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s Anno 1778 g|£g 4 PHILLIPS ACADEMY - ILL ja IP § OLIVER-WENDELL-HOLMES LI B RARY t «• r . t| . TIL U per ampkcm ■ . f aS altiora. S C 5 s S v — -t 1 s 0- ■ as is % $ v g jfe §i ii $ gi ? a.fti y DEDICATED WITH APPRECIATION TO OUR RESPECTED PRINCIPAL AND FRIEND EMILY A. MEANS. editorial WE, the class of 1 9 1 I , in publishing this book wish to express our appreciation of the many opportunities and advantages which we have enjoyed during our life here at Abbot. The Class of 191 1. Cruatees REV. DANIEL MERRIMAN, President BURTON S. FLAGG, Treasurer JOHN ALDEN, Clerk . ARTHUR S. JOHNSON REV. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR MARCUS MORTON MRS. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL EDWARD C. MILLS GEORGE F. SMITH REV. GEORGE A. GORDON REV. MARKHAM W. STACK POLE GEORGE G. DAVIS Boston Andover Andover Boston Andover Boston Andover Brookline Andover Boston Andover North Andover 1172 9 Jfacult} EMILY A. MEANS, Principal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NELLIE M. MASON, Science. REBEKAH MUNROE CHICKERING, A.B., History. MARTHA HOWRY, B.L., (on leave of absence, 1 9 1 o- 1 9 1 I ) Literature. OLIVR G. RUNNER, B.L., Latin. MARY ETHEL BANCROFT, A.B., English. DELIGHT WALKLY HALL, Greek. GERTRUDE ELIZA SHERMAN, A.B., French EDITH E. METCALF, A.M., Literature. HEDWIG D. CRAMER, German. SARAH P. UTTER, Elocution and Physical Culture. PROF. JOSEPH NICKERSON ASHTON, A.M. Chorus Music, Pianoforte, Organ, Harmony, H story of Music. MRS. ALICE WENTWORTH MacGREGOR, Vocal Music. S. EDWIN CHASE, Violin and Mandolin. FREDERIC A. BOSLEY, Drawing and Painting JEANNE CHERON, Lie. es L., French Conversation. CHARLOTTE L. ROOT A.B., Principal ' s Sec- retary and Librarian. PHI LAN A McLEAN, In charge of Draper Hall. EDITH H. ALDRED {Boston City Hospital), Resident Nurse. JANE BRODIE CARPENTER, A.M., Keeper of Alumrice Records. [ 6 ] (MID Class Book Boarti MAUD GUTTERSON PERSIS BODWELL CORINNE WILLARD, RUTH DRAPER KATHERINE ORDWAY, MARY HALL, FRANCES PRAY HELEN COPELAND . • [ 8 ] Editor-in- Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Managers Literary Editors Art Editor truer Class Officers Class Flower Class Motto Class Colors MAUD GUTTERSON KATHERINE ORDWAY . MARY HALL REBECCA NEWTON Violet To strive, to seek, to find and not to yietd Lavender and White President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer [ 9 1 acaticmtc Armor Marion V. Bemis Springfield, Mass. Her purple habit sits with such a giace On her smooth shoulders and so suits her face. FIDELIO ' IO MANDOLIN CLUB ' iO, ' I 1 2D HOCKEY TEAM ' I 1 SENIOR MID PLAY SENIOR PLAY Dorothy E. Bigelow Worcester, Mass. ' With the kindest of hearts and noblest of minds. ' ' S. M. T. FIDELIO ' OQ ' iO MANDOLIN CLUB ' 09, ' iO, ' ll LEADER OF MANDOLIN CLUB ' 09 MANAGER OF MANDOLIN CLUB ' I O, ' I PRESIDENT OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' IO, ' II 2D HOCKEY TEAM ' 09 BASKET-BALL TEAM ' 09, ' IO, ' ll CAPTAIN BASKET-BALL TEAM 1 O, CHAMPIONSHIP FIELD DAY ' iO SENIOR PLAY I I Persis E. Bodwell Lynn, Mass. ' ' Affection is the broadest basis for a good life. A2 FIDELIO ' 09, ' IO CLASS BOOK BOARD 2D HOCKEY TEAM ' IO HOCKEY TEAM ' i I SENIOR MID PLAY SENIOR PLAY [ ] Helen M. Copeland Newton Centre, Mass. Forward and frolic glee was there, The will to do, the soul to dare. G. A. S. FIDELIO ' IO MANDOLIN CLUB ' iO LEADER OF MANDOLIN CLUB ' I I GLEE CLUB ' I I CLASS BOOK BOARD CLASS PROPHECY TREASURER OF ATHLETIC ASSOCI- ATION ' I I BASKET-BALL TEAM ' I I SENIOR PLAY Margaret O. Copeland Newton Centre, Mass. She is just the gentle kind whose nature never G. A. S. FIDELIO ' IO SENIOR MID PLAY SENIOR PLAY Olivia C. Flynt Monson, Mass. Keep