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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1922 volume:

i LIBRARY — OF — ABBOT ACADEMY jTo At M.... | wi 19 2 2 ®I?p Abbnt (txrilt PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Abbot Academy Andover. Massachusetts 37 x Mr 2 THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASS. Cs Sffecttonatelp irebtcateb to M JWason ftp tEfje Class of 1922 3- it The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 h|P% ft- H 1 jr J jflH » ■■ . |b I gu VS . ' - TH V y ' - - . : ■:• " ' ■ i wm r M H hj : I ■» ■-■■ Senior Cla s Officers; President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Polk • Gwendolyn Bloomfielu Cecilia Kunkel Katherine Damon The Abbot Circle 1922 JANE B. BALDWIN Duluth, Minnesota Mt. Holyoke Four years Student Government President ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Class Vice-President ' 21 Hockey Team ' 22 Class President ' 19 " A " Society ' 22 Advisory Board ' 21 Mandolin Club ' 20 Class Cheer Leader ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 School Cheer Leader ' 21, ' 22 Senior-Mid Play ' 20 When tall little Jane first came from far-away Duluth, she looked and acted like Alice in Wonderland and we never thought she ' d grow dignified enough in four years to be head of the school. But she surely has, and when she tells us all our faults we realize what a fine leader she is; and that there ' s a lot of ability and character in that tall, stunning Jane. Those long legs do good work all right ! — be it when Jane is " wing- ing " along the hockey field or dancing in the recreation room. And just once in a while Room 22 resounds with the " rough-housing " of the " Baby Phyl " and " Infant Jane " of those childhood days upon the fourth floor. PHYLLIS BANKART " Phyl " Brookline, Massachusetts Four years Student Government Vice-President ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 22 Entertainment Committee ' 22 Phyl has grown up all of a sudden. Is it be- cause " Hinckley " is now in New York and too far away to wield her ten-year-old ' s influence? Maybe. And also Phyl has to live up to her weight of duties. But she has not undergone a complete metamorphosis. There ' s some butter- fly left, as you can see by her darling clothes, — and it ' s easy to imagine her a year from now having a wonderful time out in Brookline — while she pretends to be in at Mrs. Garland ' s learning how to keep house ! The Abbot Circle 1922 LAURA BEGGS Newark, Ohio Two years Q. E. D. ' 21, Vice-President ' 22 Class Treasurer ' 21 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Draper Reader ' 22 Elocution Christmas Play ' 22 We expect Laura to bring eternal fame to Abbot as the bridge champion of America. But she never gets so absorbed that she forgets to be tactful or diplomatic. She is always the perfect lady in our plays and is one-half of the Wilkins- Beggs Siamese twins. SARAH MARJORIE BICKFORD " Sallie " Worcester, Massachusetts Mt. Holyoke Hockey Numerals ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Two years Arm Band ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 That Blush seems to run in the family. And " Honest " too, only it doesn ' t look the way you say it, Marje. We ' d like to know what you and Char find to giggle about so much. The sounds that issue from " 25 " sometimes are enough to drive a proctor crazy. And Marje, you certainly make a stern proctor, you probably inherited it from Billy. The Bickfords certainly know how to make themselves liked. These family failings! The Abbot Circle 1922 GWENDOLYN F. BLOOMFIELD " Gwen " Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Two years A. C. A. Pres. ' 22 Class Vice-Pres. ' 22 Student Council ' 22 Q. E. D. (Treas. ' 21) ' 22 English V Play ' 21 Advisory Board ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Honor Roll ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Gwen ' s one of the charming girls that has enough personality for the whole Senior class put together — that is, whenever she ' s presiding at something or conversing with Miss Bailey or a D. O. G. She is also one of those excitable, flapperish girls that gets all ahead of herself when she talks and can ' t be bothered with pronouncing every syllable. And by the way, where is there a better dancer, and just as capable leader in Abbot ' s social life? SARAH BODWELL Andover, Massachusetts " Smith Four years Class Book Board ' 22 Basketball Numerals ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Whenever we think of Sarah we always think too of her teas. Memories of those too good sandwiches and a jolly time haunted us for days after. We appreciate it, Sal, and we hand it to you for having that faculty. That old adage, " Laugh and the world laughs with you, " applies to Sal all right, for she ' s always laughing when she isn ' t studying, and this is just one of the signs of her good nature. As for being capable and reliable, well, that goes without saying — she ' s the most wholesome sort (excuse us, Sal). The Abbot Circle 1922 ISABEL BROWN Dallas, Texas Three years Basketball Numerals ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band ' 21 Senior Play ' 21 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 " Well, yes, but I don ' t see - " As usual it ' s Isabel arguing about something in class. And did you ever know anyone who could find so many sensations in a newspaper as she can? She ' s quite the snappy basketball player too. There isn ' t anything Isabel misses and if she goes to Europe as she plans to, she will be able to tell us more about it than Baedecker himself. MILDRED BURFORD Texarkana, Texas Texas University Two vears She could easily pose as " before and after " . Do you remember those long locks that used to hang down her back? How are the mighty fallen ! She is the class infant in age, but in mathematical brains we understand she quite leads the class. Of course she has the Southern accent and we wonder whether her languorous glances are Southern too, or just Mildred. The Abbot Circle 1922 CATHERINE PERRY DAMON " Caddy " Cranford, New Jersey Three years Basketball Numerals Hockey Numerals Basketball Team ' 21 Hockey Team ' 22 Senior-Mid Play Senior Play Advisory Board ' 21 Class Secretary ' 19 Class Vice-President ' 20 Class President ' 20 A. C. A. Secretary ' 21 A. A. A. President ' 22 " A " Society ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Honor " A " Student Government Vice-President ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Catts is one of the old guard, having wandered in and about the portals of this school some three years now — and many have been her accom- plishments therein. Caddy, conscientious, crav- ing, capable and cute, has come off with many scalps in her collection officially, and athletically speaking. As one of the Mouses from Cranford she has added to the notoriety of that illustrious town. Keep it up, Catts! KATHERINE DAMON " Kay " Waterloo, New York Wellesley Four years Class Vice-President (Spring Term) ' 19 Hockey Numerals ' 22 Class President (Fall Term) ' 20 Arm Band ' 21 Class Treasurer (Fall Term) ' 21 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Class Treasurer ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Q. E. D. ' 21, 22 Honor Roll ' 19, ' 20 Courant Business Manager ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 We have Kay ' s destiny all arranged. She will be an income tax collector. When she is asked what experience she ' s had, she ' ll say, " Oh, I was treasurer of ' 22 at Abbot. " They ' ll say, " You ' re qualified for the toughest cases then, here ' s the job. " Kay makes a wonderful treas- urer. She didn ' t even lose count of the ten cents that some benevolent Senior gave to pay for the picnic cups. Kay is one of the many (?) shining lights in College Math, and is disappointed if she doesn ' t get A plus on her Monday test. In spite of her brains she ' s a fine girl and we like her. The Abbot Circle 1922 ROSAMOND DAVIS " Ros " Manchester, New Hampshire Smith Mandolin Club ' 20, ' 21 Three years Arm Band ' 20 Hockey Numerals ' 21 Ros is the sort whose good nature affords her a good time continually. That giggle we hear from Room 28 certainly adds greatly to the environ- ment of the corridor. Ros is one of the college prep. Seniors who love Monday ? ?. She certain- ly can jazz that old mandolin though — " Every- body step " ! RUTH DEWEY Dorchester Center, Massachusetts Senior Play ' 22 Two years Giggle, giggle, giggle! We know that Ruth has a sense of humor ' cause she ' s always laughing at something. She is all for Dartmouth too. We hear that she almost drives her innocent room- mate wild, while she learns to play the guitar, mandolin, " uke " , — one of those anyway. It ' s great to be musical. Ruth will probably end up as a lady minister or something really good, she ' s always so in earnest. 10 The Abbot Circle 1922 GERTRUDE FRANKLIN Andover, Massachusetts Wellesley Two years Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band ' 21 Honor Roll ' 21, ' 22 We always recognize Gertrude by her red hat, otherwise we wouldn ' t know she was even here because she is so small and very quiet. Never- theless, she is a very important addition to our class, and what would Fidelio do without her? Never mind, Gertrude, " silence is golden " - — ■ and your marks prove it. ; tB . KATHERINE GAGE " Kay " Changsha, China . Wellesley Arm Band ' 21 Odeon ' 21, 22 Two years Bible Group Leader ' 22 Honor Roll ' 22 Out from China came Kay to us, so we guess China ' s a pretty good place. As a member of Odeon, Kay certainly makes good. Even Miss Sweeney gives her good marks in English. She is going to publish a book some day, " Adjectives for Use in English Themes " . Last summer Kay went to camp and, well, there never was any- thing like it! It is our opinion that she sleeps with the catalogue under her pillow. It is rumored that an ode on the occasion of the burial of her pet toothbrush was composed by Miss Gage this summer. We wonder why it had to be buried! I ' M ' P [ , 1 0 ' .- ' §jj ' ' -- B -. „ ■ mHFBJ " - " " AT ' i ■ Mr w I ft iJ £ -% Wj ' % (Jr i r N r s 1 ■ 11 The Abbot Circle 1922 BEATRICE LAURA GOFF " Molly " Andover, Massachusetts Wellesley Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Four years Honor Roll, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Last year Beatrice had to leave us and un- fortunately could not graduate with her class. Of course we all felt sorry for her, but 1922 con- siders herself lucky to be able to count Molly as one of her own. We point her out to little preps as the girl who never flunks and apply the prov- erb " Still waters run deep " . Did you ever see such an unquenchable thirst for knowledge? Verily it is the higher life that Molly leads here at Abbot and we wish her all kinds of success at Wellesley next year. HELEN GOOD ALE Wakefield, Massachusetts Three years Glee Club ' 22 Fidelio 22 Arm Band ' 22 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Calendar Committee ' 22 Remember Helen in the Senior-Mid play? One would never think that she had lived in a big city to see her impersonate a farmer. She leads a Bible class, with Olive ' s help. It is a great success. We have Helen ' s career decided. She ' s going to be in the front-line chorus of the Zieg- feld Follies, owing to her experience in Fidelio and the Senior play. By the bye, we hear both Miss Mason and Miss Kelsey have to come in during study hour some nights. We wonder why ! 