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LIBRARY OF ABBOT ACADEMY No. ts-joh: -t«, $hh 7 ' 1 1 flbvr -e A ' ABBOT ACADEMY CLASS BOOK NINETEEN • HUNDRED ■ AND ■ NINE PUBLISHED BY THE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS ANDOVEK MASSACHUSETTS 19 09 © The Andover Press Andover. Mass. DEDICATED TO OUR LOYAL FRIEND EMILY A. MEANS DRAPER HALL £ XUB tttB Rev. DANIEL MERRIMAN, President. BURTON S. FLAGG, Esq., Treasurer, JOHN ALDEN, Esq., Clerk. Col GEORGE RIPLEY. MORTIMER B. MASON, Esq., ARTHUR S. JOHNSON, Esq., Rev. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR. MARCUS MORTON, Esq., Mrs. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, EDWARD C. .MILLS. Esq., GEORGE F. SMITH. Esq., Rev. GEORGE A. GORDON " . Rev. MARKHAM W. STACKPOLE, ::: deceased Boston Andover Andover Andover Boston Boston Andover Boston Andover Brookline Andover Boston Andover jfaeue H EMILY A. MEANS, Principal, Psychology. Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER. German. NELLIE M. MASON, Science. EVELYN FARNUM DURFEE, Elocution and Physical Culture. REBEKAH MUNROE CHICKERING, A.B.,History. MARTHA M. HOWEY, A.B.. Literature. OLIVE G. RUNNER, B. L., Latin. HARRIET LORD PAYNE, A.B., French. DELIGHT WALKLY HALL, Greek. MARY ETHEL BANCROFT, A.B., English. Prof. JOSEPH N. ASHTON, Chorus Music, Pianoforte. Organ and Harmony. Mrs. ALICE WENTWORTH McGREGOR, Vocal Music. S. EDWIN CHASE, Violin and Mandolin. Mr. FREDERICK A. BOS LEY, Draining and Painting. Mlle. MARTHE GLENARD, French Conversation. CHARLOTTE L. ROOT, A.B., Principal ' s Assistant and Librarian. Miss PHILANA McLEAN, In charge of Draper Hall. Miss DORA L. HOLBROOK, Boston City Hospital, Nurse. c % s f £g CLASS BOOK BOARD (Eoitoriaf QSoatb Helen Wimttf.n. Editor-in-Chief Janet Gorton, Art Editor Helen Weber, Business Mai Literary Editors Albert Smith Beulab McCart . Iss ' t. Business Editors Sall Knox L di Skoi pii i d E, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Nine, in publishing this book, have endeavored to express to the school an appreciation of the happy days spent at Abbot, and some measure of our gratitude for all that has been done for us. The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Nine SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Helen Whitten, President Frances Wright, Secretary Saeah Knox, Vice-President Lxary Bourne, Treasurer Class Flower — Red Carnation Class Motto — To strife, to seek, to find, and not to yield (WltmUtB of t$t Senior Class (Jttaq Qttafing Q5ourne Kennebunk, Maine Courant Board ' 08 ' 09 Secretary A. C. A. Treasurer Class ' 09 Senior Middle Play Senior Play feetfa Sotofer LaFavette, Indiana Fidclio ' 08 ' 09 Glee Club ' 08 ' 09 Senior Play " A jolly, happy, red-cheeked maiden. " " Learning sits upon her brow. " gft3a0efS an6orn Suffer Newton Centre, Mass. Senior Middle Play Senior Play " The wisdom of manv and the wit of one. ' : (Efctffl 2)oioarb (Banner Dennysville, Maine Fidelio 06, 07, 08, ' 09 Secretary of Fidelio ' 08, ' 09 Second Hockey Team ' 08 Hockey Team ' 09 Senior Middle Play Senior Play " True to her words, her work, her friends. " (Blare Q eff (Etffierf jjanef (Bovton Savannah, Ceorgia Danvers, Mass. G. A. S. Odeon President of A. C. A. ' 09 Class Book Board Draper Reader ' 08 C our ant Board Senior Play Senior Play Glee Club ' 09 Class Prophecy " Pretty and witty, mild, and yet, too, gentle. " For if she will, she will. — you may depend on ' t. And if she won ' t, she won ' t. — and there ' s an end on ' t J?ara$ £agfor ' Knox Manchester, N. H. Treasurer of Class ' 08 Senior Middle Play Draper Reader " 08 Vice-president of Class ' 09 Senior Play- Class Book Board " Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her eye. " Beufafl (tttcCarfg Canton, Ohio Senior Middle Play Senior Play Fidelio ' 08, ' 09 Hockey Team ' 09 Class Book Board Class Prophecy ' ' For well they laugh in unrestrained glee, For many a joke has she. ' ' £ouisc QXorpeff Newark, Ohio Senior Play " She has a heart with room for every joy. " 5)efen €0omas Lowell, Mass. Senior Middle Play Senior Play " Whatever anyone does or says, I must be good. 2E efen (ttlorrts TX e6cr Canton, Ohio 5. M. T. President of Athletic Association ' 09 Business Editor of Class Book ' 09 Captaui of Basket Ball " 09 Basket Ball Team ' 09 Cheering Staff Senior Play Second Basket Ball Team ' 08 " Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant too, to think on. " gefen TEaftefteft TT3iffen Allenstown, N. H. President of Class ' 09 Manager of Basket-ball Team " 09 Editor-in-Chief of Class Book Vice-president of Class ' 08 Second Basket Ball team o8 Second Hockey Team ' 09 Hockey Team " 08 Senior Middle Play ' 08 " A whole-souled, good-hearted maid. " Srances TTrig f Newark, Ohio S. M. T. Secretary of Class ' 09 Secretary of Senior Middle Class Secretary of Athletic Association Senior Play Odcon Play Assistant Business Manager of Courant ' 07, ' 08 Business Manager of Courant " 09 Glee Club ' 09 Fidelio ' 07, ' 08 Hockey Team ' 08, ' 09 " Filled with life and mirth. " 1 r 1 1 1 1 i .HS COLLEGE SENIOR OFFICERS Gladys Perry Albert Smith President Secretary and Treasurer (TlUm6er0 of i$t CoMege pernor Cta ©oroffte £ois ©rafte Prescott, Arizona Hockey Team ' 08 Couram ! Board Senior Play " What she wills to do or s ay Is wisest, discretest, best. " %0 ' f 2 §cfen Qtterrtff asfelaoofc Haverhill, Mass. Hockey Team ' 08 