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ABBOT • ACADEMY- CLASS BOOK • NINETEEN • HUN DRED . AND . THREE " ' •V wm ■ ABBOT ACADEMY CLASS BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS MDCCCCIII ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THREE Qlljr AniUiiirr iJrrss Attfcoiier, iUaaa. Iteprrtfullg fobtrafrfc to Mr. febntixvb i warfli Oktggs httjnae lrrtur s Ijafcrp btepmtb our xntntst in lEtfjtra and our apprrriatum of iffttte Arts Itaarb nf iEbttors of GHaaa Maak ( IBoarn of iEbttors Edith D. Burnham iEottnrs Elizabeth W. Gilbert, Chairman IBusutess iEattager Anne J. Mason Assistant Hustoss Manager Amy H. H. Slack Jean T. David Eator ial (l UR aim in publishing this book, has been to leave to the Class of 1903 something which Avill always be to them a pleasant remem- brance of their school life in Abbot. And as all memory books, it deals with the lighter side of life, the pleasant experiences, and amusing incidents, rather than the academic work and intellectual growth. We have doubtless made many mistakes and we ask you to be charitable, and if there is any one to whom we have not given due credit, we beg you to excuse it. We wish to thank sincerely those members of the Faculty for the kindly assistance they have rendered us, and we wish also to thank all those who have in any way contributed to the publication of this book. The Editors. Sntatwa Rev. DANIEL MERRIMAN, President, Boston SAMUEL L. FULLER, Esq., Treasurer, Andover JOHN ALDEN, Esq., Clerk, Col. GEORGE RIPLEY, WARREN F. DRAPER, Esq., MORTIMER B. MASON, Esq., ARTHUR S. JOHNSON, Esq., Rev. JOHN PHELPS TAYLOR, Mrs. JOHN M. HARLOW, MARCUS MORTON, Esq., Mrs. JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, Rev. E. WINCHESTER DONALD, Andover Andover Andover Boston Boston Andover WOBURN Boston Andover Boston .■in iFantltg EMILY A. MEANS, Principal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism, Christian Evidences. MARIA STOCKBRIDGE MERRILL, French. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER. German. NELLIE M. MASON, Science. EVELYN FARNHAM DURFEE, Elocution and Gymnastics. REBEKAH MUNROE CHICKERING, A.B., Literature and History. MABEL GINEVRA BACON, A.B., Latin. ELLEN ISABEL TRYON, A.B. Greek and English. MELITA KNOWLES, A.B. History and Rhetoric. Prof. SAMUEL MORSE DOWNS, Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Organ and Harmony. S. EDWIN CHASE, Violin and Mandolin. ANGELICA S. PATTERSON, Drawing and Painting. MABELLE ETHELYN BOSHER, Librarian and Registrar. AGNES E. SLOCUM, A.B., Principal ' s Assistant. 10 i nttor dlasfi 1903 (ElaHH (Enlnr CARNATION RED Jfflntorr RED CARNATION ilotln RESOLVE, STRIVE, ATTAIN A C V ' ©Stars Elizabeth W. Gilbert, President Anne J. Mason, Vice-President Helen E. Nason, Secretary Aletta Hegeman, Treasurer GUass IftBtanj junior ifflt Mr mv RAND, hopeful, and joyous we began our career as Senior Mid- dlers at Abbot Academy under the loving eye of Miss Gilbert, who knew well, as the president of ' 03 should know, how to lead a class. After business always should come fun, so she thought, and of course we all agreed, so on Tuesday night we went to her room and roasted marshmellows. Opportunities of all kinds were ahead of us, and we were not slow to seize them. The Seniors gave a reception, and we gave the play. As we were young and happy we tried our hand at baseball; all the spring we worked, but sad to relate the Seniors won the day. We ended our Senior Middle class meetings with a spread in Miss Parker ' s rooms. They were all decorated with our class color, red, and the light was red also, giving to the whole a most loyal effect. As the end of school drew near and as the Class of ' 02 was to leave, we worked hard to make their last weeks pleasant. At the lawn party we ushered the best we knew how, and the next day our Middle year was at an end. On Tuesday, Miss Gilbert received the spade, thereby accepting for our class the responsibility of the following year. 12 pmur $ rar As I write the history of the Senior year I am filled with awe at the wonderful nature of the class. Although we are small in number, we flatter ourselves that we make as much of our lives as the larger classes which have gone before us. There are always customs that must be kept, and it is always a good idea to establish new ones, so ' 03 thinks, but, for obvious reasons, we will only speak of the old ones. First, everyone knows that officers have to be elected, if there is to be any kind of an organization, and when it is the Class of ' 03, such an election is more than