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ABBOT ACADEMY CLASS BOOK, 1 906 Published by the Members of the Senior Class at Andover, Massa- chusetts, June, nineteen hundred and six THE CIRCLE Debicateo with loving appreciation to professor Samuel TITorse Downs THE ANDOVER PRESS XU6ttt0 Rev. DANIEL MERRIMAN, President, Boston SAMUEL L. FULLER, Esq., Treasurer, An DOVER JOHN ALDEN, Esq., Clerk, AN DOVER Col. GEORGE RIPLEY, AXDOVER MORTIMER B. MASON, Esq., Boston ARTHUR S. JOHNSON, Esq.. Boston Rev. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR, Andover MARCUS MORTON, Esq., Boston Mrs. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, Andover EDWARD C. MILLS, Esq., Brookline GEORGE F. SMITH, Esq., Andover Rev. GEORGE A. GORDON, Boston THE FACULTY iocuKp EMILY A. MEANS. Prinxipal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. MARIA STOCKBRIDGE MERRILL, French. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER. German. NELLIE M. MASON. Science. EVELYN FARNHAM DURFEE, Elocution and Physical Culture. FANNY LOUISE LAWRENCE, A.M., Latin. ETHEL DEAN CONVERSE, A.B., English and Greek. MARTHA HOVVEY, B.L., Literature. MARY RUTTER TOWLE, A.M., History. Prof. SAMUEL MORSE DOWNS, Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Organ and Harmony. S. EDWIN CHASE. Violin and Mandolin. Mrs. HERMANN D. MURPHY, Drawing and Painting. Mlle. MARIE LOUISE CAMUS, French Conversation. AGNES E. S LOCUM, A.B., Principal ' s Assistant and Librarian. Miss HELEN L. BURR, A.B., In charge of Draper Hall. Sarah Hincks !J$ustnc66 (Editor Constance Parker CLASS BOOK BOAKD Persis Louise Mackintire fetferarp (gfctfors Margaret Vennette Herron Trust Pearson (ftsstsfcmf justness (gutter Maria Pillsbury itotiat T E, the class of nineteen six, are about to finish our school life at Abbot. Vl- Some of us have been here a shorter time than others, some of us have been less successful than others ; but as a whole, loyal to each other and to the school, we edit this Class Book. It is one of the last things we may do together, and we are often thoughtful as we gather the records of the year. We remember defeats we have suffered, victories we have won, weakness and strength that have come to us, and we wish to carry with us a record of the memories ; — memories of class, of sport, of music, of pleasant clays together. We wish to have something to take us back to thoughts of school, our striving, our friends, our joy; but especially we want to leave behind us such a record of triumph and achievement, that other classes coming after, filling our places and struggling in our foot steps, ma} - find encouragement and new impetus, and climb onward to higher things than we have known. The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Six. Flower— VIOLET £rrBibrnt PERSIS LOUISE MACKINTIRE Birr- rraiiirnt MOLLIE TRUESDALE JORDAN JTrrasurfr ELSIE THERESA WEISSBROD Sonoraru fHrmbrrs af 19DB M,ss AGNES ELIZABETH SLOCUM Color— PURPLE rrrrtary RENA CARRIE PORTED Miss ETHEL DEAN CONVERSE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS QUem6er0 of t$t Senior Ctazs (Kuf0 £ofcisa $fcams Brattleboro, Vermont Born March, 1886, Brattleboro, Vt. Fidelio Glee Club Draper Reader ' 04- 05 Vice-President Fidelio ' 05 Class Cheering Staff ' 05 Senior Play (Jttarjorte Cfarfte QSeffolas West Newton, Mass. Born December, 1885, Auburndale, Mass. Hockey Team ' 05- ' 06 Courant Board ' 05-06 Senior Play 2t)ia (ftffierfma Cfarft Andover, Massachusetts Born September, 1886, Andover, Mass. Basketball ' 04, ' 05. ' 06 Class Hockey ' 04, ' 05. ' 06 Class Basketball ' 04. 05, ' 06 Senior Play Hockey Team ' 04, ' 05. ' 06 % efen QBuffarfc (gffts Marlborough, Massachusetts Born October, 1885, Marlborough, Mass. Second Hockey Team ' 04- ' 05 Senior Play (gfcaftne feoutse fjtorn Middletown, New York Born August, 1886, Middletown, N. Y. Treasurer Glee Club ' 06 Class Cheering Staff Fidelio Glee Club Senior Play (persts £ouisc Qttacftinfiire Worcester, Massachusetts Born June, 1886, Worcester, Mass. President of Class ' 06 President of Fidelio 06 Secretary Y. W. C. A. ' 06 Mandolin Club ' 05 Second Hockey Team ' 05 Editor-in-Chief of Class Book Senior Play (tttargaref T?cnncffc perron Auburndale, Massachusetts Born September, 1885, Zanesville, Ohio Hockey Team 04- ' 05 Draper Reader ' 05 Class Book Board ' 06 Senior Play Qttarp trues afe 3 or an Newburgh, New York Born November, 1885, Newburgh, X. V. S. M. T. Vice-President of Class ' 06 Vice-President Y. W C. A Vice-President Athletic Association Senior Play Mandolin Club ' 05 Constance (parfter Winchester, Massachusetts Born June, 1885, Winchester, Mass. Leader Mandolin Club ' 05 Draper Fkeader ' 05 Fidelio Business