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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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Ramscott 1970 Margaret McEvoy A. R. Willingham Macon, Georgia Volume XII EDITORS: Susan Stokes Mike Ogletree BUSINESS MANAGERS: Vickie Bonner Mark Stevens Activities Organizations Sports Achievements Faculty Classes Advertisements 18 46 84 124 140 156 216 Reading, ’Riting, “Rithmatic . . . 'm changing my schedule to P.E., Study Hall, Typing, and Art. . . this is a nightmare . . . THEOROM 13 ON PAGE 65 SAYS. . . this is blowing my mind, . . does that teacher always talk to herself? . . . don’t look so seri- ous, its only Physies . . . TAKE OUT A HALF SHEET OF PAPER PLEASE ... Sh-Sh here comes Mother Millie . . . | probably haven’t got a run in my hose. . . Freddy Bear — The King... YOU'RE A PAIN IN THE NECK. . . Huge Harold can swing that paddle . . . you got a pass?. . . Oh, unreal... Shakespeare who? . . . you're an idiot . . . d-o-g space c-a-t space . . . YOU BOYS ARE NOT STUDYING . . . but Mr. Pridgeon, I thought H20 was a new sports car. . . A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT. vm : aes ge’ Be! i ——it ; a8 - — - = === === 7 of — | + = 4 =- = V To Jekyll on the big yellow hound . . . had a blast . ran, practic ed, ate. practiced, ran, scrimmaged, sleep AH . . . you did what? went to see the Rams? Coach Bo did what? dragged you by the collar? . hat drills . in bed at 1077. . . I’m already giving 105 . . . slap drills BULL... PEP CLUB MEM. BERS REPORT TO THE GYM TO PAINT SIGNS . . pep rally at 8:00. . . in the morning? RIGHT PLAY LOUDER TRUMPETS ... you're sticking out like asore thumb. . . left, left. left foot. stupid . . . coordination . . . back to the beginning . GET THE BEAT! . ) ee YOU RECKON THE RAMS ARE GREAT? ... Does Edgar Hatcher chew Redman tobacco? . . . 1969 Baseball — Our first state championship . . . Leftfield — Curtisville . . . slide, Redmond, slide . . that Stevens isa hustler... WE’RENO.1... Orange shoestrings, all right. . . let’s get some spir- it. . . stick-him defense . . . way to go Big Team . why does he always fall down when he catches the ball? . . . get “em, Roach . . . what happened? I don’t know, I just yell when everybody else does. . . a fumble, Oh, No. . . he’s limping again . . . make that point ... YA’LL GET SOME SPIRIT... what’s that green stuff they’re drinking? . . . it’s all over .. . did we win? - - ns a ™ . You’ve got a date with who? . . . how'd you manage that?. . . let’s go to Shoney’s and get a glass of water . SON, GET IN YOUR CAR... . “All cars left unattended will be impounded.” . . . that’s the last time I'll ever let you get me a blind date. . . DDP . . . hard console. . . he said What?. . . you get va- nilla and there are 40 flavors . . . I guess she’s better than nothing . . . well, you said we could go any- where I wanted to. . . where ya'll going — 41, Weis, or Riverside . . . meet you on the soccer field in the morning . . . is that the only reason you date me? . She doesn’t have a ring in MY nose. . . and then she said she didn’t believe in kissing on the first date, but then I looked up and guess who was looking out the window . . . 1 year, 5 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days... HADA NICE TIME. a = = Sip a = soe See rx a en You reckon we'll Ever get em?. . . $20.90, $23.87, $18.70 — senior privilege. . . what’s that stupid rib- bon for ? ... tie my ribbon ... SEPT. 24 FINALLY. . . mabig, bad senior. . . 154 days to graduation . . . college board . . . did you get ac- cepted? . = PGs Hall Monitors. . . 6th period HOME ... HAIL TO THE SENIORS ... TB shots, achievements tests — another senior privilege . cap and gown measurements . . . ordering an- nouncements ... salutatorian, valedictorian .. . GRADUATION — Walking on Cloud 9. . . HAIL TO THE CLASS THAT’S ON THE GO — HAIL TO THE CLASS OF 7-0 “T believe that this nation should commit itself to achieve the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon.” Pres. John F. Kennedy 3-2-1 — BLAST OFF. . . “That’s one small step for man — one giant leap for mankind . . . beautiful, beautiful .. . I’m speechless ... The loony old world can’t believe its eves. . . JULY 20,1969... “Hello Neil and Buzz. This has to be the most his- toric phone call ever placed . . . because of what you have done, the heavens have become a part of man’s world.”’ ‘““Thank you, Mr. President, it’s a great honor and privilege for us to be here representing not only the United States but men of peace of all na- tions, men with interest and curiosity and men with the vision of the future.” . . . bounding about like kangaroos . . . absolutely fantastic . . . The Senior trip has been changed from Callaway Gardens to a round trip to Tranquility Base. Miss Spring Queens Debbie Garrett Martha Martin If I see one more ticket, I’m going to go off my rocker. . . This wind is not only blowing my music; it may blow my instrument along with it . I don’t think I can wait until half-time to know . . . Maybe we could bribe the coaches or something . . . Just think, it’s our last blue- white game . . . Oh-h-h, I got it!!. . . Senior Class Presents: Girls in White Is my cap on straight? Dummy, you have it on backwards. . . I know I'll forget my lines. What comes after she says that?? . . . You don’t look like a nurse; you look like an attendant froma pen. . . Tell you what, you stand right here behind the cur- tain and tell me my lines when I forget ‘em, okay?. . . One more rehearsal and I'll turn into a script-spouting machine . . . Mom, you read her part and I'll do mine. Yeah, I know you can’t act: just read it. Sure, Ill watch the eggs. Scrambled or fried? Yes, I realize that’s not one of my lines. . . No, I can’t go off; I’ve got rehears- al. . . Oh, it was worth it... Miss McEvoy 1969 Valerie Funck lst Finalist: Deborah Bassett 2nd Finalist: Teresa Cox 3rd Finalist: Sharon Allen 4th Finalist: Kathy Young . SS MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Mr. Ken Hicks Zip me up, will you? .. . I’ve got two minutes to learn the last five pages of this song . . . What if I trip going onto the stage? The three billy goats go gr- ruff. . . Where’s the record? No, not that side; the other one . . . Now, you watch while I do this just one more time. . . What will I do if they give me a real hard question? All I'll be able to do is a croak . Gee, Miss Congeniality and Miss McEvoy too? Hard Work and Planning How many hours can ; a person exist without food, anyway?. . . We’re going to have to cut the backdrop across the middle. W hat’s ‘the mat- M k S f | ter, don’t you trust me?. . . Okay, everybody, up on the bleachers a ec uccess Uu hold on while the staple team goes to it. . . What if the invitations : ‘ don’t come in? Well, we can make an announcement on the intercom Junior-Senior Dances — W ouldn tit be funny if the ceiling fell? How would you like a sock in the jaw? . Where's the paint? I thought you had it. . . What paint?? W il the invitations committee, the bac kdrop committee, the entrance committee, and the refreshments committee please meet in the lobby . . . Why don’t all the juniors come to the lobby, so | won't have to make any more announcements? . . . How are we going to get all this cardboard over to the gym? We c ould always put wheels on it and roll it over . Let’s make sure we have e nough punch; I'll bring the vat my Grandin 1 used to make soap in . . My parents have forgotten what I look like. . . almost done. . . now I have exac tly 45 minutes to get dressed . . . Oh, it’s beautiful! | Homecoming 1969 Fran Henderson Crowned Queen Trick or treat . . . Why, of all the days in the year, does it have to rain on our home- coming??. . . drip, drip, drip, . . . If every- body puts their umbrellas together, we'd have a solid roof ... . Oh, heck, my mum’s getting soggy . . . drip, drip, drip . . . The football players should have worn their ga- loshes . . . Doesn’t that Lucy look smug? . . . Personally, I think Schroeder is the real swinger . . . I’m so excited, I can’t be still — half time is still five minutes and two seconds away. . . Ohhh, here it comes. . . Why, why, that’s me!!! Fran Henderson’s my name too!! . . . Oh, look, she’s crying and Steve’s swinging her around! . . . Cheryl Fincher Where’s my gavel? ... How many hundred packages of Christmas paper??. . . How can I go three places at the same time? . . . This ratting had better be worth it . . . Who said a girl couldn’t play a trombone? . . . “For honor, loyalty, and courage, z Parlez-vous franeais? . . . Don’t you work at Davison’s?. . . Go Georgia Bulldogs . . . Do, re, me . . . Choir tour... sparkle, sparkle. Julie Blair Barbara Wyatt Rams the Best, the very best . . . All right girls, come to order. This week we're going to sell donuts. . . again. . . I’m going to get in the Honors Dorm, though how I'll stay there, I'll never know. . . Georgia Southern I Hope! ... Go Rams! ... ih aE yi 2. These decorations are getting to me: glad there’s only one dance a year. . . “To be or not to be”. . . Where’s that paint brush; we can’t paint signs without a brush . . . Come on, you guys. . . My favorite game is charades Debbie Hayes Slick Witches Linda Harrison and Mrs. Grace Skillyzam, skillyze, skillyzoo ... You better watch it, I'll put a whammy on you. . . What’ the spell for making my pumpkin the biggest? . . . ve been having to travel by magic carpet because my broom’s in the shop having a lube job . . . These socks are really freaky; orange and purple go together so well. . . That’s funny, my hair is so stringy; it feels like yarn... (cackle, cackle) . . . | can’t see anything cause the wart on the end of my nose gets in the way . . . Which teacher is a witch? Why It’s Mrs. Grace! . . (eackle, cackle) .. . Beta Taps New Members How am I gonna know which one she is? Get all her friends to stand up and say, “Here she is” ...1wanta flower . . . Oh hush, you’ve had your turn. . . surprise!! . . . Who, me?? .. . Yeah, you . Juniors “Do Their Thing” It was the devil in me that made me throw that rock . . . Come on, let me see who my good student is. . ‘ Hey, you can’t take that prop on stage like that; you’ve got it upside down. . . Where will the judges sit? I want them to be sure and see my good side. . . If tape, glue, paste, and staples won't hold this cardboard, what about cement? . . . We love Smokey Bear, we love Smokey Bear, (smack, smack) . . . If the backdrop decides to fall down, I hope nobody’s on stage. . . What are we going to do with the people left over after the bleachers, chairs, and floor are all filled up? We could always suspend them from the rafters ... I think these protesters ought to go home J-E-L-L-OOOOO. . . What do you mean Joe Namath has his own team? Yes, they’re the Playboys . . . OH, I wish the judges would hurry up and tell their decision . . . My goodness, that’s a pretty trophy. “ VY = .! 17% ae Carla Horne Chosen Miss Teenage Macon “IT never thought of entering the pageant until my grandmother asked me to do it as a personal favor. My talent was a jazz routine to “The Worm.” On the second night of the pageant, I was chosen as one of the twelve semifinalists. Three other girls from McEvoy were chosen, Cathy Farnsworth, Shirley Dixon, and Patti Darity. I was lucky enough then to be one of the five finalists. The judges asked each of us a question and then the decision was made. | couldn’t believe that it was my name they were call- ing out as Miss Teenage Macon.” Carla Horne Christmas — Lassie Style We're going to have to call the fire department to get the star on top of that tree. . . My door’s better than your door. . . Gee, someone sent me a Christmas card. . . Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells . . . | wonder what’s in this present; it looks like one of my baby sister’s wrap jobs. . . This gym blooks like the whole town had a Christmas party in here . . . This doll is so cute — I don’t think our foster child will ever get it . . . | wonder how many miles of strung popcorn this tree will have to have . . . Silent night, holy night. . . Did you know Santa could play a tuba? .. . SPSS Lccsdiecth a PSONVHH Leon RASS H 4 ste + - Pl kee Spirit Week Unites McEvoy Why can’t we have pork chops and chicken on the same plate? Who’s making up this menu anyhow? . . . McEvoy Spirit . . . | hope no one trips over the crepe paper. I know it’s going to be on the walls, but with our luck, it won’t stay there long . . . After about the ten jillioneth Scottie dog, all blue squares look alike, as far as I’m concerned. . . | hope that lion and this hippo can peacefully coexist . . . Hey, I think that hillbilly has already opened the spirit jug! . . . Love, McEvoy, America. . . Kiddie Day My doll throws up, wets her britch- es, and cries ... Your pigtails make you look like a cocker span- iel (hee, hee) ... Tie my sash back; somebody keeps untying it . . . Hey! Don’t hit her on the head with your baseball bat; you'll break it — (the bat, I mean) ... Mrs. Beasley says “Would you like to try on my glasses, you may if you like”. . . Can [have a lick of your sucker?. . . Would you like to play with my Popeye doll; he just laughs and laughs . . . You know, I think Miss Moore could pass asa kid. . . Why is everybody kissing Mr. Lowery? Are they bribing the judges? . . . Kiddie Day — You should have seen us! “Those Were the Days, My Friends...” ; AD ——— : . ; — toe . “: wees Yim 2 ‘ a= ™ - ee” — ?- l Annual Staff Susan Stokes Ed.-in-Chief Mike Ogletree Ed.-in-Chief Judy Jones Layout Ed Jack Rosson Layout Ed Kathy Lanfair Activities Ed. Bruce Thigpen Activities Ed. Gary Stuart Activities Co-Ed. Gina Broxton Sr. Class Ed. Alan Long — Sr. Class Ed Kathi Nicholson Sr. Class Co-Ed. Susan Tidwell Jr. Class Ed. Tommy Hardy Jr. Class Ed Phyllis Mims — Jr. Class Co-Ed. Karen Horn Soph. Class Ed Drexel Pitts — Soph. Class Ed Vicki Cranford — Soph. Class Co-Ed. Karis Dix — Sports Fd Mark Stevens — Sports Ed Carol Griffin — Sports Co-Ed. Randi Whitsel — Copy Ed. Gerri Rogers Feature Ed Kim Horne — Feature Ed Marcia Stewart — Feature Co-Ed. Micky Couey Feature Co-Ed. Elaine Dixon — Faculty Ed Henry Hayne — Faculty Ed? Dianne Whitten — Faculty Co-Ed. Wallace Johnson — Faculty Co-Ed. Debbie Dykes — Organizations Ed. Pat Pritchett — Organizations Ed. Viki Bird — Organizations Co-Ed. Glenda Randall — Index Ed Ronnie Oliff — Index Ed. Marian Warren — Index Co-Ed Bobby Barron — Index Co-Ed. Mary Childers Photographer Bill Meriwether — Photographer Debra Powell — Ad. and Art Ed. Ronnie Collins — Ad. Ed. Juleen Johnston — Ad. Co-Ed. Sheila Smith — Typist Fran Giddens — Typist Charisee Washington Typist Patricia McBride — Typist Foye Tinsley Typist Susan Bumgardner — Proofreader Connie Brown — Proofreader Rita Floyd - Proofreader | 1, af 94 beat ——————— — Cid 7 : 7 ‘ . Si oat os ‘ i ' is ' Ys . 4.8 2 — 7) - $ Editors-in-Chief: Susan Stokes Mike Ogletree Forget about eight extra pages . I’m not selling twenty dozen donuts. . . Why would Bill think I had a crush on him just because I’ve called him every night this week to schedule pictures . . . Has anybody got a pencil? Ya'll please hush . . . Bleed this picture into the gutter ... You mean the sewer? Who bled in the sewer?. . . Well it’s not my fault . . . Has any- body gotapencil?. . . How do you fit pictures on one page?. . . Any- body know where the cropper is? . . . What’s a cropper? . . . It’s a big orange thing . . . I’ve lost the football pictures ... But Mrs. Norris, why can’t we put that pic- ture in the annual?. . . Tomorrow! You mean my section is going in tomorrow . . . Is that what you’ve been telling me for three weeks? ... Pll never meet my deadline . Susan, just tell me, why do we have a deadline? Let’s forget about the annual and let people collect their own pictures . . . HELP! Lay-out Editors: Judy Jones and Jack Rosson Business Staff Bambi Bartlett Rebecca Bartlett Jan Be« ton Vicki Bonner Mary Jo Burkhalter Lisa Clay Ann Copeland Kathy Eady Fran Henderson Lynn Hopkins Sue Ellen Howell Nancy Jones Denise McDaniel Becky Moore Lynn Register Nane Vy Rey nolds Pam Tomberlin Rosemary Ward Deborah Watson Cynthia Woodard Business Managers Vicki Bonner Mark Stevens Bonnie Blue Print Staff Joy Battle — Ed. in Chief : We : a 7 ino? We Feline Sie = Mine te Joy, how’s the paper coming? Well, Kade McCook — Neos Ea aside from the 30” hole on page six, the Diane Howell — Feature Ed. 40’’ hole on page two, and the 184” Jeanne Brown a Club Ed. hole on page one... Yea well. it’s the Carol Griffin — Sports Ed. . Linda Jones’ — Ave 2 same old story ... Hey, quick! call Paula Carson — Layout Ed. Mrs. Shockley and ask how she would Suzanne Jones — Business Manager , Sree aes ¥ 2 osc: menace gree like a two page edition of the BBP... . aR OY Oh, no, we’re out of copy paper. . . Cathie Cloud — Exchange Manager Hey, Suzanne, what’s this little red but- Gail Cannon — Photographer ton on your typewriter for? . . . I don’t Candy Tucker Tween Teens Reporter - 5 . know mash it, and find out . . . No, Candy you don’t spell speaker s- Joy Battle — Editor-in-Chief p-e-e-c- -e-r You know ji don’t Paulette King — Managing Ed. know how to spell, I’m not a Cathie Cloud . . . When does the paper go to Ken Alderman — Editor-in-Chief press? . . . Tomorrow. Tomorrow! Ev- Charles Hartness — Assoc. Ed. j er Steve Leverett — Managing Ed. erybody go home and write .. . Are you going to school tomorrow?. . . and face Mrs. Shockley with an un- ready paper? NEVER! Bcarla Rampage TS yigdo™ CONGRA TULATIONS S711, B WI FRAN HENDERSON CROWNkw {CH Comes Sophomores Capture ball Honors Represents Macon in Pageant HOMECOMING QUEEN TSTUNT NIGHT TO BE HELD —— — An yarn Le Ken Alderman — Ed.-in-Chief Charles Hartnes Assoc. Ed. Steve Leverett — . Muinaing Ed. Dave Geeslin — Sports Ed. Steve Krau — Feature Ed. Orman Simpson Photographer and Bus. Manager Kim Horne — Cartoonist Orman Arnold — Page Ed. Kim Johnston — Reporter Ricky Newberry — Reporter Dennis McBride — Reporter John Avery — Reporter How do you spell homogeneous? Oh, I'll just think of another word . . We don’t have a column three . . This ad would really look bet- ter right side up . . . What can we use for fillers? We could tell all the jokes we know .. . CENSORED . The law of reaction says that no one will read this paper .. . Shouldn’t we say something about G.C. and the Greenwaves? No, we used that in the last paper and the one before that. . . Who’s going to sell Rampages at McEvoy? Hey, let’s all go. of g z wn 8 % 12) Student Council Cheryl Fincher Pres Pam Archer V. Pres Debbie Francavage Sec. Del Hattaway Treas Carol Henderson Sgt. at Arms What in the world are we going to sell this year! so Light bulbs?? Oh, ya'll don’t have to throw Cgp6:, 24 Guess what I found in my locker? Five packages of wrap- ping paper . Will everybody with money come to the lobby? - do you paint the top bleacher when all the a ones are still wet? You leave great big foot- prints for future generations of McEvoy Lassies . . . Lis- ten, kids, the bicycles are for the children. All right, now, stop playing with those dolls: the y'll be all worn out by Christmas ... My supervision’s presents are prettier than yours . Which way do we put this Christmas paper on that dice? Sideways, dummy . . . Superior su- pervision 109 takes the prize. . . These clinic sheets look like Guinea Sacks. Why don’t we buy some new ones? Good idea. . . Happiness is Charlie Brown Homec oming decorations . . . Which hand do you pour punch with? I hope the teac ke ‘rs appreciate this... FOR HONOR, LOYALTY, AND COURAGE Executive Council Joy Battle Gina Broxton Bobbie Cobb Karis Dix Shirley Dixon Debbie Dykes Cathy Eady Debbie Garrett Debra Greer Gwen Harvard Laura Harville Fran Henderson Beth Horne Mazie Jackson Becky Johnson Connie Josey Nancy Keith Martha Martin Cheryl Misch Cheryl Ross Susan Tidwell Rosemary Ward Rhonda Witherington Dianne Williamson Ricky Bennett Jack Rosson Mark Stevens Myron Miller Chuck Arnold David Avera Tommy Bell Dennis Brickle Dennis Brown Dale Crawford Kirk Durham Ronnie Dykes Kenny Hightower Eddie Holder Ronnie Hudson Rodney King Steve Middlebrooks Pete Mixon Steve Pettis Orman Simpson Charles Thompson Richard Tumblin Leaders of Our School Sharon Allen Dianne Balkcom Kathy Blackwell Mary Jo Burkhalter Debbie Byrd Robbie Campbell Gail Cannon Brenda Cooper Eugenia Cox Deonne Darden Annette Durden Gloria Gay Pat Gooding Carol Griffin Mary Alice Grimes Linda Harrison Cindy Hayes Deborah Haywood Carol Henderson Elaine Hodges Carol Hudson Judy Jones Elise Kelly Denise McDaniel Tricia Mitchell Kathy Mullis Jan Perry Debra Powell Glinda Purvis Donna Quick Glenda Randall Faith Ann Sanderlin Jennifer Sherwood Lawahna Smith Susan Stokes Junie Stuart Pam Tinker Randi Whitsel Ronnie Collins — Pres Ken Alderman V. Pres Orman Simpson Sec Hugh Burkett — Treas Johnny Avery Russel Boyd Alan Burdette Gary Burdeshaw Dale Crawford Mike Dunn Carl Duyck Grey Gay Rusty Graves Tommy Hardy Robert Hudson Jerry Hunnicutt Kim Johnston Donnie MeCard Mike Ogletree Frank Sagnibene Otis Searbury Randy Smith Tom Voshall I wonder if I'll get tapped . . . What are your grades? Three D’s and an F.. . I don’t know how to pin on flowers . . . Do you pin it on my right, her left, my left, or her right? . . . What if I just hand it to her? . . . How many boxes of Beta mints can you sell? | don’t know, but they’re going to melt and run together if I don't . . What’s a tutor? I think it’s one of . . Does that Beta em- hurry up . them English families . blem on the backdrop look funny to you? Come to think of it, it does. . . Funny, seems like Beta people would know how to spell . . . Beta Club Donna Quick — Pres Ann Copeland V. Pres Judy Tiiman — Sec Debbie Dykes Treas Mary Jo Burkhalter — Sgt. at Arms Sandra Alday Connie Brown Gena Cox Brenda Davis Shirley Dixon Bebe Eason, Lynn Epting Carol Griffin Chery! Hill Linda Jones Suzanne Jones Nancy Keith Carla McAllister Debra Powell Glenda Randall Geri Rogers Waverlyn Sandefur Dale Staples Susan