12 The Abbot Circle 1922 BARBARA GOSS " Barb " Melrose, Massachusetts Boston School of Physical Education Two years Student Government ' 21 Tennis Team ' 22 " A " Society Secretary and Treasurer ' 21 Head of Basketball ' 22 " A " Society President ' 22 Tennis Doubles ' 21 Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 Tennis Singles ' 22 Fidelio ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Numerals Basketball ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Basketball Captain ' 21 Have you seen Bob emerge with a radiance which outdoes Phoebus or the grocer ' s best apples? Considering her athletically, compara- tively few balls are hurled at the sun. Her right eye is open now and her ears are folding back into their natural position; even the dents in her hair are again perfect. But where, oh, where has her appendix gone? She ' s trying to forget on shredded wheat. We feel that a fitting gift would be a stained-glass window in the gym- nasium to you, Bob! JULIET HASKELL " Julie " Ft. McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia Vassar Two years Junior Glee Club ' 21 Fidelio ' 22 French Play ' 21 Elocution Play ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Honor Roll ' 21, ' 22 Julie belongs entirely to the Army, and don ' t you forget it. That is how she went to the Philippines and the thousand other places she has been. When they gave out brains she sat on the front row. But why did she bob her hair? We notice a delicate Southern accent after vacation, but she slips back into the honest-to- goodness Yankee after a week with strenuous Simp! w S tefr . ' 1 Wm m n ' fu 13 The Abbot Circle 1922 RUTH BOND HILL Andover, Massachusetts Four years Class Book Board ' 21 Courant ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Goodness, Ruth, we wish we could turn this over to you to write, not because we can ' t think of many nice things to say, but you with your adept pen, who made that birthday cake at Intervale sound like a ten-story wedding cake in your impressionistic theme, could do so much better. We feel certain that your fame will be great because when " Fate spilt the beans " you received a good big portion of possibilities. MARGARET TENER HOPKINS " Peg " Springfield, Massachusetts Four years Class Secretary 18 Glee Club ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Fidelio ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Secretary-Treasurer Fidelio ' 21 Librarian Glee Club ' 22 " Say, do you know? — Let me tell you. — Have you heard? — I know something! " Yes, it ' s Peg, and we suspect her of never run- ning down. And how she can keep her room in such immaculate order and be up on all the gossip of school is beyond us. We would like to visit her in her " house all her own " . That cold blond good-lookingness is striking and we think she would be a great success on the concert stage, with her musical ability. But we can ' t forget her as a conversationalist, — for she ' ll talk on most any subject, and that sparkle of wit, ah, that ' s where the Irish Tener comes in! 14 The Abbot Circle 1922 CHRISTINE OLIVE HOWARD " Olive " West Roxbury, Massachusetts Massachusetts Normal Art School Two years Advisory Board ' 22 English V Play ' 21 Glee Club Leader ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Stage Manager English V ' 21 Hockey Numerals ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Entertainment Committee Chairman ' 22 Stage Manager Senior Play ' 22 Olive can ' t go through the eye of a needle, but on her voice and art she made her course just one hectic golden sequence of soul spasms. She has been very successful at making the entertain- ment committee successfully entertaining this year, and her posters which foretell the events hold second place only to the events themselves. And even if she does require a lot of sleep! — We ' re an awful seducer of the young, aren ' t we, Olive!! ELIZABETH STILES HUTCHINSON " Bubbles " Paterson, New Jersey Art School Glee Club ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Two years Fidelio ' 22 English V Play ' 21 Class Book Board ' 22 Bubbles of the bubbling laughter, and the white (?) sandals and the daily letters and specials! Was it an accident that made her Mercutio, the loquacious, in the play? She draws, and appears every now and then in Fidelio, and Oh, those mystery stories she writes for English! We often wish we knew what is going on behind those speculative eyes — ■ but perhaps it ' s just as well we don ' t. 15 The Abbot Circle 19 22 RUTH DOUGLAS KEENER Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Goucher Fidelio ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 22 Two years Advisory Board ' 22 Arm Band ' 21 Where did you get those " schoolma ' amish " ways, Ruth? Certainly not. from your room- mate. We suspect that your great enthusiasm for Princeton is not entirely explained by your brother ' s presence there. The way your room gets cluttered up with " Tigers " is suspicious, to say the least. You certainly manage to write some good things, — poetry ' n ' everything. Any- one who can combine brains and humor is re- markable, that ' s all. HELEN C. KNIGHT Reading, Massachusetts Wheaton Three years Glee Club, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Fidelio ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 English V Play ' 21 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Little and dear and sweet. That ' s Helen. We think your bobbed hair is a great success. We hear that those dances in Reading during Christmas vacation were just " wonderful " . Probably your being there had something to do with it. It ' s queer that these innocent-looking girls always make the worst, or, if you look at it from Stu G ' s point of view, the best proctors. And the way she hurries. " Excuse my dust " , that ' s Helen! 16 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 CECELIA KUNKEL " Cissy " Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Two years Class Secretary ' 22 Q. E. D. ' 21, President ' 22 Editor-in-Chief Class Book ' 22 Arm Band ' 21 Numerals Basketball ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 " Woman is a conundrum, yet man never wants to give her up, " so they say. Cissy runs pretty true to form. She ' s a mixture of hard, solid facts and soft appealingness. Cissy ' s dependable and has worked hard for her living this year as editoress of this noble edition. But she will be literal and catches many a slip twixt cup and lip, — I ' ll bite, does she? It is said that she be- longs to the academic club in self-control and as for lectures, her passion is so intense she has to seek them upon Hill and dale regardless! EVANGELINE VIVIAN LAMB " Van " New Haven, Connecticut Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 Basketball Numerals ' 21 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Two years Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Van, the bridge fiend! She even plays between speeches at play practice. Who would guess that she could be the rheumatic complainer in The Neighbors? She doesn ' t confine herself to these little indoor sports, however, but goes in for tennis and basketball. She sings too. Oh, she has lots of sides, we might call her a polygon! ii ■ M. -jqH W ■ k If; 17 The Abbot Circle 1922 ELIZABETH MacPHERRAN " Slip " Duluth, Minnesota Smith Two years A. C. A. Treasurer ' 22 Courant Board ' 21, ' 22 Q. E. D. ' 21, ' 22 Advisory Board ' 22 Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Class Secretary (Spring Term) ' 21 Slip is one of the few people who can accom- plish and talk at the same time. She does love to talk, but we won ' t hold that against her, — she lives with " Mouse " . Of course when one edits the Courant, counts A. C. A. Sunday night contributions, and is in Q. E. D., one doesn ' t have much time for other things. But we haven ' t noticed Slip getting worn out before her time. She is always ready to help anyone she can and in any way she can. And as for Duluth, well it seems to turn them out long and lean! MARY MALLORY New Milford, Connecticut Wellesley Two years Hockey Numerals ' 21 Arm Band Senior Play ' 22 Entertainment Committee ' 22 Calendar Committee ' 22 Honor Roll ' 22 Will you ever forget the shock when she bobbed her hair? She probably will, at least she forgets everything else. She is the girl who tried to eat soup with a fork for five minutes before she dis- covered her error. She doesn ' t forget her speeches in the play though, or how to do Math. 18 The Abbot Circle 1922 LOUISE MOUNT " Mouse " Cranford, New Jersey English V Play ' 21 Glee Club ' 21 Two years Fidelio ' 21 " Ever have that depressed feeling? " Try Mount ' s Miraculous, Meritorious Mixture of Mirth and Mischief. If she can ' t cheer you up in any other way she ' ll argue you into it. She ' s so radical that blue looks purple when she gets near it. Mouse has a wide store of knowledge which many don ' t realize. She ' s for deep stuff and all that sort of thing. But we must admit that as far as a good sport is concerned she ' s unsurpassed and guaranteed to come up on the right side of the worst mixups. Hot stuff! DOROTHY MOXLEY " Dottie " North Andover, Massachusetts Framingham Five years Class Vice-President ' 18 Class Treasurer ' 19 Vice-President Student Council ' 22 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Honor Roll ' 18, ' 19 This is the girl who is always in the corner of the Senior parlor, her nose in a Latin book. Why of course, it ' s Dottie Moxley. She may seem quiet when you first meet her, but wait ' til you know her and you ' ll find more than one reason for her popularity. Dottie is one of the good old stand-bys too, just think, she has a five-year " rep " . Maybe that ' s why she makes such a good Stu. G. representative for the day scholars. 19 The Abbot Circle 19 22 ELIZABETH R. OHNEMUS Waltham, Massachusetts Wellesley Basketball Numerals ' 21, ' 22 Honor Roll ' 21 Two years Arm Band ' 21 French Play ' 22 Another bridge enthusiast and a member of the now extinct Big Four. Her accent is the ultra New England type and you wouldn ' t have to look at the label on her luggage to know she ' s from Massachusetts. She ' s a pretty peppy basketball player, to say nothing of the brains she displays in class. CHARLOTTE D. PETRIKIN " Char " Denver, Colorado Arm Band ' 21 Two years Bible Group Leader ' 22 She ' s the girl from Denver, " a breezy young westerner " . When she first learned to play " Kalua " on the mandolin, well, she almost burst, she was so proud. And those stunning black canton crepe dresses! And the sister in Paris! There ' s a subtle change in Char since she put up her bobbed locks, a more dignified de- meanor " don ' t cha know " . Char was one of the shining lights at the Homestead last year, and we ' ve heard tell of midnight parties over there, — but we won ' t say anything about them. 20 The Abbot Circle 1922 FLORENCE PHILLIPS Andover, Massachusetts Wellesley Two years Glee Club ' 22 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 English V Play ' 20 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Calendar Committee ' 22 " Buzz, buzz, " is that a fly in the Senior parlor? No, it ' s just Florence discussing some weighty question, such as " wire nails " . Speaking of bugs (we were, weren ' t we?) the way Florence carried on about the buffalo bug in the Senior- Mid play was a shout. Along with her dramatic ability she has lots of other accomplishments which we can ' t stop to enumerate now — but we must say she takes a very decisive stand for such a small person. MARY ELIZABETH POLK " Bug " Kansas City, Missouri Two years Class President ' 21 Basketball Team ' 21 Class President ' 22 Basketball Numerals ' 21 ' 22 Student Council ' 22 Senior-Mid Play " A " Society ' 21, ' 22 Senior Play Odeon (Treasurer ' 21), ' 22 Author English V Play ' 22 Assistant Business Manager Class Book ' 21 Take a good chunk of humor, and a pinch of sarcasm, a generous cup of sympathy and a heap of brains that verge on versatile, and when you ' ve rolled them into an angular being with long, lustrous blue eyes, you ' ve got Bug. She isn ' t really anything except a playwright, the class actor, and the best bluffer that ever squeaked Abbot ' s floors. There aren ' t many gazelles either, who can play jumping center as grace- fully as Bug, — and her facial expression while participating in this sport is a model to be copied by all preps. She is ingenious along many lines, especially in new and fanciful styles of hair- dressing. All kidding aside, we ' d be a pepless class without her and, like Gorton ' s Codfish, be quite spineless. 