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A X .- A 5. Y K :I-law ax if:"4 m"u2i,?mu,, ,.. A .MQHL LL' --gfpw .Jim gn N- 1515121 fan y.,,Ab'-ALE' 1 , A -2 i P 'if ! L' f' "l .r , .f-17.4 I 351534 M -.'xM',hr.. A --yicffygsigwf W ,wx -'fzyffm Ai: Riff. fl,-.1r,lgy , , nf Qkfsvflu Q3-"yr-iqfff XL: Sai: A w.q,4,g.V,,, I, 1964 BB UI THE ABBEY SCHOOL CANON CITY, COLORADO 'vvuwmwm -f- ww., ..-w....,.q W .QW X X W ,X,UUW"' 5 1 I l v I ' 'if JFS' I' Mn J f in 'MK I 45-f, 4 Y -Z' 45 .44 i ,Pk ,fm 4 -' A. I4 l 1 i ":'? .p, 1. 'W in Q ' ' 4 ?:i1' ' - J"-uf 431-s " . 2'1.,.'- -, L ...Q..,,:,,U X. M, M' 1" "" ' Q , QV- 'Wiuwl5Qi4uQ.., , ' t . -fu-A vw-...J America's greatest hope for prog- ress in the space age is its educated youth-mentally, spiritually, physi- cally and socially developed for the challenges that lie ahead. 4 WiZ23i?"""" hi ULLA TH ORNE HALL ..---J. ,,.-f'1?""' 4 ,,....+vA -4ff'! V' tl..- ,,..,-- V li .....--- V-M' ' 1F',.2.' FAT' . fl' 2-- HEDLE Y HOUSE ,- A landmark in Southern Colorado is the Abbey Tower. Its Gothic struc- ture symbolizes many decades of Benedictine monasticism at Holy Cross Abbey, along with modern ed- ucational development and expansion of the Abbey School. ABBOT ALC UIN HALL ABBOT ERNEST FIELDHO USE vf Fw U W My x , W iwf'-' wt.. p Vw X f Y V K . tu- : T V' , we V' , , r-I " ' ,'v' 5 A I I ' lv 1 x 1 1, ' uf A 1 ' Xi V ,'- VV' vo- -V ,,. ' J 1 q 'J V I I f 1' JD V -1 1 . A Y I "fr V , . , .XX , X gs.. 3 4' X", V k Y r J, ,ff V '-. 'C H ' K V V iz: ' . P: ff' ' ,X -, -A5 .X ,if ,Q -' W -' X1-, V .X,,X X ,Y a . V Y 3, CHX:-V' -.' '5- VQ-2, ti, 'a' 'mall ,""f , 1' . RV . -..,.V . INN, ,Q YV. ff -'lv . A fn .U 5. 'V' ,V ,N -XX V I tv-V,,..gX4,,.V,. X, dh' . , . , , ,VV " ..,f ,.fs,.M ali- Q 46.5, V. V"' . X X '-.WVR-,-:,' ,,5ff-1'!Z,f- V- ':, 1 . . , . ,'f:4L5Vi -. ww' V ,Va V Vfwim V, .V 'IV-"f'V 'A' I. 'V 1, " " , "'V ' VVL1--V:f'vV,,i 1 ,, ,, 'W 7,fX.p'3,A X ' ' ' X,.,X '. XXVQXX-'.Xf:', V X .:, X,.,Xi:-.X,7' 'A Xl,..'-.',f',?.dX,gg!1kX VA ' e-,V,XX,,, -. If ,iy - IP' 'J 'r -:rd ,I ' v ludl,'q'X1"ff,' ' V, y 4i,X,X,X 51 ",H'I'X , ,X 3,9 ,',',,,,f','.XfX,V,V afVq,'f, WX ,' Q , . X ,Ty-1. k-,tZf1..,XX, " V 'K' ..,, - , -.,, V ,-,f., ,, I ,V,. ,V . 1 .., V,tiV3r-.1 . ., V., ,V ME ,V 'L 3 -AV U' VV ' ' ,X uflw ' U '- -' - -'JV V ' L V"L,'.,,,1':i:,?f?A,V-,5 tgp'-, V , "E ' rff.""l'5x-M ' ' ,li WX. , .A X'-,XV nk XV,XXiXWQ,,Xg,, X'.XXJXVX,, HV XV ,,fX5,,gf,,.V ,V , VX' ,X XV,- -- 1' ,,rV.VVV V VV -V 'f V-.X, X Mfg, ,XVWAI .X ,VA V -'Af f 11.,Vf'5VQfVl"fVE,v',+f,'MVWVV fu'l'5'1f' ' " ,?" Jsjif' "Wi Wm H: . FH X-.,,,X.XXVVr'5g..fV,XfiAgfX,,1,X 4' 'X ,+,XXXX -fvflw I X V 1, ,V 'ww ,VXLgTf-VLA. -XM ,XF A ' A, y ' ,:., 4jXYf'H'f.r' 5' '1.1'7u-,Vw I ff V - 1':if'11- ' ,-, ' .VI-WV -, ',- 1, !Y!64'I'!w?r1-in -. -., jJy4.,.,j.j7'Qf-1,145 ,I 1-.V X, X ,f,'Vj,.VVX,XV.--fgX'.,39mLgL ,f X: X X , ,V XXV: ,nj - ' ,1,,3ggX 1 -we X. X ,XVfj,XV ,.J'X .yr , X .:, V1 'j,-XXX, " VMXXXXXXV - '.X,.XV1XX,517X,5pV .VV'lXX.X Xl. . VX X,1,,, P X XV' XX V,,X X,XXmX MQ' My "1 V'4,Af'lrVf'iQI'V'iwf!'A lj "5?'.!'J' K' 1' " wi fr 'r f '.V "'.,"" -175 '-" '1",.k,' M Y", ' I I A , . fm r'V V V V . 1 -H MIK' 2 X Anil! iw- ' - Vyi' V, .1 . ' .4 ww ,'," ' fr .1, X. ,,- +X- ,VV-X 4 - .,,VXA: .U ' ',Xf-'E-,. ,V -,VX:VV,,N':: X ':f "i'A.1MV, .X,"VXxg1n-:X .Af , XV :gy ',z' '1AXxog,'w1v V.eX,, A .V+ X. A-X X X,' ' f1.P'5'5'4Aa4'J-111.9 'wif-bfi g 'V-wWf1".-ErVQff,V l'.1!,'v9'29"f'k'V: f",?,w'azf'g fV ' nfl' "7 if A' 7"ilgVf'V!' ' rf' " V 'i"7f" 'Il' IV ', 1 A 1'7" U lir!E,i""7J'5'u:Viv? L.'v",""V'- ' ff' " 'V"Y"'4 'f '-f'iV,-'VIA XX,,1Qf'H'!f'3 I I M391 fu V' - 'V ' " " 'H A ' -'-' 'VS ' VW V ' fl' .' ',,- " '- ', Y' 'f :VJV P- 'Fa .' ' V"'l-KU' ',V "IV" 2 '.". 'f 'f 'f . V A-Ve . ' V' - '2- X',N, '-,.8,fV ,,V,., 1 M7"'Hf , , yfw"t-fS',.,uX1. 1 Q -wf ','V'TAY,,VV24'fe ifg25f.fQQ.V.. ,jf 'VX,1,'Qy.-V, ,fy X .VV X- af, fi fs V --, f 'V I-' ' V- X, V X, XJV., ...,.yVJ ,V.,a,L.4u,, AV, VM ,v ,u.,- ,.5, U. .Jn V- ,, .5 V, 1,1 ,- ,, . , X , X V. I, V 41, LL. 5 vm- mp' ,X!.LV,','.'.-'f .'U'V, g g.'f-1,jVfV'y5, ,w 2152 dying.-q.jff".,,fXu-Q, ff ,- Q,-3-"4VgvXff . H! , f,V..l1fVxg'ff-I' gi ffl ffU.A.' . - N1 .' ,if A ,XXV X I 3" , X. -..,, '- Lu Ura1y'.'.t,lff,ff1Z' ' ,?,6"i 2' fg""fL'A !.Vn,V,,1fQf.'-f,,f".1.1.11,5L2-.ll.ff71il'V'2fVl'LzQ.'ULf,-,1.1"':LV',:j:L,, V',rt4:11?.J..:4 L..V'V,...f',:1. Ag?'.'.- .fi ' .,i' ' V 4 JV' 'sd V -'H FAC LTY RIGHT REVEREND LEONARD SCHWINN, O.S.B Abbot of Holy Cross Abbey President of the Abbey School f -2 r . 'X BRO. MARTIN MUHIEIIM FR. GERALD WALKER FR. MARK JACKSON BRO. STEPHEN STADLER FR. AUGUSTINIC LaMARCHE VI-'FN 'wx ,EQX AN X 51, Na FR. LUKE HAI,I,EINBFCK BRO. TFIRENCE FR. LAMBERT MORROW am-1 IVR. Ll-IO NULL. Wm ,M FTN Q BRO. MARK CUMRINIEI FR. BRPINDAN O'BRHCN FR. .IERONIIC IIE,-XI,Y FR. ALOYSIUS POTOCIINIK FR. S'I'EPIIIiN SUSTRICK N.-ff -5. 'lvfvf 5. I0 ,, ,1 C1 ,, ak. .,-' 1 -95" " S- MRS. VR. PICTER HUDSON FR. ROBlCR'l' IN FR. THOMAS TRUJILLO MRS. DOROTHY IJOIJGIC FR. NORBRRT KI XLAN SCHWAB FR. HLANE BI BBI I' FR. MICHAEL .IANKOWSKI FR. PHILIP BOYLE JR ' 3' W gg:-Q: M GFIRVAIS FH. BONAVILNTUHIC HANIJI FR. .-XNSICLM AMA BRO. EUGENE BAHICLA BRO. LOUIS MANGUS 3 nw. W' 'wr 3. ...I .J XxXxXR. BRO. TIMOTHY TIERNEY FR, WILLIAM THOMPSON MR. WILLIAM APCAR FR. LAWRENCE LUTZ BRO. DAVID DOWNEY Frater Christopher and Brother Eugene help Father Abbot distribute the Christ- mas gifts. Brother Michael Murray executed a new paschal candle for the chapel. Father Michael works on a new outer-space painting. Abbot Leonard played host to three bishops during the Catholic- Episcopalian dialogue held in February. Shown below arc: the Rt. Rev. Edwin B. Thayer, suffragan bishop of the Episcopalian Diocese of Colo- radog the Rt. Rev. Joseph S. Minnis, Episcopal bishop of Coloradog The Most Rev. Charles A. Buswell, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, and the Rt. Rev. Leonard A. Schwinn, O.S.B., abbot of Holy Cross Abbey. vs! I7 1 Ilia ff -..,., a' ".