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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1921 volume:

LIBRARY OF ABBOT ACADEMY No. ■»jnH 19 2 1 Abbnl (Etrrl? PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Abbot Academy Andover. Massachusetts THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASS- Affectionately bebicateb to Mite JBatlep Wqt Clasig of 1921 The Abbot Circle 192 1 1 Hm( -■•• ' . hB B Jv W ■ i JR :SQfl [ 1 IP «B ' " iriujr ' " ■ " " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Carol Perrix Elizabeth Weld Helen Norpell Dorothy Martin The Abbot Circle 192 1 CHARLOTTE BALDWIN Andover, Mass. Mt. Holyoke Two years " The making of a friend is the best token of a man ' s success. " There seem to be two particularly obvious things about Charlotte. One is her friendship with Beatrice and the other is her connection with the ukelele. She seems pretty quiet most of the time and so when we see her coming along with Beatrice, we wonder what the subject is that makes her talk so busily and when on oc- casions like class picnics we have Charlotte plus a ukelele we wonder what ever made us think she was so silent. LORA BARBER " Lorie " Toledo, Ohio Vassar Two years " A " Society ' 21 Hockey Team ' 21 Numerals Class Hockey ' 21 Honor Roll ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 " The reward of one ' s duty is the power to fulfill another. " Whenever we think of Lora, we think also of Louise, for they are inseparable. Lora doesn ' t make much noise about things, but works hard and then suddenly we see the results — such as Lora on the Honor Roll. Last fall she was one of the able " wings " of our victorious Hockey team. In addition to her pluck, she also has the quality of being just darling and making every- one love her. The Abbot Circle 192 1 M IRI AM BICKFORD " Billy " Worcester, Mass. Wellesley Pres. Student Gov ' t Hockey Team ' 20, ' 21 " A " Society ' 20, ' 21 Three years Capt. Hockey Team ' 21 Class Hockey Team ' 19 Numerals ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 " Her cheeks, her cheeks so deeply blushing. " Honest, now, Billy, you are a shark at running Stu. G. and as for hockey, — well, have we ever watched you? Those who room near you, know of your good practice, and wonder if perhaps you don ' t need a new pair of shoes in place of the pair with which you used to shoot goals in silent time. We wonder who will take your place next year as the recipient of Mrs. Fletcher ' s numerous boxes of candy. And say, Billy, it is awfully hard to Study, especially in the morning. Anyway, Billy, you ' re yourself and what more do we want? HELEN BRUNO Glen Ridge, N. J. Senior Play Two years Arm Band ' 20 " How pretty her blushing ivas and how she blushed again. " Well, Bruno, you can give us the satisfaction of teaching you at least two things in your course at Abbot. Just what " B. C. " means and just where to use " revolting. " Will we ever forget Bruno when she dressed to go to bed our second memor- able night at Intervale! No wonder we couldn ' t find our sweaters and mufflers and woolen stock- ings the next morning. Watch her blush when we speak of il ! The Abbot Circle 192 1 ELIZABETH F. BULKELEY " Libby " " Betty " Southport, Conn. Elmira Mandolin Club ' 20, ' 21 Two years Arm Band ' 20, ' 21 " Silence -is the perfected herald of every joy. " Libby ' s another one of those mysterious people who seems so " quiet except to those who know them " and then — well, ask Sliv or Clara Louise or Alma; they know her better than any of us. You wouldn ' t call Libby quiet though, if you could hear some of the tales she tells about Hill- side. She and Eunice must have had a pretty good time there. What is Libby going to be? We don ' t know, but after looking at some of the pictures of graceful nymphs dancing on the green, that we see in her room, our thoughts naturally turn to Rhythmic dancing. Do they have a course at Elmira, Libby? DOROTHY CARR ' Dot " " Chu-CJm ' Melrose, Mass. Fidelio ' 21 Two years Senior Play " A heart as sound as a bell. " Dot ' s the kind that can read the latest maga- zines in study hour, then go to class and show all A ' s at the end of the term. Dot ' s always doing little deeds of kindness for everyone. And rave, — " Oh, my dear, " there ' s never a gap in the conversation when she ' s around. The Abbot Circle 1021 CLARA LOUISE CLEVELAND Denver, Colorado Two years Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Librarian Glee Club ' 21 Fidelio ' 21 Senior Play- Arm Band ' 20 " A fine volley of words, gentlemen, and quickly shot off. " Listen, is that a Victrola on the third floor front? No, that is just Clara Louise singing something from the latest opera. Surely if you c ' imb up the ladder of fame as speedily as you climb up Andover hills, you will be at the top long before we poor mortals below have reached the lowest rung. Abbot will be proud of you yet, Clara Louise, and when you come East on any of your concert tours remember we are all your friends. But, we beg of you, when you stay at any of the best hotels in the country, do not get up early to clean your room on Sunday morning; — the other guests might not be as obliging as we Abbot girls are. However, we wish you all suc- cess in your career, and here ' s to our Denver rep- resentative. ELINOR P. COCHRANE ' Ellie ' Melrose, Mass. Fidelio ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Two years Advisory Board ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 " Of all the girls that e ' er was seen There ' s none so fine as Elly. " Is Ellie from New England? Yes. Has she a New England conscience? You bet she has. Is there anything she attempts that she doesn ' t put her whole spirit into? She can even make the second floor wing behave when she ' s proctor. And her lessons? We bet they ' re prepared as well as anyone ' s. Everyone likes Ellie. Will she do big things in the outside world? Wait and see! 10 The Abbot Circle 1921 RUTH A. CROSSMAN " Rufus " Newton Centre, Mass. Two years. Leader Glee Club ' 21 Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Fidelio ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 Arm Bar ' 21 Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21 Business Manager Class Book ' 21 Senior Play English V Play ' 20 Senior-Mid. Play Bible Group Leader ' 20, ' 21 " I say just what I think and nothing more or less. " Who is that who is constantly moving her lips in an absent-minded manner? Can it be that she was once a nun, and having left her convent, constantly repeats her prayers w hich have be- come second nature to her? No, that is Ruth, our dignified fire captain, repeating her list of lieutenants. Truly, we wouldn ' t be at all sur- prised if you should sing them to us some night in A. C. A. instead of your song. And that re- minds us that here is another singer in our midst, and we feel that she, too, will bring us fame. HARRIET EDGELL ' ' Hat " Gardner, Mass. Wellesley Vice Pres. Student Gov ' t. Advisory Board Courant Board Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21 English V Play ' 20 Honor " A " " A " Society ' 20, ' 21 Two years Vice Pres. of A. C. A. Bib ' e Group Leader Class Secretary ' 20 Draper Reader ' 20 Senior Play Basketball ' 20 Numerals ' 20 Arm Band ' 20 ' ' Nothing is impossible to industry. " When you think of it, how many things are there that " Hat " hasn ' t received in the line of honors — Honor A, Stu. G.; A. C. A. vice presi- dent, basketball team, Honor Roll, etc. Conse- quently the class is pretty proud of her — and as for drag — well — " Hat " does have an awful time understanding the clever little jokes that go around the school; — but never mind, " Hat, " there are some others who have never heard of Goethe, too. 11 The Abbot Circle 192 1 LOIS G. FLEMING " Loie ' Cileasondale, Mass. Senior Play Two years Arm Band ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 21 " Long, may such goodness live. " Well, Lois, we certainly admire a girl who has nerve enough to come down with mumps right in the midst of exams. But Lois is not the kind of a girl that is stumped by the mumps; she went right ahead and took some of her exams at the infirmary, and passed them, too, with marks which we " unmumpy " people envied. She may be rather quiet, but she gets there just the same, and we missed her sunny smile, and her apolo- getic " excuse " when she bumps into us, while she was away. FRANCES J. GASSER " Fran " " Gasser " Plandome, L. I. A. C. A. President Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Vice Pres. Fidelio ' 20 Senior Mid Play Advisory Board ' 21 Three years Class Treasurer ' 19 Fidelio, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Numerals ' 19 Senior Play Student Council ' 21 Draper Reader ' 21 " And Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. " Take her as a gouty old man (!) or a shrew tamer (!!) or as her own talkative sweet self - well, just take her — she ' s fine in all those char- acters. Just to look at her very New Vorkish clothes and hats or her fuzzy hair one wouldn ' t link her up with A. C. A. or Northfield — but that ' s Fran ' s other side. 12 The Abbot Circle 192 1 BEATRICE GOFF Andover, Mass. Three Years. Honor Roll ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 ' ' The fire i the flint shows not ' till it be struck. " The class is mighty proud of Beatrice. When she came to Abbot she stepped right on to the Honor Roll, and you can see how firmly she step- ped when we tell you she ' s still there. Even in the midst of College Prep courses, and when the Honor Roll was shortened to nine names, we find Beatrice there. She just discovered this year that she could sing, and now is a member of that dis- tinguished society — Fidelio. Altogether we feel we couldn ' t get along without her. JULIA E. GUILD " Julie " Windham, Conn. Senior-Mid Play ' 20 Senior Play Two years Arm Band ' 20 Fidelio ' 21 " So womanly benign and so meke. " Julia is the kind that is slow to make advances for herself, but when you ' ve made the advances it ' s worth while. Julia is mighty keen on Do- mestic Science and her one ambition in life is to be a dietitian in a hospital. Julia never has any- thing but a good word for anybody, and is always ready to do something for someone else. 13 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 A LIC GO R HAM HALLETT " Al " Gloucester, Mass. Arm Band ' 21 Two years English V Play " As frank as dew on cherry blossoms 1 ' What do " Al " and Jess talk about all the time? " I don ' t get you, Miss Bailey. " We aren ' t surprised that Al is headed for Miss Bouve ' s, judging from her faithfulness on the hockey field. Al, our would-be bridge shark. Never mind, Al, you ' ll be one some day. MARY HARRISON " Cally " Dunkirk, N. Y. Vassar Two years Vice Pres. A. A. A. ' 21 Student Council ' 21 Odeon ' 21 Class Book Board ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 Hockey Numerals ' 20, ' 21 Class Hockey team ' 20, ' 21 Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21 Senior Play Business Manager Calendar ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Entertainment Com. ' 20 Song Commi ttee ' 20 " She is true to her word, her work, and her friend. " Oh what a girl Mary is! Mary at the piano, Mary on the hockey field, Mary in class, Mary just any time is doing things well, and is such a good sport about everything that no one can help liking her. We always think of her place being at the piano, but some of the charming things she has written make us wonder if perhaps her talents aren ' t divided. 14 The Abbot C i r c I c 19 2 1 FLORENCE HINCKLEY " Phil " New Rochelle, N. Y. Four years Advisory Board ' 20 A. C. A. Secretary ' 20 Hockey Team ' 21 " A " Society ' 21 Numerals ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 " When night hath set her lamp on high Then is the ii ' me for study. " Clink, clank, clink! Phil arrives on the scene with one of her funny remarks and we all laugh. Trouble? That ' s Phil ' s middle name. She just walks right into it, but strides right on again, thanks to those legs of hers. Do you know the serious Phil? Yes, she ' s hard to get acquainted with, but mighty fine when you know her. Don ' t be so stingy with us, Phil. Speaking of legs, Phil certainly knows how to use them on the hockey field. What will Abbot do without her? FRANCES BOYD HOWE " Fran " Melrose, Mass. Wellesley Three years " A " Society ' 21 Hockey Team ' 21 Numerals Class Hockey ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 19, ' 20 Hare and Hounds ' 19 Glee Club ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Fidelio ' 21 " Nay, but make haste; the better foot before. " When Fran came to Abbot, years and years ago, the thing that called our attention to her was her running fire of comment in class. It still does. Fran ' s right in her element when it comes to rhythmic dancing, and Glee Club. Fran ' s sister made an Abbot Hockey Team, and Fran kept up the family reputation. 