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At ABBOT ACADEMY CLASS BOOK, 1 908 Published by the members of the Senior Class ff E . THE CLASS OF N I N E- Vl TEEN E I GHT DEDICATE OUR CLASS BOOK TO OUR LOYAL FRIEND MARIA STOCKBRIDGE MERRILL THE MAPLE WALK V lBttt8 Rev. DANIEL MERRIMAX. President, HURTOX S. FLAGG, Esq., Treasurer, JOHN ALDEX, Esq., Clerk, Col. GEORGE RIPLEY. MORTIMER B. MASOX, Esq., ARTHUR S. JOHNSON, Esq., Rev. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR, MARCUS MORTOX, Esq., Mrs. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, EDWARD C. MILLS, Esq., GEORGE F. SMITH, Esq., Rev. GEORGE A. G.ORDON, Boston ANDOVER Axrx)VER ANDOVER Boston Boston ANDOVER Boston Andover Brookline Andover Boston facuf EMILY A. MEANS. Principal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism. Christian Evidences. {CATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER, German. NELLIE M. MASON, Science. EVELYN FARNHAM DURFEE, Elocution and Physical Culture. REBEKAH MUNROE CHICKERING, A.B., History. MARTHA M. HOWEY, A.B., Literature. MIRIAM TITCOMB, B.L., English. OLIVE G. RUNNER. B.L., Latin. HARRIET LORD PAYNE, A.B.. French. DELIGHT WALKLY HALL, Greek. Prof. JOSEPH N. ASHTON, Chorus Music. Pianoforte. Organ and Harmony. Mrs. ALICE WENTWORTH McGREGOR, Vocal Music. S. EDWIN CHASE. Violin and Mandolin. Mrs. HERMANN D. MURPHY, Drawing and Painting. Mlle. MARTHE GLENARD, French Conversation. CHARLOTTE L. ROOT, A.B.. Principal ' s Assistant and Librarian. Miss PHILANA McLEAN. In charge of Draper Hall. MISS DORA L. HOLBROOK, Boston City Hospital. Nurse. CLASS BOOK BOARD 6fciforiaC QBoarb Dorothy Taylor, Editor-in-Chief Literary Editors Winifred Ocden {Catherine Wirster Louise Sweeney Esthkr Parker. Art Editor Edith L. Gutterson, Business Man Assistant Business Managers Gertrude H. Caunt Mildred itoviat E, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Eight, are nearing the end of our Senior year. We have struggled together, in the time we have been here, to live up to the ideals given us by our Alma Mater and to remember our high aim and unity of purpose. We edit this book, in which we have endeavored to reflect to some degree our life at Abbot, that it may be a memorial of the serious and joyous times we have had here. The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Eight cuss SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dorothy Taylor. President Esther V. Stickney, Secretary Edith Gcttersox, Vice-President Marion F. Allchix, Treasurer Class Flower — Daisy Class Motto — Unity and Ambition QlUmBera of tfyt tnxox Ctaes (Vflaxion Stances $ffc0in Melrose, Mass. Cheering Staff " 07, ' 08 President of Y. IV. C. A. ' 08 Mandolin Club ' 08 Glee Club ' 07, ' 08 Manager Basket Ball Team ' 08 Basket Ball Team ' 07, o8 Y. W. C. A. Play Senior Play Treasurer of Class ' 08 Fidelio ' 07, ' 08 Hockey Team ' 07, ' 08 Odeon Play " Her steady soul preserves her frame In good and evil times the same. " ♦ §forence QBfgsfone Jamestown, . Y. Senior Play A kind and gentle heart had she To comfort friends and f " (Serfrufce 5 orfense Caunt Lynn, Mass X I Treasurer of Class " 07 Fidelio " 07. ' 08 Assistant Business Manager Class Book ' 08 Senior Play Senior Middle Play " Still to be neat, still to be dresst As you zcere going to a feast. " Qttarp (Esther CfleneE Ashland. New Hampshire Glee Club 08 Basket Ball Team 08 ch Play Senior Play " Twinkle, twinkle, little star ! We all know how bright you are : For your modest little smile Cannot tool us all the while. " 3e n ©ascom6 San Antonio. Texas Senior Play " There is a gift beyond the reach of art, Of being eloquently silent. ' ' Qttarg (gtfa (Effioff Waterville. New Hampshire. Second Basket Ball Team ' 07 Senior Middle Play Senior I ' hiy " Be silent always when you doubt your sense : And speak, though sure, with diffidence. " G. A. S. President of Class ' 07 Vice President of Class ' 08 President of Athletic Association ' 08 President of Y. IV. C. A. ' 06, ' 07 Fidelio ' 05, ' 06, ' 07, ' 08 Hockey Team ' 05, ' 06, ' 07, ' 08 Manager of Hockey Team ' 06, ' 07, ' 08 Second Basket Ball Team ' 05 Basket Ball Team ' 06, ' 07, ' 08 Captain Basket Ball Team ' 07 €fctf0 feancaefer (Butferson £rf,7or o CWa " ' ' ? ' ° 8 Business Editor of Class Book ' 08 IXCHESTER, AI.VSS. Assistant Business Editor of Class Book ' 07 Odeon ' In books a prodigal they sav, , „, .... , ,. Odeon Plav A living cyclopaedia Of histories of church and priest Y ' W ' C - A - P ' A full