cool and you command everybody? G A. S. MANDOLIN CLUB ' I O, ' I I DRAPER READER HOCKEY TEAM ' I O, ' I I MANAGER OF HOCKEY TEAM ' I I BASKET-BALL TEAM ' iO, ' l 1 TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP ' IO, ' I I SENIOR MID PLAY SENIOR PLAY [ » ] M. Rhoda Green New Milford, Conn. Music can touch beyond all else The soul that loves it best. G. A. S. FIDELIO ' 08, ' 09, ' IO GLEE CLUB ' 08, ' 09, ' I O, ' l LEADER OF GLEE CLUB ' I I DRAPER READER ' 08 PRESIDENT OF A. C. A. ' I I SECRETARY OF CLASS ' IO SENIOR MID PLAY SENIOR PLAY Maud C. Gutterson Winchester, Mass. On her experience all her friends relied. G. A. S. FIDELIO ' 08, ' 09, ' IO TREAS. AND SEC. OF FIDELIO ' 09, ' lO GLEE CLUB ' 09, ' IO, ' I I CLASS BOOK BOARD ' IO, ' i I 2D HOCKEY TEAM HOCKEY TEAM TREASURER OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' 09 PRESIDENT OF CLASS ' IO PRESIDENT OF CLASS ' I I SENIOR PLAY Mary H. Hall New Britain, Conn She was gentle, mild and virtuous. GLEE CLUB ' I I MANDOLIN CLUB ' I O, ' I I DRAPER READER ' IO CLASS BOOK BOARD SECRETARY OF CLASS ' I I SENIOR MID PLAY FRENCH PLAY SENIOR PLAY [ ] BoRGHILD HOFF Upper Montclair, N. J. Good and true and jolly too. G. A. S. GLEE CLUB ' I I MANDOLIN CLUB ' I I 2D HOCKEY TEAM ' I I BASKET-BaI L TEAM ' I I SENIOR PLAY Miriam Howard Hyde Park, Mass. l Sh? is gifted with genius, who knoweth much by natural talent. S. M. T. FIDELIO ' iO GLEE CLUB ' I O, ' l I DRAPER READER ODEON COURANT BOARD ' I O, ' I I CLASS PROPHECY HOCKEY TEAM ' I I BASKET-BALL TEAM ' l I MANAGER OF BASKET-BALL TEAM ' l I SENIOR MID PI AY SENIOR PLAY Frances Huselton Butler, Penn. Ambition has no rest. A2 FIDELIO ' I O GLEE CLUB ' IO, ' I I SENIOR MID PLAY SENIOR PLAY [ ' 3 ] Rebecca H. Newton Brookline, Mass. Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with and pleasant too to think on. S. M. T. FIDELIO ' IO 2D HOCKEY TEAM ' lO TREASURER OF C1ASS ' lO TREASURER OF CLASS ' I I Katharine L. Ordway Winchester, Mass. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. FIDELIO ' 09, ' lO TREASURER A. C. A. ' lO VICE-PRESIDENT A. C. A. ' I I DRAPER READER ODEON COURANT BOARD CLASS BOOK BOARD HOCKEY TEAM ' IO, ' I I CAPTAIN HOCKEY TEAM ' i I VICE-PRESIDENT OF CLASS ' lO VICE-PRESIDENT OF CLASS ' I I SENIOR PLAY Frances M. Pray Bristol, N. H. To scorn delight and live laborious days. FIDELIO ' 09, ' lO, ' ll GLEE CLUB ' 09, ' lO, ' I I MANAGER OF GLEE CLUB ' 1. 1 COURANT BOARD CLASS BOOK BOARD SENIOR PLAY [ H 3 Jessie N. Wightman New Britain, Conn. Where there ' s a will there ' s a way. FIDELIO ' IO GLEE CLUB ' I O, ' i I SENIOR MID PLAY FRENCH PLAY SENIOR PLAY CORINNE WlLLARD Detroit, Mich. ' Oh keep me innocent, make others great. FIDELIO ' 09, ' iO 2D HOCKEY TEAM ' 1 I CLASS BOOK BOARD SENIOR MID PLAY FRENCH PLAY SENIOR PLAY [ ' 5 ] College pernor Class Officers Class Flower Class Motto Class Colors American Beauts Rose Ad astra per aspere Red and White CHARLOTTE GOWING HENRIETTA WIEST . President Secretary and Treasurer [ 16 ] College Senior Class Marion Brown Lawrence, Mass. And there, though last, not least. ' ' FIDELIO ' 06 BASKET-BALL TEAM ' (DO. 2d BASKET-BALL TEAM ' 08, ' iO 2d HOCKEY TEAM ' 07, ' 08 MANAGER BASKET-BALL TEAM ' iO SENIOR PLAY Charlotte Gowing Lawrence, Mass. Shespeaks, believes andacts just as she ought. A2 HOCKEY TEAM ' I O, ' I I PRES. COLLEGE CLASS ' I O, ' ll SENIOR PLAY Edith Johnson Not forward, but modest and patient in dispositi on. senior play [ 17 ] Bessie Rand Haverhill, Mass. It it hard, but vchat cannot be removed becomes lighter through patience MANDOLIN CLUB ' I C, ' I I DRAPER READER GERMAN PLAY SENIOR PLAY Lillian Walworth Lawrence, Mass. In simple manners all the secret lies, be kind and vinous, you ' ll be blessed and wist