15 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 hf V n itfiilt £■;- ■ 1 FRANCES KEANY " Fran " " Keany " Andover, Mass. Vassar Four years Numerals, Hare and Hounds ' 19 Odeon ' 20, ' 21 Vice Pres. Odeon ' 21 Senior Mid Play ' 20 Draper Reader ' 20 Honor Roll ' 20 Senior Play Committee ' 21 Student Council ' 21 Arm Band ' 21 Class Book Board ' 21 " Genius bears the character of the individual who possesses it. " Keany ' s another one of those clever young people who can say just exactly what we ' ve been trying to say for ages — and say it in a different way. Keany just is different herself. Did you ever know anyone who did so much reading? She reads everything and talks glibly about those books and authors whom we, in our ignor- ance, never heard of. Fran was the heroine of the Senior Mid play and being college was the only thing that kept her from being in the Senior play. She draws, too. Oh, Keany ' s a peach! M A R I N R . K I M BALL " Kim " Andover, Mass. Two years Courant Business Mgr. ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 Stage Manager Senior-Mid Play Senior Play Entertainment Com. Bible Group Leader ' 21 Q. E. D. Pres. ' 21 Draper Reader ' 21 " Strengthen me by sympathizing Kim has several specialties — chauffeurs, house parties, flagging trains, somnambulism. How we will miss that green flag next year. Kim ' s an awfully good sport, and talk — well - remember the political rally? As a result — president of Q. E. D. And we ' re rather inclined to believe public speaking isn ' t the only kind she ' s noted for. She was a leading man in the Senior play and do you remember Field Day in the rid- ing meet? We do, too. 16 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 ELIZABETH McCLELLAN Smith Andover, Mass. Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21 Two years " The silent countenance often speaks. " Oh! how we wish we had just a little of her brains, or her hair ! Elizabeth is so very quiet and backward about coming forward that none of us know her very well. But little things tell, and we ' re sure that she ' s a peach. ELIZABETH McDOUGALL " Betty " Rockland, Maine Wellesley Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Song Committee ' 21 Two years Fidelio ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 " do not set my life at a pin ' s fee. " Whenever we hear " Sail, Bonny, Sail, " we think of Betty McDougall and her lovely voice. And the nice part of it is that she is always willing to sing for our pleasure. Betty ' s interests fall right in alphabetical order — A (bbot) — B(ow- doin) — Climax at M (ath) and the highest point of interest at P. Once you know Betty you appreciate her. 17 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 DOROTHY VIRGINIA MARTIN Chelsea, Mass. Two and one half years- Senior Mid. Play English V Play ' 20 Senior Play Bible Group Leader ' 21 Advisory Board ' 21 Class Treasurer ' 21 Chairman Entertainment Committee ' 20 " A face that had a story to tell. " Here comes the Princeton hat. There ' s the Princeton kewpie (poor thing, it ' s fallen, too). There ' s the mammoth Princeton banner — all the Tigers in the mail rack. Who ' s the owner? Dottie Martin. Dottie has a style and way all her own. She ' s another leading man in the Sen- ior play, and the cup winner and champion Horsewoman of Abbot. And doesn ' t the quo- tation just fit her? Syracuse EUNICE MEIGS " Meigsie " Fabius, N. V. One and one half years Glee Club ' 21 " Independence now and independence forever. " If you should see Eunice in the hall talking with one of the teachers you would immediately ask, " Who is that quiet, demure looking girl with such innocent eyes? " But that would be because you did not know Eunice. " Those in- nocent eyes " can also twinkle with merriment. And that hair! Will we ever forget the time she went riding with il hanging down her back and even the small boys cried, " Look at the hair. " 18 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 HERBERTA A. MORSE 11 Herb " Providence, R. I. Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Three Years Fidelio ' 21 Numerals Hare and Hound ' 19 Arm Band ' 20 Numerals Basket Ball ' 20, ' 21 Senior Play ' 21 " Thought is parent of the deed. " Herbie and her hair curlers — she ' s famous for them since fire-drill. She ' s famous also for shoot- ing baskets. And have you ever been in the recreation room when there ' s any dancing and not seen Herbie? She ' s pretty good at writing, she ' s pretty good at singing, she wants to be a Kindergarten teacher — and— How ' s that for a combination? i HI m " t 0 SYLVIA NICHOLSON " Sim " Bridgeport, Connecticut Three years Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Fidelio ' 21 Northfield Delegate ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Senior Play ' 21 Arm Band ' 19 Arm Bar ' 20 Numerals Class Basketball ' 20, ' 21 " The best portion of a good man ' s life His little nameless nnremembered acts of kindness and of love. " Well, you did survive it didn ' t you, Sliv? We mean having Kay and Mary graduate. In fact, you seem to be getting along very swim- mingly with your idea that A is a decent mark after all. Sliv ' s forever wading through the recreation room, and forever unable to find any- thing. Sliv was one of A bbot ' s representatives at Northfield and now leads a Bible group suc- cessfully. 19 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 HELEN BRADLEY NORPELL " Hunnum " Newark, Ohio Two years Fidelio Q. E. D. Society Senior Mid. Play Senior Play Class Secretary ' 21 Honor Roll ' 19, ' 20 Bible Group Leader " The very pink of perfection. " She just fits the advertisement - " A skin you love to touch " — really it is marvellous. And this quality is more than skin deep. Did you ever know anyone to get so many A ' s in exams? Helen is so methodical that she calls her own name on roll call and answers it — and she ' s some secretary ! EDITH ENSIGN PAGE " Pagey " Andover, Mass. Six Years (on and off) Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 President ' 21 Glee Club ' 20, ' 21 Mandolin Club ' 20 Bible Group Leader Northfield Delegate ' 20 S(u. Government ' 21 Odeon ' 20, ' 21 Class Book Board (resigned) English V Prize Play, Author Senior Play ' 21 Senior Mid. Play ' 20 2nd Hockey Team ' 16 1st Lieut. Co. A, ' 18 Field Day Cheer Leader ' 21 " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthus- iasm. " , " Oh! come on! Let ' s do it! " Did you ever know anyone so brim full of joy and enthusiasm in your life? E ' s always thinking of something else to do and she not only thinks about it, but she does it. Will you ever forget the Carnival scene at the Senior Picnic? — that was her idea. When you get right down to it there ' s not much Edith can ' t do. Write — she ' s one of our two dramatists — sing agony, draw, act, oh, everything! Yes, we agree Edith ' s some girl. 20 The Abbot Circle 192 1 MARIAN LAURA PARKER " Marny " Detroit, Mich. Two years Arm Band ' 19 Senior Play ' 21 " A will inflexible. " What would we do if we didn ' t have Marian to argue in Psychology? And hats! " My word, " did you ever see so many? Then look down and see her dainty feet and ankles — Nevermind, Marian, stick to your automaton theory, we don ' t mind. MILDRED PEABODY " Peabs " Waban, Mass. Two years Honor Roll ' 19 Arm Band ' 20 Entertainment Committee ' 20 Senior Play ' 21 " A suppressed desire will betray itself in the eyes. " Who is this who looks as though she were going to jump right out of her picture at us? Why that ' s Peabody, of course, the girl who had never ridden in a sleigh. But she has now, haven ' t you, Peabody? How? Oh! that ' s our secret, but he was nice, wasn ' t he? Really, we never see much of Peabody, not for long at least. We hear a quick noise and cheery " Hello Everybody " and then " Well goodbye, I only dropped in for a moment as I was going by. " We ' d like to have you stay longer, Peabody, but we realize how hard it is for you to be still. 21 The Abbot Circle 192 1 CAROL PARKER PERRIN " Ky " Hamburg, N. Y. Wellesley Two and one half years Senior Class President ' 21 Student Gov ' t ' 21 Courant ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Class President ' 20 Class Vice Pres. (Fall term) ' 20 Honor Roll ' 19,20 English V Play ' 19 Senior Mid. Plav ' 20 Arm Ba nd ' 20, ' 21 Fidelio ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Glee Club ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Stage Manager Senior Play ' 21 " Oh, lady, nobility is thine, and thy form is the reflection of thy nature. " Is there anything Carol can ' t do? We ' ll challenge anyone. Such a perfect lover — in a play we mean! As for her being Madame Presi- dent, we know that with her leading us, Abbot can never forget the class of ' 21. Despite her poise and dignity, Carol is always ready for a good time. HELEN MARIA ROSER " Rosy " Glastonbury, Conn. Mt. Holyoke Arm Band ' 20 Two years Senior Plav ' ' True as the dial to the sun. " We like Helen ' s clever stories and essays and quaint remarks, but we want to suggest that she write a Math book of her own — that might make it easier for her to take the x out of x +5.V + 6! We hear that Helen wants to be a nurse. Well, if she would say as many funny things to her patients as she does in class, we think she wouldn ' t have a dull ward. We shall watch Hel- en ' s career with interest, and hope some day the Math class may be using a " Hawkes, Luby and Roser! " 22 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 JESSAMINE DAMSEL RUGG " Jess " " Jazz St. Louis, Missouri. Two years Mandolin Club ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 21 Leader Mandolin Club ' 21 Senior Mid. Play ' 20 Class Book Board Song Committee ' 21 Author English V Prize Play " Creation is great. " There are lots of things about Jess. There ' s the way she says " pound, " and the way she wears her clothes, and her English V play. Jess has a capable way of going about things — from skiing to bridge. She also plays a banjo with beaucoup pep and jazz, qualities she puts into everything she does and which is one of the chief causes for her popularity. WINIFRED BROOKS SIMPSON Lowell, Mass. Three years Class Book Board (Art Editor) Senior Play " Well done, Simplicity. " Winifred is our future artist and we expect to see her things around pretty generally before long. Judging from the posters she makes, we think it is only a short step before we shall see stunning magazine covers with " W. S. " in the corner. In fact, we think the Library ought to begin to think about making an appropriation for magazines other than the Atlantic Monthly, etc., for it would be too bad if future Abbot girls should miss seeing the pretty pictures Winifred can make. 23 The Abbot Circle 192 1 MARTHA WEST SMITH " Mart " Turners Falls, Mass. Three years Glee Club ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Class Treasurer ' 19 Q. E. D. ' 21 Advisory Board ' 21 Fidelio ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Treasurer A. C. A. ' 21 Senior Play " The sands are numbered that make up thy life. " " Oh, say! I ' ve got an awfully funny joke to tell you — Now, — oh, dear! — let me see. Oh! I can ' t remember; anyway, it was awfully funny. " Thus speaks Mart. Did you ever know anyone to have such a — er-er-well — drag with the faculty? Even Pop (with all due re- spect to Mr. Ashton) gives her pictures. But we can ' t blame the teachers any for liking her, be- cause we all do. MARY A. TALCOTT " Tally " Torrington, Conn. Welleslev Two years Sec. of A. A. A. ' 21 " A " Society ' 21 Class Basketball ' 19 Numerals ' 20, ' 21 Group Leader ' 21 Hockey Team ' 21 Senior Mid. Play ' 20 Class Hockey ' 20 Glee Club ' 20 Senior Play ' 21 " What would the world be to us if children were no more? " " Now, smile for the lady " —and Tally pro- ceeds to be the cutest baby you ever saw. She has a head passion for Teddy, and wouldn ' t think of going to bed without one. Another hobby is hockey. Rain or shine, Tally could be seen on the hockey field, and some day she is going to be a gym teacher like Mrs. Fletcher. Tally is a regular warehouse for remarkable say- ings. In fact, she is quite an unusual child. 