Senior Play " Of manner gentle, of affections mild. $Lt£yAiSL cf y §forence QttacCrea ie j cfen ©ougfas (JUifrop AndOVEK, Mass. Hols ion, Ti Hockey Team oS Senior I ' lay 2nd Basketball, ' o8, ' 09 " She always has been just and virtuous in everything Senior Play that I do know of her. ' ' " She spares no pains in trying to do her best. " Taj. Bfa i?6 OK ice (perri? Welleslkv Hills, Mass. President College Senior Middle Class ' 08 President College Senior Class ' 09 Senior Play ' 09 French Play ' 07 Hockey Team ' 07 ' 08 Captain of Hockey Team ' 08 Glee Club Fidelio Second Basket Ball Team ' 06 ' 07 Second Hockey Team ' 06 " On thy face I see The map of honor, truth and loyalty. " (pBerf $fexan er gmity Bonham, Texas Manager of Glee Club ' 08 Cheering Staff ' 08 ' 09 Secretary and Treasurer of Class ' 09 Leader of Glee Club ' 09 Fidelio Accompanist ' 09 Senior Play ' 09 Class Book Board ' 09 Class Historian " Her merry heart doeth good like medicine. " 3a (Wtarjorte (Jttarfcen Jioufe Denver, Colorado Class Secretary and Treasurer ' 08 Mandolin Club ' 07 ' 08 Second Basket Ball Team ' 09 Senior Play " She has two eyes so soft and brown, Take care ! " Q3eafrice (JUargaref £iot66 Lawrence, Mass. a. 2. Senior Play " A daughter fair So happy, blythe and debonair. " gbtf0 nOan J)orn Wellsboro, Pa. Hockey Team o8 Senior Play " Pride in her bearing, love in her glowing eyes. " New York, New York 2nd Basketball Team ' 08 Basketball Team ' 09 " Blest with temper whose unclouded ray Can make tomorrow cheerful as today. " ' 3. Ctaes Ifyietoxp X the fall of 1907 we began our existence as the Senior-Middle Class, twenty-nine strong, a sorrowful mixture of verdancy and fright. Now, in the spring of 1909, the class has diminished to twenty-three, but, we are glad to say, it has lost the two above mentioned objectionable qualities. The festivities of the year were begun by a straw ride to Haggett ' s Pond. The next event was the Senior Dance in February, and to this we invited the Senior Middlers, which, of course, added greatly to the success of the evening. On March 23, Miss Chickering gave us a ver delightful party in the Senior Parlor. On May 11, the Trustees and Miss Means gave the annual spring dance to the Seniors and Senior Middlers. The Class banquet, the crowning event of the year, is to be held on May 28, and we are all looking forward to it with a great deal of pleasure, even though it is one of the last times that we shall all be together. In the rush and hurry for Commencement, the Academic Seniors are for- getting the weary hours spent in preparation for the Psychology exam, and Senior essay, and the College Seniors can hardly believe that they have ever heard such a thing as a four o ' clock alarm on Saturday morning. But there is no one who does not cherish pleasant memories and tender feelings toward those who have helped us in our work here. Every incident in our school life will serve a purpose. We are benefited by having had obstacles to overcome, and by them we can appreciate the more the discipilne of the Faculty. Our thoughts sober, and we are filled with gratitude, when we realize what they have done for us. Albert A. Smith. 26 Bast T3?iff arxb z tamznt of 3saat QBicftersfaff I, [saac Bickerstaff, being in a sane mind, do hereby give and bequeath all my i roperty and possessions as herein directed. To the School of Abbot Academy : — A room sufficiently far removed ami adequately .furnished for mid-night spreads. To the Senior Class: — My red electric light for the Senior Stairway in McKeen. To the Senior Middle Class: — My can of green paint. To M. M. 15.: — An alarm clock capable of going off at I A.M. To D. L. D. : — My book of poetry. To L. R. F.: — My book on " The Late t Provincial Slang " . To 1 ' " .. S. V.: — My Skeat ' s Etymological Dictionary. To M. B. G. : — The Chronicle of my love-affairs. To E. II. G. : — My book on " Fletcherism " . To J. L. G. : — My large sized water-cooler. To II. M. II.: — My ticket book to Haverhill. 27 To S. T. K. : — My volume on " The Minister ' s Social Helper " . To. F. MacC. : — My horizontal bars and vertical rope, also my hockev stick and basket-ball. To B. H. McC. : — My bottle of soothing syrup for chronic noisiness. To H. D. M.: — My Texas pony. To L. X.: — My rolling pins to accompany her. To G. R. P.: — My position in the Information Bureau. To A. A. S. : — My carriage house full of vans. To M. M. 5.: — My piano. To H. L. T. : — All my history reference books. To B. M. T. : — My pair of arm paddles. To E. YanH.: — All my Thursday night mail. To H. M. Y. : — My dust pan and broom. To H. W. W.: — A moon, a corner, a bunk, and — May Bell. To C. G. A. de Y. : — My full length mirror. To F. W. : — My bottle of cough syrup. Witnesses, Signed, The Cage of Cats. Isaac Bickerstaff. 28 Senior Statistics Best all round pirl Most popular Best looking Most Versatile Most Useful Busiest Frances Wright Albert Smith Helen Weber Albert Smith Leila Fowler Frances Wright Most Original Class Hustler Janet Gorton Helen Weber Wittiest Best natured Best dressed Meekest Most sincere Biggest bluffer Beulah McCarty Albert Smith Helen Weber Mary Bourne Edith Gardner Carol De Windt Hardest to rattle Greatest jollier Beulah McCarty Albert Smith Best dancer Most graceful Most fascinating Class Grind Most athletic Least athletic Albert Smith Helen Weber Beatrice Twiss Helen Thomas Florence McCreadie Mary Bell Gilbert Most dignified Class shark Edith Van Horn Janet Gorton Most Promising: — The little class of thirteen. 