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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1920 volume:

Anno 1778 • PHILLIPS ACADEMY of o u»o°°° » OHVER-WENDELL- HOLMES S LIBRARY $3 % e Pep ampliora f J jf a altiora . 1g l| 0§3 § i§) -ggjjjfillHI :) ' 1 9 2 ®ljp Abbot (Untie PUBLISHED BY the: senior class Abbot Academy Andover. Massachusetts k THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER. MASS. (§ratefullp ano iobtnglp bebtcateb to Mm Cockering anb Jlltsig Hotoep t fte Classg of 1920 2 8 The Abbot Circle 1920 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Catherine Greenough Louise Robinson Hilda Heath Caroline Wilkinson 1920 The Abbot Circle JULIA CONANT ABBE " Judy " Middleton, Massachusetts Five years Mount Holyoke College Fidelio ' 16, ' 17. Class Secretary ' 17, ' 18 French play ' 17 Glee Club ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Treasurer Glee Club ' 20 Draper Reader ' 18 Honor Roll ' 16, ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Odeon ' 19, ' 20 Secretary Odeon ' 20 Senior-Middle Play ' 19 Numeral Relay ' 19 Numerals Class B.B. Team ' 19 " Hare and Hounds " ' 18 Class Historian " How short and sharp of speech was she, Why, ' twas a real ecstasy. " Somewhere far up in the high pinnacles of the Abbot Honor Roll, you ' re sure to find Judy! She ' s mighty clever in more ways than one and is always ready to do anything and everything — even to accompanying herself to doleful ditties on the piano. But, oh, Judy, why will you make those awful remarks? Can ' t you see the rosy blushes chasing each other over the Abbot countenance? T he Abbot C i r c 1 e 1920 MARGARET ACKROYD 966 Broadway, Albany, New York Two years Advisory Board ' 20 Numerals, " Hare and Hounds " ' 19 Glee Club ' 20 Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 Northfield Delegate ' 19 " Feet that run on willing errands. " Wherever you hear a burst of highly amused, though slightly vacuous laughter, it ' s Peg. She personifies the height of good humour, even the day after we get back from Christmas vacation. She ' s musical, too, it is rumored, though all we ' ve heard has been an occasional slight squeak from the music rooms. Keep it up, Peg, we need musical talent in the class — witness the sing on the stairs the night the rings came. The Abbot Circle 1920 EDITH EMERSON ADAMS " £ " " Ede " 19 Oak St., Brattleboro, Vt. Three years " A " School Basketball ' 19, ' 20 Numerals Basketball ' 19, ' 20 " A " Society Glee Club ' 18, ' 19 ' 20 Librarian Glee Club ' 19, ' 20 Fidelio T8, ' 19, ' 20 Senior Play Armband for Walks English V Play ' 20 " Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice. u See that tall, lithe figure, who seems to have a superfluous quantity of legs, gamboling about the basketball field ? Can it be the same Edith Adams who sang so sweetly last night, looking positively saintly in the candle-light. Looks cer- tainly are deceiving — now so bold and brave and yet they say that at the slightest sound from her waste basket, she flees incontinently. T h e A b b o t C i r c e 1920 HOPE ALLEN 19 Brookdale Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. Three years President Student Government A. C. A. Secretary ' 18, ' 19 Class Treasurer ' 19 Vice-President second half, ' 18, ' 19 Advisory Board ' 19 " A " Society ' 20 Numerals Hockey ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Numerals Basketball ' 18, ' 19 " A " Hockey ' 19, ' 20 Senior-Mid Play Senior Play Bible Class Leader ' 19, ' 20 Song Leader Senior Prize Play ' 18, ' 19 Northfield Delegate Mandolin Club " Her very foot has music in it. " Of course she ' s a dreadfully strict Student Government President, and we quiver with terror when she rebukes us, but she ' s such a lot of other things too, that we like to forget that little item. Hope has a big share of the pep that keeps the school going, so that singing isn ' t the only thing she leads us in. And we don ' t mind the funny way she pitches songs because she looks so excited when she ' s up on her toes leading them. We really couldn ' t get along without her, be it for dancing, working, playing or just generally. The Abbot Circle 1920 ELSA BAALACK " Els " Calumet, Michigan Two years Radcliffe College Odeon ' 19, Treasurer ' 20 Glee Club ' 19, Treasurer ' 20 Armband for 25 walks ' 20 Quartette ' 19 Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 " Still to be neat, still to be dressed as you were going to a feast. " A blond head of hair as neat as a pin, fifteen filmy, chiffon shirtwaists, a room full of little animals of all ages and kinds, two little gold-fish swimming in the sun — Elsa Baalack! T h c A b hot C i r c 1 e 1920 ELIZA CLARK BAILEY 2103 Xo. 3rd St., Harrisburg, Pa. Two years Bryn Mawr President A. C. A. ' 19. ' 20 Secretary Class ' 18 Student Council ' 19, ' 20 Advisory Board ' 19, ' 20 Kntertainment Committee ' 19, ' 20 Odeon ' 19, ' 20 Honor Roll ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Head of Hockey ' 19, ' 20 Captain Hockey Team ' 19 " A " Society Numerals " A " Hockey T8, ' 19 English V Play ' 19 Senior Play ' 20 Bible Group Leader " What man dare. I dare. " We can ' t help remembering the antics of Senior Mid year when Ave watch our Social President now. Both by repetition and contrast that is, for while there is plenty of fun and even silliness left in her. there is also a tremendous amount of ability and cleverness cropping out. She is undeniably good at doing the things that make our world go ' round ; it awes us even, though we love her for it. Eliza reduces madly whenever she remembers to, but we privately think that she laughs too much for it to do much good. However, " reduced " or not, we couldn ' t sret along without her, we confess. ID The Abbot Circle 1920 MARY ROCKLAND BUSHXELL " Bushy " 53 Bartlet St., Andover, Mass. Four years Boston School of Physical Education Class Secretary ' 18 Fidelio ' 18, ' 20 String Quartet ' 18 Class Cheer Leader ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 " A " Society ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 " A " School Hockey Team ' 18, ' 20 Honor Roll ' 18 Xumerals Class Hockey ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20. Basketball ' 18 Track ' 17 Capt. Hare and Hounds ' 19 Capt. Class Hockey ' 18 " In faith, Lady, you have a merry heart. " Bushy ' s little but she ' s been with us a long time and we can ' t help liking her, she ' s such a good sport. She and Al make up the long and the short of the front row in chapel. We love to see her swing her chubbiness over the apparatus in gym, and we hope she ' ll be a gym teacher some day. She plays the " fiddle " like everything and you ought to see her play hockey. It ' s a most marvelous sight the way she always gets the ball. 11 The Abbot Circle 19 20 ALICE ABBOTT DAVIS " Al " 1222 East First St., Duluth, Minn. Two years University of Wisconsin or Carleton College " So stands the statue that enchants the world. " We think Al is rather a heroine. It was really she who won the Bradford basketball game for us, by giving practise to our tall jumping center with unfailing good humor. However she was rewarded by jumping against Miss Chickering in the famous Faculty-Student game. We won that also. You ' re our basketball mascot, we gather, Al ! 12 The Abbot Circle 1920 MARY LEWIS DELANO Marion, Mass. Two years Bible Group Leader ' 20 Hare and Hound Numerals ' 19 Senior Play Armband ' 20 " The hand that hath made you fair, hath made you good. " Whose " Yale Record " is that in the rack? Why ask! It ' s Mary ' s of course. She went to the Prom, too, the lucky thing, and was away from our happy midst for days, but she ' s so clever, it didn ' t make any difference and she made up her work without winking an eyelash. How we envy those dimples — and the never- failing answer. 13 The Abbot C i r c I e 1920 EDNA GRAYSON DIXON " Dixie " 107 Livingston Ave, Lowell, Mass. Three years Secretary Class ' 19 Student Council ' 19, ' 20 Numerals, Class Hockey ' 20 Glee Club ' 20 Fidelio ' 20 Mandolin Club Leader ' 20 Senior- Mid Play ' 19 English V Play ' 18 Senior Play ' 20 Abbot Quartette ' 18, ' 19 " Such music as, ' tis said, before was never made. ' 1 ' ' We think it ' s rather too bad that Dixie is so awfully engaged. Just think of all the men that won ' t have a chance now, and see what they ' re missing! Still it ' s not surprising! After listening for a while to her violin everybody knows perfectly that Dixie herself must be a peach. We are perfectly happy listening to her when she is classically inclined, but she is also much in demand to give the finishing touch to the school talent orchestra that keeps us dancing on, joyously unconscious of bells. 14 The Abbot Circle 19 20 ■ SUSAN EUGENIA DODGE " Sue " 114 So. Huron St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Two years Vice-Pres. Student Gov. ' 20 Senior Play " She moves, a goddess, and she looks a queen. " Sue spent the first year here in comparative ease and comfort, but when her second year came the weight of the world was thrown on her shoulders and every time the bell rang, we saw her rushing to her room and sending all in her path right and left. But at other times she entertained us with her dry humour and we have yet to find the girl who can rival her good nature. Sue ' s ear rings are known and borrowed the whole school over, but it takes Sue to really carry them off! 15 The Abbot Circle 1920 HELEN GARLAND DONALD " Hinkey " Andover, Mass. Five years Russell Sage Class Secretary ' 17 Class Treasurer ' 18 Numerals, Hockey ' 20 Honor Roll ' 16, ' 17, ' 18 French Play " She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant too, to think on. " Hinkey ' s eyes are blue, her locks black, too, but she isn ' t Irish at all, but an old veteran of our class. Talk about your heavenly dispositions, well, Hinkey possesses one of them, — she is a little gloom-chaser and one never feels blue when she is around. 16 The Abbot Circle 1920 marjorip: blanche downs l ' Marj " " Downs ie " 138 Kenoza Ave., Haverhill Two years Wellesley Glee Club ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Fidelio ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Mandolin Club ' 19, ' 20 Senior Play ' 20 " Oh, what may man within him hide, Though angel on the outward side? " Marj is a good old scout! She is very quiet around school but we have a feeling that when she gets out -- well, there ' s a difference. She always seems to have just what we want, and whether it is food or an idea for our English theme, she is always ready to part with it. Marj believes " variety is the spice of life " where men are concerned. 17 The Abbot Circle 1920 DOROTHY ESTELLE FISHER " Dotty " 5124 Hyde Park Boulevard, Chicago One and a half years School of Expression Class Book Board ' 20 Numerals Relay ' 20 Fidelio ' 20 Senior Play Senior Prize Play ' 19 Actor Draper Reading ' 20 " Thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes. " Dot is a wonder to us all and if we didn ' t admire her so mu ch, we might be inclined to be jealous. What can ' t she do? She can draw, act, sing, and write no end of thrilling stories! Mercury himself has nothing on Dot as we well know from seeing her sprint around the Circle before our noted Bradford Field Day. We would say that her popularity is not confined to Abbot, judging from the multitude of candy boxes which are thrust into her hands along the way to and from school. 