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LIBRARY OF ABBOT ACADEMY No. Afc Abbot Academy Class Book NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN A n d o v e r Massachusetts • •• -1 %J J. M? m • m To MRS. WARREN F. DRAPER in this, her ninetieth year Now just across the street from us, — There lives a friend so dear, That all who know her, love her with A love that grows each year. Each day as back and forth we pass, Intent on work or play, We see her wave; her cheery smile Helps us through all that day. As we go forth from Abbot now, — ' Twill help us Seniors still, To feel her strength and comfort in The place we have to fill. So this our book we dedicate, Our constant friend, to you. To whom through all the coming years Our hearts will e ' er be true. o ' 1 — i m . i Mm 1 vffi. ' % v " The Andover Press AN DOVER. MASSACHUSETTS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Motto — Live in the Large Class Color — Crimson HlLDEGARDE GuTTERsi N President Helen Hanscom Vice-President Frances Dowd Secretary Miriam Bancroft Treasurer LOUISE ALLAMAX Dayton, Ohio There are just two hearts worth knowing. Yours, sweetheart, and mine. MIRIAM BAXCROFT Maidens " hearts are always soft. Concord, X. H. ELISABETH BARTLETT She sees life through rosy spectacles. AXDOVER. MaSS« DOROTHY BENNETT A vigorou-. Beverly, Mass. various, versatile mind. MARGARET BLAKE Ivorytox, Conn. For when I think I ' m best resolved, I then am most in doubt. DOROTHY BOND Reading, Mass. Joys of life it ' s wrong to taste them, Far worse, I ' m sure, to.waste them. HARRIETT BOWMAN Age can never bend nor win her. There ' s a heart of youth within her. Mtjncie, Ind. HELEN BURK I must be true to myself And speak whate ' er I think. Philadelphia, Pa. 10 MARIOX CLARK Axdover, Mass. She had laughed as softly as if she had sighed. LILLIAN COXROY Quiet, Andover, Mass. dignified, and correct. 11 WANDA DEAN Andover, Mass. Kind hearts are more than coronets. FRANCES DOWD Madison, Coxx. A lass o ' pairts. 12 HELEN GILBERT Good-nature, what a blessing! Bolton, Mass. ELSIE GLEASON A reflective, friendly maid is she. Axdover, Mass. 13 HILDEGARDE GUTTERSON Winchester, Mass. Hither, as to their fountain, other stars Repairing, in their golden urns draw light. HELEN HAMBLET A face Lawrence, Mass. with gladness overspread, Soft smiles, by human kindness bred. 14 HELEN HAXSCOM Lawrence, Mass. A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command. MARY HARSH Axdover, Mass. The only way to shine even in this false world, is to be modest and unassuming. 15 GLADYS HIGGIXS Andover, Mass. Gentle dignity. spiced with a dash of fun. • MARY HILDRETH Bethlehem, N. H. Memory is the treasurer and guardian of all things. 16 MILDRED HORNE Honolulu, T. H. A daughter of the gods, divinely tall. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Axdover, Mass. A healthy frame, a quiet mind. 17 FRANCES JONES Portland, Ore. Her hair was not more sunny than her heart LUCRETIA LOWE Axdover, Mass. Catch her and hold her if you can. 18 LAURA MARLAND Ballardvale, Mass. She hath a natural, wise simplicity, A simple truthfulness. ESTHER PARKS Cleveland, Ohio He is sae hungry that he cannot sleep. 19 KATHARINE SELDEX Boundless energy and play. Axdover, Mass. for both work ALICE SWEENEY Lawrence, Mass. And yet. believe me, good as well as ill. Woman ' s at best a contradiction still. 20 BERTHA WESSEL Lawrence, Mass. Give every man thy ear but few thv voice. ELSIE WHIPPLE Andover, Mass. She is not a goddess, An angel, a lily or a pearl. She ' s just that which is sweetest, Completest and neatest, A dear little, queer little, Sweet little girl. 21 MARIE WIXSOR Asbury Park. N. J. For worth like thine alone I pray. Temper like thine. serene and gay MARGARET WYLIE Walla Walla. Wash. Pr.-ent mirth has present laughter. 11 tstorp of tjje Class of 1914 Dramatis Personae — ■ The Loyal Members of the Class of 1914. Place — ■ Abbot Academy Time — September 1912 to June 1914 ACT I. SENIOR MIDDLE YEAR Sc. 1 Election of Officers in Abbot Hall We enter the new year rather timidly, feeling awed by the presence of the dignified and original Seniors. Sc 2 Hockey Game with the Seniors Enthusiasm and pride exhibited as we led our girls to battle, although we brought them back with a tied score. Singing rather weak, lacking the confidence that the Seniors had. Sc. 3 Senior-Mid Play Comments left to be made by those who saw it. Sc. 4 Banquet Hilarious excitement! It was the first thing that really brought the class together as a whole and it was also the first class banquet that Miss Bailey had attended at the school, and we felt highly honored. 23 S( . 