-' ...--1 ,, - , ,.,- -.'.-M - ' -f-Mr - .. .. . , H.. 3 ' ' I J v . M . 1 , . .- v- . .,-,ug-xx jg f' -' .. A -, wwf-:--W , '1 - . , ' ' b f ," 1' '- ' . -' 5'-. :HW-PQ f.: fx i is . " L - ,W rx, hs' K 'f,r.f,h.'fr:,.x:-QQ, .V 'fl' .I 'K se . K A wg. Wi1X,x,QQ...y-3 'WV , W I . . , - .9 u f - ' v r . -'K -' ' J: R .ny , ' ' 'K ' U n v ' N ' -"f.44r-1-mg!--.45 -3-Y 4-...K -"-g,,5,gg:.wgj M- A' .,',9,4.y ! V ln , 'N J . kr A - - .. A '- --3 , ,r 2: f -M.-.qiff 3'-31:"'1' rw fig- Cf- X Q,-as 5 - -K rf 1 - Q..' 5-Jw' 1 . ' -. 1 "fw.fJ5"'97f'vi'?5' :. :f.'.'.'5+1,-,f.":4:w' N - '-' r ' ' 7' ' "L - ' 'ff , ' Q71 ".. L-'Aff'-. ' 'Yr - ix 'ig--v'f' -- Q. 3135. ' - x -' fr.f,4,.-:4.A- -' X 4 I w". wif , -5-M-. -if' ' .1 , .. ' ., -.H - ',',,.-, -N. "V Y' YJ.. f..., .x . Q rf - - ..-. .nwmf "A,--f,w.,X.-4 , MU-f. - - f ,af . , ,ww - H .-' X r-ffrffv A -A +A- A I8 Reprinted from thu: book, THE JOHN F. KENNEDYS: A FAMILY ALBUM by Mark Shaw, by permission of the publisher, Farrar, Straus G Company, Inc. Copyright 1961. 1964 by Mnk Shaw. C7 The steps he took on earth pare now an indelible testimony to all things American-the dignity of man, the equality of human beings, the respect for individual achievement, the passion for peace- among nations. He took them at home and abroad, amidst friendly loyalty and unfriendly opposition. Time has recorded these steps for men to trace again in hope-or 'abandon them to the shameful failures of history. ' - CLASS OFFICERS Kvvin cYIq0l'fl', Stove Cook. Mark Sulvalo. Rocky Marqlwz FRE HME MONTE FRYT Manitou Springs, Colo. DAN CONNOR Hopkins, Minnesota JOHN WILLIAMS Bountiful, Utah JIM LEAIIY ,Hlglllilllll l'urk. lllinuif l3lI.L KONTE Ancliorage, Alaska 'I'lNl UJXTH .lclfrcy City, Yvyo. DOUG MUELLIZR Canon City, Colo. JIM WAL'l'lfll5CllEllJ Curlslmrl, NAI. BOB CORNIZLIIX Canon City, Colo. MIKE THOMPSON Memphis, 'll-riiiussctz STEVE LUKASSEN Canon City, Cnlu. LARRY COICOECHEA Yiu Elko Ncvzulzx b DICK ARENSDOHF Casper, Wyoming HARRY ROSSI Puclrlo, Colo. ROCKY MARQUEZ Pugosal Springs, Colo. JOE CALL.-XGER Eagle NCSI, NAI. XVAYNE TAYLOR Kilnliull, Nclpr. JIM MEDLEY Colorado Springs, Colo. DOM CINCORANELLI Canon City, Colo. DAN DEl'l'E Florence, Colo. MA RK SALVATO IJCIIYUI, Colo. JOHN SABATINO Canon City, Colo. TOM CHRISTOPHER Colorado Springs, Colo. GENE ESPINOSA Florcncv, Colo. TOM CLOSSET Canon City, Colo. JOE BELTRABIO Canon City, Colo. STANFORD BUTLER Colorado Springs, Colo JERRY MERLINO Canon City, Colo. JAMES REDDER Fort Collins, Colo. TIM KIRVEN Buffalo, Wyo. BOB HICKEY Taipei, Formosa MIKE PECK Colorado Springs, Colo. MIKE PARKER Florence, Colo. MYLES SULLIVAN Canon City, Colo. MIKE GUTIERREZ Golden, Colorado JIM CRAY Sun Valley, Idaho f-it R? RY SPRINCINIAN Alton. Illinois The Freshmen learned to type with all ten fingers under the tutorage of Father Blane. WALTER SCHMALSTEIG Lcvellancl, Texas CHARLES STRINCHAM Vernal, Utah DAN MCELHATTAN Salt Lake City, Utah PAT RYAN Canon City, Colo. JIM MURPHY Colorado Springs, Colorado STEVE HUNTER Sikeston, Missouri CLASS OFFICERS Mikv Powell. Bill Tlmivbaul. Carlos Ormloncz SUPHOMURE JOHN BRANDENBURG JACK WOOLLEY JOHN TONSO Raton. New Mexico Santa Fv, N.M. Ccnlvr, Colo. JOE WALKER Albuquerque, N.M. GEORGE LONG Optima, Oklahoma JIM MCMAHON Colorado Springs, Colo. ART COSTELLO MIKE TRACY VITO TRUJILLO JOHN ANDREXVS Salida, Colo. Syracuse, Kansas Del Norlc, Colo. Canon City, Colo. V.-YI' QI.-XWLIQY DAVID DE LISIO RICK HOLTON Hooker, Oklg, W'umlstuck, N.Y. Sf- Louis, Mo. BOB TEDESCO Salt Luke City, Utah J IM LOWREY Roswvll, NM. JOE BELTRAMO Canon City, Colo. BILL MQGARRY JERRY SHOEMAKER JOHN FREEMAN STEVE HERRMANN Furniington. N.M. Albuquerque, N.M. Buena Vista, Colo. Kinslvy, Kansas JOE RODGERS RICK URENNAN HILL CAMPBICLL Dl'IlYl'l'. Colorado River Forest, Ill. 1'111ll'l'l1CC, Kfolo, I'AI'L KUHCHAK Sun .-Xntonio, Florida FRIQIJ SPENCER liurm-ku. Utah CHUCK ll,-XILEY Durango. Colo. H013 SINGLES T031 ,IERSIN JOHN CRICCOR IJAYIQ ICIJICRICR l'1Lll'llliIlgl0ll. XM. Pllclllo, Colo. Colorado Springs, Colo. Omnlm, N1-lxruskal MIKE OKEEFE MIKECAMPBELL CARLOS ORDONEZ Sim FI'illlK'iSCO, Culif. Manitou Springs, Colo. Mexico City,.Mcxic0 BOB LAN Y Pueblo, Colo. RUSTY ARRICHETTI ,AiiJlllIlli'l'lIllf', NAI. FRANK WITTY Florcnrv, Colo. HOB THOMPSON GREG THOMPSON VIC BACHECHI MIKE BARRETT Pueblo, Cola. Canon City, Colo. Albuquerque, N.M. Cheyenne, Wyoming DAVE ZALLER Canon City, Colo. CHUCK WERNSMAN Fleming, Colo. TIM MONACHAN Denver, Colorado KEN NELLSON Leudvillc, Colo. STEVE DIERKS Canon City, Colo. DON MARINCIC JOE YOI3 Big Piney, Wyo. Raton, New Mexico TOM MURRAY GARY MADER RICK FERRI Tucson, Arizona Canon City, Colo. River Forest, Ill. HUB OTIONNOR MIKE COLEMAN MIKE POWELL lfoluixulu Springs, Colo. Pm-bln, Colm, Salt Luke Qilyv Utah DAN TAFUYA ffulurumln Springs, Colo CLFRT KAISER Munlc Yiblal, Colo. KEN SAIJXZAIK hspuiiolal. XM. KIQYIN CIIMNIINS UlI,L'1'lllI2I3AU'I' 'FERRY 15,-X'1'H BILL 31,.1y0N,xL1J Ciuiuii liily. Colo. l'L1n-lain, Colo. ji-ffrcy City, Wyu. Puvimiu, Colo. .sm- -Q , Tom Jersin gets his yvarly haircut from Senior. Pat Kearns. hi. HIQA M WM 1 2 ,vw iJ?,,Y,:i f" My ,iww ,mf 1, ,TZ 'c 4 ff r nh. ,A 2 1 1, R M64 . f H, TE 