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m i ' ' - ' i ci - ' ;jf ' ifi! .m: :€. - 55 ?fi; " -i ' ?yQ -t«KJ: ' ' 3K ■ Vv» ■t5 M ■C ' u. l l-l ' THE TIGER 1969 A. S. Staley High School Americus, Georgia Volume No. II MARY ROBINSON Editor EFFIE M. DANIELS MARY R. LYNCH Advisors Dedication III kl«Tl ll f. :; ' -;sffii Left to Right - Mr. Heard, Mr. McGrady, Mr. Brown, Miss Mayes, and Mr. Stephens. The annual staff graciously dedicates the 1969 edition of the Tiger to our coaches - Mr. Garfield Stephens, Athletic Director; Mr. Oscar Brown and Mr. Van Heard, boys ' basketball coaches; Miss Lillie Mayes, girls ' basketball coach; and Mr. Clyde McGrady, baseball coach. This is our opportunity to show our appreciation to our coaching staff for its great strides in victory as well as its humble acceptance of defeat; for its example of sportsmanlike conduct while in competition, and for its guidance and friendship which stirred in the athletes and student body of Staley High School the challenge to succeed in this tech- nological world. We hope that this dedication will reveal in some manner our thanks for the recogmtion and achievement our school has experienced as a result of the untiring efforts of our coaches. Dear Reader: " We came, we saw, we conquered. " These words may mean little to you, but they have great meaning and inspiration to every member of the class of 1969. We came to Staley High with a goal in mind. We were introduced to opportunities available for those who aspired for greater heights in life. We have reached our first goal - graduation from high school. Now we are ready to accept the challenges of higher goals. May we travel upon the sea of happiness, love and success and land at the shores where we are most needed in the service of mankind. A special thanks goes to the advisors and members of the yearbook staff who worked so diligently to make another Tiger a success. The torch is now passed to those of you who follow after us. We, the members of the 1969 yearbook staff, truly hope you will enjoy reading the 1969 Tiger. Mary Robinson The 1969 Tiger Staff FACULTY SPONSORS: Mrs. E. M. Daniels and Mrs. M. R. Lynch EDITOR Mary Robinson ASSOCIATE EDITORS Bruce Washington Willie Boone SECRETARY Sarah Brown BUSINESS MANAGERS Paul Jones Willie Bryant ADVERTISING EDITOR Alphonsa Smith SPORTS EDITORS Major Wise George Dudley TYPISTS Carolyn McDonald Nancy Tyson Vyrtis Jackson Daisy Johnson CIRCULATION Shirley Houser Paula Carter L. - R. FIRST ROW - Nathaniel Thomas, Bruce Washington, Mary Robinson, Paul Jones Jr. , V. Jackson. SECOND ROW - S. Houser. P. Carter, M. Wise, A. Smith, L. Sims, W. Boone, S. Stephens, E. Cottle, and W. Bryant. Administration " Ours is the only country deliberately X. 1 founded on a good idea. " John Gun ther Board of Public Education Mr. Clav Mundv V Superintendent «9UI BOARD IN MONTHLY SESSION MRS. WILLIE MAUDE NELSON Curriculum Director MRS. SHIRLEY REESE MR. THOMAS W. BLOUNT EDDIE JAMES McGRADY lSG(ES)(Ret) U. S. Army Social Worker Board Member Board Member . ■ ' ' »• «-:, Mr. Daniel L. DeLoatch, Principal " As a chain is no stronger ' than its weakest link. " a community is no stronger than us weakest citizen. The kind of community we have depends on the kind of citizenry we are able to produce. Here at Staley we are proud of the progress we have made in the past few years. We take the raw material sent to us and try to mold it into useful lives. How well we have done this can only be determined by the quality of students and graduates we produce. To the graduating class of nineteen hundred and sixty nine, I sincerely congratulate you. Daniel L. DeLoatch, Senior Principal Alma Mater Staley, Staley High out scb Here our feet shall trod. Faculty I ) II iiiilik ' -Uui Wt mm ), ' :-i ' MR. R. L. FREEMAN Assistant Principal MISS DOROTHY E. BLACK Counselor MRS. BEATRICE K. DeLOATCH Librarian MISS BRENDA HUNTER Assistant Librarian mr. raymond Mcknight Band Director MRS. NADINE C. MRS. LILLIE B. MRS. SARA M KING SCANDRICK THARPE Reading Reading Reading English Department MRS. EFFIE MONROE DANIELS I Chairman MISS LUCILE LOUD ' ' ' % MISS JONEVA MURPHY MRS. GRACE GHRAMM Spanish MR. ANANIAS KEITH Science Department T TT ■ ?! MISS ELOISE DOUGLAS MRS. HAZEL WILLIAMS MR. OTIS R. CARTER Chairman - . MRS. GWENDOLYN WILSON MRS. LOIS B. HOLLEY Social Science Department MR. LEWIS M. LOWE Chairman MR. ROBERT MATTHEWS MRS. DIANNE J. GLENN MRS. HELEN GLOVER MRS. CAROL