5 Introduction to the " Senior Parlor " The Seniors welcome us into the " Senior Parlor. " It was at that moment, and during all the Commencement Exercises, that it swept over us that the Seniors were going: those girls who had helped and encouraged us all that year, and inspired in us real Abbot spirit. We had to brace our shoulders against that fact, however, and live up to the traditions they had given us. ACT II. OUR GLORIOUS SENIOR YEAR! It came upon us before we knew it. and now it is almost gone, we know not where. . 1 Election of Officers It was a joyous meeting, our first one. and after we had elected our officers we tried to plan all that we wanted to crowd into one short year and what that year would mean to each one of us. We arranged a series of teas for the new girls, to show them the Senior Parlor and the fine victrola. for which we thank 1913 and wish that they could realize all the pleasure it has given the whole school this year. Our class rings came early in the fall and we were very much pleased with them. Sc. 2 Frolics: — Although the day for the straw-ride was rather gloomy, it did not dampen our spirits as we drove over to Mrs. Boutwell ' s barn, where we had a great deal of fun. It has been the wish of every Senior to keep the class as united as possible, so we have had several gatherings during the year around the fire in the Senior Parlor, where we have toasted marshmallows and sung our songs, or else we have all come together for a chafing-dish supper. These have added much to the year ' s happiness! Sc. 3 Intervale — Four Days of Fun! It will always be a disputed statement, whether our class had the best time, or 1913, the first class to enjoy this privilege. Of course we each have our opinion on the subject. May 1915 have just as good a time, and better, if that is possible. 24 Sc. 4 Senior Play This scene required much hard work and the denial of many good times, but we were glad to do it for the school and for our class. We gave " The Winter ' s Tale. " Sc. 5 Spring Term and Commencement Is it possible that this is our last term of school-life at Abbot Academy ' i It grows harder to realize it every day, now that the end is so near. When our Senior Banquet is over and the Commencement Exercises are through, we will go out to take our places in this big, interesting world, with our hearts and minds made broader, more sympathetic and intelligent by their contact with this school, its teachers, and pupils. We can never forget the happy days spent here, and may we ever strive to " live in the large " and be loyal daughters to our Alma Mater and the Class of 1914. 25 The day has come when we depart. Stand free from all that ' s gone before, When each of us goes out alone. And trembling knocks at Life ' s great door. And lest we be forgotten quite. When we have travelled far away. We leave behind a birch-tree white. In sacred memorv of this day. Oh. little tree, so small, so thin. May ' st thou grow tall and straight in form. And may ' st thou stand for many years And long endure both wind and storm ! Oh, may we straight and steadfast grow. And learn, alone, to fill, like thee. The place that Fate shall make for us, And sail, victorious, Life ' s rough sea! — E. B. 26 B eautiful B enefactress K indly R adiates K nowledge X aturally M ade M onitor O ften G oes R ambling E ver S tinging T irelessly X ever S eeming W orldly H ating D ilatory C orridors R mining A fter D ollars E ver H ealth A ttentive R estrains M any C rushes M adly E vades B ickering " Oh! T his S ummer! " M anages E dibles C arefully M any M ental H appenings G ives A id J oyfully J oking X ever A hates I nto the woods on a picnic, N ever minding the cold, T railing, snowshoeing and skiing, E very one of us bold. R iding down the toboggan slide, V aliant, happy and gay, A 11 of us shrieking with laughter, L oathing the parting day, E nding our four days of play with — Everybody wept, even the horses wept, and their tears formed a pool and the water froze and Rex slipped and broke his arm — and — everybody wept, even the horses wept fit 33 tntor $lap " CJje Winter ' Cale " Cast Leontes Mamilius Camillo Antigonus Cleomenes Dion polixenes Florizel Mariner Old Shepherd Clown Autolycus (a rogue) Servant to the King Servant to the Shepherd Lords Louise Allaman Edith Page Franees Dowd Marie Winsor Elizabeth Johnson Laura Marland Harriett Bowman Esther Parks Wanda Dean Hildegarde Gutterson Margaret Blake Margaret Wylie Margaret Blake Miriam Bancroft Helen Hamblet Mary Hildreth Alice Sweeney Elisabeth Bartlett Mildred Home Margaret Wylie Marion Clark Shepherds Hermione Perdita Paulina Mopsa Dorcas Ladies of the Court Shepherdesses Guards Officer to the Court Time Dorothy