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m U ABBOT ACADEMY CLASS BOOK, 1 907 Published h the Members of the Senior Class at Andover, Massa- chusetts, June, nineteen hundred and seven JOHN-ESTHER GALLERY Debicateb with loving appreciation to ZWxs. tParrcn 5- T va}pQV THE ANOOVCR PRESS OlruBtfra Rev. DANIEL MERRIMAN, President, Boston BURTON S. FLAGG, Esq., Treasurer, An DOVER JOHN ALDEN, Esq., Clerk, An DOVER Col. GEORGE RIPLEY, Andover MORTIMER B. MASON, Esq., Bos ION ARTHUR S. JOHNSON, Esq., Boston Rev. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR, Andovek MARCUS MORTON, Esq., Boston Mrs. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, EDWARD C. MILLS, Esq., GEORGE F. SMITH, Esq., Rev. GEORGE A. GORDON, Andover Brook LINE Andover BOSTDN INTERIOR OF JOHN-ESTHER GALLERY It has a beautiful exhibition hall, arranged after the latest improved methods of lighting, and is open for fi-equent study. iFarultg EMILY A. MEANS, Principal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. MARIA STOCKBRIDGE MERRILL, French. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER, German. NELLIE M. MASON, Science EVELYN FARNHAM DURFEE, Elocution and Physical Culture. REHEKAH MUNROE CHICKERING, A.B., History. FANNY LOUISE LAWRENCE, A.M. Latin. MARTHA HOWEY, A.B., Literature. MIRIAM TITCO.MB. Lit. B., English. DELIGHT WALKLY HALL, Greek. Pkof. SAMUEL MORSE DOWNS, Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Organ and Harmony. S. EDWIN CHASE, Violin and Mandolin. Mks. HERMANN D. MURPHY, Drawing and Painting. Mlle. marie LOUISE CAMUS, French Conversation. CHARLOTTE P. ROOT, A.B., Principal ' s Assistant and Librarian. Miss PHILANA McLEAN, In charge of Draper Hall. Utoxiai ( oarb Maria Pillsburv (Suitors Harriet Hildketh Seaton Alice Morse Webster Leonora Elizabeth Parsons ( U6tnes6 (Jtlanagcr Mabel Rhodes ( siBStanf lousiness ( Hanagers Edith Gutterson Laura Howell CLASS BOOK BOARD BUtotiAt WW. E, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and W$. Seven, record in this book thmgs serious and things comic, hours of work and days of pleasure. Our one aim is that in future years this may prove a landmark around which will gather memories many and rich of our Alma Mater and of our life together as classmates. The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Seven SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Maria Pillsbury, President Laura Howell, Secretary Margaret Hall, Vice-President Anna Mav Richards, Treasurer QUemBere of t t Senior Ciase Coxndia (ttlag afcnc Cus man Newport, ' erniont Born May 7, 1887, Newport, Vt. ( argaref TTrig t faff Chicago, Illinois Born October, 19, 1880, Chicago, 111. Fidelio Senior Play Glee Club Vice President of Class ' 07 Senior Play Middletown, New York Born August i i, 1886, Middletown, N. Y. Secretary of Class ' 06, 07 Treasurer of Y. W, C. A. ' 07 Draper Reader ' 05, ' 06 Asst. Business Editor Class Poo ' ; Basketball ' 04 Fidelio Glee Club Odeon Odeon Play Cour m ' 06, ' 07 Senior Play South Windsor, Connecticut Born December 22, 1885, South Windsor Fidelio Secretary of Y. W. C. A 07 Senior Play (gliss C. (JJarsong feconora (5fi3a6ef parsons Durham, New Hempshire Born October 3, 1888, Durham, N. H. G. A. S. Fidelio, ' 05, ' 06. ' 07 Treasurer of Fidelio, ' 07 Senior Middle Play Draper Keader ' 07 Class Book Board Senior Play Germantown, Pennsylvania Born December, 