whitehill Dowager Lady Gilding Harriet Gregory Henders Faith Chipman Pete Abby Castle Maid Linda Rollins Dr. Yellowlees Katherine Allen Scenes Act I Professor ' s study in London Act II Wheat fields at Tullochmaines Act III Outside professor ' s home at Tullochmaines Coach Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray Stage Manager Katherine Allen Scenery Mr. Scannell 9: The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Abbot Dramatic Society Plays THE BOY COMES HOME On December tenth the Abbot Dramatic Society presented two plays. " The Boy Comes Home " by A. A. Milne was a delightful comedy. Philip, the boy, returns from the war and immediately the action begins. He put the maid and red-haired, fiery- tempered cook right in their places by a few sharp words tinged with humor. He loves his sweet gentle aunt but fears his uncle with whom he must soon discuss his plans for the future. The uncle, after repeated pleadings from his wife not to be too harsh on the boy who may have a will of his own, falls asleep and dreams that his nephew comes in, listens to his plans and refuses to obey them. Uncle James tries to scare him into obey- ing but is finally made to submit to Philip at the point of a revolver. Still shaking and white from his nearness to death James wakes up only to find that it was a dream and that Philip is just entering the room after breakfasting and is quite meek and delighted to enter business with him. The play was well acted and contained many humorous situations. CHARACTERS Uncle James Aunt Emily Philip Mary (Parlour Maid) Mrs. Higgins (Cook) Flora Collins Audrie Griffiths Clement Cruce Linda Rollins Mary Angus THE WEDDING PRESENT By William Carson Bob Gordon, and his wife, Dot, have very recently returned from their honeymoon and when the scene opens they are trying to decide what Jim Dixon, a friend who is coming for dinner, gave them as a Wedding Present. Dot has lost the list on which she had written the people ' s names. She insists that he gave them a Corot that she has taken a fancy to and Bob is sure he gave them the fireless cooker. Many complications occur which are extremely funny and in the end Jim confesses that he got his sister to buy the present and so doesn ' t know himself what he gave them. It turns out to be an ugly cut glass dish which they all dislike. CHARACTERS Bob Gordon Dot Gordon James Dixon Mariette Whittemore Dorothy Stevenson Metta Bettclx 91 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 Senior Middle Plays " THE FEAST OF THE HOLY INNOCENTS " Bv Samuel M. Illsley On January the twentieth the Senior-Mid class presented three plays. " The Feast of the Holy Innocents " gives the audience a peep into the lives of two very pious middle-aged sisters. They want to go to the city to enjoy themselves but are afraid to tell each other so. Therefore they say that thev would like to attend the " Feast of the Holy Innocents " to be held at the citv church. They really can ' t make up their minds for thev can ' t afford it, when Mrs. Oberlv comes in, a typical country woman, and lends them the money. Even then they are in doubt but the sudden arrival of Mrs. Oman their citv friend, who insists that thev go back with her, puts an end to their worries and off they go. The parts were well acted and the play was very interesting. CHARACTERS Cornelia Milk Electa Milk . Mrs. Oman Mrs. Oberly Jenny. Helen Allen Dorothy Reinhart Ruth Tyler Dorothy Richardson Hilda L nde " THE LONDONDERRY AIR " Bv Rachel Field " The Londonderry Air " is a simple love story of a little country hired-out girl and a traveling peddler who plays the fiddle very well. The maiden, Rose-Martha, is betrothed to a slow, easy-going farmer boy, Hiram, who takes her very much for granted. She is working for the widow Boggs, Hiram ' s mother. She and her son have gone to a funeral and during their absence the peddler comes to the door, begs some of the cookies from Rose-Martha that she ' s cooking, and a pretty and sweet love scene follows which is interrupted by the widow and Hiram. Rose-Martha is to join the peddler when she