C. RAMSEY Mathematics Department MISS OZIE SMOTHERS Chairman Department of Physical Education MR. GARFIELD STEPHENS Chairman and Director of Athletics MISS LILLIE B. MAYES Instructor Vocational Education MR. ELLIE VON HEARD Coach MRS. CATHERINE BERRY Chairman, Business Dept. MRS. WYLENE Y. STANFORD Business Education MISS CAROLYN MAYS MR. OSCAR BROWN, Chairman Home Economics Industrial Arts Dept. MR. DAVID BROWN Industrial Arts MRS. ANNIE P. RAINEY Secretary to Principal MRS. ELOISE JACKSON Teacher-Aid Librarian MRS. VELMA P. COLEY Teacher-Aid Reading MISS FREDDIE ANDREWS Teacher-Aid Reading MISS ANDREA P. FUSE Student Teacher English MRS. MARY F. BELL Student Teacher Biology MISS LEE ANN MITCHELL Student Teacher English MISS GLADYS THOMPSON Student Teacher Mathematics Seniors Be Americans. Let there be no sectionalism, no rSorth, South, East or West; you are all dependent one on another ... In one word, be a nation ... " George Washington iker, Aaron ■■Joe " Adams, Mary Virginia " Ginger " Boone, Willie " Buck " Brown, Bettye Brown, James P. " Phillip " irown, sara " Bessie " Brown, Walter Lee " Sniokey " Carter, Mary Ann " Sister " Carter, Paula DeLoatch, Daniel Leigh Jr. Cottle, Eddye M. " P.C. " " Danny " " Pam " f Dodson, James Griffin, Shirlean Dudley, George Houser, Shriley " Slim " Fuller, Joseph " Dino " ' ■ Jackson, Jaunita " Neat " v- " r ia Harris, Robert " Rob " Jackson, Peggy Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Vyrtis Jean Johnson, Willie James " Beele " " Deadman " Johnson, Dale Jones, Paul, II " Red " Lane, Franky Doitania " Krazy Legs " McDonald, Carol Lynn " Mae " W Lewis, John, Jr. " Clay Boy " Mayes, Lizzie " Red " Simpson, James M. , Jr. " Simp " Ragans, Mary Frances Sims, Reliford Robinson, Mary " Shorty " Sims, Willie Frank " Bip " Ross, Jacqueline Smith, Alphonsa " Crip " Seay, Mary Leigh " Sister " Smith, Nathaniel " Nat " Simmons, Janie Wallace " Teddy " Thomas. Levi Chris " Chris- Sims, Lillie Mae " Toot " Thomas, Nathaniel " Sneaky " Smith, Laura " Bell " Turner, Eugene UeZelle " Tw Itchy " Stephens, Sharon Elizabeth " Bright Eyes " Turner, Eddie Jean " Hog " Washington, Bruce Edwards " Babe Bro " Tyson, Nancy " Lou -Lou " Williams, Jerome " Gee " Williams, Johnnie Mae " Lay " Wimbush, Cer Ronnie " Steve " Willis, Sarah " Miss Vogue Wise, Major " Beanie " " Pooky " Jenkins, Nathaniel " Jenks " Jiles, Jessie " Jet " Around the Campus Juniors " There may be men who can live with- out political rights and without oppor- tunity of free individual development, but I think this is intolerable for most Americans. " Albert Einstein Adams, Bobbie Anderson, James Anthony, Hilda Battle, Rufus Bivins, Betty Bivins, Nancy Bivins, Ronald Broner, Lester Brown, Nelson Butts, Bobbie Butts, Panicia Carter, Gerald Clark. Rosa Cleveland, Anthony Colwell, Beulah Colwell, Samuel Cooke, Shirlean Davis, Ernest Durham, Lema Frederick, Jane Fuller, James Green, Jimmy Green, Johnny Harris, Ponce Hartage, Addie Hayes, John Holden, Henry Hollis, Sherra Hooks, Dorothy Ingram, Mary J. Iverson, Jerry Johnson, Thomas Jones, Dorothy Jones, Rosa Jorden, Annie K. Josey, Eddie Kinder, Randolph Kleckley, Henry Lanier, Karala Laster, Betty Major, Eddie Merrit, Phil McRae, Ernestine Monts, Betty Nelms, Ernestine Perry, Brenda Postell, Madie Reid, Norma J. Ross, James Rush, Miller Shelton, Peggy Sims, Glady Sims, Mary A. Sims, Minnie Smith, Gwendolyn Stevens, Calvin Tarver, Larry Tommie, Dorothy Tyson, Charles Tyson, Joseph Walker, James Walker, Roger Walters, Emma Walters, Samuel Westbrook, Dan Whitehead, Rosalyn Wiley, Wille F. Jr. Wilkerson, Eddie Williams, Charlie B. Williams, Christine Williams, Edward Williamson, Paul Williamson, Pauline Wooden, Delbra Wright, Fannie Sophomores " This jiation was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that honest men may honestly disagree ... " Elmer Davis All en, Eadle All en. Patricia Austin, Benjamin Bai sden 1, Aaron Bat sder 1, Diane Bai sder 1, Linda Banks, Vera Earner, Fred Calloway, Mary E. Cannon, James Carter, Gloria Chatnian, Imogene Fuller, Peggy Green, Eloise Godwin, Mary Alice Hardy, Martha Harris. Eula Hayes, Reatha Ingram, Charles Jackson, Betty Chatman, Patricia Colbert, Kay Marsha Collier, Linda Collier, Sylvia Combs, Cynthia Davis, Annette Dice, Willie Dodson, Alice Faye 1:iiia ;( Jackson, Linda Johnson, Annie P. Jones, Claude Jones, Denise Monts, Edna Moore, Florence Paschal, Florze Peterson. Barbara Plair, Robin