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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1925 volume:

,v M T CIRCL — ' M PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ABBOT ACADEMY ANDOVER, MASS. 1925 THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER. MASS. gffecttonatelp bebtcateb to Jflto Cilice C. OTtoitcfjeU Hi)t Cla s of 1925 ALICE C. TWITCHELL Contents; Dedication 4-5 . . 7 - ' . . 8 ... . 9 10-25 . . 26 Miss Bailey Draper Hall Senior Class Officers .. ' .... Senior Class .... ... . One- Year Girl Calendar . 27-28 Class History 29-31 Class in Retrospect 32-33 Class Will 34-35 Intervale 36-38 Tree Song 39 Impressionistic Portraits 40 Senior Middle Class 41 Honor A 43 Parting Hymn 44 A. C A. Officers 45 Student Council 46 Northfield Delegation 47 Class Book Board 48 Courant Board 49 Odeon 50 Q. E. D 51 A. D. S . 52 Philomatheia 53 A. A. A. Officers 55 Bradford Day 56 A. Society fe . . 57 Hockey Team .- . . 58 Basketball Team , ' . .59 Tennis Team ' ' . . . 60 Cheer Leaders £jp-- . . 61 Dramatics s . 63-68 Miscellaneous 69-74 -. ? V MISS BERTHA BAILEY, Principal rtMORV The Abbot Circle 1925 Mentor Clasig Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Evelyn McDougall Marion Quain Margaret Caverno Jean Gordon The Abbot Circle 1925 EVELYN BAILEY " Ev " College Course Three years Odeon ' 24, ' 25 Evelyn has a lot of nice characteristics, but when you try to find the most important, well, it ' s hard. She must have been born with a chip of the rock of Gibraltar in her mouth, as well as the proverbial " gold spoon, " for she can be relied on: — " ask ' Ev ' , she ' ll do it ' — and she does, without doleful sighs, either. Thank goodness she belongs to ' 25. ELEANOR GRACE BODWELL " El " , " Bodbun " Bradford, Mass. Three years Senior Mid Play ' 24 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 Hockey Numerals ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Entertainment Committee ' 25 Northfield Delegate ' 24 Calendar Committee ' 25 Though she lives in Bradford, that fact seem? only to make her more loyal to Abbot, and " Bodbun " is one of our old " standbys. " We all remember " Bodbun " in the play as the sweet, shy, retiring Constance, and it makes us laugh when we think of her in real life, because she really isn ' t retiring, you know. " Bodbun " hopes to go to Simmons — our good luck goes with her. 10 The Abbot Circle 192 5 MADELAINE GIDDINGS BOUTWELL ' ' Bout " , " Laney " Boston, Mass. Two years Odeon ' 24, ' 25 Author English V Play ' 25 Conrant ' 25 Program Committee ' 25 Fidelio ' 24 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Northfield Delegate ' 24 Editor Class Book ' 25 President Student Government ' 25 Posture Honor Ro ' l ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 Baseball Numerals ' 24 French Play ' 24 Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Draper Dramatics ' 24 Honor Member A. D. S. English V Play ' 24 It ' s hard to find an outstanding feature in one whose successes and accomplishments are as varied as Elaine ' s. She really is a wonder at anything she undertakes. We know, too, that she will rise to as great heights in social circles as she has in Abbot circles, and will expect to hear more of our " deb " soon. ELIZABETH BURTNETT " Bubbles " Bronxville, N. Y. Two years Fidelio ' 24, ' 25 Entertainment Committee ' 25 Tennis Singles ' 24, ' 25 Class Book Board ' 25 Tennis Doubles ' 24 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Bible Group Leader ' 24 Senior Play ' 25 Q. E. D. ' 25 Arm Band ' 24 Secretary Athletic Association ' 25 " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 Draper Dramatics ' 25 Honor Roll ' 25 What is that streak of color flying around the tennis court? Why, that ' s Bubbles Burtnett, our champion tennis star, in her famous black and red striped " blazer. " And woe be unto the Bradford girl who dares to challenge her. She ' s bound to meet defeat! Bubbles is some actress, too (or rather actor). As Tony Lumpkin, the apple of his mother ' s eye and the torment of his cousin ' s life, she scored a distinct success. But honestly, Bubbles, do you think you ' ll ever reach " years of discretion? " 11 The Abbot Circle 192 5 MARGARET MORRILL CAVERNO " Peg " Canalou, Mo. Smith Three years Secretary Senior Class Q. E. D. ' 24, ' 25 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24 Hockey Numeral ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Advisory Board ' 24 Croquet Team ' 25 Arm Band ' 23 Chairman Prom Committee ' 25 Managing Committee Bazaar ' 25 An unforgetable memory in the minds of the Senior class is Peg, spectacles on nose and book in hand and an expression of deep concern on her face, calling the roll and reading the minutes of countless " last meetings. " She has a unique and indescribable sense of humor that sends defenseless humans into convulsions of laughter, and best of all she is considered one of the dearest girls in her class. MARGARET DANIELL " Danny " Laurium, Mich. Wellesley Fidelio ' 24 One and one-half years Odeon ' 25 When Danny first came to Abbot she wvis the meekest, shyest little girl you ever saw, but how she has changed since she bobbed her long, luxuriant tresses! At Intervale she certainly took the prize for fancy skating. But the thing that startled us most was when Danny plunged into a snowdrift in her bathing-suit! We wonder if you were just feeling extra peppy, Dan, or were you trying to work up an appetite for those scrumptious griddle-cakes and maple syrup? 12 The Abbot Circle 192 5 RUTH EYRE DAVIES " Rufus " Jamaica Plain, Mass. M. I. T. Five Years President A. C. A., Northfield Delegate ' 24 Honor Roll ' 21, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Class President ' 21- ' 22 Class President ' 23, ' 24 Junior Glee Club ' 21 German Play ' 24 Advisory Board ' 25 Philomatheia ' 24, ' 25 Class Secretary ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band ' 21 Student Council ' 25 Courant Board ' 24, ' 25 Rufus doesn ' t say much except when moving us to tears with tales of the poor and or- phaned, but her lack of boisterousness is almost equal to her efficiency. Some day she shall hold the reins of government in her hands which can produce unequalled music from anything, be it hurdy-gurdy, or organ. We foresee a great future for Rufus and by the gods of fun and foresight she ' ll deserve it. ANNIE DUNN ESTES " A. D. " Texarkana, Texas University of Texas Four years A. D. S. ' 24, ' 25, President ' 25 Arm Band ' 23 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Draper Dramatics ' 24 Northfield Delegate ' 24 Senior Play ' 25 Hockey Numerals ' 25 A. D. S. Play ' 25 A. D. hails from Texas and we all like to hear her talk — that southern drawl! A. D. is president of A. D. S. and no dramatic production at Abbot is complete without her. Her ambition is to go on the stage and we know that if she does she ' ll be a big success. A. D. is one of the old standbys of our class; somehow Abbot just wouldn ' t be Abbot if she weren ' t here. 13 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 JEAN GORDON " Jean " Shelton, Conn. Three years Fidelio ' 23, ' 24 Basketball Numerals ' 25 Northfield Delegation ' 24 Q. E. D. ' 24, ' 25 Hockey Numerals ' 23, ' 24 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Class Treasurer ' 25 Class Cheer Leader ' 24 Secretary-Treasurer Q. E. D. ' 25 If anyone hears frantic cries of: " Oh, dear, I ' m a wreck, " in staccato tones, there ' s Jean Gordon somewhere around. On Monday life is very hard but Jean is a plucky little thing and lives through it. When you see her determined jaw shut with an equal of at least two hundred horse power, you question any reason for groans. Jean ' s a peach, though she may deny that fact unless she is too busy looking for a man under the bed. MARGARET HAWKES " Migs " Corning, N. Y. Senior Mid Play Draper Dramatics ' 24 Class Treasurer ' 24 Philomatheia ' 24, Two years Senior Play Arm Band ' 23 Class Book Board President ' 25 She certainly is accomplished for if she chooses to be the charming damsel in distress she could cause a disastrous amount of palpitation of the heart among the guests at our Prom. But on the stage, how many feminine hearts begin to dance a variety of fandango when her romantic, mas- culine form appears! And a scientist of note, beside — oh Migs! 14 The Abbot Circle 192 5 FRANCES ISBELL HOWARD " Fritz " Brookline, Mass. Boston School of Occupational Therapy Three years Bible Group Leader ' 24, ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 Fidelio ' 24, ' 25 Arm Band and Bar ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Northfield Delegate ' 24 Calendar Committee ' 24 Advisory Board ' 24, ' 25 Posture Honor Roll ' 24 Second Hockey Team ' 24 At any time from nine to two on Wednesday mornings you may call at " Fritz ' s " room. Out of a cloud of dust emerges " Fritz, " a rug in one hand and a broom in the other. We wonder if she keeps Peg busy or vice versa? Fritz is our " little girl, " but her quality is 100% wool and a yard wide. Here ' s to her — may she never shrink! EUNICE ESTES HUNTSMAN " Eunie " West Newton, Mass. New England Conservatory of Music Two years Class Secretary ' 24 Northfield Delegate ' 24 Hockey Numerals ' 24, ' 25 Fidelio ' 25 Arm Band ' 24, ' 25 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Croquet ' 25 Philomatheia ' 24, ' 25 Student Government President ' 24, ' 25 Honor Roll ' 24 Eunie is the head of Stu. G., and a very efficient one she makes for she keeps us all in the straight and narrow path. She made a name for herself in croquet and hockey and on Class Day she showed us that though she is quiet she certainly isn ' t slow. Eunie has great talent in the musical line and we only wish that we had the opportun- ity of hearing her play more frequently. A great part of the success of ' 25 is due to Eunie, and the hard work she has done. Forced to leave because of illness. 