1 CLASS Ul"FlCI'iHS john Murigmi. Grvg Ullstrom. Carl Muller, Tim Halm UNI OR JOHN l'l'l'Cll Ellfvkll, Uluh TIM HALNI Las Vegas, Nuw Mcxico RICHARD CISI OHS, ffulUl'LltIu NIC FERRI Rixvr I"ol'4'sl, IH. CARL MULLER Lumlnn, England DAVE DEUTSCH Colurucln Springs, Colorado FRANK KI EEK l"lm's-mm-, Culurumlu TERRY MEYER Huuldvr. Colorado MIKE MORRIS Hillsboro, Ohio STEVE CERVI Canon City, Colorado lNlARTlN KINNA Donvcr, Colorado DAVE WERNSMAN Fleming, Colorado MIKE PECORARO Gallup, New Mexico JOHN SPINNCMAN Alton, Illinois STEVE TELCK Canon City, Colorado LE ROY BIERNACKI Penrose, Colorado TIM LOVE Canon City, Colo. KIM ROTERBIUND I3rf'Ckcnridg:v, Michigan CHARLES OVERTON Lvudvillc, Colorado .IOHN IIAYIZNS Canon City, Colo, .IIM MASON Canon City, Colorado BOB SLAYSKY Lathrup Villugv, Mich. CARL TOSIS'I.I'I'O Canon City, CoIn. .IIM 'I'I'I"I'IfHINGTON Nm-w Orlvults, Lu. JOHN TITUS Arvuclu, Colorado JOHN NIARIANI Los Altus, Calif. TOM CIIRISTE St. Louis, Mo. GREG ULLSTROM Huntington Station, N,Y TICHE DONAHUE BIl'IIl1liliS, Tc-nn. AJ, MILLER Glcnrfuc, Illinois MORGAN BAKEWELL St. Louis, Mo. .UNI l3If,'XUDET'IiL Rutun, NAI. JERRY CHIARO Florefncv, Colo. STEVE AIJAMIC lfanon lfily, Colo. CI'IAliLI5S ,IAWETZ Los Angm-los, California ROSS SCIIWYHART Canon City, flnlu. lflllfl Sflllfflll K4-rmil, 'll-Km TOM O'KEEl"E San l"rancisC0, Calif. .l IM FLAN N ICRY Waflxinglnn, lJ.C. FRANK KONTE Anvllrnralgc, Alaska DREW VACLAV Colorado Springgg Colo. TOM ZIMMERMAN Lawton, Oklahoma JIM CLOOS Evergreen, Colorado JIM HUDSON Canon City, Colo. JOHN SLAUCHTER Evansville, Ind. JAIME GARCIA Durango, Mexico CHUCK HOWEY Ccntcr, Colorado TOM HURRLE Rochester, Minn. DENNIS KIRVEN Buffalo, Wyoming BOB MULLER London, England PAT SWEENEY Dcl Norte, Colo. KEN SHOEMAKER Albuqucrque, New Mexico DET 0'CONNOR Littleton, Colorado LUIS SUQUILANDA Estado Bolivar, Venezuela .IIM SOLFISBURG Aurora, Illinois DAN MILES Boulder, Colorado LLOYD SIMMONS Eagle, Colorado FRANK TISONE Canon City, Colo. X 155 CLASS OFFICERS Chris Slavsky, Drew Winston, Reyes Garcia, Michael Clement I ORS JAMES TONSO Center, Colorado National Honor Society 3, 4, Rand 2, 3, 4, A Club 2, 3, 4, Clcc Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Studt-nt Council 4, Ski Club 4, Baseball 1' Drama 4. LARRY BARRETT Chey enne, WyOm1I1g A Club 4, Cleo Club 2, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Drama 4. PATRICK KEARRS Denver, Colorado Chronicle Staff 1, 2, 3, A Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, Debate- Speech 1, 2, 3, 4, Bruin Staff 3, 4, Class Offi- cer 35 Student Council 2, 3, National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Band 3, Track 4. KEVIN HOLCOMB Mftraeaibo, Venezuela Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4g A Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Bruin Staff 43 Na- tional Honor Society 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4g De- bate-Specch 23 Class Officer 1, 2, 3: Baseball 13 Voice of Youth 3, 4. GENE MANN Canon City, Colorado Football 33 Dr ima 3 WILLIAM DUNN Florence, Colorado MICHAEL WOOTTON Santa Barbara, California Basketball 15 Debate- Spcecll 1g Chronicle Staff 1g Drum and Bu- gle 35 Baseball 13 Voice of Youth 4. MICHAEL CLEMENT Cleveland, Ohio A Clulm 3, 4: Buskcllmll 2, 3, 4: Chronicle Edi- tor 4: Class Officcr 4: Bruin 4: Voice of Youth 3, 4. JAMES SWIFT Sheridan, Wlyoniing Class Officer 3: Busc- lvall 1: A Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Buslxcllmll 1, 2, 3, 4: Footlmll 1, 2, 3, -1-9 Student Council 4. TERRY O'BRIlZN Rochester. Minnesota Glcc Clulw 3. -lg A Clulm -1: Bruin 4: Atlllm-lic Truim-r 3, 4: Sludcnt Council 21: Drama -1. THOMAS HICKEY Taipei. Formosa flllI'0IllC'lt' 3: A Cluls 2, 3, Al: lfoollulll 2, 3, -19 tilt-c Clulm 1, 2, 3, 4: lluslwllnlll 2. 3, fl-3 BRUIN Editor 4: Stu- ll:-nt Council -1: Drum und Hugrlc l: liuscball l: llrauna 3. -L, W5 ,A s .Ni ...MP LARRY HENKEL Victoria, Texas Delmute-Sps-4-ell 3g Nu- tionul Honor Society 3, 4. BUCKY RAPP Brush, Colorado Ski Club 35 Clee Club 3. GEORGE KLECAN Albuquerque, New Mexico Football 13 Bmskctllull 1, 2, 33 Debate-Speech 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4g Colden Key 1, 2, 15, 45 Chron- icle 1, 2, Class Officer 23 'Student Council 3, 43 Voice of Youth 3, 4, Drama 4. JOHN KNEBEL Buffalo, Wyoming Football 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES .1 AVERNICK Florence, Colorado A Club 3, 44 Football 1, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council REYES GARCIA Antonito, Colorado Basketball 1: Debate- Spccch 2: Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 1, 3: llascbull 1, Voicc of Youth 4. WLADIMIR SENUTOVITCH Santa Fe, New Mexico Clee Club 23 Chronicle 45 Ski Club 1, 2, B, 43 Voice of Youth 4g Ra- dio Club 4, Track 4. STEVEN TUCHFARBER Las Vegas, Nevada A Club 2, 3, 4g Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Cvlee Club 4, Drama 4. ff' -Q-"" MICHAEL DODGE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma National Honor Society 3, 49 Nimrode 4. HAROLD SPENCER Eureka, Utah Football 23 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Voice of Youth 3 4, Drama 4. DONALD OLSHOVE Glenwood Springs, Coloraclo National Honor Society 3. 43 Colden Key 43 Science Fair 3, 4g Radio Club l, 2, 3, 4, Chess Cluh 4. CARL JAVERNICK Carion City, Colorado 4, 4 "'f".L.."T" JOHN HAMMOND Chicago, Illinois A Club 4: Glce Club 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DAN GARRETT Canon City, Colorado Track 4. RON MACALUSO Wheat Ridge, Colorado A Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Clce Club 1: Chronicle 1, 23 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1. CHRISTOPHER SLAVSKY Orchard Lake, Michigan A Club' 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3. 