compendium at least. Senior Play A table-talker rich in sense, And witty without wit ' s pretense. " Zfyixia Huntington at Newtox, Mass. 5. M. T. Senior Middle Play Senior Play " There ' s a little of the melancholy element in her. MlDDLETOWN, X. V. Draper Reader ' 07 Her for the studious shade Kind nature formed. " Senior Play TTimfrefc £)gfcen Summit, New Jersey Basket Ball Team ' 07, ' 08 Odeon Draper Reader ' 07 Class Book Board ' 08 Tenuis Championship ' c8 Odeon Play Senior Play " Wisdom, awful wisdem, which inspects, Discerns, compares, weighs, separates, infers, Seizes the right and holds it to the last " . (Esffler (parfter Winchester, Mass. Class Book Board ' 08 Second Hockey Team ' 07 Odeon Draper Reader ' 07 " So unaffected, so composed a mind, So firm, so soft, .so strong, yet so refined. " Mandolin Club ' 08 Courant Board ' 08 Odeon Play Senior Plax QRafflartne QBrafcforfc $a£mon New York City A. 2. Odeon Senior Play " She is not coldly clever, and indirectly satirical. But adorably single and full of feeling. " 3sa6cffa cafon Ashland, Kentucky 5 " . M. T. Senior Middle Play Senior Play " From some she cast her modest eyes below. At some her gazing glances roving flew. " Frances $ra6effa ftoffteffc Portland. Maixe G. A. S. Secretary of Class 07 Senior Play " Her purple habit sits with such a grace On her smooth shoulders, and so suits her face. " 6sf0er TTarc ftcftnep Beverly. Mass. -S " . M. T. Secretary of Class ' 08 Fidelio ' 07. " 08 Senior Play " Mark when she smiles with aimiable cheer. " £ orof0£ £a£for Newton Centre, Mass. g. a. s. Cheering Staff o8 Second Hockey Team ' 07, ' 08 Editor in Chief of Class Book Senior Middle Play Senior Play " All that ' s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and in her eyes. " President of Class ' 08 Fidelio ' 07, ' 08 French Play Qttcirton (Emcrp £oicfe Dorchester, Mass. Mandolin Club ' 07, ' 08 G. A. S. Senior Play " For her own person ll beggared all description. " New York City io ' 06, 07, " 08 Glee Club 08 Hockey Team ' 07. ' 08 Basket Ball Team 06. 07. 08 •SV .- ?nd Basket Ball Team ' 04. ' 05 Captain of Basket Ball Team 08 " There stands a structure of majestic fr.v Kaf artnc (ftugusfa TTursfcr Brooklyn-. X. Y. Fidelio ' 06. ' 07, ' 08 Treasurer of Fidelio ' 08 Hockey Team " 08 Courant Board ' 07. ' 08 Class Book Board ' 08 surer of Fidelio ' 08 G v C nfc ' 07. " 08 Second Hockey Team ' 07 Senior Play " A crimson blush her beauteous face o ' erspread Varying her cheeks by turn with white and red. The driving colors never at a stay Run here and there, and flush And fade away " X X October, nine- teen six, we, the class of nineteen hundred and eight, elected the officers for our Senior - Middl e year. We were proud of our class, in the first place, for their good acting in the play, " Who ' s to Win Him. " Later on, in March, we showed our spirit at our class spread. All winter we worked hard at athletics and in the spring, though we lost in the Indoor Meet, we had the crowning triumph of beating the seniors on Field Daw We did not feel apart, however, from the seniors because of this pleasant rivalry and we worked and ushered our best for them at their play. When the spade was handed to our president at the close of the year we had a feeling of the coming importance tor our class, though we hated to see the old class leave. •9 When we gathered together again in the following September, this time in the Senior Parlor, we found that our numbers had diminished from twenty-five to nineteen, in spite of which fact we are the largest class in a number of years. We elected our officers for our Senior year and talked over the things that we could do to show what a wonderful and original class we were. Our first inspiration drew our class nearer together. We had a jolly straw-ride to Haggetts Pond. Up to Christmas vacation our work kept us very busy, but in January we started up again with new ideas. We had a moonlight skating party on Foster ' s Pond and a theatre party over in Lawrence. We gave a very successful tea to the faculty, but our great idea of the first of the year was our dance. Instead of the regular Senior Reception we gave the school a dance after the Senior Middle play Later, in February, we gave a dance ourselves. Until the Spring vacation we were very busy on our play, Shakespeare ' s " The Tempest " , but we did not mind the hard work or the giving up of the bright afternoons when everyone thought it was such a great success. We won in the