1886, Pottsville, Pa. Odeon Senior Play (Wlaria ( piffsBurg Londonderry, New Hampshire Born Sept. 18, 1886, Londonderry, N. H. S M. T. Senior Pl y President of Senior Middle Class President of Senior Class Senior Middle Play Editor-in-chief of Class Book Assistant Business Manager of Class Book. 06 (mci6cf (R o es Boston, Massachusetts Born December 23, 1887, Boston, Mass. Courant Board Second Basketball Team 06 Draper Reader ' 06 Odeon Play Secretary Afh!etic Association ' 07 Business Editor of Class Book Senior Play Second Hockey Team ' 06, ' 07 New York, New York Born March 14, 1887, New York S M. T. Manager of Basketball Team ' 07 Odeon Treasurer of Class ' 07 Odeon Play Treasurer Athletic Association Draper Keader ' 06 Senior Play President of Fidelio ' 07 Basketball Team ' 07 feouisc Frances (Biic arts Newport, New Hampshire Born August 17, 1883, Newport, N. H. Harriet jj if rcf eafon Ashland, Kentucky Born June 10, 1886, Charlestown, V. Va. S. M. T. Leader of Mandolin Club ' 07 S. M T. Vice President of Class 06 Hockey Team ' 06 Tennis Champion ' 06, ' 07 Class Play ' 06 Class Book Board Secretary Fidelio 06 Senior Play Draper Reader 05 •06 Fidelio ' 06. 07 Glee Club ' 06, ' 07 Leader of Glee Club ' 07 East Orange, New Jersey Born May 23, 1887, Pittsfield, Mass. A. 2. Glee Club ' 05, ' 06, ' 07 Treasurer of Glee Club ' 06, ' 07 Senior Middle Play Treasurer of Class ' 06 ( fice ( orse OTeBster Haverhill, Massachusetts Born December i6, 1887, Haverhill, Mass. Class Book Board Senior Play cna (B aiP TT iPte Oxford, Maine Born March 27, 1886, Oxford, Maine Senior Middle Play Fidelio Senior Play €3 " 5tinc Eufica TTgcr Portland, Maine Born February 14, 1886, Portland, Me. G. A S Secretary Y. W. C. A. 05 Hockey Team 07 Senior Play N September 25, 1906, our class of sixteen met to choose the officers to guide us through our two years at Abbot. It was there that we first showed our excellent judgment in electing Miss Pillsbury president. As Middlers, we were always loyal and did our work in the humblest spirit so well be- coming such a station. Our first social gathering was the " spread " in Abbot Hall and even then we saw possibilities for our future success. Our first public appearance was at our play in which some of our members displayed promising theatrical ability. We won the indoor athletic meet, but were beaten on Field Day. The next fall we were still sixteen, as we assembled in fear and trembling in Room I, tightly clasping the proverbial brown books. We felt rather strange at first, but when we gave our formal class reception, we began to assume our senior dignity. Although the first week some of our number were quite overcome with the difficulty of the subject, we all passed the dreaded final examination in psychology. How quickly the events of the year have followed one after another ! We spent many days in preparation for our play, but we all felt repaid by its success. 20 In track meet, we won again after an exciting contest with the Middlers. Al- though we were defeated on Field Day we accepted it with good spirit, for had we not learned to " tuelcome each rebuff ? " On May 2 1 st, the trustees gave a reception and dance which was one of the most pleasant events of the year. We are looking forward with great pleasure to our banquet to be given May 31st. But the crowning proof of our originality is the house party which we are planning for the first Sunday in June, with Miss Means for chaperon. And then comes Commencement and our life at Abbot is over. We all feel sad at leaving, but hope that the class of nineteen seven will ever be well remembered. Alice M. Webster, ' 07. 