15 The Abbot Circle 192 5 THEODATE JOHNSON " Ted " Cleveland, O. Wellesley Two years Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Arm Band ' 24 Fidelio ' 24 Entertainment Committee ' 24 25 Odeon ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 We hear a crash of storms descending and buffaloes stampeding! Be calm, ' tis naught but " Ted " indulging in a snicker or two. But she isn ' t just laughs. She has a voice that would charm a bird off the tree. Teddy rides, too, although we have not een it; it is rumored that she wears white breeches and black boots! NATALIA MERCEDES JOVA " T " Newburgh, N. Y. Wellesley Three years Class President ' 23 Student Council ' 24, ' 25 Arm Band ' 23 Honor Roll ' 23, ' 24 Hockey Numerals ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, Odeon ' 24, ' 25 Hockey Team ' 24, ' 25 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Captain of Hockey ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 Draper Dramatfics ' 24 Entertainment Committee ' 23, ' 24 French Play ' 24 2nd Vice-President Student Council ' 25 " T " the versatile! Is there anything she can ' t do? She ' s athletic; indeed, she ' s captain of our noble hockey team; she ' s poetic, and some day she ' s going to have a book of her poems published; she ' s dramatic, remember the Senior Mid play and the Draper Dramatics? Now " T " ' s a dignified Senior and second vice-presi- dent of Stu. G., and ye good old days of the fourth floor are only a happy memory, but she still has the same old pep. Wellesley surely has some- thing good in store for it. 16 The Abbot Circle 192 5 CHARLOTTE ALLEN KITCHEN " Lot " , " Charley " Methuen, Mass. Holyoke Four years Fidelio ' 22, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Northfield Delegation ' 24 Arm Band ' 23 Bible Group Leader ' 24, ' 25 Vice-President Junior Mid Class Treasurer Senior Mid Class No matter whether it is rose-colored Tuesday evening or blue Monday morning, one can always hear cheerful warbles issuing from Lot ' s room. She ' s a blessing to the bookstore (visions of her at sixty with spectacles on nose, presiding over the Congressional Library) , and a sphinx at times, for you never can tell when the corners of her eyes are going to crinkle and when she is going to indulge in one of her unique fits of laughter. ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON LINCOLN " Betty " Elkhorn, W. Va. Wellesley Two years Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Tennis Doubles ' 24 Arm Band ' 24, ' 25 " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 Basketball Numerals ' 24, ' 25 Q. E. D. ' 25 Tennis Team ' 24 Advisory Board ' 25 Basketball Team ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Here ' s one of our real athletes! Betty was one of our champion tennis players so she sought for new worlds to conquer and made the Basketball team. What would we have done without her on Bradford day! But Betty ' s ability isn ' t confined to sports by any means, and we ' re all agreed she ' s a little bit of all right. 17 The Abbot Circle 192 5 EVELYN McDOUGALL " Mac " Rockland, Me. Three years Honor A Fidelio ' 23, ' 24, ' 25; President ' 24 Senior President ' 25 Northfield Delegate ' 23 24 Class President ' 24 Q. E. D. ' 24, ' 25 Student Council ' 23, ' 25 Honor Roll ' 23, ' 24 A. C. A. Secretary ' 24 Arm Band ' 23 Advisory Board ' 24 Senior Mid Play ' 24 " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 24 Senior Play ' 25 Honor Member A. D. S. " Mac " has led our class for some time and we ' ve always been proud of her and always will be. Music is Mac ' s special forte though her abi ' ity in other lines is not to be slighted. She and Eunie have a great time rooming together and when they get the giggles there ' s no stopping them. Mac is our honor " A " girl and she cer- tainly deserves it, for aside from being athletic and one of our leaders, she ' s a perfect peach, and everyone likes her. We don ' t see how ' 25 could get on without Mac, in fact, we know it just couldn ' t. SARAH MacPHERRAN " Sally " Duluth, Minn. Two years Bible Group Leader ' 25 Senior Play Secretary of Student Council ' 25 Honor Roll ' 24 Odeon ' 24, ' 25 Class Book Board ' 25 President of Odeon ' 25 Baseball Numerals ' 24 Look at " Sally " in chapel; all attention, eyes straight ahead, feet and face profile. Look at her any other time. Eyes all over her face and legs and arms moving too quickly to be counted. In her dignified moments she keeps Odeon straight, the rest of the time, we all keep her in hand. 18 The Abbot Circle 192 5 HILDEGARDE MITTENDORFF " Mittie " Wyomissing, Penn. Three years Hockey Team ' 24, ' 25 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Hockey Numerals ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 A. D. S. Play ' 25 " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 English V Play ' 24 President of A. A. A. ' 25 German Play ' 24 Student Council ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 A. D. S. ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24 Anyone who has seen " Mittie " on the hockey field will not be surprised to know that she is president of the A. A. A. As for her dramatic ability — well ! she is surely qualified for Broad- way, and we feel, could easily outshine Ann Pennington and her famous legs. But seriously, " Mittie " has done a lot of hard work for Abbot, and her loyalty has been unswerving. BARBARA NELSON " Barb " Concord, N. H. Smith Three years Northfield Delegation ' 24 Arm Band ' 23 Program Committee ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 24, ' 25 When she is on the street she is as dignified as a country parson ' s aunt, but on the third floor between nine and nine-thirty in the evening — ■ well, she has a versatile nature. She is a joy to anyone who wants a good time, and the despair of a biographer. She is a notorious animal tamer. Her room seems overflowing with bears. Yes, she is dignified, in spots, but she won ' t grow up. 19 The Abbot Circle 192 5 MARION QUAIN " Marn " , " Quain " Bismarck, N. D. Three years Q. E. D. ' 23, ' 24 Vice-President of Class ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 President of Q. E. D. ' 24, ' 25 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24 Arm Band ' 22 Advisory Board ' 23, ' 24 Hockey Numerals ' 24 Student Council ' 24, ' 25 Chairman of Program Committee ' 24, ' 25 " Oh, if my hair is going to come down, let it, " and with that she pulls it down herself. That and " I don ' t see this math, I know I ' m stupid, but — ■ " are always sufficient to let us know who is here. But she can be awfully serious when she speaks on the merits of Coolidge or when she urges you not to buy that can of peanut butter! LILA RICH " Lila " Rutherford, N. J. Smith Baseball Numerals ' 23 Three years Odeon ' 25 Program Committee ' 25 We never realized we had an honest-to-good- ness poetess in our midst, until one morning in English class Lila surprised us with the most marvelous poetry. Poetry isn ' t her only strong point, though. You just ought to see her on the tennis court! We ' ve noticed that the vicinity of Boston, especially Cambridge, seems to hold a peculiar attraction and interest for Miss Rich. Is it Tech or Harvard? Or maybe both? How about it, Lila? 20 The Abbot Circle 192 5 ELIZABETH CARTER RIGHTER East Orange, N. J. " Betsey " Two years Hockey Numerals ' 24 Senior Play ' 25 Arm Band ' 24 Fidelio ' 24, ' 25 Arm Bar ' 25 Manager Senior Mid Play ' 24 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Although " Betsey " is our class man-hater, we often hear her talking of Jackie — but Jackie, let it be understood, is only a canine. When she is ready for hockey, Betsey looks like Alice in Wonderland, but on the stage when she slicks back that lovely blond hair, she makes an extremely handsome man. With her wonderful ability as an inspiring Bible Group Leader, we hope that she will