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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1905 volume:

a ,4 i io 1778- PHILLIPS ACADEMY OLIVER-WENDELL- HOLMES I LI B RARY r-=— - - v • J» VjLa. X jCJVt-Va- Q X-KJLJLA J j% r J . Abbot Araormg (Elaaa look, 1905 Jhiblisbrb by tiir fflrmbrrs of tlir £ riuur (Ulass at Auitourr, iflassarhusrttfl ihinr, trittrtmt Ifundrrd anD ftur 374 ,3 i 905 THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS 121808 D RAP E R HA l 1 DEDICATED with respect and great gratitude to DR. RICHARD BURTON (ErmtnB Rev. DANIEL MERRIMAN, President, JOHN ALDEN, Esq., Clerk, Boston SAMUEL L. FULLER, Esq., Treasurer, Andover Andover Col. GEORGE RIPLEY, Andover MORTIMER B. MASON, Esq., ARTHUR S. JOHNSON, Esq., Rev. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR, MARCUS MORTON, Esq., Mrs. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, Boston Boston Andover Boston Andover EDWARD C. MILLS, Esq., Brookline GEORGE F. SMITH, Esq., Andover 3ln iflrmoriam Harrnt iFatea lrap?r lBlB— 1905 For thirty-seven years trustee, and for fifty-six years benefactor and friend of this schooi iffaruttg EMILY A. MEANS, Principal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. MARIA STOCKBRIDGE MERRILL, French. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER, German. NELLIE M. MASON, Science. EVELYN FARNHAM DURFEE, Elocution and Gymnastics. MELITA KNOWLES, A.B., History. FANNY LOUISE LAWRENCE, A.M., Latin and Greek. ETHEL DEAN CONVERSE, A.B., English and Greek. MARTHA HOWEY. B. L., Literature and History. Prof. SAMUEL MORSE DOWNS, Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Organ and Harmony. S. EDWIN CHASE, Violin and Mandolin. Mrs. HERMAN D. MURPHY, Drawing and Painting. Mlle. MARIE LOUISA CAMUS, French Conversation. MABELLE ETHELYN BOSHER, Librarian and Registrar. AGNES E. SLOCUM, A. B., Principal ' s Assistant. Ctaee $3ooG (0oarb gfctfomn?C0tef Lila Mae Shirkie feifcrarp tfors Mary Katherine Woods Winifred Peirson (justness (Editor Muriel Abbott Closson Elizabeth Ripley Amy Thayer Blodgett (ftsstsfanf Q5usines0 bifor Helen S. Carmichael ' 06 jforeiDort) WE who have edited this book have thought to thank you who have helped us, and to appeal to the interest of you who will read. We do thank you, we do appeal to your interest and fellowship ; but when we attempt to measure our gratitude — to tell you definitely whom we have to thank, and for what, we find the task too hard for us. It is not we of nineteen five alone, it is not only you who are in Abbot now, in whose hands the production of this book has lain : as we ourselves have been influenced by the generations before us, so this Class Book of ours is a product of the years and the classes that have gone before. We who owe so much to the history and the traditions of this school of ours must acknowledge this debt too — that in our Class Book, as in all else, we have drawn, unconsciously and inevitably, help and guidance and inspiration from the lives that have been lived in these halls before us. Not to us only, not alone to you who are our teachers and our schoolmates and our friends, does this book belong. A token to you it certainly is, but it is none the less surely a tribute to the classes that have been, and a hope for the classes that shall come. The Class of Nineteen Five. Cfass Officers t$t a e of 1905 Cfd6S Cofors ffoiaer Green and White Lily-of-the- Valley Qttoffo " Ad Vitam non ad Scholam hoc Discimus " Officers Lila Mae Shirkie Winifred Peirson Mary Katherine Woods Marion Louise Audette President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 11 CtaBB JE) 6tot% WHILE we were Senior Middlers we did not have many opportunities to show of how much we were capable. Our Senior Mid. spread was our first gathering, when we felt ourselves a class and bound together by class spirit. But with the beginning of the Senior year began the struggle for supremacy. The competition for the Indoor Meet and Field Day was carried on with the Senior Middlers in friendly rivalry. After an exciting combat the Senior Class won. Early in the year we gave our Senior Reception, which made us feel the dignity of our position and that we were a very important factor at Abbot. The Senior Play caused us much hard work and the denial of many hours of outdoor recreation and indoor amusement, but brought with it the greatest success and satisfaction. The Seniors ' Banquet showed our class spirit and unity. It was good fun, as well as the most important affair of the year. As a crowning event the Trustees intend to give a party for the Seniors, to which we look forward with lively interest and appreciation Our days at Abbot are nearly over, and they have been days of great pleasure. As we look back over them we see that they were more than pleasure, because we know that what we have learned will help us in that real life which we have only begun, because, after all, it is " Ad vitam non ad scholam hoc discimus. " Lila Mae Shirkie. 