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A bbnl Aratomg (Class Innk Ntnrtmt himfcrri an four Publish by ittrmbcrs of tljc %n QY (Haas at Anooupr, iHaBsarhuartts, Dun?, li9D4 THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS ABBOT HALL DRAPER HALL DEDICATION To MISS EMILY ADAMS MEANS Our Principal and Friend The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Four lovingly dedicate this book Trustees Rev. Daniel Merrimax, President. Samuel L. Fuller, Esq., Treasurer, John Alden, Esq., Clerk, Col. George Ripley, Warren F. Draper, Esq., Mortimer B. Mason, Esq., Arthur S. Johnson, Esq., Rev. Johx Phelps Taylor, Mrs. Johx M. Harlow, Marcus Morton. Esq., Mrs. Johx Wesley Churchill, Rev. E. Winchester Donald. Boston Andover Andover Andover Andover Boston Boston Andover Wobmn Boston Andover Boston Faculty Emily A. Means, Principal, Psychology., Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. Maria Stockbridge. Merrill, French. [Catherine R. Kelsey, Mathematics. Natalie Schiekker decker, German. Nellie M. Mason, Science. Evelyn Parnham Durfee, Elocution and Gymnastics. Rehf.kah Munroe Chickering, A.B., Literature ami History. Melita Knowles, A. B., History and Rhetoric. Fanny Louise Lawrence, A.M. Latin and Greek. Ethel Dean Converse, A.B. English and Greek. Prof. Samuel Morse Down-. Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Organ and LLarn: S. Edwin Cii se, Violin and Mandolin. Am. Kin S. Patterson, Drawing and Painting. Mabelle Ethelyn Bosher, Librarian and Registrar. Agnes E. Slo« im . A.B. . PrincipaPs A ssistant. LECTURERS Col. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, People Whom I Ha: . M A nti-Slavery Times. Professor Sarah Whiting, Ridio-Acti: itv. IN (II Hi,I OF lilt 1 ' EH MALL Mrs. William ( ' ■ Abbot Mhv Helen L. Birr. A.B. HOUSEKEEPER M| EDITORS OF CLASS BOOK Amy Slack. Chairman Elizabeth Case Laura Eddy He lex Phillips Mabel Fordham. - Business Manager Amy Blodgett. Assistant Business Manager N publishing this Class Book, we desire to give to the Class of 1904 something which will remind them always of Abbot and their senior year there ; we desire to give to the school that which will ever bring to it memories of the Class of 1904, of its struggles, its strivings, and its successes. We hope that it may be of interest to the Alumnae of Abbot to whom we owe so much. Let it be received in a kindly spirit, which will overlook all mistakes and shortcomings in the light of a common love for Abbot. We wish to thank all those who have in any way been of help to us; the members of the school for their contributions, the Faculty for advice and assistance so willingly given, and all who have shown toward us in our endeavors that spirit of interest and good will which we so much appreciate. THE EDITORS. THE McKEEN MEMORIAL HALL T HE first day in the annals of the Senior Middle Class of Abbot Academy -was Octo- ber sixteenth, nineteen hundred and three: when the class was organized . and the officers chosen to guide it through its two eventful years in And- over. Nothing of great importance happened as we. as Senior Middlers. had small opportunity to show our many qualities, and were left to dream and build castles of the year to come when we should show the future classes how to act. Our first real chance came on Field Day. the twenty- seventh of May. when by hard work we won the honors of the day. and it was a conquest of which we were duly proud. In June, the President of the Senior Class handed the spade to us and bade us take good care of it. In September, nineteen hundred and three. Abbot saw the Senior Class for the coming year We started out fresh and triumphant, but feeling a little queer and out of place at first. Our numbers had been reduced from twenty-five to seventeen. We gathered in No. 1, on Friday morning., in an 12 uncomfortable frame of mind, with Professor James ' s Psychology in our hands, the hook of learning of which the Seniors of nineteen hundred and three never tired of talking. No girl will forget that first three-quarters of an hour recitation in the Senior Room. Time Hew by and the Senior duties were many. In December, we gave our first reception, which made us feel our importance at Abbot. In May came our Senior Play which, though it caus ed us hard work, nevertheless brought much pleasure. Now the year is nearly over and we shall give up our places soon to those below us. and hand the spade of nineteen hundred and four to the class of nineteen hundred and five. We shall leave regretfully for a larger world which Abbot has prepared us to meet. Amy H. H. Slack. SHAWSHEEN RIVER X 13 Looking Backward and Forward THE class of nineteen hundred and four can hardly realize that it is seventy-five years since Abbot Academy was founded. If we could go back to the early days of Abbot we should find that there have been great changes : but the purpose of the noble men and women who started the school has always continued. That purpose was to develop the character of young women in the right direction and to fit them for useful lives in the world. To Madam Abbot we owe a great deal. It was by her financial aid that the men who wished to found a school in Andover for the education of women were enabled to carry out their purpose. In 1829 Abbot Hall was built. Facing School Street, with