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McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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: THE RAMSCOTT Editors: - Jackie Marke David Rodgers Business Managers: = Rosyin Tomberlin Randy Jackson ) a A. R. Willingham Margaret McEvoy Macon, Georgia Volume IX i ‘ - » ow ,. " ” anh Tr ores ad “7! a ing — —- . i itt To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose... There is a time and a place to study... DULL ee — . ee ee: F ‘ ee eS : me t Wr. % = Op = ° et oy = - — O ° — oy) = = © " ts — x ii in ’ MUM UO eB Se KA , Uf iis) jj mite a a i . ; me someone Cae Cae Y Me ON A time to play... A time for fellowship . . . We Proudly Dedicate Mrs. Ann Hadarits for: Instilling in each of us a pride in our undertakings, Promoting a participation in a wide variety of activities, And for her unrelenting ef- forts to keep McEvoy ever for- ward. This Book To... Mr. Fred Johnson Standing in the halls with that familiar backward lean—a per- son who can take care of nine hundred boys—his ability to calm a group with a firm, si- lent stare. — aan Pam jp: = Bo A time for our leaders - - - Superintendent And Assistant r , tree 2 ees ee eee te Y . A ie . JULIUS GHOLSON LLOYD NEWBERRY Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Board of Education Seated from left to right: William A. Fickling, Hon. Oscar L. Long, Herbert F. Birdsey, George T. Rankin Jr., Dr. H. G. Weaver, Wallace Miller Jr., Dr. Julius Gholson, Hon. Mallory C. Atkinson Standing: Ralph Eubanks, Charles C. Hertwig, Hon. Walter C. Stevens, Hon. Hal Bell, William T. Simmons For her friendliness to everyone, her dedication to and her under- standing of the special problems of seniors, we extend our sincere ap- preciation and dedicate this part of the 1966-67 Ramscott to Mrs. Mildred Hull. Thank you, Mrs. Hull for helping to make our last year at McEvoy our very best. We hope that in some small way we have helped make your first year one of the most memorable. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times! First impressions A Woman of Distinction Dear Students: Thanks to each of you for making my first year at McEvoy Senior High School enjoyable as well as challenging. Seniors, your school experience here is now history, and as you often reflect upon these experiences it is hoped that you will use not only the academic knowledge you have gained, but that you will also make the qualities of honesty, courage, perse- verance and friendship an integral part of your life as you enter into new and more broadening paths of endeavor. Your educa- tion is really just beginning. It is, in fact, a process which will continue throughout your life. Choose wisely in the decisions you make, for, each will help fashion your most priceless posses- sion — your character. Mrs. Mildred W. Hull Principal A Man With A Purpose Dear Students: School represents many things. It represents parties, club ac- tivities, athletic events, and many friendships. It also represents mastery of academic material, new horizons of thought, and development of cooperation with others of your group. But, most of all, it represents opportunity. Education is a process which continues throughout life. School only furnishes the foundation; the better the foundation, the better life you will have ahead. Educational opportunity is yours. Grasping this opportunity is your responsibility. The choice is entirely on your shoulders whether you waste it, disregard it, or use it to your advantage. Mr. Fred Johnson Principal Personnel MARY SUE WAGNER McEvoy Secretary Miller Senior MARY B. LAMBACK Willingham Secretary Georgia-Alabama Business College LULA TOLLERSON McEvoy Counselor Mercer University, A.B.; University .of Georgia, M.Ed. STEWART JORDAN Willingham Counselor Mercer, A.B.; Georgia Southern JACQUELYN MOORE Willingham Lunchroom Manager Antioch College MARY G. OLSEN VERNA RABERN McEvoy Librarian Wesleyan College, A.B.; Grad. work at Emory Advisor Library Club EVA PRIESTER McEvoy Asst. Librarian Southern Business College MILDRED CASTLEN McEvoy Dietitian Wesleyan College HARRY TRAWICK McEvoy Counselor; Asst. Principal Mercer University, A.B. MARTHA O. HUTCHERSON Willingham Librarian Wesleyan College, A.B.; Emory Uni- versity, B.A. Library Science Advisor Library Club JIM LITTLEFIELD Willingham Asst. Principal Western Kentucky State, B.S. Mathematics WINIFRED COLQUITT McEvoy Math Wesleyan College, A.B.; Mercer ‘Uni- versity, M.Ed.; University of North Carolina Advisor Math Club MICHAEL GARVIN Willingham Math Mercer University, A.B. Advisor Math Club JANE MIDDLEBROOKS McEvoy Algebra Wesleyan College, A.B. Advisor In School Y-Teens; Sopho- more Class CHRISTINE POWELL McEvoy Geometry Tift College, A.B. Advisor Sophomore Class HAROLD WATSON, JR. Willingham Math Mercer University, A.B.; Advisor Student Council CARTER KYSER Willingham Geometry ; j Auburn University, B.S., M.S. Driver’s Education, JACKIE ODOM McEvoy Driver's Education University of Georgia, B.S. FRANKLIN WINDHAM Willingham Driver's Education Berry College; Georgia Southern, B.S. CURTIS KINGSLEY Willingham Distributive Education, Advanced Drawing Itawamba Jr. College; Mississippi State University, A.B. ROGER GREENE Willingham Distributive Education Georgia Tech, Mercer University, A.B.; Post Graduate work at University of Georgia and Mercer University Distributive Education The Business World JEANETTE CHAMBERS McEvoy Stenography I, Il; Typing | Georgia Southern College, B.S. Advisor Business Staff “Bonnie Blue Print’, Junior Class PATE LOWERY McEvoy Typing; Business Math University of Georgia, B.A. WANDA PAHDOCO McEvoy General Business; Bookkeeping; Business Machines Oklahoma State University, B.S. Advisor F.B.L.A. DORIS WALKER McEvoy Stenography-Transcription; Typing I Women’s College, A.B.; Emory Uni- versity Advisor Senior Class JUNYTH WEEKS McEvoy Shorthand; Notehand; Typing | Brewton Parker; Georgia Southern College; Women’s College, A.B. Advisor Junior Class LAURA KERSEY Willingham Bookkeeping Georgia Southern College, B.S. Advisor F.B.L.A. DAISY BEATTY Willingham Typing I, Il Winthrop College, B.S. ROSALYN BROWN McEvoy Office Practice; Business Machines; Typing Woman’s College, B.S. Advisor Business Staff ‘‘Ramscott”’ Peek-a-boo! Physical Education JESSE DUCKWORTH Willingham P.E. University of Georgia, Mercer Uni- versity, A.B. BILLY HENDERSON Willingham University of Georgia, B.S. Advisor Ram Club What has coffee got to do with the price of bananas in Brazil? ANNE HADARITS Women’s College, B.S. Advisor Pep Club, G.A.A., Student Council MARY JANE NICHOLSON Women’s College, B.S. Advisor Pep Club, G.A.A., Student Council, Cheerleaders, Junior Class VIRGINIA SCHELL Women’s College, B.S. 7 : Advisor Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Picture LLOYD BOHANNON Not 4 Willingham Available PE. r Georgia Southern, B.S. TOMMY MIXON Willingham P:E. Mercer University, A.B. Languages - - - usw ascues McEvoy English 10, 11 North Georgia College Advisor Sophomore Class ADDIE RIE BAIRD McEvoy English 10, 12 and Business English Wesleyan College, A.B.; Mercer Uni- versity, M.Ed. Advisor Beta Club J. B. COLLISON Willingham English 12 University of Chattanooga, B.A. Advisor Rampage, Beta Club EDGAR LEE CROSSETT, Ill Willingham English Mercer University, B.A. Advisor Sophomore Class ELSIE DECHMAN Picture McEvoy-Willingham Not German Available ' University of Tennessee, B.A. Advisor German Club ELIZABETH HINESLEY McEvoy Spanish |, Il and English 12 Mercer University, A.B.; Emory Uni- versity, M.A. in English Advisor “Ramscott”, Spanish Club THOMAS HOOKS Willingham English Mercer University, A.B. DIANNE JIMERSON McEvoy English 11 and American History Reinhardt College; Georgia State, A.B.,.English major Advisor Tri-Hi-Y 7 MADGE CHAPMAN Willingham English Mercer University, B.A. That will be five days! KATHRYN JONES La nguages McEvoy English 10 University of Tennessee; Emory Uni- versity, A.B. Advisor Y-Teens JULIA LANIER McEvoy Journalism University of Georgia; Mercer Uni- versity, B.S. , ae Not Advisor “Bonnie Blue Print”, Seniot 5 Available Class P CYNTHIA MALONE McEvoy and Willingham French I, Il University of North Carolina, A.B.; University of Chicago; Lambuth Col- lege; Wesleyan College Advisor French Club TRUGEN REINDORP Willingham Spanish William Carey College ,B.A.; Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi, M.A.; University of Arizona; East Central State College; Fort Hayes Kansas State College; El Instituto Technolo- gico Advisor Spanish Club KAREN SHOCKLEY McEvoy French and English Wesleyan College, A.B. Advisor Senior Class, Senior Dra- matics ELMER WHITAKER Willingham BARBARA WATSON English 11, 12 Willingham Mercer University, A.B. English and Drama Advisor Senior Class Wesleyan College, A.B. Advisor Junior Class, Forensic Club Picture Economics SARAH GIBBS McEvoy Homemaking III, Family Living Berry College, B.S.; University of Geor- gia, M.H. Advisor F.H.A. PATSY MOODY McEvoy Homemaking II, III Women’s College, B.S.; University of Georgia, M.Ed. Advisor F.H.A. LENA PENDERGRASS McEvoy Family Living University of Georgia, B.S. H.E., M.H.E. Advisor A.M.C.C., F.H.A. Social Studies SUZANNE SPENCE Willingham English, Geography, and American History Wesleyan College, A.B. Sa ra ROSALIND ADELSTONE Willingham World History and Geography University of Georgia, A.B. GAIL BLAND Willingham American History and Government Women’s College, A.B. MARY SMITH Willingham American History Mercer University, A.B., M.Ed. Advisor “Ramscott” JACQUELYN RICHARDSON McEvoy American History Wesleyan College, A.B.; Duke Uni- versity, M.A.T. Advisor Student Council, Senior Class Cc. D. PARRISH Willingham Government and Economics University of Louisville, B.S.; Peabody College, M.A. MILDRED SCANDLYN McEvoy Geography Tift College; Women’s College, A.B. Advisor Future Teachers WINIFRED FOWLER McEvoy World History and Geography Mercer University, B.S.; Women’s Col- lege MARY WEAVER McEvoy American History, Economics, and Psychology University of Georgia, B.B.A. Advisor Junior Class Saints preserve us! Upside down and back- wards. Science FRANCES GRESHAM McEvoy Biology and Chemistry University of North Carolina, A.B.; Mercer University, M.Ed. Advisor Red Cross, Science Club ROBERT FLOYD Willingham Biology Mercer University, A.B. Advisor Key Club HELEN DENNIS McEvoy Biology Wesleyan College, A.B.; University of Chicago; Mercer University; Emory GEORGE CARSWELL Vath and Science Georgia Tech, B.E. LOARENE LONG McEvoy Chemistry and Physics Howard College, B.S. Advisor Science Club LEONARD PRIDGEON Willingham Chemistry and Physics University of Georgia, B.S.; University of Virginia, M.Ed. JUDYE HANCOCK Willingham Biology Women’s College, B.S. Art and Music | . DOROTHY COX JOAN HUDSON BARBARA REEVES DAVID GRAVES McEvoy McEvoy McEvoy Willingham Art Chorus Band University of Georgia, B.M. Mercer University, A.B.; Women’s University of Georgia, B.F.A., M.M.E. University of Georgia, B.S. College, M.Ed. Advisor Music Club Advisor Band Council Advisor Art Club A time to SS e Class of ’67 Secretaries: Terri Thames, Mark Perry Treasurers: Becky Russell, James Friedlander Vice-presidents: Duane McCallum Ronny Wallace a Elaine Epps, Jackie Clarke, Brenda Smith, Lynn Berryhill, Pat est GLORIA ROSE ADAMS Gloria Music Club 10-11; Garden Club 8. ROSEMARY ALFIROV Rosi Beta Club 11-12; Pep Club 8-11; Junior Dramatics 8-9; Future Homemakers of America 8-9; Red Cross 9. JANET ARNOLD Arnold Y-Teens 8-12, Inter-Club Council Officer Repre- sentative 9-12; Supv. Vice President 8-12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Pep Club 12; Band Club 10-11; Music Club 8-9; German Club 9-10; Latin Club 9-10; Future Home Makers of America 11-12; Jr. Dramatics Club 8-9. SANDRA ASBELL Sandra Student Council 8-9; F.H.A. 8-9; Publicity Chairman of Tri-Hi-Y 12; Supv. Basketball Volleyball 8-12; Li- brarian 10-11; Projects Chairman Music Club 12; Y-Teens 11; Red Cross Rep. 9-10; Chorus 8-12. CAROL ELIZABETH ANDERSON Carol Transferred 11; French Club 11-12, Secretary 12; Y-Teens 11-12; Supv. Volleyball 11. FRANKIE ANDERSON Frankie Pep Club 8; Tri-Hi-Y 8; Supv. Volleyball 9; Library Club 10-12; F.B.LA. 11-12; Audio Visual 11; Book- store 12. ZENEPHIA LEE ANNIS Zenephia Sweetheart Court 8; Future Homemakers of America 8-9; Student Council 8; Pep Club 8-9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Supv. Volleyball, Basketball and Softball 8-10. BARBARA ANN ARNOLD Barbara Beta Club 11-12; Math Club 10-12, Scrapbook 10, Treasurer 11, Vice President 12; Feature Editor of Ramscott 12; Perfect Attendance 8-11; Supv. Basket- ball, Volleyball Softball 8-10; F.H.A. 8. Happiness i RAMONA ELLEN AVERA Mona Beta Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 8-12; Parliamentarian 12; Volley Ball 8, 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10, 11; Perfect Attendance 8, 10. LINDA BAKER Linda Y-Teens 8; Chorus 8; Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 10; Sup. Volleyball 10, 11. ROSAMOND FAYE BALKCOM Faye Band 8-12; Band Club 8-12; Band Council 11, 12; Drum-Major of Band 11, 12; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Sr. Dramatics 10-12; Thespian 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Com- munity Project Chairman 12; German Club 11. SHARON GAIL BARFIELD Sharon Sup. softball 8; sup. Volleyball 10, 11; Y-Teens 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12. ANITA JOY BARNES Nita Tri-Hi-Y 8; Pep Club 10; Music Club 9-12, Social Chairman 10, Vice-President 11, Secretary-Treasurer 12; German Club 12, Social Chairrgan 12; Art Club 12; Chorus 9-11; Jr. High Ensemble 9; Melodettes 10, Alternate 11; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-12. JAN BASSETT Jan Band Club 8; Music Club 9, 10; Chorus 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 11, 12; FTA 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, columnist; Beta Club 11-12; Quill and Scroll 12. JO ANN BATCHELOR Jo Ann Library Club 11; Stunt Night 11, WANDA RITA BATES Wanda Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Chorus 8-11; Y-Teens 10-11. being a senior... MARY JOYCE BATTS Joyce Y-Teens 8; Band 8-11; Perfect Attendance 8-10. WANDA DIANNE BEAN Beany Sponsor for Blue-White Game 10; Key Club Sweet- heart 12; Y-Teens 8-10, program chairman 9-10; Pep Club 8-10; Band 8-10; Supv. Vice President 9; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Band Club 8-10; Supv. Softball 8-11. SHIRLEY ANN BELL Bell Allied Medical Careers Club 11, Historian 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Red Cross Club 8-12. MARTHA JEAN BELLFLOWER Martha Future Homemakers of America 10; 4-H Club 10; Y- Teens 10-11. MARTHA ANN BEMBRY Marty F.B.L.A. 10-12, Vice President 11, President 12; Student Council 12. GINGER LYNN BERRYHILL Lynn Future Teachers of America 9-12; Vice President 11, President 12; Layout Editor of Annual 12; Di- rector of Senior Class; Executive Council of Student Council, Scrapbook 12; Red Cross 11-12, Chaplain 12; Beta Club 11-12; Stunt Night 10-12. DIANE ELAINE BEVINS Diane F.B.L.A. 11-12, Treasurer 12; Y-Teens 8-9. DANA SUZANNE BILDERBACK Dana Allied Medical Careers Club 10; Art Club 11-12; Music Club 11-12; Chorus 11-12. PATRICIA ANN BOATRIGHT Patsy Pep Club 9. KATHRYNE LOUISE BOUDREAUX Kathy Transferred 12. JANIS BOWEN Jan Student Council 10, 11; FHA 9, 10, 12; Allied Medi- cal Careers Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Perfect Attendance 8-11. PENNY DIANE BOZEMAN Penny Band 10, 11; Band Club 10, 11; Y-Teens 10; French Club 11, 12; FTA 12; Chorus 8, 9. Happiness DORCILLE EILLEENE BLEDSOE Dorcille FHA 8-11, President 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Business Staff of Annual 12; Student Council 12; Y-Teens 8, 9, 10; Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9, 10; AMCC 12; FBLA 11; Band Club 8, 9, 10; Pep Club 8, 9, 10; Art Club 12. GAIL ELEASE BLOUNT Gail FTA 8, 9; Y-Teens 11; Chorus 8, 9, 10; Sup. Volley- ball, Basketball, Softball 8-12; FHA 9; PTA program. SANDRA FAYE BRADLEY Dee Transferred 11; Chorus 11; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Reporter 12; Y-Teens 12. ESTHER JEAN BRIDGER Esther Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 10-12; Chaplain 10; Vice- President 11, President 12; Y-Teens 8; Perfect At- tendance 8; Sup. Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 8-10; Student Council 9, 12; Office Monitor 12. IS having a senior ring. JUDY DIANNE BROOKS Judy Future Homemakers of America 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11-12; Library Club 12. LYNDA KATHLEEN BROWN Lynda Transferred 10; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; F.H.A. 10-12. JOLYN BROXTON Jolyn Beta Club 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; Vice-President 11, Program Chairman 12; Senior Dramatics 11-12; Secretary 12, Thespians 12; Ramscott Class Editor 12; F.H.A. 8-9; F.T.A. 10; Science Club 8, 10. CATHRYN JUNE BRYANT June Varsity Cheerleader 10-12; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9; Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Treasurer of Junior Class; Student Council 10-12, Treasurer 12, Secretary 12; Executive Council 10-12; Pep Club 8- 12; Ram Club 10-12; Beta Club 11-12. GENA JEWEL BRYANT Gena Cheerleader 9-12; Jr. Varsity 9, Varsity 10-12, Cap- tain 12; Student Council 11-12; Pep Club 8-12; Beta Club 11-12; G.A.A. 12; Ram Club 10-12. CHERIE DIANNE BULLARD Bullard F.H.A. 8; Latin Club 8; Band 8-11; Band Council 12, Secretary; Band 8-12, Squad Leader 9-12; Library Club 10-11; Science Club 11-12, Program Chairman; Math Club 8-9. Happiness is DEBORAH GAIL BURDESHAW Debby Beta Club 11, 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Columnist 12; Student Council; Sup. President 12; Y-Teens 9; Perfect Attendance 8. BRENDA LEE BURNLEY Brenda Future Business Leaders of America 11; Sup. Vol- leyball 10,11. GLORIA MARGENE BUSSELL Gloria Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12. DELLA MARIE BYAS Chick Transferred 11; Sr. Dramatics 12; Stunt Night Chorus 12; Sup. Volleyball 12. CHERYL ANN CALDWELL Cherry Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Copy Editor 12; Quill and Scroll 12; FBLA 11, 12; Jr. Library Assistant 11; Mu- sic Club 9, 10; Perfect Attendance 10-12. LINDA DIANE CALLAWAY Diane Managing Editor Bonnie Blue Print; Class Director 10, 11; Vice-President; AMCC Secretary 10; FHA Vice-Pres. 9; Honor Roll Chairman 10, Reporter 11; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9, Student Council 9, 11; Pep Club 9; State Officer AMCC 11. EMILY GENE CARR Emi Student Council 8-12, Executive Council 9-12, Pep Club 8-12, Vice-President 10, President 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 10; National Merit Semi-finalist 12; Super- latives Editor of Ramscott 12. BARBARA JEAN CARTER Tarded Sup. Volleyball 10, 11; FBLA 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Red Cross Representative 11; Perfect Attendance 10; Stunt Night 10, 11, 12. DELBRA SUE CARTER Delbra Transferred from Miller 10; Member F.H.A. 8-9; Y- Teens Out of School 8-10; Supv. Basketball 8-11; Supv. Volleyball 8-11; Vice Pres. of Supv. 10. SANDRA GAIL CAUSEY Gail Business Staff of Annual 12; Math Club 10-12; Span- ish Club 11; Art Club 9-11; Y-Teens 9. MARIE CLIATT Marie Band 8-12; Supv. Volleyball 8-11; Supv. Softball 10; Gym Day 8-12; F.B.L.A. 12. BRENDA CLIFFORD Brenda Beta 11-12; G.A.A. 10-12, Publicity Chairman 12; Y-Teens 8-9; Softball Intramurals 8-12, Champions 8-11; Gym Day 9-12. o CHERYL ROSE CHAPUT Cheryl Volleyball 10-11. SANDRA JOAN CHOFF Sandy Beta 12; Majorette 10-11; All-State Majorette 11-12; Blue and White Game Sponsor 11; Y-Teens 8-10, Program Chairman 9, Vice-President 10; Pep Club 10; Spanish Club 11; Supv. Volleyball 9; Supv. Sofft- ball 9; Student Council 11-12. JACKIE KAREN CLARKE Jackie Editor Ramscott 12; Homecoming Court 12; Class director 10-12; Beta Club 12; Student Council 12; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 11-12. SONJA THERESA CLARK Sonja Transferred 11; F.H.A. 12; Art Club 12; Supv. vol- leyball 11. Happiness is singing SHERRY A. COLSON Sherry LINDA EVELYN CRAINE Linda Beta 11; Y-Teens 10, 11, Vice-President 11; GAA 11; German Club 10, 11, Vice-President; Student Council 9, Inter-City Student Council 9; Inter-City Y-Teen tournament chairman 11; Freshman Class Di- rector; Business Staff Ramscott 11; Art Club 8-10; Sup. Sports 8-11. MARY DANA CROSS Dana Sup. Volleyball 8, 9; Sup. Basketball 8; Sup. Soft- ball 8, 9; F.B.L.A. 11. BRENDA JOY DARLEY Brenda PATRICIA ANN DARLING Pat Chorus 9-11; Music Club 9-11; Secretary 10 Melodet- tes 9; Sup. Volleyball 8-10; Sup. Basketball 8, 9; Sup. Softball 8; Bonnie Blue Print Business Staff 12; Perfect Attendance 8, 9; Red Cross Representative 8. DEENA ANN DEAL Deena Y-Teens 8; Art Club 11, 12; German Club 11, 12; F.T.A. 12. GLORIA ELAINE DEANE Lassie Transferred 11; Jr. Beta 8, 9; Beta 10; Latin Club 9, 10; Paper Staff 8, 9, 10; Business Staff of An- nual 12; F.T.A. 12; Chorus 10, 11, 12. HELENE RAE DENNIS Helene Y-Teens 9, 10; F.T.A. 11. the senior class song. SANDRA KAY DOOLITTLE DoMuch Secretary Chorus Club 8th; Dixie Darling 10; Y- Teen Club 11; French Club 12. TERRY THAIN DORSEY Terry Red Cross Representative 8; Girls’ Athletic Assn. 9; In school Y-Teens 9-10; Library Club 10; After school Y-Teens 11; Supv. Volleyball 8-12; Basketball 8-11; Baseball 8-11; Gym Day 8-12. GLORIA FAYE DOWD Faye Math Club 10-12; Spanish Club 11. PATRICIA ANN ELDRIDGE Annie Jo Student Council 8-12, President 12, Vice President 11, Treasurer 9, Suggestion Box 10; Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Treasurer; Junior Class Director; Homecoming Court 12; Majorette 8-11, Captain 11; Dramatics Club 9-12, Vice President 11, Thespian 11-12; Pep Club 10, Treasurer 10; Spanish Club 11-12, Treasurer 11; Sponsor Blue Team, Blue White Game 10; Inter-City Student Council 8, 9, 11. PATSY DIANNE ELLINGTON Pat Future Teachers of America 9-12, Program Chairman 11, Vice-President 12; Pep Club 9; Annual Staff Art Editor 12. m= . NANCY FAYE ELLIOTT Faye i y Future Business Leaders of America 12; 4-H Club al 8-9; Red Cross Representative 8; Volleyball 8. =. JUDY ANN ELROD Judy Ruth Sup. Basketball 8; Y-Teens 9-12; Red Cross Rep- resentative 11-12; Sup. Volleyball 8-9; Chorus Club 10; German Club 9; Gymnastics 9; Volleyball 11. LINDA ELY Linda Band Club 8-12; Band 9-12; Treasurer of Band Club 12; Asst. Progam Chairman of Science Club 11, Pro- gram Chairman Science Club 12; Band Council 12; French Club 11; Red Cross Rep. 9. BRENDA LAVERNE EVANS Brenda Y-Teens 11-12; Stunt Night 12; Transferred 11. SHARON ELAINE EVANS Sherry EVELYN EUNICE EZZELL Evelyn Transferred from Miller 8; Supv. Volleyball 10-11. BRENDA JOYCE FIVEASH Brenda F.B.L.A. 11-12; Y-Teens 8-10; Supv. Volleyball 9-11; Stunt Night 10-12. Happiness TOMMIE SUSAN ENGLISH Susan Pep Club 9-12; Beta Club 11-12; Thespians 12; Senior Dramatics 10-12, Vice-President 12; Supv. Volley- ball 10-12; Supv. Basketball 10-12. SHARON ELAINE EPPS Elaine Y-Teens 8-9; I.C.C. Representative 9; Director of Freshman Class; Spanish Club 11; Supv. Pres. 10; Director of Senior Class; Annual Typist; Business Staff. WANDA KAYE FLANDERS Wanda Latin Club 8; Treasurer of Freshman Class 9; Latin 9; Art Club 10-12; Beta Club 11-12; German Club 11; Red Cross 12; Sgt. of Arms of Beta 12. LOLA ALICE FRASER Lola Alice Beta Club 11-12; Future Teachers 11-12; French Club 11-12, Program Chairman 12; German Club 12; Li- brary Club 11; Library Assistant 11. the Junior-Senior. MARY JANE FROST Jayne 4-H Club 8-9; Supv. Volleyball and softball. BRENDA JOYCE FULLER Brenda French Club 11, Chaplain; F.B.LA. 11; AMCC 10; Jr.