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mi CLASS BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF ABBOT ACADEMY J J J ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWO Hespectfulty frebicateb to Professor XDtlliam 3 a ™ es of fjarcaro University in gratitube for opening before us a nen? tuorlb of tl]oiigt]t anb interest en LU Q t CC O CO X h- o CD CD ■ . fVReecl- Q|3oarb of fetitovs (Editors Honora Spalding Belle P. Johnston Martha L. Blakslee (justness (Editors Florence Lindenberg Mercer Mason J febitovid E, the Class of 1902, offer to our sympathetic friends this little record of our school doings and sayings, all suggestive of days filled with work and pleasure at Abbot. Itvuehte Rev. Daniel Merriman, D. D., President Boston Col. George Ripley, Treasurer W. F. Draper, Esq. Rev. John Phelps Taylor Mortimer B. Mason, Esq. Arthur S. Johnson. Esq. Mrs. John M. Harlow Marcus Morton, Esq. Mrs. John Wesley Churchill Rev. E. Winc hester Donald John Alden, Esq. Andover Andover Andover Boston Boston Woburn Boston Providence, R. I. Boston Andover 3Mfc EMILY A. MEANS, Principal, Psychology, Ethics, Theism. MARIA STOCKBRIDGE MERRILL, French. KATHERINE R. KELSEY, Mathematics. NATALIE SCHIEFFERDECKER, German. NELLIE M. MASON, Science. EVELYN FARNHAM DURFEE, Elocution and Gymnastics. REBEKAH MUNROE CHICKERING, A. B., Literature and Church History. MABEL GINEVRA BACON, A. B., Latin. ELLEN ISABEL TRYON, A. B., Greek. MEL1TA KNOWLES, A. B., History and Rhetoric. Prof. SAMUEL MORSE DOWNS, Vocal Music, Pianoforte, Organ and Harmony. ANGELICA S. PATTERSON, Drawing and Painting. MABELLE ETHELYN BOSHER, Librarian. MATRONS: Mrs. Augusta M. Dovvd, Mrs. William G. Abbot Allen Abbot, Superintendent. 9 Ct BB % tot% Our class was called together for the first time in September, 1900, and began its career as Senior Mid- dlers by being regularly organized and electing its officers. The class spirit was well kept up by a series of spreads held during the year, and I fear that often the ten o ' clock bell found many of us anywhere but in our rooms. We had a chance to show our social and dramatic powers at the senior reception, where the play " Rubber Boots " was given by members of the class. In the spring our class was honored by having four of its num- ber Draper readers. September, 1901, ten of our original members came back for their senior year, groaning inwardly at the thought that their class was going to be so small, and 10 that they, alone and unaided, would have to fight the battle of the senior studies, but what was their joy on arriving to find reinforcements in the shape of two new girls. So with our class membership increased to twelve we started on our way rejoicing, (?) headed by the same brave southerner who steered us so safely through last year. In the earlv part of November we entertained the school by giving the annual senior reception, which was a great social success. Then for the next few weeks we were occupied in learning about our " states of conscious- ness, as such, " and as the end of the term drew nearer, our time was spent in deploring the fact that we were such complex individuals. We celebrated the arrival of snow and winter by having a senior sleighride, at which our senior privileges were fully appreciated, for we went without a chaperon. At the beginning of the winter term we had a glimpse of Andover society at a reception given at the Theological Seminary. In February, we were ushers at the Abbot Academy Club reception ; then, later in the term, we were very pleasantly entertained at one of their monthly meetings. As spring comes on it is seen that we take the lead in athletics, as was shown by the fine playing of one of our members in the basketball contest with Bradford. We hope to win more laurels by defeating 1903 at baseball, and that will end our athletic career at Abbot. It is with a feeling of sadness that we see the end of our school life approaching, but we feel certain that the influences that have surrounded us will strengthen us to bear the sorrow and to appreciate more fully the joys which the future may have in store for us. Senior CIcxbq 1902 Class Colors ROYAL PURPLE AND GOLD Flower FLUER-DE-LIS Officers Mercer Mason President Honora Spalding Vice-President Lela C. Elliott Secretary Martha Law Blakeslee Treasurer €ulu Peircc Clpery Has the honor of being the only member of our class from the beau- tiful state of Maine, where she was born at Prospect Hill. She still claims it as her home, but as she wished more knowledge than she could obtain there she came to Abbot at the beginning of the winter term, 1900. In the future she expects to diffuse this knowledge by Professor James ' most approved methods. 