18 The Abbot Circle 1920 LUCY LINCOLN FORD " Henry " 23 ' 22 Jackson St., Sioux City, Two years Iowa Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 President of Fidelio ' 20 Glee Club ' 20 Numerals Croquet ' 20 Mandolin Club ' 20 Bible Group Leader ' 20 Senior Play Stage Manager Fnglish V Plays " Our jovial star reigned at her birth. " Whether it ' s playing the piano, her first reluctance overcome by pleading cries, or trying to skii, sitting at the dinner table or on the Boston train, her merry laugh peals forth, to be recognized by all as hers and hers only. It is uncontrol- lable and contagious and adds much to the joy of life in general. Because of this we are amazed to realize that she plays, and exceedingly well too, that most un- humerous of instruments, the organ. In spite of the more serious moods that come and go, it must be confessed that Henry likes " spice " . 19 The Abbot Circle 19 20 IRENE FULTON FRANKLIN " Angel " 5 Woodland Rd., Andover, Mass. Two years Numerals, " Hare and Hounds " ' 18 Fidelio " 19, ' 20 Senior Play " What is life when wanting love? " Once in a while Irene, — who is usually in her seventh heaven, -- comes down to earth, and then we try to get to know her. It is most peculiarly strange how most of us have a strong dislike for " Bills " , but it ' s queer she doesn ' t. Wonder why! There ' s a reason, and we hope she ' ll be happy. 20 The Abbot C i r c I e 1920 MARGARET VINTON FRENCH " Peg " 20 School St., Andover, Mass. Five years Fidelio Class Treasurer ' 15 Honor Roll ' 15, ' 16 " So sweetly virtuous and pure, And yet a little pert be sure. " Peg has been with us since the year one, and is one of the corner stones of 1920, — a quiet little miss but when she gets going --you ' d be surprised. She looks quite tame but she can hold he r own with any one except when it comes to getting to chapel, — then she just doesn ' t get. 21 The Abbot Circle 1920 VIVIEN SMITH GOWDY " Viv " Thompsonville, Connecticut Three years Senior Play ' 20 Armband for 25 walks ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 " She was young and fair and gay As the young and glorious day. " Isn ' t it strange how some perfectly nice people can be so addicted to playing the ukelele at all times of the night and day, but perhaps Viv ' s strong affections make her sentimentally inclined. But you really can forgive much because of that " red and white Nature ' s own sweet and cunning hand laid on. " Besides, she ' s really very intellectual and gets good marks on the most fearful exams. 22 The Abbot Circle 1920 DORIS STONE GRAVES " Tootie " 51 Verndale St., Brookline, Mass. Two years Wellesley College " The glass of fashion and the mold of form, the observed of all observers. " Tootie isjust Tootie — and to those who know her that says a whole lot. We often wonder if her supply of giggles will ever give out, but from present appear- ances we guess not — she will smile her way through life. Once in a while she becomes serious, but her friends get so alarmed that she changes her mind and becomes natural again. However, we judge her smiles are not in vain -- from the regularity of her mail! 23 The A h b o t C i r c e 1920 CATHERINE GREENOUGH " Kay " " Madame President " Red Cliff, Lander, Wyoming Four years Senior Class President ' 20 Student Government ' 20 Class Book Board ' 20 Senior Play ' 20 Odeon ' 19, ' 20 Vice-President, ' 20 Honor " A " ' 19 Courant Board ' 16, ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Advisory Board ' 18, ' 19 Draper Reader ' 19, ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 19 Amusement Committee ' 17 President (spring term) ' 19 President (fall term) ' 19 Vice-President (spring term) ' 17 Vice-President (fall term) ' 17 Honor Roll ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Senior-Mid Play ' 19 Numerals ' 19 Class Hockey Game ' 19 Stage Manager English V Plays, ' 18 ' 19 " Your name is great in mouths of wisest censure. " Our president can be undeniably haughty when necessary; delinquents quail before her cold capability! But if she rules with a rod of iron at times, it is cer- tainly gratifyingly successful ruling, and we have her to thank for what we have been as a class this last year. And taken in an informal, non-study group, pre- ferably munching apples or candy, Kay can be so continuously funny that mirth speedily becomes the order of the day. She is also everlastingly industrious. We think she ' s embroidered a million little towels and hankies and things. 24 The Abbot Circle 19 20 LILLIAN BARTRAM GRUMMAN " Lin " " Smudge " 1187 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Two years Senior Play Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 Armband ' 20 " Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others. " Lillian is the most really and truly good natured person. She does and says things kindly; for example, she has even been known to offer packing room in her trunk for refractory goloshes whose owners happened to be going her way at va- cation time. Being human, as we all are, she has her troubles over, let us say, the Divine Comedy, but we are realizing that she is an expert at the skilful refreshment of snowshoes, skis, and all the implements of winter sports. 25 The Abbot Circle 1920 KATHERINE GAGE HAMBLET " Kay " 506 Lowell St., Lawrence, Mass. Six years Wellesley College Honor " A " " A " Society ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 President " A " Society ' 18 Vice-President A. A. A. ' 18 Class Book Board French Play School Hockey Team ' 18, ' 20 Captain Hockey Team ' 18 Numerals: Class Hockey ' 17, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Basketball ' 17 Baseball ' 17 Track ' 17 " Fresh of spirit and resolved to meet all perils very constantly. " At least the snows did one good thing for us this winter when they brought Kay into our midst. Think what a lot we would have missed if she had never come to live with us and if we had never had a chance to know her as she really is. Is there anything in the line of sports Kay can ' t do? If there is we should like to know it. At hockey she is a marvel and to see her shinny up the rope in gym is as good as a trip to the circus. Why is it, Kay, that you get such good marks in Latin — we wonder? 26 The A bbot Circle 1920 ELIZABETH STANLEY HAWKES " Betsey " 415 West 117th St., New York City Two years Smith College Courant ' 19, ' 20 Numerals Class Hockey ' 19 Honor Roll ' 20 " The good I stand on is my truth and honesty. " We like to watch Betsey ski. When indulging in this remarkable sport she makes us think of a blonde Viking come among us. We like her " mental gymnas- tics " too, be it without or within classes, and if it has become customary for her to walk off with most of their honors, — well, what of it? She apparently can ' t help it. She is also the possessor of yet another of the easily-recognizable and pleas- antly but frequently employed laughs in which the class seems to abound. Sec- ond floor front is a merry crew! 27 T he Abbot C i r c e 1920 HILDA APTHORP HEATH 249 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton, Mass. Two years Wellesley Secretary Senior Class ' 20 Honor Roll ' 19, ' 20 Numerals, Class Hockey ' 19 Class Book Board ' 20 Stage Manager Senior Play ' 20 11 Oh, keep me innocent, make others greatY 1 How does she do it? Of course, it ' s a little bit clothes and a little bit hair and a little bit face — but theeffect! Amovie heroine, yet with the delicate refinements of Beacon Street and the subtle (?) cleverness of boarding school. Oh, our high- minded, pure-souled Hilda, we have to " hand it to you! " 28 The Abbot Circle 1920 ANNA RUSHMORE HUSSEY " Ann " North Berwick, Maine Two years Mt. Holyoke Treasurer A. C. A. ' 20 Advisory Board ' 19 Head of Basketball ' 20 English V Play ' 19 " A " School Hockey Team ' 20 Numerals, Class Hockey ' 19, ' 20 " A " Society ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 " A quiet, self-possessed young woman " Although we hate Fire Drills, it does our heart good to see Ann, our noble Fire Chief, dashing down the halls and we have perfect confidence that in case of real fire, she ' d not only save everybody but their pet valuables as well. She ' s very capable and extracts our A. C. A. money from us promptly if we show any signs of poverty or absent-mindedness. But where she shines most is on the hockey- field, where she speeds hither and yon with unfailing breath and brilliancy. 29 The Abbot Circle 1920 KATHERINE OLIVIA KINNEY " Kay " Waldorf Building, Albany, N. Y. Two years Senior Play Draper Reader ' 19, ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 Armband ' 20 " The spirit of delight comes always on small wings. " 1 Who is this small dark-eyed Indian, who comes bouncing into our midst? Katherine Kinney, the susceptible, noted as an actress and a Draper Reader. Don ' t waste your talents on the desert air of the third floor wing but come out into the limelight Maria, and join our rhythmic classes to learn the elusive art of self- possession. 30 The Abbot Circle 1920 CONSTANCE CLIFFORD LING Lonme 78 Library Ave., Detroit, Michigan Three years ' Odeon ' 20 Senior Play ' 20 English V Prize Play Author ' 20 Honor Roll ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 " I love not man less, but Nature more. " There seems to be two particularly obvious things about Connie; one is her rhythmic dancing, the other the fact that she seems to shine as " the bright particular star " at Senior classes. We admit that she ' s clever, be it in infallibly comprehending the quaint vocabularies of Ethics and " Psych, " or in dashing off a one-act play that rhymes. These things being obvious we shall ignore them, and dwell fondly on her less noticeable but perhaps equally enviable traits; as for instance, her fondness for dogs, which is slightly embarrassing when it comes to " picking up " all the stray canines of Andover; or again, her cheerfulness of character, demonstrated by the brightness of her seldom-absent orange scarf. 31 T h e A b b o t C i r c I e 19 20 FLORENCE SHAFFTER MATILE " Flossie " " Matile " 578 Macon St., Brooklyn, X. V. Two years Smith College Odeon ' 19, ' 20 " A " Hockey Team ' 20 Class Hockey Team ' 19 Numerals: Hockey ' 19 " Hare and Hounds " ' 19 A. C. A. Advisory Board " A " Society ' 20 " Her pare and eloquent blood spoke in her cheeks. " Florence is so very pretty that it see ms queer to think of her as being a scholar, but for a girl who doesn ' t study much she does remarkably well. She always seems to be in some sort of trouble, and if her ever present smile did not act as a perpetual life-saver, we don ' t know what would become of her. YVe are uncertain as to what direction " Flossie " is partial to in Andover, but when in New York we are told she believes strictly in keeping to the " Wright. " 32 The Abbot Circle 1920 MARJORIE CHIPMAN MILES " Marj " Albermarle Park, Ashe vi lie, N. C. Three years Smith College Honor Roll first quarter T8, ' 19 Honor Roll first quarter ' 19, ' 20 Armband ' 20 " Who spake no slander, no, nor listened to it. " We ' ve been mighty sorry that Marjorie ' s had to leave us so much, for we ' re conceited enough to think that we as a class are much nicer than pneumonia and scarlet fever, even at home. So we hope she ' s missed us as we ' ve missed her. And she certainly is a whiz at picking up her work and walking right into the Honor Roll again. She simply awes us. And it seems that she ' s our star pedestrian too. We watched with pride as she marched up to receive the very first blue armband of all. 33 The Abbot Circle 19 20 PAULINA CLARA MILLER " Paula " 158 Victoria Rd., Walkerville, Ontario Canada. Two years Treasurer A. A. A. ' 20 Entertainment Committee ' 19 Class Book Board ' 20 Courant ' 19, ' 20 English V Prize Play Author ' 20 Honor Roll ' 19, ' 20 Eidelio ' 19, ' 20 Numerals ' 19 Class Basketball Team ' 19 " One man in his time plays many parts. " " Oh, Paula, Paula, " we smile and shake our heads. That brilliant wit which shines everywhere, Class Book, Courant, class room, and that cleverness which brought forth " Flapper Rule " and holds a place securely on the Honor Roll, is so concealed by waving hands and such a " line " ! Our own Sir Andrew has such a dazzling stock of adjectives she leaves you exhausted with mirth and admiration. Oh, Paula, Paula! 