necessary, so we elected our officers, the same ones as the year before. Of course we were human and felt a little awed at our new responsibilities, and as for Psychology we had our fears at first. That was only natural, but who can have fear long, when the cause of it interests you, and takes your whole attention to itself, and leaves you no time for other things. As I say, we began to take an interest in things suggested by Prof. James, and as one of these things was human nature, we gave a reception, knowing that it is always good to see people on all sides, before passing judgment upon them. This reception was for the school and it was a great success. How could it help being successful when ' 03 gave it? But we must not forget the kindness of the Senior Mid- dlers, because that would not be right after they were so good, and thank them now for their enjoyable play. It is the delight of every Abbot girl of the present time to have the old girls come back, and we take great pride in our famous members. So when Miss French came to Andover, Miss Means gave a reception to her, at which we Seniors assisted. It was a great pleasure to talk with her, for the charming way she expresses herself in h er books was evident in her conversation. Things that seem to be unimportant are sometimes very important, and it was so with the class meeting that was held a few weeks before Thanks- giving vacation. We will not go into the details of the class meeting, but will only mention the glorious class pin which was the result of our hard labor and thought. One of the joys of the Seniors is the Abbot Club. There we meet the old girls of years past; and in February, when we ushered at a joint meeting l 3 of the Abbot Club and the Alumnae Association, we were thrown more with the old girls than at other meetings. Most young people dislike lectures, but the Seniors would say, if asked, that they enjoy lectures greatly, when they are given by Prof. Griggs. We heard him three times in Lawrence, when he spoke on ethical subjects, and once in our own hall when he spoke of Leonardo de Vinci. Four more charming lectures we never heard. Our year is fast coming to a close and it is with great sorrow I write of it. Hard as we work through these weeks we still have the sorrow of part- ing, which can ' t be shut out. We shall have our banquet the fifth of June, which will be one of our last meetings as a class. This year, our school days will end a day or two earlier, as we shall have the laying of the corner stone of the new building on our Class Day. We shall rejoice in the honor, but we all hate to see the day come that will send us out into the wide world. May we, through our lives, show the world the great and good influence our Alma Mater has had upon us. A. J. M. M lEtotl) Huttran Ifontljam 1911 Elm Street, Manchester, N. H. Born March 16, 1885, Manchester, N. H. A. X President of Debating Club German Play Leader of Mandolin Club German Concert Leader of Cheering; Staffs ' 02 ' oj Tree Song Senior Mid Play ' Draper Reader, ' 02 Senior Play Editor of Class Book Jean ©Jjnmsnn Samli 6l Red Spring Road, Andover, Mass. Born August 31, 1882, Arbroath, Scotland Senior Play Editor of Class Book Debating Club Btzatalj Walker (£Ubrrt 308 East Gaston Street, Savannah, Ga. Born November 11, 1884, Concord, N. H. G. A. S. Class President ' 02, ' oj Vice-President Y. W. C. A., ' 02 Senior Play Treasurer Y. W. C. A ., ' oz Senior Mid. Play Editor-in-chief of Class Book Fidelio Vice-President of Debating Club Draper Reader ' oi, ' 02 Hertlja UIag Ijarwy Hallowell, Maine. Born December 10, 1882, Hallowell, Me. Debating Club Alrtta ijnjnttatt Passaic, N. J. Born October 30, 1883, New York, N. Y. A. X Class Treasurer, ' 03 Mandolin Club Preside7i t of Ath letic A ssociation Senior Play Courant Board Senior Mid Play Class Prophet Ann? JufckUtfl Utamt 58 Carnegie Avenue, East Orange, N. J. Born June 28, 1883, Columbus Barracks, Ohio. S. M. T. Vice President of Class Senior Mid Play Manager of Class Book Draper Reader 02 Captai)i of Basket Ball Class History Manager of Mandolin Club Debating Club Senior Play Fidelio Wftlm latflb Naann Moline, 111. Born July 7, 1881, Moline, 111. A. X Secreta?y of Class, ' 02 Senior Mid. Play Hockey Team Mandolin Club Debating Club 692 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. Born June 16, 1884, Winthrop, Me. President Y. IV. C. A. y oj Debating Club Business Manager of Courant, ' 01-03 Senior Mid Play Wixw Altrr Parker Goffstown, N. H. Born September 27, 1883, Goffstown, N. H. German Play Fidelio Debating