3onc Clark Bebell Made Rome, N. Y., famous by being born there one bright day in May, and still claims it as her place of residence. She entered Abbot in September, 1900, and has spent a great deal of her time since then planning good times for the class. As she is her parents ' only child, she expects to remain at home next winter and study music. Senior Play UTartfya Can? Blakeslee Was ushered into this world at New Haven, Connecticut, where she still lives. Prefering a clearer at- mosphere she came to Andover last fall, and " never studied so hard in all her life " as since she has been here. When she leaves us she is going home to teach her sisters and brothers Psychology, Ethics, and Theism. School Basbetball Team Captain Class Baseball Team Class Treasurer Editor of Class Book arriet Coutse Cfyase Began to grow in Deny, N. H., and as she is our tallest girl we think Derry must be a pretty good place to promote growth. After having spent three years at Abbot, next winter she expects to " study Greek, Latin, and Music, learn to cook and have a good time. " As " Variety is the spice of life, " she surely ought to enjoy it. Senior Play £ela £. (£lliott Woke up for the first time in Ply- mouth, N. H., from which place she came to us in 1900. Since then she has been busily discovering new sciences, the latest of which is " tee- ology, " the science of golf. She de- clines to say what she is going to do after graduation, but perhaps we could guess if she would give us three chances at it. Draper Reader Class Secretary Florence CEstelle letcfyer Still resides at Manchester, N. H., where one cold winter day in Decem- ber she first saw the sun. She en- tered Abbot last fall, and we don ' t know how the class could have got along without her to amuse us with tales of her funny experiences. Florence expects " to run the house " during July, which we think looks rather suspicious. Class Baseball Teain Belle Pickering 3° n5 on Began to talk at Pittsfield, N. H., one windy day in January and has kept busily at it ever since. She soon tired of such a small place, so re- moved to Manchester of the same state and now claims that as her place of residence. She came to Abbot in 1900, and after graduating expects to stay at home and " sigh for something to do. " Draper Reader French Play Senior Middle Play, igoo Editor of Courant Editor of Class Book Secretary Y. W. C. A. Senior Play Catherine Ceonora Ixing Drew her first breath in South Windsor, Connecticut. She came to Andover in September, 1899, and her highest ambition is to have Mr. Clinton chase her, but as she is never out after dark we are afraid he will never have the opportunity. She doesn ' t know just what she will do after graduation, but expects to have a good time at any rate. Class Baseball Team Senior Play Florence Cinbenberg Was born at Columbus, Ohio, from which place she came in 1900 to swell the ranks at Abbot. By the number of times she has been in and had her class photographs taken one would think she really enjoyed it, but she is not as conceited as one would be led to suppose. Next year she expects to be the leading lady in " Miss Simplicity. " Business Manager of Courant, ' o , ' 02 Business Manager of Class Book Class Baseball Team Senior Play 2Hcrcer ZHason " The head of our school " smiled for the first time in San Antonio, Texas. She is a genuine army girl, which fact is shown by the answer which she gave to the question as to present residence : " ' All packed up on the cars ' as usual. " She has