McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA)

 - Class of 1968

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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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, oe AS = a. « - .: vA - x vs - % yi , ae te te r ak logge YE Chik PLES Pig) J = ap oes ; cane Set ae) A. R. Willingham Margaret McEvoy Macon, Georgia Volume X Editors: Arlene Tomberlin Stanley Lines Business Managers: Kathie Dunn Dell Payne Ramscotr I am a part of all that I have met; yet all experience is an arch where thro’ gleams that untravelled world. A l fred Lord Ten nyson Travelling toward that arch I encounter many situations. How well I handle them depends on my maturity, persistence, de- termination, and adaptability. As I gaze into the future I must try to see the part I play. Will it be a leading role, a supporting role, or will I be just one of the mass? A desire for more knowledge pushes open doors that may not otherwise be opened. My past experiences have made me the person that I am and a part of all that I will become. I am a part of: my instructors those around me student life organizations the team reflecting upon past experiences searching for my own goals and striv- ing to attain them ... appealing to God for success and the success of others ... giving to each day my best. a part of people... Others . «. associating with my peers ... kindling new friendships and strengthening old ones coming together with a com- mon bond of friendship strengthening myself through fellowship ... backing the Rams with spirit. — } ae mt ary Ae ¢ . ry S wi ne ay) f - Individual .. . . ‘} a NN if! Sd “ML scoring high, not only in endeavors, but also in effort ... accumulating a wealth of knowledge ... changing erroneous ideas and confirming new ones. learning... participating to become a part ... challenging to provoke thought ... inquiring for a better understanding ... listening to absorb ... hoping for the correct answer. In the classroom... . At school... voicing opinions through student council .. . campaigning for an office ... bustling from room to room ... packing suitcases for con- ventions ... practicing endlessly for plays and concerts Nad In my community . - weaving a web of responsibilities ... collect- ing for a worthwhile cause ... serving in church activities ... showing an interest in city affairs. Fun-loving . it eating strawberry pie gyrating on the dance floor ... following fads circling the square forgetting homework 2 ede gins Stee ta Jess nope a's otk) Se .. discussing problems working under authority . making decisions ... . planning for the future. yet serious ... S © = © a0 S a) = im 8 Ry Because: She upholds the high ideals and the traditions of McEvoy Senior; she bestows end- lessly her time by advising the Senior Class, directing the Senior Play, and promot- ing the dramatic arts through her assistance to the Dramatics Club; she has a re- freshingly pleasant personality which she shares with all. We proudly dedicate to you, Mrs. Karen Shockley, our portion of the 1968 Ram- scott. It is usually very typical of humans, in general, to think only of themselves and what they might squeeze out of life. As students, we go to school in the morning, do enough work to get by, and go home in the afternoon. We seldom remember the dedicated people who give the major part of their time to the art of teaching and instructing. They already know much more than the average person and still have the wisdom to know there is still more to learn. The teachers we are blessed with at Willingham have taken’many hours out of school time to help students they are interested in. We, the Seniors, therefore dedicate this, our portion of the 1968 Ramscott to the faculty of Willingham Sr. High School. Willingham Senior Class of ’68 Ea AHHAHHHH Sec RR UL ‘ » ‘ A part of my instructors .. . they mold me ... they encourage me ... they constantly work for my betterment ... they scold me because they care ... they strive to cultivate the seed of knowledge after it has been planted ... We, the McEvoy portion of the Ramscott staff, have set aside this page in devotion and appreciation to our principal, Mrs. Mildred Hull. Her overwhelming concern for every student, her high stan- dards of conduct, and her efficient administration have added strength to the structure of education. FAA EE - f ie j SEEGER Es Mrs. Mildred W. Hull Principals A person who takes interest in his boys, shows concern for their well- being; a person who holds high the ideals of education and en- deavors to uphold the reputation of Willingham: Mr. Fred Johnson Superintendent and Assistant Julius Gholson Lloyd Newberry Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Board of Education OFFICIAL BOARD: Seated: Mr. George P. Rankin, Jr., Mr. Charles C. Hertwig, Mr. Frank M. Willingham, Mr. Wallace Miller, Jr., Dr. H. G. Weaver, Dr. Julius Gholson, Mr. John M. Hancock, Jr.; Standing: Mr. Lloyd Newberry, Dr. Earl Lewis, Mr. Ralph Eubanks, Hon. Walter C. Stevens, Mr. Robert A. McCord, Jr., Mr. Herbert F. Birdsey. Personnel Mary Sue Wagner ° Lula Tollerson wit p ae Picture eg marca : Not a Sellman : Eve Pricater é , 4 Available Harry Trawick Gloria Washington Martha Hutcherson Stewart Jordan Jim Littlefield Picture Jacquelyn Moore Not Mary Lamback Available Kathleen Twilley Pees the machinery at McEvoy and Willingham. Without this fac- tory of brains, toil, and sweat these two schools would be like Jack without his beanstalk. as RR Perseverance, patience and two big listening ears describe — a NY Dorothy Cox Harriet Durkee Business Jeanette Chambers Laura Kersey Wanda Pahdoco Doris Walker Skill and talent—two elements completely necessary to draw and shape, type and take shorthand, parallel park and drive on Pio Nono. Junyth Weeks Rosalyn Brown Daisy Beatty Driver’s Ed. Jackie Odom Franklin Windham Claude Davis Pate Lowery Roger Greene Susan Archer Addie Rie Baird Elizabe th Hinesley Blenza Glover Bonnie Smith Karen Shockley Carolyn Sherwood Elmer Whitaker Madge Chapman Jerry Rogers Thomas Hooks Barbara Watson Trudy Norris Diagraming sentences speare and Hamlet were English Picture Not Available learning definitions ... wishing you knew who William Shake- editing a newspaper ? Amy Perry Barbara Blount Trugen Reindorp Cynthia Malone Lena Pendergrass Patsy Moody ’ HE ale: pe este selon Home Economics Winifred Colquitt Christine Powell Bertha Evans Harold Watson Carter Kyser Wiley Shouppe Norma Smith Did Columbus really discover America? Is H,O +- SO.A,P really what doctors wash their hands with before surgery? Does the earthworm really have a heart and liver? Is Russia going to the moon before us? Science Steve Borum Robert Floyd Judye Hancock Jacquelyn Richardson Winifred Fowler Mary Weaver Gail Bland Suzanne Spence Rosalind Adelstone Carole Grace Mary Smith JoAnn Deloach Frances Gresham Helen Dennis Mary Willingham Martin Gronka Picture Not Available Anne Hadarits Mary Jane Nicholson Picture Not Available Physical Education To be able to hit bull’s-eye or jump that hurdle; to sing like the Bald Soprano; to plant that prize asparagus bush. Chin up! When you’ve done any of these you’ve done something to be proud of because part of yourself has been given. Joan Hudson Barbara Reves David Graves Curtis Kingsley Jerry Joyner Carol Ragsdale Lloyd Bohannon Jim Hammond H. E. Simmons age sg Industrial Arts Billy Henderson and Agriculture vii i MUL . 3 S i ™ es 3 : Faculty Directory VMICEVOY ARCHER, SUSAN English 11; North Georgia College; Sr. Class Advisor. BAIRD, ADDIE RIE Business English, English 11; Wesleyan College, A.B., Mercer University M.Ed.; Beta Club Advisor. BLOUNT, BARBARA Spanish I and II; Spelman College, A.B.; Spanish Club Advisor. BROWN, ROSALYN Typing I, Machines, Office Practice; Women’s College, B.S.; Advisor Business Staff Ramscott. CHAMBERS, JEANETTE Typing I, Stenography I; Georgia Southern College, B.S.; Business Ad- visor Bonnie Blue Print. COLQUITT, WINIFRED Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Algebra II; Wesleyan College, A.B., Mercer University, M.Ed., University of North Carolina; Advisor Math Club. COX, DOROTHY Art; Mercer University, A.B., Women’s College, M.Ed.; Advisor Art Club. DENNIS, HELEN Biology; Wesleyan College, A.B., University of Chicago, Mercer, Emory; Advisor Science Club. FOWLER, WINIFRED Geography, World History; Mercer, B.S., Women’s College. GLOVER, BLENZA Journalism, English 10; Troy State, Georgia Southern, B.S.; Advisor Bonnie Blue Print. GRACE, CAROLE Social Studies; Wesleyan, A.B.; Advisor Tri-Hi-Y. GRESHAM, FRANCES Biology; University of North Carolina, A.B., Mercer, M.Ed.; Red Cross, Science Club Advisor. HADARITS, ANNE P.E.; Women’s College, B.S.; Advisor G.A.A., Student Council. HINESLEY, ELIZABETH English 12, World History; Mercer, A.B., Emory, M.A.; Advisor Ramscott. HUDSON, JOAN Chorus; University of Georgia, B.F.A., M.M.E.; Choral Council. LOWERY, PATE Business Math, Typing I; University of Georgia, B.B.A. MOODY, PATSY Home Economics II and III; Women’s College, B.S., University of Georgia, M.Ed.; Advisor F.H.A. NICHOLSON, MARY JANE an Georgia Southern, B.S.; Advisor Pep Club, Student Council, Junior ass. 26 ODOM, JACKIE Driver’s Ed.; University of Georgia, B.S. PAHDOCO, WANDA Bookkeeping, General Business, Typing I; Oklahoma State, B.S.; Advisor F.B.L.A. PENDERGRASS, LENA Home Economics IV; University of Georgia, B.S., H.E., M.H.E.; Advisor A.M.C.C., F.H.A. PERRY, AMY French I and II; Duke University, B.A., M.A.; Advisor F.T.A., French Club. POWELL, CHRISTINE Geometry, Algebra II; Tift College A.B.; Advisor Sophomore Class. PRIESTER, EVA Asst. Librarian, Southern Business College. RABERN, VERNA Librarian; Wesleyan College A.B., Graduate Work Emory; Advisor Li- brary Club. RAGSDALE, CAROL P.E., Georgia College at Milledgeville; Advisor Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders, Jr. Pep Club. REVES, BARBARA Band; University of Georgia, B.S.; Advisor Band Club. RICHARDSON, JACQUELYN American History; Wesleyan College, A.B., Duke University, M.A.T.; Advisor Student Council. SELMAN, ILA Dietitian, Eastman High School. SHOCKLEY, KAREN Senior English, Advanced English; Wesleyan College A.B.; Advisor Sr. Dramatics. SMITH, BONNIE English Il; Mercer, A.B. SMITH, NORMA Algebra I and Il; Women’s College, B.S.; Advisor Math Club. TOLLERSON, LULA Counselor; Mercer University, A.B., University of Georgia, M.Ed.; Six Year Specialist. TRAWICK, HARRY Asst. Principal; Mercer, A.B.; Georgia Southern, M.Ed. WAGNER, MARY SUE Secretary; Miller Senior. WALKER, DORIS Stenography II, Transcription, Typing I; Women’s College, A.B., Emory; Advisor Senior Class. WASHINGTON, GLORIA Counselor; Spelman College, A.B. WEAVER, MARY American History, Economics; University of Georgia, B.B.A., Mercer M.Ed.; Advisor Junior Class. WEEKS, JUNYTH Typing I and II, Notehand; Brewton Parker, Georgia Southern, Women’s College, A.B. WILLINGHAM, MARY Chemistry; Furman University, Wesleyan, B.S.; Advisor Red Cross. WILLINGHAM ADELSTONE, ROSALIND World History; University of Georgia, A.B. BEATTY, DAISY Typing I and II, Office Practice; Winthrop, B.S. BLAND, GAIL American History and Geography; The Women’s College, A.B. BOHANNON, LLOYD P.E.; Georgia Southern, B.S. CHAPMAN, MADGE English; Mercer, B.A.; Advisor Red Cross. DAVIS, CLAUDE DEWITT Business Education, Business Law, Typing, Bookkeeping, Economics; Florida A M, B.S. DELOACH, JO ANN World Geography, Economics, Business Law; Georgia College at Milledge- ville, B.S. DUCKWORTH, JESSE D.E., Government, American History; University of Georgia, Mercer, A.B. DURKEE, HARRIETT Art; University of Georgia, B.F.A. EVANS, BERTHA Algebra I, Commercial Arithmetic; Morgan State College, B.S. FLOYD, ROBERT Biology; Mercer, A.B.; Key Club. GRAVES, DAVID Band, General Music; University of Georgia, B.M.; Band. GREENE, ROGER Distributive Education; Georgia. Tech, Mercer University, A.B.; DECA Advisor. GRONKA, MARTIN M. Chemistry, Physics; Pennsylvania State University, B.S. and M.S. Equiva- lent; Science Club Advisor. HAMMOND, JIM Physical Education; University of Tennessee, Memphis State University, B.S., M. of Education; Student Council Advisor. HANCOCK, JUDIETH Biology, Physical Science; Woman's College of Georgia, B.S. HENDERSON, BILLY Physical Education; University of Georgia, B.S.; Ram Club Advisor. HOOKS, THOMAS JAMES English, German; Mercer University, A.B.; Advisor Beta Club, Chess Club. HUTCHERSON, MARTHA O. Librarian; Wesleyan College, Emory University A.B., B.L.S.; Library Club Advisor. JORDAN, BENJAMIN STEWART Counselor; Mercer University, Georgia Southern, A.B JOYNER, JERRY L. Industrial Arts; University of Georgia, B.S. KERSEY, LAURA Bookkeeping 1 and 2; Georgia Southern, B.S.; FBLA Advisor. KINGSLEY, CURTIS D.C.T., Advanced Drawing; Mississippi State, B.S.; VICA Advisor. KYSER, CARTER Geometry; Auburn University, M.S. LAMBACK, MARY B. Secretary; GAB Business. MALONE, CYNTHIA T. French, English; University of North Carolina, University of Chicago, Lambuth College, Wesleyan College; French Club Advisor. MIXON, TOMMY Physical Education; Mercer University, Georgia College A.B., Student Council Advisor. MOORE, JACQUELYN E. Sec. to Asst. Principal. REINDORP, TRUJEN W. Spanish; University of Southern Mississippi, M.A.; Spanish Club Advisor. ROGERS, JERRY HOWARD English; Mercer University B.A. SHERWOOD, CAROLYN English; Woman's College, B.S. SHOUPPE, WILEY P. Algebra I and II; University of Alabama, M.A.; Math Club Advisor. SMITH, MARY P. 3 American History; Mercer University, A.B., M.Ed.; RAMSCOTT Advisor. SPENCE, SUZANNE Government, World History; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Advisor Junior Cabinet, Jr. Civitan. TWILLEY, KATHLEEN Cafeteria Manager WATSON, BARBARA ANN English, Drama, Journalism; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Advisor for RAMPAGE, Debating Team. WATSON, HAROLD L. : Advanced Math, Algebra II; Mercer University, A.B.; Student Council Advisor. WHITAKER, ELMER J. a . English; Mercer University, A.B.; Advisor Jr. Civitan, Sr. Cabinet. WHINDAM, FRANKLIN D. Driver Education; Berry College, Georgia Southern, B.S. A Part of Those Around Me Studying, learning, taking notes, participat- ing in class discussions . . . but best of all socializing with peers, the people who share your likes and dislikes and have the same bright outlooks on life . . . the class mates you want to remember in the future. Class of °70 Vice-Presidents: Barbara Wyatt, Greg Gay we Secretaries: Connie Josey, Richard Tumlin ware 5 : = Presidents: Miranda Whitsel and Steve Powell Directors—left to right: Shirley Dixon, Debbie Dykes, Kate Abernathy, Fran Henderson Kate Abernathy Kay Agan Katherine Askew Donna Bagley Brenda Baggarley Vicky Baldwin Ann Barnes Carol Barnes Bambi Bartlett Rebecca Bartlett Brenda Bass Joy Battle Barbara Baxter Janice Becton Elaine Bedgood Sharon Bell Sheila Bell Lynne Benner Debbie Bennett Beverly Benton Cora Blackwell Jeanne Blackwell Julie Blair Lynne Blizzard Vickie Bonner Donna Bowen Linda Bowers Connie Brown Jeanne Brown Regina Broxton Vicki Bruce Linda Burdette Mary Jo Burkhalter Gail Burnett Joy Byars Susan Caldwell Sharon Cameron Gail Cannon Barbara Carpenter Paula Carson Lori Case Cathy Carithers Delia Causey Cathy Cloud Bobby Cobb Edith Cole Debra Collins Ann Copeland Cindy Cook Debbie Cook Lawana Cosey Pansy Courson Rhonda Countryman Gena Cox Debra Craine Judy Crissey Debbie Croft Gail Crowder Pam Dalton Barbara Daniel Brenda Davis Janice Davis Jean Davis Linda Davis Wanda Davis Sandra Dial Diane Dickerson Elaine Dixon Shirley Dixon Jenny Dubose Sherry Duckworth Dee-Ann DuPree Debbie Dykes Debbie Elrod Regina Emilio Lynn Epting Diane Evans Cathy Farnsworth Chery] Firtcher Pam Floyd Rita Floyd Phyllis Ford Leila Fowler Debbie Francavage Jo-Ellen Friedlander Lynda Fuller Cherly Garner Debbie Garner Linda Garrett Robin Gates Gloria Gay Fran Giddens Ann Goldstein Patsy Goolsby Daborah Goodwin Pat Gooding Tric ia Grace Mary Graves Gwendolyn Green Mitzie Greene Carol Griffin Maryaliea Grimes Patsy Hammond Betty Faye Hamrick Gloria Harbin Kittie Harbuck Jane Hardeman Lynda Harrison Bonnis Hart Debbie Hartley Gwen Harvard Laura Harville Fran Henderson Kathy Herring Susan Herring Cherry Hill Chery! Hill Elaine Hodges Mary Paula Hodnett Gayle Holliday Jenny Holt Lynn Hopkins Beth Horne Sylvia Hortman Patricia Howard Diane Howell Diane Howell Sue-Ellen Howell Becky Hudson Katherine Hudson Charlene Hulett Janice Hurt Linda Hurt Marsha Hutcheson Mollie Hyder Verna Ingram Becky Johnson Cyri Johnson Paula Johnson Juleen Johnson Linda Jones Margaret Jones Nancy Jones Suzanne Jones Sheila Jordan Connie Josey Nancy Keith Laura Keyes Dianne King Paulette King Surelle Krysalka Debbie Lamb Lynn Lawing Brenda Lawrence Pam Leverette Deborah Leverett Linda Lester Georgette Lipford Kay Lingold Carolyn Long Judith Madden Debbie Mauldin Carla McAllister Barbara McBride Johnny McBride Patricia McBride Kay McCall Lurie McCook Connie McCoy Judy McCranie Denise McDaniel Marsha McDaniel Faye McDonald Debbie McElhenney Julie McGee Rhonda McKinnon Sandra McMillan Ginger Metts Barbara Mikus Cheryl Misch Cathy Moore Belinda Morgan Janet Morgan Erin Morris Margie Morris Deborah Mullis Kathy Nicholson Barbara Nobles Kay Nolan Nona Partridge Helen Perry Susan Perry Judy Phillips Sheila Phillips Jean Pope Marion Pope Debra Powell Sharon Powell Dianne Probert Bobbie Proctor Cherie Pruett Margaret Pryor Donna Quick Sandra Quinn Warrene Rackley Janie Radcliff Janice Rainey Geraldine Reeves Debbie Register Kathy Revell Nancy Reynolds Janie Rigby Diane Roberts Jo-Ann Roberts Nancy Robertson Geni Rogers Paula Russ Waverlyn Sandefur Nancy Scanlan Daphene Scott Melody Seaton Debbie Shepard Jennifer Sherwood Donna Shupe Pam Sirmans Kay Smith Mona Smith Sue Smith Sherry] Smith Sheila Smith Lana Snead Darnell Spillers Pam Spires Peggy Sprinkle Joyce Stephens Susan Stokes Melody Stone Gail Story Nancy Strong Beth Stuckey Linda Stuckey Kay Stubbs Brenda Summerlin Linda Tamplin 3arbara Taylor Deborah Taylor Judy Taylor Peggy Taylor Barbara Temples Ellen Thames Debra Thaxton Becky Thomas Linda Thomas Marsha Thomas Sue Thomas Charlene Thompson Delilia Thompsan Judy Tillman Vickie Tillman Pam Tomberlin Wanda Towson Candy Tucker Reba Tucker Theresa Vinson Bonnie Waddleton Harriet Walker Rosemary Ward Deborah Waters Sandra West Elaine Westfoul Nancy Whitaker Nicki Whitley Miranda Whitsel Debby Williams Sue Wilkinson Darlene Wilson Gloria Wilson Linda Wilson Rena Wi'son Sandra Wilson Nancy Winters Rhonda Witherington Cynthia Woodard Geralean Woolfolk Deborah Wright Barbara Wyatt Kathy Young Edward Adams Robert Adams Ken Alderman Travis Almond Bill Amann Orman Arnold Chuck Arnold Al Askew David Avera John Baker Jerry Barbour Alan Barfield Jody Bassett Donnie Belflower Ricky Bennett Sam Bilderback Wayne Black Donald Blair Glen Blassingame Daryl Bolinger Reggie Boutwell Steve Bowman Ronald Bramlett Ronnie Brantley Dennis Brickle Lamar Bridges Leonard Bridger Ralph Bridges Neal Bronson Bob Brown Dennie Brown Gary Brown Garry Bryant Gary Bryant Tony Bryant Alan Burdette Steve Burgamy Hugh Burkette Leon Bryd Jimmy Cannon Sherwood Carter John Cato Richard Churchwell Steve Clemments Larry Coffee Victor Colbert Everett Collins Ronnie Collins Mike Collinsworth Douglas Combes Reggie Cooper Steve Crabb Dale Crawford Gary Curtis Burt Dean Joe Deane Sunny Defore David Dixon Edsel Douglas James Dove Llyod Dowd Mike Dunn Ronnie Dykes Danny Easler Frank Edward Ralph Edwards Tommy Emerson Raliegh Faircloth Stephen Fisher Brian Fitzpatrick Floyd Hoyle Bob Fountain Richard Frank David Fritz Larry Freeman Randy Frost Alan Fulgham Mike Fuller Doug Furney David Gales Greg Gay Donovan Gilley Barry Gillis Philip Glover Neil Godby Kenneth Godfrey Richard Goins Steve Gombkato Sid Goodroe Willie Goolsby David Goss Andy Grubbs Darrell Grant Bill Gray John Groves Fred Gunter Wayne Hall Ken Hamlin Robert Hamlin Tim Hamlin Harry Hardan Lyn Hardison Charlie Hartness Jimmy Harwell Mike Hattaway Mike Hayes Henry Haynes Jeff Haw thorne Bill Heath Alan Helmuth Larry Hemphill Richie Hightower Van Hill Ben Hinson Charlie Holloman Wayne Holcomb Carl Holmes Ronnie Hood Bob Hopkins Chuck Horne Kim Horne Gerald Horton Kenneth Horton Mike Howard Ricky Hubbard Frank Hughes James Hughes Ralph Hughes Rudy Hulette Wiley Hutcheson Franklin Hutto Mike Ingram Larry Johnson Bobby Johnson Freddie Jones Jerry Jones Johnny Jordan Henry Joyner Duane Kilgore Mike King Stan Knight Steve Krau Phil Ladson Dennis Land pe ESE a: ad ed -N = 4) e y q aut a. Mike Larsen Monty Lavender Davis Lengel Buddy Lewis Steve Levertt Tommy Lilley Stephen Lindsey Donnie Livingston Johnny Lockhart Alan Long Doug Lord Charles Lane Phillip Mann Steve Mann Aran Martin Mike Mason Steve Mason Randy Mathews Eugene Mayfeild Pat McConnell John McCranie Ferrell McLendon Hubert McLeod Bill Meadows John Meister Stephen Middlebrooks Tommy Miller Herbie Montgomery Mike Moore Mark Moore Mark Morgan Jeremiah Mosely Freddy Mullin Bobby Napier Ricky Nesmith Lamar Newman Mark Newsome Lee Norris Eddie O’Hern Earnest Ogletree Ronald Olliff James Peacock William Percival Kerry Pilcher David Pirkle Roger Powell Steve Powell Robert Prince David Pruett Melvin Pyles Bert Quinn A Cliff Rabanus Mike Randall ae = = Alan Redmond a 7 i ti Oi ad Ricky Reid Jimmy Renolds Tommy Riggs + = Perry Rogers a J Sonny Roland . Frank Sagnibene } Otis Scarbary Charles Scarbrough Wayne Scarbrough Richard Selph Charles Sharp Glen Sharp Michael Shaw Shep Shepard John Shore Andrew Sughart Donnie Shurley Orman Simpson Lou Sizer Arthur Slaughter Jarry Smallwood Alan Smith Danny Smith Danny Smith David Smith Kemp Smith Stan Smith fe ap lL } Steve Smith o 4 Bill Sowell Raymond Spears 3 I Ss PA 1 im a ft Mike Stafford Chester Stewart Mark Stevens James Stephenson Richard Strickland Hayward Sweat Timmy Tanner Chuck Teel Bruce Thigpen James Thigpen Bruce Thomas Gary Thomas Charlie Thompson Roger Thorman Mike Tinker Larry Tinsley Lafayette T insley Mike Toland Wesley Toler Jeff Troutman Jerry Tucker Richard Tumblin Charles Upchurch Mike Upchurch Gaylan Waid Ricky Ward Timmy Watson Jason Weaver Philip Webb Richard Whelchel Steve Wells Ronnie West Bryant Wilcher Kenny Wikes Bruce Williams Gary Williams Mike Willingham Ray Willingham Jerry Wilkerson Ricky Wilson Denald Wilson Douglas Wilson Ken Whitehead Bill Whitehead David Whitehouse Don Wires Jon Wood Nathan Woodruff Lamar Zellner Mike Zwally Jimmy Jennings ophomore Yr Presidents: Susan Manning, Bruce Crowe, not shown Directors: Dana Parker, Pat Amos, Jill Self Annette Brantley Brenda Breland Naomi Brewer Cathy Brittian Penny Brooks Brenda Bruce Patsy Bryant Linda Burgamy Phyllis Burnes Karen Burnett Judy Caisse Debra Cameron Kay Cannady Brenda Cannon Linda Carr Sharon Carter Ann Chaffin Pat Childers Judy Chitwood Sus an Claney Brenda Clark June Clark Patsy Clark Barbara Cohen Susan Allen Pat Amos Deborah Anderson Shirley Archer Cherie Arnold Myra Arnold Pam Attaway Brenda Austin Aurelia Avera Ann Baggs Raydell Barr Gwen Bass Deborah Bassett Shirley Bassett Sheila Batts Rose Baxter Janice Beasley Kathy Bilderback Beth Bliss Elaine Boone Ann Boothe Carol Bostick Janis Bradfield Elizabeth Bramblett Glenda Compton Cathy Cox Theresa Cox Xavia Crissey Carolyn Crosby Diane Dairs G'enda Daniels Dianne Davis Jackie Davis Elaine Deal Patsy Deason Cathy Dixon Virginia Dixon Kathy Dominy Leslie Ann Drum Pam Dubose Kay Durden Gladys Edwards Wendy Edwards Sherry Elder Gloria English Sheryl Ennis Debbie Epting Elaine Evans Sharon Farnsworth Glynis Fields Sara Folds Anita Foster Crystal Fountain Donna Fowler Linda Fulwood Valerie Funck Cathy Garnto Debra Gillis Pat Glover Debbye Gonzalez Jo Ann Goodwin Gwen Goss Nita Gray Dianne Greenway Judy Griffin Rhonda Griggs Linda Grimes Alice Guinn Becky Hall Wanda Hallman Mary Etta Hamrick Nancy Hare Sharon King Laverne Kitchens Marie Kitchens Becky Lanford Carol Lannon Linda Lee Freda Lewis Theresa Lord Brenda Lowery Janice Mackey Ellen Mann Susan Manning Ann Harrell Pamela Harrell Harriet Hantley Jill Heath Sharon Hightower Wanda Hill Lawanna Holder Cindy Holland Pam Holloway Nanne tte Hooks Vickie Horne Sarah Hughes Gail Hutto Paulette Hulett Gail Hunt Donna Jackson Michelle Jerkins Patty Johnson Brenda Jones Faye Jones Judy Josey Rhonda Kerr Carol King Judy King Diane Marshall De Juan Martin Kathryn McElmurray Cheryl McGraw Debbie McLemore Sue Meadows Diane Meeks Lynn Metz Chrissy Miles Gayle Milford Pat Mills Jackie Mize Patricia Moncrief Lyn Moore Pat Moye Janice Mullinix Patricia Mullis Wynoka Myers Bernice Napier Sandy Norris Valerie Norris Carol Parham Dana Parker Sylvia Parks Anne Partridge Jacque Patterson Carol Peavy Vicky Phelps Doris Phillips Patsy Pippin Helen Pope Ramona Pope Carol Ann Potter Brenda Powell Marsha Powell Gloria Price Joyce Stephens Cathie Stevens Molly Stewart Susan Stickney Gail Sutton Vickie Swain Brenda Thames Brenda Theiss Melba Thistlewood Brenda Thomas Jean Towson Janis Tucker Joyce Tucker Lynn Tyson Judy Underwood Janice Ussery Carol Venable Gwen Vinson Susan Waddell Janice Walsh Deborah Waters Claris Waltman Becky Watson Cynthia Wellborn Patsy Price Debra Pritchett Miriam Purser Melorie Raley Carolyn Rasmussen Wanda Rawls Laketa Ritch Carolyn Robertson Roxanne Robertson Patric ia Rogers Cathy Rowe Latrell Rowell Cathy Sanders Susan Savage Karen Scott Jill Self Debra Shaw Joy Shepard Joy Simpson Theresa Skinner Brenda Smith Cheryl Spell Sonnie Spell Linda Stallings Teresia Wester Sheila White Elaine Williams Gail Williams Linda Williams Mae Williams Mary Ann Williams Paula Williams Faith Willoughby Gwen Woolfolk Tommie Dee Wood Gail Wood Toni Wilson Margie Wilson Sherry Willis JUNIORS—PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Randy Bates Cynthia Collins Johnny Davis John DuPree C. W. Eldridge Donnie Evans Larry Fulford Hugh Green Randy Hasty David Higgerbothem Jerold Hooker Adner Jennings Dean Johnson Bobby Jones Richard Kunka Frances Landford Michael Lee Roman Lozano Paul Luttrel Morris NeSmith Mike Pyles Robert Rhodes Dale Sallon Donnie Sanford David Shippen Sandra Spell Phil Sprinkle Everette Tharpe Ronnie Ussery Carl Wade Daniel Watson Robert Williams Charles Willis Donald Windham Sheila Worrell Donald Young Duffy Addleton Larry Arnold Tony Baird Ricky Barron Billy Beale Phil Bell Phillip Bellury Ricky Blalock Bud Bowen David Bowman Tim Braswell Larry Britt Lamar Brown Billy Browning Randy Buffington Kenny Burnett Terry Busbee Elmer Butler Vince Caldwell Allen Cameron Earl Carmichael Wayne Carter William Causey Andy Chapman Terry Chapman Billy Christy Jimmy Clanton Ronnald Colbert Jerry Coleman Phil Coleman Ray Cooper Johnny Courson Tommy Coxwell Ronnie Crosby Donnie Cross Bruce Crowe James Cruz Dewey Davis Sammy Davis Neil Deese Morty Denham Dery] Dent Ricky Deriso Jerry Dixon David Doss David Dowd Steve Drawhorn Barry Dugan John Dunn Andy Durden Jerry Edge Don Edwards Rex Ellington Charles Evans Dennis Fitzpatrick : Walter Fitzpatrick a ' : Randy Fiveash : Ray Fiveash — ' i — , = Wayne Flanders — 7 f Herby Ford Robert Ford Donnie Fussell Russel Gay Manwell Germany Billy Gilbert Wayne Goforth Reid Goodman John Goodner Luther Gordon . - Tommy Graham : Earl Grant dim Stephen Grinstead Mike Guilmette Freddy Hall Ronnie Hammond Joe Hane Kenny Hargroves Stephen Harr David Harris Leon Harris Leonard Hart Terry Harvil Bobby Hayslip Mark Herrington Tyrone Hicks Glenn Higginbotham Harvey Hill James Holmes Mike Hooks Ander Horne David Hudson Jim Huling Mike Huling Jerry Hunnicutt Van Hunter Billy Inman Donnie Jackson Eddie Jarreil William Johnson Roger Jones Wayne Jones Jerry Jordan John Jordan gory Kendrick Kenneth Kitchens Donnie Knight Daniel Leslie Ted Livingston Steve Martin Doyle Mason Deen Mathews Tommy McAdams Larry McCollum Scott McCook Keith McGraw Jimmy McHugh Jimmy Meadows Robert Mercer Richard Merchant Sam Metcalf Michael Mims Calvin Minchew Furney Mishoe Johnny Mitchell Gerry Monroe Buddy Moore Larry Moore Wayne Moore John Moorman Bill Morstad Jimmy Mosely John Reid Henry Robertson Robert Robinson David Rumph Terry Sark Gary Scott Tommy Seagraves Joey Seguin Johnny Sharpless D’Lane Skipper George Slappey Johnny Smith Paul Mosely Terry Mullis Billy NeSmith Mike Odom Mike Odom Phil Odom Kenneth Ogletree Bruce O'Neal Claud Osborn Kenny Pancake Steve Patat Wayne Peebles David Peed Hal Perry Larry Peterson Mike Pettis Roger Phillips Mike Pinholstar Jerry Pope Terry Poulnott David Powell Charles Price Daniel Price Johnny Pryor Lynn Smith Mark Smith Ralph Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Kendal Spears Andy Spires Sam Stafford Morris Starley Carl Stewart Larry Stokes Sammy Storey Jim Stuckey Jerry Tapley Tyrone Tapley Richard Taylor Clay Thames Andy Thomas Ricky Thomas Al Thrasher Roger Tinker Roger Trask Monty Truelove Mike Tucker Eddie Vance Ricky Waites Ricky Wasden Sonny Welch Larry West Mike Wheeler Kee White Mike White John Whitehead John Whitehurst Randy Wilkes Erwin Wilkinson Garry Williams Randy Willingham Dennis Wilson A. W. 