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Text from Pages 1 - 146 of the 1930 volume:

THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASS. THE CIRCLE V T K PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY W ' DOVER. MASSACHUSETTS 1930 Affectionately dedicated to TVliss Helen Dearborn Dean by The Class of 1930 HELEN DEARBORN BEAN X o Z w w MISS BERTHA BAILEY -J X oi w a- on Q 5 entors The- Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Senior Class Officers Frances Sullivan, Treasurer Mary Jane Owsley, Vice-President Rosamond Castle, Secretary Kathie Fellows, President The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 LOUISE ATKINSON " Bit my " Georgetown, Massachusetts Miss Wheelock ' s School Two years Fidelio ' 29, ' 30 Spanish Entertainment ' 29 Choir ' 29, ' 30 A. D. S. ' 30 A. D. S. Play ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Entertainment Committee ' 30 Bunny quiet? Oh no, you ' re wrong. Perhaps to those who do not know her she appears so, but we know better. We ' ve seen her in the music rooms with Willa, and other places. She can ' t fool us. Also, what a cheery person she always is. She never complains, even though sometimes she has cause to. And what would A. D. S. do without her 5 Wasn ' t she stun- ning in " Overtones " ? A true blue New Englander turned into a typical society-woman. RUTH BAKER Winthrop, Massachusetts Advisory Board ' 29, 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Northfield Delegate ' 28, ' 29 Hiking Leader ' 30 Secretary A. C. A. ' 29 Three years Posture Committee ' 29, 30 Club Hockey Team ' 3 J Entertainment Committee ' 30 Senior Plav ' 30 President A. C. A. ' 30 Student Council ' 30 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 28, ' 29 Because of her position in the school, Ruth is one of our busiest members. She bears the brunt of the Christmas party, the teas, and discussion groups. What would we do without her? And we don ' t envy your frequent tasks of collecting money, Ruth, but we take our hats ofF to you for the fine results you achieve. 10 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 ELIZABETH BREWER " Pat " Larchmont, New York Smith Two years Choir ' 29 Senior-Mid Play ' 29 Fidelio ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 29 A. D. S. ' 30 A. D. S. Play ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Will you ever forget Pat as Kate in " The Taming of the Shrew " ? She displayed a temper quite equal to her red hair. Indeed, Pat is destined to be a second Ethel Barrymore or perhaps another Mrs. Fiske. Pat and Miriam sometimes seem very quiet, but we are told that room 63 often resounds with shouts of laughter. DONNA BRACE Pelham Manor, New York Five vears Fidelio ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Les Beaux Arts ' 30 Secretary-Treasurer of Griffins ' 30 Class Treasurer ' 28 Volley Ball Team ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 Numerals ' 27 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28 Entertainment Committee ' 28 First Griffin Basketball Team ' 29 Donna is tall and distinguished looking and always looks like a model from Worth ' s. She spends most of her time listening to the radio or vyriting to Jack. Yes, we think she will look very well in white. Any time you walk into the Food Shop you are almost sure to find Donna there, eating a sandwich and reading the Saturday Evening Post. 11 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 ELIZABETH BROWN " Berrf Nyack, New York Smith College Two years Odeon ' 29, ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 Gargoyle Basketball Team ' 30 This young lady is a close rival of the Prince of Wales in riding or shall we sav falling ability. She has a very subtle humor and it is constantly bursting out in her clever repartee. Betty can write in a marvelous fashion and her literary talents are constantly seen gracing the pages of the Courant. Because of this abilitv she is a valued member of Odeon. ELAINE BURTT " Op " Andover, Massachusetts Mount Holvoke Four vears Aeolian ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Class Book ' 30 Posture Committee ' 30 Posture Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29 Numerals ' 28 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 29 Honor Roll ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Club Basketball Team ' 29, ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Class Treasurer ' 28 Elaine is one of the versatile members of our class. She is a musician, ask Aeolian and the day scholars; an artist, any underclassman who has bought some of her used books will agree with that; a writer, many things in this book and in the Couranr will testify to this, and in addition, she is a strong supporter of the Honor Roll. 12 The Abbot Circle 19 3 ROSAMOND CASTLE Posy Smith Secretary of Class ' 30 Advisory Board ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 28 Quincy, Illinois Three vears L. B. A. ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 28 Posy, the girl with the contagious laugh can be called upon at any time to add pep to a crowd. One of her greatest accomplishments is to be able to read a book during a bridge game and think nothing of nnking a grand slam at various intervals. She keeps the records of our class and also shows her artistic abilitv as an able member of Les Beaux Arts. CHARLOTTE GAY CHAMBERLAIN Sharon, Connecticut Vassar Courant Board ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Business Manager of Courant Honor Roll ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 28, ' 29 Senior Mid Play ' 29 Four years Senior Play 30 Class Treasurer ' 27 Treasurer A. C. A. ' 30 Advisory Board ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Form Riding Team ' 28, ' 29 As we look back over our school years we feel that Gay is one of the most indispensable members of our class. Her readiness to accept, and her ability to carry through any and all of the tasks which require time, patience, and headwork have earned for Gay the admiration and gratitude of us all. If it hasn ' t been the Class Treasury or the A. C. A. Treasury, it has been the business end of the Courant; and never a com- plaint from Gay. To top it all she is a perennial member of the honor roll and carries off honors in dramatics and sports. And it isn ' t everyone that can win a Bradford Day Cup for form riding! 13 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Vassar ELENITA COWEE " Nita " Brookline, Massachusetts Two years Elenita is one of the few members of our class who has a legible and at the same time stylish hand-writing. Then, too, she has show-n musical ability, and can swing a mean hockey stick. But what hidden knowledge is betrayed by that mysterious little smile of yours, Elenita? Can it in any way concern a friend of that handsome double of yours sometimes seen about the streets of Andover? ELIZABETH C. DEAN " Betty " Brookline, Massachusetts Smith Three and one half vears Fidelio ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Choir ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Second Varsitv Hockev Team ' 28, ' 29 Numerals ' 27 Varsity Hockey Team ' 30 Volley Ball Team ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 " A " Society ' 29, ' 30 Five Chevrons Aeolian ' 29, ' 30 President of Aeolian ' 30 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 29 Senior Mid Play ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Northfield Delegate ' 28 Head of Skating ' 30 Betty is our class bird. She can fly over ice or hockey field with equal speed and grace. And needless to say how she can warble! Furthermore she has kept her flock of Aeolian chirpers in good order, one more feather in her cap. She has winged her way over many a dance floor, and Betty, whence that far away look? Are you thinking of migrating so soon? 14 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 HORTENSE DUNBAR ■Doll " Lynn, Massachusetts Smith Abbot Birthday Committee ' 29 Advisory Board ' 30 Two years Fideii ' o ' 29 Doll we call her, and the name fits her well, for she has light wavy hair and beautiful eyes. She is one of our " cutest " . We have memories, Doll, of an orange and russet evening gown you wore the night of the Phillips prom. She almost rivals Helen Kane for " boop boop pa dooping " honors. And she can certainly drive even the most stubborn horses — " Giddyup Tri xie " . KATHRYN B. DLTTOX " Kay " Wakefield, Massachusetts Katharine Gibbs Two vears Numerals ' 29 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 Q. E. D. ' 30 Student Council ' 30 Second Vice-President of Student Government ' 30 Merit Committee ' 30 Posture Committee ' 29 Club Basketball Team ' 29, ' 30 Posture Honor Roll ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30 Abbot Birthday Committee " 29 Aren ' t you ever lonely, Kay, all by yourself at the very tip top of the Honor Roll? We ' d all love to come right up to keep you company but — well, for some reason or other we don ' t do it. Kay seems quiet to outsiders but when she and Lucile get together the result is more than sufficient to counteract the previous statement, especially when it ' s a question of sending cards at Intervale. Isn ' t that right, Kay? 15 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 ALICE MARY ECKMAX Grosse He, Michigan; Forest Hills, Long Island Wellesley Two years Odeon Society ' 29, ' 30 Secretary-Treasurer of Odeon ' 30 Griffin Riding Team ' 29, ' 30 Spanish Tableaux ' 29 Second Varsity Riding Team ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Centennial Pageant ' 29 Alice is another of our members with great literary abilitv. We may be wrong but from all predictions it seems certain that her roommate and she will some day edit a successful magazine. Her greatest worry seems to be concerning the location of her next abode. Anyway we are awfully glad Alice that vou stayed right here with us for two years because we couldn ' t have done without you and your constant good humor. KATHIE FELLOW " S Salem, Massachusetts Four years President of the Senior Class ' 30 Student Council ' 30 Class Book Board ' 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Senior Plav ' 30 Choir ' 30 ' Fidelio ' 29, ' 30 Head of Vollev Ball ' 29 Senior Mid Plav ' 29 Vollev Ball Team ' 28, ' 29 Advisorv Board ' 30 Aeolian ' 29, ' 30 President of the Class ' 29 Athletic Council ' 29 Numerals ' 29 Vice-President of Class ' 28 What would the class of ' 30 have been like without Kathie? Certainly no one could have made a better " Madame Presi- dent " or could have led class meetings, engineered the picnic, Intervale, the play and a whole list of other things with greater success. You have done more for Abbot than we can fully realize, Kathie, for we know there were a hundred little thankless jobs that you have done cheerfully and well. That white satin costume lined with delicate green was certainly stunning on you, Lucentio, and you have no idea how gracefully that snowy ostrich plume curved under your chin. The way you wooed the gentle Bianca, at re- hearsals particularly, was quite startling too, dashing Lucentio. Our love to you Kathie. We will remember you, and your smile. 