Bond Mildred Home Marie Winsor Helen Hanscom Elsie Whipple Helen Gilbert Lucretia Lowe Helen Burk Frances Jones Helen Burk Miriam Bancroft Laura Marland Gladys Higgins Helen Moody Alice Sweeney Katharine Selden . Elsie Gleason 34 Miles Standish Garret Foster John Margeson Philippe de la Noye mioxzfflib $lap " ftogt £ ' tMpmoutt) Coton " Cast Rhea Koons Miriam Chillingsby Esther Sheldon Barbara Standish Esther Rutter Resolute Story Martha Lamberton Rose de la Noye Barbara Brown Muriel Baker Winifred Warren Sarah Cushing 35 Le Due Laerte Le Comte Irus Silvio Ninon iflrencl) Pap u quoi ftetornt lea euncg filled " Cact Mary Harsh Ninette Charlotte Morris Flora Marjorie Freeman Spadille Josephine Walker Quinola Marion Hamblet Ada Wilkey Margaret Perry Olga Sjostrom 36 ©ur Bops Have you met the men of our class? They are strangely like the girls, Their hair is plastered down so slick, Yet round the edge it curls. And maybe if you look quite close You ' ll see that their back hair Goes down below their collars, Or perhaps is twisted there. Then, too, their feet are very small, And shod in English cut, And their hands are always soft and white, And free from stain or smut. Their tones are low and musical, Yet ' twould hardly be the case That one of them could win a prize For skill in singing bass. 37 But any such deficiency, They make up in their ties, The colors are so bright and gay The styles so very nice. In fact, thei r clothes, these men of ours, Are very up-to-date, Their suits look like their brothers ' The models just as late. Exclusiveness marks all our boys, Notoriety they fear, They scorn the day-time function, And at eventide appear. We ' ll ne ' er forget those boys of ours. They ' re the nicest ones we know, And to find out their equals We ' ve very far to go. L. L. 38 " Cfje ©erm " Beware the German measles! They ' re really dangerous, dear! If we should all be spotted We ' d look so very queer. It ' s really Aery trying That Phillips is so near, But then, the germs do manage To separate us, dear. 39 Classified 9tos LOST — Homesickness. — H. Woolverton. LOST — Faith in Mrs. Pankhurst. — H. Gutterson. WANTED — Some one to debate on Woman Suffrage with me. — M. Howey. TO EXCHANGE — My present " sheltered " position for one in the world which will develop my better self. — N. S. Wilkins. TO EXCHANGE — A toothbrush with a straight handle for one with a red string around it. — M. Bancroft. FOR SALE — A pamphlet entitled, " How to Dress fully and completely in Two Minutes. " Limited number of copies. — H. Burk. WANTED — A remedy for crushitis. — D. Fairfield, M. Perry, E. Kilton, M. Freeman. PERSONAL — I will pay a reward to anyone who will keep D. Bennett and L. Allaman apart. — R. M. Checkering. WANTED — A Declaration of Peace in Mexico. For " Fuller " reasons apply to — H. Gilbert FOR SALE — Clothes.— C. Morris. IF you would gain twenty pounds in a month, write for my booklet — " How to get Fat and Healthy. " — Helen Hanscom. SITUATION WANTED as Grand Opera singer.— M. Stohn. PERSONAL — What do you feed an aligator? — M. Bancroft. WANTED — A book of jokes to make me smile. — M. Clark. FOR SALE — My book: " How to bring up an American Girl. " — H. D. Cramer. 41 as Our aeacljtrg l oulD Bate Gjs Never late for lesson-. Sever late for meals, Always neat and tidy And most of all. low heels. Xo " awkwardness " in dancing. Xo " Aviation Glide " : We must dance with dignity. Grace personified. Sleeves below the elbow. Xeck up to the base, Though it scarce becomes An ordinary face. Though we ' re really ill. And wish to go to bed. We ought to go to class, For " absence is ill-bred. ' We must never argue, Xe ' er laugh loud in jest: For our noble faculty Always knows what ' s best. Thus the struggle grow-. Through the long day ' s task; The more we try to please. The more our teachers ask. But we must be patient. Xever shirk the task. Some day we ' ll discover " Faculty knows best. " 42 £l)e iMctrola Ah, what are those strains so loud and sweet. That steal upon the ear. Flooding the halls and galleries Till the maidens pause to hear? Caruso, Lauder, and Gluck Bring rapture, laughter and tear. It is our Senior Victrola Which brings such joy to the ear. Ctye Bratmng - tfoom Soft brown tints and rosy lights, The fire burning low; Two sofas large with pillows soft. Reflecting the firelight glow. 43 CUpptngs A riot was almost created at the fourth precinct polls today when Miss Hildegarde Gut- terson, a well-known and admired resident of Winchester, mounted a box and tried to urge the women not to vote. " Woman ' s place is in the home, " and all the ancient war-cries of the antis of ten years ago, marked her speeches. She was