been working hard in Abbot since September, ' 98, and in the future expects to " loaf and be happy. " President of Class President of Fidelio Society President of Athletic Association Draper Reader, ' ??, ' 00, ' or Mandolin Club French Play Senior Play Business Manager of Class Book ZHiloreb CL 2Hooers Arrived in the busy (?) city of Law- rence, Mass., one beautiful August morning. She entered A bbot as a day scholar in 1897, thus being the charter member of our class. This year she has been a boarder and has missed the pleasure of traveling back and forth so much that next year she expects to travel contin- ually, although perhaps not just be- tween Lawrence and Andover. Class Baseball Team onora Spalbirtg First appeared in society in New York City. Wishing a change of climate and scenery she came to Andover in September, 1900, but expects to return to her busy life next winter. She has always been taught to be accommodating, which is shown by the fact that if, in base- ball, she can ' t hit the ball, she allows the ball to hit her. President Y. W. C. A. Vice-President of Class Senior Play Draper Reader ' oi Editor of C our ant Editor of Class Book R KeeJ tit (prophecy A Sibyl, the Cumean called, While passing on her way To join her sisters in the East, Thro ' Andover did stray. No kindly hand was stretched to her, No friend was there to greet, " Ah me, " sighed she, " I needs must stop To rest my weary feet. " Before her tired eyes, there loomed An ivy-mantled wall ; " Familiar that doth seem, " said she, " Ah, yes! ' tis Abbot Hall. " And then with falt ' ring step and slow She climbed the granite stair, Pushed open wide the portal old, And, ent ' ring, found me there. ' 9 She answered to my wond ' ring glance, " A Sibyl old am I. " " Oh, yes ! You sold King Tarquin books, Your price, I think, was high. " " It ill becomes a maiden young To judge of wisdom ' s price, Learn all thou can ' st, reck not the cost, " Said she, " is my advice. " " Thy words, though pert, have proved to me That I am known at last. Believe me, when in Learning ' s hall On yonder hill I asked, If they of Sibyls e ' er had heard, Or of their wisdom learned, Those boys yelled, ' Sure ! In Salem fires As witches they were burned. ' " Now since thou knowest of my fame, A boon I ' ll grant to thee. I ' ll lift the veil which hides the face Of dim futurity. " Quoth I, " This favor then of thee I ' ll ask, and nothing more : For senior girls, disclose the lot The future holds in store. " In solemn tones she then began, " Thy hand extend to me And thou shalt know the girls as they Full ten years hence shall be. Before us comes a matron kind, She was Miss Avery Surrounded by her tiny brood She smiles contentedly. 20 " A bachelor apartment gay Miss Katherine doth keep, ' Tis said she wrestles nightly there With social problems deep. And there her dear friend, Harriet Chase, (E ' en now they cannot part) Doth keenly view the modern stage As critic of that art. " Honora, as an editor, Is known for miles around ; The equal of her mighty pen Has never yet been found. Miss Florence, in the business world, Has met with great success ; While Martha at the bar has proved A wonder — nothing less. " And Lela Elliott set forth, Like John of old, to teach The means by which the savage red The pearly gates might reach. Ere long, it seems among the whites She found some heathen men ; One convert so attractive proved She ne ' er came back again. " Within a city hospital, The faces all grow bright When Mildred Mooers, the nurse, appears Amid the cots so white. That fair-haired girl, in days of yore Miss Johnston called by name, As advocate of woman ' s rights Is now well known to fame. " And one there was, her talents used In teaching district school. Well versed in Browning was the child Who came beneath her rule. But Mercer cared not long to be A wielder of the birch, Her writings show her interest deep In psychical research. " ' Twas thought that Florence Fletcher ' s voice Would make her choose the stage, But architecture, strange to say, Doth all her thoughts engage. She ' s won more fame than e ' er she ' d gain Within the calcium ' s glare, In great demand she finds her plans Of castles in the air. " That dark-eyed lass, lone Bedell, The art of music chose ; And after years of study hard, To prominence she rose. No longer does lone declare She ' s wedded to her art, Since Cupid with unerring aim Sent home a fiery dart. " And though they know that on thro ' life Their paths must be apart, A love for Abbot and the girls Lies deep within each heart. The dear, old school has many friends, But none you ' ll find more true Than they who formed the senior class Of nineteen hundred two. " She ceased, and with a stately bow She bade me then adieu ; And I her form retreating watched Till it was lost to view. Methinks that guest at Abbot Hall I never shall forget, With pleasure, too, I ' ll oft recall The girls that there I met. Lauretta M. McCabe MAPLE WALK 2 3 Coffey Senior CIcxbb HELEN BEATRICE TISDALE President ZTCtlbreb Ct. (£fyase Tuned her first guitar in Plymouth, N. H., and since last fall has been doing the same thing in No. 78 Draper Hall. She also plays the piano, and " Boola " is one of her, as well as our, favorite pieces. As a member of the " Cheering Staff " she is a notable feature. She came to Abbot to prepare for Mt. Holyoke, which she expects to enter next fall. Leader of Mandolin Club Leader of Cheering Staff Florence Caura Sfyipman Pitched her first ball in Montpelier, Vt., from which place she came to us last September. She played pitcher on our baseball team, and, although her balls have not always gone over the plate, has never seri- ously injured anyone with a pitched ball. She expects to continue her studies at Smith College for the next four years. Mandolin Club Fidelio Society Class Baseball Team Sub. Basketball Team E)elen Beatrice (Eisbale Began making puns in Quincy, Mass., but as people there did not appreciate them she came to Abbot. Her highest ambition in athletics is to see Bradford beaten at basketball, which we hope will happen next year. She has been with us a year and a half, and next year will enter Wel- lesley. President of College Senior Class Vice-President of PI deli o Society Vice-President of Athletic Asso. School Basketball Team Class Baseball Team George Fleming ' s English version of " LES ROMANESQUES " By Edmund Rostand - - In Three Acts PERCINET . . A Lover Miss Mason STRAFOREL . . A Bravo Miss Chase BERGAMIN . Father to Percinet Miss Johnston PASQUIN . Father to Sylvette Miss Lindenberg BLAISE . . A Gardener Miss Bedell NOTARY Miss King SYLVETTE . Daughter to Pasquin asqi Miss Spalding BRAVOS BLACKS Miss Blakeslee I Miss Bedell I Miss Avery Miss Mooers Torch-Bearers JJ! SS etcher I Miss King WITNESSES j Miss Avery I Miss Bla " Blakeslee Wedding Guests i ™ [ss j " etcher ( Miss Mooers ASSISTED BY THE MANDOLIN CLUB Ctase (poem Now, when associations dear Of others who have labored well Throng ever round, from far and near, We would their inspiration tell. In loving service to mankind They brought to those about good cheer ; In tender love our hearts they bind As in our thoughts we see them here. II When they as girls like us roamed first These grassy lanes and woody ways, Delighted, eager, on them burst New wonders ever for their praise. They wandered in the shady grove Where violets and wind-flowers dispersed Sweet fragrance through the air, and wove Fair garlands, and gay tales rehearsed. Ill Oh ! may their influence be strong To make us ever walk aright, To make us choose the truth from wrong, The narrow path keep straight and bright. Let us to our ideals be true, March bravely on with joyful song. Mildred A. Mooers. 