carry on this work out in the wide, wide world. HELEN RISQUE SAGENDORPH Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Vassar Two years Philomatheia ' 24, ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 Advisory Board ' 25 French Play ' 24 Literary Editor Courant ' 24, ' 25 Fidelio ' 24 Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 " Just a wreck — just a wreck. " We don ' t understa nd how " Saggy " can be " just a wreck, " when she is one of the more fortunate few who have obtained the honor roll without pretense of study or worry. Her attainments lie in other directions too, and the Hill is a warm rival of the Courant and the honor roll. 21 The Abbot Circle 192 5 MARY COE SIMPSON " Simp " Galesburg, 111. Vassar Three years Basketball Team ' 25 " A " Society ' 25 Basketball Numerals ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Philomatheia ' 24, ' 25; President ' 24 Courant Board ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Arm Band ' 23 A. A. A. Treasurer ' 25 Senior Play Senior Mid Play Honor Roll ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Draper Dramatics ' 24 Gentle little Mary Coe. Sometimes she makes one think of a sedate bed of violets and then there are times when she goes through a miraculous transformation and equals an ani- mated and healthy banshee. She is a competent business woman — behold her manipulation of Courant affairs! Here ' s to a future Secretary of State. CATHERINE HILDRED SPERRY " Dixie, " " Sperry " East Windsor Hill, Conn. Four years " A " Society ' 25 Captain of Riding ' 23 Hockey Team ' 25 Q. E. D. ' 24, ' 25 Hockey Numerals ' 24, ' 25 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Posture Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Class Secretary ' 22 Vice-President Q. E. D. Honor Roll ' 23, ' 24 25 Chairman Entertainment Committee ' 25 Class Treasurer ' 22 Is Quain or Decamp in sight? — then Sperry must be some place near, she who does every- thing with that vim and vigor she shows on the hockey field (we all know that ' s saying a lot). Sperry is head of the entertainment committee and to her we owe many a pleasant Tuesday evening. She isn ' t afraid of hard work and has shown us at various times during her career at Abbot how really capable she is. 22 The Abbot Circle 192 5 ALFREDA STANLEY " Freda " Lincoln, N. H. Two years Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Fidelio ' 24, ' 25 Baseball Numerals ' 24 Arm Band ' 24 Advisory Board ' 25 Freda is our class baby; though we tower over her in the supremacy of years, she lauds over us when it comes to brain power. She writes genuine poetry and it is rumored that she has reams tucked away. Here ' s to our class baby. We recommend her to anyone to take care of ! VIRGINIA ELDER THOMPSON " Chub " New Rochelle, N. Y. New York School of Fine and Applied Arts Two years Student Council ' 25 A. D. S. ' 25 Basketball Team ' 25 Basketball Captain ' 25 Basketball Numerals ' 24, ' 25 Arm Band ' 24 Senior Mid Play ' 24 " A " Society ' 25 Class Book Board ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 First Vice-President of Student Government ' 25 " Chub, " famous among other things for her skijoring, is a very artistic person and really not nearly as fly-away as the wild waves would tell you. If Chub once starts a thing it is done, and well done, in short order: she ' s an actor of no mean talent " an ' I don ' t mean maybe an ' ain ' t insinuatin ' per-haps. " She ' s our basketball captain and surely can play the game • — in fact she ' s mighty efficient in everything. 23 The Abbot Circle 192 5 DORIS HUFF von CULIN " Doris " Narberth, Penn. Four years Vice-President of Class ' 21 " A " Society ' 23 President " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 A. D. S. ' 24, ' 25 Vice-President A. A. A. ' 25 English V Play ' 24 Fidelio ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Vice-President A. D. S. ' 25 Tennis Team ' 23, ' 24, ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 A. D. S. Play ' 24 Captain Tennis Team ' 24, ' 25 Entertainment Committee ' 25 Arm Band ' 24 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Student Council ' 25 Class Cheer Leader ' 24 School Cheer Leader ' 25 Posture Committee ' 25 Chairman of Merit System ' 25 She knows Abbot inside out and has been here four exciting years so there is a lot of weeping and wailing going on (sotto voce) because she is leaving. She is a most valuable person, for aside from being tolerated by her friends there is nothing under the so-called canopy that she can ' t do from a " double shuffle " to an " Angel ' s Serenade. " We aren ' t the only ones who think that she ' s all right, either. ELIZABETH MARY WARD " Libby " Sterling, 111. University of Illinois Two years Student Council ' 25 A. C. A. Vice-President ' 25 Class Vice-President ' 24 Bible Group Leader ' 25 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Honor Roll ' 24 Senior Play ' 25 Advisory Board ' 25 Spanish Play ' 24 Posture Committee ' 24 Class Book Board Business Manager ' 25 Posture Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 Philomatheia, Secretary and Treasurer ' 25 " It seems to me " that Libby is one of the pillars of Abbot. Yet for one with so many duties and responsibilities, she is unusually calm and unperturbed, and is always a dignified representative of Abbot. And, Libby, we do wish you ' d let us in on the secret of how to keep a marcel. 24 The Abbot Circle 192 5 MANON WOOD ' ' Brownie " , " Woodie ' ' Chestnut Hill, Mass. Katharine Gibbs Three years Arm Band ' 23 Fidelio ' 24, ' 25 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Senior Play ' 25 Manon is the most graceful girl you ever saw. In rhythmic we all just envy her and wonder why we are so awkward. Her contagious little giggle never fails to cheer you up, and she has the most fascinating way of talking. That ' s not all that ' s fascinating about her either. Ask Billy, he knows! PHYLLIS YATES " Phyl " Andover, Mass. Five years Class Treasurer ' 22 Honor Roll ' 21, ' 22, ' 24 Basketball Numerals ' 22, ' 23, ' 24 Glee Club ' 21 Basketball Team ' 24, ' 25 Senior Play ' 25 " A " Society ' 24, ' 25 Student Government ' 24 Senior Mid Play ' 24 Arm Band ' 21, ' 22 Impressions of Phyl playing basketball! She ' s here and there and everywhere ! And can we ever forget those purple bloomers? I guess not! Phyl ' s musical as well as athletic. We really expect her to be a second Paderewski some day if she keeps on at the rate she ' s going now! Phyllis is like the girl in the story — . She has a little curl right down the middle of her forehead, and when she is good she is very, very good, and when she is bad — we like her just the same! 25 The Abbot Circle 192 5 0nt Hear trl DOROTHY BEELEY " Dot " Lawrence, Mass. Smith One year Fidelio Honor Roll ' 24, ' 25 German Play ' 25 Dot is a combination of broad grin, mischievous eyes and an almost omnipresent violin. She ' s usually bubbling over with energy and good fun, but on the stage before her rapt public she changes into a mistress of ceremonies and cir- cumstances. If an earthquake caused Davis Hall to collapse Dot would remain calmly playing to the elements, probably seated on a shaking rafter. 26 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Calendar Sept. 18 Sept. 20 Sept. 23 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 19 Oct. 20 Oct. 21 Oct. 22 Back to school with great gusto to start a new year. Miss Bailey gave us a wonderful send-off by speaking on " The Characteristics of a True Abbot Girl. " We gave the new girls a dance. It was great to meet so many nice new people. The Seniors went to Haggett ' s Pond, where they picnicked. A Bridge and Mah-Jong party which showed up our poor playing. Mrs. Otis Cary spoke on Japan and presented the school with a fascinating Chinese temple bell. Q. E. D. conducted a political forum with great dignity and intelligence. Senior Middlers " sported on the green " at Pomp ' s on their annual picnic. The Faculty Reception. Here Seniors began to realize that they wished they knew " how to enter a drawing-room gracefully. " Oct. 28 We enjoyed a pleasant evening with the spooks and goblins at dinner and in Davis Hall. Nov. 5 Bradford Day! We came through with colors flying, and all agreed that Bradford girls are the best ever. The Faculty gave us one of their usual enjoyable recitals. The Thanksgiving service which drew the bond between us and our Alma Mater a .little tighter. Odeon read poetry to us and did it admirably. A. D. S. gave a scene from " Twelfth Night " and " Holly Tree Inn. " They both were excellently done. Mme. Bliven-Charbonnel gave a very attractive recital. Rev. Markham W. Stackpole gave us one of his usual splendid talks on " A True Sense of Duty. " Mr. William B. Ellsworth gave a delightful lecture on " Life in Shakespeare ' s Time. " We Seniors gave a Christmas party for the Andover children. Didn ' t we