Stokes Deborah Taylor Linda Thomas Randi Whitsel Barbara Wyatt Deborah Amos Bambi Bartlett Rebecca Bartlett Cathy Snider Debra Beatty Marcia Stewart Viki Bird Junie Stuart Susan Tidwell Theresa Vinson Diane Williamson Nancy Scanlan Jennifer Sherwood Joan Bledsoe Debbie Brick house Gina Broxton Susan Caldwell LaWana Cosey Karis Dix Elaine Dixon Kathy Eady Debbie Francavage Ann Goldstein Gwen Green Debra Greer Lynn Harr Regina Hobbs Carla Horne Kathy Lanfair Pam Leverette Donna Lewis Laura Matthews Deborah Mullis Janice Rainey Paula Russ Laura Ryle Civita ' . cy Mark Stevens Pres. Steve Leverett V. Pres. Alan Long — Sec. Jack Rosson Treas. Ricky Bennett Jimmy Boyles Dennis Burnett Tim Clifton Gary Curtis Lewis Deal Steve Deriso Kirk Durham Ralph Edwards Billy Epps Mike Fuller Bunky Griffin Bobby Hopkins Chuck Horne Pat Huling Wallace Johnson Tommy Lilley Alfred McGraw Greg Montgomery Bruce Peterson Alan Redmond Reggie Register Mark Reynolds Tim Rogers David Russell Waldo Sheftall Wayne Shepherd Don Shurley Stan Smith Steve Smith Foye Tinsley Richard Tumblin Mike Walker Ricky W ilson Alan Burdette Pres. Scott Thomas V. Pres. Leon Byrd — Sec. Phillip Collins Treas. Kemp Smith Parl. Boyd Allen Mike Askew David Avera Johnny Avery Steve Bell Mike Collinsworth Charles Couch Michael Dunn W ayne Jones Jimmy Littlefield Mike McCollum Ricky Newberry Clay Nobles Mike Ogletree Drexel Pitts Bobby Porter Frank Sagnibean Otis Searbury Tommy Schmidt Jeff Troutman Tom Voshal Randall Williams Bruce Wilson f Greg Gay cy Club Kim Johnston ae 5 - S “ ; LA Picking up paper and junk gets awfully tedious. Why doesn’t someone invent a giant vacuum cleaner that will just pick up trash and leave the weeds standing? . . I’m not cut out for this usher thing. I'll say, you just seated a husband two rows up from his wife . . . Boy, you're nutty as a fruitcake. . . Hey, you just hung the star on the bottom of the Christmas tree, you dum-dum What’s a whisk broom, anyhow? Maybe it’s something that people with natural- lv curly hair use to brush their hair. . . There are several qualifications for membership in Civitan: a ring in the nose, ill health, a dirty car, and a tend- ency toward being tardy ... Jekyll Island — Here we come! Duane Driggars Tommy Hardy Ben Hinson Robert Hudson Wiley Hutcheson David Jackson Duane Joiner Dennis McBride Donnie Met cord Stephen Middlebrooks AMCC Gina Broxton — Pres. Rebecca Bartlett — V. Pres. Mary Childers — See. Gerri Rogers — Treas. Ellen Thames — Prog. Chmn. ig Kay Adams Sandra Alday Julie Blair Cathy Carithers Lynn Epting Rita Floyd Mary Alice Grimes Jeanette Hardy Shelia Haynes Charlene Hulett Nancy Keith Donna Lewis Marsha McDaniel Julie MeGee Belinda Morgan Deborah Mullis Kay Murray Debbie Overcash Pam Tomberlin Melody Seaton Dale Staples Dianne Whitten Diane Williamson Jackie Yaughn Leo Club Ram Club Bob Bre a wn RS Dak inka ae Bob Fonnte: Bob Fountair W oe G vl . a Ben Hins« ‘ex ‘et - Pat ‘He lit € ae) . ¥ : Ve é Wiley Ao e; v Mike Ogletree Mh) oh i) Ny ] Ronnie Oliff - - A : ir , a rol Griffin — ele - - Debbi G ’ . Debe ee caece Trea . Shepard — Publicity Chai Athletics Pan - i ee a Nig: Pep Club Supports Rams Shinny up that goal post and I'll throw the crepe paper up to you . Oh, no, don’ t tell me we decorated with the wrong c olors. .. Hand me the paint. No! Don’t throw it! Oh, well, this sign will just have to have a red background . . . How many Fight ° em Rams buttons did you sell? Five. one to my little brother, one to my boy- friend, and three to me . . Are you going to the game Friday night? Are you kidding, the sre’s a seat there with my name on it . Where’s the F stencil? Wait a minute, I’m pate hing it up with toothpaste . . How do you spell stomp?. . . Why, on te day we decorate the goal posts, does there have to hie tie -zero Weather and winds 100 miles an hour? . . . Okay, all you Peppy Clubbers, on the count of three, eve srybody blow your whistles . . . Get your football decals here, even though you can get them , Ses at the drugstore Connie Josey — Pres. Debra Moss — V. Pres. Rosemary Ward — Sec. Charlene Ross — Treas. Mazy Jackson — Program Chairman Nancy Keith — Publicity Chairman Faith Ann Sanderlin — Points Chairman Susan Tidwell — Club Reporter = 4 - ’ bill je . FHA LaWahna Smith — Pres Linda Burdette — V. Pres Debra Beatty Sec Phyllis Zeigler Treas Lynn Register — Proj. Chmn Susan Bumgardner Parl. Hist Denise Bassett Marsha Clark Pam Fowler Willette Gibson Pam Gill Debra Hay wood Carla Horne Melanie Plunkett Beverly Staples Sue Townsend Darlene Wester Debbie Francavage Shellia Haynes Dianne Whitten Diane Williamson fy Wi Ss AMA ir i FHA Sponsors Slick Witch Debbie Goodwin — Pres. Donna Thomas — V. Pres. Debbie McElhenney Sec.-Treas. Judy Friedlander — Parl. Paulette King — Prog. Chma. Linda Andrews Barbara Burson Elaine Dixon Bebe Eason Connie Hadaway Cathy Kinkead Gloria Mimbs Kathy Minshew Cherie Mock Pam Moye Carla McAllister Lurie McCook Debra Powell Jody Ray Laura Ryle Marsha Scott Kathy Slade Deborah Taylor Judy Thigpen Reba Tucker Darlene Wilson Linda Wilson FFA Jody Bassett Bill Eason Craig Hill Keith Jackson Coone Kenneth Reggie Reeves Ed Stokes Charles Sumlin Mike Willingham FBLA Phillip Webb — Pres Ronnie Hood V. Pres Pat McConnell — Treas Richard Tumblin — Sec Barry Bissonette Mike Courtney Andy Dominy Jerry Donald Tommy Emerson Kenneth Godfrey Darrell Grant William Hammond Harry Harden Henry Haynes Al Jennings Mike Johnson Carl Morgan Steve Powell Robert Prince Glen Sharpe Donnie Shurley Gary Stuart Foye Tinsley Carol Hudson Pres. Paula Johnson — V. Pres. Janie Rigby — Sec. Elaine Brooks Treas. Carol Adams Claudia Allen Brenda Baggarley Kathy Baker Connie Bowen Susan Caldwell Sharon Cameron Frances Cirby Cynthia Creech Debbie Croft Gail Crowder Pat Crum Jean Davis Bonnie Dowd Karen Fiveash Rita Floyd Pam Fowler Gloria Gay Jane Goble Diane Gorman Sandra Green Betty Hamrick Sandra Heath Susan Herring Janice Horton Janice Hurt Linda Jones Margaret Jones Carolyn Long Betty McCoy Edna McGlohorn Warrene Rackley Jody Ray Diane Reynolds Robin Robinson Donna Shupe Mai-lan Sims Sheila Smith Gloria Stevens Brenda Summerlin Cathy Snyder Frances Wood James Stephenson — Pres Jimmy Meadows — V. Pres Louie Sizer — Sec Ricky Ainsworth — Treas. Reggie Boutwell Steve Bridgers Neal Bronson Lewis Cooper Dave Dilbeck Johnny Fountain = + Travis Gillihan Ray Hallman Ronnie Hall Randy Holmes Ronnie Hudson Ray Jones Gene Lee Steve Mason Herb Montgomery Tom Mullis Clay Nobles Paul Osborn Rodney Pancake Leon Reed Garry Rogers Perry Rogers Richard Self Danny Smith Chester Stewart Bruce Thomas Bill Whitehead Tony Williamson Robert Wilson VICA David Gales — Pres Walter Defoe — V. Pres Gary Thomas — Sec Richard NeSmith — Treas Charles Sharp — Rep J. P. Mixon — Parl Travis Almand Wayne Black Larry Coffee Douglas Combes Manion Damron Stephen Gombkoto Robert Hamlin Alan Helmuth Emory Kitchens John Lockhart Albert Loyd Calvin Mayfield Clifford Mitchell Leonard Pritchett Clifford Rabanus James Shepard John Shore Tommy Smith Lonnie Spears Joseph Spivey Robert Thompson Larry Tinsley John Toler Gary True Danny Truelove Charles Upchurch Donald Wilson Wendall Wood Jennifer Sherwood —Pres Ann Copeland — V. Pres. Rhonda Countryman — Sec. Regina Emilio — Treas. Ann Lewis — Sgt. at Arms Kay Adams Brenda Alligood Avis Arnold Elaine Baxter Pam Bryant Becky Burch Cathy Carithers Delia Causey Gail Clements Gail Combes Becky Cooper Kay Defore Sherrie Drury Kathy Hightower Dianne Howell Sheila Huff Arlene Hulett Susan Huling Charlotte Lennon Faye McDonald Julie McGee Penny Miller LaWahna Smith Teresa Stringer Barbara Taylor Tracy Welch Jo Ann Wilson Math Bt Club Orman Simpson — Pres. Dale Crawford — V. Pres. Kim Horne — Sec. Steve Lindsey — Treas. Ken Alderman Johnny Avery Gary Burdshaw Mike Dunn Tom Hardy Jerry Hunnicutt Kim Johnston Randy Smith Tom Voshall Science Club Pat Pritchett — Pres. Jerry Hunnicutt — V. Pres. Eddie Peterson — Sec.-Treas. Mike Dunn Rusty Graves Tommy Hardy Curt Harrington James McGibbs Terry Merritt Frank Sagnibene Orman Simpson Mike Upchurch — wap Steve Avery Melvin Bell W. G. Birdsong Mike Dunn Barry Gillis Mike Green Tommy Hardy Monty Lavender Jim McAmis Alan Parker Pat Pritchett Lawrence Ryle Tim Shearon Mike Upchurch Richard Welchel Spanish Club Debra Powell Pres Carla McAllister — V. Pres. Patricia Howard Sec.-Treas. Rita Barrio — Prog. Chmn. Jenny Andrews Donna Bell Joan Bledsoe Pam Coleman Sandra Davis Elaine Dixon Margaret Grimsley Vivian Haynes Mary Paula Hodnet Linda Jones Patricia McManus Vickie Miller Cynthia Moore Janie Radcliffe Patricia Randail Helen Reed Joan Stevens Elizabeth Troutman French Club Mary Alice Grimes — Pres. Gaile Hare — V. Pres. Cathy Cloud — See. Kittie Harbuck — Treas. Julie Blair Susan Bumgardener Bunny Merchant Marsha McDaniel Cathy Powell Donna Thomas Science Club Gena Cox — Pres. Barbara Baxter — V. Pres. Patsy Hammond — Sec.-Treas. Linda Jones — Prog. Chmn. Suzanne Jones — Pub. Chmn. Candy Tucker — Social Chmn. Aurelia Avera Joan Bledsoe Paula Carson Regina Hardman Sheila Harrison Janie Radcliff Marie Thomas McEvoy Dramatics Glenda Randall — Pres Juleen Johnston — Sex Sharon Bell — Treas Debbie Hayes Prog Chmn Cindy Windham — Prog. Chmn Laura Sue Barker Rita Barrio Denise Burns Brenda Carden Phyllis Carson Ann Copeland Patti Darity Kay DeFore Sherry Drury Linda Fuller Linda Harrison Vivian Haynes Denise Haywood Sue Ellen Howell Verna Ingram Chery! Jackson Nancy Jones Shirley Johnson Surelle Krysalka Lynda Lester Brenda Murphey Faye McDonald : : y Penny Miller AT = tee x, tes s Sheila Ogletree i = iw a e as se Sagi a PS eh eet aa 4 Toni Olifi Lae Mn coda TT a nl at GE i i Me sn Hs Sharon Powell ‘ atin. 3 - vie = elen Rei . es he U aS +, re eo) 2am s - - - Lynn Sauls ai % bet. s Speer se. OS pe ae . ip eR pee Wanda Seagraves : Sue Smith Jean Stevens Beth Stuckey Marie Thompson Wanda Towson Marian Warren Tracey Welch = . “ es - . Willingham Dramatics Wayne Autrey Lamar Black well Donald Blair Steve Clements Greg Crawford Mike Dunn Raleigh Faircloth Mike Gibson Terry Harvey Michael Howard Larry Hemphill Joseph Holloway Phillip Mann Bill Meriweather Freddie Miller Mike Moore Mike Shaw Jimmy Smith Gary Williams Nathan Woodruff Steve Wells David Goss Gary Henry Literary Debra Poole — Editor Brenda Hammond — Co-Editor Judy Friedlander — Bus. Manager Pam Tinker — Publicity Ann Bryant Doris Dugger Alice Fountain Lynn Herring Karen Horne Jackie Mannheim Lisa Miguel Carol Miller Brenda Murphey Wanda Seagraves Jackie Yaughn —— -— -—F ———s ——T : — “vt MW I eeeeeenee Willingham Literary Kim Horne — Pres. Steve Powell — V. Pres I ly sses Colbert — Sec David Geeslin — Treas. William Birdsong Steve Bridgers Greg Crawford Harry Hardin Henry Haynes Craig Hill Steve Hough Walter Huff Dav id Jackson Donnie Johnson Steve Krau Jim McAmos Terry Merritt Phil Rhyme John Tinker Mike Upchurch teen » ees 5 ane Y-Teens Brenda Cooper Pres Barbara Sullivan — V. Pres Wilhelmina Solomon Camila Tharpe — Treas. Carolyn Askew Dollie Brown Brenda Crapps Brenda Engram Jackie Finny Debra Gilmore Shirley Hall Jim Halstead Sharon Harvey MALA Kathy Mullis — Pres. Lou Lawing — V. Pres. Lisa Williams — Pr. Chma. Donna Bell Pam Coleman Gail Combes Becky Cooper Sandra Garrett Margaret Grimsley Dolores Hall Brenda Hammond Gail Harr Red Cross Sheila Smith — Pres. Grace Mosely — V. Pres Patricia Dennard — Sec.-Treas. Gwen Harvard — Proj. Chmn. Brenda O'Reilly — Chap Sheila Barnes Debra Beatty Lynn Benner Brenda Combes Kay Cranford Elizabeth Crumpton Patti Darity Martha Duvall Bebe Eason Patty Fowler Linda Garrett Debbie Greene Patsy Hammond Sheila Harrison Joyce Hobbs Phyllis Hughes Barbara Mikus Rhonda Morgan Cynthia NeSmith Lynn Phillips Cindy Spillers Louise Swann Marie Thomas Wilma Ingram Sheila Miller Vickie Miller Phyllis Mims Onnie Porter Patsy Prince Darlene Ray Sylvia Reid Ruby Smith Pameli Sutton Bern ice Tobler Charisse Washington Lynn Herring Jackie Mannhein Gail Metts Carol Miller Melinda Mulling Gloria Gay Barbara Smith Pam Smith Ruby Smith Louise Swann Pat Wolf Safeteens Foye Tinsley — Pres. Glenn Thomas — V. Pres Bobby Hopkins — Sec John Cato — Treas Charlotte Jacobs Dir. Tam Morgan — Dir. Carol O’Uinn — Dir. Donna Vick — Dir. Library Dennis Brickle Pres Gary Stuart — V. Pres Mike Green — Treas Eddie Peterson — Sec. Johnny Avery Barry Bissonette Bruce Fincher Danny Griggs Steve Hough Lamar Newman Ronnie Oliff Joey Turk Mike W ilder Randy Wilder Red Cross Glenn Blasingame — Pres Robert Gibbs — V. Pres Mike McAllister — Sec Bunk y Griffin — Treas. Johnny Avery Randy Becham James Bradfield Robert Brown Richard Chambers Hall Clyde Burt Deane Steve Deriso Steve Hamlin Billy Hammond David Hooks Darrell Howell Mike Hutcheson Clarence Johnson Mike Mask Bill Meadows Freddie Mullin Jimmy Rickman Charles Sumlin Robby W iggins Randy Willis Office Monitors Rebecca Bartlett Carol Griffin Beth Horne Patricia McBride Nona Partridge Debbie Shepard Office Monitors Bobby Barron Steve Bell Russell Boyd Alan Braswell Mike Brown Dennis Burnett Wayne Dean Bruce Draughon Mike Haddle Mike Harbin Andy Harrison Ronnie Miller Carl Morgan Sidney Moulton John Nutt Gary O'Kelly Steve Pettis Phil Phyne Alan Rawlins Jack Rosson Frank Sagnibene Larry Schulze Wayne Shepard Donnie Shurley Mark Stafford John Tinker Glen Thomas Tommy Thrasher Ricky Wilson Joy Battle Deborah Mullis Carol Hudson Janie Rigby Gail Cannon JoAnn Roberts Carolyn Long Sheila Smith Lorie Case Lana Snead ‘ Audio Visual Bookstore Industrial Arts Ralph Edwards Craig Hill Phil Howard Lawrence Hulett Lamar Newman Richard Reid Jimmy Smith Bill Sowell Mark Strickland Mike Tinker Audio Visual Aaron Martin — Pres Bunky Griffin — V. Pres Robert Hamlin — Sec Stan Smith — Treas Morley Adams Alan Burdette Duane Daniell Buddy Emerick Louis Glidewell Mike Green Gary Howell Carey Hulett Charles Kitchens Herbert Kitchens Ricky Lee Danny Leslie Terry Merrit: Jimmy Nobles Steve Salter Mark Stevens Danny Tanton Gary True Joey Turk Terry Ullman Mike Wilder Randy Wilder . got a pass? . got a pass? . got a pass? . gota pass? . gota pass? . gota pass? .gota pass? . got a pass? . got a pass? . got a pass? . got a pass? . got a pass? yet 3 3 pg eww es -3 3 7 Re fr AW os ee pn McEvoy Chorus Fa — Me — Re — Do — Jackie Anderson Judy Barfield Laura Sue Barker Debbie Barnes Nancy Barrett Elaine Bedgood Jan Binkley Ernestine Bradley Dolly Brown Carolyn Burnette Barbara Carpenter Pansy Courson Cindy Creech Elizabeth Crumpton Linda Davis Kay DeFore Patricia Dennard Yvonne Edwards Diane Evans Jacqueline Finney Theodora Gates Brenda Hammond Regina Hardeman Dale Hill Mary Paula Hodnett Karen Horne Kathy Jones Vivian Mann Patricia McManus Lisa Miguel Cynthia Moore Bernice Napier Toni Oliff Lynn Suals Wanda Seagraves Wilhelmina Solomon Vicki Tillman Beth Vaughn Dianne Whitten Diane Stehle Rita Wooten Choral Council Gloria Gay — Pres Patsy DuPriest — Sec.-Treas. Janie Rigby Proj. Chmn. Vicki Tillman — Pub. Chmn. Mary Paula Hodnett Kay Cranford Pam Scarborough Barbara Carpenter Doris Dugger Melodettes Joan Bledsoe Sharon Chancey Gail Combes Kay Cranford Barbara Daniel Doris Dugger Patsy Dupriest Gloria Gay Carolyn Long Jackie Mannheim Janie Rigby Pam Scarborough Pam Sutton Cheryl Misch — Pres. Jenny King Sec Mary Childers — Chaplain Lynne Benner — Librarian Linda Burdette — Librarian Susan Stokes — Drum Major Sharon Allen — Drum Major a - S a: jd © O fA at th rene —- It Takes wa Many Days to Reach Perfection! PLAY IT ONE MORE TIME .. . But, We’ve already played it 100 times! . . . Pick up your feet. . . stay ina straight line . . . Now beginners, all you have to do is a left pinwheel, about face, forward 8, right pinwheel; now isn’t that easy. . . IF YA’LL DON’T SHUT UP WE’LL STAY OUT HERE ALL LUNCH PERIOD .. . Boys, how can ya ll play with that cigarette hanging out your mouth. . . Of course, we'll play the Fight Song marching on the field. . . We can’t go on the field looking like this . Get up the Fight Song. . . DO IT AGAIN. . . Oh, boy! The Christmas Parade . . . turn the corner like a door . . . blistered feet . . . Fun, fun, fun . . . Concert season — W hoopee . . . Section practice. . . brass prac- i . getting yelled at... HOPE... A GREAT Majorettes Prove to be Talented and Entertaining Addition to Half-Time Get in a straight line . . . Which side of the field do we run to... only nine seconds to half time. . . Sh don’t be so stiff. . . Mare, Blow that whistle louder OWS. deal : . . . ve got chills going up and down my spine... Don’t go out on the field if you feel sick . . . if you Barbara Mikus — Captain faint I'll die. . . quit crying . . . you didn’t mess up Jeanne Brown b fame Lynn Mondy ) Paula Russ rain, are we?. . . weare. . . Mr. Graves, Please play too bad. . . We’re not really going to perform in this Dixie . . . Do you realize that it’s 20 .. . Yes, I’m just one big chill bump. . . I can’t twirl; my fingers are frozen. . . this is my last game. . . get in a circle and pray like you never have before . . . here we are marching Santa around Westgate ... oh, unreal . smile at the camera. Long Hours of Work Prove to be Worthwhile to the Success of Dixie Darlings ; 2 SERRE EEERP EEE eee eee te A , - Hi = . 7 ’ iiilaw-d Sey oa el ING FEY f tad - oe F + ee ae Se Le ae a ee ee a ee en ee een | ie oe | ae ZO a7 | . Lvov a ie ee ’ poe | a — : Mp MRR TEN Band Council Mare Smith — Drum Major Richie Hightower — Head of Senior Members Ronnie Hudson — Head of Junior Members : Darrell Canady — Head of Sophomore Members Barry Gillis — Captain Bobby Hopkins — Publicity Bruce Thigpen — Firse Lt. of Operations Richard Welchel — First Lt. Barbara Mikus — Captain of Majorettes Ginger Metts — Co-Captain of Dixie Darlings Debbie Cook Co-Captain of Dixie Darlings Of Dixie” Drum Major: Mare Smith Boy, we had a great crowd today. . . Yeah, if you consider 15 a great crowd . . Hey Hidgeon, « ‘an you belie ve we're 17 anil l . Notice the crowd’s getting larger . . . Curtis probably can’t hit that ball . . . Hey, Durden, who'd you fight with this game. . . Ah, Durden you didn’t hit that guy that hard ... Too bad the ump saw you... ALL RIGHT BOYS BREAK IT UP... I’m going to break him up. . There he goes again, stealing. . . Henderson’s going out to the mound again, changing pitchers . Bunt and run to third. . . No, Bell not that way, go to first and se -cond, THEN third . . . Hey, Price just hit a homer for Cleo Price, III . . . Oh, no Bealle and Red- mond are going to sella: . [thought you had it, But I thought you bad it. . Vhat Bullpen’s lively tonight. . . O.K. boys pack “em up: it’s a long way back to Macon.. . That was a really great game, ya'll probably ain’t great ... RAMS, STATE AAA CHAMPS. State Title AAA Champs ate i . fy Soins ; 8 ene a sees ’ Tt — ee Sean Nee 2 eer pea: = ety eat fl 2s on +e MeO wn 8 Pr, Gar a. tn, en ae i dcucttticg ee? | ne AS he ext METOB HS BALL STRIKE = OUT TOS BATTER HIT ERR ed ese eS: Rams Move Into Quarter Finals REALT( INSUR| — - ny ES aeaparits a Se as 2a rae Extra-Inning Bout Proves Successful as Rams Defeat Therell Rams Finish 69 Campaign 5-5 Rams Rams R ams Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams . Spencer . Hardaway . B. Hudson . W. Robins . Columbus . Appling . M. Smith . Northside . Baker . Lanier Hopes Still High as Rams Where’s my shoes? On your feet, stupid. . . Hey, Pull my jersey down . Durham, stop doing the chicken. . . Curtis, where did you get the cowboy hat. . . Got to shave again, little bitty hairs, growin out of my ankles. . . I’m re nally sick, Coach . . . Anybody know how to do a rain dance?.. . =e step on my t-shirt! It’s crawling away . . . Get your mind on the game!. . . O.K. break it up, here come the coaches . . . What time is our pre-game meal. . . I can’t get my pants on over all this ts ape. . . Somebody grab Mask: he’s c he »wing up that helmet. . . Devotional . . . All right, no- bod) say a word on the way to the stadium. . . I’ve had butterflies since Tuesday. Specialists get ready . . . Hope, I don’t trip running onto the field . Line ’em up, 5 of each. . . HIT, hit, hit. . . Captains to the center of the field. . ., we'll receive... ., Run it back all the way. . ., Offense let’s go. . ., Shut up in the huddle. . . Come on let’s drive it in. . ., R-Split W Running Read on 2, R-Split W Running Read on 2, Ready . . . RAMS . Stack Set Hut, Hut... Huddle . . . Hey, we probably didn’t put 77 on his tail . . . That’s the way to run . . . Hey, my own teammate blocked me on that sweep . . . There goes one of Hutcho’s “look out blocks”. . . You linemen sure are nice . . . Anybody can run the ball, it takes guts to block . . . Look at him go. . He’ s going all the way. . . All right we’re on the move. . . O.K. it’s your turn, De fense Let’s go after’em, you guys. . . Blood, Blood, Blood. . . Keep it down. . . 5 4 Stack, 5-4 Stack, RAMS. . . Rover right, Thirds, Level-Off. . . Pursue, Pursue. . . Ouch, Darn!! Whew, what a lick, way to stick “em, Defense . . . Did you see that, 1] men on the pile. . . Pass, Pass . . . He intercepted, he’s going all the way, TOUCHDOWN . . . All right we ’re on the move. . . What are you doing after the game . . . Where at? Who’s playing at the dance? All my hair is stuck to the tape . . . Did you see the look on Coach Henderson’s face when we threw him in the showers? . . . We’re great . . . We really gave it to em tonight . . . Yeah, no matter what, the RAMS are 1... Reach Midseason Rams Close Mediocre Schedule With 23-13 Loss to Rival Lanier. Ram Cagers Turn in 2-19 Slate During a Rebuilding Year on the Hardwood Ballard Hudson... . - DS Os): ee domme. ss. wae os 79-39... . Rams Mt. De Sales 2... . 42-40... . Rams Nottheide: . 4-250 .S2or .. |. Rams Warner Robins... . . . 81-54... . Rams eee lo ,. Sods ake. 74-49... . . Rams Mark Smith... ... ..: 85-58. . . . Rams eee ee 75-68 . . . . Rams OD ie he a aes 75-57... . . Rams Hardaway .... ....51-53... . Rams Mt. De Sales .......5448.... Rams Warner Robins... . . . 83-58... . Rams Ballard Hudson... . . 