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Margaret McEvoy , A. R. Willingham Macon, Georgia Volume XI Editors: Pat Childers Ricky Waites Business Managers: Kathy Bilderback Ander Horne Ramscot tie9 Table of Contents The Active.... aks The Group.... .. 46 The Athletic... .. 88 The Achievers The Leaders... The People.... The Ads....... Foreword The 1969 Ramscott is not simply a history of the school year. It gives in- sight into the characters and person- alities of McEvoy and Willingham stu- dents. As you turn these pages, re- membering the good and the bad of this year, it is our hope that your pride and respect for both schools will be strengthened. The McEvoy Lassie . the sophisticate . the gossip . the pessimist . . the lover . the spirited The Willingham Ram . the carefree . the sarcastic . the optimist . the playboy . the competitor cesceleceecreecetes eesscegferet? © «d) = “O 5 = f x f J ==2 tether ey Se RABE OR OHS Ee 6H Be Qeepaaeuntk ES I) re) = » O ou = Separate yet x ’ er ee Miss Ba ‘ba ra Reves We dedicate our portion of the 1969 Ramscott to one who has committed herself to the betterment of McEvoy and the McEvoy Scottie Band, Miss Barbara Reves. Although small in stature, she has the necessary ambition and drive which has guided the Mc- Evoy Scottie Band to success. Her concern and ability to get the job done has been an inspira- tion not only to band members, but to other students and faculty as well. For 10 years she has made known the name of McEvoy and the McEvoy Scottie Band. ry gy Bip Se i magn (Sie y ve This is the closing chapter, Juniors! We, the Seniors, are leaving it up to you. You can take what we have written in the pages of time and either improve it, or tear it apart. Perhaps we could have accomplished more, but you might learn from our mistakes how to write a better story for the future of Willingham High School. The Class of '69 produced a high percentage of good leadership. Strong individuals led the many organizations effectively. We wish for the rising seniors a combination of good leadership strengthened by a united group of strong individuals. We shall love Willingham always for the many experi- ences we had and for all the people who helped us pre- pare for the years ahead. We are sorry for our short-com- ings, but very proud of our accompishments. As for the Class of '70—what will it be able to write on the clean pages of 1969-1970? Willingham Senior Class of 69 2 Hi ah Se are ‘y THE ACTIVE From the Beginning . . sophomore orientation .. back to class .. football games .. Stunt Nite SSSaee AARASSES) }})) WWE fetes Zi J § o. Za: Zi 7 . Senior TB shots .. Ramscotts arrive . 2 Jhon, .. and finally, graduation To the End The Class of ‘68 Presents Little Women Connie Boney Betty Lockhart Libby Dechman Jacque Carr Susan Krewson Sally Moffatt Nancy Butler Rosemary Moffatt Barbara Kent S-O-U-L Bushmen Style i) ' s ete: SPER. 4a 8 oor ae 45 | i ‘2a + ” Z v - f f “ z R s b oh a: an eCUUOUUTTN - i Ane | unit 69 CO = ae © Se O , U fe a os Y) O } 2 © (a) 2) Rs ‘ 2 + al J . oa” © . Mae vai »s h ’ iat 7 ‘Ad CIRAEANP Ue ona ee Die Debra Shaw escorted by David Young Debra . exquisite . elegant . picture of perfection always good-natured . completely charming . always smiling y Hugh Valerie Funck escorted b Coleman = c © a we) oO ® Be a c 2) 12) a 1) = ® oaks re) = Sa, i) =e iM ee) . friendly . self-sacrificing Shirley ... studious ..+ poised ... fun-loving a, oe a a7 = PO aes a Jah p, Se A. 9 5 -— = Ses . a a u Karen . Vivacious . delightful . spirited Karen Burnett escorted by Hugh Greene Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder. wf NM md td wow we F CNN paaeees +X) Charlene Ross and Debra Shepherd represent sophomorg Linda Harrison and Fran Henderson represent Junior class. ‘i =. a - oe erm .- l - . Se J)... Se Ne | Tricia Rogers—Miss Slick Witch Witch Weaver gives up broom to Mrs. Bell ld 4 wi 0] mt r) } L J . HONOR WEEK ... to encourage discussion ... to promote personal honor ... to strive forward ever, backward never . intriguing bulletin boards ... thought provoking speakers . inspiring drama play Pat Childers Jan Binkley Dame Stanley Raydell Barr Widow Jones Brenda Lester Director Jackie Mize Properties Gail Harr . . In Times Like These. Beta Taps New Members . years of work and expectation lj {j ftoarnc = . cCHMAaXea in an aTTrernoon ot excitement and tears Pioneer Day . a first at McEvoy . woman suffrage . a taste of the old, spiced with the new, a day of laughter and Thanksgiving, too. Campaign ‘68! speeches ... signs ... screams cheers ... achallenge ... the choice Nixon's the One! é = ’ , Ase vq A I x Seniors “Imagine That’ the South Had Won the War... . . And With That Win Stunt Nite! Sophomores Take Second Place The Class of '69 took first place by rewriting the history of the Civil War to allow the South to win it in a poker game. Soph- omores gave their version of TV commercials and movies in Corn Productions. Juniors took the audience into storybook land and showed how the nursery rhymes really happened. These three original, entertaining skits made Stunt Night better than ever. Junior Class Stunt Nite a Big Success ... hours of planning ee rush, rush, rush .. complete exhaustion ... loads of fun - a - «. Santa Visits Lassies Lassies show Christmas spirit by providing Christ- mas gifts for foster children in the Macon area. . headaches . practices . frustration . accomplishments . excitement . surprises . fun and more fun . work and more work ry eacepereen? reeeseees ————— SERELE. « e « e « s « e e : ’ : ’ : ’ : ‘ ‘ eit eS gE ‘Snebeeree “Sree — — ee git, Ps, a ee? oe y ee io Mig. Pog TORS: Richard Tumblin and LAYOUT EDITORS: R EDITORIAL STAFF: Alan Long, Class Editor; Cheryl Misch, Jr. Class Editor; Shirley Dixon, Photographer; Cheryl Fincher, Photographer; Jackie Mize, Activity Editor; Richard Merchant, Organization Editor; Neil Deese, Faculty Editor; Gina Broxton, Organization Editor; Faith Willoughby, Advertising Editor; Janice Mullinix, Feature Editor; Teresia Wester, Faculty Editor; Gerry Slocumb, Sports Editor. McEVOY BUSINESS STAFF: Pam Tom- berlin, Lynne Hopkins, Debbie Elrod, Sharon Bell, Vickie Bonner, Pat Mills, Nancy Hare, Cyri Johnson, Judy Josey, Debbie Dykes, Cathy Bilderback. Melanie Raley, Copy Editor; Virginia Dixon, Art Editor. Standing: Walter Fitzpatrick, Index Editor; Sports Editor; Van Hunter, Copy Editor; Mary Childers, Assistant; Sherwood Carter, Copy Editor; Janice Ussery, Typist; Mike Ogletree, Art Editor; Anne Baggs, Index Editor; Foye Tinsley, Typist; Phyllis Mims, Assistant; Stephen Harr, Index Editor; John Cato, Index Editor, Susan Tidwell, Assistant. Seated: Charisse Washington, Assistant; Jack Rosson, Feature Editor; Greg Gay, a a = ae ee | ee 7 . : ‘ S3 .ecakees ie rt . i RS —— += Ss Fig eae eee 3 2 ay ie cm is —. SS ; WS S. J 7 EDITORIAL STAFF; Ramona Pope, Sports Editor, Advertising Manager; Sharon King Editor-in-Chief; Judy King, News Editor. COLUMNISTS, REPORTERS, and AS- SISTANTS: Lynn Metts, Art Editor: Kris Perry, Club Editor; Annette Brantley, Business Manager, Typist; Valerie Funck, Circulation Manager, Associate News Editor; Jill Self, Associate Feature Editor; Lyn Moore, Layout Editor, Wil- lingham-McEvoy Notebook; Cathy Brit- tian, Typing Manager; Wanda Hallman, Tween Teen Reporter. Bonnie Blue Print Records 1968-1969 ae ey ; pie Feature Editor; Judi Underwood, Managing Editor; Debra Pritchett, If It's News, It's Rampage News! RAMPAGE EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFF: Proofreader, Joey Seguin; Columnist and Cartoonist, Phil Bell; Layout Managers, Terry Sark and David Rump; Photographer, Andy Thomas; Reporter, Clay Thames; Editor-in-Chief, Jimmy McHugh; Feature Editor, Ricky Thomas; Sports Editor, Billy Beale; Managing Editor, John Dunn; Reporter, David Doud; Advertising Manager, Phil Greene; Circulation Manager, Billy Browning; Page Editor, Mike Pyles. = STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Standing: Jill Self, President. Seated: Del Hattaway, Sgt.-at-Arms; Denise McDaniel, Vice-President; Shirley Archer, Secretary; Gina Broxton, Treasurer. Executive Council EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Row I: Vickie Horne, Susan Stokes. Row 2: Mirandi Whitsel, Denise McDaniel, Debbie Francavage, Fran Henderson, Annette Brantley, Judy Tillman, Gerri Rogers, Virginia Dixon, Gwen Vinson, Gail Sutton. Row 3: Nicki Whitley, Cheryl Fincher, Connie Josey, Barbara Wyatt, Patsy Clark, Diane Williamson, Cheryl Spell, Crystal Fountain, Linda Lee. 52 a Lie} laa in psy 1 ee a ‘ ay’ Ruy é v5, Aaa ¥ . . = vy ; LN a - Ud ee tain, Trip Yarbrough, Randy Willis Joey Robertson, Bru rc Smith Ander Horne STUDENT COUNCIL: Lyn Hardison, Eugene De Donnie Fussell, Phil Bellury, Charles Pri k James Cruz, Charles Tho Richard Merchant, Richard T MA 4 OF AMERICA Representatives of the Student Body a alt, ee STUDENT COUNCIL: Ist Row: Melanie Raley, JoAnn Brannon, Cathy Sanders, Judy Josey, Pat Childers. 2nd Row: Pat Glover, Pat Amos, Debbie Dykes, Ramona Pope, Doris Phillips. 3rd Row: Rhonda Kerr, Faith Willoughby, Michelle Jerkins, Karen Burdett, Debra Purvis, Jackie Davis, Anne Baggs, Nancy Hare, Elise Kelley, Janice Hooks. 4th Row: Beth Horne, Diane Howell, Linda Stuckey, Judy Jones, Debbie Garner. 5th Row: Myra Arnold, Judy Josey, Cathy Cox, Cathy Bilderback. bth Row: Cheryl Misch, Debbie Greer, Robin Robinson, Betty Steele, Katherine McElmurray. - KEY CLUB: Front Row: Steve Smith, Pt ell, Her bertson, Mike Odum, George Slappy, Charles Evans. Row 2: Ricky Newberry, Bobby Porter ip Collins, Scott Thomas, Wayne Jones, Clay Nobles, Ricky Davis, Paul Leaptrot, Greg Gay, Alan Burdett, John Avery, Mike Collinsworth, Charles Scarbrough, Kim Johnson, Leor KEY OFFICERS: Mike Pyles, Secretary; Billy Browning, President; Richard Tumblin, Vice Presi- dent; Richard Thomas, Treasurer; Terry Sark, Chaplain; B Be CIVITAN CLUB: Row 1: Dennis Fitzpatric, David Doss, Richard Taylor, Mike Pettis, Andy Spires. Row 2: Larry Peterson, Andy Durden, Donnie Cross Bobby Hayslip, Stan Smith, Morty Denham. Row 3: Steve Deri: », Jack Ro seh, Ricky Bennet, Alan Long, Alan Redman, Stan W. Smith. Row 4: Donnie Shurley, Steve Leveritt, Dennis Burnet, Melton Davis, Larry Avant. Row 5: Charles Price, Gary Curtiss. Beta Honorary BOGIehy eta ak McEVOY BETA CLUB: Ist Row: Anne Baggs, Debra Anderson, Cathy Sanders, Patsy rk, Gail Wood. 2nd Row: Crickett Bassett, Janice Mullinix, Susan Allen Virginia Dixon, Debra Pritchett, Gail Sutton, Shelia Worrell, Janis Bradfield ; NEW BETA MEMBERS: Ist Row: Debbie Dykes, Donna Quick, Nancy Keith, Glenda Randall, Linda Jones. 2nd Row: Lynn Epting, Debra Powell, Mirandi Whitsel, Debbie Garner, Carla McAllister, Debbie Register. 3rd Row: Glenda Daniels, Suzanne Jones, Susan Stokes Sharon King, Faith Willoughby, Ann Copeland, Debra Taylor, Linda Thomas, Waverlyn Sanderfur, Joyce Stephens, Melba Thistlewood, Debra Vanderburg. 4th Row: Marsha Powell, Barbara Wyatt, Carol Griffin, Dale Staples, Gena Cox, Brenda Davis, Cheryl Hill, Mary Jo Burckhalter, Gerri Rogers, Judy Tillman. a, yle surer; Terry Sark, Se tar harle ; President; Steven Harr Vice President. Row 2: Billy Beal, Ronnie C llins, Billy Browning, Phil Be Hugh ette, David Doud, Van Hur v . Orman Simpson. Row 3: Mike Ogletree, Mike Huling, Dale Crawford, Greg Gay, John Dunn, Kennett Je ff Tr I gnibene, Steve Krau McEVOY BETA CLUB OFFICERS: Sergeant-at-A Norris; President, Jackie Mize. Interested in Serving Allied Medical Career Club A.M.C.C.: Row I: Cherie Mock, Mary Childers, Cathy Lanfair, Marsha Stewart, Betty McCoy, Shelby Haynes, Jeanette Nardy. 2nd Row: Judy Jones, Nancy Keith, Gail Cannon, Karis Dix, Janice Becton, Diane Whitter ar ymberlin, Marsha Horton. 3rd Row: Connie Josey, Bobbie Cobb, Regina Hardman, Theresa Vinson, Geri Rogers, Linda Burdett, Sherry Duckworth, Cheryl Fincher. HE HABIT R e d C ‘ O S S OFFICERS RED CROSS CLUB: Diane Marshall, Vice-President: Gwen Harvard, Secretary-Treasurer; Ramona Pope, President. je : ; 2% | SUE Mast 2 Ceetu-r CANCER CRERE.. XL ok rp if eT Could thee fee ! ’ x E a a cell TS : = | of — on RED CROSS: Left to Right: Leslie Drum, Brenda Theiss, Gail Wood, Cathy Brittian, Melba Thistlewood, Cathy Garnto, Claris Waltman, Pat Dennard, Shelia Smith. McEvoy and Willingham ew Ti ah Be eee i Te RED CROSS: Sitting: Ronnie Cliff, President; Barry Collins, Vice President; Flythe, Jim Huling. Row 3: Glen Blassinggame, Tony Wakefield, Rick Wilson. McEVOY AMCC OFFICERS: Standing: Beth Horne, Presi- dent: Rebecca Bartlett, Vice President. Seated: Ellen Thames, Secretary: Gina Broxton, Trea Future Business F.B.L.A.: Row I: Kathy Bilderback, Cathy Stever ean Davis, Claudia Allen. Row 2: Rita Floyd, Shelia Smith, Ann Baggs, Susan Caldwell, Elaine Brooks, Nancy Robertson, Caro! Hudson. OFFICERS F.B.L.A.: Seated: Cathy Cox, President; Cathy Dixon, Vice President. Standing: Cathy Brittain, Secretary; Claris Waltman, Treasurer. 4.H CLUB: Seated: Debbie Francavage, President; Dianne Williamson, Vice President. Standing: Bon- nie Am Treasurer; Shelia Haynes, Reporter; Dianne Whitten, Program Chairman; Pat Amos, Secret ary. Leaders of America WILLINGHAM FBLA: Row I: Johnny Mitchell, Johr Whitehead, Richard Tumblin, Kemp Smith, Philip Webb, Teddy Livingston, Sammy Davis, Miss Kersey. Row 2: Bruce O'Neal, Mark Smith, Ronnie Hood, Henr Kerr, Pat McConnell. Ry: WA CLUBS OF AMERICA Ty vos . DECA: Leon Harris, Tim Stuart, Ray Cooper, Kerry Pilcher, Barry Duggan, Wayne Moore, Johnny Mitchell, Randy Wilkes, Andy Chapman, Robert Mercer, Frank Powell, David Harris, Bruce O'Neal, Wayne Flanders, Claud Osborn, Stan Smith, Mr. Greene, Advisor. tok : w ee x ots adh Steve Drawhorne, Tommy Graham, Perry Rodgers, James Stevenson, Gary Monroe, Deen Mathews, Stan Smith, Bates, Wayne Carter, John Whitehurst, Keith McGraw, Mike Scott, Herby Ford. y Haynes, Foye Tinsley, Windel Sloan, Eddie Jarrail, Lynn Smith, Ray Fiveash, Jeffrey In Preparation F.T.A. CLUB: Ist Row: Reva Tucker, Judy Tillman, Donna Thomas, Cynthia Creech. 2nd Row: Barbara Kendrick, Judy Friedlander, Laura Ryle, Gloria Mimbs Marsha Scott. 3rd Row: Darlene Wilson, Elaine Dixon, Debbie Powell, Lurie McCook, Carla McAllister. 4th Row: Kathy Slade, Jody Ray. OFFICERS F.T.A.: Seated: Sharon King, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Judy King, President. Stand- ing: Paulette King, Vice President; Debbie Goodwin, Debbie McElhenhey. Doris Phillips, Donna Fowler, Sandy Norris. 3rd Row: Theresa Vinson, Susan Bumgardner, Marsha Clark, Pam Gill, Charlene Hulett, Gloria Gay, Rhonda Kerr, Donna Bickley. 4th row: Debra Nicholson, Janice Horton, Mai-Lan Sims, Denise Bassett, Phyllis Ziegler, Linda Waites, Nancy Jones, Dianne Whitten, Melanie Plunkett, Gail McCall, Mary Ann Williams, JoAnn Brannon, Vicki Horne, Elaine Evans. F H A F.H.A. CLUB: Ist Row: Glenda Crosby, Janice Becton, Judy Madden, Glenda Randall. 2nd Row: Brenda Thomas, es 2 . FFA: Row I: Dave Skir pe f ey Sweat, Calvin Minchew. Row 2: E son, Randy Frost, Reggie Re: Industrial Arts: Mike Tinker, Roger T Tommy Riggs, Lamar Newman, Terry Ulmar man. Bill Meriweather, Ricky Reid, Mr. Jointe FHA OFFICERS: Projects, Carol Ann Potter; Parliamentarian, Marsha Powell: Vice President, Teresia Wester: President, Lynn Moore; Secretary, Linda Burdett. Library Club and Assistants LIBRARY CLUB: Ist Row: Judy Josey, President; Elaine Deal, Vice President: Jennifer Sher 1, Secretary. 2nd Row: Theresa Ski 4 kinner Barbara Kendrick. 3rd Row: Latrell Rowell, Program Chairman: Brenda Hamm nd, Program Chairman; Jackie Manheim. e. ' }é yt | i X LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Ist Row: Jennifer Sherwood, Darnell Spillers, Hutcheson, DeAnn DuPree, Linda Burgamy, Theresa Skinner. a ae We ¢ ty igs SORES ' ‘ing Elaine Deal, Barbara Taylor, Latrell Rowell. 2nd Row: Judy Jones, Pam Floyd, Marsha Willingham Library Club and Assistants v - PE LIBRARY CLUB: Gary Stuart, Johnny Avery, Ronnie Oliff, Ricky Waites, Raliegh, Faircloth, Joe Ezzell, Joey Sequin, Pat Pritchett, Richard Merchant, Jerry Dixon, Sherwood Carter, Dennis Brickle, Ken Whitehead, Lamar Newman, Eddy Peterson. Audio Visual AUDIO VISUAL: Seated: Alan Burdette, Secretary; Mark Stevens, Treasurer; Stan Smith, President; Stan Smith, Vice President. Standing: Buddy Emerick, Robert Osborn, Lee Richard, Gary Howell, Jeff Going, Bunky Griffin, Ricky Garette, Bobby Baron, Terry Ullman, Gary Henry, Danny Leslie, Louie Glidwell, Gary True, Bruce Crowe, Frank Robertson, Deith Holloway, Mark Smith. Office Aids OFFICE AIDS: Mike Pinhoster, John Cato, Sammy Davis, Bud Hartness, Lamar Zellner, Phil Bellury, Bobby Hayslip, Brian Fitzpatrick, Harvey Hill, Billy Browning, John Dupree, Mike Pettis, Bruce Crowe, Tim Hamlin, Jeffrey Kerr, Donnie Cross, Steve Harr, Larry Peterson, Ken- neth Kitchens. Spanish and Fren ch Clubs President. 2nd Row: Carla McAllister, Patricia Howard, ry Ys SPANISH CLUB: Ist Row: Lyn Tyson, Vice President; Debra Powell, Secretary-Treasurer Linda Jones, Elaine Dixon, Debbie McElhenney. —— + Sy he BASS VGUVEUL, FRENCH CLUB; Ist Row: Sylvia Parks, Suzanne Jones, Debbie Register, Valerie Norris, Wanda Rawls. 2nd Row: Georgette Lipford, Cheryl Misch, Kate Abernathy, Nancy Hare, Shelia Worrell, Melanie Raley, Mary Alice Grimes. 3rd Row: Gail Sutton, Gena Cox, Linda Thomas, Debra Taylor, Gail Harr, Janice Mullinix, Pam Leverette, Lana Snead, Carol Barnes, Juleen Johnston, Kitty Harbuck, Cathy Cloud, Marsha McDaniel, Crickett Bassett. OFFICERS FRENCH CLUB: Cathy Sanders, Presi- dent; Janis Bradfield, Vice President; Gwen Vinson, Secretary; Carol Lannon, Treasurer; Carol King, Chaplain. Promote Foreign Interest FRENCH CLUB: Row I: W Mikus, Jeff Hawthorne. Row Tommy Hardy. Row 3: Terr ' brough, Alan Long, Johnny Fountain. Row 4: Mike Hookes Wayne Scarbrough, Andrew Sughart, Bobby Barron. Row 5: Andy Durden, Jimmy Mc- Hugh, Ricky Blalock 2: Dav Bride, Lindsey, Trip Yar- FRENCH CLUB; Row I: Stan Adams, Stan Smith, Roger West, Joey Sequin, Ken Whitehead, Jimmy McHugh, Gary Williams. Row 2: Donnie Shurley, Phil- lip Bell, Raleigh Faircloth, John White- head, Ricky Deriso, David Hookes, Ben Hinson, Steve Middlebrooks. SAFETEEN: Row I: Dwain Joiner, Alan Rawlins, Gene Crowder, Bobby Hopkins, Bryan Wilcher, Bobby Barron, Gary Howell, Ken Hightower, Craig ; Frank Robinson, Bruce Fincher, Foye NeSmith, Steve Deriso, Phillip Webb, Steve Harris, Bunky Griffin, Randy Moore, Pete Mixon Tommy Thrasher, Tinsley, Charles Thompson, Clay Nobles, Mr. Windom, Bill Meadows, Jerry Wilkerson, Phil Ladson, John Cato, Glen Thomas. McEvoy Students Interested in Science SCIENCE CLUB; Ist Row: Patsy Hammond, Suzanne Jones, Candy Tucker, Jeanne . Brown, 2nd Row: Linda Jones, Barbara Baxter, Cheryl Hill, Gena Cox. BR tt el ae ee ee 4 — y SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS: Lynne Benner, Sec- retary; Jackie Davis, President; Cheryl McGraw, Vice President; Cyri Johnson, Treasurer. Art Club Makes and Sells Jewelry ART CLUB: Ist Row: Elaine Deal, Dee Ann DuPree, Ann Copeland, Valerie Funck, Janice Walsh, Gail Clements. 2nd Row: Susan Waddell, Janice Bradfield, Freda Lewis, Ann Lewis, Rhonda Countryman, Regina Emilio. 3rd Row: Doris Phillips, President; Harriet Hartley, Vice President; Jennifer Sherwood, Secretary; Wanda Rawles, Treasurer; JoAnne Goodwin, Scrapbook Chairman. 