have fun playing bean beg and " Little Sally Waters? " Our wonderful Christmas party which inspired us and made Abbot all the dearer. Home for three glorious weeks of rest. Returned to school after a wonderful time, to take up the duties of the day once more. Jan. 10 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rann Kennedy and Miss Gage, presented " The Chastening. " Words cannot express our appreciation. Miss Kelsey gave us an interesting talk on " The Guiding Spirits of Abbot. " President Marshall spoke on " God ' s Eternal Youth. " The Middlers " trod the boards " with great credit. Off to Intervale the Seniors went: " to the land of ice and snow. " 27 Nov. 11 Nov. 26 Nov. 29 Dec. 2 Dec. 2 Dec. 7 Dec. 8 Dec. 13 Dec. 16 Dec. 17 Jan. 6 Jan. 11 Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Feb. 2 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Feb. 5 Feb. 10 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 25 March 4 March 8 March 11 March 14 March 19 April 1 April 12 April 25 April 28 May 5 May 6 May 16 May 23 June 2 June 8 June 9 Back from Intervale much refreshed. Miss Friskin gave one of her pleasing recitals. Our dear Miss Twichell spoke on " Abbot Girls in the Field of Foreign Missions. " Seniors went to the Abbot Luncheon and had a wonderful time meeting all the " D. O. G. ' s. " Lenten service — Miss Bailey on " Lenten Sacrifices. " Lenter service — Miss Bailey on " Knowing God through Work. " We shall never forget these inspiring messages. The Seniors gave " She Stoops to Conquer, " and showed a good deal of prowess. Lenten service — Miss Bailey on " Knowing God through Joy. " Dr. Paul Kammerer on " The Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics. " Off on another jaunt to our happy homes. Back again. Our last term here. Easter service. It was as beautiful and inspiring as ever. Pupils ' recital. Our classmates gave us a very entertaining afternoon. English V plays displayed our " home talent. " Faculty Recital. Abbot ' s birthday. We had a wonderful bazaar. Society Banquet which was very exciting. The Prom! A memory to be kept always. Senior Banquet. The Garden Party. Realization that graduation is drawing near. Farewell to our Alma Mater. " Well do we love thee — " 28 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Wfje Btarp of a jHemfoer of tfje Cla S of 1925 Apologies to Mrs. Pepys Sept. 1920-June 1921. Did arrive at school betimes feeling very sad and blue, wishing me back home with my family. Was made to feel very insignificant upon being addressed superciliously as a " Prep " by a Senior. Did make many mistakes known as " boners, " such as: (1) Not rising when guests entered the library. (2) Not stepping aside for Faculty and Seniors to go through doors. (3) Not bowing to Miss Bailey for the first week when leaving the dining- room. (4) Did walk on sacred circle and was made to feel decidedly small and minute. (5) Did speak to Jimmy Smith on street, who is from my home town and attends Phillips. Was duly informed that I must not speak to boys " on the hill, " by the president of Stu. G., of whom I was much in awe. I do not understand this, as my mother thinks him a goodly boy. By spring of said year did feel worn out and sadly in need of vacation. In June did travel to Boston with host of chaperons and dispersed to my home town to tell of my year ' s experience and advancement. Sept. 1921-June 1922. Did return to school as a Junior and did greet my school-fellows joyfully. Did feel mighty superior to " new girls, " having advantage of knowing some of the rules. Although did know rules did manage to break several during the year. Was brought before Stu. G. for having feast in bathtub, which seemed to me quite proper. Was placed " on bounds " and did promenade about the circle for one week. Our class did have a picnic at Pomp ' s Pond. Did fall in the water but managed to conceal the fact from the chaperons. Did part from my friends with great grief and wailing in the spring of said year. 29 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Sept. 1922-June 1923. Did arrive in Andover feeling much grown-up — in acknowledgment of which did spend my last half dollar on a taxi. Did talk all night with my friends on our adventures of the summer, suffering for it on the following day by being very hoarse and sleepy. Did feel a certain responsibility as a Junior-Mid and did instruct many Preps and Juniors on the ways of Abbot. Was invited to an Andover Prom by Jimmy Smith, but was unable to go, not being an upper class- man. This did hurt my pride, but I recovered as soon as I was able to see Jimmy every Friday night but for two weeks when I was on restrictions for writing said Jimmy a note. Did leave in June feeling very sad at never seeing the Seniors again. Consoled myself only by remembering that I should be a Senior-Mid next year and not miss them. Sept. 1923-June 1924. School did open as usual. Did arrive with much savoir-faire, not deigning to yell at the sight of old friends. Was very kind to new girls, telling them many strange tales, all of which were not strictly true. Did hold our picnic in the even- ing and Miss Bailey did attend. We did have coffee and I did lie awake all night, not being accustomed to it. Did go to Andover Prom with Jimmy Smith and did smile benignly on the under classmen that did hang over railing to see my dress. Did have many pangs and heart-throbs over mid-year exams, fearing I did flunk Physics as I was kept awake the night before by the sounds of rejoicing on the Hill where Andover did beat Exeter in swimming. Did attend our Prom, dragging Jimmy. Was amused and touched when I noted the under class girls in the organ loft. I did make Jimmy look up and wave, which I did think was big-hearted. Did attend the Senior Mid banquet which I did enjoy immensely. I do think it fortunate that no legs or arms were broken. We did receive the trowel from the Class of ' 24 and did begin to feel our responsibility as Seniors. Did find the speeches very touching at Commencement, and could not refrain a tear. Did part for the summer with many promises to write, and expostulations as to our positions next year. Sept. 1924-June 1925. Did arrive at school in downpour to usher new girls to their rooms. Did spend the entire day consoling weeping new girls, hardly having time to appreciate the front room which I did possess. Miss Bailey did greet me with a kiss which 30 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 did make me realize the honor of being a Senior. Did go to Senior picnic which was held at Haggett ' s Pond — Pomp ' s being considered too plebeian for Seniors. Did romp about at picnic, forgetting for the moment our great dignity. Did lecture several Preps and Juniors for disobeying rules and did impress them with their responsibilities to be good. Was much impressed and touched when a Prep pulled out my chair at dinner — was much ashamed when I did knock over a fork from the shock. Did squeeze through mid-years with bated breath, just passing. After which, did feel in need of a vacation and the trip to Intervale was welcomed. Did enjoy Intervale properly. Did wallow in the snow and get stuck up to my ' neck for nearly ten minutes. Did hate to come back to bells and studies, but felt some- what refreshed. Families by the thousands did arrive for the Senior play. Was worn out introducing people and acting. The play did go off well with no more than the usual mishaps. Did go to the Senior Prom, dragging Jimmy from Har- vard. Did enjoy myself immensely as the Senior-Mids did do all the work. Did also enjoy the Senior banquet as they did do all the work for that also. Was very excited and flustered as I did run around the table and did feel very big when Jimmy was cheered. . Did weep when we did give away the Senior Parlor — ■ did not enjoy the thought of others occupying the Parlor. Miss Bailey did present us with our diplomas. Did open mine and did read it carefully to make sure there was no mistake. Did bid a tearful goodbye to my Alma Mater and school fellows, firmly grasping my diploma the while. Do feel that I do know more than when entered, but am rather doubtful as to how much. 31 The Abbot Circle 1925 WW We Came to t)bot 1. " Phyl " Yates — To safeguard her against the male population of Andover. 2. " Dot " Beeley — To show that a snub nose and a violin are not incom- patible. 3. " El " Bodwell — So she could go back and educate the heathen of Bradford. 4. Elaine Boutwell — To demonstrate to the Ethics Class what a social butterfly is. 5. " Bubbles " Burtnett — To learn how to make breaks without blushing. 6. " Peg " Caverno — To help Fritz keep Abbot tidy. 7. " Peggy " Daniels — To educate Abbot to the standard of Mercersburg. 8. " Rufus " Davies — To teach us about our Swedish sisters. 9. " A. D. " Estes — To keep A. D. Society running. 