12 Boofitng QJJacfixoarfc anl jjforxoarb IT is good for us to look backward over the seventy-five years since Abbot Academy was founded, and to realize that we are about to join the number of splendid women who have graduated before us, and that our love and enthusiasm for Abbot will be united to their constancy. Through the years there have, of course, been many changes, but the Abbot spirit will never change ! Looking back over the past we see that we have had many advantages which former classes did not know. The McKeen Memorial has been a source of great enjoyment, with the finely equipped gymnasium, the stage where the day scholars and seniors gave their plays, and the Day Scholars ' Room which made such a splendid " Green Room " for our dramatics. Then there is, last but not least, our Senior Room, bright and sunny, where we conquered our fears of Psychology. It is, undoubtedly, so steeped in the excellency of the class of nineteen hundred and five that the following classes will absorb great inspiration from it. But it is as well to look forward as backward when there is so much to look forward to. The pleasures taken in our new building have just begun, and then we have hopes of an Art Museum soon to be built upon the Circle. Surely there are glowing prospects for the girls who are to come, and we hope that they will have as many good times and love Abbot as heartily as the class of nineteen hundred and five. Amy Thayer Blodgett. «3 (HUmBers of tfyt tniox CV xbb Marion Louise Audette Jamestown, New York Born November, 1882, Taunton, Mass. Treasurer of Class ' 04.-05 Draper Reader ' oj Senior Play Amy Thayer Blodgett 510 Monroe Street, Chicago, 111. Born November 25, 1883, Chicago, 111. President of Class ' 03-04 Literary Editor of Courant ' 04 Business Editor of Courant ' 04, ' 05 " Assistant Business Editor Class Book ' 04 Class Book Board ' oj Senior Play Hockey Team ' oj Debating Club ' 02 Fidelio Glee Club S. M. T. Mildred Winters Cleworth Cambridge, Mass. Born June 6, 1885 Fid el to Senior Play Glee Club Tennis Champion ' 05 Muriel Abbott Closson New York, N. Y. Born September 27. 1886, at Taunton, Mass. School Cheering Staff Class Basketball Basketball ' 04 Y. W. C A. Play ' 04 Hockey ' 04-05 Senior Play Glee Club ' 04- oj Class Cheering Staff Business Editor Class Book A. 2. Fannie Joanna Erving Andover, Mass. Born July 19, 1886, Lachine, Quebec Senior Play Basketball Team ' 0 Helen Baker Heath 9 Warren Street, Winchester, Mass. Born September 16, 1883, E. Somerville, Mass. Fidelio Second Hockey Team ' 04-05 Hockey Team ' 03-04 Glee Club Senior Play Winifred Peirson Newark, New York Born November 29, 1884, Newark, New York Vice-President of Class ' 04-05 President of Athletic Association ' 04-05 President of Fidelio ' 04-05 Treasurer of Y. IV. C. A. ' 04-05 Mandolin Club Cheering Staff ' 04, ' 05 Glee Club Class Book Board Hockey ' oj Senior Play A. 2. Louise Pevey 17 15 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. Born June 10, 1883, Cambridge, Mass. Secretary of Class ' 03-04 Glee Club Class Cheering Staff ' 03-04 Fidelio Senior Play Elizabeth Ripley Troy, N. H. Born February 16, 1884, Troy, N. H. Fidelio Class Prophecy Class Book Board Senior Play Clara Evelyn Searle 103 May Street, Lawrence, Mass. Born December 29, 1887, Lawrence, Mass. Draper Reading ' oj, ' 04 Day Scholars ' Play ' oj Tree Song Debating Club ' oj Senior Play Lila Mae Shirkie 634 South 6th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana Born November 15, 1884, Clinton, Indiana President of Class ' 05 Glee Club Editor-in-Chief Class Book Hockey ' 04 Secretary of Y. W. C. A. ' 04-05 Draper Reading ' 04 Senior ' lay Fidelio A. 2. Mary Katherine Woods Clearfield, Pennsylvania Born March 29, 1886, Philadelphia, Penn. Secretary of Class ' 04-05 President of Y. IV. C. A. ' 04-05 Courant Board ' 04, ' 05 Draper Reading ' 04 Class Book Board Senior Play School Song ON THE SHAWSHEEN Coffege eniora Kathryn Frances Ahern 40 White Street, Lawrence, Mass. Born October 9, 1883, Lawrence, Mass. Senior Play Day Scholars ' Play Abbie Elizabeth Cole Andover, Mass. Born July 30, 1887, Andover, Mass. Secretary of Class Secretary Athletic Association Manager Basketball Team ' 05 Basketball Team ' oj, ' 04, ' oj Hockey Team ' 04 Day Scholars ' J ' lay Senior Play Debating Society ' oj Class Basketball Team ' oj, ' 04, ' oj Frances Wentworth Cutler 8 Broadway, Bangor, Maine Born October 29, 1887, Bangor, Maine Courant Board ' 04-05 Fidelio Hockey Team ' 04-05 Senior Play Fanny Vose Hazen Hanover, N. H. Born April 1, 1887, Hanover, N. H. Senior Play Hockey Team ' 04-05 Class Basketball Team ' 04-05 Elsie Wyman Jeffers Chelsea, Mass. Born July 27, 1885, Chelsea, Mass. Senior Play Treasurer of Class Ruth Ord Mason Bloomfield, N. J. Born December 14, 1885, San Antonio, Texas President of Class Hockey Team ' oj, ' 04, ' oj Class Hockey Team ' 05 Class Basketball Team ' oj, ' 04 Senior Play S. M. T. Ruth Heiton Pringle Methuen, Mass. Born March 20, 1886, Rochester, England Courant Board Fidelio Day Scholars " Play Georgia Harris Stearns 39 Church Street, Watertown, Mass. Born November 23, 1886, Dorchester, Mass. Senior Play Second Hockey Team ' 04, ' oj Frances Louise Tyer Andover, Mass. Born August 27, 1886, Clifton, Mass. Vice-President of Class Basketball Team ' 04, ' 05 Hockey Team ' 04, ' oj Senior Play