21 The Abbot Circle 1922 MARGARET POTTER " Peg " Melrose, Massachusetts Two years " A " Society ' 22 Hockev Team ' 22 Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 21, ' 22 Vice-President Fidelio ' 22 Mandolin Club ' 21 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Entertainment Committee ' 22 Another athletic Melrose-ite, though you wouldn ' t think so when you see her, or hear her gentle little giggle. You would expect her to be fatter considering the amount of Malted Milk she consumes, but it ' s probably fated that she shall remain a sylph. She ' s an energetic alto in the Glee Club but — it ' s her smile you remember, and her hair. SUSANNE COFRODE ROOT " Suzie " Pottstown, Pennsylvania Two years Class Book Board ' 22 Arm Band ' 20, ' 21 Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Q. E. D. ' 21, Secretary-Treasurer ' 22 Honor Roll ' 21, ' 22 She comes from Pennsylvania but she is not a Quaker. By no means! She manages to sing in Fidelio and to prepare learned arguments for Q. E. D., and at the same time to be Miss Howey ' s most atte.iive (?) pupil. As to her character, by her own confession she is fickle, empty-headed (perhaps rooming with Whinery has something to do with that), and jealous. As for us, we have remarked that she is a loyal, efficient, calm member of ' 22, and we are very glad she is in it. 22 The Abbot Circle 19 22 ELEANOR ELIZABETH ROSE " Ellie " Ellenville, New York Wellesley Three years Hockey Team ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band ' 20 Hockey Numerals ' 21, ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 " Hello there! Oh, are you for Yale? " Of course it ' s Eleanor, the valiant Harvard cham- pion. However, in spite of her unreasonableness on that point she ' s always ready to do anything for anybody. She apparently doesn ' t care for her brother, at least we never hear her speak of him (?). She seems to study a lot, but we all know what those College Prep, lessons are! In concluding, we ' d like to ask Ellie why she per- sists in evading the rugs when walking and in- cidentally suggest the use of swinging doors! " Boy, page the ear mufflers! " BARBARA SANDS " Barb " Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts Two years A. A. A. Vice-President ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Student Government ' 22 Honor Roll ' 21, ' 22 " A " Society ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Glee Club ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Hockey Team ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 21, ' 22 Enter the speedy wing of the Abbot Hockey team! Melrose certainly has the athletic crowd. Where would Abbot be without them? Barb takes time to write plenty of letters, though, to all those people whose ic ' ;ures she has hung around the room. There ' s something very Frank about her too. Bob and Peg seem to be an awfully good combination, and their Bible groups are as successful as their Sunday afternoon teas. But Bob — when reciting poetry to gentle- men callers, we advise quoting Longfellow!!? 23 The Abbot Circle 19 22 " ' Bk ■ ' " " : sill;-!-- f;! ' ' ::;■;; ■ M-;::- ' jmm M MARIAN AMELIA SAUNDERS " Sandy " Nutley, New Jersey Smith Three years Class President ' 20 Head of Tennis ' 21, ' 22 Class Treasurer ' 19 Hockey Numerals ' 20 A. A. A. Treasurer ' 21 English V Play ' 20 " A " Society ' 20, ' 21, ' 22 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Mandolin Club ' 21 Basketball Numerals ' 19 Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Basketball Team Captain ' 21 Tennis Team ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Tennis Champion ' 20, ' 21 Student Government Secretary ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 When one thinks of Sandy, one never thinks of her without a tennis racket, basketball, or some other athletic weapon in her hand, and she wields it very gracefully — yea verily, don ' t we, Sandy? Sandy and Anne are an attractive if ever-noticeable combination. Marian is artistic too, and one of her greatest masterpieces is her painted, bespattered smock, the bane of Miss Pooke ' s existence. HARRIET SIMPSON " Simp " Galesburg, Illinois Knox Two years Odeon ' 22 Class Book Board ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 22 French Play ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Yes, she ' s the girl from some small town out west. Something like Gopher Prairie, you know, in Main Street. She has literary aspirations and is thinking of publishing the sequel to The Sheik. Her one ambition is to become slim and sylph- like. She ' s in Odeon too. Her interpretation of the character of the greedy girl in the French play last year has been commented upon. It was said to be very lifelike. Hat is going to have a class in " How to Roll the Eyes " or " Lady Vamp " ! Watch for the posters. 24 The Abbot Circle 1922 ANNE PETTIT VANDERSLICE " Sloppy " Hampton, Virginia Mt. Holyoke Two years Arm Band ' 22 Anne ' s our typical Southerner. She has a perfect Virginia drawl. Poor Anne used to be a rather slow mover, but now she ' s learned to move those long legs and arms of hers to some purpose. She certainly can enjoy a good joke as well as tell one. She ' s a conscientious student too, and she ' s very fond of stealing out at 5.30 to do it. Who ever heard of anyone forgetting to come to lunch? It seems impossible, but Anne just couldn ' t stop studying long enough to eat. Look out, Anne, you ' ll get blown away. ALICE ELLIOTT VAN SCHMUS " Al " Summit, New Jersey Two years A. C. A. Vice-President ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Student Government ' 22 English V Play ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 22 Advisory Board ' 22 Arm Band ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Business Manager Class Book ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 Why is Al ' s mouth all puckered up? She ' s just pronouncing her distinctive last name. She is so safe and sane and wholesome (all due apologies) that we can hardly imagine her having her wild fling, which she is determined upon. Al ' s always the backbone of any enterprise. And now while we ' re handing out the lilies (and cabbages) we ' ll just say, Al, that we think you ' re an all-around girl! 25 The Abbot Circle 1922 JANET WARREN " Jam " West Roxbury, Massachusetts Four years Student Government ' 19, ' 20 Senior Play ' 22 Glee Club ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 22 Entertainment Committee ' 21 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Calendar Committee Chairman ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Hare and Hound Numerals ' 19 We call her Jam, ' cause that ' s her nickname for one reason, and because she ' s sweet for an- other. Her intimacy with Kay Damon is another thing we notice, but then, they ought to be, they ' ve roomed together for four years. Janet ' s one of the people who star in plays. Remember " Dianthy " in the Senior-Mid play? She ' s in the Senior play too. Sometime, Janet, we ' d like to have you tell us, in confidence, of course, how you managed to get away for that tea dance, — anyone who can do that, — well, you get the brass medal, that ' s all. KATHERINE M. WEEKS ' " Kay " Andover, Massachusetts Wheaton Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Four years Calendar Committee ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 21, ' 22 Thump! Biff! You gasp mentally and physi- cally. A shrieking laugh penetrates the corridor. Flopit, of course, getting her feet mixed up again. Flopit is, we quote — " buxom, blithe and debonair " , and is always so anxious to get to the next place that she never notices where she trips to. Tubby — that ' s her other name — plays hockey too, in which she is inclined to give us a thrill now and then. We can ' t help but like Flopit, not only because she ' s so good-natured but, well — because she ' s Flopit ! 26 The Abbot Circle 1922 SUZANNA JANE WELBORN " 5W2 " Evansville, Indiana Smith Three and a half years Class Book Board ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 21 Honor Roll ' 19 English V Play ' 21 Odeon, Secretary and Treasurer ' 22 Enter Suz, the ingenue, and her chorus of safety pins. There never was nor will be another Suzie. How does she live through the wrath that descends on her head for being late? But she always does. Suzie is quite our versatile young classmate — she can write and draw and act to perfection, — and as for her coquettish eyes! But she ' s too young to be a flirt and, be- sides, she doesn ' t have to ANNE CONKLIN WHINERY Toledo, Ohio Head of Hockey ' 22 Captain of Hockey ' 22 Hockey Team ' 21, ' 22 Hockey Numerals ' 21 Odeon ' 21, President ' 22 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Two years Class Book Board Fidelio ' 21, ' 22 Secretary of Fidelio ' 22 Northfield Delegate ' 21 " A " Society ' 21, ' 22 The great hockey captain — Abbot ' s bravest and best. Did you notice how the Bradford team grew pale when Whinery came on? What the school will do without her next year is the question. Brawn and brains combined, and sometimes expressed in being brutally frank. Really Anne, the world isn ' t as black as it ' s painted. Anne possesses the talent of being able to tuck her bobbed locks under and at the same time look nice. It is an art much to be envied. 27 The Abbot Circle 1922 ELIZABETH WHITTEMORE " Betty " Charleston, West Virginia Three years Class Secretary ' 20. ' 21 Senior Play ' 22 Odeon ' 21, ' 22 English V Play ' 20 Clock Golf " A " ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Arm Band ' 20 Entertainment Committee ' 21 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21 Betty hitched her wagon to a star in infancy, and she ' s still hitched, — the star, apparently, being high marks. She was the doughty clock golf champion, and from her tales of Saranac, we conclude she is the all-round athlete. When it comes to borrowing Betty would take first prize in a contest, but we must say she returns things promptly, — even slams. ALEXINA F. WILKINS " Alex ' . ' Selma, Alabama Goucher Two years Class Vice-President ' 21 Hockey Numerals ' 21 Q. E. D. Secretary ' 21 Senior-Mid Play ' 21 Q E. D. ' 21, ' 22 Fidelio ' 21, President ' 22 Courant ' 21, ' 22 Glee Club ' 21, ' 22 " Noh, nere nis NAlex! " Anybody can copy her language, but nobody can say " jelly " the way she does. She ' s quite the busy lady with Courant and Q. E. D., and of course bridge on the side, but she always has time to say, " When we went to Shipley " — we, meaning Laura — you just naturally can ' t disconnect them! Alex is a pillar of Fidelio and when it comes to Spanish songs! — she leads the procession. 28 The Abbot Circle 19 22 DOROTHY WILLIAMS " Dottie " Nanking, China Wellesley Three years Vice-President Odeon ' 22 Odeon ' 21, ' 22 Arm Band ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 22 Here is the hand that can deal out joy or sorrow at will. Hers is the hand that can dis- tribute the wherewithal for new shoes or chew- ing gum ! For Dottie puts up the mail. We have heard that she is going to buy a revolver to pro- tect herself against the angry females who do not receive letters. Dottie writes for Odeon and Conrant, nice things that we enjoy reading. There must be something about China that pro- duces literary ability. Let ' s all go to China! 29 (But Jptar §irl0 RACHEL NILES BOUTWELL Andover, Massachusetts Mt. Holyoke One year Fidelio ' 22 Arm Band ' 22 Honor Roll ' 22 A dimple, a smile, a pair of eyes — it sounds like Omar Khayyam stuff, but guess again, it ' s Rachel. This is her first year in the whirl of Duties, Dates and Dreams, but we feel as though she ' d been here much longer. Whenever you crave a bit of potent scandal or are seething within and yearn for sympathy or anything like that, just find Rachel. We think she ' s great at applying first aid to the uninjured. Oh, my, yes! ELIZABETH B. BREWSTER " Betty " Derby, Connecticut Vassar Arm Band ' 22 One year Honor Roll ' 22 She ' s one of the recent additions to the class, but " belongs " already. She has a never-ending fund of information and she certainly can use it in an argument. We always think of her with her carefully waved hair (and prominent comb). We wish we could " carry on " with her long- worded and long-winded conversations. She can surely typify " language is golden " , and not everyone can knit such a heavy white sweater! 