118-63... . Rams BUONMES 5 a. 5. hg 108-39 . . . . Rams Mark Seth. . 6. 4.2% 74-52 .... Rams ae FE SAS a ae 62-59 . . . . Rams Dudley Hughes . 2... . 65-63 .. . . Rams PO a a a re = See ee ELEC e ee 81-61 .. . . Rams Dudley Hughes... . . . 68-82... . Rams Mark Smith... ..... 83-43 . Rams ¥ ; tm! Se 4 y 3 , kK} 103 Dedication Motivates Mat-Men Varsity Basketball Ricky Mixon Kirk Durham Billy Epps Johnny Hidgeon David Leng Willie Goolsby Herbie Montgomery Jimmy Rogers Bill Amman Wayne Hart Coach Edgar Hatcher B-Team Basketball Tim Clifton Reggie Register Charlie Smith Dan Darden David Ashley Ullyses Brown Mike Walker Marshall Floyd Daryll Jordan Brad Fussell Paul Goolsby Coach Sam Humphries Varsity Wrestling Mike Deriso Calvin Westfall Bobby Norris David Fritz Steve Deriso Ricky Lee Larry Jones Freddy Reid Bob Fountain Jimmy Ward dee] 5e5 a Pai ee . zt ; Donnie Fussell, Alan Redmond, Richard Tumblin, Mark Stevens, Andy Durden, Charles Thompson, Charles Hartness, Johnny Hidgeon, Charles Price, Jimmy Clanton, Ricky Bennett, Wayne Hart, Tommy Bell, Doug Furney, Bobby Hasty, Bill Heath, Mgr., Coach Henderson, Coach Hatcher, Bob Brown, Phil Ladson, Willie Goolsby, Gary Curtis, Billy Beale, Chuck Arnold. Football Coach Bohannon Tim Clifton Jeff Ogletree Mike McCollum Wiley Hutcheson David Russell Bob Hunnicutt Wayne Hart Watson Flythe Ricky Mixon Coach Hatcher Coach Henderson Billy Epps Alan Redmond Freddy Reid Glenn Thomas Paul Goolsby Ulysses Brown Steve Deriso Chuck Horne Pat Huling Duane Driggers, Mgr. Coach Waters Coach Whitfield Coach Thompson David Goss Charlie McMillar Mike Bozeman Ray O'Reilly Mike Livingston Charles Thompson Kirk Durham Steve Wilson Ben Hinson Rodney King, Treas. Eddie Holder, Treas. Lanny Shulze, Mgr. Coach Beale Mike Ogletree Chuck Walker Ronny Sanders Brian Fitzpatrick Mike Fuller Gary Bryant Mike Dixon Ken Mote Mike Mask Jimmy Ward Charles Sumlin Mark Morgan Jimmy Walker Tom Wood Bob Fountain Gary Brown Alan Hattaway Bruce Peterson Ronnie Olliff Gary Curtis Ronnie Andrews Willie Goolsby Greg Montgomery Neal Martin Ricky Garrett Bob Porter Pete Pearce Bill Hopkins Billy Henderson: “Spirit of the Rams” No one person can claim full responsibility for the success of Willingham athletics; yet, there is one man who rises above all others. Any attempt at gathering the story of the Rams must revolve around this man and his ideals. He has a rare quality of affecting the lives of those around him. It goes without saying that he has been a highly constructive influence. He is a leader, a driving force, a coach, a counselor, a friend; but above all, he is a winner and he conveys his win- ning spirit to everyone around him. His unques- tioned loyalty and pride have stood as an ex- ample to students from a time in 1958 when Willingham was just a dream. For twelve years he has coaxed and nurtured his “Impossible Dream” into a reality. He will always be remem- bered as a fiery competitor; he will always be re- membered as “THE CHIEF.” Football Scholarships D. Parker R. Whitfield T. Lindsay C. Summers C. Partridge W. Johnson C. MeNeil B. Kinard G. Helmuth R. Wallace D. Sauls J. Hammond P, Gaines W. Marchman C. Cross E. Battle B. Bryant B. Floyd T. Colson M. Bowen J. Dickens W Spence F. Evans J. Holland M. Bloodworth W. Jones Ga Te | h Tenn. (Martin) Tenn. (Martin) Tenn. (Martin) Newberry Florida State Florida State Ga. Tech Chattanooga Florida State Auburn Tenn. (Martin) Univ. Ga Tenn. (Martin) Furman Newberry S. Carolina Troy State Brigham Young Univ. Ga. Tenn. (Martin) Florida State Presbyterian Ga. Tech Presbyterian Tenn. (Martin) To the students of Willingham and McEvoy, the twelve-year rivalry with Lanier has been more than an athletic contest. It has been a chance for the entire student body to compete actively with the cross-town foe. Whether in football, basket- ball, baseball, track or whatever, spirit before a clash with Lanier always looms highest. There is more than just winning or losing involved here. The pride of the school and the community is put on the line to be defended by students as well as athletes. The enthusiasm of the students is unified by the familiar cry of “SMEAR LA- NIER.” 4 4 o ( Spirit! Highest for the Lanier Game ye” tks pO] NS MS LY In, athletics plays a large part in everyone's life. At Willingham and McEvoy, it has been no different. There are sports for every season, each as demanding as the others. Each sport has to have its own philosophy, a plan to make it function; each plan depends on the talent and heart of the students. It took time to establish Willing- ham as a power in sports, but we were full of surprises. Consistency, peak physical condi- tion, pride, and dedication soon came to be synonymous with Willingham sports. After a humble beginning, Willingham has estab- lished itself as a power to be reckoned with. But the support of the students has had equal importance in shaping our athletic program and bringing the name of McEvoy and Willingham to the eyes of people throughout the state. eisteunel 9 = —— RADIATOR SHOP 818 FORSYTH S For years at W illingham, there has always been an annual display of physical fitness. Under the direction of Billy Henderson and Ann Hadarits this “P.E. Night” has grown into what we know as McWill Night. It has grown from the point of strictly student ps artic ips ation to a community un- de rtaking. It stresses physical fitness as part of the American way of life. But Mc Will is still just a symbol of all the heritage and tradition of McE voy and Willingham past and present a symbol of all the memories of past glories. Through twelve wonderful years we have seen some proud moments. The thrill of seeing the coliseum almost filled for McWill — the excite- ment of winning our first state che ampions hip the pride that all shared in whipping Lanier six straight — the pride all shared in winning three straight from Valdosta winning the Northside game 69 for Hidgon. We have much to be proud of. The past of Willingham and McEvoy should inspire us to carry over our ideals into every as- pect of human endeavor. ae FX 7 e ete As es ay — -. 1d , é t, we ‘ ) DENISE McDANIEL: Are you ready? a ae ee FRAN HENDERSON: You can do it, Rams! DEBBIE FRANCAVAGE: We're behind you, big Rams! dl SYLVIA TYRE: What cha want — TD GAIL CANNON: Have you got that spirit? Varsity Cheerleaders DIANE HOWELL: Push ‘em back. DEBBIE GARRETT; Go! Go! Go! - Captain: DENISE McDANIEL Co-Captain: BARBARA WYATT BARBARA WYATT: If you know we're gonna win tonight, count off. PRACTICE THAT CHEER ONE MORE TIME . . . Oh, Miss Smith, not again... . When the fight song starts, run the football layers out ... Watch out, Gail ... WE’RE GONNA DO TWO BITS — YA’LL YELL. . . What are we gonna do?. . . Am I 2 bits or 4 bits?. . . WHAT YA WANT — TD No, no, they've got the ball. . . Nothing like a nice rainy night for Homecoming. . . I think the way the navy blue shirt fades on the white vest is especially nice . . . Fran, lease don’t jump over the fence. . . YEA, ASKETBALL SEASON. . . every Friday and Saturday nights. . . Who needs a date DEL HATTAWAY: Fire Up! Fire Up! ... SINK IT... . what a cold, hard floor PANAMA CITY — HERE WE COME!! 119 Robbie Campbell, B-Team Cheerleaders Captain: WANDA FIVEASH tht Co-Captain: DEBBIE SARK I always wanted to go to Willingham, but not at | eight o’clock on Saturday morning . - . KEEP THOSE HANDS ON YOUR HIPS AND SMILE. . . B-TEAM really rated . . . We had one football game at Henderson Stadium ai 6 o'clock . . . what’s the B- stand for . . . Guess . . . look at the big turn out. . . ten people. . . HAVE YOU GOT THAT SPIRIT . . . notice the thunderous response ... Linda Bullard started a chant! . . . Paula, you got your white skirt cleaned . . . Paula, watch out for the mud puddle . . . Oh, boy, another pep rally at Wil- lingham. . . watch out for the pennies. . . Hey, which arm goes up first? . . . Gymnastics Sylvia, spot me in a back hand- spring . . . Where’s the spot belt? . . . Hey, Miss Smith . . . Cindy, do a front walkover. . . What for? . . . Are you limbered up yet?. . . Work on your rolls ... Okay, Lynne, let’s see your routine . . . Tumbling club will practice Tues- day afternoon . . . You’ve come a long way, Baby! . . . Up, up, and away! Tyre turns while Mondy flips on Monday .. . 1-2-3-4-5-6 ... 6-5-4-3-2-1 . . . Midget McMillan does a midget sauce while Junie Juice jumps on the trampoline. Mary Hulihan, Sylvia Tyre, Junie Stewart, Cathy Christy, Cindy Moore, Charlotte Jacobs, Celia Rolland, Judy Crissey, Sherre Greene, Sandra McMillan, Barbara Taylor, Lynne Mondy, Jill Jansen, Patsy Prince. Square Dancing All right, girls, form a large circle . . . Let’s put it to music . . . No, Denise, to the left, not the right . . . Alamand left . Swing your partners. . . No, this way. . . Sashay down the middle . . . Martha, one and a half turns, not just a half . . . Little Brown Jug? . . . Watch closely as Miss Smith and Mrs. Hadarits demonstrate . . . Mrs. Bohannon, Do you go like this or like that?. . . See, I told you. . .. How can you tell the boys from the girls . . . I hate to hold her hand. . . just hold her pinky . . . There’ll be a Hot Timé in the Old Town Tonight . . . What Town? Gym Day All old and new officers of GAA be at school at 7:30 to line the field .. . Remember, running events at 10:30 and throwing at PP... . Don’t write anything on the scoreboard until you’re absolutely sure . . . Broad jump contestants report to the gym. . . Results of comic relays — Jrs. Ist, Srs. 2nd, Soph. 3rd. . . Last call — Broad jump par- ticipants report to the gym. . . What did she say?. . . cokes on sale in the parking lot . . . pass those cookies . . . it’s only 10:00 and I’m ready to go home . . . heh, the Juniors are finally winning something . . . Does anybody want to broad jump? . . . Class of 70 wins Gym Day - Yeh! ' 4 4 a t - © : Seniors vs. Teachers Hey, Granny ... What do you mean point? — that ball was a mile out ... All right cutey, let’s go . . - I'll get you back in class today, Shepard . . . You'll regret it... Aim for Mr. Lowery. Why? You idiot — he can’t hit — or can he? . Can Mrs. Bell play volleyball? . No, she just tries hard... . Mrs. Berlin looks like a teenager in her shorts ... Let’s go Seniors Pork chops, pork chops, greasy, greasy — we're gonna beat ya'll easy, easy. No, silly, use the sidearm serve . . . swap around . . . guard her, Linda . . . Wood! What? Wood’s good now. . . Don’t play up too close. . . Three seconds in the lane. . . Hey stupid, under the goal . . . advantage in... Love all. . . Did I hear you right? . seven to three, ready? . . . For what? ... Here it comes ... They must have spiked it . . . Don’t they always? . . . Hey, what side aml] on?. . . You are on that side, but you just shot the goal for us! . . . Get it, Got it, Good!. . . I’ve got it, I’ve got Micoa-s You do? .. . Superlatives Rick Y Bennett Fincher Leverett Fran Henderson “a ae 4 AT Was ad en ml ite Sire, At gt fr e wae Richard Sumblin ws — - ¥ a [ 4 4 seu, A$ a: we yet: mm mo a BURR y ca — 4 4 Feat 43 ' rs sieebee VE Bo aa Denise ‘ MeDaniel | ee Blan lai Long y » S S : 8 S Donna Yuick Mark Stevens . ’ Burdette Alan ALLE a S : SS c v S £1 ut a8 Mes Sk e : a. 25 a A. v vy] aw ¥ . » eS Star Students and Teachers of 1970 Willingham: Greg Gay — Mr. Leonard Pridgeon McEvoy: Bebe Eason — Mrs. Jean Brown 4 y c 3 = . a = ee fm mn ve ; te m ahaa age ; gg = eee ee . Best Citizens of 1970 Fran Henderson State and District Officers: Shirley Dixon, V.P. 6th District, Beta; Mark Stevens, It gov. 6th District, Civitan; Nancy Keith, recording sec. State AMCC; Faith Ann Sanderlin, V.P. Ga. Youth Assoc. for Retarded Children; Randi Whitsel, recorder 6th District, Beta; Judy Friedlander, sec. 6th District, FTA; Alan Long, convention chairman 6th District, Civitan. DAR Citizenship: Debbie Francavage GHP: Suzanne Jones Student Council Presidents Ricky Bennett Cheryl Fincher SS MESS 777 ten we DE Cte. Boys’ State and Girls’ State Delegates Ricky Bennett Greg Gay Shirley Dixon Gina Broxton Board of Education Right: DR. JULIUS GHOLSON Superintendent Left: ALLAN GURLEY Associate Superintendent ad FY ‘Left to right: Ralph Eubanks, Elmo L. Draughon, R. Lanier Anderson, III, Allan Gurley, D. T. Walton, Jr. D.D.S., Frank W. Willingham, Hon. Ronnie Thompson, Hon. F. Emory Greene, Dr. Julius Gholson, John M. Hancock, Jr., Julian R. Henderson, J. Rene Hawkins, W. Earl Lewis, M.D., — Head of Table (Seated) Assistant Superintendents and Administrative Assistants Left to right: J. Richard Chapman Edward J. Cagle John H. Jones Marvin J. Jones Cordell Wynn William Brake Augustus M. Parker Robert J. Cramer Stanley Goldsboro - Principals MRS. MILDRED W. HULL The problems, decisions, complications, and unusual situations con- fronting a high school prince ipal nowadays are staggering indeed. To cope w ith all ‘the se things, a person must have idlonn. hesight, a keen sense of humor, and above all, pride and love for the school, its tradi- tions, its standards, and especially its students. Mrs. Hull exhibits all these qualities and more besides. We feel she executes her office in a manner conducive to the betterment of McEvoy, and the good of the students. Mrs. Hull, we gratefully salute you. FRED JOHNSON Mr. Johnson exemplifies the sternness needed for discipline in an all male school, but also he portrays a warmth to students that shows his interest and concern. He is respected by students and faculty alike. As traditionally as Willingham means blue and white, Mr. Johnson por- trays the traditional pride and spirit of the Willingham Ram. Mr. John- son, we salute you. Lula Tollerson — Counselor ————— ee Karen Shockley — 4 Principal aa Virginia Elder — Clerk sii ye ae: 4 MN ce og Khia iii omer ae SH Ty SRST Se TSS ine mii Ae Verna Rabern — Librarian Gloria Washington — Counselor m7 Eva Priester — Asst. Librarian Personnel Is it absolutely necessary that you go home?.. . All librar y books must be in before Christmas . . . All interested in taking the SAT test come by the counselor’s office... Ask Mrs. Wagner where it is; she'll know .. . Mrs. Moore? You'll find her in the vault... Counselor Jackie Moore — Secretary Frances Baxter — Asst. Librarian Pearline Young — Secretary English The subject is what does the thing, the verb is what the thing is doing, and the object is what the thing does it to. Get that? ... Don’t forget the test on 500 vocabulary words . . . I’ve been looking for James VI all day and I can’t find him. Dawn Lowrance Barbara Watson Trudy Norris Baird Elmer Whitaker Lewis Lee Madge Chapman Mary Perry Viola Clay Cheryl Simmons Foreign Languages Parlez-vous Francais? Si si, Senora. Eh bien classe fait attention Clase, despierten Fermer la bouche! Jean Brown Demaris Copeland Barbara Blount Leila Bass Gwendolyn Rountree Lidia Martin Science Where’s a smart student? The frog’s brain is in his head, not in his larynx. The frog won't hurt you; it’sdead. . . Well boys, if you have no questions, I have a few for you. Daron Lee Robert Sampson Mary Willingham Industrial Arts Helen Dennis Jerry Joyner Roger Greene Norwood Wilder Social Studies I’m not a pioneer, I love my creature comforts. . . No, I wasn’t living when history was made, thanks. . . Mountains are nothing more than big lumps of dirt. . . Jump for joy, your Newsweeks have come rae [ want to make myself crystal clear. Mary Smith Larry Ramey ae Jacquelyn Richardson Carole Grace Virginia Berlin Jesse Mays mi) OPBATY Doris Gore Charles Crow Business Get out a clean sheet of paper. You’re going to have a test tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and today. . . O.K. take this letter. It’s at 100 words a minute . Pate Lowery Claude Davis Daisy Beatty ge Jean Moore Junyth Weeks ——— : Shirley Windham Rosalyn Brown Doris Walker Driver’s Education Steer to the left, steer to the right, accelerate, pass him, STOP! .. . Home Economics Rip out that zipper . . . Your brownies are as hard as bricks. Franklin Windham Lunchroom Lena Pendergrass Patricia Moody Music and Patricia Smith ik Joan Hudson Dorothy Cox Barbara Reves David Graves Physical Education Yes, we're going to exercise to music today, but it’s not going to be Soul Music! ... You don’t wear street clothes to gym; go dress out! .. . It helps to get the volleyball over the net, not in the basket . . . Now girls, you've had three weeks on archery; the first person to hit the target gets a sucker... Brenda Smith Bob Thompson John Waters Math Go home, get in your room, turn off'the radio and concentrate. Rats, It won't work out. You'll just have to get it yourself. Of course the test will come. . . ap tt ttle Spt Winifred Colquitt Angus Birdsey Richard Andrews Harold Watson Daniel Jolley Carter Kyser Faculty Directory McEvoy Faculty BAIRD, ADDIE RIE English; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Mercer University, M.Ed.; Beta Club Advisor. BELL, MARGARET Algebra-Trigonometry, Physics, Geometry; University of Georgia, B.S.; Senior Class Advisor. BERLIN, VIRGINIA World History, Economics-Sociology; Mer- cer University, A.B. BIRDSEY, ANGUS Algebra I; Davidson College, Mercer Uni- versity, A.B. BLOUNT, BARBARA Spanish; Spelman College, A.B.; Spanish Club Advisor. BOHANNON, CAROL Physical Education; Georgia College, B.S.; Junior Class Advisor, Pep Club Advisor, Tumbling Club Advisor. BROWN, JEAN English; Western Carolina University, A.B.; F.T.A. Club Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. BROWN, ROSALYN Office Practice, Clerical Practice I, Clerical Training; Georgia College, B.S.; Ramscott, Business Staff Advisor, Senior Class Advi- sor. CHAMBERS, JEANETTE Shorthand, Typing; Georgia Southern, B.S.; Junior Class Advisor. CLAY, VIOLA English, Alabama State College, B.S.; Dra- matics Club Advisor. COLQUITT, WINIFRED Geometry; Wesleyan College, A.B., Mercer University, M.Ed.; Beta Club Advisor. COX, DOROTHY Art; Mercer University, A.B.; Georgia Col- lege, M.Ed.; Art Club Advisor. DENNIS, HELEN Practical Biology, Physical Science; Wes- leyan College, A.B., University of Chicago, Emory University, Mercer University; Science Club Advisor, Sophomore Class Advisor. FOSTER, BARBARA Typing, Notehand, General Business; North Carolina A and T University, B.S.; Y-Teens Advisor. GORE, DORIS 154 Social Studies; Fort Valley State College, B.S.; F.T.A. Advisor. GRACE, CAROLE American History, Government; Wesleyan College, A.B.: Junior Class Advisor. GRESHAM, FRANCES Biology; University of North Carolina, A.B., Mercer University, M.Ed.; Science Club Advisor, Sophomore Class Advisor. HADARITS, ANNE Physical Education; Georgia College, B.S.; Pep Club Advisor, Tumbling Club Advisor, Student Council Advisor. HUDSON, JOAN Chorus; University of Georgia, B.F.A., M.M.E.; Choral Council Advisor. HULL, MILDRED Principal; Georgia College, Mercer Univer- sity, M.Ed. LOWERY, PATE Typing, Clerical Practice II; Brewton Par- ker College, A.A., University of Georgia, B.B.A., Georgia Southern College, M.Ed. MOODY, PATRICIA Home Economics; Woman’s College of Georgia, B.S., University of Georgia, M.Ed.; F.H.A. Advisor, Junior Class Advi- sor. NORRIS, TRUDY English; Georgia College, A.B.; Ramscott Editorial Staff Advisor. ODOM, JACQUELINE Driver Education; University of Georgia, B.S. PENDERGRASS, LENA Family Living; University of Georgia, B.S.H.E., M.H.E.; A.M.C.C. Advisor. PERRY, MARY English, Benedict College, A.B.; Dramatics Club Advisor. PRIESTOR, EVA Assistant Librarian; Southern Business Col- lege; M.A.L.A. Advisor. RABERN, VERNA Librarian; Emory University, Wesleyan College, A.B.; M.A.L.A. Advisor. REVES, BARBARA Band: University of Georgia, B.S.; Band Council Advisor. RICHARDSON, JACQUELYN American History, Economics-Sociology; Wesleyan College, A.B., Duke University, M.A.T.: Senior Class Advisor. ROUNTREE, GWENDOLYN French; Fort Valley State College, B.S.; French Club Advisor. SHOCKLEY, KAREN Asst. Principal, Journalism; Wesleyan Col- lege, A.B., Mercer University, M.Ed., Uni- versity of Georgia; Bonnie Blue Print Advi- sor. SIMMONS, CHERYL English; Fort Valley State College, B.S.; Sophomore Class Advisor. SMITH, BRENDA Physical Education; Georgia Southern Col- lege, B.S.; Pep Club Advisor, Tumbling Club Advisor, Sophomore Class Advisor. THOMBLEY, LOIS Math; Rollins College, A.B.; Math Club Ad- visor, Sophomore Class Advisor. TOLLERSON, LULA Counselor; Mercer University, A.B., Uni- versity of Georgia, M.Ed., Six year Special- ist Cert. WALKER, DORIS Shorthand, Typing; Georgia College, A.B., Emory University; Senior Class Advisor. WASHINGTON, GLORIA Counselor; Spelman College, B.A., Fort Valley State College, MSS. WEAVER, MARY Geography-World Affairs, | Economics- Sociology; University of Georgia, B.B.A., Mercer University, M.Ed.; Audio Visual. WEEKS, JUNYTH Typing, Clerical Practice I; Brewton-Parker Jr., Georgia Southern, Georgia College, B.S.; Student Council Advisor. WILLINGHAM, MARY Chemistry, Biology; Furman University, Wesleyan College, B.A.; Red Cross Advi- sor. WINDHAM, SHIRLEY General Business, Bookkeeping; Berry Col- lege, Georgia College, A.B.; F.B.L.A. Advi- sor. MOORE, JEAN Shorthand, Typing; Georgia College at Mil- ledgeville, B.S. Degree. ELDER, VIRGINIA Clerk ADELSTONE, ROSALIND W. World History; University of Georgia A.D. AMMONS. RICHARD J., JR. Counselor; Gardner-Webb College, Wake Forest University, University of Georgia, A.A., B.A., M.Ed. ANDREWS, RICHARD P. Commerical Arithmetic, Algebra I; Univer- sity Mercer, A.B.; Advisor Chess Club. BASS, LEILA German, English; Carson-Newman College, A.B.; Advisor of Literary Club BAXTER, FRANCES H. Asst. Librarian. BEALE, BILLY P.E.; University of Georgia, B.S. BEATTY, DAISY B. Typing I, II, Office Practice; Winthrop, Duke University, Mercer University, B.S. BOHANNON, LLOYD P.E.; Georgia Southern, B.S. CHAPMAN, MADGE English; Mercer University, A.B. CHILDS, NINA Counselor; Georgia College at Milledge- ville, Mercer University, University of Georgia, A.B., M.Ed. COPELAND, DEMARIS C. English, French I, II; Fort Valley State, B.S., Atlanta University; French Club. CROW, CHARLES W. Psychology, Sociology, Government; Mer- cer