Editor Class Book Day Scholars ' Play ' 05 Senior Play £rusf $earson Hillsboro, New Mexico Born December, 1886, Boston, Mass. Class Basketball ' 05-06 Fidelio ' 05-06 Senior Piay Class Book Board ' 06 (Kena Carrie (porter Walpole, New Hampshire Born April, 1886, Walpole, N. H. Secretary of Class 05-06 Glee Club Draper Reader ' 05 Senior Play Fidelio ' 7 Qttauo TToooruff prague Charlestown, Massachusetts Born January, iSS;, Charlestown, M Fidelio Glee Club ' 06 Cheering Staff " ' 05 Senior Play (gfste Zfytttsa TTeissfirob Greenfield, Massachusetts Born December, 1883, Montague, Mass. a. 2. Fidelio ' 05- ' 06 Captain Basketball Team ' 06 Glee Club ' 05- ' 06 Basketball Team ' 05-06 Treasurer of Class ' 06 Senior Play Treasurer Y. W. C. A. ' 06 Secretary Athletic Association ' 06 Ctaes I a i LTHOUGH two of our number did forget what happened in I J the year of 1492, none of us have ever gone to the extent of MmmaL 1 forgetting what happened in the fall of 1904, for it was then VJ that we, the Class of 1906, established ourselves in Andover. The first important step was taken when we elected our class officers. We were no longer individual stragglers, but an organization of people, all working together for the glory of ' 06. On the night of November 8th, 1904, two great things happened. The returns from the election of President Roosevelt came in and the " Senior Mids " of Abbot gave their annual spread. You can see from that how closely our class is connected with the great affairs of the nation. Of course our Senior Middle year was a year of interest and we may say oi success, even if we did get beaten on Field Day, but the memories of that year have been dimmed by the splendor of our Senior year. We started but fourteen strong, but one of our number was forced to drop out because of illness. It was with sin- cere regret that we heard that she would not be able to finish with us. •9 Of course it is the things that pleased us most and those which frightened us most that stand out in our memory now : — the delight of giving our reception to the faculty and to our friends, closely followed by the horror of our Psychology examin- ation ; the long days of work culminating in the triumph of the successful presenta- tion of our play ; the delightful day spent at the home of one of our number in Win- chester ; Field Day ; the dance given to us by the trustees and our class banquet. These are the things which come first to our minds, but it is the daily work and as- sociation with friends and teachers, the little trips and informal gatherings, the new interests and the many kindnesses received during the year which will be remem- bered longest and which make up the real and lasting history of the class of 1906. May all classes to come find the happiness in their school life which we have found. Magaret Yexxette Herrox. A W b t w ■ 20 CLaxaL E CastLe. UeLen Er Homes COLLEGE SENIOR OFFICERS (piemBers of i$t Coffege pernor tta s Cfara ® na Casffe Quincy, Illinois Born December, 1886, Quincy, 111. S. M. T. President Class ' 05 ' ' 06 Fidelio Business Manager Courant 06 Hockey Team ' 06 Glee Club ' 04- ' 05-06 Leader Cheering Staff ' 05- ' 06 Andover, Massachusetts Born May, [888, Andover, Mass. BasVetbAll Team ' 01 - ' 06 Senior Play Hockey Team 03-06 Odeon Manager Basketball Team 06 Draper Reader ' 05 Cou ' ant Boad 06 Day Scholars ' Play 05 2 3 it)ckn 0erfru£e j oncs Scranton, Pennsylvania Born September. iSSS. Blakely, Penn. S. M. T. Secretary and Treasurer of Class of ' 06 Senior Play Titan? Eft3a6ef3 £uce Nashua. New Hampshire Born November. 1SS6. Nashua, N. H. Senior Play Hockey Team ' 06 24 (ttnna (gsffler fecftef Allentown, Pennsylvania Horn, December, 1888, Allentown, Pa. Senior Play £ree ong E hail thee, our dear linden As we plant thee here to-day. Be the symbol of our yearning, Greater powers to display. Through time thou ' lt stand more firmly Than now we see thee here. Strengthened and made more perfect By each succeeding year. As from our Alma Mater We go out to larger life. Press on to be the yictors Though hard may be the strife. As we enter life ' s long battle Like thee we will stand strong, Stri e through it all to triumph ' Gainst the evil and the wrong May our lives throughout the future Fulfill what here we ' ve known, Show us true to our class motto •• Not for ourselves alone. " May our aims, grow broader, deeper — And then shall we appear Strengthened and made more perfect By each succeeding year. Ruth L. Adams, ' 06. 