34 The A b b o I C i rcle 19 20 VIRGINIA FLEEK MILLER " Ginny " 473 Hudson Ave., Newark, (). Two years Vassar Vice-President A. C. A. ' 19, ' 20 Rep. Com. Student Gov. ' 19, ' 20 Class Book Board ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 " A " Hockey ' 19, ' 20 President " A " Society ' 19, ' 20 Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 Mandolin Club ' 19, ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 19, ' 20 Vice-President ' 18, ' 19 Advisory Board ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Honor Roll ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Numerals, Hockey ' 19, ' 20 Glee Club ' 18, ' 19 Glee Club Leader ' 19, ' 20 Senior Mid Play ' 18, ' 19 Senior Play ' 19, ' 20 " She was quick metal when she went to school. ' 1 Isn ' t it almost too much, now we ask you, for a girl to sit right on the very top of the Honor Roll all the time, and then to do pretty nearly all the other things possible, and all the time to be perfectly calm and serene and at ease about it all? When Ginny really gets wrought up, as occasionally happens, we expect the sky to fall, and creep shrinkingly into very little corners. But then we know she ' d prop even the sky up again, or shout at it and scare it up again. She ' ll be our Abbot orator some of these days, after her impromptu experiences here, and then think how proud we ' ll be of her voice! 35 The Abbot Circle 1920 MURIEL MOXLEY " Grandma " North Andover, Mass. Four years Simmons College Honor Roll ' 17, ' 18 " Come, give us a taste of your quality. " Grandma is most terribly clever and has accomplished in four years what we mortals struggle to do in five long years — gone through Abbot. She can ride too, like a whiz, and we would call her a real true sport. 36 The Abbot Circle 1920 MARY ISABELLE PARROTT " Polly " Oxford, Maine Three years Vassar Arm Band ' 20 " Then she will talk, ye gods, how she will talk! " Last year we wondered how in the world Polly could ever get along without her ever-faithful Kay, but like every other resourceful young lady, when the time came she found that there were others to fill the vacant place. Then, too, there ' s Bowdoin, and, though Polly doesn ' t confide much in us, we imagine that that . takes up quite a bit of her time and thoughts. Though she gets up every morning with the birds, it doesn ' t seem to make it any easier for her to " parler francaise. " 37 The Abbot Cirri e 1920 ROSAMOND PATCH " Ros " 39 Thorndike Ave., Beverly, Mass. Two years Advisory Board ' 20 Glee Club ' 19, ' 20 Fidelio ' 19, ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 Senior Plav " The apparel oft proclaims the man. " " What was that, " says Ros, " Am I missing a little spice? " Though of books she claims to know but little there is scarcely anything else that escapes our fair blushing Rosamond. Whenever you feel glum and want a little sympathy, there is always sure to be someone in Room 36 who knows how to cheer you up. There is no limit to the size of Ros ' heart. 38 The Abbot Circle 19 20 ELIZABETH JUSTINE PEARSALL " Jvy " 496 Hudson Ave., Newark, Ohio Three years Senior Play ' ' Look before you ere you leap, For as you sow you are like to reap. " Jay is full of pep and fun and wherever she is there is always sure to be some- thing doing. One never thinks of her without coupling her with Georgia as they are boon companions — and a famous pair they make! Of course, we all know that Jay is a man-hater and flirting is entirely out of her line; but is it because her tall, long-looked for ideal hasn ' t appeared yet, we wonder? 39 The Ah b o t Cirri e 1920 HELEN PURDY POLK " Polkie " 3711 Mercier St., Kansas City, Mo Two years Senior Play " They mocked me for too much curiosity. " In spite of loving to hear those faint whispers that run around the darkest corners and behind the closed doors of school, Polky ' s really a peach. Just ask her inseparable room-mate — or " The Perfect Man " , whom she has on her desk. " Why, Polky, are you blushing? " 40 The Abbot C i r c I e 1920 LUCY BAILEY PRATT " Tootie " 126 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. Three years Glee Club ' 20 " My man is as true as steel. " When we first saw Tootie after she had her hair cut she looked so young and innocent that we could hardly believe she was one of our dignified Seniors. They say that looks are sometimes deceiving, and we have noticed this to be the case with Lucy; for the Beta pin, also the many tales of Hanover, Scott, and the new mahogany chest, gave her away. Tootie, you have the advantage over a great many of us poor unfortunates because your future is certain while ours is, well — we don ' t exactly know! 41 The Abbot C i r c e 1920 LOUISE ROBINSON " Robbie " Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn. Four years Wellesley Vice-President Senior Class President A. A. A. ' 20 President Class ' 18, Treasurer ' 19 Head of Tennis ' 19, ' 20 " A " Tennis Team " A " Society ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Honor " A " Class Hockey ' 18, ' 19 " Hare and Hounds " ' 19 Student Council ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 French Play ' 17 Group Leader ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Northfield Delegate ' 18 Tennis Doubles ' 18 Class Track Team ' 17 " The great theater for virtue is conscience. " Louise has always been dreadfully proud of her class, our class, and we realize that all the time it ' s been in existence she ' s done a lot of good work for it. Consequently the class is mighty proud of her too, of her Honor A, of her work as Athletic president, of her generally- If little things like mice do scare her some- times, if she has been known to be " stuffed " once in a while, if we do tease her occasionally -- well, why not? The little things of life count too, you know. 42 The Abbot Circle 1920 MARTHA MUNN STOCKWELL " Mutt " 139 North Warren St., Trenton, N. J. Two years Vassar Arm Band ' 20 Numerals: " Hare and Hounds " ' 19 Basketball ' 19, ' 20 " A " Society ' 20 Honor Roll ' 20 Senior Prize Play ' 19 School Basketball Team ' 20 Captain Class Basball Team ' 20 " A " Basketball ' 20 " 0, it is excellent to have a giant ' s strength. " But it is tyrannous to use it as a giant. " Mutt ' s really quite an athlete. The same long legs which win our praise in basketball, can ski valiantly up and down mountains at Intervale and are a great asset except when she goes punging and then they ' re apt to be in the way. She ' s a good sport though, and always ready for everything and anything with any- body. 43 The Abbot Circle 1920 HELEN EMILY THIEL 100 Royal St., Canton, Mass. Two years Class Treasurer ' 19 Mandolin Club ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 Arm Band ' 19 Northfield Delegate ' 19 " Not every girl keeps things so neat. " She ' s good at a lot of things, is our Helen, be it dancing, sporting, Bible-group leading or even arranging her own blonde hair. She ' s industrious at her mandolin, too, and picks along, driving her room-mate either out and away, or to her own accompanying guitar. And we have evidence of her artistic skill also, when any small and marvelous printing is to be done. 44 The Abbot Circle 19 20 CHARLOTTE VOSE " Lot " East Eddington, Maine Two years Smith College Advisory Board ' 20 Odeon ' 19, President ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 20 Fidelio ' 20 Odeon Play Actor ' 19 Arm Band for 25 walks ' 20 " She is a woman and dries her own thinking. " " Lot " has several undeniable talents, but the latest and most obvious is that of dressmaking. She practises this wildly in spasms of pink and blue gingham, and the results are organdy-collared and irresistible. We watch her with praise and envy for she ' s so wonderfully speedy about it. Another thing that awes us is her ease and fluency, not to say familarity with the faculty, individually and collec- tively. Do we really see you hand in hand with a different one every week, Charlotte? 45 T he Abbot C i r c 1 e 1920 AGATHA ROSAMOND WADE " A gat " ' ' Aggie " 52 Salem St., Andover, Mass. Four years Captain School Basketball team ' 19 Numerals Class Basketball team ' 18 " A " Society " To be or not to be, that is the question " When it comes to bobbing hair Agat is there, or when it comes to basketball either. She is most clever at the art of shooting baskets, and we all know how she helped win last fall at Bradford. At Math., too, she surprises us, and at most everything she is a pretty good worker. 46 T h c A b b o t C i r c I c 1920 HELEN BANCROFT WALKER " H. B. " 121 Main St., Andover, Mass. Four years Bryn Mawr Class Treasurer ' 18, ' 19 Honor Roll ' 16, ' 17, ' 18 " There is a fair behavior in thee. " It is hard luck when a Senior is sick and has to be out of school for long weeks, but nothing daunts Helen and she has already made up her work and is still going ahead. She too is one of our oldstandbys of the dim dark ages, and we think she is pretty nice. The most wonderful fudge ever she makes for the new hockey field, and she does everything with the same spirit. Her latest achievement is to demon- strate the quality of her brains by serenely going seven full points ahead of the rest of the school in our recent psychological examination. 47 The Abbot Circle 1920 GEORGIA WARREN " Warren ' 1 175 Cumberland St., Cumberland Mills, Me. Two years Vassar School Cheer Leader ' 19 Numerals Basketball ' 19 Class Basketball Team ' 18 Numerals " Hare and Hounds " ' 18 " She will give the devil his due. " There never was such a girl as Georgia. She is out for fun every time, and she generally gets it, too. No matter how down and out she feels her sense of humor never fails her, and her pep and originality are the life of every party. Of course, she had to follow the fad and bob her hair, but who can say it doesn ' t suit her? Georgie has put Abbot on the map as far as Phillips is concerned, as is very evident from her Friday Night callers. What are you going to do with all that pep when you leave Abbot, Georgie? 48 T h e A blot C i rcl ' e 1920 LEONORE ELIZA WICKERSHAM " Lee Three years Vassar Vice President A. A. A. ' 20 President Senior-Mid first half ' 18 Honor Roll ' 18 " A " Won Tennis Team ' 19 Numerals: Hockey ' 18 Basketball ' 18 " Hare and Hounds ' 18 " A " Society ' 20 Bible Class Leader ' 18, ' 19, ' 20 Basketball Class Team ' 18 Hockey Class Team ' 19 Northfield ' 19 Student Council ' 20 " Tis good in every case, you knoiv, To have two strings unto your bow. " Whether we be from snowless California or from colder regions, we watch with awe when Lee gets on her skiis. Not that she shows off; she neither has to nor bothers to; she ' s naturally a shark at it. And so calm and unruffled too! The wildest hill known never raised even a hair of that perfect marcelle. We wonder which of the masculine multitude that surround her, was her teacher. She no longer dares deny existence of the multitude, though she is naturally modest, and we privately think she may have consulted Madame Ouija as to the inevitable choice. 49 The Abbot Circle 19 20 CAROLINE ELIZABETH WILKINSON Came 607 Palisades Ave., Santa Monica, Cal. Two years Class Treasurer ' 19, ' 20 Senior Play ' 20 Entertainment Committee ' 20 " Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. " Carrie is a born comedian! Many ' s the time when we have been feeling low or bored with life she has come to the rescue with her monkey tricks and Charlie Chaplin stunt. But we all know that she is not merely a slap-stick comedian from the way she kept us roaring in the part of Malvolio. Although the Senior Class intrusted her with their worldly wealth we have to sympathize with her because of the many weary hours she has spent rounding up the neces- sary wherewithal. As to the future we are not sure whether we ' 11 see Carrie in the Chaplin movies or the Chaplin Aircraft, but everything points to the air as she has begun already to wear wings! 