Club Musicale, ' 02, ' oj m sSSW O (Eallpg? Btmat (SIubb Manutltta (Snttsrljalk Salem, N. H. Born November 15, 1883, Anto Chico, New Mexico. QUjrtBttn Tjjlnxtt Frankfort, Maine. Born in Frankfort, Maine. ®m nng While the flowers are brightly beaming, While the birds so sweetly sing, W 7 hile the ' glorious sun is gleaming, Round our tree our voices ring. Now, alas, our school days ended, We, the class of nineteen-three, Love and sorrow always blended, Bless today our linden tree. O, dear linden, may we love thee; May we follow thee each day, Reaching toward the blue above thee, Struggle upward on our way. Alma Mater, thee we ' re leaving: Though our life with thee is past, Pleasant memories et are cleaving Of the years that fled too fast. Though tomorrow links must sever, Still we ' ll love for thee retain; Thy dear name we ' ll cherish ever, True and loyal we ' ll remain. E. D. B. 2E m at SramattrH a n .0 ®Iji Hlpli tttg ©rip " .:. H3 A TRANSLATION OF BENDIX S " DIE HOCAZEITSREISE " BY NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER PIANO SOLO Mmti MISS PARKER Heller ' s Etude in I) flat Act I Act II " GJh? W? bbin% (Urtp " Prof. Lambert ' s Study The Same CAST OF CHARACTERS PROF. LAMBERT . PAULINE (his wife) EDMUND (his secretary) THOMAS (his servant) MARTHA (a chambermaid) Miss Hegrman Miss Mason Miss Gilbert Miss David Miss Ijurnham QttnpBta nf tlj? $Uag Otto Lambert, professor in a University, engrossed in the study of Latin and Greek, has kept bachelor hall with the aid of Edmund and Thomas. He has little knowledge of society in general, or of women in particular, but he has just married his cousin, Pauline, in order to fulfill the conditions of their uncle ' s will. Pauline, for her part, has long loved the awkward, bashful professor. He brings his wife directly home, with no thought of the revolution in his bachelor ways which this step involves. Pauline ' s first task is to show him that there are other things in the world besides books. (Elaaa Alphabet A is for Abbot, the school we love best. B is for Burnham, who ' ll stand every test. C is for comfort we ' ve had in this school. D is for David, who ne ' er breaks a rule. E is for Ethics, we ' re glad it is o ' er. And p is for flunks we ' ve all made galore. G is for Gilbert, our president true. And H is for Harvey and Hegeman, too. I is the interest we have all shown In James ' Psychology, well it is known. K. is for kindness received through the year. L is for literature, we all love so dear. JVi is for Mason, well known in town. N is for Nason, in logic renown. O is for Room One, for the Seniors so wise. P is for Packard and Parker, such sighs ! Q is the questions we all have to ask When [Reciting our Theism, a difficult task. S is for serenades, now for us past. I is for teachers, whom we love to the last. U is for us who soon will depart. V is for vacancy, left in our heart, When we bid fair Abbot, alas, a farewell. X, Y and Z for yourself you can tell. 2 5 Constance F. Albee Helen L. Bott Mary W. Davis Laura P. Eddy May F. Eddy Elizabeth W. Gilbert Sarah J. Leadbetter Grace M. Hind Fanny E. Perry Amy H. H. Slack Beatrice H. Slack Emily W. Sterns Honorary Member — Emily A. Means Amy T. Blodgett Clara E. Castle Mary E. Castle Helen S. Carmichael Jessie M. Calender Anne J. Mason Rosamond M. Thomson Julia F. Wallace Cornelia Williams Olive B. Williams Mabel O. Fordham Honorary Member — Emily A. Means Helen Alford Abbott Elinor C. Barta Edith Duncan Burnham Marion Cooper Mary Marjorie George Marguerite Adams Marney Sarah Stone Mills Helen Estelle Nason Harriett Smith Mary Byers Smith Aletta Hegeman Honorary Member — Emily A. Means Bmior (ftomplatttta i. I wish I were unclassified, And could play instead of grind. I wish that conscience never spoke, And I did not have a mind. II. I wish I never had to think Of Mills and Kant and La Place. I wish that Flint in his wondrous book Would give such men less space. III. I wish that poets had said what they meant In words that we might comprehend. I wish that those whose essays we read Some outlines condensed might send. IV. I wish that teachers did not expect All Seniors to work and be saints. I wish that they might thoughtful be And heed these mournful complaints. H. E. N. 33 » a m iMratbrca of iFtfo Itn Bomty Carolyn Amy T. Blodgett Helen L. Bott Bessie Bampton Elinor Barta Clara Castle Jessie Corbin Helen Carmichael Helen Childs Marian Cooper Helen B. French Constance F. Albee, President Foster Elizabeth Ripley Minnie M. Good Harriett B. Harmon Marguerite Marney Mira Morey Anne J. Mason