SENIOR PLAY Henrietta Wiest York, Penn. A zuiet conscience makes one so serene. ' FIDELIO ACCOMPANIST ' iO, ' il COURANT BOARD SEC. AND TREAS. OF COLLEGE CLASS •io, ' n SENIOR PLAY [ 18 1 entor Class tsstorp ON the afternoon of September 21, 1909, a notice was put on the little bulletin board, that all Senior Mids were to meet in Abbot Hall. At the appointed time, twenty-seven of us, some old girls, most new, however, made our way to that place. After electing our officers, we were well launched on our first year, with Miss Kelsey as our principal during Miss Means ' absence. We started out a hearty, enthusiastic bevy. Our spirit was manifested in athletics, especially as many of our members went in for hockey and basket-ball. In the games with the Seniors we were victorious in both of these sports. The play, however, was our first real success. The fact that it was written by one of our number made us proud indeed. Spring came quickly and two events marked this for our first class year field-day and the indoor meet, in both of which we came out triumphant. The class banquet, which we shall always remember with pleas- ure, came very near the close of our happy and eventful year which ended when the Seniors presented our President with the spade on graduation day. If our Senior Mid year seemed eventful, how much more so this one. Although our number was diminished to seventeen, we could still boast of being Miss Means ' second largest class. Besides having our principal back again, we have enjoyed our journey through English and Art with Miss Metcalf, who took Miss Howey ' s place during her year of absence. First came our straw ride to Haggett ' s Pond. How proud we were as we started on our first Senior privilege. Shall we ever forget that ride home in the moonlight? [ ' 9 1 On the evening of February fourteenth we gave our dancing party to the school and friends. The use of red hearts scattered among the green decorations was very appropriate for the day. Before long Miss Metcalf sent out fascinating little Japanese invitations to a party, at which we were each busily set to work prophesying the future of some other member of the class. The days following passed rapidly and soon the spring term, with its multitude of tasks and pleasures had arrived. Our play was acted with great success, and it will be long before the class forgets the characters in Twelfth Night. With our victory in the indoor meet and also on Field Day, the contests of the year have ended and there only remain the special Senior functions. As the year draws to a close and the banquet and the commencement exercises come nearer, our hearts are sad with the thought of leaving our Alma-Mater, where we have spent so many days as comrades together. Some of us may go on to college, but for the majority this is the end of our school days. Although we are sorry that Miss Means is to leave the school, we are proud to be her last Senior class in Abbot, and we sincerely hope that we have merited that honor and will continue to be worthv of it in the years to come. MARY H. HALL. [ ° ] 3 Wonttn WW WHEN in the night, from near at hand, Come sounds of serenade, How quickly jumps from her warm bed The wakened Abbot maid. But when at half past six the bell For rising rings out clear, It sometimes is impossible For that same maid to hear. I wonder why ! On mornings when there ' s chapel, At breakfast we all see The Abbot girls all laughing And as happy as can be. But Mondays, when there ' s Bible, How quiet and how fast Does each maid swallow breakfast That the meal may soon be past. I wonder why ! At night time how light-hearted Are the Seniors, and how gay ! But the next morning early, By third period we ' ll say, How worried and how anxious They