50 The Abbot Circle 1920 RUTH CHRISTINE WINN 8 Ken win Rd., Winchester, Mass, Two years Arm Band ' 19 Senior Play ' 20 " A maiden never bold. " You ' d be surprised to hear our quiet Ruth boom forth on the stage. It quite brings tears to our eyes when she makes her heart-rending speeches as Antonio. And as to being industrious — one has only to see those marvelous sweaters, which she knits so cleverly to realize what a great attribute patience is! 51 The Abbot Circle 1920 BERTHA FRANCES WORMAN " Berte " Westport, N. Y. Two years Senior Prize Play ' 19 Senior Play ' 20 ' ' am not of that feather to shake off my friend when he most needs me. " If you ever want anything from sandwiches to picture wire or anybody to move the furniture or do an errand downtown, ask Berte. She ' s always ready. In future life we can just see her house filled with examples of her exquisite handi- work. She and her beloved Henry spent many happy afternoons pursuing cro- quet balls about the back yard and are now to be seen putting minute tucks in their Household Science baby dresses together. 52 The Abbot Circle 1920 MARGARET ELIZA WORMAN " Marg " Westport, N. Y. Two years Mount Holyoke Arm Band ' 19 " With dispatchful look, in haste she turns on hospitable thoughts intent. " In spite of a tendency to decided opinions about everything, Marg ' s a mighty good friend. She and her small sister are noted for their hospitality! She carries the usual hard college preparatory program but always has time to do odd mending of all sorts, worthy of convent teaching. 53 The Abbot Circle 1920 ONE YEAR GIRLS 54 The Abbot Circle 1920 ELIZABETH MESSINGER BABB " Betty " 69 Elm St., Camden, Maine One year Smith Mandolin Club ' 20 Arm Band ' 20 " How she casts down her timid eyes Tall and slender is our quiet Betty. Some day we expect that she will return to us with honors won in the artistic line. Betty shines in English and perhaps in the near future, we will be reading her latest novel. Who knows? She ' s been with us only one year but is going to get her diploma -- which makes us all glad. 55 Th e A hhot Circle 1920 CAROLYN - RUTTER CRIMES " Cal " East Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. One year Wellesley Advisory Board ' 20 Honor Roll ' 20 " A " Basketball ' 20 ' A " Society, Vice-President ' 20 Glee Club ' 20 " In all thy actiojis I do find exact propriety. " It is undoubtedly very nice to be surrounded by sisters, even in one ' s school life; still there might be disadvantages if one happened to be of a frivolous nature. Perhaps that ' s why Carolyn has had to be on her best bahaviour this year; she hasn ' t done the cutting up that we ' ve suspected her of knowing how to do. She has a little Kewpie smile, however, that shows her capacity for fun. And she can work too — we realize that in classes with awe. 56 The Abbot Circle 1920 JEAN DOOLITTLE LYON " Pudge " 149 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. One year Wellesley Arm Band ' 20 " Happiness courts thee in her best array. " Want to know anything about Shanghai? Ask Jean, she knows. Although she hails from China she is far from having a yellow streak as she is one of the best sports we know and is always ready for anything. Jean has only been with us one year but she has won her way with the girls as well as the teachers, and as far as marks are concerned she has put it over us all. 57 The Abbot Circle 1920 JEAN ALICE McCLIVE 344 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. One year Wellesley Honor Roll ' 20 Arm Band ' 20 Fidelio English V Play ' 20 " When you do dance I wish you a wave o ' the Sea, That you might ever do nothing but that. " Jean? Oh, yes, she ' s an awfully good sort. Deep, you know. Dotes on books and old editions and reads all these wild Russian novels and adores Brown- ing. She discovered that she had a voice this year for the first time and warbles in Fidelio. She plays a good game of basketball too. Really quite a girl in spite of her shy ways. 58 The Abbot Circle 1920 LYDIA McCREARY " Lyd " 167 Linden Ave., East Aurora, N. Y. One year Class Book Board ' 20 Courant ' 20 Honor Roll ' 20 Glee Club ' 20 Senior Play ' 20 " Hence, bashful cunning, and prompt me, plain and holy innocence. " The small and saintly profile is deceiving for really she is most encouragingly " not too bright nor good (in an angelic sense) for human nature ' s daily food. " Meaning the sweet nothings of our boarding school family life. Lyd ' s piquante face and tongue enliven considerably both the class room and other parts of this small world of ours; we suspect her of thrilling things in the larger one. 59 Th e Abbot C i r cl 1920 MIRIAM LAURINDA ROWELL " Buzz ' 20 Allerton St., Plymouth, Mass. One year Wellesley 11 Silence that spoke and eloquence of eyes. " Though Miriam comes from Plymouth she is far from being like her demure Puritan ancestors, for, while she appears quiet and reserved to those who don ' t know her, she has plenty of pep and shows she has ideas of her own when you really have become acquainted with her. Apparently Miriam thinks there are better things to do in this world than to study, but even so, she generally manages to " get by " in all her subjects. Tell us, what are these outside interests; could they be on the Hill by any chance? 60 The Abbot Ci r c 1 e 1920 ISABELLE BREMER SUTHERLAND " Is " 276 Andover St,, Lawrence, Mass. One year Wellesley " Sighed and looked and sighed again. " ' Yes, over Sunday! " Oh, Isabel, it tries our saintly patience to hear you making your over-Sunday home plans. And each time to come back attired in a new something — hat, coat, waist, and to have a bucket full of flowers for the room. Yet it does the corridor good to hear you and your operatic room-mate going into gales of mirth after one of your jaunts together. CI INT VAL 62 The Abbot Circle 1920 3nterbale iking { " Sure, a little bit of heaven " ) Sure a little bit of heaven fell from out the sky one day, And it nestled in New Hampshire, not so many miles away, And when the angels saw it, sure it looked so sweet and fair, They said, " Suppose we leave it, for it is so peaceful there. " So they sprinkled it with sunshine just to make the pine trees grow, They ' re the finest ones that can be found no matter where you go. And they placed the mountains ' round it just to keep away the gale, And when they had it finished, sure they called it Intervale. ( " You know what I mean! " ) Oh, we ' ve been up at Intervale, And had a peppy time. It is the loveliest spot in all the world, In the north or southern clime. We ' ve snowshoed, skiied, and hitched on pungs, And on trailers we ' ve all hung. We ' ve had steaks and cakes, and everything, Oh, you know what we mean! But you have heard that saying, " Home, sweet home, " So you know what we mean, And we are mighty glad to see you After all that we have seen. So we are here today to say " Hello " to you, And we hope that sometime you are going to go there too, But it ' s hard to let you know the fun and sport we ' ve had, So please know what we mean. ( " Madelon " ) Oh, how we love to be at Intervale! When we are there we ' re glad as we can be. We all love to play out in the snow, And to snowshoe or to skii ; Oh, how we eat up there at Intervale! Ice cream and steak, and griddle cakes and pie. It ' s a place we never can forget, Intervale, Intervale, Intervale! 63 T h e A b b o t C i r c I e 1920 The Abbot Circle 19 20 Snterbale The faint flush of sunrise over the mountain tops; a fresh, cold breeze that whistles through the mosquito netting and chills the water in the huge, white pitcher; a tingling sensation of life and vigour and joy; — a loud ringing of the breakfast bell and the cheerful voice of Mr. Bassett calling, " Breakfast, young ladies, breakfast; " delicious beef-steak odors wafting up the staircase, and jingling sleighbells luring you to the out-door world ; white sweaters and tam-o-shanters thrown hurriedly on; ridiculous one-runner kiddy-cars and bicycles on skiis; long, winding, ice-covered skii-tracks like silver, to lure the skiier on to flying, or black and blue spots; paths through mountain pine woods, so quiet, so peaceful, casting long blue shadows on the snow; --the faint flush of moon-rise over the mountain tops; a fresh, cold breeze that nips 1920 ' s nose and flaps the ends of its muffler; a tingling sensation of life and vigour and joy; Intervale! 65 The Abbot Circle 1920 tsitorp of tfje Claite of 1920 In (he beginning there were only seven, Who came from far and near to be at Abbot. Four of these maidens lived at Sherman Cottage, Where most amazing times they had together In playful, child-like sport, for young they were; And truly they longed more for Teddy-bears, And other things to lightly, freely play with, Than yearned their hearts for Algebra and Latin. But in the organ-loft we took our places, And with our eyes all bright, intent, and eager, We hung with beating hearts adown the railing, O ' er which we well-nigh fell in ecstasy. Before we knew it almost came again The summer, with its days of warmth and gladness; Away we sped to all our happy homes. The other three, day scholars happy were, And home they gaily tripped at half-past three; At night they could be tucked in bed by motherl Well, time just skipped and jumped and danced along Until Commencement came, and then the summer, When all the seven returned from whence they came. Now in the season of the falling leaves They all came back again to be at Abbot. But " Pea- green Preps " they were no more, no longer; The " Jolly Juniors " now their schoolmates called them. One day they gathered in old Abbot Hall. Straight, tall, before them stood the Senior Leader, Who words of wisdom spoke throughout the stillness, And said that now we too might have our leaders. We chose for our first president Catherine Greenough, Who proved throughout the year a leader strong. We worked; and played at hockey, basket-ball, And tennis; happy Juniors eight we were! And then the time came for another leader, And " Janey " Prescott, lover of all sports, The chief of all high jumpers then we chose. Quick sped the days along until the night Came when the Abbot Prom so grand was held. O night, O night of nights it seemed to us Because we could not go; we were too " young " ; As Junior-Mids we met in autumn time, And joyfully we greeted our new members. To lead our bonny class for half a year We Helen Vedder chose; we called her " Chick " , And sometimes lengthened out the name to " Chicken ' She was a strong and steady hockey player, And also knew the art of making baskets. Soon came a day which we had long awaited, — The day of our most glorious Class Picnic Beside the shining waters of Pomp ' s Pond. And of that very jolly, dear occasion We memories have of songs beside the fire, Of sandwiches, and " hot-dogs " , and marshmallows; Of merry laughs all ringing out of tune, And rhymes and jingles written to each other. The next event which we enjoyed together A straw-ride was; and out at Wilson ' s Corners We sipped good chocolate hot, a drink most warming. When Christmas holidays were quite all over, And mid-years, too, those thrilling small " adventures " We chose for our fair class another leader To pilot us along uncertain ways, — Louise Robinson, who was oft called " Robby " , A tennis-player matchless in her day. 67 The Abbot Circle 1920 Soon came again the " Prom " when some of us Were asked to usher in the honored dancers. Arrayed in evening gowns all sweet and modest, We stood in waiting groups beside the door, Prepared to lead inside those favored charmers. And as our high-heeled slippers sharply clicked Across the smoothness of the polished floor, We glanced above, up at the