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DTnl ICADEMY CLASS BOO NINETEEN HUNDRED 4 AND 4 TWELVE PUBLISHED EY- THE MEMBER OF THE SENIOR CLASS J8 ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 19112 " The Andover Press ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS GRATEFULLY DEDICATED TO OUR FRIEND KATHER1NE R. KEL5EY i J etutonai Yv7E, the class of 1912, in publishing this book, wish to express our ap- preciation for all that has been done for us at Abbot, and to thank those who have been interested in our success and progress. CLASS OF 1912. Ruth Draper Dorothy Simpson Florence Bliss, Olga Erickson Frances Sheldon CLASS BOOK BOARD Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Managers Literary Editor Evelyn Brewster, Helen Cram Barbara Moore Assistant Literary Editors Art Editor SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Motto — Live to learn and learn to live Class Color — Yellow Ruth Draper Academic President Dorothy Simpson Treasurer Barbara Moore College Preparatory President ELIZABETH H. BINGHAM Manchester New Hampshire Senior Play FLORENCE M. BLISS Sharon Hill Pennsylvania Senior Middle Play ' 11 French Play ' 12 Draper Reader ' 11 Senior Play ' 12 Class Boo k Board 8 Class Book Board Senior Plav EVELYN BREWSTER New Hampshire Simmons College Mount Holyoke College Courant Board ' 11, ' 12 Senior Play MILDRED C. CHUTTER Andover Massachusetts HELEN I. CRAM Newton Massachusetts RUTH DRAPER Enosburg Falls Vermont Fidelio TO, ' 11 Glee Club Odeon Senior Middle Play Senior Play Class Rook Board S. M. T. Fidelio Odeon Treasurer of Class TO President of Class ' 11, T1-T2 Class Book Board ' 11, ' 12 Draper Reader Senior Middle Play Senior Play Vice-President A. C. A. Class Historian Student Council io Senior Plav ABBIE LATON Nashua New Hampshire S. M. T. President A. A. ' 12 President of Class ' 11- ' 12 Hockey Team ' 10, ' 11, ' 12 Captain Hockey ' 12 Courant Board ' ' 12 Secretary A. C. A. ' 11, ' 12 Senior Play Class Book Board Second Basketball Team ' 10 Class Hockey Team ' 10, ' 11, ' 12 Basketball Team ' 12 Student Council BARBARA MOORE New Britain Connecticut Vassar College ii DOROTHY SIMPSON York Harbor Maine S. M. T. Vice-President of Class ' 11 Secy, and Treas. of Class ' 12 Senior Middle Play Hockey Team ' 12 Class Hockey Team ' 12 Class Basketball Team ' 12 Class Book Board Senior Play FRANCES SHELDON Lincoln Nebraska S. M. T. Odeon Class Book Board Senior Play Class Prophecy 2 3lu Hf cmortam 1 ' fs AGNES WINIFRED FAIRCHILD 1891-1911 Class tstorp X a certain Saturday morning in September, 1910, a notice appeared on the little bulletin board, with the message that all Senior-Mids were to meet in Abbot Hall. At the ap- pointed time, quite a large number, mostly new girls, had come together. With the aid of the Senior President, we elected our own president — Winifred Fairchild, an old girl, and then our other officers. For our color we chose yellow, and the chrysanthemum as the class flower. We started out most enthusiastically and full of interest in every phase of school life. Some of our class went in for athletics and did their best to help the class to win in the Indoor meet, and on Field Day, but both times we lost to the Seniors. Our first really tangible successes came with our Play in the winter term and our Banquet, held very near the end of the year, and thus we closed our year as Senior-Mids. The real end, perhaps, was when the Seniors presented our president with the spade on graduation day. This fall we came back to do our part as Seniors and old girls in taking the place of the large number of Seniors of 1911 and other girls who were not back. Miss Means had gone and Miss Kelsey was acting principal for the year. During the summer we felt our first sorrow in the loss of our President, Winifred Fairchild. When we came to organize we found our members sadly diminished, so we started in the fall with but four academic seniors and eight or nine college seniors. Our ardor was 14 not dampened and we elected our officers, having but a president for the academic and college class and one