bend o ' er their Psyc. books ! And when the bell rings for next class They all have frightened looks. I wonder why ! When down stairs in the sitting-room Things get to going some And there is too much laughing Or a few shrieks rise in fun, Suddenly is felt a presence Standing at the entrance door: What a sudden silence follows ' Till it goes away once more. I wonder why! How well and strong are all the girls ' Till Sunday morning dawns! And then how feeble some become! To walk across the lawn Would be impossibility, Much less to church to go. But noon-time finds them well again, Recovery ' s not slow. I wonder why! F. M. P., ' n. [ 21 ] s rmor Bramattcs TWELFTH NIGHT Dramatis pfrsonar Duke Orsino Olivia Flynt Malvolio Katharine Ordicay Valentine . Dorothy Bigelow Clown- . Borghild Hoff Curio .... Bessie Rand Fabian Marion Bemis Sir Toby Belch . Maud Gutterson Sea Captai N Frances Pra Sir Andrew Aguecheek Helen Cope and Viola Rboda Green Sebastian . Frances Huselton Oliva ' Jessie H ightman Antonio Persis Bodzvell Maria Mars Hall sailors, officers, ladies, courtiers, etc. Crce ong i TO Abbot dear we ' ll ever sing, All honor to thy name. And round the beech our praises ring. The emblem of our fame. II As symbol of our class so true We leave to-day our tree To show that to the Abbot blue We ' ll always loval be. Ill This tender tree that ' s planted here In Abbot ' s name to-day, We hope will live from year to year When we are far away. IV And may we all our motto heed, To strive to seek, to find, And never yield, but let each deed Be service to mankind. O. C. F. [ 23 ] vWwmWwWWwW THINCS WE HAVE LEARNED 2Dratoing It cannot talk, neither can the Book talk. To leave out the well and the why. Not to hum, not to whistle. Corridors are tubes which carry sounds. That books left in the Senior Parlor mysteriously disappear. That there is a place for everything, and everything in its place in the Senior Parlor. How to make record dashes from Room I to the library after third period on Mondays and Tuesdays. That we should conduct ourselves with dignity and set an example to the rest of the school. That we know nothing, we only infer. [ 24 ] 3ff Cf)ej ottlD ©nlj) lUarn O. E. — How to do her hair. K. O. — When to stay away from the Teachers. R. N. — S. H. C — M. — When not to be late to breakfast. E. P. — When not to sing. D. P. F. L. — How to keep house. D. B. — T. — Where her place is. R. G. — When not to talk. F. H. — When not to grind. D. B.— N. M. W. — S. — When not to laugh. M. C. G. — When not to be curious. J. W. — When to be obliging. C. M. — To cultivate a new laugh. C. W. — When not to put the cart before the horse. M. H. — To finish the last page of her Christian Evidences. E. P. — When to come to fire-drill. M. B. — To look happy. R. E. N. — When not to act like a baby. [ 5 } ODeon Ruth Draper Alice Le Seur Harsh Alice Hale Hazelwood Miriam Howard Katharine Lewis Ordway Mary Frances Sheldon [ 6 ] Helen M. Copeland Margaret O. Copeland Helen Danforth Olivia C. Flynt M. Rhoda Green Maud C. Gutterson BORGHILD HoFF Margaret Strong Catherine S. Vail Helen Vail Margaret Wilkins Honorarx Alembers : Emily A. Means Constance R. Gltter.-on [ 8] Dorothy Bigelow Mary Bradford Phillis Brooks Ruth Draper Dorothy Simpson Honorary Membe? Emily A. Means Miriam Howard Barbara Moore Rebecca Newton Ruth Niles 1 9] Catharine Atwood Persis Bodwell Doris Brown Charlotte Gowing Helen Hart Frances Huselton Frances Lincoln Helen Stephens Katharine Thom«s Elsie Whipple Honorary Member Emily A. Means [ 30 ] uies anto 3 eguiattons OF rules and regulations here We ' re getting quite a few, We hear them in our silent time And at our meal time, too. It is not nice to lean far out From windows open wide, To talk to people out of