quieted only by force. — Winchester Star, Nov. 6, 192k Another romance has come to light in the marriage of one of the nurses of the City Hos- pital to a former patient. Miss Miriam Bancroft in caring for her patient won his heart. ' — Concord Daily News, Oct. 9, 1922 A large party of school girls will sail on the steamer " President " which leaves Boston on Saturday. They are under the chaperonage of Miss Elsie Whipple and are planning to spend nine months in Europe. This is Miss Whipple ' s eighth trip as a " personal conductor " and she is well fitted to take charge of school girls. She is accompanied by an expert linguist, Miss Frances Jones, who will teach the girls French, Italian, German and Russian on the trip. — Boston Transcript, May 7, 1928 One of the best wireless operators in the world is a woman, Miss Gladys Higgins, who is now operator on the great, new ship " President. " She is working at present on some ex- periments and thinks that she will soon be able to communicate with both poles. — New York World, Dec. 5, 1928 Tonight at the Denison House College Settlement an exceedingly interesting missionary lecture on Japan will be given. Miss Helen Gilbert and Miss Harriett Bowman, who have just returned from the Land of Cherry-Blossoms, will entertain in costume. Miss Bowm an lectures and Miss Gilbert illustrates the talk. Their properties are said to be rare and beauti- ful and their experiences thrilling, so that no one can afford to miss the pleasure of an evening with them. — Boston Transcript, April 2, 1928 44 On Saturday, April 17, Miss Laura Marland spoke to us in a very interesting manner about the work of the Consumers ' League and the good things it has accomplished. Abbot is proud to say that it has given such an efficient secretary as Miss Marland to the organi- zation. — Abbot Con rant, June 1921 " The life in Mexico is now much like life in the United States. The little Mexican chil- dren whom I am teaching are just as lively and mischievous as American boys and girls. Nevertheless the change is doing me much good. " — Lillian Conroi s Letter to the Andover Townsman, Feb. 3, 1920 The Abbot Academy girls have begun to practice hockey in earnest. Miss Margaret Blake, a former Abbot girl and hockey captain, is coaching and the girls are working to win her approval. — Andover Townsman, Oct. 1, 1919 At the South Church on Sunday, Reverend Elsie Gleason, the pastor, will preach at the usual hour. The Abbot Academy girls will be present for the first time this year. — Andover Townsman, Sept. 17, 1919 The Star has the authority to make the first announcement of a gift of $100,000 for the maintenance of a vocational school for working children in this city. Miss Helen Hamblet, who has given so much of her time and life to the betterment of conditions here, is responsible for the gift. The donor does not wish his name to be known. — Lawrence Star, Nov. 22, 1928 For the first time in history a woman will be private secretary to the President of the United States. Miss Mary Harsh will hold that position in the new administration. She is well fitted for her work, having made a special study of Political Science, Government, etc. She is a graduate of Abbot Academy, at Andover, Massachusetts, and of Smith College. Washington Sun, Jan. 12, 1929 A large and beautiful reception was given yesterday by Mrs. Kenneth Kendall, nee Miss Louise Allaman, in honor of her house guest, Miss Dorothy Bennett. Miss Bennett is a distinguished young woman, being the minority leader in the House of Representatives in the Massachusetts Legislature. — Dayton News, June 10, 1926 45 A treat is in store for Worcester people with the coming of Carter ' s Lady Minstrels. This show has been on the road for three years and its phenomenal success has been largely due to one of the end-men (or women, one should say), Elisabeth Bartlett. — Worcester Sun, April 1, 1920 A book that has recently been published called " Poems for Children by One Who Knows Them, " has aroused a great deal of favorable comment. The author of the delightful poetry is Miss Olive Wanda Dean — a young woman whose youth is not so far away that she does not remember the joys of childhood. — New York Times, July 10, 1926 This evening at Tremont Temple, Miss Frances Dowd will give readings from her latest book, " The Spirit That Denies. " Miss Dowd and her books are too well known to need further introduction. — Boston Transcript, May 12, 1929 One of the big attractions at Keith ' s next week will be Esther Parks in a musical act. Miss Parks has never before appeared in Boston, but as she has captured the New York public, Keith ' s patrons may expect this act to be