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Voellinger Sherry Waddell Joyce Waits Janice Walker Wanda Wall Judy West Rhonda White Elaine Wilkerson Dawn Williams Pat Wimpy Marsha Wood Sheila Wood Rebecca Woodruff Melba Young Patti Young David Adams Richard Adams Wayne Alderman Richard Allagood John Alligood Thomas Arnold Ralph Baggs Larry Ballard Butch Barnes Julian Bass Joseph Batchelor Kenneth Baxter Steven Beauchamp William Bearden Ronnie Bedsole Gene Bedgood Ray Bedgood William Bennett Edward Bissonette § G Michael Bloodworth . ) ay So 7 tv aay X 4 William Bradshaw Glenn Bridger James Bryan Walter Buffington Henry Bullard Billy Butterworth Ronnie Butts Robert Byas Mike Caldwell Rex Caldwell Darrell Cameron Theron Cannon William Capps Ronnie Carr Danny Carstarphen Jimmy Carver Donnie Cheshire Ric ky Churchwell Jerry Coile David Coleman Hugh Coleman Ernest Collins Gary Cooper Jimmy Cooper Gary Cooper Jerry Crowell Jimmy Culpepper Wayne Dalton Jerry Daniel Warren Daniell Danny Darsey Jerry Davis Mike Dawkins Kenneth DeLoach William Dowd Raymond Dupree Steven Durden Stephen Durden James Edwards George Elam Wayne Ellis Kenneth Elsasser James Evans William Evans Robert Forth Charles Freeman A Louis Friedlander . ; teas Habe S i 3 + | Roby Fuller Wayne Garrard Darry] Gilbert Michael Gold a: bs A - - at. Thomas Golden Ronald Goldsby James Grace Floyd Gregory Ronnie Griffin Timothy Hall Dennis Hammock Jarvis Hampton John Hancock David Hartley Wayne Hatcher Harvey Heath Ingram Helms James Higgins James Hitchcock Brad Holloway Jeff Holloway Bert Hooker Glynn Hornyak Donald Howard Brian Hudson Jimmy Hughes Jerry Hulett Daniel Humphrey Rudy Jackson Donald James Timothy Jimerson Ricky Joaquin Dennis Johnson General Johnson Dean Johnson Wayne Jones Stephen Kell Gerald Killgo Danny Killgore Charles King Stanton Kluge Dennis Ladson Charles Lancaster Philip Langley Micheal Lee Ray LeFils Stanley Lines Michael Livingston Ronnie Livingston George Lockhart Roger Loftin Michael Long Gary Lord Terry Loyd Sonny Lozano Donnie Lucas Paul Luttrell Philip Maddox Mell Mann Bill Mason Elgin Mayfield Gary Mayne Alan McCoury Barron McDaniel Edward McElhenny James McElroy Bobby McKinley James McMillan Vic Merriman Donald Millen Tim Minor David Minshew Glenn Misinco Mike Misinco Gregory Morgan David Moss Les Murrell Jake Myers Larry Myers Teddy NeSmith William Nobles Michael O'Kelly Daniel Owen Mike Pape Edgar Parent Jack Patterson Del Payne Mickey Peacock Kieth Powell Wayne Powell Randall Reed Mae Reynolds Emmett Rigby Ronnie Roberts Tommy Roberts Charles Rogers Cleveland Rogers Larry Rogers Donnie Rooks John Ross Michael Ross Norman Rowell Johnny Rozier Daniel Sauls Douglas Scanlan Jimmy Scoggins Michael Scott Michael Shepard Michael Shipman Michael Smith Randolph Smith Tony Smith Lamar Snyder Wayne Spence Robert Spinks Stanley Stavely Hugh Stehle James Stephens Frank Stevens Martin Stevens Foy Stevenson James Stewart Randal Stinson Charles Strickland Danny Stuckey Tim Suddeth Allen Swift Loran Swymer Everette Tharpe Allen Thomas Mike Tucker Quitman Tyson Ronnie Ussery Victory Von Steenbutgh William Van Dyke Ronald Waddleton Toby Wakefield Richard Walker Neal Waller Dewey Watson Guerry West Allen Williams Wayne Williamson Richard Willingham Francis Witherington Jerry Wood David Young Frank Zielinski Senior Ka pers c= | iz " = ALEXANDER, MARJORIE Jorie Transferred 10; Math Club 10; Chorus 10-11; Y -Teens 11-12. ANDERSON, LINDA DIANE Linda Transferred 10; Y-Teens 10-12; Chorus 10-12; French Club 12; Stunt Night 11; Perfect Attendance 10-12. ARCHER, SUSAN MARIE Susan Spanish Club 11-12, Treas. 12; Sr. Dramatics 11; Beta Club 11-12; Y- Teens 9-10; Supv. Sports 8-10; Stunt Night 11; Quill Scroll 12; Ram- scott Index Editor 12; Perfect At- tendance 9-12. ARROWOOD, PATRICIA GAIL Arrowhead G.A.A. 11-12, Treas. 12; F.H.A. 8; Gym Day 9-12; Student Council 8; Supv. Sports 8-12; Stunt Night 11- 12; Badminton Intramurals 12. AULTMAN, THERESA LEE Pete F.H.A. 8; Pep Club 8-12; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9; B-Team Cheerleader 11; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Treas. of Freshman Class; Director of Soph. Class; Stunt Night 9-10; Supyv. Sports 8-10. BARTLETT, JOY LAEL Lael Jr. Dramatics 9; Math Club 10-12, Pres. 12; Beta Club; Student Coun- cil 12. BATEMAN, BRENDA KAY Brenda F.H.A. 8-10; Library Club 8-9; Red Cross 10; Y-Teens 8; Chorus 8, 11- 12; Office Assistant 9. BATEMAN, EVA ARBENIA Eva F.T.A,. 8-9; Art Club 8-9; Red Cross 10, 12; Y-Teens 10. BATTLE, SUZANN Suzann Transferred 9, BAUGHCUM, MARGARET DIANNE Dianne Chorus 8-10; Music Club 8; French Club 11-12. BENNETT, JOYCE ANN Joyce Supervision Sports 8-10; F.H.A. 8, 12; F.B.L.A. 12. BOND, SARA REBACCA Rebecca Art Club 10; Science Club 11; Li- brary Club 11-12, Historian 12; Tri- Hi-Y 12, BONEY, CONSTANCE LOUISE Connie Y-Teens, Treas. 9; Jr. Varsity Cheer- leader 9; B-Team Cheerleader 10-11, Capt. 11; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Band 8-12; Pep Club 9-12; Ram Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff; “Notebook” Announcer 12; Quill Scroll, Sgt. at Arms 12. BOYETT, JANICE KAY Janice Transferred 12. BRELAND, IRIS FAYE Faye Transferred 9; Band, Band Club 9-11. BRIDGER, MABEL RUTH Mabel Junior Dramatics 10; Perfect Attend- ance 10; Math Club 10-12, Chaplain 10, Vice-Pres. 12; Stunt Night 12. BROOKS, LINDA ARLEEN Arleen Music Club 8-9, Program Chm. 9; 76 Mckvoy Senior Directory Latin Club 8; Sophomore Talent Show 10; Chorus 8-12; Melodettes 11; Stunt Night 11; Georgia’s All State Chorus, 10-12. BROWN, BRENDA DIANNE Dianne Y-Teens 10, Program Chm. 11; F.H.A. 10-11; Drill Team 11; Beta Club 11-12; Ramscott Business Staff 11; Supy. Softball 8. BROWN, CHARLOTTE DALE Dale Science Club 8; Band Club 8-10; Band 9-12. BRYANT, BRENDA JOYCE Brenda F.H.A. 9; Student Council 10-11, Treas. 11; Sec. of Freshman Class; Dramatics Club 11-12; Pep Club 12; Quill Scroll 12, Sec. 12; Tween Teens Reporter; Sec. Sr. Class; Beta Club 12; Superlative 12. BUNCH, LINDA FAYE Linda Y-Teens 8, 10, 12; F.B.L.A. 10; Volleyball Intramurals 10-12. BURGAMY, NANCY FAY Nancy F.T.A. 8-9; Supv. Sports 8-12; Gym- nastics 9-11; G.A.A,. 12. BURGAMY, SHEILA DENICE Sheila F.T.A. 9; Lunchroom Assistant 11- 12; G.A.A. 12; Quill Scroll 12; Pep Club; Perfect Attendance 8-12; Stunt Nite 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff. BURNETT, NORA KATHRYN Bubbles F.H.A. 8-10; F.H.A. Sweetheart Queen 9; Pep Club 11-12; Student Council 12. BUTLER, NANCY AMELIA Nancy Pep Club 10-12; Sr, Dramatics 11- 12; Thespians 10, Pres. 12; Beta Club 11-12; Quill Seroll 12, Vice- Pres. 12; Stunt Nite 12; Bonnie Blue Print News Editor 12; Stu- dent Council 12. BYRD, JUDITH ELAINE Elaine F.H.A. 8-11, Treas. 11; Pep Club 8-9; Sr. Dramatics 12; Y-Teens 8; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Tween Teens Reporter; Stunt Night 12; Supv. Sports 8-9; Quill Scroll 12. CAMERON, LEONA ALLINE Alline Red Cross 10-11; A.M.C.C. 12; Supv. Sports 8-10. CAMERON, MARIAN PATRICIA Little Bit Jr. Dramatics 8-9; Art Club 8-12; Red Cross 10; Pep Club 11; F.H.A. 12; Perfect Attendance 4 yrs.; Lunchroom Assistant 11-12, CARR, JACQUELINE ANNE Jacque Y-Teens 8-9, Pres. 8; Student Coun- cil 8-12, Executive Board 9, 11-12, Sec. 12; Pep Club 10-11, Treas. 11; Sr. Dramatics 11-12; Thespian 12; Attended Citizenship Seminar 11; “Charley’s Aunt” 11; Stunt Night 10-12; Beta Club 11-12, Vice Pres. 11; Ramscott 11-12; Superlative. CHAMBERS, CAROL ANN Carol Jr. Dramatics 8; Gymnastics 10-11; Perfect Attendance 8-10; G.A.A. 12; Supv. Sports 8-12. CHAMBERS, PHYLISS KATHLEEN Kathy Art Club 8-12, Vice Pres. 9, His- torian 12. CHEVES, SUSAN GAIL Gail 4-H Club 8; F.H.A. 9; Stunt Night 9-10; Supv. Sports 9-10; G.A.A. 12; Quill Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. CLACK, BRENDA FRANCES Brenda F.H.A. 9-11; 4-H Club 8-11; Beta Club 11; Science Club 9; Trans- ferred 12. CLARK, SHARON ANNE Sharon Y-Teens 8-9, 11; ILC.C. Rep. 8, Sec. 9; Band 9-12; Band Club 8-12, Squad Leader 11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; French Club 11; Stunt Nite 10; Supv. Sports 10. CLARK, SHARON YVONNE Sharon Transferred 10; Red Cross 12; Chorus 10-12; F.H.A. 8-10; Music Club 11; Tri-Hi-Y 9; Art Club 10. CLIFTON, PAMELA LORETTA Pam Pep Club 9-12, V.P. 9; Y-Teens 8-11, Parliamentarian 10; I.C.C. Rep. 11; Ramscott Staff 11-12; Student Council 12; Supyv. Pres. 12; Supv. Sports 9-10; Stunt Nite 9-12. COLBERT, SHIRLEY ANN Shirley Transferred 10; Chorus 10-12. COLE, GLENDA LUCILLE Glenda F.H.A. COLLINS, PATRICIA ANN Pat F.H.A. 9; G.A.A. 10-12, V.P. 12; Supv. Sports 8-12; Playday 10-11; Stunt Nite 11-12. COX, THERESA LYNN Lynn Pep Club 8; FHA 11, 12; Art 12. CRANFORD, LINDA GAYLE Gayle Pep Club; F.H.A. CRUSE, PEGGY DARLENE Peggy FHA 8; Y-Teens 9; Pep Club 10- 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12; Supv. Volley- ball 10, 11; Supy. Badminton 12. CRUTCHFIELD, KAREN ANNETTE Karen Red Cross 11; F.B.L.A. 10, 12; Supv. Volleyball 9, DARLING, BRENDA JEAN Brenda Art Club 10-12; Chorus 9-11. DAVIDSON, SYLVIA ELAINE Sylvia F.T.A. 12. DAVIS, CAROLYN Carolyn Transferred 11; A.M.C.C. 12. DAVIS, CECILIA ANN Cecilia Pep Club 8-12, Sec. 12; Y-Teens 9; A.M.C.C. 10; Business Staff Ram- scott 12; Supy. Basketball 9. DAVIS, PATRICIA DIANNE Pat Bonnie Gardners 8; Red Cross 10; Tumbling-Gymnastics Club 9-12; Vice Pres. 12; F.H.A. 8; G.A.A. 12; Y-Teens 10-12; Supv. Volleyball 10; Badminton In- tramurals 12; Student Council 11. DAVIS, SHERYL LYNDA Sheryl Transferred 9. DECHMAN, ELIZABETH BRUER Libby G.A.A. 9-12; Pep Club 8-12; Supy. Volleyball 8-12; Supy. Basketball 8-12; Art Club 10-12; Y-Teens 8- 10; German Club 11; Stunt Night 9.12. DEESE, DEIDRE KING Deesie Transferred 8; F.H.A. 9; Y-Teens 9; Supv. Volleyball 10, 11; Bonnie Blue Print Circulation Staff 12. DELOACH, GLORIA JEAN Gloria F.H.A. 8-10; Pep Club 9-11; Y- Teens 8, 10; F.B.L.A. 10, 11; Bonnie Blue Print Photographer 12; Supy. Volleyball 10, 11; Supv. Vice Pres. 10. DINGLER, CONNIE ELAINE Connie F.G.A. 8, 9; Red Cross 10; Pep Club 8-10; Jr. Dramatics 9; Drill Team 11; Supv. Volleyball 8-12; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10; G.A.A, 12. DIXON, PAULA JEAN Paula Art Club 8, 11; F.H.A. 9; Science 9-12; Supv. Volleyball 8-10; Supv. Basketball 8-10. DOUGLAS, MARGERET OPAL Opal Chorus 9; Library Asst. 9-12; Li- brary Club 9-12, Vice Pres. 11, Sec.- Treas. 12; F.T.A. 10-12. DUGGAN, MELBA KAY Melba F.H.A. 8-10; Y-Teens 9-12; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print 12; French Club 11; Pep Club 8; Supy. Volleyball and Basketball. DUNN, KATHIE MARIE Kathie Pep Club 8, 10-12, Publicity Chrm. 11, Pres. 12; Business Manager Ram- scott 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 9; A.M.C.C. 10; Quill Scroll 12; Student Council Executive Council 11, 12. DURDEN, SUSAN LYNN Susan French Club 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12; Class Director 10-11; Tri-Hi-Y 11; Y-Teens 8-10; Sweetheart 9; Stu- dent Council Executive Council 11, 12; Band 9-12; Supy. Volleyball 9; 4-H 8, 9. EDWARDS, MYRA LOUISE Art Club 9-12, Pres. 9, Sec. 11, Pres. 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Sgt.-at-Arms 12; Student Council 9, 12; Executive Council 12; Class Director 12. ELTON, HAZEL ANN Hazel Transferred 12; Pep Club 12; Dra- matics 12. EMERICK, JOY ALICE Joy Y-Teens 8, 9; Stunt Night 10; Pep Club 10; Dramatics 11, 12, Sec. 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Program Chrm. 12; Thespians 12; Annual Staff 11, 12; Student Council 12. EVANS, BENGALE DELORISE Bengale Transferred 10; Y-Teens 10-12. EVANS, EMILY ELIZABETH Emily Transferred 10; Dramatics 10-12; Thespians 11, 12. EZZELL, ELAINE Lainy F.B.L.A. 10; Band Club 9, 10; Band 10-12; Art Club 11, 12; Concert Band 10-12; Supv. Volleyball 8; Squad Leader 12. EZZELL, YVONNE Vonnie Band Club 9; Supv. 9, 8; Art Club 115 12. FARRELL, JANICE AMELIA Janice Transferred 9; Pep Club 10; Per- fect Attendance 9, 10; Supv. Volley- ball 9-11; Supv. Basketball 9-11. FELLOWS, REGINA FAYE Gina Red Cross 11; A.M.C.C. 12; Perfect Attendance 8-11. FINCHER, VICKI LEE Vicki Jr. Dramatics 8, 9, Vice Pres. 9; F.H.A. 10-12, Treas. 12; Sr. Dra- matics 12; Quill Scroll 12, Pres. 12: Student Council 8, 12; Manag- ing Editor Bonnie Blue Print; Slick Witch Contestant 11, 12; Stunt Nite 10-12; Supv. Volleyball 8-11; Supv. Basketball 8-11. FINNEY, KATHERINE Katherine Transferred 10; Y-Teens 10-12; Per- fect Attendance it, 2% FLETCHER, CATHY HOPE Cathy F.H.A. 8; A.M.C.C. 10; F-.B.L.A. iL FORDHAM, VICTORIA LYNN Vicki Quill Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 11; G.A.A. 10-11; French Club 11; Student Council 9; F.H.A. 9-10; Pep Club 9; Director Fresh- man Class; Beta 11; Supv. Volley- ball 8-12; Supv. Basketball 9-12. FRANCIS, KATHERINE WANDA JACQUELINE Jacki Art Club 8; Red Cross 8; Jr. Dra- matics, Treas. 9; F.H.A. 10-12, Par- liamentarian 11, Vice Pres. 12; Y- Teens 11, 12, Publicity 12; Quill Scroll 12; Student Council 12; Supy. Pres. 12; Library Asst. 11; Supv. Volleyball. FRANKLIN, IRIS ELAINE Elaine Band 9-12; Band Club 9-12; Art Club 11-12; Beta 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 11; Perfect Attendance 9-11. FULFORD, DONNA KAYE Donna Supv. Volleyball and Softball 8-12; Gym Day 9-12; Playday 11, 12; F.H.A. 8-12, Sec, 11, Pres. 12, Sweet- heart Court 11; G.A.A. 11-12, Sec. 12; Student Council 9, 12; Publicity Chrm. 12; Band 10-12; Stunt Night 10-12. FURNEY, JANIE CAROLYN Janie Jr. High Office Monitor 9; Supvy. Vice Pres. 10; F.H.A, 10-12. GARRETT, PATRICIA JEAN Patricia F.H.A. 8-10; F.T.A. 9; Art Club 10, 11, Sec. 12; Y-Teens 10; Red Cross 8; Supv. Volleyball 9, 10. GAY, RUTH CAROL Carol F.H.A. 11, 12; Music Club 10, 11, Social Chrm. 11, Chora. Council 12, Projects Chrm. 12; Library Club 10; Perfect Attendance 8-12; Melodettes 1 Mg GIBSON, BEVERLY HELEN Beverly Transferred 12; F.T.A. 12; Library Club 12. GILBERT, SUSAN MARIE Susan Pep Club 9, 10-12, Publicity Chrm. 12; G.A.A. 9-12; Y-Teens 9; Gym Day 8-12; Business Staff Annual 12, GLADNEY, BETTY JUNE June GOFORTH, KRISTA LYNNE Krista French Club 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Library Asst. 9-11; Beta Club 11, 12; Gym Day 8; Supv. Basket- ball 9, 10. GRANT, BRENDA JOYCE Brenda Transferred 10; French Club 10; Y-Teens 11. GRAVES, CONNIE WEBB Connie Dramatics 11; Ramscott Faculty Editor; Red Cross 8-11, Treas. 11; Chorus 11; Quill Seroll 12. GRAY, CONNIE DARLENE Connie F.B.L.A. 10, 11; French Club 11; Pep Club 10; Supy. Volleyball 8. GRIFFIN, ELAINE HAZEL Elaine Y-Teens 10; G.A.A. 12; Library Asst. 12; Gym Day 10, 11; Supv. Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Bad- minton 9-12. GRIFFIN, PATRICIA CARLYENE Patsy F.B.L.A. 10; F.H.A. 10; Red Cross 11; Supv. Volleyball, Basketball 8 9. HAMLIN, MYRTLE FRANCES Sunny F.H.A. 9-11; Pep Club 8; Quill Scroll 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Annual Staff 12, Soph. Class Editor; Supv. Volleyball 9. HAMLIN, PAMELA JEAN Pam F.H.A. 8, 9, 10; Y-Teens 8, 9; Pep Club 9; Band Club 8, 9; Band 8, 9: Sr. Dramatics 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12, Circulation Staff and Columnist; Student Council 9. HAMLIN, PENELOPE ANN Penny F.H.A. 8-10, 12, Degree Chairman 9; Sweetheart Court 9; Y-Teens 8, 9; Student Council 9, 12; Inter- City Student Council 9; Sr. Dra- matics 12; Pep Club 8, 9; Quill Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Reporter, Exchange and Circulation Staff 12; Supv. President 9, 12. HAMM, SYBIMA DIANNE Dianne Supv. Volleyball 8, 9; Pep Club 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Senior Dramatics 12; Supv. Vice Pres. 11; Columnist and News Re- porter of Bonnie Blue Print. HAMM, VERNA GAIL Verna F.H.A. 8-10, Music Chairman; Chorus 8, 9; Band 10, 11, Captain of Drum Section 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Red Cross 9, Chapter House Representative 12; Gym Day 1); Gymnastics 9; Band Council 11, 12. HATTAWAY, SHARON ANN Sharon Y-Teens 8-11; Corresponding Sec. ll; F.H.A. 10; Office Monitor 9; Supy. Volleyball 10; French Club 11; Ramscott Staff; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Red Cross 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Quill and Scroll 12. HARVARD, MARILYN JAYE Jaye Pep Club 8, 9, 11, 12; F.H.A, 8-10, Secretary 9; Sweetheart Court 9; Student Council 10; Classie Lassie 11; GAA 12; B-Team Cheerleader 1], Varsity 12; Vice Pres. Junior Class; Director Senior Class; Of- fice Monitor 12. HAYES, DEBORAH Deborah AMCC; Music Club. HENRY, BILLIE LYNNE Billie Beta Club 11, 12; Pep Club 8-12, Treas. 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Bon- nie Blue Print Staff 10, 11; Red Cross 9, Pres. 9; Student Council 9; Quill and Serol] 12; F.H.A. 9; Y-Teens 8; Supv. Volleyball and Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11. HIGDON, MILDRED FAYE Millie F.H.A. 10, 11; Y-Teens 11, 12, Treas. 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Photographer. HIGHTOWER, LINDA ANN Linda Y-Teens 8-12, Publicity Chairman 10, Sec. 11, Pres. 12; LC.C.; F.H.A. 10, 11, Projects Chairman 11; Bonnie Blue Print Art Editor, Columnist; Student Council 12; Quill and Scroll 12. HILL, JUDITH ARDEN Art F.H.A. 8-10; Supv. Basketball and Volleyball 8, 9; Chorus 8-10; AMCC 10-12. HILL, VALERIE ALLISON Allison F.H.A. 9; Pep Club 12. HINOTE, ALICE IRENE Alice Y-Teens 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Dixie Darlings 9-11; Art Club 11; Pep Club 12; Stunt Nite 11, 12. HINSON, MARTHA ANN Mopsy Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Band 10-12, Band Librarian 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12, See. 12, Treas. 11; Stunt Nite 10-12. HORNADAY, PATRICIA ANN Patricia Y-Teens 8, 9; Supv. Volleyball 8-10; AMCC 12; Supv. Basketball 8, 9. HORTON, BARBARA LYNNE Lynne Art Club 8-11; Red Cross 10, 12; Pep Club 11; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Lab Assistant 12; Lunchroom As- sistant 11, 12. HOWARD, CAROL JEAN Carol Lab Assistant 11. HOWARD, SANDRA RUTH Sandra G.A.A. 10-12, Pres. 12; Student Council 11, 12; Supv. Volleyball 8, 9; Vice Pres. Senior Class. HUBBARD, DEBORAH ANN Deborah Y-Teens 8; F.H.A. 8-10, 12; Pep Club 8; Sr. Dramatics 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Feature Writer, Circulation Staff; Band; Chorus. HUDSON, SANDRA LOUISE Sandra Perfect Attendance 8-12. HUFF, PATRICIA ANN Pat Jr. Dramatics 9; F.H.A. 10-12; Y- Teens 11, 12, Projects Chairman 12, Publicity Chairman 11. HUFF, SANDRA LEE Sandra Transferred 10; F.H.A, 11-12. JACKSON, GENA KAY Gena Y-Teens 8-10; German Club 10, 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Thespians 12; Stunt Nite 10-12; Drill Team 11; Dixie Darling 12; Sophomore Talent Show; F.H.A. 12, Y-Teens 10-12; JAMES, CARLA MARIE Carla Y-Teens 9-11; Art Club 9-11, Treas. 11; Library Club 10-12, Historian 1l, Pres. 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Art Editor 12; Student Council 12; Stunt Nite 10, 11. JARRIEL, JANET DELAINE Delaine F.H.A. 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Pep Club 12; Supv. Volleyball and Basketball 8-10; Gym Day 10. JOHNSON, MARY CHRISTELLE Christelle Supv. Volleyball and Basketball 8- 10; Supv. Baseball 8. JOINER, BARBARA ANN Barbara Library Club 10-12, Sec. 11, Vice Pres. 12; Science Club 10-11, Sec. 11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Sec. 12; Student Council 11, 12; Executive Council 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Annual Staff; Stunt Nite 10-12. JONES, SUSAN WILLETTE Susan F.H.A. 8-10, Pres. 9. JORDAN, DEBRA FRANCINA Debra Y-Teens 11, 12; French Club 12; Perfect Attendance 10, 11; Trans- ferred 10. KELLER, GINGER NANNETTE Ginger Lou F.H.A. 8, 9, Treas. 9; French Club 11, 12, Chaplain 11, Sec. 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Band 9.12; Band Club 9, 10, 12, Pres. 12; Student Council 12. KENT, FRANCES BETH Beth Jr. F.T.A., Pres. 9; Sophomore Class Co-Pres.; Math Club 10, 11; GAA 10-12, Sec. 11, Publicity Chairman 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Treas. 12; Student Council 9-12; Intercity Rep. 10; Supv. Pres. 9, 10; Honors Wk. Chairman 11; Calendar and Scrap- book 12; Governor’s Honors Pro- gram 11; Ramscott Staff, Layout Editor. KEYS, SUSAN ALICIA Susie Cheerleader 9-12, Varsity 11, 12, Captain 12; Treas. Soph. Class; Director of Jr. and Sr. Class; Treas. Student Council 9; Pep Club 8-12; Beta Club 11, 12; Gym Day 10-12; GAA 10-12; Ram Club 11, 12; Homecoming Court 12. KING, ALICE LEE Alice Supv. Volleyball 10; Stunt Nite 11. KITCHENS, PAMELA SHARON Pam Supv. Volleyball and Basketball 9, 10; Stunt Nite 10; Pep Club 11; Beta Club 11, 12. KREWSON, SUSAN LYNETTE Krewson Supv. Volleyball 8-12; Supv. Basket- ball 8-12; GAA 9-12; Y-Teens, Treas. 9, Pres. 10; Freshman Class Director; Soph. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Senior Class Treas.; Student Council 10-12, Vice Pres. 11, Pres. 12; Band 8-11. LAKE, DEBRA LEONE Debra FTA 8-12, Vice Pres. 9, Pres. 12; French Club 10, 11, Pres. 11; 4H 8, 9; Pep Club 12; Student Coun- cil 9, 11, 12; Supv. Volleyball 8, 9; Stunt Night 12; Office Monitor 12. LILLEY, SUSAN KAY Susan FHA 11; Chorus 8, 9. LOCKHART, RUTH ELIZABETH Betty Y-Teens 8-10, Sec. 8; ICC 9; ICC Publicity 10; Pep Club 8, 19, 11, Vice Pres. 11; Student Council 11, 12; Calendar 11; Elections Chair- man 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12, Parlia- mentarian 12; Stunt Night 9-12; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Thespian 12, Sec. 12; Bonnie Blue Print, News Editor 11; Ramscott Staff, Feature Editor 12. LOVEJOY, BRENDA ELAINE Brenda Pep Club 8; Y-Teens 8; Student Council 8; FHA 9; Supv. Volley- ball 9; French Club 11; Stunt Night 9, 11; Bonnie Blue Print Adv. Staff 12, Columnist. LOVEJOY, EMMA ELAINE Elaine FHA 8, 9, Parliamentarian 9; Pep Club 8-10, 12; Jr. Varsity Cheer- leader 9; B Team Cheerleader 10. LOYD, LAURA SUSAN Susan Transferred 10; Chorus 8, 9, 10, 11; Perfect Att. 10, 11; Chorus Club 10; AMCC Program Chairman 11; Beta Club 11, 12; AMCC Treas. 