24 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 ELIZABETH THOMPSON " Libby " Cranford, N.J. Wellesley Two years Odeon ' 20, ' 21 Secretary Odeon ' 21 Senior Mid. Play ' 20 English V Play Arm Band ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Croquet Team ' 21 Song Committee ' 21 Secretary of Class ' 21 (resigned) " I have a heart with room for every joy. " Oh! You ' re Henry, aren ' t you? No, it ' s Libby, ' cause " her nose doesn ' t turn up as much as Tedda ' s. " She played croquet Bradford Day. Libby writes such clever things and is secretary of Odeon. And oh! Libby and Tedda dance like a dream. And whenever we see her we envy her because we haven ' t a Tedda. HENRIETTA THOMPSON " Henry " Cranford, N. J. Welleslev Two years Basketball Numerals ' 20, ' 21 B.B. Team ' 21 " A " Society ' 21 English V Play ' 20 Vice Pres. of Class ' 20 President ' 21 Odeon ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 21 " A merry heart goes all the day. " Oh! you ' re Libby, aren ' t you? No! it ' s Henry cause " her nose turns up more than Tedda ' s. " She plays basketball, you know. Henry writes such clever stories and is president of Odeon. And oh, Henry and Tedda dance like a dream, and whenever we see her, we envy her because we haven ' t a Tedda. 25 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 AGNES ELIZABETH TITCOMB " Sot " Kennebunk, Maine Two years Class Treas. ' 20 Advisory Board Senior Mid. Play Bible Group Leader Q. E. D. Society Class Book Board ' 20 Senior Plav Honor Roll ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 " Good sense is the foundation and source of good writing. " It would be hard to say enough things about Sot. Good sense is her foundation but good writing is certainly not her only accomplish- ment. You ' ve seen her posters that bring in precious dollars at every auction and well — just walk through the Art room. And the honor roll? Oh! that ' s one of Sot ' s best friends, just one, for she has dozens of them. ALMA LOUISE UNDERWOOD Gardner, Mass. Two years Fidelio ' 20 Senior Play Arm Bar ' 21 Senior Mid. Play ' 20 Arm Band ' 20 " What sweet delight a quiet life affords. " Although to some of us you seem rather quiet, to those of us who know you best you are much th e opposite. Indeed, we all know that you do not " retreat backwards " at the sallies of your joyous room-mate. Now that you and your room-mate are both aunts, we feel that you should be treated with more dignity than the rest of us who have no nieces and nephews to brighten our life. Here ' s to you, " Aunt Alma. " May you be successful in all your undertakings and may your niece follow in your footsteps. 26 The Abbot Circle 192 1 LOUISE VAN DERVOORT " Wee " " Vandy " Moline, 111. Vassar Two years Bible Group Leader ' 21 Advisory Board ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 " A perfect woman, nobly planned. " Pink and golden is our Louise — and oh! what a drag she has with the powers that be! At present Vassar is her goal, and her hopes later on lie in the direction of Vocal Expression. Some day we will be going to hear her and will proudly claim her as an Abbot classmate. ELEANOR C. VOORHEES " Dee-Dee " Flemington, N. J. Two years Class Secretary ' 20 Advisory Board ' 20 Arm Band ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 21 Editor-in-Chief Class Book Board Senior Play " Mind girts not of herself. " Who is that whistling so quietly and so nicely? Why that is " Dee-Dee. " That has been one of her deep hidden secrets, and fortunately for us we have found it out. Dee -Dee does everything in the same way she whistles. She ' s capable and efficient and the kind of a girl whose motto is " If you haven ' t something nice to say, keep quiet. " 27 T he Abbot C i r c J e 192 1 ELIZABETH WELD " E ' libby " Rock, Mass. Five years Class Vice Pres. (Spring term) ' 18 Vice Pres. ' 21 Class Pres. (Spring term) ' 19 Glee Club ' 19, ' 20 Secretary Glee Club ' 21 Fidelio ' 20, ' 21 Secretary Student Council ' 20 Honor " A " ' 20 Student Council ' 21 Hockey Numerals ' 20, ' 21 School Hockey Team ' 20, ' 21 " A " Society ' 20 President " A " Society ' 21 Senior Mid. Play Stage Manager English V Play " Deeds, not words. " Libby ' s one of the founders of the class of ' 21. She ' s been with it ever since its birth and we couldn ' t ask for a finer, truer, or stronger corner- stone. Her ability and her capable way of going about things is such that everybody just natu- rally dumps all the jobs of responsibility on her shoulders. She ' s just Libby — that ' s all. KATHARINE WELD " Pete " " Karno " Rock, Mass. Five years Pres. A. A. A. ' 21 Student Council ' 21 " A " Society ' 21 School Cheer Leader ' 20, ' 21 Class Cheer Leader ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 English V Play ' 20 Hockey Team ' 21 Chairman Song Committee ' 21 Numerals Class Hockey ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Bible Group Leader ' 21 Glee Club ' 19, ' 20 Mandolin Club ' 20, ' 21 Fidelio ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Prom. Committee ' 20 Senior Play " 0 mischief, thou art swift to enter. " Squeak! Bang! Bang! He! He! Hold up! All right — it was just Pete rushing down the corridor after the nail file she ' d left in the dining room. Karno ' s our class comedian and cartoon- ist and she has more pep and giggles than the whole school rolled into one. She ' s never been known to fail to cheer up the glummest cases of hi lies and that is no s mall compliment. We know- that she ' ll be famous some day with her pep, her talent, and depth of character — depth that few people realize. 28 The Abbot Circle 192 1 MARIANNA WILCOX " Marianna " Dayton, O. Four years Class Secretary ' 18 A. A. A. Secretary ' 20 Numerals ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Class Basketball Team Captain Class Basketball Team ' 21 " A " Society, ' 20, ' 21 School B. B. Team ' 20, ' 21 Arm Band ' 20 Bible Group Leader, ' 21 Draper Reader ' 20, ' 21 Vice Pres. Q. E. D. ' 21 Advisory Board ' 20 Senior Mid. Play Senior Play " 0 those eyes, so dark and so deep. " There ' s always a twinkle in Marianna ' s eyes and she always has a pleasant word for everyone. And when you stop to think about those eyes they tell their own story. Marianna ' s cer tainly bright and wide-awake, one of Miss Morgan ' s prize pupils, and we thoroughly enjoyed her Draper reading last spring. She can ' t be out- done on the basketball field, and when it comes to Q. E. D., well ! Marianna can tell us a few things. MARY WILLIAMS Welles! ey Nanking, China Arm Band ' 20 Two years " Thou hast the patience and the faith of saints. " Here comes Mary, her curls almost bobbing off, all transported with delight. Why? A nice, big fat letter from her beloved China. Mary has a remarkable sense of humor and her own way of saying things. She is forever keeping her room neat ' n ' nice, and it ' s not very often that you do not see some kind of flowers there. Some of us don ' t know Mary as well as we ' d like to, but these of us who do, realize what the others miss. 29 0m gear trte MARGARET ALLING " Marge " Plainfield, N. J. Goucher One year Arm Band ' 21 Mandolin Club English V Play " Thou driftest gently down the tides of sleep. " We start to tell you something about Mar- garet, and then stop. — Are we sure it ' s about Margaret? Margaret was in an English V play. At Intervale we were constantly reminded of the fact that just eight miles further on " we would be tenting to-night on the old camp ground " — for the White Mountains are the Allings ' hobby. We are surprised that Margaret didn ' t bring home a pine pillow for those little naps she likes so much. 30 The Abbot Circle 192 1 MARIAN A L LING Goucher Plainfield, N. J. Arm Band ' 21 One year " Beware of her fair hair for she excels all women in the magic of her locks. " This is Marian. We ' ve always wondered how it is that she and Margaret always appear in the same clothes, although they live on different corridors. And we sit in church puzzling which is which, — they are so straight and uniform; now, just as we were puzzled at Miss Howey ' s party when we saw the curly headed little Al- lings in their chubby embrace. HELEN UNDERWOOD BAKER Greenwich, N. Y. Smith Arm Band ' 21 One year Honor Roll ' 21 " Gladly wold she lerne. " " I ' se a broken-hearted Dutchman " — Them ' s the historic words Helen uttered at the Senior picnic — and ever since, she ' s been asked for them on all class state occasions. That ' s not Helen ' s only specialty. She also shines in Math, and as a result we find her name high on the Honor Roll. She ' s one of the lucky persons who has passed off her college exams, and has nothing to worry about in her future. 31 The Abbot Circle 192 1 MARION CLEVELAND Albany, N. Y. Wells Arm Rand ' 21 Honor Roll ' 21 One vear Senior Play Class Rook Roard " Give us a taste of your quality. " Marion is only a one-year girl, but we soon found out how capable she is. Those silver and gold medals which we see every now and then are the results of her efforts in the literary field, - because we aren ' t the only ones who have recognized her ability. Quickness and quietness are your first impressions of her — but, did you ever hear her giggle? AYA EBINA Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan Mt. Holyoke One vear ' ' Education alone can conduct us to that enjoy- ment which is best in quality and infinite in quantity. ' 1 We have lots of nice things to say about Aya; in fact we haven ' t room enough for them all. We think it ' s quite remarkable the way Aya does everything so well, and even English assignments don ' t phase her. Even if Aya goes back, way to the other side of the globe, she will always have a place in the hearts of ' 21 girls. 32 The Abbot Circle 192 1 CATHERINE HILL KNIGHT K " Gardiner, Maine Wellesley Arm Band ' 21 French Plav One year Honor Roll ' 21 Mandolin Club Senior Play " Lend me your ears. " Well, " K " Knight, we greet you, and those of us who have our college exams yet to look for- ward to, gaze upon you with envious eyes. How did you ever do it? We hope the paths of know- ledge will not be so confusing to you as the paths around Andover. At first we were inclined to prophesy a great scholastic career for you, but after we heard you play the violin, not a few of us changed our minds. However, we all realize that you have several strings to your bow. W m, Hff - i i H K ' -JSH e S 9 ¥ ■ ' ' " ' J 4 ■ E Wl j m DOROTHY ELEANOR SIMMONS " Dotty " North Adams, Mass. Russell Sage Mandolin Club One year Arm Band " We prize books, and they prize them most who are themselves wise. " Interested in Williams? Ask Dot. She ' s been there! While she has been with us in Coll. Eng. II we have had a chance to dip into her store of ghost stories, and also to find out her most absorbing hobby — the poetry of Keats. We marvel at the way she keeps up with modern literature, poetry and fiction, and wish she would tell us where she gets time, for with all her read- ing, Dot makes an imposing array of " hankies. " 33 wUU ' f, The Abbot Circle 192 1 Snterbale £ on%$ ( " Solway " ) Stars shine on ice and snow, And sleighbells echo to the blue. Cheer, cheer for Intervale! Ring out lustily and true, rah! rah! rah! Some skim across the ice, And some on snowshoes hit the trail, O, we ' ll cheer with a vim That will never give in For old Intervale! ( " Solomon Levi " ) We are the Senior Class, you see, Our faces brightly shine, Because we ' ve lived on steaks and pies And everything else that ' s fine. We ' ve spent our time on skiis and skates And off for trailing go, And now we have a bunch of bumps For the next few weeks or so. Oh, Intervale! Rah! rah! rah-rah! Oh, Intervale! Rah! rah! rah-rah-, rah-rah! We are the Senior Class, you see, Our faces brightly shine, Because we ' ve lived on steaks and pies And everything else that ' s fine. ( " Avalon. " ) We left our hearts in Intervale When we came back; For once we were