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IA SuinjoA AOARIW Jousessuew E © ches Lo!) £ : o Table of Contents Introduction Dedication Faculty Activities Organizations Sports Classes Superlatives Advertisements 4 16 18 32 58 Foreword As we step forward to meet each . new day, we realize and appreciate more and more that every dawn should bring faith and hope and a love for life; and that every dusk should warm our hearts with ac- complishment. ... this one thing | do, Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. . . PHILIPPIANS 3:13 Hail to thee... our Alma Mater : i er aa a) Oren eli Be He Ai 6 Boe Ao y 1 } : ii ‘iA FAv48 Growth... —— = a Ty sig pO VAT an) | Sag =a j In Genuine Gratitude . . We, the McEvoy members of the 1965 Ramscott staff, in love and appreciation, dedicate our part of this year’s annual to Mrs. Jackie Davis Richardson. Her diligent and tireless efforts with the McEvoy Student Council, her conscientious standards of teaching, and her warm, friendly personality are definite assets to our school and our community. She is always busy, but never too busy to assist a fellow teacher or to help a troubled student. Her classes offer humor and interest as well as challenge. We feel very lucky that Mrs. Jackie Richardson is a member of our McEvoy fami- ly. As a very small attempt to thank some- one for countless hours of work with the students, various organizations, and activi- ties, and also for her natural good-natured understanding of us, we, the students of A. R. Willingham, wish to humbly dedi- cate our part of the 1965 RAMSCOTT to the sweet, young lady in room 145—Mrs. Dixie Cutter. Ame —s NW ie Wigs A meiay Superintendents and Assistants LLOYD NEWBERRY ‘ . GUS M. PARKER Assistant Superintendent “ Administrative Assistant MARVIN J. JONE S LEON CULPEPPER Administrative Assistant Coordinator of Research JULIUS GHOLSON Superintendent Board of Education Te MELT TT From Left: Ralph Eubanks; Charles C. Hertwig; Herbert F. Birdsey; Lloyd Néwberry; George P. Rankin; Wallace Miller, Jr., Secretary; H. G. Weaver, President; Mallory C. Atkinson, Vice-President; Frank M. Willingham; Julius Gholson; Hon. Hal Bell; Hon. Oscar Long; Hon. Walter C. Stevens NT] — we — Miss Jessie Sherrer; Miss Tish McCaw; Mrs. Gwen Lasseter; Mrs. Jean Walker; Miss Mary Kelley; Mrs. ay Britton 21 BENJAMIN C. ADAMS WILLIAM BRAKE McEvoy Junior High hool; ¢ river ; ees, McEvoy Senior High School; Young Harris; University Georgia, B.S.; Mercer University, M.Ed. CHARLES P. DEATON FRED JOHNSON Willingham Junior High School; Mercer University, A.B., Willingham Senior High School; Berry College, B.S.: M.Ed. Mercer University, M.Ed “Help Wanted.” “Help Wanted” “Sirs, are you lost?” 22 MILDRED CASTLEN McEvoy; Dietitian; Wesley an College. FRANCES MEEK McEvoy Junior; Secretary, G.A.B. LEWIS H. DOWNER Willingham ; Guidance Coach, Centers and “B” Team Football; North Geor- gia College, B.S.; Auburn Univ., M.Ed. MARY OLSEN Willingham; Dietitian; An- tioch College. Faculty DON EDWARDS Willingham Senior High; Counselor; Advisor, Student Council; Mercer Univ., A.B. JANICE SAPP McEvoy; Counselor; Univ. of Ga., B.S.; Univ. of Chicago, Advanced Study; Armstrong Coll., As. in Arts. MARGIE H. FROST McEvoy Sr.; G.A.B. College. Secretary LULA TOLLERSON McEvoy; Counselor; Mercer Univ., A.B.; Univ. of Ga., M.Ed. MARY B. LAMBACK Willingham Sr.; Secretary; G.A.B. College. JANIE WEAVER Willingham Jr.; Teachers’ College, Ga. Secretary; Athens, 23 ANGUS B. BIRDSEY WINIFRED COLQUITT CHARLES W. COOK MARGARET W. McEvoy; Math; Advisor, 9th McEvoy; Math; Advisor, Willingham; Algebra; North FAIRCLOTH Grade; Davision Coll.; Mer- Math Club; Wesleyan Coll., Ga. Coll., B.S.; Univ. of McEvoy; Algebra; Advisor, cer Univ., A.B. A.B.; Mercer Univ., M.Ed.; Ga. 8th Grade Y-Teens; Wo- Univ. of North Carolina. man’s College of Ga., A.B. J. L: FAULKNER MAUDE S. GOLDSBY Willingham; Math; Mercer MICHAEL J. GARVIN Willingham; Math; Miami CARTER H. KYSER Univ., A.B. Willingham; Math; Advisor, Univ., Oxford, Ohio, B.S. Willingham; Geometry; Au- Math Club; Mercer Univ., burn Univ., B.S., M.S. A.B, How did I get an answer like that to this math problem? Well, you could try to get the correct answer to at least one problem. Picture Not Available JOHN C,. LANE MARY A. McGEE JANE A. MIDDLEBROOKS CHRISTINE POWELL LUTHER RAY Willingham; Math; Advisor, McEvoy; Math; Advisor, McEvoy; Algebra; Advisor, McEvoy; Algebra, Geome- Willingham; Algebra; Ga. Hi-Y; Mercer Univ., A.B. After School Y-Teens; In-School 10th Grade Y- try; Advisor, Sophomore Tech, Mercer Univ., A.B. Brewton-Parker Junior Col- Teens, Sophomore Class; Class; Tift Coll., A.B. lege; Georgia Southern Wesleyan Coll., A.B. Coll., B.S. 24 ADDIE RIE BAIRD McEvoy Sr. High; English 1 Advisor; Beta Club; Wes- visor; Jr. Beta Club; Wo- leyan College, A.B.; Mercer man’s College, B.S.; Wes- Univ., M.Ed. JANE MILLER CALHOUN and McEvoy; English and Art Advisor; Art Club; Woman's Willingham; Spanish English Assistant Advisor; Spanish Club; Mercer Univ., A.B. Py » DELINDA OGDEN McEvoy; English Advisor; Tri-Hi-Y; Woman's College, A.B. KAREN C. SHOCKLEY McEvoy; English Advisor; Sr. Dramatics, Sr. Class; Wesleyan College, A.B. FRANCIS H. BALDWIN leyan (Music). MARA DZIRKALIS College of Ga., A.B. CAROLYN ANN ROBERTSON Willingham; English Ad- visor; Red Cross; Mercer Univ., A.B. BONNIE J. SMITH McEvoy; English Advisor; llth Grade Y-Teens; Mer- cer Univ., A.B. Willingham; English 8 Ad- English Picture Not Available ETHELENA J. BROWN Willingham; English; Wes- leyan; Univ. of Ga., B.S.H.E. GLADYS HALL McEvoy; English; Woman's College of Ga., B.S JEAN H. SCHOFILL Willingham; English Advis- or; Ramscott; Mercer Univ., A.B. GEORGIA C. WATKINS Willingham; English Advis- or; Dramatics Club; Mercer Univ., A.B., M.Ed. JOY BURRELL McEvoy; English; Fla. State Univ.. B.S. LENOIR G. LaMOUNTT Willingham ; English Ad visor; Student Council; Mercer Univ., A.B. BETTY S. WINGFIELD McEvoy; English Advisor, 8th Grade; Wesleyan Col- lege, A.B. CHARLES F. BYRD Willingham; English Advis- or, Rampage, Jr. Class; Mercer Univ., A.B. JULIA W. LANIER McEvoy Sr. High; Jour- nalism ; Advisor, Bonnie Blue Print, Sr. Class; Quill and Scroll; Univ. of Ga.; Mercer, B.S. DIXIE H. CUTTER Willingham; General Science; Advisor, Pep Club; Mercer Univ., A.B., M.Ed. LOUISE C. GODOWNS Willingham; Science; Wom an's College, B.S. E. J. HANCOCK Willingham; Science; or, Audio-Visual of Ga., B.S.; Mercer Univ., A.B. M.Ed. VIRGINIA M. POWERS McEvoy; Science; Univ. of Ga., B.S. Advis- Willingham; Science; Advis- U. or, Ram-Jets; Mercer Univ., or, Science Club; Physics; visor, Science Club; Univ. Science VIRGINIA P. DORROH ROBERT F. FLOYD McEvoy; Biology; Advisor, B.S. FRANCES GRESHAM HARRIET S. GRAVES McEvoy; Biology; Advisor, McEvoy; nee; Advisor, Red Cross, Science Club; Science Club; Valdosta State Univ. of North Carolina, College, A.B.; Mercer Univ., A.B. M.Ed. JAMES P. HINSON, JR. College, B.S. LEONARD I. PRIDGEON Willingham; Chemistry; Ad- an’s College, B.S. of Ga., B.S., M.Ed.; Univ. of Va., Graduate Work. Willingham; Biology; Key Sophomore Class; W.C.G., Club; Mercer Univ., A.B. LOARENE D. LONG McEvoy; Chemistry; SARA H. PRIDGEON Willingham; Science; Wom- Repent or ye shall all EARL S. PARKER Willingham; Biology; Georgia Southern, B.S., M.Ed. NELLE P. WALKER McEvoy; Science; Advisor, Garden Club; Univ. of Ga., A.B, i likewise perish. Social Studies What year was the War of 1812? JACQUELYN D. RICHARDSON McEvoy; American Hist., Government; Advisor, Stu- dent Wesleyan Coll., Duke Univ., M.A.T, Council; A.B.; BEVERLY B. TUTEN McEvoy; Hist. ; Red A.B. World Grade; Univ., Civics, Advisor, 9th Cross; Mercer MILDRED C. SCANDLYN McEvoy; Geog., World Hist.; Advisor, FTA; Tift Coll., Woman's Coll., A.B. HAROLD WATSON Willingham; Math; Red Cross; Mercer A.B. Advisor, Univ., VIRGINIA L, BERLIN McEvoy; American Hist., World Hist.; Advisor, Junior Class, 12th Grade Y-Teens; Mercer Univ., B.A. JOSEPH A. ETHRIDGE Willingham; World phy; State A.B. Geogra Georgia Coll., . os CAROLE S. SEABROOKE Willingham; Social Studies; Tift Coll., Woman's Coll., A.B. MARY WEAVER McEvoy; Am. Hist., nomics, Psychology; or, Junior Ga., B.B.A. Eco- Advis- Class; Univ. of MARY JIM BURT McEvoy; er’s Ed.; Business Visual; Senior Class; leyan, Univ. of Ga., Univ., A.B., M.Ed. Driv Ramscott Audio Wes- Mercer Government, Advisor, Staff; SHERRY HUBBARD McEvoy; Social Studies; Wesleyan Coll., A.B. MARY P. SMITH Willingham; Am. Hist.; Ad- visor, Beta Club; Mercer Univ., A.B., M.Ed. MADGE T. WEBB Willingham; World Sullirns Coll., Ohio an, A.B.; Mercer M.A. Hist.; Wesley- Univ., CARL E. DOUGLAS Willingham: Ga. World Ge of Ga., B.S.A Hist., Civics; Univ. Cc. D. PARRISH Willingham ; Government; Univ. of Louisville, B.S. George Peabody Coll., M.A. J. S. WHELAN Willingham; American Hist. ; Advisor, Safe-Teens; Ga. Military Coll., Mercer Univ., A.B. Picture Not Available JOYCE M. CLARY ELIZABETH T. HILLARD ELIZABETH P. HINESLEY CYNTHIA T. MALONE EUNICE W. ODUM . Willingham; English; Span- McEvoy; French; German; McEvoy; Spanish; Spanish Willingham; French; French Willingham; English; Latin; ish; Spanish Club; Women’s Junior Class; French Club; Club; Ramscott; Mercer Club; University of North Mercer University, A.B. College of Georgia, A.B.;, German Club; Colorado University, A.B.; Emory Carolina, A.B.; University Mercer University State University, B.A. University, M.A. in English of Chicago; Lamberth Col- lege; Wesleyan College Language Translate that for me, even though I teach French, it’s Talking about the wedding, “I'll take him and him and no sign I understand it. him.” Home Economics SARAH GIBBS LOUISE M. HODGES PATSY JONES JEANNINE LAW LENA PENDERGRASS McEvoy; Homemaking I, I; McEvoy; Homemaking; Ad- McEvoy; Homemaking; Ad- McEvoy; Homemaking; Ad McEvoy; Homemaking; Ad- Senior FHA; Berry College, visor, FHA; Univ. of Ga., visor, FHA; Woman's Coll., visor, FHA, 8th Grade, Tri- visor, FHA; Univ. of Ga., B.S. BSHE B.S. Hi-Y; Univ. of Ga., BSHE BSHE, MHE Her nose must be glued to that book. DAISY B,. BEATTY Willingham; Typing I and Il; Winthrop College, B.S. JUDY P. HOBBS Willingham; Typing; Uni- versity of Georgia, B.S. LINDA BEASLEY lege of Georgia, B.S. of Georgia, B.S. WANDA L. PAHDOCO McEvoy; General Business; Willingham; Typing; Y-Teens; Junior Georgia Southern Class ; Oklahoma State B.S. Univ.; B.S. ROSALYN M. BROWN McEvoy; Bookkeeping; Typ- McEvoy; Office ing; FBLA; Woman's Col- Typing; Woman's HARRIET K. VANNORTE F.B.L.A.; College, DORIS W. WALKER JEANETTE BRAKE McEvoy; Library Assistant; Young Harris. MARTHA 0. HUTCHERSON Willingham; Librarian; Library Club; Wes- leyan College, A.B.; Emory University, A.B. in Library Science. VERNA C. RABERN McEvoy; Librarian; Library Club; Wesleyan College, A.B.; Graduate work at Emory. “Really now, does that sound reasonable to you.” Business JEANETTE B. CHAMBERS Practice; McEvoy; Stenography I, I; College Typing I, Il; Bonnie Blue Print Business Staff; Junior Class; Georgia Southern Col- lege; B.S. McEvoy; Shorthand; Typing; W.C.G., A.B.;:° Graduate Work at Emory. Physical Education, Shop BILLIE A, ANDERSON McEvoy; Physical Education; Alabama College, m B.S. EDDIE BATTLE Willingham; Physical Education; Mercer Uni- Not versity. Available JESSIE M. DUCKWORTH Willingham; Physical Education; University of Georgia; Mercer, A.B. MACK EDWARDS Willingham; Physical Education; Furman Uni- versity, B.A, HELEN FAULKNER McEvoy; Physical Education; Pep Club; G.A.A.; Junior Class; Cheerleaders; Mercer University, A.B. ANNE B. HADARITS McEvoy; Physical Education; Women's College of Georgie, B.S. BILLY HENDERSON Willingham; Physical Education; Ram Club; Football; University of Georgia, B.S. TOMMY MIXON Willingham; Physical Education; Mercer Uni versity, A.B. JOLENE TURNER McEvoy; Physical Education; Alabama College, B.S. FRANKLIN D. WINDHAM Willingham; Physical Education; Georgia South ern College, B.S. JOHNNY O. STALLINGS Willingham; Industrial Arts; University of Sout) Carolina, A.B. J. L. WHEELER Willingham; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; University of Georgia, B.S. I thought you were teaching gym, not taking home “I sure wish this pencil was a poison dart.” economics. 30 Music, Art, Vocational Training JOAN HUDSON McEvoy; Chorus; Music Club; Georgia, B.F.A JIM LITTLEFIELD Willingham; Director of Music; Western Ken tucky State, B.S.; Peabody College, Emory University. BARBARA REVES McEvoy; Band; University DOROTHY L. COX McEvoy; Art; Art Club; Mercer University, A.B.; Wesleyan; W.C.G., M.Ed. KATHARINE J. NIKULA Willingham; Art; Art Club; Huntingdon Col lege; Mercer University, A.B., M.A G. HAL FISHER Willingham; Distributive Education; D.E.C.A.: Auburn University, B.S. BILLY J. BEALE Willingham; Driver's Education; Offensive Foot ball; Varsity Basketball; Jr. High Baseball University of Georgia, B.S. JACKIE ODUM McEvoy; Driver's Education; University of Georgia, B.S. HAROLD D. MEYERS Willingham; Electronics; Radio Club; Univ. of Southern Calif.; University of Georgia; Mercer University; Oglethorpe; Georgia State, B.B.A.: W.C.G. “Drinking on the job, ay?” Driver’s Education, Electronics “T want to hold your hand.” I seem to have lost the electronics lab. ry sls ¥ r ' ’ : a 5 | quqetens 92,000 i | | 4 4 % é TAH it F an eo oe LJ + | io LP | . | gana ; ti PL a | gugegege | | He sf iat | Oi | q 1 } 4 | nanan | PLL | r ili oe Activities | ad Sd Memories . O .. O LiL. Sheila Waters Reigns as Spring Queen i m1 ii Mit — QO UY eS 5s 5 - ‘ i £ dud a 58 ss nA Se N Seniors Recognized at Banquet Zz LL N “ha — ) N McEvoy and Willingham lIORS away in style It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World for Class of 64... a” ; h-— = Paes “Sth Teta ueevt faba’ J oh tte 38 3: “ t°.° 5; esi s-8g2' ge lt ae 3 3 e - oe i (5s roe cox -¥ yy a ne School Begins High es! ie rece SR i’: nS ———— ar Liga ® Aas | ip uh Ee Pn . ve J 1 eee AS, wnt. Tw ia Beta Activities: Tapping and Career Day °F - — ih ' “© : Pd Pw ’ asi ie : a a ° Homecoming ‘64 Our “Queen” and her court, Left to right, they are: Linda Sue Harris, Irene Harrison, Mildred Leaptrot, Mary Ann Young, and Teresa McKinney. Angie Dominy, seated. Angie Dominy Mildred Leaptrot Linda Harris — Lana Tyre, Homecoming Queen of 1963, crowns Angie Dominy Queen of 1964 Irene Harrison Teresa McKinney Mary Ann Young Senior Rich’s Trip Is Success! Christmas at McEvoy Student Council Sponsors Honor Week Rams Play Lanier .. . tee ie hy Zz wv OD a 0 U e CG r. Ob = Inter-City Student Council’s Presidents’ Banquet Win NY Uv foe © = ° = ° Nn McEvoy Sweetheart Balls oF: 1 yy gre Ave FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA. From left to right, they are Brenda Stokes and Richard Whitfield, Jeannie Tharpe and Jimmy Hightower, Larry Bowen and Queen Pam Johnson crowned by Patsy Spires, Brenda Smith and Kenny Edney, and Mary Ann Young and David Blair. Standing on the floor is Rutledge Beacham. Y-TEENS. Sandy Cook is crowned by Jane Windam, last year’s queen. Also representing McEvoy are Starlette Colter, second from right, and Gina Choff, on right. Some of the Best of 65... Terry Moore: Star Student Linda Vaughn: Star Student Melissa Thomas Winner of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Mildred Leaptrot: Best Citizen Prentice Knight: Best Citizen i F Ht , i H { — A a a a FY 4 ’ “ “py fall Wee : 5 3 ie i! Here, There, and Everywhere Organizations Kneeling: J. Carr, H. Bostick, J. A. Russell, B. Bates; Seated: J. Bryant, B. Phillips, President; D. Tomberlin, A. Conner, M. Neves, S. Stevenson, C. Gibson, D. Deese, Vice-President; M. A. Young; Standing: M. Leaptrot, S. McCranie, T. A. Stowe, Secretary; E. Carr, A. Eldridge, S. Meek, C. Brown, W. Lewis, L. Kelly, S. Keys, Treasurer; S. F. Johnson, P. Strickland, L. Riggs. Sponsors Honor Week The McEvoy Student Council has been very busy this year with school service projects. Among the more im- portant ones undertaken were a party for the children of the Hepzibah Home, Honor Week, S. C. cards and address books, and the Christmas Card delivery service. The Spring Bazaar took up the major portion of the time after the holidays and was termed a success. It was a busy year but a very profitable one for the girls at McEvoy. First Row: K. Sellers, L. Etheridge, J. Sheppard, S. Reed; Second Row: D. Anderson, P. Young, B. Lee, J. Tharpe, C. Perry, S. Woods, S. Fuerniss; Third Row: E. Epps, L. Craine, B. Kinard, B. Smith, W. Lewis, J. Batts. 60 dent Council ' SS First Row: S. Batts, S. Cook, M. Grace, S. Hutcheson, B. Stokes, J. Ogburn, J. Strickland; Second Row: L. Vaughn, P. Johnson, L. Hardy, L. Harris, C. Taylor, B. Hicks, I. Harrison, M. Hunt; Third Row: J. Pirkle, D. Fulford, P. Bryant, P. Townsend, D. Picklesimer, J. Kull, I, Hill, L. Nobles, K. Tyler, V. Horne, D. Marshall, S. Manning, D. Epting. Holds Spring Carnival a s First Row: T. Aultman, S. Knight, P. McGouirk; Second Row: D. Callaway, P. Hamlin, S. Baxter, A. Dominy, C. Arrington, V. Fox, D. Rhodes, B. Henry, M. Sisk; Third Row: J. Stevens, S. Ken- nedy, C. Hunnicutt, D. Daniel, E. Drake, N. Wood, M. Edwards, G. Manning, D. Lake, B. Miles, P. Taylor. Front Row: L. D. Walker, D. Kennedy, D. Digby, D. Horton, A. Copp, D.’ Maddox, P. Dunn, T. Moore, W. Johnson; Second Row: F. Newberry, T. Cook, J. Holland, R. Hudson, T. Mason, H. Cain, D. Blair, M. Beasley, S. Johnson. Willingham Sr. Student Council Rewrites Constitution Left to Right: Marshall Beasley, Treasurer; Marvin Mangrum, Secre- tary; Joe Coulter, Publicity Chairman; Junior Bostick, Vice-Presi- dent; Michael Blizzard, President; Don Edwards, Advisor. Front Row: C. Stafford, C. Bray, D. Jansen, B. Thigpen, D. Potts, C. Brown, J. Mainor, A. Blizzard; Second Row: D. Young, T. Hin- son, F. Holland, C. Massey, G. Balkcon, J. Parham, L. Bolden, R. Pridgeon, M. Digby. Willingham Jr. Student Council Seated: T. Mayne, Secretary; P. Com- er, President; M. Bhodworth, Vice- President; D. Payne, Treasurer; Mrs. L. LaMountt, Advisor; First Row: C. Strickland, D. Carter, P. Bell, M. Mann, R. Hasty, S. Cook, T. Mullis, D. Coleman; Second Row: B. Corbin, B. Browning, C. Kennedy, R. Walker, J. Renfroe, R. Smith, G. Watson, D. Moss, B. Beale, A. Spires, D. Young, S. Raffield. | FREEDOM sue Key Club Sponsors State Convention LINDA SANNER, Sweetheart Seated: C. McCullough, A. Col- lins, B. Abernathy, G. Hutcheson, T. Hinson, J. Langford, G. Asbell, T. Jackson, R. Smith, W. John- son, J. Holland, S. Johnson, Lt. Governor; M. Beasley, President; Standing: M. Digby, J. Stallings, R. Jackson, A. Blizzard, V. Shaw, R. Pridgeon, M. Collins, D. Digby, C. Haun, J. Collins, J. Thompson, B. Sheppard, R. Wallace, T. Yaco- bacci, Parliamentarian; B. Floyd, Treasurer; D. Strickland, Secre- tary; V. Ryle, Vice-President; R. Floyd, Advisor. The Key Club’s most important accomplishment this year was the Georgia State Convention, for which they were the host club. They did what was termed an ex- cellent job in the planning and every phase was worked out smoothly. The club also bought glasses for under- privileged children and comprised the Lunchroom Police Force. The foundation laid by this year’s club will be very instrumental in the work done by succeeding Key clubs at Willingham. Beta Accents Achievement and this year at McEvoy and at Willingham. the Beta Clubs have made much progress to- ward helping the other students decide which college they want to attend and also which field they plan to enter. The ground- work that has been laid by these two clubs will benefit the schools greatly in the years to come and will reflect on the achievements of the Beta Clubs of 1965. First Row: M. Leaptrot, J. Alfirov, S. Bartlett, B. Smith, B. Bellflower, E. Brooks, L. Riggs, Cc. Gibson, C. Brown, S. West, B. Bates, K. Sellers; Second Row: D. Hall, H. Faulkner, B. Horne, S. Fuerniss, E. Drake, I. Bryant, B. Ozburn, P. Ridley, L. Venable, W. Ezell, L. Merchant; Third Row: M. F., Hicks, L. Petty, S. Mitchell, C. Yates, J. Leonard, S. F. Johnson, P. Peavy, J. Thames, C. Shurling, G. Witherington; Fourth Row: P. Bryant, L. Sanner, J. Shouse, H. Bostick, J. Kull, A. Conner, J. Madden, S. Colter, V. Fox, P. Thompson, D. Tomberlin. McEvoy Beta Holds Career OFFICERS: Melissa Thomas, Sergeant- at-Arms; Sandra Meek, Treasurer; Bitsy Phillips, Secretary; Wanda Lewis, Vice-President; Linda Vaughn, Presi- dent. First Row: J. Trimble, S. Baxter, L Harrison, I. Hill, J. Still, M. A. Jansen, L. Pierce, P. TeSelle, J. Jarrell, S. Brown; Second Row: G. Tapley, J. Bembry, D. Danie], C. Butts, M. Piper, C. Cooper, J. Ogburn, P. Townsend, L. Foster, D. Rhodes; Third Row: E. Ward, N. Lovejoy, M. Bracewell, E. Ard, J. Walder, M. Wood, C. Brewer, S. Quinn, A. Mock, G. Holland ; Fourth Row: B. F. Smith, J. Hart, D. Deese, P. Ragan, F. Shines, D. Jackson, S. Brown, L. Cliatt, B. Kent, V. Chapman. Kneeling: J. Peavy, S. Gunter, M. Mangrum, R. Coleman, L. Bolden, J. Hightower, O. Carstarphen, B. Hollings- worth; Seated: T. Mason, President; D. Maddox, Vice-President; Mrs. Smith, Advisor; C. Brown, Secretary, P. Knight, Treasurer; First Row, Stand- ing: B. Batchelor, G. Balkcom, L. Pow- ell, D. Bilderback, K. Hunt, G. Law- son, T. Hendricks, H. Laing, D. Ken- nedy, S. Joiner, M. Scanlyn, S. Heard, H. Sexton; Second Row, Standing: M. Blizzard, G. Dechman, E. Williamson, L. Lord, J. Tamplin, F. Godfrey, T. Moore, F. Newberry, J. Freeman, L. White, D. Dove, C. Adams, L. Walker, D. Blair, J. Hardy. CHARACTER Sr. Beta Sponsors College Night Willingham Junior Beta First Row: R. Walker, President; J. Stewart, Vice-President; Mrs. Baldwin, Advisor; R. Marchman, Secretary; P. Comer, Treasurer; Second Row: S. Cook, J. Culpepper, D. Mimbs, B. Ben- nett, D. Coleman, R. Smith, J. Shad- rack, D. Adams, K. Powell; Third Row: B. Bearden, R. Goldsby, G. Lord, T. Hall, R. Alligood, D. Sauls, D. Payne. McEvoy French Club First Row: D. Daniell, Treasurer; G. Roberts, Chaplain; E. Drake, President; M. Piper, Secretary; J. Monthie, Vice-President; Second Row: D. Wright, L. Fraser, B. Kennedy, C. Ennis, J. Thames, W. Ezell, L. Sanner; Third Row: R. Turner, S. Brittingham, G. Redman, E. Walker. McEvoy Spanish Club First Row: C. Butts, C. Shurling, S. Hutcheson, Secretary; L. Hardy, President; L. Spann, Treasurer; J. Swann, Program; P. Townsend, Program; L., Robertson, Vice-President; E. Brooks; Second Row: S. Ryon, M. Bowen, J. Rawlins, G. Manning, B. Edwards, G. Choff, S. Cook, J. Baggs; Third Row: M. L. Slocumb, D. Thigpin, J. Gray, L. Worrell, J. Clarke, P. Ragan, F. Shines, J. Henriques. 66 First Row: L. Bateman, W. Batchelor, E. Trimble, S. Gunter, J. Gilmore, W. Heard, D. Barron, R. Tucker; Second Row: Advisor Mrs. C. Malone; Presi- dent, P. Dunn; Vice-President J. Free- man; Secretary, R. Collins; Treasurer, F. Godfrey; Third Row: H. Cook, R. Bearden, J. Langford, W. Mewborn, G. Dechman, H. Lang, B. Martin, B. Stevens, T. Murrell, G. Asbell; Fourth Row: D. Dove, V. Ryle, B. Frederick, J. Collins, J. Holland, B. Courtney, G. Wilder, T. Davis, S. Van Cise. First Row: S. Fuerniss, Presi- dent; S. Meek, Vice-Presi- dent, H. Bostick, Secretary; J. Walton, Treasurer; L. Pierce; B. Horne; Second Row: S. Strahn, S. Mann, W. Flanders; J. Jarrell, M. C. Tyson, P. TeSelle. Stand- ing: M. Thomas, N. Gray- beal. Willingham French Club Digby Heads Spanish Seated: C. Bentley, Sgt. At Arms; L. Stevens, Treasurer; J. Coulter, Secretary; L. Bolden, Vice-President; D. Digby, President; Second Row: Advisors Mrs. J. Clary, J. Fuller, S. Earnest, J. Archer, L. Adam, V. Chute, G. Hutchinson, M. Hood, B. Johne, Advisor Mrs. J. Calhoun; Third Row: J. Morman, H. Butts, T. Arrowood, W. James, R. West, A. Haddock, J. Pearce, C. McCullough, R. Bruce, J. Tamp- lin, R. Crowe, M. Mangram. Willingham Science Club L. Walker, President; W. Anderson; E. Bryan; R. Pridgeon; K. Mosely; S. White, Secretary; J. Newton. LAR staucture McEvoy Sr. Science In Foreground: J. Broxton, J. Hart, M. Lynes; First Row: L. Musgrove, P. Villwock, L. Ely, G. Hamlin; Second Row: L. Hud- man, J. Walton, Program Chair- man; W. Avera; Seated on Table: P. Ellington, K. Sanders, F. Chaf- in, B. Hicks, J. McCrary, K. Irby, Program Chairman; Jackie Bahs, Presi dent; M. Wood. McEvoy Jr. Science First Row: C. Dixon, A. Avera, B Thames, J. Brown, E. Evnas, P. Dixon, Vice-President; M. Sisk, President; D. Gillis, Secretary-Treasurer; P. Bryant, D. Jackson, P. Deason, N. Sim- mons, F. Meaina; Second Row: L. Craine; T. Staples. J. Pope, M. Hooks, Treasurer; A. W. Wright, John Goodner, D. L. Skipper, Secretary; R. Peacock, J. Dixon, Vice- President; D. Rumph, President; P. Greene, D. Cross, L. Thomas, J. Hig- gins, G. Hornyak, Mr. Hinson, Ad- visor. Willingham Math L-R: D. Kennedy, President; T. Ma- son, Vice-President; J. Hightower, Treasurer; C. Haun, Secretary; G. Balkcom, E. Williamson, J. Williams, Program Chairman; L. Mathews, J. Hardy, F. Hollingsworth, C. Adams, D. Kennedy, W. Johnson, J. Peavy, R. Coleman, M. Blizzard. Junior Engineering Team Math Seated: G. Tapley, Vice-President; N. Lovejoy, Secretary; J. Strickland, President; E. Ward, Treasurer; E. Bridger, Chaplain; Standing, First Row: B. Smith, B. Godbee, D. Howard, S. Brown, M. Wood, B. Hicks, B. Arnold; Standing, Second Row: G. Causey, F. Dowd, B. Kent. McEvoy Senior Red Cross Seated: B. Hor ne, K. Holt, P. Willis, K. Tyler, L. Foster, R. Powell, R. Brown, P. Garrison, P. Bass, Membership Chairman; L. Hudson, G. Thompson, Secretary; Standing: P. Kinard, D. Short, D. Rhodes, President; B. K. Denham, B. Powell, D. McMillan, S. Hallman, R. Hayes, L. Johnson, S. Chapman, D. Cowan, B. Howard, J. Moore, A. Self, C. Horne, J. Hinson, Membership Chairman; L. Hamlin, D. Villwock, B. Booker, Vice-President. McEvoy Junior Red Cross First Row: P. Turner, Member- ship Chairman; A. Hill, Vice- President; B. Henry, F. Morgan, Secretary; P. Mann, Treasurer; Second Row: E. Morris, C. Jar- rett, P. Davis, R. Pope, V. Dixon; Third Row: Mrs. Tuten, Advisor; D. Bassett, G. Graves, D. Waters, V. Dixon, S. Spell. Willingham Junior ) Red Cross m First Row: W. Ellis, President; : ' D. Cheshire, Vice-President; D. Sauls, Treasurer; Second Row: J. Meadows, M. Trulove, T. Sark, G. Elam, R. Churchwell, G. Lock- hart, B. Moore, B. Smith, J. Han- cock; Third Row: B. Christy, M. Pyles, R. Fiveash, D. Jones, C. Rogers, J. Cooper, D. Mosley, P. Copeland, J. Stewart, W. Garrard, © Miss Robertson, Advisor. Willingham Sr. Red Cross t Kneeling: R. Wheeler, R. Jacobs, E. Munson, D. Baker, R. Nobles, L. Adams; Seated: Mr. Watson, Advisor; J. Sherwood, Treasurer; R. True, Vice-President; rT. W ichman, Asst. Vice-President; J. Coulter, Secretary; G. Helmuth, Asst. Secretary; Standing, First Row: W. Faulk- ner, R. Batemen, J. Simpson, T. Ridlemoser, R. Collins, J. Mainor, R. Whitfield; Standing, Second Row: K. Moore, C. Arnold, M. Usery, A MCC Sells ’Mums B. Wood, D. Ellis. First Row: M. L. Slocumb, S. Slade, D. Wilder; Second Row: K. Hood, M. Gleason, L. Lambert, Secretary; S. Reed, President; S. Woodell, M. Bo- wen, Vice-President; L. Howard, Arrowood; Third Row: G. Choff, Brandon, C. Yates, S. Bass, B. Fuller, | D. Bilderback, T. Joyce, G. Fields, S. Reed, D. Wright, C. Gauntly, N. Cason. Jr. Hi Office Monitors First. Row: M. Thistlewood, N. Sim- mond, M. Sisk, B. Lockhart, S. Miller, J. A. Russell; Second Row: D. Kitch- ens, P. Strickland, S. Matthews, J. Sirmans, B. Batemen, S. Meek, J. Waits, J. Emerick. FTA — Training During Learning First Row: K. Scott, M. Lines, J. McCrary, J. Bridger, S. King, A. Tomberlin, E. Williams; Second Row: J. Josey, G. English, P. El- lington, H. Blackwell, D. Tomberlin, President; S. Martin, Vice-President; M. Bounds, L. Berryhill, P. Winslette; Third Row: E. Bateman, D. Hall, N. Roesch, J. Broxton, C. Brewer, C. Cooper, L. Venable, D. Lake; Fourth Row: B. Kent, L. Horner, K. Sellers, B. Bates, L. Vaughn, P. Ragan, R. Tomberlin, J. Pirkle. McEvoy Library Club First Row: A. Dominy, President; D. Picklesimer, Vice-President; A. Jack- son, Secretary; E. DuBose, Treasurer; J. Riddlemoser, Recording Secretary of GALA; J. Madden, Scrapbook Chair- man; F. Sweat, Parliamentarian; Sec- ond Row: C. Wellburn, D. Carpenter, G. Lacy, M. Oxley, J. Moore, O. Douglas, J. Moulten, F. Anderson; Third Row: P. Yearwood, B. Johnson, M. Bracewell, T. Dorsey, K. Irby, E. Livingsone, V. Chapman, H. Arrowood. Front Row: R. Wilkes, F. Morrocco, B. Pryor, J. Scoggins, R. Keene, L. Entrekin, W. Smith; Second Row: Mrs. M. Hutcherson, Advisor; R. Hud- son, President; L. Walker, Vice-Presi- dent; H. Rogers, Treasurer; J. Frank- lin, Secretary; J. Higgenbotham; Third Row: F. Browning, R. Griffin, T. Buf- fington, L. Thomas. OFFICERS—Seated: Hal Fisher, Advisor; Marvin Cauley, President; Earl Arnold, Vice-President; Horace DuBose, Secretary; Billy Thig- pen, Treasurer; Allen Sheppard, Parliamentarian; Carl Sark, Historian; Glen Grisham, Chaplain; Jimmy DeLoach, Reporter; Standing: J. Head, B. Wilson, R. Horne, D. Brown, D. Williams, R. Clements, H. Churchwell, L. Smith, P. Caldwell, M. Stephenson, T. Paez, D. Howard. D ECA Builds Businessmen Seated: R. Lance, M. Wilson, V. Smith, J. Touhy, R. Dopson, B. Williams, P. Edwards, D. Bledsoe, W. Byrd; Standing: F. Tanner, R. Echols, T. DuBose, A. Copp, L. Woodard, H. Davis, B. Shore, G. Lance, F. Dickson, L. Boatright, T. Clements, S. Hudson. A First Row: K. Musselwhite, S. Wood, T. McMillan, G. Cheves, W. Corbin, R. Pope, V. Hamm, B. Henry; Second Row: J. Furney, J. Stevens, Honor Roll Chairman; L.