University, A.B. DAVIS, CLAUDE D. Business Education; Florida A M Univer- sity, B.S. GRAVES, DAVID Music; University of Georgia, B.M.; Band GREENE, ROGER 0. Distributive Education; Georgia Tech, Mer- cer University, A.B.; Advisor of DECA. HENDERSON, BILLY Willingham Faculty Physical Education; University of Georgia, B.S.; Advisor of Ram Club. HUTCHERSON, MARTHA O. Librarian; Wesleyan, Emory, Mercer, 3, Oe B.S. JOHNSON, FRED Principal; Berry College, B.S., Mercer Uni- versity, M.Ed. JOLLEY, DANIEL Algebra I, Il, Commercial Arithmetic; Fort Valley State, B.S. JOYNER, JERRY L. Industrial Arts; University of B.S.Ed.; Industrial Arts Club. Georgia, KERSEY, LAURA Bookkeeping I, II, Economics, Commercial Law; Georgia Southern College, B.S.; Advi- sor of FBLA. KYSER, CARTER Geometry; Auburn University, M.S., B.S. LEE, DARON L. Physical Science; Fort Valley State, B.S. LEE, HAROLD Art; University of Georgia, B.S.Ed. LEE, LEWIS A. English; Paine College, A.B. LITTLEFIELD, JIM Asst. Principal; Georgia Southern, Western Kentucky, Emory, Peabody University, B.S. LOWRANCE, DAWN English; Mercer University, A.B.; Junior Class Sponsor, Beta Club Advisor MARTIN, LIDIA Spanish I, Il; Wesleyan College, B.S.; Span- ish Club MAYS, JESSE, JR. American Government, American History; Florida A M University, B.S., Political Science. MOORE, JACKIE Secretary to Principal PRIDGEON, LEONARD Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science; Uni- versity of Georgia, University of Virginia, B.S., M.Ed. RAMEY, LARRY S. American History, World Geography; Fort Valley State, B.S. SAMPSON, ROBERT L. Biology; Paine College, B.A., Atlanta Uni- versity. SHERWOOD, CAROLYN English; Woman’s College, B.S. SMITH, MARY P. U.S. History; Mercer University, A.B.; R A MS( p | TT Adv isor SMITH, PATRICIA Lunchroom Manager THOMPSON, BOB P.E.; University of Tennessee, B.S. WATERS, JOHN S. Physical Education; Georgia Southern Col- lege, B.S. WATSON, BARBARA English, Drama, Journalism; Wesleyan Col- lege, A.B.; Rampage Advisor WATSON, HAROLD L., JR. Advanced Math, Algebra; Mercer Universi- ty, Georgia College, A.B.; Student Council Advisor WHITAKER, ELMER J. English; Mercer University, Ohio State, Miami University, A.B., M.A.; Junior Civi- tan Club, Senior Class Advisor. WILDER, NORWOOD E. Diversified Cooperative Training; Georgia Southwestern, Georgia Southern, Universi- ty of Georgia, B.B.A.; VICA Club Advisor. WINDHAM, FRANKLIN D. Drivers Education; Berry College, Georgia Southern, B.S.; WILLINGHAM SAFE- TEEN CLUB Advisor. YOUNG, PEARLINE Asst. Principal Secretary; Crandall Business College. Presidents: Debbie Dykes, Greg Gay Class of ’70 AS Woe My te Co Se ota c a eel Bo ise s és 7 . j nt Yaa var . PAL. iy - - ar iP 7 P: f Directors: Barbara Wyatt, Connie Josey, Shirley Dixon, Vice-Presidents: Fran Henderson, Bob Fountain Randi Whitsel. Kate Abernathy Sandra Alday Debra Arnold Katherine Askew Aurelia Avera Brenda Baggerly Ann Barnes Carol Banres Bambi Bartlett Rebecca Bartlett Brenda Bass Joy Battle Barbara Baxter Paula Beck Janice Becton Elaine Bedgood Sharon Bell Shelia Bell Lynn Benner Deborah Bennett Cora Blackwell Julie Blair Lynne Blizzard Vicki Bonner Linda Bowers Cheryl Bradley Earnestine Bradley Connie Brown Dollie Brown Jeanne Brown Gina Broxton ickie Bruce Linda Burdett Mary Jo Burkhalter Gail Burnett Joy Byars Susan Caldwell Sharon Cameron Gail Cannon Barbara Carpenter Paula Carson Lori Case Delia Causey Kathy Christy Cathy Cloud Bobbie Cobb Debra Collins Deborah Cook Ann Copeland Lawana Cosey Rhonda Countryman Pansy Courson Eugenia Cox Judy Crissey Debbie Croft Gail Crowder Pamela Dalton Barbara Daniel Wanda Danner Brenda Davis Jean Davis Linda Davis Sandra Dial Elaine Dixon Shirley Dixon Sherry Duckworth Dee Ann DuPree Martha Duvall Loretta Dyer Debbie Dykes Bebe Eason Deborah Elrod Regina Emilio Lynn Epting Diane Evans Cathy Farnsworth Cheryl Fincher Connie Flanders Pam Floyd Rita Floyd Leila Fowler Debbie Francavage Jo Ellen Friedlander Lynda Fuller Linda Garrett Robin Gates Gloria Gay Fran Giddens Kaye Godwin Ann Goldstein Pat Gooding Deborah Goodwin When are our senior rings coming? . . . Oh, I know; they’re going to give them to us for graduation! . . . I don’t know whether I want to give him mine after all; it looks better on me than on him anyhow . . . Hey where’s the front of this lunch line; I’m starving . . . Maybe we should donate some money to Hud- son’s to build a larger dining area for future genera- tions of seniors; sitting three deep in one chair isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world . . . Sixth period free — which shall I do — go home or stay at school and walk up and down the hall gloating? . . . Have you heard what the theme for the Junior-Senior is — San Francisco Smog by Night? Only 164 more days to graduation — who’s graduating? . . . Hey, I am! Patsy Goolsby Patricia Grace Mary Graves Gwendolyn Green Mitzie Greene Carol Griffin Mary Alice Grimes Patsy Hammond Betty Hamrick Gloria Harbin Kitty Harbuck Jane Hardeman Linda Harrison Bonnie Hart Laura Harville Debbie Hayes Fran Henderson Kathy Herring Susan Herring Cherry Hill Cheryl Hill Elaine Hodges Mary Paula Hodnett Jenny Holt Lynn Hopkins Beth Horne Sylvia Hortman Patricia Howard Diane Howell Diane Howell Sue Ellen Howell Katherine Hudson Charlene Hulett Mary Hulihan Janice Hurt Marsha Hutcheson Molly Hyder Verna Ingram Cheryl Jackson Becky Johnson Pam Leverette Kay Lingold Georgette Lipford Carolyn Long Cyri Johnson Paulette Johnson Juleen Johnston Karen Jones Linda Jones Margaret Jones Nancy Jones Suzanne Jones Connie Josey Nancy Keith Laura Keyes Paulette King Linda Knowles Surelle Krysalka Lynn Lawing Lynda Lester Where’s the red paint? . . . I just poured it down the drain ... How would Donna look with green freckles? . . . Lori, you’re not supposed to jump on the stool; you should jump off it . . . How many moon rocks can we get in Randi’s volkswagen? . . . Two in the trunk, two in the back, and five running along behind. How can you make a Chinese pagoda look like a rocket? . . . No, Linda, don’t dance to the music; act scared . . . Can’t Shelia yell a little loud- er?. . . No, that is not M M’s; that’s the pills . . . The protestors can’t go home; it will ruin our skit . . . Who doesn’t know what turtle heads are? .. . Censored . . . no, Miss Weaver jokes. That’s a pretty trophy, but that’s the way it is. Judith Madden Gayle Maddox Deborah Mauldin Carla McAllister Patricia McBride Lurie McCook Connie McCoy Denise McDaniel Marsha McDaniel Faye McDonald Deborah McElhenney Julie McGee Sandra McMillan Ginger Metts Barbara Mikus Cheryl Misch Beverly Mixon Bernice Moore Belinda Morgan Margie Morris Deborah Mullis Kay Murray Bernice Napier Kathi Nicholson Nona Partridge Debbie Payne Helen Perry Susan Perry Shelia Phillips Jean Pope Marian Pope Debra Powell Sharon Powell Dianne Probert Bobbie Proctor Margaret Pryor Donna Quick Sandra Quinn Warrene Rackley Janice Radcliff Janice Rainey Glenda Randall Kathy Revell Nancy Reynolds Jane Rigby Diane Roberts JoAnn Roberts Nancy Robertson Gerri Rogers Paula Russ Waverlyn Sandefur Nancy Scanlan Melody Seaton Debbie Shepard Jennifer Sherwood Donna Shupe Kay Smith Shelia Smith Sherryl Smith Susan Smith Lana Snead Darnell Spillers Dale Staples Joyce Stephens Susan Stokes Melody Stone Nancy Strong Kay Stubbs Beth Stuckey Linda Stuckey Brenda Summerlin Lynda Tamplin Barbara Taylor Deborah Taylor Judy Taylor Ellen Thames Becky Thomas Linda Thomas Marie Thomas Sue Thomas Judy Tillman Vickie Tillman Pam Tomberlin Wanda Towson Candy Tucker Reba Tucker Kaye Vanderburg Theresa Vinson Bonnie Waddleton Judy Waldron Rosemary Ward Deborah Waters Elaine Westfaul Nancy Whitaker Randi Whitsel Debbie Williams Darlene Wilson Linda Wilson Rena Wilson Sandra Wilson Nancy Winters Rhonda Witherington Cynthia Woodard Geralean Woolfolk Deborah Wright Barbara Wyatt Kathy Young In Memory Of Nicki Ann Whitley Nicki gave to the lives of others more than she took. Her cheerful attitude and love of humanity brought joy to all who knew her. McEvoy will miss her presence and cherish her memory. The class of 1970 presents this memorial to one of its finest members. Stan Adams Ken Alderman Travis Almand Bill Amann Chuck Arnold Orman Arnold A] Askew David Avera John Baker Jerry Barbour Alan Barfield Gary Bass Steve Bass Jody Bassett Donnie Belflower Ricky Bennett Wayne Black Lamar Blackwell Donald Blair Glenn Blasingame Darryl Bollinger Reggie Boutwell Ronnie Brantley Dennis Brickle a ima | Lamar Bridger Ralph Bridges Neal Bronson Bob Brown Dennis Brown Gary Brown Gary Bryant Tony Bryant Alan Burdette Steve Burgamy Hugh Burkett Leon Byrd Jimmy Cannon Sherwood Carter John Cato Steve Clements Larry Coffee Ulysses Colbert Ronnie Collins Mike Collinsworth Doug Combes Reggie Cooper Dale Crawford Gary Curtis Steve Crabb Burt Dean Walter Defore David Dixon James Dove Loyd Dowd Mike Dunn Ronnie Dykes Frank Edwards Ralph Edwards Billy Ellis Tommy Emerson Raleigh Faircloth Steve Fisher Brian Fitzpatrick Hoyle Floyd Bob Fountain Richard Frank Larry Freeman David Fritz Randy Frost Mike Fuller Doug Furney David Gales Greg Gay David Geeslin f f =e)? ) ‘q Ne “a Mike Gibson Donovan Gilley Barry Gillis Pry Philip Glover Neil Godbee Kenny Godfrey Steve Gombkoto W illie Goolsby Darrell Grant Rusty Graves John Groves Fred Gunter Wayne Hall Robert Hamlin Tim Hamlin Lyn Hardison Carter Hart Charles Hartness Terry Harvey James Harwell Mike Hayes Henry Haynes Jeff Hawthorne Billy Heath Alan Helmuth Larry Hemphill Richie Hightower Craig Hill Ben Hinson Ronnie Hood David Hooks Bobby Hopkins Chuck Horne Kim Horne Kenny Horton Mike Howard Phil Howard Ricky Hubbard Mike Hudson Frank Hughes James Hughes Ralph Hughes Rudy Hulett Wiley Hutcheson Mike Ingram Len Jac ion Al Jennings Larry Johnson Bobby Johnson Freddie Jones Henry Joyner Steve Krau Jeff Kerr Gary Kilgore Mike King Phillip Ladson Dennis Land Monty Lavender David Lengel Steve Leverett Buddy Lewis Tommy Lilley Steve Lindsey Alan Long Doug Lord Phillip Mann Steve Mann Aaron Martin Mike Mason Pat McConnell Keith McKenzie Bill Meadows rc ee] i Stephen Middlebrooks Tommy Miller Herbie Montgomery Mark Moore Mike Moore Mark Morgan Ricky NeSmith Lamar Newman Lee Norris Mike Ogletree Gary O'Kelly Ronnie Olliff David Pirkle Kerry Pilcher Carroll Pollett Jerry Pope Robert Prince Melvin Pyles Clifford Rabanus Alan Redmond Richard Reid Tommy Riggs Frank Sagnibene Otis Scarbary Richard Selph Glen Sharpe Mike Shaw Shep Sheppard John Shore Andrew Shugart Donnie Shurley Orman Simpson Louie Sizer Barry Smallwood Dannie Smith Danny Smith David Smith James Smith Kemper Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Tom Smith Mike Stafford James Stephenson Mark Stevens Chester Stewart Ricky Strickland Hayward Sweat Bruce Thigpen Bruce Thomas Gary Thomas Glenn Thomas Charles Thompson Sammy Thompson John Thurman Mike Tinker Foye Tinsley Larry Tinsley Mike Toland Wesley Toler Gary True Richard Tumblin Jeff Troutman Terry Ullmann Charles Upchurch Mike Upchurch Patrick Ward Phillip We bb Steve Wells Roger West Wayne Wheeler Richard Whelchel Kenneth Whitehead David Whitehouse Bryant Wilcher Jerry Wilkerson Kenny Wilkes Bruce Williams Gary Williams Mike Willingham Ray Willingham Ricky Wilson Don Wires Nathan Woodruff Lamar Zellner Mike Zwally Do you know where I can buy a pipe like Mr. Johnson’s . . . Upchurch, where’d you park your horse? .. . What.was the movie about? | What? You don’t know . . . Guess we'll flip to see who drives next weekend . . . That teacher told us we were a bunch of idiots. . . Let’s build a Senior recreation room with the Civitan bricks. Oh, heck no. Don’t you know they’re going to build a walkway to McEvoy with them . Watch out for us big, bad hall monitors. . . I rang the doorbell, and she came to the door in curlers — Ugh. She didn’t look much better out of them. . . Hey, Hartness, do you still think Florida is the bottom of China .. . Have you seen Bob Fountain’s hair? No, has anybody . . . At least, Pll make 400 for signing my name on the college board . . . They say the seniors got slightly inebriated last year after graduation. Wonder if it will be any better this year?. . . He told me I was the epitome of asininity. ABERNATHY, KATE — Tri-Hi-¥ 10; French Club 11; Band 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Soph. Class Director Beta Club 12; AMCC 12 ALDAY, SANDRA ANDREWS, LINDA — Band 10-12; Y-Teens 11; Pep Qub 12; FTA 12 ASKEW, KATHERINE — Y-Trens 10-11; Sup. Volleyball AVERA, AURELIA — Science Club 10. BAGGARLEY, BRENDA Tri-Hi-Y 11; FBLA 12 BARNES, ANN — Y-Teens 12; Pep Club 12 BARNES, CAROL Pep Club 10; French Qlub 11; Sr. Dra matics 11 BARTLETT, BAMBI — Y-Teens 10; Pep Club 10-12; Annu al Staff 11; Beta 12 BARTLETT, REBECCA — Y-Teens 10; AMCC 11-12, VP. 11-12; Pep Club 12; Beta 12 BASS, BRENDA — GAA 10-11; Pep Qub 10-12; Sr. Dra matics 12. BATTLE, JOY — Tri-Hi-Y 10; AMCC 11; Pep Club 10-12; Student Council 12; Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12 BECK, PAULA — Y-Teens 11; Pep Club 11-12 BECTON, JANICE — Tri-Hi-Y 10; FHA 11; AMCC 11; An nual Staff 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12 BELL, SHARON Band 10-12; Annual Staff 11; Stunt Night 11-12; Sr. Dramatics 11-12, Treas. 12 BELL, SHEILA — Y-Teens 11; Stunt Night 12 BENNER, LYNNE — Band 10-12; Science Qub 11; Red Cross 12 BENNETT, DEBBIE Night 12; GAA 11 Pep Club 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Stunt BLAIR, JULIE — Pep Qub 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; French Club 12; AMCC 12; Homecoming Court 12. BLIZZARD, LYNNE — Tri-Hi-Y 10. BONNER, VICKIE Staff 11-12 Y-Teens 10-11; Pep Club 12; Annual BRADLEY, ERNESTINE — Ghorus 11-12 BROWN, CONNIE Se. Dramatics 12; Annual Staff 12; Beta 12 BROWN, DOLLIE Y-Teens 11; Chorus 11-12 BROWN, JEANNE Dixie Darling 10; Majorette 11-12; Science Club 10-11; Bonnie Blue Print 12 BROXTON, REGINA — Student Council 10-12, Treas. 10: AMCC 10-12, Pres. 12; Girls’ State 11; Annual Staff 11-12; Beta 12 BRUCE, VICKIE — GAA 11-12 BYARS, JOY BURDETT, LINDA — Band 10-12; FHA 10-12, V.P. 12; Band Council 11-12; Stunt Night 11-12 BURKHALTER, MARY JO — Y-Teens 10; Annual Staff 11; Beta 11-12; Sup. Pres. 12; Pep Club 12 BURNETT, GAIL — Sr. Dramatics 10; Y-Teens 11; Sup. Vol- leyball 12; Stunt Night 12 CALDWELL, SUSAN — FBLA 11-12; Beta 12 CAMERON, SHARON — Y-Teens 12; FBLA 12 CANNON, GAIL — Qheerleader 10-12; Band 10-12; Pep Club 10-12; AMCC 11; Student Couneil 11-12 CARPENTER, BARBARA — FBLA 10; Choral Council 10. CARSON, PAULA — Art Club 10; Science Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print 12 CASE, LORI — Pep Club 10-11; Y-Teens 10-11; Stunt Night McEvoy Senior Directory 11-12; Sr. Dramatics 12 CAUSEY, DELIA matics 12 Pep Club 10-11; Art Club 12; Sr. Dra CLOUD, CATHIE — Pep Gub 10; Chorus 10-11; French Club, See. 11-12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12 COBB, BOBBIE — AMCC 10-11; Band 10-12; Pep Club 11 12; Student Council 12 COLLINS, DEBRA GAA 10-12; Pep Qub 11-12 COOK, DEBBIE Dramatics 12; Pep Club 11 Dixie Darling 10-12, Co. Capt. 12; Se COPELAND, ANN Beta 11-12, V.P. 12. 12 Pep Club 10-11; Stunt Night 11-12; Art Club 11-12, V.P. 12; Annual Staff COSEY, LAWANA — Sup. Volleyball; Beta 12. COUNTRYMAN, RHONDA Art Glub 11-12, See. 12 FTA 10; Spanish Qub 11; COURSON, PANSY Pep Qub 12. COX, EUGENIA — Science Club 10-12, Pres. 12; Beta 11 12 CRISSEY, JUDY Volleyball 12. Gymnastics 10-12; GAA 11-12; Sup CROFT, DEBBY GAA 12; FBLA 12. CROWDER, GAIL FBLA 12; GAA 12; Stunt Night 12; Sup. Volleyball 12 DALTON, PAM Qub 11-12. Pep Club 10; FHA 10; Y-Teens 11; Pep DANIEL, BARBARA 10-12; Melodettes 12 Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 10; Chorus DAVIS, BRENDA — Science Club 10-11; Beta 11-12; Stunt Night 12; Sup. Volleyball 12 DAVIS, LINDA — Y-Teens 10; Pep Qub 11-12 DAVIS, JEAN — FBLA 11-12. DIAL, SANDRA Band 10-12 DIXON, ELAINE 12; Annual Staff 12 FTA 10-12; Spanish Qub 11-12; Beta DIXON, SHIRLEY — Class Director 10-12; Annual Staff 11; Student Council 10-12; Beta 11-12, V.P. and 6th District 12 DRAWHORN, DEBORAH — GAA 11; Stunt Night 12 DuPREE, DEE ANN — Pep Club 11; Y-Teens 10; Sr. Dra matics 12; Art Club 10-12; Stunt Night 11-12. DUVALL, MARTHA Red Cross 12 DYKES, DEBBIE — Student Council 10-12; Class Director 10-11; Class Pres. 12; Beta 11-12, Treas. 12; Annual Staff 11-12; Superlative 12 EASON, BEBE — Beta Qub 12; FTA 12; Red Cross 12; Star Student ELROD, DEBBIE Staff 11 ep Club 10-11; Y-Teens 10; Annual EMILIO, REGINA 10. Pep Qub 11; Art Club 11-12; Gym Day EPTING, LYNN EVANS, DIANE — Chorus 10-12. FARNSWORTH, CATHY — Band 10-12; Band Council 11- 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Y-Teens 10. FINCHER, CHERYL — Band 10-12: Student Council 10-12. Pres. 12; Homecoming Court 12; Pep Club 11, V.P. 11; Su perlative 12 FLANDERS, CONNIE — Pep Club 12; Sr. Dramatics 12 FLOYD, PAM — Library Asst. 10-11; Y-Teens 10 FLOYD, RITA — Chorus 10-11; AMCC 10-12: FBLA 11-12: Beta 11-12; AMCC 11-12; Y-Teens 10. Annual Staff 12. FOWLER, LEILA Cross 10. Band 10-12; Band Council 12; Red FRANCAVAGE, DEBBIE Qheerleader 11-12; Student Council 10-12, See. 12; Beta 12; Superlative 12; Sec. of Class ll FRIEDLANDER, JO ELLEN — Band Council 12; Pep Club 12; GAA 12; Y-Teens 10; Band 10-12 FULLER, LYNDA Pep Qlub 10; Sr. Dramatics 12. GARRETT, LINDA — Red Cross 12 GATES, THEODORA — Y-Teens 12 GAY, GLORIA Council 10-12, See Sr. Dramatics 10; Chorus 10-12; Choral Treas. 11, Pres. 12; FBLA 12; FHA 11 GIDDENS, FRAN — Chorus, Melodettes 11; Annual Staff 12; Sup. Volleyball 12 GOLDSTEIN, ANN GAA 10-11; Beta 12 Gymnastics 10-11; Pep Qub 10-12; GOODING, PAT — Y-Teens 10; Student Council 12. GOODWIN, DEBBIE FTA 10-12, Pres. 11 GOOLSBY, PATSY — Pep Glub 10 GRACE, TRICIA — Cheerleader 10, Co. Capt. B-Team; GAA 10-11, V.P. 11; Pep Qub 10-11 GRAVES, MARY Band 10-12; Pep Gub 11 GREEN, GWEN Stunt Night 12 Y-Teens 11; Sup. Volleyball 12; Beta 12; GREENE, MITZIE — Pep Qub 10-12 GRIFFIN, CAROL — Pep Cub 10; GAA 10-12, Pres. 12; Beta 11-12; Annual Staff 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12 GRIMES, MARY ALICE Pep Club 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10; French Club 11-12, Pres. 12; Student Council 12; AMOC 12 HADAWAY, CONNIE — Library Qub 10; FTA 12 HAMMOCK, MARSHA — Y-Teens 10-11; French Qub 1 12, Chaplain 12 HAMMOND, PATSY Cross 12 Science Qlub 11-12, Sec. 12; Red HAMRICK, BETTY — Pep Gub 10; FBLA 12 HAMRICK, MARY ETTA — Pep Qub 10-11 HARBIN, GLORIA — Y-Teens 10-11; Sr. Dramatics 12 HARBUCK, KITTIE Qub 11-12, Treas. 12 Band 10; Sr. Dramatics 10; French HARRISON, LINDA — Band 10-12; Stunt Night 10-12; Sw dent Council 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12 HART, BONNIE 12; Stunt Night 12 Y-Teens 10; Pep Club 10-12; GAA 11 HARVILLE, LAURA 12; Sup. Volleyball 12 Pep Club 10-12; Student Council HAYES, DEBBIE — Pep Club 11-12; Sr. Dramatics 12: Stunt Night 12: Homecoming Court 12 HENDERSON, FRAN — Cheerleader 10-12; VP. Sr. Class: Homecoming Queen 12; Superlative 12; Best Citizen 12 HERRING, SUSAN — Y-Teens 10; FHA 10: Pep Qub 11; Sr. Dramatics 12; FBLA 12 HILL, CHERRY — Band 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12 HILL, CHERYL — Science Club 10-11; Beta 11-12; Sup. Volleyball 12; Stunt Night 12 HODGES, ELAINE — Pep Club 11; Student Council 12 HOPKINS, LYNN Pep Qub 10-11; Stunt Night 10-11; Annual Staff 11-12; Dixie Darling 12 HORNE, BETH — AMCC 10-11; Pep Gub 11-12: Student Council 11-12; GAA 12 HOWARD, PATRICIA — Spanish Qub 11-12; Stunt Night 11-12. HOWELL, DIANE — FHA 10; Art Qub 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12 HOWELL, DIANE — Cheerleader 10-12; Gymnastics 10-11; Pep Club 10-12; Student Council 11 HOWELL, SUE ies 12; Annual Staff 11-12 Pep Club 10-12; GAA 11-12; Sr. Dramat HUDSON, KATHERINE Y-Teens 10; Pep Qub 10-12; Stunt Night 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12 HULETT, CHARLENE — Y-Teens 10; FHA 11; AMOC 12 Sr. Dramatics 12; Tumbling Qlub 12 HULIHAN, MARY HURT, JANICE — FBLA 12 HUTCHESON, MARSHA — Library 11 HYDER, MOLLY — Chorus 10-11; Choral Council 10; Sr Dramatics 12; Pep Club 12. INGRAM, VERNA — Band 10; Pep Gub 12. Sr. Dramatics 12 JACKSON, CHERYL JOHNSON, CYRI — Science Gub 10; Band 10-12 JOHNSON, PAULA — Pep Club 10; V.P. FBLA 12 JOHNSTON, JULEEN Sr. Dramatics 10-12, See French Club 11; Pep Club 12 JONES, KAREN — Dixie Darling 12 JONES, LINDA — Sr. Dramatics 10; Beta 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Science Cub 11-12 JONES, MARGARET — FBLA 12; Pep Qub 12 JONES, NANCY — FHA 10; Y-Teens 10; Pep Club 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Annual Staff 12. JONES, SUZANNE — FHA 10; Science Club 11-12; Beta 11-12; G.HLP. 11 KEITH, NANCY — Pep Gub 10-12; AMOC 11-12, State See 12; Student Council 12; Pep Cub 11-12, Chairman of MeWill 70. KEYES. LAURA — Y-Teens 10; Band 12 KING, JENNY — Band 10-12; Band Council 10-12, See. 12 KING, PAULETTE — FTA 10-12, V.P. 11; Pep Qub 11-12: Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12 KRYSALKA, SURELEE — Chorus 10; Pep Club 11-12; Sr Dramatics 12 LESTER, LYNDA — Sr. Dramatics 12; FHA 12; Stunt Night 12; Sup. Vollevball 12 LEVERETTE, PAM — AMCC 10; French Club 11; Beta 12: Pep Club 12 LINGOLD, KAY Pep Qub 12 Sup. V.P. 10; GAA 11; Safe Teens 12; LIPFORD, GEORGETTE — Tri-Hi-Y 10; French Gub 11; aSr. Dramatics 12 LONG, CAROLYN — Y-Teens 10; Chorus 10-12; FBLA 12; Melodettes 12 MADDEN, JUDY Dramatics 12 Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 10; FHA 11; Sr MAULDIN, DEBBIE — Safe Teens 12 McALLISTER, CARLA — FTA 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12. V.P. 12; Beta 11-12 McBRIDE, PATRICIA — French Gub 10; Y-Teens 10-11; Sup. Volleyball 12; Annual Staff 12. McCOOK, LURIE — V.P. Sup. 10; FTA 11-12; Pep Gub 11-12; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Stunt Night 12. 