43 Class Officer 4g Ski Club 3, 4- MICHAEL KARLINGER Pueblo, Colorado Football lg Clee Club 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 3,'4g Chronicle 3, 4g Drama 3. SAM QUIGLEY Eureka, Utah A Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 35 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Drama 3. DANIEL KETTLE Westcliffe, Colorado Football 1, Basketball 1, 3g Glce Club 3, National Honor Society 43 Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM TRUJILLO Pagosa Springs, Colorado National Honor Society 4 DAVID FASSLER Canon City, Colorado A Club 4, Football Basketball 4-. SAMUEL HUNTER Sikeston, Missouri Football 1, Clce Club 3g National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Chronicle 2, 33 Science Fair 2, Stu- dent Council 4, Ski Club 3, 43 Voice of Youth 3, 4, Radio Club 1, 2g Writers Club 2. FRANK GALLIVAN Cheyenne, Wyoming Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama 3, 4, A Club 3, 4, Football manager 1, 2, 33 Cvlce Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Voice of Youth 2, 3, 4-. 1 ROBERT BEAUDETTE Raton, New Mexico A Club 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 43 Chronicle 4 BRUIN 4. x . DREW WINSTON Kirkwood, Missouri Debate 3g National Honor Society 3, 43 Class Officer 45 Science Fair 2, 3, 4. JOHN BROWNE Levittown, L.I., New York Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Chess Club 4. CECIL FITCH Eureka, Utah A Club 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DENNIS LEMAN Douglas, Wyoming A Club 3, 43 Basketball manager 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN MEDLEY Colorado Springs, Colorado HERBERT SCHWIETERMAN Canon City, Colorado HERBERT DIERKS Canon City, Colorado Football 1. DAVID RYAN Colby, Kansas Glee Club 43 3, 4. Nimrods l V FOOTBALL A new era began in Abbey history this year when Mr. William Apgar arrived from Rocky Ford to coach the Bruins. High spirits and bounding enthusiasm were key- notes accompanying this new era. A team that was expected not to win a single game, ended the season with a 4-4-1 record. Our Bruins were young and inexperienced but with 17 years of experience in coaching behind him, Mr. Apgar channeled these young talents into a proper direction which has brightened the athletic future of The Abbey School. xii S A , 5 3- R -5 1 "2 SSE? Riggs' W A i3fXgzi. Ms' SER, F N .ky. j?"x,, 7,4 ' ff If ' ,X K " 1, xfimfi- 'X . ' J' rg: 5 , ' grw-W . r f fi ijhli kg Lgvnk ' W L 9 JJ gi Q-ww X ff 3, 1 - gxigg ski it ,1 A X Ay 3 . f -L Mg,?,,,E,., X ..,, .- X , NEQP S G. ' ' 1 N' ' .lfzwvi 45 IKQSX '23, , X Wm 5 gr 5 w xx 2 - , J Q5., N ei . XT -X kxskk x x - '- 'Q .i , Y ,. A ?x'f .. I On a wet and raining night the Bears opened their season play against the Montrose Tigers. The Abbey defense held tough through the whole game except for one play in the second period when a Montrose halfback went around right end for forty yards which set up the sole touchdown of the game. Abbey scored twice during the contest. Both scores were safeties which were set up on punts by Kevin Holcomb. Final score-Abbey 4 Montrose 7. The board of strategy talks things over. Coach Bill Apgar flanked by .lim Siegel and Father Thomas Trujillo. Brilliant kicking by Kevin Holcomb and excellent passing by ,lim Swift were the key factors in the Bruins first triumph of the season. The opening score came on a 58 yard pass play from ,lim Swift to Kevin Holcomb. The second score was set up as Jim Solfisburg intercepted a Trojan aerial. Three plays later Solfisburg carried over from the one. Holcomb,s punts kept the Trojans in constant trouble throughout the entire The tW0'WaY Stretch that failed bl' inches- game. Swiftis timely completions kept Las Animas on defense the majority of the game. Final score-Abbey 14 Las Animas 0. After recovering from bitter defeat in the first game, the Bears marched into Rocky Ford and shut out their second opponent in three starts. Victory never tasted sweeter for Coach Apgar. Abbey drew first blood in the contest midway through the first period when Jim Swift threw a 38 yard touchdown pass to Kevin Holcomb. Defense was the main factor in the victory as the Abbey's hard-rushing line kept the Melloneers in their own field through- out most of the game. With one second remain- ing on the clock, the Rocky Ford quarterback was intercepted by Tom Hickey who went 20 yards for the final six points of the game. Final score-Abbey 12 Rocky Ford O. 60 Captain Chris Slavsky sits on the ground and watches Jim Solfishurg start on a gainer in the homecoming game. Wearing their new uniforms for the first time and playing host to St. Mary's of Walsenhurg, our Bruins made our guests feel most unwelcome as they made them our third shutout victim of the season. .Although reserves played much of this game, Swift and Holcomb again sparkled in this Abhey victory. Holcomb's kicks again were nothing but sensational and again Swift threw a touchdown pass to Holcomb. This one covered 68 yards. Jim Solfisburg continued to run over oppo- nents as he scored one touchdown and helped to set up another. Joe Rodgers hit the scoring column for the first time this season as he went 19 yards on one play and carried over on the next. Final score-Abbey 25 St. lVIary's O. For the first time in thirty-eight outings, our Bruins went down in defeat without registering a point. Al- though the