secretary and treasurer for both. The first excitement came on our moonlight ride to Haggett ' s Pond. It will be a long time before we forget that drive home and our eager interest in the stars. Then on February 13th came our dance for the Senior-Mids and friends. Miss Kelsey gave the girls and their guests a delightful tea in her rooms, the afternoon before the dance. Many things crowded the days; the tea given to the school by the ladies of the South Church, the Abbot luncheon in Boston, and other events filled the time. Miss Bailey ' s visit to the school came soon after the luncheon and during her stay with us she quite won the heart of every girl. We regret that we are not to be here at Abbot with her. For a play we departed from the realm of Shakespeare and chose an Irish faery tale, " The Twig of Thorn. " The play was a success, certainly, if our pleasure in preparing it can count for success. The characters will cling to some for a long time and many a phrase still slips out unawares. With Field Day over there only remain the special Senior func- tions. As our last year at Abbot draws to a close and the banquet and commencement exercises come nearer, our hearts grow sad to think of leaving Abbot. Some of us go to college, and some this year end their schooldays, but for all a certain phase of life is closing. We hope in the new phases opening before us we may show true Abbot spirit. R. D. 15 tgns of prtng In several localities The different signs of spring Are seeing young leaves coming out And hearing birdies sing; But Abbot is a different place From those that you have seen, And here the signs of spring are Rounds And the Circle growing green. In Thursday morning chapel Mr. Ashton takes the chair, And after hymns picks out tor us A charming little air — Of little curious, thirsty flies That drink like you and me, And then we sing it over In parts one, two, and three. We must sing our words distinctly So that everyone may hear, And must never, never sing " Grey Tom, But ' Great Tom " loud and clear, For Mr. Ashton stops us Wherever we may he With, " I think we ' ll do that over, And a better attack on The. " And now, our other sign of spring, The Circle growing green, Is of absorhing interest To all that it have seen. We talk of it at table and We nearly always say, " You really wouldn ' t have believed Twould get so green today. " We used to have another sign That ' s not been heard this year, And the lateness of the season Is not to blame, we fear. We miss our serenades, but We must rely, we ' ve found, On the greener growing Circle And the ever-present Round. 16 M. F. S. To thee, O dear, dear Abbot, Our hearts shall true remain; For very love keep striving For honors to thy name, The mem ' ry of thy glory Is now and yet shall be One source of inspiration To be of use to thee. To thee, our alma mater, We leave this young fir tree, Symbol in season ' s changing, We, too, shall constant be; And while our tree is growing More tall, and fine, and strong, To this one end we ' re aiming For mankind, to right the wrong. O Abbot, dear, thy precepts Will teach us all to heed The motto that we ' ve chosen, To aid in time of need: To live to learn and learn to live For others as we may, And be ever as true-hearted To thee, as on this day. R. D. 17 tnior dramatics ACT I Kitchen in the cottage of Nessa Teig. Twilight. Last day of March. ACT II The same — First day of winter of the same year. Bramatts ersonae Nessa Teig, the woman of the house Miss Cram Maurya, her neighbor, Miss Laton Oonah, Nessa ' s granddaughter, Miss Draper Aengus Arann, a young peasant, Miss Simpson Aileel, a wandering poet, Miss Lincoln Father Brian, a priest, Miss Sheldon A Faery Child, Finula Kathleen Sheila Sheamus Martin TUMAUS neighbors, Miss Cram Miss Bingham Miss Bliss Miss Brewster Miss Sheldon Miss Moore Miss Chutter When in preparing the Senior Play We were rehearsing in gym one day, We came to the line about Aengus Arann, Of his being so mighty a man. " Aengus Arann ' s on the crest of the hill. " No Aengus appearing, we repeated until We saw him stranded looking