doors When we are safe inside. We must not throw our apple cores, Old papers and such things Upon the smooth and well-kept grass, It always trouble brings. Upon the streets, with P. A. friends We never stand and talk, ' T is highly an improper thing And may townspeople shock. Our lights must always be turned off Before to meals we go. We must not wasteful habits form As everyone should know. And always should we air our shoes And keep our closets neat, For teachers oftentimes inspect When it is hardly meet. I will not mention more just now Lest some you may forget. But this I add: Learn these quite well For more are coming yet. F. M. P. ' n. [ 3i ] tfattsttcs First Second Most athletic Olivia Flynt Dorothy Bigelow Least athletic Rhoda Green Frances Pray Best all-round Maud Gutterson Dorothy Bigelow Biggest bluffer Miriam Howard Dorothy Bigelow Most dignified Frances Huselton Charlotte Gowing Best dressed Marion Bemis Persis Bodwell Most fascinating . . Persis Bodwell Frances Huselton Biggest grind Frances Pray Rhoda Green Most independent Miriam Howard. Frances Pray Jolliest Borghild Hoff Helen Copeland Best looking Rebecca Newton Rhoda Green Most lovable Miriam Howard Dorothy Bigelow Most naive Corinne Willard Frances Pray Noisiest Maud Gutterson Borghild Hoff Most obstinate Jefsie Wightman Frances Pray Most optimistic . Helen Copeland Rebecca Newton Most original Miriam Howard Helen Copeland Quietest Margaret Copeland Frances Pray Most talkative Rhoda Green Frances Huselton Wittiest Helen Copeland Borghild Hoff Most versatile Miriam Howard Helen Copeland r 32 1 fSf M 4RI f . ■ . , -£-, Helen Vail, President Ruth Nile ' , See. Treas. Margaret Strong Marion Barnard Margaret Baker Edna Francis Elizabeth Preston Marion Willis Olga Erickson Catharine Vail Jenesse Betts Helen Hart Vernon Greenwood Margaret Perry Mildred Bryant Henrietta Wiest Mary Harsh Maidie Erving jfttdto Edith Kendall Helen Cram Eva Erving Frances Pray Anna Brown Anna Boynton Cornelia Crittendon Edith Wade Elizabeth Bartlett Elinor Bartlett Helen Hanscom Margaret Wilkins Ruth Draper Doris Brown Elsie Whipple Dorothy Perkins Catharine Atwood [ 34 1 (3lec Club ittau olm Club Rhoda Green, Leader Frances Pray, Manager Helen Copeland borghild hoff Mary Hall Margaret Baker Maud Gutterson Frances Huselton Miriam Howard Jessie Wightman Anna Boynton, Piano Helen Copeland, Leader Dorothy Bigelow, Manager Anna Boynton Olivia Flynt Catherine Vail Bessie Rand Marion Bemis Mary Hall Mary Bradford Borghild Hoff, Piano [ 35 ] 3bbot Christian a socfatton CUScergs Rhoda Green- Katharine Ordway Barbara Moore President Vice-President Secretary 36 J a. Officers Dorothy Bigelow, President Helen Copeland, Secretary and Treasurer IJocftc? £cam Katharine Ordway, Captain Persis Bodwell Marion Willis Olivia Flynt, Manager Phillis Brooks Charlotte Gowing Helen Vail Maud Gutterson Miriam Howard Barbara Moore Alice Hazelwood Catherine Vail [38 ] I3a06eta ali Dorothy Bigelow, Captain Helen Vail Edna Francis Miriam Howard, Manager borchild hoff Helen Copeland Olivia Flynt [ 39 Co Cfjose SBntmttatetJ In abbot Batlp 3Ltfe 25e not ftlarmeo IF suddenly, at what seems to be the middle of the night, the sharp and continuous ringing of a bell startles you into a sitting posture, with the awful feeling that something terrible is about to happen, don ' t get excited. Collect your scattered senses and look at the clock, the hands of which will show that the tragedy about to take place is only the harmless yet painful daily one of 6.30 a. m. If, when it is time for the mail to be given out, there is a general rush in the direction of the office followed by deathly silence, don ' t be alarmed. True, everyone there is waiting in breathless expectancy, but it is only in hope that