organ-loft ; And there we saw a host of little friends Just where we all had been the year before! When nights had come, and many days had gone, And fragrances of spring were in the air, In Davis Hall we gave a the dansant For just the Seniors, whom we held most dear. On Rally Night in June we sang our songs, And joined in snaky whirls around the circle. Then one by one we watched the guests depart, Until the winking lights were left alone. Grand Senior-Mids we were when once again Another fall we took our place at Abbot. Our president was Leonore Wickersham. Accomplishments in varied number had she, Among them skiing, a feat which well she loved. Now when the time came for a sport with Bradford, We could not play our usual game of hockey, Because so many tried and trusty sportsmen Both here and there were stricken with the " flu " , And therefore could not practice and gain skill. Accordingly we planned to have a race; As Hare and Hounds we sped the country over. We Senior-Mids ran with the Bradford Juniors, And swiftly, eagerly we bounded off Behind our " Bushy " , leader of the Hounds! Again this year we gathered by the waters, Those happy, smiling waters of Pomp ' s Pond. And there were mandolins and ukuleles Played by long, slender fingers; short ones, too! And there were all the customary frolics, And songs, filled full of joy, beneath the stars. Now after Christmas Holidays were over, The Senior-Middlers gave in Davis Hall A play, entitled this: " The Elopement of Ellen, " In which there was a rector, most inane, Most fond and foolish, with peculiar actions. And also three fair girls, and likewise lovers. Next came the " Prom " , that grand and state occasion To which the Senior-Mids with ardor went. Those evening gowns! Oh! If you could have seen them You would have gazed for hours in admiration. They were most charming, and most beautiful, And filled both in and out with yards of tulle. The music was the jazziest ever heard, And there was Bill from Harvard, Jack from Yale, — — And we must not forget the Hill Man Species. Before the fateful hour came to depart, The Class of 1920 held a banquet, And toasts, and songs, and great good cheer abounded, And all the members of the class of ' 20 Began to have a wondrous, strange new feeling, A thought about the next year soon to come When they would be at last the Class of Seniors, And there was in each heart a deepened thrill At thought of this high office soon to come. And so it came about that one fall day The Class of Seniors came to dear old Abbot. The time had come for us to be the leaders, And strange it seemed to have no class above To look up to in love and admiration, As always there had been in years gone by. The president we chose was Catherine Greenough, And Louise Robinson was our vice-chairman, Hilda Heath was our class secretary, Caroline Wilkinson the treasurer. Responsibilities there were this year, But there were also gay and happy frolics. At Haggett ' s Pond we had the Senior Picnic, And O the fun! the merriment together! We gathered wood to put upon the fire, And then with joy watched the crackling flames That leaped up high to meet the coming darkness. Now after we had swung, see-sawed, and lunched, And after some of us, packed in a boat, Had really rowed upon those mighty waters, We had most rare performances and stunts Around among the shelter of the pines. And there were pantomimes, and many jokes, And dextrous skill in various ways was shown. Then back to Abbot rode we, jubilant, Our spirits soaring high as farthest star. 68 The Abbot Circle 19 20 Examinations came; the Senior Maidens Went hurry- scurrying, upstairs and down, Indoors and out, around the Abbot circle And all their brains were crammed so very full, Were stuffed so carefully with weighty learning, That everybody thought they had " swelled heads, " And never knew how hard they must be trying To keep their x, y, z ' s from falling out! Now after all these trials were safely over, And every head was once more free and empty, A recompense for all our labors came,. This being a trip to Intervale, New Hampshire We never, never, can forget that day When we got off the train up in the mountains, And realized the joys that were before us. We revelled in the skiing and the coasting, We tried with glee the bicycle on runners; We slid down hill on rocking-horse arrangements. We ate beefsteak, pancakes, and maple syrup, — In fact, we had a glorious, grand good time. One night in March the Senior Play was given. " Twelfth Night " it was, by gentle William Shakespeare. And there was much applause, great sound of clapping; And there were bows and smiles from finished actors. On April twenty-fifth for the last time The Seniors promenaded in the gym, With all the gaiety of years before, Their feet all keeping time with beating drum, And jazzy, brazzy instruments of music. Again the Hill Man Species hop-scotched down To dance beside the smiling Fem-Sem Seniors. In sweet May-time the Seniors had a banquet, And all the class assembled to make merry. Toasts there were, and winsome, blushing maidens Who round the table ran precipitous. (This is a secret; you must never tell!) After the banqueting was quite all over, The Seniors marched out through the darkness singing, And to the Senior Parlor went their way, To give it up to all the Senior Middlers. Soon came commencement-time: the garden party; The supper Sunday night out-doors with friends; The Draper Readings, and the Evening Concert. But that last day! The day of Graduation! How could we speak our strange and new emotions! We sang the Farewell Song with stirring feelings Of intermingled sorrow, hope, and joy. As in our hands we held the deep, red roses, Our hearts cried out with true, undying love, " Hail to our Alma Mater and our Class! " Julia C. Abbe 69 The Abbot Circle 19 20 Class Will anb Testament We, the class of 1920 of Abbot Academy, having attained more or less the expected amount of wisdom in our varying number of years here, and being as nearly in our right minds as we ever expect to be, and under the depressing in- fluence neither of bad marks nor of breakfast coffee, do hereby bequeath, in this our last Will and Testament, toward the growth and development of future gen- erations, our following battered belongings: I The opportunity of breaking their necks or anything else at Intervale to the class of 1921. II Our athletic prowess to the class that most needs it. III Our ability to answer the questions asked to next year ' s Academics. IV More examples of Senior handwriting to Miss " Chick " . V Our " watery soup for beggars " to the future highbrows. VI The thrills of trunk banging in the hall to all homesick followers. VII All our low-heeled shoes to the Abbot rubbish heap. VIII Memories of the Academics as an inspiration to Miss Howey. IX Our " circles of Hell " to those who come after us. X To the girls with friends on the Hill, our front windows. XI Our serenity and poise to Phil Hinkley. XII Our flow of language to Dorothy Martin. XIII Our every day and Friday night mail to the first half-dozen appli- cants. XIV The top of the Honor Roll to the little Flaggs. XV Our accumulated dramatic talent to Carol Perrin. XVI Our organdies and ginghams that are all alike to the Thompson twins. XVII Our curlers to Jane Allen. XVIII Our raucous second -floor- front laughter to Jane Baldwin. XIX Our ghosts to the Senior Parlor. XX The hope of Senior privileges to the Preps. Signed and sealed by The Class of 1920 70 The Abbot Circle 19 20 erstonallp Conbucteb tCtirougti abe£ Seniors may come and Seniors may go, but Senior Lit. Classes, it would seem, continue forever. And the Odyssey being classic, Seniors yearly conduct the god-like hero past the terrors of his wanderings and the mazes of Hades. Thrill- ing as these are, the resulting themes and tests prove really more dully soothing than startling, so I, the small but mighty Lit. teacher felt entitled to drop asleep over them one lamp-lit, misty evening. Naturally in my vivid dream I found myself descending into this well-studied Hades, but why should I have found it inhabited by the class of 1920? My only explanation can be that they, when at Abbot, were undeniably astonishing in their literature work. My dream adventures began terrifyingly when I was attacked at the portals of Hades, by a shrilly-barking Cerberus. I recognized him as a tiny brown Andover dog named Skip; nevertheless I screamed. It seemed natural that Charlie, one of the chief props of Abbot Academy, should spring to my rescue, and as he led me across a small bridge he told me that he had succeeded to old Charon ' s name and business, and offered to conduct me to the " Abbot Special " , which left hourly for the circle reserved for Abbot. I knew he was quite correct when I saw Connie Ling, a frantically waving " traffic cop, " who courteously held up traffic to help me into the Abbot Special, a neat but not gaudy street car. Helen Donald was its dashing conductorette, and I noticed the motorwoman, Doris Graves, efficiently tooting her horn. It seemed natural to see Ros Patch and Peg French sitting happily together on one of the large seats, and Bertha Worman, who was there also, told me that this was their nineteenth trip back and forth. They were so interested in each other that they forgot to get off and she was still trying unsuccessfully to separate them. I was so surprised to see Jean McClive surreptitiously powdering her nose in another seat that she hastily pointed out to me Miriam Rowell on the back platform smiling and chatting with Charon. As we started off I saw through the window Ann Hussey in mad pursuit of a shabby little jitney, which Bertha immediately told me Heinie Ford had started in opposition to the Abbot Special. Looking out I could see Lucy herself driving with her expression intent and brow knitted, and I caught sight of Louise Robinson and Kay Hamblet within clutching each 71 The Abbot Circle 19 20 other desperately as the little Ford whizzed along. Farther on we crossed the winding Styx and I watched a graceful dive made by Polly Parrott, who seemed to be in bathing all by herself. On the bank of one of the deep pools sat Dot Fisher, raptly casting and re-casting, and apparently being laughed at by all the little fishes present, as her basket was empty. I was first off when the little conductorette called out " The Abbot Circle " , and the first thing I saw was a huge gate of dark green marble, its white marble letters spelling out the class motto " Tarry On " . It didn ' t seem quite right, I thought even in my dream, but I forgot it promptly as Carrie Wilkinson peeped beguilingly out of the door, offering to sell me the necessary sight-seeing ticket. Naturally, I hastened in, to find Paula Miller, whom Carrie slangily remarked, was " handing out her dizzy line " as a general introduction to the attractions of Hades. The first thing I saw was a neat information bureau, with a beautifully printed sign saying " All Questions Answered " and behind it sitting Kay Green- ough, who, besides giving spicy bits about Hades to all newcomers, was also lec- turing in the afternoons on many interesting subjects, it seemed. Sounds had already met my ear, and I was looking around involuntarily for Hope Allen who ought, of course, to be leading. I found her soon, the conductor of the Hades Jazz Band, enthusiastically on her tip toes, and ably supported by Ginny Miller, the Vice-President. I realized how I must have neglected the musi- cal talent of Abbot 1920, as I was surprised to see Marjorie Miles playing the guitar, Dorothy Tyler playing the xylophone and Helen Walker, the trombone. I also noticed Vivien Gowdy off by herself desperately tuning her ukulele. The entire result was so inspiring that it seemed very natural to see Hilda Heath and Marjorie Downs dancing together with languid grace. Wafted onward by these rhythmic strains I next halted before the great central throne, on which sat the queen of all, the majestic Satana, whom I recog- nized with interest as my erstwhile pupil, Sue Dodge. She appeared cool, self- possessed and possibly a trifle bored. Edith Adams, the court contortionist, was feverishly exerting herself to charm her indifferent ruler; Betty Babb pranced about waving her jester ' s bauble and coxcomb beguilingly, but all in vain. How- ever, when I saw Helen Thiel painstakingly reproducing on a large square of paper the regal form and features I appreciated the pose of the Queen. Margaret Wor- man was sitting on the lower step of the throne mending the hem of Susan ' s purple velvet robe. If I had not caught a glimpse of Lyd McCreary ' s yellow hair I might have missed her altogether. She was curled up in the midst of countless cushions on the bottom step of the throne dreaming with blissful serenity, and apparently unceasingly. I missed her conversation; sleep only could silence it, I gathered. 