16 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Fidelio ' 27, ' 28 Gargoyle Track Team ' 28 Second Varsity Riding Team ' 28 Manager of Ice Sports ' 29 Spanish Entertainment ' 29 L. B. A. Society ' 29, ' 30 " A " Society ' 29, ' 30 Varsity Croquet ' 29 Athletic Council ' 30 KATHARINE FOSTER " Kay " Concord, New Hampshire Three years Second Tennis Team ' 27 Numerals ' 28 Tennis Team ' 28, ' 29 Gargoyle Tennis Team ' 29 Senior-Mid Play ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 29 Three Chevrons ' 29, ' 30 Captain of the Gargoyles ' 30 Stage Manager of Senior Play ' 30 Winter Sports Team ' 28, ' 29 How many times has Kay kept us in stitches with some witty remark that sounds funny when she says it but if we try to repeat it, it loses its flavor? Then, too, the way she plays tennis makes the Griffins sit up and take notice and they are still sitting up when she begins to skate. It ' s too bad, Kay, that the one time you fell down should be the time to crack vour knee, and we certainly missed you at Intervale. FLORENCE L. GARDNER New London, Connecticut Hollins College Three years Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28 Numerals ' 29 Club Volley Ball Team ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 No matter how gray the day is Florence always greets us with a cheery " hello " and a winning smile. She and M.irv are inseparable, even the wall between their rooms does not prevent their conversing. Florence must have a suppressed ambition for grand opera because she is always singing. The crowds that assemble in her room speak for her magnetic personality. 17 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 CORNELIA GOULD " Sis " Burkeville, Virginia Secretary of the Class ' 27 Fidelio ' ' 28, ' 29 " A " Society ' 29, ' 30 Tea Dance Committee ' 28 Athletic Council ' 29, ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Manager of Baseball ' 29 Varsity Basketball ' 29, ' 30 Captain of Basketball ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 A. D. S. ' 29, ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 29 Three years Vice-President of the Class ' 29 Dance Committee ' 28 Advisory Board ' 29, ' 30 Student Council ' 30 President of A. A. A. ' 30 Two Chevrons ' 30 Baseball Team ' 28, ' 29 Griffin Basketball ' 2S Winter Sports Team ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29 Senior Mid Plav ' 29 A. D. S. Play 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Sis is the very personification of a good sport and because of this she so noblv runs our athletics. In addition to this she participates in them and shows her prowess in basketball and baseball. Her talents are also shown in the dramatic line. Her winning personality and pep have made her an indis- pensable member of our class. Don ' t ever try to argue with Sis against Virginia and Yale ' cause you can never convince her. GRACE HADLEY " Polly " Andover, Massachusetts Wisconsin Class Book Board ' 30 North field Delegate ' 28, ' 29 Abbot Birthdav Committee ' 29 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Elocution Plav ' 28 Senior Plav ' 30 Four years Advisorv Board ' 30 Track Team ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 Numerals ' 29 Odeon ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 28 Alwavs a ,1 good word for everybody, happy-go-luckv Pollv! While others fret and worry over studies, she flies about, carefree and smiling, in the big grav Franklin. But no wonder — such imaginative Latin sight-passages she can reel off at any time! Elocution is this amazing girl ' s specialty. By the way, Grace, are you contemplating a position as master of ceremonies in a New York night club? You certainly qualify 1 18 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 EVELYN ELDELIA HAMILTON " Hammic " Limestone, Maine Mt. Hoi voice Three years Fidelio ' 29, ' 30 Aeolian ' 30 Where ' s Hammie? " " I don ' t know, but I just saw Ruthie on the way to the music room with a pile of music. Perhaps she is there. " O yes, of course Hammie ' s there. She just thrives on music, and we have memories of the way her nimble fingers can fly over the piano keys. We appreciate her help at A. C. A., too. What would you say to a career as a concert pianist, Hammie Arm Band ' 26 Fidelio ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Club Basketball Team ' 30 Senior Plav ' 30 JEANNE M. HARRINGTON Andover, Massachusetts Five Years Numerals ' 27 Baseball Team ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 " A " Society ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Four Chevrons ' 29, ' 30 Second Club Basketball Team " 29 " Get my horse Grumio, " and Jeanne gallops off the stage to obey. She was very good in the Senior play, and as for basketball she was always away from her guard when you wanted to throw the ball to her. Manv a time we have seen Jeanne in the Ford tearing around Andover and she is always willing to do something for ' you. We have heard a lot about the wonderful time the " A " Society had on their picnic at Rye, too. 19 The Abbot Circle 19 3 BARBARA HEALEY " hubby " North Andover, Massachusetts Brvn Mawr Five vears Fidelio ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Q. E. D. ' 30 " A " Societv ' 2S. ' 29, ' 30 Griffin Hockev Team ' 28, ' 29 30 Varsity Hockev Team ' 29, ' 30 Track Team ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Numerals ' 27 Chevrons ' 2-- 2 Arm Band 26 Athletic Council ' 29 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28, 29 Student Council ' 30 Posture Committee ' 29, ' 30 Merit Committee ' 30 Captain of Track ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29 President of " A " Society " 30 Advisory Board ' 29 Third Vice-President of Student Government ' 30 Class Secretarv " 28 " No kidding, I had the best time last night, " and " Bubhy " in one corner of the Senior Parlor tells Betty all about it. " Bubby " stars in hockey in the fall, and in track in the spring. She has made an excellent president of " A " Societv. In her spare time, she wheedles her friends into doing things and keeps the obstreperous Day Scholars in the straight and narrow path. Simmons Odeon ALMA HILL Lowell, Massachusetts Two vears A quiet girL Well, yes, in some places, but what radical views she airs in English Class. We wonder if she confines them to school life. By the way, Alma, can you help us analvze those startling thumps which have frequently re- sounded through the Senior parlor? We assure you in advance that you will need to exert all your detective powc : The Abbot Circle 19 3 MARIANNE HIRST Seoul, Korea Fidel io ' 26, ' 27, ' 30 Choir ' 30 Yarsitv Basketball Team Baseball Team ' 27, ' 28 L. 15. A. ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 30 Numerals ' 27 Arm Band ' 26 " A " Society ' 28, ' 30 Advisorv Board ' 30 Five years A. D. S. Play ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 30 Athletic Council ' 28, ' 30 Head of Hiking ' 30 Head of Baseball ' 28 Class Book Board ' 30 Honor Roll ' 27, ' 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Posture Honor Roll ' 28 Marianne is one of our more versatile members. She has any number of accomplishments. She is artistic, she can sing and write lovely poetry. Besides these talents, she has a habit of being most absent-minded, but that is the privilege of genius. Marianne also has the distinction of having black curly hair and of coming from Korea. CHRISTINE HOLLANDS Hornell, New York Wellesley A. D. S. " 30 Entertainment Committee ' 30 Secretary of Class ' 29 A. D. S. Plav ' 30 Three years Fidelio ' 29, ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Secretary-Treasurer A. D. S. ' 30 Christine holds the unique place of being our champion teaser (If you don ' t believe us, ask Janice) but in spite of her pranks we just cannot get cross with her — probably because of her contagious laugh and the merry, " isn ' t this-fun " ex- pression in her twinkling eyes. Christine is always on the go, from two minutes before the breakfast bell (when she gets up, breaking all records for speedy dressing) until lights our at night; no wonder she stays so thin to the envy of us all. 21 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 ALICE HOYT " Jackie " Salem, Massachusetts Three years Entertainment Committee ' 28 Advisory Board ' 28 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28 Fidelio ; 28, ' 29, ' 30 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 29 Club Basketball Team ' 28 Head of Basketball ' 30 Second Basketball Team ' 30 Club Volley Ball Team ' 28, ' 29 Northfield Delegate ' 29 Athletic Council ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Posture Honor Roll ' 28 Posture Committee ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Jackie, our notorious blonde! Almost any fall day we could see her out among the autumn leaves surrounded by a circle of aspiring athletes. As head of basketball she certainly did shine. As censor of records nothing need be said, and we all envy her, in that she can grin before the camera and not be afraid of having the picture look like a laughing hyena. (Whatever that looks like.) BARBARA LAMSON " Barbs " Evere Ct, Massachusetts Old Colonv Business School Two vears Senior Mid Play ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 29 A. D. S. ' 29, ' 30 A. D. S. Play ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Fidelio ' 29, ' 30 Student Council ' 30 Track Team • 29 Numerals ' 29 Gargov le Basketball Team ' 29 Second Basketball Team ' 30 Riding Team ' 29, ' 30 Merit Committee ' 30 Gar goyle Riding Team ' 29 Secretary of Student Government ' 30 Abbot Birthdav Committee 29 How many times we have been held spellbound by Barbs ' dramatic impersonations! Whether she is an old recluse or a dashing Petruchio, she is perfect. Her pep and personality are outstanding wherever she goes. The crowds that assemble in room 58 speak for themselves. Barbs is a fine athlete and excels in riding. She certainly can keep the mailman very busy. How about it Barbs? 