10. Jean Gordon — She came because her mama sent her! 11. " Migs " Hawkes — To demonstrate the true gentleman to P. A. 12. " Fritz " Howard — To peddle note-paper. 13. " Eunie " Huntsman — To take a vacation. 14. " Ted " Johnson — To get her voice manicured. 15. " T " Jova — Because Emily did. 16. " Lott " Kitchen — To give a " free box of ' 25 paper with every two pads. " 17. " Betty " Lincoln — To rival Miss Sweeney. 18. " Mac " McDougall — To show what real efficiency is. 32 The Abbot Circle 192 5 19. " Sally " MacPherran — To uplift the literary propensities of the modern generation. 20. " Mittie " Mittendorff — To lead Bible Group. 21. " Barb " Nelson — Get thin. 22. Marion Quain — Become a politician. 23. Lila Rich — To appreciate the merits of New Jersey. 24. " Betsey " Righter — To get sat on. 25. " Saggie " Sagendorph — To get into Vassar at twelve instead of thir- teen. 26. Mary Simpson — To keep " Libby " from doing anything rash. 27. Hildred Sperry — To keep Wrigley ' s wriggling. 28. " Freda " Stanley — To graduate at eight years instead of nine. 29. " Chub " Thompson — To get over that tired feeling. 30. Doris von Culin — To get mail. 31. " Libby " Ward — Learn how to pass the hat tactfully. 32. Manon Wood — To keep " Edie " straight. 33. Emmy Lou Wylie — To get a square meal. 33 The Abbot Circle 19 25 Class Will We, the Class of 1925, Abbot Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, being possessed of adequate sobriety, and comparatively sane mentalities, do hereby bequeath our begged, bought or stolen possessions and prerogatives .as follows: — First, To the Class of 1926: I The ability to cut a pie into eighteen pieces. II The store of miscellaneous articles which may be found (1) in the silver cups on the mantelpiece in the Senior parlor; (2) among the old shoes, papers, spades, trowels and objets d ' art in the closet in the aforesaid place. Ill To A. C. A. a tambourine to pass in the meetings and other occasions. IV A goodly supply of couches which mean well, but can ' t bear (!) much. V Our seats on the radiator to those who get there first. Second, To Individuals: I Our alarm clocks to " Kay " Clay. II Our collection of old pills to " Gret. " III Our old Cosmos, Red Books, and True Stories to Miss Chickering. IV " T ' s " Harvard banner to Emily. V " Bubbles ' " black and white pajamas to " Suz " L ' Oiseau. VI " Libby " Ward ' s wave to Nancy Sherman. VII " Saggie ' s " callers to " Joe. " VIII " Ted ' s " laugh to Juliette Breese. IX " Migs " ' savoir faire to " Frazzie. " X Dorise ' s shoes to Frances Cobb. XI " Barb " Nelson ' s dulcet tones to Helen Larson. 34 The Abbot Circle 192 5 XII " Dannie ' s " dimpled chin to " Edie " Ireland. XIII " A. D. ' s " drawl to " Flop " MacDougall. XIV " Mac ' s " Exeter pin to Gracie. XV Elaine ' s rambunctiousness to Saye. XVI Jean ' s Yale banner to Anstiss. Third, To the School: I Japanese lampshades for the lights on the circle. II Cushions and upholstered sofas for those who desire to rest between classes. Ill Roller skates for Faculty who are always in a hurry. IV Goldfish for the " bubbler " on the hockey field. In testimony whereof we hereunto set our collective hands and seal and declare this to be our last will and testament, this ninth day of June, in the year A. D. 1925. Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-five 35 The Abbot C ir cl e 19 2 5 3nterbale £kmg£ Oh we ' ve been way up to Intervale, To the land of ice and snow, And altho ' we ' re glad to be back here, We sure did hate to go. Chorus Hello Abbot, How do you do? Oh we ' ve been way up to Intervale But we ' ve come back to you. Oh we rose up in the early dawn To see the sunrise bright, And we had a grand and glorious day And turned in late that night. Chorus For breakfast we had steak and chops Pancakes and syrup too, And we had so awfully much to eat, We didn ' t know what to do. Chorus. When we arrived at dear Intervale We oh-ed and we ah-ed Then started outside. We tried the toboggan, snowshoes, and skis And how we did slide. Such fun — nearly died ! Slid down the valley, No one did dally. No one was sad, simply wasn ' t the fad For we had no cares. 36 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 No books nor bug-bears. So how could we help but be glad? The cow-bells rang, The shutters banged, But still we slept upstairs. Miss Bailey came to wake us up And caught us unawares. We looked the scenery over, And oh, what we did see, Mount Washington arrayed in rose, Serene in majesty. Oh Intervale, Intervale, etc. We went skijoring and exploring, Skied and snowshoed too, But trailing surely takes the prize, It ' s lucky we ' re back to you. — Because we ' re cut and bumped and bruised And all our limbs are maimed And we are here to tell you that we ' ll never be the same. Oh Intervale, Intervale, etc. Sure a little bit of Heaven, Fell from out the sky one day And it nestled in New Hampshire Not so many miles away. And when the angels found it Sure, it looked so sweet and fair, They said " Suppose we leave it For it is so peaceful there. " So, they sprinkled it with sunshine Just to make the pine trees grow. They ' re the finest ones that can be found No matter where you go. And they placed the mountains round it Just to keep away the gale And when they had it finished Sure, they called it Intervale! 37 The Abbot Circle 192 5 parting ong And now the first part of our race is run, And we have reached the parting of the ways. May the traditions of the School we love, Shine like a beacon in the coming days. Can we discern the roads that stretch far on Into the dimness of the future years? Shall we attain the high road of success Or, tread the low path of our doubts and fears? By the unwavering light of our ideals, And constant striving ' for the high and good May we, unfaltering, find the upward path That leads us to a nobler womanhood. Elaine Boutwell ' 25 39 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 3mpres tom£ttc portraits; Jean Frail china Sweet peas Essence of femininity " Mittie " Pretzels and bologna Atlantic City A tiger lily Just Mittie Doris Exotic perfume A sultry night An Egyptian scarab Quite right Lila A floppy hat Goldie Locks Free verse Henna smocks " Danny " Russian boots A teddy bear Longing eyes Something rare " Barb " Nelson A slow smile A deep pool A low sound Something cool Chub " Heat lightning Ginger ale A dancing fool A March gale Manon A little wren Red wine Moonlight in Venice Fanciful design 40 jwi-mf The Abbot Circle 192 5 Senior iWibble Class; Class Colors — Purple and White Flower — • Violet President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Twenty-six, we are singing to you. May we ever be faithful and true to The class of the Purple and White; May we ever do what ' s right. Our honor and love now we give To Abbot, our fair Alma Mater. Our best is the most we can do. We pledge our faith and loyalty to Twenty-six. Officer of Jfirsft gkmegter Anstiss Bowser Emily Lyman Alice Miller Gretchen Vanderschmidt President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Officer of g econb Semester Frances Flagg Evelyn Glidden Sylvea Shapleigh Priscilla Perkins Dorothy Bailey Adelaide Black Barbara Bloomfield Anstiss Bowser Carol Bridgham Edith Bullen Marion Burr Katherine Clay Ruth Copeland Gertrude Craik Ruth Deadman Jean Donald Louise Douglass Ruth Farrington Frances Flagg Jean Fleming Emily Gage Josephine Gasser Dorothy Gillette Evelyn Glidden Patricia Goodwillie Gracie Griffin Saye Hirooka Alice Hougen Jane Ruth Hovey Cynthia Hunt Ruth Katzman Helen Larson Lucie Locker Suzanne L ' Oiseau Emily Lyman Florence MacDougall Elinor Mahoney Frances McDougall Frances Merrick Priscilla Perkins Alice Perry Edda Renouf Olive Rogers Sylvea Shapleigh Carlotta Slope r Elizabeth Smith Margaret Smith Ruth Stafford Margaret Stirling Mary Sun Gretchen Vanderschmidt fuki wooyenaka 41 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Honor 21 EVELYN McDOUGALL ' 25 PRISCILLA BRADLEY ' 24 HELEN KEATING ' 24 43 The Abbot Circle 192 5 parting Upmn Father, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come | j : I do not fear to see ; : 1 1 But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, || : And to wipe the weeping eyes: || And a heart at leisure from itself, To soothe and sympathize. Wherever in the world I am, In whatso ' er estate, I have a fellowship of hearts || : To keep and cultivate; : || And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait. So I ask Thee for the daily strength, To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life || : While keeping at Thy side; : || Content to fill a little space If Thou be glorified. 