madder Than a March hare, on top of a ladder. M. F. S. 19 tfo una This is the Senior Class of 1912. Are they not lovely? They are going away now. Why? Because while they are here 1913 does not appear to advantage. They go to give 1913 a chance. See the girl. She is late. Why is she late? Nobody knows, but it is always so. What is her name? H. C. See the girls leaning out of the front Windows. Is there some- thing happening? No, but something might. Have you ever heard of Bible IV? It is a very difficult subject for the Academic girls, but for the College Preps a cinch. Poor Academic girls! They should have been wiser and not taken that course. This is the Circle. It is for ornament only. No one uses it except to mow it. What a pity! It looks soft and comfortable. 20 v = What is this room? Number 28. What is it called? The Look- out. Why? Hush! Children should not ask questions. Who is the large blonde and why is she so irritated? She is neat and particular and she frets because 64 is not in order. Poor girl! It is hard, is it not? She should be a chambermaid. What is the fragrance wafted through the air? Oh, it is only M. B. She is like a flower with her perfume. This is the new laundry. Is it not beautiful? How is it built? Brick by brick. We watched it day by day, and have grown to love it. But would it not be nice if it were a swimming-tank? What is the procession? Only Abbot girls going to a game. They aim to be inconspicuous so they go two by two. Why not lock-step? Why the set and determined expression on the girl ' s face? She wishes to have her history lesson satisfy her teacher. This has never yet been done, but she hopes to accomplish it. Vain hopes! See the platform. What is it? It is the Senior porch. But no one is on it. No one ever is. Its simplicity is its greatest charm. Poor, poor girls. They are going to a funeral, are they not? No, only to a meeting of the Class Book board. This girl appears wan and ill. She eats nothing, but milk and dry, dry bread. Poor E. B! Can we help her? No, she ' s busy with the dress-maker. 21 UtttU Sircar JBatlatt iEarHtt A;iutl$g V. iRfattS OJga ' priffeson onturmrv Mitmhet % Ctittfitaurf (SntirrfiOit JRarian WmvAtu Soroilju ?tfHlslnim i ' vnwtes htlh n c Jfinriott ?WilHe ' Jilcmornyg JRembet — ' Hmil ' g 5u JUtum (Chaxltttte .ntsiifH plsatfUj f xlltil mtitix Fxanxts %ixixain ' piss j? 3$lnjayiU pmnisrar ilf mWi ' - j£milu 2V. jTUmts 1912 ' s Boofesi)df Keeping up with Lizzie - Helen ' s Babies - Heavenly Twins — The Imp and the Angel — Our Mutual Friend — Forgotten — The Broad Highway — Dante ' s Inferno — Ashes of Boses — Open House — House of Mirth — Aunt Bachael — The Sowers Fidelio D. Bennet E. KlLTON E. Sheldon F. Sheldon F. Bliss B. Moore C. Vail E. Brioham E. Bingham Main St. Infirmary Abbot after Prom M. Horne H. Xorcross Draper Hall Miss Dowd D. PlLLSBlRY C. Crittenden D. Perkins 31 If I Were a Man — Suspense Less than Kin — Fair Harvard — Monologues — The Palace of Art — The Purple Lady — Ships That Pass in the Night — Baron Munchausen — The Green Mountain Boys — Talks with Nature — Little Women — How to Conduct a Sunday School Baby Blue Eyes — To a Mouse — Nursery Rhymes — The June Bride — The Last Ride Together — The Involuntary Chaperon — D. Bennet E. KlLTON Friday Night We or the Family M. Clark H. Cram E. Brigham Stldh) Enid Bacch Miss Mason- Miss HOWEY R. Draper C. Amsdex H. Boyd E. Brigham M. Bryant Jane Newton C. Vail R. Draper A. Prescott M. Raker Miss Utter H. Boyd D. Simpson Miss Bancroft attoice to (girls " By the Lady from Philadelphia " D. S. : — When walking on Main Street on Saturday without per- mission, I meet a member of the faculty, what shall I do? Ans.: — Do not be self-conscious, dear D. S. Bow pleasantly and cordially. She, in admiring your poise, will not connect you with Abbot. B. P. : — I am invited to a tea and have no dress to wear except one that I have worn twice and I fear my friends would recognize it. Ans. : — You are right, my dear, in remembering that variety is the spice of life. Perhaps one of your friends has a little frock which you might wear. Oftentimes