30 The Abbot Circle 1922 CAROLINE DOBREE IREDELL Carol " New York, N. Y. Three and one-fourth years Arm Band ' 20 Well, tha-t ' s attrac-tive!! Yes, Carol, we always recognize you by those strongly accented phrases. Carol ' s an awfully good sport and has lots of spunk. Although she ' s an awful grind she manages to find time occasionally to frequent the tea room. She goes out for sports with Vim, Vigger and Veracity (?) Carol has com- mitted some indiscretions during her young career at Abbot, but is ably abetted by " our younger faculty " . LOIS KIRKHAM " Loie " New Britain, Connecticut Vassar Class Secretary ' 18 Four years Have you heard the latest? Loie is going into the Fame and Beauty contest for 1923. We will soon (no doubt) hear of her on the stage, a notorious, raving, tearing beauty. It ' s nice to have been abroad but doubly nice to return with Paris gowns. If you do miss Barbara, Burford ' s a pretty good substitute, isn ' t she? As for rag dolls, well Loie, you have it all over Raggedy Ann. You might establish a business and sell " Flopping Loises " . Try it when you ' re hard up. 31 The Abbot Circle 1922 MARIAN DeWITT RUGG " Tubby " St. Louis, Missouri One year Arm Band ' 22 Class Book Board ' 22 Senior Play ' 22 Author English V Play Entertainment Committee Mandolin Club Many is the minute we wildly waste dancing in the recreation room, just because that music is irresistible — and look who ' s playing — of course it ' s Tubby. She surely can pound out the hot jazz on that old piano. By the way, Tu bby is a funny name for an attractive girl like Marion — but you forget what you ' re saying when you ' re under the influence of her scintillating personality. It takes brains to come and gradu- ate in one year — and she has kept up the family name all right. We might be going to see clever plays by the Rugg Sisters some day — but no, we guess St. Louis has other charms than those of literature. H H m Vi NS§r ' H ¥ » ■• ' %-■ " •» r V ! i tMfMB W- ' r , ' ■ ' .;■ w ■ mASmawa KBn I%; 1 ■fii 4 ' H ALICE KATHERINE TOWER Montclair, New Jersey Two years Arm Band ' 21, ' 22 Alice always has lots of energy on hand. She has even managed to make her room-mate get to most of the meals on time. She never gets any discredits for dust, but spends most of the time chasing it, d la the Dutch Cleanser " ads " . She spends a lot of the time singing too, which is one of the signs of her cheerful disposition. 32 JANE STAIR WINCHESTER 3Jrt iffllemoriam The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 $eace I have a great green forest When I am troubled or sad. I have a great cathedral To cheer and make me glad. It is always dusk in my forest And day is nearly done, It is always a dim cathedral Of trees and dying sun. There ' s always a breeze a-stirring And whispering by it brings With the joy of my dream-forest The song of peace it sings. Ruth Keener ' 22 34 I Snterbale ongg Tune: Mill Stream Shadows on the snow, Long moonlight rides, Cosy popcorn talks ' Round a warm fireside. Swift toboggan flights, Long snowshoe hikes; It was supreme, We ' ll always dream Of Intervale. Tune: Hortense We went to Intervale all out of step, To get good-looking and a lot more pep — We looked at the choice of eggs or meat, Then ordered both, can that be beat? Pie or ice cream? both! we cried, Till we couldn ' t get more inside, Now we ' re fatter and not so pale, There never was a place like — Intervale! Look into the distance, over hill and vale, And you will see a place that is known as Intervale. After all our studying and grinding out of books We went ' way up to Intervale to get some cheery looks. Four days of snow-fights And the jolliest of p-l-a-y, Sleighrides in the moonlight — But that ' s not half of what we have to say. Pancakes in the morning, and hot beefsteak at night, And all the other good things that make your belt so tight. We had a lot of tummy-aches and awful nightmares too, But that was only half the game, and never made us blue. Now it ' s all over And the only thing to s-a-y- is, Do all your lessons So that you ' ll be seniors bye and bye: 35 The Abbot Circle 1922 Snterbale Surpassed anticipations Sport ' s exhilarations Menu dissipations Life sans regulations That was Intervale! Friendly, close relations Joyful exultations Sunset revelations Ideal contemplations That was Intervale! 37 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 {With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe) Once upon a morning dreary, while I slumbered weak and weary, And my mind had wandered off to Dreamland as on nights of yore, While I lay there gently napping, suddenly there came a tapping As of someone faintly rapping — rapping at my chamber door. " Tis that ' early bird ' " I muttered, " tapping at my chamber door. " Only this and nothing more! Ah! distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December I had asked her please to wake me as she ' d tried to times galore. Up I must to finish working. On my Engli sh I ' d been shirking, " D ' s " on all my papers lurking — lurking there as ne ' er before, And the Honor Roll retreated from my grasp as oft before. Merely this and nothing more. Presently my soul grew stronger. Hesitating then no longer Out of bed I sprang and landed on the icy, creaking floor. As I stood there cold and shaking, how I cursed my undertaking And the girl who, me forsaking, shuffled down the corridor, Footsteps growing faint and fainter down the cold, dark corridor. Only this and nothing more. And the cold and shivery feeling which was not a bit appealing Chilled me — filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before, So back into my bed returning, boldly her dread summons spurning, ' Cause my sleepy self was yearning for my bed as oft before. As I cuddled — now contented in my bed as oft before, Quoth I, " Nevermore " . R uth Holmes ' 23 Odeon 38 ■■ %xtt g ong Dear Alma Mater, as we go A greater work to do; We plant a symbol of our love Our loyalty and honor true, That ever more shall be. As we shall strive our work to do In calm or troublous days, May all that we have gathered here Of knowledge and of noble ways Be used in loyalty. And as this tree will stronger grow And reach up toward the skies, We too will strive to reach the heights That we may live true, noble lives Because of loving thee. Barbara Sands The Abbot Circle 1922 1922 9 it Wtxt Way back in the fall of 1917 witch was when Kaiser Bill was wakeing up with a sick headake the mourning after the nt. before Dot Moxley packed her rattle high chair come over to Abbot plants a flag with the cymbals 1922 on it in the middel of the O. Witch is how the class begun. All thru that yr. she bore the standard unaided but must have done noble advertizing ' cuz next yr. come along a hole buntcha brite eyed babies what started off our class with Vim Vigger. Floppit Weeks a girl who is indept. all that jovelly familiarly tripping in to our front parlor makes herself t ' home there witch being s ' diplo- matik gains Us good relashuns with the faculty witch is a good help in time of peace. Sal Bodwell, Ruth Hill B. Goff come over aided Floppit in this Enter Prize thus interdooced there hats to the Pegs. One nt. when Miss Bailey wuz puttin ' Dandy Lion out for the nt. she found a basket on the steps with 2 loan babes in it. She up thot they wuz twins till she discovered a triffel dif- ference in the length of there lower extremities (which translated is legs) these bein ' Jane Phyl. Peg Hopkins what comes from Spring Field where they grow ' em young and noizy breazed in writ her name on the annuals of our class. Along with her wuz K. Damon Jan Warren what met has stuck ever since. Lowis Kirkham woodn ' t leave her rag doll t ' home is the other one who joined our mist that yr. She sure was a cute little trick. Suz Welborn wielding a meen eye blows in from Evans Ville after Christmas of that yr. after Easter a classy dame Carol Iredell bein ' tired of the high l ife cum also to sip from the bubbler of learning. One day a butller leaves a little girl hear named Betty Whittemore who used such big words so that no body could make head or tale of what she wuz gettin ' at. Isabel who road up on her Texas Broncho is the only one who hasn ' t quit questioning her. Other contributions from N. J. wuz Sandy C. P. Damon the former as what is athletikally Inclined, and C. P. what Cranford guve up wuz sure a good adishun for our class. Then one Knight a lot of Good- ale arrived with a Rose accompanying it witch wuz enjoyed by the Whole class. Ros Davis with a petulant pucker on her pug persents herself as a canidate was caught to the bosom of us all. Flossie Phillips what sees a good chance to lern dramatik expreshuns from Miss Morgan comes down wipes her feat on our Mat. Not to say nuthin of Dottie Williams who come along with her big sister from China. Now the class wuz steppin ' along write lively shaken ' a meen foot becuz many girls what nose a good thing when they seize it arived in the fall of 1920. 39 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 A Keener crowd you never saw that Beggs to get in this yr. as fur branes they slung out you couldn ' t Gage ' em. A Lamb come on an Ohnemus accompanied by a girl named Mary Elizabeth what gives our class a Polk. A. Whinery dragged her hefty satchel in from the west planted it hear. Melrose with one accord and scent Bob Sands, Peg Potter Bob Goss up hear for a wild life hereing as how their wuz a boys seminary around this neck of the woods in there dis- sapointment they took too athaletiks. Then an imbe Cel from Harris Burg what teazes the organ somethin ' grande Suzie who is a living example that money isn ' t the only evil Root come also from Penna. brot her dum wits with her. C. Petrikin who comes from the cough as cough can state rolls up in her Croupee meets Marj Bickford what has Bean invagueled here by her sister ' s propoganda. Misses Burford Vanderslice and Wilkens arives O. K. ' cept as they forgot to bring there " R ' s " along witch wuz needless carelessness on there parts. A reel pepy kid named Dewy Drops out of the no where into hear. Hat Simpson Julie Haskell what eats honor rolls for brekfast every mourn, guve each other the o.o. hung up a God bless our home sign witch is permenant. Then the mosquitoes begins to get pesky around N. J. so Bubbles Hutchinson, A. Tower L. Mount Al Van Schmus lit out for hear, hearin ' as how our only truble wuz fishey water in spring. Round about this time Slip comes down from Duluth and parks her hare pins in our tray. One day a demoor little lass named Olive sez to herself sez she Abbot ' s the place for me sez she come up hear took a heavy coarse in poaster art and vocal volume not to say nothin ' of a lectsure coarse in over sleeping. Gwen Bloomfield as goes by the motto " Seduce ye young while ye may " clum up over our horizon done her dooty as she seen it. Mary Mallory what hit the school ' bout the same time jest missed by the skin of her teeth that there latter classification (bein ' only 14). Gertie Franklin was the missin link what finally appears and makes that yr. compleat. Us bein all assembled the fun begun to begin startin out with a piknik at pomps pond witch sure wuz a fiossie one includin stunts Hot Dawgs chap- erones. After the grand plays we pulled off, if we do say it ourselves (us thinkin honesty is the best policie) come the big blowout of the soshall season — and it was sure seasoned with pep Ginger not to say nothin of toasts and beet juice cocktales. Well old 1921 ushers in 4 swell dames what got seets right down on Promi- nent Row in our class witch is as follows namely to wit vis: E. Brewster, R. Boutwell a girl to whom a song has been writ You Can Beat Your Carpet If You Wanna But You Can ' t Beet our Rugg. We sure started off with a Whiz and a Bang • — 1st come the usual piknik witch wuz sure unusual we did not soil our hoofs on the ground but road off in good style. Then 1 fine day come along 40 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 when we had a tee party in the Parlor for the faculty witch went off with much gusto witch this bein done we setteled down ' til overcome mentally morally by our exams fizical otherwise we wuz totted up to the mts. for a strenuous rest cure their ain ' t nothin what can express them days. One of the swell events of the yr. was staged when we attempted a young offspring of Shakespere ' s Ever sharp namely to wit vis. Romeo Juliet witch brung many tears that bein the convenshunal thing at a tragedy we ain ' t nothin if not convenshunal. This tidin ' us over to the next gt. affair witch created big commoshun in our ranks bein the big symposium which lasted ' till all hours where we steped high wild fancy endin up with a torch It. processhun we had to do the dog paddle to ride the waves of our tears when