44 The Abbot Circle 192 5 gfobot Christian £ ociatton President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ruth Davies Elizabeth Mary Ward Emily Lyman Anstiss Bowser 45 The Abbot Circle 192 5 tubent obernment President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Secretary Eunice Huntsman Virginia Thompson Natalia Jova Patricia Goodwillie Sarah MacPherran Ellen Faust Hildegarde Mittendorff E. M. Ward Evelyn McDougall Ruth Davies Katherine Clay Ann Sutton Doris von Culin Frances Flagg Marion Quain 46 y CEWiT The Abbot Circle 192 5 jaortljftelb Ruth Davies Eunice Huntsman Jean Gordon Annie Dunn Estes Eleanor Bodwell Gracie Griffin Florence MacDougall Evelyn McDougall Anstiss Bowser Elaine Boutwell Katherine Clay Barbara Nelson Charlotte Kitchen Frances Howard 47 The Abbot Circle 192 5 ■pW H b ' r " iki! w j ' J ■ ' vP IV . ' m Clastf Poofe Poarb Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Art Editor . Elizabeth Burtnett Evelyn Bailey Literary Editors Elaine Boutwell Elizabeth Mary Ward Adelaide Black Virginia Thompson Margaret Hawkes Sarah MacPherran 48 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 Helen Sagendorph Patricia Goodwillie Mary Simpson Courant poarb Literary Editors Elaine Boutwell Business Editors Edith Bullen Emily Gage Fuki Wooyenaka Ruth Davies 49 The Abbot Circle 192 5 K9i j a l Wr " -m. I .ij " H || z 7 ■ mm ¥ " li S «v Hto • ' " t -i I i ■Bl r « , flf B w beon President Secretary and Treasurer Sarah MacPherran Elaine Boutwell Theodate Johnson Natalia Jova Evelyn Bailey Margaret Daniell Edda Renouf Lila Rich Edith Bullen 50 The Abbot Cifcl e 1925 i e. b. President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Marion Quain HlLDRED SPERRY Jean Gordon Margaret Caverno Evelyn McDougall Elizabeth Burtnett Emily Lyman Elizabeth Lincoln Frances McDougall 51 The Abbot Circle 192 5 3. S. ft. President Secretary and Treasurer Annie Dunn Estes Gretchen Vanderschmidt Doris von Culin HlLDEGARDE MlTTENDORFF Virginia Thompson Josephine Gasser Pauline Humeston Frances Flagg Sylvea Shapleigh Gracie Griffin 52 The Abbot Circle 192 5 President Secretary- Treasurer $f)ilomatf)eta Margaret Hawkes E. M. Ward Eunice Huntsman Priscilla Perkins Anstiss Bowser Ruth DaviEs Helen Sagendorph Carol Bridgham Adelaide Black Mary Simpson Gertrude Craik 53 The Abbot Circle 192 5 3. a. a. Officers; President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HlLDEGARDE MlTTENDORFF Doris von Culin Elizabeth Burtnett Mary Simpson 55 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 prabforb J3ap On a bright November morning, the Bradford girls arrived en masse and were welcomed by Abbot, uniformly arrayed. Having greeted our guests as a whole, with songs, we escorted our respective Bradford-ites on a tour of acquaintance with our school. The sports began with tennis in which our representatives showed their great skill and their wonderful spirit. The clock golf tournament had an outcome which showed that Abbot was proficient in golf as well as in tennis. The two " Marjories " from Bradford tied our girls in croquet. There was no opportunity to play the rubber. By noon we were quite ready for the delicious luncheon which was served at long tables in the " gym. " After this we had a song rally in front of McKeen. Then we made a dash for the hockey field where another victory awaited Abbot. The game was well played from beginning to end and our team made a splendid show- ing. The basketball game which was the last event of the day ended with a sweep- ing victory for Abbot. The team work and fair play which was shown by the opposing team throughout the day was of the finest possible kind. The Bradford girls proved their sportsmanship in the wonderful way they received their defeat and before their departure we were agreed that we had all participated in one of the finest Abbot-Bradford days in the history of the school. We escorted the visitors to the waiting trolleys and, having sung our farewell song, we snake-danced back to school. After dinner, came a meeting in the recreation room, and the " A ' s " were given out by Miss Bailey, to the girls who had played on the teams. When it was all over each one felt that it was perhaps the spirit of the two schools and the friendliness which exists between them, that gave to the day its fullest satisfaction, and deepest significance. 56 The Abbot Circle 192 5 President Secretary and Treasurer " 8 " g ociet2 Doris von Culin Barbara Bloomfield Catherine Blunt Elizabeth Burtnett Ruth Copeland Lillian Grosvenor Natalia J ova Elizabeth Lincoln Lucy Sanborn Nancy Sherman Mary Simpson Flora Skinner Katherine Farlow Phyllis Yates Evelyn Glidden Lucie Locker HlLDEGARDE MlTTENDORFF Virginia Thompson HlLDRED SPERRY Margaret Smith Suzanne L ' Oiseau Ellen Faust 57 The Abbot Circle 1925 ftocfeep l eam Natalia Jova (Capt.) Margaret Smith Evelyn Glidden Nancy Sherman Lucy Sanborn Hildegarde Mittendorff HlLDRED SPERRY Katherine Farlow Barbara Bloomfield Flora Skinner Suzanne L ' Oiseau 58 The Abbot Circle 192 5 pasfeetfeali eam Virginia Thompson (Capt.) Ruth Copeland Catherine Blunt Lillian Grosvenor Elizabeth Lincoln Mary Simpson Phyllis Yates 59 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Tennis eam Elizabeth Burtnett Doris von Culin (Capt.) Lucie Locker 60 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Frances McDougall Cfieer Heabersi Doris von Culin Gracie Griffin 61 The Abbot Circle 1925 t Stoops to Conquer The first scene takes place in Squire Hardcastle ' s drawing room. We become acquainted with the jolly Squire, Mrs. Hardcastle, the doting mother, and Tony, the impossible " apple-of-his-mother ' s-eye. " Just as Tony tears out of the door headed for the Three Pigeons, an alehouse, with his pleading mother clinging to his coat-tails, we catch the first glimpse of our heroine, Kate Hardcastle. The Squire tells her of the expected arrival of a suitor, the son of Sir Charles Marlowe. Kate is quite excited about this news and tells her cousin, Constance Neville, whom Mrs. Hardcastle hopes will sometime be her own precious Tony ' s wife. Miss Neville discovers that he is the intimate friend of her own admirer, Mr. Hastings. The second scene is in the Three Pigeons with the boisterous drinkers sitting around the table, smoking and singing. Presently two young gentlemen enter to inquire the way to Squire Hardcastle ' s. Tony, the mischievous rascal, recog- nizes them as Marlowe and Hastings, and decides to play one of his practical jokes. He directs his father ' s guests to his home, giving them the impression that the Hardcastle house is an Inn and that the Squire is a wealthy landlord who wishes to be considered a gentleman. In the second act, preparations are being energetically made in the Hard- castle household. It is very amusing to hear the Squire drill his awkward servants in their duties, an effort which is entirely wasted for when the bell at the gate peals out the arrival of the guests, pandemonium breaks loose among their ranks. Marlow and his companion, thinking the Squire merely the landlord of the Inn, treat him accordingly and the bewildered old man is amazed at their apparent rudeness. However, Mr. Hastings and Constance meet and she tells him where he is. They decide not to tell young Marlowe, and when Kate appears, tell him that she too is staying at the inn. They leave him alone with Kate, and the poor fellow becomes so embarrassed and self-conscious that he cannot talk and in his hurry to get out he bumps into all the chairs. Kate does not like it because the young suitor kept his eyes cast on the floor all during their conversation, never fully seeing her face, so when he mistakes her for the bar-maid she keeps up the role. He loses his bashfulness when he thinks he is with the barmaid, and ventures to look at her. He immediately falls in love, and of course we are very amused because we know her true identity. Tony, who is glad to get rid of his cousin, Con, is very willing to help Constance and Hastings to run away. The last scene of the play is very amusing. Marlowe 63 The Abbot Circle 192 5 learns Kate ' s identity. The two runaways, Constance and Hastings, return and are forgiven. Last but not least Tony discovers that he has reached years of discretion and is his own master. Just before the final curtain, Kate steps for- ward to the footlights and with an arch smile says to the audience: " Thus having stooped to conquer with success, And gained a husband without aid of dress, Still as a barmaid I could wish it, too, As I have conquered him, to conquer — you! " We all agree unanimously that she has been successful. Sir Charles Marlow Young Marlow Squire Hardcastle George Hastings Tony Lumpkin Diggory . Roger Dick Thomas . Stingo, Landlord of Slang Mat Muggins . . Tom Twist Aminadab Mrs. Hardcastle Kate Hardcastle Constance Neville First Maid " Three Pigeons " Elizabeth Righter Margaret Hawkes Annie Dunn Estes Virginia Thompson Elizabeth Burtnett Phyllis Yates Mary Simpson Elizabeth Ward Hildegarde Mittendorff Helen Sagendorph Talita Jova Evelyn McDougall Sarah MacPherran Frances Howard Elaine Boutwell Doris von Culin Eleanor Bodwell Manon Wood 64 The Abbot Circle 1925 Antiques As the curtain slowly rose