so thin and frail, And now, we ' re fat! We throve up there on skiis and skates And grew, and grew, But midst the steak and griddle cakes W r e thought of you ! The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 Snterbale The pale moon shines on a fairyland of hills and mountain peaks, and the bustling wind in a hurricane makes the glittering snowdrifts deep, and all around the town is still, for the world has gone to sleep. But here we sit by the fireside in our cozy little inn, and rest and talk of what joy and fun our happy trip has been. Those silvery nights when the sleighbells ring and our voices join in their song, and we think of the trailing and skiing we ' ve done as we played the whole day long. How we climbed that steep cliff and tumbled and fell; but the things we ate make our mouths water to tell. Now the fire is low, but the dim cannot blur this vision that ' s all too true, for we ' re thinking and dreaming and yearning once more. For whom? Why, Intervale — for you. 37 As we plant the lasting emblem Of the years so richly spent, Years of striving ever upward, Years in gain of knowledge bent; As we feel the love and patience Of a mighty host gone by, Who a firm foundation builded, And upon this class rely; May we prove the worthy hold- ers Of the trust they freely give. May this world be fuller, richer For the lives which we shall live. Elizabeth Thompson The Abbot Circle 10 2 1 Qtt)t Jf able of tfje tratgfjt anb J arroto $atf) Once there was a Class, who had Hopes of Graduating in ' 21. The only Relic left of those who started away back yonder before an unprepared World was swatted simultaneous by Social Unrest and Nation Wide Prohibition and before this Exclusive Social Organization had enjoyed a fruity Reputation as a Nut Fac- tory, is Edith Page, a Dame endowed with that Art called Dramatic Instinct. She was joined in the following Year by Libby Weld, who was strong on back- to-nature stuff and Pete Weld, who before she was biting on a Rubber Ring was being coached to play the Part of our Class Comedian. Then, the next Year, arrived Florence Hinckley, she of the lengthy Pedal Extremities, and Marianna Wilcox, who cut loose from the native Shire, and Frances Keany, who made a long Trip from Bean-Town. And in 1919 with one fell Swoop the Grand Old School was hit by a Migrator with a flossy Label -- Sylvia Nicholson; one Miriam Bickford, who had not pro- gressed from Pin Feathers to the Age of Discretion ; Martha Smith, who wielded a very consistent Knife and Fork and whose Daily Demand was for Something that sticks to the Ribs; Dorothy Martin, whom it fussed quite a bit to be compelled to Feed Herself under the Scrutiny of Comparative Strangers; a Winifred Simpson, whose Painting suggested that in the Great Shake-Up of Destiny perhaps it was meant that She should be an Artist; Frances Howe, whose early training in a Cen- ter of Sociability prompted her to discuss the Weather with Total Strangers and likewise a little choice Scandal now and then ; one Frances Gasser, at whom every- one looked askance when she appeared in Morning Coat and Orchid, and that Narrow White Hickey inside the Vest, and the Spats and the Curly Hair draped over All; Beatrice GofT, whose dignified Suit of Quaker Grey, the chiseled sug- gestion of Patrician Reserve on her high brow, the wince of Pain and the up- lifted Eyebrow when someone indulged in a Cursory Remark — all these meant much to the Observant Faculty; it befell that Carol Perrin got in here sideways in spite of telling little tales about when Highballs were peddled over the Bar and Public Dancing was tolerated and Women wore four-inch Heels. In the Year following the Year 1919, which some People are wont to call 1920, we had so many Stars that even the Manager was Trembling. Dy ' a see that Bunch out on the Circle taking the Sun? Leave me call them off to you — ■ First 39 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 there is Helen Bruno, one of them N ew Jerseyites, supposed to have the brightest Hair on Record ; Then comes Harriet Edgell who makes all High Rollers look like Marble Players; Dorothy Carr — oh Joy! oh Bliss! and a couple of Raptures! Alma Underwood, who had a Song that caused a strike in the Orchestra — Some of the Musicians said they had Families; Ruth Crossman, who we admit is headed for the Pearly Gates, even if we have been repeatedly stung by her; Clara Louise Cleveland, who instead of effacing herself and sitting back subdued and rever- ential, has taken charge of the Conversation ; Lois Fleming, who strings ' em along scandalous and tells ' em to leave her alone because she is an Unprotected Maiden with a Spotless Reputation; Marion Kimball imbued with the Desire to scatter the Wampum. She was exceedingly Frontage. Alice Hallett, who studied a Stand- ard Work on Auction so as to avoid Being Trimmed every Afternoon. It was just as Lucid as the Book of Deuteronomy in the original Sanskrit; Helen Norpell who, when it comes to Keeping Time is about as Useful as a One-legged man at a Fire; Elinor Cochrane, who having flopped as a Glee Clubber was sup- posed to have a Glorious Career awaiting her in the Business World ; Lora Barber, who looked like Geraldine Farrar in the Last Act and Lillian Russell at the Age of Seventeen ; Secret Mottoes and Pass-Words and Grand Hai ' ing Signs and Signs of Distress may seem to be Fol-de-Rol and Pish-tush to Cold-Blooded Skinies, but they were the Real Paprika to Marian Parker; Mary Harrison, who looked out from early Obscurity and discerned Many Organizations to be Joined ; Louise Van Dervoort, who lives where the Prairie Loam is very Brunette and the Cattle are Broad across the Hips; Julia Guild, who came from a Town where Prunes were still organized against Grapefruit; Betty McDougall, who had a jewelled Pin bear- ing the Mystic Letters P. H. V., which might mean Parrots Have Voices or Papa Hires Veterinarians or Please Help Violet or any other Fool thing; Mary Wil- liams, who at Bridge never pulled a Bower, on the Hottest Days her Collar never mussed and she could Wear a Hat without messing her Hair; Elizabeth McClel- lan who could Juggle such Words as Vouchsafe and Eleemosynary, without Batting an Eye; Jessamine Rugg — even the Gentlemen conceded that she had a Certain Charm of Manner and a Savoir-Faire with the accent on the Salve; Elizabeth Bulkeley, who when conversing gums up the Minor Syllables; Helen Roser, who before Many Moons began to Hanker for the Yellow-Legged Plymouth Rocks, the Golden Butter and the kind of Milk that gushes from old Bossie; Once a young Person alighted from the Horse Car and hurried to this Suburban Beehive — labeled Eunice Meigs; Mildred Peabody, who arrived just as Ripe for Impressions as if she had come from the Planet Mars hanging to the Tail of a Meteorite ; Henry and Libby Thompson, two Terwhilligeeses from Cranford, you may recall. We know People who would give their eye teeth just to have been Insulted by them - then they could say they had Met them; Mary Talcott who was Slow to be- 40 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 lieve that the Grandfathers of some of the Children she knew had come home from College Reunions at 2 A.M. Plastered to a Fare-You-Well ; Charlotte Baldwin - you never can tell what Heat there is behind the Asbestos, how wildly a Heart is beating underneath a Starched White Vest; Agnes Titcomb, who had to keep posted on all this Flub so she could answer Questions when she was out among the Almost Intellectuals; Eleanor Voorhees who plugged for the Common Weal, and was Strong for the Brotherhood-of-Man Stuff. The Day was counted lost when the Low-Descending Sun saw Nothing put over for the Betterment of the Race. And this Gay Bunch set out One Day for Pomps on Shank ' s Mare to make Merry with Hot Dogs and Coffee miles and miles from a Tea Urn or a Macaroon. You ate it but after you got through you were not sure that Anything had hap- pened. One frosty Night they ventured Forth to try their luck in a Sleigh. It was some Jubilee and a Good Time Was Had By All. Then came the Time to appoint a Leader of our Motley Crew. The Members sat around a Table and looked at Each other Benumbed and Helpless-like, just as Sprightly as a Congress of Jelly Fish. It was a Combination of Chautauqua, Bean Bag and a Peace Conference. They knew they needed a Pace-Maker with Pep and Ideas. It was Carol Perrin. Then, would you believe that such Rarities as Roast Beef, Turkey, and Hard Boiled Eggs, and Imported Cheese and White Bread and Baked Beans, and Gol- den Creamery Butter were served upon this Senior-Mid Banquet Board? We ate just enough to Sustain our Thirst. So, it was in Anno 1921 A.D., when the Moons Waxed and Waned and Har- vest followed Seed Time that Six more Youthful Creatures hied themselves to Abbot and said they were willing to Accept Positions as some of the Executive Heads of the Blossoming Combine. Marion Cleveland, who hailed from the As- phalt Jungles of Albany; Marian Ailing, who was not yet fed-up on the Camping- Out Stuff; Margaret Ailing, who just when she Felt like Lying Down had to Shift Scenery and hear Somebody Chirp in Classes; Dorothy Simmons, whom no one could stump by asking for Inside Dope on a Late Work of some Icelandic Novelist; Aya Ebina, our Little Representative of the Land of Flowers, who rose at Chilly Dawn and hot-footed to a Slave Pen when it was so Pleasant inside the Covers; Catherine Knight who got up in the Morning so borne down by Business Anxiety that all she could Take On for Breakfast was a Few Eggs and a Couple of Patty Cakes of a rare kind of Sausage containing Pork and Several Strata oi Flap Jacks and a Tureen of Coffee ; Helen Baker, who would have been the World ' s Champion of the Intellectual Heavyweights if she had worn Ear Muffs. 41 The Abbot Circle 192 1 One fine Afternoon we hoisted Ourselves into Trucks and hied to Haggetts ' where the Noises of Our Merry Feast carried across the Deep Drink. So, after years of Placid Toil, the Baskers went on a Terrific Bat, in an Effort to Relax and Recuperate, and for the first time we poor old Birds were un- shackled and left to run Wild in the Mountains. With Mr. Bassett as a Com- posite of Guide, Counsellor, Friend, Referee, Diplomat, Reception Committee, Medical Adviser, and Political Prophet, we managed to subsist. At the End of Four Days, the Weary Vacationers returned to this Peaceful Abode. Then the Senior Class pulled off one of Dear Old Willie ' s Famous Vaudeville Sketches, " The Taming of the Shrew. " It was Rough but made a big Hit. Then came our Final Blow-Out, which consisted of Caviar and Sweet Breads and Artichokes and Bosom of Partridge, Pigs Knuckles, Spring Onions and Grid- dle Cakes, et cetera, et cetera. Nothing came after it except the Pepsin Tablet and the Hot Water Bag. Then after a Week of Joys and Tears when we paraded our Organdies and Entertained the Old Folks from Home, our Alma Mater tossed us upon this Wicked World with only our Sheepskins to Guide Us. Moral: Every Girl is the Architect of her Own Fortune but the Faculty Superintend the Construction. Thank You, George 42 The Abbot Ci re I e 192 1 Class Will anb Testament We, the class of 1921 of Abbot Academy, thinking we have attained the least amount of wisdom necessary to carry us through these varying years of toil, and being as nearly in our right minds as could be expected under the influence of peppery soup and weakly Math exams, do hereby bequeath, in this our last Will and Testament, toward the onward and ever upward progression of those who fol- low us, our timeworn but precious relics: I That first frigid nightmare at Intervale to the class of ' 22. II Our baby dresses to whom they will fit. III " This Side of Paradise " to M. M. H. IV The new hockey field to class of ' 45. V Our flow of conversation to Millicent Bartlett. VI Our useless sweaters to those who can get away with them. VII Our baby pictures to the John-Esther Art Gallery. VIII Hinckley ' s Big Ben to Al Van Schmus. IX Our pink pills to Johnnie. X Our rubbers and mufflers to Miss Kelsey. XI Our inherited " Circles of Hell " to those who come after us. XII Our stuffings and high heels to those " whose ignorance is bliss. " XIII Our graceful ability in gym to Anne Vanderslice. XIV A prize for the perfect art notebook. XV Hope of Senior Privileges to the class of 