Constance Parker Olive Parker Fanny E. Perry Winifred Pierson Harriett Reid Cornelia Sattler Elspeth Saunders Verta Smith Amy H. H. Slack Beatrice H. Slack Edith Moses Grace G. Spiers Bessie I. Winsor Elizabeth Elliott Olive Williams 35 EDITH D. BURNHAM, Leader ANNE J. MASON, Manager MARY W. DAVIS ALETTA HEGEMAN HELEN E. NASON WINIFRED PIERSON HARRIET SMITH EMILY STEARNS JULIA WALLACE HELEN CARMICHAEL, Pianist 37 ®t|f Abating luh EDITH BURNHAM, President ELIZABETH GILBERT, Vice President ABBIE SMITH, Secretary and Treasurer members of Srbattttg (Elub Helen Abbot Viola Blanchard Amy Blodgett Edith Buniham Clara Castle Mary Castle Helen Childs Elizabeth Cole Lillian D ' Argenton Jean David Mary Davis Sarah Field Mabel Fordham Virginia Gamwell Bertha Harvey Aletta Hegeman Sarah Hincks Anne Mason Sarah Mills Helen Nason Helen Packard Olive Parker Helen Phillips Ruth Pringle Harriet Reid Elizabeth Schneider Clara Searle Abbie Smith Mary Smith Verta Smith Grace Spiers Fanny Tyer Olive Williams 39 jBoarb at letters of tljr (tarant lEMtnrs Elizabeth Schneider Fannie E. Perry Aletta Hegeman Mar) ' B. Smith Marguerite A. Marney Helen L Packard HitBhtpaa lEMtnra Emily W. Stearns Mary W. Davis (golf Steam Mary Davis Jessie Arguello 3falfc Say nttgH (TUNE, " HE RAMBLED " ) Abbot, oh Abbot! The Seniors are at play And we will win the day, Abbot, oh Abbot! This is what the Seniors say today. Hockey, ' tis hockey, The ball ' s between the poles And we have made the goals. Hockey, ' tis hockey, ' Tis hockey that the Seniors play today. Field Day, ' tis Field Day, Ought-three and ought-five Together we must strive Field Day! ' tis Field day The Seniors win in hockey game today. (TUNE, " MRS. BROWN AND ME. " ) ' 03 class is a wonder They have so many sharks — They ' re so very brilliant You can almost see the sparks, They are only nine young damsels In this favored class ' 03, But they ' re enough I ' m sure that you Will all agree with me. 42 Oh, class ' 03! Clever class ' 03! Our sympathies are with you. So you can count on me — If you think that we can help This day by points to win, We will hurdle, dash or fast walk for ' 03. — M. M. G. (TUNE, " YE HO ! LITTLE GIRLS, YE HO ! " ) Three cheers for the Senior team You ' ll find we are all we seem, For our team ' s all right and it can ' t go wrong And we ' ll show today that our class is strong. Watch the ball go flying between the seniors ' poles! We know how to play, we ' ll soon win the day, Three cheers for the Senior goals. (TUNE, " AFTER THE BALL " ) After our school days are over, After these days have fled; When we from this class have parted, The class of the glorious red — We ' ll always remember dear Abbot And Senior Mids we ' ll think of thee, For we ' ll remember when we were the same The class of nineteen -three. 43 Atljbttr Aasoriattrnt Aletta Hegeman Helen Abeot Mary Davis Emily Stearns . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 44 (iflfrrra of tty? Atljbttr Assnrtattnn Helen Abbot Mary Davis Aletta Hegeman Emily Stearns laakrt lall Gfcam A. J. MASON, Captain Francis Tyer Ruth Mason Sarah Hi neks Elizabeth Cole Helen Abbott Mary B. Smith Elinor Barta Cornelia Williams Do you want to hear the story, How the Fern Sems won renown At a game of basket ball, In our good old Andover town? The grass was soft and green, The sky above was blue, And all the girls were cheering When the Bradfords came in view. The month it was November, The day of the month was ten. Each team was self-reliant And trusted its own men. The Bradford girls played nobly But they could not win the game; While all the pretty cheering staff Did urge our girls to fame. Helen Abbott played at center, While Elinor and Beth Cole Helped Anne, who showed her spirits By putting the ball into the goal, The Phillips boys were very kind When they cheered our herces too, And we were about the proudest girls. That Andover ever knew. That night a weird and ghostly throng Around the circle went, Each girl a candle bearing All were happy and content. — M. M. Good 47 mim M:m m Edith D. Burnham, Leader Marjorie George Margaret Marney Helen Carmichael atetmis Eonmnxntnt Jessie Corbin Julia F. Wallace o £ o g S s O W w u Q 8r u c 2 o H - - W PQW OS - Q ' ■ U s £ 5 w ' «=5 Q HI S M Si = £ - a oJ wr 64 x s X «-; s d g g i H- i " X H 2 z a s j M -• pq E E (Eommfttrmettt ffrogramm? JUNE 19—21, 1903 LAWN PARTY MUSICALE Friday, 4.00 P. M. Friday, 8.00 P. M. Pupils of Mr. S. M. Downs, assisted by the Fidelio Society of Abbot Academy TREE PLANTING EXERCISES . LAYING OF THE CORNER STONE OF THE McKEEN MEMORIAL