we saw before us Mrs. Lydia Sprowls and Amelie Boyden busily engaged in the difficult task of " tidyin ' up the parlor " after their mother ' s funeral. Funerals do so upset a house you know ! Amelie took advantage of this opportunity to inform her sister that she had decided to live in the village where she was the schoolteacher. In spite of tearful entreaties and reproachful remonstrances, she stood firm in her decision. During their cleaning they came across an old teapot which had served as the family bank for as long as they could remember. Suddenly Lydia had a brilliant inspiration. Claire Van Ness, a collector of antiques who was staying in the village, was expected to call for some fresh eggs. Perhaps she might give a lot of money for the teapot. Amelie said that she would never sell anything that recalled such tender remembrances of her mother to a person who would have no sentiment whatsoever for it, but Lydia insisted that the teapot was hers to do what she pleased with. A furious honking of an automobile horn was heard in the yard and their argument was interrupted. Soon Miss Van Ness entered. Lydia eagerly brought forth the teapot and almost quivering with excitement showed it to her. She examined it carefully and then replied that it was imitation, probably made in Connecticut a few years ago. Lydia was heart-broken, and left the room. While she was gone, Miss Van Ness notices a bit of old tapestry that Amelie is holding. Amelie tells her that it has been in the family for a long time. Miss Van Ness became very much excited and offered unbelievable sums, but Amelie would not part with it on account of the precious associations it had. Miss Van Ness said she must hurry, so Lydia went to get the eggs. Smiling patronizingly at Amelie, she. said she would give her sister five dollars for the old teapot because she had been so disappointed to find it worthless. Amelie went for some paper to wrap it up in. Miss Van Ness advanced to the front of the stage and holding the teapot before her, and gazing at it with a triumphant glint in her eyes, murmured, " ' Genuine Holland Delft. Two hundred years old! Mmm, it ' s a good bargain! " 65 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 Cije turtle Bobe The awe-inspiring sound of the Chinese gong, echoing and re-echoing weirdly through the silence, announced the opening of the play. The chorus, consisting of a solitary member, introduced us to the characters — the gallant hero, Chang- Sut-Yen, the beautiful maiden, Kwen-Lin, and her proud father, the Mandarin. Of course Chang-Sut-Yen and the fair Kwen-Lin were in love with one another, and of course the Mandarin was opposed to their marriage. He wanted to give his daughter to wealthy Tayin of Canton in a marriage strictly for mercenary purposes and void of all romance. Had he but known that his servant Chang- Sut-Yen was no other than the son of Chang-Won-Yen the Great, what innu- merable troubles might have been averted! When Kwen-Lin learned of her father ' s plans for her future, she pretended to die. The unsuspecting Mandarin clapped his hands to summon the servant. Cleverly Chang-Sut-Yen suggested that his master go for help, and the two lovers, left alone, decided to run away. The Property Manager lent humor to this scene with her silent goings and comings. For a long time the lovers fied, with the angry Mandarin pursuing. Finally as they were crossing a bridge, Kwen-Lin, worn out, was whirled into the stream, and Chang-Sut-Yen was killed by the father. But here the God of Fate inter- vened. He was too good to die, and his heart was returned to him. And more wonderful still, Kwen-Lin was recalled from her watery grave back to the land of the living. The Mandarin was amazed at the will of Fate, and humbled at learning Chang-Sut-Yen ' s identity. As the curtain fell we caught a last glimpse of the joyfully reunited lovers and the father going forth to prepare the wedding feast. 66 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 Cfje Member ftat A walk through a park bordered with swaying palm trees. Such was the setting. Harlequin and Pierrot sauntered in engaged with discussing Columbine. We were very much surprised to learn that even though all the poets have depicted Pierrot as being desperately in love with Columbine, he actually disliked her. Harlequin is the one who really adores her. They strolled off, and Punchinello, the old pedlar, came along crying out his wares. Columbine and her maid, Margot, happened to be walking in the park too. Columbine always hoped that she might see her beloved Harlequin. Suddenly they became aware of Punchin- ello, raving about his charms to attract love, and immediately the girl is interested. She tried on the magic slipper which had the power of making everyone love its wearer, and when Punchinello, having succumbed to the charm, began making love to her, she fled frightened, taking the slipper with her. While Punchinello was bewailing the loss of his slipper, Harlequin passed by and became interested in the wonder hat which made its wearer invisible. He put it on his head and of course became invisible to the pedlar. After crying loudly for his hat, poor Punchinello went off in search of his slipper. Margot and Columbine appeared again, and unaware of Harlequin ' s presence, they discussed the slipper. Suddenly Pierrot came and fell in love with her. The two girls amused themselves by tossing the slipper back and forth and watching Pierrot adore first one and then the other. Finally Harlequin couldn ' t stand this any longer, but lo and behold when he tried to pull off his hat it stuck. He cried out his plight to the astonished listeners. Just then Punchinello came and demanded his hat and slipper. There ensued an argument between the golden-haired Colom- bine and proud Harlequin over who should give up his gift first. Finally they settled it by taking them off at the same time, and the play ended happily. 67 The Abbot Circle 192 5 mertfeantsicf)eg Buell On Tuesday evening, March 3, the German Department presented an interesting program. The first number was a group of delightful German folk- songs sung by some of the girls in the German classes. Then came the German play entitled " An American Duel. " The story centers around a young girl, Helene von Stern, whose hand is being sought by two ardent suitors, Freiher von Roden and Alfeld. Helene, desiring to find out which one really loves her, plans with her maid Charlotte a way of trying them out. She invites them both to call the same afternoon and in various ways tests them. While Helene is out of the room von Roden and Alfeld have an American duel as they call it ; they draw lots to see who will support the other in his pursuit of Helene. Von Roden wins, and as he was also the more successful throughout the tests he feels that he has indeed won the favor of Helene. Helene, however, after a short conversation alone with Alfeld decides that it is he who really loves her. Margaret Creelman as Helene von Stern was most charming and Edda Renouf and June Hinman as the two lovers played their parts exceedingly well. Dorothy Beeley as Charlotte was very pretty and vivacious. The whole evening was novel and very entertaining for us all. We ' re certainly proud of our German Department. 68 The Abbot Circle 192 5 Hacfjrpmoge Hament No war-horse, smelling slaughter in the air Can race with greater swiftness to the fray, Nor in his round of countless duties, cram More work than we, into the fleeting day. No storied urn, or animated bust Have e ' er beheld more needful labor done Than have these walls of Abbot, here about, When we poor students fall, rise up, and run. Half open eyes and drooping mouths admit Fatigue, that has no equal in this sphere, And stammered words or muddled brain point out The pace we ' re running is indeed severe. We must admit we ' re lazy — some of us, And sometimes fevered, often temperamental. We strive to learn, we seek for truth, but lo! Our studying is often incidental. We ' re absent-minded, logy, nervous wrecks, We groan, and gasp and gurgle, " Give us rest! " And pray for twenty hours ' solid sleep, — Of gifts divine the loveliest and best. Repose and rest for heavy laden souls Bowed down with duty, sorrow, toil and care. Oh blessed pillow, and oh, bed sublime Receive us in thine arms and keep us there. M. G. B. 69 y.p.T r MSCELLANEOUJ p The Abbot Circle 192 5 GTfjeatre utbe The Youngest Thundering Herd Tell Me More Music Box Revue The Follies of 1925 Lady Be Good Guardsman . The Showoff Abie ' s Irish Rose Topsy and Eva The Lost World Is Zat So? Puzzles of 1925 The Harem . Nightingale The Night Hawk Sky High Old English . Sooner and Later Hells Bells The Dove My Son White Collars Quarantine Sitting Pretty What Price Glory Adventure The Student Prince The Fool Next Door Louise Anthony The Mail Rush . Miss Bailey Corridor Stunts Rhythmic Stu G. Night Watchman