29 Senior ©ramaftcs H FAIRY ' S REVENGE STREET BEFORE VALOROSO S HOUSE ACT I EIGHTEEN YEARS LATER Scene i. Breakfast Room in Palace. An announcement: — Princess Angelica gives up the ring. Scene 2. Throne Room. Countess Gruffanuff finds the Ring: Prince Bulbo ' s arrival. Scene 3. Drawing Room in Palace. Betsinda gets the ring: Many suitors. ACT II NEXT MORNING Scene i. Breakfast Room in Palace. Various results of last evening ' s ad- ventures. ACT III A YEAR LATER Scene i. Street in a College Town. The Fairy ' s Gift. ACT IV A WEEK LATER Scene i. Street before Valoroso ' s house. A reunion. Scene 2. The same. Wedding Festivities interrupted. ©ramafis (persons King Valoroso Prince Giclio Prince Bilbo Hedzoff Glumboso Tomaso Lorenzo Porter Grcffanuff ist Student 2nd Student Archbishop Miss Gardner Miss W ' eiiek Miss Wright Miss Fuller Miss Bourne Miss Thomas Miss Xorpell Miss A. Smith Miss Perry Miss de Windt J ihs, a ssrvanl M ' - s Drake Page Miss MacCreadie Army, Students, People Miss Gorton- Fairy Blackstick Queen Princess Angelica Betsinda (Princess Rosalba) C UN : ESS rRUFFANUFF The Lion Miss McCarty Miss Gilbert Miss K " Miss Fowler Miss Van Horn £ree ong ? ft Leaving now the school grown dear, Leaving friends so true and near, At the close of our school year, Plant we thus our tree. Happy are the years we ' ve spent, Working, playing, well content If our efforts shall have lent Aught of worth to thee, Our school, whose fair and honored name Through passing years is still the same. So may this birch tree be the sign, The living purpose of design Of us, the class of nineteen nine, And all we hope to be: Tall — as we would reach up higher. Strong — as we would never tire, Still go on, and still aspire. Still the vision see. Thus may we ever worthier grow Of the school to which so much we owe. r ft 32 COURANT BOARD tE ft it urn Dorothy Drake Clarissa Hall Janet Gorton Laura Jackson IBitatitrBE tuiturs Mary Bourne Annie Blauvelt Madeline Burrage Frances Wright A e © ifiafcfHti i£j}rrari jTir.rr r.nil( i ' mssl ymxji 2 ' Jjsra SsnWr « OFFICERS OF A. C. A. Mary Bell Gilbert President Lydia Skolfield Vice-President An mi: Blauvelt Secretary Mary Bourne Treasure- goto TDouCo Cfleg £006 E. C. wide awake? M. B. in kilts? L. B. N. if she did not take her own part? Psych, class without that scared look? G. H. S. without her " A " ? J. L. G. never late to breakfast? R. W. X. minus her smile? E. D. R " s. hair turned silvery gray? D. L. D. if she failed in English class? H. M. W. if she could not run things? E. Y. not busy ? D. E. B. not making fudge? S. T. K. if she could not get a church-excuse? E. an. T. without her courtesy? L. R. F. without her s lang phrase ? G. Y. H. not wanting to borrow ? J. L. G. in a good humor? H. H. C and R. J. G. quiet? S. T. K. angry ? M. B. not in a hurry? A. A. S. fat? C. M. H. without her worried look? E. I. O. without common-sense shoe-: D. McC. in M. B ' s. sweater? M. B. G. in gym? B. H. McC. without her joke- ? SOCIETIES 3ilinor (Couch JUfg %t i (Biibtxl Jftarion 3 hoha (Steexx iRrtub Caroline (Sutlcrsou Dorolhu JRfCormifk 3ftsis (Clmrlolif iHrSnitre ififlrn iRills 3fssif jHnrsr iHarion iBurl J ' onforb TLjiatn ClfmniHitf i ' koKirlit Kojiorttru iflnnorr — iRiss kmtlti .. iRcans 39 (Btrixttbt 38inmfrf HSmhrirfes 3£Uttwar ;Unn Tj ijI Ifrantts OTrijlit iJEttlifili (6crtruh«r IBycr 4i |3frsis JZhtaon " f vbmtU Jitiimt iSfrrhtaimt (Cmnti Beatrice %cle a Xrtms ;Kuili jHnrrnu jJienovnry Jfitmhcv — iHiss UmUu %.. JrlttinB 43 GLEE CLUB Albert Smith, Leader Marguerite Claflin Leila Fowler Mary Bell Gilbert Marion Green Maude Gutterson Marion Sax ford, Manager Laura Jackson Jessie Morse Edwina Jarvis Ruth Murray Katherine Jenkins Gladys Perry- Lilly Johnson Frances Pray Frances Wright FIDELIO Anijie E. Blauvelt Persis E. Bodwell Marjory W. Burns ' i ian B. Caunt Olga Erickson Marguerite Faust Leila Fowler Edith (iardner Rhoda Creen Alice P. Holt Margaret Hook Edwina Jarvis Ethel M. Kelsey Frances M. Pray Charlotte Pinnev Elizabeth Preston Marion 15. Sanford Albert Smith Emily T. Silsby Beulah H. McCarty Ruth V. Mewcomb Corinne illanl ' " Little Women ' — D. McC. and M. E. " Miss Petticoats " — L. F. " Old Curiosity Shop " — G. P. ' •Ring Out Wild Bells " — Rising- bell. " The Idlers " — B. Mc. and J. G. " Within an Ace " — C+ for College Seniors. " Wanted- A Chaperon " — B. T. and K. J. " Castle of Indolence " — Room 42. " Bashful Fifteen " — C. DeW. " Skeleton In Armor " — A. S. in a gym. suit. " How To Know Nature " by R. N. " The Masquerader " — E. P. " Vanity Fair " — M. M. " The Light That Failed " — One night at dinner. " Our Mutual Friend " — J. S. Mill. " House of Mirth " — 64. " My Friend, the Chauffeur " — by C. M. H. " The Spendthrift " — R. J. G. " The Debtor " — G. H. " Sentimental Tommy " — M. B. G. " Books I Have Read " — by E. S. F. " The Simple Life " — F. P. " The Toilers " — Class Book Board. 