26 £0e (|)0£c tesa Seniors Oh we grind all day on Latin and we cram on Wentworth ' s Math. These experiments in Physics do not mollify our wrath. We study old Macauley, criticism and the like But we really are not in it for we haven ' t studied Psych. And when that day in June comes ' round and we are feeling great, When Academs. and College Preps, expect to graduate, Do you think it will be noticed that we are so unlike ? Do you think it will be realized that we haven ' t studied Psych ? But when we get to college and begin to really know The wheres and hows and wherefores and why such things arc so, And when we study Horace and Livy and the like We ' ll be glad we stuck to Latin instead of studying Psych. Marv E. Luce, C. P. 1906. 27 Hades Demeter . Persephone Athena . Artemis Hermes . Senior ©ramaftca DEMETER: A MASK ©ramafis (personae Ruth Lovisa Adams Persis Louise Mackintire Margaret Veuette Herron Sarah Hincks Constance Parker Helen Bullard Ellis :S €0oru0 of £)ceamoe9 Rena Carrie Porter Lydia Albertina Clark Evaline Louise Korn Trust Pearson Ruth Lovisa Adams Helen Gertrude Jones Mary Elizabeth Luce Maud Woodruff Sprague Elsie Theresa Weissbrod Marjorie Clarke Bellows Mary Truesdale Jordan Lulu Catherine McDuffie Anne Esther Steckel pernor (ttumrj) (R mea Elsie is a little girl Who has a little curl, And she plays with the basketball, ball, ball ; She is " great " and very dear And her voice is very clear, But she really truly isn ' t very tall, tall, tall. Rena has a little (?) man Who really isn ' t slow, And everything that Rena does He thinks is quite " just so " . He followed her to school one day Which was against the rule. Because it made the children laugh To see a man in school. " What makes the man like Rena so? " The children all did cry. " Why Rena likes the man, you know " , The teacher did reply. Constance, O Constance, dear, where have you been? I ' ve been to Boston more ads. to win. Constance, O Constance, dear, what did you there ? 1 learned to coax, manage and wheedle a stare. Twinkle, Twinkle, Eva ' s eyes, Up above the world so wise; How I wonder what they think, Calm, serene, with coy, sweet wink. When laborious work is near, When our hearts are filled with fear ; Eva ' s manner is serene, Over tumult she ' s a queen.. Hush-a-bye, Helen, thy class-room Is green. Girls softly reciting where teacher is queen ; Drouse away, nodding in fancies so sweet. And let all the others take notes on your feet. Hey diddle diddle, Moll plays on the fiddle. The Senior jumped over the stairs; The little dog laughed to see such sport, " Didn ' t you know how a little noise wears? " Marjle, Parjie, it is wrong To do your lessons all night long. But Marjie when she comes to class Can all the other girls surpass. Sing a song of Dignity ; pocket full of Rye, Almost twenty Seniors gathered up on high. As she went up forward, she slipped upon the floor, Now wasn ' t it a horrid thing to laugh and laugh some more? Ruth, Ruth, the solemn truth ; How did the voices go, With wondrous suggestion and frivolous question From pretty maids all in a row? 3 ' Hark, hark, the dog does bark, Vennette is coming down. Sometimes in white Or in silks so bright Or even a velvet gown. Higgledy, prlggledy, bring your grinds. Suited to our lowly minds Of many various, lively kinds. But be very quick you must, For positively so says Trust. Twelve spry girls, see how they run ; They all ran after the round, brown ball. But Lydia kept them off, one and all ; Twelve spry girls, see how they run. The spring is come, for I hear Maud A-singlng in the hall. Hark, hark, hear how she trills. With little runs and quavers sweet, like merry meadow rills. ABBOT HALL £ texavy QXoUe " NY sketch of our class would be incomplete if it did not touch upon the literary side of our life at Abbot. A new impulse has shown itself this year in the founding of the Odeon, a society for the purpose of encouraging the appre- ciation of good literature. The members derive much benefit as well as enjoyment from their meetings, and through their enthusiasm influence the other girls in school to be interested in good writing. The Courant has had some particularly good things this year in its literary pages, and the senior members of the Board are looking forward with high hopes to the bright prospects for next year and rejoice in the strength and stimulus gained through the three new editors. And then there are our Literature classes ! Our senior course is an unusually interesting one, and though it reaches out in many directions and touches upon the literary mysteries of all ages it gives no mere smattering of knowledge, but gains for us many real and life-long friends — Antigone, Faust, or Luria. We want to thank Miss Howey. Miss Converse, and Miss Towle for giving us so much practical help and inspiration in appreciating good and noble works, in understanding more fully human life, and what is best of all, in thinking for ourselves. Marjorie Clarke Bellows. 