72 The A bbot Circle 1920 After the majestic model had indifferently returned my salutation, I passed on, to find a long table holding food of many sorts: scallops, club sandwiches, steak, French pastry, and gaily presided over by Betsy Hawkes, who was running this so-called bread line for her sisters-in-hunger. Helen Polk and Martha Stock- well were clamoring for first place, Agatha Wade and Muriel Moxley patiently awaiting their turn, and Ruth Winn bringing up the rear with a famished look. Just beyond the group I saw Isabel Sutherland striding about and wailing, " Oh for a breath of air! " But Hades had no windows for her to open. I next came to a fetching little hairdressing shop, owned and operated by a perfectly marcelled blond whom I knew instantly to be Elsa Baalack. She was just putting the finishing touches to another faultless wave on the head of Lee Wickersham, and her assistant, Jean Lyon, was standing by to stylishly coif Lee ' s long yellow locks. In sad contrast to this picture of perfect bliss was a sight in one of the more retired corners, which was apparently the reducer ' s circle. Here I saw Edna Dixon and Peg Ackroyd going through the required but indescribable motions with set determined faces. Charlotte Vose, who kept a beautifully fitted Turkish bath near by, was cheering them on from the vantage point of her own desirable slimness. And Judy Abbe, clutching the little shades of " Sunshine " and " Shad- ow " , the two cats known and loved at Abbot in the days of 1920, was classically singing to them in her coloratura soprano. It was pleasant to find Eliza Bailey as the much amused nursemaid of a troop of little devils, who disported themselves playfully about her. I recognized Alice Davis and Mary Bushnell as two gamboling imps, Lillian Grumman and Irene Franklin as others. Lucy Pratt was vainly endeavoring to bob their respective locks; she had evidently taken up the trade of barber and was advertising her skill on her own head. As I reapproached the gate I saw coming toward me Florence Matile, sad but blushing in the garb of a nun, and nervously telling over and over a long rosary of fraternity pins. Wandering about hand in hand I caught sight of two still-bewildered fallen angels, Jay Pearsall and Georgia Warren. Unexpectedly I laughed, and awoke with a start to find myself contemplating a poem of Ros Patch ' s in a worn old 1919 Courant, and remembered that in the dream I had thought her very poetic-looking. As I slowly pieced together my dream-adven- tures I realized that Mary Delano and Kay Kinney had been the only missing members of the class of 1920. With a sigh I came to the conclusion that they only of that promising class had gone to Heaven. 73 The Abbot Circle 19 20 fja oto£ on Hmoto Shadows on snow --what are they? --gray, or green, --or silvery purple? Paint them, and you may think you have found what it is. No -- for try as you will, you can ' t reproduce shadows on snow. Shade your eyes and look again;— the light has shifted, all is changed ; it must remain a mystery. In some such way it is, that we all at times, perhaps in weak moments, peer ahead with straining eyes and try to distinguish the coloring of our future. How- ever unprofitable we have found it we will try for the hundredth time, — and be baffled. We cannot seem to leave that tantalizing thing -- the Unknown — alone. But curiosity must be forever poking about, unexhausted. Why does the thing fascinate us so? We purchase Ouija boards and sit stiffly- — for hours, enam- oured by the fitful sliding of that little triangle, and take awesome delight in the tales it tells us. And at bazaars, — o r always popular Hallowe ' en revels, we are magnetized towards the dark-browed gypsy, and feel pleasant little thrills when she crosses our hands with our own good silver, and tells us of ships and journeys, bad luck and dark men. How indifferently then we laugh at her threats, — and later, in private, scan the secret lines — and wonder! We wonder -- here in Abbot --we who will not be here a year from tonight. Does the Ouija board hold anything for us? Not a thing! Yet we think a good deal of that " next year. " We think we have hit it! One says she has found the color, and seizing a brush, she splashes away ambitiously and paints a future - in pinks! How nice -- it is settled at last; that is just the shade! But looking again, in a different hour, the light has faded; the snow is only gray after all. Or perhaps the once delicate flush has reddened with new reflections and is garish, misjudged, --wrong. It will not do, so we look — and look again, and each time see a different shade. How can we tell? Must we still look? Yes, -- for nothing can stop us. We shall build pictures that will fade out flat and dull. Is it gray, — or green, — or silvery purple? There is nothing so elusive as shadows on snow! 74 The Abbot Circle 1920 € Valentine ' s; JDap I would have it lying by your bed, when you opened your eyes on St. Valen- tine ' s Day in the morning, a square, white envelope! And somehow though it had no name you ' d think of me, so many miles away, and smile. Softly, expect- antly you ' d pull it out of the envelope, all lace and with a shower of little ribbons that cascaded down your bare, pink arm and with faint odors of violets stealing out of the crevices of the lace and floating tantalizingly about your head. Then after a minute you ' d turn that page and rub your eyes and stare and laugh and pinch yourself -- for there I ' d be! And we ' d sit together on the pink coverlet with the sunbeams dancing in through the window and laugh and laugh, for it would be such a delicious joke for St. Valentine ' s day in the morning. Breams Dim little fragrant thoughts of babyhood, Scarcely remembered dreams of fairy tales, And lords and ladies, ships with shining sails, Of prince ' s buckler, grave monk ' s beads and hood. Then wistfully and shyly, older mood Begins, to bring a fairyland of vales And forests, through whose depths a bugle wails Mournful, then gay, blown by a hunter rude. Sometimes a noble knight, and then a page, Or yet a king, or jester seeming-gay, Touching the fickle fancy of each age. But always the same eyes, so smouldering grey. Oh, dream of many shapes, what form, what stage, Will make you real, and will it be to-day? 75 •I • $ 4| »f 4 ' " N |E - $ -i i - % ' : MT nw Mentor jfflibble Class ©fftcerg of t )t jFiret Semester President Margaret Stone Vice-President Carol Perrin Secretary Eleanor Voorhees Treasurer Martha Smith Sfftcertf of tlje S rtoni emeeter President Carol Perrin Vice-President Henrietta Thompson Secretary Harriet Edgell Treasurer Agnes Titcomb Charlotte Baldwin Lora Barber Barbara Barker Sallie Bartlett Miriam Bickford Isabel Brown Helen Bruno Elizabeth Bulkley Dorothy Carr Clara L. Cleveland Elinor Cochrane Ruth Crossman Rosamond Davis Margaret Day Harriet Edgell Mary Evers Lois Fleming Frances Gasser Beatrice Goff Julia Guild Mary Alice Hallett Mary Harrison Elizabeth Hartel Florence Hinkley Gertrude Hoffman Frances Howe Margaret Hutton Frances Keany Marion Kimball Lydia Kunkel Mildred Linscott Dorothy Martin Elizabeth McClellan Elizabeth McDougal Eunice Meigs Herberta Morse Margaret Neelands Sylvia Nicholson Helen Norpell Edith Page Williams Helen Marian Parker Mildred Peabody Carol Perrin Susan Platt Helen Roser Jessamine Rugg Dorothy Schwenk Winifred Simpson Martha Smith Margaret Stone Mary Talcott Elizabeth Thompson Henrietta Thompson Agnes Titcomb Alma Underwood Louise VanDervoort Eleanor Voorhees Elizabeth Weld Katherine Weld Marianna Wilcox Wilson 76 The Abbot Circle 1920 77 The Abbot Circle 1920 President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Eliza Bailey Virginia Miller Florence Hinckley . Anna Hussey 78 The Abbot Circle 1920 REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTEE OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT President Vice-President . Secretary . Catherine Greenough Louise Robinson Leonore Wickersham Eliza Bailey Virginia Miller Edna Dixon Hope Allen Susan Dodge Elizabeth Weld Margaret Stone Janet Warren Annetta Richards 79 The Abbot Circle 1920 e:or n-VAC-E:- 1 I e: rar 80 T h e Abbot C i r c I e 1920 Editor-in-Chief Art Editor Dorothy Fisher Paulina Mille r Lydia McCreary CLASS BOOK BOARD Business Manager Virginia Miller Literary Editors Catherine Greenough Assistant Business Manager Agnes Titcomb Hilda Heath Katherine Hamblet 81 The Abbot Circle 1920 Paulina Miller Elizabeth Hawkes Catherine Greenough COURANT BOARD Literary Editors Harriet Edgell Business Editors Katherine Damon Lydia McCreary Carol Perrin Marian Kimball 82 The Abbot Circle 1920 ODEON President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Florence Matile Constance Ling Charlotte Vose Catherine Greenough Julia Abbe Elsa Baalack Frances Keany Henrietta Thompson Eliza Bailey 83 The Abbot Circle 1920 j . El.Titcomb 84 The Abbot Circle 1920 GLEE CLUB Leader Virginia Miller Treasurer . Julia Abbe Edith Adams Katherine Weld Helen Knight Elizabeth Weld Marjorie Downs Lydia Kunkel Margaret Hutton Carol Perrin Sylvia Nicholson Louise Greenough Elizabeth McDougal Margaret Hopkins Edna Dixon Rosamond Patch Carolyn Grimes Herberta Morse Martha Smith Ruth Crossman Lydia McCreary Elsa Baalack Margaret Ackroyd Mary Talcott Frances Gasser Lucy Ford Lucy Pratt Frances Howe Clara Louise Cleveland 85 The Abbot C i r c I e 1920 FIDELIO President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Elsa Baalack Sally Bartlett Marjorie Downs Irene Franklin Lillian Grumman Ruth Holmes Jean McClive Virginia Miller Alma Underwood Katherine Weld Elinor Cochrane Edna Dixon Dorothea Flagg Louise Greenough Lucy Ford Frances Gasser Mary Evers Francelia Holmes Margaret Hopkins Paulina Miller Rosamond Patch Elizabeth Weld Dorothy Fisher Mary Bushnell 86 The Abbot Circle 1920 Edna Dixon, President Elizabeth Babb Jane Allen Hope Allen Jane Baldwin Elizabeth Bulkley MANDOLIN CLUB Violins Guitars Paulina Miller Mandolins Marjorie Downs Edith Page Virginia Miller Natalie Page Jessamine Rugg Helen Thiel Katherine Weld Piano Lucy Ford 87 The Abbot C ir c I e 1920 ATHLETIC 88 The Abbot Circle 1920 President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Louise Robinson Leonore Wickersham Marianna Wilcox Paulina Miller 89 The A bhot C i r c 1 e 192 President Secretary and Treasurer Catherine Greenough Agatha Wade Catherine Damon Marianna Wilcox Martha Stockwell Miriam Bickford Dorothea Flagg " A " SOCIETY Hope Allen Leonore Wickersham Marian Saunders Mary Evers Edith Adams Anne Darling Elizabeth Weld Virginia Miller Carolyn Grimes Katherine Hamblet Florence Matile Lydia Kunkel Mary Bushnell Louise Robinson Anna Hussey Eliza Bailey 90 The Abbot Circle 1920 WEARERS OF THE HONOR " A " Louise Robinson Katherine Hamblet Catherine Greenough 91 The