183 MecDANIEL, DENISE — Cheerleader 10-12, Captain 12; Stu- dent Council 10-12, V.P. 11; Pep Qub 10-12 McDONALD, FAYE — Pep Qlub 11; Art Club 11-12; Sr Dramatics 12. McELHENNEY, DEBBIE — FTA 10-12, Sex Qub 11 12; Spanish McGEE, JULIE — FBLA 10; Art Gb 12; AMCC 12 McMILLAN, SANDRA — Gymnastics 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12. METTS, GINGER — Dixie Darling 10-12, Capt. 12; Sup Volleyball 12. MIKUS, BARBARA — Dixie Darling 10; Majorette 11-12, Capt. 12; Red Cross 10-12; Safe Teen GQub 12 MISCH, CHERYL — Tri-Hi-Y 10; French Gub 11; Student Council 11-12; Band 10-12, Pres. 12; Annual Staff 11. MORGAN, BELINDA — Pep Qlub 10-12; GAA 11; AMOC 12; Stunt Night 12. MORRIS, MARGIE — Band 10-12. MULLIS, DEBORAH — AMOC 12; Beta 12. MURRAY, KAY — GAA 11; Pep Club 12; AMCC 12; Sup. Volleyball 12. NAPIER, BERNICE — Chorus 10-12; Y-Teens 11. NICHOLSON, KATHI — Y-Teens 10; Pep Glub 10-12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Annual Staff 12; Stunt Night 12. PARTRIDGE, NONA — Library 10-11; Office Monitor 12. PAYNE, DEBBIE — Transferred 12. PERRY, SUSAN — Pep Club 10-12; Y-Teens 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11; GAA 12. PHILLIPS, SHELIA POPE, BOBBIE JEAN — Pep Club 10. POWELL, DEBRA — Spanish Club 10-12, Pres, 12; FTA 10-12; Beta 11-12; Annual Staff 12; Student Council 12. POWELL, SHARON — Y-Teens 10; Sr. Dramatics 12. PRINCE, KATHY — Band 10-12; Band Council 12. PROBERT, DIANNE — Y-Teens 10. PROCTOR, BOBBIE — AMCC 10; GAA 11; Pep Gub 12; ADAMS, STAN — French Club Il; Football 12; Track 12. ALDERMAN, KEN — Beta Gub 11-12, V. Pres. 12; Math Club 11-12; Ga. Certificate of Merit; Editor in Chief of Ram- | page ALMAND, TRAVIS — Wrestling 10; Red Cross 10-12; Vica 11-12. ARNOLD, CHUCK — Baseball 10-12; Ram Club 10-12; Stu- dent Council; Red Cross 12. ARNOLD, ORMAN — Rampage Staff Layout Editor 12. BAKER, JOHN — FBLA 12; Pep Qub 11. BARBOUR, JERRY — Red Cross 10. BASS, STEVE — Red Cross 11-12; Industrial Arts 11. BASSETT, JODY — Agriculture. BLACK, WAYNE — Vica 11-12. BENNETT, RICKY — Baseball 10-12; Civitan Qub 10-12, Seribe 12; Student Council Pres.; Boys’ State; Superlative. BLACKWELL, LAMAR — Gymnastics 10-12; Drama Club 12. BLAIR, DONALD — Drama Club 12. BLASINGAME, GLENN — Pride of Dixie 10-12; Art Qub 12; Red Cross 10-12. 184 Sr. Dramatics 12. PRYOR, MARGARET — Safe Teens 12; Sup. V.P. 11; G.H.P. Nominee. QUICK, DONNA — Class Treas. 10-12; Beta 11-12, Pres. 12; Safe Teens V.P. 12; Student Council 12; Superlative 12. QUINN, SANDRA — Pep Club 10-12 RACKLEY, WARRENE — FHA 10; FBLA 10 RADCLIFF, JANIE — Science Club 11-12; Spanish Club 12 RAINEY, JANICE — Library Club 10; Y-Teens 10-11; GAA 12; Beta 12. RANDALL, GLENDA — Sr. Dramatics 11-12, Pres. 12; Beta 11-12; Annual Staff 12; Student Council 12 REYNOLDS, NANCIE — Y-Teens 10-11; Pep Qub 10-12; Annual Staff 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Stunt Night 12 RIGBY, JANIE — Y-Teens 10; Chorus 10-12; Choral Council 11-12; Melodettes 11-12; FBLA 12. ROBERTS, DIANE — Pep Qlub 10; Y-Teens 10; Gym Day ll. ROBERTS, JO ANN — GAA 11; Pep Club 11; Sr. Dramatics 12. ROGERS, GERRI — Y-Teens 10; Student Council 10-11; AMCC 11-12, Treas. 12; Beta 11-12; Annual Staff 12. RUSS, PAULA — Pep Club 10; Dixie Darling 10-11; Majo- rette 12; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Beta 12. SANDEFUR, WAVERLYN — Y-Teens 10; Band 10-12, Capt. of Brass 12; Beta 11-12. SCANLAN, NANCY — GAA 10-12; Gym Day 10-12; Sup. Volleyball 12; Beta 12. SEATON, MELODY — FHA 10; Band 10-12; French Gub 11; AMCC 12. SHED, PEGGY — Chorus 10-11; FHA 10-12; FBLA 11-12. SHEPARD, DEBBIE — Pep Club 10-12; GAA 10-12; Office Monitor 12; Sup. Volleyball 12. SHERWOOD, JENNIFER — Library Club 10-11, See. 11; Art Qub 10-12, Pres. 12; Stunt Night 12; Student Council 12. SHUPE, DONNA — FBLA 12. SNEAD, LANA — Pep Club 10; Stunt Night 10-11; French Glub 11; Sr. Dramatics 12. SMITH, KAY — FBLA 10; Pep Club 10; B-Team Cheerlead- er 10; Sup. V.P. 12 SMITH, SHELIA — Y-Teens 10; Red Cross 11-12, Pres. 12; FBLA 11-12; Annual Staff 12 SMITH, SUE — Y-Teens 10; Sr. Dramatics 12 SPILLERS, DARNELL — Y-Teens 10; Library Asst. 11 STAPLES, DALE — AMOC 11-12; Beta 11-12 STEPHENS, JOYCE — Y-Teens 10; Sup. V-P. 10. STOKES, SUSAN — Band 10-12, Drum Major 10-12; Stu- dent Council 10-12; Beta 11-12; Annual Staff 11-12, Layout Ed. 11, Editor 12 STONE, MELODY — Red Cross 10; Pep Qlub 10. STRONG, NANCY — Y-Teens 10-11; Ghorus 10-11 STUCKEY, LINDA Safe Teen 12 Pep Club 10-11; Student Council 11; STUCKEY, BETH — Y-Teens 10; Sr. Dramatics 11-12. SUMMERLIN, BRENDA — Y-Teens 10; Pep Qub 10-11; GAA 11; FBLA 12; Sr. Dramatics 12. TAMPLIN, LYNDA — Band 10-12; GAA 10-12; Class Vol- leyball 10-11. TAYLOR, BARBARA — Tumbling Club 10-12; Art Club 11 TAYLOR, DEBORAH — French Club 11; Beta 11-12; FTA 12. TAYLOR, JUDY — Y-Teens 10; Student Council 12; Pep Club 10; Library Asst. 10-12; Stunt Night 12 THAMES, ELLEN — AMCC 10-12, Sec. 11, Projects 12; Y- Teens 10; Annual Staff 10. THOMAS, BECKY — Student Council 10; Sr. Dramatics 11- 12. THOMAS, LINDA — French Club 11; Beta 11-12. THOMAS, MARIE — Red Cross 12; Science Gub 10. THOMAS, SUE — Band 10-12 TILLMAN, JUDY — French Qub 10; Science Qlub 10; Stu- dent Council 11; Beta 11-12, See. 12; FTA 11 TILLMAN, VICKI — Pep Club 10; Chorus 10-12; Sup. Vol- leyball 12; Sup. V.P. 12 TOMBERLIN, PAM — Y-Teens 10; Pep Club 11-12; AMCC 11-12; Annual Staff 11-12 TUCKER, CANDY — Science Club 11-12; Tween Teen Re- porter 12; Bonnie Blue Print 12 TUCKER, KATHY — Pep Club 10-11 TUCKER, REBA — FTA 10-12 VANDERBURG, DEBRA — Beta 11 VINSON, THERESA — Stunt Night 10; FHA 11; AMCC 11; Beta 12 WADDLETON, BONNIE tics 10-12 GAA 10; Pep Glub 10; Gymnas. WALDRON, JUDY — Red Cross 10. WARD, ROSEMARY dent Council 12 Pep Club 10-12; GAA 10-12; Stu- WATERS, DEBORAH — Tri-Hi-Y 10-11, Chaplain 11; Pep Qub 10. WESTFAUL, ELAINE — FHA 10; AMOC 10; Y-Teen 11; GAA 12 WHITAKER, NANCY — Pep Qub 12 WHITSEL, RANDI — Student Council 10-12; Beta 11-12; Superlative 12; Pres. Soph. and Jr. Class; Sr. Class Director WILLIAMS, DEBBIE — GAA 10; Sup. Volleyball 12; Band 12. WILSON, DARLENE — Spanish Club 10; FTA 10-12; Pep Club 11-12; Stunt Night 12. WILSON, LINDA — GAA 10-11; Pep Club 10-12; Safe Teens 12; FTA 12. WITHERINGTON, RHONDA — Y-Teens 10; Pep Qub 11; Annual Staff 12; Student Council 12; Sr. Dramatics 12 WOODARD, CYNTHIA — Y-Teens 10; GAA 11-12; Annual Staff 12; Pep Club 12. WOOLFORK, GERALEAN — Y-Teens 11; Sr. Dramatics 12; Stunt Night 12 WYATT, BARBARA — Beta 11-12; Pep Club 10-12; Cheer- leader 10-12, Co-captain. 12; Director Sr. Class, Class V.P 10-11 YOUNG, KATHY — Tri-Hi-Y 10; 6th District Talent Show 11; Stunt Night 11-12; Pep Club 12. Willingham Senior Directory BOLLINGER, DARRYL — Tennis Team 10; Math Club 11- 12; Key GQub 12; Spanish 10. BRONSON, NEAL — Deca 11-12. BROWN, BOB — Football 10-12; Student Council 12; Base- ball 10-11; Basketball 10. BROWN, DENNIS — Basketball 10-11; French Club 11-12; Literary Club 12; Baseball 10. BROWN, GARY — Football 10-11; Basketball 10; Baseball 10. BRYANT, GARRY — Football 10-12; Wrestling 10-12. BRYANT, TONY — Student Council 10; Literary 10. BURDETTE, ALAN — Key Club 10-12, Pres. 12; Beta Club 11-12. BURGAMY, STEVE — Football 10. BURKETT, HUGH — Beta Club 11-12. BYRD, LEON — Key Club 10-12. CARTER, SHERWOOD — Basketball 10; Tennis 10-12; Safeteen Qub 11-12; Annual Staff 11; Math Qub 11. CATO, JOHN — Tennis Team 11-12; Safeteen Gub 11-12, Treas. 12. CLEMENTS, STEVE — Track 10-12; Wrestling 10-11. COLBERT, ULYSSES — Football 11; Track 11-12; Gymnas- tics 11. COLLINS, RONNY — Track 10; Literary 11, See. 11; Math Qub 11-12; Beta GQub 11-12, Pres. 12; Civitan Qub 12; Ram- page 12; Annual Staff 12 COLLINSWORTH, MIKE — Football 11-12; Wrestling 12; Key Glub 10-12; Drama Club 11-12. CRAWFORD, DALE — Ram Club 11-12; Beta Club 11-12; Math Club 11-12; Track 10-12; Football Trainer 11. COOPER, REGGIE — Distributive Ed. 11-12. CURTIS, GARY — Football 10-12; Ram Club 10-12; Base- ball 10-12; Givitan 10-12. DEAN, JAMES — Red Cross 10. DOUGLAS, EDSEL — Band 10-12. DOVE, JAMES — Spanish 10. DYKES, RONNIE — Red Cross 10; Student Council 10-12; MeWill Committee 11-12. EDWARDS, FRANK — Deca Club 11. EDWARDS, RALPH — Industrial Arts 12; Gvitan 12. FAIRCLOTH, RALEIGH — Band 10-12; Library 11; French Club 10-11; Drama 12. FITZPATRICK, BRIAN — Football 10-12; Wrestling 11; Student Council 12; Ram Club 11-12. FLOYD, HOYLE — Literary Club 11; Band 9. FOUNTAIN, BOB — Football 10-12; Wrestling 10-12; Track 11-12; Chairman of MeWill 70 ; Student Council 11; Senior Class V. Pres.; Ram Club 10-12. FRITZ, DAVID — Safeteen Club 12; Wrestling 12; Red Cross 10. FURNEY, DOUG — Football 9-10; Baseball 9-12; Ram Club 12. GALES, MICHAEL — Vica Gub 11-12, Pres. 12. GAY, GREG — Key Club 10-12; Math Club 11; Assistant Sp Editor Annual 11; V. Pres. of Sophomore Class; Junior Class President; Senior Class President; Beta Qub 11-12; Gover- nor's Honor Program, Semi-Finalist 10-11; Boys’ State 11; Superlative; Best Citizen. GEESLIN, DAVID — Newspaper Staff 11-12; Sports Editor, Layout Manager; Literary Gub 12. GIBSON, MIKE — Football 9-11; Baseball 9-12; Civitan 10- 11; Ram Qub 11; Drama Club 12. GILLEY, DONOVAN — Band 10-12. GILLIS, BARRY — Pride of Dixie Band 10-12. GLOVER, PHILIP — Tennis 12. GODFREY, KENNETH — Art 10; FBLA 12; Safeteen Club 12. GOOLSBY, WILLIE — Baseball 10-12; Football 10-12; Bas ketball 10-12; Track 10-12 GRANT, DARREL Drama Club 11; FBLA 12 GRAVES, RUSTY — Science Club 11-12; Beta Club 12; Lit erary Gub 11 HAMLIN, TIM — Track 10-11; Gymnastics 10-12; Wrestling 10; Football 10. FBLA 12; Literary Club 12; Geogra HARDEN, HARRY phy Gb 12 HARDISON, WOODY Band 9-12; Student Council 11 HARTNESS, CHARLES — Office Aid 11; Rampage Staff 12 Safeteen Qub 12 HAYES, MICHAEL HAYNES, HENRY FBLA 12; Chess Club 11-12; Band 11-12; Annual Staff 12 HAWTHORNE, JEFF — Office Aid 11; French Qub 11 Red Cross 11; Library Assistant 11; HEATH, WILLIAM Baseball Manager 1)-12 HEMPHILL, LARRY — Football 9 HIGHTOWER, RICHARD — Red Cross 9; Band 9-12; Con cert Band 9-12; Senior Band Representative HILL, VAN — Art Club 12; Industrial Arts 11-12, Treas. 11, Pres. 12; Agriculture 12 HINSON, BEN — Football 10-12; Wrestling 11; Red Cross 9-10, V. Pres. 9; French Club 10-11; Sgt. at Arms 11; Ram Club 12; Annual 12; Leo Club 12 HOOD, RONNIE — FBLA 10-12; Football 10; Tennis 11 12 HOOKS, DAVID — French Club 10-11; Basketball 9; Red Cross 12. HOPKINS, ROBERT — Safeteen Club 11-12, See. 12; Civi tan Club 12; Wrestling 11; Band 10-12 HORNE, CHUCK — Basketball 10-12; Football 10-12; Track 11-12; Ram Club 11-12; Civitan Qub 12; Student Council 10-11; Baseball 10 HORNE, KIM — Math Club 11-12, Sec. 12; Annual Staff, Feature Ed. 11-12; Rampage Staff 12; Literary Club 12, V Pres. HOWARD, PHIL — Industrial Arts Club 11-12 HUBBARD, RICKY — Baseball 10 HUGHES, RALPH — Football 11; Track 10; Wrestling 11 HULETT, ALLEN — Marine Physical Fitness Team 11-12 HUTCHESON, WILEY — Leo Club 12, Sec.-Treas. 12; Spanish Club 10; Football 9-12; Baseball 9-10; Basketball 9.12 JENNINGS, AL 12. Audio Visual 10-12; FBLA 12; Band 10- JOHNSON, BOBBY — Band 10-12; Concert Band 9-12; Drama Qub 11 JONES, FREDDIE — Deca Club. KRAU, STEVE — Library Club 11-12; Rampage Staff 12; Literary Gub 11-12; Beta Cub 12 KEENE, GREGORY Red Cross 42; Football 9. Spanish Club 12; Library Club 12; KERR, JEFF Band 10-12, Band Officer KING, MIKE Spanish Club 10; Football 10 KNIGHT, STAN Red Cross: Track 9. LADSON, PHIL Baseball 9, 11-12; Football 9; Safeteen Qlub 11-12; Office Aid 11 LENGEL, DAVID — Ram Club; Basketball 9-12; Track 11 12; Red Cross 9-11 LEVERETT, STEVE — Civitan 11-12, V. Pres. 12; Basket ball 10-12; Baseball 10; Senior Superlative; Teen Topics Re porter; Managing Editor of Rampage LEWIS, BUDDY Red Cross 9; Industrial Arts Club 10. LILLEY, TOMMY — Civitan 11-12; Qhess Qub 10-12 LINDSEY, STEVE Math Club 10-12; French Qub 11; Safeteen Club 12 LOCKHART, JOHNNY — D.CT. LONG, ALAN — Civitan 11-12, See. 12; Annual Staff 11-12, Classes Editor 12; Senior Class Secretary; Superlative. MANN, PHILLIP — Supervision Basketball 10-12 MANN, JERRY — Safeteen Club 11 MARTIN, AARON Audio-Visual 10-12, Pres. 12 MASON, MIKE Basketball Trainer 9; Football Trainer 9-10; Track 11 McCONNELL, PAT FBLA 10-12, Treas. 12 Red Cross 9, Sec.; McKENZIE, KEITH — Track 9; Red Cross MEADOWS, WILLIAM — Safeteen Club 11-12; Red Cross 12 MEADOWS. JIMMY — Red Cross, V. Pres.; Jr. Class Cabi- net; Deca 12; FBLA 11 MERIWETHER, BILL Ramscott Photographer 10-12; Annual Staff Photographer 10-12 MIDDLEBROOKS, STEPHEN — French Qub 10-11; Leo Club 11-12; Student Council 12 MONTGOMERY, HERBIE — Basketball 12 MOORE, MICHAEL — Drama Qub 12 MORGAN, MARK — Footbal] 10-12; Wrestling 11 MULLIN, FREDDIE — Red Cross; McWill Night Committee. Industrial Arts Club; Library Club. NEWMAN, LAMAR NORRIS, LEE — Football 9, 10, Manager; Wrestling 10, Manager; Track 10, Manager; Literary Club 11 OGLETREE, MIKE — Football 9-12; Basketball 9-10; Base- ball 9-10; Student Council 9-12; Key Club 10-12; Beta Gb 11-12; Ram Gub 11-12; Annual Staff, Editor-in-Chief 12 OLLIFF, RONNIE — Red Cross 10-12, V.P. 10, Pres. 11; Basketball 10; Baseball 10; Football 11-12; Cross Country 11; Library Club 11-12; Ram Club 12; MeWill Bd. of Directors POWELL, STEVE — Literary Club 12, Pres.; FBLA 10-12 Sophomore Class Pres PRINCE, ROBERT Literary Club 11; FBLA 12 RABANUS, CLIFFORD — Baseball 9; Gymnastic Team 10: Vica 11-12 REDMOND, ALAN — Football 10-12; Baseball 10-12; Civi tan 10-12, Chaplain 12; Ram Club 10-12, Pres. 11; Basket ball 10; Wrestling 11 RIGGS, TOMMY Industrial Arts Club 11; Math Club 10: 12: Track 9, 11-12; Science Club 10-11; Marine Physical Fit ness Team 9. SAGNIBENE, FRANK — Beta Club 10-12; Key Club 11-12 Science Club 10-12; Chess Club 11; Industrial Arts Club 11 SCARBARY, OTIS French Club 10-11, Pres. 11; Key Club 10-12; jr. Glass Vice-Pres.; Student Council 11; Beta Club 12; Math Club 12; Superlative 12 SELPH, RICHARD — Pride of Dixie Band 9-12 SHARPE, GLEN — FBLA 12 SHUGART, ANDREW Band 9-10; Red Cross 11 SHURLEY, DONALD — Civitan 10-12; French Club 10-11; Tennis Team 12; FBLA 12; Office Aid 11-12 SIMPSON, ORMAN — Beta Club 11-12; Pride of Dixie Band 9-12; Math Club 11-12; Science Club 12; Rampage Staff 12; Student Council 12 Red Cross 10; Distributive Education 11 SIZER, LOUIE 12, V. Pres. 11-12 SMALLWOOD, BARRY Pride of Dixie Band 9-12 SMITH, DANNY Deca 11-12; Red Cross 10 SMITH, KEMPER — Tennis 9-12; Red Cross 11; Key Club 10-12, Chaplain 12; FBLA 10-11 SMITH, STAN — Civitan 11-12; Audio-Visual 10-12, V-P 11, Treas. 12; Baseball 10; McWill Night Board of Directors 11-12; Red Cross 10; Student Council 10. SMITH, STEVE — Band 9-10; Literary Magazine 11 STEPHENSON, JAMES utive Education 11-12 Football 9; Red Cross 10; Distrib STEPHENS, MARK — Football 9; Baseball 9-12; Civitan 10-12, VP. 11, Pres. 12; Student Council 11-12, Treas. 12, V.P. 11; Annual Staff 12, Business Manager; Sports Editor 12; Superlative STEWART, CHESTER Deca Club 11-12 THIGPEN, BRUCE — Pride of Dixie Band 9-12, Band Offi cer 12; Literary Club 11; Annual Staff 12 THOMAS, BRUCE — Deca 11-12; Audio-Visual 10; Indus- trial Arts 9; Library Club 9 THOMAS, GARY — Baseball 9; Vica Qub 11-12, Sec. 12; Football 9-10 THOMAS, GLENN — Safeteen Club 11-12, V. Pres. 12; Ram Club 12; Football 12; Office Aid 11-12 THOMPSON, CHARLES — Safeteen Qub 11-12; Track 9; Ram Club 10-12; Board of Directors for McWill 11-12; Stu dent Council 10-12; Basketball 9-10; Baseball 9-12; Football 9-12 THOMPSON, SAMMY Safeteen Qub 11-12 THURMAN, ROGERS — Red Cross 10; Literary Gub 11-12; Pride of Dixie 11-12 TINKER, MIKE — Tennis 9-10; Student Council 10-11; Red Cross 10; Industrial Arts 11-12 TINSLEY, FOYE — Safeteen Club 10-12, Pres. 12; Civitan 12, Treas. 12; Ram Club 11-12; Annual Staff 11-12, Typing Editor 11-12; Track Team 10-12; Cross Country 11 TROUTMAN, JEFF Beta Club 11; Key Glub 11-12 TRUE, GARY Audio Visual 10-12; Vica 12; Football 9 Gymnastics 10 TUMBLIN, RICHARD Club, V.P. 11; Civitan 12; Student Council 10-12; Baseball 10-12; Basketball 10; FBLA 11-12, Pres. 11, Sec. 12 Secretary of Sophomore Class; Key ULLMANN, TERRY — Baseball 9-10; Audio-Visual 10-12; Industrial Arts 10-11, V.P. 10; Wrestling 9; Track 9. UPCHURCH, CHARLES WARD, PATRICK — Industrial Arts 11 WEBB, PHILLIP — Safeteen Club 10-11; FBLA 11-12, V.P 11, Pres. 12 WELLS, STEVE — Pride of Dixie 10-12; Literary Club 11; Drama Qub 12 WHEELER, WAYNE Basketball 10-12 WHELCHEL, RICHARD — Pride of Dixie 9-12 WHITEHEAD, KEN — French Qub 10-11 WHITEHOUSE, DAVID — Vica 11 WILCHER, BRYANT — Safeteen Gub 10-11 WILLIAMS, GARY — French Gub 10-11; Drama Club 12 WILKERSON, JERRY Safeteen Chub 10-12, Pres. 11; Office Aid 11; Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Treas WILKES, KENNY — Baseball 9; Football 9; Audio-Visual 9-12 WILSON, RICKY — Football 9; French Club 10-11; Civitan 12; Red Cross 11 WOODRUFF, NATHAN — Pride of Dixie 10-12; Concert Band 10-12; Drama Club 12; Annual Staff 12 ZELLNER, JESSE — Office Aid 11 ZWALLY, MIKE — Track Manager — 10. These Are the Captains. . . President Vice President Mazy Jackson Susan Tidwell Pat Huling Philip Collins Secretary Treasurer Debra Greer Cheryl Ross Kenny Hightower Bunky Griffin Directors Debbie Garrett Karis Dix Del Hattaway Diane Williamson .. This Is the Team Carol Adams Patricia Alford Claudia Allen Sharon Allen Patricia Alligood Earline Amerson Bonnie Amos Deborah Amos Pam Archer Jackie Ashfield Carolyn Askew Debbie Barnes Nancy Barrett Rita Barrio Denise Bassett Cynelle Bateman Janie Beasley Debra Beatty Beverly Benton Jan Binkley Joan Bledsoe Judy Booth Connie Bowen Jo Ann Brannen Debbie Brickhouse Elaine Brooks Marsha Brown Diane Bryant Connie Bullard Susan Bumgardner Rebecca Burch Barbara Burson Vikki Byrd Elaine Campbell Brenda Carden Cathy Carithers Rosalyn Carpenter Barbara Carrol Phyllis Carson Brenda Carter Debra Cato Beverly Cavender Melanie Chapman Mary Childers Arlene Clark Marsha Clark Lisa Clay Gail Clements Karen Clifton Brenda Combs Gail Combes Billie Cook Brenda Cooper Sherrie Cooper Vicky Cranford Brenda Crapps Cynthia Creech Patricia Crum Theresa Crutchfield Joy Dean Patricia Dennard Karis Dix Deborah Dopson Bonnie Dowd Glenda Duckworth Karen Duggan Doris Dugger Patsy DuPriest Kathy Eady Patricia Flanders Elizabeth Fleming Karen Foster Pam Fowler Patty Fowler Charlotte Freeman Judy Friedlander Ida Marie Gadson Julia Gainey Debbie Garrett Sandra Garrett Pamela Gill Peggy Gillis Margie Ginn Elaine Glidewell Teresa Glore Jane Goble Donita Golden Judy Gordon Diann Gorman Debbie Green Pam Green Sandra Green Debra Greer Cindy Haddle Jim Halstead Debra Hamilton Look, there are boys and girls on the soccer field together . . . | thought it was arumor . . . Wouldn’t you know, the year after my boyfriend graduates, we can have visitors . . . Does anybody know where the spirit stick is? . . . You told WHO the theme of the Junior-Senior was WHAT?. . . I thought she was just kidding when she said we'd have a test today . . . Will you girls take a break long enough for us to have algebra class? . . . You've got to admit, we’ve GOT THAT SPIRIT! . . . Brenda Hammond Teresa Haralson Regina Hardeman Jeanette Hardy Gail Harr Shirley Harrell Debbie Harris Debbie Hartley Del Hattaway Cindy Hayes Shellia Haynes Debra Haywood Sandra Heath Dale Hill Barbara Hilliard Joyce Hobbs Regina Hobbs Janice Hooks Karen Horn Carla Horne Janice Horton Vicki Houston Gwen Howard Carol Hudson Donna Hughes Linda Hunt Denny Hutchison Dianne Ivey Mazy Jackson Charlotte Jacobs Cindy James Judy Jones Kathy Jones Linda Jones Sandra Jones Luanne Keen Elise Kelly Sheila Keith Beth King Cathy Kinkead Francis Kirby Elaine Kitchens Rosalyn Kyser Kathy Lanfair Ann Lewis Angela Lindsay Vickie Long Sharon Lucas Vivian Mann Jackie Mannheim Marsha Martin Darlene Martin Christy Matthews Laura Matthews Gail MeCall Betty McCoy Linda Melvin Bunny Merchant Linda Mikus Carol Miller Karen Miller Gloria Mimbs Celida Mims Phyllis Mims Kathy Minshew Jennifer Minshew Cherie Mock Lynn Mondy Becky Moore Cynthia Moore Gloria Moore Rhonda Morgan Grace Mosely Debra Moss Pam Moye Patricia Mullins Debra Mullis Debbie Nettles Barbara Nobles Vernie Norris Pam Odum Brenda O'Reilly Debbie Overcash Delorous Parker Annie Phelps Melanie Plunkett Beverly Powell Libby Powers Patsy Prince Debra Purvis Glenda Purvis Linda Rabanas Susan Me( sollough Debra McDonald Edna Me( ylohorn Patricia McManus Shirley Spencer Pat Stallings Beverly Staples Betty Steele Jody Ray Vicki Reese Diane Register Lynn Register Carol Renfroe Dianne Reynolds Elizabeth Rhodes Mary Riezinger Nancy Roberts Kathy Robertson Renae Robinson Robin Robinson Celia Roland Charlene Ross Chery! Ross Darlene Rowland Kathy Rozier Pam Rush Laura Ryle Serry Satterwhite Faith Ann Sanderlin Pam Scarborough Marcia Scott Marsha Scott Shep Shepard Jane Simpson Mai-Lan Sims Kathy Slade Debby Smith Durinda Smith La Wahna Smith Linda Smith Pam Smith Phyllis Smith Cathy Snider Sheree Snow Carolyn Stewart Marcia Stewart Dorothy Stovall Junie Stewart Alphertina Taylor Judy Thigpen Donna Thomas Delilia Thompson Susan Tidwell Kay True Debra Tucker Debra Tucker Sylvia Tyre Teresa [ nderwood Kathy Varnadore Marilyn Vinson Carol VonSteenburgh Jackie Waddleton Joyce Walsh Marian Warren Charisse Washington Cathy Waters Deborah Watson Debra Watson Deborah Wealot Deloris Webb Dianne Whitten Cathy Whittle Diane Williamson Cindy Winham Frances Wood Gail Wood Aurelia Woodard Phyllis Zeigler Stunt night . . . Hey, where do you sign up? . . . We’re painting props Saturday . . . BE THERE!. . . If I don’t get a part I'll just die!. . . If | get a part I'll die — my boyfriend’s coming . . . Does anybody have any ideas? . . . Write that down! . . . O.K., gang, we've met everyday this week and we’ve got one act written. . . My mother’s forgotten what I look like . . . Where’s Mrs. Grace? . . . Popping corn. . . Write that down! . . . Dress Rehearsal’s at 7...BE THERE!.. . Talk louder and THROW OUT THAT CHEWING GUM!. . . Are you going to Lum’s afterwards? . . . My contact just attacked me . . . My Mom and Dad insisted on coming to see what I’ve been doing for two weeks. Is my makeup smeared?. . . When dol come in?. . . Hail to the class of 71!. . . We were good! . . . If they don’t