34 THE COURANT BOARD (Editors Margaret Lucy Sherman Sarah Hincks Laura Howell Marjorie Bellows Edith Gutterson (3$U6irtCSS bltOTB Ethel Jellerson Clara E. Castle Clara J. Hukill Marguerite Eyer 35 ■ A e © S illj antasUt (BnUttsom (Ql Ttx atk ott fSiisJttU 5 mra i ' Hay ;Uu- Imam ' s ia itmisf Hxifnifu j r ■ ; 5 ■ SOCIETIES -4 ' itlici ± . (Lutxitx Xillimx J i. tiutblinm J-Httri nrft 1. ' licr moil IFraxue 3u $ ' Jtnl£elfe (Clivistmr J-. " illWr ' Jhonornrg -Member — Umilu . ittetms CLlnva Uimn tiasilc ' (helm (iSrvhuitf j ' mirs iHaru virufsbrtlr j ' orbrtu loitisc 3 ' ranrfs 3. irlmrb» ft ifiarrirl 5!iilbrrUi " ratou illonorarw -iRfmbrr — UmUii A. iHraus •Uiujli (Clnsscn (Llava Aaiu-5 J ' Vhlli- (6nrrif lilla J ' olmson Amies " SUlnslibmmtf ' mitli " Ulsif iLlirrfsn lllfissbroii Bfitmornrg i Wnibrr — JBiss kiuilu A. Vienna Qltu0tc © !USIC has always been a prominent feature in the life at Abbot from the Fidelio Society, which has been conducted by Mr. Downs and has been most successful in its concerts, to the small groups of girls who walk around the circle after dinner singing the popular songs. Mr. Downs has been most enthusiastic in his work in school, and has made us successful in whatever we have attempted. Every girl feels the spirit which he shows and can not resist working with him and for him. We all look forward with interest and pleasure upon the series of concerts during the winter term which he provides for us. We boast of a Glee Club, also, which has been doing some good work, and show- ing its success in the concert it gave late in the winter. Our occasional Sunday evening gatherings in Miss Means ' room are a proof of the interest that the girls themselves take in their music. Altogether, we feel that the musical atmosphere is unusually strong in the school this year, and we know that where this is true kindliness and happiness are likely to be found. Elsie Theresa Weissbrod. 4 6 FIDELIO PERSIS L. MACKINTIRE, President GERTRUDE RUSSELL, Treasurer CARRIE E. JOHNSON. Vice-President LOUISE RICHARDS, Secretary Miss Adams Miss Cushman Miss ' Dascomb Miss Dudley Miss Gardner Miss Howell Miss Jellerson Miss Johnson Miss Korn Miss King Miss Mackintire Miss Millett Miss Nugent Miss Parker Miss Page Miss Pearson Miss Porter Miss Parsons Miss Russell Miss A. Richards Miss L. Richards Miss Stuart Miss Sprague Miss Upham Miss White Miss Weissbrod Miss DeU ' indt Miss Williamson Miss W urster 47 ■ £ i 1 Js» llLflMS - ■i 5 i i b| g 2 B x 1 Mi GLEE CLUB GERTRUDE RUSSELL. Leader EVALIXE KORN. Treasurer Ruth Adams Clara Castle Cornelia Cushman Mabel Dascomb Gladys Dudley Laura Howell Evaline Korn Eleanor Nugent Caddie Johnson Rena Porter Louise Richards Gertrude Russell Elsie Weissbrod Maud Sprague Agnes Smith Elizabeth Upham Marian Watts 4S BbOT ■■ ISOfe Qfc ee«c« [VERY school wishes to have a good standard in athletics, and the Class of 1906 has shown her ability and wish to make the standard of Abbot high. In our Senior Middle year those to win the much-coveted " A " in field hockey were Misses C. Wil- liams, captain, S. Hincks, H. Jenkins, and L. Clark. At the Indoor Meet 1906 made a good showing, although we had no individual star to do our work as did the Seniors. On the basketball team the Senior Middlers seemed to have won first place, as Misses C. Williams, S. Hincks, E. Weissbrod and L. Clark were all Middlers. Although Abbot was badly beaten by Bradford, we all looked forward to better luck in the coming year. On Field Dav we won in basketball by a score of 1 5-7, but the class honors went to the Seniors, who had sixty-two points to our fifty-two. As we entered upon our Senior year, we all felt that we must do our best to help sustain a good school spirit. As representatives of 1906 on the hockev team were Misses C. Castle, S. Hincks, M. Bellows, and L. Clark. Though defeated by Bradford by a score of 5-1, Abbot played a hard and well-fought game. We were aroused to the fact at the Indoor Meet that the Senior Middlers had stolen a march on us, for they carried the day. On May fourth we won from Bradford in our annual basketball game by a score of 14-8. Miss E. Weissbrod ably captained the team, and Misses S. Hincks and L. Clark, of 1906, also helped forward the cause. On May sixteenth we held our last Field Day, and carried off the honors, gaining eighty-four points to the Senior Middlers ' thirty-six. Miss S. Hincks helped sustain the class reputation and won the cup, as she gained the greatest number of points. But in all our contests in our school and with Bradford may we have alwavs friendlv rivalrv and good fellowship. Lvdia A. Clark. 