statistics showed the teams to be equal, the Plainsmen from Laramie capitalized on the Abbey mis- takes. Solfishurg, Swift, and Slavsky turned in their usual fine games. The game marked the fourth year in a row that the Bears have gone down in defeat to Laramie. The Bears have yet to win a game against the Plainsmen. Final score-Abbey 0 Laramie 21. bl if M Homecoming game. If statistics counted the Bears would have a feather to put in their bonnet as they would have defeated one of New Mexicois top rated teams, the Raton Tigers. The Tigers capitalized on two plays in the game which enabled them to score. The first was a pass play on the second play of the game and the second was a third period pass play which was deflected and came down in the arms of a Raton defender who had an open field ahead of him. The New Mexican team couldn't stop our offense and couldnft run against our defense. On the final play of the game the Bears scored their only T.D. of the game as Jim Swift hit Tom Hickey in the end zone. Final score- Abbey 6 Raton 12. Jim Tonso takes a pitch-on from Jim Swift as two Irish close in for the kill. A tense moment in the walk. 333 The calendar read November 3, Homecoming for the Trinidad Catholic Tigers. It also showed the Bears had been unsuccessful in their two outings and had not had a victory since September 28. It was time for a Bruin victory and well did the Bears put on a display of power. On the first play of the second quarter, Swift threw 60 yards to Holcomb for the score and again late in the second period Swift threw to Holcomb for a 53 yard touchdown play. Sophomore fullback, Carlos Ordonez, playing his first game as a starter, scored twice during the contest. Jim Solfisburg was his usual self as he picked up a great deal of yardage and scored one touchdown. Final score--Abbey 34 Trinidad Catho- lic 0. Before a crowd of 4,000 fans, the Bruins played Pueblo Catholic in the Abbey thirty-first Homecoming tilt. The teams were evenly matched and it was a hard fought game from start to finish. The Bears drew first blood late in the first period when Jim Swift intercepted a Pueblo pass and returned it tothe Shamrock one yard line. On the next play Jim Solfisburg carried over. Later in the fourth quarter, the Bears scored their second touchdown of the game when Swift threw 24 yards to his favorite end, Kevin Holcomb. But the Shamrocks were not finished yet. Fired up and deter- mined, they returned to the field of play and pulled the game out of the fire as they scored two touchdowns to tie up the game. Final score-Abbey 12 Pueblo Catholic 12. ' Jim Solfisburg picks up a few precious yards against the Shamrocks in the homecoming game. Tom Hickey gets a Bear-hug from one of Pueblo's defenders on a pass play. Couldn't he interference? 63 ,ff Game photographer Father Bonaventure takes a half time break. Mfr! A Kevin Holcomb hangs on to a Swift pass and scores against the Shamrocks. After battling to a 12-12 tie, the Bears and Shamrocks met one week later to determine the champion for the S.C.P.l... Playing without the services of Kevin Hol- comb, the Bears fought to the bitter end. Dominating the first two and a half periods of play, the Shamrocks scored the initial 14 points of the game. Midway through the third period Jim Solfisburg ran up the middle for 45 yards and the Bears began to melt. Play after play the Bears ran over the Shamrocks. The Bruin opening score came early in the fourth period when Jim Swift dropped back to pass. No receivers were open so Swift ran the ball into the zone from 14 yards out. The fourth period was a fine exhibition 'of Abbey offense but the Bruins managed to score only once and that came late in the game when Swift completed two consecutive passes to Tom Hickey. The final score-Abbey 12 Pueblo Catholic 14. The Bruins talk over the game with Coach Apgar as the "Mainliner" is ready to head for home. ACLB Under the able leadership of Steve Tuchfarber, Presidentg Bob Beaudette, Secretary, Pat Kearns, Treasurer, the members of the schoolis honor athletic organization, the A Club, had a profitable year. As usual the club was responsible for the annual Homecoming Dance. However, the high point for the members came at the annual picnic and steak fry at Oak Creek Canyon, where all who attended were entitled to three of the best steaks in the state of Colorado, so many of them thought. Pictured above are: M. Bakewell, J. Hudson, A. Miller, L. Barrett, F. Callivan, J. Solfisburg, J. Hammond, S. Quigley, R. Macaluso, C. Slavsky, J. Beaudette, P. Sweeney, T. O'Keefe, S. Cervi, D. Leman, D. Fassler, T. 0'Brien, J. Swift, Father Alan Schwab, C. Muller, C. Javernick, .l. Tonso, C. Fitch, M. Clement, T. Hickey, K. Holcomb, S. Tuchfarber, R. Beaudette, P. Kearns. 65 K, l up . no l X. A N Gallivan shows good form. Coltllarp and Rossi make ready to ride to the top. and Korchak at the top of Monarch. One more run for Senutovitch. Herrmann, Brandenburg, Father Gerald Walker, Yob, Marincic, lx' Williams, '! wid 1 Ski officers Sam Hunter, Sam Quigley, and Cecil Fitch pose with moderator, Father Cer- ald Walker. i si-must-same.,-E-V ik ...i.,, pda In a brief span of six years, the Abbey Ski Club has become the most popular activity during the winter school program. This season Abbey busses transported more than 250 skiers to the alpine heights of Monarch Ski Area. Six trips provided spectacular fun in the heart of SKI COUNTRY, U.S.A. Owing mainly to the instruc- tional program and careful supervision of the skiers, the season ended without a single major accident. Manager Nic Ferri is about to toss the wet towel in someone's face as the Bruins huddle for a time out. It will be a long time before the memories of this basketball season fade away. Under the able direction of Mr. Apgar and with full co-operation of the team and tremendous support from the student body, the '64 Bruins are considered the best basketball team in Abbey history as they compiled a 19-3 record. This spirit of co- operation was the thing most evident in every varsity game played, in every play, and in every basket made. This spirit excelled in the Bears' rematch with Salida and also the second half of the second game with Pueblo Catholic. Even as the Bears lost, they gave out 10022, kept their poise, and still looked like the best team on the floor. 