22 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 LUCILE F. R. LEAVITT West Newton, Massachusetts Two vears Griffin Hockey Team ' 30 Volley Ball Team ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Advisory Board ' 30 Fidelio ' 29 ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee, ' 29 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Spanish Entertainment ' 29 The third occupant of room 36 is Lucile, and we just won- der why. If anvone wants to know about inseparables, just ask Kay or Lucile. They ought to be able to tell you. There is a certain Intervale snapshot of you, at full length on the ice, with Kay sitting on top of you. My, my, my, such an undignified position for Baptista to be in! Was Kay acting shrewish? Perhaps you wished " to sound the depths of this Knavery " , but decided not to when you considered your position on skates. There is another thing that we have noticed about Lucile, and that is that for some strange reason she is often very interested in the sports section of the Boston Herald. BARBARA V. LORD " Bobs " Andover, Massachusetts Mt. Holvoke Four vears Honor Roll ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Posture Honor Roil ' 27 Fidelio ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 Northfield ' 29 Class Treasurer ' 28 Numerals Draper Dramatics ' 29 Senior Mid Plav ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Courant ' 29, ' 30 Entertainment Committee ' 30 " I know I flunked that Latin test. " Yes, we all think; does she still believe we fall for that line? B. Lord ' s specialty is nose bleeds, an enviable accomplishment especially in Rhythmic! But no more of that. What will the 1931 Courant be without her? Furthermore who will take her illustrious place on the Honor Roll to help it stretch from Miss Bailey ' s hand to the Infirma ry? Can you answer that, Barbara: 1 23 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 JANICE LOVELL " Teddy " Melrose, Massachusetts Wellesley Three years Class Student Government Representative ' 29 First Vice-President Student Government ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 A. D. S. Play ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 Club Hockey Team ' 28 Numerals ' 29 Posture Committee ' 30 A. D. S. ' 29, ' 30 Senior Mid Play ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 28, ' 29 Hockey Team ' 29, ' 30 Posture Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 29 We wonder what it is that keeps Janice so happy even on the darkest days. Her merry tunes are well known on the third floor front as is the familiar Wednesday evening query from various proctors, " Is Janice around? I have a proctor slip for her. " — Don ' t you dream of proctor slips Janice? However we don ' t think of you primarily as the head of proctors but as one of our ablest and most popular A. D. S. actresses. MARY McCASLIN " Mac " Pottstown, Pennsylvania The 111 man School Three years Numerals ' 29 Fidelio Society ' 29, ' 30 Aeolian Society ' 30 Mary, Mary, how did you manage to conceal those hidden talents for so long? If it hadn ' t been for Intervale we probably never would have known we had a second Gershwin in our midst. And wasn ' t her performance at the Students ' Recital one to make us all sit up and take notice? It certainly was. You ' ll be famous someday soon, Mary, and 1930 will be proud of you. And Mary, where do you go in certain classes when you have that heavenly, serene expression on your face? No doubt it ' s miles away but just where is it? And how do you do it? Tell us your secret! We want to go with you. 24 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 M RY JANE OWSLEY " iu " Youngstown, Ohio Smith Two years Vice-President of Class ' 30 Student Council ' 30 Odeon ' 29, ' 30 Gargoyle Volley Ball Team " 29 Centennial Pageant ' 29 Prom Decoration Committee ' 29 Usher in Centennial Parade How did it feel, Nini, to see yourself walking with Kathie in the Abbot movies of the Centennial Procession? We all think you looked mighty sweet, but then there seems to be an idea in the class that Nini is about the most even tempered, and one of the sweetest girls among us. What would we have done at Intervale without you to " Turn on That Intervale Moon " , for us? Then Inters ale snap- shots without you would certainly have been incomplete. ELIZABETH PERRY " Pern " Andover, Massachusetts Wellesley Philomatheia ' 29, ' 30 " A " Society ' 29, ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 Arm Band and Bar ' 26 Athletic Council ' 30 Track Team ' 29 Senior Plav ' 30 Five years Secretary-Treasurer Philomatheia ' 30 Secretarv-Treasurer " A " Societv ' 30 Honor Roll ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Numerals ' 28 Class Secretary ' 27 Gargoyle Basketball Team ' 28 Prom Decoration Committee ' 29 Fidelio ' 28, ' 29 A cute little girl from her voice down to her legs. It ' s all right, Perry, we lo e you just the same. Whatever she does, she dives into it head first, whether basketball or conversa- tion; we think, she would make a good propeller on Lindv ' s airship. We have heard among other things that " Beth " makes fudge! How about treating the class sometimes? 25 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 JEANETTE QLTNIBY ■Cbubc Portland. Maine ;:r Four years Representative Committee ' 27 Class President ' 27 r : ; - J r. .-.:- 1 - Abbot Birthdav Committer 2 - 1 Q E. D. ' 27, ' 28, " 29, ' 30 Class Hockey Team ' 28 Q. E. D. Secretary-Treasurer ' 30 N :. .-.. - 1 Gargoyle Hockey Team ' 29, ' 30 Second Varsity Hockey Team ' 30 In our minds " Chubby " will always be connected with good looking clothes and tea dances and Proms " on the hill " . She certainly rates and we don ' t wonder. Not only in Andover either, because she seems to get quite a bit of mail from Brunswick. She is another one of our hockey players and we have heard a lot about her brilliaccv in math. : Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 29 President A. D. S. ' 30 A. D. S. Plav ' 30 FRANCES E. QLTNBY " Bat :ord, Connecticut Two vears Senior-Mid Plav ' 29 A. D. S. 29. ' 30 Fidelio ' 30 5rr.ior Plav ' 30 We think Bettv and Barb make a pretty good team. At any rate, room 58 is a very popular place. And speaking of popu- larirv, the drawing room certainly is a nice place on Friday nights, isn ' t it Betty? Betty ' s fame lies in asking questions — especially in History of Art! We wonder if Barb carries an Encyclopedia with her. :- The Abbot Circle 19 3 Smith Courant Board ' 30 Senior-Mid Plav ' 29 MIRIAM RAND New York City Two years Advisory Board ' 30 Senior Plav ' 30 Who would ever suspect Miriam of having a suppressed desire to sew? We hear that she sews beautifully too, but probably while her fingers are busy she is thinking up some very exciting story to startle the English class the next Saturday. She also has dramatic ability. Remember " The Land of Heart ' s Desire " last vear when she died so realistic- ally? Class Treasurer ' 27 Aeolian ' 30 MARY RICHARDS Andover, Massachusetts Four vears Fidelio ' 27, ' 28, " 29 Senior Plav ' 30 We still frequently see that musical pair, " Mary and Gert " about the Abbot premises. Give us your recipe, won ' t you, Mary, for making such firm friendships as you do? We hear that Mistress Mary has friends in Lynn as well as in Andover, for surely all that mail of hers at Intervale couldn ' t have come from Andover. And how shall we explain a certain Pierce-Arrow, likewise not at all Andoverian? 27 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 HELEN RIPLEY Andover, Bryn Mawr Varsity Croquet Team ' 26, Volley Ball team ' 27 Fidelio ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 President of Class ' 26 Baseball Team ' 28, ' 29 Hiking Leader ' 30 Blazer ' 29 Class Song Leader ' 30 Treasurer A. A. A. ' 30 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 " H " Massachusetts Four years 27, ' 28, ' 29 Numerals ' 27 " A " Society ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Captain of Croquet ' 27 Q. E. D. ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Varsity Basketball Team ' 30 Four Cheyrons School Song Leader ' 30 President of Fidelio ' 30 Choir ' 29, ' 30 Athletic Council ' 28, ' 30 " Everybody must learn her songs before to-morrow. " How many times " H " delivered that ultimatum! We would hate to say how many times she has had to. In addition to being a good song leader she manages to land on the Honor Roll not far from the top. As for basketball, the Gargoyles begin to feel sick when the ball gets down at her end of the field. Oh, yes, we have heard that " H " has become an ardent dog fancier. ELEANOR WARREN RITCHIE " £ " Newton Center, Massachusetts Two years President Q. E. D. ' 30 Honor Roll ' 30 Centennial Pageant ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Q. E. D. ' 29, ' 30 Prom Decoration Committee ' 29 Senior Banquet Committee ' 29 Business Manager Class Book ' 30 Posture Honor Roll ' 29 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Red hair, a witty remark, snapping eyes — that is Eleanor, and much more than that too. She signed the contracts for the Class Book, and her help on the class book board was in- valuable. The Honor Roll would not have looked quite right without her name there. How could Q. E. D. have held debates without her holding the gavel? Then, if you should just happen to have heard gales of laughter on the third floor front some time, you can be pretty sure that Eleanor was somewhere around. 28 The Abbot Circle 19 3 DORIS SEILER " Dot " South Orange, New Jersey Vice-President of Class ' 26 L. B. A. ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Merit Committee ' 28 Numerals ' 29 German Play ' 29 Advisory Board ' 29, ' 30 Four vears Arm Band 27 Student Government ' 28, ' 30 Honor Roll ' 28 Posture Honor Roll ' 29 Prom Committee ' 29 Varsity Hockev Team ' 30 Treasurer Abbot Christian Association ' 29 ice-President Abbot Christian Association ' 30 Volley Ball ' 29 Discussion Group Leader ' 30 Class Book Board ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 Senior Play ' 30 President of L. B. A. ' 30 Is there a poster to be made, or a poem to be written? Well, Dot will do it. She certainly can, too. Those clever fingers have produced some lovely things. She was president of Les Beaux Arts and she did many things to further the interests of its members. The Japanese prints she ordered and sold to the school were lovely. L. B. A. just could not have done without Doris. Kadcliffe Draper Dramatics ' 29 Odeon ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 MARY T. SHEPARD " Shep " Franklin, New Hampshire Two vears Fidelio ' 30 Honor Roll ' 30 Numerals ' 30 Her sunny smile is outstanding and has the magic power of chasing away our blues. " Shep " is another one of our song birds, just ask those that reside within the r egions of the second floor front. Can we ever forget the excitement caused by the arrival of that huge package, at Intervale? The final touch was when its contents revealed the pair of seven league boots. And Harvard is a pretty fine place, isn ' t it ' Shep ' : 1 " 29 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 HELEN SIMPSON " Peter " Galesburg, Illinois Vassar Class Secret.m ' 27 Les Beaux Arts ' 28, " 29, ' 30 Cla Secretary A. A. A. ' 30 Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Chairman Enertainment Committee Draper Dramatics ' 29 Three years Fidelio ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Class Vice-President Choir ' 29, Cuss Book Board 30 Senior-Mid Play Advisory Board ' 28 ' 30 ' 30 ' 29 ' 29 Club Track Team ' 28 , ' 29 Peter ' s cheery smile and wonderful disposition are a standard fixture of our class. She can always be depended upon to think of some novel entertainment for our good times. Her versatility places her in the running for Ziegfeld honors. At Intervale she was Vogue ' s entry for fashion honors. Peter also proves herself a fine guardian of the Athletic Association records, to say nothing of her artistic talents. BARBARA SMITH " Bobby " New Hartford, New York Wellesley Three years Fidelio " 29, ' 30 Griffin Captain ' 30 Basketball Captain ' 29 Varsity Basketball ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Griffin Basketball ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Riding Team ' 29 Griffin Riding Team ' 28, ' 29 Griffin Tennis Team ' 28 " A " Society ' 29, ' 30 L. B. A. ' 30 Track Team ' 29, ' 30 Winter Sports Team ' 28, ' 29 Numerals ' 28 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28 Hiking Leader ' 30 Dance Committee ' 30 We are proud to claim Bobby as our class athlete. There isn ' t a sport at school in which she has not won some merit. How often she holds us spellbound on the basketball court with her spectacular shots. But this does not end Bobby ' s accomplishments for the Griffins have honored her with the captaincy of their team. Bobby ' s curly hair, laughing eyes, and winning personality