50 OFFICERS OF ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Clara Jackson Mollie Truesdale Jordan Elsie Theresa Weissbrod Carrie Ella Johnson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer S 1 CHEERING STAFF Clara E. Castle Gertrude Russell Carrie Johnson S 2 BASKETBALL TEAM ELSIE WEISS BROD, Captain Mary deWindt, Goal Sarah Hincks, Forward Elsie Weissbrod, B:ick Centre Edith Gutterson, Back Manager Katherine Williamson, Centre LYDIA CLARK, Goal Guard 53 HOCKEY TEAM ADA BROOKS, Captain Sarah Hincks, Centre Forward Clara J. Hukill. Right Inside Forward Katrixa Williamson, Left Wing Lvdia Clark, Left Half Back Helen Hurlburt, Full Back Mary EDITH L deWixdt, Goal Guard GUTTERSON, Manager Clara Castle. Left Inside Forward Alice Perkins, Right Wing Ada Brooks, Right Half Back Louise Richards, Right Half Back Marjorie Bellows, Full Back 54 OFFICERS OF Y. W. C. A. Edith L. Guttersox Mollie T. Jordan Persis L. Mackixtire Elsie T. Weisshrod President I ' ice-President s, rttary Treasurer 55 § d ©ay ongs " Hail, All Hail, Cornell " Neath the purple hue above us We are marching on. Fighting, fighting for the victory, Till the day is done. And above us floats the banner Of our own dear class, In our hearts a hope is growing Which will never pass. For we ' re going to win the battle That we ' re striving for And we have our purple banners Shouting more and more For we ' ll show the Senior Middlers How our class is made, We will fight on for the victory Till the last light fade. " Sing a Song of Cities " Sing a song of Seniors, pass the ball along, We ' re never half so happy as when we sing our song. Catch and throw and shoot it in and show your little tricks, For Abbot ' s best, we stand the test, The class of nineteen-six. •• Marching Song " The glorious class of 1906, We march along today, Two by two in all our proud array The classes all do stand and stare As we go marching by Singing of the glories we have won. Chorus. Then merrily sing we all for 1906 The class of gilt edged bricks. Beside whom all others are sticks And then we ' ll sing, we ' ll sing To Persis and to Clara The presidents of 1906. Today we ' re marching forth to win With our supporting throng No where can you find a force so strong The other classes are singing loud To hold their courage fast For they see their chance already past. — Chok. " Watch on the Rhine " We ' ll win today for dear ought-six We ' ll put the Middlers in a fix Ought-six, ought-six, our dear old class The Senior-Mids will scarcely pass This is the day we ' re going to win The Mids will wish they ' d never been So let your singing with their sighing mix For our great Senior class of ought-six. " Levee Song " (I know a girl whose name is Gracie) We are the class of 1 906 We ' re going to win this Field Day We have the will, we have the skill To win on our last Field Day. We have the spirit of the victors Roll the score up high We rush everything before us Oh! Senior-Mids, good bye. We have set our hearts on winning We never know a fear. We play with all the strength that ' s in us This last victorious year. " The Orange and the Black " No need to sing the praises Of our dear Senior class When every one is gazing Upon us as we pass For we know our hearts are bravest And we will truly fight As we march along together ' Neath the Purple and the White. When against the Senior Middlers We play in basketball And when in every contest We strive to win them all We will ne ' er give up the battle But fight with all our might As we march along together ' Neath the Purple and the White. There is a girl who is known in our midst Her name is and she has won our hearts Oh ! where could you find a girl with more go We ' ll stand by her to the end. Oh ! 56 FIELD DAY TEN YEARS LATER. L. E. H. L. H. K. W. E. T. W. H. H. R. G. O. V. A. E. S. Foreign Missionary. Newspaper Reporter. Representative Athlete of U. S. A. Famous Woman Detective. Baseball Champion. Happy am I, from care I am free, Why aren ' t they all content like me ? " Is ' is a preposition. " Old children take long to grow. A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair. R. G. O. V. : " Shall I carve the butter ? " In case you ' re bored, read a book. L. H. (entering a room) : " Say, girls ! I feel just like a hen out of water. " Little things are great to little men. In History of Art — M. C. B. : " In the Egyptians ' paintings the arms, legs and bodies were shown side face. 59 Tow n-criers. M. P C. A. P c. w L. E H. G. R. H. B. E. : " The Egyptians used domestic life. " C. P. : " Oh ! see how grass the green is. " Bits of atmosphere. Still waters run deep. Little girl, you ' ll do. " Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. " M. S. : " Oh, say, girls ! I ' m going to have a caller tonight. " One of the Girls : " Does he know it ? " SONGS. " A Picnic for Two. " " Just Remember You Can ' t Fool All the People All the Time. " " Jack ' s Lantern Girls. " " The Wearing of the Green. " " Yankee Doodle Boy. " " Big Chief. " " Can ' t You See I ' m Lonely. " " Give My Regards to Broadway. " " Don ' t Cry, Little Girl, Don ' t Cry. " " Dream of Heaven. " " If You Loves Your Baby Make Dem Goo-goo Eyes. " A springy motion in her gait A rising step did indicate Of pride and joy no common rate. Wise to resolve and patient to perform. Did you know how Elsie had grown ? She says she is six feet, one inch. " I ' m going down town to get my cash checked. " ABBOT MENAGERIE. " Birdie " " Rooster " C. E. C. : When I play baseball I ' m going to wear a fencing max. " L. M. L. J. D. L. M. L. L. H. A. W. S. M. E. de W. M. O. H. M. P. and H. H. S. Betty L. E. H. E. C. C. E. C. E. C. June 20th H. H. S. A. G. L. P. L. M. E. L. K. 60 Why are E. H. G.. M. R., and K. A. W. like satellites? Ans. : Because they revolve about one body. The joy of the Physic ' s class. Gone, but not forgotten. " I chatter, chatter, as I go. " 4 Minnows. " " Let ' s go on a something. " " House of Mirth. " " The Spendthrift. ' " A Dog ' s Tale. " " The Lady or the Tiger. " " The Tale of a Tub. " " The Battle of the Strong. " " Innocence Abroad. " " Little Women. " " Jo ' s Boys. " " Cousins. " " A Virginia Inheritance. " " A Dreamer of Dreams. " ' • Sentimental Tommy. " " The Debtor. " " The Call of the Wild. " " Little Journeys. " " Much Ado About Nothing. " " Through the Looking-glass. " " My Friend the Chauffeur. " " House of Mirth. " " Wee Willie Winkie. " " Twice-told Tales. " " A Kentucky Cardinal. " BOOKS. peth ' s Eb L. C. McD., M. L. S., M. E. W.. K. Y.. R. K. C 1 ] E. C, E. M. N., C L. W. S. H. Room 22 H. H. Tr.Nir.v M. S. P. Special Laundry Bradford Gamk A. R. S. P. (C. L. W. I E. M. N. M. B. M. AND C. E. I). K. D. R. G. O. V. M. K. L P. A. Serenaders L. E. H. H. H. S. M. O. H. M. W. H., E. M. N. 63 L. E. P. M. O. H. H. H. S. 6f M. T. J. : " This is the first time my tonsils have been swollen since they were taken out. " E. T. W. (in Theism) : " The world is growing hotter. " S. H. (speaking to C. P. of her brothers ) : ' ' One looked like you and the other was very good looking. " Teacher : " What is the principle on which everything rests in Egypt ? " E. T. W. : " Why, pillars. " H. B. E. : " The Italians didn ' t build for ' stablebility ' . " Teacher : " What class of people use the peripatetic method now ? " R. C. P. : " Surveyors. " Teacher : " Why was the Battle of Chalons significant ? " M. P. : Because if the Huns had won, Europe might be yellow today. " Ask Mollie when America was discovered. Vennette says in 1439. Marriage is one of the sacraments. P. L. M. : " Why, I thought it was one of the virtues. " A good thing done up in a small bundle. " Is she kind as she is fair ? " Quiet thoughts she liketh best. Oh, haud your tongue my lady fair. For they are tall and slender. No lingerer dares stay, for well they know the time to go. Oh, wildly dash. " Why, I didn ' t know England was discovered until Luther ' s time. " Difficulties of baseball : " Keep your hands on the ball. " ' Tis not a life, ' tis but a piece of childhood. And unextinguished laughter shakes the sky. Hang sorrow. Care will kill a cat. And, therefore, let ' s be merry. E. H. G. A child most infantine. Yet wandering far beyond that innocent age, In all but its sweet look arid mein divine. When in doubt apply to H. H. 62 c. L. W. L. M. L. J. AND M. D. E. D. A. R, . S. P. y Night Callers M. R. M. A. S. E. D. C. E. C. L. A. C. For baseball news apply to E. I). ' ' Who has an exceptional love for the game. " Look it up in the Dictionary. Lee ! " How high did you jump. Alice ? " " Three feet six — but I didn ' t get over it. " O. M. W. : " Why, I thought it was a beach. " Teacher : " It told about the wedding guest sitting on a stone. " In class — " Will you please tell the class what the Egyptians did in painting ? " L. A. C. (brightly) : " The Egyptians painted pictures of the King ' s feats. " Why does J. D. like baseball ? Since at laboring and resting Life is divided best. . Let others do the laboring And I will do the rest. L. A. C. Mollie (being warned that she had nothing to fear about the return of the glacial period): " Oh, but my poor ancestors ! " In History class : " I would that my tongue would utter the thoughts that arise in me " K. W. There is a young lady Louise Who is very easy to tease, If anxious to please her, Just go up and squeeze her. This lengthy young