28 $iUtio ocitty Constance F. Albee Amy Blodgett Helen Bott Helen Childs Ruth Cobb Marie Draper Eleanor Duncan Nancy M. Holland Leonora Keeney Gertrude Lemis Anne Mason Mercer Mason Olive Parker Fanny Perry Marie Pierce Ruth Pringle Alice Reed Cornelia Sattler Ruth Saunders Florence Shipman Grace Speirs Amy H. H. Slack H. Beatrice Tisdale Verta Smith Helen White Marion Whiting 3 (mantofin Wu6 MILDRED CHASE, Leader EDITH BURNHAM ALETTA HEGEMAN ANNE MASON MERCER MASON HELEN MASON FLORENCE SHIPMAN HARRIET SMITH 3 2 Cree §on $ We sing to thee, Little linden tree, In voices sweet and low. We will think of thee, Little linden tree, In the years that will come and go. In the fall or spring, Your leaves must sing For us, little linden tree. And upward fling The songs you sing To the blue skies above thee. And from the skies, From Paradise, A blessing will come to thee ; To keep for us, And impart to us When we think of our linden tree. So grow for us. And be for us What we would have you be. Oh ! wave for us, And tell for us That you ' re our little linden tree. Mercer Mason. 33 T K T (Qttytdk Association 5 MABEL ETHELYN BOSHER Director MERCER MASON President H. BEATRICE TISDALE Vice-President KATHARINE INGRAHAM HERRICK Secretary and Treasurer 34 1902 BASEBALL TEAM Martha L. Blakeslee, Captain, ss. Mildred A. Mooers, if. Florence L. Shipman, p. Katherine L. King, 3d b. Mercer Mason, p. Honora Spalding, 2d b. H. Beatrice Tisdale, If. Florence E. Fletcher, cf. Florence Lindenberg 1903 BASEBALL TEAM Katharine I. Herrick, Captain, 3d b. Marie Draper, c. Marion Whiting, 2d b. Helen Nason, rf. Nancy M. Holland, If Substitutes E. Burnham J. David Anne J. Mason, p. Olive Parker, 1st b. Margaret Eshbaugh, ss. Helen Botl, cf. M MUKKLAND TENNIS COURT DAVIS GKEHN BASIiETBALL TEAM Rosamond M. Thomson, Captain, back Martha L. Blakeslee, guard H. Beatrice Tisdale, centre Anne J. Mason, forward Sarah Hincks, goal Substitutes G. Lemis E. Cole H. Abbot F. Tyer C. Castle A. Smith (X)itoe ta Compagnie Come, all ye good Abbot girls, tune up your throats, Vive la Compagnie. And lustily sing to the jolly, old notes, Vive la Compagnie. Chorus — Vive la, vive la, vive l ' armour, Vive l ' armour, vive l ' armour, Vive la Compagnie. Now cheer for the team, girls, as loud as you can, Vive la Compagnie. Especially Rosie, our dear Cap-i-tain, Vive la Compagnie. Cho.— And now cheer for Blakie and Beatrice, too, Vive la Compagnie. And don ' t forget Juddie whatever you do, Vive la Compagnie. Cho.— And cheer for Sarah, who tosses the ball, Vive la Compagnie, So into the basket it surely will fall, Vive la Compagnie. Cho.— And now for the substitutes give one big cheer, Vive la Compagnie. For they are the team for our vict ' ry next year, Vive la Compagnie. Cho.— 39 r v 1 ' jfJmJMiiii .:.. • , , ■i- .;.. ssgz ,„ „ Zjr ajj? j ztytk 3 - ' - f - - ' " -• ' „r .,, 1 :;■:;: ■; ■ . ■ l COURANT BOARD Editors Belle P. Johnston, ' 02 Honora Spalding, ' 02 Katharine I. Herrick, ' 03 Margaret Eshbaugh, ' 03 Elizabeth Schneider Business Managers Florence Lindenberg, ' 02 Helen L. Packard, ' 03 If aug ' Ht Herein sHall injvire aug ' Ht, Your pride or some sucH treasure, Excuse it, please, for we indeed Beg pardon witHout measure. SENIOR CLASS ALPHABET A is for Abbot and Avery, too, Both sound and substantial, we think, don ' t you? B starts Bedell and Blakeslee as well, But how long these will serve them, ah, no one can tell. C is for Chase. Yes, Harriet Chase. Where practical wisdom our class did e ' er grace. D was the danger, the one sort, we ran, Of ending worse saints even than we began. 41 E is for Elliott, good-natured and sweet, Who never could manage those long words to repeat. F is Floss Fletcher, who at 10.30 each day Would have on each subject, " I ' m sure something to say. " G is for good, so utterly good, That learning hard lessons was like daily food. H means our hearts, devoted en tout To the dear, old school where waves the fair blue. I is the inkling which sometimes we had That Psych., Ethics and Theism would soon drive us mad. J might be Johnston, but better, yet, James, That Cambridge professor Psychology claims. K is for King from whom this heard — " Can a bug in the eye ever seem like a bird ? " L stands for Lindenberg, truly ' twas sad, She spent her young life in hunting an ad. M brings forth Mason, our leader of might. M also means Mooers, who, Mildred, is dight. N is the no, that pitiful no, But not often in class did we have to say so. Oh ! this is the class, the very best class, That classes of Abbot shall never surpass. P must be prudent, you cannot miss that, Which in describing