1975. Editors Note: Here ' s hoping it will be done then. Signed and sealed by Class of 1921 43 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 " iSs J9ou Wttt " A stands for Ailing and artless affection. How they ' ve retained it ' s a different question. C stands for Grossman and cunning and curl Once a " perfect wee boy " now a " perfect wee girl! E is for Edgell and exactitude Though heading our Honor Roll, she ' s far from a prude. G stands for Gasser and gurgling glee Her wee pouting mouth is just made for a " he. " H is for Harrison, happy with health Hankering always for house party the twelfth. K is for Kimball and Kipling and keen She sure is a talker, you know when I mean. M ' s for McClellan, McDougall and Marcus Upon certain subjects, they ' re both quite the larks-to-fuss. N stands for Norpell and nothing and none, If she ever gets wind of this, then we ' ll get our ' n. P is for Perrin and peppy and Page " Petting " isn ' t to-day what it was in our age. W ' s for Wilcox and Libby and Pete Three more different people you never could meet. S is for Smith and S. S. and G. Still when you grow up how changed you can be. T stands for Titcomb and Tally and teddy She always must have one when she ' s tucked into beddie. U stands for Underwood and true unconcern You ' d think even at Mid-years, she ' d hours to burn. V is for Voorhees, but hardly virago As there ' s nothing to rhyme with that here ' s where I go. 45 $ £ ttn tn tfje fjopsi CAROL PERRIN The School of the Theatre New York. Oct. 4 — Apr. 2nd. Second year Dramatic and lyric interpretation. Pan- tomime, Impersonation, P " olk Songs, and Dances, Vocal Instruction — voice culture, eurhythmies, history of drama, French lan- guage. Advanced pupils will participate in educa- tional trip to Hamburg. TEACHERS ' INSTITUTE The Army and Navy College Designated " Honor School 1925 " by war department. Superb equipment. Eighty- acre campus. Coaching courses for examina- tions to West Point and Annapolis. For cat- alogue and information address — Col. E. Cochrane, head of Navy Dept. Admiral L. Fleming, head of Army Dept. Marion, Alabama Special Offer of Tested Seeds If you write for 1931 Catalogue we will send famous Weld Collection of Seeds. Pon- derosa, Tomato, Big Boston Lettuce, White Tipped Scarlet Radish, Weld ' s Invincible Asters, Brilliant Mixture of Poppies, Giant- waved Spencer Sweet Peas. Don ' t delay! Write at once. E. Weld, 35-49 Cortland St., New York You Can Be a Nurse Too! Study at home and take the Roser Hospi- tal Extension Course. Hospital openings for those who can take two years ' training. Un- der the directorship of Helen Roser, for three years head nurse at Hartford General hospital. 220 Chestnut St., Hartford, Conn. " You are Miss Smith of Detroit, whom I met five years ago at the Hoover Banquet. " It was in a hotel lobby, I heard these words. The speaker, I learned, was the famous mem- ory expert, Miss E. McClellan. She memor- izes by a photographic method, no tiresome repetition or drudgery. Write for her booklet, " Absorbing Abbot ' s Senior Courses in an Evening. " Makes hard work easy. McClellan ' s Mind Culture Course, 354 East — West Street, N. Y. BE A BANKER! Prepare by mail in spare time for this at- tractive profession in which there are great opportunities. Send at once for free book, " How to Become a Banker. " We have dis- tinguished bankers on our mailing list, and many of the men most successful in the fin- ancial world attribute success to us. D. Carr, President American School of Banking, Columbus, Ohio. Old Firm Under New Management Announcement is hereby made of the fact that the Walter Baker Co., Ltd., Inc., Est. 1780, has come under the management to Miss Helen Baker, A. A. ' 21. AMBITIOUS GIRLS! Learn to draw at home in your spare time. If you like to draw develop your artistic tal- ent. You can easily learn by the Titcomb Home Study Course to make drawing worth real money. Titcomb Designing School, Federal Building, Minn., Minn. Edging for table covers, towels, filet in- serted blocks of various designs, dainty filet laces for filmy underwear — anything in the line of crochet work, beautifully and exqui- sitely done by trained workers in charge of Julia Guild. Baby jackets and caps a spec- ialty. Address Miss Julia Guild, 242 Broadway, N. Y. Popularity Follows tlie Ukelelc II you play quaint, dreamy Hawaiian music or latest songs on the ukelele, you will be wanted everywhere. I teach by mail - such simple lessons. Free with every course, a genuine Hawaiian ukelele and music. No obligations. Baldwin Institute of Hawaiian Music, 1400 Broadway, N. Y. TAKE A " KNIGHT ' S TREATMENT " - COLD CREAM That creamy cool sensation keeps the chaps off your hands. Sold everywhere. 46 The Abbot Circle 192 1 " DOROTHY DAINTY HANKIES " A leading style note for every day is the dainty, pure linen handkerchief of many dif- ferent hues, with contrasting colored-drawn threads and dainty flowers and bouquets in every corner. Absolutely every stitch done by hand. Orders carefully and promptly filled. Address, Miss Dorothy Simmons, 36 E. 31st St., N. Y. Your Conversation — is it Profitable in Dollars and Cents? You can make those intimate little chats mean extra money for you. Simply tell your friends about the remarkable features which constitute such an important part of everyday life. You know how often an interesting topic discussed by a knowing talker would be wel- come. Act at once and find out the secret! Ruth Crossman, Box 643, Waldorf Building, N. Y. BECOME A LAWYER — BE A LEADER! Greater opportunities now than ever. We guide you step by step. Write applica- tion immediately to Meigs Extension Uni- versity, Chicago, 111. Dept. 247 — L. We want Reliable Men with an oppor- tunity for Advancement. Abbot Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. The first issue of Cleveland Records is now on sale. Well-known artists who make rec- ords exclusively for us: Clara Louise Cleveland, " The Rosary " Betty McDougall, " Baby ' s Boat " Eleanor Voorhees, latest whistling hit. SAVE MONEY ON BUTTER AND EGGS Take our latest course for schools. " From Cow to Campus. " Miss Martha Smith, Dietitian, Perkins Corners, Maine MORSE MARVELOUS MARCEL Our Emergency Electric Everwavers. Ev- ery woman ' s charm. Glistening, glossy curls. Positively no friz or kink. Harrison ' s Helpful Health-giving Gum Stringy and snappy. Aids digestion and is good for the teeth. Drives away care and companions. " The Flavor Lasts. " Fresh, clean, hygienic equipment. Made in large airy factories — untouched by any human hand. BE INDIVIDUAL Develop your personality through literary channels. Take our one-week course. Im- mediate effect guaranteed. Money refunded if unsatisfactory. Write for our booklet at once. Frances Keany Develop your mind and character. De- velop self-control and an ever-sunny disposi- tion. Personally instructed by Beatrice Goff, Andover, Mass. ParKer ' s Perfect Carpet Sweeper Give her a practical gift! Sure to please any woman. The work it saves in the ever necessary cleaning-up. Gives her more lei- sure, more time for play. Say it with Parker ' s Perfect Carpet Sweeper! THE GREENWICH VILLAGE GIFT SHOP is holding an opening on Friday, the thir- teenth, 1923. You will be sure to find useful and attractive gifts as well as the latest nov- elties. Exclusive selling rights for Pheasant Pattern China and Poilon Pottery. You are cordially invited. Underwood Nicholson - Madison Ave., 863rd St., N. Y. Tel. Plaza 1928 Elizabeth Bulkeley — Temple of Greek Dancing 746 Madison Ave., N. Y. Daily Instruction and Monthly Recitals at the Temple Winter School — New York Su mmer School Paris, France VOTE FOR M4RIAN KIMBALL First female representative of factory and family to the Massachusetts Legislature. Republican Nominating Committee THE ABBOT CARNIVAL THE WORLD ' S SPORTIEST Keen competition between the famous stars. Bill Bickford and Pete Weld — in all the winter and summer sports. (No falls or springs.) Ebina ' s Exhibition of Japanese Art See the sun rising over Mt. Fujiyama; see the blossoming cherry trees in a Japanese gai- den. — New York Art Gallery. 47 The Abbot Circle 192 1 LEARN TO DANCE You can learn all the latest up-to-the- minute society dances. Virginia Reel a specialty. Diagram method. No music needed. No partners need apply. " The Charm of Individuality. " Mixes. Thompson, Suite 4, The Ritz, N. Y. WHAT SHALL I WEAR TODAY? Everyday, you ask yourself this question. Are you always satisfied with the answer? Something just a little different each day, that air of individuality. Found in all reliable shops. Look for the trade mark, " Marianna. " 211 Waldorf Building, New York City A SKIN YOU LOVE TO TOUCH The clear, smooth, flawless, complexion you long for — doesn ' t it seem to you a special gift of nature? To make your skin what it should be, before to-night, give it my treatment. HELEN NORPELL Agent for the Make-It Whiter ' An Snow, 112 Spring Ave., Cinn., Ohio VAN HALLETT VEILS A filmy mist of gossamer Van Hallett veilings seem — They make fair faces lovelier With beauty of a dream. Look for white ticket on every veil. 517 Fifth Ave., New York City MARTIN FINE HATS How long since you ' ve seen yourself in a smart turban? Go look at Martin models. The Martin Hat Co., 243 Fifth Ave., New York " FRANCES GLOSSER " In ten minutes with Glosser manicure pre- paration, you can transform nails that you are ashamed of almost instantly into nails that are noticeably lovely. Hundreds of thousands of sets have been already sold. They make gifts that are new and fashionable. Frances Gasser, 114 West 17th St., New York BE WELL— WHY NOT Weigh what you should weigh! My work has grown in favor because results are quick, natural, permanent, scientific — and appeal to common sense. Have a perfect figure. Be a source of in- spiration to your friends. Sit down and write me now — don ' t wait — you may forget. Miss Florence Hinckley, 213 No. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. HELP WANTED — MALE We have a place on our list for another cus- tomer. Simpson 300 Broadway, New York EDGELL ' S REVERSIBLE LEATHER COATS You need fear no sniffs or sneezes In these raw November breezes; Though you be a football bug, You can sit in comfort, snug In an Edgell leather coat. Edgell International Coat Co., Pioneer Makers of Leather Coats, 114-116 Fifth Ave., New York EVERWAVE Waves That Last! Moisten the hair with Everwave, wind on wavers. Beautiful, glossy hair, and alluring waves that last for days. Send for my booklet showing newest coif- fures, and send coupon below for samples. The Barber Shop, 31 Bedford St., Chicago, III. Reference — Abbot Academy, 1921. COURSE IN PLAY WRITING WRITE FOR THE MOVIES New ideas supplied. A sure success. Capitalize your talent. Constructive criti- cism; frank, honest advice. Real teaching. No institution or agency doing more for writers young or old. A recognized authority. Reference — Miss Howey. Write for 150 Page cat alogue. Personal supervision l founder: — Edith Page. 379 Chicago Boulevard, 111., tel. 1922. 