Draper Reading ' 04 S. M. T. Mabel Louise Wardwell 103 Walnut Street, Brockton, Mass. Born April 4, 1886, Brockton, Mass. Senior Play Fidelio Glee Club Cm § ong In love for Abbot, nineteen five Plants thee, our linden tree ; In love and hope we part today, May thou our symbol be. And ever onward, upward strive, Our linden tree, for nineteen five. Each year may thou in beauty grow, And, after winter ' s strife, Each spring send forth thy tender leaves With battle-strengthened life. Against tempests ever brave to strive, Dear linden tree, for nineteen five. May we, too, when we meet life ' s storms By struggle be made strong, Uplifted, greater beaut)- show, Having triumphed over wrong. And may we towards perfection strive, The loyal class of nineteen five. Clara Evelyn Seari.k. 23 pernor ©ramaftcs £u?o BtntUmen of (Devona Valentine, Proteus ©ramafis (pcrsonae Duke of Milan, father to Silvia ne I ' [ the two gentlemen, Antonio, father to Proteus, Thurio, a foolish rival, .... Eglamour, agent for Silvia in her escape, Speed, a clownish servant to Valentine, Miss Pevev Miss Audette Miss Shirkie Miss Heath Miss Hazen Miss Tyer Miss Closson ?4 Launce, the like to Proteus, Servants to the Duke, Panthino, servant to Antonio, Julia, beloved of Proteus, Silvia, beloved of Valentine, Lucetta, waiting-woman to Julia, Waiting-women to Silvia, Host, where Julia lodges, Outlaws, . . . . Musicians . Pages . . . . . Miss Cole Miss Ahem Miss Mason Miss Wardwell Miss Blodgett Miss Searle Miss Erving { Miss Cutler Miss Ripley Miss Woods Misses Ahern, Cleworth, Gilcrest, Jeffers, Mason, Peirson, Stearns Misses Cleworth, Gilcrest, Peirson Miss Castle Miss Sattler 2 5 c oo£ ong Tune — " Lucia cli Lammermoor " Abbot girls, all of a yesteryear, Tell of their Alma Mater, Speak of the things the)- have held most clear, Each loyal Abbot daughter : Of th ' Abbot spirit they love to tell, Of the lessons it has taught them, Praising the school they love so well, For the good that it has brought them. Chorus — So they love thee, dear old Abbot, So thy memory they bless, Thro ' the world a band of women Abbot ' s fellowship confess. When they ' ve said good-bye to Abbot, When they ' ve done with days of school, Still thine influence shall guide them, All their lives thy spirit rule. But we who are Abbot girls today, With all our lives before us, All deeper meanings put far away From the banner floating o ' er us. The message to us of the Abbot blue, Our school girl eyes discerning, Is of rare good times and friendships true, Things that are worth the learning. 26 Chorus — So we love thee, dear old Abbot, So the Abbot blue we bless, In thy halls a band of school-girls Abbot ' s fellowship confess. Yet we know that when we leave thee, When we ' ve done with days of school, Still thine influence shall guide us, All our lives thy spirit rule. Vet, ' neath the fun and the rare good times, ' Neath all our girlish dreaming, Lies — and we think of it of t-times — A hint of a deeper meaning. Dimly a myst ' ry we understand, Half blindly drawing near it, That ' neath our love for it all must stand The worth of the Abbot spirit. Chorus — So we love thee, dear old Abbot, So the thought of thee we bless, All our lives shall we together Abbot ' s fellowship confess. When we ' ve said good-bye to Abbot, When we ' ve done with days of school, Still thine influence shall guide us, All our lives thy spirit rule. Mary Katherine Woods ' 05. 27 ©ur $tc ut6t to Qttnefeen §bi)c (And since we can ' t very well apologize to Mr. Kipling, we here- with tender our humblest pleas for pardon to Miss Converse.) Take up the Seniors ' burden — The toil ye dare not shirk — Fill all your hours with labor, Learn what it is to work ! Learn this as we have learned it, O check your longings wild ! O new-made, fluttered Seniors, Half woman ? No, all child ! Take up the Seniors ' burden — In patience to abide, To veil desires for power, And check the show of pride. Give to the College Seniors The honors ye prize most, Nor speak too much of Ethics, Lest people think ye boast ! Take up the Seniors ' burden — No tawdry life of ease, But toil of weary student, And dread of direful E ' s. Worse than the themes that try you, Worse than Church History, Before you stands the spectre Of James ' Psychology ! 28 Take up the Seniors ' burden — Ye may not stoop to less, Nor call too loud on Privilege To cloak your weariness. Still shall there be to guide you Those same rules ye have known, — Ye may not e ' en go driving Without a chaperon ! Take up the Seniors ' burden — Our senior days are o ' er, Because we must, we give you What we may keep no more. Yet come, to prove you Seniors, Strange things of dreadful sorts, From Faculty relentless, The marks on your reports ! M. K. W. 29 $0j cMogg O the Seniors ' world is a world of strife And weariness for us all, For we ' ve said farewell to the simple life, Forever farewell to the simple life, And to all its tasks so small. We have entered upon the life complex, We must study our insides, Strange Latin names must our tired brains vex, And knowledge abstruse must our tired brains vex, And wear us out, besides. Our Psychology lessons we all must know, We must throw away other aims, And all that is easy in life must go, And all that is happy in life must go, And may leave — only William James. M. K. W. 3 1 CoKege Senior j nitiats Reasons Hard Mathematical Problems. Cheerfully Expounds Studies. Full Wonderful Creature. Gracious! How Studious! For Virtue Honored. I ind Friend Always. Regular Old Martyr. Forever Leaving Town. Acting Ever Clownish. Musical Like Wagner. Everlastingly Warbling Jokes. 