- Lovejoy, Historian; J. Harvard, S. Waddell, Reporter; T. Aultman, Public Re- lations; A. Strickland; Thitd Row: S. Jones, President; D. Callaway, Vice-President; K. Burnette, Secretary; N. Keller, Treasurer; Fourth Row: M. Johnson, P. Dixon; M. Duggan, D. Gleason; Fifth Row: A. Alsobrook, A. Hill, J. Simmons, M. Barnes, J. Bennett, J. Fleming, D. Fulford, L. Williams, M. Stewart. Junior Future Homemakers of America First Row: T. Newby, M. Wood, B. Cohen, D. Anderson, D. Riley, G. Wood, C. Jarrett; Second Row: P. Moye, S. White, F. Williams, B. Bryant, E. Rackley, D. Jarrell, P. Shelton, C. Rutland; Third Row: V. Fordham, P. Jacobs, E. TeSelle, D. Deese; Fourth Row: M. Jerkins, S. Worrel, K. Durden, G. Daniels, A. Chaffin, G. Cole, B. Bateman, S. Meek, E. Byrd; Fifth Row: S. Jarrell, C. Potter, P. Ham- lin, S. Powell, J. Miller, G. Edwards, P. Collins, C. Dingler, S. Yarbrough, P. Shaw, J. Thomas, S. Hamlin. First Row: P. Glover, R. Griggs, J. Sheppard, P. Davis, C. Peacock, G. Stokes, D. Hubbard; Second Row: S. Kennedy, P. Mann, C. Robertson, D. Marsh- all, S. Batts, D. Jackson, K. Scott, V. Parks, D. Fow- ler; Third Row: V. Horne, C. Ennis, C. McCran, G. Busbee, P. Wimpey. Fourth Row: B. Raines, J. Thistle- wood, P. Hamlin, D. Williams, C. Hunt; Fifth Row: J. Harrell, G. Sutton, S. Foster, N. Hare, S. Farns- worth. Brake’s Brownies BEA NEWS First Row: B. Smith, Secretary; P. Spires, Vice-President; P. Johnson, President; Second Row: M. Loper, I. Hili, M. A. Young, M. A. Jansen, Treasurer; Third Row: S. Hill, J. Tharpe, B. Stokes, C. Jackson; Fourth Row: H. A. Polivick, C. Hamlin, J. Rainey, S. Bartlett, J. Alfirov, B. Ward, J. Brooks, C. Williams, M. Bass, S. Carver, D. Griffin, J. Smith. First Row: K. Sellers, L. Riggs, M. Wood, B. Smith, B. Hunnicutt, B. Edwards, S. Mitchell, M. Scott; Second Row: P. Poole, G. Tapley, J. Hart, L. Ricks; Third Row: B. Bates, S. Meek, A. Conner, S. Colter, L. Vaughn, M. Leaptrot, E. Hall, S. Gray, P. Thomp- son, B. Ward, S. Cook, P. Ridley; Standing: J. Smith. First Row: L. Stokes, L. Britt, M. Bellflower; Second Row: B. Russell, L. Stewart, V. Mallard; Third Row: C. Smith, L. Stallings, M. Scott; Fourth Row: B. Amos, J. Meadows, K. Redfern, G. Daniels, D. Bled- soe, S. Nolan, G. Blount, P. Hopkins, L. Brown, J. Taylor, B. K. Denham. Senior Dramatics eae : . First Row: B. Thigpen, D. Blount, J. Emerson, D. Procter, P. Lewis, S. Wilder, G. Bryant, S. McCranie, S. English, J. Morstad, J. Swann, D. Branton, J. Jarrell. Second Row: D. Williams, B. Brogden, R. Wheeler, W. Whitehurst, L. Kelly, E. Drake, J. Clarke, J. Rawlins, K. Voellinger, L. Prince, L. Spann, R. Peacock, R. Smith. Third Row: D. Digby, D. Childers, J. Coulter, H. Cain, President, W. Lewis, Presi- dent; M. Phillips, E. Brooks, M. Barnes, J. Hinson, E. Carr, M. Neves, N. Martin, T. A. Stowe, A. Eldridge, M. Piper, T. Thames, G. Hel- muth. Fourth Row: D. Meeks, D. Bledsoe, R. Merritt, S. Mason, A. Davis, L. McDonald, L. Hardy, V. Hallmark, G. Redman, J. Moore, M. Grace, E. Walker, L. Bowen. Junior Dramatics First Row: P. Magquirk, President; G. Manning, Secretary; L. Bartlett, D. Caldwell, J. Tucker. Second Row: L. Horton, K. Foster, M. Stewart, D. Fow- ler, P. Amos, Program Chairman; C. Venable; Third Row: P. Huff, C. Owen, N. Bowles, D. Jarrell, P. Shel- ton, V. Fincher, Vice-President; Fourth Row: L. Renfroe, G. Manning, B. Tay- lor, A. Hinote, M. A. Hinson, C. Ding- ler; Fijth Row: P. Cameron, J. Francis, Treasurer. Thespians Excel in Dramatics Seated: M. Phillips, M. Neves, J. Jarrell, M. Piper, Standing: W. Whitehurst, H. Cain, N. Greybeal, D. Bledsoe, R. Mer- ritt, G. Helmuth Left-Right, Mrs. Nikula, visor; F. Stevenson, D. Mimbs, L. Purser, W. Dalton, B. Bedgood, O. Thaxton, R. Vaughn, D. Johnson, A. Horne, W. Dowd, B. Drury, J. Crowell, H. Perry, L. Mur- rell, W. Arrington. Willingham Art Club Wins lst Place in Parade Quill and Scroll First Row: Sandra Meek, President; Toni Hudson, Vice-President; Ruth Jenkins, Secretary; S. Jones, M. Thomas. Second Row: R. NeSmith, P. Spires, C. Shurling, H. Bostick, A. Conner, M. Neves, S. Bass, J. Bedgood. Third Row: G. Choff, J. Copeland, S. Cook, L. Spann, K. Sellers, C. Jones, L. Venable, V. Balkcom, P. Etheridge, B. Irvin, B. Bates, J. Shouse, D. Tomberlin, L. Sanner, L. Riggs Fourth Row: M. Phillips, C. Brown, J. Madden, D. Picklesimer, A. Dominy, C. Arrington, E. DuBose, J. Tamplin, L. Merchant, J. Kull First Row: B. Ozburn, P. Self, E. Drake, J. Sprinkle, P. Brandon, M. Scott. Second Row: L. Wright, L. Harris, C. Taylor, P. Thomp- son, B. Hunnicutt, T. Hughes, J. Robertson, L. Savage. Third Row: R. Pierce, D. Branton, E. Brooks, L. Kelly, P. Johnson, D. Hall, T. Joyce,.B. Booker, E. Spillers, M. Loper, F. Sweat, C. Ennis; Fourth Row: L. Goldsby, L. Hardy, W. Lewis, J. Alfirov, B. Smith, S. Bar lett, B. Bellflower, V. Fox, E. Hall, P. Ridley, V. Schultz. First Row: A. Conner, C. Smith, P. Waller, Second Row: Gloria Thompson, Publicity Chairman; Joyce Pirkle, Chap- lain; Mercedes Neves, President; Barbara Booker, Treasurer; Judy Reinertson, Secretary; Third Row: E. Kyser, V. Wright, P. Howell, G. Roberts, R. Powell, J. Wilson, N. Kakalecik, A. Cooper, J. Smith, J. Molton, C. Pierce; Fourth Row: H. Polivick, D. Bledsoe, P. Winslette, S. Colter, C. Hamlin, J. Sailers, R. Jenkins, P. Etheridge. Junior Hi-Y Seated: Jimmy Scoggins, Chaplain; Dale Payne, President; Ralph Baggs, Vice-President; Hugh Coleman, Secretary; John Lane, Ad- visor; Freddie Cumbess, Treasurer; Second Row: Glenn Bridger, E. Bisonette, T. Poulnott, P. Bell, E. Burkes, W. Fitzpatrick, M. Odom, G. Higginbotham; Third Row: D. Hartley, R. Griffin, J. Myers, E. Collins, R. Crosby, R. Blalock, R. Fuller, H. Johnson, D. Darsey. 78 Safe-Teens if Kneeling: Al Copp, President; Wayne Hamlin, Vice-President; Ray Hamlin, Secretary; Earl Arnold, Treasurer; Standing: Randy Clem- ents, Program Chairman; Ronnie Dominy, Asst. Program Chairman. From Left to Right: R. Stafford, K. Grant, J. Wilson, L. Adams, S. Stavely, D. Williams, W. Folds, L. Burdett, B. Autry, R. Dopson, G. Dominy, J. Ege, D. Williams, J. Hulett, H. Churchwell, J. De- Loach, E. Rocquemore, W. Hammock, J. S. Whelan, Coordinator. Senior Y-Teens First Row: S. Cook, President; W. Ezell, Vice-President: R. NeSmith, Secretary; G. J. Thames, Chaplain; S. Colter, Social Chairman; B. Ward, Service Projects Chairman: Thompson; Second Row: C. Arrington, B. Edwards, D. Hall, M. F. Choff, ICC Representative; J. Madden, Treasurer; son, L, Venable, L. Johnson, M. Neves. N. Kakalecik, Parliamentarian; L. Wright, G. Hicks, €. Jones, M. Loper, A. Cooper, L. Savage, M. Scott, P. Thomp After School Y-Teens Standing: R. Casey, C. Overby, V. Middlebrooks, P. Clifton, R. Pierce, I . Price, R. Harris, L. Jackson; On The Wall: P. Taylot, Presi- dent; J. Shouse, Vice-President, S. Tillman, Secretary; B. Jordan, Treasurer; S. Johnson, D. Mitchem, M. Moulton, S. McBride, W. Bates, J. Gilbert. Audio-Visual Maintains School Equipment Advisor: Mrs. Lewis; R. Bateman, President; G. Wilder, Vice-President; J. Sanderlin, Secres tary; Kneeling: C. Sims, W. Holland, J. Overby, T. Buffington; Standing: J. Higgenbotham, S. Floyd, C. Sheppard, D. Francis, R. Stafford, K. Dixon, T. English, R. Dopson, D. Algea, L. Sharpless, M. Coppock, J. Brooks, R. Hall. Junior Y-Teens a i | g = 7? = v , i ; First Row: S. McDanill, Chaplain; L. Stickney, Program; J. Ogburn, Treasurer; S. Hutcheson, Secretary; L. Robertson, Inter-Club Coun- cil Representative; W. Witherington, Vice-President; B. Miles. President; Second Row: P. Wilson, L. Worell, D. Cooper, G. Layson, R. Hayes, G. Carden, T. Landino, S. Peterson, L. O'Hanlon, L. Stokes: Third Row: P. Funderburke, C. Darity, C. Whiting, J. Sailers, C. Coop- er, S. Brown, J. Rosson, W. Avera, S. Sellers, L. Moye, P. Ennis, S. Dixon, J. Price. Sophomore Y-Teens First Row: S. Knight, President; S. Choff, Vice-President; L. Jordan, Treasurer; K. Hunnicutt, Secretary; M. Writhy, Historian; R. Mixon, Program Chairman; J. Henriques, Publicity Chairman; R. Avera, Chaplain; S. Brittingham, Parliamentarian; E. Epps, Social Chair- man; C. Wilson, Service Projects Chairman; Second Row: J. Hinson, M. Bellflower, J. Harvey, W. Bean, N. Summers, L, Williams, L. Stallings, S. Stevenson, V. Smith, W. King, S. Straun; Third Row: T. Dorsey, M. Oxley, D. Bledsoe, P. Yearwood, D. Hester, K. Wood, J. Pelt, S. Barfield, H. Dennis, S. Grant, L. Wood. Freshman Y- Teens = ) se wee S gs | 4i- , — prt . 4] ; gay ; rm Me ieey . iaeaa S 9 2, a eal First Row: P: Jacobs, C. Dunn, S. Yarbourgh, Vice-President; S. Clark, Secretary; J. A. Russell, President; S. Krewson, Treasurer; B. Lockheart, Inter-City Council; P. Hamlin, G. Saunders, S. Archer; Second Row: J. Jackson, S. Hattaway, K. Musslellwhite, P. Hamlin, S. Miller, A. Strickland, J. Carr, T. Newby, M. Pugan, C. Davis, D. McKinley; Third Row: V. Emry, P. Strickland, P. Young, R. White, Program; S. Durden, Sports; T. Sutten, L. Ethridge, D. Fulford, S. Gilbert. 80 8th Grade Y-Teens 7 ow . i waaay First Row: K. Perry, President; M. Hamrick, Vice-President; B. Connley, Secretary; C. Miles, Treasurer; C. Fountain, ICC Representative; P. Clark, Program Chairman; S. Worrell, Social Chairman; K. Builderback, Sports Chairman; M. Jerkins, J.° Bradfield, J. Mullinix, V. Phelps, C. Rowe; Second Row: P. Shivers, J. Davis, J. Mize, M. Raley, V. Funk, R. Kerr, B. Cannon, D. Shaw, K. Dominy, J. Cassey, L. Ogletree, J. Ussery, D. Pritchet, R. Barr. ; : 3 fF F BLA Sells Candy (. eave EDUCATION UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA ——— — ) Fes we — . la 7 Seated: Larry Powell, Treasurer; Roger Carr, Secretary; Standing: Harriet Van Norte, Sponsor; Raymond Fiveash, Vice-President; Ken- neth Hunt, President; Marshall Beasley, Parliamentarian; First Row: D. Pitts, W. Whitehurst, G. Tye, R. Drummond; Second Row: R. Huff, R. Hamlin, E. Poulnott, K. Jones, M. Smith, W. Register, D. Bilderback, D. Eubank, T. Gay, D. Couch, J. Sandiford; Third Row: J. Thompson, G. Helmuth, M. Bryant, C. Yearwood, S. Joiner, B. Haggard, R. Murchison, J. Mainor, M. Leverett, R. Dominy, C. Arnold; Fourth Row: T. Hinson, G. Hutcheson, B. Melton, T. Wichman, R. Wheeler, W. Gillis, L. Bateman, T. Hendricks, V. Shaw, M. Luzier, D. Blount. 8! McEvoy Concert Band Ais iy ee sunt iii i” whiy’ Pte nig tg in at ? 7 2s (oe rae age ye x YS 5 Ima DP 39 oD | McEvoy Cadet Band Loe ®. oy: Wt Bs Ly : fon rt b ‘y 4 ¥, MM t o s , J Willingham High School Concert Band Band-Aides Board of Directors The Willingham Band Aides have contributed thousands of dol- lars and endless hours of labor toward making the “Pride of Dix- ie’ famous throughout the South. This year the organization raised over $5,000 to send the band to the World’s Fair. th Seated. Mrs. Cook; Mrs. Carr; Mrs. Wichman; Mrs. Mott. Standing. Mr. Ellis; Mr . Lambert; Mr. Soigler. “Pride of Dixie’’ Marching Band I ato 29 OR WILLINGHAM pe” D ND arg Mi ‘ 4 MACON BAND GEORGIA 9 e These Students Greatly Aided Mr. Jim Littlefield in Making Our Band the “Pride of Dixie” a | elu lglelyy- | is ; Judy Monthie Majorette Captain Judy Monthie Leads Majorettes Left to Right; Linda Marsh- all, Laura Newton; Wanda Wall; Judy Monthie, Cap- tain; Ann Eldridge; Mona Hayes; Sandy Choff. Barbara Jane Griffin Captains Dixie Darlings a eg a = 7) Kneeling: Judy Swann; Linda Spann; Linda Worrell; Barbara Jane Griffin, Captain; Alice Highnote; Cheryl Horne; Dianne Cooper; San- dra Colter; Cindy Leaptrot; Standing: Sandra Doolittle; Susan McBride; Debra Gillis; Carol Parham; Lynn Moore; Beverly Howard; Gwen Goss; Carol Mullis; Sandra Martin. 85 These Officers Lead Band Club Ist Row: J. Arnold, V. Horne, E. Griffin, D. Hubbard, P. Hamlin, J. Shep- Standing: Sr. High Officers: N. Graybeal, Chaplain; P. pard; 2nd Row: F. Brealand, J. Mullinex, S. Allen, M. Barnes, P. Bozeman, Bowen, Program Chairman; L. Ricks, Sergeant-at-Arms; V. C. Cox; 3rd Row: B. Hall, T. Newby, S. Yarborough, S. Keys, F. Morgan, Balkcom, Publicity Chairman; J. Kull, President; I. Hill, A. Brooks; 4th Row: K. Holder, L. Renfroe, S. Battle, N. Keller, Y. Ezzell; Vice-President; L. Edwards, Librarian; C. Ennis, Publicity 5th Row: D. Fulford, M. A. Hinson, S. Wright, P. Wimpey, G. Stokes; 6th Chairman, Seated: Jr. High Officers: P. Jacobs, President; Row: K. Hunnicutt, R. Barr, L. McCranie, T. Wall, C. Arnold; 7th Row: P. P. Mossbarger, Vice-President; S. Worrell, Secretary. Mossbarger, P. Jacobs, S. Wafrell. - “a alas LPP ng c), IS} os) Ist Row: S. Jones, D. Bullard, S. Clark, K. Perry, N. Black, D. Bledsoe, J. Stevens, L. Tidwell, J. Batts, J. Smith, Poole, J. Tamplin, G. Holland, N. Graybeal, S. Hill, P, Etheridge, L. Ely; 2nd Row: B. Russell, E. Franklin, W. Avera, N. Hare, S. iounie B. Bostick, C. Moore, E. Kyser, N. Martin, K. Baskette, L. Hudman, P. Belger, R. Brown, G. Hamlin, E. Williams, F. Willoughby, B. Bickford; 3rd Row: S. Colson, B. Hamlin, J. Harvey, W. Bean, W. Bryant, S. Durden, K. Sanders, V. Mallard, I. Hill, B. Stokes, L. Nobles, P. Price, J. Dunham, C. Boney, V. Balkcom, L. Ricks, L. Edwards, F. Balkcom, F. Fountain, K. Irby, J. Walker, D. Brown, L. Jones. McEvoy Marching Band . : rie | 7 - — — . at | 3-e as a — i Drum Majors: Linda No- bles; Janet Kull McEvoy Senior Chorus OY OL ek . sae Pv Aly , AVN sts wd Nu CY te Cadet Band Dance Band Swings With Hightower McEvoy FBLA ‘ First Row: W. Hulett, B. F. Smith, J. Swann, N. Hanes, V. Schultz, P. McPhail; Second Row: C. Pierce, M. Bembry, V. Fox, President; T. Hudson, Vice-President; B. Hunnicutt, Secretary; P. Garrison, Treasurer; M. Bracewell, P. Waller; Third Row: C. Bateman, G. Milstead; L. NeSmith, S. Colter, J. Ryan, J. Bembry, N. Black, D. Sirmans, S. Mitchell, V. Hancock, S. Brown, C. Collins, V. Chapman, L. Hamlin, S. Chapman, C. Leverette, C. Batts, P. Prunty, C. Bevins, S. Gray. Massey Leads These Three Vend Boosters School Supplies Guerry Massey, Louis Hall, Louise Pettis, Prentice Knight, Floyd Silva Fuerniss, Jackie Carr, Emily Carr. Partridge. Music Club 2 First Row: D. Daniell, President; L. Cliatt, Vice-President; J. Cliatt, Secretary; P, Darling, Treasurer; A. Brooks, A. Barnes, L. x} Second Row: C. Rutland, D. Fowler, K. Tyler, F. Dowd, G. Adams, C. Caldwell, P. Turner; Third Row: S. Davis, J. Elrod, S. Osborne, R. Turner, R. Casey, J. Harrell, C. Gay, L. Craine; Fourth Row: L. Jones, J. Parrot, S. Wood, P. Gilley, F. Chafin, L. Rowland, V. Hamm, S. McKenny, C. Shurling. Melodettes Seated: D. Daniell, K. Tyler; Standing: C. Gaultney, P. Heath, D. Rhodes, L. Cliatt, A. Barnes. F. Chafin, L. Rowland. 91 McEvoy Senior Pep Club First Row: M. Hunt, President; E. Carr, Vice-President; S. West, Secretary; C. Gibson, L. Prince, G. Bryant, S. McCranie, L. Harris, J. Bryant, T. A. Stowe, M. Grace, P. Heath, J. Jarrell; Second Row: G. Thompson, J. Rainey, K. Voellinger, S. English, P. Lewis, S. Me- Daniel, L. McDonald, J. Hinson, T. Thames, R. Peacock, J. Morstad, C. Wilson, J. Crawley, D. Wilder; Third Row: D. Proctor, V. Whittle, S. Wilder, J. Emerson, A. Barnes, S. Quinn, P. Moore, S. Quinn, B. Miles, R. Casey, L. Savage; Fourth Row: B. Pruett, S. Wood, R. Smith, B. Merritt, L. Carter, L. Shelton, D. Deese, N. Cason, C. Ross. McEvoy Junior Pep Club First Row: B. Thames, D. Marshall, V. Horne, Treasurer; V. Funck, C. Fountain, T. Aultman, Sgt. Of Arms; S. Keys, Program Chair- man; D. Callaway, Chaplain; E. Lovejoy, Sgt. At Arms; P. Clifton, Vice-President; S. Owens, B. Conley, C. Lannon; Second Row: P. Kelly, J. Sheppard, P. Hamlin, P. Jacobs, C. Meyers, K. Dominy, A. Alsobrook, S. Manning, L. Renfrue, P. Preston, S. McClaney; Third Row: J. Heath, J. Kent, D. Davis, L. Hobbs, P. Patterson, P. Moye, M. Powell, J. Gray, C. Rovertson, P. Mills, D. Parker, D. Bassett; Fourth Row: K. Burnette, M. Jerkins, J. Pipkin, N. Arnett, W. Corbin, D. Kitchens, B. Clark, L. Tyson, B. Butts, M. Brooks, C. Tucker. 92 Taylor Heads GAA First Row: B. Godbee, Program Chairman; O. Brannan, Program Chair- man; K. Cooper, Points Chairman; L. Edwards, Parliamentarian; B. Stokes, Points Chair- man; M. A. Jansen, Treasurer; D. Deese, Vice-President; C. Tay- lor, President; Second Row: R. Hewell, Blackwell, P. Heath, Tapley, B. Merritt, Rainey, T. Thames, M. Grace, L. Harris, Foster; Third Row: Williams, S. Colter, McPhail, E. Hall, ‘ Sellers, B. Clifford, C. Brewer, B. Kent; Fourth Row: M. Barnes, J. Strickland, J. Taylor, 1. Hill, B. Booker. The Senior High Student Council chartered the first Pep Club in the history of the school this year. The charter president was David Blair. Under his leadership and the competent sponsorship of Mrs. Dixie Cutter, the club really boosted school spirit at the ball games both in town and out of town. The Pep Club offers an opportunity for all students to participate, and should be a definite asset in the years to come..To be a championship school, there must be a championship spirit, and this club offers that kind of spirit. Seated: David Blair, President; Marvin Mangrum, Vice-President; Standing: Mickey Scandlyn, Secretary; Ronnie Scandlyn, Treasurer. Newberry Leads 4-H’ers a OFFICERS L-R: A. Morris, Secretary; J. -Bostick, Reporter; Fred Newberry, President; Mr. Inman, County Agent; First Row: P. Bellury, M. Willis, §. Bilderback, E. Rigby, R. Thomas; Sec- ond Row: J. Edge, T. Williams, J. King, E. McElhenny, J. Borders. 4-H Club First Row: P. Amos, Vice-President; C. Venable, Secretary; D. Jones, M. Sisk, E. Morris; Second Row: L. Ren- froe, C. Stevens, S. Durden, M. Bell- flower, F. Shines; Third Row: P. Tur- ner, R. Turner, Reporter; J. Moore, G. Manning, President; R. Casey, D. Lake. iii ii ii i I i a. : Ii dil i Il Bonnie Gardners Third From Left, First Row: V. Han- cock, Vice-President; E. Deal, H. Hart- ley, S. Canady, J. Gray, J. Pipkin, Treasurer; C. Graves; Standing: Mrs. Walker, Advisor; V. B. Amos, F Shines, Secretary; T. Lord, J. Under- wood, S. Peterson, N. Wood, President; R. Turner. Library Assistants First Row: P. Preston, P. Richett, B. Edwards, S. Ozburn, B. McCord, S. Hill, K. Wilson; Second Row: Q. Hil- liard, J. Harrison, J. Morstad, S. Me- Kenny, P. Willis, S. Asbell, H. Ar- rowood, a, Madden; Third Rou Py J. Hart, L. DeFore, S. Chapman, B. Ward, P. Turner, N. Black, S. Ussery, M. Bracewell, D. Ballard, D. Picklesimer, P, Thompson, B. Smith. Jr. High Audio-Visual W. Hatcher, President: E. Hancock, Advisor; L. Webb, R. Lifils, Secre- tary-Treasurer; B. Pryor, B. Crowe, Vice-President. ' 4 yi 4 ; ae ae ey ee aN President R. Bateman; Vice-President G. Wilder; Secretary J. Sander- lin; Treasurer, Bobby Griffin; Members are: D. Algea, J. Brooks, T. Buffington, M. Coppock, K. Dixon, R. Dopson, T. English, S. Floyd, D. Francis, J. Higgenbotham, W. Holland, J. Overby, L. Sharpless, C. Sheppard, C. Sims. McEvoy Art Club First Row: P. Self, P. Peavy, L. Mer- chant, S. Baxter, J. Sprinkle, B. Horne; Second Row: S. Quinn, P. Moore, R. Gall, J. Smith, L. Wilson, D. Griffin; Third Rou . V. Middlebrooks, W. Flan- ders, S. Tillman, H. Bostick, T. Hughes, J. Roberson, R. Pierce; Fourth Row: G. Causey, D. Jackson, J. Smith, D, Villwock. Willingham- McEvoy Notebook Left to Right: Virginia Balkcom, Dan- ny Kennedy, Michael Blizzard, Cheryl Arrington, Tommy Mason, Starlette Colter, Terry Moore. W4WBN Radio Club Members are: J. Grantham, R. Elliott R. Carr, W. Hamlin, S. Haywood, V Shaw, D. Francis, C. Fernwager, B Shepard, W. Martin, J. Sandiford, R Bateman, C. Zwally, J. Sanderlin, T. Cook, G. Lawson, B. Pryor, J. Defoe T. Damron, T. Paez. Audio-Visual Industrial Arts K. Tyler, S. Ellis, M. Cauley, P. Brandon, H. Bostick. First Row: M. Pope, H. Hodnett, B. Morstad, R. McWilliams, C. Cannon, D. Nowell, President; Second Row: Mr. Wheeler, R. Willingham, L. Purser, W. Carter, J. Thigpen. Junior High Art Club Members of the newly formed Junior High Art Club are: First Row: J. Thistlewood, M. Edwards, Presi- dent; K. Chambers, Vice-President; C. Hunt, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Second Row: M. C. Tyson, M. Young, R. Baxter, P. Griffin, S. Bickford. Tween-Teens Reporters write articles not only for our school papers but also for The Macon Telegraph. The ’Tween Teens reporters for this year are Pam Johnson, Sandra Meek, and LaDon Walker. Bonnie Blue Print Business Staff Seated, Linda Goldsby, Circulation Manager; Stand- Seated: Cheryl Adkins, Ad Manager; Barbara Booker, Asst. Ad Manager; ing, Diana Hall, Business Manager; Linda Savage, Beverly Bostick; Standing: Diana Hall, Linda Savage, Pam Johnson. Exchange Editor. Ine! CIRCULATION STAFF: Seated: Typists, Verna Schultz, Jean Roberson, Pam Etheridge; Standing: Starlette Colter, Rachael NeSmith, Joyce Bedgood, Linda Savage, Diana Hall, Mickey Loper. 98 Gymnastic Wheels Roll First Row: S. Wood, V. Hamm, P. Livingston, S. Youngblood, D. Gleason; Second Row: P. Davis, S. Cofer, S. Howard, C. Crissey; Third Row: J. Beasley, J. Patterson, P. Mossbarger; Fourth Row: T. Wall, P. Jacobs. Ram Club Sponsors Homecoming Dance Seated: L. Harris, L. Prince, T. A. Stowe, J. Bryant, S. McCranie, G. Bryant, M. Grace, I. Harrison, C. Gibson; 2nd Row: M. Luzier, P. Knight, C. Cross, T. Jackson, M. Bryant, C. Murphy, B. Floyd; 3rd Row: M. Scanlyn, D. Maddox, J. Freeman, R. Bateman, M. Fields, C. Brown, W. Rountree, H. Stokes, W. Johnson. 99 Maddox Leads Journalists ona Rampage Cary Adams, Asst. Sports Ed.; Roger Hobbs, Copy Editor; Melvin Ussery, Asst. Feature Ed.; Jimmy Mainor, Typist Tommy Cook, Feature Editor. Charles Byrd Advises Staff 3 € - e . ' | | a Dickie Maddox, Editor-in-Chief; Tommy Hendrick, Tommy Mason, Claudie Brown. LaDon Walker, Kennett Hunt, Marshall Beasley, Danny Kennedy, Charles Haun. Bonnie Blue Print Editorial Staff This year’s Bonnie Blue Print Staff was the best ever. The editions of the paper were full of school news and campus crazes. The wit and personality of each member of the staff could be seen in each article written. Surely, the staffs to come will have to go a long way to even match this year’s staff. YA} us Seated: Asst. News Ed. M. Phillips; R. Jenkins, Copy Ed.; Seated; Editor-in-Chief, Brenda Smith; L. Sanner, Copy Ed.; Standing: J. Madden, Make-Up Ed.; News Editor, Jerrie Alfirov; Managing J. Monthie, Make-Up Ed.: L. Merchant, Art Ed. Editor, Barbara Bellflower. Re 2 4 | re vi Zao = The Page Editors are, Seated: R. NeSmith, M. Scott, D. Seated: L. Venable, P. Ridley, Feature Eds.; L. Hall, Sports Ed.; F. Tomberlin; Standing: T. Hughes, S. Tillman, D. Branton. Sweat, Reporter; Standing: S. Bartlett, Roving Reporter; B. A. Irvin, Photographer; P. Peavy, Special Feature Ed.; P. Thompson, Feature Edi- tor. Seated: E. DuBose, Reporter; D. Picklesimer, Reporter; M. Seated: P. Self, “Classie Lassie”; J. Kull, “Leading Lassies”; C. Ennis, Loper, Reporter; Standing: A. Conner, “Wee Cues and “Lassies O’ Yore”; Standing: G. Thompson, “Bagpipenotes”; L. Harris Miss Cues”; M. Neves, “Highland Flings”. “Leading Lassies”; L. Wright, “Hopscotch”. 101 “The trail of tears . . .”—That’s the way we of the Ramscott Editorial Staff describe the portion of McEvoy’s first hall between 106 and Mrs. Hinesley’s room. Many was the day and frequent was the time that the editors ran aground and sought the help of our patient advisor. Once on the right track, however, much sweat, toil, tears, and low grades helped us put together this °65 Ramscott. Along the way, though, we cultivated friendships which will last long after the diplomas are handed out. We learned how to work to- gether to solve mutual problems and actually became “one big happy family”. The people on the next three pages de- serve a lot of credit, for when the majority of the Rams and Lassies had dates, they were working on their sections. This sacrifice is not too much, really, for we know that this book will be cherished by you in years to come. FEATURE EDITORS: Sue Fran Johnson, Joe Coulter Ramscott Editc FACULTY EDITORS: Gina Choff, Carolyn Jones Mike Blizzard, Marvin Mangrum, ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS: Melissa Thomas, Linda Riggs JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES EDITORS: Cecil Bentley, JoAnne Tamp- lin, Barbara Bates rial Staff INDEX EDITORS: Carolyn Brown, Cary Adams, Bonn Ozburn as i — | LAYOUT EDITORS: Jimmy Hightower, Sandy Cook SENIOR HIGH CLASSES EDITORS: Carolyn Shurling, Liz Drak ; : Danny Digby, Linda Vaughn 103 Linda Hardy, Phillip Dunn, Donna Picklesimer. TYPISTS: Toni Hudson, Veronica Fox; Standing: Patsy Spires SPORTS EDITORS: Gary Hutcheson, Charlotte Taylor, San- dra Colter, Larry Pope Being on the Annual staff is considered to be an extracurricular activity. Here several members of the staff engage in one of those extracurricular activities. “All right, girls. You can do much better than that.” Business Staff Sells Record Number of Ads Hunt, Dominy, West and Brandon Lead the Way C. Haun, G. Thompson, J. Madden. This year’s Business Staff sold a record number of ads and made it possible to have a financially sound yearbook. Kenneth Hunt and Reggie Dominy led the Rams and Suzanne West and Patsy Brandon led the Lassies as a combined effort produced the desired results. BUSINESS MANAGERS: Suzanne West, Patsy Seated: M. Thomas, M. Neves, M. Loper; Stand- ing: R. Hudson, B. Frederick, R. Fiveash. Brandon, Reggie Dominy, Kenneth Hunt Physical Education As Te —— — . ‘ er See Miss Helen Faulkner, Miss Billie Anderson, Miss Jolene Turner, Mrs. Anne Hadarits. Miss Turner and Miss Anderson spend their time being advisors to Gymnastics A b a Club. m = Mrs. Hadarits teaches the . = 4 % techniques of good refereeing. Instructors Participate Well as ach Gymnastics Improve Gym Department Physical Impor Part in Gym “C’mon girls. Just two more times and you'll be through.” Don’t bend those knees. “Well, Tapley, you’d never make a frog.” Fitness Program anh an tant the Classes The softball throw usually gets the most laughs. Volleyball Gains The serve makes the point. The referee keeps the game going while .. . “Yeah, us!” Interest The volley keeps the game going. The Ballet of Volleyball. McPhail volleying. “What's this?” “Twisting party or basketball game?” “O.K., Jones—don’t be a goof-off.” Gym Day Bubbles Maniac loose on the softball field Hmmm. Very interesting. With Student Spirit “O.K. What did I do wrong now?’ “Has anybody seen a softball laying around here?” 119 ES ee 6 EE A es Se es ee eee 2 SS ees CS GS ag, TEE GER Put eel ES Pes “a ARR | ee a i wes = fe — — — +++. i. A Bottom Row: Irene Harrison, Linda Harris; Second Row: Gena Bryant, June Bryant, Tommie Ann Stowe, Carole Gibson; Third Row: Linda Prince, Margaret Grace, Susan McCranie. Co-Captain: Irene Harrison; Captain: Linda Harris. Ram Cheerleaders “B” Team Janice Hinson; Sylvia Woodward; Co-Captain, Susan MacDaniel; Linda MacDonald; Paula Lewis. 1965” Junior Varsity First Row: Thersa Aultman; Co-Captain Dianne Calloway; Susan Keys; Second Row: Elaine Lovejoy; Connie Boney; Top: Captain, B. J. Vollinger. In Memoriam MILDRED DIANE DRIGGARS CAPTAIN — B TEAM CHEERLEADERS 1964-65 In Memoriam OF WILLIAM BRADFORD HENDERSON, JR. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths.of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” Psalms 23 Ram Football This year’s football team was one of the most outstanding in character as well as ability to ever represent Willingham High School. The team posted its best record in the six-year history of the school—a fine 8-1-1 chart—to finish tied for the second place slot in rugged Region 1-AAA and was listed among the top ten teams in the state throughout the season. Head Coach Billy Henderson and Team Captain Wayne (Buffalo) Johnson Region 1-AAA Runner-Up , oe “+ “ -3% e. 2 - we J y - e 3 - m ROSS 8668 Pane] oe fy , Front Row: Baxter (Mgr.), Beale, Evans, Alligood, Jansen, Brown, Laing, Mason, Clifford, Maddox, Freeman, Stallings; Second Row: Pryor (Tr.), Garvin, Floyd, Luzier, Parker, Huff, Sheppard, Jackson, Sauls, Helmuth, Abernathy, Churchwell, Duckworth; Third Row: Spillers (Mgr.), Edwards, Kinard, Hinson, Murphey, D. Lindsey, L. Evans, Whitfield, Bateman, Kennedy, Stokes, Battle; Fourth Row: Downer, Johnson, Pitts, Alsobrook, Knight, Bryant, Lance, Landrum, R. Lindsey, Mckenzie, Mixon, Henderson. “This year’s edition of the Willingham football team will live in the minds of Ram fans for many years to come. They rank with any as the best team in the state, and should be a fine example for all future Ram teams. Oneness of purpose, dedication, and self-sacrifice were traits displayed in this team. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be associated with this group of boys.” Billy Henderson Athletic Director Billy Henderson ,, Wee L rs HU hy iy be = 2 Fh = J Yes q) sae = | | Front Row: Mike Garvin, Frank Windham, Billy Henderson, Tommy Mixon, Eddie Battle; Second Row: Billy Beale, Johnny Stallings, Lewis Downer, Mack Edwards, Jesse Duckworth. Rams “Vacation” in Jekyll Offensive drills highlight the morning workout along with a special session for those who find the curfew hour unreasonable. The afternoon practice is devoted to defense, an important phase of the Rams’ football machine. Coach Henderson concludes the final practice of the day with a summary of the work completed and an outline of the next day’s schedule. Football is not all hard work, as shown here by halfbacks Dickie Maddox and Derrell Parker who watch attentively as Connie Boney displays some fancy legwork. Rams Kickoff Season, Crush Demons, 25-0 Fullback Mike Luzier bulls over from the 3 yard line for the Rams’ first score. THE YARDSTICK Staunch Ram defensive crew puts the stop on Demon ball carrier in third quarter action, Parker Luzier Alligood Maddox THE YARDSTICK ae Rushing Passing Henderson -173 yds. Clifford Rams Rip Trojans, 21-12 Brown Guard Bobby Floyd pounces on Dougherty fumble at midfield to kill Trojan drive. Halfback Stan Clifford is hauled down as Derrell Parker arrives too late to lend assistance. Q.B. Jack Evans emerges from goal-line pile up with Rams’ final marker against the rugged Atlantans’ THE YARDSTICK Rushing Alligood Luzier Laing Parker Evans Clifford Mason — =: nN uiul bo Maddox The tough defensive game played by both teams is shown as Harris Stokes and Tommy Hinson converge on Granger back. A one-yard dive by Jack Evans, capping a 56 yard with 2:05 left to play was the winning margin for the in a thrilling duel with LaGrange. drive, Rams Rams Nudge Dykes, 21-14 Derrell Parker sweeps right end while Richard Whitfield and Raymond path downfield. Bateman clear a Rams Edge Grangers in Cliffhanger, 6-0 THE YARDSTICK Rushing rerio. Sodas 30-145 Alligood 19- 69 Brown Maddox Ev ans 2 -30 yds. Rams Blast Eagles, 46-7 Mike Luzier fights for extra yardage behind the blocking of Wayne Johnson. THE YARDSTICK Rushing Maddox Alligood Evans Bryant Mason Passing 2-4 (46 yds) End Prentice Knight is pushed out of bounds after grabbing an Evans’ pass for 24 yards. THE YARDSTICK Rams, Indians Rushing Maddo» Deadlock, 6-6 nserieiag Luzier Alligood Evans Passing 4-9 (26 yds) Maddox 1-1 (11 yds) Dickie Maddox and Richard Whitefield throw blocks downfield as Derrell Parker tries the left side of the Indian’s defense. Durwood Sauls leaps high in- to the air to break up Albany pass in the second period. Rams Fall to Imps, 9-6 Linebacker Mike Luzier gets set to apply the brakes to the Devil’s ace halfback Penny Pennington. Se a r cece Ie Sy Fullback Ralph Alligood squeezes over from two yards Rams’ final touchdown. Bobby Floyd added the decisive THE YARDSTICK Rushing Alligood Luzier Parker Maddox Brown Passing Brown 1-6 (53 yds) Parker Bobby Floyd and Dickie Maddox corner Columbus end after catch- ing pass in fourth stanza action. THE YARDSTICK Rushing Parker Maddox Luzier Alligood Passing Brown 4-13 (55 yds) Rams Outlast Dosta, 13-12 the Durwood Sauls drags down Cat end from behind to save victory. Halfback Derrell Parker braces for contact as Red Jacket defender moves in to make the stop after 13 yard scamper. THE YARDSTICK Rushing Alligood Luzier Maddox Clifford Brown Passing Brown 3-6 (62 yds) Parker 5.0 2-4 (40 yds) Rams Clout Poets, 32-7, for Fifth Straight Win A familiar scene at Porter Stadium, Nov. 13, as Dickie Maddox goes over from the two-yard line with the Rams second touchdown. Rams Sting Jackets, 25-20 Durwood Sauls ices the victory with in- terception on the Ram 15 with 16 seconds left to play. THE YARDSTICK Rushing 10-144 Maddox 10- 25 Luzier Clifford Evans Sheppard Brown Alligood Jansen Passing Brown 5-9 (83 yds) Parker, Brown Combine Efforts for Four T.D.’s to Spark Rams Rams’ Parker breaks loose from Poet tack- ler and romps 66 vai for T.D. Q.B. Claudie Brown confers with Hen- derson in second period action. Linebacker Tommy Hinson hauls down Poet ballcarrier after short gain. S A s bs i houlders ’ Beaming Henderson is lofted high on the s aan of his victorious charges. Bobby Floyd gives chase as Orange halfback turns the corner. TEAM CAPTAIN Wayne (Buffalo) Johnson DEFENSIVE UNIT: Stokes, Bryant, L. Evans, Floyd, Kinard, Free- man, Luzier, Sauls, Hinson, Laing, Maddox. C— Abernathy FB—Alligood G—L. Evans T—Alsobrook T—Bateman C—Hinson FB—Huff QB—Brown T—Bryant HB—Clifford E—Churchwell G—Cook QB—]J. Evans G—Floyd C—Helmuth E—Freeman 134 Honorable Mention All-Southern All-State Region 1-AAA All-Middle Georgia Macon High School Big Four All-Star Team High School All-American OFFENSIVE SQUAD: McKenzie, Bateman, Murphey, Helmuth, field, Johnson, Knight, Maddox, Brown, Luzier, Parker. Not Pictured: G—D. Lindsey Kennedy T—Pitts R. Lindsey QB—Jansen FB—Burgess E—Landrum E—Sauls Whit- E—McKenzie HB—Sheppard G—Jackson T—Kinard HB—Laing FB—Luzier G—Murphey E—Stokes T—Johnson E—Knight E—Lance HB—Maddox HB—Parker G—Whitfield 135 Ram “B” Teamers First Row: R. Smith (Mgr.) Culpepper, Parham, Jackson, DeLoach, Marchman, Evans, Johns, Daniel; Second Row: Cheek (Mgr.) Horton, Sumlin, Sharpless, Good-Cooper, Moseley, Crump, C. Asbell, Cheshire; Third Row: Coach Duckworth, G. Loyd, Kent, G. Asbell, Hutcheson, Alligood, Jones, McCoury, Thomas, Williams, Cook, Coach Downer; Fourth Row: Cross, Wallace, Bloodworth, Ellis, DeFoe, Sauls, Spence, Grace, R. Loyd, Carter, Coach Mixon. Eighth Grade Gridders First Row: Buchanan, Bowen, Pinholster,. S. Smith, Hart, Sark, Williams, W. Moore, P. Odom, Fussell, M. E. Odom, Howard, Wright (Mgr.); ‘Second Row: Murchant, Hufty, Beale, Morestead, Hayslip, Brown- ing, D. Davis, M. D. Odom, Rump, Haysty, Jones, Britt, D. Smith; Third Row: Worthy, Randall, Dixon, Patat, Price, Crow, Goodman, Thomas, Spires, Burnett, Petis, Horne, Jackson, Coach Battle; Fourth Row: B. Moore, NeSmith, Denam, Peterson, Thigpen, M. Smith, Kennedy, S. Davis, Harris, Miles, Dobbins, Wilson. Regal Rams “Ss BILLY HENDERSON BRAD HENDERSON Big Four Coach-of-the Honorary Captain Big Four HB—MIKE LUZIER T—BARNEY KINARD HB—DERRELL PARKER Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention All-State All-State All-State All-Middle Georgia All-Middle Georgia Big Four Rie Four Rio Four E—DURWOOD SAULS G—RICHARD WHITFIELD C—GREG HELMUTH FB—RALPH ALLIGOOD Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Big Four Honorable Mention All-State All-State All-State Big Four All-Middle Georgia Big Four Big Four Grid Recognition dal oe Football Recognition Night ceremonies we:- highlighted by guest speaker Joel Eaves, Ath- letic Director at the University of Georgia. William Whitley, of the Macon Telegraph- The Harry Kendall Award for the city News, presents Wayne Johnson with the championship is presented to Coach Hen- Macon Player of the Year Award. derson and team captain Johnson by Macon Touchdown Club representative Harry George. Outstanding Rams Front Row: Mike Luzier, Best Offensive; Dickie Maddox, Best Hustler; Raymond Bateman, Best Sportsmanship; Wayne Johnson, Most Valuable; Second Row: Coach Henderson, Durwood Sauls, Best Defensive Back; Greg Helmuth, Most Improved; Richard Whitfield, Best Blocker; Barney Kinard, Best Defensive Lineman; Joel Eaves. Basketball Front Row: Danny Purvis (Mgr.), Ralph Alligood, Danny Strickland, Dickie Maddox, Woody Mewborn, Thomas Monroe, Joe Avera (Mgr.); Second Row: Coach Tommy Mixon, Derrell Parker, Mike Fields, Bobby Goldsby, David Blair, Durwood Sauls, Coach Billy Beale. Not Pictured: Gary Hutcheson, James Holland, Butch Gunnells. Mike Fields sails in from the right side David Blair snakes in from the left side for a two-pointer. with a hook shot. Dickie Maddox drives hard up the middle for basket. Varsity Cagers G—R. Alligood F—D. Parker F—D. Sauls F—D. Strickland G—T. Monroe C—B. Goldsby G—D. Maddox G—W. Mewborn F—M. Fields C—D. Blair Ram Hardwooders Suffer Disappointing 5-18 Season Below: Junior Gary Hutcheson lays in a crip in early season action against Jordan. ‘¢ Vii 32 of a. ; - ra +e . Gg . Forward Mike Fields drives for a layup as , Telfair’s Wayne Crafton defends. j — j from the circle as Fields looks on. 140 ] “ Danny Strickland fires a ten-foot jumper ' ‘ield Rams Fall to Lanier, 65-58, Finish Second in Heart of Georgia Tournament ,¢ Runners-Up Mike Fields pops a five-footer in first round action against Tel fair County. Mike Fields captured tourney scorimg honors with 70 points in three games. Mr. Bill Harper of the Macon Telegraph-News presents the second place trophy to team members after the loss to rival Lanier. Right: Forward Durwood Sauls leaps high into the air to get off shot against Twiggs Co. Junior Derrell Parker tries a one-hand- er as Telfair player watches helplessly. Danny Strickland pivots to receive pass while Granger defends. Colorful Ram Quintet Yielded Plenty of Thrills and Spills . . . Durwood Sauls hits a “bunny” as LaGrange player misses attempted block. Sophomore Bobby Goldsby goes high but misses block try as Larry Pope and Larry Bowen look for rebound. Above: Blair and Sauls engage in tug-a-war with opponent’s arm while Maddox watches intently. Left: Lunging Granger fails to block shot by Rams’ Tom Monroe. Below: Soph. Thomas Monroe works it into the corner to set up offense: a aA Left: “Gillespie” scraps it out for re- bound with Granger opponent. Rams Drop Four to Poets, Run Drought to Nineteen POETS 66, RAMS 44 POETS 65, RAMS 58 FT PF FG FT PF PTS Hutcheson .. 3 0-0 1 200 4 4 0-2 3 Maddox 0-0 O 0 a 8 04 5 Blair 14 |: 1] Sauls 3°25 0 Fields 6-8 : 22 McKenzie .... 0-0 : Sauls 1-] 3 a Strickland ... 9 0:0 18 6-10 § é Bowen 0-1 0 Mewborn .... 0-0 Danny Strickland lays one up from Goldsby 0-0 the port side in game with Colum- bus. POETS 69, RAMS 63 POETS 64, RAMS 61 FG FT PF FG FT PF Strickland ... 8 0-1 300 3 1-2 14 1 ]-] o ft Fields 3-5 Parker 200 4 Sauls 4 1-2 Maddox t-1' 2 Maddox 1-2 Strickland ... 0-0 3 Bowen 0-0 ] 5 ] 3 1 1 5 REGION 1-AAA TOURNAMENT IN LaGRANGE First Round: Mike Fields tries in vain to block shot Willingham 56 by Lanier’s Kelley. Moultrie 63 VARSITY SCOREBOARD Rams 54, Jordan 75 Rams 53, Valdosta 72 Rams 52, Dougherty 80 Rams 63, Lanier 69 Rams 44, Lanier 66 Rams 51, Baker 58 Rams 52, Albany 73 Rams 49, Warner Robins 64 Rams 44, Perry 57 Rams . Jordan 61 Rams 46, Warner Robins 73 Rams 43, Baker 56 Rams 72, Telfair County 63 Rams . Northside 63 Rams , Twiggs County 53 Rams 53, LaGrange 69 Rams , Lanier 65 Rams ; Lanier 64 Rams 52, Perry 49 Rams , Columbus 85 Rams 56, Moultrie 48 Rams , Northside 57 “B” Team Courtsmen Front Row: Dick Jansen, Wayne Jones, Pat McCollough, Larry Fulford, Robert West, Chuck Jones, Alan McCoury; Second Row: Coach Lewis Downer, Wayne Garrad, Terry Whitley, Dan Rowland, Ronnie Fincher, Ronnie Wallace, Roy West, Biff Sneed (Megr.). rade Cagers + i t. 12 rd Front Row: Terry Poulnott (Mgr.), Phil Bellury, Charles Evans, Stan Smith, John Goodner, Bill Morestead (Mgr.); Second Row: Freddie Morocco, Terry Sark, Don Fussell, Mike Willis, Don Jackson, Clay Thomas, Richard Merchant, Ander Horne; Third Row: Coach Jesse Duckworth, Tom Peacock, Richard Thomas, Mike Wheeler, Charles Price, Barry Edge, Dennis Wilson, Bill Browning, James Thigpen, Billy Beale. a Gymnastics i@, ‘ T) h 4 Front Row: Donnie Howard, Tommy Seagraves, Butch Barnes, Billy Evans; Second Row: Carl Holmes, Randy Stinson, Jack Wilson, Richard Kunka, Jimmy Hamm; Third Row: Gene Beasley, Phillip Sprinkle, Gene Warren, Reggie Gibson, Coach Mack Edwards. Handstand on the parallel bars by Jack Wilson. . ; Donnie Howard demonstrates leaping ability with a vault over the side horse. Precision and co-ordination dis- played by Richard Kunka with a headstand on the side horse. Gene Beasley performs on the horizontal bar. Left: Jack Wilson displays perfect co-ordination in a handstand on the rings. Right: Richard Kunka backsprings off post man Gene Beasley. Front Row: Frank Ruis, Johnny Stallings, Jack Culpepper, Randy Jackson, Tommy Seagraves, James Friedlander, Alan Laing, Harvey Hobnet; Second Row: Coach Johnny Stallings, John Cook, Dean Goodman, Tommy Bennett, Robert Griggars, Marty Parham, Jimmy Landrum, Reggie Wheeler, Carl Sheppard, Mike Luzier, Coach Mike Garvin; Third Row: Donny Horton, Mickey Williams, Donnie Lindsey, Warren Carter, Wayne Johnson, Buddy Autry, Chuck Cross, David Kennedy, Donald Lance. points and moves in for the pin. hy Soe Left: Ram grappler holds the advantage as he presses for the pin. ‘ Right: Junior Carl Sheppard i “a reverses his opponent for two = Above: Senior Wayne Johnson pins his man in an unlimited class match. Below: Unidentified Ram matman puts his opponent in a headstand as referee Below: Jimmy Landrum gets an aeri- signals points. al view of the mat as his opponent scores a takedown. ‘ os — ee er : . Front Row: David Adams, Darrel Carter, Ronnie Smith, Danny Leslie; Second vena, Se 3 y “e ee Row: Hubert Johnson, Randy Hudson, Mickey Boutwell; Third Row: Carol ee” Bi . Seabrook (Coach), Greg Helmuth, Mickey Griffin, Larry Thompson, Gary Strong, Jimmy Hoffeditz, Eddie Battle (Coach). The Medley Relay .. . Ram swimmer gets set as teammate nears relay point. On Your Mark, Get Set... Right: Mickey Griffin coils for the start of 100 yd. backstroke in com- petition with Lanier this year. Baseball Front Row: Danny Purvis (Mgr), Jack Evans, Gary Hutcheson, Danny Strickland, Ralph Alligood, Darrell Young, Larry Pope; Second Row: Charles Asbell, Dickie Maddox, Donnie Meeks, Derrell Parker, Randy Murcheson, Bobby Frederick, Rosby McKenzie. CF—Bobby Frederick = WEE TY cles LF-P—Mike Luzier C—Dickie Maddox tal -Derrell Parker | P—Charles Asbell C—Ralph Allig ood 3B—Darrell Young SS—Larry Pope 2B—Gary Hutcheson Crowds flock to Memorial Park as Rams take. on Poets in Region 1-AAA encounter. 1B—Randy Murcheson RF—Rosby McKenzie P—Jack LF—Danny Strickland VARSITY TRACK: Hugh Laing, Derrell Parker, Claudie Brown, Barney Kinard, Harris Stokes, Mike Luzier; Not Pictured: James Holland, Wayne Johnson. TRACK COACHES: Johnny Stallings, Mike Garvin, Mack Edwards. Wayne Johnson, Senior shot man Barney Kinard, Senior javelin thrower Sprinters Right: Junior Derrell Parker: 100 yd. dash, 440 dash, high jump. Senior Claudie Brown: 100 yd. dash, 440 dash, mile relay. Right: Hugh Laing takes a hand-off from Har- ris Stokes in warm-ups to Mile Relay. Field Events Right: James Hol- land: Shot and discus. Left: Mike Luzier: pole vault. oe? é VARSITY TENNIS: Front Row: Chuck Jones, Eugene Cook, Tim Bellury, Woody Mew- born, Mickey Scandlin, Kenneth Jones, Roy Jones, Dickie Maddox, Coach Tommy Mixon. Kip Causey, last spring’s most valuable golfer. VARSITY GOLF: Skeet Heard, Mike Fields, Lee Stephenson, Kip Causey, Coach Jesse Duckworth. Physical Education Program The second annual Physical Education and Fit- ness Exhibition was held at Porter Stadium, May 28, and was another stunning success, following the pace set last year by the first performance. All proceeds went to Ram Field Improvement Fund, an undertaking by the students for the improve- ment of the athletic facilities of Willingham and South Macon. The entire student body of 1200 students took part in the company P.E. competition, consisting of calisthenics, gymnastics, and track events. Gar- land Pinholster, the Governor’s chairman for Physi- cal Fitness, was the featured speaker and presented awards to the most physically fit students, out- standing P.E. captains, intramural champions, and the trophy for the winning company during the competition. Garland Pinholster, Governor’s chairman on Physical Fit- ness, speaks at second annual Ram Physical Education Night. P.E. Captains Company “A” Student Coach Company i Chathen thee Ben Snipes Richard Stafford Company “C” U. of Ga. Company “ and Bobby Buddy Autry Mike Collins Frederick Thanks, once again, to Mr. Bill Barron, without whose gracious assistance this sports section would not have been possible. This space is small but there isn’t a page in the world that could hold this man’s heart. == J vey yy LG) 0 ane 7 Sel ee Ul V f- Classes Officers PRESIDENTS: STEVE JOHNSON, VICE-PRESIDENTS: RONNIE MILDRED LEAPTROT SMITH, TONI HUDSON SECRETARY AND TREASURERS: KAY SELLERS, WAYNE JOHNSON, SUE HALLMAN DIRECTORS: WANDA LEWIS, BARBARA BATES, VERONICA FOX, DELINDA TOMBERLIN, SUE FRAN JOHNSON SHERYL MALINDA ADKINS Sherry Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Jr. Red Cross 8; Allied Medical Careers Club 11; Advertising Man- ager Bonnie Blue Print 12; Y-Teens 11. JERRIE ADEL ALFIROV Jerrie Vice-President 8th Grade Class; Future Homemakers 8, 9, 12; Jr. Dramatics 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Cheer- leader, Jr. Varsity 9, Varsity 10, 11; Quill and Scroll 12; News Editor; Bonnie Blue Print 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Ram Club 10; Sup. Basketball and Volleyball 8-10. HARRIET ELIZABETH ARROWOOD Harri Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Jr. Red Cross; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Library Assistant 10-12; Library Club 10-12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Sr. Dramatics 10. VIRGINIA ANN BALKOOM Givinia Band 8-12; Band Club 8-12, Vice President 11, Pub- licity Chairman 12; Squad Leader 12; McEvoy-Willing- ham Notebook 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12. CHERYL DIANNE ARRINGTON Rabbit Class Director 9; Band 8-11; Band Club 8-11, Pub- licity Chairman 11, Group Capt. 11; Allied Medical Careers Club 8-10, Scrapbook 10; Music Club 8, 9; Sup. Representative 12; Student Council 12; Sup. Volleyball 9, 10. JEWEL CHRISTINE ARRINGTON Chris Y-Teens 12. MARCIA JOAN BARNES Barnes Latin Club 9, 10; Red Cross 11, Secretary 11; Girl's Athletic Association 10, 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Pep Club 12; Sup. Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 8-12, Capt. 10, 11; Class Softball Team 9-12, Capt. 10. SHERRY ANN BARTLETT Sherry Beta Club 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Homemakers’ of America 8, 9, 12; Pep Cluk 10; Music Club 8-10; Sr. Dramatics 10, 11; “Roving Reporter”, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Sup. Basketball, Volleyball 8-10. CAROLYN BATEMAN Carolyn Transferred in 10th grade from Dudley Hughes; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Chorus 10-12. At Dudley Hughes: Future Homemakers of America 9; Chorus 9; At Miller Jr.: Library Club 8; Chorus 8. BARBARA JEAN BATES Bates Red Cross 8; Latin Club 9, 10, President 10; Pep Club 10; Student Council 10, 12, Executive Council 12; Fu- ture Teachers of America 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Beta Club 11-12; Class Director 12. MARY JOYCE BEDGOOD Bedgood Future Homemakers of America 8, 9, 12; Y-Teens 8, 9, 12; Circulation Staff, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Sup. Soft- ball, Volleyball, Basketball 9, 10. BARBARA JEAN BELLFLOWER Bellflower Managing Editor of Bonnie Blue Print; Beta Club 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 10-12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Music Club 8-10; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball 8-10. MARCIA ANNETTE BASS Marcia Transferred from A. L. Miller Sr. High 12; At Miller: Miller Athletic Association’ 8, 9, Tri-Hi-Y 8, 9; Pep Club 10, 11; Music Club 11; Art Club 11; Future Nurses Association 10, 11, Chaplain 11; Sup. Volleyball Championship 11; Secretary of Sup.; Sports Day 10, 1]. At McEvoy: Future Homemakers of America 12. SHIRLEY KAY BASS Shirley Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Garden Club 8, Vice-President 9; Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Sup. Representative 10; Advertising Editor, Ramscott 12; Sup. Volleyball 9-11. CHERRY ANN BATTS Cherry Science Club 8; Future Homemakers of America 8; Art Club 8, 9; Pep Club 10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Powderpuff Football Game Advertising Committee 10; Junior Hootenanny 11, SUSANNE BAXTER Sue Chorus 9, 10; Art Club 10, 12, President 12; Sr. Dra- matics 11; Audio-Visual Club 11. JANIS SUE BENNETT Bennett Supervision Softball, Basketball, Volleyball 8-11, Cham- pion Volleyball 10; Class Softball 8-11. BERNICE AMELIA BERRY Bernice Future Homemakers of America 9, 10, Chairman of Degrees 9, Treasurer 10; Ensemble 11. PATRICIA ELAINE BLESSITT Shorty Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-11; Gym Day Softball 8, 11. BARBARA JANE BOOKER Booker Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Ramscott Business Staff 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12, Treas- urer 12; Red Cross 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9, 12; Pep Club 10; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, 8-12, Capt., Co-Capt.; Gym Day 9-12, Championship Softball 11. BEVERLY JUNE BOSTICK Beverly Sup. Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, 8-11; Chorus 8, 9; Music Club 8, 9; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Band 10, 12; Band Club 10, 12; Y-Teens 12; Bonnie Blue Print Advertising Staff 12; Spanish Club 10-12. HELEN RUTH BOSTICK Helen Student Council 8, 9, 12, Publicity Chairman 12; German Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Red Cross 8, 10; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Audio-Visual Club 11, 12; Garden Club 9; Ramscott Business Staff 12; Art Club 9, 12; Sup. Softball 9, 10. SUSAN PAMELA BOWEN Pam Band 8-12; Band Club 8-12, Program Chairman 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 12. PATSY GAIL BRANDON Patsy Allie d Medical Careers Club 9-12; Beta Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 9; Library Assistant 11; Audio-Visual Aid 11, 12; Ramscott Business Manager 12. DONNA KAY BRANTON Donna Page Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Sr. Dramatics Club 10-12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Business Staff of Ramscott; Library Club 11; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball 8-1]. DOROTHY ELAINE BROOKS Elaine Latin Club 9, 10; Music Club 8, 9; Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 11; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Spanish Club 12; Copy Editor of Ramscott; Chorus 8, 9, 11; Sup. Softball 9; Beta Club 12. LINDA CAROLYN BROWN Brown ji Beta Club 11, 12; e a Music Club 8, 9; Pep Club 10; Ramscott Index Editor 12; Student Council 12, Election Chairman 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Powderpuff Foot- ball Game 10; Sup. Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. as RONGA DELANE BROWN Ronga B. Future Homemakers of America 9, 10; Band Club 10- ‘ 12; Band 10-12; Future Business Leaders of America =, 12; Y-Teens 12; Sup. Softball, Volleyball 10, Basketball 11; Pep Club 12. dé THERESA LENEAVE BRYAN Ringo Transferred from A. L. Miller Jr. 10; Future Home- makers of America 11; Music Club 11; After School Y-Teens 11; Chorus 8-12. LILLIAN IRENE BRYANT Irene Chorus 8-12; Music Club 8-10; Library Club 10; Beta Club 11, 12. PATRICIA ANN BRYANT Pat Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Sr. Dramatics 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Student Council 12; Sup. President 12, ELIZABETH CAMERON Elizabeth 4-H 8, 9; Art Club 9, 10; Red Cross 9; Sup. Volley- ball Team 9; Sup. Softball 10; Gym Day Activities 1l; 4 years perfect attendance. ELIZABETH ELLEN CANADY Ellen Future Homemakers of America 8; Sup. Volleyball 10; Sup. Softball 10. DIANE LADALE CARTER Diane Transferred trom A. L. Miller 12; Red Cross Repre- sentative 12; Art Club 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12. y | FLAMINIA REGINA CHOFF Gina Future Homemakers of America 8; Y-Teens 9-12, Presi- dent Jr. Y-Teens 9, Vice-President Sr. In-School Y- Teens 11, Inter-Club Council Representative 12, Inter- Club Council Chairman 12, Sweetheart 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Spanish Club 11, 12, Secretary 11; Allied Medical Careers Club 10-12, Points Chairman 11; Ramscott Faculty Editor 12; Student Council 9-11; Sup. Presi- dent 10, 11; Class Director 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Sup. Sec.-Treas. 12. CAROL LEVERNE CHURCHWELL Carol Transferred from A. L. Miller 11; Volleyball Team 11. SHERRY FRANCES CARVER Sherry Future Homemakers of America 8, 9, 10, 12; Pep Club 10, Vice-President 10; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9; Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee 11; Powder Puff Foot- ball Game 10; Sup. Softball, 10; Volleyball 9, 10. VELMA MARLENE CAULEY Marlene Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Girls’ Athletic Association 10; Student Council 10, 11; Sup. Presi- dent 12; Audio-Visual Aid 11, 12; Sup. Basketball, Softball, Volleyball 8, 9, 10; Capt. Basketball, Softball 9, 10. CAROL JANE CLIATT Jane Transferred from Cochran High 11; Chorus 10-12; Music Club 11, 12, Secretary 12. BARBARA LOUISE COLE Bobbie Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-12. ™ ALICE MAE CONNER Conner Future Homemakers of America 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Student Council 10, Typist 12; Sup. President 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Columnist for Bonnie Blue Print 12; Pep Club 10. CHERYL LARAINE COOK Jull In-School Y-Teens 9; Allied Medical Careers Club 10; Chorus 9-11; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball 8. ILA JOAN COPELAND Joan Y-Teens 8-10; Circulation Staff of Bonnie Blue Print 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 10; Sup. Softball 8-11, Basketball, Volleyball 8-10, Class Softball 10. SUSAN ISABELL CUMMINGS Susie Future Homemakers of America 8-12; Recreation Chair- man 10, Parliamentarian 11; Softball 8-12; Volleyball 8-12, Champions 10; Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee 11; Pep Club 10; Sup. Basketball 8-11. SANDRA LEE COLTER Sandra Future Business Leaders of America 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12, Awards Chairman 11; Dixie Darlings 11, 12; Southern Accents 11, 12; Latin Club 8, 9; Sports Editor of the Ramscott 12; Willingham Pep Club 12; Beta Club 12; Powder Puff Football Game 10, Capt.; Gym Day 8-11; Sup. Volleyball Champion- ship 11. STARLETTE ELAINE COLTER Starlette Quill and Scroll 12; Circulation, Advertising Staffs of Bonnie Blue Print; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Y-Teens 1], 12, Social Chairman 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Bannerette, Willingham Band 12; Advertising Staff of Ramscott; Sr. Dramatics 11; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Pep Club 10; Latin Club 9, 10, Secre- tary-Treasurer 10, SANDRA ELIZABETH COOK Cook Y-Teens 10-12, Chaplain 11, President 12; Layout Editor for Ramscott 12; Sup. President 10; Student Council 10, 12; Spanish Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Homemakers of America 8; Jr. Dramatics 8; Decoration Committee of Jr.-Sr. 11; Office Monitor 12. VIRGINIA ANN COOPER Ann After School Y-Teens 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Sup. Volleyball 8-12, Capt. 12; Gym Day 9; Powder Puff Football Game 10. GLENDA ELIZABETH DANIEL Glenda Bonnie Gardners 8-12; Student Council 10; Future Homemakers of America 12; Sup. Volleyball 12. RITA FAY DANIEL Smeddley Art Club 8; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, 8-12. ELIZABETH JANE DRAKE Liz Transferred from Central Jr. High, Sidney, Ohio, 10; French Club 12, President 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Student Coincil 12; Sophomore Class Editor Ramscott 12. NEDRA ELIZABETH DUBOSE Elizabeth Library Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12; Quill and Scroll 12. LINDA GAYLE DEFORE Comma Future Homemakers of America 9; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Sup. Basketball, Softball, Vol- leyball 8-12. ANGELIN DOMINY Angie Homecoming Queen 12; Student Council 8, 9, 10, 12; Library Club 12, President 12; Future Homemakers of America 8; Jr. Dramatics 9; Ramscott Photographer 12; Music Club 8. STELLA IRENE DYCHE Stella Garden Club 8; Future Homemakers of America 9, 10; Sup. Basketball, Softball 9-11. BRENDA LOUISE EDWARDS Brenda Future Homemakers of America 8; Spanish Club 1], 12; Pep Club 10; Y-Teens 12; Sup. Softball, Basket- ball 8-10; 4-H Club 8; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Office Monitor 12; Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee 11; Gym Day 10. CONSTANCE LEIGH ENNIS Connie Bonnie Blue Print Columist 12; Quill and Scroll 12; French Club 12; Latin Club 8, 9, 10; McEvoy Band 9-12; Band Club 9-12, Publicity Chairman 12, Section Leader 11, 12, Squad Leader 12; Powder Puff Foot- ball Game 10; Future Homemakers of America 8-10, Sweetheart Court 10. SARA GAYLE EPPS Epps Y-Teens 11; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Red Cross 10; Music Club 8; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Class Director 8; Sup. Volleyball Champions 9; Gym Day 9. SHARON LEE FANN Sha Future Homemakers of America 8-12; Y-Teens 8-12, Sports Manager, Publicity Chairman; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Music Club 9, 10; Garden Club 9; Chorus 9, 10; Sup. Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, 8-12. GAYLE FIELDS Gayle Y-Teens 8, 9; Garden Club 9, 10; Band Club 9, 10; Future Homemakers of America 8; Sr. Dramatics 11; Pep Club 11; Allied Medical Careers Club 10, 12; Latin Club 9; 4-H Club 10-12; Music Club 8,, 9, Of. ficer 9. VIRGINIA EUGENIA EDWARDS Virginia Orchestra 8; Sup. Volleyball 8, 9. JEWEL EMERSON Jewel Transferred from Droville Union High, Droville, Cali- fornia 11; Sr. Dramatics 12; Pep Club 12. PAMELA FAYE ETHEREDGE Pam Jr. Dramatics 8, 9, Treasurer 8, Secretary 9; Band Club 8-12; Red Cross 9, 11, Vice-President 11; Student Coun- cil 10; Sup. President 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9. WANDA JOANN EZELL Wanda Future Homemakers of America 9; Y-Teens 10-12, Vice- President 12, Pro gram Chairman 12; Beta Club 11, 12; French Club 12; Orchestra 8-11. VERONICA ANN FOX Roni Future Homemakers of America 8; Red Cross 8; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, President 12; Student Council 10, 12; Director of Class 9, 11, 12; Sup. President 10; Sup. Secretary 11; Gym Day 10; Beta Club 12; Ramscott Staff 12. SILVA FUERNISS Silva German Club 11, 12, Secretary 11, President 12; Stu- dent Council 12; Vice-President of Sup. 12. CAROLE JEANNE GIBSON Carole Student Council 12, Executive Council 12; Pep Club 10-12; Ram Club 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9, “B” Team Cheerleader 11, Varsity Cheerleader 12; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Powder Puff Football Game 10; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. LINDA ONIE LEE GOLDSBY Linda Orchestra 8; Art Club 11; Circulation Manager of Bonnie Blue Print 12. PATRICIA FAY GARRISON Pat Y-Teens 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Treasuter 12; Red Cross Representative 12; Sup. Volleyball 10, Basketball 11. BARBARA ANN GERMANY Barbara SYDENA MARGARET GRAY Sydena Future Homemakers of America 9, 10. NORMA JEAN GRAYBEAL Deanie Band 9-12: Band Club 9-12, Chaplain 12; Thespians 10-12; Music Club 9; Sr. Dramatics 10-12, Chaplain 11;- Garden Club 9; German Club 11, 12. LINDA DIANE GRIFFIN Diane In School Y-Teens 9; Sup. Softball 9, Basketball 10; Future Homemakers of America 10-12; Art Club 12. SARA ANNE GRIFFITH Ann Future Homemakers of America 8-12; Y-Teens 8, 9; Garden Club 8; Music Club 8; Sup. Volleyball 9, 10, Basketball 9; Gym Day 9; Jr.-Sr. Decoration Com- mittee 11]. EVELYN HALL Evelyn Sports Editor of Bonnie Blue Print; Girls’ Athletic Association 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 11; Music Club 8-10; Future Homemak- ers of Amreica 8, 9; Chorus 8-10; Sup. Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 8-12. CHARLOTTE SUE HALLMAN Sue Class Officer 9-12: President 9, 10, Treasurer 11, 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10, Vice-President 8, Parliamentarian 9, Historian 10; Student Council 9, 10; “B” Team Cheerleader 10; Jr. Dramatics 9; Pep Club 10; Allied Medical Careers Club 11; Red Cross 12, Chairman 12; Sup. Softball, Volleyball, Basketball 8-11, Capt. Basketball Champions 11. 166 SARA DIANNE GREENE Dianne Future Homemakers of America 8-11; Y-Teens 11; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Sup. Volley- ball 8. BARBARA JANE GRIFFIN Barbara Jane Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Y-Teens 11], 12; Dixie Darlings 9-12, Capt. 11, 12; Business Staff of Ramscott 12; Decoration Committee of Jr.-Sr. 11. PEGGY PATRICIA GUIN Peggy Music Club 9; Y-Teens 10, Program Chairman 10; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Spanish Club 11; Chorus 9, 10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Sup. Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, 8-10. DIANA LYNN HALL Diana Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Latin Club 9, 10; Y-Teens 12; Future Teachers of AmericAé 12; Business Manager of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Advertising, Circula- tion Staffs of Bonnie Blue Print; Sup. Softball, 11, Basketball, Volleyball, 8-11. CHERYL DIANNE HAMLIN Hamlin Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Recreation Chair- man 10; Band Club 8-1], Program Chairman, 11; Jr.- Sr. Decoration Committee 11; Sup. Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, 9-11; Powder Puff Football Game 10; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Art Club 8, 9; Y-Teens 12; Sr. Dra- matics 12; Red Cross Rep. 9, 10, Alternate 12. LYNDA FAYE HARDY Hardy Music Club 8, 9; Chorus 8, 9; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Spanish Club 10-12, Vice-President 11, President 12; Student Council 12; Activities Editor of Ramscott 12; Sup. Basketball, Softball, 8, 9, 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Library Assistant 11. BONNIE LYNN HORNE Bonnie Transferred from A. L. Miller Jr. 9; Science Club 8; Art Club 10-12; German Club 11, 12; Beta Club 11, 12. LINDA ELLEN HORNER Horner Latin Club 9, 10; Allied Medical Careers Club 11, Historian 11; Future Teachers of America 12; Sup. Volleyball Team 8. LINDA SUE HARRIS Harris Junior Varsity Cheerleader 9, Capt.; Varsity Cheerlead- er 10-12, Capt. 12; Ram Club 10-12, Secretary 12; Stu- dent Council 8, 10, 12, Secretary 12% Homecoming Court 11, 12; Bonnie Blue Print Columnist; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10, Offi- cer 8-10, Sweetheart Court 8, 9; Pep Club 10-12. MARY FRANCES HICKS Mary Frances Transferred from Westport High 12; Beta 10-12; Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Secretary 10, President 11; Spanish Club 9, 10; Latin Club 10, 11. TONI LOCLIN HUDSON Toni Future Homemakers of America 9, Sweetheart Court 9; Jr. Dramatics 9, Vice-President 9; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Vice- President 12; Class Director 10, 11; Vice-President of Senior Class; Ramscott Staff 12; Sup. Volleyball Cham- pionship 11, Capt.; Class Softball 8; Jr.