hears his fiddle in the fields that night if she has decided to marry him. She tries to forget but her young heart craves love and she can ' t resist when she finally hears his fiddle so, casting cares to the wind she goes out into the twilight to him. CHARACTERS Rose-Martha The Peddler Widow Boggs Hiram 92 Katherine Cook Virginia Arnold Virginia Lawton Eunice Randall The Abbot Circle 1931 THE SHEPHERD IN THE DISTANCE " By Holland Hudson This play was entirely different from the others for it was all pantomime. The Princess sees, through a telescope, a shepherd and his goat dancing in the distance. She- decides to go to him and so hides her time until her guardians, the Vizar and Wazir, are asleep. Then she makes her escape. On the road she passes Ghurri-Wurri, a beggar, to whom she gives but a small gold piece. He seeks revenge by telling her guardians and leading them to her. Alight with the shepherd follows while she escapes on the goat. The shepherd is taken to the castle and put in chains. The princess and goat finally free hi m by a little scheme of the faithful old goat. The princess fascinates the guardians by her dancing and then poisons them while the goat frees her lover. And as in all fairy stories they were married and lived happily ever after. Every movement in the panto- mime was accompanied by the cymbals of the Maker of Sounds which added very much to the fairy-like atmosphere. CHARACTERS The Princess Virginia Brown The Attendant The Shepherd Tut Wazir The Vizir . Ghurri-Wurri The Goat The Nubian Atossa Welles Anne Dudley Mariette Whittemore Mary Hyde Louise Wallburg Dorothy Moore Elizabeth Lathrop The Maker of Sounds Louise Porter Slaves of the Princess . Elizabeth Vincent, Elizabeth Turner, Joyce Henry, Ruth Mailev 93 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Magazines Harpers Country Life Film Fun Vanity Fair Vogue Good Housekeeping The Dance Popular Mechanics Silver Screen Ladies ' Home Journal Judge . Pictorial Review Youths ' Companion ' s ) True Story . Motion Picture . Picture Play Child Life . Modern Priscilla Arts and Decorations Abbot Ensemble Class Pictures With Byrd at the South Pole Friday night at 8:45 Second Floor Front style show Sunday morning Abbot Prom Victrola in " rec room " History of Art Pictures Date calendars Mirror on second floor Fire Drill Abbot shoes Marks Rhythmics Chidnoff P. A. Short sleeves Seniors at Faculty receptions 94 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1 The Awful Truth Name K. ALLEN D. ALLEN M. ANGUS M. BACON M. BASS Saying It ' s ked " " I know, but ' Whew! " Oh, you ' re bam! ' ' ' I ' m all cut up and running around in small hunks " M. BETTELS " Bumbdunnv " C. BUDGELL " My word! " E. BULLOCK " My word " R. CANN " I ' m all cut and bruised " N. CARR " How subtle! " A. CASTLE " Hev, gals " C.CHAMBERLIN " Oh, veah! " Notoriety Good nature Her size Her Scotch accent Whispering in class Attempted sarcasm Dancing Singing Spanish songs Opening windows Her engagement ring Complexion creams Fighting with Faith Always with Bunny Ambition Rhythmics teacher To be teacher ' s pet To be postmaster Bacteriologist To find someone to buy her poems To be a dancer Prima donna To be high-hat Mrs. Seward Baker To be a second Greta Garbo To worry Frances To know something F. CHIPMAN F. COLLINS C. CRUCE M. E. DIX E. FOLK B. GRAHAM H. GREGORY A. GRIFFITHS C. GROSVENOR D. HUNT C. IRELAND M. KEITH V. LILLARD " Terrific! " " Oh, I don ' t know " " My gosh! " " My dear! " " I don ' t know a thing " " Snousey " " My Forrie " " My word! " " I thought I ' d die of em- barrassment " It ' s the nurts " " And they hang wallpaper ' " Whatcha doin ' ? " That accent To be sophisticated Being a man in all the plays To be an actress Collecting airmail stamps To graduate Cum Laude " Nobhv! " M. J. MANNY " O.K. C. MARLAND L. MICOLEAU F. NORTON M. O ' LEARY C. PIKE L. ROLLINS M. RUDD " How long is your English ' " That is funnv though " I hat is true " Hey, riotous! " " Oh, my dear " " I ' m a wreck " " U ' lo girls " F. SCUDDER " Reallv " J. SIMON " Yes, I know " M. SMEAD " Rats " D. STEVENSON " Honestly? " G.VANPEURSEM ' Fish! " D. WELCH " What! " N. WHEELER " I ' M mad " M. WHITEHILL " Hi there! " Not knowing her French Brains Her clothes Her Forrie Acting Talking in English class Being cheerful Her musical ability Going to dances on the Hill Going to the Friday after- noon teas Being good Her silence Aeroplanes Using big words Those eyes Bluffing Speed Reading her mail in Eng- lish class Telling us about India " La petite " Her conscience Her hair Worrying about her studies Sitting next to Evelyn Sitting on the radiator Quick dressing To be a fancy dancer To be a Psych teacher To get her Latin done To be a little housewife To get her knitting done Miss Mason ' s successor To be a Math teacher To go to the Boston Art Museum School To make a week-end last all year To come out of Miss Bail- ey ' s office gracefully To keep Harriet out of trouble To be Kreisler ' s successor To keep out of trouble- Not to blush in Psych class To anglicize Faith ' s French expressions To go back to Honolulu Trying not to be like Tina To get married To get a diploma To know if he was or wasn ' t To be a gym teacher To be country ' s leading designer Head of an oprhan ' s home in Arabia To scream To settle down To dress in J a minute Probable End Bible teacher Running a tea-room Miss Butterfield ' s successor Still studying Poet Running a miniature golf- course Mrs. Burnham ' s successor Mrs. Vanderbilt Mrs. Seward Baker Miss Kelsey ' s little helper Ambassador to Spain Writing a dictionary of col- legiate expressions Conducting foreign tours Mrs. Gray ' s successor United States senator Making concert tours Artist model Mannequin College-widow Second Ethel Barrymore Wife of a diplomat Music teacher Organist in South Church Night club hostess Missionary Wife of a rich Chicago broker Trained nurse Wife of an orchestra leader Schoolteacher Someone ' s cook Singing teacher Ambassador to India Good old-fashioned piano teacher Gandhi ' s little helper Turning gray over Gar) Gj m teacher Fashion designer for Sears, Roebuck, Go Money-lender Taxi-driver Orator Mistress of a fresh-air school 95 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 What ' s in a Name In a sparselv populated corner of IRELAND was an old CASTLE. It stood on the edge of a MOORE, not far from the turn-PIKE. In days gone by a KING had lived there but now it was deserted. Children often came to the PLACE to HUNT for the ghost which they were sure must be CLOSE by. After a long HUNT they gathered in the big HALL to talk things over. One dav thev heard a CARR drive up and a voice sav, " TURNER in here. " A man in a BROWN suit knocked on the door which had a verv heavy BOLTON it. The frightened children let him in. He asked, " ' CANN vou tell me just where I am and HOWE I can find the nearest town? " They started to direct him but he interrupted them, " I have been lost all day with nothing to eat and I am very hungry. I am sure one of vou must be a good COOK. Couldn ' t you fix me up something? " The children were able to GRANT his request as they had caught some BASS which thev served with strips of BACON. While he ate he told them about himself. He was a WELCHman and a WEAVER by trade. He had come to IRELAND for a vacation. When his hosts told him about their ghost he took them up in the TOWER and pointing out a WHITEHILL in the distance said, " I have been told that there is a ghost in an old COLE mine over there. Why don ' t vou FOLK try to find it? " Thev agreed so readily that he could not help laughing. He added, " Will you WRIGHT me what luck you have? " Thev promised and he drove awav but not before he had distributed several NICHOLS. As soon as he was out of hearing the children began to talk about him. " Wasn ' t he a HOWELL? " exclaimed one. " Yes, " answered a second. " Who could he have been? " " Oh never mind that, do you think it WORTHwhile to visit the mine? " said the first. Thev decided that it was. Mary Bacox Breakfast First a bell, and then a scurry. Next a bath and then more hurrv. Here ' s one shoe, but where ' s the other? Hair won ' t do. Oh, what a bother! Down the