a few letters may be left for other people, after those for D. P. and A. B. have been given out. When you see anybody going toward McKeen, the third period in the morning, saying something over and over out loud, at the same time not seeming to address her remarks to any- body, don ' t think that she is suffering from insanity. On inquiry, you will find such a person to be a Senior going to Psychology. She is merely saying over the sentences following each new paragraph heading addressed to her. After the third period of the morning is over, don ' t be surprised if a sudden stampede follows in the direction of the Library. It is only F. H., R. G. and P. R. after the same book for outside reading in Church History. At meal-time, if a rush of hot air seems to be coming from one of the German tables, [40 ] it really isn ' t anything serious. It is only E. P. telling about her latest engagement and the details of the prospective wedding. On hearing an agonizing sound from the second corridor about 7.00 a. m., i.oo, 3.30, or 5.00 p. m., don ' t rush to the spot to see what disaster is taking place. If you do vou will find that it is only F. H. learning to trill; and she might not understand why you were alarmed. If you go into a room on the front of the house during the evening, and find lights out and the occupants leaning breathlessly from the windows, don ' t be startled by the thought that they are endeavoring to get air enough to breathe. For on listening you will probably hear masculine voices outside rendering One, Two, Three, Four or other classic gems. F. M. P. L 4i 1 nmNDf] M. V. B. (before Senior Play): Just feel how pale my hands are! A. L.: St. Patrick was the patron snake who drove the saints out of Ireland. Found in C. W. ' s note-book: We can ' t live in the present all the time, we have to go back to the future. R. G. (in Theism): A whale doesn ' t produce feathers, but a whale-bone. At Scotland District Sunday School — H. C. (to small boy): Have you everheard of the Northern Lights, Willie? — Willie: No, but I have heard of the Israelites. A. B — ton: Yes, I think I do remember it, but I have forgotten it. E. S.: That is an awfully pretty dress, especially the shoes. R. G. (in Church History): Alexander was interested in the farewell of his country ' . O. F. (in Ethics): If a man killed a chief, they all got together and barked at him. M. H.: This check isn ' t divorced vet. Miss C. (in College English II, giving an example of a coordinate conjunction), Bessie, you are a good girl and a good scholar. — B. R.: Yes! Miss C. M. C. (in History I): In using; hieroglyphics symbolically, the Egyptains had a symbol for each sound. 42 1 Teacher, after reading a description of a Discus-thrower: What does that make you think of? — C. W.: Cleopatra. (In Theism): Did you enjoy the law of Causality? — K. O.: Yes, I enjoyed it, but I didn ' t get much enjoyment out of it. Teacher: You musn ' t say ' all right ' in answer to my questions. — B. M.: All right. At Senior Play rehearsal: You must know your part. — M. C. G.: I know my part, but I can ' t remember my clues. M. C: That woman sat on the book reading a chair. R. G. (hunting for someone to play bridge): Come on and play psych with us, we only need one more. M. B. (giving the news): After the tornado four houses were left out of a population of eight hundred. Teacher — Who was Orpheus ' wife? — H. D.: Euripides. J. W. (in Church History): He worked for a shoemaker who kept sheep. M. C. (in History I): He disposed the king. Caesar was the child of the times. K. O. (at table): May I be excused? — Teacher (at end of the table): No, thank you, I don ' t care for any more. C. A.: May I serve the salad now? — Teacher: Yes, if you will do it quietly. (At