Indoor Meet and on Field Day, dressed to represent our class flower, the daisy, we again won, though not until after a hard struggle. On May 19, the Trustees and the Principal gave us a very enjoyable time at a dance 20 Miss Mason and Miss Kelsey gave us a picnic at Alderbrook Farm, and on May 26 we had a delightful time at the home of one of our number in Winchester. We are looking forward to our class supper and the many things we have still to do. Then comes Commencement and then the World, but we are all sure that, with such a training as our Alma Mater has given us, we shall be ready for it ; and we are even more sure that through the years our class motto, " Unity and Ambition " , will still hold us as it has during our life in the class of nineteen hundred and eight. Katharine A. Wlrster. 21 COLLEGE SENIOR OFFICERS Marguerite K. Ever President M. Louise Sweeney Secretary and Treasurer (mew6et0 of t$t CoMege Senior Cites Qttcmon Cofe Cambridge, Mass. Hockey Team ' 08 Senior Play " But still her tongue ran out. " Second Hockey Team ' 07 Qttarguerife (Rnoiofton (gger Los Angeles, California President of Class ' 07, ' 08 Treasurer Athletic Association ' 08 Treasurer Y. W. C. A. ' 08 Mandolin Club ' 08 Second Hockey Team ' 06, ' 08 Hockey Team ' 07 Assistant Business Manager C our ant ' 06, ' 07 Business Manager C our ant ' 08 ) ' . II ' . C. A. Play Odeon Play Senior Play " She would govern all things. " fefen gttffierf Springfield, Mass. Secretary and Treasurer of Class ' 07 Secretary Athletic Association ' 08 Pice President Y. W . C. A. ' 08 Leader Mandolin Club ' 08 Hockey Team ' 06, ' 07, ' 08 Second Basket Ball Team Field Day Championship ' 07, ' 08 Senior Play " Thumping and plumping and Bumping and jumping. " Glee Club ' 07, ' 08 Captain Hockey Team ' 08 07.. Basket Ball Team ' 08 French Plav Lawrence, Mass. Second Hockey Team ' 06, " 07, " 08 Draper Reader ' 07 .Dajy Scholar ' s Play ' 05 French Play Senior Play " Young in years, in knowledge old. " (Berfrufce (Efiitafieffl (JTUguire Lawrence, Mass. " Always in haste but never in a hurry. " (Warp JJfeioarf Lincoln " , Nebraska Second Basket Ball Team ' 07 Second Hockey Team ' 06 Courant Board ' 07, ' 08 French Play Senior Play " Happy am I. from care I ' m free Why aren ' t they all contentel like me? " Methuex, Mass. Treasurer of Class ' 08 Second Hockey Team ' 08 Odcon Odeon Flay French Play " Men may come, and men may go, But I go on forever. " Class Book Board " 08 Hockey Team ' 07 Draper Reader ' 07 Day Scholar ' s Play Senior Play RECORD FOUND NEAR THE NEWLY DISCOVERED TOWN OF ANDOVER LINE I. REPRESENTS A " llODv " ENTERING AX INSTITUTE OF learning. . The boxes or bags which they carry probably contain implements for zcork. They adorn their rooms. LINE II. The members of the " body " indulge in festivities of -a social nature. LINE III. The members of the " body " indulge in some more festivities of an athcletic order. LINE IV. . hord of new members appear and join the rest of the " body. " ..Note I. ..The language at the left is translated by best authorities as meaning. " Where is my next partner? " LINE V. The members of the " body " again indulge in sports. Member zeearing daisy hat evidently carries off all the prizes. Xote the interested audience at the left. NOTE This record is supp osed to date from the early part ■ of the twentieth century. pernor ©ramaftca THE TEMPEST ACT I. Scene i. On a ship. Scene 2. An Island — before Prospero ' s Cell. ACT II. Scene i. Another part of the Island. Scene 2. The Same. ACT III. Scene i. f Same as Act II. Scene 2. ACT IV. Scene i. Before Prospero ' s Cell. ACT V. Scene i. The same as Act IV. ©ramafis (personae Ai.onzo. King of Naples Sebastian, his brother Miss Ai.lchin Miss Wurster Prospero. the rightful Duke of Milan, a magician. Miss Taylor Anyonio. his brother, the usurping Duke of Milan, Miss Cheney Ferdinand, son to King of Naples, Miss Seaton Gonzalo. an honest old counsellor of Naples, Miss Howell Adrian ) Francisco Lords Miss Elliott Miss Blystone Caliban, a savage and deformed slave, Miss i ' ttersom Mi-- I Miss Sticknei Miss Dascomb Miss Tkini ci. o. a jester. Stei-hano. a butler, Boatswain. Miranda, a daughter to Prospero, Ariel, an airy spirit, invisible to all but Prospero, Miss Ra-i mono Iris. MlSJ Ceres. Miss Parker Juko, Miss Towle Mariners. Nymphs. Reapers. Now the end is drawing near The class of nineteen eight Gather round the linden tree Our rites to celebrate. Bright and happy are the days That we have spent here. So we raise our song to thee Our Alma Mater dear. As we journey on through life, May we grow to be Braver, purer, at each struggle, Through obedience free. And the faith to travel on The paths we cannot see, May we learn by the example Of our Linden Tree. Katharine Augusta Wurster. ' o8. 