our class does come in so pat. Q stands for quirks and quibbles, but we As a class, we may boast, of these are quite free. R means the rule or rules I might say. Did these twelve model chicks disobey them ? O, nay ! S is for Spalding, with soft gentle voice, And good disposition, a treasure so choice. T is the thing which to you we now say, Our alphabet ends here so we bid you good-day. B. P. J. 42 A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. A let t a Hegcman Our darling rosebud. Rosamond Thomson A light heart lives long. Abbie Smith But still her tongue ran on. Mercer Mason A girl of strong attachments. Helen A ' aso i Fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky. Anne Mason She did nothing and did that well. H. Smith And with their cries discordant mixed, Grumbled and groaned the pipes betwixt. The Fidel io People will talk, you know, How they will talk. H. J achard and A r . Holland What was the occasion on which Miss Johnston was heard to remark : " Look, what ' s looking at you ! " That ' s the way to stand in college, High in marks and want of knowledge. R. Thomson The bloom of rosy innocence her face bespeaks, But if that bloom exists ' tis all in her cheeks. C. Albee Do you take those rubbers off at night ? . Bedell 43 A babe in the house is a wellspring of pleasure. C. Castle Jokes of all kinds, ready, cut and dried. F. Fletcher ' Tis better to have tried and flunked, than never to have tried at all. M. Blakeslee Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie. M. Whiting Good morning ! Merry Sunshine ! Mr. Holt Her sunny hair clustered about her temples. F. Mather She knows what ' s what, And that ' s as high As Metaphysic wit can fly. Katherine King Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax, Her cheeks like the dawn of day; Full warm is her sweet, gentle smile, As sunshine in the month of May. Isabel Jameson A good thing put up in a small bundle. M. Smith Helen Abbott declares: — " Yes, girls, 1 played the piano with one hand and talked to him with the other. " Learn to speak slowly. All other graces will follow in their proper places. Lela Elliott 44 Oh, that laugh of thine will cause thee trouble yet. B. Johnston Where death-like silence reigns. The Library I know mathematics better than I know my own name. R. Greely Man delights me not, nor woman either. B. Tisdale Blessings on him who invented sleep. M. Whiting I sometimes tudy, sometimes eat. H. Nason Raven locks in great profusion. M. Murkland Those emerald wells of truth. L. Keeney Who dances as oft ' as dance she can. A. Mason Feet that run on willing errands. Mary Castle Oh ! she sits high in all the peoples ' hearts. E. Gilbert Two minds with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one. Liebchen and Conniption A companion that is cheerful is worth gold. F. l.indenberg She prays your speedy payment. Miss Bosher A friend in need is a friend indeed. Mrs. Abbot Keep cool and you ' ll conquer the world. H. Chase 45 A girl to be trusted. Lulu Avery Exceeding tall, and, oh, so fair to look upon. K. Herrick Her future ' s clear to see, Fair rival to Sousa she some day will be. Mildred Chase She was good as she was fair. M. Mooers Won ' t somebody please tell the Senior class which was first, the chicken or the egg. Never ending, still beginning. Florence Shipman Silence is oftimes more eloquent than words. M. Eshbaugh Better be out of the world than out of fashion. A. Slack These pretty babes with hand in hand Were wandering up and down. Ted, Helen, and Harriett She wears a somewhat worried look. F. Fletcher Silence is the perfectest herald of joy. M. Mooer s With a childlike smile and happy. Edith Burnham Gentle she was and refined in manner. Fanny Perry " Two kinds of insect life, organic and inorganic. " Zoology Class 46 " He commends Lentulus to the internal embrace of chains. " Marie Murkland in Cicero Class The silent one. K. Scott The grass stoops not, she treads on it so light. E. Wright Now good digestion wait on appetite. Mabel Fordham What ' s the use of living if you can ' t kick. Ruth Perkins With charity toward all, and