-Sr. decorating committee; Sup. Volleyball 9-11; Sec. of Senior Class Supv.; Vice Pres. of Junior Supv.; Pep Club 12. VICK] LEE FUNDERBURKE Vicki Sweetheart Court 8; F.H.A. 8-9, Projects Chairman 9; Jr. Dramatics 8-9, Treasurer 9; Vice-President Fresh- man Class 10; Supv. Volleyball 8-11; Supv. Basket- ball 8-11; Pep Club 8-9. JANICE LORENE GILBERT Gilbert Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 11-12; Drill Team 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. BRENDA DIANE GLISSON Diane Library Club 12; Library Assistant 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 10; Chorus Club 8; Chorus 8; Honor Roll 8. MARGARET JOY GRACE Margaret Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9; Varsity 10-12; Beta Club 11-12; Student Council 10-11; Pep Club 8-12; Dra- matics 8-10; GAA 10-12; Ram Club 10-12; Intra- mural volleyball, basketball, softball 12. LINDA GAIL HAMLIN Gail Perfect Attendance 8, 10, 11, 12; Band 8-12; Band Club 8-11; French Club 11-12; Science Club 10-11. LINDA GAIL HALL Linda Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; F.H.A. 8-9; Pep Club 8-10; Sup. Volleyball Champions 9; After School Y-Teens 10. CLAUDIA REGINA HARPER Gina Senior Dramatics 11-12; Thespian 12; Stunt Night 11; Office Monitor 12; Pep Club 8-12; Y-Teens 8-9; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 10. SANDRA ELAINE HARRIS Lane Transferred 11; Senior Dramatics; Stunt Night 11-12; Senior class Volleyball 12; Chorus. MARTHA LOUISE HAUPT Martha Transferred in 11 from Cochran High School; 11 F.T.A.; Art Club 12; F.H.A. 12. KAREN HAYES Karen Sup. Volleyball 8-11; Supv. Basketball 8-10; Pep Club 8-9. Happiness is working VIVIAN MAIRE HALLMARK Vivian German Club 11-12, Secretary-treasurer President 12; Beta Club 11-12; Student Council 12; Senior Dra- matics 10-12; Thespians 12; Latin Club 8-9, Secretary 9; Vice President of Supv. 12. BARBARA KAREN HAMLIN Bobbie In school Y-Teens 8-9; Future Homemaker’s of Amer- ica 8-10; Pep Club 10; Advertising staff of Bonnie Blue Print 12, Reporter 12. and planning together. MELANIE ANNETTE HAYWOOD Mel Y-Teens 8; Supv. Volleyball 9; Red Cross 9. PEGGY CHRISTINE HEATH Peggaly Supv. Volleyball, Basketball 8-12; Editor-in Chief, Bonnie Blue Print 12; G.A.A. 12; Melodettes 10-12; Gym Day 8-12; Supv. President 9; Student Council 9-12; All-State Chorus 11; Y-Teens 8-9; Pep Club 9-10; Chorus 8-12. LINDA DIANE HENRY Diane Junior Dramatics 8; Tri-Hi-Y 8-9; Pep Club 8. MARY DIANE HESTER Di Nan Y-Teens 9-10; Future Business Leaders of America 11. RHONDA JOYCE HEWELL Rhonda Beta Club 11-12, Vice-President 12; Ramscott Sports Editor and Assistant Business Manager 12; G.A.A. 8- 12, Points Chairman 12; Intramural Sports 8-12; Gym Day 8-12; Student Council 9; Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 8-9; Future Homemakers of America 8-9. ELIZABETH ANN HICKS Bettye Beta Club 11-12, President 12; Pep Club 8-9; Stu- dent Council 10-12, Executive Council 11-12; F.H.A. 8-9; Class Director 11-12; G.A.A. 11-12; Science Club 10; Math Club 9-12, Secretary 11, Treasurer 12; Intramural Sports 8-12; F.T.A. 9. TWILA ANN HIGGINBOTHAM Twilla G.A.A. 11-12; Stunt Night 11-12. SANDRA KAYE HILL Sandra Future Homemakers of America 9-11, Projects Chair- man 10, Secretary 11; Red Cross 12; Supv. Sports 9-10; Girls Athletic Association 8; Business Staff Bonnie Blue Print, Advertising Staff Bonnie Blue Print. Happiness is CAROL ANNETTE HILLIARD Annette Future Business Leaders of America 11-12; Library Assistant 10; Red Cross 9; Tri-Hi-Y 8; Gym Day 8; Business Staff of Ramscott 12. JANICE KAY HINSON Janice Jr. Dramatics 8-9, President 9; Student Council 9; Inter-City Student Council 9; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9, Co-captain 9; B-Team Cheerleader 10-12; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Senior Dramatics 10-12, Treasurer 12; Thespian 12; Pep Club 8-12; Ram Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff “Classie Lassie Columnist”, Homecoming Queen 12. CATHERINE ARLENE HOLT Cathy Student Council 11-12; Beta 11-12, Treasurer 12; Pep Club 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; French Club 10-11; Red Cross 10; Allied Medical Careers Club 10; Supv. President 11-12. KONNA KAY HOOD Kay A.M.C.C. 9-12; F.B.LA. 11. WANDA DAPHINE HOWARD Daphine Latin Club 8; Y-Teens in school 8-9; Math Club 10- 12; Spanish Club 11; Beta Club 11-12; Stunt Night 10-12; Annual Staff 12. PATRICIA ANNE HOWELL Patricia Tri-Hi-Y 10; Supervision Volleyball 10-11; Future Business Leaders of America 11-12. PATRICIA LYNN HUDSON Pat F.H.A. 12; Art Club 12; Jr. Dramatics 9. PATRICIA LYNN HUGHES Lynn 4-H Club 8-10; Beta Club 11-12; Future Teachers of America. having a senior lounge. LINDA FAY HUNT Linda Library Science 11-12; Future Business Leaders of America 11-12; Library Club 11-12. PEGGY HURLEY Peggy Perfect Attendance 8, 10; Tri-Hi-Y 8; F.T.A. 12. BARBARA JEAN INGRAM Jean Y-Teens 1-10; Pep Club 8-9; 4-H 9-10; Supv. Volley- ball 8-11; Garden Club; Intramural Sports 8-12. LINDA CAROL JACKSON Carol Y-Teens 8-10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. LETA BOND JAGLOWICZ Leta Future Homemakers of America 12; Art Club 12; Junior Dramatics 9. LINDA CAROL JAMES James Miller Athletic Club 8-9, Supv. Representative 8; Supv. Volleyball 8-12; Supv. Basketball 8-11; Chorus 8; Transfer Miller 10; Gym Day 11-12; Drill Team 12. FRANKIE JOHNS Franklin F.B.LA. 11; Beta Club 11-12; Supervision Volley- ball 11; Office Assistant 12. BRENDA GAIL JOHNSON Brenda Math Club 8; Jr. Dramatics 9; Chorus 9-11; Library Club 10, Sec.-Treas. 11, President 12; Student Coun- cil 12. Happiness is LINDA GAIL JORDAN Linda Y-Teens 8-11, Vice President 9, Treasurer 10; Ram- scott, Organizations Editor, Business Staff 12; Pep Club; Stunt Night 10-12; Gym Day 9, 11. WANDA JUANITA KING Wanda Math Club 11-12, Secretary 12; Y-Teens 8-9; Ramscott Staff 12; Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 8-10; Perfect Attendance 9-10; Office Monitor. MARTHA SUSAN KNIGHT Susan Y-Teens 8-11, President 10, I.C.C. historian 11; Chorus 9-10; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Features Edi- tor. ZOE LYNNE LAMBERT Lynne Allied Medical Careers Club 9-12, Historian 9, Sec- retary 10, Vice President 11, President 12; Student Council 12; Future Homemakers of America 12;¢ F.T.A. 9-10; Red Cross 9. BILLIE SUE LAZENBY Sue Transferred 11; F.T.A. 11-12, Publicity Chairman 12; Supervision Volleyball 11-12. CYNTHIA LEAPTROT Cindy Beta 11; French Club 11; Dixie Darlings 8-10. + PAULA LENESE LEWIS Paula Cheerleader 9-11, Jr. Varsity 9, B Team 10-11; Pep Club 8-12, Program Chairman 10; Jr. Dramatics 9- 12; Thespians 12; Beta 11-12; Photographer Ram- scott 12; Intramural Volleyball Basketball, Softball 8-12. MELODY JEAN LINES Melody Beta Club 11-12; Spanish Club 11-12; Future Teachers of America 9-12; Ramscott Copy Editor 12; Science Club 10; Stunt Night 10-12. meeting Mrs. Hull. SHARON DIANNE LONG Shortie Long Jr. Dramatics 8; F.H.A. 8; Supv. Volleyball, Basket- ball 8-12; French Club 11-12; Gym Day; Perfect At- tendance 10-11. REBECCA LORD Becky Chorus 9-10; Perfect Attendance 10; F.T.A. 11-12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Red Cross Vice President 12; Office Moni- tor 12. HARRIET DIANNE MANVILLE Harriet F.H.A. 9; Y-Teens 9; F.B.L.A. 12. LINDA JEAN MARSHALL Linda Majorette 9-11; Dixie Darling in 8-9; Y-Teens 8-9. CAROL JEAN MARTIN Carol Supv. Volleyball 9-10; Band Club 9. NANCY KAYE MARTIN Nancy Senior Dramatics 10-12; Thespians 10-12; Band 9-12, Band Council 12; German Club 11-12, Treas- urer 12; Jr. Dramatics 8-9; Supv. Volleyball 8-10. Happiness is th LINDA DUANE McCALLUM Duane Junior Class Vice President; Senior Class Vice Presi- dent; G.A.A. 11-12, Treasurer 12; Tri-Hi-Y; Intra- murals 9-12; “Miss Slick Witch” 12. SUSAN McCRANIE Susan Varsity Cheerleader 10-12, Jr. Varsity 9; Student Council 8-12, Executive Council 10-12, Inter-city Student Council 9; Pep Club 8-12; Ram Club 10- 12; Beta 11-12. GLINDA ANN McDONALD Glinda Transferred 11; F.T.A. 11-12, Publicity Chairman 12; Chorus 11. PATRICIA ANN McELHENNEY Patricia Chorus 9-12; Supv. Volleyball 11-12. SHERRY CONSTANCE McELMURRAY Connie Library Club 12; A.M.C.C. 10; Library Assistant 12. BRENDA GAIL McGLOHORN Gail Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supv. Volleyball 8-11. DEBORAH JEAN McMILLAN Debbie Sup. President 11; Student Council 11; Bonnie Blue Print Club Reporter 12; Junior Dramatics 8-9; Red Cross 9-10; Sup. Volleyball 8-9, 11; Bonnie Blue Print Advertising Staff; Sup. Secretary 12. MERI MERIWETHER Meri F.H.A. 8-10; Membership Chairman 9; In school Y-Teens 10; Sup. Volleyball 8-11; Sup. Pres. 10 Sup. Basketball 8-11; Hopscotch 12; Pep Club 9-10. senior Banquet. MARSHA ERCELLE MIDDLEBROOKS Marsha Student Council, Executive Council 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Pep Club 8-11; Junior Dramatics 9; Stunt Night 10-12. BARBARA KAREN MIMBS Karen Business Staff and News reporter, Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Business Staff of Ramscott 12; In School Y-Teens 8-9; Perfect Attendance 10. RENEE HILDA MIXON Renee In School Y-Teens 8-11; Supv. Volleyball, basketball, softball 8-11; Red Cross 9-10, 12. JOAN CAROL MOORE Pancakes Bookstore 12; Volleyball 9-11; Basketball 8-11; Sofft- ball 8-10; F.B.LA. 11-12; Library Club 10-12, Par- liamentarian 11; Chorus 11-12; Melodettes 11-12; Perfect Attendance 11. BEVERLY JEAN MORGAN Beverly Music Club 8; In School Y-Teens 9; Pep Club 9; F.B.L.A. 11; F.T.A. 12. JACQUELINE RAE MORSTAD Jacque Pep Club 9-12; Junior Dramatics 9; Senior Dra- matics 10-12; F.H.A. 8-9; Ernest Jiking School, Japan 11; Beta 12; Thespians 12, Secretary 12. MARTY MOSES Marty Bonnie Blue Print Advertising Staff, Marty’s Book Nook 12; Junior Class Representative 11; A.M.C.C. 9; Y-Teens 9; Latin Club 8. SUSAN ELAINE MOTE Susan F.B.LA. 11-12; Perfect Attendance 8, 11, 12; Stunt Night 11-12. NANCY CAROL NESMITH Carol SHARON JEANEANE NOLAN Sharon Pep Club 8, 9; Future Homemakers of America 10; Allied Medical Caraers Club 11, 12; Librarian 11, Treasurer 12; Chorus 8-12. BEVERLY ANNE OKTAVEC Oktavec Sup. Basketball and Volleyball 8-10; Science Club 10; Band Club 10-12; Art Club 12; Y-Teens 9; Pep Club 10. SHARON ELIZABETH OSBORN Osborn Transferred 9; Melodettes 9-11; Music Club 9, 10; Chorus 9-11; Library Club 10, 11; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Sup. Volleyball 9.. Library Assistant 9. Happiness is your PEGGIE DOLORES MOXLEY Dolores Beta Club 12; Student Council 9, 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, ‘Tween Teens Reporter 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Y-Teens 9; Sup. Pres. 9, 12; Gym Day. BARBARA SUE MOYE Barbara Future Business Leaders of America. SANDRA MARIE PARKER Sand Transferred 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 11, 12; Chorus 11, 12; German Club 11, 12; Career Day 11, 12. ROSEMARY PEACOCK Rosemary Senior Dramatics 10-12; Thespian 12, President; Jun- ior Dramatics 8, 9, Vice-President 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; National Merit Semi- Finalist 12. last annual. NORA FAYE PEAVY Peavy Volleyball 9, 10; Stunt Night 12. FRANCES PAULETTE PEEBLES Paulette Chorus 10, 11, 12. JANIE DIANNE PELT Pellet Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Historian 12; Y-Teens 10; Sup. Volleyball 8-11. EMILY PHINIZY Emily Transferred 11; Stunt Night 11; Sup. Volleyball 11; Future Teachers of America 12; Volleyball Intra- murals 12. LINDA ANN PIERCE Pierce Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Scotchtape Columnist 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Student Council 9; Sup. President 9; Jr. Dramatics 8; Sup. Volleyball 8, 9. JOYCE FAY PIRKLE Pirkle Pres. Sr. Class 12; Pres. Jr. Class 11; Sec. Soph. Class 10; Tri-Hi-Y 8-12, Chaplain 10-12; Future Teachers of America 9-11; GAA 12; Student Council 10-12, Executive Council 11, 12; Best Citizen 12 (DAR Award); Intramural Sports 8-12, Sec. of Jr. Dramatics 8. BARBARA POWELL Blinky Pep Club 11, 12, Program Chairman 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Y-Teens 8; Red Cross Representative 10; Girls Athletic Association 12; Basketball, Softball, Volleyball 9-12; Badminton 11, 12; Ping Pong 11, 12; Slick Witch Con- test 12; Jr. Class Sup. Rep.; Gym Day 9, 11, 12. DONNA RUNAE POWELL Runae Tri-Hi-Y 8-12, Treasurer 11, Pres. 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Pep Club 11; Red Cross Representative 11; Sup. Volleyball 11; Latin Club 8. BRENDA LOUISE PRUETT Pruett Senior Dramatics 10-12; French Club 12; Thespians Club 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Future Homemakers of America 8; Jr. Dramatics 9; Sup. Volleyball, Bas- ketball 8-10. SHIRLEY ANN QUINN Quinn Pep Club 8-12, Secretary 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 11; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Secretary 12; Ramscott Staff, Activities Editor 12; Stunt Night 10-12. JANICE RAWLINGS Janice Beta Club 11, 12; Ramscott Photographer 12; Bon- nie Blue Print Columnist 11; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; Pep Club 10-12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Math Club 8, 9; Senior Dramatics 10. ELAINE REICH Lanie Y-Teens 8-10, 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 8-10, 12; Chorus 8-10; Pep Club 10, 11; Red Cross Rep. 9, 10; Library Assistant 11. Happiness is LINDA RUTH PRINCE Linda Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council, Exec. Council 11, 12; Pep Club 8-12; Ram Club 10-12; Cheerleader, Jr. Varsity 9, B-team Captain 11, Varsity 10, 12; Home- coming Court 12; Sr. Dramatics 10; Blue and White Game Sponsor 11. DOROTHY PROCTOR Dorothy Pep Club 10; Sr. Dramatics 10; Future Business Lead- ers of America, 11. JUDITH REINERTSEN Judy Tri-Hi-Y 9-12, Secretary 10, Vice-President 12; Pep Club 10-12; Jr. Dramatics 8, Vice-President 8; Future Teachers of America 8, 9; Sr. Dramatics 12; Will- ingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Library Club 11; Li- brary Assistant 11. EUGENIA HANDLEY ROBERTS Genia Beta 11, 12; Annual Staff, Senior Class Editor 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, Vice-President 11, School Project Chairman 10; French Club 10, 11, Chaplain 10; Senior Dramatics 12. planning for the future. BECKY RUSSELL Becky Student Council 11, 12; Inter-City Representative 11; Future Homemakers of America 10; Y-Teens 8, 9; Treasurer 9; Band Club 8-12, President 12; Supervi- sion President 11, 12; Class Officer 9-12. CARROLL PAULINE RYDER Rabbit Transfer 11; French 11, 12; Y-Teens 11, 12; Senior Dramatics Club 11; Chorus 11, 12; Sup. Volley- ball 11, 12. SHARON ELAINE RYON Elaine Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12. KATHY SUE SANDERS Mama Kathy Band Club 8-12; Band 9-12; Science Club 10-12, Program Chairman 11, President 12; Library Club 12; Sup. Basketball 9-11; Chaplain of Band 10-12; Squad Leader 11, 12; Student Council 12; Library Assistant 8-12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12, Ex- change Manager. JANICE DIANE SAPP Janice Beta Club 11, 12; Ramscott staff 12, Sophomore Class Editor; Future Business Leaders of America 12, Pro- gram Chairman; Junior Dramatics 8, 9; Sup. Softball, Basketball 8. MARY LOU SAULS Mary Lou Future Homemakers of America 8; Junior Basket- ball team 11. VIRGINIA CARMEN SEAMAN Ginger Red Cross 8, 9; Pep Club 9, 10; Future Homemak- ers of America 8; Y-Teens 9, 10; Sup. Volleyball 8, 9, 11; Sup. Basketball 8-10. PEGGY DARLENE SEIGLER Peggy Perfect Attendance 8; Y-Teens 12, Chaplain 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Sup. Volleyball 8. BRENDA JOYCE SMITH Brenda Transferred 8, 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Coun- cil 11, 12; Ramscott, Organizations Editor 12, Busi- ness Staff 12, Director Senior Class; Spanish Club 11, 12, President 12; Sup. President 11; Gym Day 8, 10; Future Homemakers of America 8. GALE SMITH Gale Transferred 11; Pep Club 12; Senior Dramatics 12; Stunt Night 11, 12. JEANNE SMITH Jeanne Beta Club 11, 12; Library Club 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Garden Club 8, 9, Secretary 9; Stunt Night 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Disc Play Column 12. RHONDA SMITH Rhonda Tri-Hi-Y 11, Officer 12, School Projects Chairman; Student Council 12; Music Club, President 12; Melo- dettes 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Senior Dramatics 10, 11; Math Club 8, Vice-President 9; Sup. Volleyball, Softball 9-11. Happiness is being EMILY KAY SHAFER Shafer Transferred 11; Library Club 11; Sup. Volleyball 11, 12; Gym Day 11; Sup. Basketball 11, 12; Fu- ture Business Leaders of America 12. CAROLYN SHED Carolyn Transferred 10. VICKI JEAN SMITH Vicki Chorus 8-11; Y-Teens 8-10. GLENDA FAYE SPIRES Sis Sup. Volleyball 10, 11; Library Club 11; Future Busi- ness Leaders of America’ 12; Perfect Attendance 8, 10, 11. old enough to be immature. LINDA ANN STALLINGS Stallings Perfect Attendance 9; Y-Teens 8-12, Sports Chairman 11, President 12; Future Homemakers of America 10, 11, Public Relation Chairman 12; Bonnie Blue Print staff 12; 4-H 8; Pep Club 8; Chorus 8-12; Sup. Volleyball 8, 9. BARBARA DIANNE STANFIELD Barbara Sup. Softball, Volleyball 8, 10, 11, Basketball 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Perfect Attendance 8, 10; Gym Day 8. STEPHANY MARIE STEPHENSON Stef Freshman Class President; Sophomore Class Pres- ident; Y-Teens 8-11, Pres. 9, Treasurer 11; Y-Teen Interclub Council 9-11, Parliamentarian 10, Corre- sponding Secretary 11; Student Council 9, 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Girls Athletic Association 11, 12; Gym Day 8-12; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball 8-12, Softball 8. JANALYNN REKELL STEVENS Jan Bonnie Blue Print 12; Y-Teens 8, 9. LINDA JAN STEWART Linda Beta Club 12; Student Council, Executive Council 12; Bonnie Blue Print Advertising Manager 12; Fu- ture Business Leaders of America 11; Future Home- makers of America 10; Y-Teens 8, 9; Chorus 9; Perfect Attendance 10, 11. TOMMIE ANN STOWE Tommie Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 9-12, Secretary 10, Executive Council 11, 12; Cheerleader—Jr. Var- sity 9, Captain; Varsity Cheerleader 10-12, Co- Captain 12; Ram Club 10-12; Pep Club 8-12; Junior Dramatics 9. BARBARA JEAN TAYLOR Barbara Transferred 12; Art Club 12. TERRI BUSH THAMES Tall Terri Girls Athletic Association 9-12, President 12; Pep Club 8-11, Treasurer 11; Class Officer, Director 10, 11; Secretary 12; Senior Dramatics 10, 11; Ramscott Staff Activities Editor 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Secretary 12, Convention 11; Projects Chairman, Student Coun- cil 12; Gym Day 8-10. CARLEEN THIGPEN Carleen Beta Club 11, 12; Gym Day 11; Sup. Volleyball 11, 12. SHIRLEY KAREN THOMAS Karen Perfect Attendance 8, 10, 12. Happiness is looking NANCY LEE SUMMERS Nancy Y-Teens 9, 10; Library Club 10; French Club 11; Senior Dramatics 12; Sup. Volleyball 9-11. LORETTA TANNER Tanner Transferred from Miller 10; Gym Day 10-12; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball 10-12. ROSLYN TOMBERLIN Roslyn Class Director 9; Future Teachers of America 8-10; Chorus 8-11; Business Manager of Ramscott 12; Business Staff 11. SANDRA JEAN USSERY Sandy Student Council 12; Annual Photographer 12; Tri- Hi-Y Club 12; Y-Teens 9, 11; Chorus 10, 11; Library Assistant 10, 11. forward to graduation. ELLEN ELIZABETH WALKER Ellen Beta Club 11, 12; Senior Dramatics 11, 12, President 12; French Club 10, 11; Pep Club 8; National Merit Semi-Finalist 12; Student Council 12. JUANITA JANE WALTON Jane Copy Editor of Ramscott; Beta Club 11, 12; Science Club 10-12, Program Chairman 10, Vice-President 12; Math Club 8, 9, 12; German Club 9-11, Treasurer 10; Voice of Democracy Winner 11. RENEE WASDEN Renee Business Manager of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Future Business Leaders of America 10, 11; Red Cross Representative 10, 12; Sup. Volleyball 9; Library Assistant 9, 10. PATRICIA MAE WEST Pat Band 11, 12, Captain of Brass 12; Girls Athletic Association 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Student Coun- cil 11, 12; Governor’s Honors Program 11; Sr. Class Director; Sup. Volleyball 11, 12; Gym Day 11, 12. BEVERLY DIANNE WHITT Whitt Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Band Club 8, Art Club 8, 9, 10; Y-Teens 9; Girls Athletic Associa- tion 10-12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff—Art Editor 12; Sup. Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 8-12. VAUNA LOU WHITTLE Vauna Transferred 9; Pep Club 9-11; Sup. Volleyball 10, Captain 11; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Degrees Committee Chairman 11, 12, Secretary 12; Annual Staff, Index Editor 12; Bookstore 12; Perfect Attendance 9-11. May happiness be ALICE FAY WILBANKS Fay BRENDA KAY WILBANKS Kay SARALYN WILDER Sally Pep Club 8-11; Junior Dramatics 8, 9; Senior Dra- matics 10; Future Business Leaders of America, Degrees Committee Co-Chairman 11, 12; Vice Pres- ident 12; Bookstore 12; Annual staff, Index Editor 12; Sup. Secretary 11; Perfect Attendance 10, 11. BEVERLY DIANE WILLIAMS Diane LONNIE MARIE WILLIAMS Marie French Club; Y-Teens; Music Club; Future Business Leaders of America; Future Homemakers of America. KAREN DIANE WILSON Karen Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; McEvoy-Willingham Note- book 12; Office Monitor 12; Future Homemakers of America 12; Chorus 10-12; Library Club 10, 11, As- sistant 10, 11; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Y-Teens 8, 9; Band Club 8. REBECCA CHARLENE WILSON Charlene Beta Club 11, 12; “Dixie Darling’ 11; Y-Teens 9, 10, Service Projects Chairman 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 11, 12; Sup. Sports 8-10; Gym Day 8, 9; Office Monitor 12. DOLORES FAYE WOOD Faye Chorus 9-12. all that your future holds. MARY KATHERINE WOOD Kathy Y-Teens 9, 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Stunt Night 10, 11; Pep Club 8. SANDRA KAY WOODELL Sam Allied Medical Careers Club 9-12, Historian 9, Photographer 12; Pep Club 8, 9; Scholastic Achieve- ment Award 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Sup. Volleyball, Soft- ball 8, 10. DEBORAH DIANE WRIGHT Diane French Club 10-12, Vice-President 12; Allied Medi- cal Careers Club 10-12; Bookstore 9; Future Home- makers of America 8, 9; Red Cross Representative 8; Pep Club 8. MARIE WRIGHT Marie Student Council 12; President of Red Cross 12, Proj- ect Chairman 11; Y-Teens 9, 10, Historian 10; Busi- ness Staff of Annual 12; Sup. Volleyball, Softball 8. SANDRA ELAINE WRIGHT =} Band 11, 12; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Future Homemak- ers of America 8, 9; Y-Teens 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Pep Club 9, 10; Bonine Blue Print, Citculation Manager. VICTORIA ELLEN WRIGHT Vickie Ramscott Staff, Typist 12; Beta Club 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Red Cross Representative 11; Pep Club 8; Sup. Volley- ball 10, 11, Softball 8. MARGARET YEARWOOD Peggie Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Library Club 10, 11; Y-Teens 9-11; Science Club 8; Red Cross 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10. SANDRA ELAINE YOUNGBLOOD Sandra Perfect Attendance 8-12; Gymnastics 8-12; Girls Ath- letic Association 11, 12; Gym Day, Softball 8-12; Sup. Sports 8-12. SHERYL GAIL YOUNGBLOOD Youngblood Girls Athletic Association 12; Sup. Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Softball 8-12; Gym Day 8-11; Red Cross 8. JOSEPH SHULER AVERA, JR. Joe Football 9; Sup. Basketball 9; Basketball Manager 10; Audio-Visual 12; Hi-Y 9; F.B.L.A. 11, 12; Library Club 10, 11. HAROLD BALKCOM Harold Track 8; Spanish Club 11. DONNY RAY BARFIELD Don Baseball 10; Basketball 12. CLEAVY LEE BATES Lee Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 8, 10; Industrial Arts 9; Student Council 9; Math Club 11, 12; Beta Club 12. DAVID RICHARD ALGAE David Football 8, 9, Manager 10; Baseball 8-10; Track 8; Gymnastics 10; Audio-Visual 9, 10. HENRY WILLIAM ARRINGTON II Henry Football 10; Sup. Basketball 8, 10; Audio-Visual 8, 10, 12; Art Club 8; Spanish Club 11, 12. WILLIAM REGINALD BATTLE Reggie VICA Club 12. JAMES HUGH BELL Hugh Student Council 9. JOHN ALBERT BELL Johnny DECA Club 12. MICHAEL EUGENE BELLFLOWER Mike Football 8, 9; Basketball 9; 4-H Club 9; Science Club 9; Drama Club 10; Red Cross 12. WILLIAM NORMAN BONDS Norman Sup. Football 8-11; Baseball 8, 9; Student Council 8; Red Cross 8; Speech-Drama Club 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Library Club 8-10. JAMES HILL BORDERS Jimmy 4-H Club 8-10; DECA 11, 12, Secretary 12. HOWARD CLARENCE BENSON Howard Football 8, 9; Red Cross 8, 9, Treasurer 9; Student Council 11; Spanish Club 11, 12; Class Represent- ative 12. OLAN ALBERT BLIZZARD Al Baseball 8-10; Jr. Beta 9; Key Club 10, 11; Student Council 10, 12; President Spanish Club 12; Hall Monitor 12. ALLAN RAY BOLDEN Allan Football 8, 9; Baseball 8-10, Spanish Club 11, 12; Key Club 10, 12. MICHAEL WILLIS BONE Mike 4-H Club 8, 9; FBLA 12. Kaiser Wilhelm and cohorts! WILLIAM EUGENE BRADY Bill Sup. Basketball 10; Red Cross 12. JAMES ELLIS BROOKS Jim Track 8-12; Sup. Football 10, Basketball 10; Audio Visual 9-12, President 11, 12; Student Council 8-12, Treasurer 12; FBLA 11; Class Representative 12; VICA Vice-President 12. MICHAEL STEPHEN BROWN Mike Football 8, 9; Sup. football 10, basketball 9, 10. FRED LAMAR BROWNING Fred Band 8-12; Ramjets 9; Library Club 9-11; Vice-Presi- dent 11; Math Club 11-12; Jr. Beta 10, Southern Ac- cents 12; Sup. Basketball 9. KENNETH WAYNE BROWNLEE Kenneth Sup. football 10, Basketball 10; Industrial Arts Club 8, 9; VICA Club 11, 12; DCT Reporter 12. DALTON GERALD BUTTS Dalton DECA 12. LARRY STUART BYARS Larry Football 10; DCT 12. LARRY G. CAMP Larry FFA 8; Cadet Band 10; Marching Band 11; FBLA 11. DAVID VON CLINARD David Sup. Football. 8-10; Sup. Basketball 10; FBLA 11; Spanish Club 11, 12. CARY JAMES CLOUD Cary Sup. Football 8, 9; Sup. Basketball 8-10; Industrial Arts Club 8-10; Track 8, 9; Jr. Beta 9; Red Cross 9; Pep Club 10; FBLA 11, 12, President 12; German Club 11, 12. CHARLES HUBERT CANNON Chuck Sup. Basketball 8; Audio-Visual Vice-President 9; Pep Club 10; FBLA 12. LYNNWOOD MARTIN CHAMBERS Lynnwood Sup. Basketball 8, 9; Track 8; Audio Visual 9, 10; DECA Club 12; FBLA Club 12. JAMES CECIL CHERRY Jimmy Football 8-12, Varsity 12; Baseball 8-12; Varsity 11, 12; Sup. Basketball 8-10. JAMES QUINTON CHILDERS Quinton Transferred 10; Band 10-12; Captain 12; Drama Club 10; FBLA 12; Forensic Society 12; Business Manager, Rampage 12. HERBERT NEAL COOK Herbert CHARLES C. COOPER Charles Art Club 8, 9. RONNIE LEON COOPER Ronnie Basketball 8, 9; Gymnastics 8, 9; Radio Club 11; Track 8; Science Club 8-10. ROSS DUWAYNE COOPER Ross Football 8-12; Art Club 8; Student Council 9; Math Club 11, 12; German Club 11, 12; Ram Club 12. JESSE JAMES COLLINS, JR. Jesse Sup. Football 8, 9; Sup, Basketball 8; Basketball 9; Secretary Sophomore Class; Beta Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Language Club 11; Math Club 12. CLARENCE PHILIP COMER Philip 4-H Club 8; Student Council 9, 12, Jr. High President 9; Inter-City Student Council 9; Jr. Beta Club Treas- urer 9; Band 8-12, Cadet Band 8, Marching Band 9-12, Concert Band 9-12, Stage Band 9, 10, South- ern Accents; Dramatics Club 10-12; Key Club 10-12; Class director 10; Lieutenant Governer 12; Debat- ing Club 11, 12, President 12; Math Club 12; Li- brary Club 12; Ramscott Activities Editor 12. JERRY WAYNE CRABB Wayne WILLIAM CHESTER CROSS Chuck Football 8-12; Wrestling 9-12; Track 8-12; Student Council 8-12, President 12; Inter-City Student Coun- cil 9; Ram Club 9-12; Key Club 10-12; Junior Class Treasurer. JACK LANIER CULPEPPER Jack Football 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Track 8-11; Wrestling 9-12; Sup. Football 9-11; Sup. Basketball 9-11; Stu- dent Council 8, 9, Vice-President 9; Ram Club 10- 12; Key Club 10-12. RICKY LEE DANIEL Ricky Football 8; Sup. Football 9, 10; Sup. Basketball 8- 10; Art Club 9; FBLA 11, 12. CLIFFORD MONROE DAVIS Monroe Transferred 12. RONALD LEE DEFOE Ronnie Wrestling 9, 11; Track 10; Sup. Basketball 8; 4-H 8, 9, Vice President 9; FBLA 11, 12; Pep Club 11; Red Cross Vice-President 12. KENNETH RONALD DENT Ken Student Council 10. MICHAEL FRANKLIN DIGBY Mike Beta Club 11, 12, President 12; Student Council 10-12, Vice-President 11; Senior Class Cabinet; Language Club 11, 12, Vice President 11; Foren- sic Society 11, 12; Rampage 12; Ramscott Or- ganizations Editor 12; Tween Teens Correspondent 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; Key Club 10; Jr. Beta Secretary 9; Ram Jets 9. Go Hoodlums!! Fp. Rs ne ena JOHN HOBSON DUBOSE John ROBERT MURPHEY DURDEN Bobby DENNIS MARION ELLIS Dennis Football 8-12; Baseball 8-12; Basketball 8, 9; Ram Club 11, 12; President 12. WILLIAM BOYD ELROD Bill DECA 12. KENNETH RAY DIXON Ken Football 8-10, Varsity Manager 11; Industrial Arts 8, 9; Ram Jets 8, 9; Audio-Visual 10-12; Spanish Club 11; Radio Club 11; Red Cross 8, 9; DCT 12. JAMES RAYMOND DOVE James French Club 12; Rampage 12. Well, if | apply to all of ‘em | might get accepted. Let’s see, how did Kyser say it worked? GEORGE CARLTON EMERICK George Pep Club 10; Sup. Basketball 10. LARRY EDWARD ENTREKIN Larry Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 9, 10; Library Club 9, 10. BILLY DAVID EPPS Billy Football 8; Baseball 9; Wrestling 10; Sup. Basket- ball 8, 9; Sup. Football 10; Jr. Beta 9; Math Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Language Club 11; Ramscott Sports Editor 12; Feature Editor Rampage 12. DONNY WILBURN EVANS Donny WILLIAM RONALD FINCHER Ronnie Track 8-12; Basketball 9-11; Sup. Football 10; Span. ish Club 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Rampage 11, 12. BARRY EDWARD FITZPATRICK Fitz Football 8-10; Sup. Basketball 9; Red Cross 8, 9, Secretary 9; Student Council 12. SJ ca. a DANNY ALBERT FRANCIS Danny Football 8; Track 9, 10; Audio Visual 8-12; Radio Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 11. JAMES THOMAS FREEMAN, JR. Jimmy Gymnastics 8-10; FBLA 11; Pep Club 10. JAMES OTTO FRIEDLANDER James Baseball 8-10; Wrestling 10-12; Audio Visual 8, 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; Red Cross 11; FBLA 11, 12. OLIN N. FULCHER Olin Band 8-12; Cadet 9, Marching 10-12, Concert 10-12, Dance 12; Spanish Club 12; FBLA 12; Industrial Arts 9. DANNY CHARLES FLOYD Danny DECA 11, 12. STEPHEN MARK FLOYD Steve REGINALD JOEL GIBSON Reggie LAWRENCE WAYNE GILLELAND Wayne Red Cross 12; German Club 11, 12, President 12. ALVA MICHAEL GODFREY Mike Cadet Band 8; Band 9-12; Ram Jets 9; Language Club 11; Spanish Club 12; Art Club 9. CHARLES D. GODWIN Charles BOYKIN WELTZA GOLDSBY, JR. Bobby Football 8; Sup. Basketball 8, 9, Basketball 10-12; Student Council 9. DEAN ELWIN GOODMAN Dean Football 8-12, Baseball 8, 9, Wrestling 10-12; Jr. Beta 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Vice president Ram Club 12. WILLIAM G. GOODNER, JR. Bill Baseball 8, 9; Basketball 9; Jr. Beta 9; Industrial Arts 10; Beta Club 12. RONALD GAY GOODWIN Ronald DECA 11, 12, Vice-President 12. If you want to use the rest- room you'll have to get in line! agony!!! CHARLIE GREEN, JR. Charlie Transferred 11; Band 11, 12. LAKE WILLIAM GREENE, JR. Lake Football 8, 9; Sup. Basketball 8-10; Student Coun- cil 12; Art Club 8, 9; VICA 11, 12, President 12. JAMES RONALD GRIFFIN Ronnie Football 11, 12; Track 11, 12; Golf 9; Student Coun- cil 8, 9; Spanish Club 12; Library 9-12, Treasurer 10, 11; President Ram Jets 9; Ram Club 12. SAMUEL EDWIN GRIFFIN Sammy JOSEPH EARNEST GRIGGERS Joe Sup. Basketball 8; Wrestling 10; Red Cross 10; FBLA 11, 12, Sgt. at Arms 12. MIKE HERBERT GROVES Mike FBLA 12. JOHN EDWARD HADDOCK Ed DECA 11, 12. LEONARD WAYNE HAMMOCK Wayne Track 9-11; Sup. Basketball 9, 10; Gymnastics 11; Safe Teens 11; FBLA 12; VICA 12. ROBERT LARRY HARRELL Robert Red Cross 8, 9. CLAUDE HAROLD HAYWOOD, JR. Sonny Industrial Arts 8, 9; Student Council 8; Jr. Beta 9; Radio Club 9-11, Vice-President 11; Audio Visual 11, 12, Secretary 12; Rampage 11, 12; Exchange Editor 12; FBLA 12. WILLIAM JOSEPH HAMMOCK William Sup. Basketball 8, 9; Basketball 10; Baseball 9. EARNEST LAMAR HARBIN Earnest Transferred 11. MACK BRADY HARBUCK, JR. Brady Sup. Basketball 8, 10; DECA 11, 12. JOE FLOYD HARDEMAN Joe Word leaked out that the sen- iors were to take the Marine test ... HARVEY LEE HEATH Harvey WARREN FRED HERBERT Warren Football 8, 9; French Club 11, 12. FRANCIS B. HICKS Francis Transferred 11. JOHN JAMES HIGGENBOTHAM John LARRY NEIL HOBBS Larry Football 8, 9; Red Cross 9; Student Council 8. JAMES JOSEPH HOFFEDITZ Hoff Track 10-12; Sup. Basketball 10; Sup. Football 10; Swimming Team 10; Junior Class Cabinet; Student Council 12; FBLA 11, Secretary 12. WALTER FREEMAN HOLLAND Walter Sup. Basketball 9; Gymnastics 8, 9; Audio Visual 8-12, Vice-President 12; Pep Club 11; Radio Club 11; Art Club 10; Spanish Club 12; FBLA 12. HARPER ALEC HOLSTON Alec Sup. Basketball 9, 10; DECA 11, 12. RAMS!!! EDSAL BRYANT HORNE, JR. Eddie Football 9, 11; Basketball 8, 9; Sup. Basketball 10; Art Club 9; Pep Club 10. DONALD EUGENE HORTON Donny Football 8-11, Coaching Staff 12, Varsity Statis- tician 12; Track 9, 10; Wrestling 10, 11; Jr. Beta 9; Beta Club 12; Sophomore Class President; Student Council 10, 11; German Club 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Classes Editor 12; Math Club 12. JOSEPH WAYNE HORTON Wayne Band 9-12, Marching 11, Concert 12; Senior Class Cabinet; French Club 12; FBLA 11. EDWARD MCVEY HOWARD, JR. Eddie Football 9; Sup. Football 9, 10; Track 9-12; Gym- nastics 9, 10; Sup. Basketball 9; Wrestling 10; French Club 12. DANIEL WAYNE HUMPHREY Danny JERRY CLEVELAND JACKSON Jerry FFA 8-10, 12, President 10, 12; DECA 11. RANDALL SCOTT JACKSON Randy Football 8-12; Wrestling 10-12; Baseball 8-10, 12; Jr. Beta 9; Student Council Treasurer 9; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Business Manager 12; Junior Class Vice- President; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Key Club 10-12, Vice-President 11, Treasure 12, State Treasurer 12; Ram Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12. JOHN RICHARD JANSEN Dick Football 8-12; Basketball 8-12; Baseball 8-10; Student Council 8-12; Red Cross 8; Jr. Beta 9; Sophomore Class Cabinet; Ram Club 10-12; Beta Club 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 12; President Junior Class; President Senior Class. GROVER EDWARD HOWARD Grover Track 8-12; Sup. Football 10; Student Council 8, 9, 12, Inter-City Student Council 9; Junior Class Cabi- net; Jr. Beta 9; Rampage 12; Ramscott Staff 12. RICHARD RANDALL HUDSON Randy Swimming Team 9, 10; FBLA 11. HERMAN CHARLES JONES, JR. Chuck Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 8; Basketball 9, 10; Tennis 9-12; Rampage 11, 12; Spanish Club 12. JOHN RICHARD KRYSALKA Richard Baseball 8-12; Spanish Club 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Art Club 9; Rampage 11, 12. BRUCE GALEN LAMB Bruce JERRY STEVEN LAMB Jerry Red Cross 8; Jr. Beta 9. JIM B. LAYSON, JR. Jimmy Football 8, 9; French Club 11, 12. WILLIAM LEWIS LEE Billy Transferred 12. RONALD DANNY LEMON Ronnie Rampage 11, 12; Spanish Club 12. HENRY LEE LOVE Lee Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 10. Break out the rubber boots, it’s filling up ... Holy pokergame, I’ve got this hand sewed up ... IVERSON JAMES LOVEJOY, Ill Jimmy Baseball 8, 9; Basketball 8, 9; Track 8, 9; Red Cross 8, 9; Ram Jets 9; Jr. Beta 9; Debating Team 11; Forensic Society 12; FBLA 11, 12; Faculty Edi- tor Ramscott Staff 12. JAMES RUSSELL LOYD Russell Football 8-10; Track 8-10; Junior Class Cabinet; Student Council 12. CARL ROBERT MARSHALL Robert Football 9, 11, 12; Baseball 8-12; Wrestling 9-11; Track 10; Pep Club 11; Spanish Club 12. ALLEN WAYNE MARTIN Allen Football 8, 9; Track 8, 9; Basketball 8; VICA 12. JERRY MICHAEL MCKINNON Jerry RUSSELL GAWAIN MILLER Russell Band 9-12, Marching Band 11, 12, Concert Band 11, 12, Southern Accents 12. ROBERT DONALD MINCE Donald Transferred 12. THOMAS NEWTON MONROE Thomas Football 11, 12; Basketball 8-12; Baseball 8-10; Track 11, 12; Sup. Football 10; Sophomore Class Treas- urer; Jr. Beta 9; Ram Club 12; Student Council 12; Dramatics Club 12. JOHN PAUL MOORE FIPS Baseball 8, 9; Track 9-12. ALFRED GEORGE MORRIS Alfred FFA 8, 9, parliamentarian 8, Secretary 9; 4-H 8-10, Secretary 9, 10. ROBERT WESLEY MORRIS Bobby DCT 11, 12, Treasurer 12. LAWRENCE ANSEL MOSELY Larry Football 8-12; Track 10-12; Spanish Club 11, 12.: . probably havel! Oh boy, another assembly ... JOHNNY ROBERT MYERS Johnny Baseball 8-10; Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 8- 10; Rampage 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Student Coun- cil 8; Senior Class Cabinet; Language Club 11; French Club 12; FBLA 11. ROBERT EXUM OGBURN Robert Football 8-12; Baseball 8-12; Wrestling 10-12; Track 8, 9, 11, 12; Sup. Basketball 8, 11; Audio Visual 8; 4-H 8, 9; Pep Club 10, 11; Ram Club 10-12. GEORGE PAFFORD, JR. George FBLA 11, 12. EDGAR CARLOS PARENT Edgar JOSEPH BYARS PARHAM,, III Joey Football 8-12; Track 8, 9; Sup. Basketball 8-10; Red Cross 8, 9, President 9; Student Council 10-12, Secretary 11; Editor Rampage 12; Key Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 12; French Club 12. LEONARD JACK PARKS Leonard Sup. Football 9; Sup. Basketball 8, 9; DECA 11, 12. DOUGLAS CRAIG PARMELEE Doug Band 9-12, Southern Accents 9-12; Spanish Club 12. JOHN TERRY PASCHAL John Transferred 11; Chess Club 11. Big “G” in a blaze of glory JAMES ANDREW PATAT Andy Sup. Football 9, 10; Sup. Basketball 8-10; Red Cross 8; Spanish Club 12. RALPH ALAN PATTERSON Ralph Football 8, 9; Basketball 8, 9; Baseball 8; Golf 10; Gymnastics 10; Rampage 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12. EARNEST PAUL PATTISON Earnest MARK HAMILTON PERRY Mark Football 8, 9, 11; Baseball 8, 9; Track 8; Student Council 9, 11, Secretary 9; Audio-Visual 8; Key Club 11, 12; Senior Class Secretary; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Ramscott Layout Editor 12. We love you, Marine test ... JOHN ALLEN PHILLIPS John Jr. Beta 9; FFA 9; Student Council 8, 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Debating Team 11; Forensic Society Vice- President 12; Foreign Language Club 11; French Club President 12; Student Council 12; Rampage Circulation Manager 12. WILLIAM MCGINNIS POTTER Bill Transferred 10; Track 10; Band 10, 11; Red Cross 11; Student Council 12; Spanish Club 12. JOE DAVID POTTS David EDWARD LEE POULNOTT Eddie Football 9, 10; Basketball Manager 9-11; Sup. Bas- ketball 10; Audio-Visual 9; FBLA 10-12; DECA 11, 12. WILLIAM DAVID PRICE David Red Cross 8, 11; Spanish Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; FBLA 11; Managing Editor Rampage 12. DANNY WAYNE PURVIS Danny Football 8; Ram Jets 8; Football Manager 11, 12; Basktball Manager 9, 10; Baseball Marfager 9. DANIEL C. REGISTER Danny Jr. Beta 9; Beta Club 12; Math Club 12; French Club Secretary 12; Band 8-12, Marching Band 10-12, Concert Band 10-12; Ramscott Staff 12. THOMAS EUGENE RIDDLEMOSER Tommy Red Cross 10. a: JAMES DAVID RODGERS David Jr. Beta 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; Span- ish Club 12; Student Council 12; Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Editor-in-Chief 12. LLOYD DEWEY RUIS Lloyd GARY WARREN SANDEFUR Gary STEVEN RAYMOND SARK Steve Basketball 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Jr. Beta 9; Beta Club - well, at least | didn’t get a bottom locker little Caesar... WILLIAM JEFFERSON SELF Bill Band 9-12; Dance Band 11, 12; Debating Team 11; Forensic Society 12. ROBERT BERNER SHEPARD, III Bernie Sup. Basketball 8; Jr. Beta 9; Radio Club 10; Lan- guage Club 11; Ramscott Copy Editor 12; Key