32 COURANT BOARD Euitura Edith Gutterson Esther Parker Katharine Wurster Ruth Tucker Mary Sweeney IhtBtttras Euitnra Laura Jackson Mary Stuart Marguerite Eyer Frances Wright Mary Bourne J e © ft -Unllmrhtf J tiiltx 4 itl (Scxivn 3£MHi %atitaslex (Sulitt son msla 3imrm» ;U ttlmritt £»r«ii £a Mamnatti) jHnrHin Ittmisr I ' lufntri] 3i»Ht Cttrkcr Y. W. c A. OFFICERS Marion F. Allchin President Helen Hulbert 1 ' ice-President Persis McIntire Secretary Marguerite K. Hi i r V. ' c; surer J5 2. iFUr j fS U (BWbetl Jk uiit (Cnvolim? (Emticrsmt 2.1nHicrme ;l »»sl 3 ' tulmui ;Pcrsis (LlinrluUc U£r4 ' nKrr jfiaricm i;ntfru Clinulf ISmwrnru dfienxbtx — iBiss Umilvj A. iWrnns 39 WUitza Uimtlntjjiim (S«t}» Siuilt 3ttttf 5UHlan Jfoatjotie ISill %elen TSlebtr jjfitmorar Jfltmhct — ifiiss 3£mtlg 3 . iftranff 4i I ' .uuhuiW ' ihovU-usr (Count ;Uhn«m iBmrintjtim Cnnni 311 sir lilwaw Consmillrv ihrlru JVsblr-u ihrhqc Brntrirr 1 etuis jHnrian Jftabelnit Xe vi ' Uotlmrme ' .sBrniiforo rUoinunni l£talttce ||£ara.orrt iTtniss iluniovavvt JHtmhtt — Jfliss ilmiltj .. iHrnus 43 MVOIC CLVDO GLEE CLUB Mary Alden Marian Allchin Jane Bodell Vivian Caunt Mary Cheney Leila Fowler Ruth Gillilan Marian Green Helen Hedge Helen Hulbert Gladys Perry Albert Smith Mary de Windt Frances Wright Katharine Wurster FIDELIO Marion Alleliin Jane Modell Marjorie Burns iertrude ( ' aunt Vivian Caunt Klsie Consmiller Leila Fowler Ruth Gillilan Edith Gardner Edith Gutterson Mauil Gutterson Marion Green Clarissa Hall Marjorie Hills Marjorie Hill Alice Holt Helen Hedge I. aura Jackson Esther Stickney Julia Lindsey Dorothy Taylor Louise Tuttle Prances Wright Mary de Wind! Katherine Wursler MANDOLIN CLUB Leader. Helen Hulbert Manager, Mildred Gomes Marion Allchin Marguerite Ever Marjorie Hills Marjorie Soule Helen Buss Mildred Gomes Helen Hulbert Mildred Todd Katherine Butler Clarissa Hall Laura Jackson Marion Towle Elsie Consmiller Helen Hedge Esther Parker Ffn!l7 OFFICERS OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Edith Lancaster Guttersox Helen - Hulbert Marguerite Knowltox Ever President Secretary Treasurer Albert Smith CHEERING STAFF Dorothy Taylor Marion Allchin BASKETBALL TEAM Mary De Windt, Captain Marion Allchin, Manager M ry de Windt, goal Helen Hulbert. forward Winifred Ogden, centre Mary Cheney, back centre Edith Gutterson, forward guard Marion Allchin, goal guard HOCKEY TEAM Helen Hulhert, Captain Edith Gutterson, Manager Marion Allchin Marion Cole Estelle tie Winch Helen Hulhert Edith Gutterson i rladj s Perry Ruth Tucker Mary de ' iiult Katherine Wurster Fraces Wright Elizabeth Wyer FIELD DAY J teft ©aj ongs (Dozen the Field) Left, right, we march along Proudly on Field Day, Left, right, we march to win The prize that is offered. When the points are all added up We will have first place. Keep your eyes on the daisy hats ' Of 1908. Look! now ye judges look! Watch how we ' re marching. Watch how our yellow line Takes form in a daisy. Oh see how surely we must win As we march proudly, 1909 will march very well But we will win. This is our Senior year. Our best and proudest, We have been happy here And now we are marching — To win final honors, for our class, Final glory earning. Other classes ne ' er can compare With 1908. (Hcidelbery) Oh 1908, dear 1908, we ' ll ere be true to thee, To thee and to thy colors fair We ' ll pledge our loyalty. Tlie daisy white will stand tor right. For union and high aim. Throughout the years within our hearts Shall live thy honored name. Oh 1908. dear 190S, we ' ll light for you today, We ' ll struggle on and ne ' er give in Till everyone shall say. " The daisy white has won the light. To her be praise and fame. And through the years within our hearts Shall live her honored name. " 55 CtciBB tatietice ♦ ■ Class Beauty Class Grind Class Shark Most Versatile Best Dressed Most Popuar Best Natured Hardest to Rattle Class Bluffer Most Unassuming Most Athletic Least Athletic Most Energetic .Most Original Busiest Girl Jolliest Most Naive Most Dignified Most Likely to Succeed First Marion Towle Mary Howell Edith Gutterson Edith Gutterson Frances Skolfield Edith Gutterson Albert Smith Mary de Windt Mary de Windt Jean Dascomb Helen