48 fc A K ». ATHLETICS OFFICERS OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Helen Weber President Frances Wright Secretary Maude Gutterson Treasurer (NU. ©oofey on fcixte ' QtyktkB Vis, Hennessy, it ' s mesilf that thinks athletics is all roight f ' r gurls and it ' s mesilf that loikes to watch the pretty colleens at their sports. Did ye iver live near-r a gurl ' s school an ' go to anny iv their games? Well. I ' ll be a-tellin ' ye about Abbot Academy doin ' s. Way back in September-r, ye cud see th ' gurls practicin ' on th ' tennis- courts an ' thin it was their tournamint that they had, an ' I tell ye, Hennessy, I was moighty glad to see it won by B. Lewis — she surely cud play th ' game. But, Hennessy, you ought to have been here on October-r thirty-foist to see th ' gurls play in a hockey game wi ' Bradford. Great happinin ' s there was thin. It was a foine game an ' wi ' Gladys Perry f ' r captain and Betty Wyer managin ' it ' s no wander-r we won wi ' th ' big score, siven to two. An ' Glory be ! ye ought to have heard th ' swate young voices singin ' thim on to victory. Thin, winter came on, Hennessy an ' th ' gurls had to play their games inside an ' thin it was that they had their indoor meet wher-re they climbed r-ropes, an ' jumped an ' had r-races an ' all sich things. The Saniors won that time f ' r sur-re. 52 In the spring they came out doors again an " played basket-ball, ivery day, an ' thin, finally Hennessy they wint over-r to Bradford to play th ' gurls over-r there an ' , well, Hennessy, they did get beaten but they played a good square game an ' Abbot was all proud iv her team an ' iv its bonny Captain, Helen Weber. But til ' prettiest soight I iver saw was Abbot Field Day — thin, the gurls was all dressed oop loike shepherdesses and Japanese an ' thin it was they had marchuV an ' singing ' an ' r-races with hoops an ' three-legged r-races. I tell ye, Hennessy. it did me old hear-rt good to see the bonny colleens havin ' sich a good toime. There was anuther basket-ball game that day too, an ' th ' Sanior- Mids won that, but even that victory cud not bring their points oop to th ' grand did Saniors, who won ,be-jabers by sivinty-two to sixty-foive. 53 Dorothy Bigelow, goal Helen Mills, forward BASKET BALL TEAM Helen Weber. Captain Helen Whitten, Manager- Marion Brown, center Helen Weber, back center Carrol De Windt, goal guard Ruth Murray, forward guard Gertrude Swanberg, foncard guard G. Perry j Captain E. Van H°hn 1 • Wrigh | D. dOlk B. M ' Cart I). DraK " H. Haz£lwood E. WjER, Manager K. GahdnE. " 1. nAhk.h M ( UKVDIK r yjiunv l yrmu Little Dot Drake Sat in a corner Eating a geom. pie. She choked on an angle. Swallowed a polygon Then said: " What a smart srirl am I? " ' tAj Sing a song of Hunkers, A grade-card full of rings, That " s the song most every-one In the Spring time sings. Faculty at the meeting Counting up your marks, Seniors up above stairs Planning merry larks. Little Slim Smith has lost her Tub And doesn ' t know where to find her. Leave her alone, and she ' ll come home Dragging her books behind her. Viv was a little girl. And she had a little curl Right on the back of her head, When she was rough, she was very very rough, And her curl came off with her puff. puff. puff. Little Miss Beulah McCarty Is often considered a smarty. But her heart is of gold. An when all is told, She ' s a dear little Beulah McCartv Paddy wreski impossible pieces can play. And difficult music can handle. But it takes Maggie Hook our piano to slay. And to her Paddv can ' t hold a candle. Dot Bigelow. a human collapsible ladder. Had to stand twice to make a good shadder. On a bright summer day It quite faded away, Seeing which she grew sadder and sadder. 56 G G B L. A. J. " Grace, have you seen my picture of the President? " F. K. " Why, it looks just like Taft. " S. " I ' ve read slews of Latin. I ' ve had Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, Homer and Horace. " G. W. (in History) " If this is south-west and that is north-east, then where is north and south ? " 11. M. W. (after consuming the greater part of a two pound box of candy ) " Kid, I ' m in training. " L. X. (before the mirror) " Do you think I ' d look well in an umpire dress? " F. VV. " I had to pay $12 access bag- gage. " S. T. K. " What time does the 12.53 from Andover get to Boston ? " II. M. W. " Oh, about 1 o ' clock. " 57 " Ever absent, ever near, Still I see thee, still I hear. Yet I cannot reach thee dear. " 4 A-(- in English F. Y. (after hearing a Boston min- ister 1 " Don ' t you just love his brogue? " C. G. A. de W. " Raphael was a great ship-builder. " Miss 11. " Why did the angle sing? " J. L. G. " Because another sheep had gone up. " F. W. " Newton discovered the -team- boat. Oh. no! It was Franklin. " (class laughs) " What ' s the matter. " Miss C. (at the table ) " Can ' t you pass that desert without slinging it? " J. L. G. " I ' ve done a good deal this silent time. I ' ve sewed on a shoe button. " E. I). R. ( in Bible I " Sinai was Abra- ham ' s wife, and Hebron was his son. " L. R. J. (in Bible) " Where can I find out about the second life of Paul? " C. RL H. " You know, he really is hand- some in the dark. " Miss C. ( serving tea | " Will you have it rare, Edith ? " L. R. F. " Philip hoped he might be queen of England. " Miss C. ( in Bible i " What does Paul say about marriage? " F. W. " He savs it ' s all right to marrv. and it ' s all right to be a widow. " L. X. (in History) " Gustavus marched off in two branches. " J. L. G. " My neck ' s not bony, it ' s only deformed. " F. W. " The geese flopped and flied. " 58 L. R. J. (in Chase ' s) " Can you have this film developed by yesterday? " B. H. McC. " At a circus I laugh be- cause the other clowns