Club 10-12. CHARLES WILBER SIMS Chucky Audio-Visual 10-12, Treasurer 12. JACK WILLIAM SMITH Jack JAMES ALLAN SMITH Allan Red Cross 8, 9; Sup. Football 10, 11; Sup. Basket- ball 10, 11; Football Trainer 11, 12; Basketball Trainer 11, 12. LAWRENCE BUREN SMITH Larry Spanish Club. RICHARD LOUIS SMITH Richard Football 8, 9; Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 10; Radio Club 10. ROBERT WAYNE SMITH Wayne Library Club 9-12, President 12; Student Council 12. ROY MILLARD SMITH, JR. Roy Football 8, 9; Track 8; Football Trainer 10, 11; Bas- ketball 8-10; Baeseball 8-11; Sup. Basketball 10; FBLA 11. JOHN FRANK STALLINGS Johnny Football 8-10; Wrestling 10, 12; Track 9-12; Key Club 10-12. JAMES BUFORD STEPHENS Jimmy Football 8; Track 8; Sup. Basketball 8-10; DECA 12. JOE GERI STRONG Geri Football 8; Track 8; Swimming Team 10, 11; Sup. Football 8-10; Sup. Basketball 8-10; Art Club 9; Tri-Hi-Y 9; Spanish Club 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12, Vice-President 12. uh, you lost me on page one... Oh boy, I’ve got trig next! WILLIAM B. SUMLIN, JR. Skippy Football 8-11; Wrestling 8-10; Track 8-12; Sup. Basket- ball 8-10; Red Cross 8; Ram Jets 9; Industrial Arts 8, 9; Rampage 12. LENNARD FRANKLIN TANNER Frank LARRY VERDEL THIGPEN Larry Jr. Beta 9; Sup. Basketball 10; Spanish Club 11, 12; Rampage 11, 12. LEON JERRY THIGPEN Jerry JAMES EUGENE TOOLE Eugene LANNIE WALTON TOWNSEND Lannie Art Club 9; DECA 11, 12. TOMMY JOSEPH TUCKER Tommy Sup. Baskebtall 9; Track 10; Red Cross 10; Spanish Club 12; FBLA 12. JOHN RAYFORD VARNADORE Rayford DECA 11, 12, President 12. DRUEY THOMAS WEST Tommy Ram Jets 9; Cadet Band 9; Marching Band 10; Span- ish Club 12; Red Cross Secretary 12. TERRANCE RAY WHITLEY Terry Sup. Basketball 8; Basketball 10-12; Jr. Beta 9; Art Club 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Math Club 12. Forensic Society 12. TED MONROE VINSON Ted Sup. Basketball 9; Band 8-12; Marching Band 8-12; Concert Band 8-12; Southern Accents 10-12; Radio Club 11; Drama Club 12. JOHN ARCHIE WADE John RONNIE PHILLIP WALLACE Buzzard Football 8-12; Basketball 8-12; Track 8-12; Student Council 8-10, President Jr. High 9; Jr. Beta 9; Key Club 10-12, Secretary 11, President 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Ramscott Staff Ad Layout Editor 12; Willing- ham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Vice-President. ROBERT JAMES WELLS Robby Language Club 11; Spanish Club 12. HENRY TROUPE WILLIAMS, JR. Snookie Football 8-11; Baseball 10; Sup. Basketball 9, 10; Pep Club 10. JAMES EDWARD WILLIAMS Jimmy Art Club 9; Band 8-12, Concert Band 10-12, March- ing Band 10-12, Southern Accents 11. JERRY EDWARD WILLIAMS Jerry Sup. Football 8; Sup. Basketball 8; Jr. Beta 9; Art Club 9; DCT 11, 12; VICA 12. KENNETH LEE WILLIAMS Ken Jr. Beta 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12, President 12; Debating Team 11; Forensic Society 12; Student Council 12. MICHAEL BERT WILKERSON Wilk Sup. Football 10; Sup: Basketball 8-10; Red Cross 8, 9; FBLA 11, 12. ROBERT CALVIN WILKINSON Robert Football 8, 9. MICHAEL SCOTT WILLIAMS Mickey Football 8-10; Track 8, 10-12; Wrestling 10-12; Key Club 12. MILTON HAROLD WILLIAMS Milton Art Club 9; Band 9-11; FBLA 11, 12. MELFORD WILLIAMSON Melford Baseball 8, 9. WILLIAM BURKE WOOD Burke Sup. Football 10; Sup. Basketball 8-10; Red Cross 9, 10; DECA 12. ROBERT PAUL WOODARD Paul Sup. Basketball 8-10; Hi-Y 9; FBLA 11, 12. Class of ’68 Presidents: Johnny Hancock, Susan Krewson Vice-Presidents: Tommy Zielinski, Jaye Harvard Treasurer: Jo Ann Russell ee ed ne na oe Marjorie Alexander Linda Anderson Susan Archer Patsy Arrowood Theresa Aultman Lael Bartlett Brenda Bateman Eva Bateman Suzanne Battle Dianne Baughcum Joyce Bennett Rebecca Bond Connie Boney Faye. Breland Mabel Bridger Arlene Brooks Dale Brown Dianne Brown Brenda Bryant Linda Bunch Nancy Burgamy Sheila Burgamy Kathy Burnett Gayle. Busbee Nancy Butler Elaine Byrd Alline Cameron Pat Cameron Sherry Cofer Shirley Colbert Glenda Cole Pat Collins Trammell Colvin Lyn Cox Gayle Cranford Peggy Cruse Elaine Carpenter Jacque Carr Carol Chambers Kathy Chambers Gail Cheves Sharon Ann Clark Sharon Clark Pam Clifton Karon Crutchfield Brenda Darling Sylvia Davidson Becky Davis Carolyn Davis Cecilia Davis Pat Davis Patricia Davis Sheryl Davis Libby Dechman Deidre Deese Gloria DeLoach Connie Dingler Paula Dixon Opal Douglas Melba Duggan Elaine Ezell Yvonne Ezell Janice Farrell Regina Fellows Vickie Fincher Katherine Finney Cathy Fletches Vicki Fordham Kathie Dunn Susan Durden Gayle Edwards Myra Edwards Joy Emerick Lin Etheridge Bengale Evans Emily Evans Jackie Francis Elaine Franklin Donna Fulford Janie Furney Pat Garrett Carol Gay Susan Gilbert Krista Goforth Brenda Grant Connie Graves Connie Gray Elaine Griffin Patricia Griffin Pam Hamlin Sunny Hamlin Dianne Hamm € Verna Hamm ¥ = Jackie Harrell y ss Jay Harvard a, Sharon Hattaway a). ; . 4 Deborah Hayes Billie Henry Millie Higden Linda Hightower Allison Hill Arden Hill Alice Hinote Martha Ann Hinson Pat Hornaday Lynn Horton Carol Howard Sandra Howard Christelle Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Barbara Joiner Susan Jones Debra Johnson Ginger Keller Beth Kent Susan Keys Deborah Hubbard Sandra Hudson Pat Huff Sandra Huff Gena Jackson Shirley Jackson Carla James Delanie Jarriel Alice King Pam Kitchens Susan Krewson Debra Lake Cindy Leaptrot Susan Lilley Betty Lockhart Brenda Lovejoy Elaine Lovejoy Susan Loyd Susan Mann Sherma Matthews Sherry McCullough Deborah McKinley Sue McKinney Sandy McKinnon Brenda Morris Elizabeth Morris June Morris Patsy Morrison Patsy Mossbarger Mildred Mullis Faye Myrick Toni Newby Terri McMillan Shirley Meek Janice Miller Susan Miller Betty Minschew Linda Minter Eileen Montgomery Faye Morgan Laura Newton Roseanna Nowell Alva Odom Chery! Owen Vickie Parks Cynthia Parks Juanita Pipkin Diane Plunkett Sheila Powell Genita Presley Carolyn Proctor Elaine Rackley Marie Railey Bonnie Raines Suzy Reeves Carol Richards Deborah Riley Sandra Rozier Jo Ann Russ ell Charlotte Rutland Gail Satterwhite Gail Saunders Pam Shaw Phyllis Shelten Jo Anne Shepard Shielah Shepard Janie Sirmans Marsha Sisk Edna Smallwood Diane Smith Judy Stevens Cathy Stewart Gwen Stokes Montene Stokes Arlene Strickland Peggy Strickland Teresa Sutton Dianne Taylor Myra Temples Elizabeth TeSelle Brenda Thigpen Johnnie Thistlewood Judy Thomas Irene Thomas Arlene Tomberlin Patricia Turner Carol Tyson B. J. Voellinger Juniors Capture Sherry Waddell Joyce Waites Janice Walker Wanda Wall Judy West Rhonda White Elaine Wilkerson Dawn Williams Stunt Night WUULU YUU BELIEVE .y, Melba Young Patti Young Pat Wimpey Marsha Wood Sheila Wood Rebecca Woodruff Julian Bass Joe Batchelor Randy Bates Bo Batts Ken Baxter Billy Bearden Gene Bedgood Ray Bedgood Wayne Alderman Richard Allagood John Alligood Ralph Baggs Eddie Bare Butch Barnes Ricky Barron Ronnie Bedsole Billy Bennett Ed Bissonette Mike Bloodworth Glenn Bridger James Bryan Walter Buffington Henry Bullard Billy Butterworth Ronnie Butts E— , Robert Byas . a Mike Caldwell — at 3 — Rex Caldwell Darrell Cameron Theron Cannon Ronnie Carr Danny Carstaphen Pat Castlebury Larry Chandler ™ : tung ‘ bend — Freddy Chapman = Donnie Cheshire Ricky Churchwell Jerry Coile David Coleman Hugh Coleman Earnest Collins Stanley Cook Gary Cooper Gary Cooper Jimmy Cooper Jerry Crowell Gene Crump Jimmy Culpepper Wayne Dalton Jerry Daniel Warren Daniel Danny Darsey Jerry Davis Mike Dawkins Kenneth Deloach Take that you lowly peasant! A new breed teachers, . . . ? Billy Dowd Billy Drury Steve Durden Steve Durden Doug Edwards Jimmy Edwards George Elam Danny Ellis Wayne Ellis Donny Evans Will Evans Claudie Franklin Charles Freeman Louis Friedlander Larry Fulford Roby Fuller Wayne Garrard Danny Gay Daryl! Gilbert Thomas Golden Ronald Goldsby Jimmy Grace Floyd Gregory Ronnie Griffin Tim Hall Dennis Hammock Jarvis Hampton Johnny Hancock James Haralson Billy Hart Steven Hartley Wayne Hatcher Wayne Hayes Ingram Helms James Higgins Jimmy Hitchcock Brad Holloway Jeff Holloway Bert Hooker Glynn Hornyak A sample of Grade “A” photog- raphy by Larry Rogers. Donny Howard Brian Hudson Frank Huff Jimmy Hughes Jerry Hulett Eddie Hutcheson Rudy Jackson Donald James Al Jennings Tim Jimerson Ricky Joaquin Dennis Johnson General Johnson Dean Johnson David Jones Ronnie Jones Oh Gary, you shouldn’t have Mike Lee Ray Lefils Stanley Lines Michael Livingston Ronnie Livingston Sonny Lockhart Gary Lord Terry Loyd Wayne Jones Steve Kell Danny Kilgore Gerald Killgo Larry King Carl Kitchens Dennis Ladson Charles Lancaster Donnie Lucas Paul Luttrell Phil Maddox Wylie Malone Mell Mann Ronnie Marchman Bill Mason Elain Mayfield Tommy Mayne Alan McCoury Pat McCullogh Barry McDaniel Dennis Miller Don Millen Freddy Miller Glenn Misinco Edward McElhenny Jimmy McElroy Bobby McKinley Murray McLean James McMillan Richard McWilliams Thad Meeks Vic Merriman Go Lester G.! Mike Misinco Greg Morgan David Moss Les Murrell Jake Myers Larry Myers Larry Myers Teddy NeSmith Bill Nobles Danny Owen Mike Pape Dell Payne Mickey Peacock Butch Pergerson Hal Perry Richard Pollett Go lab assistants! f Keith Powell ¢ J “J . ; Daniel Price a Van Proctor Sammy Raffield Randy Reed Jimmy Renfroe Mac Reynolds Bobby Rhodes Mike Rigby Ronnie Roberts Tommy Roberts Charles Rogers Cleve Rogers Larry Rogers Donnie Rooks John Ross , 9 — Norman Rowell John Rozier Thomas Rozier Danny Sauls Douglas Scanlan Jimmy Scoggins Robert Scott Wayne Self Johnny Sharpless Mike Shepard Mike Shipman Speedy Smith Donnie Smith Mike Smith Randy Smith Tony Smith Ricky Snyder Wayne Spence Bobby Spinks Stanley Stavely Hugh Stehle James Stephens Frank Stevens Marty Stevens Foy Stevenson James Stewart Randy Stinson Terry Stinson Charles Strickland Danny Stuckey Allan Swift Loran Swymer Toby Wakefield Ricky Walker Neal Waller Samson Waller Pat Walsh Guerry West Robert West Ronnie West Everett Tharpe Otis Thaxton Alan Thomas Danny Thomas Mike Tucker Quitman Tyson Bill Van Dyke Ronald Waddleton John Whitehead Allen Williams Carl Willingham Bunny Witherington Jerry Wood David Young Tommy Zielinski Up tight. I’ve heard of cuts but this is ridiculous. He’s saying that things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke. And | thought the Class of 67 looked sick. Class of 1969 Officers PRESIDENTS VICE-PRESIDENTS L-R. Ander Horne, Chery! Spell L-R. Stan Smith, Patsy Clark SECRETARIES AND T REASURERS Secretaries: Faith Willoughby, Andy Durden Treasurer: Karen Burnett DIRECTORS L-R. Cheryl Fullington, Dana Parker, Susan Manning, Jan Beasley Donna Alexander Susan Allen Pat Amos Deborah Anderson Shirley Archer Nona Arnette Cherie Arnold Myra Arnold Brenda Austin Aurelia Avera Anne Baggs Raydell Barr Gwen Bass Deborah Bassett Shirley Bassett Sheila Batts Rose Marie Baxter Jan Beasley Cathy Bilderback Beth Bliss Elaine Boone Buelah Anne Boothe Carol Bostick Janice Bradfield Ernestine Bradley Elaine Bramblett Annette Brantley Brenda Breland Naomi Brewer Cathy Brittain Martha Brooks Penny Brooks Janice Brown Brenda Bruce Patsy Bryant Cathy Cox Xavia Crissey Carolyn Crosby Glenda Daniels Diane Davis Jackie Davis Elaine Deal Patsy Deason Cathy Dixon Virginia Dixon Kathy Dominey Leslie Drum Pam Dubose Ginger Dulong Kay Durden Linda Burgamy Phyllis Burnes Karen Burnette Bunny Butts Judy Caisse Debra Cameron Kay Cannady Sharon Carter Ann Chaffin Pat Childers Judy Chitwood Susan Claney Brenda Clark June Clark Patsy Clark Barbara Cohen Glenda Compton Barbara Conley Jean Conway Diane Corbin Gladys Edwards Judy Edwards Wendy Edwards Sherry Elder Teresa Ellis Gloria English Sheryl Ennis Deborah Epting Elaine Evans Sharon Farnsworth Cynthia Ferguson Glynis Fields Sarah Folds Anita Foster Susan Foster Donna Fowler Chery! Fullington Linda Fulwood Valerie Funck Cathy Garnto Patricia Giles Debra Gillis Debbie Gleason Pat Glover JoAnn Goodwin Gwen Goss Nita Gray Dianne Greenway Judy Griffin Rhonda Griggs Linda Grimes Alice Gwinn Becky Hall Wanda Hallman Mary Etta Hamrick Sue Johnson Faye Jones Judy Josey Sandy Kennedy Judy Kent Rhonda Kerr Carol King Judy King Sharon King Laverne Kitchens Marie Kitchens Becky Lanford Carol Lannon Linda Lee Frita Lewis Nancy Hare Ann Harrell Pam Harrell Harriet Hartley Jill Heath Sharon Hightower Wanda Hill Cindy Holland Pam Holloway Nanette Hooks Vicki Horne Sarah Hughes Paulette Hulette Gail Hunt Gail Hutto Donna Jackson Linda Jackson Michele Jerkins Connie Johnson Patty Johnson Teresa Lord Brenda Lowery Janice Mackey Ellen Mann Susan Manning Diane Marshall DuJuan Martin Charlene Mathews Lucy Mathews Kathryn McElmurray Cheryl McGraw Debbie McClemore Sue Meadows Judy Meeks Dianne Meeks Lynn Metts Christell Miles Gayle Milford Patricia Mills Vickie Mixon Jackie Mize Lyn Moore Janice Mullinix Pat Mullis Wynoka Myers Bernice Napier Sara Nelson Sandy Norris Valerie Norris Linda Ogletree Carol Parham Dana Parker Sylvia Parks Anne Partridge Carol Peavy Gloria Price Patsy Price Debra Pritchett Miriam Purser Melanie Raley Carolyn Rasmussen Wanda Rawls , LaVonia Reeves Carolyn Robertson Roxanne Robertson Patricia Rogers Cathy Rowe Latrelle Rowell Cathy Sanders Susan Savage Picture Not Available Pamela Pettis Vickie Phelps Doris Phillips Patsy Pippin Mary Helen Pope Ramona Pope Carol Ann Potter Barbara Powell Brenda Powell Marsha Powell Patricia Preston Diane Scarbrough Jill Self Sandra Self Karen Scott Debra Shaw Elaine Shed Joyce Sheppard Carolyn Shrum Nancy Simmons Theresa Skinner Brenda Smith Chery! Spell Sandra Spell Linda Stallings Joyce Stephens Kathy Stevens Deborah Stewart Molly Stewart Susan Stickney Gail Sutton Vicki Swain Brenda Thames Brenda Theiss Melba Thistlewood Brenda Thomas Donna Tompkins Mae Williams Mary Ann Williams Paula Williams Faith Willoughby Marjorie Wilson Toni Wilson Gail Wood Tommie Dee Wood Gwendolyn Woolfolk Sheila Worrell Crystal Fountain Margaret Fields Jean Towson Carol Tucker Janice Tucker Joyce Tucker Lynn Tyson Judy Underwood Janice Ussery Carol Venable Gwen Vinson Susan Waddell Janice Walsh Claris Waltman Deborah Waters Becky Watson Cindy Welborn Teresia Wester Sheila White Elaine Williams Gail Williams Linda Williams Vince Caldwell Allen Cameron Mike Canady Earl Carmichael Ricky Carmichael Darrell Carter Wayne Carter Jimmy Carver Bo Causey Steve Chaffin Andy Chapman Terry Chapman Billy Christy Jimmy Clanton Ronald Colbert Duffy Addleton Larry Arnold David Avera Tony Baird Kenneth Bare Bobby Barnes Billy Beale Phillip Bell Phillip Bellury Lamar Blackwell Ricky Blalock Bud Bowen Tim Braswell Larry Britt Lamar Brown Billy Browning Randy Buffington Kenny Burnett Terry Busbee Elmer Butler Jerry Coleman Phil Coleman Douglas Combes Ray Cooper John Courson Wimpy Crawford Ronnie Crosby Donnie Cross Bruce Crowe James Cruz Dewey Davis John Davis Sammy Davis Neil Deese Sonny Defore Morty Denham Deryl Dent Ricky Deriso Jerry Dixon David Doss David Dowd Steve Drawhorn David Dubose Barry Duggan John Dunn John Dupree Andy Durden Berry Edge Don Edwards C. W. Eldridge Rex Ellington Charles Evans Joe Ezel Dennis Fitzpatrick Walter Fitzpatrick . the Mafia of tomorrow! Randy Fiveash Ray Fiveash Wayne Flanders Herbie Ford Robert Ford Donnie Fussell Russell Gay Manuel Germany Billy Gilbert Wayne Goforth Reid Goodman John Goodner Jerlyn Goodwin Tim Goodwin Tommy Graham Hugh Greene Phil Greene John Groves David Grinstead Freddy Hall Ronnie Hammond Joe Hane Kenny Hargrove Steve Harr Aubrey Harrell Leon Harris Leonard Hart Randy Hasty Bobby Hayslip Mark Herrington Tyrone Hicks David Higgenbotham Glenn Higginbotham Carl Holmes James Holmes Mike Hooks Ander Horne David Hudson Jim Huling Mike Huling Jerry Hunnicutt Van Hunter Gene Inman Donnie Jackson Eddie Jarriel Jimmy Jennings Billy Johnson Bobby Jones Keith Jones dina + Where’s the steering wheel teach’? Tommy McDonald Jack McGraw Jimmy McHugh Jimmy Meadows Robert Mercer Richard Merchant Darrell Merritt Clyde Miles Michael Mims Calvin Minchew Furney Mishoe Johnny Mitchell Gerry Monroe Buddy Moore Larry Moore Wayne Jones Jerry Jordan John Jordan Steve Justus Randy Keene Kenneth Kitchens Danny Knight Richard Kunka Charles Leonard Danny Leslie Leroy Livingston Ted Livinston Roger Loftin Jon Lyons Steve Martin Doyle Mason Jay Mathern Lewis McAdams Tommy McBride Scott McCook Wayne Moore John Moorman Bill Morestad Jimmy Mosely Terry Mullis io ‘ Morris NeSmith an Mike Odom . Mike E. Odom ' Phil Odom Erneast Ogletree Kenneth Ogletree Bruce O'Neal Claud Osborn Steve Patat Tommy Peacock Wayne Peebles Eddie Percival Larry Peterson Mike Pettis Mike Pinholster Jerry Pope Terry Poulnott David Powell Roger Powell Charles Price John Pryor Mike Pyles Mike Randall John Reid Henry Robertson Robert Robinson David Rumph Donnie Sanford Terry Sark Mike Scott . oh, hi there! Tommy Seagraves Greg Sears Joey Sequin David Skipper D’Lane Skipper George Slappey John Smith Lynn Smith Mark Smith Ralph Smith Stan Smith Steve Smith Kendal Spears Andy Spires Sam Stafford Morris Starley Carl Stewart Sammy Storey Jim Stuckey Haywood Sweat Jake Talcott Tyrone Tapley Richard Taylor Clay Thames Danny Thigpen James Thigpen . f Andy Thomas : ; ‘ = Larry Thomas ' on t + Ricky Thomas wa ww ' = Al Thrasher Se r - ( be a a Michael Timm . A K ey Roger Tinker 3 a = v. , 4 Se « J Willie Tolliver Monty Truelove Sammy Tucker Ronnie Ussery Eddy Vance Doug Vickers Rick Waites Ricky Wasden Gary Watson Larry Webb Sonny Welch Kenneth Wesson Larry West Mike Wheeler Mike White John Whitehurst Gene Wilkinson Randy Wilkes Gary Williams Barry Williamson Randy Willingham Charles Willis Dennis Wilson , i “| Yas ra dimtim “Y Douglas Wilson Donald Wildham Mike Wolfe A. W. Wright Johnny Yates Donnie Yaughn | : peaaa PP ees astittit es Pe Pe et setegs gf.” ‘TT .eeees. sett: ‘. Juniors honor Seniors with ‘Southern Enchantment’”’ Wild thing! Troubles? Willingham Jr.-Sr. Features the Carpetbaggers Sylvia Woodward Spring Queen in ‘66 Lazy Days of Summer - INSON reigns 7 ice H c a " ) oan Ey” Eese Se se SESS Supreme in ’67 i QUEEN AND COURT: Linda Prince, Jackie Clarke, Queen-B, Toni Newby, Ann Eldridge BLS SCAU ES Would you believe . . . Juniors capture Stunt Night Would you believe .. . 6) v — O = O £ oO. O N Would you Entertainment 7) A. e) fae Ou. 70) 2 Oo = 7) a a x a2) = = a " ) Student Council Sponsors ‘‘Miss Slickwitch Contest” and Inter-city President's Banquet Duane McCallum, Susan Manning, Vicki Fincher, Joyce Waits, Barbara Powell, Mary Etta Hamrick Duane is absolutely bewitching! Santa Comes to School Art Club sells Christmas novelties. 113 wins door contest. Beta Club’s Career Day Success ANN A fHtiiy HHA LANNY, | June the lion-hearted. Pruett—the woman of iron. Whe Faculty Smears Rams Varsity a ie = iP ae le @ oh BT ian Y ov) lon 4°) = Some o) —— Same Y fis o 3 Y a 4) Lakes = Y igiiees ame [ 2) Sous 9 - se) N Spirited Juniors Add “A Room WITHOUT BO0K IS AS A BODY WITHOUT A = SOUL” Sophomores Add Variety Charlie’s Aunt Smash Hit of Season — CAST: Jacque Carr David Price, Laura Newton, Phillip Comer, Grover Howard, Phil Bell, Billy Epps, Allison Hill, Wayne Gilleland, Cindy Leaptrot. From bare-faced boy to bewhiskered old man. = ET Ce =, SS — 24 a) 7 Ss wl : 7 ; 5 a a ae ° } wea eS we Ge = sg ey A time to participate - - - EDITORS-IN-CHIEF: Jackie Clarke, David Rodgers ORGANIZATIONS: Not shown, Linda Jordan; Jimmy McElroy, Brenda CLASSES: Not shown, Gena Roberts, Donnie Horton; Jan- Smith, Mike Digby. ice Sapp, Stanley Lines, Jolyn Broxton. ane SUPERLATIVES: Hugh Coleman, Emily Carr, Dick Jansen. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Sandy Ussery, Rawlins, Paula Lewis. LAYOUT EDITORS: Mark Perry, Lynn Berry- hill, James Higgons. INDEX EDITORS: Glenn Hornyak, James Freid- ADS EDITORS: Ronnie Wallace, Rosemary Alfriov, Brenda Pruitt. lander, Vauna Whittle, Sally Wilder. SPORTS EDITORS: Billy Epps, not pictured—Rhonda Hewell. ACTIVITIES: Terri Thames, Shirley Quinn, Philip Comer. FACULTY EDITORS: Daphine Howard, Rose- mary Peacock. j PF a] FEATURE EDITORS: Grover Howard, Bar- bara Arnold. JUNIORS: Row I: Brenda Bryant, JoAnne Russell, Jacque Carr, Elizabeth TeSelle, COPY EDITORS: Melody Lines, Bernie Shep- Pam Clifton, Kathie Dunn, Row’ Il: Rhonda White, Joyce Waits, Carla James, pard, Jane Walton (not shown). Joy Emerick. Gail Causey, Dorcille Bledsoe; Jimmy Culpepper, Elaine Rich, Elaine Epps. Arlene Strickland, Karen Mims, Marie Wright, Linda Rosemary Peacock. Sharon Hattaway, Dianne Brown, Brenda Smith, Gena Jackson, Wanda King. not Tomorrow ... Executive Council Kneeling: Cheryl Spell—Sergeant-at-arms, Standing: June Bryan—Secretary Ann Eldridge—President, Brenda Bryant—Treasurer. Row 1: Susan McCraine, Tommie Ann Stowe, Marsha Middlebrooks, Linda Stewart, Kathie Dunn, Betty Lockhart, Lynn Berryhill. Row II: Linda Prince, Joyce Pirkle, Emily Carr, Terri Thames, Beth Kent, Bettye Hicks, Jacque Carr. an Active Student Council Row |: Brenda Smith, Pat Davis, Arlene Strickland, Sonny Hamlin, Gail Saunders, Valerie Funch, Runae Powell, Rosemary Peacock, Esther, Bridger, Pat Amas. Row II: Vivian Hollmark, Sandy Ussery, Barbara Joiner, Lynn Lambert, Dorcille Bledsoe, Linda Stallings, Ellen Walker, Debra Lake, Peggy Strickland. Row III: Sandy Choff, Linda Williams, Shirley Archer, Sandra Howard, Jackie Clark, Gena Bryant, Rhonda Smith, Kathy Holt, Dolores Moxley, Debbie Burdeshaw, Wanda Flanders. Explosive Power! Student and Club Representatives Students Represent Students Row 1: Rickie Spires, Jimmy McMillan, Bill Potter, Steve Kell, J. C. Cruze, Clyde Miles, Randy Smith, Grover Howard, Wayne Moore, John Smith. Row II: Donnie Cross, Dell Payne, Barry Firzpatrick, Jake Myers, Jimmy Hoffeditz, Russell Loyd, Geri Strong, Ronnie Goldsby, Tom- mie Monroe. Chuck Cross—President, Steve Durden—Vice President. Row I: Mike Digby, Jimmy Brooks, Cary Cloud, John Phillips, Dick Jansen, Joey Parham, Row II: Wayne Smith, Ander Horne, Dennis Ellis, Ronnie Wallace, David Rodgers, Phil Comer, Ken Williams, Chuck Cross, John Hancock. Students Advise Students BV edi Row .!: Howard Benson, Mark Perry, Jimmy Brooks, Ronnie Wallace, Dennis Ellis; Row. I : James Friedlander, Wayne Horton, Mr. Whitaker—Advisor, Dick Jansen, Mike Digby. Ronnie Goldsby—Secretary, Jimmy Brooks—Treasurer. Bill Van Dyke, Sammy Raffield, John Alligood, Ronnie Marchman, Tommy Zielenski, Barney Smith, Charles Rodgers, Ronnie Jones. Beta is Achievement, Character, and Leadership Row 1: Dolores Moxley, Gena Bryant, Gena Roberts, Linda Prince, Jan Bassett, Vivian Hallmark, Linda Craine, Lola Fraser, Daphine Howard, Romona Avera, Linda Stewart, Debbie Burdeshaw; Row 2: Sandy Choff, Roslyn Tomberlin, Tommie ann Stowe, Frankie Johns, Esther Bridger, Barbara Arnold, Jackie Clarke, Susan English, Margaret Grace, Ellen Walker, Charlene Wilson, Lynn Hughes, Janice Sapp, Brenda Johnson, Rosemary Alfirov, Jane Walton, Sandra Parker, Brenda Clifford; Row 3: Stephany Stevenson, Vicki Wright, Jeannie Smith, Lynn Berryhill, Rosemary Peacock, Jacque Morstad, Cindy Leaptrot, Paula Lewis, Janice Rawlins, Emily Carr, Susan McCrannie, June Bryant, Melody Lines, Carleen Thigpen, Barbara Carter, Jolyn Broxton, Brenda Smith. Bettye Hicks, President; Rhonda Hewell, Vice-President; Terri Thames, Secretary; Kathy Holt, Treasurer; Wanda Flanders, Parliamentarian. Row 1: Pam Kitchens, Kathie Dunn, Martha Joy Bartlett, Roseanne Nowell, Susan Archer, Carla James; Row 2: Melba Duggan, Nancy Butler, Krista Goforth, Ginger Keller, Johnnie Thistlewood, Sharon Clark, June Morris, Juanita Pipkin, Beth Kent, Rhonda White, Barbara Joiner; Row 3: Arlene Tomberlin, Myra Edwards, Gail Saunders, Sherry Waddell, Deborah Riley, Laura Newton, Susan Keys, Jacque Carr, Elaine 7% 3 {was NORIO WO College Night Incentive Program Highlight Beta’s Year TI AA DAB ALAA G Mike Digby—Pres., Billy Epps—V.Pres., Jesse Collins—Sec., Dick Jansen—Trea. Over 300 students attended College Night. Row |: Jesse Collins, Billy Epps, Dick Jansen, Mike Digby; Row I : Terry Whitley, Bill Goodner, David Rodgers, Donnie Horton, Ken Williams, Dean Goodman, John Phillips; Row Ill: Steve Sark, Lee Bates, Jimmy Culpepper, Billy Bearden, Billy Bennet, Jimmy Stephens, Mr. Collison, Advisor; Row IV: Jimmy McMillan, Danny Register, Wayne Alderman, Danny Sauls, Donnie Coleman, Stanley Lines. Bonnie Blueprint Staff Row 1: Marsha Middlebrooks, Shirley Bell, Karen Mimbs, Janice Gilbert, Billie Henry; Row 2: Bobbie Hamlin, Debbie McMillan EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Peggy Heath. Row 1: Regina Harper, Marsha Middlebrooks, Carol Jackson, Wanda Bean, Pat Darling, Karen Mimbs, Janice Gilbert, Jan Stevens; Row 2: Linda Brown, Jean Ingram, Peggy Seigler, M arty Moses, Bobbie Hamlin, Debbie McMillian, Dorcille Bledsoe. Keeps Up With “The Times’”’ Row 1 (seated): Marsha Middlebrooks, Janice Smith, Sharon Osborn, Janice Bowen, Jan Basset; Row 2: Debbie Burdeshaw, Marty Moses, Wanda Bean, Linda Pierce, Meri Meri- wether, Janice Hinson. Linda Stewart—advertising manager; Runae Wasden—business manager. Editorial: We know that every- one has heard about the “New York Times”. We think that our own “Bonnie Blueprint” is as good if not better in reporting the school news and activities. Row 1: Cheryl Caldwell, Phyllis Shelton, Dianne Callaway, Peggy Strickland; Row 2: Susan Knight, Linda Stallings, Beverly Whitt, Betty Lockhart. Rampage Keeps Students Well Informed David Price, Man. Ed., Grover Howard, Co-Feat. Ed., Chuck Cross, Sports Ed., Mike Digby, News Ed., Mr. Collison, Advisor, Billy Epps, Co-Feat. Ed., Joey Parham, Editor-in-Chief. Row I: Richard Krysalka—Asst. Sports Ed., John Phillips—Cir. Man., Quent Childers Bus. Man; Row II: Johnny Myers,, Asst. News Ed., Larry Thigpen —Asst. Feat. Ed., Sonny B. Haywood—Exchange Ed. Co-operation—that’s what | get! Spanish Club Helps Needy Sitting: Kenneth Kitchens, Jimmy Clanton, Mike Mims, Glen Higginbotham; Row 1: Mide Smith, Jimmy Carver, M. S. Reynolds, Sam Stafford, Jim Stuckey, D‘Lane Skipper, Glen Misinco, Charles Lancaster, Donnie Cheshire, Auder Horne, Mike Pettis, Bruce Crowe, Mrs. Trugen Reindorp; Row 2: Stan Kluge, Wade Carter, Wayne Ellis, Tony Baird, Rex Ellington, Randy Smith, Wayne Garrard, Steve Durden, Tim Braswell, Pat McCullough, Jimmy Culpepper, Otis Addleton, Tommy Graham, Charles Price. OFFICERS: Albert Blizzard—Pres., Ricky Walker—V. Pres., David Price—Sec., Randy Smith—Treas. Row 1: Bill Potter, Al Blizzard, Ronald Griffin, Ronnie Fincher, Andy Patat, Mike Godfrey, Larry Smith, Terry Whitley, Jimmy Stephens, Ricky Walker, Walter Holland, Barry McDaniel, Mrs. Trugen Reindorp; Row 2: Norman Bonds, David Clinard, Olan Fulcher, Herman Jones, Richard Krysalka, Larry Thigpen, Alan Bolden, Tommy West, Henry Arrington, David Price, Danny Humphrey. German and French Clubs Promote Old World Literature Row I: Wayne Gilleland, Mike Digby, James Friedlander, Charles Cooper, Charles Rog- ers, Billy Epps, Grover Howard, Randy Jackson; Row Il: Ronnie Cooper, Jimmy Williams, Donnie Horton, Ross Cooper, Cary Cloud, Donnie Lucas, Bernie Shepard, Ken Williams, Ronnie Wallace, Larry Entricken Row |; Danny Register, Pat Castleberry, Warren Herbert, Jim Layson, Den- nis Ellis, Kenneth Baxter, John Phillips—Pres., Sam- my Raffield; Row I! James Higgins, Johnny Myers, Jerry Wood, Daryl Gilbert, Danny Deloach, Brad Hollo- way, Eddie Howard, Joey Parham, Billy Bearden Row |: Jarvis Hampton, Wayne Horton, Eddie Vance, Steve Martin, James Bryan, John Whitehurst, Jerry Jordan, Gary Lord, Robert West, Phillip Mad- dox, David Powell, Jimmy Stewart, Doyle Mason, Robert Ford, Stanley Cook. Row II: John Hartley, Warren Daniels, Bud Bowen, Albert Rodgers, Billy Dowd, Kenneth Jones, Martin Stevens, James Dove, Glen Hornyak, Robert Byas, Everette Thorpe, Jimmy McMil- lian, Julian Bass. Lassies Volunteer to Help CEE ei Me wo” | 7s Office Monitors: Esther Bridger, Regina Harper, Janice Bowen, Rosemary Peacock, Linda Ethridge, Sandra Doolittle, Lynn Lambert, Mrs. Wagner, Susan English, Cathy Holt, Roslyn Tomberlin, Rebecca Lord, Anita Barnes, Charlene Wilson, Karen Wilson, Frankie Johns, Wanda King. Money Counters: Lunchroom Workers: Rhonda Hewell, Nancy Burgamy, Diane Linda Jordan, Corbin, Melba Young, Jolyn Broxton, Pat Cameron, Kathy Bettye Hicks. Chambers, Carolyn Crosby, Lynn Horton. Bookstore: Row 1: Diane Bevins, Faye Elliot, Sally Wilder, Marty Bembry, Joan Moore, Frankie Anderson; Row 2: Barbara Carter, Glenda Spires, Carol Bostick, Kathy Bilderback, Judy Brooks, Linda Hunt, Vauna Whittle, Brenda Morris. French Club Creates Interest in Customs of France Row 1: Brenda Lovejoy, Sherry Waddell, Elizabeth TeSelle, Sharon Long, Sheilah Sheppard; Row 2: Lonnie Williams, Dianne Baughcum, Krista Goforth, Carroll Ryder, Debra Pritchett, Marie Railey, Gail Hamlin, June Morris, Sharon Hattaway, Brenda Pruett , Susan Durden, Penny Bozeman, Elaine Wilkerson; Row 3: Phyllis Shelton, Melba Duggan, Vickie Fordham, Patricia Wimpy, Nannete Keller, Brenda Lowery Suzy Reeves, Laura Newton, Connie Gray, Sandra Doolittle, Toni Newby. Debra Lake—President; Diane Wright—Vice- President; Carol Anderson—Secretary; Wanda Wall—Treasurer. Spanish and German Clubs Encourge Foreign Interest Roe Pa Sa Jolyn Broxton, Melody Lines, Sara Nelson, Jan Bassett, Susan Archer, Joy Emerick, Joyce Stevens, Melba Young, Ann Eldridge, Charlene Wilson, Patricia Turner. Brenda Smith—president; Arlene Tomberlin—vice-president; Joann Russell— secretary; Dolores Moxley, treasurer. WANTED Vivien Hallmark—Pres., Linda Craine—V. Pres., Nancy Martin—Sec.-Trea. Row I: Lola Fraser, Joann Shepard, Gena Jackson, Linda Minter, Roseanna Nowell; Row 2: Deena Deal, Ruth Williams, Sandra Parker, Libby Dechman, Nita Barnes. FBLA Teaches Business Principles Row |: James Friedlander, secretary; Geri Strong, vice president; Walter Holland, Freddie Chapman, Ronnie Defoe, Cary Cloud, presi- dent; Joe Griggers, Jimmy Hoffeditz, treasurer; Steve Floyd, Miss Kersey—Advisor; Row II: Lynwood Chamber, Dennis Miller, Mike Bone, Ed Bissonette, Mike Ross, Wayne Hammock, Paul Woodard, Olin Fulcher, Ricky Daniels; Row III: Quentin Childers, Glen Hornyak, Chuck Cannon, Charles Simms. Under the leadership of President Cary Cloud and Vice President Geri Strong, FBLA ‘67 doubled in membership. You mean you ain’t ate it yet? Key Club Beautifies School Grounds Ronnie Wallace—President, David Young—Vice President, Randy Jackson—Treasurer, Ricky Walker—Secretary, Joey Parham—Parliamentarian. Row I: Tommy Zielenski, Jack Culpepper, Ronnie Wallace, Ander Horne, Phil Comer, Del Payne, Chuck Cross, Joey Parham, Dennis Ellis, Mickey Williams, Mark Perry, Charles Strickland. Row II: Alan Bolden, Stanley Cook, Glenn Misinco, Gary Lord, Steve Durden, Barney Smith, Ricky Walker. é rie © ow tcc ee 2 FBLA: Most Outstanding Club be Row 1: Gail McGlohorn, Connie Gray, Linda Williams, Faye Elliott, Beth Bliss, Brenda Morris, Sue Meadows, Becky Lanford, Susan Mote, Patty Preston; Row 2: Brenda Bruce, Glenda Compton, Melba Thistlewood, Janice Mackey, Annette Hilliard, Joan Moore, Terri McMillian, Teresa Lord, Janice Sapp, Jane Morris. Marty Bembry—President; Sally Wilder— Vice-President; Vauna Whittle—Secretary; Diane Bevins—Treasurer. Row 1: Sandy McKinnon, Glenda Spires, Barbara Carter, Kay Sheaffar, Vicki Wright, Judy Brooks, Brenda Fiveash, Pat Howell, Harriet Manville, Elaine Ryan, Marie Elliot, Barbara Stanfield; Row 2: Janie Pelt, Frankie Anderson, Cheryl Caldwell, Sharon Barfield, Edna Smallwood, Carol Bostick, Linda Hunt, Peggy Cruse, Janice Walker, Connie Johnson, Nona Arnett, Linda Bunch. Theatrical Arts Portrayed by Dramatics Club Row 1: Gail Smith, Nancy Sommers, Connie Graves, Sherma Matthews, Jackie Miles, Peg gy Strickland, Rhonda White, Gena Jackson, Judy Reinertsen, Brenda Pruett, Jo Ann Russell; Row 2: Gail Saunders, Susan Archer, Faye Balkcom, Patti Young, Regina Harper, Emily Evans, Nancy Butler, Betty Lockhart, Jackie Carr, Rosemary Peacock; Row 3: Sandra Harris, Jacque Morstad, Joy Emerick, Rosemary Alfirov, Brenda Bryant, Nancy Martin, Vivian Hallmark, Jill Self, Genia Roberts, Ann Eldridge, Della Byas. Thespians Lead Way Row I: Brenda Pruett, Ellen Walker, Janice Hinson, Ann Eldridge, Regina Harper; Row 2: Susan English, JACQUE MORSTAD—Secretary; ROSEMARY PEACOCK— President; Paula Lewis; Row 3: Jolyn Broxton, Emily Evans, Nancy Martin, Faye Balkcom, Vivian Hallmark. Jolyn Broston—Secretary; Janice Hinson—Treas- urer; Standing: Ellen Walker—President; Susan English—Vice-President. Ram Club Recognizes Varsity Athletes Randy Jackson, treas; Gena Bryant, sec; Dean Goodman, vice- pres; Dennis Ellis, pres; June Bryant, corres. sec; Robert Ogburn, sgt-at-arms Row I: Wayne Jones, Randy Smith, Susan McCranie, June Bryant, Linda Prince, Dennis Ellis, Janice Hinson, Margaret Grace, Gena Bryant, Tommie Ann Stowe, B. J. Voellinger, Susan Keys; Row Il: Ronnie Griffin, Jack Culpepper, Wayne Spence, James Friedlander, Mike Dawkins, Dick Jansen, Robert Ogburn, Chuck Cross, Randy Jackson; Row III: Tommy Monroe, Ross Cooper, Dean Goodman, Richard Krysalka, Joey Parham, Coach Henderson, Advisor. Pep Club Instills Spirit Row 1: Janice Rawlins, Paula Lewis, Janice Hinson, Susan English, Margaret Grace, Judy Reinertsen, Linda Prince, Rhonda White, Gena Bryant, Elaine Lovejoy, Cecilia .Davis, Shirley Quinn, Pat Cameron; Row 2: Jackie Clarke, Brenda Fuller, Barbara Powell, Kathy Holt, Nancy Butler, Shirley Bassett, Joyce Tucker, Susan Manning, Molly Stewart, Crystal Fountain, Valerie Funck, Karen Burnett, Susan Gilbert, Gloria De Loach, Pam Kitchens, Jo Ann Shepard; Row 3: Emily Carr, Susan McCranie, June Bryant, Tommie Ann Stowe, Gail Smith, Jacque Morstad, Betty Lockhart, Lynn Horton, Faye Jones, Jaye Havard, Gail Satterwhite, Janet Arnold, Kathy Burnett, B. J. Voellinger, Rhonda Griggs, Pam Clifton, Pete Aultman, Susan Keys, Jacque Carr, Kathy Dunn. Betty Lockhart—Vice-President; Shirley Quinn—Secre- tary; Emily Carr—President; Jacque Carr—Treasurer. A thletic A ssociation Row 1: Susan Krewson, Pat West, Susan Keys; Row 2: Stephany Stephen- sen, Bettye Hicks, Vicki Fordham; Row 3: Sandra Youngblood, Beverly Whitt, Sandra Howard; Row 4: Gena Bryant, Susan Gilbert, Sheryl Young- blood; Row 5: Pat Collins, Elaine Carpenter, Patsy Arrowood; Row 6: Barbara Powell, Twila Higginbotham, Linda Craine; Row 3: Donna Fulford, Joyce Pirkle, Peggy Heath; Row 8: Margaret Grace, Libby Dechman. Seated: Terri Thames—President, Standing: Brenda Clifford—Publicity, Beth Kent—Secretary, Pat West— Vice President, Duane McCallum—Treasurer, Rhonda Hewell—Points. Willingham Debating Team Row |: Terry Whitley—Sec., John Phillips—V. Pres., Phil Comer—Pres., Dell Payne—Treas., Miss Watson, Advisor; Row I!: Ricky Waites, Mike Digby, Ken Williams, Bill Self, Billy Epps, Quentin Childers, Ronnie Marchman, Mike Pyles, Phil Bell. Willingham-McEvoy Notebook Tween Teens Report Vicki Fordam, James Higgins, Mike Digby, Dolores Moxley Karen Wilson, Judy Reinertsen, Joey Parham, Mark Perry, Howard Barnes, Randy Jackson, Ronnie Wallace. Promotes Internationa Wi Row I: Lucy Mathews, Lue Meadows, Eileene Montgomery, Sonja Clarke, Leta Jaglowicz, Pat Hudson, Sandra Norris, Patty Johnson; Row Il: Pat Glover, Sandra Huff, Jo Ann Goodwin, Sheila Batts, Trammell Colvin, Sunny Hamlin, Mildred Higdon, Arlene Strickland, Mary Ann Johnson, Janice Miller; Row III: Carol Gay, Diane Brown, Joyce Waites, Lynn Lambert, Janet Arnold, Marsha Powell, Donna Fowler, Vicki Horne, Susan Lilley, Janis Bowen. = Linda Stallings—Publicity Chair- man; Diane Callaway—Publicity Chairman; Linda Hightower— Projects Chairman; Shirley Meek —Honor Roll Chairman; Juanita Gray—Co. Chairman of Honor Roll; Row II: Lyn Moore—Music Chairman; Teresa Wester—De- gree Co. Chairman; Johnnie Thistlewood—Degree Chairman; Susan Miller, Jackie Francis, Donna Fulford—Secretary; Dor- cille Bledsoe—President; Judy Thomas—Vice President; Elaine Byrd—Treasurer; Row Ill: Pat Huff, Vivki Fincher, Karen Wil- son, Linda Brown, Lynn Cox, Wynoka Myers, Patsy Bryant, Martha Haupt, Sheila Powell, Wanda Hill, Kathy Domony. FTA Row 1: Elaine Deane, Pat Wimpy, Deborah Riley, Emily Phinizy, Glinda McDonald, Lola Fraser, Jan Bassett, Deana Deal, Melody Lines; Row II: Diane Plunkett, Opal Douglas, Leslie Drum, Beverly Morgan, Debra Lake, Karen Scott, Lynn Hughes, Lynn Tyson, Linda Burgamy, Judy King, Peggy Hurley. HHH ' Hh alalstst y ARLENE TOMBERLIN—Sec., FAYE MORGAN—Treas., LYNN BERRYHILL—Pres. PAT ELLINGTON—V. Pres. Magazine Workers, Library Assistants and Club a Patricia Turner, Carla James, Joyce Tucker, Teresa Skinner, Krista Goforth, Beth Bliss. Row 1: Marie Wright, Debra McKinley, Opal Douglas, Becky Watson, Dianne Glisson; Row 2: Wendy Ed- wards, Linda Hunt, Jeannie Smith, Jacki Francis, Pattie Preston, Connie McElmurray; Row 3: Barbara Joiner, Rebecca Bond, Kathy Sanders, Gladys Edwards. ! Tn " i Ceeearee es ¢ D t + Row 1: Rebecca Bond, Judy Brooks, Brenda Johnson— President; Patricia Turner, Kathy Sanders; Row 2: Kathryn McElmurray, Frankie Anderson, Barbara Joiner—Secretary-Treasurer; Carla James—Historian-Re- porter; Row 3: Connie Mc- Elmurray, Opal Douglas, Vice-President; Dianne Plunkett, Cindy Wellborn, Dianne Glisson, Linda Hunt. Willingham Library Club . SE Row |: Joey Sequin, Wayne Smith, Jimmy Scoggins, Dell Payne; Row ] Mike Misinco, Jerry Wood, Ricky Waites, Brad Holloway, Ronnie Griffin, Phil Comer, Jimmy Hitchcock, Mike Shepard, Jerry Davis, Eddie Vance. Audio-Visual Aids Serve Schools Elaine Lovejoy, Bettye Lockhart, Jackie Carr, Cynthia Leaptrot, Susan Keys. Row I: Charles Sims, Jimmy Brooks, Walter Holland, Sonny B. Haywood, Ken Dixon, Eddie Osborne. Row II: Bert Quinn, Morty Denham, Randy Wilkes, Wayne Ellis, Danny Gay, Terry Harvill, Ricky Snyder, Al Jennings, Len Smith, Joe Avera, Mrs. Moore—Advisor. Row Ill: Kenny Arrington, Wayne Hatcher, Ricky McWilliams, Douglas Wilson, Bobby Rhodes. Art Club Makes and Sells Jewelry Row 1: Wanda Flanders, Johnnie Thistlewood, Myra Ed- wards, Carla James, Patricia Turner; Row 2: Pat Cameron, Susan Holloman, Yvonne Ezzell, Jennifer Sherwood; Row 3: Suzie Reeves, Lynn Horton, Elaine Ezzell, Doris Phillips; Row 4: Carol Hudson; Harriet Hartley, Sonya Clark, Dorcille Bledsoe; Row 5: Cathy Cox, Claudia Allen, Arlene Clark, Rose Baxter; Row 6: Brenda Darling, Patricia Garrett, Melba Young, Patricia Hudson; Row 7: Anita Barnes, Kathy Bilderback, Alice Hinote, Paula Dixon; Row 8: Diane Smith, Libby Deckman, Kathy Chambers, Dana Bilderback. Tri-Hi-Y Off.: Shirley Quinn—Sec., Runae Powell—Pres., Judy Reinertsen—V. Pres., Martha Ann Hinson—Treas. i » oF i eo Row |: Linda Lee, Sandra Asbell, Deborah Anderson, Sheryl Ennis, Elaine Evans, Gayle Milford, Theresa Ellis, Susan Krewson, Lyn Moore, Susan Allen; Row 2: Kathy Holt, Barbara Powell, Sandy Ussery, Rhonda Smith, Joyce Pirkle, Faye Balcomb, Cheryl Owen, Carla James, Vicki Horne, Janice Mullinix, Rebecca Lord, Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Jimerson, Shirley Bell, Susan Durden. Willingham R E D C R O S S aor ee a ee Row I: Connie Graves—Treas., Jo Ann Shepard—Sec., Rebecca Lord—V. Pres., Marie Wright—Pres.; Row II: Susan Waddell, Jill Heath, Judy King, Diane Taylor; Row III: Marsha Wood, Pat Wimpy, Elaine Deal, Brenda Thigpen; Row IV: Wanda Flanders, Patsy Griffin, Lynn Tyson, Debbie McKinley, Sherry Cofer; Row V: Wanda Hill, Sherma Matthews, Donna Jackson, Alliane Cameron; Row VI: Sandra Hill, Renee Wasden, Judy Elrod, Susan Stickney. Row I: Jimmy Jennings, Pat McCullough, Tommie West, Ronnie Defoe, Bill Van Dyke; Row II: Bill Drury, Donnie Fussell, Kenneth Wesson, Everette Thorpe, Dennis Fitz- patrick, Charles Strickland; Row III: Marty Denham, Wayne Gilleland, George Lock- hardt, Bill Brady. Elizabeth Morris— Latrelle President. Powell— Vice Pres. Pat Turner— Pat Amos— Secretary. Reporter. Row |: Janice Sirmans, Shirley Bell, Sandra Woodell, Runae Powell, Sec., Lynne Lambert—Pres., Susan Lloyd, Diane Callaway—Vice Pres., Sharon Nolon—Treas; Row Il: Mildred Mullis, Janis Bowen, Diane Wright, Carol Martin, Arlene Strickland, Arlene Hill; Row II]: Elaine Reich, Kay Hood, Dorsille Bledsoe, Sharon Osborn, Janet Arnold. FFA Row : Ernest Ogletree, Hayward Sweat, Pat Walsh, Donnie Sandford, Wayne Jones: Row Il; Calvin Minchew, David Skipper, Rudy Jack- son, Larry Arnold, Jerry Jackson, Pres., Larry Stokes. Willingham Math Club = ee t Row |: Fred Browning, James Friedlander—Sec., Ken Williams—Pres., David Rogers—V. Pres., Billy Epps—Treas., Ross Cooper; Row II: David Adams, Wayne Alderman, Mike Digby, Billy Bennett, Jimmy Culpepper, Phil Comer, Terry Whitley, Danny Register, Jesse Collins, Lee Bates, Donnie Horton, Stevie Durden, Mr. Garvin—Advisor. McEvoy Math and Science Clubs LET US HAVE THANKFUL HEARTS Row 1: Esther Bridger—Pres., Barbara Arnold—V. Pre¢., Wanda King—Sec., Bettye Hicks—Treas.; Row I : Mabel Bridger, Rose- mary Peacock, Sheryl Evans, Deborah Anderson, Susan Savage; Row III: Jane Walton, Beth Kent, Faye Dowd, Gail Causey, Gail Row 1: Barbara Joiner—Sec., Kathy Sanders—Pres., Jane Walton—V. Bartlett, Anne Baggs. Pres.; Row II: Diane Bullard—Asst. Pro. Char.; Paula Dixon—Treas., Linda Ely—Pro. Char.; Row Iil: Aurelia Avera, Marsha Sisk, Jackie Davis, Wendy Edwards, Sylvia Parks, Pat Mullis, Theresa Skinner, B ecky Bond. Lab Assistant 1 CONFIGURATIONS of the ELEMENTS a ta Sere ans ——— Row I: Carol Howard, Brenda Thigpen, Carol Richards, Marsha Sisk, Theresa Sutton, Barbara Arnold; Row II: Barbara Joiner, Becky Bond, Susan Mann, Melba Young, Twila Higginbotham. DECA and VICA Train Youths x . » er = Row 1: Burke Wood, Billy Butterworth, Jimmy Borders, Ernest Collins, James Avera, Leonard Parks, Charles Godwin, David Potts, Charlie Massey, David Algea, Billy Lee, Jimmy Stephens; Row 2: Mr. Greene, advisor, William Bradshaw, Lannie Townsend, Danny Thomas, Lynwood Chambers, Harlon Payne, Eddie Poulnott, Bill Mason, Marvin Reeves, Ronnie Goodwin, Jimmy Renfroe, Rayford Vamadore; Row 3: Jerry Crowell, Danny Floyd, Bill VanDyke, Jimmy Hughes, Brady Harbuck, William Elrod, Alec Holston, Dalton Butts. Row 1: Monroe Davis, Sec., Kenneth Dixon, Par., Bobby Morris, Treas., Larry Byas, Hist., Kenneth Brownlee, Rep., Lake Greene, Pres., Jim Brooks, Vice Pres.; Row 2: Curtis Kingsley, Advisor, Edgar Parent, Mike Shipman, Thomas Golden, Wayne Hammock, Guerry West, Walter Buffington, Tony Smith, Wayne Ayers, Don Mince, Glen