Hulbert Frances Skolfield Edith Gutterson Esther Parker Edith Gutterson Albert Smith Isabel Seaton Frances Skolfield 1908 Second Dorothy Taylor Mary Stuart Winifred Ogden Esther Parker Marion Towle Dorothy Taylor Katharine Raymond Gertrude Caunt Mary Cheney Katharine Raymond Winifred Ogden Gertrude Caunt Helen Hulbert Edith Gutterson Katharine Raymond Edith Gutterson Esther Parker Louise Sweeney 5- M. B. G. " Tliat black hat of yours with the green feathers and the Dutch neck. " M. E. T. to M. G. " If you ' ll be ' early ' , I ' ll be ' ready ' . " K. S. G. " The boys of old Acestes rode on Trojan horso. " M. EC. E. (translating Latin): " Then the pious Aeneas took off his coat. " J. L. " Those are some of these foolish common sense shoes. " E. W. S. (about to leave the table): " Miss M., may I excuse you? " M. A. H. to K. B. " I had such a good time this afternoon after you left! " M. de W. " But you must be moderate. " H. L. B. " Marion, what is that biblical name? M. E. T. " My little Lulapalusa? " H. L. B. " Oh yes, that ' s it. " E. P. (first meal at new table): " Is there any particular place you put the hot-water bottle? " G. H. C. " Well, I was the smartest thing you ever saw. I began to talk when I was nine months did " — And haven ' t stopped since. L. X. " How many miles is it around the two mile circuit- " P. Mel. " I am the only one married here. I am solemnly wedded to duty. " To G. H. C. " Reduce your weight, we ' re afraid you ' re growing fat! " E. W. S. " John Newman wrote " The Light that Failed. " 57 A A. S. " I am but a stranger here. Heaven is my home. " M. E. T. " Guess I ' ll do my Art; you say I ' ve live minutes. " M. C. A. Her cheek was pale, and thinner than should be for one so young. Teacher " He was engaged in thousands of conspiracies, at least four or five. " H. L. B. (In English History): " What do you call the War of 1812? " Miss T. (In English III): " Now, why does Carlyle say that Burns came into the world a ' prodigy ' and that his life was a ' tradegy ' ? " Miss M. (In Chemistry Class): " How do we know that sulphur has been discovered for a long time, Miss X? " L. X. " Why, it was in the Bible. " Miss M. Repeats the question to Miss G. M. G. " Because they make matches of it. ' M. de W. " Some are born great " — M. A. H. Sometimes she turns to gaze upon her books. M. E. T. " Hail to thee, blithe spirit! " G. H. C. (after looking at K. A. V. for five minutes): " Don ' t you get tired of your face? " M. E. T. " I am monarch of all I survey My right there is none to dispute. " K. A. W. " Oh! spare my blushes. " Teacher in History Class. " Can you tell me about Cato ' s divorce? " M. G. " Well, is he the one who had the wife? " M. C. I in Algebra); " Y 2 of 1—4. " M. G. (in Greek History): " And Alexander just went into a house and telephoned home. " Ix English IV: " Dr. Johnson used to touch all the telephone poles as he went down the street. " Miss C (History IV): " Miss A — will you tell me a great deal about that, or what you know about it? 1 " V. L. " I just can ' t make my eyes behave. " F. A. S. The Flower Girl. Rap on Room 25. " Enter Polyphemus! " Miss H. appears in the doorway. A continuous performance — one ring circus with two clowns — Room 45. K. B. R. " A choice bit. " Miss C, discussing the French and English war: " Where did the English and the French come into collision? " H. L. B. " Why, in the battle of Waterloo. " 58 G. P. General information bureau. " What ' s in a sign? " — Ask Room 45. A. C. (in Latin): " He flew like a bird. " G. P. (College Eng. I.): " Shakespeare ' s plays weren ' t written until after he died. " Miss K (in Geology class): " The river tumbled and boiled. " F W. " Was it hot? " Bible IV Class. Teacher: " Where is Babylon? " F. B. " At the foot of the Euphrates " Teacher " What do you mean by the foot ' " F. B. " The mouth. " M. S. (translating in French cla 1 : " Terra-cotta figurines. " Teacher " What does that mean? " M. S. " Why. they are little cookie-. " Teacher " No! No! They are little figures. " M. S. " Oh yes — like our little animal crackers. " FAVORITE EXPRESSION ' S B. McC: " Nest-ce-pas, oui? " M. E. T. : " Tra-da-da-da. " M. G: " Why should [? " K. J. : " Hello little Sis-caterpillar! " M. DeW.: " What ' s the use. It ' s all the same in a hundred year- ' ' P. McL: " M-m Kid. " E. L. G. : " Why is a hen in summer? " M. F. A.: " Oh! Go on. " C. S.: " Just a plate please. " F. S. : " Oh! I ' m a perfect cat. " H. W. W.: " It ' s simply divine. " H. W. W.: " I fly. " L. F. (at German Table I: " Kami ich mehr haben? " PURPOSE IX COMIXG TO ABBOT F. S.