68 It's all Abbey as the Bears control the ball against the Trinidad Tigers ,Q lr jkJl EIB' VARSITY TEAM-Row One: Dennis Lcman, Kevin Holcomb, Mr. Apgar, Jim Swift, Terry O'Brien. Row Two: Morgan Bakcwell Jim Solfisburg, Dave Fasslcr, Larry Barrett, Tom O'Keefe, Mike Clement, Steve Cervi, Tom Hickey, Kim Rotermund. Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey Abbey 70 SEASONS RESULTS 32-57 ,ee.,,,,ee e,,,,,,eev... P ueblo County . 70-55 , 7, . Y 56-116 , ev,. , 5 72-29 eeeeeee 711--52 ,, , ,, 6-I--67 ,,,ee , 5 . 71-55 62-27 74. 541. ,. ,, 69-50 .ee,,,, S... 7 . , ,,,ee. Holy Family La Junta Cathedral . ,, Fowler Salida Trinidad Catholic .. Pueblo Catholic 5 v,...., Walsenburg Montrose Trinidad Catholic , 37-32 ee,e,, , ...,,. Pueblo Catholic . 79--'I5 7 ,, 82-fl5 ,, 5 80-51 ,ooooo 5 70-H13 8-1-26 7 it 118-119 eee, 7 7 7 79-50 N 67-118 - eoe.. ,e,e 5-1--57 7 64--50 Pueblo County . ,. ,,,. Walsenburg Salida La Junta Fowler .. Pueblo Catholic Trinidad Catholic Mount Carmel Regis St. lVIary's The big question: Where is the bull? R K - ,nu Q 5 421.2 xx W K. 5 E A, J K ' RSQVJ ,W X ag-'Q' .Q Qiigk if x vs? X' X 1 1 S51 M Q 1 . N 51 k k Q , x gx k 2 N I if fs? FRESHMAN TEAM-Row One: Rick Arrighetti, Brother Timothy Tiemey, Joe Walker. Row Two: Kevin 0'Keefe, Jim Long, Bill Cannon, Bill Kettle, Myles Sullivan, Eamon Murphy, Dick Arens- dorf, Tim Bath, Monte Fryt, Tom Closset, Steve Cook, Bob Hickey, Dan McElhattan, Kevin Stransky. Jim Solfisburg hurries for rebounding position as teammate .lim Swift zeros-in from outside. Third place trophy in the state meet is accepted by Bear Co-Captains Kevin Holcomb and .lim Swift. Mike loops one to make Puebl0's sign "Bout Abbey" just a hopeless wish. xl Johnny Dec - N 0 tr c Dame's new coach-con- gratulates All-State Mike f Clement. if Another new era started in Abbey history this year and that QQ' being the Abbey's first track team. Mr. Apgar, directing his third varsity sport this year, took full charge oi the new team with Father Thomas and Mr. Seigle as assistants. The Bears partici- pated in only two meets and totaled only seven points for both meets. The Bears were young and of course inexperienced as the team consisted of mainly Freshmen and Sophomores and only i J i ' f':""' .ejdxzhikk ,pt if . . A . W g.",,.. g g., . ' 4' .- uv . QF! if 5 ,aria . fa H- , Q are A: , , . -ffif .x.5eg t.s N, - A ' --.. 'fi I V 3: - i n , i . Q' , . ,U ll 4. 7 five Sen' W A J Mmm X iors. l H " - '- . 1 - .. ,Jr Dan Garrett makes it by inches. fy TRACK TEAM-Row One: M. Coleman, S. Cervi, C. Muller, T. 0'Keefe, P. Sweeney, C. Slavsky, J. Solfisburg, J. Walker. Row Two: J. Titterington, D. Garrett, D. Miles, J. Tonso, V. Trujillo, J. Fitch, B. McGarry, P. Kearns, G. Mader, T. Bath, J. Springman, L. Suquilanda. Row Three: Mr. Apgar, J. Woolley, T. Zimmerman, C. Kaiser, J. Andrews, T. Murray, W. Senutovitch, V. Bachechi, J. McMahon, J. Hudson, C. Wernsman, T. Monaghan, D. Deutsch, Mr. Seigle. BR UI 'Q .V . :IKE TAR Q L - 3 I JIM SWIFT TOM O'KEEFE SWIFT-FOOTBALL, All League BASKETBALL, All State All League 0'KEEFE-FOOTBALL, All League All State Second Team HOLCOMB-FOOTBALL, All League Q . 4 Ne . x S I A ..: I , V . Y L, A 1 2 ' f 41 2 A fi? MIKE CLEMENT CLEMENT-BASKETBALL, All State All League SOLFISBURG-FOOTBALL All 'State SLAVSKY-FOOTBALL All League All State All League JIM SOLFISBURG CHRIS SLAVSKY ? A . ...W . . 1? SM-3'E1? mi:-Q.-. TEAM MEMBERS: J. malty, A. Miner, D. Mueller. RQ Jermamze, .D.f.cing0rm11a, E. Holton, E. Konte, M. Moms, E. Mnllon, T. Donahue, E. Cook, J. Cloos, C. Howey, F. Konte, D. Ryan, M. Kinna, Father William Thompson. Nimrod Officers A1 Miller, ,lim Cloos, and Martin Kinna with Moderator Fath- er William Thompson. x 531' R , V gx Mx' A U .. Af ,rj 'A Q. X A -- n b., it A r kin ,A by 9? i SS .Qi ff' ' xy -QM. 1 - xx-- vw Sw QM, f ,:f.L.4 . xr Q.:- ,- .-,,,,4- .4 Arg! mf!! ' .. 0' i. Q V N- x ey. V - I "5 575 '-at A va 4, x 'S 79 CAI E MUTI Lt. Coin. John Mariani gives his Story to Reuben Marquez and attor- ney Charles Juwetz. Director Father Lambert keeps the action moving during dress re- heursal. Court members Rick lferri, John Fitch, John Tonso, Terry O'Brien, Walter Schmalstieg, Reuben Marquez, antl Hal Spencer give their full attention to the witness, Toni Hurrle. .- -. 121' A . A Tl! 1 ,. I Y 1 .W , , . Q X U fb Y 1 H'-ymTT-Tf',- M4-ew' I . , x V , Mi V -3, I 1- g x . , fn- V ,, - -' Sister M. Corona, Sister M. Rita, Sister M. Richmundis, Sister M. Maria, Mother M. Domitilla, Sister M. Maria Regina, Sister M. Adelaide, and Sister M. Benedicta. DINING HALL .l. McMahon, B. Thompson, M. Powell, B. Lany, M. Coleman, D. Groves, K. Neilson, B. Bandi, and Brother David. ,gl M. Karlinger, C. Overton, D. Ryan, P. Kearns, Brotlwr David, and T. Hickey. 