21 COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS POTEST avi rosn vioctui? l -TL- ' - = ■ ■ 4 ' ;%i COLLEGE SENIOR OFFICERS Clara Jackson Hukill Ada Brooks President Vice-President QUemBera of t c CoKege pernor Ctass Longnieadow, Massachusetts Bom April 17, 1887, Longmeadow, Mass. Senior Play €f6ef ( fftmson ( rens Newbun-port, Mass. Born October 25, 1887, Boston, Mass. Second Hockey Team ' 07 Senior Play Reading, Mass. Born November 30, 1888, Casselton, N. Dakota Draper Keader ' 06 Vice President of Class ' 06 Senior Play (jXta, QSroofts Andover, Mass. Born April 15, 1889, Paris, France S. M. T. Hockey Team ' 04, ' 05. ' 06. 07 Captain Hockey Team. 06, 07 Cheering Staff. 06 Fidelio Sec. and Treasurer of Class ' 06, ' 07 Senior Play Cfara 3acftson uftiff Franklin, Pennsylvania Bom April 26, 1888, Franklin, Pa. S. M. T. President of Class 06. ' 07 Business Manager Courant 07 Vice-President Y. M. C. A 07 President Athletic Association 06. 07 Hockey Team ' 06. 07 Odeon Odeon Play Senior Play (0crfru ' 5c fecScUre Cobleskill, Xe v York Bom October 2, 1889, Cobleskill, X. Y Glee Club Senior Flay (jXticia ox on fcesfte Newburg, N, Y. Born April i8, 1887, Newburgh. N. Y. Second Hockey Team 06 Senior Play tpe tde of a Bittie Ctase HE Colleg e Seniors are really a ven, ' brilliant class in this vear of 1907. In the fall of 1905 we began to realize that after all we were somebody and the school didn ' t know it. Up to this time there had never been a College Senior Middle Class, indeed we were even classed below the regular Senior Middlers. Being of a more ambitious nature than the classes that had gone before us, we decided to organize a class, and we did it, starting out with a splendid big number. But do you know, there is one thing about the college class that perhaps vou think is queer. Before the year is half over, about half of our members have dis- appeared. Do you think it queer. ' Just become one of us for a short time and you will think it the most natural thing in the world. ' ell, we elected our officers and chose our colors, pale green and white and the white rose for our flower. Our spread was a great success and we all had a splendid time. Now when this year began, the academic seniors could not have felt a bit more important than we did and as for their psvcholog}-, it is play compared to mathematics. Mathematics just naturally binds us together with an iron bond of s}-mpathy. How can we help being proud of ourselves when we march up the aisle on Commencement, and receive our diplomas, for we know that for two whole years our work has been higher than the average. Ad. Brooks, C. P., ' 07. 28 ree ong As we gather ' round, dear linden, Hear our prayer to thee, Learn the meaning of thy mission, What thy Ufe shall be. Of our class of nineteen seven. Be the symbol pure, Show that though we ' re gone, our love for Abbot will endure. When the winter winds do blast thee, And thy life seems cold. May the thought that we strive like thee Make thy courage bold. And when spring ' s refreshing power Gives thee life again, May we from thy good example Firmer faith attain. 