Pullum, William Raines, Shirley Rush, Milinda Sanders, Gwendolyn Shoots, Humphrey Smith, Fannie M. Smith, Rosa M. Smith, Thomas Solomon, Jimmy Thornton, Raydell Vamer, Viola Walker, Debra Walton, Willie L. Watkins, Clara West, Betty J. White, Roscoe Williams, Diane Williams, Eula M. Williams, John W. Wright, Calvin V 1 Freshmen " May (the Declaration of Independence) be to the world what I believe it wiU be, to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all, the Signal of arousing men . . . to assume the blessings and secu- rity of self-government. " Thomas Jefferson Anthony, Janice Arnett, Annie Baker, Alphonsa Baker, James Barber, Janet Boone, Robert Branch, Dollie Broner, Willie Calloway, Freddie Carter, Clifford Chatman, Nadine demons, Bernice Cliatt, Joseph Cliatt, Larry Cobbs, Willie Colwell, Naomi Daniels, Vanessa Davis, Bobbie Dodson, Fiorina Dodson, Janice Dudley, Billie Dunns, Sammie Fishe, Vince Floyd, Ronald Fuller. Charlie Furlow, Larry Jackson, Pauline Jenkins, Lorgena Jenkins, Mike Jones, Johnny Jordan, Mildred King, Emma Laster, Gloria Lembrick, Carlton Manuel, Maryline Merritt, Linda Minter, Linda Mullins, Catherina Nelms, Pauline Odums, Clifford Pace, Rosa Paschal, Margaret Pins, Sandra Robinson, X)scar Robinson, Simmie Seay, Eanest Shoots, Betty Sims, George Small, Sharon Smith, Melvin Smith, Neet Tommie, William TuUis, Clyde Tyner, Eamestine Tyson, Sandra Tyson, Tomasine Varner, Richard Ware, David Waston, Tommie Westberry, Doris White, Chalene Whitehead, Mike Williams, Louise Williams, Merry Williams, Robert Willis, Deborah r ♦ I ! politically thai n of Independe nated on the s Allen, Mary Anderson, Thomaslna Austin, Mary Bailey, Andrew Baisden, Henry Baisden, Prlscella Barlow, James Battle, Ellamease Battle, James Becky, Fuller Billups, Mary Bivins, Salathi Bug kins, Kathy Calloway, Connie Carter, Anita Carter, Charles Carter, Eva Clemens, Rosalyn Eighth Grade Cleveland, Winston Cobbs, Emma Coley, Terrell Cooke, Samuel Cooper, Inez Cunningham, Donald Davis, Annie R. Davis, Beranda Davis, Tina Dice, Fredrick Dodson, Marilyn Finch, Deborah Green, Gertha Hardy, Johnnie Mae Harris, Angela Harris, Annette Harris, Leon Harris, Veronica Hodges, Dwight Hodges, Patrica Holt, Bernice Houser, Johnny Hunt, Robert Ingram, Larry Ingram, Reta Ingram, Willie Iverson, Barbara Iverson, Robert Johnson, Charlie Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Waldo Jordan, Johnny Kinder, Carl King, Jimmy Klecky, Fred Laster, Robert Lewis, Albert Little, John Lundy, Devorah Lundy, Elane Lyce, Willie Mack, McArthur McDonald, Linda McGarrah, Casanda Mathis, Laura Mathis, Shirley Merritt, F. May Mercer, Henry Miles, Thomas Minter, Gloria Minyard, Bernard Nixon, David Ownes, Katie Pitts, Mary Pies Felton Pless, Gladyce Poole, James Pope, Bemice Postell, Annie Robinson, Christine Robinson, Pat Robinson, Tommie Ross, James Rushins, Bessie Sampson, Mattie Sims, McAuthur Shelton, Bemice Shoots, Winfred Slappy, LaRaine Smith, Eddie Ann Smith, Ella Smith. Sammie Sneed, William Solomon, Booker T. Solomon, Rayford Spann, Authur Terry, N4ary Trice, Geradine Trice, Rachel Walters, Karen Ware, Betty Wilbert, Ethel Williams, Deborah Williams, Emma Williams, Larry Williams, Thomas White, Joseph Woodern, Fred Wright, Mary Helen Zanders, Janet Zanders, Patricia Seventh Grade Allen, Ray Gene Anderson, Margaret Angrish, Sammy Anthony, Michael Amett, Lillie M. Bailey, Robert ey, Ruby isden, Debra isden, Eric Bass, Larry Bateman, Charles Beckin, Catherine Bell, Ronny Berryhill, Luther Boone, John Boynton, Wanda Bridges, Barbara Bridges, Mary Broner, Rufus Brown, Carl Brown, Joe N. Brown, Keith Brown, Raymond Brown, Shirley A. Brown, Shirley M. Brown, Virginia Bush, Mary Cameron, Catherine Campbell, Albert Campbell, Joseph Carter, Charles Carter, Horace Chambliss, Karen Champion, Daryl Chatman, Gregory Chatman, Michael Clark, Jo Ann Clark, Johnny Cobbs, Samuel Colbert. Larry Collins, William Colwell, Alphonso Cro ' -s Willie Cunimings, Janet Cunningham, Michae Davenport, Josephine Davis, Joseph Davis, Queen Dawson, Gregory Dice, Malinda Dice, Vickye Dorsey, Edith Draines, Jerome Finch, Michal Fishe, George Floyd, Bernice Foster, Roy French, Sally Fuller, Edith ' Fuller, Saverne ttf i t Furlow, Virginia Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Joyce Hamilton, Arthur Hardin, Calvin Hardy, Lucille Harris, John Harris, Ocie Harris, Romeo Harvey, Charlie Hawkins, John Hodges, Eddie Hodges, Leroy