8l x K A . " xp 5 N. FIRST TENORS James Tonso Patrick Sweeney David Wernsman Victor Bachechi Mike Barrett David Ederer John Freeman Mark Salvato SECOND TENORS Larry Barrett Thomas Hickey Terry 0'Brien Steve Cervi John Mariani Larry Arrighetti Mike Campbell Carlos Ordonez Mike Powell Dan Greenwald Rocky Marquez BARITON ES Mike Karlinger Pat Kearns Martin Kinna Frank Konte Terry Meyer Dan Miles Ken Shoemaker John Springman Greg Ullstrom David DeLisio John Gregor Bob Thompson Robert Hickey BASSES Steve Tuchfarber Dave Deutsch Al Miller Robert Muller Lloyd Simmons Jim Solfisburg Jim Titterington Joe Rodgers Steve Cook The C-lee Club once again sang on the Starr Yelland show on KLZ-TV in Denver during the annual Iour. Autograph seekers keep the popular Tom Hickey busy after each concert. These were the girls of St. Philomena's eighth grade. The homecoming show for the parents and alumni was the kickoff program for the glee club. The girls chorus from St. Scholastica Academy under Sister M. Cornelia joined the Abbey Clee Club for the Christmas Concert which was held in the fieldhouse. In March, Brother Mark took his chorus to Garden City, Kansas, for an exciting week-end which included a little bus trouble on the way. The highlight of the tour to Denver-Boulder- Laramie was the Carnation Ball at the Pine- hurst Country Club in Denver. The glee club was billed right along with some of the top professionals like the Taylors and the Carousel Singers. ea -of wffef A ' 4 The Abbey Glee Club joined forces with the St. Scllolastica chorus at Christmas X gm , au 15265254- v UMW +e me Q .41- AIA av x is K . X L15 QW 15' W., TUDE TCUU CIL Kevin Holcomb, Mayor Carl Muller, Commissioner George Klecan, Judge Terry 0'Brien, Secretary Jim Swift, Treasurer Tom Hickey, Senior Alderman Sam Hunter, Senior Aldermen Greg Ullstrorn, Junior Aldermen John Fitch, Junior Aldermen Bill Thiebaut, Sophomore Aldermen Bob 0'Connor, Sophomore Alderman Tim Kirven, Freshman Alclermen Mike Ciavonne, Freshman Aldermen Under their moderator, Father Mark Jackson, the Student Council this ycar not only was a service to the school but also contributed to the growth and development of the student body. A great deal of work was clone to improve Abbey-Academy relations and to conduct the student elections on a more individual basis rather than a party system, emphasizing the qualifications and abilities of each of the candidates. Members of the Student Council posed for these pictures in the beautiful new Fremont County Courthouse. S i Terry 0'Brien as Alfred P. Doolittle is carried off hy his old friends, Pat Kearns and Rocky Marquez, with the tune "Get Me To The Church On Time." ---....,,,- I, l E ,, NWfu...m..M -,su "I have often walked down this street before," sings Carlos Ordonez to Sue Rodgers who is not too con- vinced. MY FAIR LADY -1 ",f" 9 qr?" ".1:- Y Q: " A. ' A A-'M Wm i The Ladies at the Ascot show off their black and white gowns created by Mary Jane Hicks and John Mariani. Pat Kearns and Rocky Marquez are informed by Terry 0'Brien that with a little hit of luck, you'l1 never have to work. 5 Cockney quartet, Mike Campbell, k Q Jim Tonso, Greg Ullstrom, and Dave Deutsch join Sue in "Wou1dn't It Be Y Loverly?" t "The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly In The Plain." The Professor thinks she's got it. Pictured below are: Tom Hickey, Sue Rodgers, Marti Foxhoven, John Mariani, John Gregor, Karole Sudyka, Bobbie Weverka, Linda Smith, and John Springman. aw AX' X , ftfi. fx 5, -, fp! V x Ht I at Q1 :ff elf Once again, Father Luke Hallenbeck has produced top-ranking students in the science department. In recognition of the great achievements year after year of Father Lukeis students in biology, the National Association of Biology Teachers has chosen him as the Out- standing Biology Teacher of Colo-rado for 1964 and also the Outstanding Biology Teacher of Region VIII. There are nine such outstanding regional teachers in the United States. In addition, Father Luke has been nominated Regional Director of the N.A.B.T. for 1965-66. The Milheim Foundation for Cancer Research has presented him with a grant of 33,627.00 so that he can continue his research on leukemia during the summer of 1964. D Future Scientists: Don Olshove, Drew Winston, Bob Tedesco, Jim Titterington, and John Brown. 92 ABBEY JIM TITTERIXGTOX Finalist in Atoms for Youth Conference in Chicago, Ill., sponsored by the Public lftilities Companies in the U.S.A. Established viable heart and thymus tissue cultures. Summer research assistant with Dr. J. Mayerson, Tulane Research Medical Laboratories. New Orleans, La. TIST DREW WINSTOX Grant-in-aid from Eli Lilly and Co., to investigate "The Biochemical Role of Stilbestral C-14 in Male Rat Metabolism." Honorable mention Bi-State Science Fair, Boulder. lst Place Award of American Technologists and Pathologists. DONALD OLSHOVE S1500.00 per year scholarship to the California Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, Calif. Brother Mark put the band through its paces during the home football games and at most of the basketball games this year. .lim Tonso headed the Band Club as president and Tessi Kos as secretary. The concert band moved into the fieldhouse for the annual Christmas Concert The Brass Choir played traditional Christlnas Carols. Seated: Joe Gallager, Mary Beth Jersin, Chuck Halley, Karole Sudyka, Marty Kinna, Chris Crane, Sister Audrey, Rocky Marquez, Debbie McLean, Drew Vaclav, Rosemary Doran, Father Gerald, and Patty Begley. Standing: Ric Ferri, Mary Devine, Liz Martinez, Tim Monaghan, Betty