-Sr. Publicity Chairman 11; Powder Puff Football Publicity Chair- man 10. THERESA ANNETTE HUGHES Terrye Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Art Club 11, 12; Decora- tion Committee of Jr.-Sr.; Quill and Scroll 12; Decora- tion Committee Jr. Hootenanny 11. SANDRA JEAN HYDER Sandy Y-Teens 11; Future Homemakers of America 12; Sup. Volleyball 10. BILLIE ANN IRVIN Irvin Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Photographer, Circulation Staff; Jr. Dramatics 9; Sr. Dramatics 10; Future Home- makers of America 8-11; Quill and Scroll 12; Y-Teens 11, 12, Sports Manager 12; Powder Puff Football Game 10. RUTH MAE JENKINS Ruth Sr. Dramatics Club 10-12; In-School Y-Teens 11; Fu- ture Homemakers of America 9, 10; Bonnie Blue Print Copy Editor 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12. ELIZABETH ANN JOHNSON Elizabeth Art Club 8, 9, 11, 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Sup. Softball 11. WANDA LYNN HULETT Wanda Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Y-Teens 9-1], Publicity Chairman 11; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Reporter 12. BRENDA KATHERINE HUNNICUTT Brenda Future Homemakers of America 8; Red Cross 9; Fu- ture Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Secretary 12; Sup. Basketball Champions 10; Music Club 10. CONNIE JACKSON Connie Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Honor Roll Chair- man 12. ROSE MARY JARRETT Rosie Future Homemakers of America 8, 10; Y-Teens After School 11, 12; Decorating Committee of Jr.-Sr. 11; Chorus 8, 9, 11, 12. LINDA ANN JOHNSON Linda Future Homemakers of America 8, 9, 11, 12; Y-Teens 9, 10; Red Cross 8, 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Jr.-Sr. Decorating Committee 11; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 8-11. NANCY ANN JOHNSON Nancy Sup. Volleyball 11. CAROLYN ELAINE JONES Carolyn 4-H Club 8, 9; Sup. Basketball 8, 9; Softball, Volley- ball 8, 9; Allied Medical Careers Club 11; Music Club 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Y-Teens 12; Ramscott Faculty Editor 12. SANDRA KAYE JONES Sandy Bonnie Blue Print Columnist 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Band 10-12, Squad Leader 12, Section Leader 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Band Club 10-12; Y-Teens 12. PAMELA MARIA JOHNSON Pam Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Treasurer 10, Vice-President 11, President 12, State Officer 12, Sweet- heart Court 8, 11; Bonnie Blue Print Staff, Tween- Teens Reporter 12, Advertising Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Red Cross 10; Tri-Hi-Y 9; Spanish Club 11; Student Council 12; Sup. Volleyball, Softball 8; Pep Club 10. SUSAN FRANCES JOHNSON Sue Fran Future Homemakers of America 9; Director, Senior Class, Sophomore Class; President of Junior Class; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; Ramscott Feature Editor; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. BRENDA LEE JORDAN Brenda Tri-Hi-Y 10; Y-Teens 10; Future Teachers of America 11; After-School Y-Teens 12, Treasurer 12; Sup. Vol- leyball, Softball 8, Basketball 9. TERESA BERNICE JOYCE Terry Transferred from Cathedral High, Portland, Maine, 11. Allied Medical Careers Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. JANET GAIL KULL Janet Band Club 9-12, Drum Major 11, 12, Sec.-Treasurer, Band 11; President Band Club 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff; Stutlent Council 10-12; Director of Class 9; Bonnie Gardeners 8; Jr. Dramatics 9; Future Home- makers of America 8-10; Sweetheart Court 9; Red Cross Representative 9-10. VIVIAN LEIGH LAND Vivian Four Years Perfect Attendance. JOY ANN LEONARD Joy French Club 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Orchestra 10. WANDA ANN LEWIS Won Photographer Ramscott 12; Director of Class 11, 12; Senior Dramatics 11, 12, President 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12; Projects Chair. of Executive Council of Student ‘Council 12; Red Cross Club Rep. 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Allied Medical Careers Club 10, 11; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9. NANCY LUCILE KAKALECIK Nancy Senior Y-Teens 11, 12, Parliamentarian 12; Future Homemakers of America 9, 10; Music Club 10; Tri- Hi-Y 12; Student Council 8. LINDA LEE KELLY Kelly Transferred 10; Photographer Ramscott 12; Latin Club 10, 11; German Club 11, 12; Pep Club, 11; Senior Dramatics 12; Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee; Y-Teens 11; Student Council Representative 10. MILDRED LEAPTROT Leaptrot Class Officer, President 8, 12, Vice-Pres. 10, 11, Sec- retary 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 8-12; Supervision Volleyball 8-11. SHARON LOUSIE LEE Sharon Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Supervision Bas- ketball 8, 9; Softball 8-10; Volleyball 8, 9; Softball Tournament 9. BETTY ELAINE LIVINGSTON Elaine Future Homemakers of America 10; Supervision Bas- ketball 9, 10; Library Club 12. FLORENCE MARIE LOPER Mickey Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Music and Rec- reation Chairman 11; Girls’ Athletic Association 10, 11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Annual Staff 12; Library Assistant 9-11; Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12; Supervision Basketball, 8-11; Pep Club 10; Red Cross 8. DIANNE MARTIN Dianne After School Y-Teens 9-11; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Garden Club 8; Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, 8-11; Dec- orating Committee for Jr.-Sr. 11; Red Cross Rep. 9, 10; Powder Puff Football Team 10. PATRICIA ANN MASON Pattie Red Cross 8; Science Club 9; Sr. Dramatics 11; Band Club 10, 11; Future Business Leaders of America 11. JANET ELAINE MADDEN Janet Make-up Editor of Bonnet Blue Print 12; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Y-Teens 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Li- brary Club 11-12, Historian 12; Spanish Club 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Sr. Dramatics 12; Supervision Volleyball and Basket- ball 8-10; Powder Puff Football Team 10. GWEN MANNING Gwen Future Homemakers of America 8; Spanish Club 12; Supervision Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, 8-12; Y- Teens 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12. GLORIA DIANE MAYE Diane Chorus 8-10; Art 8. JUDITH LYNN McBRYANT Judye Future Homemakers of America 11, 12; Art Club 8-10; Science Club 9; Decoration Committee for Jr. Hoot- enanny 11. SANDRA FRANCES MEEK Sandra Beta Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Student Council 12, Executive Council 12; German Club 11, 12, Vice-Presi- dent 12; Sr. Y-Teens 11; Sr. Dramatics Club 10; FHA 8-9; Bonnie Blue Print 12, ’Tween-Teens Re- porter; Quill and Scroll 12; Sup. Softball, Volleyball 9, 10; Office Monitor 12. LINDSEY MERCHANT Lin Art Club 8-12, President 11, Sec. 12; After School Y- Teens 10, 11, Vice-President 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 11; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Latin Club 9, 10; Sup. President 11; Quill and Scroll; Bonnie Blue Print, Art Editor, 12. GLENDA SUE MITCHELL Ste Beta Club 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Office Assistant 12. DONNA JANE MOLTON Jane Library Club 10-12, Program Chairman 11, Chairman of Spring Bazaar 11, 12; Y-Teens 10; Tri-Hi-Y 12. EARLINE VELMA McGEE Earline Chorus 8-12; Music Club 10-12; Art 9, 10. BRENDA LADONNA McPHAIL McPhail Transfer from A. L, Miller 11; Girls’ Athletic Associa- tion 12; Class Basketball, Volleyball 12; Gym . Day Team 12. PEGGY ANN MILLER Little Bit Y-Teens 11, 12; Chorus Club 9. VIRGINIA GAYLE MILSTEAD Gayle F.B.L.A. 11, 12; Red Cross Representative 11; Trans- ferred from Barton Academy Jr. High; Glee Club 9, 10; Art Club 9; German Club 10. JUDY DIANE MONTHIE Judy Majorette 9-12, Captain 12; FHA 8, 9; Jr. and Sr. Dramatics 9, 10; Red Cross Rep. 10; Make-up Editor on Bonnie Blue Print 12; Vice-President of French Club 12; All State Majorette 12; After School Y- Teens 10; Student Council 12. MYRA JOAN MULLIS Myra Transferred in ’61 from Dexter High School; FHA 8-11; 4-H 8; Y-Teens 11; Supervision Volleyball and Basketball 8-10. MERCEDES JORDAN NEVES Mere Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, President 12; Sr. Dramatics 10-12, Chaplain 11, Vice-President 12; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9, Treasurer 9; FHA 8-12, Music and Recreation Chair- man 11; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12, Columnist— “Highland Fling”; Business Staff Ramscott 12; Execu- tive Council of Student Council and Calendar 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Sup. Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball, 8-12. BONNIE FAYE OZBURN Bonnie FHA 8-9; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Spanish Club 11; FTA 11; Y-Teens 11; Ramscott Staff 12; Quill and Scroll 12. MADIE LURETTA NeSMITH Rita . 12; Supervision Softball and Volleyball 9-12; RACHAEL LOUISE NeSMITH Rachael Y-Teens 10-12, Sec. 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basket- ball, and, Softball 8-12; Gym Day Activities 8-12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Pep Club 12. CYNTHIA FAY PARRISH Cynthia FHA 8; Red Cross Representative 8, 9; Music Club 8, 9; Chorus 8-10; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball 8-10. DIANE MARY PATYKULA Diane Transferred from Mt. DeSales High 10; Future Teach- ers of America 11; Supervision Volleyball 10. PATRICIA LYNN PEAVY Peavy Student Council Typist 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Special Feature Editor for Bonnie Blue Print; Art Club 11-12; Decoration Committee Jr.-Sr. 11; Quill and Scroll 12; Designed Backdrop for Jr. Hootenanny 11. LINDA ELAINE PETTY Linda Y:Teens After School 11; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Pep Club 10; Beta Club 11, 12. JULIA CORETHIA PIERCE Corethia Chorus 8-12; Music Club 8, 9; Y-Teens 9-10, Treas- urer 9; Red Cross 9; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12. HUGH ANN POLIVICK Polivick Future Homemakers of America 8-12; Pep Club; Sup. Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball 9, 10; Powder Puff Football Team 10; Sr. Dramatics 12; Y-Teens 12; Gym Day 9, 10. SHEILA DARLENE PAYNE Sheila Future Homemakers of America 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Sr. Dramatics 11; Red Cross 11; Student Council 9, 10, 12; Class Treasurer 9, 10; Class Director 11; Vol- leyball Championship 11; Supervision Basketball 9-11. ROSEMARY DELORES PEARCE Rosemary Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Y-Teens 11; After-School 11, 12, Publicity Chairman 12; Art Club 11, 12; Advertising Staff of Bonnie Blue Print. MARGARET LARAMORE PHILLIPS Bitsy Student Council 11-12, President 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Sec. 12; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12; Assistant News Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Sup. Rep. 11; Foreign Film Club 11; Office Monitor 12; Sup. Softball, Volleyball and Bas- ketball 9-12. DONNA JEAN PICKLESIMER Pickle Student Council 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Future Home- makers of America 8; Bonnie Blue Print Reporter 12; Library Assistant 11, 12; Library Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 8, 9, Sec. 9; Quill and Scroll 12. DOROTHY ELAINE POWELL Dee Supervision Basketball, Volleyball and Softball 8-12. GLENDA RAYE POWELL Glenda Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Y-Teens 10. MARGARET GENIE RAINEY Genie Transferred from Dublin High School 11; Future Home- makers of America 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Spanish Club 11; Girls’’Athletic Association 12. LINDA SUE REED Sue Music Club 8-11; Latin Club 9, 10; Y-Teens 9; Future Homemakers of America 8; Allied Medical Careers Club 10-12, Treasurer 11, President 12; Student Coun- cil 12. BETTY JEAN PROCTOR Betty Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12. PATRICIA LEE PRUNTY Patty Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball 10, 11; Chorus 9. SUE ANN REVILLS Sue Transferred from Waycross 12; Future Homemakers of America 9, 10, Parliamentarian 10; Pep Club 11; Library Club 11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Y-Teens 12. JOANNE RIDDLEMOSER Joanne Future Homemakers of America 8; Garden Club 9; In School Y-Teens 10; Library Assistant 11, 12; Li- brary Club Secretary 11, Reporter 12; State Sec. of Library Clubs 12. MARTHA JEAN ROBERSON Jean Decoration Committee of Jr. Hootenanny 11; Future Homemakers of America 9. MARY JANICE RYAN Janice Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Gymnastics Club 10; F.B.L.A. -12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball, Bas- ketball, 9-11. VERNA PATRICIA SCHULTZ Patsy F.B.L.A. 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball 8-12; Softball 8-10. MARGARET JO SCOTT Margaret Orchestra 8-11; After-School-Y-Teens 10; Sr. Y-Teens 12; Office Monitor 12. PHYLLIS ANN RIDLEY Phyl Feature Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Office Monitor 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, Softball 10-12; Quill and Scroll 12. LINDA EVELYN RIGGS Linda Future Homemakers of America 8-9; Music Club 9; Pep Club 10; Sup. Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, 11, 12; Ramscott Organizations Editor 12; Executive Coun- cil, Student Council 12; Quill and Scroll; Sponsor for White Team, Spring Football Game 11; Powder Puff Football 10. LINDA JOY SANNER Sanner Transferred from Miller 11; Senior-In-School-Y-Teens 12, Publicity, Chairman 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff; Key Club Sponsor; Jr. Hootenanny 11; Quill and Scroll 12; French Club 12; Supervision Basketball, Volleyball, 11; Future Homemakers of America 10. LINDA CAROL SAVAGE Linda Future Homemakers of America 9; Pep Club 10-12; Y-Teens 12; Exchange Manager of Bonnie Blue Print, Circulation Staff. MAVIS JEAN SCOTT Mavis Future Homemakers of America 8, 12; Band 8-11; Supervision Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, 10-12; Y- Teens 10-11; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12. PATRICIA MARIE SELF Pattye Jr. Hootenanny Decoration Committee 11; Art Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Y-Teens 11; Bonnie Blue Print Staff 12; Classie Lassie; Jr. Dramatics 10. JEAN SHOUSE Shouse Future Homemakers of America 8-10; After School Y-Teens 10-12; Jr.-Sr. Dance Decoration Committee 11; Business Staff of Ramscott; Art Club 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Supervision Basketball 8, 9. MIRIAM CAROLYN SHURLING Carolyn Beta Club 11, 12; Eleventh Grade Class Editor of Ramscott 12; Chorus 8-12; Music Club 10-12, Vice- President 11; Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee 11; Span- ish Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12. SANDRA JOYE SELLARS Sandra Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Y-Teens 9; Future Business Leaders of America 11; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12. LORETTA KAY SELLERS Sellers Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 8, 9; Future Teachers of America 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, Program Chairman 11; Student Council 10, 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 12; Class Officers: Director 9, Secretary 10-12; Editor-in- Chief of 1965 Ramscott; Powder Puff Football Game 10; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, 8-12. PHYLLIS DARLENE SIRMANS Darlene Art Club 8-11; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Decoration Committee of Jr.-Sr. 11; Supervision Softball 10. NANCY LEIGH SMEDLEY Nancy Transferred from Miller; Dramatics 9; Band 9; Red Cross 10; Pep Club 9-10; Sup. Basketball, Volleyball and Softball 8-11. JUDY ANN SMITH Judy Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Court for Sweet- heart 9; Supervision Volleyball, and Softball 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Red Cross Representative 9, 10; Art Club 11, 12. LINDA LOUISE SPANN Linda Class Director 8; Tri-Hi-Y 9; Dixie Darlings 10-12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Decoration Com- mittee for Jr.-Sr. 11; Spanish Club, Treasurer 12; Pep Club 12; Superlatives Editor of Ramscott 12; Sweetheart Court 9. JUDY GAIL SPRINKLE Sprinkle Future Homemakers of America 8; Art Club 10-12, Secretary 11, Vice-President 12; Sr. Dramatics 11; Y-Teens 12; Art Editor Ramscott 12; Quill and Scroll 12. LORETTA STANFIELD Loretta Transferred 9 from Dudley Hughes; Supervision Soft- ball 10; Basketball 9, 10; Volleyball 9, 10. BRENDA ANNE SMITH Smith Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Music Recreation Chairman 9, Sec. 10, President 11, Sec. 12; Girls Ath- letic Association 10, 11, Vice-President 11; Student Council 10-12; Tri-Hi-Y 11; Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Blue Print 12; Class Officer—Treasurer 8, Vice-Presi- dent 9, Director 10, 11; Sr. Dramatics 11; Beta Club 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Class Softball 8-11. CASSANDRA DALE SMITH Candy Bonnie Gardener 8; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Sr. Dramatics 11; Y-Teens 11; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Pep Club 11. JANICE ELAINE SPILLERS Elaine Future Homemakers of Amer ica 10, 12; Garden Club 8; Pep Club 10; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 9; Business Staff of Ramscott 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Sup. Softball, Vol- leyball 9-12, PATSY DIANNE SPIRES Spires Bonnie Gardeners 8; Y-Teens 9; Future Homemakers of America 8-12, Music and Rec. Chairman 10, Treasur- er 11, Vice-President 12, Sweetheart Queen 11; Super- vision Representative 11; Supervision Volleyball, Soft- ball, and Basketball 8-12; Quill and Scroll 12; Ramscott Typist 12. BARBARA ANN SUDDETH Barbara Band Club 8-10; Art Club 8, 9; Library Science 11. DELORES ANN SUTTON Delores Transferred from Miller in 1962; 4-H Club 8; Science Club 10. JOANNE TAMPLIN Joanne Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Jr. Dramatics 9; Sr. Dramatics 10; Band Club 8-12; Spanish Club 12; Class Editor of Ramscott 12. CHARLOTTE ALICE TAYLOR Taylor Transferred from Miller Sr., 11; Sports Editor of Ramscott 12; Girls’ Athletic Association 11, 12, Presi- dent 12; Student Council 12; Supervision President 12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball and Basketball 8-11; Gym Day Softball 11, 12; Vice-President of Inter-City Student Council 12. JUDY ALICE SWANN Judy Future Homemakers of America 8-10, Sweetheart Court 8, 9; Latin Club 9; Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca 12; Spanish Club 12, Program Chairman; Dixie Darlings 10-12; Pep Club 12; Southern Accents 10-12. WILLIE FAYE SWEAT Faye Chorus 8-12; Music Club 8-11; Library Club 10-12, Historian 11, Parliamentarian 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Reporter for Bonnie Blue Print 12; Spanish Club 11. JUDY ANN THAMES Ann Chorus Club 8; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Pep Club 10; French Club 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 10-12, Chaplain 12. MELISSA LANEZ THOMAS Melissa Organization Editor of Ramscott 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Sergeant-at-Arms 12; Sr. Dramatics 10-12; Ramscott Business Staff 12; Latin Club 9-11, Vice-President 11; Thespians 10-12; German Club 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Music Club 8-10. SANDRA LEJEAN TILLMAN Hoby After School Y-Teens, Treasurer 11, Secretary 12; Bonnie Blue Print Page Editor 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Art Club 12. DELINDA IRENE TOMBERLIN Delinda Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 9-12, Vice-President 11, Executive Committee 12; Futuret Teachers of America 9-12, Vice-President 10, President 11, 12; Class Director 9, 10, 12; Page Editor Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Music Club 9, 10, Chorus 8, 9, 11. WANDA SUE VICKERS Wanda Y-Teens 10; Allied Medical Careers Club 10; Art Club 11, 12. DARRYL ANN VILLWOCK Darryl Transferred from Oklahoma 11; Art Club 12; Red Cross 12; Science Club 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball 11, 12; Dramatics Club 9, 10; Girls Sports Editor of Classen, Life. GLORIA LYNN THOMPSON Thompson Bonnie Blue Print 12, “Bagpipe Notes” 12; Ramscoit Business Staff 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Scribe 12; Red Cross 10, 12, Secretary 12; Jr. Dramatics 9, President 9; Quill and Scroll 12; Jr. Hootenanny 11; Y-Teens 10, 12; Sr. Dramatics 10, 12; Pep Club 10. PEGGY ANN THOMPSON Peggy Feature Editor on Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Chorus 8, 9, 11; Y-Teens 11, 12; Future Homemakers of America 8-10; Library Assistant 11, 12; Sr. Dramatics 10; Office Monitor 12. » AE LINDA EARL VAUGHN Linda Latin Club 9, 10; Pep Club 10, 11; Future Teachers of America 11, 12; Library Assistant 11; Sr. Class Editor of Ramscott 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Pres. 12; Student Council 12; Officer Monitor 12. LINDA VONCIEL VENABLE Vee Feature Editor of Bonnie Blue Print 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Future Teachers of America 8, 9, 11, 12; In-School Y-Teens 11, 12; Future Homemakers of America; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Sr. Dramatics 12; Beta Club 12. SUE ELLEN VOELLINGER Sue Tri-Hi-Y 12; Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Variety Show 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Powder Puff Foot- ball Team 10; Pep Club 9. PATRICIA ANN WALLER Patsy Transferred from Albany High School; Dramatics 8; Future Homemakers of America 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Supervision Volleyball, Basketball 12. CAROLYN LAVERNE WILLIAMS Carolyn Future Homemakers of America 8-12; Girls’ Athletic Association 10-12; After-School Y-Teens 12; Sr. Y- Teens 12; Sup. Volleyball, Basketball 8-12. JACQUELYN ELAINE WILLIAMS Jackie Circulation Staff, Bonnie Blue Print 12; Red Cross 8; Y-Teens 10; Supervision Basketball, Volleyball 10; Softball 11. BONNIE DELL WARD Bonnie Y-Teens 11, 12, Projects Chairman 12; Sr. Dramatics 10-12; Art Club 9; Tri-Hi-Y 12. KITTY SUZANNE WEST Suzanne Future Homemakers of America 8, 9; Jr. Dramatics 9; Sr. Dramatics 10, 11; Pep Club 10-12, Secretary 12; Student Council 10; Manager of Ramscott 12; Red Cross Representative 11; Sup. Volleyball, Basket- ball, Softball 10-12; Beta Club 11-12. JOANN WILSON Jo Ann Transferred from Holt High School 10; Sr. Dramatics 11, 12; Music Club 11; Pep Club 11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Powder Puff Football Team 10. ELIZABETH PATSIE WINSLETTLE Patsie Y-Teens 9, 10, Vice-President 9; Music Club 8, 9; Future Teachers of America 11, 12; Chorus 12; Future Homemakers of America 8; Spanish Club 11, 12. GLORIA MAE WITHERINGTON Gloria Beta Club 11, 12. LINDA ESTELLE WRIGHT Linda Future Homemakers of America 10-12; Y-Teens 12; Pep Club 10; Quill and Scroll 12; Bonnie Blue Print 4 Staff, “Hopscotch” 12. » zah JUDITH ANN WRYE Ann Red Cross 12; Supervision Volleyball, Softball 8-10. CHRISTINE JEWELL YATES Christine Latin Club 8-10; Allied Medical Careers Club 11, 12; Y-Teens 11; Beta Club 11, 12. SUSAN KAY MEADOWS Susan Pep Club 12; Transferred from Jenkins High School, Savannah, Georgia, 12. President Leaptrot reminds Seniors about the big Christmas surprise! WILLIAM CARY ADAMS Cary Junior Beta Club 9, Vice-President 9; Industrial Arts 8-11, Secretary 9-11; Student Council 9, 11; French Club 11; Rampage Staff 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Beta Club 12; Math Club 12; All “A” Average 8-11. JAMES WALTER ALLEN Jimmy Spanish Club 11; Baseball 9. ROBERT ALTON ASHE Alton Company Football 8; Health Club 11; Weightlifting; Junior Beta Club 9. ROBERT LINN AUTRY Buddy Baseball 9; Basketball 9; Audio-Visual 9, 10; Sup- ervision Basketball 8-12; P.E. Football 8-10; Track 10; Safe-Teen 12. WILFRED LOUIS ANDERSON Will Science Club 12; Band 12; Chess Club 12. THOMAS ARROWOOD Tom Spanish Club 11, 12; Red Cross 9; Ramscott Sales Staff 12; Audio-Visual 9; 4-H 8, 9. JAMES PATRICK AYERS Jimmy WILLIE BAKER Willie Supervision Basketball 10; Supervision Football 12. PAUL RAYMOND BATEMAN Raymond Ram Club 10-12; Audio-Visual 10-12; Varsity Football Letterman 10-12; Student Council 9, 11, 12. RONALD HUFF BATEMAN Ronnie Red Cross 8, President 11; Student Council 9, 11; Football 8; B-Team Football 9, 10; Track Team 8, 9; “A” Average 8; Assistant P.E. Captain 12. JULIAM EUGENE BEASLEY Gene Gymnastics 10-12. GEORGE MARSHALL BEASLEY Marshall Student Council Treasurer, 12; Key Club 11, 12, President 12; Rampage Staff Circulation Manager 11, Managing Editor 12; Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca, Reporter 11, Parliamentarian 12; Audio-Visual, Treasurer 10, 11; Varsity Baseball 10; Basketball 8-10; Football 8; Convention Chairman of District Key Club Convention 12; Track 9. DONALD RAY BARRON Donnie Beta Club 9; French Club 12. MICHAEL JOE BASSETT Rembert Supervision Basketball, Softball, Football 9-12; French Club 11; 4H Club 11, 12; Red Cross 10; Safe-Teen 1], 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; In- dustrial Arts 8-10. HENRY GUY BAXTER Football Manager 8, 9, Varsity 10-12; Basketball Man- ager 8, 9, Varsity 11; Track Manager, Varsity 9-11; Junior Beta 9; Spanish Club Treasurer 11; Advertising Layout Editor Ramscott 12. JAMES LAMAR BEAN Muscles Football 8; Wrestling Team 11, 12; Supervision Foot- ball 10-12; Supervision Basketball 11-12; Company Leader; Red Cross 9. JOSEPH MARTIN BELL Joe THOMAS ALLEN BEMBRY Thomas French Club 11; Physical Fitness Trophy 11. GLENN BLAIR Glenn Band 9-12. CHARLES MICHAEL BLIZZARD Mike ’Tween Teens Reporter 9; President Junior Beta 9; Third Place in State Optimist Oratorical Contest 10; Willingham’s Winner, Voice of Democracy 11; Class Secretary 11; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; Organization Editor Ramscott 11, 12; Reporter Wil- lingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; President Student Coun- cil 12. DOUGLAS LEE BENTON Haystack Office Assistant 10; Football 8: Perfect Attendance 10; P.E. Captain 12. DAVID BLAIR David Beta Club 10-12; Math Club 11; Pep Club President 12; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; B-Team Basketball 10; Junior Beta Club 9; Student Council 12; Ramscott Staff 12; Future Business Leaders of America 10. LARRY AUBREY BOATRIGHT Boaty All-Star Football 9; Supervision Basketball 8-12; Base- ball 9; DECA 12; Health Club 11; Supervision Foot- ball 12; Red Cross 9. RONNIE BRADSHAW Ronnie BRYAN GREEN BROTHERTON Buck CLOIS WAYNE BROWN Claudie Basketball 8-10; Student Council 11, 12, Vice-President 11; Managing Editor Rampage 12; Copy Editor Ram- scott 12; Beta Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Vice-President Sub-Freshman Class; Football 8-12, Varsity 11, 12; Track 8-12, Varsity 10-12. = HAROLD EUGENE BRYAN Harold Student Council 8; Supervision Basketball 10, 11; Supervision Football 12; Spanish Club 12. MALCOLM FELIX BRYANT Macky Varsity Football 11, 12; Track 8, 9; Basketball 9, 10; Ram Club 11, 12; Student Council 8, 9, 10; Future Business Leaders of America 12; French Club 11; Supervision Basketball 11, 12. DONALD BRANAN Donald Varsity Football Manager 11, 12; Varsity Basketball Manager 11; Varsity Track Manager 9-11. CHARLES ARLTON BRAY Charles Supervision Football 8, 9, 12, Basketball 8-10; Physical Ed. Football 8; Student Council 12; 4-H. 8-12; Safe- Teen 12. DENNIS MORGAN BROWN Dennis Student Council 9; Distributive Education 11, 12; Industrial Arts 9, 10. AL BROWN Bobcat Varsity Wrestling 10-12; Football 8; Baseball 9; Pep Club 12; Safe-Teens 12. JAMES LARRY BURDETT Larry Student Council 9; Supervision Basketball 10; B-Team Football 10; Safe-Teen 11, 12. JACK SOLOMON BUSBEE Supervision Basketball 9; Supervision Football 12. HARRY DAVID CAIN Harry 4-H Club 8; Industrial Arts Club 9, 10; Senior Dra- matics Club 11, 12, President 12; Varsity Track 10; Cross Country Team 10; Student Council 12; Ramscott Sales Staff 11; Pep Club 12; Supervision Football 12. PAUL LEWIS CALDWELL Paul F-H Club 9-12; Future Business Leaders of America 10, 11; DECA 12; Science Club 10; Safe-Teen 12. WILLIAM BUTLER Billy Wrestling Team. HENRY BUTTS Henry Spanish Club 11, 12. THOMAS EDWARD CANNON Mr. Ed Company Football 8-12; Supervision Basketball 9-12; Field Day 8-11. LESLIE ROGER CARR Roger Radio Club 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca 1], 12; Band 9-12; Supervision Basketball 8; Sec- retary of Future Business Leaders of America 12. ORRIN HALL CARSTARPHEN, III Orrin Junior Beta Club 9; Beta Club 11, 12; All “A” Average 8, 10; Representative from Willingham to Georgia Society of Professional Engineers; Physical Fitness Award 11. WILTON MARVIN CAULEY Marvin Vice-President DECA 11, President 12. EMORY KEITH CAUSEY Kip Industrial Arts 8, 9; Supervision Football, Softball, Basketball 9-12; French Club 11; Varsity Golf 9-12. CHARLES CLAYTON CHANDLER Charles Swimming Team 1], 12. ROY D. COLEMAN, JR. Donnie Junior Beta 9; Beta Club .1]1, 12; Math Club 12; Wrestling Team 12. MICHAEL EUGENE COLLINS Baldy Key Club 10-12; Supervision Basketball 9-12; Student Council 9; 4-H Club 9-11; Supervision Football 12; Baseball 9; P.E. Commander 10, 12. RONALD LEE COLLINS Ronnie Red Cross 11, 12; French Club 11, 12, Treasurer 11, Secretary 12; Assistant Feature Editor Ramscott Staff 12. THOMAS ANDREW COOK Tommy Radio Club 8-12, Sec.-Treasurer 9, President 10, 12; Key Club 10; Band 9-12; Concert Band 11, 12; “A” Average 10; Rampage 11, 12, Feature Editor 12. ALBERT GEORGE COPP, JR. Badman DECA Club 12; Safe-Teens 10-12, President 12; Sup- ervision Football 8-12; Supervision Basketball 8-11; Sr. Dramatics Club 11; Football 8, 9; P.E. Captain 11; Baseball 9; Student Council 12; Supervision Soft- ball 8-11. JOSEPH CURTIS COULTER, JR. Joe Ramscott Feature Editor 12; Senior High Red Cross 12, Secretary 12; Cross Country Track 9; Dramatics Club 12; Baseball 8; Pep Club 12; Key Club 10; Student Council 10; Spanish Club 11, 12, Secretary 11, 12; Jr.