malice tow ard none. Honora Spalding 47 Stye QnDocer press NOTMAN ' S Claee flbbotograpber to abbot 02 portraits, Enlargements, flIMniatnree on flvot ant) porcelain STUDIOS 384 A BOYLSTON STREET 3 PARK STREET BOSTON 1286 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE CAMBRIDGE - - - MASS. You should Call or Send for Samples of- King ' s c Rpyal Hond MOST BOND PAPERS AS GOOD SELL FOR ABOUT DOUBLE THE PRICE OF THIS 24 Sheets, 25 Envelopes 25 Cents 120 Sheets, 100 Envelopes - - - - $1.00 This comes in Three Colors — White, Azure, and Cerulean Blue and in the very Latest Fashionable Sizes. Stunning, Stylish and Inexpensive Odd Thing ' s — So much sought after by Col- lege girls for decorative uses and not to be found elsewhere. Attractive Up-to-date New Things — Fancy Imported Novelties in China, Bronze, Glass, Pottery, Leather, etc., stylish and inexpensive. Gibson, Stanlaws and Christy Pictures — Etchings, Water Colors, Sporting Prints, Platinum Photographs, Hand Colored Foreign Prints, at all prices from 15 cents to $10. Catchy, new and attractive. Art Calendars — To be taken apart and used for Pictures and Framing, the work of the most popular artists of the day and the famous Foreign Masters, are all adapted to framing, thus serving a double purpose and affording the most up-to-date, effective and inexpensive means of room decoration. These identi- cal subjects when sold singly as pictures in the picture stores cost from two to three times as much as when offered here combined as calendars. GEO. B. KING 25 ° ro Y s L T S o T N ON M iir ET Hrt Stationer anfc Engraver Engraved Calling Cards, Invitations and Die Stamping a Specialty. 1902-iQOi-iQOO and others ordered their class engravings here. NEXT TIME BUY. HAZEN ' S Oxford Chocolates FACTORY .-..-- CAMBRIDGE, MASS. There is a girl here from Moline, But she ' s not as quiet as she may seem ; She is up to all things, up to spreads, The is either in the closet or under the beds. But just at present she is very quiet, Since she is minus Ted and Harriet; Now Helen dearie do cheer up, For something ' !! bring back Hat and Pup. High Grade Furs £ SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS EDWARD KAKAS SONS 162 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS id He - a - sO-lA4 FROM A FRIEND FERGUSON BLAKELEY Cuncbeon and Confectionery 22 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON, MASS. HENRY GUILD SON Manufacturing 3eweler6 SOCIETY AND CLASS PINS A SPECIALTY MAKERS OF THE F1DELIO PIN ESTABLISHED ...1844... 28 WEST ST. (between Washington and Mason Sts.) Formerly 433 Washington St. BOSTON, MASS. Now we ' ve something more to tell, About a girl whose name is Belle, She is a Senior though not grave, She is a regular ethics slave ; What would one do in Eng. Lit. If Belle wasn ' t here to spiel a bit; We certainly would flunk it every day, For she always has a great deal to say. Chorus Be careful, so very careful, Take our advise and stay out of sight; Be careful, so very careful, For we ' re on your track from morning until night. IN CALLING ATTENTION TO OUR Glove, Neckwear, Waist and Veil Department we would say we have all the Newest Fashions, con- stantly bringing out what is becoming and attractive and at a Reasonable Price. SIX PER CENT DISCOUNT TO TEACHERS AND STUDENTS MISS M. F FISK 144 TREMONT ST. BOSTON MASS HAVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS MADE AT SHERMAN ' S NEW COTTAGE STUDIO Picture Frames, Burnt Wood Work, and Decorative Novelties for Sale. Opening in May. Connected by Telephone Main Street, ANDOVER SHREVE, CRUMP LOW CO. jewelers and Silversmiths FINE STATIONERY— PROGRAMS— CLASS INVITATIONS CALLING CARDS— MONOGRAMS, ETC. Class and Society Pins Designs and Estimates Furnished PAGE, The Caterer LOWfXL - - - MASS. Che metropolitan flndowr ' s Candy Store HEADQUARTERS FOR WINTHROP M. BAKER ' S HIGH GRADE CHOCOLATES Also a full line of IV. F. Schraffts ° Sou ' s and Aldrich 6° Smith ' s Goods ICE CREAM, SODA, AND HOME MADE FOOD OF ALL KINDS BOSTON CHOCOLATES MISS HOLT 42 Main Street ANDOVER, MASS. L C. MOORE COMPANY NOVELTIES IN LADIES ' AND MISSES ' SUITS Everything New and Desirable. Our Styles are Dainty and Practical. Tailor Made Wool Suits $7.98 to $29.50 Cool and Dainty Wash Suits, Newest Styles and Patterns - - - $1.25 to $4.98 SHIRT WAISTS-A11 of the late Fancies in Crisp, New .uslins, Lawns, etc. 98c to $7.98 302-301-308-310 312 Essex St. LAWRENCE, MASS. A BEAUTIFUL FOOT Is a " most excellent thing in a woman " and is attainable by all who wear the Patrician Shoe. The aristocratic high instep and Spanish arch are notable char- acteristics of the Patrician. Then, too, it is the acme of ease and comfort. As its name im- plies, it is a noble shoe, born on a noble last ; a shoe that wins respect and admiration in the beginning and keeps it till the end. CHARLES CLARKE SON (Established 1847) Hpotbecaries LAWRENCE MASS. Here ' s to 1902, drink it down, Here ' s to 1902, drink it down, Here ' s to 1902 and to Abbot ' s dear old blue, Drink it down, drink it down, drink it down, down, down. T. A. HOLT CEL CO DEALERS IN Dry Goods and Groceries BASEMENT OF BAPTIST CHURCH ANDOVER MASS. Here ' s to purple and gold, drink it down, Here ' s to purple and gold, drink it down, Here ' s to purple and gold, may its fame be always told, Drink it down, drink it down, drink it down, down, down. GSJS -- G. A. HIGGINS C CO. c lndover bookstore For St. Clair Linen Writing Paper in Cream and Blue FASHIONABLE SQUARE SIZES AMONG THE LATEST AND BEST— SMOOTH AND ANTIQUE FINISH MAIN STREET ANDOVER Park Street and Mansion House Stables W. H. HIGGINS, Proprietor Carriages furnished for Jill Occasions A FIRST CLASS LIVERY, SALE AND BOARDING STABLE. NEW BRAKE FOR PLEASURE PARTIES. FINE HACKS FOR WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS PARK STREET ANDOVER Here ' s to the Senior Class, drink it down, Here ' s to the Senior Class, drink it down, Here ' s to the Senior Class, which none ever can surpass, Drink it down, drink it down, drink it down, down, down. J. P. WAKEFIELD " Che Gp-to-date provision Dealer 16 and 18 Main Street ANDOVER, MASS. FRANK E. GLEASON Coal, Wood, Hay and Straw Carter ' s Block, Main Street Mill Wood for Kindlings. ANDOVER, MASS. EDWIN C. FOSS Originator of IRovelties in Hrt IReeole MorR Full Assortment of College and School Emblems for Pillows, Etc. 200 Boylston Street BOSTON, MASS BENJ. BROWN REPAIRING DONE Fine Shoes Main Street ANDOVER LA FLEUR DE LIS Before going out of town for your supplieg, kindly come in and see if we haven ' t what you want, as we aim to keep almost every- thing in the line of Ladies furnishings Manicuring and Hair Dressing done thor- oughly and in the neatest and most fashion- able manner. Main Street ANDOVER DR. TORREY A. KAISER 14 ESSEX STREET Telephone 16-4 OFFICE HOURS : Till 10 A. M.; 3 to 5 and after 7 p. m. Upholsterer Furniture to Let to Students. Goods Packed and Shipped to all Parts of the Country. Park Street ANDOVER CHEEVER Turtle Burt ' s Shoes FOR ladies Repairing Neatly Done agent for GEORGE F. CHEEVER Elm Square Store ANDOVER THEO. MUISE Cailor Style, Cut, Fit and Finish are the four cardinal points of dress. Model Suits produced to order by us. 13 Barnard St. ANDOVER HERBERT F. CHASE fine Htbletic (Soobe Bicycles Kodaks and Photo Supplies. Expert Bicycle and Automobile Repairing. Establised 1890 ANDOVER MISS MORTIMER parlor JVIillincry Central Building LAWRENCE MASS. ALL KINDS OF £ Fruit in Season Fancy Biscuits, Canned Meats, Olives Confectionery CURRIER CAMPION THE CORNER GROCERY ANDOVER, MASS. REID HUGHES a THE BIG STORE Inform Yourself I £ About Your Eyes DON ' T TAKE ANY J J CHANCES J Come in and talk it over with our Optician. He can tell you whether you need Glasses or not. Our Optical Parlor is the Handsomest and Best Equipped in the State. EXAMINATION FREE OF CHARGE REID HUGHES - Lawrence, Mass- ARTHUR BLISS Pharmacist BANK BUILDING ANDOVER MASS. Dr. A. E. HULME D. M. D. Demist 93 Main Street ANDOVER, - MASS. Office Hours — 8.30 to 12; 1.30 to 5 C. H. GILBERT M. D. S. Dentist BANK BLOCK MAIN ST. ANDOVER SMITH MANNING Dry Goods and Groceries ESSEX ST. ANDOVER 4BB01 H ifcx ito 4 '

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