29 May our motto be life ' s watchword, " Not to seem, but be " , Daily filling our own places With humility. Then each year will see us nearer To our aims in view. Till we see the work completed That God bade us do. Alice M. Webster, ' 07. Senior xamaticB the: comedy of errors cene — (Bp csixs ACT I. Scene i. A hall in the Duke ' s palace. Scene 2. The Mart. ACT II. Scene i. Garden of Antipholus of Ephesus. Scene 2. The Mart. ACT III. Scene i. Before the house of Antipholus of Ephesus. ACT IV. Scene i. The Mart. Scene 2. Garden of Antipholus of Ephesus. Scene 3. The Mart. ACT V. Scene i. The Mart. ©ramftfis (J}ersonae Pinch, a schoolmaster .... Miss L. Richards Gaoler Miss Whyte Servant to Antipholus of Ephesus . . Miss Bond Emilia, wife to E eon, an Abbess at Ephesus Miss C. Parsons Adriana, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus LuciANA, her sister .... Luce, servant to Adriana Hostess, of the Porpentine . Miss Pillsburv Miss Webster Miss Whyte Miss Wyer SoLiNus, duke of Ephesus .... Miss Hall GEON, a merchant of Syracuse . . . Miss King Antipholus OF Ephesus )Twin brothers ( Miss A. Richards „ : and sons to .r.e- ! ., ,-, •Antipholus of Syracuse) eon and .Emilia ( Miss Rhodes I twin brothers and ' attendants to the ) two Antipholuses Attendants and People op Ephesus Dromio of Ephesus Dromio of Syracuse An(;elo, a goldsmith Balthazar, a merchant First Mercha.vt, friend to Antipholus of Syracuse Miss Payne Second Merchant, to whom Angelo is debtor Miss Cush. !an Miss Howell Miss L. Parsons Miss Payne Miss L. Richards COURANT BOARD Laura Howell t ttorB Margaret Payne Mabel Rhodes Katharine Wurster Edith Glttersox Susinrsa tbitorB Clara Jacksox Hukill Franxes Wright Mary Stuart Marguerite Eyer 0 j C ® (Btatt lilnmJUott 2 ' rirnrli -Clara arfefistt %»itiU nna i Ia Eiirltarii« iHartha lE-auisr j ' mrftte j Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Edith Lancaster Gutterson Clara Jackson Hukill . Martha King .... Laura Howell President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 3nU(t ittgmttjj Currier Miix %tn (Bilhttl JUation 34nter (Botiilt ' ith ' )iun((isitx ulUtsaxx JUav atel iftr air i me tonoxa l Mzahelh l axsoMS ' xantts %xahtUii ' koltitlb xisiiint %ul ' ici(i ]Q }itx duornv Mtnxhet - Mise lEmil . MtaxxB 37 Aba %r0dlttt intza ISwtttinijlott C6tt Clara 3arksait %ukiU ' nutsr Albrirh litnifig iHarta iUsliur Anna a-o 3tltrltarbs Itduisr 3 ' ranffB 3tlirlittrJ « arrift ilbrrtli S ealon 3sabrll ' raiott ICsthrr Harf . ' HrkufM iRaraan lil altmgatonr 30aH« SFranrrs Ulric lit IBonorarg iRrmbfr — iHiaa mil A. iHeanff 39 i;lsif Xilgrtjt Conamillfr Bauble Smijlnas -iHont l nUmrhtf iiTvi-i fiiriJ JAoumanb 0U0rtir JHemhex — £Ms5 Uniilg A. iHrniis 4 ' 1 fft?5 ; l f H M Y H 1 TJ 1 GLEE CLUB Anna Richakds, President Marian AllcHin Jane Hodell Gertrude Caunt Vivian Caunt Cornelia Cushman 45 FIDELIO Gladys Dudley, Vice-President Leonora Parsons, Secretary and Treasurer Joan de Silva Helen Hedge Gladys Perry Gladys Dudley Edith Gardner Olive Gordon Edith Gutterson Laura Howell Martha King Margaret Millet Leonora Parsons Anna Richards Louise Richards Esther Stickney Dorothy Taylor Ruth Van Vliet Mary de Windt Frances Wright Katharine Wurster OFFICERS OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Clara Jackson Hukill President Mabel Rhodes Secretary Anna May Richards Treasurer CHEERING STAFF LoLiSE Richards Martha King Laura Howell BASKETBALL