Bridger, Reggie Battle, Ricky Churchwell, Wayne Self, Jerry Williams, Billy Drury, Allen Martin, Donnie Rooks, Hugh Sthele, Charles Peacock, Donald James, Elgin Mayfield, Davey Jones, Tommy Mosley, Ronnie Jones. se FREEDOM a S's 20 McEvoy Chorus Presents Program at k Westgate Melodetts Row I: Arleen Brooks, Patty Johnson, Judy Underwood, Joan Moore, Rhonda Smith; Row 2: Tommie Dee Wood, Peggy Heath, Nannette Hooks, Charlotte Rutland. Music Club Row 1: Sandra Asbell—Projects Chairman; Rhonda Smith—President; Jean Towson—Vice-President; Nita Barnes—Secretary-Treasurer; Tom- mie Dee Wood—Program Chairman; Susan Waddell—Chaplain; Carol Gay—Social Chairman; Row 2: Dana Bilderback, Sharon Clark, Patty Johnson, Betty Watson, Elizabeth Bramblett, Judy Underwood, Nannette Hooks. Band Counci Row 1: Susan Durden—Property Manager; Becky Russell—President; Dianne Bullard—Squad Leader; Linda Ely—Squad Leader; Pat West— Captain Brass; Vern Hamm—Squad Leader; Row 2: Faye Balkcom—Drum Major; Connie Boney—Squad Leader; Donna Fulford, Kathy Sanders—Chaplain; Nancy Martin—Squad Leader; Toni Newby—Drum Major; Susan Allen—Librarian. Row 1: Linda Stallings, Linda Craine, Judy Elrod, Linda Hightower, Sharon Hattaway, Janet Arnold, Crystal Fountain, Diane Brown, Pat Huff; Row 2: Cherie Arnold, Peggy Seigler, Sherry McCullough, Ramona Avera, Bengale Evans, Brenda Austin, Carol Anderson, Sandra Bradley, Gail Sutton, Janice Mullnix; Row 3: Freida Lewis, Su- zanne Battle, Shirley Bassett, Brenda Little, Jackie Francis, Debbie McKinley, Majorie Alexander, Vickie Phelps, Kathy Dominy, Shirley Archer. Y-Teens Combine Row 1: Sandra Parker, Linda Anderson, Anita Foster, Debra Jordan, Carol Ryder, Alva Odum, Lavona Reeves, Brenda Evans, Sheila White; Row 2: Janice Bradfield, Cynthia Peacock, Sandra Myrick, Glenda Daniel, Brenda Theiss, Joyce Stevens, Marsha Wood, Cheryl Owen, Melba Dug- gan, Glynis Fields, Susan Foster; Row 3: Gail Wood, Romona Pope, Charlene Mat- thews, Claris Waltman, June Clark, Irene Thomas, Cathrine Finney, Sandra Huff, Sara Hughes, Shirley Colbert, Kathy Rowe. Willingham’s ‘Pride of Dixie’’ Band Dixie Darlings Lynn Moore, Lynn Metts, Sheila Batts, Debby Gillis, Gwen Goss Carol Parham, Sheryl McGraw. Band Officers and Majorettes’ Captains Front: Gwen Goss, Debby Gillis; Back: Ronnie Carr, Bill Self, Russell Miller, Danny Register, John Hancock, Quentin Childers, Darrell Merrit, Davy Parmalee. Southern Accents Provide Entertainment Row 1: Bill Self, Mike Huling, Gawain Miller, Ronnie Carr, Johnny Yates; Row 2: Kenny Beck, Doug Parmalee, Quent Childeos, Ted Vin- son, David Minschew, Wayne Ellis, Olin Fulcher, Ricky Joaquin, Ronnie Botts, Darrell Menitt Band Forms New Drill Team Row 1: Pat Amos, Faye Jones, Gail Wood, Patsy Glover, Susan Gilbert, Marsh Sisk, Elaine Williams, Carol Venable, Marsha Powell, Kathy Rowe, Pam Kitchens, Rhonda Curr. Row 2: Johnnie Thistlewood, Linda James, Brenda Thames, Penny Brooks, Janice Gilbert, Jackie Mize, Melanie Raley, Susan Stickney, Kathy Dominy, Gena Jackson, Elaine Carpenter, Ginger DuLong, Debra, Bassett, Patsy Clarke. McEvoy Drum Majors Toni Newby, Faye Balkcom Whether parading gracefully through a mud-soaked field or playing rhythmically in the gyms of our schools, the “Pride of Dixie” and “McEvoy Scottie’ bands drum up spirit in both student bodies. Football season revolves around the bands almost as much as around the football team! Pep rallies come to life as the band rocks along, only a prelude to the nights half time show entertainment. At the helm of the “Pride of Dixie’s” new year is their new director, Mr. David Graves. While under the dedicated leadership of Miss Barbara Reeves, the “McEvoy Scottie” band continues on. Margaret McEvoy score Band eeatatat: oe Seas Ce — ss = SASS TA Seeeettisy PA AAS, Se J Catt (5 - a- 7 , sins Sad a 4 2 7-=5eu. Nh Y USS @ t ere X 7 Bice fey « ee : oS . Ne 7 -s A time for 00) SS — 4 Ha £ » Har ibe demonstration of MISS GINGER SCHELL basic skill. Lecture on fundamentals ... McEvoy Physical a Pe ’ MISS MARY JANE NICHOLSON HARE igs + | Teipestanstan MRS. ANNE HADARJTS Class Lectures Basic Skills Education Department Mass confusion personified “To dream the impossible dream.” “But it isn’t Saturday night!’ Typical Day ina Gym Class “I'll never make the 1968 Olympic Team!” “Who said gym was a crip course!?” McEvoy Provides Sports The badminton serve Spring weather—a chance to play tennis The tennis serve From Badminton to Tennis WHOP! A Versatile Program ...... ; Pane . Field Hockey A = is a Game of Endurance An alert goalie makes a “save.” The goalie moves in to help the fullbacks. Margaret Grace demonstrates the discus. A race for the finish in a baton relay. Variety to Classes Proper form is a necessity. Skill and Accuracy are needed for Archery ... PERFECTI! Tumbling means Hard Work and Practice Sitting down on the job, eh? The seatdrop first ... then ... the frontdrop. We take to the Air with the Trampoline Ballet lessons, Mrs. Hadarits? The backdrop is a bit more difficult. Basketball is a Favorite “But it’s mine, not yours.” A new dance sensation? Bryant moves in to help a teammate. Faculty Defeats Seniors In Volleyball “And did you hear the one about ...” “Doc’’ Cox saves another life. “©.K., Gibbs, get in your position.” A teacher makes a uniform adjustment. GAA Sponsors Several A junior serves ... as ... a Senior jumps for a spike. Juniors prepare for a return. °67 Seniors Win Junior-Senior Volleyball Game Thames sets it up to McCallum. The Seniors score to win the match. “Would you believe—’67 Seniors won!!” Annual Sports Events Paula Lewis jumps for the Juniors. Gym Day ’66: Class of 1966 Victorious! Seniors exchange baton in relay. ry Soe 4 ey : .AzZ Fe Ih . +. se GAA members officiate and tally the scores. Gym Day Trophy is given to Senior Class. “The things | have to do for this class.! " ’ “That pesky fly is about to die.” A Candid look at... Some like to do things the easy way. Benchwarmer’s lament: “I wish | could play.” “Girls, please, don’t just sit there!’ | wonder if Superman began this way! ion Promising Athletes?!? Now, Emi, that’s the way it’s done. Babe Ruth II and fan club? Vivacious Varsity Gena Bryant, Captain; Tommie Ann Stowe, Co-captain ae anh, A ae og Pe Re RO FIRST STRING LINE-UP OF A WINNING TEAM 7. Left to right: Janice Hinson, Linda Prince, June Bryant, B. J. Voellinger, Gena Bryant, Tommie Ann Stowe, Susan Keys, Susan McCranie, Margaret Grace. Bouncing ‘‘B”’ First row: Teresa Aultman, Karen Burnett (Co-captain); Second row: Jaye Harvard, Valerie Funck; Third row: Diane Marshall, Connie Boney (Captain), Molly Stewart. i} m, Blt ne “Go, go, get’um, get’um!” Anticipating defeat ... Assured of victory. Courage . Despite y Overwhelming Odds a s ’ e Kos TO is Practice Determination The Making of a Ram Effort Ist row: W. Jones, B. Beale, D. Jansen, A. Horne, T. Monroe, R. Jackson, M. Denham. 2nd row: J. Parham, L. Peterson, C. Cross, A. Spires, A. McCoury, H. Bullard, R. Ogburn, L. Mosely. 3rd row: C. Strickland, D. Ellis, R. Marshall, G. Crump, M. Dawkins, R. Cooper, W. Daniels, M. Bloodworth; D. Goodman. 4th row: M. Pettis, W. Spence, D. Cheshire, D. Evans, B. Crowe, R. Griffin, J. Cherry, G. Slappey, R. Wallace. Willingham versus RAMS Opponents R.E. Lee 12 0 Mark Smith 14 14 Rams Salas 7 14 Ist. in desire Tift County 7 13 Lagrange 10 7 but Albany 13 62 | Ith in region Columbus 7 6 8 Valdosta = oF Warner Robins 21 14 Lanier v 21 RONNIE WALLACE Athletic Director Named Captain BILLY HENDERSON Ist row: L. Hart, D. Wilson, R. Taylor, R. Deriso, R. Goodman, D. Mason, S. Davis. 2nd row: L. Brown, K. Hargrove, B. Moore, B. Hayslip, J. Talcott, G. Curtis, G. Williams. 3rd row: D. Cross, D. Doss, J. Thigpen, M. Smith, C. Price, B. Moorestead, K. Burnett. w: B, Beale, A. McCoury, W. J oac Ist ro ones, A. Horne, D. Fussel. A. Smith 3rd row: Coach Mixon, R. Wallace, R. Thomas, Weed, B. Goldsby, M. Smith, Coach B Rams Sport Losing Season sel. 2nd row: J. Jordan, S. Raffield, T. Monroe, D. Wilson, M. Mimbs, D. Davis, eale Rams Advance to Quarter-finals of |-AAA Tournament Rams one time — “‘Rams! Rams! Rams!”’ Rams! ™ Rams! S RAMS Leapfrog ast 2 £ a y 7 7 os 40) 0) co Art of Balancing i Sa rT ae ne ee fas ED To 11.17 les bESSE SSSR0Ri SnBEBE CS esau ECEECEL | AETAE 5) yy SERRE vo BEBO B. Browning, P. Bellury, Coach Windham E a) ce 14°) — ° Yu me) ) re Bo) a 3 v a om — Ist row: D. Mason, M. Odom 2nd row: T. Zielinski, Rams excell in JACK CULPEPPE} LARRY WEST Ist State Champ at Willingham— 95 |b. class Wrestling T¢ Finishes 2 In State Wrestler of Week by Grapevine Magazine Ist row: S. Clements, G. Williams, Smith, W. Hart, M. Collingsworth R. Deriso, D. Mason. 2nd row: K. Hargrove, A. Spires, J. Culcupper, D. Goodman OD. Cross, J. Friedlander, R. Goodman, R. Jackson. 3rd row: Coach Garvin M. Dawkins, W. Spence, C. Cross, D. Ellis, M. Pettis, Coach Bohannon. Rams Win Woodward Tournament And Go on To Win Ist in |-AAA Ist row: R. Smith, B. Barnes, R. Krysalka 2nd row: J. Cherry, D. Ellis, M. Dawkins, L. King Mixon Becomes Second Head Baseball Mentor In History Ist row: Peterson, Ram Fitness Men Journey to Washington To Represent Southeast C. Holmes, C. Thompson, B. Moore, M. Denham 2nd row: L. Marine, Mr. Johnson, A. Spires A time for ate) a ®) see BEST CITIZENS: Joyce Pirkle Randy Jackson STAR STUDENTS: Ellen Walker, Terry Whitley BETTY CROCKER: Cathy Holt MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: Emily Carr, Ellen Walker, Rosemary Peacock ™m™ — ov) Nee =o ‘= YD QO th . Superlatives Joyce Pirkle Ronny Wallace ” ® E © a Ee “he — © kK Dick Jansen Jackie Clarke Joey Parham Grover Howard ® (e)) 2 = Oo lu - c nie Se eee f f ££] £5; ee o N 4 4 if ie Bettye Hicks Randy Jackson - s 5 oD oo = om ib) ® x 5 =2 £ 2 z-) 2? = fF ® N SS o @w a a — Wanda Flanders Dean Goodman a yn a : £4 | A time for mY | business - - - 4690 Broadway 788-4883 Compliments of CRISWELL SERVICE STATION Compliments of CHESTERFIELD FINANCE COMPANY, INC. 510 Mulberry Street Macon, Ga. Recapping New Tires Used Tires CALLAWAY TIRE CO. and RECAP SERVICE 1396 Rocky Creek Road 789 Gray Highway Phone 788-3688 Phone 746-2813 MACON, GEORGIA BRANNEN DRUGS Corner Cherry Broadway Macon, Ga. (745-7965) Luncheonette . . . Soda Fountain Fountain Table Seating AIR-CONDITIONED C S Charge Service .. . FREE DELIVERY Parking Stamps Prescriptions Drugs Reasonably Priced " The Store Where Your Patronage Is Important We Strive to Please. " HOUSTON AVENUE PHARMACY 2654 Houston Avenue BOB YOUNG, Sr. Registered Pharmacist " SONNY " WILCHER, Registered . Pharmacist SH 3-5461 Free Delivery Service COMPLIMENTS OF BEN FRANKLIN 10 PIO NONO PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Complete Line of School Supplies JEWELERS, INC. | 478 CHERRY STREET MACON, GEORGIA Wedding—Funeral—Hospital Service AN FRANS FLOWERS GIFTS 2610 Allen Rd. FRANCES FLOYD JACKSON 788-5446 Owner and Operators YY. HOYT WANSLEY Shell Service Station 2006 Vineville Ave. We Specialize In Volkswagens Service All Foreign Cars Foreign Auto Parts AELUBLE REP AIRS 3490 Broadway Macon, Ga. Phone 746-4093 RUSSELL LENTZ INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL MOTOR SERVICE 329 Main Best Wishes From PARK PLYMOUTH PLYMOUTH—CHRYSLER—IMPERIAL “Home of Sincere Service " 455 Walnut Street 120 New St., Macon, Georgia, Dial 746-0215 MRS. JEANETTE AIKEN Brighten Every Occasion With Flowers A. S. HATCHER COMPANY MARINE DIVISION 743-1565 444 Plum Street Chris Craft Boats Johnson Outboard Motors Compliments of DIXIE TRUCK PARTS COMPANY 5201 Houston Road MACON, GA. HOWARD JOHNSON MOTOR LODGE 2566 Riverside Dr. 746-767 | The Magnificent Magnavox at BARON'S MAGNAVOX Hame Entertainment Centers Westgate Shopping Center 543 Cherry Street—Downtown LA GRAND'S BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service 3989 Pio Nono Ave. 788-7426 BROADWAY HARDWARE SUPPLY CO., INC. 3458 Williamson Road MACON, GEORGIA 31206 " Individuality in Flowers " JACKSON FLOWER SHOP 312 New Street 745-3931 TOMMY'S CAR LOT New Used FIELD'S LOW PRICES RADIO T. V. Get a Dependable Car From 743-5495 2625 Houston Ave. 742-7468 " “Tommy's'’ 377 Walnut Compliments of the TRIANGLE FLORIST 2705 Houston Ave. MILTON FRANCES ADAMS 743-4515 SOUTH MACON MOTORS 4508 Houston Ave. 788-1757 JAMES PURSER, Owner HUTCHINGS ROCKY CREEK BEAUTY SALON FORD TRACTOR DESIGN " Hair Styling Design’ 4395 Pio Nono Ave. Macon 788-398 | 1392 Rocky Creek SAM S. CHANDLER INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments Chandler Building 154 Broadway of PHONE: 742-3641 MACON, GEORGIA MACON MEMORIAL PARK (Cochran OTOR CO. NEW E USED COCHRAN MOTOR COMPANY 4685 Houston Avenue The Home of Volume Sales We Service What We Sell JAMES G. BRYANT (Owner) look for the golden arches... 1450 ROCKY CREEK ROAD CENTRAL WHITE-AUTOCAR, INC. 4425 Marion Avenue Macon, Georgia Telephone 788-6644 HEAVY DUTY TRUCK SALES AND SERVICE WHITE AUTOCAR WHITE FREIGHTLINER McDonald's MACON, GEORGIA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ‘67 Best Wishes for a Wonderful Future— It Can Be Yours at SOUTHERN BELL L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings . Club Insignia . Honor Awards . College Fraternity Jewelry . Medals . Trophies . Commencement Invitations . Diplomas . Personal Cards NATHAN MORGAN THAD WILKINS P.O. Box 612 Telephone 452-2129 3390 Peachtree Road Telephone CE 3-2200 Milledgeville, Georgia Atlanta 5, Georgia For the Finest n Photography: Good Luck, Seniors!! HINTERMEIER S-UTLEY STUDIO 408 Second Street SH 2-2851 MACON, GEORGIA Home of Friendly Christian Personal Service Cre st alsn FUNERAL HOME T. L. IVEY President 3275 Pio Nono Ave. VOLKSWAGEN PORSCHE L. A. SMITH VOLKSWAGEN, INC. 755 Third Street—P. O. Box 4024 Macon, Georgia DORSEY'S l, RIVERSIDE = DRUGS PH. 746-5151 2778 Riverside Drive, Macon, Georgia BIRES M. R. TIRE SERVICE For Prompt, Courteous and Efficient Tire Service Phone 788-5976 4049 Houston Ave. TIM JACK Macon, Georgia South Macon's Only Paint Store FEATURING: Paints for the Home Coatings for Blastop Driveways Waterproofing of All Types 788-3071 Patio and Concrete Coatings PAINT PAIL L. EIBERT HICKMAN General Manager 788-1234 745-9561 OLGA FASHIONS Ladies Young Ladies Famous Modes OLGA FUNK 2979 Houston Ave. Owner MIDDLE GEORGIA LUMBER CO. Complete Builders Supply PRICES RIGHT 4175 Broadway Phone 788-4891 SH 3-2214 SH 6-2036 RAYMOND HAMMOCK Owner Home of Quality Cars 833 Third St. Macon, Ga. 656 Broadway 742-2687 Macon, Ga. RAFFIELD’S O.K. TIRE CO. J. W. RAFFIELD, Owner Pio Nono Plaza 788-4532 “Finest in Tires and Services” SHEATS PHARMACY Prescriptions Professionally Compounded E. M. SHEATS, R . Ph. 742-0344 3098 Columbus Rd. Macon, Ga. Roofing Siding M. C. PITTMAN ROOFING PAINT CO. " Serving Middle Georgia Since 1926 " P. O. Box 932 654 Plum Street SH 3-1336 + LINCOLN MERCURY omet CONTINENTAL BARNEY A. SMITH MOTORS 663 Third Street Macon, Georgia BUS. PHONE 746-5621 Compliments of SANDER'S BARBER SHOP DEATON'S GROCERY and MARKET Satisfaction Guaranteed 4347 Houston Avenue JUNIOR VOGUE 2370 Ingleside Ave. MACON, GEORGIA Phone 745-0094 DAIRY LANE GRILL 3129 Vineville 3141 Houston 137 Emory Hwy. 746-9195 W. E. COOK Compliments of MELTON'S GARAGE THE FIRST NATIONAL oe eee BANK TRUST COMPANY 4461 Houston Avenue Dial SH 2-6746 |. H. MELTON In Macon " Your Full Service Bank’ —PBrinass in Macon Compliments of MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DOWNTOWN OFFICE CHERRY at SECOND STREET SOUTHSIDE BRANCH HOUSTON at HIGHTOWER ROAD WESLEYAN BRANCH WESLEYAN SHOPPING CENTER CHEROKEE BRANCH NAPIER at PIO NONO BACONSFIELD BRANCH 955 GRAY HIGHWAY PIO NONO BRANCH 3625 PIO NONO AVE. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE ; un 4% | ime pil GLO OIL COMPANY “The Best for Less” YATES HARDWARE CO. 2639 Montpelier Avenue Hardware, Farm, Home, and Garden Compliments Tools and Supplies of Ph. SH 3-0112 STEPHANS AT WESTGATE Meet Me at the VARSITY DRIVE-IN TRADING POST VAN SERVICE MACON, GA. SH 3-2678 Household Furniture for Sale BARFIELD'S FINER FOODS Saccmabaatbime 2160 Pio Nono Avenue MACON, GEORGIA WRIGHT PEST CONTROL 1438 Riversi de 746-8171 WESLEYAN COLLEGE Founded 1836 Wesleyan offers inclusive curriculum leading to four degrees: BACHELOR OF ARTS, BACHELOR OF MUSIC, BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS AND BACHELOR OF SCIENCE. The institution is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the National Association of Schools of Music, and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Wesleyan is a member of the Association of American Colleges, the National Association of Schools and Colleges of The Methodist Church, the Georgia Association of Colleges, and the American Council on Education. Wesleyan is fully approved by the University Senate of The Methodist Church and by the American Association of University Women. For further information write or phone: Director of Admissions Wesleyan College 4760 Forsyth Rd. Macon, Georgia—31201 Phone 743-9331 Extension 219 NEWBERRY’S WESTGATE Visit our yard goods department carrying a complete line of piece goods and sewing notions. McCall's and Simplicity Patterns, You can get all your sewing needs at NEWBERRY'S WESTGATE Compliments of MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE 471-3 Second St. Macon, Ga. Boats @ Evinrude Motors @ Gator Trailers @ Marine Supplies Complete Boat and Motor Repair JETS @ INBOARDS—OUTBOARDS e OUTBOARDS GRAY HIGHWAY MACON, GEORGIA Marine and Fishing Supplies Bus. Phone 746-0554 ereee ee euaee Thi as RITES 27 GCALGAG? 420 CHERRY STREET - 2310 INGLESIDE AVENUE MACON, GEORGIA WIBB For Good Programs 5000 WATTS 1280 KC 3989 Houston Avenue Macon, Ga. NEW WAY CLEANERS One Hour Service—No Extra Cost Pick-Up and Delivery S H Green Stamps SH 6-4875 SUZANNE'S HAT SHOP 578 Cherry Street $3.00 to $17.99 Hats—Whemsie and Gloves MADDOX PHARMACY 5594 Bloomfield Road 788-5664 WASHBURN MOVING STORAGE SERVICE Local—Long Distance Moving and Storage " Established 1924 " DIAL—743-7471 " W " SUPPLY COMPANY We Don't Meet the Price, We Make It. LOW PRICES 2 Locations e 292 Fifth Street 745-6188 e 398 Eighth Street 746-5145 ABEL PIANO COMPANY Kimball and Bosendorfer Pianos RENTAL-PURCHASE PLAN 746-6878 GEORGE'S RED and WHITE 6004 Hawkinsville Road Compliments of MACON BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY All Types of Building Material 359 Oglethorpe Street SH 2-5733 Macon, Georgia SH 6-755! CORLEY'S OPTICIANS CO Dispensers to Eye Physicians PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS Treat Your Eyes to the Best, © Glasses Prescriptions @ Artificial Eyes @ Famous Maico Hearing Aid @ Contact Lenses Bankers Building 439 Cotton Ave. MEMORIAL CHAPEL FUNERAL SERVICES EVERETT SAMMONS WILLIAM SNOW, JR. 746 CHERRY STREET MACON " Train up a child in the way he should go; and DON CALDWELL'S OPTICIANS when he is old, he will not depart from it. " evnle 126 Consult Your Eye Physician, M.D. 752 First Street Phone SH 3-Twenty-Twenty RHODES FURNITURE CO. Contact Lenses Hearing Aids Downtown Macon Artificial Eyes Comme alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation! PEPSI-COLA PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MACON, GEORGIA BLOOMFIELD BARBER SHOP YELLOW CAB 5265 New Columbus Road " Fast Service " W. E. MULLIS—Pres. 564 Second St. J. A. BRASWELL'S BARBER SHOP 540 Broadway 742-9993 HUCKABEE CULO Cr 696 Third at Pine St. MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of GUY WHITE RADIO AND TV ADDRESS 654 Mulberry Street PHONE SH 3-3768 DIXIE AUTO PARTS COMPANY New and Used Auto Parts 2775 Broadway Gray Highway SH 3-637! SH 6-4368 Compliments of ART MICKLER SPORTING GOODS SH 6-8132 263 Broadway MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of BURDEN SMITH and CO. K. B. OLMSTEAD K. B. Service Station 4509 Houston Ave. 788-1557 Macon, Ga. BILL HUNT and BILL RAGAN T- Home of sy HUN RCA Victor acniniaiaial Color TV SH 5-7467 R A 264 668 Poplar St. INC. Fashion Speaks With a JORIES ACCENT 2340 Ingleside Ave. Compliments of Heritage Motel 2690 Riverside Drive @ Macon, Georgia Air-Conditioned Restaurant Television Pool W. SPENGLER, Owner SHerwood 5-0417 Open a Teenage Account in Three Minutes No Co-Signers CENTRAL JEWELRY STORE EPPS USED CARS, INC. 665 Riverside Dr. MACON, GEORGIA “Specializing in Good Clean Used Cars'' Phone No. 743-1616 Karts Mortuary Established 1899 Middle Georgia's Oldest Funeral Home With Middle Georgia's Largest and Most Experienced Staff J. FREEMAN HART, JR., President Joseph M. Childs, Vice Pres. G. Paul Adams, Vice Pres. Clifton B. Orr, Jr., Vice Pres. M. Bailey Howard Glen Almand Miller Bayne Mallary Homer McGinty Harry G. Moody James Fain Rey. Alton W. Ellis Thomas B. Hamlen Miss Beulah McElveen Mrs. Allene G. Lambert B. Hines Causey Mrs. Theresa Sheridan Mrs. Hazel G. Pittman Ernest C. Saxon Mrs. Audrey Cooper 765 Cherry Street 746-4321 Phone SH 5-7458 P.O. Box 355 WHEELER'S REMANUFACTURED 2889 Waterville Rd. Macon, Georgia ARMSTRONG-SMITH PAINT Compliments of BLOOMFIELD COLONIAL STORE 2595 Rocky Creek Road 2390 Ingleside Ave. 743-1434 " Flowers That Whisper . . . What Words Can't Say " Saluting the CLASS OF '67 SOUTHSIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 2977 Houston Avenue 745-5742 3 Doors From Fabric, Inc. Compliments of MRS. E, C. CASTELLAW—Owner COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY BLOOMFIELD BEAUTY SALON 2743 Montpelier Avenue MACON GEORGIA DAY—PHONE NIGHT PHONE 788-7646 742-1928 SOUTHERLAND SHEET METAL WORKS 1035 Triple Hill Dr. Macon Farm Air Heating—Air Conditioning Gutters—Blow Pipes—Duct Work LEROY SOUTHERLAND—Owner 788-5798 5598 Bloomfield Rd. BATTLE BEVILL SPORTING GOODS 3256 Pio Nono Avenue 788-2440 BLOOMFIELD STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION a eel atthe, Road Service Front End Alignment Complete Tune-Up All Types of Welding State Safety Inspection 1981 2497 Rocky Creek Rd. 788-9934 WESTGATE BARBER SHOP JEEPS L. L. RICKS, Owner We Will Appreciate Your Head in Our Business. New and Used BUSINESS: 746-5454 We Specialize in Parts and Service RESIDENCE: SH 3-0196 Small Children's Hatieude. MIDDLE GEORGIA MACK SALES Campin a INGLESIDE MEN BOYS SHOP 4465 Marion Avenue 788-4600 in Meiedie Aennes Macon, Georgia DAVE S. KRUGER Phone 745-8172 Regero Jewelry Company, Ine. WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING A SPECIALTY TELEPHONE SH 53-2324 368 SECOND STREET BILLY'S BARBER SHOP " Good Haircuts " " BE WELL-GROOMED " 3683 Houston Ave. MACON, GEORGIA STEVE M. SOLOMON JR. FIAT Service Since 1913 139 Broadway Special Monogramming and Designing for Sportswear Uniforms COMPLIMENTS OF MRS. LOUISE STRICKLAND 3830 Tela Place T-SHIRTS 3 GYM SUITS 4s HAROLD REGISTER'S SERVICE STATION 3124 Houston Avenue MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of CHIROPRACTIC ARTS CLINIC DR. FORREST O. REISE 3182 Houston Ave. 742.0203 2495 Pio Nono Ave. MACON, GA. 746-4406 VOLKSWAGEN REPAIRS Phone 745-6597—528 Plum Street—Macon, Georgia 31201 GEORGE YETTER, President ©. F. MASSEY, VY. President FLANDERS Auto Service Repair 1035 Triple Hill Dr. 788-5542 Compliments of RIVERSIDE BARBER SHOP 2782 Riverside Dr. Macon, Ga. Fine Furniture at Sensible Prices SHERATON GALLERIES 6230 Warner Robins Highway STORE HOURS 9—6 Mon., Tues, Thurs., Sat. 9—I Wednesday 9—9 Friday 788-7552 ROSCOE CROSS President H and H JEWELERS Specialist in Jewelry Repairs and Watch Repairs 418 Second Street Ph.