48 The Abbot C i r cle 19 2 1 At the Better Shops Dye it right! The latest and most wonder- ful development of the hair-dyeing art. Re- tain that lustrous henna halo! Retains, Restores and Rejuvenates beauty. Miss Bruno has recently returned from Paris, and all orders will receive her careful, prompt, and personal attention. Te ' . North 488063. Become a Professional Photographer Big opportunities now! Qualify for this fas- cinating profession. Three months ' course covers all branches. Motion picture, commercial, portraiture. Cameras and materials furnished free. Ailing Institute of Photography, 141 W. 36th St., N. Y. MLLE. LOUISE, ltd. Buy Direct from Paris We deliver direct to you, all custom charges paid, the latest productions of Paris: Les parfums, le lingerie, les toges et les nouveautes etc. Cor. invited. Van Dervoort, Haussmann, 106 B ' v ' d, Paris, France CLEVELAND ' S KEVIEW All the latest spice and murders. Fea- turing next month Abbot-Phillips " All night out. " All information gratefully received by Marion Cleveland, Editor SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY We have a special proposition through which any woman can add $25.00 a week or more to her income by using one or more hours a day spare time. No obligation to you. Address Frances Howe, Dept. J-51, Dayton, Ohio LEAD HER BY THE HANT The Walking Doll walks, sits, bows. No mechanism. All kinds of playthings for the little ones. Bring the kiddies to our nursery personally conducted by Mary Talcott. Ted- dy bears a specialty. Mary Talcott, The Toy Shop — Central Park A short wa ' k f;x:r. the Swan Teats. TRAINED WOMEN NEEDED Nation-wide demand for high salaried executives; past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put you in (ouch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living, in- teresting work, quick advancement, perma- nent. Write for free book, " Your Big Op- portunity. " Peabody Training School, Room 513, Washington, D. C. " You Just Know She Wears Them " The newest " Rugg " hosiery creation. " Sheresilk " trade mark. A hose of finest tex- ture that will delight the wearer. In black and all seasonable colors, also combinations of all known colors, another of many special values identified with " Rugg " hosiery. " But It Would Have Been a Long Hard Day Without a Williams " The Williams ' Typewriter speeds up the day ' s work and sets the pace to the quick step of efficiency. Call or write — lessons given, and machines kept in perfect order. Williams ' Typewriter Co., Inc. Williams ' Typewriter Building, 364-366 Broadway, New York. (Branches and agencies the world over). 49 The Abbot Circle 192 1 iLtterarp When I die I want to be feeling deliciously tired — to have a feeling of achievement — to have fought a good fight, and won the right to rest. And then I shall be sinking slowly into a sweet sleep, and suddenly feel a pain, a pain which shall cleanse my soul of my body, and send me all tingling and rejoicing off into space. I shall feel as fresh and young and dancing and powerful and bright as Baldar. And there will be a strong rush of air upon me, and suddenly I shall find myself walking in the moonlight beside the sounding sea. The silvery haziness, the stretch of shining beach, and the pounding surf will invigorate me and I shall march onward with assurance like a hero of old. And within the sound of blowing wind and clamoring sea there will be a stillness, and that still small voice that has come down to me through the ages will speak, and space, and time, Eternity itself will be explained. Frances Keany ' 21 fttotligfjt Twilight and the deepening shadows steal Through the great still forest deep in shade, And as the sunshine slowly starts to fade, From afar is heard the clear-toned vesper ' s peal ; And in the light of stained glass windows kneel, With reverent heads bowed low, both man and maid With humble hearts and spirits open laid To Him whose quiet presence now they feel. Mary Harrison ' 21 50 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 ®f)o£e little Comprefjensribeg Little D ' s have come to our report to stay, To batter down our average, and keep the A ' s away, And shoo the B ' s from off their perch, and even make a sweep Of C ' s and the C + ' s which we have tried to reap. And all hard-working Seniors, when lessons must are learned, Gather ' round the Senior Parlour, and then are most concerned A ' listenin ' to the tragedies each other tells about — How the Comprehensives git you — Ef You Don ' t Watch Out! Once they was a little boy would simply alius fail, An ' when he went to tutoring school, away down at Yale - He simply fooled and played around all through the Fall, An ' when exam reports came in, he wasn ' t there at all! They looked for his Latin exam, and algebra and physics, They tried to find his chemistry, and looked him up in civics, But all on every paper was jist his name writ ' out ■ — An ' the Comprehensives ' ll git you — Ef You Don ' t Watch Out! And they say in the Senior Parlour, when it ' s Monday and blue, And they ' ve looked up the English lesson, and everyone ' s said " oooh " An ' the Latin ' s long and the Algebra ' s hard An ' they ' re worrying about the marks on their card, " You better mind your Latin, and your algebra so dear, And crack your English lesson, and study pretty near All your French and idioms you ' re s ' posed to know about — Er the Comprehensives ' ll git you — Ef You Don ' t Watch Out! " Frances Keany ' 21 51 7. The Abbot Circle 192 1 Mentor Jfltbbie Cla Officers of Jfirsft Semester President Catherine P. Damon Vice-President Jane Baldwin Secretary Elizabeth Whittemore Treasurer Katherine Damon i itx% of ibecono Semester President Mary E. Polk Vice-President Alexina Wilkins Secretary Elizabeth McPherran Treasurer Laura Beggs Jane Baldwin Phyllis Bankhart Vera Barnett mlllicent bartlett Laura Beggs Marjorie Bickford Gwendolyn Bloomfield Sarah Bodwell Isabel Brown Mildred Burford Virginia Camp Katherine Campbell Catherine P. Damon Katherine Damon Ruth Davis Ruth Dewey Kathleen Dike Gertrude Franklin Anna Fry Katherine Gage Helen Goodale Barbara Goss Juliet Haskell Ruth Hill Margaret Hopkins Olive Howard Elizabeth Hutchinson Carol Iredell Ruth Keener Lydia Kunkel Cecilia Kunkel Evangeline Lamb Elizabeth McPherran Mary Mallory Louise Mount Dorothy Moxley Elizabeth Ohnemus Elizabeth Palmer Charlotte Petrikin Florence Phillips Geneva Burr Mary E. Polk Margaret Potter Susanne Root Eleanor Rose Barbara Sands Marion Saunders Harriet Simpson Marian Swan Alice Tower Anne Vanderslice Alice Van Schmus Janet Warren Susanna Welborn Elizabeth Whittemore Anne Whinery Alexina Wilkins Dorothy Williams Jane Winchester Lois Kirkham Helen Knight 53 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 3n tije arben of IBabplon A poet once did wander into many foreign lands. One day he came to the town of Babylon, to the golden towers and turrets of the famous town of Baby- lon. And here he saw the hanging gardens that were the wonder of the world. Sitting in the garden he saw the princess, and his heart turned to hers as a lily to the dew. She was clad in a gown of woven silk as white as the clouds and as blue as the sky. Her flowing golden hair hung over her shoulders, catching the sun- beams in its silken meshes, and her dark blue eyes were full of laughter as she sat among the roses. And the poet drew forth his lyre and sang a song of life — a song of love, and youth, and joy to the princess in the hanging garden. His graceful figure was full of vigor and happiness as he stood in the sunlight in the streets of Babylon. The princess smiled and threw him a red rose, fresh and sparkling with the dew. Then she turned away and forgot the poet standing below, but went about her tasks. And the world passed by and heeded him not. That night the poet came again to the hanging garden where the princess stayed. He lifted his head to the cold, still stars and wept. Oh, life was cruel, life was sad! Then, on the wings of a little wind that scattered the rose petals over his face, there came a song from heaven. He lifted his lyre and sang a song of life -- a song of sorrow and deep-throb- bing mystery — a song that brought tears to the eyes and a dim far-away longing to the heart, but one that made the whole world stop and listen to its wonder and its beauty. Then down from the hanging garden came the princess to him, carrying an armful of roses, and together they walked, hand in hand, into the starlit night. Katherine Gage ' 22 54 r-K «-4 .C++ - J trj£ Usr J ' ' The Abbot Circle 192 1 ■ • ■ Q.- ' ■ ' ■ " , ■ ' lM: ' : ■ - A V : - ' Jr r 1 ■■■•:•■ . ■■. ' ■•■■■ ' .■■■ A, " ' " -.- CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Frances Gasser Harriet Edgell Catherine Damon Martha Smith 56 The Abbot Circle 192 1 ' ..., ■ ■■■■■ ■ r Jul K j! . ' ' ■• ' ■ ' ff at urn M £ - w ■ ..., •«■ J 1. . fc ■ W ' " ' mW ■E o ■B ▼ m .■ SF ■ ¥ j|e .- w 1|P W ' ff. W W V H - i A 1 : ' .;.. 1 ' i4- 11 « ■x . o i I M : ■ i »,« . , ' ' Wl I Iwf •Mr F 4 1 s " ■■• ' A V •M ' f ■■■ 1 ik ii r w 1 ■ - 1 ;.; 7 „. ■ ' ' ■■ ' ■•1 . ; ;■ " .■ ' .- : ' 4 .%:• ' ■ ' ■ ■ ' : J J " S r i a» ■ - -,:■ ■ •S v:; :: -.; : C : ; ' ;■; - ■ - 3 J ::, ■■ ■ ■■■ ' REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTEE OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT President Vice-President Secretary Carol Perrin Elizabeth Weld Frances Gasser Katharine Weld Mary Harrison Miriam Bickford Harriet Edgell Marion Saunders Edith Page Barbara Goss Ruth Holmes Edith Damon Elizabeth Flagg Frances Keany 57 The Abbot Circle 102 1 CLASS BOOK BOARD Editor-in-Chief . Art Editor Winifred Simpson Business Manager Ruth Crossman Eleanor Voorhees Assistant Business Manager Mary Elizabeth Polk Literary Editors Frances Keany Marion Cleveland Jessamine Rugg Mary Harrison 59 The Abbot Circl 192 1 COURANT BOARD Literary Editors Carol Perrin Harriet Edge:ll Elizabeth McPherran Alexina Wilkins Business Managers Marion Kimball Katherine Damon 61) The Abbot Circle 192 1 1 Hl iI I iPtS ;. " V? TV £ W m mM F % 1 1 Hh " j Wmr.9. » .p || A : NHY H 1 i w J 1 - 1 1 1 1 | Hk£ v flH : ODEON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Edith Page Mary Harrison Henrietta Thompson Frances Keany Elizabeth Thompson Mary E. Polk Katherine Gage Elizabeth Whittemore oi 77 c A h b of Circle 19 2 1 O. E. D. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Martha Smith Helen Norpell Agnes Titcomb . Marion Kimball . Marianna Wilcox . Alexina Wilkins . Gwendolyn Bloomfield Katherine Damon Cfxelia Kunkel Susanne Root Elizabeth McPherran 62 The Abb ot C ircle 1 92 1 SENIOR GLEE CLUB Leader Treasurer Clara Louise Cleveland Margaret Hopkins Frances Howe Frances Gasser Barbara Goss Catherine Knight Evangeline Lamb Barbara Sands Edith Talbot Eunice Meigs Sylvia Nicholson Louise Mount Alexina Wilkins . Ruth Crossman . Elizabeth Weld Elizabeth McDougall Elizabeth Palmer Margaret Potter Edith E. Page Carol Perrin Martha Smith Leader . Betty Chapman Priscilla Bradley Edith Damon Ruth Davies Elizabeth Flagg JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Juliet Haskell Madeline Howard Dorothy King Helga Lundin Margaret MacDonald Catherine Swift Marcella Moxley Marjorie Moore Kathryn Rounds Lillian Wheeler Phvllis Yates c-i The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 FIDELIO President Vice-President Secretary- Treasu rer Dorothy Carr Harriet Cheney Clara L. Cleveland Ruth Crossman Gertrude Franklin Elizabeth Flagg Frances Gasser Beatrice Goff Julia Guild Ruth Holmes Frances Howe Olive Howard Edith E. Page Francelia Holmes Margaret T. Hopkins Helen Knight Lydia Kunkel Herberta Morse Evangeline Lamb Elizabeth McDougall Sylvia Nicholson Helen Norpell Martha Smith Edith Talbot Elizabeth Weld Katharine Weld Anne Whinery Alexina Wilkins 65 The Abbot C i r c 1 e 1 92 1 mz JL ' HHH ¥ y v IL " ■ft . H 9 , - " IPnaHM ' MANDOLIN CLUB Leader . Piano . Catherine Swift Catherine Knight Klizabeth Bulkeley Katharine Weld Jessamine Rugg Betty Palmer Margaret Ailing Dorothy Simons Marion Saunders Margaret Potter Natalie Page 66 EKlTWRVoe . ' j.