3 2 ,+Hurifl Ablmti (Llassou sabclle Aulb J-Harferibf JUiuifrrb Jfiraun Tut Mi Jllobfrls a Mac li irk if IZlsle llUtrcaa lUcisabroii loitorarg iHr nib r — Cntilg 2L iRr ans Amu iLlmurr ' JiSloht tt lllflnt (6crlrwiif 4 ' ottfs Abo brooks -fUnlltf (TrufsiUtlc j ' nrbnn Ifsstf jWnrg (Callmiirr 2 uUi ( J )ri» iHnsott ' Jhclfu ' tclunrt (Cnrmirlmfl (Larneliu (£rnut ' aitlnr (Clara -UiUm (Castltf " Jflnrrifi -IflUbti Vatcm (Llara 3Wk %iikiU Cartiflia HHilliams l onoxat dftembet — ICmU i - iHfatts 5 .lfrfi n l latitht (6lrason TFtaxttta rahtlla ' kolfirlb (Christine %uUt a. 38 r IStmorarg Jlitmhet — itnilg ?k. 4tlean MM SIC AX cms jiftbeCto oci j Officers Winifred Peirson, President Cornelia Sattler, Secretary Ruth Adams, Vice-President E. Williams, Treasurer Miss Adams Miss Dascomb Miss Dirlam Miss Puller Miss Gleason Miss Gutterson Miss Heath Miss Jenkins Miss Johnson Miss Korn Miss Mackintyre Miss Millett Miss Parker (tttem6ers Miss E. Pevey Miss L. Pevey Miss T. Pearson Miss W. Peirson Miss Porter Miss Roser Miss Russel Miss Sattler Miss Sprague Miss Wardwell Miss Whyte Miss Weissbrod Miss E. Williams QUanboftn Cfu6 (ttlcmfcofins Alice Fuller Gladys Cushman Constance Parker Winifred Peirson (Buifars Persis Mackintyre Mollie T. Jordan 8fee Cfufi go Ooe, ' ° e " c c|eqv olcj G t f o FT s (Bfee Cfu6 Officers Helen Jenkins, Leader Lila Shirkie Winifred Peirson Helen Heath Maud Sprague Katherine Dirlam Mabel Dascomb QttemBerg Elsie Weissbrod Cornelia Sattler Clara Castle Amy Blodgett Muriel Closson Louise Pevey 45 Elva Pevev, Manager Gertrude Russell Alice Fuller Alfreda Gleason Ruth Adams Mildred Cleworth Carrie Johnson I III — • tssmrn mm —w ' i mmmmmnmmmmm §t Couranf QJ5oart (Ebtfors Ruth Heiton Pringle, ' 05 Frances Wentworth Cutler, ' 05 Mary Katherine Woods, ' 05 Margaret Lucy Sherman, ' 06 Sarah Hincks ' 06 (justness (Managers Amy Thayer Blodgett, ' 05 Helen Stewart Carmichael, ' 06 Clara Edna Castle, ' 06 £ ffic«0 of % T». C. (ft. Mary Katherine Woods, Helen Stewart Carmichael Lila Mae Shirkie Winifred Peirson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Class Statistics Name Favorite Expression Most Characteristic Possession Ruling Ambition Greatest Failing Marion " I don ' t know a thing " Amy " O, me unhappy ! " Mildred " Give me something to eat. " Muriel " Sure ! " Fannie " O, say ! " Helen " O, f or an automobile! " Winifred " Scared to a peanut I " Louise " O jov I " Elizabeth " Bugs ! " Clara " Listen to me! " T .. " What is it keeps us awake at night ? Ll,a " It ' s love, love, love! " Katherine " The underclass gilrs. " Name Acquired Fame by Favorite Occupation Advice to ' 06 Marion Chasing June Bugs Amy Punctuality Mildred Reciting Ethics Muriel Losing her heart Fannie The flunk that never was Helen Assisting in History of Art Winifred Writing poetry Louise Making up work Elizabeth Lending knowledge Clara Dramatic Successes Lila Picturesque language Katherine Singing Combing her hair Living up to her height Long walks Getting ads. Studying ( ioing to Winchester Waiting for the mail Looking for Art books Theism Arguing Upholding the dignity of the school Talking Her coiffure To do something Neatness Her room-mate Late breakfast Looking meek Audacity Gratification Independence Callers Money Bluff Industry Perfection Marks Recitations Knowledge Humility Height Peace Sleep E Clothes Work Headaches Love Grey Matter Youth Strife Crushes Faculty Crushes Power Procrastination The Courant Fame Theatre tickets Virtues Themes on time Don ' t worry Enjoy life Use your trip-book Work harder Laugh and the world laughs with you Take life easy Live conveniently near Boston Have a brother in Boston Don ' t be weak-minded Pull the wires Have a reputation to sustain Common sense Amiability Self-reliance Cheerfulness Perseverance Calmness The courage of her convictions Hospitality Kindness Cleverness Executive ability Helpfulness ($66o (ftcabemp Commencement TEeeft, 1905 Draper Reading .... Saturday, June 17, 7.30 a.m. Baccalaureate Sermon . . Sunday, June 18, 10.30 a.m. Prof. George F. Moore, D.D., South Church Lawn Party .... Monday, June 19, 4 to 6 p.m. Musicale ..... Monday, June 19, 7.30 p.m. Tree and Ivy Planting . . Tuesday, June 20, 10.15 a.m. Graduation Exercises . . Tuesday, June 20, 11.00 a.m. Address by Rev. Prof. James Hardy Ropes, South Church Alumnae Meeting . . . Tuesday, June 20, 2.00 p.m. 50 ($ fetfc ($00octafton Winifred Peirson Helen Stewart Carmichael Elizabeth Cole Cornelia Williams . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer (gas d fgatt Captain Cornelia Williams (Tttanager Elizabeth Cole Sirsf £eam Sarah Hincks, goal Elizabeth Cole, forward Frances Tyer, centre Elsie Weissbrod, back centre Cornelia Williams, back Lydia Clark, goal guard I)oc% Tttam Captain Cornelia Williams Qttanciger Elizabeth Cole £0e £eam Cornelia Williams, centre Elizabeth Cole, forward Ruth Mason, forward Helen Jenkins, right wing Frances Cutler, left wing Ada Brooks, centre half back Sarah Hincks, left half back Lydia Clark, left half back Frances Tyer, back Edith Gutterson, back v - hp - - jjHH Bw v ■ » ■ tr. 1 K « » V 1 — 1 | 4| » f IB m ... ■■■Hi Cheering £foff Clara Edna Castle Muriel Abbott Closson Ruth Roberts Helen Stewart Carmichael Maud Sprague Jieft) ©aj onge " In a Cosy Corner Shady " Oh, we ' ll sing a song for Seniors, We ' ll sing it loud and clear, For there is no doubt about it They ' re going to win this year. Chorus Oh, the Mids. they think they ' re splendid Like us to be they strive, But they by no means can equal The Class of 1905. Don ' t you see the banners flying, For victory they stand ; And we will come off the field The grandest of the grand. — Chorus. Cornell " Alma Mater " On the Davis green we ' re standing, Cheering for the class, For the girls who now are playing Cannot be surpassed. Chorus Lift the chorus, speed it onward, Let our banners stream, Nineteen hundred five forever, Hail, all hail the green. When, at last, the game is ended We ' ll cheer the green and white, For the Middlers will be conquered In a well-fought fight. — Chorus. " In the Days of Old " Oh, there never was a class like our class, ' Tis the finest ever seen ! Come every true and loyal lass. Sing for the white and green. We ' re going to win in basket ball, For we ' re very much alive, And the team that is the best of all Is nineteen five ! " Air Ship " Strong in our love for each other, Proud of our glorious team, For nineteen five we are cheering, Lender our banners green. Our team will win, never doubt it, Surely and strongly they play, So cheer we loud for the victory We r re going to win today ! " Banana Tree " We ' re the class of nineteen five May our colors ever thrive ! We ' re the class tha t ' s going to win, win, win, Watch the balls all going in, in, in. Never yet a team was seen Quite so good as noughty green, For victory we ' ll strive, and we ' re glad to be alive, For we ' re the class of nineteen five. " Down the Field " Come, Seniors, sing your song, While they pass the ball along, Sing with your might and main, See how the Seniors gain. In basketball we ' ll win today, That is what the Seniors say, So let ' s give three long cheers together For the Senior Team. Rah ! Rah ! Rah ! " Excelsior " The goals are coming Thick and fast, Throw ' em in, throw ' em in, ' Tis time for the Middlers To breathe their last, Oughty-five will win. Refrain Oughty-five, hooray, hooray, Oughty-five, hooray, hooray, Oughty-five, hooray, hooray, Oughty-five will win. The grinders may come, the grinders may go, But the grinds go on forever. ' ' ' ' Isn ' t it nice to get credit even for bad work ? " " It ' s much too nice ! " The Senior Class " O, the toil that knows no breaking ! O, the Heimweh, ceaseless, aching ! " The first week Can anyone change a penny for Marion Audette ? L. M. L. — explaining the theory of motion in Psychology : " When a fly crawls on your hand you don ' t know which is moving, you or the fly ! " Miss K. in Math. : " Is there anything in the lesson that you haven ' t done, Miss Cutler ? " Helen knows so much It frightens me ; Were there many such As she You must all acknowledge We ' d be born with knowledge Xo more need of college There ' d be. H. B. H. •• Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low An excellent thing in woman. " ' M. H. D. L. C. McD. : ' Who is the man in church who passes the platter ? " " I must have libertv withal. " M. A. C. J • ' Who talks at great length of much more than they will ever accomplish. " Senior Mids. F. V. H. : " The houses were awfully high — they had three stories ! " •• What sweet delight a quiet life affords. " M. C. B. THEIR OBJECT IN COMING TO ABBOT To help on the cause of poetrv V. H. To gain flesh R. O. M. To have a good time H. R. To write for the Con rant M. K. W. To learn the principles of Ethics M. L. A. To shine in English Lit. M. L. S. To have breakfast in bed C. E. C. and A. T. B. To pull the wires L. M. S. To make puns C. P. ' • Actresses may happen in the best of families. " V. H. 5S In Chemistry, Miss M. : " What is the equation for Magnesium oxide, Laura? " L. H. : " Mg + o = Mag. " " Better late than never. " L. C. McD. " Shall I, or shan ' t I, stay in bed this morning ? " R. O. M. " A little learning is a dangerous thing. " The Senior Class You may hear her singing, You may hear her play, Yet Mildred ' s fame in Abbot Doesn ' t rest on that, they say, She ' s the champion of all, In a very ancient game It ' s on the tennis tournament That Mildred rests her fame. M. W. C. " The plump and jolly president of the alphabetical religious organization, who was so preeminently and professionally bright and cheery that one longed to throw a plate at her. " M. K. W. R. R. : The boys are coasting with horns and bells. " Miss H. : " What part did Church and State play in the Restoration ? " Helen H. : " They played together. " " With frizzled hair