TEAM EDITH GUTTERSON, Captain ANNA RICHARDS, Manaj-ei Mary de Windt, Goal Anna Richards, Centre Winifred Ogden, Back MARfiARET Howe, Foruara Marian Allchin, Back Centre Edith Gutterson, Goal Gtiara HOCKEY TEAM ADA BROOKS, Captain Marian Allchin Helen Hulbert Persis McIntire Marguerite Ever Ada Brooks Margaret Howe EDITH GUTTERSON, Managet Clara Hukill Louise Sweeney Edith Gutterson Christine Wyer Ruth Van Vliet J iefb ®a ong0 (■ ' Marching Through Georgia. " ) Sing a song of classes, girls, Oh ! sing it loud and clear. Sing it as we march along In this our Senior year. Sing it, for we ' re sure to win. Now that Field day is here. Ought-seven in marching to victory. Hurrah, hurrah for Abbot, we ' ll hurrah. Hurrah, hurrah for ' oughty-seven, hurrah, See how we are marshalled by Our gallant Jack and Ri, As we go marching to victory. ' • Don ' t you want a Paper I iaiy. " We are going to beat the Middlers, Beat them through and thr ough, Though we know they are good players We can play some too, (We ' ll show them). ' Noughty-seven is a good team, Sure to win the fight, Watch them as they make a basket. Shoot ! Now cheer the red and white " Waiting " Middlers, Senior Middlers, See your ball just meandering along. In a short time we will show you That the victory ' s to the strong. For we ' re playing, swiftly playing. All your efforts to surpass. And to show you that ' ought-seven Is the first and most victorious class. 5 ' FIELD DA ' i ' MANDOLIN CLUB Margaret Howe Marion Towle Mildred Gomes Marjorie Soule Louise Richards Ciaee tatietics Most Popular Prettiest Wittiest Best Dressed Biggest Bluffers Cleverest- Most Versatile Jolliest Biggest Plirt Biggest Grind Class Wire Puller Laziest Maria Pillsbury Ada Brooks L. Richards and L. Howell Maria Pillsbury A. Smith and M. Rhodes A. Richards and L. Howell Anna Richards Leonora Parsons Leonora Parsons Margaret Payne Maria Pillsbury Alicia Leslie 55 " He carried his arms in his hands. " M. de VV. Waiting for the Dawn. E. J. I. S. (in the History class) : ' • The Christians were increasing in size. " Miss M. to M. P. " Margaret, tell me all you know about (Payne). " F. W. " Are you going to the game this afternoon ? It ' s with the Har ' ard Veracity! " Who is the oldest senior? Why. Jack must be, because she says that when she came here " fifteen years ago " the girls were most enthusiastic about athletics. Miss T.: What angels were on the top of the ark? " A. L.: ' " Archangels. " F. V. (in the drug-store) : " Can I have a perfilastic tooth-brush ? " Miss L. (in Latin): " What do we know about Carthage. ' M. E.: ' • It fell. " And her terrier was a barker. R. DuM Teacher (in Latin) : " What are the participles of sum . ' " ' V. B. C. (dreaming) : • ' Der ain ' t none. " D. T. " Your losing something, Margaret. " M. W. H. (grabbing at her teeth and hair) : ' " Tis false : " A. L. : " I know what your mascot is going to be. " H. H. : •• What ? " A. L. : " A hen. I think that would be grand, something that could c-r-o-w like everything! " Miss T. : " What did Homer write? " M. F. : " Virgil. " J. B. (in Latin • : ' ' It was the Huguenots that went for the Golden Fleece, wasn ' t it ? " E. C. Since, in labor and resting Life is divided best. Let others do the laboring And I will do the rest. 56 Miss T. : " Did Goldsmith graduate from the college ? Class : " No. " MissT: What did he do ? " M. E. : " Took