Zaller, Bob Tedesco, Marti Foxhoven, Walter Schmalsteig, Sheri Stephens, Rosemary Madone, Michaela Stephens, and Rick Brennan. WRITER 9 CL UB The Writers, Club, a coeducational organization, boasts of over thirty members this year. Those students interested in creative writing had an opportunity to write during the two- hour meetings every three weeks. The club's literary magazine PRISM was dedicated this year to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 96 ATIO AL H0 OR OCIETY Mike Karlinger, Tim Halm, Rick Gisi, Marty Kinna, Greg Uullslrom, Carl Muller, Chuck llowcy .lohn Havens, Dave Wernsman, George Klecan, Sam Hunter, Mike Dodge, Bill Trujillo, Kevin Hol comb, Dan Kettle, Larry Henkel, Drew Winston, Don Olsliove, Jim Tonso. GOLDE KEY David Wernsman, Vito Trujillo, George Klccan, Greg Ullstrom, Chuck Howey, and ,lolm Gregor. 97 ,Ti I 5. .vX ,- 'SSo you think this is just an nw-ruge school?" Mike Clcnicnl, Etlitorg llrotlu-r Mark, Moderator. "This meeting will' come to order." Miko Kurlingcr, Greg: Ullstrom, Mike Clotnm-nt, lloh llcnttdt-Ito, .lohn Mariztni. 9 ,.. M K -X CHRO I CLE STAFF Tom Zimmerman, Don- nis Scllcs, John Gregor, Chuck Howcy, .lohn Free- mun, .luck Woolley, Carlos Ordomvz, Nic Fcrri, Vito Trujillo. Tom O'Kcefe presents the Best Costume Awards. The two fellows on the left are .loe Rodgers and Mike O'Keefe. "I think this guy is crooked." HALLO W EE PARTY .17 Y at J' - I If, Qj. x l "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Pluyd Ken Salazar, Bob Muller, and Dennis DuBe. . ty r s X . by Frank QLuwrcncc Wclkl Kontc JM.,- 4 ww 1 ,L A 1 g Aw . u l 9 A ' '1 Top Intramural Qtar, Mlke Kurlinger IBCCIWSS lus trophy from Father Jerome. 'Sing Along with Father Alan." The Honnrulilf' llttrold L. McCorm- ick, Slate Heprusenlutivcg His Excel- lency Kevin Holconilm, Mayor of Ahbeyg and .ludge Albert T. Frantz, Supreme Court of Colorado. "So it tastes like kerosene." The open door. Terry 0'Bricn, Nina Macs, Belinda Lucras, and Mike Clement make ready to cross the drawbridge while pageboys Jim Beuudcttc and Dave Rich- ardson stund scnlry. ,- "A night in Camelot," was the theme of this year's .lunior-Senior Prom. Under the imaginative hand of John Mariani, Alcuin Hall was transformed into a castle with drawhriclge, ramparts, and beauti- ful ,garland bedecked tents. Sam Quigley reigned as king with Carol Haw- thorne as the queen of the prom. ,lohn Medley and Mary ,lane Hicks together with John Mariani and Frances Provencher were the royal couple's escorts. . im ,t 'jgafss 4 ir- A .iwitzii Qi. . i' ' T H , . Q X . X X l , , 'A .. t N-sm F l ' N S Q mgi xm it-fw L ii,-gfikt A happy couple-Sheri Stephens and Steve Tuch- farber. .IAMES W. SWIFT The Curhslone Coaches Award JAMES J. TONSO DONALD P. OLSHOVE The Bausch and Lomb Award CHRISTOPHER .I. SLAVSKY The HeacImaster7s Award KEVIN HOLCOMB The ,Iohn J. Sullivan Award DONALD P. OLSHOVIQ The Ahhotis Award The John Philip Sousa Award MICHAEL R. KARLINCER The Balfour Honor Award KEVIN HOLCOMB The Mayofs Award ' H I? my .di- Lo ,P7 'iiiffrxetl :ff ..lur,,.,, The 1961- graduating class was honored by having Dr. Kenneth Clement, of Cleveland, Ohio, as the main speaker for commencement. His address was entitled Wlihe Ties That Bindf' FQ! Mike poses with his parents and twin sisters, Lia and Leslie. After the Headmaster, Father Philip Boyle, had presented the graduates and conferred the diplomas and the awards, Chris Slavsky. president of the senior class, gave the response. The 1964 BRUIN got off the ground early in October when Dom Lauricella flew up from Pueblo to photograph the air-view used on the endsheets. Tom Hickey, Pat Kearns, and Mike Clement worked on layout. Boh Beaudette did the copy for sportsg Kevin Holcomb, the copy for activities. Terry O'Brien handled finances and sales promotions. Carlos Ordonez helped Brother Mark with the tedious darkroom work. Many of the fine photographs are credited to Fathers Michael and Bonaventure and to our local photographers, Leonard Claar and Charles Wagner. 1 ' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 9 'HK " A.-. . Y I , Q I ,,:' an 'vi-.w,zg3, -1 'L ., 4: X' . . ! Q Q Q 1 , " ' I . Xl si 'W-,.' , 1' 55 'fi 1.57-ff rib: - -, - jg. sie - fifiiizs . , x ,' X Il- ' 1 1 . , f . 1 A " F 1 x-4 Q- A x t 1 N ""' . 1 ',,- . W . xg --. H - ' , ,N i W.........u ., . ,.,...-M.-,i.:. Y- fe,,,, 'Q 1UF1?'iF3.m7lL..,.YC7'ff'LL111! 1 ' - X V , W- , M ,.. .A V V- V3 M. V b it I- 3 1 , gx A ' Q,-V.gW,g, Ry 'N " A -. 1 Jfvffg- 1 :Lf-:M-..-,..-ks.,,.v Q..,:r,1,,.-M-..i.,-.s...,2,f:,,,.,.-. ,.Jw.-f:...q..,,,--.,.,- ' 3 fl , " LQ ,' ' W ,5,'.?..7f? fq' V: ., , K , .W A 3, H .J ..,...X W.. M g A a gain., ig, 'yi ix lv .,,, X A ,1 , ,,L...lg.i i,.i,,k :g sm..,'v.- . --.Aw-J. " wmv , SWTQEJE jlaj A . ' , fyiiiii-L1 """1 ' ' A ,, 51-u g'1f, V, f a, J fbi , 1 '51 . . . u .- ... Z .f- N . :.' -,. -p -14 ! v , 1 K 1 :L n 7 tan un. ,,..,. ., , 'IA ':.--, .Ml w Av 3 1 1 K 4 . ,-...W - 'A

Suggestions in the Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) collection:

Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 43

1964, pg 43

Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 52

1964, pg 52

Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 78

1964, pg 78

Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 102

1964, pg 102

Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 77

1964, pg 77

Abbey School - Bruin Yearbook (Canon City, CO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 62

1964, pg 62

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