-Sr. Dance Committee 11. DONALD ALAN DAVIS Alan Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Art Editor 11, 12; Dramatics Club 12. FRED SCOTT DICKSON W. R. Supervision Basketball, Football 9-12; Industrial Arts 10, 11, President 11; Supervision Softball 10; Red Cross 9; Junior Class Representative 11; DECA 12; Supervision President 8. RICHARD LEE CROCHET Ricky Junior Beta 9, Secretary 9; Red Cross 10, 11; French Club 11; Sports Editor of Rampage 12. REX JOSEPH DAGLEY Rex 4-H 8-12; DECA 11; Concert Band 12. DANNY DIGBY Danny Beta Club 11; Key Club 12; Student Council 12; Classes Editor Ramscott 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, President 12; Pep Club 12. RICHARD DORMAN Ricky Student Council 8; Red Cross 8; Junior Cabinet 11. DENNIS ROY DOVE Dennis Beta Club 11, 12. RICKEY DRUMMOND Rick Beta Club 11; Future. Business Leaders of America 10-12. G S » | HORACE SANDERS DuBOSE Horace Secretary of DECA; DECA 11], 12; Industrial Arts Club. TOMMY DuBOSE H. 5B. DECA 12. PHILLIP KENT DUNN Phillip French Club 12, President 12; Activities Editor Rams- cott 11, 12; Student Council 12; Literary Club 12. RICHARD ALTON ECHOLS Richard DECA 12. JOHN PAUL EDWARDS Paul Vice-President of Art Club 9; DECA 1], 12. WADE EMORY ELLIOTT Wade 4-H 8-12; Cadet Band 8, 9; Conert Band 10-12; Radi Club 12. onert Band 10-12; Radio DAVID EMORY ELLIS David Senior Cabinet Representative 12; Red Cross 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; Industrial Arts Club 9; Baseball 9; Varsity Baseball 10-12; Band -9-12; Dance Band 11, 12; Ramscott Sales Staff 11, 12; Perfect Attendance ; 8-12, wf. = TOMMY EDWARD ENGLISH Tommy Industrial Arts 9, 10, 12; Student Council 9; Audio- Visual 8-12, Secretary 10. HAROLD PAUL ETHERIDGE Harold Spanish Club 11, 12. DOUGLAS EUBANK Douglas Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Ram Club 10; Science Club 10; Library Club 10; Safe-Teen 11; Ramscott Assistant Business Manager 11, 12. ROBERT LARRY EVANS Larry Varsity Football 8-12; Track 8-10; Wrestling 10; French Club 11; Pep Club 12. MICHAEL F. FIELDS Mike Ram Club 10-12; Varsity Track 9-12; Varsity Basket- ball 10-12; French Club 11; Varsity Golf 10-12; Jun- ior and Senior Class Cabinet; Football 10. RAYMOND MOORE FIVEASH, JR. Raymond Band 9-12, Drum Major 12, Section Leader 12; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12, Vice-Presi dent 12; “A” Average 8; Perfect Attendance 11; Ramscott Business Staff 12. ROBERT FULTON FLOYD, JR. Bobby Football, Basketball, Baseball 8, 9; B-Team Football, Basketball 10; Key Club 10-12; Varsity Football 11, 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Treasurer Key Club 12. ROBERT ST. CLAIR FREDRICK Bobby Varsity Baseball 10-12, Junior 8, 9; Varsity Basketball 10, 11, Junior 8, 9; Ram Club 11; French Club 11, 12; Secretary Senior Class; Ramscott Business Staff; Stu- dent Council 8; P.E. Company Commander 12; Track 8, 9. CHARLES WAYNE GILLIS Wayne Spanish Club 11; Future Business Leaders of America 12, ROBERT HAROLD GRIGGERS Moto 4-H 8-10; Safe-Teen 12; Varsity Wrestling 10-12; Pep Club 12. GLEN WILLIAM GRISHAM Glen Red Cross 8-10; DECA 11, 12. DONALD KEITH FLOYD Donald JAMES EARL FRANKLIN Jim Library Club; Science Club; Band; Student Council 9. FRED ALVA GODFREY Freddie Junior Beta Club 9; French Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Cup for “A” average 8-10. JOSEPH DONALD GREEN Joe 4-H 8, 9. GREG STANLEY GUNTER Stan Beta 11, 12; Junior Beta 9; Ramscott 12; French Club 12; Golf Team 9; Honor Roll 8, 9; “A” Aver- age 10. ROBERT JULIAN HAGGARD Bobby Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11. MICHAEL DALMAIN HARPER Mike Science Club; Supervision Basketball 9, 10; Future Business Leaders of America 11. TIMOTHY LYNN HARWELL Lynn Football 10, WILLIAM RUSSELL HALL Russell Audio-Visual’ 9-12; Supervision Basketball 8-12; Sup- ervision Football 10, 11; Pep Club 12. RAY FRED HAMLIN Ray Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Basketball 8-11; Safe-Teen 11, 12, Secretary 12; Sup- ervision Football 8-11; Pep Club 12; P.E. Football 9. CHARLES EDWARD HAUN Charles Math Club 11, 12, Secretary 12; Varsity Tennis 9-12; Basketball 8-10; Industrial Arts 8-10; Junior High Beta 9; Ramscott Business Staff 12; Circulation Man- ager of Rampage 12; Key Club 12. WILLIAM GREGORY HELMUTH Greg Red Cross 9-12, Second Secretary 12; Parliamentarian French Club 11; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Basketball 8-12; Key Club; Varsity Wrestling 10; Varsity Swimming 10-12; Varsity Foot- ball 11, 12. HENRY LEADFORD HILL Leadford 4-H 8-11; Industrial Arts 8. JOHN BUFORD HINESLEY Johnny Track 9, 10; Cross Country 10; Red Cross 10; Science Club 9; Safe-Teen 11. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOLLINGSWORTH, JR. Frankie Junior Beta Club 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 12. RAYMOND FRANK HORNE Ray Red Cross 9; Industrial Arts Club 8, 9; DECA 11, 12. TOMMY GLENN HENDRICK Tommy Junior Beta Club 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Rampage Staff 12. JAMES ROBERT HIGHTOWER Jimmy Junior Beta 9; Industrial Arts 8-10, Treasurer 9, 10; Class Treasurer 8; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Layout Editor Ramscott 12; Willing- ham “Pride of Dixie Band” 9-12; Southern Accent Band 10-12; Band Captain 12. ROGER ATHEL HOBBS, JR. Roger Football 8-10; Basketball 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Track 8, 9; 4-H 10-12; Safe-Teen 11, 12; Rampage Staff 11, 12. JOHNNY ROLAND HOLLAND Big John Gymnastic Team; Pep Club; Supervision Basketball, Football 9-12; P.E. Captain Company E. DONALD THOMAS HOWARD Donald DECA 12. ROGER MARTIN HUDSON Vice-President of Junior Beta 9; Industrial Arts 8, 9; Library Club 11, 12, Parliamentarian 11, President 12; Ramscott Business Staff 12; Honor Roll 8. JOHNNY ALLISON HULETT Johnny Red Cross 8, 9; Safe-Teen 11, 12; Audio-Visual 9. DANIEL KENNETH HUNT Kenneth Red Cross 8; Junior High Beta Club 9; Beta Club 10, 11; Math Club 11; Future Business Leaders of America 12, President 12; Student Council 12; Busi- ness Manager of Ramscott 12. STEVE FRANK HUDSON Steve Future Farmers of America 9, 10; DECA 11. RAYMOND WALTER HUFF Ray Industrial Arts; Football 8-10, Varsity 12; Student Council 8, 9, Vice-President 9; Red Cross 9-12; 4-H Club 8-12, President 8-10, Vice-President 12; Track 8, 9; B-Team Basketball Manager 9; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Supervision Basketball Champs 10. TERRY KENT JACKSON Terry Key Club 10-12; Ram Club 11, 12; B-Team Football 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; Junior Beta 9; “A” Average 9. JACKIE EDWIN JOHNSON Jackie Band 9-12. KENNETH EDWARD JONES Kenneth Junior Beta Club 9; French Club 11; Future Business of America 12; Industrial Arts 8-10; Tennis ROY JEWEL JONES Roy Supervision Basketball 9-12; Supervision Football 12; Varsity Gymnastic Team 10; Varsity Tennis 11, 12. WILLIAM DAVID KENNEDY David Math Club 12; Football 12; Transfer 11. BARNEY LAMAR KINARD III Barney Red Cross 8-12; Secretary 9-11, President 12; Junior Beta Club 9; French Club 11; Future Business Leaders of America 10-12, Parliamentarian 11, Reporter 12; Student Council 12; Supervision Basketball 8-12; Track 8-12, Varsity Letterman 10-12; Junior Class Treasurer; Winter Carnival Contestant 11; Football 8-12, Varsity Letterman 11, 12. STEPHEN NEAL JOHNSON Steve Red Cross 8, 9, Vice-President 9; Junior Beta 9; Treasurer Sophomore Class 10; French Club 10, 11, Secretary 10, Vice-President 11; Key Club 10-12, Secretary 11, Lt. Governor 12; President Junior Class; President Senior Class; Student Council 11, 12; Ramscott Staff, Assistant Sports Editor 11; Track 11, 12; Inter-City Student Council President 12. STEPHEN WAYNE JOHNSON Wayne Varsity Foqtball 10-12; Wrestling 11, 12; Ram Club 11, 12, President; Math Club; Key Club; Student Council; Vice-President Junior Class; Treasurer Senior Class; Junior Beta Club 9. WORLEY LEE KELLUM Worley DANNY PHILLIP KENNEDY Danny Industrial Arts Club 9; Junior Beta 9; Math Club 11, 12, President 12; French Club 10; Ramscott Business Staff 11; Rampage Staff 12; Willingham-McEvoy Note- book 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; Inter- City Student Council 12. PRENTICE LEO KNIGHT III Prentice Varsity Football 10-12; Varsity Basketball 11; Varsity Track 11; Beta Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Ram Club 10-12, Treasurer 12; Rampage Staff 12; Vice-President Sophomore Class. DONALD CRANE LANCE Donald B-Team Football 9, 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; Ram Club 12; Safe-Teen 10, 11; Industrial Arts Club 9; Varsity Wrestling 10--12; Supervision Basketball 8-12. GARY EUGENE LAWSON Gary Radio Club 9-12, President 11, Secretary-freasurer 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 11; Audio-Visual Projection and Maintenance Technician 12; “A” Aver- age 9, 10;.Honor Roll 11; Commended Student Nation- al Merit. CHARLES MARTIN LEVERETT Marty Basketball 8; Stunt Night 8; Supervision Basketball 9-12; Junior Class Cabinet; Future Business Leaders of America 12; 4-H 12; Supervision Football 12. RONALD CARROLL LANCE Ronald Wrestling 10; DECA 11, 12. RONNIE ALLEN LAMBERT Ronnie Supervision Basketball 9-12; Supervision Football; In- dustrial Arts Club 9; Band 9-12; Dance Band 10-12. DOVARD LESTER LORD, JR. Lester Beta Club 11, 12. COLEMAN B. LOVEJOY, JR. Coleman JIMMY MAINOR Uncle Jim Rampage Art Editor; Student Council 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Red Cross 12; Sup- ervisor Football 12; Pep Club 12; 4H Club 12; Transfer 1964. CULLIE EUGENE MANN Cullie TIMOTHY EUGENE MILEY Tim Track 8-11. LEON EDWARD MILLER, JR. Ed Marching Band 9-12; Concert Band 9-12; “Southern Accents” Dance Band 11, 12; Physical Science Club 10; Spanish Club 10; Sr. Dramatics 11; Safe-Teen 11. MICHAEL L, LUZIER Mike Football 8-12, Varsity 11, 12; Track 8-12, Varsity 10-12; Baseball 8-12, Varsity 10-12; Wrestling Varsity 10-12; Swimming Team 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Ram Club 9-12. RICHARD THOMAS MADDOX Dickie Editor-In-Chief Rampage 12; Vice-President Beta Club 12, Beta Club 11, 12; Varsity Letterman in Football, 12; Baseball 11, 12; Basketball 12; Tennis 11, 12; Junior High Football 8, 9, Baseball 9, Basketball 8, 9, Track 8; Student Council 8, 9, 12; Ram Club 11, 12; Best Dressed Student 11; Jr. Beta Club 9. THOMAS HENRY MASON Tommy Beta Club 11, 12, President 12; Key Club 10; Student Council 8, 9, 11, 12, President Junior High 9, Secretary 11; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Assistant Sports Editor Rampage 12; Junior Beta Club 9; Varsity Foot- ball 11, 12; Varsity Track 11, 12; Inter-City Student Council 8, 9; Math Club 11, 12, Vice-President 11, 12. HERBERT ERNEST MEADOWS Ernie Band; Pep Club. CHARLES MARTIN MILLER Marty Supervision Basketball 9, 10; Supervision Football 12; Radio Club 12. CHARLES EUGENE MILLS Rocky P.E. Captain 11, 12, Best Company 12; Southeastern Regional Physical Fitness Clinic in Atlanta 12; Safe- Teen 11, 12; Varsity Baseball 12; Football 10, 11. Aim CURTIS FRANK MORRIS Curt FRANK LEE MORROCCO Frank French Club 11. KENNETH ROGER MOORE Ken Senior High Red Cross 11, 12; French Club 11, 12. CHARLES TERRELL MOORE Terry Ramscott Staff 11, 12, Editor-In-Chief 12; Beta Club ll, 12; Key Club 10; Willingham-McEvoy Notebook 12; Math Club 11, 12; Wrestling Manager 11, 12; Jun- ior Beta Club 9; Pep Club 12; Student Council 12; National Merit Finalist. HOMER DARRELL MOYE Darrell Baseball 9; French Club 11. THOMAS RANDALL MURCHISON Randy Transferred 11; Future Business Leaders of America 11, 12; B-Team Baseball 11, Varsity Baseball 12; Supervision Football 12; Supervision Basketball 12. TIMOTHY MURRELL Tim French Club 12; Chess Club 11, 12. CHARLES FRED NEWBERRY JR. Fred 4-H Club 8-12, Secretary 9, Reporter 11, President 12; Jr. Beta Club 9, Secretary; French Club 11; Ramscott Staff Superlatives Editor 12; “A” Average 8-12; Sr. Beta Club 11], 12; Library Club 8, 9, Reporter 9; Student Council 11, 12. MICHAEL FREDERICK PARMELEE Mike Marching and Concert Band 9-12; Dance Band 9-12; “Southern Accents” 9-12; Spanish Club 11, President 11; Red Cross 11. DOUGLAS MARSHALL PATTERSON Dug Key Club 10-12; Jr. Beta Club 9; Student Council 12; Track 9, 10; Jr. Class Cabinet 11. GROZE MURPHY JR. Chipper Student Council 8, 9, Vice-President 8; Secretary 9; Inter-city Student Council 8, 9, Treasurer 9; Ram Club 11, 12; Cabinet Member 11, 12; Football 8; B-Team Football 9, 10; Varsity Football 11, 12. ROBERT STEPHEN MURPHY Bobby RUDOLPH ANTHONY PAEZ Tony DECA 12; Radio 12. JULIAN THOMAS PARKER, JR. Tommy RONALD E. PAYTON Punch-Line Sup. Football, Basketball, Softball 12; Safe-Teen 12; Transferred from Lanier 12. JERRY HELMLY PEAVY Jerry Stunt Night 8; Key Club 10; Beta Club 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; “A” Average 9, 10. JOHN LAWRENCE POWELL Larry Student Council 8, 9; Beta Club 11, 12; Future Busi- ness Leaders of America 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Ramscott Faculty Editor 12. RODNEY ISAM PRIDGEON Rodney Library Club 9, 10; Red Cross 9-11, Vice-President 11; Science Club 12, Vice-President 12; Key Club 12; Student Council 12. CARL DENNIS PERGUSON Dennis MARION TIMOTHY PHILPOT Potski Grand Award Science Fair 10; Sup. Basketball 10, 11, Football 10, 11; Band 10-12; Industrial Arts 9; 4-H Club 9; Sup. Softball 10, 11. KENNETH EUGENE RAILEY Kenny Sup. Basketball 9-11, Football 12. LARRY EDWARD RIGGINS Larry Sup. Football 12, Basketball 9, 10. JAMES WADE ROUNTREE Wade Jr. Beta 9; Sup. Football 9, 10, 12, Basketball 9-12; Ram Club 11, 12; Varsity Golf Team 9-12. RICHARD WAYNE ROWELL Richard JIMMY WARREN SANDIFORD Lightning Industrial Arts 8; Red Cross 9; Safe-Teen 10, 11; Future Business Leaders of America 10-12; Radio 12; Art Club 9-11; Baseball 8. CARL LEONARD SARK Leonard Dramatics 9-11; DECA 11, 12; Band 9-12; “Southern Accents” 12. CLARENCE MONROE ROGERS Butch STEVEN DANIEL ROGERS Steve Future Business Leaders of America 10. VERNON B. RYLE III Vernon Jr. Beta Club 9; 4-H Club 8-10; Key Club 10-12; French Club 11, 12; Football 8-10; Basketball 8-10; Track 8-10. JAMES LEO SANDERLIN Cornbread Radio Club; Audio-Visual Club, Secretary. JAMES MICHAEL SCANDLYN Mickey Beta Club 11; Library Club 9-12, President Sixth Dist- rict Library Association 12; Varsity Tennis 11; Pep Club 12, Treasurer 12; “A” Average 10; Treasurer, Library Club 10, Secretary 11; “Head” of Willingham Ram. ELLIOTT ALEXANDER SELLERS Lex Band 8-12; Golf 9; Chess Club 11, 12. ALLEN ELIJAH SHEPPARD Allen Red Cross 8; Audio-Visual Club 9; Track 8-10; DECA 11, 12; Wrestling 10. JOSEPH CASON SHERWOOD Joe Red Cross 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Spanish Club 10; Jr. Beta Club 9; Track 9; Sup. Basketball 8, 9. HARVEY SEXTON Butch 4-H Club 8; Future Farmers of America 8; Beta Club 10-12; Student Council 8. ELIE VICKERS SHAW JR. Vic Jr. Beta Club 9; Key Club 10-12; Radio Club 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Industrial Arts 9; “A” Average 9; Physical Fitness Award; Gymnastics 10. BOBBY GENE SHORE Bobby Distributive Education I, II. DONALD CLIFTON SHREVE Don RONALD TRUMAN SMITH Ronnie Football 8; Jr. Beta Club 9; Sr. Red Cross 10; “Southern Accents” 10-12; Gymnastics Team 10; Key Club 11, 12; P.E. Platoon Leader 11, 12; Ramscott Staff 11; Sr. Class Vice-President. VELMER LEROY SMITH LeRoy Student Council 9; 4-H Club 8-11; Future Business Leaders of America 10-12; Industrial Arts 8; Chorus 9-11; DECA 12. ALFORD LEE STEPHENSON III Lee Student Council 8; Baseball 8; Ram Jets 9; Baseball 9; Jr. Varsity Golf 9; Varsity Golf 10-12. CHESTER MANGHAM STEVENSON Mangham Distributive Education Club; Safe-Teen Club. CHARLES ROBERT SHUPE Charlie Band 8-12; Radio Club 12; Safe-Teen 10. JIMMY DURAND SMITH Smitty Football Trainer 8-10; Track 9; Student Council 8, 9; Key Club 10-12; French Club 11; Ramscott Staff, Layout Editor 10-11; Jr. Talent Show 10; “Southern Accents Show” 10. VICTOR RENE SMITH Victor DECA; Basketball 9, 10. STEVE WARREN STAVELY Steve P.E. Football 8; Spanish Club 11; Safe-Teen Club 12; Sup. Football 12, Basketball 10. FRED GILBERT STINSON Freddie Band 9-12. RALPH HARRIS STOKES JR. Spider Industrial Arts Club 8; Track 8; B-Team Football 10; Jr. Beta Club 9; Red Cross Club 11; Varsity Track 11, 12; Varsity Football 11, 12; Ram Club 11, 12. WILLIAM JOHN TOUHY Johnny DECA 12; Sup. Football 12. EARNEST ANDREW TRIMBLE Andy Track 9; French 12. WILLIAM THOMAS THIGPEN Billy Distributive Education 12; Safe-Teen; Red Cross. JERRY DAVID THOMPSON Fuzz Key Club 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Sup. Basketball 9-12, Football 9-12. RALPH ANTHONY TRUE Ralph Tennis 9; Industrial Arts Club 8-10; French Club 10, 11; Red Cross 11, 12. GRADY OLIVER TYE Grady Band 8, 10, 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca 12; Chorus 11; Sup. Football 12. ROBERT MACHEN VAN BUREN CECIL LADON WALKER LaDon Red Cross 10; Science Club 10-12, President 12; Beta Club 11, 12; Student Council 12; National Merit Commended Student 12; Rampage Staff 12, News Ed- itor; State Science Fair 10, 11; “A” Average 8, 10, 11. THOMAS DUANE WICHMAN Wicky Band 10-12; Red Cross 8-12, President 9, Treasurer 11, Vice-President 12; Future Business Leaders of America 12; Audio-Visual 9; Industrial Arts Club 9; Baseball Manager 9; Track Manager 9; Sup. Basket- ball 10. GARY HOWARD WILDER Gary Audio-Visual Club 10-12, Secretary 10, 11, Vice-Presi- dent 12; French Club 11, 12. WILLIAM JEFFREY UNDERWOOD Jeff Band 8-11, Drum Major 10, 11. MELVIN JULIAN USERY Melvin Band 8-12, Sergeant 12; Science Club 10; Red Cross 10-12; Pep Club 12; French Club 11; Rampage Staff 11, 12, Feature Editor 12. LARRY HUBERT WESSON Larry Distributive Education 11; Future Business Leaders of America 10. ABNER RICHARD WHITFIELD Richard ‘Red Cross; Varsity Football 11, 12; Ram Club 11, 12. DONALD MELVIN WILLIAMS Donald Spanish Club; Red Cross; Sup. Basketball, Football. DONIVAN BROOKS WILLIAMS Doni Track 8-10; Future Business Leaders of America 11; DECA 12; Audio-Visual 9; Radio Club 12. JAMES LONNIE WILLIS Dirty Durr Transferred from Lanier; Safe-Teen 12. JACK HOLMES WILSON III Bubba Gymnastics Team 9-12; Safe-Teen 14, 12; Track Team ne JAMES ARCHIE WILLIAMS JR. Jimmy Band 11, 12; Math Club 12; Transferred 11. PAUL BENJAMIN WILLIAMS JR. Bennie Charter Member Jr. Beta Club 9; French Club 11; Sr. Red Cross 11; Band, Cadet 8-9, Marching 10-12, Concert 10-12. WILLIAM WILSON Billy Sup. Football 8, 10; Field Day, First Place Mile 9, 10; Safe-Teen 9, 10; DECA 11, 12; P.E. Leader 9, 10. NOEL HIRAM WINDHAM Windy B-Team Football 10; Sup. Basketball 10, Football 12. BILLY JOE WOOD Billy TOMMY CLARK WOOD ALFRED LEONARD WOODARD JR. Len Distributive Education 11, 12; Future Business Leaders of America 10; Red Cross 9; Safe-Teen 11. CLAUDE ELMO YEARWOOD Claude Future Business Leaders of America; Football 8, 9; Baseball 8, 9; Track 8, 9. CHARLIE FREDERICK ZWALLY Charlie Radio Club 12; Sup. Football 8, 9, 12; Basketball 8, 12 VANCE DEWITT ARNOLD Vance Seniors Enjoyed Varied Activities .. . con ta Ok SN DIRECTORS: LESLIE RUSSELL, PRESIDENTS: JAMES HOLLAND, VICE-PRESIDENTS: MARTHA ANN SUSAN McDANIEL, KAY MARY ANN YOUNG JANSEN, JUNIOR BOSTICK Bonnie Amos Eleyce Ard Wanda Avera Jo Baggs Kay Baskette Pat Bass Jackie Batts Sue Baxter Priscilla Belger Reta Bell Jean Bembry Cherry Benson Barbara Bickford Nita Black Heidi Blackwell Pam Blair PHYLLIS TOWNSEND, COOPER, JUDY STRICKLAND SECRETARIES: DARRELL YOUNG, MURIEL MOULTON TREASURERS: BOYCE ABERNATHY, MARSHA HUNT Dawn Blalock Bivi Boothe Millie Bounds Margie Bowen Martha Bracewell Ouida Branan Candy Brewer Libby Britt Sandra Brown Sharron Brown Susan Brown Mary Joyce Burdge Chery! Butts Patsy Cantey Loretta Cardell Gail Carden Donna Carpenter Carolyn Carr Linda Carter Robyn Casey Nancy Cason Faye Chafin Gaye Chafin Carla Chambers Glenda Chambers Vicki Chapman Linda Cliatt Rita Clower Carolyn Collins Edith Collins Connie Cooper Diane Cooper Kay Cooper Relda Cox Judy Crawley Rita Crutchfield Dene Daniell Cindy Darity Jean Davis Starr Davis Dianne Deese Linda DeLoach B. K. Denham Diane Dix Sherry Dixon Brenda Edwards Lynda Edwards Mary Edwards Randy Ellis Shirley Ellis Norma Ann English Patsy Ennis Ruth Faircloth Linda Faulkner Nora Mae Forth Linda Foster Mary Jean Franklin Jan Fulwood Patti Funderburke Rose Gall Gina Garrison Clair Gaultney Phillis Gilley Beth Godbee Bonnie Gray Jo Anne Gray Mary Beth Greene Theresa Greer Barbara Hall Echo Halstead Sandra Hamilton LaVerne Hamlin School Spirit Boo Vivian Hancock Nancy Hane Linda Harrell Robbye Harris Irene Harrison Jewell Hart Linda Hawkins Mona Hayes Ruthie Hayes Dianne Heath Sharon Hemphill Lynda Hendricks Janey Henry Tris Hill Selyne Hill Georgia Holland Brenda Horne Chery] Horne Chery! Howard Janane Howard Linda Howard Beverly Howell Linda Hudman Nancy Hudson Marsha Hunt Shery] Hutcheson Ann Ingram Karol Irby sted by Junior Aurye Jackson Dianne Jackson Martha Ann Jansen Jan Jarrell Janet Johnson Sandra Johnson Lindy Jones Willine Jones Diane Jump Becky Kent Patsy Knight Picture Peggy Knight Not Available Mary Jo Knowles Linda Land Teresa Landino Gail Layson Tina Leonard Corinne Leverette Nita Lovejoy Vickie Mallard Shirley Marshall Sandra Martin Toni Mask Edna Mayfield Susan McBride Janet McCrary Susan McDaniel Linda McDonald Teresa McKinney Freda McLarty Kathy McMillan Pam McPhail Becky Merritt Vicky Middlebrooks Betty Miles Wanda Mims Alecia Minchew Donna Mitchum Angie Mock Peggy Moore Muriel Moulton Lynn Moye Linda Musgrove Mary Ann Nelson Linda Nobles Betty Norris Jayne Ogburn Linda O'Hanlon Carolyn Overby Pearl Parks Judy Parrot Cynthia Payne Theresa Pearce Sue Ann Peterson Lynda Pierce Marian Piper Patricia Poole Sharon Poole Jo Ann Price Linda Price Margaret Price Pat Price Frances Pulver Monteen Purser Sharon Quinn Linda Rackley Patsy Ragan Sue Raines Katherine Redfern Ginger Redman Work and Pleasure Sherry Reed Dottie Rhodes Pam Richmond Linda Ricks Linda Robertson Vivian Roland Chris Ross Janis Rosson Lynn Rowland Leslie Russell Linda Russell Sheila Ryon Diane Sailors Jean Sailers for the Class of ’66 Nancy Savage Brenda Scoggins Rose Scarborough Rosemary Scott Aylene Self Susan Sellers Lynda Shelton Freda Shines Sylvia Shore Shirley Slade Mary Lou Slocumb Betty Faye Smith Charlotte Smith Jackie Smith Judy Smith Shery] Smith Laverne Stallings Sandra Stanfield Linda Stanford Lynn Stickney Mary Stieber Jean Still Shirley Still Brenda Stokes Linda Stokes Judy Strickland Gayle Stripling Sandra Swymer Gail Tapley Joyce Taylor Judy Taylor Pam Taylor Sharon Taylor Patricia TeSelle Debbie Thigpen Peggy Tidwell Phyllis Townsend Janis Trimble Angela Tucker Rosemary Turner Karen Tyler Rachel Upchurch Peggy Van Patton Kay Voellinger Ann Walker Janet Walker Brenda Ward Elaine Ward Sharon Wasden Rebecca Watkins Jean West Vivian Whitehead Linda Whitley Betty Whitten Cherri Whiting Diane Wildner Juniors Receive Brenda Williams Carolyn Williams Linda Wilson Peggy Wilson Sheila Wilson Beverly ‘Witherington Pam Witherington Marguerite Wood Natalie Wood Sandy Wood Sylvia Woodward Linda Worrell Mary Ann Young Homecoming... Honors... September 7, 1964 marks a tragic date in the minds of many. It was on this day that God called Miss Diane Driggars to His side. Those of us who knew this outstanding girl can partially under- stand why He needed her. Diane’s life was filled with love and hope and faith, all of which she shared unselfishly with every- one around her. She had a great zest and vitality for life that few of us are ever lucky enough to find. As one of Diane’s close friends said, “If she could come back to us for only thirty seconds, I am sure that her testimony would be: “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Phillipians 1:21.) Brad, an outstanding student and athlete of Willingham High School, will never be forgotten. Characterized by his thorough dedication to the school in all phases of activity, he was an idealistic inspiration to the student body, friends, and especially fellow athletes. Number 11 was always the one to come through with the fairest and cleanest of sportsmanship that has given the Rams their distinguished record of undisputed excellence. Possessed of a penetrating smile and sparkling personality, Brad never failed to make new friends wherever he went. Wholehearted devotion of his talents to the church, home, and school makes William Bradford Henderson a figure immortal in all our hearts. Boyce Abernathy Larry Adams Randy Ainsworth Ralph Alligood Charles Almond Jim Alsobrook Joel Archer Sandy Archibald David Armour Carl Arnold Earl Arnold George Asbell Danny Ashley Hugh Avera Pat Avera Delmar Axton Jerry Bagley Danny Baker George Balkcom Wandell Barlow William Batchlor Larry Bateman Bobby Bearden Tim Bellury Cecil Bentley Devereaux Bieber David Bilderback David Bledsoe Don Blount Frank Boatright Larry Bolden William Boney Junior Bostick Larry Bowen John Brogden Russel Brown Ralph Bruce Alan Bryan Edwin Bryan Ronald Bryant, Charles Buffington Wayne Burgess Danny Busbee Wayne Byrd Chancy Davis Glynn Churchwell Vernon Chute Randy Clements Stanley Clifford Arlie Collins Curtis Clinard James Collins Harold Cook John Cook Bryon Cooper Mark Coppock Bobby Courtney Don Cranford Marvin Crawford Randy Crowe Jimmy Davidson Tommy Davis Gordon Deckman James DeFoe Jimmy DeLoach Greg Dominy Reggie Dominy Ronnie Dopson James Dove John Dubose Billy Durden Leon Durden Stewart Earnest Jerry Edge Ronnie Elliott Jack Evans Walter Faulkner Wayne Folds Jack Freeman James Fuller Victor Funck Martin Gay Bobby Gilmore Boyd Grace Kenny Grant James Grantham Bobby Griffin Mike Griffin Michael Griffin Butch Gunnells Thomas Haddock Henry Hamlin James Hamn Wayne Hammock Michael Hardison Jerry Hardy John Head William Heard Tommy Hinson Charles Holcombe Freddie Holland James Holland Mike Hood Ronnie Howard Leon Hudson Steve Hudson Morris Huling Jackie Hunnicutt Gary Hutcheson Ronald Hutcheson Louis Jacobs Willard James Laddie Jennings Bobby Johns Gary Jerkins Charles Johnson Kenneth Johnson Lindsey Johnson Steve Joiner Donald Jones Jimmy Jones Patrick Keenan Hugh Laing Prentiss Lamb Gary Lance Jimmy Landrum Jerry Langford Warren Langford Julian Lashley James Lewis Donnie Lindsey Ronnie Lindsey Marvin Mangrum Larry Marshall Bob Mart in Tommy Mask Steve Mason Charles Massey Ken McBride Carl McCullough Rosby McKinsey Mike McMillan Larry Mathews Donnie Meeks Dawson Melton Michael Melton Keith Meredith Ralph Merritt Woodrow Mewborn Charles Mills Richard Misinco Pleas Moore Jody Moorman Tommy Morris Kenneth Mosely Marvin Mott Willie Mullings Baynard Mullis Edward Munson Sidney Myers John Newton Joe Nice Ricky Nobles David Nowell Lewis Nowell Jim Overby Martin Parham Darrell Parker Tommy Parker Tommy Parter Jack Patterson Johnny Pearce Ronnie Pelt Tommy Pilcher Donald Pitts Larry Pope David Potts Edward Poulnott Joel Price Joe Prince Kenneth Pritchett Wayne Register Larry Reynolds Harrell Rogers Elvis Roquemore Franklin Ruis Russell Scanlan Ronald Scanlyn Larry Sharpless James Shepard Carl Sheppard Charles Sims Larry Smith Jerry Spillers John Smallwood Michael Smith Connell Stafford Richard Stafford Benny Stephens Larry Stevens Dewey Stokes Robert Stovall Danny Strickland Jack Tamplin Johnny Thigpen Neal Thigpen Lamar Thomas Larry Thompson Lanny Townsend Joe Tucker Henry Tye William Van Cise Larry Walker Gerald Ward James Webb J % Richard West Reggie Wheeler Terry Wheeler =». Glenn White Larry White Watler Whitehurst John Wilcox Benny Williams Eldrid Williamson Glenn Willingham Monty Wilson James Wolff Tony Yacobacci Jimmy Zwally Hoke Cato Scott Fowler Tommy Toler Darrell Young Hail to the Seniors of ’66! Juniors Active in ’64-’65... Pam Wither- ington —repre- sented the Mc- Evoy llth grade Y-Teens at the annual Sweetheart Ball. The “Monster Mash” was one of the favorite skits put on by the Juniors during their most success- ful Stunt Night. Muriel Moulton campaigned for Junior Class Secre- tary in ’64-’65. She got it! PRESIDENT: STEPHANY STEVENSON TREASURER: JOYCE PIRKLE DIRECTORS: VICKI FUNDERBURKE, BECKY RUSSELL, JEANNIE THARPE, JACKIE CLARK, and TERRI THAMES Wanda Bean Phyllis Beavers Martha Bellflower Martha Bembry Clara Lynn Bennett Lynn Berryhill Diane Bevins Dana Bilderback Dorcille Bledsoe Gail Blount Patsy Boatright Janis Bowen Gloria Adams Rosemary Alfiroy Frankie Anderson Zenephia Annis Barbara Arnold Janet Arnold Sandra Asbell Ramona Avera Jo Linda Bagwell Faye Balkcom Sharon Barfield Anita Barnes Jan Bassett Jo Ann Batchelor Wanda Bates Joyce Batts Cheryl Caldwell Emily Carr Trudy Carroll Barbara Carter Debra Carter Gail Causey Sheila Chapman Cheryle Chaput Sandra Choff Jackie Clarke Marie Cliatt Brenda Clifford Penny Bozeman Esther Bridger Faye Bridger Jean Bridger Susie Brittingham Judy Brooks Lynda Brown Jolyn Broxton Gena Bryant June Bryant Wanda Bryant Diane Bullard Diane Bullock Debbie Burdeshaw Brenda Burnley Gloria Bussell Faye Dowd Mary Lou Dyche Barbara Edwards Ann Eldridge Pat Ellington Faye Elliott Wanda Elliott Judy Elrod Linda Ely Susan English Elaine Epps Sharon Evans Evelyn Ezzell Brenda Fiveash Wanda Flanders Peggy Foster Sherry Colson Felicia Cooley Donna Copeland Carol Crissey Dana Cross Brenda Darley Pat Darling Deena Deal Helene Dennis Faynn Dobbins Sandra DooLittle Terry Dorsey Vivian Hallmark Barbara Hamlin Gail Hamlin Regina Harper June Harvey Karen Hayes Melanie Haywood Peggy Heath Jane Henriques Diane Henry Diane Hester Rhonda Hewell Bettye Hicks Sandra Hill Annette Hilliard Janice Hinson Francine Fountain Shirley Fox Lola Fraser Jane Frost Anne Fuller Brenda Fuller Vicki Funderburke Janice Gilbert Diane Glisson Margaret Grace Linda Hall Shirley Hall Leta Jaglowicz Linda James Phyllis Jeffers Sandra Jenkins Frankie Johns Brenda Johnson Christelle Johnson Linda Jordan Betsy Kennedy Pam Kinard Wanda King Susan Knight Emily Kyser Lynne Lambert Bonnie Lee Paula Lewis Cathy Holt Kay Hood Pat Hopkins Daphine Howard Pat Howell Patricia Hudson Lynn Hughes Kathy Hunnicutt Linda Hunt Peggy Hurley Jean Ingram Carol Jackson Linda Marshall Carol Martin Nancy Martin June Meadows Meri Meriwether Marsha Middlebrooks Karen Mimbs Renee Mixon Cheryl Moore Joan Moore Joy Moore Beverly Morgan Jacque Morstad Marty Moses Susan Mote Dolores Moxley Trudy Lindsey Melody Lines Patsy Livingston Sharon Long Rebecca Lord Charise Lyons Duane McCallum Brenda McCord Susan McCranie Connie McElmurray Gail McGlohorn Debbie McMillan Janie Pelt Linda Pierce Joyce Pirkle Barbara Powell Runae Powell Linda Prince Carolyn Proctor Dorothy Proctor Brenda Pruett Sherrie Pugh Shirley Quinn Janice Rawlins Linda Ray Elaine Reich Judy Reinertsen Genia Roberts Barbara Moye Carol Mullis Carol NeSmith Sharon Nolan Linda Ogle Beverly Oktavec Sharon Osborn Marie Oxley Gail Peacock Rosemary Peacock Faye Peavy Paulette Peeples Jeanne Smith Rhonda Smith Vicki Smith Glenda Spires Linda Stallings Barbara Stanfield Stephany Stephenson Jan Stevens Linda Stewart Tommie Ann Stowe Sherrie Strahn Sallie Stringfellow Ellen Stuckey Nancy Summers Loretta Tanner Terri Thames Dayle Rowland Becky Russell Elaine Ryon Kathy Sanders Janice Sapp Mary Lou Sauls Ginger Seaman Peggy Seigler Carolyn Shed Diane Short Geri Smith Janice Smith Picture Not Available Carol Watson Linda Wesson Beverly Whitt Linda Whitten Vauna Whittle Fay Wilbanks Kay Wilbanks Sally Wilder Diane Williams Linda Williams Patty Willis Charlene Wilson Karen Wilson Faye Wood Katherine Wood Linda Wood Carol Tharpe Jeannie Tharpe Carleen Thigpen Karen Thomas Roslyn Tomberlyn Leta Tyler Sue Ussery Sandy Ussery Ellen Walker Jane Walton Diane Warrick Renee Wasden I appreciate your undivided attention, June! Sandra Woodell Charleen Wright Diane Wright Marie Wright Sandra Wright Vickie Wright Peggy Yearwood Sandra Youngblood Sheryl Youngblood Are you sure that’s the last one? Can’t you find anything better to do dur- ing lunch, girls? Promoters of School Spirit; Enthusiastic, Willing to