68 saa’ WILLINGHAM SCIENCE CLUB: Seated: John Dupree, Parliamentarian: Steve Smi r; Richard Merchant, President; Steven Harr, Vice President. Row I: Billy Christy, Eddy Peterson, Frank Sagnibene, Mr. Pridgeon, Advisor; Joe Ezzell, Chris Coblin. Pat Pritchett. Row 2: Freddy Hall, Rusty Graves Glen Higgin- botham, Jimmy Mosely, Mike Upchurch, Steve Martin Science Math Chess Dunn. T: Dale Crawfor WILLINGHAM CHESS CLUB: Van Hunter President; Tommy Hardy, Secretary; Mike Huling, Vice President; Joey Sequin, Treasurer; Jimmy Mosely, Sergeant. Row I: John Reed Tommy Thrasher, Wayne Ennis, Pat Pritchett. Row 2: Cris Coblink, Frank Robertson, Dennis McBride, Claud Osborn, Phil Coleman. Pep and Ram Right to Left: Debbie Sheppard, Beth Horne, Debra Collins, Marsha Horton, Judy Friedlander, Faith Ann Sanderlin, Shelia White, Pat Glover, Pam Attaway, Patricia Grace, Karen Foster, LuAnne Keen, Linda Davis, Laura Harville, Barbara Wyatt, Ann Goldstein, Linda Lee, Janice Ussery, Susan Manning, Molly Stewart, Diane Howell, Lynn Hopkins, Valerie Funck, Denise McDaniel, Debbie Francavage, Crystal Fountain, Karen Burnett, Bonnie Hart, Darlene Wilson, Paulette King, Lurie McCook, Susan Waddell, Belinda Morgan, Dee Ann Dupree, Dee Causey, Janice Binkley, Debbie Hays, Sue Ellen Howell, Cindy Winham, Susan Tidwell, Teresa Crutchfield, Patt Crum, Billie Cook, Beverly Powell, Ann Copeland, Kathy Nicholson, Nancy Reynolds, Syrelle Krysalka, Cora Blackwell, Cindy James, Sandra Quinn, Kathy Herring, Mitzie Greene, Linda Wilson, Charlie Ross, Debbie Garrett, Sylvia Tyre, Fran Henderson, Susan Herring, Gail Cannon, Janie Rigby, Rosalyn Kaiser, Debbie Elrod, Bobbie Cobb, Pam Thomberlin, Pam Dalton, Rhonda Witherington, Debbie Garner, Regina Emilio, Debra Conway, Marsha Stewart, Kathy Landfair, Julia Gainey, Kathy Eady, Karis Dix, Judy J Del Hattaway, Patricia Alligood, Betty Steele, Junie Stewart, Regina Hobbs, Kathy Robertson, Mazie Jackson. nes OFFICERS PEP CLUB: Nancy Keith, Points Chairman; Connie Josey, Presi- dent; Rosemary Ward, Treasurer; Cheryl Ennis, Publicity Chairman; Cheryl Finch- er, Vice President; Jackie Mize, Program Chairman; JoAnn Goodwin, Secretary. RAM CLUB: Row I: Alan Redmond, Steve Deriso, Debbie Garrett, Fran Henderson, Dale Crawford, Bob Brown, Pat Huling. Row 2: Chuck Arnold, Gary Curtis, Ben Hinson, Kenneth Hargrove, Brian Fitzpatrick, Foye Tinsley, Wiley PEP CLUB: Bunky Griffin, Mark Harrington, Bill Inman, Mike Bradley, Allan Long amar B n vi owel eddy Hall i . Ricky Bennet Charles Thompson, Dennis Fitzpatric, Steve Martin, Donnie Ross, Ricky Blalock The Willingham-McEvoy Notebook Staff NOTEBOOK STAFF: Lynn Moore, Billy Browning, Debra Gillis, David Rumph Vicki Horne. Left Side: Charisse Washington, Phyllis Mims, Dolly Brown, Yolande Brunson, Patricia Rogers, Katherine Askew, Robin Gates, Patsy Prince, Gail Burnett, Debra Tucker, Lisa Clay, Rhonda Morgan. Front: Connie Bowen, Cathy Snyder, Luanne Keen, Brenda Stewart, Gwen Green, Lauretta Dyer, Alphertina Taylor, Althea Barnett, Geraldine Wool- folk, Shelia Bell, Debra Hamilton, Brenda Cooper, Vickie Long. Right Side: Vickie Reese, Elaine Westfall, Marsha Hutchenson, Vickie Bonner, Elaine Glidwell, Marsha Brown, Patsy Moncrief, Darline Roland, JoAnn Brannon, Lenda Williams. - Left to Right: Deborah Bassett, Susan Stokes, Nancy Hare, Carol Lannon, Patricia McManus, Susan Allen, Faith Willoughby, Debbie Brickhouse, Debra Batey, Deb ra Batey, Patty Dinnard, Sheryl Ennis, Deborah Anderson, Carol Adams, SusanBumgardner, Dianne Gorman, Vickié Byrd, Brenda Baggerly. 72 FFICERS: Cherie Arnold : t: Brenda Austin, Vice President; Debbie kes, Secretary; Donna Quick, Treasurer. — — -—- — — mS — — — — - TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS: Linda Lee, President; Elaine Evans, Vice President; Rhonda Kerr, Secretary; Virginia Dixon, Treasurer; School Projects, Julie Blair; Elaine Williams, Community Projects; Miss Archer, Advisor; Carol King, Publicity Chairman; Chaplain, Debra Waters. QUILL AND SCROLL: Seated: Lyn M Jil Lannon, Lynn Metts, Kathy Brittian, SENIOR DRAMATICS: Ist Row: Ci Bell, Becky Thomas, Cathie Ste Lester, Jan Binkley, Dori r, Raydell Barr, Melanie Raley, nd y Gail Metts 3rd Row: Creative Drama Sharor ie inch : rne nnette Brantley, Debra Gi C ‘ sdi Unde d. Standing: ( | . be owe nor ope, Debra P J Stokes. F Winham. 2nd Row: Glenda Randall, Sharon Juleen Johnston, Valorie Norris, Brenda Harr, Cathy Rowe, Debra Shaw. 4th Row: Debra Gillis, Vickie Horne, Jill Self. OFFI Tre ENIOR DRAMATICS: Pre Pat Jent; Valerie Amos, Vice Funck President; Dana Parker, RS rs Secretary. c a Jackie Mize = dtttttette LITERARY CLUB: Phil Bell, Freddy Hall, Mike les, Eddy Vance, Richard Merchant, Joey Sequin, Jimmy McHugh, Robert Prince, Marc ith, Billy Browning, Ricky Thomas, Wayne Hall, Joe Ezzell, James Cruz, Mike Mims, David ime sary Stuart, Randy Fiveash, Ronnie Robert Ford, Mike Huling, Steve rau, Bruc higpe hn Mormon, Floyd Hoyle, ham, Frank Rot f “Mike Scott DEBATING TEAM: Ricky Waites, Mike Pyle Lorance. DRAMA CLUB: Row I: Mike Collinsworth, David Powell, Stan Smith, Tom Smith, Richar Row 2: Terry Sark, Larry McCullum, Terry Mullis, Mike Hooks, Ricky Blalock, Darrell Gra a Girls’ Athletic Association Ist Row: Bonnie Hart, Rosemary Ward, Deborah Wright, Brenda Summerline, Linda Wilson. 2nd Row: Teresa Skinner, Latrell Rowell, Linda Bittner, Xavia Crissy, Debbie Garrett, Charlotte Freeman, Deborah Amos, Pam Archer, Betty Steele, Junie Stuart. 3rd Row: Kay Lingo, Sharon Farnsworth, Judy Josey, Shirley Archer, Marsha Powell, Brenda Thames, Belinda Moraan, Faith Ann Sanderlin, Del Hattaway. 4th Row: Patricia Alligood, Gwen Howard, Aurelia Woodard, Glenda Purvis, Carolyn Stewart, Regina Hobbs, Pam Scarborough, Shirley Bassett, Kay Cannady, Brenda Bruce. 5th Row: Debra Wealot, Ann Goldstein, Barbara Wyatt, Kay Murray, Sue Ellen Howell, JoAnn Roberts, Ramona Pope, Gail Wood. 6th Row: Sharon Hightower, Gwen Bass Brenda Bass, Carol Gritfin, Nancy Scanlan, Debra Collins, Debbie Sheppard, Harriet Walker, Dianne Meeks. OFFICERS: President, Gerry Slocumb: Vice President, Tricia Grace: Secretary, Pat Childers: Publicity Chairman, Shelia White; Treasurer, Fran Henderson. - ‘8 OFFICE WORKERS: Shirley Archer, Judi Underwood, Linda Lee, Shelia Worrell, Valerie Funck, Ramona Pope. BOOKSTORE WORKERS: Cathy Cox, Cathy Dixon, Kathy Bilderback. AUDIO VISUAL: Sharon King, Glenis Fields, Anita Foster, Lyn Moore, Judy King, Elaine Evans. LUNCHROOM CASHIERS: Gloria Gay, Ramona Pope, Laketa Rich. LUNCHROOM WORKERS: Ist Row: Carolyn Peavy, Nancy Barrett, Cathie Stevens, Gail Wood, Charlene Hulett, Janie Radcliff. 2nd Row: Becky Watson, Kaye Godwin, Beverly Caventar, Libby Powers, Bobbi Proctor, Cathy Jones. McEvoy Chorus Presents Christmas Concert at C3 OE ev Vee] | The McEvoy Chorus has performed out- standingly in many concerts and festivals. A big thank you to members of the chorus and Miss Joan Hudson for representing McEvoy so well in the past years. CHORAL COUNCIL: Donna Fowler, Myra Arnold, Sandy Norris, Gloria Gay, Pat Mills, Janie Rigby. i igby, Doris Dugger MELODETTES: Jan Binkley, Gloria Gay, Janie Rigby, Dori Winham. The McEvoy All of the McEvoy Lassies are proud of the Scottie Band. The band steadfastly serves both Willingham and McEvoy by play- ing at football games, pep rallies, and special assemblies. The credit undoubtedly belongs to Miss Barbara Reves who directs the Scotties. She has led the band to fine performances in the festivals. Thank you, Miss Reves and the Scottie Band, for giving McEvoy one of its proudest assets. DRUM MAJORS: Susan Stokes, Cathy Cox. Scottie Band BAND COUNCIL: Kathy Bilderback, Raydell Barr, Susan Stokes, Nancy Hare, Cathie Stevens, Cathy Cox, Cheryl Fincher, Linda Burdett, Donna Thomas, Cathy Farnsworth. MAJORETTES: Shelia Batts, Lynn Mondy, Debra Gillis, Barbara Mikus, Jeanne Brown. The Glamour of the Grid Iron MAJORETTE CAPTAIN: Debra Gillis Dixie Darlings Add Spice to Willingham Band DIXIE DARLING CAPTAIN: Cheryl McGraw , a ’ i . : if | ’ fm baal Pam Bs se . ’ ’ Fea ““ J Fr aes eS eel e Mice. ra Rati 9 The Willingham Pride of Dixie'’ Band, under the direction of Mr. David Graves, is one of the most popular bands in the Macon area. They support the Rams at football games with superb half-time shows. In concert season they work diligently to make the best possible rating in the festival. Congratula- tions to the band on a job well done. DRUM MAJOR: Hal Perry iy i } . Z BAND OFFICERS: Joey Sequin, First Lieutenant; James Cruz, Captain; Robert Robertson, President; Barry Gillis, Secretry; Johnny Yates, Lieutenant of Operation; Randy Fiveash, First Lieutenant; Hal Perry, Drum Major. The Willingham ‘‘Pride of Dixie’ Band ora AE ere pA To 3E as ere McWill Committee WILLINGHAM CHAIRMAN: Richard Merchant McEVOY CHAIRMAN: Jill Self AALLINGHAM CO-CHAIRMAN: i ly Browning Company Leaders Choose Sponsors ee, = Mi Bs se - en p. [ie ee ved | ame | j aa 7a | = i f e ihvo fod Rams Prepare Tween Teens Reporters Bigige sre: Ee Y ' ee ae aan a i a “ihe ESSE oes ) oe TWEEN TEENS REPORTERS: ike Pyles Phil Bell yle n, Arnette Brantley hil Bell, Mik Wanda Hallma g ; ve! Ads bw ighy et AP Cee sell . hN ‘ = }— Lit — hi }— e Willingham Senior High Coaching Staff COACHES: Kneeling: Coaches Lester, Craig, Waters, Beale enderson. COACHES: Standing: Coaches Humphrey, Hooks, Thompson, B Coach Dedication We salute the men who constitute the Ram Coaching Staff They are men dedicated to the task of producing winning teams for Willingham and good citizens for our community They are demanding in what they expect from the athletes but never ask more than they are willing to give. Also we salute the chaplain, Hubert Wheeler. He has inspired a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship among the team members Willingham Rams’ Varsity Football Team Game At A Glance Spencer W'Ham 6 Ist downs 14 46 yds. rushing 132 yds. passing 38 5-18 pass completions 5-15 | pass interceptions 3 2 fumbles | | fumble lost | 5-36.2 punting avg. 5-35.2 35 penalties 85 Final Score Spires rushes for a larae asin acainst Willingham's Burnett picks up large gain against Hardaway. Willingham's Gibson stops Spencer for Game At A Glance Hardaway W'Ham 12 Ist downs 4 120 yds. rushing 50 39 yds. passing 60 3-11 pass completions 9-23 | pass interceptions 2 6-36 punting avg. 6-33.3 penalties 89 Final Score BILLY BEALE WILEY HUTCHINSON ANDER HORNE QB. 0.8 D.B ‘pyr Sse jets first down. Game At A Glance Ballard Hudson W'Ham 3 Ist downs 14 33 yds. rushing 269 72 yds. passing 176 2-16 pass completions 13-24 | pass interceptions 5 ae” ' (PD 0 fumbles lost 3 ANDY SPIRES MIKE GIBSON 9-37 puntingavg, 2-40 a on 15 penalties 40 Final Score 2 Hopkins catches Ballard Hudson behind the KENNY BURNETT WILLIE GOOLSBY line. E. E. RICKY DERISO DEWEY DAVIS KIRK DURHAM H.B. D.B. H.B. A taste of victory. BOB BROWN ALAN REDMOND LARRY PETERSON H.B. E: F.B. DAVID DOSS E, DAVID GRINSTEAD Te Game At A Glance Warner Robins W'Ham 20 Ist downs 9 211 yds. rushing v7 151 yds. passing 86 7-19 pass completions 10-19 | pass interceptions 0 4 fumbles 2 | fumbles lost 2 5-38.2 punting avg. 6-30.6 5 penalties 25 Final Score 35 13 GARY CURTIS L.B. I E CHUCK HORNE e. CHARLES PRICE BILL HOPKINS E. Davis battles successfully with Robins. BRUCE CROWE tT. Game At A Glance Columbus W'Ham 12 Ist downs 9 144 yds. rushing 86 164 yds. passing 40 4-9 pass completions 6-23 3 pass interceptions 4 fumbles 4 2 fumbles lost 3-37.3 punting avg. 3-15 penalties | Ram's Hopkins and Davis stop Blue Devils on short gain. 13 Goolsby cuts corner to make long gain. GARY BROWN Vs - MARK MORGAN GARY BRYANT MIKE PETTIS i G. G. oe ¥. JIMMY WARD Goolsby dives for sideline bomb against Appling. KE NNY HARGROVE MIKE FULLER G. G. Game At A Glance Mark Smith W'Ham 9 Ist downs 5 140 yds. rushing 2 45 yds. passing 55 6-12 pass completions 5-20 4 pass interceptions 0 2 fumbles a 6-29 punting avg. 3-33 55 penalties 20 0 Final Score 30 Peterson fights violently for first down yardage. Game At A Glance Appling W'Ham 5 Ist downs 18 24 yds. rushing 263 5| yds. passing 85 5-9 pass completions 7-18 0-0 pass interceptions 4-24 3 fumbles lost 5 8| penalties 35 Final Score Hutchinson completes to Redmond for long yardage. Game At A Glance Northside W'Ham 17 Ist downs 13 270 yds. rushing —- 62 8 yds. passing 93 1-4 pass completions 9-24 2 pass interceptions 0 2 fumbles 3 1-39 =punting avg. 5-37 67 penalties 30 Final Score 19 MIKE MASK BEN HINSON BRIAN FITZPATRICK G. Cc G. Game At A Glance Baker W'Ham 10 Ist downs 3 207 yds. rushing 111 5 yds. passing 0 2-4 pass completions 0-3 2 pass interceptions | 4 fumbles | 6-26.6 punting avg. 6-39.| 10 penalties 25 Final Score A time to pay tribute. ires dives for first down against Lanier MIKE OGLETREE Cc. Game At A Glance Lanier W'Ham 9 Ist downs 7 Great efforts prove to be successful against Lanier defense. 238 yds. rushing 78 37 yds. passing 69 2-4 pass completions 12-23 2 pass interceptions | | fumbles | 6-35.5 punting avg. 9-31.4 25 penalties 10 Final Score Willingham prepares ta halt Lanier's offense. Coach Billy Beale’s Cagers Coach Billy Beale, C. Evans, G. Kendrick, M. Mimbs, S. Leverett, R. Thomas, M. Wheeler. W. Hart, L. Kendrix, W. Goolsby, B. Beale, C. Horne, C. Durham, Coach Tommy Hooks. The Tom Porter Invitational Bas- ketball Tournament opened at the Macon City Auditorium with the Willingham Rams squared off against the Mt. DeSales Cavaliers. After the battle was over and the smoke cleared, the scoreboard gave the victory to Coach Garvin's Cavaliers, putting the Rams out of the compe- tition for the rest of the tourney. Greg ‘Jungle Man Kendrick and Billy Beale, both returning lettermen, were the main ballhandlers for the Rams with Mike Wheeler, Rick Thomas, and Mike Mimbs also re- turning as support men. The Rams' basketball season was something less than a winning one, but the spirit of the two schools was not damp- ened even with five wins and nine- teen losses. Billy Beale shoots for two points. Tops in Spirit ingham vs Ballard Hudson ingham vs Dudley Hughes ingham vs Mt. DeSales ..........2e000- 58-62 naham vs lingham vs | ingham v ingham vs linaham vs ingham y ingham vs llingham v ingham vs Hardaway ingham vs W. Robins ingham vs Ballard Hudson ingham vs Appling ......0seesseecsenee 54-90 Wj Wr W; Wi We Wi Wil Wi WwW} W; W3 W W; Ww; W; inagham vs Mark Smith ingham Appling lingham vs Mt. DeSales .........-.0008- 53-64 “11° l ngnam Willingham vs Dudley Hughes .......-..++. 59-74 Willingham Mark Smith Willingham BE we hb. re cmpainte |. WwW Ze . a. io = —- . % bs wb ts Everyone of last year's baseball team members have been playing since grammar school. Since their days in the South Macon Little League, the catching, hitting, and running have become a little better each year. Like most of the other sports at Wil- lingham, the baseball team consists of spe- cialists who love their sport. We salute you, Ram Baseball Team! COACH BILLY HENDERSON Baseball Team nett, Alan Redmond, Richard Tumblir Andy Durden At Bat ™ @b67¢804. oo ot Y ‘er y : First Row: R. Derisc, R. Goodman, S. Deriso, A. Re sh tkinson. Second Row: K. Burnett, K. Hargrove, A. Spires, G. Bryant, J. Ward M. Morgan. Third Row: C. Walker, B. Norris, D. ins, T. Hicks estfaul, : ris . Higdon. Fourth Row: D. Joiner, M. Askew, R. Hopkins, L. Jones, R. Edmunds, R. Lee. All thirteen groups of this year's wrestling team are filled with very good wrestlers. Coach Lloyd Bohannon has been the wrestling coach for Willingham for two years. The team went to state again this year and sev- eral of the Ram wrestlers were in the top ranks. To help out the new boys are eight returning lettermen: Reid Goodman, Kenny Burnett, Kenny Hargrove, Ricky Deriso, Andy Spires, Jimmy Ward, Steve Deriso, and Tommy Thrasher. ; ; ' : : ’ | Willingham Racketeers This year's tennis team consists of many good players instructed by an excellent coach. Coach Johnny Waters is a graduate of Georgia Southern where he was selected as Most Valuable Player for three years. The team began practicing back in De- cember to prepare themselves for a good season. There were six returning lettermen this year: Phil Bellury, Billy Browning, Mike Odom, Ricky Deriso, Jack Rosson, and Sherwood Carter. Because of their devotion to the sport, the team did very well in the region tournament this spring. TENNIS TEAM: (left to right) Jack Rosson, Mike Odom, Billy Br HE hil Bellury, Rick Deriso, Alan Burdette Ralph Edwards. Willingham Track Team Front: M. Huling, T. Riggs, D. Crawford, P. Huling, R. Merchant, D. Davis, B. Hopkins. 2nd Row: W. Hart, C. Horne, R. Colbert, K. Durham, A. Jennings, Te Hicks, G. Kendricks. 3rd Row: J. Sheppard, R. Garrett, W. Goolsby, U. Colbert, B. Johnson, B. Fincher. 4th Row: B. Ammanns, R. Thomas, J. Willis, J. Ward, F. Tinsley, R. Trask, B. Fountain. The Willingham Track and Cross Country teams offer the best examples of desire imaginable. The basis of this sport is indi- vidual and team alike. Strong individuals must make up a track team; their efforts can be seen in their moments of triumphs. In track each member is a specialist. Out of the speed comes pride, as can be seen many times on the big ''O ' when the sweat season opens. Gotta get it just right! Ram Tumblers Gr a HIGH — a First Row: T. Hamlin, C. Gossett, R. Howard. Second Row: B. Droun, N. Martin, S. Hamlin, U. Colbert, S. Bridgers. Third Row: L. Blackwell, L. Glidewell, Osburne R, Colbert, E. Osburne, T. Hamlin. Being limber as a jellyfish is a virtue with the Willingham Gymnastics Team. The agility of these guys was made pos- sible through hours and hours of hard, determined practice. The team amazed crowds with their trampoline routines and stunts on the parallel bars and rings. If there ever was a professional high school gymnastics team, it can be found at Willingham Senior High School. Night ‘Board of Directors’ First Row: Kris Perry rie | Second Row: Vicki Horne Football Honors First Row: Bruce Crowe—Best Blocker, Andy Spire Mos aluable, Larry Peterson—Best Offensive Back Co-Winner, Bobby Hayslip—Best Hustler. Second Row: Ricky Deriso—Most Improved, Billy Beale—Best Offensive Back Co-Winner, Alan Redmond—Best Sportsmanship, Kenny Burnett—Best Defen- sive Lineman, Wayne Hart—Best Defensive Back. A (gu salad we a d BaweR. . arome Sao 4) ay ee ae ; “8 , . a . | The annual athletic night for McEvoy and Willingham was held on February 7 in the new Macon Coliseum. Mrs. Anne Hadarits and Mr. Billy Hender- son, heads of the McEvoy and Willingham physical education departments, respectively, di- rected the activities for the 2000 participating students. The varied activities included rhythm exer- cises to music, folk dancing, tumbling, wrestling, weight-lift- ing, racing, swimming, volleyball, and basketball. The purpose of the athletic night was not just to entertain. It was to illustrate why teen-agers engaged in physical education programs are not only physically fit, but are learning desirable skills and habits that will be a carry over into adult life. DEBBIE e nine airls cnose Omotinag 7 A Th por in BURNETT KAREN WY — o G5 e ® WD © ae U + ay Sees o GAIL and DIANNE B-Team Cheerleaders These talented, exuberant girls represent the Ram spirit at all B- Team game activities. Their devotion to the team and the ceaseless prac- tices may enable them to gain a position on the varsity squad next year. Standing: Sylvia Tyra, Mazy Jackson, Ju nes, Debra Moss. Debbie Garrett. Seated: Del Hatta. Physical Education in Progress Physical Education Staff: Mrs. Carol Bohannan Giles, Miss Ginger Schell. Dr. Jean Jaco Educating the whole person through the physical sums up the purpose of physical education. At McEvoy, physical education is a vital part of the total curriculum. The program includes team sports, individual and dual sports, rhythm, tumbling and gym- nastics. Any girl will profit from participat- ing in this program. Lassies on Gym Day Each year at the end of school G.A.A. sponsors the lassies’ Gym Day. Students are allowed to wear sports clothes so that they may be able to participate in the various activities. Points were given in softball, races, and physical fitness tests to the most deserving class. The Class of '68 took first place honors by accumulating the most points. Chipmunks pm a le aa = —-. sre back in style. Seniors vs. Teachers The Seniors of G.A.A. chal lenged the Faculty in a match of volleyball, played before the entire student body. The Seniors, dressed as hippies, picked Gail Wood as their head guru. Mrs. Anne Hada- rits led the Faculty in their usual attire of black bloomers and white blouses. The excite- ment-packed game ended with the score: Seniors 15; Faculty 13. Seniors Are on Top in ‘69 | ‘ 4 ¢ ¢ a Seniors captured the spot light in intramurals this year by winning in volleyball, arch- ery, and badminton. They are truly Mighty Fine in '69. ' Senior Team: Pat Childers, Cheryl Spell, Crystal Fountain, Shirley Archer, Gerry Slocumb (captain), Shelia White, Gail Wood, Brenda Thames, Theresa Skinner, Xavia Crissey. Joyce Tucker takes the prize in arch- ery for the seniors. Archery tournaments were held in each class to determine who would compete in the champion- ship match. Rhythmic Gymnastics Is A Lassie Favorite i Hyg ii