we guve the Parlor away. For the rest of the yr. we will draw the aspestos curtain, ' cuz far be it from us to wax soft them last days, — well there ain ' t no tellin what we wood say if we got started. This bein about all we will now ceese best rgds. success 1922 41 The Abbot Circle 19 22 jWtrror of Jf acultp Eoto Miss Bailey Her clear understanding and ready sympathy have safely tided all of us over our rough places. We all, and Seniors especially, realize what beautiful ideals she stands for, and know that her great influence has so awakened us that the good we may accomplish in the future will be largely due to her. Miss Kelsey and Miss Mason They seem to belong together — and to Abbot. No other combination could be considered! Patience is ever a virtue, and Miss Mason has shown, from chemistry classes to managing a Senior corridor, that hers can ' t be ruffled. Miss Kelsey shares honors, for giving, without showing us up, permission to buy toothpaste Saturday afternoons, and to make fudge " for the first time in ages " on Wednesdays. Miss Chickering Miss Chickering, whose astounding memory of facts and other things keeps us blinking all the time, is one whom we would like to have with us permanently, because of this, but chiefly because of herself. Miss Howey Perhaps if we can ever learn to grasp every opportunity as Miss Howey does, and to keep our eyes open to everything as she does, we shall be on the way to acquiring her contagious wide-awakeness and alert enthusiasm. Miss Bancroft Miss Bancroft is notorious for her baby talk, one of those outlets for a bubbling good-nature. Miss Marceau Her sweet and charming manners and speech are constant examples for Abbot girls to follow. Miss Matthews Miss Matthews has become most famous to us because of " Henry " . She and Miss Marceau have given us a few informal but delightful serenades. 42 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 Miss Robinson Anyone who has taken Latin with her need fear no college board exams. Her strong personality asserts itself in classes as well as outside. Miss Grimes Her knowledge of calories is precious to the reducers at the table. Her entertaining talk as well as her appearance and actions, make us think of her as one of us. Mme. Craig Where would our French plays be without her! They would be nowhere at all. Mme. Stelle We suspected that she is attractive to men but we didn ' t realize until Stunt Night, how attractive, as a man, she ' d be to us. Miss Sweeney We can ' t do it, so we might as well not try. We were not meant to pro- nounce " France " the way she does. The appendicitis and cane habits are a little more within our scope, as several girls have already discovered. Miss Baker When we accumulate a repertoire of appropriate stories to rival hers, we shall have done something to write home about. Miss Richardson We need not see Miss Richardson " at home " to know that her vivaciousness sets the pace there as much as it does here. Miss Bigelow Her smiling cheerfulness is so enheartening we all feel brighter just for seeing her approaching. The reducing class has increased her train of followers and has advanced the admiration of many to true devotion. Miss Hopkins Miss Hopkins, who so faithfully keeps us supplied with reference work is well known for her little witticisms. 43 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 Miss Johnson Miss Johnson takes such good care of us that we ' re seldom ill. When we do weaken, there ' s always the iodine and aspirin ready and Miss Johnson ' s interested solicitude. Miss Butterfield It ' s never too much trouble for Miss Butterfield to decorate the dining-room appropriately and arrange special menus for our gala days. It always adds a lot to the spirit and we owe her grateful thanks. Miss Bean Miss Bean ' s more abundant knowledge is the only way to tell her from one of us, for her notorious giggle is so misleading. (We hope being taken for us is a compliment. Miss Bean.) Miss Jenks Miss Jenks in her first year at Abbot has won an undisputed place in each girl ' s heart. We hope the stream of hair-dressing appointments she has made for us during the year will not tempt her to try her skill in that profession. Miss Burt Miss Burt is quite versatile because she can be both a star-gazer and a good sport. Miss Putnam Whenever we think of Miss Putnam we think of her behind her counter handing out chocolate bars or else in her fire-captain ' s uniform. Either is a pleasant memory and recalls good times. 44 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 ®f)e Virion The silence of dawn crept up the hill, Even the thrushes and robins were still. And then I slowly saw you pass As clear as in a looking-glass. The glory of dawn was in your face And your footsteps light left never a trace Upon the daisies and violets blue. I gazed at the dawn, and the wind, and you, And my heart was very light and gay. Ah! but that was yesterday When the whispering wind, and dawn, and you Together to me were lovely and true. With a quiet, nameless ecstasy Throughout a long eternity I dreamed away a million years Of love and youth and tender tears. How fair you were — how fair and kind ! You, and dawn, and the whispering wind! And in one moment ' s loveliness I drank the sweet — all bitterness Fled with the night, and swiftly was gone, When you, and the whispering wind, and dawn W r ere one together, and life was ours Among the birds and summer flowers! But the moment passed, as moments do, And the whispering wind, and dawn, and you Fled swiftly on light feet away Into the realms of yesterday. But oh! why must such visions pass Like rainbow bubbles — to nothingness? Instead of the vision passing by, Instead, oh! fate, please let me die, Swiftly die upon this hill, With the vision in my glad heart still! Katherine Gage ' 22 Odeon 45 on in U W Q Q Pi O Z W C j The Abbot Circle 19 22 Mentor Jfltbble Clas Officers; ot Jf trgt Semester President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Margaret MacDonald Anne Darling Francelia Holmes Dorothy Upton ®iiktx of £ econb Semester President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Mary Ellen Fuller Francelia Holmes Dorothy A. Taylor Dorothy Upton Elizabeth Adams Sarah Bailey Barbara Baker Natalie Bartlett Martha Buttrick Barbara Clay Edith Damon Anne Darling Elsie Draper Elizabeth Flagg Ruth Flather Anne Fry Mary Ellen Fuller Ethel Goodwin Francelia Holmes Ruth Holmes Doris Holt Emily Holt Charlotte Hudson Ruth Kelley Dorothy King Caroline Lakin Laura Lakin Rose Lobenstein Helga Lundin Rosamond Martin Virginia Maxwell Margaret MacDonald Catherine Miller Mildred Morse Mary Newton Eleanor Noyes Dolores Osbourne Natalie Page Elsie Phillips Annetta Richards Mary Elizabeth Rudd Peggy Scudder Martha Snyder Martha Stevens Mary Catherine Swartwood Miriam Sweeney Dorothy Taylor Alice Terpning Elizabeth Thompson Miriam Thompson Estelle Throckmorton Dorothy Upton Emily Van Patten Eleanor Warren Elizabeth Whitaker Anne Wolf Margaret Wolf Mary Jane Wolf Esther Wood Raymah Wright Priscilla Bradley Marjorie Moon Betty Chapman Geneva Burr 47 The Abbot Circle 19 22 Smpres tomgttc portraits; Peggy Potter A colonial staircase Childhood romance Vogue bound in dimity And potted plants Marian Rugg Christmas holly Parchment shade Oriental rug Pink lemonade Lois Kirkham Purple pansies A pantomime A tarnished slipper Burgundy wine Isabel Brown Perpetual motion A jagged rip The golden rule ' Twixt cup and lip Suz Welborn Cleopatra in tulle A safety pin Jazz edition of Bach A fleeting whim Gwen Bloomfield Silken cushions Perfect marcelle Lavender soap A silver bell Peg Hopkins A carved cameo A feather fan Conventional design A muffin pan Catty Damon A curling iron A red balloon A frantic guess A silver spoon Carol Iredell A jet earring Familiar tune Canoe on the Nile Poinsettia in June Louise Mount Snappy stories A broad wink A. W. O. L. A skating rink 48 The Abbot Circle 1922 °t3 Hi i J %% m 1 i i Christian gtesoctatton (Officers! President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer m • Gwendolyn Bloomfield Alice Van Schmus Annetta Richards Elizabeth MacPherran 49 • ■ , ' . ' ■■ fg§ P f .... ▼ T- B ftp r i - iflh HF » unit BRSHI IPI 1 ■•-JKJpP -j ! . i -,. ■■■ : - ■ ' " : ■ hhk . •-— - BaMJ8i K ' ' Ji Sr ' ■ ' ' m£fc M S, . tf|| Wr w JHK m ■ - m i z o 5 H " . Q ™ d : £ S 5m o o IT, ■ := cr, £•§ u 0 »- L •° , s ►j o 5 £ § S £ J3 c O Ci, c g) E - SO c £ j- 5 - ® o o 1 I « s « " § £ " 2 « ' pa ta s- , sa, a - a ■« •£ £ S a, i 1 ? £ " T3 13 t3 ? . o S a, fe, ca, £-, co m Ch E o — o s . 4J — a x. rt C " O .2 , CO U.° c i- « a % So The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 Editor-in-Chief Art Editor Elizabeth Hutchinson Class; Poofe $oarb Business Manager Alice Van Schmus Cecelia Kunkel Asst. Business Manager Marjorie Moon Suzanne Root Anne Whinery suzanna welborn Literary Editors Marian Rugg Ruth Hill Sarah Bodwell Harriet Simpson 51 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 HfcMh - H W - w Van , H Bfc w— Hj P r ' 5 VI Ep ' V f ' 1 HI »!■ 1 Elizabeth MacPherran Alexina Wilkins Katherine Damon Courant poarb Literary Editors Ruth Hill Business Managers Barbara Clay Emily Van Patten Dorothy Taylor Ruth Davies The Courant is the school magazine, and comes out semi-annually, in January and in June. It has a large circulation among the alumnae, and one of its pur- poses is to keep them more closely in touch with the school. The front part contains stories, essays and poems by the student body, and the other half of the magazine consists of alumnae notes, a calendar, and editorials, as well as write-ups of the plays, entertainments, and concerts. It contains a great variety of material, but as a whole is very representative of the attitude and feeling of the students of Abbot. 52 The Abbot Circle 1922 (J beon President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Katherine Gage Elizabeth Whittemore Mary Elizabeth Polk Natalie Bartlett Anne Whinery Dorothy Williams Suzanna Welborn Harriet Simpson Mary Catherine Swartwood Ruth Holmes Elizabeth Wilson Mary Ellen Fuller Odeon is Abbot ' s small but earnest literary society. The membership is limited to twelve; the members are chosen because of their literary ability, and are recommended by their English teachers. The purpose of the society is to improve and encourage writing. Usually some form of literature is studied that will be a help in original compositions. 53 The Abbot Circle 1922 WW H f- B m . €. s. President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Gwendolyn Bloomfield Alexina Wilkins Elizabeth MacPherran Katherine Damon Cecelia Kunkel Laura Beggs Suzanne Root Francelia Holmes Margaret MacDonald Edith Damon Sarah Bailey Peggy Scudder Q. E. D. is a sister society of Odeon organized last year for the purpose of discussing current subjects so that its members may become acquainted with and speak intelligently on topics of universal interest. Its membership is limited to twelve and the members are chosen according to their interest shown and by recommendation of the faculty. 54 en V, M - H C ' — £ H W « v. -Jl y, o w -il j ewton h Flagg oodale :t Hopki a Holmei ; Moon Bradley Goss ine Laml Mary N Elizabet Helen G Margarc Franceli Marjorii Priscilla Barbara Evangel £3 u ca 7, « 55 CQ tr, n ZZ V- J4 hel Boutwe trice Goff et Haskell h Keener ;n Knight ' ian Saunde alie Page e Terpning herine Wee o S r- - »i » X 8 50 u G J 0, Co t-H Pi CQ ►T-.Oi C o ( ) a £ o H N in -a o o u en OJ C OJ D h u a +3 US O TD 3 " Ji Suojuwoi S c U c u to c J3 U 3 c3 n3 " O W 3 is X to O Pi W bo rt 5 3 PC iri OJ c OJ IS en p a3 • - S3 3 en Z 3 Oh O X o H P ) o Pi o CO c a; c u a; re m J= — u Soq JS PQ P J U Pi o z .2 S 2 g £ £ u u, q u. Ao u 0 1-1 S S3 II C « ■c:S " 5 o re 2 o CO u C . — i »t-i m u i; » — re .— ij r- S = -3 c 3 re (J CT. .Si ' C u re X .2 .£ J 3 -a -a d Pi cu . c re o - c flj .5 ■4- D fi i» ; w ,, • — to O t« D ■O on. - a 0) C bfl oj re — ; v re JS o rt b Ecq PiZco re S 4) re hOli u 4) C o tn C IS o o 5 to re o £ 15 01 .5 +- re 4= C +j 1) T3 u d re s 3 -2i o Pi a c c re N 3 t()lettc gtesoctation 0itittv£ President . Catherine Perry Damon Secretary Vice-President . . Barbara Sands Treasurer Natalie Page Anne Darling 57 The Abbot- Circle 1922 W ' f i v; nJp T ▼ «▼ I ■■ v - Pk iff ' In I %k ' i -.. ; ••» . ;. :: ?