—SH 5-5029 Compliments of JOHN DIXON TV AND RADIO CO. Televisions—Stereos—Records—Radios " Serving Macon for 20 Years " 476 Second Street MERCER UNIVERSITY Macon, Georgia Mercer University offers a liberal arts curriculum leading to the degrees| of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Education. Profes- sional programs lead to degrees of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Sci- ence and Pharmacy. Educational preparation for Business, Teaching, Law, Pharmacy, Ministry, and Social Work. For further information write: Admissions Office Mercer University Macon, Georgia 31207 ° | FOR BANKING YOUR WAY, BOTH NOW AND AFTER GRADUATION, SEE C S IN MACON 487 Cherry Street Cherry at Cotton Avenue Second at Hemlock Street ingleside at Corbin Avenue Westgate Shopping Center Shurlington Plaza Shopping Center GEORGIA RADIATOR SERVICE DEPENDABLE RADIATOR REPAIRING G and O Radiators and Cores " Satisfactory Service for 40 Years " Telephone 745-6555 685 Broadway 745-6556 MACON PULPWOOD CO., INC. Cut Your Trees Wisely for Greater Profits " Registered 4385 Pio Nono Avenue Foresters " Macon, Georgia Congratulations ... S7Q ea aaa 552 Mulberry Street OFFICE EQUIPMENT Macon, min COMPANY Phone 742-754 Your lope ls Judged By The Office t Keeps!” BIBB STEEL SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED FABRICATED STRUCTURAL STEEL COKE'S Cameras—Photographic Supplies—Processing 735 Cherry Street MACON GEORGIA Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of WEBSTER MANUFACTURING CO. Ornamental Iron 4952 Bloomfield Road Phone 742-817] CHAMBERS LUMBER CO. Pio Nono Ave. Phone 3-1474 COLEMAN-MEADOWS-PATE DRUG COMPANY Wholesale Druggists Serving Georgia Pharmacists Since 1919 ROWLAND PRINTING COMPANY TINY TOWNE CHILDREN'S SHOP Infants — Children's — Pre-Teens 3985 Houston Avenue PIO NONO PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER FOR YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL 745-5576 Ph. 788-3923 ON THE MOVE WITH MACON MACON, GEORGIA Compliments MELTON'S GARAGE of WwW t All Work Guaranteed WILLINGHAM 4461 Houston Avenue Dial SH 2-6746 |. H. MELTON SASH AND DOOR Compliments of FRIED'S GARAGE FRANK M. HAPP, Owner GARLAND PUGH FORD Macon's Authorized Ford Dealer 225 SECOND STREET SH 2-5771 QUALITY MILK SINCE 1913 All Our Dairy Products Are Processed Here in Macon for Home Deliveries SHerwood 5-3304 CHEROKEE FARMS, INC. R.F.D. NO. 2 BLOOMFIELD FLORISTS 5560 Bethesda Ave. Phone 788-5350 “Happiness is Flowers from Bloomfield Florists. " Owner: FAYE HOPKINS HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY Men's Clothing Furnishings SH 2-7847 563 Cherry Street Macon, Georgia GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 3rd at Plum Macon 743-1525 SCHWORILT “SUITS THE SOUTH” JACKSON BROTHERS’ GARAGE Wheel Alignment Tune-ups a Specialty Automatic Transmissions Rebuilt Automotive Machine Shop Phone SH 2-064! 4060 Houston Avenue JENNIFER'S FABRIC SHOP 3110 Vineville Ave. Macon, Ga. Name Brand Fabrics LEE'S BARBER SHOP 1394 Rocky Creek Rd. Macon, Ga. MACON PIANO EXCHANGE 2699 Houston Avenue Dealers for New and Used Pianos Wurlitzer Conn Organ Janssen Wurlitzer Organ Sohmer HADDEN'S RESTAURANT Catering to Parties and Banquets 4451 Houston Avenue Macon, Ga. Phone 788-496] MAR-JO'S INC. 3111 Vineville Ave. 742-1575 Plenty of Free Parking Medic—Cover Girl—Keds—Gerberich Compliments of SOUTHERN CRATE AND VENEER COMPANY Manufacturers of Wirebound Boxes and Crates Compliments of MACON FEED AND SEED CO., INC. 3115 Broadway SH 5-0407 Compliments of HEFNER'S BAKERY 746-2294 Westgate Best Wishes to the Class of '67 JEAN HALL, FLORIST 768 Cherry Street Compliments of MEREDITH TRAILER COURT 4541 Houston Avenue TRADING POST VAN SERVICE MACON, GA. SH 3-2678 Household Furniture for Sale Local and Long Distance Moving Storage for Household Goods McCOOKS Pharmacy (Formerly Brooks) 7011 Cochranfield Rd. Macon, Georgia Complete Prescription Service Phone 788-5717 Compliments of PINEBROOK INN FORSYTH ROAD Catering to High School Banquets and Breakfasts When you graduate from Crandall, 3 sured of iti a position... ement service is a Crandall on Join the happy Crandall parade... Be a Crandall grad The Crandall grad kes the grade. CRANDALL BUSINESS COLLEGE 555 Mulberry Street Lanier Plaza Building 745-6593 Compliments of GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY MACON, GEORGIA WILSON TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE CO. 639 MULBERRY STREET - MACON, GEORGIA ACKS ON SHERWOOD 6-2777 Af OLDSMOBILE é RIVERSIDE DRIVE AT " WIMBISH ROAD Sales — Service — Rentals — Supplies MACON, GEORGIA 31204 New and Used Equipment For Those Who Have A Sweet Tooth See RIVERS CANDY COMPANY Compliments of C. W. FARMER COMPANY 521 5th Street SH 2-7521 bref, Fine eWlen’s Wear 414 CHERRY STREET MACON, GEORGIA EMPLOYEES LOAN AND THRIFT CORP. Loans— Auto—Furniture—Real Estate 545 Third Street 742-4591 FICKLING AND WALKER, INC. Realtors — Insurers Mortgage Loans 240 Second Street Phone SH 6-9421 MACON, GEORGIA ARMSTRONG CORK COMPANY Post Office Box 4288 MACON, GEORGIA POWELL’S PHARMACY 3717 Houston Avenue Complete RX and Sundry Needs PHONE SH 6-2756 BEARINGS AND DRIVES, INC. 607 Lower Poplar Street MACON, GEORGIA Best Wishes to the Senior Class of ‘67 PHONE 743-6711 WHITE LAVENDER PEST CONTROL, INC. MONTHLY TERMS - COMPANY FINANCED NO RED TAPE NO RED TAPE ALL VEHI CLES EQUIPPED WITH 2-WAY RADIOS FOR FAST SERVICE | LICENSED BY STATE PEST CONTROL COMMISSION Dial SH 6-5134 NIGHTS - HOLIDAYS DIAL 745-2067 or SH 3-1700 or 788-3156 3984 NAPIER AVE. CREDIT BUREAU of MACON and COLLECTION SERVICE 791 Poplar Street REPORTS: 743-3771 COLLECTIONS: 742-7581 SEYMOUR’S HARDWARE Compliments of 1398 Rocky Creek FINCHER’S BARBECUE Phone 788-3918 Houston Avenue Your Neighborhood Hardware Store YOU LIVE WITH BIBB It would be hard to find a home in America to which Bibb Textile Products have not contributed beauty, comfort and utility in some measure. Bibb Yarn and Fabrics are woven into luxurious carpets, fashionable draperies, beautiful upholstery materials and many other household textiles. You'll find Bibb also in the office... in industry... and in the wardrobes of America. Eighteen great Bibb Plants add to the wealth and prosperity of Georgia and the South. You live better with Bibb! BIBB MANUFACTURING CO. MACON, GA. A Georgia Citizen Since 1876 PeODIE OM KE GO..0 co BURGER CHEF THEY’RE ON THEIR WAY TO BURGER CHEF for a quick afternoon snack. Kids (and grown- ups, too) love the taste-tempting Apple Turnover from Burger Chef. Light flaky crust and a juicy filling of plump, fresh Michigan apples make this an unforgettable treat . and for only 20¢! Try one soon! HAMBURGERS ZA? CB) —— Franchised nationwide by Burger maT 7 for Chef Systems, Indianapolis 7 oss : : Home of the wands Groatoct 15¢ Hamburger! (ADDRESS) FOR COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS FEATURES PICTURES READ Che Macon Telegraph THE MACON NEWS Middle Georgia’ Davowte Peuspapes LAMAR PONTIAC COMPANY Sales and Service 1090 Riverside Drive MACON FEDERAL G.T.O. — PONTIAC — TEMPEST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Loans Savings HAMLIN AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING RESIDENTIAL - INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL 548 BROADWAY 377 Third Street 900 Pio Nono Avenue MACON, GA. 31201 PHONE: 742-8621 - 742-1204 LENNOX CERTIFIED DEALER ae HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING RAM-SCOTT DRIVE-IN 2810 Pio Nono Ave. (Across From Westgate) Open 6 AM to II PM Seven Days a Week Groceries, Packaged Meats, Ice. Notions, Toys FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE J. ©. (JIMMY) DOUTHIT, Owner PH. SH 6-9095 GOOD WILL NURSING HOME MRS. C. R. LOCKHART, Owner A Home Away from Home Good Home-Cooked Meals Religious Service Sundays Prayer Meetings Weekly And the King shall answer and say unto them Verily | say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. " Matthew 25:40 4373 HOUSTON AVENUE TELEPHONE 743-0543 B S DISCOUNT DRUGS SUNDRIES SAM TRAUB 570 Cherry Street Manager Macon, Ga. 31201 Compliments of E. RAYMOND RAMBLER YOUR FRIENDLY RAMBLER DEALER 738 BROADWAY SH 5-5453 Compliments of CARL HAYS, JEWELER Member of National Bridal Service 406 CHERRY STREET MACON, GEORGIA BEMBRY AUTO SERVICE Auto Air Cond. Sales Service Hydromatic Trans. General Auto Repair State Safety. Inspection Station 4200 BROADWAY BUS. PHONE 788-5491 MACON, GEORGIA 788-4010 Compliments of EARL AND MARIE ARNOLD BETTY ANN'S NUTS AND CANDIES Fresh Salted Nuts for any Occasion Gift Candies WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER Welcome to PIG ‘N-WHISTLE Good Food—Good Service Meet Your Friends hati etter with Oke TRADE-MARK ® BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY BRYANT-MARCHMAN Hair Customs for Men and Boys 3716 Houston Avenue SH 6-8933 RESTAURANT FIXTURE SUPPLIES CO.., INC. 523 Poplar Street Macon, Georgia 31201 Comipliments of TUCKER'S BARBECUE DRIVE-IN " You Likem—Becalse We Makem to Like " 4591 Broadway Phone: 788-9940 Compliments of FAILE'S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Ave. PHONE SH 5-046! TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPE Petites—Juniors—Misses Pio Nono Plaza 788-3594 624 NEW STREET 746-1366 MACON VENDING SERVICE All Types Vending. Machines “Our Service Unequalled " MACON, GEORGIA TRUCKING EQUIPMENT row nade 4601 NEW COLUMBUS ROAD MACON, GA. DIAL SH 5.5476 Distributors: Dump Bodies @ Truck Bodies @ Fertilizer Spreaders @ Trailers @ Air Brakes @ Safety Tanks @ Winches @ Lift Gates @ H. REGINALD BROXTON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1027 Triple Hill Drive Macon, Georgia Phone—788-7612 Quality MEATS, GROCERIES, Fancy and Staple and LOWEST PRICES! J L SUPER MARKET MEATS, GROCERIES, SEA FOODS 890 Third Street, Macon, Georgia PHONE SH 2-985! Admiral and Zenith Televisions RCA Color TY —FURNITURE— Whirkpoot WOOD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO. 3709 Houston Avenue JERRY WOOD Home Phone: 788-1171 SALES AND SERVICE Phone 746-8116 HOGGS HOUSTON AVENUE DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store 4096 Houston Avenue Phone 788-6651 Compliments of R. S. THORPE SONS 533-535 Cherry Street — Telephone SH 2-6246 MACON GEORGIA Better Clothes for Men and Boys FURNITURE CENTER 455 First St. Macon, Ga. Phone: SH 6-2461—SH 6-2462 SAVE UP TO 40% Complete Home Decorating Free Home Counciling Rug and Drapes 3 Floors of Beautiful Furniture @ All Types of Accessories @ Macon's Oldest and Original Furniture Discount House ® 90 Days—No Carrying Charges R. C. WALLACE—Pres. C S Charge or Use Our Own Revolving Charge Plan GENE'S BARBERSHOP Warner Robins Highway and Allen Rd. Open From 7 to 7 Six Days a Week. ALL HAIRCUTS $1.00 Compliments of CENTRAL TIRE CO. “Quality Tires and Recapping” 4276 Broadway Macon, Georgia DAGWOOD DELOACH BARBER SHOP “Air Conditioned " " We Need Your Head in Our Business " Mit McEVOY STUDENT we COUNCIL 67 = Today Not Tomorrow INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANA HERFF JONES Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers PAUL W. ELAM 2964 Peachtree Road, N. W. Suite 227 Atlanta, Ga. 30305 Caps and Gowns Clint Lee Diplomas DEDICATION CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES SPORTS HONORS FACULTY Adelstone, Rosalind Archer, Susan Baird, Addie Rie Beatty, Daisy Bland, Gail Bohannon, Lloyd Brown, Rosalyn Carswell, George Castle, Mildred Chambers, Jeanette Chapman, Madge fats (|e ee Oe ne en eee ae 24 Colquitt, Winifred Cox, Dorothy Crossett, Ill, Edgar Lee Dechman, Elsie Dennis, Helen Duckworth, Jesse Floyd, Robert Fowler, Winifred Garvin, Michael Gibbs, Sarah Graves, David Greene, Roger Gresham, Frances Hadarits, Anne Index Hancock, Judye Henderson, Billy Hinesley, Elizabeth Hooks, Thomas Hudson, Joan Hull, Mildred Hutcherson, Martha Jimerson, Diane Jones, Kathryn Jordan, Stewart Kersey, Laura Kingsley, Curtis Kyser, Carter Lamback; Mary Be. . sisi. 000% 20 Lanier, Julia Littlefield, Jim Long, Loarene Lowery, Pate Malone, Cynthia Middlebrooks, Jane Mixon, Tommy Moody, Patsy Moore, Jacquelyn Nicholson, Mary Jane Odom, Jackie Pahdoco, Wanda Parteh, tis). eeeks aes 26 Pendergrass, Lena Powell, Christine Pridgeon, Leonard Priester, Eva Rabern, Verna Reeves, Barbara Reindrop, Trugen Richardson, Jacquelyn Scandyln, Mildred Schell, Virginia Schockley, Karen Smith, Mary Spence, Suzanne Tollerson, Lula Trawick, Harry Wagner, Mary Sue Watson, Barbara Watson, Jr., Harold Weaver, Mary Weeks, Junyth Whitaker, Elmer Windham, Frank McEVOY STUDENT BODY Adams, Gloria Alexander, Donna Alexander, Marjorie .... 89, 191 Alfirov, Rosemary . 31, 157, 164, 177 Allen, Susan 114, 185, 191 Amos, Pat ... 114, 161, 187, 194 Anderson, Carol ... 31, 172, 191 Anderson, Deborah ... 114, 185, 188 Anderson, Frankie . 31, 171, 176, 183 Anderson, Linda 89, 191 Annis, Zenephia n Archer, Shirley ... 114, 161, 191 Archer, Susan . 89, 164, 173, 177 114, 176 31, 164, 158, 188 Arnold, Cherie 114, 191 Arnold, Janet 31, 179, 182, 187, 191 Arnette, Nona Arnold, Barbara ... Arnold, Myra Arrowood, Patsy Asbell, Sandra .... 31, 185, 190 Aultman, Theresa .. 213, 89, 179 Aultman, Theresa .. 89, 179, 213 Austin, Brenda Avera, Aurelia 114, 188 Avera, Romona .... 32, 164; 191 Baggs, Anne 114, 188 Baker, Linda Balkcom, Faye 32, 177, 185, 191, 194 Barfield, Sharon Barnes, Nita .. 32, 171, 173, 185, 1 Barr, Raydell Bartlett, Lael Bass, Gwen Bassett, Deborah 114, 194 . 32, 164, 167, 173, 182 Bassett, Shirley ... 114, 179, 191 Batchelor, JoAnn Bassett, Jan . Bateman, Brenda Bateman, Eva Bates, Wanda Battle, Suzanne Batts, Joyce Batts, Shiela Baughcum, Dianne Baxter, Rose Marie Bean, Wanda 166, 167 Beasley, Jan 113, 114 Bell, Shirley .. 33, 166, 185, 187 Bellflower, Martha Bembry, Marty .... 33, Bennett, Joyce 30, 33, 157, 160, 164, 182 Bevins, Diane 33, 171, 176 Bilderback, Cathy . 114, 171, 185 Bilderback, Dana .. 33, 185, 190 Bledsoe, Dorcille .. 34, 159, 161, 166, 182, 185, 187 114, 176, 183 Berryhill, Lynn . Bliss, Beth Blount, Gail Boatright, Patsy .. 89, 183, 188 « 89, 191, 213 Bond, Rebecca . . Boney, Connie . . Boone, Elaine Boothe, Buelah Anne Bostick, Carol .... 114, 171, 176 Boudreaux, Kathy 34, 167, 171, 182, 187 Bowen, Janis . Bozeman, Penny Bradfield Janice Bradley, Ernistine 34, 191 114, 190 Bradley, Sandra Bramblett, Elaine Brantley, Annette Breland, Brenda Breland, Faye Brewer, Naomi . 34, 161, 164, Bridger, Esther .. ; 171, 188 Bridger, Mabel Brittain, Cathy Brooks, Arlene Brooks, Judy . 35, 171, 176, 183 Brooks, Martha Brooks, 114, 194 Brown, Brown, Dianne 89, 159, 182, 191 Brown, Janice Brown, Lynda 35, 166, 182 Broxton, Jolyn 35, 156, 164, 171, 173, 177 Bruce, Brenda Bryant, Brenda 89, 158, 160, 177 Bryant, Gena . 35, 161, 164, 178, 179, 180, 212, 213 Bryant, June . 35, 160, 164, 178, 179, 212, 213 Bryant, Patsy 114, 182 Bullard, Diane Bunch, Linda Burdeshaw, Debby 36, 161, 164, 1 Burgamy, Linda Burgamy, Sheila Burns, Phyllis Burnley, Brenda Burnette, Karen .. 173, 115, 179, 213 Burnette, Kathy Busbee, Gayle Bussell, Gloria Butler, Nancy . 89, 164, 177, 179 Butts, Bunny Byas, Della Byrd, Elaine Caisse, Judy Caldwell, Cheryl ... 36 ,167, 176 Callaway, Diane ... 36, 167, 182, 187 Cameron, Alline Cameron, Debra Cameron, Pat . 89, 171, 179, 185 Cannady, Kay Carpenter, Elaine .. 90, 180, 194 Carr, Emily .. 36, 157, 160, 164, 179, 238 90, 158, 160, 164, 174, 179 Carter, Barbara 36, 164, 171, 176 Carr, Jacque . Carter, Delbra Carter, Sharon Causey, Gail Chaffin, Ann Chambers, Carol Chambers, Kathy .. Chaput, Chery! Cheves, Gail Childers, Pat Chitwood, Judy Choff, Sandy Claney, Susan Clark, Brenda Clark, June Clark, Patsy Clark, Sharon Clark, Sharon Ann Clark, Sonja Clarke, Jackie . 113, 115, 90, 164, 37, 182, 156, 161, 164, Cliatt, Marie Clifford, Brenda ... Clifton, Pam Cofer, Sherry Cohen, Barbara Colbert, Shirley Cole, Glenda Collins, Pat Colson, Sherry Colvin, Trammell Compton Glenda Conley, Barbara Conway, Jean Corbin, Diane Cox, Cathy Craine, Linda . 38, 161, 180, Cranford, Gayle Crissey, Xavia Crosby, Carolyn Cross, Dana Cruse, Peggy Crutchfield, Karen Daniels, Glenda Darley, Brenda Darling, Brenda Darling, Pat Davidson, Sylvia Davis, Becky 185 30, 37, 137, 138, 179 176 180 179 186 115 Davis, Carolyn Davis, Cecilia Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Patricia Davis, Sheryl 38, 173, 182 115, 186 38, 182 Deal, Deena Deal, Elaine Deane, Elaine Deason, Patsy Dechman, Libby ... Deese, Deidre Deloach, Gloria Dennis, Helene Dingler, Connie Dixon, Cathy Dixon, Paula Dixon, Virginia Dominey, Kathy .. 115, 182, 191, 194 Doolittle, Sandra ... 39, 171, 172 Dorsey, Terry Douglas, Opal .... Dowd, Faye Drum, Leslie Dubose, Pam Duggan Melba 91, 164, 172, 191 Dulong, Ginger Dunn, Kathie . 91, 158, 160, 164, 179 Durden, Kay Durden, Susan 91, 172, 185, 191 Edwards, Gayle Edwards, Gladys Edwards, Judy Edwards, Myra .... 91, 164, 185 Edwards, Wendy . 116, 183, 188 Elder, Sherry Eldridge, Ann 39, 137, 139, 160, 173,177 39, 158, 182 171, 176 Ellington, Pat Elliott, Faye Ellis, Teresa Elrod, Judy 186, 191 Ely, Linda 188, 191 Emerick, Joy .. 91, 158, 173, 177 English, Gloria English, Susan 40, 164, 171, 177, 179 Ennis, Sheryl 185 Epps, Elaine .. 30, 40, 157, 159 Epting, Deborah 116 Etheridge, Lin Evans, Bengale Evans, Brenda Evans, Elaine Evans, Emily Evans, Sharon Ezell, Yvonne Ezell, Elaine Ezell, Evelyn Farnsworth, Sharon Farrell, Janice Fellows, Regina Ferguson, Cynthia Fields, Glynis Fields, Margaret Fincher, Vickie Finney, Katherine Fiveash, Brenda Flanders, Wanda .. 40, 161, 164, Fletcher, Cathy Folds, Sarah Fordham, Vickie ... Foster, Anita Foster, Susan Fountain, Crystal . Fowler, Donna Francis, Jackie 92, 182, 183, Franklin, Elaine Fraser, Lola . .. 40, 164, 173, Frost, Jane Fulford, Donna 92, 180, 182, Fuller, Brenda Fullington, Cheryl Fulwood, Linda Funck, Valerie 116, 161, 179, Funderburke, Vicki Furney, Janie Garnto, Cathy Garrett, Pat Gay, Carol Gilbert, Janice .... Gilbert, Susan . 92, 179, 180, Giles, Patricia Gillis, Debra Gleason, Debbie Glover, Pat Goforth, Krista 92, 164, Goodwin, JoAnn Goss, Gwen 116, 41, 164, 178, 179, 180, 212 Grace, Margaret .. Grant, Brenda Graves, Connie .. Gray, Connie Gray, Nita Greenway, Dianne Griffin, Elaine Griffin, Judy Griffin, Patricia Griggs, Rhonda Grimes, Linda Gwinn, Alice Hall, Becky Hall, Linda Hallman, Wanda Hallmark, Vivian .. 42, 161, peo Hamlin, Bobby Hamlin, Gail Hamlin, Pam Hamlin, Sunny .... 92, 161, Hamm, Dianne Hamm, Verna Hamrick, Mary Etta Hare, Nancy Harrell, Ann Harrell, Jackie Harrell, Pam Harper, Regina 42, 166, 171, 177 Harris, Sandra A? V7 Hartley, Harriet Harvard, Jaye 93, 179, 213 Hattaway, Sharon . 93, 159, ne Haupt, Martha Hayes, Deborah Hayes, Karen Haywood, Melanie Heath, Jill Heath, Peggie . 43, 166, 180, 190 Henry, Billie Henry, Diane Hester, Diane Hewell, Rhonda ... 43, 158, 159, 164, 171, 180 Hicks, Bettye . 43, 160, 164, 171, 180, 188 Higden, Millie Higginbothan, Twilla ... 