aap ; at tytn fe hi Pie it i! H a ey: | ‘ete ant A a Al | afum oy oc G — +- 5 - oo a ae: 5 iz gee 2 = wv N Basketball, Lassie-Style Exercising is the beginnin gram. ''Getting in shape after t+ a necessity. If you want a slim figure and strong cise is your answer. Lassies Are for Team Sports Football, soccer, speedball, and field hockey are some of the team sports taught by the physical educa tion department. All these sports require energy, skill, team work and good sportsmanship. On beam: Barbara Taylor, Sylvia Tyre, Lynr Junie Stewart. Mondy. On floor: Celia Smith Gymnastics vidual able to do a 1 without losing her balance. Under Miss Ginger Schell, the y é ymr astics lear Gymnastic is the ind the direction McEv of the best. skills o arac efulness. n has become one These girls have mastered the gymnastics with poise balance, and Linda Bittner, Ann Goldstein, ai We ey Le e [as tay’ a Y oO Lu a ae 2 ie U Betty Crocker Homemaker Award Goes to Rhonda Kerr Shirley Archer Receives DAR Good Citizenship Boys’ State Delegates Charles Evans, Mike Pyles. and Phil Bellury State Leaders Best Citizens oe Oe ee a ae tena : eden ge Oe 4 - 1 ee eer. Co. £eo hee Era we i. A). Beee e “ ee eS ne : ‘ a 4 4 ee ae peer, Pee ger Pan gen Geren oJ — : : : : ; Treat Tht geeeetie Patsy Clark Patsy Clark was chosen py the because at har avi personality. Patsy 69 makes her Star Students and Teachers Chosen Governor's Honors Program Jackie Mize “y gr neesd as ee oe ee ; ea tre?d heehee 2 otrens orees 4 “rere 7 bo eids 4 ing a Pang gy? , tin SA tite. ay Wy WY OD) Oo tee 0) i. =) Y) 5 13) ne CN N A vy nq 2 Gre Shitl Fat A Amo JS Pats y Clark Dobby Hay slip IPOWMe ) ( ILUCE 2 SS Chery! Spell Ait ley XX Wi Archer , YY VYVYVAe XYYY WK) (XX) AX NK XX KX) YY) MA XY) XXX) (XY) ry yy’ ‘iV se XX YY WON Mee a an Nenny Aurnett An a easy-going fellow with a searching =i oy GUI .s d. min deal Srownimn g aley 2 R L Dilly 2 ) v v N S . ee rt ee eee ee rn ee eet “S Func — Oalerie An dy Durden George Ofappey th anahttil nercor UUTT Uu Wo 5 Fat Childers Responsible and industrious, with the drive to get the job done. aT te LEADERS Mrs. Mildred W. Hull Opportunity is not what may come to us tomorrow, but what we make out of today. This quotation, though written long ago, is most applicable to you today. You are living in a time of opportunity unlimited. The main obstacles, or limitations, to the opportunities that are yours are those self-imposed by your own lack of vision, lack of ambition, or failure to make wise choices. Educational opportunity is only one factor in deter- mining your success in life. After combining this with other factors, the final decision is up to you as an individual. More than ever before, the responsibility is yours. In order to take advantage of the opportunities afforded young people today, you need to establish goals and ideals for yourself that will enable you to be successful and lead a meaningful life for yourself and for others. “Ideals are like stars. You will not succeed in touching them with your hands; but like seafaring men, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you will reach your destiny. -—Carl Schurz Principals Mr. Fred Johnson Congratulations to those of you who are completing your high school education. However, | would caution you to remember that this is not the end; it is only the beginning. Education is a process that lasts through- out your life. If you have formed lasting friendships, developed good attitudes, broadened your academic knowledge, developed useful skills, and opened new horizons—then your high school years have been fruitful. If you continue to study, to question and evaluate, to cultivate those things which are not—then you can look forward to a life filled with the satisfaction of accomplishment. Superintendent and Assistant Julius Gholson Lloyd Newberry Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Board of Education s gS OFFICIAL BOARD: Seated: Mr org ’ Jr. Mr. Cha C. Hertwig, Mr. Frank M. Willingram, Mr. Wallace Miller, Dr. H. G. Weaver, Dr. Julius Gholson, ‘Mr Jo on M. Hancock, Jr.; E Steading: Mr. Lloyd Hewhiets Dr. Earl Lewis, Mr. Ralph Eubanks Hon. Walter C. Stevens, Mr. Robert A. McCord, Jr., Mr. Herbert F. Birdsey. Personnel : ii BEET li Harriet Durkee The artistic The courageous The business-minded - | — — . ie ee ee ; : Jeanette Chambers Laura Kersey Shirley Windham Doris Walker Junyth Weeks Rosalyn Brown Daisy Beatty Claude Davis Pate Lowery Roger Greene Jackie Odum Business Driver's Ed. Elizabeth Burke Franklin Windham English Georgann Banks Karen Sh ockley The Creative | . . | hi Hy Hl i = ” et os | Thomas Hooks Jerry Rogers Madge Chapman Elmer Whitaker Carolyn Sherwood The mathematician The home-economist Home Economics ¢ er NY . i aoe 20 tae A Lena Pendergrass Foreign Language é) © 4 e Amy Perry Demaris Copeland Lidia Martin TIL po Ih, Ae ug Hie TUTTE TU 4 = e445 ili | hafahae 7 TLL 4 ‘ce © As e is ° mee ar A Industrial Arts Pioneer Spirit Spreads to Faculty Faculty Directory McEvoy Faculty ARCHER, SUSAN English 12: North 7e0r Advisor. BAIRD, ADDIE RIE Business English 12, English 10; M.Ed.; Beta Club Advisor BANKS, GEORGANN English 12; University of Georgia, A.B BELL, MARGARET Trig r metry, Ge ymetry, Phy ics; University Class Advisor. BLOUNT, BARBARA Spanish | and Il; Spelman Col BROWN, JEAN World History, English 12 estern Carolir Jniversity, B.A.; Ramscott Advi r. BROWN, ROSALYN Busine Machine Office Practice, Clerical Practice, Woman's College B.S.; Ramscott, Business Staff Advisor, Senior Class Advisor, Student Council Advisor. BURKE, ELIZABETH Health Education; Woman's College, B.S.; University of Alabama, Masters Springfield College, 6-year; Pep Club Advisor. CHAMBERS, JEANETTE Shorthand |, Typing |; Georg College, B.S.; Bonnie Blue Print Busines Staff Advisor. COLQUITT, WINIFRED Geometry, Fundamental Math; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Mercer University, M.Ed.; Beta Club Advisor COX, DOROTHY Art; Mercer University, A.B.; Woman's College, M.Ed.; Art Club Advisor. DENNIS, HELEN Biology, Physical Science; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Science Club Advisor. DIMLING, MARGARET World History, World Geography; University of . Carolina, A.B.; Soph more Class Advisor, Y-Teens Advisor GRACE, CAROLE Government, American History; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Y-Teens Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor. GRESHAM, FRANCIS Biology; University of North Carolina, A.B; Mercer University, M.Ed.; Science Club Advisor. GRIMES, KAREN English Il; Wesleyan College, A.B. HADARITS, ANNE Physical Education; Woman's College, B.S.; G.A.A. Advisor, Student Council Advisor, Varsity Cheerleader Advisor. HUDSON, JOAN Chorus 8-12; University of Georgia, B.F.A.. M.M.E.: Choral Council Advisor. LOWERY, PATE Business Math, Typing |: University of Georgia, B.B.A. MOODY, PATRICIA Home f nomi ramily Liv Georgia, M.Ed.; Future Homer NORRIS, TRUDY English | eorgia ( eae at Milledaeville .B.: Ramscott Advisor. Ene ODOM, JACQUELINE Driver Education; University of Georgia, B.S. PENDERGRASS, LENA Family Living; University of Georgia, B.S.H., M.H.E.; A M.C.C. Advisor. PERRY, AMY Frenct and | Duke University, B.A.. M.A.: French Club Advisor, F.T.A. Adv PRIESTER, EVA Asst. sn; Sout! Business College; Library Club Advisor. RABERN, VERNA Librarian; Wesleyan, A.B.; Library Club Advi REVES, BARBARA Band; University of Georgia, B.S.; Band Club Advisor. RICHARDSON, JACQUELYN American History; Wesleyan College, A.B., Duke University, M.A.T.; Senior Class Advisor. SELMAN Dietician: Eastman High School. SCHELL, VIRGINIA Physical Education; B.S.; Senior High Tumbling Club, Junior High G.A.A. Advisor. SHOCKLEY, KAREN Asst. Principal, Journalism, English 12: Wes! M.Ed. SMITH, NORMA Algebra |, Geometry; Woman's College, B.S.; Math Club Advisor. THOMBLEY, LOIS Geometry, Fundamental Math; Rollins College, A.B. TOLLERSON, LULA Counselor; Mercer University, A.B., University of Georgia, M.Ed.; Six Year Specialist. WAGNER, MARY SUE Secretary WALKER, DORIS Shorthand, Transcription, Typewriting; Woman's College, A.B., Emory University; Junior Class Advisor. WASHINGTON, GLORIA Counselor; Spelman College, A.B.; Fort Valley State College, M.S. WEAVER, MARY Geography-World Affairs, Economics-Sociology; University of Georgia, B.B.A., Mercer University, M.Ed.; Senior Class Advisor. WEEKS, JUNYTH Typing | and II, Notehand; Brewton-Parker, Georgia Southern, Woman's College, B.S.; Student Council Advisor. WILLING HAM, pei Chemistry: Wesle Willingham ADELSTONE, ROSALIND W. World History; University of Georgia, A.E ANDREWS, RICHARD P. AMMONS, JAMES JR. Counselor; Wake Forest University BAXTER, FRANCES Audio-visual. BEALE, BILLY P.E.: University BLAND, GAIL American History; The Woman's College BOHANNC LLOYD P.E.; Georg a uthern, B.S BEATY, DAISY B. Typing | and I Mercer University, B.S BURDETT, MICHAEL G Biology and Physical Scien CHAPMAN, MADGE Ww. English; Mercer University, B.A. CHILDS, NINA COPELAND, DEMARIS C. English and French, French Club; For B.S. t Valley State, Atlanta University, CROWE, CHARLES W. American Government; Mercer University, University of Georgia, A.B. CLAUDE D. Ja A M University, B.S. DAVIS, Typing |: Flori DU RKEE, HARRIETT M. Art: Florida State Unive FLOYD, ROBERT Biolo sy: Mercer University A.B.: Key Club. GREENE, ROGER O. Distributive Education; Georgia Tech, Mercer GRAVES, DAVID Band and Gen eral Music; University of Georgia, B.M. HENDERSON, BILLY P.E.; University ia, B.S.; Ram Club. f Geora HOOKS, THOMAS JAMES Enalish and German: Mercer University, A.B.; Beta Club. HUTCHERSON, MARTHA O. Librarian; Wesleyan College, Emory University, A.B.; Library Club. JOYNER, JERRY L. Industrial Arts: University of Georgia, B.S. WINDTUAM, inde Bookkeepin »neral Business, Typing |; Georgia College A.B.; F Bl A. A rt i at Milledgeville, Faculty KERSEY, LAURA kkeer a2 Wibead CARTER K. Auburr LAMBACK, MARY Hine Secretary 7.A.E Ss. LITTLEFIELD, JIM LOWERANCE, DAWN ) and | MARTIN, LIDIA Spanish | and We MOORE, JACQUELYN ELDER Secretary of Assistant Principal. PRIDG EON, LEONARD I. BS M.Ed, RAMEY, LARRY J. American Hist ry W rld Ge graphy; A.B. ROGERS, JERRY HOWARD English: Mercer University, B.A.; Literary Club SHERWOOD, CAROLYN English; Woman lege, B.S SHOUPPE, WILEY P. Math Club 1, MARY P. State History Mercer SMITt anton Ramscott Advisor SMITH, PATRICA Cateteria Mar THOMPSON, BOB P.E - University y$ Tannes WATERS, JOHNNY P.E.; Georgia Southern College, B.S. WATSON, BARBARA ANN English and Drama and Journalism; Advisor A.B.; Rampage WATSON, HAROLD L. JR. Advanced Math and Algebra; Mercer Student Cour Advisor. WILDER, NORWOOD E. DCT: Georgia Southwestern, Georgia Southern, B.A.; Vica Club. WHITAKER, = apni J Patan h- Mercer U r - State n Club and Ser oni aia WINDHAM, FRAKLIN D. Driver Education; Berry College, Georgia Southern, B.S.; Safe Teen Club. ww THE PEOPLE Class of '69 yy ’ — by eam i veh Ny - were . i a OO Syd Presidents: Bruce Crowe, Cheryl Spell t e Secretaries: Ander Horne, Pat Amos Vice Presidents: Patsy Clark, Bobby Hayslip Susan Allen Pat Amos Deborah Anderson Shirley Archer Cherie Arnold Myra Arnold Pam Attaway Brenda Austin Ann Baggs Raydell Barr Gwen Bass Deborah Bassett Shirley Bassett Shelia Batts Donna Bickley Kathy Bilderback Linda Bittner Ann Boothe Carol Bostick Janis Bradfield Elizabeth Bramblett Annette Brantley Brenda Breland Naomi Brewer Seniors Win Stunt Nite! Cathy Brittian Penny Brooks Brenda Bruce Linda Burgamy Phyllis Burnes Karen Burnett Debra Cameron Kay Cannady Brenda Cannon Sharon Carter Ann Chaffin Pat Childers Judy Chitwood Susan Claney Patsy Clark Barbara Cohen Cathy Cox Theresa Cox Judy Crenshaw Xavia Crissey Glenda Daniel Jackie Davis Diane Davis Elaine Deal Cathy Dixon Virginia Dixon Kathy Dominy Leslie Drum Gladys Edwards Betty Ellis Gloria English Sheryl Ennis Debbie Epting Elaine Evans Sharon Farnsworth Glynis Fields Sarah Folds Anita Foster Crystal Fountain Donna Fowler Valerie Funck Cathy Garnto Debra Gillis Pat Glover Debbye Gonzalez JoAnn Goodwin Brenda Grant Nita Gray Dianne Greenway Judy Griffin Rhonda Griggs Linda Grimes Alice Gwinn Wanda Hallman Nancy Hare Pam Harrell Harriet Hartley Jill Heath Sharon Hightower Wanda Hill Lawanna Holder Cindy Holland Pam Holloway Nannette Hooks Vicki Horne Sarah Hughes Paulette Hulette Donna Jackson Michelle Jerkins Gloria Jones Judy Josey Rhonda Kerr Carol King Judy King Sharon King Laverne Kitchens Marie Kitchens Becky Lanford Linda Langley Carol Lannon Linda Lee Freda Lewis Teresa Lord Brenda Lowery The Privileged! Janice Mackey Ellen Mann Susan Manning Diane Marshall DeJuan Martin Kathryn McElmurray Cheryl McGraw Dianne Meeks Lynn Metts Chrissey Miles Gayle Milford Pat Mills Jackie Mize Patricia Moncrief Lyn Moore Linda Moore Lula Moore Patsy Morrison Pat Moye Janice Mullinix Wynoka Myers Sandra Norris Valorie Norris Carol Parham Dana Parker Sylvia Parks Anne Partridge Jacque Patterson Carol Peavy Kris Perry Vicky Phelps Doris Phillips Patsy Pippin Ramona Pope Carol Potter Marsha Powell Gloria Price Patsy Price Debra Pritchett Miriam Purser Melonie Raley Carolyn Rasmussen Wanda Rawls Debbie Register Laketa Ritch Carolyn Robertson Roxanne Robertson Patricia Rogers Cathy Rowe Latrell Rowell Cathy Sanders Jill Self Debra Shaw Nancy Shed Joy Sheppard Joy Simpson Theresa Skinner Gerri Slocumb Brenda Smith Kim Smith Chery! Spell Linda Stallings Joyce Stephens Cathie Stevens Molly Stewart Susan Stickne Becky Suddeth Gail Sutton Vickie Swain Brenda Thames Brenda Theiss Elaine Thigpen Melba Thistlewood Brenda Thomas Joyce Tucker Lynn Tyson Judy Underwood Janice Ussery Gwen Vinson Susan Waddell Claris Waltman Janice Walsh Becky Watson Teresia Wester Shelia White Mae Williams Caro! Williams Linda Williams Mary Anne Williams Elaine Williams Faith Willoughby Gail Wood Tommie Dee Wood Becky Woodruff Gwendolyn Woolfork Sheila Worrell Barry Adams Duffy Addleton Larry Arnold Tony Baird Randy Bates Billy Beale Phil Bell Phillip Bellury Ricky Blalock Tim Braswell Larry Britt Lamar Brown Billy Browning Bud Bowen Randy Buffington Kenny Burnett Terry Busbee Elmer Butler Vince Caldwell Allen Cameron Earl Carmichael Wayne Carter Bo Causey Andy Chapman Terry Chapman Billy Christy Jimmy Clanton Ronald Colbert Jerry Coleman Phil Coleman Ray Cooper Johnny Courson Ronnie Crosby Donnie Cross Bruce Crowe James Cruz Dewey Davis Johnny Davis Sammy Davis Neil Deese Morty Denham Dery! Dent Ricky Deriso Jerry Dixon David Doss David Dowd Steve Drawhorn Barry Duggan John Dunn John Du Pree Andy Durden Berry Edge Don Edwards C. W. Eldridge Rex Ellington Wayne Ellis Charles Evans Joe Ezell Dennis Fitzpatrick Walter Fitzpatrick Randy Fiveash Ray Fiveash Wayne Flanders Herbert Ford Robert Ford Donnie Fussell Russel Gay Manwell Germany Billy Gilbert Wayne Goforth Reid Goodman John Goodner Tommy Graham Earl Grant Phil Greene David Grinstead Mike Guilmette Freddy Hall Ronnie Hammond Kenny Hargrove Steve Harr Leon Harris Leonard Hart Terry Harvil Randy Hasty Bobby Hayslip Tyrone Hicks Glenn Hiqginbotham Harvey Hill James Holmes Mike Hooks Ander Horne David Hudson Jim Huling Mike Huling Jerry Hunnicut Van Hunter Billy Inman Donnie Jackson Eddie Jarriel Kenneth Jones Roger Jones Greg Kendrick Albert King James Kinkead Kenneth Kitchens Danny Knight Ted Livingston Steve Martin Deen Mathews Tommy McAdams Larry McCollum Scott McCook Jack McGraw Jimmy McHugh Jimmy Meadows Robert Mercer Richard Merchant Darrell Merritt Michael Mims Calvin Minchew Johnny Mitchell Gerry Monroe Buddy Moore Larry Moore Wayne Moore John Moorman Jimmy Mosely Robert Mosely Terry Mullis Billy NeSmith == Mik in ike Odom So ; at iad ey” - “ABdomeiae Mike Odom Bruce O'Neal Eddie Osborn Kenny Pancake Steve Patat Wayne Peebles David Peed Eddie Percival Harold Perry Larry Peterson Mike Pettis Mike Pinholster Terry Poulnott David Powell Roger Powell Charles Price Johnny Pryor Mike Pyles John Reid Robert Rhodes Henry Robertson Robert Robinson David Rumph Lindell Saloom Terry Sark Mike Scott Joey Sequin Johnny Sharpless David Skipper George Slappey Lynn Smith Mark Smith Ralph Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Andy Spires Morris Starley Carl Stewart Sammy Storey Jim Stuckey Tyrone Tapley Richard Taylor Clay Thames James Thigpen Andy Thomas Rickey Thomas Al Thrasher Roger Tinker Roger Trask Mike Tucker Eddy Vance Ricky Waites Ricky Wasden Larry West Mike Wheeler John Whitehead John Whitehurst Randy Wilkes Bean Wilkinson Randy Willingham Charles Willis Mike Wolff A. W. Wright Johnny Yates ALLEN, SUSAN LEE Susan Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Y-Teens 8-9; Beta 11-12; Band 11-12, Band Council 10-12, Squad Leader 10-12. AMOS, PATRICIA LOUISE Pat 4-H 8-12, President 11-12; Senior Dra- matics 10-12, Vice President 12; Superlative 9; Student Council 10-12; Sup. President 10-12; Junior Class Director; Senior Class Secretary; Superlative 12; Stunt Night 11-12. ANDERSON, DEBORAH ANN Deborah Sup. President 8; FHA 8-9; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Math Club 10-11; Beta 11-12. ARCHER, SHIRLEY ANNETTE Shirley Y-Teens 9-10, Sports Chairman 10; Student Council 10-12; Sup. President 10; Treasurer 10; Secretary 12; Of- fice Monitor 12; Gym Day 9-12; Homecoming Court 12. ARNOLD, CHERIE Cherie Band 8-9; Y-Teens 10-12; Band Club 8-9; Perfect Attendance II. ARNOLD, MYRA JOY Myra Sup. President 11; Secretary Choral Council 11, President Choral Council 12; Varsity Chorus 12; Dress Right Committee ||. ATTAWAY, PAMELA ENNIS Pam Trans. Miller 10, Perfect Attendance 8-10; Pep Club 12. AUSTIN, BRENDA JOY Brenda Library 9; Y-Teens 10-12, Vice Presi- dent 12; French 12. BAGGS, LILLIAN ANNE Anne Math Club 10; Club 11; Annual 11-12; FHA 12. FBLA II; French Staff 12; Beta BARR, ROBBIE RAYDELL Raydie Y-Teens 8; Concert Band 8-12, Squad Leader 10-12; Senior Dramatics 12; Marching Band 9-12. BASS, GWENDOLYN LORENE Gwen Pep Club II; Volleyball 10-11; Bad- minton 11-12; Library Club 9; FBLA 10; Y-Teens 10; GAA 12. BASSETT, DEBORAH ANN Cricket Pep Club 8; 9: Superlative 9; French Club 11-12. Red Cross 8; FHA Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; 11-12, Sec. 11; Beta BASSETT, SHIRLEY ANN Shirley Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 10-11; FHA 12; GAA 12. BATTS, SHEILA Sheila Student Council 8; FHA 8; Sup. President 8: Dixie Darling 9-10; Majorette 11-12; Y-Teens il; Dra- matics 12. 182 McEvoy Senior Directory BICKLEY, DONNA Donna Trans. 