- t ■ - --a 8 - ' ■ ' ■ » m r ▼ T - " • 4 ' 1 c tj • • • " m 9 % Jl f f 4 j .. . ■-■.. . ■■ K S( -- ■- ;■... f)e " S " g octetp President Secretary and Treasurer Jane Baldwin Geneva Burr C. P. Damon Anne Darling Elizabeth Flagg Virginia Gilmore Emily Holt Melinda Judd Barbara Goss Priscilla Bradley Natalie Page Mary E. Polk Margaret Potter Nettie Pritchard Ruth Pritchard Annetta Richards Barbara Sands Marian Saunders Anne Whinery Caroline Lakin Esther Wood The " A " Society is one of the largest school organizations, consisting of the girls who have received Honor " A ' s " or " A ' s " in athletics. Its purpose is to uphold the standards and spirit of school and it is a great inspiration and goal. The members enjoy many social events, ending with a camping party in the spring. 58 The Abbot Circle 1922 Wearer of tije ftonor " 8 " Catherine Perry Damon ■ Annetta Richards 59 The Abbot Circle 1922 Jlocfeep eam Anne Whinery (Captain) Elizabeth Flagg, c.f. Emily Holt, r.w. Natalie Page, c.h. Sarah Bailey, r.h. r.f. Anne Darling, g. Barbara Sands, l.w. Margaret Potter, Li. Jane Baldwin, r.i. C. P. Damon, l.h. Virginia Gilmore, l.f. We ' re very proud of our 1921-22 hockey team! They certainly turned out in fine style and spirit for practice in all sorts of weather. And when Bradford Day at last came, all those mornings of honest exercise running around the circle stood us in good stead, because Bradford ' s field must be twice the regulation size — at least the team thought so • — but a little thing like distance couldn ' t keep us from holding them down to a tie. We ' re looking forward to next year, when we can use the new field and become extra expert. 60 The Abbot Circle 1922 pasikettmil {Eeam Marian Saunders (Captain), guard Geneva Burr, guard Melinda Judd, forward Ruth Pritchard, guard Caroline Lakin, center Esther Wood, side-center Nettie Pritchard, forward Basketball showed a lot of " go " this year. The team was made up of absolutely new material. Caroline Lakin won fame by her high jumps, Woody by her speed, Nettie and Judie by their accurate shots, and Jimmy and Sandy by their ability to stick. Although Barb Goss was not able to be with us most of the fall, the team did well without their leader. Ruth Pritchard made a good showing on Bradford Day in taking Sandy ' s place. Enthusiasm, interest and good spirit were shown by these girls during all the fall, which was proved by their playing at Bradford. 61 The Abbot Circle 1922 A4arian Saunders tennis! QTeam Anne Darling Barbara Goss Tennis is one of Abbot ' s major sports. A singles tournament is held in the fall and a doubles tournament in the spring. Barbara Goss, of the class of ' 22, was awarded the cup for singles this year. Under organized instruction greater enthusiasm and interest has been shown than in previous years and more girls have been making it their major sport. Anne Darling, Marian Saunders and Dolores Osborne were chosen to play Bradford Day, but owing to the weather and poor condition of the courts, they were unable to play. 62 " omeo anb Juliet " THE CAST heads of two houses at variance with each other Escalus, a prince of Verona Paris, a young nobleman Montague 1 Capulet Romeo, son to Montague Mercutio, friend to Romeo Benvolio, friend to Romeo Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet Friar Laurence, a Franciscan Balthasar, servant to Romeo . Peter " ) Sampson servants to Capulet Gregory J Abraham, servant to Montague An Apothecary Page to Paris Lady Capulet, wife to Capulet Juliet, daughter to Capulet Nurse to Juliet . Lady Montague, wife to Montague Officers .... Kinsfolk and Maskers Christine Olive Howard Bertha Everett Morgan Catherine P. Damon Juliet Haskell (Isabel Brown Suzanne Root Mary Elizabeth Polk Elizabeth Hutchinson Janet Warren Alice Van Schmus Margaret Hopkins Cecelia Kunkel f Elizabeth Whittemore Helen Goodale Mary Mallory Marian Rugg Barbara Sands Helen Goodale Laura Beggs Gwendolyn Bloomfield Evangeline Lamb Margaret Potter Ruth Dewey Harriet Simpson Phyllis Bankart Katherine Damon ■j Charlotte Petrikin Mildred Burford Marian Saunders Stage Manager . Director 63 " g tx Wfa m Wiih m lentils; Potl " Come! come through the portals of once-upon-a-time. Wonderful things you will find there, cities and gardens and fairies and queens; all true things that you loved and believed before you grew up and began to doubt. See, here is a winsome little boy as only " Nip " Page could make, sitting by a black pot boiling lentils. What was that cry? Oh, it is Helga Lundin as the beautiful queen greatly distressed. She is going to be decapitated because of a breach of etiquette. If only she could hide, she cries, until after the king ' s four clocks struck twelve she would be safe. The little boy hides the queen quickly for they hear someone coming. It is Libby Thompson as a strolling juggler in a striped coat, with three golden balls in his hands. She is very elusive and makes us think the juggler really truly magic. He goes his way and after him comes a little milkmaid with her pail on her arm. Dorothy Upton makes such a lovable little maid and she tells the little boy that there is a pot of gold and a pair of finger-rings offered to anyone who finds the escaped queen. After the milkmaid comes a groping old blind man whom Dolores Osborne makes very real to us. He shows the little boy how the blind can see. After the blind man comes Charlotte Hudson as a gay, dancing ballad singer. She sings to the little boy in return for some of his lentils. The truly dreadful headsman who enters is Libby Flagg, so dark and grim that we shudder. The little boy is terribly frightened and tries to make the headsman go away. But he will not. Just then three of the clocks of the king begin to strike twelve. But he is going to behead the queen yet. Just then he stops to sneeze, and the last clock has struck. The queen is saved! With Emily Van Patten, who is Memory, Ethel Goodwin as the Prologue, and Estelle Throckmorton representing " we " in the audience, we travel back by the paths of memory through the portals of once-upon-a-time. The Abbot Circle 1922 " Joint ( toners in £ pain " By Alice Brown Perhaps this play has solved the problem which arises with the occasional misunderstanding with one ' s room-mate. Miss Dyer and Mrs. Blair at least solved it for themselves and they had the reputation of being the worst persons to room with in the old ladies ' home. The scene is laid in a bedroom of the home and at the opening of the play Emily Holt as Mrs. Fullerton is moving her things from the room with the aid of Mrs. Mitchell, the manager of the home. Miss Dyer is seated on the other side of the room and it is hard to believe that this complaining old lady could be Esther Wood. At the entrance of Mrs. Blair, Miss Dyer ' s new room-mate, we are quite breathless to see what the outcome of this new combination will be, for Mrs. Blair has a most violent disposition. At first the two old ladies are in a state of continual warfare, but finally Dorothy King, who plays the part of Mrs. Blair, thinks of a plan. They mark a chalk- line exactly through the center of the room. One-half is to be Miss Dyer ' s home and the other, Mrs. Blair ' s. If one wishes to speak with the other she must go over to her home and knock at the door to obtain admission. We find that the plan works excellently and that through this little game all their troubles are soon ended. 65 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 " ftfje roobe " By George Middleton Sara had stayed at home with her mother while Connie, her younger sister, went to college. Now Connie had graduated and was home and Sara thought that she, at last, would be able to go away from it all, for she felt that she was getting into a groove and she had set her heart on being a nurse. But matters weren ' t just as she had expecte:! to find them, for her attractive young sister Connie had fallen victim to Cupid ' s arrow and it seems that her beloved Paul was going to Brazil within two months. He was most anxious to take Connie with him — and who could blame him for wanting such an attractive girl as Ruth Holmes made? But one of them had to stay with their mother. One must give up her heart ' s desire, and each unselfishly offered to do it. But Sara finally persuaded her younger sister that it was only right for her to go with Paul. Annetta Richards as Sara .made us feel with her how great this sacrifice really was and how little happiness the future held for her. ENGLISH V PLAYS " Jfflargot ' s little affair " By Mary Elizabeth Polk Margot Smythe, a very modern flapper, is " dragged " home by an hysterical mother, a furious father, and a cynical brother because she has turned a perfectly proper dance into a shocking and disgraceful affair by leaving " Steve " in the middle of the floor and dancing with a " common Italian saxophonist " , thereby lessening her mother ' s chances of social success and her brother ' s chances, which depend on " Steve " , of business success. Margot, merely having " expressed " herself, thoroughly enjoys her family ' s scoldings and threats. In fact, she con- siders the situation quite dramatic and further shocks the family by announcing her intention to marry the notorious Guido. She admits that he knows nothing of the plan, but is perfectly confident that he will force her to marry him. At the crucial moment of her startling announcement, a very furious and rumpled Guido enters, demanding " that w ' at ees hees " . Margot, seeing in him a very different person from her late dancing partner, changes her mind much to the 66 Th-e. Abbot Circle 19 22 relief of her family, and bids the angry Guido " good evening " . He, however, very determined, rushes at her and she with his " gentle " aid discovers a diamond stickpin caught in the front of her gown. The pin is, of course, what Guido has come for and Margot, hardly believing that he has come for a pin instead of her, watches him, not regretfully, be ushered out of her life by Mr. Smythe and Austin. When father returns, he accompanies poor mother, who is quite over- come, to her room. Margot, still not understanding, reflects on the incident and immediately comes a blinding realization. Guido, of course, came after her but seeing her amid her usual surroundings could not presume to ask her to marry him and very cleverly used the pin as an excuse. " How perfectly simple! " The explanation is, however, perfectly satisfactory to her and she settles down for a nice long talk with poor old Steve, over the ' phone, while Austin appropriately closes the scene with a ceremonious " Amen " on the piano. " iou J2eber Can Wtll " By Marian Rugg Lillie went away for the summer engaged to two men because she felt she could not ruin either ' s life by refusing him. But during the summer she met Don who, she was sure, was the only man in the world for her. Now they both were home, at one of the dances, and Don insisted that they announce their engagement. Lillie was forced to admit she was already engaged to Jack and Dick. Don forgot his anger as he realized they were both at the dance, but demanded that Lillie break with them that evening. Lillie agreed hesitatingly, feeling she was about to give a death blow to two men she rather liked. But Jack entered with an indifferent swing and started to talk rapidly. He informed Lillie, without giving her a chance for a word, that he was really in love, for the first time in his life, with Eleanor Atkins. Jack left Lillie gasping as Dick entered for his dance. Lillie, this time, talked fast and furiously to prevent a similar disaster, but Dick interrupted her as she reached her crisis to tell her he loved another girl — Eleanor Atkins — and his feeling for Lillie was merely brotherly affection. Don returned to a subdued Lillie who tremblingly asked him if he knew — Eleanor Atkins!!? Lillie almost fainted as he drew out a letter from her, but it was just a note announcing her coming marriage to Billy Rowley. Lillie ' s spirits soared at this news — perhaps a little higher as she thought of Jack and Dick. So Lillie and Don, all their complications being settled, once more pledged their love and danced happily out of sight. 