laugh. " A. A. S. " I got up at four this morning and ground. " S. T. K. " A mystic is a man with queer beliefs. " H. H. M. (giving the news) " Shakes- pear ' s thirty-fifth anniversary was elaborately celebrated yesterday. " M. M. B. " He went to sleep in his upper story. " L. R. F. " How could he hear the dogs wag their tail- ? " J. L. G. " Mephistopheles took them off as if they had been a bag of pea- nuts. " B. H. McC. " Philosophy is the study of dead things. " F. W. " Was it Sophocles or Shakes- peare who said, " To be or not to be ? " F. V. " Dualism is a fight. ' " L. R. J. " Chanticler was a fine old hen. " H. L. T. " Life is a jig-saw. " L. N. " It said— " Miss M. " You know that " it " cannot say anything. " L. X. " Weil, it spoke — " L. A. J. " What do they call the male star in Grand Opera? " E. H. G. " Why, prima donna, of course. " Miss 11. " You say Demosthenes put pebhles in his mouth — Why did he do that? " F. W. " To help his jesticulation. " Since in laboring and resting. Life is divided best, Let others do the laboring. And L. A. J. will do the rest. R. W. N. " That ' s just the way they do at College. " 59 F. W. (after listening to A. A. S. make strange noises) " Why, you ' re a reg- ular tranquiloqui-t. " L. R. F. She smiles and laughs the live long day. Pray do not think her simple, She ' ll laugh at anything you say, Because it shows her dimple. Miss C. (in History) " Betty, what important historical event took place in the middle of the fifth century A. D.? " B. G. W. (after careful thought) " Columbus discovered America. " E. S. F. " 1 know my dog is just six years old, becau-e I ' ve had him for seven years. " To those who break the Abbot rule-. And nightly roam about, law are, for it is certain. That your -ins will find you out. You thought you would escape Under cover of the night, Hut your grievous misdemeanors Are sure to come to light. CtasB ©trecforj? N A M E GENERAL APPEARANCE M. Bourne Meek L. Fowler Spunky E. Fuller Reserved E. Gardner Studious M. B. Gilbert Poetical J. Gorton Grecian Sarah Knox Tranquil B. McCarty Like a Paddy Louise Norpell Tubby H. Thomas Pensive H. Weber Athletic H. Whitten Lively F. Wright Gay D. Drake Literary H. Hazelwood Nervous F. MacCreadie Wiry H. Milroy Sagacious G. Perry Curious A. Smith Slim M. Soule " Come to me " B. Twiss Dignified E. Van Horn Blushing C. de Windt " Come pick n up REASON FOR COMING TO ABBOT To go to spreads To talk slang To be class shark To keep rules To have crushes To do as little work- as possible To study elocution To make a noise To get spice To sit on history books To play basket ball To have a good time To laugh To study To love Gladys To be athletic To write themes To find out everything To go to Tech. proms To play ragtime To get the foot ball walk To be exclusive To introduce New York Fashions FAVORITE EXPRESSION " How extraordinary " " That ' s what I meant " ' " Mr. James says — " " Is it really so? " " What difference will it make five years from now ? " " How you talk " " Really? " " Hello ! Darling of the Gods " " See any spice today? " " Have you seen the history book? " " What ' s that got to do with the Boston Boat? " " Oh, Fudge " " Isn ' t that just too sweet? " " Oh! jing " " Have you seen Gladys? " " Ach ! Himmel ! " " Save the pieces " " That ' s just what I said " " Where ' s my Tubby? " " Oh, my dear ! " " Now, what do you know about that? " " Is the mail in yet? " " Bah Jove! " DESTINY Kindergarten teacher Early marriage Lecturer on Stevenson School teacher A Navy man Poetess A minister ' s wife Chorus girl Vocalist Teacher of History Looks Black ahead Principal of Young Ladies Seminary To make some poor man a good wife Cowgirl Librarian Basket ball coach Authoress Detective Too young to be determined Music teacher Woman suffragist Somewhere New York Society Belle AXT EATER (Gladysicus Perryor um) Enclosed in cage 58. This animal has an inquisitive disposition and great social tendencies. BADGERS (Dorothyia Draki: Heleniorum Milroyibus) Captured from the wild and wooly West, and when brought to the immediately became inseparable. BEAVER (Helenium Thomasas) A kind and diligent animal noted for its logical digging. CAMEL {Carolina • Wyndella) A daily visitor at the zoo. This animal enters with great enthusiasm into all the trick games of the menagerie. CHIPMUNK ( Francisis 1 1 ' righticus ) A very good tempered animal, with a curious little bark. D( )X K EY i Janctilus Gortoni ) The most stubborn of its species, and given to braving on all occasions. 61 DRUM FISH (Marjorius Soulizitus) So named for its constant drumming ' upon the pianoti in the aquarium. EAGLE (Bcatrixthi Twissiano) A beautiful bird with keen pier cing eyes. Whenever it is brought to the zoo it flies immediately to cage 63. GAZELLE (Maybelfa Gilbcrta) This species of de(a)r is of exquisite workmanship, and celebrated for its affectionate disposition. GIRAFFE (Helenicus Webera) A tall graceful animal, the only one of its kind, noted for its restless- ness. GREYHOUND (Helencium Hazelwoodeta) This animal was transported from the Haverhill zoo during the last year. A good tempered creature, with a great affinity for the ant-eater. LE( )PARD ( Albert il us Smithlus 1 ( ne of the most attractive of animals. Its chief characteristics are its love of man. and its appetite for all mischievous pranks. LION (Edithai Gardnerio) This animal like all its kind, possesses great strength of character and mind. MALTESE GOAT (Beulahi McCartysas) A stout little animal, self-domesticated and loved by all its fellow creatures, occasionally apt to use its horns. MAGPIE (Leilaus Fowlerilus) A talkative bird, possessing most of the notable traits of its species, and captured from the wilds of Indiana. 