12; Stunt Night 12; FHA. BILDERBACK, KATHY Kathy FBLA 10-12, Pres. II; Y-Teens 8-9; Band Club 8-12; Art Club 9; Student Council 10-12; Pres. Band Council 12; Annual Staff 9, 12. BITTNER, LINDA RAF Linda Gymnastic; GAA. BOONE, CATHERINE ELAINE Elaine BOOTHE, BUELAH ANN Ann BOSTICK, CAROL ANN Carol Chorus 9; Music Club 9; Art Club 9; FBLA 10-11. BRADFIELD, JANIS ANNE Janis Y-Teens 8-9; FHA 9; French Club 11, Vice President 12: Beta 11-12. BRAMBLETT, MARY ELIZABETH Libby Chorus Club 10. BRANTLEY, PAULA ANNETTE Brantley Vice-President Student Council 9; Executive Council Student Council 12; FHA 9; Sup. President II; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12. BRELAND, BRENDA MAE Brenda Gymnastics 9; FBLA I]. BREWER, NAOMI ALICE Naomi FHA 12. BRITTIAN, CATHY ANNE Cathy Chorus 9; Y-Teens 10; FBLA II-12, Secretary 12; Lab Assistant 11; Red Cross 12: Bonnie Blue Print 12; Perfect Attendance 10-12. BROOKS, PENNY LEE Penny Pep Club 8-9; FHA 9; Rebelettes 10; Dixie Darlings 11-12; Spanish Club 10-11, Secretary II; Annual Staff 11. BRUCE, BRENDA JOYCE Brenda Jr. Dramatics 8; Library Club 9; Tumbling Club 10; GAA I 1-12. BURGAMY, LINDA KAY Linda Red Cross 9; Library Club 9; FTA 10; GAA 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12, President 12. BURNES, PHYLLIS AUDREY Phyllis GAA I1; Stunt Night 10. BURNETT, KAREN MARIE Karen Pep Club 8-12, Secretary 9; Cheer- leader 9-12, Captain 12; Student Council 9, 12; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Ram Club | 1-12; Homecoming Court 12. CAMERON, DEBRA LORRAINE Debra Y-Teens 12; FHA 9, 12. CONWADY, SANDRA KAY Kay FHA 8-9, 12; GAA 12. CANNON, BRENDA FAYE Brenda FHA 8-10, 12; AMCC II; 12. Y-Teens CARTER, SHARRON YVONNE Carter Pep Club 8-10; Office Monitor 9. CHAFFIN, PATRICIA ANN Ann FHA 8-9; Red Cross 8; Library Assistant 9; Perfect Attendance 8-11. CHILDERS, PAT Pat Band 9-12; Band Council 12; Volley- ball Playday I1; Intramurals 10-12; Student Council I1I-12; Executive Council II; Pep Club 11; GAA 11-12, Secretary 12; Beta 11-12; Sergeant-at- Arms 12: Superlative 12: Editor-in- Chief of Ramscott. CHITWOOD, JUDY ANN Chitwood Perfect Attendance 8; Pep Club 8, 12; Red Cross 9; Student Council 11; ¥-Teens 12. CLANEY, SUSAN LYNN Susie Pep Club 8; Y-Teens 12. Student Council 9; CLARK, PATRICIA ANN Patsy Y-Teens 8-9; Superlative 9; Rebeletts 10; Vice-Pres. Sophomore, Junior, Senior Classes; Dixie Darling 11; Classie Lassie 11; Projects Chairman Student Council; Beta 11-12; Super- lative 12; Best Citizen 12; Ramscott Staff 12. COHEN, BARBARA MARIE Barbara FHA 8-9; Y-Teens 9-10; Red Cross 12. COX, CYNTHIA CATHERINE Cathy Y-Teens 9; Art Club 9; Band 8-12; Band Club 8-12; Band Council 12; Drum Major 12; FBLA II-12, Secre- tary Il, President 12; Book Store 11-12; Student Council 12; Ramscott Staff. COX, THERESA SHARON Theresa Transferred 11; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Art Club 12; Senior Dramatics 12. CRENSHAW, JUDY ANNE Fruity Pep Club 12; FHA 12. CRISSEY, XAVIA ELAINE Xavia 4-H 8; Chorus 8-9; Gym Day 8-10; FBLA I1; Bookstore Il; GAA 12; Perfect Attendance 8-12. DANIEL, GLENDA SUE 8-10; Chorus 8-I1; Beta DAVIS, JACQUELINE ANN Jackie Band 10-12; Secretary II, 9; Y-Teens 8. Science Club 10-12, President 12: FHA DAVIS, SHARON DIANE Diane Pep Club 8-9, 12; FHA 8: Y-Teens 12. DEAL, MABEL ELAINE Elaine Garden Club 8-9; Dramatics 9; Red Cross 10; Art Club 11-12; Library Club 11-12, Vice-President 12; Li- brary Assistant 12; Band 10-12. DIXON, CATHERINE Cathy Science Club 8; Art Club 9, Treas- urer; FBLA I1I-12, Vice-Pres. 12; Bookstore 11-12. DIXON, MARY VIRGINIA Virginia Red Cross 8; Y-Teens 9; Art Club 9, Vice-President; French Club 11, Chaplain; Ramscott Staff 12; Beta 11-12; Perfect Attendance 8-10; Gym Day 10. DOMINY, KATHY LAUALIA Kathy Y-Teens 8-10, 12; FHA 8; Dramatics 9; Office Monitor 9; Rebeletts 10; FBLA 12. DRUM, LESLIE ANN Leslie Chorus 9; FHA 10; Red Cross .12. EDWARDS, GLADYS RUTH Gladys ELLIS, BETTY LOU Betty Transferred ||. ENGLISH, GLORIA ANN Gloria FTA 8-9; 12. Y-Teens 10; Pep Club ENNIS, SHERYL JEAN Sheryl Chorus 8-9, Il; FHA 8-9; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Math Club 10, Secretary; Pep Club 12. EPTING, DEBBIE Debbie Y-Teens 9, Historian; Class Director 10; Sup. President 8, 11; FHA 9; French Club 12, Treasurer. EVANS, DORIS ELAINE Elaine Chorus 8-9; Tri-Hi-Y 8-12, Chaplain 11, Vice-President 12; Student Coun- cil 11; French Club 11; FHA 12. FRANSWORTH, SHARON KAY Sharon Sup. Volleyball and Basketball 8; FHA 8-9; Library Club 9, Vice-Presi- dent 9; GAA 11-12; Volleyball Play- day |1; Audio-Visual 12. FIELDS, GLYNIS Glynis Y-Teens 10; Audio Visual 12. FOLDS, SARAH LUEVINA Sarah Gym Day 8. FOSTER, ANITA MARIE Anita Transferred 10; Y-Teens 10; Pep Club 12; Audio Visual 12. FOUNTAIN, CRYSTAL DIANE Crystal Pep Club 8-12; Cheerleader 9, I-12, Co-Captain 12; Ram Club II-12, Secretary 11-12; Y-Teens 8-12; Beta Club I1-12, Treasurer 12; Superlative 9: Student Council Executive Council 12; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals 8-12: Badminton Intramurals 10-11. FOWLER, DONNA JEAN Donna Jr. Dramatics 9, Treasurer; Choral Council 12: FHA 10; Student Council 10. FUNK, VALERIE OLGA Valerie Pep Club 8-12, Treasu rer 9; Y-Teens 8-9, Secretary 9; Cheerleader 10-12; Student Council 10; Ram Club 11-12; Lab Assistant 11; Sr. Dramatics 11-12, Secretary 12; Office Monitor 12; Ramscott Staff 10; Bonnie Blue Print 12: Intramurals 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Homecoming Court 12. GARNTO, CATHY LYNETTE Cathy Perfect Attendance 10-12; FBLA II; Bookstore 11; Red Cross 12. GIBSON, BEVERLY HELEN Beverly Transferred 12. GILLIS, DEBRA GAY Gillis Dixie Darlings 8-10, Captain 10; Majorettes I1-12, Captain 11-12; Science Club 8-I1, President 9, II; Student Council 8-!1; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Willingham-McEvoy Note- book 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Senior Dramatics 12. GLOVER, SARAH PATRICIA Pat FHA 8-I1, Parliamentarian 9, Honor Roll Chairman I1; Student Council 10, 12; GAA 11-12: Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Director. GONZALEZ, DEBORAH LYNN Debbye Transferred 11; Chorus 8; FHA 9-10; Pep Club 12; Red Cross 10. GOODWIN, BRENDA JoANN Jodi Gym Day 8-9; Y-Teens 8-9; Pep Club 11-12, Secretary 12; Art Club 11-12; FHA 10. GRAY, JUNAITA MARIE Nita Jr. Dramatics 9; FHA 10-12; Choral Council 11, Treasurer. GREENWAY, MARJORIE DIANNE Dianne FHA 8: Y-Teens 9; Student Council 9, 11; FBLA II. GRIFFIN, JUDY DONITA Griffin FHA 8-9; Student Council II. GRIGGS, RHONDA ADECIA Rhonda FHA 8-9, President 9; 10; Student Council 9. Pep Club GRIMES, LINDA DIANN Linda Perfect Attendance 8-9. GUINN, ALICE CORRINNE Alice FHA 9; Dixie Darlings Dramatics 12. 11-12; Sr. GRANT, BRENDA Brenda Y-Teens 12. HALLMAN, WANDA FAITH Wanda Pep Club 8, 12; Band Club 9; FHA 9-12, Treasurer 12; Band 10-12; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12. HARE, NANCY JILL Nancy FHA 8-9, Reporter 9; Band Club 8-10; Band Council 12; Band 8-12; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Ramscott 12; U. of Georgia Merit II. HARRELL, PAMELA SUSAN Pam FHA 8: Art Club 9; Library Club o, HARTLEY, HARRIET E. Harriet Garden Club 8; Gym Day 9; Art Club 9-12, Vice-President 12; Biology Assistant 11; Ramscott Staff 12. HEATH, JACQUELYN JILL Jill Pep Club 8-10, 12; Red Cross 8, 10; Y-Teens 8-9, 12; FBLA II. HIGHTOWER, SHARON COLLEEN Sharon FHA 8, 10, 12; GAA 12; Y-Teens 9. HILL, WANDA FAYE Wanda Beta 11-12; FHA 9-10; Red Cross 10; Lab Assistant II. HOLDER, LAWANNA KAY Lawanna Band 8-10; Band Club 8; FHA 8-9; FBLA 11-12. HOLLAND, CINDY MAGDALENE Cindy Transferred 9; FBLA I1-12; French Club 11; Bookstore 11; Chorus II. HOLLOWAY, PAMELA JOY Pam Volleyball Intramurals 9-10. HOOKS, NANNETTE STEPHEN Nannette Chorus 8-11; Mellodettes 10-11; Mu- sic Club II. HORNE, VICKI LYNN Vicki Pep Club 8, Treasurer 8; FHA 8-10, 12, Secretary 9; All State Chorus 9; Student Council 8-9, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; Dixie Darlings 9-12; Willing- ham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Ramscott Staff 11; Dramatics Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12. HUGHES, SARAH GRACE Gracie Sup. President 9. HULETTE, PAULETTE Paulette FHA 9. JACKSON, DONNA KAY Donna Science Club 8-9; FHA 8, Red Cross 10. 11-12; JERKINS, JULIA MICHELLE Michelle FHA 8-10; Pep Club 8; Y-Teens 8; Dramatics 11-12. JOSEY, JUDY KAREN Josey FTA 8; Library Club 9, 11-12, Pro- gram Chairman II, President 12; GAA 12; Ramscoftt Staff 12. KERR, RHONDA JOYCE Rhonda Y-Teens 8-9; Annual Staff 9; Rebel- ettes 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; FHA 12; Sup. President 12. KING, CAROL ELIZABETH Carol FHA 9; French Club 11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Y-Teens 8. KING, JUDITH LYNNE Judy Transferred 10; Red Cross 10; FTA 10-12, President 12; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Audio Visual 12; Student Council 12. KING, SHARON LYNN Sharon FTA 8-12, Secretary 9, Secretary- Treasurer 12; Junior Newsletter 9; Red Cross I1; Bonnie Blue Print 12; FHA 12; Beta 12. KITCHENS, LAVERNE JOYCE Laverne Library Club 9. KITCHENS, MARIE ANNA Marie Band 9; Band Club 9; Garden Club 9; Y-Teens 11; Pep Club 12; FBLA 12; Gym Day 10-12. LANFORD, REBECCA FRANCES Becky FBLA 10; Pep Club 8. LANGLEY, LINDA F. Linda FBLA I1; Bookstore II. LANNON, CAROL ELIZABETH Carol Pep Club 8; FHA 9; Tri-Hi-Y I1-12; French Club I1I-12, Treasurer 12; Bonnie Blue Print 12. LEE, LINDA ANN Linda Chorus 8; Librarian ||; Office Moni- tor 12; French Club I1; Pep Club 12; Student Council 11-12, Executive Council 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12, President 11-12; Annual Staff 11-12. LEWIS, FREDA MARLEEN Freda Y-Teens 8, 10; Library Club 8-9; French Club I 1; Librarian 9. LORD, TERESA LOUISE Teresa FBLA 10, 12; Garden Club 8. LOWERY, BRENDA GAIL Brenda Band Club 9; French Club 10. MACKEY, JANICE DIANNE Janice FBLA 10-11; Chorus I1; FHA 12; Y-Teens 12. MANN, ELLEN ELIZABETH Ellen MANNING, SUSAN Susan Pep Club 8-12; Student Council 8, II; President Pep Club 9; Cheer- leader 9; Sophomore Class Director; Dixie Darlings 11-12; Junior Class President; Homecoming Court 12. MARSHALL, BRENDIA DIANE Diane FHA 8; Treasurer Student Council 9; Pep Club 9; Cheerleader 9-10; Sup. President 10; Red Cross |1-12, Vice President 12. MARTIN, DeJUAN DeJuan Gymnastics 9; Tumbling 10; GAA II. McELMURRAY, KATHRYN MELISSA Kathryn Y-Teens 8, 12; Library Club 9-10; Pep Club 12; Sup. President 12. McGRAW, CHERYL KAY Cheryl FHA 8; Dixie Darling 9-12, Captain 11-12; Science Club I1-12, Vice-Pres. 12; Ramclub 10; Lab Assistant II. MEEKS, WANDA DIANNE Dianne GAA I|1-12; FBLA 12; 8-12. Gym Day METTS, SHARON LYNN Lynn Y-Teens 8; Dixie Darlings 9-12; Rams- cott Staff 11; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Sr. Dramatics 12. MILES, CHRISTELL CHARLOTTE Chrissy Y-Teens 8-11, Treasurer 8; Band Club 9, President; Band 9-10; Student Council 9; Sr. Dramatics 12. MILFORD, LINDA GAYLE Gayle Pep Club 9% 12; Tri-Hi-Y Art 8; Auto Visual 12. 10-12; MILLS, PATRICIA ANN Pat Chorus 8, 10-12; Tri-Hi-Y I1; Sup. Pres. 12; Choral Council 12; Pep Club 8-9. MIZE, JACQUELYN Mize Y-Teens 8-9; Sr. Dramatics 10-12, President 12; Student Council I-12, Executive Council I1; Beta 11-12, Secretary 12; Pep Club I1-12; Rams- cott 12; Governor's Honors 12; In- tramurals 10; Gym Day 10; Citizen- ship Seminar 10. MONCRIEF, PATRICIA ELAINE Pat Transferred 10; Club 12. Y-Teens 12; Pep MOORE, JACKIE LYN Lyn FHA 8-12, Treasurer 9, Secretary 11, President 12; Dixie Darling 8-10; Majorette I1; Pep Club 8; Tri-Hi-Y 10-11; Gym Day 9; Bonnie Blue Print 12; McEvoy-Willingham Note- book 12. MORE, LULA ELOISE Lulu Red Cross 10-11; FHA 9-10; French Club II. MORRISON, PATSY ARLENE Patsy Red Cross II. MOYE, MARY PATRICIA Pat Pep Club 8-9; Y-Teens 8; Band 9-12; Band Club 8-12; GAA II-12; FHA 8; Sup. Volleyball 8. 183 MULLINIX, JANICE LEE Janice Y-Teens 8-10, President 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Band 9-12; Beta 11-12; Rams- cott Staff 12: Student Council 9; French Club 12. MYERS, MARY WYNOKA Nokie Chorus 8; FHA 9-10; Y-Teens 9-10; FBLA 11-12; -Sup. Volleyball and Bas- ketball. NORIS, VALORIE JUNE Valorie Library Club 9, Pres. 9; French Club 11; Perfect Attendance 8-12; Dramatics Club 12; Gym Day 9; Badminton Intramurals 10; Beta II- 12, Vice-Pres. 12. PARHAM, CAROL MARIE Carol FHA 8-9; Perfect Attendance 8; Pep Club 8-10; Dixie Darlings 8-10; Sup. Volleyball 8. PARKER, DANA ANECE Dana Pep Club 8, 10; Red Cross 8; FHA 9; Sophomore Class Director; Sup. President !1; Junior Class Di- rector; Senior Class Director; Sr. Dramatics 11-12. PARKS, SYLVIA ELAINE Sylvia Transferred 9; FHA 9; Science Club 10; Band 9-10; French Club 12. PARTEN, JUDY CAROL Judy Transferred 12; FBLA 12. PARTRIDGE, BARBARA ANNE Anne PATTERSON, JACQUELINE JANETT Jacque Gymnastics 8-9, II: Y-Teens 12. Dramatics 10; PEAVY, CAROL ANN Carol Library Club 9; Spanish Club 10; Y-Teens I1; Perfect Attendance 8, 10; Lunchroom Worker 12. PERRY, KRISTEN SUE Kris Y-Teens 8, President; Y-Teens 9; Band 8-9; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Student Council 8. PHELPS, VICKY ELIZABETH Vicky Y-Teens 8-10; Sup. President 9. PHILLIPS, DORIS ELIZABETH Doris Transferred 9; Dramatics 9; FHA 9; Art Club 10-12; Pep Club 11; President Art Club 12; FHA 12. PIPPIN, PATRICIA ANN Patsy FHA 8-9; GAA II; Pep Club II; Library Club 9. POPE, MARY HELEN Hazel Newsletter 9; Bonnie Gardeners 8; Gym Day 9; AMCC 12. POPE, RAMONA ELLEN Ramona FHA 8; Y-Teens 9-10; Red Cross 8-9, |1-12, Pres. 12; GAA 11-12; Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Staff 11; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Office Monitor 9, 12; Lab Assistant II; Intramurals 10-12; Gym Day 10-11; Play Day II. 184 POTTER, CAROL ANN Carol FHA 8, II-I12; Audio Visual 9; Gym Day 8-12; Sup. Basketball 10; Basketball Intramurals 11-12; Sup. Vice-Pres. 10. POWELL, MARSHA FRAN Marsha Pep Club 8; Junior Newsletter 9; FTA 9; FHA 10-12, Parliamentar- ian-Historian 12; GAA 11-12; Rams- cott Staff Il; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Gym Day 9; Beta 12. PRICE, GLORIA JANE Shorty Art Club 9. PRICE, PATRICIA ANN Patsy Red Cross 9; Chorus 9-12. PRITCHETT, DEBRA RUTH Debra Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Editor 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Beta 11-12; Y-Teens 8; French Club 10-11; Rams- cott Staff 10; Jr. High Annual Staff 9; Student Council 12. PURSER, MIRIAM JULIA Miriam Chorus 9; FHA 12. RALEY, MELONIE CHERYL Melonie Y-Teens 8-9, Treasurer 9; Dramatics 10-12; Rebeletts 10; Pep Club 11-12; Student Council 1-12, Program Chairman II; Beta I1-12, President 12; Ramscott Staff 11-12. RASMUSSEN, CAROLYN ANN Carolyn Perfect Attendance 8-11; Audio Vis- ual 9; FBLA I 1; Bookstore II. RAWLS, WANDA JEAN Wanda Art Club 9, I1-12; Library Club 9, Historian; French Club 11-12. REGISTER, DEBORAH JEAN Debbie Jr. Newsletter 8; Jr. Dramatics 8; Red Cross 9; Beta 9, 12, Secretary 9; FTA 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; French Club 12. RITCH, LaKETA JUNE LaKeta Transferred |1; Perfect Attendance 10-11; Lunchroom Assistant | 1-12. ROBERTSON, CAROLYN MARGARET Carolyn Pep Club 8-12; Y-Teens 8-9; FHA 8; Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Staff 11; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 2. ROBERTSON, SUSAN ROXANNE Roxanne FTA 9. ROGERS, PATRICIA LOUISE Tricia Transferred 9; Library Club 9; Gym Dy 9; Y-Teens 10-12, Publicity Chairman 12; French Club I. ROWE, CATHY MADELINE Cathy Y-Teens 8-11, ICC Representative 9-10; Pep Club 8; Dramatics 12. ROWELL, LATRELL Latrell Art Club 8; 4-H 9-I1, Vice-Pres. 10; Tumbling Club 10; Gym Day 8-12; GAA 12; Library Club 12; Library Assistant I 1-12. SANDERS, MARY CATHERINE Cathy FHA 9; Student Council 9: French Club I1-12, Pres. 12; Beta J1-12; Student Council 12. SANDERS, JANICE VERONICA Jan FHA 8; Tumbling 8-l1; Y-Teens 9. and Gymnastics SELF, ALERA JILL Jill Y-Teens 8-9, Projects Chairman 9; Band Club 9-12; Squad Leader 10-12; Jr. Class Director; Student Council 8-10, President 12; Leading Lassie 12; Classie Lassie I 1. SHAW, DEBRA LORRAINE Debra Y-Teens 8-9; FHA 8-9; Sr. Dramatics 12; Classie Lassie II. SHED, NANCEY ELAINE Nancey SHEPPARD, JOY UNA Joy Student Council 8-9; Sup. President 8; Office Monitor 9; Gymnastics 10-11; FHA II. SIMPSON, JOY SUE Joy Y-Teens 9; Chorus 9, 11; MecWill Staff 9; Gym Day 9; Red Cross Hes SKINNERS, THERESA ELAINE Theresa Library Assistant 10-12; Library Club 11-12; GAA 12; Gym Day 8-12; Perfect Attendance 8-10; Science Club Il; 4-H 8, 10-11; Tumbling Club 10-12. SLOCUMB, GERALDINE Gerry Transferred 11; GAA 12; Gym Day II-12; 11-12; Student Council 12. 11-12, Pres. Intramurals SMITH, BRENDA JEAN Brenda Chorus | 1-12; 10-11. Perfect Attendance SMITH, REBA KIMBERLY Kim Transferred 12; Anchor Club 10; Art Club 10; Keyettes 10; Flying Club 11; Band II. SPELL, CHERYL ANNE Spell Transferred 9; Sophomore Class Pres- ident; Vice-President Student Council 11; Pep Club 11; Senior Class Presi- dent; GAA 12; Gym Day 10-12; Superlative 12. STALLINGS, LINDA DARLENE Linda Pep Club 11-12; Badminton Intramu- rals 9. STEPHENS, BETTY JOYCE Joyce Y-Teens 10; Spanish Club 10; Beta 12. STEVENS, CATHIE ELAINE Stevens 4-H 8; Band Club 8-10; Band 8-12, Squad Leader 12; Science Club II; FBLA 12; Lunchroom Assistant 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Band Council 12. STEWART, MOLLY ANN Molly Jr. Dramatics 8; FHA 8; Cheerleader 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; Ram Club 11-12. STICKNEY, MARJORIE SUSAN Susan SUDDETH, BECKY H. Becky FBLA 11; Bookstore II. SUTTON, WANDA GAIL Gail FHA 8; ¥-Teens 9-10; French Club 11; Beta Club 11-12; Student Council 11-12; Ramscott Staff 11-12: Intra- murals. SWAIN, VICKY MARIE Vicky FHA 12. THAMES, BRENDA SUE Brenda Science Club 8; FHA 9; Pep Club 9; GAA 11-12; Gym Day 10-12. THEISS, DOROTHY BRENDA B. T. FHA 9: Y-Teens 10; Chorus II; Red Cross 11; FBLA I1!; Bookstore 11; Red Cross 12. THIGPIN, ELAINE C. Laine Y-Teens 8-9; Sup. Volleyball 9-10; FHA 10; GAA 11-12; Rebelettes il. THISTLEWOOD, MELBA MONTIEY Melba Office Monitor 8-9; Red Cross 11-12; Il; Beta 12. FBLA 10-12; Ramscott Staff THOMAS, BRENDA ANN Brenda Y-Teens 9; Sup. Volleyball 8-9; Sup. Basketball 8-9; FHA 12; Y-Teens 12: TUCHER, JOYCE ELAINE JT FHA 8-9; Jr. Dramatics 8-9; Office Monitor 9; Perfect Attendance 9; Pep Club 10; Tumbling Club 10-12; Library Assistant 10; Gym Day 11. TYSON, LYNN ANNETTE Lynn 4-H 8; Red Cross 9, Secretary; Play Day II; FTA 10; GAA II; Spanish Club 11; Spanish Club 12, Vice-Pres. 12. a JUDITH REBECCA udi Pep Club 8-9; FHA 9; Chorus 10-I1; Mellodettes 10-11; All-State Chorus 10; French Club 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. USSERY, JANICE SHARON Ursh Y-Teens 8-9; Pep Club 12; Ramscott Staff 12. VINSON, GWENDOLYN Gwen Red Cross 9; Jr. Newsletter 9; French Club 11-12; French Club, Secretary 12; Gym Day II. WADDELL, VICKIE SUSAN Susan Red Cross 8-9, President 9; Music Club 10; FBLA 11-12; Chorus 9-12. WALTMAN, CLARIS ANN Claris Spanish Club 9; Y-Teens 10; Library Club 10; Chorus 10-11; FBLA 11-12, Treasurer 12; Red Cross 12. WALSH, JANICE SHARLEEN Janice Library Club 9; Art Club 11-12. WATSON, REBECCA ANNE Becky Science Club 9; Music Club 10; Art Club II; Y-Teens 12; Lunchroom Assistant 10-12. WESTER, TERESIA ELAINE Teresia FHA 10-12; Ramscott Staff 12. ADAMS, BARRY Barry Football 8, 10; Pep Club II; Hi-Y 11, Treasurer. ADDLETON, OTTIS DUFFY III Duffy Red Cross 9; Spanish Club 10, ARNOLD, LARRY Larry Agriculture 8-11; A-V 9. BAIRD, ANTHONY LEE Tony Spanish 10-11. BATES, GEORGE RANDALL Randy Football 8, 9; Track 8, 9; DECA II, 12. BEALE, BILLY JENNINGS Billy Key Club 10, II, 12, Parliamentarian 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Ram Club 11, 12; Rampage Staff 11, 12, Sports Editor 12: Beta Club 9, 12; Football 8-12; Basketball 8-12; Baseball 8-12; Student Council 8, 9, President 9. BELL, bh toa! MAREUS Phi Key Club 10-12; Beta Club 9, 12; Debating Team 10-12; Literary Club 12; Rampage Staff, Columnist 11-12; Tween Teens 11-12; Co-Editor 11-12; Governor's Honor's Program—Semi- finalist; Drama Club 10-12; Math Club 12; French Club 11-12. BELLURY, PHILLIP ROB Phillip Student Council 10; Civitan Club 10-12; Ram Club 11-12; French 10; Business Staff 12; Tennis Team 10-12. BLALOCK, JOHN RICHARD Ricky Hi-Y Club 9; Pep Club 12. BOWEN, JAMES MILTON Bud Soph. Class Secretary; French Club 10; Parliamentarian; Vica Club 12. BRASWELL, TIMOTHY EDWARD Stroke Spanish Club 10. BRITT, GEORGE LAWRENCE Larry Football 8-10; Track 9; Wrestling 8-9; Civitan 10-12; Vica Club 12; Treasurer; Spanish I1; Student Coun- cil 9, 10; Jr. Class Cab. II. WHITE, SHEILA ANN Sheila GAA 11-12, Publicity Chairman 12; Gym Day 9-12; Y-Teens 9-10; FHA 8; Perfect Attendance 9-12; Bibb County Physical Fitness Award II; Pep Club 12. WILLIAMS, BEULAH MAE Mae Band 10-11. WILLIAMS, CAROL ANN Carol Transferred 12. WILLIAMS, LINDA FAYE Linda FHA 9; Sup. Pres. 10; FBLA 10-11; Y-Teens 12. WILLIAMS, MARY ANNE Mary Anne Band 9; Band Club 9; Pep Club 9; FBLA 10-11; Chorus 10-11; FHA 12; Y-Teens 12. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA ELAINE Elaine Band 8-9; FTA 8-9, President 9; Office Monitor 9; Rebelettes 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Student Council 9; Band Club 8-9. WILLOUGHBY, CHARLOTTE FAITH Faith Band 8-10; Superlative 9; Sophomore Class Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y 11-12; Ramscott Staff 12; Sup. Pres. 12; Student Council 12; Beta 12. WOOD, DRUCIE GAIL Gail FHA 8-9; Y-Teens 9-10; GAA II-12; Willingham Senior Directory BROWN, LAMAR Lamar Football 10; Club 12. AV Club Il; Pep BROWNING, ROBERT WILLARD Billy Key Club 10-12; (Pres. 12); Beta Club 12; Literary Club 12; Spanish Club II, Pres; Tennis 10-12; Me- Evoy-Willingham Notebook 12; Rampage Staff I!, 12, Circulation Manager 12; Ram Club II. BUFFINGTON, RANDY GARLAND Randy BURNETT, KENNETH MICHAEL Kenneth Soph. Class Cabinet; Football 8-12; Wrestling 8-11; Track 8-10; Basketball 9, BUSBEE, TERRY FRED Terry Spanish Club 11; DECA 12. BUTLER, MALDOLIN ELMERT JR. Elmer CALDWELL, VINCE Industrial, Arts 8, 9; Wrestling 10; Gymnastics 10. CAMERON, LOUIE ALLEN Red Cross 8-11; Spanish Club 10-11; Chess Club 10; Track 11,12. CARMICHAEL, EARL CARTER, M. WAYNE Wayne DECA 11, 12. CAUSY, WILLIAM J. Bo Spanish II. CHAPMAN, ANDY DECA 12; A-V. CHAPMAN, TERRY Football 8; VICA 12. CH yt. WILLIAM ALBERT III Billy Red Cross 9-I1; Treas. 