up to the standard. - Boston Herald, Nov. 6, 1921 Tomorrow night Miss Lucretia Lowe will give readings from her own books at Abbot Academy. Miss Lowe was formerly a resident of Andover and a student at the Academy. Her work has a rare and unusual humor and the students always anticipate her coming eagerly. Andover Townsman, Oct. 17, 1928 Miss Mary Hildreth, one of Bethlehem ' s daughters, is now lecturing and instructing women in politics. Despite her clever talks, the women at large seem more interested in their homes than in their duty at the polls. We wish you " Good Luck, " Miss Mary, but we feel that your subject is not carefully chosen. — Bethlehem Neivs, June 2, 1922 Monday afternoon. Miss Mildred Home, professor of Household Economics at Wellesley, will lecture before the November Club on " The Value of Bacilli to the Housewife. " — Andover Townsman. Jan. 4, 1925 The " Emporium of Dry Goods " has been purchased by Miss E. Johnson of Andover. Under her efficient management the store will, no doubt, be a success. — Andover Townsman, June 7, 1924 46 The Drama League, of which Miss Katherine Selden of Andover, Mass., is president, has just issued a long list of plays worth while. Since its organization the League has done more to better the condition of the American stage than any other agency. — Philadelphia Post, Sept. 15, 1928 Miss Bertha Wessel, one of our Andover girls, and a graduate of Abbot Academy, has just been elected librarian of the town library. — Andover Townsman, Oct. o, 1923 Miss Marie Winsor will lecture on " China as an Equal Suffrage Country, " at Abbot Academy tomorrow afternoon. Much interest is being shown in the lecture, especially because Miss Winsor was a former Abbot girl. — Andover Townsman, March 1, 1926 Springfield will tonight hear a singer of wonderfully sweet voice. Miss Margaret Wylie, who has been trained at home and abroad, will give a concert at the Opera House this even- ing. It is said that she possesses a voice of great strength and sweetness. — Springfield Journal, Nov. lo, 1925 " My Kindergarten System — a Combination of the Froebel and Montessori Systems. " is a new book that no up-to-date kindergartner can afford to be without. The author is Helen Doris Hanscom. — New York World, Aug. 10, 1928 Rumor hath it, and we report it only with that understanding, that Miss Dorothy Bond will soon resign as teacher of mathamatics in our High School, to take up housekeeping. But, remember. Rumor hath it! — Reading Star May 12, 1921 At a meeting yesterday of the Policewomen of Massachusetts, held at the Copley Plaza, several strong speeches were made. Miss Marion Clark of Andover spoke on " The Power of the Policewoman over Boys, " and Miss A. Sweeney of Lawrence spoke stirringly on " What We are Worth. " —Boston Herald, Jan. 12, 1924 One of the first shops I entered on the Rue Sainte Honore was kept by an American and carried American goods. I talked with the owner — Miss Helen Burk of Philadelphia — and she told me that her trade was very great. " Home things appeal to all, " she said, " espe- cially to Americans who have lived here for many years. " Mrs. Little ' s Paris Letter to the New York Sun, April ' .), ! ' . 2 . ' 47 % )t J5oung 3Latip Across t )t Wd I told the Young Lady Across the Way that a young ensign of my acquaintance had been suddenly called to defend his country ' s honor on the Mexican coast and asked her whether I should be jealous of the senoritas in their mantillas or go to the front as a Red Cross nurse. She said that for her part she just loved those cavalry cloaks, but some people preferred khaki. The Young Lady Across the Way heard that they were going to forbid spreads at Abbot and after thinking it over she said that of course spreads were all right but that for her part she thought after all comforters were warmer. I asked the Young Lady Across the Way, after she had returned from a visit to Abbot, if she had heard any of the serenades of the Phillips students. She said that she did go to the Inquiry Social, but that for her part she always found the syllables hard to guess. The Young Lady Across the Way was asked if she approved of Student Government in boarding schools. She replied that for her part she thought it was w ise to give the news, but she didn ' t believe in some of President Wilson ' s theories. I asked the Young Lady Across the Way whether she thought the period of isolation for scarlet fever was unreasonably long, and she said that for her part she thought vaccination was a great safeguard but some people preferred to have it young. 