Abbot Circle 1920 HOCKEY TEAM Eliza Bailey {Captain), c.h. Mary Bushnell, c.f. Anna Hussey, Li. Hope Allen, r.i. Lydia Kunkel, r.i. Florence Matile, l.w. Dorothea Flagg, r.w. Miriam Bickford, r.h. Virginia Miller, l.h. Katherine Hamblet, Elizabeth Weld, l.f. Anne Darling, g. 92 The Abbot Circle 1920 BASKET BALL TEAM Agatha Wade {Captain), Forward Edith Adams, Guard Catherine Damon, Forward Carolyn Grimes, Guard Mary Evers, Guard Marianna Wilcox, Side Center Martha Stockwell, Jumping Center .93 The Abbot C i r c I e 1920 ATIC 94 The Abbot Circle 1920 Mentor $lap " GTtoelftf) J£tgf)t " By William Shakespeare THE CAST Duke Orsino Valentine Curio Sir Toby Belch Sir Andrew Aguecheek Sebastian Antonio . Clown Malvolio . Fabian Sea Captain Friar Viola Olivia Maria Ladies in Waiting . Gentlemen in Waiting Soldiers . Hilda Heath . Eliza Bailey Bertha Everett Morgan Virginia Miller Irene Franklin Edith Adams Lucy Ford Paulina Miller Edna Dixon Ruth Winn Dorothy Fisher Caroline Wilkinson Hope Allen . Justine Pearsall Vivien Gowdy Catherine Greenough Lydia McCreary Katherine Kinney (Bertha Worman Lillian Grumman Constance Ling Helen Polk Mary Delano { Rosamond Patch Susan Dodge Stage Manager Property Manager Director 95 T h c A b h o t C i r c I e 19 20 Senior iFHibble pap 4 " )t Eomancerss " A Comedy in Three Acts by Edmond Rostand Perctnet . Sylvette . Straforel. Bergamin, father of Percinet Pasc, uinot, father of Sylvette Blaise, the gardener . A Notary ( Mary Evers Swordsmen - ! Helen Norpell I Elizabeth Weld Musicians Negroes Julia Guild Alma Underwood Wedding Guests Carol Pen in Frances Keany . Margaret Stone Edith Page Frances Gasser Dorothy Martin . Elizabeth Weld ( Marjorie Downs i Jessamine Rugg I Jane Allen (jane Baldwin Elizabeth Thompson Mary Talcott | Marianna Wilcox ( Margaret Hutton Torch Bearers Ruth Grossman Agnes Titcomb Place: Anywhere in France Scene: Act I Adjoining gardens of Bergamin and Pasquinot Act II Same as Act I Act III Same as Act I Bertha Everett Morgan Director 96 The Abbot Circle 1920 " Wqt Romancers! " SYNOPSIS Once upon a time in olden France there lived and loved two children, Sylvette and Percinet. Oftimes for the sake of a kiss, they would steal by starlight to the crumbling old wall that separated their gardens, little dreaming that their fathers were far from being the feudal foes they thought them. One night the bell for vespers found Percinet waiting at the wall for Sylvette, when a sudden shriek rang through the gardens! In a trice he had leapt to the other side, and was upon the rav- ishers, sword in hand, and when Bergamin and Pasquinot arrived on the disordered scene, it was to find Sylvette in the arms of Percinet. Well did the fathers feign astonishment, and well might they be reconciled to the marriage since it was naught but their own cherished plan! With this change of conditions the wall was torn down, the two gardens merged in one, and now constant irritations between Bergamin and Pasquinot arose, finally resulting in a complete con- fession of the false abduction to Sylvette. Percinet, reading by mistake the bill of the abduction drawn up by the swordsman, Straforel, who had staged the little drama, fled in a rage from the gar- den. At this utter ruin of all their hopes and plans, Bergamin and Pasquinot considered the bill of the abduction void, and so, in order to get his ninety pistoles, Straforel was forced to patch up the mar- riage, which he did by so disgusting Sylvette with romance that it was with open arms she wel- comed back the wanderer, and the scene ends in a charming tableau — the wedding minuet. 97 The Abbot Circl 1920 " ® )t Ciftn tng " By Constance Ling The Witch Melinda, her granddaughter The Prince His Man .... Elves .... Fairies Dorothy Schwenk Henrietta Thompson Edith Adams Katherine Weld Anne Darling Barbara Swift Frances Dunn . Lois Kirkham Jean McClive Margaret Day Ruth Crossman Florence Phillips Elizabeth Whittemore SYNOPSIS In a cottage on the edge of the wood, a Princess lived, the captive, though she knew it not, of a Witch, but guarded by her friends, the Fairy Folk. One day, a band of men came through the wood, who from the King, still sought the child. Their leader, a right gallant Prince, led to the Witch ' s house by fairy glow-worms, found a sweet-faced Granny spinning in the sun, and saw Melinda busy at her household tasks, for she was ever serving. About her neck there hung a golden chain, the Fairy Ring, which guarded her from every harm. To cheer the traveler on his way, the Granny mixed a tasty stew, but learning of his quest, she poured in snakes, and toads and slimy things, which drinking, caused the Prince to swoon, and falling cry, " Thou art a witch! " Me linda, having known naught else but kindness from her Granny, turned horrified upon her, and the Witch, ashamed and frightened by her look, went sorrowfully within the house. Then, guessing of the power the Fairy Ring might hold, Melinda flung the golden circlet ' round the Prince ' s shoulders. He rose, and viewing her anew, he saw she was the royal child he sought, for hers had been the magic touch with which the fairies had endowed her at her birth. Straightway he would have led her from the place had not Melinda, looking back, seen the old Granny standing in the door. Her sorcery had fled before the pain of parting with her foster child, whom she had loved and cared for many years. Melinda, running back, declared she could not leave her lonely, dear old Granny, but now the Prince made all things right by saying that within the royal palace she might be a Grandmother to all the court. And so they left the spot, the Prince, the Granny, and the fair Princess, and the Fairy Folk have kept it ever since. 98 The Abbot Circle 1920 " Jflapper ule " By Paulina Miller Mrs. Alexander . Hugh Alexander, her college son Jill Alexander, his " flapper " sister . Gerard Manning, a young college professor Myrtle, a maid . Harriet Edgell Marian Saunders Dorothy Martin Mary Evers Elizabeth Hartel SYNOPSIS In 1916 Americans were infinitely more interested in bridge parties, fraternity tea dances, and bloody pacifist meetings than in the World War. At least so it seemed to Jill Alexander, who felt it desperately, although treated as an insignificant " flapper " not yet out. And because her brother Hugh and his much-admired friend Gerard Manning, a young college professor, seemed to care nothing, Jill herself secretly enlisted in an Italian Women ' s Battalion. Her plans were dis- covered by a telephone message and as she obstinately defended herself against the scorn and anger of her family she found an unexpected ally in Gerard, who quietly announced that he himself was shortly sailing to enlist in the Foreign Legion. So Jill no longer had to despise him, but he, res- pecting her youth, had to postpone till after the war, really telling her of his love. Hugh awoke suddenly to a new appreciation of his sister and friend and the war, and consequently enlisted him- self, leaving Jill, half-reluctant, half-exultant, at home to wait for the return of both. 99 The Abbot Circle 19 20 JOHN-ESTHER ART GALLERY AND ABBOT HALL TAYLOR INFIRMARY McKEEN HALL 100 The Abbot Circle 1920 GRINDS The Abbot Circle 1 9 20 v t nb£ Phil: " If Megs was to go on the straight and narrow path she would have to go in sideways. " Flossie: " No, she would have to go in head first because she is always tripping. " Miss Chickering: " Now, Georgia, describe th e scene in ' The Tempest. ' Georgia {who didn ' t know what Miss Chickering was talking about): " Well, it was very ' woosy ' . " Miss Chickering: " Woodsy? Yes-yes, that is a fine adjective. Go on, Georgia. " H. Ford {on seeing two small children dressed in brown): " Do you suppose they are twins? " Kay Greenough : " No, because one ' s a girl and one a boy. " Miss Howey: " How did the old Greeks show that they were in mourning? " Sue Dodge: " They bobbed their hair. " Scott: " And we shall grow old together " . Lucy ' s father ' s voice from upstairs: " Well, you needn ' t start doing it down there, need you? " Jane: " Going to the library to-night? " Phyl: " No, I have to study. " Miss Howey: " Didn ' t your father approve of your new riding habit? " M. Wilcox: " Oh, yes, Father did ; but the horse fainted. " New Girl: " Is your name Mary by any chance? " Old Girl: " No, it was entirely intentional. " 102 The Abbot Circle 19 20 Miss Howey: " What is a saint? " C. Wilkinson: " A person with wings. " E. Cochrane: " And I saw a lot of little chickens in a percolator. " Florence {going in to Rhythmic). " Now we ' ll go in and try to forget our- selves. " Mary Evers: " Yes, I forgot myself Tuesday and got two demerits. " Mr. Bassett: " Have you seen our ski jump? " Lee: " No, but I ' d just love to. Will he do it before strangers? " L. Pratt {looking at H. Ford ' s " Jack o ' Lantern " ): " I wish Scott wasn ' t so silly. He won ' t send me one of these. " P. Miller: " I suppose that ' s the difference between a brother and a lover. " Miss Mason: " Why were you late to breakfast? " Jane Allen: " Because it began before I got there. " I. Franklin {in Senior Lit.): " Bacchus had a lot of satires. " R. Patch: " No, satellites. " Miss Howey {with a sob) : " No, satyrs. " H. Ford: " Father was looking up our family tree the other day. " P. Miller: " I hope there weren ' t any monkeys in the branches. " Miss Howey {in History of Art) : " Why is Job always painted nude? " P. Miller: " Because he had everything taken away from him. " 103 The Abbot Circle 19 20 )Omr Energetic Rotables 3Jn 0vr Renowned School as {Excellent (Heeth — H. Thiel Seen GDn {Kisses — K. Kinney {Must Sjike Sadishes — M. Rowell All Sound HUockey (player) — A. Hussey. Mas (Sreat Bimples -- H. Donald. Much Avoirdupois -- M. Ackroyd Hery Sweet G£irl — V. Gowdy Religiously (Ehasing Wisdom — R. Winn {Much {Merit — M. Moxley {Merry Sound Sabe — M. Bushnell Ueuced Stylish (Jjjirl — D. Graves iFrisky! pimply {Magnetic! — F. Matile Always Acting Bevilish -- A. Davis Safiiing Fancy ' s Wildest (dreams) -- B. Worman {Mighty Clever {Mentally -- M. Miles Always Pushing Wildly — A. Wade {Ever Uleaming — E. Baalack {flinch ilnnocent prattle-- I. Parrott kittle Sut (Sood — L. Grumman Ever {Making Sreaks — E. Babb {Mighty beguiling iiancer -- M. Downs Impelling iflond iFancies-- I. Franklin (Eaught ' Sound Cray ' s — C. Grimes 31 ust Uownright luovable — J. Lyon {Munches {Many Sandwiches — M. Stockwell dleers About Masculines — J. McClive interpolating Sitter Statements-- I. Sutherland Kuring Sichard — L. Robinson {Eternally (Setting Ueliveries (special) — E. Dixon 104 The Abbot Circle 19 20 Swings OTe mill M The tread of the night watchman. Hash, beans, and stew. Chaperones on every .occasion. The way Ros reads the Senior Parlor paper with Peg French o ' mornings. Fishicecreamandcallers. The College preps disturbing the peace in the Senior Parlor just before lunch. Connie Ling ' s orange scarf. Matile ' s mange cure. Dandelion ' s little bell. Packing our trunks in that vacation rush. Hinckley ' s shoes. Mr. Ashton ' s explanations in Chapel. Jane Baldwin ' s eternal laugh. The kindergarten prep ' s quiet (?) behavior. Carrie ' s vaudeville stunts. The wail of the recreation room victrola. Miss Howey ' s urge to " Go to, now — ! " That inevitable riding and riding-habit table talk. That hop-skip-jump of Heinie ' s. Jay hanging out her front window. Callers leaving at half-past nine. That sinking feeling after bobbing your hair. 105 The Abbot Circle 1920 The Abbot Circle 19 20 " SmbXit " or " jfflucb bo bout JSotfrros " A TRAGEDY IN FIVE ACTS Act I — A Road Lady Bountiful (who drives from the back seat) — 0. Matthews. ' Iggins, the chauffeur (begoggled, reckless and automobile-mad) — M. Bancroft Bill Board, the policeman (pugnaciously protecting people) — B. Bailey Artie Choke, a bystander (hazy but