12; Red Cross Chaplain 12. MANN, SUSAN JO Susan FHA 8; Supv. Volleyball 8-12; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Supy. Bad- minton 11, 12; Softball Intramural; Pep Club 12; GAA 12; Stunt Night 11, 12. MATTHEWS, SHERMA IRENE Sherma Bonnie Gardeners 8; FTA 9; Stunt Night 10, 11; Red Cross 10-12, Treas, 12; Sr. Dramatics 10-12; Supv. Volleyball 9. MCGUIRE, LINDA BEATRICE Linda Transferred 10; Student Council 10; Supv. Pres. 10. MCKINLEY, DEBORAH ANN Debby Y-Teens 8, 11; Library Assistant 10, 11; FHA 12; Supy. Volleyball 9, 10. MCKINNON, SANDRA GAIL Sandy Dixie Darlings 12; Rebelettes 11; Pep Club 9; FBLA 11. MCMILLAN, FRANCIS TERESA Terrie Red Cross 8, 9; FHA 8, 9; FBLA 11; Supy. Volleyball and Basketball 8-10. MEEK, SHIRLEY ANN Shirley Pep Club 8; FHA 9-11; Honor Roll Chairman 11; Y-Teens 8; Office Monitor 9; Student Council 10; Supv. Pres. 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, News Re- porter and Columnist; Stunt Night 10-12; Soph. Talent Show; Supv. Volleyball and Basketball 9, 10. MILLER, JANICE FAY Janice FHA 9-12; Y-Teens 9-11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Library Assistant 9, 11; Supv. Volleyball 8, 9. MILLER, KATHERINE SUSAN Susan Y-Teens 8; FHA 10-12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Exchange Man- ager; Supy. Volleyball and Basket- ball 9, 10; Student Council 11; Supv. Pres. 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Office Monitor 9; Stunt Night 10-12, MINTER, LINDA LOIS Linda Student Council 12; German Club 10, 11; Sr. Dramatics Club 12; Beta Club 11; Supy. Pres. 12; Pep Club 8; Y-Teens 8, 9. MONTGOMERY, EILEEN Eileen FHA 9-12, Publicity Chairman 12; FBLA 10; Pep Club 9, 10; AMCC 12. MORGAN, FAYE Faye Pep Club 8, 12; Red Cross 9, Sec. 9; Y-Teens 8; Frenoh Club 10, 11; FTA 10, 11, Sec.-Treas. 11; Stunt Night 12. MORRIS, BLANCHE ELIZABETH Elizabeth FHA 8; 4-H Club 8-12, Pres. 11, Sec. 10, Vice Pres. 9, Vice Pres. 12, Reporter 8; Red “Cross 10; Bonnie Blue Print Staff Columnist, Typist; GAA 12; Quill and Scroll 12. MORRIS, BRENDA JOYCE Brenda Perfect Attendance 8-11; FBLA Li. 12, Sec. 12; Bookstore 11, 12. MORRIS, LINDA JUNE June FBLA 10, 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 12; Supv. Volleyball 8, 9; Stunt Night 11, 12. MORRISON, PATSY ARLENE Patsy MOSSBARGER, PATRICIA ANN Patsy FHA 9, 10; Band Council, Sec, 12; Band Club 9, 10; Sr. Dramatics 12; Supv. Volleyball 9-11; Supv. Basket- ball 10, 11; Supy. Baseball 10, 11; Gym Day. MUSSELWHITE, MARIAN KAY Kay Y-Teens 9, 10; FHA 9, 10; AMCC 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff Feature Writer; Pep Club 12; Points Chairman; Ramscott Bus. Staff 12. NEWBY, TONI LYNN Toni Pep Club 8, 9; Y-Teens 8-10; Stu- dent Council 9; FHA 8-10; Band 9-12; Band Club 9-12; Drum Major 11, 12; French Club 11; Sr. Dra- matics 12; Ways and Means Chair- man; Homecoming Court 11; Queen 12. NEWTON, LAURA MAE Laura Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Dixie Darlings 8; Majorette 9, 10; Y-Teens 8; French Club 11, 12; Ramscott Copy Editor 12. NOWELL, ROSEANNA Roseanna German Club 10, 11; Student Coun- cil 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Beta Club 1], 12, Pres. 12; Class Director 9; 4-H 8, 9. ODOM, ALVA LENITA Alva Transferred 10; French Club 10. OWEN, CHERYL ANN Chery] Pep Club 9, 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; World Science Chairman 11, Treas 12; Y-Teens 11. PARKS, VICTORIA ANNE Vicki FHA 8-10; Supy. Volleyball 8, 9. PEACOCK, CYNTHIA ANN Cindy FHA 9, 10; Y-Teens out of school 8; Supv. Volleyball 8, 9; Supv. Basketball 8; Y-Teens in school 11. PIPKIN, JUANITA FAYE Pippy Bonnie Gardners 8, 9, Treas. 9; Red Cross 11, 12, Sec. 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Seroll 12; GAA 12; Stunt Night 11; Ramscott Sports Editor 12; Supy. Volleyball 10. PLUNKETT, LILLIAN DIANE Diane Chorus 9; Audio-Visual 10; FTA 10, 11, 12; Parliamentarian 12; Li- brary Club 10, 11, 12. POWELL, SHEILA KAY Sheila FHA 8-12; FBLA 12; Supy. Volley- ball 8-10. PROCTOR, MARGARET CAROLYN Carolyn Transferred 9; Supv. Volleyball 9- 11; Perfect Attendance 11, 12; Red Cross 12; Bonnie Blue Print Bus. Staff, Typist 11. RACKLEY, WANDA ELAINE Elaine Y-Teens 8; FHA 9; FBLA 12; Beta Club 12. RAILEY, MARIE ELIZABETH Marie French Club 11; Sr. Dramatics 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Advertising Manager, Colum- nist. REEVES, SUZANNE EMILY Suzy FHA 10; French Club 11; Art Club 11, 12; Pep Club 12. RICHARDS, CAROL JEAN Carol Transferred 10; Lab Assistant 11. RILEY, DEBORAH ANN Deborah FHA 9; FTA 10-12; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 12; Perfect At- tendance 8-11; Gym Day 10. ROZIER, SANDRA ELAINE Sandra Red Cross; Pep Club 9; FBLA 12. RUSSELL, JO ANN Jo Ann Pres. Freshman Class; Y-Teens 9, 10, Pres. 9; Sec. Soph. Class; Treas. Jr. Class; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Thespian 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Sec. 11; Sr. Class Director; Ram- scott Activities Editor; Quill and Scroll 12. RUTLAND, CHARLOTTE DIANE Charlotte Transferred 9; Supv. Volleyball 9, 10; Y-Teens 9, 10; Red Cross 11; Music Club 9; AMCC 11, 12, Sec. 12; SATTERWHITE, GAIL LINDA Gail Transferred 10; Pep Club 10, 11; Supv. Vice Pres. 10; Bonnie Blue Print Business Manager, Columnist; Sr. Dramatics 12. SAUNDERS, SUSAN GAIL Gail Y-Teens 9, 10; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Pep Club 12; Stunt Night 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; Ramscott Bus. Staff 12. SHAW, PAMELA ELAINE Pam FHA 8, 9; Pep Club 10; Supv. Volleyball 10; Homecoming Court 12; Sr. Dramatics. SHELTON, PHYLLIS GAILE Phyllis Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Adv. Layout Editor 12; Bonnie Blue Print Layout Editor 11; French Club 11; FHA 9, 10; Supy. Volleyball and Basketball 8-12. SHEPARD, RHONDA JOANN JoAnn Pep Club 8-10; Red Cross 8, 9, 11, 12, Sec. 11, Pres. 12; FHA 8-10; Band Club 8, 9; Bonnie Blue Print Adv. Staff, Columnist; German Club 10, 11. SIRMANS, JANIE MAXINE Janie FHA 8; AMCC 9-12, Librarian 11, Vice Pres. 12; Chorus 9-12; Red Cross 11. SISK, MARSHA ANN Olen 4-H 8, 9; Science Club 9-11, Pres, 9; Office Monitor 9; Lab Assistant ii. SMALLWOOD, EDNA KATHLEEN Edna Transferred 8; FBLA 10-12. SMITH, DIANE SARAH Diane Supy. Volleyball 10; Art Club 9-11. SMITH, PATRICIA MAE Patricia Beta 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Glee Club 11. STEVENS, JUDY RENEE Judy Y-Teens 8; FHA 8, 9, 12; Class Director 10, 11; Supy. Pres. 9; Sr. Dramatics 12. STEWART, CATHERINE AUDREY Cathy Library Assistant; Library Club. STEWART, DEBORAH ELAINE Deborah FHA 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Pep Club 8. STOKES, SHIRLEY MONTENE Montene STRICKLAND, ARLENE ISABELLE Sister Y-Teens 8, 9; FHA 8-12, Projects Chairman 10, Devotion Chairman 12; Student Council 11; AMCC 10-12, Membership Chairman 12; Supvy. Basketball, Volleyball and Softball 8-10; Pep Club 8. STRICKLAND, PEGGY JOYCE Peggy Dramatics Club 11, 12, Parliamen- tarian 11, Pres. 12; Student Council 8-12; Executive Council 9; Quill and Scroll 12, Treas. 12; Thespian 12; Bonnie Blue Print Sports Editor 11; Ramscott Honors Editor 12; Span- ish Club 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Y-Teens 9, 10; Beta Club 11, 12. SUTTON, THERESA DEL Theresa Y-Teens 8; Ramscott Business Staff Associate Editor; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Circulation Staff. TAYLOR, MARY DIANNE Dianne Red Cross 10, 11; Y-Teens 8; AMCC 12. TEMPLES, MYRA BEATRICE Myra TESELLE, ELIZABETH JEANNE TeSelle FHA 8, 9; French Club 11; Sr. Dramatics 12; Supv. Pres. 12; Stu- dent Council 12. THIGPIN, BRENDA LEENELL Brenda FBLA 12; Red Cross 10, 11; Lab Assistant 11; Bookstore 12. THISTLEWOOD, JOHNNIE RUTH Johnnie FHA 9-12, Degree Chairman 11, Projects Chairman 12, Sweetheart Court 11; Art Club 9-12, Vice Pres. 11, Treas. 12; Beta Club 11, 12. THOMAS, JUDY JEWELL Judy FHA 9-12, Vice Pres. 11, Music and Recreation Chairman 12; Y-Teens 9; Pep Club 8; Supv. Pres. 10; Supy. Volleyball 10; Dramatics 12. THOMAS, PATRICIA IRENE Trene Transferred 10: Talent Show 10; Sr. Dramatics 10: Chorus 11, 10; Y-Teens 11, 12: Decoration Comm. 11: Stunt Night 11; Perfect At- tendance 10; Essay Contest 11. TOMBERLIN, PATRICIA ARLENE Arlene FTA 8-12, Sec. 9, Parliamentarian 11, Sec.-Treas. 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Vice Pres. 11, Pres. 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Editor 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12. TURNER, AMY PATRICIA Patricia Editor Bonnie Blue Print; Student Council 12, Dress Right Chairman 12: Art Club 8-12, Vice Pres. 12, Historian 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Red Cross 9, Membership Chairman 9: Jr. Dramatics 8; Spanish Club 11; Library Club 9-12, Historian 11; 4-H Club 9-11, Reporter 10, Sec, 11. TYSON, MARY CAROL Mary Carol Art Club 8-12; German Club 10, 11; Jr. Dramatics 9; Pep Club 9. VOELLINGER, BETTY JO B.J. Pep Club 8-12, Pres. 9; FHA 8-10; ADAMS, DAVID LYNWOOD David Ind. Arts 9, Sgt. at Arms; Swim Team 8, 9, 11, 12; Football 8, 9; Jr. Beta 9; Beta 12; Math Club 11-12, Pres. 12; Rampage Reporter 11; Student Council 12. ADAMS, RICHARD Richard VICA Club. ALDERMAN, CHARLES WAYNE Wayne Transferred 10; Math Club 11-12, Treas. 12; Beta Club 11-12, Pres. 12; Rampage 11-12, News Editor 12; Student Council 12; Ramscott Staff 12, Typist. ALLAGOOD, RICHARD LOUIS Richard Beta Club 9; Championship Supv. Football 9. ALLIGOOD, JOHN RICHARD John Football 8-12, Varsity 12; Baseball 8-12, Varsity 11-12; Junior Cabinet; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Spanish Club 12; Varsity Wrestling 12. ARNOLD, WILLIE THOMAS Thomas Football 10; Supy. Basketball 11-12. BAGGS, RALPH MITCHELL Ralph Hi-Y 8-9, V. Pres.; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Jr. Varsity Wrestling 10. BALLARD, LARRY BROWN Larry Supy. Basketball 10; Track 9; Red Cross 11; Student Council 12; French Club 11. BARNES, PAUL WESLEY, JR. Butch Football 8-9; Basketball 8-9; Track 8-12, Varsity 10-12; Baseball 8-12, Varsity 9-12; Supy. Basketball 11- 12; Student Council 8, 12. BASS, JULIAN L. Julian Basketball 8; Supv. Football 9-12; Supv. Basketball 9-12. BATCHELOR, JOE Joe Spanish Club 12. Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9, Captain 9: B Team Cheerleader 10; Varsity Cheerleader 11, 12; Vice Pres. Fresh. Class; Homecoming Court 12: Bonnie Blue Print, Circulation Manager; Quill and Scroll 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 10, 12. WADDELL, SHERRY ELIZABETH Sherri Pep Club 8; Y-Teens 8; FHA 9, Re- porter 9; French Club 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print, Make-up Editor 12, Columnist; Sr. Dramatics 12. WAITS, JOYCE ANITRIA Joyce Y-Teens 8: FHA 9, 10; Office Mon- itor 9; Soph. Talent Show; Supv. Volleyball 9, 10; Stunt Night 10-12; Quill and Scroll 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Bonnie Blue Print, Feature Writer, Circulation; “Notebook” Announcer 12; Ramscott Staff 11. WALKER, JANICE FAYE Janice Student Council 8; Y-Teens 10; FBLA 11; Pep Club 12; Supv. Vol- leyball and Basketball 8-10; Volley- ball Intramurals 12. WALL, WANDA Wanda Y-Teens 8; Dixie Darling 8; Ma- jorette 9, 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; French Club 1], 12, Pres. 12, Treas. 11; Student Council 12; Ramscott Typist; Stunt Night 10, 11. WEST, JUDITH ETHELENA Judy Transferred 11; Pep Club 12; Vol- leyball Intramurals 12. WHITE, RHONDA GAIL Rhonda Y-Teens 9, 10; Pep Club 10-12; Program Chairman 12; Sr. Dra- matics 1], 12, Treas. 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Ramscott Organization Edi- tor 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Stunt Night 10-12; Thespians 12. WILKERSON, ELAINE EVELYN Elaine AMCC 11, 12, Pres. 12, Chaplain 11; French Club 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Supv. Volleyball and Softball 9-11; Supv. Basketball 10, 11. WILLIAMS, KEMPLE DAWN Sunset FHA 8-11; AMCC 12; Music Club 9, 10. WIMPEY, PATRICIA ELLEN Wimpey Band Club 9-11; Band 9-12, Squad Leader 12; French Club 11; Red Willingham Senior Directory BAXTER, KENNETH ROSS Kenneth Supv. Football 9; French Club 11. BEARDEN, WILLIAM E. Billy Beta Club 9, 11-12; French Club 11; Math Club 12. BRAUCHAMP, STEVE Steve Transferred 12; Key Club; Swim- ming Team. BEDGOOD, CLEVELAND EUGENE Gene Art Club 8-9; Cadet Band 9; March- ing Band 10-12; Concert Band 10-12. BEDGOOD, RAY Ray Spanish Club 11-12. BEDSOLE, RONNIE MACK Ronnie BENNETT, WILLIAM NATHAN Billy Science Club 12; Jr. Beta 9; B-Team Basketball 10; Baseball 9; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Supv. Foot- ball 9; Rampage Managing Editor Beta Club 11-12, Treas. 12; Math Club 12, V. Pres. BISSONETTE, GEORGE EDWARD, JR. Ed Hi-Y 8-9; Supv. Football 8-11; Supv. Basketball 9; Pep Club 10; FBLA 11-12, Pres. 12; Student Council 12. BLOODWORTH, JOHN MICHAEL Mike Student Council 8-11, V. Pres. 9; Red Cross 9-10; Jr. Civitan Club 11-12, Treas. 12; Ram Club 10-12; Football 8-12, Varsity 10-12, Co- captain 12; Basketball 8-12; Base- ball 8-11; Track 8-12; Jr. Class Cabinet 11. BRADSHAW, WILLIAM HENRY William Supv. Basketball 9, 11-12; Supv. Football 9; DECA 11-12, Pres. 12. BRIDGER, GLENN Glenn Tri-Hi-Y 8; VICA 11-12. BRYAN, JAMES B., JR. James French Club 11-12; Supy. Basketball 8-12; Supy. Football 8-10. BULLARD, HENRY N. Henry , Football 8-12; Jr. Civitan 12. BUTTERWORTH, BILLY G. Billy DECA 11-12, Reporter 12; Supv. Basketball 8. BUTTS, RONALD LEE Ronnie Cadet Band 8, Concert Band 9-12, Marching Band 9-12, All City Band 11, Band Captain 12; Southern Ac- cents 10-12; Supv. Basketball 8-12; a Football 11; Language Club BYAS, ROBERT Robert French Club; Red Cross 11; Supv. Basketball 11. CALDWELL, MICHAEL WILKINS Mike Transferred 11; Varsity Football 12; Track 12; Baseball 12; Jr. Civitan Club 12. CALDWELL, REXFORD JOEL Rex DECA 12. CAMERON, RODGER DARRELL Darrell Football 8; Industrial Arts 9. CANNON, EMORY THERON Theron CAPPS, WILLIAM P. William Science Club 9; Football 9-12; A.V. Club 10-12. CARR, RONNIE CARLTON Ronnie Ind. Arts 9; Student Council 9, 11; Cadet Band 9; Marching Band 10- 12; Concert Band 9-12; Dance Band 10-12; Band Ist Lt. 11-12, Section Leader 10-12. CARSTARPHEN, DAN ROLLAND Danny CARVER, RALPH JAMES Jimmy Spanish Club 8-9. CHESHIRE, DONNIE Donnie Football 8-12, Varsity 11-12; Red Cross 11; FTA 10-12, Program Chairman 12; Math Club 12, Chap- lain 12; FHA 9. WOOD, MARSHA ANNE Marsha Transferred 9; FHA 9, 10; Y-Teens 9-11; Red Cross 9-11; Supv. Basket- ball 9, 10; GAA 12; Stunt Night 11; Basketball Intramurals 10. WOOD, SHEILA GAIL Sheila FHA 8, 9; Chorus 8, 9; Chorus Club 9; Tumbling Club 9-12, Pres. 12; Supv. Pres. 9; GAA 12; Gym Day 10, 11. WOODRUFF, KAREAN REBECCA Rebecca Transferred 10; Y-Teens 8. YOUNG, MELBA ANNETTE Melba Art Club 8-12; Spanish Club 11; Library Club 12; Pep Club 10; Chorus 8; Lunchroom 10-12. YOUNG, PATTITEEN KAY Patti Pep Club 8, 10, 12; Y-Teens 9; Director Sophomore Class; Secretary Junior Class; President Senior Class; Student Council 9, 11, 12; Dramatics Club 11-12, Vice Pres. 12; Supv. Volleyball 9-10; Gym Day 10, 11. Cross 8-10; Supv. Basketball 8-10; Spanish Club 11-12; Track 8-9; Student Council 12; Supv. Softball 11-12. CHURCHWELL, RICHARD Ricky Wrestling; Red Cross; Art Club; Hi-Y; VICA. COILE, KIETH JERRY Jerry DECA 12. COLEMAN, DAVID ALLAN David Student Council 9; Jr. Beta Club 9; Beta Club 11-12. COLEMAN, HUGH LEON Hugh Jr. Hi-Y 8-9, Sec.; Track 9; Jr. Class Cabinet 11; Jr. Civitan Club 11-12, Chaplain; Supv. Basketball 8-12. cacy CHESTER ERNEST rnest DECA 12, V.-Pres. COOPER, JAMES EDWARD Jimmy Red Cross 9; Supyv. Basketball 10- 11; Track 11; FBLA 12. COOPER, GARY Gary Bestel 9-12; Supv. Football 9- COOPER, WILLIAM GARY Gary CROWELL, JERRY LAMAR erry DECA 11-12; Supy. Basketball 8-9; Art Club 9, CULPEPPER, JAMES BENTON Jimmy Student Council 9, 11; Supv. Bas- ketball 9, 11; Football 8-9; Basket- ball 8; Baseball 8; Tennis 9-10, Varsity 10; Beta Club 9, 11-12; Math Club 11-12; RAMSCOTT Staff 11; Spanish Club 11. DALTON, WAYNE LESTER Wayne Art Club 8-10; Pep Club 10; Track 9, 10, 12; Football 8; Basketball 9. DANIEL JERRY EUGENE Jerry DARSEY, DANNY EDWARD Danny Varsity Football Manager 11-12; Varsity Track Manager 10-12; Jr. Civitan 12. DAVIS, JERRY Jerry Pep Club 10; French Club 10; RAMSCOTT Staff 11-12, Asst. Lay- out Editor 11, Index Editor 12; Li- brary Club 11-12, Program Chrm. 12. DAWKINS, MICHAEL BRYAN Mike Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-11; Base- ball 9-12; Ram Club 11-12; Supv. Basketball 9-11. DELOACH, DANIEL KENNETH Kenny Football 9-12; French Club 11. FRANKLIN, DOWD WILLIAM Billy Art Club 8-9; French Club 11-12; RAMPAGE Staff 11. DRURY, BILLY Billy Student Council 8-9; Football 8-9; Red Cross 9, 11-12; VICA Club 11. DURDEN, ROBERT M. Bobby DURDEN, STEVE G. Steve Supv. Basketball 10-11; Spanish Club 11-12; Library Club 12; Per- fect Attendance 10. DURDEN, STEPHEN R. Steve Sec. Jr. Beta; Baseball 9; Track 9; Math Club 11-12; Key Club 11; V.-Pres. Student Council 11; V.-Pres. Sophomore Class; Jr. Red Cross; Supv. Basketball 11; AV 12; Hall Monitor 11. DUPREE, RAYMOND Raymond ELAM, GEORGE George Supv. Football 9; Red Cross 10, Treas.; French Club 11; Science Club 12; Chess Club 12. ELSASSER, KENNETH LEE Kenneth Football 8; Wrestling 9; Basketball 8; Red Cross 11; VICA Club 12. EVANS, WILLIAM LAURANCE Will Varsity Gymnastics 9-12, Co-Capt. 11, Capt. 12; Varsity Track 11-12, Most Improved 11; Chess Club 12, Co-Chairman; Cross Country 12. FORTH, ROBERT LEE Bobby Audio-Visual 8-11; Gymnastics 8- ll; Tennis 11; VICA 12; FBLA 12. FREEMAN, CHARLES EDWIN Chuck FBLA. FRIEDLANDER, LOUIS HENRY Louis Football Manager “B” 10-11, Var- sity 12; Wrestling “B” 11, Varsity 12; Track 11-12, Manager 10. FULFORD, LARRY DEWITT Larry Football 8-10; Basketball 8-10; Baseball 8-10; Track 8-10; Student Council 8-9; DECA 12. FULLER, ROBY DALE Roby Hi-Y 8-9; Baseball 8; FBLA 12; Chess Clib 12. GARRARD, WAYNE Football 8; Basketball 8, B-Team 9-10, Varsity 12; Supv. Football 9; Supv. Basketball 11; Spanish Club 11-12; Red Cross 9. GILBERT, DARRYL L. Darryl Frnen Club 11-12; Math Club 12; Science Club 12; RAMPAGE Staff 12. GOLD, MICHAEL G. Michael Transferred 12; Math Club. GOLDEN, THOMAS Thomas VICA 11-12. GOLDSBY, RONALD MAURICE Ronald Beta Club 9; Math Club 12; Treas- urer Sophomore Class; Student Council 11-12, Secretary 11; Span- ish Club 11, 12; Rampage Staff 11, 12, Sports Editor 12; Civitan Club 12; Science Club Treas.; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Journalism Club Treas. 11; Supv. Basketball 9, 11; B-Team Basket- ball. GRACE, JAMES ROY Jimmy Football 8; Supv. Basketball 11; Supv. Basketball 12. GREGORY, JAMES FLOYD Floyd Football 8; Supv. Basketball 8, 10, 11; B-Team Baseball 10; FBLA 12, Treas. 12. GRIFFIN, RONNIE EARL Ronnie Hi-Y 9; Baseball 8; Track 9. HALL, TIMOTHY NEAL Tim DECA Club 12. HAMMOCK, JAMES DENNIS Dennis Supv. Football 8; Supv. Basketball 8-10; Track 8-10. HAMPTON, JARVIS WADE Jarvis Red Cross 9; German Club 10; French Club 11; Student Council 10; Cadet Band 9; Marching Band 10-12; Concert Band 10-12. HANCOCK, JOHN MORGAN Johnny Marching Band 9-12; Concert Band 9-12; Drum Major 10-12; Red Cross 9; Audio Visual Club 12, Sgt. at Arms 12; Junior Class Pres.; Stu- dent Council 11; Football 8; Basket- ball 8; Cadet Band 8. HARTLEY, DAVID LEVERE David Junior Hi-Y 9; Cadet Band 9; Marching Band 10-12; Concert Band 9-12; French Club 11, 12; Science Club 12, Committee Chairman 12; Perfect Attendance 9; Track 8. HATCHER, WILLIAM WAYNE Wayne Audio-Visual 8-12, Pres. 9; In- dustrial Arts 8, 9; Science Club 12; Pres. 12; Student Council 11, 12. HEATH, HARVEY LEE Sunshine Red Cross 8, 10; Chess Club 9; Pep Club 10; FBLA 11; DECA 11, 12; Supv. Basketball 8, 9, 11, 12; Baseball 9. HIGGINS, JAMES ALDEN James Rampage Editor 12; French Club 10-11; Red Cross 11; Civitan Club 12, Publicity Chairman 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Classes Editor 12; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Science Club 12, Parliamentarian 1 2; Tween Teens 11; Student Coun- cil 11, 12; Ram Jets 8, 9; Sr. Class Cabinet 12; Journalism Club 11, Pres. 11; Supy. Basketball 11. HITCHCOCK, JAMES MARK Jimmy French Club 10; Library Club 11, 12. HOLLOWAY, BRADFORD BRUCE Brad Red Cross 10; Pep Club 10; French Club 10, 11; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Features Editor 12; Library Club 11, 12, Pres. 12; Student Council] 12; Supv. Football 9. HOLLOWAY, JEFF Jeff Baseball 8; Supv. Football 8-10; Supv. Basketball 8-10; Wrestling Team 10. HORNYAK, GLYNN FRANK Glynn Ramjets 8-9; Radio Club 10; French Club 11-12; FBLA 11-12. HOWARD, DONALD L. Donnie Gymnastics 8-12, Varsity 9-12; Supv. Basketball 11. HUDSON, BRIAN DAVID Brian Pres. Industrial Arts 9; P.E. Com- pany Capt. 11-12; Vice-Pres. Science Club 12. HUGHES, JIMMY RAYMOND Jimmy Football 8; DECA 11-12. HULETT, JERRY CLIFFORD Jerry Baseball 9; Varsity Track 9-11; Supv. Football 9; Supv. Basketball 8-12; DCT 12. HUTCHESON, HENRY E. Eddie Baseball 8; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Student Council 10. JACKSON, RUDY MASON Rudy FFA 9-12, Vice-Pres, 10, Pres. 11. JAMES, DONALD HENDRIX Donald DCT 11-12. JIMERSON, TIM Tim Jr. Beta 8-9; Band 8-9; Spanish Club 11-12; Drama Club 12. JOAQUIN, RICHARD DENNIS Ricky Football 8-9; Band 10-12; Southern Accents 11-12; Spanish Club. JOHNSON, DENNIS EARL Dennis JOHNSON, GENERAL SMITH JR. General JONES, WAYNE Wayne Football 8, 9, Varsity 10-12, Best Defense Back 10; Basketball 8, Varsity 11, 12; Baseball 9; Track 8, 9, Varsity 10-12; Co-Captain Foot- ball; Ram Club 10-12; Jr. Civitan 12; Pres. Sr. Class. KELL, STEPHEN GLENN Steve Art Club 8; Student Council 11; Gymnastics 8, 9; Varsity Football Trainer 11. KILGORE, DANNY LEWIS Danny Student Council 8; VICA 12; Base- ball 8, 9, Varsity 11, 12. KILLGO, GERALD STANFORD Gerald Jr. Hi-Y; Supv. Football 9. KING, CHARLES MICHAIL Mike Hi-Y 9; Supy. Football 10; Supv. Basketball 11; Track 9. KLUGE, STAN Stan Trans. 10; Spanish Club. LANCASTER, CHARLES Charles Chess Club 9; Library Club 10; Spanish Club 11, 12. LANGLEY, WILLIAM PHILIP Phil LEFILS, EDGAR RAYMOND JR. Ray Football 8, 10; Basketball 8-10; Pep Club 8, 9, Vice Pres. 9; Audio Visual 9; Supv. Football 9; Supy. Basketball 9, 11; Art Club 8. LINES, ALBERT STANLEY Stanley Spanish Club 10, 11; Math Club 1], 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Sec. 12; Treas. Sr. Class; Ramscott Staff 11, Asst, Classes Editor 11, Editor 12; Science Club 12; Rampage Reporter 11. LIVINGSTON, HERBERT MICHAEL Mike Band 8; Concert Band 9-12; March- ing Band 10-12; FBLA 12. LIVINGSTON, RONNIE Ronnie Supv. Basketball 9, 10. LOFTIN, ROGER ALLEN Roger McWill Staff 9; French Club 10; Jr. Civitan 11, 12; Supv. Basketball 8, 10; Supv. Football 8. LONG, MIKE Mike Audio Visual 8, 9; Science Club 8; Supv. Basketball and Wrestling and Football 10; Swimming Team 12, LORD, GARY STEPHEN Gary Key Club 10-12, Treas. 12; French Club 11, 12, Vice Pres. 11; Student Council 10-12; Jr. Beta Club 9; Supv. Basketball 11, 12; Football 8, 9, B-Team 9; Basketball 8, B- Team 10. LOYD, TERRY CORNELIUS Terry Student Council 8; Football 8, 10; Pep Club 9; Jr. Civitan 11, 12, LUCAS, KENNETH DONALD Donnie 4-H Club 8; Cadet Band 8; March- ing Band 9-12; Concert Band 9- 12; Science Club 12; Southern Ac- cents 12. MADDOX, PHILLIP CARTER Phillip Vice Pres. Sr. Class 12; French Club 11, 12; Key Club 12; Math Club 12; Supv. Football 9, 10. MANN, PATRICK MELL JR. Mell Student Council 9; Red Cross 10- 12, Sec. 11, Sec. 12; Jr. Class Cab- inet; Football 8. MASON, BILL Bill Supv. Basketball 8-11; Varsity Bris- ketball 10; DECA 11, 12. MAYFIELD, EHGIN Elain DCT 11, Vice Pres. 12. MAYNE, GARY THOMAS Tommy Pep Club 8, 9; French Club 1}, 12; Student Council 8; Band 9-10, MCCOURY, EDGAR ALAN Alan Track 8-12; Football, Basketball 8; B-Team Football, Basketball 9; Var- sity Football, Basketball 10-12; Ram Club 10-12; Jr. Civitan. MCDANIEL, CARTER BARRON JR. Barry Cadet Band 9; Marching Band 10- 12; Supy. Football 9; Supy. Basket- ball 11; Spanish Club 11. MCELHENNEY, EDWARD BUTLER JR. Mac Gymnastics 8-12; Baseball 9, 10; Football 8; 4-H Club 8-10; FBLA 12; Student Council 8, 9, 11. MCELROY, JAMES HASCAL JR. Jimmy Red Cross 8; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Exchange Editor—Rampage 12; Science Club 12, Sec. 12; Student Council 12; Physical Fitness Team 11; Jr. Civitan 12; Hall Monitor 11; Wrestling 10. M CKINLEY, BOBBY L. Bobby Red Cross 11; Wrestling 10; Math Club 12; Science Club 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Dramatics Club 12; Supv. Football 9. MCMILLAN, JAMES LEE JR. Jimmy Beta Club 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12; Student Council 11; Math Club 12; Science Club 12; French Club 11, 12; Supv. Basketball 11, 12. MERRIMAN, JAMES VICTOR Vic Hi-Y 8; Pep Club 9; Supv. Foot- ball 9, 10; Supv. Basketball 9, 10. MILLEN, DONALD WILLIAM Don Hi-Y 8; Red Cross 9; Dramatics Club 12; Football 8; Basketball 8-10; Supv. Basketball 11, 12; Supv. Football 10. MINOR, TIMOTHY WAYNE Tim Supv. Basketball 8-10, 12; Supv. Football 8-10; FBLA 10. MINSHEW, DAVID EDWARD David 4-H Club 8; Cadet Band 8; March- ing Band 9-12; Concert Band 9-12; Band Pres. 12; All-City Band 11; Dance Band 10-12. MISINCO, HOBART GLENN Glenn Key Club 10-12; Spanish Club 11; Audio Visual 8-10; Rampage Staff; Science Club 12; State Science Fair Alumni; Mile Club 12; Supv. Bas- ketball 10, 11; Supv. Football 10. MISINCO, MICHAEL HENRY Michael Key Club 12; Audio Visual 8-11; Ram Jets 8, 9; Library Club 11; Rampage Staff 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 12; State Science Fair Alum- ni; Dramatics Club 11; Debating Team 11, 12; Mile Club 12; Supv. Football 9. MORGAN, WALTER GREGORY reg Hi-Y 8; Industrial Arts 8; Perfect Attendance 8-12; Cadet Band 8; Marching Band 9-11; Supv. Basket- ball 11, 12. MOSELY, HUGH THOMAS Thomas VICA 11, 12, Reporter. MOSS, DAVID David Student Council 8; Football 8; Red Cross 9, 11; Hi-Y 8, 9; Gymnastic Team 10, 11; Baseball 10; Supv. Football 10; Supv. Basketball 9, 10. MYERS, JAKE JR. Jake Marching Band 10-12; Cadet Band 9; Hi-Y 8, 9; Student Council 11; Red Cross 12; FBLA 12. MYERS, LARRY EUGENE Larry FFA 12. NESMITH, TEDDY J. Teddy Gymnastics Team 9-12; Audio Vis- ual 12. NOBLES, WILLIAM CARL Bill Key Club 12; Supv. Basketball 8-12; Football 9; Sr. Cabinet Mem- r O’KELLY, MICHAIL PATRICK Mike Supy. Basketball 11; Brisketball 10; Baseball 10. OWEN, DANNY NEWTON Danny FBLA 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12. OWENS, ROBERT Robert Math Club 12; Chess Club 12. PARENT, EDGAR CARLOS Epar Marching Band 8-12; Concert Band 8-12; Cross Country 8-10; FBLA 10; VICA 11, 12, Treas. 