its perfect Ionic columns, it must have been an imposing building to the first Fem-Sems. The girls boarded in houses near the school until Smith Hall was built in lSo-t. This building, now closed on account of its age, means very little to us today: but it meant a great deal then. Our class had the pleasure of being present at the laying of the cornerstone of the McKeen Memorial Hall. We have watched the progress of the building this year with interest, and hope that the advantages of such a splendid recitation building will inspire the future classes to more earnest work. Besides modern buildings and a beautiful grove, our school has many other advantages. All those who have ever been at school in Andover are one in their love of the dear old town. The mention of the " Old Railroad " and " Pomp ' s Pond " brings back happy memories. We have worked side by side with two other institutions, the Theological Seminary and Phillips Academy; listened to their lecturers with pleasure; and watched the athletic contests of Phillips with interest. This year our class pin is the Abbot seal. It represents a young woman carrying a flaming torch. This woman with the torch of truth was made to represent an ideal of its artist; so our characters ought to represent the ideal which has been the spirit of Abbot for so many years. The lives of the Abbot girls of the past have made it easier for us to {jet nearer to that ideal which has been forming all these seventy-five years. As separate individuals we shall soon be forgotten, but the impress of our characters will remain to help the Abbot girls of the future. l ' .I.IZ 1BETH S. CAS! . STAIRCASE LANDING ' 5 Members of Senior Class Elizabeth Stuart Case 74 Grove Hill Avenue, New Britain, Conn. Born September 14, 1883, New Britain, Conn. Treasurer of Senior Class Editor of Class Book Senior Play Helen Emerson Childs 177 Tarleton Road. Newton Centre, Mass. Horn April 24, 1884, Concord. N. H. Vice-President of Senior Middle Class Senior Play Debating Club ' oj Draper Reader ' 03 Senior Middle Play Fidelio Hockey 7 ' eam Lima, Indiana Marion Williams Cooper Horn dune 11, L884, Lima, Indiana. Secretary of Senior Class Treasurer of Athletic Association ' 04. Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. ' 04 Vice-President of Fidelio ' 04 Senior Middle Play German Concert Senior Play Glee Club Hockey ' J earn Class Play A. i. X Mary Wells Davis Park Street, Newton. Mass. Born October 8, 1884, Detroit, Mich. Business Editor of Courant ' oj, ' 04 Hockey Team Mandolin Club ' oj, Manager ' 04 Glee Club Secretary of Athletic Association ' oj Cheering Staff ' oj Class Basketball Team ' 04 Senior Middle Play Debating Club Senior Play Golf Team Class Prophecy G. A. S. May Field Eddy 615 Grant Place, Bay City, Mich. Born January 8, 1883, Bangor, Maine. Treasurer of Senior Middle Class Senior Play Senior Middle Play Mandolin Club ' oj, ' 04 Captain Hockey Team " 03-04 Debating Club G. A. S. Laura Parker Eddy 6 15 Grant Place, Bay City, Mich. Born April i, 1884, Bay City. Mich. Vice-President Senior Class Editor of Class Book President of Y. W. C A. ' 02 Senior Play Secretary of Y. IV. C. A. ' oj Golf Team Captain Hockey Team ' oj, ' oj Mandolin Club G. A. S. Sarah Moore Field 266 Main Street, North Andover, Mass. Born January 3 1 , 1885, North Andover, Mass. Draper Reader ' oj Debating Club ' oj Senior Tree Song Mabel Orland Fordham 1111 Delaware Street, Scranton, Perm. Born September 10, 1884, Scranton, Perm. Business Manager Class Book Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. ' 04 Glee Club Class Prophecy Hockey Team Cheering Staff Senior Play S. M. T. Debating Club Beatrice Mildred Gunter Beacon Street, Brookline, Mass. Born January 28, 1885, Charlestown, Mass. Mandolin Club Glee Club Cheering Staff J Franklin. X. H. Helen Beatrice Phillips Born April 8, C 1886 Rye, N. H. Editor of Class Book Debating Club ' oj Basketball ' oj Mary Louise Shute FJlsworth, Maine Born February 1, 1881, Boston. Mass. Senior Play • J V Amy H. Howard Slack Howard Street, Brookline, Mass. Born February 18, 1884. President of Senior Class Fidelio President of Senior Middle Class Secretary Fidelio ' oj Senior Middle Play Debating Club Senior Play Golf Team Editor of Class Book ' 04 Class History Assistant Business Manager Class Book ' oj G. A. S. Abbie Allen Smith Harrington Park, Leslie, N. J. Born August 29, 1882, Jaffna, Ceylon. Basketball r 02, ' oj President of Y. W. C. A. ' oj Class Basketball ' 04 Senior Play Secretary and Treasurer of Debating Club ' oj Atkinson, X. H. Fidelio Verta Atkinson Smith Born May 9, L883, Bradford. Mass. Debating Club ' oj Senior Play Edith Howard Spaulding Mansfield, Mass. Born September 23, 1S84, Mansfield. Mass. Senior Play Julia Francis Wallace 38 Berkeley Street, Nashua, N. H. Born July 31, 1883, Nashua, N. H. Mandolin Club ' oj, Leader ' 04 President Athletic Association ' 04 Glee Club Tennis Champion ' 02, ' oj Hockey Team Senior Play S. M. T Asbury Park, N. J. Fidelio Glee Club Hockey Team Bessie Irene Winsor Born March 1, 1885, Asbury Park, N. J. Senior Play Cheering Staff G. A. S. J College Seniors Helen Alford Abbott 97 Montfort Street, Boston, Mass. Born December 25, 1885, Boston, Mass. President of Class ' oj, ' 04 Manager Glee Club Vice-President Athletic Association ' oj