— to diet. L. F. — to increase weight. D. E. B. — to make fudge. 59 G. H. C. — to sing like a lark. E. W. S. — to acquire football walk. " The Man of the Hour. " " Classmates. " " The Chorus Lady. " ' " The Tempest. " " Much Ado About Nothing. " " The Parisian Model. " " The Virginians. " " Romeo and Juliet. " " The Rivals. " " The New York Idea. " " The Rose of the Rancho. " " The Girl from the Golden West. " " The Show Girl. " " The Lion and the Mouse. " " Her Sister. " " On the Quiet. " " His House in Order " " The Waltz Dream. " " The Second in Command. " " M ' dle. Modiste. " " The Peacock Row. " " The Jesters. " " The Hoyden. " " Mary ' s Lamb. " APPROPRIATE PLAYS A DREAM OF FAIR W ' OME His first love. The girl he would walk with. The girl he would play tennis with. The girl he would ride with. E. L. G. D. T. and M. F. A. V. B. C. R. G. Y. Y. F. A. S. and K. B .R. M. G. Y. B. and S. A. B. T. and G. H. C. M. E . C. and R. G Y. t . E. L. C. M. A. R. G. M. M. M. DeW. and K. B. R. L. S. J. D. F. A. S. M. E. T. E. L. G G H. C. The Circle Two Helens in Room 45 R. G E YY K. B. R. M. E. W. O. I. s. 60 The girl he would take to Art exhibits. The girl he would flirt with. The girl he would auto with. The girl he would dance with. The girl he would jolly with. The girl he would read poetry with. The girl he would take to the matinee. The girl who makes fudge for him. The girl who would talk to him. The girl who refused him. The girl who couldn ' t forget him. The girl he couldn ' t solve. The girl his mother wants him to marry. His Platonic Friend. The girl he marries. E. P. M. E. C. E. Y. S. V. A. S. M. DeW. M A. H. G. H. C. M. F. A. . K A. V. M. E. T. T. H. G. J. D. F. B. i; l. g. D. T. A class like ours you ' ll seldom see. Tho ' searching far and near. For how could any other be Quite up to this one here. For every day some one of u-. Surprises all the rest With some new bit of knowledge that Xo one of us had guessed. If Adam ' s ancestors you ' d know Ask Thirza who they were. For she can tell you all about Those folks — so just ask her. If Sticky ' house were burned by flood What a calamity. But she has wild imaginings That such a thing can be. When Katharine Wurster ays Slie ' sure that Desdemona said She killed herself that she might save Her husband, was she dead? " Your play i very good my dear. Up to a certain point. " A teacher said in cla this year, " Oh! yes, 1 think so too! " Said Winifred, with so much pride It would have startled you. Oh! yes, our cla s will always shine Wherever we may be. In Art and in Church History, And in Psychology, In Shakespeare, Bible. Eng. V We outdo all the rest. ( t ' all the other classes we Are sure to be the best. 61 eemg t$t eniora OW listen! This young lady is showing a party of visitors around the Senior ' s rooms — wouldn ' t you like to come too? Sh ! " Ladies — it will be a great pleasure to escort you around to see the rooms of our most illustrious class of 1908. This way first, if you please. That noise is all right — it is the usual thine in these rooms. We will stand in the doorway a moment — as there seem to be about as many as could get in all rea ly accommodated. That large girl who is the centre of the group is Edith Gutterson. She is quite an old story at Abbot — but is always ready to do her full share of work or entertainment and that at a moment ' s notice. The girl at your right, trying hard to read " John Percyfield " in the noise is Mary Howell. She is, with out exception the greatest reader in school. See — even now she is putting that up to go down in the reading room to find out how the hats are to be worn next fall. Xow, if you will follow me down this corridor to the stairs, yes. they are pretty steep — well, we ' re up at last. Here is a room which has a great many advantages. Oh ! They ' re both out. Florence Blystone ' s the only Senior who occupies this room. The chief beauty of it, is that a teacher rooms directly across the hall — so that they never have any difficulty in getting permissions and excuses — except, of course, in study hours. Straight up the hall, ladies, no — this door. This is Katharine Raymond ' s room. She isn ' t here either, but we will probably see her later. Yes, this is a very nice sunny little room and if Katharine would only stay here it would be more useful — as it is, she sleeps here, and it is convenient for