180 Hightower, Linda .. 93, 159, 182, Hightower, Sharon Hi ll, Allison Hill, Arden Hill, Sandra Hill, Wanda Hilliard, Annette Hinote, Alice 93, 185 Hinson, Janice 44, 167, 177, 178, 136, 212, 213, 179 Hinson, Janice 44, 136, 167, 177, Hinson, Martha Ann .... 93, 185 Holland, Cindy Holloway, Pam Holt, Kathy .. 44, 161, 164, 171, 179, 238, 185 Hooks, Nanette Hornaday, Pat Horne, Vicki 112,: 182, Horton, Lynn ..93, 171, 179, Howard, Carol Howard, Daphine .. 44, 158, 164 Howard, Sandra ... 93, 161, 180 Howell, Patricia Hubbard, Deborah Hudson, Pat Hudson, Sandra Huff, Pat Huff, Sandra Hughes, Lynn 94, 182, 191 94, 182, 191 44, 164, 182 Hughes, Sarah Hulette, Paulette Hunt, Gail Hunt, Linda ... 45, 171, 176, 183 Hurley, Peggy Hutto, Gail Ingram, Jean 45, 166 Jackson, Donna 117, 186 Jackson, Gena 94, 159, 173, 177 Jackson, Carol Jackson, Linda Jackson, Shirley Jaglowicz, Leta James, Carla . 94, 158, 164, 183, 185 James, Linda Jarriel, Delaine Jerkins, Michele Johns, Frankie .... 45, : Johnson, Brenda ... 45, 164, Johnson, Christelle Johnson, Connie Johnson, Debra Johnson, Mary Ann .... Johnson, Patty ... 117, 182, Johnson, Sue . 94, 161, 164, 183, 188 VU, 179, T94 Joiner, Barbara .. Jones, Faye Jones, Susan Jordan, Linda 46, 156, 171 Josey, Judy Keller, Ginger 94, 164, 172 Kennedy, Sandy Kent, Beth ... 94, 160, 164, 180, 188 Kent, Judy Kerr, Rhonda Keys, Susan .. 94, 164, 178, 179, King, Alice King, Carol King, Judy King, Sharon King, Wanda . 46, 157, 159, Kitchens, Laverne Kitchens, Marie Kitchens, Pam . 94, 164, 179, Knight, Susan Krewson, Susan ... 94, 180, Lake, Debra .. 94, 161, 172, Lambert, Lynn 46, 161, 171, 182, 187 Lanford, Becky Lannon, Carol Lazenby, Sue Leaptrot, Cyndy .... 94, 46, 164 Lee, Linda Lewis, Frita 117, 191 Lewis, Paula . 46, 157, 164, 177, 179 Lilley, Susan Lines, Melody 46, 158, 164, 173, 182 Lockhart, Betty 94, 160, 167, 177, 179 Long, Sharon Lord, Rebecca . 47, 171, 185, 186 Lord, Teresa 118, 176 Lovejoy, Brenda Lovejoy, Elaine Lowery, Brenda Loyd, Susan 95, 167 Mackey, Janice 118, 176 Mann, Ellen Mann, Susan Manning, Susan .. Manville, Harriett Marshall, Diane Marshall, Linda Martin, Carol Martin, DuJuan Martin, Nancy Mathews, Charlene Mathews, Lucy Matthews, Sherma . 95, 117, 186 McCallum, Duane ... 30, 48, 180 McClemore, Debbie McCranie, Susan .. 48, 160, 164, 178, 179, 212 McCullough, Sherry .... 95, 191 McDonald, Glinda McElhenney, Patricia McElmurray, Connie .... McElmurray, Kathryn . . McGlohorn, Gail McGraw, Chery] McKinley, Deborah 95, 183, 186, McKinney, Sue McKinnon, Sandy McMillan, Terri McMillian, Debbie Meadows, Sue ... 118, 176, 182 Meeks, Dianne Meeks, Judy Meeks, Shirley Meriweather, Meri Metts, Lynn Middlebrooks, Marsha .. 49, 160, 166, 167 Miles, Christell Milford, Gayle Miller, Janice Miller, Susan Mills, Patricia Mimbs, Karen Minschew, Betty Minter, Linda Mixon, Renee Mixon, Vickie Mize, Jackie Moore, Joan .. 49, 171, 176, Moore, Lynn . 118, 182, 185, Montgomery, Eileen .... 95, Morgan, Beverly Morgan, Faye Morris, Brenda .... 95, 171, Morris, Elizabeth Morris, June .. 95, 164, 172, 176 Morstad, Jacque .. 49, 164, 177, 179 Moses, Marty 49, 166, 167 Mossbarger, Patsy Mote, Susan Moxley, Dolores .. 50, 161, 164, Moye, Barbara Mullinix, Janice .. 118, 185, Mullis, Mildred Mullis, Pat Myers, Wynoka Murick, Faye Napier, Bernice Nelson, Sara NeSmith,Carol Newby, Toni . 95, 137, 139, 172, 191, 194 Newton, Laura .... 96, 164, 172 Nolan, Sharon 187 Norris, Sandy 182 Norris, Valerie 118 Nowell, Roseanna .. 96, 164, 173 Odom, Alva Ogletree, Linda Oktavec, Beverly Osborn, Sharon ... 50, 167, Owen, Cheryl 96, 185, Parham, Carol Parker, Dana Parker, Sandra 50, 164, 173, Parks, Sylvia Parks, Vickie Partridge, Anne Peacock, Cynthia Peacock, Rosemary 50, 158, 159, 161, 164, 171, 188 Peavy, Faye Peavy, Carol Peebles, Paulette Pelt, Janie Pettis, Pamela Phelps, Vicki Phillips, Doris Phinizy, Emily Pierce, Linda Pipkin, Juanita Pippin, Patsy Pirkle, Joyce .. 30, 51, 160, 180, 185, 238 Plunkett, Diane .... 96, 182, 183 Pope, Mary Helen Pope, Ramona Potter, Carol Ann Powell, Barbara 199, 179, 180, 185 Powell, Barbara .. Powell, Brenda Powell, Latrelle 119, 187 Powell, Marsha ... 119, 182, 194 Powell, Runae 51, 161, 185, 187 Powell, Sheila Presly, Genita Preston, Patricia .. 119, 176, 183 Price, Gloria Price, Patsy Prince, Linda . 52, 137, 138, 160, 164, 178, 179, 212 Pritchett, Debra 119, 172 Proctor, Carolyn Proctor, Dorothy Pruett, Brenda 52, 157, 172, 177 Purser, Miriam Quinn, Shirley 52, 158, 179, 185 Rackley, Elaine Railey, Marie Raines, Bonnie Raley, Melanie Rasmussen, Carolyn Rawlings, Janice .. 52, 157, 164, 179 Rawis, Wanda 119, 191 Reeves, Suzy 96, 172, 185 Reinertsen, Judy .. 52, 177, 179, 181, 185 Richards, Carol 188 Riech, Elaine 187 Riley, Deborah .... 96, 182 Roberts, Genia 52, 156, 177 Robertson, Carolyn sy il Reeves, La Vonia Robertson, Roxanne 119 Rogers, Patricia 119 Rowe, Cathy ul 194 Rozier, Sandra 96 Russell, Becky .. 30, 53, 177, 191 Russell, JoAnn 96, 158, 173, 177 Rutland, Charlotte 190 Ryder, Carroll Ryon, Elaine 176 Sanders, Cathy 119 Sanders, Kathy 53, 183, 188, Sapp, Janice .. 52, 156, 164, 176 Satterwhite, Gail 179 Sauls, Mary Lou 53 Saunders, Gail 97, 161, 164, 177 Savage, Susan 188 Scarbrough, Diane .... 120, 182 Scott, Karen Seaman, Ginger Seigler, Peggy .... 53, 166, Self, Jill Self, Sandra Shafer, Kay Shaw, Debra Shaw, Pam Shed, Carolyn Shed, Elaine Shelton, Phyllis .... 97, 167, 172 Shepard, JoAnne .. 97, 179, 186, 17 Sheppard, Joyce Sheppard, Shielah Shrum, Carolyn Simmons, Nancy Skinner, Theresa .. Sirmans, Janie Sisk, Marsha Smallwood, Edna Smith, Brenda . 30, 54, 156, 159, 164, 173 Smith, Brenda Smith, Diane Smith, Gale Smith, Jeanne . 54, 164, 167, 183 Smith, Rhonda 54, 161, 185, 190 Smith, Vicki . .54 Spell, Cheryl 120, 113, 160 Spell, Sandra Spires, Glenda .. Stanfield, Barbara Stallings, Linda 167, 182, 191 Stallings, Linda Stephenson, Stephany .. 55, 164, 180 Stewart, Stewart, Deborah Stewart, Linda 55, 160, 164, 167 Stewart, Molly ... 120, 179, 213 Stickney, Susan ... 120, 186, 194 Stokes, Gwen Stokes, Montene Stowe, Tommie Ann 55, 160, 164 178, 179, 212 Strickland, Arlene .. 97, 159, 161 182, 187 Strickland, Peggy . 97, 161, 167, 177 Sutton, Teresa Swain, Vicki Tanner, Loretta Taylor, Barbara ‘Welborn, Cindy Taylor, Dianne TeSelle, Elizabeth .. 97, 158, 172 Temples, Myra Thames, Brenda Thames, Terri . 30, 56, 158, 160, 164, 180 Theiss, Brenda 120, 191 Thigpen, Carleen Thigpin, Brenda ... 98, 186, 188 Thistlewood, Johnnie ... 98, 164, 182, 185, 194 Thistlewood, Melba ... 120, 176 Thomas, Brenda Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Tomberlin, Arlene . 98, 164, 173, 182 Tomberlin, Roslyn . 56, 159, 164, 171 Tompkins, Donna Towson, Jean Tucker, Carol Tucker, Janice s T24, 179, TS3 . 98, 173, 183, 185, 187 Tuckers, Joyce . Turner, Patricia .. Tyson, Carol 121, 182, 186 Underwood, Judy 121, 190 Ussery, Sandy . 55, 157, 161, 185 121, 194 Tyson, Lynn Venable, Carol Vinson, Gwen Voellinger, B. J. ... 98, 178, 179, Waddell, Sherry .. 98, 164, 212, 172 Waddell, Susan ... 121, 186, 190 Waites, Joyce 98, 182, 158 Walker, Ellen . 57, 161, 164, 177, 238 Walker, Janice Wall, Wanda Walsh, Janice Waltman, Claris Ee, 13 Walton, Jane . 57, 158, 164, 188 Wasden, Renee .... 57, 167, 186 Waters, Deborah Watson, Becky ... 121, 183, 190 121, 183 West, Judy West, Pat Wester, Teresia White, Rhonda .... , 180, 191 121, 182 158, 164, 177, 179 White, Sheila 121, 191 Whitt, Beverly .... 57, 167, 180 Whittle, Vauna 57, 157, 171, 176 Wilbanks, Fay Wilbanks, Kay Wilder, Sally .. 58, 157, 171, 176 Wilkerson, Elaine .. 98, 164, 172 Williams, Williams, Williams, Gail Williams, Linda ... Williams, Mae Williams, Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Paula Willoughby, Faith 113, 1:21 Wilson, Charlene .. 58, 164, 171, 173 Wilson, Karen . 58, 171, 181, 182 Wilson, Marjorie Wilson, Toni Wimpey, Pat . 99, 172, 182, 186 Wood, Gail Wood, Katherine Wood, Marsha .. Wood, Sheila Wood, Tommie Dee ... Woodell, Sandra Woodruff, Rebecca Woolfolk, Gwendolyn Worrell, Shiela Wright, Diane 59, 172, 187 Wright, Marie .... 59, 159, 183, 186 «aw PRNGG, 191 Wright, Sandra Wright, Vickie 59, 157, 164, 176 Yearwood, Peggie Young, Melba 99, 171, 173, 185, 188 Young, Patti Youngblood, Sandra . . Youngblood, Sheryl .... WILLINGHAM STUDENT BODY Adams, David Addleton, Duffy Alderman, Wayne 100, 165, Algae, David Allagood, Richard Alligood, John Arnold, Larry Arrington, Henry Avera, David Avera, Joe Baggs, Ralph Baird, Tony Balkcom, Harold Bare, Eddie Barfield, Donny Barnes, Bobby Barnes, Butch Barron,Ricky Bass, Julian Batchelor, Joe Bates, Lee Bates, Randy Battle, Reggie Bo, Batts Baxter, Ken Beale, Billy Bearden, Billy .... 100, 170, Bedgood, Gene Bedgood, Ray Bedsole, Ronnie Bell, Hugh Bell, Johnny Bellflower, Phillip Bellflower, Mike Bullury, Phillip Bennett, Billy .... Benson, Howard Bissonette, Ed Blackwell, Lamar Blalock, Ricky Blizzard, Al .. 61, 169, 239, Bloodworth, Mike Bolden, Alan Bone, Mike Bonds, Norman Borders, Jimmy 188 169 188 189 100 163 187 169 189 184 100 Bowen, Bud 170 Brady, Bill Braswell, Tim 169 Bridger, Glenn 189 Britt, Larry Brooks, Jimmy .... 62, 162, 163, 184, 189 Brown, Lamar N22 Brown, Mike Browning, Billy Browning, Fred Brownlee, Kenneth Bryan, James Buffington, Walter Bullard, Henry Buffington, Randy Burnett, Kenny Busbee, Terry Butler, Elmer Butterworth, Billy Butts, Dalton Butts, Ronnie Byars, Larry Byas, Robert Caldwell, Mike Caldwell, Rex Caldwell, Vince Cameron, Allen Cameron, Darrell Camp, Larry Canady, Mike Cannon, Chuck Cannon, Theron Carmichael, Earl Carmichael, Ricky Carr, Ronnie Carstaphen, Danny Carter, Darrell Carter, Wayne 122, Castleberry, Pat 101, Carver, Jimmy 122, 169 Causey, Bo Chaffin, Steve Chambers, Lynwood 63, 174, 189 Chandler, Larry Chapman, Andy Chapman, Freddy Chapman, Terry Cherry, Jimmy .... 63, 216, 232 Cheshire, Donny .. 101, 169, 216 Childers, Quinton . 63, 168, 174, 181, 193 Christy, Billy Churchwell, Ricky Clanton, Jimmy Clinard, David Cloud, Cary .. Coile, Jerry Colbert, Ronald Coleman, David 101, 189 122, 169 63, 169 63, 162, 170, 174 Coleman, Hugh Coleman, Jerry Coleman, Phil 64, 165, 188 101, 189 Collins, Jesse Collins, Ernest Combes, Douglas Comer, Phillip 64, 162, 175, 181, Cook, Herbert Cook, Stanley .... 101, 170, 175 Cooper, Charles Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Ross . 64, 170, 188, 178, Courson, John Crabb, Wayne Crawford, Wimpy Crosby, Ronnie Cross, Chuck . 64, 162, 168, 175, 178, 216 123; 162; 217 123, 169, 216 101, 189 101, 216 Cruz, James 123, 162 Culpepper, Jack .. 65, 175, 178, 229 Culpepper, Jimmy 102, 159, 165, Cross, Donnie .... Crowe, Bruce .... Crowell, Jerry Crump, Gene Dalton, Wayne Daniel, Jerry Daniel, Ricky Daniel, Warren Darsey, Danny 123, 220 102, 184 Davis, Dewey Davis, Jerry Davis, John Davis, Monroe Davis, Sammy Dawkins, Mike ... 102, 178, 216, 232 Deese, Neil Defoe, Ronnie Defoe, Sonny Deloach, Kenny Denham, Morty .. 123, 184, 186, Dent, Deryl Dent, Ken Deriso, Ricky Digby, Mike . 65, 156, 162, 163, 165, 170, 168, 181, 188, 239 245 Dixon, Jerry 66, 184, 189 123, 217 Dixon, Ken Doss, David Dowd, Billy Dowd, David Dove, James Drawhorn, Steve Drury, Billy Dubose, David Dubose, John Duggan, Barry Dunn, John Dupree, John Durden, Andy Durden, Bobby Durden, Steve ... 102, 162, 169, 175, 188 Durden, Steve Edge, Barry Edwards, Don Edwards, Don Edwards, Jimmy Elam, George Prarcge;, Cu W. 06:60 se eas 123 Ellington, Rex 123, 169 Ellis, Danny Ellis, Dennis .. 66, 162, 163, 170, 175, 178, 216, 232 Ellis, Wayne . 103, 169, 184, 193 Elrod, Bill Emerick, George Entrekin, Larry Epps, Billy ... 67, 158, 165, 168, 170, 181, 188 Evans, Charles Evans, Donnie Evans, Donnie Evans, Fincher, Ronnie Fitzpatrick, Barry Fitzpatrick, Dennis .... Fitzpatrick, Walter Fiveash, Randy Fiveash, Ray Flanders, Wayne Floyd, Danny Floyd, Steve Ford, Herbie Ford, Robert Francis, Danny Franklin, Claudie Freeman, Charles Freeman, Jimmy Friedlander, James . 30, 68, 163, 170, 174, 178, Friedlander, Louis Fulcher, Olin .. 68, 169, 174, Fulford, Larry Fuller, Roby Fussell, Donnie ... 124, 186, Garrard, Wayne Gay,Danny Gay, Russell Germany, Manuel Gibson, Reggie Gilbert, Billy Gilbert, Daryl Gilleland, Wayne Godfrey, Mike Godwin, Charles Goforth, Wayne Golden, Thomas Goldsby, Bobby Goldsby, Ronald .. 103, 162, Goodman, Dean .. 69, 165, 216, 188, 239, 247 Goodman, Reid 217 Goodner, Bill 165 Goodner, John 124 Goodwin, Jerlyn 124 Goodwin, Ronald 189 Goodwin Tim 124 Grace, Jimmy 104 Graham, Tommy 169 Greene, Charlie Greene, Lake Greene, Hugh Greene, Phil Gregory, Floyd Griffin, Ronnie .... 70, 184, 169, 216, 178 Griffin, Ronnie Griffin, Sammy Griggers, Joe Groves, John Groves, Mike Haddock, Ed Hall, Freddie Hall, Tim Hammock, Dennis Hammock, Wayne . Hammock, William Hammond, Ronnie Hampton, Jarvis Hancock, Johnny . 104, 162, Hane, Joe Haralson, James Harbin Ernest Harbuck, Brady Hardeman, Joe Hargrove, Kenny Harr, Steve Harrell, Aubrey Harrell, Robert Harris, Leon Hart, Billy Hart, Leonard Hartley, Steve Hatcher, Wayne Hasty, Randy Hayes, Wayne Hayslip, Bobby Haywood, Sonny .. 71, 184, 168 Heath, Harvey Helms, Ingram Herrington, Mark Herbert, Warren Hicks, Francis Hicks, Tyrone Higgenbotham, Higgenbotham, Glenn . 125, 169 Higgenbotham, Higgins, James .. 104, 170, 216, Hitchcock, Jimmy Hobbs, Larry Hoffeditz, Jimmy .. 72, 174, 162 Holland, Walter ... 73, 169, 174, 184 Holloway, Brad .. 104, 170, 184 Holloway, Jeff Holmes, Carl Holmes, James Holsten, Alec Hooker, Bert Hooks, Mike Horne, Ander ... 125, 113, 175, 169, 162, 216, 220 Horne, Eddie Hornyak, Glynn .. 104, 170, 174, 157 Horton, Donny 73, 165, 170, 188 Horton, Wayne .... 73, 163, 170 Howard, Donny Howard, Eddie Howard, Grover .. 74, 158, 162, 170, 168, 239, 243 Hudson, Brian Hudson, David Hudson, Randy Huff, Frank Hughes, Jimmy Hulett, Jerry Huling, Jim Huling, Mike Humphrey, Danny Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunter, Van Hutcherson, Eddie Inman, Gene Jackson, Donnie Jackson, Jerry Jackson, Randy 74, 170, 39, 175, 178, 181, 216, 238, 239, 244 Jackson, Rudy 105, 187 James, Donald Jansen, Dick .. 30, 74, 162, 163, 165, 157, 178, 216, 241 Jarriel, Eddie Jennings, Al 184 Jennings, Jimmy 186 Jimmerson, Tim 105 Joaquin, Ricky 193 Johnson, Billy 125 Johnson, Dean 105 Johnson, Dennis 105 Johnson, General 105 Jones, Bobby 125 Jones, 169 Jones, David 189 Jones, 170 Jones, Ronnie .... 105, 163, 189 Jones, Wayne 106, 216, 178, 220 Jones, Wayne 126, 187 Jordon, Jerry Jordon, John Justus, Steve Keene, Randy Kell, Steve Kilgore, Danny Killgo, Gerald King, Larry Kitchens, Carl Kitchens, Kenneth Knight, Danny Krysalka, Richard .. 74, 168, 169, 178, 232 Kunka, Richard Ladson, Dennis Lamb, Bruce Lamb, Jerry Lancaster, Charles Layson, Jimmy Lee, Billy Lefils, Ray Lemon, Ronny Leonard, Charles Leslie, Danny Lines, Stanley .... 106, 156, 165 Livingston, Leroy Livingston, Michael Livingston, Ronnie Livingston, Ted Lockhart, Sonny Lofton, Roger Lord, Gary Love, Lee Lovejoy, Jimmy Loyd, Russell Loyd, Terry Lucas, Donnie Luttrell, Paul Lyons, Jon Maddox, Phil Malone, Wylie Mann, Mell Marchman, Ronnie 107, 163, 216 Marshall, Robert Martin, Allen 189, 76 Martin, Steve 126, 170 Mason, Bill 107, 189 Mason, Doyle .... 126, 170, 217 Mathern, Jay Mayfield, Elgin Mayne, Tommy McAdams, Louis McBride, Tommy McCook, Scott McCoury, Allan 107, 216, 220 McCullough, Pat .. 107, 169, 186 McDaniel, Barry McDonald, Tommy McElhenny, Edward McElroy, Jimmy McGraw, Jack McHugh, Jimmy McKinley, Bobby McKinnon, Jerry McLean, Murray McMillian, James . 107, 162, 165, 170 McWilliams, Richard ... 107, 184 Meadows, Jimmy Meeks, Thad Mercer, Robert Merchant, Richard Merriman, Vic Merritt, Darrel Miles, Clyde Miller, Dennis Miller, Don Miller, Freddy Mimbs, Micheal .. 126, Miller, Russel Mince, Donald Minchew, Calvin Mishoe, Furney Misinco,-Glenn ... Misinco, Mike Mitchell, Johnny Mdnroe, Jerry 162, 178, 216, 220 Moore, mie 217, Zoe Moore, Monroe, Thomas .. Moore, Moore, Moorman, John Morstead, Bill Morris, Alfred Morris, Bobby Mosely, Jimmy Mosely, Larry Mullis, Terry Morgan, Grey Moss, David Myers, Myers, Johnny 78, 157, 168, Myers, Myers, NeSmith, Morris NeSmith, Teddy Nobles, Bill Odom, Mike Odom, Mile Odom, Phil Ogburn, Robert ... Ogletree, Ernest Ogletree, Kennieth O’Neal, Bruce Osborn, Claude Owen, Danny Pafford, George Pate, Mike Parent, Edgar Parham, Joey 78, 168, 162, 170, 175, 178, 181, 216, 239, 242 Parks, Lenord Parmelee, Doug Paschal, John Patat, Andy Patat, Steve Patterson, Ralph Pattison, Ernest Payne, Dell . 108, 159, 162, 175, 181, 184 Peacock, Mickey Peacock, Tommy Peebles, Wayne Percibale, Eddie Pergerson, Butch Perry, Hal Perry, Mark ... 79, 30, 163, 157, 175, 181 Peterson, Larry ... 127, 216, 233 Pettis, Mike 127, 169, 216 Phillips, John . 80, 162, 165, 168, 170, 180 Pinholster, Mike Pollett, Richard Pope, Jerry Potter, Bill Potts, David Poulnott, Eddie Poulnott, Terry Powell, David Powell, Keith Powell, Roger Price, Charles .... Price, Daniel Price, David Proctor, Van Pryor, John Purvis, Danny Pyles, Mike Raffield, Sammy . 109, 170, 163, 220 Randall, Mike Register, Danny 165, 170, 188, Reid, John Reed, Randy Renfroe, Jimmy Reynolds, Mac Rhodes, Bobby Riddlemoser, Tommy Rigby, Mike Roberts, Tommy Roberts, Ronnie Robertson, Henry Robinson, Robert Rogers, Charles .. 170, 163, Rogers, Cleve Rogers, Larry Rodgers, David ... 81, 156, 162, 165, 186 Rooks, Donnie 109, 189 Ross, John Rowell, Norman Rozier, John Rozier, Thomas Ruis, Lloyd Rumph, David Sandefur, Gary Sanford, Donnie Sark, Steve Sark, Terry Sauls, Danny Scanlan, Douglas Scott, Mike Scott, Robert Scoggins, Jimmy Seagraves, Tommy Sears, Greg Sequin, Joey Self, Bill 82, 181, 193 Self, Wayne 189, 110 Sharples, Johnny Shepard, Bernie . . Shepard, Mike Shipman, Mike Shipman, Mike Sims, Charles Skipper, David 128, 169 216, 128 Skipper, D’lane Slappey, George Smith, Alan Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, , 169 Smith, 184, 128 Smith, 217, 128, 220 Smith, Mi 110, 169 Smith, Randy 110, 162, 169, 178, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Speedy ... 110, 175, 163 Smith, 110, 189 83, 184, 162 184, 110 Smith, Wayne Snyder, Ricky Spears, Kendal Spence, Wayne ... 110, 216, 178 Spinks, Bobby Spires, Andy Stafford, Sam Stallings, Johnny 216, 128, 233 169, 128 Starley, Morris Stavely, Stanley Stehle, Hugh Stephens, James Stephens, Jimmy .. 83, 165, 169, 189 Stevens, Frank Stevens, Marty Stevenson, Foy Stewart, Carl Stewart, James Stinson, Randy Stinson, Terry Storey, Sammy Strickland, Charles 216, 175, Bec Strong, Geri Stuckey, Danny Stuckey, Jim Sumlin, Skippy Sweat, Haywood Swift, Allan Swymer, Loran Talcott, Jake Tanner, Frank Tapley, Tyrone Taylor, Richard Thames, Clay Thaxton, Otis Thigpen, Danny Thigpen, James Thigpen, Jerry Thigpen, Larry Thomas, Allan Thomas, Andy Thomas, Danny Thomas, Larry Thomas, Ricky Thrasher, Al Timm, Micheal Tinker, Roger Thorpe, Everett ... Toole, Eugene Tolliver, Willy Townsend, Lannie Truelove, Monty Tucker, Mick Tucker, Sammy Tucker, Tommy Tyson, Quitman Ussery, Ronnie Vance, Eddie .... 129, 170, 184 Van Dyke, Bill 111, 163, 189, 186 Varnadore, Rayford .... 189, 85 Vickers, Doug Vinson, Ted Waddleton, Ronald Wade, John Waites, Rick Wakefield, Toby Walker, Ricky .... 111, 175, 169 Wallace, Ronny 30, 85, 170, 175, 162, 163, 216, 181, 216, 157, 239, 220, 217 Waller, Niel Waller, Sampson Walsh, Pat Wasden, Ricky Watson, Geri Webb, Larry Welsh, Sonny Wells, Robbi Wesson, Kenneth West, West, West, West, Wheeler, Mike White, Mike Whitehurst, John Wikerson, Mike Wilkerson, Gene Wilkerson, Robert Wilkes, Randy Whitehead, John Williams, Allan Williams, Williams, Williams, 186, 170, 162, 165, 181, 188 Williams, Ken ... Williams, Mickey Williams, Milton Williams, Snooky Williamson, Williamson, Willingham, Willingham, Willis, Charles Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Douglas .. 129, 184, 217 Windom, Donald 129 Witherington, Bunny 112 Wolfe, Mike 129 Wood, Burke 187 Wood, Jerry Woodard, Paul 174 WISE. AW: sin was wma 129 Yates, Johnny 129 Yates, Johnny 193 Yaughn, Donnie 129 Young, David 175 Zielinski, Tommy . 112, 163, 175 We have worked hard to give you a yearbook that will help you remem- ber the greatest year ever—1967. Our appreciation goes to the following people for their contributions: For pictures: Hintermeir’s Utley Studio Mr. Charles Dorsey Mr. Bill Baron Drinnon’s Mr. Willard Bryant For cameras: Mr. Jerald Rawlins Mr. James F. Rodgers Mr. Jack C. Clarke Mr. R. G. Broxton For the use of their homes: Mr. Mrs. Julian Henderson Dr. Mrs. Charles Lanford Mr. Mrs. Carson Wallace Mr. Mrs. Hugh Bryant Mr. Mrs. Robert Lockhart Mr. Mrs. Tom Carr Mrs. Mildred W. Hull For the use of property: Craftman’s Mr. Fickling For moral support: All our friends and faculty. Editors-in-chief, Chetan har fea Cad ego Upc TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made iH fieitit - . eh ‘ » “a : : = . , ed j ‘ t % ‘ “ . ’ ; . x : : d : 4 ¥ ‘ % » ' : . : 7 : ‘ . a . 1 . : : - — } + : J ¥ . ’ ; ; - A 7 r ae ye ‘ bran . a, 2 P F t ‘ f : t re Eg NS G7 ay

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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