62 MOLE (Bethic Fulleri) This animal is noted for its burrowing into things antediluvian. Has a great fondness for the companionship of the animals in Kipling ' s Jungle. OYSTER (Maryorum Bourni) This creature, possessing the principal characteristics of its kind, takes great pleasure in keeping within its shell all passions, desires and regrets, and presents a calm and untroubled countenance to the busy world. PORCL PJ N E ( Sal I yea Knoxz | This i a wiry animal with long head and bristling hair. Its chief characteristic is its restlessness. Brought into captivity two years ago, and is now caged with the giraffe. RACO K )N ( Louisiana X orpclliorum ) This animal is somewhat fleshy and heavily built, and noted for the prominence of its left paw by which it emphasizes its feelings. ST. BERNARD (Edithus Van Horni) Reserved and dignified towards strangers, but showing an affectionate regard for its friends. This animal has a beautiful curly coat of hair. WALRUS (Hellenium Whittenibus) This animal is very fond of leading the meetings of a species of beasts called Seniorae. It was captured and taken into custody by the famous explorer. Mile. Gilbert. FOX TERRIER (Florencia MacCreadies) A very quick and energetic animal, fond of all sports and taking many blue ribbons at all the dog shows. Written by the cage of cats. 63 pernor QMpMef On June the fifteenth of the year nineteen-nine, A Senior went forth at the head of her line. But before she departed this school of her choice, She confessed to a crime in a meek, ashamed voice. " I have studied Phychology, Shakespeare and Art, I have swallowed whole books and learned others by heart, But of all the hard tasks, the hardest I know, Is remembering my letters in the order they go. " So they gave her this rhyme, lest she should forget Their names and the letters in our Alphabet. A is for Albert, called commonly " Slim, " She ' s a mighty good comrad and not at all prim. B is for Beulah, the basket-ball shark. Her Tennis and Hockey are both up to the mark. C is for Carol, who hates going to bed. She ' s eternally suffering from a cold in her head. D is for Dorothy, the hard working one, She always is studying by lamplight or sun. E is for Eva, who was sick in the Spring, We hope she ' ll come back, and her charms with her bring. F is for Fuller, the wit of the class, It also means Florence, the athletic lass. 64 G stands for a girl by the name of Gardner, She ' ll make some happy man a mighty good partner. H is for Helen, a most popular name, T. M. and H. grace thi- class book of fame. J st inds for Janet, and Fairy Blackstick, In a world full of girls she ' d be any man ' s pick. K is for Knox. neat, modest and staid, We ' ll never forget our dear " .Manchester Maid. " L is for Leila, whose name once was " Gruffy, " But no matter what happens, she never gets huffy. M stands for Mary, and Mary Belle G. From Maine down to Georgia none sweeter could be. N stands for Xorpell or " my Tubby dear. " That she ' ll ever lack friends, she need never fear. P is for Perry, the Hockey team ' .- pride. She modestly trie- all her good points to hide. S stand- for Soule so quiet and nice. She doesn ' t mind rat . though .-he never liked mice. T stands for Twiss, whose big brown eyes, Cause numerous heart-ache- and deep, manly sigh-. V -land- for Van Horn, who is going to Smith, Her beauty and brightness are surely no myth. Weber, Whitten and Wright, our bravest and best, The three most beloved by all of the rest. 65 Q0efioeen tfyt (Cfocfi an t$t $a in It was ten o ' clock on the morning of the fifteenth of June, and Draper Hall was really quiet. The hall clock on the landing drew a sigh of relief, and turned to the Faun who was dreamily looking out of the window. " How quiet it seems with everybody gone to the church, and the seniors who ' ll come back, not seniors but dear old graduates. I certainly shall miss them, but they ' ve been such a noisy, energetic class, it ' s almost a relief to have them s:one. " 66 The faun nodded. " It will seem queer not to hear that Albert Smith forever hunting for her room-mate Tubby and calling everybody " kid " ! Louise is less troublesome and she always had so much interesting news for every- body. Really. 1 shan ' t know what ' s going on in this school without her. " " Talking about noisy people, " interrupted the clock, " how about Frances Wright, and Beulah McCarty and Janet Gorton? I think Janet and Beulah must have spent most of their time arguing. I ' ve never yet seen them agree on any subject. Remember how they scrapped about Hamlet ' s being sane or insane? " " Lin. " grunted the faun, " and Prances, well! she ' s generally up to some- thing and always choking at the wrong time. How she did cough the night all the seniors went down to their parlor and told ghost-stories. " " Yes, and kept me awake till all hours of the night and actually made me shiver, their teeth chattered so when they were coming back. " " That window-seat looks sort of lonesome without Helen Whitten and -Maybell Gilbert, doesn ' t it? " sighed the faun. He really was a sentimental old fellow though he didn ' t look so. The big round moon in the clock ' s face looke.l knowing and winked one eye. " Maybell is more fun than a goat. " said the clock, who occasionally indulged in slang, " and energetic when — " " When -he wants to be. " finished the faun. " Really, you are getting terribly slangy. I suppose you get the habit from Leila Fowler. She could take fir-t prize in that, and making fudge, too. " The clock waved one hand in apology and turned the subject. 