that. Yes, if you please — straight ahead — now. this way; here are the rooms of .two very influential members of the class. Dorothy Taylor, the president, is not here this minute — she is probably consulting Miss Means about some wild scheme such as having school close a week earlier for the Seniors than for the rest of the school or the probability of the 62 trustees giving the Seniors a dance every other Friday night throughout the year. But Marion Allehin. the great basketball player — yes — manager of the team — and president of the V. W. C. A., you know, will be very glad to receive you, I ' m sure. Won ' t you step in? You see they have a very fine view from these windows — especially from the front one, where they have the double advantage of being able to see the expressman as he come- in, and the top of the girls ' heads as they walk around the circle. Well, perhaps we had letter not stop any longer. This room here is very nice — Esther Parker is the only occu- pant at present — her room-mate is out sewing somewhere. Esther i- making bra- ' - candle shades and blacking her shoes at the same time although it is long past time for her to be dressing for dinner. However she will get down after a while — not irry late. I don ' t be- lieve we will venture in across the way — Esther Stickney and Thirza Gay are having a party. Beg pardon ? I can ' t hear. Xo, the noise is not unusual — but it is startling, i- it not? Xext door rooms are also vacant — Isabella Seaton and her room mate are apparently at the party — but — well, if here aren ' t their neckties. No, they aren ' t finished yet. but they will be sometime. P ack again across the hall — Marion Towle is executing a skirt dance for the benefit i everyone in general and no one in particular. Her room mate is out. That desk is where -he sits and writes letters and the bunk by the window is where she lie- when she read- her ten daily ones. And now if you will step down the hall a little way we will come to the bay window room. Ah girls! don ' t get up you see. ladies, this bunk is a favorite lookout — yes, I thought we should find Katharine Raymond here, the little one over there in the corner. This room really is (iertrude Caunt ' s — but there are always a good many girls in here to see her. What does she do? Why, she has a great deal to do to keep track of Katharine — and then, besides, she has to see what everyone wears who goes by — either on the circle or in the street, and that takes quite a while, you know. Well — we won ' t disturb them any more. Xext door are the rooms of the famous Marys, Mary Cheney and Mary Elliott. There they are in the window but they are too busy to notice us, they really mustn ' t have their attention taken from the street. 63 Now if you will come up these stairs and turn down the hall to your right — there, yes — the left hand door — this is Mary deWindt ' s room. How do you do, Mary? Yes, cer- tainly go right on — puffs are hard to get on just right. You say your roommate is not there? May we just step into her room? Thank you — I just want to show these ladies the books. She says she knows them all through and through — it doesn ' t seem possible does it? but then, you can believe almost anything which Katharine Wurster says — blushing so divinely. The next room, ladies, I ' m sorry to see, has a sign on it " Please do not disturb - — asleep. " Yes, Jean Dascomb usually is asleep to all the world but a few chosen friends. I ' m sorry though— as I would like to show you her pretty room. This next nice corner room is Frances Skolfield ' s. What ! No one here — that is un- usual — Frances very seldom leaves her room except at stated intervals for recitations. This last little room belongs to Winifred Ogden, the Class Baby. I ' m sure she must have been put to bed long ago — so we won ' t disturb her slumbers. Why not at all — it was a pleasure. Good afternoon, ladies. " W. O. (2 totxt 6tmtntz You have read and reached — no, not the end, For there are pages more, my friend ; If you these " Ads n with care will read, You ' ll find they ' ll fill your every need. Geo. B. Kim ART • STATIONER AND • ENGRAVER Engraved 252 BOYLSTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Calling Cards Invitations Die Stamping Up-to-Date " Writing ' Papers Inexpensive Larg ' est Line in Boston PAPER AND ENGRAVING SENT ANYWHERE £ ;0 SAMPLES FOR THE ASKING • Classes 1908, 1907, 1906. 1905. 1904, 1903. 1902. 1901. 1900 and years before ordered tHeir Class Engraving ' s here .