announce the winner now I’m going yo have a nervous breakdown. . . | don’t believe it. . . We won! . . . Where’s the trophy? . . . Let me touch it. . . I’m ex; hausted . . . Go Juniors . . . Second to None... George Adams Morley Adams Rickey Ainsworth Ronnie Andrews Tony Asbell Larry Avant Johnny Avery Kenny Barker Bobby Barron Tommy Bell Toby Bellflower Barry Bissonett Jimmy Bond Roger Bowman Russel Boyd Jimmy Boyles Alan Braswell Steve Bridgers David Bridges Tim Brooks Greg Brown Mike Brown Keith Bryant Mike Bryant Gary Burdeshaw Dennis Burnett Wayne Carmichael Jerry Clinard Richard Cofer Barry Collins Mike Collins Phillip Collins Vann Collins Mickey Couey Mike Courtney Brad Daniel Hershel Daniel Robert Daniels Dan Darden Graylyn Davis Melton Davis Louis Deal Mike Denton Steve Deriso Andy Dominey Jerry Donald Richard Doss Duane Driggers Doisey Grubbs Bill Hallar Ray Hallman Steve Hambrick Louis Hamm Billy Hammond Andy Drummond Mike Dunn Andy Durden. Kirk Durham Carl Duyck Danny Eavenson Rickey Edney Buddy Emerick Ken English Wayne Ennis Dennis Evans Charles Fargason Bruce Fincher Martin Floyd Watson Flythe Johnny Fountain Mike Fountain Ronnie Gabriel Mike Garrett Rickey Garrett Mike Gaskins Dana Geeslin Robert Gibbs Travis Gillihan Jon Gillispie Louis Glidewell Jeff Goings Macky Grace Bunky Griffin Andy Grubbs Tommy Hardy Curt Harringtor Buster Harris Steve Harris Andy Harrison Wayne Hart George Hartley 3obby Hasty Robert Hebble Terry Hendricks Gary Henry Robert Herron Terry Hic ks Kenny Hightower Ronnie Hill Edmund Hodnett Jimmy Hogan Joey Holland Keith Hollaway Dennis Homles Bobby Hooper Bill Hopkins Steve Hough Aubrey Howell Darrell Howell Gary Howell Gary Howell Robert Hudson Ronnie Hudson Cary Hulett Larence Hulett Pat Huling Jerry Hunnicutt Phil Hunnicutt Walter Hunnicut Mike Hutcheson Bob Hyder Stanley Ivey David Jackson Keith Jackson Larry James Billy Johnson Mike Johnson Wallace Johnson Kim Johnston Dewain Joiner Carey Jones David Jones Larry Jones Ray Jones Wayne Jones Keith Keene Leon Kendrick Emory Kitchens Chris Knight Bernie Lamb Tony Lanson Gene Lee Danny Leslie David Linsey Terry Linsey Jack Loyd Jeff Maddox Glen Martin Neil Martin Mike Mask Dennis McBride Curtis McClendis David McClun Jerry McCraw Alfred McGraw Ronnie McKenney Johnny Meister Wayne Mercer Mike Mikus Myron Miller Ronnie Miller Tommy Miller Mike Minter Pete Mixon Rickey Mixon Carl Morgan Tom Mullis Billy Myers Craig NeSmith Rickey Newberry Jimmy Nobles John Nutt Harold Odum Paul Osborn Randy Owen Danny Padgett Rodney Pancake Wayne Parker Leon Partridge Wayne Perry Eddie Petterson Steve Pettis Gerald Phillips Dartny Pinholster Bobby Porter Mike Price Pat Pritchett Alan Rawlins Leon Reed Reggie Reeves Freddy Reid Jimmy Reynolds James Rickman Jackie Rigby Richard Roberts Joey Robertson Garry Rogers Jimmy Rogers Jack Rosson Morris Rowell David Russell Ronnie Sanders Bobby Sapp Kenneth Scarbary Lanny Sculze Mike Sellers James Shepherd Mike Shepherd Wayne Shepherd Dan Smith Leonard Smith Mare Smith Randy Smith Steve Smith Tommy Smith Bill Sowell Lonnie Spears Jack Spell Dean Spivey Mark Stafford Danny Stevens Ed Stokes Gary Stuart Keith Tapley Winfred Thigpen Randy Thomas Sam Thomas Scott Thomas Jerry Thompson Tommy Thrasher John Tinker Larry Toole Danny Truelove Jerry Tucker Rickey Tucker Ray Von Steinberg Tom Voshall Tony Wakefield Jimmy Walker Johnny Walker Jimmy Ward Joe Wasden John Watkins Michael Watson Glen Weatherford George White Randy Whitley Robby W iggins Stan Williams Tony Williamson Jimmy Willis Randy Willis Bruce Wilson Robert Wilson Larry Windham Tommy Wood Wendall Wood Larry Woolfolk Ronn Wynn Yeah, We've collected $20.00 in dues for the Junior-Senior ... Doughnuts, anybody for doughnuts? I’m sick of doughnuts ... You reckon anybody cut to decorate for the Jr.-Sr.? . Oh, are we having decorations this year? Hey, did you get in Beta? You bet! ... You reckon I flunked a Chemistry test today? Did you take one? Yeah, Well, | guess you flunked a Chemistry test today . . . Shut up and go back to sleep. = fm Robbie Campbell Martha Martin ‘ice-Pres. pe Vice Greg Montgomery Tim Rogers Class of Nitin Nancy Whitehurst Becky Leverett Mike Bozeman Mike Walker Vanessa Funck Debbie Sark Directors Feige rectors Carol O Quinn Rhonda McPeters Ann Bryant Jackie Bryant Pam Bryant Patricia Bryant Linda Bullard Sherrie Burke Angela Burnette Carolyn Burnett Denise Burns Kathy Butler Deborah Byrd Robbie Campbell Becky Canady Pam Cannon Marie Carden Marsha Carithers Kay Carpenter Linda Carver Sharon Chancey Cathy Clark Delaine Clark Kay Adams Lou Ann Adams Peggy Adams Paula Allen Brenda Alligood Anita Amos Gayla Anderson Jackie Anderson Jill Anderson Jenny Andrews Ann Avis Arnold Debbie Baird Kathye Baker Diane Balkcom Judy Barfield Laura Sue Barker Sheila Barnes Nancy Barrett Carol Bassett Debbie Bateman Sharon Beasley Sheila Beavers Bonnie Becham Maxine Beck Judie Bickley Kathy Blackwell Debbie Bloodworth Mary Ann Borum Dianne Bowman Carolyn Bozeman Eleanor Bridgers Martha Brown Valerie Brown Wanda Brownlee Dee Clark Elizabeth Clarke Odessa Clower Pam Coleman Judy Collins Sharon Collins Carol Conway Becky Cooper Donna Corbin Betty Jo Cosenzo Kay Cranford Naomi Crawford Paula Crum Elizabeth ¢ crumpton Deonne Darden Patti Darity Kathy Davidson Pam Davis Sandra Davis Kay Defore Sherrie Drury Debby Dunn Annette Durden Cynthia Durden ¥i 3 wt ? ti ’ ‘ and = Dixie Eason Vickie Eaton Leisa Echols Yvonne Edwards Sheila Ellis Brenda Engram Would you look; we have exactly the same schedule! Yeah, only differ- ent teachers. . .Mame. . . What?. . . You want me to say it in Span- ish? . . . Now?. . . But Mrs. Blount, we’ve only been in here thirty minutes . . . Dress rehearsal is tomorrow! If one person misses this practice, the Sophomores will withdraw . . . Nuacy Badenk 7. This is it, Stunt Night! Oh, just listen, they’re so good! What if nobody Marjorie Evans : laughs? What if nobody gets it? . . . Deborah Fargason Liz Fields Jacqueline Finney Karen Fiveash Wanda Fiveash Susan Fordham Alice Fountain Rhonda Frost Vanessa Funck Mary Ann Funderburke Willette Gibson Deborah Ann Gilmore Sandra Gladin Sherree Green Donna Greer Barbara Griffin Margaret Grimesley Mary Golden Deloris Hall Shirley Hall Terry Hall Mary Jo Hallman Debbie Hambrick Mary Ann Hampton Donna Hane Priscilla Harrell Ruby Harris Amy Harrison Sheila Harrison Neva Hart Sharon Harvey Pam Hattaway Vivian Haynes Denise Haywood Carol Henderson Lynn Herring Darlene Hester Marsha Hester Look, have you ever seen so many girls? Hush, here comes the speaker. What you want to bet he tells us we're the prettiest group of girls he’s ever spoken to. Hey, tell them to. quit passing that boy’s picture around; the teachers are giving us dirty looks. Well, that’s just cause we’re sophomores. Sometimes I wish I was any- thing but a sophomore and then sometimes it’s great! . . . This is Kathy Hightower ; Dianne Hill really a change from Junior High! . . . Hail to the great and all Canal Siete they do. Hail to the class of °72! Vicki Holt Gayle Hooker Karen Horne Paula Horne Barbara Horton Karen Hornyak Sheila Huff Elaine Killgo Charlotte Lannon Lou Lawing Becky Leverett Terri Maddox Martha Martin Donna Mathis Donna McCook Martha McCranie Kathy McDonald Rhonda McPeters Deborah Mercer Terri Merritt Dorcas Metcalf Gail Metts Lisa Miguel Geri Miller Penny Miller Sheila Miller Vicki Miller Cynthia Mills Tricia Mitchell Jane Moore Judy Morgan Tam Morgan Melinda Mulling Kathy Mullis Dinah Murchison Brenda Murphey Debra Nelson Cynthia NeSmith Linda NeSmith Janice Nixon Teresa Norton Sheila Ogletree Phyllis Hughes Arlene Hulett Sue Huling Edie Hutchings Elaine Idone Wilma Ingram Dianne Irby Dianne Jackson Jill Jansen Norma Jones Debra Juhan Charlotte Kart Tonni Olliff Carol O’Quinn Nancy Osborne Pat Owen Earlynne Pace Andrea Parker Jane Patat Brenda Paul Jean Payne Dot Peacock Judy Peacock Jan Perry Lynn Phillips Connie Pilcher Deborah Poole Joyce Pope Onnie Porter Marlene Porter Barbara Powell Kathy Powell Linda Powell Linda Powell Annette Preston Diane Price Faye Price Deborah Pryor Tricia Randall Darlene Ray Gioria Ray Paula Reeves Helen Reid Sylivia Reid Betty Richitt Sheila Rogers » Susan Rogers Cynthia Rose Gail Sandefur Debbie Sark Lynn Sauls Wanda Seagraves Judy Sessions Neva Shepard Eunice Slappey Barbara Smith Julia Smith Pam Smith Pat Smith Janet Stevens Joan Stevens Lynn Stewart Sandra Stewart Theresa Stringer Susan Studstill Barbara Sullivan Pamela Sutton Louise Swan Deborah Tapley Gwen Taylor Lisa Terrell Camilia Tharpe Phyllis Thistlewood Beverly Thomas Hazel Thomas Marie Thompson Nena Thompson Cathy Tidwell Peggy Tidwell Bernice Tobler Sue Townsend Karen Travis Elaine Troutman Elizabeth Troutman Judy Tyler Beth Vaughn Debbie Vaughn Vickie Watkins Rebecca Wallace Tracey Welch Darlene Wester Carol White Gloria Whitehead Nancy Whitehurst Ruby Dean Smith Marlene Solis WilHemia Solomon Cindy Spillers Nancy Sue Spires Gloria Stevens Gina Young Helen Zellner Pam Whitt Debra Whittington Clara Jo Wilkinson Lisa Williams Carolyn Willingham Jo Ann Wilson Marilyn Wilson Kathy Wiltse Teresa Windham Yonna Windham Pat Wolff Betty Jo Wood Jackie Yaughn Rhonda Yaughn Danny Adams Boyd Allen Johnny Almand Carlton Amos Landry Anderson Chuck Annis David Ashley Mike Askew William Atkinson Danny Austin Mike Bare Dana Bass Herbie Bass Terry Beavers Randy Becham Andy Beck Wayne Bedgood Tim Belflower Me! Bell Mike Bell Steve Bell Jimmy Benett William Birdsong Marty Blalock Mike Bozeman James Bradfield Larry Bridges Larry Brock Mike Brown Ulysses Brown Lonnie Bryant Wayne Busbee Kerry Caldwell Billy Cameron Darrel Canady Edward Cannon Mike Cantrell Jimmy Causey Ricky Chambers Jimmy Chapman Ben Clary Tim Clifton Walter Colbert Jerry Colemar Rodney Collins James Compton Bruce Cooper Edwin Cooper I Yogi Corr Charles Couch Sonny Crosby Duane Daniells Mike Davis Richard Deese Larry Dickerson Mike Dixon Bruce Draughon William Dupree Henry Durden Wayne Darsey David Eavenson Dewey Eavenson Steve Edwards Gary Ellis Gary Ellis David Elrod Billy Epps Reggie Evans Fred Fahr Frank Flanders Greg Fletcher Benny Ford David Fowler Lee Fox Mitchell Fuller Brad Fussel Bobby Gaddis Ronald Gaines David Gay James Gibbs Tim Godfrey Paul Goolsby Mike Green Mike Haddle Clyde Hall Steve Hamlin Curtiss Hamm Ted Haralson Ronnie Harrel Melvin Hart Alan Hattaway Bobby Hawkins Randy Hayes Dick Heard David Hester Terry Hester Jody Higdon Milton Holcombe Eddie Holder Billy Huff Lamar Huff Carlton Hughes John Hulett Wendell Hulett Bob Hunnicutt Dana Jackson William Jacobs Gary Jennings Clarence Johnson David Johnson Alfred Jones David Jones Raymond Jones Terry Jones Jimmy Kelly David Kinkead Charles Kitchens Wane Myers Buster Myrick David Newberry Bobby Norris Randy Norris Tracy Nowell Jeff Ogletree Ray O'Reilly Jerry Osborn Jim Parks Mike Patton Roy Payne Lester Peavy Roger Perry Tim Perry Pete Pierce Brad Pinholster Johnny Pirkle Drexel Pitts Ronald Pope Donald Powell Millard Purser Phil Pyles Herbert Kit« hens John Landino Mike Leaptrot Dale Lester Danny Lily Malcom Loyd Melvin Malcom Mike Massey James Matthews Chuck Mauldin Mike McAllister Jim McAmis Ronnie McCleod Mike McCallum Jerry McDaniels Jimmy McDonald Tim MeFadden Charles McMillan Taylor McMillan Terry Merritt Greg Montgomery Phillip Moorman Ken Mote Sidney Moulton Bobby Randall Reggie Register Mark Reynolds Steve Reynolds Phil Rhyne Tim Rogers Lawrence Ryle George Sailers Steve Salter Bobby Davage Tommy Schmidt Tim Shearon Waldo Sheftall James Sheppard Chuck Smith Mike Smith Steve Smith Tommy Smith David Spivey Mike Stallings Wiley Stanfield George Stefano David Stevens Ken Stone Tim Stubbs Charles Sumlin John Teselle George Thames Johnny Thomas Gary Thompson Ernie Tidwell Joey Turk Richard Tyson Chuck Walker Mike Walker Randy Wallace David Wood Lee Wright Mark Yancey Danny Watkins Johnny VW atson Mare Watson Kenny Webb Kenny Wellborn Eddie West Lawrence Whidby Johnny White Mike W ilder Randy Wilder Randall Williams Steve Wilson Compliments of 330 Ash St. 743-7464 MELTON’S GARAGE ALL WORK GUARANTEED General Auto Repairs Automatic Transmissions — A Specialty 4461 Houston Ave. Macon, Ga. Dial 788-4393 EMMETT RIGBY Owner-Manager FRIGIDAIRE + ZENITH RCA + TAPPAN ow J. W. McCOOK LUMBER CO. MORRIS APPLIANCE CO., INC. 386-392 Broadway Macon, Georgia Phone 743-7458 MURPHEY, TAYLOR, ELLIS, INC. Realtors Insurors Mortgage Bankers SINCE 1906 575 First Street Macon POWELL’S PHARMACY 3717 Houston Avenue 4839 Bloomfield Road Riverside Plaza Complete RX and Sundry Needs Compliments of NATIONAL LIFE ACCIDENT INS. CO. E. P. BAUGH, Manager 788-1565 781-1213 743-4408 NEIGHBORHOOD BARBER SHOP Bloomfield Shopping Center We specialize in children's haircuts YOUR BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED Hours 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. BEARINGS AND DRIVES, INC. 607 Lower Poplar Street Macon, Georgia Phone 743-6711 Best Wishes To The Senior Class Of ’70 Compliments a ‘the best of all possible banks’’ CENTRAL TIRE COMPANY We Buy Junk, Trash, and Treasures, Sell Antiques, Collectors’ Items and Used Furniture. Third and Mulberry Streets M. P. BOOKER FURNITURE ANTIQUES Georgia Bank TRUST COMPANY 2930 Riverside 3256 Houston Ave. 742-9945 Drive Pio Nono Plaza 217 QUALITY MILK SINCE 1913 ALL OUR DAIRY PRODUCTS ARE PROCESSED HERE IN MACON FOR HOME DELIVERIES DIAL SHerwood 5-3304 CHEROKEE FARMS, INC. R.F.D. NO. 2 MONDY’S SHOE STORE JIMMY SMITH TOYOTA SALES 4021 Pio Neno 788-3755 Shoe Repair 2990 Broadway Macon, Georgia 31202 Phone 746-3126 Phone 745-9561 OLGA FASHIONS Tall, Average, Petite Dresses OLGA FUNK 2979 Houston Ave. Owner Macon, Ga. 31206 YAMAHA of MACON LTD. 3223 Vineville Ave. 743-8183 YAMAHA It's a Better Machine 4564 Pio Nono Ave. Shop 788-2542 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER AVERY’S GARAGE BIRDSONG INTERNATIONAL Sales, Parts and Service Truck and Auto Repai a Rie nthon eiten pel IHC Farm and Industrial Equipment Diesel and Gas Engines FEATURING 7, 10, and 12 HP CUB CADETS 820 Gray Highway THOMAS AVERY Macon, Ga. Owner 743-1296 TOMMY SMITH GARAGE INC. Best of Luck Middle Georgia's “Largest and Most Complete Heavy Duty Equipment Garage”’ SNEAD SHEET METAL 1829 Seventh Street Macon, Ga. 742-7374 SOUTHERN ‘Flowers that whisper . . . DISCOUNT COMPANY what words can't say. ’ SOUTH SIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 329 Cotton Avenue Macon, Georgia EDDIE CANNON TELEPHONE: Manager 742-7571 2977 Houston Avenue 745-5742 3 Doors From Fabrics, Inc. MRS. E. C. CASTELLAW Owner Phone 788-0101 3439 Pio Nono Macon, Georgia mii Office Dial 743-7123 711 Second Street or 743-5531 at Pine Res. Dial 743-1096 Macon, Georgia Compliments of SOUTHSIDE MOTORS NEW AND USED SPIRES QUALITY CARS AT REASONABLE PRICES ELECTRIC CO. “Friendly, Courteous Service Is Our Motto”’ FRED VAN FOWLER BUDDY FOWLER Owner General Manager CONCRETE PRODUCTS MACON CORNELL-YOUNG CO. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 742-7391 2901 Roff Ave. 346 Oglethorpe Street Macon, Georgia Macon, Georgia 31202 742-5733 All Types of Building Materials Compliments of MACON FEED AND SEED CO., INC. 3115 Broadway 745-0407 4561 Pio Nono Ave. 788-1842 MACON PIANO EXCHANGE LOWE ELECTRIC CO. Wholesale 2699 Houston Avenue Complete Electrical and Plumbing Supplies Dealers for New and Used Pianos MASON and HAMLIN 1525 Forsyth Street WURLITZER Macon, Georgia 31205 JANSSEN CONN ORGAN WURLITZER ORGAN MACKEY FURNITURE CO. W. J. SPARKS ‘““WE COMPLETELY FURNISH YOUR HOME”’ MACON RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO. 1744 Broadway Macon, Georgia Phone 745-9048 Phone 746-0323 616 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia MACON RUG SHOP Compliments of Quality — Inc. — Carpets Draperies MACON MEMORIAL PARK GEO. A. WILLIS, III 3121 Vineville Owner Macon, Georgia GORDON BUSH TIRE COMPANY ‘‘Macon’s Tire Friend’”’ 745-8588 hordonfsh 745-8586 SLA 748-3306 Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment MALONE’S HARDWARE MACON SPEED SHOP = 3336 Columbus Rd. 742-4688 PARTS MACHINE N15 1 @) 2765 Houston Ave. at Hightower 8 A.M. -9 P-M.2F, Dial 743-5727 t Open Sundays J Hardware Paints + Roofing ° Fence Wire Fertilizers Insecticides ° Hunting and Fishing Equipment Licenses The Difference Is Delicious! Compliments of MARYLAND FRIED CHICKEN MEREDITH TRAILER COURT 7144 Pio Nono Avenue 4541 Houston Avenue BLOOMFIELD SCHOOL OF HAIR DESIGN 3470 Williamson Road 788-0731 PARK CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH PLYMOUTH — CHRYSLER — IMPERIAL 455 Walnut St. PAT’S FOOD STORE Open Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Closed Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Complete Line of Groceries Coldcuts — Frozen Foods Choice Quality Meats Cosmetics 1191 Oglethorpe St. 743-3632 PIO NONO AUTO PARTS Automotive and Truck Parts 3224 Pio Nono Ave. 788-6193 GARNER KENNINGTON RONNIE DORMAN Owner Manager Compliments of RALSTON PURINA COMPANY Compliments of 4775 Pio Nono Avenue C. R. RADER American Gem Society 742-6494 Registered Jeweler Hotel Dempsey Bldg. Diamonds — Colored Gem Stones — China Crystal — Porcelains — Estate Jewelry REEVES BRO.’S PURE STATION ion Brakes Re-lined Motor Tune-Up and Minor Repairs 2075 Rocky Creek Rd. 788-9223 Macon, Ga. Baldwin Pianos and Organs Bl ADAMS PIANO COMPANY FACTORY BRANCH STORE Macon, Georgia JOHN LEE Manager 409 Second St. Phone 743-4663 Congratulations From st 1. P-Wete) P-Ve BANK — Foe irs Co. in Macon Downtown Office Cherry at Second St. Southside Office Houston at Hightower Rd. Wesleyan Office Behind New Post Office Cherokee Office Napier at Pio Nono Ave. BEN FRANKLIN 5 10 Pio Nono Plaza Shopping Center Complete Line of School Supplies Phone 788-4262 Area Code 912 Compliments of BATEMAN FOOD STORE ‘‘Purveyors of Fine Foods’’ STORES No. 2 3280 Pio Nono Ave. No. 3 2780 Riverside Drive Baconsfield Office 955 Gray Highway Pio Nono Office 3625 Pio Nono Avenue Ga. Power Bidg. Office Mulberry at Second Street BAKER’S BODY SHOP ? Body and Fender Straightening Auto Painting 4123 Pio Nono Avenue Telephone 788-1894 == BONANZA MOBILE HOMES Sales and Service GLYNN CORBETT Manager 4740 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Ga. 31206 225 SHIRLEY’S HAIR STYLE Specializing in — Frosting, Coloring, Bleaching, Tinting Permanents THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. : Wig Styling and Soles J. D. SMITH 3125 Vineville Avenue p , Stylists: BARBARA — ROBIN — Branch Manager Macon, Georgia KAY — SHIRLEY W. A. BUSCH, JR. Phone: SH. 6-5608 Asst. Manager 4014 Broadway 788-0287 The Place to Shop for Cookout, Picnic Supplies, Charcoal, etc. Cold Drinks to Go PELICANS 3970 Houston Avenue 788-9899 R. H. SMALLING’S SLAUGHTER TIRE COMPANY SONS, INC. Recapping Armstrong Tires General Contractors and Builders P. O. Box 4503 Corner Second and Plum Streets 801 Forsyth St. Telephone 745-6557 Macon, Georgia Phones 745-1867 743-8252 Always Enjoy! RESTAURANT FIXTURE SUPPLIES Co., INC. 523 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia 31201 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 745-6121 Macon, Ga. RCA Zenith Whirlpool Home Appliances Color T.V. Name Brand Furniture | 3709 Houston Ave. 781-2373 3419 Napier Ave. 745-7413 Macon, Georgia 4690 BROADWAY yeas Finest Courses 788-4883 McDonald’s McDonalds McDonald’s Is Your Kind of Place. Rocky Creek Road BARNEY A. SMITH L M NEW AND USED CARS MOBILE HOMES 693 Second Street Macon, Ga. Macon's Only Locally Owned Phone 745-1034 Mobile Home Dealer M. P. HOUSE, SR. (Mitch) ROBERT O. HOUSE (Bob) Compliments of LOUISE O. HOUSE BLOOMFIELD BEAUTY SALON 5470 Pio Nono Ave. 4670 Broadway 598 Bloomfield Road INLAND CONTAINER CORPORATION P.O. Box 4588 4815 Mead Road Macon, Georgia 31208 Inland Boxes Build Good Will ARTISTIC FLOWERS BIBB STEEL SUPPLY COMPANY 2720 Riverside Drive Riverside Plaza Macon, Ga. Dial 746-0215 INCORPORATED Brighten Every Occa sion Fabricated Structural Steel With Flowers MR, FRED BRYANT Business Manager ELECTROLUX 815 Second Street Macon, Georgia Quality Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Machines Phone 742-1961 Compliments of FASHION FLOORS Carpet and Floor Coverings 968 First Street 742-8894 J. A. BRASWELL’S BARBER SHOP 540 Broadway 742-9993 SAVE UP TO 40% FURNITURE CENTER, INC. Furniture, Appliances 455 First Street Macon, Georgia 31201 Phone 746-2461 746-2462 RAYMOND C. WALLACE President Macon’s Oldest and Original Discount 230 House EVELYN’S BEAUTY SALON 2836 Riverside Dr. 742-1191 “The Best Friend Your Office Ever Had!’’ OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 552 Mulberry St. Phone 746-7373 Macon, Georgia WESTGATE B S DISCOUNT Drugs and Sundries Health and Beauty Aids 570 Cherry St. SAN TRAUB Macon, Ga. 31201 Manager 743-0543 FICKLING WALKER, INC. 577 Mulberry Street Real Estate Macon, Georgia 31202 Mortgage Loans Tel. 746-9421 Insurance ACE TV SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED 3253 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia Phone 742-5973 ANDERSON’S JEWELERS OFFICIAL RAILROAD WATCH INSPECTORS Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Expert Watch Repairs on All Makes Phone 743-3846 361 Second St. Macon, Ga. ARTCRAFT FLORIST ELEANOR and JACK CASTELLAW 3711 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia 31206 Telephone 788-0811 Night Phone 788-7419 CARTAGE CO., INC. 4440 Mead Road P.O. Box 3043 Macon, Ga. 31205 Member American Gem Society President Sec.-Treas. RAILEY J. ADAMS JR. DOROTHY ROBERTSON ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Post Office Box 4288 Macon, Georgia Compliments of BENEDETTO LAUNDRY McCOOK’S PHARMACY 7011 Cochran Field Road Macon, Georgia Phone 788-5717 McCLURE FURNITURE 565 Popular Street Macon, Georgia FURNITURE — MAGNAVOX — RCA FRIGIDAIRE MUTUAL OIL CO. Super Jet Long Mileage Gas SAVES YOU MONEY Locations to Serve You WHEELER’S MACON GRIFFEN Walgreen Agency WARNER ROBINS Phone 788-5841 4025 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia CREDIT BUREAU OF MACON AND COLLECTION SERVICE Reports 743-3771 Collections 742-7581 ‘ Service Middle Georgia Men Since 1907”’ ‘“‘DAGWOOD”’ DELOACH BARBER SHOP 3716 Houston Next to A P Specializing in All Types Haircuts Razor Haircut and Hairstyle 3 EXPERIENCED BARBERS Air Conditioned 788-8908 OPEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAY ‘‘We need your head in our business.”’ DELUXE CLEANERS 2641 Second Street Macon, Georgia FOR THE BEST IN DRY CLEANING BRING YOUR CLOTHES TO DELUXE CLEANERS DORSEY’S RIVERSIDE DRUGS 746-5151 2778 Riverside Drive The Only Drug Store on Riverside Drive”’ Compliments of CRISWELL’S SERVICE STATION DAIRY LANE GRILL Orders to Go 3129 Vineville Ave. 746-9195 3141 Houston Ave. 137 Emery Hwy. 746-5075 745-2551 DIXIE TOBACCO CANDY COMPANY SCHRAFFT'S CANDY CIGARS CIGARETTES TOBACCO NOTIONS PHILLIES WEBSTERS EL TORO GARCIA Y. VEGA MEDALIST ADMIRATION P.O. Box 4384 143 State Street Macon, Ga. 31208 Phone 746-9461 We Go Where Business Is Wanted — and Stay Because We Treat It Well ECONOMY AUTO STORES Westgate Shopping Center Tires, Batteries, Appliances Housewares, Sporting Goods ROWLAND PRINTING COMPANY 3985 Houston Avenue For Your Printing Needs Call 745-5576 On the Move With Macon DON CALDWELL’S OPTICIAN Consult Your Eye Physician M.D. 686 First Street Phone 743-twenty-twenty John Romain Cases Swinging Frames Teen-Age Headquarters Contact Lens Technician SEYMOUR HARDWARE 1398 Rocky Creek Rd. Macon, Georgia Telephone 788-3918 THE LEADE RE pa ‘af? Sa . Largest manufacturing-Retailer . of Men's Wear in the South. SHERATON GALLERIES Fine Furniture at Sensible Prices 6230 Warner Robins Highway Macon, Georgia Store Hours — Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat. — 9-6 Wed., 9-1 p.m. Fri., 9-9 p.m. ROSCOE R. CROSS 788-7552 President HAYES CLOTHING CO. Men's Clothing and Furnishings 742-7847 563 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia HOME FURNISHING CO. Quality Furniture and Appliances TELEVISION REFRIGERATORS FREEZERS 743-5881 Free Parking 889 Second St. HOUSTON AVENUE PHARMACY 2654 Houston Avenue 743-5461 Best Wishes to the Class of '70 JEAN HALL, FLORIST 768 C herry Street Earthmoving Logging Landscaping —— FOREST SERVICES, INC. Handling Equipment jn. 4600 Pio Nono Avenue A; ; P. ©. Bex 1112 ontgeebeases = Macon, Georgia 31202 JUNIOR BRICKLE SANDER’S BARBER SHOP 2812 Pio Nono Across From Westgate Specializing in All Types Haircuts 3 Experienced Barbers Air Conditioned Open 7 to 7 MACON GEORGIA KINGS USED Cape 891 Second Street 746-7341 Compliments of ICE CREAM 4595 Log Cabin Dr. Phone 746-1988 235 MOTORCYCLES HONDA KAWASAKI BSA Kawasaki: 85cc thru 650 cc B.S.A. 250 cc thru 650 cc Complete Line of Accessories Complete Parts and Repair Service BLALOCK SON, INC. 3136 Houston Ave. 745-4817 Macon 745-9126 Compliments of BLOOMFIELD FOOD MARKET 5269 Log Cabin Drive 788-9806 MACON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Compliments of CRANDALL COLLEGE 653 Second Street 745-6593 Macon, Georgia FAY WOOD PHONE 788-6948 BLOOMFIELD FLOWER SHOP Prestige Flowers for Every Occasion We Deliver 5121 Pinefield Dr. Macon, Georgia SAM NEEL’S SHOES Cherry St. Crystal Pal. Napier Sq. COLLEGIATE SHELL U.S. 80 1-475 742-8276 24 HOUR SERVICE COKE’S Cameras Photographic Supplies Processing 753 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia NAPIER ENCO SERVICE CENTER 3060 Napier Avenue BURGER KING Home of the WHOPPER Compliments of FINCHER’S BARBECUE Houston Avenue BETTY HEATH’S CASEY FLORIST “Artist with Flowers’”’ City-Wide Delivery 2314 Ingleside Avenue Phone 746-4381 FABRICS INC. A World of Wonderful Fabrics Macon’s Largest Selection of Patterns, Notions and Dress Goods Complete Line of Drapery Fabric and Kirsch Hardware. 2965 Houston Ave. and 1038 Gray Highway Compliments of FAILE’S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Avenue Telephone 788-1894 Compliments of DIXIE CREAM Compliments of BIBB SUPPLY CO. Industrial Equipment Compliments of R. S. THORPE SONS 533 — 535 Cherry Street Telephone SH 2-6246 Macon, Georgia BETTER CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS Compliments of rp QUALITY LEATHER GOODS A GIFTS MACON, GA, TRIANGLE FLORIST 2705 Houston Avenue 743-4515 MILTON and FRANCES ADAMS City Wide Delivery South Macon's Original Florist Compliments of T T PACKING CO. Producers of Queen of Dixie Brand Meat Products Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPE Petites — Juniors — Misses Pio Nono Plaza 788-3594 GEORGE K. PARKER AGENT State Farm Insurance AUTO — LIFE — FIRE STATE FARM Phone 781-4363 2672 Pio Nono INSURANCE Macon, Georgia LOOSIER OF MACON, INC. Furniture Store for Young Home-Makers 452 Second Street Macon, Georgia 31201 Phone 742-6403 COLONIAL MOBILE HOMES Compliments 4779 Pio Nono Avenue 788 -9678 “THE SOUTH’S LARGEST DEALER’’ GA. RADIATOR SERVICE CHI-CHES-TERS PHARMACY Bloomfield Ingleside College Hill Tatnall Square Harrison's Town Country GREENE’S PROPANE GAS SERVICE, INC. CLAYTON-GRAVES DRUGS 3561 Broadway Macon, Georgia 31206 746-7326 2463 Vineville Avenue FRED H. GREENE Phone 746-5647 Macon, Ga. Our Trucks Are Radio Dispatched GRINSTEAD FENNELL GARAGE es ; Front End Alignment and Frame Se sc Straightening — Complete Auto CONTROL ee Repairs 1034 Second St. COMPANY ° wat Meet Phone 788-3306 4129 Pio Nono Avenue ‘Don’t Fret or Cry, P.O. Box 4552 Owners Just Call T.Y.’ 31208 KEITH E. GRINSTEAD JAMES A. FENNELL 239 HANDY ANDY DRIVE-IN MARKET A. S. HATCHER CO. Marine Division JOHNSON MOTORS CHRIS CRAFT BOATS Complete Line of Marine Parts and Supplies MAXWELL’S BROTHERS WEST HERIN’S GROCERY For The Best Meats 3245 Houston Avenue NEWBERRY’S Visit our yard goods department carrying a complete line of piece goods and sewing notions. McCall's and Simplicity Patterns. You Can Get All Your Sewing Needs At NEWBERRY’S WESTGATE HOGG’S HOUSTON AVE. DRUG STORE Your Friendly Rexall Store 4096 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia 789-6652 HOME FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association Branch Office f Main Office Westgate ml Cherry at First Shopping Center HUNT — RAGAN “WHERE THE REAL ACTION IS” 668 Poplar St. phone 745-7467 R.C.A. Color TV Whirlpool Appliances BILL HUNT BILL RAGAN MR. M. CAFETERIA Serving Fine Food Serving Breakfast, Short Orders Westgate Shopping Center 781-4565 CAFETERIA OPEN 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. SNACK BAR OPEN 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. a WILLINGHAM (Sorting Goods 461 THIRD ST. PHONE 743-588 “NEXT TO BIBB THEATRE” “Fraternity and Sorority Jerseys Complete Line of Athletic Equipment Compliments of WOOLWORTH’S WESTGATE FENCES Repairs A Specialty KAA AD OOO onocecen 2, KS x oO O SS « Setetetetere’: Seteteteretes 0% 0 oO 2, oO see, © oO re 2, O Residential Commercial JOHN LITTLE — Owner Over 20 Yrs. Experience All Types of Fences 36 mo. to pay — Bank Financing 781-1333 A-1 ACE FENCE CO. 6044 Warner Robins Hwy. WOODELL MUSIC SUPPLY Instruments — Accessories Lessons Phone 788-5345 4145 Houston Ave. Macon, Ga. PHONE 746-8924 OGELTHORPE ST. PHONE 746-8924 MACON UNIVERSITY of COSMETOLOGY Two Locations to Serve You 1248 Ogelthorpe Street 5215 Log Cabin Drive Macon, Georgia Terms are Arranged Owner — MATHA PTACEK PHONE 788-5570 LOG CABIN DR. PHONE 788-5570 SMITH-CORONA MARCHANT Division of SCM Corporations s c J. MARVIN WILLIAMS District Sales Manager MARCHANT CALCULATORS AND ADDING MACHINES P.O. Box 11 4395 Broadway Macon, Georgia (912) 788-7415 SOUTHERN PRESS, INC. 1506 Hardeman Avenue P.O. Box 5084 Macon, Ga. 31208 Publications Catalogs Brochures Business Forms Letterpress — Lithography Area Code 912 Dial 746-1385 2 PHONE SH 3-8792 SOUTHERN BAIT TACKLE, INC. Wholesale Sporting Goods Tropical Fish and Pet Supplies Macon, Georgia 31201 1071 Gray Highway GOODFYEAR Your Headquarters For All Your Tire Needs And General Electric Products 486 Broadway 2518 Pio Nono NEWEST IN FASHION Bass Weejuns Spalding of Etienne aigner Compliments Capezio Lady Bostonian White Majorette Boots U.S. Keds Gym Shoes H. REGINALD BROXTON Cheerleaders’ Saddles Construction Company Inc. 1027 Triple Hill Dr. : Macon, Georgia SHOE STORES 31206 Quality Footwear for the Entire Family Phone 788-7612 Downtown 545 Cherry St. Westgate Shopping Center Riverside Plaza First in Macon WMAZ RADIO 940 on the dial “Serving 42 Middle Georgia Counties”’ 9 Williamson Terrace BY JACK GRANT REALTY TOTAL F. CTRIC WILLIAMSON TERRACE APARTMENTS Swimming Pool Playgrounds Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Central Heating and Air Conditioning Modern Luxury Kitchens 1) RANGE 2) REFRIGERATORS 3) DISHWASHERS 4) DISPOSALS Managed by 3535 Williamson Rd. JACK GRANT REALTY 788-1384 Nationally Advertised Furniture and Carpet SOUTHERN FURNITURE AND CARPET MART, INC. W. S. GIBSON 3096 Broadway President Macon, Ga. Phone 746-3541 4760 Pio Nono Ave. CARS AND TRUCKS BANK FINANCING S OUTH MACON MOTORS Macon, Georgia 31206 4508 Houston Ave. Phone 788-1756 Compliments of STATE FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY . CRESCENT Yo e) } 0: SERVICE “Y DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY » STORAGE There is one in your neighborhood Main Plant 543 Second St. 743-3727 HAIL TO THE CLASS OF '70 SUTTON’S GROCERY MARKET 601 11th St. North Cordele, Georgia 31015 Middle Georgia's Outstanding JEWELER 378 Second St. Macon, Ga. 31201 NEWBERRY'S WESTGATE WILLINGHAM SASH DOOR CO. Seventh and Cherry St. P.O. Box 148 Mazon, Georgia 31202 Telephone 743-2642 We are Manufacturers of Architectural Woodwork—Lumber—Paint—Hardware and Building Materials Compliments of WILSIE’S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of MACON VENDING SERVICE 148 State Street 746-1366 MACON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION ‘‘Where you save on finance, your home does make a Difference. ’ 337 Third St. 900 Pio Nono Ave. 3411 Pio Nono Ave. ROOFING SIDING M. C. PITTMAN ROOFING PAINT CO. “Serving Middle Georgia Since 1926 P.O. Box 932 654 Plum St. SH3-1336 WILSON TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE CO. 130 College St. Macon, Georgia 746-2777 Royal Typewriters: Elects., Stds., Ports. Victor Machines: Adding Machines Printing Calculators, Cash Registers Bohn Rex-Rotary: Electro Stencil Cutters, Electro-printers, Spirit Duplicators Royfax: Electrostatic Dry Copiers “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old; he will not depart from it. ’ Proverbs 22:6 RHODES FURNITURE CO. DOWNTOWN MACON SAM S. CHANDLER Insurance Agency Chandler Building 154 Broadway Phone 742-3641 Macon, Georgia Home of Friendly Christian Personal Service CREST LAWN FUNERAL HOME T. L. IVEY President 3275 Phone Pio Nono Ave. 788-1234 WHY SHOP AROUND NOW THAT RIVERSIDE’S IN TOWN RIVERSIDE Macon, Georgia Bus. Phone 788-1625 Res. Phone 746-7437 ROCKY CREEK SEAFOOD EUGENE WOODARD 1401 Rocky Creek Rd. Macon, Georgia SAN JUAN FLORIST DORCILLE BLEDSOE KING Original creations for every occasion — WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY — 3811 San Juan Ave. Dial 742-7135 or 788-0201 HAROLD REGISTER’S SERVICE STATION 3124 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia Compliments of TUCKER’S BARBECUE DRIVE-IN “YOU LIKEM — BECAUSE WE MAKEM TO LIKE”’ 4591 Broadway Phone: 788-9940 See You At... THE VARSITY Where Everybody Meets Everybody Else! 1510 Forsyth St. 742-6114 J. L. SUPER MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS » VEGETABLES Phone SH 2-9851 890 Third Street Macon, Georgia Compliments of UNITED FENCE co. EPPS USED CARS, INC. 665 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia “Specializing In Good, Clean Used Cars”’ Phone 743-1616 WESTGATE BARBER SHOP L. L. RICKS, Owner We Will Appreciate Your Head In Our Business Business: 781-4696 We Specialize In Small Residence: 788-7864 Children's Haircuts WHITE ELECTRICAL CO. INCORPORATED Macon, Georgia 31208 P.O. Box 4661 Phone 746-5626 Compliments of the GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY Macon, Georgia MADDOX PHARMACY 788-5664 5594 Bloomfield Rd. “The Only Drug Store In Bloomfield”’ NEW WAY CLEANERS One Hour Service No Extra Cost Pick-up and Delivery S H Green Stamps 3999 Houston Ave. Macon, Ga. 788-2142 OLDHAM’S OPTICIANS 685 First Street 518 Mulbeery St. 743-4655 746-4866 Macon, Georgia — TWO LOCATIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE — OPAL’S BEAUTY SALON 3660 Bloomfield Road 746-6911 5 HAIR STYLISTS Huckabee Buick-Cadillac 696 Third at Pine St. “Buick, Cadillac Since 1918”’ Macon, Georgia HUCKABEE AUTO CO. HINTERMEIER’S 408 Second Street 742-2851 For the finest in photography Good Luck, Seniors!! It has been our pleasure and happiness to know you — serve you — and we sincerely hope our friendship will continue over the years. Residence Phone 746-6746 Business Phone 781-2525 FRED JONES UPHOLSTERY SHOP WE COVER BIBB COUNTY 3438 Houston Ave. South Macon Macon, Georgia 31206 Compliments of KITE’S BOOTERY 2310 Ingleside Ave. KITE’S SHOE SERVICE 434 Cherry Street CHARLES A. LANFORD (office) 7005 Cochran Field Rd. 788-3746 LEE’S BARBER SHOP 1394 Rocky Creek Road ED KNAPP COMPANY Consultant Foresters KNAPP BAKER, INC. Pulpwood Dealers KNAPP EQUIPMENT CO. Tractors — Chain Saws — Lawn Mowers 4435 Pio Nono Ave. LAFAYETTE RADIO ELECTRONICS ASSOCIATE STORE Telephone 788-0936 3222 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Ga. 31206 CB Radio — Custom Stereo — Parts — Tubes — Car Tapes “Electronics For Everyone’ JAN’S POODLE SALON 2732 Pio Nono Ave. 788-8490 Washing and Grooming of All Dogs Specializing in Poodles Compliments of WELDING SUPPLY AND SERVICE COMPANY Favorite Station of the New Generation 1400 24 HOURS Compliments of MRS. LOUISE STRICKLAND 3830 Tela Place T-SHIRTS GYM SUITS WHITE LAVENDER PEST CONTROL, INC. MONTHLY TERMS — COMPANY FINANCED NO RED TAPE NO RED TAPE SERVICE TERMITE CONTROL and REPAIRS All Vehicles Equipped With 2-way Radios For Fast Service Licensed By State Pest Control Commission DIAL SH 6-5134 Nights — Holidays Dial 745-2067 of SH 3-1700 or 788-3156 3984 Napier Ave. WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO. Appliances, T.V., Automotive Parts, and Automotive Maintenance, Household Needs 213 Third Street 742-1456 Pio Nono Plaza 788-3967 Williams Plaza 923-7165 Warner Robins NO MONEY DOWN EASY CREDIT DAVIS-SHORT MOTOR PARTS, INC. MM Full Line — Full Service Wholesaler COLEMAN-MEADOWS-PATE DRUG CO. INCORPORATED WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 4531 Broadway Macon, Georgia SINCE 1919 254 “Color Specialist’’ BLOOMFIELD TV SERVICE Authorized Warranty Service ROY and EBIN SHEPARD Phone 5570 Bethesda Ave. 778-5281 Macon, Ga. DIXIE CLEANERS Drive In Window Service Open — 6:30 A.M. 6:30 P.M. HAND CLEANING — WATER PROOFING ALTERATIONS 3175 Pio Nono 788-9332 Compliments of the GEORGE’S RED WHITE DOUBLE C Private Diners Club 6004 Hawkinsville Road GENE’S BARBER SHOP GEORGIA-MARKET-HOUSE 7021 Cochran Field Road “HARRY and ZACK YOUNG ’ OPEN 7 to 7 6 DAYS A WEEK 468 Second Street Haircuts $1.25 erg IVERS R AMBLER 658 Arch Street Phone 743-1422 CALL YELLOW CAB 546 Second Street 742-6464 Airline Limousine 742-0751 Telephone 743-4815 WILLIAMS ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION CO. 1051 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia 31204 LUTHER E. WILLIAMS TRAILER HITCHES... YES, we can serve you. We have a complete stock of DRAW-TITE Custom Made Hitches. Just phone us for the hitch you need. We have it. AAA TRAILER HITCH COMPANY 1272 Rocky Creek Road Phone 788-7232 For Those Who Have A Sweet Tooth See RIVERS CANDY COMPANY McEVOY FACULTY Baird, Addie Rie Bell, Margaret Berlin, Virginia a ee ee 153 Blount, Barbara 147 Bohannon, Carolyn Brown, Jean Brown, Rosalyn Chambers, Jeanette Clay, Viola Colquitt, Winifred Cox, Dorothy Dennis, Helen Elder, Virginia Grace, Carole SAME 6 osu 552. ba sn erie 149 Gresham, Frances. ......... 148 Hadarits, Ann 122, 124, 152 Hudson, Joan Hull, Mildred Lowery, Pate Moore, Jean Moody, Patricia A | ae Pendergrass, Lena Perry, Mary Priester, Eva Rabern, Verna Reves, Barbara Richardson, Jacquelyn Roundtree, Gwendolyn Shockley, Karen Simmons, Chery] Smith, Brenda Thombley, Lois Tollerson, Lula Wagner, Mary Sue Washington, Gloria Weaver, Mary Weeks, Junyth Willingham, Mary WILLINGHAM FACULTY Adelstone, Rosalind Ammons, Richard Andrews, Richard Baxter, Frances Beale, Billy Beatty, Daisy Chapman, Madge Childs, Nina Copeland, Demaris Crow, Charles Davis, Claude Graves, David Green, Roger Henderson, Billy Jolley, Daniel Joyner, Jerry Kersey, Laura Kyser, Carter Moore, Jackie Pridgeon, Leonard Ramey, Larry Sampson, Robert . Sherwood, Carolyn Smith, Mary Smith, Patricia Watson, Barbara Watson, Harold Whitaker, Elmer Wilder, Norwood Windham, Franklin Young, Pearling McEVOY Abernathy, Kate , 76, 159 Adams, Carol , 187 oe eee , 65, 201 Adams, Lou Ann , 201 201 Alday, Sandra 7, 59, 159 Alford, Patricia 187 Allen, Claudia 4, 187 Allen, Paula 201 Allen, Sharon. . . . . 55, 61, 76, 187 Alligood, Brenda ........ 201 Alligood, Patricia 187 Amerson, Earline 187 Amos, Anita 201 187 Amos, Deborah... . . . 57, 60, 187 Anderson, Gayle 201 Anderson, Jackie . 201 Anderson, Jill , 201 Andrews, Jenny 7, 201 Andrews, Linda 61, 63 Archer, Pam ... . 54, 60, 187, 191 Py 65, 201 Arnold, Debra Ashfield, Jackie Askew, Carolyn 70, 187 Askew, Katherine... ....... 159 67, 159 Avera, Aurelia Baird, Debbie Baker, Kathey Balkcom, Diane. . . . 55, Bagley, Donna Barfield, Judy Bario, Rita Barker, Barnes, C Barnes, Barnes, Barrett, ! Barrett, Bartlett, Bambi .. . . Bartlett, Rebecca . 76, 201 , 76, 201 49, 57, 59, » 72, 159 Bass, Brenda , 61, 159 Bassett, Carol 2 Bassett, Denise 62, 187 Baxter, Elaine Beasley, Janie Beasley, Sharon Beatty, Debra Beavers, Sheila Becham, Bonnie Becton, Janice Bedgood, Elaine Bell, Donna Bell, Sharon Bell, Sheila Ann Benner, Lynne Bennett, Deborah Carol Benton, Beverly Bickley, Judie Binkley, Jan Bird, Vikki Blackwell, Cora Blackwell, Kathy Blair, Julie. . Bledsoe, Joan Blizzard, Lynne Bloodworth, Debbie Bonner, Vicki Booth, Judy Borum, Mary Ann ... . Bowen, Connie Bradley, Ernestine Branan, JoAnn Brickhouse, Debbie. . . . Bridgers, Eleanor Brooks, Elaine Brown, Connie Brown, Brown, Brown, } Brown, Mz Brown, Valerie Brownlee, Wanda Broxton, Regina Bruce, Vickie Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bullard Bullard, Li Burch, Rebecca... 2.2... 65, Burdett, Linda Burke, Sherrie Burkhalter, Mary Jo... . Burnette, Angela Burnett, Carolyn Burnett, Gail Burns, Denise Burson, Barbara Butler, Kathy Byars, Joy Byrd, Debbie ....... Caldwell, Susan... . . . Cameron, Sharon Campbell, Elaine Campbell, Robbie. . . . .55, Canady, Becky Cannon, Gail... . . 50, 55, 72, 102, 118, 160, Cannon, Pam Carden, Brenda Carden, Marie Carithers, Cathy. . . . Carithers, Marsha Carpenter, Barbara . . 61, Carpenter, Kay Carpenter, Rosalyn... . Carroll, Barbara Carson, Phyllis Carter, Brenda Carver, Linda Cato, Debra Causey, Delia Cavender, Beverly Chancey, Sharon Chapman, Melanie Childers, Mary ... . Christy, Kathy Cirby, Frances Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke, Odessa Clay, Lisa Clements, Gail Clifton, Karen Cloud, Cathy Jo . .38, 50, 53, 67, Collins, Debra Collins, Judy Collins, Sharon Conway, Carol Cook, Billie Cooper, Becky 65, 70, Cooper, Brenda . .37, 55, 61, 70, Cooper, Sherrie Copeland, Ann Corbin, Donna . -49, 57, 65, 68, Cosey, Emmie Lawana... . . Countryman, Rhonda... .. . Courson, Pansy Cle GON se os oo Cranford, Kay Cranford, Vicky Crapps, Brenda Crawford, Naomi Creech, Cynthia Crissey, Judy Croft, Debbie Crowder, Gail Crum, Patricia Crum, Paula Crumpton, Elizabeth .. . J Crutchfield, Theresa... ...... 188 Daniel, Barbara Danner, Wanda Darden, Deonne. .... . 55, Darty, Patti Davidson, Kathy Davis Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Dean, Joy DeFore, Kay Dennard, Patricia Dial, Sandra 76 Dix, Karis. . . . 17, 48, 57, 186, 188 Dixon, Elaine . . .48, 57, 63, 67, 161 Dixon, Shirley 139, 158, 161 Dopson, Deborah Dowd, Bonnie Drury, 1 Duckworth, Glenda Dunn, Debby DuPree, Dee Ann DuPriest, Patsy Durden, Annette Durden, Cynthia Duvall, Martha Dyer, Lauretta Dykes, Debbie 131, 158, 161, 168 Eady, Kathy 49, 57, 61, 188 Eason, Bebe. . . 57, 63, 70, 136, 161 ixi 61, 76, 202 Eaton, Vickie Echols, Leisa Edwards, Yvonne Ellis, Sheila Emilio, Regina Ann Engram, Brenda Epting, Lynn Eubank, Nancy Evans, Marjorie Evans, Mona Diane Fargason, Deborah Farnsworth, Cathy Fiveash, Karen Fiveash, Wanda Flanders, Connie Flanders, Patricia Fleming, Elizabeth Floyd, Pamela Floyd, Rita Fowler, Patty Francavage, Debbie . .54, 57, 62, 126, 118, 130, 138, 162 Freeman, Charlotte Friedlander, Jo Ellen . . Friedlander, Judy . 61, 76, 162 63, 69, 76, 257 Frost, Rhonda {ea 68, Funck, Vanessa » Funderburke, Mary Ann..... . 203 Gadson, Ida Marie Gainey, Julia Garrett, Debbie . . .60, 119, 186, Garrett, Linda 70, Garrett, Sandra 70, Gates, Theodora Robin 74, Gay, Gloria . . . .55, 64, 70, 75, Gibson, Willette 62, : Giddens, Fran 48, Gillis, Peggy 61, Me RUD ssi X 5 wm wa Gilmore, Deborah Ann Ginn, Margie Gladin, Sandra Glidewell, Elaine Glore, Teresa Goble, Jane Golden, Donita Golden, Mary Goldstein, Ann . . . 38, 57, 162, RRND ke wwe wo te WOO Goodwin, Deborah ....... 63, Goodwin, Kay Goolsby, Patricia Gordon, Judy Gorman, Dianne Grace, Patricia Graves, Mary Greene, Debbie Greene, Mitzie Greene, Pam Green, Gwen Green, Sandra Greer, Debra Greer, Donna Griffin, Barbara Griffin, Carol . . 57, 61, 76, 186, Grimes, Mary Alice. . 55, 59, 67, Grimsley, Margaret . . Haddle, Cindy Hall, Delores Hall, Shirley Hall, Terry Hallman, Mary Jo Halstead, Jim Hamrick, Betty Hambrick, Debbie Hamilton, Debra Hammond, Brenda . . Hammond, Patsy Hampton, Mary Ann Hane, Donna Haralson, Teresa Harbin, Gloria Harbuck, Kitty Hardeman, Jan Hardeman, Regina . . Hardy, Jeanette... .... . .59, Harrell, Priscilla Harrell, Shirley Harr, Geil = 5 = ss 3: Harris, Allene Harris, Debbie Harrison, Amy Harrison, Linda. . . . 55, Harrison, Sheila Hart, Bonnie Hartley, Debbie Hart, Neva Harvard, Gwendolyn Harvey, Sharon Harville, Laura Hattaway, Del Hattaway, Pam . . .39, 120, 203, Hayes, Debbie 29, 33, 68, Hayes, Cindy ......... .55, Haynes, Shella . . . . 