12; Supv. Basketball 8-10. PAPE, MIKE Mike Industrial Arts 8-10; Civitan Club 11, 12; Supv. Basketball 9, 10; Wrestling Team 10. see DELMAS CHARLES Jel Student Council 9-12, Treas. 9, 12; Hi-Y Club 8, 9, Pres. 9; Jr. Beta 9; Debating Team 10-12; Library Club 10-12; Pres. Ga. Assoc. of Library Clubs 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Business Manager 12; Rampage Staff 12; Key Club 11, 12. PEACOCK, MICKEY ROGER Mickey Track 8, 9, Varsity 10-12; Baseball 9; Supv. Football and Basketball. POWELL, DAVID WAYNE Wayne Football 8; Track 8-11; Supyv. Bas- ketball 8-11. POWELL, KEITH TERRELL Keith Jr. Beta Club. REED, JAMES RANDALL Randy RIGBY, EMMETT MYERS, JR. Emmett Cadet Band 8; Marching Band 9. 12; 4-H Club 9. ROBERTS, THOMAS WAYNE Tommy D.E.C.A. 12; Spanish Club 11. ROBERTS, RONALD REID Ronnie Key Club 11-12; Ramscott Staff 11- 12; Pep Club 9; Baseball 8; Gym- nastics 8, 9; Supv. Basketball 8-12. ROGERS, CHARLES FRANK Charles Student Council 12; German Club 11, 12; Red Cross 8, 9; Jr. Class Cabinet; Sec. Soph. Class; Baseball 8; Supv. Basketball 9-12. ROGERS, CLEVE Cleve VICA 12. ROGERS, LARRY EARL Larry Journalism Club 11; Ramscott Staff 11, 12; Rampage Staff 11, 12. ROGERS, ROBERT RICHARD Robert Student Council 12; French Club 11; Math Club 12; Supv. Basketball i. ROOKS, DONALD LEE Donnie Audio Visual 9-12; VICA 11; Foot- ball 8; Gymnastics 9. ROSS, JESSE MICHAEL Michael ? Jr. Beta Club 8; FBLA 11; Drama Club 12; Football 8. ROSS, JOHN WILLIAM John Art Club; German Club 10; Chess Club 10, 12; Science Club 12; Supv. Basketball 8. ROWELL, NORMAN Norman Basketball 9; Baseball 9-12; Supv. Basketball 11; Spanish Club 12. SAULS, DANIEL EUGENE Danny Jr. Beta Club 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Red Cross 8, 9, Treas. 9; Math Club 12; Science Club 12; Football 8, B-Team 9; Track 8, 9; Supv. Basketball 9-12; Rampage Staff, Asst. News Ed. 12. SCANLAN, DOUGLAS EDWARD Edward DECA 11, 12; Supy. Basketball 8- 11; Varsity Brisketball 10. SCOGGINS, JIMMY HAROLD Jimmy Audio Visual 8, 9; Hi-Y Club 8, 9, Chaplain 9; Library Club 9-12, Sec. 10, Vice Pres. 11, 12. SCOTT, ROBERT MICHAEL Mike Dramatics Club 12; Math Club; Ramscott Staff; Science Club 12; Supv. Basketball 8-11; Supv. Foot- ball 9, 10; Varsity Gymnastics 9, 10; Football 8. SHEPARD, MICHAEL D. Mike Library Club 10-12; Supv. Basket- ball 10-11; Baseball 9. SHIPMAN, MIKE Mike VICA 11, 12. SMITH, MICHAEL Michael Band 9-12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Chess Club 12; Industrial Arts 9; Library Club 12. SMITH, HERMAN RANDOLPH Randy Student Council 8-12; Jr. Beta 9; Spanish Club 11, 12, Treas. 11; Ram Club 11, 12; Jr. Civitan 11, 12, Vice Pres. 11, Pres. 12; Best Citizen 12; Supy. Basketball 9, 10; Supv. Football 9; Baseball 8, 9, Varsity 9-12. SMITH, ALTON TONY Tony Student Council 9; VICA 11, 12. SNYDER, RAY LAMARR Ricky Track Team 8-1 0; Audio Visual 11. SPENCE, WAYNE Wayne . Spanish Club 11, 12; Jr. Civitan 11, 12, Sgt. at Arms 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Student Council Pres. 12; Football 8-12; Wrestling 9-12; Track Team 9, 10. SPINKS, ROBERT E. Bobby Red Cross 9, 10; Student Council 12; Jr. Civitan 11, 12, Chaplain 12; P.E. Company Leader 11, 12; Pep Club 8, 9; Hall Monitor 11. STAVELY, STANLEY CHASON Stan Supv. Basketball 9; DECA 12. STEHLE, HUGH WILLIAM Hugh VICA 11, 12. STEPHENS, JIM im Spanish Club 11, 12; Jr. Civitan 1], 12, Sec. 12; Beta Club 11; Supv. Basketball. STEVENS, FRANK KIRBY Groucho Trans. 11; Supy. Basketball 11, 12. STEVENSON, FOY RANDALL Foy Art Club 8, 9, Sec. 8, Pres. 9; Jr. Civitan 11, 12, Scrapbook Chairman 11; Supv. Basketball 8; Track 8. STEWART, JAMES BEN James French Club 11, 12; Supv. Basket- ball 11; Trans. 10. STINSON, RANDAL PHILIP Randy Gymnastics 8-10, 12, Most Valuable, Captain 10; Chess Club Pres. 12; Supv. Football 9; Supv. Basketball iam STRICKLAND, CHARLES Charles Football 10, 11, Varsity 12; Supv. Basketball 9-11; Supv. Football 9; Spanish Club 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Copy Editor 12; Red Cross 9; 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12. STUCKEY, DANNY LAMAR Danny Industrial Arts 9, 10; VICA 12; Spanish Club 10; Supyv. Basketball 9-12; Supv. Football 9, 10. SUDDETH, MORRIS TIMOTHY Tim VICA; Supv. Basketball 8, 9. SWIFT, CHARLES ALLAN Charles SWYMER, LORAN NEAL Loran Ram Jets 8; FBLA 11, 12. TEEL, DANA Dana Trans. 12. THOMAS, BENJAMIN ALLEN Allen DCT I; Football 8-10. VAN DYKE, WILLIAM EDWARD JR. Bill Pep Club 8, 9; Ram Jets 8; Red Cross 8, 9, 10, Vice Pres. 11, Pres. 12; DECA 11, 12, Chaplain 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; Jr. Class Cabinet. STEENBURGH, VICTOR VON Victor Trans. 12. WADDLETON, RONALD S. Ronald Rampage Staff 11, 12; Chess Club 12; Math Club 12; Supv. Football 9; Supv. Baseball 9; Supv. Basket- ball 11. WAKEFIELD, TOBY Toby Trans. 10; Supv. Basketball 11; Swimming Team 12. WALKER, RICHARD ALAN Ricky Jr. Beta 9, Pres. 9; Key Clyb 10-12, Pres. 12, Sec. 11; Math Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, Vice Pres. 11; Supv. Basketball 9-12. WALLER, NEAL COLEMAN Neal DCT 12; VICA; Jr. Beta Club; Physical Fitness Team 11. WEST, GUERRY Guerry VICA 11, 12; Track 9; Brisketball 10. WILLIAMS, ELLIS ALLEN Peaches DECA J, 12; Pep Club 8; Supv. Basketball 9-12; Supv. Baseball 9. WILLINGHAM, CARL RICHARD Richard Science Club 9; Spanish Club 10; FBLA 11; Industrial Arts 8, 9; Supv. Basketball 8-10; Supv. Foot- ball 10. WITHERINGTON, FRANCIS ANDREW Bunny VICA 12. WOOD, JERRY MAC erry Red Cross 8; Student Council 9; Pep Club 10, 11; French Club 10, 11; Library Club 11, 12; Key Club 12. YOUNG, DAVID KEITH David Student Council 8-11; Key Club 10-12, Vice-Pres. 11; Pres. Soph. Class; Red Cross 12; Spanish Club 11; Jr. Class Cabinet; Ramscott Staff 11; Rampage Staff 11; Out- standing Citizenship 9; Baseball 10; Supv. Basketball 8-12. ZIELINSKI, FRANK THOMAS JR. Tommy Key Club 11, 12; Math Club 12, Vice-Pres. Jr. Class; Supv. Basket- ball 9; Football 8; Basketball 8; Baseball 8; Tennis 9, 10. a1 A Part of Student Life The highlights and fun of being a part of school society ... the anticipation of Home- coming, the bewitchery of Halloween, the pep during football, and the spirit of Christmas. ae SS fa dea yet perry ly t at)? liad’ +} i oo ie ry iat 2 He ye hie ; oe a + . ou bs? : - PLAY CAST: Seated: Marty Moses, June Bryant, Linda Prince, Genia Roberts, Pat West, Jacque Morstad; Standing: Janice Rawlins, Jackie Clarke, Peggy Heath, Mrs. Karen Shockley, Linda Jordan, Dolores Moxley, Melody Lines, Gale Smith. Just Ducky Mr. Maxwell Mrs. Maxwell Betty Lou Linda Prince Bernadine Dolores Moxley Marty Moses Peggy Heath Jacque Morstad Craig Moore Janice Rawlins Dei Marana .50 0 aetaiee «++» Melody Lines PE ABET hiss s536 55 hed rey ee June Bryant Miss Blayne Jackie Clarke Juniors Honor Seniors Raising money for two years, the class of °68 came through with the BEST Jr.-Sr.’s ever. McEvoy’s theme, FANTASY IN THE DEEP, was carried out using the illusion of underwater. Members of ’68 sewed dozens of yards of cheesecloth together for the ceiling. Fish and seahorses were then strung from the cheesecloth to provide real atmosphere. To experience “A Walk Down Bourbon Street,” the Willingham Class of ’68 provided an atmosphere of Old New Orleans. Dark streamers gave the effect of a dark, mysterious night while replicas of the ace of spades created an air of excitement. Billy Young and his band played for the dance. Miss Toni Newby — Homecoming Queen October 13, 1967 will be a bright spot in the hazy, high school memories of Toni Newby. Before excited spectators and en- thusiastic admirers, she was crowned dur- ing half-time by Ann Eldridge and began her reign as Homecoming Queen. Escort- ing her was Dell Payne. HOMECOMING COURT: Sonny Lozano, Susan Keys, Don Barfield, B. J. Voellinger, Dell Payne, Toni Newby, Susan Manning, Kenny Burnett, Pam Shaw, Rocky Pritchett. esieph Wh ae escorted by Don Barfield Miss B. J. Voellinger Sonny Lozano Pat = — =) o — ) 1S) Nn vo Nn © ng = = o nN = = WN I n — — = ; The ae = Susan Miss Pam Shaw escorted by Rocky Pritchett Miss Susan Manning escorted by Kenny Burnett oo q ' 1 4 § « Have You Got That Spirit? Yeah, Man!! And the dynamic spirit of the Ram fans was cer: tainly evident in the days before the games and while the Rams were in the heat of the scrim- mages, the roaring bonfires kindled the flames of spirit in the hearts of all the spectators, and with the exuberant cheerleaders the Rams were backed by tons of spirit. Lassies Play Diverse Roles Witch Waits casts her spell on the student body during her reign as Miss Slick Witch 1967. Wedding Bells Ring The girls in the Family Living Class took their studies literally one day and enacted a wedding. The “preacher” married the lovely young couple, but not for keeps. The girls enjoyed the wedding, but the reception goodies became the hit of the show. McEvoy’s Week of Honor, under the direction of Barbara Joiner, motivated the students to evaluate their codes of honor and standards. Each supervision heard a guest speak- er on Wednesday. But the highlight of the week was the play presented by the Dramatics Club in an assembly on Friday. The Black Sheep CAST [We Tats: a 9s ke sess oc rewcin a vb emer Nancy Butler George Platt Jackie Mize Grace Platt Betty Lockhart Ellen Platt o Ann Russell Jack Platt Peggy Strickland Tom Jackson Joyce Waits DIRECTOR Jacque Carr PROPERTY MANAGER Jill Self N TT ee i ) 5 = ‘ . = S Q a) a) 4 i) “ o , vw = = ™ = ) =) “pe 8 = pO Y Visited Willingham Beta Activity The Judgment Day, as far as Beta is concerned, is the day when Juniors and Seniors are tapped for membership in the club. Each old member, with a gold flower in hand, searches the audience for a new member to tap. This usually doesn’t pre- sent a problem since the ones tliat think that they might have earned membership shine. Preceding the tapping, Dr. Julius Gholson gave a challenging speech. There was one day at McEvoy that was filled with the excitement of guests, and this was Career Day. On this day speakers from various fields at- tempted to persuade the girls to enter their career. Always praised as a success, Willingham’s Area College Night was held to aid students in choosing a college which they prefer to attend. Thirty-three schools sent representatives. Juniors Captured Stunt Night with the ambitions and dreams of a young girl, Yolanda, the Juniors wished on a star and won!!! Sophomores Used Imagination ... to put a cockroach in Percy’s locker. Seniors Wished for Happiness . and with their combined efforts shared their exuberance with everyone. ee i ere no pA a ae? H t = Sr eager? Bane’ pen oe Perey Raz a a Christmas Twas the week before Christmas and all through the school, not a student was studying!! One way to get to the top. What? Me too big??? Death at Sunrise .. . What a way to go!! The S-O-U-L Class Sock it to ’um Seniors! The rip-roaring Class of 68 was out in front in all activities. The Willingham Seniors “showed their stuff’ in the efficient oD preparation for the bonfire before the Lanier rivalry while the McEvoy Seniors came through with an excellent performance at : f I Stunt Night. But a senior year cannot be without its frolics, and the Class of ’68 was no exception in the capers it cut! Baby!!! — Od SE = ey, i; Nis ugh’ Ab) Don’t let wealth go to your head. Up in the air, Junior Birdsmen!! Mighty Fine in ‘69 A spirited Junior Class hit the two schools with an impact still being felt. Volume was no problem at ball games because of the combined efforts of “Super Mouth” Spell in the stands and “Motor Mouth” Har- grove on the bench. From the Junior Class came school leaders with the determination to make the Class of 69 one to be remembered. On the Go in ““Seven-O”’ All these happy Sophomores have something up their sleeves. But that’s not unusual for the Class of 70. They even had a mascot—a talking, locker roach who patched .up love affairs or should it be said, messed them up? Any way, these kids are large in quantity and spirit. Goofy '! Please, you wouldn't tell, would you? “We're off to see the wizard!” I dare you! = os = = : sd ©, | FREEDOM og | SHRINE A Part of Organizations Embodied in a Democratic society, the or- ganization of different groups . . . the sym- bol of cooperation, leadership, participa- tion and diligence. Ramscott Staff There are so many memories, both pleasant and those the whole staff would like to forget, that make up this past year and so many experiences that go into produc- ing a yearbook that space would not permit us to convey to you our sentiments. Pressures mounted ... theme chosen ... cover designed and color chosen ... col- legiate size added ... layouts planned ... pictures made ... And, oh, the head- aches!!! It goes without saying that tremendous work has gone into it, that the staff believes that the book is good, and that we are proud of it. We sincerely hope you enjoy it, both now, and in years to come. LAYOUT EDITOR: Beth Kent, FEATURE EDITOR: Betty Lockhart, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Stanley Lines, LAYOUT EDITOR: Ricky Waites, FEATURE EDITOR: Brad Holloway, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Arlene Tom- berlin. Seated: ACTIVITIES EDITOR: JoAnn Russell; HONORS EDITOR: Peggy INDEX EDITORS: Pat Collins, Jerry Wood, Susan Archer; PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jacque Carr, Jackie Francis; Standing: ASSISTANT ORGANI. ZATIONS EDITOR: Glenn M isinco; CLASS EDITORS: James Higgins, Joy Emerick; ART EDITOR: Carla James; FACULTY EDITORS: Bobby McKinley, Connie Graves; ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS: Mike Misinco, Rhonda White; ASSISTANT ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR: Jimmy McElroy; ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR: Doyle Mason; SPORTS EDITORS: Juanita Pipkin, Ronnie Roberts; COPY EDITOR: Charles Strickland; TYPIST: Pam Clifton. Not pictured: CLASS EDITORS: Barbara Joiner, Sunny Hamlin, Mike Scott, John Dunn; TYPIST: Wanda Wall; COPY EDITOR: Laura Newton; ACTIVITIES EDITOR: Larry Rogers. Strickland; ADVERTISING LAYOUT EDITOR: Phyllis Shelton; vm y be in 2 gaa vo. |e | RAMSCOTT BUSINESS STAFF: Row 1: Marsha Powell, Ramona Pope, Faye Jones, Pam Clifton, Kay Musselwhite, Faith Willoughby; Row 2: Billie Henry, Charles Strickland, Janice Mullinix, Ricky Thomas, Cecilia Davis. Ramscott Business Staff “Would you like to buy an ad for the 68 Ramscott?” “Rush, hurry up, we’ve got a deadline to meet!” All these were familiar sounds to the Busi- ness Staff during the summer while trying to sell a mountain of ads to local business- men. Not only did they sell these ads, but they made more money than ever before. The total reached was $2,300. Fr BUSINESS MANAGERS: Kathie Dunn, Dell Payne; ASST. BUSIN ESS MANAGERS: Teresa Sutton; Not pictured: Ander Horne. Quill and Scroll Reorganizes QUILL AND SCROLL: Row 1: Arlene Tomberlin, Sherry Waddell, Phyllis Shelton, Gail Cheves, Shirley Meek, Billie Henry, JoAnn Russell; Row 2: Jackie Francis, Dianne. Hamm, Susan Miller, Sunny Hamlin, B. J. Voellinger, Sheila Bur- gamy, Laura Newton, Kathie Dunn, Susan Archer; Row 3: Kay Musselwhite, Elaine Byrd, Sharon Hattaway, Wanda Wall, Juanita Pipkin, Joyce Waits, Pat Collins, Rhonda White, Patricia Turner, Carla James, Melba Duggan, Vicki Fordham. ‘TWEEN TEENS REPORT- ERS: Seated: Elaine Byrd, Brenda Bryant; Standing: Mike Pyles, Phil Bell. } 7 ‘a QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS: Row 1: Betty Locke © WILLINGHAM-MCEVOY NOTEBOOK: Seated: B. J. THE MACO hart, Sgt.-at-Arms; Brenda Bryant, Sec.; Peggy Strick- Voellinger, Connie Boney; Standing: James Higgins, Successful Hee] land, Treas.; Vicki Fincher, Pres.; Top to Bottom: Jimmy McElroy; Not pictured: Joyce Waits, Ronnie of Oe Nancy Butler, V. Pres.; Connie Boney, Sgt.-at-Arms. Goldsby. All tan, Ma. Bonnie Blue Print Meets the Raiders REPORTERS AND COLUMNISTS: Row I: Elaine Byrd, Brenda Bryant, Teresa Sutton, Millie Higdon, JoAnn Shepard, Deidre Deese, Connie Boney, Kay Musselwhite, Gail Cheves; Row 2: Gail Satterwhite, Gloria DeLoach, Dianne Hamm, Joyce Waits. EDITORIAL STAFF: NEWS EDITOR: Nancy Butler; Collecting material for news stories, using imagination for feature stories, getting the scoop on a leading school personality and trying to keep it a secret, meeting deadlines, and running around at the last minute, gath- ering fillers—all of these go in- to the making of a good news- paper, the Bonnie Blue Print. With such an industrious staff the Bonnie Blue Print has been able to carry several special fea- tures. One was an exclusive in- terview with PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS when they were on tour in Macon. Another feature covered the Extra Sen- sory Perception assembly held at Wesleyan College. The world-re- nowned expert on E.S.P., Mr. Ross Burgess, gave demonstra- tions along with coveted explan- ations. In future years, journalism will not be a part of the regular curriculum, but editing the Bon- nie Blue Print will be an extra activity. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Patricia Turner; FEATURE EDITOR: Sharon Hattaway; CIRCULATION EDITOR: B. J. Voellinger; MANAG- ING EDITOR: Vicki Fincher. Rampage Depicts School Life BUSINESS MANAGER: Mike Misinco; SPORTS EDITOR: Ronnie Goldsby; ASST. FEATURE EDITOR: Dell Payne; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: James Higgins; NEWS EDITOR: Wayne Alderman. f a | ath: a PHOTOGRAPHERS: Glenn Misinco, Daryl Gilbert; EXCHANGE EDITOR: Jimmy McElroy; CIRCULATION MANAGER: David Young. The Rampage has far exceeded its expectations—from the startling edi- torials to the improving sports jar- gon. Through hard work, determina- tion, and capable leadership, the staff has produced exceptional school news coverage. A journalism class was begun for the sole purpose of training the next Rampage Staff, and we wish them as much success as t heir predecessors. PRESIDENT: Susan Krewson VICE-PRESIDENT: Cheryl Spell MCEVOY STUDENT alee lakes COUNCIL OFFICERS Susan . . . small in stature, but running over with lead- ership, schoo] spirit, and for- ward drive. Cheryl ... full of hilarious wit, the ability to keep ’em laughing, but keep ’em going. Jacque ... plenty of energy, personality, brains, and lea- dership, with an ounce of pen- manship. Shirley . . . Southern, bub- bling, and active, with a good head for figures. Connie . . . winning smile combined with a stern look keeps order in the Student Council meetings. SECRETARY: Jacque TREASURER: Shirley SGT.-AT-ARMS: Carr Archer Connie Josey by Student Council Officers eS. x WILLINGHAM STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: VICE-PRESIDENT: Doyle Mason, TREASURER: Dell Payne, PRESIDENT: Wayne Spence, SECRETARY: Richard Merchant. Doyle ... surrounded by an air Dell ... debonair and dashing Wayne ... a true chief executive Richard ... a diplomat with a of quiet dignity, but topped with man with the money; an active with a magnetic personality and vibrant devotion to everything keen intelligence and p erpetual participant in many phases of the advocate of fun and games. he participates in; the unsung responsibility. school life. hero of the five-minute affair. A great American ideal exemplified by two great schools—representation of every person through student government. The voice of the student body—coordination of students, faculty, clubs. Yes, a dream come true for the patriots of our country, and basis for a sound, democratic system. This is the great ideal. McEvoy has acquired a flare for international relations and with the theme, °68 +- °69 + °70=(LT)’, the Student Council is raising money for a future foreign student. The biggest money-raising project toward this end has been the sale of light bulbs by every student. An established event to raise money during the year is the election of Miss Slick Witch. Voting on the contestants was done by putting money in the specified jack-o-lantern. Honor Week was set aside to stress personal honor, and special speakers were invited to speak on the subject in each supervision. The main objective of Willingham’s Student Council was the establishment of the Student Court to handle mis- demeanors committed at school. Serving on the Student Court are a student council officer, two students, and a faculty advisor. Willingham’s influential student government also brought the international “Up With People” group to the school. They initiated the Macon “Sing-Out” with members of the “Up With People” group assist- ing. Light Bulb Sale Proves Bright Idea McEVOY STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1: Debbie Francavage, Susan Keys, Judy Griffin, Pam Clifton, Betty Lockhart; Row 2: Jo Ann Shepard, Jacki Francis, Roseanna Nowell, Debbie Dykes, Joy Emerick, Arlene Tomberlin, Annette Brantley, Diane Greenway; Row 3: Nancy Butler, Peggy Strickland, Sandra Howard, Vicki Fincher, Penny Hamlin, Debra Lake, Linda Harrison, Linda Hightower, Lael Bartlett, Carla James, Linda Lee, Denise McDaniels, Fran Henderson, Vicki Baldwin. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Row 1: Susan Manning, Gail Saunders, Kathie Dunn, Sandra Howard, Susan Durden; Row 2: Jackie Mize, Donna Fulford, Myra Edwards, Melonie Raley, Randi Whitsell, Barbara Joiner, Gail Sutton; Standing: Pat Childers, Patti Young, Beth Kent. Student Court Tries Misdemeanors FREEDOM SH? = ! WILLINGHAM STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1: Phillip Bellury, C. W. Eldridge, Gerry Monroe, Richard Merchant, Fish Adams, Wayne Spence, Jimm cElroy, Mike Bloodworth, Dell Payne, Doyle Mason; Row 2: Morty Denham, Steve Powell, Mike Ogletree, Donnie Cross, Raymond Fiveash, Larry Peterson, Wayne Alderman, Eddie Cannon, Tommy Zielinski, Donnie Cheshire, Bruce Crowe, Micky Thompson, Herman Smith, Wayne Hatcher, Wayne Hall, Ed Bissonette, Bobby Spinks; Row 3: Brad Holloway, Sean Griffen, Robert Rogers, Ronnie Goldsby, James Hig- gins, Ricky Walker, James Thigpen, Andy Durden, Chicken Ballard, Gary Lord, Otis Yopp. MCEVOY BETA NEW MEMBERS: Row J: Brenda Bryant, Debra Pritchett, Anne Baggs, Cathy San- ders, Gail Hunt, Janice Bradfield; Row 2: Crystal Fountain, Sherma Matthews, Gail Sutton, Karen Scott, Jackie Mize, Melanie Raley, Wanda Hill; Row 3: Elaine Rackley, Deborah Bassett, rell, Janice Mullinix, Valerie Norris, Gail Wood, Diane Plunkett, Susan Allen, Pat Childers. MCEVOY BETA CLUB: Seated: Deborah Riley, Elaine Franklin, Kris Goforth, Lael Bartlett, June Morris, Johnnie Thistlewood, Ginger Keller, Dianne Hamm, Sharon Clarke, Juanita Pipkin, Kay Musselwhite, Sherry Waddell, Patricia Smith, Sheila Wor- Career Da Beta Club is a nationwide organization for students with outstanding scholastic achieve. ment. Membership to McEvoy’s Beta Club is open to juniors and seniors who meet the grade requirements of the point system. During the year, a tutoring service is sponsored by the club to help girls improve their grades. Mint sales are held to raise money for a scholarship to be presented to a graduating senior. Another outstanding project of the McEvoy Beta Club is the annual Career Day. On one day out of the year, representatives from all career fields are in- vited to the school to present information about their lines of work. From this information the girls can decide on their own careers. Carla James, Nancy Butler, Betty Lockhart, Dianne Brown, Kathie Dunn, Billie Henry, Susan Archer, Gail Saunders, Laura Newton, Susan Lloyd, Pam Kitchens, Susan Keys; Standing: Arlene Tomberlin, Peggy Strickland, Gena Jackson, Rhonda White. Not Pictured: Elaine Wilkerson. and College Night Headline Beta Year The Willingham Beta Club is an honorary society that recognizes students with advanced scholastic ability. The club offers aid to college prospects by sponsoring the annual College Night. Represent- atives from a large number of institutions are present at the school to offer assistance and information for students trying to select the college best suited for them. This College Night is open to all schools in the Middle Georgia area. . . : ; 7 . Sm WILLINGHAM BETA CLUB: Seated: Billy Bennett, Treasurer; Stanley Lines, Secretary; Jimmy McMillan, Vice President; Wayne Alderman, President; Standing: Ricky Waites, Danny Sauls, Billy Bearden, Jimmy Culpepper, Charles Evans, Mike Pyles, Steve Harr, ae p J | Sf J ge ae David Coleman, Terry Sark. MCEVOY BETA OFFICERS: Jacque Carr, Vice President; © WILLINGHAM BETA OFFICERS: Stanley Lines, Secretary; Roseanna Nowell, President; Barbara Joiner, Secretary; Beth Jimmy McMillan, Vice President; Billy Bennett, Treasurer; Kent, Treasurer. Wayne Alderman, President. Future Homemakers Display Fashions iis a were rer eee eres Mie a f dy e a : FHA: Seated: Susan Herring, Sandra Huff, Carol Gay, Janie Furney, Debby McKinley, Pat Huff, Pat Cameron, Judy Stevens, Debra Hubbard, Sheila Powell, Gena Jackson; Standing: Wanda Hallman, Marsha Powell, Juleen Johnston, Sheila Worrell, Juanita Gray, Lynn Cox, Janice Miller, Lynda Burdett, Donna Jackson, Janice Davis, Diane Howell, Carol Ann Potter, Elaine Westfaul, Suzanne Jones, Penny Hamlin. FHA OFFICERS: Seated: Vicki Fincher, Treasurer; Donna Fulford, President; Jackie Francis, Vice President; Lyn Moore, Secretary; Standing: Chairman—Arlene Strickland, Susan Miller, Teresia Wester, Karen Scott, Johnnie Thistlewood, Pat Glover. s Y-TEEN OFFICERS: Seated: Crystal Fountain, Secretary; Linda Hightower, President; Cherie Arnold, Vice President; Standing: Jackie Francis, Program Chairman; Millie Higdon, Treasurer; Cathy Rowe, ICC Representative. Tri-Hi-Y Participates in Christian L Conference TRI-HI-Y: Row 1: Cheryl Misch, Kathy Young, Rhonda Kerr, Gail Cannon, Janice Becton, Teresa Cox, Deborah Anderson, Virginia Dixon, Rebecca Bond; Row 2: Nancy Hale, Pat Mills, Teresa Vinson, Sandra Quinn, Elaine Williams, Shery] Ennis, Gail Milford, Julie Blair, Deborah Waters; Row 3: Melody Seaton, Carol Lannon, cket Bassett, Lyn Moore, Susan Stokes, Debbie Register, Lynn Blizzard, Sherry Duckworth, Wayerlyn Sandefur, Mary Alice Grimes, Bobbie Cobb, Kate Abernathy, Georgette Lipford, Lana Snead, Barbara Joiner, Carol King. Y-T S: Row 1: Vicki Bonner, Debbie Dykes, Patsy Deason, Shirley Bassett; Row 2: Donna Quick, Lynn Lawring, Bonnie Hart, Jo Ellen Friedlander, Susan Herrin Judy Madden, Debra Craine, Mary J Burkehalter, Barbara Temples, Pat Gooding, ‘ Tomberlin; Row 3: Debbie Lamb, Darnell Spillers, Wanda on, Janice Rainey, Phyllis Ford, Sandra West, Geraldine Woolfork, Pat McBride, Katherine Askew, Cathy Nicholson, Rhonda Wither ton; Row 4: Kathy Farnsworth, Jenny DuBose, Juleen Johnston, Linda Davis, Ann Copelin, Linda Fuller, B Johnson, Judy Taylor, Patty Johnson, Sue Smith, Katherine Finney, Linda An , Irene Thomas, Joyce Steph Janie Rigby, Rebecca Bartlett, Sheila Jordan, Lorie Case, Katherine Huds Nancy Reynolds, Sharon Cameron, Debbie Elrod, Charlene Hulett; Row 5: Becky Thomas, Diane Roberts, Marjorie Alexander, Shirley Colbert, Gerry Rogers, Carolyn Long, Debbie Garner, Pam Dalton, Nancy Jones, Marsha McDaniel, Janet Morgan. TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS: Seated: Linda Lee, President; Carla James, Vice President; Standing: Mrs. Weeks, Advisor; Elaine Evans, Chaplain; Martha Ann Hinson, Sec- retary; Cheryl Owen, Treasurer. Citizens Strive to Better School and KEY CLUB: Row 1: Wayne Byrd, Mike Collingsworth, Grey Gay, Ricky Waites, Billy Browning, Phil Bell, Ricky Walker, Ricky Thomas, Terry Sark, Mike Pyles, Phil Maddox, Henry Robertson, Jerry Wood, Allen Smith; Row 2: Otis Scarbarry, Mike Ogletree, Richard Tumlin, Ronnie Roberts, Steve Beauchamp, Mike Misinco, Glenn Misinco, David Young, Charles Strickland, Gary Lord, Dell Payne, George Slappey, Bill Nobles, Mike Odum. WILLINGHAM DRAMA CLUB: Row I: Tim Jimerson, Jimmy Culpepper, Don Miller; Row 2: Mike Scott, Dell Payne, Mike Lee, Bobby McKinley, Phil Maddox. Community 4g i ou KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Glenn Misinco, Parl.; Billy Browning, V. Pres.; Ricky Walker, Pres.; Ricky Thomas, Sec.; Gary Lord, Treas. if i ny WILLINGHAM DRAMA CLUB: Clockwise: Wayne Jones, Phil Bell, Roger Loftin, George Elam, Ronnie Roberts, Steve Kell, Mike Ross, David Coleman, Gary Cooper. JR. CIVITAN CLUB: Row 1: Richard Merchant, Richard Taylor, Alan Redman, Jimmy McElroy, Doyle Mason; Row 2: Roger Loftin, Buddy Moore, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Donnie Cross, Phillip Bellury, Hugh Coleman, Sonny Welch; Row 3: Stan Smith, Phil Greene, Bruce Crowe, Ander Horne, Gary Curtis, Mike Pape, Andy Spires, Larry Peterson; Row 4: Randy Smith, Ricky Deriso, Mike Gibson, Mike Pettis; Row 5: Bobby Hayslip, Jerry Dixon, Andy Durden, Alan McCoury, Morty Denham, Larry Britt, Steve Hartley; Row 6: Ronnie Goldsby, Jim Stephens, Terry Loyd, David Doss, Mike Bloodworth, Henry Bul lard, Mike Caldwell, Danny Dorsey; Row 7: James Higgins, Wayne Spence, Charles Price, Foy Stevenson, Bobby Spinks. JR. CIVITAN OFFICERS: Kneeling: Doyle Mason, V. Pres.; Wayne Spence, Sgt.-at-Arms; Standing: Randy Smith, Pres.; Jim Stephens, Sec.; Bobby Spinks, Chap.; Mike Bloodworth, Treas. Broadway, Here We Come!? “Hey, I’ve finally got my hun- dred points!” This exclamation could have been heard coming from any Thes- pian upon conclusion of her strug- gle to meet the requirements set by the National Thespian Society. Membership is attained by earn- ing a total of one hundred points for attending, reading, or partici- pating in plays. Each member re- ceives a certificate for her out- standing work from the National Thespian Society to which stars may be added for additional ac- complishments in the field of dra- ma. Thespians receive a monthly 4A at aa magazine containing news of Thes- 3 a pian Societies all over the coun- p%, Us try. THESPIANS: Rhonda White, Joy Emerick, JoAnn Russell, Nancy Butler, President; Jacque Carr, Gena Jackson, Peggy Strickland. Not pictured: Betty Lockhart, Secretary-Treasurer; Emily Evans. MCEVOY SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB: Kneeling: Sunny Hamlin, Nancy Butler, Penny Hamlin, Sherry Waddell, Kris Goforth, Ginger Keller, Brenda Bryant, JoAnn Russell; Seated: Emily Evans, Jacque Carr, Verna Hamm, Elizabeth TeSelle, Melonie Raley, Gail Saunders, Valerie Funck, Jackie Mize, Vicki Fincher, Mary Paula Hodnett, Joyce Waits, Linda Jones, Gail Satterwhite; Standing: Roseanna Nowell, Sherma Matthews, Gena Jackson, Sharon Hattaway, Marie Railey, Pam Hamlin, Janice Boyett, Patsy Mossbarger, Pam Shaw, Jill Self, Diane Hamm, Elaine Byrd, Gloria Gay, Deborah Hubbard, Judy Stevens, Michelle Jerkins, Gail Burnett, B. J. Voellinger, Connie Boney. t The Senior Dramatics Club has grown not only in size but in enthusiasm as well. With well-planned programs, the interest of the club members has never declined. One such program was presented by Mrs. G. Carl Green, who gave two dramatic read- ings at Christmas. During Honor Week at McEvoy, held in Novem- ber, the Dramatics Club presented a play in accord- ance with the main theme. Entitled “The Black Sheep,” the play was about a hypocritical family who suffered for their hypocrisy through the loss of their son by death. The efforts exerted in this play are characteristic of those displayed by every member. MCEVOY SR. DRAMATICS OFFICERS: Seated: Peggy Strick- land, President; Patti Young, Vice President; Toni Newby, Ways and Means Chairman; Standing: Joy Emerick, Secretary; Rhonda White, Treasurer. FBLA, DECA, and VICA Train Youths fo FBLA promotes interest in various fields of business. The club serves the school by operat- ing the bookstore. Speakers from different business phases high- light club meetings. WILLINGHAM FBLA: Row 1: John Baker, Larry Johnson, Jimmy Cooper, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jimmy Ed- You don’t really want 153 pencil erasers? wards, Ted Livingston, Ronnie Hood; Row 2: Jake Myers, Steve Powell, Loran Swymer, Ed McElhenny, Roby Fuller, Sonny Lockhart, Ed Bissonette, President; Glynn Hornyak, Photographer; Row 3: Mike Liv- ingston, Secretary; M. S, Reynolds, Floyd Gregory, Treasurer; Bobby Forth, Chuck Freeman. MCEVOY FBLA: Row 1: Cathy Bilderback, President; Linda Williams, Vice President; Brenda Morris, Secretary; Elaine Rackley, Treasurer; Row 2: Cathy Garnto, Brenda Thigpen, Brenda Theiss, Cathy Cox, Carol Bostick, Linda Williams, Janice Mackey, Edna Smallwood, Susan Waddell; Row 3: Cathy Dixon, Jean Towson, Donna Bowen, Melba Thistlewood, Annette Brantley, Xavia Crissey, Sheila Smith, Claris Waltman, Debbie McLemore, Sandra Rozier, Diane Greenway, Linda Fulwood, Becky Hall, Toni Wilson; Row 4: Peggy Cruise, Cindy Holland, Kay Smith, Brenda Brelarid, Carolyn Rasmussen, Joyce Bennett, Wynoka Myers, Sheila Powell, Cathy Brittian. Business World The Distributive Education Club of America and Vocational Industrial Club of America train their members in the vocational phase of their choice. They in- still in the members a sense of responsibility and leadership for tomorrow’s business world. The participants consist of juniors and seniors at Willing- ham High School who plan to go to work directly after grad- uation. VICA trains students as mechanics, draftsmen, and elec- tricians. DECA provides oppor- tunities in marketing sales and distribution. VICA: Row 1: Glenn Bridger, Richard Adams, Cleve Rogers, Julian Bass, Earl Grants, Tim Sud- deth, Danny Kilgore, Tommy Mosley; Row 2: Donald James, Neal Waller, Thomas Golden, Bunny Witherington, Walter Buffington, President; Jerry Hulett, Tony Smith; Row 3: Curtis Kingsley, Advisor; Edgar Parent, Treasurer; Danny Stuckey, Ricky Churchwell, Allen Thomas, Guery West, David Avera, Robert Forth, Harvey Gronka. DECA: Row 1]: Rex Caldwell, Dean Johnson, Ricky Wasden, Allen Gay, Gene Wilkinson, Randy Wilkes, Doug Scanlan, Leon Harris, Stanley Stavely, Harvey Heath; Row 2: William Bradshaw, President; Hugh Green, Jerry Crowell, Allen Williams, David Harris, Billy Butterworth, Jerry Coile, Tim Hall, Randy Bates, Steve Drawhorn; Row 3: Mike Scott, Bill Van Dyke, Ernest Collins, Vice President; Ricky Barron, Ashley Harrington, Secretary; Wayne Williamson, Tommy Roberts, Jimmy Hughes, Roger O. Greene, Coordinator. FTA and FFA Promote Interests of Future Teachers and Agriculturists FTA: Seated: Pat Wimpey, Debra Lake, Pres.; Karen Scott, V. Pres.; Arlene Tomberlin, Sec.-Treas.; Darlene Wilson, Deborah Goodwin, Reba Tucker, Sharon King; Standing: Deborah Riley, Paulette King, Debra Powell, Debra McElhaney, Judy King, Beverly Gibson, Elaine Dixon, Carla McAllister, Sylvia Davidson, Opal Douglas, Diane Plunkett. wn MCEVOY LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Row 1: Janice Becton, Barbara Taylor, Latrell Rowell, Theresa Skinner, Carla James, Janice Rainey, Patty Johnson, Nona Patridge, Gayle Holiday; Row 2: Judy Josey, Pam Floyd, Brenda Summerlin, Gena Cox, Barbara Joiner; Row 3: Regina Emilio, Judy Taylor, Janice Davis, Mary Paula Hodnett, Connie McCoy, Rebecca Bond. FFA: Row 1: Larry Stokes, Larry Arnold, Wesley Toler, Roger Dagley, Hayward Sweat, Rudy Jackson; Row 2: Ermest Ogletree, Kenneth Ogletree, Donny Sanford, Calvin Minchew, Larry Myers, Dave Skipper. 132 Library Booklet Wins Awara Among the projects of the McEvoy Library Club, pub- lishing a handbook, “How to Use the Library,” has been the biggest. The club won a red ribbon at GALA for this booklet. Other than this award, the Library Club was presented the Honor Club Award at GALA. An outstanding project of the Willingham Library Club has been to start a record collection in the library. At- tending both GALA and FDLA conventions is an im- portant part of the club’s year. 2 MCEVOY LIBRARY CLUB: Seated: Barbara Joiner, V. Pres.; Carla James, Pres.; Gayle Holiday, Diane Plunkett, Judy Josey, Elaine Deal, Not pictured Opal Douglas, Sec.-Treas.; Standing: Jennifer Sherwood, Theresa Skinner, Beverly Gibson, Gena Cox, Patricia Turner, Rebecca Bond, Regina Emilio, Connie McCo y, Patty Johnson, Janice Rainey. WILLINGHAM LIBRARY CLUB: Row 1: Gene Inman, Mark Herrington, Jimmy Scoggins, V. Pres.; Joey Sequin, Treas.; Mike Smith, Jerry Wood, Jerry Davis; Row 2: Dell Payne, Mike Sheperd, Steve Durden, Brad Holloway, Pres.; Jimmy Hitchcock, Ricky Waites, Sec. ) Ih, y ' , : by ie a — fi! | am mK e Mathematical and Scientific Interests MCEVOY MATH CLUB: Pat Wimpey, Elizabeth Teselle, June Morris, Sheryl Ennis, Sec.; Mabel Bridger, V. Pres.; Lael Bartlett, Pres.; Deborah Anderson, Treas.; Deborah Riley. WILLINGHAM MATH CLUB: Seated: Wayne Alderman, Treas.; Ricky Walker, Sec.; Billy Bennett, V. Pres.; David Adams, Pres.; Standing: Row 1: Joey Sequin, Richard Merchant, Ronnie Waddleton, Bobby McKinley, Tommy Zielinski, Stanley Lines, Jimmy McMillan, Robert Owens, Phil Maddox, Darrell Gilbert; Row 2: Charles Evans, Mike Odum, Danny Sauls, Mike Scott, Ronnie Goldsby, Steve Durden, Billy Beardin, Jimmy Culpepper, Les Murrell, Tommy McAdams, Thomas Golden. The purpose of the Math Club is to stress the importance of math and to introduce its different fields. The club also gives those interested an op- portunity to perform mathematical operations outside of class. The Science Club is an organization set up to help each member decide the field of science he or she wants to be in if planning to attend college. It explores different phases, such as biology and chemistry. Membership in either or- ganization is open to any student who is interested in these fields. DEBATING TEAM: Michael Misinco, Ricky Are Stimulated by Club Activities o tod me WILLINGHAM SCIENCE CLUB: Row I: Steve Harr, Tommy Riggs, Walter Fitzpatrick, Frank Sagnabean, Richard Merchant; Row 2: Mr. Martin Gronka, Advisor; Darrell Gilbert, Tommy Zielinski, Jimmy McMillen, George Elam, John Ross, Steve Smith, Eddie Vance, Mike Odom, Glenn Misinco; Row 3: Bobby McKinley, Danny Sauls, Jimmy Culpepper, Mike Upchurch, David Hartley, Ronnie Goldsby, Sec.; James Higgins, V. Pres.; Wayne Hatcher, Pres.; Joey Sequin, Jimmy McElroy, Treas. CHESS CLUB: Seated: Tommy Lilly, George Elam, David Hartley, Roby Fuller, John Ross, Joey Sequin, Pat McConnell; Standing: Will Evans, Co-chairman, Randy Stinson,. Chairman. Waites, Dell Payne, Mike Pyles, Phil Bell. — MCEVOY SCIENCE CLUB: Row I: Cheryl McGraw, Treas.; Paula Dixon, V. Pres.; Debra Gillis, Pres.; Not pictured Jackie Davis, Sec.; Row 2: Aurelia Avera, Linda Hurt, Judy Tillman, Wendy Edwards; Row 3: Johnson, Gena Cox, Brenda Davis, Chery] Hill. Cyri 135 Mums Still Big Success for AMCC AMCC: Row 1: Donna Rogers, Regina Brockston, Susan Lloyd, Treasurer; Charlotte Rutland, Secretary; Elaine Wilkerson, President; Janie Sur- mans, Vice President; Sue Ellen Wilkerson, Diane Taylor, Eileen Montgomery; Row 2: Pam Leverett, Beth Horn, Ellen Thames, Pam Sermans, Pat Hornday, Eileen Cameron, Regina Fellows, Dawn Williams. 4-H “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger serv- ice, and my health to better living for my club, my com- munity, and my country”—a meaningful pledge for everyone but especially ‘so for members of the 4-H Club. Each member displays her talents by completing any num- ber of projects concerning sew- ing, cooking, recreation, or health. The projects are written up in a record book and sent off to be judged for awards. 4-H: Theresa Skinner, Debbie Francavage, Secretary-Treasurer; Pat Amos, President; Elizabeth Morris, Vice President; Sue Thomas, Latrell Rowell. a m- — = WILLINGHAM RED CROSS: Row 1: Ricky Barbar, Kerry Pilcher, Louie Sizer, Kenny Horton; Row 2: Mell Mann, Sec.; Charles Strickland, V. Pres.; Neal Deese, Billy Crissy, Treas.; Steve Durden, Roger Thurman, David Lengel, Steve Keau, Alan Camron, Mrs. M. Chapman, Sponsor; Row 3: Bill Van Dyke, Pres.; Barry Duggan, Ronnie Oliff, 2nd V. Pres.; Mark Smith, Jake Myers. Red Cross Works to Help Others MCEVOY RED CROSS: Row 1: JoAnn Shepard, Pres.; Juanita Pipkin, Sec.; Sherma Matthews, Treas.; Row 2: Gwen Harvard, Susan Lord, Verna Hamm; Row 3: Ramona Pope, Patsy Morrison, Sharon Clark, Lynne Horton; Row 4: Melba Thistlewood, Brenda Theiss, Joy Simpson, Diane Marshall; Row 5: Eva Bateman, Sharon Hattaway, Sharon King, Nancy Reynolds, Leila Fowler, Bonnie Hart; Row 6: Barbara Mikus, Chery] Misch, Barbara Temples, Gena Cox. he | ts ‘a — . a With the purpose of helping ot an “in i ; 5 others, members of the Red Cross j work hard collecting money for needy families and underprivileged children through the membership drive. Representatives in the club are elected by each supervision and are responsible for keeping a rec- ord of the money turned in. The members carry out many lo- cal projects, such as visits to nurs- ing homes and selling toys made by the MARC workshop; but the high point of the year is the annual tal- ent show presented at the Vet- eran’s Hospital in Dublin. Willingham members collected articles, such as first aid kits, soap, and hand towels, to send overseas to a less fortunate country. Language Clubs Expand Bonjour! This could be a greeting from any member of the French Clubs at Me- Evoy and Willingham. The mastering of the fine points of the French language, along with a better understanding of the traditions and customs of other countries, constitute the main goal of both clubs. WILLINGHAM FRENCH CLUB: Row J: Julian Bass, Jimmy McMillan, Secretary; Gary Lord, Vice President; Eddie Vance, Alan Fulgham, James Stewart, Carl Stewart, Ronald Olliff; Row 2: David Hartley, Danny Dorsey, Tommy Zielinski, President; Robert Ford, Glynn Hornyak, James Bryant, Steve Martin, Henry Robertson, Steve Leurette, Warren Daniels, Tommy Maine, Billy Dowd. WILLINGHAM SPANISH CLUB: Kneeling: Billy Browning, President; Donnie Fussell, Vice President; Not pictured: Andy Thomas, Secretary-Treasurer; David Rumph, Dennis Fitzpatrick; Row 1: Mrs. Reindorp, Advisor; Kenneth Kitchens, Sonny Welch, John Dunn, Paul Luttrell, Jim Stuckey, Norman Rowell, Rex Ellington, Jimmy Clanton, Richard Taylor, Tim Jimerson, Mike Smith, D’Lane Skipper, Jimmy Carver, John Reid,, Walter Fitzpatrick, Ronald Colbert; Row 2: Steve Durden, Allen Cameran, Charles Strickland, Charles Lancaster, Al Thrasher, Stan Kluge, Duffy Addleton, Randy Smith, Wayne Spence, Donnie Cheshire, Charles Price, Mike Pettis, John Alligood, Bruce Crowe, Jim Stephens, Van Hunter, Ronnie Goldsby, Ander Horne. WILLINGHAM SPANISH CLUB: Row 1: Don Edwards, Phil Greene, Wiley Hutcheson, Mark Stephens, Mike Odom, Dewey Davis, Mike Pinholster; Row 2: Dennis Wilson, Randy Freeman Deese, Larry Britt, Steve Patat, Mike King, David Peed, Mark Herrington, Keene, Jerry Coleman, Phil Ladson, John Alligood, Billy Browning; Row 3: Bo Causey, James Dove, Terry Busbee. Interest in Foreign Countries THA nih p Sim Bog t0ipy ey » . WILLINGHAM FRENCH CLUB: Row 1: Gary Williams, Henry Haynes, Ricky Wilson, Stephen Middlebrooks, Roger West; Row 2: Joey Sequin, Phil Bell, Raleigh Faircloth, James McHugh, Ken Whitehead; Row 3: David Hooks, Bénnie Hinson, John Morman, John Whitehead, Otis Scarbory; Row 4 David Hudson, William Shurley, Don Wires, John Jordan, Andy Durden, Treasurer. whe + aR e | i | ¥ FF 4 | s A V1 j Secretary; Wanda MCEVOY SPANISH CLUB: Seated: Brenda Jones, Susan Archer, Treasurer; Mary Paula MCEVOY FRENCH CLUB: Row 1: Elaine Evans, Ginger Keller, Hodnett, Vice President; Penny Brooks, Secretary; Linda Burgamy, Patricia Smith; Stand- Wall, President; Susan Durden, Vice President; Cricket Bassett; Row 2: Cathy San- ing: Betty Lockhart, Joy Emerick, Lynn Tyson, Arlene Tomberlin, President; Carla Me- ders, Kris Goforth, Linda Lee, Diane Baugheum, Cindy Holland, Judy Tillman; Row 3: Allister, JoAnn Russell, Debra Powell Gwen Vinson, Ann Baggs, Linda Savage, Carol Lannon, Patricia McBride, Phyllis Ford, Linda Anderson, Patricia Rogers, Debra Jordan. Not pictured: Debbie Epting, Treas- urer. “Hola,” says the Spanish Club. Interest and knowledge in the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries are promoted by various activities within the club. McEvoy’s club president shared souvenirs brought from Ti- juana‘with the members during a regular meeting. Among these were a pinata, mantilla, pictures, and postcards. GAA Sponsors Senior-Faculty Volleyball Game GAA: Row 1: Sheila Wood, Connie Dingler, Pat Glover, Marsha Powell, Brenda Thames, Rosemary Ward, Fran Henderson, Debbie Shepard, Sharon Farnsworth; Row 2: Pat Childers, Juanita Pipkin, Marsha Wood, Susan Mann, Patricia Grace, Janis Tucker, Debra Craine; Row 3: Ramona Pope, Sheila White, Elaine Griffin, Nancy Burgamy, Janice Mullinix, Sheila Burgamy, Linda Burgamy; Row 4: Phyllis Burns, Linda Tamplin, Susan Gilbert, Susan Keys, Libby Dechman, Susan Krewson, Lynn Tyson; Row 5: Patsy Pippin, Elizabeth Morris, Hariet Walker, Bonnie Waddleton, Barbara Wyatt, Nancy Scandlyn, Debra Collins; Row 6: Kay Stubbs, Pat Moye, Dejuane Martin, Diane Meeks, Brenda Bruce. GAA OFFICERS: Seated: Pat Collins, Vice President; Sandra Howard, Presi- dent; Standing: Donna Fulford, Secretary; Beth Kent, Publicity Chairman; Pulling Wagon: Patsy Arrowood, Treasurer. “Who says I’m a sore loser when it comes to patty-cake games?” With the aim of supporting all = Pep Clubbers Bedeck Stadium for Games sports activities of both Willing- I L § ham and McEvoy, the members ‘. r 2 . of Pep Club endeavor to raise school spirit. Highlighting the football season was the sale of Booster Badges to back the Rams. Decorated goal posts and expres- sive signs at games represented the efforts of the hard-working members. Pep Club also spon- sored the first annual “Smear Lanier” Day. MCEVOY PEP CLUB: Row 1: Gail Cannon, Joy Battle, Teresa Vinson, Laura Harvard, Rose- mary Ward, Mitcie Green, Bambi Bartlett; Row 2: Pat Childers, Cheryl Spell, Crystal Fountain, ibby Dechman, Bonnie Waddleton, Patricia Grace, Fran Henderson, Diane Howell, Barbara Carol Barnes, Lynn Hopkins, Carol Griffin; Row 3: Harriet Walker, Debbie Shepard, PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Row 1: Rhonda White, Patsy Goolsby, Mary Graves, Nancy Keith, Cathy Herring, Sandra Quinn, Diane Roberts, Bar- Program Cl usan Gilbert, Publicity Chair- bara Nobles, Pam Spires, Susan Perry, Connie Josey, Brenda Bass. Row Davis, Secretary; Fay Jones, Billie Henry, Treasurer; esident; Not pictured: Kay Mussel- irman. Lhe M Y PEP CLUB: Row 1: Jackie Mize, Melonie Raley, Valerie Funck, Alice Hinote, Gail Saunders, Faye Morgan, Elaine Lovejoy, Pam Clifton, JoAnn Goodwin, Doris Phillips, Nancy Jones, Sheila Burgamy; Row 2: Susan Mann, Peggy Cruise, Brenda Bryant, Nancy Butler, Debra Lake, Patti Young, Mary Etta Hamrick, Pete Aultman, Susan K Karen Burnett. Tommie Dee Wood, Janis Tucker; Row 3: Rhonda White, Delaine Jarriel, Judy West, Allison Hill, Kay Smith, Mary Ali srimes, Julie Blair, JoAnn Roberts, Barbara Daniel, Denise McDaniels, Brenda Summerlyn. Students Lend Assistance OFFICE WORKERS: Seated: Jacque Carr, Betty Lockhart, Lynn BOOKSTORE WORKERS: Row 1: Brenda Thigpen, Debbie McLemore, Brenda Cox, Susan Durden; Standing: Jaye Harvard, Debra Lake, Brenda Theiss, Carol Bostick; Row 2: Mary Ann Williams, Brenda Morris, Janice Mackey; Row 3: Linda Williams, Linda Fulwood, Cathy Cox, Kathy Bilder- Bryant, Nancy Butler. back, Carolyn Rasmussen, Xavia Crissey, Cindy Holland. AUDIO VISUAL: Row 1: Morris Starley, Morley Adams, Tommy Seagraves, Johnny Hancock, Richard Franks, Teddy NeSmith, Mrs. Baxter; Row 2: Wayne Hatcher, Morty Denham, President; Billy Gilbert, Tyrone Tapley, Lamar Brown, Stan Smith, Cary Pilcher, Bill Norstad, Lynn Smith, Secretary; Larry Peterson, Vice President; Row 3: Billy Capps, James Larsen, Frank Edwards, Alan Burdette. 2 F— ; 1 PA taal iy 6% AUDIO VISUAL: B. J. Voellinger, Connie Boney, Pam Clifton, Susan Keys. LUNCHROOM WORKERS: Carol Gay, Faye Breland, Laketa Rich, Cathy Chambers, Lynn Horton, Pat Cameron, Sheila Burgamy, Melba Young. 