9-11; Science 12; Track Manager 8-12. CLANTON, JIMMY Baseball 9-12; Ram Club II, 12; Spanish Club 10-11; Student Council 8. COLBERT, RONALD A. Ronald Football 8; Track 9, 10, 1t; Gymnastics II. 10; Spanish COLEMAN, JERRY WAYNE Jerry Gymnastics 8-10; Spanish Club II; Basketball 9; Football 9. COLEMAN, WILLIAM PHILLIP Phil A-V Club; Chess Club. COOPER, HARVEY RAY Ray DECA 12; Gymnastics 10; Wrestling 8, 9. COURSON, JOHN LARRY Johnny CROSBY, RONNIE Ronnie CROSS, DONALD WAYNE Donnie Football 8-10; Wrestling 8-10; Junior Class Cabinet; Student Council 10- 12: Civitan. CROWE, BRUCE DOUGLAS Bruce Civitan Club 10-12; Sec. 10, Sgt. at Arms 12; Spanish Club 10-11; A-V Club II, 12; Student Council 11, 12; Pres. Jr. Class; Pres. Sr. Class; Ram Club I1, 12; Football 8-12. CRUMP, RALPH EUGENE Gene Football 8-12; Basketball 8-12; Track 8-10; Ram Club I1, 12; Pep Club 8-11; Student Council 9, 11; Baseball 8, 9. CRUZ, JAMES MICHAEL Jb. Band 9-12; Student Council 9-12. DAVIS, DEWEY JR. Dewey Football 8, 9, 12; Baseball 8-10; Basketball 10, 11; Spanish Club II; Ram Club 12; Pep Club 12. DAVIS, JOHN EDWARD John DAVIS, SAMUEL Sammy Football 8-10; Track 8-10; Wrestling 8-10; FBLA 12. DEESE, NEIL FREEMAN Neil Student Council 10, 12; Red Cross 11; Spanish 11; Pep Club 12; Annual Staff 12. DENHAM, ALFRED E. Morty Football 8-10; Wrestling 8, 9; Track Beta I1-12; Ramscott Staff 12; Red Cross 12: Gym Day 9-12; Intramurals 10-12. WOOD, TOMMIE DEE Tommie Dee Chorus 8-I1; All State Chorus 10; Chorus Pres. I1; Pep Club 10-11; FHA 12; Secterary Junior Class; Sen- ior Class Director; Sup. Pres. 10. WOOLFOLK, GEWENDOLYN Gwen Transferred 10; Teens 10-12. Chorus 10-I1; Y- WORRELL, SHEILA ANNE Sheila Band Club 8; Y-Teens 8-9; FHA 8-l1; Beta I1-12; Ramscott Staff It; Office Monitor 12: French Club 12; Homecoming Court 12. 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Red Cross 10: Student Council 9, I1; Civitan 10-12; A-V 10, 11; Ram Club 10-12; Pep Club 10, 11; Ramscott Staff 12. DENT, DERYL ALAN Dery! Industrial Arts 8; Gymnastics 8. DERISO, RICHARD BRUCE Ricky Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-11; Tennis 9-12; Civitan 10-12. DIXON, GERALD WAYNE Jerry Spanish Club 10; A-V 10; Library Club 12; Civitan 10-12, Chaplain!2. DOSS, DAVID David Football 9-12; Basketball 8, 9; Civitan Club; Track 8-10; Ram Club. DOWD, DAVID LESTER David Student Council 8; Senior Class Cabinet; Annual Staff 12; Math Club 12: Beta Club 12; Rampage Staff 12. DRAWHORN, ROY STEVE Steve DECA I}, 12; Parliamentarian 12. DUGGAN, BARRY Barry Basketball 9: DECA 12; Red Cross 11; Pep Club 10. DUNN, JOHN ERIC John Beta Club 9, 12; Spanish Club 10, Il; Annual Staff 11, 12; Class Sec- tion Editor 12; Rampage Staff II, 12, Managing Editor 12. DUPREE, JOHN HENRY John Industrial Arts 9; Science Club II, 12; Parliamentarian 12. DURDEN, ANDREW CAPPS II! Andy Civitan 11, 12; French Il, 12; Presi- dent 12; Baseball 8-12; Basketball 8, 9; Student Council 10; Soph. Class Treas.; Senior Class Treas. EDGE, BERRY NOLAN Berry Basketball 8. EDWARDS, DON Don Spanish 10; Red Cross 8. ELDRIDGE, CLARENCE WILLINGHAM JR. Cc. W. Track 8; Civitan 10; Soph. Cabinet: Student Council Il. Class ELLINGTON, ALAN REX Rex Spanish Club 10, II; Cabinet. Senior Class ELLIS, O. WAYNE Wayne EVANS, CHARLES HENRY Charles Key Club 12; Beta 9, II, 12; Presi- dent 12; Rampage Staff II, 12; As- sistant Editor 12; Ramscott Business Staff 12; Math Club 11, 12, Vice- pres. 12; Student Council 9; Spanish Club 10, II. EVANS, JAMES DONALD Shortribs Football 8-12; FBLA 10. EZELL, JOE R. Joe Library Club 8-12; 12; Red Cross 9. Club Science FITZPATRICK, DENNIS Chilly Red Cross 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; Civitan 11, 12; Jr. Class Cabinet; Baseball manager 9. FITZPATRICK, WALTER Walter Jr. Hi-Y 8, 9, Pres. 9; 10, Il; Science Club 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 12. Spanish 12, Sec. FIVEASH, RANDALL LEE Randy Band 8-12; Student Council 9, II; Red Cross 8; Jr. Beta 9; Literary Club 12; Jr. High Annual 9. FIVEASH, RAY LANE Ray Football 8. FLANDERS, WAYNE Wayne Gymnastics 8; Spanish Club II; DECA 12; Pep Club 9-I1. FORD, HERBERT N. Herby Industrial Arts 8, 9; DE 12. FORD, ROBERT LEE JR. Robert Track 9, 10; French Club II; Red Cross 10; Student Council II. FUSSELL, GEORGE DONALD Donnie Football 8-10; Basketball 9-11; Base- ball 8-12; Spanish Club 10, II; Ram Club II; Jr. Class Cabinet: Student Council 12. GAY, RUSSELL ALLEN Allen DECA 11,12; Treas. 12. GERMANY, MANWELL Duke Football 9. GILBERT, WILLIAM W. Billy A-V 8-11, Vice-Pres. 11; VICA 12. GOFORTH, WALLACE WAYNE Wayne GOODMAN, REID EDWARD Reid Football 8-10; Wrestling 8-12. 186 GOODNER, JOHN Basketball 8; Baseball 8-10. GRAHAM, TOMMY E. JR. Tommy Spanish Club 9, 10; DECA 12 Red Cross 9: Pep Club 10; A-V 8. GRANT, EDWARD EARL Earl VICA 11,12. GREEN, HUGH WALLACE Hugh Industrial Arts 8, 9; DECA 11,12. GREENE, WILLIAM PHILLIP Phil Spanish Club II; Pres. 12; Rampage Red Cross II. Civitan Il, 12, Staff Il, 12; GRINSTEAD, DAVID S. David Football 10-12. GUILMETTE, MIKE Mike DCT 12. HALL, LEWIS FRED Freddy Science Club 12; Pep Club 12. HAMMOND, RONNIE Ronnie HARGROVE, KEN Kenny Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; Track 11; Ram Club 11-12. HARR, STEPHEN Steve Science Club 11-12; Beta Vice President 12. 11-12, HARRIS, FREDDIE LEON Leon DECA 11-12; Science 12; 8-10; Red Cross 9. Football HARRIS, DAVID L. David Football 8-9; 11-12. Baseball 8-9; DECA HART, LEONARD T. Leonard Football 8-10;, Wrestling 9-12; Liter- ary Club 12; Ram Club 10-12. HASTY, WILLIAM RANDY Randy Football 8; Drama Club dent; Student Council 8. 12, Presi- HAYSLIP, ROBERT |, Bobby Football 8-12; Ram Club I1-12; Vice President Jr. and Sr. Classes; French Club 11; Civitan 10-12. HICKS, TYRONE Tyrone Gymnastics 11; Wrestling 11; Spanish Club 11. HIGGINBOTHAM, GLENN EDWIN Glenn Band 8-12; Hi-Y 8-9; Chess Club 10; Science Club 12. HILL, HARVEY JR. Harvey HOLMES, JAMES A. James HOOKS, ROY MICHAEL Mike Baseball 9; Red Cross II; Club 12. Drama HORNE, MICHEAL ANDER Ander Civitan !1-12; Treasurer 12; Spanish Club 10-11; Key Club 10; Soph. Class President; Ram Club 11-12; Jr. Class Cabinet; Sec. Sr. Class; Student Council 10; Football 8-12; Baseball 10-12; Ramscott 11-12. HUDSON, DAVID C. Bubba French Club I1; Pep Club 8. HULING, JAMES SHEPPARD Jim Band 9-12. HULING, WILLIAM MICHAEL Mike Band 9-12; Beta 12; Math Club 12; Chess Club 11-12; Literary Club 12; Spanish Club 10-11. HUNNICUTT, CHARLIE JERRY Jerry HUNTER, ROBERT VAN Van Beta 9-12; Chess Club 11-12; Red Cross 11; Rampage Staff 11; Math Club 12; Ramscott 12. INMAN, BILLY GENE Gene JACKSON, DONNIE CARL Donnie Football 8; 8-11. Basketball 8; Baseball JARRIEL, EDWIN HARRISON Eddie Football 9-12; FBLA 11-12; Spanish Club 11. JONES, KEITH Keith French Club 10; Band 8-12. Math Club 9; JONES, ROGER STEVE Roger JONES, GARY WAYNE Wayne TTA 10-12. KENDRICK, GREGORY Greg Football 9-11; Basketball 9-12; Track 9-11; Red Cross 10; Literary Club 12. KINKEAD, JAMES James VICA 12. KING, WILLIAM ALBERT Al Red Cross 9; A-V 9-10; 8-9; Library Club 9. Football KITCHENS, KENNETH RAY Kenny Spanish Club 10-11. KNIGHT, HARRY DAN Danny Sr. Class Cabinet. LESLIE, DANIEL EUGENE Danny Sr. Class Cabinet. LIVINGSTON, TED Ted FBLA 11-12. LUTTRELL, LLLOYD PAUL Paul Spanish Club || MARTIN, STEPHEN EARL Steve French Club 11-12; Ramscott 12: Science Club 12; Pep Club 12. MATHEWS, WILLIAM DEEN Deen DECA 12. McADAMS, LEWIS THOMAS Tommy Math Club 11-12. McCOLLUM, LARRY JAMES Larry McCOOK, SCOTT ARTHUR Scott Band 8-12. McGRAW, JACK KEITH Jack DECA 12. McHUGH, JAMES CHARLES Jimmy Beta 9; Ramscott 12; Rampage I!I- 12; Editor 12; French Club 11-12; Sec. 12; Treasurer Jr. Class; Literary Club 12. MEADOWS, JIMMY ISSAC Jimmy Vice President Red Cross; Jr. Class Cabinet; DECA 12; FBLA II. MERCER, ROBERT EARL JR. Robert DECA 12. METCALF, SAM Sam MINCHEW, CALVIN M. Calvin FFA 8-12, President 12. MIMS, MICHAEL LAWRENCE Mike Spanish Club 10-11; Literary Club 12; Basketball 9-12. MERCHANT, RICHARD G. JR. Richard Ram Club I1-12; Track 10-11; Science Club I1-12, President 12; Math Club 11-12, Treasurer 12; Civi- tan I1-12, Secretary 12; Ramscott Staff 12, Organization Editor; Pep Club 12; Student Council 11-12. MERRITT, DARREL C. Darrel Band 8-10; VICA 10. MITCHELL, JOHNNY Johnny Wrestling 9-10; 12. DECA 12; FBLA MONROE, GERRY ELWIN Gerry Key Club 10; Student Council II; Ramscott Staff 11; Rampage Staff 11; DECA 12. MOORE, BUDDY KELLY Buddy Football 8-11; Track 8-11; Wrestling 8-9; Beta 9; Physical Fitness Team 9-11; Civitan 11; Rampage Il; Ram Club II. MOORE, LARRY WAYNE Larry Hi-Y 9; 12. Baseball 11; Pep Club MOORE, WAYNE WALTER Walter T Football 8, 9; Student Council 10; DECA 12. MOORE, JOHN DAVID John French Club ||. MOSELY, JAMES W. Jimmy Band I!, 12; Chess Club 12; Science Club 12. MOSELY, ROBERT PAUL Robert MULLIS, TERRY Terry Track 9; Student Council 8, 9; Base- ball 9; Drama Club 12; Pep Club 12. NeSMITH, WILBUR BRADY Billy ODOM, MICHAEL EUGENE Mike Football 8, 9; Wrestling 8-10; Tennis 9-12: Hi-Y 8, 9, Sec. 9: Math Club Jl, 12, Pres. 12; Key Club 11, 12; Ram Club II, 12; Science Club II. ODOM, MIKE Mike Football 8; Baseball 8; Spanish Club 11; DECA 12. OGLETREE, KENNETH Kenny FFA 10, II. O'NEAL, MARVIN BRUCE Bruce DECA 12; FBLA 12. OSBORN, CLAUD EDWARD Eddie Ramjets 8; Gymnastics 10-12; DECA Il; A-V 10; FBLA 12; Chess Club 12. PANCAKE, KENNETH GRAY Kenny Football 8; Wrestling 10. PATAT, STEVE Steve Football 8, 9. PEEBLES, NEWBURN WAYNE Wayne Band 9-12; A-V12. PEED, DAVID OWEN David Band 9-12; Student Council 9; Span- ish Club 11; Literary Club 12. PERCIVAL, WILLIAM EDWARD Eddie PERRY, WILLIAM EDWARD Hal Art Club 8, 9; Band 10. PETERSON, THOMAS LARRY Larry Football 8-12; Baseball 8, 9; Track 8, 9; Wrestling 8, 9; Civitan 10-12; Student Council 11; Ram Club 11,12; Pep Club 12. 10-12; FBLA PETTIS, MICHAEL EUGENE Mike Student Council Pres. 12; Ram Club 11, 12, Pres. 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; Civitan 10-12; Football 10-12; Wrestling 10-12; Sec. of Junior Class. PHILLIPS, ROGER Roger PINHOLSTER, MIKE Spanish Club I}. POULNOTT, TERRY R. Terry POWELL, ROGER Roger DECA 12. POWELL, DAVID LARRY David Hi-Y 9; French Club 10; Pep Club 12; Drama 12. PRICE, CHARLES CLEO Charles Football 8-12; Basketball 8, 9; Base- ball 8,12; Track 8, 9; Spanish Club 10, tt: Jr. and Sr. Class Cabinet; Student Council; A-V 8, 9. PRYOR, JOHN ANDREW Johnny PYLES, MICHAEL HARMON Mike Key Club 10-12, Sec. 12; Beta 9, 11, 12; Math Club 11,12; Debating Team 10-12; Literary Club 12; Ram- page Staff ||, 12; Tween-Teens 11,12. REID, JOHN HENRY III John Spanish Club 10, II; 12. Chess Club RHODES, BOBBY Bobby ROBERTSON, HENRY HOWARD Henry Pep Club 8; Beta 9; French Club 10, 11; Key Club 11, 12; Rampage Ae ROBINSON, ROBERT A. Robert Band 8-12. RUMPH, DAVID RANDALL David Spanish Club 10-11; Beta Club 11,12; Rampage Staff II, 12, Lay-out Editor 12. SALOOM, LINDELL E. Lindell Red Cross 9; FBLA 12. SARK, TERRY CLARE Terry Beta Club 9, II, 12, Sec. 12; Key Club 10-12; Ramscott 12; Rampage 11, 12; Lay-Out Editor 12; Drama Club 12. SCOTT, MICHAEL GARY Mike DECA 11,12. SEQUIN, EUGENE JOSEPH Joey Chess Club 8-1; Library Club 9-12, Pres. 12; Math Club II, 12, Sec. 12: Science Club 11; French Club 11,12; Rampage Staff 12; Band 8-12. SHARPLESS, JOHN P. Johnny Football 8-10; Basketball 8, 9; Base- ball 8, 9; Track 8, 9; Sr. Cabinet; Drama Club 12. SKIPPER, DAVID David Track 9; FFA 10-12, Treas. 10, Pres. Hl. SLAPPY, GEORGE EMORY JR. George Key Club 10, I1; Beta 9, 12; Football 10, I 1; Sophomore and Junior Class Cabinets; Ram Il. Club I1, Vice-Pres. SMITH, ERNEST STEVEN Steve Student Council 9; Football 9; Track 9, 10; Annual Staff 12, Sports Editor; Literary Club 12; Key Club 12; Science Club II, 12, Treas. 12; Pep Club 12; Baseball 9; Wrestling 9-12. SMITH, JAMES STANLEY Stan Red Cross 9; Vice-Pres. of Sopho- more Class; Jr. Class Cabinet; Treas- urer Student Council 12; A-V II, 12; Drama 12; Civitan 10-12. SMITH, RALPH N. Ralph SMITH, WILLIAM LYNN Lynn A-V 12; FBLA 11; VICA 12. SMITH, STEVEN LEROY Steve DECA 12. SMITH, MARK ALLEN Mark Football 8-11; Basketball 8-12; Track 8-9; Red Cross 11; FBLA II. SPEARS, KENDALL KARL Kendall SPIRES, ANDREW JACKSON Andy Football 8-12; Wrestling 8-12; Civi- tan 10-12; Ram Club 12. STARLEY, MORRIS Morris Baseball 10-11. STEWART, CARL BOYD Carl French Club II. STOKES, LARRY Larry FFA 8-12. STOREY, SAMMY C. Sammy Spanish Club 11; Literary Club 12; Pep Club 12. STUCKEY, JAMES EDWARD Jim Spanish Club 10-11. TAPLEY, TYRONE Tyrone Red Cross 8-9; A-V 8-12. 10-11; Band TAYLOR, RICHARD EARL Richard Civitan 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Football 10, 11; Gymnastics 10, 11; Track 10. TEEL, DANA EDWARD Dana Chess Club II. THAMES, WILLIAM CLAY JR. Clay Tennis 8, 9; Basketball 9; Spanish Club 10, 12. 8, 9; Beta 11; Rampage THIGPEN, DANNY GORDON Danny Football 8, 9; DECA 12. THIGPEN, JAMES NELSON James Football 8-10; Basketball 8, 9; Track 8, 9; Student Council 11; Spanish Club II. THOMAS, COLEY ANDREW Andy Annual Staff 9; Spanish Club 10, |, Treas. Il; Rampage II, 12, Photographer 12. THOMAS, RICHARD ENGLISH Ricky Beta 9: Key Club 10-12; Basketball 12; Track 10-12; Rampage Staff 1, 12; Ramscott I1; Math Club 12: Literary Club 12. 10 1U THRASHER, JOHN ALBERT Al Spanish 10-11; Wrestling 9. TINKER, ROBER CUROLD Roger Wrestling 8; A-V 10, II; Il. TRASH, ROGER Roger Track 9-12. Red Cross TUCKER, MICHAEL LEE Mike VANCE, EDGAR JONATHAN Eddy Band 8-12; French Club 10, II; Literary Club 12; Science Club II. WAITES, RICHARD CULLEN Rickey Ramscott ||, 12, Editor 12; Rampage Staff 11; Library Club 10-12. WASDEN, RICHARD WILLIAM Rickey DECA 11-12. WEST, LARRY Larry Football 9; Wrestling 9-12; Spanish Club 10-11. WHEELER, MICHAEL LEONARD Mike Baseball 8, 9; Basketball 8-12; Spanish Club II. WHITE, MIKE Mike Red Cross 9; Beta 9; Annual Staff 9. WHITEHEAD, JOHN THOMAS JR. John French Club I1, 12; FBLA 12, Sec.- Treas. 12. WHITEHURST, JOHN John DECA 12; French Club 10; Pep Club 10; A-V 8. WILLINGHAM, GARY RANDY Randy Football 8, 9; Basketball 9; DECA 11; FFA 12. WILLIS, CHARLES FRIEDRICK Freddy WIKES, JAMES RANDALL Randy Wrestling 9; Football 8; 9; DECA II, 12. Baseball WILKINSON, ERWIN EUGENE Bean Baseball 9; DECA II, 12, Vice-Pres. 12. WOLFF, MICHAEL EDWARD Mike WRIGHT, ATHOS WASHINGTON AW. YATES, JOHN EUGENE Johnny Band 10-12. Secretaries: Treasurers: Connie Josey, Jerry Wilkerson Directors: Kate Abernathy, Donna Quick, Deb- bie Dykes, Fran Henderson Mike Fuller, Debbi Francavage 188 Kate Abernathy Katherine Askew Aurelia Avera Brenda Baggarly Donna Bagley Ann Barnes Carol Barnes Bambi Bartlett Rebecca Bartlett Brenda Bass Joy Battle Barbara Baxter Paula Beck Janice Becton Elaine Bedgood Sharon Bell Sheila Bell Lynne Benner Debbie Bennett Cora Blackwell Jeanie Blackwell Julie Blair Lynne Blizzard Vickie Bonner Ernestine Bradley Connie Brown Dollie Brown Jeanne Brown Regina Broxton Vicki Bruce Patsy Bryant Linda Burdett Mary Jo Burkhalter Gail Burnett Joy Byars Susan Caldwell Sharon Cameron Gail Cannon Barbara Carpenter Lori Case Delia Causey Kathy Christy Cathy Cloud Bobbie Cobb Debra Collins Debra Co nway Cindy Cook Debbie Cook Ann Copeland LaWana Cosey Rhonda Countryman Pansy Courson Gena Cox Judy Crissey Debra Croft Gail Crowder McEvoy Students Exemplify Pam Dalton Barbara Daniels Wanda Danner Brenda Davis Janice Davis Jean Davi Linda Davis Sandra Dial Diane Dickerson Elaine Dixon Shirley Dixon Jenny DuBose Sherry Duckworth Dee Ann Dupree Martha Duval Loretta Dyer Debbie Dykes Debbie Elrod Regina Emilio Lynn Epting Dianne Evans Cathy Farnsworth Cheryl Fincher Pam Floyd Rita Floyd Leila Fowler Debbie Francavage Jo Ellen Freidlander Linda Fuller Cheryl Garner Debbie Garner Linda Garrett Robin Gates Gloria Gay Fran Giddens Ann Goldstein Pat Gooding Deborah Goodwin Patsy Goolsby Patricia Grace Mary Graves Gwen Green Mitzi Green Carol Griffin Mary Alice Grimes Betty Hamrick Pioneer Spirit ASAAREL da Harrison ie Hart De »bra Hartley Gwen Harvard Laura Harville Debbie Hays Kathy Herring Susan Herring Cherry Hill Chery! Hill eh ne Hodge y Par ula Hodnett eth Horne Sylvia Hortman Marsha Horton Patricia Howard Diane H well Diane Howell Sue Ellen Howell Katherine Hudson Charlene Hulett Janice Hurt Linda Hurt Marsha Hutcheson Molly Hyder Verna Ingram Becky J ohne Cyri Johnson Paula Johnson Juleen Johnston Karen Jones Linda Jones Margaret Jones Nancy Jones Suzanne Jones Sheila Jordan Connie Josey Nancy Keith Laura Keys Paulette King Surelle Krysalka Debbie Lamb Lynn Lawing Lynda Lester Pam Leverette Georgette Lipford Carolyn Long Judy Madden Debbie Mauldin Charlene Mayfield Carla McAllister Patricia McBride Lurie McCook Connie McCoy Denise McDaniel Marsha McDaniel Faye McDonald Debbie McElhenney Julie McGee Sandra McMillan Ginger Metts Barbara Mikus Cheryl Misch Beverly Mixon Bernice Moore Belinda Morgan Margie Morris Deborah Mullis Kay Murray Bernice Napier Kathy Nicholson Barbara Nobles Kay Nolan Nona Partridge Helen Perry Susan Perry Sheila Phillips Jean Pope Marion Pope Debra Powell Sharon Powell Juniors Tapped Darnell Spillers Dale Staples Joyce Stephens Susan Stokes Nancy Strong Gail Story Kay Stubbs Beth Stuckey Linda Stuckey Brenda Summerlin Linda Tamplin Barbara Taylor Debra Taylor Judy Taylor Ellen Thames Debra Thaxton Zs 5 a‘? 