67 " When you say energetic, it reminds me of Helen Weber and the way she used to tear clown the corridor to Ethics banging on every door with her book. She and her room-mate. Sally Knox, always had things done long before other people even thought of starting on them. " " That ' s like Beth Fuller and Helen Thomas in a way. " replied the faun. " They always got the history books first, and I know Beth used to have hers done days before hand. They were pretty fond of driving, too. Remember the day they got caught in a thunder shower and were drenched? " " Yes, and Edith Gardner got caught that same day down on the Old Railroad. I hate to have her go, for she ' s been here so long I feel as though 1 really knew her. She ' s s uch a sweet, thoughtful girl. " ' ' I shall miss her dreadfully. " sighed the faun. " I wonder who ' ll take Mary Bourne ' s place next year. Poor Mary, how she did hate to collect taxes. " The big hall door slammed just then and Beam ' s voice was heard crying, " I ' ve got my diploma, I ' ve got my diploma! " " Sh. " said the clock. The faun wiped away a tear. " Good-bve 1909. " he called, " and welcome 1910. " J. L. G. 68 T»M %t fc0ougft ( ). I ' ve met many girls who are pretty and sweet, And witty, and charmingly dressed; But for genuine fun and hearts of true blue The Seniors of Abbot are best. At tennis I played, with a tall, slender girl, And I have to admit that she won. Then read a few volumes of church history With Helen, the studious one. I di cussed Arts and Crafts for an hour, at least, With a most intellectual girl ; ' Till May Bell took me off for a long pleasant drive. While my poor brain was still in a whirl. After trying some time to get in a few words While Leila talked on, I confess I was glad to give up and have Beth read to me From her hero, the loved R. L. S. With Beulah I danced in the new sitting-room. And she whirled and she twirled on her toe : Hut whether I managed to keep in the step, And how it was done, no one knows. " A minister ' s wife they all say I ' m to be, " 69 Sally . aid; " so I ' ll take you around And show you the school where the theologs are, For my fate is yet to be found. " Then Edith played softly on her violin, And Frances, who followed soon after. Consented to sing, when sufficiently urged, But retired quite helpless with laughter. I sat in the alcove with two of the girls, And we talked in the friendliest way ; For Helen cracked jokes, and Louise told us all The exciting events of the day. In a moment unguarded I was seized on by one Who inquired, with a business-like air, " Won ' t you please advertise in the Courant this year? ' And I weakly agreed, then and there. (RtetviiBtmtnte You ' ve seen our names and learned our fads, And now you ' d better read our ads. For if you don ' t, you ' ll never know- Where all our dimes and nickles go. C0e TDeeft ' 0 (Qttvadions CLASS MATES MISS ALBERTINA SMITHERS THE HOUSE IN ORDER or starring in or THE HISTORY OK THE HISTORICAL GRINDS with Mile. Elizabethet Filleritus THE MUSIC MASTER THE STORY OF THE PERSECUTED ROOMMATES and Frai lien Helen yg Thomasas An Accomplished Player on the Zen- ophone, Graphophone and Fine Tooth Comb Leading Ladies Minor Characters Louise Norpell Albert Smith Helen Weber Sally Knox Janet Gorton Beulah McCarty THE MYSTERY OF THE BAG Coming — The Week before Christ- mas Vacation ALL ' S WELL THAT ENDS WELL or presented June 1 5 HOW TWO (ATS WENT HOME MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING BY THE CLASS OF 1909 presented by 23 PEOPLE PEOPLE 23 Managed by Miss Chickering AN ALL STAR SENIOR CAST Geo. B. King Art Stationer and Engraver 252 BoylstonSt., Boston, Mass. Engraved Colling Cards I n v Hat i n s Die Stamping U p-t - Da t e Writing Papers I n e x p e n si re La rgest Line i n B a S f o n I ' Al ' KR AND ENGRAVING SENT ANY WHERE— SAMPLES FOR THE ASKING (lasses 1909, L908, lf)07. 1906, 1905, 1904, L903, L902, 1901, 1900 and yean before ordered their (lass Engravings lure Ask Your Retailer For (fomtUTg litglt (Srafo iFootmgar SOLD EVERYWHERE Hervey E. Guptill HAVERHILL, MASS. CONSERVATIVE MANAGEMENT PRODUCES AND MAINTAINS SOUND INDEMNITY ittnrimark ittutital iFire dfttaitranr? (Company (.INCORPORATED 1828) ANDOVER - - MASSACHUSETTS AGENTS THROUGHOUT MASSACHUSETTS, NEW HAMPSHIRE. VERMONT, RHODE ISLAND AND CONNECTICUT n s . - ,-J s r . w m c — D The Sherman Studio IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO GO FOR PHOTOGRAPHS jgl £1 £1 MAIN STREET, near MORTON in ALBERT LOWE DRUGGIST PRESS BUILDING - ANDOVER, MASS. Buchan Francis FURNITURE 10 PARK STREET - ANDOVER, MASS. G. H. Valpev E. H. Valpev Established 1866 VALPEY BROTHERS Dealers in Meats, Vegetables, Poultry, Canned Goods, Etc. TEA AND COFFEE, CREAMERY BUTTER IN 5 LB. BOXES PRINT BUTTER, ETC. No. 2 Ma in Street, Andover Tei. conn. CELEBRATED CUSTOM KNOX ' HATS LAUNDRY AGENCY W.J. BURNS Maker of Men s Clothes a ?t d Fur n is her MAIN STREET - - ANDOVER TELEPHONE Il6 IV Lewis T. Hardy Joseph F. Coi.e Hardy Coie Builders and Lumber Dealers BOX MAKING, PLANING, SAWING AND MATCHING DOM. TO ORDER .... KINDLING WOOD BY THE LOAD Essex Street, - - - Andover, Mass. Compliments of Joseph Caunt Company T. A. HOLT CO. 3X. J etitu i.H.. tJuttie V V Q. DEALERS IN Dry Goods and Groceries ...iJlflO CMlOC.5... 