BUILDING . Saturday, 10.00 A. M. Saturday, 10.15 A. M, Saturday, 11.00 A. M, Saturday, 12.30 P. M. COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES .... COMMENCEMENT LUNCH . ALUMNAE MEETING Saturday, 2.00 P. M. DRAPER READING Saturday, 8.00 P. M. BACCALAUREATE SERMON Sunday, 10.30 A. M. 5 2 Wtbtt nf 1£xnt B?B at ICagtug of % (Unrttn taxw of tfj? MtHHtm memorial ffimlimg SINGING — Chorale MendelssoJm INVOCATION AND LORD ' S PRAYER . . Pres. Charles O. Day ADDRESS READING OF THE LIST OF ARTICLES PLACED IN THE BOX. LAYING OF THE CORNER STONE Principal of Academy Chairman of McKeen Memorial Committee President of Alumnae Association President of the Trustees President of the Senior Class PRAYER Rev. Frank R. Shipman HYMN — How Firm a Foundation BENEDICTION . Principal Alfred E. Stearns 53 Maak ©0 Up ffabltshfo um ' The Merits of Cheerfulness " ' Advantages of Reading Circle How To Enjoy Life ' The Science of Taking Pills Diplomacy . How To Recite in Class ' Practical Knowledge Dignity " ' The Advantages of Being Active Flashes of Wisdom 1 The Art of Singing ' The Value of Sighing ' Ins and Outs of Frowning When I Was in London Value of Criticism in Art ' New Methods for the Piano " . A. Hegeman H . Packard C. Castle and M. Fordham . A. J. Mason J. David E. Burnham M. Smith E. Gilbert J. Arguello B. Harvey W. Cobb O. Parker H. Nason M. Gunter . A. J. Mason J. Corbin 54 O this learning! What a thing it is. A little nonsense, now and then, Is relished by the wisest men. She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen. Thought is free. My nature is not my name. When words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain. There ' s such a charm in melancholy, I would not, if I would, be gay. Fleet of foot. Little bodies have great souls. A maid to whom was given So much of earth, so much of heaven 55 Psychology Class A. Hegeman " Polly " Wilcox M. Eddy M. Good O. Parker B. Winsor H. Smith E. Dudley E. Gilbert Expressed candy, comes in handy, While flowers rare, she loves to share We have been friends together. A maiden with gentle ways. G. Speirs A. Hegeman, H. Mason, H. Smith S. Gibbs " Happy I am, from care I ' m free, Why aren ' t they all content like me. She is as good as she is fair. " No one gets into trouble without her own help. " Rest breeds rust. " When I am playing ragtime, I fear no danger. " What ' s in a name. With all thy faults, we love thee still. S. Mills E. Case M. Morey M. Shute J. Corbin J. Arguello A. Mason " Poor moralist ! and what art thou A solitary fly. " She thinks that every one in school knows her. That ' s why she writes her name so you can ' t read it. C. Searle The minor of all courtesy. " Love ' s labour lost. " Silence is more eloquent than words. A. Blodgett Calling on teachers before exams H. Harmon Since in laboring and resting, Life is divided best; Let others do the laboring, And I will do the rest. " M. Audette 56 We are swinging ' round the circle. Whole School If life were but mine. Ml. Brown Sleep, sleep, beautiful sleep. J. Arguello Art is noble. M. Smith I wonder what mischief is under that stern and austere countenance. O. Williams Sold by the yard. R. Mason A whirlwind of loveliness. H. Abbot Little Women. M. Cooper, M. Laury " Go to the ant, thou sluggard; remember her ways and be wise. " H. Smith Fairy strains of music fall. Mandolin Club Where all Gaul is united. E. Saunders Where silence reigns supreme. Library A good " ad " for Tiffany. V. Blanchard Large bodies move slowly. M. Eddy Some people are so fond of ill luck that they go half way to meet it. H. Nason I ' m resolved to grow fat and still look young until I ' m forty. J. Wallace Taste the joys that spring from labor. Senior Class O lady! nobility is thine. H. Bott 57 I never dare to be as funny as I can . " Mindful not of herself. Every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it. I ' ve lived and loved. " Deeds not words. E. Moses H. Packard E. Barta I. Eaton B. Harvey Of your neighbors faults, see little, hear little, and speak less than you School in general either see or hear. Even a child is known by her doings. God helps those that help themselves. Dreamland . " What is your ' s is mine, and what is mine is yours. " C. Castle Borrowers Eng. Lit. Class She dceth little kindnesses, Margurite and Margery Helen Childs Her feet beneath her petticoat Like little mice stole in and out. Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. ' Tis midnight, but small thoughts have we of sleep. " Let ' s go hand in hand not before one another. " " Demure and chaste as any vestal nun. " M. Laury H. Nason May 9 Mary and Emily F. Perry 58 Look in the book and see. " H. Smith We have no need to make new friends. M. George and M. Marney We don ' t want to go to college anyway. A. C. P. ' 03 A land mark we ' ll grieve to see depart. A. J. Mason, Abbot 1898-1903 Fashioned so slenderly. Thou imp of mirth and joy. B. Brown H. Harmon I am contented and will not complain. P. Wilcox All night she toiled. G. Greening " The whole of my life has been like a razor in hot water or on a scrape . " H. Nason One foot in sea, and one on shore, To one thing constant never. " M. Good " Only a simple little thing. F. Perry Better be small and shine, than great and cast a shadow. M. Eddy To P. A. men passing by, Whence and what art thou? Let us laugh and be merry for we will be dead a long time. " B. Winsor Be it better, be it w r orse, Be ruled by him that has the purse. M. Eddy 59 Before the day was done, her work she sped, And never went by candle-light to bed. H. Reid No voice in the chamber No sound in the hall ! Sleep and oblivion Reign over all. " After Ten At sight of thee, my gloomy soul cheers up, She scarce awake her eyes could keep. M. Cooper M. Fordham Her lovers ' names in order to run o ' er The girl took breath full thirty times and more. V. Gam well This music mads me, let it sound no more. " S. Mills " Call in sweet music We have heard soft airs can charm our senses And expel our cares. " Girls under Music rooms In vain to us the smiling mornings shine, And reddening Phoebus lifts his golden fire. Amy Blodgett and Clara Castle " And lively cheer of vigour born . E. Barta Wild wit invention ever new. " E. Moses But this I know, I love to play. S. Mills A piercing eye and a thoughtful brow. E. Burnham 60 You will proceed in pleasure, and in pride Beloved and loving many. E. Gilbert Young men and maidens at each other gazed German Concert " How does Home Sweet Home ' go? " " It begins, Way down upon the Swanee River. ' Edith Burnham " This is the last time I shall wear this mesmerized waist. " Jean David This is the first time I ' ve sat five on a table. M. Audette at French table The Jews stood with their arms in their hands. " R. Thomson " A flat point. Charlemange was the first Christian Emperer. Amy Slack J. David Don ' t antiquarians talk about fish? " A. Mason Socrates was divided into two parts, Cynis and Cyrenaics. " H. Nason Physics class studying " Attraction of Gases " — Marion Cooper to Mary Davis, " I am attracted by a G. A. S. " " Nodantia lumina solvit. " Froze the young moon. 61 H. Abbott in Latin IV Soldiers used Force. " M. B. Smith " Egregia coniunx. " My unapproachable spouse . Carolyn Foster in Latin IV Each consul had a wing. Clara Searle in History The cat likes us for what it gives us to eat. H. Packard Fragrant honey smelled like thyme. Latin IV HEARD IN CLASS Miss C. What does this mean? " And they take away the sheaf from the hungry? " H. Nason. They carry away the hungry sheep. Moral: Pay attention. WESTERN IGNORANCE M. Cooper passing the Boston Public Library , " Is that the Stock Exchange? " 62 NAME Edith Burnham Jean David Elizabeth Gilbert Bertha Harvey Aletta Hegeman Anne Mason Helen Nason Helen Packard Olive Parker LEAVE Childhood Pleasures of Philosophy Vacancy that can never be filled A good reputation Many sad hearts made bright by her Green skirt for next gen- eration Memory of many untold tales Reading Circle Many sighs TAKE Love of many Powers of an actor Right to the alcove on Friday nights A clear conscience A brain shattered by study The good will of her class Practical ethical knowledge to help her through life Powers of logical reasoning Fewer smiles than she brought 63 h.mkf£ A UverhseMieriH SI sent IDats an6 jfurs Young Ladies ' Hats for Every Occasion EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS IN WALKING, RIDING AND OUTING HATS 381 Washington St. BOSTON c«a Diamonds, Watches, Clocks Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry. I) Odd things not found elsewhere. SMITH, PATTERSON f(A " Wholesale j J» and Retail 52 Summer St. Cf rf- W " X (( i«a Abbot, oh Abbot The Seniors are at play, And we will win the day, Abbot, oh Abbot This is what the Seniors say today. YOU SHOULD CALL OR SEND FOR SAMPLES OF RINGS ROYAL BOND MOST BOND PAPERS AS GOOD SELL FOR ABOUT DOUBLE THE PRICE OF THIS 24 SheetSt 25 Envelopes 120 Sheets t 100 Envelopes , 25 Cents 1. 