hall with quickening feet, Heavens! They ' ve begun to eat. Harriet Gregory 96 The Abbot Circle I ' ) 3 I Tale of a Tub Always ask somebody to start your tub for you — never do it yourself, it ' s )ust not done; just call to anyone at the opposite end of the corridor, the corridor teachers en- joy hearing the girls having a good time. Now that vour tub is started, you have time to do a few of the little things that you have been putting off: write a letter, or file vour nails, or go visiting perhaps; you have plentv of time. Finally you decide to go up to see if the tub is anywhere near running over -it is ! Just sliding over the side is a thin stream of water. You stand in the middle of the room in glee. What fun! When Miss Butterfield arrives ask her to go play with the sail boats with you which you have made out of paper towels. Do anything to prevent her asking who did it and how much it is going to be. Don ' t bother to mop up the wet, just let it soak through down below; the faculty especially enjoy it down below on the first floor. Linda Rolling How to Act When Receiving Callers When you first hear the voices and foot steps of your callers on Friday nights outside of Draper Hall, it is then time to put on your evening gown and high heeled shoes. Of course there is little to be done as far as make-up goes, as vou have spent study hour in carefully applying powder, rouge, lipstick, and most important of all — eye-brow pencil! After your caller has been announced, go immediatelv to the drawing room and greet him. It is now up to your guest to decide the next step; that is, if he had rather sit in the McKeen Rooms and smoke than go dancing in the ball room where there is always a good orchestra. You should agree with his choice. In the course of the evening there are various things to do. For instance, during intermission one is sure to be highly entertained by the Abbot chorus girls who are exceptionally well trained in specialty dances. Also elaborate refreshments are served in the faculty parlor throughout the evening. Sometimes between dances it is pleasant to go out on the senior porch which has recently been refurnished and glassed in. If, however, you decide to go dancing or to one of the main Lawrence theatres, it is absolutely necessarv that everyone be back by one o ' clock. The facultv have con- sidered the strictness of this rule, and, although perhaps it is a bit old fashioned sounding, they think it best for the regulation to be strictly observed. M ki. ri i O ' Lbary 97 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Why We Came to Abbot Faith Chipmax To trv this continent for a change Abbv Castle To follow in big sister ' s foot steps Audrie Griffiths To keep up a correspondence with Freddie Marcia Rldd To inhibit the explosions Dori Allen To lead Kit Allen {Catherine Allen To find the ideal roommate Mary Bacox To look after the Gargovles Miriam Bass To keep Connie companv Metta Bettels To trv to sit still Cora Budgell To enjov Psvchologv class Emily Bullock To stay aloof Ruth Caxx To find out if absence really makes the heart grow fonder Nancy Carr To grow sophisticated Flora Collins To be in plays Lixda Rollixs To speed things up Clement Cruce To find out how they do it in New England Mary Elizabeth Di To go home again 98 T h e A b b a t C i r c I e 19 3 1 Evelyn Folk To keep the honor roll full Monica Kei i h To take a few week-ends Barbara Graii m To get a diploma Harriet Gregory To help out the circulating libraries Carol Grosvenor To visit occasional I Dorothy Hunt To learn to play hymns Catherine Ireland To play the organ Mary Jane Manny To room with Harriet Charlotte Marlano To become a public speaker Florence Norton To dream of Dartmouth Carol Pike To keep the faculty meetings from being boring Frances Scudder To be the class baby J wlt Simon To be nearer Cambridge Mary Smead To train for the Olympics Dorothy Stevenson To ride on the train with A bin Gertrud Van Peursem To get a change of scenery Marie Win 1 1 .hill To get away from that West Point spirit 99 T h e Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Dorothy