159 tJtemont G)ti«ef r6«tv2. Weii and JRa an cMj. ANDOYER - - MASSACHUSETTS UjQ io n C. F HOVEY CO. Dry Goods pETi " » ' ' s-lJ-1- -■ - , - i 1 1 fCafedes InvaUdes 2iwvi£ ° A S«« - BETTER THAN COFFEE 33 SUMMER STREET - BOSTON RICHER THAN COFFEE SEVEN-EIGHTHS COFFEE VI J. H. Playdon Florist SEASONABLE PLANTS . ' . CUT FLOWERS AT ALL TIMES WEDDING AND FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS AT SHORT NOTICE TELEPHONES CONNECTED WITH STORE AND GREENHOUSES Andover storehouses: 35 lowell street store: arco hum. ding Massachusetts Yard on Railroad Street near Freight Office Office: Carter ' s Building Main Street FRANK E. GLEASON SUCCESSOR TO JOHN CORNELL DEALER l Coal, Wood, Coke, Hay, Straw Telephone Connei tiois ANDOVER, MASS. VII HERBERT F. CHASE tftnc atljlttic (EiooBjS Agent for Eastman Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies ANDOVER - - MASSACHUSETTS Louise S. Goldsmith Co- picture 3frame inU 43tft bop M A Frames Regllded and Pictures Kestored J HJv ANDOVER, MASS. J JL » Louise S Goldsmith Arthur G . Clark LA FLEUR DE LIS ptllotog f la$0 a, 3L Colore 41 MAIN STREET - ANDOVER, MASS. Andover Steam Laundry First Class Work Guaranteed Goods Called for and Delivered P. (). AVENUE - ANDOVER, MASS. T. E. RHODES Maker of Plain and Fancy Ice Creams Bafeer and Caterer 64 CHESTNUT STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. Massage Manicuring Miss A. M. Burroughs Hair Dressing and Electric Treatment a Specialty ARCO BUILDING - ANDOVER, MASS. A. E. Hulme Dr. Leitch VIII SHREVE, CRUMP LOW CO ...Jevcelers and Silversmiths,.. FINK STATIONERY, PROGRAMS, CLASS INVITATIONS. CALLING CARDS. MONOGRAMS DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED . ' . CLASS AND SOCIETY PINS Boston Massachusetts Meyer Jonasson Co. Direct Attention to their Extensive Assortment of Suits, Dresses, Coats, Skirt, PV a i s t s and Linger i e Tremont and Boylston Streets, BOSTON, MASS. IX THE GENUINE ...Lombard Blouses... SERGE FLANNEL WASH FABRICS CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED OF Henry S. Lombard 22-26 MERCHANTS ROW BOSTON - - MASS. Semi for Illustrated Cata ' . Page Catering Co. Lowell, {Mass. Gymnasium Suits Swimming Suits Hockey Shirts Jumper Blouses Dancing Skirts Endorsed and used bv Physical Culturists all over • the country. Consumers ' League endorsement. CATALOGUE OX APPLICATION Jk The pyMJy Henry F. Miller ARE LSED AT ABBOT ACADEMY Columbia Oiumnastum £»mt (£0. Ba J 45 SOUTH STREET. BOSTON iJrnrii 3F. fHillrr i?mts Jltano (£0. 395 BOYLSTON STREET. BOSTON THE PHILLIPS INN OPPOSITE ( VMPUS OF PHILLIPS ACADEMY RATES - $20 PER WEEK OPEN ALL THE YEAR J. M. STEWART, Proprietor THEO. MUISE IS BARNARD STREET ANDOVER (Tailor Ladies ' Tailor-Made Gowns Specialty WARREN L.JOHNSON Jlariat CUT FLOWERS FOR ALL OC sl()Ns 18 MORTON STREET, ANDOVER. MASS. ' phone 124-3 T, E. RHODES IBaftcr : Caterer MAKER OF PLAIN AND FANCY ICE « REAMS lit CHESTNUT STREET - ANDOVER JOHN STEWART (KHramng anb |J r BBing (Sarments Boot Blacking Parlors P. (). AVENUE - - ANDOVER ALLEN HINTON CO. plain and fantj) £rcams Sherbets, ftapp?$, €akt$ HIDDEN ROAD - - ANDOVER TELEPHONE ( ONNE4 TION H. M. RAND LETT (FORMERLY T. .1. FARMER ' S FI8H MARKETj £m iFmib of All KittiHu 15 BARNARD STREET - ANDOVER 7 HE METROPOLIS IN Fresh Candies, Ice Cream Soda. Toys, Home Made Food a Specialty Orders promptly filled 42 MAIN STREET - - ANDOVER XI W. C. CROWLEY DEALER IN 5 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. J. P. WAKEFIELD DEALER IN Jtteattf an $rotoigiong 16 AND 18 MAIN STREET - ANDOVER TELEPHONE 127 B. S. COLE DEALER IN tyttf, button, Hamfc, Beal, $ouitrp anti 6amc Stalls 13 and 15 FANEUIL HALL MARKET - BOSTON CROWLEY CO. 2Drugffist£ 33 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. XII Hacks for Weddings - Carriages Meet and Funerals Principal Trains PARK STREET STABLES W. H. HIGGINS, Proprietor Livery and Boarding Stables High Grade Sale Horses Phillips Inn Carriage Service Prospect Hill Stock Farm Affording a First-Class " All the Year ' Round " Stable Service TELEPHONE CONNECTION AN DOVER, MASS. John W. Watters Company Catioreti ifeutts, artj Bresscs, Ctentng iDraps, lltngerte 3Bressts t anD tlfc, ILingerte attto linen Ratals 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT TO COLLEGE TRADE 566 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. OPPOSITE ADAMS HOUSE XIII Compliments CROSS COAL CO [ NffiYSl rERBURyftMPANTC Designers. Manufacturers and Jobbers rf Dlect kic, JA S and OlI, gg fflace Goods ' W W S n Ml n 3?J, E c ?Bostoii.Mass; Established 1858 FURS EDWARD F. KAKAS SONS 364 BOYLSTON STKEET NEAR ARLINGTON STREET - BOSTON SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS BENJAMIN BROWN Porosis Shoes REPAIRING DONE MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. XIV J. H. CAMPION COMPANY ' THE CORNER GROCERY " Fruit and Confectionery and Fancy Groceries ELM SQUARE ANDOVER, MASS. LAWRENCE, MASS. XV At I

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