helpful) — M. Bennett Act II — The " Dew-Drop " Inn Iona Carr, the heroine (wan, willowy and wild) — R. Chickering Izzy Inski, the Bolsheviki hero (peppy, passionate and persistent) — M. Howey Salome (dark, dazzling and dangerous) — R. Marceau Dick Dead-Eye, the villain (stealthy and seductive) — J. Ashton Track M. Down, the detective (muffled and murderous) --H. Robinson Marcus Low, the landlord (busy and blustering) — M. Putnam Act III — An Automat Lunch Wanda Hither, the vamp (beautiful, beguiling and bored) — F. Stelle Doctor Hair, the college professor (studious, scientific and solemn) -- J. Davison Runna Carr, Iona ' s little brother (yodling and youthful) — E. Cole Ida Noe, the ingenue (sweet, simple and girlish) — H. Baynes Philip McCann, the " hash-slinger " (lazy, and lolling) — M. Nichols Act IV— " Don ' t " Park Kiddy Carr, Runna ' s little sister (silly, saucy and seraphic) — B. Grimes Polly and Anna, her twin friends (clubby and cunning) — M. Mason and K.Kelsey Bob Hair, the little boy next door (tubby, tough and terrible) — 5. Fletcher Elaine, the nursemaid (flirtatious and fickle) — R. E. Lane Fuller Bull, the traveling salesman (fluent and fascinating) — F. Wheeler Act V — The " Dew-Drop " Inn Agust A. Wind, the profiteer (greedy, grasping and garrulous) — R. A. Dowd Mug, the bell boy (plump and well-pleased) — M. Wilkins Major Bed, the visiting aviator (uniformed and unctuous) — M. Pooke Private Grounds, the visiting soldier(uniformed and unfeeling) -- B. Morgan Gob A. Jam, the visiting sailor (uniformed and uneasy) — E. Adams Sally Forth, the telephone girl (gloomy and gum-chewing) — M. Gates 107 The Abbot Circle 19 20 01} »bat a tr(! Hair -- Leonore Wickersham Eyes — Katherine Kinney Nose — Vivien Gowdy Mouth — Eliza Bailey Teeth — Julia Abbe Smile — Florence Matile Dimples — Susan Dodge Complexion — Elizabeth Hawkes Figure — Hilda Heath Feet — Catherine Greenough Hands — Margaret French Voice — Dorothy Fisher Clothes — Doris Graves Tact — Marjorie Downs Poise — Lydia McCreary Popularity — Hope Allen Pep — Justine Pearsall Originality — Constance Ling Humor — Caroline Wilkinson Gift o ' Gab — Paula Miller Sophistication — Rosamond Patch Dancing — Helen Polk Scholarship --Virginia Miller Musical Ability - - Edna Dixon Artistic Ability -- Helen Theil Can l ou imagine 3t? Abbot outdoors watching the Northern lights all evening study hour. (It happened). Mail on Sundays. Hope minus crushes. Miss Kelsey without Miss Mason. Carol Iredell ' s language improving. Getting all your own clothes back from the laundry. Lights on after ten o ' clock. Billy " forgetting herself " in rhythmic. 108 The Abbot Circle 1920 ftfte PlacfeltBt Name Susan Dodge Charlotte Vose Lucy Pratt Hilda Heath Mary Delano Julia Abbe Hope Allen Margaret French Catherine Greenough Edith Adams Helen Walker Eliza Bailey Justine Pearsall Rosamond Patch Helen Polk Lucy Ford Katherine Hamblet Virginia Miller Constance Ling Leonore Wickersham Caroline Wilkinson Paula Miller Dorothy Fisher Elizabeth Hawkes Margaret Worman Lydia McCreary Notorious For That sphinx-like expression Her inside dope on the Faculty Scott Dancing with Jigg The Yale Prom. Her remarks Her wicked eyes The books she reads Acting like Faculty Her busy signs Her fudge Her deviltry The things she gets away with The angle of her hats Repeating the question asked Her baby dress Laughing in the Senior Parlor Her voice Her vocabulary Her bronze slippers Herself Murdering the King ' s English Worcester Mopping for the Hockey Fund Her teas Pink rompers 110 77 1 b b o t Cir cl 1920 Comments " There ' s Egypt in your dreamy eyes! ' Heah! Great Scott! Lawrence Hope! Lucky dog! Clever? I ' ll say she is! Ye Gods! To have i Oh, boy! " Well, but ! " " Will you go hunt, my lord? " Oh what a girl ! " Good morning, Miss Bailey " . " You don ' t know the half of it. " " Here I ami " " Great balls of fire! " " Paula, talk to me! " Nothing phases her. " Put passion in it. " So awfully clever! " Do I smell smoke? " " I ' ll be revenged on the whole pack of Stupid. " The play ' s the thing. " Looks are deceiving. " Wonderful time! The best eats! " " Sh--Miss Howey! " Object in Life To control her passion for preps. Her gingham dress- Never to be scot-free. To find one. Another prom. To make Bill Shakespeare look cheap, t noticed when she ' s on time for breakfast To get out of chapel. To be the first woman President. To rival Torpadi. To get to Bryn Mawr. The Hill? The Bright Lights. Spice. The Perfect Man. Jo, Carrie, California. Miss Marceau. To put passion in it. To outdo Pavlova. To make more ski tracks. you! " California. To have curly hair. To get in the movies. To write Russian Literature. To teach cooking and sewing. To bob her hair. Ill T h c A b b o t C i r c I c 1920 Jfictton Mebieto or " OTaterp i£ oup for PeggarsT The World Shut Out " — Abbot The Charm School " — Phillips . . Haunts and By-paths " — Main Street Dangerous Days " -- Mid-years The Passionate Pilgrim " — B. Barker Valentine ' s " Guide to Greater New York " - F. Gasscr The Haunted Bookshop " — The Library Hail, Man! " — The Prom Ecstacy " — G. Hoffman The Path to Home " - The B. M. R. R. The Nights of the Round Table " -Exam Time The Forbidden Trail " --Phillips Street Memories of a Musical Career " - C. L. Cleveland The Golden Age of Authors " - 1920 Twenty Three and a half Hours ' Leave " — Our weekly holiday Money, Money, Money " — R. Grossman Heartbreak House " — Miss Bailey ' s office — sometimes Comedians All " - C. Wilkinson, G. Warren, J. Pearsall The Young Visitors " - J. Allen, S. Welborn, P. Bankart Substitutes for the Saloon " - Mrs. ScanneV s Lunch Room The Cottage of Delight " — Draper Homestead Comrades of Peril " — C. Perrin, L. McCreary The Call of the Soil " --E. Weld The Ivory Trail " — Recreation Room Piano The Court of Love - - The Drawing Room, Friday Night The Casual Laborers " — College Preps The Book of the Damned " -Class Book The Lamp in the Desert " — Miss Howe y A Cry Out of the Dark " - - I. Sutherland The Struggle for Immortality " - Our years here The Perfect Adonis " - Your caller — as you see him The Three Black Pennies " - Our Allowance by Saturday The Diary of a Saint " -Almost Any Line-a-Day! Famous Mysteries " — Stu.G. Uneasy Street " — Corridors after lights The Vital Message " — A call to the Office 112 The Abbot Circle 1920 THE END 113 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER THE ANDOVER PRESS JOHN N. COLE PRINTERS PUBLISHERS STATIONERS Makers of High Grade School and College Books Press Building - - - Andover, Massachusetts Wright Illustrating Engraving Company A Specialty of Cuts for Illustrating School and College Annuals Pocono Building 229 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY Telephone Gramercy 4534 216 HIGH STREET, BOSTON Telephone, 3000, 3001 Main Boston - - Massachusetts ABBOT CHICLE ADVERTISER HERBERT F. CHASE Fine Athletic Goods Agents for Eastman Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies ANDOVER - - MASS. J. H. PLAYDON Florist Plants and Cut Flowers At All Times Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Ernest T. Hethrington Successor to T. A, Holt Co. and Smith Manning J. D. BLACKSHAW ANDOVER, MASS. Dry Goods and Ladies Furnishings Groceries and Fancy Goods This reliable store extends a Jewelry and hearty greeting to graduates and students of Abbot Academy. The Old Holt Store " under the Optical Store church is unique in location and caters to that part of the trade of Andover which appre- ciate the quality. Visit the re- Andover Mass. newed Holt Store. PARK STREET GARAGE PAGE CATERING Taxi Service CO. W. J. MORRISSEY, Proprietor LOWELL, MASS. PARK STREET, ANDOVER TELEPHONE 59 ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Sportwear and Sportgear For Young Ladies TENNIS WEAR, GOLF SUITS, SPORT SUITS, SWEATERS, SPORT HATS, SPORT SHOES And the implements and equipment for every athletic sport, of course A. G. SPALDING BROS. 523 Fifth Avenue New York City STORES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION Houte jfabtan Pacfjracfj 647 Boylston Street, Boston Worcester Springfield Providence Hartford New York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington ABBO T CIRCLE A D V ERTISER J. H. Campion Co. All Kinds of FRUITS ALBERT W. LOWE in their season NUTS, NUT MEATS, FIGS, DATES, SCHRAFFT ' S CHOCOLATES, OLIVES, JAMS, MARMALADES, FANCY AND PLAIN CRACKERS, POTTED MEATS ETC. Druggist ANDOVER, MASS. Elm Square, Andover, Mass. THE =[ «3= VICTROLA Provides Splendid Entertainment Best Wishes of a Family COME IN AND HEAR THE VICTROLA WE ' RE ALWAYS GLAD TO DEMONSTRATE =£ 3= W. A. ALLEN VALPEY BLOCK 2 MAIN STREET, ANDOVER ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER THE BURNS COMPANY Sporting and Mufti Dress FOR EVERY OCCASION MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. TELEPHONE 78 CHARLES B. DYER fetoeler to tfje uttn of fR nf • oasebolu SORORITY, FRATERNITY PINS and RINGS CLASS AND CLUB MEDALS, PRIZE CUPS, DANCE PROGRAMS AND INVITATIONS ENGRAVED STATIONERY HAND WROUGHT JEWELRY Our Things are Different 234 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER Compliments of dfritnfc ABBOT CIRCLE A DVERTISER When in the following cities Visit the WALDORF LUNCHES a a Boston-24 Stores Lawrence, Mass. Everett, Chelsea, Cambridge, Lynn New Bedford, " Salem, Waltham, Springfield, Hartford, Ct. New Haven, Ct. .1 Providence, R. I. Pawtucket, Philadelphia, Pa. Newark, N. J. Manchester, N. H. Albany, N. Y. Troy, " Schenectady, N. Y. Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, Pa. u u (( A BBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER BUCHAN FRANCIS Furniture MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. Conservative Methods Applied to both its underwriting and investing have placed the MERRIMACK among the best of our Massachusetts Insurance Companies MERRIMACK MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. Bank Building, Andover, Mass. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Worthy of Your Consideration CHECK ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Banking Hours: Daily 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday 9 to 12 We aim to promote THRIFT The time to save money is NOW THE SMALL AND REGULAR DEPOSITOR IS ALWAYS WELCOME ANDOVER SAVINGS BANK ANDOVER, MASS. ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER The Bank of Service Assets . . . $22,167,436.19 Deposits . . $18,923,821.87 AMOSKEAG SAVINGS BANK MANCHESTER, N. H. WM, PARKER STRAW, President ALBERT O. BROWN, Treasurer JAMES E. CURRIER, Asst. Treas. HARRY L, DAVIS, Asst. Treas. Compliments of ANDERSON ANDERSON Attorneys at Law 15 BROAD STREET NEW YORK ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER HAPPINESS IN POSSESSION HAPPINESS IN OCCUPATION ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER H. E. MILLER BASSETT ' S TOURS ORGANIZED 1897 Cater to the best type of travelers, and Shoes, Rubbers and our arrangements are in accord with their desires. The carefully planned itinera- ries are the result of twenty-three years Shoe Repairing experience. Senior classes from Abbot Academy to the White Mountains for the past ten years are among my choicest clientele. SETH C. BASSETT 43 MAIN STREET HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS = $= GREENOUGH BROS. LIVE STOCK CO. Compliments of a Friend LANDER, - WYOMING ' ■ A ' 1 W ' V -« = oo H ABBOT CIRCLE ADVERTISER BUICK MOTOR CARS G. M. C. TRUCKS THE NOYES-BUICK CO. Distribution for New England 17 LAWTON STREET - BOSTON, MASS. ABBOT CIRCLE AD V ERTISER (Wire IWhi aoicK detachable Manufactured for FORD and CHEVROLET Model 490, cars DAYTON Wire Wheel Carriers also furnished to c arry the extra or spare ' wheel. Write for booklet. The Dayton Wire Wheel Company) DAYTON, - - OHIO Compliments of a Friend

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