| ATHLETICS The Abbot Circle 192 1 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Katharine Weld Vice-President Mary Harrison Secretary Mary Talcott Treasurer Marion Saunders 68 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 •A " SOCIETY President Secretary and Treasurer Anne Darling Miriam Bickford Frances Howe Natalie Page Axxe Whinery Katharine Weld Lydia Kunkel Harriet Edgell Mary E. Polk Kathleen Dike 69 Elizabeth Weld Barbara Goss Florence Hinckley Lora Barber Mary Talcott Betty Chapman Marianna Wilcox Catherine Damon Priscilla Bradley Hexrietta Thompsox Marion Saunders The Abbot Circle 10 2 1 WEARERS OF THE HONOR " A " Harriet Edgell Elizabeth Weld 70 The A b b o t C ir cl c 1 02 1 HOCKEY TEAM Miriam Bickford {Captain), c.h. Mary Talcott, l.w. Katharine Weld, c.f. Florence Hinckley, r.i. Lora Barber, r.w. Frances Howe, r.h. Natalie Page, I.h. Elizabeth Weld, r.f. Anne Whinery, l.f. Lydia Kunkel, Li. Anne Darling, g. 71 The Abbot C i r c 1 e 19 2 1 BASKETBALL TEAM Barbara Goss {Captain), Forward Catherine Damon, Forward Harriet Edgell, Guard Henrietta Thompson, Guard Priscilla Bradley, Guard Marianna Wilcox, Side Center Betty Chapman, Side Center Mary E. Polk, Jumping Center 72 The Abbot Circle 192 1 Marion Saunders TENNIS TEAM Anne Darling Kathleen Dike 73 ft.E.littamb J1 emor ap " Cfje Naming of tfte ftreto " By William Shakespeare THE CAST Baptista Ruth Crossman Widow . Clara Louise Cleveland VlNCENTIO Agnes Titcomb Tailor Julia Guild LUCENTIO Marion Kimball Cook Alma Underwood Petruchio Frances Gasser Officer Eleanor Voorhees Gremio Dorothy Carr Marian Parker HORTENSIO Helen Norpell Servants . . Lois Fleming Tranio Dorothy Martin .Martha Smith BlONDELLO Helen Bruno ' Mary Harrison Grumio Katharine Weld Helen Roser Curtis Winifred Simpson A T T YT V T V T i Harriet Edgell A Pedant Sylvia Nicholson W EDDING j u Jib is Mary Talcott Katherine, the Shrew Edith Page Marion Cleveland BlANCA Marianna Wilcox , Herberta Morse Carol Perrin • • ■ . . Stage Manager Bertha Evi sre TT Morgan . . Director 75 The Abbot Circle 192 1 " Wfje J2eigporsf By Zona Gale This play deals with a typical group of country folk. The plot is simple and it is the actress ' interpretation of the characters that gives the life and humour to the play. Who ever thought " Van " Lamb could draw such a long face over her " ailments, " or that Florence Phillips would get so shrilly excited over a " Buffalo Bug, " or Helen Goodale over " a cord of wood. " But they did and made Mis ' Moran, Mis ' Trot, and Ezra Williams " real folks, " as Granny would say, that little old lady whom Elizabeth Whittemore made us all love, with her dislike for carpet rags and longing to do something. Janet Warren was a delightful Mis ' Abel, ruling over this group with her sharp tongue and warm heart. Last but not least, her daughter, Inez, where C. P. Damon was just lov- able, and Peter, the long, lanky, young man, who plainly agreed with us about Inez but to such a degree that he lost his tongue (who ever heard of Mary doing that) as well as control of his limbs in her presence. And only Mary Polk could have been that Peter! All these people found they could, in spite of many personal difficulties, plan and contribute towards a shower of food and clothes for the poor sweet neighbor that Muriel Moxley made in the part of Mis ' Ellsworth, who unexpectedly learned that her nephew was coming to live with her. In this neighborly preparation Peter " forgot himself " and the love story ended happily. Though the little boy did not come, we are gladdened and refreshed by the kindness and sympathy of this group of real neighbors. 76 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 " E )t Jflortst Mop By Winifred Hawkridge In Mr. Slovsky ' s flower shop many little romances and long love stories come to an end, and Maude, the saleswoman, romantic and sympathetic, takes a real personal interest in each one, planning engagements and weddings as if they were her own. To put a personal interest into the business, Maude, with the consent of Mr. Slovsky, who has great faith in her, and the aid of Henry, the little clerk and general utility boy whose admiration for this young lady makes him a willing listener to the long flights into the flower histories of many of the old customers, has sent to each one complimentary bouquets according to the size of their bills with the shop. On the list appears the item " Orchids for Miss Wells, " an old spinster, whose flower bill with Slovsky ' s had been limited to an Easter lily every spring, which she sent to the fiance, Mr. Jackson, to whom she had been engaged for fifteen years. In order to bring about the marriage Maude has sent them without a card, and Miss Wells, when she appears wearing the flowers, is excited and mystified to find that, according to Maude, they have been sent by some tall, dark man without " dear Mr. Jackson ' s " knowledge. After Miss Wells has gone on into the shop to indulge in some bulbs Mr. Slovsky discharges Maude because of her foolish extravagance in sending his precious orchids to such a customer. Just as she is leaving Mr. Jackson enters to inquire about the flowers which his fiancee is wearing and Maude again comes to the rescue and mysteriously describes the unknown suitor. Miss Wells re- turns from the other room, and a very humorous scene follows, in which Maude is reinstated once more, and receives a large order for white roses and lilies of the valley for the wedding of Miss Wells and Mr. Jackson. Who would believe that Jane could be the important, smart little Henry whom we all loved, and Alex, the gesticulating, business-like Mr. Slovsky? Or that Sandy could become an egotistical, fastidious Mr. Jackson, and Laura the sweet, hopeful Miss Wells? Last but not least there was Maude, whom Miss Morgan played, as only she can do, in the absence of Ruth Hill. Each one did so well that the flower business will always be absorbing, appealing and twice as entertaining as usual. 77 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 " 3t ftappeneb " By Jessamine Rugg Jane is beautiful and Jane is — well, Jane is quite a truthful portrait of everything that ' s sweet and good and she loves her best friend ' s fiance because — well, she just can ' t help it ! What a com- fort to have a friend who understands and sympathizes as Louise does and who can be trusted to keep a confidence. Gwendolyn Bloomfield as Louise made us feel sure that Jane ' s secret was hers too and that Jack would never know how deep an affection Jane had for him. And now, does a girl who dotes on jazz and cigarettes and her own good time first, last and al- ways, deserve a fine, clean-cut young man with high ideals? Of course not ! That ' s why Jack was left alone heart-sick and disgusted when Anita eloped with a football star at the Yale Prom. Lou- ise Mount played the part of scatter-brain Anita and very cleverly told us of " a honey- moon on Honolulu Bay. " Olive Howard was her prize husband and we could not help laughing at his indifferent manner towards his kidnapped bride. Jane ' s mother was the real life of the play, a fashionably dressed and gossipy bridge fiend, whose nerves must be stimulated by parties and news of other people ' s affairs. Vera Barnett made a stunning mother and her wit and by-play fascinated the audience. So " It Happened " that Jack had an awakening and realized he had been loving a sweet little girl who was always kind and thoughtful and always understood, and she wasn ' t Anita, she was Jane! We do not blame Elizabeth Thompson who played Jane for holding Jack up as her ideal. Elizabeth Hutchinson made a perfect lover and who couldn ' t be happy for ever and ever with him? The cast was completed by Alice Hallett, who made a charming little French maid. " Pucfeskin nne " By Edith Page Charles Bradshaw Anne Darling Buckskin Anne Susanna Welborn Sir Kenneth Gwynne Margaret Ailing William Gwynne Lydia Kunkel Servant Natalie Page Whoop -ee-e!! A flash of brown — a jingle of beads, then a laugh! Thus did the wild nymph of the woods, Buckskin Anne, make her entrance upon a very interesting scene — a rather vitally interesting scene, as it concerned this young lady ' s ( !) future life. Her father, Charles Brad- shaw, had just finished making plans for her marriage to a perfectly strange, perfectly handsome young Englishman, whom she soon found was the son of her father ' s friend of by-gone years. Both father, Sir Kenneth Gwynne, and son had just arrived in America from England, and because many things had gone wrong with them in their old home were to live here. The whole thing had been very sudden, but Buckskin Anne rose to the occasion and treating it all as a huge joke set about to shock and fascinate her future lord and master. William went through several stages of shocked- ness and then fell completely in love with her. But entirely contrary to her plans Anne was not only strongly attracted by this young Englishman, but with overwhelming suddenness felt her childish- ness, her crude unconventional mode of living and dressing. With one quick, mischievous smile, a bound — and she was gone! William, who hadn ' t seen the smile, was unconsolable. There was a rustling in the doorway. It was Anne — but oh, so different. Gloriously beau- tiful in her mother ' s wedding gown — tremulously conscious of her love — this new something that has come over her. She timidly questions their approval. William says nothing, but his heart is in his eyes — her father boisterously enthusiastic — Sir Kenneth honestly admiring. Anne is deliciously happy. With a quick, impulsive movement she grasps a tomahawk, leaps upon the table and is about to utter another of her blood-curdling war hoops, but her gaze en- ( ounters William ' s. " William, wouldst kiss my hand instead? " 78 [N JJ v V " V V - pergonal £httipatfttes The Sympathetic Sal that says, after you have plunged terrifically yet deli- cately the entire length of the tower stairs, " Did you fall? " The Dame what says, as you leisurely lounge in an icy tub, " The breakfast bell will ring in a minute. " The Gentle Soul who coolly asks when you come in a trifle moist and over- heated after running around the circle sixteen times without intermission, " Are you hot? " The Bright Light who asks you after you ' ve just flunked an exam, if you didn ' t think it was " fair. " The Comforting Bird that informs you that you have a run in your stocking down town — whaddaya mean, downtown? 79 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 Hinckley: " And, Miss Richardson, do they send you out of Faculty meeting when they discuss something important? " More Fun Miss Mathews: " What was the doctrine of the I Thessalonians? " R. Davis: " The Recreation of the Saints. " Miss Mason {reading problem): " An ivory ball at rest - Oh, that reminds me, Ruth Hill, you h aven ' t brought me your excuse. " Susanna: " Oh! I bad the wildest crush on Wally Reed. I used to take his picture to bed with me every night. " Billy Wheeler: " Ten demerits! " Marianna {discussing thickness of her hair): " Really, Mary, it ' s getting awfully thick. You can ' t tell me I haven ' t got a thick head. " Miss Sweeney {discussing) " One would see if they went down the street. " " Well, if you start on the one -- he basis - Tuneful Bits " Glee Club will please sit in back of room in parts. " — R. Grossman. No! Not Really? Miss Bailey: " What is the function of paper? " J. Rugg: " To be written on. " The Sacrifice of the Mount L. Mount (first day of school): " Would you please direct me to the electro- cution room? " Telescopic Art Miss Pooke: " What drawing have you had before this year? " J. Baldwin: " Prospective. " First Principles in Hydraulics F. Gasser {talking about Intervale) : " And oh, Fliza Bailey had water on the knee up there. " H. Lundin: " Just an excuse to wear pumps. " 80 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 When Swift was Not at Premium Tally: " What poet ' s father was a butcher? " Billy: " It must have been Bacon ' s. " Linger Longer, Louis! Miss Sweeney {discussing Louis XVII) : " Do you know anything he did? " Phil Hinckley: " Yes, I do know, but I can ' t remember. " The Right Thing in the Right Place Tally to Miss Sweeney: " And if you ' ve got that in your head, you ' ve got the whole thing in a nutshell. " Ripe Olives Billy: " Peace proclaims olives that will last forever. " So We Heard, But — Miss Howey: " What were some of Rochester ' s faults, Frances? " F. Gasser: " Well — he was very rich - (the whole class groaned). Dramatic Minc Prep (coming out of Bible) : " Bible for next Tuesday is in Acts, isn ' t it? " Academic Senior: " No, it ' s in Scenes. " Miss Curtis (lecturing): " The U. S. Rubber Co. has many plants around. " H. Edgell (mad discussion at table): " I swear it ' s cherry pie! " M. Harrison: " Yes, choke cherry! " Miss Sweeney (to M. Harrison who has just finished reading a paraphrase): " Now, Mary, getting away from your paper, tell me what it really means. " Some Storm! Miss Sweeney (discussing line from Shakespeare s sonnet): " What does ' drops of this balmy time ' mean? " B. Goff: " Why, it was the beginning of Elizabeth ' s reign and - It was in his more peaceful state of mind that Milton wrote the sequel to " Paradise Lost " so he called it " This Side of Paradise. " 81 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 Mentor $ribtlege£ of 1930 Swimming pool!! Weekly tea-clances where you can dance. Five chapel cuts a week. " All-Night-Out " once a month with Phillips. " Welcome " on the mat and the latch string up at 3.00 G.M. Three compulsory cuts for College Proms. Swimming pool ! ! ! ! Victrolas, chafing dishes, and all electric contrivances in your room. Our own canoes on the Shawsheen. Geraldine Farrar ' s latest Pep and Passion every Friday night in Abbot Hall. All will come! Swimming pool ' III 82 The Abbot Circle 19 2 1 3 u t a g feetrt) — ©ou jf tub ' em Once upon a time there was a Mason named Tony, who lived in the midst of the Grime, Soot and dust of the city. And How He hated it! He thought it a pity to Mar So his life, and having cudgeled his Bean, he decided the only thing to do was to move into the country. When everything had Been Attended to, he set forth as cheerful as a Robin Sunday morning; he scrambled up a Craig, and near a mountain Ash Town looked off into the distance. Shortly after he came to a brook which he had to Wade. He was going by an orchard and stopped to admire each tree and leaFlet. Cherries were ripe and the Mason thought he would enjoy some of them. He found in a nest hidden among the cherrieS weeny robin ' s eggs. Suddenly two constables sprang on him and placed him under arrest for tres- passing. " You can ' t go onto private grounds even in the country. They belong to the Rich. Hard, Son, but you ' ll have to pay a fine or come to jail. " The Ma- son counted the nicKels He had and having paid his Bail He started back from whence he had come. He got a lift part of the way on an Adams express wagon and at the next town he went to the Baker ' s and bought a loaf of bread and some Butter. Fields were full of Hop (s) Kindred plants etc. Bank, Croft and slopes were covered with daisies. He went down sPookey Putnam Lane remembering the stories he had heard of murders in the Rue Morgue and a Stealthy step startled him, so that he ran until he heard his friend Mathew Singing the bugle call to Abbot. 