one can evolve a really charming costume by simply going about to one ' s friends. E. S. : — When a new girl asks me to do something against the rules, what shall I say to her, not to hurt her feelings? Axs. : — I am glad to see the tact of the rising generation. A good answer would be, " W 7 e, as a family, do not do this. " B. D. : — I wish help in mapping out a sporting course. I love all sports and am only in danger of devoting too much time to them. They have an absolute fascination for me. Ans.: — Dear B. D., you puzzle me. Do you refer to sports as games or men? M. G. : — Personally I do not object to the publicity of the main drawing-room on Friday evenings, but would a young gentleman not find it plcasanter to be received in the alcove? 33 Ans.: — My dear, you have struck the keynote of true hospitality in regarding the wishes of your guests. Privacy is a thing to be desired always. Strive and stride for the alcove. D. P.: — How many fraternity pins ought a girl to wear at one time? Ans.: — I do not wonder that you are perturbed by these trouble- some questions, my dear. But here is a safe rule — one is always in good taste. And if your style permits, several add a chic touch. B. ML: — When unable to go to Boston on a Wednesday, and I desire an inexpensive outing, where shall I go? Ans.: — There are often charming places in the outskirts of the town where ice-cream is served. This, I think, will answer your purpose. F. B. : — How can we show the boys that we appreciate their serenades (?). Ans.: — No applause whatever nor acknowledgment. Do not let them see anyone — they will then go away amply rewarded. B. M. : — I would like to spend a pleasant afternoon this Wednes- day but have spent all of my allowance, so cannot go to the ball game. Can you suggest something? Ans.: — My dear girl, you are in a sad plight! How woidd this do: order a carriage from the stable and take an all afternoon drive; no doubt the driving bill will not come till the end of the term, when you will have plenty of money. 31 ' Cf)e ecesstonai With apologies to Rudyard Kipling Oh Rules of Abbot, known of old In travelling distances by train Holding us strictly to the line, We may not turn in seat nor stare, Beneath whose awful power we are, Nor loudly mention Abbot ' s name, Making us meek as girls of nine, For if we do, of Rules beware. Oh Rules of Abbot, be with us yet, Oh Abbot Rules be with us yet, Lest we forget, lest we forget. Lest we forget — lest we forget. If after study hour we loose Rash tongues that are not quiet enough And whistle in the corridors You give us quick and sure rebuff, Oh Abbot Rules be with us yet, Lest we forget, lest we forget. The tumult and the shouting dies, The maidens one and all depart, But lessons you so often taught They ' ll all recall with humble heart. Oh Abbot Rules be with us yet, Lest we forget — lest we forget. — M. F. S. Ctnngs Wt Will jfttss The Front windows. Watching the grass grow green. Infirmary Rest. Stew and Hash. Walking around the circle. Ma rshm allow cake. Rounds. Serenades. Breakfast at 7.30 o ' clock. Each other ' s clothes. Laundry, fish, ice-cream, callers. Hearing our friends sing " We are for Abbot. " Ball games. Helen Bowman and her Muncie paper. Harmony from the Music Room. (ietting permissions. 35 last 2£tU anli Testament Know all men by these presents that we, the Class of 1912, being in sound health and of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make and publish our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us at any time heretofore made. Vfe do give and bequeath as follows: First, to the Class of 1913 — Item A large proportion of chapel seats from which you shall he afforded the inestimahle privilege of singing Part IV in Rounds on Thursdays. Item An opportunity for selecting a Class Tree of sufficient size and hardihood to shelter their class when desired. Item The privilege of preceding, in passing through doors or passage- way, whatsoever, any person or persons connected with Abbot, except members of the faculty or visitors. Item The joy of hearing others give the news. Item All our rights to Field Day. Item Our voices, to be used in serenades and banquets or similar occasions. Item The Senior Parlor and Porch, to be used at the discretion of the class members. Item The troubles of the Senior President to her who shall be chosen by the class of 1913. to bear the burden. 