implicit. " Freda and Isabell " Sleeping within my chamber, my custom always of the afternoon. " W. P. M. K. W. " Nan Patterson isn ' t being tried for immortality. " H. R. : What color is your green hat ? " " But howsoever love be blind The world at large hath eyes. " C. L. W. " The maiden to whom her work was all in all. " E. Ripley " Laugh at your friends, and if your friends are sore, So much the better, you may laugh the more. " R. R. A. T. B. in Theism : " When people are killed by volcanoes it isn ' t always for the betterment of their condition. " A month before Commencement — Senior (reflectively) : " The senior tree is planted. " Junior (wonderingly) : " Why I thought they planted it last year. " 59 Is silence golden ? History of Art " Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit. " P. M. Muriel and Beth, studying literature : " This book says that Rossetti took chloral : is that a contagious disease ? " WHEN ! AH ! WHEN ! When will Winnie get enough sleep ? When will Clara C. be on time ? When will E. Deeble stop making puns ? When will basket ball be run as Cornelia wants it ? When will Lulu find her voice ? " The younger generation does not want instruction. It is perfectly willing to instruct if anyone will listen to it. " E. A. D. Oena : " We are to mark all the adjectives and epitaphs. " There is a young shark called Katrina All like her who ever have seen her, In moments of leisure She writes poems for pleasure Was there ever a girl like Katrina ! K. W. Gather ye power while ye may Diplomas bring but sorrow, For you who are head of the school to-day, Will be but a grad. tomorrow. L. M. S. " Was Jehovah one of the prophets ? " " Why no, he was one of the kings of Israel, wasn ' t he ? " " Thou art wise, and guessest well. " L. M. S. E. T. W. : " And my feet went to sleep, one after another. " Miss S. in mass meeting : " Can you imagine the Yale fellows singing Wacht am Rhein while they held a letter with one hand and looked out of the window with the other ? " " Whence is thy learning ? Hath thy toil O ' er books consumed the midnight oil ? " M. Audette " A life of glorious (?) labors past. " ' 05 " Isn ' t there a ghost somewhere in Macbeth ? " " Prompt eloquence flowed from her lips, in prose or numerous verse. " M. K. W. Miss H. : There is nothing low about sky-rockets. " 60 Fannie is the sort of girl You very rarely find The rest of us have wits enough, But Fannie has a. mind F. J. E. " Chance never helps the men who do not work. " M. A. C. Miss M. in French : " What tense is this ? " L. P. : " Feminine. " " The deep of night hath crept upon our talk. " Elsie in 43 " An all-round girl. " A. F. C. E. S. : " I drank coffee for dinner last night so that I could sit up until eight. " " I could a tale unfold. " L. C. McD. " Much wisdom often goes with fewest words. " J. D. " What may be taught, I learn. " F. J. E. Miss H. : " Margaret, what is an ode ? " M. L. S. : " A something written to something. " Louise P., explaining the theory of Evolution : " But there is no reason why a whale shouldn ' t develop feathers. " " O, there has been much throwing about of brains. " Psychology Miss H. : " In what countries was the Reformation most successful ? " W. P. : " In Europe. " Lila, in class : " A dog thinks differently from other people. " " Short and sweet. " C L. W. Beth W. : " Who wrote Beethoven ' s Farewell ? " " Oh ! would we were poetic ! " English III " Marion, your comb ' s coming out! " Muriel, seeing the Roman pavement at Mrs. Gardner ' s : " Why, that ' s just like the floor in the Adams House. " " Be virtuous and be happy. " Marjorie Frances T. : I ' m forever getting squashed and sat on. " " But little count we make of toil gone by. " ' 05 after the Psych, exam. I. A. MacB. : " It must be true, a man told me so. " E. W. J. in Latin IV : " Gaudens popularibus auris. Rejoicing in the pop- ular airs. " 61 " Vanitas vanitatum, omnia est vanitas. " Louise S. H. B. H. in Theism : " Mold is a little animal that lives in the earth and gets nutrition from the rain. " " A rising artist, facial and otherwise. " V. H. " A figure of industry. " Ada B. BOOKS FOR THE ABBOT LIBRARY (We recommend that these books be presented by the persons designated below.) Miss Carmichael ' s conscience, The visits of Elizabeth, The Bells, The Pleasures of Life, The Call of the Wild, If I were King, The House of Mirth, Books I Have Read, Lessons in Love, I, The Simple Life, The Real New York, Prisoners of Hope. ] The Exiles, { The Spenders, ( The Day ' s Work, J The Circle, " Her golden hair was clustered o ' er her brow. " H. Jones : " Where is your tonsilitis ? " " Good night ! Good night ! Parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say good night till it be morrow ! " E. D. L. Louise P. : " There is a colony of Mohammedans in Utah, isn ' t there ? " E. R. : " The Divine Comedy is about people who are suffering internal punishment. " " Her locks flying back and lips apart, Like monuments of Grecian art. " The Balcony scene — C. E. S. ' She ' s so fond of her bows. " Louise S. " That infantile fresh air of hers. " H. B. H. 62 H . S. C E. D. L. E. L. G. C. E C. H. C. R. H . V, J- H. B. H. M. K. W. C. L. W. E. A. D. L. C M. :D. I. A. M. cB. All of us Itself I. A. M cB. •• Much have I travelled. " A. F. " Isabell, do you know a shoemaker? " Lydia C. : Nobody does appreciate me, anyway. " " No man is wiser for his learning. " C. E. C. Miss K., in History of Art : " There are nine hundred public baths in Rome — it is a large city with a floating population. " " O, what a falling off was there I " Helen R. on the fire escape G. H. S. in Latin IV : " Arestes jumped out of the depths of the helmet. " " Dear lady, change that look of woe. " A. B. G. " Away! thou art too lowly-minded ! " Sarah H. In Theism : " Who was the greatest Greek speculative philosopher ? " Mildred : " Pluto. " " You are somewhat given to talk too much about your own exploits. " E. A. D. M. A. C: " The cow has a soul in his eyes. " " Wild as the winds, at billows wild " " Rouse thee from thy moody dream. " " What ' s the use of worrying ? " " To many mortals silence great gain brings. " " Why tellest thou thy tale of many words? Superfluous speech is irksome anywhere ! " " The world esteems thee wise. " In the Senior parlor — Louise : " What are you looking up now ? ' 8 Lila : " Mona Lisa. " Louise: " Who ' s he? " " Be not so very positive, my lady. " C. E. S. Myra D. : " I contract my bills and then I expand them. " Amy B. : " A chimera is a small animal something like a lizard. " " A pocket edition of learning. " M. K. W. L. H. : " I just ate three pianolas. " Ruth P. : " A quiver is a kind of an arrow. " 63 H. R. C. G. S. Beth C M. H. D. E. A. D. F.J. E. Winifred ' s a sleepy head, such a drowsy lass Scarcely wakes up long enough e ' en to go to class When the rest are working hard o ? er facts abstruse and deep There ' s a sign on Winnie ' s door — Winnie is asleep I When the girls are sitting up. even for a spread, No use telling Winifred — Winnie is in bed. And when all the rest are squelched enough to make them weep. Nothing phazes Winifred — Winnie is aleep ! On the nineteenth of April — The girl from Illinois : " Why are the flags out today ? " The girl from Massachusetts : M Why don ' t you know that ? This is the anniversary of the battle of Buttle Hill! " " The greatest mystery of them all Is how things ever ran at all Before I came to Abbot Hall. " Helen J. F. W. C : " She played a duet. " Miss D. : " Make the gesture with vour other hand, Marion. " ' M. L. A. : - Which other hand ' : " ' IC ' iznbnt ahr book is now ; trnu haur na nrrn (£f further mtt of aagra ; Anil mrm mr org that gnu mill rran (Thr aourrtiaing pagra. jFnrrnrr mill th;r ahapping thriur ®f hrr mhn patrntti=ra in thia rlaaa bnok of ninrtrrn fibr £arh firm tb;at aoorrtiara. COLLINS FAIRBANKS CO. % atfl an6 $vivb„. YOUNG LADIES ' HATS FOR EVERY OCCASION EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS IN WALKING, RIDING AND OUTING HATS :::::: 3 81 WASHINGTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. Frederick I. Imer Shreve, Crump « Low Co. HENRY GUILD SON Jewelers anb KTrafrrmtg Silversmiths ifctobra Fine Stationery, Programs, Class Invitations, Calling Cards, CLASS AND SOCIETY PINS MAKERS OF FIDELIO PINS Monograms.... Designs and Estimates furnished. Class and Society Pins. 28 West Street, BOSTON BOSTON, - - MASS. TO INVESTORS : : WE OFFER : : A GUARANTEED 7»t investment : : A T P A R : : IF INTERESTED WRITE FOR FULL PARTICULARS United Last Company 60 STATE STREET BOSTON. MASS., - - U. S. A. N. C. COOK Telephone I 386 Oxford [ obbersan 101 Fremont St. ston. vass. A. STOWELL CO. Inc. 24 WINTER STREET, BOSTON. ALSO GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS J. PRIZES FOR ALL GAMES Jb WEDDING AND CLASS INVITATIONS QUALITY Special Inducements are VARIETY FAIR PRICES in f OR SEVERAL YEARS WL HAVE MADE Gymnasium $ Suits FOR MANY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS. WE SHALL BE GLAD TO SEND YOU SAMPLES OF MATERIALS AND QUOTE PRICES IF DESIRED. J J- Jt R. H. STEARNS C O. Tremont Street and Temple Place, Boston IV ..MEYER JONASSON CO. DIRECT ATTENTION TO THEIR EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF SKirt Waist Suits in a wide range of best quality Taffeta Silks — stripes and checks, changeables and plain colors (black, blue, brown, jasper and plum) $11.50 to $23.50 TREMONT and BOYLSTON STS. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ....CARTER.... Park Building, Cor. Boylston and Park Sq., Room 76 BOSTON, MASS. e ompliimnts of Mr. C. H. FULLER BUY OR RENT YOUR OF... Piano J. D. Cook Piaho Co. BOSTON. TALK WITH COOK. GEO. B. KING Art Stationer and Engraver 252 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON. MASS. Engraved Calling Cards Invitations Die Stamping ' Up to Date Writing Papers Inexpensive Largest Line in Boston Paper and Engraving Send Anywhere by Mail Samples for the Asking CLASSES 1905, 1904, 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900 AND YEARS BEFORE ORDERED THEIR CLASS ENGRAVINGS HERE VI $3.50 $3.50 Knickerbocker Sboes WORN EVERYWHERE BY COLLEGE GIRLS All the exclusive designs in Newport Ties, Tan, Patent, Dull Button Ox- fords in Patent Colt Blucher Tan, Cordovan, Colt Lace and But- tons in any leather wanted. Flat lasts, Broad and Pointed Toes, Light and Heavy Weight Soles. Our shoes are sold for $3.50, other dealers charge you $7.00 for the same quality of Shoes. Mail orders filled promptly. STYLE DURABILITY COMFORT When in Boston call at the Knickerbocker Boot Shop £. W. BURT CO. inc. 40 West St., Boston. C. A. W. Crosby Son Silversmiths Jewelers Boston, MassacHvisetts STICttNEY CSl SMITH 157 Tremont Street, Boston allows 10 percent discount to teachers and pupils of Abbot, on Ladies ' Costumes, Street Walking Suits, Skirts and Garments of All Kinds Waists and Furs Cafedes Invalides esBSoaw,. VII o. Leading Hrtist in photography and General Portraiture. fiigbest Order of Cdorh in Pastels, Sepia, Ink and Cdatcr Colors. 