table): Do you knead your fudge, A.? — A. L.: Why, I was going to eat it after dinner. M. C. G. (planning for Senior Straw-ride): I ' ll get the marshmallows out of the treasury. ' [43 ] B. R. (in German): Now, my friends, fellow-citizens and countrymen, raise your voices in honor of our emperor, in one thundering pause! H. V.: You see those girls all the time one in each other ' s lap. [ 44 Sttoerttsements ATHLETICS IN LABRADOR By Dr. D. E. Bigelow Il ustrated $i.oonet Postpaid $1.12 ADVICE TO YOUNG LOVERS Bv R. Hardwick Newton BEAUTIFUL IN LANGUAGE AND SENTIMENT Illustrated Cloth 23 c. net Leather joe net HOW TO STUDY By F. G. Huselton INDISPENSABLE TO THE MODERN STUDENT ' $I.IO net Postpaid $1.22 3recn ' $ Hccturcg THE ADVANTAGE OF SINGLE LIFE Illustrated 75 volumes $2 5. 00 net P. E. BODWELL CO. Special Lot of choice Perfumes Free samples sent to any address upon receipt of 25c. to cover mailing expenses Ordway Day Nursery Lost and Strayed Children Loved and Cared for Appiy to box xxx MISS O ' COPELAND ' S Exclusive Sewing Circle PRIVATE CLASSES ONLY Dolls ' clothes a specialty Alette ®ooD0 O. C. FLYNT CO. Long experience has enabled us to meet all needs of the young athlete [46 ] GEO. B. KING Art Stationer and Engraver 252 Boylston Street, Boston, Ma s. ENGRAVED CALLING CARDS, INVITATIONS, DIE STAMPING, UP-TO- DATE WRITING PAPERS, INEXPENSIVE, LARGEST LINE IN BOSTON Paper and Engraving sent anywhere. Samples for the asking Classes 1911, 1910, 1909, 1908, 1907, 1906, 1905, 1904, 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900 and years before ordered their Class Engravings here. [47 1 i ABBOT ACADEMY Andover, Massachusetts IN a beautiful New England town for one hun- dred and fifty years a centre of educational in- terests, this school for young ladies has upheld its high standard for character and scholarship for eighty-two years. The building and equipments are thoroughly modern and unusually complete. Pupils remember with gratitude its abiding influence for good. Course of two years after high school. Certi- fies for college or prepares for examination. Active out-door life. [ 48 ] J. H. CAMPION CO. The Corner Grocery Fruit, Confectionery and Fancy Groceries ELM SQUARE, ANDOVER, MASS. Yard on Railroad Street near Freight office Office: Carter ' s Building, Main S treet FRANK E. GLEASON Successor to JOHN CORNELL Dealer in COAL, WOOT), COKE, HAY, STRAW Telephone Connection ANDOVER, MASS. Shreve, Crump Low Co. 1 47 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. T)esigns submitted for Class and Society Pins STATIONERY OF THE FINEST GRADE, CALLING CARDS INVITATIONS, MONOGRAMS AND CREST DIES COBB, BATES YERXA CO. Importers and Grocers Schools, Institutions, and Large Consumers supplied upon most favorable terms COBB, BATES YERXA CO. Boston [49] Ask your retailer for GuptilVs High Grade Footwear r HERVEY E. GUPTILL HAVERHILL, MASS. Sold everywhere MERRIMACK MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. Insurance Offices Bank Building ALL KINDS OF FIRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE SMART AND FLAGG [ so ] v)li2 whitman ©Iu-cILq J$ the toiif place la ao ot u liotociiaph «Jltaln e)tteet, neat J ' jLattmi [51 J For Several Years We Have Made GYMNASIUM SUITS For Many Public and Private Schools. We shall be Glad to Send you samples of materials and quote Prices if Desired. R. H. STEARNS CO. Tremont Street and Temple Place, Boston Meyer Jonasson 8§f Co, Tremont and Boylston Sts., Boston Suits, Gowns, Waists, Coats, Sweaters and Silk Petticoats Special Department for Misses [ 52 ] Lewis T. Hardy Joseph F. Cole Hardy Cole BUILDERS AND LUMBER DEALERS Box making, Planing, Sawing and Matching done to order Kindling Wood by the load r Essex Street, Andover, Massachusetts