67 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 Hall of Jfame We nominate to the Hall of Fame, Maxfield Parrish, because of the color of his drawings, because of their startling unusualness, but chiefly because an Abbot girl ' s room would not be comme il faut without one of his pictures. We nominate to the Hall of Fame, long hair, because it is " woman ' s crown- ing glory " , because it can be beautiful, but principally because it is such a rarity. We nominate to the Hall of Fame, the letter rack, because it is something we are actively conscious of at least three times a day, because it looks so nice on the wall in the office, but chiefly because from its bland surface we receive (or do not receive) the thing which we want most. We nominate to the Hall of Fame, Friday night, because it is the climax of the week, because it is the only thing that enables us to exist through the other six days, and finally because it is the only appointment that Abbot girls never forget. We nominate to the Hall of Fame, Charles, because he brings us our mail faithfully each day, because of his resemblance to Abraham Lincoln, but chiefly because of his unfailing cheerfulness and willingness to help. We nominate to the Hall of Fame, Dandelion, because he belongs to Miss Bailey, because he (Oh, green-eyed jealousy) has swam in the Frog pond, but above all because he is the only one in our midst who makes himself nonchalantly at home in the office. We nominate to the Hall of Fame, our floors, because they are a beautiful and remarkable hue of maroon, because they have an unearthly tenacity for catching and clinging to all kinds of dust, but paramountly because they SQUEAK. 68 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 n t t ot Sntelugence Ccsit I. (Only half an hour may be spent on this question.) Place an X beside the right answer. An egg is oval because: — 1. A pear is too. 2. All boxes have edges. 3. Elevators run both ways. II. (Spend the same amount of time as in Question I.) Draw a line under two and only two right answers to the following questions. I. All galumps have: pink ears, pocket-books, celluloid collars, soft ties, finger- bowls, brick bath-tubs. II. A comb usually: keeps horses, jumps fences, carries a cane, writes letters, drinks ink, lays pavements. III. (We know this is a difficult question so take all the time needed.) Draw a line under the one that does not answer this question. Which of the following sneeze: — June-bugs, toothpicks, awnings, piano legs, radiators, tadpoles. IV. (Skip through this as best you can.) If a man buys 9 lumps of sugar for $589.57, and dissolves l} in his coffee, feeds 2 to his horse, 1% is stolen by his son, 3 are dripped on by the oil lamp, 2 rVxy are used in the banana salad, how much did he lose by not borrowing them from the restaurant? V. (Twenty-nine seconds allowed for each.) Answer by " yes " or " no " . 1. Five could but seven wouldn ' t, so three and a half bit first. 2. Pancakes make a noise when they are flopped. 3. Pigs eat from a trough because wood agrees with them. 4. Prickly pears turn purple when an electric arc drops on the milk- man ' s daughter. 69 The Abbot Circle 1922 VI. Underline the right answer. 1. Tobacco is to smoke as smell is to: sterling, onion, brass, wind- shields. 2. Speed is to machine as coal is to: dust, white gold, sheep, feathers. 3. Dandelions are to corn as feet are to: smoke, books, liver, chickens. VII. Mixed Sentences. Check if correct: 1. As are you fools don ' t such rubbers out wears doors rain it when. 2. Never out runs spilt when ink. 3. Eat any is there when all eat cows. 4. Whales on live lobsters meat of the. VIII. Add the missing number. I. 27, 32, 52476, 32, 27, 52476, 27 II. 2 75-860, 52 23-430, 76 59-927, 13 IX. Draw a line under the word that makes the sentence true. 1. Tweed is made into: Hoses, mortar, writing paper. 2. Iron becomes: lead, upholstery, shoe-leather, homespun, lollypops. 3. More pinochle is played: by frogs, under ground, on Washington monument, for tooth- picks, on shutters. X. Check (10c cash) if opposite — cross if similar. eraser — sub-chaser Sundae — Sunday affected — perfected congested — digested beer — pretzel ink — drink wire — briar hobbv — lobbv 70 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 {Apologies to the authors) ' Won ' t you walk into my office? " said Miss Bailey to Marie. ' I ' ve the coziest little office that ever you did see. To get into my office, just stand outside the door And I won ' t keep you waiting there but half an hour or more. I ' ve many things to say to you you can ' t afford to miss, So now I ' ve asked you kindly in, please don ' t deny me this. " " The time has come, " Miss Bailey said, " To talk of many things, Of marks and posture, rules and dress, And what discredit brings, Of why you won ' t wear woolly socks And will wear senseless things. " Mary knew a Phillips boy, His hair was black as ink, The reason Mary liked him so Miss Bailey couldn ' t think. He followed her down town one day Which was against the rule, And Mary got in trouble fierce When she got back to school. And so Miss Bailey turned him out When he went down to call, And would not let poor Mary see The dark-haired one at all. But still she met him after school Until she was found out. And that is what Miss Bailey had To talk to her about. And on restrictions she got put Because she ' d disobeyed, And many a day and many a week Just on the circle stayed. 71 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 QTfje Reference fjelf The Answer " The Master of Man " Dangerous Ages " Vigils " The Wasted Generation " Brass " Chance Encounter " Hunger " Highly Colored " The Restless Age " The Thresl old " The Outsider " Free Air " . The Puritan Twins " . Twice Told Tales " Children of the Whirlwind " A Fool ' s Errand " Gang " Harlequin and Columbine " Jade " . . . Law and Outlaw " Luminous Faces " Mixed Faces " No Defense " Feast of the Lanterns " Pilgrim of the Smile " Privilege " Quiet Interior " Real Life " Window Gazer " Dante ' s Inferno " Everybody Step " Serenade " St. Louis Blues " Isabel Brown Suz Welborn Mid years . Mr. Clinton 1922 L. Mount The Proctor Sunday afternoon Betty Chapman Sunset Lodge Miss Bailey ' s Office Charlie Wright Peg Hopkins Anne and Sandy Miss Howey Mildred and Lois Getting " per " Fourth floor wing Al Tower and Sloppy Reddy Shawsheen and Shawsheen Spa H. Simpson Fidelio Demerits Rally Night Cissy Kunkel . Seniors Peggy Potter Vacation Inmates of the Infirmary Senior Lit. Class Fire drill Dandelion and Abbot M. Rugg 72 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 Bamel Webster %=to=©ate Radiator — upon which one waits in great heat. Flowers — to be sent on all occasions. Bell — the beginning or end of agony or desire. Tree — a stick to be planted June 13th. Rack — a board with grooves to hold letters. Box — comes in the mail, never enclosing food. Exercise — That which is put on a card. Note — ■ Always from the office or to the infirmary. Pounds — that to be lost. Nutty Lady — a sane woman who deals in candy, etc. Stationery — a small room in McKeen. Grays — a white man ' s store specializing in ham sandwiches and potato-chips. Play practice — excuse for dates. Riding — exercise which creates red noses. Fountain — favorite spot to say good-night (moonlight or otherwise). Sleep — What one wishes to do on Sunday and every other day. Hairpin — obsolete. Sundays — acquired at Lowe ' s. Worms — decoration of circle in spring. Sweater — an object of apparel never seen at dinner. Tweed — anything lavender, pink or blue. Chair — that from which you arise when a faculty enters. Flashlight — that which doesn ' t light when wanted. Memory book — collection of A ' s and B ' s and other scraps. Suit — costume made of tweed. Book — that which tantalizes students in study hours. Class — a period of 40 minutes requiring two hours ' study and one hour worry. Hill — necessarily inhabited by males. Antonym, Abbot. Library — room where Bible lessons are found. Man — that which sits in a frame and sends specials. Infirmary — entertains girls with colds or tests. Trunk — that which is ready or lost. Music — two varieties — Tubby ' s and Letz ' . Bug — for example, Polk species. School — -chief subject of conversation during vacation. 73 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 mi in % 2Bap ' S orfe Olive arises to study. Olive goes back to bed. More Seniors arise to study. Ann Darling starts her tub. Miss Howey takes a cold tub. Suz takes a bath on any corridor but her own. Carol powders her nose. Dining-room doors are closed. Miss Bancroft arrives at breakfast. Miss Richardson arrives at breakfast. Barbara Baker takes fifth serving. Jimmy Burr gets daily letter. Miss Howey interprets a hymn. " Stand, please. " Miss Howey begins class. Isabel asks questions. Pickles and soup. General exit from dining-room. Billy and Reddy stroll up on the hill. Senior play cast goes out for hour ' s exercise. Phyl takes bath. News of the day. Disburbance in Senior parlor. Fifth hand dealt in Wilkins-Beggs room. Sandy and Ann at fountain. Flashlights go on. Char and Sallie go for a drink. Miss Sweeney turns out light. 2:00 A.M. 4:00 A.M. 6:00 A.M. 6:45 A.M. 7:10 A.M. 7-25 A.M. 7:29 A.M. 7:311 «2 A.M. 7:32 A.M. 7:50 A.M. 7:55 A.M. 8:25 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 8:45 A.M. 8:453 i A.M. 8:45-12 12:30 P.M. 12:50 P.M. 3:30 P.M. 4:40 P.M. 5:45 P.M. 6:20 P.M. 8:00 P.M. 9:00 P.M. 9:59 P.M. 10:01 P.M. 11:00 P.M. 12:00 P.M. 74 The Abbot Circle 19 2 2 Eebelattong Name R. Davis R. Dewey G. Franklin C. Iredell R. Keener L. Kirkham C. Petri kin M. E. Polk H. Simpson A. Tower L. Beggs J. Baldwin P. Bankart M. Bickford G. Bloomfield H. GOODALE A. V anderslice R. BOUTWELL B. Goss J. Haskell R. Hill E. Lamb E. MacPherran B. Sands M. Saunders A. Van Schmus A. Whinery S. Bodwell B. Goff K. Gage H. Knight C. Kunkel F. Phillips Acquired Fame by Her brother Her powder Red hat Style Portrait of Madeline Rag doll Telling fortunes Her capacity Her poetry Her voice Bridge Being Phyl ' s room-mate Being Jane ' s room-mate Her bangs Her intellect Her curly locks Her speed Her dimple Her appendix The Philippines Her baby talk Fraternity pin Her sweetness Probable End Front row of the chorus Death Singing teacher Fat woman in a circus Old Ladies ' Home Store-room keeper Guide through the Rockies A bad one Niche in Westminster Abbey Grand Opera Gentle spinster Bathing beauty Wicked vamp History teacher Marlowe 2nd Farmerette Tragedienne Moving-picture Star Assistant household science teacher The Philippines The stage Aesthetic dancing teacher Working in pickle factory Receiving early morning calls The last call Affection National tennis champion Her curiosity Writing songs Her tea Brains Literary genius Her hospitality Her saintly expression Her emotionalism Gwen ' s press agent Master of Vers Libre Matron Heaven Successor to Theda Bara Morning Hectic Book agent 75 The Abbot Circle 19 22 Name J. Warren K. Weeks S. Welborn E. Whittemore M. Burford E. Brewster C. P. Damon K. Damon M. Hopkins O. Howard E. Hutchinson M. Potter S. Root E. Rose L. Mount M. Mallory E. Ohnemus D. Moxley M. Rugg A. WlLKINS D. Williams Acquired Fame by Agitativeness Flopping Ml ?? ? Faculty entertainer Herself Her comb The twins Keeping money Her gift o ' gab Frankness (?) Author of " Divers ways Her giggle Her sense of humor Her brother Cramming Marks One of the Big Four Cornerstone of the class Playing Laura ' s room-mate Writing Probable End Agitator Principal of a charm school [M ?? . ??? Saranac Lake The Green Shutters Ingenue Cranford The poorhouse Critic How to Keep Your Figure " The ocean Dempsey II Reformatory matron Florist Padded cell Archaeologist French teacher Lustreite Dramatist Card shark Missionary 76 SENIOR ECHO ANOTHER CLASS CONFAB A senior class meeting was called for 12:55 in the senior parlor. The meeting was called from great commotion (everyone was discussing the Phillips prom) to a semblance of order. Secre- tary Kunkel read the minutes and called the roll. Misses Mount, Haskell, Welborn and Vander- slice arrived late. The president announced the sad death of one of Dandelion ' s near rela- tions and asked the pleasure of the class in the matter. Miss Brown proposed that flowers be sent. The class agreed. (A giggle rose in the corner by the chaise longue. A stern frown quelled the laughter of Misses Bloomfield and Bankart.) Miss Polk then mentioned that she thought the seniors should set a better example to the rest