48 (But 9lrt (gallery D ance of the Nymphs Prudence The Broken Pitcher Mona Lisa Age of Innocence The Helping Hand The Sewing School Song of the Lark " Wake Up " Aurora School of Vestals The Sowers (Sewers) E. Butler H. Hardy E. Parks E. Kilton A. Burke H. Burk H. WoOLVERTON Miss Mason V. Allen H. Cutting h. gutterson Senior Parlor M. Wylie M. Bancroft M. Crockett Senior Class D. Pillsbury L. Erickson H. Balfe 49 La Belle Jardiniere U Pensieroso The Concert Perdita The Parrot ' s Cage The Milkmaid The Kiss Melancholia The Coquette The Lace Maker The Bathers Miss Bancroft A. Sweeney Miss Runner ' s Corridor E. Whipple Room 19 Miss Checkering Jessie Lumsden M. Huntington B. Brown M. Horne C. Morris E. Parks . M. Bancroft 50 M. Blake: " What tune did Marie use for her class song, Louise? " L. Allaman: " Oh, ' Abide with Me. ' She always does. " Martha L. : " You know, Helen G. ' s friend has a misplaced eyebrow. " Marjorie F. : " A misplaced eyebrow? Where is it? " Miss Howey: " What part of you should lead when running? " E. Whipple: " The front. " Girl (reciting in History II): " Anselm was a layman. " Miss Chickering (to class): " You all know what a layman is, of course. No? " M. Barnard: " It is a man who lays bricks and builds walls. " M. Bancroft (at dinner): " Have you read ' The Last Days of Pompeii ' ? " L. Erickson: " No; what did Pompeii die of? " M. Bancroft: " Oh, some kind of an eruption. " A Fidelio Soprano: " Mr. Ashton, shall I breathe after ' death ' ? " Miss Chickering: " Myrtle, tell us about Pilgrim ' s Progress. " Myrtle: " Oh! yes! That was the landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock. " H. Hanscom: " I ' m going to be married when Easter falls on Wednesday. " L. Allaman (in Psychology): " I don ' t know anything about the brain; I never studied Physics. " M. Baker (in History): " Oh, that ' s in Dante ' s ' Paradise Lost ' . " Geology Class. Miss W : " So that is how bays and lakes are formed. Can any- one name a bay or lake thus formed? " Student from N. Y.: " Back Bay. " M. Crockett (at dinner table): " Miss R — , what would you do with Dorothy P — ? She believes everything I say. " Miss R— : " I wouldn ' t talk so much. " CLASS BOOK BOARD - 1914 HlLDEGARDE GuTTERSOX Dorothy Bexxett Helex Hamblet, Mariox Brooks Harriett Bowman Fraxces Dowd, Esther Parks Margaret Wylie 52 Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Managers Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editors Art Editor I m t-t COURANT BOARD Literary Editors Alice Sweeney Lucretia Lowe Ada Wilkey Elisabeth Bartlett Martha Lamberton Business Editors Marion Selden Mildred Horne Elsie Whipple 53 Margaret Perry CJ)e tuDent (Eouncil The Student Council of Abbot Academy was founded in 1911. It is a group of girls chosen by the student body, which strives to keep up the good reputation of Abbot in all ways. This holds for matters both outside and inside the school, but does not affect keeping of study hours, tardiness, spreads, etc. It is expected that each girl in the school will heartily cooperate with this representative body and will assist the members in securing the best interests of all the students. 54 OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL Hildegarde Gutterson President Frances Jones Secretary Helen Hanscom Marjorie Freeman Helen Burk Alice Fidler Mildred Home Norma Allen Margaret Blake Harriette Woolverton 55 ABBOT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Mildred Horxe Lois Ericksox Norma Allex HlLDEGARDE GlTTERSOX President Vice-President Sec ret art) Treasurer 56 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Margaret Blake E-ther Sheldon Frances Jones President Secretary Treasurer - ' flMHBBH WKR " I B. Brown P. Brooks H. Balfe M. Crockett (Sub) HOCKEY TEAM Margaret Blake, Captain Esther Parks, Manager M. Perry E. Allen E. Sheldon E. Wade (Sub) Score : Bradford 5 ; Abbot 1 H. Haniblet K. Selden M. Home M. Selden e f f f l 9 FIDELIO M. Crockett M. Larrabee E. Stohn A. Grant E. Parker M. Hamblet C. Sargent E. Wade M. Huntington H. Balfe H. Warfield E. Bartlett A. Fidler B. Gleason H. Woolverton ML Akerley H. Dole M. Bartlett R. Jackson R. Koons M. Goodwin G. Shackleton M. Flynn M. Selden L. Murray E. Milliken L. Hamer M. MeUor D. Bushnell L. Albrecht S. Gushing M. Brooks B. Brown S. Flynn 0. Sjostrom J. Nye P. Brooks GLEE club Helen Haksoom, Leader Esther Parks Margaret Wylie Frances Jones Louise Allaman Frances Dowd Mildred Crockett Helene Hardy Rhea Koons Elizabeth Kinnell Alice Fidler Harriette Woolverton 62 Marion Brooks Hints anD Helps The Junior-Mids do romp and race, And often fall into disgrace. But they will dignity acquire. Which in due time, all will admire. The Juniors are so young and green, Their number scarcely is sixteen, But they will grow in grace, we hope, And have of knowledge, wider scope. The Preps are scarcely in their teens, Poor dears, they haven ' t yet the means To overcome their bashfulness, But Fourteen ' s influence soon they ' ll bless. 