his degree. " R. V. V. " Her voice was ever soft and low, An excellent thing in woman. " L. J. : " How many are there in the Kneisel quartette ? " Miss M. : What is a parasite ? " E. A. : " A parasite is a flock of geese or a herd of buffaloes. " " Am I an olive ? " O. L. G. " Sweet things com e in small packages. " K. B. R. A babbling brook. M. M. H. " If I could only get bright ! " G. H. C C. J. H. (speaking of Livy) : " That Latin man over the Alps. " Calm Massive Cherub. C. M. C. Microscopic Worthless Handwriting. M. W. H. Lengthy Haranguer. L. H. Massive l rainy Philosopher. . M. B. P. Merry President. M. P. Likes Elegant ' Parel. L. E. P. Calm and Persistent. C. A. P. Loves Fashion Roasting. L. F. R. Always Minds Rules. A. L R. A Winning Smile. A. W. S. High Honorable Senior. • H. H. S. 57 Merry Rogue. M. R. A Mighty Worker. A. M. W. Of many woes. O. M. W. Cunning Little Witch. C. L. W. Mighty Energetic Kid. M. E. K. Alcove — a spoon holder. Button to push in, Butt in — (same thing.) Bluff — a sudden and bold rising. Exam — a comedy of errors. Latin — " A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse. " Miss H. ' s startling remark — " Robert Browning was the fullest man I ever knew. " ' " A very gentle beast, and a good conscience. " M. B. P. Hang sorrow ! Care will kill a cat. And therefore let ' s be merry. " L. M. L. " A lengthy subject. " M. de W. " Best collection of grinds. " . M. G., L. L. " Too noble for this place. " F. S. " Who enters here, leave hope behind. " Sen. Class-Room. " All is not right that ' s named Wright. " F. W. Miss L. (to the grocer) : " I want some unsalted Graham crackers. " R. DuM. (in English Lit, describing " The Cotter ' s Saturday Night " ) : " Mr. Cotter was going toward home. " Blase — O. G., More blase — R. V. V., Most Blase — E. C. " Still waters run deep. " J. B. " Too good to be true. " M. C. 58 FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS " Isn ' t she too sweet ! " " Boo-ge-doo I " " Oh, he ' s just great ! " " He ' s a cousin of mine. " ' ' Say, what ' s the matter with that girl I " ' Hello, Sweet-heart ! " • ' Hie there girls ! " " Isn ' t this a merry little party. " " Come out of Paterson. " " It ' s too true to be funny. " " Oh laws ! " " You don ' t understand. " " I want to be loved. " " Oh, why doesn ' t the bell ring ! " " I ' ve got a new crush. " " I don ' t hear you ! " " Why don ' t you keep a cow ? " " Well—. " F. W. O. G. T. G. A. B. E. C. R. DuM. E. W. S. L. M. L. M. E. V ' . A. D. O. M. W. E. C. O. L. G. R. DuM. M. H. M W. H. E. L. G. Senior Class SONGS " Waiting. " " Marching through Georgia. " " Maine, Dear Old Pine-tree State. " " For I just can ' t make my eyes behave. " " ' Can ' t you see I ' m lonely? " M. E. W. M. B. G. F. A. S.,C. S. W. ( O. L. G. } M. B. G. ( A. W. S. L. E. P. 59 LIMERICKS There was a young lady named Ri, Who once the teachers did tie, But she got caught at her game, And got most of the blame, And we hope shell be good, bye-and-bye. Mildred and Mag have such lovely eyes, A fact we all do know, And they do know it too, For they have told us so. THEIR OBJECT IN COMING TO ABBOT To assist the faculty. To tutor. Matrimonial purposes. To ask questions. To shine in Botany. To perfect her voice. To keep the girls straight. To grind. WHAT — ? If recitations weren ' t a bore ; If all the Profs, were kind ; If those demerits were no more ; If breakfast were at nine ; If Maria ever flunked a course ; If Margaret would not grind : If Anna knew a little less ; If Agnes wouldn ' t shine ; If Louise would be the same each day ; If Martha were only on time. If Charlotte would not cut up so ; This were a place divine. F. A. S. O. L. G. M. S. E. A. R. DuM. B. W. A. W. S. L. M. L. 60 ( MxtxBtmtntB This history which here you see Is just as true as true can be, So every word that here you read Is very valuable indeed ! We hope, for your sake, you won ' t pause Before the final, endmost clause, And you will read the " Ads " , our friends, With whose kind help our story ends. LATEST PUBLICATIONS G. SCHIRMEK, Jr. TKe Boston Music Co, 26 and 28 " West St., Boston, Mass. Songs Especially Recommended Prices subject to discount Arthur Melfin Taylor, Ah ' . let me Dream, 3 keys .50 Sweet, ma Honey, ' Dainiy " Coon " Song) 2 keys .50 Eilwin fireene. Fleeting Years, 4 keys .eo Ma icson-Marks, Sleep On, (Serenade) 3 keys .60 F. r. Sparrow, When Violets their Kragrance Spill, 4 keys 60 A. H. Ryder, The Plaidie, (Humorous Scotch) 2 keys " Women ' s Voices .50 Charle.f Vincent, The Japanese Girl, (Cantata) .75 net . The Egyptian Princtss (Cantata) 1.00 net Pianoforte M ' . C. E. Seeboeck, Staccatino .50 . . Albert Jeffery, Felicita .60 Fahinn Roue. Sweet Fyes of Blue Waltz .75 Elhrlbert Serin, M y Uay Dance ( Four Hands) .60 Edwin Greene, Sing Me to Sleep (Transcription) .60 There let .Me Rest (Transcription) .60 College Songs For ' Women ' s Voices (Schirmer Edition; Most complete book published wiih all latest additions .50 SENT FOR INSPECTION IF DESIRED ©IiF AnbnuFr rrBB PRINTERS AND STATIONERS TO ABBOT ACADEMV MAKERS OF HIGH Grade Books rrsB Sutlding Aubnbpr, Maaa. II Geo. B. Kin ART . STATIONER AND . ENGRAVER 252 BOYLSTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. Engraved Calling Cards Invitations Die Stamping Up-to-Date " Writing Papers Inexpensive Largest Line in Boston PAPER AND ENGRAVING SF.NT ANYWHERE jef j SAMPLES FOR THE AS! ING Classes 1907. 1906. 1905. 1904. 1903. 1902. 1901. 1900 and years before ordered tKeir Class Engravings Here jC j j III MEYER JONASSON CO. Direct Attention to their Extensive Assortment of Suits, Coats, Skirts, QIaists and Silk petticoats Tremont and Boylston Streets, BOSTON, MASS. m 25 Cents ,.. JAPANESE CREPES - 25 c For WAISTS, SHIRTS and DRESSES STYLISH, COMFORTABLE, DURABLE, WASHABLE. REQUIRE NO IRONING WALTER M. HATCH CO. OneniaUsts and Rug Merchants 43 and 45 Summer Street, Boston, Massachusetts ' = to go for photo- graphs. Their quality appeals to discriminating people and their excellence is guaranteed. Platinum portraits in the Sepia finish are the most up-to-date portraits : : : : THE SIGN MAIN ST. m OF QUALITY ANDOVER LE XI5 T. HARDY JOSEPH F. COLE ....HARDY COLE.... Builders and Lumber Dealers BOX MAKING. PLANING, SAWING AND MATCHING DONE TO ORDER KINDLING WOOD BY THE LOAD ESSEX STREET ANDOVER, MASS .♦♦1 i.vJil « be Caterer LOWELL, MASS. If. p. Waiamat (En. (Formerly Stlckney Smith) ...©utftttrra for Unmrtt... 