Holmes, Willie Holt, Benjamin Houser, Gerald Humter, Marilyn Ingram, Virginia Iverson, Linda Jackson, Elizah Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Larry Jackson, Leon Jernigan, Connie Jernigan, Curtisene Johnson, Mary Johnson, Shannon Johnson, Sharon Jordan, Willie Lane, Bobby Laster, Gradene Laster, James Laster, William Lundy, Evelyn Lyles, Ann Lyles, Mamie McRae, Larry Mercer, Brenda Mcrritt, Shirley Miles, Lucretia Millner, Charles Minter, Waller Mitchum, Reggie Monts, Clinton Moye, Bobbie Pine, James Pope, Adonis Porter, Cleveland Prince, Tommy Purdy, James Raines, Alphonsa Reid, Kathryn Rembert, Willis Ravens, Gloria Richardson, Jerome Richardson, Edith Richardson, Wilson Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, Gloria Robinson, Mattie Roland, Raymond Sanders, Robert Schley, LaDaisy Seay, Eddie Seay, Willie Shells, Gussle Sims, Eamestlne Sims, Mary Small, Vicki Smith, Andrea Pearl Smith, Eunice Smith, Frank Snipes, Patricia Spann, Georgia Spivey, Robert Stephen, Edwin Stephens, Larry Steward, Louise Stewart, Barbara Sutton, Frank Tatum, Danetta Tatum, Eddie Thomas, Andrew Thomas, Belinda Thomas, Betty Thomas. Charles Thomas, Robert Thomas, Roy Tommie, Gloria Tyson, Geraldine Tyson, Jessie Volley, Barbara Walter, Christine Walton, Gloria Whitehead, Grade Whitehead, Toney Wiggins, Janie Wiley, Jack West, Clifton West, Shirley Wilkerson, Paul Williams, Collins Williams, Joseph Williams, Kathy Williams, Lawrence Williams, Limiza Williams, Willie Wright, 4ayole Wright, Shirley Arnett, Joseph Austin. Charlie Baker, Juanita Barker, Diana Barner, Clifford rner, Ronald ss. Sammie teman, Elvis W. Battle, Theresa Berryhill, Delois Boone, Gladys Buckins, James Calloway, Jimmie Calloway, Patricia Cannon, Bernice Carter, Linda Carter, Willie J. Carter, Willie L. Clark, Mytrice demons, Shirley Cleveland, Cathy Colbert, Samuel Coleman, Simon Cook, Barbara Crumbly, Betty Cummings, Jessie Daniel, Howard Daniels, Carl Daniels, Cynthia E. Davis, Marilyn Davis, Robert Dorsey, Mae Bell Dodson, Betty Dowdell, Charles Dowdell, Jacqueline Dunn, Eddie Lee Ellis, Annie L. Foster, Katrena Freeman, Anita Fuller, Brenda Fuller, Rufus Furlow, Essie Furlow, Fleeta P Furlow, Linda S. Galloway, Wallace Giles, Calvin Gooden, Arthur Gooden, Lee W. Goodwin, Exidie Green, Dorothy Hall, Carolyn 0 If if f Btenda Curtis Fannie Sara Hargrove, Brenda Barrage, Solman Harris, Elaine Harris, Gregory Hams, John Hodge, Aaron Hodge, Eddie Hodges, Lizzie Holt, Jerry Hosley, Sandra Hoston, George Hunts, Cynthia Ingram, Annie L. Ingram, Charles Jackson, Carl Jackson, Madaline Jackson, Mary Lee Jackson, Raymond Jenkins, Ronny Brenda Debra Ann Mary Rebecca Jones, Eddie Charles Jones, Joe Nathan Jones, Slyvester Josey, Anthony Earl Josey, Clarence Josey, James Josey, Wilbur Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Laster, Evelyn Lawson, Lillie Bell Lee, Virgil Litile, McArthur Lundy, Cyntl Lyles, Nettie McCoy, Walter Mack, Dennis Mack, John Leon Mathis, Jo Ann Mercer, Samuel Merritt, Ira Lee Merritt, Vernette Miles, Brenda Miles, Milton Mills, Sharon Minter, Virginia Mitchell, Curtis Mosley, Osby Nealy, Robert Nelms, Cephas Pace, Fannie Paschal, Catherine Patterson, Vivian Payne, Lonnie Porter, James Postell, John Prigeon, Betty Ann Raines, Alphonsa Raines, Linda Rembert, Willie Robinson, Elizabeth Robinson, Larry Ross, Emma Gail Ross, Linda Rush, Robin Salmon, Evelyn Salmon, Marvin Sapp, Sherry Seay, Eddie Fred Seay, Freddie Seay, Maxine Seay, Walter Shelton, Delois Simpson, Esther Sim , Johnny Small, Samuel Smith, Carolyn Smith, Jacqueline Smith, Patricia Snipes, Aaron Snipes, Carolyn Stephens, Annette Stephens, Arie Stewart, Gloria Stewart, Lewis Stone, Sandra Terry, Willie ff © f f f Terry, Zander Thomas, Alexander Tommie, Letha Tripp, Georgia Mae Tucker, Clifford Tullis, Clarence Tullis, Geraldine Tyson, Debra Tyson, Edward Volley, Lynwood Walker, Fannie Walker, Pearline Walker, Sammie Walton, Bernard ine Ware, Larry Watson, Carolyn Westheimer, Fred White, Daisy Whitehead, Vernice Wilkerson, Charles Wilkerson, Debra Williams, Catherine Williams, Fletcher Williams, Gladys Williams, Joseph Williamson, Evon Willis. Adam Charles Favorites " Democracy is . . . the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time ... an idea which hasn ' t been disproved vet ... " E. B. While Miss A. S. Stalev Hidi J D Carolyn McDonald Miss Staley and Court Brenda Perry, Johnnie Williams Karala Lanier, Rosa