Welch To learn something Nanine Wheeler To have a permanent home Margaret O ' Leary To get flowers Mary Angus To exercise her Scotch Constance Chamberlin To have time to read Virginia Lillard To rind out what a girls ' boarding school is like LlSETTE MlCOLEAU To receive callers from airplanes Pike GRaham O ' Leary ChipMan Simon Bud GcOrgf. RoY Freddie Rod Vic Ed KeN Dick Sewie 100 The Abbot C i r c I 1 9 3 1 ChiPman s tevenson O ' LearY Castle KlitH FOlk LlLLARD GregOrv Griffiths RollIns GroSvenor WhiTehill B uSs SCUDDER AllEn (K.) YaN Peurm 1 Ireland BacOn RUDD Chipman LlLLARD BAs, Smead Simon COllins Folk CArr BUDGELL Bullock GrOsvenor W hiTeiull Allen (D.) Cruce MArland Dix hEeler MlCOLI l MannY Norton PIke CaNn BEttels BolTon (D.) GrEgory KEith HuNt STevenson CHamberlain GrIfeiths GRaiiam CasTle O ' LearY ROllins ANgus WEix h 101 The Abbot Circle 19 3 1 Parting Hymn Father. I know that all my I Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come : I do not fear to see; : But I ask Thte for a present mind Intent on pleasin? Thee I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise. To meet the glad with jovful smiles. : And to wipe the weeping eves; : And a heart at leisure from itself. To sooth and svmpathize. W herever in the world I am. In whatso ' er estate. I have a fellowship of hearts : To keep and cultivate; : And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength To none that ask denied. And a mind to blend with outward life : hile keeping at Thv side; : Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. : Advertisements " Say it iv it h Flowers ' J. H. PLAYDON Florist Full Assortment of SEASONABLE FLOWERS and PLANTS at all times Member of Florists Telegraph Delivery Store: 60 MAIN STREET Telephone 70 ANDO TR Greenhouses: LOWELL ST. Telephone 71 SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE Compliments of QEfje partisan $ fjarmacp MAIN and CHESTNUT STREETS Chidnoff Studio 469 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK CITY Official Photographer for the " 1931 Abbot Circle ' ?: X z TU ' Portraits made personally by Irving Chidnoff Your Teachers Are ' Right . . . Training is the fundamental factor in the success of any individual, group or concern. The Abbot Circle has been printed for many years by an organization especially trained in the production of fine publications for discriminating V schools an d colleges. The Andover Press Andover : Massachusetts Tele plume Andover 143 School and College Printers for over a Century William Poland Successor to H. F. Chase Athletic oods OUTFITTERS FOR PHILLIPS ACADEMY Kodaks and ' Photo Supplies 40 Main Street Telephone 929 AXDOYER. MASS. Compliments of Senior Mids John Sexton Company l.M VBUSHED 1883 Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO Compliments of The STRATFORD Shop and The WARWICK The JOHNSON FRICTION CLUTCH For use on the Overhead Line and Counter Shafting, in the Manual Training Departments of Technical High Schools and Universities. Single Clutch with Pulley Single Clutch. Sectioned. Showing Working Parts Double Clutch with Pulleys For use as a part of Machinery of all kinds. Write for Catalog " AC " MANUFACTURED BY The Carl yle Johnson Machine Co., Manchester, Conn. Tomorrow ' s Bride... will use these ' Better Kitchen Tools Quickly, easily, safely, the BLUE STREAK opens cans the only sani- tary way — cuts the top off — not out. It opens cans of any size or shape. You will find the BLUE WHIRL faster than other beaters. It spins merrily as it quickly beats. Made sturdilv for years of seryice. SI. 00 IF YOUR DEPARTMENT OR HARDWARE STORE CANNOT SUPPLY Write: THE TURNER and SEYMOUR MFG. CO., Torrington, Conn. Tolly " Prim BEAUTY SHOPPE [ AVIS SANDERSON Eugene Permanent IV aving Finger LOaves and LOater Waves 1 66 Main Street : Telephone gyo : Andover, Massachusetts " Insurance is the modem method by which men make the uncertain certain and the unequal equal. " CALVIN COOLIDGE 1828 Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co. —mm INCORPORATED BANK BUILDING • ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS UTILAC UTILAC Hear BETTY MOORE every Friday CALL AT at 5:30 P.M. J. E. PITMAN EST., 63 Park Street, Andover, Mass. for Complete Line of MOORE ' S Paints and Varnishes UTILAC UTILAC Compliments of Q. E. D. Compliments of Philomatheia Compliments oj ODEON Compliments of A. D. S ANDOVER • rt Studio • John C. Hansen, Prop. Fine Photography Picture Framing Repairing 45 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Compliments of Aeolian The GIFT SHOP g ts that are Useful 40 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Compliments of Les Beaux Arts A. F. RIVARD " Jeweler Optometrist 36 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Compliments of The FOOD SHOP " Shoes that fit you, Service that suits you, Repair work that p leases you. Shoe shines that thrill you " ALL MAY BE HAD AT! Miller ' s Shoe Store Have Tour Stationery Engraved with school seal, monogram or address in the latest style. Ask for beautiful Club Parchment writing papers. Dance Orders— Programs — Menus ASK US FUR SAMPLES 57 Franklin Street BOSTON Hood ' s Grade A Cream USED AT ABBOT ACADEMY None Sweeter or Purer Ask for HOODS ICE CREAM and " HOODSIES " at all Drug Stores 425 Market Street, Lawrence Tel. Lawrence 3167 COSTUMES for All Occasions Write our Service Department for any information which will assist you in arranging cither Costume, Scenic or Lighting Effects. looker If otoe Costume Co. 46-52 Main Street, Haverhill, Mass. Box 703 — Telephone ijoi Telephones RICHMOND 1 2 I 7- 1 2 1 8 E. W. Strong Go DEALERS IN Beef, Poultry, Mutton Lamb, Veal HOTEL SUPPLIES WHOLESALE and RETAIL 13-17 New Faneuii Hali Market BOSTON, MASS. M. F. FOLEY CO [Boston ' s Real " 1 FISH HOUSE A BOSTON MASS. Telephone Richmond 731-732 C. D. Bullerwell Company WHOLESALE FRUIT and PRODUCE 7 New Faneuil Hall Market [north side] BOSTON, MASS. A. G. BUTLER CLEANSERS D YERS 94 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts D. L. Page, President G. S. Taylor, Treasurer |. W. Conroy, Manage) Page Qatering Qompany Established i88 442 Bridge Street Lowell, Massachusetts Telephone 475 Insist on MONARCH BRAND Super-Quality Foods Sold only thru Independent Grocers Reid, Murdoch Co. Established 1863 somerville, mass. Telephone lawrence 6161-6162 Bride, Grimes Co. ENGINEERS and c:ontrac:tors FOR Power Piping, Heating Plumbing Automatic Sprinklers q Franklin Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Balbriggan Pajamas VERY CHIC Two-piece sleeveless and colorful $1.98 Two-piece with coat $2.96 HILLER CO. 4 Main Street, Andover, Mass. JMle. farie ' Distinctive ?JkCilline? v and Frocks Punchard Avenue Andover, Massachusetts QUINCY ADAMS • STATIONERY • made by The Adams Stationery Co. Holyoke, Massachusetts Wright Ditson Athletic Equipment for all Sports in which girls are interested. TEXXIS . BASEBALL • GOLF FIELD HOCKEY • ARCHERY VOLLEY BALL • LACROSSE SWIMMING and BASKETBALL School Costumes, Gym Suits Blazers, Sneakers, and Swimming Suits [Send for Catalogue] 344 Washington Street, Boston Tickets ..Tours.. Cruises.. ™ HERE TIME EUROPE - BERMUDA CALIFORNIA Don ' t forget the specially arranged mid -winter trip to the WHITE MOUN- TAINS for Abbot students. Mrs. Seth C. Bassett 37 Merrimack Street, Haverhill Albert W. Lowe Lyman G. Cole Lowe Company DRUGGISTS 1 6 Main Street Axdover, Massachusetts JFe Serve PARKER ' S C°ff ee ► because it is E JJAL to the best BETTER than tin rest Expressly blended for Abbot Academy by Parker Coffee Company 200 Milk Street, Boston When advice or ASSISTANCE is needed in any of your financial plans, you will find the Officers of this bank easy to approach. Checking Accounts Savings Accounts ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK ANDOVER : MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of Shattuck Farms Compliments of w. R. HILL Hardware 3 i Main Street ANDOVER TELEPHONE I O 2 AN AGENCY CREATED BY THE STATE TO ASSURE THE SAFE INCREASE OF THE SA VINGS OF THE PEOPLE ANDOVER SAVINGS BANK ANDOVER : MASSACHUSETTS Date Due JSAr 9 I 376 Ab2 cl Abbot Academy 1931 Class bo ok

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