have also caused many a palpitation at Dartmouth and Princeton. And above all Bobby is one of Abbot ' s keenest radio fans! 30 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 MARIANNA SMITH ' Smitty " Brookline, Massachusetts Smith Two j c.irs Numerals ' 29 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 29 Griffin Volley Ball Team ' 29 Riding Team ' 29 Club Basketball Team ' 29, ' 30 Club Riding Team ' 29 Haw! haw! haw! And Marianna appears, Nini following with her unassuming giggle Smitty is going to be a great basketball guard; just watch her grit her teeth and wave her arms aloft sometime. She certainly had a good time at Inter- vale. New Hampshire mountains seem to have a decided effect on her. By the way, Marianna, it is too bad it wasn ' t vour victrola that broke down and which Joe Boko mended so nicelv! ELIZABETH STOUT • ' Betty " Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Three vears Q. E. D. ' 28, 29, ' 30 Hiking Leader ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Smith Posture Honor Roll ' 28, ' 29 Secretarv-Treasurer Q. E. D. ' 29 Advisory Board ' 29, ' 30 President Student Government ' 30 Griffin Volleyball Team ' 28, ' 29 Student Council ' 30 Griffin Basketball Team ' 28, ' 29 Northfield Delegate ' 29 Merit Committee ' 30 Discussion Group Leader " 30 To Betty is given the task of measuring heels and seeing tha t we all behave ourselves. She stands at the helm of ye good ship Abbot and proves herself a very capable skipper. But Betty is not always as dignified as one may imagine. Just ask Madame Craig if she can ' t be boisterous. She loves to play the piano and is willing to play any hymn requested. In addition to her musical talents Betty can maintain her side of the argument in any debate. 31 The Abbot C r c I 19 3 Welleslev Baseball ' " 28, ' 29 DORIS STURTEVANT Somerville, Massachusetts Numerals Three years Philomatheia ' 30 Doris is thought to be one of our quieter members ' this does not apply to times when she is with Alma , but we are convinced that there is a good supply of brains back of that serious expression. And how Doris can dance! She is one of the staunch supporters of the recreation room. FRANCES JOAN ROYLE SULLIVAN Nashua, New- Hampshire Welleslev Two years Courant ' 29 Draper Dramatics ' 29 Courant Editor-in-Chief ' 30 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 Class Treasurer ' 30 Head of Croquet ' 30 Athletic Council ' 30 Frances is going to medical school when she finishes college and we know that she will be a famous doctor. Can ' t you see her taking people ' s temperature and feeling their pulses? Frances is one of our more brilliant students and is always on the honor roll. Besides this she attends to our finances and edits the Courant most efficientlv. 32 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 ELIZABETH TARR " Libby " Beverly, Massachusetts Katharine Gibbs Three years Philomatheia ' 29, ' 30 President of Philomatheia ' 30 Club Hockey Team ' 29, ' 30 Riding Team ' 28, ' 29, ' 30 Abbot Birthday Committee ' 28, ' 29 Head of Riding ' 30 Entertainment Committee ' 28 Athletic Council ' 30 Draper Dramatics ' 29 Senior Play ' 30 Numerals ' 29 Libbv ' s winning personality and sunny disposition con- stantly brighten the senior parlor. As an equestrienne she ranks first, and there is a reason why she always gets the horse she wants. In fact she even has a namesake at the riding stable. In addition Libby has a scientific nature and makes an excellent leader for Philomatheia. Secretary of Class ' 29 Student Council ' 30 Hockey Team ' 29, ' 30 Gargovle Baseball Team ' 29 Honor Roll ' 29, ' 30 Editor-in-Chief of Class Book Numerals ' 29 MARJORIE TURNER " Midge " Arlington, Massachusetts Two years Vice-President A. A. A. ' 30 Athletic Council ' 30 Captain of Hockey ' 30 Courant Board ' 29 Senior Plav ' 30 30 Riding Team ' 29 Winter Sports Team ' 29 Senior-Mid Banquet Committee ' 29 Who is that lovely girl with the dark eyes and curling lashes, and pretty little brown curls around her face? Why that ' s " Midge " . She has brains, and personality plus, as well as efficiency and originality enough for several. As editor-in-chief of the Class Book she put a great deal of work and thought into the book of ' 30. It certainly is not an easy job to get material together, keep the editors busy and cheerful, and attend to all the details as well. We ap- preciate your big contributions of time and work, " Midge, " and thank you heartily. 33 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 1929 Calendar 1930 September 19 Opening Day. September 22 Miss Bailey. September 24 New Girl-Old Girl Dance. September 29 Rev. Mr. Stackpole. October 6 Dr. Burnham. October 8 Senior Picnic. October 13 Dr. Park. October 15 Mr. Howe. October 20 Prof. Kirtley Mather. October 27 Miss Bailey. November 2 Bradford- Abbot Da v. November 3 Miss Anne Wiggin. November 7 Prof. Conway. November 9 Hampton Singers. November 16 Royal Dadmon. November 17 Mrs. F. E. Clark. November 27 Thanksgiving Service. December 1 Mr. Ellsworth. December 8 Mrs. Gray. December 10 A. D. S. Plays. December 15 Christmas Service. December 18 M iss Bailey ' s Birthday Party. January 11 Dean Morriss. January 12 Miss Bailev. Januarv 14 Musical Art Quartet. Januarv 18 Mrs. Edith Wynne Matthison Kennedy January 19 Rev. Mr. Noss. January 21 Senior-Mid Plays. January 25 Miss Florence Jackson; Dr. Stone. Januarv 28 Mr. Coon. February 2 Rev. Mr. Beane. Februarv 3 6 Intervale. February 9 Dr. Cutler. February 11 Faculty Recital. 34 The Abbot Circle 19 3 February 16 Bible Talcs. February 23 Dr. Wilson. March 2 Rev. Gilkey, D.D. March 4 Senior Plav. March 9 Dr. Shipman. March 16 Rev. Mr. Stackpole. Apr Apr 6 Mrs. Cary; Miss Alice Cary. April 13 Lenten Service. April 15 Miss Friskin. April 20 Easter Service. 22 Jesus Sanroma. April 27 Rev. Mr. Henry. April 29 French Play. May 4 Prof. Tweedy. May 6 Joint Faculty Recital. May 7 Abbot Birthday Bazaar. May 10 Senior Promenade. May 11 Miss Nichols. May 17 Dr. Barbour. May 24 Senior-Mid Banquet. May 25 Dr. Calkins. May 31 Society Banquet. June 3 Senior Banquet. 35 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Class Will We, the Class of 1930, Abbot Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, being of sound (although overworked) mind, do hereby bequeath our nicknacks and gewgaws as follows: First, to the Class of 1931 : 1 . The orange pipes of the sprinkler system with a can of royal blue paint. 2. All our jazz records to the Senior Parlor. 3. The ability to write Intervale songs, ring songs, tree songs, etc. 4. Writers ' cramp, from signing classbook pictures. Second, to individuals: 1. A dictionary to Louise Child. 2. To Virginia Scheuer the dining-room clock. 3. To Anne Berry we leave all our radios. 4. All our week-ends we leave to Billie Keith. 5- All our high heels and ear-rings to Miss Patten. 6. To Madame Craig our Intervale boots. 7. H. Riplev leaves her alto voice to M. Bliss. 8. To the Fourth Floor all our honor bonuses Third, to the school: 1. Air cushions to be used during pupils ' recitals. 2. All our Abbot shoes. Fourth, to the Bellevue Hotel: 1. A Latin Dictionary for writing cards to the Latin teachers. 2. Fifty more bell-hops. And lastly, to the Andover Press: All our illegible handwriting. 36 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Class Prophecy Daughters of the class of ' 30 If your futures you would see, Harken to these words of wisdom Telling what you each will be: Bunny always did love children Kindergarten was her craze, Training boys in paths of duty — Twins just use up all one ' s days. Ruth has shone in Social Service. For the reason I have found, Smiling, laughing, always cheery, Ruth makes sun and light abound. When her travels she has ended, Donna in a cottage small With " Beloved " will soon settle Right beside a waterfall. Betty Brewer brought to Broadway Comedy and music fine. In her glorious reign of stardom Art and fun she ' d intertwine. Betty Brown, in Math proficient, Is a Wall Street financier. She has made a lot of money. Truly, she ' s had the career. Op, our wondrous Latin student, Turned her gifts to higher ways, Found that " Tech " boys love the Classics If they may upon her gaze. Announcement of the wedding regal Came a little while ago; Posy Castle ' s raving beauty Is the toast of Mexico. 37 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Gay her home on rock has founded, Farming in the Woolly West. Pigs and cows and horses many Hubby bought at her request. Nita Cowee was kept busy Getting to her " dates " on time. Now she finds it very easy, For she ' s bought a trolley-line. Betty Dean as fairest Elsa On the Civic Opera stage Fills the place to overflowing. Tickets make the poor man rage. Doll is someone ' s secretary, Has his files right up to date. She has kept him very busy, Scolds him when he is too late. With the outcome of elections, Kay her due the White House claimed, President of all this country, Followed Hoover ' s methods famed. Alice Eckman ' s first grand entrance In the held of literature Was acclaimed in 1930, Now she ' s gaining fame secure. Radio listeners, gather nearer, Kathie Fellows sings tonight. President of Abbot ' 30, Always is our guiding light. Foster is a famous lady Can ' t you see her seated there Heading diplomatic dinners Queen of every fine affair. Florence while she was at Abbot Saved up all her pretty coins Then she opened " Gardner, Banker " Right where Wall Street Broadway joins. 38 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Connie Gould is firmly fastened By rhe wiles of southern air Says she will not leave " Virginie " And the loved plantation there. For her generous, free " bus-rides " , Has Grace Hadley won much praise. Now she owns a fleet of taxis; Making money is her craze. Evelyn ' s a great pianist, In New York she ' s gained her fame. Aether waves bring us her rhythms, All the nation knows her name. Jean will not be always single, Off to Zanzibar she ' ll go With her grand explorer-husband She the earth will learn to know. Bubbv will be ever merrv, Always entertaining too. She intends to run a gift-shop Just to help the poor Hindu. Alma Hill has long been staying In New Hampshire ' s ruddy clime. There is writing lovely sonnets. Critics all extol her " rhyme " . Marianne, our learned scholar, In Japan has made her home. Teaching " heathen " is her passion, Though she plans the world to roam. Christine is a noted actress, Known to all as " Dolly Dee " . For her beauty and her dancing, People travel far to see. Jackie Hoyt has now decided, College is the place for fun, So she ' s teaching Dartmouth ' s finest Art and music not to shun. 39 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Bobbv always had a dozen Boisterous " boy-friends " on the line. Now you ' ll find her safely settled, Raising all her children nine. Lucile Leavitt far will travel, On her honeymoon perhaps, Says she wants to visit Scotland, Best of countries on the maps. Barbara Lord received in college B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Now she ' s teaching P. A. students How to pass geometry. Janice Lovell ' s much applauded When she enters any stage. Critics all go wild about her. Really now she ' s quite the " rage " . Marv " Mac " at organ console Can perform the greatest feats. In the " Met " she daily renders Harmonies with perfect beats. Nini Owsley, our Vice-President, Once took charge of " photos " fine. " Art " stores now she has established, Selling sketches is her line. Perrv, always up to mischief, Thought she ' d learn to ride in planes, Took just one aetherial journey Now she ' s going to stick to trains. Chubbv Quimby once taught Latin In the wilds of northern Maine. Now she teaches conjugations To her children, Bill and Jane. Bettv Quinby, famous actress, Has just left the New York stage. She is coaching plays at Milford Where dramatics are the rage. 40 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Miriam Rand, a London matron, Leads the city ' s social life. One of England ' s royal family Sought her for his famous wife. Mary Richards studied music Till her fame spread far and wide. She is giving many concerts For her talents she can ' t hide. Helen Ripley, prima donna Of the Metropolitan, Gives support to all song-writers With the fortune she has won. Eleanor Ritchie is in Congress. In debates she ' s always right. Her great plan of law-enforcement Won the Prohibition fight. Doris Seiler studies painting From great masters in old Rome. In New York she ' ll have a gallery So will soon set out for home. Mary Shepard teaches German Back at old New Hampshire State, But a Harvard Grad is seeking Now to win her for his mate. Helen Simpson went to Siwash Then at art school won great fame. All her work is so successful That it meets with wide acclaim. Bobby Smith, a Wellesley athlete, Married in the South one May. She now teaches setting-up drill To her children every dav. Marianna Smith is teaching Would-be humorists to write. In her school there are no late rules Thus avoiding many a plight. 