Jones, Carolyn McDonald, " Miss Staley High " , Chris tine Williams, Annie Kate Jordan, and Bobbie Adams. Miss Homecoming and Attendants KARALA LANIER Attendant JOHNNIE M. WILLIAMS " Miss Homecoming " BRENDA PERRY Attendant Miss Staley Junior liiiili JANET ZANDERS li Miss Senior SARA BROWN M " e rk u ■■ .k r I i ' I V. Best Looking Best-AU-Around VYRTIS JACKSON GEORGE DUDLEY SHIRLEAN GRIFFIN NATHANIEL THOMAS Most Talented NANCY TYSON and EUGENE TURNER f- - 1 Most Likely to Succeed MARY ROBINSON BRUCE WASHINGTON Most Business Like SARA BROWN MAJOR WISE Best Dressed SARA WILLIS RELIFORD SIMS Most Studious BRUCE WASHINGTON MARY ROBINSON Most Popular CAROLYN Mcdonald paul jones Most Co-operative PAULA CARTER, JOHN LEWIS, SHIRLEY HOUSER Most Humerous HAVOLIA WALTERS LINDA ZANDERS Most Athletic WILLIE BOONE PAUL JONES Most Devoted Couple JAMES BROWN DAJSY JOHNSON Athletics " If we win men ' s hearts throughout the world, it will not be because we are a big country but be- cause we are a great country. Bigness is imposing. But greatness is enduring. " A dial E. Stevenson " «ai? ' £ s I »4S«OijlM OUNAWAKKDREAI950- «-i7S3 K mmntn ' mmmi UNCOMMON VALOR. THE 1968 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Garfield Stephens Albany State College Record - Won 6 Lost 2 Colors - Maroon and Gold STALEY HIGH TIGERS 27 13 20 27 7 19 SCORES Douglas High ------------- 16 Houston High 14 Oconee High ------ -- Boddie High 2 Hunt High 12 Clari High 6 Wilson High- - 6 Sumter High ----- 6 Award-Winning Athletes 1969 Future Wolverines of Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia L-R - Paul Jones, Major Wise, Willie L. Bryant, Willie Boone, and Coach Garfield Stephens ' i ® S t « t i t I t I i -SffiAji iuSi , If The 1968-69 Tigers Starting Offensive Line-Up 9 ♦ 30 - : 4 c Starting Defensive Line-Up JERRY IVERSON Halfback RONALD " PUP " BIVINS OB CALVIN STEPHENS Tight End NELSON BROWN Defensive Tackier ROBERT IVERSON Center LE T THOMAS Defensive Tackier Won 11 STALE Y 63 79 82 82 79 109 104 50 106 Staley Staley Staley Staley m i Staley High Tigers 1968-69 Basketball Schedule Lost 3 OPPONENTS SCORES Sylvester ----------------- 44 Lumpkin - 41 Dawson 67 Cusseta - 48 Cusseta 47 Lumpkin - 43 Leesburg ----------------- 48 Morgan - 87 Cuthbert 50 Blakely 53 Blakely 65 Morgan - 98 Cuthbert - 60 Leesburg ' - ------- -- 58 DISTRICT EIGHT TOURNAMENT 126 Sumter 56 68 Blakely 64 68 McRae 67 70 Wilson 66 The Tigers had a season average of 86 pts. p r game while holding their opponents to 58 pts. per game. The Tigers took second place in the Christmas Invitational Tourney at Morgan, Ga. , and third place in District Eight Tourn- ament. The 1968-69 Tiger Squad Interview with the press after big victory. Coaches plan new strategy at halftime Coach MR. OSCAR BROWN Seniors Asst. Coach MR. VAN HEARD L-R: Willie Boone, James Dodson, Paul Jones, Sammy Jackson TWO MORE FOR VICTORY 5? - . Staley High Tigerettes " %. 1968-69 Basketball Schedule Won 12 STALEY 34 43 OPPONENTS SCORES Sylvester 20 Lumpkin -------------- 27 Dawson 29 Cusseta -------------- 31 Cusseta 11 Lumpkin -------------- 23 Leesburg ------------ — 27 Morgan ---------------13 Cuthbert 32 Blakely - Blakely - Morgan - Cuthbert Leesburg DISTRICT EIGHT TOURNAMENT Staley Staley Staley Staley Cuthbert 27 Lumpkin ----- 31 Tifton 68 Blakely 31 The young Tigerettes under the superb leadership of Miss Lillie Mays advanced in winning higher than ever before. The Tigerettes took third place in the District Eight Tournament. THE CAPTAINS: Patricia Chatman(Pat) Linda Collier (Tee) The 1968-69 Tigerettes Left to Right, BOTTOM - Imogene Chatman, Casandra McGarrah, Rosa Smith. MIDDLE - Gendolyn Stephens, Malinda Rush, Veronica Foster, Delbra Willis, Eddye M. Conle. TOP - Thelma Butts, Shirlene Cooke, Linda Collier, Patricia Chatman, Nadine Chatman. L-R - Gwendolyn Stephens, Rosa Smith, Linda Collier, Imogene Chatman, Patricia Chatr Starting Line-Up Victory! " « ' »« » % ■K-f ■ I - -i S ||!l! Organizations " Before we put down our bets on a revolution- ary movement, we have a right to ask that it, like ours, have the broad goals of freedom and human welfare clearly before it ... " Clinton Rossiter I " " .fl »i» i III mill Ml III ■iiiii .iin m L ft i f f f t TIGERS OF " 69 " THE CHORUS Student Librarian Assistants of Georgia I m%. ' t4 tjr ADVISORS: Mrs. Beatrice K. DeLoatch and Miss Brenda Hunter. Beta Club ADVISOR: Mrs. Marjorie Seymour W.; i ' ' mm mkii %: Drivers Education