of the school in the matter of language. She had distinctly heard Miss Dewey say " heck " before two impressionable under- classmen, and she also stated that she knew Ruth was not alone in this sin but one of many. She c alled the class to think about this. The president then said that it was the custom for the class to send flowers to the president on the occasion of the senior play. She asked what the class wished to do in the matter. Miss Damon objected, saying there was not an overabundance of money in the treasury. The matter was put to vote and was agreed upon with a majority of one vote. The meeting then adjourned. Miss Verbena Vanderslice will address our flourishing society on Monday afternoon during the weekly meeting of the sewing circle. She will deliver a brief talk on " Work among the Zulus, " based on her flying trip through that country. We feel she ' s well qualified to give this talk, as she is noted for her fleeting tours of heathen lands, ancHt is always a joy to us to hear one of her condensed as well as concise summaries of her educational trips. All mem- bers are urged to be present to finish our large quota of under-garments for the starving Russians. Daughters of the Jewish Gents Tiny Tenor will hold a benefit in her palatial residence on 3rd Ave. She will be assisted by Beckey Baker, Leah Lamb, Rachel Robbins and Delilah Saunders. The fete is for the benefit of the Brethren United in Recovering the Holy Land, and will be opened by a prayer recited by Rabbi Reuben Rose. All members of the Sunset Synagogue are invited to aid in the booths. Miss Sapphira Sands will be in charge of the decorations. Miss Proverba Polk will tastily preside over the refreshments, and Miss Ruby Rugg is the keynote of the music committee. Special Meeting of the Babbling Bessies President Gushie Gage calls a special meeting of Babbling Bessies on Tuesday. All members having ordered latest editions of " Prying Pru- dence ' s Propensities " bring fifty cents. Mem- bers admitted only by password which is " From Bad to Worse " until further notice. Another chapter of " Mable of the Meadows " will be read. All contributors to the " Tiny Tots " section of the Sunday paper must be in the hands of Gabby Goss, literary critic, by Monday evening. As we are vieing with our rival " The Squeaky Pens, " our members are urged to do their best with the fairy stories. LOST — Equilibrium. Finder please return to Betty Chapman. LOST — Many pairs of high-heeled shoes. Finder please return to school at large. FOUND — A healthy complexion at the town cosmetic counter. Apply, Sarah Bailey, R. 11. ADVERTISEMENTS Complete set of questions on any subject. ISABEL BROWN WIT AND HUMOR. How to make the party a success. MISSES BAKER AND MOUNT See Harvard as I do ! All trips under personal supervision. E. ROSE Heads bobbed as you will. V. WARNER ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Champlain Studios 399 Fifth Avenue 161 Tremont Street 1311 Walnut Street 164 Tremont Street Class Photographer for Abbot Academy, 1922 W. J. MORRISSEY Taxi Service GENERAL JOBBING AND TRUCKING Barge Parties Weddings 34 PARK STREET Funerals ANDOVER ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER J. D. BLACKSHAW Jeweler and Optician ABBOT SEAL PINS, RINGS, etc. 36 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts J. H. PLAYDON FLORIST Plants and Cut Flowers at All Times Mem ber of Florists ' " Telegraph Delivery ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER The Gym- Dandy of Them .All! Bradley makes Knit -Jackets (Sweaters with a college edu- cation) for all outdoor sports (of both sexes). Bradley puts style in ' em — and the real stuff. Your Bradley will wear — will always keep its youthful line and color. See them at the Bradley De- partment of your favorite store or write us for the new Illustrated Book of Bradley Styles. BRADLEY KNITTING CO. Delavan, Wis. " Slip into a Bradley and Out-of-Doors " ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of The Senior Middle Class jT ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER G. W. Saunders Co. JVoolen Merchants 682 BROADWAY, N. Y. CITY Telephone, Richmond 731-733 C. D. BULLERWELL F. M. LEOBORIA C. D. Bullerwell Co. Wholesale Fruit and Produce 7 New Faneuil Hall Market (north side) BOSTON, MASS. Albert W. Lowe Druggist Andover Massachusetts Charles B. Dyer Jeweler Fraternity ) PINS Sorority Class and Club and RINGS Medals Prize Cups Dance Programs Stationery Home Made Jewelry 234 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis " Our things are different " ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of A FRIEND ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER ESTABLISHED 1875- For Almost Half a Century The Store of Quality Service and Truth Patrons in Almost Every Part of the World We Solicit Your Mail Order Leavenworth Kansas The Sunflower State ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Spalding for Sport When purchasing ATHLETIC EQUIP- MENT insist upon " SPALDINGS " Satisfaction is inevitable. Everything for every sport, including Athletic Clothing A. G. Spalding Bros. 74 Summer St., Boston, Mass. " The Whatnot " 6 PARK STREET - TOYS and NOVELTIES ALL SORTS OF ODD THINGS Compliments of A Friend Compliments of A FRIEND ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of Andover Coal Co. Musgrove Building ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS W. A. ALLEN Music " Dealer 4 MAIN STREET, ANDOVER ALLEN BLOCK Agent for Edison and Victrolas Compliments of Walker Wool Co. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Here at the Sign of the Shawsheen Indian, the motorist is welcomed all the year ' round. Delicious, home-cooked, simply-served meals await your coming — and restful, quiet nights whenever you choose to stay longer. SHAWSHEEN MANOR, Inc. Luncheon — Dinner -- Afternoon Tea — Special Parties Telephone Andover 30 At Shawsheen Village In the Town of Andover ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER A Georgian- Colonial Village IN the midst of the Georgian-Colonial homes and public buildings of this new but already famous community, Shawsheen Manor per- forms a triple service. It is the villager ' s inn, the traveler ' s resting place, and the pleasure- seeker ' s dinner-time destination. The old Reading Turnpike, one of the main boulevards north of Boston, passes the door; the connecting link between the classic elms of Andover and the busy, throbbing industry of Lawrence. Shawsheen Village is just a pleasant drive from Boston and only a short run from Lowell and Haverhill. With its broad semi-circular drive outstretched in welcome, here stands Shawsheen Manor, complete as modern planning and supervision can make it, from the white-capped chef in the kitchen to the spacious dining room, the lounge and the chintz-hung bedrooms high up beneath the broad hip roof. SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE The Garden Village of Massachusetts ■ — Famous the World Over Clustered about SHAWSHEEN MANOR — Tel. Andover 30 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Telephone Beach 6914 H. C. DOANE, Pees. F. GASSETT, Treas. John Ferguson DOANE-GASSETT COMPANY Jeweler and JVatchmaker Optometrists and Opticians We have a fine selection of Seals and Rings; special orders taken for Classes and Fraternities. Blake Building, 59 Temple Place BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Bring in your Repairing. Superior Optical Service ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Herbert F. Chase Athletic Compliments of A Friend Goods Kodaks Cameras ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER " Red Lily " Canned Fruits and Vegetables are far better than a great many so-called " Bests. " " Triscilla Minuet " Cocoa-Chocolate is superior as a chocolate preparation. Wm. M. Flanders Company BOSTON NORTH AM PTON Copley Candies All Home- Made and Vure MISS COOMBS 10 Morton Street, Andover Compliments of A Friend Buchan Francis FURNITURE Main Street Andover ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER TFT FPHnNFS RICHMOND 673 Jinc RICHMOND 1110 Strong, Marson Co. BEEF Lamb, Veal, Provisions and Poultry Hotel, Institution, Club and Restaurant Supplies 30A North Street - Boston, Massachusetts The Burns Company Sporting and Mufti Dress For Every Occasion Main Street - Andover, Massachusetts TELEPHONE 78 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Cobb, Bates Yerxa Co. Grocers for More Than 50 Years WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE, 222 SUMMER ST., BOSTON RETAIL STORES 55 SUMMER ST., 87 CAUSEWAY ST., 6-8 FANEUIL HALL SQ. BOSTON ALSO AT MALDEN, SALEM, TAUNTON AND FALL RIVER Bakery Candy Kitchen Delicatessen Department Coffee Roasting Department 226 Summer Street Boston BONBONS Made daily from the best materials and by the best work- manship. We do not believe their equal exists in New- England. There are ten different kinds. ASSORTED, LB $ .90 FRUIT and NUT FILLINGS, LB $1.15 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER H. E. MILLER Shoes, Rubbers and Shoe Repairing 43 Main St., Andover STATIONERS Engravers Stationers Printers 57-61 FRANKLIN ST., BOSTOX Commencement and Class Day Invitations Monogram and Address Dies Society Stationery Menus, Programs and Dance Orders Office Supplies Fountain Pens Leather Goods Brass Specialties The Hethrington Store Dry Goods Ladies ' Furnishings Groceries Confectionery Compliments of A Friend The Service Store of Andover " ERNEST T. HETHRIXGTOX ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER H. B. McCardle Stationery and Commercial Printing CARY SQUARE CHELSEA - MASS. Compliments of The Family Shoe Store Andover, Mass. Compliments of A Friend Walter I. Morse Hardware Farming Tools Paints and Oils MAIN ST., ANDOVER ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Felt and Cretonne Slippers for your study hours or evenings at home. Ask your dealer for " SIESTA " or " CAPITOL " Only one of the many styles. 25 Shades of Felt. The Wiley - Bickford ■ Sweet Co. 60 KING ST., WORCESTER, MASS. E. F. WELLINGTON Pres. R. B. CHAPIN Vice-Pres. C. S. CHAPIN Treas. Chapin Adams Co. " Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Flour, etc. 34 and 35 So. Market Street 17 Chatham Street BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Insure With a Reliable Company In 93 years this Company has had the experience and seasoning which are nec- essary to sound and reliable underwriting i828-Merrimack Mutual Fire Ins. Co.— 1922 Bank Building, Andover, Mass. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Mary Ashley Ska (Sarton Open from 3 to 6 P.M. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Fruits, Vegetables, Candy and Crackers MRS. BASSO MAIN STREET, ANDOVER Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Summit, New Jersey " THE HILL CITY " ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Cross Coal Co. All Kinds of FRUIT in Season Sweet or Plain Crackers, Pickles, Olives, Limes, Chocolates in fancy boxes, Figs, Nuts, Dates, Potted Meats and Fish J. H. Campion Co. ELM SQUARE THE ELECTRIC SHOP C. A. HILL Electrical Contractors We make a specialty of STUDENT LAMPS and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 56 Main St., Andover WHEELER ' S OPERATED BY ARROW SYSTEM Fancy Dyers, Cleansers 10 NO. MAIN ST., ANDOVER 508 Essex Street ) 464 Essex Street Lawrence 19 Jackson Street ) MOTOR DELIVERY ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER THE ANDOVER PRESS JOHN N. COLE Printers Engravers Stationers School and College Printing a Specialty Press Building- - - Andover, Mass. W. C. POLK Consulting Telephone Engineer REPORTS and APPRAISALS Telephone Building, Kansas City, Mo. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Accounts of Women THE sphere of woman is constantly broadening and an introduction here will prove useful to her in assuming obligations that may come later in life. It is an erroneous theory that because a woman ' s first duty is the home, she should know nothing of business affairs. This Bank promptly meets the require- ments of its customers gives every detail attention— treats depositors cour- teously and endeavors to help in the solution of all financial problems. Andover National Bank Andover, Massachusetts Date Due ' - -. 1 j N --- ( . A

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