41 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Berry Stout lives in Chicago And she outlawed all its crime. She will next embark for Russia W hich will stay ' in bounds " in time. Doris Srurrevant. a lawyer. Has a most important case. She must tell the eager judges Just who won a flying race. Frances Sullivan, a writer. Edits L;jc and Saibnefs too. But she can ' t collect the monev That is always overdue. Libbv Tarr lives down in Pinehurst Where she rides from morn till ni hr. She has practised on her hurdling Jumping to a wondrous height. Midgie Turner lives in Boston. In a Packard dashes round; She at everv social function W ith her husband mav be found. Thus concludes a noble record Taken from a mvstic glas . Telling of the future pastimes Cf the members of our class. -: FL.oAe.nce JacK 5tlITTIC Xyvy P. Bu sax Barbara PcRR.y I K A y D. Mr DGE Ni J 15 r is- TA. FraMCES The Abbot Circle 19 3 Senior Somethings L. A. — Loves Acting R. B.— Rules Billie D. M. B. — Does much bluffing E. B. B. — Excels Barrvmore beautifullv E. H. B. — Ever helpfully brilliant E. R. B. — Enjoys reading books R. C. — Roars constantly C. G. C. — Constantly guards cash E. C. — Everlastingly clever E. C. D. — Ever carols divinely H. G. D. — Hides great deviltry K. B. D. — Keeps brains drilling A. M. E. — Always much extolled K. F. — Keen " fellow " K. F. — Keeps fooling C. B. G. — Considers Bill grand G. B. H. — Gives board help E. E. H. — Ever emits harmony J. M. H. — Justly misses Henry B. M. H. — Breaks many hearts A. G. H. — Always good hearted J. M. H. — Justlv merits honor C. H. — Chuckles heartily A. D. H. — Always dieting heavily B. L.— Babbles loudly L. F. R. L. — Longs for runner ' s love B. V. L. — Brilliantly voices Latin J. L. — Jests lustily 45 The Abbot Circle 19 3 M. F. M. — Makes funny mistakes M. J. O. — Merrily jests often E. N. P. — Enjoys noisy places J. L. Q. — Judges Lyman ' s qualifications F. E. Q. — Frequently eats quantities M. H. R. — Minds her room-mate M. B. R. — Makes beautiful rhvthm J H. R. — Howls raucously E. W. R. — Emits witty retorts D. Y. S. — Draws with skill M. T. S. — Most tunefully sings H. J. S. — Has jolly smile B. C. S. — Becomes constantly slimmer M. S. — Mirthfully snickers E. ON. S. — Elizabeth o ' never sins D. L. S. — Does love sweets F. J. R. S. — Finds joy reaping scholarships E. T. — Ever tactful M. T— Much talk 46 T h Abbot C i r c I 19 3 In a Nutshell Posy Spanish shawls Great brown eyes Soft perfume Castillian skies. Barbs Lamson Talisman roses Opening nights Many men In her sight. Marianne Soft breezes April showers Garden gate Old fashioned flowers. Dot Seiler Golden hair Misty blue Many slaves Faithful and true. Miriam Rand Black velvet Translucent pearls The Riviera Marquis and Earls. Pat Brewer White Satin Red gold hair Carved jade Treasure rare. Peter Everlasting pep Dancing feet Peals of laughter Adorable and petite. Connie Hearty laughter Never still Personality plus Yale and Bill. Gay Flame red cheeks Light golden hair Buick roadster To fly everywhere. Betty Q. Twinkling eyes Winning smile Bright clothes Inquisitive " chile " . El Ritchie Titian hair Bright blue eyes Very poised Very wise. Chubby I. Miller shoes Snappy clothes Zete pin Chiffon hose. Bunny Carved ivory Pale gold Sunny nature Never bold. Kathie Quietly dignified Gracious and fair Our able leader Loved everywhere. 47 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Senior Class Song Class of ' 30 now thv daughters Give to thee their highest praise, We will try to bring thee honor, Turn to thee in future davs. And our love for our dear school, Strengthened by our loyalty, Will go on forever growing, ' 30, here ' s to thee! Tree Song Blue may the sky be above you; Softly may breezes blow; Deep may vou thrust down your rootlets; Strong mav your branches grow. Rise toward the sun in God ' s heaven; Drink in His blessed rain; Shelter the birds and their nestlings; Steadfast in storms remain. Just as the leaves wreathe your branches Making crowns green and fair, So will our love hold encircled Abbot ' s rich treasures rare. Jessie Marianne Hirst 48 l J UCI u- E " D D ORIS BtJTTy B. The Abbot Circle 1 9 3 i Ring Song Oh, ler us gather here in Song, Let us our voices raise! Class-mates of ' 30 now unite Singing together in Abbot ' s praise. It ' s not the ring we love the most, It ' s not the golden glow. But it ' s the memories it will bring, That make us love it so. W hen far from Abbot we have gone, School days left far behind W e will recall the fun we had, Happiest memories will come to mind; Then we will sing again the songs, On our class rings we ' ll gaze, Those shining rings will symbolize Cur happv Abbot days. 50 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Class Statistics Best Athlete Barbara Smith Cornelia Gould Most Bashful Mary Richards Evelyn Hamilton Most Diplomatic Elizabeth Stout Mary Jane Owsley Best Looking Donna Brace Marjorie Turner Most Optimistic Barbara Smith Elizabeth Perry Most Pessimistic Doris Seiler Katherine Foster Wittiest Marianna Smith Elizabeth Stout Most Popular Kathie Fellows Barbara Lamson Most High-hat Elenita Cowee Rosamond Castle Most Absent-minded Marianne Hirst Mary McCaslin Prettiest Mary Jane Owsley Doris Seiler Class Bluffer Katherine Foster Donna Brace Class Grind Frances Sullivan Marianne Hirst Meekest Alice Eckman Evelyn Hamilton Best-dressed Donna Brace Eleanor Ritchie Cutest Helen Simpson Hortense Dunbar Most Versatile Helen Simpson Helen Riplly Most Capable Kathie Fellows Eleanor Ritchie Done Most for Abbot Ruth Baker Kathie Fellows 51 Intervale The Abbot Circle 19 3 Intervale Surely, a magical word to Seniors is " Intervale " . Perhaps since we have returned from our four-day trip to the White Mountains, the underclassmen have wondered just what is the charming significance of a word which can bring forth from every Senior, a smile and a rapturous look. To tell you of the snow-capped hills, of unsur- passed New Hampshire pines, of " rosy-fingered " sunrises, and golden sunsets; to tell you of flapjack-bats, of sleigh-rides, trailing parties, and skating by moonlight; to tell you of the wonderful meals, of the hospitality of the Bellevue, of the joy of perfect comradeship, and of a million other miscellaneous things, is to give but an inadequate explanation. We must excuse our insufficient powers of description and ask you, oh underclassmen, to wait and learn for yourself how the magical word, " Intervale " , acquired its powers. We are not the first Senior Class to sound your praises, Beautiful Intervale, but wt- aspire to sound those praises loudest of all. 53 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Intervale Songs (Tune: 0, hou I bate to get up in the morning) O. how we hated to leave New Hampshire, O, what a marvelous time we had. Though we were happy, gay and glad There was one thing which was sad, — We wished that you, too Our dear Faculty Could be with us up in the mountains, O. how vou would have enjoyed those sleigh-rides O, how vou would have loved the views. Up there where cold north winds do blow x nd gorgeous, stately pine-trees grow. Wed like to spend the rest of our lives in the snow (Tune : Am I blue) Am I stiff, am I lame, Will I ever again be the same? Am I bruised, am I sore, Yet I long to go back more and more. One cold day I took a trailing ride, Then tried my luck on the toboggan slide Nearly died . Am I stiff, am I lame, Will I ever again be the same? Turn on that Intervale moon Any old night, You ' ll find us riding Along in its pale yellow light. Bright stars will gleam in Its pale yellow beam, If it will shine, So, clouds, be gone, Fair weather, come on, Won ' t vou turn on that Intervale moon. 54 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Intervale Songs Tune: (I ' ve got the blues} I was a big girl at Abbot Thought I could do anything, Skating never bothered me And that ' s the reason I sing. I ' ve got the blues, black and blues, Those Intervale, winter-sports blues. I ' m stiff, I ' m sore, I wish I ' d practised more, I guess I got my dues. So, honey, take your exercise every day, Cause if you don ' t, you ' ll wish you had, I ' ll say I ' ve got the blues, black and blues, Those Intervale, winter-sports blues. Tune : (Sure a little bit of Heaven} Sure a little bit of heaven Fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire, Not so many miles away. And when the angels found it Sure it looked so sweet and fair, Thev said. " Suppose we leave it For it is so peaceful there. " So, they sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine-trees grow, They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished. Sure, thev called it Intervale. 56 5 enwr Mid. • .