ADVISOR: Mr. Clyde McGrady English Club ADVISORS: Mrs. E. M. Daniels. Mrs. Mary R. Lynch, Miss Joneva Murphy, Mr. Ananais Keith. Spanish Club ADVISOR: Mrs. Grace Ghramn Future Homemakers of America n 1% Jjt ' fji c . « » ( h Advertisers BARNUM FUNERAL HOME Miss Debutante, 1968-1969 Albany, Georgia Establish ed 1905 Miss Lorena Barnum Age 17 Senior: Americus High Member: Magnificent Conquest- resses Social Club, Ameri- cus High School Plans to enter Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee upon graduation John L« Barnum, Jr. John L. Barnum, III Mrs. Lois Barnum Holley Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors Mrs. Thelma G. Barnum Licensed Funeral Director Mrs. Mable £. Barnun-i Lady Attendant Private Ambulance - Notary Public CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1969 SOUTHEAST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KELSIE W. DANIELS Principal Leslie Georgia 874-5875 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1969 EAST VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL JOHN W. HARRIS, Principal Americus Georgia Our Best Wishes to Each Student and Faculty Member of the A. S. Staley High School and Especially at This Time to the Members of the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969 -— ,jk May Happiness, Good Health and Good Fortune Follow Each and Every One of You and May Your Life Be a Joy and Guide to Other; CITIZENS BANK OF AMERICUS BANK OF COMMERCE Two Convenient Locations to Serve You Member of F. D. I. C. Full Service Bank II P JFi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF STALEY HIGH SCHOOL W D E C AM AND FM Americus Most Listened to Radio Station ' Your award winnint station " 12Q0 On Your Dial ' Phone: 924-3681 iTj ' TE THE RECORD MART " Good Luck Graduates ' ' We Specialize in ALL TYPES OF MUSIC " 1 , ' ■.. ' ' Records ' 0B:4lel P ' " Tapes and Tape Players ' ,y. jg. ' -i Magazines ' ' ■ ' • • Novels f: 1 •■ ' George W. Barlow Tommy Sneed Owner; Phone 924-6069 120 Cotton Avenue W. C. GRIMES, Manager JAMES CHEVROLET K A im jgiiigiai General Auto Repairs Estimates Without Body and Fender Obligations Work All Work Guaranteed We are Proud of Our Rebuilt Cars Dial 924-9038 Americus, Georgia Best Wishes to the Congratulations Class of ' 6 Class of 1969 From BRYANT ' S T. C. BOWEN ENTERPRISES DISTRIBUTOR, SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Founded in 1932 Recreation Center Cafe Realtor Dayton Tires Phone: 924-9981 and Prestolite Batteries Americus, Georgia 31709 407 W. Forysth Street. MRS. VIVIAN G. BRYANT President and Owner Phone: 924-3670 MR. EDDIE BRYANT JR. Americus, Georgia Vice-President SMITH ' S FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Complete Funeral Service 731 North Lee Street Americus, Ga. THOMAS W. BLOUNT, JR. Manager EDWARD A, THOMAS, Funeral Director and Embalmer MRS. THELMA S. WALKER Lady Attendant MRS. MARY S. BLOUNT Lady Attendant Phone 924-2343 Congratulationb Seniors " COOPER ' S GROCERY AND MKT. ' Shop while your clothes wash ' Sunset Park Americus, Georgia Compliments of AMERICAN FINANCE 205 West Forsyth 924-2954 Americus, Georgia Comiplinnents of ' Clothes for young ladies of all ages Americus, Georgia Congratulations MERRITT BROS. Insurance 120 South Jackson 924-2091 Americus, Georgia Congratulations THE PARENTS-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF A. S. STALEY HIGH SCHOOL President - Mrs. Lucille Tyson Vice-President - Mrs. Irene Merritt Secretary - Mrs, Catherine Berry Asst. Sec- Mrs. Wylene Y. Standford Treasurer - Mr. Clarence Smith Principal - Mr, Daniel DeLoatch Sr. Good Luck Seniors WESTERN AUTO COMPANY Congratulations to Class of ' 69 Americus, Georgia Congratulations Seniors and Good Luck RAYMOND HOLT AUTO PARTS, INC. Americus, Georgia 309 North Hampton Street q24-qo3i Montezuma, Georgia Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY Best Food Quality In Town South Lee Street Americus, Ga. Compliments of AMERICUS HOME FURNISHINGS 124 West Lamar 924-2985 Complete Home Furnishings Compliments of AMERICUS COLLECTION AGENCY Phone: 924-9386 Americus, Georgia Compliments of P P GROCERY 617 Weed Street Phone: 924-7460 Americus, Georgia Compliments of THRIFTY STORE Discount Health and Beauty Aids 132 West Lamar Street Americus, Georgia Compliments of WILSON BARBER SHOP " Your Patronage is Appreciated " Come See Us CLYDE AND ERNEST WILSON Compliments of AMERICUS LOCKER PLANT Meat Packers Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb Sausage and Lard Phones: Q24-2735 or 924-2492 YOUNG WORLD Best Wishes to the Class of ' 59 " Clothing for Boys and Girls " Phone: 924-6823 112 North Jackson Street Americus, Georgia Compliments of MODERN STUDIOS 124 North Jackson St. Americus, Georgia Congratulations Compliments of ROYAL CAFE SIMPSON ' S CAFE " Sandwiches to suit your taste " Fried Chicken is Our Specialty 214 North Jackson 210 Cotton Ave. Americus, Georgia Americus, Georgia Best Wishes Congratulations Seniors WISK RADIO PRINCE ' S T.V. Americus ' Most Powerful SALES AND SERVICE Radio Station 8 Yr. Warranty 5000 Watts Pro-Rated on Color Tubes Americus, Georgia 602 East Forsyth St. Your ABC Network Station Americus, Georgia Best Wishes From ROBERTS ' JEWELERS Compliments of FINE WATCH REPAIR GAMMAGE PRINT SHOP Office and School Supplies 1 10 Lamar Street P.O. Box 468 Phone 924-3267 Phone: 024-5024 Americus, Georgia Americus, Georgia Best Wishes From Congratulations Seniors! HILL ONE HOUR READY CAB CLEANERS " We strive to serve " " Where Cleaning is a Pleasure " 218 Cotton Ave. Phone 924-9917 Americus, Georgia Phone 924- Americus, Georgia Best Wishes THE FAIR STORE " More to Select From Less to Pay " 123 W. Forsyth Street Americus, Georgia Phone 24-2796 Compliments of MILLER ' S UPHOLSTERY Expert Workmanship We Pick Up and Deliver New and Used Furniture 218 Forsyth Street Americus, Georgia Congratulations Class of 1969 BROWN ' S GROCERY STORE 1001 North Lee Street Americus, Georgia Congratulations ELIAS ATTYAH GROCERY " We buy Pecans " 1 17 Forsyth Street Americus, Georgia Best Wishes CHURCHWELL ' S DEPT. STORE Merrit Suits Levi ' s Wineburg Shoes Compliments of MARLETTE HOMES, INC. Brady Road 924-9371 Americus, Georgia Congratulations Class of lQb9 GLOVER WHOLESALE CO. Twinida Flour Idahome Flour 426 Cotton Avenue READ THE TIMES - RECORDER Since 1879 Daily Except Sunday Americus, Georgia Best Wishes From THE CAVALIER CLUB MR. JAMES PASCHAL - President MR. SAMUEL WADE - Secretary MR. JOHN W. HARRIS - Treasurer Compliments of DIXIE OIL CO. Open 24 Hours a Day " You Get the Best for Less " Your Business is Appreciated Compliments of CARTER OFFICE EQUIP. COMPANY 224 W. Lamar Street Americas, Georgia Phone 924-2917 New Typewriters - Adding Machines - Calculators We Repair All Makes Office Supplies - School Supplies Compliments of DIANA SHOP 134 W. Lamar Street Americus, Georgia Compliments of DAIRY QUEEN AND BRAZIER Two Locations Meadow Brook and Tripp St, Owners MR. AND MRS. CARLUS GAY, JR. Compliments of HUB SHOE SHOP Sales and Service Phone 924-2942 Compliments of MEN ' S SPORT SHOP Americus, Georgia Phone 924-2039 DR. A. C. KIMBLE Best Wishes for a Successful Year Compliments of A Friend A. C. KIMBLE D.D.S. Best Wishes From Congratulations SOUTHERN THE SHERWIN LOAN CO. WILLIAMS CO. " Money in 60 Seconds " 924-2962 Americas, Georgia 210 North Lee Street Across From Colonial Store Compliments of Congratulations Seniors! AMERICUS WARREN SCOTT HARDWARE, INC. CONTRACTING CO. p. o. Box iq? General Contractor Phone: 924-2742 Phone: 924-2741 Phone 924-9018 P.O. Box 946 Americus, Georgia Americus, Georgia Compliments of Compliments; Class LONG ' S WELDING JONES AUTO CO. MACHINE SHOP BANK-OPEL KADETT AMERICAN MOTORS Americas, Georgia Americus, Georgia Compliments of Fifty-Two Years Your Ford Dealers OXFORD MOTOR CO. Cadillac - GMC Trucks - Pontiac WALTER RYLANDER and Tempest FORD CO. Bus. Phone: 924-5423 Res. Phone: 924-3345 Best Wishes Americus, Georgia Americas, Georgia Best Wishes Seniors CLINIC DRUG STORE Free Delivery, Cosmetics of All Kinds 1 101 East Forsyth 1420 South Jackson Streets Congratulations Seniors WAGES OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 711 East Forsyth Street Americus, Georgia Congratulations RIO THRIFTY FOODS 1210 Crawford Street Americus, Georgia Compliments of PHILIPS INDUSTRIES Matthews Drive Americus, Georgia Best Wishes STUDSTILL GRO. MARKET Americus, Georgia Highway 19 Congratulations STILL GAS AND BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 225 East Hill Street Americus, Georgia Phone q24-51bl Compliments of H. B. ARNOLD CO. We Buy and Sell All Types of Grains and Feeds Americus, Georgia Best Wishes REDMAN INDUSTRIES p. O. Box 2 0 Americus, Georgia Compliments of Congratulations PHILLIPS 66 FRANK STEIN Huggar Slacks, Levi ' s and Meadowbrook Drive Campus Sportswear Americus, Georgia Corner of Forsyth and Cotton Ave. Americus, Georgia Compliments of