do all. Successful, yet Hoping to obtain More. This is the class of 1967. They were, They are, They will be Great. Albert Blizzard Alan Bolden Norman Bonds Mike Bone James Borders Jimmy Brooks Gary Brown Mike Brown Walter Brown Fred Browning Kenneth Brownlee Malcolm Burgamy Jerry Adams David Algea Henry Arrington Charles Asbell Joe Avera Wayne Ayers Harold Balkcom Jimmy Bateman Lee Bates Reggie Battle Bo Batts Hugh Bell Mike Bellflower Glen Belson Tommy Bennett Howard Benson Dalton Butts Larry Byars Larry Camp Chuck Cannon Ronnie Carmichael Ronnie Carr Andy Causey Darrell Check Jimmy Cherry Johnny Cheves Quinton Childress Donald Childs David Clinard Cary Cloud Robert Cohen Jesse Collins Neal Cook Charles Cooper Ronnie Cooper Ross Cooper Wayne Crabb Bud Cranford Chuck Cross Jack Culpepper Rickey Daniel Marvin DeCastro Ronny DeFoe Kenneth Dent John Flanders Steve Floyd Gary Foster Robert Foster Danny Francis James Friedlander Olin Fulcher Kenny Funderburke Billy Gibson Reggie Gibson Wayne Gilleland Michael Godfrey Charles Godwin Bobby Goldsby Dean Goodman Bill Goodner Mike Digby Ken Dixon Bobby Durden Gary Elder Dennis Ellis William Elrod Larry Entrekin Billy Epps Donny Evans James Ezelle Ronnie Fincher Barry Fitzpatrick Ronald Goodwin Lake Greene Ronald Griffin Joe Griggers Mike Groves Ed Haddock William Hammock Coley Hamrick Brady Harbuck Joe Hardeman Larry Harrell Steve Hasuey Sonny Haywood Harvey Heath Paul Henry Warren Herbert John Higginbotham Larry Hobbs Harvey Hodnett Jimmy Hoffeditz Walter Holland Alec Holston Benny Holt Eddie Horne Johnny Horton Wayne Horton Billy Howard Eddie Howard Lee Love Jimmy Lovejoy Russel] Loyd Ronnie Lumpkin Robert Marshall Allen Martin Fred Matheny Frank Matthews Thad Meeks Gawain Miller David Minshew Henry Minshew Grover Howard Randy Hudson Jerry Jackson Randy Jackson Dick Jansen Chuck Jones Ronnie Keller Larry King Ray Kitchens Richard Krysalka Dennis Ladson Allen Laing Jerry Lamb Jimmy Layson Ronnie Lemon Tommy Loftin J. P. Moore Marvin Moore Thomas Monroe Alfred Morris Robert Morris Larry Mosely Jack Murphy Johnny Myers Dennis Nixon Robert Ogburn Thomas Oliver Robert O’Neal Eugene O'Toole George Pafford Edgar Parent Joey Parham Leonard Parks Douglas Parmelee Andy Patat Ralph Patterson Pat Pattison Lloyd Payne Charles Peacock Mark Perry John Phillips Robert Pipkin James Pitts Rickey Pollett David Seagraves Bill Self Johnny Sharpless Bernie Shepard Douglas Shephard Mike Shipman Larry Shipp Jimmy Simpson Allan Smith Jack Smith Richard Smith Robert Smith Roy Smith Wayne Smith Phil Snider Johnny Stallings Bill Potter David Price Derrel Pryor Danny Purvis Danny Register Buddy Richitt Tommy Riddlemoser David Rogers Mike Rozar Gary Sandefur Steve Sark Durwood Sauls Tommy West Troy White Frankie Whitley Terry Whitley Henry Williams Jerry Williams Jerry Williams Jimmy Williams Kenneth Williams Mickey Williams Milton Williams Melford Williamson Gary Statham Jimmy Stephens Don Stickney Geri Strong Tim Suddeth Skippy Sumlin Jerry Thigpen Larry Thigpen Tommy Tucker Rayford Varnadore Ted Vinson John Wade Ronnie Wallace Larry Walls Wayne Watruba Robert Wells Mike Wilkerson Robert Wilkinson Burke Wood Paul Woodward Sophomores 3 eee Growing Up Has its — PROBLEMS Sophomores Set Fast Pace Campaigns show good results Winners of Jr. Stunt Night More Sophomore Cheerleaders in 1964-65 Class of ’68 PRESIDENT: - SECRETARY: JO ANN RUSSELL : BRENDA BRYANT VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER: B. J. VOLLINGER THERESA AULTMAN laa SUSAN KREWSON, VICKI FORDHAM, LINDA CRAINE, ROSEANNA NO- WELL Dale Brown Dianne Brown Brenda Bryant Delores Bullock Linda Bunch Nancy Burgamy Sheila Burgamy Kathy Burnette Gayle Busbee Elaine Byrd Debbie Caldwell Connie Callaway Dianne Callaway Alline Cameron Barbara Cameron Patricia Cameron Elaine Carpenter Jackie Carr Carol Chambers Kathy Chambers Susan Archer Patsy Arrowood Theresa Aultman Martha Bagwell Martha Barnes Patsy Barry Lael Bartlett Brenda Bateman Eva Bateman Suzanne Battle Dianne Baughcum Shirley Bell Joyce Bennett Rebecca Bond Connie Boney Nancy Bowles Faye Breland Mabel Bridger Ann Brooks Arleen Brooks Myra Edwards Joy Emerick Rebecca Emerson Linda Etheridge Elaine Ezzell Yvonne Ezzell Janice Farrell Faye Faulkner Kathryn Chancy Gail Cheves Sharon Clark Pam Clifton Sharon Cofer Glenda Cole Pat Collins Trammell Colvin Sandra Conner Lynn Cox, Linda Craine Gayle Cranford Peggy Cruse Karon Crutchfield Brenda Darling Sylvia Davidson Cecelia Davis Pat Davis Libby Dechman Deidre Deese Gloria DeLoach Connie Dingler Paula Dixon Opal Douglas Melba Duggan Judy Dunham Kathie Dunn Susan Durdan Linda Dykes Gayle Edwards Patsy Grifin Sherry Grinstead Bobbie Hall Juanice Hall Pam Hamlin Penny Hamlin Sunny Hamlin Dianne Hamm Verna Hamm Jackie Harrell Deborah Harrison Sharon Hattaway Jaye Harvard Deborah Hayes Billie Henry Mildred Higdon Linda Hichtower Arden Hill Allison Hill Alice Hinote Regina Fellows Vicki Fincher Jean Fleming Cathy Fletcher Vicki Fordham Kathryn Foster Donna Fowler Jackie Francis Elaine Franklin Donna Fulford Janie Furney Patricia Garrett Carol Gay Brenda Gibbs Susan Gilbert Krista Goforth Sheryl Grant Connie Graves Connie Gray Elaine Griffin Linnie Jones Susan Jones Nannette Keller Beth Kent Susan Keys Patsy Kincaid Alice King Dianne Kitchens Pam Kitchens Susan Krewson Debra Lake Cynthia Leaptrot Susan Lilley Doris Lindsey Linda Lindsey Betty Lockhart Brenda Lovejoy Elaine Lovejoy Linda McCranie Patricia McElhenney Martha Ann Hinson Patricia Hornaday Lynn Horton Darnell Hovater Carol Howard Melba Howard Sandra Howard Deborah Hubbard Patricia Hudgins Sandra Hudson Pat Huff Calleen Hunt Cecilia Irby Gena Jackson Patty Jacobs Carol Jarrett Delaine Jarriel Mary Ann Johnson Pat Johnson Barbara Joiner Debbie McKinley Sue McKinney Terri McMillan Pat Magouirk Susan Mann Harriet Manville Sherma Matthews Shirley Meek Janice Miller Susan Miller Betty Ann Minshew Linda Minter Regina Moore Faye Morgan Brenda Morris Elizabeth Morris June Morris Patsy Mossbarger Mildred Mullis Kay Musselwhite Sandra Myrick Toni Newby Laura Newton Roseanna Nowell Brenda Ogle Cheryl Owen Vicki Parks Cynthia Peacock Juanita Pipkin Diane Plunkett Shelia Powell Elaine Rackley Marie Railey Bonnie Raines Suzy Reeves Sandi Rhyne Peggy Richett Susan Riezinger Peggy Strickland Theresa Sutton Barbara Taylor Dianne Taylor Myra Temples Elizabeth TeSelle Brenda Thigpin Johnnie Thistlewood Judy Thomas Libby Tidwell Arlene Tomberlin Sandra Turley Patricia Turner Mary Carol Tyson Margaret Ussery Picture Not Available Paula Vandiver B. J. Voellinger Sherry Waddell Joyce Waits Janice Walker Deborah Riley Nancy Roesch Sandra Rozier Jo Ann Russell Charlotte Rutland Gail Saunders Frances Scott Pam Shaw Phyllis Shelton Jodi Shepard Janie Sirmans Marsha Sisk Edna Smallwood Diane Smith Dianne Stephens Judy Stevens Cathy Stewart Gwen Stokes Montene Stokes Arlene Strickland “Well, I might as well take my time, since Gracie’s after me.” Wanda Wall Judy Wehrle Toni Wesson Rhonda White Dawn Williams Fay Williams Gail Williams Barbara Wilson Patricia Wimpey Marsha Wood Sheila Wood Susanne Yarbrough Melba Young Patti Young Sandra Young Ray Bedgood Ronnie Bedsole Billy Bennett Ed Bisonnette Mike Bloodworth Jerry Blount William Bradshaw Glenn Bridges Walter Buffington Henry Bullard Steve Bullard Glen Bumgardner Billy Butterworth Harold Buttrey Ronnie Butts Darrell Cameron Theron Cannon Mouldin Carr Danny Carstarphen Warren Carter David Adams Ricky Allagood John Alligood Thomas Arnold Wayne Arrington Youmans Arrington Gary Asbell Wayne Axton Ralph Baggs Larry Ballard Paul Barnes Barney Barron Julian Bass Jerry Batchelor Tim Batchelor Waldo Batchelor Randy Bates Kin Baxter Billy Bearden Gene Bedgood William Castleberry Kevin Causey Kenny Cawldwell Steve Chaffin Lynwood Chambers Fred Chapman Bob Cheatham Donny Cheshire Ricky Churchwell Cecil Claxton Jerry Coile David Coleman Hugh Coleman Chester Collins Ryner Collins Phil Comer Stanley Cook Gary Cooper Jimmy Cooper William Cooper Brock Corbin Tommy Coxwell Herbert Crowell Jimmy Culpepper Freddie Cumbass Wayne Dalton Stanley Damron David Daniell Jerry Daniels Roger Davidson Jerry Davis Mike Dawkins Danny DeLoach Danny Dorsey Billy Dowd Mike Drery Raymond Dupree Billy Durdan Phil Durdan Steve Durden Ronnie Goldsby Timothy Goodwin Jack Graham Earl Grant Rodney Grant Hugh Green Floyd Gregory Ronnie Griffin Johnny Hancock Ferral Hanson Dennis Hammock Mike Hammond Jarvis Hampton Milton Harrell Bobby Harris David Harris David Hartley Gary Hatcher Wayne Hattaway Wayne Hayes Bill Van Dyke Ronnie Eavenson Jimmy Edwards George Elam Danny Ellis Kenneth Elsasser Danny Ely George Emerick Jack Ethridge Billy Evans Harry Evans Richard Fann Danny Floyd Bobby Forth Claudie Franklin Louis Friedlander Larry Fulford Roby Fuller Wayne Garrand Danny Gay Roger Hall Tim Hall Tony Heard Freddie Heard Chuck Hickman James Higgins Jimmy Hitchcock Wayne Hodges Terry Hollaway Steve Holleman Mike Holloway Carl Holmes Bert Hooker Billy Horn Glynn Hornyak Donny Howard Brian Hudson Jimmy Hughes Jerry Hulett Ed Hutcheson Rudy Jackson Don James Al Jennings Richard Joaquin Dennis Johnson Hubert Johnson Fred Joiner Billy Jones Davey Jones Ronnie Jones Tommy Jones Steve Kell Dennis Kent John King Mike King John Kilgo Danny Kilgore Tony Kitchens Richard Kunka Ray LeFils Alan McCoury Mike McCowen Pat McCullough Larry McCullum Barry McDaniel Edward McElhenny Mike McElmurry Jimmy McElroy Bobby McKinley Jim McLean Gene McLendon Jimmy McMillan Richard McWilliams Les Merrel Vic Merriman Darrell Merritt Duke Millan Dennis Miller Dennis Miller John D. Mimbs Danny Leslie Stanley Lines Cecil Livingston Ronnie Livingston George Lockhart Danny Long Gary Lord Terry Loyd Donnie Lucas Paul Luttrell Phillip Maddox Mell Mann Ronnie Marchman Bill Mason Frank Matheny Jay Mathern Charles Matthews Mike Maxwell Elgin Mayfield Tommy Mayne Tim Minor Mike Misinco Tommy Misinco Greg Morgan Tommy Mosely David Moss Jerry Murkeson Jake Myers Larry Myers Morris NeSmith Teddy NeSmith Johnny Newburn Don Nicholson Bill Nobles Mike O'Kelly Jim Owen Mike Pape Del Payne Roger Peacock Hal Perry Lamar Pipkin Eric Poole David Powell Keith Powell Jerry Prestridge Van Proctor Bevan Pryor Lamar Purser Tony Pyle Bert Quinn Sammy Raffield Randy Reed Jimmy Renfroe Bob Reynolds Bobby Rhodes Emmett Rigby Ronnie Roberts Tommy Roberts Charles Rogers Cleve Rogers Bobby Smith Donnie Smith Mike Smith Randy Smith Randy Smith Ronnie Smith Tony Smith Ricky Snyder Wayne Spence Bobby Spinks Phil Sprinkle Donnie Staples Stanley Stavely Hugh Stehle Martin Stevens Fox Stevenson John Stewart Larry Stinson Terry Stinson Larry Stokes Jerry Rogers Jimmy Rogers Larry Rogers Donnie Rooks Pistil Rooney John Ross Dan Rowland Danny Sauls Doug Scanlan Mike Schulman Jim Scoggins Mike Scott Paul Scott Wayne Self John Shadrach Brian Shelton Ronnie Shelton Charles Shepard Mike Shepard Barney Smith Charles Strickland Danny Stuckey Allan Swift Loran Swymer Ronnie Thames Otis Thaxton Allen Thomas Danny Thomas Larry Thomas Mike Tucker Sammy Tucker Quitman Tyson Mike Usery Donhie Veal Douglas Vickers Ronny Waddleton Neal Waller Pat Walsh Billy Warren Gene Warren Danny Watson Frank Welch Guerry West Robert West Ronnie West John Whitehead Allen Williams Danny Williams Terry Williams Barry Williamson Tommy Williamson Richard Willingham Donald Windham Bunny Witherington Jerry Wood Randy Yaughn David Young Tommy Zielinski Tim Hall Wayne Ellis Richard Krysalka Ronald Keller Dean Johnson Class of ’69 Activities “The atomic bomb weighs exactly—” “But, Mr. Birdsey, I can’t concentrate with you pacing the floor!” “Sub” wonders what memories new school will bring. Susan Allen Annette Alsobrook Patricia Amos Deborah Anderson Shirley Archer Nona Arnette Cherie Arnold Myra Arnold Aurelia Avera Ann Baggs Ponesia Bagwell June Barfield Robby Barr Janice Barry Gwen Bass Cricket Bassett Shirley Bassett Sheila Batts Rose Baxter Janice Beasley Cara Best Sandr a Bickford Kathy Bilderback Beth Bliss Ann Boothe Carol Bostick Janis Bradfield Kay Bradford Elizabeth Bramblett Annette Brantley Debby Breedin Brenda Breland Naomi Brewer Martha Brooks Penny Brooks Janice Brown Brenda Bruce Patsy Bryant Ethel Bullock Linda Burgamy Wanda Corbin Cathy Cox Vickie Creswell Xavia Crissey Gail Crumpton Glenda Daniel Diane Davis Jackie Davis Elaine Deal Patsy Deason Linda Digby Cathy Dixon Virginia Dixon Kathy Dominy Pamela DuBose Ginger Dulong Kay Durden Gladys Edwards Judy Edwards Sherry Elder Karen Burnett Bunny Butts Judy Caisse Debra Cameron Sue Canady Kay Cannady Sandra Canup Teresa Canup Judy Carr Sharron Carter Ann Chaffin Pat Childers Judy Chitwood Susan Claney Brenda Clark June Clark Pat Clark Barbara Cohen Barbara Conley Dianne Corbin Teresa Ellis Gloria English Sheryl Ennis Debbie Epting Elaine Evans Sharon Farnsworth Glynis Fields Sarah Folds Susan Foster Crystal Fountain Cheryl Fullington Linda Fulwood Valerie Funck Cathy Garnto Pat Giles Debra Gillis Debbie Gleason Pat Glover Jo Ann Goodwin Gwen Goss Juanita Gray Dianne Greenway Judy Griffin Patti Griffin Rhonda Griggs Linda Grimes Becky Hall Wanda Hallman Alice Hamrick Mary Etta Hamrick Nancy Hare Ann Harrell Pamela Harrell Denise Harrison Harriet Hartley Jill Heath LaVerne Hobbs Lawanna Holden Pam Holloway Nanette Hooks Carol King Sharon King Laverne Kitchens Patricia Knight Rebecca Lanford Carol Lannon Linda Lee Deborah Leverett Freda Lewis Teresa Lewis Brenda Little Teresa Lord Brenda Lowery Janice Mackey Brenda Manders Ellen Mann Paula Mann Gail Manning Susan Manning Dianne Marshall Vicki Horne Sandra Hudgins Sharon Huffty Paulette Hulette Gail Hunt Gail Hutto Donna Jackson Linda Jackson Sharon Jarrell Michele Jerkins Connie Johnson Pat Johnson Sue Johnson Dianne Jones Faye Jones Judy Josey Patty Kelly Sandra Kennedy Judy Kent Rhonda Kerr De Juan Martin Charlene Mathews Lucy Matthews Kathryn McElmurray Cheryl McGraw Caroldene McLeod Sue Meadows Fredys Medina Dianne Meeks Judy Meeks Lynn Metts Christell Miles Gayle Milford Pat Mills Jacquelyn Mize Linda Morgan Lyn Moore Carolyn Morris Donna Mose Pat Moye Janice Mullinix Sandra Mullis Wynoka Myers Sandra Norris Valorie Norris Glenda Ogle Linda Ogletree Carolynne Paez Carol Parham Dana Parker Anne Partridge Jacque Patterson Peggy Patterson Joan Payne Carol Peavy Kristine Perry Vicky Phelps Patsy Pippin Helen Pope Ramona Pope Picture Not Available Jill Self Sandra Self Debra Shaw Nancy Shed Teena Shepard Joy Sheppard Carolyn Shrum Nancy Simmons Theresa Skinner Brenda Smith Sandra Spell Linda Stallings Linda Staples Kathy Stevens Molly Stewart Susan Stickney Annette Sumner Gail Sutton Vicki Swain Brenda Sue Thames Sheila Postell Carol Ann Potter Brenda Powell Marsha Powell Patty Preston Gloria Price Patsy Price Debra Pritchett Miriam Purser Melonie Raley Carolyn Rasmussen Wanda Rawls Linda Renfroe Carolyn Robertson Roxanne Robertson Cathy Rowe Latrell Rowell Ellen Ryerson Susan Savage Karen Scott Brenda Theiss Melba Thistlewood Lynn Thomas Brenda Thomas Donna Tompkins Jean Towsen Miki Tubisville Carol Tucker Joyce Tucker Lynn Tyson Judy Underwood Janice Ussery Carol Venable Gwen Vinson Susan Waddell Teresa Wall Janice Walsh Debbie Waters Becky Watson Sue Watson Not Available Cindy Wellborn Teresia Wester Sheila White Debbie Williams Elaine Williams Linda Williams Mae Williams Mary Ann Williams Pam Williams Faith Willoughby Margie Wilson Gail Wood Tommie Wood Sheila Worrell Vince Caldwell Rusty Callaway Allen Cameron Tommy Canady Mike Cannady Darrell Canten Earl Carmichael Ricky Carmichael Wayne Carter Jimmy Carver William Causey Andy Chapman Ronny Chapman Terry Chapman Jimmy Clanton Donnie Coleman Jerry Coleman Philip Coleman Doug Combes Pete Copeland Duffy Addleton Larry Arnold Tony Baird Billy Beale Phil Bell Phil Bellury Sam Bilderback Ricky Blalock Bud Bowen Tommy Bradford Tim Braswell Larry Britt Billy Browning Brent Buchannon Randy Buffington Ed Burke Kenny Burnett Larry Burnett Terry Busbee Elbert Butler Ray Cooper Larry Cours on Ronnie Crosby Ronnie Cross Bruce Crowe Gene Crump James Cruz Steve Damron Dewey Davis John Davis Lamar Davis Sammy Davis Neil Deese Wayne Delay Morty Denham Deryl Dent Andy Derden Jerry Dixon Mike Dobbins David Dowd Steve Drawhorn David DuBose Barry Duggan John Dunn John DuPree Berry Edge Don Edwards C. W. Eldridge Rex Ellington Charles Evans Joe Ezell Howard Faulk Alfred Faulkner Dennis Fitzpatrick Walter Fitzpatrick Randy Fiveash Ray Fiveash Wayne Flanders Herbert Ford Quilla Fox Wayne Fuller Charles Furnweger Donnie Fussell Billy Giles Wayne Goforth Reid Goodman John Goodner Jerlyn Goodwin David Goss Tommy Graham Phil Greene Harvey Griffin David Grinstead John Groves Freddy Hall Steve Harr Aubrey Harrell Terry Harvil Billy Hart Leonard Hart Randy Hasty Bobby Hayslip Ingram Helms Glenn Higginbotham Harvey Hill James Holmes Mike Hooks Andre Horne Don Howard David Hudson Mike Huff Gene Huffty James Hughes James Huling Mike Huling Jerry Hunnicutt Van Hunter Donnie Jackson Mike Pinholster Eddie Jarriell Mell Man Freddie Marocco Steve Martin Dean Matthews Calvin Maye Tommy McAdam Tommy McBride Scott McCook Thomas McDonald Keith McGraw Jimmy McHugh Jimmy Meadows Richard Merchant Chris Middlebrooks Clyde Miles Calvin Minshéw Ricky Minshew Johnny Mitchell Gerry Monroe Buddy Moore Jimmy Jennings Billy Johnson Bobby Jones Bobby Jones Keith Jones Jerry Jordon Steve Justus Randy Keene David Keene Wayne Kennedy Kenneth Kitchens Danny Knight Wayne Land Ken Lawrence Tommy Lears Charles Leonard Leroy Livingston Teddy Livingston Roger Loftin Fielding Malone Tommy Peakoc Wayne Peebles - Jerry Pender Eddie Percival Larry Peterson Mike Pettis Vernon Pitts Jerry Pope Dale Porter Paul Porter Terry Poulnott David Powell Charles Price John Pryor Mike Pyles Mike Randall James Roach Henry Robertson Robert Robinson David Rogers Larry Moore Wayne Moore John Moorman Storley Morris Bill Morstad Danny Mosley James Mosely Robert Mullis Terry Mullis Billy NeSmith Mike Odom Mike Odom Phil Odom Earnest Ogletree Kenneth Ogletree Bruce O'Neal Eddie Osborn Kenneth Pancake Joe Parton Steve Patat David Rumph William Russell Don Sanford Terry Sark Robert Scoggins Michael Scott Tommy Seagraves Gregory Sears Carlton Sego Joey Seguin Mike Silas Glenn Simmons David Skipper Lane Skipper George Slappey Doug Smith Doug Smith Larry Smith Lynn Smith Mark Smith Ralph Smith Stan Smith Andy Spires Sam Stafford Carl Stewart David Stringfellow Jim Stuckey Haywood Sweat Chick Sykes Tyrone Tapley Clay Thames Bobby Thigpen Danny Thigpen Andy Thomas Ricky Thomas Al Thrasher Michael Timm Roger Tinker Monty Tonclove James Turley Eddy Vance Sammy Villwock Ricky Waites Mike Walden Ricky Wasdon Gay Watson Larry Webb Kenneth Wesson Mike Wheeler Mike White John Whitehurst Randy Wilkes Gary Williams Randall Willisgham Mike Willis Dennis Wilson Douglas Wilson Shep Witherington A. W. Wright Johnny Yates Donnie Yaughn Billy Christy David Doss Junior High at Work, Now I ask yot, is this how Einstein started? Relaxing, yut we do want to LIVE »e Seniors! ! and Superlatives Steve Johnson” Mildred Leaptrot ep 5 2 a sue v Fn Advertisements HART’S MORTUARY Established 1899 Middle Georgia’s Oldest Funeral Home With Middle Georgia's Largest and Most Experienced Staff M. Bailey G. Paul Adams Homer McGinty Clifton B. Orr, Jr. Joseph M. Childs Rev. Alton W. Ellis Mrs. Allene G. Lambert Mrs. Hazel G. Pittman J. FREEMAN HART, JR. H. P. Henderson, Jr. Howard Glen Almand Harry G. Moody Thomas B. Hamlen B. Hines Causey James Carswell Durden Ernest C. Saxon 765 Cherry Street 746-432 Miller Bayne Mallary James Fain Miss Beulah McElveen Mrs. Theresa Sheridan Mrs. Mary O. Boland Mrs. Audrey Cooper A. C. Yeomans : — — —————————— aSeeeeeepeeeeeeeuBpaeseaeaseseaeesus WHITE LAVENDER PEST CONTROL, INC. MONTHLY TERMS —- COMPANY FINANCED NO RED TAPE NO RED SERVICE INC TERMITE CONTROL REPAIRS ALL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH 2-WAY RADIOS FOR FAST SERVICE LICENSED BY STATE PEST CONTROL COMMISSION Dial SH 6-5134 NIGHTS - HOLIDAYS DIAL 745-2067 or SH 3-1700 or 788-3156 3984 NAPIER AVE. Campliments of a MOORE AND MEADOWS FRIEND USED CARS 615 Oglethorpe at 2nd Street MACON, GEORGIA PHONE SH 6-5697 Home of Quality Used Cars Q y Fine eWlen’s ‘Wear 414 CHERRY STREET SALESMEN: MACON, GEORGIA Sam Poulnott Buck Moore Eernie Cochran Paul Barns Bobby R. Smith BILL HUNT and BILL RAGAN Home of MACON, RCA Victor GEORGIA Color TV SH 5-7467 688 Poplar St. For the Finest in Photography: Good Luck, Seniors!! HINTERMEIER S-UTLEY STUDIO 408 Second Street SH 2-2851 MACON, GEORGIA L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Class Rings . Club Insignia . Honor Awards . College Fraternity Jewelry . Medals . Trophies . Commencement Invitations . Diplomas . Personal Cards NATHAN MORGAN THAD WILKINS P.O. Box 612 Telephone 452-2129 3390 Peachtree Road Telephone CE 3-2200 Milledgeville, Georgia Atlanta 5, Georgia QUALITY ORTHOPEDIC 7. SHOE REPAIRING aay “36 ) a D WORK a) a Se ‘ MONDY’S SHOES PIO NONO PLAZA Shoes for the Entire Family ' AT SAVINGS YOU WON'T BELIEVE Children's Corrective Shoes O. L. MONDY FOR COMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE HIGH SCHOOL sPORTS FEATURES PICTURES READ Che Macon Telegraph THE MACON NEWS Middle Georgia’ Favorite Feusipapes WESLEYAN COLLEGE Founded 1836 Offering Four Degrees to the Qualified High School Graduate Who Desires a Coordinated Program of Liberal Arts and Fine Arts. BACHELOR OF MUSIC BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Visit Our Campus or Write for Further Information About How to Join the Large Number of Macon Girls Attending Wesleyan. QUALITY MILK SINCE 1913 All Our Dairy Products Are Processed Here in Macon for Home Deliveries SHerwood 5-3304 CHEROKEE FARMS, INC. R.F.D. NO. 2 Compliments From a BLOCKHEAD MATHIS-AKINS CONCRETE BLOCK CO., INC. MUSIC NEWS 1240 on Your Dial qunith 2370 Ingleside Ave. :! , Ps Macon, Georgia Phone 745-0094 ee GLASS' PHARMACY Cherry and Broadway Macon, Ga. SH 2-1837 TRADING POST VAN SERVICE MACON, GA. SH 3-2678 Compliments of FINCHER’S BARBECUE Houston Avenue REID GRIFFIN, Jeweler Graduate of Elgin Watchmakers College Watch and Jewelry Repairing Macon, Georgia (Near Spiller's Restaurant) Phone SH 2-5303 316 Third St. Compliments of JEAN AND HALL FLORISTS Compliments of PIO NONO HARDWARE AND NURSERY 4561 PlO NONO AVENUE PHONE 788-1842 Compliments of DESSAU REALTY INSURANCE CO. J F CONSTRUCTION CO. 331 Candler Drive 3089 Broadway SH 2-2557 BEASLEY AND HARPER AUTO Body — Fender Repair Auto Painting Fiber Glass Work Compliments of SERVICE NEWS CO. 1745 Clinton Road Distributors of Paperback Books to SCHOOLS and COLLEGES Phone 743-6943 COLEMAN-MEADOWS-PATE DRUG COMPANY Wholesale Druggists Serving Georgia Pharmacists Since 1919 T T PACKING COMPANY Producers of Queen of Dixie Meat Products MACON, GEORGIA ARMSTRONG CORK Compliments of COMPANY JARRELL'S PAINT CENTER 3266 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Georgia W SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. BUILDING MATERIAL Post Office Box 1347 398 Eighth Street SH 6-5145 MACON, GEORGIA MACON, GEORGIA BETTY ANN'S NUTS AND CANDIES Fresh Salted Nuts for any Occasion Gift Candies WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER JEEPS TONY'S BODY SHOP Complete Body and Fender Painting New and Used Glass and Air Conditioning 240 THIRD STREET PHONE 746-7631 Parts and Service MIDDLE GEORGIA MACK SALES TINY TOWNE CHILDREN'S SHOP JEEP DIVISION Infants — Children's — Pre-Teens 4465 MARION AVENUE 788-4600 PIO NONO PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Ph. 788-3923 MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of SOUTHERN CRATE For Those Who Have AND VENEER A Sweet Tooth See RIVERS CANDY COMPANY COMPANY Manufacturers of Wirebound Boxes and Crates Shop Phone Home Phone 788-5729 ‘ 745-3473 BRANAN TRACTOR SERVICE CO. WILLIAM S. BRANAN, Owner Automatic Welding @ Portable Welding Portable Track Press 4560 Pio Nono Ave. Macon, Ga. Boats @ Evinrude Motors @ Gator Trailers @ Marine Supplies Complete Boat and Motor Repair JETS @ INBOARDS—OUTBOARDS e@ OUTBOARDS GRAY HIGHWAY MACON, GEORGIA Marine and Fishing Supplies Bus. Phone 746-0554 J. EMORY DAVIS Home Phone 743-6413 Creating Good Impressions Since 1921 LYON-MARSHALL COMPANY PRINTERS 575 Mulberry St. Lane Telephone SH 5-6544 Macon, Georgia BEARINGS AND DRIVES, INC. 6067 Lower Poplar Street MACON, GEORGIA Best Wishes to the Senior Class of ‘64 PHONE 743-6711 Open a Teenage Account in Three Minutes Compliments of No Co-Signers CASSIDY AUTO PARTS CENTRAL JEWELRY STORE 251 Broadway SH 6-3296 T. LYNN DAVIS REALTY CO. Compliments of Real Estate Sales—Commercial Rentals DURR'S LAKE To Sell or Rent Call Us. SH 2-1245 — 202 Lanier Plaza Macon, Georgia Compliments of BIBB MANUFACTURING COMPANY MACON, GEORGIA FIRST NAME IN TEXTILES The First Name in TEXTILES HARRY L. YOUNG ZACK B. YOUNG, JR. ; Compliments of GEORGIA MARKET HOUSE MAXWELL BROTHERS We Ship Pecans, Country Hams, Shoulders FURNITURE MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED 468 SECOND ST. 471-3 Second St. MACON, GEORGIA dicen: the 310 406 CHERRY STREET THE SULTAN'S TABLE RESTAURANT 695 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia PHONE SH 2-4405 Compliments of FRIED'S GARAGE FRANK M. HAPP, Owner Compliments of METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. 892 Mulberry Street William M. George, District Manager William D. Finlher, Agency Manager Willie C. Ganus, Agency Manager J. Raymond Knott, Agency Manager John D. Rickman, Agency Manager Kenneth B. Taylor, Agency Manager Compliments of CARL HAYS, JEWELER Member of National Bridal Service MACON, GEORGIA MACON PULPWOOD CO., INC. Cut Your Trees Wisely for Greater Profits 4385 PlO NONO AVENUE MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of WNEX NEIGHBORHOOD BARBER SHOP Bloomfield Shopping Center Welcomes You and Your Family Owner: MR. O TTIS PEACOCK—No. | Chair MR. W. D. TOLBERT—No. 2 Chair MR. CHARLES SHEPHERD—No. 3 Chair We Specialize in Flat Tops We Also Have Barber To Cut Ladies’ Hair Courtesy To All Children Open 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Monday Thru Friday Open Saturday 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Compliments of MACON FEED AND SEED CO., INC. 3115 Broadway SH 5-0407 DIXIE AUTO PARTS COMPANY Gray Highway 2775 Broadway SH 6-4368 SH 3-637] Compliments of L. A. SMITH AUTO SERVICE, INC. VOLKSWAGEN Sales Service 755 Third Street Middle Georgia's Only Authorized Volkswagen Dealer AL RUSSELL’S USED CARS, INC. 865 THIRD STREET AL RUSSELL MACON, GA. DIAL SH 6-1546 BROOKS PHARMACY 788-5717 Rt. 3, Cochran Field Road Macon, Georgia LOANS SOUTHERN DISCOUNT COMPANY Folks Find Us Friendly 3215 Pio Nono Avenue SH 5-7448 HANDI CHEK FOOD STORE 4477 Forsyth Road Under New Management We Appreciate Your Business McCLURE BALDWIN GRIFFIN Complete Office Outfitters — Our 50th Year — Middle Georgia's most complete source of quality office supplies and equipment for the past fifty years. 570 Mulberry Street Macon, Georgia Phone SH 2-2580 COE= OSTORES , J. W. RAFFIELD, Owner Pio Nona Plaza Phone: 788-4532 Macon, Georgia THE FINEST IN TIRES AND TIRE SERVICES LA VISTA RESTAURANT 3040 Vineville Avenue Steaks — Chickens — Seafoods INTERIORS THE FURNITURE GALLERIES (A House of Bright Ideas) 479 Second St. SH 6-6380 JOHN W. DANIELS, JR. SH 6-1257 Macon, Ga. Electrical Apparatus Sales and Service WILSON ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. 557 Pine St. Macon, Ga. P.O. Box 1403 Phone 746-5654 New and Rebuilt Motors — Controls — Adjustable Speed Drives — Transformers — Gearmotors — Drives — Reduced Voltage Starters — Trouble Shoot- ing — Motor Rewinding — Machine Shop Facilities —Maintenance FOUNDED 1929 Compliments of T. Y. GIBSON Pest Control Company 1034 Second Street FICKLING AND WALKER, INC. Realtors — Insurers Mortgage Loans 240 Second Street Phone SH 6-942] MACON, GEORGIA Quality MEATS, GROCERIES, Fancy and Staple and LOWEST PRICES! J L SUPER MARKET MEATS, GROCERIES, SEA FOODS 890 Third Street, Macon, Georgia PHONE SH 2-985! 624 NEW STREET SHerwood 6-1366 MACON VENDING SERVICE All Types Vending Machines “Our Service Unequalled MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of CHESTERFIELD FINANCE COMPANY, INC. 510 Mulberry Street Macon, Ga. STARNES FORMALS Tuxedos, Evening and Wedding Gowns And All Accessories DIAL SH 2-6573 2808 Napier Ave. Macon, Georgia J. H. WALKER'S GULF SERVICE STATION 4305 Columbus Road — Macon, Ga. Open 7:30 A.M. = Close 10:00 P.M. PHONE SH 3-1616 EPPS BRADDY USED CARS, INC. Specializing In Good Clean Used Cars 665 Riverside Dr. Macon, Georgia Best Wishes From PARK PLYMOUTH Plymouth—Valiant Home of Sincere Service’ 455 WALNUT STREET A. S. HATCHER COMPANY MARINE DIVISION SH 6-4894 444 PLUM STREET Chris Craft Boats Johnson Outboard Motors BIBB STEEL SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED FABRICATED STRUCTURAL STEEL Compliments of RALSTON PURINA COMPANY MACON, GEORGIA K. B. Olmstead K. B. SERVICE STATION 4509 Houston Ave. Phone 788-1557 Macon, Ga. Compliments of MEREDITH TRAILER COURT 4541 Houston Avenue BRYANT-MARCHMAN Hair Customs for Men and Boys 3716 Houston Avenue SH 6-8933 C. W. FARMER CO. 521 Fifth Street Macon, Georgia JACK SMITH'S GULF SERVICE STATION Pio Nono and Hightower Rd. Across From Westgate Shopping Center Tune-Up Brake Service Road Service Compliments of VIRGINIA HALL, INC. 4345 Pio Nono Avenue MACON, GEORGIA JACKSON BROTHERS’ GARAGE Wheel Alignment Tune-ups a Specialty Automatic Transmissions Rebuilt Automotive Machine Shop Phone SH 2-064! 