00 This comes in Three Colors- -White, Azure, and Cerulean Blue and in the very Latest Fashionable Sizes. Stunning ' , Stylish and inexpensive Odd Thing ' s — So much sought after by College girls for decorative uses and not to be found elsewhere. Attractive Up-to-date New Thing ' s — Fancy Imported Novelties in China, Bronze, Glass, Pottery, Leather, etc., stylish and inexpensive. Gibson, Stanlaws and Christy Pictures — Etchings, Water Colors, Sporting Prints, Platinum Photographs, Hand Colored Foreign Prints, at all prices from 15 cents to $10. Catchy, new and attractive. Art Calendars — To be taken apart and used for Pictures and Framing, the work of the most popular artists of the day and the famous Foreign Masters, are all adapted to framing, thus serving a double purpose and affording the most up-to-date, effective and inexpensive means of room decoration. These identi- cal subjects when sold singly as pictures in the picture stores cost from two to three times as much as when offered here combined as calendars. GEO. B. KING Bvt Stationer anfc Bngraper 250 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. Engraved Calling Cards, Invitations and Dye Stamping a Specialty igo2igoi-igoo and others ordered their Class Engravings Jiere in Hockey, ' tis hockey, The ball ' s between the poles, And we have made the goals, Hockey, ' tis hockey, ' Tis hockey that the Seniors play today. FREDERICK T. WIDMER Successor to HENRY GUILD fr SON flDanufacturing 3ewelers Class and Society Pins. makers of tbe Tidelio Pins 28 WEST STREET - BOSTON SHREVE, CRUMP LOW CO. 3ewelere ant) Silveremitbe Tine Stationery— Programs— Class Invitations— Calling Cards monograms, etc Class and Society Phis Designs and Estimates Furnished G F. HOVEY CO. Ifmporters anb IRetailers of H)r (Boobs 33 Summer Street BOSTON 42 Avon Street EDWARD KAKAS SONS f igb Grade furs SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS 162 Tremont St. (next door to Keith ' s Theatre) BOSTON, MASS. IY Field Day, ' tis Field Day, Ought three and ought five, Together we must strive, Field Day, ' tis Field Day, The Seniors won the hockey game today. MP FOR SEVERAL YEARS J5JJ j(JJ WE HAVE MADE jfQ GS Gymnasium f$) § Suits | Ha For many public and O Jf f private Schools We TJ [ shall be glad to send £ 1a you Samples of Ma- LJ J| f terials and Quote Prices Jf if Desired %h j m m K RJ CD frj R. H. Stearns Co. fcj rf Tremont Street ani Temple Place fri is boston m tAt the Shuman Corners Eddies ' Suits and Coats MADE BY MEN TAILORS ' Waists, Negligees, Underwear, NecKwear, Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets and Shoes A. SHUMAN CSL CO. Washington and Summer Sts. - BOSTON We ' ll cheer the Seniors, we ' ll cheer the Seniors, For they ' re the grandest class we ever knew, So energetic and so aromatic, the Senior class, Will surely win the year. A. STOWELL CO. 1NCORFORATED 24 WINTER STREET, BOSTON JEWELLERY MERCHANTS MAKERS AND FINDERS OF THE UNUSUAL t£z 7: Gems an ' VI Cheer for the red and white of oughty three, We are, we are the class of oughty three, We always beat the Senior Mids you see, Cheer for the red and white of oughty three. MEYER JONASSON ( CO. TREMONT AND BOYLSTON STREETS Announce the Season ' s Opening; of Cotton Maists and invite inspection of the following values Of superior quality Lawn, made with cluster tucking, hemstitched fr-t f f or in plain shirt effects 4)1»UU Of extra fine Lawn — embroidery trimmed — in a variety of close -| ( f and openwork patterns — pin-tucked back and yoke effect.... -L«VU Of Lawn, with broad insertions of bow-knot embroidery — yoke rr effect, Epaulet shoulder Li»D j Of Lawn, with Val. Lace and embroidery insertions, stock to Oft match — new shape sleeve £ • V U Of Lawn, with yoke effect — entire front diagonally Lace j rr trimmed J •J 3 Of Handkerchief Linen, tucked and with tailored stock. Of Lawn, square yoke effect with Cluny Lace insertions — also a y Oft variety of other models, in heavy and light weight materials . J • VU Of fine imported Embroideries — Cluny, Valenciennes A rr x-. q Oft and Irish Lace trimmed, with dainty stocks to match •D J IU 0« VU FURS STORED AND REPAIRED Go to G. A. HIGGINS CO. Hnbover Bookstore For ST. CLAIR LINEN WRITING PAPER in Cream and Blue— Fashionable square sizes among the latest and best — Smooth and Antique finish MAIN STREET . . . . . ANDOVER, MASS. VII Three cheers for the Senior team, You ' ll find us all we seem. For our team ' s all right and it can ' t go wrong, And we ' ll show today that our class is strong, Watch the ball go flying between the Seniors ' poles, We know how to play, we ' ll soon have the day, Three cheers for the Senior goals. T. A. HOLT CO. Dealers in Dry Goods and Groceries Basement of