36 Second, To some individual- of 1913 — Item Ruth Draper ' s sweetness to Margaret Wilkins. Item Dorothy Simpson ' s originality to Dorothy Perkins. Item Helen Cram ' s style to Marion Gould. Item Mildred Chutter ' s literary ability to Alice Harsh. Item Florence Bliss ' conscientiousness to Olga Erickson. Item Elizabeth Bingham ' s five studies to Esther Parks. Item Abbie Laton ' s general information to Helen Bowman. Item Frances Sheldon ' s lovableness to Helen Danforth. Item Evelyn Brewster ' s amiability to Margaret Day. Item Barbara Moore ' s versatility to Helen Boyd. Third, To the School — Item The hope and sometime fulfillment of it, namely, of becoming a Senior. In testimony whereof we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our last will and testament, in the presence of the witnesses named below, this eleventh day of June in the year A.D. 1912. Class of nineteen hundred and twelve The above instrument was now here declared to us by the testator, 1912, in the presence of each of us, and was at the same time declared by her to be the last will and testament; and we, at her request, sign our names hereto as attesting witnesses. Class of nineteen hundred and fourteen Class of nineteen hundred and fifteen 37 Cfje l tutimt Council The Student Council of Abbot Academy was formed just before the Christmas recess of 1911. It is made up of seven girls chosen by the students and by the faculty to represent the student-body. It strives to keep up the good reputation of Abbot in all ways. This holds for matters both outside and inside the school. But it does not affect the keeping of study hours, tardinesses, spreads, etc. The student-body also gives its word to report to the Council any actions of any girl or group of girls that are bad for the school. In this way the matter is quietly settled. For the year of 1911-1912 the following girls were chosen to serve as the Student Council: Olga Erickson, President; Hildegarde Gutterson, Secretary; Ruth Draper, Barbara Moore, Frances Lincoln, Mildred Home, Cornelia Crittenden, Dorothy Perkins, substitute. 38 Olga Erickson hlldegarde gutterson Ruth Draper Barbara Moore. Frances Lincoln STUDENT COUNCIL President Secretary Mildred Home Cornelia Crittenden Dorothv Perkins, Substitute laTon BINGHAM chuttEr BREWSTER SHELDON LINCOLN BLISS MOORE DRAPER SIMPSON tf £ E. Bartlett 0. Sj est rem FIDELIO C. Vail E. Francis C. Crittenden B. Temple M. Wilkins L. Marland M. Perry M. Bryant M. Blake M. Barnard M. Gould E. Baush E. Bartlett E. Kendall 0. Erickson H. Boyd M. Harsh E. Brigham G. Phillips F. Jones E. Parker C. Amsden C. Robinson F. Skolfield H. Bowman R. Jenkins (1. Shaekleton E. Sheldon M. Bay ley M. Day GLEE CLUB Helen Cram Marion Gould Esther Parks Helen Bowman Margaret Welkins Olga Erickson Catherine Vail Margery Blake Cornelia Crittenden Enid Bush Frances Jones flp A. C. A. OFFICERS Helen Daneorth Ruth Draper Barbara Moore Ethel Rand President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer AtHLEtlCS V A. A. OFFICERS Barbara Moore President Catherine Vail Secretary and Treasurer HOCKEY TEAM Barbara Moore, Captain Janet Nevus Catherine Vail, Manager Esther Sheldon Marion Willis Phyllis Brooks Dorothy Simpson Hazel Dodge Frances Lincoln SCORE Abbot 3 Bradford . " ) BASKETBALL TEAM Gladys Phillips Agnes Grant Edna Francis, Captain Catherine Vail. Manager SCORE Elizabeth Johnson- Ethel Rand Barbara Moore Abbot 25 Bradford 18 (grinds F. B. in Latin (Vergil) : The man inclined upon the bench. B. P. : Yes, I had an eventual vacation. F. L. : Who wrote Dante, anyway? H. B. : I wouldn ' t ask a man to come to this dance ' way from Yale? I ' m asking one from Wesleyan. M. C. (in Latin) : People talk about " The Rosary " being slushy. They ought to read the Aeneid. M. P.: Why does E. Brigham