4060 Houston Avenue DON CALDWELL'S OPTICIANS Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of ‘65. DON CALDWELL'S OPTICIANS 752 First Street SH 3-Twenty-Twenty For Twenty Twenty Vision SHEFTALL'S BARBER SHOP Expert Service SH 6-8652 440 Walnut St. MACON, GA. The Magnificent Magnavox at BARON'S, INC. Westgate Shopping Center WESTGATE BARBER SHOP L. L. RICKS, Owner We Will Appreciate Your Head in Our Business. BUSINESS: 746-5454 RESIDENCE: SH 3-0196 We Specialize in Small Children's Haircuts. Compliments of GUY WHITE RADIO AND TV ADDRESS 654 Mulberry Street PHONE SH 3-3768 PUTT PUTT an “” 4690 Broadway Telephone 788-3551 WILSON TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE CO. 639 MULBERRY STREET - MACON, GEORGIA SHERWOOD 6-2777 Sales — Service — Rentals — Supplies New and Used Equipment HADDEN'S RESTAURANT Catering to Parties and Banquets 4451 Houston Avenue Macon, Ga. Phone 788-4961 LONGINES BULOVA NAT KESSLER Watchmaker and Jeweler 644 Cherry Street BAKER-MAYFIELD COMPANY Dealer International Harvester, Trucks and Farm Equipment 1845 Waterville Road 745-6526 SOUTHERN PRESS, INC. 1506 Hardeman Avenue SH 6-1385 MACON, GEORGIA Creators of Fine Printing CENTRAL OIL COMPANY JOHN BELL, Operator Truck Stop Sinclair Products and Goodyear Tires 5th at WALNUT PHONE SH 3-6523 Compliments of BLOODWORTH PHARMACY 3219? HOUSTON AVENUE BARFIELD'S FINER FOODS 2160 Pio Nono Avenue MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of TUCKER'S BARBECUE DRIVE-IN You Likem—Because We Makem to Like'' 4591 Broadway Phone: 788-9940 Compliments of PINEBROOK INN FORSYTH ROAD Catering to High School Banquets and Breakfasts PHONE SH 5-7458 P.O. BOX 355 3 REMANUFACTURED all —— 2889 Waterville Road MACON, GEORGIA FALL (YN VAAL Wn WO, shan Tomcanily pester DAN Mitezes a peebetferbad the graduating class A N A ANNAMANARN Anny: x yy ASHARAANAN athe Ditech ” sere ttens tee tertcs berry AAW» SYA NONI +) SSM): Wrtee Compliments of Compliments THE FIRST NATIONAL of BANK TRUST COMPANY In Macon “Your Full Service Bank’ “aa! Trust o. EVERETT SAMMONS in teoee and MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WI LLIAM SNOW JR DOWNTOWN OFFICE CHERRY at SECOND STREET . SOUTHSIDE BRANCH HOUSTON at HIGHTOWER ROAD WESLEYAN BRANCH WESLEYAN SHOPPING CENTER CHEROKEE BRANCH NAPIER at PIO NONO BACONSFIELD BRANCH 955 GRAY HIGHWAY Compliments of GEORGIA KRAFT COMPANY MACON, GEORGIA Fine Furniture Rew PHONE SH 5-9048 qe et 1744 BROADWAY =; =] MACON, GEORGIA » ft . : Mackey Furniture Co. “WE COMPLETELY FURNISH YOUR HOME Compliments SAM WARD JEWELERS 498 CHERRY STREET Admiral and Zenith Televisions —FURNITURE— Whirlpool WOOD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO. 3709 Houston Avenue JERRY WOOD SALES AND SERVICE Home Phone: 788-1171 Phone 746-8116 MELTON'S GARAGE All Work Guaranteed 4461 Houston Avenue l. H. MELTON Dial SH 2-6746 2672 Pio Nono BILL TOLER STATE FARM INS. CO. Across From Westgate 746-3305 Best Wishes HOWARD JOHNSON RESTAURANT “Host of the Highways” 2574 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia 746-6494 Compliments of DIXIE TRUCK AND PARTS COMPANY 2504 Pio Nono Avenue MACON, GEORGIA SH 6-2434 Used Trucks New and Used Truck Parts CENTRAL WHITE-AUTOCAR, INC. 4425 Marion Avenue MACON, GEORGIA TELEPHONE 788-6644 Heavy Duty Truck Sales and Service White Autocar White Freightliner INLAND CONTAINER CORPORATION 4815 Mead Road Macon, Georgia 9 Manufacturers of Quality Corrugated Containers CENTRAL GEORGIA FERTILIZER COMPANY 352 Eighth Street P.O. Box 390 MACON, GEORGIA MACON MINE AND MILL, INC. 725 Fifth Street Telephone SHerwood 6-7367 MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of RYDER TRUCK LINES, INC. SCHWOBILT Compliments of j JOHN DIXON TV AND RADIO CO. Televisions—Stereos—Records—Radios Serving Macon for 19 years 476 Second Street Compliments of R. S. THORPE SONS 533-535 Cherry Street — Telephone SH 2-6246 MACON, GEORGIA Better Clothes for Men and Boys — Ladies' Beauty Salon Compliments of BIBB PRINTING COMPANY 151 Fifth Street POWELL’S H and H JEWELERS PHARMACY Specialist in Jewelry Repairs and Watch Repairs 418 Second Street Ph.—SH 5-5029 Compliments of ART MICKLER SPORTING GOODS SH 6-8132 263 Broadway 3717 Houston Avenue MACON, GEORGIA Complete RX and Sundry Needs PHONE SH 6-2756 PETE KENDALL'S SERVICE STATION Atlas Tires Accessories BROADWAY AT MULBERRY STEVE M. SOLOMON JR., INC. Compliments af Dodge—Chrysler TRIANGLE CHEMICAL COMPANY GOSS 206 LOWER ELM STREET BARBER AND BEAUTY SALON 3683 HOUSTON AVENUE SH 6-8636 Congratulations to the Class of ‘65 Every senior will be given a savings account of $1.00 in recognition of his achievement upon presenting his annual to Home Federal Savings and Loan Association. be} felt), ei kele) 3 4 BANKERS INSURANCE BLDG. . J. E. TIMBERLAKE, JR., President HUGH H. HILL, Vice Pres. . SAM P. LAMBACK, Manager OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS J. E. TIMBERLAKE, JR., President SAM P. LAMBACK, Sec’ty and Treas. HUGH H. HILL, Vice President C. O. McAFEE, Vice President GEORGE M. DUNHAM, Assistant Sec’ty and Treas. DIRECTORS Tom Flournoy, Jr. T. Baldwin Martin Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Hugh H. Hill C. O. McAfee David W. Thornton Sam P. Lamback H. P. Persons J. E. Timberlake, Jr. Marvin J. Coddon Chris R. Sheridan Frank W. Walthall, Jr. FIOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF MACON MAIN OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE 100 Bankers Insurance Building 35 Westgate Shopping Center Macon, Georgia Macon, Georgia FURNITURE CENTER, INC. Furniture -:- Appliances 455 First Street MACON, GEORGIA THE FURNITURE | CENTER, INC. RAYMOND C. WALLACE, Pres. 455 First Street Macon, Georgia PHONE SH 6-2461 — SH 6-2462 Furniture — Appliances Park and Shop and Save at BLOOMFIELD BEAUTY SALON Belk-Matthews DEPARTMENT STORE MRS. TYNER WILLBORN, Owner MACON, GEORGIA Complete Beauty Service Eveni by A int t venings by Appointmen MACON PIANO EXCHANGE 2699 Houston Avenue Dealers for New and Used DIAL 788-5798 Pianos 5598 Bloomfield Road Next to Hogg's Drugs Wurlitzer Conn Organ Janssen Wurlitzer Organ Sohmer OSS INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE: MACON, GEORGIA MACON MEMORIAL PARK The Cemetery Soautifl SHERATON GALLERIES Perpetual Care Fine Furniture at Sensible Prices COLUMBUS ROAD PHONE SH 2-7746 6230 Hawkinsville Road Macon, Georgia Phone 788-7552-3-4 Compliments of Shop in Middle Georgia's Newest and Finest CENTRAL TIRE CO. Furniture Store—Completely Air Conditioned Quality Tires ond Recapping” ALL ON ONE FLOOR—!7,000 SQ. FEET Compliments of MACON BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments All Types of Building Material yp g of 359 Oglethorpe Street SH 2-5733 MACON, GEORGIA SH 6-755] AMERICAN BAKERIES CO. U.S. Keds Loafers Bee-bops KITE'S BOOTERY 2310 Ingleside Avenue Your Store For Teen-Age Styles SH 5-1018 Shoe Repair DEATON'S GROCERY and MARKET Satisfaction Guaranteed 4347 Houston Avenue Buick. Cadblee Swce VE° HUCKABEE CFU Cor 696 Third at Pine St. MACON, GEORGIA Compliments of LEON and EDDIE'S FOOD STORE 4245 COLUMBUS ROAD 746-9892 ROWLAND PRINTING COMPANY 3985 Houston Avenue FOR YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL 745-5576 ON THE MOVE WITH MACON 3989 Houston Avenue Macon, Ga. NEW WAY CLEANERS One Hour Service—No Extra Cost Pick-Up and Delivery S H Green Stamps SH 6-4875 ROY G. WILLIAMS, INC. Macon's Leading Druggists DOWNTOWN MACON SOUTHERN BAIT AND TACKLE INC. 1071 Gray Highway Open 24 Hours Fishing, Sporting, and Picnic Supplies Compliments of MR. M. CAFETERIA WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER CREDIT BUREAU of MACON and COLLECTION SERVICE 791 Poplar Street REPORT: 743-3771 COLLECTIONS: 742-7581 COCHRAN MOTOR COMPANY 4685 Houston Avenue The Home of Volume Sales We Service What We Sell JAMES G. BRYANT (Owner) Colonial Compliments of FAILE'S PHARMACY 3272 Pio Nono Ave. PHONE SH 5-046! Compliments of E. RAYMOND RAMBLER YOUR FRIENDLY RAMBLER DEALER 738 BROADWAY , SH 5-5453 “Voir Sreciatists” Aut dorize Triumen Seavice i: GEORGE YETTER’S LRIU MPs FOREIGN AUTO CLINIC SERVICING ALL MAKES FOREIGN CARS 528 PLUM ST. GEORGE YETTER MACON, GA. Compliments of WILLINGHAM SASH AND DOOR cod BREAD WIBB 1280 KC FOR GOOD PROGRAMS YATES HARDARE CO. 2639 Montpelier Ave. Hardware, Farm, Home, and Garden Tools and Supplies Ph. SH 3-0112 Compliments of AMERSON CONSTRUCTION CO. FRANK C. AMERSON JR. FOR DEPENDABLE SERVICE MACON ON THE MOVE - MOVE WITH YELLOW CABS Dial SH 2-6464 546 SECOND ST. Compliments of AMERICAN HERITAGE INSURANCE CO. SHOE TOWN MACON SHOE COMPANY DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... 371 Third Street ARE GRADE “A — ALL THE WAY! Macon, Georgia ee) WILLIAM H. ELDER, SR. hs oReP General Agent 833 Walnut Street COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER SH 6-486! MACON, GA. RESTAURANT FIXTURE SUPPLIES CO., INC. ° 523 Poplar Street MACON, GEORGIA MACON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Loans Savings 377 Third Street 900 Pio Nono Avenue Compliments of MACON RECORDING CO. Co mpliments of McCLURE FURNITURE CO. BIBB FINANCE CORPORATION TELEPHONE 746-5126 522 THIRD STREET H, 8. (BOE) THOMPSON, Mar. MACON, GEORGIA LEE’‘S FOOD SHOPPES 5265 New Columbus Road 3739 Napier Avenue Groceries—Meats—lIce Just About Everything For Family Needs GEORGE'S RED and WHITE 6004 Hawkinsville Road GLADYS BEAUTY SHOP Chambers at Bloomfield ALL TYPES OF BEAUTY WORK SH 6-5570 Roofing Siding M. C. PITTMAN ROOFING PAINT CO. Serving Middle Georgia Since 1926 P. O. Box 932 654 PLUM STREET SH 3-1336 Compliments of BURDEN SMITH and CO. INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL MOTOR SERVICE 329 Main Gents tur HAROLD REGISTER'S SERVICE STATION 8124 Houston Avenue WESTGATE MACON, GEORGIA DAIRY QUEEN AND BRAZIER 2707 Columbus Road South Macon's Style Headquarters COKE'S for Young Men Cameras—Photographic Supplies—Processing 735 Cherry Street MACON GEORGIA = 2 FOR BANKING YOUR WAY, BOTH NOW AND AFTER GRADUATION, SEE C S IN MACON 487 Cherry Street Cherry at Cotton Avenue Second at Hemlock Street ingleside at Corbin Avenue Westgate Shopping Center Shur lington Plaza Shopping Center Join the happy Crandall parade... Classes Day or Night... Be a Crandall grad your course j The Crandall grad At Crandall Business College Makes the grade. Crandall Cares for Your Career! CRANDALL BUSINESS COLLEGE 555 Mulberry Street Lanier Plaza Building 745-6593 HOUSTON AVENUE PHARMACY 2654 Houston Avenue Sonny Wilcher, Registered Pharmacist SH 3-546] Free Delivery Service Compliments of BURGER CHEF THE STEVENS COMPANY Incorporated 1923 Piedmont Circle, N.E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30324 aS 2 ROW Ge w vs r Pe Ww, { A) iu Se . HOGGS HOUSTON AVENUE DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store 4096 Houston Avenue Phone 788-6651 Y 4415 Pio Nono Ave. CUMBIE BROTHERS GRADING CONTRACTORS Compliments of CRISWELL SERVICE STATION KATIE BRADLEY BEAUTY SALON Japanese Hair Stylist 1392 ROCKY CREEK ROAD 788-398 | Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN LIGGETT DRUG STORE 5 10 PIO NONO PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Complete Line of School Supplies Compliments of W. Hoyt Wansley's SHELL SERVICE STATION Holt and Vineville Avenue MACON, GEORGIA PHONE SH 5-5009 i nal O oo oc U 3567 Houston Ave. MACON, GEORGIA BIBB SKATE CLUB Home of Friendly Christian Personal Service HORTON-IVEY FUNERAL HOME SH 6-81 11 3275 Pio Nono Avenue Aly “Donald's | HAMBURGERS a ow ae ji Pre pr eh ba—e look for the golden arches... McDonald's 1450 ROCKY CREEK ROAD MACON, GEORGIA SH 3-2214 SH 6-2036 RAYMOND HAMMOCK Owner Home of Quality Cars 833 Third St. Macon, Ga. SAM S. CHANDLER INSURANCE AGENCY Chandler Building 154 Broadway PHONE: SH 2-364! MACON, GEORGIA PLAZA RECREATION CENTER Where our friends meet for recreation BILLIARDS RILEY | Mobile Homes Kegero Jewelry Company, Ine. WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING A SPECIALTY TELEPHONE SH 5-2324 Sales Inc. 368 SECOND STREET 4343 Pio Nono 788-4792 —————— MACON. ie MERCER UNIVERSITY A Coeducational Liberal Arts College Committed to Christian Education MERCER UNIVERSITY welcomes graduates of McEVOY and WIL- LINGHAM High Schools. The curriculum is especially designed for those who would be ministers, teachers, lawyers, business execu- tives, doctors, or pharmacists. For information, contact the DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS. MERCER UNIVERSITY Macon, Georgia ARROW FENCE CO, INC. 4371 Pio Nono Avenue Macon, ea FOR FREE ESTIMATES PH. 788-6091 T. C. WOODARD—Manager GARLAND PUGH FORD Congratulations Macon's Authorized Ford Dealer 225 SECOND STREET SH 2-577! Recapping New Tires Used Tires GALLAWAY TIRE CO. and RECAP SERVICE 1396 Rocky Creek Road 789 Gray Highway Phone 788-3688 Phone 746 2813 MACON, GEORGIA 4276 Broadway Macon, Georgia DAGWOOD DELOACH BARBER SHOP Air Conditioned We Need Your Head in Our Business Tisha ie A MERICAN CHEROKEE PHARMACY 552 Mulberry Street OFFICE EQUIPMENT ; aes. a Macon, ne COMPANY We specialize in prescriptions Phone 742-7547 2603 MONTPELIER AVENUE SH 2-1465 Tour Company 1s Judged By The Office It Keeps!” a A CHARLIE WOOD-WILLINGHAM, INC. Sporting Goods Boats, Motors Toys—Hobbies and Accessories 484 Second Street Walnut and New Sts. LAMAR PONTIAC COMPANY Compliments Sales and Service of 1090 Riverside Drive L. A. THOMAS DRUG G.T.O. — PONTIAC — TEMPEST CHAMBERS LUMBER CO. a= H SET, rane it - : . BUFORD OF PIO-NONO CHAMBERS LUMBER CO. BEAUTY SHOP Pio Nono Ave. Pio Nono Plaza PHONE 3-1474 INSTITUTIONAL WHOLESALERS, More and Better Servings in Every Can AND | VEGETABLES a Z Catering Exclusively to Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Industrial Food Opera- tions, Bakers and Institutions GENERAL OFFICES MACON, GA. Compliments of PUTZEL'S LIGHTING CO. 575 ARCH STREET L. F. G. PRINTING CO. Rte. 2 Tucker Rd. SH 2-890! Compliments of STEPHANS AT WESTGATE See v = wee MOFFET STATIONERY AND BOOKS Headquarters for Your School Supplies BOOKS—GIFTS —CARDS—OFFICE SUPPLIES Westgate Shopping Center Compliments of RHODE'S FURNITURE CO. 369 SECOND STREET 788-1756 Telephones: 788-1757 SOUTH MACON MOTORS 4508 Houston Ave. Macon, Georgia JAMES E. PURSER STACY MONAGHAN PRES CRIPTION | Oldest Dispensing Opticians in Macon . Carefully . Beautiful Frames For Finest Lenses . . Dispensed . ee Complete Optica Service LDHAM ‘Ss Ooticiang CONTACT LENSES e ARTIFICIAL EYES Otarion Hearing Aid Glasses Receptionist—Miss Mario Adams J. E. Oldham—J. E. Oldham, Jr.—C. R. Sanders—N. F. Patterson Dial SHerwood 6-4866 PERSONS BLDG. DIXIE CLEANERS One Hour Service Convenient Drive-In Windows Dial SH 5-1033 3113 Pio Nono Avenue SCHOOL Advanced Secretarial for Commercial Graduates ARTISTIC. FLOWERS 120 New St., Macon, Georgia, Dial 746-0215 Beginning and Advanced Bookkeeping MRS. JEANETTE AIKEN FRED AIKEN, JR. Complete Office Machines Course Monthly Tuition Rates or Course Plan Brighten Every Occasion With Flowers Lifetime Placement for Every Graduate 556 First Street SHerwood 2-3667 Established 1888 AYERS BEAUTY SALON More than 2500 Graduates 4014 Broadway SH 5-5666 “Flowers That Whisper . . . What Words Can't Say SOUTHSIDE FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP 2977 Houston Avenue Phone SH 5-5742 3 Doors From Fabric, Inc. MRS. E. C. CASTELLAW (Owner) Complete Wedding, Funeral and Hospital Service AN FRANS FLOWERS GIFTS Formerly Porterfield Floral Gift Shop BLOOMFIELD BARBER SHOP GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 5265 New Columbus Road FRANCES and FLOYD JACKSON, Owners and Operators 2610 Allen Road Phone 788-5446 MACON, GA. INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANA HERFF JONES Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers NATHAN MORGAN, JR. Telephone GLendale 2-2129 341 N. Irwin Street Milledgeville, Ga. Caps and Gowns Clint Lee Diplomas GOOD WILL NURSING HOME MRS. C. R. LOCKHART, Owner A Home Away from Home Good Home-Cooked Meals Religious Service Sundays Prayer Meetings Weekly “And the King shall answer and say unto them Verily | say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40 4373 HOUSTON AVENUE SH 2-1246 Activities ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Board of Education Secretaries Superintendent and Assistants Principals Adams, B. . Brake, William Deaton, Charles Johnson, Fred Faculty Anderson, Billie s Baird, Addie Rie Baldwin, Frances . - 2, Battle, Eddie 30, 125, 126, 136, Beale, Billy 126, Beasley, Linda Beatty, Daisy Berlin, Virginia Birdsey, Angus Brake, Jeanette Brown, Rosalyn Brown, Ethelena Burrell, Joy Burt, Mary Jim Byrd, Charles Calhoun, Jeane Castlen, Mildred Chambers, Jeanette Clary, Joyce” Colquitt, Winifred Cook, Charles Cox, Dorothy Cutter, Dixie Dorroh, Virginia Douglas, Carl Downer, Lewis 23, 125, 126, Duckworth, Jesse . 30, 125, 126, 152 Dzirkalis, Mara Edwards, E. Dona Edwards, Mack Etheridge, Joseph Faircloth, Margaret Faulkner, Helen Faulkner, Joseph Fisher, Hal Floyd, Robert Frost, Margie Garvin, Michael Gibbs, Sarah Godowns, Louise Goldsby, Maude Graves, Harriet Gresham, Frances Hadarits, Anne Hall, Gladys Hancock, E. Henderson, William 133, 137, 138 Hilliard, Elizabeth Hinesley, Elizabeth Hinson, James Hobbs, Judy Hodges, Louise Hubbard, Sherry Hudson, Joan Hutcherson, Martha Jones, Patsy Kyser, Carter Lamback, Mary LaMountt, Lenoir Lane, John Lanier, Julia Law, Jeannie Littlefield, Jim Long, Loarene Malone, Cynthia ......... McGee, Mary Ann Meek, Francis ° Meyers, Harold ..... Middlebrooks, Jane . Mixon, Thomas 30, 152 Nikula, Katharine Ogden, Delinda Odum, Eunice Odum, Jackie Olsen, Mary Pahdoco, Wanda Parker, Earl ...... Parrish, C. D. Pendergrass, Lena 342 INDEX Powell, Christine Powers, Virginia Pridgeon, Leonard Pridgeon, Sara Rabern, Verna Ray, Luther Reves, Barbara Richardson, Jacquelyn Robertson, Carolyn . Sapp, Janice .......++++ FANaeehhokeneosas Scandlyn, Mildred Schofill, Jean Seabrooke, Carole Shockley, Karen Smith, Mary Smith, Bonnie Snipes, Ben Stallings, Johnny Tollerson, Lula Turner, Joleane Tuten, Beverly Van Norte, Harriet Walker, Doris Walker, Nelle Watkins, Georgia Watson, Harold Weaver, Janie Weaver, Mary Webb, Madge Wheeler, Jack Whelan, James Windham, Frank Wingfield, Betty ADVERTISEMENTS CLASSES Freshman 254-269 Junior ... «+» 210-231 Senior ... « 156-209 Sophomore 232-253 Sub-Freshman 270-285 DEDICATIONS Willingham FOREWORD INTRODUCTION MEMORIALS Driggars, Henderson, ORGANIZATIONS Allied Medical Careers Club Art Clubs McEvoy Junior .... Senior tse Willingham Audio-Visual McEvoy Junior Senior Willingham Band Club Beta Club McEvoy Willingham Junior Senior .sccccccces Bonnie Blue Print Staffs Business Editorial Bonnie Garderners Dee CARD: scacvasssvcsecsecccccucens Cadet Band McEvoy ......0. esos 82 Willingham Concert Band McEvoy Willingham Dance Band Dramatics Club Junior Senior Deca Dixie Darlings Drum Majors McEvoy Willingham 4-H French Club McEvoy Willingham Future Business Leaders of America McEvoy Willingham Future Farmers of America . Future Homemakers of America Junior Senior Future Teachers of America ....... German Club Girls’ Athletic Association Gymnastics Club Industrial Arts Key Club Library Assistants Library Club McEvoy Willingham Majorettes Captain Math Club McEvoy Willingham McEvoy Chorus .... McEvoy Marching Band ........... . McEvoy- Willingham Notebook Melodettes ..... eee . WUBI CHMD: avscncocsvcvcncacccsesaassoee Office Monitors Junior Senior Pep Club McEvoy Willingham Pride of Dixie Marching Band Quill and Scroll Radio Club .... Ram Club Ram Jets .... eeccsvecesccsccecoccnes Rampage Editorial and Business Staff . 100 Ramscott Staffs Business Editorial Red Cross McEvoy Junior Senior Willingham Junior Senior Safe-Teens Science Club McEvoy Junior Senior Willingham Spanish Club McEvoy Willingham Student Council “McEvoy Willingham Junior Thespians ........ Tween SPORTS cosececeresesecses 106-153 MeRvOy scsviccccccccvcccvscesccescccces 108-123 Willingham peeececntcce 124-153 STUDENT BODY Abernathy, Boyce . 63, 125, 134, 211, 224 Adams, Cary ........+. 65, 69, 100, 108, 183 Adams, i 65, 147, 262 Baskette, Kay Bledsoe, Dorcille Adams, ii 91, 233 Bass, Gwen tee Blessitt, Elaine ... ‘ Bass, Julian .. ” . Bliss, Beth ...... i 271 Bass, Marcia . . Blizzard, Albert 63 Adams, 224 Bass, Pat Addleton, Duffy . Bass, Shirley ..... a a —” — eS eS Adkins, Sheryl .. . Bassett, Deborah Ainsworth, Randy ..... os Basectt, Jan Bloodworth, Mike Alfirov, Jerrie 36, 64, 75, 78, 101, Bassett, Mike Blount, Don one 76, 81, 224 Alfiroy, Rosemary . 116, 165, 168, 176, Bassett, Shirley Blount, Gail . Algea, David er ers Batchelor, Billy Blount, Jerry Allagood, Ricky ... acsens exés Batchelor, Jerry Boatright, Frankie Allen, Jimmy oo Batchelor, Jo Ann .. ‘ Boatright, Larry Allen, Susan ..sscesceseeesees ° Batchelor, Tim Boatright, Pat Alligood, John aS Batchelor, Waldo Bolden, Alan ...... sevesseeesanens Alligood, Ralph . 65, 125, 128-132, 134, Bateman, Brenda Bolden, Larry 62, 65, 67, 224 137, 139, 140, 148, 149, 224 Bateman, Carolyn Bond, Rebecca Almand, Charles ... Bateman, Bonds, Norman Alsobrook, Annette Sateen, L 67, 81, 224 Bone, Mike Alsobrook, Jim ..ssessees oo 125, 184, Bateman, . 79, 96, 99, 125, 134, tet le we eee Amos, Bonnie ... Jeunes Dh 76, 94, 138, 184 Amos, Patricia .... Bateman, Ronnie....cccccsccssecsscese 71, 184 ae = «++ 70, 78, 79, 98, 98, 159 oothe, DN sccsccccccesevccccccsccesesces 271 Anderson, Deborah seeeeee Bates, Barbara . 60, 64, 72, 75, 78, 102, Anderson, Frankie ° Bates, Lee Ce a ee Boothe, Bivi ......... occas ae Anderson, Will eee Bates, Randy Borders, Jimmy seveeee 94, 244 Annis, Zenephia Bates, Wanda Bostick, Beverly Bostick, Carol Archer, Joel .... see Battl Reggi attle, eggic Bostick, Helen . 60, 64, 67, 78, 96, 97, — —e esee Battle, Suzanne Bostick, Juni cher, Susan .... oe ee oe Batts, B ostick, Junior «....ssesese+++ 62, 94, 210, 224 ores - Bounds, Millie .. eoee “i eae 72, 211 Archibald, Sandy .. eecvccsccees Batts, Cherry Ard, Eleyce . aes Batts, Jacqueline — raed r Mina eed aesunes o=SeR ame owen, Janis .....seceseeees Armour, David Batts, Joyce B La jowen, STF ccccse SS, 136, Arnette, Nona Batts, Sheila Arnold, Barbara ase ania 33 Baughcum, Dianne Bowen, Margie ......ccesesesscecessees 66, 71, 211 Bowen, Pam .... eee 159 Arnold, Cary oe Baxter, — ng Sesioee e Baxter. Keunéth ... abn Nancy ‘Raala, Wei ick Baxter, Rose ...+++. a Penny a wes Hexter, See racewell, Martha Seeatip Noman sevens a. cs ee ‘Aeneid; Vance , sees aged Bradford, Ton nn ea a re webcecccesconse Been, Jimmy a “ q Menard Aetnaton, Christine i wane — ni bce eile, Willies Aeettagtin Henry a Bra nblett on 2 k pee - ° Bearden, Bobby ramblett, Elizabeth .......ssseeeseesseees rrington, BYNe ..++ ee e . Besley, Gene Brandon, Patsy 71, 78, 97, 105, 159 Arrington, Youmans eee tee re a4 = aoe Beasley, Janice .. as. eee Brannan, Donald ........ sasicnninees ccccsces 106 Arrowood, Harriet . Tl, 72, %, 4 Beesley, Marshall ... wes 62, 63, 81, 100, 184 Brannan, Ouida 93, 116, 211 Arrowood, Patricia vebesuseusesene im Seavert, PAGMie sccsaveexe Brantley, Annette ... ecccscccee B71 Arrowood, Tom .. anaeseaoe Cy IB Bedeood,. Gane. ssccececss as POE. Branton, Donna ...... - 76, 78, 101, 160 Adams, Jerry Asbell, Charles .. 148, 10, 2 Bedgood, Joyce ...+++++++ . 78, 98, 158 Braswell, Tim ..... Bray, Charles ...... Breedin, Debby Breland, Brenda Breland, ie Brewer, Candy ... -. 6, 72, 98, 211 Brewer, acuaveus week Bridger, Breland, 158 Bridger, Bridger, Bridger, Bridges, Britt, Larry Britt, Libby Brittingham, Susie Brogden, John ...... Brooks, Ann ... Brooks, Arleen Brooks, Elaine Brooks, Jimmy Brooks, Judy Brooks, Martha Brooks, Penny Brotherton, Bryan Asbell, Gary ...- seeee 67, 136, 258 Patalas MMGAINT sdscidcouscnsiesssSynuxttee Mee Asbell, George na Belfl Marth Asbell, Sandra ies 233 begs eo sg 8) . Belger, Priscilla Ashe, Robert . Bell, Hugh .... Ashley, Danny Bell, Joe Aultman, Theresa . 61, 74, 92, 121, 4 Bell, Phillip . Autry, Buddy ..-- 78, 133, Bell, Reta Avera, AuRelia seeee . Bell, Shirley .... Avera, Hugh .. . s Bellflower, Barbara cvecce 66, 78, 101, Avera, Joe .«.- . soeee Bellflower, Mike .... ° seccccccees 244 Avera, Pat stip one Bellflower, Martha Avera, Ramona .-- ° : Bellury, Phillip .. Avera, Wanda ...-++++ ° Bellury, Tim Axton, Delmar .. oven Beleon, Clam Axton, Wayne .-- : Bembry, Ayers, Jimmy ‘ socececeses Bembry, Ayers, Wayne .- eee Bembry, Thomas Baggs, Anne ..- teens mia hcg Bennett, Billy Baggs, Jo . save Bennett, Clara Baggs, Ralph ..- seeeeeeee . Bennett, Janis Bagley, Jerry «+++» ee Bennett, Joyce Bagwell, Jo Linda . owonese ee Bennett, Tommy Bagwell, Martha ....++++++++ ciachaines 4 Benson, Cherry Bagwell, Ponesia eee we Benson, Howard Baird, Tony .- , Bentley, Cecil .... Brown, Al Baker, Danny ... setdeeate . Benton, Douglas ......+++ . Brown, 60, 64, 78, 103, 132 , Biker; ‘Willis. cisistaceroneseves =a Berry, Bernice : Lares He Bors Balkan. Mabe ce fs B hill, L : és NS Brown, Claudie .... 62, 65, 99, 103, 100, 128-131, Balkcom, Harold ° naa Cine eR snuovesaseensie 125, 134, 150, 151, 186, 294 Belkcom, Virginia sahene Bevine, Diane 117, 175, 233 — Be estnksisbieninenniinnereto 255 Balkom, George ---- eee Bickford, Barbara ....... seers 86, 210 ang Dianne = Ballard, Larry teens Bickford, Sandra ........ - 97, 271 Mica. : = Barfield, June ° saves Ditka: Seveme ——s Gary sits : en 244 Barfield, Sharon ....-- eoese Bilderback a ‘3 Brown, Janice .. 271 Barlow, Butch . soveeee ‘i 7 a . Bilderback, David . . . B. ‘ Barnes, Anita Bilderback, Kathy = sies Pt Barnes - eee = 4 ad rown, Ronga Bilderback, Samuel = Dived; imal Barnes, .e- 86, 93, 118, 157 4, 76, Bissonette, Ed ..... Brown, Sandra Barnes eeeenee ’ Black, Nita ..... =, = eee mpaes Soo eeree es Blackwell, Heidi ......+ssses+eeeeee+ 72, 93, 210 eae Barron, Donnie ... = a + 50, 54, 62, 65, 93, 139, 140, Brown, Walter Barry, Janice .... serene Blair, Gleam cccccccccccccccccssesvessess 2 ig, Billy Barry, Linda .... Blair, Pam ....... sen te Barry, Patsy .... Blalock, Dawn .. Broxton, Jolyn Bartlett, Lail ... . s Blalock, Ricky Bruce, Brenda Bartlett, Sherry ......++++++ 64, 75, 78, 101, 157 Bledsoe, David Bruce, Ralph eee eee eee ree rere rere rey Bryan, Bryan, Edwin Bryan, Theresa Bryan, Harold Bryant, Brenda Bryant, Gena Bryant, Irene Bryant, June Bryant, Pat .... Bryant, Macky Bryant, Patsy Bryant, Ronald Bryant, Wanda Buchanan, Buffington, Charles Buffington, Randy Buffington, Terry Buffington, Walter Bullard, Diane Bullard, Henry Bullard, Steve Bullock, Delores Bullock, Dianne Bullock, Ethel Bumgardner, Bunch, Linda Burdeshaw, Debby Burdette, Larry Burdge, Mary Joyce Burgamy, Linda Burgamy, Malcolm Burgamy, Sheila Burgess, Wayne Burke, Ed Burnett, Karen Burnett, Kathy Burnett, Kenny Burnett, Larry Burnley, Brenda Busbee, Danny Busbee, Gayle Busbee, Jack Busbee, Terry Bussell, Gloria Butler, Billy Butler, Elbert Buttrey, Harold Butts, Bunny Butts, Cheryl Butts, Dalton ... Butts, Henry Butts, Ronnie Byars, Larry Byrd, Elaine Bytd, Wayne Cain, Harry Caisse, Judy Caldwell, Cheryl Caldwell, Debbie Caldwell, Paul Caldwell, Vince Callaway, Connie ... Callaway, Dianne Callaway, Rusty Cameron, Alline Cameron, Allen Cameron, Barbara Cameron, Darrell Cameron, Debra Cameron, Elizabeth Cameron, Patsy Camp, Larry Canady, Ellen Canady, Sue Canady, Tommy Cannady, Kay Cannady, Mike Cannon, Bobbie Cannon, Chuck Cannon, Eddie Cannon, Theron Canten, Darrell Cantey, Patsy Canup, Sandra Canup, Theresa Cardell, Loretta Carden, Gail Carmichael, Earl Carmichael, Ricky Carmichael, Ronnie Carpenter, Donna Carpenter, Elaine Carr, Carolyn Carr, Emily Carr, Jackie Carr, Carr, Maldin Carr, Carr, Ronnie Carroll, Trudy Carstarphen, Danny Carstarphen, Orrin Carter, Barbara Carter, Debbie Carter, Dianne Carter, Linda Carter, Sharon Carter, Warren Carter, Wayne Carver, Jimmy Carver, Sherry Casey, Robyn Cason, Nancy Castleberry, William Cato, Hoke Cauley, Marlene Cauley, Marvin Causey, Andy Causey, Gail Causey, Kevin Causey, Kip Causey, William Cauldwell, Kenny Chaffin, Ann Chafin, Faye Chafin, Gay Cliaffin, Steve Chambers, Carol Chambers, Glenda Chambers, Kathy Chambers, Lynwood Chancy, Kathryn Chandler, Charles Chapman, Andy Chapman, Ronnie Chapman, Sheila Chapman, Terry Chapman, Vicki Chaput, Cheryl Cheatham, Bob Cheek, Darrel Cherry, Jimmy Cheshire, Donny Cheves, Gail Cheves, Johnnie Childers, Pat Childress, Quinton Chitwood, Judy Choff, Gina Choff, Sandra Christy, Albert Christy, Billy Churchill, Hank Churchwell, Carol Churchwell, Glynn Churchwell, Henry Churchwell, Ricky Chute, Vernon Claney, Susan 2N wt —— Clanton, Jimmy Clark, Brenda Clark, June .. Clark, Pat Clark, Sharon Clarke, Jackie Claxton, Cecil Clements, Randy Cliatt, Jane Cliatt, Linda Sue Cliatt, Marie Clifford, Brenda Clifford, Stanley Clifton, Pam Clinard, Curtis Clinard, David Cloud, Cary Clower, Rita Cohen, Barbara Cohen, Robert Coile, Jerry Cole, Barbara Cole, Glenda Coleman, David Coleman, Donald Coleman, Donnie Coleman, Hugh Coleman, Jerry Coleman, Coleman, Roy Collins, Arlie Collins, Carolyn Collins, Chester Collins, Edith Collins, Ernest Collins, James Collins, Jesse Collins, Michael Collins, Patricia Collins, Ronnie Collins, Rymer Colson, Sherry Colter, Sandra 93, 104, 105, 162 Colter, Starlette Colvin, Trammell Combes, Douglas Commer, Philip Conley, Barbara Conner, Alice 162 Conner, Sandra Cook, Cheryl Cook, Eugene Cook, John 134, 136, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Stanley Cook, Tommy Cooley, Felicia Cooper, Anne Cooper, Byron Cooper, Charles Cooper, Connie Cooper, Diane 146, 162 225 245 212 212 GROBAN ene scasascnvesncasneaddawsswesnes lene Cooper, Harvey Cooper, Jimmy Cooper, Kay Cooper, Ray Cooper, Ronnie Cooper, Ross Cooper, William Copeland, Donna Copeland, Joan Copeland, Pete Copp, Al Coppock, Mark Corbin, Brock Corbin, Diane Corbin, Wanda Cofer, Sharon Couch, Danny Coulter, Joe Courson, Larry Courtney, Bobby Cox, Cathy Cox, Lynn Cox, Relda Coxwell, Tommy Crabb, Wayne Craine, Linda Cranford, Bud Cranford, Don Cranford, Gayle . . Crawley, Judy Creswell, Vickie Crissey, Carol Crissey, Xavia Crochet, Ricky Crosby, Ronnie Cross, Chuck Cross, Dana Cross, Donald Cross, Ronnie Crowe, Bruce Crowe, Randy Crowell, Herbert Crowell, Jerry Crump, Gene Crumpton, Cruse, Peggy Crutchfield, Karon Crutchfield, Rita Cruz, James Culpepper, Jack Culpepper, Jimmy Cumbass, Freddie Cumbess, Freddie Cummings, Susan Dagley, Rex Dalton, Wayne Damron, Stanley Damron, Stephen Daniel, Jerry Dupree, Raymond Daniel, Grenda Daniel, Rickey Daniel, Rita 70 263 212 279 245 245 263 235 162 278 189 225 263 272 272 256 81 noe 2 7] 4m naecs BHO NKN BS358 tm to Pa, i) a Daniell, David Daniel, Dene Daniel, Glenda Darity, Cindy Darley, Brenda Darling, Brenda Darling, Pat Davidson, Jimmy Davidson, Roger Davidson, Sylvia Davis, Allen Davis, Cecelia Davis, Chancy Davis, Dewey Davis, Dianne Davis, Henry Davis, Jackie Davis, Jerry Davis, John Davis, Lamar Davis, Davis, Sammy Davis, Starr Davis, Tommy Dawkins, Mike Deal, Deena Deal, Elaine Deason, Patsy DeCastro, Marvin Dechman, Gordon Dechman, Libby Deese, Deidre Deese, Dianne Deese, Defoe, Ronny Defoe, Jimmy DeFore, Linda Delay, Wayne DeLoach, Danny DeLoach, Gloria Deloach, Jimmy DeLoach, Linda .. Denham, B. K. Denham, Morty Dennis, Helene Dent, Deryl Dent, Kenneth Derden, Andy Dickson, Freddie Digby, Danny Digby, Linda Digby, Mike «oe (Gy By Dingler, Connie . os A; HH Dix, Dianne Dixon, Andy Dixon, Cathy Dixon, Jerry Dixon, Kenneth Dixon, Paula Dixon, Sherry Dixon, Virginia Dobbins, Dobbins, Dominy, Angie Dominy, Gregory Dominy, Kathy Dominy, Reggie Doolittle, Sandra Dopson, Ronnie Dorman, Ricky Dorsey, Danny Dorsey, Terry Doss, David Douglas, Opal Dove, Dennis Dove, James Dowd, Billy Dowd, David Dowd, Faye Drake, Elizabeth .... Drawhorn, Steve Drery, Mike Driggars, Dianne Drummond, Ricky Drury, Billy Dubose, David DuBose, Elizabeth . DuBose, Horace Dubose, John Dubose, Pam DuBose, Tommy Duggan, Melba Duggar, Barry Dulong, Ginger Dunham, Judy Dunn, John SN NWN hw » 4 w ps te bw Vd ennwane ay SRAERRBSARSS Dunn, Kathie Dunn, Phillip Dupree, John Dupree, Raymond Durden, Billy Durden, Bobby Durden, Kay Durden, Leon Durden, Phil Durden, Steve Durden, Susan Dyche, Mary Lou Dyche, Stella Dykes, Linda Earnest, Stewart Eaverson, Ronald Echols, Richard Edge, Berry Edge, Jerry Edwards, Barbara Edwards, Brenda Edwards, Brenda Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Gladys Edwards, Jimmy Edwards, Judy Edwards, Lynda Edwards, Mary Ellen Edwards, Myra Edwards, Paul Edwards, Virginia Elam, George Elder, Gary Elder, Sherry Eldridge, Ann Eldridge, Clarence Ellington, Patsy Ellington, Rex Elliott, Faye Elliott, Ronnie Elliott, Wade Ellis, Daniel Ellis, David Ellis, Dennis Ellis, Randy Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Teresa Ellis, Wayne Elrod, Bill Elrod, Judy Elsasser, Kenneth Ely, Danny Ely, Linda Emerick, Joy Emerson, Jewel Emerson, Rebecca English, Gloria English, Norma English, Susan English, Tommy Ennis, Connie Ennis, Patsy Ennis, Sheryl Entrekin, Larry Epps, Billy Epps, Elaine Epps, Gayle Epting, Debbie Etheredge, Pam Etheridge, Harold Etheridge, Linda Ethridge, Jack Eubank, Douglas Evans, Billy Evans, Charles Evans, Donny Evans, Elaine .. - 68, Evans, Jack .... s 32, 134, 136, 149, 226 Evans, Larry Evans, Sharon Ezell, Joe Ezell, Wanda Ezzell, Elaine Ezzell, Evelyn Ezzell, Jimmy Ezzell, Yvonne Faircloth, Ruth Fann, Ricky Fann, Sharon Farrell, Janice Faulk, Howard Faulkner, Alfred Faulkner, Faye 164 273 213 235 191 164 213 273 246 246 235 164 273 164 191 256 264 191 264 279 246 273 148, 191 235 279 Faulkner, Linda Faulkner, Walter Kgliows, Regina Fields, Gayle Fex, Quilla Fields, Glynis Fields, Mike 99, 139-141, 143, Fincher, Ronnie . Fincher, Vickie Fitzpatrick, Barry Fitzpatrick, Dennis Fitzpatrick, W. Fiveash, Brenda Fiveash, Randall Fiveash, Raymond Fiveash, Ray Flanders, John Flanders, Wanda Flanders, Wayne Fleming, Jean Fletcher, Carhy Floyd, Bobby Floyd, Danny Floyd, Donald Floyd, Folds, Sarah Folds, Wayne Forcoham, Vicki Ford, Herbert Fordham, Vickie Forth, Bobby Forth, Nora Foster, Gary Foster, Kathryn Foster, Linda Foster, Peggy Foster, Robert Foster, Susan Fountain, Crystal Fountain, Francine Fowler, Donna Fowler, Scott Fox, Shirley Fox, Veronica .. Francis, Danny Francis, Jackie Franklin, Claudie Franklin, Elaine Franklin, James Franklin, Mary Jean Fraser, Lola Fredericks, Bobby Freeman, Jack ... 