21 Hcst Street, Bo s t on , Mass. VIII Ifoeroed Tor — MR. HUGH H. SHIRKIE TERRA HAUTE « « INDIANA IX The S HERMA N STUDIO... is the rigHt place to go for ...Photographs A patronage of the best people of Andover and the surrounding towns is a guarantee of their Excellence. £• £ PLATINUM PORTRAITS IN BLACK OR SEPIA PICTURE FRAMES MADE TO ORDER. The Sign of Quality ANDOVER, MASS. s W. C. Crowley Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers 5 MAIN ST. ANDOVER ..Smith Manning.. Dry Goods and Groceries ESSEX ST. ANDOVER T. A. HOLT CO. Dry 6oods and Groceries BASEMENT OF BAPTIST CHURCH ANDOVER, MASS. FPvANK E GLEASON SUCCESSOR TO JOHN CORNELL DEALER IN COAL, WOOD and COKE HAY and STRAW YARD ON RAILROAD ST..NEAR FREIGHT OFFICE OFFICE CARTER ' S BUILDING, MAIN STREET Telephone Connection. ANDOVER, MASS. XI ALBERT VV. LOWE DRUGGIST ANDOVER, MASS. BUCHAN FRANCIS FURNITURE I o Park Street ANDOVER, MASS. HERBERT F. CHASE Fine Athletic Goods AGENT FOR EASTMAN KODAKS CAMERAS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES ANDOVER, MASS. MRS. MAIN Dressmah er THEO. MUISE 13 Barnard St. Andover ...TAILOR Ladies ' Tailor Made Gowns a Specialty.... T. J. FARMER DEALER IN Fresh, Salt, Smoked and Pickled ...FISH OYSTERS, CLAMS, LOBSTERS, CANNED GOODS, Etc. 15 Post Office Ave., ANDOVER 5 Barnard Ave., near Town Hall ANDOVER, - MASS. BENJAMIN BROWN FINE SHOES Repairing Done Main Street - ANDOVER If you want HOME MADE FOOD you ' ll find it at.... J. P. WEST ' S No. 1 1 Barnard Ave., ANDOVER, - MASS. Grandmother ' s Crullers A Specialty. XII Dr. A. E. Hulme, D. M. D. G. A. HIGGINS CO. ...Sptttiai 93 Main Street Andover, Mass. ...Booksellers and Stationers... Office Hours, 8.30 to 12, a. m. 1.30 to 5, p. m. SPECIALTIES Stamped Paper and Dr. Eeitcb Engraved stationery ANDOVER, - MASS LEWIS T. HARDY JOSEPH F. COLE fr HARDY COLE S BUILDERS and LUMBER DEALERS BOX MAKING, PLANING, SAWING, AND MATCHING DONE TO ORDER j J Jt Kindling " Wood by the Load Essex Street Andover, Mass. XIII THE METROPOLITAN And over s ( and Store.. HEADQUARTERS FOR Ri b-gradc Candies of all kinds Ice Cream Soda and Rome-made foods MISS HOLT ANDOVER - MASS. TJNDER THE MUTUAL PLAN THE COST OF YOUR LNSURANCE IS AS LOW AS IS CONSISTENT WITH SOUND SECURITY SMERR I M A C K MUTUAL : FIRE : INSURANCE : CO. XIV T« Adamant Shoe Co. J - P - STEVENS CO. 93 Lincoln St., Boston Commission Merchants MANUFACTURERS Men ' s, Boys ' Youths ' and Little Gents ' Stylish and Durable Shoes 23-25 Thomas St., 78 Chauncey St. New York Boston Abbot Couram... JOURNAL OF SCHOOL LIFE. PUBLISHED IN FEBRUARY AND JUNE. SUBSCRIPTION, SIXTY CENTS THE YEAR. EDWARD KAKAS SONS HigK Grade Furs SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS 162 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. NEXT DOOR TO KEITH ' S THEATRE xv THE ANDOVER PRESS JOHN N. COLE, TREASURER ..♦printers ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Allen Hihton Co. Plain and Fancy- C. H. GILBERT, M.D.S. Creams, SKerbets DENTAL ROOMS and Frappes Bank Building Fancy Cahes Hidden Road Telephone ANDOVER Connection ANDOVER, - MASS. MISS HANNAFORD Warren L. Joknson fancy and tailored millinery jflorist Flowers for All Occasions Telephone 124-3 Central Building Lawrence, Mass. Fifth Floor 18 Morton St. Andover, Mass. XVI THE.... PHILLIPS INN Andover, Mass. opposite chapel Open tHrougHout the year John Milton Stewart, Prop. 7 ottiplittient$ of... MR. NICE € empliments of Cfltncj £) m$ Co La : Fleur : de : Li is Headquarters for PILLOWS, FLAGS, A. A. COLORS, ' XL- I O • • •• S. E. RILEY 41 Main St. ANDOVER Page a .. pie Caterer LOWELL MASSACHUSETTS XVII HACKS FOR WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS Carriages Meet Principal Trains Park Street Stables W. H. Higgins, Prop. Telephone Connection Livery and Boarding Stable. High-grade Sale Horses. Phdlips Inn Carriage Service. Prospect Hill Stock Farm. Affording a First-Class " All the Year Round " Stable Service. : .The Corner Grocery.. FRUIT and CONFECTIONERY and FANCY GROCERIES Currier Campion Co. ANDOVER, MASS. G. H. VALPEY E. H. VALPEY Established 1866 Valpey Brothers DEALERS IN MEATS, VEGETABLES, POULTRY, CANNED GOODS, Etc. Tea and Coffee, Creamery Butter in 5 Lb. Boxes, Print Butter, etc. No. 2 Main Street ANDOVER Telephone Connection ELM SQUARE ANDOVER Celebrated KNOX Hats Custom Laundry Agency W. J. BURNS Maker of Men ' s Clothes AND FURNISHER MAIN STREET ANDOVER Telephone 116 XVIII

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