• -1 U a Q Q si C Z w The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Senior Middle Class OFFICERS FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Margaret O ' Leary Audrie Griffiths Florence Norton Mary Jane Manny OFFICERS FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Frances Scudder Faith Chipman Abby Castle Harriet Gregory SENIOR MIDDLER CLASS SONG Sing out, O Class of ' 31, Class of the royal blue, Sing to our Alma Mater Ever so loyal and true, Bound by the bonds of friendship, Our class we ' ll love and praise, Mem ' ries we ' ll cherish of Abbot, And of those happy days. 58 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Class of J 931 Doris Allen Kathlrine Allen Mary Angus Mary Bacon Miriam Bass Ann Berry Metta Bettels Dorothy Bolton Katharine Brace Cora Budgell Emily Bullock Ruth Cann Nancy Carr Abby Castle Constance Chamberlin Elizabeth Chapin Faith Chipman Flora Collins Katharine Cook Clement Cruce Mary Elizabeth Dix Helen Dodge Frances Flory Katherine Flory Evelyn Folk Jane Goodell Barbara Graham Harriet Gregory Audrie Griffiths Carol Grosvenor Dorothy Hunt Kathryn Ingram Catherine Ireland Monica Keith Edith Kelliir Sylvia Larsen Virginia Lillard Mary Jane Manny Charlotte Marland Lisette Micoleau Elizabeth Moser Florence Norton Margaret O ' Leary Mary Owen Katharine Phelps Carol Pike Linda Rollins Eleanor Royce Marcia Rudd Gretchen Sawyer Frances Scudder Janet Simon Mary Smead Dorothy Stevenson Gertrud Van Peursem Dorothy Welsh Nanine Wheeler Marie Whitehill 59 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Carol O hush, ' tis the brush Of the cherubim winging, Tis the ecstacy Of the angels ' soft singing, That Mary hears; As with tender fears She kneels by the manger low. O soft, ' tis the sigh Of the Christ Child ' s awaking. ' Tis a radiant song That the choirs are making, But Marv prays — While the joyful lays Ring forth to hail a new King. Jessie Marianne Hirst 60 Sport The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Abbot Athletic Association M. Turner, Vice-President H. Ripley, Treasurer C. Gould, President H. Simpson, Secretary 61 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 " A ' Society President .... Secretary-Treasurer Cornelia Gould Helen Ripley Marianne Hirst Faith Chipman Barbara Healey Elizabeth Perry Barbara Smith Betty Dean Jeanne Harrington Mary Bacon Katharine Foster The " A " society was organized in 1917 for the purpose of promoting school spirit, good sportsmanship, and leadership. The society is made up of girls who have won the " A ' s " by having at least 250 athletic points. These points are won by making the various athletic teams and by taking a required number of walks and rides. In addition to the athletic points, scholarship, school-spirit, general conduct, and posture are considered in the awarding of " A ' s " . The society promotes an interest in all group activities and stands for high standards of school life. 62 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Cheer Leaders M. O ' Lcarv H. Ripley, Head Cheer Leader J. Goodell 63 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Hockey Team V. Lillard E. Walworth M. Bacon M. Smead, Manager E. Dean J. Lovell L. Rollins V. Brown D. Seller M. Turner, Capra n C. Hoag B, Healey 64 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Basketball Team B. Smith H. Ripley A. Hoyt, Manager M. Hirst K. Brace C. Gould, Captain K. Ingram 65 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Tennis Team E. Chapin K. Foster J. Simon, Captain 66 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Club Captains Katherine Foster Gargoyle Captain Barbara Smith Griffin Captain 67 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Bradford Day On November 2, was held the first Abbot-Bradford play day in the history of the school. We all wore gym suits and it was a play day in every sense of the word. Instead of the two schools competing we were divided, irrespective of school, into color teams. In the morning we scattered to various fields and courts to participate in games and earn victory for our respective teams. After lunch we held a sing. After that there were the riding drill and relay races. Then the Rose team was announced the winner of the day. At the end of the day we sang farewell songs, and everyone agreed that our first plav day with Bradford had been a great success. Gargoyle -Griffin Day Next in importance to Bradford Dav is Gargoyle-Griffin Day. This year, because of the lack of competition on Bradford Plav Dav, it was especially anticipated, for we had stored up a great deal of keen competition spirit. The day started off in fine shape with the usual parade around the circle, culminating at the tennis courts. There we separated and watched either the tennis, croquet, clock-golf or archery tournament, all of which were plaved off simultaneously. Later a hockey game was staged. After lunch came the basketball for both the first and second teams, followed by the riding games. The dav ended with an informal tea in Davis Hall. It was really the very best Gargoyle-Griffin Dav we have ever had. 68 Organizations The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Abbot Christian Association L 1 M. O ' Learv, Secretary D. Seller, Vice-President R. Baker, President C. G. Chamberlain, Tre.iuirtr 69 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Student Council C. Hoag, R. Baker, D. Seiler, M. J. Owsley, K. Fellows, C. Gould, E. Bullock, M. Turner, M. Smead B. Lamson B. Healey E. Stout, President J. Lovell K. Dutton 70 The Abbot C i r c I I ' ) 3 o Northfield G. Hadley A. Hoyt B. Lord B. Stout R. Baker 71 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Class Book Board H. Simpson, Art Editor; G. Hadley, Assistant Business Manager; M. Hirst, Literary Editor; K. Fellows, Ex-officio; E. Bum, literary Editor. E. Ritchie, Business Manager; M. Turner, Editor-in-Chief: D. Seller, Literary Editor. 72 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Courant Board M. Smead M. Rand B. Lord H. Lynde F. Sullivan M. O ' Leary C. G. Chamberlain IS The Abb o t C i r c 19 3 Fidelio Society Ann Adams Clare O ' Connell Ruth Cann Mary Bliss Carol Bullock Alice Fulton Catherine Ireland Susan Johnstone Betty Moser Margaret O ' Leary Carol Pike Marianne Hirst Louise Atkinson Alice Canoune Betty Dean Jeanne Harrington Alice Hoyt Barbara Lamson Helen Allen Milda Allen Harriet Gregory Hilda Lynde Marc i a Rudd Betty Tompkins Gertrud Van Peursem Betty Vinckni Elaine Burtt Katherine Dutton Kathie Fellows Christine Hollands Lucille Leavitt Mary McCaslin Betty Qltnby Helen Simpson- Helen Buttrick Katharine Cook Joyce Henry Eleanor Royce Alice Schultz Frances Scudder Donna Brace Miriam Bass 74 Societies The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Emily Bullock Evelyn Folk Audrey Griffiths Linda Rollins Faith Chipman Grace Hadley Evelyn Hamilton Barbara Healey Mary Shepard Barbara Smith Helen Ripley Mary Hyde Mary Elizabeth Moore Eunice Randall Marietta Tower Virginia Brown Antoinette Force Barbara Graham Mary Rockwell Florence Norton Elizabeth Piper Dorothy Stevenson Dorothy Hunt Ruth Mailey Ella Robinson Mary Angus Pauline Burtt Betty Dix Helen Dodge Betty Holihan Ruth Stott Rosamond Taylor Marie Whitehill Marion Burridge Louise Child Virginia Lillard Penelope Page 75 The Abbot C i r c 1 19 3 Abbot Dramatic Society ■ z ■ m : H W— ' i S Bj ' « K f ||k ' .$f |i. JB H ■ « V j J F J Wi MiiiM- . fl H m. i ■W 7 l H [ ' Mm , 4s 3 C. Gould B. Lamson L. Atkinson A. Griffiths J. Lovell E. Brewer E. Quinby, Prisident C Hollands 76 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 A bbot Dramatic Society The Abbot Dramatic Society was founded in 1924 by a group of girls wishing to further their interests along dramatic lines. Annually they present a play for the School. During the school year plays are read and discussed. A great deal of enthusi- asm has been stimulated and the work proves of great interest. President Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Quinby Christine Hollands Mary Angus Louise Atkinson Elizabeth Brewer Clement Cruce Frances Flory Cornelia Gould Audrie Griffiths Barbara Lamson Janice Lovell Dorothy Stevenson 77 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 jleolian K. Fellows E. Bigler E. Bum E. Hamilton E. Dean, President C. O ' Connell 78 r h Abbot Circle 19 3 Aeolian Society Aeolian Society was founded in the Spring of 1927. Its aim is to bring together the students who are interested in music. During the spring term a program is given by the members to the whole school. This past year the society has been studying the lives and works of modern composers with numerous illustrations both vocal and instrumental. Miss Kate Frisian, the faculty advisor, is most helpful and inspiring. President Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Dean Elizabeth Bigler Kathie Fellows Evelyn Hamilton Mary Richards Clare O ' Connell Elaine Burtt Elenita Cowee Alice Schultz Ruth Cann Catherine Ireland Mary McCaslin 79 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Les Beaux Arts C. Hoag B. Smith M. Hirst F. Chipman R. Castle H. Simpson D. Seiler, President K. Foster M. Keith 80 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Les Beaux Arts Les Beaux Arts was founded in 1925 and is made up of those girls who are most interested in art. We discuss both old and modern art in our meetings and try to find out something about the lives of famous artists. Les Beaux Arts has a bulletin board where each week a member puts a small exhibit of pictures for the school. President Secretary-Treasurer Doris Seiler Helen Simpson Katherine Foster Rosamond Castle Marianne Hirst Donna Brace Barbara Smith Faith Chipman Monica Keith LlSETTE MlCOLEAU Constance Hoag Virginia Brown 81 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Philomatheia ■ " " 1 K . 1 fW B B t BflGI £■ ! Was W 1 a IS L . 7 1 mLaI E. Folk E. Ptrrv H. Gregorv D. Sturcevant C. Chamberlin E. Tarr, President J. Simon 82 The Abbot C t r c I 19 3 Philomatheia Philomatheia was founded in 1924 for students interested in scientific subjects. The society keeps in touch with the progress of science and shares with the school its information. There are at present twelve members. President Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Tarr Elizabeth Perry Janet Simon Mary Jane Manny Harriet Gregory Constance Chamberlin Evelyn Folk Marie Whitehill Abby Castle Virginia Lawton Miriam Bass Doris Sturtevant 83 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Odeon E. Brown G. Hadley M. Shepard A. Hil F. Norton, President M. J. Owsley A. Eckman 84 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Od eon Odeon, the oldest of the present societies, was founded in 1905- Its purpose has been to foster the study and production of good literature and to arouse interest among the members of the society and the whole student body in true literary attain- ment. This year, with full membership and the assistance of our new faculty adviser, Miss Patten, we are studying types of modern American Literature, especially poetry, essays, and the lives of living American writers. President Secretary-Treasurer Florence Norton Alice Eckman Dorothy Bolton Harriet Bolton Elizabeth Brown Helen Dodge Grace Hadley Alma Hill Mary Jane Owsley Elizabeth Piper Mary Shepard Mary Elizabeth Walworth 85 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 Q. E. D. B. Healey K. Dutton H. Ripley B. Graham E. Stout E. Ritchie, President J. Quimby 86 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Q. E. D. Society O.E.D. Q. E. D. society was founded in 1920 for the purpose of promoting interest in the study of current events and debating. The society judges the news given by the girls of English III, English IV, and College English I. For several years Miss Rebecca Chickering has been the very kind and helpful faculty advisor of Q. E. D. President Secretary- Treasurer Eleanor Ritchie Jeanette Quimby Helen Allen Elizabeth Chapin Lucy Drummond Katherine Dutton Barbara Graham Barbara Healey Carol Pike Helen Ripley Elizabeth Stout Gertrud Van Peursem 87 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Ho nor A LOUISE ANTHONY £ ALICE BUTLER CATHERINE BOWDEN Tdi HARRIET GILMORE LOIS HARDY 88 Dramatics The Abbot Circle 19 3 Senior Play " THE TAMING OF THE SHREW " " The Taming of