84 fust a itttxture " Caresses " — Harrison, Perrin " If You Could Care " — F. Hinckley " Whispering " — A . Toiver " Slow and Easy " — A. Vanderslice " The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table " — Miss Howey " Tell Me " -F. Howe " A Young Man ' s Fancy " — S. Welborn " Three Faces East " — C. S. Cleveland, C. Petrikin. K. Campbell " Take it from Me " — L. Mount " Lightnin ' " — M. Peabody " I Might be Your Once-in-awhile " — A. Whinery " Spanish Love " — Mme. Stelle " The Brat " ' — Billy Wheeler " The Vamp " — V. Camp " The Life of Every Party " — K. Weld " When My Baby Smiles at Me " - - M . Talcott " The Guardian Angel " — Miss Lane " The Lightning Conductor " — " Mercury " " The Crisis " — Mid-years " The Inside of the Cup " — Stu. G. " Flabbers and Philosophers " — Ethics Class " Our Mutual Friend " — Miss Bailey " Great Expectations " — Diplomas " Tale of a Tub " — Saturday night " Cat and Racket " — ? " Rackety Packety House " — Sherman Cottage " Toilers of the Sea " (C) — Academics " Little Barefoot " — Miss Adams " The Dual Alliance " — Miss Kelsey, Miss Mason " The Serious Call " — To Miss Bailey ' s Office " The Minor of Perfection " — ? " Old Familiar Faces " — Faculty " Oft in the Stilly Night " — Fire Alarm " The World is too Much With Us " — A. A. (?) " Soldiers, Rest, Thy Warfare is O ' er " — Class of ' 21 " There ' s a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl " - Miss Marceau " The Age of Innocence " — P. Bankhart " The Young Visiters " — D. 0. G ' s. " The Call of the Wild " — Lawrence Movies 85 The Abbot C i r c J e 1 02 1 TOje $all Name E. VOORHEES M. Smith R. Crossman Marian Alling H. Baker L. Fleming E. Cochrane D. Carr M. Cleveland Margaret Alling L. Barber M. Bickford C. L. Cleveland A. Ebina A. Underwood M. Williams L. Van Dervoort F. Gasser E. Weld J. Rugg F. Howe E. Page C. Perrin K. Weld M. Harrison E. McClellan H. Bruno M. Peabody F. Hinckley S. Nicholson H. Thompson E. Thompson Notorious For Whistling Volumes from Holland Capability Absent-mindedness Hans and Yaeob ' Conscientiousness Dates in history Imagination Her Sonnet Sleeping Neatness Herself Dashing around corners Giggles Her new niece Bobbing curls Sweet disposition Her subtle w(h)it House-parties at Rock Everything Her Abbot chaser Her enthuses Passionate kisses Her squeaks Tickling the ivories Brains Blushing giggles Pep That borrowing habit Crushes Looking like Tedda Looking like Tedda 86 The Abbot Circle 102 1 0i Jfame Comments ' Now, I ask you! " ' I ' m so thrilled ! " ' Well, I should say " ' Oh. Maude! " ' Oh, don ' t go! " ' What kind of a bug is this? " ' Jiminy crickets " ' Just lovely! " ' Is ' at so? " ' Oh Hat " " Sh! " ' Haw-nest? " ' Leetle bairdees " ' Yess " ' Oh, my word! " ' Honey child " ' That ' s a thought " ' Oh, Izzuwuz! " ' D ' ya know what I mean? " ' I ' m a wreck, naow " ' Well, for Heaven ' s sakes " ' Oh! I know!!! " ' Oh, no! " ' Tee Hee! " ' I ' m all of a nervous twit " ' A correct answer " ' Oh, revolting! " ' Oh, disgust! " ' Marianna, can I take your mop? ' I can ' t find it " ' Lemme see! " ' Oh lawsie " Object in Life Study music. A bungalow. Get close to nature. Pass her exams. R. C. To get in the navy. To get in the army. To help everybody! Editor. W. T. R. O. Pharmacist. To be like Mrs. Fletcher. Opera Education. Study music. Missionary. Vocal expression. Matrimony. Run a farm. Bridge shark. To get caught. To be a perfect wife. E. H. Sothern ' s leading woman. World ' s greatest cartoonist. Write world ' s greatest tragedy. Top of the Honor Roll. To be grown up. To be a business woman. Stay in Miss Howey ' s class forever. K. Jane. Jane. 87 The A b hot Cirri e 192 1 Z )t Ifyall Name E. BULKELEY M. Kimball D. Simmons A. Hallett W. Simpson M. Talcott A. Titcomb H. Roser C. Knight M. Parker J. Guild C. Baldwin B. Goff H. Edgell F. Keany D. Martin E. McDougall E. Meigs H. Morse H. NORPELL M. Wilcox Notorious For Grace in rhythmic Her chauffeurs Hankies Her room-mate Her painting and drawing Childish remarks Red Cross Poster Droll remarks Marks Scepticism in Psych. Fish faces Being with Beatrice Being with Charlotte Mary ' s hubby Originality Hats Pin Hair Hair curlers at Fire Drill Fencing Having anything, anytime anyone wants it 88 The Abbot Circle 192 1 ©i Jfame Comments " Oh — m — " ' ' Dearie " " Just wonderful " " Oh! my de-ah! " " Oh, I dunno " " Oh golly-whack! " " Oh, you old poddus " " Ye -ah " " Oh! my soul! " " Oh! my word! " " Oh heck! " " Oh, I ' ll bring my ukelele " " I don ' t take Bible " " Sweet old thing! " " Abso lutely! " " Tweetie-tweet " " Pin " " Oh! the nerve! " " Do you think my hair has grown any? " " Heavens! " " Why the deuce don ' t the lights go on? " Object in Life 2nd Ruth St. Denis. To accept one of those bids. High finance. Go to Miss Bouve ' s. Artist. Gym teacher. Artist. Trained nurse. 2nd Maude Powell. Letters To be a good cook. Get enough sleep. High scholarship. Not to be a school teacher. Write great American novel. Straighten Senior accounts. Pin. Bob. Kindergarten teacher. Bud. It ' s a deep secret. 89 ABBOT CIR C LE ADVERTISE R The Andover Press JOHN N. COLE PRINTERS PUBLISHERS ST A TIONERS Makers of High Grade School and College Books PRESS BUILDING ANDOVER, MASS. Howard -Wesson Co. Designers and Engraver of Advertising Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention 25 FOSTER STREET WORCESTER, MASS. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Louis Huntress Photographer ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Summer Studio, Osterville, Cape Cod A STUDIO suitable in every respect for all photographic requirements of Abbot and Phillips Academies, both for annual publications and individual portraits. The location is convenient, the owner experienced, and every assurance of satisfaction is promised. For over twenty years the official studio for Phillips, and this year for the class of 1921 Abbot Academy. 1 B B T C I R C L E ADVERT 1 S E R J. H. PLAYDON Florist PLANTS AND CUT FLOWERS AT ALL TIMES Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Copley Candies All Home Made MIXED CHOCOLATES MIXED CARAMELS CREAM MINTS SALTED NUTS COCOANUT PATTIES $ .90 1.00 .65 .60 MARY E. COOMBS 10 Morton Street, Andover Sent to your Address ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Buchan Francis Furniture MAIN ST. ANDOVER 1897 IQ2I Bassett ' s Tours Conducted by Seth Chase Bassett A Specialty Made of WHITE MOUNTAIN WINTER PARTIES U. 5. PA 1 ■ From A Friend SPALDING ATHLETIC GOODS Complete Athletic Equipment for every sport, including Gymnasium and Camp Uniforms Send for Catalogue © 1 A. G. Spalding Bros. 74 Summer St., Boston, Mass. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of COBB, BATES YERXA ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Strong, Marson Co. Charles B. Dyer Beef JEWELER TO THE QUEEN of Many a Household Sorority — Fraternity Lamb, Veal, Provisions and Poultry Pins — Rings Class and Club Medals Prize Cups Dance Programs 30 A NORTH STREET OUR THINGS ARE DIFFERENT BOSTON, MASS. 234 Mass. Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Albert W. Lowe r rederick Cleveland Wholesale Lumber Druggist Office: 78 State St., Albany, N. Y. SPRUCE LUMBER and LATH ANDOVER MASS. OAK FLOORING ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER " It ' s not what you earn that counts It ' s what you save ' ' This is an old quotation, just as true today as ever We urge the systematic habit of saving Andover Savings Bank Conservative Methods Applied to underwriting and investing, have placed the MERRIMACK among the best Massachusetts Insurance Companies Merrimack Mutual Fire Ins. Co. BANK BUILDINCx, ANDOVER ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER W. J. MORRISSEY Taxi Service GENERAL JOBBING AND TRUCKING Barge Parties Weddings 34 PARK STREET Funerals ANDOVER Compliments of Kimball Sherman Co. U.S.A. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Herbert F.Chase Athletic Goods Kodaks Cameras ANDOVER MASS. H. E. MILLER SHOES, RUBBERS and Shoe Repairing 43 Main Street Andover Remember your Friends with Gifts that endure. They are to be found at John Ferguson ' s JEWELER Musgrove Block Andove r Ernest T. Hethrington Successor to T. A. Holt Co. and Smith Manning Andover, Mass. Dry Goods and Ladies ' 1 Furnishings Groceries and Fancy Goods This reliable store extends a hearty greeting to students of Abbot Academy. The " Old Holt Store " under the church is unique in lo- cation and caters to that part of the trade of Andover which ap- preciates quality and service. Hermon Roser h Son Inc. Glastonbury, Conn. Manufacturers Since 1854. Genuine Pigskin Leather for SADDLES LEGGINS BELTS LINE LEATHER GOODS ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Engravers — Printers 57-61 Franklin Street BOSTON Fine Stationery- High Grade Engraving Stationery Supplies Monogram and Address Dies Programs Menus The Store of Useful Gifts AT Gray ' s Candy Store You will find at all times a full assortment of JERSEY Triple -Seal ICE CREAM also A Variety of Other Goods Charles H. Stone Co. WHOLESALERS Compliments of a Friend BUTTER CHEESE EGGS and BEANS 68 CHATHAM STREET BOSTON, MASS. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Man ufact u red fo r FORD«; CHEVROLET Model 490 Cars DAYTON Wire Wheel Carriers Write for Booklet The Dayton Wire Wheel Company Dayton Ohio THE BURNS COMPANY Sporting and Mufti Dress For Every Occasion MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone 78 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERT I S E R Compliments of A Friend ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of C. D. Bullerwell Co. C urrier- 1 odd Co. Wholesale Fruit and Wholesale Produce Grocers 7 New Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON LAWRENCE MASS. Telephone Richmond 731-732 H. B. McCardle COMPLIMENTS Stationery and OF A FRIEND Commercial Printing ' Gary Square j CHELSEA 50 MASS. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER " Priscilla Minuet " Siesta Felt Slippers Coc a Chocolate -n i Delightful for drinking, frostings 0 and fudge IS BEAUTIFUL SHADES Wholesale Distributers Cosy and comfortable for your study The Wiley - Bickford - W. M. Flanders Co. Sweet Company Boston- Northampton, Mass. 60 King Street Worcester Compliments of Anderson, Gasser Ferris Attorneys -at- Law 15 BROAD STREET NEW YORK CITY ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER For Your Car Tydol Economy Gasoline and Veedol The Lubricant That Resists Heat - Nearby Dealers Lawrence g Boulevard Garage 387 Water St. Lowell Belvedere Garage i? Concord St. Reading Kendall ' s Garage A. H. Kenny Tide Water Oil Sales Corporation Albany and Casco Streets Worcester, Mass. Main Ofeice, 11 Broadway, N. Y. City Refinery: Bayonne, N. J. tvSj ' iJtlJj j$viT " Nf! E f ' t ' " ' ' } ' ' sir f WBP

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