59, 61, 62, Haynes, Vivian 67, 68, Haywood, Deborah... . | 55, 62, Haywood, Denise . . . 61, 68, 81, 258 Heath, Sandra Henderson, Carol. . . . . 55, 61, 203 . . 29, 49, 118, 121, 130, 137, 158, 163 Henderson, Fran Herring, Kathy Herring, Lynn 203 Herring, 163 Hester DarieGS . = «6 ae oa ws 203 Hester, Marsha ...........203 Hightower, Kathy... ..... 65, 203 Hill, Cherry 76, 163 Hill, Chery] 57, 164 Hill, Dale 4, 189 ee ee ee 203 Hilliard, Barbara 61, 189 iinet, Gaol... isa) os «wa ane Hobbs, Joyce 70, 189 Hobbs, Regina . . . . 37, 57 , 189 Hodges, Elaine 164 Hodnett, Mary Paul. . . . .2: , 74, 5, 164 Holt, Jennifer . 164 Holt, Vicky Hooker, Gayle Hooks, Janice Renee Hopkins, Lynn . . . 49, 81, 164, Horne. Horne Horne, Elizabeth Ann Horne Horne, Paula . . .4, 11, 39, 120, 3 Horne, Karen . . 36, 48, 61, 189, Hornyak, Karen Hortman, Sylvia Horton, Barbara Horton, Janice Houston, Vickie Howard, Patricia Howard, Gwen Howard, Patricia P Howell, Linda Diane .... . 65, 119, Howell, Lou Diane... . . . .50, Howell, Sue Ellen. . . 49, 61, Hudson, Carol... 2... 55 Hudson, Katherine ... . Huff, Sheila Hughes, Donna Hughes, Phyliss... .. . Hulett, Arlene Hulett, Charlene Hulihan, Mary Beth i 65, Hurt, Janice Ann Hutchings, Edith Hutchison, Denise Hutcheson, Marsha Hutchinson, Edie Hyder, Molly Idone, Elaine Ingram, Verna Ingram, Wilma Irby, Dianne Ivey, Diane Jackson, Chery] Jackson, Dianne Jackson, Mazy. . . .61, 186, 189, Jacobs, Charlotte James, Cindy Jansen, Jill Johnson, Becky Johnson, Cyri Johnson, Becky Johnston, Juleen Jones, Judy Jones, Karen Elaine Jones, Linda... ..... 50,5 Jones, Linda Jones, Kathy Jones, Margaret Jones, Nancy Johnson, Shirley Jones, Norma Jean Jones, Sandra 4 50, 53, 57, 67, 138, 165 Josey, Connie 61, 158, 165 Juhan, Debra .. 2... 2... 204 Bart, Giatlotte.... ie a 204 Keen, Luanne Keith, Nancy Jones, Suzanne ... . Keyes, Laura Kelly, Elise Killgo, Elaine Keith, Sheila King, Beth King, Paulette... . . 5 Kinkead, Cathy Kirby, Frances Kitchens, Elaine Knowles, Linda Krysalka, Surelle Kyser, Rosalyn 76, 189 Lanfair, Kathy 57, 61, 189 Lannon, Charlotte. ....... 65, 204 70, 204 68, 165 61, 204 , 61, 165 65, 189 57, 59 63, 189 81, 189 , 68, 165 Lester, Linda Leverett, Becky Leverette, Pam Lewis, Ann Lindsey, Angela Lingold, Kay Lipford, Georgette Long, Carolyn Long, Vickie Lucus, Sharon McAllister, Carla McBride, Patricia McCall, Gail McCook, Lurie . .. . 5 McCoy, Betty McCranie, Martha McCullough, Susan McDaniel, Marsha. . . . . 59, 67, 166 McDaniel, Denise . . 49, 55, 118, 119, 102, 127, 132, 158, 166 McDonald, Debra McDonald, Faye McDonald, Kathy McElhenney, Deborah . . McGlohorn, Edna McGee, Julie McManus, Patricia . . . MeMillan, Sandra McPeters, Phonda Madden, Judy Maddox, Gayle Maddox, Teresa Mann, Vivian Martin, | Martin, Mz Marvin, Mathis, Matthews, Christy Matthews, Laura Mauldin, Debbie Melvin, Linda Mercer, Deborah Merchant, Bunny Merritt, Terri Metcalf, Dorcas Metts, Gail Metts, Ginger Miquel, Lisa Mikus, Barbara Mikus, Linda Miller, Carol Miller, Gerry Miller, Karen Miller, Penny Miller, Sheila Miller, Viki Mills, Cynthia ‘ Mimbs, Gloria.......... 63, 190 Mims, Celida Mims, Phyllis . . .48, 61, 70, 76, 190 Minshew; Jennifer Minshew, Kathy 76, 190 Misch, Cheryl... . . . 6, 54, 76, 166 Mitchell, Tricia... .... . .55, 204 Mixon, Beverly Mock, Cherie Mondy, Robbie . . . 2% Moore, Becky Moore, Bernice Moore, Cindy . 3, 76, 190 , 80, 121, 190 49, 61, 190 . 67, 74, Moore, Gloria Moore, Morgan, Belinda we | re rie 204 Morgan, Rhonda 70, 190 Morgan, Tam 71, 204 Morris, Margie 76, 166 Mosely, Grace 70, 190 Moss, Debra. ...... 61, 76, 190 so ee 6, 63, 76, 190 Mulling, Melinda 70, 204 Mullis, Deborah Mullis, Deborah A. . . . . .57, 59, 72, 166, 190 . 55, 70, 204 76, 190 Mullins, Kathy Mullins, Patricia Murchison, Dinah 204 Murphy, Brenda , 69, 204 DEI, BOP. 5 ats own 59, 61, 166 Napier, Bernice 74, 166 Nelson, Debra 61, 204 NeSmith, Cynthia 70, 204 NeSmith, Linda : Nettles, Debbie Norton, Teresa Odom, Pam Ogletree, Shelia Olliff, Tonni O’Quinn, Carol O'Reilly, Brenda Osborne, Nancy Overcash, Deborah . . 13, 59, Pace, Lynn Parker, Andrea Parker, Delorous Partridge, Nona Paul, Brenda Payne, Debra Payne, Jean Peacock, Dot Peacock, Judy Perry, Helen Perry, Jan Perry, Susan Phelps, Annie Phillips, Lynn 70, 205 Phillips, Sheila 167 Pilcher, Connie . . . Plunkett, Melanie Poole, Debra 120, 205, 207 Potter: Gante, oo 55s oe x a 70, 205 Powell, Barbara Powell, Beverly Powell, Debra Powell, Kathy Powell, Linda Powers, Libby Preston, Annette Price, Dianne Price, Faye Prince, Patsy Probert, Dianne Pryor, Margaret Purvis, Debbie Purvis, Glenda Qu ick, Donna... . . Quinn, Sandra Jean Rabanus, Linda Rackley, Warrene , 167 Radcliff, Janie 7, 167 Rainey, Janice 57, 167 Randall, Glenda. . . . 48, 57, 68, 167 Randall, Tricia , 205 Ray, Darlene 70, 205 Bay, Gussie. nic cs ee wows 205 ‘ , 191 Reece, ficki 191 Resvek, Fiete ois cvs 6 aetes « 205 Register, Diane 191 Register, Lyin . .37, 49, 61, 62, 191 Reid, Helen , 68, 205 Reid, Sylvia 70, 205 Renfroe, Carol , 191 Revell, Kathy 167 Reynolds, Dianne , 191 Reynolds, Nancy 49, 167 Rhodes, Elizabeth , 191 Richitt, Betty 205 Riezinger, Mary 19] Rigby, Janie . 72, 75, 167 Roberts, Diane 167 Roberts, Jo Anne 167 Roberts, Nancy 191 191 ; 167 Robinson, Renae 19] Robinson, Robin , 76, 191 Rogers, Geri 48, 52, 57, 168 Rogers, Sheila 205 ATE, CAME ss, sa ee ae 205 Rolland, Celia 21, 191 Rose, Cynthia , 205 Ross, Charlene . . . . 22, 61, 76, 191 Ross, Cheryl . 61, 81, 191 Rowland, Darlene 191 Rozier, Kathy 19] Rush, Pam 191 Russ, Paula... .. . 50, 57, 80, 168 Ryle, Laura , 63, 191 . 205 Sandefur, Waverlyn , 76, 168 Sanderlin, Faith. . . 55, 61, 138, 191 Sark, Deborah , 205 Satterwhite, y 191 Sauls, Lynn , 205 Scanlyn, Nancy , 168 Scarborough, Pam... ..... 75, 191 Scott, Marcia 19] Scott, Marsha 3, 76, 191 Seagraves, Wanda. . . 68, 69, 74, 205 Seaton, Melody ..... 6, 59, 76, 168 Sessions, Judy 61, 205 Shepard, Debbie , 72, 168 Shepard, Shep 19] Shepard, Neva , 205 Sherwood, Jennifer . . 55, 57, 65, 168 Shupe, Donna , 168 Simpson, Jane 19] Sims, Mia-Lan , 191 Slade, Kathy , 76, 191 Slappey, Eunice , 205 Smith, Barbara , 205 Smith, Debby , 191 i i , 191 Smith, Julia 205 Smith, Kay 168 Smith, LaWahna . . . 55, 62, 65, 191 Smith, Linda 191 Smith, Pam Smith, Ruby Smith, Sheila . . . Smith, Sherryl Smith, Susan Snider, Cathy ....... 57, Snow, Sheree Solomon, Wilhelmine. . . Spencer, Shirley Spillers, Cindy Spillers, Darnell Spires, Nancy Stallings, Pat Stevens, Gloria Stevens, Janet , 206 Staples, Beverly , 62, 191 Staples, Dale , 59, 168 Steele, Betty Lou 37, 61, 191 Stephens, Joyce 168 Stevens, Joan 7, 68, 206 Stewart, Carolyn , 192 Stewart, Junie. . 37, 57, 61, 121, 192 Stewart, Ly Stewart, Mz , 48, 52, 57 61, 192 Stewart, Sandra , 206 Stokes, Susan. . . . . 38, 48, 53, 55, Stone, Melody Anne Stovall, Dorthy Stringer, Theresa Strong, Nancy Stubbs, Kay SR Pe ees ace ents Stuckey, Beth , 169 Stuckey, Linda Studstill, Susan . - , 76, 206 , 206 , 169 Sutton, Pamela , 206 Swann, Louise , 206 Tamplin, Lynda Tapley, Deborah Taylor, Alphertina Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Deborah. . . . . . 57, 63, Taylor, Gwen Taylor, Judy Terrell, Lisa Thames, Ellen Tharpe, Camilla “ Tingpet, Jody. .... . .ad5% Thistlewood, Phyllis... ...... 206 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, } Thomas, S Thompson, Delilia i ee Neva .22, 63, 67, 7 ‘ Donna . Tidwell, “ad Tidwell, Susan | ea ear Tillman, Vicki 74, (Ny a Tobler, Bernice Tomberlin, Pam... . Townsend, Sue Towson, Wanda Troutman, Elizabeth True, Kay Tucker, Candy Tucker, Debra Tucker, Debra Tucker, Reba Tyler, Judy Tyre, Sylvania. . . Underwood, Teresa Vanderburg, Kaye Varnadore, Kathy Vaughn, Beth Vaughn, Debbie Vaughn, Jackie Vinson, Marilyn Wi, ROME wis ass 3 SS eS VonSteenburgh, Carol Waddleton, Bonnie Waddleton, Jackie Waldron, Judy Walker, Dott: 2. 6 ca Sew oe 150 Wallace, Rebecca Ward, Rosemary . . Warren, Marian. . . Washington, Charisse -76, 118, 121, 49, 54, 61, 170 48, 68, 76, 192 70, 92 Waters, Deborah Waters, Kathy Wat kins, Wealot, Deborah Webb, Deloris Welsh, Joyce Welch, Tracey Wester, Darlene Westfaul, Elaine Whitaker, Nancy White, Carol Whitehead, Gloria Whitehurst, Nancy Whitley, Nicki Ann Whitsel, Randi 126, 134, 138, 158, Whitt, Pam Whitten, Dianne .48, 59, 62, 7. Whittington, Debra... ...... : Whittle, Cathy Wilkinson, Clara Jo Williams, Deborah Williams, Lisa 5 BO 2 Williamson, Diane . . 54, 57, 59, Willingham, Carolyn ........ : Wilson, Jo Ann ee 65, : Wilson, Wilson, } Wilson, Wilson, S Wilson, Wiltse, Kathy Windham, Shirley Windham, Teresa Windham, Yonna Windham, Cindy Winters, Nancy Witherington, Rhonda 54, 170 70, 207 Wood, Betty Jo Wood, Frances Wood, Gail ‘ 64, 203 Woolfork, Geralean Wright, Deborah Wyatt, Barbara . . . .: Yaughn, Jackie ......... “59, 69 Yaughn, Rhonda Young, Gina 207 Young, Kathy 3, 38, 170 Zeigler, Phyllis 2, 192 Zellner, Helen WILLINGHAM SENIORS Adams, Stan Alderman, Ken . . Almand, Travis Arnold, Chuck . . Arnold, Orman Adkew, Al Autrey, Wayne Avera, David .. . ‘55, 107, 172, ’ 3, 13, 29, 55, 58, 107, 128, 139, 172 Biaek, Warars ss sich s b 65, 172 Blackwell, Lamar kee Blosingame, Glenn . . . . , 82, 172 Bollinger, Daryl 172 Boutwell, Reggie ae YY Brantley, Ronnie 172 Brickle, Dennis . . . . Bridger, Lamar Bridges, Ralph Bronson, Neal... 5.5... 65, 173 Brown, Bob. . . , 107, 173 Brown, Dennis ........ .55, 173 Brown, ; ) Bryant, Gary 2, 107, 173 Bryant, Tony Burdette, Alan Burgamy, Steve Burkett, Hugh Byrd, Leon 58, 73, 135, 173 56, 173 58, 173 Collins, tet Collinsworth, Mike Combes, Doug Cooper, Reggie Crawford, Dale Crawford, Greg Crabb, Steve Curtis, Gary Dean, Burt Defore, Walter Dixon, David i Mike . arr. 66, 68, 174 Dykes, Ronnie Edwards, Frank Edwards, Ralph... ... 5 Ellis, Billy Faircloth, Raleigh Fisher, Steve Fitzpatrick, Brian Floyd, Hoyle Fountain, Bob 106, 107, Frank, Richard Freeman, Larry Fritz, David Frost, Randy Fuller, Mike . Furnery, Doug Gales, David. .......... 65, 175 Gay, Greg 6, 56, 58, 131, 136, 137, 139, 158, 173, 175, 177 Geeslin, David... . . . . 51, 69, 175 Gibson, Mike 60, 158, 174 . 92, 10, 58, Glover, Philip Godbee, Nell Gombkoto, Steve Goolsby, Willie Groves, John Gunter, Fred Hamlin, Tim Hardison, Lyn Hart, Carter Hartness, Charles . . 5 Harvey, Terry Howell, James Hayes, Mike Haynes, Henry ... . Hawthorne, Jeff Heath, Billy Helmuth, Alan Hemphill, Larry . 176 Hightower, Richie , 176 Hill, Craig , 68, 73, 176 Hinson, Ben. . . 59, , , 176 Hood, Ronnie . 176 Hopkins, Bobby. . . . 58, 71, 82, 176 Horne, Chuck... . . 13, 58, 92, 101, 107, 176 Horne, Kim... . . . 51, 66, 69, 176 Horton, Kenny 259 Howard, Mike , Co | 73, Hubbard, Ricky Hudson, Mike Hughes, Jrank Hughes, James Hughes, Ralph Hulett, Rudy Hucheson, Wiley 59, 60, 92, 107, Ingram, Mike Jackson, Len Jennings, Al Johnson, Lany Johnson, Bobby Jones, Freddie Joyner, Henry Kerr, Jeff Krau, Steve King, Mike Kilgore, Gary OS ee Lavender, Monty Lengel, David Leverett, Steve . . ‘ 100, 106, 129, i7 Lewis, Buddy Lilley, Tommy Lindsey, Steve Lockhart, John Long, Alan .. . 6, 48, 58, 132, Mann, Phillip Mann, Steve Bett: AMOR, «as sw es : Mason, Mike Mayfield, Calvin. ........ McConnell, Pat McKenzie, Keith Meadows, Bill Meriweather, Bill Middlebrooks, Steve . . . 55, Miller, Tommy Moore, Mike Morgan, Mark Mullin, Freddie NeSmith, Ricky......... 65, Newman, Lamar Norris, Lee Ogletree, Mike ... . O'Kelly, Gary Olliff, Ronnie Pirkle, David Pilcher, Kerry Pollett, Carroll Pope, Jerry Powell, Steve Prichett, Leonard Prince, Robert Pyles, Melvin Riggs, Tommy Sanibene, Frank Scarbary, Otis. . . . 56, 58, 133, Selph, Richard Sharpe, Glen See, Mile. ss... .. , 68, 180 Sheppard, Shep Shore, John Shugart, Andrew Shurley, Donnie. . . . Simpson, Orman .. . 5 Smith, Danny Smith, David Smith, James 260 Smith, Kemp ......... .58, 180 Smith, Stan , SB. 73. 173: a 5 Smith, Tom 180 . 180 180 2, 181 Stephenson, James Stevens, Mark 11, 29, 18, 53, 55, 58, 107, 134, 138, Stewart, Chester... ...... 65, Stuckland, Ricky Thigpen, Bruce Thomas, Bruce pS er pec 65, Thomas, Glenn . . . 71, 72, 107, Thompson, Charles . 55, 7 Thompson, Sammy Thurman, John EE TR 6. oa a RS RS Tinsley, Foye 71, bs Toland, Mike oo ee True, Gary Troutman, Jeff Tumblin, Richard. . . 13, 48, 58, 181 49, 73, 181 181 181 2, 181 181 181 181 7, 181 181 181 -73 64, 181 181 181 181 73, 181 , 181 , 64, , 184 Ullman, Terry Upchurch, Charles Upchurch, Mike Webb, Phillip Wells, Steve Wheeler, Wayne Whelchel, Richard ... . Whitehead, Ken Whitehead, Bill Whitehouse, David Wilcher, Bryant Wilkerson, Jerry Wilkes, Kenny Williams, Gary Willingham, - eee 63. Willingham, Ray Wilson, Ricky. Wires, Don Zellner, Lamar Zwally, Mike JUNIORS Adams, George Adams, Morley .. . . Ainsworth, Rickey Andrews, Ronnie Asbell, Tony Avant, Larry Avery, Johnny. . . . . Barker, Kenny Barron, Bobby Bell, Tommy Bellflower, Toby Bissonett, Barry. . . . Bond, Jimmy Bowman, Roger Boyd, Russel re Braswell, Alan Bridgers, Steve Bridges, David Brooks, Tim Brown, Greg Brown, Mike Bryant, Keith Bryant, Mike Burdeshaw, Gary Burnett, Dennis... . . . Carmichael, Wayne Clinard, Jerry Cofer, Richard Collins, Barry Collins, Mike 7 , 181 181 , 181 182 , 182 2, 182 182 182 2, 182 Collins, Phillip Collins, Van Couey, Mickey Courtney, Mike Daniel, Brad Daniel, Hershel Daniels, Robert . Darden, Dan Davis, Graylyn Davis, Me lton ‘ ‘ Deal, Louis : 58, Denton, Mike Deriso, Steve Doss, Richard . Driggers, Duane Drummond, Andy Dunn, Mike Durden, Andy Durham, Kirk 55, 58, 107, Duyck, Carl Eavenson, Danny Edney, Rickey Emereck, Buddy English, Ken Ennis, Wayne Evans, Dennis. . . Fargason, Charles Fincher, Bruce ..... . Floyd, Martin .. . . Flythe, Watson Fountain, Johnny Fountain, Mike Gabriel, Ronnie Garrett, Mike... . Garrett, Ricky . Gaskins, Mike. . Geeslin, Dana Gibbs, Robert Gillihan, Travis ......... Gillispie, Jon Glidwell, Louis . . . Goings, Jeff... . Grace, Macky . . . . Griffin, Bunky . . . Grubbs, Andy. . . Grubbs, Dorsey ee Hallar, Bill Hallman, Ray Hambrick, Steve . Hamm, Louis Hammond, Billy Hardy, Tommy . . Harrington, Curt 66, Harris, Buster 82, Harris, Steve ar ft Harrison, Andy Hart, Wayne Hartley, George Hasty, Bobby Hebble, Robert . . . Hendricks, Terry . - Henry, Gary Herron, Robert . . Hicks, Terry Hightower, Kenny Hill, Ronnie . Hodnett, Edmund Hogan, Jimmy Holland, Joey . . . Hollaway, Keith Homles, Dennis. . . Hooper, Bobby . . Hopkins, Bill Hough, Steve Howell, Aubrey Howell, Darrell ..... 2... Howell, Gary . . . Hudson, Robert... . Hudson, Ronnie ft TEE GAPE So acs Os 73, Hulett, Larence Huling, Pat Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunnicutt, Walter 58, 60, 71, 106, 107, Dominey, Andy i 64, Donald, Jerry 64, 56, 66, 1¢ 6, 2, Hutcheson, Mike Hyder, Bob Ivey, Stanley Jackson, David . . Jackson, Keith James, Larry Johnson, Billy Johnson, Mike : Johnson, Wallace Joiner, Dewaine . Jones, Cary Jones, Larry Jones, Roy Jones, Wayne Keene, Keith Kendrick, Leon Kitchens, Emory Knight, Chris Lamb, Bennie Lanson, Tony Lee, Gene . Leslee, Danny . Linsey, David . . . Linsey, Terry . Loyd, Jack. . Maddox, Jeff Martin, Glen Martin, Neil . . “Kae Mask, Mike . . 71, 92, 107, McBride, Dennis . . . 51, 59, 82, McClendis, Curtis McClun, David . McGraw, Aflred . McGraw, Jerry . McKenney, Ronnie . . Meister, John ny Mercer, Wayne . Mikus, Mike Miller, Myron Miller, Ronnie. Miller, Tommy Minter, Mike Mixon, Pete ek Mixon, Ricky . . . .92, 106, 107, Morgan, Carl Mullis, Tom . Myers, Billy NeSmith, Craig Newberry, Rickey Nobles, Clay Nobles, Jimmy Nutt, John Odom, Harold. . . Osborn, Paul Owen, Randy Padgett, Danny Pancake, Rodney Parker, Wayne Partridge, Leon Perry, Wayne... . . Petterson, Eddie Petts, Steve... .. Phillips, Gerald Pinholster, Danny Porter, Bobby... .... 58, 107, Prince, Mike Pritchett, Pat . Rawlins, Alan Reed, Leon... . Reeves, Reggie Reid, Freddy Reynolds, Jimmy . Rickman, James Rigby, Jackie . . Roberts, Richard Robertson, Joey . Rogers, Garry Rogers, Jimmy Rosson, Jack yr a 65, Rowell, Morris Russel, David . . . . 58, 92, 107, Sanders, menste Searhety, Kenneth Seulze, Lanny Sellers, Mike Shepherd, Mike Shepherd, Wayne Smith, Dan Smith, Leonard Smith, Mare Smith, Randy Smith, Steve Smith, Tommy Sowell, Bill Spears, Ronnie Spell, Jack Spivey, Dean Stafford, Mark Stevens, Danny Stokes, Ed Stuart, Gary Topley, Keith Thigpen, Winfred Thomas, Randy Thomas, Sam Thomas, Scott Thompson, Jerry Thrasher, Tommy Tinker, John Toole, Larry Truelove, Danny Tucker, Jerry Tucker, Rickey Von Steinberg, Ray Voshall, Tom Wakefield, Tony Walker, Jimmy ‘ 107, Walker, Johnny Ward, Jimmy Wasden, Joe Watkins, John 6 Sere ee Watson, Michael Weatherford, Glen White, George Whitley, Randy Wiggins, Robby Williams, Stan Williamson, Tony Willis, Jimmy . Willis, randy Wilson, Bruce Wilson, Robert Windham, Larry Wood, Tommy Wood, Wendell Woolfolk, Larry Wynn, Ronn SOPHOMORES Adams, Danny Allen, Boyd . Amos, Carlton Anderson, Landry Annis, Chuck . Ashley, Davis Askew, Mike Atkinson, William Austin, Danhy Bare, Mike Bass, Dana Bass, Herbie 56, 66, 92, 106, 107, 42. 58, Almand, Johnny . . ees Beavers, Terry Becham, Randy Beck, Andy . Bedgood, Wayne Belflower, Tim Bell, Mel Bell, Mike Bell, Steve Benett, Jimmy Birdsong, William Blalock, Marty Bozeman, Mike Bradfield, James Bridges, Larry Brock, Larry Brown, Mike Brown, | lysses Bryant, Lonnie Busbee, Wayne Caldwell, Kerry ‘tameron, Billy Canady, Darrel ‘annon, Edward ‘antrell, Mike ‘ausey, Jimmy chambers, Ricky chapman, Jimmy lary, Ben lifton, Tim ‘olbert, Walter Coleman, Jerry Collins, Rodney Compton, James Cooper, Bruce Cooper, Edwin Corr, Yogi Couch, Charles Crosby, Sonny Daniells, Duane . Davis, Mike . Deese, Richard Dickerson, Larry Dixon, Mike Draughan, Bruce Dupree, William Durden, Henry Dorsey, Wayne Eavenson, David Eavenson, Dewey Edwards, Steve Ellis, Gary Ellis, Gary Elrod, David Epps, Billy 58, 92, 102, 106, 107, Evans, Reggie Fahr, Fred. . Flanders, Frank Fletcher, Greg Ford, Benny Fowler, David . Fox, Lee Fuller, Mitchell Fussel, Brad Gaddis, Bobby Gaines, Ronald Gay, David Gibbs, James Godfrey, Tim Goolsby, Paul Green, Mike Haddle, Mike Hall, Clyde Hamlin, Steve Hamm, Curtiss Haralson, Ted Harrel, Ronnie Hart, Melvin Hattaway, Alan Hawkins, Bobby Hayes, Randy Heard, Dick Hester, David Hester, Terry Higdon, Jody Holcombe, Milton Holder, Eddie Huff, Billy Huff, Lamar Hughes, Carlton Hulett, John Hunnicutt, Bob Jacobs, William Jackson, Dana Jennings, Gary Johnson, Clarence Jones, Alfred Jones, David Jones, Raymond Jones, Terry Kelly, Jimmy Kinkead, David Kitchens, Charles . Kitchens, Herbert. . . Landino, John Leaptrot, Mike Lester, Dale Lily, Danny Loyd, Malcom Malcom, Melvin . Massey, Mike Matthews, James Mauldin, Chuck McAllister, Mike th, 3 66, 69, 82, : McAmes, Jim McCleod, Ronnie McCullum, Mike McDaniels, Jerry McDonald, Jimmy McFadden, Tim McMillian, Charles 107, : MeMillian, Taylor Merritt, Terry . Montgomery, Greg . . 98, 92, 102, 107, 129, : Moorman, Phillip . Mote, Ken Moulton, Sidney . Myers, Wane Myrick, Buster . Newberry, David Norris, Bobby Norris. Randy . O'Reilly, Ray Osbourn, Jerry 58, 107, : 66, 69, 73, : Parks, Jim Patton, Mike Payne, Roy Peavy, Lester Perry, Roger Perry, Tim Peterson, Bruce Pierce, Pete Pinholster, Brad Pirkle, Johnny Pitts, Drexel Pope, Ronald Powell, Donald Purser, Millard Pyles, Phil Randall, Bobby Register, Reggie Rey nolds, Mark Rey nolds, Steve Rhyne, Phil Rogers, Tim Ryle, Lawerenc e Sailers, George Salter, Steve Savage, Bob Schmidt, Tommy Shearon, Tim Sheftall, Waldo Sheppard, James Smith, Chuck Smith, Mike Smith, Steve Smith, Tommy Spivey, David Stallings, Mike Stanfield, Wiley Stefano, George Stevens, David Stone, Ken Stubbs, Tim Sumlin, Charles Teselle, John Thames, George Thomas, Johnny Thompson, Gary Tidwell, Ernie Tirk, Joey Tyson, Richard Walker, Chuck Walker, Mike Wallace, Randy Watkins, Danny Watson, Johnny Watson, Mare Webb, Kenny Wellborn, Kenny West, Eddie Whidby, Lawrence White, Johnny Wilder, Mike Wilder, Randy Williams, Randall Wilson, Steve Wood, David Wright, Lee . Yancy, Mark NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNW 73, 77, ; 42; Fasc S68, 92, 105, 107, : 82, ; NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNW cl eal ce el ee a ee a ee a ee a ea ee ap a er er er ar A high school education involves more than just studying: It is learning to get along with other people, being a part of a group, and parti ipating in a united effort. The activities at Mc Evoy and Willingham have given their students the needed experien e to develop into mature adults ready to take their place in the world. These activities have be- come a tradition of McEvoy and Wil- lingham. And this tradition, this spirit, this spontaneity, are what make McEvoy and Willingham the outstand- ing brother-sister schools they are. f 7 Working on the Junior-Senior, prepar- ing for Stunt Nite, practicing with the baseball team, yelling at a football game, decorating for Homecoming; these are all integral parts of life at McEvoy and W illingham and are what their students remember as tradition years after graduation. Even if McEvoy and W illingham, as such, cease to exist, the memories, spirit, and tradition will live forever. The editorial staff wishes to express its sinceres and ap- preciation to the following people for their help and loy- alty in the preparation of the 69-70 Ramscott: Mr. Charlie Massey Mr. Leslie Burdge Mr. Bill Meriwether, Sr. Mr. Bill Meriwether, Jr. Hintermieir-l tley Studio It is difficult to acknowledge all those who have provided help behind the scenes, but here are four who have risen above the rest. Principals Mildred Hull and Fred John- son and our advisors Trudy Norris and Mary Smith fully deserve our deepest thanks for their assistance and coop- eration. We have done our best to show just a glimpse of the 69-70 school year and all of the tradition and heritage that belongs to Willingham and McEvoy — to preserve a memory. Editors-in-Chief Lira) totes Mb. Ogle

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