the Shrew " ! the title tells the story. Have we not all read this famous comedy of Shakespeare? There is Katherina, the curst, who is not to be subdued until the clever Petruchio woos and weds her in a week. He carries her off to his country home and there by scolding and fuming at the servants, scaring and giving Kate no rest, he thoroughly subdues her. Their last argument is on the road to her father ' s home when there is an argument as to whether the sun or moon is shining brightly and here Petruchio permanently fixes his superiority over Kate. At the banquet scene he shows how he has turned her into an obedient and loving wife. " A lusty wench, " said Petruchio when he laid eyes on the red-headed, fiery-eyed, bad-tempered Kate, who was so well personified by Pat Brewer. Barbara Lamson as Petruchio made a gallant, smiling but rough tamer. When these two burning fires met, they consumed and formed one. Lucile Leavitt played the part of Baptista, a dignified, all-commanding father, unable to manage his own daughter, Katherina. Bianca, his other daughter, was as gentle and sweet as the other was proud and cross. Bianca was apparently the more approachable of the two sisters, but her father would not let her marry until Kate had a husband. Among Bianca ' s suitors were: Kathie as Lucentio, who finally won her hand, Janice as Tranio, Lucentio ' s servant who changed clothes with his master and put on all the airs and graces and Connie as Hortensio and Gay as Gremio were both very humorous characters. The servants ran around in a bewildered fashion, adding color and life to the play. Occasionally there was music which likewise helped the atmosphere. The Senior Class is to be congratulated on its splendid interpretation of " The Taming of the Shrew " . We feel sure that they did justice to it under the steady, whole- hearted coaching which Mrs. Gray gave them. 89 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 ' THE TAMING OF THE SHREW " CAST OF CHARACTERS Ba-ptista, a Rich Gentleman of Padua Vincentio, a Gentleman of Pisa Lucentio, Son of Vincentio, in love with Bianca .... Petruchio, a Gentleman of V erona, a suitor to Katherina Hortensio Gremio Tranio Biondello A Pedant Katherina, the Shrew Bianca A Widow Grumio Curtis Nathaniel Phillip Joseph Nicholas Peter Cook . Servant to Baptista A Tailor Gentlemen Lady Attendants at Wedding Gentlemen Attendants Suitors to Bianca Servants to Lucentio Daughters to Baptista Servants to Petruchio Lucile Leavitt Alice Hoyt Kathie Fellows Barbara Lamson (Cornelia Gould i Gay Chamberlain Janice Lovell I Christine Hollands Marianne Hirst Elizabeth Brewer Louise Atkinson . Donna Brace Jeanne Harrington Elizabeth Quinbv Ruth Baker ' Eleanor Ritchie ;Mary Richards Elizabeth Tarr Doris Seiler IKathryn Dutton Helen Simpson Marjorie Turner Grace Hadley, Barbara Lord Florence Gardner, Miriam Rand, Elaine Burtt Elizabeth Dean, Elizabeth Perry THE SCENES ACT I— Scene 1 Padua. A Public Place Scene 2 Baptista ' s House ACT II — Scene 1 Baptista ' s House Scene 2 Baptista ' s House ACT III — Scene 1 Petruchio ' s Country House Scene 2 Petruchio ' s Country House Scene 3 A Public Road Near Padua Scene 4 Before Lucentio ' s House ACT IV — Scene 1 Lucentio ' s House at Padua Stage Manager — Katharine Foster Director — Mrs. Bertha Morgan Gray 90 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Abbot Dramatic Society Plays " OVERTONES " On December the tenth, the Abbot Dramatic Society presented " Overtones " , a verv weird play. Four people are on the stage of which only two are real; the other two are their inner selves who show the real attitudes of the two women towards each other. The two real selves always act politely and sweetly towards each other; while their inner selves, unnoticed by the real selves, say sharp words and light con- tinually. Each woman is jealous of the other. Margaret came for Hettie ' s gold but Hettie wants to win Margaret ' s husband. The play was very funny and immensely enjoyed. CAST OF CHARACTERS Harriet, a cultured woman Audrie Griffiths Hettie, her primitive self Elizabeth Brewer Margaret, a cultured woman Louise Atkinson Maggie, her primitive self Christine Hollands Scene: Harriet ' s Living Room Time: The Present " FIAT LUX " (LET THERE BE LIGHT) The other production, " Fiat Lux " was entirely different from " Overtones " and a difficult play to put over, although the actors did put it over. Azariah has lost all faith, because he believes that God has purposely taken away his children. He refused admittance to the carol singers. Nothing his friend, Father Ambrose, says can bring back his faith. Then he imagines that he sees his son, the soldier, and later his little, lame daughter enter, speak to him and leave happily for the help and shelter he has given to them. His old faith returns and he calls in the carol singers and they make merry on Christmas day. CAST OF CHARACTERS Azari ' m Barbara Lamson Father Ambrose .... Cornelia Gould Nellie Elizabeth Quinhv Soldier Janice Lovell The Waits Helen Simpson, Helen Ripley, Elizabeth Dean, Kathie Fellows, Marianne Hirst Scene: Azariah ' s House Time: Christmas Eve. 91 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Senior Middle Plays " THE FLITCH OF BACON " On Januarv rhe twenty-first the Senior-Mid class presented two plavs. ' " The Flitch of Bacon " is the story of a bachelor who promises a flitch of bacon to the married couple who can live together without quarreling for a year. He does not be- lieve such a thing is possible, until a timid, loving couple come to his home to demand the bacon. After trying very hard he finally makes them quarrel, but he discovers that it is better to have quarreled and made up than never to have quarreled at all. The dialect and the costumes were both very quaint and pretty. CAST OF CHARACTERS A Country Squire . Dick, his nephew Lucan, an old retainer Adam, a voung husband Susan, a young wife Jack Comrades of rhe Hal Richfield hunt. Clement Cruce Mary Bacon Flora Collins Faith Chipman Gretchen Sawyer Linda Rollins Frances Scudder •RICH MAN, POOR MAN " ' " Rich Man, Poor Man " is a charming scene at a rummage sale. Emma is in charge. Peter, her lover, comes to ask for her hand, but she hides him behind a screen when she hears a customer approaching. All the customers demand something which is not in sight; but Peter sends each one away content by handing over the screen to Emma just what thev ask for. After the screen itself has been taken, Peter comes forth wrapped in a blanket. The play is indeed very funny and of course Emma accepts Peter. CAST OF CHARACTERS Emma .... Kitty .... Peter .... Mrs. Boxnelli Mrs. Ole Oleson Mrs. Patrick Haggerty Tommy Browning . A Visiting urse Largo Johnson Mrs. X. Y. Smythe Gretta Goldenstein Mrs. TaMMaS Macphairson Catherine Ireland Frances Flory Harriet Gregory Nancy Carr Evelyn Folk Dorothy Welch Marie Whitshill Charlotte Marland Abby Castle Emily Bullock Dorothy Stevenson Mary Angus 92 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 The Awful Truth Name Favorite Saying Notoriety ATKINSON " Oh yes " Crackers and milk BAKER " My dear I ' m a wreck " Cosmetic specialist BRACE " What .1 howl " Letters BREWER " What a yell " Being tamed BROWN " Oh gee! " Falling off a horse BURTT " Di-di-da-da " Exaggerating CASTLE " Hi " Her giggle CHAMBERLAIN " No kidding " Horses COWEE " H-m-ni " Movies DEAN " My dear, have you heard? " Dancing DUNBAR " Boop boop pa doop " The " Jacko " DUTTON " Gosh " Brains ECKMAN " Oh! " Migrating FELLOWS " Open a window " Licorice FOSTER " It ' s all in the way you look at it " English recitations GARDNER " Marv, dear " Her eyes GOULD " Yeah " Wrestling ability HADLEY " Oh! Oh! " Her imagination HAMILTON " Oh Ruthie " Keeping R. Cann company HARRINGTON " What time is play practice? " " I ' ll love you forever " Her driving HEALEY Class baby HILL " Jinks " Silence HIRST " I ' m Awfully Sorrv " Being late HOLLANDS " Hey " Teasing HOYT " Twenty of, Twenty After " Deke Pin LAMSON " Look what I got " Falling in love LEAVITT " Did y ou get any mail? " Reading the paper LORD " Pshaw! " Writing ability LOVELL " Well, here I am " Proctor slips McCASLIN " Florence " Being in a fog OWSLEY " Smith ' 11 be here in a minute " Innocence PERRY " Well— " Talking QUIMBY " Whoopee! Whoopee! " Borrowing QUINBY " Is he cute? " Asking Questions RAND " Imagine that? " Sewing RICHARDS " Oh Gert! " Musical Ability RIPLEY " Hey! Hey! " Singing alto RITCHIE " Have you heard the latest? " Canada SEILER " Christmas " New York Times SHEPHERD " Yeah " Harvard SIMPSON ' Simply Swell " Her French accent SMITH, B. " Do you like it? " Boy friends SMITH, M. " You don ' t mean it " Laughing STOUT " Cornelia, please " Hvmn playing stUrteyant " May I have the next dance? " Dancing SULLIVAN " Oh dear " Her marks TARR " Corker " That certain sock TURNER " Hello folks ' ' Following hockey news Probable Find Leading Lady at the Copley Theater Bible teacher Mrs. Jack Latham Theater Guild Successor to Roger Babson Editor of Little Folks Quincy ' s first Mayoress Secretary of the Treasury Beauty Specialist Olympic skating champion Model for McClellan Barc- lay History teacher Head of a Moving Van Company Head of a Fresh Air school Assistant to Miss Patten Mathematician Wife of a Harvard man Newspaper reporter Music teacher Bus driver All-American Hockey Team Literary Critic Poetess Musical Comedy Star A Brunette Night Club hostess Owner of a news stand Editor of New York Times Diet expert Organist at Roxie ' s Photograph Collector Kindergarten Teacher Wife or a millionaire Author of " Ask Me An- other " Owner of a Paris Dressmak- ing Salon Accompanist at Abbot ' s pupil ' s recitals Grand opera District Attorney Drawing covers for Vogue Choir singer Illustrator in College Humor Olympic Star Editor of Judge Prom trotter Dancing School teacher Phi Beta Kappa Physicist Mannequin 93 The Abbot Ctrcle 19 3 Improvisations As the poet sees her: — Her eves are blue as the autumn mist, Her hair is like the sunny South; A smile, the ghost of a childhood laugh, Still lingers on her mouth. As the satirist sees her: — Her hair is only a peroxide hue, Her painted smile, too, is a part; She ' s like a puppet in a show For she has a sawdust heart! Cologne Cathedral A silent drizzle fell from a soft black sky, smiled as it passed through the ray of a street lamp, and softly caressed each blade and flower in the cathedral park which lay half concealed in blue shadows. Beyond, veiled in rain-mist, like a dream or a vision rose the towers and spire of Cologne ' s great cathedral. The grace of the flutings and tall pointed arches, the deli- cate curve of each misty rose-window was faintly revealed by the city ' s dim light. The high-flung spires soared through the darkness, like a spirit ethereal, uplifting, unreal, or like supplicating arms reached upward in prayer. In such peace and beauty rare, The Infinite seemed hovering there. Jessie Marianne Hirst 95 The Abbot Circle 19 3 To a Musician Were I to paint your portrait I ' d only draw your hands They ' d show the life and spirit Your face might never show. Their size, their strength, Their loveliness; Their grace, their poise, Their tenderness, All yours, and you. Were I to paint your portrait I ' d only draw your hands, And they would speak so clearly, Your soul would be revealed. Jessie Marianne Hirst 96 The Abbot C i r c I 19 3 The Indian Perhaps, one time Long years ago, In these same woods The Indian ran. Perhaps he crouched Behind that tree, In wary wait For warrior foe. Swift as the arrow From the bow, Or as the deer When startled, flees. Perhaps he drank From that same brook, Or lay upon Its mossy bank. No Indian now; Just brook and trees, And near my foot Stone arrow heads. Jessie Marianne Hirst 77 me Tick tock, tick tock, How the time drags! Studying, studying, How the time lags! Tick tock, tick tock, How the time flies! Dancing, dancing, Time ' s a surprise! 