like this season? It ' s lent. C. A. (at table) : No, we didn ' t have a demi-tasse, we had coffee. Miss Howey (hearing voices, accompanied by laughter, in study hour): " Is there someone here now who should not be? " M. W. : " No, I was reciting Latin verbs to my room-mate. " Miss Howey: " Oh, I thought it was a foreign tongue . " Miss C. (in English class): " What does aesthetic mean? ' ' E. B. : " A queer kind of dancing. " M. B — r. (on night of the ghost party) : " Yes, I suppose we will have to drape ourselves ruthlessly. " O. S. to E. B. : Where have you been, Elizabeth? E. B. : To a prom at Colgate. O. S. : Oh, where they make the tooth-paste? Faculty (to girl who has been speaking of the dance) : Did you say Frances Sheldon had asked four men to this dance! 4J OOOOOOOOOOOOOCK RTISE T. X Y E. sincerely trust that our patrons will carefully note our advertisements, and be pleased with the size and num- ber of firms of Abbot itself. We can readily guarantee all these firms — in fact we patronize them personally. We wish to draw especial attention to the day-nursery in charge of our Miss Danforth, where the children of our customers will receive kind and loving care. COOOCOOOOOOOOCK £€3= o€3= o€3= « DTnl herian Stud 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 TW£ K GHr PL 1CE TO GO FOR PHOTOGRAPHS MAIN STREET NEAR MORTON i i I ART STATIONER AND ENGRAVER D H1C O 252 Boylston Street - - Boston, Massachusetts ENGRAVED CALLING CARDS, INVITATIONS. DIE STAMPING. UP-TO-DATE WRITING PAPER, INEXPENSIVE, LARGEST LINE IN BOSTON. PAPER AND ENGRAVING SENT ANYWHERE. SAMPLES FOR THE ASKING. Classes 1912, 1911, 1910, 1909, 1908, 1907, 1906, 1905, 1904, 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900 and years before ordered their Class Engraving here. ii Page Catering Co. Lowell, Mass. Shreve, Crump Low Co. 147 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. Designs submitted for Class and Society Pins Stationery of the Finest Grade, Calling Cards, Invitations, Monograms, and Crest Dies J. H. Campion Co. " The Corner Grocery " Fruit, Confectionery and Fancy Groceries Cobb, Bates Yerxa Co. Importers and Grocers Schools, Institutions and Large Consumers Sup- plied Upon Most Favorable Terms. ELM SQUARE, ANDOVER, MASS. Cobb, Bates Yerxa Co., - Boston lit ASK YOUR RETAILER FOR §uptiH ' 0 jfoottoear it Hervey E. Guptill Haverhill, Mass. SOLD EVERYWHERE FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION ax brothers TkORlSTS 143 Tremont Street, Boston Near Temple Place TELEPHONES OXFORD 574 OXFORD 22167 IV Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Insurance Offices: Andover, Massachusetts ALL KINDS OF FIRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE Smart and Flag FOR SEVERAL YEARS WE HAVE MADE (gpmnastum uto FOR MANY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS. We shall be glad to send you samples of materials and quote prices if desired. R. H. Stearns Co. Tremont Street and Temple Place BOSTON Meyer Jonasson Co. Tremont and Boylston Streets, Boston Suits, Gowns, Waists, Coats, Sweaters and Silk Petticoats " Peter Thompson " Dresses and Blazer Coats for College Girls Tried and proven FOOTWEAR— and made for those who desire the best. Special Department for Misses Co. THAYER, McNEIL HODGKINS, 47 Temple Place 15 West Street. VI Celebrated Custom Knox Hats Laundry Agency W. J. BURNS Maker of Men ' s Clothes and Furnisher MAIN STREET - ANDOVER Telephone 1 16 WALTER I. MORSE Hardware and Cutlery GOULD CRAM Gowns J. P. Wakefield Meats and Vegetables PLEASANT VALLEY BUTTER HATCHET BRAND CANNED GOODS Gentlemen ' s Furnishings a Specialty D. BENNET, E. KILSON J. P. Wyllie Co. Fine Footwear Repairing Done Neatly Agent for Ground Gripper BARNARD BLOCK, ANDOVEK 11 BARNARD STREET . ANDOVER VII J. H. Playdon JIoriBt IF Seasonable Plants, Cut Flowers at all times. Wedding and Funeral Arrangements at short notice. Telephones Connected with Store and Greenhouses. Storehouses: 35 Lowell Street Store: Arco Building ANDOVER - - MASS. Champlain Farrar ijotograpira We make nothing but highgrade photographs. When better ones are