63 Class of 1914 to Class of 1015 We, the Class of 1914 of Abbot Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, in consideration of the courtesy and kindness of the class of 1915 of said school, do give to the class of 1915 to have and to hold until its departure from said Abbot Academy, the following property and privileges : to wit — The front seats in chapel. The newly-decorated Senior Parlor, with its porch. The use of the Victrola. The courtesy of the under-class girls, including — The holding open of doors for Seniors. Allowing Seniors precedence, even in getting " per. " Carrying of wraps and books for Seniors. Rising on entrance of Seniors. Pushing in Senior chairs at table. Tying Senior shoes. Holding umbrellas over Seniors. Room I, McKeen Hall, with the added privilege of seeing the horse-chestnut buds grow during the spring term. The kettle and the hope of the candle (or its equivalent). The privilege of hearing the noise of the Art lantern. The hope of telephoning without a chaperone. The Day-scholars ' room for Bible. The opportunity of giving new pillows to the Senior Day-scholars ' room. The fun and dignity of the Seniors. And lastly: We give unto the keeping of the class of 1915 the sacred trust of our Alma Mater. Signed: The Class of 1914 or Abbot Academy, June 9, 1914. Andover, Mass. 64 s S, Qfofcerftsemente WE WISH TO THANK THOSE WHO HAVE ADVERTISED IN THIS BOOK, AND REQUEST THE STUDENTS OF ABBOT ACADEMY TO PATRONIZE THEM IN SO FAR AS IT IS POSSIBLE Exclusive Clothing for Misses Misses ' Coats, Suits, Frocks, Blouses, Millinery, Shoes and Underwear Undoubtedly the largest and best arranged selling; sections devoted solely to Misses ' Garments in New England are conveniently grouped on our big Third Floor. Here we specialize on styles and models best adapted to the youthful form. In Coats and Suits we are especially well prepared with high grade garments of individuality and distinction in models and patterns of materials that you will not find elsewhere. A complete Millinery Store is devoted entirely to imported models and original creations for misses — hats that accent the fresh beauty of youthful faces are always to be found in this wonderful assortment. All Purchases of Apparel and Dress Accessories Are Delivered Free Anywhere in New England — Mail and Telephone Orders Attended to Promptly Jordan Marsh Company BOSTON THE HOUSE OF QUALITY £ i Fffa nl r II n, I " DO ■i i $. Snticftrr iWassatfjiisttts A 7 5 THE fl G r PLACE TO GO FOR PHOTOGRAPHS MA IN STREET NEA R MOR TON gntictoer JHassaclntsettsi ii :illinillllllllllllMIIIIIIIMIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM Cjjamplatn ' s $!)otograpj)0 A LL WORK of Taste must bear a price in proportion to the skill, time, expense and risk attending their invention and manufacture. Those things called dear are, when justly estimated, the cheapest. They are attended with much less profit to the artist than those which every- body calls cheap. A disposition for cheapness and not for excellence of workmanship is the most frequent and certain cause of the decay and destruction of Arts and manufactures. — Rusfyn CHAMPLAIN STUDIOS 161 164 Tremont Street Boston, Mass. NEW ENGLAND ' S LEADING PHOTOGRAPHER Class Photographers for Abbot Academy — 1913 and 1914 III GEORGE B. KING Art Stationer and Engraver 252 Boylston Street - - Boston, Massachusetts ENGRAVED CALLING CARDS, INVITATIONS. DIE STAMPING, UP-TO-DATE WRITING PAPER, INEXPENSIVF, LARGEST LINE IN BOSTON. PAPER AND ENGRAVING SENT ANYWHERE. SAMPLES FOR THE ASKING. Classes 1913, 1912, 1911, 1910, 1909, 1908, 1907, 1906. 1905, 1904, 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900 and years before ordered their Class Engraving here. IV The Metropolitan Toys, Home-Made Food a Specialty Fresh Candies, Ice Cream Soda BEN J A MIN BROWN ..SOROSIS SHOES.. REPAIRING DONE Main Street - - - Andover, Mass. LA FLEUR DE LIS PILLOWS, FLAGS, A. A. COLORS 41 Main Street, Andover Mass. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Allen Hinton Company Plain and Fancy Creams, Sherbets, Frappes, Cakes HIDDEN ROAD (Telephone Connection) ANDOVER M. E. Dalton, 42 Main St. Andover, Mass. ...Andover Candy Kitchen... Home Made Candy and Ice Cream DAGGETT ' S, TOURAINE, LOOSE-WILES CHOCOLATES 25c— $3.00 A BOX V Park Street Boarding and Livery Stables T. F. MORRI55EY SON, - Proprietors Celebrated Custom Knox Hats Laundry Agency BURNS Maker of Men ' s Clothes and Furnisher Main Street (Telephone 11 6) Andover, Mass. Furniture and Piano Moving. Expressing and Jobbing. Carriages and Hacks for Funer- als, Weddings and Receptions. Depot Work a Specialty. PARK STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. TELEPHONE 59 " Our Things Are Different " When you want class pins, club pins or hand made jewelry of any sort let us send to you some individual and »-xclusive de- signs. We make unusual dance programs. C. B. DYER - - - 234 Mass. Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana Myerscough Buchan GARAGE STORAGE : RENTING : SUPPLIES 90 MAIN ST. - - Tel. 208-8 " COLUMBIA " Ladies ' Gymnasium Suits The Apparel of Excellence. Hygienically Made. A Deserving National Favorite. COLUMBIA GYMNASIUM SUIT CO. Actual Makers BOSTON. MASS VI Wedding Gifts at Stowell ' s P«W YOU ARE INVITED TO INSPECT OUR INTERESTING DISPLAY OF MERCHAN- DISE SUITABLE FOR WEDDING, BIRTH- DAY OR COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS Diamonds and Pearls Choice Imported China Gold Jewelry Umbrellas and Leather Goods Sterling Silverware French Bronzes Chafing Dish Accessories Cut Glass Italian Marbles Mantel Clocks Alabaster Lamps Oricit Metal Goods Hanging Domes Toilet Sets Electric Lamps , Enamel Goods Also Abalone Pearl Jewelry of which we make a specialty II 24 Winter St., Boston Jewelers for 92 Years Makers and Finders of the Unusual Lowell, Massachusetts OOOOQOOQOO VII ASK YOUR RETAILER FOR Guptill ' s High Grade Footwear SOLD EVERYWHERE Hervey E. Guptill Haverhill, Mass. Tremont and Roylston Streets, Boston Misses ' Garments that are " D iffe rent, ' Built on Youthful lines Suits, Coats, Gowns, Waists, Skirts, Sil Petti- coats and Sweaters. MAIL ORDERS CAREFULLY EXECUTED VIII Class anti jfraternttp im MAKER OF FIDELIO PINS LOVING CUPS MEDALS DIAMONDS MODERN AND ANTIQUE JEWELRY ?KEN1 £RBU1Ql:G)1IIPANY FREDERICK T. WIDMER ...JEYVELER... 31 West Street - - Boston TICKETS AND TOURS EVERYWHERE UNDER ESCORT OR INDEPENDENT WASHINGTON, D. C. BERMUDA, PANAMA, CALIFORNIA, EUROPE. Snow-shoeing, Rail or Auto Trips to the WHITE MOUNTAINS. Fall and Mid-Winter Outings under escort specially arranged for ABBOT STUDENTS. SETH C. BASSETT - 37 Merrimack St. Snow-shoes for Sale or Rent. Sailor Blouses Mack i n a ws Norfolk Suits Shirt Waists fCnmbarifa The Distinctive Shop Illustrated Booklet on Request HENRY S. LOMBARD 22-26 Merchants Row - Boston, Mass. IX Sign of the Bay Tree Tea Room and Gift Shop Pictures and Picture Framing Goldsmith-Clark Company 56 Main Street, Andover HERBERT F. CHASE Fine Athletic Goods Agents for Eastman Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies Andover Massachusetts BUCHAN FRANCIS Furniture tF tf MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. HILLER COMPANY DRY GOODS and FURNISHINGS ALSO PICTORIAL REVIEW PATTERNS HILLER CO. ANDOVER and IPSWICH . H. Campion Co. " The Corner Grocery ff FRUIT, CONFECTIONERY AND FANCY GROCERIES ELM SQUARE - ANDOVER, MASS. T. A. HOLT CO. DEALERS IN Dry Goods and Groceries ANDOVER MASS. Andover Coal Co. MUSGROVE BLOCK ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS . P. Wakefield Meats and Vegetables PLEASANT VALLEY BUTTER HATCHET BRAND CANNED GOODS 11 Barnard Street - Andover, Mass. XI SHATTUCK JONES INCORPORATED FISH OF ALL KINDS OYSTERS AND CLAMS 128 FANEUIL HALL MARKET BOSTON, MASS. ALBERT W. LOWE Druggist y y Press Building Andover, Mass. £§3 I§3 Cobb, Bates Yerxa Co. RETAIL 55 Summer Street, 87 Causeway Street, 6 and 8 Faneuil Hall Square 274 Friend Street. WHOLESALE 222 SUMMER STREET XII Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Insurance Offices: Andover, Massachusetts ALL KINDS OF FIRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE Smart and Flagg The BELLEVUE AND ANNEX Intervale, New Hampshire E 1, TO NOV. 1 The Bellevue is open for Winter Parties. Is the head- quarters for Abbot and Lasell Students ....... FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ADDRESS J. A. BARNES SONS PROPRIETORS XIII I Florist 2 Seasonable Plants, Cut Flowers at all times. Wedding and Funeral Arrangements at Short Notice. Telephones Connected with Store and Greenhouses Storehouses: 35 Lowell Street Store: Arco Building Andover Massachusetts Abbot Ac ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS —FOUNDED 18-28— A SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 23 MILES FROM BOSTON Ranked among the best preparatory schools by the leading colleges for women. Strong general course, offering advanced work for girls who do not desire a college course. Experienced teachers. Thorough equipment. Long record of succesful work. MISS BERTHA BAILEY PRINCIPAL XIV " 1

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