157 TREMONT STREET, IVORN BY COLLEGE GIRLS (Eht i!l0mbarb atlnr Slnitar SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR HENRY S. LOMBARD 22 to 26 Merchants Rotd, Boston, Mass. BOSTON, MASS. Jli 2 cAcntij cA. tJiiKl Co. ...Alio C li 1Q 2 .., 159 Jtcjjiofit o tit ' cl K-lW. ' Tl t anJ QUaAon O Jj f lyoitati VII FOR SEVERAL YEARS WE H A ' E MADE gymnasium • Suits FOR MANY PUBLIC AND PRI ' ATE SCHOOLS. WE SHALL BE GLAD TO SEND YOU SAMPLES OF MATERLALS AND QUOTE PRICES IF DESIRED R. H. Stearns Co. Tremont Street and Temple Place, Boston VIII ALLEN HINTON CO, plain an Jfanc Creams Sherbets an jfrappes fariQ (Taf es HIDDEN ROAD. ANDOVER Telephone Connection ir. Spttrli W. C. CROWLEY DEALER IN Boots, Shoes.... ....and Rubbers 5 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. MA55. ...THE METROPOLITAN... FRESH CANDIES. ICE CREAM. SODA. TOYS. HOME MADE FOOD A SPECIALTY. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: 42 r ain Street, A ndover, Mass. THEO. MUISE 13 Barnard Street Andover. Mass. tTatlor LADIES ' TAILOR-MADE GOWNS A SPECIALTY T. A. HOLT CO. S)r 6oob6, Groceries an 6rain Wholesale and Retail ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS IX E. RHODES laker : (Eaterer MAKER OF PLAIN AND FANCY ICE CREAMS 64 CHESTNUT STREET ANDOVER, MASS. LA F LEU R DE L I J tUauifl Jlaga A. A. (Holnra 41 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. MASS. A. E. HULME, D.M. D. 93 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. MASS. Office Hours : 8.30 to 1 2.00 a. m. 1.30 to 5.00 p. m. PHILLIPS INN Opposite Chapel ANDOVER, MASS. Open throughout the year JOHN MILTON STEWART, Proprietor EDWARD KAKAS c SONS Ijtgli ( mht jFurg SPECIAL DISCOUNTS . TO STUDENTS 364 Boylston St., near Arlington St., Boston, Mass. TRADE Snbttp ff MARK LACING HOOKS Made only by M. M. RHODES SONS CO. TAUNTON, MASS. C R HOVEY CO. .3tx ( oohB... 33 SUMMER STREET BOSTON BETTER THAN COFFEE RICHER THAN COFFEE SEVEN-EIGHTHS COFFEE XI HERBERT F. CHASE fine Htbletic (Boobs Agent for Eastman Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies ANDOVER, MASS. BENJAMIN BROWN jfine Shoes .REPAIRING DONE. MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASS The Co-Operative Principle applied to Fire Insurance produces and maintains Protection at Absolute Cost !iii mcrrimack mutual Tire Insurance Co. ml jindooer, mass. XII ALBERT LOWE Druggist PRESS BUILDING ANDOVEK, MASS. BUCHAN FRANCS FURH TORE 10 Park Street, Andover, Mass. G. H. VALPEY E. H. VALPEY Established 1866 VALPEY BROTHERS Dealers in treats, Vegetables, ' Poultry, Canned Qoods, Etc. : : : TEA AND COFFEE, CREAMERY BUTTER IN 5 LB. BOXES PRINT BUTTER. ETC. Celebrated Custom Knox Hats Laundry Agency W. J. BURNS maker of men ' s eiotbes and furnisher «•««««« MAIN STREET. - - - ANDOVER TELEPHONE 116 No. 2 Main Street. Andover. Telephone Connection .XIII WARRILN L. JOHNSON FLORIS r 18 morton street. tel Pl)OIK I24-3 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Hacks for Weddings and Funerals. Carriages Meet Principal Trains PARK STREET STABLES W. H. HIQGINS. Proprietor. Livery and Boarding Stables High Grade Sale Horses Phillips Inn Carriage Service Prospect Hill Stock Farm Affording ' a First - Class " All the Year ' Round " Stable Service - TELEPHONE CONNECTION. ANDOVER, MASS. XIV J. H. CAMPION CO " THE CORNER. GROCERY " FRUIT AND CONFECTIONERY AND FANCY GROCERIES ELM SQUARE, ANDOVEH. MASS. YARD ON RAILROAD ST., NEAR FREIGHT OFFICE OFFICE. CARTER ' S BUILDING. MAIN STREET FRANK E. GLEASON SUCCESSOR TO JOHN CORNELL — DEALER IN Coal, Wood, Coke, Hay, Straw Telephone Connection ANDOVER. MASS. XV im ID DL ' AUy t) t!tU Uo ' ' 6 C - - l ift li- ' y " A »—« -— - ;;; '

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