142 Varsity Lettermen Support Ram Club m ie " ee, oo UL With a little help anybody can do push-ups! RAM CLUB: Row I: Eddie Howard, Teddy NeSmith, Donnie Fussell, Louis Friedlander, Andy Spires, Donnie Cheshire, Gary Wil- liams, Leonard Hart, Jimmy Clanton; Row 2: Doyle Mason, Phil Bullery, Tommy Zelinski, Mike Caldwell, Andre Horne, Richard Taylor, Ricky Deriso, Reid Goodman, Chilly Fitzpatrick, Warren Daniels; Row 3: Larry West, Buddy Moore, Danny Kilgore, John Aligood, Bobby Hayslip, Kenny Hargrove, Mike Dawkins, Dennis Wilson; Row 4: Mike Mason, Wayne Jones, Jean Crump, Mike Pettis, Randy Smith, Charles Thompson, Will Evans, Henry Bullard, Mark Smith; Row 5: Morty Denham, Edward McEllheny, Danny Dorsey, Andy Durden, Allen McCoury, Butch Barnes, Billy Browning, Bruce Crowe, Ricky Thomas, Wayne Powell, Bobby Forth, Johnny Higdon, Charles Price; Row 6: Wayne Spence, Mike Bloodworth, David Doss, George Slappey. Adding color and inter- est to the school, Art Club’s exhibits portray the talents of the art stu- dents at McEvoy. These displays include pictures done in chalk, paint, char- coal, and water-color. At Christmas copper-enameled pins and hand-carved jewel- ry boxes were sold to be used as gifts. An annual trip to the At- lanta Art Museum is an- other example of the op- portunities open for par- ticipation within the club. = MCEVOY ART CLUB: Row 1: Kathy Chambers, Historian; Johnnie Thistlewood, Treasurer; Pat Garrett, Sec- retary; Patricia Turner, Vice President; Myra Edwards, President; Row 2: Jennifer Sherwood, Janice Walsh, Yvonne Ezzell, Doris Phillips, Becky Watson, Elaine Ezzell; Row 3: JoAnn Goodwin, Suzy Reeves, Paula Carson, Elaine Deal, Teresa Cox, Marsha Thomas; Row 4: Rose Marie Baxter, Wanda Rawls, Sherry Willis, Lynn Cox, Gail Hutto. Mckvoy Chorus Presents Christmas Concert 4 ae COUNCIL: Seated: Myra Arnold, Secretary ; Mollie Hyder; MELODETTES: Seated: Judy Underwood, Sandy Norris; Standing: Pat viper Carol Gay, Vice President; Tommie Dee Wood, President; Mills, Charlotte Rutland, Tommie Dee Wood, Carol Gay, Gloria Gay, Nannette Not pictured: Nita Gray, Treasurer. Hooks, Carol] Parham, Kathy Young, Mary Paula Hodnett. Majorettes, Dixie Darlings Add Sparkle to Half-Time Shows MAJORETTES: Sheila Batts, Lynn Mondy, Debra Gillis, Gwen Goss, Lynn Moore. DIXIE DARLING CAPT. Cheryl McGraw MAJORETTE CAPT. Debra Gil- lis 2 r= Y OM tha = = et ee DIXIE DARLINGS: Row 1: Jean Towson, Paula Russ, Jeanne Brown, Cheryl McGraw, Vicki Horne, Susan Manning, Lynn Metts; Row 2: Barbara Mikus, Gena Jackson, Ginger Metts, Alice Guinn, Penny Brooks, Sandy McKinnon, Johnnie Thistlewood. te 3) 8 o =I os =x = c — ° = i- f © = = 1 — = =) io a) Stee ee : Willingham “Pride of Disie” Band And the: “Pride of Dixie” it is! Raising school spirit to its peak is the job of this jaunty group. The fanfare of the trumpet section and the thunder of the drums assured the football players and basket- ball team that spirit and sentiment were on their side. Performances at football pre-game and half-time shows, along with the high-stepping Majorettes and Dixie Darlings, added much to the enjoyment of Ram football. During the basketball season, the band was divided up into two pep bands which played alternately at games. With their rendition of “Dixie” everyone was sure the South won the war, or at least will rise again! The Music Festival was held March 3. The Pride of Dixie, under the direction of David Graves, gave a superior performance. But then what else would such a fine band do? BAND OFFICERS: Standing: David Minchew, Ronnie Butts, David Hartley, Gawaine Miller, Johnny Yates, Ronnie Carr, Johnnie Hancock; Kneeling: Dixie Darling Capt. Cheryl McGraw, Majorette Capt. Debra Gillis. DRUM MAJOR Susan Stokes DRUM MAJOR Toni Newby McEvoy Scottie Band With an air of the Scotch, one can almost hear the bagpipes as the McEvoy Scottie Band goes march- ing by. And march it has! Filling the air with strains of the “Star Spangled Banner” and various pop- ular hits, this all-girl band has delighted and sent chills up the spines of its listening audience. Under the direction of Miss Barbara Reves, and drum majors Toni Newby and Susan Stokes, the Mc- Evoy Band has performed at four Ram football games. The band enchanted its audience at Warner Robins, Tifton, and two home games with its original formations.. At the Thanksgiving Parade the mu- sic added to the already high spirit of the crowd. As a kick-off for the band, the annual band camp was held at Rock Eagle. The members practiced marching techniques and formations and had an all-around good time. BAND COUNCIL: Row 1: Bobbie Cobb, Susan Stokes, Ginger Keller, Pres.; Toni Newby, Verna Hamm; Row 2: Donna Fulford, Susan Allen, Connie Boney, Martha Ann Hinson, Patsy Mossbarger, Dec. at ae Sy ': - ; = ee. ; “=r i A Part of the Team The importance of being a good sport; it takes maturity . . . the importance of being a good sportsman; it takes skill and persis- tence . . . the importance of being a good fan; it takes spirit, devotion, and sports- manship. Mckvoy Gym Department — Not just teaching; but working with stu- a dents; not just competent, but interested. The McEvoy Gym Department is now an organized department with a new outlook. Various sports have been introduced to add flavor to the long standing program of vol- leyball, basketball, and softball. The staff of the department is to be cred- ited with the suc and commended for their determination and effort. Miss Lord McEvoy P.E. Faculty: Miss Schell, Miss Ragsdale, Miss Nicholson, Mrs. Hadarits. Not pictured: Miss Anderson, Miss Lord. 7 Hey Fulford, this is a relay, not a L.S.D. trip! Yeah .. . she’s got bad breath, bad breath. The broad jump. . forward. A beautiful return. Three cheers for “GYM DAY” and “PLAY DAY”. These two days always get a round of applause. On Gym Day the class- es compete in relays, skill tests, and softball. It’s a day for closing books and exercising lungs. Then, on Play Day, the volleyball teams of McEvoy, Miller, Lasseter, Strat- ford, Hughs, and Mt. DeSales, compete for the championship. This year Stratford won first place, with McEvoy coming in second. Forward ever .. « ns RN gt SOT le ge tad f - a 7 x = “The bump” adds a new skill to volleyball. The Old Faithfuls of Team Sports Football, volleyball, and basketball are still as popular as ever. Football hasn’t always been con- sidered a girl’s sport, but the lassies have adopted it and pretty well mastered it. Anyway, they don’t have to ask their boyfriends which team has the ball! The volley is what counts. A little encouragement from “teach” ... and it’s over. We must be graceful. Volleyball and basketball are games of skill. In volleyball, “the bump” has been legalized as one of these skills. If guided and controlled, it can be : ‘ Vy, = yw” of great value in time of need (such as on the third ¢ ) My hit). The “Sophomores” are pretty artful players Naas because they won this year’s G.A.A. sponsored in- OK VA : tramurals. N ae oa : RR Basketball is increasing in favor. It too is a game of skill and body control. Last year the lassies won the McEvoy sponsored, basketball play day. We are looking for just as much this year. The Interest Catchers .. . Archery, field hockey, and speedball always call for a raised eyebrow of interest. Lassies are no different. Archery is an individual sport, and this calls for a lot of competition among the girls. This is one of their main practice motives. Field hockey teaches hand-eye co- ordination, At the beginning of this unit, many girls found their weak- nesses, . Diy pe ete” GRIFFIN 7 Speedball almost lost out at McEvoy this year as a result of the new lake below the gym. But Mrs. Hadarits will not be outdone, so into the gym we went!! “On Land or in the Air’”’ The lassies are top-notch participants in tennis, badminton, and trampoline. The badminton intramurals, sponsored by G.A.A., were held during the mid-day supervisions. The champions were Sandra Howard and Pat Collins. Trampoline is one of the most fun activities of the year. The students always get a kick from the teachers’ demonstrations. And then there’s tennis, that sophisticated game of practice and endurance. It has really kept the interest growing. | Me thinks there’s a birdie on me back. Buddha!! I left my feet on. And they said it couldn’t be done! Supercalafragalisticexpialadojous! Lg ca’ ills iP pS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: left to right: B. J. Voellinger, Valerie Funck, Harvard, Connie Boney, Molly Stewart. So5s55 " seat Shee tee ee Seseeee eet Deteee Boney Karen Valerie Co-captain, Karen Burnett; Captain Susie Keys. Varsity Cheerleaders ; They’ve got that smile, that style, that estes winning way; they’ve got that high school spirit, pep and go. And just to look at them is quite a treat. They can’t be beat because they’re McEvoy Lassies. Split: Diane Howell, Gail Cannon; Row 1: Barbara Wyatt, Kay Smith, Fran Henderson; Row 2: Denise McDaniel, Tricia Grace. Captain: Denise McDaniel; Co-captain Tricia Grace 9. “B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS” These are the bright and cheery supporters who are always ready to go. Like their cap- tain, they seem to radiate with spirit and vi- tality. They’re trying hard for the title of “Varsity Cheerleaders”, and with their sincere interest and hard practice theyll make it, because they’re McEvoy Lassies too! TUMBLING CLUB: Front: Sheila Wood, Judy Crissey; On Mat: Linda Stuckey, Diane Howell, Mary Etta.Hambrick, Pat Davis, Barbara Tay- lor, Sheryl Smith, Janice Beasley; Back: Ann Goldstein, Joy Shepard, Joyce Tucker, Teresa Skinner, Sandra McMillan, Cheryl Garner. Tumbling Club An active club in more ways than one, the Tumbling Club has performed for various groups in Macon. Students at Mercer and Lasseter were en- chanted by the agility and va» riety in their routine. COACHES: Tommy Mixon, Jimmy Hammond, Loyd Bohannon, Sherry Lester, Billy Henderson—Head Coach, Jessie Duckworth, Billy Beale, Carter Kyser. Willingham Coaching Staff BEST SCHOLAR: George Slappey BEST DEFENSIVE BACK: Henry Bullard SPORTSMANSHIP: Mike Bloodworth MOST VALUABLE: Wayne Jones BEST DEFENSIVE LINEMAN: Gene Crump BEST OFFENSIVE BACK: Alan McCoury BEST BLOCKER: Mike Dawkins BEST HUSTLER: Bobby Hayslip MOST IMPROVED: John Alligood a ¥ Eg ep me she 8 Koa St kb Rs. 3 Si ae ae ae 2 “OR 4383s gy's gi mde ge ks rg or 1B ‘ 7 . ee . sing i} VARSITY AND “B” TEAMS: Row 1: Coach Henderson, M. Mason, D. Russell, R. Mixon, F. Reid, L. Jones, D. Driggers, B. Porter, P. Huling, M. Davis, R. Wilkerson, B. Collins, W. Hart, J. Higdon; Row 2: D. Kennedy, R. Garrett, M. Mask, M. Collingsworth, G. Bryant, G. Thomas, M. Morgan, B. Hinson, A. Redman, G. Curtis, M. Gibson, W. Hutchinson, M. Ogletree, R. Boutwell; Row 3: Coach Duckworth, Coach Beale, E. Jarrald, R. Taylor, G. Grinste ad, K. Hargrove, B. Beale, A. Spires, L. Peterson, B. Moore, B. Hayslip, M. Pettis, G. Slappey, D. Goss, H. Bullard, Coach Hammond; Row 4: Coach 4 L. Friedlander, D. Cheshire, A. Horne, M. Dawkins, M. Smith, be Jones, W. Daniels, B. Crowe, C. Strickland, R. Deriso, Coach Mixon; Row 5: D. Dorsey, J. Alligood, C. Thompson, W. Spence, . Price, D. Doss, A . McCoury, M. Bloodworth. HIGH | e hares: DEFENSIVE STAFF: Jimmy Hammond, Tommy Mixon, Loyd Bohannon. Offensive and Defensive Staffs The Rams’ version of offensive and defensive action is the blinding speed of its attacking spearhead or a brilliant blocking movement in defense. These creations were molded by the masters of the art, whom we salute for their persistent effort. OFFENSIVE STAFF: Billy Beale, Jessie Duckworth. WILLINGHAM FOOTBALL MANAGERS: Danny Dorsey, Johnny Higdon, Louis Friedlander. Ram Boosters Row 1: B. J. Voellinger, Karen Burnett; Row 2: Molly Stewart, Valerie Funck, Susie Keys; Row 3: Jaye Harvard, Pete Aultman, Connie Boney, Crystal Fountain. Aare ino t ; TACKLE— TACKLE- HE SPECIALIST— J. Alligood ae Beale M. Bloodworth H. Bullard D, Cheshire q. 6 54, £ Rez s H TACKLE— M. Dawkins R. Deriso ‘ 8s D. Grinstead a Hargrove B. Moore L. Peterson MM. i : 7S M. Smith Rams—12 —sR.. E. Lee—13 The Willingham Rams began their football season with an ex- citing and some-what controversial game against Robert E. Lee. The end of the game found the score, Willingham—12, Lee—13, but the Rams had fought the Rebels bravely to the end. Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham, Columbus Willingham vs Valdosta Willingham Willingham Jones leaves Rebel behind. . a " Be wv A Nf fe TACKLE—B. Crowe, LB—G. Crump, LB—G. Curtis, TACKLE—W. Daniell CENTER—B. Hayslip, HB—A. Horne, QB—W. Jones, HB—A. McCoury sd ‘OR ' , 604-50 TACKLE—W. Spence, END—A. Spires, G—C. Strickland, CENTER—R. Taylor Spence and Doss crush Bulldog. Jones stopped by Bulldog after valiant effort. Bulldogs—13 The Mark Smith Bulldogs met the Rams with the idea that they would add a win to their list after the game. But apparently their bark was worse than their bite. The Rams rolled over the Bulldogs and sent them back to their Dog Rams—25 House. Rams push across goal line. | Made scramble at Tift County. Rams Win 2, Lose 1 The Baker Lions tagged Willingham with a loss of 6-0, but the Rams bounced back and again proved superior oi over LaGrange, with a score of 13-6. The Tift Co. game Peterson breaks free up the middle. was a close battle for the Rams, but we came out on top 14-13. Caldwell brings " Granger down with shoestring tackle. Rams7 Albany 27 The Rams charged on to the field against the Albany Indians again this year. But the Indians were hot on the warpath and the Rams fell prey to them. Rams7 Columbus 21 The Columbus Blue Devils jour- neyed into Ram Country to meet the Willingham team. But again the Devil’s curse sent them home with a victory. Horne finds room on the outside. Bullard and Crump bring Indian down. Jones out distances Columbus pursuers. Rams 7 ’Dosta7 The Valdosta Wild Cats came fighting mad to meet the Willingham Rams head-on. It was a game that began’ with the hopes that the Rams would again defeat the Cats, and prove the Rams best. Both teams played an exciting game with a last-ditch surge that gave the Rams a tie. iw Jones and Curtis bring Demon down. = Del ¢ Horne loses shirt in good run. Rams—2] Warner Robins—6 The Rams travelled to Warner Robins to play a team that was as sure of its victory as we were of ours. Willingham’s victory over Robins was sparked by Wayne Jones returning the kick-off for a touchdown and the Rams stayed on top to the end. Le ee eb Rn ORAS, Re tt fg " et ts Lea) =i ee eee Po as pip Poe len te Tega ed x Be mee a ARN. ba ne 3 Sak Host of Rams bring down Calvin Cummings. Rams—3 Potts—6 The game of the year came again with the same air of excitement and expectancy it has al- ways generated. The team and students came in force to meet the Po- ets with all the determi- nation a school could have, but through luck the Poets slipped ahead and at the game’s end, we had not only lost Sam but a heartbreaker of a ball game. A Lanier runner is crushed by the Rams. Willingham Varsity Cagers vy HM blitatit Al mt VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Row 1: D. Davis, D. Fussell; Row 2: B. Beale, W. Jones, D. Wilson, M. Mimbs; Row 3: J. Jordan, W. Garrard, M. Smith, R. Thomas, M. Wheeler. The opening game of the Tom Porter basketball tournament featured the Willingham Rams vs Mt. DeSales Cavaliers. While the anxious spectators cheered, the Rams took a decided lead and held this until the final moments of the game. The Cavaliers’ offense broke loose and narrowed the Willingham lead. During the last exciting seconds, the outcome was doubtful, but the Rams proved true by winning, 68-65. Willingham was then slated to play the Northside Eagles in the semi-finals of the tournament. Jumping off to a quick lead of 3-0, the prospects for the Rams looked promising. But the Rams had a hard time making the baskets and were outscored by Northside 74-50. Wayne Garrard fights for ball. BASKETBALL SCHEDU Willingham vs Dougherty .....8: Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Willingham Albany Moultrie 's Warner Robins .6:! s Mt. DeSales .... ; Northside rs Moultrie Valdosta ; Lanier : Perry ; Warner Robins . Dougherty ; Valdosta Mark Smith .... ‘s Tift County .... La Grange Lanier Albany is Mark Smith .... 's Tift County ... Billy Beale attempts pass. The Rams’ Basketball team suffered a generally disappointing season, but the fast moving and ex- citing victories helped ease the past defeats. The students gave great support to the team and cheered them on in defeats and victories. Several of the games went into overtime periods, adding excitement and spirit to the Season. Mark Smith and Mike Mims scored in the double figures in most games to boost the Ram’s final score. eee WN Beale attempts to block lay up. Mims and Goolsby bring the ball down. 7 Beale shoots from outside. [ — del | 3 4 NAH wa % wa ses xi Beale shoots again. The Rams met and defeated the Mark Smith Bull- dogs by a score of 71 to 69, in their first encounter this year. The give-and-take game kept the students cheer- ing and out of their seats for most of the game. Mims goes for ball against Tift player. Willingham Baseball Team YT oF pees Date eh a = BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1: B. Jones, R. Smith, A. Redmond, J. Clanton, D. Fussell, M. Stephens, A. Horne, D. Fitzpatrick; Row 2; Coach Mixon, L. Moore, M. Dawkins, B. Barnes, J. Alligood, N. Rowell, A. Durden. This year’s baseball team boast- ed several regulars back from last year. Coach Tommy Mixon seemed to have the pleasant task of choos- ing which outstanding hard-baller would play each position because of the versatility of the squad. C. Fitzpatrick, mgr.; Coach Mixon, B. Jones, mgr. Larry Moore, Mike Dawkins, Ander Horne, Jimmy Clanton, Butch Barnes. Norman Rowell, Alan Redmond, Butch Barnes. Mark Stevens, John Alligood, Andy Durden, Randy Smith, Alan Redmond, Donnie Fussell. Willingham Cross Country Team A good beginning makes for a good ending. Will Evans gives his best. J@ 4H HHH A TRACK TEAM: Ronald Colbert, Gregory Kendrick, Louis Friedlander, Will Evans, Andy Spires; Row 2: Mgr. Danny Darsey, Ricky TI Richard Taylor, Buddy Moore, Dale Crawford, Kenny Burnette, Coach Dakewecth, a ee ee ee It’s easier said than done. Endurance makes the man in cross-country running. = an « + ‘sy zn a " 5) eo.» — Ne G a VARSITY WRESTLERS: Row 1: Reid Goodman, Leonard Hart, Gary Williams, Larry West, Louis Friedlander, Reggie Reese; Row 2: Coach Bohannon, John Alligood, Mike Pettis, Kenny Hargrove, Andy Spires, Kenny Burnett, Ricky Deriso. | “4 - — —e Willingham returned this year with a new group of rookies after taking second place in the state last year. Among the proven veterans returning is Larry West who took first place in the 95 Ib. class at the state championship. “B”’ Team Wrestlers “B” TEAM WRESTLERS: Row 1: T. Thrasher, W. Jones, S. Hamlin, C. Walker, D. Evans; Row 2: T. Yarbaraugh, T. Wood, M. Mask, G. Lee, B. Collins, L. Jones; Row 3: B. Fountain, J. Ward, G. Bryant, M. Collingsworth, S. Deriso, S. Smith, T. Hicks, Coach Bohannon. Will ingham Racketeers Coach Hooks TENNIS TEAM: M. Odum, R. Deriso, R. Edwards, P. Bellury, K. Smith, D. Mason, D. Bollinger, B. Browning. Billy Browning Phil Bellury Doyle Mason Doyle Mason and Billy Browning These determined racket-bearers whipped up a record al- most unbelievable for the short existence of the team. Each player’s skill contributed to the unrelenting effort and great success of the matches. We salute you, Ram Tennis Team!!! Mike Odum zen f B Pd | Willingham Gymnastics Team Goa) “i “i ae d GYMNASTICS TEAM: Row 1: B. Griffin, P. Osborne, B. Peed, B. Draughorn, S. Hamlin; Row 2: D. Howard, T. Hicks, R. Taylor, R. Colbert; Row 3: Coach Henderson, L. Blackwell, E. McElhenny, Will Evans, E. Osborne. Colbert on the bars. MUSCLES!!! of ease. He flies through the air with the greatest Brian Hudson received the State Champion Physical Fitness Trophy from Marine Lt. Col. H. A. Bivins, officer in charge of the Marine Corps Recruiting Station, Macon. Hudson beat all contenders by achieving the highest score in Georgia in the 1967 Youth Physical Fitness Meet. se edie ages A Part of Achievements Excellence—the ability to surpass others . a willingness to work . . . ambition to reach goals . . . a ton of leadership and in- fluence . . . attainment of high ideals .. . compassion and respect for the fellowman general concern and a giant helping hand. Star Students STAR STUDENT: BETH KENT High academic ability is only one of the many attributes that make Beth Kent a star student, but scoring high on the SAT is reason enough to receive this title. Beth’s talents cover a wide range, from math, to art, to laying out the Ramscott which takes a little of both. McEvoy is truly proud to honor Beth with the title of Star Student. STAR TEACHER: MRS. JACKIE RICHARDSON Mrs. Richardson imparts herself fully to the people at McEvoy, radiating with a spirit that never grows dull. Because her main interest is students and the door to her heart is always open, Beth has chosen her as ’68’s Star Teach- = = a = = STAR STUDENT: MICHAEL GOLD Because of his scholastic ability, Mike Gold was selected as the 1968 STAR STUDENT at Willingham. Although new to life at Willingham, Mike quickly became known by his fellow students. He has earned the reputation of being a hard worker and a student of unlimited interests. STAR TEACHER: MISS SUZANNE SPENCE Because of her vital interest in her students and her subject; her progressive teaching’ methods; and her friendly attitude toward everyone, Miss Suzanne Spence was selected as Will- ingham’s STAR TEACHER. Best Citizens Susan Krewson was selected McEvoy’s best citizen for her friendly personality, and her endeavors to improve the school and community through Stu- dent Council. : fe lime | by f— ot Ne pd. ® = = Ee Because of his responsibility, hard work, and amicable nature, Randy Smith was elected Wil- lingham’s Best Citizen in 1968. A ah MCEVOY G.H.P. NOMINEES: Row 1: Niki Whitley, Miranda Whitsel, Susan Stokes; Row 2; Donna Bagley, Pat Childers, Jacque Mize, Pam Sirmans. Beth Kent attended ’67 G.H.P. Toni Newby—Homecoming Queen. Students Honored The Governor’s Honors Program is held each summer for gifted students from Georgia high schools. Beth Kent represented McEvoy at the 1967 program. Bibb County nominees for 1967 from McEvoy and Willingham eagerly awaited the final selection. Marjorie Alexander won the annual Voice of Democracy contest at McEvoy this year. Her topic was “Freedom’s Challenge.” Toni Newby reigned in 1967-68 as Homecoming Queen. — ay Le Vie fps “ Zz 2 4 : a y - rf if WILLINGHAM GHP NOMINEES: Row I: Billy Beale, Phil Bell, Mike Pyles, Clay Thames, Terry Sark, Tommy McAdam, Charles Evans; Row 2: Jerry Jones, Allen Smith, Bud Hartness, Greg Gay, Jeff Troutman, Barry Gillis, Ricky Thomas, Mike Ogletree. VF t. Pes Not only did students receive honors, but teachers, too. One in particular was Mrs. Jackie Richardson, an in- structor at McEvoy. Throughout her life, “Mrs. R” has taken a leading role in school, community, and church oe a i. PEA hel el. activities. The highlight of the year was Mrs. Richardson’s re- ceipt of the Outstanding Young Educator Award for Bibb County and 1st Runner-up in the state competition. Delegates to Boys’ State in College Park were Jimmy Culpepper and Ricky Walker. For one week the boys studied different types of governments and their opera- tions. Emphasis was placed on everyday patriotism and individual participation in government. Mrs. Richardson Outstanding Young Educator . : = 2 ‘ e : ; i. 7 ’ : Nee Ricky Walker and Jimmy Culpepper attended Boys’ State. Superlatives of 1968 Because of their energetic leadership, scholastic achievements, integrity, and enthusiasm in all areas of school life, we have chosen these students as the Greats of 1968 ... Patti Young Hugh Coleman Patti’s vivacious personality is radiated to all through her — Easy-going fellow, but a spirited supporter of school activities. dimpled smile and sparkling blue eyes. Sandra Howard Fun-loving and athletic, but above all Sandra strives to maintain a high moral standard. Mike Bloodworth Good-natured athlete who is happy to support the school in many areas. Roseanna Nowell Quiet and shy, but she is always willing to help a fellow student. Fai’ bid. ikea'k Randy Smith Responsible and energetic worker who is friendly with everyone. Susan Krewson Gary Lord Responsibility, leadership, and versatility make Susan a Shy but always willing to work without praise. friend who is cherished by students and teachers. Arlene Tomberlin David Young Good-natured, hard-working student that has the knack of getting along with everyone.. An enthusiastic guy known for his sharp dress and likable personality. Beth Kent Creative, intelligent, and organized, yet she still represents the perfect picture of modesty. Wayne Spence Ambitious with the drive and determination to get the job done. BRENDA BRYANT A charming student that holds herself high with benevolence toward all. WAYNE JONES Through leadership on the athletic Field and at school, he has gained the respect of many. » a4 ‘7 3 ‘ . . u ° : hal : io ; i oe Tee — G 7 ¢ A Wi ol A { hi A S ¢ Ve) 2 7 JACQUE CARR A refreshingly amicable and sincere friend, as well as a conscientious student. WAYNE ALDERMAN A quiet, conscientious student that has gained the respect of students and teachers. " - we. i ; | ie emeies— - - : Mo " not rey . once aol aa eo Othman ee » -¥ hs — y " o ps naan axe o:0 “ae rox pd = 4 Bat! Aroxe SOxE Se Pater a : % oe % ‘ A? “ws Se ae es ual pg! fd itil i iwi Wi A ‘uj ¥ af 4 - [| eg) af 1a om .c- ee ‘Da a wn ' a a SS JT A Part of the Business World The underlying principle in America—compe- tition . . . the availability of goods and serv- ices as exemplified by merchants dedicated’ to aiding others . . . Macon moving forward with a changing skyline and sprawling bound- aries. WILLINGHAM Gpor ting Goods It Pays to Play Middle Georgia's Newest, Finest Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment Dealer 461 THIRD STREET « NEXT TO BIBB THEATRE e« MACON, GEORGIA 31201 Phone: 742-9320 COLUMBUS ROAD ENCO SERVICENTER 4280 Columbus Road Macon, Georgia DAN HAMILTON—Owner Compliments of DOWNTOWN AMERICAN MOTORS Your Friendly Rambler Dealer 738 Broadway SH 5-5453 Compliments of TUCKER’S BARBECUE DRIVE-IN " You Likem—Because We Makem to Like. " 4591 Broadway Phone: 788-9940 " Flowers that Whisper . . . What Words Can't Say. " SOUTHSIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 2977 Houston Avenue 745-5742 3 Doors From Fabrics, Inc. MRS. E. C. CASTELLAW—Owner Compliments of JENNIFER'S FABRIC SHOP 3110 Vineville Avenue SH 5-3835 Macon, Ga. CAROLE and BOBBY HOLLIS MACKEY FURNITURE COMPANY 1774 Broadway Phone: 745-9048 Telephone: 742-7571 LOANS SOUTHERN DISCOUNT COMPANY EDDIE CANNON 329 Cotton Ave. Manager Macon, Georgia E-Z FOOD SHOP 4121 Pio Nono (Manager EDDIE JONES) Phone 788-9961 a aS SBBSBSBRERE BERBER BREBEURBaAaBRBBBEaBa BS WHITE LAVENDER PEST CONTROL, INC. MONTHLY TERMS - COMPANY FINANCED NO RED TAPE NO RED T. SERVICE TERMITE CONTROL REPAIRS ALL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH 2-WAY RADIOS FOR FAST SERVICE LICENSED BY STATE PEST CONTROL COMMISSION DIAL SH 6-5134 NIGHTS—HOLIDAYS DIAL 745-2067 or SH 3-1700 or 788-3156 3984 Napier Ave. a x « a a a a a a a ® a a a x a Ee a ® a a ] a . | Compliments of RIVERSIDE BARBER SHOP 2782 Riverside Dr. Macon, Ga. Compliments of HYCEE BOTTLING CO. DON CALDWELL’S OPTICIANS Consult Your Eye Physician, M.D. 752 First Street Phone 743-Twenty-Twenty CONTACT LENSES HEARING AIDS ARTIFICIAL EYES FICKLING AND WALKER INC. Realtors—Insurers Mortgage Loans 240 Second Street Phone SH 6-9421 Macon, Georgia Compliments of MEREDITH TRAILER COURT 4541 Houston Avenue HUTCHINGS FORD TRACTOR CO. 4395 Pio Nono Avenue Macon COMPLIMENTS OF JOSTEN’S CLASS RINGS, INVITATIONS, DIPLOMAS CLUB PINS, CAPS AND GOWNS OFFICIAL JEWELERS For WILLINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Representative DALLAS TARKENTON 545 Forest Road Athens, Georgia 548-7642 Congratulations MERICAN OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 552 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia Phone 746-7373 " YOUR COMPANY IS JUDGED BY THE OFFICE IT KEEPS! " We want a business future, So we're getting business knowledge ARMSTRONG - SMITH PAINT ee it = ecmese til 2390 Ingleside Ave. 743-1434 CRANDALL BUSINESS COLLEGE When you graduate from Crandall, You're assured of a position... Free placement service is a Crandall tradition. BIBB STEEL SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED FABRICATED STRUCTURAL STEEL 555 Mulberry Street Lanier Plaza Building 745-6593 MACON PIANO EXCHANGE 2699 Houston Avenue Dealers for New and Used Pianos MASON SOHMER HAMLIN CONN ORGAN WURLITZER WURLITZER ORGAN JANSSEN " “DAGWOOD " DELOACH BARBER SHOP BETTY HEATH'S GIFT GALLERY 3716 Houston Ave. Distinctive Gifts Flowers VACUUM CLIPPERS Specializing in nosegays and corsages We need your head in our business Compliments of C. W. FARMER COMPANY 521 5th Street SH 2-7521 Fine Men's Wear 414 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia trtistie Flowers Compliments of 120 New St. Macon, Ga. 746-0215 oF DIXIE CREME MRS. JENETTE AIKEN FRED AIKEN, JR. QUALITY MILK SINCE 1913 SHerwood 5-3304 CHEROKEE FARMS, R.F.D. NO. 2 Congratulations wines MELTON’S GARAGE THE FIRST NATIONAL All Work Guaranteed 4461 Houston Ave. BANK TRUST Dial 788-4393 COMPANY 1. H. MELTON IN MACON BILLY’S BARBER MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSITORS INSURANCE CORPORATION Downtown Office Cherry at Second St. SHOP Southside Office Houston at Highway Rd. Wesleyan Office Behind New Post Office Cherokee Office Napier at Pio Wono : : Bacons Field Office 955 Gray Hwy. Good Haircuts 2 " Be Well-Groomed 3683 Houston Ave. PIO NONO OFFICE 3625 Pio Nono Avenue Ww ww YOU LIVE WITH BIBB It would be hard to find a home in America to which Bibb Textile Products have not contributed beauty, comfort and utility in some measure. Bibb Yarn and Fabrics are woven into luxurious carpets, fashionable draperies, beautiful upholstery materials and many other household textiles. You'll find Bibb also in the office... in industry... and in the wardrobes of America. Eighteen great Bibb Plants add to the wealth and prosperity of Georgia and the South. You live better with Bibb! BIBB MANUFACTURING CO. MACON, GA. A Georgia Citizen Since 1876 Compliments of the SENIOR CLASS OF ‘68 Hail to the class that's really great Hail to the class of 68. PARKLAND STANDARD SERVICE Log Cabin at Napier Phone 746-9275 BLOOMFIELD FLORISTS 5560 Bethesda Ave. Phone 788-5350 “Happiness is Flowers from Bloomfield Florists " Owner: FAYE HOPKINS Welcome to PIG 'N WHISTLE Good Food—Good Service MEET YOUR FRIENDS Compliments of GILBERG'S INC. THE HOUSE OF 1000 FABRICS HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY Men's Clothing and Furnishings SH 2-7847 563 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia B. FRANK MULLIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 788-2725 W. VAUGHN BLAIR, owner BLAIR AWNING SIDING CO. Awnings Sidings of All Types Carports e¢ Patio Covers Wrought Iron 3980 Houston Ave. Macon, Ga. Office Ph. 788-5522 If No Answer Call Home: 788-8088 COMPLETE REPAIRING FOR TRUCKERS TRUCKING EQUIPMENT | Distributors: Dump Bodies @ Truck Bodies @ Fertilizer Spreaders @ Trailers @ Air Brakes @ Safety Tanks @ Winches @ Lift Gates MIDDLE GEORGIA LUMBER CO. Sea Food Complete Builders Supply Chicken—Steaks rip: LA VISTA RESTAURANT 4175 Broadway Phone 788-4891 3040 Vineville Ave. ROOFING SIDING Compliments of M. C. PITTMAN ROOFING BUD K'S MOBILE PAINT CO. HOMES INC. ‘Serving Middle Georgia Since 1926 " P.O. BOX 932 654 PLUM STREET SH 3-1336 CHI-CHES-TERS PHARMACIES RAFFIELD’S All Full Service |.D.L. Drugstores REGISTERED PHARMACISTS O.K. TIRE CO. always on duty J. W. RAFFIELD, Owner Pio Nono Plaza 788-4532 " Finest in Tires and Services’ Compliments of MACON FEED AND SEED CO., INC. 3115 Broadway SH 5-0407 Compliments of WELDING SUPPLY SERVICE CO., INC. Macon, Georgia “Buick-Cadillac-Opel Kadett’’ HUCKABEE chile Co- 696 Third at Pine St. Macon, Georgia A. S. HATCHER COMPANY MARINE DIVISION 743-1565 444 Plum Street CHRIS CRAFT BOATS JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS Compliments of MACON MEMORIAL PARK DORSEY'S RIVERSIDE DRUGS PH. 746-5151 2778 Riverside Drive, Macon, Georgia BRYANT-MARCHMAN Hair Customs for Men and Boys 3716 HOUSTON AVENUE 788-0500 Recapping New Tires Used Tires CALLAWAY TIRE CO. and RECAP SERVICE 1396 Rocky Creek Rd. 789 Gray Hy Phone 738-3688 Phone 746-2813 MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of BENEDETTO LAUNDRY Best Wishes to the Class of '68 JEAN HALL, FLORIST 768 Cherry Street BROADWAY HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. INC. 3458 Willamson Road 788-9691 Macon, Georgia ROWLAND PRINTING COMPANY 3985 Houston Avenue FOR YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL 745-5576 ON THE MOVE WITH MACON Compliments of CHIROPRACTIC ARTS CLINIC DR. FORREST O. REISE 3182 Houston Ave. 742-0203 BATTLE BEVIL SPORTING GOODS —. me 4k 7H f, aj i ssh ie 4 3256 PIO NONO AVENUE 788-2440 Compliments of R. S. THORPE SONS 533-535 Cherry Street—Telephone SH 2-6246 Macon, Georgia Better Clothes For Men and Boys Compliments of ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Post Office Box 4288 Macon, Georgia H. REGINALD BROXTON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MR. M CAFETERIA 1027 Triple Hill Drive Phone 788-7612 Located in Beautiful Westgate SERVING FINE FOOD Macon, Georgia 31206 Cafeteria Open 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM PAT’S FOOD STORE OPEN MON.-SAT. 8 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. Snack Bar Open 9 AM-9 PM CLOSED WEDNESDAY AT 1:00 P.M. Serving Breakfast, Short Orders Complete line of Groceries Cold Cuts—Frozen Foods Choice Quality Meats Cosmetics—School Magazines Westgate Shopping Center 745-4608 1191 Oglethorpe St. 743-3632 Hail to the class that's on the go, Compliments of WOOLWORTH’S WESTGATE Hail to the Class of 7-0! Dial 746-1601 IF NO ANS. 788-8094 Outdoor Advertising—Metal Letters Plastic Signs . . . Molded Or Cut-Out Sales ° Service ° Sign Erection ¢ Truck Lettering 80 Ft. Heavy Duty All Powered Crane ROSSON NEON SIGN CO. 1754 Houston Ave. HOGG’S HOUSTON AVE. LAMAR PONTIAC COMPANY DRUG STORE Sales and Service 4096 Houston Avenue 1095 Riverside Drive Macon Georgia 788-6652 GTO—PONTIAC—TEMPEST—FIREBIRD ROCKY CREEK BEAUTY SALON " Hair Styling Design " 788-398 | 1392 Rocky Creek Compliments of FINCHER'S BARBECUE Houston Avenue Compliments of GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY Macon, Georgia Phone 788-3306 4129 Pio Nono Ave. GRINSTEAD FENNELL GARAGE FRONT END ALIGNMENT AND FRAME STRAIGHTENING COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS Owners KEITH E. GRINSTEAD JAMES A. FENNELL Compliments of GA. RADIATOR SERVICE EMPLOYEES LOAN AND THRIFT CORP. Loans— Auto—Furniture—Real Estate 545 Third Street 742-4591 WHITE ELECTRICAL COMPANY INCORPORATED Macon, Georgia 31208 P.O. BOX 4661 Ba ECA PHONE 746-5626 TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPE Petites—Juniors—Misses Pio Nono Plaza 788-3594 HAROLD REGISTER'S SERVICE STATION 3124 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia H and H JEWELERS Specialist in Jewelry Repairs and Watch Repairs 418 SECOND STREET Ph SH 5-5029 Compliments of TRIPLE HILL BODY SHOP 1035 Triple Hill For the Finest Photography: HINTERMEIER’S - UTLEY STUDIO 408 Second Street SH 2-285] Macon, Georgia Good Luck, Seniors!! We have enjoyed so much being a part of your senior year and wish each and everyone of you the very best that life can offer in the years to come. lt has been our pleasure and happiness to know you—serve you —and we sincerely hope our friendship will continue over the years. GOOD WILL NURSING HOME MRS. C. R. LOCKHART, Owner A Home Away from Home Good Home-Cooked Meals Religious Service Sundays Prayer Meeting Weekly “And the King shall answer and say unto them Verily | say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. " Matthew 25:40 4373 HOUSTON AVENUE 788-4010 BEARINGS AND DRIVES, INC. 607 Lower Poplar Street Macon, Georgia BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF ‘68 PHONE 743-671 | MARSHALL LUMBER COMPANY, INC. ALL KINDS LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 2995 Hillcrest Ave. Phone 743-4401 Compliments of GILBERTS: FURNITURE CO. 552 Poplar Street ee 7 ES) —. (%¥ % Colonial , € es Compliments of CARL HAYS JEWELER Member of National Bridal Service 406 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia VINSON'S BEAUTY SHOP 1273 Newberg 746-2541 Compliments of Heritage Motel 2690 Riverside Drive e Macon, Georgia AIR-CONDITIONED RESTAURANT T.YV. POOL W. SPENGLER, Owner SHerwood 5-0417 PYCanide MEMORIAL CHAPEL FUNERAL SERVICES EVERETT SAMMONS WILLIAM SNOW, JR. 746 Cherry Street Macon Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN 5 10 Pio Nono Plaza Shopping Center COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES McDONALDS Look for the Golden Arches. 1450 Rocky Creek Road Macon, Georgia RESTAURANT FIXTURE SUPPLIES CO., INC. 523 Poplar Street Phone 745-6121 Macon, Georgia 31201 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings ° Fraternity Jewelry ° Invitations °¢ NATHAN MORGAN P.O. Box 612 Telephone 452-2129 Milledgeville, Georgia Compliments of DIXIE TRUCK PARTS COMPANY 5201 Houston Road Macon, Georgia Club Insignia ° Medals ° Diplomas ° Honor Awar ds College Commencement Trophies ° Personal Cards THAD WILKINS 3390 Peachtree Road Telephone CE 3-2208 Atlanta 5, Georgia Compliments of PIO NONO HARDWARE AND NURSERY Hail to the class that's mighty fine— Hail to the class of ‘69. For Those Who Have A Sweet Tooth See RIVERS CANDY COMPANY EMERICK'S CABINETS 444 Raines Ave. 745-8242 Admiral and Zenith Televisions RCA Color TV yt e j p —FURNITURE— WOOD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO. 3709 Houston Avenue JERRY WOOD Home Phone: 788-1171 SALES AND SERVICE Phone 746-8116 ARTCRAFT FLORIST 3711 HOUSTON AVENUE Day Night Phone: 788-0811 788-7419 228 ELEANOR and JACK CASTELLAW—Owners HADDEN’S RESTAURANT Catering to Parties and Banquets 4451 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia Phone: 788-4961 BAKER’S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Straightening Auto Painting 4123 Pio Nono Avenue Telephone 788-1894 WILSON TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE CO. 130 College St. 746-2777 Macon, Georgia Royal Typewriters: Elects., Stds., Ports. Victor Machines: Adding Machines, Printing Calculators, Cash Registers Bohn Rex-Rotary: Electro Stencil Cutters, Electro-printers, Spirit duplicators Royfax: Electrostatic Dry Copiers Compliments of WESTGATE CLEANERS SAME DAY LAUNDRY SERVICE Wes gate LI CLEANERS A Complete Printing Service Progressive Printers INCORPORATED 1025 Triple Hill Drive Phone 788-2860 Macon, Georgia Color Creative Printing " If it's glass—We can do it " ACME GLASS DISTRIBUTORS Compliments of 1680 Broadway Macon, Georgia SNEAD’S SHEET METAL SHOP COKE'S Cameras—Photographic Supplies—Processing 753 Cherry Street MACON GEORGIA Compliments of MODERN GROCERY CO. 985 Broadway TH E 745-338] MARINE CORPS Builds Men . . . Body Bild Music Center Mind . . . Spirit Band Instruments . Guitars Amplifiers - Musical Accessories 317 Cotton Avenue Phone 746-3232 Macon, Georgia BLOOMFIELD STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION tT ATLAS TIRES - SERVICE Road Service Front End Alignment Complete Tune-Up All Types of Welding State Safety Inspection 198 ¢ 2497 Rocky Creek Rd. 788-9934 NEWBERRY'S WESTGATE Visit our yard goods depart- ment carrying a complete line of piece goods and sew- ing notions. McCall's and Simplicity Patterns. You Can Get All Your Sewing Needs at NEWBERRY'S WESTGATE Compliments of SMEHS TIRE CO. 3025 Broadway Macon, Georgia HANDY ANDY STORES OF GEORGIA SPARKS RAMBLER, INC. 738 Broadway HARTS MORTUARY Established 1899 Middle Georgia's Oldest Funeral Home with Middle Georgia's Largest and Most Experienced Staff J. FREEMAN HART, JR. President Compliments of » Fabrics, Ane : a world of wondedal fobrics YATES HARDWARE CO. 2639 Montpelier Avenue HARDWARE, FARM, HOME AND GARDEN TOOLS AND SUPPLIES BLOOMFIELD BARBER SHOP 5265 New Columbus Road GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Broadway Popular Macon 743-1525 OLGA FASHIONS oe Ladies and Young Ladies Famous Models 2979 HOUSTON AVE. OLGA FUNK Owner RONNIE THOMPSON JEWELERS 378 Second St. Macon, Ga. 745-9565 Compliments of STATE FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY GARLAND PUGH FORD Macon's Authorized Ford Dealer 225 Second Street SH 2-5771 HAMM AUTO GLASS TRIM SHOP 518 Arch Street 742-5530 VERNON L. HAMM Owner and Operator POWELL'S PHARMACY 3717 Houston Avenue Complete RX and Sundry Needs PHONE SH 6-2756 Home of Friendly Christian Personal Service CREST LAWN FUNERAL HOME T. L. IVEY L. EIBERT HICKMAN President General Manager 3275 Pio Nono Ave. 788-1234 Compliments of BLOOMFIELD FOOD MARKET 5265 Log Cabin Drive 788-9806 Congratulations Class of... 4415 Broadway Macon, Georgia best wishes for a wonderful future, it can be yours at Southern Bell PITTSBURGH PAINT CENTER 192 New Street WESTGATE BARBER SHOP L. L. RICKS, Owner We Will Appreciate Your Head In Our Business. Business: 746-5454 We Specialize in Residence: 788-7864 Compliments of FAILE’S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Avenue Phone 788-8171 SAM S. CHANDLER INSURANCE AGENCY Chandler Building 154 Broadway Phone 742-3641 Macon, Georgia HARDWARE - PAINTS - ROOFING - FENCE WIRE FERTILIZERS INSECTICIDES - HUNTING FISHING EQUIPMENT - LICENSES MALONE’S HARDWARE, INC. Dial SH 3-5727 2765 Houston Ave. at Hightower " Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. " Proverbs 22:6 RHODES FURNITURE CO. Downtown Macon Small Children's Haircuts. JACKSON BROTHERS’ GARAGE Wheel Alignment Tune-ups a Specialty Automatic Transmissions Rebuilt Automotive Machine Shop 788-7278 4060 Houston Avenue FURNITURE CENTER 455 First St. Macon, Ga. PHONE: SH 6-2461—SH 6-2462 Save Up to 40% @ All Types of Accessories Free Home Counciling ®@ Macon's Oldest and Original Rugs and Drapes Furniture Discount House 3 Floors of Beautiful © 90 Days—No Carrying Charges Furniture Complete Home Decorating R. C. WALLACE—Pres. C S CHARGE OR USE OUR OWN REVOLVING CHARGE PLAN GO-GO AUTO MART 4499 Broadway Macon, Georgia FRANK D. TOLBERT We will save you money! MARION L. SECKINGER, AGENT STATE FARM INSURANCE STATE FARM AUTO—LIFE—FIRE Phone 743-7406 174 New St., Macon, Ga. INSURANCE Compliments of CHAMBERS LUMBER COMPANY 4775 Pio Nono Avenue Phone 788-3825 Compliments of UNITED FENCE COMPANY OF MACON, INC. J. D. MORRIS, Owner Compliments of AMANDA'S Napier Square Compliments of RALSTON PURINA COMPANY GEORGE'S RED and WHITE 6004 Hawkinsville Road Compliments of STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY GEORGE K. PARKER, Agent TRIANGLE FLORIST 2705 Houston Avenue 743-4515 MILTON and FRANCES ADAMS City Wide Delivery South Macon's Original Florist 4690 Broadway 788-4883 From a FRIEND We buy Junque, Trash, and - ‘ Treasures. Sell Antiques, Visit Us At Our Location Collector's Items and Used Furniture. BOB EAST FLOORING M. P. BOOKER FURNITURE ANTIQUES 3256 Houston Avenue 742-9945 COMPANY 1782 Broadway | Block South of Intersection of Broadway and Houston DEALER FOR RUBEROID LURAN SC HAFFER ELECTRIC LIFE GUARANTEE MATERIAL Free Estimates Phone 743-2372 LIGHTING FIXTURE COMPANY Lighting Fixtures and Electrical Wiring Large or Small Jobs—Residential or Commercial VISIT OUR NEW LIGHTING FIXTURE SHOWROOM 3374 Columbus Road Macon, Ga. Favorite Station of New Generation South Macon's only Paint Store Featuring Paints for the Home and Farm @ Coatings for Blacktop Driveways THE PAINT PAIL @ Waterproofing of All Types @ Patio and Concrete Coatings 4770 PIO NONO AVENUE PHONE 788-3070 Hours—7:30 A.M. til 6 P.M. daily VV, COLEMAN-MEADOWS- PATE DRUG COMPANY Wholesale Druggists Serving Georgia Pharmacists . 3989 Houston Avenue Macon, Georgia Since 1919 2 . 3 NEW WAY CLEANERS One Hour Service—No Extra Cost Pick-Up and Delivery S H GREEN STAMPS 788-2142 Compliments of HARVILLE ELECTRIC COMPANY Good Luck, Seniors TINY TOWNE CHILDREN'S SHOP Infants—Children's—Pre-Teens Pio Nono Plaza Shopping Center Ph. 788-3923 Macon, Georgia ACKSON OLDSMOBILE il WHERE SERVICE COUNTS RIVERSIDE DRIVE AT WIMBISH ROAD MACON, GEORGIA 31204 SCHWOBILT “SUITS THE SOUTH” MADDOX PHARMACY ere vewes — acy 5594 Bloomfield Road 788-5664 LA GRAND'S BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service 3989 Pio Nono Ave. 788-7426 . BRASWELL'S BARBER SHOP 540 Broadway 742-9993 Phone 788-5345 WOODELL MUSIC SUPPLY INSTRUMENTS—ACCESSORIES—LESSONS 4145 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia M. S. WOODELL Best Wishes From PARK PLYMOUTH PLYMOUTH—CHRYSLER—IMPERIAL " Home of Sincere Service " 455 Walnut Street 624 New Street 746-1366 MACON VENDING SERVICE All Types Vending Machines “Our Service Unequalled " Macon, Georgia 478 CHERRY STREET MACON, GEORGIA BURTONS SHOE COMPANY Brand Loafers for Boys and Girls Lady Bostonians ¢pareinG SHOES Bass WEEJUNS Westgate Shopping Center Riverside Plaza 543 Cherry St. Downtown RPS 3 ; SRES Shopping Center EPPS wesadicemens INC. HOUSTON AVENUE Macon, Georgia PHARMACY " Specializing in Good Clean Used Cars " Phone No. 743-1616 2654 Houston Avenue 743-5461 WMAZ AM FM RADIO Downtown Bankers Insurance Building FOR COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS FEATURES PICTURES READ Che Macon Telegraph THE MACON NEWS Middle Georgia’ Davorwite Beuspapes BEMBRY AUTO SERVICE Specializing in Auto Air Cond. Sales and Service—Hydromatic Trans. and Tune Up and General Auto Repair McCOOKS 4200 Broadway 788-5491 Macon, Georgia PHARMACY LIAWKI NS 7011 Cochran Field Rd. EXTERMINATING CO, Macon, Georgia Termite Control Pest Control Complete Prescription Tree and Lawn Spraying Service Phone: 742-3583 Macon, Georgia JUNIOR VOGUE Phone 788-5717 2370 Ingleside Ave. Macon, Georgia 745-0094 Faculty Index Adelstone, Rosalind Archer, Susan Baird, Addie Rie Baxter, Francis Beale, Billy Beatty, Daisy Bland, Gail Blount, Barbara Bohannon, Lloyd .. 27, 24, 166, 164, 184, 185 Borum, Steve Brown, Rosalyn Chambers, Jeanette Chapman, Madge Colquitt, Winifred Cox, Dorothy Davis, Claude Dewitt Deloach, JoAnn RAR NE ek see 23 Duckworth, Jessie.... 24, 27, 164, 165, 166, 182 Durkee, Harriett y Evans, Bertha Floyd, Robert Fowler, Winifred ............. 23 Graves, David ........... 24, 27 Greene, Roger 20, 27, 131 Gresham, Frances ............ 23 Gronka, Martin Hadarits, Anne ......... 24, 152 Hammond, Jim... 24, 27, 164, 166 Hancock, Judieth 23, 27 Henderson, Billy 24, 27, 164, Hinesley, Elizabeth Hooks, Thomas Hudson, Joan Hull, Mildred Hutcherson, Martha Johnson, Fred Jordan, Stewart Joyner, Jerry Kersey, Laura Kingsley, Curtis Kyser, Carter Lamback, Mary Littlefield, Jim Lowery, Pate Malone, Cynthia Mixon, Tommy... 24, 27, 164, 165, Moody, Patsy Moore, Jacquelyn Nicholson, Mary Jane Odom, Jackie Pahdoco, Warda Pendergrass, Lena Perry, Amy Powell, Christine Priester, Eva Rabern, Verna Ragsdale, Carol Reeves, Barbara Reindorp, Trujen Richardson, Jacquelyn. . 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Sl, 182 Arnold, Myra 45, 144 Asnold, Bobet sd. sccnrscnscuas 37 Arnold, Thomas Arrowood, Patsy , 140 Aakwiy RRR since O85 soexs ee 37 Askews, Katherine ....... 31, 125 Attaway, Pam ‘ Austin, Brenda Aultman, Pete... Avera, Aurelia Area, David Baggerly, Brenda Baggs, Anne Baggs, Ralph Bagly, Donna Baird, Tony Baker, John Baldwin, Vicky Ballard, Larry 121 Barbour, Jerry DOTTIE, FOR: 0ok'g:s0.0:0aa'se 37 MO AE oe ivcccwscvenncaewe 31 Hares, Car) oo.ccsinceces 31, Barnes, Butch Barr, Raydell Barron, Richard ......... 51, Bartlett, Bambi Bartlett, Lael. . Bartlett, Rebecca Bass, Brenda Bass, Gwen Bass, Julian Bassett, Cricket. . Bassett, Jody Basset, Shirley Batchelor, Joseph Bateman, Brenda Bateman, Eva Bates, Randy Battle, Joy Battle, Suzanne Batts, Sheila Baughcum, Dianne Baxter, Barbara Baxter, Kenneth Baxter, Rose ............. 45, 143 Beale, Billy 51, 165, 168, 174, 197 Bearden, William.... 66, 123, 134 Beasley, Janice Beauchamps, Steve Becton, Janice Bedgood, Elaine Bedgood, Gene Bedgood, Raymond Bedsole, Ronnie Belflower, Donald Bell, Philip 51, 115, 126, 127, 135, 138, 197 Bell, Sharon Bell, Sheila Bellury, Philip.. 51, 121, 123, 143, Benner, Lynn Bennett, Billy Bennett, Debbie Bennett, Joyce Reneett, TRICKY ois0cn sciesuse vs 37 Benton, Beverly Bilderback, Kathy.... 4 Bilderback, Sam Bliss, Beth Bissonette, Edward.. : BAGO, WOMIURE 4b ci cceacesscutes ; Blac kwe he reer ree 31 Blackwell, Jeanne ............ : Blackwell, Lamar Blair, Julie Blalock, Ricky Blassingame, Glenn Blizzard, Lynne .......... 31, 125 Bloodworth, Mike... 66, 121, 127, 143, 165, 168, 201 Bollinger, Darryl] Bond, Rebecca. . Boney, Connie.. 57, 125, 132, 133 57, 115, 116, 128, 143, 148, 160, 167 Bonner, Vickie ........... 31, 125 Boone, Elaine Boothe, Buelah Bostick, Carol 45, 130, 142 Boutwell, Reggie ......... 37, 165 Bowen, Bud Bowen, Donna Bowers, Linda Bowman, David Bowman, Gary Boyett, Janice Bradfield, Janis Bradshaw, William Bramblett, Elaine Bramlett, Ronald Brantley, Annette. . Brantley, Ronnie ............. 37 Braswell, Tim Breland, Brenda Breland, Faye Brewer, Naomi Brickle, Dennis Bridger, Glenn Bridger, Leonard Bridger, Mabel Bridges, Lamar Bridges, Ran: ..scscectsisneds 37 Britt, Larry Britt, George Brittain, Cathy Bronson, Neal Brooks, Arleen Brooks, Penny Brown, Connie Brown, Dale Brown, Dennis Brown, Dianne Brown, Gary Brown, Janice Brown, Jeanne Brown, Lamar Brown, Robert Browning, Billy 51, 126, 127, 138, 143, 186 Broxton, Regina Bruce, Brenda Bruce, Vickie Bryan, James Bryant, Brenda... 56, 57, 115, 116, 122, 128, 141, 142, 206 Bryant, Garry Bryant, Gary Bryant, Patsy Bryant, Tony Buffington, Randy Buffington, Walter Bullard, Henry. . 67, 127, 143, " 165, Bunch, Linda Burdett, Linda Burdette, Alan Burgamy, Linda Burgamy, Nancy Burgamy, Steve Burgamy, Sheila 57, 115, 140, 141, 142 Burkett, Hugh 37 Burkhalter, Mary Jo ...... 31, 125 Burnes, Phyllis 45, 140 Barnett, Gail i... ecesds 31, 128 Burnett, Karen.. 45, 141, 160, 161, Burnett, Kathy Burnett, Kenneth... 51, 89, 90, 182, Busbee, Terry Butler, Elmer Butler, Nancy... 58, 115, 116, 120, 122, 128, 141, 142 Butterworth, Billy Butts, Ronald Byars, Joy Byars, Robert Byrd, Elaine.... 58, 115, 116, Byrd, Leon Byrd, Wayne Caisse, Judy Caldwell, Mike Caldwell, Rex Caldwell, Susan Caldwell, Vince Cameron, Allen Cameron, Alline Cameron, Debra Cameron, Patricia. . Cameron, Rodger Cameron, Sharon Cannady, Kay Cannon, Brenda Cannon, Eddie Cannon, Emory Cannon, Gail.. Cannon, Jimmy | Capps, William Carithers, Cathy Carmichael, Earl Carpenter, Barbara Carr, Jacque.... 58, 113, 118, 123, 128, 142, 207 Coat, Tinde ocicacncaends vcade 415 Carr, Ronnie 7, 146 Corte, FORE access cinns 31, 143 ‘arstarphen, Danny Carter, Wayne Carter, Sharon Carter, Sherwood ............. é Carver, Jimmy OS ee eee : Cato, John Causey, Andy Causey, Debra 2.0. 0:50 0058 ou's : Causey, William Chambers, Carol Chambers, Kathy..... : Chapman, Andy Chapman, Terry Chapman, William Chaffin, Ann Cheshire, Donnie.... Cheves, Gail occcceves 5 5, Childers, Pat. 45, 120, ]22, 140, 141, 196 Chitwood, Judy 15 Cee, WHAM isis savicne ee 51 Churchwell, Richard .......... 37 Churchwell, Ricky 7, 131 Claney, Susan 415 Clanton, Jimmy.. 51, 138, 143, 180 Clie. Brendes sans cawicsncscnee 58 Clark, Brenda Clark, June Clark, Patsy pe ee eee 58 Yn 58, 137 Cletnentn, ‘HhGr6 6a seco cava vce Ot Clifton, Pam.... 58, 113, 114, 120, 141, 142 Cloud, Cathy i Cobb, Bobbie 31, 123, 148 Comtee, LEtey ccccckscccwasere 37 Cohen, Barbara Coile, Jerry Colbert, Ronald.. 51, 138, 182, 188 Colbert, Shirley .......... 58, 125 COTE VICI 55s wae ittao ues 37 Cole, Edith Cols GIONME cis cawstiackaenes 58 Coleman, David » 123, he Coleman, Hugh Coleman, Jerry Coleman, Phil Collins, Cindy Oliins, Diabra .. . ostseess 31, ‘ollins, Everett collins, Pat ..... ‘ollins, Ronny ‘ollins, Ernest ‘ollingsworth, Michael... 38, 165, 185 ‘ompton, Glenda 16 BOE: POAES: a riace ceawand 38 oper, James ooper, Gary ‘ooper, Reginald Looper, Ray cece ecesesesevess 51 opeland, Ann ........... 31, 125 ‘ook, Cindy ‘00k, Debbie Losey, Lawana ourson, John ourson, P ansy ‘ountryman, Rhonda ......... ; 32 lox, ¢ athy 46, 130, 142 tox, Gena.. 32, 132, 133, 135, 1: 0X, LYMM oss ees 58, 124, 142, ‘ox, Theresa 46, 125, oxwell, Tommy ‘rabb, Stephen ‘raine, Debra ....... 32, 125, rawford, Gayle ‘rawford, Dale rissey, Judy ‘rissey, Xaxia roft, Debbie ‘rosby, Carolyn ‘rosby, Ronnie ‘ross, Donald 51, 121, 127 EO WOCE. GREE vox scans unceinicrns ie the ‘rowe, Bruce 51, 169 ‘rowell, Jerry be 131 ‘rump, Eugene.. 55, 143, 165, 169 ‘ruse, Peggy ........ 58, 130, 141 BOUBUTIONE 6505.016%4 oS ibis wed ales 58 Cruz, James AAA AA PAAARAA AAA AAA AA RAA AF AA ARR ARAABRSA Culpepper, Jimmy... 67, 123, 126, 134, 135, 197 Curtis, Gary ... 38, 127, 165, 169 Dagley, Roger 132 Dalton, Pam 32 335 Dalton, Wayne Daniel, Barbara .......... 32, 141 Daniel, Glenda Daniel, Jerry Daniell, Warren 68, 138, 143, 169 Daring, Diinda:. sciucvas wav 58 68, 138, 143, 182, 165, 167 Davidson, Sylvia ........- 58, 132 Davis, Brenda 32, 135 Pate, CRTOIID sina cic ne sede 58 Davis, Cecilia 0O0, , ’ 141 Davis, Dewey ........ 51, 138, 174 Davis, Dianne 16 Davis, Jackie Davis, Janice 32, 124, 132 Dah SOOM oawccchucconerebout 32 Davis, Jerry 68, 113, 133 Davis, Johnny 50 Davis, Linda .....cecccess Day AZO Davis, Pat 58, 163 Davis, Patty 59 a”) ere 51 Davis, Sheryl DAVEE, WIROE. wawis eeiencscenencl 32 Dawkins, Michael... 