£? j £? YARD ON RAILROAD ST., NEAR FREIGHT OFFICE OFFICE, CARTER ' S BUILDING- MAIN STREET FRANK E. GLEASON SUCCESSOR TO JOHN CORNELL — DEALER IN Coal, Wood, CoJ e, Hay, Straw Telephone Connection ANDOVER, MASS. GUTTERSON GOULD ' trap 3lrmt tM anfi iHrtala 17 Water Street LAWRENCE, MASS. 9 Somerset Street PORTLAND, MAINE Hacks fur Weddings and Funerals Carnages Meet Principal Trains ...Park Street Stables... W. H. HIGGIN5, Proprietor Livery and Boarding Stables High Grade Sale Horses Phillips Inn Carriage Service Prospect Hill Stock Farm Affording a First-Class " All the Year ' Round " Stable Service Telephone Connection ANDOVER, MASS. II ©lie Attlwiipr frpHa JHrinters and stationers TO SBOT ACADEW •Hf] AKERS OF HIGH GRADE BOOKS tJrrsii SuilMltg - - AttiUwrr. fflaBBarhusrtts . 77ie Co-operative Principle applied to Fire Insurance produces and maintains Protection at Absolute Cost m Merrimack mutual Tire Insurance Co. jHndcvjcr, mass. 190$ £1] @fo i l|grmatt i tnftto IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO GO FOR PHOTOGRAPHS Jl MAIN STREET, NEAR MORTON IV T. A. HOLT CO. .DEALERS IN.. Ury Qkuiba anfi (Srnrrrirs ANDOVER, MASS. tJhd tJXanni Jt. J utile Co. ...JlIK ' O ll vaoA. 159 J iv mo fit cMteet £8«trf. T eA oa3 9RoAon L, » OQ tofl C F. OKEK 6- CO. H n (3oobs 33 SUMMER STREET BOSTON BETTER THAN COFFEE RICHER THAN COFFEE SEVEN- EIGHTHS COFFEE MEYER JONASSON CO. Direct Attention to their Extensive Assortment of Suits, Dresses, Coats, Skirts, GClaists and Silk petticoats Tremont and Boylston Streets, BOSTON, MASS. 3. p. © ' (Grotttnr (Co (Formerly Stickney Smith) ...©utfittera for Unmrn... 157 TREMONT STREET, - - BOSTON, MASS. VI ALBERT LOWE Druggist , ? PRESS BUILDING - ANDOVER, MASS. BUCHAN FRANCIS jfurniture 10 Park Street, Andover, Mass. G. H. VALPEY E. H. VALPEY Established 1866 VALPEY BROTHERS Dealers in JXCeats, Vegetables, ' Poultry, Canned Qoods, Etc. : : TEA AND COFFEE, CREAMERY BUTTER IN 5 LB. BOXES PRINT BUTTER, ETC. Celebrated Custom Knox Hats Laundry Agency W. J. BURNS fflakrr of ittrn ' s (Hntlira • « « ault JFurmahrr • • • MAIN STREET, - - ANDOVER TtLIPHONE 1 1 6 No. 2 Main Street, Andover. Telephone Connection VII LEWIS T. HARDY JOSEPH F. COLE ...HARDY £r COLE.... Builders and Lumber Dealers BOX MAKING, PLANING, SAWING AND MATCHING jfi j DONE TO ORDER J- J- KINDLING WOOD BY THE LOAD ESSEX STREET ANDOVER, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF...... Joseph Caunt Company VIII 3. %. f lapon, iFlorial Seasonable Plants Cut Flowers at all Times Wedding and Funeral Arrangements at Short Notice Telephones connected with Store and Greenhouses Aubnurr GREENHOUSES : 35 LOWELL STREET STORE ARCO BUILDING fHasfiarimsrtta WORN BY COLLEGE GIRLS Z%t " Zomtaxi " atfor (gtome SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR HENRY S. LOMBARD 22 to 26 Merchants Row, Boston, Mass. Page Catering Co. Lowell, Mass. m mmm m ■7 J IX PALMER PARKER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN EVERY VARIETY AND THICKNESS OF Foreign and Domestic Cabinet Woods, Mahogany, Hard Wood, Lumber, Veneers Ware room 5, Mill and Yard 81-105 MEDFORD ST., CHARLESTON DIST. Office 103 MEDFORD ST., CHARLESTOWN DIST. BOSTON, MASS Boston. Mass.. 1S3 Essex Street Chicago, 111., Baltimore Building Detriot. Mich., 29 Monroe Street St Louis. Mo., cor. Washington Ave. Ninth Street New York City. Hatiron Building HERVEY E. GUPTILL HAVERHILL MASSACHUSETTS HERBERT F. CHASE Jfinc athletic $oobs Agent for Eastman Kodaks. Camaras and Photo Supplies ANDOVER MASS. Louise S. Goldsmith Co. PICTURE FRAME AND GIFT SHOP k k Frames Regilded and Pictures Restored ( " Pj ANDOVER. MASSACHUSETTS " J Louise S Goldsmith Afihur G Cl»rk LA FLEVR DE LIS Jftllouia Flaga A. A. (Enlors 41 MAIN STREET. ANDOVER, MASS. Andover Steam Laundry First Class Work Guaranteed Goods Called for and Delivered P. 0. AVENUE ANDOVER T. E. RHODES .. MAKEK OF PLAIN AND FANCY ICE CREAMS... iBakrr : (latent 64 Chestnut Street - Andover, Mass. Compliments of a Friend A. £. iiulmp Sr. iCritrh XI Shreve, Crump Low Co. FINE STA1 DESIGNS ilrhirlrrs anil ttbrrsmitba IONERY, PROGRAMS, CLASS INVITATIONS, CALLING CARDS. MONOGRAMS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED .-. CLASS AND SOCIETY PINS BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS J. H. CAMPION COMPANY •THE CORNER ( 3ROCERY " Fruit and Confecti onery and Fancy Groceries ELM SQUAKE ANDOVER, MASS. XII THE ANDOVER PRESS

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