Thayer, McNeil Hodgkins DISTINCTIVE FOOTWEAR PROPER FOOTWEAR is suggestive of authoritative styles for every occasion WE DESIGN SHOES for every demand, that are absolutely correct in pattern and shape 47 Temple Place and 1 5 West Street, Boston [ 53 J J. H. PLAYDON, Florist Seasonable Plants. Cut Flowers at all times. Wedding and Funeral Ar- rangements at Short Notice. Tele ' phones Connected with Store and Greenhouses Storehouses : JJ Lvxell Street Store : Acco Building Andover, Massachusetts COES YOUNG CO. Boot Shop for College Girls ii TEMPLE PLACE Boston [ 5+ ] CELEBRATED KNOX HATS CUSTOM LAUNDRY AGENCY W. J. BURNS Maker of Men s Clothes and Furnisher MAIN STREET, ANDOVER TELEPHONE 116 J. P. WAKEFIELD DEALER IN Meats and Provisions 16 AND 18 MAIN STREET, ANDOVER TELEPHONE 127 T. A. HOLT CO. DEALERS IN Dry Goods and Groceries ANDOVER, MASS. CKENNEYSMffERBUKY (foMPANY. Designers, Manufacturers and Jobbers of Electric, OAs-and Oijk 524 WJ , s n 5T s L?Bostoii,MaM® I 55 ] Ladies ' Gymnasium Suits and Athletic Apparel Endorsed and used bv the leading Physical Educators. Made under conditions approved by Consumers League. Send for our Catalog Columbia Gymnasium Suit Co. 301 Congress St., Boston, Mass. Page Catering Co. Lowell, Mass. All College Girls Wear Lombard Sailor Blouses Send for Illustrated Booklet Henry S. Lombard 22-26 Merchants Row, Boston, Mass. Choisa Ceylon Tea 1 lb. Canisters, 60 cents 1--2 lb. Canisters, 35 cents S. S. PIERCE CO. Boston—Brookline. [ 56 ] BUCHAN FRANCIS Furniture Main St., Andover, Mass. B. S. COLE Dealer in Beef] Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Poultry and Game STALLS 13 AND I 5 Faneuil Hall Market, Boston Albert W. Lowe DRUGGIST Press Building, Andover, Mass. LAMSON ? HUBBARD HATTERS FURRIERS For Men and Women COLD STORAGE FOR FURS 90 to 94 Bedford St. (Cor. Kingston) 1 73 Washington St. BOSTON, MASS. [ 57 ] Andover Sq. Boarding Livery Stable T. F. Morrissey, Prop. Carriages and Hacks for Funerals, Weddings and Receptions. Depot Work a Specialty, Expressing and Jobbing Phone 123-3 ANDOVER, MASS. Compliments of CROSS COAL CO. ' Postage Stamps for Collections I wish to purchase stamps used on letters from Hawaiian Islands in 1851 to 1853. For some I pay $2.00 to $5.00 each. Look up your missionary letters (Keep stamps on original envelopes.) FRANK P. BROWN COMPANY. 325 Washington St., Boston, Mass. THE METROPOLITAN Toys, Home Made Food a Specialty Fresh Candies, Ice Cream Soda Orders Promt tly Filled M. E. DALTON 42 Main Street, Andover, Mass. [ 58 ] THEO. MUISE 13 Barnard Street, Andover Tailor Ladies ' tailor-made gowns a specialty WALTER I. MORSE Successor to Henry McLawlin Hardware, Farming Tools, Paints, Oils MAIN ST., ANDOVER, MASS. HERBERT F. CHASE Fine Athletic Goods Agents for Eastman Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies Andover, Mass. Gilt Shop £ . Picture Framing and Pictures C GOLDSMITH-CLARK CO. Main Street, Andover BENJAMIN BROWN Sorosis Shoes REPAIRING DONE Main St., Andover, Mass. A. BASSO jfrutt anD Confectionery Free Delivery 29 Main St., Andover, Mass. CALLS MADE BY APPOINTMENT LA FLEUR DE LIS Pillows, Flags A. A. Colors 4 1 Main Street, Andover, Mass. MRS. MARY EARL CHIRIPODY Hygienic, Facial and Scalp Treatment Manicuring, Hair Dressing, Shampooing, Singeing Graduate of (Beacon Toilet School, (Boston [59 ] Allen Hint on - Co. Plain and Fancy Creams Sherbets, Frappes, Cakes Hidden Road. - - Andover Telephone Connection A Friend THE CIRCLE TEA ROOM AXD REMEMBRANCE SHOP Commencement visitors will find a cool pleasant place for luncheon. Telephone Connection Dr. Leitch [ 60 ]

Suggestions in the Abbot Academy - Circle Yearbook (Andover, MA) collection:

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