lady — Louise. Oh, these are hard questions for our shallow wit. Seniors in Psychology Why does L. E. H. look in the " Mirror " all the time ? A. B. : 7 X 8 = 72. doesn ' t it ? " In class — " When did Caesar lead the troops into winter quarters ? " E. L. G. : " In winter, wasn ' t it. " We grant although she had much wit. She was very shy of using it. M. K. J. 63 AitoritfirnmttB Come, read, fair maid, close not the book, Because the jokes are done ; All women love a bargain — look, Thy fortune will be won If thou but markst well and art wise. Come all. and patronize. COLLINS FAIRBANKS CO. „.Hats and Furs... YOUNG LATHES ' HATS FOR £VERY OCCASION. EXCLUSIVE " DESIGNS IN WALKING, RIDING and OUTING HATS :$S1 Washington Street... ...BOSTON Better than Coffee IVicHer than Coffee Seven-eigHtHs Coffee Shreve, Crump Low Co. jfewekrs and Silversmiths FINE STATIONERY. PROGRAMS. CLASS INVITATIONS. CALLING CARDS MONOGRAMS Designs and Estimates Furnished Class and Society Pins Boston. ...M ass. Geo. B. King ART • STATIONER AND • ENGRAVER 252 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. 1 Engraved Calling Cards Invitations Die Stamping Up to Date " Writing Papers Inexpensive Largest Line in Boston PAPER AND ENGRAVING SENT ANYWHERE SAMPLES FOR THE ASKING Classes 1906, 1905, 1904, 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900 and years before ordered trieir Class En gravings Here ■£? ■£? £? II ? MEYER JONASSON CO. Direct attention to their Extensive Assortment of Suits, Coats, Skirts, Maists anb Silk Ipetticoats . . . Tremont and Boylston Sts. BOSTON, MASS. a ? STICKNEY SMITH allows 10 per cent discount to teachers and pupils of Jlbbot, on Xafcies ' Street Suits, Shirts, Maists and Garments of all Ikinfcs, Jfure 157 TREMONT STREET BOSTON. MASS. I i in ®ttr tterman %tnUa 1S , the right place to go for photographs. Their quality appeals to dis- criminating " people and their excellence is guar- anteed. Platinum portraits in the Sepia finish are the most up-to-date portraits THE • SIGN «1 OF QUALITY a MAIN ST. ■— • JN DOVER IV Boston Maine Railroad Q R HOVEY CO. Through Train .Service to the WEST, NORTHWEST and SOUTHWEST TRAINS LEAVE BOSTON via THE FITCHBURG DIVISION 9.30 a.m. Dai!y for Trov, Albany, Binghampton, Elmira, Chicago and Cincin- nati. Pullman Buffet Parlor car Boston to Albany week-days. Sleeping car Boston to Chicago. Tourist car Boston to Chicago on Wednesdays, via D. H. and the Erie Roads. 12.50 p.m. Daily for Troy, Albany, Rotterdam, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland. Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. Pullman Buffet Parlor car Boston to Troy on week-days. Sleeping car to Chicago, also St. Louis. Tourist car Boston to Chicago on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays via West Shore and Wabash Roads; on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays via West Shore and Nickel Plate Roads. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Troy, X. V., Sundays only. 4.30 p. m. Daily for Troy, Albany, Binghampton, Elmira, Cincinnati, Rotter- dam, Syracuse. Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland and Chicago. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Chicago via Nickel Plate daily, and to Chicago on Sundays only via West Shore and Wabash Roads. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Hornellsville. 6.19 p.m. Daily except Sundays, for Rotterdam, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Detroit. Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Chicago. VIA THE SOUTHERN DIVISION 10.00 a.m. Daily for Newport, Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, St. Paul and Min- neapolis. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Montreal, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tourist car Boston to Chicago via C. P. and Wabash Tuesdays only. 11.30 a.m. Daily for Montreal, Toronto, Detroit and Chicago. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Chicago. Tourist car Boston to Chicago on Mondavs and Wednesdays via C. V. and G. T. Cafe Parlor car Boston to Montreal. 7.30 p.m. Daily for Montreal, Toronto, Detroit and Chicago. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Montreal and Montreal to Chicago. 8.30 p.m. Daily for Newport, Montreal, Detroit and Chicago. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Montreal daily, also Montreal to Chicago except Sun- days. Tourist Car Boston to Vancouver on Wednesdays via C. P. Ky. Pullman Sleeping car Boston to Sherbrooke except Saturdays, also Sherbrooke to (Juebec except Sundays. D. J. FLANDERS General Pass, and Ticket Agent BOSTON, MASS. Dry... Goods 33 Summer St. BOSTON When Lunching Out-of-Doors On the lawn, veranda, lake, in the woods — don ' t try to be too rustic. Take with you one of D ehhisoh s Lrepe raper Lunch Sets Table-cloth. Napkins, Doilies, all of purest white paper, soft and strong, with dainty Moral designs. — A prettily appoint- ed table indoors or out) never yet ruined an appetite. Ask G.A. Higgins b Co. for them, or Dennison MTgCompany 26 FRANKLIN ST.. 50STON 25 Cents JAPANESE CREPES 25 Cents . . . FOR . . . STYLISH COMFOKTABLE, DURABLE, WASHABLE REQUIRE NO IRONING WALTER M. HATCH CO. Orientalists and IVug Merchants ■43 and 43 Summer Street j Boston, Massachusetts PALMER PARKER CO. Manufacturers and Dealers in every variety and thichness of foreign and Domestic Cabinet Uloods, mahogany, fiard mood Cumber, Ueneers Warerooms, Mill and Yard OFFICE 81405 Medford St., Charlestown Dist. 103 Medford St., Charlestown Dist. BOSTON, MASS. VI FOR SEVERAL YEARS WE HAVE MADE (3£trmasium ■ Suits FOR MANY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS. WE SHALL BE GLAD TO SEND YOU SAMPLES OF MATER IALS AND QUOTE PRICES IF DESIRED :: :: :: :: R. H. Stearns Co. Tremont Street and Temple Place, Boston VII to C. A. W. Crosby Son Silversmiths Jewelers Boston Massachusetts Jli 2 H 2jiiij t Jv. . Jut(U a. ...Jmic GMlOtfX.. 159 Jiemanl e)tteef £BetW. WeA 9HaAOfl St . tJjO tatfl VIII Aufrniirr, iflassariuisrttH ALLEN HINTON CO. IPlain anfc jfancp Creams, Sherbets anfc jfrappes JTanq? Cakes HIDDEN ROAD. ANDOVER Telephone Connection , lnliu 8f. (T i r arrasurrr EDWARD KAKAS : litgh ( vnh? iFurfl SO N S SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS 364 Boylston St., opp. Arlington St., - Boston, Mass. IX LEWIS T. HARDY JOSEPH F. COLE ....HARDY €r COLE.... Builders and Lumber Dealers BOX MAKING, PLANING, SAWING AND MATCHING j jfi DONE TO ORDER jfi KINDLING WOOD BY THE LOAD ESSEX STREET ANDOVER, MASS. TLhe Caterer LOWELL, MASS. A. E. HULME, D. M. D. G. A. HIGGINS CO. IDcntist 93 MAIN STREET ANDOVEK, MASS. w - ■• -m j Office Hours : 8.30 to 12.00 a. m. 1.30 to 5.00 p. m. Booksellers and Stationers SPECIALTIES : STAMPED PAPER AND ir. fetrl) ENGRAVED STATIONERY MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS W. C. CROWLEY SMITH MANNING DEALER IN £ J Boots, Shoes.... ....and Rubbers Dry Goods and Groceries • j 5 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. ESSEX STREET XI ANDOVER. MASS Warren L. Johnson ...Florist... FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Telephone 1243 18 Morton St. BENJAMIN BROWN Fine Shoes REPAIRING DONL Andover, Mass. main street AN DOVER. MASS. This Space is Reserved 1R The Merrimack Mutual Fire I " ■ Incorporated nsurance Company v misa ) Builded and maintained £ «£ along conservative lines J £ XII ALBERT LOWE .j Druggist ANDOVER - . MASS. G. H. VALPEY E. P. VALPEY Established [866 Valpey BrotKers Dealers in SKCeats, Vegetables, T oultr)), Canned Qoods, 5 c. : TEA AND COFFEE, CREAMERY BITTER IN 5 LB. BOXES PRINT BUTTER, ETC. No. 2 Main St., Andover the Phillips Inn « « OPPOSITE CHAPEL ANDOVER. MASS. Open throughout the year John Milton Stewart, Prop. BUCHAN FRANCIS Furniture lO ParK Street Andover, Mass. Telephone Connection Celebrated ttnox Hats Custom Laundry Agency W. J. BURNS maker of men ' s Clothes and furnisher Main Street Telephone 1 16 Andover XIII Hacks for Weddings and Funerals Carriages meet Principal Trains Park Street Stables W. H. Higgixs, Prop. LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLES HIGH-GRADE :: SALE :: HORSES PHILLIPS INN CARRIAGE SERVICE PROSPECT : HILL : STOCK : FARM Affording a first-class " all the year ' round " Stable Service Telephone Connection ANDOVER, MASS. J. H. Campion Co. " The Corner Grocery ' Fruit and Confectionery and Fancy Groceries ELM SQUARE - ANDOVER, MASS. THEO. MUISE 13 Barnard Street Andover, Mass. bailor HERBERT F. CHASE Tine Athletic Goods AGENT FOR EASTMAN KODAKS — CAMERAS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES LADIES ' TAILOR-MADE GOWNS A SPECIALTY ANDOVER MASS. fompliments of. C. H. Gilbert, M. D. S. DLNTAL ROOMS BANK BUILDING ANDOVER MASS. MRS. MAIN ..Dressmaker.. ' 5 Barnard St., near Town Hall ANDOVER. MASS XIV T. A. HOLT 6- CO. 2 n $oobs anb Groceries BASEMENT OF BAPTIST CHURCH ANDOVEK . MASS. YARD ON RAILROAD ST., OFFICE:, CARTERS BUILDING. NEAR FREIGHT OFFICF MAIN STREET FRANK E. GLEASON SUCCESSOR TO JOHN CORNELL — DEALER IN Coal, Wood, Cofae, Hay, Straw Telephone Connection ANDOVER. MASS. XIII illiii WSBSsBEam iHifiMEHSi BHEfHnUu MB9SSMMhE XtS a IhI BHDf B B?2 Hi TxSnn gUttl nsss usi 8 8 itsasss S gjS3isjS$g 1 ! —AS Hllll HHH B lira £ B HiHi $5 HI U hi m HraP WMiHninirffiMBfffWTiTin J9HH H JnHB B BWL 1H SBBra HHBF IB HHi SubBE

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