Congratulations Seniors! LA BELLS ' Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Shoes SCOTTS BEDDING, and Millinery INC. Forsyth Street Americus, Georgia Americus, Georgia MISS E. BELL Best Wishes Congratulations SUMNER FURNITURE COMPANY K AND L FURNITURE COMPANY Americus, Georgia Americus, Georgia Compliments of Best Wishes A. COHENS AND SONS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Americus, Georgia Americus, Georgia Tires Our Best Wishes GOOD YEAR ,, Batteries, Appliances Congratulations Seniors! OLIVE GARAGE 305 W. Jefferson Street Americus, Georgia Phone: 924-9432 d GOOD VEAR Americu s, Georgia Congratulations CRUMPTON CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH, INC. 412 W. Forsyth St. Americus, Georgia Bus. Phone 924-6144 Res. Phone 924-5097 Best Wishes DIXON ' S ICE STORAGE CO. 118 North Hampton Street Americus, Georgia Phone: 924-3403 Good Luck Graduates SCOTT ' S T.V. SERVICE 331 West Lamar Americus, Georgia Phone: 924-7766 Congratulations G.A.C. FINANCE CORPORATION Personal Loans Americus, Georgia Compliments of JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOPPE 924-9391 Gifts for Every Occasion Best Wishes From THE FAMOUS " Women Apparels " Americus, Georgia PATRONS Mr. T. B. Brown Mrs. Vera Mae Brown Miss Ozie Smothers Mrs. Mary L. Bryant Mrs. Bessie Brown Mrs. Gladys Williams Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Thomas Mrs. John Jackson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Miller McDonald Mrs. Minnie Bea Jones Miss Earnestine Fuller , ,, , . Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J. Seay, Sr. Mr and Mrs. Leonard Washington ivii. anu ivixo. TT „ „ M ' " Mrs. James Simpson, Sr. Mrs. Annie Mae Boone Mrs. Willie Bell Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philmore HayneJ Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Reese Miss Jo McKenzie Mr. Ed Cottle Mr. and Mrs. John Barnum Jr. Dodson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Apple and Mrs. Willie Burkes, Sr. Mr and Mrs. Georee Sloan Mr. Willie Golphin Mrs. Gladys Mae Pless Mr. and Mrs. William Powell Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wise Mr. and Mrs„ Otis Spence Mrs. Hattie Bell Jenkins Miss Joneva Murphy Mrs.Jdella Clark Miss Carolyn Mays Mr. and Mrs. Susie P. King Sgt. and Mrs. James A. Wilson Mrs. Arie L. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Vrigil Ghramm Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ross Miss Lillie Mays Mr. and Mrs. James H. Carter, Jr. Mrs. Catherine Taylor (Berry) Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Baker Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hines -gg g - Brown Mr. Hugh Carroll jy -gg Shirley L. Houser Mis Shirley Patrick Louisa Robinson Miss J. Key Miss Gladys Thompson Miss Christine McRae Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Griffm Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Daniels Mrs. Eula Mae Josey Mr. and Mrs. Horace Seymour, Jr. . . V. ? f ' M?s. W. ' C. ' Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Dan Walters Miss Ruth D. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Mitchell Mrs. Sadie McLeod Mrs. Johnnie Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brown Mr. Steve Wimbush Mrs. Mattie R. Mays Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Dudley Mrs. Elizabeth Terry Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lane, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tyson, Jr. , DeLoatch, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Smith . gom timents of ifnes ' Diku! Shop Compliments of Mills Food Center Compliments of Baldwin Agency Compliments of Bell Jewelry Co. Compliments of Morgan Barber Shop Compliments of Jarrell Shoes Mr. Frank Sims Mrs. Leomie Adams TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made r T t , ' -r jirf.-.w. -i:i r ' ? gS!£% ' Wmk mx m: ? i :X '

Suggestions in the A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) collection:

A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 90

1969, pg 90

A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 93

1969, pg 93

A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 57

1969, pg 57

A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 110

1969, pg 110

A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 46

1969, pg 46

A S Staley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 64

1969, pg 64

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