25 oo Roy ¢ RF2g ° 3 + o ] Q. , ¢ 506 = o rrene Rackley tie Radcliff ‘EPPESS 3 ie Janice Rainey Glenda Randall Cathy Revell Cathy Reynolds Janie Rigby Diane Roberts Jo Ann Roberts Donna Shupe Kay Smith Sheila Smith Sherryl Smith Sue Smith Lana Snead Junior Class Stunt Night... A Big Success Becky Thomas Linda Thomas . Marie Thomas Ss Marsha Th mas Janice Tidwell y a anic we Ju idy Tillman Vic ki Tillman Sue Thomas Pam Tomberlin Wanda Towson wes Candy Tucker , Reba Tucker Debra Vanderburg a. AS ; Bonnie Waddleton Harriet Walker an Rosemary Ward mm «. : Deborah Waters = Elaine Westfaul r Nicki Whitley Debra Williams Darlene Wilson Linda Wilson Rena Wilson Sandra Wilson Nancy Winters Nancy Whitaker Witherington Cynthia Woodard Geralean Woolfork Debra Wright Barbara Wyatt Kathy Young Stan Adams Ken Alderman Travis Almand Bill Amann Chuck Arnold Orman Arnold Wayne A utry John Baker Jerry Barbour Alan Barfield Mike Barnes Gary Bass Steven Bass Jody Bassett Donnie Belflower Ricky Bennett Wayne Black Lamar Blackwell Donald Blair Glen Blasingame Darryl Bollinger Reggie Boutwell Ronald Bramblett Ronnie Brantley Dennis Brickle Junior Class Lamar Bridger Dens $ Rein Gary Brown Mike Brown Garry Bryant Gary Bryant Tony Bryant Allen Burdette Steve Burgamy Hugh Burkett Leon Byrd Jimmy Cannon Danny Carter Sherwood Carter John Cato Richard Churchwell Steve Clements Larry Coffee Ulysses Colbert Everett Collins Ronny Collins Mike Collinsworth Douglas Combes Reggie Cooper Dale Crawford Greg Crawford d. €. Crowley Gary Curtis Skip Damron Burt Dean Joe Deane Edsel Douglas James Dove Shows Initiative Loyd D »wd Mike Dunn Ronnie Dykes Danny Easler Frank Edwards Ralph Edwards Billy Ellis Tommie Emerson Raleigh Faircloth Stephen Fisher Brian Fitzpatrick Floyd Hoyle Bob Fountain Richard Frank Larry Freeman David Fritz Randy Frost Alan Fulgham Michael Fuller Doug Furney David Gales Greg Gay David Geeslin Mike Gibson Donovan Gilley Barry Gillis Philip Glover Neil Godbee Kenneth Godfrey Richard Goin Steve Gombkoto Sid Goodroe Willie Goolsby David Goss Darrel Grant Rusty Graves Juniors Prepare John Gresham Andy Grubbs Wayne Hall Kendal Hamlin Robert Hamlin Tim Hamlin Harry Hardin Woody Hardison Jimmy Harwell Buster Harris Charles Hartness Mike Hattaway Michael Hayes Henry Haynes Jeff Hawthorne Terry Harvey Bill Heath Alan Helmuth Larry Hemphill Richie Hightower Craig Hill Ben Hinson Wayne Holcomb Ronnie Hood David Hooks Bob Hopkins Chuck Horne Kim Horne Gerald Horton Kenneth Horton Mike Howard Phil Howard Rickey Hubbard Mike Hudson Frank Hughes James Hughes Rudy Hulett Wiley Hutcherson Mike Ingram Len Jackson Larry Johnson Robert Johnson Freddie Jones Henry Joyner Steve Krau Jeff Kerr for the Future Dwane Kilgore Mike King Stan Knight Phil Ladson Dennis Land Monty Lavender David Lengel Steve Leverett Buddy Lewis Tommy Lilley Steve Lindsey Don Livingston Johnny Lockhart Alan Long Doug Lord Phillip Mann Steve Mann Aaron Martin Mike Mason Eugene Mayfield Pat McConnell Keith McKenzie Hubert McLeod Bill Meadows Bill Meriwether Stephen Middlebrooks Tommy Miller Mitch Mitchell Herbie Montgomery Mark Moore Mike Moore Mark Morgan Bill Morstead Jeremy Moseley Freddie Mullin Richard NeSmith Lamar Newman Lee Norris Mike Ogletree Ronnie Olliff Gary O'Kelley David Pirkle Carroll Pollett Robert Prince Melvin Pyles Clifford Rabanus Juniors Want Scarborough syne Scarborough o o MAZL SO Donnie Shurley Orman Simpson Louie Sizer Barry Smallwood Dan Smith I ’ David Smith . Jimmy Smith Kemp Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Tom Smith eS Bill Sowell Mike Stafford James Stephenson Mark Stevens Mark Strickland = NX ti Strickland ee 1a Bruce Thigpen Bruce Thomas Gary Thomas Glenn Thomas to Be Seniors? Charles Thompson Sammy Thompson Rogers Thurman Larry Tinsley Larry Tobler Mike Toland John Toler Gary True Jerry Tucker Richard Tumblin Terry Ullman Charles Upchurch Mike Upchurch Phillip Webb Steve Wells Roger West Wayne Wheeler Richard Whelchel Bill Whitehead Ken Whitehead David Whitehouse Bryant Wilcher Bruce Williams Gary Williams Michael Willingham Ray Willingham Jerry Wilkerson Kenneth Wilkes Donald Wilson Ricky Wilson Don Wires Nathan Woodruff Lamar Zellner Mike Zwally 7 “ : sapeee rts te ‘ + t + t 4 ‘ cieert teste Treasurers: Karis Dix, Ricky Newberry Secretaries: Mazy Jackson, Jerry Hunnicutt (Not pictured) Jan Binkley Vikki Bird Joan Bledsoe Judy Booth Connie Bowen Linda Bowers Jo Ann Branan Debbie Brickhouse Elaine Brooks Marsha Brown Yolande Brunson Marsha Bryan Susan Bumgardner Becky Burch Barbara Burson Elaine Campbell Cathy Carithers Brenda Carden Rosalyn Carpenter Barbara Carroll Brenda Carter Debra Cato Brenda Cavender Melanie Chapman Carolyn Askew Debbie Barnes Nancy Barrett Rita Barrio Denise Basset Cynelle Bateman Janie Beasley Debra Beatty Beverly Benton Altheria Bernett Nancy Bilderback Sandra Bilderback Sophomores Conduct Brenda Crapps Michelle Crawford Cynthia Creech Pat Crum Theresa Crutchfield Joy Dean Cynthia DeLoach Patricia Dennard Karis Dix Deborah Dopson Bonnie Dowd Glenda Duckworth Karen Duggan Doris Dugger Patsy DuPriest Kathy Eady Sheila Edwards Patricia Flanders Karen Foster Pam Fowler Patty Fowler Charlotte Freeman Judy Friedlander Julia Gainey Debbie Garrett Sandra Garrett Susan Giles Pam Gill Peggy Gillis Margie Ginn Elaine Glidewell Jane Goble Presidential Election ELECTIO S68 UIVITE URAGE! Cindy Haddle af Jim Halstead — Debra Hamilton : 5 HAS IT! DO YOU? ronda Hammond resa Haral Te Regina Hardman Je 2anette Hardy 5 | Harr Shirley Harrell Debbie Harris Del Hattaway Cindy Hayes Shellia Haynes Deborah Haywood Darnell Hester Dale Hill Regina Hobbs Janice Hooks Kare Jorn Janice Horton Vickie Houston Gwen Howard Carol Hudson Donna Hughes Linda Hunt Denny Hutchinson Mazy Jackson Cindy James Shirley Johnson Judy Jones Kathy Jones Linda Jones Pat Jones Sandra Jones Andrea Kaskus Luanne Keen Sheila Keith Elise Kelly Barbara Kendri thy Kinkead Fran ces Kirby Elaine Kitchens Rosalyn Kyser Kathy Lanfair Brenda Lester Ann Lewis Angela Lindsey Vickie Long Sharon Lucas Vivian Mann Jackie Dale Mannheim. Darlene Marvin Connie Mathews Laura Matthews Gail McCall Betty Ann McCoy Susan McCullough Debra McDonald Edna McGlohorn Patricia McManus Linda Melvin Bunny Merchant Linda Mikus Karan Miller Gloria Mimbs Celida Mims Phyllis Mims Jennifer Minshew Kathy Minshew Cherie Mock Lynne Mondy Cynthia Moore Gloria Moore Rebecca Moore Barbara Morgan Rhonda Morgan Sophomores Take Second Grace Mosely Debra Moss Pam Moye Patri cia Mullins Deborah Mullis Debbie Nettles Place in Stunt Nite Vicl Diar Lyn Car Eliz: Nancy Roberts Kathy Robertson Renae Robinson Robin Robinson Celia Roland Charlene Ross Cheryl Ross Darlene Rowland Kathy Rozier Laura Ryle Faith Ann Sanderlin Pam Scarborough Marcia Ann Scott LaWahna Smith Linda Smith Pam Smith Phyllis Smith Cathy Snider Pat Stallings Beverly Staples Betty Steele Sophomores Show Spirit . . . Sylvia Tyre Teresa Underwood Kathy Varnadore Marilyn Vinson Carol VonSteenburgh Jackie Waddleton Joyce Walsh Marian Warren Charisse Washington Cathy Waters eborah Watson ebra Watson eborah Wealot Delores Webb Sandra Wesson Dianne Whitten Gail Wood Aurelia Woodard Phyllis Zeigler “x A © ba dma To ommy Bell Toby Bellflower Barry Bissonette Gary Birdshaw James Bond Roger Bowman Jimmy Boyles Micheal Brady Mike Brady Alan Braswell David Bridges Steve Bridges John Brooks Tim Brooks Greg Brown Mike Brown Tommy Brown Keith Bryant Mike Bryant Dennis Burnett Steve Butterworth Wayne Carmi Jerry Clinard Richard Cofer Mike Collins Phillip Collins Vann Collins Mickey Couey Mike Courtney Chris Cross Brad: Daniel Robert Daniel Gary Davis Graylyn Davis Gregory Davis Melton Davis j Rickey Davis } = al i : | Lewis Deal Mike Denton , f Steve Deriso j 9s — — 4 Andy Dominy } 4 : ; Jerry Donald Richard Doss Leon Dowty Dwayne Driggers Andy Drummond Mike Dunn Andy Durden Kirk Durham Danny Eavenson Dennis Echols Rickey Edmonds Rickey Edney Wayne Ellis Buddy Emerick — : Ken English yy P J ; Wayne Ennis + al Ss Dennis Evans ; Charles Fargason ‘ P 2 Mike Faulkner Success Bruce Fincher Martin Floyd Watson Flythe Johnny Fountain Mike Fountain Glen Frost Ronald Gabriel John Garrett Mike Garrett Mike Gaskins Dana Geeslin Frank Gentry Robert Gibbs Jon Gillespie Louis Glidewell Jeff Goings Mackie Grace Bernie Griffin Dorsey Grubbs Bill Hallar Ray Hallman Steve Hambrick Billy Hammond Louis Hamn y Hendricks Gary Henry Rar ty Hense Robert Herron David Hester Kenny Hightower Ronnie Hill Eddie Hodnet+ Jimmy Hogan Frank Holland Joey Holland Keith Holloway Dennis Holmes Bobby Hooper Steve Hough Bill Hopkins Aubrey Howell Darrell Howell Gary Howell Gary Howell Robert Hudson Ronnie Hudson Ralph Hughes Cary Hulett Lawrence Hulette Pat Huling Jerry Hunnicutt Phil Hunnicutt Walter Hunnicutt Mike Hutcheson Bob Hyder David Jackson Keith Jackson Larry James Charles Jennings Hafold Jennings Billy Johnson Donn Johnson Mike Johnson Marion Jones Mike Jones Ray Jones Wayne Jones Tollie Jordan Keith Keene Leon Kendrick Emory Kitchens Chris Knight Chris Koblank Bernie Lamb Tony Layson Paul Leaptrot Gene Lee Rickey Lee Danny Leslie David Lindsey Terry Lindsay Jack Lloyd Dennis McBride Donny McCard Curtiss McClendiss Tommy McClendon Alfred McGraw Jerry McGraw Ronald McKinney Isaic Mann Glen Martin Neil Martin Mike Mask Wayne Mercer Mike Mikus Lonnie Miller Robert Moseley Tom Mullis Bobby Myer Craig NeSmith Rickey Newberry Jimmy Nobles Clay Nobles John Nutt Harold Odom Paul Osborn Rodney Pancake Wayne Parke Leon Partridge Wayne Perry Steve Pettis Gerald Phillips Rickey Phillips Danny Pinholster Reggie Reeves Freddie Reid Jackie Rigby Richard Roberts Jeoy Robertson Frank Robinson Robert Robinson Gary Rogers Jimmy Rogers Bob Porter Bobby Powell Mike Price Pat Pritchett Alan Rawlings Leon Reed Ed Stokes Gary Stuart Keith Tapley Bernard Taylor Chuck Teel Winfred Thigpen Randy Thomas Sam Thomas Scotty Thomas Jerry Thompson Tommy Thrasher John Tinker John Todd Bobby Toler Scotty Tompkins Larry Toole Chris Touhey Danny Truelove Rickey Tucker Ray Von Steinberg Tom Voshall Ted Waddell Tony Wakefield Jimmy Walker Aurthur Slaughter Cy Slaughter Leonard Smith Marc Smith Randy Smith Stephen Smith Tommy Smith Lonnie Speers Jack Spell Dean Spivey Mark Stafford Danny Stephens John Walker Jimmy Ward Joe Wasden John Watson Randy Watson Glenn Weatherford George White Randy Whitley Robby Wiggins Stan Williams Tony Williamson Jimmy Willis Randy Willis Bruce Wilson Robert Wilson Larry Windham Tom Wood Wendell Wood Larry Woolfolk Trip Yarborough THE ADS The Place to Shop for Cookout, Picnic Supplies, Charcoal, Ice, Etc. Cold Drinks to Go PELICANS 3970 Houston Ave. 788-9899 Congratulations from st NATIONAL BANK a Trust Co. im Macon MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Downtown Office Cherry at Second St. Baconsfield Office 955 Gray Highway Southside Office Houston at Hightower Rd. Pio Nono Office 3625 Pio Nono Avenue Wesleyan Office Behind New Post Office Ga. Power Bldg. Office Mulberry Cherokee Office Napier at Pio Nono Ave. at Second Street pate SS [San Ouan Evorist | BONANZA MOBILE HOMES N Dorcille Bledsoe King Original Creations for Every Occasion Sales and Service DISCOUNT ON CASH CARRY ORDERS GLYNN CORBETT a CITY WIDE DELIVERIES Manager 3811 San Juan Ave. 4740 Pionono Ave. DIAL 742-7135 Macon, Ga. 31206 PAT’S FOOD STORE DOWNTOWN Open Mon. - Sat. 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. AMERICAN MOTO RS Closed Wednesday at !:00 p.m. Complete Line of Groceries Cold Cuts—Frozen Foods Choice Quality Meats Cosmetics Your Friendly Rambler Dealer 1191 Oglethorpe St. 743-3632 Gandy’s Big “G” America's Leading Tournament Table The table big stars demand! Manufactured by: MACON BILLIARD SUPPLY CO. 510 Eleventh Street Macon, Georgia JUNIOR VOGUE HEM LuL HAPPINESS IS... A JR. VOGUE WARDRE» = INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 2370 od 745-0094 | e B | RDSO N G INTERNATIONAL Compliments of Sales, Parts and Service UNITED IHC Farm and Industrial Equipment FEATURING 7, 10, and 12 HP CUB CADETS FENCE CO. 820 Gray Highway Macon, Ga. 743-1296 Compliments of TUCKER’S BARBECUE DRIVE-IN “You Likem—Because We Makem to Like. 4591 Broadway Phone: 788-9940 Motorcycles Kawasaki: 85cc thru 650cc B.S.A.: 250ce thru 650cc COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES COMPLETE PARTS REPAIR SERVICE BLALOCK SON, INC. 3136 Houston Ave. 745-4817 Macon 745-9126 MACON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Where you save on finance, your home does make a difference. 337 Third St. 900 Pio Nono Ave. 3411 Pio Nono Ave. PHONE SH 3-8792 SOUTHERN BAIT TACKLE, INC. Wholesale Sporting Goods Tropical Fish and Pet Supplies Macon, Georgia 31201 1071 Gray Highway JIMMY SMITH TOYOTA SALES 2990 Broadway Macon, Georgia 31202 Phone 746-3216 WILLINGHAM Special Monogramming SASH DOOR CO. and Designing for Sportswear and Uniforms Seventh Cherry Sts. P.O. Box 148 Macon, Georgia 31202 Telephone 743-2642 Compliments of We Are Manufacturers of Architectural Woodwork—Lumber—Paint—Hardware and Building Materials MRS. LOUISE a SOUTHERN STRICKLAND DISCOUNT COMPANY CHARLES DOVE Manager 3830 Tela Place 3215 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia 31206 T-Shirts Gym Suits 788-9232 GOOD WILL NURSING HOME MR. C. R. LOCKHART, Owner A HOME AWAY FROM HOME GOOD HOME-COOKED MEALS RELIGIOUS SERVICE SUNDAYS PRAYER MEETING WEEKLY And the King shall answer and say unto them Verily | say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40 4373 Houston Avenue 788-4010 McDONALD'S McDonalds McDonald's is your kind of place. Rocky Creek Road Compliments of FINCHER'S BARBECUE Houston Avenue GUY WHITE RADIO T.Y. Discount Radio and TV Service to Students WESTGATE BARBER SHOP L. L. RICKS, Owner We Will Appreciate Your Head in Our Business Business: 746-5454 Residence: 788-7864 We Specialize In Small Children's Haircuts TRIANGLE FLORIST 2705 Houston Ave. 743-4515 MILTON and FRANCES ADAMS CITY WIDE DELIVERY SOUTH MACON'S ORIGINAL FLORIST We Buy Junque, Trash, and Treasures, Sell Antiques, Collectors’ Items and Used Furniture. M. P. BOOKER FURNITURE ANTIQUES 3256 Houston Ave. 742-9945 J. A. BRASWELL'S BARBER SHOP 540 Broadway 742-9993 TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPE PETITES—JUNIORS—MISSES Pio Nono Plaza 788-3594 Compliments of THE VARSITY WILSON TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE CO. 130 College St. 746-2777 Macon, Georgia Royal Typewriters: Elects., Stds., Ports. Victor Machines: Adding Machines Printing Calculators, Cash Registers Bohn Rex-Rotary: Electro Stencil Cutters, Electro-printers, Spirit Duplicators Royfax: Electrostatic Dry Copiers WHITE LAVENDER PEST CONTROL, INC. MONTHLY TERMS - COMPANY FINANCED NO RED TAPE NO RED TAPE SERVICE TERMITE CONTROL REPAIRS ALL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH 2-WAY RADIOS FOR FAST SERVICE LICENSED BY STATE PEST CONTROL COMMISSION Dial SH 6-5134 NIGHTS - HOLIDAYS DIAL 745-2067 or SH 3-1700 or 788-3156 3984 NAPIER AVE. HOME FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association BRANCH OFFICE Westgate Shopping Center MAIN OFFICE Cherry at First 223 BSBSBSBEBEBBESBERBERBERE RBBB ESE Se SSS SG BPeBeeUemeeeaeeee es oY INLAND CONTAINER CORPORATION P.O. Box 4588 4815 Mead Road Macon, Georgia 31208 Inland Boxes Build Good Will HOGG’S HOUSTON AVE. DRUG STORE 4096 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia 788-6652 K. B. OLMSTEAD K. B. SERVICE STATION 4509 Houston Ave. Phone 788-1557 Macon, Ga. ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Post Office Box 4288 Macon, Georgia THE LE ADER! war tied rarnslensree retailer of men’s wear in the South SCHWOBILT Phone 746-8933 2720 Riverside Dr. HAIR CUTS STYLING RIVERSIDE PLAZA BARBER SHOP RAZOR CUTS — CHILDREN'S HAIR CUTS H. J. BRYANT J. R. MARCHMAN JOE MASDON CRAWFORD A. DIXON SURGER KING SOME OF THE WHOPPE! PHONE 746-8924 PHONE 746-8924 MACON UNIVERSITY OF COSMETOLOGY 1248 Oglethorpe Street Macon, Ga. Complete Beauty Course Individual Training instructions Given Terms are Arranged Owner—MATHA PTACEK PHONE 746-8924 PHONE 746-8924 Compliments of DIXIE CLEANERS Best Wishes ANN FRAN’S FLOWERS GIFTS Gifts for All Occasions FRANCES and FLOYD JACKSON Owners and Operators 3256 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia 788-5446 Home of Friendly Christian Personal Service CREST LAWN FUNERAL HOME T. L. IVEY President 3275 Pio Nono Ave. 788-1234 “DAGWOOD” DeLOACH BARBER SHOP 3716 Houston next to A P Specializing in All Types Haircuts 3 EXPERIENCED BARBERS Air Conditioned 788-8908 OPEN ALL DAY WEDNESDAY We need your head in our business. Compliments of FASHION FLOORS Carpet and Floor Coverings 968 First Street 742-8894 OPAL'S BEAUTY SALON 3660 Bloomfield Road 746-69 | | 5 hair stylists R. H. SMALLING’S SONS, INC. General Contractors and Builders P.O. Box 4503 801 Forsyth St. PHONES: 745-1867 743-8252 GUITAR Guthrie Skelton STUDIO LESSONS—INSTRUMENTS— SUPPLI Guitar Instructions Beginners and Advanced Amplifiers by: Standel, Epiphone and Harmony Guitars by: Epiphone, Harmony, Fender, Mosrite 922-0835 P. J. RECORDING CO. Warner Robins PARK CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 455 Walnut St. PLYMOUTH—CHRYSLER—IMPERIAL SEYMOUR HARDWARE 1398 Rocky Creek Rd. Macon, Georgia Telephone 788-3918 CONCRETE PRODUCTS CORNELL-YOUNG CO. — 2901 Roff Ave. Macon, Georgia 742-7391 Macon's Largest Sporting Goods Store WILLINGHAM SPORTING GOODS IT PAYS TO PLAY TOYS HOBBIES BICYCLES 461 Third St. Phone 743-5884 “Next to Bibb Theatre” FRATERNITY AND SORORITY JERSEYS INSTANT LETTERING GYMSUITS 743-1328 808 Pio Nono Ave. Always Enjoy! PEPSI-COLA PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Macon, Ga. CARS AND TRUCKS BANK FINANCING SOUTH MACON MOTORS Macon, Georgia 31206 4508 Houston Ave. Phone 788-1756 REALTY COMPANY 370 Riverside Drive P.O. Box 4864 Willingham Macon, Georgia 31208 TELEPHONE (912) 743-8976 A Complete Printing Service PROGRESSIVE PRINTERS, INC. 1025 Triple Hill Drive Phone 788-2860 Macon, Georgia COLOR AND CREATIVE PRINTING ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES School Ribbons Calendars Decals Stadium Cushions POWELL’S PHARMACY 3717 Houston Avenue 788-1565 4839 Bloomfield Road 781-1213 Riverside Plaza 743-4408 COMPLETE RX and Sundry Needs Compliments of CENTRAL things go beth Coke ¢ TIRE COMPANY MACON COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. BURNS BRICK All Makes and Models. We Buy Sell Trade Serving for Over I5 Years. We Are Known for Better Deals on Better Automobiles. High Cash Prices SERVICE DEPT. 788-2966 COCHRAN MOTOR CO. James G. Bryant... NEW AND USED CARS 4685 Houston Ave. 788-1220 788-3091 NEWBERRY'S Visit our yard goods department carrying a complete line of piece goods and sewing no- tions. McCall's and Simplicity Patterns. You Can Get All Your Sewing Needs at Newberry's Westgate LAMAR PONTIAC CO. Sales and Service 1095 Riverside Drive GTO—PONTIAC TEMPEST—FIREBIRD Compliments of JENNIFER'S FABRIC SHOP 3110 Vineville Avenue SH. 5-3835 Macon, Ga. CAROLE and BOBBY HOLLIS Compliments of HERITAGE MOTEL 2690 Riverside Drive Macon, Ga. AIR-CONDITIONED RESTAURANT T.V. POOL W. SPENGLER, Owner SH 5-0417 A. S. HATCHER COMPANY Marine Division 746-4894 444 Plum Street CHRIS CRAFT BOATS JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS HUTCHINGS FORD TRACTOR CO. 4395 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Ga. DOTTIE’S DRESS SHOP Napier Square Open 9 til 9 Compliments of PIO NONO HARDWARE AND NURSERY WHITE ELECTRICAL CO. INCORPORATED Macon, Georgia 31208 P.O. Box 4661 PHONE 746-5626 WOODELL MUSIC SUPPLY Instruments—Accessories Lessons M. S. WOODELL Compliments of WOOLWORTH’S WESTGATE 4145 Houston Ave. Phone 788-5345 Macon, Ga. HADDEN’S RESTAURANT CATERING TO PARTIES AND BANQUETS 4451 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia PHONE: 788-4961 Compliments of BLOOMFIELD FOOD MARKET 5265 Log Cabin Drive 788-9806 Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 RHODES FURNITURE CO. DOWNTOWN MACON CALL YELLOW CAB 546 Second St. 742-6464 Compliments of R. S. THORPE SONS 533-535 Cherry Street TELEPHONE SH 2-6246 Macon, Georgia BETTER CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS Flowers that Whisper .. . What Words Can't Say.’ SOUTHSIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 2977 Houston Avenue 745-5742 3 Doors From Fabrics, Inc. MRS. E. C. CASTELLAW Owner COLUMBUS ROAD ENCO SERVICECENTER 4280 Columbus Road Macon, Ga. DAN HAMILTON—Owner HOUSTON AVENUE PHARMACY 2654 Houston Avenue 743-5461 P MYO, WHERE SERVICE COUNTS Riverside Drive at Wimbish Road Macon, Georgia 31204 ‘Gulch Cadillae Stree! Y HUCKABEE otulo Co: 696 Third at Pine St. MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of a FRIEND HERIN'S GROCERY FOR THE BEST MEATS 3245 Houston Avenue Compliments of HART'S MORTUARY HAMM AUTO GLASS TRIM SHOP 518 Arch Street 742-5530 VERNON L. HAMM — Owner and Operator GRINSTEAD FENNELL GARAGE Front End Alignment and Frame Straightening Complete Auto Repairs Phone 788-3306 4129 Pio Nono Ave. Owners KEITH E. GRINSTEAD JAMES A. FENNELL Compliments of GA. RADIATOR SERVICE GENE'S BARBER SHOP 7021 Cochran Field Rd. OPEN 7TO7 6 DAYS A WEEK Haircuts $1.25 GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CENTER (ACROSS FROM WESTGATE) Phone 781-1233 2810 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE General Electric Appliances Broadway-Poplar 743-1525 BAKER’S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Straightening Auto Painting 4123 Pio Nono Avenue TELEPHONE 788-1894 MR. M. CAFETERIA SERVING FINE FOOD Cafeteria Open 11:30 AM-2:30 PM and 4:30 PM-8:30 PM Snack Bar Open 9 AM-9 PM Serving Breakfast, Short Orders Westgate Shopping Center 745-4608 DON CALDWELL’S OPTICIAN CONSULT YOUR EYE PHYSICIAN, M.D. 686 First Street Phone 743-twenty-twenty John Romain Cases Swinging Frames Teen-Age Headquarters Contact Lens Technician Compliments of FAILE’S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Avenue Phone 788-8171 MADDOX PHARMACY 5594 Bloomfield Road 788-5664 Minnows Louisiana Pinks Spring Lizards Swamp Wigglers Crickets Golden Grubs Red Wigglers Catalpas and Other Bait 3359 Columbus Road Phone 745-9016 HAS A COMPLETE LINE OF FISHING TACKLE AND REPAIRS ALL MAKES OF SPINNERS ROY MILLS, Owner Macon, Ga. BIBB STEEL SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Fabricated Structural Steel GARLAND PUGH FORD Macon's Authorized Ford Dealer 225 Second Street SH 2-5771 Compliments of ANDERSEN'S JEWELERS ARTISTIC FLOWER GIFT SHOP 2700 Riverside Plaza Phone 746-0215 Macon, Georgia 31201 Compliments of BATEMAN FOOD STORES Purveyors of Fine Foods STORES No. 2 3280 Pio Nono Ave. No. 3 2780 Riverside Drive Compliments of MEREDITH TRAILER COURT 4541 Houston Avenue Compliments of DAVENPORT HEATING AIR CONDITIONING CO. 4128 Houston Avenue Compliments of CRISWELL'S SERVICE STATION Mae MACON LETTER BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. SERVICE 346 Oglethorpe Street Macon, Georgia 31202 742-5733 . Mary and Joe Hulgan All Types Betty Heath of Building Materials Joy Ellerbee For Further Information Write: WESLEYAN DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Chartered 1836 Wesleyan College Macon, Georgia 31201 Wesleyan College, the first chartered college for women, is a Methodist school dedicated to serv ing today's youth by preparing them for intelligent and satisfying living in the world of today. Rich in the tradition of the past, but ever alert to the changing times, Wesleyan offers inclusive curriculum leading to three degrees—Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Fine Arts. The institution is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Na- tional Association of Schools of Music, and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Wesleyan is a member of the Association of Schools and Col eges of The Methodist Church, the Georgia Association of Colleges, and the American Council on Education. Wesleyan is fully approved by the University Senate of The Methodist Church and by the Americar Association of University Women. The modern 240-acre campus is located northwest of Macon on Forsyth Road. MACON PIANO EXCHANGE Compliments of 2699 Houston Avenue MACON Dealers for New and Used Pianos FEED AND SEED CO., INC. MASON HAMLIN 3115 Broadway pice SH 5-0407 CONN ORGAN WURLITZER ORGAN MELTON’S GARAGE MALONE’S HARDWARE, ALL WORK GUARANTEED INC. 2765 Houston Ave. at Hightower Dial SH 3-5727 General Auto Repairs Automatic Transmissions—A Specialty 446| Houston Ave. : Macon, Ga. Hardware ¢ Paints Roofing Fence Wire « Fertilizers ¢ Insecticides Dial 788-4393 is Hunting and Fishing Equipment « Licenses EMMETT RIGBY Owner-Manager WMAZ AM—FM—TY Serving 42 Middle Georgia Counties” NEW WAY CLEANERS MACON VENDING SERVICE One Hour Service—No Extra Cost ALL TYPES VENDING MACHINES Pick-Up and Delivery S H Green Stamps 3989 Houston Ave. Macon, Ga. 788-2142 Our Service Unequalled 624 New Street Macon, Georgia 746-1366 Compliments of NATIONAL LIFE ACCIDENT INS. CO. E. P. BAUGH, Manager Compliments of SPIRES ELECTRIC CO. EPPS USED CARS, INC. 665 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia “SPECIALIZING IN GOOD CLEAN USED CARS Phone 743-1616 MURPHEY, TAYLOR, ELLIS, INC. Realtors « Insurors Mortgage Bankers since 1906 575 First Street Macon OLDHAM'S OPTICIANS 685 First Street 743-4655 101 Persons Building 746-4866 236 Two Locations for Your Convenience “THE BEST FRIEND YOUR OFFICE EVER HAD! 552 Mulberry St. Phone 746-7373 OFFICE EQUIPMENT Macon, Georgia COMPANY 788-4883 GREENE’S PROPANE GAS SERVICE, INC. 3561 Broadway Macon, Georgia 31206 746-7326 FRED H. GREENE Our Trucks Are Radio Dispatched COKE'S CAMERAS « PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES « PROCESSING 753 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia Compliments of Sy: Sy cafeterias ARTCRAFT FLORIST ELEANOR and JACK CASTELLAW 3711 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia 31206 Telephone 788-081 | Night Phone 788-7419 Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN 5 10 Pio Nono Plaza Shopping Center Complete Line of School Supplies WIBB FOR GOOD PROGRAMS 5000 WATTS 1280 KC Best Wishes to the Class of ‘69 JEAN HALL, FLORIST 768 Cherry Street LOOSIER OF MACON, INC. FURNITURE Store for Young Home-Makers 452 Second Street Macon, Georgia 31201 PHONE 742-6403 J. L. SUPER MARKET GROCERIES « MEATS e VEGETABLES Phone SH 2-985! 890 Third Street Macon, Georgia SOUTHERN DISCOUNT COMPANY Loans 329 Cotton Avenue Macon, Georgia EDDIE CANNON TELEPHONE: Manager 742-7571 OLGA FASHIONS FAMOUS LADIES MODES 2979 Houston Ave. OLGA FUNK Macon, Georgia Owner SH 5-956! 237 DIXIE TOBACCO CANDY COMPANY SCHRAFFT'S CANDY e CIGARS e CIGARETTES TOBACCO e NOTIONS e PHILLIES e WEBSTERS EL TORO e GARCIA Y, VEGA e MEDALIST ADMIRATION P.O. Box 4384 143 State Street Macon, Ga. 31208 PHONE 746-9461 We Go Where Business Is Wanted— and Stay Because We Treat It Well Compliments of MACON MEMORIAL PARK Compliments of J. W. McCOOK LUMBER COMPANY COLONIAL MOBILE HOMES 4779 Pio Nono Avenue 788-9678 THE SOUTH'S LARGEST DEALER Compliments of FAMILY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOANS Compliments of YOUR PUBLIC SAVINGS REPRESENTATIVE PIO NONO AUTO PARTS Automotive and Truck Parts 4127 Pio Nono Ave. 788-6193 GARNER KENNINGTON RONNIE DORMAN 238 Owner Manager FURNITURE CENTER, INC. FURNITURE APPLIANCES 455 First Street Macon, Georgia 31201 PHONE 746-2461 746-2462 Raymond C. Wallace, President CARTAGE CO., INC. 4440 Mead Road P.O. Box 3043 Macon, Ga. 31205 SPECIALIZED MOTOR FREIGHT CARRIERS S. L. ORR COMPANY Jewelers Hotel Dempsey Building Macon, Georgia MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY BEMBRY AUTO SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN AUTO AIR COND. SALES HYDROMATIC TRANS. AND TUNE UP AND GENERAL AUTO REPAIR STATE SAFETY INSPECTION STATION 4200 Broadway Bus. 788-5491 Home 788-3177 B S DISCOUNT Drugs and Sundries 570 Cherry St. SAM TRAUB Macon, Ga. 31201 Manager 743-0543 DEATON'S GROCERY MARKET 4347 Houston Avenue , 788-9953 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ROOFING SI DING M. C. PITTMAN ROOFING PAINT CO. Serving Middle Georgia Since 1926’ P.O. Box 932 654 Plum St. SH 3-1336 Compliments of ln Class Rings, Invitation, Diplomas Club Pins, Caps and Gowns Official Jewelers for WILLINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Representative DALLAS TRAKENTON 545 Forest Road Athens, Georgia 548-7642 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings Club Insignia Honor Awards College Fraternity Jewelry Medals Trophies Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards NATHAN MORGAN THAD WILKINS P.O. Box 612 — Telephone 452-2129 3390 Peachtree Road Telephone CE 3-2208 Milledgeville, Georgia Atlanta 5, Georgia BEARINGS AND DRIVES, INC. 607 Lower Poplar Street Macon, Georgia PHONE 743-6711 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '69 Favorite Station of the New Generation ACE T.V. SERVICE ALL WORK GUARANTEED 3253 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia PHONE 742-5973 HAYES CLOTHING CO. Men's Clothing and Furnishings SH 2-7847 563 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia GEORGE'S RED WHITE 6004 Hawkinsville Road Compliments of BENEDETTO LAUNDRY MACKEY FURNITURE CO. “WE COMPLETELY FURNISH YOUR HOME 1744 Broadway Macon, Georgia Phone SH 5-9048 HUNT-RAGAN INC. BILL HUNT and BILL RAGAN 668 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia 745-7467 First In Color TV Sales and Factory Trained Service Personnel Compliments of INDEPENDENT LIFE INS. CO. 790 Rirst Street District 4 745-4788 LEE'S BARBER SHOP 1394 Rocky Creek Road Compliments of a FRIEND LA GRAND'S BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service 3989 Pio Nono Ave. 788-7426 For Vise Who Have a Sweet Tooth see RIVERS CANDY COMPANY Residence Phone 746-6746 Business Phone 781-2525 FRED JONES UPHOLSTERY SHOP WE COVER BIBB COUNTY 3438 Houston Ave. South Macon Macon, Georgia 31206 GEORGE K. PARKER Agent State Farm Insurance Auto—Life—Fire PHONE 745-8651 STATE FARM 2672 Pio Nono Macon, Ga. INSURANCE ROWLAND PRINTING COMPANY 3985 Houston Avenue FOR YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL 745-5576 On the Move With Macon TOMMY SMITH GARAGE, INC. Repair Specialists « All Makes and Models TRUCKS TRACTORS TRAILERS DIESELS 24 Hour a Day Heavy Duty Wrecker Service 1829 Seventh St. Macon, Ga. 31206 Phone SH 2-7374 Residence SH 3-4928 SHERATON GALLERIES FINE FURNITURE AT SENSIBLE PRICES 6230 Warner Robins Highway Macon, Georgia ROSCOE R. CROSS 788-7552 President LARRY'S MOBILE HOMES YOUR WHEELER STATE DEALER 4235 Broadway Macon, Georgia 788-4494 HAROLD REGISTER'S SERVICE STATION 3124 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia Welcome to PIG 'N WHISTLE Good Food—Good Service MEET YOUR FRIENDS SAM S. CHANDLER Insurance Agency Chandler Building 154 Broadway PHONE 742 3641 MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of the DOUBLE C Private Diners Club For the Finest in Photography: HINTERMEIER'’S PORTRAIT STUDIO 408 Second Street Macon, Georgia SH 2-2851 GOOD LUCK, SENIORS!! We have enjoyed so much being a part of your senior year and wish each and everyone of you the very best that life can offer in the years to come. lt has been our pleasure and happiness to know you— serve you—and we sincerely hope our friendship will con- tinue over the years. HAWKINS Compliments EXTERMINATING CO. ee Termite Control Pest Control Tree and Lawn Spraying GEORGIA PHONE 742-3583 Macon, Georgia CRAFT RADIO COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY ELECTRONICS CO. Mobile radio communication system for mu- nicipal agencies, industrial and transportation companies. Financing, leasing, and servicing programs available. 1875 Houston Ave. 742-0361 Macon, Georgia QUALITY MILK Since 19]3 All Our Dairy Products Are Processed Here in Macon for Home Deliveries SHerwood 5-3304 CHEROKEE FARMS, INC. R.F.D. No. 2 FIELD'S HOUSE OF TELEVISION Specialize in Color TV Repair All Parts Installed By Us Guaranteed !2 Mont 743-5495 CREDIT BUREAU OF MACON AND COLLECTION SERVICE Reports 743-3771 Collections 742-7581 Service Middle Georgia Men Since 1907 Compliments of DIXIE CREAM Compliments of a world of woudortul fabrics McCOOKS PHARMACY 7011 Cochran Field Road Macon, Georgia PHO NE 788-5717 COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE MUTUAL OIL CO. Super Jet Long Mileage Gas SAVES YOU MONEY 7 Locations to Serve You MACON GRIFFEN WARNER ROBINS WE SPECIALIZE IN VOLKSWAGENS SERVICE ALL FOREIGN CARS REUUBLE Aa 3490 Broadway Phone 746-4093 Macon, Ga. Moher Town Country Shopping Center Westgate Shopping Center compliments of STATE FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 814 Third Street Macon, Ga. 745-2871 RAYMOND SMITH New and Used Cars 245 Compliments of CAUSEY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY COMPANY L M MOBILE HOMES Macon's Only Locally Owned Mobile Home Dealer M. P. HOUSE, SR. (Mitch) ROBERT O. HOUSE (Bob) LOUISE O. HOUSE 5470 Pio Nono Ave. 4670 Broadway Compliments of CHA LUMBER 4775 Pio Nono Avenue (Qh. C leys ticians DISPENSER'S TO EYE PHYSICIANS Consult a Medical Eye Physician (MD) 746-6248 439 Cotton Ave. Bankers Building Macon, Ga. Park Shop PLAN MEMBER MACON Compliments of CRANDALL BUSINESS COLLEGE 653 Second Street Macon H. RESTAURANT FIXTURE SUPPLIES CO., INC. 523 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia 31201 PHONE 745-612! Compliments of REGINALD BROXTON Construction Company Inc. 1027 Triple Hill Dr. Macon, Georgia 31206 Phone 788-7612 Compliments of JORIES 2340 Ingleside Ave. 742-4775 JANET'S CERAMIC GIFT SHOP Classes Glazes by Reward Stains Ceramic Supplies Firing Top Quality Greenware 4306 Houston Ave. 788-5551 ED HAWK, Manager R i Icy MOBILE HOME SALES «xc. 4343 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia 788-4792 Cave Srde Ts Specializing in—Frosting Coloring, Bleaching, Tinting PERMANENTS @ MANICURING WIG STYLING AND SALES 2778 Riverside Dr. 745-1661 FICKLING AND WALKER INC. Realtors—Insurers Mortgage Loans 240 Second Street Macon, Georgia PHONE SH 6-942] 37 a. ft or ig par ¥ 5 st oA fn — - - —— ’ - . Pad 3 4 248 WOOD APPLIANCE FURNITURE CO. No Money Down Terms to Suit Your Budget Free Decorating Counsel Open Evenings Until 9:00 P.M. STORES: 2 3419 Napier Ave. 745-7413 1 3709 Houston Ave. 781-2373 DEDICATION seg sige Bilderback, Kathy . 49, 54, 60, 77, Clements, Gail mith, Mary Pennel f 81, 163 Clifton, Karen ACTIVITIES Smith, Norma Bilderback, Nancy Cloud, Cathy ORGANIZATIONS Smith, Patricia Bilderback, Sandra Cobb, Bobbie SPORTS Thombly, Lois Bindley, Jan .. 35, 70, 74, 79, 203 Cohen, Barbara Thompson, Bob Bird, Vikki 203 Collins, Debra CLASSES Tollerson, Lula Bittner, Linda , 163 Combes, Gail Seniors Wagner, Mary Sue Blackwell, Cora ; 127 Conway, Debra Juniors Walker, Doris Blackwell, Jeanie .....----«+. 189 Cook, fillie Sophomores sem Gloria 98 sit , ee Cook: Cindy aters, Jonnny edsoe, Joan ‘ ' Cook, Debbie SENIOR DIRECTORY Watson, Barbara Blizzard, Lynne 189 Cooper, Brenda FACULTY Watson, Harold Bonner, Vicki , 72, 189 Cooper, Brenda Weaver, Mary Booth, Judy 203 Cooper, Sherrie FACULTY DIRECTORY Weeks, Junyth Boothe, Ann 163 Copeland, Ann .. Whitaker, Elmer Bostick, Carol 163 Cosey, Lawana . Wilder, Norwood Bowen, Connie , 203 pm Rhonde Faculty Directory Willingham, Mary Bowers, Linda = Cowher, ‘Darlene a Windham, Franklin Bradfield, Janis .. 56, 66, 68, 163 Cas, Cathy ... 34, 6, 77, 96 oe ‘Ri hard Windham, Shirley Bradley, Ernestine 189 RANEY: SITES) Bramblett, Elizabeth 163 Cox, Gena Andrews, Richard . Branan, Jo Ann 4 | Wee Cox, Theresa Archer, Susan McEvoy Directory 203 Finis Cabos Baird, Addie Rie Brantley, Annette . 50, 52, 74, 87 Cranford, Vick y. nnette . ' ‘ ' ’ rantor icky Banks, Georgann ira Kate .... 66, 188, 189 163 Crapps, Brenda Baxter, Frances Adair, Lynn Breland, Brenda 163 Crawford, Michelle Beale, Billy Adams, Carol Creech, Cynthia Beatty, Daisy eects team Brickhouse, Debbie , 203 Crenshaw, Judy Alford, ici isse) Bell, Margaret a eee Min Cig... OS, OH, uke Bland, Gail : 164 Sf i fies ‘ an Allen, Sharon Brooks, Elai 203 Croll, Cnienie ount, Barbara rooks, Elaine ’ Crosby, Glenda Rekanian: ‘lio Allen, Susan 56, 72, 163 ; wright is . aang - Alligood, Patricia .... 70, 76, 203 oe e eee Brown, Rosalyn Amerson, Earline Brown, Dollie 189 Crutchfield, Theresa Burdett, Micheal Amos, Bonnie ; Brown, , 82, 189 Dalton, Pam Burke, Elizabeth Amos, Deborah ' Brown, - 203 Daniels, Barbara Amos, Pat ... 54, 60, 74, 162, 163, Salton. Gite. . !s j 189 Daniel, Glenda Chapman, Madge soln Bruce Srenda 164 Danner, Wanda : a Anderson, Deborah ... 24, 56, 72, Y Siva Davis, Brenda Childs, Nina 163 Bruce, Vicki 189 Davis, Diane: 6.4 - sanen 165 Colquitt, Winifred por ae a 76, 202. 203 Brunson, Yolande . 203 Davis, Jackie ......... 54, 68, 165 Copeland, Demaris Archer, Shirley ... 30, 52, 76, 77 Beyer, Maree — = 190 Cox, Dorothy 163, 122, 130, 137, 142 Bryant, Patsy 189 Davis, . 190 Crow, Charles Aradld: Cherie 73, 163, 52 Bumgardner, as, By Tey 203 Davis, Lin . 190 Davis, Claude ; Amold:. Wiyes 54. 78, 163 Burch, Becky 203 Deal, Elaine » 68, 165 Dennis, Helen Ashfield, Jackie Burdett, Linda gl, 189 Dean, Joy 204 an: . Deloach, Cynthi 204 Dimling, Margaret Askew, Carolyn Burgamy, Linda ; 164 Saeed ms 52, 204 nag Harriet AstowuRatharins Burkhalter, Mary Jo , 189 Dial, Sendra 190 oyd, Robert Attaway, Pam i Burnes, Phyllis 164 Dickerson, Diane 190 Grace, Carole Austin, Brenda Burnett, Gail . 189 Dix, Karis .... 39, 58, 70, 202, Graves, David ‘ Burnett, Karen .... 27, 31, 54, 70, Dixon, Greene, Roger , 116 Dixon, Grimes, Karen Burson, Barbara 203 Dixon Gresham, Francis — (ial ieee Teng ince: 189 Dixon, Virginia . 35, 49, 52, 56, Hadarits, Anne Barnes, Byrd, Vickie 72 : Henderson, Billy is sas : Caldwell, Susan 189 ei Kathy Hooks, Thomas ; - : Cameron,| Dabre 164 opson Deborah : Barnes, Dowd, Bonnie Hudson, Joan Barnett, Althea Cameron, Sharon 189 rian adie Hull, Mildred W. ....eseeees Barr, Raydell . 35, 37, 74, 81, Campbell, Elaine 203 DuBose, Jenny Hutcherson, Martha Barrett, Nancy Cannady, Kay , 164 Duckworth, Glenda Johnson, Fred Barrio, Rita Cannon, Brenda 164 Duckworth, Sherry Joyner, Jerry Bartlett, Bambi Cannon, Gail ... 26, 58, 70, 189, Duggan, Karen Kersey, Laura Bartlett, Rebecca 116 Dugger, Doris Kyser, Carter Bass, Brenda Carden, Brenda 203 DuPree, Dee Ann .. Lamback, Mary Gece: Coen 4 Carithers, Cathy 203 DuPriest, Patsy Duvall, Martha Lawerence, Dawn Bastett. Cricket .. 40) 56, 86, 72, Carpenter, Barbara 189 “abi pet Littlefield, Jim Carpenter, Rosalyn 203 Dykes, Debbie Lowery, Bassett, Denise Carroll, Barbara 203 ; Martin, Bassett, Shirley Carter, Brenda 203 Eady, Kathy Moody, Patricia Bateman, Cynelle Carter, Sharron 164 Edwards, Gladys Moore, Batey, Debra Case, Lori 189 Edwards, Sheila Norris, Trudy Battle, Joy Cato, Debra 203 Ellis, Betty ee ey Batts, Sheila Causey, Delia , 189 Pe pre: endergrass, Lena ” iat Cavender, Beverl , 203 milio, Regina Perry, Amy 6% Barbers ; Chaffin, Ann 2 164 English, Gloria Pridgeon, Leonard Beasley, Janie Chapman, Melanie 203 Ennis, Sheryl Priester, Eva Beatty, Debra Childers, Mary , 204 Epting, Debbie Rabern, Verna Beck, Paula Childers, Pat .. 35, 48, 54, 57: 76, Epting, Lynn Ramey, Larry Becton, Janice . 164, 122, 123, 137, 145 Evans, Diane Reeves, Barbara Bedgood, Elaine Chitwood, Judy 164 Evans, Elaine .. 4, Richardson, Jacquelyn Bell, Sharon . 74, Christy, Kathy 189 Farnsworth, Cathy Rogers, Jerry ....seeeeeeeees 153 Bell, Sheila Claney, Susan 164 Farnsworth, Sharon Schell, Virginia 156, 119 Benner, Lynne ‘ Clark, Arlene 204 Fields, Glynis Sellman, lla Bennett, Debbie Clark, Marsha 204 Fincher, Cheryl ... 15, 49%, 52, Sherwood, Carolyn Benton, Bever ly Clark, Patsy . 164, ' Shockley, Karen Bernett, Altheria 132, 137, 140 Flanders, Patricia 153, 134 Bickley, Donna ’ Clay, Lisa Floyd, Pam Brewer, Naomi 163 Chambers, Jeanette Avera, Aurelia Baggarley, Brenda Floyd, Rita Folds, Sarah Foster, Anita Foster, Karen Fountain, Crystal . 35, 40, 52, 57, 70, 166, 116, 122, 123 Fowler, Donna 62, 78, 166 Fowler, Leila Fowler, Pam Fowler, Patty Francavage, Debbie .... 5, 35, 52 60, 70, 188, 190, 116 Freeman, Charlotte Friedlander, Jo Ellen Friedlander, Judy .... Fuller, Lynda Funck, Valerie . 30, 44, 50, 68, 70, 74, 77, 166, 116, 137, 144 Gainey, Julia Garner, Cheryl 190 Garner, Debbie .. 54, 56, 70, 190 Garnto, 166 Garrett, Li 190 118 Garrette, Debbie ... 70, 76, 204, Garrette, Sandra Gates, Robin Gay, Gloria .. Giddens, Fran Giles, Susan Gill, Pam Gillis, Debra Gillis, Peggy Ginn, Margie Glidewell, Elaine Glover, Pat Goble, Jane Golden, Donita Goldstein, Ann . Gonzalez, Gooding, Goodwin, Goodwin Goolsby, Patsy Gordon, Judy Gorman, Diann Grace, Tricia Graham, Debbie Grant, Brenda Graves, Mary Gray, Nita Green, Gwen Green, Sandra Greene, Debra Greene, Mitzi Greene, Pam Greenway, Dianne Greer, Debbie ... 4, 54, 202, 205 Griffin, Carol 56, 76, 190 Griffin, Judy 166 Griqas, Rhonda Grimes, Linda Grimes, Mary Alice Guinn, Alice Haddle, Cindy Hallman, Wanda Halstead, Jim Hamilton, Debra Hammond, Brenda Hammond, Patsy Hamrick, Betty Hamrick, Mary Etta Haralson, Carol Harbin, Gloria Harbuck, Kittie Hardeman, Jane Hardman, Regina Hardy, Jeanette Hare, Nancy .. 49, 54, 66, 72, 81, 166 Harr, Gail 66, 74, 205 Harrell, Pam Harrell, Shirley Harris, Debbie Harrison, Linda .. Hart, Bonnie Hartley, Debra Hartley, Harriet Harvard, Gwen Harville, Laura Hattaway, Del ... 13, 20, 32, 191 70, 76, 191 52, 70, 76, 202, 205, 118 250 Hayes, Cindy Hayes, Debbie 191 Haynes, Shellia , 60, 205 Haywood, Deborah 205 Heath, Jill 166 32, 52, 70, 76, 118 Herring, Kathy , I Herring, Susan ae Hester, Darnell 205 Hightower, Sharon 166 Hill, arr 191 Hill, : , 191 Hill, e 205 Hil 166 Hobbs, Regina 205 Hodnett, Mary Paula 191 Hodges, Elaine 191 Holder, Cheryl 19] Holder, Lawanna 167 Holland, Cindy 167 Holliday, Gayle ..........06- 191 Holloway, Pam 167 Holt, Jenny 191 Hooks, Janice , 205 Hooks, Nannette 167 Hopkins, Lynn : , 191 Horn, Karen 205 Horne, Beth 54, 59, 70, 191 Horne, Vicki ... 8, 36, 52, 62, 74 , 167 Hortman, Sylvia 191 Horton, Janice 205 Horton, Marsha : , 191 Houston, Vickie 205 Howard, Gwen , 205 Howard, Patricia 191 Howell, Diane ... 26, 54, 70, 191, 116 Howell, Diane 191 Howell, Sue Ellen , 76, 191 Hudson, Carol 205 Hudson, Katherine 191 Hughes. Donna 205 Hughes, Sarah 167 Hulett, Charlene Pay i Pa Hulette, Paulette 167 Hunt, Linda 205 Hurt, Janice 191 Hurt, Linda 191 Hutcheson, Marsha .. 191 Hutchison, Denny 205 Hyder, Molly 191 Ingram, Verna 191 Jackson, Donna 167 Jackson, Mazy . 118 James, Cindy , 205 Jerkins, Michelle . 167 Johnson, Becky 191 Johnson, Cyri , 68, 191 Johnson, Paula 191 Johnson, Shirley 205 Johnston, Juleen . 191 Jones, Gloria 167 Jones, Judy .. 54, 58, 64, 70, 205, 118 Jones, 191 Jones, , 205 Jones, Li , 66, 191 Jones, Li , 205 Jones, 191 Jones 191 Jones, Pat 205 Jones, 205 Jones, Suzanne ... 191 Jordan, Sheila 191 Josey, Connie ... 52, 58, 70, Henderson, Fran .. 191 Josey, Judy .. 49, 54, 64, 76, Kaiser, Rosalyn Kaskus, Andrea Keen, Luanne Keith, Nancy Keith, Sheila Kelly, Elise Kendrick, Barbara Kent, Roslyn Kerr, Rhonda . 8, 54, 62, 73, 167, 130 Keyes, Laura King, Beth King, Carol a a 50, 62, 74, 77, King Sayletfe ........ 62, King, Shdron .. 