made Champlain Farrar will make them. Your patronage is cordially invited. Special rates to Abbot Academy Students 161 Tremont Street Boston VI I [ The Metropolitan Albert W. Lowe Toys, Home Made Food a Specialty Fresh Candies, Ice Cream Soda Druggist Orders Promptly Filled M. E. Dalton, 42 Main St., Andover Press Building - Andover, Mass. Buchan Francis York Beach ocea h n ouse Leading Hotel Furniture Finest, safest bathing, boating ; fishing ; wide piazzas ; rooms and cuisine the best ; terms moderate ; special rates for Main Street - - Andover, Mass. W. J. SIMPSON IX Andover Sq. Boarding and Livery Stable T. F. MORRISSEY, Proprietor Carriages and Hacks for Funerals, Weddings and Receptions. Depot Work a Specialty. Expressing and Jobbing. Phone 123-3 Andover - - Massachusetts A. BASSO FRUIT and CONFECTIONERY Free Delivery 24 Main Street, Andover, Mass. Calls made by appointment M. V. KILEY A. G. TAYLOR Elite Millinery 3 Barnard Street, Andover, Mass. MOURNING GOODS A SPECIALTY C. A. W. Crosby Son JOHN D. CROSBY 480 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. Telephone No. 1 6 Oxford Locksmith Fraternity Jewelry D. PERKINS MISS BANCROFT Bakery. Rolls at all hours Allen Hinton Co. PLAIN AND FANCY CREAMS, SHERBETS, FRAPPES, CAKES Hidden Road Telephone Connection " A Friend » Andover Dr. Leitch Herbert F. Chase FINE ATHLETIC GOODS Agents for Eastman Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies Andover, Massachusetts Livery Stables, Carriages and Sleighs H. BOYD, D. SIMPSON Flowers out of Season MISS UTTER WRIGHT DITSON EOSTON 344 Washington St. CAMBRIDGE Harvard Square PROVIDENCE, R. I. 76 Weybosset St. NEW YORK 22 Warren Street CHICAGO 119 N. Wabash Ave. SAN FRANCISCO 359 Market St. Golf Basket Ball Sweaters Jerseys and general Gymnasium Goods Catalogue free Ametica ' s Oldest and Greatest Athletic House XI Lombard Specialties for College Girls Blouses, Silk Waists, Tennis Waists, Skirts, Mackinaw and Polo Coats Send for Illustrated Booklet HENRY S. LOMBARD 22 to 26 Merchants Row - BOSTON, MASS. Miss F. M. Porter BARNARD BLOCK, ANDOVER, MASS. Dry Goods, Ladies ' and Gent ' s Furnishings STANDARD PATTERNS fKENNEY WAriRBURYfaMMY, Franklin St. SR f . JVfJSI ,■ CONGRESS STREET UUOlUlV, -l lQOO. ' t Established 1879 - H S. WRIGHT COMPANY Agents for Glenwood Ranges and Heaters SANITARY AND HEATING ENGINEERS AND METAL WORKERS Dealers in Gas Fixtures, Furnaces, Ranges and Stoves Steam and Gas Fiping Done at Short Notice NEWTON ERICKSON Soft Drinks XII T. A. HOLT CO. DEALERS IN DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES COMPLIMENTS OF Andover Coal Co. Post Office Ave. Andover, Mass. Miss Danforthts Day Nursery A GOOD TIME FOR THE LITTLE ONES Andover, - Mass. Leave them in 64 when shopping. Best of care. Loving attention. Prices moderate. David I. Swartz Custom Ladies ' Tailor and Importer Having made a careful study of the wants and wishes of the trade, every taste can be satisfied, every requirement fulfilled. Each garment is man-tailored throughout, and shows the highest degree of perfection in artistic workmanship and perfect fit. Latest approved styles from the lead- ing fashion centers of the world constantly on hand. Special attention given to remodeling and repairing. Satisfaction guaranteed. F. L WESTON CO. 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(Include 5c postage for mailing and packing.) Mail us a Dollar and Open an Account for Your Photo Work. THE ANOGVER PR j j Makers of Books and All Kinds of Printed Matter JOHN N. COLE, Treasurer And over Massachusetts

Suggestions in the Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) collection:

Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1909 Edition, Page 1


Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Page 1


Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1911 Edition, Page 1


Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 1


Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Page 1


Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1915 Edition, Page 1


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