99, 125, 134, Friedlander, James .. . 146, Friedlander, Louis Frost, Jane Fuerniss, Silva Fulcher, Olin Fulford, Donna Fulford, Larry Fuller, Ann Fuller, Brenda Fuller, James Fuller, Robby Fuller, Wayne Fullington, Cheryl Fulwood, Janice Fulwood, Linda Funck, Valerie Funck, Victor Funderburke, Kenneth Funderbirke, Patti Funderburke, Vicki Furney, Janie Furnweger, Charles Fussell, Donnie Gall, Rose Garnto, Cathy Garrard, Wayne Garrett, Patricia Garrison, Gina Garrison, Pat Gaultney, Claire Gay, Carol Gay, Danny Gay, Martin Germany, Barbara Gibbs, Brenda Gibson, Carole Gibson, Reggie Gilbert, Bill Gilbert, Janis Gilbert, Susan Giles, Billy Giles, Pat 60, 64, 92, 99, 120, 122, Gilleland, Wayne Gilley, Phillis Gillis, Debra Gillis, Wayne Gilmore, Bobby Gleason, Debbie Glisson, Diane Glover, Pat Godbee, Godfrey, Freddie Godfrey, Mike Godwin, Charles Goforth, Krista Goforth, Wayne Goldsby, Bobby Goldsby, Linda Hamlin, Hamlin, Hamlin, LaVerne Hamlin, Pam Hamlin, Penny Hamlin, Ray Hamlin, Sunny Hamlin, Wayne Hamm, Dianne Hamm, James Hamm, Verna Hammock, Dennis Hammock, Wayne Hammock, William Hammond, Mike Hickman , Chuck Hicks, Bettye Hicks, Mary Higdon, Higgenbc Higginbotham, Higgins, James Highnote, Alice Hightower, Hightower, Hill, Al lison Hill, Arden Hill, Harvey Hill, Henry Hill, Ir Hill, Sandra Jimmy Linda Frances . Mildred ttham, Glenn John 167 257 280 247 265 257 194 257 257 257 280 194 214 236 Hampton, Jarvis Hamrick, Alice Hill, Hamrick, Coley Hamrick, Mary Etta Hancock, Johnny Hancock, Vivian Hane, Nancy Hanson, Ferrell Harbuck, Brady Hardeman, Joe ... Hardison, Mike Hardy, Jerry Hardy, Lynda Hare, Nancy Harper, Mike Harper, Regina Harr, Stephen .. Harrell, Aubrey Harrell, Georgia Harrell, Jackie Harrell, Larry Harrell, Linda Harrell, Milton Harrell, Pamela Harris, Bobby Harris, David Harris, Linda 120, 167 Harris, Robbye Harrison, Deborah Goldsby, Ronnie Goodman, Dean Goodman, Reid Goodner, Bill Goodner, John Goodwin, Jerlyn Goodwin, Jo Ann Goodwin, Ronald Goodwin, Timothy Goss, David Goss, Gwen Grace, Boyd Grace, Margaret 236, 261 Grace, Wayne Graham, Jack Graham, Tommy Grant, Earl Grant, Kenney « Grant, Rodney Grant, Sheryl Grantham, James Graves, Connie Gray, Bonnie Gray, Connie Gray, Jo Anne Gray, Juanita = Gray, Sydena cam ie Graybeal, Norma Jean 70, 77, 86, Green, Carolyn Green, Hugh Green, Joe Selyne » 214 Hilliard, Annette 236 Hinesley, Johnny 194 Hinson, Janice 70, 76, 80, 92, 121, 236, 253 Hinson, Martha Ann 76, 86, 258 Hinson, Tommy 63, 62, 81, 125, 129 133, 134, 226 Hitchcock, James Hobbs, Larry Hobbs, LaVerne Hobbs, Roger Hobnett, Harvey Hodges, Wayne Hodnett, Harvey Hoffeditz, Jimmie Holcombe, Charles Holden, Lawanna Holland, Freddie Holland, Georgia Holland, James Holland, Johnny Holland, Walter Holleman, Steve Hollingsworth, Frankie Holloway, Mike Holloway, Pam Holmes, Carl Holmes, James Holston, Alec Harrison, Denise Holt, Benny ag Irene Holt, Cathy Greene, Dianne, Hart, Billy ary ate Greene, Lake Hart, Jewell Hookew ; Bart Greene, Mary Beth . Hart, Leonard Hooks ‘ Nannette Greene, Phil Hartley, David Wacke, Mike Greenway, Dianne Hartley, Harriet Ho. bine Pat Greer, Theresa Hartley, Steve aes Billy Gregory, Floyd Hattaway, Sharon Hacaday Patricia Griffen, Patricia Eileen .. Harvard, Jaye Horne Kiton Griffen, Mickey Harvey, June Hoxia Andre Griffin, Barbara Harvil, Terry ina: Banat Griffin, Bobby Harwell, Lynn ea Brenda Griffin, Diane Hasty, Randy . Horne, Cheryl Griffin, Elaine Hatcher, Gary .... Hone: Eddie Griffin, Mike Hattaway, Sharon ines: Ro Griffin, Patsy Hattaway, Wayne Finens, Vicki Griffin, Ronald Haun, Charles Horner, Linda Griffin, Ronnie Hawkins, Linda Horn a Glen Griffith, Ann Hayes, Deborah a ; Donn Griggers, Joe 192, 247 Hayes, Suton, Johna Griggers, Robert . 146 Hayes, Howtin, Lynn ' — rd 74, 273 Hayes, Ruthie Hoton, Wayne times, Linda Hayes, Wayne : Grinstead, David Hayslip, Bobby — — Grinstead, Sherry Haywood, Melanie voi ee is Grisham, Glenn .. . H a Ss. aaa eee Coren ihn .. aywood, Sonny Howard, Daphine Groves, Mike .. . a igloos Howard, Donald Guin, Peggy ... Heard, Freddie Hoeard, Donny Gunnells, Arthur Heard, Skeet Howaril Eddi oe ay Heard, Tony Honad, Sean addock, Allen illi . arg — —— Howard, Linda Haddock, Thomas iy Ses Howard, Melba Haggard, Bobby Heath, Harvey Howard, Ronnie Hall, Barbara Heath, Jill H ; = a wae oward, Sandra , y ’ egey Hall, Bobbie — Helms, Ingram Bowell, eaten Hall, Diana ...... 72, Helmuth, Greg eee See - Hall, Evelyn . i 138, 147, 193 Hubbard, Deborah Hall. Freddy .. 280 Hemphill, Sharon Seeree ens eertsele Hall. Lind — ++ 257 Henderson, Brad Hudgins, Sandra . B. 2 236 “ Hudman, Linda . Hall, Roger .. 965 Hendricks, Lynda : Hall, Russell ... Hendricks, Tommy a a Hall, Shirley 236 Henriques, Jane Hudson, David . Hall, Tim 65, 265, 269 Henry, Billie Hudson, Leon ... ees +. 226 Hallman, - 70, 156, 166 Henry, Diane Hudson, Nancy . 4 Halles, Wanda Sivan. Janey Hudson, Patricia 237 lallmark, Vivia 3 Halstead, Echo. Henry, Paul eden, Sandee tees 258 Herbert, Warren Hudson, Steve .... ae 227 Hester, Diane ; Hudson, Toni . 51, 70, 78, 90, 104, 156, 167, Hewell, Rhonda .... . 291 -62, 63, 139, 150, 151, 210, 66, 94, 97, 213 104, 226 75, 96, 166 seecees 71, 76, 77, 81, 125, 65, 81, 100, 66, 80, Hamilton, Sandra Hamlin, Barbara Hamlin, Chery l 346 Huff, Mike Huff, Pat 76, Huff, Ray ..... oe 7 128, 134, Huffty, Gene 136, Hughes, Jimmy 265, Hughes, Lynn Hughes, Terri Huffty, Sharon Hulett, Jerry ... . Hulett, Johnny .. o Te Hulett, Wanda ... - 90, Huling, James Huling, Mike Hunnicutt, Brenda .. . 78, 90, Hunnicutt, Jackie Hunnicutt, Jerry Hunnicutt, Kathy ..- Hunt, Brenda Gail Hunt, Calleen 74, 97, Hunt, Kenneth . ‘ , 100, 105, Hunt, Linda Hunt, Marsha Hunter, Van Hurley, Peggy Hutcheson, Eddie Hutcheson, Gary 140, 148, 149, 227 Hutcheson, Ronald Hutcheson, Sheryl Hutto, Elizabeth Gail ... Hyder, Sandra Ingram, Ann Ingram, Jean Irby, Cecilia Irby, Karole 68, 72, Irwin, Billie Jackson, Aurye . 7 Jackson, Carol Jackson, Connie Jackson, Dianne Jackson, Donna Kay Jackson, Gena Jackson, Jerry F Jackson, Linda ... on BD, Jackson, Randy ... ‘ , 146, Jackson, Robert Jackson, Rudy Jackson, Terry .. - 63, 99, 125, 135, Jacobs, Louis Jacobs, Patty Jacobs, Rudy Jaglowicz, Leta James, Donald James, Linda James, Willard Jansen, Dick Jansen, Martha Ann Jarrell, Eddie Jarrell, Jan Jarrell, Sharon Jarrett, Carol Jarrett, Rosemary Jarriel, Delaine Jeffers, Phyllis Jenkins, Ruth .... Jennings, Abner Jennings, James Jennings, Laddie Jerkins, Gary Jerkins, Julia Michele Jerkins, Sandra Joaquin, Ricky Johns, Bobby Johns, Frankie Johnson, Billy Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Johnson, Christelle Johnson, Connie Johnson, Dean Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Hubert Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Janet Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Johnson, Lindsey Johnson, Mary Ann Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Pam Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Steve .. Johnson, - 61, 80, 86, 125, 132, 64, 75, 93, 78, 101, 195 280 280 237 167 274 265 195 168 168 237 274 257 195 237 214 265 214 168 215 274 248 63 195 227 Johnson, Sue Fran 38, 60, 64, 102, 169, 295 Johnson, Wayne ..«. 56, 62, 63, 69, 99, 125, 138, 146, 150, 156, 196, 293 Joiner, Barbara Joiner, Freddie Joiner Jones, Billy Jones, Bobby Jones, Carolyn 78, 79, 102, Jones, Chuck .. eves 244, 3GR, Jones, Davey Jones, Dianne Jones, Donald Jones, Faye Jones, Jimmy Jones, Keith Jones, Kenneth Jones, Lindy Jones, Ronald Jones, Jones, Sandy Jones, Susan Jones, Tommy Jones, Wayne Jones, Willine Jordan, Brenda Jordan, Jerry Jordan, Linda Josey, Judy Joyee, Teresa Jump, Diane Justus, Stephen Kakalecik, Nancy Keenan, Patrick Keene, David ... Keene, Randy Kell, Steve Keller, Nannette Keller, Ronnie Kellum, Worley Kelly, Linda Kelly, Patty en Kennedy, Betsy Kennedy, Carl Kennedy, Danny Kennedy, David 125, 146, Kennedy, Sandra 61, 74, Kennedy, Wayne Kent, Rebecca Kent, Beth Kent, Dennis Kent, Judy Kerr, Rhonda Keys, Susan Kilgo, John Kilgore, Danny Kinard, Barney Kinard, Pam Kincaid, Patricia King, King, King, King, King, King, King, Kitchen, Laverne Kitchens, Dianne Kitchens, Kenneth Kitchens, Pam Kitchens, Ray Kitchens, Tony Knight, Danny Knight, Patricia . Knight, Patsy .. Knight, Peggy Knight, Prentice 197, 289 Knight, Susan Knowles, Mary Jo Krewson, Susan .... Krysalka, Richard .. Kull, Janet ...:. Kunka, Richard Kyser, Emily Ladson, Dennis Laing, Alan Laing, Hugh 227 Lake, Debra Lamb, Jerry ... Lamb, Prentice Lambert, Lynne ° Lambert, Ronnie 40, Lance, Donald 125, 135, 146, Lance, Gary Lance, Ronald Land, Linda Land, Vivian Land, Wayne Landino, Teresa Landrum, James . - 125, 146, 227 Langford, Jerry 63, 67, 227 Langford, Rebecca Langford, Warren Lannon, Carol Lashley, Julian .... Lawrence, Kenneth Lawson, Gary . Layson, Gail Layson, Jim Leaptrot, Cynthia Leaptrot, Mildred 75, 156, 170, 182, 288 Lears, Tommy Lee, Bonnie Lee, Linda Lee, Sharon Lefils, Ray Lemon, Ronnie Leonard, Charles Leonard, Joy Leonard, Tina Leslie, Danny Leverette, Corinne Leverette, Deborah Leverett, Marty Lewis, Freda ... Lewis, Jim Lewis, Paula Lewis, Teresa Lewis, Wanda Lilley, Susan Lindsey, Donnie . -. 125, 146, 227, 258 Lindsey, Linda Lindsey, Ronnie .. Lindsey, Trudy Lines, Melody Lines, Stanley Little, Brenda Livingston, Cecil Livingston, Elaine Livingston, Livingston, Livingston, Ronnie Livingston, Teddy Lockhart, Betty Lockhart, George Loftin, Roger Loftin, Tommy .. Long, Danny Long, Sharon Loper, Mickey 75, 78, 79, 98, 101, 105, 171 Lord, Gary .... 65, 266 Lord, Lester .... + 65, 197 Lord, Rebecca ue Lord, Lord, Love, Lovejoy, Coleman Lovejoy, Elaine Lovejoy, Jimmy Lovejoy, Nita Lowery, Brenda Loyd, Russell Lucas, Donnie Lumpkin, Ronnie .. Luttrell, Paul Luzier, Mike ..... 81, 99, 125, 128-132, 135, 137, 138, 146, 148, 150, 151, 198 Lyons, Charise Mackery, Janice .. wocceseccessoccccce BIG Madden, Janet . 64, 72, 78, 79, 95, 101, 105, 171 Maddox, Dickie . 62, 65, 99, 100, 125, 127-132, 135, 138-40, 142, 148, 152, 198, 290 Maddox, Phillip ..... Magourik, Patricia 259 Mainor, Jimmy .. 62, 71, 81, 100, 198 Mallard, Vickie ............ Sees 216 Malone, Fielding ‘ Stes 281 Man, Mell ..... +» 281 Manders, Brenda ctesecvaasuccnee SEO Mangrum, Marvin . 62, 65, 67, 93, 102, 227 Mann, Cullie ... o. oo Mann, Ellen .. . 274 Mann, Mell ... ° 266 Mann, Paula ... 274 Mann, Susan ° 259 Manning, Gail . me 274 Manning, Gwen ceceece 171 Manning, Susan ... RA 274 Mannville, Harriet .. 259 Marchman, Ronnie « e 3 266 347 Marshall, Dianne Marshall, Larry Marshall, Linda Marshall, Robert Marshall, Shirley Martin, Allen Martin, Robert Martin, Carol Martin, DeJuan Martin, Dianne Martin, Nancy Martin, Sandra Martin, Steve Martin, Warren Mask, Tommy Mask, Toni Mason, Bill Mason, Patsy Mason, Steve Mason, Tommy 135, 198, 292 Massey, Charles Matheny, Fred Mathern, Jay Mathews, Charlene Mathews, Charles Mathews, Deen Mathews, Larry Mathews, Lucy Matthews, Frank Matthews, Sherma Maxwell, Mike Maye, Calvin Maye, Diane Mayfield, Edna Mayfield, Elgin Mayne, Tommy McAdam, Tommy McBride, Ken McBride, Susan McBride, Thomas McBryant, Judye McCallum, Duane McCullough, Pat McCook, Scott McCord, Brenda McCoury, Alan McCowen, Mike McCranie, Linda McCranie, Susan McCrary, Janet McCullough, Carl McCullough, Pat McCullum, Larry McDaniel, Barry McDaniel, Susan McDonald, Linda McDonald, Thomas McElhenney, Edward McElhenny, Patricia McElmurray, Connie McElmurray, Kathryn McElmurray, Mike McElroy, Jimmy McGee, Earline McGlohorn, Gail McGnaw, ‘Cheryl McGraw, Keith McHugh, Jimmy McKenzie, Rosby McKinley, “Bobby McKinley, Debbie McKinney, Sue McKinney, Teresa McLarty, Freida McLean, Jim McLendon, Gene McLeod, Caroldine McMillan, Debbie McMillan, Jimmy McMillan, Kathy McMillan, Mike McMillan, Terri McPhail, Brenda McPhail, Pamela McWilliams, Ricky Meadows, Ernie Meadows, Jimmy Meadows, June Meadows, Sue Meadows, Sue Medina, Fredye Meek, Sandra Meck, Shirley Meeks, Dianne Meeks, Donnie Meeks, Judy Meeks, Melton, Barry Melton, Dawson Melton, Michael Merchant, Lin Merchant, Richard Meredith, Keith Meriwether, Meri Merrel, Les Merriman, Merritt, Becky Merritt, Darrell Merritt, Ralph Metts, Lynn Mewborn, Woodrow Middlebrooks, Cris Middlebrooks, Marsha Middlebrooks, Vicki Miles, Betty Miles, Christell Miles, Clyde Miley, Tim Milford, Gayle Millan, Duke Millen, Don Miller, Dennis Miller, Eddie Miller, Gawain Miller, Janice Miller, Marty Miller, Peggy Miller, Susan Mills, Patricia Mills, Rocky Milstead, Gayle Mimbs, Dave Mimbs, John Mimbs, Karen Mims, Wanda Minor, Tim Minchew, Calvin Minshew, Alecia Minshew Betty Ann Minshew, David Minshew, Henry Minshew, Ricky Minter, Linda Misinco, Michael Misinco, Richard Mitchell, Johnny Mitchell, Sue Mitchem, Donna Mixon, Renee Mize, Jacquelyn Mock, Angelyn Molton, Jane Monroe, Gerry Monroe, Thomas Monthie, Judy Moore, Buddy Moore, Cheryl Moore, Jerry Moore, Joan Morre, Joy Moore, J. Moore, Kenneth Moore, Moore, Moore, Marvin Moore, Peggy Moore, Pleas Moore, Regina Moore, Terry Moore, Wayne Moorman, Jody Moorman, John Morgan, Beverley Morgan, Faye Morgan, Gregory Morgan, Linda Morman, Juddy Morocco, Freddie Morroceo, Frank Morris, Alfred Morris, Brenda Morris, Carolyn Morris, Curtis ‘ Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Robert Morris, Storley Morris, Tommy Morstad, Bill ih 14, Morstad, Jacque . 76, 92, 95, Mose, Donna ‘ Moseley, Kenneth Mosely, Daniel Moseley, James Mosely, Larry Mosely, Thomas Moses, Martha Moss, David Mossbarger, Patsy Mote, Susan Mott, Marvin Moulton, Muriel Moxley, Dolores Moye, Barbara Moye, Darrell Moye, Lynn Moye, Pat Mullings, Willie Mullinix, Janice Mullis, Baynard Mullis, Carol rt Mullis, Mildred .. ‘ 2... 166,378, Mullis, Myra Mullis, Robert Mullis, Sandra Mullis, Terrell Munson, Edward Murchison, Randy Murkerson, Jerry Murphy, Bobby Murphy, Chipper Murphy, Jack Murrell, Les Murrell, Tim Musgrove, Linda Myers, Jake Myers, Johnny Myers, Sidney Myers, Wynoka Myres, Larry Myrich, Sandra Nelson, Ann NeSmith, Billy NeSmith, Carol NeSmith, Luretta NeSmith, Morris NeSmith, Rachel NeSmith, Teddy Meves, Mercedes 56, 60, 101, 105, Newbern, Johnny Newberry, Fred ... ‘ , 65, 94, 103, Newby, Toni Newton, John Newton, Laura Nice, Joe Nicholson, Don Nixon, Dennis Nobles, Bill Nobles, Linda Nobles, Nolan, Sharon ,. Norris, Betty Norris, Sandra Norris, Valorie Nowell, David Nowell, Lewis Nowell, Roseanna Odom, Mike Odom, Phillip Ogburn, Jayne 60, 64, 80, Ogburn, Robert Ogle, Brenda Ogle, Glenda Ogle, Linda Ogletree, Ernest Ogletree, Linda Ogletree, Kenneth O'Hanlon, Linda O'Kelly, Mike Oktavec, Beverly Oliver, Thomas O'Neal, Bruce O'Neal, Robert Osborn, Eddie Osborne, Sharon O'Toole, Eugene Overby, Carolyn Overby, Jim Owen, Cheryl Oxley, Marie Ozburn, Bonnie Paez, Carolynne Paez, Tony Pafford, George Pape, Mike Pancake, Kenneth Parent, Edgar Parham, Carol Parham, Joey Parham, Martin Parker, Dana Parker, Derrell .... 125, 127-133, 141, 148-151, 228 Parker, Tommy Parks, Leonard Parks, Pearl Parks, Vicki Parmelee, Doug Parmelee, Mike Parrish, Cynthia Parrott, Judy Parten, Tommy Parton, Joe Partridge, Anne Patat, Andy Patat, Steve Patterson, Doug Patterson, Jack Patterson, Jacque Paterson, Peggy Patterson, Ralph Pattison, Pat Patykula, Diane Payne, Cynthia Payne, Dale Payne, Joan Payne, Lloyde Payne, Sheila Payton, Ronald Peacock, Charles Peacock, Cynthia Peacock, Gail Peacock, Roger Peacock, Ronny Peacock, Rosemary Peacock, Tommy Peakoc, Tommy Pearce, Johnny Pearce, Rosemary Pearce, Theresa Peavy, Carol Peavy, Faye Peavy, Jerry Peavy, Patsy Peebles, Paulette Peebles, Wayne Pelt, Janie Pelt, Ronald Pender, Jerry Pennington, Penny Percival, Edward Perguson, Dennis Perry, Hal Perry, Kristine Perry, Mark Peterson, Corry Peterson, Sue Ann Pettis, Mike Petty, Linda Phelps, Victoria Phillips, John Phillips, Margaret . 37, 60, 64, 209, 290 Philpot, Tim Picklesimer, Donna 174 Pierce, Corethia Pierce, Linda ...... «+ 64, 67, 217, Pierce, Rosemary . 78, 79, Pilcher, Tommy Pinholster, Mike Piper, Marian 64, 66, 76, 77, Pipkin, Juanita ... oo 92, 9, Pipkin, Lamar Pipkin, Robert Pippin, Patsy Pirkle, Joyce ... - 61, 72, 78, 239, Pitts, Donald . Pitts, James Pitts, Vernon Plunkett, Diane Polivick, Huanne Pollett, Ricky Poole, Patti Poole, Sharon Pope, Jerry Pope, Helen Pope, Larry Pope, Ramona Porter, Dale Porter, Paul Postell, Sheila Sue Potter, Bill Potter, Carol Potts, David Poulnott, Edward . Poulnott, Terry ...... Powell, Barbara Powell, Brenda Powell, David Powell, Dot Powell, Glenda Powell, Keith Powell, Larry Powell, Marsha Powell, Runae Powell, Sheila Preston, Patricia Prestridge, Jerrell Price, Charles Price, David Price, Gloria Price, Jo Ann Price, Joel Price, Linda Price, Patricia Pridgeon, Rodney Prince, Joe Prince, Linda Pritchett, Debra Pritchett, Kenneth Proctor, Betty Proctor, Carolyn Proctor, Dorothy Proctor, Van Pruett, Brenda Prunty, Patty Pryor, Bevan Pryor, Derrell Pryor, John Pugh, Sherrie Puiser, Miriam Pulver, Frances Purser, Lamar Purser, Miriam Purser, Monteen Purvis, Danny Pyle, Tony Pyles, Harmon Quinn, Bert Quinn, Sharon Quinn, Shirley Rackley, Elaine Rackley, Linda Raffield, Sammy Ragan, Patricia Railey, Kenny Railey, Marie Raines, Bonnie Raines, Sue Rainey, Genie Raley, Melonie Randall, Mike Rasmussen, Carolyn Rawlins, Janice Rawls, Wanda Ray, Linda Redfearn, Katherine Redman, Ginger Reed, Linda Sue Reed, Randy Reed, Sherry Reeves, Suzy Register, Danny Register, Wayne Reich, Elaine Reinertsen, Judy .. Renfroe, Jimmy Renfroe, Linda Reynolds, Bob Reynolds, Larry ... Rhodes, Bobby Rhodes, Dottie Rhyne, Sandi Richett, Peggy Richitt, Buddy Richmond, Pam .. Ricks, Linda Riddlemoser, Joanne Riddlemoser, Tommy ..........seeeeee8 we Thy Ridley, Phyllis - 64, 75, 78, 101, Riezinger, Susan Rigby, Emmett Riggins, Larry Riggs, Linda.... Riley, Deborah Roach, James Roberts, Genia Roberts, Ronnie Roberts, Tommy Roberson, Jean .... Robertson, Henry . Robertson, Linda .... Robertson, Roxanne Robinson, Robert Rodgers, David Rodgers, Harrell Roesch, Nancy Rogers, Charles Rogers, Clarence Rogers, Cleve Rogers, David Rogers, Harrell Rogers, Jerry Rogers, Jimmie Rogers, Larry Rogers, Steve Roland, Vivian Rooks, Donnie Rooney, Lester Roquemore, Elvis Ross, Chris Ross, John Rosson, Janis Rountree, Wa Rowe, Cathy Rowell, Lathell Rowell, Richard Rowland, Dan Rowland, Dayle Rowland, Lynn Rozar, Mike Rozier, Sandra Ruis, Franklin Rumph, David Russell, Becky Russell, Jo Ann Russell, Leslie Russell, Linda Russell, William Rutland, Charlotte Ryan; Janice Ryerson, Ellen Ryle, Vernon Ryan, Elaine Ryon, Sheila Sailers, Jean Sailors, Diane Sandefur, Gary Sanderlin, James Sanders, Kathy Sandiford, Jimmy Sanford, Dan Sanner, Linda Sapp, Janice Sark, Carl Sark, Leonard Sark, Steve Sark, Terry ... +. 70, 136, 144, 283 Sauls, Danny 65, 70, 268 Sauls, Durwood . 25 30-132, 135, 137, 139, 140-142, 250 Sauls, Mary Lou Saunders, Gail Savage, Linda Savage, Nancy Savage, Susan Scandlyn, Micky .. 65, 93, 99, 152, 2 Scanlan, Doug . er. Scanlan, Russell Scandlyn, Ronnie 63, 64, 66, 78, 101, Scarborough, Rose Schulman, Michael Schultz, Verna Scoggins, Brenda Scoggins, Jimmy Scoggins, Robert Scott, Frances Scott, Karen Scott, Margaret Scott, Mavis Scott, Mike Scott, Paul Scott, Rosemary Seagraves, David Seagraves, Thomas Seagraves, Tommy Seaman, Ginger Sears, Gregory Sego, Carlton .. eee Sequin, Joey .. «+ 283 Seigler, Peggy . aee=, ae Self, Aylene 219 Self, Jill 276 Self, Patty 177 Self, Sandra ue! ee Self, Wayne ... +. 268 Self, William . a. 250 Sellars, Sandra .. oe 7 Sellers, Elliott 203 Sellers, Kay .... 34, 64, 70, 75, 78, 93, 102, 156, 177, 202 Sellers, Susan Sexton, Harvey Shadrock, John Sharpless, Johnny Sharpless, Larry Shaw, Debra Shaw, Pam Shaw, Vic Shed, Carolyn Shed, Nancy Elaine Shelton, Brian Shelton, Lynda Shelton, Phyllis Shelton, Ronnie Shepard, Bernie Shepard, Charles Shepard, Douglas Shepa rd, James Shepard, Jo Ann Shepard, Jodi Shepard, Mike Shepard, Teena Sheppard, Allen Sheppard, Carl 229 Sheppard, Joy Sherwood, Joe Shines, Freda Shipman, Mike Shipp, Larry Shore, Bobby Shore, Sylvia Short, Dianne Shouse, Jean Shreve, Don Shrum, Carolyn Shupe, Charles Shurling, Carolyn 177 Silas, Mike Simmons, Glenn Simmons, Nancy Simpson, Jingmy Sims, Charles Sirmans, Darlene Sirmans, Janie Sisk, Marsha ‘ Skinne, Theresa Skipper, David Skipper, Lane Slade, Shirley Slappey, George Slocumb, Mary Lou Smallwood, John Smedley, Nancy Smith, Allan Smith, Barney Smith, Betty Faye Smith, Bobby Smith, Brenda 178, 294 Smith, Brenda Smith, Candy Smith, Charlotte Smith, Diane Smith, Douglas Smith, Geri Smith, Jack Smith, Jackie Smith, Janice Smith, Jeanne Smith, Jimmy Smith, Judy Smith, Larry Smith, Larry Smith, LeRoy Smith, Lynn Smith, Mark Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Smith, Ralph Smith, Randy Smith, Rhonda Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Ronnie . 40, 63, 76, 147, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sneed, Snider, Snyder, 350 Spann, Linda Spell, Sandra Spence, Wayne Spillers, Elaine Spillers, Jerry Spinks, Bobby Spires, Andrew Spires, Glenda Spires, Larry ae Spires, Patsy sane '§ 75, 78, Sprinkle, Judy se 96, 104, Sp rinkle, Phillip Stafford, Connell Stafford, Richard Stafford, Sam Stallings, Johnny Stallings, Laverns Stallings, Linda Stanfield, Barbara Stanfield, Loretta Stanfield, Sandra Stanford, Linda Staples, Donnie Staples, Linda Statham, Gary Stavely, Stanley Stavely, Steve Stehle, Hugh Stephens, Dianne Stephens, Jimmy Stephenson, Lee Stephenson, Stephany Stevens, Bennie Stevens, Jan Stevens, Judy Stevens, Kathy Stevens, Larry Stevens, Martin Stevenson, Foy venson, Mangham Stewart, Carl Stewart, Catherine Stewart, Johnny Stewart, Linda Stewart, Molly Stickney, Don Stickney, Lynn Stickney, Susan Stieber, Mary Still, Jean Still, Shirley Stinson, Fred Stinson, Larry Stinson, Randy Stinson, Terry Stokes, Brenda Stokes, Dewey Stokes, Gwen Stokes, Harris 151, 205 Stokes, Larry Stokes, Linda Stokes, Montene Stovall, Robert Stowe, Tommie Ann 240 Strah, Sherrie Strickland, Arlene Strickland, Charles Strickland, Danny ... 63, 139-141, 143, 148, 229 Strickland, Strickland, Peggy ... + 60, 61, Stringfellow, David Stringfellos, Sallie Stripling, Gayle Strong, Geri Stuckey, Danny Stuckey, Ellen Stuckey, Jim . Suddeth, Barbara Suddeth, Tim Sumlin, Skippy Summer, Annette .. Summers, Nancy Suton, Gail Sutton, Delores Sutten, Theresa Swain, Vicki Swann, Judy Sweat, Faye Sweat, Haywood Swift, Allan Swymer, Loran Swymer, Sandra Sykes, Chick 66, 76, 85, 90, 72, 78, 101, 149, 211 260 283 240 219 251 269 Tamplin, Jack Tamplin, Joanne Tanner, Loretta Tapley, Gail Tapley, Tyrone Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Charlotte 179, 289 Taylor, Dianne Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Judy Taylor, Pamela Taylor, Sharon Temples, Myra TeSeile, -Elizabeth TeSelle, Patricia Thames, Brenda Sue Thames, Clay Thames, Judy Thames, Ronnie Thames, Terri Tharpe, Carol Tharpe, Jeanne Thaxton, Otis Theiss, Brenda Thigpen, Billy Thigpen, Carleen Thigpen, Danny Thigpen, Deborah Thigpen, James Thigpen, Jerry Thigpen, Johnny Thigpen, Larry Thigpen, Robert Thistlewood, Johnnie Thistlewood, Melba Thomas, Allen Thomas, Andy Thomas, Brenda Thomas, Clay Thomas, Danny Thomas, Judy Thomas, Karen Thomas, Lamar .. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Melissa 179 Thomas, Richard Thompson, Gloria Thompson, John Thompson, Larry Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Peggy Thrasher, Al Tidwell, Libby Tidwell, Peggy Tillman, Sandra Timm, Mike Tinker, Rodger Toler, Tommy Tomberlin, Arlene Tomberlin, Delinda 180 Tomberlin, Roslyn Tompkins, Donna Jean Touhy, Johnny Townsend, Lanny Townsend, Phyllis Towsen, Jean 64, 67, 220 283 79 241 136, 283 220 ‘ 144 97, 251 136, 269 277 94, 144, 283 70, 78, 79, 92, 101, 180 81 147, 229 63, 205 64, 75, 78, 79, 95, 101, 180 86, 260 220 180 283 +e. 230 72, 260 60, 64, 72, 78, 101, 156, 72, 2a Trimble, Andy Earnest - . 205 Trimble, Janis Trae, Ralph Truelove, Monty Tubisville, Miki Tucker, Angelia Tucker, Chrol Tucker, Joe Tucker, Joyce Tucker, Mike Tucker, Ronnie Tucker, Sammy Tucker, Tommy Turley, James Turley, Sandra Turner, Patrici Turner, Rosemary .. Tye, Grady Tye, Henry Tyler, Leta Tyler, Karen Tyson, Lynn Tyson, Mary Tyson, Quitman Underwood, Jeff Underwood, Judy 220 71, 205 70, 283 + 66, 91, 94, 220 81, 205 229 ee 241 61, 70, 91, 98, 220 92, 277 67, 97, 260 Upchurch, Rachael Usery, Melvin Ussery, Janice Ussery, Margaret Ussery, Sandra -Ussery, Sue Van Buren, Robert Vance, Eddy Van Cise, William Vandiver, Paula Van Dyke, Bill Van Patton, Peggy Varnadore, Rayford Vaughn, Linda 180, 293 Veal, Donnie Venable, Carol Venable, Linda Vickers, Douglas Vickers, Wanda Villwock, Darryl Vilwock, Sammy Vinson, Gwen Vinson, Ted Voellinger, Betty Jo Voellinger, Kay Voellinger, Sue Wade, John Waddell, Sherry Waddell, Susan Waddleton, Ronnie Waits, Joyce Waites, Richard Walden, Mike Walker, Walker, Ellen Walker, Janet Walker, Janice . Walker, LaAon .. Walker, Larry Walker, Ricky Wall, Teresa Wall, Wanda Wallace, Ronnie . Waller, Patsy Waller, Neal Walls, Larry Walsh, Janice Walsh, Pat Walton, Jane Ward, Bonnie Ward, Brenda Ward, Elaine Ward, Gerald Warren, Billy Warren, Gene Warrick, Dianne Wasden, Renee Wasden, Richard Wasden, Sharon Waters, Debbie Watkins, Rebecca Watruba, Wayne Watson, Becky Watson, Carol Watson, Danny . Watson, Gary Watson, Sue Webb, James Webb, Larry Wehrle, Judy Welch, Frank Wellborn, Cindy Wells, Bobby Wesson, Kenneth Wesson, Larry Wesson, Linda Wesson, Toni West, Guerry West, Jean West, Richard West, Robert West, Suzanne .. West, Tommy .. 251 Wester, Teresia + 277 Wheeler, Mike 144, 284 Wheeler, Reggie 71, 146, 230 Wheeler, Terry White, Glenn m « White, Larry . «os 56, 65, 20 White, Rhonda .. cotcece Sy. maL White, Shelia White, Troy Whitehead, John Whitehead, Vivian Whitehurst, John Whitehurst, Walter » 77, 81, 230 Whitfield, Richard ... 5 5, 129, 130, 135, 137, 138, 206 Whiting, Cheri ... -- 220 Whitley, Frankie . -. 251 Whitley, Linda Whitley, Terry Whitt, Beverly Whitten, Betty Whitten, Linda Whittle, Vauna Wichman, Tommy Wilbanks, Fay Wilbanks, Kay Wilcox, John Wilder, Diane Wilder, Gary Wilder, Sally Wilkerson, Mike Wilkes, Randy Wilkinson, Robert Williams, Allen Williams, Benny Williams, Brenda Williams, Carolyn ... 75, 93, 181 Williams, Danny ... 76, 78, 136, 269 Williams, Dawn Williams, Debbie Williams, Dianne Williams, Donald Williams, Doni Williams, Elaine Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Anne Williams, Melford Williams, Mickey Williams, Milton . Williams, Paul . Williams, Terry Williamson, Barry Williamson, Eldrid .. 65, 69, 230 Williamson, Tommy Willingham, Glenn Willingham, Randall Willingham, Richard Willis, Glenn Willias, James Willis, Mike Willis, Patty Willoughby, Faith Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Billy Wilson, Brenda Wilson, Charlene 80, 92, 241 Wilson, Dennis 284 Wilson, Douglas Wilson, Jack 78, 145, 207 Wilson, 78, 181 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Margie Wilson, Monty Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Sheila Wimpey, Patricia Windam, Donald Windham, Hiram Winslette, Patsie Witherington, Beverly Witherington, Bunny Witherington, Gloria Witherington, Pam Witherington, Shep Wolff, James Wood, Billy Wood, Burke Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood, Katherine Wood, Wood, Marguerite Wood, Marsha Wood, Natalie Wood, Sandy Wood, Sheila Wood, Tommy Woodard, Len Woodard, Paul Woodell, Sandra Woodward, Silvia Worrell, Linda Worrell, Sheila Wright, Worthy, Wright, Wright, Charleen Wright, Diane ne ener Wright, Linda ... 78, 79, Wright, Marie Wright, Sandra Wright, Vickie Wrye, Ann Yacobacci, Tony Yarbrough, Susanne Yates, Christine Yates, John Yaughn, Donald Yaughn, Randy “eR Yearwood, Claude . coos SI, Yearwood, Peggy Young, Darrell 62, 63, 248, 249, 211, Young, David Young, Mary Ann .... Young, Melba Young, Patti .... Young, Sandra Youngblood, Sandra Youngblood, Sheryl Zielinski. Tommy Zwally, Charles Zwally, Jimmie SUPERLATIVES Blizzard, Mike Brown, Claudie Hudson, Toni Johnson, Steve Johnson, Sue Fran Johnson, Wayne Knight, Prentice Leaptrot, Mildred Maddox, Dickie Mason, Tommy Moore, Terry Phillips, Bitsy Sellers, Kay Smith, Brenda Taylor, Charlotte Vaughn, Linda TABLE OF CONTENTS A Word of Special APPRECIATION to: The Rampage Staff Bonnie Blue Print Staff Mr. Bill Barron Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Newberry Drinnon’s Hintermeier’s Utley Studio Mr. Charles Dorsey Mr. Bill Baker our parents and teachers who have been so patient with our many hours of absence from home and classes, Mrs. Hinesley and Mrs. Schofield, our advisors, for their assistance in sending you your 1965 Ramscott, our staff, who have worked so steadily and from the heart for this to be the best annual ever presented to the two best schools in the South! Aig teers Ka, LEST BEN THT PDE TES I PS RE ES TT I 4 es NN Aa Oe aX EE OS ai er ae

Suggestions in the McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


McEvoy Willingham High School - Ramscott Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1