Alan do! in Club Secretary Athletic Association ' 04 Senior Play Captain Basketball Team ' 04 Hockey Team Baseball Team ' oj Debating Club A. -. I Gertrude Greening 300 Cass Avenue. Bay City. Mich. Born December 17, 1885, Bay City, Mich. Basketball Team Debating Club Leader of Glee Club G. A. S. Elizabeth Schneider 36 Summer Street, Lawrence, Mass. Born May 20, 1885, Lawrence, Mass. Editor Courant ' 00, ' OI, ' 02, ' oj, ' 04 Draper Reader ' 02, ' oj, ' 04 German Play Debating Club Andover, Mass. Mary Byers Smith Born September 27, 1885, Andover. Mass. Editor of Courant , 02, ' oj, ' a Draper Reader ' 02 ' oj Manager of Hockey Team ' oj, ' 04 Hockey Tram Secretary of Class French Play ' 00 Class Basketball Team Cheering Staff ' oi, ' 02 Manager of Basketball Team Oj, ' 04 Senior Plax Debating Club A. 2. Tree Song We gather round this linden tree, To sing our parting song; Of love and hope our song must be, From hearts both brave and strong. The lights and shades of life to meet We all disband today : Like this small tree with fragrance sweet We hope to cheer the way. As years go by we ' ll ne ' er forget The lessons of our youth ; For in dear Abbot we have met Wisdom and love and truth. So now we raise a song of glee, Seniors of nineteen four. And plant best wishes with this tree For Abbot evermore. Sarah Moore Field. 28 Senior Dramatics SHAKESPEARE ' S ' MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING " Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon, Don John, his brother, ClaudiOj a young lord of Florence, Benedick, a young lord of Padua, Leonato, governor of Messina, Balthasar, attendant on Don Pedro, ., ' - followers of Don John borachio, ) Friar Francis, .... Doghehry, a constable, Verges, a headbor6ugh, Oatcake, . . , c two watchmen Seacoal ) A Sexton .... Hero, daughter to Leonato, . v Beatrice, niece to Leonato, Margaret, I ,, ,. ,. , , .. gentlewomen attending on Hero. I Pages, f ......... On account of Miss Spaulding ' s illness. Miss Gunter was Leonato. Miss L. Eddy . Miss Eddy Miss Abbott Miss Fordham Miss Spaulding Miss Slack Miss Wallace i MissChilds Miss V. Smith Miss A. Smith Miss Davis J Miss Phillips ( Miss Shute Miss Slack Miss Cooper Miss M. Smith ( Miss Winsor ( Miss Case 1 Miss Blodgett ( Miss Castle 29 Y M r , 1 1 f ,% -j LW V ■ i ■ ■ %$ -•• ' ■ — 3fcL-jf t- 1 SCENES IN SENIOK PLAY SCENES IN SENIOR PLAY Class Poem A little thought, a little time. That ' s all it takes to make a rhyme: Here are some lines, and if they pass, They ' ll he called the poem of the Senior L lass. In number we are seventeen. Held by the Middlers in high esteem: This year — it was not so of old — Four college seniors have entered our fold. So now we number twenty-one. Some strong for study, all strong for fun. Our Senior play on the third of May Was a great success, so the townspeople say. Senior privileges, we have seen. Are always few and far between. But then, we say. what ' s in a name ? The Middlers have about the same. In Senior Lit class every day Miss Chick ering is sure to say. " This class has brains and talent too, But you are lazy — this won ' t do! " The class that meets at half past ten — Oh ! who will volunteer to pen The scenes that daily take place here When every girl is filled with fear ? There ' s more to tell but no more time; So I must end this little rhyme. Then good-bye to Abbot — we hope that she ' ll thrive Under the care of " nineteen five. " Marion W. Cooper. 32 Class Alphabet A is for Abbot the school we ' ll stand by, B is for Boston which near us does lie ; C is for Credit our class never had, D for demerits which would make you sad ; E for the excellent marks we attain, F for the freedom we had hoped to gain ; G is for grinding, we think a great wrong, H for the hearts at Phillips made strong; I for the idleness at Abbot ne ' er found, J for the joy in which we abound; K. for the kicks we have made on all things, L for the law which through the school rings; M for the money all Abbot girls lack, N for the news for which we all smack: O for the Old R. R. Abbot sure needs, P for the paths which from it do had: Q for the quiet there, so dearly bought, R for restrictions we get when we ' re caught S for the Seniors of aughty-four, T for the times we had of yore : U of the unity we ' ve had in our class, V for victory we ' ll tight for to the last: W for welcome we ' ll e ' er give each other. X is for anthie our class color: Y for our youth at Abbot we ' d keep. And Z for the zest of those days we seek. I. i it Parker Eddy. 33 Class Initials Absolutely Always Speaking. Juvenile Feather Weight. Most Willingly Chatters. Many Wasted Dates. Always Howling, " Help Seniors " . Let ' s Plague Em. Mostly For Eats. " Billum, I Will " . Such Mental Maid Of Flunks. Heaven Born Philosopher. Verily Anticipating Spooning. Brightness Means Grinding. Every Hour Studying. Her Everlasting Crushes. Many Loving Suitors. Exceptionally Sweet Case. Force. 34 Class Statistics 35 School Hymn (Tune — Russia» Hymn) Fair Alma Mater, to thee we sing, Our loyal service to thee we bring. Out of our loving hearts gladly we raise .loyfully, reverently, songs to thy praise. Many indeed are the lessons thou ' st taught: Many indeed are the blessings thou ' st brought. Thy touch of guidance the whole world has seen. Shedding its brightness clear and serene. As thou hast served us, so may we serve thee, As thou art loving, may we loving be. So through the world shall thy daughters unite, Hast ' ning to praise thee and love thee aright. M. K. Woods. 