Baptist Church ANDOVER, MASS. f? VIII A circus on Hallowe ' en night Was to many a wonderful sight, As we entered the door, Sousa Ted had the floor, And was leading his band with full might. Zhe flfoetropolttan Hnbover ' s Canb Store HEADQUARTERS FOR orsrArrr. eiwoiaics Hlso a full Line of 01. % Scbraffts Sons and Lowll Covel Goods Ice Cream Served with Crushed Fruits. Also Soda with all the New Popular Fruit Flavors Home Made Food of All Kinds MISS HOLT 42 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. IX The fat lady with the red face Pleased the children, who ' d all had a taste Of popcorn and peanuts and pink lemonade And watched the animals all on parade. SHERMAN class Photographer TO ABBOT ' 03 Platinum Portraits In Black or Sepia Framing, Enlarging and Amateur Work Carefully Attended To BURNTWOOD AND DECORATIVE NOVELTIES FOR SALE Photographs of the (Abbot buildings and Grounds may be had at the Studio .CONNECTED BY TELEPHONE X A TZ A TCUD FURNITURE TO LET TO A. K lOt tV STUDENTS Upholsterer Goods Packed and Shipped to All Parts of the Country PARK STREET ANDOVER, MASS. ( WppVT R REPAIRING NEATLY Agent for Cuttle $ Burrs Shoes FOR LADIES GEO. F. CHEEVER ELM SQUARE STORE ANDOVER SMITH MANNING Dry Goods and Groceries ESSEX STREET, ANDOVER, MASS. LEWIS T. HARDY JOSEPH F. COLE HARDY COLE Builders and Lumber Dealers Box Making, Planing, Sawing and Matching Done to Order. Kindling Wood by the Load. ESSEX STREET ANDOVER, MASS. XI Let the Seniors play with all their might For we ' re bound to leave a record here behind us, And we ' ll all put up a noble fight, And we ' ll show the Mids that we know how to play. FRANK L, GIXASON Coal, Wood, Hay and Straw Mill Wood for Kindlings Carter ' s Block, Main St. - . Andover, Mass. COAL COAL DAVID BEATTY SON Dealers in All Grades of Wood, Coal, Prepared Wood and Kindlings Delivered by careful drivers to All Parts of LAWRLNCL AND ANDOVER Orders received by Telephone shall receive Our Prompt Attention Tel. Andover, 46-2 Tel. Lawrence, 748-4 WOOD WOOD XII Though our class is small we ' ve taaught to fear. With a team so steady we can surely win it, And we ' ll all give a hearty cheer For our oughty three. ARTHUR BLISS {pharmacist Bank Building ANDOVER MASS. CONSERVATIVE OOPERATIVE Methods produce and maintain Sound Security Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company ANDOVER Kstablished 182S Bank Building MASS JOSEPH A. SMART, President BURTON S. FLAGG, Secretary We also have facilities for Handling Large Lines of Insurance. ANDOVER Real - Estate - Agency FOR SALE Farm, Building Lot and Residential Property. For further particulars call at ROGERS ' AGENCY Musgrove Building Elm Square Telephone 118-2 BENJAMIN BROWN Tine Shoes Repairing Done Main Street ANDOVER KODAKS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES HERBERT F. CHASE fine ♦ Athletic Goods Bicycles Established 1890 ANDOVER MISS MORTIMER Parlor millinery Central Building LAWRENCE MASS. XIII On the 4U1 of December in ou hty-two, The wind and the snow around us blew, The class room was cold, The teacher so bold, That she e ' en made us Seniors do what we ' re told, Park Street and Mansion House Stables W. H. HIGGINS, Proprietor Carriages furnished for All Occasions A FIRST CLASS LIVERY, SALE AND BOARDING STABLE. NEW BRAKE FOR PLEASURE PARTIES. FINE HACKS FOR WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS PARK STREET ANDOVER CHARLES CLARKE (a SON Established 1847 2T Hpotbecades j LAWRENCE .... MASS. C H. GILBERT, M. D. S. DR. A. E. HULME, D. M. D. Dental Rooms : BANK BUILDING ANDOVER - - - MASS. IDentist 93 Main Street ANDOVER, - MASS. Office Hours — 8.30 to 12; 1.30 to 5 XIV What way do you think these Seniors would take ? Well, — the Seniors left Draper each with a cape, Some had sweaters, Others large rugs, And under each arm a water-bottle tugs. (Mje Anhawt $t?BB MnknB of looks ano all kotos of Prmfro iHatfrr JOHN JV. COLE Treasurer Knbaim iHaBBarijUBrtta ALIXN HINTON CATERER Creams of HU flavors Also Orange, Lemon and Raspberry Sherbets. Special rates to parties buying large quantities. Fancy Cake a Specialty. Order by mail or telephone two days in advance. SOUTH MAIN STREET ANDOVER THEO. MUISE Artistic Up -to -Date Tailor Alterations of Ail Kinds Skillfully Made Goods called for and delivered to any address. Just drop us a postal. " We do the rest, " And give you results the neatest and best. Please call and give our place a try, We ' ll suit your purse and please your eye. 13 Barnard St. ANDOVER DR. LEITCH xv • •

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