Helen Larson Edith Ireland Chub and Sally " Doc " Gray ' s Gret Vanderschmidt Exams Senior Parlor Ted Johnson Migs Hawkes Honor Roll Abbot China Friday Night Rising Bells M. E. Dixon Mrs. Craig Bod well and Faust Sunday Afternoons " Danny " . Honor " A " Hert and Mittie Ruth Davies " Mittie " P.A. 71 The Abbot Circle 1925 ®fje gfofaot Htbrarp ' ' Much Ado About Nothing ' ' Twelve Tests of Character ' ' ' ' The Rivals " " Forty Minutes from Broadway " " The Rider of the Purple Sage " " The Three Musketeers " . ' ' The Light That Failed ' ' " The Fairy Queen " " A Fool ' s Errand " ' ' The Tempest " . " The Crossing " " Paradise Lost " " Beowulf " .... " The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come ' ' ' Comedy of Errors ' ' " The Rose and the Ring " " The Lady of the Decoration " ' ' The Green Hat " . " If Winter Comes " ' ' The Plattsburgers ' ' " One Exciting Night " " The Call of the Wild " . " Grimm ' s Fairy Tales " . " Within These Walls " ' ' This Freedom ' ' " The Doll ' s House " ' ' The Young Visitors " Travles with a Donkey " " The Inland Voyage " " Robinson Crusoe " " The Deserted Village " V. Faculty Meeting Required Walks E. Glidden and E. Renouf J. Gasser " Sperry " Spear, J. Fleming, M. E. Dixon 9.30 P.M. Sue L ' Oiseau Attempt for Prom Leave . Choral Class B. B. ' s Doorsill The Hill Miss Howey K. Clay Mid-years Graduation Miss Bailey " Bubbles " Intervale Gym Class The Prom . Breakfast Bell Senior Privileges Infirmary Vacation Sunset Lodge P. A. Callers Chaperoned Walks On bounds D. Bailey Andover during Vacation 72 The Abbot Circle 1025 Jokes; TOO TIRED Scene: Any Boston Theatre. Time: After the curtain has been rung up on the first act. Enter Peg Caverno and Fritz Howard, breathless from a rush from the North Station. Peg C: " Oh Fritz! I knew we ' d miss the Epilogue! " A JUICY BIT OF SCANDAL Ted {in Latin class, translating): " The mulberry tree, bright with pom- granates! " IN ENGLISH CLASS Miss Chickering: " He wrote short, humorous poems. " Ted {with characteristic eagerness): " Yes, epitaphs. " NAPOLEONIC DIPLOMACY Miss Chickering: " Was Napoleon a Christian, Elizabeth? " Bubbles {with an air of finality) : " Oh, no. He was a Catholic. " IN ETHICS — STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN Miss Bailey {quoting): ' ' It blesseth him that gives and him that takes. ' Where does this quotation come from — who knows? " Bubbles: " Why — er, that ' s from the Ancient Mariner, isn ' t it? " TRIALS OF A DRAMATIC CAREER One of Abbot ' s Leading Ladies: " When I played at home, they used to throw flowers at me, but they forgot to take the pots off! " 73 The Abbot Circle 19 2 5 Statistics! of tije Class of 1925 Done the most for Abbot: E. McDougall 14; R. Davies 7; D. von Culin4. Most Popular: E. McDougall 11; E. Huntsman 4. Most Studious: R. Davies 13; A. Stanley 10. Best Athlete: E. Lincoln 22; E. Burtnett 3. Best Dressed: H. Sperry 14; M. Hawkes 4. Worst Man-hater: E. Righter 22; T. Johnson 3. Wittiest: E. Burtnett 12; E. Boutwell 9; J. Gordon 6. Most Influential: E. Huntsman 8; E. McDougall 6; V. Thompson 4. Best Natured: M. Simpson 8; F. Howard 5 ; A. D. Estes 3; E. McDougall 3. Most Versatile: D. von Culin 20; E. Boutwell 6. Most Original: V. Thompson 9; E. Boutwell 7. Most Absent-Minded: E. L. Wylie 11; S. MacPherran 6; E. McDougall 4. Most Sentimental: M. Daniell 7; M. Wood 7; J. Gordon 6. Meekest: E. M. Ward 16; B. Nelson 6; M. Wood 4. Optimist: E. Boutwell 9; E. McDougall 6. Pessimist: C. Kitchen 14; T. Johnson 3. 74 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER fef " ' " " ' " " " " " ' ■ " — ' - — c g m w RAY HUNTSMAN ] 5 President B WILFRED G. PAINE CHARLES C. BALCOM ( !i Secretary Treasurer !® M OLD SOUTH ENGRAVING CO. HALF TONES LINE AND COLOR PLATES DESIGNING 173 SUMMER STREET BOSTON MASS. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Qompliments Oj Senior Middle Qlass Qompliments of Wm. Small Co. Established 1875 Dry Qoods MORRISSEY W. J. MORRISSEY Autos for fronts and Receptions Taxi Service ,c Phone 5Q 30 Park Street Andover ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER from A Friend from A Friend Qompliments of zA Friend ABBOT CIRCLE A . D V ERT 1 S ER ALBERT W. LOWE H erbet F. Chase gtfclettc oote SDruggtst Kodaks, Qameras Andover, Massachusetts Ar tdover, Massachusetts J. H. PLAYDON Jflortet Plants 6r Cut Flowers at All Times Member Florists ' Telegraph Delivery ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Insure With A Reliable Company In 96 years this company has had the experience and seasoning which are necessary to sound and reliable underwriting 1828— Merrimack Mutual Fire Ins. Co.— 1925 BANK BUILDING, ANDOVER, MASS. Jane Tooher Sport Clothes 711 Boylston Street BOSTON GYMNASIUM GARMENTS MADE TO MEASURE OFFICIAL OUTFITTER FOR ABBOT ACADEMY ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Zf)t §iit g f)op Ernest T. Hethrington 66 68 zMain Street zAndover, zJtCass. □ Fancy Groceries 40 Main Street Dry Goods Andover Furnishings Smallwares O The Finest Store in The Finest Town Gifts That zJlre Useful HETHRINGTON ' S Coplep Canbteg ALL HOME MADE AND PURE — ALSO SALTED NUTS SENT TO YOUR ADDRESS OR TO FRIENDS BY PARCEL POST 4 MISS COOMBS 106 Main Street Andover, Mass. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Cnglt t) proabclotf) pUou£e£ " Very Qood J ooking feasant Blo uses trimmed with Persian effect I,o8 Fine Pace Qo liars with jabots 1,00 each Silk Fibre Slips for any color gown 2.p8 HILLER CO. Imported P ' Domestic ' Perfumes including HOUBIGANT COTY MURY A complete line of Toilet Articles Daniel A. Hartigan ' Pharmacist Qor. z!Main Chestnut Sts. zAndover, zJWass. JVlarv Ashley Ivitchen 7 y Qakes, yams, " Jellies Sandwiches 29 High Street, Andover, Mass. C. A. HILL EUrtrtral (Entttrarior Student Lamps Supplies Eveready Flash Lights and Batteries 56 Main Street, Andover Telephone 344-W ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of Compliments of ©been . €. Compliments of Compliments of S. B. fr. tjtlomatfjeta ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER from iA friend of the School — . cf from nA Friend from A Friend ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER from A Friend HAIR CUTTING SHAMPOOING MASSAGING MARCELING TREATMENTS MANICURING plue pirb JPeautp g f)oppeg CHARLOTTE PORTER MUSGROVE BUILDING 73 MERRIMACK ST. ANDOVER, MASS. HAVERHILL, MASS. TEL CONN. TEL. 3787 Treatments a Specialty A. F. RIVARD Jetoeler anb Optometrist 36 Main Street Andover, Mass. Known wherever good Portraiture prevails - Parfjracf) Established 1868 Photographs of ' Distinction BOSTON LAWRENCE ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Tflephones RICHMOND 673 1ELEPHONES RICHMOND ]u0 Strong, Marson Co, Commission Wholesale Grocers in Beef J a?nb, " Provisions •, Veal Poultry Hotel, Institution, Club and Restaurant Supplies 30A North St. BOSTON, MASS. H. B. McCardle tattonerp anb Commercial printing CAREY SQUARE CHELSEA, MASSACHUSETTS C. D. BULLERWELL F. M. Leoboria C. D. Bullerwell Co. fjole ale Jf rutt anb $robuce 7 New Faneuil Hall Market (North Side) Telephone: Richmond 731-733 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Have Your Stationery Engraved with school seal, monogram or address in the latest style. Ask for beautiful Club Parchment writing papers. Dance Orders— Programs— Menus Ask us for samples 57 Franklin St., Boston ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER J. H. Campion Co Qrocers All kinds of fruits in season Fancy crackers in large variety Olives — Stuffed, Plain, Ripe, Chocolates, Bon-bons, Mints Jams, Jellies, Marmalades Andover, Massachusetts H. E. MILLER Shoes, Rubbers and Shoe Repairing 43 Main Street, Andover C. S. BUCHA N Furniture Upholstering Shade Work, Mattresses Remade, Awnings, Carpet Work, Furniture Repairs Goods Packed, Stored ? Shipped 12 Main St. Tei.345 Andover COSTUMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Write our Service Department for any information which will assist you in arranging either Costume, Scenic or Lighting Effects. Hooker-Howe Costume Co. 46-52 Main St. (Box 705) Tel. 1 501 Haverhill, Massachusetts ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER w ?770Nftv XsmtDFj Used Fo, EVERYWHERE WELDING AND CUTTING METAL HOUSELIGHTING COOKING MINERS ' LAMPS National Carbide Sales Corp. New York ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER SADDLE TRIP in the ROCKIES FOR BOYS Yellowstone National Park Wyoming Big-Game Country Teton Mountains Cody Stampede July -August For Booklet Address JULIAN S. BRYAN, Director VALLEY RANCH CO. 70 EAST 45th ST. . ' . . NEW YORK Compliments of DR. W. S. COOLING f. — — LM.KONTOFF Retailer T)ealer in Imported Qowns J p 6 Boylston St. 1$ os ton, Massachusetts Since 1886 The Larkin Print Printers Engravers Stationers Imported Hand-Made Writing Papers A Specialty NORTH ADAMS, MASS. w

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