36 X 2TCayrue (Elizabeth, Blair ITCary IPclls Daois £lara llancy Oeppen 2Tlay $iel5 (gbbjj Caura Parker (£66y CUfreba Blanche (£ leason (gerirubc (Smiting Sarah 3°U £ M ttet dmy ft. £ otr»arc Slack Bessie 3rene IPinsor honorary ITCember — Emily CL. ZTleans Ctmy Cbaycr Blobgeti Htable (Trlano orobam £}elen Sterr art Carmicbael Kutb (Dro ZTCason (Clara Cona Castle julia rancis tDallace Cornelia IDilliams honorary MTember— Cmily (X. ZTZeans J §elen Cllforb CZbbott Kutfy ZTCary Cane IHuttcI abbott (Elosson Kutfy Roberts ITtarion IDilliams (£oopcr UTary Byers Smith Xtancy Belle (Silcrest honorary ITCcmbcr — i£mtly (X. Zfteans F1DELIO SOCIETY J Helen Carmichael. President Clara Deppex, Secretary OFFICERS Marion Cooper, I ' ice- President Winifred Piersox. Treasurer Ruth Adams Mayme Blair Amy Blodgett Isabel Brown Ada Brooks Helen Childs Muriel Cleworth Nancy Gilcrest Alfreds Gleason Helen Heath Laura Howell Ruth Lane Margaret Newton Elva Pevey Louise Pevey Elizabeth Ripley Elspeth Saunders Cornelia Sat tier I.ila Shirkie Verta Smith Elizabeth Williams Oena Whyte Bessie Winsor 47 MANDOLIN CLUB Mildred Gunter May Eddy Alice Fuller Winifred Pierson Nellie Bampton Helen Abbott Leader Manager Margaret Newton l ' .Ka Pevey Helen Carmichael 49 GLEE CLUB Alfreds (ileason Ruth I ine Helen Carmichael Elva Pevey Mayme Blair OFFICERS Gertrude Greening Helen Abbott Louise Pevey (Lira Deppen Mabel Fordham Mildred Gunter Alice Fuller Marion Cooper Muriel Closson Leadei Manager Amy Blodgett Mary Davis Clara Castle Bessie Winsor Julia Wallace Nancy Gilcrest 51 OFFICERS OF Y. W. C. A. Abbie Smith. President Lila Shirkey Secretary Marion Cooper, Vice-President Mabel Fordham. Treasurer Editors Elizabeth Schneider, ' 04 Mary Smith. ' 04 THE COURANT COARD XM- (Catherine Woods, ' 05 Amy Blodgett, ' 05 Ruth Pringle, ' 05 Business Managers Mary Davis. ' 04 Helen Carmichael, Ho ' Amy Blodgett, ' (). " Athletic Association OFFICERS Julia Wallace Helen Carmichael Helen Abbott Marion Cooper . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . 54 BASKETBALL TEAM Mary Davis Abbie Smith Sarah Hincks THE TEAM ( ' apUdn Helen Abuott Cornelia Williams Frances Tyer Elizabeth Colt- Mary DeWindt Lydia (lark Mary Smith Muriel Clossoa Ruth Lane Laura Howell Gertrude Greening 57 HOCKEY TEAM Hockey Team May Eddy. Captain Bessie Winsor Amy Slack Nellie BamptoD Ruth Mason Julia Wallace Winifred Piersob Helen Abbott Marion Cooper Amy Blodgett Clara Castle 59 HOCKEY TEAM Hockey Team Laura Eddy, Captain Sarah Hincks Mary Smith Mary Davis Cornelia Sattler Ada Brooks Helen Carmichael Frances Tyer Cornelia Williams Mabel Fordham Helen Childs 61 Abbot Academy COMMENCEMENT WEEK, 1904 Draper Reading Baccalaureate Sermon Lawn Party ....... MlSICALE ....... Tree and Ivy Planting .... Dedication of the McKeen Memorial Building Saturday. June 18th, 7.30 p. M. Sunday, June 19th, 10.30 a. m. Rev. William H. Davis, D.D., South Church Monday, June 20th, 4 to 6 p. m. Monday, June 20th, 7.30 p. m. Tuesday, June 21st, 10 a. m. Tuesday, June 21st. 10.30 a. m. Tuesday, June 21st, 11.15 a. m. Graduation Exercises ..... Address by Rev. Charles Cuthbert Hall. D.D., South Church Alumnae Lunch and Meeting ...... Tuesday, June 21st, 1 p. M. (McKeen Memorial Building) 62 Field Day Songs (Tune — Die ft ac it am RheinJ The Senior team is on the field — To Middlers it will never yield — Then cheer, then cheer, for 1904, And lift your voices by the score. CHORUS For school, for class, for victory. Oh, may we all united be — Yellow and black we are forevermore — Playing to win the game for 1904. Our team it is both strong and fleet, And we the Middlers will defeat — Then cheer to help them with our song. As glad they pass the ball along. But in the end we have our aim — To ' 0-t and five the same — To Abbot then be ever true. For Abbot then our best we ' ll do. 63 CHORl For school, for class for victory. Oh. may we all united be — Yellow and black we are. and green and white Abbot Academy is all right. ( Tune — Eton Boating Song J Strong in love of comrades, Abbot forevermore. Sing we a song together. Seniors of lp04. CHORl- For we ' ll all stand united In love as heretofore. For our dear old Alma Mater And the Class of 1904. More than we prize oar honors, Betber than gold or fame. Love we our class and Abbot — Ever to us the same. 64 - " A HOME-MADE KITCHEN Sieve — M . Cooper Boiler — G. Greening Stewer — M. Fordham Grater — M. Cleewortfa Spoon — S. Leadbetter Dough — M. (iuiiter Masher — B. Winsor A. Fuller E. Spaulding Senior (lass " There are a great many people in the world. " " Content to live, this is my stay: I seek no more than may suffice. " I never take a train unless there is an engine to it. " Where did Caesar grew? " ' Ah, when she plays, all music else be still! " How can you tell when a watch stops, unless you are looking at it? Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content. " ( Ian our eyes reach our size ? sunny .Inn. " Quantity not quality. " My mind to me a kingdom is, Such present joys therein I find. " ( ' . Parsons K. Ripley F. Page M . Shute L. McDuffie H. (armichael A. Blodgett O. Whyte Six feet on both sides. W. Pierson and H. Jenkins at the same table 65 PIGMIES C. Castle B. Winsor M. Cooper M. Closson A. Blodgett N. Gilcrest " You are welcome, gentlemen. " Truly. I would the gods had made thee poetical. " " Ruth Roberts has a cat. and its name is ' Tommy. " " Order for gymnasium shoes — 4- C. All rubber souls, " " She weeps: my lad} - weeps. " If. Fordham: " And then Sir Edmunsbury died — " Mis- Checkering : " Now are you sure of that? " When ignorance is bliss, ' tis folly to be wise. " What was the result ot Caesar ' s assassination ? " L. Howell: " He died. " " In vain, in vain, the all-composing hour Resistle-- falls. " " Will someone tell Miss Spaulding who was the " first man ! " I am monarch of all I survey My right there is none to dispute. " " I like them best, who best like me. " What a tall, lean one am I ! " 66 GIANTS M. Eddy H. Jenkins M. De Windt M. Newton W. Pierson L. Eddy P A . s serenading Miss C ' hickering to Enghsh V H. . Class Childs S. Leadbetter N. Gilcrest 9-40 Friday evenings M. Eddy S. Leadbetter C. Sattler I have a temper, I have a heart But for all these I ' m a patron of art. " Read boldly, and unprejudiced peruse. " " A Marconi-gram is an insect. " Who is this one hears so plainly, Murmuring low for hours? This is only little Abbie Talking to her flowers. " Reforming schemes are none of mine. " " Big , and little you. " " She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies. " " She is a phantom of delight. " Honest, girls, I cried last night. " A philosophic calmness stole, A stoic stillness reigns. Who followed Giotto? " E. Case: " He had eight children. " Helen plays for us you know, Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, Just the way we want to go, Every evening without tail, When we ' re waiting for the mail. " Earth fills her lap with pleasures of her own. " Come down. O maid, from yonder mountain height. " 67 R. Lane Senior Clam Hook F. Page M. Cooper M. Smith E. Williams A. Fuller M. ( Losson 2nd corridor after lights H. Jenkins M . Gunter ( ' . Castle All that ' s best of dark and bright. Meet in her aspect and her eyes. " ' Tell (for you can) Avhat is it to be wise? " My silks and fine array. My smiles and languished air, By love are driven away. " Reluctant shall I bid thee then farewell. " A word to the wise is sufficient. " Let us be among the few who do their duty. " " The glass of fashion and the mould of form. " So wi e. so young, they say do ne ' er live long. " Sign of a Tragedy — Day scholars ' room door open. Silence within. Oh. sister. ' " Bring Julius Caesar down when you come, will your " " Thy nature and thy name is love. " " And crop-full out of doors he flings. " He takes him by the hair, and throws him out the door. " K I am slow of study. " " I didn ' t know Prom. ' meant Promenade. " " Or if she give a random sting, It mav be little minded. " ' Thou. lady, thou shalt rule the West. ' H. S. C. : (looking toward Maple Walk) C. Williams M. Smith H. Abbott Senior Class, June 21, 1904 The Warning H. Childs A. Slack L. Sweeney J. Wallace M. Closson M. Davis H. Abbott M. Smith C. Castle Oh ! look at those trees leaving ! 68 Oh! forgive my sins! " Oh! heaven, Oh! earth, bear witness to this sound! ' Thou shalt ere long be free. " " Truly, young gentlemen, though there was no great matter, yet the There be none of Beauty ' s daughters with a magic like thee. " " Unthinking, idle, wild and young. " According as the girl so must you humor her. " " Those who are wiser than we are, are irritating. " Large bodies move slowly. " Little said is soonest mended. " " A good name is better than riches. " The mother of all living. " " A close mouth catches no Hies. " You are looked for and called for. " " The fair, the inexpressive blue. " An ill-favoured thing but mine own. " Sonic rise by sin and some by virtue fall. " Condemn the fault and not the actor of it. " ' The livery of Hell. " What, my dear Lady Disdain, are you yet living? " 69 Chris on Restriction List Rough-house Senior ( lass note was very unt unable. " Serenade A. Rlodgett M. Closson S. Leadbetter M. Eddy M. Davis M. Cooper M. Shute ( ' . Deppen M. Cooper ( 1. ( ireening . Leslie Trudie fireman suit Senior Class M . ( looper Trudie ' s fireman suit M . (iunter " Some of us will smart for it. " I will speak in a monstrous little voice. " " Reputed wise for saying nothing. " " While the Scots were suffering from internal troubles. " " The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve. " " Young in limbs, in judgment old. " " My friends were poor but honest . " " We are not as happy as we seem. " " Associated Press Correspondent. " If he comes again, tell him I am sick and abed. " " I am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips let no dog bark. " " Thou hast no sorrow in thy song, No winter in thy year. " She is not coldly clever and indirectly satirical, but adorably simple and Be good and you will be happy. " " Some people seek pleasure; others give it. " Doctor: " What seems to be the matter? " Miss A. : " My throat is full of cancers. " (This is no joke.) " Of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, . . . " Jolly and fat. " " ' Tis not a life ' Tis but a piece of childhood. " 70 Trunk Room Spread F. Tyer J. Wallace H. Childs No. 22 