36, Kinkead, Cathy Kirby, Frances Kitchens, Elain Kitchens, Laverne Kitchens, Marie Krysalka, Surelle Kyser, Rosalyn Lamb, Debbie Lanfair, Kathy Lanford, Becky Langley, Linda Lannon, Carol ... Lawing Lynn Lee, Linda .... 12, 52, 70, Lester, Brenda Lester, Lynda Leverette, Pam Lewis, Ann Lewis, Freda Lindsey, Angela Lingold, Kay Lipford, Georgette Long Car lyn Long, Vickie Lord, Teresa Lowery, Brenda Lucas, Sharon Mackey, Janice Madden Mann, Ellen Mann, Vivian Mannheim, Jackie Manning, Susan .. Marshall, Diane .......... Martin, DeJuan Marvin, Darlene Matthews, Connie Matthews, Laura Mauldin, Debbie Mayfield, Charlene McAllister, Carla . McBride, Patricia McCall, Gail McCook, Lurie McCoy, Betty McCoy, Connie McCullough, Susan McDaniel, Denise . McDaniel, Marsha McDonald, Debra McDonald, Faye McElhenney, Debbie . McElmurray, Kathryn McGee, Julie McGlohorn, Edna McGraw, Cheryl McManus, Jackie McManus, Patricia McMillan, Sandra Meeks, Dianne Melvin, Linda Merchant, Bunny Metts, Ginger Metts, Lynn .. Mikus, Barbara Mikus, Linda Miles, Chrissey Milford, Gayle Miller, Karan Mills, Pat Mimbs, Gloria Mims, Celinda Mims, Phyllis Minshew, Jennifer Minshew, Kathy Misch, Cheryl .... Mixon, Beverly 27, 50, 74, 167 192 74 , 167 206 206 206 67 167 92 206 92 206 167 67 67 192 77, 167 , 206 192 192 206 167 206 192 192 192 206 167 167 206 168 192 168 206 , 206 , 83 168 , 168 166 206 206 206 192 192 2 192 . 206 , 192 . 206 192 206 92, 116 , 192 206 192 192 . 168 192 206 , 168 79 , 206 192 , 168 206 206 5 ee , 168 192 206 168 168 206 . 168 . 206 206 , 206 206 206 , 192 32, 33, 49, 57, 70, 74, 168, 134, 136 Mize, Jackie .. Mock, Cherie Moncrief, Patsy 168 Mondy, Lynne 127 Moore Moore Moore Moore, Moore Moore Moore, Rebecca Morgan, Barbara Morgan, Belinda Morgan, Rhonda Morris Morrison, Patsy Mosely, Grace Moss 14, 206, 118 Moye Mullinix, Janice .. 49, 56, 66, 74 Mullins, Patricia Mullis, Deborah Mullis Deb rah Murray Myers Napier, Bernice Nettles, Debbie Nicholson Nicholson, Kathy Nobles, Barbara Nolan, Kaye Norris, Sandy Norris, Valorie ... Norris, Vernie Norton, Deborah O'Reilly, Brenda Parham, Carol Parker, Dana 62, 78, 79, 169 57, 66, 74, 169 Parker, Delorous Parks, Sylvia Partridge, Anne Partridge, Nona Patterson, Jacque Peacock, Diane Peavy, Carol Perry, Helen Perry, Kris 50, 74, 169 Perry, Susan Phelps, Vicky Phillips, Doris Phillips, Sheila Pippin Plunkett, Melanie Pope, Jean Pope, Marion Pope, Ramona .... 54, 62, 68, 169 50, 54, 58, 74, 76, 77, 169 Potter, Carol Powell, Beverly Powell, Debbie ... Powell, Marsha ... Powell, Sharon Powers, Libby Price, Gloria Price, Patsy Prince, Patsy Pritchett, Debra .. 56, 62, 66, 192 56, 74, 76, 169 -. 9, 36, 50, 56, Probert, Dianne Proctor, Bobbi Pryor, Margaret Purser, Miriam Purvis 54, 207, 127 Purvis 76, 207 Quick, Donna . 56, 73, 188, 193 Quinn, Sandra Rabanus, Linda Rackley, Warrene Radcliff, Janie Rainey, Janice Raley, Melanie ... 36, 49, 54, 66, 74, 170, 137, 143 Randall, Glenda .. Rasmussen, Carolyn Rauls, Wanda Ray Reece, Vickie Register, Debbie ...... 56, 66 Register, Diane Register, Lynn 56, 62, 74, Renfroe, Carol Revell, Kathy Reynolds, Cathy Reynolds, Diane ............. Reynolds, Nancy Rhodes, Elizabeth Riezinger Rigby, Janie ...... 70, 78, 79 Ritch, LaKeta Roberts, Diane Roberts, Jo Ann Roberts, Nancy Robertson, Carolyn Robertson, Kathy Robertson, Nanci Robertson, Roxanne Robinson, Renae Robinson, Robin Rogers, Gerri Rogers, Tricia .... 32, 33, 72 Roland, Celia Ross, Charlene ... Ross, Cheryl Rowe, Cathy Rowell, Latrell Rowland, Darlene Rozier, Kathy Russ, Paula Ryle, Laura Sandefur, Waverlyn Sanderlin, Faith Ann . 70, 76, Sanders, Cathy .. 54, 56, 66, Scanlan, Nancy Scarborough, Pam Scott, Marcia Ann Scott, Marsha Seaton, Melody 32, 37, FO, Self, Jill ... 9, 35, 43, 45, 50, 74, 170, 137, 4, 28, 29, 37, Shaw, Debra ... Shed, Nancy Shepard, Debbie Shepard, Deborah Sheppard, Joy Sherwood, Jennifer .. Shupe, Donna Simpson, Jane Simpson, Joy Sims, Mai-Lan Skinner, Theresa . 64, 76, 170, Slade, Kathy Slocumb, Gerri . 49, 76, 170, Smith, Brenda Smith, Durinda Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Phyllis Smith, Smith, Sherryl Smith, Snead, Snider, Cathy Spell, Cheryl Spillers, Darnell Stallings, Linda Stallings, Pat Staples, Beverly Staples, Dale Steele, Betty Stephens, Joyce Stephens, Joyce 52, 56, 58, Stevens, Cathie ... 60, 74, 77, 81, 171 Stewart, Stewart, Carolyn . 208 Stewart, Marcia , 70, 207 Stewart, : . 116 Stickney, Susan Stokes, Susan . 45, 48, 52, 56, 72, , 193 Story, Gail Stovall, Dorothy Strong, Nancy Stuart, Junie .... Stubbs, Kay Stuckey, Beth Stuckey, Linda Suddeth, Becky Summerlin, Brenda Sutton, Gail Swain, Vickie Tamplin, Lynda Taylor, Alphertina Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Deborah .. 36, 193, 56, 66 Taylor Thames, Brenda 76 171, 122 Thames, Ellen Thaxton, Debra Theiss, Brenda Thiqpin, Elaine Thigpin, Judy Thistlewood, Melba .. 56, I7I, 58 Thomas, 74, 194 Thomas, Brenda 62, 171 Thomas, Donna 62, 208, 81 Thomas, Linda 56, 194, 66 Thomas, Thomas, Marsha Tidwell, Janice Tidwell, Susan 49, 70, 208 Tillman, 52, 56, 62, 194 Tillman, Vicki Thomas, Sue Tomberlin, Pam .. 49, 194, 58, 70 Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, 171, 122 Tucker, 194 Tyre, Sylvia 118, 127 Tyson, Lynn 171 Underwood, Judi . 9, 171, 36, 50, 74, 77 Underwood, Teresa Ussery, Janice . 5, 171, 40, 49, 70 Vanderburg. Debra 56, 194 Varnadore, Kathy Vinson, Gwen Vinson, Marilyn Vinson, Theresa Von Steenburgh, Carol Waddel, Susan Waddleton, Bonnie Waddleton, Jackie Waites, Linda Walker, Harriet Walsh, Janice Walsh, Joyce Waltman, Claris 58, 60, 171 Ward, Rosemary 70, 76, 194 Warren, Marian Washington, Charisse Waters, Cathy Waters, Deborah Watson, Becky Watson, Deborah Watson, Debra Wealot, Deborah Webb, Delores Wesson, Sandra Wester, Teresia Westfaul, Elaine Whitaker, Nancy White, Sheila ... 70, 76, 172, 122 Whitley, Nicki 52, 194 Whitsel, Randi .. 36, 52, 56, 188, 194 Whitten, Dianne .. 58, 60, 62, 208 Whittle, Williams, Williams, Deborah Williams, Elaine Williams, Williams, Williams, Mary Anne .... Williamson, Diane ... 52, 60, 202, 208 Willoughby, Faith ... 49, 172, 54, 56, 72 62, 70, 194 27, 70, 76, 194 Wilson, Darlene Wilson, Linda .... Wilson, Wilson, Sandra Winham, Cindy .. Winters, Nancy Witherington, Rhonda ... 70, 194 Wood, Gail 208, 122 Wood, Gail .. 56, 58, 76, 77, 172 Wood, Tommie Dee 162, 172 Woodard, Aurelia Woodard, Cynthia Woodruff, Becky Woolfork, Gwendolyn Woolfork, Geralean Worrell, Sheila .. 31, 172, 56, 66, 77 Wright, Deborah 76, 194 Wyatt, Ba rbara ... 36, 52, 56, 70, 76, 188, 194, 116 Young, Kathy 11, 194 Zeigler, Phyllis 70, 74, 79, 208 Willingham Directory Adams, Barry Adams, George Adams, Stan Addleton, Duffy Ainsworth, Ricky Alderman, Ken Aldridge, Ted Almand, Travis Ammann, Bud Andrews, Ronnie Arnold, Chuck Arnold, Larry Arnold, Orman Arnold, Orman Arrowood, Ricky Asbell, Tony Autry, Wayne Avant, Larry Avery, Johnny Baird, Tony Baker, John Barbour, Jerry Barfield, Alan Barker, Kenny Barnes, Mike Barron, Bobby Bass, Bob Bass, Gary Bass, Steve Basset, Jody ........ eee Bates, Randy Beale, Billy ... 51, 55. 57, 91, 100, 105, 113, Bell, Phil .. 51, 55, 67, 69, 57, Bell, Tommy Bellflower, Donnie Bellflower, Toby Bellury, Phillip ... 53, 55, 65, 140, Bennet, Rickey .. 53, 55, 71, Birdshaw, Gary Bissonette, Barry Black, Wayne Blackwell, Lamar 112, 195 Blair, Donald Blalock, Ricky .... 71, 75, 67, 173 Blasingame, Glen 195 Bollinger, Darryl ... 109, 134, 195 Bond, James Boutwell, Reggie Bowen, Bud Bowman, R Boyles, Jimmy Brady, Michael Bradley, Mike Bramblet, Ronald Brantley, Ronnie Braswell, Alan Braswell, Tim Brickle, Dennis Bridger, David Bridger, Lamar Bridges, Ralph Bridger, Steve Britt, Larry Bronson, Neil Brooks Brooks Brown, Brown Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown Brown, Brown eve 5), 53, 55, 65, 75, 86, 108, 109, 138, Bryant, Bryant, Gary .... Bryant, Bryant, Bryant Buffington, Randy Burdette, Burgamy, Burkette, 57 Burnette, Dennis a , 209 Burnette, . 94, 106, 173 Busbee, Terry , 173 Butler, Elmer 173 Butterworth, Steve 209 . 196 Caldwell, Vince 174 Cameron, Allen 174 Cannon, Jimmy 196 Carmichael, Earl 174 Carmicheal, Wayne 209 Carter, Danny 196 Carter, Sherwood . 65, 69, 196 Carter, Wayne . 174 Cato, John 196 Causey, Bo , 174 Chapman, Andy , 174 Chapman, Terry 174 Christy, Billy . 174 Churchwell, Richard 196 Clanton, Jimmy 174 Clements, Steve 196 Clinard, Jerry 209 Cofer, Richard 209 Coffee, Larry 196 Colbert, Ronald ... 112, 174 Colbert, Ulysses ... 91, [10, 112, 196 Coleman, Jerry 174 Coleman, Phil Collins, Everette Collins, Mike Collins, Phillip Collins, Ronny .... 57, 59, 75, 69, 196 Catlins, Van) .sscesesdunnten 209 Collingsworth, Mike .. 55, 75, 196 251 Combes, Douglas Cooper, Ray Cooper, Reggie Couey, Mackey Courson, Johnny Courtney, Mike Crawford, Dale .. 57, 69, 71, 110, 196 Crawford, Greg Crosby, Ronnie Cross, Chris Cross, Donnie . Crowder, Gene Crowe, Bruce 53, 55, 65, 71, 174 52, 55, 65, 91, . 113, 143, 174 SMO ie Kw. Neceenasccesns 196 Cruz, James 53, 75, 174 Curtis, Gary . 55, 71, 91, 95, 104, Dameron, Skip Daniel, Brad Daniel, Robert Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Gregory Davis, Johnny Davis, Melton Davis, 53, 55, 210 Davis, 61, 65, 86, 174 Deal, Lewis Deal, James Dean, Burt Deane, Joe Deese, Neil Denham, Morty Dent, Dery! Denton, Mike Deriso, Ricky .. 53, 55, 67, 91, 94, 106, 113, 175 55, 67, 71, 91, 106, 210 55, 65 175, Deriso, Steve . Dixon, Jerry Dominy, Andy Donald, Jerry Doss, David Doss, Richard Douglas, Edsel Dove, James Dowd, David Dowd, Loyd Dowty, Leon Drawhorn, Steve Driggin, Dwayne Drummond, Andy Duggan, Barry Dunn 51, 57, 69, 175 Dunn, Mi 101, 210 Dunn, Mi 101, 210 Dunn 134, 197 65, 69, 175 55, 67, 210 104, 105, 144, 175 91, 94, 75, 100, 110, 210 Durden, Andy Durden, Andy . Durham, Kirk Dykes, Ronnie Easler, Danny Eavenson, Danny Echols, Dennis Edge, Barry Edmonds, Ricky Edney, Rickey Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Eldridge, Ellington, Ellis, Billy Ellis, Wayne Ellis, Wayne Emerick, Buddy Emerson, Tommie English, Ken Ennis, Wayne Evans, Charles .... 53, 55, 57, 69, 100, 131, 175 252 Evans, Dennis Ezell, Joe Faircloth, Raleigh .... Fargason, Charles Faulkner, Mike Fincher, Bruce Fisher, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Brian Fitzpatrick, Dennis .... Fitzpatrick, Walter ... Fiviash, Randy Fiveash, Ray Flanders, Wayne Floyd, Martin Flythe, Watson Ford, Herbert Ford, Robert Fountain, Bob Fountain, Johnny Fontain, Mike Frank, Richard Freeman, Larry Fritz, David Frost, Glen Frost, Randy Fulgham, Alan Fuller, Michael Furney, Doug Fussell, Donnie Gabrial, Ronald Gales, David Garrett, John Garrett, Mike Garrett, Ricky Gaskins, Mike Gay, Greg .. Gay, Russel Geeslin, Dana Geeslin, David Gentry, Frank Germany, Manwell Gibbs, Robert Gibson, Mike Gilbert, Billy Gillespie, Jon Gilley, Donovan Gillis, Barry Glidewell, Louis Glover, Phillip Godbee, Neil Godfrey, Kenneth Goforth, Wayne Goin, Richard Going, Jeff Gonbkato, Steve Goodman, Reid Goodner, John Goodroe, Sid Goolsby, Willie . Goss, David Grace, Mackie Graham, Tommy Grant, Darrel Grant, Earl Graves, Rusty Greene, Phil Gresham, John Griffin, Bunky Grinstead, David Grubbs, Andy Grubbs, Dorsey Guilmette, Mike Hall, Freddy Hall, Wayne Haller, Bill Hallman, Ray Hamlin, Kendal Hamlin, Robert Hamlin, Tim Hamm, Louis Hammond, Billy Hammond, Ronnie 65, 69, 75, 65, 67, aoa Oy he TF 65, 71, 49, 69, Harbin , Mike Harbrick, Steve Hardin, Harry Hardison, Woody Hardy, Tommy Hargrove, Kenny 67, 69, 211 71, 91, 96, 106, 176 Harr, Stephen ..... 49, 57, 65, 69, Harrington, Curt Harris, Buster Harris, David Harris, Leon Harris, Steve Harrasin, Andy Hart, Leonard Hart, Wayne .. 91, Hartness, Charles Harvey, Terry Harvil, Terry Harwell, Jimmy Hasty, Bobby Hasty, Randy Hattaway, Mike Hawthorne, Jeff Haynes, Henry Hayes, Michael Hayslip, Bobby ... 55, 65, 91, +113, 141, Heath, Bill Heath, Clay Hebble, Robert Helmuth, Alan Hemphill, Larry Hendricks, Terry Henry, Gary Hensel, Randy Herrington, Mark Herron, Robert Hester, David Hicks, Tyrone Higginbotham, Glen Hightower, Kenny Hightower, Richie Hill, Craig Hill, Harvey Hill, Ronnie Hinson, Ben .. Hodnett, Eddie Hogan, Jimmy Holcomb, Wayne Holland, Frank Holland, Joey Holloway, Keith Holmes, Dennis Holmes, James Hood, Ronnie Hooks, David Hooks, Mike Hooper, Bobby Hopkins, Bill Hopkins, Bob Horne, Ander 67, 71, 91, 98, 53, 55, 91, 94, 177 Horne, Chuck .. 91, 95, 100, 110, Horton, Kenneth Hough, Steve .........2.- Bian Howard, Mike Howard, Phil Howell, Aubrey Howell, Darrell Howell, Gary Howell, Gary Hoyle, Floyd Hubbard, Ricky . Hudson, David Hudson, Mike Hudson, Robert Hudson, Ronnie Hughes, Frank Hughes, James Hughes, Ralph Hulett, Cory Hulett, Randy Hulette, Lawrence Huling, Jim Huling, Mike Huling, Pat Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunnicutt Hunter, Van Hutcheson, Mike Hutcherson, Wiley ... Hyder, Bob lngram, Mis. :.ss0ssses4a0s' Inman, Billy Jackson, David JECHION, IDONNTS: cw dwaavewacns Jackson, Keith Jackson, Len James, Larry Jarriel, Eddie Jennings, Charles Jennings, Harold Johnson, Billy Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Wallace Johmston, Kim Joiner, Dewain Jones Jones, Freddie Jones, Kenneth Jones, Kenneth Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Jordan, Tollie Joyner, Henry Keene, Kieth Kendrick, Greg .... 100, 110, Kendrick, Leon Kerr, Jeff Kilgore, Dwane King, Albert Kinkead, James Kitchens, Emory Kitchens, Kenneth Knight, Chris Knight, Danny Knight, Stan Koblank, Chris Krau, Steve Ladson, Phil Lamb, Bernie Land, Dennis Lavender, Monty Layson, Tony Leaptrot, Paul Lee, Gene Lee, Rickey Lengel, David Leslie, Danny Leverett, Steve Lewis, Buddy Lilley, Tommy Lindsey, David Lindsey, Steve Lindsey, Terry Livingston, Don Livingston, Ted Lloyd, Jack Lockhart, Johnny Lockhart, Johnny 65, 86, 212 55, 100, 199 Lord, Doug Mann, Isaic Mann, Phillip Mann, Steve Martin, Martin, Martin Martin, es ey Mason, Mike Mathews, Dean Mayfield, Eugene McAdams, Tommy McBride, Dennis McCord, Danny McClendis, Curtis McClendus, Tommy McCollum, Larry McConnell, Pat McCook McGraw, McGraw McGraw McHugh, McKenzie, Keith McKinney, Ronald McLeod, Hubert Meadows, Bill Meadows, Jimmy Mercer, Robert Mercer, Wayne Merchant, Richard .... 69, 75, 48, 86, 110, Meriwether, Bill Merritt, Darrell Middlebrooks, Stephen .. Mikus, Mike Miller, Byron Miller, Lonnie Miller, Tony Minchew, Calvin Mims, Michael Minter, Mike Mitchell, Johnny Mitchell, Mitch Mixon, Pete Mixon, Ricky Molton, Scott Monroe, Gerry Montgomery, Herbie Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moorman, John Morgan, Carl Morgan, Mark ... Morstead, Bill Mosely, Jeremy Mosely, Jimmy Mosely, Robert Mosely, Robert Mullin Mullis, Mullis, Myers, NeSmith, Billy NeSmith, Craig NeSmith, Richard Newberry, Ricky Newman, Lamar Nobles, Clay Norris, Lee Nutt, John Odom, Harold Odom, Mike Ogletree, Mike O'Kelly, Gary 177 199 . a 199 AZZ, . 212 212 nme 212 . 7 » 9 177 212 177 212 , 178 199 212 199 Pe 3 178 , 178 212 » 165, 178 199 178 Te his . 212 213 212 199 , 178 , 178 , 213 , 178 199 67 , 213 213 , 178 199 , 178 178 199 199 67 213 , 178 . 178 213 106, 199 199 199 , 178 178 213 199 . 178 213 213 178 213 199 213 Mikes 213 199 213 213 108, 179 178 vow 49, 53,57, FI, 199 Olliff, Ronnie 59, 65, 91, 199 O'Neal, Bruce , Ie Osborn, Eddie .......... 112, 179 Osborn, Paul , 213 Pancake, Kenny Pancake, Rodney Parker, Wayne .......... 67, Partridge, Leon Patat, Steve Peebles, Wayne Peed, David Percival, Eddie Perry, Harold Perry, Wayne Peterson, Eddy Peterson, Larry ... 55, 65, QI, 113, Pettis, Mike ....53, 55, 65, 91, Pettis, Steve Phillips, Gerald Phillips, Ricky Pinholster, Danny Pinholster, Mike Pirkle, David Pollett, Carroll Porter, Bob Poulnott, Terry Powell, Bobby Powell, David Powell, Roger Price, Charles 53, 55, 91, 104, PGs; WARS osc ci acta ciewwnae Prince, Robert Pritchett, Pat Pryor, Johnny Pyles, Melvin Pyles, Mike ... 51, 55, 57, 69, 75, 87, 134, 136, Rabanus, Clifford Rawlings, Alan Redmond, Alan ... 55, 71, 9, 105, 106, 113, Reed, Leon Reeves, Reqgie Reid, Freddie Reid, John Reid, Richard Reynolds, Jimmy Rhodes, Robert Rigby, Jackie Riggs, Tommy ... Roberts, Richard Robertson, Henry Robertson, Joey Robinson, Frank .. 63, 65, 69, Robinson, Robert Robinson, Robert Rogers, Gary Rogers, Jimmy Rogers, Perry Ross, Victor Rosson, Jack Rowell, Morris Rumph, David . 51, 57, 71, 75, a ne Z Sagnibene, Frank . 57, 63, 69, Saloom, Lindell Sanders, Ronnie Sark, Terry ... 51, 55, 57, 75, Scarborough, Charles .... Scarbrough, Wayne Scarbury, Kenny Scarbury, Otis Schulze, Lanny Scott, Mike Sears, Stanley Self, Richard Sellers, Mike Sequin, Joey .. 51, 53, 65, 67, 69, 75, 180 Sharp, Charles Sharpless, Johnny .... 75, 86, 180 Shaw, Mike Shepard, James Shepard, Mike Shepard, Shep Shepard, Wayne Shore, John Shugart, Andrew Shurley, Donnie Sikes, Ronnie Simpson, Orman Sizer, Louie Skipper, David Slappy. George Slaughter, Aurthur Slaughter, Cy Smallwood, Barry Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Stan ... 53, 55, 41, Smith Smith, Stephen Smith, Steve Smith, Smith, Smith, Sowell, Bill Speers, Lonnie Spells, Jack Spires, Andy . 53, 55, 91, Spivey, Dick Stafford, Mark Stafford, Mike Starley, Morris Stephens, Danny Stephenson, James Stevens Mark ... Stewart, Carl Stewart, Jimmy Stokes, Ed Storey, Sammy Strickland, Mark Strickland, Ricky Stuart, Gary Stuckey, Jim Tapley, Keith Tapley, Tyrone Taylor, Bernard Taylor, Richard Teel, Chuck Thames, Clay Thigpen, Bruce Thigpen, James Thigpen, Winfred Thomas, Andy Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Gary Thomas, Glenn Thomas, Randy Thomas, Ricky 51, 55, 69, 75, 100, 110, 181 Thomas, Sam Thomas, Scotty Thompson, Charles ... 53, 67, 71, 201 Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Larry Thorman, Roger Thrasher, Al Thrasher, Tommy Thurman, Roger Tinker, John Tinker, Mike Tinker, Roger Tinsley, Foye Tinsley, Larry Tobler, Larry Todd, John Toland, Mike Toler, Bobby Toler, John Tompkins, Scotty Toole, Larry Toukey, Chris Trask, Roger True, Gary Truelove, Danny Tucker, Jerry Tucker, Mike Tucker, Ricky Tumblin, Richard . 48, 53, 55, 75, 105, 113, Ullman, Terry Upchurch, Charles Vance, Eddy Von Steinburg, Ray Voshall, Tom Wadell, Tim Waites, Ricky ... 53, 65, 135, Wakefield, Tony Walker, John Wasden, Joe Ward, Jimmy .. Wasden, Ricky Watson, John Weatherford, Glen Webb, Phillip Wells, Steve West, Larry West, Roger White, George Wheeler, Mike Wheeler, Wayne Whelchel, Richard Whitley, Randy Whitehead, Bill Whitehead, John Whitehead, Ken Whitehouse, David Whitehurst, John Wiggins, Robby Wilcher, Bryant Wilkerson, Jerry Wilkes, Randy Wilkes, Kenneth Wilkinson, Dean Williams, Bruce Williams, Bruce Williams, Gary Williams, Stan Williamson, Tony Willingham, Michael Willingham, Randy Willingham, Ray Willis, Charles Willis, Jimmy Willis, Randy Wilson, Bruce Wilson, Donald Wilson, Ricky Wilson, Robert Windham, Larry Wires, Don Wolff, Mike Wood, Wendall Woodruff, Nathan Woolfolk, Larry Wright, A. W. ..secscsescose Yarborough, Trip 53, 67, Yates, Johnny Zellner, Lamar Zwally, Mike (Flower The. bf vey ad En 5 We have attempted to show McEvoy and Willingham the way they really are. Our informal moments as well as the formal ones, our bad moods as well as our good, have been portrayed in this, the story of 1968-1969. During this school year, McEvoy and Willingham have been a prominent factor in shaping the future of almost 2000 students. Extra-curricular activities have provided an opportunity for stu- dents to learn how to organize activities, how to cooperate with others, and how to identify with many types of people. Here the individ- ual is respected as such and is developed physically and mentally. Due to the diligence and concern of the faculty, the classes have helped mold him into a mature, thinking human being. Only through the development of such responsible young adults may the world be changed for the better. For this we salute you, our Alma Mater, the school to which part of us will always belong. The Ramscott Staff | 3 paae Ramscott Jean Brown, for been no Ramscott 044 OUlite w Gees e104 tes TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY at ia “ } “ ha eee

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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