97 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Abbot Book and Magazine Store Kittj The Charm School Dangerous Days . The Forbidden Trail The Rivals The Light That Failed Corned) of Errors . If Winter Comes . The Deserted Village Travels with a Donkey The Virginian Half Hours . Pleasure Bound Ask M Another . Manhattan Fever The Promised Land Old Landmarks of Boston Great Expectations Katherine Cook P. A. - Exams Movies Gargovles and Griffins Flashlights The Preps Carnival Andover during Vacation Cutter Riding at Intervale Sis Gould Callers Week-ends Bettv Quinhy Donna Intervale The North Station and the " Met " Honor Roll MAGAZINES Vogue . Seedlecraft Life % • Asia The Sportsuoman True Detective Stories The Path Finder Revieu of Revieus Musical America P:;r rial Revieu . The Spectator Literary Digest . True Romances Donna Household Science Class Fourth Floor Wing Bettv Stout Hirst. Scudder, VanPeursen . Bobbv Smith Rep. Committee Hiking Leader Current History Class Fidelio Art classes The Front English V Barbs Lamson 98 The Abbot Circle 19 3 The Ideal Girl Florence Norton ' s hair Lucv Drummond ' s eves Elenita Cowee ' s nose Peter Simpson ' s mouth Helen Ripley ' s teeth Gay Chamberlain ' s complexion Chubbv Graham ' s figure Doll Dunbar ' s feet Louise Atkinson ' s hands Miriam Rand ' s voice Billie Keith ' s clothes Peggy O ' Leary ' s tact Jane Goodell ' s originality Marianna Smith ' s humor Donna Brace ' s sophistication Kay Brace ' s dancing Midge Turner ' s brains Marianne Hirst ' s artistic ability Cornelia Gould ' s personality Nini Owsley ' s disposition Miss Chickering: " There is one word in the English language that is always pronounced incorrectly. " Perplexed senior: " What is it? " Miss Chickering: " Incorrectly. " Miss Bailey (in Bible III): " What kind of angels were on the Ark of the Cove- nant? " Jane Goodell: " Arc-angels. " By the way, Kay Foster thinks that a foundry is a place where founds are made. 99 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Abbot Rising — at the crack of dawn. Breakfast — can ' t suppress the yawn. Silence — time to make your bed. Chapel — honor roll is read. Classes — tire or six each day. Studies — teachers you dismav. Luncheon — twenty minutes there. Dancing — records with a blare. Meeting — all about the Prom. Classes — thoughts of Dick or Tom. Crackers — ways to make you fat. Downtown — to buy this or that. Walking — off to get vour points. Rhythmic — just to ease the joints. Singing — under Mr. Howe. Letters — yes, the mail ' s up now. Dinner — first of all, the soup. Dancing — much " pooh pooh pa doop. Lessons — books so big and thick. Callers — come all nice and slick. Last Bell — rings the warning shrill. Klang! — there comes a fire-drill. Heard at the Old-Girl-New-Girl dance: — W ell-meaning senior: " Do vou lead? " Pig-tailed prep: " I don ' t know, I ' m only a prep. " High-hat senior : ' ' I won ' t be in the Senior play if I only have to hold up scenery. Brilliant prep: " O, does the scenerv have to be held up? " Miss Bean: " The King of England signs his name, George Rex. " Carol Grosvenor : ' O, I thought Rex was a dog ' s name. 100 The Abbot Circle 19 3 If Seniors Were to T un Loose " It is a serious thought of mine, " Miss Bailey said one day, " To let you seniors all run loose Yet still at Abbot stay. To eat your meals or not to eat, This I would leave to you, To wear high heels at all events Would be your own taboo. If you should choose to take a walk At midnight or at noon To welcome callers any time ' Good luck to you! ' I ' d croon. In case some kind-hearted soul Bequeathed you a victrola I should not at all object To occasional strains of " Nola " . And then a radio, my girls, Might bring you peace of mind Might cause you bigger and better marks I think this you would find. But Alack! Alas! I have not thought That by this great addition To the welfare of vour class We would oppose tradition. " 101 The Abbot Circle 19 3 An Abbot Tragedy Once upon a time there dwelt in a Castle in the country of Flanders a very rich Lord. He was very Stout and a great Kidder for which he was much beloved bv all his Fellows. One morning he arose very early since he was going to Hunt on a nearbv H;ll. After a scanty breakfast of Bacon and a Cann of Rice, he ordered his chauffeur to bring out his Broun Dodge. However, he was told that that Can was out of commission; so he would have to go in the Rolls Royce. At last he set out with one of the Folk from a neighboring White Hill. At last thev came to the Place where they were going to Hunt. Thev had poor luck, and a young Bullock was the only game caught. Not long after thev met a Piper, who played so well that the Lord asked him to come to his Castle. Upon their arrival home, the Cook prepared a huge repast of Bass and Pike, and the Brewer brought on some Berry wine to drink with the cakes that the Baker had made. While sitting before the Cole fire, the Page, who was onlv a Child told the Lord that the Piper had fallen out of the Toner and landed with a great deal of Force. The Gardner discovered the Piper, who fell unto a barrel of Tarr and he was so weak that he had to be bound up with a Brace. The poor man did not survive the shock long and died while he was making his Will. Life Is Lil e That! I opened mv mouth to speak. What was the matter? Not a sound came — Had I lost rav voice? Oh ! If thev would wait just one minute and I could be of so much assistance ! I was afraid to speak out what I reallv thought. Why, oh why, couldn ' t I take the easv way out of a situation like this? But I couldn ' t — just couldn ' t — because it wasn ' t being done. Oh dear! the breakfast table did look so neat too! I made a desperate effort to say what I wanted to, but above the noise of the dining room my voice was so faint that not a soul turned to listen — even I could hardly hear it. In another minute it would be all over. Franticallv I jabbed the girl beside me and tried to point out what I meant. Too late — ! Her arm came down to her side and at the same time there was a very loud ringing sound as the tumbler tipped over spilling the water all over the neatly-laid table. All over! It was no use. I just couldn ' t remember how to say, " Look out " in Spanish. Life is like that! 102 The Abbot C i r c I 1 9 3 Song Hits from Abbot Bigger and Better than Ever I ' m a Dreamer Carry Me Back to Ole Virginie Moanin Low Ain ' t Misbehaving Piccolo Pete .... Hitting the Ceiling A Little Kiss Each Morning Singing in the Bathtub I May Be Wrong Great Day Happy Days . Strike up the Band Why? . Turn on the Heat Chant of the Jungle You ' ve Got that Thing You Do Something to Me My Bill. My Fate Is in Your Hands Keep Your Sunny Side Up Love Parade Abbot Heels Mary McCaslin Sis Gould H. Ripley Stu G. K. Cook 4th floor wing Florence and Georgia H. Gregory Exams Graduation Vacation Jane Betty Quinbv Any Winter Morn Choral Class Billie Gym Class Janice College Boards Call to B. B. Friday Nights Bill TOm LYmie Fop Re JIm MEl ChaN ToD RuS 103 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Flet Ralph JIgg Don HArry GaY DiCk JACK BLanchard BiLl WEbb CaRletox Sam The Abbot Bell There are in our existence, many different kinds of bells; church bells, door bells, street car bells, cow bells, my lady ' s bell, the bell around the cat ' s neck, and the Abbot bell. However, the bell with which we are concerned is the Abbot bell. This bell wakes us up with its br-rr-r — tells us to dress, go to breakfast, clean our rooms, and depart for chapel. It guides our classes, study hours, silent times, recrea- tion periods and even our supposed to be peaceful sleeping hours. We are constantly reminded of our next dutv bv that never ceasing br-r-r ! What can be done to rid us from this torment? Some of the town loafers might well be emploved to stand in the various corridors of the school and quietly announce the hour. An instrument might be invented which would play a different tune for the various daily tasks; a lively rising song, a hymn for Chapel, a march for meal time, and a jazz-tune for recreation. Either of these two methods or many more might be used, but something must be done to save the youthful Abbot girls from its torment, and also so that in later life thev will be able to do different things without being reminded by the br-br-br-br-br-r of the Abbot Bell. 104 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Sturtevant Chamberlain h Itehill PErry MaNny Tarr SImon CaStle (A.) LawTon BasS Neither Borrower Nor Lender Be There is nothing like the gentle art of borrowing to add spice and variety to the usual monotony of boarding school life. When your roommate buys a new dress, never fail to borrow it from her at the earliest possible moment. She will profit by this in that you will show her dress off to the best possible advantage and she will be able to blame you for any spots which may result from unhappy circumstance. If you ' ve spent your entire allowance ahead of time and just don ' t know what to do — surelv someone will lend you a dollar — because everyone is anxious to help a poor girl in need. Perhaps you want to put your Friday evening caller in his place by suddenly becoming engaged to someone else. Who is that girl down the hall with the diamond solitaire? Then, of course, in the case of cold weather, a fur coat is an indispensable article of clothing. This you can doubtless obtain from your neighbor across the hall. If your galoshes don ' t match your roommate ' s probably will. In pursuing this quaint custom, you will gain the hearty goodwill and favor of evervone because of your open, unaffected manner. BraCe FOster SMith (M.) DEan GoulD SImpson C.VsTLE AtkiNson Stout 105 The Abbot Circle 19 3 Parting Hymn Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come : I do not fear to see; : But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, : And to wipe the weeping eyes; : And a heart at leisure from itself, To sooth and sympathize. Wherever in the world I am, In whatsoe ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts : To keep and cultivate; : And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life : While keeping at Thy side; : Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. 106 Advertisements Chalmers Murray Te C RAFTSMAN Studio 91 Newbury Street BOSTON Telephone Kejimore 4810 Our Official Photographer X IME proves institutions and products The manufacturers of Walk-Over Shoes have been in business since 1874. Wherever you go there is a Walk-Over shoe for you, of most modern style, and un- surpassed fit and comfort. , There are Walk-Over shoes in all the principal cities of the United States and 102 foreign countries. Geo. E. Keith Company Campello, Brockton, Mass. " Say it with FLOWERS " J. H. 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