L. Sweeney Julia ' s hungry little friends Greening, Winsor and Blair J. Warren A. Smith C. Searle full of feeling. " M. Shute E. Case M. Blair H. Carmichael Semester reports J. Wallace M. Davis y - Abbie Smith (Giving directions about decorating for Field Day) : " Now each of on Maple Walk, and I have asked Phillips Brooks to tag the ' Old Oak! ' meant Helen Phillips. Muriel Closson: " Why do they call that the ' Moral ' House? " " Get thee to a nunnery, go. " Naught so sweet as melancholy. " Be silent always when you doubt your sense. " Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. " Your virtues open fairest in the shade. " " To live and die is all I have to do. " " Heavens! were we born for nothing but to work! " " Who tells whate ' er you think, whate ' er you say. " " Shrieks of woe, ( Sullen moans, Hollow groans. " Drink, pretty creature, drink. " A baby was sleeping. " " Some neither can for wits nor critics pass. As heavy writers are neither horse nor ass. " " Make use of every Friend and every Foe. " " Some to concert alone their tasks confine. " 7i you girls take a tree Incidentally Abbie H. Childs S. Leadbetter M. Eddy Old Railroad Track M. Cleeworth H. Childs Senior Class M. Cooper A. GleasoD N. Gilcrest M. Davis M . Fordham ( i. ( livening M. Newton " Be not the first by whom the new are tried. Nor yet the last to lay the old aside. " B. Seymour and L. Howell None shall rule but the humble. " M. Eddy We understood her by her sight: her pure and eloquent blood spoke in her cheeks. " S. Leadbetter " In the sweet bye and bye. In the sweet bye and bye, When I have the measles And you have them too And I am all spotted And so are you, In the sweet bye and bye, In the sweet bye and bye. We are all fated to be fumigated In the sweet bve and bve. " Who think too little, and who talk too much. " " We are such stuff as dreams are made of And our little life is rounded by a sleep. " An all-pervading air of footlessness. " Slow of speech but mighty of thought. " " Since in labouring and resting Life is divided best. Let others do the labouring. And I will do the rest. " Few have ever loved like us Fairv strains of music fall — r " Measles epidemic Unclassified C. Castle and M Fordham If; Blair McDuflie M. Davis M . Gunter and M . Eddy Music Rooms 72 Why did my parents send me to the schools, That I with knowledge might enrich my mind. Since the desire to learn first made men fools And did corrupt the root of all mankind. " The way of the foolish is right in his own eyes. " There ' s little of the melancholy element in her. " Home of the Barbarians. Comrades. " Go to the ant thou sluggard. Consider her ways and he wise. " Give not sleep to thine eyes. Nor slumber to thine eyelids. " They are joined together, Thev are not to be sundered. " I am on very good terms with myself. " Her beautiful (?) eyes, too bad she keeps them under cover. " Ever alone with her own ideas. " She is so constant and so kind . Her humorous ladyship. " A model of slowness. " The world is full of them. " I am a gentleman, sir, and my name is Conrad. " 73 S. Leadbetter N. Gilcrest M. Blair H. Lane Third Floor Front M. Davis Laura Howell and Bessie Seymour L. and E. Pevey II. lju e B. Winsor L. Pevey C. Sattler N . Hampton G. Greening Smiths J. Wallace Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we can get. " Girls at table " Sometimes she turns to gaze upon her books. " B. Winsor " A blushing child. " A. Smith Flat on three sides, slightly rounded on the fourth. " Circles drawn by Geometry Class Tis said some swans sing before they die, Would some could die before they sing. " Glee Club " Present in body, but absent in spirit. " M. Shute in Class " Who enters here leaves hope behind. " Fine Arts Class on Examination Day " Everything goes contrary with us. " M. Fordham and H. Childs " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. " A. Smith " I dread the day that we must part. " M. Eddy to her pink silk skirt Up ! up ! my Friend, and quit your books ; Or surely you ' ll grow double: Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks; Why all this toil and trouble? " E. Schneider " There ' s a good time coming. " B. Winsor ' The bashful virgin ' s sidelong looks of love. " A. Gleason " At once there rose so wild a yell Within that dark and narrow cell As all the fiends, from heaven that fell, Had peal ' d the banner-cry of hell! " Second Floor Front on arrival of first June-bug " Then to the spicy, nut-brown ale. " M. Davis 74 f- " Love like the silent stream is found Beneath the willows lurking. " " Her bark is worse than her bite. " If I only had time I would settle down to plugging. " " A sound which makes us linger. " " For happy are they now reposing. " ' Truly she said little, it was the rest that broke the silence. " " To live in hearts she leaves behind. " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. " " Laugh and be fat. " The mind is lost in mighty contemplation. " I would rather meet a lion than a June-bug. " " Write me a sonnet in praise of my beauty. " Low spirits are my true and faithful companions. " " Speak low if you speak love. " Of a melancholy disposition. " " The crazed creation of misguided whims. " A " case " bevond the reach of art. " This new and gorgeous garment Sets not so easy on me as you think. ' Lost but