68, 142, 165, 180, 168 Deal, Elaine 46, 133, 143 REE COMED Seo nisckeasen scans 38 Deane, Joe 58 Deason, Patsy » 125 Dechman, Libby 59, 140, 141 Deese, Deidre 59, 116 Deese, Freeman : DeFore, Walter ......e2-se00- t DeLoach, Daniel DeLoach, Gloria ......... 59, Denham, Alfred ..... 51, 121, 142, 143 DOE DOETE i eis0ciaayeiuas 51 Deriso, Richard ..... 51, 127, 143, 184, 186 Darsey, Danny.. Deriso, Steve Dial, Sandra D ickens, Diane Dingler, Connie .......... 59, 140 Dixon, Cathy 46, 130 Dixon, Elaine 32, 132 Dixon, Gerald Dixon, Leslie Dixon, Parla oc cccscecs 5 Dixon, Shirley Dixon, Virginia Dominy, Kathy Doss, David..... 51, 127, 143, 165, 168 Douglas,. Charles ..........++. 38 Douglas, Opal .......... 59, 132 SVG. BEMMED 6506 ane cose 38, 138 ROE PRIVEE ules Sc curen ea deee os 51 oo RRS” eee 38 Dowd, William , 138 Drawhorn, Steve 51, 131 Drum, Leslie 46 Dubose, Jenny ........... 32, 125 Dubose, Pam 46 Duckworth, Sherry ....... 32, 125 Duggan, Barry ........... 51, 137 Duggan, Melba ......... 59, 115 Dunn, Kathie ... 59, 114, 115, 120, 122, 141 Dunn, Mike 38 Dunn, John Dupree, Dee Ann ............. 32 DRG, JOE vnc cenkewecawties 50 Dupree, Raymond Durden, Andy... 52, 121, 127, 139, 143, 180 Durden, Kay Durden, Stephen ... Durden, Steven 68, 133, 138 Durden, Susan .. 59, 20, 139, 142 Dykes, Debbie.... 30, 32, 120, 125 Dykes, Ronnie 38 Ensler, Nelsttisés isscicccscss 38 eS oe en ee eS 52 Edwards, Don .......... 52, 138 Edwards, Frank Edwards, Gladys Edwards, James Edwards, Myra... 56, 59, 120, 143 Edwards, Ralph .......... 38, 186 Edwards, Wendy 46, 135 Elam, George . 22%; 155 Elder, Sherry Bidridgs, CW. ccietacaas 50, 121 68, 134, 137 Ellington, Rex ........... 52, 138 REED cance cecnbeSea nk 68 ENO: LIONS sides wien awancnig Oe ree ae 68 Elton, —— Tee eT eer 59 Emerick, Joy. 59, 113, 120, 128, 129, 139 Emerson, Tommy 38 Emilio, Regina ...... : 32, 132, 133 English, Gloria 46 Ennis, Sheryl Epting, Deborah Epting, Lynn Evans, Bengale Evans, Charles... 52 Evans, Diane Evans, Donnie Evans, Elaine Evans, Emily Evans, James Evans, Will ... Ezzell, Elaine Ezzell, Joe Ezzell, Yvonne Faircloth, Clifton ........ 38, Farnsworth, Cathy Farnsworth, Sharon Farrell, Janice Fellows, Regina covceccocees 5 Fields, Glynis Pinener, Cheryl)... iccocucneece é Fincher, Vicki.. 59, 115, 116, 120, 124, 128 Finney, Katherine 59, 125 PIGhES. StSGDOR i. cy anon ew abn 38 Fitzpatrick, Brian ............ 38 Fitzpatrick, Dennis.. 52, 127, 138, 143, 180 Fitzpatrick, Walter... 52, 135, 138 Fiveash, Randy ‘ Fiveash, Ray Flanders, Wayne Fletcher, Cathy : Floyd, Pam: acsccsccecuras 32, 132 Folds, Sarah 46 Ford: Herby siccsvccuen shaaws 52 Ford, Phylis 32, 125, 139 Ford, Robert 6: sccssees 52, 138 Fordham, Vicki .....--.-. 59, 115 Forth, Robert.... 68, 130, 131, 143 Foster, Anita 46 Fountain, Crystal.... 46, 122, 124, 141, 160, 161, 167 Fountain, Robert Fowler, Donna 46 Fowler, Leila ......%..... 32, 137 Francavage, Debra... 32, 120, 136 Francis, Jackie. . 68, 113, 115, 120, 124 Frank, Richard .......... 38, 142 Franklin, Elaine 60, 122 Freeman, Charles ........ 68, 130 Freeman, Larry Friedlander, Jo Ellen ..... 32, Friedlander, Louis .. 68, Fritz, David Frost, Jessie Fulford, Donna.. 60, 120, Fulford, Larry Fulgham, Alan .......... 38, 138 Fuller, Lynda ........... 32, 125 Fuller, Michele .............. 38 Fuller, Roby , 130, 135 Fulwood, Linda 46, 130, 142 Funck, Valerie.. 46, 128, 141, 160, Furney, Douglas Furney, Janie Fussell, Donald Gales, David Gambkota, Stephen Garner, Cheryl Garner, Debbie Garnto, Cathy Garrard, John Garrett, Linda Garrett, Patricia ......... 60, 143 OP | Se Oe ee ee 32 Gay, Carol 60, 124, 142, 144 Gay, Gloria ........ 32, 128, 144 Gay, Gregory 30, 38, 126, 197 Gay, Russell 52, 131 Germany, Maxwell ..........- 52 Gibson, Beverly 60, 132, 133 Gibson, Kenneth 127, 165 Giddens, Fran ....ecsvcesssss 32 Gilbert, Darryl.. 68, 117, 134, 135 Gilbert, Susan 60, 140, 141 Cihaet. BUY. svssivncevee s 52 Gilley, Jesse Gils, Barty vcccc ccssicnss Obs Gillis, Debra.... 46, 125, 145, Gladney, June Glover, Pat Glover, Philip Godfrey, Kenneth Goforth, Krista. . Goforth, Wayne COM TUOBATG osc avec cascsce 38 Gold, Mike 68, 193 Golden, Thomas ..... 69, 131, 134 Goldsby, Ronny 69, 115, 117, 121, 127, 134, 135, 138 Goldstein, Ann .......... 32, 163 Gonzales, Deborah CDRA, FRE ove cnccasecsec mite Goodman, Reid ...... 52, 143, 184 CHO ADOT SOIR, o.0.0c:004-00'000:05:0 52 Goodroe, Sedney Goodwin, Deborah Goodwin, Jo Ann.... 46, 141, 143 Goolsby, Patsy 32, 125, 141 Goolsby, Willie ........----+- 38 Gordon, Luther .........000.: 52 Goss, David , 165 Goss, Gwen Grace, James 69 Grace, Tricia.... 33, 140, 141, 162 Graham, Tommy Sen AOI ino aie 52 Grant, Brenda 60 Grant, Earl «oi caiviescesae 52, 131 Grant, Darrell Graves, Connie Groves, Mary Gray, Connie Gray, Juanita Gray, William : Green, Gwendolyn ........... 33 Sree. TGR pcccccascies 50, 131 Green, Mitzie .......... 33, 141 Greene, Phil 52, 127, 138 Greenway, Dianne .. 46, 120, 130 Gregory, Floyd Griffin, Bunky Griffin, Carol Griffin, Elaine Griffin, Judy Griffin, Patsy Griffin, Ronnie Griggs, Rhonda Grimes, Linda Grimes, Maryaliea Grinstead, Stephen... 60, 122, 128, 139 52 52, 165, 168 SPOPORE UMM a wihcdnc que sas es co's 3 srub bs, Andy suilmette, Mike yuinn, Alice punter, Fred Hall, Becky Hall, Lewis Hall, Tim Hall, Wayne Hallman, Wanda Hamlin, Prentice Hamlin, Pam 60, Hamlin, Penny.. 60, 120, 124, 128 Hamlin, Robert . 39 Hamlin, Ti Hamlin, Sunny Hamm, Dianne.. 60, 115, 128 60, 115, 116, 122, 128 Hamm, Verna... 60, 128, 137, 148 Hammock, Dennis ............ 69 Hammond, Patsy : Hammond, Ronnie Hampton, Wade Hamrick, Betty Faye Hamrick, Mary Etta Hancock, d Hane, Joe Harbin, Gloria Harbuck, Kitty Hardeman, Jane Hardin, Harry Hardison, Lynwood ........... Hare, Nancy Hargrove, Kenny.... 52, 143, 184, 165, 168 Harr, Stephen 123, 185 Harrel, Ann Harrell, Pam 7 Harrell, James .........00000% 39 Harrington, Ashley 131 Harris, David ......0+++++ 52, 13] Barris, Leon. 0s2 eacencs 52, 131 Harrison, Lynda ........ 33, 120 Hart, Bonnie ........ 33, 125, 137 Hart, Leonard... 52, 143, 184, 165 Hartley, David .. 69, 135, 138, 146 Hartley, Debbie .............. 33 Hartley, Harriett 47 Hartley, Steve Hartness, Bud Hartness, Charlie ............- 39 Harvard, Gwen ...... 33, 137, 141 Harvard, Jaye ... 56, 60, 95, 142, 160, 161, 167 Hagvah RACY csr cvenwcseswws 52 Harville, Laura 33 Harwell, Jimmy ..........+-++ 39 Hasty, Randy «....c2 csecsees 50 Hatcher, Wayne 69, 121, 135, 142 Hattaway, Mike .........s00+- 39 Hattaway, Sharon.... 60, 115, 116, 128, 137 Hawthorne, Jeff Hayes, Deborah Fisgie MRO vicccscndvr esate 39 Haynes, Henry Hayslip, Bobby .. Heath, Harvey Heath, Jill 7 SUNS SAME Pita aisiacd gu weee kkk 6 3 Helms, Ingram Helmuth, Alan Hemphill, Larry Henderson, Fran 30, 33, 120, 140, 141, 162 Henry, Billie .. 60, 114, 115, 122, Herring, Kathy Herring, Susan Herrington, Mark . Hicks, Tyrone ....... 52, 185, 188 Higdon, Johnny .... 143, 165, 167 Higdon, Millie 61, 116, 124 Higginbotham, CTE eee 50 Higginbotham, Glenn .... ..... 52 Higgins, James.. 69, 113, 115, 117, 121, 127, 135 Hightower, Linda .... 61, 120, 124 Hightower, Richie ; Hightower, Sharon Hill, Allison Hill, Arden Hill, Harvey Hill, Cherry 3 RE MEANY cc icucicdiees ce oom Doe Hill, Wanda 47, 122 REM nt. tn claw ae seer aes 39 Hinote, Alice 61, 141 Hinson, Ben ’ 139, 165 Hinson, Martha Ann.. 61, 125, 148 Hitchcock, James Hodges, Elaine 33 Hodnett, Mary Paula .... 33, 128 132, 139, 144 Holcomb, Wayne ............. 39 Holder, Lawana «....20.-e0sc00% 47 Holland, Cindy.. 47, 130, 139, 142 Holliday, Gayle ...... 33, 132, 133 Holloman, Charlie 39 Holloway, Brad.. 69, 112, 121, 133 Holloway, Jeff Holloway, Pamela Holmes, Carl Holmes, James ............20. 5 BiOit, SOME sac edasincesseusss 33 Hopkins, Lynn Hood, Ronnie Hooker, Bert Hooks, David Hooks, Mike .. .ccccisccisccess 52 Hooks, Nannette 47, 144 Hopkins, Bob. .....0sssesso0e 39 Hornaday, Pat 61, 136 Horn, Andre .. 52, 114, 127, 138, 147, 180, 165, 169 Horn, 33, 136 Horn, Charles Horn, Kim Horn, Vicki Hornyak, Glynn Hortman, Sylvia Horton, Gerald Horton, Kenneth ......... 39, 137 Horton, Lynne Howard, Carol How ard, Donnie . 3 188 Howard, Mike He yward, Patricia pad ess hace asere ae Howard, Sandra.. 56, 61, 120, 140, 201 Howell, Diane.. 33, 124, 141, Howell, Diane t Howell, Sue Elle PTR wc ccccconese 33 SRY AG- LOVE a vly.n aik’s wincaca tek on 38 Hubbard, Deborah es 6l, 124, 128 Hubbard, Ricky 39 Hudson, Becky ‘ ‘ Hudson, Brian 69, 189 Hudson, David ........... 52, 139 Hudson, Katherine ....... 33, 125 Hudson, Sandra Huff, Sandra Hughes, James : Pages, Franke 5 icivasnsiscas 39 Hughes, Jimmy 69, 131 EURee, GIDE son cewa ses caine 39 Hughes, Sarah é Hulett, Charlene Hulett, Jerry Hulett, Allen Hulette, Paulette Huling, James Huling, Mike Humphrey, Danny Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunt, Gail Himter, Vai .sic.nvc 0s 60a 05 Ous 138 Hurt, Janice Hurt, Linda Hutcheson, Marsha ...... » oF Hutcheson, Wiley.... 39, 138, 165 PIGHO, PYAORIS ccaccessmcwnes “39 Hutto, Gail 7, 143 Hyder, Mollie Ingram, MIKG. sccucictewukcawos 39 Traram. Verna is ..écdeas beeaner oe Inman, Gene 53, 183 Jac a DONG sincvenerxsamaacee Jackson, Gena.. 61, 122, 124, 128, 145 Jackson, Rudy 70, 132 James, Carla.... 61, 113, 115, 120, 122, 132, 133 James Donald 70, 131 ie Delaine 61, 141 Jarriel, Eddie : Je nnings, Al Jennings, Jimmy Jerkins, Michelle Joaquin, Richard Jimerson, Tim Johnson, Becky Johnson, Christelle Johnson, Cyri ............ 33, 135 Johnson, Dean Johnson, Dennis Johnson, General Johnson, Juleen .... 33, 124, 125 Johnson, Larry Johnson, Patty .... Johnson, Paula Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Billy Joiner, Barbara .... Jones, Bobby Jones, Brenda Jones, Jones, Way Jones, Jones, Linda ........... 33, 128 Jones, Margaret Jones, Nancy $3, 1%, 141 Jones, Roger .........-. 53, 165 Jones, Susan Jones, Suzanne Jones, Wayne .... 56, 70, 143, 165, 174, 184, 169, 206 Jordan, Debra Jordan, Jerry 53 Jordan, John .... 39, 53, 139, 174 Jordan, Sheila 5 Josey, Connie .... 30, 34, 141, 118 Josey, Judy 47, 132, 133 Joyitr. TONEY a sccccsierskveone 39 Kenne, Randy Keith, Nancy Kell, Steve Keller, Ginger .. 61, 122, 128, 139, 148 Kendrick, Gregory t Kent, Beth .... 61, 112, 120, 123, 140, 196, 205, 192 Kerr, Rhonda Keyes, Laura 34 Keys, Susie... 56, 61, 89, 190, 120, 122, 140, 141, 142, 160, 161, 167 King, Alice King, Carol King, Dianne King, Judy King, Michael King, Mike King, Paulette King, Sharon Killgo, Gerald Kilgore, Gary Kilgore, Danny 78, 131, 143 Riingeiee, COLe sass reesccice 131 Kitchens, Ray Kitchens, Laverne Kitchens, Marie Kitchens. Kluge, Stan Knight, Datinys .s0 s ess enessOe Knight, Stan Krewson, Susan.. 56, 62, 140, 194, ; 203, 118 Kunka, Richard 50 Krau, Stevie Krysalka, Surelle ............. 34 eee: OME cis eine sce ee 70 Ladson, Phil 39, 137 Lake, Debra ... 62, 132, 141, 142 Lamb, Debbie 34, 125 Lancaster, Charles 70, 138 Tl CRIN ea ce de nweawesn ss 39 Lane, Charles Lanford, Becky Langley, Philip Lannon, Carol Larsen, James Lavender, Ralph Lawing, Lynn Lawrence, Brenda Lee, Linda Lee, Mike Lefils, Ray Lengel, David Leslie, Daniel Lester, Linda Leverette, Deborah Leverette, Pam Leverett, Steve Lewis, Buddy Lewis, Freda Lilley, Susan Lilley, Tommy Lindsey, Stephen Lines, Stanley... Lingold, Kay Lipford, Goergette Livingston, Donald Livingston, Michael Livingston, Teddy ........ 53, 130 Lockhart, Betty Ge ane, TS, 120, 122, 139, 143 Lockhart, George 70, 130 Lockhart, John 40 DR SURES os cars anenaks 70, 127 Long, Alan 40 PO a ie ei Long, Michael Lord, Gary ..... 71, Lord, George Lord, Teresa Lovejoy, Brenda Lovejoy Lowery, Loyd, Susan ... 62, 122, 136, 137 Loyd, Terry 71, 127 Lazano, Sonny Lucas, Donnie Lutrell, Paul McAdam, Thomas McAllister, Carla.... 34, 132, 139 McBride, Barbara ............ 34 McBride, Johnny McBride, Patricia .. 34, 125, 139 MEA, BAG cp acvcetnsceastue 34 McCollum, Lary 53 Ee Se), eee 34 McConnell, Pat McCook, Scott McCranie, John McCoury, Alan . 71, 127, 143, 165, 169 McCoy, Connie 34, 132, 135 McCranie, Judy McDaniel, Carter McDaniel, Denise .. 34, 120, 141, j 162 McDaniel, Marsha ...... 34, 125 McDonald, Faye 34 McElhenney, Debbie .... 34, 132 McElhenney, Ed 71, 130, 143, McElmurray, Kathryn 48 McElroy, Jimmy 71, 118, 115, 121, 127, 135 McGee, Julie 34 McGraw, Cheryl ... 48, 135, 145, McGraw, Keith McGuire, Linda McHugh, Jimmy .... McKinley, Debbie f McKinley, Bobby 71, 113, 126 127, 134, 135 McKinnon, Rhonda 34 McKinnon, Sandy McLemore, Debbie... McLendon, Ferrell McLeod, Hubert McMillan, Jimmy. . 48, 130, 142 40 McMillan, Sandra MeMillan, Terri Mack ey, Janice Madden, Judy Maddox, Phillip. 56, 71, 126, 134, Maine, Tommy Mnan, Ellen Mann, Jerry Mann, Mell Mann, Phillip Mann, Susan Manning, Susan.... 44, 47, 89, 91, 120, 145 Marshall, Diane Martin, DeJuan Martin, Steve Martin, John Mason, Bill Mason, Doyle... 53, 133, 119, 121, 127, 142, 186 Mason, Mike Mason, Steve Mathews, Charlene Mathews, Randall Mathews, Dean .ccsesccecsas 38 Matthews, Sherma... 62, 122, 128, Mauldin, Debbie Mayfield, Eugene Mayfield, Elgin ...........5. Meadows, Jimmy ..........+.. § 53 Meadows, Sue Meadows, ill Meek, Shirly Meeks, Deanne Meister, John Mercer, Robert Merchant, Richard... 53, 119, 121, 127, 134, 135 Merriman, James 71 Metts, Ginger .......-...- 34, 145 Metts, Lynn 48, 145 Middlebrooks, Stephen.... 40, 139 Mikus, Barbara ...... 34, 137, Miles, Chistell Milford, Gayle Millen, Don Miller, Tommy Miller, Janice Miller, Susan Mills, Pat 48, 125, 144 Mims, Mike 53, 174 Minchew. Calvin ..... 53, 132, 146 Minor, Tim 7 Minshew, David Mintee, Linda Mish, Cheryl ....... 34, 125, 137 Mishoe, Furney .......-+.+.++ 959 Misinco, Glenn.. 71, 113, 117, 126, 127, 135 Misinco, Mike.. 71, 113, 117, 126, Mitchell, Jonny Mize, Jackie . 48, 94, 120, 122, 128, 141, 196 Moncrief, Patricia 48 Monroe, Gerry .......... 53, 121 Montgomery, Eileen .... 62, 136 Moore, Buddy... 53, 127, 143, 182, Moore, Cathy Moore, Mike Moore, Larry Moore, Lyn Moore, Mark 40 Moore, Wayne ........+-se0e 53 Moorman, John Morgan, Belinda Morgan, Faye Morgan, Janet Morgan, Mark Morgan, Gregory Morris, Brenda 62, 130, be Morris, Elizabeth.... 62, 136, Morris, Erin ........- eavtosmas Morris, June 62, 122, 134 Morris, Margie ....-.++++++0+5 34 Morrison, Patsy 63, 137 Morstead, Bill Mosely, Tommy Mosely, Jimmy Mosely, Jeremy Mosely, Paul Moss, David Mossbarger, Patsy .. Moye, Pat Mullin, Freddie Mullinix, Janice .... Mullis, Deborah Mullis, Pat Mullis, Terry ....++- jcewaete 54 Murrell, Leslie 72, 134 Musselwhite, Kay.... 114, “ Myers, Jake 72, 130, 137 Myers, Larry Myers, Wynoka Napier, Bobby NeSmith, Billy NeSmith, Morris NeSmith, Ricky NeSmith, Teddy 72, 142, 143 Newby, Toni. . 63, 88, 89, 129, 196, Newman, Lamar Newsome, Mark Newton, Laura Nicholson, Kathy ....... 34, Nobles, Barbara é Nobles, William PERE EAT wh av necency an sw clela 34 Norris, Lee 4 Norris, Sandy Norris, Valierie Nowell, Roseanna... 63, 120, 123, 128, 202 RRR RE Swan ckvevenGinda 63 Odom, Mike ... 54, 134, 135, 138 Odom, Mike ......... 54, 126, 186 CO EEN scsecvoscassewnnas 54 Ogletree, Ernest 132, 40 Ogletree, Mike 121, 126, 165, Ogletree, Kenneth O’Hern, Eddy O'Kelly, Mike 7 Olliff, Ronald 40, 137, 138 Ue 54 Osborn, Claud 54, 188 Owen, Cheryl 63, 125 Owen, Daniel 72 Owens, Robert Pancake, Kenny ...........+++ 54 Pape, Mike Parent, Edgar Parham, Carol Parker, Dana Parks, Sylvia Parks, Vickie Partridge, Anne Partridge, Nona Patat, Steve Patterson, Jack Patterson, Jackie Payne, Dell. . 72, 89, 114, 117, 119, 121, 126, 133, 135 Peacock, Cynthia Peacock, James Peacock, Mickey Peavy, Carol Peebles, Wayne Peed, David Perry, Helen Perry, Susan Peterson, Larry .. 142, 165, 168 44, 54, 127, 138, 143, 184, 165, 168 Phelps, Vicky 48 Phillips, Doris 48, 141, 143 PRM ENE. JORS iviccecen va tena es 35 Phillips, Roger Phillips, Sheila Pilcher, Kerry Pinholster, Mike Pipkin, Juanita .. Pettis, Mike 10, 137, 142 »+ 6% BA TIS, 137, 140 Pippin, Patsy Pirkle, David Plunkett, Diane... 63, 122, 132, 133 Pope, Jean Pope, Jerry Pope, Marion Pope, Mary Helen Pope, Ramona... 48, 114, 137, 140 Potter, Carol Ann Poulnott, Terry Powell, Brenda Powell, David Powell, Debra Powell, Keith Powell, Rodger Powell, Marsha.. 48, 114, 124, 140 Powell, Sharon Powell, Sheila Powell, Steve Powell, Wayne 63, 124, 130 30, 40, 121, 130 244 54, 127, 138, 143, 165 PREG, TAWRIO) wares ccecsi cease 54 Price, Gloria 48 Price, Patsy 49 Prince, Robert 40 Pritchett, Debra Probert, Dianne .............. 35 Proctor, Bobbie ..... Mis econ ee 35 Proctor, Carolyn Pruett, Cherie Pruett, David Pryor, John Pryor Margeret .......20s000. 35 Purser, Miriam Pyles, Melvin Pyles, Mike .. Price, Charles... Quick, Donna Quin, Bert Quinn, Sandra ...... Rabanns, Cliff Rackley, Elaine.... Rackley, Warrene Hadcliet, Jee, ois vascucess Railey, Marie 63, 128, Rainey, Janice ...... 35, 125, 133 Raley, Melonie .... 49, 120, 122, 128, 141 Randall, Mike Rasmussen, Carolyn.... Rawls, Wanda Redmond, Alan.... Reed, Randall Reese, Reggie Reeves, Geraldine Reeves, Suzy Register, Debbie Reid, John Reid, Ricky Revell, Kathy Reynolds, Jimmy Reynolds, Mae Reynolds, Nancy .... Richards, Carol Rigby, Emmett Rigby, Janie Riggs, Tommy Riley, Deborah .... Ritch, Laketa Roberts, Dianne.... Roberts, Jo Ann Roberts, Ronnie.... Roberts, Tommy Robertson, Carolyn Robertson, Henry... Robertson, Nancy Robertson, Roxanne Robinson, Robert Rogers, Charles Rogers, Geni Rogers, John Rogers, Larry Rogers, Patricia Rggers, Perry Rogers, Robert Rooks, Donnie Ross, John Ross, Mike Rowe, Cathy Rowell, Latrell Rowell, Norman... . Rozier, Johnny Rumph, David Russ, Paula Russell, Jo Ann 56, 63, 113, 115, 128, 139 Rutland, Charlotte.. 63, 136, Sandefur, Waverlyn Sagnibe ne, Frank Sanders, Cathy Sanford, Donnie Sark, Terry Satterwhite, Gail... Sauls, Danny... 73, 123, 134, 63, 120, 122, 128, 141 Savage, Susan 49, 139 Scanlan, Douglas 73, Scanlan, Nancy 35, 140 Scarbary, Otis ...... 41, 126, 1: Saunders, Gail Seltt, Daphene Scott, Karen Scott, Mike Scott, Michael .... 73, 113, 134, 126, 131 Seagraves, Tommy 54, 142 Seguin, Joey.. 54, 133, 134, 135, 139 Seaton, Melody ......... 35, 125 Self, Jill Selph, Richard Sharp, Charles Sharpe, Glen ge CU Sn ee 54 Shaw, Debra Shaw, Michael Shaw, Pam Shelton, Phyllis .... 64, 113, Shepard, Debbie.... 35, 140, 141 Shepard, Jo Ann... 64, 116, 120, Shepard, Joy Sheppard, Mike Sherwood, Jennifer Shipman, Mike PIDNEE, SINT so ecdseevenae 50 Shore, John Shugart, Andrew Shurley, William Shupe, Donna Simpson, Joy Simpson, Allen Sirmans, Janie Sirmans, Pam Sisk, Marsha Sizer, William Skipper, Skipper, Skinner, Teresa.... 49, 132, 133, 136, 163 . 54, 126, 143, 165, 168 Slappey, George .. Slaugherer, Arthur Smallwood, Edna Smallwood, Walter Smith, Allen Smith, Tony Smith, Brenda Smith, Danny Smith, Danny Smith, Dianne Smith, David Smith, Johnny Smith, Kay 35, 141, 162 Smith, Kemp 41, 186 Smith, Lynn 55, 142 Smith, Mark.. 55, 126, 137, 143, 165, 174, 168 Smith, Michael 73, 133, 138 Smith, Mona 35 Smith, Patricia 64, 139 Smith, Randy 127, 138, 180, 188 Smith, Randy ... 56, 73, 121, 143, 180, 195, 202 Smith, Ralph Smith, Sheila Smith, Stan Smith, Stan Siikith, GROVE weaveccsounveye Smith, Steve Smith, Sheryl Smith, Sue Snead, Lana Snyder, Lamar Sowell, William Spears, Kendal Spears, Raymond Spell, Cheryl Spell, Sandra Spence, Wayne.... 73, 119, 121, 127. 138, 143, 165, 16 9, 205 Spillers, Darnell $5, 125 Spinks, Bobby 73, 121, 127 Spires, Andy.. 55, 127, 143, 187, 184, 165, 169 Spires, Pam Sprinkle, Peggy Sprinkle, Phil Stafford, Mike Stafford, Sam Stallings, Linda Starley, Morris Stavely, Stanley Stehle, Hugh Stephens, Jim Stephens, James Stephens, Joyce Stephens, Joyce Stephenson, James Stevens, Cathie Stevens, Frank Stevens, Judy Stevens, Mark Stevens, Marty Stevenson, Foy Stewart, Carl Stewart, Cathy Stewart, Chester Stewart, Deborah Stewart, James Stewart, Molly Stickney, Susan Stinson, Randy Stokes, Larry Stokes, Montene Stokes, Susan.. 35, 125 Stone, Melody Lb amlerale hg aries ane A A ee Storg, Gail Strickland, Arlene Strickland, Charles 114, 165, 126, 137, 138, 169 Strickland, Ricky 41 Strickland, Peggy.. 64, 113, 115, 120, 122, 128, 129 serone, INaney® vite consa cease SS Stubbs, Kay. incwvicennc s OG Stackey, Beth ocsisscccciscers, Stuckey, Danny Stuckey, Jim s. see0ss+ 55, 158 Stuckey, Linda 36, 163 Suddeth, Tim 74, 131 Sutton, Gail 49, 120, 122 Summerlin, Brenda 36, 132, 141 Sutton, Theresa.... 64, 114, 116 Swain, Vickie Swift, Allan Swymer, Loran Sweat, Hayward Tamplin, Lynda Tanner, Timmy Tapley, Jerry Tapley, Tyrone ......... 55, 142 Taylor, Barbara.... 36, 132, 163 PGVIOR, DENG | ..o ccc ces cian 36 Taylor, Dianne 64, Taylor, Judy ....... 35, 125, WAPI, PORSF oss scxccawcess : Taylor, Richards... 55, 127, 1: 143, 182, 188, Teel, Chuck Temples, Barbara... 35, Temples, Myra TeSelle, Elizabeth. . Thames, Brenda ‘ Thames, Ellen .......... ; Thames, Clay : Tharpe, Everett Thaxton, Debra Theiss, Brenda Thigpen, Brenda... Thigpen, Gary Thigpen, James Thistlewood, Johnnie .... Thistlewood, Melba Thomas, Allen Thomas, Andy «2005.20. 56, Thomas, Becky Thomas, Brenda Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Gary Thomas, Irene Thomas, Judy Pouca. LNs. .ccsccassscees 36 Thomas, Marsha ........ 36, 143 Thomas, Richard... 55, 114, 126, 127, 148, 174, 182, 197 PRGMSS, BGG cicvscccine, Sh EDO Thompson, Charlene ......... 36 Thompson, Delilia Thompson, Mickey Thompson, Charlie Thrasher, Al Thurman, Roger Tillman, Judy ...... 36, 135, Tillman, Vickie Tinker, Roger Tinsley, Foye Tinsley, Larry Toland, Mike Toler, Wesley Tomberlin, Arlene 115, 120, 122, 132, 139, 204 Tomberlin, Pam 36, 125 Towson, Jean , 130, 145 Towson, Wanda ........ 36, 125 Trask, Roger 55 Troutman, Jeff Truelove. Monty Tucker, Candy Tucker, Janis Tucker, Jerry Tucker, Joyce Tucker, Mike Tucker, Reha ....c0ce. 7 Tumblin, Richard... 30, Turner, Patricia... Tyson, Lynn Tyson, Mary Carol Tyson, Quitman Upchurch, Charles Upchurch, Mike Underwood, Judy Ussery, Janice Ussery, Ronnie Vance, Eddy Van Dyke, William Venable, Carol Vinson, Gwen Vinson, Theresa.... 36, 125, 141 Voellinger, B. , ee 65, 89, 90, 115, 116, 128, 142, 160, 161, 167 Von Steenburgh, Victor Waddell, Sherry.... 65, 115, 128 Waddell, Susan Waddleton, Bonnie Waddleton, Ronnie RS, SEAT uncon pew sake 50 Waid, Gaylon Waits, Joyce .... , 115, 116 128 Waites, Ricky ..... 55, 112 123, 126, 135 Wakefield, Toby Walker, Harriet Walker, Janice Walker, Ricky Wall, Wanda , 115, 139 Waller, Neal , 131 Walsh, Janice 49, 143 Wattman, Claris 130 Ward, Ricky 43 Ward, Rosemary..,... 40, 141 Wasden. Richard ....... 55, 131 Waters, Deborah 6, 125 Waters, Deborah Watson, Becky Watson, Dewey Weaver, Jason Webb, Philip Welborne, Cindy Welch, Sonny ...... Wells, Steve West, Judy West, Larry.... 55, 139, West, Robert West, Sandra Wester, Teresia Westfaul, Elaine ........ 36, 124 Wheeler, Michael Wheeler, Wayne ............ : Whelchel, Richard Whitaker, Nancy White, Kee White, Mike White, Rhonda.... 65, 122, 128, 129, Werte: SONS oi acs canta 50, Whitehead, John 5 Whitehead, Ken Whitehead, Bill Whitehouse, David Whitehurst, John Whitley, Nicki W hitsel, Miranda... Wikher, Bryant Wilkerson, Elaine Wilkerson, Jerry Wilkes, Randy Wilkinson, Wilkinson, S Williams, Williams, Elaine Wi liams, Allen Williams, Dawn Williams, Gail Williams, Garry Williams, Bruce... Williams, Gary Williams, Linda.... Williams, Mae Williams, Mary Anne... Williams, Paula Williamson, Wayne Willingham, Mike Willingham, Ray Willingham, Randy Willingham, Richard Willis, Charles Willis, Sherry Willoughby, Faith Wils« n, Darlene Wilson, Dennis.... Wilson, Donald Wilson, Douglas Wilson, Wilson, Linda Wilson, Margie .ccvciencvseue 5 Wislon, Wilson, Ricky Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Tank scsccccvecs BOs Winters, Nancy ...........+. 36 Wimpy, Pat 65, 132, Windham, Milwood Wires, Don Witherington, Francis Witheringtok, Bunny Witheringtok, Rhonda... 36, Woodward, Cynthia .......... 36 Woolfork. Geralean ...... 36, Wright, A. W. Wright, Deborah ............ 36 Wolff, Mike: cc cccsissscccses 3 Wood, Gail Wood, Jerry Wood, Jon Wood, Marsha Wood, Sheila Wood, Tommie Dee Woodruff, Nathan Woodruff, Rebecca Woolfolk, Gwendolyn ........ 50 Worrell, Sheila 122, 124 Wyatt, Barbara 30, 36, 140, 141, 163 Yates, Johnny 55, 146 Young, David.. 74, 117, 126, 204 Young, Donald Young, Kathy Young, Melba Young, Patti... 56, 65, Zellner, Lamar Zielinski, Tommy.. 74, 121, 134, 135, 138, 143 Zwally, Mike [am a part of all that I have met. Yet all experi- ence is an arch where thro’ gleams that untra- velled world .. . { N : . 5 3 FINALE Last but not least we would like to thank the many people who helped in our struggle to produce the best yearbook ever—Ramscott ’68. For pictures: Mr. Bill Barron Mr. Charlie Dorsey Drinnon’s Hintermeier-Utley Studios Mr. Bill Meriwether, Sr. Bozo For homes: Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. E and Mrs. R and Mrs. S. and Mrs. W and Mrs. R. ‘ . D. McDowell and Mrs. § and Mrs. W Meriwether B. Burnham C. Emerick ti, Gibson ’. QO. Lambert R. Lockhart ’ H. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Tomberlin For the use of their facilities: Crystal Palace C S Bank First Presbyterian Church For their patience and understanding: our parents and faculty For their unending help: our advisors Editors-in-Chief TAYLOR PUBLISH ING COMPANY TBO oe " Ng We Re ss owt , er “ay A'S . . Des. . ) ‘= te ia f oe iy é e na’ . we a eglot ot c« 7 =x eat iwi 5 1 AE a gS - i - t MRA Te ate an 9 ld at ad ee - ra, ae

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

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