not found again. H. Carmichael S. Leadbetter B. Winsor Psychology Bell The Sleepyheads L. McDuffie A. Slack C. Deppen J. Wallace E. Pevey C. Castle and M. Ford ham B. Winsor C. Deppen M. Cooper S. Leadbetter B. Win -or E. Case A. Slack Your laundrv 75 A lengthy subject. " A rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun. " Would you ask for her merits ? Alas ! she has none - " Thine are the charms that dazzle and endear. " All-round athletes. " H. Jenkins N. Gilcrest R. Lane M. Blair H. Abbott and M. Smith " Oh that my tongue were in the Thunder ' s mouth Then with a passion I would shake the world. " Two sweet cherubs. " A great deal of fore-sight. " Ever ready with a helping hand to do some one some good . ' M. Eddy V. Smith and L. D ' Argenton H. Childs with her new glasses H. Childs We use Force. ' S. Leadbetter, M. Shute, M. Blair, C. Deppen, J. Wallace, A. Fuller KNOCKERS President, J. Warren Vice-Pres., B. Seymour Members M. Cleworth H. Leslie L. Howell V. Smith R. Adams KICKERS President, G. Greening Vice-Pres., M. Fordham Members M. Blair H. Childs A. Slack M. Eddy N. Gilcrest 76 ' ■ £ £ $£rA Collins mum 1. mm Fairbanks Co. Successor to Henry Guild Son HATS and FURS jftmutfartitring Jkuirlprs Young Ladies ' Hats for Every Occasion Class arid Society Pins Makers of rKe Fidelio Pins Exclusive Designs in Walk- ing, Riding and Out- ing Hats. 28 WEST STREET, 381 Washington Street. BOSTON, - - MASS. BOSTON. ( Tune — Zanzibar) You see we ' re 1904, you ' ve seen us win before, And now we ' ll raise the score if you will watch some more. FOR • SEVERAL ■ YEARS ■ WE ■ HAVE ■ MADE GYMNASIUM SUITS FOR MANY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS. WE SHALL BE GLAD TO SEND YOU SAMPLES OF MA- TERIALS AND QUOTE PRICES IF DESIRED. :: :: :: :: :: R. H. STEARNS CO. Tremont Street and Temple Place, BOSTON 11 You watch the Senior team and it will soon be seen That they can surely beat the Senior Mids. IF • YOU • LIKE • DRESSY ■ FOOTWEAR Just a little newer in style Just a little better in quality Just a little snappier in effect Just a little eaMer in fitting than any other shoe, buy the WALK- OVER $3.50 AND $4.00 SOI.R BOSTON AGENCY A. H. HOWE 6- SONS. TWO STORES : BOSTON ROXBURY 170 Tremont St., Cor. Mason 2185 Wash. St., Cor. Vernon III Said the big Phillipian To the fair Fern. Sem., " I feel like a ship at sea PACH BPxOS. PHOTOGRAPHERS .— 1181 Massachusetts Avenue, Next to Beck Hall. Class Photographers to ABBOT- ACADEMY IV Exams are near, I sadly fear That I ' ll unlucky be. " ARE YOU MAKING A D CT P AD p C COLLECTION OF . . . ' V l " SUO OR MAILING THEM TO YOUR FRIENDS MANY EXCHANGE WITH OTHERS AT A DISTANCE The most sensible, inexpensive and instructive and enjoyable ' fad. Souvenirs of friendship, Locality and Art. This Euro- pean Craze is sweeping over America. Thousands of styles at 3 Cents Each. Others from 5 to 15 Cents Each. Hand colored works of art. Many frame these finer ones. Over 300 Boston Souvenir Views alone. Stunning ' , Stylish and Inexpensive Odd Things, So much sought after by College girls for decorative uses and not to be found elsewhere. Attractive Up to Date New Things, Fancy Imported Novelties in China, Bronze. Glass, Pottery. Leather. Etc.. stylish and inexpensive. Gibson, Stanlaws and Christy Pictures, Etchings. Water Colors, Sporting Prints, Platinum Photographs, Hand Colored Foreign Prints, at all prices from 15 cents to Sio. Catchy, new and attractive. Art Calendars To be taken apart and used for Pictures and Framing, the work of the most popular artists of the day and the Famous Foreign Masters, are all adapted -to framing, thus serving a double purpose and affording the most up-to-date, effec- tive and inexpensive means of room decoration. These identical subjects when sold singly as pictures in the picture stores cost from two to three times as much as when offered here, combined as calendars. GEO. B. KING, - Art Stationer and Engraver 250 BOYLSTON STREET, - - BOSTON, MASS. Engraved Calling Cards, Invitations ; and Dye Stamping a Specialty. rgojrfQOj-tgoa-tQOi goo and others ordered their Class Engraving here V ••Then. " murmured she " A shore I ' ll be : Come rest, thv troubles o ' er. ' - a. Stoweii y Co., inc. c. F. HOVEY CO. 24 WINTER STREET, BOSTON. Jewelry flDercbants —ALSO — Gifts for All Occasions, Prizes for All Games, Wedding and Class Invitations Special Inducements are Quality Variety Fair Prices Sole Agents for Boston for the celebrated Abxanbrr 2u ©tours Medals awarded the manufac- turers at every workTs fair. 33 Summer Street, 42 Avon Street. ....BOSTON SHREVE, CRUMP LOW CO 3cwelers ano Silversmiths Fine Stationery Programs Class Invitations Calling Cards. Monograms. Designs and Estimates Furnished. Class and Society Pins BOSTON, ..... MASS. VI Darkness fell And all was well — The ship had hugged the shore. MEYER, JONASSON a CO. DIRECT ATTENTION TO THEIR EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF SHIRT WAIST SUITS in a wide range of best quality Taffeta Silks — stripes and checks, cbangi ables and plain colors (black, blue, brown, jas- per and plum) $11.50 to $23.50 I , , T RE MONT AND BOYLSTON STREETS BOSTON, - MASSACHUSETTS next door to EDWARD KAKAS SONS i tremont KEITH s I . JJ|tgh (grato Mvb... I STREET - THEATRE. ' Special Discount to Students ' BOSTON, MASS. VII Seniors against the Senior Mids do play at basketball. See how the ball does travel along as it passes from girl to girl. • • • KNICKERBOCKER SHOE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS :: IS THE MOST STYLISH SHOE MADE • • • $3.50 All Sryl es. All Leathers GEO. F. CHEEVER, Andover Agent. ewbvotV GrCO. " . |n HDBOCKBl Our shoes are worn by college girls in all the leading colleges of the United States Flat Lasts, Wide Edges. Heavy and Light Soles. Knickerbocker Shoes wear and last well. cYCQ ' % 3MHCKEB OCKE3: V,. SHOE J E. W. BURT CO., Manufacturers, - - B ° s ' ° " £gS 40 WesI Wt VIII ■ A DIAMONDS Watches, Clocks, Sterling Silver, Fine Jewelry. Odd things not found elsewhere. SMITH, PATTERSON Cf Wholesale WW- and Retail. 52 Summer St. We never make blunders nor fouls at all, BK ]» we never slip nor fall, The Senior team is sure to win today at basketball. m COMPLIMENTS OF A FKIEND 3@ IX Senior Mids will have to yield no matter how strong they are. Victorious then will be our team, the team of 1904. FRANK E. GLEASON, Coal, Wood, Max and Straw MILL WOOD FOR KINDLINGS CARTER ' S BLOCK, MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. Senior team, Oh Senior team, the victory ne ' er give o ' er, But win great fame for Abbot dear today at basketball. ARTHUR BLISS JJijarmariat BANK BUILDING, AXDOVER. HERBERT F. CHASE, FINE • ATHLETIC ■ GOODS BICYCLES. KODAKS and PHOTO SUPPLIES... Established 1890 ANDOVER DR. A. E. HULME, D. M. D. IDenttst 93 Main Street. ANDOVER, - MASS. OFFICE HOL ' RS: 8.30 to 12; 1.30105 DPv. LEITCH HILAND F. HOLT, D. D. S. Dental Office open from 8.30 to 12 A. m. 1.30 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. M. 28 MAIN STREET. ANDOVER C. H. GILBERT, M. D. S. DENTAL ROOMS BANK BUILDING ANDOVER, MASS. XI Oh where, Oh where, have the oughty-fives gone ? Oh where, Oh where, can they be ? • k • k k . T. A. HOLT - CO., — DEALERS IN DPvY GOODS and GROCERIES BASEMENT OF BAPTIST CHURCH ANDOVEK - - - MASS. sees XII With their scores so short, And their faces so long, Oh where, Oh where, can they be ? COAL COAL DAVID BE ATT Y CO., — Dealers in All Grades of — Wood, Coal, Prepared Wood and Kindlihgs. Delivered bv careful drivers to all parts of LAWRENCE and AX- DOVER. Orders Received by Telephone shall Receive our Prompt Attention. TELEPHONE: Lawrence. . 784-4 Andover Yard, 120 " Office. 14-2 SMITH MANNING ESSEX STREET. AX DOVER WOOD WOOD G. A. HIGGINS ■ GO. Booksellers Stationers SPECIALTIES Stamped Paper and engraved Stationery ANDOVEPn. MASS. XIII Here ' s to old Abbot and 1904, And to the team girls, and the score. For we are sure to win. JOSEPH A. SMART, President- BURTON S. FLAGG, Secretary. " When ' tis fair, be sure and take your great coat with you, — Franklin " Insure before the fire comes, for better have insurance and need it, than need it and not have it. " — Merrimack Merrimack Mutual Fire 1ms. G ANDOVER, MASS. ALLEN HINTON (Eatmr CREAMS of ALL FLAVORS Also Orange, Lemon and Raspberry Sherbets. Special rates to parties buying large quantities. Fancy Cake a Specialty. Order by mail or telephone two days in advance. SOUTH MAIN STREET, ANDOVER. XIV The ball will soon go in, The victory will begin For 1904. JOSEPH A. SMART, Fire, Life, Accident INSURANCE Agent for the Leading Companies. Bank Building, - - - ANDOVER MUSGROVE HAIR DRESSING PARLORS Miss Blanche Cbossland, Proprietor Musgrove Building, ANDOVER (Eh? Anfcnbrr JftTHB MAKERS OF BOOKS AND ALL KINDS • OF ■ PRINTED ■ MATTER IOHN N. COLE. TREASURER, ANDOVER,. - MASSACHUSETTS XV Watch us toss the ball ! See us raise the score ! May our spirits never fall, may we win forevermore. vj ' Vkf ' kf BUCHAN FRANCIS albert w. LOWE 3?itntttun ieabrs ..JSruggist j (Successor to (ito. H. Parker) ANDOVER, MASS. AND UPHOLSTERERS School Furniture and Carpets Particular care given to repairing and renova- ting Furniture and Carpets. PARK ST., ANDOVER Look lor the Blue Sign XVI Loyal we, and true, and our hearts are light and gay, We are true to the Abbot blue, and we ' re going to win today. LEWIS T. HARDY JOSEPH F. COLE HARDY COLE BUILDERS AND LUMBER DEALERS Box Making. Planing. Sawing and Matching Done to Order K IX D LING WOOD BY THE LOAD ESSEX STREET, AN DOVER. MASS. A. KAISER JFurmtur? UPHOLSTERING Goods Packed and Shipped to All Parts of the Country. PARK STREET, ANDOVER XVII Chorus — Cheer them then, cheer them then, Cheer them all the way, We are true to the Abbot blue And we ' re going to win today. There never was in basketball A team so good as we I We ' re going to win the game today For A-b-b-o-t. J BENJAMIN BROWN jfine Shoes REPAIRING DONE Main Street, - AXDOVER MRS. E. MAIN Srrssmaker 5 BARNARD STREET THEO MUISE artistic, ' XTlp to Emtc Sailor Alterations of All Kinds Skillfully Made. Goods called for and delivered to any address- Just drop us a postal, " We do the rest, " And give you results the neatest and best. Please call and give our place a try. We ' ll suit your purse and please your eye. 15 Barnard Street, - - ANDOVER PARK STREET AND MANSION HOUSE tnbkB W. H. HIGGINS. PROP. ♦ ♦ Carnages Furnished for All Occasions A First-Class Liven - , Sale and Boarding Stable. New Brake for Pleasure Parties. Fine Hacks for Weddings and Funerals :: :: :: :: :: PARK STREET, ANDOVER xviii

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